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YAWP places first at Get Lit Finals Classic Slam BY BASTIAN MENDEZ


YAWP poses with their trophy in front of The Theater at Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

YAWP (Young Aspiring Writers With Power) won the Get Lit Finals Classic Slam on April 28. The team consisted of seniors Erika Duran, Patricia Lipana, and Tabatha Perez, junior Donna Hernandez, and coaches Cady Burkhart and Jordan Vogel. The event was held in The Theater at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. YAWP was pitted against the three other finalist teams decided at the preceding semifinal and quarterfinal slams, and competed by reading classic poems and original responses. This slam was the first time San Gabriel High School had ever reached a finals stage. Additionally, it was the first time in five years that a comprehensive, non-specialized public high school has competed at finals. Tabatha Perez said that non-comprehensive high schools tend to have an advantage in the poetry slams thanks to the resources available to them. “They can spend as much time as they want, their teachers can pull them out to work on poetry all day, and they literally have a poetry class,” Perez said. “They get so many more opportunities. It was so amazing that this year a public school was able to go to finals and beat the private schools, art schools, and charter schools.” Coach Vogel attributed YAWP’s victory

SkillsUSA members place in state conference BY KIM TA

From the 2018 Region 3 Conference, seven San Gabriel students qualified and competed in the SkillsUSA California 51st Annual Leadership and Skills Conference on April 19-22. This year’s conference was held at Ontario Convention Center with hundreds of events in which San Gabriel took part in, including Carpentry, Culinary Arts, Power Equipment Technology, and Introduction to Automotive Service Technology. The competitors were decked out in accordance to their event, wearing hardhats, safety goggles, and construction attire. “Before going into this competition, I honestly wasn’t in to win [it],” senior Jimmy Mendoza said. “I had gone in order to see if I could even compete against the students of the entire state of California.” Junior Kevin Vargas placed second in Carpentry, senior Jimmy Mendoza placed third in Power Equipment Technology, and senior Derek Wong placed seventh in Culinary Arts. In the Introduction to Automotive Service Technology team event, seniors Justin Chann and Rodrigo Medina, junior Bradley Rohn, and freshman Gabriela Esquivel placed thirteenth.

“I was happy because we worked a lot on [preparing for] it,” Esquivel said. “We prepared by studying a lot and listening to what Mr. Bruce [Pardee, auto and welding instructor,] said. [I was] surprised because I kind of thought we wouldn’t win.” Mendoza described his placement in his event to be allieving of his uncertainties. “I didn’t think I’d get close to the top three,” Mendoza said. “Then the first name they called was mine for third place, then all my doubts were immediately erased. This was all thanks to my perseverance, my critical thinking, and especially from the tutoring of my auto teacher, Mr. Bruce Pardee.” Two-year member and SkillsUSA president Justin Chann went to state two times in a row and helped his team for this year’s state conference with his fellow teammates. “I did it more for my team and not for [myself] because I want to give them a chance to go,” Chann said. With their placement in states and regionals, the team hopes to accomplish more next year and make in the National Leadership and Skills Conference.

in part to a focus on personal and authentic storytelling as opposed to choreography. “I think a lot of the other teams had really strong and well-performed poems,” Vogel said. “But they weren’t as deeply connected to the stories they were telling, and I think that came through.” Lipana agreed that her poem was greatly personal, adding that she felt emotionally conflicted when the victory was announced. “I was really happy, surprised and proud,” Lipana said. “I was also kind of sad because personally, I wrote my poem for my grandfather so I just really wished he was there to see that, or at least someone from my family.” Still, Lipana said that her performance was bolstered in part by the supportive atmosphere of the poetry slam. “I thought that there were so many poets there that were amazing and better than me, but I admired them more than I felt intimidated by them,” Lipana said. “My teammates especially were incredibly supportive. I felt welcome[d] within that community even though it was my first time being there.” Perez agreed with Lipana, adding that she believed the positive atmosphere led to several of YAWP’s best performances yet. “That was the best I’ve ever performed, and I felt it,” Perez said. “I didn’t even feel like I was in a competition. I felt like I was just

there saying my story and I felt like everyone wanted to hear it.” Duran also said that their performance was stronger than usual. “I had an out-of-body experience when I performed ‘My Unapology’ for finals,” Duran said. “I have never performed like that in my entire life. I got a 32.9 which was 0.1 away from perfect on a piece that I was so close to abandoning.” The team won every round of finals and received a perfect score in the last round with “Sirens,” an original poem written and performed by Perez and Duran. “We haven’t ever been in a room with someone who got a 33, so it was pretty cool that during finals,” Perez said. “In the last round, and our last time performing, we were the top scoring poem of the night.” Coach Cady Burkhart said she felt proud of her team, adding that their victory may inspire other comprehensive public schools. “I’m so happy for these four kids, that they were able to have this experience,” Burkhart said. “But more than anything I’m happy for high schools like us who now might feel like they have a shot.” The Get Lit Finals Classic Slam concluded the poetry season for the 2017-18 school year. Students can try out for the poetry team by either taking an English class with Burkhart or Vogel or visiting the YAWP club.

Choreo topples competition, wins first place


Choreo celebrates their first place victory at the Miss Drill Dance Team USA competition. BY ANNY LI WU

The Choreo Dance Team finished their 2018 competition season by winning first place and receiving the highest score in the pom category Choreo has ever received in competition. The competition was held by Miss Drill Dance Team USA (MDDTUSA) at Six Flags Magic Mountain on April 22. “I really did not expect our performance to get a 94.5,” senior Mandy Liu said. “But it was a well deserved score and I am grateful that the judges

acknowledged our efforts and skills.” Despite the time crunch with other activities Choreo was involved in, such as preparing for their dance showcase and the Academic Pep Rally, they were able to pull through and execute their routine as best as they could. “We definitely struggled throughout the year with this routine,” junior Carmen Liang said. “We changed [the routine] a whole bunch to get it to perfection and to the expectations the judges wanted us to exceed.” It was Choreo’s first time winning first place at a MDDTUSA competition. This win was also the first time Choreo 2017-18 won first place. “As our team was being announced first place winners, I felt very excited and I was happy that everyone was able to experience the joyous event,” sophomore Sydney Lai said. The mood of the weather set off the vibe for the day. Junior Ella Sanchez explained how the heat became a factor in the competition. “The weather was really hot and made me really uncomfortable before competing,” Sanchez said. “It was worse when we went on stage and laid on the floor where it was even hotter because of the stage lights.” After the competition was over, Choreo was able to bond for the rest of the day at the amusement park. “The whole team went on rides together and it was so fun,” freshman Rachel Szeto said. “It’s nice to have a team bonding experience outside of school and the dance studio. We tried to explore the whole theme park.” Choreo finished their season with this final competition.



APR ends off school year

Drill captain senior Pearl Tu leads her team in their performance during APR.

Students of all classes filled the auditorium with excitement and anticipation for this year’s Pixar-themed academic pep rally (APR) on May 4. The pep rally showcased the spirit and pride of each class. Hundreds of students, wearing the colors that represented their grade, waved thunder sticks and flags high in the air, cheering for their class. This year, each class had their own theme to a Pixar movie: Finding Nemo for freshmen, Cars for sophomores, Monster Inc. for juniors, and The Incredibles for seniors. Class councils from each grade level performed a skit and dance routine to rally excitement from their classes. “It’s more hyped up because everyone’s having fun, especially with everyone supporting their class and [proving] their class [was] the best,” Peter Huynh, Freshman Class Council member, said. “It really showed how much people supported their class councils and how much they’ve done for each year, especially the seniors.” Besides dance and musical performances, APR took a more “academic” approach compared to previous years. Students who placed

in competitions or clubs were recognized, as well as the top students of each class for highest GPA. “[They put] my name in the corner of the wall, and I like that they gave us special seats in the corner,” sophomore Kevin Lam said. “I feel accomplished. Now I can go around saying that I’m top [class].” Freshman Brandon Tran, being the first at SGHS to receive this award, was presented with the Carson Scholar Award for performing well academically and in the community. The Renaissance award for exhibiting active participation in extracurricular activities and the community was presented to seniors Carlos Carrillo and Patricia Lipana. The Academic Scholar Award was presented to Carrillo and senior Nicole Nguyen for success both in the classroom and in their sports, and the Phoenix Award was presented to seniors Jack Lin and Abigail Garcia for overcoming personal and academic obstacles. “[My favorite part was] cheering for the seniors and listening to the Phoenix Award,” senior Courtney Tong said. “It’s so moving to see how someone can hit rock bottom and make their way to the top. It’s inspiring.” As the last pep rally of the year, APR helped students get excited before exams and finals.

Football attempts to end negative stigma BY SHAWN HO

Attempting to end a stigma, football members spend their Wednesday afternoons tutoring grade students at Martha Baldwin Elementary School every week beginning April 25. Head Football Coach Kevin Encinas said that the negative stigma describes football players as students who do not try in their courses and only care for football. He wants to end that perception and substitute it with a more complimenting light. On April 25, Encinas, joined by nine football members, went to volunteer at Martha Baldwin. “We helped kids with everything,” junior Humberto Rivera said. “I helped [fourth graders] with the computers but I know my other friends helped [their students] with reading and math homework.” As a child, Rivera never received this sort of support and was glad to be providing it to the younger generation. He likens what they do

Los Renombrados recognizes seniors





to a Big Brother Program. At the end of each session, Rivera said both parties are “happy.” Encinas’s resolution resonates with what he and his football team did back when he was in high school and college. He describes giving back to the community as a responsibility. “We would work at shelters and have barbecues for the community,” Encinas said. “When I went to college in Iowa, we helped out at the Special Olympics [and had] free wellness clinics for the community.” Encinas feels that the program benefited the football players more than the students. He noticed that they were excited and eager to go back. “Not only are we teaching them, Coach [Encinas] is teaching us at the same time,” Rivera said. “[He teaching us how to be mature, helpful, and caring. Basically, you can’t always be given things in life, you have to work for [it].“ Football players will be returning to help out at Martha Baldwin weekly on Wednesdays from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Finalists stand together with their certificates, acknowledged for their hard work over the years. BY HENRY CHOW

The Los Renombrados ceremony was held in the auditorium to commemorate the achievements and successes of seniors on April 27. These awards were given to hardworking seniors who achieved academically and showed strong dedication for extracurriculars. Los Renombrados is an honor society created by SGHS faculty in 1958 that recognizes the academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, and overall character of students. Seniors that were qualified to participate in the Los Renombrados awards ceremony were recommended by teachers, but only a select few were chosen as its finalists. Out of many applicants, only 25 made it to the final stage. The 2018 Los Renombrados finalists were seniors Ezra Banlaoi, Carlos Carrillo, Rebekah Carrillo, Roxanne Fong, Xue Fu, Catherine Huang, Alina Hurtado, Randy Lee, Mellony Li, Patricia Lipana, Amy Pabon, Peggy Quach, Miguel Quintana, Edward Rivera, Kaylee Situ, Emily Su, Lexie Tang, Britney Ting, Elaine Tran, Sydney Tran, Fabiola Vega, Erica Wo, Maxwell Wong, Christina Yuan, and Lilian Zhang. These finalists were chosen through an application process that involved teacher nominations and short-answer questions. Then they were ultimately evaluated and judged by the Los Renomb-

rados committee. The committee was comprised of teachers, counselors, and staff members. This award was a great achievement for senior Amy Pabon. “I just feel really happy [and] grateful to be with all these wonderful students,” Pabon said. “I really do think that everything I’ve done in high school [has paid off]. I have something to show for it.” Doubtful about her award, senior Xue Fu said she was in shock and had much thanks to give for her success. “I’m just really appreciative that I got it because I’ve worked so hard for four years,” Fu said. “All the restless nights studying and participating in [activities] after school, I think it [really] paid off.” Senior Rebekah Carrillo gave advice for upcoming seniors who desire to win the Los Renombrados award. “Don’t put yourself down because I honestly didn’t think I’d get it,” Rebekah Carrillo said. “You might be surprised. You could be chosen but just keep working hard because if you do get the award, it’ll pay off but even if you don’t, you’re still special.” The Los Renombrados ceremony is hosted annually by San Gabriel High School.

APIFM seeks to lower local voting age requirement BY KELLY LAC

Asian Pacific Islander Forward Movement (APIFM) representatives from Alhambra High School (AHS), Mark Keppel High School (MKHS), and San Gabriel High School (SGHS) join together for the Vote at 16—San Gabriel Valley Movement. The campaign was made with the purpose of lowering the voting age from 18 to 16 for school board elections. By doing so, students would be able to vote for school board members that will help provide support and resolve school issues. With this in mind, the representatives hope that students would be more active in school in regards to making changes. “If students are allowed to vote, they will become more involved in how their school is run and take more initiative to make change,” Casey Kwan, MKHS senior and representative, said. “They will also develop voting habits that will result in a rise of voter participation as students get older and continue to vote in city, state, and federal elections.” Kwan also said that the campaign would

help expand student representation and influence in district matters. “While students under the age of 18 are able to express themselves to certain extents, students are unable to voice their opinions about their school board,” Kwan said. “This [campaign] is important because the school board…need[s] to understand what the students want. Without the right to vote, students are unable to elect board members that they want to represent them.” If these changes pass, SGHS junior and representative Anderson Ma hopes to bring up issues and improvements for the school, such as the installment of a Public Address (PA) system. “We were talking about how a PA system would eliminate many of these problems,” Ma said. “The students could know what’s actually going on [with a PA system], whether it’s another drill or an incident.” Although there is much more to be discussed soon about this campaign, it is a change that all three schools hope to achieve for the future.




THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2018

Left a “los” for words

Carlos Carrillo On Moving Comfort isn’t something easy to come by, for me at least. Every little thing that’s different, new, or unpredictable tends to send panic signals to my brain, telling me that it’s time to shut down, shut up, and go home. There’s little social adaptability in me—only an abundance of awkwardness and fear of the unknown and uncomfortable. Over the past four years, though, I’ve gradually been able to suppress these feelings of terror and discomfort by actually doing something with my life. Running and newspaper gave me something to work toward blindly, and somehow, the excruciating miles throughout the SGV and the sanity-questioning deadlines all built up into late night drives to mini golf and Target, into misadventures on the Metro, into lost wallets at taco shops. I was finally growing, coming into my own. In spite of all that San Gabriel has given me, I also spent these four years desperately trying to leave. Everything that I did was with the end goal of getting into some far-away, East Coast school and leaving this arid, ugly, arguably insufferable school behind. This new, self-assured me didn’t have the same concerns as before; I’d grown, after all. Eventually, I did get the chance to go 2500 miles away, and I took it without question. Different, new, unpredictable things awaited me, and for the first time, I wasn’t terrified. Until I got there, that is. The first step I took on that campus seemed to send me back in time, and I watched all the confidence I’d grown crumble in a second. Conversation was difficult and anxietyinducing, people seemed cold and distant, and I was who I thought I wasn’t anymore: a shy, incapable, self-deteriorating shell of a person. It was only a three-day visit, but I spent every moment desperately waiting to fly back, home. To comfort. Every part of me grew an immense fear of that place, and there wasn’t a single thing anyone could say that would convince me I’d be happy there. I got to see what I thought I wanted and realized how awful it really was. But I’m still headed there next fall. Not because I recuperated my excitement, but because I need to go. I thought that my experiences here had changed me, but I didn’t truly grow, I simply grew comfortable. Here, in San Gabriel, I can be somebody, but everywhere else, I’m just back to being who I was, which is who I really am. That needs to change. The idea of leaving makes me uneasy. I love all the cultures, experiences, and people I’ve encountered here, but I’m counting on the pain that comes with going to help me truly develop into the person that I want to be. Either way, I’ll always have San Gabriel and my cross country comrades, my teachers and advisers, my newspaper staffers, my old-school friends, and my sixth period study partner to thank for showing me that it is possible to break out of my self-imposed constraints. I just need to work for it. And so, I will.

Letters from the editors I have spent the past year outwardly voicing my excitement as we tread closer to the end, but in reality, I have been dreading this moment for a while. Newspaper has become, partly out of want and partly out of necessity, one of the defining experiences of my short life, and I am confident when I say that this has been, by far, the most significant venture I have undertaken in any capacity. It will be incredibly odd to not be at H2 (Home2, as I like to call it) everyday, stressing, laughing, and “working,” but I am pleased by what we have accomplished and confident that we will only improve in my absence.

To the readers, I give my greatest thanks. A newspaper can only function when it has an audience with which to interact, and though those interactions are small and impersonal, I appreciate that what we do does not go unnoticed. To Ms. Kim and Jennifer, I appreciate the camaraderie throughout this tumultuous year—there could be no better pair with which to suffer. Lastly, to the staff, I could not have asked for a better group of people to work with this year. I am, as you all know, a deeply flawed individual, but you all have dealt with me in spite of that and have made me a better person, writer,

I cannot believe that it is already the last issue of the newspaper. It feels like it was just yesterday when it was the first week of school, with us struggling to cram every ounce of knowledge we had into you. Time passes by fast when you are working hard. I still cannot believe that I have managed to grasp myself into a position where I—along with Carlos—am in control of a little classroom filled with working elves. If you would have told me in my sophomore year that I would be Editor-in-Chief of newspaper, I would laugh. I never saw myself as a leader. But I decided that it was time to break out of my shell. I gained new viewpoints about myself,

school, the world, and my peers. Sure, my senior year would have been the chillest year ever if I was not in charge, but I do not regret taking upon this challenge at all. Despite all the stress that was placed upon my shoulders, being a part of The Matador family is an experience that I will never forget. I have faith in our staff that they will continue to succeed even when Carlos and I will not be around—even if I am not there to yell and spout memes. From the early hours copy-editing articles to the dark late nights working on deadlines, I enjoyed every moment of it. Shoutout to Carlos and Ms. Kim for making it bearable and for listening to my “stories about ethnicities.” To all my newspaper minions, I hope

and editor as a result. Each one of you has contributed something important to the dynamic of this newsroom which has made me love this quirky cohort. I wish those leaving next year with me the best, and I urge those coming back to take advantage of the opportunity at hand. Newspaper is an incredible means with which to explore the community, effect change, and discover more about yourself. Do not let bad habits or apathy limit what you can do here and the impact that you can have. I have the utmost confidence in you all. I hope you all do, too. Carlos Carrillo 2017-18 Editor-in-Chief

that you enjoyed being a part of newspaper just like I did. This was my first time being a leader and I cannot say I was perfect, but I hope that my iron fist of ruling was enough to take action. I do not express my feelings often because that is just who I am, but I am proud of you all and I will definitely miss you—along with Ms. Kim—when the time comes to part. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your mentor, and I wish the new Editorsin-Chief luck. H2 has been my home for the past three years, but home is not home without a family. Peace out, big boys! Do not get nae naed by Lord Farquaad. Jennifer Cheung 2017-18 Editor-in-Chief

Additional capabilities place Discord on top BY SHAWN HO

When the school day ends, students slip into a night, a weekend, a week, or even months of break. During their time away from school, students are always looking for platforms to keep in touch with their friends and peers. Two of the biggest and most preferred platforms are Skype and Discord. Overall, Discord is the best option logistically and communicatively. Skype has been with us for nearly 15 years and has totaled over 74 million users. The key argument for Skype is its simplicity. Skype has easily found and straightforward icons which appeal to the non-tech savvy bunch of students. Skype is easy to learn and simple to use. Within moments of opening the application, you can already set up a call with ease. On the other hand, Discord, an emerging social platform initially released two years ago, already has over 25 million users. Originally for gaming, but looking to appeal to the mass population, Discord is able to do everything Skype can do and much more. Three key features set Discord on a completely different level. First, Discord users are able to add free and paid bots, programs per se, to their servers. Although there are multiple functions of bots, the mainstream bots added to servers

are music and entertainment bots. Music bots, with Youtube as their source, connect to occupied voice channels and play queues of requested music. Entertainment bots are simply bots that enable in-chat gaming. Some games that are applicable are trivia and “Who’s That Pokémon!” Such bots create feelings of amusement and competition within text channels.


Second, users have the ability to deafen themselves, mute certain individuals, and adjust the output volume of certain individual users. This proves great convenience

when users do not have control over their microphone sensitivity and are trying to hear others more or not hear specific individuals. To add onto Discord’s audio capabilities, Discord also has a ‘text-to-speech’ function that allows users to speak in voice channels without a microphone. Lastly, within a Discord server, server owners are able to create multiple voice and text channels, personally name them, and optionally applying certain permissions. Having a multitude of channels only augments the organization of the server by separating different topics. Additionally, it could prevent spam from bot notifications in text channels. Logistically, Discord is better than Skype because its average Central Processing Units and bandwidth usage is significantly lower than Skype. Thus, Skype slows both your computer and network more than Discord. It is evident that Discord has way more capabilities, but some may come at a cost. Having all of these features— customizable audio settings, bots, and channels—to manage, it deems itself more difficult to use than Skype. Discord is like a TI-84 graphing calculator whilst Skype is a basic four function calculator. Although it is more difficult, it is definitely worth learning being that all these features transforms and evolves voice calls.



THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2018

Military employs unfair recruitment methods BY BASTIAN MENDEZ

Recently, my dad received a mysterious call that was meant for me. What started as a survey about college took a turn when the caller asked if I wanted to discuss a path in the military. I still do not know who they were, or how they got my number, but after doing some research, I found a possible suspect. Under the Every Student Succeeds Act, “military recruiters (and [institutions of higher education]) are entitled, upon request, to receive the name, address, and telephone listing of secondary school students served by [a Local Education Agency].” Parents and adult students are allowed to opt-out of the information sharing by written request, but otherwise, the Department of Defense’s military recruiters “routinely request” the information of high school juniors and seniors. The message is clear: military recruitment is an opt-out process, meant to chase down students rather than be approached by them, both on and off campus. When that is a military recruiter’s role, it opens the door for predatory, salesman-like behavior. It is the reason why I got that call that day, the reason why some recruiters will only tell students the positives of joining the military after high school, failing to acknowledge the cons of joining or the possibility of getting a degree first and going in as an officer.

The role of a recruiter should be akin to that of a college counselor; someone who can be approached by curious students who want to be informed honestly. Recruiters should


not be afraid to touch on the cons of joining the military after high school. Additionally, they should be realistic when discussing the


The Matador Bullring


Carlos Carrillo Jennifer Cheung Managing Editor Kevin Contreras News Editors Selina Han Kenny Lam Opinions Editors Donna Hernandez Eileen Ong Focus Editors Alice Li Karina Matias Life and Art Editors Angela Lu Elsie Wang Sports Editors Nian Capili Chelsea Li Features Editors Henry Chow Vivian Zheng Copy Editors Lucas Jorgensen Kim Ta Andy Yung Photo Editors Katherine Huang Ahyoung Nguyen Artist Vincent Maresca Business Managers Shawn Ho Anny Li Wu Website Editors Echo Dieu Emily Tan Multimedia Editors Brianna Huynh-Tong Lu June Lin Blogs Manager Kayla Tang Community Editors Clara Quach Virginia Situ Special Projects Manager Bastian Mendez Humans of SG Editor Kim Ta Adviser Jennifer Kim Reporters: Kabrina Bennett, Kelly Lac, Sunhi Nguyen, Ada Zhao The Matador is published monthly by the journalism class of San Gabriel High School. 1,600 copies per issue are published at CA WEB PRINT Inc. The Matador is a public forum for student expression and highly encourages responses in reaction to issues discussed in the paper. The opinions expressed are those of the writers, not the faculty or administration. Articles without bylines are the opinion of the staff. Submit comments as a letter to the editor, signed (anonymity is guaranteed if requested), to H-2, or Ms. Kim’s mailbox.

Dear Ms. Kim, Newspaper wouldn’t be the same without your spontaneity, loving insults, and odd TraderJoe’s snacks. Working with you makes the stress worthwhile. We couldn’t ask for a more thoughtful, hilarious, inspirational adviser. Thank you for sticking with us through it all. Love, The Matador Staff

pros, acknowledging that not every recruit gets the job or location that they want. This is not to say that all recruiters intentionally mislead students, it is simply a trend that I have gathered from the accounts of my peers. The military offers a variety of educational opportunities, but at the end of the day, it is a career choice, not an education choice. For that reason, active recruitment on campus should be much more limited. The presence of advertising, such as pamphlets and posters, should be restricted to afterschool career fairs or other such activities. Of course, the armed forces have jobs that need doing and recruiters have quotas to fill, but joining the military is much too rigid of a commitment to be handled so recklessly. If the armed forces cannot be changed, then at the very least, local governments, school districts, and high schools could take action to improve the recruitment atmosphere. Students who are interested in joining should be encouraged to research whether or not the military is for them and to discuss their decision with a variety of trusted individuals. Those who are not interested should not have to deal with any on or off campus harassment from recruiters, and the Alhambra Unified School District should put more effort into informing its students and parents on what recruiters do and how to opt-out of having their information shared with them.

What are your goals for next school year?

