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(4) Drinking parents at football games become potential issue for administration (8) Junior turns passion for electronic music into profitable business

(19) A sophomore’s love of rodeo overcomes loss of two horses


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[5] BURDEN OF DEBT A new act introduced to Congress by President Obama aims at helping students deal with expensive college tuitions. by emily aijkens

feature/ [7] HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL This year’s main musical theater production had open auditions and an all-inclusive nature. by marisa charpentier

entertainment/ [15] CHILLY WEATHER FASHION The Marquee warms readers up on stylish ways to spruce up wardrobes this season. by molly spain

sports/ [17] FAST TRACK TO OLYMPICS Swim coach Shannon Gilespy named to 2012 London Olympic swimming coach team. by alex mcginnis and liz le

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score pattern emerges

Trend shows Marcus PSAT team producing less Finalists than Flower Mound story | jasmine sachar

In past years, there has been a widening gap in the number of National Merit Semifinalists between Marcus and Flower Mound High School. This year, Flower Mound has 21 while Marcus has six. In 2010, Flower Mound had 34 semi-finalists while Marcus had 18 and in 2009, Flower Mound had 13 and Marcus had eight. PSAT team teacher Brenda Glidewell said she doesn’t know the reason for this pattern. “That’s a question that we ponder,” Glidewell said. “I think a lot of things factor into that.” Being a finalist often means being awarded full-ride scholarships from several universities like the University of Oklahoma and Texas A&M, in addition to a $2,500 grant from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Marcus prepares students for the PSAT by means of a nine-week PSAT team class in the fall of junior year. Students who make above a 163 on their practice sophomore PSAT are invited to join. All teams in the district share a general curriculum, but Marcus PSAT teachers tweak the curriculum every year based on students’ weak areas according to their on sophomore year PSAT. While on the PSAT team, Marcus students take four full length PSATs. There is a four-day-long summer session, and in the fall session practice packets and the official College Board SAT Practice book is utilized. Last year, less than 100 students enrolled on the team. Senior Tori Bertocci was a member of the PSAT team and is a Semifinalist this year. “I think (the team) definitely helped, just because the questions are formatted in a certain way,” Bertocci said. “It’s helpful to practice those particular questions. With the English section you start to kind of think the way College Board thinks.” Bertocci made a 235 on her junior year PSAT, a 42-point jump from her sophomore year. She said the class’s effectiveness was due in part to who taught it. “A packet is great, but if you don’t explain it in a way that’s going to stick inside someone’s mind, it’s not a whole lot of help,” Bertocci said. The Flower Mound team uses a different process. Flower Mound PSAT team teacher Jill Barclay said their PSAT team program has more students in it than any other in the district, just under 200. She said students are aware of the test by the time they are freshmen, if not earlier. “We have kids ‘prepping’ just to make sure they qualify for the team in their sophomore year,” Barclay said. “It has become very competitive as we max out on how many students we have room for on the team.” They take a total of nine practice tests as a part of their PSAT program, five full-length SATS in addition to four full-length PSATS. Flower Mound senior Sanjana Puri said the nine tests make her peers very comfortable with the test material. “Students need to practice applying their critical thinking to different problems much more than they need to memorize

the marquee | december 9, 2011

general facts to prepare,” Puri said. “Practice makes perfect make you not care.” as the saying goes, and the PSAT team’s use of numerous The attitude of Marcus students towards the PSAT team practice exams recognizes this idiom.” is not as motivated, Bertocci said. She said some of her Flower Mound also has a differently formatted summer peers did not seem to care about the class. session during which Barclay said their teaching staff tries “I heard that (the class) was useless, stupid and a waste hard to create a team atmosphere. During the mandatory of their time, but I think that... it didn’t really matter to week-long summer session, students play games to become them,” Bertocci said. acquainted with one another and are rewarded with a Glidewell said that most Marcus students have also not Subway party at the end. taken advantage of their resources, like the “My Road” During the fall, different PSAT classes at FMHS compete on the College Board website, like they are encouraged with each other for best scores on to do. This program allows math, reading and writing sections of to analyze the If you’re around people that don’t students each of the practice tests. mistakes and weaknesses really care that much, then it’s going to of their sophomore year The teams’ accomplishments are celebrated on the announcements PSAT and practice those make you not care. and at pep rallies. Most students, shortcomings. Barclay said, take the class very “That’s going to be one Tori Bertocci, 12 seriously. of our goals this year, to do a “We remind them often that we better job of acquainting the wouldn’t have any trouble finding someone else who would students and their parents with those resources,” Glidewell be more than willing to take their spot on the team,” Barclay said. said. “But seriously, these kids know how potentially In order to raise interest about National Merit rewarding doing well can be, so they are usually pretty self- Scholarships and the PSAT, Principal Gary Shafferman is motivated.” visiting all middle schools and talking to students. That competitive and celebratory atmosphere, Bertocci All PSAT teachers in the district meet during the year and notes, is to Flower Mound’s advantage. share information. That has led to growth among all LISD “If you’re around people who are really motivated and PSAT teams, Barclay said. really intellectual, you are automatically going to get that “Hopefully this years’ tenth graders will take advantage bump,” Bertocci said. “It might just be if you’re around of all the stuff that is out there, get on board and do well,” people that don’t really care that much, then it’s going to Glidewell said.

Team match-up Marcus

Similarities and the differences exist between the Marcus and Flower Mound PSAT team.

