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MSRP FROM $52,972* No other all wheel drive system enhances driving pleasure like Jaguar’s unique All Wheel Drive with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics. Designed for agile handling and to minimize understeer, the F-PACE always drives, feels and handles like a Jaguar. For more information on the Jaguar F-PACE, visit your local Jaguar Retailer.

Jaguar Land Rover Thornhill 434 Steeles Ave W, Thornhill, ON L4J 6X6 Sales: 905 889 0080 Service: 905 889 7337

Model Shown: 2018 F-PACE PREMIUM 25t AWD. *Purchase a new (in-stock) 2018 F-PACE S starting from $52,972. Price includes freight ($1,600), PDI ($495), Admin ($395), AC Charge ($100), Tire Levy (up to $36) and RDPRM (up to $96); other charges may apply depending on province. Licence, insurance and all applicable taxes are extra. Vehicle may not be exactly as shown. Retailers may sell or lease for less. Please visit your local Jaguar Authorized retailer for details. © 2017 Jaguar Land Rover Canada ULC

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state of the housing market is providing condominium buyers and sellers a chance to take advantage of the disposition while it lasts. According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the majority of new housing developments are condominiums and “overbuilding” is gradually helping to moderate the state of the market. Many have grasped the reality of Toronto’s current housing dilemma and are rushing to purchase a dwindling supply of condo units despite the city’s efforts to crank out stock. According to the Altus Group, high-rise sales from January to October 2017 have increased by 36% since the year prior. Urbanation Inc. reports unsold units have declined by almost 50% since 2015. Although there is more of a shortage in low-density developments than new buildings throughout the GTA, individual condo listings retain fiercely competitive offers, so homebuyers must buy while they can.

Torontonians can expect to be able to easily buy and sell condos due to increasing consumer needs. “With this in mind, it is not surprising that we have continued to see robust price growth, as demand has remained strong relative to available listings,” said TREB’s Jason Mercer after projecting the increase of condominium sales. The price of condos has been appreciating almost as much as houses, according to Canadian Real Estate Association pricing data. As opposed to the detached home sector, homebuyers can be sure that condominiums are keeping up with the demand. Unless the cost of houses ceases to climb to unforeseen heights and inventory of low-rise homes increases, investing in a condo unit is rapidly becoming the sole alternative for Torontonian housing. R E A L E S TAT E

With unusually high prices plaguing the low-rise market in addition to stricter mortgage regulations and rising interest rates, many are realizing that condominiums are their only option. Not only are the prices of condos climbing at a much slower rate than houses, but the supply of high-rise developments is also more plentiful. According to the Altus Group, the number of available townhomes, semi-detached, and detached homes has dropped from over 17,000 homes to about 930 homes in a matter of only ten years. According to the Altus Group, the amount of new available homes went from around 21,000 in March 2016 to 10,100 in 2017. President and CEO of the Building and Land Development Association, Bryan Tuckey, acknowledges the housing drought and its foreseeable problems. “The available supply of single-family, lowrise homes has taken a nosedive since intensification policy was introduced in 2006,” Tuckey said. The current









It’s the smack down no one expected. A rivalry for the ages. A battle more highly anticipated than Batman Vs. Superman. For the first time in their careers, Alon and Amir Mizrahi face each other, in the most exhilarating real-estate drag race of 2017. Watch two powerhouse realtors go head to head in a race for the ages. A once in a lifetime event, The Mizrahi Vs. Mizrahi race will be like nothing you’ve seen before, as brothers Amir and Alon fight for the title of the fastest Mizrahi.


Alon Mizrahi, an avid high-performance car enthusiast, was quietly going to tweak his Viper at his local body shop. As a devoted motorhead, this update was not unusual for someone like Alon, who loves both speed and his Viper. His brother, Amir, got wind of the changes and felt the need to modify his Dodge Challenger Hellcat in return, refusing to let his little brother drive the faster car. A good old fashioned sibling rivalry broke out, as the two brothers taunted each-other about who is truly the fastest Mizrahi. The brothers soon created two teams, recruiting members from Facebook, family and friends. For the first time in their careers,

Amir and Alon were not working together as a powerhouse team, but competing against eachother in the ultimate race. Although this competitive energy was intense, it was also good-spirited. The two decided to turn their family race, into a fundraiser for a charity close to their hearts - The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. All donations will go to the SickKids Foundation and will be used for the hospital’s highest priority needs. This riveting race is easy for all to attend. There will be catered refreshments and smaller race events to accompany the big race. SickKids representatives will be on site to collect donations via cheque, while there will also be an online form available. Donations are tax deductible and will be going to an amazing cause. Don’t miss this incredible event for an inspiring charity! For your chance to donate and cast your vote on who will win be sure to check out B Y PA I G E









#TeamNightyN ig



Family First I

f you happened upon the inside of the Mizrahi home on a Sunday night, here’s what you might see: a lovely home - sure. A beautiful, home cooked meal on the dining room table – most likely. But more importantly, you’d see a family, gathered together, creating memories and celebrating life. As two of the biggest names in real estate, Alon and Amir Mizrahi know better than anyone how important family is to better living.

Amir and Alon work together as a team, overcoming whatever challenges come their way using a keen sense of strategy, logistics, and experience. Despite fluctuations in the market, Alon and Amir have proven to be successful salesmen with perfect track records and a wealth of satisfied clientele. No matter the situation, the Mizrahi’s will be there to support their clients and help them continue to succeed in the market.

“We’re incredibly close,” says Alon. “We try to get together as much as possible to share breakfast, lunch or dinner. Tell stories and spend time as a family. I remember when we were growing up, we didn’t have much. My father made many personal sacrifices for Amir, my sister and I. It’s vital that we give back - not only to our parents, but to our community.”

Though Alon and Amir have expanded their business into land development, assemblies and single detached homes, they still service clientele with rental agreements, simply out of loyalty. It’s the little things that show their clients an unprecedented level of commitment, in an often cold industry. This attention to detail has given them keen eyes for finishing touches and additions, in order to ensure the most resale value for your home. The Mizrahi’s are dedicated to the client experience and ensure that all clients are treated with the same devotion and understanding. As always, it isn’t about the commission cheque for Alon and Amir Mizrahi - their reputation is far more important than that. True professionals and true family men - the Mizrahi’s are ready to get you and your loved ones into the home of your dreams.

“Family is very important when it comes to business, too,” says Amir. “It’s understanding the importance of making a house a home that can really make our clients feel more comfortable. A house is one of the biggest investments a family can make - that’s why Alon and I treat each sale or purchase with the utmost respect. We’re incredibly attentive to our clients’ needs and make sure that we customize agreements to best suit our client’s requests.”

