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t has not been a good ten days for BHP Billiton a fatality in WA, work disrupted at Olympic Dam due to the recent storm and a portion of the Olympic Dam site closed down due to safety concerns. Tragically an experienced miner died in an underground accident at BHP’s Nickel West Leinster mine in West Australia’s Pilbara Region. The worker was driving a vehicle which dropped 18 metres down a shaft. BHP’s Western Australian record in the past 5 years has been far from good with 9 fatalities. Globally the figures for the big miner are no better with 9 fatalities in six months ending to December 2009. Last December Marius Kloppers said, that BHP’s global safety record was “clearly unacceptable”. Tw o w e ek s a g o WA Minister Norman Moore said the deaths in WA were “totally unacceptable”. Last Friday BHP Billiton Olympic Dam said two safety incidents on its site in 24 hours were “unacceptable”.

WA Government It’s as a tough call by the Olympic Dam Services Department to initiate a ‘Stop for Safety’ to close down part of its operations and call the affected contractors together and demand they develop a 90 day safety improvement plan for their individual areas. It definitely sent a message that Safety was more than a just a word. Although little has been released over the incidents it was reported to The Monitor that in two separate occasions there were reportable safety incidents which incurred minor injuries which sparked the ‘‘Stop for Safety.” Olympic Dam has a much better safety record when compared to the WA or Global records. When BHP Billiton purchased WMC Resources in August 2005, Olympic Dam’s Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) was nearly 40. Initiatives such as CFIT, along with many other programs have seen the TRIFR come down to just under 6 (up until the end of March 2010). BHP and its contractors are working on a number


Gun fire breakfast (RSL) 6:30 AM

Dawn service (war memorial) 7:00 AM

Breakfast (RSL) 10:00AM

Commemorative service (war memorial) 12:00PM



Editorial Comment by Ray Goldie

Olympic Dam

of projects to continually improve safety with a goal of Zero Harm in 2013.

action by BHP and the immediate response from its contractors that makes you think they may make It is this type of strong it.

BHP Billiton CEO, Marius Kloppers says: “BHP safety record is clearly unaaceptable”


Community wants more

hen I arrived here in 2001 and carried out the initial survey and consultations one of the main concerns of the community was the lack of accurate and relevant information available to the community and particularly between the community and WMC. Most of the communication issues have since been addressed thanks to our community owned media consisting of RoxFM, Outback Cinema, Web Pages, notice boards and The Monitor. The community owned media, Council and community groups are not resting on their laurels. This year they are planning a greater integration of our communication assets to improve how we gather and disseminate news and information to our community. There is one area, however the community feels we still do not have enough communication with, and that is with BHP Billiton Olympic Dam. Despite several offers over the years to different mine


managers and PR people for BHP Billiton to use our local media to connect more with the community have never been taken up. Incidences such as last Fridays Safety Stop and the rumours that it initiated could have, in my opinion, been much better handled if BHP had been more willing to initiate communications with the community than they were. In reference to The Monitor we appreciate our media relationship with BHP Billiton and its good but it seems to be getting harder of late to get information of any substance from the company. The township does not want to know sensitive information about your business, it wants to know more about your human face and to be treated as partners when it is appropriate, it wants to connect. The town is moving forward, it is creating a first class regional media service driven by its community at a very local level. Would BHP like to be part of that?



9:00 AM

6:00 AM

Anzac day service

Dawn service (richardson place)

Anzac day breakfast

Gunfire breakfast & auction

Immediately following service

(after service at the bowls club)

at the Town Park

10:45 AM

Anzac day March 11:00 AM

Memorial service (richardson place)

Bbq and a chin wag at the bowls club (After memorial)



Monitor NEWS

Extra! Extra! Ray Goldie is leaving Roxby By Celeste Lustosa


nfortunately you haven’t got it wrong. Ray Goldie, a very well known face in Roxby Downs’s region, is leaving town. The news came as a big surprise for many, me included.








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Domestic Water, millions of litres

Roxby Downs Water Consumption 4.5 4.0 3.5 3.0 2.5 2.0 1.5 1.0 0.5 0.0

Actual Target

Mon 12 Tue 13 Wed 14 Thu 15 Apr Apr Apr Apr

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I will have to admit that this is far from one of my favourite stories and as much as I love writing, this is an article I wish we never had to publish. But since reality hit us, it is only fair that we try to tell a little bit of this amazing man’s story and the reason’s why he will be deeply missed. Ray has been fully involved in the community, not only by playing his role as CEO of the community newspaper The Monitor, but also involved in the community board, community radio station RoxFM; Alcohol and Substance Abuse committee; Roxby Road Safe; and many other projects. He has helped most of the local groups and has also had time to be a good friend of almost every Roxby resident. I would need another page of the newspaper to explain how he has helped me personally and all the other staff members of our newspaper, but so it won’t seem like employees trying to look good for the boss, here are some excerpts from the most active community people on how Ray Goldie has contributed to our region. The RoxFM manager Kristina Meredith said Ray has been very approachable, friendly and an all-round good guy (her words, not mine) from the first time they met. “Ray has been a key player on the RoxFM board for several years now, during which time I’ve enjoyed his humour, knowledge of the town and willingness to get involved in pretty much everything!,’ she said. Kristina also said “Ray has never failed to offer exceptional support, both to myself, RoxFM and the Roxby Downs Community as a whole. His generous support comes as a Board Member, management expert, mentor and friend, and it has always been much appreciated.”

RoxFM manager shared one of the stories about our CEO that I thought I should share with everyone else. “We experienced Ray’s lighter side at RoxFM’s Relay for Life hippy fundraiser party back in 2008. He surprised us all by coming dressed in his ‘retro’ gear, and taking part in the evening’s festivities - including limbo! Don’t let the suit fool you - Ray can also be a lot of fun!,” she said. The Executive Officer of Roxby Downs Community Board, Michelle Hales, first met Ray nearly 5 years ago when he interviewed her for her job and she has been working closely with him every since on a number of community projects. “Ray has been involved with the Roxby Downs community since 2001 and has been instrumental in the development of the Community Plan and The Monitor Newspaper. “He has worked tirelessly behind the scenes over the years and built a strong foundation on which much of the community development work we do today is based,” she said. Michelle says Ray has been a great mentor to her. “He always gives sage and commonsense advice and contributes a fresh perspective to discussions. For people who haven’t met Ray before I would describe him as: approachable; warm; and a creative and forward thinker.” Roxby Downs Administrator Bill Boehm is the one to blame for us all having Ray in Roxby and trust me, this is a blame he is pleased to carry. He met Ray back in 1997/98 when working at Tatiara Council in Bordertown at a Working Towns Conference and subsequently as an Economic Development Consultant to Council through the Bordertown on the Move Committee. According to Mr Boehm, Ray’s contributions to this town are enormous and go from developing the 2001 Roxby Reports (Business, Tourism, Community), including the first ever comprehensive community business survey which set many community economic development directions that followed formation

of a retail marketing coordinator at the Roxby Central Shopping Centre and Economic Development Officer at Council; establishment of Roxby Downs Business Forum; tourism strategy implementation; steering group member for 2002 redevelopment of the Roxby Downs Culture & Leisure Precinct; facilitating 2005 Community Plan; initial implementation of the 2005 Roxby Downs Community Board and Forums; and much more. Without forgetting he established and ran The Monitor Community Newspaper from infancy with various roles as managing director, CEO, Editor and journalist, of course. Roxby Downs administrator also considers Ray to be a strong mentor and sounding board for him, when faced with difficult decisions. “As always unbiased in advice and support in a non judgmental manner. Excellent mentor with as ever a strong values,” he said. He also believes Ray should be remembered as a key implementer and facilitator for the local communities to unify and empower community participation in community life in a positive but strategically sustainable manner. “Legacy will stay as the community now integrates in a cohesive manner with strong support structures,” he added. Bill Boehm also described Ray as “an affable person that one warms to quickly, leaving you with the impression that everything is possible and that he can and will assist.” In one of the many farewell parties for Ray that I attended, he said that his experience in Roxby has improved his skills, made him more confident and brought more enjoyment into his life. “It is all about enable the community to achieve its own goals,” Ray believes. But what I have been hearing he is a big part of the community’s achievements and everything he has done has been very much appreciated and he will be deeply missed!

Sun 18 Apr

(The target line is the average use over the past 2 years for this month)

All domestic water in Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Olympic Dam is supplied from the Great Artesian Basin. The water is desalinated and chlorinated. Use water wisely in an arid climate.


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Page 2 – Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Monitor NEWS

We have not forgotten ANZAC DAY a legend is born T by Millie Thomas

hose who gave the ultimate sacrifice and the ANZAC spirit will not be forgotten at Roxby, Andamooka and Woomera.

by Ray Goldie


nzac Day is only days away and once again ceremonies will be held at Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Woomera. For those who are new to Australia April 25 is our day for remembering those who lost their life’s at war for Australia. The day focuses on the first Australian and New Zealand combined military action in the First World War. On that day the Australian and New Zealand troops (now referred to as the ANZAC troops) landed on Gallipoli beach at 2:30am on Sunday, April 25, 1915, facing a strong resistance from Turkey. The initial objective of the operation was to carry out a quick capture of Constantinople (now Istanbul). The offensive was tougher than first

thought and took eight months to complete with both sides fighting with great bravery and tenacity. Both sides had horrendous casualties, for the ANZACs the battle cost us 8,000 Anzac troops. In terms of valour, bravery, determination and perseverance under challenging conditions ANZAC epitomises the fighting spirit of Australia and New Zealand. It was one those occasions we again fought above our weight, fought valiantly and conquered. It is an event in history which spurned the legendary respect Australian’s enjoy world wide as a soldiers, sports people, or in any endeavour that requires bravery determination, grit and perseverance. We are a large country, a small population but with a big heart and

a legendary fighting spirit. We appreciate other countries also has their special time of celebration and remembrance for their countrymen and women and we honour those moments with you. April 25th is our day to remember not only our heroes of ANZAC and of other wars, but all the Australians you know who have demonstrated the spirit of ANZAC. ANZAC is a not a celebration of war nor is it just a remembrance of those who lost their life’s at war. ANZAC DAY is about a celebration of a SPIRIT which for Australians’ is epitomised at ANZAC but it is a spirit that is in of all of us, wherever we come from and on behalf of my fellow Australians I invite all of our community, wherever you come from, to join us to celebrate.

This year Roxby celebrates its first Anzac Day involving the recently established War Memorial in Richardson Place starting off with a Dawn Service at 6am at the War Memorial. It will be followed by a “Gunfire” Breakfast at a cost of $7.00 and the annual auction at the Bowls Club. The Roxby Downs ANZAC March is at 10.30 am followed by a memorial service at the War Memorial at 11.00am. The Roxby Downs and Andamooka RSL sub branch invites all serving and ex military personnel, including kin of those who have served to participate in the Anzac Day March,” said Jack All are invited to a BBQ at the Bowls Club after the service. Woomera is also holding a Gunfire breakfast at 5.30am at the RSL. A gold coin donation would be greatly appreciated. It will be followed by a 6.30am dawn service at the memorial at Champion Mall, in the middle of town.