Flower Mound

Number of PSAT practice tests

1 Diagnostic PSATs in summer, 3 Fall practice PSATs

Four PSATs in the fall

Number of full length SAT practice tests


Two full length SATs in summer, Three full length SATs in fall

Number of students in 2011 PSAT team

130 students

190 students

Materials used

The College Board Official SAT Guide and Smith and Dewar SAT prep packets

Incentives used

T-shirt, pizza party

T-shirts, Subway party

Student to teacher ratio



The College Board Official SAT Guide and Smith and Dewar SAT prep packets

design | joe rau



Parent in consumption

photo | vallery phillips

Adults indulging in alcohol at home football games sparks administrative concern story | jasmine sachar

involved with tailgating at home games this year after her brother became a freshman. Drinking among parents in the parking lot, she said, is “definitely popular.” “Kids, we all drink sodas, and the parents all have their beer,” Madere said. “I don’t even know if they know that it’s illegal.” Tailgating only lasted about an hour for most adults, Madere said. “My parents have to drive us home and they’re usually in charge of other kids so they

With the completion of Marauder Stadium last fall, tailgating before football games has become increasingly popular. The parking lot directly in front of the stadium is always filled with parents of athletes and cheerleaders setting up food and playing loud music. But lately it has come to the attention of school officials that some parents are drinking alcohol while tailgating. What parents may not have realized is that it is illegal not just for students but I think parents have a responsibility to set an for anyone to consume alcohol example for their kids. This is not Cowboys on or within 300 feet of school stadium. This is a different environment. property. Principal Gary Shafferman said Dori Loughborough, Government he heard talk of parents drinking at games this year as well, but did not witness any of it. want to be responsible,” Madere said. “I was just told that there were a few that Still, she said she had witnessed some had been drinking, but the question was, had parents whose drinking was “out of control.” they been drinking before they got there, or “When you’re at the football game you were they drinking on our site,” Shafferman have some parents that get really rowdy, said. especially if the refs make the wrong call,” Administration will continue to make efforts Madere said. “They take situations out of to halt parental drinking during tailgating at proportion, and sometimes you can smell it home football games. on their breath, and it’s bad.” Last year, two parents were escorted from Government teacher Dori Loughborough the stadium by police while intoxicated. sits in the reserved section off to the side, and Senior Madison Madere’s parents became said that she has never seen parents drinking design | sydney sund

at the actual game. She has only tailgated once, but said parents probably do consume alcohol on school grounds. “I think it’s inappropriate,” Loughborough said. “It is illegal. It’s a high school game. I think parents have a responsibility to set an example for their kids. This is not Cowboys stadium. This is a different environment.” About 12 Flower Mound police officers patrol home games, stationed in the parking lot or at locations around the stadium. If a student is found to be drinking at a game, the police are involved and can choose to give tickets. Even if a ticket is not issued, the student is given 30 days in DAEP. “We’re always supportive of filing charges against them [students] because we want them to be safe,” Shafferman said. Adults who drink on school grounds are also subject to a ticket. Officer Wendell Mitchell of the Flower Mound Police Department said that he is not aware of any action taken towards parental drinking this past season. The possession of alcohol on school grounds is a Class C misdemeanor. “It should be something that the police deal with,” Shafferman said. “I would say that if it became a continuous problem with one particular group, I would meet with them and tell them not to come back.” Next year, Shafferman said he will go

around and discuss drinking with every tailgating group. “I think the biggest problem is what message it sends to the kids. High school sports is all about the kids and we need to remember that,” Shafferman said. “Obviously, we always say to kids that you can have fun without drinking…You don’t need alcohol to have fun.”

By the law (a) A person commits an offense if the person possesses an intoxicating beverage for consumption, sale, or distribution while: (1) on the grounds or in a building of a public school; or (2) entering or inside any enclosure, field, or stadium where an athletic event sponsored or participated in by a public school of this state is being held.

december 9,2011 | the marquee

news 5

Students continue to face mounds of debt

President Obama issues new debt reform plan to combat rising college tuition costs story | emily aijkens

then what I make myself.” To help save up money, McLaughlin takes Co-op. The Skyrocketing college costs and decreasing employment class allows her to complete her school day at 12:30 p.m. and rates for graduates are leaving students with more debt than work the busiest shifts. Although she already works 25 to 35 ever before. For the first time ever, American student loan hours a week, she hopes to graduate early next year so she debt has reached one trillion dollars and has surpassed the can work at least 50 hours a week at Sonic and possibly get another job. Each week, McLaughlin puts $250 to $300 in her amount Americans owe in credit card debt. Marcus counselor Tom Alsop has worked with students college fund and hopes to have $2,500 by the time she starts college. McLaughlin’s first semester at UT Austin will cost who have been affected by student debt. “A lot of students can’t go where they’d like to go, where about $20,000, not even half of what she hopes to have saved they’re qualified to go, because the money is not always by her freshman year. “I work so hard, but I don’t have the money,” McLaughlin there,” Alsop said. “Kids come out of college owing $50,000, said. “College needs to be more affordable to the public. If you $60,000, $70,000. That really puts a cramp in their style.” really put your heart into In an attempt to help learning and really show students who must take out There is no other money for me a passion for it [colleges] loans for college in the future, should understand that.” President Obama announced a then what I make myself. **** new student loan reform plan. Protests concerning The plan, which will begin rising tuition costs have in 2012, allows Americans to Amber McLaughlin, 11 started up around the consolidate and reduce interest world. rates on their student loans. With a start up in Zuccotti Park in New York City, Occupy The new law allows students who hold a direct government loan and government-backed private loans to consolidate Student Debt is working in solidarity with the Occupy Wall their debts into one government loan. The new loan will cap Street movement. The protesters are made up of those who payments at 10 percent of a student’s income. If students keep feel they have no escape from their debt. Their main objectives up with payments for 20 years--10 years for those working are to make student loans interest-free, public tuition federally in public service such as teaching, nursing, or military--the funded, and have a million people sign a petition to default on their loans in protest. Their website, remaining debt left unpaid will be forgiven. Money Matters teacher Janice Shuffield does not believe says, “We were told to work hard and stay in school, the law will achieve its intended outcome. Shuffield said the and that it would pay off. We are not lazy. We are law lacks a mean of motivating students to work hard and pay not entitled. We would give anything to pay our debt, but we are un(der)employed due to the job off their student debt. “If you are really interested in getting through school with crises.” Last year in the UK similar protests turned little or no debt, nothing has basically changed,” Shuffield violent. On December 9 the British parliament said. Alsop suggests that students should consider going to a community college. “Community college is so cheap compared to most four year colleges. (Students) could still go on to graduate from their four year college,” he said. Junior Amber McLaughlin is considering just that. Due to her parent’s divorce and hard economic times, McLaughlin has $9,500 left in the college fund for her and her brother. “I really want to go to UT and I have the grades and everything to get in it, SAT scores and everything, but I can’t afford it,” McLaughlin said. “There is no other money for me other