B Y PA I G E Alon Mizrahi Sales Representative

(416) 566-6369

Amir Mizrahi Sales Representative

(416) 722-5255

not intended to solicit any parties under agency contract



Jayni Pirani Sales Representative

Mizrahi Homes is proud to have Jayni Pirani as a part of their real estate family. After several years as a top contributor in professional sales at IBM, Mizrahi Homes welcomed Jayni with open arms as a licensed realtor. Since joining Mizrahi Homes, Jayni has worked closely assisting Alon Mizrahi for over four years, sharing his passion for real estate and client success. Professional, dedicated and persistent, there is no question that Mizrahi Homes is happy to have Jayni as a part of the team.

Inna Ratman Sales Representative

Inna has been working with Alon Mizrahi for over three years, assisting Alon with real estate endeavours. After graduating from the University of Toronto, Inna has always had a great interest in land development and real estate. With three years of experience now behind her, Inna is an important member of the Mizrahi Homes family.

Michael Bilardo


General Management


Michael has worked closely with Alon Mizrahi and other members of the Mizrahi Homes team for over a year. Working in the digital technology industry Michael brings his technical insight, and strong management skills to aid in client communications, and increase the efficiency of our operations. Michael promises further growth in the online domain, and will greatly improve client relations, which makes him an excellent addition to the Mizrahi Homes family.

Mizrahi Homes operates both as a Team, and as a Tamily.


There is a strong sense of closeness, trust and respect amongst every team member, which strengthens what we are able to accomplish. At Mizrahi Homes we depend on each other to create an environment where we constantly share, learn and grow.

15 not intended to solicit any parties under agency contract


(Your Dreams) + (Our Vision) = Reality






You will continue to aspire, and we will continue to deliver your dream home.

“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.” - Leonardo da Vinci

by working closely with skilled, reputable builders for decades. At Mizrahi Homes we are attentive to our clients needs and wants, ensuring that your custom home is nothing short of a dream. Our natural skills for design, fit, and finish will astound you. In order to make the most out of your home, Mizrahi Homes will apply over 30 years of combined real estate experience to insure that

1 844 649 7244


your home is designed with key resale attributes in mind. A surefire way to secure your investment long into the future – if and when you want to sell again. Mizrahi homes works and lives by the principles of honesty, loyalty, and adaptability. All of which are imperative to successful relationships and tailored builds. We are proud to offer the people of our community yet another service.



t Mizrahi Homes, we deliver custom built properties with great care. Mizrahi Homes brings the same qualities that define Alon and Amir as top producing real estate agents into the world of bespoke luxury homes. The greatest asset when building is knowledge; knowledge that we’ve acquired with years of customer service in real estate sales and


From music to real estate


s a young boy, Kenny Rogers would walk to school from his poor neighbourhood, and pass by the wealthy neighbourhoods, coveting their sprawling properties lined with automated sprinklers. It was then he made a promise to himself: should he ever strike it rich, he too would own greenery as far as the eye could see – with, you guessed it, automated sprinklers.


With the money made from the first hit songs in the 1960s, he made his long time dream come true. But the real icing on the cake? To motor around the 485-acre estate on his golf cart, gleefully bobbing and weaving between the water spatter.


“I would literally drive that golf cart out, right into those sprinklers, and it was great fun,” mused the superstar singer. “If I had to pick one word, I’d say it was – let me think about it – satisfaction.” Since that time, The Gambler has placed his bets on various other properties over the years, including purchasing recording studios, a fast food chain, and investing in a high-tech Atlanta-based theme park named after himself, called Kennyland.

What few really know about, however, is that he’s had mega-successes in the real estate business. “I’ve always been a kind of real estate guy. I buy it, I fix it up, I sell it for profit, and I’ve done that twenty times. The only thing wrong is that when the real estate market goes, so do I,” noted the 78-year-old crooner. “I’m an interior decorator, as well. Half the fun has been, for me, fixing them up… I’ve made a lot of money on it. And I’ve enjoyed it.” These days, Kenny Rogers is selling his 9,000 square-foot mansion in Atlanta, Georgia, for nearly eight million dollars. It’s because he wants to downsize. “We’ve got this huge house that we don’t use but for three rooms in it”with himself, his wife Wanda and his twin twelve year old boys. It’s a different home than it was in 2006, when he purchased it for $2.8 million. He’s since spent $3 million on renovations - including a pool and an elevator - all personalized by the Gambler himself. An African-themed guest room even contains a zebraskin rug, and walls lined with framed photographs of Rogers’ recent trip to the continent.

Another property of his in Georgia, Beaver Dam Farms, was reportedly sold last year for $40 million. At nearly a thousand acres, the property features three private spring fed lakes, a 12,000-square foot mansion, five guest houses and a clubhouse, an equestrian arena with 44 stalls, two swimming pools, two tennis courts and an 18-hole championship-rated golf course. Two yeas ago, his Bel Air, California property, dubbed Liongate, sold for double the buying price, at $50 million. Bought when it was a little over nine thousand square feet, today it stretches to 24,000 square feet, and includes a 17-room mansion on two acres, a 12-seat theatre, a glass elevator in the backyard that connects to the tennis courts, a 3,000-square-foot master suite, and parking for 25 cars. As for his music career, anyone who grew up in the 1970s or 1980s, chances are they could recite the entire chorus to The Gambler. It’s stuck an indelible mark in our collective psyches as much as Rogers has made an indelible mark on the music industry. His career actually began in the 1950s with a doo-wop group. In the 60s he slid effortlessly into

psychedelic rock, and moved seamlessly into the world’s best-known country-pop crossover artist, with some sixty Top 40 singles as a solo act. “I think that I’ve been really fortunate to have been around that long,”said a humbled Rogers. Some of that had to do with catchy tunes, but there were other factors along the way, including his first lesson in marketing: have a catchy name. Up until 1960, Kenneth Rogers – as he was called then – excitedly took up the opportunity of his first television appearance, on the Larry Kane show, otherwise known as “Houston’s American Bandstand”. There was just one hitch. “Larry said that I couldn’t call myself Kenneth on a record, because it wasn’t catchy enough. But I told him that was my name!” Rogers recalled. “But then he introduced me as Kenny, and all the girls started screaming, and I thought I could live with that. So that’s how I got the name Kenny Rogers. Absolutely, for the girls – why you go into this business in the first place.” Thousands of screaming girls later, in 1967 – the year the Beatles released their Magical Mystery Tour – Rogers’ next band, First Edition, began recording. Critics would laud how the group managed to successfully integrate a rock sound, with R&B, country and folk.The band was also the first of many times that Rogers would find a business hook, alongside a musical hook. He shrewdly locked in a corporate deal with Alcoa (an aluminum producer), for First Edition’s first album’s liner insert, where they promoted a sweepstakes ad.

Something was burning – yes, his career was on fire, particularly when he launched his solo act in 1976, with Love Lifted Me, after the band’s breakup. Since that time he raked up no less than two dozen number one hits, including Islands in the Stream, The Gambler, Lady, Coward of the County and Lucille. His collaborative partnerships have included Dolly Parton, Don Henley (The Eagles), David Foster, Lionel Richie, the Bee Gees (and interestingly, he happened to have been close chums with Elvis Presley).


