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Medical Practice’s Future Uncertain

CHOIRGIRLS...Roxby Downs Area School Primary Choir soloists, from left, Tiffany Lloyd, 12, Courtney St John, 11, Kimberley Smith, 12, and Demi Goldfinch, 11, during choir rehearsals led by teacher Jenni Nitschke.

Local Voices at State Music Festival The Roxby Downs Area School Primary Choir will sing at the annual Festival of Music in Adelaide next month. The 36-strong choir will join more than 400 other singers from public primary schools around SA.

The group will peform in the Festival Theatre on Monday, September 15, followed by performance at several school assemblies in Adelaide and some busking in Rundle Mall before returning home to Roxby Downs.

ROXBY DOWNS...The future of Roxby Downs Medical Practice remains uncertain after negotiations to sell the practice fell through last week. Practice owner Dr Bruce Wauchope and potential purchaser Dr Dervinder Singh Grewall are continuing negotiations for the sale this week with a new hand-over date set for early September. However, Dr Grewall advised The Monitor this week that he intends to begin consulting from the Roxby Downs Hospital this week. “Dr Wauchope and I are amicably sorting out the sale, but until then it is almost impossible to meet the needs of the Roxby Downs community with just one doctor.” Dr Grewal said. “I will be consulting from the hospital this week, and I hope to soon be joined by my associate Dr James Harrison Swao so, with Dr Armstrong, the community will have three doctors.” In contrast, Dr Wauchope claimed Dr Grewal’s failure to complete the sale as scheduled last week has “destablised” the existing practice. “Arrangements were made for the handover...and the new doctors were to start on August 9, 2003,” he announced in a press release this week. “The Roxby practice had notified Dr Armstrong that he would no longer be required as well as practice staff...and the practice was prepared for sale and handover. “On August 8, 2003, the purchase requirements were not fulfilled and the practice was not able to be transferred. This left the town potentially without doctors and so emergency arrangments were made and locums flown in.” Dr Armstrong will continue to practice at the Medical Centre this week, and will be joined by a locum for the remainder of August. However, Dr Wauchope struck out at Dr Grewal claiming the delay has been “costly to the practice which has lost some of its trained, capable staff”. Richard Yeeles, a spokesman for WMC - one of the existing practice’s financial supporters - told The Monitor - “We’re concerned that there is uncertainty about the future of the practice, ” “We have spoken to both Dr Grewal and Dr Wauchope about our concerns.”


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Kerryn Rose, March 29, 1964 until July 26, 2003

KERRYN ROSE... A gorgeous person, inside and out.

Roxby Downs resident Kerryn Rose passed away on July 26, 2003, after battling for eight years with a rare form of cancer. Kerryn is known and remembered locally for her love of life and her indomitable spirit. Kerryn, was a beloved wife to Warren and ‘Mum’ to Josh and Callie - but she was a friend to everyone. After 16 years in Roxby Downs, there were few people who hadn’t been on the receiving end of one of Kerryn’s gorgeous, warming smiles. Her ongoing battle went unnoticed to most because what the world

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saw was a courageous, determined woman who lived life to the fullest. She was born on March 29, 1964, the daughter of Val and Les Hill, and grew up in Mount Barker. Always a keen sportswoman, Kerryn met husband-to-be Warren through the Mount Barker Football Club and he whisked her away to Leigh Creek where they worked together as caretakers for McMahons. The pair then lived at a camp at Wilpena Pound working on the Stony Point Pipeline, then went to WA and worked on the Dampier-Perth Pipeline. They married in January, 1984, and moved to Port Lincoln soon after and began their family. Kerryn and the children - Callie and Josh - moved to Roxby Downs, to be with Warren, in 1987, and made a home for themselves together. “She loved Roxby, it was her home, she was part of the town,” son Josh said. After a series of jobs at the local pharmacy, Oasis and Tavern, Kerryn is best known as one of the smiling faces behind the Milhinch Jewellers counter in Roxby

Downs. Her close friends knew her as Zsa Zsa because of her love of all that glittered. But Kerryn didn’t just want beautiful jewels herself, she wanted everyone to be able to enjoy them. There’s many a local husband who went home with a lighter wallet but a happy partner as a result of Kerryn’s charms. Her presence will always be there down that main street. Kerryn was a regular on the local netball and basketball courts for many years, including playing for the Phantoms, Deep Purple and the Destroyers. In later years she was better know for coaching and supporting her children in their junior sports. She was always a keen sport supporter and an active member of the Roxby Districts Football Club where the family are recognised as life members. As the coaches’ wife she entertained, cooked and consoled the man young ‘Miners’ who were welcomed into her home. Family was Kerryn’s passion and she extended that love to the families of her friends.

She didn’t want thanks or recognition - she just wanted to make a fabulous home for her family and friends - and she was happy to invite everyone in to share it. But for husband Warren and children Callie and Josh, she was both the heart and the backbone of their family. “I think she has left something special behind in our children,” Warren said. “Our kids are sharers and givers, like Kerryn, and that’s what she instilled in all of us.” And like Kerryn, Callie and Josh continue to make the most of their lives since the passing of their mother last month. Callie is now beginning a career in marketing, while Josh has been tagged to train and play with the family’s favourite SANFL team - Sturt. Achievements Kerryn would be proud of. Kerryn will be remembered by all as a person who has made significant contributions to a town and community she loved. Her warmth, generosity and friendship will be in our hearts and memories for ever - a truly inspirational person.

In Loving Memory Of KERRYN LEE ROSE 1964 – 2003 Kerryn slipped away peacefully surrounded by love on July 26, 2003 at her Mum’s home, Mount Barker. Dearly loved wife and friend of Warren. Loving mother of Callie and Joshua. You were always strong and proud, Full of love and fun to be around. Your love for life was taken away. You battled with this everyday. We feared the thought of losing you, You never deserved what you went through, The kids and I will always love you. Gone but never forgotten. Love you forever. Warren, Callie and Josh. Mumsy, I adored you so much. I feel like I can’t bear to live a day without you. I find peace knowing you will be a part of me forever. I will always love you. Nothing stronger than a mother’s love for a daughter - I will always remember. Love your Little Star xxx To Mum, You are the greatest part of my life, now and forever. I will love you always, as you remain in my heart forever. Josh Dearly-loved only daughter of Val and Les (decreased) Hill. You were not only my daughter, you were my friend. I’m going to miss you so much. Reunited with Dad. I love you ‘Bloss’ – Mum Loved sister of Greg and Sally We’ll always remember our last visit. Special aunty to Georgia and Emma. Yours is the star next to Pa’s. Dearly-loved sister of Darren and friend of Jodie, Aunty to Vanessa. You did so much for me sis. I’ll never forget your love and support. Beautiful memories are now mine forever. Our beautiful friend. Our beautiful memories. Our beautiful ‘Minna’. Carol and Peter, Taylor and Darcy.

Drop into our office at... 6 Richardson Place Roxby Downs

Kerryn - you were a great friend and will be sadly missed. Janette, Rick, Clint, Lauren, Dalton and Jackson.

Write to us at... PO Box 72 Roxby Downs SA 5725

We were so blessed to have you in our lives, memories to love forever. A beautiful friend. Love, Karina and Gary, Teegan and Mason.

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All about Roxby Race Day Pages 8 & 9

A memorial service for the friends and family of Kerryn Rose will be held at the Roxby Downs Community Church - Friday, August 15, at 4pm. This is a casual celebration of Kerryn’s life for all the people she touched in both small and significant ways. Participants are asked to wear bright clothes in memory of Kerryn’s love for all things vibrant and colourful. Friends are asked to make donations to the Cancer Council in lieu of flowers - donation envelopes will be available on the day.

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Female GP Ready to Go it Alone in Roxby

FEMALE GP…Dr Wendy Strachan is willing to strike out on her own to continue practicing in Roxby Downs.

ROXBY DOWNS…Roxby Downs’ only practicing female GP intends to continue treating patients locally despite the imminent sale of the Roxby Downs Medical Practice. Dr Wendy Strachan voiced her concerns for those patients who would prefer to see a female doctor, following negotiations to sell the practice to Port Augusta’s Dr Dervinder Grewal this month. “I think it is important to have a female practitioner as an option for those people who are more comfortable with a woman GP,” Dr Strachan said. “That’s a real issue in Roxby Downs with such a large proportion of the female community pregnant or trying to get pregnant – some of those women just aren’t comfortable going to see a male doctor.” Dr Strachan consulted in Roxby Downs this month in cooperation with the former practice-lessees Dr Robert Armstrong and Dr Michael Coward - but she is now prepared to strike out on her own. “I was doubtful as to whether I would continue visiting Roxby Downs,” she told The Monitor last week. “But my experience this week has been of

people, patients, asking me to stay and worrying that I might not return. “I had come here thinking that maybe this was the last time but now I am looking at what options I have to keep practicing locally.” Dr Strachan currently holds a teaching position with General Practice Education Australia. “Teaching is only half of the story – you can’t teach if you’re not at the coal face as well. “I’m in there trying to keep the rural community’s needs in the face of educators. “But it was always my intention to continue coming to Roxby Downs - though it’s not easy for me to travel back and forth all the

time.” Dr Strachan was Roxby Downs’ resident GP for several years in the late 90s, and has continued to practice locally on a part-time and locum basis for the past six years. She was responsible for establishing the region’s birthing centre - sadly now defunct and birthed more than 65 local babies in her time as Roxby Downs’ resident GP. “I’ve always had a special interest in the women and children of Roxby Downs and I’d like to see some continuity of care, and some options, for those families I’ve worked so closely with over the past six years. “I want to continue coming to Roxby Downs and I’m investigating some possibilities that will allow me to do so.”

SLOW DOWN…Tavern staff Elaine Fawkes, Marj James and David Sickert outside the Ochre Cellars ‘drive-through’ where a speed limit of 5km/h has been introduced.

Slow Down or Go Thirsty ROXBY DOWNS…Roxby Downs’ Ochre Cellars has introduced a speed limit of 5km/h this month in response to safety concerns raised by staff and customers. Customers who ignore the speed restrictions risk being banned from both the Cellars and the Tavern, according to bottle shop managers David Sickert and Marj James. “We have a lot of traffic through here, both pedestrians and cars,” Mr Sickert said. “There have been a few close calls lately with kids getting out of cars to get an icecream, or staff walking between the cars.” “People just roar in here sometimes,” Ms James said. “You can see the skidmarks they leave on the concrete. “We want to stop it before someone gets hurt.” In the first weeks of introducing the new restrictions. “staff have already handed out several warning to drive-through clientele.”

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Red Planet in View at Woomera

ARTIST...Local artist Dave Kovac and wife Kelli-Jo at the opening of Dave’s inaugural exhibition.

Exhibit Success for Local Artist ROXBY DOWNS...More than 50 people attended a private showing of Andamooka-raised artist Dave Kovac’s inaugural exhibition last week. Mr Kovac’s exhibit, in the Roxby Downs Cultural Precinct, represents his first ever and was almost sold-out before the doors even opened to the public on Saturday. Artworks on display range from his iconic pencildrawn scenes of Andamooka - the town he grew up in and still calls home - to pastel studies of the region’s native birds and animals. “It’s a big step for me to drop everything and try to make it as a full-time artist but the response has been amazing,” Mr Kovac said. “I couldn’t do any of it without my wife KJ though she’s supported me every step of the way.”

Field Nats Astronomy Evening ROXBY DOWNS…Roxby Downs’ Outback Field Naturalists will host an astronomy night on Wednesday, September 3, hosted by local astronomer Murray Tyler. The evening will focus on Mars and its ‘opposition to Earth’ on August 29. The celestial event marks the closest Mars will be to Earth in more than 73,000 years. Even the smallest of telescopes will be able to see great detail on the planet’s surface including its dark continental patches and its growing and shrinking polar icecap as the planet’s seasons change. The viewing will be held at the bypass road, North of the Andamooka turnoff, from 7.30pm. For further information or for more details contact Kelli-Jo Kovac on 8671 8656.

WOOMERA…The Woomera Astronomy Group will host a ‘viewing of Mars’ at the Baker Observatory when Mars draws its closest to Earth in 73,000 years this month. The public viewing marks ‘the opposition of Mars’ on Friday, August 29, from 6pm. For laymen – that means Mars will line up with Earth in orbit. While Mars opposes Earth every 15 to 20 years, this year’s opposition is one of the closest ever – and the best opportunity in our lifetime to get close to ‘the Red Planet’. This celestial event actually occurs on Friday, August 29 – and the Baker Observatory will open its doors to the public on that day, from 6pm. However, WAG members and the Woomera Board will mark the event with a public viewing and barbecue, for the cost of a gold coin donation, from 6pm the following Saturday. The public viewing marks a significant milestone in WAG’s plans to build an internationally-recognised public observatory in Woomera. “We’ve been having bookings every night of tourists, non-stop - people from all over Australia and even the UK stop by to visit and use the telescope,” WAG chairman Rob Lockyer said. “At the moment our 10 inch telescope fully functional and we’ve started internal work on the Daly Theatre but we’re hindered by funding restrictions. “We’re still hunting for funding for our larger observatory plans – but we’ve come to the belief that we’re not going to get our funding in one lump sum and we’re going to have to aim for a series of grants and sponsorships to make it happen.” WAG tabled a proposal, early this year, outlining plans for a $320,000 observatory facility comprising a star theatre, lecture hall, planetarium and four telescopes ranging in size from the current 10 inch model, to a NASA-quality 32 inch model. While the initial response to the proposal was positive, funding has been scarce. However, Mr Lockyer believes the response to WAG’s initial publicity has highlighted that there is a national and international audience for a service of this kind in Woomera. WAG volunteers are currently conducting tours through the observatory most nights. In addition to local commercial accommodation, St Michael’s School Camp will open its doors for the event at a cost of $10 per person per night, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Bookings can be made by phoning St Barbara’s Parish School – 8671 3207. For more information or to book a tour, contact the Woomera Heritage Centre – ph 8673 7042.


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Music to Beat Baxter Monotony

SERVICE COLLAPSE...Roxby Downs Municipal Council’s Electrical IT Manager David Hallett and Administrator Bill Boehm heralded the closure of Roxbydowns Dot Net this month.

Local Internet Service to Close ROXBY DOWNS...Council-owned internet service provider Roxbydowns Dot Net will close this month. Roxby Downs Municipal Council Administrator Bill Boehm announced that the service was no longer viable, this month. The move comes as a result of increased competition through new regional service providers and the local introduction of ADSL broadband. “We have been able to operate reasonably successfully for the past 19 months, but changes in the industry has made it difficult for a small player to compete,” Mr Boehm said. The Roxbydowns Dot Net service was originally established by council as an extension of the business’ purchase of suitable equipment to meet its own needs. Mr Boehm said the council had explored a variety of options to allow the service to remain operating locally but that the internet industry has become too competitive for rural providers. Roxbydowns Dot Net account holders should contact Council IT Manager David Hallett for more information about the changes - ph 8671 0010.

