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Table of Contents Message From the Staff Traditionally, The Matador publishes a senior issue every year, dedicated toward the graduating class. Implied by its name, the spotlight is on the seniors, and we strive to ensure and recognize that. Last year, we were unable to publish a senior issue due to the pandemic. Fortunately, we were able to do so this year, and we recognize that this has been a long, difficult year for many. We humbly offer our gratitude and deepest congratulations to the graduating class with our final issue of the 2020-21 school year. This issue, we also experienced a staff rotation due to personal circumstances, indicated by byline switches. Nevertheless, The Matador wishes to thank you, the readers, for your continued support. We hope that you continue to follow our publication into the next school year. Thank you, and Go Matadors!

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We, The Matador Staff, have one goal: to inform our community. Whether it is the school community, district, or surrounding area, we serve to seek truth and report it. Following the SPJ Code of Ethics, we hold our staff to high accountability through minimizing harm, acting independently, and being accountable and transparent. We greatly believe that, at its deepest roots, journalism has the ability to provide a voice for the voiceless, and we strive to fulfill that notion within our diverse community.


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Life and Art

The Matador Editors-in-Chief have a word for the staff and you, the reader.


Stuck in the lull of quarantine, senior Fabian Lua falls into a new rhythm of working out consistently.

Dig into the current wave of antiAAPI hate and learn about it.

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page eight A year of difficulty and new interactions, seniors recount them in their reflections.

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page three The Get Lit poetry team takes first place at the 10th Classic Get Lit Competition.


Alumni offer insight into their college experiences WEDNESDAY, MAY 12, 2021




(Left) After ranking first at their Get Lit Classic Slam semi-quarter round on April 30, the school’s slam poetry team, coaches, and supporters met up briefly on Zoom for a congratulatory intermission. (Right) The 10th annual Get Lit Classic Slam poster is pictured with event information and its slogan, “Bloom how you must, wild until we are free.”

Poetry team secures win in virtual Get Lit Classic Slam The school’s poetry team earns awards and claims victory at the Get Lit poetry competition. BY TIFFANY NGUYGEN FEATURES EDITOR


arning first place, the school’s poetry team won the 10th annual Get Lit Slam on May 1. The poets, sophomores Linh Dinh and Ava Walker, juniors Ashley Macias and Michelle Wu, and seniors Emily Chen and Tiffany Nguygen, ranked highly under the coaching of English teachers Catherine Burkhart and Jordan Vogel. The team was confident in its success, but its ultimate goal was to share their stories with the world and the poetry community. The poets did not anticipate coming out as the champions and having Chen winning “Top Scoring Poet.” Chen, who has been a member of the team for three years, feels overjoyed to represent the school amongst the other competitive poets. “When I got the highest score that night, it felt relieving,” Chen said. “It felt like all the personal parts of the poem and all the hard work I put into it was getting recognition by empowering judges. [Although] I was in complete shock, I feel very prideful because we’re the winning team among private schools [and] art schools. To bring the trophy home is so exciting. It feels like all of our hard work and all of our failed

attempts to get here has paid off because it only made us stronger than ever.” The team attributes diligence as the key to its success, meeting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for two to three hours on Zoom to revise poems and polish performances. From Feb. 22 to April 29, the poets and coaches collaborated with mentors from the Get Lit organization and

"It feels like all of our hard work and all of our failed attempts to get here has paid off because it only made us stronger than ever." Emily Chen Senior other students. The lack of inperson instruction presented a roadblock in their progress, but the team noted that it was able to adapt to the new virtual format. “Despite the virtual meetings, I still think we all contributed and helped each other,” Walker said. “The team made sure to help each other edit poems. On Zoom,

it’s easier to just not say anything at all, but in teams, and especially in things like poetry, you need to communicate and get to know each other. Often, someone else’s perspective, feedback, and ideas are what can turn a poem from okay to great.” Due to them winning the slam, the team will be awarded with various prizes. Each of the coaches will receive $1000, while each of the poets will receive $500. As the “Top Scoring Poet,” Chen will earn an additional $500 and the recognition of her poem on the Los Angeles BiIlboard’s Love Letters Project. The team will be provided a free pair of Vans shoes and an interview from actress Kelly Marie Tran. To the team, the prizes were bonuses to the larger impact of their victory. “[Watching] the poets perform and be validated for their words and their work [were] the highlight of an otherwise very difficult year,” Burkhart said. “As diverse as the pieces were, there was a through line of reclaiming space and empowering voice. I am so grateful to the poets, my co-coach, and Get Lit for making this happen!” Marking the second time the school won first place at the Get Lit Classic Slam, the team is excited to enter the competition again next year. The poets’ performances can be viewed at the Get Lit website,

BRIEFS District offers vaccinations for students, immediate family BY TAMMY VUONG

Due to the UCs’ and CSUs’ COVID-19 vaccine mandate for incoming freshmen, the district is partnering with a local health agency to immunize students ages 16 or older and their immediate adult family members. Only the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine will be distributed. Once the Los Angeles Department of Health authorizes the vaccine for students 12 and older, they can be vaccinated at the high school clinics. Students who filled out an interest survey form that was due on April 26 will be given priority spots. Vaccination clinics are scheduled for May 12 from 8:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. at Alhambra High School, May 19 from 8:00 a.m. through 12:00 p.m. at Mark Keppel High School, and June 1 from 8:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. at San Gabriel High School.

Administration plans full school day schedule for 2021-22 BY ANDREW LAM

The school will be returning to a regular, in-person schedule for the 2021-22 school year. A form, which closed on April 28, was sent to students' emails, asking for feedback on an ideal schedule. The form included questions about the preferred number of classes within a school day and what school services students would like to see next year. "We presented the form's responses to an all-staff meeting last week," Amy Wu, Assistant Principal of Instruction, said. "Teachers looked at the student responses, and they shared what they felt based on the student responses and what the teachers need[ed]."

SGHS ranked among best high schools in U.S. BY LAURA CAI

U.S. News ranked SGHS in their 2021 Best High Schools in April. Statuses were determined by the school’s 58% Advanced Placement (AP) participation rate, 97% graduation rate, academic achievement in both English Language Arts and Math, and number of AP courses offered. Principal Debbie Stone said unity was one of the main factors contributing to the school’s recognition. “I truly believe that our community, which includes our students, their families, and staff, work tirelessly to support and help each other to do their best work,” Stone said. To read the full articles, visit

4 OPINIONS ’Li’ngering regret


Portraits of the Editors-in-Chief as young adults ILLUSTRATION BY CHELSEA LAM



am a very sentimental person. Sure, I may not outwardly exhibit this particular quality, but I always find myself reflecting on the past. And as I think about these last four years, I can’t help but feel bittersweet as my high school career draws to an end. My four years were nothing extraordinary. I joined clubs and extracurriculars, procrastinated like crazy on assignments, and attended my fair share of sports events. I made new friends, drifted from others, and reconnected with some. I pulled all-nighters, woke up at ungodly hours for volunteer events, and stayed out making some of the most memorable memories. As a whole, aside from the pandemic that erupted, these past years were nothing to take notice of. But this exact normalcy of an experience leaves me feeling disappointed. In fact, I’d even say that regret wallows within me because I would’ve preferred something that was bizarre and insane. Coupled with my indecisiveness, I find myself wondering about all of the “could-haves” and “would-haves” if I did things differently. I regret many things. I regret not getting my license earlier, regret not learning how to write in Chinese, regret not being spontaneous enough. I adore my bubble of comfort, and evidently, I don’t think I fully emerged out of my shell. To think that I will walk the stage not as the person I envisioned myself being is somewhat of a let-down. Still, I know that my growth doesn’t end just because high school does. I wish that I could have this sense of fulfilment I’ve always yearned for during my senior year, but I am proud of the strides I’ve made so far. Lingering and clinging to the past is by no means productive, just like worrying about the future is. I find myself wondering if I’ve chosen the correct place to be for the next chapter of my life, but I realize that there is no “correct” place to be. Things really are what you make of it, whether it’s on the East or West Coast, with close friends or not, and no matter if it was or wasn’t what you planned for. They say that time flies, and it truly does. So, from the depths of my heart, make the most out of it. Don’t leave any room for hoping you could’ve done something differently, wishing you’d done that crazy thing. Because I know, for a fact, that I will be making sure I emerge from the next four years without room for regret.

Letters from the editors


pon applying to journalism, I never expected the feeling of wholesomeness that would follow me throughout my years. My pride resides in a place greater than the newspaper issues: the staff. My greatest accomplishment from writing for the newspaper is not any award or recognition I earned, but the relationships I formed. My favorite memories involve the staff settling in to conquer the late hours of deadlines. Whether working at school last year or at home now, deadlines were never silent. Loud laughs, karaoke nights, and exasperated groans were my beloved normal. Exhaustion laced our shoulders, and the steady droop of eyelids contrasted hyperactive thoughts. My gratitude because of these experiences goes unparalleled. There are no doubts in my mind of the staff’s future in continuing the newspaper’s legacy. I have confidence in the work that will be done. Each member is deserving of recognition, and I feel blessed to have witnessed the overwhelming talent in this group. Amanda Lerma 2020-21 Editor-in-Chief, Digital

MATADOR BULLRING Students share their opinions on current topics.

In your opinion, how has ASB's student competition impacted the school community? INTERVIEWS BY LILY CAM PHOTOS COURTESY OF INTERVIEWEES


ight issues of the newspaper later, I am writing this having never stepped foot into H2 this year. When I signed up for the Editorin-Chief position, I hoped for a miracle that the pandemic would simmer down, and we’d be able to resume life where we left off. Obviously, that vision did not come to fruition, and The Matador remains socially distanced. Still, I am beyond proud of all the work that we’ve done. In a bittersweet way, I undoubtedly miss the in-person deadlines filled with clamors of exhaustion and collective suffering. But knowing that everyone continues to put their best foot forward, no matter the circumstances or setting, is especially uplifting. I owe a special thanks to the entire staff because The Matador would not exist without all of your hard work. To the seniors, I wish that our last year on this team would have concluded in a more traditional manner, but I know that we are all off to amazing things. And to the underclassmen, continue to keep the spirit of newspaper alive, and I adore each and every one of you for trying your best. Qilin Li 2020-21 Editor-in-Chief, Print


ello! Whether you are a reader of The Matador or a staffer, thank you very much for taking the time to read our final issue of the year. To the community, I wanted to express my gratitude for helping our publication team function. Without you, our paper would only be so meaningful. Through constant engagement, we were able to understand what piqued the minds of our school body and ultimately write what matters. To the staffers, thank you for being a group of such amazing, hardworking, and resilient individuals. Through a pandemic and unprecedented learning and work environments, you all overcame challenges and made it to the finish line—Issue 9. I know that many did not want the school year to begin and end this way, but I hope that at some point in the future, you will be able to revisit the work we have produced and experience a strong sense of accomplishment and legacy. It has been an honor serving as one of your Print Editors-in-Chief. Wally Lan 2020-21 Editor-in-Chief, Print

Nalani Reyes, 9

Andy Au, 10

“Competitions are an enjoyable way to get to know people, share ideas, and have fun! As a freshman, San Gabriel has been great; I love how teachers and students are supporting everyone.”

“The competitions allow students to participate in things they want to engage in. Although I think it is slightly popularity-based and kind of biased, ASB is taking a step in the right direction.”

Alejandro Hernández, 11

Katelyn Gov, 12

“ASB is doing a decent job hosting challenges since we are stuck in home doing remote learning, but ASB needs to speed up the process in which they host competitions and pick winners.”

“I believe ASB's student competitions were needed because they brought laughter and smiles behind cameras. It helped our school spirit as students participated more after they saw how entertaining events were.”




