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05. Drop Dead Hair Studio easpressa 03. Moon Juice 02. Supergoop! 04. Astaracollective Favorite GREEN GOLD | TEA JAR | 20 Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 | 22 SuperYou | 49 Sahara Black Onyx Sandal | 290
Brands 06. Ruggable 09. Local Nomad 07.Nakieface 08. Hot Yoga University Runda Sand Premium Rug | 369 Canyon Mug | 54
Favorite Fem Founded Bran
Manz's 01. 02. 01. Fancy Peasant exquisite olive oil and recipes based on greek culture 02. Now & Zen Bodyworks massage therapy for health 03. Jennifer Fisher jewelry, fragrance and luxury salt brand 04. DanceBody in-person and on demand workouts that focus on dance cardio 03. 04. Strollerinthecity The Everything Olive OilFamily Size | 68 Salt Trio in Gift Box | 36
05. Visiah Eyewear stylish eyewear at affordable prices 06. InHer Peace Beauty vegan and cruelty free beauty to empower women 07. Indie Lee clean beauty skincare 08. Summer Fridays a vegan and cruelty free skincare brand 09. LoveShackFancy vintage inspired lifestyle and clothing brand 10. Moon D’elle luxury shoes hand-made in italy 08. 09. 07. 06. 05. 10. Paparazzi | 55 Matte Lipstick - First Love | 22 Brightening Cleanser | 38 Cloud Dew Gel Cream Moisturizer | 45 Jolly Jacket | 357 The Nebbiolina | 630

MODERN DAY WIFE'S Women's Highlight

03. Tahirah Nall

Tahirah is an LA-based stylist whose day includes working at The Estée Lauder Companies while by night she is the owner of ClothesPetals, a blog that showcases the magic of BIPOC creatives in Fashion and Beauty. ClothesPetals is her house for styling, blogging, and shopping, where she works to champion mindful styling practices and empowers people to step into the best version of themselves through showcasing the talents of others, and helping her clients discover how the subtle changes in how we shop for our clothes can often be the most meaningful.

01. Relani Belous

At Belous Law, the firm is dedicated to understanding what results you want and LISTENING to provide relevant targeted advice. Why do we love Relani and Belous Law Corporation? The firm is geared towards small businesses and startup organizations - like us! This is done through flexible pricing and flat rates as well as working with non-traditional schedules and your time restraints.

Dr. Natalie Dereka 02.

Dr. Natalie Dereka is a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the past 12 years who has specialized in Orthopedic Medicine and Pelvic Floor Health. Why do we love Dr. Nat, you ask? She is an Integrative Health Practitioner as she knows the importance of treating women as a whole, and takes the best of both conventional and integrative medicine. This helps her patients achieve optimal results that they're looking for as well as learn how to take health into their own hands so that they can live out their purpose each day without being held back from women's health issues.

Goldstein 04.

Meri founded Infinite Interiors New York in 2022. It is her personal aim to take each client’s vision and turn it into their ideal, live-in reality. She builds each space under the goal that

“Every client gets their own story,”

and she tailors each of her unique designs to write that story.Meri places an emphasis on modern elegance with just a touch of minimalism. Her affinity towards neutral furniture and organic shapes with soft edges grants her work with an inviting, wholesome appeal to cultivate a homey environment.

"Wear what makes you light up, inside and out."
Noattorney-clientrelationshipwillbeestablishedwiththefirmoranyattorneyunlessbyawrittenfullyexecuted engagementletterprovidedbythefirm.

Dr. Brianda Ruiz Lugo 05.

Dr. Brianda is a woman of science who understands the emotion that feeling beautiful inside and out generates. She is a well-known Mexican aesthetician in Tijuana who has been a speaker for brands like Juvedermwho. She is famous for her unique technique in lip filler application in the American market. She has built a beauty culture that preserves the natural beauty of her clients.

Nevena Tomic is doing things her way when it comes to making a mark in the beauty industry. As the Founder & CEO of La Beaute Fatale, a cosmetics brand she launched in March 2018, Tomic is committed to providing high-end beauty products made with only top-quality ingredients and minus harmful chemicals. The end result…everlasting youthfulness.

07. Asbasia Mikhail

The Stīl (pronounced style) Trust is a patented online personalized styling platform. We connect you with expert stylists who customize looks tailored to your taste, body shape, and budget. The Stīl Trust is highly customized, super-personalized, affordable, and convenient. Get access to real stylists who will develop and elevate your own personal look with new items or items already in your closet. We have a variety of memberships depending on what your style needs are. Never struggle with what to wear again!

