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Volume 4, Thursday 19th April, 2007

$15M WIND FALL Written by Les Rochester


mployees at BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam project are about to share in a US$15 million share windfall. The company announced last year that it was putting in place a share rewards program for all of its employees worldwide. From April the 1st employees have been able to nominate to take part in the share offer. They can buy BHP Billiton Limited or BHP Billiton Plc shares up to a maximum value of US$5,000 using their own money. In turn these shares will be matched share for share by the company, as long as the employee remains with the company for 3 years. All permanent full-time and part-time employees of any Group company are eligible to participate. BHP Billiton spokesperson Emma Meade said the company employs 1500 workers at the Olympic Dam operation and all are eligible to take up the offer. If all employees took up the maximum allocation, that would mean they would spend US$7.5 million buying the shares, and

the company would match this offer with another US$7.5 million as its one for one contribution. When asked how much the company had allocated to cover the take up of shares from Olympic Dam, Ms. Meade said it was impossible to speculate. But using the company formula, its full exposure to a full take up of shares by its employees would be US$7.5 million. Although the price of shares will vary, because they’ll be bought at market over varying times, the cost remains the same to both the employee and company as the offer is based on a fixed sum of money, not individual shares. Participants must pay for their Acquired Shares using their own funds. To receive the free shares an employee must meet two tests. They must hold the Acquire d Shares for a minimum period of time, 3 years, and still be employed at the end of that time. For offers made in the first year of the program, participants will be entitled to receive a maximum of one free Matched Share for every Acquired Share they continue to hold at the end of three years. Continued on Page 4

Above: One of the horses participating in the Roxby Downs Gymkhana.

Roxby Downs hosted it’s annual Gymkhana on Saturday, April 14. For a full pictorial of the event, see page 9 of today’s paper.

Inside today:

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Lake Eyre road Where’d ya deplorable Above: The crumpled signage at the Lake Eyre North turn-off.

Above: Purple boots everywhere!


get those boots?

emember that song, ‘It was a one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater, a oneeyed, one-horned….’

If the flying purple people eater flew over Roxby Downs in the next couple of weeks, he’d think all his Christmas’ had come at once. Purple safety boots by Footwear Industries Pty Ltd, makers of Steel Blue industrial footwear, are about to become ‘the’ accessory for fashion conscious workers in Roxby Downs. Created as a fundraiser for the Steel Blue Foundation, Footwear Industries registered charity, $30 from each pair sold will go to the Breast Cancer Foundation of WA, which will use the money to raise breast awareness across Australia. Roxby Downs Cancer Council branch, the Red Sands

Foundation, member and prepurchaser of a pair of purple boots, Karen Atkins, urged everyone to get on board and buy a pair. “Having recently been d i a g n o s e d w i th b re a s t cancer myself I consider it so important to support these initiatives,” Mrs Atkins said. “People need to realise that even though we live in the country, we are not exempt from these diseases. “I’m getting the boots to contribute to breast awareness, something all Australians need to be aware of, regardless of age or sex. “I am 36 years old and have no family history of breast cancer, if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. “As far as I’m concerned, the more purple boots around Roxby Downs, the better,” she said. At Olympic Dam the purple boots will be allowed in the

offices and all areas normal footwear can be worn. “Olympic Dam encourages its employees to support this initiative,” BHP Billiton, Olympic Dam Spokesperson, Richard Yeeles said. “The purple boots can be worn in office areas but for safety reasons, we are not in a position to allow them to be worn in operational areas where Personal Protective Equipment has to be used,” he said. BOC Gases, which will distribute the boots in Roxby Downs, are hoping to receive their first shipment in the next couple of weeks. “The Steel Blue Boot is a world class quality boot,” Roxby Downs BOC Branch Manager, Stephen James said. “Now it is providing style as well as protection for both men and women, and giving them a chance to support a worthy cause as well,” he said.

“It’s a goat track. If you take your eyes off it “They must have really had a thing for those you’ll end up in the donga.” signs, leaving them in such a crumpled mess.” That’s a quip from a local resident at William Creek, near the Lake Eyre North track, about 20 kilometres south of the town. As you head south from William Creek along the Oodnadatta Track the first thing you see at the Lake Eyre North turnoff is a crumpled heap of galvanised signage, with its thick heavy poles twisted in awkward angles. “Yeah, we’ve got vandals out here in the remote country,” the resident said. “They’re not your normal vandals with a spray can, but they’ve had to put a chain around those signs and pulled them clean out of the ground. “Otherwise they’ve knocked them down with their bull bars, and driven over them to cause that amount of damage.

Stamps honour our surf heroes

SURPLUS CLEARANCE SPECIALS on BRAND NEW STOCK Corrugated S Rib Iron C/Bond 17/4100 Surf Mist Corrugated S Rib Iron C/Bond 62/3800 Surf Mist Corrugated S Rib Iron C/Bond 3/1800 Heritage Red Corrugated S Rib Iron C/Bond 1/2000 1/1000 Wheat M – Clad Iron C/B 12/1200 Paperbark M – Clad Iron C/B 17/1500 Classic Cream M – Clad Iron C/B 7/5900 Stone Beige M – Clad Iron C/B 7/4400 Stone Beige 14 Wall Iron C/B 2430MM Beige. Suit Olympic Shed Walls 1 Hot Water Service N/G Ext Stellar (*10 yr Warranty) 16 Chocolate Brown Leather Recliners



$15.25 $15.25 $15.25 $15.25 $14.75 $14.75 $14.75 $14.75 $29.50 $1190.95 $649.95

$10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $26.50 $999.95 $499.00


SWAG CLEARANCE OF ALL SWAGS IN STOCK WINGER CANOES $349.00 Arcoona Street Roxby Downs SA, 5725 Page 2 – Thursday, April 19, 2007

Phone: 8671 0322

As for the track to Lake Eyre North, it winds its way 70 kilometres inland over very difficult terrain. “It just needs a grader over it at least, just to knock it into some sort of shape.” The heavy rains throughout the far north in February have caused damage to the road surfaces along the Oodnadatta Track, and the road between Anna Creek Station and Coober Pedy has been gouged by vehicles trying to get through whilst the road was wet. The Borefield Road out of Roxby Downs is also a bone cruncher. Residents and pastoralists in the far north are calling on the government to take some remedial action to improve the roads especially the track to Lake Eyre North.

To celebrate the Year of the Surf Lifesaver, Australia Post is honouring our surf heroes with the launch of a new stamp issue. As part of this issue, Australia Post is releasing its first-ever moving-image stamp otherwise known as motionprint. Comprising multiple images, this stamp features an inflatable rescue boat (IRB) surging up through a wave. It is valued at $2.45, and is produced as a pair set within a motionprint minisheet. There are four other stamps in the issue, two of 50c value, one of $1.00 and one of $2.00. The Year of the Surf Lifesaver stamps depict the heroism and spirit of surf life saving members across the country, and feature some of the iconic equipment associated with surf rescue. The imagery also reflects the cultural and

gender diversity of the movement today, rather than the early “Bronzed Aussie Male” look. Two time Australian Ironman Champion Dean Mercer embodies the community and family values of the Australian Surf Life Saving movement. “Surf lifesaving has been a significant part of my life, and is an important service to all Australians. “What better way to honour this institution’s rich and proud history than on a stamp! I’m delighted to be helping Australia Post and Surf Life Saving Australia celebrate this momentous occasion,” he said. Other products in the range are a stamp pack, first day cover, stamp and coin cover, prestige booklet and set of maxicards. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS

Petrol & Gas prices Each week, The Monitor will run a comparison of petrol and gas prices between Mobil and BP service stations in Adelaide and Roxby Downs, taken on the same day, so we can see the disparity. ROXBY DOWNS Mobil BP



141.6 139.5

89.5 87.9

116.9 134.9

48.9 48.9


Fuel Watch

REX’s last flight to Roxby


ueensland based Alliance Airlines has won the hard fought contract for commuter services into Olympic Dam.

Rex’s decision is the result of the awarding of a contract by BHP Billiton to the Queensland based charter operator to provide air services on the route. Rex’s Managing Director, Geoff Breust, said that BHP Billiton as the owner of the airport and the owner operator of the Olympic Dam mining operation, determined who would provide the services. But under access regulations to Australian airports REX could still continue to operate its Olympic Dam services but under heavy competition. REX has stopped taking bookings for Olympic Dam services for travel on/after July 2, 2007 but would maintain its full scheduled airline services and charter services in the meantime.

The Monitor broke the story in its exclusive report on March the 1st that Alliance was the front runner in the Flight Review contract with BHP Billiton. The Monitor understands Alliance will start their flights into Olympic Dam on June 18th using the Fokker 50 aircraft with call signs VH-FKY and VH-FKZ. There’ll be 4 return flights per day, subject to approval from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Regional Express (Rex) will discontinue its regular airline services between Adelaide and Olympic Dam from 2 July.

“While we are disappointed that we will not be operating our airline services to Olympic Dam post July, we are very proud of the fine record that Rex and Kendell Airlines before it has in providing a very effective service to Olympic Dam for over twenty years. “During that period we have assisted greatly in the development of both the mine and the local community. “We wish the local community well,” he said. Rex assets and infrastructure used in its Olympic Dam flight schedules will be distributed around South Australia to its other operating localities. The Monitor will bring you the full schedule of fees and services once they become available.


