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Working to alleviate the suffering of animals abroad

Mayhew International

Summer 2013

Mayhew International in Kabul with Nowzad

Welcome to the summer edition of the Mayhew International supplement for 2013! Time is already racing on this year and a lot has been happening in Afghanistan and India over the first four months. Our Dr Mohammadzai has been back to Kabul on one of the two planned training trips for Afghanistan this year. The Education Officer we are funding for HOPE & Animal Trust in Ranchi has been busy reaching out to the local children, raising awareness of the importance of understanding how to behave around street dogs and how rabies is passed from dogs and other animals to humans. We have also two vets booked to come to The Mayhew over the summer, one from Lebanon, who volunteers with Animals Lebanon and one from

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Japan, who works with our good friends Animal Refuge Kansai and we have been looking at developing our work in Russia and Georgia. In addition, we have welcomed visitors from around the globe to The Mayhew; from Israel, from Portugal and from Denmark. All of them had heard about The Mayhew and its efforts to address companion animal welfare issues in an urban environment and the expertise of The Mayhew’s vet team in working to alleviate the suffering of animals abroad. You, our friends and supporters, make this possible and only with your on-going support can we do more. Thank you from everyone at Mayhew International.

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Mayhew International in Afghanistan

Mayhew International in Kabul with Nowzad

Mayhew International’s Dr Mohammadzai flew out to Kabul in March with a one month programme of vet training, shelter medicine management and discussions with the Kabul authorities. He spent more than two weeks with Nowzad, training the two local vets, Dr Hadi and Amin who were working at the Nowzad Clinic. Training was based around pre and post-operative care, neutering, dentals and how to address infection rates and transmission in the shelter environment. In addition, he gave advice on the treatment of skin conditions, which are commonplace in the street dogs, and wound management. But he didn’t just work with small animals as he was asked to assist with the care of the donkeys now living at Nowzad.

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With Dr Hadi at Nowzad administering rescue donkey, Samson, his worming treatment

Dr Mohammadzai demonstrating a cat flank spay for Nowzad’s Dr Amin

Kabul University Vet Faculty is in the process of being refurbished and rebuilt, so there is limited small animal surgery taking place at the moment, but Dr Mohammadzai was able to provide some training in neutering techniques for the final year veterinary students and also met with the authorities who are behind the construction of the new Faculty clinic and hospital facilities.

Discussions were held with representatives of the Afghan government, Afghan Veterinary Association and other non-governmental agencies involved with animal husbandry in Kabul. In particular, finding methods of preventing the spread of rabies and controlling and containing the street dog population. There is much work to be done!

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Mayhew International in India In 2013, Mayhew International is continuing to fund the veterinary services at HOPE & Animal Trust for their neutering and vaccination project in the city of Ranchi, providing treatment where necessary to the dogs trapped and released under the programme. In the first quarter of this year, HOPE has neutered more than 2,600 dogs. Skin diseases and malnutrition are prevalent and sometimes the dogs are kept at HOPE’s temporary treatment centre until they are recovered enough to be re-released. Such a case recently was Bobo, who was admitted in a very poor state, terribly emaciated, with chronic and severe mange and a hole in his throat. Bobo has been at HOPE’s centre now for almost a month and is doing well – the hole in his throat has healed up and his fur is beginning to grow back. He is still being monitored by the vet team. Alongside, the ABC project, the Education programme is in full swing, with the Education Officer having visited 15 schools in the first quarter, reaching approx. 2000 students and HOPE has regularly had information booths set up in the town, distributing materials to the general public.

Bobo on arrival at HOPE’s shelter

One month on – on the road to recovery

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Mayhew International - Summer 2013  

Mayhew International - Summer 2013