Menil Collection FY18 Annual Report

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The Menil Collection Annual Report

Photo: Kevin Keim.


Fiscal Year 2018, July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018




























DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE Fiscal Year 2018 had just begun when meteorologists sounded warnings about a possible hurricane headed towards the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Harvey’s arrival and prolonged stay in the Houston area in late August was a true test of the Menil Collection’s emergency preparedness plan. I am pleased to report that our museum buildings sustained no damage from the storm. The new drainage systems in both the West Alabama parking lot and the stretch of West Main Street bordering the Menil Drawing Institute performed as designed and whisked the water away from our buildings. The underground storage areas at the Menil Drawing Institute remained bone dry. We are particularly grateful to those employees who stayed at the museum for consecutive days in order to safeguard the buildings and collections. Once Houston’s flood waters receded, the main museum building reopened with Thirty Works for Thirty Years, a celebration of the legacy of John and Dominique de Menil. John Chamberlain’s American Tableau, 1984—shown on the cover of this year’s annual report—was one of many highlights of that presentation. Thirty Works for Thirty Years included a keepsake brochure that transformed the installation into a history lesson in the guise of a treasure hunt, an opportunity to see favorite works of art anew and to discover pieces rarely on display. Above all it emphasized the vibrancy and importance of the Menil Collection during its thirty-year existence. In October the Menil unveiled a critically acclaimed major loan show titled Mona Hatoum: Terra Infirma, the international artist’s first solo exhibition in the United States in more than twenty years. Senior Curator Michelle White worked closely with Hatoum to choose sculptures, installations, and drawings that underscore the artist’s interest in placelessness and the fragility of “home” in a turbulent world. The exploration of these themes was particularly

timely in light of the global refugee crisis, which touches so many of Houston’s diverse communities as well as Hurricane Harvey’s recent devastation. After the Hatoum exhibition left for the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, Saint Louis, the Menil’s main museum building was closed to the public for a substantial renovation. The need to replace the fire detection sensors offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve all of the public spaces. Wood floors were refinished, overhead and case lighting enhanced, drywall replaced, gallery spaces reconfigured, bathrooms renovated, storage lockers added, visitor guides and maps reconceptualized, and so forth. Curators and conservators examined the permanent collection, treated works, created new mounts, and planned installations. Every Menil staff member was involved with this major project. During the closure, our gallery attendants greeted visitors at the entrance of the main museum building and directed people to our other art spaces. Attendance at the Cy Twombly Gallery, Dan Flavin Installation at Richmond Hall, and Byzantine Fresco Chapel more than doubled. The numerous public programs held in these venues included Arrivals and Departures: Cage, Cunningham, and Johns, a particularly beautiful collaboration between the Menil, Houston Ballet, and the Merce Cunningham Trust. Renovations also took place on our rental properties. Many worn roofs and driveways were replaced, and all properties were updated with operable, energy-efficient windows. Throughout the Menil neighborhood, the new landscaping designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates began to take hold and reveal itself. Sandy leaf fig, iris, and sweetbay magnolias have a noticeable presence, and the colorful perennial penstemon, a hummingbird favorite which blooms all spring and summer, creates a spectacular border alongside McGovern Green. Much of the work described above has been funded by the Menil’s first-ever capital campaign, which, when it concluded on December 31, 2017, raised over $121 million. Led by Board President Janet Hobby and Campaign Chair Leslie Elkins Sasser, The Campaign for the Menil has also made possible the West Alabama parking lot, Bistro Menil, Energy House, and Menil Drawing Institute. We have been so busy that there is not enough room on this page to mention everything we accomplished since the previous annual report. Suffice it to say, that writing about the past year feels like a cliffhanger because so many of the projects that we began during that time have now been completed. It is inspirational to watch a beloved institution like the Menil Collection strive to reach its potential, and that is very much the spirit of fiscal year 2018. Sincerely,

Rebecca Rabinow (left) and Mona Hatoum at the opening of Mona Hatoum: Terra Infirma. Photo: Daniel Ortiz.

Rebecca Rabinow Director


MISSION STATEMENT The Menil Collection is shaped by the vision of its founders, John and Dominique de Menil, and their belief that the arts are central to the human experience. There is a deep spirituality and humanism at the heart of the collection, and the intimate and contemplative environment in which art is displayed respects the primacy of the artwork and the viewer’s direct encounter with art. The Menil Collection is committed to sustaining the special spirit and core values that define this institution and to keeping them relevant for future generations.


• A commitment to take

• Valuing the artists

extraordinary care for

intention and working with

works of art and their

certain artists on a deeper

display in an environment

and more sustained level

that respects the primacy

• The central role of

of the art

research and scholarship

• Having museum buildings devoted solely to art and its requirements

Preserving the spirit

and character of the

• An international character and presence

• A commitment to ethical integrity and social responsibility

campus environment and

• Accessibility and an

neighborhood setting

institutional culture that is

sensitive and responsive

An intellectual

independence and a

to issues of diversity

willingness to take risks and be out of the mainstream



Henrietta K. Alexander Chinhui Juhn Allen Michael D. Cannon Bettie Cartwright Danny David Daniel R. Dubrowski David Fitch Barbara Gamson Cullen K. Geiselman Terri Havens Anita Jaisinghani

Carol Kelley I. H. (Denny) Kempner III Fadila Kibsgaard Ransom Lummis Nancy McGregor Manne Mary Hale Lovett McLean Marc C. Melcher Jack Moriniere Roy Nolen Judy Nyquist Marilyn Oshman

Francesco Pellizzi Jessica Phifer Anthony Pinn Jerome B. Simon Louis Sklar Reggie Smith Aliyya Stude Lea Weingarten Sarah Whiting Michael Zilkha


Louisa Stude Sarofim, Chair and Life Trustee Janet M. Hobby, President Douglas L. Lawing, Vice President Eddie R. Allen III, Treasurer Adelaide de Menil, Secretary

Nancy O’Connor Abendshein Suzanne Deal Booth Robert J. Carney Clare T. Casademont Michael Conforti Aziz Friedrich Russell B. Hawkins Caroline Huber George B. Kelly J. David Kirkland Janie C. Lee Alison Leland Benjamin de Menil Francois de Menil Franci Neely Harry C. Pinson William E. Pritchard III Leslie Elkins Sasser Anne Schlumberger James W. Stewart, Jr. Mark L. D. Wawro Marcy Taub Wessel Miles Glaser (1925–2004), emeritus

Photo: Ben Doyle, Runaway Productions.


Sylvie and Eric Boissonnas The Brown Foundation, Inc. Edmund and Adelaide de Menil Carpenter The Cullen Foundation Margaret W. and J. A. Elkins, Jr. The Charles Englehard Foundation Fayez Sarofim & Co. Fariha and Heiner Fredrich Hobby Foundation Houston Endowment Inc.

Caroline Weiss Law The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Dominique de Menil Susan and Francois de Menil Annalee G. Newman Susan E. and Roy S. O’Connor Louisa Stude Sarofim Scaler Foundation, Inc. Annette Schlumberger The Wortham Foundation


New green space between the Energy House (left) and the entrance to the Menil Drawing Institute. The back of the Renzo Piano-designed Cy Twombly Gallery is visible at right.


THE CAMPAIGN FOR THE MENIL The Menil Collection concluded the first comprehensive capital campaign in its thirty-year history on December 31, 2017. Donations to The Campaign for the Menil totaled more than $121 million, exceeding the original goal by $6 million. More than 500 individual donors and foundations contributed gifts ranging from $5 to more than $5 million to support the Menil Collection’s vision for the future. $50 million raised by the campaign was applied to the endowment. Another $65 million was designated for new capital projects and other improvements. Priorities include:

New Parks and Green Space

An Increased Endowment

to maintain our tranquil urban

to support our growth, care for our

neighborhood, with particular regard

collections and neighborhood, and

to sustainability and natural plantings

ensure that admission remains free

to all visitors

The Menil Drawing Institute

Key Museum Initiatives

to create a space dedicated to

to renovate and update the Renzo

the acquisition, study, exhibition,

Piano-designed main museum building

conservation, and storage of modern and contemporary drawing

Photo: Richard Barnes.

New Energy House

Redesigned Gateway

to activate a central plant with new

to welcome visitors to the Menil

energy-efficient equipment needed to meet the ever-growing power requirements of the Menil’s thirty-acre neighborhood

neighborhood and guide them from a beautifully landscaped new parking lot on West Alabama Street to the Bistro Menil, the Menil Bookstore, and other museum buildings and parks


(top) Marcy Taub Wessel, Louisa Stude Sarofim, and Rebecca Rabinow. Photo: Priscilla Dickson. (bottom) Architect Sharon Johnston and Campaign Chair Leslie Elkins Sasser Photo: Daniel Ortiz.


CAMPAIGN COMPLETION CELEBRATION In January 2018, leadership donors gathered at the Menil House to celebrate the successful completion of The Campaign for the Menil.

(top left) Geraldina and Scott Wise. (top right) Lois Stark, Suzanne Deal Booth, and LeMel Humes. (middle left) Ransom and Isabel Lummis. (middle right) George and Linda Kelly and Shannon Sasser. (bottom) Jereann Chaney, Janet Hobby, and Mathew Wolf. Photos: Priscilla Dickson.


CAMPAIGN DONORS The Menil gratefully acknowledges the following donors for their cumulative gifts to The Campaign for the Menil made between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2017.

$25,000,000+ Louisa Stude Sarofim

$20,000,000+ The Brown Foundation, Inc.

$5,000,000+ Nancy D. and Robert J. Carney John R. Eckel, Jr. Foundation John P. and Kathrine G. McGovern

$2,500,000+ Anonymous Suzanne Deal Booth The Cullen Foundation The Elkins Foundation Houston Endowment Adelaide de Menil BÊrengère Primat

$1,000,000- $2,499,999 Anonymous Chinhui and Eddie Allen E. Rudge Allen Family Susan and Richard Anderson Family Fund Charles Butt Clare Casademont and Michael Metz Dan L Duncan Foundation Barbara and Michael Gamson Diana and Russell Hawkins William J. Hill* Hobby Family Foundation Linda and George Kelly Janie C. Lee

Photo: Paul Hester.


Cornelia and Meredith Long The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Susan and Francois de Menil Susanne and William E. Pritchard III Allison Sarofim The Sarofim Foundation William F. Stern* Mark Wawro and Melanie Gray and The Wawro-Gray Foundation The Wortham Foundation Michael Zilkha

$500,000 - $999,999 Nancy and Mark Abendshein The Fondren Foundation Kinder Foundation Marilyn Oshman and The Oshman Foundation Anne* and Bill Stewart

$200,000 - $499,999 Gail, Louis and Marc Adler Laura and John Arnold M.D. Anderson Foundation Jereann and Holland Chaney Agnes Gund Anne and David* Kirkland Menil Contemporaries Franci Neely Foundation Scott and Judy Nyquist Karen and Harry Pinson Scaler Foundation, Inc. The Search Foundation Vivian L. Smith Foundation Mike Stude Marcy Taub Wessel and the Taub Foundation Ann and Mathew Wolf

$100,000 - $199,999 Ruth and Ted Bauer Family Foundation Leslie and Brad Bucher Diane and Michael Cannon Anne and Albert Chao and T.T. and Wei Fong Chao Foundation Coneway Family Foundation Hilda and Greg Curran Sara Paschall Dodd The Fant Foundation The Fitch Family Heidi and David Gerger Janet Gurwitch George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation Barbara and Gerald D. Hines Paige and Todd Johnson Jesse H. Jones II Carol and Neil Kelley Sissy and Denny Kempner Isabel and Ransom Lummis Nancy McGregor and Neal Manne Evelyn and Roy Nolen The Omena Fund Kitty King Powell* T.R. and Isla Reckling Fayez Sarofim Leigh and Reggie Smith Lois and George Stark Phoebe and Bobby Tudor Bridget and Patrick Wade

$50,000 - $99,999 Cece and Mack Fowler Holthouse Foundation for Kids Rochelle and Max Levit Gary Mercer Henry and Neda Scanlan in memory of Jacob Scanlan Eleanor Sheldon

Susan Vaughan Foundation The Melvyn and Cyvia Wolff Family Fund Barbara and Charlie Wright

$10,000 - $49,999 Judy Ley Allen Jeff O. Beauchamp Bettie Cartwright Stephanie and Greg Evans Sarah and John Hastings Caroline Huber Winnifred and Mavis P. Kelsey Stephanie Larsen Marley Lott Mary Ann and Alexander K. McLanahan Fan and Peter Morris Carol and David Neuberger Emily Rauh Pulitzer Fairfax and Risher Randall Jacqueline and Richard Schmeal Elizabeth and Rick Schnieders Lea Weingarten Ben and Marion Wilcox Erla and Harry Zuber

$1,000 - $9,999 Anonymous Ellen Benninghoven Carolyn Satterwhite Brewer Hiram Butler Gallery Nancy and Taylor Cooksey Susan Courtemanche Steven L. Cowart Helen Davis Kelly Dehay and Rod Danielson Norman and Christina Diekman Inell Dyer-Klein and Jack Klein Sarah and Ken Fisher Leslie Gassner *Deceased

Leadership donors to The Campaign for the Menil signed the underside of a cedar plank that was then installed on the exterior of the Menil Drawing Institute.