All injury claims Vehicle Accidents WorkCover

To speak with one of our lawyers, call 8231 3668 11duncanb091106

Remote Doctors wake-up call INVEST IN FUTURES FROM $14 .97



WITH BROADBAND ACCESS FROM $14.97 PER MONTH FOR THE FIRST 12 MONTHS1. I nve s t i n yo u r f a m il y ’s f u t u r e w i t h h a l f- p r i ce b r o a d b a n d a cce ss f o r 12 m o n t h s 2 a n d yo u’l l s t a r t t o s e e t h e r e t u r n s i n s t a n t l y. J u s t sig n u p f o r a ny 2 4 m o n t h B ig Po n d ® B r o a d b a n d AD S L , C a b l e o r

CAREER EMPLOYMENT GROUP Field Of!cer – Roxby Downs Darren Roads Ph: 0429 678 171 Email: Field Of!cer – Roxby Downs Phil Lacey Ph: Please contact the of!ce on 8671 3033 Mobile: 0427 615 961 Email: Administration Assistant –Roxby Downs Ph: 8671 3033 Fax: 8671 3066 Email:

Our of!ce is located at 21 Burgoyne Street ROXBY DOWNS SA 5725 (PO BOX 50) Of!ce Hours Monday - Friday 9.00 am – 1.00 pm

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Taylor St

Hallett St

The Nationals SA Senate candidate Rob Howard has called for urgent government action to address the current and projected shortfall of rural and remote doctors in South Australia. Mr.Howard said rural medical practices have to be competitive with those in the cities to attract doctors and locums – and that’s a strong argument for a higher Medicare rebate in regional practices, to fund a rural service incentive package. “In the longer term we need to increase the number of rural medical students to produce more local graduates. “Why not free up the Youth Allowance for rural students? Instead of letting it remain a major obstacle for country kids wanting to undertake higher education,” Mr Howard said. He was commenting on recent revelations by the SA Rural Doctors Association president Dr Steve Holmes that 38 fulltime rural and remote general practitioner positions are currently unfilled in regional Australia. A 2006 survey undertaken by the Rural Doctors Workforce Agency also revealed that 37% of SA rural practices they surveyed had vacancies, and that 26% of GP’s plan to leave rural general practice within 5 years. “It doesn’t seem to be about the money,” Mr Howard said. “Rural locums are being offered salaries of up to $5000 a week - $2000 more than their city counterparts, and rural doctor ‘packages’ are topped up with incentives, such as accommodation, travel costs, phone and car allowances, which bring them up to as much as $250,000 a year. “Nor is it just about geographical isolation - many of the vacancies are within 150 km of Adelaide,” he said. “GPs are leaving rural practice because of their children’s education; work pressures such as long hours, after-hours and on-call demands; the relationship with hospital administration; the absence of professional support; lack of spouse employment opportunities, and other family and social situations, including their personal health. “Over the past ten years, the number of rural doctors practicing obstetrics in the Division has declined from 27 to ten.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007 – Page 3


Monitor NEWS

Above: Damaged skate park sign and inset, graffiti on the ramps.

Above: Sign at the entrance to the ex-detention centre in Woomera

Defence takes back Woomera’s keys

A shiny new sign stands outside the old Woomera Detention Centre, it says ‘Camp Rapier, Department of Defence’. The final chapter in the sorry tale of Woomera’s sojourn as a refugee detainee centre has arrived at last, as the Department of Immigration and Citizenship prepares to hand the site back to the Department of Defence. “The return of the site will occur formally by late May,” Department of Defence, Public Affairs SA spokesperson, Allan Cole said. “The Department of Immigration and Citizenship is undertaking works to return the site to defence.”

The site was known as Woomera West Barracks before it was transferred to the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs in 1999 and had been used for a range of defence activities. It was converted into a detention centre to house refugees later that year. Originally intended to hold 400 people, by April 2000 almost 1500 refugees were detained at Woomera. The detention centre closed in April 2003. The site will now be used by the Department of Defence as transient

accommodation for military personnel when they undertake training in the Woomera area. Mr Cole said the site was renamed Camp Rapier to recognise Woomera’s long association with the rapier missile, which commenced testing in Woomera in 1971. “The rapier missile was a ground to air missile,” Mr Cole said. “The Australian army trained with the rapier up there in Woomera and that’s where the name came from.” The rapier missile was replaced recently by the RBS70. The final rapier was fired at Woomera in 2006.

A crying shame

After years of waiting and much anticipation, the Skate Park was finally handed over to the youth of Roxby Downs last month. In the space of a few weeks the sign has been broken, the skate ramps and surrounds vandalised and the adjacent Lions Park defaced. Municipal Works Manager of the Roxby Downs Council, David Watson said the spate of vandalism at the Lions and Skate Park has been disappointing. “It’s such a shame, the community waited a long time for this and now the Lions Park site has been vandalised by a minority,” Mr Watson said. “In addition to the broken sign and graffiti there have been plants broken, the murals on the public toilet, which were a community project, have been defaced and there has been significant littering in the area. “It’s disappointing, but should not reflect on all youth in Roxby Downs. “We hope it will be short lived,” he

said. Skate Park regulars are also disappointed by the graffiti and damage. “We got told it had been done professionally, but I don’t reckon that’s true,” local youth, Jesse Roberts said. “If it was done good, it’d be fine, but this looks like rubbish.” Fellow skate park user, Mark Netherton agreed. “I think the kids around town should have been given paint and we could have done it ourselves, or else they should get a professional in to do it,” he said. The defacement of the Lions and Skate Park site reflected badly on the town during the recent visit by Kesab’s Tidy Towns Director, Ross Swayne “The vandalism and graffiti at the Lions Park was very disappointing, some of those murals have been there for years without being defaced and now they have been ruined. “That sort of thing stops the community feeling comfortable in public areas,” he said.

Do you need help to stay at home? Would you like information about the wide range of community care programs and services available to help you stay at home? Call Freecall™ 1800 052 222* or visit one of the Commonwealth Carelink Centres around Australia to get information about services in your local region. * Calls from mobile phones are charged at applicable rates


Commonwealth Carelink Centres Freecall™ 1800 052 222*

Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra.

Above: Entrance to the decline at the Olympic Dam mine.

BHP $15M Windfall

Continued from page 1

Emma Wilkinson on 23 May 2007

Page 4 – Thursday, April 19, 2007

In certain circumstances, such as a corporate merger or a takeover bid being launched for the Group, or where an employee transfers their employment between BHP Billiton Limited or BHP Billiton Plc controlled entities, the Board may award some or all of the Matched Shares before the end of the three-year period. Ms. Meade said the current program is that employees will be limited to a purchase of US$5,000 per year of BHP Billiton shares. “To bring employees up to speed, information sessions are currently being rolled out across Olympic Dam about the offer. The plan was launched on April 1st and the enrolment period ends on

April 30th. The first payroll deduction will be made in June, with the last payroll deduction being made in May next year. The first purchase of shares will be made in September this year and the last purchase made in June next year. Because the Acquired Shares are purchased by the employee from their own funds at the prevailing market price, those shares have all the same entitlements as other ordinary shares purchased in this way. Participants will be entitled to direct the manner in which their Acquired Shares are voted, to receive all dividends and to participate in any capital reorganisations from the date

the Acquired Shares are bought by the participant. Employees will only become entitled to vote, receive dividends and participate in any capital reorganisations in relation to Matched Shares after those Matched Shares have been awarded to the participant. However, if an employee disposes of all or any of their Acquired Shares before the end of the applicable qualification period, they will lose the right to receive the equivalent Matched Shares. The company says its Global Employee Share Plan is designed to provide employees with the opportunity to participate in the long-term success of the Group in the same way as normal shareholders.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor MINING

Geodynamics brings forward its hot rocks development plans Geodynamics, which is developing a hot rocks project in the Cooper Basin has told the Stock Exchange that it has brought forward its plans to deliver its first power from hot rocks into the national electricity grid.

Sensing the need for sensors


he newly released edition of earthmatters, the magazine of CSIRO Exploration and Mining, looks at the increasingly important role of sensing and sensors in an industry that is critical to the future prosperity of Australia.

issues facing the industry and how sensing and sensors will help face those issues. “We know for certain that significant skills shortages, HSE governance, greenhouse gas mitigation, waste use and related societal demands will all have major impacts,” Dr Lilly said. “We will need to shift towards In the magazine, Dr Peter Lilly, more predictive rather than Chief of CSIRO Exploration & empirical exploration methodoloMining, talks about some of the gies, becoming more dependent

on technology, particularly in the use of remote and low impact sensing. “Low footprint mining methods will need to be adopted to meet stricter legislation. “There will be a large reduction in net energy and water consumption in mineral processing and metal production along with a minimisation of waste from processing by the use of waste streams for useful purposes. “There will also be massively

increased levels of automation, enabling us to safely and efficiently access deeper, hotter and more stressed ore bodies, while removing workers from hazardous situations and placing them in remote monitoring and control rooms. “Smaller, ‘smarter’, safer and more accurate sensing devices being developed by CSIRO will help lead us into this more automated age.”

Gawler Craton entices new explorer


head of a planned listing on the Australian Sto ck E xchange a junior Uranium explorer has captured a suite of approximately 40 uranium exploration licences and

license applications across ASX-listing announced by Fission two states, including areas of Energy Limited. The assets include a spin-out the Gawler Craton in South of the 8,900 square kilometres of Australia.

uranium prospective exploration The assets have been assembled rights held in South Australia by under a new $4 million Initial listed minerals explorer, Tasman Public Offer (IPO) and planned Resources NL. In South Australia, Fission’s assets will include 100% ownership of all sediment hosted uranium deposits discovered within Tasman’s existing multi-commodity exploration tenements. These include approximately 30km of untested Tertiary palaeochannels at Wynbring, 90 kilometres northwest of Tarcoola, and 80km of untested palaeochannels at Garford, 85 kilometres southwest of Cooper Pedy. It als o include s the Corunna Conglomerate at the Parkinson Dam prospect, 60 kilometres west of Port Augusta and the younger sedimentary hosted mineralisation above the existing $6.5 million exploration Joint Venture with WCP Resources at the Lake Torrens project. Under the IPO, Fission Energy will offer up to 20 million ordinary shares at 20 cents per share to raise up to A$4 million, with a minimum subscription of 15 million shares to raise $3 million. A minimum application is 10,000 shares. If fully taken up, Fission

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Energy aims to list on the ASX on June 11 with up to 47 million ordinary shares and up to 12.5 million 20 cent options on issue. Shareholders in Tasman – which has base and precious metals interests across South Australia and a major stake in rapidly emerging green energybased automotive fuel and hot rock technologist, the listed Eden Energy – will have a priority allocation of up to 17.5 million shares under the terms of the Fission Offer. The record date for Tasman shareholders is Monday April 16, 2007. The IPO opens today and is scheduled to close on or before 1 June. “Our view on uranium exploration is long-term in line with the family of major commodity, green energy and hot rock interests we have evolved to date through both Tasman and Eden Energy,” Fission Energy Chairman, Mr Greg Solomon, said. “To that end, we have taken a more focused approach to the asset base assembled for the IPO and one we believe is likely to offer more long-term exploration upside than some of the land packages recently introduced into equity markets,” Mr Solomon said. Most of the areas within the Fission assets are either unexplored or have not been explored for uranium for more than 30 years.

