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The Metal Mag N°21

First of all I want to wish everyone a happy new year, it seems so unreal to be in 2018 when leaving the 90’s was something special. This new issue is once a big challenge to make and I want to thank everyone who asks and participate to the reviews and interviews. Thanks to Matt Drummond who got this special testimony interview he had with mister Terry Glaze about his guitars (a great new approach). Also you might have noticed the partnership with Alison Masson who shared her interview with Johnny Lee Middleton and brings other bands to get spread worldwide. Thanks to Alaina Henderson for sharing her interview from Rock Chic. And once again Lion Music spreading his bands. I must apology for some low quality of few photos, it’s difficult to have them from bands unless they have a photographer who done the job , they send me what they have. I had to use filters for the cover... Doing my best to look good. For people who wants to print the mags it’s important to have high quality photos. Internet doesn’t make thing look good when it’s not...Thanks to Claire Moat and Judith Fisher.

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The Tale of 5 Guitars, and a Legend Written by Matt Drummond Have you ever watched a musician that you admire, and thought; I wonder how many incredible guitars that guy’s played? I’ve never written an article that focuses on instruments, and gear before, but I thought the idea was cool, and I knew just who to call. Terrence Lee Glaze has been a prominent figure in the music scene for over 35 years now, and recently I had the opportunity to open up his arsenal of guitars, and pick his brain. I can’t stress enough how courteous, and modest Glaze is. Having met him roughly a year ago, he continues to be incredibly unassuming, and humble. I don’t think he views himself as a musician who has contributed to the history of rock music, which he should. He comes across as an everyday guitarist that you’d meet at a local bar, and that’s one of his absolute best qualities. He shared an interesting story with me, that I’m sure helped propel him into being the person he is today. Terry Glaze :“I remember, when I was in Pantera, I got to play, briefly, I got to hold and play Jimmy Wallace’s 1958 Gibson Explorer. We were just teenagers at this time, and he just took it upon himself to be super cool and let us touch some history. I still remember it, even though it was only for a brief moment, that was probably the coolest guitar I’ve ever played.” The guitar that kicked things off for Glaze, was far from a ‘58 Explorer, but every musician started somewhere, and here’s how Terry came to acquire the first guitar of his life. Terry Glaze “I think my first guitar, was a Christmas present from my Mom, and Dad, when I was in middle school. It was some no name, department store acoustic guitar. I didn’t know how to play it, I just kind of held it, and thought it was cool. It was actually a couple years later when I started learning guitar. I actually took piano lessons first, and that kind of led to guitar lessons.” I asked Terry to pick his 5 favorite guitars, so we could focus on those, and the 5 he chose are preeminent, dynamic guitars. From piano, to Pantera, the first weapon to be drawn, is his 1978 Dean Z. Terry Glaze “I got that guitar, around 1983. I had bought a brand new 1981, black Dean V, and it looked so cool, but I didn’t like the way it played. One day, I was in Charley’s Guitar Shop, in Dallas, and the ‘78 was on the wall, used. Charley was really cool to me, and Darrell, so I traded the black V, plus 100 bucks, and I got the ‘78 Z. It was the greatest playing, sounding guitar, it was incredible. That ‘78, just spoke to me, and it’s still one of my favorite guitars. I played that guitar on Panteras debut record, ‘Metal Magic’, and then live, that was my number one guitar. At this time, Pantera was one of the first Dallas, Ft. Worth bands to play originals. We’d do three sets usually. The first set would be popular radio rock, like Ozzy, or Kiss, or whatever. Then the second set was usually originals, and the third set was usually the heavy stuff. Metallica, Priest, UFO, Maiden, stuff like that.” Next up, is about as rare of a guitar as it gets. Seeing as only five were made, the 2013 Potvin Jupiter is more difficult to get your hands on, than an authentic bigfoot. Terry calls it being at the right place, at the right time, and I have to agree with him. Terry Glaze “In 1958, Gibson came out with a Flying V, and Explorer, but the year prior to that, there was a third prototype that came out, called a Futura. They were made out of this particular wood, korina, and they’re really rare guitars which weren’t very successful in the late ‘50’s. They’re so rare, and so expensive, I knew I’d never get a guitar like that. Well I saw where this guy in Canada, Potvin, was gonna make five of his version, of that prototype. He had this piece of korina wood, it was long, like a surfboard. It was big enough that he could cut five, one piece bodies. So here’s a chance for me to take a chance at getting a replica of a guitar that was a dream guitar. I think I was really lucky that a builder was putting together something with the same kind of vision that I was looking for. I wrote ‘My Corina’, and several other Raised By God’s songs with that guitar.”

The guitar that very well may have the greatest pedigree of the five guitars, is Terry’s 1953, Fender Telecaster Blackguard. Prior to this article, I had never heard of the late, Charley Wirz. Charley is flat out a guitar god. He has put guitars in the hands of countless musicians, as well as being a great guitar player himself. After he passed, his personal guitar somehow landed in Terry’s hands. I doubt that even Terry himself could’ve predicted that he’d write Lord Tracy’s entire first record, ‘Deaf Gods of Babylon’, using that ‘53. Terry Glaze “I got that guitar in the late ‘80’s. I got it from Eugene, at Eugene’s Guitars. I had an old Strat, and I wanted another one. He told me that I should get a Telecaster, but I really wasn’t interested. I just thought Telecasters were for old guys that play country. After Charley passed away, Eugene had gotten the black ‘53. That was Charley’s personal guitar, and I got that guitar. As soon as I started playing it, I knew that I was never taking it back. What happened, was Eugene told me to take it, and try it out, and that we’d work out the deal later. I took that guitar, played it on stage that night with Lord Tracy, and I never took it back to Eugenes. I just said that it’s my guitar. The ‘53’s are all handmade, it’s something about whoever made that guitar on that day. Just the right combination of wood, and materials. They’re all hand done, so they’re all a little bit different, and I just really loved that one. The ‘53 has been my number one since the day I got it. I have a lot of great guitars, but if my house was on fire, and I could only grab one, there’s no doubt that’s the one I’m grabbing.” As we continued to discuss the accouterments of Terry Glaze, I became very curious how he chooses which guitar to play, and which guitars were better suited for each of his many bands? Terry Glaze “Ya know, mainly the differences were in amplification, usually. The guitars were all kind of the same, so the amount of distortion I was able to get out of the amplifiers seemed to be more of an influence. When I was in Pantera,I played a heavy Dean Z, which is a humbucker guitar. Then when I went to Lord Tracy, I changed to a ‘53 Telecaster. The style of them wasn’t as big of a difference as the amplifiers were, I think. For me, a lot of times I’ll use a Telecaster on one track, and maybe blend in a Les Paul Special. Those two combined will create a sound that I really like. I look at it like a big box of.crayons, with all kinds of different colors, and I just feel lucky to have one of the greatest boxes of crayons you can imagine. Each guitar gives you a different feel. They’re all a little different, and they also inspire you. You pick up something, and it kinda puts you on a path a lotta times. I rotate through them, and they all kind of inspire me.” Next up, is Glazes 1956 Gibson Les Paul TV. A guitar put together with minimal features. The TV was made as a more affordable Les Paul. Terry Glaze “it was made as a student guitar. builds. So what they were trying to do, was have a curved maple top, it’s just a slab of mahoThat guitar is a great compliment to the black to record electric guitar with.”

All the famous Les Pauls, those are expensive come up with a student model. The TV, doesn’t gany, with a P90 pickup just drilled into the top. Telecaster. Those two are my two favorite guitars

To end the list of five, Glaze brought a Buddy Blaze Evonater Jr Prototype. A completely guitar maker Buddy Blaze. Blaze is the man you “hot rod” guitar.

great story with him. He also brought his 2008, custom, hand built guitar, created by legendary seek out, if you’re looking for a stripped down,

Terry Glaze “Buddy Blaze is one of my best friends. Buddy was the one who did Darrell’s famous blue, lightning bolt guitar. So what happened, was Darrell won that guitar, in a guitar contest, when he was young. He sold that guitar to Buddy, so he could buy a car. Buddy put a whammy, and Floyd Rose on it, repainted it with the blue, and lightning bolts, and carved the neck. He’s the one who made that guitar what it was. Buddy then gave the guitar to Darrell. Later on, Buddy told him that was the guitar he had bought from him, the purple one. We knew Buddy since we were teenagers, since before we ever made a Pantera record. In 2000, Lord Tracy was playing a guitar show in Dallas, and Buddy was living in Hawaii. He knew I liked the Jr, so Buddy wanted to do his take on a Les Paul Jr. He had me take measurements on that yellow ‘56 Les Paul TV. So he did his take on the guitar, and then brought it to Dallas, for a guitar show. He asked me if I’d play it onstage, but I didn’t really like the way it looked, because it didn’t say Gibson,

or Fender on it. A lot of electric guitar players, we’re snobs when it comes to the headstock, we just are. Bass players aren’t, but guitar players are. I don’t know why, but anyway I played that guitar, and it was so awesome, I didn’t take it off. I was planning on only playing it for a couple songs, but i never took it off, and it was just a killer guitar. I wasn’t thinking much more about it after that. Afterwards, we’re at a guitar show, and Kinley Wolff was playing it. He looked up at me, and told me, “you’re crazy if I don’t get this guitar, this guitar’s amazing!” It was at that moment, that I realized how great it was, so i just told Buddy that he wasn’t getting the guitar back. I bought it from him, and I’ve never regretted it.” Holding down a constant spot in the music scene for so long, it’s inevitable that Terry must have had some once in a lifetime experiences. Terry Glaze “A couple years ago, my band 76, was playing in Dallas, and Billy Sheehan happened to be there. Kinley got Billy to come up on stage with us, and we played a UFO song. It was so badass, I remember looking over and seeing him sing harmony with me. We were just killin’ it, so that was pretty cool.” Terry Glaze “Also, last year Lord Tracy was playing in Dallas, at Gas Monkey Live, and we were just killin it. I looked up at the giant screen, and you’re two, or three stories tall on the video screen, and everyone’s singing along, and you’re playing your songs, and they’re singing your songs back. Ya know, those kinds of memories are the best. Every Time you’re out there playing, and they’re singing your songs back, it’s just the greatest.” Terry Glaze deserves everything he’s gotten through his success. When it comes to the kids who are growing up, and considering picking up a guitar, Terry Glaze is the epitome of a role model. As he, and I, finished up our interview, some parting words really stuck out to me, and highlighted the kind of guy Terry is. Terry Glaze “I’m just thrilled, these guitars are cool to me, but being able to share them with other people who may be interested is really cool.” Matt : You never know, some kid might read this, and get inspired to pick up a guitar. Terry Glaze “That would be the greatest wouldn’t it.” Matt : I’m sure you’ve already inspired more people than you realize.” Terry Glaze “I hope so.”