CAMPAIGN DONORS CONTINUED Edward J. Gibbon, Jr. Karsten Greve Dawn Hawley Dorene and Frank Herzog The Arlene and Marshall Hoffman Foundation Randall Hage Jamail Jerry Jeanmard and Cliff Helmcamp The Joan and Marvin Kaplan Foundation Dillon Kyle and Sam Lasseter Guillermo Leguizamรณn* Benigna and Ernst Leiss Judy and Rodney Margolis Michelle McGrath Kwabena and Linda Sarpong Anne and Dr. John Mendelsohn Benjamin de Menil Michael Clark and Sallie Morian Roxann and Tim Neumann Scott Orr Dana B. Padgett

Carl and Andrea Peterson H. Russell Pitman The Powell Foundation/ Janet and Harvin Moore Carol and Dan Price Dean Putterman Mariana Servitje Josephine and Richard Smith Carol and Michael Stamatedes Jan van Lohuizen and Sandra Tirey Luc Tuymans Jana Vander Lee Ann Wales Nancy Zeckendorf John L. Zipprich II

Up to $999 Kirby Attwell Margaret Bailey David and Leta Bills Barry Patricia and Gary Beaver-Skakun

A team of art handlers installing an Ellsworth Kelly sculpture in front of the Menil Drawing Institute.


Photo: Kari Dodson.

John Boehm Linda and Philip Boyko Robin and Richard Brooks Marilyn and Terry Brooks Gayle and Bruce Buhler Mimi Bull Maurine and J.D. Bybee Ginny and Bill Camfield Nancy Crowther Ellen and James Cummins Robbin and Alice Dawson Deborah Detering Ellena Dickerson Mary Dix Francoise and Edward Djerejian Jolene and Harold Eisenman Diana and Peter Garza Irma and Kirk Girouard Joan and Fritz Glover Ann and Richard Goldfarb Timothy Green Nonya and Jonathan Grenader Boriana Grueva Giulia and Robert Hattan Katy Haute Beryl Hogshead Jed Lee Howard Hank Hudspeth Courtney Hutcheson AnnMarie Johnson and Dave Maxey Josie and Michael Jones Beatrice Kampmann Gerry Karkowsky Chandra Katragadda Kim Pashko and David Kelly Anne Kinder Charles and Patricia Kubin James Lea Joan Lyons Rosemary and Michael Malbin Alice and Herb Marchand Kristi and Earle Martin Carl Masterson Mollie McBride Gundi McCandless Will McCorquodale Patrice McCracken Marilyn McDonald David McKee Catherine and William McNamara Matilda Melnick Vickie Milazzo and Thomas Ziemba Dan Moody James and Janet Morris Meg and Nelson Murray *Deceased

Sandra and Philip Nauert Nelda and Eugene Nosal Joan O’Leary Mark Onak Linda and Saul Perlman Lynn and Mark Pickett Judy and Lawrence Pirtle Daisy and Bill Quayle Crennan Ray George Rizzo Nancy and Theodore Rosen David Ruiz Ginger and Mark Ryan Chula and Ramon Sanchez Glenna Scharon

Veronique and Luc Schlumberger Chris Seger Michele Joy and K. Thomas Shahriari Michelle and Clifford Shedd Karin and Leo Shipman Elizabeth and Robert Shoss Renie and Louis Silver Sue Strickland Mary Lou Swift Langston and Robert Symon Gabrielle and Heinrich Taegtmeyer Susan and Walker Taylor Robert Teten

Nicola Toubia Robert and Anne Tucker Patricia and Steven Uchytil Julie Urech David Veale Marietta Voglis Henry Walker Meggan Walsh Anita and Angel Werch Beth Williams William McDonald and Janet Williams Delby and Burton Willingham Elena Cusi Wortham

MENIL CONTEMPORARIES FUND The Menil Contemporaries participated in The Campaign for the Menil though a crowdsourcing effort to establish a permanent endowment fund in support of neighborhood greening. Donations to the Contemporaries Campus Greening Fund totaled more than $320,000 from lead gifts from individuals as well as proceeds from a seated dinner, neighborhood park crawl, and the Surreal SoirĂŠe. More than 200 individuals contributed gifts to the fund.

$10,000 - $25,000 Eddie and Chinhui Allen Dr. Penelope and Mr. Lester Marks Mark Wawro & Melanie Gray and The Wawro-Gray Family Foundation Lea Weingarten Marcy Taub Wessel and The Taub Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999 Wirt Blaffer and Nina Delano Sara B. Cain Cullen K. Geiselman Kelly and Russell Hamman and The Watson Foundation Madeline Kelly Sara Kelly John McLaughlin Katie and Whitney Mears Jennifer Nelsen Tejal Shah and Joshua Newcomer Jessica Phifer Sarah Beth and Paul A. Seifert Jennifer and David Strauss Judd Swanson

$1,000 - $4,999 Menil Contemporaries Judd Swanson, Jessica Phifer, and Josh Newcomer. Photo: Daniel Ortiz.

Anonymous Elizabeth and David W. Anders


MENIL CONTEMPORARIES FUND CONTINUED Melanie and Mitchell Baldridge Beverly Barrett Laurence and Henry S. Bragg Jennifer and Doug V. Getten Ina Kuehnhoefer-Riley and Philip Riley Leigh-Ann Laughlin Mimi Levine Katherine M. Lummis Anne and Jack Moriniere Amanda and Ren Nebel Lutfi Rukab Sophia Sciabica Scott and Michael Shaver Tatiana and Guillermo Sierra Kelly and Nicholas Silvers Caroline Starry Stella McCartney Houston Benjamin Geer Wilcox Meredith Xavier Elizabeth and Barry Young

$500 - $999 Abejas James Bell Hunter Bell Ryan Boehner Virginia and Bret Braverman John Brewster Val and Martial Burguieres Marjorie and J. Walker Cain II Natalie and Taylor Chalmers Kristen Cliburn Lauren Craft Kate and Holbrook Dorn Dain and Shannon Drake Kimberly Falgout Morgan Garvey Illa and William Gaunt Lacey and Matt Goossen Megan Grant Elizabeth Gregory Katie and Thomas Hensley Marc Horowitz Carroll Ison Saba Jawda Sarah Jawda Eileen and Bennett Johnston Shelley and Alex Kaplan Kathryn Keener Mavis Kelsey III Susanna Kise and Michael Kezirian Jarrod Klawinsky Caroline Knapp Kathryn and Charlie Kuntz 13

Matthew LaBita Aurelia and Rene Largo Megan Light Laura and Charles Litton Ryan Lynch Luis Macias-Navarro Michael Mandola Natalie Marchbanks Dolling William and Nancy MathĂŠ Liz McStravick Mark Monroe Sergio Morales Cara and Tanner Moran Madeline and Felix Moreno Caroline Negley Igor and Capera Norinsky Allison Pace Mary Patton Chris and Josh Pazda Olivia and Edward Persia Wes and Laura Persia Calia and Peter Pettigrew Winnie and Nicholas Phillips Jason Presley Dario Robleto Nicole and Joey Romano Izzy and John Schulte Jordan and Dylan Seff Sandra and Stefano Serrani Colleen Sheedy Seth and Hannah Siegel-Gardner Courtney and Bas Solleveld Rima and Ryan Soroka Scott Sparvero Karen Sumner Tootsies Shane Tolbert William Weathers Patrick Yarborough

Up to $499 Anonymous Ben Ackerley Louis Adam Rebecca Ahrens Umair Akbar Daniel Andersen Chase Anderson Sarah Ansell Terry and Eleanor Austin Kelly Barnhart Bart Barrett Katharine Barthelme Eva Bashover Sara and Philip Beck Jonathan Beitler

Josh Benporat Haley Berkman Amy Mason and Michael Birk Christopher Boling and Mary Kelly Kristen Bollinger Winifred Scheuer and Kevin Bonebrake Charles Bonnel Justin Boyar Shelly Bressler Anna Brewster Lela Brodsky Paula Brown Zachry and Mimi Brown Alice Burguieres Jennifer Butkevich Grace and Aaron Byrd Nathan Campbell Molly Campbell Alexandria Carlson Sara Carter Andrew Colopy and Robert Booth Reagan Corbett Chad Covey Landon Craft Betty and Alex Crain Jessica Crutcher Jeffrey Cutler Emily and Brock Wilson Katie Day Susan and Francois de Menil Celia Deleon Laura Donnelly Lindsey Duhon Tiffany and David Dunning Elizabeth and Alexander Dwyer Tenley Eakin and Vivek Raj Alyssa Ely Carrie Ermler Courtney Erwin Timothy Evers Stephan Farber Stephanie and Jeremy Faulk Katharine Field Edward Finger Andrew Fisher Kate and John Fitzgerald William Fitzgerald Sarah and Ben Foltz Paul Fulcher Mina Gaber Valorie George Zach Gerlock Nisha Ghayalod J.D. and Tony Gibson

James Glassman Tracy Glesby Jade Goodwin Jonathan Goossen Ryan Gordon Cynthia and Ben Guill Ryan Gurule Claudio Gutierrez Kristy Hamilton Alecia Harris Judd Harrison Lucie Harte Nellen Hawkins Sarah Henderson Shanna Hennig Hillary Higgins Alana and Greg Highberger Markella Hoffman Blake Holcomb Bradley Houston Boyu Hu Laurel Huffman Jackie Hugele Hunter LLC Robert Hunziker Oleg Jolic Jana Jolly Tracy and Brian Kapiloff Jason Kaprelian Adam Karren Heidi Kashani Mary Helen Keebler Brayden and Ted Keenan Charlotte Keenan Roxana Kouros Amy Krasner Rachel and Billy Kronenberger Taylor Landry Eric Larson Elizabeth Lawnin Matt LeBlanc Edie Lee Jason Leisinger Jacqueline Levine Taylor and Devon Liedtke Jon Liroff Harry Long Nicole Longnecker Bridgette Longoria Helen Lueders Melissa McDonnell Luján and Carlos Luján Coco Luo Cynthia and Chad Mabry Ross Macdonald Macquarie Bank, Ltd Michael Maggart

Margaret and Neil Manus Annie and Taylor Mason Curtis Mason Surena and Misty Matin Conor McEvily Katie McNearney Hayley McSwain Alexandra Mealer Bayly Mears Parker Mears Davide Mei Carlos Mejias Tamar Mendelssohn Victor Mendoza and Sarah Starry John Michael William Middleton Jeff Miles Rory Miller Nehal Modi Kelly Montana Kimball and David Moriniere Andrea Murphy Tommy Napier Reyad Nasser Raj Natarajan Kevin Nebel Van Ngo and Terry Hurley Sarah O’Shea Anne Dale Owen Nan Parsley Alexis Pennington Claire Petratis Patrick Phillips Alan Pike Anthony Pirraglia Dean Putterman Tara Quell Mary Hamman Quinn and Jacob Quinn Linsay and Jeremy Radcliffe Benedicte Rageot Kathleen and Scotty Reynolds Tom Rhoads Victoria Ridgway Britni Riley Carolyn Roney Joel Rottier Saul Rubin Hayner Rude Karlsson and Brian Salek Victoria Salem Neal Sarkar Gillian Sarofim Gokce and Troy Schaum Eryn Schultz Christopher Scott Omid Sharifian