“ “

To take honor and AP classes. If I could make it [in], I want to pass all my AP and Honors classes without too much stress.” -Austin Quach, 9th grade

Try to challenge myself, to do better academically and physically.” -Cindy Ramirez, 10th grade

“ “

I honestly just want to make memories that’ll last a lifetime. Recently, things haven’t been so good, so I just want to be happy my senior year.” -Aryanna Palomares, 11th grade

I’m planning to attend UC San Diego and I’m majoring in Human Biology. I’m hoping to go into Pre-Med, and hopefully, I have a good time at San Diego.” -Timothy Chuong, 12th grade

My goal is to be a nurse, a RN, and then be a pediatric nurse [who] works with kids.” -Fatima Martinez, 12th grade



Keep mar”cheung” forward

Jennifer Cheung From, Shrek I was never the type of person to talk about my emotions. Perhaps it’s because my parents are also inexpressive, or maybe it stemmed from my childhood where I didn’t cry when I fell down and scraped my knee, when my ice cream cone dropped, or when my mother died. The rare times I did cry was when I got yelled at, and my father would immediately yell at me more to stop crying. The more I watched movies and television shows, the more I realized how different my family was from the classic American family; teens talked to their parents about their problems, and they were told “I love you.” I never had that experience before and if I did, I don’t remember it. Since then, I’ve grown to not follow that mentality and found my own path to tread on. However, I constantly struggle to accept myself. I’m not smart enough, not fast enough—you name it. My enemy was never a bully; it was always myself. One thing I will acknowledge is that I’ve grown since then, even if I still compare myself to others. My world changed when I joined debate in freshman year. You can’t have everything you want in life, and when my debate coach got fired, that finalized it. Or perhaps it was my mom passing away. That was also a huge turning point, even if I was too young to understand the concept of death. I still don’t know the reason why she died and it’s been 11 years since she’s been gone. I remember asking my dad why she died and I believe he said it was cancer. However, I’m not sure if he just said that because I was too young to understand the real reason why, or if that was the actual truth. One day, I plan to gather up the courage to ask him again. Being Editor-In-Chief of newspaper helped me realize that I can be impactful to the world; even if I wasn’t satisfied enough with myself to do so. Joining yearbook in my sophomore year was where it really started—the transformation from a shy little girl into a memelord. Though I can’t say I’m exceptionally proud of myself I appreciate my friends for sticking with me and supporting me even though I don’t say it as much as I should. When my family got robbed and they took me out to eat and paid for my meal, I almost cried. I hear drama from numerous people about their friends and I’m grateful that we don’t have that type of relationship. I’ll definitely miss the Lord Farquaad Squad when we all go separate ways after graduation. I used to never handle it well when change came, but I’ve grown to be accustomed to it. Change is inevitable and stressing about it would only be useless. It’s never nice to have things constantly changing, but that’s how life goes. I’m proud of myself for transforming from a timid, shy 13-year-old into a somehow less timid 17-yearold. Though it took me four years to get to where I am now, the journey was definitely a ride. I’m still working on accepting myself for who I am, but we’ll see what Shrek evolves into in the future.


life & art


WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018

Musical Review: Addams Family wows crowd


T h e g h o s t s ( fro m l e ft t o r i g h t ) , p l aye d by Ju s t i n C h e u n g , A n n i e N gu ye n , Anthony Ngo, Kabrina Bennett, Lily Cabrera, Alfredo Esquivel, Ryan Tran, and Genesis Landeros, dance side-by-side with Gomez, played by Marco Cardenas, and Morticia, played by Sam Clark, in their dance number, “Tango de Amor.” BY KELLY LAC

With little knowledge about The Addams Family other than their bizarre family appearance and influence in pop culture,

I was in for a ride when I went to see the musical on opening night. Needless to say, I was blown away. The Addams Family (musical), written by Andrew Lippa, Marshall Brickman and

Rick Elice, is a musical comedy that tells the tale of a rowdy night in the Addams household, which includes the announcement of Wednesday’s (played by senior Brianna Cabrera) relationship with her boyfriend, Lucas Beineke (freshman Jakob Pabon); a secret that Gomez (sophomore Marco Cardenas) is scared of hiding from his wife, Morticia (senior Sam Clark); and Pugsley’s (sophomore Vicky Vo) wicked plan that turns for the worse. Throughout the musical, you get to know a little bit about each family member, which helped those, including me, who do not know much about the Addams. While they may not look and act like the traditional American family, their views about love and honesty are practically standard, something everyone can understand. The cast depicted the Addams family very accurately appearance-wise, and the set design was very impressive for a high school production. Not only was their acting spot on, but the musical numbers were very entertaining and exciting. There were some jokes that passed by that I did not understand, but the adults did. Overall, though, it was very humorous, especially when the jokes were unexpected. However, what caught my eye the most throughout the play was at the

denouement: Gomez began to plan for a trip to Paris as a makeup gift for Morticia after lying to her, followed by his solo number, “Not Today.” I was very impressed with Cardenas’ vocals because of how loud he was, sometimes even overpowering his own microphone. Because of his confidence and poise, it felt as if Gomez was really there on stage, even if I knew that Cardenas was just acting. Additionally, the dance number following his solo was “Tango de Amor,” in which both Gomez and Morticia embrace for a tango. I was amazed at how well choreographed this number was because of how complex the dance was, especially when Cardenas managed to carry Clark several times with ease. They probably spent a lot of time trying to perfect this number, to which I commend them for their hard work and execution. As the musical drew to a close, both the Addams family and the Beineke family became closer and accepted each other’s differences, bringing a heartwarming ending. The Addams Family was definitely worth watching, and being the first musical held in the San Gabriel High School auditorium in 15 years, it was refreshing to see something new, and I hope the drama department will continue to bring something new every year.

Jobs provide valuable experiences, income for high school students BY ADA ZHAO

School is ending. Summer is coming. The 626 Night Market, beach trips, shopping— everything costs money. Your allowance, birthday, or New Year’s money may all be spent by now. There may only be one option remaining—get a job. There are a variety of jobs for teenagers such as being a tutor, scorekeeper, or working at McDonald’s. “For my job, I work in an elementary school after school,” senior Alice Ly said. “I help the kids with their homework, and when they are done, we just go over some vocabulary or math.” Normally, the application process for jobs can be quite intimidating and cause some people to back out. But that was not the case for Ly. “I [also] used to go to this program, and the boss knew me since I was a kid, so she offered me the job,” Ly said. “The first day we worked, it was just a preview of how we are going to do and she was reviewing how I was helping the kids and the kids seemed fine.” For those who are in sports and would like to partake in a job involving your sport, sco re ke e pi ng fo r t ou r n am en ts f or y ou th programs is a possibility, as sophomore Isaiah Pullian did. Pullian makes about $13-15 an hour; $140 per day that he works on average. “[Being a scorekeeper] is more convenient for me since I’m a basketball player and I know the game,” Pullian said. “I’ve been

playing basketball since fifth grade and it’s something I usually do. If you want to be good at scorekeeping, you’re probably going to need to know how to play the game so you don’t mess up in the actual job.” Similar to Ly, Pullian got his job through San Gabriel’s basketball coach, who knew the owners of the gym and tournaments that he worked at. “I work wherever there’s a tournament,” Pullian said. “There could be tournaments at any school; it varies in location. I do tournaments for different youth ages. It could be 16, 17—sometimes 15—but mostly high schoolers.” If you do not have connections for a job, do not stress. Senior Adrian Kobayashi earned his job at McDonald’s on his own, with a wage of $11 an hour. Although Kobayashi has experience with Key Club and other programs, within the 10-11 months he has been working at his first job at McDonald’s, he has learned valuable lessons. “I learned how to be a lot nicer to people when the time is right,” Kobayashi said. “But people are really mean. There are a lot of rude people around and you just need to learn how to deal with it. Stay in control and not yell back. It’s important to stay nice to customers.” There are many ways to earn money, but for some, a steady job might be the best option. A combinations of dependability and work ethicbuilding makes it the perfect summer activity.


S o p h o m o r e I s a i a h P u l l i a n wa t c h e s a b oy s b a s ke t b a l l g a m e and simultaneously mans the s c oreb o ard for his after s cho ol job.

WILLS ANGELA ABUTAHA Future Plans: Major in film and minor in business. Go to Mount Sac then transfer to UCI. Will: I, Bangela, bequeath my food to Tam, flirting skills to Amy, golfing skills to Michele, singing to Joshua, band skills to Matthew and my rat Amanda. Quote: “The way you overcome shyness is to become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid.” Memories: Basketball practice, singing on the bus, anaconda dance, Long Beach, Knott’s, Subway and double dates. Predictions: Cheryl will have a makeup line, Kaylee will be sponsored by Nike, Jess will join a K-Pop group, Kailah will find a prince, Krissy will become a meme, Joey will be a comedian and Tam will marry me. Thanks To: Mrs. Tran, Jessica, Cheryl, Kailah, Kaylee, Krissy, and the whole b-ball squad. VALERY AGUILAR-MARTINEZ Future Plans: Entrepreneur/pre-business. Will: I, Valery Chantelle Aguilar Martinez, hope to do well in life and go to all the concerts I would like to go to, and travel to all the places I would like to go to. I hope swim does well next year. Quote: “Life is full of surprises so take a risk.” Memories: Going to a two day BTS concert on the last days of spring break and taking finals the next day. $400 spent but was worth it. Predictions: The swim team will get better! The swim babies will do well. Thanks To: My friends who, although they make me mad at times, know how to have fun. BRYAN ALVAREZ Future Plans: Get a job and finish college. Will: As an honor for all the hard work I have done and finished, my teachers deserve a bow from them to I. Quote: “To be honest, we are graduating school to go back to school.” Memories: Being in BTA. Predictions: College going to be easy. Thanks To: My friends and family, without which I would never have so much help in things. PAUL AN Future Plans: College. Will: I, Paul An, leave my advice; don’t ditch and don’t be a snake. Quote: “Count it up.” - J.Cole Memories: My rabbit ran away. Predictions: I’m going to make money in the future. Thanks To: My familia and my friends because they’re very helpful. ERIC AVINA Future Plans: Will continue to be happy and always see the good side of anything or anyone. Will: I, Eric Avina, of pride and happiness, give all my love to Denee Olivas. She’s my happiness, my light, and my world. To Mario Botello, I give you my football locker. Quote: “Always finish the race, you got nothing to lose.” Memories: Going to Jim’s after practice with Saul De La Cruz and David Clemente. Everyday and every second of football practice with the bros. Falling in love with Denee Olivas. I’m going to miss every person I shared a laugh with no matter how small the chuckle. Predictions: Coach Encinas will lead the SGHS Football team to CIF where they will win and achieve what we all thought was impossible. I also predict that Dallas Ortega and Daniel Macias will soon meet again in the NFL. Also, Keven will hit 40 FT in shot put. Thanks To: To all my teachers for shaping my future. To my family for giving me endless support. To Saul De La Cruz for all the rides home. To Keven A. for listening. To Denee Olivas for being my best friend and helping me through thick and thin. JORDAN BALLESTEROS Future Plans: Collegiate level ice hockey at GCU and to become a successful doctor. Will: I, Jordan Ballesteros, of dabbing and memes, bequeath my


WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018

dance moves to Ryan Tien, my memes to Lauren Ballesteros, and my jackets to Kenneth Nguyen. Quote: “I’m okay if you aim high and miss, but I have a problem when you aim low and hit.” Memories: First day of freshman year getting lost going to all my classes, meeting new friends, singing on bus rides home from volleyball games. Thanks To: All my coaches in both hockey and volleyball, and all my friends and teammates. MATTHEW CAM Future Plans: Major in Radiologic Technology at Pasadena City College. Will: I, Matthew Cam, of rainbows and leprechauns, bequeath my luck for the future students of SGHS. Quote: “Persistence is very important. You should not give up unless you are forced to give up.” - Elon Musk Memories: Long bike rides with friends, hiking at night, road trips, and listening to Vincent yell at Michael on Discord. Predictions: Patricia will have robotic legs, Steven will be a mustang, Anson will be a pro tennis player, Vincent Chang will be a flight attendant, Jeffery will be an astronaut, and Michael will find true love in Japan. Thanks To: All my teachers and friends for helping me get through high school. NIAN CAPILI Future Plans: Major in nursing at Cal State LA, become manager of Afters, and then become a personal mascot for Raising Cane’s. Will: I, Nian Capili, of ad-libs and hype dancing, bequeath my editing skills to Austin Tran, my food critiques to Ahyoung and Sunhi Nguyen, my protein powder and wrist wraps to Matt Vong, the sports page to Chelsea Li, my style to incoming flirts. Quote: “High school is like a road trip. It’s not all about the destination, it’s about having the adventure throughout the long drive.” Memories: Eating/going out and doing stupid stuff with the squad, stressing out during deadlines, making shenanigans during swim practice, pouring my blood, sweat, and trash skills during basketball practice, making chaotic films for Posada‘s class, going to academic detention. Predictions: Bowen Chow will be featured in Migos songs for adlibs, Dean Ho will become a K-Pop Idol, Johnny Lau will become a professional DJ collaborating with Lil Uzi Vert, Brandon Ly Nguyen will get massive surpassing Arnold Schwarzenegger. Brandon Nguyen will dominate the Octagon, Cedric, Ethan, and Alan will work together at Raising Cane’s. Thanks To: Ms. Kim for believing in me and pushing me to do great things, OG Mr. Ramsay (rest easy), Ms. Larsen, Mr. Gin, the Grubbies, the Brunch club, the hard working hooligans of Planet Fitness (B.N, J.L, C.L, A.T, B.LN), Rippers of San Gabriel swim team, the group of couples I’m in with Alan (no official name lol), and the amazing, stressful newspaper staff for accepting me into their home of H2. CARLOS EMILIANO CARRILLO-GALLEGOS Future Plans: Hopefully make something of myself at Yale, lose all running ability, be better than Kevin at math and more cultured than Bastian, and fish for tuna. Will: I, Carlos Carrillo, of beautiful handwriting and pizza faces, bequeath my love for running to Jason and Kenny, the newspaper to next year’s staff, my FBLA skill to Kyle, my socialized bread to Comrade Jacwa, and my height and puns to Eileen. Quote: “They don’t think it be like it is but it do.” - Bastian Mendez Memories: Freshman running with William, learning to work from Allen, driving with Brandon, Jeffrey, and the Jr’s, Sacramento (and Ontario) with FBLA, late night newspaper deadlines, the brunch club, Jennifer scaring the staff, balling with Kin and Vincent, getting detention twice in a month. Predictions: Kevin will be the smartest man alive, Bastian will revolutionize film, William will be a frat boy, Kenny will make static, Eileen won’t grow an inch, the newspaper will acquire wealth through Shawn, the brunch club will have brunch, Cross Country will rise again. Thanks To: Ms. Parra, Mr. Osborne, my math teachers, Mr. Hendrickson, Ms. Daniels, and everyone else for being great


teachers, Ms. Kim and Jennifer for a great year of newspaper and advice, Coach Morales for the guidance, all my friends for keeping me sane and making me who I am. KEVIN CHAI Future Plans: Try not to die at UC Berkeley. I am also moving to the desert and starting my own cactus plantation. Will: I, Kevin Chai, bequeath my fervor for music to Olivia, my Fortnite skills and dance moves to David and Carmen, my personality to My and TKung, my SAT score to Vanessa, my sarcasm and optimism to Sonam, and everything else to my little brother. Quote: “Half of the seniors!? That’s like 25% of the whole school.” Memories: Sitting in a car for hours deciding where to go, stressing out over college apps but still managing to procrastinate on them, going on spontaneous adventures, taking wrong exits on the freeway, annotating the night away, and Discording with my pals. Predictions: Jacky will buy a Tesla. Cindy will admit that she’s wrong. Carlos will be POTUS. Liza will win a solo game of Fortnite. Sara will become a wedding planner. CY will become Rock Lee. Caden will be successful. Sonam and Vanessa will stop being stressed. Thanks To: Ms. Wu, Mr. Woo, Ms. Tran, Mr. Wong, Ms. Larsen, Ms. Bishop for the endless support and guidance, Drama Dudes for the intellectual conversations, Nicole for always having my back, JN and CL for always being down, and Victoria Vu for being my inspiration. ETHAN CHAN Future Plans: My future plan is hopefully play pro volleyball overseas. Will: I, Ethan Chan, of ruthlessness and trollness, bequeath my savageness to Ryan Tien, CIF quarter final curse to Patrick Ma, physiology dissecting skills to Levin Luu, laziness to my little brother Isaac Chan, and cluelessness to Sammy Nguyen. Quote: “Get over it.” Memories: A favorite memory of mine was being able to grow up and get a picture with Nicole Nguyen my sophomore year after one whole year of talking to her about how we should take a picture after one of my volleyball games. Predictions: I predict that Ryan will become “Swole-y Tien” next volleyball season and all of us Co’18 to be drafted to WWIII. Thanks To: Mr. Wong, The Grubbies, Cignus Urbem, The OG Dewey group, Nicole Nguyen, and The Matador Arena. KEVIN CHAU Future Plans: To major in business and rack up that dough. Will: I, Kchau, bequeath that spam business to my little bro Billion J Ly, Romeo Nguyen my fresh fades. I hope Randy and Isaac are still clowns. Jacob Huynh stays fire. Darian Sun my leadership skills. Memories: Ahh the good time at this “wonderful” high school. To begin with it, the best memories were when I first joined the club and rocked that sick gear to school walkin’ around like I own this place. Also, thanks everyone at the tree for making high school experience memorable. Predictions: I predict that Issac and Randy will always be the biggest clowns at SG. Jacob is going to stay fire still. The tree still going to be poppin. I also predict that my boys will stay rising with that everlasting possession. Thanks To: OG Ramsay for a fun class. Rest easy boss. Larsen for them jokes. Ms. Mar for that non stop grind. Finally, Ms. Revilla for understanding me. JOANNE CHAU Future Plans: I plan to study Bioengineering at UC San Diego and chill at the beach, sipping on boba. After college, I will own four bulldogs and a wiener dog. Will: I, Joanne Chau, of laughter and bulldogs, bequeath my bad jokes and exquisite gift-giving skill to Ada Zhao aka Zing Zing. Quote: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” - Dr. Seuss Memories: I will always remember the bus rides to volleyball games, Di flossing her teeth with her hair, Peggy spraining her ankle while dancing to Mic Drop, making Thai-dye t-shirts, and flowers falling off our corsages at prom.




WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018

Predictions: Anny will spill cran-apple juice on a passenger, who will be her hubby, Peggy will hug trees and not drop chicken, Mitchie will shred snow down Mt. Everest, Doanh will host a Harry Potter party, and Tho will sleep like a human and read our messages. Thanks To: Shout out to my besties Doanh and Tho for always having my back and cracking me up and to Anny, Peggy, and Mitchie for getting me through four exhausting years of high school. TIFFANY CHEA Future Plans: Become a celebrity mua or hairstylist, start my own business, meet Brendon Urie, go to a PATD concert, skydiving, winning the lottery, be an extra on a movie set. Will: I, Tiffany Chea, of pale skin and shortness, bequeath my photogenicness to Sydney Ton and my donuts to Caitlin. Memories: Sydney fake crying and then actually crying about trig during lunch, talking about AOS with Lexie, getting ready for prom with Natalie, Tiana getting offended when I make fun of her fave Korean celebs, getting Kylie interested in Star Wars. Predictions: Sydney will meet Taylor Swift and become a queen of Silicon Valley aka future CEO, William will become a famous photographer, and Caitlin will see and meet BTS. Thanks To: Lexie for helping me with my math related homework, Xue for helping me with stats homework, Joey for reminding me about gov homework, Syd for making high school more fun, Nat, Emily, Cait and everyone else I’ve mentioned for being great friends to me. MANYI CHEN Future Plans: Make money and travel more. Will: I, Manyi Chen, of laughters and happiness, bequeath my laziness to Susan Geng. Quote: “Pain is temporary, GPA is forever.” Memories: FBLA state competition at Ontario Convention Center, midnight Skype calls with my friends to do some last minute studying. Predictions: I predict that ALW will tour across Asia, Kevin C. will be a nicer man, Doanh will be in the medical field, Cindy and J.L will get married, Justin N. will find his very own Bruin Bear, Ryan L. will have his own Maserati, and I will be less miserable. Thanks To: All my teachers and friends especially ALW, Tina, Chris C., Larsen group, and my sc streakers. ELAINE CHEUNG Future Plans: Major in Biology at UCR, meet my future husband at med school, (LOL) and become a successful orthodontist. Will: I, Elaine Cheung, bequeath my random noises to Cindy Bui, my lack of tennis skills to Shirley Fung, and my Xxtra Hot Cheetos to Erica Wo. Quote: “All our dreams can come true... if we have the courage to pursue them.” - Walt Disney Memories: Laughing in AP Bio with Tiana, being petty with Vannak, Roxanne and I just being dumb, scraping by with Christina L., and late night bus rides home from tennis games. Predictions: I’ll stop yelling at Vannak, Anna will marry a rich doctor, Christina L. will get over her crippling senioritis, and Christina Y. will be the spokesperson for all chocolate lovers. Thanks To: My mom, April Vuong, and friends. JENNIFER CHEUNG Future Plans: Major in Interior Design at Cal State Long Beach and become a successful interior designer, write and publish my own book, own a mansion, and release my fire mixtape. Will: I, Jennifer Cheung, of Shrek and horrible puns, bequeath my InDesign skills to Selina Han and Chelsea Li, my college debt to my brother, and my crippling procrastination to Kenny Lam. Quote: “What we do here is go back.” - Otis McDonald Memories: Late nights with the Lord Farquaad Squad, Discord calls with the Gorilla Cave, playing Fortnite with Leo, Jorge, and Matthew, late nights finishing the newspaper with Carlos and Ms. Kim, and joking around with Bastian, Kevin, and Nian. Predictions: I will design rich mansions for rich people and live in a gated community, Xue will be a lawyer, Sarah will be a business woman, Carlos will get nae naed at Yale, Leo will

marry a blonde wahman, and Ms. Kim will adopt one more cat. Thanks To: Sarah for free rides, Xue for being in the book club, Patricia for her curling iron, Carlos for going through the same struggles with me, Ms. Kim for pity chocolate, Mr. Myers and Mr. Gin, and H2 for being my home for the past three years. JESSICA CHIU Future Plans: Majoring in Biology at UC Riverside. Will: I, Jessica, Chiu, of sleepiness, bequeath my tennis racket to Leslie Ngo, my fried rice to Joyce Liu, and all the butter and candy in my possession to my chem family. Quote: “Side by side or miles apart, real friends are always close to the heart.” - Unknown Memories: Tennis matches in the heat, hanging out with my friends, AP Thursdays, staying up late with the chem family. Predictions: Leslie N. will be a successful physical therapist, Joyce L. will become a rice farmer, Joyce L. will become a successful engineer, Randy L. will become a successful gamer, Tracy L. will become a successful nurse, Khiem P. will become a successful doctor. Thanks To: My besties Leslie N., Joyce L., Joyce L., Lilian N., my tennis team mates, coach Steve, coach Jen, everyone I’ve met throughout high school, all my teachers, and last but not least my chem group. BRANDON CHOW Future Plans: Illustration at Cal State Long Beach, praying for a jpeg of the waifu/husbando. Will: I, Brandon Chow, bequeath my art skills to my brother I don’t know the name of that may be at this school, my innuendos to my friends who may be tired of them, and my RNG prayers to Ryan Tan, Bryant Lam, and any of y’all suffering in gacha games. Quote: “It’s yiff not gif.” Memories: A lot of teasing friends, jokes and innuendos that no one liked, procrastinating, suffering and memes. Thanks To: All the teachers I’ve had for being amazing; Ryan Tan, Bryant Lam, Jimmy Truong, Celine Loc, Vivian Yu, Valery Aguilar, Jannet Lam, Alex Huang, Kyle Deng for making school enjoyable; and Randy Lee for spamming me with pictures of his dog. KYLIE CHOW Future Plans: I will be attending a four year university and will attempt to survive college. Will: I, Kylie Chow, of rudeness, chocolate, and cheese, bequeath my procrastination skills and my awesome ideas to Leilani Trinh. Quote: “There’s nothing we can’t do if we work hard.” - Leslie Knope Memories: Sacrificing my Sundays to do AP World History questions so I don’t procrastinate and playing tennis with my friends through 100 degree heat. Predictions: I predict that my friend Emily Su’s love for K-Pop will grow even more when she goes to the East, Tiana Chung will finally be over Hyungwon, Erica Wo will see Khalid or Kendrick Lamar, and Catherine will marry a Chinese guy and move to China. Thanks To: All my friends who made high school truly an experience and Mr. Wong, Ms. Wu, Ms. Bishop, Mr. Myers, and Coach Steve, whom have all taught me something very important. BOWEN CHOW Future Plans: Major in Business/Economics at idk ‘22. Will: I, Bowen Chow, of ad-libs and senioritis, bequeath my finesse to Jason Hong, my procrastination to Cynthia Abuede, my laughs to David Gomez, and my love for the game to Zetao Xie. Quote: “Is it really worth it?” Memories: Late night grubbing with the boys, early morning practices in the cold with the team, sleeping in certain classes, stressing over every due date, and good laughs and small talk with everyone. Predictions: Nian will dance in a Lil Uzi music video, Nicole will be on the road to riches, Mathew will be a lottery pick, Caden will hop out of a Lambo, Johnny will still be for good looks, Alan’s hair will be perfect, and Ethan will be on the US Olympic team.