Meanwhile, they chalked up a string of hits on both the pop and country charts, including Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In), Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town, Reuben James, and Something’s Burning.


“I wanted to accomplish more. So, I really studied the music business, and I realized there’s only two ways to compete: You can do what everybody else is doing and do it better - I didn’t like my chances - or you could do something nobody else was doing and you don’t invite comparison,” recalled the three time Grammy winner. “If you look at my songs, they all fall into that category. I mean, country was really country when I came along. It was Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard, and it was beautiful country – and I miss that now. But I couldn’t compete with them and I knew I couldn’t compete with them. So, I did something different, and I was lucky it was successful.” Sure fire advice for any entrepreneur: stand out uniquely among the pack. That perhaps was responsible for propelling him to the eighth highest grossing recording artist in the past sixty years. Even the mightiest of fans stumble over the names of all 64 albums –one for nearly every year he’s lived - and according to several sources, sales in excess of 120 million records. “It’s hard for me to imagine, that’s a lot of records. So to hear that really kind of wakes me up a little bit,” said a gob-smacked Rogers.


With popularity, came merchandising opportunities. His “brand” carried enough weight for Tennessee-based Sprint car racing manufacturer to license Rogers’ name (and famous song) to a racecar. During the eighties and nineties, Gambler Chassis Co. became one of the fastest, widely used, and frequently winning cars in that industry.


But as tends to happen, it was time for The Gambler - the singer – to finally fold, leave the table, and spend time with wife Wanda and their twelve year old twin boys. In Sept. 2015, he announced his retirement, now winding down the touring, settling more into husband-hood and fatherhood.

And he’s taking it quite seriously. “I have talks with the boys every day. I have no patience with rudeness, or having a tantrum,” he explained. Meanwhile, when he’s not seeing things through the paternal lens, he’s peering through the photographic lens, a great passion of his. “I’ve done some beautiful landscape shots, and I’d like to do those again. The problem is positioning is everything in photography” explained Rogers, who has also been given an honorary master’s degree from the professional photographers association, and photographed five US presidents. “You’ve got to be able to get down to the bottom of waterfalls and things and I can’t do that anymore.” “So I have a brand new camera, and I want to get out there and try to shoot something new.” After three already-published photography books, he’s planning on a fourth – when the time is right. “Sooner or later there will be one picture that will trigger the delivery of this book. I think it’s a wonderful book, and it shows the things that I care about photographically.” In other printed works, in 1978 he penned Making It With Music (a how-to guide); in 2012 he wrote his memoir, Luck or Something Like It; a novel in 2013 with Mike Blakely called What are the Chances, and last year’s Christmas in Canaan, a children’s book. Peculiarly, as Rogers has positioned himself as one who brings joys to the ears, and with his books bringing pleasure to the eyes, the senses are rounded out with delights of taste. In 1991, he entered the fast food arena, opening chicken restaurant franchise, Kenny Rogers Roasters. He partnered with former Kentucky Fried Chicken CEO John Y. Brown, Jr. (also former governor of Kentucky), opening the first restaurant in Florida.

A few years after launch, 350 restaurants had already opened in Canada, the Middle East and Asia, and by the early nineties, that number climbed to more than 400. In recent years, however, the Berjaya Group of Malaysia has taken the reins. Today, the chain boasts nearly 150 franchises throughout Malaysia, Philippines, China, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, and Dubai. In recent years, however, the Berjaya Group of Malaysia has taken the reins. Today, the chain boasts nearly 150 franchises throughout Malaysia, Philippines, China, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, and Dubai. According to Time Magazine in 2011, the chains have had total revenue of more than $100 million annually. “It was very well done. When you think back on it, it was one of the first fast-food health conscious places - you know, the grease stripped off the chicken – and so, it was really healthy. And the food combinations were wonderful. And I thought it had a good image to it. So, I didn’t mind being a part of that,” he noted, adding that he still maintains shares of the company. In 2008, he’d forge a partnership with yet another US food chain, Cracker Barrel, where his album 50 Years, a twelve song collection of oldies with three new songs, was exclusively available. Many might also know the Roasters restaurant name from being famously featured in the “The Chicken Roaster” episode of the hit sitcom Seinfeld. “Oh, I thought it was hilarious,” he recalled of the show. But it wasn’t the only time the two had appeared together. After the show Seinfeld ran its course, its television star had opened for the country star’s concerts.

“I said ‘no – that’s not how this works.’ We played with him a little bit. We had to give him a little lesson

in road seniority. But as usual, he was and is always, a great sport.” There’s certainly no shortage of anecdotes to fill a tome with his six-decade long adventure, but the best ones, for him, are the ones that touch people’s souls. “You know, you meet people all the time that tell you stories, like the

couple who had been married 25 years, and the first song played when they met was Lady. And that coupled danced to Lady at their wedding,” he recalled fondly. “Those are great stories.” Assuredly, there’ll be time enough to count them all, when the dealing’s done.


In true comedic fashion, Seinfeld had lost his way to the venue of opening night, missed the show entirely, and drove aimlessly looking for the next stop.“Then he said he wanted to ride on my tour bus,” explained Rogers.


The Recovery Concierge supOur main goal is to support families “and IF YOU OR A LOVED ONE “ports people who want to get into individuals who suffer with subrecovery, or people who have been stance use disorder / addiction and in recovery but may still be strugdo not know where to get the help DOES NOT KNOW WHERE gling with the aftermath of their they need. The Recovery Concierge addiction. We teach clients how understands that the mental health OR HOW TO BEGIN LIVING to build recovery capital in all treatment process can be nuanced, often with multiple ways to wellness. areas of their life says Jeanne ” We support our clients by guiding, A HEALTHIER LIFE, THE Foot, certified addiction counsellor, advocating, and collaborating with recovery specialist and founder of both clinical teams and families, to RECOVERY CONCIERGE The Recovery Concierge - an orga- successfully monitor and mentor nization that built its reputation on clientele. ” helping clients overcome mental MARKS THE START OF illnesses or addiction by achieving I didn’t choose this line of work - it “ chose me! When I personally navia healthy sustainable lifestyle. SOMETHING NEW. gated my own child through the mental health system, we exhausted all traditional routes. Over time it became apparent to me that we needed serious intervention. I realized that resources were lacking, and no one could help us find the level of intervention we needed. We didn’t know where to turn and what was more frightening was that the professionals didn’t know either. Families are exhausted when their loved ones are mentally ill and having someone champion the pathway with you is sometimes enough for the family to regain their equilibrium.



The Recovery Concierge specializes in directing people towards healthy mindsets and lives, free from addiction and substance use disorder. After identifying systemic issues, Jeanne became frustrated with the ‘one-sizefits-all’ method of treatment. After working alongside clinical, medical and wellness professionals, Jeanne developed her own model for health and success that she and The Recovery Concierge team tailor to the individual needs of each client. Since the launch of The Recovery Concierge, Jeanne has helped countless families navigate their loved ones towards the best versions of themselves with compassion and understanding. As such, The Recovery Concierge “has become so much more than just an addiction navigation system. The term Recovery is quite general, you can be recovering from depression, anxiety, broken relationships, etc.

