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Volume 7, Wednesday December 8, 2010

Roxby Downs and Mimili to become ‘sister communities’ T

By Celeste Lustosa

he Roxby Downs Community Board is exploring a potential opportunity to develop a sister community relationship between Roxby Downs and the Aboriginal community of Mimili. Using a similar concept as the ‘sister city’ theme, this project is focused within the state of South Australia, with Roxby Downs entering into a partnership with another community. The indigenous community of Mimili has been identified as a potential partner. Mimili is an Anangu (Aboriginal) community on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands in the north west of South Australia. It lies approximately 645 km south of Alice Springs. The population of Mimili ranges between 250 and 300 people, of which one third is youth, and includes a number of non-Aboriginal people who work in the community to support Anangu. Mimili has a senior Federal Government representative base in its community that could support a potential partnership with federal funds. A presentation was made in Roxby Downs, on December 1 by Government Business Manager of Mimili, Mark Weaver and it highlighted potential links for the two communities in the areas of health, arts, environment, sport, education and employment. “We are getting a better understanding of a joint agreement where we can assist and support each other in many areas in a way that brings us closer together.

“We want to understand what Roxby is all about so we will work with the Board,” Mr Weaver said. He said, education, cultural and touristic aspects as well as projects for the youth are going to be main focuses. “There might be some employment opportunities from this which will be a really good thing. “Mimili will benefit from getting a better understanding of another country remote area that is completely different because of its high employment coming from the mining industry,” he added. Mr Weaver also believes that the community spirit is characteristic to Roxby and Mimili will make the connection easier. According to Jamie Love, member of the Roxby Downs Board and the one who initiated the discussions for this project, the concept of a program such as this is new and an opportunity to develop an initiative as a national best practice model and set a benchmark around what can be achieved through community partnerships, with Roxby Downs leading the way. “We identified Mimili because it was one of the target communities of the Federal Government under the Gap Program. Within SA there are only two communities that fell in the categories to become Roxby’s sister community, and Mimili was the closest therefore made it the ideal option,” Mr Love, who knows the Mimili community well from past experiences, said. Continued on page 29

Amber amazed by Pageant

Three year old Amber Van Rooyen was amazed at the sight of Father Christmas when he arrived in Roxby on Saturday night. See all the fun photos and a report on this year’s outstanding Rotary Club Christmas Pageant on pages 26 and 27 in this issue.


Monitor NEWS

New addition to The Monitor team brings abundance of skills



By Millie Thomas


ver the past few months you may have noticed a change in The Monitor’s staff line up.











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Domestic Water, millions of litres

Roxby Downs & Andamooka Water Use 4.5 4.0 3.5 3.0 2.5 2.0 1.5 1.0 0.5 0.0

Actual Target

Fri 26 Nov

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Wed 1 Dec

While Emma already brings a fresh new look to The Monitor, she also has many other things to offer to the Roxby community.

“Bee Calm is predominantly massage in the forms of remedial, sports, deep tissue, Swedish massage and trigger point therapy,” said Emma. “I also make massage balms, which are a great alternative to oils, scented candles, solid perfumes and cold and flu rubs. “I charge $60 for a one hour massage and at the beginning of the appointment there is always a quick consultation with the client to figure out any problem areas or areas

which the client would like me to work on. “I have a loyalty discount scheme where, if you buy five full priced massages, you receive a free half hour massage! There will also be a referral system where you, as a client, are rewarded for referring new clients to Bee Calm,” she said. Emma plans to stay in Roxby for at least three years. Emma loves reading, massage and catching up with friends for a nice

meal. “Ideally I would like to stay in this role at The Monitor while I am in Roxby so that I can gain more experience and get to know more people in the community,” she said. “When we do leave, I would probably like to get a job in production and design back in Adelaide, but at a small publication.”

$1450 in prizes up for grabs for your best holiday photos!

Thu 2 Dec

(The target line is based on use over the past 2 years for this month)

All domestic water in Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Olympic Dam is supplied from the Great Artesian Basin. The water is desalinated and chlorinated. Use water wisely in an arid climate.

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We have lost two valued employees for various reasons, and now Emma Offler has moved up to Roxby from a life in Adelaide. Emma is here with her partner Bryan who is an auto electrician for Monodelphous. “When I did some job hunting in Roxby and heard of the opportunity to work in production with The Monitor team, I jumped at the chance. It’s a great opportunity and I’m loving it so far!” said Emma. Emma has been a professional student for a number of years, having achieved her Cert IV in Fitness, Cert IV in Massage and a Diploma in Remedial Massage and a Cert III in Business. Currently, Emma is finishing a Bachelor of Journalism, sub majoring in Digital Design. Emma has taken the ‘production’ position, creating ads and helping our Editor John with the page layout, and using her journalistic training she will also help Celeste and Millie write stories. This is not all Emma has to offer to Roxby, she also has her own business, called ‘Bee Calm.’

Visit the Yorke Peninsula, bring along your camera and then send in your best photos for your chance to win! Amateur and professional photographers are invited to take part in the Yorke Peninsula Photographic Competition, with the best photo winning a $1000 prize.

To enter, all you need to do is head to Yorke Peninsula and take some photos of the many great Yorke Peninsula tourism experiences….it might be a brag photo of your fishing catch, a day at the beach, crabbing, swimming, surfing, diving, family fun or simply just enjoying time out! Then select your best photos to enter

the competition. Visit www. or to download the entry forms and more information. Each entrant can submit up to five photos into the competition, with entries closing at 5pm, 31 May 2011.

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Page 2 – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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Mo’s for a great cause By Millie Thomas

A plethora of images come to my head when someone utters the word “moustache”: 1960s porn stars, Boonie and my dad to name a few. However, over the past month, the month of Movember, men all over the

Peter Marks sports his ‘mo

world have been resorting to what I have affectionately renamed the ‘Ned Flanders effect’, this time, for a good cause. Movember has been in operation since 2003, growing from a mere eight participants to last year attracting 255,722 globally. It aims to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and depression in men. Money raised in Australia is shared equally between programs targeting prostate cancer and male depression. Funds are committed to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and beyondblue, the national depression initiative and the Movember Foundation. Together, the three channels work

to ensure that Movember funds are supporting a broad range of innovative, world class programs in the fields of research, education, support, and awareness. This year, our own DJ Crikey, more formally known as Pete Marks, is a keen participant in growing a ‘mo’ and all that comes with it. He spoke with The Monitor about how his month has been. “I’m participating in Movember this year to help raise money for men’s health, and to raise awareness of cancer and depression, plus for a bit of a laugh,” said Pete. “So far, besides growing the ‘mo’, I have had a radio spot on the Big Bowl of Muesli with Jack, which was pretty cool,” “I’ve also had a gold coin donation at the few gigs I’ve held recently at the Tavern. “So far, to my knowledge, I have raised only a few hundred dollars, though I’m hopeful that by the end of Movember I’ll have up to at least a thousand.

“Normally we’ll fundraise until the end of ‘Movember’, though if anyone would like to donate after this date they are more then welcome to by either contacting myself, or going to www. Click on the Australian link, type in Peter Marks and donate that way. “I have had friends who have had prostate cancer and have seen what they went through, and also depression, which affects one in eight people nationally. “This is my first time, it started as a joke around work, then I thought I would register and hopefully raise heaps of money for this great cause. I’ve copped a fair bit of flack, some of the comments have been absolute gold.” To support Pete in his facial hair growing ways, you can either: • Go to this link http://au.movember. com/mospace/563644/ and donate online using your credit card or PayPal account • Write a cheque payable to Movember Foundation, referencing my regis-

tration number 563644 and mailing it to: Movember Foundation, PO Box 292, Prahran, VIC, 3181 All donations are tax deductible. People may also donate by heading down to the Tavern and Roxby Club, enjoying a cold refreshing beverage and donating their change to the Movember tins. “I would like to thank Coates Hire for putting up with my ‘mo’ and giving me the time to be able to help raise money, the local Roxby Downs Tavern and Roxby Community Club, The Monitor and my partner Kirby for having to look at the mo each morning. “Through the Movember Foundation and its men’s health partners, PCFA and beyondblue: the national depression initiative, Movember is funding world class research, educational and support programs which would otherwise not be possible.” Finally, what will be the fate of the famed mo one Pete’s Movember efforts conclude? “The Mo’ has to go, it’s itchy and creeps people out.” Enough said.

Toddler Angus a real “trooper” Emma Offler reports on a brave little boy


By Emma Offler

ngus Dunn turned one year old in October and has already experienced much more than the average infant.

Baby Angus was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s disease in May this year after four long weeks of tests at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide. Following his diagnosis, he was in hospital for four months. Hirschprung’s disease is when nerves are missing from a part of the bowel. Because of this, the bowels can’t push waste material through and a blockage forms. Then, the contents of the intestine build up and cause swelling to the bowel and abdomen. Hirschsprung’s disease occurs five times more in males than females. Angus’ mother Kerry and his father Paul noticed a number of early warning signs. Kerry says, “When he was born, he didn’t poo straight away. Usually babies pass the meconium poo not long after birth but Angus never did. He has always had a pot belly and had trouble feeding in the first few weeks of birth. I had to use laxatives which is quite unusual to do in babies.” The severity of Hirschprung’s in Angus has caused renal failure and he now is on dialysis every night for 10 hours at a time. He is fed through a nasal gastric tube but luckily won’t always be fed this way, so he will be able to enjoy chocolate, ice-cream and other treats that children love. Kerry believes it is so important for parents to be informed about Hirschsprung’s Disease. “If diagnosed at birth, it can be treated when they are a newborn and possibly prevent other things from happening, in Angus’ case his renal failure.” Angus requires medical treatment every day as he has a double barrel illeostomy and

colostomy bag. “Hopefully he can have the bag reversed but we are just waiting for his bowel to settle down as it is still so inflamed.” Kerry says. His immune system is low and he is susceptible to any illness going around. Angus will not be allowed to play contact sports because of his renal failure because any knock to his kidneys can cause major problems, but Kerry says that his health is more important. She says, “he is a little trooper. He seems to take everything in his stride. Children are tougher than you give them credit for.” Kerry and her family support each other and she comments “Charlotte, my four year old daughter, has blown me away with how she has coped through this whole ordeal and my husband is amazing. We wouldn’t all cope without each other.” Angus will also need a kidney transplant within 18 months, or as soon as he weighs enough to accept an adult kidney. Both Kerry and Paul are a match for Angus, and Kerry hopes to give one of her kidneys to him. They are finding great support in the Bowel Group for Kids, who Kerry has recently met with. “They have been wonderful to meet and talk to about all the things that our children are going through from birth to adulthood.” Kerry has also found great support in the nurses and doctors from the Renal team at the hospital. She says “I would really like to thank the Roxby Downs community and everyone who helped us out through these past six months with messages, phone calls, cooking for us and visiting us. We really could not have done it without you. “If you think that your baby may have issues with their bowel, please don’t hesitate to take them to your doctor. I wish I had sooner.”

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$39.99 Coopers 62 Pilsener 2 x 6 pk

$29.99 Coopers Light 24 pk







e rs Pal e p o o C 24 pk

9 9 . 9 3 $

Only at Roxby Downs Thirsty Camel Bottle Shop

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 – Page 3

Page 4 – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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$25,000 raised for Pike River miners H

By Millie Thomas

ow many people can actually say that their father, brother or significant other has gone to work one day and not come back? For 29 immediate and extended families, this was reality with an explosion at Pike River Mine on November 19, 2010 trapped and killed 29 employees, 29 family members, 29 friends. It’s a startling reality for anyone who is remotely linked to any mining community worldwide, and a horrible reminder of the fragility of life. As previously reported in The Monitor, Roxby Downs local Josh Keane, lost his brother in the accident and two people sought to make a difference. Rebecca Hutchins, Trade Assistant on site and Wade Ingerson, Supervisor started work the minute the mine went down, throwing back and forth ideas that would assist Josh and his late brother’s family through this crisis. And so it was decided, that a barbecue and auction at the Olympic Dam Football Club would suffice as a fundraiser for the Keane Family and the Pike River Mine Fund Trust. The Fundraiser was held last Friday night, December 3rd, and Rebecca tells The Monitor of the success of the night, and the generosity of the community. “Josh and his wife Nicola are some of our good friends in town, we work with him,” explained Rebecca. “It was all supposed to start off as a small barbecue with just a group of guys getting together to help a mate, and it’s turned out to be massive.” Rebecca told The Monitor that before the event even came to fruition, just over $5,000 was raised through local donations and a morning tea

held on site. Having worked at the mine for a number of years now, she is confident that the men working at Olympic Dam would be at a higher advantage, if an accident of this size were to happen. “It (an accident such as the one at Pike River) is not as likely to happen out here, we’ve got a lot safer working environments,” she said. “My partner works underground and I just worry so much now, even more than before, just thinking about what could happen. “However I know that our guys would be a lot safer, a lot more equipped for an accident – we’ve got more fresh air base chambers and breathing apparatus etc underground. “A lot of people have connections to the Pike River Mine disaster. There are ex housemates or ex partners, another worker here lost his uncle down there. Josh is a mate, and I know if I lost a brother or one of my siblings I wouldn’t be able to cope. “You just want to help in whatever way you can – Riki (Josh’s brother) left behind a young wife and two young children and I just think it’s so sad. “When we realised that it was going to be much bigger than we had first thought we tried to think of how we could raise more money, that’s when we had the idea of doing an auction as well as the barbecue. “All of the local businesses have chipped in something. There was a lot of food vouchers, we’ve got a table and chair setting, Broadspectrum chucked in a 22 inch plasma as well as an iPod dock, Rema Tip Top is putting in a toolbox that is chocker block full of tools, and there was a signed cricket bat by Darren Lehmann from Spotless to name a few.