At 10.30am, there will be a Commemorative Service at Champion Mall followed by a barbecue lunch at the RSL. Once again a gold coin donation would be appreciated. Andamooka will be holding an Anzac Day service at 9am Sunday morning, followed by a Gunfire Breakfast at ANZAC Park put on by the Hospital Auxiliary. Two – Up, originally played by the diggers with pennies, is an Anzac Day tradition and the RSL is looking for who knows how to run the game. If you are in the know please call Jack Maguire on 0434 222 321

Refurbishment at Oval facilities

By Celeste Lustosa


oxby Downs Oval is almost every Roxby’s family stop point on weekends, either for the cricket season games or the footy season games and not only the oval but its facilities are looking so much better now. Knowing how important the Oval is for Roxby, as well as how its facilities are constantly in use, Roxby Downs Council has made some great investments in the area and apart from the new turf for the oval, the changing room, canteen, and umpire room also got a refit. “The Roxby Downs Council aims to pro-

vide the best facilities for the practice of our local sport,” said Municipal Works Officer Manager at the Roxby Council, Peter Keller. Roxby Downs’s oval hosts cricket and football matches every Saturdays during these sports seasons. Rotating between times, the 5 football teams and 5 cricket teams share 2 change rooms which have now been painted inside and out, has got new floor covering and long lasting tiles. According to the Council the material used for the refit is going to last for years to come. The canteen has also been refurbished and got a new floor covering.


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Teams that use the Oval have also been granted with a 40 foot storage containers placed on the southern side of the change rooms. “The container is for the football and cricket teams to use as storage and it was provided by Council,” said Graham Ferris, from Roxby Downs Council Office. That is not all. The refit reached the umpire room that has also got new floor covering. As previously reported by The Monitor, the council have introduced a different strain of grass to the playing fields at the town oval called Kikuyu grass. The grass is genetically designed to withstand extreme temperatures and also high cold and frost

temperatures. It is easily repaired and has a high resistance to disease and weeds. The results of the turf on the oval are really good and starting to show. The grass is spreading and looks amazing. With the new football season kicking off, all these improvements have been more than welcomed by the sportsmen and women and community in general. Let the season begin and while our players show their best skills on the field it is only fair that they have a great place to get ready for action and get some rest after the games.

Roxby Downs Bakery Tutop Street, Roxby Downs


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Monitor NEWS

A Perfect Fit

Mining MINING NEWS IN BRIEF Rio also moves to quarterly iron-ore pricing model


Travis Hauge and John Giles, who has 15 years experience in pest control, are the new operators of Roxby Downs Pest Management

hen John Giles heard that Stuey and Cherie from Roxby Downs Pest Management were looking to retire he was immediately interested in carrying on the business. John and wife Stacey are owner operators of Outback Pest Control and have been in the pest control business for the past 15 years and knew the industry and the region

very well. John said, “We knew Stuey and Cherie and the business opportunity that Roxby Downs Pest Management offered. We already covered the outback regions in the Far North and Southern Queensland and beyond so it was a perfect fit for us.” John and Stacey’s colleague Travis Hague has moved to Roxby Downs in the past few weeks and will run the Roxby operations. Travis is fully


t doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Roxby have succumbed to plagues of forty shades this year. We’ve had Christmas beetles and mosquitoes, the ever present flies, suddenly now, in April, we have monarch butterflies and locusts. Will it ever end, and what comes next? The insects seem to be getting bigger as 2010 progresses, Roxby’s prospects aren’t looking good on the bug front! Just as things seem dire, as hopes are dashed for a normal life here in the desert, low and behold, a knight in shining armour. Outback Pest Control is not a new business within Roxby; however, it is under new ownership, who bring with them new, more biodiversity friendly, methods of protecting your home and family from the elements. “Termite prevention, inspections, servicing camps and general pest control is the anticipated market, but

products including oil, copper, aluminium and nickel had emerged from annual benchmark pricing in the 1970s and that the growth of the steel market in China was likely to change the steel-pricing dynamic towards shorter-term contracts. This change had come about because steel producers, which were locked into raw material prices for a year at a time, were often placed at a distinct disadvantage to rivals with shorter-term pricing arrangements. However, the World Steel Association has expressed its concerns at the inevitable consequences of “imposed pricing settlements” and “possible abuse” of dominant positions by the main iron-ore suppliers.

BHP reopens Queensland coal terminal BHP Billiton has restarted operations at its cyclone-affected Hay Point coal terminal, in Queensland. The coal terminal, which handles coal from various mines managed by the BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance in the Bowen basin, was closed on March 11, owing to high winds and rough seas. The miner later declared a force majeure at the Hay Point coal terminal, following damages caused by cyclone Ului. An early assessment had suggested that it would take three to six weeks for both berths to return to full operation, the

mining company reported at the time. Shiploading started last week from that berth. BHP Billiton is planning to expand the capacity of the Hay Point terminal. In January, it had approved $267-million to accelerate the development of the Caval Ridge and Hay Point coal terminal stage 3 expansion (HPX3) projects. The HPX3 project is expected to increase the capacity of the Hay Point terminal from 44-million tons a year to 55-million tons a year.

Z Minerals Limited (OZL: ASX) and IMX Resources Limited (IXR:ASX) have now signed an Exploration Joint Venture Agreement to form a joint venture to explore for, and facilitate the development of, copper-gold projects on IMX’s Mt Woods tenements in South Australia.

tant in our strategy of maximising value from our existing assets. The likelihood of an economic discovery within the IMX tenements is greatly improved due to the proximity to the Prominent Hill mine and supporting infrastructure.” OZ Minerals Equity stake - Soon after signing the Heads of Agreement, OZ Minerals subscribed to a placement of IMX shares representing approximately 13% of IMX. OZ Minerals has the right to maintain its shareholding interest in IMX for a period of 12 months by participating in future placements on the same terms and conditions. The proposed IMX placement to Taifeng has triggered this right and OZ Minerals has confirmed it intends to maintain its 13% interest by subscribing for an additional 7.759m shares at the placement price of 48.4c/ share ($3.8m). These top up shares will be issued after further shareholder approval and FIRB approval at the same time as the issue of more shares to Taifeng in order to maintain its 19.9% stake. Joint Venture Details - OZ Minerals has an immediate 51% interest in the joint venture. This interest will be maintained provided OZ Minerals spends a cumulative minimum average of $4million a year over the next five years for a total of $20 million. If OZ Minerals fails to spend this amount, then it forfeits its entire 51% joint venture interest. After this expenditure, both parties have the option to contribute pro rata to any further expenditure on exploration. If IMX does not contribute, OZ Minerals shall sole fund exploration expenditure and can earn up to a maximum of 75% interest in the joint venture in this phase, with IMX progressively diluting. IMX cannot be diluted below a 25% interest during this phase of the joint venture, and would at this point be free carried through to the conclusion of a bankable feasibility study (BFS) on any copper-gold discovery.

Requiem Bait hums a OZMinerals - IMX Resources sign copper-gold different exploration joint venture in South Australia tune for O termites

John Giles, of Outback Pest Control, installing a termite baiting station at the footy changerooms

By Millie Thomas

versed in all the operations of pest management whether it is prevention, maintenance or infestation. John and Stacey owned a cattle station North of Coober Pedy and 15 years ago moved into the Pest Control business and now works out of Clare covering the outback regions of South Australia. They wish Stuey and Cherie every success and happiness in the future.

The world’s second-largest iron-ore miner Rio Tinto reported that it was in the midst of negotiating quarterly pricing contracts with its iron-ore customers. Fellow majors BHP Billiton and Vale also recently moved from annual to shorterterm pricing arrangements, ending a 40year tradition of annual price setting. In fact, Vale last week said it agreed with 97% of its customers to adopt quarterly iron-ore price settlements, while BHP Billiton has also agreed to shorter-term contracts. BHP CEO Marius Kloppers has previously said that he is in favour of greater pricing transparency. Kloppers pointed out at the time that

termites will give you the most grief,” said John Giles of Outback Pest Control. John Giles anticipates plenty of work up here in Roxby (whomever would like to contradict this assumption, feel free to raise your hand), in the way of the flies (of course), red backs and ants but most importantly, termites. With termites affecting an estimated 1 in 4 households throughout Australia, they are a costly pest, and a worthy investment would be employing their prevention around your house. Now the choice is up to the client, chemical free solution or Agent Orange pollutant? “If the chemical treatment is done to Australian standards, you have to drill holes or trench every 200 – 300 mm around the outside of the house. Then drill holes on the inside perimeter of the house every 200ml and at least every face of the inside walls. It’s just not cost effective on your tiles and floorboards,” said John. “Whereas this one, the Exterra system, around the outside there might be only one station. There’s the initial install, followed by

Page 4 – Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a twelve month contract, monitoring the station/s,” he said. “I used to do all chemical treatments before this (Exterra) came out. Now I will do maybe a transportable only with the chemical treatment, purely because of the easy access under the building. Exterra is second to none,” he said. The “Exterra” termite interception and baiting system has never been used in Roxby until now. It is a chemical free solution to eliminating termites, and their colonies from invading a building. Exterra uses a simple, yet effective process. Outside of the building, in – ground stations are installed in areas where termites are likely to be foraging in the ground for food. The stations contain a non – toxic “food” for the termites, which is basically a termite – preferred timber. The timber attracts the termites to the stations. The termite’s movements are tracked by the quality of the wood after a couple of weeks. If there is evidence of termites, a “Requiem Bait” is inserted into the station, without disturbing the prospective victims

(the termites). The Requiem bait is highly palatable to the termites, and is preferential to them, even over the timber in the stations. The termites consume the bait, as well as take it back to their colonies, slowly feeding it throughout the entire colony population. Hey presto, termite free home. The stations do have to be monitored on a consistent basis. Roxby Pest Control offer installation and an initial twelve month contract. Once the twelve months is up, the client can either renew their contract, if they prefer Roxby Pest Control to continue to monitor the stations for them, or they can monitor the stations themselves. At the conclusion of the twelve month contract, Roxby Pest Control conducts an inspection on the house to ensure that the stations and bait have been effective. For peace of mind, so that the value of your house is not being eaten away beneath you, termite baiting and prevention is a solid investment to be considered.