Mohammed Shivji Orel Shoham Carlos Sierra James Sivco Sarah Smith James Snouffer Naomi Sosner Robert Spiegel Clinton Stephens Natalie Hightower and John Stewart Robert Strauss Katya Strinka Linley Stroud Scott Sullivan Hunter Summerford Sarah and Michael Sutton Dawn and Eric Swanson Jean and Lewis Swanson Ennio Tasciotti Alexandra Tennant Catherine Thedinger Hannah Thibodeaux Claire and Patrick Thielke Claire Thomas Meghan Thrash Katherine Thurman Susie and Payson Tucker Melissa and Oliver Tuckerman Brittany Underwood Laurence Unger Gabriella and Romain Uribe Linden Utt Nicholas Van Antwerp Alejandro Vargas Corey Vincent Liz and Hunter Wakefield Kelly Walker Lesley Walker Tim Walsh Ginny Weathers Lizzy Wermuth Todd Widell Richard Wilkens Cabral Williams Isabel Wilson Bailey Wilson Hallie Wimberly Alison Wisdom Katie and Gregory Wisian Crystal Wreden Hunter Wright Austin Yager Mollie Yarborough Steven Yevich Christian and Thomas Zaleski 14

LUMINOUS: THE MENIL COLLECTION'S 30TH ANNIVERSARY BALL Luminous: The Menil Collection’s 30th Anniversary Ball was a memorable evening that honored Menil Chairman and Life Trustee Louisa Stude Sarofim. Co-chairs Adelaide de Menil Carpenter, Allison Sarofim and Stuart Parr, Leigh and Reggie Smith, and Phoebe and Bobby Tudor were inspired by a small painting of a moonlit landscape that the artist Max Ernst sent as a holiday gift to John and Dominique de Menil in 1955. Luminous took place on a clear winter night under a so-called “super moon.” Every aspect of the ball reflected the theme of the evening and the very special spirit of the Menil. The Menil holds a gala once every five years, and each is an important source of operating revenue. Contributions to Luminous totaled more than $2,500,000. These funds help ensure that the Menil’s galleries, programs, and green spaces remain open to the public, free of charge. PaperCity was the exclusive media sponsor and Four Seasons Hotel Houston was the preferred hotel of the Menil Collection’s 30th anniversary ball.


Saturday, December 2, 2017

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Honoree Louisa Stude Sarofim with her daughter Allison Sarofim. Menil Foundation President Janet Hobby welcomes the crowd.

Page 16 (top left) (top right)

Gala co-chairs Phoebe Tudor, Leigh Smith, and Allison Sarofim. Photo: David Brown. Jane and James Cohan, JooYoung Choi, and Trenton Doyle Hancock.

Francois de Menil and members of the de Menil and Schlumberger families toast Louisa Stude Sarofim. (middle right) Barbara and Michael Gamson, Roni Horn, and Kara Vander Weg. (bottom left) African superstar and Grammy award-winner AngĂŠlique Kidjo. Photo: Daniel Ortiz. (bottom right) Michael Metz, Clare Casademont, and Eddie Allen. All photos by Jenny Antill except where noted otherwise. (middle left)



Mona Hatoum: Terra Infirma October 13, 2017 – February 25, 2018

The contemporary work of London-based artist Mona Hatoum (b. 1952) has come to define the growing unease of an ever-expanding world, one that is as technologically networked as it is politically fractured by war and exile. Through an investigation of place, the body, and a minimalist language of form, her sculptures, performances, and installations since the 1980s are grounded in critical questions about how shifting geographic borders and institutional structures limit, if not violently define, how we comfortably find a home in the world. She powerfully carries out this sense of precariousness through a remarkable variety of juxtaposed materials that are as beautiful as they are dangerous. The fragility of blown glass, strands of hair, woven thread and delicate beads, are often matched in her work by the robust severity of steel plates, barbed wire, and knife blades.The artist’s first major solo exhibition in the United States in twenty years, this show brought together a group of major sculptures and installations from American and European collections. Mona Hatoum: Terra Infirma focused on the artist’s investigation of the uncanny as embraced by the Surrealists at the beginning of the 20th Century. As Sigmund Freud wrote in 1919, "the uncanny is a situation when a sense of the terrifying is amplified by its close relationship with the familiar." Transforming the everyday through nuanced and playful interventions, it has long held the political power to unsettle a secure sense of place and reality within the history of modern and contemporary art. The Menil’s Surrealist collection, with its well-known holdings of work by René Magritte, served as an important backdrop to the exhibition. Mona Hatoum: Terra Infirma was organized by Menil Collection Senior Curator Michelle White. The exhibition traveled to the Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St. Louis, where it was on view April 6 - August 11, 2018.


Installation view of Mona Hatoum: Terra Infirma. Photo: Daniel Ortiz.


Installation view of Homebound, 2000, a room size tableaux of kitchen utensils threaded together by a crackling wire of live electricity. Rennie Collection, Vancouver. Š Mona Hatoum. (left) Photo: Fredrik Nilsen. (right) Photo: Daniel Ortiz.


Mona Hatoum: Terra Infirma Born to a Palestinian family in Beirut, Hatoum studied at Byam Shaw School of Art and and the Slade School of Art, both in London, where she settled at the beginning of the 1975 Civil War in Lebanon. She has had major exhibitions at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Tate Modern, London; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; and MATHAF, Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha, among other institutions. Hatoum was a nominee for the Turner Prize, 1995; was included in Documenta XI, 2002, and the Venice Biennale, 1995 and 2005; and was the winner of the 2011 Joan Mirรณ Prize, and the 10th Hiroshima Art Prize in 2017.

Major funding for this exhibition was provided by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts; National Endowment for the Arts; and The Levant Foundation. Additional support comes from The Brown Foundation, Inc. / Herman L. Stude; Leslie and Brad Bucher; Bettie Cartwright; Day for Night; Nijad and Zeina Fares; Scott and Judy Nyquist; Clare Casademont and Michael Metz; Adelaide de Menil; Franci Neely; Leslie and Shannon Sasser; Anne Schlumberger; and the City of Houston.



The Menil Collection

Maurizio Cattelan

Kwakwaka’wakw peoples

Mark Rothko

Vija Celmins

Danny Lyon

Edward Ruscha

John Chamberlain

René Magritte

Richard Serra

Dogon peoples

Barnett Newman

Richard Tuttle

Victor Brauner

Max Ernst

Pablo Picasso

Cy Twombly

Trisha Brown

Dan Flavin

Martín Ramírez

Kara Walker

John Cage

Michael Heizer

Robert Rauschenberg

Andy Warhol

Alexander Calder

Jasper Johns

James Rosenquist




August 11, 2017–January 28, 2018


Thirty Works for Thirty Years

August 11, 2018 - January 28, 2018

Installation view of Thirty Works for Thirty Years. Photo: Paul Hester.

At the heart of the museum’s permanent collection are

The museum’s conservation, publication, and

the 10,000 art works and objects that the de Menils

programming departments joined the curatorial team

acquired beginning in the 1940s. Since the museum

to create a keepsake gallery guide illuminating each

opened in 1987, the collection has nearly doubled

of the thirty works with short descriptions detailing the

in size. The museum’s curatorial staff and generous

work itself as well as the history of the institution.

supporters have augmented the Menil Collection’s holdings through purchases and gifts of works like

Thirty Works for Thirty Years was curated by Associate

the Trisha Brown drawing (above left), which was a

Research Curator Clare Elliott and Curator of Modern

donated by the John R. Eckel, Jr. Foundation.

and Contemporary Art Toby Kamps.

To pay tribute to the museum’s 30th anniversary,

This exhibition was generously supported by the

curators selected thirty works of art to tell a unique

City of Houston.

story about the museum’s history. The selections from the permanent collection represent the range and depth of the museum’s collection.


COLLECTION MANAGEMENT The Menil’s Collection Management Department consists of four sub-departments: Registration, Art Services, Collection Database Administration, and Imaging Services.



Art Services

Collection Database Administration

Imaging Services

The Menil’s Registration Department is responsible for tracking more than 17,000 artworks in the collection. The team also coordinates complicated logistics for every exhibition, including incoming and outgoing loans, fine arts insurance, all loan and exhibition contracts, shipping arrangements, couriers, and more. In fiscal year 2018, Registration handled 124 individual shipments which contained a total of 436 objects.

Since the museum’s opening in June 1987, the Menil’s art preparators have installed more than 200 temporary exhibitions and rotated works from the permanent collection on public display frequently. In fiscal year 2018, Art Services made 5,860 object moves, which include the installation of artworks for two in-house exhibitions. When the main building closed for renovations in February 2018, the team deinstalled 935 pieces that were on view.

The Collection Database team is continually uploading data on artworks from the permanent collection to the Menil’s internal database and website ( More than a thousand entries are currently available to the public, 182 of which were added in fiscal year 2018. In addition, the museum’s collection management software supports eMuseum, a private intranet site that provides staff access to a digital catalogue of some 11,000 accessioned objects.

In fiscal year 2018, Imaging Services was able to expand its capabilities thanks to a digitization grant from the Houston Endowment. The award allowed the Menil to equip a photography studio to meet the highest industry standards and hire both a part-time collections photographer and an art handler. Imaging Services continued their work digitizing archival materials and rare books, securing reproduction rights for in-house publications, and licensing Menil images to outside scholars and publishers.


During fiscal year 2018, the Menil loaned 29 works to the following 22 institutions in seven countries:

CaixaForum Barcelona

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

CaixaForum Madrid

National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution

Fowler Museum at UCLA

Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich

High Museum of Art, Atlanta

Pulitzer Arts Foundation, St. Louis

Instituto Tomie Ohtake, Sรฃo Paulo, Brazil

Royal Academy of Arts, London

Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art, UC Davis

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Kunstforum Vienna, Austria

Schaulager, Basel, Switzerland

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The Arts Club of Chicago

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Art preparator Chris Henry positions a portrait mask by the Haida peoples for photography. Photo: Paul Hester.



FRANCO FLEMISH, Tapestry Fragment Depicting Unicorn Purifying the Waters, late 15th-early 16th century. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander K. McLanahan in honor of Louisa Stude Sarofim. Photo: Adam Neese. (right)

LESLIE HEWITT, Where Paths Meet, Turn Away, Then Align Again (detail), 2012. Purchased with funds provided by the Mary Kathryn Lynch Kurtz Charitable Lead Trust and partial gift of Galerie Perrotin. © Leslie Hewitt. Photo: Paul Hester.

RICHARD ARTSCHWAGER, American, 1924-2013 Untitled (Cubes Dispersed), 2003 Charcoal on paper Sheet: 25 × 30 in. (63.5 × 76.2 cm) Gift of Christina and Norman Diekman JOHN CAGE, American, 1912-1992 8th for Bassoon (with Saxophone) from Concert for Piano and Orchestra, ca. late 1950s Graphite on paper Sheet: 11 × 8 1/2 in. (27.9 × 21.6 cm) Gift of Marilyn Oshman in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Menil Collection. BRUCE DAVIDSON, American, born 1933 South Wales, 1965, printed 1982 From the series Welsh Miners Gelatin silver print Image: 8 7/8 × 11 7/8 in. (22.6 × 30.2 cm) Sheet: 16 1/16 × 19 15/16 in. (40.8 × 50.7 cm) Gift of Joe C. Aker in memory of Edna Faye Cornett Aker


South Wales, 1965, printed 1982 From the series Welsh Miners Gelatin silver print Image: 7 7/8 × 11 7/8 in. (20.1 × 30.2 cm) Sheet: 16 1/16 × 19 15/16 in. (40.8 × 50.7 cm) Gift of Joe C. Aker in memory of Edna Faye Cornett Aker South Wales (Boy wearing a mask), 1965, printed 1982 From the series Welsh Miners Gelatin silver print Image: 9 7/8 × 14 5/8 in. (25.1 × 37.1 cm) Sheet: 16 1/16 × 19 15/16 in. (40.8 × 50.7 cm) Gift of Joe C. Aker in memory of Edna Faye Cornett Aker South Wales (Group of miners), 1965, printed 1982 From the series Welsh Miners Gelatin silver print Image: 7 7/8 × 11 7/8 in. (20.1 × 30.2 cm) Sheet: 16 1/16 × 19 15/16 in. (40.8 × 50.7 cm) Gift of Joe C. Aker in memory of Edna Faye Cornett Aker