1/Who started the band and what was the idea? Susanna : I decided to create the Entropy Coding project in 2015. After all these years playing with various bands, I realized that I’ve never had the opportunity to write something. I felt the necessity to bring a piece of myself in my music. So I decided to create this studio project, I called some friends and asked them to collaborate with me for the realization of the debut album “Tales of the Moon”. It will be released in January 2018 with Agoge Records. 2/Why this name? Susanna : It’s a tricky name. I tried to bring into this album all my main metal influences: symphonic, prog, power and so on. But it’s not so easy, I had to choose carefully how to combine every piece of these music genres and I tried to “code” them. Otherwise, it would be a mess. Music for me it’s a sort of Entropy but the album needed to be easy understandable by the audience. So, in some way, here it is the name Entropy Coding. I tried to create my language and my interpretation of this music. 3/You seem to have logos etc who did them for you? have you participated into the creation? Susanna : I designed our logo, combining the two letters E and C with a sort of scales. The digital realization is by Mauro Natalizia. 4/You talk about musicians, is it a project or you just have guests? Susanna : I called 9 guests: Melania Petrillo and Giovanni Saulini as vocals, Emiliano Cantiano as drummer, Leonardo Barcaroli as bassist, Fabrizio Proietti, Vlad Voicu, Davide Catania, Danilo Carrabino, Filippo Rosati and Cristiano Neila for guitars. They collaborated with me in this album. 5/How did you get the deal with Agoge? Susanna : I just have to thank Gianmarco Bellumori, owner of Agoge Records for believing in this album. We worked together at the Wolf Recording Studio, where Tales of the Moon was recorded, mixed and mastered. He shaped this

album, creating an innovative sound. At the end of the work, he proposed me to join the Agoge Records roster. And here we are… 6/Have you been to music school? What made you want to play the keyboard? Susanna : I started to study music when I was 9, in a local music school in my city. I started with piano lessons for years, I went to the Licinio Refice Conservatory for 3 years, but then I left. I’ve always loved metal music so I decided to join different bands as keyboardist, carrying on my modern studies. 7/Do you participate in the songs creation or there is one composer? Susanna : At first, every song was created by me but I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this final result without the experience and the skills of my collaborators Melania, Giovanni, Danilo, Davide, Emiliano, Leonardo, Vlad, Fabrizio ,Filippo and Cristiano. 8/What are your favorite bands? The ones who made you want to play music? Susanna : I have to mention two bands at least: Nightwish and Dream Theater. They changed my world. I just love Nightwish’s romanticism and the complex skills of Dream Theater. 9/Are you playing in other bands? Playing different music style? Susanna : At the moment, I’m not playing in other bands. I spent the last 3 years working hard on the Entropy Coding project. 11/Are you playing another instrument or sing? Susanna : I’m taking singing lessons, but I’m not singing for now. It’s just a way to expand my music knowledge. 12/You are pictured in the studio, do you have engineering skills? Susanna : When you have to produce an entire album, you have to learn something. I don’t have engineering skills, but I learned something during this experience at the Wolf Recording Studio. 13/You have your own keyboard shape made, who did it? must cost a fortune… Susanna : It’s my “Etheria” (yes, I give name to all my keyboards). It’s a keytar designed and realized by the engineers Mauro Natalizia and Alessio Valeri. The shape is inspired by a dolphin, it’s made of wood. It was amazing to take part in the creation process, we built a midi keyboard inside the wooden body. 14/Do you have a stage outfit? a special universe to the band’s image? Susanna : Mmm no, I just find nice to combine elegant and metal styles. 15/Do you find live dates easily? are they bands you play with often? Do you play only in Italy? Susanna : At the moment, the band has no live scheduled. It’s still a project created in a recording studio, but after the release of the debut album, we’ll see…

1/Who started the band? MH: Our drummer, Drew Rizzo, formed the band on April 4th, 2011. Having a love for all things Heavy Metal, he wanted to create a new band that wasn’t strictly one sub-genre but retained elements of multiple sub-genres without being pigeonholed. 2/Why calling it that way and changing the midnight to midnite? MH: The band name itself was the result of a lengthy process. We had gigs booked before we even had a name! The original bassist and Drew went back and forth for a while, and one of the ideas was “Midnight Hotline.” While sounding too glammy, we liked the way that M and H looked together and went from there. Searching our record collections for ideas, the word “Hellion” was culled from the WASP song of the same name. We then had a logo designed as “Midnight Hellion” and decided to alter the spelling of “Midnight” to “Midnite,” as both “Midnite” and “Hellion” have seven letters each and looked better stacked. It’s reminiscent of the Krokus song, “Midnite Maniac,” as a point of reference. Many people say it’s culled from song titles from Judas Priest and/or Iron Maiden, but that’s where it really came from. 3/You are a three piece have you had hard time to get a fourth member or you always been three? MH: We started as a three-piece, expanded to a five-piece, spent some time as a four-piece, and now we’re back to a three-piece. It’s honestly less to worry about as a three-piece band. One less person means one less scheduling conflict, which has been an issue in the past when having a larger group. Although it’s difficult to replicate the guitar harmonies live as a trio, we feel comfortable as things stand. 4/Who designed the awesome covers? And the logo? have you participated to them? MH: The logo was designed by Cris Kailer and was digitized by Chris Milnes of Mucky Pup. The most recent two covers were designed by Ipoet Poetra of Five Miligrams, based in Indonesia. We started working together on the “Hour of the Wolf ” 7” single artwork in 2013, and he’s done the artwork for “Condemned To Hell.” In addition, he’s also handled the design for numerous t-shirts of ours. We are extremely involved with the artwork direction, but he’s the type of artist that you give him a list of what you’re looking for and he’s able to make it more incredible than you originally imaged! The artwork for our 2012 EP, “Enter The Unknown,” was an existing oil painting done by Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi, who runs the Metal on Metal record label. Her photography is also featured on the back cover. The artwork for our 2011 demo, “The Fever,” was drawn by Suzie Manzinger, an artist now based out of Baltimore and a friend of the band. She also painted Drew’s Midnite Hellion vest and our first stage banner.

5/You mix heavy and thrash, is it a mix of your individuals influences? MH: Exactly correct! Our influences are all over the place and we all collectively listen to numerous genres of music, ranging from Heavy Metal to Punk to Blues to Country-Western, and of course, good ol’ fashioned Rock ‘n Roll, and everything in-between. In Midnite Hellion, there is no such thing as a bad idea musically. While some ideas may not be included initially, we put them on the shelf to reference at a later time. 6/How do you compose songs? MH: We wish we were able to compose songs the way Beefcake The Mighty did in GWAR’s “Scumdogs of the Universe,” but unfortunately, we are not as mighty. We typically host writing sessions apart from standard rehearsals, where we’ll all sit down with guitars and bring our riffs to the table. We’ll bounce the ideas off of each other and take it from there. At times, we also have brought nearly-completed compositions to each other and then provide our input from there. Either way, we’ll then jam on the riffs with drums and bass, and then tweak it up. 7/Who writes the lyrics and is there a theme? MH: We all write lyrics, and there’s no standard overall theme. Primarily, we’ve touched on the afterlife, horror, and mythology, but have also had songs about flying and of course, moshing, as noted in “Rip It Up” on the new record. 8/What are your gears and why did you choose them? MH: Currently, Rich Kubik uses G&L Basses, Gallien Krueger Amplification, Audix Microphones, and Clayton Picks. Mark Siedlecki uses Gibson and Jackson Guitars, Peavey and Marshall Amplification, Ernie Ball Strings, Dunlop Effects, and Clayton Picks. Drew Rizzo uses Tama Drums, Hardware, and Pedals, Paiste Cymbals, Wincent Drumsticks, Remo Drumheads, Carmichael Thrones, and is a member of the Drumlite family. We use these products because they are simply the best in terms of tone, craftsmanship, and durability. We are lifelong users of a good portion of these products due to being introduced to them through primary influences as kids, being Steve Harris, Ace Frehley, and Lars Ulrich, respectively. Of course, those are starting bases and then we discovered other products and companies on our own from there. 9/Do you play live shows with friends? are they all metal? MH: Yes, we do, but they aren’t all Metal persay. Some are more in the vein of Hard Rock, which we feel our sound blends well with. 10/How did you get signed by Witches Brew? MH: Drew was involved with Witches Brew while in a previous band. After a brief down-time, Witches Brew was reactivated and had contacted him about working together. It was a no-brainer to work together again with Midnite Hellion as it’s truly a pleasure being involved with Witches Brew. It’s not a formal business to business type of interaction, but a friendship which makes things even more fun. 11/WIth your awesome songs have you had other label interests? Why not having one in the states? MH: Thank you very much for the kind words!! We have had other label interests, but we enjoy the relationship we have with Witches Brew. Figure if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? However, we are open to licensing our album via Witches Brew to other labels for release in their territories. Any interested parties may get in touch at contact@ or 12/Which bands are you favorites and did you learn their songs to play your instrument or took classes? MH: Ahh, too many to list! A short list would absolutely include Judas Priest, Exodus, Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Blind Guardian, Grave Digger, OverKill, Metallica, Slayer, Carnivore, Accept, and Hallows Eve. Rich is