An exploration program is scheduled to commence immediately. The Agreement gives effect to the Heads of Agreement announced on 30 November 2009, and is essentially on the same terms and conditions as the Heads of Agreement. The implementation of the Joint Venture Agreement is subject to the consent of the South Australian Minister for Mineral Resources Development. IMX’s Mt Woods tenements are largely contiguous with OZ Minerals’ tenements which contain the Prominent Hill copper mine in South Australia. The area surrounding Prominent Hill, including the joint venture tenements, is considered by OZ Minerals to be highly prospective for the discovery of similar types of deposits under thin cover, and as such, is OZ Minerals’ highest exploration priority. On signing the Agreement, Duncan McBain, IMX Managing Director said “IMX will continue to develop the Cairn Hill project and other iron ore projects. The joint venture with OZ Minerals means a very significant increase in expenditure at Mt Woods, well in excess of what IMX could afford. IMX intends to be an active joint venture partner and iron ore explorer in the Mt Woods area.” OZ Minerals Managing Director and CEO Terry Burgess said “We are very excited about having signed this Agreement and about being able to start exploration on the ground. OZ Minerals considers these tenements very impor-

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Monitor NEWS


huge new protected area in South Australia’s remote north will help protect one of the state’s most endangered species – the warru or black-footed rock wallaby. Environment Protection Minister Peter Garrett congratulated traditional owners and Indigenous rangers from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands on today’s declaration of the Kalka-Pipalyatjara Indigenous Protected Area. “This spectacular landscape stretches from the Tomkinson and Mann ranges dominating the northwest to sand dune country in the south,” Mr Garrett said. “Today’s declaration means 580,000 hectares of this country will be managed by its traditional owners for conservation. This is a significant addition to the National Reserve System. “The ranges in the north provide a safe haven for one of the few remaining colonies of black-footed rock wallaby, with experts estimating only about 100 of the mammals are left. “Rangers are working with the APY Land Management Unit in a Warru Recovery Team to secure the future of this culturally significant mammal. “Today’s declaration creates a significant conservation corridor of more than 12 million hectares across state borders, as Kalka-Pipalyatjara connects Ngaanyatjarra IPA in Western Australia and the

Watarru IPA in South Australia. “It joins 37 other declared Indigenous Protected Areas around the nation - 13 of which, covering more than 3 million hectares, have been announced in the last year alone. “Indigenous Protected Areas are one of Australia’s most successful conservation stories – protecting Australia’s biodiversity while providing training and employment for Aboriginal people doing work to look after their own country.” Community leader and ranger Kenneth Ken said today’s declaration would have a positive impact on the community’s young people, particularly their health, education, training and job opportunities – all part of Closing the Gap. “Young people do school in Adelaide – but they need something when back in country. With Kalka-Pipalyatjara we teach young people about bush, about what looking after country is,” he said. “We want to get school kids out there working on it too – teach younger people step by step, because that is the way they learn, to look after it. “We need to look after the warru, nganamara (Mallee fowl) and tjakura (great desert skink). We are starting land management because these might be dying out and we need to teach our kids.” For more on Indigenous Protected Areas visit indigenous/ipa

Roxby’s Best kept secret


ver the past ten years members of community groups, event organisers and new comers have complained that there was not a communal calendar that listed all up and coming events and other important dates. That was rectified in 2008 with the online ‘What’s on Calendar’ but it seems many people do not know of the existence of the Community

Calendar. Since the website was revamped in 2008 there has been a Community Calendar posted on the site listing Roxby’s important dates ranging from entertainment to visiting health practitioners to coffee mornings. While it is regularly used by those’ in the know’ it seems there are very few people ‘in the know’. When the Monitor ask a range of people “do you know there is a community Cal-

endar on line” very few knew there was one available. Any organisation community or business can lodge the details of an event or activity by simply forwarding the details to the site Web Master Justine Brouns. Mrs Brouns said” we are continually on the look out for new items to add into the calendar. People call us regularly, we scan the notice boards and of course there is word of mouth. Despite this we miss hearing about many important dates because people are not aware of the FREE service and do not contact us.” The calendar has a diverse listing of activities such as dates of most visiting health practitioners, Market Days, school terms and events such as RFDS Irish Christmas Dinner, Did you know coming up soon is the Long Lunch, Tag Along Tour or Think Pink Golf Day. Are you planning ahead for the Miners Cup at AMMI Stadium or the RDFS Golf and Auction Day? Maybe you want to check on which day the optometrist will be here next. It a n d mu c h m o r e i s i n t h e C o m m u n i t y C a l e n d a r. Our aim is to have every community and businesses events and activities listed but to achieve that we need your help. Click onto, click onto contact us and use the form to list your details.

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A home that’s not at home

Poker nights start at Community Club By Celeste Lustosa


hose to say Monday nights are supposed to be boring? If you have a ‘good hand of cards’ you belong to the Poker nights on Mondays at Roxby Downs Community Club. The club has just started the fun last week with 20 poker players getting together for the sake of a great time. According to the Community Club manager Adrian Prosser, poker nights are free and everyone is welcome to join. “The Poker nights on Mondays are for everyone, not only members, entry is free and winners of the night get vouchers and give away presents for those who finish top three of the night, so it is really lots of fun,” said Adrian. And since Adrian is very skilled at poker (my words, not his) those who can beat him on Mondays nights also get special give aways. “Hopefully this next Monday we will have many more players. It is just a great atmosphere,” he said. The Poker nights are not the only news at the Club. “At the moment we are working on a new menu with more options for everyone. “These are things we

are doing in the short new manager the major term but we are con- plan is for the new sports stantly trying to get more area which is still going activities happening at the ahead. Club to get a few more “Hopefully the sports people through the door area will be finished up and new memberships,” in the next few months,” Adrian said. he said. A single membership Footy Friday nights can at a $30 cost and a family also be expected at the membership only cost- Club in the future and I ing $40; on a Wednesday can’t wait for all the fun member’s night you can functions that are yet to win a dinner voucher come in our town. Adrian which compensates the is a very enthusiastic manmembership for a year. ager and I am definitely A couple of visits to going to be a familiar face the bottle shop, that is for on Poker night. members only, can also Come along and have a make the membership good time, drink specials all worth while, as their and food available. prices are always lower, For b o oking s and which is a benefit of being more information a community club. about the Club contact The Community Club phone number 8671 is also opening its doors 0117. for lunch everyday from now on and the function area upstairs is available for community use. “The function area upstairs has been utilised a bit more and our board room is now available for that purpose. “We are getting more activities for the bars, special drinks, t h e m e d p a rties, and much more.” This is some of the shor t New manager at Roxby Downs term news at Community Club Adrian Prosser invites everyone for Poker the Club, but according to the Nights at the Club on Mondays

Roxby Downs

COMMUNITY PERSON OF THE MONTH The Volunteering Partnership is calling for nominations for Community person of the Month. These new awards will recognise people who have made a signifi cant contribution to the Roxby Downs Community. Nomination forms will be available from the Roxby Downs Council, The Monitor Newspaper and Big Sky Credit Union and must be received by the 15th of every month. For further information and nomination forms contact Michelle Hales (08) 8671 0010 or

By Millie Thomas


oxby youth have a certain charisma about them.

According to results from last year’s graduating year twelves, they are intelligent and driven. What can help encourage these adolescents to move up from the trials and tribulations of puberty to become a successful and valued person within the community? The Youth Centre, fronted by the Leisure Centre’s Shane Hough provides children from the age of twelve a place to hang out with their friends, to socialise and detach themselves from any issues that may prevail at home. In the past, attempts to run consistent activities at the Youth Centre have failed, as the events have not drawn a big enough crowd. This time around, Shane wants to emphasise strongly on using the centre to “chill out” and for it to be a comfortable enough atmosphere for youth to relax, as they would at home. Shane has been running activities that are common and popular amongst youth such as playing pool, Wii and Xbox competitions and games and movie nights. Whilst all of these activities can be performed at home, Shane feels that the attitude at the Youth Centre enables all of the children to be themselves, while still working on social skills and interaction. “The Xbox competition is a major drawing card for the older kids. And while they often play it at home by themselves they love networking and meeting new people,” said Shane. Shane and Michael Esposito have been proactive in helping Roxby’s adolescents address social, emotional and behavioural issues in a relatable and relaxed approach. “Flipside operate out of the youth centre (run by Andy Kilcross and Petra Noble) it works well because they are comfortable in that environment. Flipside deals with more issues that occupy our youth like drug and alcohol abuse,” said Michael. This program provides an outlet for both young men and women to talk about any issues, serious or not.

Drug and alcohol abuse is an established issue within our community, but so too is teenage pregnancy and broken families. “My approach is to give them that little bit of flexibility, but so they know what’s right or wrong. I’ll give them a little bit of guidance…I’m giving them that direction but letting them take control themselves,” said Shane. “There’s been a few one on one conversations surrounding issues with youth including underage drinking. It’s probably our main issue at the moment, there’s a bit of peer pressure involved in underage drinking (we talk) about the impact underage drinking has on their health and hopefully they make their own decision to not participate in that type of activity,” Michael told The Monitor. The youth centre has already received a positive reception from those attending. “We’re over that first hurdle of people coming in, and the comfort ability, we’re now finding that the kids are asking questions, particularly about career opportunities. They’re asking about job prospects within the community. Shane’s really added that maturity (to the youth centre). There are two particular people at the youth centre who are asking about a career in social work,” said Michael. In the near future, Shane has big plans to support Roxby youth, and plans to have the centre open at every convenience. Michael and Shane want to change the opening hours to more suit the needs of the youth, and want to start a breakfast club in the morning, to give the kids that kick start before school. “I’ve found, especially with the older youth that there are a lot of potential leaders. We’re just trying to capture that and expand on it,” said Shane.

Community Person of February By Celeste Lustosa


adriye Burggraaff moved to Roxby in 2008 with her husband and daughter, who was only 18 months at the time, and she knows how challenging it can be to live away from your relatives when you have small children. Simple things like having someone to watch your small children while you have a doctor’s appointment or even get some help when all you need is a one hour rest so you can look after yourself are possible in Roxby, because of people like Kadriye. Because she understands what parents go through when away from family, she decided to help others with their babies and she joined the ‘Strengthening Our Families’ program. This is a program that provides support, friendship and assistance to parents with children aged under 5 years. The project is a community partnership between the Roxby Downs Health Services and BHP Billiton

Olympic Dam. The type of support provided is personalised specifically to suit the needs of each family. Strengthening Our Families can also introduce new families to the many services and activities that are available in our community. “This is a great way of helping others, as well as make friends and get involved in the community,” Kadriye said. Our Community Person of the Month of February donates her time, even though she has two small children herself, to help on the coffee mornings and story time, wellknown activities of Roxby parents. She has had a great amount of hours dedicated to that and that’s why she is one of our special and selected residents that get recognised with this title. As far as the ‘Strengthening Our Families’ program, volunteers are available for home visiting, supervising children at health and medical appointments, attending community activities and other daily activities and you get to meet people

like Kadriye, that are genuine and want to help others. If you know someone who deserves to be noticed because of their dedication and enthusiasm for the community, just like her, nominate them for this award. Nomination forms are available from the Big Sky Service Centre, The Monitor and the Roxby Downs Council. Since October 2008, Big Sky and The Monitor Newspaper have granted the “Community Person of the Month” to members of the community who have gone above and beyond the standard call of duty.

The Show That Keeps You Regular!