The Company plans to deliver its first power by the end of 2010 and to then ramp up production to over 500 Megawatts (MW) by 2015, comparable in annual energy output to the Snowy Mountain Scheme. The company’s Chief Executive Officer Adrian Williams said the acceleration is a result of a review of its resource position and recognition that the nation’s geothermal resources offer the greatest potential for a rapid response to Australia’s demand for zero emission power. He said the Cooper Basin, which stretches from the north east of South Australia into the south west of Queensland, is a province of national and indeed international significance with potential to generate very large amounts of zero emission power for hundreds of years. Geodynamics has prime tenements in this area totaling more than 2,500 km2. Its tenements GELs 97, 98 and 99 have been shown to contain over 390,000 petajoules of high grade thermal energy. This confidence is based on the fact that the size of the resource is clear, the large bodies of granite have been clearly delineated and proven to exist through drilling. Mr. Williams said the quality and potential of the resource is proven with temperatures up to 250o – 300oC. The world’s largest enhanced underground heat exchanger has been developed and initial flow tests have produced the first hot fluids to the surface. Project studies, including long term production modeling, have shown that Geodynamics’ resources alone have the potential to support a generating capacity of over 10,000 MW. The next important step for Geodynamics in realizing the potential of the Cooper Basin will be to drill its third well, and its first production scale well, Habanero 3, commencing mid year. This will enable production testing leading to the first formal proving of geothermal reserves, and thus proving the concept and completing Stage One of the Company’s plans. Mr. Williams said the resource position, with completion of Stage One by the end of this year, provides the basis for planning a 40 MW plant to be delivering power into the grid by the end of 2010. “This first commercial plant will clearly demonstrate the potential of the Cooper Basin.”



See the Hytorc Bolting and resource website at for all the answers to your bolting needs 6 Eton Rd, Keswick

0412 828 060

Ph: 8293 8411 Fax: 8288 0477 Thursday, April 19, 2007 – Page 5



Monitor l a i r o it The



hat price for honesty ice to a lot of us early bird risers and trust?

This is a question I’ve always pondered, but now I know. $1.70. Yes, that’s right. Honesty and trust can now be put at $1.70 How do we come at that amount? Well it’s quite simple really. It’s the cost of the Sunday Mail newspaper. The Roxby Downs newsagency in an endeavour to provide a serv-

on a Sunday morning had an “Honesty Box” operating where they left newspapers out for our convenience just so long as we paid the $1.70 into the honesty box. However, only after a short life, the newsagency has had to withdraw the service because some residents took advantage of the system and didn’t pay for their newspaper. Some may say it’s a trifling issue. But it is an indication of a

wider problem. In such a small tightly knit community like Roxby Downs, trust and honesty play such a vital role, it pervades everything we do on a daily basis. It leads into other aspects of life such as openness, transparency and respect. If we can’t be honest, how can we demand trust and respect? Would you put your self esteem and reputation on the line for $1.70? Once smeared you can never get your reputation back let alone the trust and respect of others. For $1.70 you’ve jeopardised everything and everyone. The gossipers will thrive on it, and you’ll be the last to know. But the damage keeps compounding. Our society demands honesty and trust of one another. It’s the primary way we interact and are the cornerstones of the development of our children.

They learn from what they see and hear. Remember years ago when we could leave our cars and homes open while we popped out for a few moments. Not any longer can we do that. The lack of honesty and trust has forced us into a much more defensive society. But the evidence is everywhere of this breakdown. Politicians, who have always had a cloud over them in the honesty stakes, have lowered their colours of late with some being embroiled in dishonest dealings. The courts around the country are full of cases of dishonest dealings and company fraud. Ev e n s o m e s e c t o r s o f Christianity have had their fair share of limelight for breaching trust and their duty of care. Did all of this start because they failed to put the $1.70 in their honesty box?

Letters to the Editor Anzac Day – A day for everyone During the Easter break, I wondered how many Australians actually attended a church service on Good Friday, and how many just enjoyed a holiday. I personally would like to see more people attending church services; but it is wonderful too that the Easter holidays are a special time for family and friends to spend together. This led me to think about Anzac Day and what happens then. At Easter, attendance at a service is about your faith. The Anzac Dawn Service is simply about being Australian, one day each year, no matter who you are, what your faith is, or where you live. Anzac Day is for everyone. I encourage parents and families to support the learning process in our schools by placing some focus on Anzac Day in our homes, and talking with each other and their children about what Anzac Day means. Find out where your nearest dawn service is, prime up the family, set the alarm, and be there to celebrate the freedom we as Australians now enjoy! Let’s support our local RSL members, and be part of this very special day when we remember those who have sacrificed their lives for us. Wilbur Klein Cockaleechie SA Nationals Candidate for the Division of Grey

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Fundraiser under threat T

he car boot sale proposed for Mr Sauerwald would like to remind next month may be a no-go the community that their parif Roxby residents don’t step ticipation in the car boot sale will help forward to support it.

High brow for health Roxby Downs professionals involved with the Building Healthy Communities network will converge on Adelaide at the end of the month for a national workshop. Each year representatives from around Australia gather to discuss projects, problems, challenges and ideas. “It will be a great chance to

meet other people who are doing similar work and share stories,” Project Officer for Building Healthy Communities, Sue Houlson said. “I was talking to the national director recently and she told me everyone is really interested to hear how the program is being implemented in our area, as the possible expansion has Roxby Downs on everyone’s lips,”

she said. Ms Houlson, who took over the Project Officer’s position when Jacqui Trinne left town, said she is really enjoying her new role. “It’s been busy, but really great. “I’m getting to meet lots of new people and network with the community,” she said.

Are you ready boots? Start walkin’ “We are trying to raise money to “There will be a prize for the perThe road from Roxby Downs to Woomera stretches like a vast, purchase some monitoring and edu- son who raises the most money, cational equipment, mainly an IVR, which has been donated by the Roxby grey ribbon to the skyline. which is an educational training tool,” Chinese Restaurant and a barbeque

For most of us it is an unpleasant necessity, brought on by living in such an isolated place, but for one local woman, this grey ribbon represents a challenge. Heather Crombie, a registered nurse at the Woomera Community Hospital and the Roxby Downs Health Services, is setting off on a sponsored walk from Roxby Downs to Woomera on Saturday, April 28 to raise funds for much needed medical equipment.

Ms Crombie said. “I’ve been in town about six months and this seemed like a good way to lift the profile of the hospital and get to know the community. “I’m really looking forward to it, it will be a personal challenge,” she said. Ms Crombie has invited local school students and community members to join her for the final five kilometres of her walk and is hoping for plenty of company.

dinner at the end of the walk,” she said. She is also seeking sponsors, participants and volunteers to drive support vehicles and man the final stages of the walk. For further information, to volunteer your services, or to sponsor Ms Crombie on her trek, contact the Woomera Community Hospital, Roxby Downs Health Services or call Ms Crombie directly on 0417 951 154.

The Family and Youth Forum, which is hosting the fundraiser, has reported a very poor showing so far, taking only one booking despite a strong community awareness program. “I am disappointed at the lack of interest so far,” Family and Youth Forum Chairperson, Scott Sauerwald said. “I thought Roxby was a town with a good history of pulling together for a worthy cause. “Come on people, get behind us, this car boot sale will expose you to more buyers than a garage sale as it is a mass market. “I urge everyone to take advantage of it,” he said.

Andamooka teenager, Will Granger get his motorcycle. Will was born with Spina Bifida, which has left him unable to walk, various community groups and individuals have been fundraising for him since last year, but the $15,000 target has not yet been reached. The Family and Youth Forum car boot sale will be held on Saturday, May 5 at Tutop Plaza car park. $10 will secure a parking space from 9am to 1pm, pre-bookings are essential. To book a parking space, or for more information, contact Scott Sauerwald on 0437 816 903.

Grains stop fat gains New Australian study has found that people who want to lose weight or avoid weight gain should be advised to consume plenty of wholegrain cereals and legumes while controlling overall energy intake. After assessing 556 studies published in the scientific literature during the last 25 years, the researchers found a diet high in wholegrains has a strong link with lower body mass index (BMI), smaller waist circumference and a reduced risk of being overweight. They also found that a diet high in wholegrains and legumes can actually help reduce weight gain, and that significant weight loss is achievable with energy controlled diets that are high in cereals and legumes. The National Centre of Excellence in Functional Foods at the University of Wollongong conducted the review of international scientific literature to determine the role of grains and legumes in the prevention and management of overweight and obesity. Study leader Associate Professor Peter Williams said the findings will be of interest to Australians who may be

concerned that high intakes of grains such as cereals, bread, rice and pasta could lead to weight gain. “One of the most popular diet myths in recent times is that grains, and the carbohydrates they contain, provide excess energy to the body and are therefore fattening,” Prof Williams said. “So we set out to establish what the science actually says about that question.” Professor Williams’ review of the literature found this belief about grain foods and weight gain is not supported by scientific evidence. In fact, the opposite was found to be true - that a high intake of grain-based foods is linked with healthy weight management. Those most successful at maintaining weight loss follow a low fat, high carbohydrate diet. “The vast majority of Australians should be enjoying a diet high in wholegrain foods because grains and wholegrain foods not only contribute to good overall health, the evidence is they also help maintain a healthy weight,” Prof Williams said.