completely self-taught, Mark has an Associate’s Degree in Music Theory, and Drew studied with the jazz legend Tony DeNicola for about a year. 13/Are you gonna play live tour abroad? MH: We would absolutely love to tour abroad! It is a dream and collective goal for us to tour the entire world. We have had a few offers but so far nothing has panned out. Any booking agents or interested parties may get in touch with us at Let’s take over the world together! 14/With which band you’d like to share the stage with? MH: We would love to share the stage with our heroes before they retire. Sadly, many of them have either retired already or are on the brink of retirement, so time is running out. Thankfully, we’ve had the honor of sharing the stage with many of our heroes already, but a few that we still need to perform with include Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Grave Digger, Blind Guardian, Helloween, and Metallica, and we would be honored to perform with Grim Reaper again. We hope that we can learn from them to be able to continue to carry the torch for Heavy Metal!!

1/Who started the band? Original members Barry Jackson (no longer in the band) and Ian Hewitt 2/Why calling it « Jackson Hewitt »? any relation with members name? Named after the original members 3/Who did the Logo that looks like JJC? Who designed the one with the skull in the middle that captures your eyes? will it change with albums name? Ian is a graphic art designer. the logo uses the ] ][ off the keyboard just as a twist on the norm , Ian designed the idolised skull of the dead with the naked lady in the middle and wings either side 4/ Can you describe the cover on it ’s own with all the messages? Charles Darwin is on the front as the album is called ‘darwinism’ after the arguments over “the origin of species” and what was called “natural selection”. darwin believed that all animals adapt to the surroundings and evolve, or die out. we, as a band, evolved during the recording of the album, we went through our own evolution as the songs changed and we changed as a band and as our sound changed. 5/This album came out digitally in January 2017, how long you have been writing those songs for? We wrote the songs quote quickly, about 6 months from the first idea to the start of recording. we wrote far more songs but as the idea of an album evolved and our sound changed, we dropped songs along the way. 6/The first two songs sound different from the rest are they old ones? Are the songs in the order you wrote them? what led you to set the list that way? The first song “wired this way” was actually one of the last songs we recorded for the album, the 2nd song was recorded a few years before. 7/They are two drummers on the album, what is the reason for? is the line-up not complete so far? Our original drummer Barry left before recording started, William Basford was brought on board to start recording and gigging. we parted company with William about 75% of the way through the album. we brought in Cohen Hale from “cautious retreat” to complete the album. 8/Due to the diverse compositions that sounds each different, are you all composing or the whole members gets his own part? Every song is organic. someone brings a guitar or bass riff or drum beat to the band and we jam that idea. if the idea starts to grow, we work on it.

9/Was there a musical direction set or you just went how it came? do you have other songs in the closet? There was no definitve direction. there never has been. we just play what we feel is right. one minute we can be writing something really dark and heavy, the next we are playing a something really quite and gentle. it just depends what mood we are in when we start to play. 10/Was it hard to get this album done? Yes, it took us 4 years due to drummer issues and other personal changes going on for each of us as individuals. 11/Would you call it a concept album? How came the idea? We never envisaged it as a concept album but if people think it is, that’s cool. the album came about after we decided it was time to record our songs as lots of people kept asking when were we going to release something. 12/You released the CD album one year after the digital released date, was there a big demand from the fans? What is your view on the digital era we are going to? Digital downloads are the future. vinyl is seeing its popularity on the increase but downloads are the way forward. saying that, we still got a large number of fans wanting a physical copy with lyrics, images etc so we decided it would be right to give them what they wanted. 13/How do you find live dates? is it difficult so far with pub closing down etc… The live music scene is thriving in the uk for bands wanting to play covers but it’s hard for bands who play original music. we tend to look for proper live venues that promote original music and or local music festivals. 14/The musical category to set you is Rock although many songs are from diverse influences, what do you think of all the names given today for bands? Do you think the medias are getting it too complicated? The media circus is a cruel animal. it is very good to build up young bands these days only to drop them at a moments notice once the band fail to set the charts alight. 15/Are you doing it all by yourselves? do social medias help a lot? The facebook page was created by us, the website page was created by us. the whole album has been financed by us. social media is a great tool to promote yourself if you know how to promote. 16/Your website is not the usual one as there is mainly your album we can listen to, was it done for the purpose of seeing the album or do you intend to get more info’s? The website was initially created just to promote the album but in time I think it would be nice to include more personal details about us, our equipiment, gigs, further releases etc. a lot of radio stations/magazines/people say the lack of info on the band makes us quite “mysterious” and we quite like that. it allows our fans to concentrate more on the music and not on us. 17/Are you playing in different bands? We are all committed to jackson hewitt. we have all played in different bands in the past though. Win a copy of the album by just sending me the reason why you want one :

1/Your last album came out two years ago, what’s happening now? writting new material? Adrismith : We are recording new songs. 2/Your website address on facebook doesn’t exist anymore, how do you sell your albums? Adrismith : On facebook is normal and all our albuns is sold out. 3/Have you had line up changes ? Adrismith : Yes, this year our old vocalist is come back but now she is playing the guitar 4/Are you playing in different bands? Adrismith : No 5/Do you play all other Brazil ? do you have gigs abroad? how do you find the dates? Adrismith : Coast to Coast in Brazil, but until now not abroad. 6/Who compose the songs? Adrismith : The lyric is me and the song all together 7/Is the main Theme of the band is still alive or it has evolved? Adrismith : Nothing changed

8/What are the lyrics about? Adrismith – About History, love, hate, death, life, wars, corruption 9/Which bands has influenced you the most? Adrismith – Running Wild, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Manowar and more 10/How many covers do you play live ? Which ones and how do you choose them? Adrismith – Nowdays one or two. 11/Have you got label interest or you prefer doing it yourself? Adrismith – Yes, in France, Portugal and Greece 12/What gears do you use? Have you got endorsement? Adrismith – I don’t have endorsement 13/Which bands are you friends with and do you play live gives with them often? Adrismith – Krisiun, Nervosa, Valhalla, Fire Strike and more 14/Who designed the logo? Adrismith – A friend of mine Duda Capetto 15/What was the reason for the band’s name? Adrismith – The Pandora mythology 16/You have a strong image set up but you’re not well spread around the globe for your music except Utube, are you dealing with all the medias? Adrismith – No just in Youtube and the CD 17/Do you know which country has the most fan base? Adrismith – Germany and Japan

With new album The Truth out in March and a busy year ahead, we managed to grab Laurence Jones for a chat before he heads out on tour. 1/Did you have a good Christmas and New Year?

It was really good thank you! I managed to spend some time with the family, which was great.

2/ We really enjoyed the new album and can’t wait to see you out on the road later in the year. What drives you to pick up the guitar and create each day? Being inspired by life really, the everyday things that happen. Especially with blues music; it’s an expression of how you feel. Listening to other peoples’ stories about relationships, about life…the song The Truth on the new album questions what your life would be like if things were different. 3/ The vocals really stood out on the album - was there a specific approach? I had a great vocal coach out in the USA. The songs are written around the vocals and I want people to sing along to them, you know. 4/ Did you manage to travel whilst recording? We managed to experience Miami on this album and it was great having an American producer, Gregory Elias, who really managed to combine the US and English sound.  It gave us a great opportunity to mix styles when the whole band is British, so it mixed it up a little. 5/ Do you have a favourite guitar to use or does that depend on the style of the song? I grab whatever is closest to me initially, haha, but I do use different guitars for different songs, yes. But I couldn’t pick a favourite…that’s like picking a favourite child.  I write songs how and when I feel them, that’s what I love about song writing. It’s such a natural process.  On this album I wanted to do something different, I’m not scared of change.  Underneath all the types of songs is still blues guitar and vocals.

6/ Which artists are you listening to? Black Country Communion. I went to see them at Hammersmith recently and met Glenn (Hughes) and Joe (Bonamassa) and it was a great concert.  John Mayer and Gary Clarke Junior are other artists I’m listening to.   7/ Any guilty pleasures? I don’t know…probably. I don’t know if to say! The new Harry Styles is amazing. I didn’t want to listen to it due to his One Direction roots haha, but I’m actually blown away by it.  He’s made a great album and I respect him way more because of that. 8/ Do you have a wish list of artists that you’d like to work with?

Oh, definitely. It has to be Jon Mayer, Eric Clapton and Gary Clark Jr. 