Administration works toward normalcy

S’lan’ted habits



nching toward normality, the school offers students a chance to experience social interaction. As there are still fears regarding the ongoing pandemic, the collective effort of the staff, teachers, and administrators continues to go unnoticed as they try to provide the student body with an authentic school experience. However, they are actively making progress amidst everything, and that must be recognized. Looking at black Zoom screens was normalized, but of course, the traditional school setting cannot be replaced. Going back to the way things were is necessary but requires caution. Even with all that, the administration safely pushed out inperson learning. After finishing classes online, students can come onto campus and request further assistance from teachers if needed. Students are able to receive assistance from teachers without unmuting their microphone or worrying about their internet connection crashing. This showcases the school and administration striving for a better learning experience for students. Usually, student athletes would cheer one another on when they score, but circumstances were different this time around. As many accepted the fact that sports teams would not be able to participate in games this year, they made a surprising comeback. Sports teams, such as track and field and volleyball, are currently participating in tournaments like before, but now with the enforcement



of masks and social distancing. This big gesture has allowed students to either initiate a new journey or gain closure from their high school career. This shows that the school listens to the voices of the community that lacked the social aspect that sports can give. The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the ideal year that many have envisioned, especially for the seniors. Missing out on activities, such as prom, graduation night, and rallies, was unfortunate. Although limited in activities, the school and administration has tried their best to give students various events,

namely the Lip Sync Battle, upcoming Decision Day celebration and in-person graduation at the Rose Bowl, during the last few months. The school has provided numerous accommodations throughout challenges in the past, such as the drive-by graduation, so it was no question they would do the same this year as well. While facing many adversities, the administration has been successful in encouraging interaction among students through small but meaningful activities. It is understandable to be disappointed with how late everything started, but the approach they are pursuing is in everyone’s best interests.

ASB competitions shrink distance within student community Digital events by ASB has brought back the missing engagement lost this year. KEN YU LIFE AND ART EDITOR NEWS EDITOR


he ASB and class councils like the Sophomore and Junior Class Councils have made strides in pushing out engaging student competitions. These initiatives engage students through social media and allow students to feel like a part of a community despite being largely separated by distance learning. After the shift to distance learning, it has become clear that social media platforms, like Instagram and TikTok, have become a prominent factor in students’ lives. Students are communicating more than ever across these platforms, and ASB has shown effective planning and consideration into using these platforms for the basis of their virtual competitions. Even outside of competitions, they have engaged the school community with the introduction of Instagram-exclusive filters and spirit weeks adapted to make the most of social media features. ASB’s solid initiative on the social media stage lays the foundation for future initiatives to engage students. The experience that ASB members gain from this year’s tangle to engage students while circumventing the

difficulties of distance learning will continue to play a critical role in livening the school experience. Throughout this year, they have established a stronger presence on social media platforms which will carry over to the upcoming year, ensuring students are following the latest school news. While it can be said that these initiatives do not see much student participation overall and only came toward the end of the year, it goes without saying that any student engagement is a success in itself. Moreover, the successes of this year’s competitions project a favorable future for student engagement next year, where in-person learning is on the agenda. It can surely be expected for more students to participate with their friends, and this effort is seeing a ripple effect in the form of the jointlyhosted TikTok competition between the Sophomore and Junior Class councils. This year has been difficult, but the efforts to mitigate the disconnection students feel were neither in vain nor underappreciated. These competitions enrich homeroom sessions and bring together students through a common conversation topic. Next year, there is hope to see a wider variety of student events and equally wider participation spearheaded by not only ASB but clubs that will be returning to full swing in the coming year.

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The Matador is published monthly online and bi-monthly on PDFs by the journalism class of San Gabriel High School. The Matador is a public forum for student expression and highly encourages responses in reaction to issues discussed in the paper. The opinions expressed are those of the writers, not the faculty or administration. Articles without bylines are the opinion of the entire staff. Submit comments as a letter to the editor, signed (anonymity is guaranteed if requested) to Ms. Jalawan’s email.

envision two versions of my future. The first is where I wake up every morning miserably. The second is where I wake up every morning happily. Three months ago, I witnessed my brother experience a series of headaches and sharp, unbearable pain. From being unable to switch lanes while driving to being unable to endure online classes, the condition was affecting his everyday activities. Eventually, we visited an orthopedic and confirmed that the pain was caused by poor posture over time. He is fortunately recovering through consistent neck exercises and, especially, proper sitting positions. However, this experience ignited a vigor for me to change. Witnessing loved ones in pain and seeing many elders in the doctor’s office because of bone pain served as an early warning to me that my posture and lifestyle could—I say this as an understatement—substantially affect my future health. Throughout my childhood, I often disregarded the importance of proper posture. Now, after the past three months, I find myself constantly drilling in posture exercises. “Keep your back straight. Look straight when walking. Retract your back. Sit at the edge of your seat,”— these are the many mental reminders I have. Needless to say, I quickly noticed mental and physical results. More importantly, I noticed the importance of developing good habits early. I recognized I was not fixing my posture for temporary improvement but for my long-term health. This attitude gradually transferred over to my daily life. I was no longer completing assignments early because I wanted to enjoy my weekend—well, partly—but rather because I was aiming to terminate any long-term procrastination that may lie inside me. I was no longer making my bed first thing in the morning because I wanted to avoid complaints of a messy room— again, partly—but rather because I was aiming to instill a sense of long-term self-discipline. Currently, it is unrealistic to conclude whether these past three months will truly leave a long-term impact on my life. What I can conclude, however, is that if I continue striving to develop healthy habits, I may be able to wake up every morning happily. For that reason alone, I will.




Following the beginning of the pandemic, anti-Asian hate crimes have dramatically increased due to the belief that Asians are to blame for the spread of COVID-19. GRAPHIC BY CHELSEA LAM



America hides racism toward Asians BY LYNDA LAM COPY EDITOR


s the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) are continually blamed for the virus, resulting in an increase of hate crimes towards the AAPI community. While this rise may seem unexpected and new to many, racism against the community has been concealed for far too long. AAPI are often called the model minority, a seemingly harmless compliment referring to how they were able to achieve the American dream and overcome adversity as lawabiding citizens. However, the same term is frequently used

to belittle other minorities. All AAPI groups are associated with this umbrella term, but people ignore how Southeast Asians, especially refugees, are paid a lot less than their East Asian counterparts. These wage

Junior differences are disregarded, only highlighting the few successes of the community for the sake of encouraging competition and comparison between minorities. Not only does this encourage hostility between AAPI and other

Have you ever experienced discrimination due to being Asian at some point in your life? said no

Do you believe that the recent Asian hatecrimes have been downplayed, blown out of proportion, or received an appropriate response?

70% 23.3% 6.7%

said they were downplayed said they received an appropiate response said they were blown out of proportion

Do you think that the pandemic has heightened anti-Asian sentiments?


they were not involved. During this time, many Americans saw locking the innocent people in internment camps justifiable, highlighting how people have historically ignored the oppression that the AAPI

"These actions are needed for Americans to finally realize that AAPI are still a marginalized group, not scapegoats for inconveniences." Lynda Lam

Student body evaluates recent events


groups, the word “model” heavily implies that AAPI are exemplary and do not struggle, while others are inferior. Even further back, Americans displayed blatant racism against the Japanese

said yes

after Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japan during World War II, and locked them in internment camps for years. Japanese Americans were seen as a threat to American democracy and were convenient scapegoats for the bombing, even though

community faces, and even praised it. The stereotype that APPI are “nasty and dirty” because they eat animals such as cats and dogs is also well and alive, being not only blatantly racist but also misguided. Ever since the

pandemic, the stereotype has only grown stronger due to the misconception that COVID-19 started after a Chinese man ate a bat. This has been proven to be untrue, but there are still some who continue to believe otherwise. With the stereotype intensifying, it only displays the ignorance that many hold against the APPI community. In order to properly address AAPI hate, people should donate to and promote organizations aimed to quell racism in the community. Educating oneself will also assist the cause as it will help remove underlining hate. These actions are needed for Americans to finally realize that AAPI are still a marginalized group, not scapegoats for inconveniences.

Asians suffer xenophobic remarks since pandemic LAURA CAI REPORTER

Since the beginning of the pandemic, anti-Asian hate crimes have dramatically increased due to the belief that Asians are to blame for the spread of COVID-19. Some activists and officials say that attacks surged during the pandemic as a result of racist remarks made by former President Donald Trump, as he referred to the virus as the “China virus” and the “Kung Flu.” Anti-Asian racism is occurring globally, with reports coming from Canada, Italy, Brazil, and other countries. It is difficult to measure the exact amount of hate crimes towards Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) because there are not many established organizations tracking hate crimes in the long term. However, the Stop AAPI Hate organization was established on March 19, 2020 in light of the spike of AAPI crimes to prevent discrimination towards Asians during the pandemic. It

also serves as a reporting center against AAPI hate in the U.S. The reported incidents consist of verbal harassment, physical assault, and shunning―the avoidance of Asians. Nearly 3,800 incidents were reported nationwide over the last year at the Stop AAPI Hate organization. The U.S. Senate passed a bill called COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act on April 22 addressing the crimes targeting Asian-Americans. The Justice Department will expedite the process of reviewing hate crimes happening due to COVID-19. It will also assist local and state governments by giving them more resources to improve the tracking of hate crimes and provide guidance on how to raise awareness of crimes during the pandemic. There are resources online to support the AAPI communities that are experiencing trauma from the aftermath of hate crimes. There is a campaign that was launched by GoFundMe called #StopAsianHate. It is partnering with Gold House, a non-profit aiming to

represent the AAPI community, and the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment, representatives of AAPI people in the entertainment and media industry. The page provides different fundraisers that help victims. Another way to support Asians is to report hate incidents through the Stop AAPI Hate website; the site offers other languages besides English. One can also support AAPI by volunteering. The Compassion in Oakland was formed due to the exponential increase in Anti-Asian attacks in the Bay Area. They offer chaperones in Oakland’s Chinatown neighborhood to protect AAPI elders. Individuals can volunteer through In addition, people can support small Asian-owned businesses and attend local protests aiming to advocate the current Asian hate surge. Through everyone’s support, from donating to sharing fundraisers, a decrease in the number of hate crimes is only possible through a group effort, even in small amounts.



WRITING IT OUT Reflecting on the past year... After a tumultuous and unprecedented year, seniors recount the highs and lows of their final chapter in high school. COMMITTED TO:

Jordan Sycip

Cal Poly Pomona


s a freshman, I always pictured my senior year to be exactly like High School Musical. You know, I would be Zac Efron, and all my friends would be back up dancers—well, you get the point. However, the main appeal of High School Musical for me was never the singing or the dancing, but the sight of friends making life-long memories. So,

Jasmine Flores

as I sit here alone, writing my senior reflection, why do I still think my senior year has been just as magical as High School Musical? It really all comes down to the fact that “We’re all in this together.” Although I may be hundreds of miles away from my closest friends, I can guarantee that I haven’t gone through a single day of senior year without someone right by my side,

going through the exact same situation. Even though I’ve spent an entire year in distance learning, I still have my daily set of struggles. I struggle to learn math sometimes. I struggle to express my emotions through a screen. I struggle to participate in clubs and extracurriculars. I even struggle to write this senior reflection. Yet my friends are always there, be it through

COMMITTED TO: San Diego State University


he beginning of this school year was met with disappointment as many of our high school highlights would be stripped away, even if it was only for a year. Seniors have felt it the most. There were no last goodbyes, final football games, or signing of yearbooks in class. At this point, many of us are just waiting for the school year to end. However, I cannot ignore how hopeful

Reyna Torres

MAJORING IN: Industrial Engineering

and optimistic the staff and my classmates are. Their flexibility allows us to have a graduation, plan our future with counselors, and even continue activities like the musical that would usually be in person. Although it takes more time and effort on everyone’s part to connect with one another, it did not stop us. I am proud of my cabinet from Anime Anonymous for being adaptive to whatever new challenges that have been

COMMITTED TO: Cal State Long Beach


oing into high school as a freshman, you always wonder what it would be like entering high school as a senior on your first/last day of school. Returning to school through distance learning wasn’t easy in the beginning, especially going into new classes and not being able to actually get to know who is in your class, students and teachers alike.