voted to increase university tuition fees from £3,290 to £9,000, the equivalent of about $13,000. Rioters in London lit fires, smashed windows, and attacked a car carrying Prince Charles and his wife. “Do I see that happening in America? No, because the government will just give people more money to go which perpetuates the problem,” Economics teacher Matthew Stoeberl said. Stoeberl said that the current standard for education is that a college education should be available to everyone. “A kid does not have to be a great student anymore to get into college,” Stoeberl said. This along with the increase of financial aid, scholarships, and loans has also increased the number of students able to go. “Everyone gets to go, and everyone can get money to go,” Stoeberl said. “The demand for college is skyrocketing and that’s driving up tuition prices.”






$2,242 1981 the marquee | december 9, 2011

1995 Tuition of a public four year college, adjusted for inflation. design | amanda collen

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feature 7


seconds with...

Eddie Boswell, 12 compiled | mckenna autem photo | kathryn petrauskas

If you could be any teacher at Marcus, who would you be and why? “Mr. Cooke so I could say ‘da’gon corndog’ whenever I want.” Who’s your celebrity man crush? “Ryan Reynolds. Have you seen him in ‘The Proposal’? That balcony scene…”

The best pickup line you’ve ever used?

“Let’s make like fabric softener and snuggle.” If you could get rid of any color in the rainbow, which one would it be and why?

All-school musical New theater show allows entire student body to audition story | marisa charpentier

Senior Zach Pletcher’s phone buzzed. He had been at home, sick for the day. Putting the phone to his ear, he realized it was one of his theater friends. “You’re Stewpot,” a voice shouted. Stewpot is the role that Pletcher had hoped for in “South Pacific,” the upcoming school musical. Pletcher has taken theater since he was a freshman. He has participated in every school musical alongside other theater students. But this year was different. This year, anyone could try out. *** Junior Robyn McGhee stood staring at the cast list taped to the door before her. She scanned the paper until she found her name. She was Nellie. A lead. Last year, McGhee took theater and landed a minor part as one of the wives in “Li’l Abner.” This year McGhee is not in theater, but she was still able to try out. She began skipping down the halls. *** After several announcements publicized the fact that all students could audition, both theater students and those not in theater tried out for the musical and are now in the show. “I think any time you can incorporate more people and give other people opportunities to perform, it’s a great thing,” Marquette Coach Alice Dack said. During a committee meeting Choir teacher William Dove and several other teachers including assistant Choir director Wesley Davis, decided to put on “South Pacific” for the upcoming musical. The musical portrays two love stories set during World War II. Both couples must face prejudice in their relationships because they are of different races and deal with the struggles that come along with war. Unlike previous years, the band, orchestra and choir are participating in the show as well as several Marquettes and Dance students. The musical is also under new leadership. Dove is the musical director, and Theater Arts teacher Rita Powers is in charge of acting. Davis and Dack are directing the choreography. “This is the first year that we are all working on it together and we thought this show would be easier to put together,” Dove said. “It’s not just a dance show only or a singing show only or an acting show only.” Most of these teachers are new to the musicals at Marcus, but they do have theater experience. Davis has been in several musicals at Oklahoma City University, and Dack was a lead

in her high school’s version of “South Pacific.” “I think it was meant to be,” Dack said. Both choreographers have started working on the dance material for the show. The choreography is less technical and fits the characters and their personalities more, according to Dack. During auditions, students were asked to stay after school to sing. Callbacks were then set up so that singers could read for the leads and speakers could audition for speaking roles, a routine much different from that of last year. “This time we actually had time to prepare and we knew exactly what we were doing,” Pletcher said. For McGhee, auditions were not seen the same way. The students auditioning for the part of Nellie had to wait several hours before they auditioned. “It was really long and tedious,” McGhee said. “But it was fun because we had a really good group of people.” Because more non-theater students are participating in the show, the information about the show and rehearsals has been made clearer, according to McGhee. In the past, students were not always aware of how the theater program worked. “When I first came into theater I was completely lost,” McGhee said. “No one really explained it to me. But here they treat everyone like they are new, so it’s a lot more informative.” For rehearsals, directors have created a schedule where different cast members rehearse at different times. Last year, students came to rehearsals even when they were not needed. With more teachers, such organization is easier to achieve. “We are only called for certain times, so we are not wasting our time when we could be studying for school,” Pletcher said. Practicing for “Li’l Abner” last year, McGhee had late night practices and weekend practices, some of which lasted from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Rehearsals for “South Pacific” consist of four hour practices after school that lengthen as opening night approaches. “There aren’t any weekend rehearsals except right next to the play, which is so amazing,” McGhee said. “It’s so much better.” But rehearsals are still time-consuming. McGhee has had to cancel extracurricular activities like voice and piano lessons. She has also not been able to attend club meetings. With more students and programs participating, Dove and other directors say they hope to increase attendance at the musical, which opens on Jan. 26. “It’s exciting to actually get some diversity and open up the musical,” Pletcher said.

“I’m color blind. This is awkward.”

If you could go back in time, what would you do? “This is for all the Downing kids… I’d like to go back to when Mrs. Grant was born so I could ride a dinosaur with her.” photos | mariah lucy Senior Zach Pletcher, along with the rest of the “South Pacific” cast, practice their music pieces at rehearsal. “South Pacific” opens on Jan. 26. the marquee | december 9, 2011

design | courtney clubb

8 feature

Turning the tables Junior fights against drug rave culture through DJing business

The louder the song gets, the harder people dance. Although the lights are off, it is surprisingly bright in the room. Black lights cause everything white to glow. Glow sticks paint trails of light as people move. Lasers form patterns on the crowd.