Interview by : Adrian Ball Photo credit : Christie Goodwin

Interview with Duane «DT»Jones

1/When watching Utube, there is another band with the same name, does that bother you or has impact on your music? We are aware of the Australian band with the same name and the fact that they disbanded years ago. There have been others that have come up the name Swirl and released songs without doing their research. It is a trademark infringement and our lawyer is aware. As to whether or not it has helped or hurt us I do know that we have done a mountain of work under that name since the inception of the band from touring to recording to promoting worldwide and we own the name.  In fact when we were starting out we released our debut ‘Out Of Nowhere’ full length CD and while touring in North America to promote it I was contacted by a friend who had just watched another band named Swirl on television talking about their upcoming release. Our lawyer sent a cease and desist letter to their label and the end result was they changed their name. If you Google, UTube or just about anywhere search “Swirl The Band” we will come up. As we promote the new single you can type in “Swirl The Lift” in any search engine and we will come up first. Since you brought up Utube here is the link to our page where you will find live footage, lyric videos and interviews throughout our career.   2/It’s been a while since you made your album, are you overwhelmed by demands to play live shows? or you have difficulties to find schedule? It has been a while since the last release and that can be attributed to the timing of the ‘Ditch Day’ movie. We have 3 songs in the film from the ‘SWIRL’ ep (“Rise Up”, “Spell” and “We Are Alive”). We spent most of 2017 working with the producer of ‘Ditch Day’ to promote the release as well as playing live dates in Southern California, but we are hungry to get back on tour, now with more countries to play than ever before. To start 2018 we released a new song called “The Lift” which is charting. The song hit #1 in the US on 365 Indie Radio and #4 on Banks Radio Australia in January. The song is rapidly being added to both internet and FM radio stations all over the world.  We are looking forward to touring in 2018 with plans to go to every country where the movie, the music or both have been released. For example ‘Ditch Day’ has not yet been released in Australia, but the song “The Lift” is doing well there.

3/You just made a video for a new song, are you composing for a complete album or it’s just for a special occasion? The lyric video is the culmination of the recording process for our new song. The wonderful thing about how that song came to be is that we entered the Granted Records recording studio here in Santa Ana, CA with Emad Alaeddin AFTER he helped the band set up a Go Fund Me account. We had never done any kind of “crowd funding” venture before. Our fan base, the “Swirl Society”, came through for us and donated enough money for us to record “The Lift”. Our fan base is our record label and it is through them we are making all the music in 2018. A lot of the music is written and we are constantly working on new song ideas.  As for whether or not Swirl will release a full album, an ep or just this song depends entirely on the fans of the band. I can already tell you that Swirl will likely have more music available this year as the reaction to “The Lift” is so strong more people are becoming aware of the band and our Go Fund Me page so they are donating to hear what we do next. We have some pretty neat “rewards” for the fans that donate including alternate releases of our new songs as we record them. As you watch the end of “The Lift” lyric video you will see a list of names scrolling up. Those are the fans that donated at the “Executive Producer” level for this song. The account will stay open and literally any amount helps the band. Even $1.00 goes a long way. Here is the lyric video :   4/With all the success on the net and in the states, why haven’t you got a label yet?  That is a great question. It is one we have no answer for and stopped worrying about a while ago. At the end of the day we have figured out a way to get our music to the public through licensing and online promotion. Those are the people that are going to support what the band is doing. As I said the fan base is our record label and they are hungry to hear what we are creating. At the end of the day we would love to be signed to a label that wanted us and is willing to work as hard as we do. However, no one at any label is going to buy 100,000 copies of anything their artist creates so we figured the best thing we can do is take our music to the people on our own and let the people decide. So far the answer has been a strong YES in that they want what we do.  We are a totally independent band in that we have no management company or booking agency behind us either. Not that we don`t want those things. We have been able to tour internationally and set up a licensing deal as an independent. We “wear a lot of hats” daily as we handle the music and the business side of our career.   5/The logo on your drum kit is the one from the album, will you keep it that way or change it in the future?  Brian plans on changing the logo on the drum kits to coincide with the artwork for future releases.     -Would you have a great cover artwork like many bands do?  This is prime example of where a manager or record label would be great for Swirl. Clearly we have taken great steps to make sure the music is what we want it to be, but help with this area would be appreciated. I guess there is plenty of room to discuss what makes ”great cover artwork”, but I do not have a problem with the cover for the ‘SWIRL’ ep.   6/What’s in the story behind the song « The Lift »? I have already given you the back story on how the song came to be created through our Go Fund Me page at https://   As for how the song was written here is what Swirl singer Alfred Ramirez had to say. “I would like to start by saying that when I write lyrics it's usually tied to a personal experience of mine or one that I have witnessed in the world we live in. I also feel what's most import is not so much what my lyrics mean to me, but more importantly what my lyrics mean to the listener. I want  the listener find their own story within the lyrics. To me that means the listener can interpret and apply them in any way they choose.    What "The Lift" means to me is that we all need help sometimes, be it an emotional lift or a physical lift. We shouldn't be afraid to ask for help when we need it. We also shouldn't be afraid to offer to help when were able to. We are all on this planet together and we are all connected, so let's help one another.  My personal Lift was given to me by "The Minor Goddess" who lifted me out of a depressed and stressed out anxious time in my life. Thank you MG! "Your words will always stay with me.”

-Have you all composed it as a band or one of you created it?

“The Lift” started out the way most Swirl songs do in that I create a basic song idea on guitar then get together with my brother Brian “Bam Bam” Jones to work on the arrangement before presenting it to Shane Carlson and Alfred in rehearsal. With this particular song Alfred and I had our own writing session to work on the parts. The song is very close to Alfred lyrically and he felt he needed some changes in the music to help him deliver the passionate vocal you hear in the track. Shane created another brilliant bass line, which is what we have to come to expect, however in the studio he got involved in the final mix to help create what you hear. That is another departure from previous recordings. When I listen to “The Lift” I hear all the contributions by the band members! I love it! Add the production talents of Emad and it looks like we might have a hit song on our hands.   7/Are you endorsed? I use Charvel guitars, Seymour Duncan pickups, Mesa Boogie Amplifiers and Pickboy guitar picks. Shane is endorsed by Spector bass.  I am actually doing this interview from the NAMM show in Anaheim where Swirl will make an autograph appearance on Friday January 26 for Rock n Roll Industries Magazine and then Brian will talk to a few drum companies about a deal for touring to go along with the Zildjian cymbals, Evans drum heads and Vater sticks he currently uses.   - Do you still have the same gears?  Yes I do. I love my Charvel/ Jackson collection. I have over 20 of them. I don`t have a signature guitar model yet, but they make such great instruments I don`t feel I need one. The closest to a signature guitar is my “Psycho Swirl” which is more about the paint job (courtesy of Dan Lawrence) than the wood and wiring that make the guitar unique.   8/Are you working in the music industry or have technical skills?  I have been fortunate to be able to focus full time working on my music career since December 2003.   9/Few bands like Evanescence or Paramore became famous after a song for a movie, what is it doing to you? Having 3 songs in ‘Ditch Day’ validated the efforts of the band to produce our own music with the help of a lesser known producer named James Rieger who is an amazing talent as well. Previously Swirl had recorded with Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot/ RATT), Matt Thorr (Rough Cutt) and Fred Coury (Cinderella). We decided to take the lessons learned from those experiences that resulted in the creation of the ‘Out Of Nowhere’ and ‘Timeline’ releases to see what we could do independent of a celebrity names. When those songs were selected from our catalog for the ‘Ditch Day’ movie we knew we made a great decision for the band. Swirl hopes to work with James again in the near future.  We have certainly benefited from that exposure. It is in part how you found the band for this interview.     -Are you ‘too much rock’?  I don`t know that we are too much rock. We are just Swirl! There seems to be more and more opportunities opening up for the band with regard to licensing opportunities. We are currently working on finalizing deals for a tv show and two more films that want Swirl music.     -Can you recall how did it happen?  The ‘Ditch Day’ opportunity came from Brian “Bam Bam” Jones knowing the wife of the writer of the film. He took our music to her. She played it for her husband Daniel P. Coughlin who liked it enough to pass it along to Megan Waters who owns Water Tree Media and is the producer of ‘Ditch Day’. She loved the music and decided to use 3 of the songs. So far the movie has gone on to win 2 awards including “Best Feature Film” at the Burbank International Film Festival.   10/Are you involved in other bands?

It was through Brian`s involvement with another band in California that he met the wife of the writer of the ‘Ditch Day’ movie. That band is no longer together.Alfred and I do not work with any bands outside of Swirl. Occasionally Shane will do side projects, but nothing that interferes with Swirl. 11/Which band you’d like to tour with? We would tour with anyone from Iron Maiden to Foo Fighters! If KISS is going on tour sign me up! They inspired me to put down the violin and pick up a guitar in the first place.  

-Are you gonna play abroad? With ‘Ditch Day’ available now in Germany, France, Italy, Korea, The United Kingdom and The United States, along with the way our new song “The Lift” is being received globally through radio and press we are very much so hoping to travel the world playing concerts this year. Promoters are already contacting us about live shows and we will begin the 2018 live show cycle with a show on Saturday February 3 at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, CA.   12/who is your favorite guitarist? the one that inspired you? Jake E Lee. Whether it is his Ozzy Osbourne, Badlands, solo work or his new band Red Dragon Cartel I am always impressed by what he does on guitar.   13/ You have an outfit close to the seventies, do you miss those years? I have never heard that before. I wasn`t doing anything in the 70s so there is nothing for me to miss per say. You are probably referring to the shiny silver shirt in my photo shoot with Neil Zlozower. I love that shirt and though I used it for the individual photo shoot I don`t wear it on stage with Swirl.   What was the first idea when creating swirl?  Hmmm the first idea was to get out on the road and see if we could handle being around each other long enough to try and make a career together. We definitely succeeded in doing that.   -Are you guys friends?  Well the easiest answer is to say that with Brian and I being in a band together we are more than friends, but that extends to all of us together. We are all family now. We have been together 10 years. Shane and Alfred are every bit my brothers now and we all feel the same way about each other. We have toured, recorded, fought, cried, laughed and most importantly stayed together! I look forward to the next 10 years with Swirl. theband