We are here to help you better your life, no matter what your challenge is, there just has to be the desire. With new programs and coaching services in place, it has evolved to better the lives of many. We’ve seen the demand, and created a solution for it. We have built world-wide connections to collaborate and obtain the optimal balance of treatment and life skills needed to succeed in life says Jeanne. We utilize treatment centers, clinical based programs, addiction counsellors and psychotherapists, medical doctors, coaches and consultants - whatever it takes to help our clients live a healthy and happy life.

Jeanne and the Recovery Concierge team act as mentors in all aspect of life; from relationships and careers, to spiritual, mental and physical health. They help clients create daily care rituals, establish structure in their lives and help the client confidently step into their own power, to achieve their goals and a life beyond what they could have imagined prior to recovery. There’s not always a clear pathway to health and happiness, but Jeanne provides the calm, organization and direction needed to fulfil a clients’ unique needs before, during, and after recovery. As a mentor and trusted advisor, Jeanne helps her clients create meaningful lives.

For some, it may be used as an accountability tool to build trust and restore relationships, while for others it can be used in childcare custody and access cases where the unit shapes behaviour by increasing behaviour modification during early sobriety. The Recovery Concierge offers a boutique of services that are customized through their hands-on case management process. We offer five core services suitable for any stage on the road to sustainable recovery First response, Continuing Care, Alcohol Management, Recovery Works and Master Mentoring. Whether you think you have a problem with addictive behaviour or have been in recovery for years and just need support, there is a Recovery Concierge program to help make your life into what you want it to be. If you or a loved one does not know where or how to begin living a healthier life, The Recovery Concierge marks the start of something new. When necessary The Recovery Concierge provides safe transport for clients who need additional assistance when making that first commitment. Having a trained professional to talk to and lower their anxiety is immensely helpful when taking this necessary first step.

Visit to level-up your life today. 647 247 8086

The Recovery Concierge “outI innovated of what didn’t work for me and my family. Mental illness and addiction deserve the same attention, and empathy, as physical illness. People deserve appropriate, accessible treatment with clinical relations, lived experience, and reaffirmation that their own life is worth it.


The Recovery Concierge is an approved Soberlink Provider and provides alcohol monitoring with support for their clients.


On the Edge of Wilderness


Lakewoods, located on Bark Lake in the heart of the Madawaska Highlands, is comprised of 1,500 unspoiled acres and three miles of the most incredible lake front you’ll find anywhere.



resh clean air and unspoiled acres await you at Lakewoods – hallmarks of a unique life style that began more than one hundred years ago in cottage country. Become part of an age old tradition and be the first to a region with an even older history.

The Madawaska Highlands are over 4 billion years old, and the lumber industry it spawned formed some of the wealthiest lumber barons in the world. Stake your family’s claim to this limited opportunity, surrounded in rich history and shrouded in privacy away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The future home to a luxury hotel and condo, with spa, golf course, marina, and abundant outdoor activities for every season, Lakewoods is the perfect year round destination. With highway access and an onsite airport, anytime of the year is the best time of the year. Choose from our wide array of custom homes on large estate-sized lake front lots, the private residence club on the golf course, or our variety of units conveniently located in the Lakewood’s hotel complex, the options are endless.

Quite possibly the last best place on earth

For more info or to make a reservation: Alon Mizrahi Sales Representative


(416) 566-6369

not intended to solicit any parties under agency contract

Black & Associates presents the most upstanding professional legal and clientele service with Laith Hahn. A member of the Canadian Bar Association and the Law Society of Upper Canada, Hahn represents dedication, excellence, passion, and you. Internationally educated, with degrees from the University of Victoria and an honours LLB from The University of Cardiff in Wales, Laith Hahn hones all the skills needed to provide the best legal counsel. Hahn is well-practiced in corporate and real-estate law, with an emphasis on mortgages, land development, residential and commercial real estate.

Laith Hahn,

With the scales of justice will always be in your favour

Hahn knows that joint attorney-client success derives from hard work and dedicated personal service. “This industry can be very stressful. One must be understanding, and available to answer client calls. I assure my clients that they are and always will be my first priority.�


2175 King Road, King City ON


ROY FARAH Phone: 416-747-9356 Ext305 Direct: 416-569-4353 Email:

Address: 36-4040 Steeles Ave W. Vaughan, ON L4L 4Y5

MTGARC.CA Agent Number: M08007628

Brokerage No.: 12728



Everyone wants to hear that their property has increased in value since purchasing it, however the recent unstoppable housing market has brought up concerns of affordability amongst homeowners. As if to address price concerns, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board, the average price of real estate in the GTA rose by about 33% over the last year before plummeting in May of 2017. Although the average price of a home in the GTA remains 15.8% lower than the market’s last peak, Canadians can be sure that their Real Estate investments will quickly accumulate wealth.


According to the Teranet-National Bank House Price Index, the average price of a Canadian home has dropped about 0.8% in September to $617,839 with Toronto experiencing a 2.7% drop, the largest impact experienced. In the short term, this is an unprecedented drop in pricing, in fact the largest in seven years according to Marc Pinsonneault of the National Bank of Canada. According to Bloomberg, Toronto’s detached home sector has suffered the most. However, improving economic

Many Torontonians including the provincial government believe foreign investors were partly to blame for the skyrocketing prices in the GTA and neighbouring regions experienced. In addition to a 15% tax imposition on foreign homebuyers, Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Fair Housing Plan includes new developments offering affordable rental accommodations throughout the city, rent control for existing tenants, a stop to multiple representation or “double ending”, and provisions in place to deter assignment flipping. Yet, a study done by TREB found foreign buyers outbid

local ones only 4.9% of the time, and there is no significant data to suggest an increase of offshore investors. In case the tax is solely a temporary fix for Toronto’s real estate woes, failing to satisfy what Mayor John Tory believes is an issue of supply and demand, homebuyers should take advantage of the price drop while it lasts, at least until the city can manifest Paul Kershaw’s long-term strategy of urban locale expansion. Kershaw suggests the expansion of urban locales and developing areas that encompass the resources and opportunities needed to remain within the particular region, as opposed to singularly focusing on housing. Efforts to grow all the elements of a highly functioning community instead of solely

housing accommodations will require more time, however, they may ultimately improve Toronto’s real estate. Additionally, since the stricter mortgage lender guidelines have come into effect home purchases have slowed, perhaps the 37% increase in supply reported by Bloomberg will allow homebuyers to breathe a sigh of relief. Home sales have yet to approach the record high of 46,000 set in March of 2017 outlined by the Canadian Real Estate Association but with more options available for purchase come the greater chances of households finding a match with a much lower price tag. It seems the future holds high promise for a more sustainable housing market.


conditions mean that this fire sale won’t last forever, so there may not be a better time to get in the market.