A Big Bowl Of Museli with Jack McGuire Proudly sponsored by Sodexo Remote Sites

Ladies, Gentlemen and baldie babies everywhere! As the name ‘muesli’ suggests (derived from the German/Swiss word ‘mus’ meaning ‘a mixture’ ), this is a show that gives your ears the benefit of a healthy mixture to start your day. How?? Mmm … well … I’ll be regular with the irregular as with the regular. Regular gossip from around the town and off the wide wide world of the web. Regular trivia and nonsense, regular interviews from “People in your Community’ … there’s even a regular corner for the kids! All sprinkled with music from regular acts you know and independent artists from Australia and overseas that are dying to tickle your ears! It’s a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously, so I don’t expect the listener to either. It’s me doing my ‘thang’ – having fun and bringing you along for the ride … now read the small print please! (The suggestion that the show - A Big Bowl Of Muesli - keeps you regular does not mean it should be used as a substitute for regular dietary fibre ... you have been warned!) Keep yourself regular with a Big Bowl Of Muesli from 6am - 9am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

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to the editor

An open letter to Ray Ray Goldie and Roxby Downs It was with great excitement that Ray came home from his first trip to Roxby, after being invited by Bill Boehm, back in 2000. Bill and Ray had successfully worked together on a community development project in Bordertown, so it was with confidence that Bill asked Ray and his colleague Mary-Ellen McMahon to do a survey of the town’s population and write up a strategic plan to take the town into the future, by including the residents and business owner’s needs and concerns. Little did I realise that the venture would span 9 years, the latter five as full time. Ray travelled to Roxby Downs many times to do the interviews with individuals, business operators and holding public meetings, gathering the data needed to write a report for the Council. Eventually, The Strategic Plan was written and finally implemented. Many hours were spent on the wording; layout and the essence of the document which had to be useful and innovative. I always knew Ray was a big thinker, and this project confirmed that. The Strategic Plan took on its own life becoming an integral part of the planning and implementation of the Community Board and Community Groups. Ray was ably assisted along this path by Michelle Hales who was the Council’s representative. I have been privileged to watch and, where I could, support Ray as he put into practice many of the strategic suggestions in his original

plan. Most importantly is The Monitor Newspaper. This has been such a wonderful addition to the town of Roxby Downs that many do not know of its beginnings. One of the most common comments from the survey was that there was a lack of communication between the council and the people in the town. Even though Roxby had a regular newsletter, which came from the Council, along with a local paper from Rural Press, Ray could see the need for a further newspaper devoted to Roxby Downs and suggested a free paper – The Monitor Newspaper. The introduction of The Monitor was a painstaking enterprise, with many challenges not least of which were the changes of staff over the years. Through it all, Ray stayed committed to the philosophy of a local paper for the town which extends its reach to the outback and into towns across the border of Queensland. The winning of a SA Great Award in 2006 cemented the value of The Monitor and it was a pleasure to be with Ray when he accepted the award, on behalf of all of the staff at The Monitor, the community of Roxby Downs. Thank you Ray for having a vision of how a community can be a huge part of the running of a town like Roxby Downs, and thank you for your steadfastness and holding onto your vision and putting what you talk about into action. Wishing you good fortune on your travels.





.... and I sincerely mean it. It has been one of the best experiences of my life both professionally and personally. I have worked, lived permanently and commuted in and out of Roxby Downs over for the past nine years. The original project was for 9 months by which time it was too late, I was hooked. Hooked on what? Excuse what have now become clichés about Roxby Downs, but it was primarily the people and the community they had formed that drew me here. When I arrived in 2001 following the 1998 expansion the community was doing it tough but there was no discounting the spirit and values of its people, it was infectious. Professionally I saw many ways I could use my skills to support the community to achieve its goals and the potential of what could be accomplished excited me. So the journey was started, and now, all of a sudden its 2010! There have been many segments to the adventure and the highlights include the initial interviewing of over 80 businesses and the Listening to Roxby Surveys in 2001 and 2003. From these we learnt a lot about how what the community valued, what it liked and what it didn’t. The eighteen months with the inaugural Community Board developing the community plan, the formation of the permanent Board and its Forums and Partnerships inspiring. It was a great milestone

Title for the article

Thanks for the community. The Monitor has been a huge part of my time here and I have loved it even though some nights I wondered and squirmed about how we could keep it afloat. Volunteering at the RoxFM was also a joy and heaps of fun. I could go on, but the point I really want to make is that as great as all the projects were that was not why I stayed here for nine years. It was the people, both as individuals and as a community that kept me here. I found the community of Roxby very friendly, rarely would I walk down the street when people did not, say hello, give a smile or even just a slight nod or tilt of the head in recognition. Generally I found people were accepting, generous, outspoken and in the main genuine. I was given considerable latitude and trust by both the community and the Roxby Downs Council for my part in strengthening the sense of community in Roxby Downs. This past week people have been generous in thanking me for all I have done for the community and what has been achieved. I have been quick to point out the accomplishments are not mine. My part was simply to listen to the community, and then encourage, mentor and enable those involved to take useful actions to reach their goals. So to the whole community of Roxby Downs I sincerely thank you for the opportunity, thank you for the learning and your support and above all thanks for the fun. Ray Goldie, Managing Editor.

Marilyn Goldie

What do you want to know about Roxby Downs? knows! Find contacts and informaƟon for knows! . Businesses . Real Estate . Rotary . Schools

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Over 50 categories, over 1000 entries Free lisƟng for all local clubs or businesses email your details to

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MEETING DATES Arts and Culture Forum Community Board Sport & Recreation Forum Roxby RoadSafe Environment Forum

21 April 03 May 04 May 13 May 11 May

7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 5.30pm 7.30pm

with Michelle Hales

Imagine a life without traffic lights


If you would like to do a presentation to the Community Board please contact Michelle Hales to organise a date and time to be placed on the agenda. Requests close on the Wednesday prior to the Board meeting. Board meetings usually take place on the last Monday of the month.


Members of the community are encouraged to join any of the forums or partnerships. If you would like to join the Arts and Culture Forum, Education and Workplace Training Forum, Family and Youth Forum, Environment Forum, Sport and Recreation Forum or Volunteering Partnership you are welcome to attend any of the meetings. Meeting times appear in The Monitor on a regular basis. If you would like to join the Health Forum and/ or Alcohol and Substance Abuse Partnership please contact Michelle Hales on 0418 833 818 or via email to: to express your interest.


If you would like to find out more about any of the forums visit the website or contact Michelle Hales - Executive Officer Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. Mobile: 0418 833 818 Phone: 8671 0010 Fax: 8671 0452 Email:

An initiative of the Environment Forum

G reen tip

Did you know?

Ant eradication tips

ommunity onversations


or kids growing up in Roxby Downs this is real fact of life. Many kids have never lived in the city and have not yet developed the street smarts to deal with traffic. Research has shown that children up to the age of 10 years do not understand how to keep themselves safe in traffic. They find it difficult to judge the speed and distance of moving vehicles and to recognize the direction of sound. They are easily distracted and tend to focus on one thing at a time. This makes them extremely vulnerable road users. Our main street is absolute chaos at school pick up and drop off times and I worry that something terrible will happen. There are kids, adults and vehicles everywhere. It happens at other times as well when kids wait for their parents to load their cars after shopping. Kids can’t be seen when they stand between the cars or behind signs. We can’t see them and they can’t see us. They could dash out in front of us as we drive by - with dire consequenc-

Unfortunately, some times you’ll need to eradicate the ants rather than deter them. A couple of greener ways to do it: A mixture of 1/8 teaspoon of powdered borax and sugar or honey will attract and kill ants. This is a mixture that is often used in commercial antspecific products. Worker ants take it back to the nest and pass it onto other ants, killing the colony. While borax in small quantities is relatively harmless to larger animals, in big enough doses it can kill, so be cautious about placement and keep out of reach of pets and children.

es. It’s not just the public roads where we need to be alert. Driveways and car parks are also danger spots. It is a tragic fact of life that more than one third of pedestrians aged under six years, who are killed by motor vehicles, die ‘off road’ in driveways, yards and car parks. Children aged under three are the most likely to be killed or injured in home driveways by a reversing vehicle driven by a parent, relative or friend. Adults also need street smarts to deal with the hazards of country roads. The unpredictable nature of kangaroos, emus and cows means we need to be forever vigilant to our surroundings. I’ve had a close encounter with an emu that came out of nowhere and started racing towards my car at such speed that I thought it was going to hit me. Only in the last few seconds did it slow down but not fast enough to avoid the car. It clipped the front wheel, did a somersault, before standing up and running away. One mighty lucky emu and one very frazzled driver. Other drivers have not been so lucky. There is no room for complacency on the roads. Whether it’s rogue emus or road trains we all need to be on guard for the unexpected. It’s the same for the little ones. Teaching them street smarts now will help them when they venture out into the big wide world beyond Roxby Downs. Michelle Hales is the Community Development Officer of Roxby Downs Council and Executive Officer of the Roxby Downs Community Board.

Local reporter becomes local Rotarian! By Millie Thomas


eleste Lustosa is a well known face around town. She works as a journalist and photographer for our community paper The Monitor and volunteers in local events. She has breezed into our homes and our hearts with her bubbly personality and kind nature. But the pros of Celeste don’t stop there. Last Monday, April 12 Celeste was inducted into Rotary Club of Roxby District. Celeste came over from Brazil on a Rotary exchange program called Group Study Exchange, or GSE in April, 2008. The exchange is a unique program that offers young business people and professionals between the ages of 25 and 40 the opportunity to go on a cultural and vocational exchange to further their knowledge in their career, and enabling them to witness how their career differs in different countries. “(Throughout the program) we were supposed to spend five weeks in South Australia, touring Port Augusta, Roxby, Peterborough, and different parts of Adelaide. Through the exchange, I have met over a hundred people and was able to learn about my career (journalism and public relations) in a different continent,” Celeste said. After coming to Roxby through GSE Celeste heard about the job opportunity at The Monitor and was eager to apply after spending a special night here with her hosts Teresa Baddeley and Leigh Malcolm. “When Rotary was given the opportunity to share GSE with Port Augusta, having no idea what GSE was all about, we put our hand up to host Celeste. “The first dinner night was mind-blowing. The enthusiasm and energy from all of the GSE was amazing. We feel we were very lucky to have Celeste. She was a beautiful person and absorbed us into her heart straight away. “The fact that she’s managed to work and have a life in Roxby is fantastic. Rotary Club of Roxby District is very humbled to have a person from the GSE program to want to be a part of the Rotary and give back to the community. She has fit into the Australian life like a little Aussie pocket rocket!” said Teresa.

“GSE is a program where young professionals, who are not already in Rotary get the opportunity to travel with a Rotarian. So now Celeste has experienced firsthand the benefits of a Rotary program and that has led her to become a part of our local Rotary,” said Sandy Sumsion, President of Rotary Club of Roxby District. “To me, it shows the power of being involved in an international organisation and having the courage to be involved in a program like GSE has helped Celeste change her life path – it has taken her to the other side of the world!” “She is a perfect example of a young person having been involved in a Rotary program… it shows how she has gained the long term benefits streaming from the first step she took with Rotary,” Sandy said. Celeste was honoured to have been asked to join Roxby’s Rotary club. She had seen first hand the work that they have done around our community and worldwide. “What I’ve realised in Rotary all over the world is everything they do is for the common good. They want to be involved in the community for example, organising a bench for Andamooka, and raising funds for polio worldwide,” she said. Celeste reiterates the emotional and financial support that the Rotary club have provided her with, throughout the GSE and during her working visa stay here in Australia. “When the opportunity came to work in Roxby, I was at ease because of the kindness of Teresa and Leigh. The only reason I’m here is because of Rotary. 90% of my Australian friends are Rotarians. They have been there from the beginning, hosting me and supporting me emotionally,” she said. “I wanted to be a Rotarian from the beginning, but I wanted to settle in everyday life first. Thanks to Millie I know I can organise my week. I can attend and participate in everything Rotary does. Because Millie and I are a team, I can do that,” she said. “In rotary, every member is heard, and the members will do anything to help you – I realised this when Theresa and Leigh hosted me, it was an incredibly special night. Rotarians are very willing to do volunteer work; they will just put themselves out there. They’ll do anything; they’ll flip burgers all day. There’s no egos involved,” she said.