1/Please describe the new album musically It’s an 11 songs concept album based on the grandeur and majesty of nature where songs are tied together or gently flows into each other. From classic hard rock sounds to 80’s biting heavy metal sounds, through deep echoed clean ambient guitars and strat sounds with orchestral arrangements, it has 70’s progressive rock influences, real Hammond, AOR harmonies and even classical piano sounds. it’s not the typical guitar oriented modern album. 2/If you had to choose one artist (I know this is hard) but if we had to say "recommended for fans of XXXX" who would that be? Aiming high (really high!) I can say Van Halen! But for sure fans of Satriani, Timmons, Gilbert, Vai, Malmsteen…80’s era old school guitar heroes. If you are a fan of Tosin Abasi, you won’t find 8 strings here. 3/How does it differ from previous recordings ? It’s my first instrumental full length record. Before that album I’ve made two albums with my ex metal band Doomsword, which sold a lot. I had several guest appearing in the heavy meal underground scene and also as a session in local pop musicalbums. Beside some isolated songs, that’s my first solo attempt. 4/What was the goal with making this album? Making real songs. I just get bored on nowadays guitar oriented instrumental records, because the majority sound as a backing track with a lead guitar or “forced” fusion. I wanted to make rhythm parts and harmonies that stands even without the lead part and that’s why you can hear intricate rhythm grooves or parts that make a call & reponse with the center guitar, exactly as a voice would do. There are for sure “Satrianesque” type of melodies but the song structure isn’t repetitive at all. You can easily listening to the album even if you are not a guitar player so, songs come first. Second, every instrument must have its own voice and role. You can find Hammond, bass and drum solos as a live band would do. Last but not least, making a record that could be listened on a road trip by car, alone or with friends with different feelings and moods. 5/Any specific influences towards music or lyric subject? As said, the album is a concept and the beauty of nature is the absolute influence. The titles describe the songs and I

started writing from that idea. For example "Into the mist" focuses on the feeling of being in a misty forest and getting lost. Tribal percussion and the Lydian dominant usage create the sensation of a floating world until the chorus comes. "Big sky" is written by looking at the great spaces that can be found in the mountains of the area I live in. "As the river flows" describes the journey of water to the sea: sometimes calm, sometimes wavy, rippling and dropping into a waterfall then literally merging into the sea…and I think that moments are absolutely clear. 6/How long did it take to make this album? Two years, from 1st august 2015 (as FB reminds me) to the end of august 2017, then mix and master took they part in September 2017. Actually I worked the bigger portion of my guitar work during the summers across the period. At the beginning I had two demo songs and a bunch of riffs I was working on. After some people tried to spin my work in a different way, suggesting me to make an EP, talking about rules and so on, I took consciousness of a whole album I could do with my own ideas, passion and devotion to the music, just for myself without compromises (that’s what the motto in the cd means). I said to myself: if I had to fail or do a good job, it will be doing my full mind’s view and so the writing began. 7/What has the different musicians contributed to the result? Different musicians makes different approaches. I’ve chosen people who have already played in my musical life and virtually creating song bands. In the demo I’ve written all the drums with EZ drummer and simple bass lines. When it was time for recording real drums for example, I was able to speak with drummers in terms of rhythmic subdivisions and explaining what I need and where, letting them free to perform their own fills, but with my initial idea doubling the guitar. The result is pure musicianship, because everyone was absorbed by the song and have just to carry his own approach for letting the music live. I just wanted that everyone could express itself and sometimes we changed some hi-hat or double bass groove with Corrado and Sergio. Bass lines are more personal because done after the final drums. For example I asked Alberto to do a solo and said to Nicola to following my guide notes, but just to feel free interpreting the song: the result was superb with his bass running my sextuplets! Nonetheless my friend Alessandro Del Vecchio made a magnificent solo over a section and Rob Balducci and Gianluca Ferro were my logical choice for guest guitar solos. Rob is extremely melodic and I need a different solo for a call & response. With Gianluca (which is a long time friend) we made a sort of guitar tournaments with solos following each other. Every musician bring the sensation of a band playing together and not a sterile record, that’s how they contribute.

Secret Illusion is a Greek Power Metal band and took form somewhere in the middle of 2007 in the city of Athens. At 2008 the first demo of the band, called “Silent Voices”, was released. At 2011 was released the 1st studio album “Illusion”. “Illusion” received some great reviews, all over the world, and proved to be an excellent start for the band! 2 EP's came up next, "Turn Back Time" & "Point of no Return" at 2012 and at 2014 Secret Illusion returned with a new offering entitled “Change of Time”, the 2nd studio album. At 2015 the band released a brand new digital single, called “Winds of Tomorrow”, with Evmenios Poulias behind the keyboards and the unbelievable Vasilis Axiotis on vocals this time! After that, the two main composers, Filippos and Evmenios, entered their personal studio to create the new album of the band. After 2 years of recording and mixing process, Secret Illusion signed a brand new contract to Lion Music and are about to unleash their 3rd full length album entitled “Awake Before the Dawn”. 1/Please describe the new album musically and lyrically? The new material is more melodic than ever before! The songs are arranged in an epic manner, where slow parts are intertwined with the more speedy, powerful ones in an explosive and breathtaking mixture! The lyrics, as always, are a combination between our personal experiences and the way we see life and the world around us. 2/If you had to choose one artist (I know this is hard) but if we had to say "recommended for fans of XXXX" who would that be? We would say Stratovarius. It’s an obvious influence for the band since the very beginning back in 2008, but definitely after all these years we have evolved a lot musically and we believe that Secret Illusion have managed to create a personal sound. 3/How does it differ from previous album? The new album is more mature than the previous ones and it’s the first time that the composing process was actually a team work, for most of the songs of the album. 4/What was the goal with making this album? To tell you the truth, we just wanted to enjoy the whole process and create good music with peace and quiet, for the first time in the history of this band. During the process though, we clearly understood that the material sounds too good, we really liked it a lot and we decided to do our very best to give this album the promotion and the attention that

it deserves and finding a new serious label was definitely the first and main goal for us. 5Any specific influences towards music or lyric subject? We listen to many different kinds of music, from classical music (Mozart, Mahler, Beethoven, Vivaldi etc) to Jazz music and this, for sure, affects the way we compose our songs. So someone who will listen to Secret Illusion, definitely will find such parts (well hidden though haha!). The lyrics, in this album for the first time, are deeply affected by great writers and philosophers such as Nikos Kazantzakis, Albert Camus and Jiddu Krishnamurti. 6How long did it take to make this album? It was a pretty long process, almost 2 years. We started the recordings at the beginning of 2016 and we finished the mixing/mastering process 2 months ago. It was a tiring journey but also interesting and very creative. 7/What has the different musicians contributed to the result? The voice of Vasilis Axiotis was a great contribution in this album, he took some basic vocal lines and lifted them up to a whole new level! All the musicians who participated in this effort gave their 100% and this is what makes “Awake Before the Dawn� so special and the best Secret Illusion album so far!

1/How did you find the musicians for your band? About two years ago is when I decided I wanted to carve out a career in music. I was starting from zero. I had been living overseas for several years and was completely out of touch with what happened during that time in the Canadian Music scene. A close friend told me about Open Jam nights around the city, so I started going out to them. It was there that I first got my experience being on stage and it also allowed me to connect with musicians around the city. When the time came to do my own shows I had become friends with several musicians and I started reaching out to them to play shows with me. I also made contacts abroad and when I played shows in LA and Brasilia I used local musicians from those cities. 2/Why using your name and not creating one? When I was booking my first show I remember the promoter asking me what name I wanted on the poster. I went back and forth with using my name or a band name. I think I originally sent him the band name I came up with, but later told him to just use my name because at that point I didn’t even have a band yet. People thought I was crazy booking a show with no band, but I had no doubt I could put one together in time and I did. I realized early on it was easier to go as a solo artist because it wouldn’t matter if I have band lineup changes. 3/How long have you been singing for? Did you learn or you are self taught? I have taken a few lessons here and there…. Three to be exact. All three were with different teachers and each of them gave me something important that helped me. The most recent lesson I had was a few months ago with Brian Vollmer from Helix. I got an added bonus that at the end of the lesson, which was at his home he had me listen to his new album in his home studio. That was pretty surreal ! 4/You have an Ep with four tracks, have you got other albums or you sung in other bands? Did you released it yourself? This is my first EP and it was done with producer John Angus Macdonald of The Trews. It was my first experience recording and I learned a lot from him and the Engineer Nick Detoro. I didn’t do an official release as the plan was to record

more songs and complete an album. Eventually after having a lot of people asking online how they could purchase the music I went with an online distributor to have it available as an EP on all the various streaming services. I don’t have any other material recorded previous to this EP and I was only in a cover band for a few months a year prior to recording. The band was called Whiskey Concussion. We did a few shows around Toronto and it was a great experience again for me to get comfortable on stage and doing covers helped me to learn different vocal styles that came in handy when I started to develop my own style. 5/The Canada Rock/Metal scene is growing a lot is it easier for anyone starting a band? The thing is when I first decided to get into this I received a lot of advice about how difficult it is in a market that essentially doesn’t exist as it once did. The truth is though I have come to see that the market is there and there is a hunger for Rock. I can say that on a personal level there was also a kind of void of major female Rock artists, so that’s been an advantage for me in that respect. As far as being easier I think everything is what you believe it to be. If you think it’s possible you will make it happen. It really is that simple. Nothing comes easily… It definitely takes hard work and commitment, but I don’t believe you can do anything half way. It’s all or nothing! 6/Who is your favorite artist or the one that made you want to become a singer? I’ve always loved music from an early age and the 80’s had a huge influence on me, but without a doubt it was Guns N Roses and specifically Axl Rose that triggered something inside me that made me realize that’s what I wanted to do in my life…to perform with that kind of energy and excitement. 7/Do you play any instruments of have technical skills? I’ve never officially learned how to play an instrument, but as I have begun to write my own material I’ve found that it’s helped me to at least work out basic chords to accompany myself. The funny thing is when I reached out to John Angus to work with me all I had to offer was my vocals recorded on my phone. Thank goodness it was enough to convince him that there was something there to work with. It wasn’t until a recent trip to LA to co-write with Brent Woods that I decided to take along my guitar and taught myself how to play to help me write! 8/Tell us a bit about your journey in music, how did you end up meeting Axl Rose, sung a line of a song with Steven Tyler in Mexico City, opened for LA Guns both in Toronto and at The Legendary Whisky a GoGo in LA, as well as having recently played a festival in Brasilia, Brazil? I know it sounds so cliché, but it you can dream it…. Lol. It is the truth though that I always have my goals in my mind and I find a way to make them happen by taking some kind of action. Sometimes I just have to think about it and the universe makes it happen. I probably sound like a hippie right now, but there is no other way to explain it. The whole story with meeting Axl was that it was my birthday and I told friends the only thing I wanted for my birthday was to meet him. So the day of my birthday I flew to LA, drove to Malibu where he lives and there he was walking in the street. That really is the Reader’s Digest version of the story. It blew everyone away that it actually happened, including myself! From that day forward though I would use that moment to remind me that I could make anything happen, no matter how crazy it sounded.