“Thanks to just everyone… thank you to all of the businesses that have donated, all of the girls down the mine end that have helped us, Penny Hutchins, Carol Slinger and Karen Atkins (the girls down the mills) that held the morning tea which was really successful – we raised about $900. “Wade for getting on board, the Footy Club for letting us use their venue, the Club for catering.” The night, which was an immeasurable success raised over $25,000 and attracted 173 people out to Olympic Dam. Half of the money will be donated to the Keane family and half to the trust. “We still have more donations and cheques coming,” said Rebecca. “$17,000 from the auction and the rest from the $1 per drink donated by the Football Club, morning tea and donations from businesses. “The highest bid on the night was $5,100 for a toolbox (tools inclusive) from our own Wade Ingerson. The highlight of the night was definitely the auction – it was great to see so many people get involved. “We had a minute’s silence and good friends of Riki’s spoke a few words saying how much it would be appreciated by the Keane family. Overall fantastic support from all that came and all that were involved. “I just hope that if something were to happen here to our guys – I’m damn sure that everyone would get on top of it and help out in whatever way they could,” said Rebecca compassionately. “Just the fact that people are helping for this cause is amazing – not everyone knows the guys that passed away, they don’t know Josh, but they can feel for them.”

Submissions encouraged for inquiry into gambling Federal Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey invites interested organisations and individuals in the electorate of Grey to make a submission to the Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform. On 30 September 2010 the Parliament agreed that a Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform be appointed to inquire into and report on a number of issues related to gambling reform. Currently the Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform has called for submissions on the inquiry into a pre-commitment scheme. The closing date for submissions is 31 January 2011. “I would encourage interested people or groups to make your views known to the committee by lodging a submission,” Mr Ramsey said. To make a submission or for more information please

contact my office or: Committee Secretary Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform PO Box 6100 Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 Australia Phone: 02 6277 3433 Fax: 02 6277 5809 Email: Federal Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey

Olympic Dam expansion next step BHP BILLITON remains on track to give the go-ahead late next year to the $US30 billion-plus Olympic Dam copper, uranium and gold expansion project after lodging the project’s final environmental report last week. The report is now the subject of an audit by the Federal, South Australian and Northern Territory governments before final approvals. If approvals are granted BHP could sanction the project by the end of next year. It is not expected the report will be made public for about eight weeks and this has already upset South Australian Greens MLC Mark Parnell who is calling for the immediate release of the EIS response after the

public consultation attracted over 4,000 submissions. Olympic Dam is the world’s biggest uranium deposit and fourthbiggest copper resource. While it has been in production since 1988, the full potential of the huge deposit has never been realised. BHP intends to change that with its expansion plans, which it says could amount to the company’s biggest single investment in Australia. Up to 15,000 new jobs over the life of the project are expected and it is estimated that South Australian revenue will be increased by $48 billion over the first 30 years of operation. The expansion is one of the bigticket growth options for BHP in Australia.

Alliance One welcomes Government support for credit unions Mr Phil Lynch of Alliance One Credit Union has welcomed reports today that Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan will offer credit unions and building societies more assistance to allow them to grow and compete fairly with the big four banks. While the Government’s final banking package has yet to be released Treasurer Swan has publicly expressed his support for alternatives to the big banks, Mr Lynch said. “It’s great to see this acknowledgment of the role credit unions can play in offering lower interest rates and better choice to consumers who are sick of the big banks.” This support from the Federal Government comes only days after Alliance One Credit Union’s recent announcement that it would not increase interest rates above the Reserve Bank of Australia rise, unlike the banks. “Credit unions are strong, secure and regulated the same way as banks. And we are ready to put competition back into retail banking and give consumers a better deal,” Mr Lynch said. A recent national poll by Essential Research showed a growing level of dissatisfaction with the big banks, but that consumers perceive that there

are too many obstacles to making a switch. Forty per cent said they had considered changing their main bank at some point in the last five years, but twothirds of this group ended up sticking with their current bank. The poll also found strong support for Federal Government action to promote competition, make it easier to shift accounts and abolish exit fees, with 75 per cent of respondents agreeing that the Federal Government needed to do more to encourage competition. Mr Lynch said that credit unions offer genuine choice to consumers, offer consistently better home loan rates, and access to fee free national ATM networks. “We welcome the Federal Government’s support. Any initiatives that help credit unions to compete on a level-playing field will help to keep the big banks honest and give customers a real choice,” Mr Lynch said. “Big bank customers can vote with their feet and move their banking to a credit union. If people want to know more, we encourage them to go to or come in to one of our branches.” Mr Lynch said.


We all need a Bushfire Survival Plan.

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This bushfire season whether you’re working, travelling, at home or out and about, it’s important that you understand the Fire Danger Ratings, know your local conditions and plan for what you and your family will do in the event of a bushfire. For your simple guide to bushfire planning visit

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 – Page 5





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Or email

Last week’s Hot Topic: Is the election result in Victoria a sign of things to come for Labor in NSW, Queensland and Federally in the coming months? The Labor era is over in Australia – finally! Now they have stuffed up the country, Libs will have to get us back in the black. Longoverit. RD History shows Labor gets in buggers the country and the coalition bails us out. This is just contemporary history. JR WikiLeaks just proves politicians and political parties can’t be trusted. Makes no difference what party they are – all seem to be the same. Labor/ Liberal they are much the same anyway. The only thing we can be sure of, whoever gets in, taxes will go up to pay for their mismanagement. Ivan of the Far North I think the secret shopper sits behind a dark curtain all day and hasn’t the slightest idea what is going on! You’re spamming the paper with your nonsense! BURGER Is just me or is the Southern Cross on the war memorial in the main street sideways? Confused stargazer


Do you think WikiLeaks is doing the world any favours by publishing secret documents?

Sense of community shines brightly


The annual Roxby Downs Christmas Pageant has been a tradition for many years, and with Rotary at the helm for the past two years, the event just keeps getting bigger and better. The pageant is a time when Roxby comes together as evidenced by an estimated 3,000 strong presence at Saturday night’s event. The family night saw 32 floats in this year’s parade, a record for the pageant and one that is sure to be broken in years to come as the town embraces the spirit of Christmas. The community spirit seen at this time of the year is nothing new for Roxby Downs, as locals are joined by the residents of Andamooka and Woomera. “Community” is surely one of the most over used words in society, particularly when it comes to


to the editor

Julian Assange isn’t an American citizen. WikiLeaks isn’t an American organisation. Even if we accept the logic of state, neither Assange nor WikiLeaks owe any duty of loyalty to the US government. Where no loyalty is due, no betrayal is possible. Whatever else they might be, the WikiLeaks “dumps” of information deemed “classified” by the US government aren’t “treason” (as the usual suspects keep calling them) by any reasonable definition of that word. Nor, contra US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s surreal claim, is the latest WikiLeaks release “an attack on the international community.” If such a “community” exists, identifying it with the parasite states sitting atop its regional populations is like designating canine breeds on the basis of the ticks which infest each dog’s fur. And talk about the pot calling the kettle black! It was Clinton, not Assange, who directed US State Department employees to spy on United Nations officials -- including but not limited to permanent members of the UN Security Council and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon himself -- in what looks an awful lot like an identity theft scheme right out of the latest crime news headlines. If the UN’s member states do indeed compose the “international community,” Clinton has cast herself in the role

politicians and governments touting their spin. “Community building”, “investing in social capital”: governments, state and federal, spend many millions and write endless, jargon-heavy reports in pursuit of such causes. The sociological research overwhelmingly confirms what we all know intuitively: isolation breeds crime, depression and countless other problems. A healthy society is one in which neighbours interact, know and look out for one another. The irony is that while governments strive to foster a notion of “community” from the top down, it’s only at the grassroot level in remote and regional towns like ours where the word community has real meaning.

If This Be Treason ... ... but, of course, it isn’t of neighborhood burglar. But, if this be treason, make the most of it. The penchant of state actors for secrecy stems from the same motives as any other criminal’s desire to keep his deeds out of the public eye. Their threats against those who might reveal their secrets are of precisely the same nature as the warnings of any child rapist to his victims: “Don’t tell, or YOU will get in trouble.” We’ve been here before, many times. Not many remember, but the most vehement western objections to Russia’s “October Revolution” were concerned not with nature of Bolshevism but with this language in Lenin’s Decree on Peace: “We have to fight against the hypocrisy of the governments, which, while talking about peace and justice, actually carry on wars of conquest and plunder. Not one single government will tell you what it really means. But we are opposed to secret diplomacy and can afford to act openly before all people.” While Russia’s former allies did indeed oppose communism and desire an active Eastern Front (to reduce pressure on the Western Front), they were outright desperate to hide the details of their complicity in the ongoing disaster now known as World War One. Like vampires, politicians will

choose gunfire over sunlight every time. The subsequent actions of the new Russian state constitute an existence proof of the incompatibility of political government and transparency. Forced to choose between truth and power, the Bolsheviks chose power. Their regime and its spinoffs became (pardon the pun) the gold standard for secretive government. The strength of WikiLeaks is that it faces no similar choice. It’s not a state, nor do its principals evince any intention of making it one. Truth is its entire portfolio, and this drives the Hillary Clintons of the world insane. It threatens their aspirations to unquestioned power. It forces them to explain themselves to the rest of us: To the serfs who, as the politicians see things, exist for the sole purpose of footing the bill -- in money and in blood -- for those aspirations. Which is exactly how it should be. “Treason” to and “betrayal” of the state is service to humanity. WikiLeaks is your friend. Hillary Clinton is your enemy. Never forget that. Thomas L. Knapp, Senior News Analyst and Media Coordinator at the Center for a Stateless Society

Roxby Downs Police News Cannabis crop located

On Wednesday, December 1, a male adult was arrested by Roxby Downs Police for cultivating Cannabis. Police located 19 Cannabis plants growing in the rear yard of the premises. The male adult was bailed to appear in the Roxby Downs court in February 2011.

Driver injured

On Friday, December 3, a vehicle decamped from Andamooka Police after been requested to stop. A short distance later the vehicle left the road and rolled. The driver of the vehicle then decamped on foot into the mining area around German Gully, Andamooka. A search of the area by local SES, CFS, Ambulance and Police failed to locate the driver. The driver later went to the local hospital as a result of injuries. Andamooka Police are continuing enquires in relation to this matter.

Breaching Bail

On Sunday, December 5, a male adult was arrested for two counts of Breaching Bail. The male was bailed with more stringent bail conditions to appear at the Roxby Downs Court in February 2011.

Pageant incidents

The annual Roxby Downs Christmas pageant was held on Saturday, December 4. Generally those attending the event were well behaved but late in the night there were several incidents involving young adults affected by alcohol. Roxby Downs Police are still continuing enquiries into these incidents to identify the principal offenders in these incidents. It is apparent that a small minority of local people in Roxby Downs have very little regard for other people attending such events.

Drivers fined

Expiation notices were issued to motorists for a variety of offences during the week, including excessive speed, talking on their mobile phone whilst driving; driving a motor vehicle contrary to a defect notice and failing to wear a seat belt whilst driving. As a result of recent local traffic enforcement six vehicles have been clamped for a period of 28 days. Page 6 – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

The Board that provides a community voice locally

Community Persons of the Month for September & October

Meeting dates Red Desert Festival Meeting December 8 - 7.30pm

By Celeste Lustosa

Maria Papillo

Maria came to Roxby Downs 13 years ago and she was sad to say her goodbyes in the same week she was recognised as Community Person of the Month of October. “I had been travelling overseas and at that time I had no money and one of my girlfriends had a job here and invited me to come and work here. I ended up with a job and fell in love with the place.” All the girl from Adelaide knew about Roxby at that time was that the town was very hot and she was even prepared to not like it here. Maria is a chef and so she worked at the camp’s canteen in her beginning as a town resident until they lost their contract and she moved to Western Australia. But something was attracting Maria to Roxby and she came back twice more, when she met her now husband, fell in love and

the romance made her stay in Roxby. From the marriage, Maria has two children - Liliana is 5 and Ruby is 3. “When I fell pregnant with Liliana, I was living here full time as a mum and I think that was when I realised this was going to be my family’s home. I always had a wonderful time here but with the birth of my daughter a new chapter began for me. “What I like most about Roxby is how friendly the community is.” But Maria admits that it is hard to be away from family and her home town sometimes. “The hard thing is not having your family around. But there are some families here that have become my children’s uncles and aunties. We are all in the same boat here and friends become each other’s family.” As for her involvement within the community,

she says she has been involved in things through her children’s activities and through the church as well. “When the children are attending something, whether is through school, church or sports groups, I like to get as involved as I can and when they progress to the next activity I follow them up.” But even by being one of our kindest residents, Maria said that the Community Person of the Month award was a big surprise but that she was over the moon about it. “I am involved in the community but I think I was nominated because I care about people. If I see that I can help someone, I am happy to help. But I never expected to get recognition for it. “I do it because I like to make life easier for people, the same way that many people have made my life easier at times. “There are so many families and people that

have touched our hearts over my years in Roxby that it wouldn’t be fair to name a few. Our time here has been wonderful and we have been very lucky. So thank you!,” she concluded with teary eyes when she was finally get-

Merv Rogers

elected president. At the Olympic Dam Football Club he is a patron and committee member for the second time. Mr Rogers told The Monitor that the recognition came as a good surprise. “That was a good surprise. I didn’t expect that. I just thought there were probably other people that deserved it more than me. “You don’t expect the recognition when getting involved in things. You just get involved because you are part of the community. I have lived in a small community all my life, where I just chip in and help and that’s how things happen. “I love the community. If you don’t work for the

Merv Rogers was chosen as Community Person of the Month for September. He has been part of our community for over 24 years and amongst the things he has been fully involved with are the Community Club, the Flying Doctors, Olympic Dam Football Club and the Dirt Circuit Club, just to name a few.