Police Reports On August 8, 2003 a 40-year-old Roxby Downs woman was reported for using a telephone to make harassing telephone calls. On the same day a 14-year-old Roxby Downs youth was reported for possessing liquor in a public place. On August 7, a 24 year-old Andamooka man was reported for exceeding speed limit and driving while disqualified. On the same day a 3-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported for driving an unregistered and uninsured car. In an unrelated incident on August 7, a 33-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported for causing and permitting another to drive an unregistered and uninsured car. On August 7, a near-new army green coloured Diamond Back BMX bike was stolen overnight from a yard in Anna Court. On August 6, two dogs were reported dead as a result of being baited in a yard in One Tree Hill, Andamooka. The dogs had only recently returned back to Andamooka after some months of absence so it is possible that the baits had been dormant in the yard for the last few months. This is the first report in relation to dog baiting at Andamooka that Police have received in the past two months. Police are still appealing to the Andamooka Community to report any suspicious activity. On August 5, an 18-year-old Roxby Downs man was reported for driving without due care and 2 counts of breaching his L permit following an accident that occurred on the July 25, in Roxby Downs. On August 4, an assault was reported at the Olympic Dam mine site. In an unrelated incident on the same day two moon rocks were stolen from the front yard of a house in Borral Street, Woomera On August 3, a letterbox was reported stolen from a house on Pioneer Drive. The letter box was later recovered from a house roof. On August 3, a house was broken into and tables and chairs stolen from a house on Aquila Blvd. The alleged offender is known to police.

ROXBY DOWNS…St Barbara’s Parish is calling for donations of cassette and CD players to bring a little music into the lives of Baxter Detention Centre’s inmates. Sister Anne Higgins, who has been working with refugees at Woomera and Baxter Detention Centre for almost four years, has called on the community to make donations of working CD and cassette players – and even computers. “A little music can do a lot to relieve the monotony of life for those held in the centre,” Sister Anne said. Sister Anne’s greatest concern is for the many young men in the centre, in their early 20s, who have been incarcerated as long as three years without any relief from the centre. “There have been some opportunities for younger children to leave the centres by attending school, but the young men haven’t been able to step outside those four fence lines,” she said. “They’re confined with very few activities.” “We’ve received some support from the parish, but we can’t continue to provide for these people without the help of the wider community.” In addition to working CD and cassette players, the parish has also put the call out for donations of computers. “I’m hoping there are people out there who have bought new models of CD-players and computers and have put their outmoded ones aside,” Sister Anne said. “The computers don’t have to be much – just play a few games and do some word-processing. “The cassette and CDplayers just have to be in good working order.” Donations can be made to the Parish School in Roxby Downs, or St Michael’s Catholic Church in Woomera. RoxFM station manager Deb Paliska – herself a recently-released inmate of Baxter Detention Centre – attested to the fact that access to music and other sources of Australian culture is scarce in the detention centre. RoxFM, under the leadership of Mrs Paliska, will also be collecting tapes, CDs and videos to support St Barbara’s Parish drive. “We’re looking to do something regularly,” Mrs Paliska said. “I know when I was in Baxter I gave away about 75 CDs and they were just thrilled. I think music makes a wonderful difference – the monotony is horrible in there.”

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COUNTRYNURSE...Registered Nurse Laurie Tyas has been nominated to the Ministerial Rural Health Advisory Council.

Nurse Highlighting Local Needs ROXBY DOWNS...Nurse Laurie Tyas has been nominated to the Ministerial Rural Health Advisory Council this month. “I’m really quite chuffed about it - I honestly think I can make a difference,” Mr Tyas said. “There are some big issues in rural health - like accessibility and availability, not to mention recruitment and retention. “I think country people are severely disadvantaged as to access to health care compared to in the city.” Mr Tyas worked as a nurse in Whyalla and Peterborough before moving to Roxby Downs. “Country living is a lifestyle choice for my wife and me,” he said. Mr Tyas was nominated by Member for Giles Lyn Breuer.

Newly-appointed Roxby Downs CFS captain, Helmut Pfeifer, 39, has been a familiar face supporting local sporting and social events like Boogie in the Bush and Dirt Circuit as both a CFS and SA Ambulance volunteer for the past 14 years. This year, Helmut heads up a revitalised CFS committee which plans to make the local service more community-oriented and more visible. “We have a total of 33 members with an active core of about 19,” he said. “They are all volunteers who’ve achieed their Level 1, 2 and 3 fire fighting and rescue courses through the service. “These are recognised accreditations which can help people in their working life, as well as supporting the community with this important service.” In addition to working as an engineering trades assistant locally, and playing a proactive part in site safety plans, Helmut has volunteered his services to a series of other community groups. “I spent some time with South Australian Motor Racing Official Association as a Flag and Track Marshall at various circuits, including Adelaide International Raceway, Mallala, Collinggrove Hill Climb, the Formula One Grand Prix in Adelaide and Melbourne,” he said. “My time in Roxby Downs has been spent working for Western Mining Corporation the past 14 years, in various different roles -

Local Students Test Their Skills

Locals at Large

HELMUT...Newly-appointed Roxby Downs CFS Captain Helmut Pfeifer. from the smelter, anode furnace and casting area, oxygen plant to the acid plant. “During that time, I have spent seven years with the Emergency Response Team at the Processing end of the plant. Helmut was also an active member of the South Australian Am-

bulance Service in his efforts “to protect life, property and also aid in health and wellbeing of the Roxby Downs community”. He is also one of the key figures behind the local Active8/ Country Fire Service training program.

RFDS Auction and Golf Day ROXBY DOWNS...Organisers of the annual RFDS Auction and Golf Day are calling for donations to help them reach their $500,000 goal this year. This event, the largest fundraiser for the Royal Flying Doctors Service in outback SA, has raised more than $420,000 over the past 12 years. This year, organisers hope to break the half million mark. The event will kick off with golf in the morning, a barbecue, the auction and fireworks in the evening. The big day will be held on Saturday, September 13, in Roxby Downs. Events on the day will include a family barbecue, novelties for the kids and fireworks in the evening. Phone Olympic Dam Transport - 8671 0336 - for more information or to make a donation.

OLD SMOKEY...Organisers are anticipating the sale of ‘Old Smokey’ - a weber-style barbecue incorporated into a steam engine design. ‘Old Smokey’ was built and donated by the team at Olympic Dam Precision Engineering including, from left, Stephen Bell, Rod Fraser and Chris Koning. Ferrocut also provided profile-cut steel for the project.

FAR NORTH REGION… More than 100 students in the Far Northern Region’s five local schools will compare their literacy and numeracy skills to that of students all over the state, following a state-wide testing program last week. The South Australian State Literacy and Numeracy (LaN) Testing program is a SACSA (South Australian Curriculum and Accountability) framework based assessment of literacy and numeracy for students in Years 3, 5 and 7. Students at Roxby Downs Area School, St Barbara’s Parish School, Woomera Area School, and Andamooka Primary School underwent the Literacy component of the LaN test on Wednesday, August 6, and the Numeracy component on the following Thursday. The students were exposed to a variety of questions including multiple-choice questions and short answer questions as well as a writing component. “The SA LaN tests provide students, parents and schools with valuable information on the performance of individuals and groups of students,” RDAS Teaching and Learning Coordinator Belinda Ramsey said. “The purpose of the tests is to inform students, parents and schools about what students can do in specific aspects of literacy and numeracy.” On completion, the tests are marked and the results are analysed. Local schools, students and parents, will receive reports in October, summarising students’ results. Local teachers will also be involved in analysing student performance to ensure literacy and numeracy programs are implemented and continued to ensure all needs of students are met.


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2/46 Aquila Boulevard Thursday, August 14, 2003 - Page 5

ROXBY DOWNS AREA SCHOOL fortnightly newsletter This community page is paid for by the Roxby Downs Area School

SCHOOL SNIPPETS Students Enjoying Junior Primary Electives


In Art Miss Methofer’s class have used crayon pastels to create beautiful fruit bowls. We have used sponges to print oranges and corks to print cherries. Miss Methofer thinks we are budding artists. Library – Amanda Trasy…In RBL the Year 2s are finding out about people and their culture from a country in Asia. Drama - R Hallion…We’ve been acting out Mr Gumpy’s car and The Ginger Bread Man in groups and performing the plays to the class. Jenni Nitschke…All R-6 students have been enjoying learning expressive movement and dance to music with the visiting Newmet Dancers Miss Campbell-Colquhoun…We have begun learning about our new Health topic ‘Healthy Food’. We are excited! Christall/Hallion…In Science we are looking at wind and weather. We brainstormed things that need wind to work and talked about what makes wind. We made wind-powered pinwheels for some spinning fun. Miss Nash…We have been learning all about tens and units in Maths. Miss Nash thinks we are so clever. We’ve also learned about the Healthy Food Pyramid and eating in moderation. Miss Steele…Did you see us in the main street? We were out collecting data on colours of cars in Roxby Downs. Miss Steele showed us how to record using tallies and how to graph our results. Rosie Willson…We are learning the letters Ww and Ii. This week we made windmills and insey winsey spiders. Parents enjoyed the information session about the Headstart programme. Mrs Zeptner’s Reception…In Maths we have been looking at different parts of the day. We talked about all the different names we use for certain time of the day- morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night. We know that when it is 12 o’clock midday, the afternoon begins. We also know that there are 24 hours in one day. Eastwood/Andrews…Do you know that the world is made up of seven continents and five seas? We are learning about a country that is so big that it stretches across two continents! Can you think of what it is? It is Russia! Indonesian…Family words are our focus early Term 3. Ibu = Mum, Bapak = Dad, Saya = me. Year 2s have been drawing accurate maps of Australia and Indonesia. Miss Underwood’s class have had lots of fun doing Newmet dance workshops. We got to pretend that we were fairies, goblins and elves. Fairies, Goblins and Elves- we have all of them in Miss Bartsch’s class. We have had lots of fun dressing up and pretending to be these characters in our Newmet Dance workshops.

Students Gear up for Sports Day The R-2 Sports Day will be held on August 22, 2003. Students will need to be at school at 8.30am but sports day will begin at 10.30am until approximately 12.45pm. Details will be sent home soon in contact books. Parents and friends are invited to attend.

Week 4

School Photos - August 14 & 15 Newmet Dance 7-12 Book Week R-7 special program weeks 4&5 Week 5 R-2 Sports Day – Friday, August 22 Haematite Camps – Thuruna Book Week R-7 Celebrations Week 6 Haematite Camps – Thuruna Early Closure - August 26, 2.10pm Week 7 Emerald Camps – Pt Lowly Week 8 Emerald Camps – Pt Lowly Early Closure - September 9, 2.10pm Week 9 Emerald Camps – Pt lowly Primary Choir performs in Adelaide – Monday & Tuesday R-12 Parent/Teacher Interviews 7-12 Sports Day Friday Week 10 3-6 Sports Day Thursday Early Closure - September 23, 2.10pm

ELECTIVES...Junior Primary students enjoying the varied elective activities now on offer at RDAS. free pictures. I did Pokemon for free pictures. I think it was fantastic!” Daniel Fox - Year 2. “In electives the first lesson I played in the sand pit. We had 10 minutes of free time, then we had a sand castle competition.” Matthew Grez Year 2. “I did wood working in Miss Bartch’s class. I had nails and string and I made a star. It was cool!” Kiaya Johnston -

Year 2. “The second time at electives I went to Miss Methofer’s class and did Magic Science. I made an illusion with a skate boarder and a skate ramp.” Angus May Year 2. “We had lots of fun playing in the sand.” Amber Goldsworthy-Spiers – Reception. “It was fun having sandcastle competitions!” Jessica Holden – Year 2.

Welcome to another fortnight. Firstly thank you to the two parent helpers, and the people who donated drinks to P&F Coffee Corner held last Market Day, raising $100. Next Market Day - August 16 - P&F will be selling old stock of school uniforms at cheap prices at the P&F stall. Coffee Corner will be run by Ms Lyndall Craker and the senior student voice. They are fundraising to repaint benches and tables, so buy refreshments and support them at Market Day. A Collingwood Jumper signed by all 2003 season Collingwood Players is now on EBAY on the internet till August 31, 2003. Place your bid now as all money raised goes to P&F. Next meeting for the P&F Committee is Wednesday, September 3, at 7.30pm in the school staffroom - come along with your ideas. Annette Jackson P&F Committee

At Roxby Downs Community Library we have been using new registration forms for the past six months. If you registered from January on wards you do not need to do anything. If you registered to become a member of the library before January 2003 can you please come into the library and re-register for your whole family. The reason we need you to register again are: 1. To up date your address and phone details for posting overdue notices, as we are getting a lot sent back. 2. To record your email address, to preferable send out overdue notices via email. 3. To up date your Notice of Indemnity for internet access. So please re-register next time you are in the library. Mandy Kerby Library Manager

New Teacher Hits the Courts

NEW FACE....Ms Rebekah Redden spent her first day at Roxby Downs Area School teaching hockey.

Roxby Downs Area School welcomed new Physical Education teacher Rebekah Redden last week. “Rebekah is from Orroroo and is an exceptional athlete in her own right,” principal Jim Michellaney said. “We are sure that she and Ms Dianne Allen will make a great team and we look forward to the Physical Education programme making positive progress throughout the year. “Thanks also go to Ms Deb Marsland, the Permanent Relief Teacher, for her work filling in for this PE position.

Newsletter/Monitor Feedback Please feel free to drop a note or email your thoughts about putting the Newsletter in The Monitor. Please address any correspondence to: The Principal, Roxby Downs Area School, Richardson Place, Roxby Downs or Page 6 - Thursday, August 14, 2003



A Message From The Principal

P&F Fundraising Library Registration

& Da tes to RRemember emember Dates

Upcoming Ev ents Events

This term, the Reception to Year 2 Cohort has started an exciting electives program. Every Thursday afternoon children work together in multi-age groups, rotating through a variety of stimulating activites. We are fortunate to have a number of parents who come in and help during our Electives. “In the first week of electives I did clay, I made a monkey head with Miss Nash!” Declan Clements - Year 2. “Last week at electives I went cooking with Miss Underwood. We made chocolate truffles.” Whitney Duggan - Year 2. “Last week I went to Art and Craft and I did threading. I got to use pasta to make a necklace.” Shaun Smith - Year 2. “Last week I went to dance with Mrs Hallion.” Lucy Noll Year 2. “The first lesson I did drawing pictures with Miss Andrews. We drew

Dear School Community Members Congratulations to Mr Tobias O’Connor who has recently won an Information and Communication Technology (computers) coach position within our Far North district. This means he will be training staff from our school and others in our district in the use of computers and the internet at various times throughout the rest of this year. Another example of the talented staff we have! The school’s major redevelopment program has reached the official hand-over stage. Each of our new areas are looking fantastic with staff and students eager to shift in. We wish to thank everyone for their patience during the disruptions from any of the building work. I am sure that these additions will greatly enhance our school and the students general learning environment. With such wonderful facilities we will need to take particular care of our school. We are all indeed fortunate to have such facilities available for our children’s learning. We ask that everyone contributes to School Watch and contacts the Police to report any suspicious activity occurring after hours. Bullying is an issue that concerns whole communities, both school and the wider community. Roxby Downs Area School has taken a decisive stand based on the belief that all relationships should be positive and no person should have to tolerate bullying. There are several strands to this policy which addresses the needs of those who are subjected to bullying and those who are bullies. Both of these groups receive counselling to assist them to cope with what is happening and make necessary changes. These programs are managed by staff whose predominant role in the school is the health and welfare of young people. At the forefront are staff with a counselling role (Mrs Bennie and Mr Knill) but all members of management and the wider staff have a role to play. The response to bullying is a clear cut and consistent one. The message to bullies is strong; that such behaviour will not be tolerated and that there are consequences. Bullies will face a range of consequences determined by the length and severity of their negative behaviour including formal warnings, parental contact, detentions and even suspensions. The predominant message we want to give is that school is a safe place to be where students are supported and bullies are not tolerated. Quality Assurance By now 55 randomly selected families should have received a letter asking them to participate in the school’s Annual Quality Assurance Survey. All survey answers are confidential. The Quality Assurance Questionnaire is extremely important as it helps determine school directions for next year and years to come. These survey’s attempt to gauge the school climate, quality of teaching, learning outcomes, student reporting, general environment, customer responsiveness and overall general satisfaction. Jim Michalanney Principal - Roxby Downs Area School

School Uniform Shop Opening times for the P&F school uniform shop, in H-block, have changed this term. The shop is now open at 3pm on Monday and Thursdays and at 8.45am on Tuesdays.