South Wales (Miner with pit pony standing outside of mine), 1965, printed 1982 From the series Welsh Miners Gelatin silver print Image: 11 15/16 × 8 in. (30.4 × 20.3 cm) Sheet: 19 15/16 × 16 1/8 in. (50.7 × 40.9 cm) Gift of Joe C. Aker in memory of Edna Faye Cornett Aker JAY DEFEO, American, 1929-1989 Untitled, ca. 1970 Gelatin silver print Sheet: 5 1/2 × 5 9/16 in. (14 × 14.1 cm) Gift of the Jay DeFeo Foundation in honor of Walter Hopps and Caroline Huber Untitled, 1972, printed 1973 Gelatin silver print Image: 2 7/8 × 4 1/8 in. (7.4 × 10.4 cm) Sheet: 4 × 5 in. (10.2 × 12.7 cm) Gift of the Jay DeFeo Foundation in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Menil Collection

WALTER DE MARIA, American, 1935-2013 Small Landscape, 1965-1968 Stainless steel and textile with graphite on paper Box: 13 × 13 × 13 in. (33 × 33 × 33 cm) Frame (each): 11 1/4 × 8 3/4 in. (28.6 × 22.2 cm) Purchased with funds provided by an anonymous donor FRANCO FLEMISH, Tapestry Fragment Depicting Unicorn Purifying the Waters, late 15th-early 16th century Wool and silk 85 × 85 1/4 in. (215.9 × 216.5 cm) Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander K. McLanahan in honor of Louisa Stude Sarofim MONA HATOUM, Palestinian, active in London, born 1952 Hair and There, 2004 Etchings Left 6/20, Right 13/20 Sheet (each): 9 1/4 × 7 7/8 in. (23.5 × 20.1 cm) Gift of the artist and Alexander and Bonin, New York

Untitled, 1972, printed 1973 Gelatin silver print Image: 4 5/8 × 3 1/8 in. (11.7 × 7.9 cm) Sheet: 5 × 4 in. (12.7 × 10.2 cm)


ACQUISITIONS In December 2017, the Menil Collection was given a comprehensive group of prints and rare books by American artist and poet Dorothea Tanning (1910-2012). The generous donation from Jim and Barbara Metcalf represents almost all of the graphic works that Tanning produced between 1950 and 2001, most dating to the years between 1950 and 1980 when the artist resided in France. Over more than fifty years, Tanning experimented with range of print techniques, collaborated with writers whose careers spanned the 20th century, and worked with a number of celebrated print makers in both the United States and France.

DOROTHEA TANNING, Second Peril (Deuxième péril), 1950. Gift of Barbara and Jim Metcalf. © 2019 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris. Photo: Adam Neese.

Turbulence (black), 2014 Glass, 3/3 1 3/16 × 98 7/16 in. (3 × 250 cm) Purchased with funds provided by Leslie and Brad Bucher, Bettie Cartwright, Michael Zilkha, Carol and Neil Kelley, The Levant Foundation, Franci Neely, Bridget and Patrick Wade, Morris Weiner, and Clinton T. Willour Drawing Heat I (1), 2017 Parchment paper Sheet: 11 1/4 × 11 5/8 × 1 3/8 in. (28.5 × 29.5 × 3.5 cm) Gift of the artist Frottage (Wee House 23 April 17) 4, 2017 Graphite on parchment paper Sheet: 13 × 16 in. (33 × 40.6 cm Gift of the artist


JOSEPH HAVEL, American, born 1954 How to Draw a Circle (Set 1), 2016 Oil stick and graphite on paper Sheet (12 sheets, each): 30 × 22 in. (76.2 × 55.9 cm) Purchased with funds provided by Leslie and Brad Bucher LESLIE HEWITT, American, born 1977 Where Paths Meet, Turn Away, Then Align Again, 2012. Sheet metal and powder coat 48 × 48 × 48 in. (121.9 × 121.9 × 121.9 cm) 48 × 82 1/2 × 48 in. (121.9 × 209.6 × 121.9 cm) 48 × 48 × 48 in. (121.9 × 121.9 × 121.9 cm) 30 × 48 × 66 3/4 in. (76.2 × 121.9 × 169.5 cm) 17 1/4 × 48 1/8 × 96 3/8 in. (43.8 × 122.2 × 244.9 cm) Purchased with funds provided by the Mary Kathryn Lynch Kurtz Charitable Lead Trust and partial gift of Galerie Perrotin RONI HORN, American, born 1955 Untitled, 1986 Pigment and varnish on paper Sheet: 17 3/4 × 17 1/4 in. (45.1 × 43.8 cm) Gift of Christina and Norman Diekman

DOROTHY ANTOINETTE (TONI) LASELLE, American, 1901-2002 Untitled, 1958 Ink on paper Sheet: 13 7/8 × 11 in. (35.3 × 27.9 cm) Gift of the Dorothy Antoinette LaSelle Foundation and Inman Gallery in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Menil Collection Untitled, 1958 Ink on paper Sheet: 13 3/4 × 11 in. (34.9 × 27.9 cm) Gift of the Dorothy Antoinette LaSelle Foundation and Inman Gallery in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Menil Collection Untitled, 1958 Ink on paper Sheet: 13 7/8 × 11 in. (35.3 × 27.9 cm) Gift of the Dorothy Antoinette LaSelle Foundation and Inman Gallery in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Menil Collection Untitled, 1958 Ink on paper Sheet: 13 7/8 × 11 in. (35.3 × 27.9 cm) Gift of the Dorothy Antoinette LaSelle Foundation and Inman Gallery in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Menil Collection

No. 4, 1969 Oil pastel on paper Sheet: 14 × 11 in. (35.6 × 27.9 cm) Museum purchase and partial gift of the Dorothy Antoinette LaSelle Foundation and Inman Gallery in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Menil Collection Reluctance Grown of Summer Sun / Gusty Words, 1964/1965/1974 Oil pastel on paper Sheet: 14 × 11 in. (35.6 × 27.9 cm) Museum purchase and partial gift of the Dorothy Antoinette LaSelle Foundation and Inman Gallery in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Menil Collection Sometimes The Bay Is Too Beautiful, 1965/1974 Oil pastel on paper Sheet: 14 × 11 in. (35.6 × 27.9 cm) Museum purchase and partial gift of the Dorothy Antoinette LaSelle Foundation and Inman Gallery in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Menil Collection ROY LICHTENSTEIN, American, 1923-1997 Steak, 1963 Graphite, pochoir, and crayon on paper Sheet: 16 1/8 × 24 1/2 in. (40.9 × 62.2 cm) Purchased with funds provided by an anonymous donor

ROY LICHTENSTEIN, Steak, 1963. Purchased with funds provided by an anonymous donor. © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein. Photo: Paul Hester.


ACQUISITIONS ELIZABETH MURRAY, American, 1940-2007 Blue Body, 1986 1987 Color lithograph 44/70 47 3/4 × 31 5/8 in. (121.3 × 80.3 cm) Gift of Marilou Moursund and John L. Long, Jr. Untitled, Smoker, 1986 Pastel on hand-cut layered paper Sheet: 41 × 32 in. (104.1 × 81.3 cm) Gift of Linda and George Kelly in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Menil Collection Untitled Dress Drawing, ca. 1995 Charcoal, pastel, and crayon on paper Sheet: 40 × 30 1/2 in. (101.6 × 77.5 cm) Gift of Linda and George Kelly in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Menil Collection ROBYN O’NEIL, American, born 1977 Studies in Suffocation I, 2016 Graphite on paper 60 1/4 × 66 in. (153 × 167.6 cm) Purchased with funds provided by the William F. Stern Acquisitions Fund, Raymond Stainback, Susanne and William E. Pritchard III, Candace Baggett and Ron Restrepo, and Julie Kinzelman and Christopher Tribble

DARIO ROBLETO, American, born 1972 A Dream, as Faithful as a Flame, 2017 Metal and wood 109/110 2 × 12 × 3 1/2 in. (5.1 × 30.5 × 8.9 cm) Commissioned in honor of the completion of The Campaign for the Menil RICHARD SERRA, American, born 1938 Quadruple Rift, 2017 Paintstick on paper 109 13/16 × 321 5/8 in. (278.9 × 816.9 cm) Purchased with funds provided by Louisa Stude Sarofim DOROTHEA TANNING, American, 1910-2012 102 prints, 8 limited edition books, 1950-2001 Gift of Jim and Barbara Metcalf LENORE TAWNEY, American, 1907-2007 Outbreathing of Life, 1964 Ink on graph paper Sheet: 11 1/2 × 8 in. (29.2 × 20.3 cm) Gift of the Lenore G. Tawney Foundation, and purchased with funds provided by Leslie and Shannon Sasser in honor of Louisa Stude Sarofim Silence II, 1964 Ink on graph paper Sheet: 8 × 11 1/2 in. (20.3 × 29.2 cm) Gift of the Lenore G. Tawney Foundation, and purchased with funds provided by Leslie and Shannon Sasser in honor of Louisa Stude Sarofim


JACK YOUNGERMAN, Black/Oranges, 1956. Purchased with funds provided by the William F. Stern Acquisitions Fund. © 2019 Jack Youngerman / Licensed by VAGA at Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY. Photo: Paul Hester. (right)

DARIO ROBLETO, A Dream, as Faithful as a Flame, 2017. Commissioned in honor of the completion of The Campaign for the Menil. © Dario Robleto. Photo: Paul Hester.


Untitled, 1964 Ink on graph paper Sheet: 11 1/2 × 8 in. (29.2 × 20.3 cm) Gift of the Lenore G. Tawney Foundation, and purchased with funds provided by Leslie and Shannon Sasser in honor of Louisa Stude Sarofim Round and Square, 1966 Ink and collage on pieced printed paper 11 5/8 × 11 5/8 × 1 1/8 in. (29.5 × 29.5 × 2.9 cm) Purchased with funds provided by Leslie and Shannon Sasser in honor of Janie C. Lee; and gift of the Lenore G. Tawney Foundation Seed Puzzle on Three Levels, 1966 Wood, linen threads, seeds, and paint 7 7/8 × 5 7/8 × 3 3/4 in. (20.1 × 15 × 9.5 cm) Purchased with funds provided by Leslie and Shannon Sasser in honor of Janie C. Lee; and gift of the Lenore G. Tawney Foundation Transcendental Geometry II, 1966 Ink and collage on pieced printed paper 11 1/4 × 10 3/4 in. (28.6 × 27.3 cm) Gift of the Lenore G. Tawney Foundation, and purchased with funds provided by Leslie and Shannon Sasser in honor of Janie C. Lee

RICHARD TUTTLE, American, born 1941 Hanover-Red, 1990 Watercolor and graphite on paper Sheet: 7 × 29 1/4 in. (17.8 × 74.3 cm) Gift of Angela Westwater in honor of Louisa Stude Sarofim JACK YOUNGERMAN, American, born 1926 Black/Oranges, 1956 Gouache on paper 6 3/16 × 5 3/8 in. (15.7 × 13.7 cm) Purchased with funds provided by the William F. Stern Acquisitions Fund Black/Red, 1958 Gouache on paper 5 3/4 × 5 7/16 in. (14.6 × 13.8 cm) Purchased with funds provided by the William F. Stern Acquisitions Fund Blacks/Red, 1960 Gouache and cut paper 7 1/2 × 5 5/8 in. (19.1 × 14.3 cm) Purchased with funds provided by the William F. Stern Acquisitions Fund Red Ground, 1960 Acrylic and cut paper 6 1/2 × 5 13/16 in. (16.5 × 14.8 cm) Purchased with funds provided by the William F. Stern Acquisitions Fund



Eileen Costello, object examiner Kate

Zinn, and graphic designer Porter

Catalogue RaisonnĂŠ of Drawing has

Ganz, along with noted Johns scholar

Gillespie worked closely with the

been a decade in the making. After the

Roberta Bernstein and former Menil

catalogue team, the Johns studio, and

initial proposal in 2007 to the artist, by

curators Allegra Pesenti and David

master printer Massimo Tonolli and

then-director Josef Helfenstein and

Breslin. Costello and three researchers

the staff at Trifolio in Verona, Italy. In

inaugural Chief Curator of the Menil

worked closely with the artist and his

February 2019, Newland and Gillespie

Drawing Institute Bernice Rose, the

studio team to document every draw-

spent two weeks on press at Trifolio

project research was conducted in a

ing Johns created from 1954 through

printing the first two volumes using a

New York office over five years. It ben-

2014. Since his arrival in 2011, Director

special six-color process.

efitted from the insights and

of Publishing Joseph Newland has kept

expertise of Rose, project director

the project on track. He, editor Betsy

(top) Director of Publishing Joseph Newland (left) and master printer Massimo Tonolli in the Triofolio press room, standing between artwork images and stacks of 16-page signatures. Photo: Porter Gillespie. (bottom) Folded press proof from the Jasper Johns Catalogue RaisonnĂŠ of Drawing.