08. Caron Proschan

Caron, started Simply in 2014 after she discovered that regular chewing gum was made of a synthetic plastic base. She started making batches of gum in her apartment using a tree sap (chicle) base & sold the first Simply Gum products in stores throughout NYC. As Simply continues to expand, we bring our commitment to good ingredients, delicious taste, and beautiful packaging to the development of each of our new products.

09. Teresa Foss

Teresa Foss is a published makeup artist and beauty influencer as well as the owner of DC Elite Image. Being multi-racial, Teresa loves the growth in diversity in the makeup industry and has worked on beauty campaigns with inclusive brands such as Becca Cosmetics and It Cosmetics. She brings her creativity, passion, and professionalism to each client booking. Her style of artistry ranges anywhere from fresh & modern to ultra-glam. Currently, Teresa is available for bookings in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and New York City.

06. Nevena Tomic


Moon d’elle

"We created this brand to inspire women to live in the momento with both confidence and comfort. Designed in Milan, made in Italy, our shoes will walk you effortlessly from day to night."

-Chandra and Tabitha Co-Founders of moon d'elle



Le'Antoinette was created for the everyday woman who enjoys timeless pieces over fashion trends. Our clothes are made will all body shapes in mind and not just the ones you see on TV and social media. We’ve created a beautifully crafted line of comfort, luxury, and timelessness in an industry of quick fads and overnight fashion.

Jennifer Koch

Jennifer Koch is a Personal Stylist and Founder of the brand Stylegasm. She helps women express their unique essence through clothing and image - so their inner and outer beauty align.

Schedule a complimentary personal styling consultation here: www.haveastylegasm.com/call

Madison Savile

Madison / Savile is a Los Angeles-based label offering luxury women’s blazers and pantsuits blurring the lines between loungewear and workwear. You can do anything in a Madison / Savile blazer.

Fashion Forward


Dria Dair

driadair _



Woman owned, print driven clothing line made to make women feel empowered, confident and beautiful.



We absolutely LOVE trying new products, but with so many products on the market, where do you even start? Here are our top favorites to get glam from home!

A Stem Cell Serum, Cleansing Balm, and AHA Exfoliating Solution from Indie Lee are the perfect addition to your daily skincare. This Retinol Alternative Cream paired with this Restorative Eye Cream is the perfect match! Not to mention, it's a Allure Best of Beauty winner!

Brighten up with this best-selling antioxidant-rich cleanser, makeup remover and mask in one from Indie Lee. Strawberry Seed Oil, hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Tomato extracts exfoliate and nourish for hydrated, silky and luminous skin. Feeling dull? Get ready for a glow up with this brightening cream.

Great hair starts with a healthy scalp. This restorative scalp treatment from Meaningful Beauty helps to nourish, moisturize, and revitalize your scalp to create the right environment for younger-looking hair.

Uplift your spirit and skin with this luxurious serum-oil from ieró Beauty that reveals a radiant, healthierlooking complexion and nourishes all skin types.

This super-boost facial serum harnesses the anti-aging power of Meaningful Beauty's next generation Melon Leaf Stem Cell Technology to visibly plump and firm skin.

This luminizing, PH-reactive lip treatment from iero Beauty is infused with Shea Butter and Vitamin E for extreme hydration, and Pomegranate Extract and Raspberry (Leaf) Stem Cells to plump and soothe.

01 02 03 04 05 06

ELATE Beauty

Founded by Melodie Reynolds, beauty industry insider of 20 years, Elate was born of Melodie’s penchant for kindness for ourselves, each other and our planet Disheartened by the unethical and unsustainable practices typical of the industry, Melodie envisioned a different future one without shame-based marketing or single-use packaging. She founded Elate in 2014 on a mission: To redefine what “low waste” looks like in the cosmetics industry

Essential Mascara | 30 Lip Stick | 25 Pressed Eyecolour |14 Creme EyeColour | 25 Brush Set | 78


Now & Zen Bodyworks

Brenda is the first in her generation of her family to graduate from college with a full ride scholarship, which turned in to her passion of helping others. Brenda's story starts with a personal connection to a friend who needed help after having cosmetic surgeries and has led to her specialty of manual lymphatic drainage massages.


VODANA Modern Day Wife Asks

Q. Tell us about the mission of VODANA.

Our mission is to help everyone find their own beauty and identity through hair. Hair is so much more than just a look. As anyone who has gotten a good, or bad haircut knows, even a slight change could impact the whole vibe. Hair says a lot about you as we can get as creative as we want with our hair in ways that we can’t change any part of our body. In a way, hair is a message and sign of our identity that we send out to the world. By making various hair styling tools that everyone finds easy to use, VODANA would like to contribute to how women express who they are and expand their identity. As a result, we were able to win numerous awards in Korea and China including ‘First Brand Awards 2023’, and ‘Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards’.