Merv Rogers - Community Person of the Month for September

“I do a lot of Father Christmas jobs as well,” he jokingly said. Mr Rogers is the current president of the Roxby Downs Community Club where in 1996 he was elected to the committee and served as a committee member until 2008 when he was

ting ready to say goodbye to the town where friends became her family. Maria and her family by the close of this edition have moved to another town west of Whyalla to be near her husband’s family.

JOINING FORUMS If you are interested in joining a forum please contact the following people. New members are always welcome.


Michelle Hales 0418 833 818 SPORT and RECREATION FORUM Kaye Doyle 0419 935 316 COMMUNITY GARDEN Cherie Gaskin 8671 2924 Maria Papillo - Community Person of the Month for October

community, the community won’t work for you,” Merv said. But he commented that during these years in Roxby he has said too many goodbyes, and that is the downside of our community. “Sometimes it’s hard up here because it’s such a transient population. A lot of people are here for only 6 months, a year and then they are gone. That’s hard especially for the kids who were small at school and they would get a group of friends and then they would leave. You always say that you are going to catch up with those who leave and you never do,” he said.

HEALTH FORUM Karen Russell 8671 9020

Green tip

Did you know?

Efficient use of your fridge

• • •

Defrost the freezer when the ice is more than 5mm thick. Dust off the coils on the back of your fridge to help it run more efficiently. Let frozen items thaw in the fridge, by making your fridge cooler, it won’t have to work as hard and it saves you defrosting food in the microwave. Similarly, don’t put hot foods in the fridge. Turn your fridge off when you go on holiday.

An initiative of the Environment Forum




Board meetings are held on the last Monday of the month.

Teresa Baddeley • Darren Smith

For further information, advice or general questions please contact:

Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe.

Michelle Davis • George Giakoumis

Michelle Hales, Executive Officer Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. PO Box 85 Roxby Downs SA 5725 Mobile: 0418 833 818

If you would like to make a presentation or raise an issue, please contact the Executive Officer on 0418 833 818 so that you can be included on the agenda. Confidential discussions with the Board can be arranged if required.

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Vicki Mason • Gaylene Crane Jamie Love • Bill Hiscox Liz Rogers • Michael Esposito Bill Boehm • Amanda Hudson


Wednesday, December 8, 2010 – Page 7

Monitor NEWS The

The Petty family moves closer to family ties W

By Millie Thomas

hen you see green and gold, what do you think?

Annalisa and Zane Petty with their two children, Savvy and Henry

It could be various gold medal winning Australian Olympic sporting teams, or quite possibly, it could be Olympic Dam Football Club. Zane Petty, Club President for the past two years, and his wife Annalisa and two children, Savvy (2 years old) and Henry (11 months) have been devoted supporters of the club for their past 7 years of residence in Roxby Downs. Now, the Petty family is moving on to a different football club, and a different district. Zane, originally from Wudinna (town population of about 600, district population of about 1200), and Annalisa from Adelaide will be moving back to Zane’s hometown on the Eyre Peninsula in the coming weeks. Zane, who finished university in Adelaide and came straight up here to start teaching at Roxby Downs Area School (RDAS), will be taking a year off of his chosen profession to help out his father in his multiple businesses around Wudinna. “Dad’s slowing down so I’ll go and help him out for a year and see if it works out!” said Zane. “He’s got the butcher’s shop over there and a small farm he uses to fatten the sheep up.”


Do you live in or own a unit or townhouse?

Get ready now for digital TV • Some units and townhouses may require an upgrade or installation of a new shared antenna system • Installing or upgrading an antenna system can take time as often there needs to be agreement from all owners, so you need to start planning now

What should you do next? • If you own or rent and are unsure if your building is ready for digital TV, speak to your landlord or property manager • If you own and rent out a property, speak with the owners’ corporation or body corporate to ensure any necessary work gets done to the antenna system • Antenna installers endorsed by the Australian Government can offer advice about antenna upgrades and installation in your area

Want more information?

Contact the Digital Switchover Taskforce: 1800 20 10 13 Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra

Page 8 – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Part of the reason the Petty family is moving back to Wudinna is because of their strong family ties – Zane’s parents, two brothers and his sister (and their families) will all be living there, within a kilometre block of each other! “Savvy will be taught by my mother, Jill, in reception and go to school with her cousins,” said Zane. “And we’ve got a shack at Venus, so it will be good just to slip down there on weekends!” he added. “I always said I’d never move to Wudinna, but I was the one who suggested it!” said Annalisa. “However I’ve just found out that I’ve got a job over there now! So that will make it a bit easier. I’ll be working as a receptionist at the medical centre, so I’m stoked with that! “I’m an Adelaide girl, so Roxby was always perfect because it wasn’t too big for Zane, and it wasn’t too small for me either,” she said. Zane is a well known face around Roxby and Olympic Dam, having taught every primary class at RDAS and being heavily involved in OD Footy Club as their Club President. On top of that he was involved in SAPSASA sports on numerous occasions, Super 6 Cricket and was coach for a Junior Football team for a season. Passionate about both his career and his football club, Zane remembers what it was like to move straight out of Uni and into teaching receptions. “I had receptions for my first year, which was a bit scary!” he said. “They start senior school next year, so they’ve just gone straight through. “I taught receptions for a year, then years one and two for two years, then years three and four, then Physical Education for two years. I’ve taught every primary class now, which is great. “My favourite memory would have to be the three premierships in a row we took home, or maybe it was when Annalisa and I got engaged in Roxby! “I’ll probably miss the most all of the kids walking around after school screaming ‘Hello Mr Petty, Hello Mr Petty!’ “I’ll miss staff meetings the least! And probably my worst memory up here would have to be losing the grand final this year,” said Zane. Annalisa confirmed what so many others have stated before her, that the close knit, family feel of the community would have to be her favourite memory. “I think having kids here has been awesome,” she started. “Settling in was so easy in this town because it’s so laid back. A lot of people don’t have family around, so you sort of become each other’s family, it’s just so easy. “Everything is just all about the kids now so I guess we’re just really going to miss Nippy Gym – the programs they’ve got here are awesome – ‘Time for Twos’ stuff like that. But we’re going onto different experiences and opportunities now. “Our friends have just been so good to us,” she said. “We’ve got a really good group of friends that just sort of made it so much easier to be here without family – they have been our family. As exciting as it is to move on to all of these new opportunities, it will be really hard to leave them. It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling, we’ll come back and visit of course, but it won’t be the same.”

Far North Iron Ore mine given go ahead WPG Resources has given the go-ahead for its Peculiar Knob iron mine south east of Coober Pedy. The announcement follows the company raising more than $200 million to fund the development of the mine over the past few weeks. WPG is now awaiting the two final approvals for the mine its development approval for export-related capital works at Port Pirie, and its mining and rehabilitation plan for the mine itself. The company aims to start mining operations next year following the

granting of the approvals, and will be exporting high grade iron ore via Port Pirie. The company will produce direct shipping ore (DSO) - so called because it does not have to undergo expensive upgrading before export. The company is planning to ship 3.3 million tonnes of ore a year from Peculiar Knob initially, and hopes to prove up more resources at its nearby Buzzard project to maintain a production rate of three to four million tonnes a year for 10 years.

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What made news T

Shaky start to the year in Roxby

The report claimed Opposition Leader Iso- Districts Football League pre-season is illusFootball and Basketball are the two main pashe vagaries of a mining town hit home in 2010, when on the back of the GFC bel Redmond has identified an alternative site trated with colourful new characters, coaches sions of the Roxby’s latest Junior Sportsperson of the Year. came the shut down of the Clark shaft south of Penong, which Mr Rann said would and players alike. Jack Daly was presented with the honour of jeopardise “23,000 jobs that will be created by Four out of the five sporting clubs in the and production cut to just 25%.

The impasse that followed saw contractors and businesses alike having to review their staff levels as the uncertainty of surrounding the date for full mine production was uncertain. Confidence started growing again about the middle of the year when production was ramped up and by July and August was back in full production. That confidence has continued with the commodity prices increasing and the likelihood of BHP Billiton’s response to the EIS consultation process which is expected to be delivered to governments before the end of the year. Residents like the rest of the country are anticipating a positive response to the Olympic Dam Expansion being made public next year.

JANUARY Breuer at odds with Government

the expanded mine and huge economic devel- Woomera District Football League will be opment for the Upper Spencer Gulf ”. undergoing major changes this year with the appointment of new coaches. Libs can win – says Ridgway Mark Dalgleish, also fondly known as “Dags” Election mode hit Roxby Downs in January is remaining as Roxby Districts “The Miners” when two politicians made a whistlestop trip coach this year, whilst Coober Pedy have apto town in support of local Liberal candidate, pointed Carmelo Crisa, Olympic Dam appointChad Oldfield. ed Scott Peek, Hornridge chose Shane MoroDavid Ridgway MLC and Federal Member ney and finally Andamooka, Craig Wyatt. for Grey Rowan Ramsey were in town to meet and talk to people and to attend a campaign Helen named Roxby’s Citizen of fundraiser for Chad Oldfield. the year In an interview with The Monitor, David The Award for Australia Day Citizen of the Ridgway said the Liberals can win at the next Year went to Helen Edwards. state election on March 20 despite having to Whilst in mid 2009 Helen left Roxby Downs get a 6.8% swing in the vote. and moved to Seaford Rise to be closer to her “People are sick and tired of Rann and his family, the sustained community contribution government, they are all talk and no action.” since 1988 over a 21 year period makes her a Mr. Ridgway said the new Liberal leader Iso- worthy winner. bel Redmond is a decent person and is getting According to her nominees Helen is somewide acceptance by the public. one who’s “community “If we have the same acceptance for the spirit makes all around whole team we would win in a landslide.” her extremely welIn their visits around Roxby Mr. Ridgway and come. She is a great Mr. Ramsey agreed that local issues were more ambassador for Roxby important for voters than the big ticket items Downs. She enjoyed being bandied around in the city, like public meeting new resitransport, the sports stadium etc. dents and visitors and Chad Oldfield said people in the Far North her local knowledge are more concerned about the poor state of the was paramount. If roads, police numbers, the health care services she could not help she would know someone and education for their children. that could.”

Premier Mike Rann slammed the Opposition’s plans for a desalination plant on the west coast would cost SA thousands of mining jobs and billions of dollars in lost investment. The Government wants to put a desalination plant at Point Lowly, in the Upper Spencer Gulf, to cater for the planned multi-billion-dollar expansion of BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam mine. The Labor Government preference for the desal plant to go at Point Lowly is at odds with the local Labor MP Lyn Breuer, who has publicly stated her opposition to the BHP Billiton New coaches proposal for the desal plant and is working to A new year means a new footy season and have it relocated. this year, four new coaches. The 2010 Woomera

Junior star recognised

being named the Australia Day award recipient after an outstanding year in 2009. After being in the Roxby team which won the grand final of the Regional SAPSASA competition the young sports star was selected to play in the State team which played at the National Championships at Maroochydore. Jack was so popular among his peers he was named vice captain of the SA team which played in the grand final against eventual winners, Victoria. But football is just one area where Jack excels. After showing great potential in the local area for his skills in Basketball, Jack through his dedication and extra training was selected in the State Junior Basketball team which competed in the National Country Basketball Championships at Albury. A wonderful winner who has a promising sporting career ahead.

The Clark Shaft main flywheel transported back to OD in January after repairs at Whyalla.


A big thank you to all our wonderful customers at Roxby, Andamooka, Woomera, Pimba and further affield, for making our past year so enjoyable. Hope to see you all in the New Year.


Neville Goldsmith 0428 817 166 Heather Hounslow 0418 817 166

Alliance Airlines wishes the communities of Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Woomera a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Our appreciation to Katalin and John Wilby, Steven Castle and all of the wonderful staff at Olympic Dam Airport and Roxby Travel.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010 – Page 9

What made news FEBRUARY Who is in charge of the Municipal Services at Andamooka? OACDT (Outback Areas Community Development Trust) is in the process of transitioning all the municipal services from APOMA to the Trust (or Outback Communities Authority as it will be known as from July 1, 2010). “The municipal assets that normally a Council would look after shouldn’t be managed by APOMA, but by the local government. “We are looking forward to transferring many of our tasks to the OACDT to handle, so we can go back doing what we were originally set out to do,” said APOMA’s Chairperson Peter Allen. He also said that APOMA has been working closely with the Government in order to have a smooth transition period for the town. The services to be transferred include management of the rubbish tip, cemetery, parks and gardens, town maintenance, noxious weed control, feral animal control, local road maintenance and the standpipe management system that dispenses water for the township. “All of these services have been transitioned to the trust with the exception of the standpipe management system for the water,” according to the Community Manager, Bob Jacobs.

Vet runs for State Parliament Andrew Melville-Smith is well known to the residents of Roxby Downs as the local veterinarian. He has been serving the Roxby Downs and Andamooka community for the last 12 years. He says this part of South Australia is neglected by the Adelaide based Government who are eager to take the revenue generated by mining but when it comes to investing in infrastructure such as transport, power and water, regional South Australia gets very little investment or planning. When the Greens sought a candidate to stand in the seat of Giles, he said he was happy to stand. “Of all the major parties, only the Greens are taking a common-sense approach and proposing positive action on major issues.” He said, “I am proud of our policies and of the fact that we

don’t accept corporate donations because as everyone knows, of calls by sufferers who have had to travel to Adelaide for treatno company makes a donation to a political party without the ment. “Given Mr Rann’s record of broken promises, I hope that expectation of a return.” this is not one of his cruel hoaxes” said Mr Oldfield. Andrew says he has seen Roxby Downs come of age as a country town and is delighted to give residents an alternative Curdimurka playground ready! to vote for in the March 20 state election. The Curdimurka Reserve has been upgraded making it a family friendly place to play. The Roxby Downs Council has put in a new playground at the reserve and it is safe and ready for children to play and is a relaxing place for families to enjoy picnics and parties. “The Council wants to come together with the community to make the Curdimurka Reserve a great place for families to spend time together,” said the Municipal Works Manager, Peter Keller. “We wanted to make Curdimurka a safe and nice place for the community so it is a good option for families to spend more time together outdoors. “And this is also a great alternative to the Lion’s Park,” Mr Keller said.