Thanks To: Mr. Wong, Ms. Hunt, Mr. Valencia, and the real ones at SG for making high school bearable. JAMES CHOY Future Plans: Major in Nursing at Cal State LA. Will: I, James Choy, of Love and Love, bequeath my Serves to Kenny Luo, my Volleys to Tonny Lee, and my lifetime of wins to the tennis team. Quote: “Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.” - John W. Gardner Memories: Getting KBBQ with Secrets every Saturday night. Thanks To: Angie Vuong, for loving me and making me happy <3 :). THOMAS CHUNG Future Plans: Majoring in Biology at UCSD. Will: I, Thomas Chung, of raisins and Gardettos, bequeath my dancer moves to the All Male team and my severe procrastination to Kenneth Chai, younger brother of Kevineth Chai. Quote: “But it’s Taco Tuesday…” - Long Beach Griffy Memories: Manalang homework, my spectacles flying off during showcase, chemistry labs with the best group ever, creating delicious food combinations with raisins, screwing around in the Career Center and library with Justin and Will. Predictions: Ricky will become co-owner of Raisins Incorporated with me, William will crush watermelons between his pecs for a living, Lilian will create her own Facebook stickers to spam, Timothy will own all the hotels, and Justin will become a surfer boy. Thanks To: Justin for spotting me all the time, Ricky for the free Uber rides, William for introducing me to the CharClub, and Lilian for supplying me with face masks. LIZA COE Future Plans: Get a dog. Be happy. Will: I, Liza Coe, meme and vine addict, bequeath my jumping to Leyna Tran and Stephanie Calletano, my Jesus meme stash to Virginia Situ and Chloe Tong, and all of my love to my daughters, Tiffany Chung and Eileen Ong, who I birthed at one year old. Quote: “It was like wow, nice.” - me, 2013 Memories: Running in stroke-inducing weather during XC and track meets. Meeting Christina, Vannak, Christine, and Mandy and becoming buddies :) Working on that cross-section project w/ Christina, but getting that perfect 30/30. xDing to cope. Predictions: All of my friends will be happy and FLOURISHING! Thanks To: Ms. Tran for helping me learn how to math again. Ms. Sune for being more of a friend than a coach. Ms. Deniz for being kind to me even though I called her “señora” for three months (I only had married teachers before her) Sad life. KEVIN CONTRERAS Future Plans: To find my passion, figure out life, follow accordingly. After doing so I will take over the world, become a worldwide leader/dictator. I will lead the rebellion against myself, lose on both sides, and retire to a small cabin in the woods. Will: I, Kevin Contreras, of weirdness and other stuff, bequeath the newspaper brunch club table to Lucas and Vincent. My knowledge of comics to Christopher, my lunch spot in Deniz’s to Donna, and Uplift to Joseph. Quote: “And I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.” - Michael Scott Memories: Running Cross with my brother and beating him, meaningless debates in H2 with the brunch club which never got settled, getting to meet D.S.H. who I now consider to be a best friend, triumphant bus rides home after a massive loss with SG soccer. Predictions: Carlos will become a rebel at Yale, Nian will become a mumble rapper, Bastian will make films that are Bastian, Lucas will colonize wherever he goes, Vincent will change games forever, Donna will live life with a soundtrack playing overhead. Thanks To: My brother for not killing me yet, the brunch club for showing me how to debate, D.S.H. for being there, H2 for the opportunity, SG soccer, Cross for being fun, Ms. Kim for tolerating, Myers for Beach Boys, Hunt for comics.

WILLS JIMMY DANG Future Plans: Going to PCC, then transferring to a UC. Will: I, Jimmy Dang, give my position of Distance Captain to Wilson Duong, and best wishes for the Track and Cross team. Quote: “Oof.” Memories: Running for Track and Cross, making PLH, making food group, getting a plaque for Cross, having so much fun in Calc, and spending time with Natalie. Predictions: Cross will do good, and Track will also do good. Thanks To: Mrs. Vicky, PLH, Food Squad, the people I hang out with at lunch, and Natalie. IVAN DANG Future Plans: Wait, we actually have to have future plans and goals? Aw man. Quote: “We graduated just to go to school again.” Memories: I remember being told I would do well on my physio test, I failed it. Predictions: In the future, I see myself still wondering what I am gonna do with my future. Thanks To: Pasadena City College for being the only college that accepted me. JONATHAN DONG Future Plans: I will attend UCSD where I plan to major in computer science. I hope to get off my lazy behind and start exploring the world and try new things. I plan to continue blocking kids in basketball games and reach challenger in League of Legends. Will: I, Jonathan Dong, of boosted League of Legends plays and calculus quiz failings, bequeath my height and computer science knowledge to Ryan Truong. Quote: “When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye.” - Cathy Guisewite Memories: One time I got lost in the mountains while going to a Red Cross event. I found my way out after a short time and made it to the event. Still got hours deducted though. Predictions: Eddie Thai will become the next Usain Bolt. Thanks To: My family, friends, and teachers who have taught me valuable lessons and values that I will hold onto as I proceed through life. KELVIN DUONG Future Plans: Marine Corps Communications CyberSecurity. Quote: “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” - Bruce Lee MICKEY ESTRADA Future Plans: Probably whatever comes in my way. I’m always changing my path but I would like to become a teacher or librarian. Will: I, Mickey Estrada, of time and clocks, bequeath my excessive singing and giraffes to Wendy C., my League, Darius, and Jax skills to Hao and Billy, and my true love and addiction of Touhou Project to SGHS Acapella, and both Kelly Lac and Kelly Loc. Quote: “Because kindness that is able to exceed. Even the endless wind’s trajectory, is here. I don’t need any special powers. A peaceful life like a gentle breeze. Without extravagance, is just fine. It’s what everyone’s smiles taught me.”- Sanae Kochiya Memories: Swimming swiftly. Singing and Humming a lot and I mean A LOT. Enjoying my time with SGHS Art, Acapella, Anime Anonymous, and Karebear Club. Me explaining what my unique interests are and showing off my love of Touhou Project to everyone at school. Predictions: Brenden and Ricky will become the best osu! players. Britney and Brenden will listen to my favorite Touhou Project arrangements and songs one day. Britney will live in Japan. Bobby will become an interesting architect. Brenden will own a giraffe. Thanks To: Brenden D., Wendy C., June L., Joyce W., Tim H., Tiffany T., Chloe T., Bryan N., Ricky J., Bobby L., Dale L., Michelle N., Britney H., Maylene V., Hao D., Bryant L.,


WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018

and my cousins Shawn Tran, Kylie Tran, and Johnathan Tran for making me smile. SELENA FARRIS Future Plans: To not give up and complete college. To become a successful person and fulfill my goals in life. To visit every Disneyland there is. To travel around the world and learn new things. Will: I, Selena Farris, bequeath my dance skills to my little Katie Phan. I bequeath my walk and facials to my little Hanson Pham. Quote: “Nice For What.” Memories: Rallies. Thanks To: Ms. Jung the art teacher for allowing me to talk to her about anything and for making my days better. To the B.T.A. teachers for always going out of their way to provide for the B.T.A. students. To Ms. Chai and Ms. Schecter for being great teachers. MIRIAM FLORES Future Plans: Major in Nursing at Vanguard University and hopefully become a nurse, specifically for women’s health. Non-school related dreams: travel the world, finally read sheet music, vlog with David Dobrik and mukbang with Trisha Paytas. Will: I, Miriam Flores, leave my mediocre acting skills to Alfredo Esquivel. My average poetry skills to Donna Hernandez, a BOMB poet. My piano skills to Gabriel Muratalla. Last, but never least, I leave my Cuban accent to my skinny queen, Espy Gomez. Quote: “Let all that you do be done in love,” 1 Corinthians 16:14 Memories: Lunch time debates with AP Spanish Lit babes, cada vez que recibi la multa, emotional Tuesdays with YAWP, hours of rehearsals for theatre, pre-rehearsal dates at The Deli, cheesy school dances and craze filled pep rallies. Predictions: Alina Hurtado will own their own bookstore/ coffee shop. Erika Duran and their band (Strawberry Shadows) will go viral. Ricky Gonzalez will be the best detective in the world. Jeanette Picasso will outshine Mariah Carey in all aspects of life. Thanks To: Ms. Parra and Ms. Deniz for sticking with me during my emotional breakdowns about college and graduating.To my haters who tried to knock me down; I tried harder just to prove you wrong. To the people who stood by me through the longest four years ever. XOCHITL FLORES MARTINEZ Future Plans: Major in Psychology at Cal State LA. Will: I, Xochitl Flores, of dimples and Kit Kats, bequeath my Choreo jacket to SGHS Dance Team, my optimism to the following years of Peer Assistants, my sense of humor and bubbliness to my little peewee, and being the team barista for softball. Quote: “Why do they call you ‘Big C’?” - Everyone Memories: Friendsgiving and senior ditch day with the best squad at SG, lunch time debates and laughs with “Latinos Con Hambre,” tripping 24/7 during softball games, placing in many competitions with Choreo, and the purchasing of cereal bars every morning. Thanks To: All SGHS teachers and staff, and the bestest friends anyone could ever ask for. ROXANNE FONG Future Plans: Make lots of money, travel the world with my loved ones. Buy a Chinese style house with a garden for my mama to grow her plants. Have brunch every Sunday. Treating my friends out and continue making care packages for my BFFs. Will: I, Roxanne Fong, of joyful tears and endless laughter, bequeath my stress cells to Vanessa, TCpride to Jordan, FBLA to Irene, glares to Bui, Activities to Olivia, brotherly love to Eddy+Chris, love and care to my ASBabies, FBLA chapter, and FluteFlies. Quote: “The world is your oyster.” Memories: Staying at a beach house with my loves and DIY-ing our own KBBQ. Waking up at 3 a.m. to breakfast.


Going out past my curfew for carne asada fries or Yogurtland. Crying at FBLA Sections as my chapter chanted “SG YOU KNOW.” Predictions: Randy finds the love of his life and becomes a world renowned writer. Wendy marries Rich Brian. Justin learns how to be emotional. Kelvin becomes a dog rescuer. Joshua gets his 20th piercing. JP battles Ben. Leo becomes the best photographer alive. Thanks To: Ms. Parra for keeping me at SG, Mr. Dultz for always reassuring me, Mr. Nguy for being a true homie and taking care of FBLA every trip, Ms. Jung for being an older sister to me, and Ms. Revilla for helping me grow and pushing me to go above and beyond. XUE FU Future Plans: Major in Business Economics at the University of California Irvine. Will: I, Xue Fu, of sleep deprivation and laziness, bequeath my procrastination skills to Leah, flops to Denise, lame jokes to Nazlie, cringey dance moves to Alanna, ability to not care of who’s watching to Paula, and low IQ to Darian. Quote: “The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.” Memories: 6 a.m. basketball practices and getting kicked out of them, running all practice in the small gym, Jennifer with her “jokes,” confidently shouting the wrong answers in Mr. Wong’s class with Sarah, and basketball bus rides karaoke in freshman year. Predictions: Jennifer will find a rich man, Sarah will be the first one to marry in the Lord Farquaad squad, Vion will become an independent strong Asian woman who don’t need no mans, Kaylee will have chola brows again, Christian will compliment me one day, and the lunch squad will reunite in a few years. Thanks To: The Lord Farquaad Squad (Jennifer and Sarah), the lunch squad/ basketball crew, Kaylee, Patricia, Christine, ASB babes, Baldwin homies, Mr. Nguy, Mr. Myers, Mr. Li, Mr. Vogel, Mrs. Revilla, and everyone who made my high school experience memorable. CARLOS GALEANA Future Plans: I want to work in automotives and be able to have my own business going on. Memories: Having many roast sesh with my friends and always going out. Predictions: My prediction is that this school will become better and add new things and have better lunch. Thanks To: Thanks To my teachers and friends they have made my life at high school a fun experience.




WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018

BRYAN GARCIA Future Plans: Either an animator for Adult Swim or a concept artist for Bethesda or the Coalition. Will: I, Bryan Valentine Garcia, bringer of goofs and gaffs, bequeath my poor social skills to my little sister Summer, and my dark, ironic humor to my little brother Nathan. Quote: “Maybe you’ll ask me to come back again and maybe I’ll say maybe.” Memories: Roasting people in Mr. Nong’s summer school class. Thanks To: My closest friends Ashe, Ashley, and Karla. special thanks to my family, friends and Danny Devito. LUIS GARCIA Future Plans: I plan to attend PCC and hopefully transfer to a CalState. I’m going to major in Business Administration. Will: I, Luis Garcia, bequeath my charisma, smooth social skills, comedic genius, and Fortnite skills to Jessica Martinez. Quote: “My childlike creativity, purity, and honesty is honestly being crowded by these grown thoughts.” - Kanye West Memories: Good times in band. All those moments with my BTA family. And especially the highs and the lows. Predictions: I predict Xochitl Flores will go far in life. Steven Escobar will still have that gap. Matthew Flores will make it big in some sport. Remember us Matthew. Thanks To: Everyone that took the time to talk to me outside of school. RICHARD HA Quote: “Pizza. Lasagna. Hot Dog.” KAIJIE HAN Future Plans: Major in Chemistry and eventually become a dentist. Will: I KaiJie Han, of awkwardness and smiles, bequeath my sassiness and productivity to Delane, my physics knowledge to Sylvia and my last name to Selina. Quote: “At least we still have the good moments.” Memories: Late night adventures, hanging out at physics, FBLA State, and Chinese Tests. Predictions: Sandy will own a pharmacy with her husband, Matthew will have his own business, Chris and Ivan will design their own games, and Ernest will design his own buildings. Thanks To: Mrs. Wright, Mr. Nguy, Mr. Myers, Mr. Nong, and my besties Matthew, Ivan, Chris, Ernest, and Sandy. SARA HANG Future Plans: Go to college and become a powerful business woman, or become an OB-GYN after 50 years of med school. Will: I, Sara Hang, of a high pitched voice, bequeath my love for butterfly cookies to Yayi, my American songs to Soph, Joce, and Syd, my acai smooths to KtP, my lingo to Han, my leadership to Carm, my dance skills to Ella, and my choreo to Queen and Tay. Quote: “I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.” - Edna Mode Memories: Practice, comps, and rallies with Choreo, sitting at the lunch table for four years, library sessions, arguing with K Chai, class with Khang and Michelle, and Secrets hangouts on random weekends. Predictions: Nicole will marry a nice, handsome, rich, white man who will take good care of her, Anny will travel to 35 different countries, and Henry will be a forever Disney annual passholder. Thanks To: Nicole, Anny, and Henry for being my best friends, all my lunch buddies, my Choreo loves, Mr. Myers, Mr. Wong, and everyone who helped me get through high school. BRUCE HERNANDEZ Future Plans: Get rich or die trying. Will: I, Bruce Hernandez would like to bequeath my swag to Kevin, Roby, and Sam. Quote: “The first time I looked into his eyes, it was like the first time I’ve heard The Beatles.” Memories: Love. Predictions: This school is gonna win CIF in baseball the year 2022. Thanks To: Tabatha Perez.

CLAUDIA HERNANDEZ Future Plans: Major in Political Science at UC Merced. Will: I, Claudia Hernandez, of laughter and whips, bequeath my amazing dance moves to Donna H., my somewhat decent calculus skills to Sally T., my love for nuggets and hash browns to Kaitlyn L., and my Colorguard skills to the whole Colorguard team. Quote: “What did mom pack today for lunch?” - The Lunch Crew Memories: Rallies, hanging out in Ms. Deniz’s room during lunch, being stressed about calculus, eating 100 nuggets with the Colorguard team, getting boba/coffee with Angel after school, attempting to be friends with Lopez, being lit in Spanish literature, and whipping. Predictions: DeElla and I will be in David’s vlog one day and have our own reality tv show, Angel will become the next Mr.Woo, Jorge will have his own mango tree, Lopez will become my friend, Miriam will stop calling people ugly, and Victoria will find a boyfriend. Thanks To: Ms. Deniz, Ms. Bishop, Mrs. Tran, Mr. Woo, Ms. Wu, Ms. Macias, Colorguard, the lunch crew (Kevin, Bastian, Donna, Miriam, Jorge, Xochitl, Jeannette, RJ, Ricky), the calculus tutoring group (Victoria, Christina, Carie), and my best friend Angel. MICHELLE HO Future Plans: Major in economics and have a near death experience while learning how to swim. Will: I, Michelle Ho, the Leggings Connoisseur, bequeath my love of “tea” to Kelly Tran, Heidi Chow, and Jane Truong, my CG knowledge to Chao Lin He, my flexibility to Kasey Pham, and my passion for stationery and calligraphy to Kaitlyn Luu. Quote: “Aiyah, why you no turn on da light? Dis why you have da glasses.” Memories: Falling in love with Ezra Banlaoi the first time we slow danced together. Jeffery David buying me Chick-Fil-A and then punching a pole. The feeling of unconditional love from AMY, JAX, KHANG, and SYD. I luv my bbs. Predictions: Sydney and Khang will live it up at Davis, Jacob and Jeffery will finally get the girl, Amy will get to go to Philz, Ezra will find me wherever I am, and my Color Guard bebs will thrive without mama. Thanks To: My bro, Kenny Ho, for being the realest, Ms. Kim for being able to take a joke, my bois Khang and Jax for giving their attention, my flirtatious femmes Amy and Sydney for accepting my stupidity and cg for staying with me for four years. KHANG HO Future Plans: Major in clinical nutrition, attend UC Davis with my best baddie Sydney Tran, keep in touch with my gaucho gal pal Michelle Ho, and save the world with veganism. Will: I, Khang Ho, eater of oatmeal, bequeath my design skills to Sydney Ly and my work ethic and stress to all my yearbook babies. Quote: “I disagree.” - Me Memories: Grocery shopping with my girls, video chatting with my babes, and hitting the dance floor with my crew. Predictions: Michelle will run her business, Sydney and I will find a house together in NorCal, Jacob will marry chicken marsala, and Amy will find a manz. Thanks To: Ms. Kim for knowing the real me, to the squad for the laughs, to Sara for the talks in AP Lang, Spanish, and AP Stats, to Nicole for the chisme in H2, and to Michelle for being my best friend for four years. DEAN HO Future Plans: Signed by either SM, YG, or JYP entertainment. Not attending college. Will: I, Dean Ho, bequeath my handsome baby looks passed down from Abel Kobayashi to me and Matt Vong. My swimming CIF times to the boys swim team. My tennis god hands to Mark Keppel’s Tennis team and sliding into dms hobby to Isaac Chan. Memories: Sleeping in all my classes. Hitting puberty beginning of senior year. Predictions: I’m going to have a baby boy. Nian Capili is Harvard bound and he is going to find a cure for cancer. Adrian

Kobayashi still has curfew at the age of 21. Thanks To: Myself for graduating. REBECCA HO Will: I, Rebecca Ho, bequeath my last name to My, my love for boba to Levin, my stutter and ability to keep a streak to Kevin, my amazingly slick photography to Wilson, my froggy jump to Virginia, all of my emotions to David, and my selfishness to Austin. Quote: “Shout out to my haters, sorry that you couldn’t faze me.” - Nicki Minaj Memories: Late night adventures to the beach, looking for ghosts, playing the Wii until the morning, and all the gettogethers with the squad. Predictions: Anna and Vion are going to start a company, Alan will become a part-time dancer, Wilson will fix his hair, Levin will become big, and David will make it to the Olympics. Anna predicts an earthquake will destroy California. Thanks To: My squad for always being lit, the volleyball program, and my ride or dies for being there through thick and thin. Shout out to Mr. Wong, Mr. Hendrickson, and Mr. Johnson for helping me get through these past four years. KEVIN HOA Future Plans: Training in the summer, spending time with the Real Ones, becoming a United States Marine. Will: I, Kevin Hoa, give my hope to Chris Ta, lunch spot to My Ho, and respect to my friends. Quote: “Even the nicest people have their limits.” Memories: Peer Counseling, Distance and Discuss Practice, Prom with my Queen. Predictions: Cindy will transfer to UCI, Wilson will have a blast at Fullerton, Jenny’s gonna get her freedom, Tan will be captain. Thanks To: My Parents, Cindy, Jenny, Wilson, Coach Z, Track Team, Peer Friends, Cedric, Matthew Chow, Ethan, Alan, David, Henry. LISA HONG Future Plans: Major in Computer Science and minor in Art, learn five or ten new languages, and fly to South Korea to see Seventeen and NCT. Will: I, Lisa Hong, of indecisiveness and pettiness, bequeath my decent life skills to Lain L., my occasional 15+ hours “nap” routine to Kelly L., my underlying assertiveness to Jake T., and my interpretation skills and love to the DI family. Quote: “Eeeeooowwww!” - Cardi B Memories: Eating lunch with friends, enjoying ourselves more than volunteering at events with NHS members, Speech and Debate tournaments, FBLA state, and being a student intern. Predictions: Shih Wen will find the man of her dreams and not have to sell her soul for hot pot, Jamie T. will become the next best DJ and rapper, Speech and Debate will crush Gabrielino, and everyone will succeed in their area of pursuits! Thanks To: To my teachers and SG staffs, your efforts and dedication will never go unnoticed. To my lunch group, thank you for making my highschool experience memorable. Lastly, to my best friends, keeping it short and sweet, I love you guys. JOEY HUA Future Plans: Major in Business somewhere out there. Will: I, Joey Hua, of naps and laughs, bequeath my looks and room to Queenie Hua, my march memorization skills to my Flute Babies, my content filled snaps to Kristine La, my early attendance to Cindy Bui, and my singing skills to Olivia Thai. Quote: “Life is a series of encounters and farewells. I believe we grow in the process. For now, it’s very sad but we will meet again.” - Kim Jonghyun Memories: Getting yelled at during 0 period, being awarded ‘Most Improved’ in TandF, singing and dancing during football games, late night Skype sessions, having all 4 periods with Fionna Lu, and losing 5 fake nails at prom. Predictions: Emily will show me her Maserati, Sydney will get a 6 ft tall bf, Tiffany will take over her family business, Angela will become a rapper, Catherine and I will finally hang out, William will be famous, and Queenie will be CC. Thanks To: Ms. Vergo, Ms. Wu, Ms. Cognetta, Mr. Wong, Ms. Schecter, Mr. Myers, my parents, my sisters, my friends, and myself :))

WILLS CATHERINE HUANG Will: I, Catherine Huang, bequeath my luck to Amanda Huang, LDF to Shawn Ho, my grades (?) to Shirley Fung, my future dogs to Erica, my Sundays to Lexie, my two albums to Tiana, something for Ky. Quote: “I love Hong Kong.” Memories: Doing core, Chemistrio, police with Ky, getting to school at 7:59 with Erica, cry laugh with Tiana in Chem, hourslong phone calls, Claire’s, Knott’s, cry laughing moments in general. Predictions: Tiana marries well, Ky stars as a villain in movie, Erica starts a cooking show, Emily goes to GOT7 reunion, James in scrubs, Nat in the cold, Meili takes selfies even 50 years later, and Amanda learns how to organize. Thanks To: Mom and Dad, Mr. Wong, Ms. Dominguez, Mr. Barbarics, outside friends, tennis team, Lunch Table Pals, and [Insert your name here just in case I forgot to include]. CHAPMAN HUI Future Plans: Dunk a basketball at Almansor. Will: I, Chapman Hui, of wait lists and rejections, bequeath my er5 and whatever is left of my motivation to Ryan Truong and all the other underclassmen. Quote: “Revoked.” - Derek Memories: Watching my friends get the multa, always being number 1 in Fun Run, running, Playing Just Dance in a stuffy room, all our pizza parties, locking my car windows, and hitting up Wendys every weekend. Predictions: I’ll hit 6 ft, one of my friends will end up successful, Henry will be the first one to cause an accident, Jonathan will become the shortest, Jason will remain “depressed,” Danny will get his six pack back, and Eddie will still keep running. Thanks To: Derek for staying with me in 6th period, Sydney for her OK icy playlist, JQ and Henry for free rides, Spanish crew for being clueless with me, and everyone in the Discord for “homework” calls. ALINA HURTADO Future Plans: Chilling in my house, all financially stable and whatnot with my significant other being super gay (sorry mom... not really). Will: I, Alina Hurtado, of gay and awkwardness, bequeath my trusty hair cutting skills to Sasha, my theater stuff to Kelly Tsan, who probably hates me, my love and awkwardness to Donna Hernandez who I love v much, and my great hugs to my theater babies. Quote: “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Clinical Depression” - Trixie Mattel Memories: IHOP nights after closing a show, sleepovers with my fea, friendsgiving and friendsmas, cutting my hair on a live feed, terrible dancing, “je suis une baguette” and a crushed tree top can. Predictions: Amy Panob will be the COOLEST English teacher, Miriam Flores will be living her life married to an air force man, Erika Duran will succeed in anything and everything, Donna Hernandez will be thriving with a capital T, and Kelly Tsan will be hating me as always. Thanks To: Amy Pabon, Erika Duran, Miriam Flores, Marinara Torres, Jeannette Picasso, and anyone who has ever been there for me when I really needed it, my brother, ALL of my Get Lit friends, the SG theater department, and my friends once again because WOW!!! BRITNEY HUYNH Future Plans: I plan to major in Bioengineering at University of California-Riverside and minor in Spanish. After graduating, I plan to further my major at University of California- San Francisco and obtain my PhD. Will: I, Britney Huynh, of smiles and great advice, bequeath my good luck and responsibility to Michelle Vuong and Cindy Tu, my unlimited quirkiness to Connie Lui and Anika Phankaysorn and my weirdness to Michi Nguyen, Hoang Truong and Winni Luong. Quote: “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.” - Anonymous Memories: Reenacting a High School Musical scene and EMR activities with Connie and Anika, adventures in Medical Terminology with Scott Ho and Anthony Qin, tennis team bonding days, Red Cross cabinet socials, afterschool walks with


WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018

Scarlett Granados Predictions: Mellony Li will be on the science news. Michelle, Hritika and Cindy will conquer Academic Decathlon and win medals. Connie, Jessy, Anika and Damon will still be joking around and saving lives. Randy, Mickey and Victoria will still be weeaboos. Thanks To: Mr. Ma, Mrs. Hunt, Ms. Wu, Mr. Woo, Mrs. Tran, Ms. Lin, Ms. Lee, Mr. Wong, cabinet members I’ve worked with, class groups and partners and supportive friends. KELVIN HUYNH Future Plans: Become a successful engineer, be able to give my mummi anything she wants, travel the world, adopt a lot of puppies, do dumb things with Joshua, continue to watch kdramas with Roxanne, and see Spook grow with Randy as he becomes a successful author. Will: I, Kelvin Huynh, of dumb jokes and weirdness, bequeath my French skills to Edmond, elotes to Victor, and fashion to Ryan. Quote: “It always seems impossible until done.” Memories: Biking to the beach with my awesome friends, getting sushi with Randy and Joshua, rescuing Randy’s dog, accidentally twinning with Roxanne, late practices for volleyball, and messing around with Tom in Mrs. Tran’s class. Predictions: I get punished for saying dumb things, Joshua is known for his art, Roxanne marries a handsome man, attacking Randy with Spook, Tom and Timothy become my doctor and surgeon, William becomes the next Elon Musk, and my mom attends Vietnamese concerts. Thanks To: Mrs. Vergo for the guidance and truly helpful advice, Mr. Tran for being there for me and teaching me how to fight, Mrs. Tran for the daily laughs and scares, and Ms. Jung for being a second mom to me. RICKY JIAO Future Plans: Major in Mechanical Engineering at the College Institute of College College, Go to JP and Lillian’s wedding, Go to Brenden’s wedding. Will: I, Ricky Jiao, of the ketchup gods, bequeath my hair definition to Bryan Wen, my speaking skills to Kai, my height to Dale and Joyce, my 1 ab to Calvin Kang, my 500 free time to June, 50 free time to Derick, and my captain skills to Bryan Lac. Quote: “Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you’re a mile away from them and you have their shoes.” - Thomas Chung Memories: Wearing a lime green jacket to school, huddling like a penguin during swim meets, going to the taco truck on Valley, throwing the bowling balls into the gutter, Randy flirting with me, and constant yelling in the swim locker rooms. Predictions: Bryan Wen will have gorgeous hair, Kai will get a girlfriend, Dale will make CIF, Calvin Kang will be 6’6” and lean, David Gomez will be homecoming king, Justin Phan will marry Lillian. Thanks To: Andrew Nguyen, Ms.Jung, Ms.Tran, Mrs.Bassette, My friends, My Homie, JP, Brenhandsom, Swim for an amazing 4 years, My Parents, and My sister Dion. PETER KHANT Future Plans: Declare a major at UC Riverside and pursue Master’s and Doctoral degrees, set up charity foundations, travel the world and help impoverished countries, let my parents retire with a vacation everyday, and find my true love to raise our family. Will: I, Aung (Peter) Khant, of creativity and passion, bequeath my dance skills to Vivian, editor stress to Solida and Shirley, drive to Kenny, kindness to Kevin and My, facials to Anthony, swag to Aaron and Eric, confidence to Jacky, and comedy to Brian. Quote: “Love yourself and know that life isn’t perfect and that you are responsible for your own destiny. No matter the struggle, have the will and courage to fight through. And most importantly, always appreciate your friends and family.” Memories: Band trips, adrenaline at pep rallies, chem library squad, life talks with executive, clarinet section bondings, long late night calls, chilling at Career Center and P109, prom 2017, Safe Space meetings, cleaning sets, and yearbook interviews. Predictions: Caden will be a movie star, Kin will buy his family a house, Jenny will rule the world, Sara will deliver babies, CY will forever be the caring person that she is, All Male will win Nationals, and Dr. Loe, Dr. Coe, Dr. Chung, and CEO Truong.