International Science Competition The 2003 Australasian Schools Science Competition, run by the Educational Testing Centre of the University of NSW, was held in May for students from Years 3-12. More than 450,000 students from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region participated in this year’s competition. The fourteen participants from Roxby Downs Area School are to be congratulated for their efforts - particularly, Phoebe and Bodie Goldfinch for receiving Certificates of Credit, and to Sam Tyler for his Certificate of Distinction.

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Funds Raised at Disco

Roxby Skate Park Meeting ROXBY DOWNS...Roxby Downs and regional youth will be consulted this week on what they want in a skate park. Roxby Downs Youth Services will host a public meeting on Thursday, August 14, at 3.30pm in the Cultural Precinct Theatrette. Youth Services coordinators Sue Penglase and Laurence Duggan were in Adelaide last month, consulting with skate park users from all over Adelaide. The youth skaters highlighted the need for local consultation before the establishment of a skate park. “When we were in Adelaide, talking to the kids, the issue that kept coming up was councils’ lack of consultation with the kids,” Mr Duggan said. Travelling to Roxby downs to discuss possible design features at the meeting is young skater and park designer Ashley Watson, of Adelaide. “It was the kids themselves who recommended Ashley and he rocked up for our interview on his skateboard with his portfolio under his arm.” This ambitious 27-year-old, whose interest in design arose from his own disatisfaction with council skate parks, is keen to see local ideas implemented at the Roxby Downs skatepark. One of the key features already highlighted by Ashley is the need for both beginners and intermediate facilities. A total of $95,000 has been designated in government grants and council support for a Roxby Downs skate park.

ROXBY DOWNS... Combined RoxFM and Roxby Downs Youth Centre disco was held at the auditorium on Saturday, August 19. More than 150 youth attended both the junior and senior discos. The event raised $750 which will be divided between the two community services.

THEATRICAL...Newmet Intr-active ‘theatre in education’ coordinators Nikki Whichello and Waiata Tahau met with more than 750 local students this month for a series of theatre and dance workshops.

Reachout at Roxby

Youth in the Theatrical Spotlight ROXBY DOWNS...Not many people would think the middle of the Australian desert would be home to the next generation of performing arts talent regional theatre-in-education company Newmet Intr-active has discovered a wealth of untapped energy in one of the biggest mining communities in the country. This is the second year in a row Newmet has travelled north to work with the school community in Roxby Downs at the demands of the student body. Workshops involved as many as 750 students over nine days. “It all started with the high school students,” says artistic director Nikki Whichello. “They had a rough time at a Rock

Eisteddfod a couple of years ago and were determined to return with a routine that proved to everyone that just because they came from the country, they could mix it with the best of them. “Newmet has always been about giving people theatre skills as another tool throughout their life. “Dance and theatre can provide all the lessons in life without the competitive nature. “Many people don’t fit in to the culture of sport but still yearn for physical activity and the chance to be a part of a team. “These kids are the best example and they have developed all sorts of social skills as part of this project.”

HONORED...Mikaela Aldenhoven, 17, and Kane Honner, 17, will represent Roxby Downs Area School at Government House this month.

School Representatives to Visit Government House ROXBY DOWNS...RDAS school captains Mikaela Aldenhoven, 17, and Kane Honner, 17, will represent the schoolat a Government House dinner on Friday, August 29. The pair, nominated for their involvement at school and in the wider community, will be sponsored for the trip by the Cultural Precinct, the Roxby Youth Centre and Roxby Downs Community Church.

Celebration of Faith HOLY COMMUNION...Eleven local youngsters celebrated their holy communion at the weekend. From left, front, Katherine Grez, 9, Sean Clarke, 9, Sam Allen, 9, Samuel Wilson, 10, Jed Kenny, 10, Thomas Lloyd-Schott, 9, back, Renee Rohrlach, 9, Travis Ley, 9, Georgia Drefke, 9, and Lucy Hobbs, 9, pictured with Father Jim Monaghan. The children were also assisted by teachers Cynthia Thompson and Sister Patricia Hogan in preparing for the ceremony.

ROXBY DOWNS…On Tuesday, July 29, 2003, the Year 10 students of Roxby Downs Area School participated in a ‘Reach Our Forum’ designed for youth who are having problems and need to speak about it. Representatives from the forum came to speak to us to promote their website http://www.reachout. where youth can find information about the issues that people face these days. They also gave us the chance to ask questions and hear their valuable answers based on their knowledge and experience. Some of the questions asked were: “How did the program start?” “What’s the favourite thing you enjoy about your job?” And “How can we get involved?” We enjoyed this forum and thought it was worth while. Now, if we have any problems we know where we can go to find help. RDAS Year 10 students Sara Groom, Rachel Williams, Bree Butler and Hannah Schuster

105.5 RoxFM Program - “Local, Live and Loving It!” MONDAY


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FRIDAY Bright side of Life 6am-8am Music Mixture 8am-9.30am Annette’s Theme 9.30am-11am Willo’s ‘Rox on Blues’ 12pm-1pm Music Mixture 1pm-2pm Tracey’s 90s 2pm-3pm Steph & Jess 2000s 3pm-4pm Aussie 4pm-5pm Aria Top 20 with The Fatman 5pm-7.30pm Feature DJ 8pm-11pm


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Mellow Music Mixture 6am-12pm Music Mixture 12pm-3pm Wendy Classical 3pm-4pm Music Mixture 4pm-6.30pm Mystery DJ 6.30pm-8pm Big Block Rock with Rob 8pm-11pm

Thursday, August 14, 2003 - Page 7

ROXBY RACE DAY Roxby Downs and District Racing Club PATRONS...David McNamara and Greg Drummond. COMMITTEE...Stuart Cormack (President), Kerry Gum (Vice President & Life Member), Jen Laurence (Treasurer), Barry Patterson (Secretary), Mick Clark, Kerry Burk, Ben Rasheed, Nick Ouwerkerk, Rick Grantham, Kathy Wilby, Vanessa Voigt, Greg Brind, John King, Justin Kilgaref and Peter Dempsey (Life Member) SATRA PANEL... Judge: SATRA Panel. Assistant Judges: Jim Spring. Time Keeper: Jim Spring Handicapper: SATRA. Starter: Trevor Nixon. Assistant Starters: Hayden Butts, Andrew Black, Rodney Fullerton and Rob Rainesford. Clerk of the Scales: Kevin Packard. Clerk of the Course: Bill Atkins and Narelle Black. Track Supervisor: Ben Rasheed. Veterinary Surgeon: Dr Darren Arnold. Farrier: Darren Oxlade. Hon. Surgeon: Dr Dervinder Singh Grewell. Casualty : SA Ambulance Service, Roxby Downs. Course Broadcaster: Peter Dempsey. Course Amplification: Outback Electronics. Photo Finish: Kerry Burk. Race Caller: John Liddymore. Phone 8671 1155 or 8671 1160 for more information about the team behind Roxby Race Day 2003.

Long History of Winners at Race Day Since its first registered meeting in 1994, the Roxby Race Day has boasted a long pedigree of cup winners. In 1994 the inaugural cup was won by locallyowned Acrobat. Here is a quick snapshot of the many well-known 1994 - Acrobat 1995 - Pale Mist 1996 - Wing Wang 1997 - Aimbury 1998 - Dance of Triumph 1999 - King of Junction 2000 - Front Beach 2001 - meeting cancelled. 2002 - Rich Theme Who will be next? The 2002 cup’s ‘Leading Trainer’ Mick Whittle, trainer of cup winner Rich Theme, will showcase the best of his stables at this year’s event. While international jockey Hiuma Akiyam will also make an appearance. Make sure you’re there on August 16 to enjoy all the excitement of Roxby Race Day.



e i g o o B o t s e Boris Lov Saturday, August 16 - 8pm

Totally Tavern Every Tuesday - 7pm Norman Place, Roxby Downs Phone 8671 0071

WINNERS...Last year’s leading trainer Mick Whittle will be back in Roxby at the weekend for the Onesteel Outback Cup.


Roxby’s home of fresh food & friendly service Open 7 Days 8pm - 8pm Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm Weekends & Public Holidays Ph: 8671 0288 Fx: 8671 0362 Richardson Place Roxby Downs

Long-time sponsor of Roxby Race Day

Ware Products


The world’s sole manufacturer & supplier of Ware rubber liner panels & truck tray kits

! e r o m s r e t t a m r e g n o l g n i t Where las

Manufacturers of wear-resistant products Ph: (08) 8524 8466

Proudly supporting Roxby Race Day Page 8 - Thursday, August 14, 2003

Saturday, August 16 Roxby Downs Racecourse

Get Your Tickets Now for Champagne Breakfast! This year’s Onesteel Outback Cup will boast its first-ever ‘Ladies Day’ events on August 16 - kicking off with a champagne and chicken breakfast in Richardson Place, near the Anzac memorial. For a ticket price of just $40, ladies can enjoy a morning of live entertainment by Roxby’s own ‘Trilling Frogs’ a cappella troupe, a free glass of champagne, chicken and cold meats platter, free entry to the race day, free entry to the race ball, and transportation to and from the event. Book ahead at the Roxby Downs Child Care centre and receive reduced child care from 10am to 4pm when you produce your race ticket. Phone 8671 0911 now to book your child in and enjoy a day out with the ladies. Catch a bus to the event, from Richardson Place, and another bus back in time to collect your child at 4pm.

The Roxby Downs and District Racing Club wishes to thank the following Sponsors and Supporters

Myall Grove Caravan Park 55 - 94 Burgoyne Street Roxby Downs

Overnight & Permanent Accommodation Phone 86711991 Fax 86711099 PROUD SPONSOR OF ROXBY RACE DAY

Relax on the lawns of Richardson Place - between The Monitor offices and the Roxby Downs Community Club - and discuss the day’s prospects with racing VIP Phil McEvoy or try your hand at one of the variety of raffles and games on the day. Dress for the day and compete for the title of ‘best dressed lady’ and the chance to receive a sash and $500 Myers voucher donated by Allstaff Resources. The 10 best-dressed ladies on the day will also be presented with sashes to mark the event. Tickets for ‘Ladies Day’ are available from The Monitor office in Richardson Place, the Roxby Downs Community Club and Roxby Downs Child Care. Get your tickets now! Don’t miss out!

MAJOR SPONSORS...Onesteel Piping Systems, Unité Accountants, Ware Products, Stevens Resources, Myall Grove Caravan Park, Roxby Downs Foodland, Linfox Transport, WMC Olympic Dam, Roxby Downs Tavern, Roxby Downs Community Club, Roxby Gymkhana Club, Kerry Gum and Transfield Services. SPONSORS...SBS Group, Wilpena Pound Resort, Patrick International Freight, Kempie Fluid Power, JR Engineering, Strata Control Systems, MPR Resources, Albchem, National Australia Bank, Alsafe Safety, BSA Engineering, Tommy Loman, Grand Hotel - Victor Harbor, McGuiness Rigging, All Staff Resources, Kerry Burk, A Noble and Son and SDS Ausminco. APPRECIATED SUPPORTERS... Outback Electronics (Greg Buddon), Richard ‘Padd’ Hourigan, Coates Wreckair, Kaltek, Brambles, TRSA, Mobil Transcontinental Pt Augusta, MAV Media, BP Roxby Downs, David McNamara, Jo Henschke, The Monitor Newspaper, Geoff Munro, Hungry Jacks PT Augusta, DG Tyres, Mensland Roxby Downs, Outback Landscaping, Bob Stainer, Alex Barker, Witches Kitchen, Beenham Elite, Regional Air Express, Nugget, Glen Devine, Malcolm Cowley and all other helpers on the day.

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Saturday, August 16 Roxby Downs Racecourse


Many Hands Makes Events Work With Saturday, August 16, looming closer, it is only days before Roxby Downs is on the state calendar with the staging of its annual race day. Ten years ago, a couple of good-looking, well-respected locals were proud to accept the inaugural registered cup for their racehorse ‘Acrobat’. This year, the cup has come a long way, attracting its first international jockey as well as a host of well-known Australian competitors. Over the years the respective committees of the club have worked hard towards building the track, infrastructure and the grounds in general, however, the last couple of years there has been a notable change in the perception of our race day. “The club was under the spot light in a number of ways last year as to whether the 2001 cancellation was a ‘once-off’ or whether it was not viable to race here in Roxby,” Roxby Downs and Districts Racing Club president Stu Cormack said. “But now, as we near next weekend’s meet all the vibes from around town, Adelaide and surrounding areas point to this year being a big one. “We as a club are striving to make this one of the feature events of the yearly country race circuit, and I believe that we will achieve this over the next couple of

RACE DAY...Come along on Saturday for one of the outback’s biggest racing events and watch some of the state’s bestknown country races kick up their heels.