It’s not easy having to change your whole routine. Once you feel as if you are getting the hang of doing classes online via Zoom, something comes up and you are back to where you started. As time goes on and you are finally used to it, classes go faster, and lessons get harder. The workload was more than expected, and some teachers didn’t realise that it would stress students out and make them feel overwhelmed.

Discord, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, or even Zoom. Life changes very quickly. Yet, even if the world crumbles, melts, vaporizes, or whatever, my friends have been and will always be right by my side. As Shakespeare once said, “I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks…”. Thanks to my friends. Thanks to my teachers. Thanks to the staff. Special thanks to my family.


thrown at us, and I hope next year they will be able to carry out our usual events like the annual Cafe even though I couldn’t. However, this year has allowed me to be confident that they will be fine on their own and we have expanded our horizons in advertising and activities we wouldn’t have come up with otherwise. This year has also allowed me to appreciate the smaller moments in life. When I returned to in person learning

the sound of students chatting and hellos from passing teachers excited me. Painting the lockers with friends while blasting music from a speaker is a memory I will cherish for years. Of course this can never replace a year’s worth of social interaction, but it definitely felt more special. This year has been a struggle for us all, whether it be students or staff, but I am certain our hope for the future will carry us through.

MAJORING IN: Psychology There were a couple of teachers who were understanding and some that didn’t care. It’s not easy when you have anxiety, or you are used to being out on a field or court. Sports help a lot when you need a distraction but in the beginning of the year it wasn’t really an option. As time went on and cases went down and the school announced that we would be able to play sports it made me feel a lot

better. I then wouldn’t always have to focus on school, I can actually use some time of my day and forget about school and go to the field and play a sport that I truly enjoyed. As a senior, I was scared that I wasn’t going to be able to play. Getting the email that we will be returning back to sports was great news to hear. It felt good to be on the field one last time before graduating, and it was a big distraction which I really needed.





DEAR SENIORS... The school body sends their final messages to the graduating class.

Dear Class of 2021,


understand that this year has been confusing amid the pandemic and otherworldly events. However, I commend you all for rising to the challenge and surviving through 2020 and 2021 so far. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors. It is hard to believe that after high school comes adulthood and the ability to make any decision and choice for ourselves. As a freshman, I can’t imagine the struggles you had to go through in both in-person and distance learning. From studying for finals to leading and managing school clubs, it is definitely hard work. However, all of it is rewarding and comes down to your graduation. I’d especially like to thank some of the seniors in Speech and Debate, Environmental Club, and FBLA for helping to start my high school journey in a good manner despite the issues of distance learning. Though it is very difficult to adapt to new regulations and activities, I am sure you all did very well at your jobs. You should definitely be proud of yourselves for your efforts, and you should continue to work diligently in whatever journey you decide to take in the future. I wish you all the best, Class of 2021. From, Nathanael Irawan, freshman

Dear graduating seniors,


lthough I do not know each of you individually, I wish you all the best of luck after high school. There may have been ups and downs during this rocky process, especially with the pandemic. With your constant hard work and dedication to your education and future, you all have come a long way and have recently committed to a college or university. Congratulations again! Whatever path you choose, I will always fully support you spiritually because if it is meant for you, you will thrive no matter what. Remember, college acceptance and the concept of going to college does not entirely measure your worth or success. Henry Ford once said, “When everything seems to be going against you, remember an airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” I hope to see you achieve great things in the near future! Warm regards, Stephanie Loo, sophomore

Dear San Gabriel High seniors,


e are nearly finished with high school and entering a new phase in our lives: adulthood. This presents an exciting opportunity for us to forge a path that will determine the rest of our lives and impact those around us. It grants us the opportunity to move on from past mistakes and have a fresh start. Whether you are planning on going to college, starting a career, or are unsure of what you want to do, we are taking the first step of the rest of our lives. However, it can also be very nerve-wracking to transition out of what we are so accustomed to. Rather than having teachers and parents guiding us and managing our schedules, we are beginning to make our own decisions for ourselves, decisions that will shape our futures and determine who we are. Even so, we should remain confident and strive ahead no matter what challenges are presented. It will be difficult and rife with fear, uncertainty, and stress, but we can all make it out on the other end. While I haven’t seen many of you this year, I would like to thank you for making high school such a great experience. I wish all of you the best of luck in your future endeavors, no matter where they take you. Sincerely, Brandon Tran, senior

Dear seniors,


here are no words that can express what we are all feeling, especially with distance learning. I will say that graduating from San Gabriel High School must be a very special time and a milestone for friends, families, and most importantly, yourself. You have made it so far. Congratulations on your well-deserved success. This year has been extremely difficult for everyone. I understand that missing the exciting senior experience must have been painful; however, you all will be able to experience an in-person graduation ceremony. You guys have worked so hard throughout your high school career. I am certain that all of your talents, determination, and great attitude will continue to help you succeed in the future. This is only the beginning of a great new chapter in your lives. I hope college treats you all well, especially with the pandemic slowing down and restaurants opening up. Summer is just around the corner and with it comes well-earned rest. Although the pandemic took away a memorable part of high school, I wish you all the best in all your future years. Best wishes, Nicole Ly, junior

Dear Class of 2021,


ou made it! In spite of nearly fifteen months of this pandemic, your journey fruitfully yields a high school diploma. During this time, rather than lamenting on what one cannot do in this pandemic, so many of you energetically found a pathway to make an impact. Many of you took care of your family, many of you found part-time employment, and many of you found ways to communicate with leaders and professionals online for an internship or research opportunity. I am amazed by how resourceful you soon-to-be Matador graduates are. I hope you get to celebrate your graduation with your friends and loved ones safely, and I hope you can reflect on how much you accomplished so far with pride. As your journey continues into life outside of SGHS, remind yourself that there are no benchmarks for success. How long you take to accomplish your goals, what your career will be, and how many detours you take along the way will not define your success story. Also remember that you have people who support you, including your teachers who are rooting for you. If how you handled your four years at SGHS is any indication, basically, I can say, “You got this!” From the proud SGHS alumnus in me to the soon-to-be SGHS graduate in you, congratulations and all the best. SG, we know! Ryan Wong, Chemistry teacher





(Left) With friends or alone, a new habit of maintaining physical activity and working out regularly has helped senior Fabian Lua prioritize his health while gaining satisfaction. (Right) Nutrition has proven to be a key player in keeping up with his fitness, and Lua tries to incorporate healthy food groups in his meals, including protein and vegetables.

Lua embraces healthier lifestyle through gym Senior Fabian Lua implements working out at the gym into his weekly routine to stay in shape. BY AARON LU OPINIONS EDITOR

Waking up early in the morning or getting ready to head out to the gym after class, senior Fabian Lua kicks off his days with an intense workout at the gym. Whether he is with friends or alone, a good workout session leaves him feeling satisfied and proud, making strides toward a healthier lifestyle. Lua started training in the beginning of his high school career, recently returning to the gym in November once COVID-19 restrictions were loosened. With a schedule of work and school combined, he sets aside four days a week

dedicated to staying active. “Currently, I do a four-day split to target all areas of my body,” Lua said. “I do a faster workout since I have work, and I don’t have a lot of time. I’m usually at the gym for two hours, and I try [to workout my] back, triceps, chest, biceps, legs, shoulders, forearms, and traps.” Lua’s first workout session was by no means easy as picking up a new habit proved to require much will and determination. Although he had doubts and wanted to break this routine, Lua knew that improving his lifestyle habits was of utmost priority, being able to make great progress with his ambitions while also finding joy. “On a good week, I can

easily lose 10 pounds, and the most I’ve ever lost was 30 pounds—probably my proudest achievement,” Lua said. “[My first workout] felt good [because] I actually did something. I was clueless, but I was proud. It’s very fun to lift weights.” His persistence in continuing his fitness journey comes from a desire to lose weight and get in shape. Prior to exercising, Lua felt as if he was overweight and unhealthy, gaining the motivation to pursue a healthier lifestyle. From revisiting eating habits to gaining more understanding of food and nutrition, he has come closer to establishing a balance between the two worlds of junk and healthy foods.

“The taste [of] a lot of junk food always tempts me, which causes a problem,” Lua said. “I didn’t know anything about nutrition and proper form as compared to how much I now know, [but I now know that] protein is very important. I still get fast food; it’s not all bad. If you get pure protein, [like] nuggets [or] chopped meat, you’re doing fine.” Like his knowledge with nutrition and food, Lua also had to proactively learn more about fitness. Without a trainer or professional to guide him, starting out proved to be quite difficult. Yet, through consistency and perseverance, Lua was able to find a routine that he both enjoyed and was effective. “Everything I’ve ever learned

has been through videos and Google, and from that, I’ve passed my knowledge along to people I know,” Lua said. “The internet is the best teacher.” Although Lua reached his goal in numbers, he plans to continue his workout sessions as he still has a lot to learn. With the progress he has made thus far, he feels more confident in his own skin, recommending going to the gym to anyone who may be interested. “I feel better about my appearance,” Lua said. “The gym is the only place I feel motivated to workout. Anytime I see people I admire with a great physique, it makes me want to push forward. I recommend the gym to everyone, but I have a long way to go and a lot to learn.”

Sports regulations continue to roll out NAN JIANG REPORTER

The school has always offered a multitude of sports in various environments, encouraging participation among student athletes. With the pandemic at hand, many are missing out on core high school experiences. As such, the school has made efforts in encouraging the resumption of sports, but the fact remains that participating in some sports presents a greater risk than others. To compensate for this and prevent dangerous outcomes, athletes should actively follow new regulations implemented and be socially responsible by their own accord. Due to the closed air

environment that allows viruses to travel quicker, it is much more dangerous to play indoor sports like basketball or volleyball than outdoor sports like baseball or track and field. Therefore, athletes who play an indoor sport and choose to go to practice or games must take a mandatory COVID-19 test. Although outdoor sports are not required to do so, all sports must abide by the mask mandate, outlining for athletes to keep their masks on at all times aside from “intense exercise.” Upon arrival at school, athletes must also take a survey to ensure they are not experiencing any symptoms or may be of risk to their peers. The CDC has also released a series of recommendations to athletes and administrators

alike about how to create a safe environment to play sports during the pandemic. Many of which address the differences in environment between an indoor sport and an outdoor one, thus encouraging more precautions for the former. The status of nonessential spectators was also of discussion, offering the advice that they can be allowed outdoors but should be restricted indoors. When it comes to the health of student athletes, local and state administration should be proactive in doing everything they can to protect the health and life of everyone involved in a sporting event. Students must also be aware of any regulations to ensure their full cooperation, remaining alert and cautious for everyone’s wellbeing.


Both indoor and outdoor sports require masks to be worn at all times, ensuring more precaution among athletes.




Sophomore Calvin Truong hopes that by receiving the vaccine, his social interactions will increase.

Vaccine fear divides Truong family AMANDA LERMA EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, DIGITAL


(Left) Social studies teacher Nicole Manalang and her husband, Chris Ruiz, hold hands while their wedding is officiated in the backyard of a Long Beach rental home. (Right) The pair mailed out bingo sheets of potential ceremony moments with stickers of their faces as a playful way to keep the partly virtual wedding interactive.