Thanks To: Ms. Parra for your guidance, Ms. Kim for your advice, Ms. Bishop for your support, my friends for always being there for me when I need them the most, my alumni mentors who I look up to, and Rose and Sheng for letting me find my identity. ADRIAN KOBAYASHI Future Plans: Become a firefighter. Quote: “Friends show their love in times of trouble, not happiness.” Predictions: Dean will look like a baby forever. Thanks To: Mr Gin for being real, my teachers who were actually down to call my mom, and Mrs. Blackwood for constantly waking me up in class. WILLIAM KWOON Future Plans: Major in Applied Mathematics with Environmental focus at UC Merced. Will: I, William, of crazy and funny, bequeath my photog skills to Paula and Bryan, kpopness to Sydney and Vicky, my designing skills to Tim and Virginia, my leadership skill to Kelly, my money to Delane, my meanness to Shawn and Sonam, and my memes to Ella. Quote: “I was breathing the whole time for four years.” Memories: Yearbook mess and stress everyday, eating at the Little Theater watching “The Odd Couple,” playing League till 2 a.m., staying up late at Yearbook camp and FBLA State Comp, ripping my jeans, and doing what I want to do everyday in school. Predictions: Anthony will be a God Nurse, Bryant will become a SURPRISE clown, Lexie will become a Cantonese vlogger, Bastian will help Lexie, Amberly will do what Amberly does, Mandy will protest to get Club Penguin back, Jake will still close his eyes. Thanks To: Mr. Nong, Mr. Vogel, Mrs. Wright, Mr. Hendrickson, Ms. Keller, Ms. Bishop, Ms. Tran, Ms. Kim, and our MoMa cabbies. Shoutout to Leyna, Cathy, and Julie (make me proud!) and our advisers, Mr. Jung and Ms. Patti. Shoutout to WG WG, my iconic book club. LAIN LAIN Future Plans: Hope to have a career along the computer science field and possibly create a small business with my best friends. Will: I, Lain Lain, of awkwardness and clumsiness, bequeath my chill but stressed out persona to Sydney Ly, my judging face to Vicky Chen, my sleepiness to Yvonne Chu and my extra-ness to Vivian Nguyen. Quote: “Don’t live life through the expectations of others. You’ll lose your identity with nothing but a facade of your true self.” Memories: To my lunch crew Jake, Jamie, Lisa and Kelly, thank you for the 4 years of whack memories. To Lisa and Kelly, thanks for dealing with my randomness and staying w/ me despite that. Laughter to tears, my time at SG wouldn’t be the same w/o you guys. Predictions: Yearbook will crush Walnut. Kelly will still be lost and confused. Lisa will still be indecisive, adopt a chinchilla and name it Chilla the Young Wave. Jamie will have a career that involves kids. Jake will finally take risks. Thanks To: My lunch group, my other halves (you make me whole) and to the teachers I’ve had throughout my four years at San Gabriel.




WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018

JENNY LAM Future Plans: Attending PCC then transferring to CPP. Majoring in Electrical Engineering & minoring in Computer Science. Will: I, Jenny Lam, of teas and waffles, bequeath my 800m to Tammy Dam, my strides to Rick Tan, my hugs to Wilson Duong, and my “love” for running to Tiffany Chung. Quote: “I demand equality!” Memories: Hanging out at the tree with my squad. Food runs after practice/races with the track captains, Vanessa, Vinny, Lincoln, and sometimes Sylvia. Budget runs with PLH. Spending the best birthday with PLH <3. Predictions: Kevin Ngotragul will be president. Kenny Ho will be Treasurer. Vanessa Hoang will still stress but keep working hard. Vinny Thai will be head/hurdles captain and go Yale after hs. Lily Cam will become a captain one day. Thanks To: The real ones, Cross Country, Track and Field, MESA, PLH, Mr. Nguyen, Mr. Nong, Ms. Sune, Coach Rosas, Coach Morales, Coach Jones, Michelle Lam, Cindy Tan, Ryan Lin, Henry Nguyen, Jessica, Delia, Xarenny, Kevin Hoa, and Wilson Tran. KYLE LAM Future Plans: Civil Engineering. Will: I, Kyle Lam, of mystery readings, bequeath inches from my height to future students. Quote: “What am I reading? Don’t worry about it.” - Kyle Lam Memories: People trying to look over my phone to see what I’m reading. Predictions: Future students getting smaller and shorter. Thanks To: Ms.Tran, Mr.Barbarics, the friends, and my loyal phone. CHRISTIAN LE Future Plans: Become a collector of dogs of all kinds. Train my dogs to follow me around so I constantly have a dog army. Become a veterinarian so I can pet dogs all day. Will: I, Christian Le, of mad baton dropping skills and clumsiness, leave my spinning skills to all the drum major “trainees.” All my kindness and leadership to Andy Lam. All my “tendencies” to Andrew Lam. Finally, I leave my heart to Yvonne Chu, the LOML. Quote: “What’s the point of being number one if there are no other numbers?” - Gene, Emoji Movie Memories: LA County Fair and the best ferris wheel ride of my life. Jia being extremely childish in 0 period. Sugar squad at tour. Shenanigans at six flags. Even more shenanigans at Knotts. Best birthday ever. The Temple tree that kept me sane in the beginning. Predictions: Jia will finally get accepted to USC, Jenny will become a politician and take over the world. Sugar squad will all become addicts. Kris will get over his water addiction and Yvonne will be married to a guy two years older than her. Thanks To: Mrs. C., Mrs. Vicky and Beda for being all around awesome people. Thanks To the friends that I forgot to give shoutouts to. Thanks To my teachers for putting up with me. And thank you to Mrs. Bassette for making me believe in myself. BREANNA LE Future Plans: Attend CSULA, get abs, adopt a bunch of cats, and not to become a hobo. Will: I, Breanna Le, bequeath my legs to the hurdlers, my piano skills to Natalie, my hair to Daisy, and my office chair to Joe. Quote: “Be yourself because everyone else is taken.” - Oscar Wilde Memories: Track practices + races, Mr. Gin’s back corner squad, going out with people, meeting new people, busing home from practices, Ms. Vicky’s lunch squad, and stressing out over grades. Predictions: Kevin Lee will be hotter than me, Daisy will become a model, Midori will get a hot college roommate, all hurdlers will be able to 3-step hurdles, Tracy will be rich, and I will get abs. RICKY LE Will: I, Ricky Le, of lameness, bequeath my trashiness to Melody Zhang, my terrible HI captain skills to Derek Lew and Jasmine Portinga, and my cume of 5,5,5 to everyone in SandD especially to Scott Ho, Joseph Pandur, Melody Zhang, and Maylene Vong.

Memories: Hugging Timothy Loe everyday, going to Knotts with Alan Tsan, playing Smash Bros with Jackie Kwok and Anthony Diaz on the weekends, seeing Kevin Ter fall while doing the Naruto run, and falling simultaneously with Seena Nghiem. Predictions: Kevin will take over his parents’ donut shop, Brenden will get a 1000 pack, Alan will be a famous singer, Timothy Loe will be the best doctor, Jackie will overdose on corn, and Anthony will make all the girls go wild with his hair. Thanks To: All my friends who tolerated me. RANDY LEE Future Plans: Major in English at UCR. Marry rich, and see the world. Cry at Roxanne’s wedding, build rocket legs for Patricia, continue to be abused by Kelvin, Ricky, and Joshua, Wendy Luong and Wendy Yan become my real moms, and Justin drives me around forever. Will: I, Randy Lee, of bad eyesight and extreme confusion, bequeath my lack of stress to Vanessa, my lunch to Jordan and Hanson, my election skills to Darian and Kennedy, my weirdness to Solida, my PSAs to Ella, and random screams to my ASBabes and Yerds. Quote: “You probably shouldn’t ask me for help, I’m just as confused as you are and I have absolutely no idea what’s happening, please send help. What are we even doing right now? What class are we in again? Thanks, you’re the best.” - Me Memories: Arguing about what to eat in Justin’s car with Roxanne and Wendy, walking around dying with Patricia, Leo, and Wendy, harassing Kelvin & Ricky, and doing stupid things with all of my friends. Appreciating our time spent suffering together! Predictions: Roxanne becomes super rich, Justin weds bread, Wendy L. gets a growth spurt, Patricia’s ACLs regenerate, Wendy Y. becomes the ultimate mom, Kelvin & Joshua get bamboozled. We all live long, happy lives together, with crazy adventures along the way. Thanks To: Mrs. Revilla for pushing me forward, Ms. Kim for the deets, Ms. Jung for being my noona, Mr. Dultz for letting me bother him and being my dad, and Ms. Vicky and Ms. Dena for the help they’ve given me. And to my friends, for all the memories. KEVIN LEE Future Plans: Go to college and slowly figure out what I want to do as the time comes. Will: I, Kevin Lee, of awkwardness and mood changes, bequeath my awkwardness to Midori, my questionable cuteness to Justin, and my money to Breanna. Quote: “Life is a highway.” Memories: Having fun with my friends in our Econ class. Messing around at my old lunch table. Predictions: Brandon will become a successful whatever he wants to be, Breanna will continue to be a great Banana, and Midori will find the perfect person that she likes. Thanks To: Breanna Le, Midori, Brandon Solano, Andy Yung, Justin Cheung, Jimmy Mendoza, Joshua Carrasco, and Joshua Santos. JOANNE LEE Future Plans: Major in Health Sciences at Cal State Channel Islands. Will: I, Joanne Lee, will leave my positivity and kindness to my theatre friends and family. Quote: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” - Walt Disney Memories: Little hangouts and boba runs with Vivian, lunch with my theatre family at Mr. Posada’s office, hours of rehearsals for Addams Family musical, AP Spanish Lang class, and my first experience of being a stage manager. Predictions: Vivian will always eat delicious foods, Fionna will continue to be an amazing dancer, Genesis Landeros, Lily Cabrera, and Sylvia Tarango will make Drama Club exciting and be a amazing actresses, Amy He and Tammy Quach will continue to make me proud. Thanks To: My best friend Vivian for always being there for me, my theatre friends for being a second family to me, Mr. Posada, Ms. Bishop, Ms. Vicky, and Mr. Vogel for encouraging, supporting, and believing in me.

CAITLIN LEE Future Plans: Going with the flow... who’s going to come stop me? Will: I, Caitlin Lee, of panicked unintelligible screeching, bequeath my confidence to Calista Lee, my sassiness to Kenny Chai, my attitude to Chelsea Nguyen, my “pro widow skills” to Eric Mai (please don’t, I doubt it’ll help much). Quote: “Can I be excused for the rest of my life?” Memories: Doing anything and everything stupid with Iris Zhou, spontaneous food marathons with Fionna Lu, hanging out under the tree with Michele and Michelle, gaming marathons with Tim Kwan, Waylon Yuen, Chris Dao, being disappointed in Ricky Le in Fortnite. Predictions: I predict Iris will be in a car with me in it with a blown out tire getting chased by the SWAT team (familiar...), Kathy will have the Korean boyfriend of her dreams, Fionna will be Empress of the Universe, Michele will be the best singer in history. Thanks To: Mr. Wong for dealing with my rants, all those people who dealt with my rants over the years (especially Iris Zhou, Michele Liu, Fionna Lu, Michelle Lam, Kathy Quach). ANNY LI WU Future Plans: Become a flight attendant and give my family and friends free flights! Will: I, Anny Li Wu, bequeath my hip hop style dancing to Carmen, my ability to pay attention to Hanson, my k-dances to Jocelyn and Sophia, my choreo to Taylor, and my dance to Choreo babies. Quote: “Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream.” - V Memories: All the hangouts with Do, Jo, Toe, Peggy, and Mitchie. Adventures to K-Town with Manyi and Tina. The competitions with Choreo since day one and ending it with a 1st place at my last comp. So good! Predictions: Peggy and Mitchie will marry. Jo will have lots of big dogs. Do will meet Yuzuru. Tho will have eight kids. Manyi will have her closet full of designers. Tina will find a man. Sara will get lasered. Nicole will learn to do makeup. Thanks To: Do, Jo, Toe, Peggy, Michie, Manyi, Tina, Diane, Sara, Nicole, my coach, Choreo, Ms. Kim, and all my teachers. TRACY LIANG Future Plans: Major in Nursing. Will: I, Tracy Liang, bequeath my musted crusted busted mascara wand to my bff, big fat juicy hugs to my lunch squad, best wishes to Lily and Kelly in ASB, and all the vegan butter in the world to my butter party fam!! Memories: Having everyone ask “what happened to the old Tracy???!????!?!!” Predictions: With my scholar brain, I predict that Tinny and MukG will make a beautiful baby boy named Gucci Slides, My lose the Top Line nails bet, June finally finds herself a nice chocolate dipped man, and Tiffany rides the clouds with Jia. Thanks To: My tennis coaches, can’t forget them. (‘: CINDY LIM Future Plans: Major in Microbiology at Cal State University, Long Beach and make all animals happy. Will: I, Cindy Lim, of spicy potato chips, bequeath my leadership to Carmen, my will to be quiet to Hanson, Salju to Katie, my kicks and choreography to Queenie, my passion for makeup to Ella and Yayi, my Aquaphor to Jocelyn, and my slick ponies to Soph and Syd. Quote: “Wow, I’ve never been car sick before.” Memories: Choreo practice out in the sun, not having practice in the sun because we got AC, sleepovers at Carmen’s, MDDTUSA Nationals, dying in AP Physics with Doanh, and chisme conversations. Predictions: Carmen will bring Choreo to nationals and choreograph for All Female, Mandy will live her hotel manager life and own 50 MK bags, Sara will work at a boba shop and be an OB-GYN, Anny will be a flight attendant, and my sister will become Choreo Captain of 21-22. Thanks To: E=mc^2, my Choreo Leaders, Coach Rose, my Larsen group, drama dudes, Zeqin, and my cute team.

life & art


WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018


Prom review: winners dancing the night away BY KARINA MATIAS

For many high school students, prom is a once in a lifetime event. With the excitement of getting the perfect dress or fancy tux, they spend the best night ever with amazing people. On April 20, the day that many students were anticipating for had finally arrived. Many students perspectives of that night followed up and thoughts that were mostly very similar to each other. “I was kind of bummed out that prom was just three hours and the food sucked,” senior Miriam Santamaria said. “Overall, I had a great time with my date and the people I was surrounded with.” Although the one hour wait line might had delayed the event’s start, many students were not bothered and thought everything was well prepared. “It was fun, I danced, and the food was good, and I cannot believe it was in Hollywood,” senior Bryan Alvarez said. “The timing was

fine; everything was planned well. In my opinion, I enjoyed it.” A very important element of a perfect prom night is the food. There was a high expectation to enjoy a variety of food options, usually in a form of a buffet. Unfortunately, that was not the case. “I didn’t get to eat anything because I arrived an hour late,” senior Alice Ly said. “I spent 115 dollars to take pictures and get blisters. Although [that] happened, I still had fun with my friends.” Despite other opinions, the food was still amazing coming from others’ experience. Some expectations were very high; the macaroni and cheese, chicken on the side, with some fries and salad, lemonade, sport drinks, other soft beverages, and desserts made a satisfying meal. Time flew by while enjoying the dance together, whether it was with a group of friends or a partner. When the night was over, all that was left were the memories. PHOTO COURTESY OF FURIOUS PHOTOGRAPHY

Back (left to right): Miguel Quintana, Garry Ngo, Derek Thai, Duncan Bang, Matthew Chow Fro n t ( l e ft t o ri g h t ) : R oxa n n e Fo n g , We n dy Ya n , Kyl i e Tra n , Fi o n n a L u , Reb e c c a H o



Yearbook review: El Camino Real successfully captures year BY EILEEN ONG


Science teacher Ryan Wong signs senior Erica Wo’s yearbook as she p atiently waits and convers es with fellow clas smates.

El Camino Real released volume 63 of their longanticipated yearbook at the distribution and signing party on May 4. At first glance, the single fractured text slayed across the cover already gives off a powerful impression. Its minimalist design spotlights the central theme of “breakthrough,” a word that accurately portrays the topics covered inside. Skillfully incorporated throughout the yearbook, the main idea focuses on the personal growth and successes of both students and faculty. The most notable aspect was that the yearbook did not fear from covering sensitive and unusual topics. Aside from the typical subjects of fashion and travels, there were spreads featuring a homeless student, LGBT+ struggles, and the school walkout honoring the Parkland shooting—all of which touch on deeply personal details. It was refreshing to not only relive the events of the past year, but also learn about the more intimate aspects of the people who walk the halls of San Gabriel High School. Flipping through the yearbook, a variety of beautiful spreads catch the eye. The aesthetics were on-point with the stunning photography and design. The highlight of the visuals were the full page spreads. For instance, the

pages on Alyssa Bao’s style icon offer insight on her fashion and photography interests, complimented by a striking photo of her accessorized self. Designed by Khang Ho and photographed by Michelle Ho, the spread was, in short, phenomenal. Nonetheless, while every page was well-crafted, the yearbook fell short in representing a diverse selection of groups. Sport teams were covered extensively, taking up a total of 31 pages, but other smaller organizations were not given recognition outside of their respective club pictures. In addition, there seemed to be several pages of filler content where the stories were just there to fill up the remaining white space. The work itself was very well-done, but the topics of choice were bland and unengaging. Despite the effort to bring the stories to life, it simply did not work, and these were the pages that seemed tempting to skip over. However, for $75, the yearbook offers a quality memento that encapsulates this year’s memories. It is definitely worth its price point for a 244-page, full color, hardcover book that will stand the test of time. Editors-in-chief Khang Ho, Jacob Rodriguez, and Sydney Tran and their staff deserve to be commended for this accomplished, student-produced work. Students can purchase a yearbook at the student bank and pick it up at H2 during lunch. Covers for $3 and inserts for $2 are also available for purchase at H2.


[managing to still graduate and attend college].” The thought of not being able to have both her siblings’ guidance while going through high school’s ups and downs created a significant impact in Cai’s life. Luckily, the distance between the the siblings did not negatively impact their relationship because although her siblings are off to college, she frequently calls them for advice and encouragement when needed. “Fortunately, I got to overcome some of my past struggles,” Cai said. “ At the beginning of the school year, I had no idea what to do. My English was not the greatest at the time, and my Spanish accent was not helping. I relied on my brother to talk for me when I first enrolled at San Gabriel since he already knew the school and its staff.” Due to mainly speaking Spanish back home, it was hard for Cai to speak up when she moved to Los Angeles. Learning that if she did not open up, she would be stuck on “that same cycle over and over again.” It is now easier and more enjoyable to talk without her constant fear of stumbling among her words.

For sophomore James Ko*, life with his parents was never ideal. One night, he was taken to his cousin’s house, and his parents decided that it was best to leave him there due to difficult living circumstances. “My parents decided to say their last words to me before [they left me], ‘You’re not coming back and remember, you’re a mistake’,” Ko said. Ko’s family started to fall apart due to the lack of connection with his parents. Despite everything, there has always been an admiration for both his mom and dad. Ko always felt the need to do more in order for his parents to notice his presence. “As a little kid, I looked up to them; it took me a long time to realize it was too late,” Ko said. “Ever since I was a little kid, I thought, maybe if I did something, my parents will acknowledge me. I would get some credit for whatever I did, but it didn’t work so well.” Ko is currently living with his cousin, meanwhile his little brother still



*name changed upon request

lives with his parents. He knew that his little brother would have had a much greater meaning to his parents. “Them [his parents] being who they were, they did not care; my brother was more important,” Ko said. “I needed to be a role model and I was only there for their help. So I felt used, angry, sad, and unwanted.” Even though Ko is not dependent on his parents, he still has other responsibilities, such as paying monthly rent and utility bills. “I work my butt off and believe me, everyday, I’m working towards getting my parents to be happy,” Ko said. When Ko transferred to San Gabriel High School, he realized that he did not need his parents’ support. Later on, he started to find himself throughout his high school years. “As I grew older, nearing high school, I started to develop feelings where I was like, ‘you know what, I’m old enough now to understand if they don’t care, I have to do what I need to do to survive’,” Ko said.

Piecing himself together



Older siblings are seen to be the role models for their younger siblings. Freshman Anna Cai has two older siblings, Nancy Cai Wu and Juan Cai Wu, who are alumni of SGHS. Since job opportunities were very low, her parents moved to Mexico in order to get a fresh start at finding a job. She was raised in Mexico while her older siblings attended school in the United States. “My siblings are my role models,” Cai said.. “Unlike me, they were present in each other’s lives, helping and supporting themselves while I [had] no one to look up to. Back in Mexico, I would always admire my siblings’ work and achievements, encouraging myself to follow their steps, especially my sister’s, who had two short years to fit in all those high school and college requirements,


Starting fresh


don’t accept you for your bisexuality.” Identifying as bisexual presented a new stigma within both communities. As early as the fifth grade, Sigala realized a lot of people opposed gay lifestyles. This moved him to speak up in favor of them. “My history teacher was like, ‘when you guys are married and you have a wife…’” Sigala said. “I raised my hand [in response], ‘what if we don’t want a wife?’ and she took me out of class because I was being ‘disrespectful.’” Due to this response, Sigala realized regardless of other people’s opinions, he should continue to be himself. “I just started this ‘do as you please’ mentality,” Sigala said. “If it makes you happy, then you’re happy. If it doesn’t, then pick a new lifestyle.” All in all, Sigala has come to find solace within himself and embraces his sexuality for what it is.

several methods to pave way from her extreme sadness. One major factor would be the support of her family. “My family [helped me with my depression] because they’re everything to me,” Trinh said. “I don’t put anyone before my family. They tried to talk to some people about the situation that I was involved in. I [have also been] writing out my feelings throughout sophomore year.“ After that difficult obstacle, Trinh looks forward to her future and has ideas of what her life of what it would be like many years from now. Wishing to “learn more about other cultures and new things in life” by traveling, Trinh foresee herself getting into a good college, studying law, and maybe becoming a photographer.


For sophomore Rodrigo Jose Sigala, coming out as bisexual has meant dealing with attraction from both sides of the spectrum. It has also meant that while he has come to accept himself, homosexual and heterosexual people alike may not. “I have this gay friend and he always calls me his hetero friend, and I really don’t know how to feel about that because I don’t identify myself as heterosexual,” Sigala said. “[As a bisexual], you’re [categorized] kinda in the middle and people don’t see you as one of the others, you’re just there.” A common misconception among most is that bisexual attraction is 50 percent female and 50 percent male. “I think of myself more as a blend, like a strawberry milkshake with chocolate chips,” Sigala said. “The chocolate chips are a little bit smaller and my heterosexuality is a little bit smaller.” For Sigala, coming to terms with his sexuality has been more than just acceptance, but also adaption. “I honestly thought coming out would be difficult but it’s really dating,” Sigala said. “Like you have to throw out these messages and sometimes people


After eighth grade, junior Catherine Trinh has undergone trials of difficulties that helped her blossom into a girl who possesses more tolerance for those around her. Losing her childhood best friend has made Trinh go through hardships like building new relationships. “I used to be so open to people to get to know others and their personality, but right now I haven’t been as open as I was in the past,” Trinh said. “It’s better that way because if you are open to people, you never know if they are going to spread rumors about you.” Trinh now knows her limits to trust others after being overly open to her friends and getting betrayed. “If you are open to people, you never know if they are going to spread rumors about you and you will face a phase of depression,” Trinh said. “Throughout the relationship I’ve been in, I got cheated on, but I learned to take time on them and just get to know that person before giving your heart to them.” From her phase of depression, Trinh found


Intangible feelings

Read Delgado’s personal essay “The Chocolate Cake” on <<>>.


least] once a week [and] that is very often,” Delgado said. “The person who’d help me would be my grandma and aunt, they will always try to figure out what is wrong with me when I was sad.” Aside from the support of her grandma and aunt, Delgado was able to cope with her emotions because of some extra help she received. “What [helped] me with my anxiety was a STARS academy that I did,” Delgado said. “That showed me that I have to [toughen] it up. That was a big stress relief for me at that time. They taught me to self-discipline and how to control my emotion [at certain] places.” Although it has been a long ride of difficult experiences and uncontrollable emotions for Delgado, at the end of the day, it is all about strength and the decision to keep going.