Bowls Championships decided The Roxby Downs Bowling Club Champions for the season, 2009/2010 were decided in February when the finals were played in both the Ladies’ and Men’s divisions. Anne Gray and Susan Bennett meet in a compelling game with good shots played by both ladies. The schools’ visit to Arid Recovery is always a highlight and students like Jared get up close to native fauna.

Oldfield comes out swinging With the State election only weeks away, Liberal candidate for the seat of Giles, Chad Oldfield has come out swinging against the Rann Government’s eight years of neglect of the region. “On the eve of an election, after nearly eight years of neglect to regional areas like ours, the Rann Government has suddenly found a pot of money in the budget for local hospital services that have been overlooked for eight years. Rann has gone on a last minute spending spree in a last ditch attempt to secure votes in the region” Mr Oldfield said. Mr Oldfield was referring to the sudden announcement to establish a cancer treatment clinic at Port Augusta after years

Consistent bowling by Susan and several near miss attempts at conversions by Anne saw Susan Bennett become this year’s Ladies’ Club Champion with the winning score 25/16. Congratulations and well played both ladies. In a marathon match the Men’s final was played between Tony Weir and Robert Hutchinson with last year’s runner up Steve Stokes marking the game. Excellent precision bowling saw the score change hands many times and although Rob established a comfortable lead it was not enough. An unanswered five end winning streak at the business end of the match, and a final score line 25/23 saw Tony Weir become this year’s Club Champion.

Merry Christmas to all our loyal customers and have a fun filled and Happy New Year from the team at Alliance One Credit Union

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CALL 0427 334 883 FOR APPOINTMENTS AND ENQUIRIES. Page 10 – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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What made news MARCH

mining policy, which commits $2 million towards a feasibility study for a deep sea port at Port Bonython, near Whyalla. Rod Ford leaves Roxby The Liberal leader says she never reRoxby Downs Sergeant Rod Ford has fused to meet BHP Billiton executives, as been fighting organised crime for years; had been suggested by a company spokesthe last two in the Roxby Downs region, man. but now he is moving to Port Pirie, leaving a big gap in our community. Rod and his wife Helen have enjoyed Andamooka flooded their every minute in town but want to be Saturday, February 27th was an odd day nearer the family who live in Adelaide. in Roxby Downs. At about 3 o’ clock that When Mr Ford started his duty in afternoon, the town was engulfed with Roxby Downs, criminal investigation about an hour of a tropical like downpour, was a new concept to many who have not consuming the roads and running off our experienced it. “non- guttered” roofs. “I came to Roxby to set up a new invesAndamooka, however, was a different tigation position and so far there had only story, although they were blessed with the been infrequent visits from investigators rain as well, local reports suggest that they from Port Augusta,” he said. received between 30 and 47 mm in about “You have to create partnerships and twenty minutes. A blessing for some, but get the confidence of the community that for local businesses and awkwardly placed you are here to prevent the offences before homes, disaster struck. they happen.” The Opal Hotel was severely affected Mr Ford believes that people’s behav- by the rains, which came pouring through iour changed with an increasing presence their back door. The water and the sludge and hard work of many officers but also flowed freely behind the bar and settled the perception of being in a remote area itself on the newly laid carpet. and ignoring the rules of law abounded There were reports of locals pumping over the years. water out of their own backyards and see“During my first 12 months here the ing chest freezers and televisions float out instance of drink driving and assaults at their doors. For a town with an estimated or near licensed premises was one of the yearly rainfall of 160mm, having a quarhighest per capita of population in the ter of the year’s rainfall covered in twenty State and now it is on par with the lower minutes is phenomenal. end of the scale.”

field in his wake, taking out both races on Sunday and under lights won one and placed second in the other. After getting behind the wheel of his new open wheeler late last year after a five year lay-off, the 23 year old has set the benchmark for other drivers to chase down in the next round of the State Titles later in the year. Roxby Downs Sporting Car Club publicity officer, Deb Beenham was elated over the success of the weekend, telling The Monitor, that everything ran so smoothly and the racing was fast and clean.

State Titles raced at Roxby

Over 40 participants and hundreds of Roxby residents gathered for a whole Sunday of entertainment at the Sodexo 2010 Roxby Billy Cart Bash. The organisers of the event couldn’t be happier with the results, as hundreds of people supported the day. According to Karl Scothern, one of the

Redmond meets with BHPB Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond has now met the head of BHP-Billiton at the Olympic Dam mine in outback South Australia after claims that she had refused to do so. Ms Redmond also unveiled the Liberals’

In what officials describe as one of the biggest crowds seen at the Roxby Downs Dirt Circuit, standout driver of round one of the State Titles was young Ceduna speedster, Dale Thiele. Theile, driving in the super competitive A grade Open Wheel Class, left the

Merry Christmas and please drive safe!

Breuer back Labor’s only country elected representative, Lyn Breuer was swept back into office in the seat of Giles following last Saturday’s cliff hanger election. Provisional results show Ms Breuer polled 63.1 per cent of the vote on the two party preferred vote against new Liberal challenger Chad Oldfield who polled 36.9 on provisionsal figures. Ms Breuer who has held the seat since 1997, bucked the Statewide trend which saw Labor drop 7.8 percent and narrowly hold onto Government with an expected five seat majority as of late on Monday. Ms Breuer said that swing went to the Greens and not to Liberal. “The result shows people must be happy with the job I am doing,” she said.

Ceduna’s Dale Theile was too quick for allcomers at the State Title round held at the Roxby Downs Raceway in March.

Billy Cart Bash a winner! organisers, it went all really well, in place and according to plan. “We have so many people to thank for the event’s success and I wish we could do it personally but I am sure everyone involved knows how much we appreciate all the

volunteers for donating their time and really embracing the event. “We are also very happy with the wide community for showing up and enjoying themselves and our sponsors for making it all possible,” Mr Scothern told The Monitor.

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What made news APRIL Downer EDI loses contract

Downer EDI has been a long term contractor at Olympic Dam. General Manager of Downer EDI Norm Lancefield was quoted as saying “Downer EDI will continue to pursue future opportunities with BHP Billiton at OD to re-establish our presence and long term mutual relationship with this key client.”

Myall Grove Caravan Park was one of the many places affected by flood waters after heavy rain in April.

Long term BHP Contractor Downer EDI (formerly Roche Mining) were told their services will no longer be required at BHPB’s Olympic Dam mining site. BHPB have not renewed or extended the current contracts for the provision Flooded North of labour, project, miscellaneous maintenance, site works and shutdown servThursday, April 8th was a Thursday ices. night much like any other, late night shopping and folk winding down for the week. And then it rained, and rained, and rained. Over a short distance of 60 kilometres from Olympic Dam Airport to Lake Mary, Andamooka and beyond rain gauging of 86 millimetres to 150 millimetres were reported, some long time residents saying it was the heaviest they had seen in 20 years, while at Andamooka gaugings shattered a 40 year record. The roads were flooded, bitumen was lifted, caravan floating, parks underwater and the hub of the Roxby community, the local shopping mall was ravaged with a surge of water that couldn’t escape through the drains. Unfortunately for some business owners within the Roxby mall, there was no chance to salvage much before the water rushed through shops.

true. Could Coober Pedy build on their erratic performance last year, could the new coach harness the many skills of the players and mould them into a team who could be considered as a possible contender? Within the first few minutes of the game starting Cooper Pedy made a positive response with two quick goals on the scoreboard and were looking like a team who had come to play. Final Score Saints 17 goals 11 behinds 113 points to Hornridge 11 goals 9 behinds 75 points.

Footy season kicks off

Footy season started with Miners Coach Mark Dalgleish giving his son Jack some early training.

The Woomera&Districts Football League season kicked off last Saturday with great attendances in what were good conditions for football. The early game was Hornridge and Coober Pedy. The questions were; could Hornridge build on their improved form of last year or was the talk that they recruited poorly

As with the first game it only took a quarter of football to find some answers between the Miners and Olympic Dam. The fit, purposeful Miners smashed their nemesis convincingly by 77 points in a game so one sided it was almost boring. The Miners were faster and had more passages to goal through what looks like a potent forward half.

for Premiership flags. With the most teams in the competition for many years, the season got off to a promising start. In the A grade, one of the new teams to the competition, GHD Gems took on the 2009 premiers Roxby Miners. The last quarter saw Miners continue their roll and they took the game with a final score line of 38 to 30. Netball starts with 15 In the other A grade game Olteams ympic Dam played the Sodexo On a balmy evening perfect for Geckos and by full time, OD had netball, 15 teams began their quest taken the game 48 to 23.

The new and improved

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Pie R Squared wish you a Merry Christmas!

Eat, drink and be merry!

Everyone at RoxFM wishes our listeners a very merry Christmas break and a joyful & safe New Year. We look forward to keeping your ears happy in 2011! RoxFM - Local, Live & Lovin’ Christmas.

Merry Christmas! Thank you for your support in 2010.

Page 14 – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

What made news MAY Mining Tax too much! BHP Billiton expressed its disappointment with the Australian Government’s plan to impose a new resource rent tax. The imposition of this new tax would result in an increase in the total effective tax rate on the Group’s profits earned from its Australian operations from around 43 per cent currently to around 57 per cent from 2013.

ernments will review taxation policy and rates from time to time. The Group, however, has been advocating that taxation changes should be designed so that they preserve the basis upon which past capital investments have been made, maintain the future international competitiveness of Australia’s resources industry, acknowledge that different products have different return characteristics, and encourage private investment in infrastructure and processing.

Telstra dealer closes doors

Telstra dealer in Roxby Downs, Rodda Communications is not guaranteed to have its doors opened for business again. Due to severe flood damage in April the shop, located at the local Mall, had to keep the doors closed. “We suffered significant loss in regards to stock and electrical equipments and at this stage there is no estimate re-opening date,” the shop’s managing director, Jeff Craigen told The Monitor. The decision whether the investment in new equipment, new staff and training hasn’t been made yet. “At this stage we still don’t know BHP Billiton CEO Marius Kloppers BHP Billiton Chief Executive Of- whether it will be possible and afficer Marius Kloppers said, “The fordable to open our doors for busistability and competitiveness of the ness again.” tax system have been central to the investment in resources in Australia. If implemented, these proposals seri- Foley keen on expansion South Australian Treasurer, Kevin ously threaten Australia’s competitiveness, jeopardise future invest- Foley and BHP Billiton CEO Marius ments and will adversely impact the Kloppers are united in their resolve future wealth and standard of living to see the Olympic Dam mine expansion proceed in light of the new of all Australians.” BHP Billiton recognises that gov- Mining Rent Tax.

Even though Mr Kloppers had previously stated “it may be very difficult to approve the expansion” after the Federal Government’s 40 per cent resource profits tax, the company is continuing with the EIS and rejected the suggestion that the project had been shelved, saying it was too soon to draw a conclusion about the tax’s impact. Mr Kloppers said it would be “very difficult” to approve the new mine if the tax was introduced in its current form. The company’s $21 billion Olympic Dam expansion proposal for Roxby Downs has been the subject of much speculation but has drawn explicit support from the State’s Treasurer, Kevin Foley. “We have been in touch with BHP and clearly there are some concerns with BHP and we share some of those concerns.”

New ambulance for Roxby Ambulances will be even more visible on local roads after the delivery of a new brightly coloured Mercedes for Roxby Downs Ambulance Station in May. With bold green and yellow markings for increased visibility and a more comfortable interior, the new ambulance has been embraced by local ambulance officers. The vehicle has been designed to increase comfort for both patients and ambulance officers. “It seems a bit quieter and has an improved ride for the patient,” said Dawn Kroemer, team leader for SA Ambulance Service at Roxby Mrs Bucket aka Tony Williams preparing for the novelty women’s catcher event at the Marla Bronco Branding event in May. Downs.

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! Roxby Downs Pharmacy wish you a safe and joyful Christmas and exciting New Year!

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010 – Page 15

What made news JUNE

Cooper Creek Ferry was reinstated in June and will remain in service until early next year.

Clark Shaft back in operation Premier Mike Rann was pleased to announce Olympic Dam mine is heading back to full production with hoisting from the Clark Shaft recommencing earlier that week. The Clark shaft is the major production hoist at Olympic Dam. As per BHP Billiton’s production update in April, an accident in October last year (in which noone was injured) saw the Clark system damaged and metal production at Olympic Dam cut by 75 per cent. Over the last seven months an extensive repair program has been undertaken. Significant works underground, in the shaft itself and to the surface infrastructure have been completed. During the repair period BHP Billiton took the opportunity to bring forward maintenance works across the process plant, including a major Smelter shutdown and maintenance on the Svedala, the site’s largest mill. The process plant is now fully operational.

Woomera landing

- but they do hope it will give clues to how the solar system formed and evolved.

Birdsville ferry back in action after 20 years Waters flowing south from recent flooding in Queensland have now reached the Birdsville Track as they flow toward Lake Eyre. Phillip Gregurke from the Mungerannie Hotel, 300 kilometres south of Birdsville, says it is 20 years since the Cooper Creek cut the track. “The track will still be open for a week or two weeks until the water gets to a depth of about 600 millimetres and then we’ve still got what we call the punt to ferry people backwards and forwards,” he said. “It’s been a long time since the Cooper has run and last time it did it was in the middle of summer 20-odd years ago. “It’s going to run in the middle of winter this time so it is going to be interesting.”