Kick Up Your Heels For Race Day

TEAM EFFORT...Roxby Downs ninth Race Day on Saturday, Augsut 16, comes as the result of the support and hard work of many people, from major sponsors through to hands-on volunteers like ‘tongmaster’ Bob Stainer and Josie Basterfield, and the hard-working committee members. The Racign Club would like to thank all the people helping to keep this local success story a big part of the SA racing calendar. years.” Hard work by the committee and other volunteers has also seen a number of significant projects take place at the track including, bollards, the supply of water to the bars, stairs, greenery and a program of general improvements. “Shade has always been a big concern,” Mr Cormack said. “Those who went to the Gymkhana in April would have seen that over 150m 2 of shade sails have now been installed covering the bookmakers’ arena and

other areas. “Marketing and advertising is another area we have worked on. “Locally, 35,000 pie bags were distributed here and around the state from Port Pirie and the Flinders, up to Marla and Broken Hill, over to Ceduna and all through Port Augusta and Whyalla. “We enhanced our information on the internet and sent brochures all around the racing industry - let’s hope this was noticed!” As with any major country event , nothing

can be achieved with out the army of helpers and the sponsors, the committee can do so much, however these people and company’s ensure that the day happens and that it is a success. “Success is measured by everyone coming out to the track, enjoying themselves and returning home safely. “It can not be emphasized enough how grateful the club is to all of those who support the meet and assist in staging it. “We hope to see you all out there on the day.”






pty ltd

Ride the bus to Race Day and receive a free entry in the Roxby Race Safe Promotion to win a series of prizes. Bus tickets available now from Roxby Tavern, Roxby Downs Community Club, Lavrick Engineering and the Racing Club.


Labour Hire & Recruitment Ph: 8671 0087 Fx: 8671 0089

0429 848 047

Olympic Dam

Diner’ or enjoy a drink at the public bar, or the private bar for members. Ensuring race-goers have the energy for a long day of punting and partying, St Barbara’s Catholic Church will provide sandwiches, pies and pasties on the day, with refreshments. The best-dressed ladies will be judged just before the running of the cup with the winner receiving a $500 Myers Voucher from Allstaff Resources. Finish the day off at the Race Club Ball at the Tavern with Boris Loves to Boogie.

BUY YOUR RA CE DDAAY TICKET NO W! RACE NOW! From The Tavern or the Roxby Downs Club. Or at Market Day, on Saturday, August 16.

* Waste Management * Plant Hire * Mechanical Services * Labour hire * Commercial Freight * Environmentally Friendly Recycling 10 - 12 Gosse Street Roxby Downs

Phone: 8671 1154 Fax: 8671 1001


Major Sponsor of the OneSteel Outback Cup

Professional Accounting & Taxation Returns. Competitive rates guaranteed.

Consulting in room 50 Roxby Downs Motor Inn Sat 15 & Sun 16 August Book Now!

8 CharltonRoad

Race weekend will kick off with the Calcutta at the Roxby Downs Club on Friday night. Horses will be ‘auctioned’ off by racing celebrity Phil McEvoy who, again this year, will be a guest of the club. Race Day, Saturday starts in town at 10am, with the Chicken and Champagne Breakfast for the ladies. Gates at the track open at 9.30am and buses will start running from 11am to get the punters warming up on the interstate races. Hit the three on-course bookmakers or the tote to see if you can win. Grab a handy meal at the ‘Hairy Crack

Or phone 8364 0350 for an appointment on another day.

Proudly supporting Roxby Race Day


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Suppliers of steel, pipe & structural products, valves, fittings & roofing supplies 14 Charlton Road, Olympic Dam, SA 5725 Ph: 8671 0388 Fx: 8671 0698 Thursday, August 14, 2003 - Page 9

Page 10 - Thursday, August 14, 2003

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RDAS Market Day

PHOTOGRAPHERS...Internationallyrenowned photographers Mark Hill and André Crisci are in Roxby Downs this week creating ‘greeting card’ images for internationalproducts.

Photographer of the Year Visiting Roxby Downs

ROXBY DOWNS..Roxby Downs Market Day is a regular fundraiser for the Roxby Downs Area School Parents and Friends Association. This year, the focus of P&F fundraising isan upgrade of the school’s ‘play space’ including the building of new playground equipment. Market Day is scheduled for the first Saturday after WMC pay day (the 15th of every month) unless this date falls on a school holiday. “Book in early for the undercover sites,” P&F

Market Day coordinator Susan Beyer said. Stall-holders can contact the school for a list of Market Day dates, or to book a stall - ph 8671 0011.

now in Roxby Downs

health care - skin care - weight control Complete Sport Nutrition Available Contact Mark - 8671 1002

Appearing at Roxby Downs Market Day - August 16, 2003



Genuine Intel (R) dealer & Microsoft system builder. Custom-built systems and upgrades to suit your budget.

1 McGee St, Whyalla Stuart 5608 PH 8644 0012 FX 8644 1705

Perfume, Aromatherapy & Skincare Party Plan & Private Sales

Phone Carol - 8671 0935 Independent

ev eConsultant R e L

ROXBY DOWNS...Multi-award winning photographers Mark Hill and André Crisci were in Roxby Downs this week in their search for greeting card images of Australian children. The pair, who represent Expressions of Love Photography, specialise in ‘olde world’ photography Mark has been name South Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year – the latest in a long line of prestigious awards. Business partner Andre also boasts a long pedigree of awards to boast was the 2002 Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year. The duo have been approached by an international company for their images of children for greeting cards and prints – so the search is on for ‘kute kids’ to model. Expressions of Love is a innovative partnership combining photographic film, hand-tinting and painting, and computer graphic effects to create something unique. Mark and Andre met with local parents on Monday, August 11, at the Roxby Downs Theatre, where parents were treated to a beautiful slide presentation of their art work on the big screen.. Expressions of Love will be regular visitors to Roxby Downs and samples of their images are currently displayed at The Monitor and the Cultural Precinct. Come along, have a look, you might even see some familiar faces.

Don’t miss out on the news just because you’ve moved!




Know the news! Remember the people!



aper p s w e n y it n u m your com If it doesn’t come to your front door, then get it in the mail!

Ph - 8671 2683 THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

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AMELIA…Justine and Antoine Brouns, of Roxby Downs, welcomed the birth of their first child Amelia Elizabeth Louise Brouns on July 24, 2003, at Calvary Hospital in North Adelaide. Amelia was 3980g (8lb 12oz) at birth and is a grandchild for Max and Pam Kilford of Pooraka, and Mia and Jan Brouns of Stein, the Netherlands.

TIDY TONGS TEAM...Once a week RDAS primary students grab bucket and tongs and get down and dirty cleaning the school playgrounds. These volunteers are doing their part to keep the school in top shape. KIDS MOVIE CLUB...The Spring edition of the Outback Cinema’s movie club newsletter will be sent out to our members early September. If you would like to register, please send in your child’s name, address and date of birth to: The Cultural Precinct PO Box 98 Roxby Downs, SA 5725.

PLANTING...Selby Fennell and Kelvin D’Amore planting trees at Andamooka Area School.

Andamooka Tree Day Andamooka students were busy this month, with the whole school turning out to plant new trees around the school grounds. As part of the National Tree Day program, students were divided into groups and eagerly set about planting, marking and watering “their” trees. Each group will be responsible for the ongoing care and maintenance of the trees they planted and at the end of the year, an ‘Environmental Certificate’ will be awarded. Supervising teacher Tanya McCarthy said it was “great it was to see the older students helping the smaller ones and generally showing a lot of initiative with the project”.

Mini-MonitorBIRTHDAYS CLAIRE...Claire Banks turned three on August 9, 2003.

celebrate your big day

in the


Ph - 8671 2683

COREY...Corey Mallinson celebrated his eighth birthday on August 7, 2003.

WIN GREAT PRIZES...Just colour in this picture of pet dental checkup and you could win great prizes for pet dental month. Drop your entry, with your name and contact number, into the Roxby Downs Vet Clinic, Richardson Place, before the end of August.

Commercial & Domestic Steam Cleaning Vinyl Floor Cleaning Vehicle Interiors For a free quote Ph - Jason Toogood 0427 802 603 or call 0429 094 755

We will be in your area from Wednesday, August 20!

Australia’s Photographer of the Year Visiting Roxby, August 11 to 14.

WANTED‘kute kids’ to model

See your child’s face in thousands of homes worldwide. First 25 families to register will go in the draw for a framed wall portrait valued at more than $1500!

Ph 0408 267 318 or call into The Monitor office for bookings Page 12 - Thursday, August 14, 2003

CATIE...Catie Southon celebrated her third birthday on July 20, 2003.

M A K AY L A . . . M a k a y l a Smith turned two on June 26, 2003.

LILLI...Lilli Southon celebrated her first birthday on June 9, 2003.

Murray Bridge Flying School

Learn to Fly Now at Andamooka & Pimba

Contact Reg or Gary Ph 8531 1744 THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

DINING OUT...Steve Smith and Deb Reinke at the recent WMC long-service dinner at the Oasis Restaurant in Roxby Downs.

20 YEARS...Ana-Maria and Dario Ziberna DRESSED UP...Enjoying the recent WMC long-service dinner, of Andamooka, celebrated Dario’s 20 from left, Janette Tuttle, Leisa Westerman, Susan Beyer, years with WMC recently at the Oasis Restaurant. Katie-Jeyn Romeyn and Lee Nelson.

SOCIAL photography Book a photographer for your event.

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ART LOVERS... Nardene Edmonds, Bill Boehm and Country Arts SA representative Sue DeBois at the Dave Kovac art exhibition. SOCIAL...Rod Crettenden and fiancee Maria Papillo.

FAMILY ART...The Wickham family - Tracey, Tyson, 6, Tilly, 2, and Malcolm attended the opening of local artist Dave Kovac’s inaugural exhibition at the weekend. The exhibition will run until Sunday, September 7, at the Cultural Precinct Art Gallery.

ART SHOW...Ros and Colin Boothey at the Dave Kovac art show opening.

August is Pet Dental Month

Everyone is aware of the need to clean their teeth daily and to see the dentist regularly, however, most people forget about their pets’ teeth. Pets need healthy teeth too and a recent survey showed that by the age of two, three quarters of cats and dogs have the first signs of tooth decay.

TOUGH CRITICS...Peter and Josef Sach give nephew Dave Kovac’s work a once-over at his inaugural art opening. TOP LEFT...Amanda and Les Tracy at the WMC long-service dinner at the Oasis.



SUNSHINE...Ryan, 2, and Joe Buza enjoy a family day out at the weekend.

For safe, affordable control of flies, mozzies and spiders. Ph: (08) 8235 9728 Book now for September!

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So what happens to your pet’s teeth? Firstly, just like us, plaque builds up on the teeth and you may notice that your pet’s breath doesn’t smell nice. As the plaque and bacteria build up, the teeth start to decay and the plaque hardens to form Tartar. As the tooth decay progresses, the teeth become painful and your pet’s eating habits change. Bacteria from the decaying teeth enter the blood stream, causing heart, lung, liver and kidney disease and your pet becomes subdued, which owners often attribute to “getting old” instead of “tooth decay”. How do I know if my pet has tooth decay? Your pet will have bad breath from the bac-

teria feeding off the plaque in it’s mouth. Lift the lip and if you see yellow-brown tartar, your pet has tooth decay. If the tooth decay becomes very severe, your pet will paw its mouth, refuse to chew food and dribble saliva. If you suspect that your pet has tooth decay, bring your pet in for a dental check up. Free dental check up. During the month of August, you can get your pets teeth checked free of charge by a veterinarian at the Roxby Downs Veterinary Clinic. Bookings are essential - phone 8671 0730. More information: See our web site at http://www.

CHILDREN’S COLOURING COMPETITION As part of Pet Dental Month, we are running a colouring competition for children with some great prizes for the best entry. Just colour-in the drawing opposite - on the MiniMonitors page, write you name, age and phone number on it and drop it into the box at the Roxby Downs Veterinary Clinic, Richardson Place, to enter the competition.

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RED LISTING your ‘businesses at a glance’ guide


Andamooka Primary School 8672 7018 Arena Computers 8644 0012 Aussie Mozzie Fly Company 8235 9728 Beaurepaires 8671 2856 Carol Eckermann (IndependentLeReve Consultant) 8671 0935 CFS - Andamooka 8672 7072 CFS - Roxby Downs (Emergency) 8671 0000 CFS - Roxby Downs 0419 803 054 CFS - Woomera 8674 3200 Civil Constructions 1800 248 066 Cowell Electric 8671 0018 Immanuel College 8294 3588 Expressions of Love Photography 0500 882 143 Eyebus Optomerists 8671 2001 Eyre Peninsula Carpet Care 0429 094 755 Far North Photographics 8671 0211 Find Security 8672 7036 Herbalife 8671 1002 Johncor Transport 0419 601 980 Len Kay Driving School 8645 6603 Lin Andrews Real Estate 8671 2000 Monadelphous Engineering Associations 86710 020 Murray Bridge Flying School 8531 1744 Myall Grove Caravan Park 8671 1991 Onesteel 8671 1788 Outback Health Screenings 8671 1676 Port Augusta Hospital 8648 5500 Roxby Accountants 8671 1339 Roxby Chinese Restaurant 8671 0006 Roxby Foodland 8671 0288 Roxby Downs Anglican Church 8671 0270 Roxby Downs Area School 8671 0011 Roxby Downs Catholic Church 8671 0925 Roxby Downs Community Church 8671 0270 Roxby Downs Community Club 8671 0117 Roxby Downs Community Library 8671 0660 Roxby Downs Council 8671 0010 Roxby Downs Cultural Precinct 8671 2001 Roxby Downs Health Services 8671 9020 Roxby Downs Hospital 8671 9020 Roxby Downs Kindergarten 8671 0455 Roxby Downs Leisure Centre 8671 0500 Roxby Downs Lutheran Church 8633 1773 Roxby Downs Medical Centre 8671 9010 Roxby Downs Police 8671 0370 Roxby Downs TAFE 8671 9070 Roxby Downs Tavern 8671 0071 Roxby Downs Veterinary Clinic 8671 0730 Roxby Downs Youth Centre 0407 719 714 SBS Group Pty Ltd 8671 1154 Specialised Tyre Management 8671 1096 Stevens Resources 8671 0087 St Barbara’s Parish School 8671 3207 The Monitor - Your Community Newspaper 8671 2683 Unite Accountants 8364 0350 Waldorf Fiducial Services 1800 636 349 Wardle Real Estate 0417 816 738 Ware Products 0408 282 347 WMC (Olympic Dam) 8671 8888 Weston Raine and Horne 8395 2233 Woomera Area School 8673 7287

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WHITE-O’CONNOR... WHITE-O’CONNOR...Dave and Lyn White of Roxby Downs announce the engagement of their daughter Belinda to Ben, son of Paul and Carol O’Connor of Roxby Downs. Love and best wishes from all your family.

TO RENT RENT…Three bedroom home to rent. New carpets and vinyl, freshly painted, heating and cooling. Phone David Murley of Weston Raine and Horne on 0412 050 200. FOR SALE... SALE...26 Alberrie St - Three bedroom home featuring blackwood kitchen with slate floor, lounge, carpeted bedrooms and ceiling fans in all rooms. Two enclosed entertainment areas/ pergolas leading to inground pool, spa, computerised garden watering system, carport, t/ w tank, garden shed. POA - ph 8671 1646 or 8641 2048 to arrange inspection. VACANT BLOCK BLOCK…Vacant residential block of land 13 TIliqua Street, Roxby Downs approx 748m2 $35,000 - ph Michael on 0418 335 843.

EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT…Do you need extra cash? Are you teachable? Go to or call 8219 0151. SELF EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT…Work your own hours, be your own boss $25,000 worth of equipment for only $15,000 ono. If you have a driver’s licence this could be you phone 8671 0870.