WEDNESDAY, MAy 16, 2018

Embrace, accept

already some people there. Most of them were the same as me—most had some physical problems but there were mostly people with mental health issues. At that time, including me, there were only around 10 teachers for around five or six of us. We lived there and [we were not allowed] to go home and we didn’t have the privilege to ask to go home. I remembered that every day, I had to write 200 Chinese characters and if we didn’t finish, we couldn’t eat dinner. Also, you can’t go against whatever your teachers says. Whatever they say, it’s what you are. That is something I will never forget.” Over a period of time, Jack overcame his medical disadvantage and began to look at situations in a more positive manner. It may be how Jack grew up that developed a person of who he is now, but “without the support from people around him” such as Arroyo and Pfister, he would not be the person who he is today.

Sitting in a counseling office, dealing with anxiety, depression, and listening to advice given by the counselors, this is a familiar setting for senior Leslie Delgado who has been facing family problems since she was at a young age. Delgado lost her mother at the age of three and her father at the age of nine. “I always had family problems because I grew up with my grandparents,” Delgado said. “I always had anger issues and depression, I never knew how to handle them.” When Delgado entered high school, her problems remained with her. She dealt with emotions that changed her, but she would not carry her anxiety toward others. “I guess when I hit high school, I had so much anger bottled up [that] I ended up growing to be a lot more grouchy than I should be,” Delgado said. “I get angry really easily and I try not to take it [out] on other people because that is not the way I am.” However, she currently is faced with another complication; her grandmother. Delgado’s grandmother has recently been consistently staying at the hospital regarding her health. “My grandma goes into the hospital [at


Out of darkness



Commonly seen at the cafeteria accompanied by Maria G. Arroyo, Orthopaedic Handicap Instructional Aide, and Lora Pfister, Instructional Aide, TaoSheng Lin, also known as Jack, born in GuangZhou, China, lives with a disability called Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy is a congenital disorder that affects momentment and muscle coordination. Having lived in America for five years, Jack recalls his past where he overcame his disadvantages and time in a day care program. “When I was born, as a result of my doctor’s poor performance, my brain lost oxygen. Before I was even [one] year old, I’ve been on a continuous acupuncture treatment on a daily basis. Also, my condition was so bad as a child, [there was a] point where I didn’t have the strength to sit. At that time, it was painful and hard for me. Everyday I had to be acupunctured by needles all over my body. Also, my therapists had to stretch my muscles. Truthfully, these treatments were not the most painful experiences [I had]. It was around when I was six years old [when] I went to this type of childcare place, but it’s a little different. At that time, my parents decided to let me receive training. [My parents] let me [take] control of taking care of myself, so they sent me to a private school. However, the teachers in China are not [as] patient as the teachers in America. Before I arrived at the place, there were


Not so different

Students share their journeys through high school

Beyond the Mountains

14 WEDNESDAY, MAy 16, 2018






WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018

Seniors Awarded for Achievements Carrillo-Gallegos , Nguyen celebrate Athletic Achievement BY CHELSEA LI

Throughout their four years of high school, seniors Carlos Emiliano CarrilloGallegos and Nicole Nguyen have dedicated their time and energy to their respective sports, while maintaining satisfactory grades, thus were awarded as Athletic Scholars. Keith Jones, the athletic director, gave a short speech for each winner during the Academic Pep Rally. “I do [think my hard work paid off] because it was four years of going to practice every day, becoming as good as I can be in cross country and track, while also maintaining academics as high as I could keep them,” Carrillo-Gallegos said.” “So it was a lot of pain and the award was a validation for that.”

Over the course of his high school years, Carrillo-Gallegos accumulated a 4.7 GPA, was the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of 2016-17, and received second place in league finals in. “I think athletics is a way for me to take a break from the school because the two hours [of] practice afterschool of not doing work freshens up my brain,” Carrillo-Gallegos said. “I sacrificed a lot of fun and social life things to do this but I think it’s worth it in the long run.” Nguyen racked up a 4.3 GPA, was the Best Defensive Player of 2014-17, MVP of 2017-18, and first team Almont League of 2017-18 in volleyball. “I learned to set priorities—school was always my first but I wanted to have some fun too so I took up volleyball and it became a sport I fell in love with,” Nguyen said. “When it

comes to something you love and something that’s important, you’ll manage to find the time for both.” They both believe that the most important people who helped them grow as an athlete and student were their coaches. “If Chris Kwan had cut me during the first two tryouts, I would just be that girl that did no extracurricular [activities],” Nguyen said. “He gave me an opening, and I was able to make the most of it through his guidance and also Mr. Kanow’s.” “Steve Morales instills in all of his runners the value of work ethic and grinding,” Carrillo-Gallegos said. “I was not only able to apply that to cross country and track but [also] in my classes and extracurricular activities and life in general.”

Phoenix Award winners overcome difficulties BY ELSIE WANG

The Phoenix Award was presented to seniors Jack Lin and Abigail Garcia for overcoming personal and academic struggles. Born in China, Lin has been in the United States for five years. When he began attending school, he struggled with adapting to the American culture and English language. Along with his shyness, physical impediment and Cerebral Palsy, communicating with others proved difficult. However, with the help and encouragement of friends and teachers, especially in times when he felt frustrated,

Tr a n

Lin is now able to have conversations, make friends, and make himself understood. “I wish [for] my English to get better,” Lin said. “If my English gets better, maybe I can find a job and I can relieve some family stress and stop my family from worrying too much.” At the start of freshman year, Garcia had good grades and had set high expectations for herself. That all changed in the last week of school when she found out about the death of her cousin. Her grades began to slip and she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and was prescribed antidepres-




Freshman Brandon Tran was awarded the Carson Scholar Award, the first received by a SGHS student, for excelling in academics while also being active in the community. This award gives recipients $1,000 scholarships to go toward their college education. “I feel honored to be given the Carson Scholar [Award] because it was only given to very high achieving students,” Tran said. “Only 165 students [out of 8,000 scholars] were selected throughout the entire West Coast.

sants. Garcia was too afraid to open up and was admitted to four different hospitals over the course of four months. She found the Gateway to Success program and decided to get her own therapist. From there, she has managed to bring her grades up to a 3.0 and get a stable job as a waitress. “I just wanted people to know that there are times where you hit rock bottom and it’s not easy, but through hard work and determination, you can get yourself out of any situation,” Garcia said. Lin and Garcia are now looking ahead to the future, leaving their obstacles behind.



The fact that I received the scholarship before even submitting the official application amazes me.” Tran found about this scholarship through the Career Center and filled out an interest form. Before the official application opened, he was notified that he had received the scholarship. “I check [the Career Center] often for opportunities like this,” Tran said. “[The interest form] wasn’t very comprehensive, so I was surprised they made a decision based on [my answers on the form].” Tran has been an active member of Key Club as


a cabinet member and the Environmental Club, and always keeping an eye for volunteering opportunities to occupy his schedule. “Anything that doesn’t feel productive leaves me somewhat guilty, so I do my best to make the most out of my day,” Tran said. “It can still be fun since it also involves volunteering and attending events, which I enjoy.” Tran hopes that he will major in computer science and attend California Institute of Technology or University of Los Angeles, California to become a computer engineer.

Exemplary student work displayed with Renaissance Award BY VIVIAN ZHENG

Seniors Carlos Emiliano Carrillo-Gallegos and Patricia Lipana were presented the Renaissance Award for exhibiting dedication and leadership in their extracurricular activities, while excelling in academics. Carrillo-Gallegos is currently the EditorIn-Chief of The Matador newspaper and was an co-captain of track and field, while participating in cross country, Future Business Leaders of America, and National Honors Society. “I felt that if I did things the way they’re meant to be done, then people who look up PHOTOS BY KATHERINE HUANG

to me would do the same,” Carrillo-Gallegos said. “It was important for me to not do many things, but rather a few things that I was very committed to.” Lipana was a captain of junior varsity basketball and participated in Junior Class Council and Red Cross during her sophomore year. She is now a secretary of Safe Space, Copy Editor in yearbook, one of the Get Lit Classic Slam champions, and a private tutor, while also participating in the Courtesy Committee and Working Towards the Future. “I tried to build connections with the people around me in order to learn how to


help improve the club and enhance the relationships within that community,” Lipana said. “I have to admit that balancing everything was a struggle because I often found myself having to cram everything into my schedule. I was exhausted most of the time, but I always tell myself that nothing worth it ever comes easy.” Attending University of Irvine this fall, Lipana plans to minor in Earth and Physical Sciences in hopes to leave a positive impact in the world. Carrillo-Gallegos intends to double major in political science and a STEM field, and ultimately become a political researcher.



WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018

RYAN LIN Future Plans: Majoring in Business at UCR, Stay rich and stay hyped. Will: I, Ryan Lin, of craziness and hypeness, bequeath to Vinny my 300 hurdle skills, Track star level to Vanessa, and crippled D1 jumps level to Dexter. All nighter ability to Leyna. Quote: “Wake me up in five minutes.” Memories: Larsen squad and Track Stars that carried the team. Predictions: Fresh off the plane squad with Jason the rapper, Chubbie that eats everyone’s lunch, Weibin the pigeon, Ruilin with two girls, T-Ray, Zetao single boy, Riheng “Do you speak China?” Jerry always at the supermarket getting groceries, and Ivan the squirrel. Thanks To: Ms. An, Ms. Hunt, and Ms. Mar for being there to support me at all times.

Will: I, Mandy Liu, of 43 tardies, bequeath my brutality to Carmen Liang, my car to Queenie Hua, my concert tickets to Jocelyn, Sydney, Sophia, and Taylor, my front walk-over to Hanson, and my college acceptances to Janet. Quote: “The harder you work, the luckier you are.” Memories: Driving to Target in PJs at 1 a.m., Six Flags competitions, sleepovers at Carmen’s and not actually sleeping, practicing in 90 degree heat, boba shop study sessions, crying over my bad grades, and driving local to Ktown because I’m scared of the freeway. Predictions: Cindy will become a vet and look after my expensive dogs, Anny will take her GEs, Sara will become an OBGYN and deliver my kids, Christine will become a nutritionist, Vannak will go to a BTS concert, and Janet will drive. Thanks To: E=MC², WSC, my amazing team, WGWG.

PATRICIA LIPANA Future Plans: Major in Civil Engineering & minor in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at UCI, study abroad, work on projects that help people across the world, decrease my carbon footprint, get rich, buy my dad a Rolls-Royce, take my mom on the vacation she deserves. Will: I, Patricia Lipana, of weak knees & poor judgement, bequeath my three pointers to Denise, my crab-walking skills to Paula & Alanna, my sass & my unfinished Christmas album to Shirley, Solida, Luis, and Bryan. Quote: “If you can do what you do best and be happy, you’re further along in life than most people.” - Leonardo DiCaprio Memories: Marrying Xue, Yearbook Camp, basketball tournaments, taco runs, “study sessions”, roasting Sarah, Jen’s Shrek memes, third wheeling, beach days, ACL jokes, Christmas potlucks, running over curbs, homemade hot pot, ramen after games. Predictions: Randy publishes his “Love, Simon” fanfic. Leo lives in NYC as an aerospace engineer & marries a cute gamer girl. Wendy finally makes a decision. Christine returns my love. Steven becomes a mustang, & Matthew still snores like a freight train. Thanks To: Ms. Kim for encouraging my writing, Mr. Woo for influencing my career path, Mrs. Tran for making me love calc, Ms. Bishop for endless guidance, Coach K for love & support, everyone I’ve met throughout the years for blessing me with their presence.

RANDY LIU Future Plans: Major in mechanical engineering or something to do with nature. Travel the world, study the environment, work for SNL? And whatever life throws at me. Will: I, Randy Liu, of weirdness and craziness, bequeath my legs and 4:50 mile to Jacwa Lei, theatre skills to Kelly Tsan and Colin Nguyen, love for badminton to the team, hair to Brandon Lien, h.s. experience to Michelle N.,love for Monstercat to whomever. Quote: “Live your life to the fullest, do what makes you happy. Life is way too short to throw away.” Memories: Getting hit by a birdie/soccer ball, staying at school until 12 a.m., Noises Off set, all the Saturdays/shows for theatre, AP Bio as a junior, walking home very late, all the badminton/soccer games/practices, XC CIF, bookroom , fights with Christian Le. Predictions: Jacwa will become dictator of btc, Colin will become the best memer, Robert W. will get a weeb wife, another spinning set for theatre, badminton will win CIF, Victoria S. will marry her manfus, Jerico will actually lose weight, Carlos C. runs for USA, I’ll make a lit EDM track. Thanks To: My friends that made my life fun, my scooter for taking me everywhere, lunch peps, Mr. Wong, Mrs. Hernandez, Mr. Posada, Ms.Tom for being there for me, being more than teachers, bf Robert W., Victoria S., Melody Y., Jessica C., everyone I met and wave to, and Mrs. Sumi.

MICHELE LIU Future Plans: Major in Business at UCR and try not to become homeless after graduating. Will: I, Michele Liu, bequeath my breaststroke to Joyce Wu, faithfulness to Tiffany Tang, pressure to swim fast to Sylvia Silver and Kayla Lu, and dumbness in math to Deanna Wong. The rest get my love. Quote: “Some days I wish I could go back in life. Not to change anything, but to feel a few things twice.” Memories: Swim meets, hanging out with friends, Anime Expo, KCON, LA County Fair, 626 Night Market, Fall Rally, lit birthday parties, late-night Skype calls, and just all the fun and adventures I had in my four years of San Gabriel. Oh no, I’m getting nostalgic. Predictions: Everyone else becoming successful while I go home to a box on the streets. Just kidding, I’ll be a millionaire. Hopefully... Thanks To: My bestie, Fionna, for putting up with me for four years, Cindy, Mr. Nguy, Ms. Cognetta, my cute little swim team, friends, and everyone who has been a part of my life because I have no space to list all the names—But y’all still matter to me. PIN YU (JOYCE) LIU Quote: “Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.” - Jane Goodall Memories: Hanging out with friends in Mr. Nong’s room and tennis banquet at Kami. Thanks To: Coach Marcela, Coach Steve, Coach Jennifer, Mr. Nong, and all of the teachers and staff at SGHS. MANDY LIU Future Plans: Major in Hospitality at Cal Poly Pomona and marry rich.

TIMOTHY LOE Future Plans: Major in Biology at University of California, San Diego, lead a drum corp, find Kevin and his neon backpack, catch all the Pokemon on my high-tech phone, still stay in contact with my friends, and obtain bronze IV in League of Legends with Steven. Will: I, Timothy Loe, of tryhard and tiredness, bequeath my Fives dinners and my awesome stick tricks to Michell, my bass drum to Joshua, my percussion skills and 20/20 vision to Kelly, my love of band for Queenie, and my posters and crossovers to Vivian. Quote: “I’m not fat. It’s all this hair. It makes me look poofy.” - Manfred Memories: Having fun at football games, meeting new band members and befriending them, going to various places with my friends, having David in my Spanish class, special times in my first period class, and hanging out with my section outside of school. Predictions: Brenden will create an app called Girappe which will be managed by Ricky, Thoai will become the next Detective Lee, Alan will be a engineer by day and singer by night, Peter will be the next Confucius, Jackie will defeat the Elite Four. Thanks To: My section for making my last year in band the most memorable one, my friends for always being there for me, Ms. C. for giving me an once-in-a-lifetime experience in band and making me enjoy my years in band, and Ms. Parra for preparing me for college. CHRISTIAN LOPEZ Quote: “I wish there was a way to know you’re in ‘The Good Old days’ before you’ve actually left them.” - The Office Memories: Practice with the cross country team. Being with the trumpet section. Dinner after concerts. CIF with the cross country team. Going to the gym after school. Wilson’s jokes during band. Freshmen year cross country. Thanks To: The trumpet section for the good times, the underclassmen of the trumpet section for showing me love,


the cross country team for the support during runs, my friends, and family. CHRISTINA LOV Future Plans: Major in Computer Science at Cal (Go bears!) Get a nametag at AU79. Make new friends. Explore the world. Live my best life—or try to, at least! Will: I, Christina Lov, of senioritis and boba, bequeath my optimism to Tiffany Le, my power naps to Virginia Situ, my tenacity to Henry Chow, my diligence to My Ho, my courage to Tiffany Kung, my motivation to Henry Do, and my successes to Andy Lov. Quote: “I think that, if life separates us, and we end up in totally different places, we’ll always remember when our paths aligned for this period of time, and I’ll be thankful for that and hope that wherever you are, you’ll be thankful too.” - Wong Fu Memories: Tennis and Swim. Volunteering for RC and NHS. Excessive all-nighters. Rabbiting shows w/friends. Toxic league games. Being in debt. Disneyland, Knott’s, parades, field shows, concerts. Boba runs. All the hangouts and late night talks! Predictions: Elaine will marry V. Kathy will become outspoken. JP will become a modern-day Gatsby. Kevin will become a golden bear. Justin will finally marry bread. Cheung will see Aaron again. And hopefully I love whatever college I’m going to. Thanks To: Crackhily for the endless love and support, Ken Hayashi Clan for all the laughs, KChai and JN for the hangouts, my lovely coworkers for being so kind, all my teachers for letting me sleep in class, and Cheung for being my partnerin-Myer-crime. FIONNA LU Will: I, Fionna Lu, of positivity, bequeath my love to Sophia Lin, my looks to Sydney Lai, my oddity to Jocelyn Kha, Taylor Hoang and Queenie Hua, my spirit to Ella Sanchez and Yayi Hong, my charm to Hanson Pham and Katie Phan, and my energy to Bryan Lam. Quote: “But I know somehow, that only when it is dark enough, can you see the stars.” - Martin Luther King Jr. Memories: Choreo practices, parking next to Bryan Lam, lunch with friends, AP Stats groups, Daily Advice from Duncan Bang, and Prom Princess. Predictions: Choreo and All-Male will continue to prosper, Bryan Lam will be Yearbook’s greatest photographer, Rachel Szeto and Yvente Situ will be Choreo Captains, Sophia Lin will realize she’s wonderful, and Aaron Lu, and David Nhan will be top 100 in their class. Thanks To: Choreo, Michele Liu, Cindy Tan, Ms. Vicky, Mr. Posada, my beautiful friends. WENDY LUONG Will: I, Wendy Luong, bequeath my piccolo to Irene, my ASB art skills to Wendy, the section to Eddy, my left toenails to my committee, my right toenails to my section, and my heart to ASB. Quote: “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” - Winnie the Pooh Memories: After School hangouts with my friends, staying in for ASB, being late to any and all events. Predictions: Roxanne will take over the world, Randy will find his Blue, Justin will shortcut his way to success, Mandy will marry rich, Cindy won’t have to ask for help mixing colors, and the ASBabies won’t be stressed on deadlines. Thanks To: Ms. Revilla for nurturing us, the underclassmen for being you, my friends for being my friends, and my besties Roxanne, Justin, and Randy for staying by me. JENNY LUU Future Plans: Major in Poli-Sci, Study Abroad, Go to Law School, Rule the World, Get Mastery 7 on Miss Fortune. Will: I, Jenny Luu, of extreme pettiness, bestow my ability to sleep in every class, the remnants of my secret mage deck after WW, and positivity to Vincent Sax. My subpar multitasking and handsigns will go to Vivian Nguyen. My tenacity will go to Ruby Guan. Quote: “If it goes down in flames, the smoke’s going to spell my name.”




WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018

Memories: Every trumpet social I ever went to that I had poorly planned. Stressing over Key Club deadlines. Hooking hands with Jia at band banquet. Fingerless gloves. Mt. Sac is in Sacramento. Actually sleeping in every class. Predictions: I’ll have a corgi named Tennis. Kacie Le will find the cutest guy ever to date. Julianna Zheng will own Nature Republic. Peter Khant will be on Dancing w/ the Stars with his clarinet. Thanks To: The entire 2017-2018 DLT for making my senior year the most memorable year I could ever ask for, Mrs. C for tolerating my subpar trumpet playing for four years, Mr. Myers for teaching me how to grammar, and everyone who helped me through high school. CHRISTOPHER LUU Future Plans: Major in Computer Science. Will: I, Christopher Luu, of sincerity and quirkiness, bequeath my Speech and Debate skills to Tiffany and Virginia, gaming skills to Kenneth, and my intelligence to my sisters. Quote: “Our eyes are placed in front because it is more important to look ahead than to look back.” Memories: Hanging out with my friends for no less than 12 hours, going to basketball games, and finding my best friends. Predictions: Tiffany will become a great leader, Virginia will become volleyball god, Kaijie will become less stressed about everything, Matthew will become good at video games, Ernest will become a man, Ivan will grow taller, and Sandy will earn plenty of money. Thanks To: Mrs. Tran, Mr.Nguyen, and my best friends Matthew, Ivan, Kaijie, Ernest, and Sandy. ALICE LY Future Plans: My future plans are going to college and studying to become a nurse. Will: I, Alice Ly, of lots of laughter and smiles, would like to thank my friends Christel, Christy, Darlene, Casey, Pearl, Emily, Kylie, Anhdray, and of course Jiaxin! They made my high school years unforgettable. Memories: Being around all my friends. Thanks To: Christel, Christy, Darlene, Casey, Pearl, Emily, Kylie, Anhdray, and of course Jiaxin!! JIMMY LY Future Plans: Major in Nursing at Cal State Long Beach. Quote: “If you don’t take risks, you can’t create a future!” Monkey D. Luffy Memories: Endless laughter in tennis practice, losing all of my erasers, and being on every teacher’s naughty list. Predictions: Lakers will win an NBA Championship in the next five years, humanity will be erased by robots, and Morgan Freeman will be the next POTUS 2020. Thanks To: Mr. Nguyen, Mrs. Tran, Mr. Myers, Henry, Kin the Chipmunk, Syd the Kid, and my bosses Mom and Sista Judy. SHIH WEN MA Will: I, Shih Wen Ma, of snacks and naps, leave to all 46 freshmen whom I’ve said were my favorite freshmen my fake favoritism, to my brother the best seat at the kitchen table, and to Tommy Phong my nonexistent calc skills and prayers in BC. Predictions:I predict that MUN will become big and great and that everyone in MUN will continue to be beautiful treasures!!! Thanks To: Lisa Hong for appreciating my one liners, Tommy for teaching me calc the day before every test, and everyone from “The Floor is Messages From Me” and “Gotta Check My Stocks” for not leaving the group chat (even though you all leave me on read). DANIEL MACIAS Future Plans: I will attend Glendale Community College to play football then transfer to a D1 school then to the NFL. Quote: “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you lived so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all in which case you failed at default.” Memories: The times before games on Friday nights will be remembered, the fun we had in classes, and most of all the time I spent at SG. Predictions:I will play in the NFL. Thanks To: Ms. Lee, Ms. Wright, all my football coaches, and

all the people I have met during this short time. BRIAN MALDONADO Future Plans: Become a detective. Will: I, Brian Maldonado, give Yannet Aparicio my lunch spot, Mario Botello my football locker, and all my jokes and good times in class to the whole 2018 graduating class. Quote: “Life happens for you, not to you.” Memories: Playing football in back by the basketball courts with whole squad. Predictions: Anthony Aparicio - Greatest soccer player of all time. Jose Mendoza - The world’s best doctor. Me: The next Inspector Gadget. Thanks To: Ms. Hunt for always having her doors open to me to talk to her about school, friends, and sometimes just plain nonsense. KARINA MATIAS Future Plans: To attend Cal State Dominguez Hills and become a child and family therapist. Will: I, Karina Matias, of smiles and positivity, leave my mistakes as lessons for my younger generation. Quote: “You are not what happened to you, you are what you chose to become after what happened to you.” - Selena Gomez Memories: Always running late to catch the bus, laughing to death with my friends, staying late after school to do work alone, and knowing the importance of being kind. Predictions: I predict that students will become more fearless and courageous and start fighting for what they want more each year. Thanks To: To all my Business and Technology teachers, for guiding me and giving the academy so many opportunities for the future. BASTIAN MENDEZ Future Plans: Make the quintessential SGV film, open a combined boba shop/record store/music venue, then expose immense government corruption, flee to Cuba, and live out the rest of my days writing songs with Tupac and Biggie. Will: I, Bastian Andrew Noesser Villanueva Mendez, hereby leave my dance moves to Wilson, unopened oranges to Donna, unused memes to Vincent, succulents to PLH, Alhambra to my comrade Jacwa, vast boba debt to Sunhi and Ahyoung, and all else to the reader. Quote: “Tenemos voces y manos. Tenemos el poder y la energía. Solo nos falta la comunicación, y el deseo para hacer un cambio” - Martin Sorrondeguy Memories: Night drive vibes with the homies, Rush Hour day, forming Pyneäpple and The Jesus, The Newspaper Social, Oldboy viewing parties, late night boba runs, singing in unison after meets, many protests/shows, terrible dancing, worse puns, and movingly good food. Predictions: Carlos will revolutionize the politics of tuna, Alyssa will have buildings named after her in every country, The Kevins will receive each other’s Nobel prizes, Amy will own the largest frog sanctuary, Nian will be a mumble rapper, I’ll run out of spThanks To: Ms.Parra, Ms.Kim, the newsers, Ms.Deniz/Latinos Con Hambre, Coaches Morales/Kong, cross/track, the New Avenue kids, the brunch club, the Will Grayson lit circle, the Cal Tech Adjacents, my landlord, anyone who didn’t get mentioned, and my whole family. ALEXANDRA MICHELLE Future Plans: Major in Performing Arts. Will: I, Alexandra Michelle, of beauty and grace, bequeath my pbandj to anyone who wants it, my fur ball key chains to that one dude who always played with them and my acting and film skills to Mr. P’s upcoming class. Quote: “Life is short, people are very mean, eat the chicken nuggets.” - Trisha Paytas Memories: the nights before cheerleading at pep rallies, filming horror short films with Joe Hernandez then filming an actual ghost on accident, sneaking in tea and eating pizza during class, campaigning for hoco queen dressed as a bunny. Predictions: Victoria Salceda will become a mint dealer in exchange for pieces of spam, Joe Hernandez will win an Oscar, Connor Swatton will hopefully continue to wear normal clothes,

and Karina Matias will become my therapist. Thanks To: Mr. Posada, Mr. Whitman, Ms.Mar, and Mr. Romero for always believing and supporting me. KEVIN MOLINA Future Plans: Major in Pre-Nursing at Cal State LA. Will: I, Kevin Molina, vow to have a life with no worries and no stress! Quote: “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” - Maya Angelou Memories: HORIZONS field trips, having class in PODER, hanging out with friends, Choir performances. Predictions: Iphone sin(x) will come out, become the humans from Wall-E, and Amazon will end all shopping stores. Thanks To: Ms. Parra, Ms. Dominguez, Ms. Jong, and Ms. Revilla for helping me throughout high school and for creating moments I’ll never forget at SGHS. MIDORI NG-CORRAL Future Plans: Major in Anthropology at UCR, do a second major in something else, go to graduate school, and improve my writing skills. Will: I, Midori Ng-Corral, of constant excitement and confusion, bequeath my love of tennis, will to stay after practice everyday, and skill of bothering our beloved coaches to the tennis babies; my amazing fundraising skills and enthusiasm to model UN. Quote: “We had some good times, didn’t we? We had some good tricks up our sleeve / Goodbyes are bittersweet / But it’s not the end / I’ll see your face again.” - Walking in the Wind, One Direction Memories: Being crammed into cars, seat belt malfunctions, leaving my phone in Gin’s class, overloading my MoMa kids with sweets, conspiracies in AP Lit, 4 yrs of tennis, 1 yr of track, She Kills Monsters, awkward MUN conferences, loitering at Lilian’s house. Predictions: Sydney will be a famous author and activist, Amy will be an teacher and activist, Breanna will adopt a cat and name it Camila, Lilian will move to San Jose for the Bun Bo Hue, Kevin will remain awkward, MUN will thrive, tennis will make it to CIF. Thanks To: My Gin, AP Lit, AP Stats and chem groups for helping me, Ms. An for spending her time and energy, Edwin and Sarah for getting me into college, Coaches Steve, Marcela, and Jen for teaching me tennis, Jackson, Jimmy, Shirley, Victoria, Amy, and Lilian. SEENA NGHIEM Future Plans: Major in Chemical Engineering at CPP. Will: I, Seena Nghiem, of late night talks, bequeath my sleep schedule to Angela, cats to Wendy, confidence to Megan, and luck to Wally. Quote: “Pop quiz.” - Ms. Tran Memories: Emotional talks with Riggy and JP, conditioned responses with Thomas, morning snaps with Fionna and Ricky, and crying over tests with Leo. Predictions: Leo will be the next Weolful, JP will be a CEO, Riggy will be #1 in OSU, Thomas will be a doctor. Thanks To: Chris, Kanow, and Wong, spookygg. ANTHONY NGO Will: I, Anthony Ngo, bequeath my bisexuality to Kathy Nguyen, section to Vincent To, super smash brawl to Russell Ly, water to Kristopher Zhen, hugs to Yvonne Chu, irregular sleep schedule to Vivian Nguyen, advice to Amanda Huang, and Naps to Julia Liang. Quote: “You get to be more than you have been in, in a very long time. You deserve everything you want.” - Love, Simon Memories: After school band rehearsal on Thursdays, going to band tour with my friends, buying tons of garlic bread from the deli, and making last minute decisions after school. Predictions: Vivian will dance her way to the top, Vincent will raise ducks, Kristopher will wrestle a bear and win, Julia will swim away, Amanda will be successful and work at a hospital, Kathy will still lose to me in Mario Kart, and Yvonne will go crazy from hw. Thanks To: Mrs. Cognetta, Mr. Posada, and my senior friends Jenny Luu, William Hoh, Amy Pabon, and Christian Le.