Manalang-Ruiz relationship blooms into marriage Social studies teacher Nicole Manalang celebrates her COVID-19 wedding. BY TIFFANY NGUYGEN FEATURES EDITOR


n anticipating hush fell over the masked guests. Elegantly decorated in white, the bride walked down the aisle as three cameras livestreamed the momentous event to hundreds of screens. When the warm “I do’s” are exchanged on a deck overlooking Mother’s Beach, the pair is united under the name Manalang-Ruiz. The original plan was to have the wedding on July 17, 2020 at a Malibu beach but an unexpected challenge arose: the COVID-19 pandemic. Quick on their feet, social studies teacher Nicole Manalang, her husband Chris Ruiz, and their wedding planner adapted to a more intimate and virtual-friendly Long Beach wedding on April 17. “We thought it was really irresponsible to hold a big event even if we were able to because our mothers are older,” Manalang said. “We have their health and

everyone’s health in mind. We actually got married at an Airbnb rental beach house that had a big backyard so that our families could socially distance.” A COVID-19 wedding was Manalang’s “plan C” wedding, placing a damper on the pair’s

could absorb it all in more.” Because fewer guests attended, the wedding was also livestreamed through to Manalang’s loved ones, including her coworkers and friends. It was a hefty investment, but the result was worth it to the couple.

“After the wedding, I realized that this was the most beautiful thing that could have happened to us.” Nicole Manalang Social studies teacher initial goal of a boisterous beach wedding. However, this smaller wedding worked in Manalang’s favor, with the ceremony holding a special place in her heart. “We ended up inviting our immediate family,” Manalang said. “They were the 30 people who were super close to us on each side and were vaccinated. Although the wedding was smaller, I felt like I

“I think a big bummer for me is that I’ve been teaching at the school for 14 years, and I feel like I grew up with the history department, but they couldn’t be there for my wedding,” Manalang said. “So I wanted to make sure that the people who mean the most to me were there and felt like they were there.” To her surprise, the livestream

exceeded Manalang’s expectations. It allowed the pair to reminisce on the guest reactions after the ceremony came to a close, especially with the chat box feature and video format. “It was cool to see what they were saying before and during the ceremony,” Manalang said. “My favorite part was the comments on our Spotify playlist. Someone said, ‘This playlist is fire’ and my cousin chimed in, ‘I did not expect anything less than a fire playlist from Nicole.’ It was heartwarming that people liked all the little touches we put in to mimic an in-person wedding.” In hindsight, Manalang is beaming with joy over how the wedding unfolded and could not have pictured a celebration of their nearly decade-long relationship any other way. “My husband had to remind me ‘The most important part is we’re getting married, right?’,” Manalang said. “And I said, ‘Yeah.’ After the wedding, I realized that this was the most beautiful thing that could have happened to us.”

The phone screen lit up in brightness, the quiet ping ringing out into the air. Sophomore Calvin Truong unlocked his phone and clicked on the message. His eyes widened. His parents cannot find out that his sister was vaccinated. Amid the pandemic, Truong finds himself at odds with his parents. They claim “the coronavirus is not real and that it is a weapon produced to kill you.” With misinformation spewing from some Vietnamese Youtube channels, Truong must figure out a way to address his parents’ doubtful conspiracies. “Being immigrants from Vietnam, their English is limited and they lean toward sources that are more accessible,” Truong said. “Many of these sources, however, take on anti-science approaches and often mislead their viewers about some of the facts.” Truong’s sister was vaccinated, ignoring their parents’ worries in favor of taking preventative measures against COVID-19. This information is withheld from his parents to protect his sister’s well-being from their beliefs in the harmful misinformation surrounding the vaccine. “My parents refuse to get the vaccine and plead that their children not get it either, as they believe, because of these channels, that we will immediately die upon injection,” Truong said. As the vaccine becomes more accessible to the public, Truong hopes his parents educate themselves about the vaccine. “I wish they would do their own research on the vaccine and understand that plenty of research and experimentation has already been done,” Truong said. “This mentality puts me in fear for my life and their lives. I feel powerless, being in no position to inform my father and him not listening.”



Huynh fulfills love for teaching Math tutor Jimmy Huynh re-vists his journey on discovering his passion for teaching. BY MYTAM LE FEATURES EDITOR NEWS EDITOR


earing the sounds of teens chatting behind him, a feeling of nostalgia spread throughout his body. A smile appeared on his face as he walked up the L-building, remembering all the memories he made. He arrived at the math class and introduced himself: “Hi, I’m Mr. Huynh, the new math tutor.” Math tutor Jimmy Huynh is an alumnus from the school’s class of 2006. During his time at the school, he joined the volleyball team, Senior Class Council, and Chess Club. “I enjoyed my high school experience,” Huynh said. “One key takeaway from it was to be helpful. I was able to develop a sense of community and tried to help others in need.” After graduating from high school, Huynh went to the University of California, Irvine (UCI). He majored in economics, but never fully felt satisfied, until he took a few classes on education. “I didn’t know what career path to go on, so I just majored in economics,” Huynh said. ”During my last couple years of college, I started taking some educational


(Top) Math tutor Jimmy Huynh (left) holds a big smile while standing next to his classmate as they finish up taking their senior class photo together. (Bottom) Huynh and math teacher Leah Ulloa visit each other for the first day of in-person learning in April.

courses and decided that I wouldn’t be happy working with a desk job. I found more joy working with students, and I also wanted to spread positivity.” Huynh continued his education at UCI, receiving his teaching credentials in 2012 and Master’s degree in 2013. He worked a parttime tutoring job, while taking some time to travel. But soon enough, Huynh found himself submitting his resume to the district for a math tutor job opening. “I taught for two years in downtown LA, but it was stressful, so I took a break and soon found an opening at SGHS in 2019 as a math tutor,” Huynh said. “When I took the job, I was excited. I was familiar with the school and wanted to see how it had changed. It was like coming back home.” Huynh hoped to have a full-time job this year; however, the pandemic prevented him from getting one. He wishes to start teaching next year either within the district or in Southern California. Until then, he gives students some advice who may feel confused as they graduate from high school. “Being lost right now is okay because people will take their own paths and eventually find out where they want to go,” Huynh said. “Some people are looking for a purpose whereas others are simply content.”

Ambitious alumni adventure into adulthood Look at what class of 2018 alumni Thomas Chung and Britney Ting are up to now as they continue their education in college.

Q) What do you enjoy about dancing? A) “I enjoy the meditative aspects of dancing. It’s kind of like yoga if you’ve ever done it. You focus hard on getting the choreo down, and you forget [about] the day because of how focused you are in the moment. It’s quite relaxing!” Q) What is your favorite part of the University of California, San Diego

(UCSD) dance team? A) “I’m in multiple [dance] teams [at] UCSD. My favorite part about them is the tight-knit community. We all know each other [well].” Q) Who/what introduced you to dance? A) “I was introduced to dance by a friend who wanted to try out for it in high school. I just wanted something to do after school, so I just did it. When I went to my first dance practice in the winter of my freshman year, it just felt right and fun.” Q) Would you say All Male helped you continue dancing in college? A) “All Male definitely helped me continue dancing because the people were supportive.”


Q) What was the transition like going from attending a public high school to being enrolled at a prestigious school? A) “In terms of academics, MIT classes have definitely changed the way I think and learn since they cover more material in less time than high school, but I have overall enjoyed the experience even though it can be really hard.” Q) What was the curriculum/learning experience like in some of your classes? A) “I didn’t know what I wanted to major in the beginning, so I took classes like organic chemistry and neuroscience. [I] ultimately settled on [computer science] (CS) because I enjoyed my coding classes a lot and because CS is applicable to a lot of fields.” Q) What are your career goals? A) “I’m not completely sure yet! I’m currently considering getting a Master’s in CS and then going into [the] industry after that, but I really don’t know where life will take me.” Q) What is your favorite aspect about MIT? A) “The people and the opportunities!”



Future Plans: Community College, TV Actor/Movie Actor, Photographer. Will: I, Victor Betancourt, of adventures and curiosities, hold my greatest memories to my friends and family. Quote: “Make sure, whatever life you want, you go for that. You make sure you strive for that. Don’t let anyone tell you it's not possible. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not practical. You make sure you go for it. Don’t let no-one stop you. No-one tell you what you have to do and make sure you get it.” Memories: Sophomore year being my favorite year of high school, having good grades in classes, best moments ever with friends, also going to summer school after sophomore year, the best summer school I will ever have. Predictions: Some predictions I have are that I won’t have as much fun in college as I did in high school. Thanks to: Passing Youtuber Etika for making sure I don’t give up and have belief in myself, my grandma for being super supportive, my friends for having my back, and my teachers for just making me a good student.


Future Plans: Go to UCLA and try to figure out what I’m going to do. Memories: Having fun in the band room. Thanks to: Mr. Vogel, Mr. Coria, Mrs. Revilla.


Future Plans: Major in Computer Science at University of Michigan. Will: I, Anna Cai, of bananas and laughter, bequeath my silliness and 400 meter butt cramps to Kai Marroquin, my long strides and literal face to Laura Cai, my joy of annoying Coach Rosas to Alondra Zubiate, and my heart and endless love to my beloved Sandra Chuong. Quote: “Napoleon ice cream.” -Lwin Aung Memories: Dying at Track practices, sock tans, suicides with Coach Byron, mornings at the library, cooking and simp sessions with Jon and Wendy, Baskin Robbins runs, everything with Kaya, and after-school outings with my friends. Predictions: Tam will create a record for most K-pop photocard albums owned, Lwin and Tam will become pro dancers, Jon and Kenny will get a girlfriend some day, Shane will become a millionaire, Lauritronks will be successful, Kai will become a world-renowned track star, and Tommy will master how to say “Parangaricutirimicuaro.” Thanks to: My volleyball and track team, Mr. Joe, Ms. Deniz, Ms. Bishop, Mr. Woo, Ms. Tom, Ms. Lopez, Ms. Santander, Mr. Ma, Ms. Tran, Ms. Cha, Coach Morales, Rosas, Claudia, Byron, Ron, Bryan, Taaj, and everyone else who made high school bearable.


Future Plans: Major in Business Administration at Mt. SAC then transfer to a 4-year university. Become a politician or real estate agent. Travel and eventually move to the East Coast. Will: I, Lily Cam, of the color orange and prioritizing sports over other responsibilities, bequeath my best wishes to Sophia Q., 5k PR to Nikki T., my cringe to Tammie C., my -1000/10 rating to Brian H., and my Kare Bear expertise to Jasmine L. and Amy Q. Quote: “Somewhere there’s a place where I find who I’m gonna be… a somewhere that’s just waiting to be found.” -Emma Stone, La La Land Memories: Hanging out with PLH in freshman year, eating lunch and doing homework at Ukulele Club, doing a Cross Country time trial in 112 degree weather, racing, crying after racing, getting Chick-Fil-A with the Wrestling team after CIF, basically doing everything with Tiffany N., learning about politics from David T., getting rides from Brian T. before his car broke down, staying up until 4-5 a.m. then falling asleep over video call with Brian battalion, playing games with shrimp among us, rushing homework the period before it was due at the lunch table, walking to class with Wendy C., 1-2 hour long walks from


THE MATADOR practice with Silvio D., and... Yubo. Predictions: Tiffany N. will meet people at SLO who will remind her everyday how much she is worth, David T. will figure things out and become successful, Brian T. will join a fraternity at USC, Aaron C. will have his stomach problems magically cured, Emily C. will become a famous gynecologist, Lily L. will raise cute frogs in Berkeley, Michelle N. and Sherry M. will get rich together, Kare Bear will become the best service club at SG under the guidance of Jasmine L. and Amy Q., the Cross Country varsity teams will make it to CIF, the Wrestling team will double in size, and everyone reading this will find their purpose in life and be happy. Thanks to: Brian battalion for the kind of friendship I never knew existed, Banquet Decor Committee for running with and encouraging me after school everyday, Very Cool Exclusive People for being my friends throughout high school, The Matador Newspaper team, my coaches, Ms. Fujimoto, Mr. Osborne, Mr. Myers, Sr. Garcia, Mrs. Mar, Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. Cha, and all the other students and staff members for being so kind to me.