Electrical Supervisor A position exists within our company for an Electrical Supervisor based at our Olympic Dam branch. Ideally the person selected will have extensive experience in Commercial, Industrial and Domestic installations. Experience in Communications and Data Cabling is desirable, although not essential. This role requires a self-motivated, well presented person with the ability to market the Company to attract additional electrical work within the mining industry, local community and businesses and surrounding pastrol region The successful applicant will be responsible for the day to day operations of our Olympic Dam electrical section and our Woomera Operations. They must be able to work unsupervised, possess strong communication skills, and have experience in completing projects in full with an emphasis on Quality, Safety and Environmental requirements. An attractive remuneration package is available for the right person. Applications and current CVs should be submitted to: Mr Cameron Thompson Cowell Electric Supply Pty Ltd PO Box 70 COWELL SA 5602 Email:

When the property market is as strong as what we see in Roxby Downs at the moment, it is important to ensure that your agent understands the local market and where it’s strenghths stands. Lin Andrews Real Estate employ local people who live in the town and understand it’s characteristics but also how the biggeer investment market impacts on Roxby. For a professional approach to Real Estate please phone on 8671 2000 or 0417 837 280 LICENCED AGENTS

OPEN INSPECTIONS Sunday, August 17 Noon - 1pm @ 26 Irrapatana St, Roxby Downs

FOR SALE BAR FRIDGE FRIDGE…170 litre bar fridge $160 ono phone Rob 8671 2490. MOTORBIKE MOTORBIKE…YZF 250, 2002 model, new tyres and paddle tyre, 2 new chains, 2 set of sprockets, full spares kit, spare set of plastics, bash plate, heaps of spares $6900 ono. Phone 8671 8497 or 8298 6734. UTE UTE...2000 Holden Rodeo V6, 5 speed manual, dual fuel, air conditioning, power steering, bull bar, tow bar, steel tray, builders rack, spotlights, side steps, work light 87,000kms $23,000 ono. Phone Greg on 8671 0825 or 0427 540 189 for more information.

HEALTH & BEAUTY GU ARANTEED RESUL TS GUARANTEED RESULTS TS…….Gain Energy, Control Stress, Lose Weight. To learn more phone Pat 0411 808 733 or visit

PUBLIC NOTICES AGM AGM…Roxby Downs Basketball Association AGM will be Tuesday September 16, 2003 at 7:30pm in the Recreation Centre Conference Room. All teams must be presented or a fine will be incurred. All welcome. AGM AGM…Roxby Downs State Emergency Services will hold its Annual General Meeting on Sunday September 7 at the Roxby Club at midday. For more information about the Roxby Downs SES, please contact Controller Scott Cheers phone 0419 811 705 or email

WANTED CAR P AR TS PAR ARTS TS…Any Toyota Celica 1970s parts, wheels or cars ring Rob 8671 8500 or 8671 2490. CAR P AR TS PAR ARTS TS…XD to XF door seal rubbers, reasonable condition phone Rob 8671 8500 or 8671 2490. CAR P AR TS PAR ARTS TS…For Holden HQ Sedan boot lock, the plate between lock and the catch phone Rob 8671 8500 or 8671 2490.

HOME SWEET HOME...This meticulouslydecorated home of three good size bedrooms is ready for you to walk in with nothing to do. A fibreglass pool and seperate spa bath surrounded by pattern pave concrete and covered by the pergola. Inspection a must! Asking price $208,000.

2pm-3pm @ 27 Arcoona St, Roxby Downs SURPRISE PACKAGE…This property has a few hidden extras! Three bedrooms, large lounge/dine, c/w reverse cycle air conditioner and ceiling fan, kitchen upgraded - all tastefully decorated, carpets and lino in very good condition. Set on a huge block and only a stone’s throw from Roxby Central. Inground spa under pergola area. The real bonus is the self contained flat out the back, lined and c/w three air conditioners. $188,500.

4pm-5pm @ 8 Gregory St, Roxby Downs INVESTMENT PROPERTY...Four bedrooms, two bathrooms (including ensuite) good size lounge/dining/kitchen, carpets throughout, lino and gas stove only 12 months old, gas heating, ducted evaporative air conditioning, enclosed paved pergola area with garden bed, outdoor blinds to front windows, low maintenance yard on automatic watering system, two years and three months to run on existing lease at $250 per week - $178,000.

Geoff Chick - 0417 816 738 Don’t trust just anyone with your valuable investment. Property Consultant Geoff Chick knows the local market and can help you get results!

THANK YOU BIKE BIKE…Thank you Peter at the Roxby Newsagent. I purchased my son’s bike boxed and paid cash and later discovered I bought it cheaper than the Adelaide price.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

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This community page is paid for by the Roxby Downs Council

Budget 2003/2004 - ‘Creating our Future - Mark 2 The Roxby Community is in the process of consolidating a unique future for all residents as it continues to expand the range of community economic development programs. Bill Boehm Council Administrator said today, “already The Monitor - Your Community Newspaper is on the streets”.“Youth, Tourism and Business Development initiatives are well underway as is the benefit of a full year’s operation of the Cultural Precinct which has successfully delivered an expanded array of leisure and cultural services.This year we are using this as a launching pad to continue to build the capacity of the community through the 2003/04 Council Budget - Creating our Future Mark 2.” Particular emphasis will program will also con- Sewerage Services will ball stadium. be placed on determining tinue. be delivered as separate To address a number of a vision for Roxby Downs New works include com- commercial businesses. anomalies that conand a newly-established pletion of roundabouts Major asset capital re- strain Council’s operaCommunity Board. in Hermit Street, upgrade placement projects to tion, various aspects of We will expand the array of the Richardson Place the Auditorium floor and the Roxby Downs (Inof tourism and business Streetscape plus foot- curtains, Recreation denture Ratification) initiatives and consoli- path and streetscaping. Centre air conditioning, Act 1982 will be redate our fledgling com- Traditional municipal and netball courts are viewed and any munity newspaper. changes incorporated service delivery and also planned. Council has a strong maintenance functions Importantly, Council’s into a long-term financommitment towards our such as roads, streets, Cultural and Leisure cial strategy. Youth. During the year a footpaths, parks and gar- facilities will continue to skateboard park will be dens and waste manage- be operated and maindeveloped and provi- ment will continue, with tained to the very high REDEVELOPMENT.. sion made for a contribu- an expanded effort in the standard that the comThe site of the tion towards a new Youth southern subdivision munity expects, with miRichardson Place Centre. area. nor improvements to Streetscape A modest capital works Electricity Water and the theatre and basketRedevelopment.

ADOPTION OF VALUATION AND DECLARATION OF RATES NOTICE is hereby given that the Municipal Council of Roxby Downs, for the financial year ending 30 June 2004, and in exercise of the powers contained in Chapter 10 of the Local Government Act 1999, and the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982, adopted the following resolutions: Adoption of Valuation 1. The rates assessed on rateable land in the area of the Council will be based on the capital value of land for all rateable land. 2. Pursuant to Section 167(2)(a) of the Local Government Act the most recent valuations of the Valuer General available to the Council of the capital value of land within the Council’s area be adopted, totaling $212,374,600. Fixed Charge A fixed charge of $150 is imposed in respect of each separate piece of rateable land in the Council area. Declaration of Differential General Rates Differential General Rates are declared in accordance with the use of the land in accordance with the differentiating factors specified at Regulation 10 of the Local Government (General) Regulations 1999 as follows:1. Residential Land – a differential rate of 0.4925 cents in the dollar on the capital value of such land. 2. Commercial Shops, Commercial Offices, Commercial Other – a differential rate of 0.8975 cents in the dollar on the capital value of such land 3. Industrial Light, Industrial Other, Primary Production and Other – a differential rate of 0.8250 cents in the dollar on the capital value of such land. 4. Vacant Land – a differential rate of 0.4925 cents in the dollar on the capital value of such land. Service Charges A service charge of $110 is imposed upon each separate piece of rateable land to which the Council makes available a collection, treatment and disposal of domestic waste service. W J BOEHM ADMINISTRATOR Dated, April 8, 2003

BUDGET...As per normal practice, a summary of Council’s budget will be sent to all ratepayers. Copies of budget documents are available from Council on request. Page 16 - Thursday, August 14, 2003

Where Do Your Rates Go?

RATES...Ever thought about where your ‘Municipal Rates’ go? Pictured is an approximate breakdown for every $100 spent of rate revenue. Figures are approximate and intended as a guide to illustrate the areas of ‘nett’ Municipal expenditure to which rates are applied. Operations for Roxby Power and Roxby Water are excluded. Council’s Municipal rate revenue of $1,283,800 is a combination of a fixed charge and differential rating for all rateable properties, plus a fixed service rate for the collection, treatment and disposal of refuse collected from residential properties. For every $100 of rate revenue, WMC and the State Government combine to provide a similar contribution through Municipal deficit support. The above costs compare very favourably with a number of other Municipalities. Roxby Downs has the highest taxable income in the state but one of the lowest average rates.

In addressing the levels of rating, Council took into consideration ‘interalia’ the strategic development of the town as well as the impact of rates on businesses in the Council area. Council, in conjunction with the State Government and WMC Resources has recognised the need to ensure that local residents make a contribution that, over time, reduces the Municipal deficit and is consistent with resident incomes. Critically, Council has been requested to provide

a “strong rating effort.” As a result, Council has decided to increase the overall rate revenue by 9.8 per cent, which is moderately higher than the Adelaide March Quarter CPI of 5.5 per cent. Given the extent of our subsidy and the fact that Roxby Downs has the highest taxable income in the state but one of the lowest average rates, this increase is considered reasonable. In addition, Council faces higher than normal operating costs due to our remote location and need to

maintain regional standard facilities on a small rate base. A domestic rubbish collection will continue to be provided to residential properties at a cost of $110 per annum. “Residents should note that during the year property valuations have increased on average between 10 and 16 per cent,” Bill Boehm Council Administrator said. “However, changes to actual individual property rates will depend on individual property valuations and the differential rates adopted.”

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Unlike most Local Government Authorities in South Australia, Council operates the utilities ROXBY POWER (Electricity) and ROXBY WATER (Water and Sewerage), as well as the normal Municipal Council functions. Budget should therefore be viewed as three separate entities with both utilities operating on a commercial basis. Under the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982, ROXBY POWER is not permitted to make a profit, but can direct any excess income into its asset replacement fund. Profits from ROXBY WATER however, do support the Municipality. The State Government and WMC equally

meet the deficit on Municipal Operations. Over the last 12 months Council has been negotiating with the State Government and WMC to provide some certainty into its ‘Municipal deficit support’. As a result, Council has been able to obtain a commitment to deficit support of $1050k per annum over three years, subject to a re-

view of its rating efforts. To minimise financial impact on the community this constraint is being managed by carrying forward the overall financial result at the end of the year by way of a rolling program. In this way projects that are required now can effectively be funded over time.

2003/2004 Roxby Downs Council Budget Summary Summary Expenditure Income NetResult

Municipal $ 4,832,472 (3,579,580) 1,252,892Deficit

ROXBY WATER...Three years ago Council undertook an extensive policy review of the methods for pricing for water and sewerage services. As a result a user-pays approach has been adopted. WATER PRICES...Under the Indenture Act WMC is required to provide potable water to Council at a set cost. Over the past three years the cost of water purchases has increased to around $1.12 per kilolitre. Council then chlorinates, distributes and retails to township consumers. With the advent of higher prices and a user pays approach, the amount of revenue derived from water sales has fallen. Mindful of the impact on the community, Council is in the process of reviewing current charges to ensure that as a commercial business there are adequate returns on investment to ‘municipal shareholders’.

RoxbyPower $ 2,169,337 (2,343,588) (184,251)Surplus

RoxbyWater $ 1,716,561 (1,816,441) (99,880)Surplus

It is expected that this will be completed during 2003 and any changes commence in 2004. As a result there is no immediate change to current water charges which apply to all properties in the Roxby Downs Township. Current prices are set per access unit per quarter. Minimum $42.50 First 34 kl $1.25 per kl 34 - 150 kl $1.60 per kl Over 150 kl (residential) $2.30 per kl Over 150 kl (industrial & commercial) $1.76 per kl SEWERAGE PRICES...Sewerage charges from 1 July 2003 increased by 6.9 per cent to $77 per property unit per quarter. For residential premises, this is currently less than charges that are applied by SA Water in Country South Australia.

Snapshot 2003/2004 During 2003/04 Council will be undertaking a number of initiatives and works. The following is a snapshot of those proposed. Capital Works Council’s capital works program is funded with substantial grant funding ($264k); with significant contribution for asset maintenance works from Council’s financial reserves. $300,000 Township Street Reseal Program $110,000 Construction of new skateboard track $130,000 Construction of new Youth Centre. $25,000 Netball Courts resurfacing & marking $100,000 Replace Auditorium floor $80,000 Recreation Centre air conditioning $3,700 Stadium 1 safety nets $8,000 Netball courts landscaping $10,000 Beach volleyball court $15,000 Auditorium curtains $8,000 Film preparation equipment $20,000 Auditorium tables & chairs $110,000 Southern Subdivision footpath & landscaping $12,500 Bike plan & street furniture $4,000 New street furniture $80,000 Hermit Street roundabouts $70,000 Richardson place streetscape Operational Works A significant portion of Council’s traditional Municipal service delivery and maintenance functions involve roads, streets, footpaths, parks and gardens and waste management. Significant ‘nett’ expenditures include the following: $400,000 Sport & Recreation $170,000 Swimming $148,000 Ovals $235,000 Footpaths & Streetscaping $166,000 Parks & Gardens. $206,000 Waste Management $20,000 Roads & Streets In addition, various important ‘Creating Our Future’ community economic development works will continue as follows: $12,500 Strategic Financial Analysis $18,500 Tourism Development & Retail Marketing $35,000 Youth Development Program $20,000 Tourism initiatives support and signage $10,000 Regional Tourism Marketing Authority Support. $17,400 NRDB contribution & business support $20,000 Monitor Community Newspaper $12,000 Community Board support & expenses $12,500 Community Website $5,000 Development of welcome strategy $4,000 Underwriting Roxby Fringe Festival

ROXBY POWER...Council’s power requirements are obtained off the National Electricity Grid from WMC Resources. Council is licensed under the Electricity Act as a Retail and Distribution Authority. Under the Indenture Act, Council is exempt from the National Electricity Market. Prices have remained at current levels that were set largely in line with those AGL tariffs that applied in Adelaide in 2002. However, while these are now approximately 25 per cent below current Adelaide prices this situation cannot be guaranteed to remain. Electricity Tariffs (including GST) to continue as follows: ElectricityTariff

Supply Charge $

Supply Rate cents per kw/hr


Domestic Light & Power




Charitable Institutions




Off Peak Hot Water




General Supply


16.64 (first 7500 kw/hr per qtr) 16.21 (next 150,000 per qtr) 13.13 (additional)

D&N General Supply Time of Use


17.54 (7am to 9pm) 8.12 (other times)

INVITATION - Business Forum The Roxby Downs Business Forum will further raise its profile with a dinner meeting planned for August 26, 2003. The venue chosen for this inaugural dinner is the Roxby Downs Tavern. Further dinner meetings will be held at other available venues in the future. Representatives from all businesses within Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Woomera are invited to attend. The dinner will commence at 7.30pm with a complimentary drink on arrival. Cost is $16 per person. This meeting provides great opportunities for networking, informing and exchanging information and experiences, resulting in the general promotion of successful business practice. Agenda items for discussion include ‘Plastic Bags – the environment and your business’, as well as the Justice Access Referral Program. Each business has an opportunity to advance their business profile during the ‘Two Minute Grab’. “Lively discussion usually takes place, always with the objective of working together to achieve positive results for not only the residents of Roxby Downs and neighbouring towns, but also for tourists and visitors to our region” said Chairman, Bob Stainer. If you would like to attend, please contact Council Reception on 8671 0010 by 20 August. New business representatives are always welcome - contact can be made with Margaret Anchor at the Council offices for more information.