Mona Hatoum: Terra Infirma This copiously illustrated presentation of the artist’s oeuvre offers critical and art historical essays by Michelle White and Anna C. Chave as well as imaginative texts by Rebecca Solnit and Adania Shibli that contextualize Hatoum’s work. There are extensive discussions on selected significant installations and sculptures. Published in conjunction with the artist’s first major United States museum exhibition in twenty years, the publication features photographs of the show installed in the Menil Collection’s renowned Renzo Piano-designed building.

Published March 13, 2018 192 pages, 9 1/2 x 12 in. 289 color + b/w illus. Hardcover. (bottom) Page spread from Mona Hatoum: Terra Infirma. 1.


Mona Hatoum: Terra Infirma

20 0 0

In Homebound horizontal wires extend across the gallery between the viewer and a domestic tableau of metal kitchen utensils and household furniture. A looping electrical wire snakes around


the installation and links a crib, colanders and strainers, a few small


chairs and Formica kitchen table, a bird cage, a wire trash bin, a whisk, a toy train, larders, and mattress springs. All of the objects are stripped of their soft parts and crocodile clips connect them to a series of light bulbs and lamps. The lights theatrically fade in and out in the dimly lit space.1 The sound of pulsing electricity is amplified through speakers; it crackles and pops with the fluctuating current, which is controlled by a dimmer. The presence of “live” electricity, the same kind that runs through our own homes, ignites a sense of danger and curiosity.2 Is the barrier actually electrified? Do the steel wires that separate us from the room cage the tableau, or do they cage us? Which side is being protected, and from what or whom? These questions, like the title, paradoxically reference entrapment. The work suggests a return to the familiar, a seeking out of reconciliation, but instead exudes ambiguity. Like the artist’s other works with domestic items, this installation compels a vigorous reexamination of the familiar. It manifests one of her most significant inquiries into the fragile nature of the idea of home as a place of comfort, refuge, and safety. Homebound is the culmination of a group of installations and sculptures Hatoum made in the late 1990s with configurations of electrified 1. Mona Hatoum Homebound, 2000 Kitchen utensils, furniture, electrical wire, light bulbs, dimmer unit, amplifier, and two speakers, dimensions variable. Installed at the Menil Collection, Houston, 2017. Rennie Collection, Vancouver


Claude Cahun’s Aveux non Avenus. Photo: Anthony Flores.

Assistant Curator of Modern Art Natalie Dupêcher listens to an audiocassette of a March 1997 interview with artist Niki de Saint Phalle in the Menil Archives. Photo: Anthony Flores.

Archives During fiscal year 2018, Menil Archives, led by Archivist Lilly Carrel, fielded 453 internal and external inquiries. 170 on-site research visits served 61 national and international researchers. The Menil Archives now contributes to the Texas Archival Resources Online (TARO), a state-wide consortium of archives, libraries, and museums that helps researchers discover and access unpublished material. The Menil Archives contributed twenty finding aids to this important scholarly resource.

Library The Menil Library added more than 1500 new books, periodicals, and digital resources during the fiscal year 2018. Significant acquisitions include Claude Cahun’s Aveux Non Avenus, published in 1930 and richly illustrated with Cahun’s surrealist photomontages. The Library and its Special Collections are available to visit by appointment, and digital resources are freely available via the Menil Library Catalog, the Online Computer Library Center Union Catalog, and the Getty Research Portal.



Vivian L. Smith Fellow Jessamine Batario presenting at the symposium in Richmond Hall on April 3, 2018. Photo: Ben Doyle, Runaway Productions.

Since 2007, the Vivian L. Smith Foundation has underwritten a fellowship at the Menil Collection for a graduate student from the University of Texas at Austin. Jessamine Batario, the 2017-18 Vivian L. Smith Foundation Fellow, is a doctoral candidate who is writing her dissertation on the art and intellectual history of Byzantine Modernism. Jessamine graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and holds a Master’s in art history from the University of Texas. Other Speakers Include:

• • •

Keith Moxey - Barnard College, Columbia University Karen Overbey, Tufts University Amy Knight Powell, University of California, Irvine

The fellowship and symposium are generously supported by the Vivian L. Smith Foundation



In fiscal year 2018, the Conservation Department busily prepared artwork for the reinstallation of the main museum building. 60 new mounts were made for objects ranging from a 5th century Greek drinking vessel to an Ethiopian parchment healing scroll to coconut shell eye goggles from Papua New Guinea. Conservators drafted condition reports and cleaned 600 objects requested for reinstallation. Additionally, 150 works in the collection were framed for exhibition.

As part of the museum reinstallation, Brigid Mountmaking was hired to create new mounts for some sixty objects in the collection. To support a shell trumpet, a thin, felted brass strip was contoured and painted so that it is nearly invisible. The points of contact were carefully chosen to avoid delicate or degraded areas of the shell.

Matter/Framer Mina Gaber repairs a frame destined for the Arts of Africa galleries. Photo: Christina McLean.

Maori Peoples, Trumpet, 19th century or earlier. Conch shell (Pßtätara). Gift of Francesco Pellizzi. The Menil Collection, Houston. Photos courtesy of Brigid Mountmaking.


GIORGIO DE CHIRICO TECHNICAL STUDY Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico

Research Scientist Cory Rogge and

(1888–1978) is best known for the

Assistant Curator of Modern Art Natalie

paintings he created between 1908

Dupêcher, the de Chirico research

and 1914 that influenced Surrealist

team is making compelling discoveries,

artists such as Max Ernst and René

including the identification of a pigment

Magritte. In the 1950’s, de Chirico

that may prove critical to dating the

revisited the characteristic themes

artist’s later works. The project

and styles of his “metaphysical period,”

continues in fiscal year 2019 with the

even backdating certain of

study of eleven de Chirico works at the

these canvases.

Museum of Modern Art, New York.

The Menil has initiated a technical study of the seven de Chirico paintings in the permanent collection. Led by Associate Paintings Conservator Katrina Rush, the team has performed x-radiography, infrared reflectography, cross section analysis, and x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy in order to identify data that differentiates a de Chirico work made prior to 1919 from one painted decades later. Together with Menil/MFAH

(From left) Assistant Curator of Modern Art Natalie Dupêcher, Associate Paintings Conservator Katrina Rush, Menil/MFAH Research Scientist Cory Rogge. Photo: Adam Neese.


Page 38

Page 37 (top) Arrivals and Departures: Cage, Cunningham, and Johns,

(top left)

by Walter Hopps, September 15, 2017.

Hall. These performances, which took place on March 24-25, 2018, were a collaboration between the Menil, the Artists of

(top right) (middle left)

In conjunction with Mona Hatoum: Terra Infirma, writer and activist Rebecca Solnit lectured on January 24, 2018.

Menil Collection, May 3, 2018. (bottom right) Dickie Landry concert March 16, 2018.

Jed Perl reading and book signing for Calder: The Conquest of Time: the Early Years, 1898-1940, October 26, 2017.

Houston Ballet, and the Merce Cunningham Trust. (bottom left) Riyaaz Qawwali performing new works inspired by art in the

Rebecca Rabinow in conversation with Deborah Treisman and Anne Doran, authors of The Dream Colony: A Life in Art

as presented within the Dan Flavin Installation at Richmond

(middle right)

Writer and artist Sehba Sarwar’s performance On Belonging at the Byzantine Fresco Chapel, Februry 3-4, 2018.

(bottom right)

Professor Rachael Z. DeLue delivers the Marion Barthelme Annual Lecture, February 9, 2018.


All Photos:

Ben Doyle, Runaway Productions.


The Menil Collection Total Attendance: 208,380 This number represents visitors to all of the Menil’s exhibition spaces, including the main museum, Byzantine Fresco Chapel, Cy Twombly Gallery, and Richmond Hall.


WRITERS IN THE SCHOOLS Since 1989, Writers in the Schools (WITS) has organized creative writing workshops in the Menil Collection’s gallery spaces. During the 2018 fiscal year, 6,350 primary and secondary students from 31 Gulf Coast-area schools visited the Menil. Students are inspired by the artworks they encounter. Each year a jury selects poems and essay for publication in the Watchful Eye anthology.

The 2018 WITS Watchful Eye reading participants. Photo: Pin Lim.

BOOKSTORE The Menil Bookstore is housed in a charming gray bungalow across the street from the main museum entrance. The shelves are filled with an assortment of rare art books, unique gift items, and Menil merchandise. The children’s section includes French, Italian, and Spanish titles, along with a thoughfully selected assortment of toys and games. The bookstore also features a selection of artwork and jewelry by Texas-based artists. More than 22,000 shoppers visited the store in fiscal year 2018. Menil Bookstore 1520 Sul Ross Street Wednesday–Sunday, 11 a.m.–7 p.m.

Photo: Anthony Flores.


MEMBER NOONTIME TALKS Held every Friday, Noontime Talks are a popular way for members to learn more about the artwork and activities across our thirty-acre neighborhood. Each tour is led by a member of the Menil staff. A total of thirty-four Noontime Talks were given in fiscal year 2018 by members of the conservation, curatorial, publishing, and facilities departments.

Photo: Daniel Ortiz.

INTERNSHIPS The Menil Collection offers internship opportunities to under­graduate and graduate students enrolled in the art history departments at Rice University and the University of Houston. Students support research and exhibition planning under the guidance of Menil staff. For those interested in museum careers, these internships offer valuable curatorial experience.

VOLUNTEERS Each year, a dedicated group of volunteers donate their time and energy to the Menil. In Fiscal Year 2018, 16 volunteers contributed 1,281 hours.

Photo: Sara Beck.


SUPPORT The Menil gratefully acknowledges the following donors for their cumulative gifts of $500 or more between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. These include all non-membership gifts in support of annual museum operations, exhibitions, conservation, public programs, and other projects.

Menil Contemporaries Spring Mixer at the Byzantine Fresco Chapel, April 3, 2018. Photo: Jenny Antill.

$500,000 +

The Brown Foundation, Inc.

$200,000 - $499,999

Anonymous Houston Museum District Association The Wortham Foundation, Inc.

$100,000 - $199,999

Anonymous Laura and John Arnold Nancy D. and Robert J. Carney The Cullen Foundation John R. Eckel, Jr. Foundation Douglas L. Lawing and Guy Hagstette Franci Neely

$50,000 - $99,999

Eddie and Chinhui Allen Suzanne Deal Booth The Brown Foundation, Inc. / Isabel and Ransom Lummis


Clare Casademont and Michael Metz Diana and Russell Hawkins Janet and Paul Hobby Cecily E. Horton and Andrew Schneck Linda and George Kelly Kinder Foundation Matthew Marks Adelaide de Menil Susan and Francois de Menil Lois and Georges de Menil Sara and Bill Morgan Nightingale Code Foundation / Michael Zilkha Susanne and William E. Pritchard III Fayez Sarofim Leslie and Shannon Sasser Anne Schlumberger Leigh and Reggie Smith Bill Stewart Phoebe and Bobby Tudor Mark Wawro and Melanie Gray Marcy Taub Wessel, Henry J.N. Taub II, and the Taub Foundation

$25,000 - $49,999

Gail and Louis Adler A G Foundation Nancy C. Allen Anne H. Bass The Brown Foundation, Inc. / Nancy and Mark Abendshein The Brown Foundation, Inc. / Allison Sarofim Leslie and Brad Bucher Charles Butt Diane and Michael Cannon Jana and Richard Fant Mindy and Jeffery Hildebrand Caroline Huber Paige and Todd Johnson Anne and David Kirkland Janie C. Lee and David Warren John P. McGovern Foundation Marilyn Oshman Petrello Family Foundation Karen and Harry Pinson Kathryn and Richard Rabinow Bradley L. Radoff