MEETING DATES Community Board Sport and Recreation Forum Arts and Culture Forum Family and Youth Forum Health Forum

30 April 1 May 2 May 8 May 15 May

7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm

Dates and times of meetings were correct at time of publication. For further information and check venue locations please contact Michelle Hales on 0438871153

Ways to have your say Do you have an issue that you want raised at any of the meetings? Do you have suggestions, ideas or feedback that you want passed on for consideration and action? Would you like to come along to a meeting and speak about a topic? Would you like to join a forum or partnership? THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

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community@ Michelle Hales Executive Officer or Community Board communitygarden@ PO Box 124 Roxby Downs SA 5725

Mobile: 0438 871 153 Michelle Hales

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Nominations open

Nominations are now open for the 2007 National Australia Bank Volunteer Awards, the Australia-wide program recognising the efforts of not-for-profit groups in providing a positive experience for their volunteers. In its tenth year, the Awards will see 24 winning groups across two categories share in $215,000, with national winners receiving $20,000 each. Roxby Downs Community and Sporting groups have been urged to enter the awards this year. NAB’s partner in the Awards is Volunteering Australia, the national peak body working to advance volunteering in the community. Sha Cordingley, CEO of Volunteering Australia, said the awards recognise best practice volunteering, a key factor in the development and contribution of the not-for-profit sector. “Australian volunteer groups practice world-leading volunteer management, which is part of the reason that more than 40% of Australians volunteer in their community,” Ms Cordingley said. “The Awards recognise that community groups of all sizes can implement best-practice volunteering and reap the rewards, with separate categories for small and large organisations.” 2007 NAB Volunteer Awards Ambassador, Raelene Boyle, said it was important to recognise volunteer groups for their efforts in volunteer management. “It’s important to recognise volunteer groups not simply for making an impact on their community, but also for the way they go about their work. As a volunteer myself, I know that a rewarding experience motivates me to do it again,” Ms Boyle said. Nominations for the 2007 NAB Volunteer Awards close on Friday 8 June at 5.00pm. More information on the Awards and how to nominate is available at or by phoning freecall 1800 807 121.



Technology killing ‘Family Time’

Their heads are down, having a negative impact on family time. their thumbs glide rapidly over the small 67% of parents with keypad in their hands, children aged between they are in their own 16 and 20 agree it is harder for them to world. know what is going They are Australia’s new breed of technolon in their children’s ogy junkie. l i v e s b e c au s e o f Te x t i n g , u s i n g technology. Tw o t h i r d s o f mobile telephones parents with children has become part of aged 8-20 years old our lifestyle, but it is believe their children severely impacting on our quality ‘family cannot go anywhere time’. without their mobile These are the phone 39% of parents with findings of a major children aged 16-20 new survey just released by Australian years old believe they Telecommunications spend too much time on the internet and company, AAPT. The company says 43% believe they spend the results reveal too much time on their that the rapid uptake mobile phone of this technology is The company says not without its pitfalls parents should be – while the ease and concerned at the serious convenience of modern impact technology is communications have made having on the lives of it easier to stay in touch, many Australians. families are finding it hard to balance this It says parents should with real-time ‘family time.’ be aware of the impact Two out of five Australian parents that internet, gadget and agree that family time has been negamobile phone use has on our day-to-day lives and tively affected by new communication technologies. interactions. This figure rises as the children grow The art of discussion up, with nearly 50 percent of parents of is being replaced by the speed of the 16 – 20 year olds citing technology as thumb.

There’s art in the web The Rann Government is taking the marketing of the State’s tourism industry to the next level, with the unveiling of the redeveloped website. Acting Tourism Minister Paul Caica says the new website is a brilliant blend of innovation and technology. “It brings together attention-grabbing content, imagery, multimedia and interactivity to inspire even more visitors from Australia and around the world to discover our State. “This is a state-of-the-art website showcasing the best that SA offers travelers through exciting features including a range of ‘virtual guides’. “The website’s 14 virtual guides are all passionate South Australians with great stories to tell, and their online presence really brings to life the southaustralia.

com experience for users. “Ranging from surfers and fishermen to winemakers and Outback publicans, these virtual guides inform website visitors about our State’s attractions, places and people in a credible, authentic way that will inspire consumers to experience South Australia for themselves.” Sheree Sullivan, of Udder Delights, is a virtual guide who talks of her passion for the Adelaide Hills, as well as South Australia’s fabulous food and wine. “This is a wonderful opportunity for me to let people around the world know just what makes the place where I live and work so special,” Mrs Sullivan says. “I know travelers are becoming really internet-savvy, and it’s great that we can bring South Australia alive for them, no matter where they are accessing from.”

arts matters

By Rodney Mitchell

Only four months to go till the Red Earth Festival. The Festivals Working Party is consolidating the workshop schedule so we can pitch each workshop at a potential sponsor. The businesses of Roxby Downs don’t always get a fair go. Rents are high and even though the town is growing steadily, it is always hard for new businesses to establish themselves. But having said that, we want small to medium size businesses to get behind the Red Earth Festival. The Festivals Working Party is following the direction and priorities developed by its parent body, the Arts and Culture Forum. Training in the arts is number one priority. Young people are a priority. Families are a priority, and good planning and governance is a necessity. We want small business in Roxby to sponsor creative arts workshops and we will give them lots of choices. Sponsorship can be on a cash basis or it might be in the form of in-kind sponsorship. It might be a trailer top stage for a dance workshop or a street party. It might be providing materials for an oil painting masterclass. There are many ways that small and medium size businesses can help a Festival. This Festival is being managed by people with families who think it important to contribute to the life of the community. If they were sports minded they would probably be coaching a football team or training netballers. But they are more orientated to the creative arts. All power to our sports volunteers, and our arts volunteers. Some of our people are in a group called the Presenters Group. This is a small group who have an interest in decisions made about touring performing arts shows. Country Arts SA makes available one show per year to communities like ours; guaranteed against loss. They like us to use the opportunity to dream a little out loud about what we might want to see up here. Is it Opera? Is it contemporary dance? Is it cutting edge theatre or comedy? Whatever performing arts form it is, there is an element of risk involved. There is the risk of economic failure. The guarantee against loss can help here, but only once in a year. There is the risk of someone saying, “What were you thinking?” So humiliating. There is also the risk of misjudging the demand for a particular show or the risk of clashing with another major event. That sort of risk can be managed by seeking out the correct information. Then there is the risk of bad weather. That’s what makes the Arts and Culture Forum such a great place to volunteer. There is never a dull moment. Have you logged onto lately? The chat room has some ideas for the Festival. Go there and say gidday to Aunty Bev. She has a great film project planned that needs local talent. Remember, if you have a creative project you would like to see through, I can advise you where to try for financial assistance.


Friendly faces of RoxFM

Email: or


SMS your request on 0407 979 918 or phone 8671 2545 Page 8 – Thursday, April 19, 2007

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Above: Ethan Mundy - a world away!

Above: Jade’s Choice winning the Bradken Improvers handicap over 1000m.

Above: Participants racing it out during the Gymkana on the weekend.

Above: Nope, lost again... 19month old Zac Barker.

Gymkhana a great success Th e R ox b y D o w n s Gymkhana Club held its annual competition at the local raxcing club grounds on Saturday. Here’s some of the fun from the day. Full story on Page 19.

Above: Kerry Forth, Barb McMillan, Tash Bevan and Marie Jackson cooling down at the Gymkhana. Right: Georgie Mundy. Left: Some of the Gymkhana participants taking a break! THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Thursday, April 19, 2007 – Page 9


Sell with us..... Wayne Lawson 0421 636 338

5 Emeroo Court, Roxby Downs - Stunning Family Home

With quality "ttings & "xtures throughout consists of 4 large bedrooms with !oating !oors, built-in robes, His & Hers Blackwood timber robes to main, tiled to ceiling 3-way bathroom, 2 linen cupboards, open plan kitchen, dine, family, separate lounge, quality !oor tiling throughout. Ducted evaporative cooling, gas heating, in-ground fully fenced salt water pool, 2 car single carport plus approx 10m x 4m garage, large outback style rear verandah with water feature, large bird aviaries, landscaped front gardens with retainer walls, lawned and paved area. Located in quiet cul-de-sac, currently leased at $480 pw. 2 + 2 year lease Great opportunity to purchase one of the best! Low $400,000’s Web ID: 103873219 35 Bopeechee Street - Entertainers Delight

David Murley 0412 050 200

Roxby Downs

NO STRESS NO FUSS Shop 4, 14 Tutop Street, Roxby Downs SA 5725

Kate Bastian 0434 124 719

4 Bopeechee Street, Roxby Downs - Nest & Enjoy or Invest

Nice family home offering 3 good size bedrooms, master with ensuite & wir, bir to brm 3, separate entry, large lounge & good size family, small of"ce, bathroom with bath, shower recess & vanity, timber galley style kitchen with garden window, gas cook top & wall oven plus dishwasher, heating & cooling, adjacent spacious dining, single carport with dual driveway & large paved front area, rear verandah & good size paved entertaining area with fully fenced ig "breglass heated pool, c/bond sheds & more. Rent potential around $400 per week. $385,000 Web ID: 103907401 3 Native Pine Crescent, Roxby Downs - Another Great Compact Investment

Excellent buying – you can move straight in, caravan & annexe in Myall Grove Caravan Park offering 3 brs, bir, refrig air cond, good size lounge/dine with r/c air, kitchen & extra dine, lge bathroom incorporating laundry & offering bath, gas space heater, sarlone shade cloth covered entertain area, shade trees & lawns on good size site. $85,000. Web ID: 103818214