Key Budget Factors In preparation of the 2003/2004 Budget, various key factors were addressed. These included: " Completion of various one off projects identified in 2003/2004 but as yet not completed. " Increased operating costs due to inflation, (March Qtr CPI of 5.5 per cent in Adelaide), " Increased maintenance areas " High costs due to our remote location and high “regional” standard of our facilities. " Internal Loan servicing costs of $200k associated with 2001/02 construction of a second basketball stadium. " State Government financial constraints. " Decline in Roxby Water’s income from water sales. " Impact of increased water and electricity costs on consumers " Reducing our reliance on the State Government and WMC Resources. " Meeting State Government requirements for a “strong rating effort.” " Review of Council’s Asset Maintenance Reserve.

Dog Registration Reminder Residents are reminded that dog registrations are due for renewal by August 31 2003. Dogs may be registered at the Council Office, Richardson Place, between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. All dogs over three months of age and kept in Roxby Downs and Olympic Dam must be registered. Fees: Standard (non desexed) $20 Standard (desexed) $10 Pensioner concessions are available on application.



2003/2004 Council Budget - The Basics

This community page is paid for by the Roxby Downs Council

Works in Progress Footpaths have been re-established on Pioneer Drive. Bin enclosure at the Rec Centre is under construction. Upcoming Events Advance notice for first quarterly rates payments for the new financial year - Accounts will be issued in August for payment in September. Dog Registrations Are now due for renewal – please register your dog before August 31. Tourism Forum Copies of Reports of the Roxby Downs Tourism Forum are available at the Council offices and the Cultural Precinct Visitor Information Centre. Council Documents Copies of the Council Budget are available at the Council office. Opal Road Landfill Opening Hours Tuesdays, 8am to 12 noon, Thursdays 1pm to 5pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm. Out of hours access call 08 8671 1154 Council Office Hours Monday to Friday.—9am to 5pm

Incorporating ROXBY POWER (Electricity Supply) ROXBY WATER (Water & Sewerage Services) Richardson Place PO Box 124 Roxby Downs SA 5725 Ph - 08 8671 0010 Fx - 08 8671 0452 Email - After Hours Emergency Contact Ph - 0418 892 870 - Your Community Website THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, August 14, 2003 - Page 17

What’s Happening at the Cultural Precinct? COMEDY…Nationally-renowned comedians Scared Weird Little Guys will be appearing at Roxby Downs Auditorium on Sunday, August 31. Doors and bar open at 6.45pm, show starts 7.30pm. Tickets cost $25, or

$20 for students. This show is rated PG so bring the whole family along for a fun night filled with lots of laughs. Tickets are available now from the Cultural Precinct.

PRIZES...We have double passes to the Scared Weird Little Guys comedy show to give away this issue, courtesy of Michelle Wild Entertainment and the Cultural Precinct. Get creative and drop us off a ‘portrait’ of your Dad - in any medium - and you could win him a great night out full of laughs. Just drop your entry into The Monitor office before Friday, August 22, along with your name and phone contact.

Read Books to Raise Money for School ROXBY DOWNS...RDAS Read-a-thon is an again for 2003, from August 18, 2003, to September 12. Money collected and sponsorship forms will need to be returned to school between September 15 and September 18, 2003. Taking part in this year’s read-a-thon is not only fun - it’s good for you!

Read books of your own choice at your own level and pace. Money raised will go towards school resources. Sponsorship may be in the form of a single donation or per book basis. Keep a look out for Read-a-thon registration forms, as they will be coming out very soon.

Church Times


St Barbara’s Catholic Church – Roxby Downs Saturday evening 6pm Sunday morning 9am Andamooka Catholic Church Sunday 11am – first and third Sunday of every month St Michael’s Catholic Church – Woomera Sunday 5pm – all denominations welcome Roxby Downs Lutheran Church Sunday 10.30am and Sunday School – 9.30am Roxby Downs Christian Community Church Sunday 10am Andamooka Community Church Sunday 2pm Assemblies of God Phone Pastor Bruce 0427 663 033 or Gay 8671 0573

Ph - 8671 2683

ROXBY DOWNS...Roxby Downs Area School will celebrate Children’s Book Week next week, from August 18, to August 22. “This week is set aside to celebrate the hard work of children’s authors and illustrators over five different categories,” Librarian Mandy Kerby said. Six books are short-listed under the following categories: " Children’s Book of the Year: Older Readers " Children’s Book of the Year: Younger Readers " Children’s Book of the Year: Early Childhood " Picture Book of the Year " Eve Pownall Award for Information Books The winners of each category are published in the Saturday Advertiser at the end of the week. Books from each category will be on display in the Roxby Downs Community Library during this week. To celebrate book week on a local scale the library staff will run competitions, lunchtime activities and the library will host a magnificent display. The following competitions will be on during Book Week: " Shell identification - Years 3-9. " Count how many sea creatures - Years R-9. " Island search - Years 5-9. " Word find - Years R-2, 3-6 and 7-9. " Jumbled words years 1-3, 4-9 " Voting for Book of the Year. " Colouring competition - Years R-2, 3-6 and 7-9. The following lunchtime activities will be running during Book Week: " Throw the pearl into the clam. " Magnetic fishing game. " Paper folding fish. " Touchy-feely treasure chest. " Wiggly Bay video – dancing and singing. " Sea creature twister. " Boat rides. “Please come in and celebrate Book Week with the whole family,” Mrs Kerby said. “And have fun!”

Book Week August 18 - August 24 Your Local Library Race Day Calcutta Mars Viewing Barbecue Friday, August 15 Roxby Downs Club Saturday, August 30 Ph - 8671 0117 Baker Observatory, Woomera Champagne Chicken Breakfast Ph - 8673 7042. Saturday, August 16 Blader Jam Richardson Place Median Strip Roxby Cultural Precinct Ph - 0408 267 358 Saturday, September 6 RDAS Market Day Ph - 8671 0500 Saturday, August 16 Roxby Downs, Richardson Plc September Ph - 8671 0011 Onesteel Outback Cup RFDS Auction & Golf Day Saturday, August 16 Roxby Downs Golf Course Roxby Downs Race Course Saturday, September 13 Ph - 0407779272 Ph - 8671 0336 Roxby Race Day Ball Show and Shine Roxby Downs Tavern Roxby Shopping Centre Saturday, August 16 Saturday, September 20 Ph - 8671 2859 Ph - 8671 0071



BOOK WEEK IN ROXBY Roxby Tree Planting Day

Snake Workshops Open to Public ROXBY DOWNS...Adelaide snake expert Geoff Coombe will visit Roxby Downs in October to undertake snake catcher training for WMC staff in the coming months. If there is enough interest, an additional workshop may be held for interested people in the general community. There is a limit of 16 places on the workshop which will run for one day from 8am to 4.30pm. The workshop covers snake biology, ecology and behaviour, first aid and catching and handling techniques including both theory and practical components. The cost of the workshop will depend on the number of people who attend, but is estimated at $75 to $120. To register your interest please contact Kelli-Jo Kovac on 8671 8656 or email If enough interest is received the workshop will go ahead, on a ‘first-in first-served’ basis, with interested people needing to secure their positions by paying their fees. Following on from the success of previous years, a ‘Snake Information Evening’ will be held for the general public. This is an opportunity for all residents or Roxby Downs, young and not-so-young, to learn more about the creatures we share our homes with. For more information about Geoff Coombe visit the ‘Living with Wildlife’ website

October & beyond WMC Open Day Saturday, October 25 Ph - 8671 8361 Postie Bike Charity Rally Sunday, October 26 Roxby Downs to Birdsville Ph - 8671 0461 Roxby Downs Christmas Pageant Saturday, December 6 Ph - 8671 0277

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Sunday, August 31 BOOK NOW! Ph - 8671 2001 Page 18 - Thursday, August 14, 2003

ROXBY DOWNS…Roxby Tree Day will be held on October 12 at the Pine Crescent playground. Come along and help plant trees, supplied by Roxby Downs Council and the WMC (Olympic Dam) nursery, and help beautify one of our local playgrounds. The focus of the day will be on planting Western Myall trees, many of which have died out locally due to an unprecedented white-fly outbreak in the past decade. Groups and individuals can register to help on the day by phoning Christy Olditch at Roxby Downs Council – 8671 0010.

Sat & Sun - 11am

Fri, August 15 - Tues, August 19 Fri, Sun & Tues - 8pm

Sat & Sun - 2pm

Fri, Aug 15 - Mum’s & Bubs - 12.30pm Mon, Aug 18 - Girls’Night Out - 8pm

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BMX World Hopes Dashed Six-year-old BMX bandit Eden Cooper, of Roxby Downs, was balked in her world titles hopes last month following a collarbone injury and concussion in a revolving door on the eve of the competition. Eden, 6, made the semifinals in the PacificOceania Championships on July 19 and 20, the week before the world titles in Perth. Brothers Ethan, 11, and Reece, 9, also competed in the PacificOceania titles but were able to clock up the same consistent placings as their little sister. “Eden was fourth in all her races except the last where she came sixth,” mum Kathy said. “I saw her walk through the curtains after placing sixth in that last race and she was crying because she knew she wouldn’t take home a plate.” During registration for the world championships, however, Eden was trapped in a revolving door at the stadium and received a concussion and broken

WORLD HOPES DASHED..Eden Cooper, 6, competed alongside brothers Ethan, 11, and Reece, 9, in the PacificOceania Championships at Perth last month. However, a collarbone injury dashed her dreams of taking a world title on Australian dirt the following week. collarbone. “She knew straight away - she was crying and she didn’t want to go to the doctors because she knew she wouldn’t be able to race,” Kathy said. Eden was so upset by her inability to compete that she refused to watch her

own age group race. That didn’t stop her being trackside for big brother Ethan’s ‘ Cruiser’ and ’20-inch’ races though. Ethan, who originally missed out on an automatic placing in Australia’s top 30 racers by just one placing, was

once more pipped in the heats by just one point. More than 1700 young riders competed in the world UMI BMX Championships. Next year’s world championships will be hosted in the Netherlands.

Desert Dirt Kart Meeting Desert Dirt Kart’s second August race meeting for 2003 turned out to be a top day with a good attendence of drivers and supporters. The meeting was sponsored by Little Rascals Child Care Centre. First up the Juniors, who are all now off their P-plates and in the draw for pole position in every race. Duncan Atkins was off pole, but the two strokes made it clear he wasn’t to be there long. In the Juniors, Jonty Dear was knocked off on the first corner, with Antonio Olivastri following in the same a bit later in the race. Ben Roulstone shot ahead of Daniel Olivastri, and went on to finish with a first place with Daniel second and Duncan third. Race 2 put Antonio off pole, and as always the 2 strokes sorted out their positions very quickly, with Ben first, Daniel second and Jonty third. Race 3 saw Daniel off pole, the race started well, but lost a few drivers by the end. With Daniel first place, Jonty second and Duncan third Race 4 had Jonty off pole, but during the race, his throttle cable broke, due to a slight airborne incident at the start of the race, and he did not finish. Ben went on to win the race, with Daniel second and Duncan third. In the final race for the Juniors Daniel took pole, as he had accumulated the most points for the day. A bit of jostling at the start and it was on. Antonio misjudged the speed into a corner and off the track he went. The race went on with Daniel and Ben fighting it out for first position, eventually with Ben winning the race Daniel second and Jonty third. Overall positions for the day: Daniel Olivastri first, Ben Roulstone second, Duncan Atkins third, Jonty Dear fourth and Antonio Olivastri fifth. The KT100 Mediums had Helen Smith off pole for the first race but coming into the second corner, Brian Algie took a high speed risk, cutting on the inside off Brett Atkins. And yes, you guessed it, the risk was disastrous. Brett got going again (amazingly) and Helen somehow got caught up in it all and stopped. Brian was left there wondering why didn’t it come off? Kim Rodda went on to win first place with Brett second and newcomer Ron Degioia third. Race 2 had Brett off pole with not much changing throughout the race. Brett won first, Brian second and Kim third. Race 3 saw Kim off pole, with Brett passing Brian, then Kim with not much changing. Brett first, Kim

second and Brian third. Race 4 Brian off pole, with Kim taking Brian on the inside, due to a misjudged corner, and going out wide. Brett was hot on the tail but in the end Kim won the race with Brian second and Brett third and Ron pipping out Helen for fourth place. In the final, Brett was off pole position, he led the race until the last lap when silence reigned, and his motor stopped (seized). Kim managed to hook up on the rear of Brian’s kart, and had a free ride for a quarter of a lap. When Brian finally shook him off by trying to head him for the tyre wall, he was off the race line for the big corner. And somehow Kim was there to take him on the inside and win the race. With Brian second , Helen third and Ron fourth. Overall positions for the day - Kim Rodda first, Brett Atkins third, Brian Algie third with Helen Smith and Ron Degioia equal fourth. The KT100 Heavies - a great turn out here and with some of the best closest racing all day, along with some biffing and bashing. Race 1 had Jeff Redjepi on pole, with Chris (big fella) Horewood overtaking in the third lap and finishing first, Martin Budz and John Jagodnik (hard to say) had problems with their Karts and did not finish at all. Jeff came in second and Gavin Maxwell third. Race 2 had Gavin off pole with Chris and Jeff fighting it out to pass him. They did pass him and raced closely till the end, with Jeff coming first, Chris second and Gavin third. Race 3 had Chris off pole and that’s how it finished, Chris first, Jeff second, Gavin third. Race 4 saw Gavin off pole, (good draw that, Gavin) with 4 karts going into the first corner side by side. It was all on for 5 laps of the race, settling out with Chris first, Jeff second, Gavin third. This was a really exciting race, and probably the best they have produced yet. The final had Chris on pole position. He led all the way without competition, as Gavin And Jeff got caught up in a corner and DNF. Martyn did not start as he had blown his motor in the previous race (a definite candidate for the mean lean blown machine trophy). So the end result was Chris first with John second. Overall positions for the day: Chris Horewood first, Jeff Redjepi second , Gavin Maxwell third, John Jagodnik fourth and Martyn Budz fifth. Many thanks to the ambulance for turning up every race meet, and Jackie and Tracy in the canteen.