With Steven Tyler I had decided to read his biography and began imagining meeting him in my mind. I even already knew what our conversation would sound like. Who would believe that only a few short months later fate would have me meet him and be invited to see Aerosmith out in Mexico City. Of course the icing on the cake was the fact that I got to watch the show from side stage and as you mentioned at one point he came right beside me and I got to sing in the mic with him the main line in “Livin’ on the Edge”!! Opening for LA Guns in Toronto was my first show ever doing my originals. Looking back I think it was pretty ambitious, but it was an incredible opportunity and after the show LA Guns guitarist Michael Grant told me he thought I did a great job. It was a huge compliment coming from him. A few months later I was on a vacation in LA. Chris Cornell had just passed away and they were doing an Ultimate Jam Night at the Whisky in memory of him. I decided to go and while I was there I noticed the poster for an LA Guns show on the 21st of July. The next day I contacted the promoters and booked an opening spot there. Once again I had no idea who my band would be, but it didn’t matter. I would find a way to make it happen. That’s one thing I tell people all the time. When you see an opportunity take it and worry about the details later! When I posted online that I was opening for LA Guns this time at The Whisky I got a comment from LA Guns bassist saying that was awesome. That’s when you know you are doing something right. 9/Is your charm helps or you have good friends to introduce to those musicians such as Brent Woods (guitarist Sebastian Bach/ Vince Neil) to work on new material for an upcoming EP to be released in spring 2018? It would be fairly narcissistic to say that it’s my charm… lol…but I honestly love people and I have no issues being social. Without a doubt that’s been an advantage because I will reach out to anyone and everyone! The way I met Brent was through an amazing photographer named Igor Vidyashev. I had seen his photos online and was blown away! I reached out to him although I could clearly see he worked mainly with major bands. I won’t bore you with the details, but we had a lengthy conversation whereby I convinced him to do my photos (using my charm I suppose!lol). We ended up flying to LA for the photoshoot which we did at legendary Rock Photographer Neil Zlozower’s studio. It was during that trip that I would be introduced to Brent and we would stay in touch over the next few months. When the time came recently to start wri-

ting some new material it just happened organically that we decided to work together. 10/Does that mean you don’t have a « real » band and always have guests who are excellent in their fields? The real issue is that most musicians are working with several different projects, so it becomes difficult to use the same musicians for every show as they might not be available. It made more sense to have a kind of “pool of musicians” to use depending on their availability. For the last few show though I was lucky enough to have generally the same group of guys. It definitely feels better because you can begin to have more of a chemistry on stage. 11/You travel a lot and seems to live a musician’s dream, what’s your secret? Dream big! I think people limit in their own minds what they are capable of and what can be achieved. They don’t want to think too big because they are afraid of being disappointed if they can’t make it happen. When I write out my goals for the year I will come up with the craziest things….no limit to what I write down. For example, in 2017 I wrote down I wanted to open for Guns N Roses. Sounds crazy right? In the end it didn’t materialize, but it doesn’t matter. I came up with a plan and reached out to work with a charity and Live Nation in order to become the opener for them if I reached our fundraising goal. In the end the charity opted to pull out and I had to let that idea go, but I learned so much from the experience and I know it will serve me down the road. The good news is when Guns N Roses played Toronto they didn’t have an opener at all! Certainly made me feel a little better that if I wasn’t opening for them no one would be….haaaaaa! 12/ Do you have your own gear if so which one do you use? I own an Ibanez guitar which up until now you will not find me playing in public due to my limited guitar skills! I also have an AKG D5 microphone, however in most cases I’ve used the mics at the venues. If anyone is interested in giving me an endorsement deal though I am ready!!! Haaaa 13/Do you have a label? How do you get your music exposed and have gigs? I have made a conscious effort to remain independent. I think artists need to be smart about timing and when the steps in their career need to take place. You cannot jump the gun and take on offers when it is still too early in your career. I am still developing myself as an artist and I cannot at this point have outside interference with the process. You can only listen to your instinct when you are trying to be true to who you are and I think your audience will certainly pick up on that. You need to do the hard work yourself to make sure you understand the Business. The other things is there is power in numbers. You need to build your own audience, your own brand and your own product before you try and negotiate with a label, manager or booking agent. It will certainly give you stronger leverage during negotiations. That’s the business woman side of me talking now! 14/What are your lyrics about? How do yovu create a song? I find inspiration in anything and everything. It could be a story that someone has told me, or an article I read and of course there is nothing better than life experiences! Not everything I’ve written is about me personally, but I certainly make it personal so that it will come out with a genuine feel. Over the holidays I spent two weeks in LA working with Brent Woods on songwriting. During that time he taught me invaluable lessons on writing melody, lyrics and creating hooks. He had me listening to artists like Tom Petty, Chrissie Hynde, Cheap Trick and even Radiohead to better understand incredible songwriting coupled with a unique delivery in the performance of the song. I’ve always loved writing and poetry so I feel in some ways it comes naturally to me, but it definitely takes writing all the time to keep improving the quality of the writing.

1/What made you create this band? I had lots of songs written and decided to put an album out. 2/Where did you find the name from and what does it mean for you? I looked in the mirror and felt like a Burnt Out Wreck! 3/The ACDC influence is well rooted in your creations, have you played in cover band or you’re just a fan? No not in any Ac/Dc tribute band,I just love Blues Rock ,AC/DC are the best.

4/Is the band’s line up complete? Yes. 5/How do you find live dates? Do old places have changed since you played with your other band? Promoters ask us to come and play gigs and if we can we will. The Old places look the same. 6/What are your lyrics about? What inspires you? Women mostly what else is there? 7/You have a single called « Swallow » why this song? on the cover your face is half burning, what does it represent? Swallow ROCKS Big time thats why, and the album cover is a Burnt Out Wreck lol! 8/Are you the main composer? How the songs get done? Yes all the songs are mine I just write on my own. 9/How did you get the deal with Cherry Red Records? Cherry Red are the distributors,The Right Honorable Record Company are the record company.

And they like the songs so we done a deal. 10/Are you playing in other bands or guesting on friends albums? No but never say never eh? 11/Are you good friend with Steve Rispin & Peter Maher? How did all end up being worked with those guys? Steve Rispin was great to work with he is awesome,and Pete Maher loved the songs so he mastered the album. 12/How did you come to sing? Have you always? What made you want to stop drumming? I have always wrote songs and its easier to sing your own songs rather than try to show someone else really.I prefer singing but still love drums but dont play much anymore. 13/It seems you are the master behind the band, is there something you always wanted to do? No but it is hard work. 14/Have you got technical skills? What do you use from your previous experiences as a musician? I write songs, I sing, I play guitar and bass,keyboards a little.If I could clone myself it would make life easier,lol. Thanks for these questions.

The Rise of the Furious 5 Written By: Matt Drummond On October 24, 2017, a brand new, raw band released their inaugural EP; ‘Jaw Shot’. The band calls themselves Bad Blood, and with just five tracks, they have laid the groundwork for what appears to be an unshakable vision of success. Finding 5 people who all share a common vision, as well as agree to the path they should take to achieve that success, is a daunting task. The members of Bad Blood, couldn't be any more in sync with each other, and it's proving to be one of the many gleaming qualities that the band possesses. “We knew going into this, that there was a certain thing we wanted to do. Ever since the beginning, we all started on page one. Every time there's a new page now, we're all on it. Nobody's off on their own, wanting to go in a different direction. We're all literally like this is the way we wanna go, and this is how we're gonna do it. I think that's why we've been so organized, and why we come to decisions so quickly. We know we have a lot of grunt work to do, but we're ok with that. If we have to play a show for 5 people, we will.” -Nick Ayala “We're all so young, we still have a really long journey ahead of us. We can do so much with this, and it's so exciting. It's almost like a flower growing, I dunno, I'm just super stoked with what's happening. We all have the same mindset, the same goals, passion, and driven motivation. Bad Blood is just something that clicks with all of us. ” -Deserey Esalie So, what is happening? The EP has been received quite well, and the band seems to be hitting on all cylinders, so what's next? “The full length album, is something that has been on our mind since literally the last day of recording the EP. When we released the EP, we had 5 additional songs ready to go. I'd say right now, we have 8-10 songs ready to go.” -Nick Ayala “We're hoping to have the first, full length album, done before summer. We don't wanna like rush through it, we want this album to be really perfect. I wanna make music, where someone comes up to me, and says; “Yo, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been able to go through those tough times.” That's really all I want, I want people to relate to what we stand for.” -Deserey Esalie “I'm super excited for the new album. I'm hoping we can impact someone's life, I hope we can help someone get