A Japanese deep space probe is due to parachute into the Woomera Prohibited Area early in June - the first time an unmanned spacecraft has rendezvoused with an asteroid, taken soil samples and returned to Earth. The 510kg Hayabusa - the size of a large fridge - blasted off from Japan in May 2003, and, after travelling two billion kilometres, landed on the half-kilometre long Itokawa in November 2005. Its contents will be isolated and transferred to Japan for Council prepares for cutbacks analysis to find clues to travelling back through time towards State Government cutbacks are expected to have an impact on the Big Bang which theoretically created the universe from the Roxby Downs Council this year with the draft annual businothingness. ness plan aiming to reduce municipal deficit funding from $1.2 Scientists do not expect to find life in the material - and say million in 2009/10 budget to half that this year. the risks of contamination are extremely low to non-existent

Under the current State Government Indenture arrangement for financial operations, the State Government and BHP Billiton fund the municipal deficit support for the town of Roxby Downs. Advice indicates State Government Departments will be subjected to substantial cuts in their recurrent funding levels and the Roxby Downs Council, which falls under the Department of Mineral Resources Development, will be no different. The residual impacts of the global financial crisis and the uncertainty created by the proposed Federal rent resource tax also have potential to influence the strategic development of the town and the region. The Draft Plan indicates the expected deficit funding could be cut to $0.6 million this year and has the potential to impact on the budget with an average rate increase of five per cent (less than last year) or about $28.52 per week. A number of development projects will either be put on hold or scaled back to meet the budget constraints.

Boxing hits town Saturday, June 12 saw the long awaited SA Boxing Roxby Downs tournament come to our humble part of the state. In a flurry of excitement and anticipation, four boxers from Roxby prepared vigourously to bring the Roxby name to power in the boxing world. Josh Jefferson, Craig Clarke, Stuart Orr and Stephen Finey trained under Steven Rudd for months. Unfortunately, a matter of days before the event, Jefferson suffered a training injury, rendering him unable to compete in the event. Stephen Finey, local boxer found success on the weekend, winning his fight against Chad Caputo from Knights Gym. “I won my fight in the middleweight 75 kilograms. We also got fight of the night,” he said. “They all did really well. Young Stuey fought very well. He lost the belt, but the guy he fought has a lot more experience,” said coach Rudd.

New Rotary President The Rotary Club of Roxby District is only in its second year but already has achieved lots and made great contributions to the Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Woomera communities. After one year in the top job Sandy Sumsion inducted Bob Jacobs into the role of club President at the annual changeover dinner.

Season’s Greetings from your friends at BankSA. No bank is more committed to South Australia than BankSA. We have the largest branch network in rural and regional South Australia which means we understand and care about local needs. All of us at Roxby Downs Branch thank you for your support and wish you the best for the festive season. BankSA - A Division of Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFS Licence No: 233714. BSA03739 (12/10)

We hope your festive season is something special this year! From the team at Raine & Horne Roxby Downs Page 16 – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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What made news JULY Fire at Andamooka school – again! On the first weekend of the school holidays, Andamooka Primary School was attacked yet again. Police reported the playground in between two buildings at the school was set alight on Sunday afternoon destroying play equipment valued at $25,000. The primary school has been the target of a number of fires, and one which destroyed all the buildings several years ago. Chairman of Andamooka Progress and Opal Miners’ Association, Mr Peter Allen said to his knowledge there have been four fires at the schools over the years, the latest one on Sunday. He said while all the equipment wasn’t destroyed there was some damaged caused. pates in the B Grade Wednesday nights netball; Ironically the playground was set on the old plays for the Miners on Friday nights and for building site where fire destroyed the school a the junior netball on Saturdays. few years ago. But she says that her achievements are also due to the help and inspiration she gets from coach on the Roxby Squad Netball Team, Young Netballer does us proud her Tony Weir. Hannah Wurfel is 14 years old but her passion for netball comes from a much earlier age. Youth call for Dry Zone She started playing when she was only 5 years The youth of Roxby is sick of being blamed old and now all these years of practice have for drinking and vandalism around the Lion’s paid off. Park/ skate park precinct and is calling for a Our local sports girl was chosen by the Spen- dry zone to be established there. cer Academy, along with nine girls from all Even a week ago two people were caught on over the Northern region. CCTV drinking, vandalising and setting fire to The academy was first initiated in the Spen- branches they had torn off trees in the Lions cer Region in 2007 as a result of Netball SA Park. changing the developmental pathways for Many towns and communities ban outdoor juniors. consumption of alcohol, in an effort to reduce Hannah tried out for the final team of Spen- alcohol related harm and antisocial behavcer Academy on two other occasions, but it was iour, and now the young are saying it’s time this year she won selection. for Roxby Downs to follow suit. In the local competition Hannah partici-

Dry zones in South Australia are found at Glenelg, Adelaide city centre, Port Augusta and in sections of several country towns. Dry zones are often established by local councils after certain areas, such as local city parks, become favourite locations for problem drinking, violence, and anti-social behaviour. But even in a dry zone, special occasions can still be celebrated with alcohol as long as you have a special events permit.

Record Haulage BHP Billiton had a day of record haulage on Sunday, June 20, thanks to the rebuilt Clark haulage system. The Clark hoisting system, the major production hoist at Olympic Dam, was involved in an incident in October last year which saw production at OD reduced by 75%. A major repair project was initiated and lasted for seven months. A BHP spokesperson said that “hoisting (small amounts) began in late May from the Clark. It is now fully repaired and we returned to full production in June.” According to BHP both hoisting systems - Clark and Whenan are now working at full capacity.

Hanner had their house on fire July 8. Roxby Downs CFS (Country Fire Services) responded two appliances to the fire, on arrival they found the family outside and the house was full of smoke with the smoke detectors activated. The family was taken across the road to wait for the Ambulance. “Power and gas were isolated in the house, and two of our personnel donned breathing apparatus and entered the laundry, they found the dryer on the wall on fire, and clothing under the dryer also smouldering, the fire was put out, clothing and the dryer where removed from the laundry,” Brett Atkins, captain of Roxby Downs CFS said. The damage to the house was estimated to be $25,000 and the cause of the fire was found to be the dryer. When the fire started they were all sleeping and according to Tanya would not have woken in time if it wasn’t for a local called Tim Feltus. BELOW: To mark the 10 year anniversary of the Lake Eyre Yacht Club, 58 boats and 300 people took to the flooded Lake in a year unprecendented rain in the Far North.

Five saved from house fire A family of five went through a nightmare in Roxby Downs that could have ended in tragedy, if it wasn’t for the effort of one local, that they like to call hero. Tanya Field, her partner Kym Braver, his grandmother Robyn and two children Jordan and Nikkita

Dam Clean Car Wash We wish you a wonderful Christmas and fantastic New Year. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Thank you for all your patronage throughout 2010 and Merry Christmas from the committee, management and staff

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Office hours - Christmas 2010 Thursday December 23rd - Closed Friday December 24th - Closed Monday December 27th - Closed Tuesday December 28th - Closed Wednesday December 29th - Closed Thursday December 30th - Closed Friday December 31st - Closed Monday January 3rd - Closed Normal trading resumes on Tuesday 4th January Services/repairs will be available throughout the holiday period. Please phone 8671 1353.

Wishing you a safe, happy xmas!

Tandales Hair and Beauty UNISEX SALON Have a hot diggity Christmas! Tandales will be closing at 5pm on the 24th December and will reopen at 9am on the 4th January.

Shop 13 • Roxby Central • Roxby Downs

Phone 8671 0214

CEG would like to take this opportunity to extend its gratitude for the support received from their Hosts and Apprentices this past year. Wishing all a Merry Festive Season and a Prosperous & Happy 2011.


Post Office & Motel

Merry Christmas!

All staff would like to thank the community for their continued support in 2010. We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy 2011! Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Behind the Famous Bottle House

Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka & after hours by appointment

Ph: (08) 8672 7007 Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email: Page 18 – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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What made news AUGUST Application for trade school Roxby Downs Area School, Woomera Area School and Marree Aboriginal School have submitted a $3.3 million dollar proposal to implement a Trade Training Centre in Schools program. Under the Federal Government program schools can apply to build or refurbish trade training facilities and purchase industry standard equipment and tools so that school students can commence qualifications and develop the skills required to enter a trade. The Desert Trade Training Centre (DESTTC), led by the Roxby Downs Area School, will provide high level nationally accredited training up to Certificate III. Training offered will include trade studies in engineering, electrotechnology, building and construction, civil construction and automotive repair. “The opportunity for students across this region to gain trade qualifications whilst completing school is They’re off and running in the 2010 Roxby Downs One Steel Cup. very exciting” said Juliette Demaine, DESTTC Project C a l l s f o r l o c a l new board and some of them by Leader and Eyre Futures Partnership Broker. reputation only. We’ve never met representation Granzig wins Roxby Downs Cup them in person or had any dealThe membership of SA’s new ings with them,” she said. The 16th Roxby Downs OneSteel Outback Cup has been run and won with the weather Gods smiling Outback Communities Authority These comments followed until after the main race when the forecast change board has attracted more criti- similar calls by the Chairman of moved across the course, dampening the punters but cism. the Andamooka Opal Miners’ The Marla and Districts Association, Mr. Peter Allen who not their spirits. It was a day to remember for Strathalbyn trainer Progress Association has joined was critical of the lack of local Mick Whittle who called into the Roxby meeting on the Andamooka and Oodnadatta residents on the Board. his way back from the Darwin Racing Carnival with a local associations to say more The Andamooka Progress Astruckload of horses including the cup winner and top board members should live in sociation says the region in the the outback. weight for the main race, Granzig. State’s north is not properly repIt was also a day to savour for young apprentice Marla Association chairwoman resented on the Outback Comjockey, Jess Greacen who rode her first South Austral- Gillian Fennel says the Authority munities Authority. ian winner since moving from NSW, booting home the is similar to a local council. Association Chairperson Peter cup favourite from the wide barrier number eight. She told the ABC last week it Allen says Andamooka residents The main race of the day the OneSteel Outback should be based in the region would not have supported the Roxby Downs Cup attracted 10 starters and was run and elected by the community. Authority’s formation if they had over 1800 metres in generally good conditions before “We were only vaguely familiar known that most board memthe wind and rain hit the track. with one or two people on the bers would be from outside the

Happy Holidays from the team at Wardles

ROXBY DOWNS Kennebery Crescent Units


16 units in total, All consist of 1 bdrm & partly furnished, more room than single mens quarters, with bathroom, laundry and toilet, BIR, kitchen located at one end of room with bed at other. Currently achieving $190 per week rent, high demand 100% occupied.

44 Hermit Street


3 bdrm home completley renovated. Brand new white gloss kitchen with white splashback, extremley modern appearance, timber floating floors throughout living & kitchen area, new good quality carpet to passage and 3 bdrms, BIRS, new linen cupboards, storage is quite extensive, new shower alcove & vanity. Low-maintenance yard, synthetic turf, paved entertaining area, garden shed, rear gate access.

15 Curdimurka Street

Community Foundation launched Big Sky Credit Union has a 30 year history of providing benefits to members through the delivery of banking and financial solutions. One of the commitments Big Sky made when it introduced community banking at Roxby Downs was to establish a Community Foundation. The initiative pledges 10% of after tax profits from the Big Sky’s Roxby Downs Service Centre will be contributed to fund community projects. Richard Irving from Big Sky said the idea behind the foundation was to support the long term develop-

ment of Roxby Downs by providing financial support for community projects and initiatives. “The Foundation’s Board members are really excited and can’t wait to start the process of distributing funds to worthwhile community projects. “This is a first for Roxby Downs and we feel really proud to be there at the beginning of what we hope will be a very long community partnership. I encourage all companies doing business in Roxby Downs and Olympic Dam to get involved and donate funds to the Foundation. There is a range of ways to donate and we are happy to talk to companies about their individual needs,” Chairperson Michelle Hales said.

Oasis Restaurant


Five decadent courses blending Christmas traditions and modern flavours to suit all appetites

Doors open at 11:30am (closing at 2:30pm) $60 p/p Set Menu (Children’s Menu available $30 p/child) *Gifts for all children under 15 years of age*

Bookings essential BOOK NOW to avoid being disappointed (limited seats available)


Speak to our friendly staff on (08) 8671 0311 for more information

4 bdrm home, updated kitchen, dining area, 2 living areas or 2nd area easily utilised as 5th bedroom/ office. Timber floating floors throughout, recently repainted. Master bdrm has additional room for en-suite but is waiting for you to make it happen! Outside is a great entertaining area that flows thru to pool which is also undercover & solar heated with lge shed at rear, plus garden shed, dble carport.

24 Hermit Street



3 bdrm renovated throughout. Brand new kitchen with solid timber benchtops, new modern bathroom completley redesigned, matching toilet & laundry. New carpet & timber floor boards throughout. Stunning entertainment area, commercial size umbrella, synthetic turf, lg shed, 4 car carport. Great location.

Thank you to all of our clients for your tremendous support throughout 2010. We wish you all a very Merry Xmas & a safe and prosperous New Year. ALI WEBBER Phone 0417 816 738 Lic No. RLA 151074

NEW YEARS WIN A DJ SKUM SKRILLA OPEN 7 DAYS for lunch and dinner Richardson Place, Roxby Downs Phone

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8671 0071





Wednesday, December 8, 2010 – Page 19

What made news Tracey Ryan, an avid member of the League and Roxby Districts, helped us out there.” was awarded a League Life Membership for her continual and This will most definitely become an annual event. unwavering support and involvement over several years.


A carpet of colour in the outback

Miners win Grand Final

$20,000 raised for Heart Foundation

In what was billed as the “Clash of the Titans” in the 2010 Woomera and District Football Grand Final will go down as the “Thrashing of a Titan”. Roxby District Miners overcame a grand final losing streak in seasons 2008 and 2009 to decimate the all powerful Olympic Dam Devils, setting a new era in local football and setting a new benchmark in the league for seasons to come. With the rains and winds of the week leading up to the big game, came the breaking of the drought for the Roxby and Districts footballers when they won their first premiership flag in 10 years in a resounding manner Coach Mark Dalgliesh said in accepting the award last week’s weather was said to be a one in 40 year event and Saturday’s grand final was a one in 10 year event for the mighty red and whites.