Q. What is your most popular product?

I would say Glamwave curling iron is our mostknown product. We were able to win the ‘Best Product of the Year’ and ‘Korea YouTuber’s Awards’ in 2020 with Glamwave curling iron. There is countless organic content among Korean beauty influencers with its quality and design because we never compromise product quality.

Glamwave curling iron comes in 3 different barrel sizes for every hair type and 6 colors (pink, lavender, black, white, creamy blue, and ivory). We put our 29 years of experience and know-how into our products. We were able to make parts of the product smaller which leads to lighter and better styling. Also, there is a specially designed micro gap between the barrel and clamp so that there is no snagging during styling. Last but not least, with our specially coated ceramic barrel, Glamwave curling iron minimizes heat damage compared to regular ceramic hair irons.

With all these great qualities, we were able to gain public trust in Korea. Based on this, we started to expand our market into the USA!

Q. What is the best feature of your products?

We put our 29 years of experience and know-how into our products. I can proudly say that our products are technically different from regular hair irons in the market. Firstly, we have our own subsidiary manufacturer to make VODANA-only products. Our manufacturer has 3 hair iron-related patents. With our research on the hair industry, our products have excellent temperature control compared to other hair irons. Also, VODANA products minimize heat damage with our specially coated ceramic barrels/heat plates. We even asked H University in Korea for an experiment on heat damage. We tried Glamwave curling iron and other curling iron on hair 1,000 times and 3,000 times each to compare the result. Below is the hair condition before and after 3,000 times. And you can clearly see the difference ;)

Q. What women have inspired you and why?

All women who strive to diligently and beautifully draw their own lives inspire me, but I must say that our team members have been my greatest source of inspiration. As a female, Asian-owned brand, we started small, but now we are leading the Korean hair styling industry. Without our amazing team members, VODANA could have never reached where we are today. At present, VODANA has a workforce that is 80% female and ranges in age from 20 to 50. I draw my inspiration from team members who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to producing products that meet customer needs and result in their satisfaction. Their tireless efforts toward creating the best outcome possible serve as a driving force in my life.

I admire these amazing women and how we inspire each other throughout our journey together. I hope to maintain this healthy work relationship we have and continue to make VODANA one of the best hair brands in the world.

Q. You are launching a new hair iron, can you tell us more about this item?

We are very excited to launch a limited edition of Triple Flow hair waver, which is the Triple Flow hair waver, Spring Edition! I know I mentioned that Glamwave curling iron is our most known product, but Triple Flow hair waver is our most popular product in the US! And our newest and limited edition of the waver launched on March 8.

The Triple Flow hair waver creates beautiful and big waves with its 2 embedded big barrels. This Spring Edition has 2 big and embedded 1.6 inch barrels which create natural waves regardless of hair type. It comes with 1 hair clip, 1 hair comb, and 1 heat-resistant silicone end cap for the product. All our products are free voltage so you can keep your beautiful hairstyle in any country you visit! The barrels are of course specially coated with ceramic which minimizes heat damage, and they are embedded, unlike the regular 3barrel curling iron! So that you can enjoy lighter, easier, and safer styling. Please visit our Amazon store for more info!

BAO Laboratory


It all started when Julia Bao, a chemist from Toronto, felt discouraged by the long, complicated list of ingredients that came with some of her skincare products. She set out to direct her career doing what she does best: research, experiment, and develop formulas. Julia’s motivation was to use a science-based approach to develop highquality, natural products designed to improve the skincare industry and help people across the globe to enhance their skin’s health

Julia Bao speaking at the Modern Day Wife, What She Said Event at the W Hotel Times Square


We at InfuseLife provide IV therapy, wellness injections, as well as, face and body aesthetics to meet a wide range of patient goals. We believe that no patient should live in discomfort, and everyone deserves to feel energized, fresh, revitalized, and be the best version of themselves.


Q&A with CORR

Tell us the mission behind CORR - what do you stand for and what types of physical problems do you address?

CORR is a comprehensive service designed to provide patients with intensive, innovative therapies to increase the rate of healing, recovery from injury, and to reduce the degenerative processes associated with inflammation and aging

Our objective is to provide individualized comprehensive evaluations and data-driven therapies that enhance the body’s own ability to repair itself, so our patients can continue living full, active lives With our state of the art facilities and integrative team, CORR has services that can benefit all diseases and anyone searching for health optimization.

IV therapy is the latest trend. Myer's Flu has virtually gone viral! What types of IV therapies do you offer?