Future Plans: I plan to become a chef. . Will: I, Sean Chaiswat, will leave behind my legacy of giving Mrs. Wright cakes. Quote: “Gets rooted dragonpit ttv numzeroo.” Memories: One time I bought 100 donuts and gave them away. Predictions: I will either join the military or become a chef to help others. Thanks to: Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Canzano, Mr. Ma, Mrs. Keller, Mr. Romero, and every teacher for helping me.


Future Plans: To thrive. . Will: I, Hritika Chaturvedi, of pony tails and vegetarianism, bequeath my AP prep books, flute marching lyre, cleats and shin guards, and Caprisun juice packets to really anyone who’d like to claim them. Quote: “Failure and success are subjective.” -Experience Memories: Late nights playing my flute at school football games, rehearsing in the rain for the Rose Parade, organizing the E-building hallway inventory for Acadec, preparing crêpes in French class, enjoying lunch with friends in the quad, completing homework with friends at the CCC after school, conversing with Ms. Tom at the library, cheering for our team at basketball games, spending the night before the Rose Parade at SG with band members from MKHS and AHS, eating Subway sandwiches 3 times a day for HOSA’s SLC, anxiously expecting math pop quizzes, riding the aerial tram at the LA County Fair, Zoom meetings, and distance-learning group chats. Predictions: Students, faculty, and staff will return to campus soon... Thanks to: All the faculty members who have contributed to forming my current perception and goals. My friends, who made everyday at school a blast!


Future Plans: Major in Animation at Cal State Fullerton. Will: I, Wendy Chau, of crabs and blobfish, bequeath my dictatorship and Perry the Platypus to next year’s Art Club cabinet and Ms. Keller, my family to Speech and Debate novices and Mrs. Wilkerson, my times spent after school for deadlines to Mytam Le, my space in Ms. Jung and Ms. Keller’s class to Lena, my love for dogs to Nathalie Ho, my nail polish to Vincent Chau, my immaculate aim in Valorant to Irene Chen, my rent money to Priscilla Ho and Bebe Tran, my unwieldly love to Kaya Luong and Cindy Tran, my carrots and pickles to Mandy Hsieh, my Animal Crossing villagers to Gina Wong, my frames per second to Kaylie Nguyen, my bias to Tina Vuong, my love for green to Kaitlyn Chann, and my memes and pick-up lines to Destiny Chow. Quote: “RUN.” -Bebe Tran Memories: Hanging out in Mr. Nong’s classroom, staying until late at newspaper deadlines, fishing in Minecraft during class, going to Speech and Debate practice, studying at boba shops with Tiffany Nguygen, painting lockers with Lena, tackling the Ten Heads Challenge with Bebe Tran, baking with Kaya Luong and Cindy Tran, failing an escape room, playing “The Floor is Lava” with Mandy Hsieh at 3 a.m. Predictions: All my friends will be whales, Mandy Hsieh

will open a McMandy’s, Cindy Tran will learn to love strawberry-flavored snacks, Bebe Tran will work on the next How to Train Your Dragon movie, Destiny Chow will become Rick Astley, Kaylie Nguyen will be a vtuber and rich, Kaitlyn Chann will be a worshipped artist, my turtles will continue to grow big and strong, I will co-op with Kaya Luong in Civilization VI, Priscilla Ho will finally love me, Ms. Boettcher will perfect her pie recipe and teach AP European History, Genshin Impact will continue to bring me grief, my friends and I will gather in a circle dressed as hilichurls. Thanks to: Mom, Dad, Ms. Cha, Ms. Boettcher, Ms. Jung, Ms. Keller, Maaria Khan, Adrianna Escamilla, Dr. Arthur Roemmelt, GLOG squad, and Tom.


Future Plans: I am going to start businesses. . Will: I, Davis Chem, of Rosemead, bequeath my ambitions to David Chem, and Darrold Chem. Quote: “You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself get defeated.” Memories: The times with my friends in basketball. Predictions: My ambitions will pay off. Thanks to: My siblings and my cousins inspiring me to continue.


Future Plans: My future currently is very complicated. I am unsure on what I want to do exactly and that is fine. All I know for sure is that I would like to help others. Will: I, Bryant Chen, of athleticism and intellect, bequeath my basketball shooting capabilities to Lawrence Chiu. Quote: “You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.” Memories: Listening to music during passing periods and dabbing up friends, and always finding something to do whether that’d be watching our sport team’s compete or going to F.T.B. Predictions: Lawrence will have a kid in his 20’s. Thanks to: All my friends and teachers whom supported me.


Future Plans: Live life to the fullest and experience all that I can! Soak in college and NorCal. Major in Molecular and Cell Biology on the pre-med track at UC Berkeley, apply to medical school, and become an obstetrician gynecologist. Will: I, Emily Chen, of smiles, bequeath my poetry wins to Ashley Macias, my Get Lit passion to Michelle Wu, my YAWP meetings to Ava Walker, my hobbies to Sophie Lin, my poetry skills to Linh Dinh, my long runs and calculus pain to Sophia Quach, my XC speed to Laura Cai and Sandra Chuong, my wild spirit to Kai Marroquin, my speech drive to Jasmine Luong, and my smiles to Kaui Alcayde and Phuong Luong. Quote: “bloom how you must, wild / until we are free.” -Cameron Awkward-Rich Memories: Stealing my friend’s fries at Speech tournaments, adrenaline at every Get Lit slam or Poetry Out Loud competition, going to the CCC to procrastinate, highs and lows at YAWP meetings, running in the rain at track practice, panicking during every chem lab, heart anatomy dance in physiology, office hours with Ms. Tran, crying at XC meets, lunch with my besties, musical rehearsals, planning banquets. Predictions: Megan Tieu will continue photography, Ashley Fung will be a chemist, Olivia Chung will be my therapist, Joseph Pandur will be successful, Kaya Luong will write a book, Lily Cam will be rich, Tiffany Nguygen will continue being a poet, Lily Lay will continue painting, Hritika Chaturvedi will be the next face of neuroscience, Evelyn Sun will be a traveler, and Tiffany Yang will become an artist. Thanks to: YAWP, Get Lit, Speech and Debate, coaches and teammates of Track and Field and XC, NHS, Ms. Suñe, Mr. Vogel, Ms. Burkhart, Mrs. Wilkerson, Ms. Tran, Ms. Mcneilly, Ms. Revilla, Ms. Bishop, Ms. Lopez (physio), Mr. Osborne, Mr. Wong, Mr. Gin, Mr. Encinas, Señor Garcia, Señorita Rodriguez, Señora Schecter, Ms. Lopez (CCC), Ms. Santander, Mrs. Serrano, Ms. Wu, Mrs. Cha, Ms. Stone, and all my friends.


Future Plans: Major in Sociology at UC Berkeley (if college fails I will pursue a career as a clown). Will: I, Olivia Chung, the leader of all roaches, do hereby bequeath the following items to: Blanca, Leila, Miah, Nereytha, and Amelie, my OG roaches, I give y’all my crazy energy levels; Lily, I give you my consistent “you make me sad” threats; Emma, I give you my ability to get you addicted to things I am into; Cindy, I give you my love for being super dramatic; Holas Chicas, I give you the amazing musical careers made en español; Key Club, I give you the amazing volunteer experiences that brighten up my day; PODER, I give you the most fun memories from a functional but dysfunctional group I call family. Quote: “Don’t worry, be happy.” - Michelle Tanner Memories: Crying the first day I went to high school because I was all alone, screaming whenever my friends scared me during passing periods, Fun Fridays in PODER every month, watch APR with my friends, singing to songs in Vogel’s class, going to the Drama productions with my mom, going to Red Cross Banquet in sophomore year to have a spider jump on me, thinking of how I was going to get murdered by a teacher because I forgot to turn in an assignment, talking about the chisme with my teachers, and all the happiness I gained after divorcing APs/ Honors. Predictions: Lily will become the shining star of confidence, Amanda and Saima will become #1 selling wrappers, Leila and Miah will become the artists of many mediums, Blanca will become the voodoo witch I go to, Emma will become major league commentator for my sport of craziness, and finally my roaches will become Roaches. Thanks to: Ms. Dominguez, Ms. Wong, Mrs. Vasquez, Ms. Deniz, Ms. Tran, Mr. Gin, Mr. Vogel, Mr. Wong, Mr. Hendrickson, Mr. Garcia, My Cult - Leila, Miah, Blanca, Nereytha, Amelie, Lily, Emma, Sophia, Cindy, Kaya, Amanda, Saima, Kim, Brian, Peter, Ashley, Emily, Lili, Miguel, Samantha, and MY ROACHES.


THE MATADOR Will: I, Jonathan Duong, of all things benevolent, bequeath everything that I can think of to Emily Luu (namely my luck and flexibility), my vastly superior music taste and every injury that I ever amassed in Track and Field as a hurdler to Tasia Nguyen, and 20 USD to Katelyn Lau as per request. Quote: “I quit League and my life is looking up.” -Jimmy Memories: Jimmy saying he’ll quit league and coming back anyways, Eric saying he’ll quit League and coming back anyways, Anthony saying he’ll quit League and coming back anyways. Thanks to: Ms. Parra and Mrs. Cha.


Future Plans: Attend Cal Poly Pomona in the Fall. Will: I, Angel Galicia-Cooper, bequeath my outfielder skills to Jessica Cabrera and my ASB Secretary position to Ashley Yang. Quote: “La vergüenza se pasa, pero el aprovecho se queda.” -Maria T. Romero Galicia Memories: Ditching class for softball games and hiding in the girls locker room with Amelie and Diana :). Predictions: I’m literally gonna be rich, watch. Thanks to: Quizlet and Photomath <3.


Future Plans: Major in Psychology. Will: I, Christopher Garcia, a person full of humor and joy, transfer my dance skills to Jennifer Leao. Quote: “You can be whoever you want to be, as long as you set your mind to it.” Memories: Attending school rallies, chanting for basketball and football, and being around a fun group of friends everyday. Thanks to: Ms. Mar, my best friends Vanessa Miranda, Amy He, Jennifer Leao, Mali Phankaysorn, and Nicole Lemus, the drill coach.

Future Plans: Animation Major at California Institute Of The Arts. Will: I, Christopher Contreras, of laughter and respect, bequeath my respect to Ivan Yu, my favorite spot to hang out to Jeffery Camacho, and my Dokkan Battle Single luck to Ryan Giberti. Quote: “A life of service is a life well and greatly lived.” -Omoakhuana Anthonia Memories: Hanging with my friends outside of the left side of the library every morning and lunch. Predictions: My friend who is going to be a junior, Ivan Yu, is going to be a great guitarist in the future. Thanks to: All my teachers throughout high school, Ms. Kohl, Ms. Miller, my friends who are the boys, and my beloved family who supported me.



Future Plans: Major in Political Science at a UC. Will: I, Ruby Guan, of sleep deprivation and uncertainty of the future, bequeath my Valorant skills to Peter Chinh, ambition and happiness to Christopher Lam, height to James San, humor to Johnson Tran, sleep schedule to Julie Nguyen, podcast talks with Mr. and Mrs. Gin to Annie Huang, and initials to Richard Guan. Quote: “Always try to be nice, but never fail to be kind.” -The Doctor Memories: Thinking I’d see everyone again after last year’s Spring Break, freezing on the field, Band Tour, Rose Parade, getting scammed at FTB, council meetings, Maid Café, ER5 for three years, Uniform Managing, TPump runs, Get Lit, Band Camp, hanging out by the band room tree, and sleeping overnight in the Matador Arena. Predictions: Hritika will show emotions, Ashley will come back to me, Mandy will fix her sleep schedule, Amy will give me a big hug, Xifeng will stop watching Disney+ to procrastinate from working, James will stop embarrassing me, Edison will pick up one of my FaceTime calls, and JT will admit I can run faster than him. Thanks to: Mrs. Hernandez, Ms. Tom, J. San, Ms. Batino, Ms. Lopez, Ms. Santander, Mr. Gin, Ms. M, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Vasquez, all the counselors, all of the office and custodian staff, Trumpet Section, the Marching Band, and Mrs. Vergo.