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V8 ACE...Steve Richards will be opening the new Roxby Downs Beaurepaires store on Friday, August22.

V8 Supercar Racer in Roxby V8 Supercar ace Steve Richards is racing to Roxby Downs for the opening of the new Beaurepaires store on Friday, August 22. Richards will be appearing at the store from 2.30pm-4pm as part of an afternoon of festivities. A sausage sizzle and refreshments will be served and visitors will be in the running for prizes such as an autographed Adelaide Crows jersey or Dunlop merchandise. Richards pilots a Holden Commodore for Castrol Perkins Racing and is a frontrunner in the V8 Supercar Championship. Racing-mad Roxby Downs will have an unprecedented opportunity to get up close to a ‘V8 Superstar’ whilst inspecting the new facility. Like all Beaurepaires stores, Roxby Downs features a comprehensive range of tyres, wheels, and batteries, backed by exceptional customer service and knowledgeable advice from a team of tyre experts. The Roxby Downs store has been open three months already, fine tuning its

range to offer a unique service to the local community. Unlike mechanics that sell tyres on the side, Beaurepaires offers the biggest range of tyres and rims in Roxby Downs. It also boasts a brand new four-head wheel aligner, the only one of its kind in the area. This means the store offers the most specialised, comprehensive tyre service for you’ll find in Roxby Downs. Additionally, the range at the store has been tailored to include truck and earth mover tyres. During its three-month ‘soft launch’ period, Beaurepaires Roxby Downs has listened to the needs of the local community and is now ready to formally welcome residents with the opening festivities. Beaurepaires is Australia’s largest tyre retailer carrying a complete range of Dunlop, Goodyear and major brand truck tyres.. Beaurepaires Roxby Downs is located at 4 Gosse Street and is open from 8am5pm weekdays and 8am-11am Saturday.

SPECIALISED TYRE MANAGEMENT Charlton Road Olympic Dam Ph - 8671 1096

Mobil Truck Stop Port Augusta Ph - 8671 0250 August 2003 Specials

KUMHO 205/4R16 $163.05 kUMHO 225/50R16 $167.30 KUMHO 235/45R17 $199.50 MRF 185R14 $83.00 BARUM 185/70R13 $64.35 BARUM 205/65R15 One Only HANCOCK 185r15 $83.00 COOPER 285/75R16 $314.21 COOPER 215/75R15 $150.00 FEDERAL 205/65R15 $85.00 FEDERAL 215/65R14 $87.00

Roxby’s Only Independent Tyre Dealer! Thursday, August 14, 2003 - Page 19

Woomera and Districts Football League Saturday August 2, 2003

Saturday, August 19, 2003

Olympic Dam 14. 15 (99) defeated Roxby Districts 4.6 (30) Olympic Dam Best Players - A Balnaves, A McEvoy, A Howie Olympic Dam Goal Kickers - D Nicholls 5, S Montgomerie 3, J Payne 2, M Turner 2, A Balnaves, D Couzner 1. Roxby Districts Best Players - M Young, N Backhouse, M Doyle. Roxby Districts Goal Kickers - A Clarke 1, A Burton 1, P Clarke 1, S Ryan 1. Andamooka 27.16 (178) defeated Hornridge 5.6 (36) Andamooka Best Players - K Willliams, A Carter, J Perkins Andamooka Goal Kickers - K Williams 13, M Humphries 5, D Gates 3, B Stevens 2, C Phelps 1, S Pearce 1, S Fitzgerald 1, C Williams 1. Hornridge Best players - R Gander, C Hodgetts, A Watkins Hornridge Goal Kickers - M Gow 2, R Flegg 1, S Gow, A Rigden 1.

Roxby Districts 11.12 (78) defeated Hornridge 8.13(61) Best players for Roxby 1st J Orr, 2nd K Spencer, 3rd M Daddow Goal kickers for Roxby K Spencer 3 goals, S Riddle 3 goals, M Daddow 2 goals, J Rose, J Orr, and N Backhouse all 1 goal. Best players for Hornridge 1st R Gordon, 2nd D Male, 3rd S Gow. Goal kickers for Hornridge J McCarthy 4 goals, C Lavrick 2 goals, R Gander 1 goal, 1 goal unknown Andamooka 15.13 (103) defeated Olympic Dam 9.10 (64) Best players for Andamooka 1st D Grantham, 2nd A Diekman, 3rd J Perkins Goal kickers for Andamooka K Williams 7 goals, M Lukich 5 goals, C Phelps, M Humphrys and D Semmler all 1 goal. Best players for OD 1st A Balnaves, 2nd D Couzner, 3rd A Howie Goal kickers for OD B Hornhardt 3 goals, M Bourke 3 goals, A Balnaves, W Feltus and S Montgomerie all 1 goal

ROUND 15 - Sunday, August 17, 2003 Noon - OD v Hornridge 2.30pm Andamooka v Roxby Districts

Woomera Darts League Individual Stats - After Round 19 Highest Pegout Score Date Joe Blatchford 119 30/4 Merran Tschirpig 80 5/3 Dave Nicholls 99 25/6 High Score Greg Budden 200 29/5 Shane Adams 200 9/4 , 11/6 Andy Searle 200 11/6,23/7 Julie Wright 141 5/3 Brodie Jarvis 174 12/3 180s Greg Budden 29/5 Shane Adams 9/4 , 11/6 Andy Searle 11/6 Top 3 Aggies Leaders Men’s - Shane Adams 9238,Greg Budden 8142, Ian Connell 7480. Women’s - Ros Harris 5398, Mellissa Crane 3025, Marg Surman 2884. Juniors - Brody Jarvis 2929, Dave Nichols 2739, Tyson Norton 2352. Team Aggies Golf Club 31406 WSC Royals 22348 RSL Bias 20185 RSL Bowls 20141 WSC Blue 12370 Village White 10744 Koolymilka 10312 BAE 10031 Pimba 9200 With just nine rounds to go, we need to think about presentation night. Could all players that are in possession of perpetual trophies please return them either to the RSL or the Sports club in the next few weeks.

Woomera Bowling Report The Woomera R&SL Bowling Club is located off Bool St ,Woomera, and is open Weekdays from 5pm and from 2pm on Saturdays. Visitors and residents of Woomera and Roxby Downs who are not members are most welcome to drop in for a relaxing afternoon. What a busy week it has been with the sending off of Megan Crook. It all started Thursday night with an apparently quiet cocktail evening, which continued on to the small hours. Friday night saw a lamb spit with many locals showing up to wish Meagan farewell. Best of luck ‘Crookey’ with your new job, you will be missed around the RSL. Lawn Bowls was played on Sunday due to the Woomera Open. A large attendance was present despite the blustery conditions and all were in good spirits. Terry Whitworth opened the bowls season with the customary roll of the first jack going to “guess who’s mums got a whirlpool” McKenzie. Michael Ingold had the honor of rolling the first bowl of the season due to his impressive bowling last week. Four rinks were operative with a great afternoon’s competition organised by Terry Whitworth. The winners of the afternoons comp was the team of Graham, Darryl & Terry who all went home with an RSL beer mug. Many new shiny bowls and bags were spotted on Sunday and I think the polishing towels and grippo got a hell of a workout! Frank Woolfe Woomera R&SL Bowling Club

Page 20 - Thursday, August 14, 2003

PRELIMINARY FINAL - Saturday, August 23, 2003 2pm - Team 2 vs Team 3

Great Efforts in Junior Football Roxby Under 13s and Under 16s travelled to Woomera to play Round 11 under lights. Tom Blackie and his dedicated helpers, all of Woomera knew it was going to be a chilly night and had the fire buckets ablaze and barbecue at the ready for an entertaining night of football. The under 13s kicked off the night with a good even contest. Although scores were not submitted the results was one that could have gone either way. In such an evenly matched game it would be no surprise to see either team claiming victory or maybe a fitting result would be a draw. Some of the better players on the night were C. Burran, J. Hombsch, D. Vanzatti and the Skinner brothers. No player was disgraced with everyone contributing to an excellent game appreciated by all supporters. As the night grew colder the Under 16s took to the field but it wasn’t long and the players forgot about the weather. The first quarter saw a good paced and evenly contested game with Razorbacks leading at the first break by 9 points. The second and third terms saw the Dragons chasing Jumpers with some undisciplined acts by both sides creeping into the game. Several players were spoken to by the umpires and told to control their overzealous egos and do what they are meant to do, that is play football. Three quarter time saw a commanding lead to the Razorback’s by 10 goals. To the Dragons’ credit they tried to make a game out of it in the final quarter but finished 13 goals behind. For the Razorback’s side Cody Kenny and Ricky Keller seemed to have the ball on a magnet, kicking six goals each. The midfield players in Brett Chesson and Mark Freeth providing their forwards with good skills made it so much easier. Steven Kaminski’s marking and goal kicking improved with each game. Boro Nedelkovic toiled hard against the more experienced Dragons ruckmen Cody Gaitor and Aaron Watkins are also worthy of a mention. Not to be outdone was Luke Button of the Dragons who displayed an excellent exhibition of overhead

marking and goal kicking. Finishing with three for the game Stuart Ferenci, Tyson Norton and Nigel Burton were amongst the Dragons’ better players. With only tow games left to play before the grand final it is a timely reminder for the players and coaches to keep the on field emotions in check. No one wants to see a player miss out on final glory due to a stupid indiscretion. To the coaches/team managers please fill in the score sheets that have been provided to you so the results of your matches can be printed by the press. Robert Paxton Friday, August 8 Under 16s Dragons 6 goals 8 behinds Razorbacks 19 goals and 9 behinds Goal Scorers - Dragons- L. Button 3, M. Castle 1, S. Ferenci 1, N. Burton 1 Razorbacks- R. Keller 6, C. Kenny 6, M. Freeth 2, S. Kaminski 2, B. Bowes 1, S. Castle 1, S. Crafter-King 1 Best Players - Dragons- L. Button, M. Riggs, S. Ferenci, M. Weaver, T. Norton Razorbacks- C. Kenny, R. Keller, W. Parker, B. Chesson, M. Freeth. Saturday August 2, 2003 Under 13s Hawks 5.4 (34) defeated Bulldogs 4.4 (28) Hawks Best Players – K Zeptner, D Vanzati, N McPhail, C Skinner, D Ironside Hawks Goal Kickers – T Paull 2, J Cunningham 1, L Munroe 1, K Zeptner 1. Bulldogs Best Player – B Halliman, J Kruger, B Ley, C Burran, T Cox Bulldogs Goal Kickers –K Reynolds 2, J Hombsch 1, T Cox 1. Under 16s Razorback 14.7 (91) defeated Dragons 5.4 (34) Razorbacks Best Players – R Flegg, B Hansford, R Keller, S Crafter-King, G GGarth RazorbackGoal Kickers – R Keller 5, B Hansford 3, R Flegg 3, S Castle 1, C Whittaker 1 Dragons Best Players – G Gaitor, B Elson, M Castle, T Roberts, M Rigg Dragons Goal Kickers – M Rigg 2, S Rogers 1, B Elson 1, T Roberts 1.

SASSSA Football On Wednesday, August 6, 2003, 17 Year 8/9 students traveled to Port Augusta for the Regional SASSSA Football Competition. The team included Brody Elson, Stuart Ference, Ryan Shields, Shayne Gloede, Todd Roberts, Ben Hansford, Shaun Freeth, Nathan Granger, Shaun Taylor, Jared Tegen, Jack Orr, Regan Lynch, Mako Nedelkovic, Boro Nedelkovic, Cody Kenny, Steven Kaminski, Shannon Castle and Scott Rogers (who, unfortunately, was ill on the day). The team played against St Marks from Port Pirie in the first game, playing well in the first half but fading in the second half to lose by three goals. In the second game against Whyalla the team was again defeated by a similar margin but there were some great efforts on the day. Thanks to Kim Elson and Joel Roberts for coaching the team, Mr Cojocea for assisting with team management and Jeff Bennie for driving the bus.

Woomera Open Attracts Regional Field Last Saturday was the Woomera Open, which was played in magnificent winter conditions. Congratulations go out to this year’s Open winners in Robin Passmore and James Daley who finished with 70 off the stick for a net 63.75, other winners were: Open runners up Andy Searle and Simon Richardson 71 gross for a net 61.25, 18 hole handicap Lyle Duncan and Joe Blatchford 72 gross for a net 58, 18 hole handicap runners up Mick McDonald and Wally Broome 73 gross for a net 60.75, front nine stroke Chris Pillar and Trevor Staines 73 gross for a net 65.75, back nine stroke Mark Owen and Andrew Tieste 75 gross for a net 67, front nine handicap D Gibson and Hayden Daley 76 gross for a net 62.75, back 9 handicap Neville Beckman and Dave Noble 74 gross for a net 65.5 and this years NAGA award goes to Murray Tschirpig and

TEE-OFF...First team to tee-off in Woomera Open at the weekend. Peter Rocco with 101 gross for a net 85.5. On the individual awards, longest drive on the third went to Wally Broome, longest drive on the twelfth to Trevor Staines, straightest drive on the fourth to Neville Beckman, nearest to pin on fifth to James Daley and nearest to pin on the eleventh to Bob McKenzie. The Calcutta was a hotly-contested affair with

Lyle Duncan picking up first prize of $250 and Wally Broome took out second and third prizes for a total of $250 also and Andy Searle won the NAGA prize of $80. This Sunday’s competition is a stableford event with tee-off time at 8am. Well that’s all the jibber for another week. The Pasty Putter

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Skills Clinics for Young Tennis Students Students from throughout the region served up a heap of fun during Tennis SA’s annual ‘tennis in schools’ program. Regional Development Coach Andrew Thomson, provided intensive skills clinics to students from the four local primary schools this month. Students were provided with racquets, balls and lessons ranging from basic handling of a racquet to game tactices. These clinics have led to as many as 50 local children taking on after-school lessons - prompting new interest in revitalising the Roxby Downs junior tennis scene.

“We’re looking to form some kind of committee to administer local tennis, particularly junior tennis,” Thomson said. “The ‘tennis in schools’ programs allows us to give students a taste of tennis - keeping the clinics affordable and accessible. “But now we’ve caught their interest and started them down the road, we need to make sure there’s somewhere for them to go locally.” Thomson will host a series of tennis clinics in the first week of September school holidays. Bookings can be made through the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre - ph 8671 0500.

NEW RACQUET...Tennis clinic participants Jessica Katzorke, 9, Brendan Folwell, 10, Shyane Rabone, 10, and Alex Wissell, 10, serving up some fun.