WILLS LILIAN NGO Future Plans: Future queen of hearts with loads of student debt. Will: I, Lilian Ngo, of unforgiving tans and endless snacks, bequeath my senioritis to Kaylee K, my gummy bears to Lily T, my memorable humor to Kayla L, my height to Richard P, my managing skills to intern Laura R, my awesomeness to my HOSA/tennis babies. Quote: “If you try, you risk failure. If you don’t, you ensure it.” - Someone Memories: Overnight trips partying at HOSA. A kajillionmile San Jose trip with Midurry. Stealing food from Midori. Burning into a crisp at tennis games. Saving lives doing CERT with Johanna. Stress eating every other week. Barely passing Chemistry. Predictions: Johanna Ung will make become the go-to OB-GYN. Midori Ng will change her name to a different color. Victoria Huynh will become the cheese queen. Joyce Liu will make it to Jupiter. Lily Ta will be my tatted partner-in-crime, Caitlin will move to China. Thanks To: Coach Marcela/Coach Jen for being my tiger moms, Coach Steve’s puns, my teachers, Ms. An for letting me hog her candy, Ms. Jong, Sarah, Edwin, everyone that fed me and last but not least my cool friends that made my high school career more bearable. STEVEN NGUYEN Future Plans: Majoring in Kinesiology at Cal State Fullerton. Will: I, Steven Nguyen, of big teeth and business, bequeath my business to Zetao, my country song addiction to Jonathan, dancing IQ to Wilson, and my minutes on the bench to Angel. Quote: “Shoutout to Jason Hong for that pass.” Memories: First CIF game, scoring my first points back on the team, being the team’s chiropractor, and Senior Night. Predictions: Patricia will get new knees, Christine will grow taller, Kylie and Derek are going to get married and going to have their kids run an empire in high school, Levin Luu will get a full ride to FSU to play ball, Matthew will be less of a cube. Thanks To: Mrs.Tran for helping me love math, Mr. Wong for convincing me that I’m weird, Man Nong for guidance throughout high school, Coach J for still giving me a chance to come back. HENRY NGUYEN Future Plans: Transfer from PCC to Cal Poly Pomona. Majoring in Architecture. Will: I, Henry Nguyen, bequeath my hurdles skills to Vinny Thai, my laziness to Vanessa Hoang, my lovable personality to Julie Le, and my happy attitude to Sylvia Son. Quote: “Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don’t get so worked up about things.” - Kenneth Branagh Memories: Track meets, Food Adventures with friends, Infamous tree hangout spot, Lunch in ASB room, and Walks to class with friends and my monkey. Predictions: Ryan will go far with his Maserati and accounting skills. Jenny will hopefully grow couple more inches. Lilian will become loving MOM material in the future. Cindy will travel the world for matcha everything. Thanks To: My Track teammates, Discord HypeSquad, and ASB Family. CHRISTINE NGUYEN Future Plans: Major in kinesiology at Cal State LA and travel around the world to discover different food. Will: I, Christine Nguyen, of savagery and amazingness, bequeath my height to Alanna Chan, my cleverness to Paula Lau, my procrastination to Cynthia Abuede, my shooting skills to Leah Tan, and last but not least my straight hair to Denise Jimenez. Quote: “When life gives you lemons, you chuck that piece of garbage out the window and go buy yourself some orange juice.” - Me Memories: Driving to basketball games with Jess as my GPS, the chisme in Mrs. Mar’s room with Peggy and Miguel, running in the gym, Coach K whopping my butt in a one-on-one, and having last minute plans with Patricia, Xue, and Jess. Predictions: Xue and Jess will marry someone in BTS, Denise breaking ankles in every game and Leah shooting full court shots in the next 2 seasons, Patricia will drop out of college to


WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018 sell Filipino food out of her apartment. Randy will stop hitting on Kelvin. Thanks To: Mrs. Lee for being like a mum. Mr. Gin for being the coolest teacher I know. Mrs. Mar for listening to my chisme. Coach Honda, Coach Ari, Coach Am, and Coach K for guiding me to where I am now. Lastly, my team for going through hell with me. JOEY NGUYEN Future Plans: To become a ramen chef or pasta master. Will: I, Joey Nguyen, of awkward conversations, bequeath my foam boards to Sharon Tu, my hours of sleep to Valerie Young and Sheryl Vong, my skills in Brawlhalla to Ryan Troung. Quote” “Turn your desks to the front. It’s time for a pop quiz.” - Ms.Tran Memories: Playing volleyball at Santa Monica beach with friends, getting dumpstered by two strangers in basketball, going to a banquet without a suit and eating at Tofu House with my boy Henry Gip. Predictions: Derek Wong will become a famous chef, Jonathan Dong will major in Gender Studies, Danny Su will eat lots of calories, Henry Gip will go eat at tofu house with me every month, Justin Quach will smash kids in basketball, Ryan Troung will find love. Thanks To: Derek Wong for his will to keep cooking, Henry Gip for slapping people with newspapers, Jason Lu for being my favorite “depressed” person, Chapman Hui for having ER 5, Melody Young for saying hi to me back in sophomore year. JUSTIN NGUYEN Future Plans: Major in Neurobiology at UC Berkeley, travel the world, live the fullest life. Will: I, Justin Nguyen, of endless laughter and bread, bequeath my PR skills to Lindsey, Julie, and Hanson, awesome playing skills to the tenors, driving skills to Jean, drawing skills to the ASBabes, and un-organizational skills to Irene and Chris. Quote: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” Memories: Going to school at 4 a.m. for APR/Homecoming, spontaneous adventures w/ friends, arguing in the car about where to eat, stressing about college in Larsen’s, studying with Bible Theory, overnight trips with FBLA, eating cookies at football games w/ band. Predictions: Randy will find blue, Wendy will grow 5 inches, Roxanne will marry VL, Kevin and CL will go to Cal, Julie will become president of 5 clubs, the CCCJK will triumph. Thanks To: My friends for all the adventures, Ms.Revilla, Ms. C, and Ms.Larsen for being the best advisors/teachers. NICOLE NGUYEN Future Plans: Major in Architectural Engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, live by the beach with my hubby and our 10 dogs, and be a Disney annual pass holder. Will: I, Nicole Nguyen, of tardiness and tears, bequeath my planks to Anna Z., my scary face to Monse, my running to Virginia, my boy advice to Tiff, my designs to Luis C, my gains to Martin and Luis A, my laziness to Shirley, my tears to Cynthia, and my neediness to David. Quote: “Should I ditch today?” - Me, Ashley, Ced, Henry, Derek, Emily, Bowen, Vion, Caden, and Kevin. Memories: Having Derek for every class in 9th grade; exchanging lunches with Anny and Sara; Target share circles with Sara,Vion and Emily; eating with Ashley; yak city with Ethan; cheering for Henry and Chow; Hung, Steven and Randy coming for an apple; and kicking back with James, Ashley and Ced. Predictions: David will swim for Team USA, Cynthia finds a real mans, Luis C will own Starbucks, Caden will have washboard abs, Livie will go to UCI, Randy will be swole, Ethan goes pro, Kevin will be a baddie, Ced gets the girl, and Bowen will make bank. Thanks To: Matthew Flores for being my hypeman; C’mon Queen for accepting me; Keenan Nguyen for the adventures; SGVB program for being a second family; Ryan Wong, Scott Myers, and Jennifer Kim for being amazing mentors; Larry Kanow and Chris Kwan for guiding me.


BRANDON NGUYEN Future Plans: Get my bachelor at Cal State LA and go to USC for my DPT. Will: I, Brandon Nguyen, of happiness and obnoxious laughter, bequeath my toughness to Randy Luu, my handsomeness to Jason Lam, my strength and 12 pack to Jacob Huynh, and a strong bond that is everlasting amongst the younger heads. Quote: “Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.” Memories: Endless laughters and with my freshman volleyball team, name calling and my obsession for lifting heavy weights in Weight Training, and lunch surrounded with brothers. Predictions: Philip will finally get his s2000, Randy will weigh over 100 pounds, Jacob will become shredded and become a trainer, and Jason will finally mature. Thanks To: All coaches, my teachers, and the tree for providing shade, comfort, and bond. LUCY NGUYEN Future Plans: Striving to become an accountant or marry someone with a lot of money. (; Will: I, Lucy Nguyen, of wildness and kindness, bequeath my basketball skills to Leah Tan, my post game to Michael, Angel and Isaiah, my humor to Shi Yang, my luck to Kaycee Zhang, my love to Alanna Chan and Paula Lay, and my coolness to Wilson Qi. Quote: “Bet. Say I ain’t down.” Memories: Running suicides on the football field, fracturing my ankle, Senior Night, CIF games, 5 a.m. practice, Tpump Tuesdays, drives to Angeles Crest and Raising Cane’s, inner clubs, lunch table people, homecoming court, trips to San Diego and getting piercings. Predictions: Brandon will become a UFC Fighter, Steven and Justin will open a shop, Natalie will meet Camila Cabello, Shi and Michael will realize how much they miss me, Christine and I will live together, Leah will play college ball and Chow and I will get married. Thanks To: My family, friends, L & O buds, basketball team, Key Club, Ms. Hunt, Ms. Lee, Mr. Nguy, Ms. Kim, Mrs. Blackwood, Ms. Cao, Mr. Nguyen, Ms. Deniz, Mr. Garcia, Ms. Rodriguez, Mr. Posada, Ms. Revilla, Mr. Hendrickson, Mr. Gin, Coach K and Coach Jay. CADEN ONG Future Plans: Graduating at my dream school and becoming rich. Will: I, Caden Ong, bequeath my scholar skills to My Ho and Tiffany Kung, my all male years to Katie Phan, my resilience to hatred to Sophia Lin, my hilarious humor to Taylor Hoang, my dancing skills to Yayi and Wilson, abs to Kenny, Anthony, Aaron, and Eric. Quote: “We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.” - Winnie The Pooh Memories: Study sessions in the library, gaming in class, having a mental breakdown at 4:00 a.m. while typing a lab, falling asleep while taking notes, ranting to Elizabeth, Ono hookups with Jackson, and roast sessions with Sheng during practice. Predictions: My cousin, Ryan Truong, will end off his year strong. Christina will marry a Korean church boy, Henry and Sara will party in Vegas, Nicole will become a fitness god, Bowen will buy a Lamborghini, and David will compete at the Olympics. Thanks To: Henry, Nicole, Vion, Anna, Rebecca, Matthew, Randy, Steven, Cedric, Sara, Kevin L, K Chai, Christina, Liza, Peter, Anny, Derek, Lucy, Duncan, Garry, Wilson, Gordon, Jacky, Kyle, Fatima, Selena, Xerany, James, Thomas, Jimmy, Xue, Sarah, Carie, Cindy. AMY PABON Future Plans: Major in Liberal Studies in the Education department at Cal Poly Pomona. Be a cool teacher like Mr. Keating and be able to quote poems at any given time. I also would like to have many pets (preferably cats and fish), and travel anywhere I can. Will: I, Amy Pabon, the mess herself, bequeath my acting skills to my brother because he will need it, and my BC2M knowledge to my peer babies. Quote: “It is impossible to escape this world unscathed. So, embrace this messy, uncertain existence and live.” - Alicia Cook




WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018

Memories: Chatting with my peer babies, hanging out with my squad, Michelle driving us in her mom van, performing on stage, and drinking way too much iced coffee at any given time. Predictions: Syd will start in environmental policy but also take over politics, Khang will continue being a vegan icon and spread the word of veganism, Jacob and Michelle will be making bank in business and Bastian will own a boba shop where we will do open mic. Thanks To: Mr. Hendrickson, Ms. Kim, Mr. Posada, Mr. Gin, Ms. Cordova, the English department, my squad, poetry people and my brother. XILONG PAN Future Plans: Transfer to UCB if possible. Will: I, Xilong Pan, bequeath my spirit to Joyce and hope you can have your own opinion and choices instead of being interrupted by others, my joy to Daniel and hope you have a happy life everyday, and my honesty to Ben so that you can give your own opinions. Memories: Red Cross Volunteers and lunchtime in the cafeteria. Predictions: Everyone I know or don’t know could get into his or her dream school or find a satisfying job. Thanks To: Mr. Wong, Mr. Osborne, and Mr. Zakharia. KENT PHAM Future Plans: Open up a diner somewhere in the country with a majestic view. Will: I, Kent Hiryu Pham, bequeath all of my knowledge and wisdom to Jon, my loudness to Delane, my tango passion to Lily, and da wae to Jacob. Quote: “Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.” - Michael Scott Memories: Sharing chisme, venting about people, and fooding with my KKD friends, jamming to anime songs with my drama bros, after work visits to Mr. Wish, dancing with my twirling tango dip partner, and them morning class walks with a cow. Predictions: Jon will become the next Bruno Mars, KG stars in the biggest Chinese drama ever, Delane will take the Iron Throne, Sandy wins MasterChef. Thanks To: Ms. Kim for all her quirky wisdom, Mr. Posada for always being straight with me, the KKD who made this year in Yearbook even more fun, my outrageously ridiculous theatre friends. JACKSON PHAM Future Plans: Drink a lot of milk and hoping to grow so I can be over six feet tall. Will: I, Jackson Phil Pham, of dramatic and outgoing, bequeath my sass to Brizeth Lomeli, my friendliness to James Choy, my party animal self to Anna Lam, my obsession of watching YouTube videos to Genesis Nicole and my amazing fashion to Henry Vuong. Memories: Hiding in the locker room when our coach makes us run, chasing after the school bus after being one minute late, and asking my friends for help on homework. Predictions: Brizeth Lomeli will become the next top hit actress, Henry Vuong will be shorter than me, Sara Hang will be there when I have my first child, Ivy Pham will finally realize that I’m the coolest brother. Thanks To: Ms. Galiazzo-Armenta, Ms. Ann, Edwin and Sarah. My best friend, Brizeth Lomeli for helping me build my confidence. My friend group, Secrets for taking me out every weekend. SANDY PHAN Future Plans: Major in Business Management at UCR and become one of California’s highest paid CEOs of a well known company. Will: I, Sandy Phan, of sunshine and darkness, bequeath my sassiness and ambition to Katie Phan, my independent character to Aaron Phan, and my efficiency to Delane Ly. Quote: “Always hustlin for the money hunny.” - Sandy Phan Predictions: Jenny will become ruler of Earth. Kaijie will marry a billionaire. Jade will become a famous nail technician. Cindy will still be my gym buddy. Ernest will become a wealthy civil

engineer. Ricky will still be my beloved homie til we’re raisins. Thanks To: Senora Schecter for taking care of me like a daughter of her own and always showing me unconditional love and support in everything that I do and decide upon.

going to cure cancer. Thanks To: Thanks To Wendy Yan for always being there for me whenever I’m down. Thank you to Mrs.Tran for giving me all those pop quizzes and tests that kept me up every night.

JUSTIN PHAN Future Plans: Majoring in Computer Science at UC San Diego. Will: I, Justin Phan, of naps and Hot Cheetos, bequeath my FBLA position and infinite wisdom to Chris Ta, and my hair and charming good looks to Tanvi Mai. Quote: “Don’t knock it ‘til you try it!” - Thomas Chung Memories: Finessing the Habit with William every day of March, bumping to Mask Off in Ricky’s car, hanging out at FTB or Jack in the Box before every football game, and walking literally everywhere with Lilian. Predictions: Thomas will pull worms out of people’s eyes for a living, Christina will fall into a boba-induced coma, Ricky will work for Uber, Seena will own even more cats, Alex will go pro in League, and Victor and Timothy will move to Japan as a happy couple. Thanks To: William for always making me laugh, Ricky for making me feel smart, Thomas for the cynicism, Lopez for being the realest one, and Lilian for always being there.

PEGGY QUACH Future Plans: Major in Environmental Science and travel the world with Mitch. Will: I, Peggy Quach, of weirdness, bequeath my no longer existent basketball skills to Jessie Li Wu. Quote: “Are you calling me a sinner?” - Kim Taehyung Memories: Basketball bus rides and games, prom, blackout dance, meeting everyone, potlucks with the squad, Whitman’s class, stealing my friends’ lunches, struggling in math, and hanging out with Mitch. Predictions: Jo will have 10 dogs , Do will watch the 2028 Olympics and freak out, Mitch will work at CVS pharmacy and marry me, Anny will work for an airline and marry Jungkook, Tho will not have her life set but be making bank. Dai will drive an ugly car. Thanks To: Everyone that I met over my years in high school,to the basketball girls for being my first friends in high school, my squad, Dai for listening to my problems, and finally Mitch for sticking with me and loving me.

EMILY PHU Future Plans: Own 10 dogs with Johnny! Will: I, Emily Phu, of pugs and french fries, bequeath my dorkiness to Jiaxin Yu, my presidency to Maggie Tran, my boba addiction to Shelby Wu, and my love for food to Payton Hong. Quote: “Life is all about taking risks. If you never takes risks, then you’ll never know what you’re capable of.” Memories: Cross and track runs with Vanessa Hoang, going to my first Brandy sale with Nicole and Vion, always grubbing with “Let’s Grub,” going on runs with Anhdray, going to bball and vball games with Kylie, and scaring Pearl every time she comes to my house. Predictions: I predict will Nicole will have 8 kids, Anhdray will have 10 pets, Kylie will be known for her drawing skills and Pearl will be a pageant mom. Thanks To: Everyone that’s been in my life throughout my years at SGHS and all the teachers that have helped me. :) DAVID PHUNG Future Plans: Major in Environmental Science at Riverside to assist in the global crisis. If all else fails, I will become a rapper with Rich Brian and my Elemental squad. Will: I, David Phung, aka Legend, bequeath my running skills to my little bro, Jason, and to the squad; my donuts to Brian La and Tommy; and A1 steak sauce to Silvio. Quote: “But there is all this time between when the cracks start to open up and when we finally fall apart. And it’s only in that time that we see one another, because we see out of ourselves through our cracks and into others through theirs.” - Quentin Memories: Making it to Cross Country CIF with my comrades, building a chemical bond with my Elemental Squad, and hanging out with friends during lunch. Predictions: My bro will stick to running for four years, Brian will become a rapper, Tommy will find the ONE, and Julian will become the best saxophone player. Thanks To: Mrs. Wright, Mr. Osborne, Coach Morales, Coach Rosas, Coach Kong, my homies, and everyone that I met throughout my high school year. TOM QUACH Future Plans: I plan on continuing going to school for another 10 years and becoming a great doctor after that. Planning to marry Wendy Yan and take care of her. If all else fails I’m going to drop out of school and become a famous rapper. Will: I, Tom Quach, bequeath my good looks to Dale Ly and Sean Nguyen and my environment passion to Henry Chow. Quote: “Nike: just do it.” Memories: Spending time on those food adventures and spending countless hours on the cross section project with my girlfriend, Wendy Yan. Taking turns sleeping in Bio H with my boy Maxwell. Eating with Timothy and William before every football game. Predictions: Wendy Yan is going to become a beast pharmacist. Timothy Chuong is going to become a bum. William Tsai is

JUSTIN QUACH Future Plans: I look forward to reforming economy all around the world. Will: I, Justin Quach, pass on my amazing shots to Dale, section leader title to Tiffany, factoring knowledge to Linda, my Red Cross dedication to Amanda, chauffeur adventures to Kelly Y, Pufo God title to the power duo Delane and Lily, last bit of work ethic to Vinny. Quote: “You know what, let’s just do it.” Memories: Intense Fun Run battles with Sydney, Lexie, Chapman. Beating Maxwell in 1v1s. Dancing in a bus with Leo. Balling up with all my amigos. Hitting up Wendys 24/7. Joey’s Handles. Just Dance in a 102 degree room. Prosthetic arm with Jason, Chapman, and Henry. Predictions: Jonathan will stay stuck in the mountains, Jason will show me his girlfriend, Derek will star on MasterChef, Danny will care for Derek, Chapman and Eddie will go back to running, Henry will eventually find Yong Qiang. Thanks To: Sydney for her icy playlist (hit her up on Spotify), Peggy for cutting my hair, Maxwell for countless victories, Lexie for the earbuds, the friends who let me tag at prom, my discord’s hype, everyone who gave me crazy spontaneous experiences. KENNETH REYES Future Plans: Major in Criminal Justice at Rio Hondo. Will: I, Kenneth Reyes, leave my basketball skills to Nathan. Quote: “Cash rules everything around me,” - Wu Tang Clan Memories: School dances, soccer games, and football games. Predictions: School lunch will get better and technology will become more advanced. Thanks To: To staff and teachers. NATHANIEL RODRIGO Future Plans: Major in Business Management in Cal Poly. Will: I, Nathaniel Rodrigo, leave my Fortnite skillz to Scooby Reyes. Quote: “The world is yours.” - Scarface Memories: Fighting for Pop-Tarts. Predictions: Technology is gonna get more advanced. Thanks To: All my teachers. JACOB RODRIGUEZ Future Plans: Major in Business Sports and Media at Arizona State University. Will: I, Jacob Rodriguez, of laughs and worriness, bequeath my catching skills to Cynthia so she can play with Ms. Kim, my not so funny jokes to Sydney, my love for Friends to Luis, and my super awesome design skills to Ella. Quote: “Trust the process.”