Future Plans: Major in Biological Sciences at some college and earn a lot of money to buy plots of land. . Will: I, Jennifer Diep, of cringyness and weirdness, bequeath my “big brain” to my sister. Quote: “This will took as much brain power as the last four years.” -Me Memories: Rose Parade, football games with band, after school tri-city rehersals, park cleanups and lunch with Bebe and Alison. Predictions: Bebe will get her private jet, and Alison will become very successful and rich at a young age. Thanks to: Alison, Bebe, Janet, and the clarinet section.


Future Plans: Cal Poly Pomona as a Physics major. . Will: I, Huy Duong, give my thanks to the school. Quote: “I hope the future generation have a fun time in school as I have.” Memories: Reading in the library. Thanks to: Teachers, PODER, and the school.


Future Plans: Major in Chemical Engineering at UC San Diego, haunt Emily Luu as a ghost in the near future.

Future Plans: I plan to travel the world and view many fascinating monuments. Will: I, Azelea, of creativity and skills, bequeath my love for softball to the future softball teams. Quote: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” Memories: I will always remember the smiles and laughs at San Gabriel High School. Going to my favorite classes was always the highlight of my days. Predictions: I predict a zombie apocalypse occurring. Thanks to: My family, friends, teachers and especially my pets for allowing me to be who I am and allowing me to grow.



Future Plans: Major in Animation at Cal State Fullerton. Will: I, Priscilla Ho, of missing assignments and projects, bequeath my markers to Kaylie Nguyen, my dry humor to Destiny Chow, my candy to Bebe Tran, my questionable grammar to Cindy Tran, my boba money to Li Li, my In-N-Out pickles to Mandy Hsieh, my BGM playlist to Kaitlyn Chann, my Animal Crossing island to Gina Wong, my Microsoft Points to Jason Ly and Kaya Luong, my nonexistent Shiba to Karie Chang, my AP Chinese grade to Jessie Li, my gambling money to Tina Le, and my rent money to Wendy Chau. Quote: “RUN.” -Bebe Tran Memories: Eating lunch in Mr. Nong’s classroom, playing Minecraft on a computer for the first time, going to the bandroom with Mindy, Ivan, and Sarah, and watching my friends gamble. Predictions: Kaylie will be rich and successful, Mindy will become a songwriter, Kaitlyn will become an illustrator for games, Wendy will become a hilichurl or voice actor, Mandy will become a pickle, Kaya will become Thanos, and Destiny will become the next Rick Astley. Thanks to: Hunter and everyone else.


Future Plans: Bioengineering at UC Riverside debt free. Continuing education to a potential med school at UCR. Will: I bequeath my love for pickles to Stephanie Loo, my sense of responsibility and time management to Nathalie Ho, and my late night study sessions to procrastinators. Quote: “I now understand why villains dedicate their whole lives to ruin other people.” -Priscilla Ho Memories: Running all over campus for clubs, Jennifer Diep’s snores in the Arena the day before the Rose Parade, boba runs with my homie, screaming song lyrics randomly with GLOG, and playing “The Floor is Lava” with Wendy Chau at 3 a.m. Predictions: GLOG will turn into hilichurls, Wendy will become a bigger whale in Genshin, Priscilla will one day give me her address, Kaya Luong will get C2 Zhongli, Kelly Phan will buy me ice cream, Ruby Guan will have a sense of time management, Kaitlyn Chann will finally start playing Genshin with GLOG, GLOG will defeat the Ender Dragon, and SQUAA will ascend to the heavens. Thanks to: The people I’ve met throughout high school, the teachers who have supported me, and anyone who had conversations with me :) !


Future Plans: Hopefully I can travel the world with a well paying job with great benefits, start a MUKBANG channel, and guest star on Britney and Sylvia’s Twitch stream. Will: I, Calvin Hu, of hilarious humor and never ending love to BlackPink, Iz*One, and Mamamoo, pass on my wonderful driving skills to Na Lin, outstanding dancing skills to Jaime Chan, and my sweet smile to Nancy Ho ^.~ Quote: “That’s a pity.” - Kim Jisoo of BlackPink Memories: Going to the AMAs the day before the PSAT spontaneous with my bestie Britney, going to Boiling Point and Boba Ave every week with friends, spending lunch time in the library just to chit chat and not study, performing in the Rose Parade and at Disneyland with my fellow color guard members, playing hide and seek at Target, crazy late night color guard practices, going to cafes and boba shops to “study for the SAT”, walking in all of my PE miles, and having the randomest late night karaoke on FaceTime and discord with besties Britney, Sylvia, and Lynne. Predictions: Britney and Sylvia will become the most followed Twitch streamers, Lynne will own the world’s largest salon, Sylvia will meet Day6 and have a solo stage with Jae of Day6, Britney will have a duet with Taylor Swift on stage, Color guard will have 20 plus members each year with new lockers, flags, and prep flags, Tiffany will act along side of Linda Chung and Eliza Sam on upcoming TVB Hong Kong dramas, Kathy will go on to be a circus head master with Sylvia as the lead belly dancer gymnast and Tiffany as the weird bearded lady, Britney and I will get over the fear of Michael Jackson, and my friends group will continue to play Minecraft every night for countless hours. WEDNESDAY, MAY 12, 2021

Thanks to: My Besties: Britney, Sylvia, Lynne, Kathy, and Tiffany for the random laughter and random spurts of crackhead energy. My friends and family, Color Guard, Mr. Gin, and Mr. Hendrickson for some of best moments of my life.


Future Plans: Becoming successful in the field I will go in and will be striving and thriving. Will: I, Becky Huang, will be successful, proud, and happy. Despite hard times, I will strive for success. Good luck to my acquaintances and friends. Be happy, despite the hardships following your way. Quote: “Vulnerability is not a weakness.” Memories: Hanging out with my best friends in person and on Facetime, studying and being anxious about finals and tests, having the experience of being in the swim team, and being in Peer Counseling. Predictions: Tiffany Thai and Yvente Situ will be successful and happy of what they will accomplish, no matter what path they will take in the future. Thanks to: Mr. Hendrickson, Ms. Boettcher, Ms. Manalang, Ms. Vasquez, CPAF Matilda, Mrs. Vergo, and my best friends Tiffany Thai & Yvente Situ.


Future Plans: Build my character at college and set more long-term goals. Will: I, Wally Lan, of pop midterms and spreadsheet- and document-creating obsessions, bequeath the newspaper to next year’s staff and my mostly-failed screenshare requests to Ken Yu. Quote: “Spledilicious!” - Andrew Lam Memories: Attempting to create spontaneous speeches for arbitrary topics such as bricks and generators during freshman year, “breaking my toe” during volleyball practice, band practice and parades, afterschool FTB trips, LA County Fair trips, and “flying” printouts during Newspaper deadlines. Predictions: I will get my driver’s license one day. Thanks to: My friends, teachers, and the school/district staff for making my high school experience significantly better than what I would have ever imagined during middle school, specifically Mrs. Vasquez, Mr. Myers, Mr. Osborne, Mr. Hendrickson, Mr. Wong, and Mrs. Vergo.


Future Plans: Major in English at UC Santa Barbara and become a plant mom. Will: I, Amanda Lerma, of arriving late to first period, bestow my boba obsession to Tammy Vuong, exasperation at Spanish and love of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse to Mytam Le, sarcasm and self-deprecating jokes to Ken Yu, and confidence to Leane Che. Quote: “Watch me cry in Spanish.” Memories: Hugging and hour long phone calls with Saima Sarwar, running from the rain and storytelling false futures with Chelsea Nguyen, never ending encouragement and lengthy book conversations with Megan Tieu, good morning texts and enthusiastic performances from Olivia Chung, the excitement of any class with Jami Gallardo, eating three tostadas at 8 a.m., the entirety of existential experiences in deadlines, complete and utter panic during journalism competitions, and newspaper kids cheering me up on bad days. Predictions: Saima will become a best selling author, Chelsea will miss editing Focus no matter how much she denies it, Megan will be running Disney, Olivia will become a world wide singer known for her stunning performances, and Jami will rule the world. Thanks to: My friends who supported me throughout this journey, the Hola Chicas for daily reminders and excitement, Mrs. Vasquez for inspiring me and encouraging me in creative writing, and Ms. Jalawan for endlessly focusing on the positives and helping me grow.


Future Plans: Attend and graduate from Berkeley with a lucrative job, travel abroad and learn a new language, get lasik and fix my eyesight, get a cute cat, continue to pester Chelsea until we’re both dead, learn how to swim, obtain all possible Mini-Brands items, find fulfillment in life.


THE MATADOR Will: I, Qilin Li, of vigorously bleached hair, bequeath the future of The Matador to the entire newspaper staff. Quote: “‘Astronaut In The Ocean’ is my favorite song.” -Chelsea Nguyen Predictions: Chelsea will still be stuck in her house, Laureen and I will see the Warblers live in some dimension, Mabel will probably have a tattoo sleeve soon, Kay’s gonna build bridges or maze beans, Lily will almost get murdered by Duckie in her sleep, Britney will probably own the entirety of Brandy Melville, Tiffany will release a better poetry book than Gabbie Hanna’s, Mytam will get the lavish lifestyle she’s dreamt of, Andrew will play Among Us everyday 24/7 because he loves Among Us (he told me that he loves Among Us), Ken will prob start a coffee monopoly, Tammy will be on Vogue (duh), and hopefully I will have made some new Bear friends at Berkeley, have my license, and meet all of my celeb crushes... Thanks to: All the teachers who have nurtured my growth, especially Mrs. Parra, Mrs. Vergo, and Mr. Hendrickson for enduring my pesters during college application season, Ms. Kim and Ms. Jalawan for the memorable journalism years, the newspaper staff for collective suffering, and my parents for everything.


Future Plans: Majoring in Scaring at Monsters University. Will: I, Xifeng Li, of 11:59 submissions and Midnight Movies, bequeath my time management skills to Ashley T., Ashley M., and Kaui, my lunch spot tree to Enviro Cab, and coping mechanisms to Tracy V. Quote: “Life is like a video game, if you encounter bad people you’re probably going the right way.” Memories: Taking friend group photos with two of myself, campfire ghost stories with the El Monte Pirate Ship, and back of the bus karaoke sessions after track meets. Predictions: Sherman will become a well-renowned physician, Jason and Michael will colonize Mars and make bottles the official currency, and Vincent will become the Pope. Thanks to: Mr. Osborne, Ms. Bishop, a specific duck at Legg Lake, and Crocs-wearing crewmates of the pirate ship.


Future Plans: Eating lobster on a private yacht. Will: I, Fabian Lua, of rugged handsomeness and infinite intelligence, bequeath all my possessions to Jaxon Huynh. Those possessions include my abilities in black magic, my knowledge of rocket engineering, and my good drumsticks. Quote: “It ain’t easy being Yeezy...” Memories: The annual LA County Fair trips we took for band, and the little things like playing piano in the practice rooms while eating cup of noodles and junk food. Predictions: Jaxon will turn pro in tennis, Juan will get rich off of stonks and reselling, Sherry will get a car and pick me up, Tonny will still be asking me for rides, Mabel will be all tatted by age 30. Thanks to: Shoujun for sending me Ubers when I couldn’t get a ride home, Peter for being my good friend through the duration of high school, Ethan for maturing but never changing who you are, John for being my coolest friend even though I exude awesomeness, Luis Avelar even though he is no longer at this school for being a brother to me, and Chef Z for being the best teacher I ever had and making me realize what I want to do with my life.