through their darkest day. I also just want to keep playing shows, like all over. The end goal is to make a name for ourselves, like all over the world.” -Damien Barbosa With all members of Bad Blood diligently fighting for a common goal, they thrive off of one another. They don't feel pressured when working on music, but they also care about each other, and the band immensely. That love for each other has sparked a high level of responsibility, a responsibility to not let each other down. This has resulted in a very high level of focus, and creativity. As i talked to the band, one of them clearly stood out as the source of inspiration. There is no questioning how integral each member is, but Ayala seems to really bring out the best in everyone. “Right after I got out of high school, I didn't play for a while, like a few years. It was actually Nick, that asked me to be a part of the band, and got me back into playing. If it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't be playing right now, and that's hard for me to imagine. Bad Blood has made such a positive impact on my everyday life. I can honestly say, I feel like a much happier person since joining the band. Aside from family, it is the most important thing in my life. I would do anything for the other 4 members, they are my best friends, and the lyrics we write all hit close to home. It all just really means a lot to me.” -Dan Finnelly “I feel so much appreciation for all the band members, especially Nick. He's so talented, so young, and such a great guy. Without him, we probably wouldn't be making such great moves, and i doubt we would've had the outcome we've had in such a short time.” -Deserey Esalie Constantly growing, and refining an already powerful sound, the full length album promises to leave deep scars in fans everywhere. With Bad Bloods initial blast, ‘Jaw Shot’, still ringing loudly in people's ears, the bands time is now. They are erupting an abusive, savage style of hardcore, and the sky's the limit. “Being able to be a part of this new generation of hardcore, and metal, feels awesome. Being at our shows, and seeing the effect we have on people, means a lot to us.” -Dan Finnelly “Honestly, Bad Blood has changed my life. The people I've met, all these positive vibes, it's something I needed in my life for a very long time. When I didn't have it, I was honestly like the most depressed person ever. The music that I'm making, it's my life. This is all I've ever wanted to work for. This whole experience has saved my life, it has been a beautiful safe haven.” -Deserey Esalie There's not much else to say, this isn't just another band, this is Bad Blood.

https://badblood312.bandcamp. com/track/blur

1/How did you chose the cover artwork for your album « nightmare king » ? Why did you have a wide artwork that can be used as banner? was it intended to at the first place? The artwork was originally intended to represent the duality of the world we live in, the "lesser of two evils" so to speak. hence the snakes going in opposite directions. It was always intended to be a wide banner since we were planning to also use it as a backdrop aswell as making it more versatile for other uses such as merch and posters etc. 2/Who and why have you chosen this band’s name? The band name was chosen by the whole band, we wanted it to represent the forward, aggressive, and yes, offensive nature we want for the band both in the music and other aspects. 3/Since you started did you have the usual line up problem to get this band running? I wouldnt say the way that the current line up came to be was "usual" it was a difficult and trying process trying to find people who were as engaged, talented and that also shared our vision, in the end i feel we made the right decisions for the circumstances to make the perfect mix of people and indeed we are as family. 4/Have you composed the songs as a band or each of you brought different parts? Since the writing process for nightmare king started long before the current line up were all gathered the "Main" songwriter has been our guitarist Tian who came up with all the original ideas for the demos and then our vocalist Markus who came up with the first draft for lyrics and vocal lines/melody, however everyone has brought their own touch to the table during the process and the current versions are much more everyone's' songs compared to the first demos. 5/Your album has a main music style although there is one song which is apart from the whole, what was the idea to break the explosion with that awesome song ? We wanted to showall sides of the band as early on as possible on the album and not clutter a part of it with too many similar songs to contstantly keep the peak interest of the listener. 6/Are you all involved in other bands?

Some of us have other projects going on but we all have Offensive Ground as our main priority and that is where the largest bets are laid 7/Who directed your video? Why choosing this song? We chose Salvage dump mainly because it was the single we released before the album, it is in our opinion the most in your face representation for any new listeners to really show what the band is all about, the video was directed, recorded and edited by our own guitarist KJ Melgoza 8/How did you get in touch with Jacob at Top Floor Studio to produce your album? seems like easy in Sweden ..most band need a label generally.. Actually we got in touch with Jakob through the local band Raised Fist who had already recorded with Jakob before. Jakob visited our hometown of LuleĂĽ to see them play and when we got introduced Jakob himself thought we sounded so good live that we needed a great sounding album to go along with it. 9/Working in a studio is not easy for a young band, did you have already some experience? None of us had any experience working in such a high-end studio we had only some idea what to expect. we spent huge amounts of energy and time to prepare and in the end we had all learned a lot and it came out better then we all had hoped, it was an adventure to be sure. 10/Did your songs evolved during the process or recording? Did you have to make sacrifices? The songs evolved a lot in the studio, we gave Jakob almost free hands as a producer in full confidence that he had the final touch that the music needed and yes, there were sacrifices, lots of "kill your darlings" as we came to call it! lots of arguing aswell untill Jakob would pull his VETO card if we were ever stuck in a hard decision. 11/So how do you deal with live dates etc.. have you got a manager? We are currently singed with Alpha Omega Management and we are trying to get some good dates set for the summer! 12/You have words from ex Inflame member, did you send out albums to artist for that? Actually we met him in the studio when we were recording, he is a good friend of our producer and they needed our help since they had a deadline to record for Cyhra while we were in the studio so we had a weeks break while they borrowed our studio time. Jesper got to listen to the stuff we had recorded so far at the time and he said that quote to us in person.

1/Since you started what has changed? the music business, musicians… The music business has changed from when the band was started there was a time that you could call Atlantic Records and talk to someone. With lack of product sales with free downloads makes it hard to sell music these days. 2/You just released a great album ‘killer of the game ‘ how was your creativity approach? Did you try to stick to your roots? Thank you. Killers of the Game was created because of all the chaos in the world today. for Killers of the Game we expanded outside of our roots. 3/How did you end up signing to Rock Avenue Records? We had a management company that contacted them. 4/Have you thought about having your own label? We have in the past but there is so much to do with and for the band that we chose to go with Rock Avenue Records USA. 5/Do you have your own music studio? Yes we have a rehearsal studio where we write and rehearse 6/Are you the main composer? Yes, Dale Lytle /Clare Diane 7/What is the main theme for the lyrics ? The main theme is about the world today and what is going on.

8/Would you say your band is stable? Are you good friends? Yes our band is very stable we work well together we all get along 9/Do you have a worldwide tour coming? We are currently working on an East Coast tour. 10/What are the songs people want you to play the most at your shows? God Country and king would be #1, Bad girl ,Cold day in Hell, Fallen, Long Gone but everyone has their favorite. 11/Are you still into shredding technics or you rather think of getting feelings to the songs? We write our songs for feelings there is something in every song that touches the human soul a song is to be felt to take you to another place. 12/How do you get the cover of your albums done? Dale Lytle founder and Guitarist came up with the cover concept for "Killers of the Game". 13/Are you gonna record an album every year? Have you got songs already written waiting to be played? We just went into the recording studio to record the music for our forth coming cd "Test of Time" should be out in Late April. 14/Are you endorsed? have you got one beloved guitar you always play with? My Favorite Guitar is an 86 original Kramer baretta . 15/When you chose the band’s name « angeles » did you think it would lead you that far? Our band was named after the ANGELES National Forest  we thought it was a good name since we were all from Los Angeles. Thank you Connie Lytle



1/Peux tu nous dire comment le groupe a démarré? Quelle était l’idée? L’idée du projet à démarré en 2013, et a vu le jour en 2015, en 2017 sous sous nom actuel de Garden Of Sinners. Le project était de composer du Heavy Metal celui qu’on aimerait entendre aujourd’hui, tout simplement, pour le plaisir. 1/Can you tell us how the band started ? What was the idea? The idea of the project came to us in 2013 and we founded the band in 2015.We lately found its name” Garden Of Sinners”. The idea was to play Heavy Metal for fun, the kind we’d like to ear today. 2/Combien de temps ils vous a fallu pour trouver les bons musiciens? Presque 3 ans! nous avons eu différents line up avec lesquels nous avons pu néanmoins mettre en place nos morceaux. Le dernier arrivé est notre chanteur qui nous a rejoint cet été. Le groupe est composé de Guy au chant, Stephan à la basse, Edgar à la batterie, Thierry à la guitare et moi même à la guitare aussi. 2/How long did it take to find the right musicians? Almost 3 years to find the actual line up. We worked with different people during the last 2 years, but we managed to work on the songs though. The last to join us is our singer, we met him last summer. Here are the following members of our band : Guy, singer, Stephan at the bass guitar, Edgar at the drums, Thierry at the guitar, and I, at the guitar as well. 3/Qui est le compositeur principal? Thierry compose la totalité des morceaux.