WORK FROM HOME! Who hasn’t dreamt of working from home? Making a secure income with a retirement nest egg without fighting your way through traffic to work. Where you put in the hours you want to suit family and leisure and of course, not having a boss. To establish your own successful business, operated from home, is now within reach of the average person with the aid of global network marketing companies, with a strong presence in Australia (both city and country areas). And the program is nothing to do with selling plastic containers, health powders, door to door products, pyramid selling or party plans. $100,000+ per year. The worldwide program is run by Carson Services of Lincoln, Nebraska USA with strong representation in Australia, where there are now new opportunities to join the Group. Annual incomes of $100,000 plus have been achieved by members. Carsons Services is not a big multi national super company, but is effectively ‘owned’ by its 8.2 million members in more than 200 countries around the world. More than 2,500 new members are signing up everyday. The Company was established 16 years ago and is now recognised as the most respected and largest network marketing group in the world. The work from home program involves three available approaches. There’s simple Internet contact (where just base email knowledge is required). There’s a personal program, which can also involve sporting, social or charity groups and there is also the world’s biggest shopping mall on the Net with literally over one million products including key brand names such as 3M, Disney, Warner Bros, Columbia Music, Hallmark Cards, Time Magazine, Yves Rocher, Clinique and Chanel and the Internet customer base is 650 million plus. STRONG AUSTRALIA LINK The top achiever/home marketer in the Carson Services group doesn’t come from New York, THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper



WORKING FROM HOME...John Trenorden and his wife Caroline outside their home - accessing 650 million customers in over 200 countries. John’s No 1 World Sales Position was achieved working from home. London or Paris. The world No 1 of the 8.2 million members in April this year was aussie-based, John Trenorden who operates his Net business from an Adelaide suburb working around 20-30 hours a week. John has been in the group for less than 12 months. MAKING MONEY FROM HOME It is vital to find a program that doesn’t involve any franchise fees, where employees are not necessary, where you can involve your partner and where you can work either part or full time. The Carson program costs $29.95US to join. As to what you can earn is very much to the individual or group. The leader of this program have achieved six figure incomes and because you are not required to buy stock, or presentation packs, or warehouse bulk items your overheads are restricted. The Carson program is also most suitable for mums at home with children or single women

wishing to move from the structured workforce. Thousands of successful members have joined who already ran their own business, but found it just too tough. There are 87 entry spots available for individuals in the current Northern South Australian Carson team which can be filled by anyone with the base entry fee and a desire to change their lifestyle, earn extra income, create a secure retirement or sack the boss and work from home. To note your interest and registration please feel free to submit your contact details including email address, postal address and phone number to the following email address: or to Find Security PO Box 35, Andamooka SA 5725. Please include a brief statement in 50 words or less why you would like to work from home with Carson Services. John local leader will contact you personally to start to drive your home business and achieve your goals. Thursday, August 14, 2003 - Page 21

Roxby Downs Basketball Results Tuesday July 29, 2003 C Women Tandales/Jets 32 (K Ley 18) defeated Chocies 8 (A Harvey 4) Cougars 25 (P Shepley 10) defeated Wanderers 17 (K McPaul 6) B Men Bulls 52 (S Pridham, M Rowney, J Orr 12) defeated Jets 43 (C Kenny 11) Wanderers 51 (T Roberts 16) defeated Magpies 39 (D Flavel 12) A Men MPR Magpies 47 (F Lopez 16) defeated Chocie Soldiers 32 (B Dadleh, G Neilson 10) Jets 38 (B Day 20) defeated Bulls 37 (K Williams 23) Thursday July 31, 2003 A Women Little Devils 34 (A Elson, J Borgmeyer 10) defeated Chocie Eagles 16 (M Grantham 8) Bulls 20 defeated Eagles 0 on forfiet B Women Eagles 2 44 (L Reid 14) defeated Devils 34 (A Lamb 11) Jets 65 (D Zanker 18) defeated Eagles 1 18 (C Wildman 14) Bulls 41 (L Girdham 15) defeated Devils 2 25 (N Darling, K Barrand 8)

LOOKING FOR AN OPENING... Competition is tough in local basketball as grand finals draw closer.

Tuesday, August 5 C Women Cougars 20 defeated Chocies 0 on forfiet Tandales/Jets 42 (J Taylor 12) defeated Wanderers 20 (M Kiely 12) B Men Chocie Soldiers 56 (R Shields 19) defeated Wanderers 49 (B Hansford 12) Jets 56 (C Kenny 16) defeated Magpies 30 (B Stanton 10) A Men Chocies 47 (J Read 16) defeated Jets 22 (N Backhouse, B Day and M Whittaker 6) MPR Magpies 46 (H Daley 13) defeated Bulls 21 (K Williams 14) Thursday, August 7 B Women Devils 43 (A Lamb 12) defeated Bulls 32 (M Crawford 14) SSA Cougars 44 (T Hill 19) defeated Devils 2 28 (N Darling 14) Eagles 2 (F Bilney, K Dalgleish 10) defeated Eagles 20 (C Wildman 11) A Women Eagles 39 (B Redden 10) defeated Little Devils 17 (P Smith 8) Chocie Eagles 21 (J Nitschke 8) drew with Devils 21 (B White 16)

UPCOMING AGM...Roxby Downs Basketball Association AGM - Tuesday, September 16, 2003, 7.30pm in the Leisure Centre Conference Room. All teams must be represented or a fine will be incurred. GRAND FINAL...Roxby Downs Basketball Association Grand Final will be held on Saturday, September 6, 2003 Starting at 5pm at the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre. Bar facilities are available and a supper and presentation will be hosted upstairs after the A Men match. All welcome.

Junior Netball Results Saturday August 2 U11s Shooters 19 defeated Bullets 5 Rockets 21 defeated T-Birds 17 U13s Bullets 47 defeated Shooters 40 Opals 43 defeated T-Birds 13 U16s Shooters 38 defeated Bullets 22 T-Birds 40 defeated Opals 27

U11 LIGHTNING VS ROCKETS...Above, Emily Graham looks to pass to Madeleine Robinson, while, left, Max Summers is blocked foropportunities by Brooke Doherty and Madeleine Robinson.

Senior Netball Results



aper p s w e n y it n u m PHOTOS your com

Page 22 - Thursday, August 14, 2003

Saturday August 2 A Grade Redbacks 51 defeated Cougars 37 amd Blues 51 defeated Miners 46 B Grade Blues 59 defeated Andamooka 14 and Tangos 47 d Miners2 38 Saturday August 9 A Grade Redbacks 51 defeated Blues 23 and Cougars 56 defeated Miners 53 B Grade Tangos 74 defeated Blues 28 and Miners2 46 defeated Miners1 36.

Wednesday Night Netball July 30, 2003 A Grade Keeches 28 defeated Rebels1 20 Hornridge 44 defeated MAK Ladies 20 B Grade Masters 30 defeated Shorties 19 Primemovers 21 defeated Rebels2 14 Mixed Miners 30 defeated Blues 28 All Blacks 36 defeated The Trevs 26 August 6, 2003 A Grade Keeches 26 drew MAK Ladies 26 Rebels1 34 defeated Pearlers 21 B Grade Shorties 33 defeated Primemovers 18 Masters 29 defeated Rebels2 7 Mixed Blues 28 defeated The Trevs 24 Miners 43 defeated All Blacks 26

SASSSA Netball n Tuesday, August 5, 2003, RDAS secondary teams traveled to Whyalla to play in the Regional SASSSA Netball Carnival. The Year 8/9 team selected comprised Teagan Coombes, Kristelle Cockshell, Kateland Fraser, Kasiah Barrand, Nicole Darling, Sophie Wissell, Natasha Wilby, Natalie Allen and Kristen Woods. This team won three games and lost one. They missed out on a place in the finals by a small percentage and all players performed well on the day. The Year 10 team selected was: Alex Nedelkovic, Jena Coombes, Chelsea Vanderburg, Amiee-Lee Elson, Paige Aldenhoven, Sara Groom, Petra Sheppard, Melissa Roach and Rachel Williams. This team also won three games and lost one, winning a place in the finals. In a tight contest the girls lost to Port Augusta in their final by two goals but put in a great team effort. The Year 11/12 girls selected were Mikaela Aldenhoven, Stephanie Foster, Alison Crompton, Kaidi James, Natasha Bilka, Thea Gluyas, Joanne Lucas, Haily Speck and Kirby Blake (who unfortunately could not make the trip due to illness). This team was unsuccessful in their matches but battled hard all day. All despite the windy conditions, which at first made it difficult for the girls who play most of their netball indoors, had a great day. A big thanks to teachers Kate Bennie and Lyn Ferenci and all the involved parents; Theresa Barrand, Connie Woods, Cathy Fraser, Julie Darling, Annette Speck, Karen Traeger and Carol Groom, as well as student Belinda Petherick for assistance with coaching, umpiring, scoring and general organisation. A number of mums, dads, aunties and uncles also made the trip to barrack and encourage the girls, which certainly helped out teams. Thanks also to Jeff Bennie for driving the bus.

Swim Club Registration

Roxby Downs Swimming Club Registration Day willb e held on Saturday, August 16, 2003. There will be a stall set up at market day for all registration forms and fees to be returned. Cost is $80 for the first child of a family, $75 second child, $70 third child, $65 fourth or more child. $35 is to be paid on registration day for Swim SA registration fee. Registration forms can be collected prior to registration day from the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre and Sportspower. For any queries please contact Monique Morgan on 8671 2531 or 0419 449 383.

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Roxby Downs Volleyball Results

Juniors Get a Big Bite of Profits The Monitor Newspaper’s commitment to local business and enterprise saw junior footballers (like Luke Partington, 6, Hunter Fairlie, 4, Tyson Hill, 7, and Damon Hill, 5, pictured above) get a taste of the benefits last week at a training barbecue. The barbecue, hosted by Roxby Districts Sporting Club, was financed by funds from the club’s delivery of the fortnightly Monitor - Your Community Newspaper. “We’ve provided the barbecue as a commitment to junior football,” committee member Greg Weltner said. “This is where everything starts and we feel it’s important for our club to be involved with the local kids.” The Editor of The Monitor, Seonie Lyon, said she was happy to see the community newspaper’s policy of supporting local enterprise filtering down to the region’s youngest residents.

Monday July 28, 2003 A Grade Somfaw 83 defeated Prophets of Onan 64. Easybeats 72 defeated Volleroos 71. B Grade Salmon Haters 104 defeated The VBs 76. All Blacks 150 defeated Angry Beavers 47. Monday, August 4, 2003 A Grade Somfaw 80 defeated Volleroos 71. Benders 88 defeated Prophets 56. B Grade Salmon Haters 107 defeated Angry Beavers 76. All Blacks 146 defeated VBs 55.

RETURN...Jane Johnson returns the serve during Monday volleyball at the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre.


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Father’s Day Brekky & Lunch at The Dunes Café Make Dad’s day special... but save Mum from the cooking! Sunday, September 7, 2003 THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

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Send your entry to either the Cultural Precinct or Leisure Centre at PO Box 98, Roxby Downs or drop in to the complex at Richardon Place. Entries close Monday, September 4, 2003. Thursday, August 14, 2003 - Page 23

Thursday, August 14, 2003

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BMX World Titles Tennis Page 19 Clinics Page 21

sport Roxby Race Day Pages 8-9 Volleyball Page 23

Local Sailor Amongst the World’s Best Living more than 300km from the ocean hasn’t stopped Roxby Downs resident Kevin Kellow being named fourth in the world Tasar sailing championships last month. Kellow, 27, and sailing partner Craig McPhee of Willunga, have only just returned from Victoria, Canada, where they pitted themselves against the world’s fastest racing yacht teams. In this, their fourth year in the world titles, Kellow and his partner were considered the ‘wild cards’ of the competition after winning four of their last five national competitions. “Looking back at the times, we actually beat both the winners a few time but they were just more consistent of the 12 races,” he said. “We didn’t sail smart enough.” Kellow has been racing Tasar yachts for the past 18 years. Tasar competitions required two-person teams to race single-hulled yachts at a speed of up to 15 knots. Races can run for up to two hours at a time. “I love the challenge, and it was great to be inolved in a sport where there was no one yelling at you from the sidelines,” he said. “It takes stamina - we were on the water for up to 10 hours a day in the worlds.” Since moving to Roxby Downs, Kellow’s sailing commitments have prompted him to jump in the car at the end of every four-day shift and head for the ocean. The pair’s next big race is the Laser Radial World Titles in Qld in April next year. “We’re going to take a couple of months off and then straight back into it,” he said. “It takes a lot of work and we’re not going in it to come second, that’s for sure.”

WORLD TITLES... Kevin Kellow, 27, has just returned to Roxby Downs from Canada this month after placing fourth in the world Tasar sailing championships.

Junior Footballers to Hit the Field For AFL Finals As many as 44 junior footballers from the Roxby Downs district will play demonstration match at this year’s AFL finals, Roxby Downs Auskick coordinator Shane Thomson revealed this week. An official offer from SANFL will see 24 Under 8s and 20 under12s play at half time in one of the first round of AFL final matches in September. “If Port Power and Crows finish first and second that would mean two games in Adelaide and, as the preferred Auskick centre, Roxby will be able to appear alongside one of our SA teams,” Thomson said. “This offer was made to us because of the ongoing success of the local Auskick program. “It’s a significant boost to the profile of junior football in Roxby Downs and an outstanding reward for the kids who play footy in our town.” The Woomera and and Districts Junior Football League is yet to confirm whether they will send a team of under 12s. However, the offer will ensure that the Auskick program’s entire phalanx of eight and seven-year-olds will be able to attend the finals at the AAMI Stadium. Roxby Downs Auskick is the second largest Auskick club in the state, boasting 143 registered local players.

Local Greyhound Poisoned on Eve of First SA Race Police are investigating the suspected poisoning of locally-owned greyhound ‘Watch the Papers’. The dog, owned by the ‘Totally Tavern’ syndicate, was scheduled to race at its first SA start on Saturday, August 2. Instead, trainer Sandy Thomas found the dog close to death in its kennels in the early hours of Saturday morning. “He’s going to be alright – It was touch and go for quite some time on Saturday and Sunday,” Mr Thomson said “He’s going to pull through alright but what damage has been done as far as his abilities we won’t know for the next couple of weeks. “He certainly won’t be racing for a while.” Tavern manager Damian Jones said the news had generated ‘general disbelief and devastation’ from the members of the ‘Totally Tavern’ syndicate - the dog’s owners. “But no one was more disappointed than us – it blew us away,” Thomson said. “Everything was perfect – he drew box eight, which is out wide and gives you the best jump – one of the best boxes on any track anyway. “It was looking pretty good for his first start and it all fell apart from there.” Mr Thomson first became suspicious that the dog’s illness was not natural when he discovered a garbage bin pulled up alongside the kennels to allow an intruder access over the fence. Preliminary tests by Mr Thomson’s long-time veterinarian indicate the dog was suffering from an arsenicbased poison. However, while police investigations continue, Thomson has had to step up security at his local kennels. “I’ve never had something like this happen in my life,” 30-year veteran greyhound trainer Thomas said. “We just wouldn’t have expected something like this to happen in Roxby Downs.”

Proudly supporting WMC, Olympic Dam Operations and the Community of Roxby Downs since 1988! Page 24 - Thursday, August 14, 2003

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper


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