EXCITING MINING OPPORTUNITIES We are the heavy industry and mining recruiting experts and for over 33 years, we’ve powered the world of work. As a result of continued success, we require the following experts for both permanent and contact positions to work across South Australia. Surface/Underground Maintenance • Mechanical/Diesel Fitters • Boiler Makers/Welders • Trade Assistants • Crane Operators • Refrigeration Technicians • Auto Electricians • Drill/HD Fitters • Shotfirer

With Teresa and Leigh during her stay in Roxby in 2008

Production Operators • Jumbo Operators • Bogger Operators • Dump Truck Drivers • Road Train Operators • Loaders/Grazers/Dozers/Excavators To take the next step in your career, please send your CV with two current references.


Contact Olivia Wong or Donna Paull at or 08 7221 4141. GSE Brazil about to have their presentation at Roxby Rotary Club in 2008

Page 9 – Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Shane Lock s and Mark Spink at the GHD event

Kate and at Skyelah Petty the football


APOMA ter Chairperson Pe Allen enjoying rd thi s GHD’ the anniversary at Dunes


, Con Koutsounis, Trevor Kroemerand sito Michael Espo at GHD John Schmidt t even


David Hunter er ob came from Cothe Pedy to see boys win


d Suzie Smith anger the state mana of GHD David Luscombe


Karen Russel and Vicki Hatty at the GHD event




Gaiter ting Hanson supporthe Hornridge at ty foo

‘Mama’ Jen

erie Tye Montgom the barracking at football

Kade Gill, Dylon Cody Johnson and Gaiter at the footy

Fact 003

More than one third of the Australians w ho died of swine flu were hea lthy before getting th e virus . †

Swine flu vaccine. It’s safe, effective and free* Cont .

act your GP or health care provider today an d get vaccinated. For more information call 180 2007 or visit www.healthemergenc † State and Territory Hos

pital Data, compiled by the Department of Health and Ageing. * GPs may charge a con sultation fee.

Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra

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Julia Weltner, and all Natasha Wood ng out at Lily Mason ha Movie or tdo the Ou pool Session at the

n, Becky Hallora Ashton Golding at and Kiri Allen Speedway


y, Monique Gobb and Jazme Tricey rthyAmber Goldswo Spiers relaxingr at the Outdoo Movie

on Friday.


Kobe Neilson, Jai Sanders, Hendrix Launer and Aiden Sanders at Speedway


n Trevor Robinso l and Robin Russe recieve awards yle from Kaye Dord for GHD’s thi anniversary in Roxby.



Greg Latham with fiancee Kristina Meredith at Ray’s farewell

a Lena and Kirian Ellen at the football on Saturday



Leigh Malcolmion and Craig Sums at Ray Goldie’s farewell on Sunday night.

Darren and Suzie Smith at on Ray’s farewell Sunday night.


Michelle Hales or ch and Margie An ell at Ray’s farew


Shane Hough and Kate Weire with Ray Goldi at his farewell


Trent Burto at the Remote ’s ub Control Car Clat debut race w their ne track


Philip Lacey at the Remote Control Car Club on Saturday

Fact 004

Babies under six mon ths cannot be vaccin ated against swine flu. To protect them, parents should vaccinate themselves and other s around them. †

Swine flu vaccine. It’s safe,

effective and free*. Contact your GP or he alth care provider tod ay and get vaccinated For more information . call 180 2007 or visit www.healthemergenc † Advice of the Australian Government’s Chief Medical Officer. *GP s may charge a consul tation fee.

Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra

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Outback HotShots Photography Group


Outback Hotshots is a local photography group in Roxby Downs

us at our next meeting. Should you like any more information or have any queries please email us at outbackhotshots@ or check out our blog at http:// Our new theme for the month of April 2010 is “Outdoor Portraits” if anyone Our next meeting will be on the 2nd of would like to take some photos and join May 2010 at 12noon at the Dunes.

he group is open to any keen photographers, no matter what is your level and it’s free to join.

Photo winners of the month 1st place : Juanita Van Rooyen with her entry of a lake scene. 2nd place : Michael Holden with his entry of reflections after the rain 3rd place : Charmayne Cronje with her entry of a reflection of a snail

Photos taken by Michael Holden

Photography club held a workshop


n Saturday afternoon, 17 April, the Outback Hotshots photography club held a workshop on outdoor portraits led by Michael Houlden.

Photographer Profile for the f Andre Esterhuizen

of before you take the shot. I enjoy the satisfaction of taking photos where these dynamics can be seen in the image.

Questions for the photographer What was your first camera? My first camera was a Rocoh KR10M which I bought in 1990. Why did you get into photography? Just as a hobby, I guess. I’m not really all that creative, but I like experimenting. How long have you been taking photos? I’ve always been interested but started more seriously as a hobby with the Ricoh from around 1990 to around 1995. After a lapse I started again in 2008 when I bought my first DSLR. Who or what inspires you? The dynamics of photography interest me and all the things that have an influence and need to think

Where is your favourite place to take photos? Preferably, any natural setting. What is your favourite photo? I have a few, but once I took a nice photo of a sunset at the Glenelg Jetty in Adelaide....

o h t n o m April

city-scape at Boat Quay in Singapore

Meeting at the Dunes Café at 4 o’clock, it was an excellent turn-out with 5 members from the club coming out to experiment with natural light and flash to create a collection of interesting portraits. Club members learned

about posing models, working with outdoor settings and backgrounds and using and modifying both natural and artificial light. The group of photographers also experimented with both open shade and direct sun to create pleasing images. The club was assisted by a number of the photographers’ children who helped out as models and lighting assistants holding reflectors to reduce shadows and positioning and steadying light stands.

a sandstorm near Woomera

What is your favourite genre? 1) Landscapes. I’ve also done quite a few nice panoramas. 2) Cityscapes are also interesting to shoot. 3) Sunrises/Sunsets. In all of these I like experimenting with longer time exposures and panoramas to create nice effects. What is your favourite photography tool? I don’t have much, but I do prefer my zoom lens over my standard 1855mm. What photography equipment do you have on your wish list? I would love to get a decent wide angle lens, like the Canon EF-S 10-22mm. But I feel that I could do with a camera upgrade too.

Page 12 – Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Glenelg Jetty in Adelaide

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Keep panic levels down as rates rise here is some good news amid the recent rush of sensational headlines about rising interest rates.

Richard Irving, General Manager – Sales & Distribution of Big Sky, reports that members in the credit union’s widespread service areas, including mining strongholds Roxby Downs (South Australia), Port Hedland (Western Australia) and Moranbah (Queensland) have been ramping up loan enquiries in recent months. “Interestingly, the rate hikes have not had the dampening effect that it seems to be having elsewhere across Australia,” he says. Such confidence points to the general strength of the mining and resources sector, and optimism within those communities about long-term growth and employment prospects. “I think that’s probably driving a fair amount of demand,” Irving says. “People (in these areas) are bouncing back a lot quicker in terms of looking for refinancing opportunities or new home opportunities.” In early April, the major banks moved quickly to lift their interest rates after the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) raised its cash rate to 4.25 per cent. Most banks’ standard vari-

Johnston Withers Lawyers are now visiting Roxby Downs each month Offering professional legal advice and representation in most areas of law including: Industrial Employment Law

Criminal & Traffic Law

Workers Compensation Wills

Estates & Trusts

Discrimination Law &

Personal Injury

Workplace Harassment


Medical Negligence Family & DeFacto Conveyancing Defamation

able rates are now above 7 per cent. Research firm Canstar Cannex suggests the RBA’s action will add about $50 a month more to a typical $300,000 mortgage taken out over 25 years. There is also market consensus that there will be one or two more rate increases before the end of the year. The resources boom aside, Irving says another comforting fact is that long-term planning can insulate members from against the worst effects of rate hikes. “We’ve got a very strong focus on educating our members about the fact that you shouldn’t just be thinking about what you commit to today,” he says. “You do need to factor in that we’re in a rising interest rate environment.” Irving says people should take some basic steps to protect themselves: - Discuss options with a credible financial institution such as Big Sky before taking out a loan. - Consider your likely future scenario around work, location and lifestyle choices when selecting a mortgage. - Shop around for the best loan deals but enquire beyond the headline rate to see if there are any hidden costs. - Ensure you read the fine print and properly

understand terms and conditions that may affect the loan. - Exercise caution before automatically switching to fixed-rate loans. On the latter point, Irving says there is a natural tendency for mortgagees to think fixing interest rates is a good move in an environment of rising rates. However, such loans typically come with a higher interest rate. “We’d encourage people to think before they lock into fixed rates because the penalties can be high if you try to get out of that environment when rates start to fall again,” says Irving, who adds that historically variable loans tend to perform well. Given the added burden of rate jumps, Irving advises people to pay down or consolidate other debts such as credit cards to limit the impact of rate fluctuations. He suggests a whole-of-budget approach which factors in all financial commitments rather than looking at a loan in isolation. “Don’t panic. (But) if you already have a mortgage and are getting into trouble it’s important to notify your financial institution really early so you can discuss solutions.”

GHD has big plans for Roxby

Nic Kernahan and Emma Wilkinson will next be in attendance at our offices of 1A Tutop Centre, 20-22 Tutop St., Roxby Downs on

12th May 2010

For appointments, contact us at:

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GHD team gets together to celebrate 3 years in Roxby

tower above the rest with a Big Sky term deposit

By Celeste Lustosa


ne of the world’s leading engineering, architectural and environmental consulting firms, GHD, has recently celebrated 3 years in Roxby Downs with a function at Dune’s Café, hosting a number of key clients and staff from other GHD offices.