T.R. and Isla Reckling Noelle and Eric Reed Lillie Robertson Site Santa Fe

$10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous Henrietta Alexander Gillian Attfield The Brown Foundation, Inc. / Cris and Elisa Pye The Canary Charitable Foundation Estela and David Cockrell Julie and John Cogan, Jr. Jerry Ann Woodfin Costa and Victor Costa Alexander Dell and Rita Justice Norman and Christina Diekman Alice and John Dorn Fairfax Dorn and Marc Glimcher Diane Lokey Farb Zeina and Nijad Fares FotoFest International Cece and Mack Fowler Barbara and Michael Gamson Janet Gurwitch and Ron Franklin The George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation Ann and Henry Hamman Sarah and John Hastings Dorene and Frank Herzog Olive McCollum Jenney Jesse H. Jones II Sissy and Denny Kempner Lynn Lasher Nancy McGregor Manne and Neal Manne Betty Moody Carol and David Neuberger Betty and Stephen Newton Roy and Evelyn Nolen Carrie and Al Pepi J. Randall Powers Nancy and David Pustka Almine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Sarofim Jacqueline and Richard Schmeal Lois and George Stark Mike Stude Texas Commission on the Arts Waqas Wajahat Wendy Watriss and Fredrick Baldwin Whalley Foundation Vivian Wise The Wyatt Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

Susie K. Bace Francine and Westy Ballard Kristen and John Berger Gina and Devinder Bhatia Mary C. Blake The Brown Foundation, Inc. / Ralph B. Abendshein Cindy and Larry Burns Hiram Butler Gallery Angela and William Cannady Bettie Cartwright Gracie and Bob Cavnar Jereann Chaney Sanford and Susie Criner Isabel and Danny David Carolyn and Platt W. Davis III Margaret and Warren Davis Bevin and Dan Dubrowski Krista and Mike Dumas Anne S. Duncan and C. W. Duncan, Jr. Tracy and Michael Eklund Virginia Elkins Martha and Richard Finger Sarah and Ken Fisher David and Cindy Fitch Gregory Fourticq Jo and Jim Furr Cullen K. Geiselman Heidi and David Gerger Kate and Steve Gibson

Glen Gonzalez and Steve Summers Meg Goodman and Michael Bonini Laura and Evan Greenberg Trey and Blakely Griggs Inman Gallery Jerry Jeanmard and Clifford Helmcamp Jill and Dunham Jewett Mark and Jenny Johnson Tracy and Brian Kapiloff Page Kempner Fadila and Paal Kibsgaard Dillon Kyle and Sam Lasseter Alison Leland Nancy and Erik Littlejohn Kelley and Steve Lubanko Judy and Rodney Margolis Penelope and Lester Marks Poppi Massey Lisa and Will Mathis Bailey and Pete McCarthy Gretchen and Andrew McFarland Lisa and Downing Mears Janet and Harvin Moore Anne and Jack Moriniere Kimball and David Moriniere Fan and Peter Morris Duyen and Marc Nguyen Scott and Judy Nyquist Becky and Ralph S. O’Connor Susan and Roy S. O’Connor Cabrina and Steven Owsley Claude L. Parker, M.D. Elizabeth and George Passela Jessica Phifer Tobias Picker and Aryeh Lev Stollman The Powell Foundation Fairfax and Risher Randall Beverly and Howard Robinson Robin and Andrew Schirrmeister Kelly and Nicholas Silvers Barbara and Louis Sklar



Josephine and Richard Smith Scott R. Sparvero Christie and Mark Sullivan Y. Ping Sun and David W. Leebron Terra Foundation for American Art John and Becca Cason Thrash Bill and Courtney Toomey Margaret Vaughan-Cox and Jonathan Cox Gordon VeneKlasen Bridget and Patrick Wade Delise Ward and Craig Lidji Beverly and Bob Wiemer Ann and Mathew Wolf Lynn and Oscar Wyatt Elizabeth and Barry Young Traci and John Young Erla and Harry A. Zuber

$1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous Judy Ley Allen Art Gallery of Ontario Jeff Beauchamp Robert Blocker Kristy and Chris Bradshaw Pamela and Alastair* Campbell Robert L. and Jean Clarke Family Foundation Cecil C. Conner and David Groover Susan Courtemanche Rania and Jamal Daniel Joelle and Mitchell Derrick Sara Paschall Dodd Nancy S. Dunlap Margaret and Jim Elkins Marita and J.B. Fairbanks Jerry and Nanette Finger Foundation Ron and Nancy Fischer Helen Winkler Fosdick Paul de Froment Edward J. Gibbon, Jr. Eleanor and Dan Gilbane Lacey and Matt Goossen Margaret C. Hawk Brook A. Hazelton Nancy Head


Harvey R. Houck, Jr. and Patricia W. Houck Foundation, Inc. Harrison Itz and Debra M. Waite Steven L. Johnston Eileen and Bennett Johnston The Joan and Marvin Kaplan Foundation Julie Kinzelman and Christopher Tribble Kirkpatrick Family Fund Katie Kitchen and Paul Kovach Fund Kohn-Joseloff Foundation Inc. Jennifer and Christopher Laporte Cornelia and Meredith Long Mary Hale Lovett McLean Laura and Bradley McWilliams Suzanne S. Miller Sarah Mischer Musee d’Art Moderne Van Ngo and Terry Hurley Petersen Family Foundation Rodman Primack and Rudy Weissenberg Carroll and Hugh Ray

Alicia and Shawn Raymond Thomas Rhoads Bernice B. Rose Christopher Rothko Brittany Sager James R. Seitz, Jr. María Inés Sicardi Alicia and Lance Smith Shawn Stephens and James Jordan Katherine Strahan and Jason Norwood Lorlee and Arnold Tenebaum Emily Todd Ann Trammell Ann Wales Katherine Warren Randa and K. C. Weiner Lea Weingarten Ben and Marion Wilcox Carol and Clint Wood Lauri and Robert Wray Charles and Barbara Wright Foundation Fay and Salim Zakhem

$500 - $999

Licia and Michael Conforti Andrew Courtwright Easton Family Fund Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Franco Wendy and Donn Fullenweider Elizabeth Glassman Natalie R. Goldberg Sabine de Gunzburg-Seligmann Patricia P. Hubbard Annie and Taylor Mason Marcel and Lynn Mason James Nelson and Richard Lapin The Oshman Foundation H. Russell Pitman Sarah Rothenberg Kelley and Jeffrey Scofield Anthony and Lori Speier Sarah and Tim Stephens Karen Sumner Tacoma Art Museum Aline and Collett Wilson *Deceased

(left) Who R U? chairs with their families (left to right): Margaret and Warren Davis; Christie and Mark Sullivan; Laura and Evan Greenberg; Bailey and Pete McCarthy. October 29, 2017. Photo: Daniel Ortiz. (top) Curator of Collections Paul R. Davis and Associate Research Curator Clare Elliott on a staff walkthrough of the Arts of the Pacific Islands Gallery. Photo: Sara Beck. (bottom) Janet Hobby, Lynn Wyatt, and Marcy Taub Wessel at New Year’s Cocktails, January 18, 2018. Photo: Jenny Antill.


MENIL SOCIETY The Menil Society is a group of committed patrons who enjoy a strong relationship with the Menil. Members are dedicated to fostering deeper engagement with the museum, its mission, and its world-renowned collection by generously supporting exhibitions, programming, and the museum’s annual fund.

Menil Society visit to Joe Havel’s studio. Photo: Jenny Antill.

Menil Society visit to Joe Havel's studio April 25, 2018. Photo: Jenny Antill.


Henrietta Alexander Chinhui and Eddie Allen Charles Butt Angela and Will Cannady Nancy and Bob Carney Clare Casademont and Michael Metz Julie and John Cogan Olivia and Peter Farrell Agnes Gund Diana and Russell Hawkins Janet and Paul Hobby Linda and George Kelly Jeanne and Mickey Klein Douglas L. Lawing and Guy Hagstette Rochelle and Max Levit Cornelia and Meredith Long Nancy McGregor Manne and Neal Manne Lisa and Will Mathis Susan and Francois de Menil Sara and Bill Morgan Franci Neely Scott and Judy Nyquist Marilyn Oshman


Susanne and William E. Pritchard III Leslie and Shannon Sasser Anne Schlumberger Lisa and Jerry Simon Lois and George Stark Bill Stewart Mark Wawro and Melanie Gray Morris Weiner Michael Zilkha


Leslie and Brad Bucher Diane and Michael Cannon Bettie Cartwright Jereann Chaney FranÇoise and Edward Djerejian Barbara and Michael Gamson Amanda and Morris Gelb Claudia and Karsten Greve Ann and Henry Hamman Sissy and Denny Kempner Anne and David Kirkland Dillon Kyle and Sam Lasseter Marley Lott Beth Madison Cynthia and Robert McClain Elizabeth and George Passela Karen and Harry Pinson

Lillie Robertson Robin and Andrew Schirrmeister Jacqueline and Dick Schmeal Adrienne and Timothy Unger Ann Wales Lea Weingarten Marcy Taub Wessel and Tom Wessel Marion and Benjamin Wilcox Jeanie Kilroy Wilson and Wally Wilson Cyvia Wolff Lynn and Oscar Wyatt


Judy Allen Jeff Beauchamp Mary Bentsen Cindy and Larry Burns Jerry Ann Woodfin Costa and Victor Costa Lauri and Christopher Cragg Margaret and Nigel Curlet Rania and Jamal Daniel Isabel and Danny David Bevin and Dan Dubrowski Jenny Elkins Kristina Van Dyke Fort and Jeff Fort Cece and Mack Fowler Cullen K. Geiselman

Clare Glassell Melissa and Albert Grobmyer Claudine and David Hartland Margaret C. Hawk Dorene and Frank Herzog Kerry Inman and Denby Auble Cliff Helmcamp and Jerry Jeanmard Elise and Russell Joseph Mimi Kilgore Nancy and Erik Littlejohn Marvin Lummis Muffy and Mike McLanahan Elise and Scott Miller Cristina and Bill Moore Carol and David Neuberger Douglas and Veronica Overman Trilla and Bob Pando Kathryn and Richard Rabinow Isla and Thomas Reckling David Ruiz Bryan Scrivner Ellen Simmons Leigh and Reggie Smith Doug Smith Scott Sparvero Amy Sutton and Gary Chiles Bridget and Patrick Wade Julia and Stephen Wilkinson John L. Zipprich II


Gail and Louis Adler Liz and David Anders Surpik and Paolo Angelini Carlos Bacino Candace Baggett and Ron Restrepo Ilene and Paul Barr James Bell Laura Bellows Bert Bertonaschi Ryan Boehner Carrie and Sverre Brandsberg-Dahl Marianna and Chris Brewster Susan and Raymond Brochstein Anne Bushman Ginny and Bill Camfield Tripp Carter Chris and Bill Caudill Estela and David Cockrell Helen and Benjamin Cohen Nancy and Taylor Cooksey Liz and Steve Crowell Christy and Louis Cushman Paula and Dan Daly Helen Davis Christina and Norman Diekman Joell and Thomas Doneker Nancy Dunlap

Rachel and James Dunlap Annette and John Eldridge Sara Eliason Stephanie and Greg Evans Frances Farenthold Andee and Aziz Friedrich Edward Gibbon, Jr. Lynn and Henry Gissel Louise and Lawrence Glenn Kathy and Marty Goossen Kay Hale Josh Hansel Sarah and John Hastings G.G. Hsieh and Mark Hausknecht Kellie and Jeff Hepper Lee Huber Jill and Dunham Jewett Ann Jones Susan and Richard Keeton Wendy and Mavis Kelsey Page Kempner Julie Kinzelman and Christopher Tribble Carla Knobloch Daryl Koehn and Julian Brown Katherine Kohlmeyer Alicia Kowalchuk and Benjamin Saldaña Karol Kreymer and Bob Card

Librarian Lauren Gottlieb-Miller discusses early printed books alongside later surrealist publications from the library’s Special Collections during the Menil Society Curator’s Choice event on November 14, 2017. Photo: Laura Nauert.