Roxby Downs Area School students have made us proud once again, as they were the biggest fundraisers in South Australia, for the Jump Rope for Heart program last year. An amazing $20,000 dollars was raised by RDAS in 2009 and that definitely got the Heart Foundation members’ attention, so much so that Jump Rope for Heart State Co-ordinator Colin Rowston came to town to join in the jumping and teach the students some new tricks with the rope.

What was once the stereotypical desert view of sand dunes and tumbleweed has now become wildflower central. Business owner of Outback Landscaping, George Giakoumis said that this abundance of flowers is due to recent heavy rains, and that we should enjoy them, not destroy them. “There are a number of wildflowers around as there are a number of weeds. And sometimes, the weeds look pretty beautiful!” said Mr Giakoumis. “The beautiful looking weed that you see at the moment, the lovely maroon – purple flower head, its quite a big luscious looking bush with sort of red flower heads that’s a ‘Ruby Dock’ that’s a weed! It’s a wild hop and if you know how to do it you can make beer out of it! “The buffel grasses are going crazy because of the high rainfall, the turnip weed is just going nuts-that’s the one that has the big rosette and the ‘roly-poly’ seed that is in everybody’s front yards at the moment. So the weeds are going crazy, but then again, a weed is only a weed if you don’t want it there.”

Bullride success

Pyke wins Mail Medal Jared Pyke, Captain of Roxby Districts won the much anticipated Mail Medal for 2010, with Brad Cooper (Hornridge) and Toby Ripley (Andamooka) tying for second in an exciting vote count. Jimmy Barnes won the medal for the best under 21, in an announcement that was well received among all the football players from each club, and supporting families alike. The Blackwoods Footballer of the Year Award was also announced on the night, the prize being a $4,000 tool kit. Toby Ripley was the well deserved recipient in a close competition for the first time award in the W&DFL.



The inaugural 2010 Kempe Bullride was an outstanding success when about 1500 people from all over the state and interstate flocked to the town. From children’s entertainment to a rocking late night band, the large crowd revelled in the beginnings of what is hoped will be a new annual event for Roxby. “ We had 1100 adults through the gate and about 300 or 400 children, so all together about 1500 people,” said event organiser, Matt Braithwaite. “Adam Hinkley took out the open bullride winning $6,500. Jarrod Hunt took out the Second Division bullride and Richard Trainer and Chris Dawnoff got equal second. “Everything went really well. We ran out of ice at about 10:30pm but Chad Oldfield got out of bed and

Jubilant Miners with their coach Mark Dalglieish and the Flag.

Don’t drink and drive over the Christmas break!

Thank you for your patronage in 2010

Closed Christmas Day

The Big Sky team wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Call a taxi! 8671 1100

M Chr erry istm as

For further information call us on 8671 2555 or visit Big Sky Credit Union Ltd ABN 51 087 651 358 AFSL 240735 BSB 803-228 Web: Email:

Page 20 – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

11/09 9499

Big Sky will be trading as usual during the festive season, closing only on major Public Holidays.

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What made news OCTOBER APOMA and OCA to consult The Outback Communities Authority (OCA) visited Andamooka in October, after APOMA members raised a number of issues with the new authority and how things were being managed in town. The visit included discussions with the Andamooka Progress and Opal Miners Association (APOMA), after it had expressed concerns about the structure of the Board and lack of local representation for outback communities. “The main issue APOMA brought up were particularly regarding to the way the community manager interacts within the community. “We believe that a certain group of guidelines with the responsibilities needs to be developed, and this is something that has never been done. It’s been a loose work in progress here and we lost sight of what our responsibilities are and they lost sight of what their responsibilities are,” APOMA’s chairperson Peter Allen told The Monitor. But while Mr Allen believes that changes in management are extremely necessary for Andamooka, Presiding Member of OCA, Bill McIntosh says it’s too early to announce any changes.

Long Service Awards BHP Billiton hosted ‘The BHP Billiton Uranium Service Awards’ on October 9, in the Roxby Leisure Auditorium. The place was transformed for the

evening, which was hosted by Australian comedian Mick Molloy and featured a surprise performance by Shannon Noll. This year’s event was combined with Adelaide-based members of the Uranium CSG. Also in attendance were CSG President Dean Dalla Valle, members of the Uranium Executive Committee, the Olympic Dam Leadership Team, and award recipients’ managers and supervisors. Service Awards are presented to employees who have reached 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years service with either Olympic Dam or BHP Billiton. A total of 1,285 years service to BHP Billiton and Olympic Dam was celebrated on Saturday night at the company’s annual Service Awards. Some recipients have spent all or most of their years’ service at Olympic Dam, LEADERS MEET: Leader of the State Opposition Isobel Redmond pictured with local town leaders Bill Boehm while others are long-term BHP Billiton and Peter Allen during the Opposition’s recent visit. employees who have worked in a variety success it was. family and friends. “I think the award represents the of operations across the company. The attractions included a DJ, Roxby Downs Folk whole of the Roxby community youth as well, so it’s Club, St Barbara’s Parish School Choir, Valda Inglis probably more a representation of that. Relay for Life raises “I have been working with the youth since the beSchool of Dance presentation, a silent auction, Designer Skyline, as well as the Miss Relay with beach ginning of the year, so it’s been good. I have to thank $55,000 and evening wear, Miss Outrageous and Mr Roxby my parents, my mum, seeing as she is standing right here! Roxby Leisure, RoxFM, the whole community The Roxby Downs second Relay for announcements. gave me the opportunity to be able to roll out what I Life event brought a community togethwas doing,” he said. er and with it the smiles and tears peoAdvantage SA awards One of the big thrills of the night was the induction ple shared through almost 19 hours. The total raised was in excess of Shane Hough, a public figure in Roxby Downs, of local conservation project Arid Recovery into the $55,000. despite having lived here under a year, was the very Telstra Hall of Fame. This induction is initiated when Kate Pedersen, the Committee Chair- popular, very deserving winner of the Adelaide Show- a nominee has won a regional award three years in a person of the Roxby Downs Relay for ground Youth Award at the SA Advantage Awards row. It makes Arid Recovery only the fifth recipient of this award. It will, however, render them ineligible Life 2010, along with 15 committee hosted in Roxby Downs. members, put at least nine to 12 months “I was very surprised, it was pretty cool,” said Shane, to be nominated in the regional awards for the next of work into this event to make it the who was strongly supported on the night by his proud three years.

Roxby Downs Area School wishes the school community a safe and happy Christmas & New Year break

Contact school for enrolments from 24th January 2011 Phone 8671 0011

Merry Christmas from Bianco Construction Supplies! We close for Christmas on the 22nd December and will reopen on the 4th January.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010 – Page 21

What made news NOVEMBER No takers for grant money In an active town such as Roxby Downs, with numerous community based groups, clubs and events happening all over the year, the launch of the Roxby Downs Community Foundation came as a blessing. But amazingly enough, after its launch on September 1, the Foundation hasn’t received any application for grants. The Foundation aims to support the long term development of Roxby Downs as a community. This will be achieved by providing financial support towards community projects and initiatives that will inturn provide community benefits over a long term period. Big Sky made an initial donation of $25,000 (10% of post tax profit) which hopefully over time will involve financial contributions from other local businesses to help top up its capital base. BELOW: The annual Moto-X night meeting attracted a capacity crowd and the riders didn’t let them down.

Assault on Police Roxby police officers who were involved in the incident outside the Club are questioning why they have become the “bad guys” in the eyes of some in the community, for simply doing their job. Two men and two women were arrested and charged for crimes including aggravated assault on police, resisting arrest, loitering and property damage. All four were released on strict bail conditions and will appear in the Roxby Downs Magistrate’s Court on at a later date. Eight people were banned from entering the Roxby Downs Club and the Roxby Downs Tavern for three months also as a result of the incident. One of the officers involved said she can’t understand the mentality of mob violence aimed at them. One officer was allegedly punched in the face and both officers were heckled, pushed, shoved and pulled as a “large number” of onlookers joined in when police tried to apprehend an offender.

BHP fits out new RFDS aircraft Last week the RFDS, in conjunction with our own BHP Billiton joined forces to make a difference to the provision of health services to regional and remote areas. The RFDS has added an extra five new aircraft (Pilatus PC 12s) to the RFDS fleet this year, and the medical outfit of one of these aircrafts, aptly named ‘Bravo’ was funded by BHP Billiton. Stefan Buys, Asset Manager for Olympic Dam is a strong advocate of the RFDS and proudly outlined the new allegiance between BHPB and the RFDS. “BHP Billiton is thrilled to enter into this new partnership with the RFDS, which totals $900,000 of which $600,000 is included for the medical fit out of the new plane,” said Mr Buys.

Libs support mine expansion Isobel Redmond, Leader of the Opposition and the Liberal Shadow Cabinet visited Roxby Downs for the first time on Monday, November 15. The South Australian Parliamentary Liberal Party held a Community Cabinet at the Roxby Downs Council Chambers followed by a community morning tea at the Dunes Café. Ms Redmond told The Monitor she aimed to meet and listen to local business people, council and community leaders to discuss the issues that affect them and our community. “We had an invitation from BHP to come up and look not

Roxby Downs Area School students inspect the re-fit of the new Royal Flying Doctor Service Aircraft.

just at what’s here now but what potentially may be here if the expansion goes ahead. And if it goes ahead it will provide a genuine economic boost for the future of the State, so we are very keen as a Shadow Cabinet to have a good understanding on what’s involved,” Ms Redmond said. The Opposition Leader was emphatic to say that the Liberal Party was always supportive of uranium mining.

Application rejected The application for a $3.3 million trade training centre has been rejected in Round 3 by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) Assessment Panel acting for the Federal Government. Roxby Downs Area School, Woomera Area School and Marree Aboriginal School submitted the proposal to implement a Trade Training Centre in Schools program in June this year and it came as a surprise that the application was rejected. Under the Federal Government program, schools can apply to build or refurbish trade training facilities and purchase industry standard equipment and tools so that school students can commence qualifications and develop the skills required to enter a trade.



The Monitor office will be closed from December 10 and will reopen again on January 10, 2011. Thank you to all of our loyal readers for their continued support throughout 2010. Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for a safe and prosperous new year. See you all in 2011!

Page 22 – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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Caring for pets in hot weather

WATER AND ELECTRICITY METER READS Meter reads for December quarterly billing will commence on 27th December. Please ensure that gates are unlocked and meters are accessible. Accounts will be issued approximately mid January.

By Celeste Lustosa

DUMP HOURS OVER CHRISTMAS/ NEW YEAR The dump will be closed on Christmas Day during the holiday season. The dump will open as usual from 1pm to 6pm every other day. SERVICE SA As the Council office is closed between Christmas and New Year, please keep in mind that you will not be able to do any Service SA transac ons during this week. So start planning now - what are you doing over the holiday break? Do you need to register that boat or camper trailer? Is your licence due to run out – or expire? Service SA transac ons will be as normal the week before Christmas – 9am to 4.30pm Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 December. A er the new year, we will be back as normal on Wednesday 5 January 2011. The post can be a bit slower at Christmas me and all of our documents get posted to Port Augusta for processing, so when thinking about what you need to do before Christmas, please keep this in mind.

Roxby residents Lauren and Daniel take extra care of their dog during summertime


oxby Downs Council advises everyone that has pets to pay extra attention to their animals during the hot season. Roxby Downs has a harsh summer climate and all pets require special attention.

OFFICE AND LIBRARY CLOSURE OVER CHRISTMAS/ NEW YEAR Both the Council Office and Library will be closed from 12noon on Friday 24 December and will reopen for business on Tuesday 4 January 2011. The contact number for council related a er-hours emergencies is: Mobile: 0419 892 870 During this period all Service SA enquiries should be directed to 131 084.

COUNCIL OFFICE Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm weekdays Telephone 8671 0010 • Fax 8671 0452 Email: After hours emergency Mobile 0419 892 870 Web THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Dogs do not sweat and rely on panting to maintain a constant body temperature. Dogs with short noses are particularly vulnerable because they become dehydrated they cannot produce sufficient saliva to wet their mouths and noses. Cats maintain their body temperature by liking their paws and spreading the saliva over their extremities which has a cooling effect as the fluid evaporates. Birds maintain temperature by panting which cools their bodies through evaporation of moisture from their airways. To avoid the effect of the heat: Provide animals with large amounts of cool, clean drinking water. Don’t leave water containers in the sun. Ideally have at least two containers should one be knocked over. Freeze an ice-cream container of water and

leave it to slowly thaw during the day. Don’t leave your pet’s food outside in the heat. If the food is not eaten straight away, bring it back inside to the fridge for later. Make sure there are some sheltered shady spots in the garden where your pet can rest. Never leave pets confined to a hot house or shed for long periods or unattended in cars. If possible bring your pets inside when it is hot and let them rest in a cool part of the house. Only exercise dogs in the cool of the morning or evening. Don’t let your dog walk on hot surfaces like pavements, bitumen roads, hot sand as their paws are sensitive and can get burnt. Ensure animals such as cats with white ears and pink noses and dogs with pink bellies that enjoy sunbaking are protected from sunburn. Strategies include keeping pets indoors from 10am to 3pm and applying pet sunscreen. Move aquariums and birdcages away from direct sunlight and keep

curtains drawn. Sun shining through windows may be hot enough to harm pets. When in doubt of what’s best for your pet, contact a veterinarian.

Citizen of the year awards Nomina ons for the Australia Day Ci zen of the Year, Young Ci zen of the Year and Community Event of the Year close on 20 December 2010. Nomina on forms are available from the Council office and online from h p:// page215.asp.