Tonight is beaming straight across the universe.


the evo lut tion

Tonight, the stars ignite like fireflies. Tonight is burning a hole in the sky.

of rave


design | maria heinonen

would make someone feel out of control. For me, the lights and the loud music, that’s enough.” *** Tonight. The whole city is ours. A heavy steady bass begins and takes over the entire song. Dance. The bass gets even stronger. Sweat. The entire track gets louder. Everyone is anticipating the drop, the moment where the bass is its strongest. *** At raves, Morales plays dubstep, techno, electronic, trance and hardstyle. What music he plays at each party depends on his audience. “If I crank up a tune for a bunch of high schoolers that has a catchy beat they’re like ‘Okay, I dig this song, I’ll start dancing to this,’” Morales said. Middle schoolers are the roughest crowd, Morales found. “They want all of their stuff played all the time,” Morales said. “It’s all about them, but the best part of being a DJ is that if you don’t want to play the song, you don’t have to play it.” *** The beat is building in the background, slowly getting louder, competing with the lyrics.

evolution the

n olutio the ev

Morales said he always liked being in control of the music and seeing how people react, but Cars line the street and spill over to a it was his dad’s, Art Morales, idea to turn his nearby parking lot. A muffled bass shakes the love for music into a business.Morales began walls of a single house. The steady beat seems getting paid to DJ. to call people to the house. They travel in “Being in charge of the music is something herds, pilling out of cars, jumping fences and I love because you’re in charge of the party crossing lawns. On the Facebook event page, basically,” Morales said. “Being the life of 422 people signed are listed as “attending”, the party and getting paid for it.” 207 “maybe attending”. There is no telling He saved up and bought his own speakers, how many people are at the party, but they added more black lights, strobe lights and are all fighting to be in lasers, and bought one room. I like being in control. Drugs would himself a mixer, A wave of heavy, allows make someone feel out of control. which humid air fills the For me, the lights, and the loud Morales to match music, that’s enough. garage as body heat up the BPS (beats and sweat boil the Ross Morales, 11 per second) and already hot Texas June switch from one air. There’s barely any song to another. room to breathe, let alone dance, but the Because he doesn’t have professional students find a way. Broken glow sticks and equipment worth thousands of dollars, muddied sweat create a thin film across the Morales uses his mixer, iPods and laptops to floor, disturbed by the pounding of feet. play music from. People barely glide past each other trying “I make it work, make it happen with to get closer to one man. The DJ, junior what I have,” Morales said.Now Morales DJs Ross Morales, armed with two free standing dinners, birthdays, New Years, end of school, speakers, two iPods and a mixing board, summer and graduation parties. stands alone surrounded by people. “It feels awesome, the feeling of having *** that much control of the crowd,” Morales It was 2010 and Morales was stuck. “What said. “My dream is to have a whole sea of should I do for my 15th birthday party?” people, a big crowd, and be able to hold up Morales’ answer wasn’t so typical. That my hand and everyone go crazy and just January, he set up a white garage tent, and press play.” with the help of a few extension cords and The original raves started in Europe his friend’s speakers, threw a rave, a party around the 1980s and were famous for their based on dancing and listening to electronic electronic dance music, light shows and music. There were no hallucinogenic drugs, heavy drug use. Ross’ rave tent includes no alcohol, just a tent, some lights and good everything but the latter. music. Pretty soon, Morales was doing “I do everything without the bad stuff,” favors for his friends, playing at their parties. Morales said. “I like being in control. Drugs



story | emily aijkens

the evolution

photo | sarah sauer

The term “Rave” first used in England to describe “wild bohemian parties”.

Paul McCartney records “Carnival of Light,” an experimental sound collage.

Disco era comes to an end, rave music and culture becomes more popular in America. Electronic music associated with a “rave.”

Increase drug overdoses at raves cause laws to be passed to prevent and discourage raves.

House, trance, techno, dubstep, hardstyle and many other variations of electronic music are played at raves.

december 9, 2011 | the marquee

feature 9

One-way ticket to adventure Early graduate looks forward to backpacking through Western Europe, attending University of London in Birbeck, touring historic sites story | molly spain

“I’m excited, but it’s also a little scary though,” Velarde said. “It’s definitely going to be a big culture shock.” hen the school year comes to a close, Velarde took AP classes throughout school as well as seniors will be shopping for prom, doubling up on math credits last year to graduate early. She brainstorming senior pranks or gearing said she will miss Texas because she will be leaving behind up for graduation, but not senior Makayla friends, leaving the place where she grew up and leaving Velarde. She will be in Europe soaking in the warm Texas weather behind for colder days. Although the rich culture. She will have the opportunity to live in Velarde will be absent for prom and graduation, she said she London – home of Buckingham Palace and Abbey Road. will only be a little upset. She can see the green cliffs of Ireland and the centuries old “I’m going to be in Europe, so it’s like ‘prom or Europe’?” castles. She will practice her French and admire the Eiffel Velarde said. “I choose Europe.” Tower in Paris and tour the Colosseum while eating gelato in Velarde’s parents support her decision to graduate early, Rome. She will walk the streets of Berlin and sample famous backpack through Europe and attend the University of German sausage, or stare awestruck at the beautiful towering London.Velarde said they thought it was a good opportunity cathedrals of Spain. This is all possible because Velarde for her to see the world. She will be starting her trip in London, decided to graduate early. then travelling to Ireland and hopefully to Spain, France and Velarde is graduating on Jan. 12, and on the 13, she is Germany from there. Velarde and moving to Wisconsin with her Alyssa will be travelling by Euro mom. She is leaving the states in I just thought I’d do something train and staying in hotels in each March to embark on a three-month different, you know, shake it location. backpacking trip through Europe “If I need help from my up a little bit. with her 23-year-old cousin, Alyssa. parents, I can’t just drive [to Her dad is paying for the trip as a Makayla Velarde, 12 them],” Velarde said. “It’s going graduation present. to be different. I’m going to a “I just thought I’d do something place where I don’t have any different, you know, shake it up a little bit,” Velarde said. friends. I don’t know anybody.” Of the 761 seniors, Velarde is one of the 58 graduating The one thing Velarde said she couldn’t leave behind is early this year. Counselor Cheryl Richey said students aren’t her iPod. She isn’t bringing her cell phone on the trip because receiving money for early graduation this year due to the Velarde said her dad doesn’t want to pay for international economy, whereas last year, students received $500 for phone calls. He is already paying for the almost $1,000 plane graduating in January. ticket to Europe, and Velarde has saved about $2,000 for “It’s been about the same number every year,” Richey spending money. However, her cousin is bringing a phone to said. “Some of our students used to graduate early because communicate with their families. they wanted money. But with the majority of the kids, that “You just have to go prepared,” Velarde said. “You just was just always an extra little gravy on there.” have to protect yourself.” However, Richey said she usually doesn’t recommend Velarde said that if she has a good experience at the that her students graduate early because she doesn’t want University in London, she would like to stay in London after them to miss out on a normal senior year with friends. And she graduates, rather than coming back to the United States. though she likes students to have a full senior year, she said “It’s just a new place and I think it would be fun to work she recognizes that some students just need to get out. there,” Velarde said. “The majority of the students that graduate early are While attending school, instead of staying in a dorm on students who have enjoyed high school, but they’re kind of campus like most college students, Velarde will be living in done,” Richey said. “They just want to move on.” an apartment with a family friend, Diane, and her daughter, And that is what Velarde plans to do. After her Amy. Moving all of her belongings into the apartment will backpacking trip through Europe, she is moving to London prove to be a challenge, Velarde said. to attend the University of London in Birkbeck. “I’m going to have six suitcases,” Velarde said. “All of