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Page 13 – Wednesday, April 21, 2010

03/10 9909

Visit us at the Roxby Downs Service Centre at Shop 3, 14 Tutop St, Roxby Downs, call us on 8671 2555 or visit

The event provided an opportunity to hear about the work of the Roxby Downs office and to recognise Office Manager Darren Smith, and Project Officer Kaye Doyle for their hard work during the past three years. GHD provides a truly integrated multi-disciplinary professional consulting service, with offices in Adelaide, Roxby Downs and Mount Gambier. “We established our local presence in South Australia 11 years ago with 35 staff in our Grenfell Street office. Today, our team of more than 200 staff collaborate in Green Star Accredited offices, providing technical solutions across 5 global market sectors, all focussed on the needs of businesses within South Australia” said State Manager Mr David Luscombe. “We have solid client relationships in the Roxby Downs region, including BHP Billiton, BAE Systems and the Defence Department. A local presence has enabled us to improve relationships with these key clients and better the services we provide. “GHD’s clients benefit from the company’s local

edge and experience, teamed with their access to a global community of professionals. “We deliver sustainable solutions by combining technical skills, experience and innovation with an understanding of our clients’ objectives and aspirations,” local manager, Darren Smith added. In addition to infrastructure projects, GHD has made significant contributions to Roxby Downs community projects, including the town’s War Memorial. GHD was also responsible for the refit of the local newsagency, which has been very well received by the community. “We are very appreciative of Roxby support and we intend to be here for years to come and expand the business in line with development in the area,” said Mr Smith. “We are a unique company and, in my view, our success is directly related to our interaction at a local community level. “The fact that we have people like Darren and Kaye here is very positive for the company because they are fully involved in the community and are building great relationships for GHD,” Mr Luscombe said. He also told The Monitor exclusively that the company has big plans for Roxby, which include business expansion and more jobs to come. “We want to be here for a long time and we have many plans for GHD in Roxby. We are very appreciative of all the local support we have received so far,” he concluded. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

I am


FAAW paves the way for women in leadership in rural and regional Australia T

he Foundation for Australian A g r i c u l t u r a l Wo m e n (FAAW) will be unveiling a series of new initiatives throughout the year, including the Global Interactive Library and the unique Innovation Labs to provide women in leadership in rural and regional Australia with further learning, business and sponsorship opportunities. The challenges of rural and regional women in leadership require different solutions to their urban counterparts, and FAAW has designed tools specifically for women living and working in rural and regional areas. President of FAAW, Jane Cleeve, said the new initiatives will introduce greater diversity of opportunities. “We will be enriching rural and regional Australia as women in leadership will have better connections with business leaders who will help women make things happen, whether they are organising a community event or have a revolutionary business idea.” A tele-learning series successfully launched in 2009 will continue in 2010. The tele-learning series, which can be accessed from any landline, connects women from around the country with leadership expertise. The purpose of the series is to empower women to become more effective and confident leaders at home, in the community and in business. The tele-learning project is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) as part of its Recognising Women Farmers initiative. More information about the

Jane Cleeve is the president of the FAAW

Interesting facts about F women and money

By Celeste Lustosa

or this Women’s Page we are going to dedicate some good lines to talk about women in the workforce. The Business Council of Australia (BCA) has come up with a plan for change to assist more women into leading business roles.

Women actually make most of the money-based decisions in our world today. They make most of the choices about purchases, and most of the decisions about investments. % of Purchasing Decisions made by Women: 83% All Consumer Purchases 94% Home furnishings 92% Vacations 91% New Homes 80% DIY Home Projects 51% Consumer Electronics 60% Cars (Really it is 90% because they influence an additional 30% of the decisions) 89% Choose which new bank account to open 80% Healthcare “Wired” Women: Among women who use the Web (women who are “wired”), 83% are the primary decision makers on matters of healthcare, finances, and education. “5 Most Expensive Mistakes Women Make”: • Assuming your current financial status is permanent • Paying too much for convenience • Not using a budget • Waiting for the right time to save • Fearing the wrong risk THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Australia still has relatively few women in top corporate jobs and overall only about one senior executive in 10 is a woman. The Government has voiced its concerns about the issue and now the BCA has come up with a 12-month pilot project to mentor women into leadership roles. It wants the chief executives of Australia’s top companies to handpick talented women. They are then required to mentor them and open doors to allow them to climb the corporate ladder. The BCA itself is an organisation that is 97 per cent male, but is headed up by Katie Lahey. McDonald’s managing director in Australia, Catriona Noble, said in an interview the fast food chain made a deliberate decision to employ more women a few years ago and it has helped the business. “Yes, there was a target to go out and say we need to have better gender diversity and so it was very deliberate, but I’d have to say in recent years we no longer require that kind of targeting because it just self-perpetuates after a certain point in time,” she said.

series can be found at www.faaw. The Global Interactive Library is expected to launch mid-2010 with four distinct sections, including an online information resource and forum. The Library will be a dynamic exchange centre for users from Australia and around the world to share information they find interesting or helpful. The Library will also connect women in leadership to discuss insights, issues and solutions relevant to rural and regional areas. The Global Interactive Library is funded by the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA). “FAAW will be providing content through Forums, Seminars and workshops but more importantly will encourage users to interact from their knowledge and experience on the site. The Library is a place of knowledge creation. The Innovation Labs, the most ambitious part of our plans, will follow later this year and be developed over the next two years,” Ms Cleeve said. The Innovation Labs will link women with new business ideas and inventions to others with common interests and with experts and potential investors. Supported by a network of sponsors, including lead-

And what is happening for the rest of the women in the workforce? More importantly, what does the future hold for business women in the workplace? What percentage of women work? In 1950 about one in three women participated in the labour force. By 1998, nearly three of every five women of working age were in the labour force. Among women age 16 and over, the labour force participation rate was 33.9 percent in 1950, compared with 59.8 percent in 1998. As the numbers show women have come very far in the workplace. We’re making progress, but, it has taken years to even get close to this. I thought it would be interesting to take a look back in time to see what we have - and haven’t - achieved. From “Women & the Workplace” - During the American Revolution, some twenty thousand women accompanied American troops to war, serving as cooks, nurses, laundresses, guides, seamstresses, water porters, and ammunition loaders. - In 1848, Charlotte Woodward campaigned to change laws that gave husbands the right to pocket their wives’ earnings. By 1870, six out of ten working women were domestic servants. - In New York City at mid-cen-

ing organisations in the field of law, agriculture, communication, engineering, and art, the Innovation Labs will provide a direct line between the business idea and investment capital and support. “The Innovation Labs are designed to create business opportunities. We will feature an online gallery for rural artists and photographers to sell their work, as well as provide opportunities for women who have ideas, perhaps for sustainable farming, healthcare or design, to discuss their plans with experienced professionals in innovation and development,” Ms Cleeve said. The idea of the Innovation Labs has been positively received by business, with a prominent law firm and several companies are in discussion with the Foundation. Ms Cleeve said this initial interest demonstrates the value and faith business has in women from rural and regional areas. “Women are important to the long-term development and sustainability of our rural and regional areas. With the new tools we currently have, and those we will implement, women in rural and regional areas will have the support they need to take truly significant strides,” Ms Cleeve concluded.

Women at work

tury, 25 percent of all employed Irish women and half of all African-American women worked as servants. - Ninety percent of working women fit into 11 of 451 job types listed on the 1940 census. More than ninety percent of all nurses, clerical workers, and domestic servants were women. - A Women’s Bureau study of 1944 reported that eighty percent of women who worked during World War II wished to continue at their jobs. - The 1943 “Guide to Hiring Women” has quite a bit of advice for the men who were doing the hiring. General experience indicates that “husky” girls are more even tempered and efficient than their underweight sisters. A girl has more confidence and is more efficient if she can keep her hair tidied, apply fresh lipstick, and

wash her hands. Pick young married women. They usually have more of a sense of responsibility than their unmarried sisters, they’re less likely to be flirtatious, they need the work or they wouldn’t be doing it, they still have the pep and interest to work hard and to deal with the public efficiently. Nowadays, thankfully things have changed quite a bit – luckily for me as a young unmarried woman I wouldn’t stand a chance, and women constitute half the world’s population, perform nearly two-thirds of its work hours, receive one-tenth of the world’s income and own less than onehundredth of the world’s property. There are still lots to fight for as until today women, on average, are making only 75 cents for every dollar earned by a man but I think we are on the right track.

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The Mount That Rocked

By Millie Thomas


ock the Mount has become notorious in the Flinders Ranges area as being one of the hottest acts in the area. With star studded country music line ups year in, year out, big names attract big crowds, and this year was no exception. Jasmine Rae, Marcus Meier, The McClymonts, Tania Kernaghan and our Australian country music icon Lee Kernaghan headlined Rock the Mount this year, and a crowd of about 3,500 turned up to enjoy the show at picturesque showgrounds at Mount Remarkable, Melrose. The warm afternoon of Saturday April 17 provided for a relaxed ambience as local acts such

as The McCullens, Gary Burrows and John O’Dea entertained the crowd, which during the day probably only reached about 800 people, mainly locals. Paula Bowers was the winner of The Monitor’s double weekend pass and camper trailer accomodation and Mick Bruce and Derek McDonald both won double Saturday passes. There were numerous stalls dotted along the boundary of the Melrose showgrounds offering foods of every taste, caste, culture as well as jewellery, trinkets and clothing. Jan Hirschausen of “Jan’s Fashions” was making her debut appearance at Rock the Mount, offering clothing for all ages. “We’ll stay open as long as people are buying. It’s a bit quieter than I thought it would be, but no doubt, the crowds will be in after four,” she said.

There was a Ute muster in the afternoon also, with over forty utes entered in categories such as “Street Ute”, “B & S Ute” and “Old Ute”, all titles of which, are fairly self explanatory! From L platers to weathered ute muster competitors, from the West Coast to the deep South, the impressive array of utes were scattered on the oval for hours, surrounded by their owners, who sipped patiently on their cans of rum whilst the judges deliberated. The main stage performances didn’t start until 4:15pm, starting with Marcus Meier, who played to a fairly subdued crowd. As it was still early, light and the social excitement had not quite kicked in, the general consensus was that mass singing and dancing was not yet appropriate. Jasmine Rae, the small music teacher with the huge voice really got the

crowd going. A “mosh pit” formed beneath her performance as she belted out hits such as “Did I just say that?” and “Red Dress”, the larger presence being her adoring male fans, with even their tepid wives singing along to Jasmine’s catchy hits. The McClymonts , resembling something similar to that of America’s Dixie Chicks put on a fantastic performance, with synchronised dancing, perfect harmonies and radical outfits. By this stage of the night, there was no reaching the stage as fans ferociously maintained their hard earned positions. Then came Lee. The anticipated act did not disappoint fans as he rocked the mount for the fourth year in a row. Jasmine Rae helped with backup vocals and Marcus with guitar to present an explosive display of hits from Lee’s new album, Planet Country,


as well as golden oldies such as “Outback Club” and “The Boys from the Bush”. Lachlan Fargher, of Parachilna, has attended Rock the Mount since the inaugural event in 2007, and says this year was no exception to the show’s already sterling reputation. “Lee was fantastic again this year, but it was the local acts who continue amaze us every year. Young talents such as Georgette Berry and The McCullens really set the standard for young musicians Australia wide,” he said. After the show internationally recognised singer/songwriter Mike Carr, local singer/songwriter John O’Dea and Jasmine Rae performed covers of country music hits until the early morning finishing off a busy and successful Rock the Mount once again.

Who do you think will win the local Footy this year and why? Hornidge is going to win because they are awesome.

OD is going to win this year because they are awesome.

Becky Whitehead

Ali Mitchell Hornidge is going to win this year because they are so cool. Erika Swvertsen

Hornidge because their players are really good at footy. Miners are going to win. I think finals will be Miners and OD and Miners will win because of their determination, fitness and drive.

Zoe Male

Hornidge because they kick butt most of the time.

Lena Ellen

Hannah Bigden

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ist t r a l Loca

Giclée Prints



PRICE Negotiable HONDA CRF 450 ‘08’ Model (25 hours use) 5 Anna Crt (lge house) 3 Bed, lge Rumpus, shedding Carport & verandah & other extras Ph : 0408 087 424 or 0411 313 373

MSC Steering Damper/Pro Taper Bars New Tyres. Full Shim & Spares Kit $ 7 5 0 0 o n o Call Scotty on 0429 859 458


‘Lake Mary’ Limited Edition of 20 $325 unframed

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ANZAC DAY BREAKFAST Sausages, bacon, eggs and toast.Tea, coffee and juice.