Opening hours 8.30 to 5 pm weekdays 9.30 am to 12 noon Saturdays Telephone 8671 0660 • Fax 8671 1418 Email:

Opal Road Landfill Opening hours 1 pm to 6 pm every day Disposal of household rubbish is FREE Levies apply for businesses

Library membership is FREE wide range of resources are available including books, DVDs, magazines and internet facilities

Recycling can be taken either to the Opal Landfill or BSH Waste Solutions on Gosse Street All enquiries: 8671 1154

Opening hours Wednesdays and Thursdays only 9 am to 4.30 pm Council provides Transport Services including: • Vehicle Registration • Boat Registrations • Licensing Transactions • Learner written theory tests (test to begin before 4 pm) All enquiries 131 084


Toddler Story Time 9.30 am Tuesday & Thursday


Wednesday, December 8, 2010 – Page 23

End of year value on Toyota’s biggest ggest names

Capped Price Servicing makes your Toyota even more affordable

Page 24 – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper




GET A $5,500 PRIMARY PRODUCERS’ BONUS ON HILUX 4X4 OR AN EXTRA $1,000 OFF HILUX WORKMATE 4X2 How’s this for big – get a $5,500 Primary Producer Bonus^ with any model in the unbreakable HiLux 4x4 range, in petrol or diesel. That’s an incredible end of year boost if you are a primary producer. There are also big upgrades on selected 4x4 HiLux variants. The 4x4 Double Cab Turbo-Diesel SR5 upgrade brings a raft of active safety features including Vehicle Stability Control and Traction Control as standard equipment. Brake Assist and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution have also been added as well as 17-inch alloys. The SR Double Cab 4x4 ABS Option Pack has also been upgraded to include front side seat & curtain-shield airbags and new sports-style bucket seats for the driver and front passenger – all while remaining at $800. That’s one big option pack.

New for December, there will also be a $1000 price reduction on HiLux Workmate 4x2. That means the SCCC Manual is now available from $20,990 driveaway with Toyota Genuine (ELA) Tray and Toyota Genuine Air Conditioning.

BIG REDUCTIONS ON CAMRY AND AURION TOURING SPECIAL EDITIONS As if the thousands of dollars worth of extra features+ that are packed into Camry and Aurion Touring Special Editions aren’t enough, we’ve reduced the prices of both just in time for the holidays. They are both loaded with premium and sporty extras including 17-inch alloys, reverse camera, rear spoiler, sports grille and headlamps and more –the Camry Touring reduced $1,000 to from now $29,990 driveaway and the Aurion Touring reduced $2,000 to now $32,990 driveaway.

PRADO REDEFINES THE 4WD IN EVERY WAY Big on off-road performance, the rugged Prado has impressive power and superb handling to give you an outstanding driving experience on any terrain. Complementing this is refined styling and premium features providing an amazing level of luxury, comfort and convenience, all with world-class safety features to help protect you and your passengers, whatever the adventure. The Prado GXL Petrol Automatic is now from just $59,990 driveaway. Features include 5 speed automatic transmission, 4.0L V6 Dual VVT-i engine, reverse camera, Hill-start Assist Control and Downhill Assist Control.

ESCAPE OUTDOORS WITH RAV4 2WD CV The dynamic RAV4 4x2 has all the benefits (aside from 4 Wheel Drive capability) of the existing RAV4 including legendary versatility. And for your big outdoor adventure, the RAV4 2WD CV Manual is now available from $29,990 driveaway. That gets you powerful 125kW 2.4L VVT-i performance, combined fuel efficiency of just 8.48 L/100kms#, and a big list of safety features including Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control and Hill-start Assist Control.

BIG VALUE THAT EVEN EXTENDS TO SERVICING Just when you thought the value couldn’t get any bigger, all new Toyotas also come with Toyota Service Advantage – low cost capped-price servicing* for the first three years or 60,000kms, whichever comes first. Not only does this mean you’ll pay the same price service after service, but you’ll get all the benefits of Toyota genuine servicing.

TOY08749 – VALID8548

oyota’s Big Finale 2010 end of year model clearance is now on. To finish the year on a high note, we’ve introduced even bigger offers during December on HiLux WorkMate 4x2, plus our already value-packed Aurion and Camry Touring Special Edition models. You’ll find great new deals on some of Toyota’s biggest names – legendary vehicles that are synonymous with world-class safety, and renowned for their reliability and innovative technology. Combine this with Toyota Service Advantage – low cost capped-price servicing and you won’t find a bigger end to the year than this.


Open to Private and ABN buyers on vehicles purchased and delivered between December 1 and December 31, 2010. Toyota reserves the right to extend any offer. Excludes demos. While stocks last. Offers not available in conjunction with other registered eet discounts or offers. ^Available on post August production models. Primary Producers only. +Extras refers to comparison with 2010 Aurion AT-X / Camry Altise. #Fuel consumption will vary depending on driving conditions/style, vehicle conditions and options/accessories. Source of fuel consumption data: ADR81/02 combined (L/100km) for (manual/auto) models. *Maximum payable for standard scheduled servicing (normal operating conditions) until ďŹ rst of 3 years or 60,000 kms (up to the ďŹ rst 4 services for Camry, Hybrid Camry, Aurion / 6 services all remaining vehicles). Excludes Government, Not for ProďŹ t Organisations and Rental vehicles. Contact your Toyota Dealer or go to for other exclusions and eligibility. VALID8548 TOY08749


HILUX WORKMATE 4X2 SCCC MANUAL INCLUDING: TOYOTA genuine (ela) tray, TOYOTA Genuine Air CondiĆ&#x;oning





2010 COMPLIANCE PLATE PETROL LWB MANUAL SOLD TO PRIVATE AND ABN HOLDING CUSTOMERS APPLIES TO PRE AUGUST PRODUCTION VEHICLES Class leader, 2.7 EFI Petrol VVTi, 5 Speed Manual Transmisison, Air CondiĆ&#x;oning, 6.0 Cubic Metre Cargo Area, Power Front Windows, Remote Central Locking, Power Steering,


$32,990 DRIVE AWAY


NEW LIMITED EDITION 60TH ANNIVERSAY LANDCRUISER 200 Available in petrol and turbo diesel models. Over $5000 of limited ediĆ&#x;on features. Including satellite navigaĆ&#x;on, leather accented interior, roof rails & more.

INCLUDING: 5 Speed Manual Transmission, 3.0L Turbo Diesel, Tow Bar, Side Steps, 1 only demo, 3,200kms, unbelievable economy & power.




18 Young Street, Port Augusta - 8642 3433 THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Kym Grover ................ 0417 805 753 Phillip Pidgeon........... 0400 623 024 Angela McDonald ...... 0402 763 242 Wednesday, December 8, 2010 – Page 25

2010 Rotary Pageant fun Christmas Pageant draws crowd of thousands By Millie Thomas



he festive season has well and truly hit Roxby Downs now, with the annual Rotary Club of Roxby District Christma s Pageant being held last Saturday, December 4. Once again a success, drawing a higher number of spectators than previous years and a record breaking number of participating floats. The Rotary Club of Roxby District has organised the event for the past two years and event co-ordinator and Rotary Club member, Leigh Malcolm was happy with the outcome. “It was great,” said Mr. Malcolm. “I think it all came together really well, the weather held off which was great, because we thought we might be getting thunderstorms.

“The band was good, the floats were great – we had 33 floats which is the most we’ve ever had and they all went to a lot of trouble in decorations. “I was really pleased with the way it went off and with everybody that helped and all the sponsors that contributed. “There was probably 2,000 to 2,500 people there. It was busier than the year before so that was great. The grassed area was chock-a-block full. “All the money that is donated covers the cost of putting the show on. The main cost being the band and the clean up after, which is quite expensive as it is on a Sunday morning. There is just enough to make ends meet and keep it going next year.” After the well publicised misdemeanors of late, the

crowd was relatively well behaved, no doubt noticing the presence of additional police. “The crowd was well behaved other than one incident that happened once the show had finished,” confirmed Mr. Malcolm. “That’s a shame but that’s what happens I suppose. “It was great seeing all of the little kids up dancing and the adults getting up after – even I had a few dances! “I thought the Monodelphous candy cane float was great – they obviously went to a lot of trouble and created an engineering masterpiece! They were all great though, anybody who participated, good on you.” The Rotary Club of Roxby District is constantly involved in community events, the main

event being the Christmas pageant. Each Club is distinctive from another in the programs they choose to be involved in and the amount of community involvement they procure. Anybody can apply to become a member of the Rotary Club, and at the moment there are a number of vacancies. “We are looking for extra members if anyone wants to get involved,” said Mr. Malcolm. “At the moment we have about 15 members so we’d like to get that back up to between 22 and 25. The more the merrier and you can help organise the pageant for next year. “I would like to thank all of the sponsors, and the police for putting on extra staff and helping control the crowds. Everybody else knows who they are!”

KEITAH (5) KELSEY (6), AMBER (4) & KARRIE (11)


Pageant winners Best Male Character – Jack McGuire Best Female Character – Princess Fiona Best new float – Strengthening our Families Best Community Float – Roxby Downs Health Services Best Club Float – Roxby Downs Scouts Group Best Business Float – MPS Building & Elec Best Bikes – Neve Wallis and Katoah Eli

Pageant sponsors

BHP Billiton Roxby Central Traders Raine & Horne Roxby Downs Alliance One Credit Union The Monitor RoxFM The Sun Newspaper Olympic Dam Transport BSH Waste Management Stevens Resources Coates Hire Cowell Electrical Ertech Pty Ltd


Page 26 – Wednesday, December 8, 2010





THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

2010 Rotary Pageant fun












THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



Wednesday, December 8, 2010 – Page 27




We are seeking an enthusiastic, motivated and experienced qualified childcare DIRECTOR who is interested in becoming employed with our fun, supportive and dedicated team. Potential candidates will be required to hold a Diploma of Community Services - ChildCare or equivalent, current first aid and mandatory notification training. The program operates on Monday and Thursday within school terms. The position is part-time, approximately 20 hours per week. Please direct enquires to 0439 683 609. Please send a cover letter and current C.V., outlining your qualifications and experience to: RELCG PO Box 196 Roxby Downs SA 5725 Closing Date: Monday 13th December 2010

Call Jody on 8671 2683 to arrange your advertising in






Tender Opportunities


Tenders for the bar/gate taker and the canteen for the 2011 football season are now open. Interested parties should contact The Secretary at; woomeradistrictsfl@ or PO Box 330 Roxby Downs 5725 or email Tenders in by 31st December 2010











GERRY’S DUBLIN MEATS Top quality, grain fed meat at affordable prices!! Great value, mix and match meat packs. PH: 8529 2229

IS this the view from your front verandah? Well, it could be... Baird Bay, as seen on ‘Getaway’, a quiet fishing town, only 40 minutes to Streaky Bay. 2br cottage, 2 sheds, carport and separate x large rumpus room. phone Jody 0427310333.


Annual AGM for the Roxby downs Community Club to be held on Wednesday the 2nd of February 2011 at the Club Garden Bar at 6pm. All members are urged to attend.


3 bedroom house, above ground pool, 40x20 fully insulated shed, newly renovated bathroom, $560 per week neg. available now 0427 514 572

Woomera & Districts Football League Inc AGM Thursday 9th December 2010 7.30pm Community Club Will be voting on some constitutional changes All positions vacant All welcome Please attend

The Monitor A


Woomera & Districts Football League Inc.

Woomera & Districts Football League Inc AGM

The Roxby Early Learning Community Group is a community based, not for profit organisation. We are a DECS licensed facility, providing educational programs for 3-year-old children.

Want to buy or sell in Roxby Downs?



• • • • • • • • •

2 Bedroom villa at Myall Grove Caravan Park for only $120,000 neg. Large main bedroom Good sized second bedroom New kitchen cupboards and sink Self contained laundry/bathroom with full bath New air conditioner • Watering system New flooring in all common areas Paved entertainment area in the landscaped back garden New colour bond garden shed Undercover parking attached to the villa For more information or a viewing contact John on 0457 538 742















Emma Offler Remedial Massage Therapist 0422 333 143

Delivery Specialists

0427 716 173

Roxby Downs • Pt Augusta • Pt Pirie

Stephen Scott-Hoy B.Optom

Jeremy Cutting

BApp Sc (Optom)

Need friendly, professional eyecare and quality fashion eyewear with a full back-up service? For bookings at:

ANDAMOOKA Ph 8672 7007

ROXBY DOWNS Ph 8563 0102

Massage: łRemedial ł Deep Tissue ł Sports ł Swedish ł Corporate ł Trigger Point Therapy Balms: ł Massage Balms ł Scented Candles ł Solid Perfumes ł Cold & Flu Rub

Are you looking for fast, reliable and cheap IT solutions? Look no further! I repair, upgrade, tune up laptops and computers. Call outs $10.


Ph 8674 3226

If you are sick of paying too much call 0418 846 643. I am in town 7 days a week.

Visiting these towns on: Tuesday14th December

I also repair phones, iPods and Ps3/Xbox/DS.

Examinations bulk-billed Serving rural and regional South Australia since 1990 Sponsored by The Australian Government

Need a speed boost for your PC? Ask for a deal on RAM upgrades today!


9am - 6pm

9am - 8pm


Visits ROXBY DOWNS 14 _ 17 of every month FOR APPOINTMENTS PHONE: 0457 157 828

Phone 8671 0214

Shop 13 • Roxby Central • Roxby Downs Page 28 – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

366 Main South Rd, Morphett Vale SA 5162 PH/FAX (08) 8186 1196



deposits need to be paid to Zealous hairdresser’s Phone: 8671 3039

Contact Leah 08 8671 1339


8am - 1pm


Specialising in the installation of automotive electronics and 4x4 accesories, full manufacturers warranty on all components, top name brands available, and a mobile service - we come to you!