Fabulous home offering 3 good size bedrooms all with BIR’s, separate entry, large lounge & spacious dining room, good size kitchen with gas stove, rangehood, ample cupboards & bench space, gas wall furnace heating & ducted evap cooling. C/port UMR & drive thru to attached c/port, full 41 Pioneer Drive - Secure Investment length rear verandah & huge all weather, pattern paved pergola with Well positioned family home 3 good size sleeper retained !ower boxes & BI brick BBQ. Separate fenced & concreted basketball area, tool shed & more. Vacant possession buy & brms all with bir’s, separate entry, large lounge, spacious dine, gas kitchen, WI pantry. move in now. $349,950. Web ID. 103818202 Large rumpus and storage room, ducted 21/30 Burgoyne Street, Roxby Downs - Neat,Sweet,Compact Investment evap cooling, gas heating, ceiling fans, roller Appealing cottage style villa offering 3 shutters, IG "breglass pool. Leased to BHP good size bedrooms, large WIR to master, @ $1303p/month. $360,000 Spacious lounge with sliding door to rear Web ID: 103818216 kitchen with gas stove, rangehood & ample 62 Pioneer Drive - Fabulous Home Offering Good Investment cupboards (including pantry) adjacent good Lge 4 br home all with birs, lge lounge with size dining, 3 way bathroom (2 way ensuite fan assisted combustion heater, adj dining to master bedroom) with heritage tiling, ducted evaporative cooling & gas heating, bull nosed front verandah, with sliding door to rear, spacious family rm attached carport, colourbond tool shed & easy care gardens, currently with r/c split system air cond, 2 bathrooms, sep w.c, ducted evap cooling, well equipped tenanted @ $300 per week $295,000 Web ID: 103936089 updated kitchen, dble garage umr with roller 5 Hakea Way - Another “Prized” Investment doors, . Long lease to BHP Billiton @ $410 Large caravan & annexe complex on per week. Low-mid $400,000’s. Web ID: 103818219. double site offering 3 brs, dining area & Lot 161 Government Road, Andamooka - Nice Family Home kitchen, large family/dine area, r/c air cons, 3 good size bedrooms, kitchen with gas stove, site ensuite bathroom with shower, hand spacious family/dine, bathroom with shower basin & toilet, outdoor paved uncovered cubicle & wash basin, good size laundry, sep entertaining area, tool shed, 2 car parking toilet, storage room, carport, gi tool shed, 1 x in driveway, easy care gardens. Site fees 2000 gallon, 1 x 1000 gallon poly RW tanks $147 per week; rent potential $300 per & 1 x 500 gi & more. All furniture included. week. $83,000 Web ID: 103818205. Located with views over town. $167,500. Lot 696 Government Road, Andamooka - Elevated home with view Web ID 103818083. Home of 2 good sized bedrooms, (wardrobe Lot 13 Government Road, Andamooka - Located In Elevated Position in bed 2) formal lounge, spacious games Family home of 2 bedrooms with timber room, entertaining area, good sized fampanelling, cosy lounge with panelled walls, ily/dine area with BI bar, kitchen with new kitchen/dining with gas stove & wood stove, gas stove, pantry, small study, large bathlaundry/bathroom with bath, shower & toilet, room incorporating laundry area with large air cond, carport, verandah & tool shed, rain shower cubicle + toilet. R/C + refrig aircons, approx 30FT x 15ft gge with lean to, 6 car carport,pergola area with water tanks & more. $159,950. Web ID. waterfall, external toilet, 3 poly rainwater tanks (3000, 2000, 1000 gal- 103818081 lon) all pumped to home, paved BBQ area, mineshaft in yard. Buy Lot 541 Government Road, Andamooka - Ivest in the Future now. Reduced to $149,000 Web ID: 103821306 One bedroom home. Ideal single person’s accommodation. Includes 1 bedroom, Lot 35 Government Rd, Andamooka - A Real Gem In Andmooka open plan lounge, dine, kitchen, full length A fantastic package including 4 large bedverandah, carport, powered garage & 2 rain rooms (bed 4 could be teenager’s retreat). water tanks. All on corner lot of 1003m2. Large dining featuring local stone wall, Close to shops & school. Currently leased lounge with skylight and timber panelled at $140 per week. $159,950 Web ID: walls, kitchen with gas stove & range hood 103818193. & plenty of cupboards, large bathroom with large shower cubicle & handrail, toilet & 14 Axehead Road, Roxby Downs - Smart Investment washbasin and incorporating laundry area, heating cooling, large rear Family home offering 3 good size bedrooms all with BIR’S, separate verandah with surrounding garden beds & gardens. Pergola area & entry, good size lounge, kitchen with gas adjacent large aviary, shade house area with plants, 30ft x 20ft gi ga- stove, rangehood & ample cupboards, bathrage, powered & with storage shelving, double carport with workshop room with bath, shower recess & vanity unit, & pit, rear lobby with wash stand. $249,950. Web ID. 103818185. good size laundry with BI cupboard, ducted evaporative cooling & gas heating, single Lot 433 Government Road, Andamooka - The Surpise Is Inside carport UMR, full length rear verandah, two The home offers one good size bedroom pergola areas, c/bond tool shed, garden arwith feature timber walls, large lounge with eas to front & rear, located opposite reserve area, leased to BHP reverse cycle air conditioner, spacious Billiton @ $300 per week until 31/10/07. Buy now to prosper later. kitchen, good size dining area with servery $325,000 Web ID: 103918013 window to lounge, heat/cool plus ceiling fans, carport, large verandah, easy care gardens Lot 690 Government Road, Andamooka - An Andamooka Rarity with local stone retaining wall and more. Good size !at allotment of 1103 sqm with $145,000. Web ID: 103818188 45 sqm Shack (3 rooms) and galvanised iron rainwater tank, concrete slab was put down to accommodate two storey dwelling. $100,000. Web ID: 103818197

Sell with us..... (08) 8671 3355

Tracey Ryan 8671 3355

14 Blanche Court - Top Home, Top Location 4 good size brs, ensuite & wir to master, brs 2 & 3 with birs, bi cupboards & desk to bed 4. Good size lounge, large formal dining & adj casual meals, spacious family area, large sparkling main bathroom, duct evap cooling & two gas space heater, fully fenced a/g in ground pool salt chlorinated with approx 6m x 4m u/cover area, lge dble carport & lovely gardens. Low $400,000’s. Web

ID: 103815917.

Lot 180 Government Road, Andamooka - Commercial Potential

Single bedroom home ideal for the single man and located adjacent to the Hotel, giving this property potential for commercial development. Also on offer is a lounge, good size kitchen with gas cooker, spacious dining, laundry, shower recess and !ush type toilet. The home is equipped with an 80 amp power source, split system reverse cycle air con & pot belly stove, 3 poly RW tanks. The home is also furnished and comes with front verandah with bar & slate !oor and all on allotment of 1363sqm and with views. $160,000 neg Web ID: 103878862 75 Stuart Road - Fabulous Investment Opportunity

Family home of 3 bedrooms with bir ’s, master with wall mtd air con, good size lounge, dining with sliding door to rear, practical kitchen with gas stove, dishwasher & ample cupboards, ducted evap aircon & gas space heating, single c/port UMR & extra off drive parking 7.5m x 6m x 2.4m high c/bond double garage with power large rear verandah & good size pergola with fernery. C/B tool shed, large rear yard with easy care gardens & auto irrigation. Currently tenanted @ $365 per week. Web. ID. 103816107. $310,000 - $330,000. Lot 689 Government Road, Andamooka - A Sound Investment

Home of 3 bedrooms, 2 with built-in robes, open plan living area offering good size lounge, dining area & large kitchen with gas cooker, ample cupboards & breakfast bar, bathroom with shower, good size laundry, r/c air cond & pot belly stove, large front shade cloth enclosed front verandah, large garage, carport (under construction), large poly rainwater tank and more all on an allotment of 1120sqm. $219,950 Web ID: 103818196. Lot 642 Government Road, Andamooka - “Owner Says Sell Sell Sell”

Compact home offering 3 good size bdrms all with air conditioners, spacious lounge with air conditioner & ceiling fan, separate dining area and adjacent kitchen, return verandah (2 sides can be used as carports – parking x 4), two rain water tanks & more all on 1040 sqm allotment. $179,950. Web ID: 103818195

Lot 439 Government Road, Andamooka - An Ideal Home to Just Move In

Yes, just move in! All the furniture is included. Recently painted, very tidy 3 bedroom home, open plan kitchen, dine, lounge, gas heating & 1.5hp air conditioner. Well equipped kitchen with ample cupboards, updated bathroom. Full length front verandah, 2 carports, enclosed outdoor entertaining area. 2,000 gallon & 1,000 gallon water tanks. All on 2700m2 of land. An absolute bargain. $185,000 neg Web ID: 103818190. Lot 157 Government Road, Andamooka - More Secure than Fort Knox

Approx. 5½ years old. Steel framed home offering 3 good size brs, lge lounge, spacious dining & adj well equipped kitchen, large bathroom, & laundry, split system r/c air con, ceiling fans, solar HWS. Security system, 9m x 8m 3 door garage & adj 7.5m x 8m 2 door garage with pit & adj workshop. 10,000 gallons of rain water tanks, plenty of potential with incomplete “granny !at”. Fully fenced corner allotment of 1682sqm. This is a solid investment. $245,000. Web ID: 103818082.

(08) 8671 3355 Page 10 – Thursday, April 19, 2007

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


14 Blanche Court, Roxby Downs Top Home, Top Location


our good size bedrooms, ensuite and walk-in robe to master, bedrooms 2 and 3 with built in robes, bi cupboards and desk to bed 4.

Good size lounge, large formal dining and adjacent casual meals, spacious family area, large sparkling main bathroom, ducted evaporative cooling and two gas space heaters. Fully fenced a/g in ground pool, salt chlorinated with approx 6m x 4m under cover area. Large double carport and lovely gardens. Low $400,000’s Web Id: 860598 Phone David Murley 0412 050 200 or Wayne Lawson 0421 636 338

5 Emeroo Court, Roxby Downs Stunning Family Home With quality fittings and fixtures throughout consists of 4 large bedrooms with floating floors. Built-in robes, His and Hers Blackwood timber robes to main, tiled to ceiling 3-way bathroom, 2 linen cupboards. Open plan kitchen, dine, family, separate lounge, quality floor tiling throughout. Ducted evaporative cooling, gas heating, in-ground fully fenced salt water pool. 2 car single carport plus approx 10m x 4m garage, large outback style rear verandah with water feature, large bird aviaries. Landscaped front gardens with retainer walls, lawned and paved area. Located in quiet cul-de-sac, currently leased at $480 pw. 2 + 2 year lease Great opportunity to purchase one of the best! Low $400,000’s Web ID: 103873219

44-04Ha BAROOTA IRRIGATION 108 acres For Sale $230,000 • • • • • • • • • •

3 Bores 256mgl Water allocation 24 Acres established irrigated pasture Balance grazing & standing timber Highway one frontage Irrigation & hay making plant inc. Excellent building sites (subject to council approval) Close to beaches, Flinders Ranges & Pt Germein Shedding & 3 phase power Suit feedlot, value adding, hay production

Landmark Port Augusta, Highway One, Port Augusta. For more information contact

Richard Earle 8642 4344 or 0407 795 021



“Attention Business Owners / Contractors” Having trouble securing accommodation in Roxby? BEAT the Expansion – Accommodation problem solved! WALK IN / WALK OUT Furnished 5/6 Bedroom House on 1170 sqm allotment Don’t need furniture – no problem Features include Large Pool, Fully Equipped Ofce, Large shed, Ample Parking PLUS Expansive entertainment area.