WILLS Memories: Syd almost falling at Boiling Point, water foundation fiasco with Michelle, fire alarms at YBK camp with Khang, watching Amy cry on the bus and in H2, simping with Nicole, struggling in math with Courtney, and playing catch with Ms. Kim. Predictions: Syd and I will finally buy our yacht, Amy will have have too many cats to count, Michelle will love the Cane’s sauce, Nicole will have 12 kids, and Khang will convert everyone to veganism. Thanks To: Ms. Bishop, Ms. G, Ms. Wright, Ms. Parra, Ms. Kim, The Real Ones, C’mon Queen, and Yearbook. JOSEPH SAN Future Plans: Math teacher, professional cook, a family disappointment. Will: I, Joseph San, of humor and terrible puns, leave my good looks to Max Mora, good grades to Colin Nguyen, leadership to Brandon Trieu, lame jokes to Jihua Che, finger guns to Amy Eng, good humor to Maylene Vong, and gacha drawing skills to Eddy Tat. Quote: “The job of the ace is to carry the team’s hopes and dreams.” - Kagami Taiga Memories: Being yelled at for playing cards at tournaments with Ryan, push-ups with Matthew Luu, Last Year’s APR Centerpiece falling, Shenanigans with my boys at Rite Aid, Bike Horns, and Freshman Year in the old Speech and Debate room. Predictions: “Arrows” by Samuel R. Hazo will become our national anthem, My Baritone and Trombone boys and girls will finally be heard one day, and lunch time will be as long as a regular block period. Thanks To: Mr. Barbarics, Mr. Nong, Mr. Li, Mr. Dultz, Ms. Revilla, Ms. Sandercock, Ms. Cognetta, Mr. Hinohosa, and Mr. Nguyen (Andrew). KRISSY SITU Future Plans: Major in Nursing at the University of Arizona. Will: I, Krissy Situ, of laughs and awkward jokes, bequeath my lunch table to the next group of besties. Quote: “Good woman, wild soul.” - r.h. Sin Memories: Freshmen basketball team, bus rides, winning basketball tournament champs in junior year, prom 2018. Predictions: Kaylee will marry an NBA player, Cheryl will live in a mansion with a bouJee life, Jess will find a cute boy that loves her, Ang will be a filmmaker/producer, Kailah will be IG famous. Thanks To: Coach Am, Coach Ari, Coach Honda, Mrs. Wu, Ms. Larsen, Jess, Ang, Cheryl, lunch group. BRANDON SOLANO Future Plans: Major in Aviation Administration at Cal State LA, then transfer to California’s Aeronautical University to pursue my dreams of becoming a commercial pilot. Will: I, Brandon Solano, bequeath my love and passion for basketball to my friends Javi, Kevin, Michael, and Chris, my talent and speed on the guitar to myself, and my love for videogames to myself also. Quote: “My guitar is not a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who I am.” - Joan Jett. Memories: Hanging out with my homies every Friday at the park and going out to eat. Having roast battles and always spending time together. Predictions: I will be a successful pilot. Thanks To: Thanks To Ms Parra and my friends Kevin, Javi, Chris and Michael. DANNY SU Will: I, Danny Su, of proteins and weights, bequeath my massive gains to Ryan Truong. Memories: Went to the beach with my homies. Joey Nguyen applied sunscreen on my back. Predictions: Lonzo Ball will carry the Lakers to win their 17th championship in the 2019-2020 season. EMILY SU Future Plans: Pre-Med at the University of Rochester. Quote: “Let’s sweat. Let’s try it. Let’s make a contract in our hearts. Let’s sign it. Get the ink. Get the pen. I’m not hesitating now.” - Got7 Thanks To: Everyone who has put up with all my endless rants


WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018


about Got7 and my Koreaboo life.

Country fam, and Kevin.

ALEX SY Future Plans: Graduate High School. Have my own building. Teach others as well as Coach K can teach others. Quote: “Forgetting to focus on yourself will come often, so pay attention.” Memories: My first step on the tree changed my view on high school. It was a symbol of pride and power in my eyes and I will never forget about it. Predictions: Brandon becomes the therapist he hoped of becoming. Kevin will become healthier because swole is the goal and size is the prize. Ivanka will be president because I saw that in a Simpson’s episode. Thanks To: Mr. Whitman for teaching SGHS about climate change and changing my view of our only planet. Ms. Irene who always keeps me company during AMT.

ERIC TANG Future Plans: Double Major in Sociology or Political Science at UCI. Will: I, Eric Tang, of smiles and friendliness, will some inches in height to Bao Diep, the ability not to be scared (easily) to Anh Nguyen, my Chinese skills and passion in C-pop to Jolene Tang with less stress over the senior year to my junior friends. Quote: “Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.” - H. Jackson Brown Jr. Memories: Volunteering with friends in junior year, 18th birthday, Homecoming and Prom. Predictions: Ngoc Ho will become an architect, Britney Du will become a designer, Mi Chau will open a nail salon and Kyle Pham will be in Navy military. Thanks To: Mr. Lemoine, Mr. Whitman, Mr. Man, Ms. Kanik, my Viet squad and my best buddies Weixuan, Ben, and Yingri.

KIM TA Future Plans: Get a college degree, travel more, and write a book. Will: I, Kim Ta, of philosophical questions and K-pop obsessions, bequeath my optimism towards school to Cynthia, my words of wisdom and love for H2 to Eileen, and my motivation and wonderful productivity to Vivian. Quote: “Lost my way. Found my way. Lost my way. Found my way.” - BTS Memories: Hours in H2, afternoons at FTB, nights on campus, weekends doing 5+ projects, and 2017 overall. Thanks To: Lain, Tiffany, Helen, and Christina (my close friends); Eileen and Vivian (the best people that I could ever meet in H2); and Andy (greatest person to talk to about life struggles). DUSTIN TA Future Plans: Major in International Business and minor in Animation at Pasadena City College and then transfer and study abroad. Will: I, Dustin Ta, of optimism and positivity, bequeath my happiness to everyone. Quote: “Adventure is out there!” - UP! Memories: Leaving school. Predictions: Everyone will be successful in the future and happy in their lives! Thanks To: Everyone but especially me! MARCO TAM Future Plans: Cal State LA as a Mathematics major. Quote: “Do your best to get to the best.” Memories: All the dances and prom and the people I have been with at school, and the fun times I had at the quad. All the clubs I have been to at this school. Predictions: Carlos, Kevin, Britney, William will become very successful in a big university. Thanks To: Ms. Hunt, Ms. Lopez, Ms. Wu, Ms. Wong and to my friends Cameron Wong, Carlos Carrillo, Huy Nguyen, Jimmy Mendoza for being there as my friends. Join my club and have fun at computer technology Matadors. CINDY TAN Future Plans: Major in Chemistry in Cal State LA. Will: I, Cindy Tan, bequeath my matcha to Lily Lay, my ugliness to Lily Cam, my leadership to Emily Chen, my junk food to June, my boba to Nessa, my loud laughs to Alyssa, my snakes to Rashelle, and myself to Natalie. Quote: “Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go.” Memories: PLH meets, Cross Country team fam, Food Group, Main Trios, 6 more weeks!, Dying at practice with the distance fam, Track meets with track fam, betrayal from Kevin for switching over to field, captain socials, MCA squad, and prom with my significant other. Predictions: Jenny will become a bird, Wilson and Tan will become future captain, Lily Cam will get her daily doses of roast, Megan will get good luck, Jimmy will not be lazy, Joyce will be a makeup artist, and Michelle will succeed in her store. Thanks To: Jenny L. (BIG thanks), MCA squad, PLH, Fionna, Michele L., Michelle L., Joyce, Alyssa, Elora, Valarie, Food Group, track captains for all socials and giving me rides (thank you Henry and Ryan),Vanessa, Lilian, Natalie, Track and Cross

KEVIN TANG Future Plans: Rush Hour 4 Day???, figure out why Stanford doesn’t exist, finally get some of Brandon’s attention, play with Carlos’s strings, get into the NBA and become the next Jeremy Lin, become only the first Asian male to study CS (sarcasm). Will: I, Kevin Tang, bequeath my dedication to Track to Jason Phung, my dedication to NHS to Roger Tran, and my Mandarin skills to Jacwa Lei so that he can have another great year with Mr. Man. Quote: “I’m invisible, so stop seeing at me. And I’m not a god, so stop godding at me.” - Carlos Supa Hot Perseus Carrillo Memories: Getting more Mars Bars than Brandon and Jeffrey, Rush Hour Day at Bastian’s house, roasting Carlos’s freshman math, balling at lunch with Gordon, getting influenced by Waylon, running with David Phung, Max teaching me CS. Predictions: Comrade Jacwa will start another Great Leap Forward just like Mao did, Jason Phung will get a bus to CIF, Carlos will be a “calligrapher” at Yale, Mr. Ma will turn up the heat in the E-building. Thanks To: Mr. Myers, Mr. Ma, Mr. Osborne, Mrs. Mar, Mrs. Bishop, Mr. Tran, Mr. Nguyen, Mr. Hendrickson, and Mr. Barbarics. LEXIE TANG Future Plans: Open a restaurant near a high school so I can make money off of victims of consumerism. Will: I, Lexie Tang, of half cheerfulness and half mopey-ness, bequeath a non existent birthday present to Kathy Quach (our friendship is not a victim of consumerism), my strong immune system to Sydney Ton, and my resolve to stay in class to Natalie Li. Quote: “This preeettyy Gooooodd!!” Memories: FBLA Ontario sophomore and senior year (LOVE ham n cheese sandwiches), Just Dance, being rained on at Sacramento, open house with Tiffany Thai, PE with Iris and Emily, staying after school, Spanish and fun timez with Kathy, and going to school at 9. Predictions: Emily Su meets GOT7, Iris Zhou finds her happiness, Sydney stops overthinking, Natalie is finally heard and blessed, Catherine and I become close, and Kathy and I go to Japan and Korea together. Also a WGWG reunion in 20 years. Thanks To: Kathy for being wholesome, Nat for being a real pal, Syd for being 0.9 of a friend (upgraded), Tiffany for support, stats group for interesting talks, Spanish group for padeciendo juntos, the people around me in Gov, and lunch table for good times. MICHELE THAI Future Plans: Major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at UC Davis. Will: I, Michele Thai, of eye bags and awkwardness, bequeath my bad parking skills and unwillingness to go out when I have homework to my smart brother, Vinny Thai. Quote: “Wait, what do we do again?” Memories: Singing on the bus to basketball games, trying new foods with Peggy Quach, struggling in calc with Joanne Chau, freaking out over sports with Doanh Thai, learning choreo routines with Anny Li Wu, lowkey speaking English in AP Spanish with Tho Truong.




WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018

Predictions: Peggy will travel the world and experience different cultures. Doanh will meet Yuzuru Hanyu. Jo will have a dog farm. Anny will marry Jungkook and Tho will have six children. Thanks To: My brother for listening to my rants and asking me about my day everyday; my squad for making my high school experience memorable, and most importantly, Peggy Quach, for bettering me as a person and allowing me to be myself. DOANH THAI Future Plans: Major in Microbiology at UC San Diego and figure out what I want to do with my life. Will: I, Doanh Thai, of stubborness and clumsiness, bequeath my go with the flow attitude and procrastination skills to my brother, Man Thai. Quote: “Kid, you’ll move mountains!” - Dr. Seuss Memories: Slipping and falling on the Hollywood stars, spending Fridays at Tho’s house, the many Potlucks with my friends, and random conversations with my Larsen group, especially the infamous college talks. Predictions: Peggy will save the earth, Anny will travel the world in style, Tho will convert to full nocturnal, Joanne will finally be able to fulfill her lifelong dream of owning a bulldog, and Mitchie will meet Chloe Kim at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Thanks To: My Larsen group for always being there to talk about anything and everything, my friends who are the sole reason I’ve made it this far, and finally a special mention to my best friends, Joanne and Tho, who have been here from the start. VINCENT TIEU Future Plans: Major in Electrical Engineering at UCSB. Will: I, Vincent Tieu, of skin and tissue, bequeath my love for the environment to Henry Chow, my extraordinary Spanish speaking ability to Carmen Liang, and my killer track star prowess to Megan Tieu. Quote: “William Tsai.” Memories: There are too many. Shoutout to the people that know. Predictions: William will be sucked into a UCLA cult. JP will not be socially dead. Maxwell will be Maxwell. Thanks To: The people that deserve thanks. Because thanks. BRITNEY TING Future Plans: Majoring in undecided at MIT, get a golden retriever. Will: I, Britney Ting, bequeath my senioritis and math skills to Adeline Cheng, MESA to the new cabinet, and ability for growth to Eileen Ong and Tiffany Chung. Quote: “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” - William Tsai Memories: Eating lunch at the tree with the old squad, 2 a.m. talks, late cross country practices, physics study sessions, and soup dumplings and The Greatest Showman with Adeline. Predictions: Adeline will stress about Calc too much, William will enjoy UCLA’s food a little too much, Liza will jump 4’10”, Lu will become a kind old grandpa and meet wonderful new friends, Iris will find a good roommate, and Caitlin will always be energetic. Thanks To: William for your true friendship; Adeline for a fun sr. yr.; Lu for understanding me, deep talks, and silly moments; Ms. Mar for her undying support; Iris and Caitlin for your craziness; Mr. Wong, Mrs. Tran, Mrs. Wong, and Ms. Suñe for being great teachers. SYDNEY TON Future Plans: Study abroad in Florence, learn how to surf, see the northern lights, but most importantly, figure out how to decide between two colleges before May 1st! Will: I, Sydney Ton, of endless laughter and bad tans, bequeath my immense physics knowledge to Tracy Tran, my batting gloves to Kabrina Bennett, my “vegan” lifestyle to Tiffany Chea, my last name to Courtney TONg, and my weak immune system to Natalie Li. Quote: “My dog is so cute omg follow him on Instagram!” Memories: Getting my first ever Mars bar, ham and cheese sandwiches w/ Lexie ;), summer 2016 #twoon and pretty much everything with Emily, college talks with my Larsen group, la multa with my español compañeros, intense Fun Run races

with Justin and Chapman, big boi J with Tina. Predictions: I’ll be able to afford Taylor Swift VIP tickets, Erica will come out of Berkeley as the new Ms. Mar, Maxwell’s Jokes will be a successful startup in Silicon Valley, Tiffany will open a five star donut shop, Courtney will reconnect with the surfer from UCSD. Thanks To: Emily and Tiffany for showing me what qualities best friends should have, Erica for the hilarious facetime calls and understanding my middle class struggles I love you, Nat and Lexie for dealing with me during trig, Jimmy for being a pal since Chinese school. COURTNEY TONG Future Plans: Finish college, travel around the world, and make it big. Will: I, Courtney Tong, of embarrassment and laughter, bequeath my PR knowledge to Lindsey, my board knowledge to Wendy, my sass to Jordan, my love and embarrassing-ness to Chloe. Quote: “I’m the life of the party.” Memories: Struggling in math with Jacob, countless hours of tennis practice and staying in during lunch for ASB, Monday Christian meetups, glittering sashes with Justin, SC vlogs, talking about boys and ig usernames with Sydney Ton. Predictions: Wendy will be ASB President 2nd sem., Andrew will make varsity bball. Thanks To: Christina and Liza for helping me in my faith and being amazing friends, Ryan Lin for helping a homie out, Sarah for always being down to chill, Garry for listening to my rants, William for taking pictures of me, Chloe for dealing with me. SYDNEY TRAN Future Plans: Major in environmental policy/psychology/ communications/political science at UC Davis, officially publish something before I die, and buy a yacht. Will: I, Sydney Tran, Queen of Bad Decisions, bequeath my usage of “sweaty” to Sydney Ly, my procrastination skills to Cynthia Abuede, and my obsession with vacuums to the yerds. Quote: “Use the Sydney Tran method. If you’re hungry and sad, take a nap.” - Claire Chen, my sister Memories: Cackling at our lunch spot near the Arena, dying at yearbook deadlines, bumping violently into waitresses at BP, and spilling piping hot tea in our video chats. Predictions: Solida will become EIC, and Ashley Guan will slay us all. Thanks To: Ms. Kim for being Ms. Kim and an awesome adviser, Ms. Bishop for her support in WTTF and in life, my bois Jacob and Khang for spoiling their girl, and my gal pals Amy and Michelle for keeping things real. ANTHONY TRAN Future Plans: Major in Engineering at any 4-year university. Minor in something I like so after I make enough money I can do what I’d like to do. Will: I, Anthony Tran, of sometimes the quiet one and good vibes, bequeath my happiness and kindness to all my close friends. Quote: “I’m a potato.” - Holly Memories: Always spent lunch time with friends under the tree near the entrance of the cafeteria for 4 years straight. Not meeting the requirements of the SGHS Red Cross three times each year. Predictions: Justin will become a successful business man, Jia Wei will become the next biggest dancing star. Derek will become a cooking star. Thanks To: Ryan, Danny, Ivan, Jimmy, Holly, Oscar, Skylar, Raul, (other) Justin, Ricky, (other)Ryan, Joey, Justin, Derek, Henry, Brandon, Jonathan, and the rest of the crew from Baldwin! KASEY TRAN Future Plans: To be determined... Will: I, Kasey Tran, of Alhambra, bequeath my work ethic to Brandon Tran. Quote: “Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.” - Peter Pan Memories: Going to school for five days every week for 36 weeks for four years.

Predictions: If I could predict the future, I would have straight A’s. Thanks To: Ms. Mar for tutoring me after school, Mrs. Wright and Mr. Nong for letting me stay in their class at lunch, Mr. Ma for helping me with my chemistry homework and letting me stay in his room after school, and Mr. Nguy for helping me with editing videos. WILSON TRAN Future Plans: Become a Health Major at CSUF. Watching Basketball, Volleyball, and Football games. Hanging out with friends. Predictions: Everyone’s going to make it through college! Thanks To: Ms.Chung, Ms. Canzano, Ms.Boetcher , Mr. Tran, and all my friends and homies. CINDY TRAN Future Plans: Major in nursing at Cal State Los Angeles. Will: I, Cindy Tran, leave my legacy to my cousin Leena Tran, our lunch spot to Arlyne’s cousin Angel, and my senioritis to the upcoming senior class. Quote: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” Memories: Friday night games (football and basketball), beach days, sitting at “our” table in the quad, movies, and laughing until we can’t breathe. Predictions: I predict that Arlyne will be a successful doctor, Melva will be apart of the Ghost Buster’s team, Val will win a lottery and never have to work a day in her life, Precious will be traveling the world. Thanks To: My best friends for being by my side for the past four years. ELAINE TRAN Future Plans: Become a Neurosurgeon and meet BTS. Will: I, Elaine Tran, of hotness and coolness, bequeath my sassiness to Sonam, my pick up lines to Amy, my BTS pictures to Kelly, my confusion to Virginia, my sweet family to Tim, my savageness to Abel, my shoulders to Brandon, and my spicy dramas to Jean. Quote: “Do you know BTS?” - Suga Memories: Competing in Speech and Debate, running for cabinet, boba runs, six hour naps, being sucked into the Kpop world, library study sessions, band parades, spicy updates during lunch, and volunteer adventures. Predictions: Christina will get more spicy dramas, Kathy will meet BTS, Emily will detox from Kpop, William will become a manager, Vincent will become a party animal, Alan will become a star, Lain will get a tan, and Justin will marry bread. Thanks To: Ms. Wong, Ms. Vergo, Mr. Jung, Ms. Kim, Mr. Nguyen, Ms. Patti, Ms. Perla, Ms. Beda, Ms. Keller, Mr. Gin, Madame Rose, Mr. Tran, Ms. Bishop, and my crazy friends Christina and Kathy. MICHAEL TRINH Future Plans: Make money. Will: I, Michael Trinh, give my dankest memes to Jeffery Hoang. Quote: “An enemy is someone’s story you haven’t heard yet.” Memories: Trying to do AP Environmental packets at 3 a.m. Predictions: I predict that I will experience the first Gay President and Lady President within my lifetime. Thanks To: Mrs. Wright for being that one teacher. JIMMY TRUONG Future Plans: I hope to work in marketing in the film industry and become an international choreographer. Quote: “Hakuna Matata! It means no worries.” - Timon and Pumba Memories: I remember the times when I would have late night talks with many of my friends. Every time those would be the highlight of my days. The roaring crowd from rally performances are also another thing I will miss. Predictions: I predict that you guys should follow my instagram account. My life is going to be way better after high school. I am going to be happier. Thanks To: Carie Tu, Leslie Delgado, Caden Ong, and Peter Aung Chou Khant for making my high school year better.

WILLS THO TRUONG Future Plans: Major in pre-business towards accountancy. Will: I, Tho Truong, of sleepless nights and questionable life choices, bequeath my tendency to procrastinate to my brother, Phu Truong. Quote: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.“ - Henry David Thoreau Memories: Prom prep with my besties Joanne and Doanh, dates with my babe Paul. Predictions: Doanh is going to all FIFA games. Anny is going to travel with Jungkook. Joanne is going to walk normally. Mitchie is going to prescribe me meds and be w/ Peggy. Peggy is going to have a garden and be w/Mitchie. Paul is going to make banks and be w/Me. Thanks To: Mr. Wong for being the chillest/greatest coach, chem teacher, and homie Eva. Mr. Myers. Ms. Wong for her guidance. VION TRUONG Future Plans: Run a business with Anna, go to a Drake concert, and live in a loft with my future dog. Will: I, Vion Truong, of sassiness and pettiness, bequeath my hitting career to the Annas, comebacks to Virginia, hops and hits to Monse, APES grade to Patrick, butt comments to Cynthia, and good times to Austin. Quote: “I’m here for a good time, not a long time.” Memories: Volleyball practice, basketball games, CIF games, late night beach adventures, calculus struggles, pool games, and hanging out with friends. Predictions: Becca will be making bank, Anna will have a pet polar bear, Randy will still be a goon, Nicole will still be nutty and a soccer mom, and petty trio will eventually turn into petty duo. Thanks To: Mr. Kanow and Chris for letting me be part of the volleyball family, Mr. Wong, Mr. Myers, Mr. Hendrickson, Mrs. Tran, and my parents. WILLIAM TSAI Future Plans: Major in Chemical Engineering at UCLA. Will: I, William Tsai, bequeath my dedication to track to Kyle Lam and my first chair to Darian Sun. Quote: “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”- Britney Ting Memories: Random food runs, spending time with friends before band events, chilling at Jeffrey’s house, and biking with Bowen during winter break. Predictions: Timothy Chuong will actually be a police officer, Tom Quach will try too hard to get his money’s worth from his meal plan, and Kelvin Huynh will come back yoked. Thanks To: Mr. Wong for being a really good chem teacher. ALAN TSAN Future Plans: I’m going to be a lone Gaucho and go to UCSB. Will: I, Alan Tsan, vow to keep my bowl cut for the rest of my life and continue to be a bowl cut boy with Waylon. Quote: “How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren’t real?” - Jaden Smith Memories: Someone stole 20 bucks from my wallet. Predictions: Jackie Kwok is going to own his own corn company, Timothy Loe is finally going to give Ricky Le a hug, and Kevin Ter is going to become a kpop star and the successor to the Ter family donut shop. Thanks To: Mrs Tran for making me not stupid. ERNEST TSE Future Plans: Go to college and have fun! Will: I, Ernest Tse, of mean faces, bequeath my talent of sleeping in class to Sharon, Clara, and Henry, my lovely greetings to Delane, my gayness to Scott, and my motherly love to Donna. Memories: From coming here in 8th grade to learning what it feels like to be freshmeat. Playing tennis for hours a day and suffering those long sleepless nights that followed. Now, at last I await for senioritis to take over completely. Predictions: Matthew will become a couch potato who thinks he is good at Fortnite. Ivan and Chris the same except they are good at Fortnite. Kaijie will stream Fortnite on Twitch.


WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018 Sandy will never play Fortnite. Thanks To: All the teachers who supported and destroyed me. It all shaped me to become who I am now. EMILY TU Future Plans: Transfer to UCI or USC and major in Biomedical Engineering. Will: I, Emily Tu, the happiest girl in the world, bequeath my procrastination skills and money problems to Tracy, my loudness to Cindy, my patience to AiYing, my wild side to Cathy, my gaming skills to D.M and K.O, and my social skills to my sister Nina. Quote: “I’mma keep on winning, you should place your bets on me”- NAV Memories: Going to FTB every week with Tracy, getting dubs in Fortnite with Dillon and Kyle, check in circles with Conflict Mediation, spending summer ‘16 with Syd, summer ‘17 with Don Bosco peeps, track meets and Sydney thinking that bread is too spicy to eat. Predictions: I will marry my bff, S.Ton will marry a rich guy from Palo Alto and get a job in Silicon Valley, J.Truong will become a party animal, D.Mak will become the head captain of the varsity volleyball team, and my CM squad will live their lives as happy gals. Thanks To: My best friend Kenneth Chua, Anthony Chung for being there for me, Sydney Ton for being just as crazy, Joey Hua for always making me laugh, Tiffany for being relatable and Dillon for always listening to me rant. YVONNE VAN Future Plans: Major in Pre-Business at UCR. Will: I, Yvonne Van, bequeath my food stock to Shihwen, Eva, and Rou. Quote: “The first wealth is health.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson Memories: Laughing at my awesome drawings I had to draw for class. Predictions: ShihWen will become a professional napper. Eva Long will become a psychiatrist, and Rou will be making coloring books for Shihwen and me. Thanks To: My besties ShihWen Ma, Eva Long, Rou Wen, and Lain Lain. VICKY VONG Future Plans: Major in Graphic Design at Cal Poly Pomona. Will: I, Vicky Vong, of sandals and chili, bequeath my weirdness to my squad, sriracha to Jessica Chiu, a pillow to Leslie Ngo, my crazy emotions to Sandy Ma, and my chill attitude and chocolate to Mellony Li. Quote: “Every Artist was first an amateur.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson Memories: Sandals breaking, friends staring when an almost fatal emergency occurred, friend’s pants splitting, loud stomach growls, anxiety from college apps and classmates sleeping. Predictions: Mellony Li will become a top CEO with a multibillion business, William Kwoon will become a K-POP star, Alan Tsan will become the next V and take Anaheim by storm, Sandy Ma will change her name to san pi ma~, and Leslie will finally become an Eskimo. Thanks To: Ms.Jung and her funny sarcasm, Mr.Zaragoza, Mr.Nong, Mrs.Wright, Yvonne with her coding knowledge, Mellony with her brain knowledge, Sandy, William, the rest of my squad/classmates and underclassmen. VANNAK VONG Future Plans: Majoring in Biology at UCR. Will: I, Vannak Vong, bequeath my long legs to Jean Nguyen, my personality to Tiffany Kung and My Ho, and money to Carmen Liang. Memories: Eating lunch with my friends, late night football games in fall, and struggling not to fall asleep in my classes. Predictions: Mandy Liu will become a flight attendant and Christine Doan will become a national chef. Thanks To: My friends, family, and teachers. HENRY VUONG Future Plans: Visit all Disney locations. Get all the cute doggies.