Ireland England

my shoes are like two suitcases right there. Then I have my coats, which is one. And my jeans, which is another. And my make-up is another.” The language barrier will be hard, Velarde said, even in London because she isn’t familiar with their “lingo.” Velarde will be taking French classes in Wisconsin in the months preceding the move to Europe. And Velarde said she was worried about the public healthcare system in London because she is “prone to accidents.” But regardless of these worries, Velarde said the pros outweighed the cons in her decision. “I just wanted something different,” Velarde said. “I wanted an adventure. I want to go experience something new.”

photo | mariah lucy Sitting at Barnes and Noble, senior Makayla Velarde studies up on ideas of where to visit when she travels for three months throughout Europe.



the places she’ll go

the marquee | december 9, 2011

design/graphics | maria heinonen

10 sponsors

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december 9, 2011 | the marquee

in-depth 11

Illegal Immigration With new immigration laws taking place in several states, the question of whether illegal immigrants should share the rights of natural citizens has been a big topic of national debate. The Marquee looks deep into the struggles of and attitudes towards illegal immigrants.

the marquee | december 9, 2011

design | breyanna washington

12 in depth

Junior’s family reflects on trials of illegality, benefits of becoming United States citizens story | vallery phillips and marisa charpentier

Martha Sandoval watched as her husband Camilo Sandoval hammered down roofing shingles in the sweltering Florida heat. She peered out the car window, waiting for him to climb down to her and their 1-year-old son Juan. Camilo walked to the car. Tears filled his eyes. He wasn’t always a construction worker. “Look at Juan.” Martha told him. “He is here. I am here. We are going to get through this together.” *** Junior Juan Sandoval and his parents arrived in Miami as tourists from Bogotá, Colombia in 1996, knowing they wanted to relocate here. Immigration allowed them to stay legally for six months. Stepping off the plane into the United States, the Sandovals did not know where they would live, where they would find work or when they would become legal. Among other worries, Juan’s mother did not know she would soon become pregnant. As a teenager, Camilo had lived in the U.S. and already had his residency, but Martha did not have a citizenship or a residency. Neither did Juan. But Martha believed leaving Colombia was for the best. Political rebel groups, the Guerillas, had repeatedly kidnapped Juan’s father. The kidnappings began when Juan was only a few months old. Camilo was a veterinarian at the time, commuting to small towns during the day to work on farms and returning to his family at their home in Bogotá afterwards. The

design/graphics | breyanna washington

rebels searched to find helpers that could assist them with animals in the jungle. The first kidnapping lasted two days. Then the next one lasted four, and during the last one, Camilo was taken for an Junior Juan Sandoval and his mother Martha sit in their living room talking about their past in Columbia. Sandoval enjoys his entire week. Throughout these culture and plans on carrying it out in the future. periods, Martha feared her husband was dead, leaving her to Daniela Sandoval. Born in Miami, Daniela was a U.S a widow and her newborn son Juan fatherless. But when citizen. Because Camilo had his residency, and Daniela was he returned the last time, Martha was afraid and persistent: a citizen they could visit Colombia. Since Juan and his they had to leave Colombia. mother had no way of leaving legally, they were left behind. *** Consequently, when Juan’s great-grandmother, who No longer able to be a vet, Camilo struggled to keep his had raised Camilo, died Juan family afloat in the U.S. by working All through the years, the law and his mother were not allowed in construction. Building houses, he supported his pregnant wife and changed, and unfortunately, it to travel to Colombia to attend Juan. Martha said she struggled to was against the immigrants. the“Ifuneral. would always ask my dad hold back tears as she watched her Martha Sandoval why I couldn’t go, and he would husband take on this new job. “I didn’t want to show him any weakness,” Martha never tell me,” Juan said. said. “We had to be strong.” *** In Colombia, Martha was a microbiologist. But in the Dressed in his nicest attire, Juan walked through the U.S., since she was not a citizen, she could not work. Instead, she spent her days cleaning houses and making building surrounded by numerous people. Answering questions with his right hand held high and an American fishing poles. The Sandovals then lived in a “room,” as Martha flag waving in his left, Juan was granted with his U.S. described it when they first moved to the U.S., a sudden citizenship. Juan was the last in his family to become a citizen. change from their average-sized apartment in Colombia. Juan’s father Although Juan does remember gaining his U.S. citizenship gained an additional job at American at the age of 7, he did not realize until age 10 that he had Airlines. With two jobs, Camilo lived six years of his life as an illegal immigrant. Once Juan’s mother gained her citizenship, she worked from early morning to late at attended college in the U.S. to pursue microbiology for night. After meeting with a lawyer, the the second time. After years of college Martha graduated family discovered that they would with her degree. Because the job consisted of long night have to wait two or three years for the shifts, Martha decided this career choice was not for her. When Juan was in the seventh grade, the Sandoval immigration process to be complete and to become legal citizens. The family moved to Texas. Martha was asked to take a entire process lasted a total of six bilingual teaching job at Central Elementary. Now, she years. They were billed a $1,500 teaches at Hedrick Middle School, while Camilo continues payment from the government for to work at American Airlines. During the summer, the family visits Colombia. staying longer than six months in a Although Juan claims he prefers living in Colombia for foreign country. “All through the years, the law the cultural aspect, his mother said that she believes they changed, and unfortunately it was have benefited greatly from moving to the U.S. “There is better education for my kids here,” Martha against the immigrants,” Martha said. Several months later in June of said. “I never thought to change my career to be a teacher, 1997, Juan became an older brother but here in the U.S. there are so many opportunities.” december 9, 2011 | the marquee