Hair and Beauty

Roof Mount screens camera systems parking sensors roof racks 4x4 accessories



Phone Cyndi 0430 317 774

UN D • • O R

Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate Phone: & Country Storage

Host a Candle Show ~ Invite friends & family Have fun ~ Get lot’s of FREE stuff


Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots


Jumping Castle Hire Birthday Cakes Themed Party Supplies & Setup For enquiries or a quote, contact:

Annarien Robbertse 0433 436 086 For a hassle free party with a budget to suit your pocket!

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



Xceptional Recruitment is seeking a Storeperson Our client in Olympic Dam requires a Storeperson to join their team. Our client provides earthmoving and other mining related services to one of the largest companies in the industry. The successful applicant must have the following: • Car license • Forklift license • Computer skills

St. Barb’s graduating class 2010

We are seeking applicants that have a can-do attitude with a priority of safety in the workplace. All applicants must be willing to undergo a full medical and drug screen.

Please forward your application to Xceptional Recruitment, Olympic Dam. Email: Fax: 08 8671 1799 Post: PO Box 105, Olympic Dam, SA, 5725 Phone enquiries can be made on: 08 8671 1700

BOARD VACANCIES The Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. is seeking nominations from people interested in joining the Board in 2011. These positions have become vacant due to the retirement of current Board members. If you are passionate about Roxby Downs and wish to become more actively involved in community life please contact Michelle Hales - Executive Officer on 0418 833 818 to find out more. To request a nomination form and information pack contact Tamara Clarence on 8671 0010 or via email: Nominations close 24 January 2011

Last Monday, November 29, the year sevens of St Barbara’s Parish School participated in their Graduation Liturgy in front of the rest of the school and their family and friends. The religious ceremony, which marked the students’ departure from primary school at St Barbara’s was well attended.

By Celeste Lustosa Bill Kapaklis is an Andamooka resident and he claims he has had problems in getting a road next to his property opened for years. According to Bill, he has tried everything to get the problem fixed, including sending letters to the Transport Minister, to the local member in Parliament and to the OCA (Outback Community Authority). “I was told to approach APOMA. That happened years ago and the problem has not been solved,” he told The Monitor. “The proper road is not being opened and they say they don’t have the money to do it, but it has been done in other blocks. Shortcuts have been opened by the creek and the right roads have not been opened. I feel I am being discriminated against. I have been trying to get this done for years.” “I have been living in Andamooka for 15 years and have always had problems in being heard by APOMA. My property would get more value if I had the road there but they just say the matter is complicated,” Mr Kapaklis said. Also according to Mr Kapaklis, OCA says the problem is to be solved by APOMA, so The Monitor spoke to APOMA’s Chairperson Peter Allen about the matter. “The town plan does in fact show a road near his property, however, it has never been constructed. After discussions with Department of Environment and Natural Resources and Department of Transport Energy and Infrastructure it was decided that the current location is preferable,” said Mr Allen. He added, “The construction of a new road in the planned location would involve issues with a creek crossing and other engineering problems.”

Roxby Board member Jamie Love, Mark Weaver (Government Business Manager of Mimili), Richard Shilling (long resident of Mimili) and Roxby’s Administrator Bill Boehm.

Amazing Benefits

• Pays for itself in 3 years • 7 Year written warranty • 5 Varieties • • Life expectancy of 15-20 years • We also do putting greens!! • SAMPLES ON DISPLAY AT MITRE 10


BELOW: The graduating class Alyson Annandale – James, Jayden Baggs, Shinè Beukes, Miguel Booyens, Marissa Celotti, Melissa Esterhuizen, Amber Goldsworthy – Speirs, Todd Hombsch, Molly Kalman – Allen, Tyler Stephens, Lochlan Taylour, Georgia White and Timothy Whitlock

Resident frustrated over roads


Installed by:

S.M.W. BUILDERS PHONE 8671 0322 OR 0412 839 775 website: email:

Roxby Downs and Mimili to become ‘sister communities’ From the front page “I see this progressing with a delegation from Roxby Downs going down to Mimili, through discussions with the State and Federal Government and further encouraging by the Roxby community to identify a range of projects and opportunities. “The benefits to the Roxby community would be through a number of duel programs/projects with Mimili and added funding through State and Federal sources,” Mr Love added. He said “The first phase of this project is to develop the relationships through sport and maybe the arts and culture as well. However we want to keep developing so it expands to a broarder range of projects focused on youth, health, education, employment, the list goes on and on.” “We are the first ones doing this and I think it’s a

good model to follow,” he concluded. Roxby’s Administrator Bill Boehm was present and stated that the partnership would benefit both communities. “We have a lot to offer and we are looking forward to going to Mimili and giving a presentation explaining what we have here, things such as a vibrant arts and cultural forum, community oriented people and BHP who has been very supportive with the Aboriginal projects,” Mr Boehm said in a small introduction before the presentation in Roxby. This initiative is dependent on approval/agreement by the Roxby Board, discussions between Roxby Board and Mimili community and discussions with Government Agencies, as well as a development of a partnership MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) in which both communities gain tangible outcomes. Any inputs from the community are welcome and can be addressed to the Board.

Olympic Dam

We would like to wish our communities a safe and happy festive season, and thank you for your support in 2010.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 – Page 29

Brenton Liney with Father Christmas preparing for their Toy Run


New arrival AVA WILLOW ANASTASOPOLOUS Born 10/11/10 at 9:39am in sunny Queensland, weighing 7lbs 11oz. A beautiful daughter for Leah Broughton and John Anastasopolous, both of Roxby Downs.

TOY RUN FUN The annual Motor Cycle Club Toy Run to Andamooka attracted about 25 riders and their passengers who assisted Father Christmas in providing toys to the needy. The toys were dropped off at Andamooka CWA for distribution locally and throughout the region. Almosty 70 toys, the majority of which will be donated to the Marree community along with clothing and shoes from the Andamooka Op Shop will help others have a better Christmas.

ANDAMOOKA AGM Jeff Gaerth, Anton Schiller, Luke Scobie, Craig Paull and birthday boy Hudson Paull


PUMP Group Fitness Room - 9:00am Town Oval - 7:00pm - 8:30pm PULSE BALANCE Group Fitness Room - 10:00am AQUA Group Fitness Room, Swimming Pool - 6:00pm TOUCH FOOTBALL Town Oval 7.30 pm


FRIDAY PULSE AQUA Swimming Pool - Group Fitness - 9:00am SOCIAL BADMINTON Sports Stadium 1 - 8:00 pm - 9:00pm T20 CRICKET Town Oval - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Page 30 – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SATURDAY PULSE AQUA Swimming Pool - Group Fitness - 10:00am CRICKET Town Oval - 8:30am CRICKET Woomera Oval - 5:30pm

MARKET DAY Scouts Joeys - Chris, Dillon, Lilly, Steven and Casey

MONDAY BUTS & GUTS - Group Fitness Room - 9:00am VOLLEYBALL Sport Stadiums - 7:15pm- 9:30pm PULSE SPIN Group Fitness Room - 6:00pm

TUESDAY SENIOR SOCCER - Sports Stadium 2 - 6:30pm PULSE CIRCUIT Group Fitness Room - 6:00pm PULSE BALANCE Group Fitness Room - 7:00pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lakin pictured with his parents Natasha and Dion McEvoy, celebrating Lakin’s 1st birthday

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Three games played in cricket competition Game 4 of the T20 Competition was played between Olympic Dam and Andamooka on Friday night at the Roxby Oval with O.D. batting first posting a very competitive score of six for 144 off their 20 overs. M. Travis was the star for O.D. with the bat scoring a terrific 69 before being bowled by Craig Rainsford. Jos Smith contributed a handy 18 as well. Best of the bowlers for Andamooka were Paul Francis with three for 11 overs and Craig Rainsford two for 23 off four overs. Andamooka lost early wickets and it was only some late order batting from Jeff Gareth 27 and James Beenham 18 that put some respectability into the total of 74 all out. Best of the bowlers for O.D. was again Rhian Geraghty with the excellent figures of four for 14 off four overs and Alex Wissel two for 10 off four overs. Saturday morning Round 7 began with Wanderers playing Woomera in warm, muggy conditions at Roxby Oval. Woomera batted first and never formed any worthwhile partnerships and was bowled out for 68 in 20.1 overs. L. Munro returning home for Christmas bowled well taking 3/32 off eight overs and J. Anastasopoulos two for four off two overs. Wanderers passed Woomera’s score in 8.3 overs with Jason Carrol making a hard-hitting 56 and S. Quinn not out for 16. Straight after Andamooka played

Rogues and again a less than convincing batting performance saw Andamooka being dismissed for 80 runs in the 24th over. Craig Rainsford batted extremely well for 39 and Peter Ross a handy 17. Andamooka lost their last seven wickets for 12 runs with some excellent medium pace bowling from Roxby Cricket Legend Barry Dadleh 6/11 off 7 overs and Matt Hayball two for four with two “very neat” stumpings from Keeper Ben Crosby. Rogues had little trouble passing the required score finishing 2/85 off 15 overs. Adrian Boulton 30 not out, Paul Trotta 27 and Paul Polujnikoff who was brilliantly caught and bowled by Paul Francis off the last ball of the match for 26. Next week on Friday night Rogues play Wanderers in a T20 game commencing at 6.00pm and Saturday morning O.D versus Andamooka at Roxby and Woomera play Rogues at Woomera Saturday evening at 5.30pm. Congratulations to Matthew Hayball for being selected to Represent S.A. Country in an Under 14 Cricket Side - in a 4 day Carnival in Adelaide during the first week of January 2011. Roxby Downs Cricket Association would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Drive Carefully to make it home to your families.

Senior Basketball Men 30/11/10 Devils 39pts def Andamooka 30pts Rhian Hornhardt 10pts, Tyson Hornhardt & H Kingi 9pts ea & Brody Elson 10pts Chocies 61pts def Magic 51pts Dannis Stetco 27pts, Cody Keen 18pts & Wes Knights 26pts Miners 57pts def Rollers 21pts Jake Roberts 18pts, Cody Kenny 13pts & D Rowlands 8pts Women A Grade 02/12/10 Hypo’s 46pts def Miners White 12pts Erica Syvertsen 12pts Elysiah McCarthy 9pts & Kateland Fraser 8pts Miners Red 34pts def Bulls 29pts Teagan Paull 12pts, Alicia Roberts 10pts & Katica Cockshell 11pts

ABOVE: Lachlan Munro took three for 32 in his return game for the Wanderers. RIGHT: Daryl McCourt 15 gets in some practise before playing his first senior game of cricket for the Woomera Redbacks on Saturday.

A tense moment in defence during last week’s Indoor Hockey Grand Final.

Women B Grade 02/12/10 Cougars 44pts def Dynamite 18pts Sarah Weston 16pts, Hannah Rigden 16pts & Ruth Rowlands 7pts Jets forfeited to Phoenix & Eagles had the BYE

INDOOR HOCKEY GRAND FINAL Frogs Defeated Blue 7 to 2 Best on Court for this game was – Stewart Jones Best and fairest for the season: Runner up Best and Fairest goes to Glen Mungur of Scorpions with 12 votes; This season’s Best and Fairest on 15 votes is awarded to Nick Fernandez of Blues Special mention to those who finished in the top 4 James Oakley on 11 votes

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 – Page 31

Monitor SPORT The

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

Phone (08) 8671 2683

Fax (08) 8671 2843

Netball Grand Final to Eagles

Chelsea Brind of Tango lobs the ball high over Mikayla Wedding during last week’s grand final.

WOMEN: Eagles Defeated Tango’s 36 to 25 Best on Court for this game was – Kasiah Barrand MIXED: Hornbags Defeated Old Skools Bak 29 to 23 Best on Court for this game was – Dylan Male. Women’s Runner up Best and Fairest - Emma Neilson and Lena Allen of

Eagles both on 9 votes. This season Women’s Best and Fairest on 12 votes is awarded to Madison Evan’s of Tango’s. The Mixed Runner-up Best and Fairest on 14 votes was a tie between Wes Knights of Old Skool’s Back and Bowde Kelly from Hornbags. Mixed Best and Fairest on 18 votes goes to Nick Backhouse of Goal Diggers.

Elyshiah McCarthy and Cara Wedding vie for the ball during the Mixed Netball final.

What’s happening at the Roxby Downs Cultural & Leisure Precinct



outbackcinema outback


roxbyleisure phone 8671 2001


this week >

Monday > 9am Buts ‘n’ Guts, 10am Balance, 7pm Spin Tuesday > 6pm Circuit, 7pm Balance Wednesday > 9am Pump, 6pm Aqua Thursday > 7pm Pump Friday > 9am Aqua Saturday > 10am Aqua

Due instr to ava uctor there ilability w class ill be no Dece es from mbe r 8-1 8

RED Rated M Duration 111 mins.

HARRY POTTER 7 PART 1 Rated M Duration 146 mins.

When his idyllic life is thrown into chaos by a high-tech assassin, former black-ops agent Frank Moses reassembles his old team in a last ditch effort to survive. Stars Bruce Willis, Helen Mirri, Mary-Louise Parker, Morgan Freeman. Screens: Saturday 11th December @ 7.30pm, Sunday 12th December @ 5pm, Wednesday 15th December @ 10am.

Harry is in a race against time and evil to destroy the Horcruxes, he uncovers the three most powerful objects in the wizard world: the Deathly Hallows. Stars Bill Nighy, Emma Watson, Richard Driffiths, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint. Screens: Friday 10th December @ 7.30pm, Saturday 11th December @ 12noon, Sunday 12th December @ 12noon, Tuesday 14th December @ 3.30pm & 7pm.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Profile for The Monitor Inc

The Monitor Newspaper for 8th December 2010  

The Monitor Newspaper for 8th December 2010

The Monitor Newspaper for 8th December 2010  

The Monitor Newspaper for 8th December 2010