Future Plans: Orthopaedic surgeon at UCLA. Will: I, Kaya Luong, bequeath the will strength of Thanos to the future underclassmen of volleyball and badminton, so that they may persevere through tough times and time gaps. I bequeath the strength of heart to all my teachers who bear the weight of caring for their students to the end of their days. And to those who look on to the daunting task of high school, I bequeath the strength of wisdom - though self evaluation may be painful, conduct it often to know exactly what you need to do. Quote: “When in doubt, yo mam.” -Wendy Chau Predictions: Cosplay as hilichurls with GLOG, Wendy as voice actor and Empress of the Wewd Empire, Mandy makes fast food McMandy and new religion under Peke, Priscilla crowned the new Pope as the reincarnation of Jesus, Cindy builds another Leaning Tower of Pisa but by accident, Hritika develops motherly instincts, Olivia will

bring world peace and become a leader of a utopia. Emily becomes the first person I know to pay off college debt with sick poetry. Thanks to: All the teachers and friends who I believed in, I think you know who you are. Why? Because my faith in you is still unshaken and I made sure that you knew.


Future Plans: Go to Cal State LA, major in Engineering, and see where the future takes me. Will: I, Nathan Ly, Renai of Rice and Ramen, bestow my lunch spot near the library to Jocelyn Chai. Quote: “Enjoy what you have now before it’s gone.” Memories: Making new friends and enjoying the time we had. Predictions: With each new passing, the juniors will pick up where the seniors left and set a role model for the underclassmen. Thanks to: Mrs. Blackwood for being such a fun teacher and my friends for being wonderful people.


Future Plans: Attend Cal State Long Beach. Adopt a cat. Will: I, Chelsea Nguyen, of automatonophobia and burps, bequeath my small bursts of confidence to Tammy Vuong, my top tier humor to Mytam Le, my enthusiasm for life to Ken Yu, my somewhat good sleep schedule to Leane Che, my fighting spirit to Chelsea Lam, and my parents’ passwords to Carson Nguyen and Colin Nguyen. Quote: “Why are you booing me? I’m right!” Memories: FaceTimes and mental breakdowns with Amanda, witnessing the stampede at lunch and TikTok exchanges with Megan, vending machines and AP Friday’s with Qilin, theorizing in the midst of crying with Jessica, Spanish with Britney, bickering about my love for 2D men and sitting through the illegal u-turn with Laureen, receiving the most breathless hugs from Tiffany, living it up with my Focus co-editors, crickets, and school cereal. Predictions: Amanda will become a New York Times Bestseller, Megan to become the CEO of Cheerios, Qilin and Laureen to hang out with me after I turn 22, Britney to still be my mother’s favorite, Jessica to sleep before midnight, and Kenny to continue with his Snapchat streaks. Thanks to: Ms. Y. Lopez for making my learning experience a bit more fun, Ms. Jalawan, Ms. Kim, the newspaper staff from all three years, and all my friends who believed in me!!!


Future Plans: Marriage, make a lot of money, and live a fulfilling life. Will: I, Sean Nguyen, of the Nguyen dynasty, leave my personality type (ENFP) to Laurie Trinh, my healthy hair to Lawrence Chiu, my patience to Alex Tang, my dad bod to Bryant Chen, my height to Jimmy Liung and Aaron Zhang, and my health to Joey Lam. Quote: “Now pick your next move, you could leave or live with it.” - Pusha T Memories: Late nights out with the boys, long Facetime calls with my girlfriend, and all the new experiences that high school gave me. Predictions: I will have three kids, Alex will live with me and my family for some time, Lawrence is going to be a rapper, Bryant is going to open a gym, Jimmy will own a restaurant, Aaron will find the one, and Joey will become a mechanic for Honda. Thanks to: Mr. Vogel, Ms. Tran, Ms. Rodriguez, Mr. Coria; the boys: Alex, Lawrence, Bryant, Jimmy, Aaron; and my girlfriend Laurie Trinh throughout the years.


Future Plans: Major in Animal Science at Cal Poly SLO and become a wildlife veterinarian. Will: I, Tiffany Nguygen, of sarcastic jokes and affectionate hugs, bequeath my off-pitch singing during hour-long Discord deadlines to Mytam Le, my awkward silences during Kare Bear general meetings to Jasmine Luong, my terrible AP studying skills to Amy Quach, my expensive organs (and toes) to Ken Yu, my cracked Valorant sprays to Vincent Chau, my feminist poems to Ava Walker, my raging incense to Linh Dinh, my SPICY


16 WILLS chiles to Ashley Macias, and my unending snaps to Michelle Wu. Quote: “eww if u are with sherk that means u are a Chelsea.” Memories: Staying until 9 p.m. to practice for rallies with Color Guard, going around classrooms to interview students with Wendy, dancing to “My Type” at Homecoming with Lily, riding the school bus while listening to Spotify with earphones, eating quesadillas on the benches at Speech and Debate tourneys with Jordan, walking to that Viet restaurant before football games with David, making that cinematic time-lapse fighting mini-movie with Emily and Jia Li, going to the Career Center with Tina to frantically do Mr. Woo’s homework during lunch, walking from APUSH with Kenny and Megan, nearly cutting off my fingers in woodshop with Natalie and Britney, having no idea what was going on in AP Chem with Olivia, cleaning up the school campus for Enviro club with Bill and Jackson, falling asleep in the front of bio with Ivy, caressing Priscilla and Cindy’s shoulders with my baby Gerard hand, Nathan and Jacob and Marcus always making me laugh in chem, and being part of the winning team for the 10th Get Lit Slam with my amazing poets and coaches. Predictions: Laura will become an amazing Features Editor, Tammy Vuong will become the iconic fashion star she was always meant to be, Chelsea will become a record-breaking singer (Mariah Carey best watch her back), Amanda will take over the world with her talent and writing capabilities, Tammy Lin will cure cancer with her breathtaking smile, Aaron Lu will fulfill his fantasy of being a “hot” teacher, Shirley will ace her AP Stats exam with flying colors, Qilin will be world-famous for being a genius, and Ashley will finally come back to the US. Thanks to: Aaron Chen for carrying me in almost every Valorant game and being a shining light for me during the pandemic, Brian for driving Brian Battalion to so many places with your corny (but amazing) humor, Na for making me smile even when I was really struggling at Color Guard practices, Wendy for pulling all-nighters with me to do late-night study sessions even when we possessed half a brain cell collectively, Emily for always supporting me in my self-confidence journey, Alan for dealing with me asking for Uber/Lyft rides to work, Nancy for letting me express my clingy and touchy self (even when she hated it), Mrs. Vasquez for looking out for me in my darkest moments, Lily for always making me feel loved and being my rock, and David for being one of my best friends for so long and growing with me through our ups and downs.


Future Plans: Major in Applied Mathematics at UCLA, hopefully switch to CS, travel the world, adopt a dog, and be happy. Will: I, Emily Nham, of laughter and bad jokes, bequeath my Red Cross experience to Julia Quach, my work habits to Ella Urrutia, and my pictures of Jax if anyone wants their day to be brightened. Quote: “Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr. Memories: Getting poke and “winning” battleship with friends, volunteering before sunrise, doing calc and MESA projects with Cindy and Jessica, baking desserts for friends, and being mistaken for my sister by Mr. Ma. Predictions: Nina will become rich and find a cat and dog that get along, Saima will become a therapist on the side, Cindy will bring us cleaner water, Jessica will find her passion, and Julia will confidently and successfully run Red Cross next year. Thanks to: The college advisors, Mrs. Tran, Ms. Wu, and Mr. Woo for being the best advisors, my teachers, and my friends and family for always being there for me.


Future Plans: Community college and maybe Vocational school? Will: I, Alex Phung, Harbinger of Heart Aches, bestow my Spot underneath the library to Kelly Phung. Quote: “One can only find their true self through trials of pain.” Thanks to: My family and my friends for getting me through these tough times, I really appreciate you all.


Quote: “It was, I remembered thinking, the most difficult walk anyone ever had to make. In every way a walk to remember.” -Nicholas Sparks Memories: Sophomore year when my entire friend group was together, my favorite year. Predictions: Will be married to Dylan O’Brien and have my Wattpad moment in a rock concert.


Future Plans: Becoming a real estate agent. Quote: “Do what makes you happy not what makes others happy.” Memories: Meeting new people, learning right from wrong, living life through its tough times and good times. Thanks to: All the campus security people who always made my day better since the second I walked into school and giving me a push and advice when I was down and needed energy to get through tough situations that life puts you through.


Future Plans: Major in English at University of California Irvine, work as an editor, own two cats, and be a writer on the side. Will: I, Saima Sarwar, of sarcasm and sour patch kids, bequeath my motivation and long naps to the next year seniors. Quote: “I don’t have enough braincells for this.” Memories: Watching volleyball games after school, environmental clean up with Cindy, Emily, and Sophia, fun and meaningful long calls with Amanda, volunteer events in the cold mornings, cramming for AP exams, AP chemistry tutoring sessions, and getting boba with friends. Predictions: Amanda Lerma will become the best book publisher, Emily Nham will become the best dog owner, Cindy Tran will pet all the cats, Hritika Chaturvedi will be the best in the neuroscience field, and Olivia Chung will always be a ray of sunshine. Thanks to: Mr. Osborne, Mr. Wong, Mr. Ma, Ms. Lopez, Mr. Garcia, Ms. Deniz, Ms. Bishop, Amanda Lerma, Emily Nham, Cindy Tran, Olivia Chung, Hritika Chaturvedi, Sophia Ng, Celine Mak, Nina Tu, Lily Huynh, Mandy Hsieh, and everyone else who knows me. It’s unfortunate I can’t list everyone, but I’m grateful to everyone who supported me.


Future Plans: Major in Dance or Mathematics at University of California, San Diego. Will: I, Yvente Situ, of tenacity and energy, bequeath my technique skills and my all around dancing skills to Adreena, my flexibility skills to Audrey, my innocence to Xuexian Li Shum, my piano skills to Silvia, my chaotic energy to Emily, my tea to BT, and my intelligence to my mini cuz, Tera. Quote: “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” Psalm 56:3 Memories: 5+ hour practices, performing in rallies & showcases, competing & placing in competitions, confidently performing my solo routines, winning vball games in freshmen year with quirky teammates, ftb hangouts with Tiff before football games, volunteering with friends, study dates with BT, high school flutters, being the first generation of AP Lang students for Ms. Parra, ceramics with Becky, math classes with Tiff, sudoku competitions & last min. project clutches with Tina, receiving 100+% error in chemistry labs with chem geeks, titration labs, reading APES notes at 5AM, that one time clutching APES notes till 3AM, loving and hating sophomore year, never pulling an all-nighter, getting ER5 in senior year but realizing free period notso-free bc of pandemic, and most importantly, napping in both my least fav and fav subject classes: history and math. Predictions: Becky will be the chillest elementary teacher, and TTT will be the first to get a bf within trio. WEDNESDAY, MAY 12, 2021

Thanks to: Mr. Wong, Mr. Man, Mr. Li, Ms. Parra, Mr. Osborne, Ms. Kanik, Ms. Tran, Coach Rose, my pretty cool buddies Tina, Ryan, Jiaxun, and my close friends Becky and Tiffany for always loving me for who I am.


Future Plans: I plan on becoming a oncologist or some type of doctor in dedication to my grandmother. Will: I, Andrew Sou, of dark humor, bequeath my dirty socks to Kevin Jiang. Quote: “What’s the point of looking at the future; it’s like starting a book and knowing how it ends.” Memories: I would remember me staying out till 3 a.m. with nonstop calls from my mother just to talk to my best friend and running though the streets. Predictions: I predict that most of my friends will make it in life and be happy in their future years. Thanks to: Mrs. Parra for her extremely cheery class, Mr. Wong for the amazing notes, and Mr. Osborne for his tattoos.