in depth 13

This past year, many states have started to crack down on their own laws regarding illegal immigrants. Although many proposed anti-immigration laws have been shot down in state legislatures, these are laws that have been put into effect. compiled | jasmine sachar and emily aijkens


Georgia Passed this April, Georgia’s new immigration law gives police power to demand documentation from any suspected illegal and detain said person if they fail to present those papers.

Alabama’s law requires that schools check the papers of all children before they enter kindergarten. It is against the law to give illegals a ride in a vehicle. Immigrants without legal papers are denied the ability to work, travel and own or rent a home.

Arizona Immigrants must have their papers with them at all times. If an officer asks for papers, and the immigrant does not have them, they can be charged for a misdemeanor crime.

CAUTION: QUESTIONING AHEAD The Marquee issued a survey to students regarding their views on illegal immigration. compiled | meghan eurich

A. Very accepting B. Friendly C. Hostile D. Annoyed E. Indifferent

C 13%

D 22%


C 12% E 31% D



B 17.5% 28%

South Carolina now requires police to check the immigration status of every person they detain.

Illegal immigrant children should be allowed to recieve scholarships for American colleges.

Illegal immigrant children should be able to attend public disagree schools. 34% agree agree 66% 37% disagree 63%


What is your attitude towards illegal immigrants?

South Carolina

A 23% Illegal immigrants... A. Help the economy B. Hurt the economy C. Make no difference in the economy D. Don’t know/undecided

B E 21% 19.5% A 34%



C 8.5% Where did you obtain most of your information on illegal immigration? A. National news B. Local news C. Internet D. Friends/family E. Other * survey based on 246 students

the marquee | december 9, 2011

design/graphics | breyanna washington



Style is best served chilled compiled | molly spain

Abandon your tacky wool sweaters and earmuffs. The Marquee put together a winter wonderland wardrobe so you can stay warm while still being fashion forward.

photos | mariah lucy

American Eagle $29.50 A’Gaci $40.00

look inspired by: Taylor Swift Country sweetheart Swift has a flirty style that can be easily acquired. Try a long crocheted sweater and some leggings or just a sweater dress. Defy the cold with a thighlength skirt and a flowery top. Dress the outfit with a draped scarf and a leather jacket. Anything with pastels or neutral colors will play nicely into the wardrobe. This winter is all about knee-length or ankle boots and flannel shirts.

Urban Outfitters $39.50

Target $20.00 American Eagle $39.50-$49.50

DSW $40.00

Zumiez $40.00

Urban Outfitters $18.00 or 2 for $32.00

look inspired by: James Franco New Yorker, hipster Franco captures the season’s essence of clothing. Franco keeps the dress casual. A pair of dark wash jeans and a simple long-sleeve striped shirt covered with a hoodie will make one impenetrable to the winter winds. Try out some vibrant colors that will make girls’ heads turn. Bright earthy colors such as blues or greens are a great pick. Franco sums up this year’s frosty fashions for boys: it’s all about layers.

Old Navy - $25

American Eagle $49.50

Sun & Ski Sports $48.00 design | maria heinonen

december 9, 2011 | the marquee

entertainment 15

Hands on control

The Marquee reviews the triumphs and pitfalls of this season’s newest video games reviews | breyanna washington

Other games to keep your eyes on I’ve got 99 problems, but this game ain’t one Battlefield 3

Instead of being a problem, this game seems to be the answer to everything with its great game play. The game itself is a masterpiece and worth all those hours of changing the channel away from the commercial. Realistic visuals and easy-to-understand conflicts are more than enough to keep a player going until the game ends. Although the gamer can get a few laughs, the level of vulgar language is enough to make a sailor blush. Ignoring the normal reasons for the M rating, the game is epic.

The Entire Care Package Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 | Pfft! A shot is heard and seconds later, a body falls next to your feet. You run, scared of being his shadow, but you trip. Crimson drips splatter your view. You aim down, wondering who’s so set on taking your life. No. A roar of disappointment and agony roles around your headset as you scream—asking God why you failed. Although you are miles away from the killer, you can feel him smile and imagine his grimace as his kill streak flashes the screen. You’re dead. He wins. Although the feeling of defeat is no short of disappointing, it’s a feeling that insights hope in the player. Following its predecessor, COD: Modern Warfare 2, COD: Modern Warfare 3 is that game that instills that feeling—especially for the loser who wasn’t on the killer’s level. The Call of Duty franchise has been a crowd pleaser for several games in the series. With its first player shooting style and its four-out-of-five star graphics, the first installments of the Call of Duty series, were matches to be met. One might describe the games as the perfect step up of shooting games that

are usually Halo-oriented. The hiding from enemies and shooting of foes can be a played out concept (yet again, thanks a lot Halo), but COD: Modern Warfare 3 is nothing more than pure amazing. During the game, a player feels continual surge of energy. The game is graphic gold. Although Battlefield 3’s campaign is arguable one of the sickest visually attractive game modes ever, COD: Modern Warfare 3 is quite the competition. The guns are superiorly realistic, and the cities, in all their ruined glory, are very detailed. The game looks like it plays: incredible. The ease of shooting is also a showstopper. Most of the weapons are automatic and allow for quick recharge. The shots are very clean as well. In fact, while playing, the excess blood is barely noticed. Whether it’s a MK14 or a semtex, the weapon list of this game is impressive as well. As for the flash bombs, let’s just say that we could do without them. Their “to close to run away” demeanor makes it hard to get anywhere--especially while in a daze All in all, MW3 is to die for. Satisfying graphics and efficient game play work for the gaming lover of the COD franchise. The $60 is more than worth it. The game itself lives up to its potential, but the question is: will you?