BUILD A BETTER BUSINESS, BUILD A MOBILE APP Have you ever had the thought that you could improve upon or even invent your own solution to common problems that you face? The ability to see your plan in action is more accessible than it has ever been before. In today’s world, businesses that utilize mobile applications have an advantage when it comes to solving their most pressing internal and external problems. The ease of use and efficient automation of a custom application allows any business to easily tackle their most dreaded concerns.


Mobile apps give businesses the versatility to express unprecedented solutions to cumbersome problems that plague their day to day operations. Going one step above what they ever thought was possible, mobile applications have the ability to elevate your business to new heights and usher in a new era of productivity.



Samsung Galaxy TabPro S B Y D AV E



f you’re on the look out for a dependable, easy to carry laptop with powerful features, one to keep an eye out for is the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S.

What initially struck me as impressive was how incredibly slim and light weight it is, how remarkably portable it is. Its sleek design blends aesthetic with ease of use. The included keyboard is a significant advantage because it’s an all inclusive system at a reasonable price ($950). The AMOLED display is better than most screens in even more expensive systems. It runs the full version of Windows 10, rather than a mobile version of an operating

system, which allowed it to really be used like a computer. Programs were called up quite quickly, useful for those times when you need to toggle between several programs at once. What’s also impressive is the long battery life (hovering around the twelve hour mark in energy saver), and it charges impressively fast.

• Intel Core m3-6Y30 Processor • Windows 10 Home Operating System • Screen Size: 12 inches • Front & Rear Camera: 5 MP resolution • Video Recording Resolution: HD (1920 x 1080) • Video Play Time on Battery: up to 10.5 hours • Display Resolution: 2160 x 1440 • Includes Keyboard

If you can, get a version fully loaded with Microsoft Office, because if you do not, you’re facing a sixty day trial that locks without a purchase code. There’s always OpenOffice, a free shareware knockoff, as a backup.

As for the keyboard, it connects to the screen with magnets and a four inch grid of teeth, that can attach and reattach with no effort. Alternately, you can forego the keyboard and use the screen’s touch-keyboard.

Depending on one’s preferences, the lack of ports can be challenging, especially if you want to connect to a scanner, printer or projector, and have a memory stick. Chances are for this device you’ll need to become accustomed to saving in the Cloud.

Overall, this device can easily be transported from the coffee shop, to the office, to home, to car, and anywhere, and work like a horse. It really is an intuitive system that has a multi-purpose appeal, that, despite the few flaws, has one thing that few laptops have: an addictive and comfortable quality that makes you want to keep using it.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”


–17th century proverb.


Intricate, hand-crafted and carefully put together, MechLife turns old, unwanted car parts into incredible pieces of unique art. MechLife utilizes 100% recycled materials from cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bikes to create one-of-a-kind sculptures for your home, office, business or garage. Completely customizable, intricate, and dynamically composed of spark plugs, gears, springs, bike chains, hulls - anything that once went into a car MechLife can refurbish into a magnificent centre of attention. MechLife’s recycled material’s have earned it the green stamp of approval which not only adds to the individual personality of each piece of artwork, but also plays an important role in reducing waste from the automotive industry. The creative design that goes into the construction of each and every Mechlife piece serves to shrink our world’s carbon footprint, one sculpture at a time, while simultaneously building the essential infrastructure needed to sustain the green industry. What once started as a car ready for the junkyard blossoms into green jobs for workers in the recycling industry who will meticulously strip and process each automotive to ensure truly nothing goes to waste. Beyond the physical jobs it creates Mechlife serves to promote a sprouting ideology that we must live sustainable

lifestyles, because what resources we have now will not always be there, unless we take action to preserve them. But who says we can’t advocate sustainability while maintaining luxury. MechLife’s sculptures have created such a high demand due to their rarity, pristine quality, and one of a kind nature that supplies are extremely limited. No two (sculptures) begin with the same plan or are constructed with the same materials, making the end result an exclusive treat, stamped with its own unique number. Once the rough recycled materials have been refined to the shape of the commission each individual piece is sanded down to an impeccable smoothness, to then be hand polished and sealed with an metal varnish to retain lustre and shine in any climate, indoors or outdoors. Rust-proof and weatherproof, MechLife’s pieces are the perfect addition to all your outdoor spaces. Experience the majesty of iron lions built to scale, or the simplicity of delicate iron flowers to decorate your desk; MechLife’s pieces range from 5 centimetres to 5 metres in size. Whatever the person, place or thing, MechLife can build it beautifully and sustainably with a supreme artistry. Elegant and graceful, perfect for a gift, or a personal splurge, each Mechlife piece is sure to be a show stopper and can be found at the centre of conversation. A limited amount of pieces are available for purchase, while supplies last. Prices available upon request.



ur world was forever changed with the introduction of automotives, and throughout time they have continued to evolve, requiring more and more resources to build. Have you ever stopped to wonder where the old ones go when next year’s model comes around? We think straight to your table top might not be the first answer that comes to mind, yet that’s exactly what MechLife does.



eriously, there’s scientific research to prove it. Psychologists agree that the key to attraction isn’t necessarily good looks or dazzling charm, but the way people act and react to other people and their environments. For starters, focus on accepting who you are. A recent paper from the Royal Society Journal revealed that the more stressed a person is about their self-perception, the less attractive they are to the opposite sex. Others can sense the stress, which can often materialize in ways that are not within our conscious awareness. When you’re comfortable with your own faults and imperfections, you make other people feel comfortable about their own insecurities. The key to love always starts with loving yourself, so make sure you feel good about who you are and where you’re going; people will notice the difference. Once you understand yourself it becomes easier to shape your mindset and actions into a discernable direction. Being goal oriented is extremely attractive to the opposite sex, according to the Archives of Sexual Behaviour. Drive, intent and purpose are all powerful qualities that radiate energy to those around you. The sense of internal motivation provides a strong sense of comfort for others, and often can provide a life structure that is desired by others. Who wouldn’t want to go out with someone who’s chasing success? That being said, selflessness can really make a person feel valued. If you are kind, generous and thoughtful towards others, they will naturally gravitate towards you. Seriously, they’ll get endorphins from your positive words and actions and find themselves more drawn to you! This is a well documented biological effect, that has a strong biochemical basis, not only affecting the receiver, but also the giver. Whatever you do in life, try and make a conscious choice to be happy no matter the situation. Adapting to change and obstacles in a constructive way is a great life skill to practice for your own well-being and will definitely make you a more approachable person.

The finishing touch? A warm embrace. Physical connection greatly reduces stress hormones, both in yourself and the person you touch. So get hugging and get out there - there’s a whole world waiting to be wooed. B Y PA I G E


The sexiest thing about a person is confidence






estrock Diamonds offers an experience like none other by designing incredible, one-of-akind jewellery to fit your unique vision. For over 10 years, Westrock Diamonds has revolved its business around relationships, transparency, and quality; helping clients to be more involved in the design process than ever before. Their skilled team encourages clients to come in with ideas and engage with professionals throughout the design process, making each piece incredibly personalized and unique. Bridal and engagement pieces become all the more valuable with a conversational and collaborative design experience that allows clients to make the jewellery of their dreams a reality.