4/Who is the main composer? Thierry write all the music. 4/Avez vous modifié des compos avec le changement de line up? Non, mais des nouvelles compos ont vu le jour depuis. 4/Did you modiff the songs with the new line up? no, but new songs were written. 5/Comment vous est venu le nom du groupe? Garden Of Sinners est directement tiré du titre Garden Of The Sinners de l’album Power Plant du groupe de Power Gamma Ray, dont Thierry et moi sommes très fan. Nous l’avons légèrement modifié pour qu’il soit plus facile à dire. Aucun lien avec le célèbre manga! 5/How did you end up choosing the name for the band? Garden Of Sinners directly comes from “Gamma Ray’s” Power Plant album, we are very found of this band. We changed it ,so it is more easily read and pronounced. 6/Quelle est la difficulté de vivre dans une ville non Métal? Trouvez des musiciens comme en témoigne notre parcours! Nous sommes obligés de pas mal bouger pour jouer aussi, mais cela est une évidence pour tous les groupes de métal en France. 6/What is the difficulty to live in a Non Metal city? To find musicians as our history relates to. We have to move a lot to play, but it is quite the same for very metal band here in France. 7/Ou répettez vous? avez vous un studio? Nous répétons à La Sirène qui en plus d’être une salle de concert, met à disposition des studios de répétions. 7/Where do you rehearse? Our rehearsals take place in La Sirène in La Rochelle, which propose studios to play in. 8/Vous avez un premier album qui va sortir et avec une pochette de dingue, comment avez vous eu ce magnifique dessin? est ce que l’artiste c’est inspiré de votre musique où vous lui avez donné des indications? JP Fournier à réalisé la cover ainsi que l’ensemble du design de l’album. Il a réalisé un travail de malade! Nous avons bossé ensemble pour la réalisation de la pochette, nous lui avons fourni le thème et quelques éléments et il a été rapidement inspiré, et a élaboré assez vite la scène que vous pouvez voir en couverture. 8/ Your first album will see the light of day soon with an amazing cover artwork, how did you got this drawing? Did the artist got inspired by your music or you gave him ideas? JP Fournier made the cover and the entire album’s design. He made an amazing job! We worked together on the main cover, we gave him the global idea and a few things to deal with and he was quickly inspired and drew it so fast! 9/Comment avez vous choisit le titre de l’album? Quel est le thème principal de l’album? Qui écrit les paroles?

Nous avons pris le titre d’un morceau parmi les autres, qui était le plus révélateur du thème général de notre album. Nous traitons, en gros, de la théorie du nouvel ordre mondial et “ Truthsayers” “ceux qui disent la vérité” en français peut s’appliquer à différentes choses en fonction de ce que vous voulez voir, il est ciblé mais en même temps ouvert c’est pour ça que nous l’avons choisi! Vous pouvez y voir la religion, la science, les politiques et pourquoi pas les aliens! C’est une vérité très aléatoire en fait! Un peu à l’image de notre société. J’écris en général les textes, en fonction de ce qui vient, des fois un thème ou un mot que trouve Thierry. 9/How did you chose the album title? What is the principal theme? Who writes the lyrics? We took a song in our album, the one which title was most in line with the main theme. Our songs are about the New World Order and the titles “Truthsayers” can speak of different things depending on you. That’s why we chose it! You can see different things through it : religion, politicians, science and even aliens! it is a very random truth actually! A little bit like our society! I write most of the lyrics, sometimes from a theme, from a word Thierry gives me. 10/Parlez nous un peu de votre matos, utilisez vous toujours les mêmes où vous aimez tester des nouveaux équipements? utilisez vous le numérique? Nous utilisons toujours le même matériel, nous avons du matériel bien spécifique pour le live et pour l’enregistrement. Tout l’album a été enregistré en numérique. Nous utilisons ESP, ENGL, Logic Two Notes, Digitech, Tascam, DDP, Sonor, Cort, TC Electronics, Marshall, Line 6... 10/Let’s talk about your gear, do you use the same ones or you like to test new equipments? Do you use digital? We always use the same set up, we have one for the concerts and one for recording. The entire album has been digitaly recorded.We mainly use ESP, ENGL, Logical Two Notes, Digitech, Tascam, DDP, Sonor, Cort, TC Electronics, Marshall, Line 6... 11/Avez vous des notions technique pour faire un album? Nous avons effectué toutes les prises chant et instrument nous même à l’exception de la batterie qui a été prise en studio par Sylvain Rouvière. Nous avons ensuite tout envoyé à Sylvain qui s’est occupé du mixage et mastering. 11/ Do you have technical skills to record the album? We recorded all the tracks ourselves except for the drums which have been done in studio by Sylvain Rouvière. He did then all the mix and mastering. 12/Avez vous déjà tourné dans toute la France? avec Facebook avez vous des fans à l’etranger? Non, nous avons joué sur la scène locale pour l’instant, de Nantes à Bordeaux en fait , nous planifions de jouer en France et même à l’étranger mais nous attendons aussi notre album pour pouvoir proposer notre support lors de concerts. A travers pas mal de promotion via Facebook en Europe, nous nous sommes rendus compte que nous avions pas mal de fan au Portugal, Espagne, Italie! Nous espérons un jour pouvoir leur faire honneur et jouer là bas! 12/Have already played live dates accross France? With Facebook do you have fans abroad? No, we played not too far from our place,from Nantes to Bordeaux so far. We would like to play in other venues in France and abroad but we’re also waiting for our album, so we can sell it at our concerts. We did a lot of Facebook promotion in Europe, and noticed we had a lot of feedback from Portugal, Spain or Italia! We truly hope we will play there one day! 13/Vous avez des petites vidéos qui donnent un aperçu de vos compositions, allez vous utiliser une plateforme digitale

pour donner envie aux gens d’acheter votre album? L’album sera en vente sur Bandcamp, et certainement d’autres supports en ligne. Nous allons aussi réaliser un clip dès la sortie de l’album, pour permettre de mettre une image sur ce que nous faisons. La vidéo est une approche essentielle aujourd’hui. 13/You have litte videos that gives an insight of your compositions, will you use a digital platform to give people the wish to buy the album? The album will be sold online on Bandcamp and other websites. We will soon make a music video to put an image on our songs. Videos are an essential mean of sale and sharing today. 14/Quels sont les contacts que vous possédez pour faire des concerts dans des villes où il y a plus de possibilité de jouer du Métal? Avez vous les billes pour bouger? Nous commençons à nous faire un bon book de contact que nous nous faisons au fil de l’eau à travers des dates et les réseaux sociaux, pour jouer sur la petite scène en France, et dans quelques festivals en France et à l’étranger, ainsi que des contact de radios qui devraient nous diffuser dès que l’album sort. Il s’agit en France pour la plupart d’associations ou d’organisateurs d’événements. Ca prend du temps, mais petit à petit le projet gagne en importance! Nous mettons un point d’honneur à démarcher nous même ces contacts; de la même manière nous avons auto-produit “Truthsayers”. Notre indépendance est très importante. 14/Which contact do you have for live shows in city where they are more possibilities to play Metal? Do you have what it takes to move? We have made contacts all along our concerts and research through the social networks, to play in France or in Festival in Europe , as well as being played on radios...It takes time to achieve, but the project carries on growing up. We solicit our contacts ourselves, as we self produced “Truthsayers”. It is very important for us to stay free from any kind of financial contract. Lizee et Thierry (guitares) pour Garden Of Sinners Lizee & Thierry (guitars) for Garden Of Sinners, translation by Lizee.

1/Who started the band and what was the idea? I started the band with drummer Dani in 2012 and Bass player Brendan joined right before we recorded our first offering Seasons Of Triumph. We wanted to play dark music but with a positive twist. 2/Your album ‘The valley…’ hasn’t got a band logo and looks more like a project, what troubles did you encountered with that album? The Valley Beyond was a culmination of a lot of ideas recorded over an entire year. Some of the issues we had were around getting the right amount of time to record and mix the album as we all have full time jobs as well. 3/The music of the album is varied and is hard to set into one box, is it a thing you wanted? We have always all liked a broad range of metal and other styles of music and that came out in the songs we write. We never like to limit ourselves because at the end of the day we do this for fun. 4/On your Facebook page you have a logo and identity, why it took longer? The logo and identity is about creating a new era for the band as we move forward. It jas taken awhile as sometimes in bands not all parties are on the same page. 5/Is it easy to create a metal band in Australia? It is easy in Australia because there is a lot of musicians who want to be in metal bands. Plenty of excellent bands currently in Australia. 6/Is there a Metal scene? is it concentrated in one part of the country? Metal scene is very strong in Australia currently. Biggest city for it is Melbourne. 7/Can you explain the thing about the fly design and close up it the band’s mascot? We love the natural world and our drummer is interested in photography so we incorporated that into the band. 8/The title tracks gives info about the lyrics , what is the main theme? have you got lots of anger to spit in your music? Our overriding theme is that even though we live in a fucked up world there is something to fight and live for. 9/Do you have a new album coming ? and would it be different than the one I listened from 2016?

We have a lot of songs written for a new album and we are also looking for a new drummer so hopefully we will be able to start recording towards the end of this year. 10/Who compose the songs? what lead the creation, are you using different parts and put them together? I gemerally come up with the basic structure of the songs and then we work the rest out in the rehearsal room. 11/Do you have engineering skills? How did you record that album? I do not have engineering skills myself so we use a friend who has his own studio: Against The Grain studios in Adelaide. So he recorded the album amd mixed it as well and we helped produce it ourselves. 12/What are you gears, do you try new ones and digital equipments? I used an Avid Audio Elevenrack digital amp for all the guitars. Guitar wise I play a Schecter C1-FR Custom. Thankyou for the opportunity to be interviewed. ďżź Roly Sedulous-Rouse-346645445441083/

The Metal Mag N° 21 - December 2017 / January 2018  

The Metal Mag N° 21 - December 2017 / January 2018 - Terry Glaze - Entropy Coding - Midnite Hellion - Jackson Hewitt - Panndora - Laurence J...

The Metal Mag N° 21 - December 2017 / January 2018  

The Metal Mag N° 21 - December 2017 / January 2018 - Terry Glaze - Entropy Coding - Midnite Hellion - Jackson Hewitt - Panndora - Laurence J...