rating guide leave it on the shelf the marquee | december 9, 2011

free trial

rent it

worth the money

gamer heaven

So much horsepower, I might need some reigns Forza Motorsport 4

Forza Motorsport 4 is the sequel to Forza Motorsport 3, a game that does not hesitate to disappoint. The car selection for Forza Motorsport 4 is great. It even includes an American muscle package that can be downloaded on the 360. But as for the game itself, without graphics, the game has no substance. It’s just racing, but if you’re a basic, “Storyline? Ha! Forget about it!” kind of person who enjoys the pure adrenaline of hopping into your Audi R8 and taking down that smug Ferrari, then this is your game.

Breaking barriers— sound ones that is Sonic Generations

The forever loved classic is back and ready to, once again, save the world. Sonic, everyone’s favorite sixteen-year-old blue hedgehog, teams up with Classic Sonic, a Sonic from the decades of our parents’ childhood. In a race through time against Time Eater, a new antagonist on a quest to eat time (go figure), a gamer learns to appreciate this back-to-the-future game that swaps from classic to modern Sega racing. Anyone who is into speed and kicking it old-school cannot go wrong with this latest installment of Sonic the Hedgehog. design | maria heinonen

16 entertainment

It’s the most wonderful time of the year compiled | juliana adame

Feeling like a grinch this holiday season? The Marquee explores various aspects of winter cheer that are sure to make you a little more merry

Holiday Community Calendar

“I always want something for my Harley. It’s always nice to have a new shirt, or a new bandana, or something to put on my motorcycle.”

From Dec. 9- Jan. 1, 2012- “ICE! featuring DreamWorks’ Shrek the Halls™” @ 1501 Gaylord Trail, Grapevine, TX, 76051-1945 An interactive world of colorful ice sculptures carved entirely from two million pounds of ice. The attraction is open through January 1st and runs from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.

“This is going to sound corny, but probably just the health of my family.” “Marcus’s success… another corny one.”

Dec. 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18- “Christmas On Main in Grapevine”

@ Historic Downtown Grapevine Texas, Main Street in Grapevine See Christmas characters, enjoy tractor-drawn wagon rides, and spot beautiful decorations adorning Downtown Grapevine’s Main Street. Open Fridays from 2 - 5 p.m., Saturdays from noon - 5 p.m., and Sundays 2 - 5 p.m.

Dec. 9, 10, & 12- “Claus: The Musical”

Shafferman’s Christmas List

“I really don’t think about myself, but I need a new stereo.” “New clothes. You could always use new clothes.”

Holiday traditions

See how these Marauders celebrate the holiday season

@ Studio B Performing Arts, 2400 FM 407, Highland Village, TX, 75077 Featuring several Marcus students, his new original Christmas musical takes you through a journey of the life of Santa Claus. Show times: Friday & Saturday at 7:30 p.m., Sunday at 2:30 p.m.


Saturday, Dec. 10- “Flower Mound Christmas Parade”

@Morriss Road and Cross Timbers/1171 to Marcus High School Decorated floats will parade down Morriss Road as the Town celebrates the holiday season. For those who can’t make it, be sure to tune in to FMTV throughout the month of December. Beginning at 8:00 a.m., the parade will go until noon.

Dec. 21, 22, & Dec. 23- “CCBT’s ‘The Nutcracker’”

@ Charles W. Eisemann Center for the Performing, 2351 Performance Drive, Richardson, Tx, 75082 Collin County Ballet Theatre will present “The Nutcracker” at the Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts. Show times: Wednesday & Thursday at 6 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.

We light the menorah and say a prayer each of the eight days and we only open one present each day. You’re supposed to have a special meal on the first day of Hanukkah, which is all kosher. We have potato latkes and stuff like that.

Jackie Kranis, 9


We open our family’s Christmas presents on Christmas Eve and then Santa comes and we open those presents on Christmas Day. My mom always gets us a new set of pajamas for Christmas Eve, so we wear those that night. My dad always video tapes us in the morning. In our stockings we always get oranges, so we have oranges and pancakes for breakfast.

Katie Virant, 12

Holiday jam session “A Very She & Him Christmas” She & Him design | amanda collen

“Merry Christmas” Mariah Carey

Add these trendy, classic albums to your winter iTunes library

“The Best Of Collection: Christmas Rocks!” The Brian Setzer Orchestra

“Christmas with Weezer” Weezer

“Have Yourself a Very KT Christmas” KT Tunstall december 9, 2011 | the marquee

sports 17

Across Olympic lanes

After years of preparation, swim coach named to 2012 Olympic coaching team story | alex mcginnis and liz le