For further information please contact Grant 0417 521 215

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



6 Strathmore Grove Urrbrae SA

Stunning solid brick home proudly positioned in the premier leafy Adelaide suburb of Urrbrae. Ideally suited to those who expect the absolute best features include, grand portico and internal entry, beautiful lounge and dining with picturesque outlooks, a stunning 2 pack painted all white kitchen with Corian countertops, Marble splashbacks, Smeg appliances and large walk in pantry, which is adjacent to the family room with built in entertainment unit. There are 3 double bedrooms all with mirror front robes, 2 gorgeous bathrooms with porcelain tiles and marble countertops and a separate guest powder room. The low maintenance front and rear gardens have been professionally designed and landscaped with water features and auto irrigation. There is an oversized double garage with a custom designed auto tilt door. All this and only minutes to the city centre, excellent schools, and Burnside Village. The ultimate ‘lock up and leave lifestyle’ property, or a solid investment with executive rental potential.


ENQUIRIES CALL O8 8267 2700 MOB 0433 792 727 Thursday, April 19, 2007 – Page 11



Basketball Finals Here’s a collection of n i g h t ’s G r a n d Fi n a l Basketball fans. Full story photo’s from Saturday Night for Roxby Downs on Page 19.

Page 12 – Thursday, April 19, 2007

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS

Tourists spend more in SA

International tourists spent an extra $58 million in South Australia in 2006, taking the total expenditure to $498 million. Overall, 360,000 international tourists experienced South Australia in 2006, an increase of 9 per cent compared to 2005, according to new research. The report by Tourism Research Australia, shows international tourists are spent more in Australia (up $1.8 billion) and stayed longer (+3.6

nights) in 2006. In 2006, South Australia saw good growth in visitors from, Korea, China, Germany, and Scandinavia. “International visitors are discovering that there is much to savour in South Australia – from the world class wineries sprinkled across the state to the variety of fresh produce as well as fabulous national parks,” Fran Bailey, Minister for Small Business and Tourism, said. “Overall, international tourists

spent an extra $1.8 billion more in Australia last year. “This is creating plenty of new jobs in our vibrant tourism industry. “The results demonstrate that the ‘So Where the Bloody Hell Are You?’ campaign is beginning to cut through. It is helping to attract more big spending tourists to our shops and shores. “This is happening thanks to the Australian Government’s strong investment in the tourism industry.”

Youth have high priority for Health privacy The privacy of medical information—and whether it should be kept confidential from parents—is one of the key concerns raised by young people as part of a major inquiry into Australia’s privacy laws, being conducted by the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC). The youth of Roxby Downs, Wo omera , Andamo oka and outlying areas of the far north are being urged to have input into the inquiry. ALRC President Professor David Weisbrot said research indicates that young people have attitudes to privacy that differ significantly from the attitudes of their parents, grandparents and even older siblings. “We’ve been holding a series of youth workshops—and have set up a special ‘Talking Privacy’ website aimed at young people—to test this theory as part of our comprehensive review of Australia ’s federal privacy legislation,” he said. So far, the youth workshops—

aimed at 12 to 25-year-olds—have been held in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Hobart . The workshops explore a range of privacy issues, seeking experiences and opinions about how the privacy laws are working, and what changes should be made for the future. Privacy in cyberspace—particularly in online spaces such as YouTube and MySpace—has been another major issue raised by young people. “While sites such as YouTube and MySpace might seem like a ‘fad’ to older people, for many young people, that has become the normal, everyday way of communicating with friends, relatives, and people they are just meeting for the first time. “Laws designed to protect privacy in the outside world struggle to cope with the issues raised by online communities. For example, online publication of photographs—which may be sensitive and revealing— raises new challenges in relation to

consent. “Some young people go so far as to say that by posing for a photo, you more or less consent to it being posted online—but the ALRC has also heard of a number of stories of postings ‘gone wrong’, some with quite dramatic consequences,” Prof Weisbrot said. However, Prof Weisbrot said the issue that has raised the most concern in workshops is the way in which personal health information is handled. “While there is no consensus on the age at which young people are entitled to confidentiality, most of the young people we have spoken to seem clear that at some stage in adolescence, they should have the right to consult a doctor in complete confidence, and expect that this will be kept private, even from well-meaning parents,” he said. Young people can contribute to the ALRC’s Privacy Inquiry by logging on to the ALRC’s Talking Privacy’ website.

The Australian community continues to value nurses Nurses have been voted the most ‘ethical and honest’ profession for the 14th year running. The Australian Nursing Federation has welcomed the release of Morgan Poll results showing nurses are still regarded by the Australian public as the most ethical and honest of all professions. Gerardine (Ged) Kearney, ANF assistant federal secretary said: “This poll confirms the enormous value Australians place on nurses and the profession of nursing. “The ANF and all nurses are greatly encouraged by the knowledge that Australians value so highly the contribution that nurses make. “The conditions under which nurses carry out their professional roles are difficult, yet they continue to provide the highest quality care to all Australians,” she said. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

“The ANF is disappointed however that the Australian Government is not placing the same value on the role of nurses,” Ms Kearney added. “We are already seeing the negative impact of the Australian Government’s Work Choices legislation on nurses working in aged care and some private hospitals, which affects their capacity to deliver high quality nursing care and maintain professional nursing standards.” Ms Kearney suggested it might be useful, if politicians share the views of the Australian public, that they listen to nurses when developing their health, industrial relations and aged care policies in the lead-up to the forthcoming federal election. The ANF, representing 150,000 members, is the professional and industrial voice for nurses in Australia.

Above: Outback women. Photo courtesy of SATC.

South Africa beckons our women

From the dusty South Australian outback to the world stage in South Africa, an inspirational group of rural women are on their way to share their experiences to the world. They’ll be attending the Fourth World Congress of Rural Women in Durban, South Africa, from 23 to 26 April. Some of the women, Denise Johns from Port Pirie, Judy Schroeder from Pinnaroo and Sarah Jared from Naracoorte have been given $3000 bursaries to attend the conference. “These women have made significant contributions to our primary industries and communities and will make South Australia proud, acting as ambassadors for our rural women,” Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Rory McEwen said. “We must endeavour to build the leadership capacity of our rural women

and this is a great opportunity for them to make a difference on a world scale and learn from some of the best. “They will have their chance to make their voice heard, share their personal experiences and develop networks to help their own rural communities deal with challenges ahead.” Since its inception in Melbourne in 1994, the four-yearly congress continues to recognise the multifaceted role of women in agriculture, the importance of elevating the role of rural women and their influence on policy. Global issues confronting rural women will be discussed at the congress, including globalisation, sustainability and public policies supporting rural women. The bursary winners will join a number of other SA rural women at the congress, which is expected to attract more than 2,000 people.

Stephen Scott-Hoy B.Optom Need friendly, professional eyecare and quality fashion eyewear with a full back-up service? See the Eyebus when it visits... Roxby Downs - 8671 2001 Andamooka - 8672 7007 Woomera - 8673 7473 Monthly visits - Examinations bulk-billed. Serving rural and regional South Australia since 1990.

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Monitor NEWS

Above: Photo courtesy of SATC.


Above: Deal or No Deal’s Andrew O’Keefe.

Local lady scoops the pool

Good Friday was a very good clawed his way back from an appall- lived throughout her life,” she said. day for Port Augusta grand- ing start to scoop $50,000. Mrs Paech married husband mother and former Roxby local, “I’m excited, but my excitement Malcolm in Woomera at St Barbara’s is tainted with sadness,” Mrs Paech church on April 5th, 1958. Rosemary Paech. Mrs Paech won $50,000 on Channel 7’s ‘Deal or No Deal’s’ Double Deal Friday. The game show invites home viewers to call in and register to win the same amount won by their on air contestant on nominated Fridays. Mrs Paech, who had received a phone call from the television station advising her to watch, sat breathlessly as the on air contestant

said. “My husband is very sick, so this money will provide comfort and peace of mind for both of us.” Mrs Paech grew up on Roxby Station and has great memories of her childhood. “My mother, who w a s a Greenfield, was one of the great pioneering women of the area. “She revisited Roxby Downs before she died and it was great for her to see again the places she had

She returned to Roxby Downs recently and was distressed to see how much it had changed. “All that urban sprawl, it just conflicted so much with my memories of the area, it was difficult for me to see it, so I just had to go. “Where houses, shops and swimming pools are now, my father and uncle used to muster sheep on camels and horses. “Life’s like that I guess, things change,” she said.

Interest rates hit the mark Residential investment lending barely moved in South Australia in January, as the effects of higher mortgage rates fully impact the housing sector. Residential investment lending for January, showed a 1.8% decline. Australia’s peak housing body, the Housing Industry Association Ltd (HIA), said that despite the lack lustre January result, lending levels in South

Australia remained significantly higher than in 2006. HIA’s Executive Director, South Australia, Robert Harding, said investment housing finance was in a healthier state in South Australia than for much of the rest of the country. “Residential investment lending has held up reasonably well in South Australia over the last year. For the 12 months to January 2007 residential

investment lending was up 18.7% on 2006”, Mr Harding said. Elsewhere in Australia in January 2007 residential investment lending fell by 27.4% in the Australian Capital Territory and falls were also recorded in Tasmania (4.6%), New South Wales (14.5%), Queensland (4.0%), Victoria (5.1%) and the Northern Territory (13.3%). Increases were recorded in Western Australia (0.5%).