Aside from the Myer’s Cocktail IV, our team has developed IV nutrient cocktails with therapeutic doses of many well known and not-so-well known nutrients We also offer IVs for

multiple diseases associated with aging. Including NAD+, Phosphatidylcholine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Methylene Blue, and many more. By safely combining our therapies using our proprietary formulas, most patients notice rapid and sustained benefits.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

HBOT is a medical treatment involving breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber At pressure, our red blood cells no longer need to do all the work of transporting oxygen to our tissue The fluid in our blood and tissues becomes oxygenated, allowing every cell to produce more ATP, the primary energy molecule This increase in cellular energy allows for rapid tissue healing and has been shown to help rejuvenate human genetic material

What are some procedures that you recommend for boosting the immune system?

Accessing what the body needs is crucial-micronutrient and microbiome testing can be extraordinarily helpful for getting to a root cause for a weak immune system. Aside from testing, IV nutrient therapy can quickly restore the antioxidants needed to protect our white blood cells. Specifically, our Immune formulated IV delivers therapeutic doses of B5, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin C and glutathione for extended immune system protection.

What are some treatments you have that are good for anti-aging?

We always start by accessing the body through comprehensive lab testing. Our team is also pioneering the practice of clinical nutrigenomics (gene-based recommendations) as it relates to the aging process Also for specific therapies, hormone replacement, HBOT, NAD+ IVs, Phosphatidylcholine IVs and Peptide therapy are showing great benefits for slowing and reversing the aging process



What is your most popular service?

Word of our thorough individualized and innovative care is spreading quickly Our overall memberships are very popular, because our patients appreciate the VIP patient care and results they see at our clinic Our Hormone Replacement, Repair and Recovery, and Weight Loss

Memberships are typical starting points for our patients However, after our comprehensive evaluation most patients are motivated to utilize a number of other services and understand the holistic approach to healthcare we are providing.

What are the benefits of LED Therapy?

LED, or light therapy has many benefits depending on the wavelength or color. Red light stimulates our mitochondria to produce more energy, this helps with wrinkle reduction, improved blood flow, and improved tissue regeneration, Blue light has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits Our patent pending red, blue, and far infrared light has been super charged with research and designed to deliver the benefits of a 30 minute treatment in 3 minutes

Mind, Body, & Wellness

We know that physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing all go hand in hand. The more balance we have between the three, the better we feel altogether. Here are some of our favorite brands that help us feel connected and balanced in our mind, body, and overall wellness

Looking your best makes you feel your best and Jill Yoga is one of our favorite activewear brands to aid with that! Their fashionable, trendy pieces are perfect for the woman on the go. PLUS their mommy + mini pieces are perfect for your little one, too!

Vahdam is redefining the way the world experiences tea and other native Indian foods. They eliminate unnecessary middlemen and source premium teas and superfoods from renowned gardens in India, package them garden-fresh at their avante-garde tea facility in India and bring it to your doorstep

As a family business in its third generation, HECH today is defined by a leading team of in-house nutrition scientists and a multigenerational, culturally diverse staff with a passion for developing products that are relevant for evolving needs and lives. "At HECH we love what we do Because your body is your only true luxury "

EBOOST is for people who live to do more every day who thrive on the go and always have a new goal on the horizon. They create products that help you take on the day wherever the day takes you Keeping it clean is everything. They don’t compromise because you shouldn’t have to And they plan to push harder and go farther to keep you bold, focused, and naturally driven.

We’re here to hydrate a world thirsty for wellness treatments, education, and support that addresses health from the inside out so they can live their healthiest lives and be their best selves. We use our knowledge to create individualized experiences, lifestyle adjustment plans, and treatment formulations to meet every patient’s needs—from whole-body hydration for life events to relief from acute ailments. And we love every drop of it.

DripLife IV



BLOONS! Celebrating life's unforgettable moments with BLOONSEVENTS@GMAIL.COM BLOONS EVENTS

Adonais Crest Event Rentals

Adonaiscrest Events delights in designing, decorating and renting out event furnitures for all events - weddings, traditional wedding engagements, birthdays, bridal and baby showers, corporate events and stage set ups that captures imagination.

We operate within the Tri-State Area and beyond. We offer a comprehensive range of services that are customized to your individual uniqueness, style, preference and your budget.

We start by getting to know our clients, planning and creating innovative designs, bringing in trusted vendors, establishing relationships and delivering what we promised our clients.

We are here to help bring your dreams to manifestation!


Paper + Fringe is a bespoke balloon decor company that creates custom balloon installations for all types of events and celebrations.



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