Will: I, Henry Vuong, of starting trends and laziness, bequeath my volleyball skills to Patrick, Collin, Ryan, and Sammy and my everything else to whoever needs it. Quote: “It’s a trap!” - Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Memories: Going out to eat KBBQ with Secrets. Playing Melee with the bois. Kickbacks with my friends. Food with Nicole and Ashley. Before practice food runs with the bois. Volleyball stuff. Target, taco, boba runs. Talking to Benson, Chris, Ernest, and Waylon. Predictions: Caden will not stress. Randy will be buff. Ethan will coach. Jackson will be an actor. Sara will be a CEO. Vion will be a fashion guru. Rebecca will cry. Chow will be a chill teacher. Hung is a DJ. James will be smarter. Jimmy will talk to girls. Thanks To: Huong Tran, Ryan Wong, Scott Myers, Tiffany Ha, Chris Kwan, Francesca Jung and Larry Kawn. Benson and Justin for school stuff. Sara for being my best friend. Ashley and Nicole. SGVB squad for all the memories. My boys for everything. BINGJIE WANG Future Plans: Get in college, finish masters, and get a decent job. Quote: “Beware of the hidden hard courses that might bring ya grades down.” Memories: All four years of education from SG are nice and memorable. Predictions: New teachers, more dating couples on campus, more than just Carlos is going to Yale. Thanks To: All of math department, science department, pretty much everyone. Future seniors. Join MESA. It’s worth it. ROU WEN Future Plans: Master computer science, own a cozy cafe, make the world beautiful. Will: I, Rou Wen, of panda eyes and judgemental expressions, bequeath my Photoshop skills to Vicky Chen, my ability to differentiate left from right to Yvonne Chu, and my godliness to Vivian Nguyen. Quote: “Remember to step back and appreciate the little things in life.” Memories: Packing goodie bags in the library, skipping school because I thought I had chicken pox, missing the bus at 3:17 p.m. ERICA WO Future Plans: I plan to marry a cute, rich boy and use his money to start my own cafe. If that doesn’t work out, I will travel the world, adopt/foster dogs, learn how to snowboard, and climb Mount Wilson. Will: I, Erica Wo, of sock tans and funny faces, will bequeath my wild and thick brows to Sydney Ton, my tennis skills to Kayla, Shirley, Lily, and Stephanie, Xxtra Flamin Hot Cheetos to Elaine Cheung, my bigish eyes to Tina, and my vegan diet to William. Quote: “¡Yo soy peligro!” Memories: Wango Tango, middle class struggles with Sydney, las mananitas, Subway with Christina L, Vincent, and Maxwell, NY trip with Kathy, Iris, and Amberly, finding cheap pens in China with Cat, Secret Santa every year, and espanol companeros. Predictions: I predict that Sydney Ton will become an CEO in Silicon Valley, Natalie will live in Indiana and eat fried chicken, Tiana will finally stop growing, Kylie will buy a mansion for me, Tiana, and Cat, and Lexie will have a real microphone. Thanks To: Lilian for carrying me in life, Tiana for always listening, Sydney for vibing with me, Randy and Patricia for making me laugh, Kathy for helping me with anything and everything, Natalie for being lit, and Manyi for your daily snaps of your dog. MAXWELL WONG Future Plans: Major in Computer Science at UCSD, provide original and funny jokes for all.




WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018

Will: I, Maxwell Wong, of good jokes and puns, bequeath my love for Bojack to Clara, BTS concerts to Lily, life advice to Delane, and fleeting track skills to Roger. Quote: “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” - Abraham Lincoln Memories: Late night case building, pop quiz anxiety, pizza party at JQ, mindblowing moments with Myers, “The Old Man.” Predictions: Lakers will be good again, Calculus will be so last century, JQ will be successful, JP will wear a phanny pack, Vincent will stop forgetting things, Henry and Jason will be master duelists, Sharon will change her name to Karen. Thanks To: All the teachers and friends who put me on their back and carried me to the finish line, all the people who laugh at my jokes, and Calvin for being Calvin. DEREK WONG Future Plans: Master Chef. Will: I, Derek Wong, bequeath my cooking abilities to Ryan Truong. Quote: “Same.” - C9 Sneaky Memories: Winning 1st place at regionals in Skills USA, Also going to the State Competition. Predictions: I predict that Joey will start up a pasta place, and I will be the chef. I also predict Ryan Truong will find love. Thanks To: Joey Nguyen, Caden Ong, Henry Gip, Justin Quach, Chapman Hui, Jonathan Dong, Danny Su, Ryan Truong, Ernest Tse, Jason Lu, Henry Nguyen, and Eddie Thai. RYAN WONG Future Plans: Find a major at Cal State LA. Will: I, Ryan Wong, bequeath my happiness to all my friends. Quote: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” -Helen Keller Memories: AP Thursdays, and hanging out with friends in the quad. Predictions: I predict Danny will get buff and Anthony will be an engineer. Thanks To: All my teachers, Ms. Miller, office ladies, and all my friends. WENDY YAN Future Plans: Major in Pharmacological Chemistry at UC San Diego. Will: I, Wendy Yan, of random outbursts and laughter, bequeath my “to the back” chisme sessions to Gabriela Estante Sanchez, my money moves to Delane Ly, my loudness and love of being extra to Vicky Chen and Sydney Ly and my love for Mrs. Tran to Shawn Ho. Quote: I never knew how many great friends and memories I could make by simply saying “Lemme tell y’all a story.” Memories: All nighters for calc, chisme sessions w/ my yerds, Ryan’s Roses w/ Randy, photoshoots with Patricia and Leo, stressing about stress w/ Doanh, long chats with Randy and Roxanne, spontaneous adventures and basketball games with Tom, and many more. Predictions: Delane will be a tiger mom, Sydney will work for Vogue, Sharon will finally get money from her sister, Ella will be the CEO of a chips and salsa company, Vicky, Yvonne and Vivian will own a KPop franchise and Shawn will be a math teacher @ SGHS. Thanks To: Tom, Patricia, Randy, Leo, Roxanne, Doanh, Ms. Kim, Ms. Wong, Mr. Wong, Chris, Mr. Kanow, Mrs. Tran, Mrs. Bishop, my yerds, and all the other people who made high school bearable. RANDY YIP Future Plans: Live outside of the 626 area and own a convenience store that sells 2 small bags of Xxtra Flamin’ Hot Cheetos for a dollar or one for 59 cents. Will: I, Randy Yip, of House Stark, bequeath my Fortnite dubs to Ryan Tien, my holy water to Collin Phan, my not so good volleyball skills to Patrick Ma, my hype to Sammy Nguyen, and my last name to my little sister Kimberly Yip. Quote: “Dolla dolla bills y’all.” Memories: Prom, volleyball tournaments, late night at Hung’s with the homies, two hour girl convos with Shpegby.

Predictions: Cedric will get big, Vion will learn how to accept affection, Nicole will make big moneys, Hung will play in a big band, Steven will beat Hung in melee, Calvin will always have money to give me, Becca will be my best friend. Thanks To: The Petty Trio, volleyball squaw, melee squaw, Frosted Flakers, and all the teachers who gave me A’s. MELODY YOUNG Future Plans: Live happily ever after with my dog and maybe own a stingray or an otter. Will: I, the Mel, of confusion and strangeness, bequeath my rejection letters, great math teachers, and body fat (if I get any) to Valerie, ice cream to Ashley, dark circle removers to Sheryl, prosperous crops to Chelsea, and my stomach of steel to Ryan. Quote: “We have an immune system for a reason. Go ahead and pick it up and eat it.” - Mel Memories: Tofu House with my super hot boi, Joey. Volleyball practice. Exploring music with Randy. Dealing with fellow bus people. Being late with Val and bringing Ash down with us. Getting broke because of food. Predictions: Ryan will continue to be a blush boi. Ashley will get a new dog and lose it. Danny won’t forget the beach. Valerie won’t get her shoes. Chelsea will forever be a motherly figure. Joey will always smell good. Sheryl will have a succulent garden. Thanks To: Valerie, Joey, Sheryl, Chelsea, Randy, Ashley, the tree people during lunch, and my dog for making everyday lively and being strange with me. CHRISTINA YUAN Future Plans: Tour the world and become a K-Pop star while majoring in Political Science and Business Admin at USC. Will: I, Christina Yuan, of smiles and comfy crocs, bequeath my 9 p.m. bedtime to Virginia Situ, my fire vb skills to Tiffany L. and Vicky V., my crocs to Cynthia A., my mad math skills to David G., and all my delicious snacks to Marco, Zarden, Poshan, and Fiona. Quote: “I’m not gonna run away and I never go back on my word! That is my ninja way!” - Naruto Uzumaki Memories: Sleeping on the bus for VB games, “studying” at the library w/ my library squad, devos w/ my sistas, eating lunch w/ my hao ping guos, alpha retreat w/ my buds, Skype calls w/ KChai, national anthems w/ Sara, walking w/ Joanddi, and laughing with Vannak. Predictions: Liza Coe will become a soccer mom, Christine Doan will become a celebrity chef and own a 5 star restaurant, Courtney Tong will become a snapchat vlogger, Kelsey will own a DIY co., Vannak will become my KPOP star manager, and Mandy will marry swim ping guo. Thanks To: Ms. Jung, Mr. Wong, Mr. Myers, Mr. Valencia, Ms. Tran, Ms. Wu, Mr. Woo, Ms. Wong, Coach Chris and Kanow, Liza, Christine, Vannak, Kevin, Courtney, Nicole, Joanne, Diane, Kelsey, Chloe, Caden, Peter, and Virginia for making high school 10x better! LEO YUE Future Plans: I hope to pursue entrepreneurship and start my own company!! Will: I, Leo Yue, of El Camino Real Yearbook, bequeath my photography skills to Bryan Lam and Paula Lay, my ybk faves! Quote: “Ideas are cheap. Ideas are easy. Ideas are common. Everybody has ideas. Ideas are highly, highly overvalued. Execution is all that matters.” Memories: High school wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for taco runs with Patricia, Wendy, and Randy, meme expeditions with Jennifer, Sac State with my homies (you know who you are), Yearbook camp, and FBLA State. Predictions: Patricia reverses global warming, Randy becomes an English teacher, Wendy will be the first to marry, Roxanne travels the world, Jerome reinvents LASIK, Jennifer will get a masters in memes, Paula and Bryan will conquer the world. Thanks To: Ms. Kim and Ms. Bishop especially for their invaluable help and guidance. I wouldn’t be where I am without them! ANDY YUNG Future Plans: Major in psychology, to not suffer and break in the future, earn a teaching credential, and to live a meaningful life and own a house full of animals with a beloved one.

Will: I, Andy Yung, of all things edgy and suffering, bequeath my copy editor status to Lucas, the Matador to the future staff, passion for games and art to Vincent, waifus and husbandos to Sunhi, and a bright future to Ashley Young. Quote: “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the nonsense story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” Memories: Gabriel Sorto trying to convince me to write plots for him, Mr. Whitman’s roasts and wicked laughs, meeting Iris’ dog (Hudson) in person, memery in H2 by the Brunch Club, grinding in Warframe solo, discovering a home in H2. Predictions: Carlos will become president, Chelsea will have to still deal with Selina or vice versa, Jennifer will eternally scream at us (especially in our sleep), Alice will find true happiness, and Kim will find her path. Thanks To: Ms. Wong for all the guidance help throughout the years, Anthony Yang for pushing me to join newspaper, Ms. Kim and journalism for being the second family, the Brunch Club for all the laughs and memories, and to everyone who gave me a chance in life. LILIAN ZHANG Future Plans: Majoring in Psych (or Neuroscience) at UC Berkeley, getting 1000 dogs. Will: I, Lilian Zhang, bequeath my love for caffeine+late sleep schedule to Vinny, my 110s to Yinyin (you don’t want my 300s), kdrama binges to Wilson, and hurdling skillz to all my hurdlers. Memories: Intense struggles in AP Physics, shin splints and boba runs after track practice, cross section project all-nighters, someone never picking where to eat. Predictions: Kathy will finally wear that sweater in public, Iris will find the happiness she deserves, Thomas will start his own dance group, Justin will agree to getting 1000 dogs with me. Thanks To: Henry, Ryan, Jenny and Cindy for always being there to die at track with me, Erica for being my PA partner, Matthew for replying slowly, Kathy and Iris for stressing with me, and Justin Phan for sticking with me through it all. IRIS ZHOU Future Plans: Embarking on a journey to transcend time and space for the sake of acquiring true happiness. Will: I, Iris Zhou, of wholesome memes and everlasting loneliness, bequeath my weekly food marathons to Adeline Cheng, my prosthetic arm knowledge to Michael Chen, Andy Ly, Sam Houn, and what’s left of my motivation to Kai Alcayde, Brain Nguyen and Jamie Fong. Quote: “There are no happy endings, endings are the saddest part, so just give me a happy middle, and a very happy start.” - Shel Silverstein Memories: Fedoras and fishing with Caitlin Lee, ramen with Kathy Quach, Oskee Wow Wow with Lilian Zhang, worshiping Craig with Rebekah Carrillo, Andy Yung’s abundance of dogs, Michele Liu’s lethal hugs, Ricky Le’s Acellus, “Hi Natalie.” Predictions: Calista Lee will find love, Adeline Cheng will consume everything, Emily Su will befriend Got7, Amberly Luong and Lu Yue Wang will become art gods, Rebekah Carrillo will be a master poet, Britney Ting (3 a.m. buddy!) will finally sleep. Thanks To: Kathy Quach for caring forever and always despite my peculiarities, Caitlin Lee for raving with me, Lilian Zhang for dinosaur planters, Ernest Tse for listening to my angry rants, Lexie Tang for face masks, Maxwell Wong for priceless puns.



WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018


“Alum”-inating their future by pursing different careers

La m se e k s t o e xp and h o ri zo n s, d i vers if y media at NBC BY KATHERINE HUANG

Calvin Lam graduated from SGHS in 2012, and graduated cum laude from UCLA in 2016 with a degree in Communication Studies and minor in Cognitive Science. He currently works as a Digital Creative Coordinator with the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) Entertainment Marketing and Digital team. Q: Why did you decide to pursue in this career field? A: My involvement with journalism in high school got me interested in media; I was about to go to journalism school for college, but when those plans changed, I looked towards the broader media and entertainment industry instead. Because I had a background in graphic design, choosing a career that offered both creativity and content creation was a natural fit: I get to watch movies and TV shows for a living. Q: What obstacles have you faced in regards to your career?

A: My biggest obstacle was myself. This industry is a network of people who all know each other—to get a foot in the door means having to know someone. As an introvert, I never enjoyed networking, but I soon realized it was the only way I could get my resume seen. Even after that, there’s the incredibly challenging road of securing rigorous internships, learning the language of the trade, building basic professional skills, and proving your value and worth when there are thousands of other people vying for the same (admittedly popular) career. Ultimately, the most important thing was coming across the right people who believed in me and gave me the space and opportunity to get started. Q: What lessons have you learned from your job? A: First, you have to love and enjoy the people you work with, beyond everything else. If you are not in a supportive environment surrounded by compassionate leaders who care about your growth, nothing else will be worth it. Second,

always advocate for yourself. You are your best champion, so talk about your work, highlight it, share it, etc., and never rely on others to do that for you. And third, have a lot of fun. Because if you’re not having a blast doing what you do, then why do it? Q: What goals did you have in mind while considering this career path? A: Other than being able to make really cool stuff,one of my biggest goals is advocating for equal, diverse representation in media and entertainment. It’s important to me that representation and inclusivity isn’t just about the people in front of the camera, but also behind the camera. I often work in environments where I am the only Asian American in the room, but these rooms are where executive decisions get made about what gets created and what goes out into the world. So it’s critical that these spaces represent the people they serve. And so I hope I get to play a part in transforming the industry into a more diverse, inclusive one.


Calvin Lam, during his first few months at the NBCUniversal Page Program, stands for a promotional photoshoot. Lam hopes to leave his mark in the media industry both socially and personally.

Huang “reels” in publicity internship, attends Academy Awards BY BASTIAN MENDEZ


Annie Huang attends the Academy Awards. She was invited by the Academy Gold Program.

Alumna Annie Huang is in her last semester at Emerson College in Boston with a focus on marketing for film and television. She is currently at an internship where she works with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, doing publicity work for films from Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, and Walt Disney Pictures. She graduated in 2015 from SGHS with three years in The Matador newspaper. Q: How and when did you first get into film? A: I was first exposed to film as an Entertainment Editor for The Matador [newspaper]. I started out wanting to be a journalism major writing about film. During my senior year, I was introduced to a San Gabriel alumnus who [had] just won the Oscars for Best Animated Feature Film, Big Hero Six. I was assigned to write a profile on him and spent two hours talking to him about film and his

role as a producer. Then in college, I transitioned into a marketing major, which is [on] the opposite side of entertainment journalism. I realized that I enjoyed pitching these stories and representing the films more than I liked writing them. Seeing a film that I worked on, winning three Oscars was a very humbling experience for me. Everything kind of went in full circle, almost. Q: What was your experience like attending the Academy Awards like? A: This is my first year attending. I got involved with the Academy this past summer while working for Warner Bros., and they invited me to attend this year. It was one of those experiences that made me feel like I could do anything. I stood there on the red carpet, surrounded by legends like Meryl Streep, Mark Hamill, and the Black Panther cast. Everything seems to be going on at once and the world was moving at a very rapid pace. I could

not help but reflect back at everything that has happened in the recent years, about how this has been a dream for me. I did not realize that I would be attending the Academy Awards at the age of 20. It reminded me to be thankful for everything and everyone around me. It also encouraged me to continue to strive for the best, because my very own Academy Award may be closer than it seems. Q: Do you have any advice for SGHS students? A: As for advice, [SGHS] doesn’t offer a lot of creative classes. Most are focused in [the] STEM [field] and there is [only] one film class but other than that, [there is] nothing else. As a result, not many students are exposed to the industry. My advice would be to explore things you like to do beyond what you’re good at doing in high school. At the end of the day, your AP score and your GPA won’t matter once you’re in college. Take the time to find out what you enjoy doing and go on from there.

Ly “ S w i r l z ” u p t r e n d y f r o z e n t r e a t s i n S a n G a b r i e l BY SELINA HAN

Phillip Ly graduated from SGHS in 2013 and from the University of Redlands in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Global Business. He is currently starting his own rolled ice cream business in San Gabriel called Swirlz Creamery. Q: What inspired you to start your own business? A: I grew up in an entrepreneurial household. My mother owned businesses and real estate and my older sister owns her own photography business, so that was a major influence for me growing up. But nothing really pushed me to actually start my own business until my senior year of college. I graduated with a BS in Global Business, and the majority of the people within the business department were interviewing and

getting jobs in corporations. That’s great and all; however, I just wanted to try something else. I was very lucky to receive scholarships so that Redlands’ price tag wasn’t too much of financial burden for my mom. Q: Why did you specifically choose to open an ice cream shop? A: It was an idea that my sister brought up to me during the beginning of my last semester at Redlands. She saw the opportunity in it and asked if I wanted in. I said yes, and later on, my cousin got on board. However, our partnership didn’t last very long due to various reasons and I chose to leave and do my own thing. Q: Have you faced any challenges throughout the process of creating Swirlz Creamery? A: Besides learning how everything actually works in real life [versus] what they teach you in school, learning how to make the

actual rolling ice cream was tough. While I was still in the partnership with my cousin and sister, we didn’t have the proper equipment yet, so we set off and experimented using household items and things you can buy at the 99 cent store [or] Smart & Final. Afterwards, we started making a bunch of different dairy combinations with wild flavors and poured it onto the plate and tried to roll it. We failed and failed and failed each time. We created ice cream chips instead of rolls. Out of all the dairy combinations and flavors we tested that day, we only came away with two perfect rolls like the ones you see on social media. I remember I was consoling my sister because she was bummed out that our efforts didn’t bear fruit; however, I remember that was when I was even more determined to make our ice cream rolls work.


The Chocolate Medley is one of Ly’s favorite menu items. It consists of almond slices, chocolate wafer sticks, Ferrero Rocher, and Nutella.




WEDNESDAY, may 16, 2018

2017 18 SPRING Sports Scoreboard BOY’S BASEBALL


VARSITY 5/4 vs Mark Keppel 5/8 vs Montebello 5/10 @ Montebello

8-1 24-0 32-0


VARSITY 5/1 @ Schurr 5/3 vs Bell Gardens 5/7 @ Mark Keppel

23-1 15-2 21-7

JV 5/8 @ Montebello 5/10 vs Montebello

19-0 11-0




JV 5/2 @ Schurr * 5/4 @ Schurr *


VARSITY 4/17 vs Mark Keppel 4/19 vs Montebello 4/24 @ Alhambra 5/8 @ Valley Christian

12-6 14-4 11-7 12-6

VARSITY 4/24 vs Alhambra 4/26 vs Bell Gardens 5/1 @ Schurr 5/8 vs St. Francis

3-0 3-0 3-0 3-2




JV 4/24 vs Alhambra 4/26 vs Bell Gardens

2-0 2-1



VARSITY 4/26 vs Montebello Frosh 4/26 vs Montebello




CO-ED SWIM VARSITY 5/2 @ Schurr * 5/4 @ Schurr *



(B) 78-49 (G) 74.5-53.5


(B) 77-33 (G) 74-49





N/A *Prelims and finals

Seniors triumph victoriously in competitive Powderpuff game BY KIM TA


Senior Janelle Cabrera dashes further and further clenching the football as she penetrates through the Junior’s defense going for a touchdown with the help of her teammates support.

The untouchable seniors snatched a total of four touchdowns, closing the Powderpuff game with a steady score of 35-7. With the sunlight projecting onto the football field on May 4, the classes of 2018 and 2019 girls went up against each other in the long-awaited flag football game. The juniors consisted of Samantha Cabrera, Lauren Campbell, Kimberly Enciso, Monserrat Enciso, Jacqueline Garcia, Priscila Garcia, Diana Guardoro, Evelyn Hernandez, Nicole Hernandez, Heaven Khem, Stephanie Linares, Ruby Lucero, Summer Macias, Yannet Martinez, Angelica Morales, Haley Noyes, Aryanna Palomares, Kelly Phan, Samantha Rendon, and Anay Sandoval. The seniors consisted of Valeria Avila, Janelle Cabrera, Melva Gamez, Sarai Gamino, Alondra Lopez, Shannon Reyes, and Arlyne Rizo. “Before [the game], I thought we were going to do [well], because we practiced over break and we got really good compliments from the coaches,” senior Lopez said. “[The juniors] had such a big squad, but we were really something. We went in really confident and strong. Just because our squad was small, didn’t mean that we were not going to come in strong.” With the intense fusion of cheers and applause from classmates, staff, family members, and

Co-ed swim sails swiftly through prelims, finals BY LU JUNE LIN

With seven schools—Alhambra (AHS), Bell Gardens (BGHS), Gabrielino (GHS), Mark Keppel (MKHS), Montebello (MHS), San Gabriel (SGHS), and Schurr (SHS)—annual Division 3 swim team prelims and finals was held at SHS. There are four styles of strokes that each individual swimmer can do: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle. With 11 event categories, each school can enter four swimmers in one event for prelims. Individual swimmers can swim in two individual races and two relay events, which consist of four swimmers—either all swimming the freestyle stroke or a medley of backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and

freestyle. Prelims determine who qualifies to swim in finals due to many eligible. Prelims had heats of eight swimmers to determine who makes it to finals. There are two heats in finals, heat one is from seventh to 12th place consolation heat and heat two is first to sixth place for the championship finals. Even though SGHS did not win the championship, they are proud of each individual swimmer that broke personal records. It is also a tradition that the swimmers would get their body drawn. Every year the swim team would draw on each other, from encouraging words to wings for our butterfly swimmers or pretty flowers. You will also notice that every swimmer will write what events, heat, and lane number there are in around their arm.

even a group of boys in cheerleader clothing, the first quarter was about to begin. The ambitious players focused. The usual scoreboard set. The enthusiastic crowd was ready. First quarter flew by while harboring several incomplete passes, out-of-bounds plays, and the initial advantage to the seniors. Despite the game being an incredible tug-o’-war game for both sides to be consistent with a lead on the other, in roughly 10 seconds counting down to halftime, the seniors’ stride skyrocketed up to a score of 21-0 due to Cabrera’s two back-toback touchdowns before halftime. Everyone went wild. “This is my first powderpuff game, I didn’t get to experience with it last year, because I was injured,” senior Cabrera said. “It felt pretty cool, because you know—it’s a boy’s sport—so it is not really known for girls to do a touchdown. My goal was obviously to win with my friends and ,just to have fun and make it a memorable moment.” Following the halftime huddles and reassurance, perfect passes outnumbered fumbles and incompletions. Both sides were really close to changing up the scoreboard. And then, the juniors scored; Khem made a touchdown in the fourth quarter and the hyped up crowd nearly sprang for joy. “I felt very surprised and I was actually really happy, because we were pretty down in the first two quarters,” junior Khem said. “My goal was to actually try to win this game and help my girls out as a team.” With one additional touchdown from the seniors, the game seemed settled for the juniors. But, Rendon came in soaring on the field in the last few minutes of the game, making stunning attempts to steal the win from the seniors. “The anticipation of the game and practicing scared me,” junior Rendon said. “I actually did well [and] I think we did our best.” The Powderpuff game had ceased with a 35-7; however, even in the event of a loss for the juniors, Khem remarks that “it was a great learning experience; we will be back next year.”





1) Senior Kelvin Huynh, dressed as Sully from Monsters Inc., “stomps” on senior Henry Vuong as part of an ASB sketch. 2) Seniors Miriam Flores (left) and Peggy Quach (right) cheer for their class, wildly raising their hands in the air and waving pom poms to show class spirit. 3) Choreo members senior Fionna Lu (left) and juniors Ella Sanchez (middle) and Cindy Feng (right) showcase their skills by executing a coordinated leap into the air.




The Matador, May 16 Vol 63, Issue 9  
The Matador, May 16 Vol 63, Issue 9