The seas are rising. So, what impact will it have on our inland lakes such as Lake Eyre, which is 12 metres below sea level? According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change the global mean sea level is set to rise between nine and 88 centimetres by 2100. Does this mean we will be able to enjoy water sports year in, year out as Lakes Eyre and Mary fill from the bottom up? It’s doubtful, according to CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Scientist, Dr Neil White. “Any reasonable level of sea level rise will not affect the inland lakes,” Dr White said. “What affects inland lakes like Lake Eyre is rainfall, mainly in Queensland.” In an exclusive interview with The Monitor, Dr White said Australia is like a large basin, high around the edges and low in the middle. “In terms of sea level rising, it would have to rise enough to actually be able to flow directly into the lakes over the higher

ground that surrounds those areas. “The other way is if the sea levels rose enough to raise the level of ground water in central Australia. “The Great Artesian Basin does actually connect to the ocean, but again, sea levels would have to rise an awful lot to have an effect on the height of the water table,” he said. The CSIRO attributes the rising seas to the oceans warming, resulting in thermal expansion, widespread melting of glaciers, increased ice melt in Greenland, environmental changes in Antarctica and changes in terrestrial storages. So, according to Dr White, here in Roxby we have nothing to worry about, but what about those of us with families living in coastal areas. Cyclones will increase in frequency and intensity, storm surges are expected to increase along the tropical coast, coastal flooding will become more frequent and millions of people could be displaced as the tides begin to lap at their front doors.

Vicious home intruder sought At about 11.30 pm Wednesday April 11, 2007 the victim awoke in her Roxby Downs home to find an intruder in her lounge room. The victim was at home with her two young children at the time. It’s believed the intruder was targeting property. Police said the victim was seriously assaulted during the home invasion. It is believed that there was a second offender who remained outside the premises during the invasion. The offender that entered the house

is described as: Caucasian male late teens. Approx 6 ft tall with a lanky build. He has brown eyes and is clean shaven. He has short cropped hair. At the time he was wearing a black crew neck T-shirt with a white graffiti type markings on one side and baggy blue jeans. Anyone with information can contact Port Augusta CIB on 86485014 or Bank SA Crimestoppers1800 333 000.

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MEET THE ROBINSONS Rated G. Duration 101 mins. If you think your family’s different, wait ‘til you meet the family of the future! Lewis is a brilliant inventor who meets a mysterious stranger named Wilbur Robinson. Whisking Lewis away in a time machine, Wilbur teams up with him to track down Bowler Hat Guy in a showdown that ends with an unexpected twist of fate. Starring the voices of: Angela Bassett, Laurie Metcalf, Daniel Hansen & Jordan Fry. Fri 20th 8pm Sun 22nd 3pm Sat 21st 12pm Mon 23rd 9am & 3pm WILD HOGS Rated M Duration 99 mins. Four middle-aged men (Allen, Travolta, Lawrence & Macy) decide to take a road trip in order to get away from their lives which are leading them nowhere. Taking their motorcycles, these “Wild Hogs” tear up the road and eventually stop in New Mexico for a drink, not knowing that the bar belongs to the “Del Fuegos”, a mean biker gang. Starring: John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William H Macy, Ray Liotta & Marisa Tomei. Mon 23rd 12pm Sat 21st 3pm Sun 22rd 12 & 7pm Tues 24th 7pm

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Get to know the resources and mining specialists

Klein’s call on Austudy SA Nationals candidate for the federal seat of Grey, Wilbur Klein, believes current Austudy and Youth Allowance arrangements are failing country kids wanting to undertake further education. “Country students need access to considerable funds to participate in further education - conservatively $10,000 a year each – so there is considerable financial pressure put on families living in rural, regional and remote areas,” Mr Klein said. “The effort and the cost of setting up as a student in the city - finding accommodation, providing for daily living, transport, study costs and equipment- all these put a real strain on many country families which all too often leads to those students not taking up opportunities for further education. “Why not free up the Youth Allowance for rural students? If students live away from home, then let’s give country kids and their families the support they need to undertake further education,” Mr Klein said. “This would lead to more country students complet-

CEG behind their apprentices The Career Employment Group (CEG) is celebrating the successful completion of their trades by two of its apprentices this year. The new apprentices that CEG has hosted out to BHP Billiton from Adelaide have settled in very well and all parties are most happy with their progress. Apprentices with CEG receive more than training and direction. They’re also eligible for assistance such as a Living Away From Home Allowance - available to apprentices who move out of their parental home in order to take up an apprenticeship Traveling and accommodation subsidies when apprentices attend TAFE. There’s also a refund under Tools For Your Trade. So when an apprentice has completed six months of his/her apprenticeship he/she may be eligible for a voucher of up to $800 for tools of trade. As well n there’s also a Trade Learning Scholarship. At the completion of twelve months and again at 24 months an apprentice may be eligible to receive a scholarship payment of up to $500.

POSITION VACANT The Roxby Downs Cultural and Leisure Precinct is seeking motivated people, with a customer service focus for our Hospitality areas. The successful applicants should possess broad hospitality experience, customer service and organizational skills. Some weekend and out of normal hours work will be required. Excellent pay rates and working conditions apply to all the Roxby Downs Cultural and Leisure Precinct positions. For a copy of the position description or for more information contact Sarah Barnes on 86710500 or email Applicants must forward applications to Sarah Barnes, HR Coordinator Roxby Leisure, Roxby Downs Cultural & Leisure Precinct, PO Box 300, Roxby Downs 5725

duction, power and primary industries from trades level up to executive appointments. Worldwide coverage Hays operate from 32 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand and 25 countries internationally including the UK, Hong Kong, Japan, China and mainland Europe. So wherever your career takes you, Hays Resources & Mining can be your ongoing recruitment partner. Contact Hays Resources & Mining Contact your specialist Hays Resources & Mining consultant: Adelaide - 08 8212 5242 Brisbane - 07 3137 6400 Newcastle - 02 4925 3663 Perth – 08 9226 5766 Melbourne - 03 9670 2066 Sydney - 02 9249 2299 Townsville - 07 47715100 Wellington - 04 473 6860

Position vacant

Café & Kiosk Assistants - Casual

Accounts Administration - Full Time The Roxby Downs Cultural and Leisure Precinct is seeking a highly motivated and experienced person to take control of the accounts receivable / payable and general financial administration. The successful applicant must have: • broad accounts administration or financial experience • excellent interpersonal, customer service and organizational skills • experience in MYOB accounting software (essential). For a copy of the position description or for more information contact Alan on 0438 010 088 or email Applicants must forward applications to Alan Male, Manager Roxby Leisure, PO Box 300, Roxby Downs 5725 Written applications addressing the position description must be received before close of business, Friday 30th April 2007.

Written applications which address the position description and close on Friday 30th April 2007.

Position Vacant Recreation Activities Officer - Full Time

Mine Geotechnical Engineer, Residential, NSW

Roxby Leisure, Youth Recreation Services provides programs, events and activities to enhance the development of young people aged from 10 years to 18 years. An opportunity exists for an enthusiastic, innovative and self-motivated person or persons to develop and provide, in a team environment, these services to young people within the community of Roxby Downs. • • • • •

Our client is a leading underground copper mine in Central West NSW. It enjoys a unique working culture that promotes an enviable work/life balance and emphasises honesty and integrity by valuing people's contribution to the working environment and participating actively in the community that sustains it.

Experience in planning and delivery of activities to a diverse range of young people, as well as strong written and verbal communication skills are essential. A major part of this role during 2007 is to develop recreation activities programs for the young people of Roxby Downs. A relevant qualification in Recreation Activities delivery and/or previous experience in youth program or general recreation program planning and delivery is desireable. Previous experience in working with young people in a recreational activity based level is highly desirable. This role does require out of normal hours and weekend work.

The Mine Geotechnical Engineer will work within a close technical team and will enjoy a role where their ideas and input can be put into practice in relation to rock mechanics, mine planning and production. You will be a degree educated Rock Mechanics Engineer or a Geotechnical Engineer and have had significant underground metalliferous experience. The mine is deep and has been very successful but is a size where your work remains meaningful within a highly professional context. This is a permanent, residential position offering substantial lifestyle opportunities and a market leading salary package.

For a copy of the position description or for more information contact: Alan on 0438 010 088 or email

Please contact Alasdair Spinner T 02 9249 2299 E

Applicants must forward applications to Alan Male, Manager Roxby Leisure, PO Box 300, Roxby Downs 5725 Written applications addressing the position description must arrive before the close of business, Friday 30th April 2007.

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To advertise your positions vacant in The Monitor’s employment page, phone Heather on 86712683 today!

ing tertiary studies, and more young people getting the training and qualifications to return to live and work in country communities, an outcome that rural and regional Australia is simply crying out for. “This is an essential element in building and sustaining rural communities. “As it now stands, we just can’t fill many of the vacancies for managers, doctors, nurses, teachers, police and other professions in rural and regional South Australia. “Country kids could be graduating into these positions if only their families received the support needed to help put their children through higher education,” Mr Klein said. “As a person with a passion for country and people, I will speak up for, and work hard to improve the lives and opportunities of country people, including campaigning tirelessly to broaden Youth Allowance and Austudy eligibility for rural, remote and regional students, so that no student is financially disadvantaged by distance and the need to live away from home.”

Hays Resources & Mining is Australasia’s leading heavy industry and mining recruitment consultancy, with a solid history of recruiting the leaders and workforce of today and tomorrow for Australia’s mining community. It is Hays Resources & Mining’s specialist focus that differentiates it from other recruiters and ensures you speak to a consultant who understands your industry. With over 40 years of technical experience, Hays Resources & Mining has built lasting relationships with many key players in the mining and heavy industrial sectors ranging from engineering companies to contractors and large mining principals. So with a client list that reads like a who’s who in the Australasian mining industry, Hays Resources & Mining is an ideal recruitment partner. Hays Resources & Mining have a national team of consultants solely dedicated to servicing the mining, heavy industrial, bulk chemical pro-

Specialist Recruitment

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REAL ESTATE HOUSE FOR SALE. 3 Bed/Rms. Steel frame, corner block. New Bathroom & Kitchen, ßoating ßoors, custom built spa, sheds, covered outdoor entertainment area. $345,000 ONO. Phone 0400 449 632.

Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate & Country Storage & Delivery Specialists

Ph: 0427 716 173 Roxby Downs ! Pt Augusta ! Pt Pirie

GARAGE SALE 8 NYAROO COURT SUN 22nd APRIL 10am – 4pm. Whitegoods, furniture, small shed, hot house, kitchen wares, beds, linen, tools, baby furniture, prams, air conditioners, stainless steel oven and range hood. See You There!



Church Times

HONDA CBR Motorcycle – Blackbird XX. 32,000 kms, Electric Blue, Excellent Condition, 3 months Reg YYA 761. $12,000 ONO. Phone 0428 678 837.

Andamooka Catholic Church Sunday 11am first and third Sunday of every month St Barbara’s Catholic Church Roxby Downs Saturday evening 6pm Sunday morning 9am Roxby Downs Lutheran Church Sunday 10.30am and Sunday School – 9.30am St Michael’s Catholic Church, Woomera, Sunday 5pm All denominations welcome Faithworks Church Sunday 10.00am at the Roxby Downs TAFE College. Andamooka Community Church. Sunday 2pm Roxby Downs Christian Community Church Sunday 10am


Council snippets Opal road landfill opening hours The opal road landfill opening hours are 1pm – 6pm, seven days a week. Residents are encouraged to utilise this free service as the dumping of litter in reserves or lands surrounding the town attract an expiation penalty fee of $315.00 As per the local government act.

Rates The third quarterly instalments are now overdue for payment; please pay immediately to avoid late fees. Please contact Bronnie Warren at the council on 8671 0010 Fire prevention Please contact the roxby for any payment arrangements downs council for any ques- or enquiries. Fines will apply tions relating to the fire danger to all overdue accounts. season, fire bans or permits. Water Advertising on council in31 March, 2007 quarterly frastructure accounts have been issued. Advertising on council in- Please pay by the due date of frastructure such as light poles 15 may, 2007 to avoid further can attract expiation notices action. under the local government Electricity act. 31 March, 2007 quarterly If you spot any such advertising please notify the coun- accounts have been issued. Please pay by the due date of cil. 4 May, 2007 to avoid further Dog registration action. All electricity billing enquirResidents are reminded that you must notify the council ies to Sarah Janout on 8671 within 72 hours if your dog is 0010. moved to different premises, Parking the dog dies or is missing or Please be aware that there the ownership of the dog is transferred to another per- has been an increase in the expiation fee for parking in a son. Failure to notify the council bus zone, it has gone up to $73 of any of these changes can from $47. attract an $80.00 Expiation Justice of the peace notice. Justice of the peace services

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0408 805 092.

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Rubbish collection Residents are reminded that there is a limit of one bin per household for weekly rubbish collection and that it is the residents responsibility to ensure that bins are in serviceable condition with closable lids that prevent flies and birds from accessing rubbish. Please be diligent as littering attracts an expiation penalty fee of $315.00 – Ie over flowing bins. Opal road landfill opening hours 1Pm – 6pm seven days a week. Council office hours – general Monday to friday – 9am to 5pm.



For all your lending, investment, insurance, nancial planning & everyday banking needs. Visit us in Tutop Street, call 8671 2555 or explore

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are available at the council offices by appointment only. The justice of the peace is registered for South Australia only; therefore proof of residency is required. Please contact council front desk for further details.


EASY FIND BUSINESS INFO For all your cleaning requirements

Please also ensure that all dogs over the age of three months are registered, failure to comply can again result in an $80.00 Expiation notice being issued.

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For all your Quilting needs • Embroidery • Ribbons • Beads • Laces • Haberdashery •PFAFF Machines & accessories Open: Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9.30am to 2.30pm Closed Tuesday & Wednesday or phone for an appointment THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


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Ladies golf gets stronger The new Ladies Golf competition being played at the Roxby Downs Gold Club on a Sunday morning is proving very popular. It’s so popular that the competition has had to move its tee-off times to the earlier schedule of 9 – 9.30am. At the recent Stableford event Andrea Freeth scoped the prize pool winning the main prize for the most stableford points (15) and the putting

competition. Comp etition organizer, Julie Darling said the ladies are planning a fundraising golf day on May 27th with proceeds going the local branch of the Cancer Council. In the meantime ladies, if you want to join the competition, just turn up on a Sunday morning, ready for tee-off at 9am, a team will be found for you.

Colourful Gymkhana attracts a crowd The Roxby Downs Picnic and Gymkhana Association is very pleased with the support it received at its annual meeting at the racing club at the weekend. More than 500 people strolled through the gates throughout the day. There was more than $30,000 in prize money across all events throughout the day, making it one of the most successful events of its kind in South Australia. Association President Rick Grantham said bookmakers and sky racing were onsite for the punter. “But for the family there was the camel cup, wheelbarrow races around the track and of course the adult foot

races which had a good purse for the winners. “It’s such a successful event that people are now coming from Broken Hill, Murray Bridge, the Adelaide Hills and other major centres just to compete,” he said. O wner and Trainer Darr yl Gower from Hawker started off the Gymkhana on a winning note with El Lakerama easily taking out the Andamooka Bottle House ladies Bracelet Open Sprint. He soon followed this up with a powerful run by Jade’s Choice to pocket $800 in the Bradken Improvers Handicap over 1000 metres. Some of the basic ingredients that make the carnival atmosphere unique

are some of the rules. Hack horses which take part, are just that. They’re horses without registered thoroughbred brands, and the Picnic Race Committee reserves the right to swab race winners. Horses taking part in ‘Improvers’ events must not have won more than 4 races, and all riders ride at their own risk and must wear a skull hat during flat and hack races. To give every owner a chance of winning, there was even a race with $1500 prizemoney for all race horses that failed to come first or second on the day. “It just gives us a chance to put a smile on their face on the day” Mr. Grantham said.

Monitoring the SA fishing scene Compiled by Peter Medhurst

Local Hotspot

FishWatch 1800 065 023

Backy Point south of Port Augusta is holding 4-8lb Salmon. The fish are finicky striking baits only 1 South Australian Illegal Fishing Hot Line hour either side of dawn or dusk. The hookups require decent tackle as the jagged reefs will bust light gear off. Casting a minimum of 30 metres is a neccessity to reach the deep ledge that is Have a Photo or Fabulous Fishy Tale holding the fish. The rocks can be slippery - so take Email due care at this location. Pilchards or small tommies are being hit by the fish with little action Blue Morwong are also known as a coming from lure casting. Queen Snapper, this fella was taken on a Pilchard bait on the top of the tide.


Land Based Myponga Rocks has yielded Snook and Slamon Trout. Early in the morning is the go with half pilchard baits getting the results. Yellowfin Whiting are patrolling the shalows at Tennyson beach. The Salmon Hole near Beachport has Salmon Trout in reasonable numbers with a feed obtainable near dusk. Pt MacDonnell is providing the odd King George Whiting for keen anglers trekking across the big rocks that make up the breakwater.

Backstairs Passage again produced Snapper and a nice Blue Morwang. Tinny operators fishing the tranquil American River waters have done very well on King George Whiting reently with Tommy Ruffs also making apperances. Port Victoria fishermen suggest grounds southeast of Wardang Island are well worth a visit for those targeting Snapper and King George Whiting.

Above: Action during the Women’s B Grade final.

Basketball finals a hit

There was standing room only at the Roxby Downs Sports Centre on Saturday night as the senior basketball teams rotated through their Grand Final series. The night’s entertainment was set up with the opening “B” Grade Grand Final between Wanderers and the Bulls. It was a hard slog for the Bulls to break the defence of the Wanderers in the first three quarters but they made a late charge to narrowly fail by full time. The “A” Grade women then took to the court for the much anticipated clash between rivals the Devils and the

Flames. The game lived up to expectations but the Devils prevailed on the night. The same result was recorded in the Men’s “A” Grade final when the Devils took on the Jets. This was a high calibre game which drew loud appreciation from the crowd. The new winter season will kick off shortly as nominations for this competition have already closed. The season will run from May to October.

Want to see photos of your sport on this page? Phone The Monitor on 8671 2683 and let us know when your sporting event is being held!


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National Youth Week (NYW), a chance for Australia to celebrate its young. In Roxby Downs, it was kicked off early, with students at the Roxby Downs Area School enjoying a range of activities on their final week of term one. “We’ll be on holidays during NYW, so the school and the Student Voice decided we should have it a week early,” Year 7 teacher and Student Voice Facilitator, Natalie Jones said. “They are really into sports up here so we’ve done a lot of things around that and the kids seem to enjoy the activities,” she said. Celebrations began with a rousing game of soccer, in which a team of teachers took on a rotating side of students in front of a crowd of chanting kids. Basketball games, an art exhibition and a sausage sizzle rounded out the week. The Youth Centre was also involved in a wide range of activities, including a musical extravaganza, art classes, dance groups and an exhibition of work by Roxby’s youth at the Art Gallery. Family and Youth Officer, Tom Beever said NYW is a chance for the Roxby Downs community to honour its young people. “NYW is an opportunity for all of us to remember the role young people play, not just in the home but within the wider community,” Mr Beever said. “It’s not just about partying and celebration, it’s about acknowledging the value young people bring to society. “This year’s celebrations were extra special as a lot of the workshops and activities were organised and taken by the young people themselves,” he said. The state government also consider NYW an important occasion, chipping in more than $100,000 to fund events state wide. “NYW provides an opportunity for young people aged between 12 – 25 to express their ideas, their views, raise issues of concern and act on issues that affect their lives,” Minister for Employment, Training and Further Education, Paul Caica said. “The myriad of events being held this year in South Australia range from short film festivals, youth consultations and mentor training to car maintenance workshops, sports and leadership camps and a host of competitions and awards ceremonies. “One of the highlights in South Australia is that we train and empower young people to run their own events in their own regions. “They learn about event management, publicity, how to handle the media and how to evaluate their events, equipping them with lifelong skills that will stand them in good stead for their future, including their employment,” he said. National Youth Week, April 14 – 22, get out there and enjoy it!

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