MENIL SOCIETY CONTINUED Carolyn and Paul Landen Ashley and Curt Langley Jacqueline Levine Joan Levy Jennifer Lewis Victoria and Marshal Lightman Mari and Greg Marchbanks Judy and Rodney Margolis Penelope and Lester Marks Meredith and Ben Marshall Kimberly and Scott Martin Poppi Massey Misty and Surena Matin Isabelle and Eric Mayer Gaye and Ed McCullough Mary Hale Lovett McLean Anthony Milam Vickie Milazzo and Thomas Ziemba Ginni and Richard Mithoff Diane and David Modesett Janet and Harvin Moore Anne and Jack Moriniere Fan and Peter Morris

Evelyn and Roy Nolen Brian O’Donnell Maureen O’Driscoll-Levy Mari Omori Sue Payne Carrie and Albert Pepi Joëlle and Geoffroy Petit Ashley Pettus and Charles Cherington Dean Putterman Fairfax and Risher Randall Eliza Randall Leonor and Eric Ratliff Carolyn and James Robertson Robyn Rothman Frank Rynd Victoria Salem Neda Scanlan James Schaefer and Sophia Lee Irving Schweppe Mariana Servitje Sondra and George Shipley Carey Shuart Kelly and Nicholas Silvers

Hinda Simon Josephine and Richard Smith Janet and John Springer Eliza and Stuart Stedman Aliyya and Herman Stude Ellen and Stephen Susman Jane and Gary Swanson Lucile Tennant Sandra Tirey and Jan van Lohuizen Emily Todd Katherine Warren Wendy Watriss and Fredrick Baldwin Elizabeth and Jack Weingarten Margaret and David Williams Shirley Wozencraft Ellyn Wulfe Rowena Young and Buddy Steves Lisa Young and Matthew Assiff Elizabeth and Barry Young Erla and Harry Zuber

GLASS KEY SOCIETY Named after a beloved painting by René Magritte, the Glass Key Society honors individuals who have included the Menil Collection in their wills, personal trusts, or other planned giving arrangements. Through their thoughtful contributions, members of the Glass Key Society help ensure a vital future for the museum. *For information about making a legacy gift, please contact Karen Sumner, Director of Advancement at 713-525-9455 or

René Magritte, The Glass Key, 1959. The Menil Collection, Houston. © 2019 C. Herscovici / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.


Anonymous (4) Diane Arnold and Bill Frazier Jeff Beauchamp Collection of Mollie R. and William T. Cannady Julie and John Cogan, Jr. Ben and Helen Cohen Christy and Louis Cushman Sir Mark Fehrs Haukohl Alex Heylen and Monika Lybeer Marjorie G. Horning Paige and Todd Johnson William F. Lassiter Douglas L. Lawing Mary Hale Lovett McLean Marc Melcher Franci Neely Laurie Newendorp Francesco Pellizzi Susanne and William E. Pritchard III Marietta Voglis John L. Zipprich II

CORPORATE SUPPORTERS The Menil Collection is pleased to recognize gifts from corporations in fiscal year 2018.

$50,000 +

Gagosian Gallery - California Schlumberger

$25,000 - $49,999

Akris Saracen Energy Advisors LP Sotheby’s Van Cleef & Arpels

$10,000 - $24,999

Baker Botts LLP BB&T Bloomberg LP Bucher Holdings Ltd. Eagle Global Advisors H-E-B The Heart of Fashion, LLC Houston Trust Co. Indigo Minerals UBS Financial Services, Inc. United Airlines

$5,000 - $9,999

Katz Coffee Noble Energy Inc. Vaughan Nelson Investment Management LP

$1,000 - $4,999

Art and Travel LLC Bank of America Benefactor Travel Mass MoCa Medrx Compounding & Pharmacy Limited Co.

$500 - $999

Martin Randall Travel Pon’s Automobiel Handel Travel Muse, Inc.

April 9, 2018 Corporate Conversations luncheon. Photo: Daniel Ortiz.

IN-KIND DONORS Aēsop Art Mix Creative Learning Center Aztec Rentals Bergner and Johnson Design Buffalo Bayou Brewery The Chocolate Bar/Candylicious Chopard Christie’s Da Camera Houston Wine Merchant InfoVine Four Seasons Hotel Jackson and Company Le Labo Microsoft PaperCity Pro/Sound Smilebooth Spec’s Tenenbaum Jewelers Tito’s Vodka Total Wine & More


MEMBERSHIP Menil members are a special group of supporters who help sustain John and Dominique de Menil’s legacy of arts patronage.


John Abodeely and Edward Kachinske Betty and W.K. Adam Tonia and Khleber Attwell Henry Bethea Deborah and David Black Nana Booker and David Lowe Meg Boulware and Hartley Hampton Robin and Richard Brooks Joan Bruchas and H.P. Cowdin Kathleen and Robert Clarke Ann Daughety Kimberly and Bradley Dennison Virginia Dwan Nancy Fischer Rachel and Edward Folse Helen Winkler Fosdick Kerry Galvin Leslie Gassner Mary Gibbs Irma and Kirk Girouard Trevor Green Ann Hamilton Bill Hamilton Paula and John Hansen Olive Hershey and A. C. Conrad Anna and Harold Holliday Franny and John Jeffries Rita Justice and Alexander Dell Gerry Karkowsky Kathleen Keahey and Jim Petersen Peaches and Harris Kempner Elizabeth and Albert Kidd Stephanie Knight and Richard Duschl Christa and Aivars Krumins Susan and Jack Lapin Bryn Larsen Benigna and Ernst Leiss Maya and Frederic Linsig Melanie Malinowski and Andrew Cunningham Rebecca Marvil and Brian Smyth Carl Masterson Peggy and David Matthews Will McCorquodale Beth McCracken Will McLendon


Mary and David Montague Matthew Morgan Sarah Morian and Michael Clark Micheline Newall Barbara Ostdiek Phyllis Panenka and David Archer Virginia and Jean Perrette James Peters Andrea and Carl Peterson Carol and Daniel Price Carroll and Hugh Ray Macey and Harry Reasoner Serge Ribot and Adalberto Villalba Leslie and Russ Robinson Jane and Richard Schmitt Sara Shackleton and Michael McKeogh Karen Shouse Patricia Beaver-Skakun and Gary Skakun Angela and Mark Smith Gail and Rodney Susholtz Kay and Albert Tabor Harold Taylor June Trammell Patricia Troncoso and William Pugh Fabené Welch Heather and Robert Westendarp Vivian Wise


Anaceli Aldaz Jory Alexander Susan Anhalt Claire and Wayne Ankenman Bennie and David Ansell Elizabeth and Bob Ardell Ellis Arjmand Grace and Christopher Armstrong Maida and Paul Asofsky David Aylsworth and Paul Forsythe Luz and David Ayre Ann and Ken Babcock Jacquelyn Barish Eydie and Jimmy Barnett Isabelle Bedrosian and John Heghinian Rita Bergers and Joel Abramowitz Kathy and Andrew Berkman Shirley and Stanley Beyer Marilyn Biles Robert Blocker

Jane and Roger Boak John Boehm Marjorie Boehme Minnette and Peter Boesel Sally and Thomas Bolam Pauline Bolton Christopher Brooks-Delphin and Roy Brooks Catherine Brown Charles Brown Kathrin Brunner and Albert Pope Katherine and Larry Buck Robin and Michael Bullington John Burke Kathleen and Glenn Cambor Cynthia and Bob Card Michael Carroll Emily and Bill Chambers Dinah Chetrit and Rich Levy Edwina and Bob Clark Lori Cohen and Christopher Rothko Carolyn Colias George Connelly Jody Blazek-Crossley and David Crossley Nancy Crowther Cay Cunningham and James Murtha Michael Dale and Robert Wolff Barbara and Jonathan Day Susan and Michael DeCourcy Jan Diesel Karen Doolittle Ruth Dreessen and Thomas Van Laan Janet and Roger Durand Miriam Edelman Sally and Philip Edmundson Jane Eifler Vicki and Lucas Elliot Kathleen and Keith Ellison Cathy Eng Clayton and Sheldon Erikson Martha and Blake Eskew Ann Finkelstein Kate and John Fitzgerald Janet and Michael Fourticq Larry Gana Gretchen Gillis and David Cook Christina Girard

Susan and Thomas Golden Gayle Goodman and Kenneth Adam Helene and Kance Gould Nonya and Jonathan Grenader Marc Grossberg Cynthia and Ben Guill Robert Guynn Merrill and Joseph Hafner Teruhiko Hagiwara Holly and Breen Haire Maureen and Gary Hall Susan and Robert Hawkins Lorraine McKenna-Hendricks and David Hendricks Perla and Alex Herrera Janice Hewitt Pam and Taylor Hicks Jonna and Grant Hitchcock Jane Hogan Jennifer and Richard Hogan William Howell Gayle and Phil Huffman Laurel and Arthur Huffman Julie and Thomas Hughes Barbara and Charles Hurwitz Alan Hurwitz Barbara Jackson and Charles Wade Patricia Johnson George Johnson Marilyn and Brad Jones Karen and Kenneth Jones Aysha Kassim-Voronoff and Chester Urban Chandra Katragadda Mireille and Harvey Katz Rogan Kersh Paul Klotman Sheryl Kolasinski and Frank Briscoe Quin Kroll Larry and Barbara Lipshultz Keith Little Tommy Lott Nancy Luton Theresa and Edward Mallett Mary Lynn and Steve Marks Lisa Marshall Jean and Henry May Rebecca and Scott McCay

Elizabeth McClintock and Rick Adams Georgia and Joel McGlasson Amanda McMillian and Benjamin Holloway Anne and John Mendelsohn David Miller Nancy and Robert Mollers Nancy Moore Celia Morgan Barbara Mosbacher and William Myerson Frances Mount Liliane and Cesar Nahas Becky and Amira Naser Carolyn and Bruce Nichol W. M. Nicholas Americo Nonini Mark Onak Betty and Duncan Osborne Rochelle and Sheldon Oster Roz and Alan Pactor Frances and Walter Pagel Jonathan Palmer Norman Parrish Carole and Joe Pascoe Kim Pashko and David Kelly Joan and José Pérez Michael Phillips Jan-Claire Phillips and Jerry Kendall Michael Piana Russell Pitman Esther and Gary Polland Bernadette Prakash Jennifer and Peter Ragauss Susan Raine Sarah and Norman Reynolds Jo Anne Ritacca and Kenneth Goldsmith Maura and Walter Ritchie George Rizzo Beverly and Howard Robinson Margot and Richard Rodriguez Daisy Lee and Bradley Roe Natalie and Charles Roff Jane Root Virginia Rorschach Shirley Rose Casey and Kevin Rowe Linda and Jerry Rubenstein

Franca Sant’Ambrogio Gemma and Luis de Santos Veronique and Luc Schlumberger Sande Schlumberger Margie and Scott Schneider William Schoenfield Carrie Shoemake Nicolas Shumway and Robert Mayott Renie and Louis Silver Trish and Fielding Smith Anita and Gerald Smith Kathryn and Craig Smyser Linda Spain Alana Spiwak Katherine and Robert Steely Uwe Steiner Brian Stephens Brady Steward Doreen Stoller and Dan Piette Mike Stude Gabrielle and Heinrich Taegtmeyer Susan and Bascom Talley Christina Thaller and Gregor Eichele Jo Ann Thweatt Barbara Tilley Kris Torberson and Michael Weller Eleanor and Jon Totz Nicola Toubia Ignatia Van den Veyver and Siddharth Prakash Pete Van Horn Jana Vander Lee Barbara Volkmer and Pablo Ruiz-Berlanga Kay and JD Walther Lara and Frederic Warner Randal Weber Kathy Welch and John Unger Debbie Wernet Walter Widrig Lisa and Lynn Wiese Lora Wildenthal and Peter Caldwell Nancy Williams and Larry Stevens Janne Williams Margaret and Kenneth Williams Joanne and Welcome Wilson Kay and Carl Wilson Jerry and Gerlind Wolinsky Annette Wood Tom Young and Steve Nall


MENIL CONTEMPORARIES The Menil Contemporaries is a membership group for emerging patrons, collectors, and art enthusiasts who share a passion for the Menil Collection and invest meaningfully in the art spaces and 30-acre neighborhood. Menil Contemporaries are the next generation of leaders and advocates of the museum.

Menil Contemporaries Surreal SoirĂŠe, December 8, 2017. Photo: Obi Grant.