Born and bred into the jewellery business, Sapir operates with a rare combination of incredible customer service, esteemed professionalism and skilled craftsmanship. “The Westrock team is everything. We’re constantly innovating when it comes to jewellery construction and design. We’ve selected the best setters, polishers, casters and designers from across the country - even around the world. They’re all extremely skilled.”

Proudly a Canadian company, Westrock Diamonds prioritizes Canadian labour when it comes to constructing their pieces. “It’s incredibly important that we’re operating our business ethically. We mine our own diamonds and cut them ourselves so we can still keep our wholesale prices. Every diamond we mine is from a conflict-free environment and all of our jewellery making is done in Canada. We’re proud to be Canadian and employ Canadians.” With Westrock, what you see is what you get. “I won’t let anyone leave Westrock unhappy,” insists Sapir. “What’s most important is that a customer is thrilled with the piece that they have, that they’ve created. I love working with clients directly, establishing that trust and relationship.” If you would like to make an appointment with Westrock’s incredible team, send an inquiry to or call 416-603-0000.


Unlike other jewellery companies that try to mask costs, Westrock Diamonds has nothing to hide. “I like the transparency that our business has,” says Westrock’s CEO & Founder, Danny Sapir. ”There are always ways to cut corners - but I opt for the better route, the better quality. I would rather my clients receive the best product for the best price.”




Seeing clearly never looked so good • Conveniently located in the Bathurst and Rutherford Market Place plaza. • Staff are available onsite to perform eye exams, and answer any questions. • We carry a diverse selection of premium brand name frames and lens.

(905) 417-7503 9360 Bathurst Street Unit #104 Vaughan, Ontario

An All-Organic Canadian Skin Cream Solution B Y D AV E


he best business ideas often start from a personal place close to our hearts. Diane Lai’s idea developed from her desire to care for her son in the best way possible. Lai’s older son Jack was born in 2007, and although he was initially healthy, he began developing a rash that spread over his body. Internet resources and even their paediatrician were unhelpful, especially when the rash became bleeding, open sores. She suspected eczema, and began using over-the-counter moisturizers to help his sensitive skin. I was very disappointed in the “medical profession wheWWn their solution was to give me cortisone (steroids) and tell me, ‘it’s horrible for a baby so use it sparingly’. I went to multiple specialists and they all provided the same response.

Lai spoke with other parents and a naturopath, and discovered that the skin problems were an allergic reaction to his environment or food sensitivities. Lai found that other moisturizers tend to have low percentages of active ingredients, and tend to be more expensive. Many personal care products are “mostly neutral filler. Common fill-


ers are petroleum jelly, lanolin, and glycerine. The other crucial factor is most products are artificially scented with chemicals. Lastly, parabens are commonly used as a preservative and they are found to be harmful hormone disrupters.


The two most helpful products that Lai found were olive oil and grape seed oil. Oil found in the grocery store, but in no prepared moisturizing creams.

hoped to find something on “theI hadmarket with those two ingredients that was natural, and eventually decided to make it.

While searching for a natural alternative for cortisone cream, she was introduced to a chemist with over two decades of experience in the cosmetics industry, Dr. L. Fernandez, who helped create her cream’s formulas. The entrepreneur’s skincare products are organic, natural, and made in Canada specifically for people and

infants affected by dry skin, eczema and inflammation. She uses a large percentage of healthy active ingredients, including organic grape seed, olive, coconut, Jojoba oil, and wheat germ oil. Her collection includes moisturizers, body wash and lip balm, that are free of artificial colours and fragrances, and free of chemicals like phthalates and petro chemicals. Various initiatives are taken to maintain quality assurance. This year, scientists at University of Guelph and University of Trent have been

improving upon her products, while she continues to keep tabs on which countries have the highest organic standards from which to import her product’s ingredients. These reasons and more might be why, despite heavy competition in the cosmetic and skin cream arena, she managed to get the attention of the Hollywood-set. Her Rejuvenate lavender-scented all natural skin cream was in the Toronto International Film Festival loot bags in 2010; her daily moisturizer and “soothe” spot treatment were in the nominee and

presenter gift bags at the 2011 Golden Globes, and her products appeared in the swag bags at the Oscars in 2011. LA-based mining billionaire Stan Bharti is a devotee of the product, and so is Catherine O’Hara (of TV’s Schitt’s Creek). Her products and advice for preventing and treating skin problems have also appeared on TV’s Breakfast Television, and in the pages of Flare Magazine (Top Brands On Our Radar) and Today’s Parent. She hopes to be the next Burt’s Bees with ethical sourcing, natural low allergen ingredients, and made in Canada.

For information visit


Mind, Body & Soul Tracey Celotti B Y PA I G E


et’s be honest, sometimes it can feel impossible to get into shape - especially when you’ve just undergone a major change, like a divorce, a loss or a pregnancy. But once you get on your feet and feel that it’s time for a transformation, Tracey Celotti has everything you need to look and feel your best.

After the giving birth to her youngest child, Tracey found herself with thirty extra pounds on her body and didn’t know how to lose them. Post-pregnancy she felt fatigued, sluggish and unmotivated. Tracey had heard of Isagenix Weight Loss, Energy, Performance and Healthy Aging products through multiple people before getting pregnant. Each of them urged her to try out the meal supplements before her pregnancy, but she refused. Now, with an unwanted thirty pounds on her body, Tracey had nothing to lose but the weight.

Scientifically formulated with a number of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Isagenix is the first step in living an accelerated, healthy lifestyle.

“98% of my clients are on Isagenix. What your body looks like is easily made up of what you consume. When my clients start using Isagenix, they see a tangible difference. They crave less sugars and fats, eating those vital green veggies, lean proteins and complex carbs to better fuel their bodies. More importantly, they’re energized and ready to work!” Isagenix has several different product lines to suit all needs. When losing her baby weight, Tracey swore by the Weightloss line. Now, as a successful personal trainer and fitness guru, she incorporates the Performance and Energy products into her daily meals to get her up and moving. When it comes to maintaining a great look and feel, Tracey recommends finding a type of fitness that fits your lifestyle - whether that be working with a personal trainer, such as herself, or incorporating different types of exercise into your routine.

Isagenix is completely natural, nutrient dense product, formulated into different shakes, cleanses, chewable vitamins and other supplements.

“Weight training is essential to build muscle and burn fat. But you also need to incorporate cardio. I’d recommend going outside and using


“The pounds just came off, it felt like my whole body had been energized. I was happier and more focused. Isagenix got me up, moving and motivated to get myself where I wanted to be.” 42

the environment to your advantage. If the weather’s nice, revisit nature by hiking, running, biking - even skiing and skating in the winter. That fresh air is so important to a person’s well being. Aside from weights and cardio, you definitely need to incorporate yoga into your routine. Flexibility is key. My fitness classes incorporate all these different elements for a really effective, dynamic workout. It can be difficult doing it all on your own but as a trainer, it’s my job to combine all these workouts to make them fun and exciting. I’m constantly changing up my training sessions to keep my clients engaged.”