Sunday, April 25 Immediately following the 9am

ANZAC DAY SERVICE at the TOWN PARK ANDAMOOKA Run by the Andamooka Frontier Services Hospital Auxiliary Committee Proceeds to the Andamooka Hospital

IN MEMORIAM IN memory of my beloved husband Gordon who passed

away on 19th April 2009, just one year ago.

Come to me in my dreams, and then By day I shall be well again! For then the night will more than pay The hopeless longing of the day. Matthew Arnold

Board members are selected based on a variety of criteria including: • skills and experience in work and/or community • acƟve community involvement • ability to listen, think through and deliver a balanced point of view Experiences outside of Roxby Downs are also considered. If you are passionate about Roxby Downs and wish to become more acƟvely involved in community life please contact:

Michelle Hales - Execu ve Officer Telephone: 0418 833 818 Email:

TUITION I teach a range of nylon and steel string acoustic styles

Stef Saunders 0400 995 277

CLAIRVOYANT PSYCHIC readings Need direction? Are there questions that you need answered? Then give me a call Janet 0418 846 350

NominaƟon forms and informaƟon packs can be emailed upon request.

Nomina ons close 30 April 2010


Section 33 Road Traffic Act 1961 NOTICE Is hereby given that the Administrator of the Roxby Downs Council on 17 March 2010 made the following orders; That the Administrator of the Council exercises the power vested in the Administrator under the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982 and Section 33 of the Road Traffic Act 1961 and Clause F of the instrument of General Approval of the Minister 28 November 1999. Pursuant to Section 33(1) of the Road Traffic Act 1961 declare that the event described below is to take place on the road described below is an event to which Section 33 of the Road Traffic Act 1961 applies; and Pursuant to Section 33(1) (a) of the Road Traffic Act 1961, make an order directing that the road on which the event is to be held and any adjacent or adjoining roads specified below can be closed to all traffic except police and emergency vehicles and vehicles involved in the event for the period commencing 5.30am – 7.30am and 10.00am to 12 noon on Sunday 25 April 2010. ROAD: Richardson Place Roxby Downs EVENT: ANZAC DAY CEREMONY ADJACENT / ADJOINING ROADS: Burgoyne Street, Arcoona Street, Norman Place, Tavern Road Roxby Downs Pursuant to Section 33 (1) (b) of the Road Traffic Act 1961 make an order directing that persons taking part in the event be exempted in relation to the road from duty, to observe the Australian Road Rules specified below subject to any conditions described below and attached to the exemption. Australian Road rules Exemption and Conditions Rule 230: Rule 234: Rule 238:

Crossing the road Crossing the road on or near a crossing for Pedestrians Pedestrians travelling along the road.

W. J. Boehm Administrator 17 March 2010

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A Centre can: • Provide you with information on local aged & community care services available to suit your needs • Arrange help for carers to take a break from their caring role (respite)

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The Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. is seeking nominaƟons from interested members of the community to fill a casual board vacancy.


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The maze of bones by Rick Riordan By Marie Tresize


my and Dan’s grandmother has just died and now they find out they are part of the most powerful family the world has ever known. In order to gain their inheritance they must race to find the 39 clues that hid the secret of their power. Racing from America to Paris the two children must outwit their relatives and avoid fires, explosions and other traps set for them in order to gain the second clue. This is the first book in a series of fast paced action adventure books filled with suspense plot twists and some really interesting historical facts. Chil-

dren aged 8 and up will love these books. There is also an interactive website that links with the books making them appealing to even the most reluctant

readers. The website www.the39clues. com is an extension of the books and allows kids to log on and find clues and continue the adventure online.

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Accounts for the 31st March 2010 Quarter The library is open 8:30am - 5pm Monday to will be issued on the 15th April 2010. Please Friday and 9:30am - 12noon Saturdays. Todpay by the due date to avoid a late payment fee dler story time is on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30am. Membership to the library is FREE being added to your account. and a wide range of resources are available including books, DVD’s, magazines and Internet DOG & CAT MATTERS facilities. All enquiries to 8671 0660 DOG REGISTRATION: • Any unregistered dogs will attract an RATES expiation fine of $80.00. This expiation can 2009/10 rates have been declared. Third be repeated every 14 days until the dog is quarters’ rates for this financial year were registered. issued on 15.02.10. Payment is due on • All registered dogs MUST wear their tags, 17.03.10. If you did not receive a notice or otherwise a fine will be imposed. have any enquiries please contact Bronnie • Please also ensure that all dogs over the Warren on 8671 0010 during office hours. age of three months are registered, failure to comply can again result in an $80.00 Expiation Notice being issued. WARNING: ARE YOU MOVING INTO OR Dogs registered with another Council OUT OF A PROPERTY AT are NOT considered to be registered within our Council. An Expiation Notice ROXBY DOWNS? will be issued if not registered with us. To connect your electricity supply, you are Proof of registration with another council is required to lodge the paper work with the required and only incurs a minimal transfer Council before 3pm on the day of connection. fee. When vacating a property, you are required • Council would like to advise that due to a new Council by-law; only two dogs are to lodge the paperwork with the Council 2 allowed per property. Written application – 3 days prior to the requested final meter to the council for approval of more dogs is reading date. If you would like this paperwork required. faxed or emailed, feel free to contact us at the • Council are receiving many complaints above number. about barking dogs. If you have a complaint, please come into the council and collect the relevant complaint form. If HAVING DIFFICULTY you would like a booklet on ways to stop PAYING YOUR ACCOUNT? your dog barking, please come into the council and ask for your copy. Council is aware that some people may, upon receiving any of their Council accounts, CAT REGISTRATION: experience difficulty with payment of them • New Council By-Laws require all cat by the due date. Please feel free to visit the owners to register their cats. Cats must Council office and complete a Payment be desexed and micro chipped before Arrangement Form as early as possible or registration and proof taken to the Council phone and advise us. office between 9.00 am – 5.00 pm Monday to Friday prior to registration. • New By-Laws also make it a requirement UNABLE TO GET INTO THE that all cats are to be restrained to the COUNCIL OFFICE? owner’s property • Registration fee for a micro chipped and If you need to pay a Council account, and are desexed cat is $28.00. A fine of $80.00 unable to come into the council office during will be imposed for any unregistered cats work hours, we do offer payment via 2 ways: and if wandering at large a further $80.00 ∙ either by credit card facility via the Interexpiation fine will be imposed. net. Please include your account number in • Council would like to advise that due to the reference area, and then advise us via a new Council by-law; only two cats are email when making payment by Internet allowed per property. Written application ∙ or by phoning us at the Council in work to the council for approval of more than hours for over the phone payment. two cats is required. • If you are having problems with stray POOL SAFETY AT HOME cats, the council hires out cat traps for a refundable bond, just come into the council We would like to bring to your attention the possibility of the dangers around the home office. Once caught, council will collect swimming pool. Please ensure that pools both the trap and the animal. are surrounded by child proof fencing, that • Council is offering to anyone wanting to the fence has required locking devices, is the dispose of their cat/s to sign them over to correct height, and has a clearance to avoid Council and they will hand them over to climbing. the Vet for re-housing or humane disposal. If your pool is deeper than 300 millimetres and has a filtration system then you will be required to seek council approval. ROAD CLOSURES Information regarding the latest standards and • Notice is hereby given that on 17th March regulations can be obtained from the Roxby 2010 the Administrator of the Roxby Downs Downs Council Office or on the Planning SA Council made the order that commencing website 5.30am - 7.30am and 10.00am to 12 noon on Please note that it is an offence to fill a swimSunday 25 April 2010, that Richardson Place ming pool with water if an appropriate safety adjoining Burgoyne Street, Arcoona Street and barrier has not been installed. Council takes Norman Place Tavern Road, will be closed al- the matter of life safety associated with swimlowing for the Anzac Day Ceremony. The road ming pools very seriously. closure gives police and emergency vehicles Council is currently undertaking random compliance inspections regarding Swiminvolved in this event exemption. ming Pool safety barriers associated with Approved Swimming Pools throughout the township of Roxby Downs. ELECTRICITY These inspections are aimed at ensuring the Accounts for the 31st March 2010 Quarter approved safety barrier has been installed have now been issued. Please pay by the appropriately and that the pool is adequately due date to avoid late payment fees being fenced with a complying swimming pool safety added to your account. barrier.

SERVICE SA Service SA operates at the Council Office on Wednesday and Thursdays ONLY, between the hours of 9.00am and 4.30pm. Council provides Transport Services including Vehicle and Boat Registrations and Licensing Transactions. No learner written theory tests will commence after 4.00pm. All enquiries can be directed to: 131084

WASTE MANAGEMENT OPAL ROAD LANDFILL AND RECYCLING ON GOSSE: The refuse centre is open from 1pm – 6pm, seven days a week. This is a FREE service and is located on Opal Road (just after BP on the left). Recycling can be taken to either the landfill or BSH Waste Solutions on Gosse Street. All enquiries can be made to: 8671 1154.

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RDRCCC first off road official meeting at new track

By Celeste Lustosa


he Roxby Downs Remote C o nt r o l C a r Club (RDRCCC) had their first official off road race meeting at the new track, out at the Red Sands Motorsport park, last Sunday, April 18th. The action started around 11am with dozens of cars on the new track which has a fairly technical layout with a good mix of fast and slower sections. The RDRCCC members race off road and on road cars, buggies, truggies and monster trucks at our purpose built track and at Mitre 10 car park on a monthly basis and this was their first official race season for points to go to a club championship. They are racing the

3rd Sunday of every month. The club started about 18 months ago as a group of 3 friends running their cars in the mitre 10 car park and it has just distended from there and it is now a registered non profit club as of mid way through last year. “We are a group of people that enjoy the hobby/sport of Remote control, and we established the club due to the amount of interest in it. “We are about promoting the responsible use and operation of remote control cars in a safe, competitive, and fun environment,” said the RDRCCC first elected president and PR man, Trent Burton. According to him, “if the readers were impressed with the brief display at the Billycart bash on a flat track, they should come and see them ‘FLY’ across

jumps and running flat out. There were some thrills, spills and crashes,” he said. The club is seeking new members so I would advise anyone to come along to one of these races because it is definitely lots of fun. “If people are interested please come and talk with any of our members we are more than happy to help. “We will provide you with best info we can and point you in the right direction before you buy your first car. If you have already bought a car, bring it along and we will assist you,” Trent said. Anybody of any gender and age are encouraged to come along and join in. Major Sponsors; - Coates Hire – Roxby Downs; - Holcim – Roxby Downs (run the quarry out past the town dump); - Precision Engineering – Olympic Dam; Supporting Companies:

-Rema Tip Top – Donation of Conveyor Rubber; - Brendon Smith Haulage (BSH) – mulch / spent tyres / other miso materials; - Beaurepairs Roxby Downs – Spent tyres; - Roxby Traders Mitre 10 – use of their car park on Sundays (still going to be holding events there). “We are still looking for other major sponsors, who would be interested in assisting the club in funds helping pay our insurance, funding for trips to other clubs in the state to compete and new equipment,” Trent said. For further information about the Roxby Downs Remote Control Car Club (RDRCCC) and membership details please visit www. The RDRCCC web is full of information, membership forms, rules of the club, upto-date information, photographs and much more.