Future Plans: Study at Cal Poly Pomona and get abs working out at Cal Poly Pomona’s BRIC. Learn four more years of Spanish just to say I have eight years of proficiency under my belt. Hopefully become the world’s best engineer by twenty-two. Will: I, Jordan Lorenzo Sycip, leave my younger sisters with teachers that will say, “Oh hey, aren’t you related to [insert one of three Sycip’s]?”, my ten AP classes that I’ve taken during high school, and my undeniable swag. Quote: “Just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. It’s called garbage can, not garbage cannot.” Memories: Crying after my first presentation in Spanish because I screwed it up, rushing the latest world history AP assignment during lunch, and winning my first speech and debate tournament. Predictions: Samantha Phung will revive Speech & Debate and we will no longer be subpar to Alhambra High School’s team. James San will probably win a gold medal and be the best MESA President next year. Kelvin Luu will go on to invent Calculus CD and replace the integral symbol with a picture of me. My siblings will finally read the school newspaper just to see if I mentioned them in my senior wills. Thanks to: Mom, dad, siblings, Mrs. Wright (for making AP Environmental my favorite AP class), Mrs. Tran (for having mercy upon my grades), Ms. Rodriguez, Mr. Osborne, Mrs. Vazquez, Ms. Wong, Ms. Deniz, Mr. Garcia, Mr. Nong, Mr. Li, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Wong, Mr. Hendrickson and Mrs. Wilkerson. Big thanks to my close friends Kelvin and Ivy Luu, Nathan Wong, Cindy Tran, Li Li, Jason Ly, Karie Chang, Alex Situ, Nathan On, Regis Dam, Sydney Lam, and Tiffany Yuan for being cool with someone like me. Oh and thanks to Dat Nguy, I guess.


Future Plans: Major in Psychology/social work at UCLA or UCB; live in a small comfy apartment by myself. Will: I, Rachel Szeto, of sleepiness and social anxiety, bequeath my leadership skills and positive vibes to Claudia Lim and Ivy Lu, my hip hop style to Mali Phankaysorn, my technique to Amy Lac, and my determination and spirit to Juliana Ruiz. Quote: “you ever just, you feel me” Memories: Going and competing at dance competitions with my team, dance showcases, rallies, 7 hour practices, going to games, sleeping and crying in class, and that’s all I can remember! Predictions: Claudia and Ivy will be captains of Choreo, Victoria Huynh will be a professor at a college or an author, Justin Chong will be making 100k per year by the end of the next decade, Christopher Garcia will be a therapist, Michelle Nguyen will be a famous model, Aaron Chen will be a successful physical therapist, Rick Tan will find happiness and love, Lwin Aung will be a wealthy housekeeper, and Peter Huynh will be a famous singer and own a small business. Thanks to: My Choreo dance team, Victoria Huynh, Coach Rose, and everyone else who’s made my 4 years in highschool bearable. WEDNESDAY, MAY 12, 2021


Quote: “There’s something I’ve wanted to tell you since the first day we met: Goodbye.” - Squidward Memories: The swings at Garvey Park. Predictions: Alison will open her own business, Jennifer will finally get her dog, and the GLOG chat will destroy the world. Thanks to: All of my friends, my Grace and Lady Dearest, and myself.


Future Plans: I plan to major in civil engineering with an emphasis on the environmental option at Cal Poly Pomona. I would like to focus my studies on water resources to bring clean water to my community and become an active member of our society. Will: I, Cindy Tran, of big brains, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Kaya, Wendy, and Tina, I leave my dad jokes and an endless supply of sparkling water. To Li and Jessie, I leave my massive, high IQ brain and my superb cooking skills since Jessie needs them. To GLOG, I leave my baby photos and my secret stash of Halloween candy. To MESA, I leave the best moments of my high school career. Quote: “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” - Walt Disney Memories: Some of my favorite memories come from Mr. Nong’s room, L212. Every Wednesday, I would have to walk up the stairs to L212 for MESA. In L212, I tested my projects, hosted meetings, and make new friends. The “best” part was rushing to physics with a broken back. Another favorite memory of mine is hanging out in the library; I remember cramming for tests with my homies and crying over homework. Predictions: Emily and Kelvin will become famous mathematicians that would name formulas after me. Kaya will become my future doctor. Wendy and Bebe will work for Disney and give me discounts. Jessie will still be crippled from debt from law school. Li will still question the meaning of life. Ivy will be the best teacher around. Thanks to: Ms. Tran for giving me numerous opportunities, Mr. Li for teaching me more about STEM, Mr. Nong for being one of the MESA advisors, my roach, Olivia for checking my wellness, and all of my friends (you know who you are) for being there when I am stressed out and dealing my craziness.


Future Plans: Major in Media & Cultural Studies at the University of California Riverside, make hella bank, and live stress free at a beach house in Miami. Will: I, Kathy Tran, of random dance breakouts and late night mental breakdowns, will cherish all the lasting memories with my friends, bequeath my lack of brain cells and lunch spot to Kaylie Tran, and my love for Yearbook to the current and future staff. Quote: “I rebel” -Tara Adams (Debby Ryan) Memories: Throwing a pen at Tiffany during honors bio in freshman year, coming to school at 7 a.m. and having random, half-awake conversations with Karen, Sylvia sleeping during every class I have with her, walking to the vending machines with Katelynn for Gardetto’s during Yearbook, rushing to the bathroom with Sylvia and Tiffany during lunch, singing to random songs during chem class, randomly bumping into Chelsea after school, waking Rick up during history at 8 a.m., Calvin’s crackhead karaoke moments while working on human geo, waiting five-ever for Natalie to finish packing up to walk to ap lang, walking to Big Lots and getting Quickly’s with Tiffany, cracking up dumb jokes with Cj in math, and the spam calls received from Sylvia and Tiffany during the morning of my behind-the-wheel driving test. Predictions: Sylvia Zhu will become my background singer during future, sold out stadium concerts. Tiffany Phong will become an esthetician, specializing in authentic and “all natural” skincare. Calvin Hu will become a professional Yesstyle and Style Korean personal shopper. Katelynn Chie will finally see BTS in concert. Cj Yang will be a well known and TikTok famous chiropractor. Thanks to: Mrs. Wong, Mrs. Vergo, Mr. Hendrickson, Mr. Wong, Mr. Schreiner, Ms. Bishop, Ms. Lopez, Ms. Lee,

THE MATADOR Ms. Ulloa, and my close (but kinda dumb) friends for making these four years unforgettable.


Future Plans: Bachelor’s degree with a master’s degree in psychology and a PsyD or PhD. Will: I, Angel Villasenor, will go to sleep once school ends. Quote: “Everyone should look up the Valsione R right now and it could change your life possibly.” Memories: Having fun in the band room. Predictions: Angel Villasenor will become a psychologist. Thanks to: Thanks to the teachers for being helpful throughout the years.


Future Plans: Work for a large company like Google or Netflix, travel the world, and become a Twitch streamer? Will: I, Britney Wai, of happiness, accurate impressions, and intense bed wars gameplay, pass on my 3 year Spanish skills and amazing restaurant taste to my brother Garrett. Quote: “I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine.” - Wanda Maximoff Memories: Boiling Point and Boba Ave adventures with my friends during finals week, going to the American Music Awards with my bestie Calvin the day before PSATs, rushing to complete my homework in the library during lunch, afterschool tutoring in Mr. Li’s class with Angel, spontaneous Universal trips after minimum days, playing hide and seek at Target, and going to the Chickfil-A grand opening with Laureen. Predictions: Sylvia will become a famous content creator. Calvin will have a successful mukbang channel, and meet Blackpink, and Lynne will have an amazing job in all things beauty and skincare. Thanks to: All my friends and family for being my biggest supporters, Ms. Wong, Mr. Hendrickson, Ms. Boettcher, Ms. Ulloa, and Mr. Vogel for guiding me throughout these 4 crazy years!


Future Plans: Computer Engineering at UCSB to become a software engineer. Will: I, Michael Phil Wong, of lackluster social skills and supreme creativity, bequeath my design god status and stress to Sophia J Dilla Quach, 经验 Wu, and Lean Huynh; my passion for running to Joemama Oetmo, Shayne, Aldo, and Alton; and my $TEM hustle to Johan and Sophia again. Quote: “You know that fool Malone Brown?”-Noel Miller Memories: Jenga and Cards Against Humanity at FTB, post-workout talks with The Boys, lunchtime at The Tree™, every group hangout at Jason’s house or Westfield, always PRing at Bell Gardens and nowhere else, post-race bus karokees, and yearbook deadlines. Predictions: Kenny, Phung, Xifung, and Tan will become FAANG engineers; David, Chow, and Jonathan will do cool engineering stuff; Kelvin will be a tenured professor; Vincent, Rick and Andy will graduate college with Cum Laude; the El Camino Real staff will become a national awards winning staff; and the SGHS xc and tnf team will make it to CIF. Thanks to: Yung Phung for being my boy since elementary; everybody in the Hoang Association of Friends for being the tightest group of dudes ever; Mr. Schreiner for being the chillest advisor; Coach Morales, Coach Rosas, Coach Kong, and Coach Juan for believing in me; the XC/TNF team for being my other family; the SGHS El Camino Real staff for being sick as heck; and readers like you :).


Future Plans: Get a masters in accounting, business or economics and then gain a stable job after years of internship. Will: I, Thomson, leave nothing behind besides beautiful memories of meeting new people who had an impact in my life no matter how small or how big. Quote: “I will miss the school and the people here.” Memories: Meeting lots of new people and getting to know them and enjoy the environment of our school.

WILLS 17 Predictions: I might come back to visit in the future. Thanks to: My friends and the teachers who had me, who gave me a beautiful high school experience that I would never forget.


Future Plans: Major in Psychology, with a minor in Communication and Art Studio at UC Davis. Will: I, Ashley Luc Young, Ashley (look) Young haha get it, pass on my secret stash of mints to the promising Tien Nguyen. Stay fresh my friend. Quote: “All of us, at some time or other, need help. Whether we’re giving or receiving help, each one of us has something valuable to bring to this world. That’s one of the things that connects us as neighbors—in our own way, each one of us is a giver and a receiver.” - Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers) Memories: Eating pancakes at Denny’s after our drama performances, walking out of class because of the constant fire alarms, and spotting the occasional rabbits/coyotes afterschool. Thanks to: Ms. Jung, Mrs. McNeilly & the drama crew, and my buds Kaitlyn, Jasmine, and Mandy.


Future Plans: Major in Psychology at University of California, Riverside, and hopefully become a well known twitch streamer with Britney Wai and guest star on Calvin Hu’s Mukbang channel. Will: I, Sylvia Zhu, of showering at 3 A.M., sleeping in class, and awkward peace signs, leave behind my horrible gaming skills to Na Lin, my procrastination to Nancy Ho, my low tosses to Jamie Chan, and my lunch table to Jocelyn Zhu. Quote: “every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back.” Memories: Playing hide and seek at Target with Calvin, Britney and Lynne, late night color guard practices, hanging out with friends on the weekend, “studying for the SAT” at Boba Ave, Facetiming and playing games with friends for hours, talking about the most random ideas during PE with Britney, running to the restroom after 4th period with Kathy and Tiffany, marching sleepily in the cold during zero periods, going to Disneyland with the team and the random talks with the team right before practice. Predictions: Britney will become a famous twitch streamer and collab with Taylor Swift, Kathy will become a famous choreographer and Instagram model, Calvin will become a famous food blogger and have a dance break with Blackpink, Lynne will become a celebrity hair dresser, Tiffany will become a kpop idol and skin care blogger, and Color Guard will get more members and a new shiny locker in the BA. Thanks to: Ms. Galiazzo-Armenta, Ms. Parra, Ms. Boettcher, Ms. Ulloa, Ms. Lee, Ms. Wright, Ms. Wong, Mr. Hendrickson, Mr. Nong, Color Guard, the friends I made these 4 year, my besties Kathy, Tiffany, Calvin, Britney, and Lynne and my family for getting me through these 4 years.