If you’re ready to lose weight, get happy and look great while doing it - book a session with Tracey Celotti today.




If you were wondering what the 1965 Shelby Cobra and Lamborghini Aventador have in common - the answer is simple: nothing.


At least to the untrained eye. Both are monster machines in their own right, excelling in speed and style during the time they were created.


The Aventador’s sleek and elegant stylings are not unlike something found in spacecraft. A predecessor to Lamborghini’s Murcielago, the Aventador is the closest thing to a fighter jet on wheels, with automatic retractable aerodynamic pieces on the exterior body. Once inside the Aventador, you’re transformed from driver to pilot, as the low ceilings and snug seats resemble a cockpit, equipped with rows of metres, controls and switches. The push to start engine is even protected by a seal, giving drivers an extra step to ensure they’re ready for take-off.

With a 6.5 litre, V12 mid-rear mounted engine, the Aventador’s motor makes 690 horsepower at 8250 RPM and 507 LB/FT of torque at 5500 RPM. The power is sent to the wheels in modern supercar fashion, with a 7 speed semi-automatic transmission. Though not the easiest car to drive, the Aventador is less challenging drive than other high-performance vehicles. You can let the car shift itself, or take control with paddle shifters and an automatic clutch. Made of sleek aluminum and feather-light fibre glass, you’ll fly from 0-60MPH in three seconds or less. The Cobra, however, is a different flight entirely. The Shelby Cobra was the product of Shelby founder Carroll Shelby and AC Motors back in 1965. Equipped with a body based off the AC Ace Roadster, the Cobra was built with a tubular steel frame and aluminum panels allowing to fly from 0-60 MPH in 4.5 seconds flat. Though Ford is to thank for its 7litre V8 engine, the heart of the Cobra was modified - however so slightly - by Shelby’s team of horsepower and torque addicts, 410 HP and 462 LB/FT of torque mated it to a 4 speed manual. A truly iconic machine, the Cobra is a drool-worthy piece for any car collector - but we suggest you look, not touch. Driving this bad boy is



tough considering it’s roofless, windowless, and even handleless. The Cobra is a bullet meant for one thing and one thing only - speed. By today’s standards, the car is extremely exclusive with only a select few originals left in the world. For the car lover looking to amp up their collection, the Shelby Cobra is one of the best ways to spend a couple million dollars. But for those of us with less cars and less millions to spare, the Aventador looks just as beautiful and will only set you back a cool six-hundred thousand. Gentlemen, start your engines.




46 or call 416-993-2326 for more details

Just days after receiving his university diploma, Abrahamson followed his passion for racing across the pond to the UK to work at The Bedford Autodrome - one of five racing facilities in Europe owned by Jonathan Palmer, racing F1 veteran and acquaintance to Lee Abrahamson. What he thought was a job in operations soon became an instructor position with the exclusive Palmer Sports Experience.

After two years at Palmer Sports, Gavin was eager to share this unique driving experience with car-lovers across North America. With over ten years of racing experience and an immense passion for driving and high-performance cars, there was no one better than Gavin Abrahamson to design a worry-free 2-day

retreat sure to thrill any thrill-seeker; a retreat that soon became The Driver Challenge Tour. First stop? The UK - for a taste of the incredible Palmer Sports Experience at the Bedford Autodrome. With a wall-less open track and private drive time, the only thing you’ll be racing is time itself. Compete against your own times and evidently, your elite company, for a chance to be crowned winner of the Driver Challenge Tour. Complete with flight, road travel, gift bags, luxury meals and 4-star accommodations, The Driver Challenge Tour’s motto is simple - “arrive and drive.” The excursion is sure to be both thrilling and seamless, from the tarmac to the track, with gala dinners, exclusive museum tours and special guests. Join a select group of fellow high performance car lovers on a trip unlike anything available in North America. Spots are limited and are going about as fast as the cars. Apply for your spot now online at or call 416-993-2326 for more details. B Y PA I G E


Living life in the fast-lane is less of an expression and more of a reality for Driver Challenge Tour founder, Gavin Abrahamson. Gavin practically grew up racing along side his father Lee Abrahamson, a retired driver who built the Dunnville Autodrome during the early 2000’s, founded the racing series ChampCar Lights, and pioneered the Canadian Racing Hall of Fame, that celebrated and supported racing culture.

Designed for high profile clientele attending corporate events, the Palmer Sports Experience quickly became an exciting alternative to traditional golfcourse and steak-dinner meetings. Perfect for thrill-seekers with a passion for high performance cars, the Palmer Sports Experience offers 6 different high-performance vehicles for clients to drive throughout the course of a day, all with a unique driving escapade. No need to choose between whipping around the track in the feather light Ariel Atom 3 or a pulse-racing off-road course with the Land Rover Defender – clients are welcome to drive both and many more throughout their visit. Each drive is accompanied by a trained instructor with a skilled staff that ranges from retired professional drivers to up and come-ers whose feet still slam the pedals. Gavin called his time at Palmer “a dream job,” pushing clients, to their limits, giving them the opportunity to drive with more skill and speed than ever before.



Top ten answers on the board – here’s the question: what’s Gene Simmons most famous for? Indeed, there’d be ten answers, depending on who you ask: forming the face-painted rock band KISS, to two reality TV shows, a film actor, an author of seven books, being a merchandizing magnet, a serial entrepreneur and much more. Formed in 1973 (when Gene was 24) KISS accomplished what less than a handful of other bands have. It includes releasing twenty one albums, more than 100 million records sold, consistently selling out arenas, and plastering their name on everything imaginable, and still going strong.


Truly, those who know KISS, know they’re not just a band; they’re a brand. The group boasts over five thousand licensed and merchandised items, including condoms, baseballs, pinball machines, credit cards, caskets, a comic book, action figures – the list goes on – with Simmons being the financial brains behind the machine. In fact, it was his idea to spawn as many items with the KISS name as humanely possible.


In that same vein, Simmons has become not only one of the world’s most recognized personalities, but a successful independent businessman, whose projects included cofounding an arena football team, producing movies, building a golf course,

Reportedly worth $300 million USD, he unabashedly says: “I live to make more money... life is business.” What about Gene Simmons makes him so mysterious, so in-demand, so cool without trying, and still famous after all these years? Here is some insight:

Dave Gordon: Your next book On Power - what’s the premise? Gene Simmons: At the end of the day, it’s better for the ‘good guys’ to have the power than the ‘bad guys’. Wouldn’t you say that’s true? Especially in the school cafeteria. Why would you want the bully to have the power instead of the good guy who doesn’t pick on anybody? It is your duty, technologically speaking, physically, mentally, your self-esteem, but also who you are, where you are, what

you do, who you do it with - ‘cause you will be judged by the company you keep - to be powerful. And to keep getting more and more powerful, if only not to get picked on, if only not to be wrapping fish for somebody else who maybe isn’t a nice person, like you. It is your duty to become more and more powerful every day.