Golf Results A field of 30 players competed in the Alliance One Credit Union Par comp on Saturday 17th of April. A big thank you goes to Ann-Marie and Kath from Roxby Downs Alliance One Credit Union for the sponsorship. Overall WINNER PAUL CUTHBERT DIV 1 BEN CHINNER DIV 2 GEOFF DARLING


Golf Div 1 winner Ben Chinner with Alliance One Roxby manager Ann-Marie



+8 +6 +4









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ANDAMOOKA Ph 8672 7007 We dnes d ay 28 t h Apr i l There was no lack of support for the Roxby Downs children from their parents, as can be seen here with Chez Celotti, Johan Booyens and Magriet van Niekerk, while Marissa Celotti awaits her turn for the relay race.

All the children from the St Barbaras’ school had a great time at the SAPSASA swimming carnival THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


SAPSASA swimming carnival

ongratulations to all the swimmers from St Barbara’s Parish School from Roxby Downs that attended the

SAP SA SA s w imming carnival in Adelaide at the end of March.

During the Carnival, our local swimmers received four first places; five second places; three third places and three fourth places. Overall St Barb’s school came 5th out of eight schools and also the overall champion. Danielle Coetzee was chosen as the swimming champion for the under 12’s at the SAPSASA Carnival on the day

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010 – Page 18


Footy fans tune to RoxFM

Monitor SPORT

Miners deliver early warning

By Celeste Lustosa


cott Sauerwald is a Hawthorn supporter and Gregory Latham is a Collinwood fan and now both of them are back together with The Scoreboard, every Thursday from 6pm to 7pm, at Rox FM. The show is predominately about the Australian Football League (AFL), but you can also expect to hear about other sports in their show. Scott and Tom Beever, coincidently a Collingwood fanatic just like Greg, came up with the idea for this show in 2008 and Greg came on board a bit later. “We got some great feedback when we started the show,” Scott said. Not long after the show was on air, Greg joined and now in a ‘love and hate relationship’, the two of them are just great on air together. “Kristina (RoxFM Manager) told me the guys where having the show and suggested I joined them. They were keen to have me on board but I admit I was nervous to start with in the first couple of shows,” said Greg. Unfortunately Tom Beever left Roxby, which made Scott and Greg take a long break but now they are back with all the craziness all the good Footy fans can relate to. “We had a little bit of a long break but it is good to be back and we will see how much trouble we can give each other.” “We are hoping to have Tom Beever on the phone in one of our shows so I can give him a hard time again and that way I can hang up on him,” Scott jokingly said. When it comes to talk about the expectations for this Footy season, both Scott and Greg are loud, passionate and certain that better than having their team champions, is to beat the other one’s team. Greg said they have a cast of local celebrities on their show. “We support local sport of all kinds, and often have local players and coaches on air,” Greg said. Scott added that everyone involved with sports in town is more than welcome on their show. “We major talk AFL but we also talk about other sports and we have different people coming to the show, including Trevor talking about Rugby and Yoki talking about Cricket”. “But if anyone wants to promote local sports, they can give us a call here at the station. We do talk about other sports during the Footy season as well,” Scott explained.


Our local footy commentators also get behind the Miner’s Cup and have players and coaches in to chat about their year. “I don’t know if people would learn anything from us, but people can expect to hear a lot of Aussie Footy and get a good variety of guests every now and then in our show,” Greg said. When we come to the local footy season, the boys also think differently, which doesn’t come as a surprise after chatting with them for a while. “I have been given the insight that Coober Pedy has recruited strong players for this season and they have been improving every year, so watch out for Coober Pedy and Andamooka, who are looking good early,” Greg said, although he is still supporting his local team ‘The Devils’. Scott wanted to make it clear to all the readers that he is “getting behind Coober Pedy this year, because Greg is a Devil man. It’s Coober Pedy for me this year.” Even not knowing so much about footy, I can’t wait for their next show, on Thursday from 6 to 7pm, at RoxFM. The boys make a very diverse, fun and interesting show and will provide all the ‘ins and outs’ of the teams as well as tips for the coming weeks games. Stay tuned and contact RoxFM on 8671-2545 if you want to be a guest on their show and make sure you wear your Footy shirt – as long as it is either Hawthorn or Collingwood, otherwise you are on your own!

The questions regarding these teams were, would the Miners tough preseason work and a second year under Coach Dalgliesh lift them to the next level and how different will the Devil’s game plan look with the Devils new playing coach. As with the first game it only took a quarter of football to find some answers. The fit purposeful Miners smashed their nemesis convincingly by 77 points in a game so one sided it was almost boring. The Miners were faster and had more passages to goal through what looks like a potent forward half. Conversely the Devils looked slow, at times disorganised, lacking in purpose and only rarely gave their gun full forward Scott Montgomerie a chance. They still showed their trademark aggression but were chasing most of the day instead of leading. When they did tackle and

knock the ball free inevitably a Miner would be first to the ball. It showed on the scoreboard at quarter time the Miners 5 goals 2 behinds (32) to the Devils 3 behinds. In the second quarter the Devils manned up a lot more closely and although it didn’t show on the scoreboard for a short period it seemed the ascendancy shifting to the Devils. It was short lived however with the Devils being held goalless for the quarter. Half time Miners 7 goals 4 behinds (48) to Devils 1 Goals 5 behinds (11). The Devils finally found a few avenues to goals and scored 3 goals 3 behinds but the Miners easily stayed in control and kicked 5 goals 2 points for an overall lead of 7 goals 2 behinds (46). During the last quarter the Miners ran all over the Devils with another 7 goal

quarter to the Devils meagre 2 goals. Final scores The Miners 17 Goals 9 behinds (111) to Devils 6 goals 9 behinds (45) This game has showed that the Miners deserve their mantle as team most likely to succeed but will they be tough enough under pressure, does this team know how to win when its tough? For the Devils it’s too early to say, ask me after round 4. This team is seriously under done. This loss will not phase them in the slightest. At the worst they will be slow starters but guaranteed they will have their pitchforks out and be firing for the serious end of the season. Andamooka is the next question to be answered. The word is they have recruited well; enthusiasm is high and support strong.

BLACKWOODS Footballer of the Year

ocal company Blackwoods have joined with be very interesting to see who the votes go to considerThe Monitor sponsoring an exciting new ing they are through the eyes of the Coaches. The criteria on some aspects will be quite different football competition to honour our elite than what the umpires look for when voting for the footballers. Each week the coaches of each team will award 3 votes, 2 votes and 1 vote for the players on the opposition team he thinks has been the Most Valuable Players for that match. Richard Smith, Safety and Business Manager of Blackwoods who spoke to The Monitor and the league initiated the idea. Richard, spokesperson for Blackwoods said, “It will

Mail Medal and for spectators who often have only one eye to see through.”Jack McGuire advertising consultant with The Monitor said, “The tally for the top 5 vote getters for the season so far will appear each week as will the week’s votes”. The winner will receive a JBS Gigantic Toolbox valued at $4,000 provided by Blackwoods. The voting only applies to the Home and Away series.


Votes for Round one

The Monitor Newspaper has a family pass (or four adults) to give away for the

Coober Pedy Saints Bernard Lennon

3 Votes

Bradley Amos

2 Votes

Arran Shakes

1 Votes

Adelaide Crows vs Richmond Tigers match on May 9th at AAMI stadium

Hornridge Magpies Mitchell Blackie

3 votes

Dyllon Male

2 votes

Brad Cooper

1 vote

To enter, fill in the coupon below and drop the entry into: The Monitor Newspaper office, 6 Richardson Place Roxby Downs with your

Roxby Districts Miners Jarred Pyke

3 Votes

Cody Kenny

2 Votes

Name ..............................................................

Justin Watson

1 Votes

Address ............................................................................... Phone number .....................................

Olympic Dam Devils Wade Ingerson

3 Votes

Cam Green

2 Votes

Limit one entry per person per edition of the Monitor Newspaper

Jason Neindorff

1 Votes

Only original coupons will be accepted.

Winner drawn on April 30th, 12 noon at The Monitor office.

Tally after round one

Winner will be contacted by phone.

Top four only 3 votes Mitchell Blackie (Magpies) Bernard Lennon (Saints)

Sponsored by:

Jarred Pyke (Miners) Wade Ingerson (Devils) THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 – Page 19

Monitor SPORT The

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

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Season openers raise many questions T

he Woomera&Districts Football League season kicked off last Saturday with great attendances in what were good conditions for football. The line up of Hornridge Magpies vs. Coober Pedy Saints and a repeat of last year’s grand finalists Olympic Dam Devils vs. The Roxby Districts Miners. The Saints give Hornridge Hell. The early game was Hornridge and Coober Pedy. The questions were? Could Hornridge build on their improved form of last year or was the talk that they recruited poorly true. Could Cooper Pedy build on their erratic performance last year, could the new coach harness the many skills of the players and mould them into a team who could be considered as a possible contender? Within the first few minutes of the game starting Cooper Pedy made a positive response with two quick goals on the scoreboard and were looking like a team who had come to play. The early running proved to be no flash in the pan as the Saints went on to score 7 goals 4 points (46) to 1 goal 2 behinds (8) in the first quarter a lead of 40 points. In the second quarter Hornridge did man up as requested by their coach. It seemed to work early in the quarter and for short

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period they arrested the momentum but not for long. The Saints always had more men at the fall of the ball, were faster and were more aggressive. In the second quarter, the Saints kicked 4 goals 5 behinds( 29) to Hornridge’s 2 goals 7 behinds (17). The score at half time was Coober Pedy 11 goals 5 behinds (71) to Hornridge’s 3 goals and 8 behinds (26 ). Despite some good passage of play from Hornridge, Coober Pedy continued to dominate throughout the third quarter kicking 3 goals 4 behinds ( 22) to Hornridge 2 goals 1 behind (13) for the quarter. During the fourth quarter the Saints seemed to run out of legs and their fast attacks and aggressive tackling drooped off giving Hornridge more chances which included three consecutive goals to win the quarter 4 goals to 3 goals 2 behinds by the Saints Final Score Saints 17 goals 11 behinds 113 points to Hornridge 11 goals 9 behinds 75 points. Questions answered. Coober Pedy have recruited well, have a full list of 40 players are a fast talented side who can kick goals. This team could be the ‘Dark Horse’ if they reach the finals. Hornridge have a lot of work to do if they are going to do anything but make up the numbers. Question unanswered: can the Coach and staff keep the team together for the whole season?

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DEAR JOHN Rated M Duration 109 mins.

SHUTTER ISLAND Rated MA15+ Duration 138 mins.

A romantic drama about a soldier who falls for a conservative college student while he is on leave from war. Stars Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried, Richard Jenkins, Henry Thomas. Screens: Sat. 24 April 12midday and 7:30pm, Sun. 25 April 3pm & 7:30pm, Wed. 28 April 10am Mums and Bubs.

The film centres around an island in Bostons Outer Harbour that houses a federal institution for the criminally insane. Two US Marshals are sent to the facility to recapture a violent female escapee.When a storm leaves them stranded on the island, dangerous mind games ensue onto the US Marshals. Stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Michelle Williams. Screens: Fri. 23 April 7:30pm, Sat. 24 April 3pm, Sun. 25 April 12midday, Tues. 27 April 7:30pm.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

The Monitor Newspaper April 21 2010  

The Monitor Newspaper

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