FRIEND Jessica Phifer Elisa and Cris Pye

ASSOCIATE John McLaughlin Michael Naul and Stephen Schwarz Sarah Beth and Paul Seifert

PARTNER Melanie and Mitchell Baldridge Kevin Bonebrake and Winifred Scheuer Anna Brewster Sara Cain Meghann Conley and Amy Aaronson Margaret and William Davis Nina Delano and Wirt Blaffer Sarah Foltz and Ben Black Monica Fuentes-Dominguez


Bevin and Dan Dubrowski Sarah Henderson Robert Hunziker Madeline Kelly Sara Kelly Ina Kuehnhoefer-Riley and Philip Riley Elizabeth Lawnin Jacqueline Levine Kim and Mark Lowes Katherine Lummis Penelope and Lester Marks Amy Mason and Michael Birk Katie and Whitney Mears Reyad Nasser Capera and Igor Norinsky Olivia and Edward Persia Calia and Peter Pettigrew Lauren and Jonathan Pollock Alison Robertson and Daniel Jenson Karlsson and Brian Salek Victoria Salem Liana and Andrew Schwaitzberg

Kelley and Jeff Scofield Sandra and Stefano Serrani Omid Sharifian Derrick Shore and Brandon Bourque Hannah and Seth Siegel-Gardner Aldona and Damon Spiegel Caroline Starry Jennifer and David Strauss Judd Swanson Elizabeth and Barry Young

ENTHUSIAST Beverly Barrett Sara and Philip Beck Deborah Brochstein and Steven Hecht Lela Brodsky Melissa Caspary Kimberly Cheeseman and Michael Dillon Kristen Cliburn Andrew Colopy and Robert Booth

Ashlyn Davis Elizabeth and Alexander Dwyer Margo Fendrich and Lam Nguyen Katharine Field Emma Hanes and Anthony Ableman Christopher Kilgore Taylor Landry Adrienne LaViolette and Matthew Moore Cynthia and Chad Mabry Margaret and Neil Manus Charyn McGinnis Christie Nguyen Maria Carlota Palacios Victoria Ridgway Alexandra Tennant Harve Truskett Melissa and Oliver Tuckerman Leslie Wolf

PATRON Luis Macias-Navarro

SPONSOR Nicole Brende Eva Kristina Bush and Todd Bush Jonathan Carr Elizabeth Carter and McPharlin Broderick Hallie Sue Cho Liz Cleveland and Hunter Wakefield Jessica Crutcher Carmen Gomez and William Curry Nevena Demirovic Laura Donnelly Elliott and Emily Doyle Larianna Dunn Pamela Ferguson Catherine and Patrick Gillespie Julia and Daniel Goldman Sharon Graham Ashley Graves

Elizabeth Gregory Mosie Hackett Lucie Harte Bradley Houston Samantha Jarvis Saba Jawda Sarah Jawda Eileen and Bennett Johnston Jillian Kaiser Emily Kelley Sarah Labowitz Tracy Leibovitz and James Irvine Megan Light Melissa McDonnell Luján and Carlos Luján Michael Mandola Natalie Marchbanks Dolling Jack McBride and Thain Allen Conor McEvily Raj Natarajan Jennifer Nelsen Nan Parsley Mary Hammon Quinn and Jacob Quinn Elizabeth Reed Kathleen and William Reynolds Randi and Pablo Schmidt-Tophoff Colleen Sheedy Guido Stefanelli Salwa Tarabay Rachel Tenenbaum Katherine Thurman Roxanne Tizravesh Jennifer Traina-Dorge and Jonathan Tesfaye Jessica Trincanello and Jeremy Griggs Vida Yao and Chris Hakkenberg Patrick Yarborough

CONTRIBUTOR Ahmad Abuleil Ben Ackerley Anna Arata and Zach Wright Evan Baldridge

Jan Boterman and Taylor Tomassi Sarah Caspary Brayden Chiles and Ted Keenan Vera Chow Robert Dahnke Cynthia Dehlavi Anthony Franklyn Kate Gardiner Paul Gay Lauralee and Tanner Gentry Tracy Glesby Megan Grant Kelly Hill Eliza Hopper Greg Ingram Maggie and Richard Jenkins Meghan and Aaron Koranek Austin Langley Madison Langley Jack Langley Leigh-Ann Laughlin Tyler Lohse Coco Luo David Masson Cori Matthews Vera Mishurina Salvador Montes John Montgomery Christopher Nash Abigail Ogilvy Ryan and Daniel Ryan Charles Pendergraft Sonia Rae Alan Rios Joel Rottier Gillian Sarofim Orel Shoham Jennie Simmons Seth Stolbun Linley Stroud Erin Thigpen Kayla Wieding Olga Yatsenko Amanda Yoder

Menil members at the Sponsor level and above during the fiscal year 2018 (July 1 2017–June 30, 2018) are listed. Every effort has been made to ensure that this list is accurate. If errors or omissions have occurred, please accept our sincere apologies and contact Kristin Smyth at 713-525-9490 or









$11,000,000 $6,551,037









$ 7,718,691


$ 2,907,741


$ 2,624,622




$ 2,932,242






$ 25,748,934 $1,920,244

Investment Portfolio UNRESTRICTED








Data is derived from the financial statements of Menil Foundation, Inc. as of June 30, 2018. A complete set of Menil Foundation, Inc. audited financial statements for 2017–2018 is available on request.

Program Revenue 1%

Real Estate 6%

Work of Art Gifts 2%

Fundraising 27%

Art Acquisitions 24%

Revenue & Support $ 27.7 Million

Investments 40%

Real Estate 7%

Art Purchases 20%

Building Operations 11%

Capital Improvements 10%


$ 25.7 Million

Administration 12% Exhibitions & Programs* 30%

Advancement 10% *Exhibitions & Programs include: Archives, Bookstore, Collections Management, Communications, Conservation, Curatorial, Exhibition Design, Security, Information Technology, Library, Public Programs, and Publishing.


STAFF Director’s Office

Rebecca Rabinow, Director Sara Beck, Assistant to the Director Elsian Cozens, Director’s Office Liaison Lauren Pollock, Assistant to the Director’s Office


Michael Nicknish, Chief Financial Officer Jocelyn Bazile, Accounts Payable Brandon Connor, Financial and Budget Analyst Ileana Del Toro, Controller Lisa DeLatte, Staff Accountant Earline Gray, Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer Rosivel Guttierez, Accounting Specialist Shiow-Chyn (Susie) Liao, Accountant Melissa McDonnell Luján, Director of Operations


Karen Sumner, Director of Advancement Brandon Bourque, Special Events Coordinator Emily Darling, Special Events Coordinator Jeremy Faulk, Manager of Foundation Relations Eileen Johnston, Director of Special Events Madeline Kelly, Major Gifts Officer Patrice McCracken, Prospect Researcher Jennifer Scamardo, Special Events Assistant Sylvia Sheppard, Assistant to the Director of Advancement Kristin Smyth, Manager of Development Services Katie White Wisian, Corporate Giving Officer


Lisa Barkley, Archival Associate


Paul Forsythe, Manager Lili Kaneem Smith, Bookstore Associate Caitlin Young, Bookstore Associate


Collection Management

Susan Slepka Anderson, Director of Collection Management David Alysworth, Collections Registrar Catherine Eckels, Registrar, Menil Drawing Institute Anthony Flores, Imaging Technician Stephanie Harris, Associate Registrar, Loans and Exhibitions Anna Hollyer, Assistant Registrar, Loans and Exhibitions Robin Key, TMS Assistant John “Russ” Lane, Art Preparator Margaret C. McKee, Digital Asset Manager Robert “Ole” Peterson, Art Preparator Alejandro Rosas, Art Preparator, Menil Drawing Institute Tony Rubio, Chief Preparator Julie Thies, Head of TMS Kara Thorenson, Imaging Services Specialist Charles “Patrick” Yarrington, Art Preparator


Bradford Epley, Chief Conservator Jan Burandt, Paper Conservator Kari Dodson, Associate Objects Conservator Mina Gaber, Matter/Framer Judith Hastings, Administrative Assistant, Conservation Christina McLean, Artist Documentation Fellow Adam Neese, Conservation Imaging Specialist Desirae Peters, Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in Painting Conservation Katrina Rush, Associate Paintings Conservator Sarah Thompson, Administrative Assistant, Conservation Brianna Warren, Conservation Studio Technician


Haley Berkman, Curatorial Assistant Paul R. Davis, Curator of Collections Clare Elliott, Associate Research Curator Kelly Montana, Curatorial Assistant, Menil Drawing Institute Cindy Peña, Administrative Assistant, Curatorial Department Alexis Pennington, Assistant Exhibitions Coordinator Michelle White, Senior Curator

Art preparators Tobin Becker (left) and Russ Lane installing a mosaic in the modern galleries. Photo: Adam Neese.

Exhibition Design

Brooke Stroud, Exhibitions Designer Kent Dorn, Exhibition Design Assistant

External Affairs

Theodore Bale, Assistant Director of Public Programs Casey Betts, Communications Coordinator Tony Martinez, Public Programs Coordinator Oliver “Tommy” Napier, Assistant Director of Communications

Human Resources

Suzanne Maloch, Director of Human Resources Patrice Ashley, Benefits Coordinator

Information Technology

Oliver “Buck” Bakke, Manager of Information Technology


Lauren Gottlieb-Miller, Librarian


Judy Waters, Associate Director of Development Carrie Ermler, Manager of Membership and Visitor Services Christopher Henry, Receptionist Laura Nauert, Membership Assistant Hannah Siegel-Gardner, Manager of Patron Programs Thelma Smith, Visitor/Membership Associate Hannah Thibodeaux, Membership and Visitor Desk Attendant

Museum Facilities

Steve McConathy, Director of Facilities Juan Buenrostro, Landscaper Nick Cedillo, Custodian Ernest Flores, Maintenance Assistant Wesley Haines, Facilities Engineer Jack Patterson, Assistant Facilities Engineer Alvin Ramirez, Landscaper Javier Verduzco, Custodian


Michael Ross, Manager of Rental Real Estate Byron Aragon, Leasing Associate Ramon Castillo, HVAC/Plumbing Technician Roberto Gonzalez, Maintenance Supervisor Georgina Molina, Assistant Manager of Rental Real Estate Jesus Olvera, Handyman Jose Soriano Salazar, Maintenance Assistant


Glenn Shepherd, Director of Safety and Security Chris Akin, Gallery Attendant Vicente Ancheta, Gallery Attendant Arceli Arcilla, Gallery Attendant Matthew Barton, Gallery Attendant Nestor Bombarda, Gallery Attendant Delana Bunch, Gallery Attendant Sabina Causevic, Gallery Attendant William Cuevas, Control Room Monitor Bridget Eldredge, Relief Control Room Monitor/ Maintenance Assistant Rodolfo Fornillos, Gallery Attendant Latisha Gilbert, Assistant Gallery Attendant Supervisor Jamarcus Gilmore, Gallery Attendant Nydia Gutierrez, Gallery Attendant Earl Harris, Control Room Monitor Monique Harris, Gallery Attendant Shawnie Hunt, Control Room Monitor Sossina Kenfere, Gallery Attendant Lerma Legaspi, Gallery Attendant Reynaldo Legaspi, Gallery Attendant Getachew Mengesha, Gallery Attendant Supervisor Matthew Rojas, Gallery Attendant Kenneth Sherman, Gallery Attendant Montrá Sims, Gallery Attendant Mirzama Sisic, Assistant Gallery Attendant Supervisor Konjit Tekletsadik, Gallery Attendant Richard Thompson, Gallery Attendant Eric Valdez, Control Room Monitor

Joseph Newland, Director of Publishing Sarah Robinson, Editor

Rental Real Estate

Copyright © 2019 Menil Foundation, Inc. All rights reserved. Published by the Director’s Office Sara Beck, Editor Lauren Gundlach, Graphic Designer Special thanks to: Susan Slepka Anderson, David Aylsworth, Lisa Barkley, Casey Betts, Lilly Carrel, Brandon Conner, Elsian Cozens, Paul Davis, Ileana Del Toro, Kari Dodson, Clare Elliott, Brad Epley, Carrie Ermler, Jeremy Faulk, Anthony Flores, Paul Forsythe, Lauren Gottlieb-Miller, Earline Gray, Wes Haines, Haley Berkman Karren, Madeline Kelly, Suzanne Maloch, Tony Martinez, Donna McClendon, Melissa McDonnell Luján, Margaret C. McKee, Tommy Napier, Laura Nauert, Joseph Newland, Mike Nicknish, Nancy O’Connor, Alexis Pennington, Lauren Pollock, Rebecca Rabinow, Hannah Siegel-Gardner, Kristin Smyth, Karen Sumner, Julie Thies, Judy Waters, and Michelle White.

The Menil Collection 1533 Sul Ross Street Houston, TX 77006 713-525-9400 Museum and bookstore hours: Wednesday–Sunday, 11:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. Free of charge Free parking at 1515 West Alabama Street Cover: John Chamberlain, American Tableau, 1984. Paint and chromium-plated steel. 144 × 252 × 132 in. (365.8 × 640.1 × 335.3 cm) Photo: Anthony Flores. © 2019 Fairweather & Fairweather LTD / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York


2 0 1 8 A N N UA L R E P ORT