Dave Gordon: Roll back, a book Me, Inc., you are legion for your entrepreneurial ventures, and Me, Inc. is filled with business advice. Gene Simmons: In simple terms, all those books and classes you take where people charge you a lot of money - 10 Secrets of Success, How to be Rich and Famous and Powerful in ten steps - they are lies. Clearly, they’re lies because if all we had to do was follow those ten steps, we’d all be rich, famous, and powerful, right? But it’s not like cooking directions. By and large, the same cake gets made by everybody. In cooking, that works. In life, it doesn’t. Life is

a journey and often it’s an individual one. But you have huge advantages to have the right thing, at the right place, in the right time. So, with KISS, if we’d have tried to do the exact same thing in the 1700s, in the middle of the Renaissance, we’d be laughed off the face of the planet doing exactly the same thing, but at the wrong time. So, you’ve got to have the right thing. Or, if we do exactly the right thing and at exactly the right time - like today - but we do it on top of the Ozark Mountains where there are no people. Well, it’s the wrong place. Not enough people. So, if you do it in a small town, you’ll be famous in that small town. You’ve got to be in the middle of the largest population center and use media to go out there because the mountain, is not going to come to you. You’ve got to have a thing, a product, whatever, and you’ve got to convince people that they cannot live without whatever the hell it is that you have, even if it’s the power of your personality.

Dave Gordon: You spent time with Donald Trump on the set of The Apprentice - what was it like, in a sense, hanging out with him, and would you have ever imagined that he’d be President? Gene Simmons: I would never have imagined an actor who never quite made it in Hollywood, Ronald Reagan, becoming President. Why wouldn’t I imagine a successful businessman - on whatever level you consider successful? I know him well enough, I suppose. He’s a good family man. You can say that. His kids turned out well. They seem to like each other. Now, there are people who are saying that it’s chaotic, that people are demonstrating. You know, I’ve lived through this before.


a coffee shop, boutique restaurants, publishing a magazine, and opening horse racing tracks. All the while, he starred in his own reality show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels for nine seasons.


They demonstrated the Vietnam War, and Nixon, and huge demonstrations - President Bush was not well liked. But, it’s worth noting President Nixon won the largest landslide of any president. Well, so, arguing is good. But the stock market doesn’t care. The stock market, DOW Jones Industrials are well over 20,000 and continue to break rules. Business seems to like him. More and more people are employed. So, those things are the positive side. The other things? There’s lots to argue about, and lots of political pundits in the peanut gallery. But at the end of the day, families only care about two things: how to be safe and how do I feed family. The rest doesn’t matter. I don’t think.

Dave Gordon: A song you wish you had written? Gene Simmons: ‘Smile’ is a perfect song. The very first lyric is Smile. (singing) Smile, though your heart is aching. And then it ends with, ‘When you just smile.’ And, the irony of the song ‘smile’ is that it is actually written by, perhaps, the most famous comedian of all time, Charlie Chaplin. You cannot write a better song.

Dave Gordon: What’s the biggest excuse a fan used to get backstage? Gene Simmons: You’re my father.


Dave Gordon: What is your favourite post-coital nosh?


Gene Simmons: Well, unfortunately my curse is that pre-coitus, aftercoitus, during-coitus my downfall is cookies, cake, and hot fudge sundaes. All the really terrible things in life. And, unlike some of the others, I actually swallow.

Dave Gordon: I saw Runaway when I was fifteen-years-old, and it’s still one of my favorite

movies. It scared the living crap out of me. When are you next on film or TV? Gene Simmons: I always get offers to be in all kinds of movies or TV. And every once in a while, I do stuff. I did CSI, Castle, a few others when time permits. Paul (Stanley) and I were just in a movie called Why Him? with James Franco and Bryan Cranston. You know, the thing of it is, movies and TV and all this stuff is that it takes and awfully long time. And, we do so well when we tour that, in essence, I have to spend money - which is to say, I would lose a lot of money by not doing concerts - just to do movies and TV. And I don’t like losing money. It’s not in my DNA.

Dave Gordon: What’s going on with the record industry? Gene Simmons: The industry, as a whole, is a very sick animal. And that’s not because aliens landed, or crooks and the mafia took over, or foreign countries destroyed the record industry. Kids have. Your freckled face, next-door, high school and college

kid decided, en masse, that they no longer wanted to pay for music. You can certainly call it ‘stealing’ to download and file share without paying the people who created it. It’s like, I want to go to the movies but I don’t want to pay the tickets. I’ll play a game with you, and you’ll understand what I mean, okay?

Dave Gordon: Go ahead. Gene Simmons: Okay, from 1958 until 1988, that’s thirty years. Let’s see what we have. We have: Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, on and on. The most important artists, certainly, perhaps in the modern 20th Century, and I still say it goes into the 21st Century. From 1988 until today, okay - not quite thirty years - tell me who the new Beatles or the new Elvis is.

Dave Gordon: I don’t have an answer. Gene Simmons: Yeah. It ain’t Loverboy. Now, there are popular artists. You know, there’s One Direction and a lot of pop stuff that’s popular. But

so was New Kids on the Block, and Backstreet Boys, and David Cassidy, and a lot of the early teen stuff. Which is terrific, by the way. I’m all for that because you want twelve-year-olds to like music too - especially twelve year old girls. Earlier it was called The Monkees, and earlier than that it was called something else. But that ain’t The Beatles, and it ain’t Elvis. Because Elvis and The Beatles had everybody. All ages. And that’s what makes something stand the test of time. And it is interesting to note that from 1988 until today, the single most important thing that changed is that downloading and file sharing started, and of course cassettes and CDs, and the ability to make copies of songs from your friend and not pay the people who created it and the record companies. So, record companies more and more mean less and less. There is almost no record industry that I recognize that exists today. The record companies that exist today are hemorrhaging.

Gene Simmons: It doesn’t mean there isn’t new, great talent. There’s always great talent. But when you had a record company, there was somebody who was there, who enabled you to quit your day job and commit full-time to your art. And once Napster and file sharing and all that came in, you couldn’t make enough money with your music. So, you had to live in your mother’s basement, and you had to go and work for a living and do music on the side because you couldn’t afford to do it full time. Just because you sing in the shower and go on X-Factor, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna become the next Elvis - even if you get a hit record. You’ll be as good as your next song. But so was Wang Chung or Men Without Hats. They had a hit single, but never become Elvis.


Dave Gordon: So, why need a record company in the first place?



Shown in Black Stainless Steel. Also available in Stainless Steel in 24” or 30” width options.

Sharp’s new 24-inch Black Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer’s rich, elegant finish is an absolute show-stopper for your dream kitchen. As a complimentary appliance in a black stainless kitchen, or a stunning design statement in any kitchen, it allows you to showcase your design savvy and create a premium kitchen that flows with your lifestyle.

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