named a part of the Olympic coaching staff by managing the USA Open Water World Championship Swim Team. As Shannon Gillepsy walked across the bulkhead, the Other factors also influenced the decision to put Gillespy entire crowd of parents and swimmers grew quiet. Gillespy on the staff, such as her commitment to the team and turned a deep shade of red as head coach of Lakeside performance as a coach. Aquatic Club, Jason Walter, presented her with flowers. While Gillespy prepares for the Olympics, she also The crowd rose from their seats and erupted into cheers as coaches at LAC and is in the middle of her eighteenth Walter announced that she had been accepted to coach at season at Marcus. She has coached many state finalists, the 2012 Olympic Games. champions and Olympic trial qualifiers from past years. “I had known about a month before attending a USA She has been named District and Regional Coach of the Swimming Board Meeting, but when they stopped in year numerous times and has led the team to win regionals the middle of the meet and Jason 11 years in a row. announced it to everyone, I was just Freshman Colter Henderson stunned,” Gillespy said. “Having all Having all the swimmers and has known Gillespy for four the swimmers and parents of LAC parents of LAC...just stand up and years and said that though and all the other teams just stand up cheer for five straight minutes was swim practices are hard, they and cheer for five straight minutes are always worth it in the indescribable. was indescribable. I still can’t Shannon Gillespy end. believe it.” “She’s not as scary as Gillespy has been swimming since some people make her out to she was eight years old. She was a four year letterman in be,” Henderson said. “She may yell at you during practice the 200 IM and the 500 free in high school. She then went but she is only pushing you to do your best.” on to swim at Southern Methodist University and Texas According to sophomore Kara Gunther, Gillespy has had State University. a positive impact on the program and the swimmers. She has been coaching for 28 years, 15 of those with “I look up to her as a swimmer and as a coach,” Gunther LAC. She spent five years coaching Team Orlando said. “I think it’s awesome that she was accepted to coach Swimming and served on the Florida Swimming Board of for the Olympic team. She 100 percent deserves it.” Directors before returning to Texas to coach. Leading up to the games, Gillespy will go to the Olympic “I love coaching here (Marcus),” Gillespy said. “This trials as they pick the teams. She’ll leave on July 15 for is my home. Canada with the team so they can swim in cold water, then Gillespy also serves on the USA Swimming Board of Australia for a week and a half. Finally, they’ll finish in Directors and is the president of the Texas Interscholastic London and compete. Swim Coaches Association. “It’s exciting,” Gillespy said. “It’s something I’ve never For the past four years, she has been on a path to be done before so I’m expecting the unexpected.”

the marquee | december 9, 2011

Chance of a lifetime Shannon Gillespy has been preparing for a chance to coach on the Olympic team for years.


Gillespy named head manager for USA Open Water National Camp.


Gillespy becomes head manager for national team in Rome, Italy.


Gillespy is head manager for national team in Quebec, Canada.


Gillespy named head pool team manager for national team in Shanghai, China.

design | amanda collen



A spotlight of her own

Junior Forte reflects on relationship with basketball star brother, soccer career story | mckenna autem

Junior Courtney Forte is bombarded with what are meant to be jokes from her friends about her brother’s success in basketball. “You’re the failure of the family.” “You’ll never be as good as your brother.” “You’re Phillip’s sister, right?” Her brother, senior Phillip Forte, is a guard on the varsity basketball team and was a key component of leading the team to the 5A State championship victory last year. But Courtney is no stranger to the athletic spotlight. A soccer player since she was 4years-old, she’s played select on the Dallas Texans for six years. She was one of the two girls who made varsity soccer as a freshman. She is also number 14 in the Texas region. And last month, she verbally committed to University of Oklahoma for the 2013 season. “Phillip works really hard for basketball so that motivates me to work really hard in soccer,” Courtney said. What would be an expected rivalry between two star athlete siblings is actually a close, beneficial friendship. “We joke around about it, but Courtney knows that she’s just as good as I am,” Phillip said. Despite Phillip’s successful basketball career, Courtney said she does not feel there is a competition between them. “How could I be better than him? We play different sports, there isn’t a competition,” Courtney said. Courtney’s parents have made an effort to make Courtney and Phillip feel like equals when it comes to sports. “They’re two different kids, you can’t really compare them and I really work hard to not do that,” Forte’s mom, Julie said. “He is very, very driven and Courtney is more of a natural athlete. Things come easy to her, while Phillip works really hard.” Ms. Forte is the manager of Courtney’s select soccer team and her dad is the videographer of Marcus basketball, so are forced to they split their time between the two athletes. “Courtney really is understanding she will always tell me, ‘You can go to Phillip’s things, it’s okay, it’s more important, it’s his senior year’ but as a parent I feel bad,” Julie said. Courtney and Phillip are both very competitive. Despite the competitiveness, Ms. Forte said has seen a growth in the siblings’ relationship over the years. “I know Courtney’s very proud of him and design | sydney sund

“We just knew that we could lean on each I think Phillip’s proud of her too,” Ms. Forte other and rely on each other,” Courtney said. said. It was not until the end of Courtney’s Courtney has also seen the change in their relationship. They fought frequently, like freshman year that she really began to feel most siblings, when they were young, but are close to Phillip. Because the two had mutual friends, they found themselves spending now best friends, Forte says. “I’d always do chores for him so he would more time together in big groups. “She’s someone that I can go to for advice, play with me when we were little, but he would never end up doing it,” Forte said. “I wanted to be close to him.” They’re two different kids. You can’t It was when Courtney’s really compare them and I work parents announced their divorce that she really began really hard to not do that. to see a change in her and Phillip’s relationship. Julie Forte, mother Courtney had just gotten home from a volleyball game one evening when her parents called her and Phillip into the living room of she can come to me for advice… we’re there their family home. Courtney and Phillip took for each other,” Phillip said. Courtney said that she can talk to Phillip their place on the couch as they were told. After a silent moment, their parents revealed about anything, friends, relationships and school. She said that she’s happy she and that they would be getting a divorce. Afterwards, Courtney found that it was easy Phillip finally have the relationship she going to Phillip to talk about the change in always wished for. Along with their parents divorce and their family.

hanging out with mutual friends, Courtney and her brother were able to bond through workouts for basketball and soccer. “He works out so much, on his own, so he made me want to do that too to be like him,” Forte said. Just like on the soccer field, Phillip has also influenced Courtney’s college choice. Phillip recently signed with OSU to play basketball. Over the summer, Courtney spent most of her time flying between states touring colleges. After many college visits, she decided to commit to OU, what she said she considers her proudest moment in soccer. “I felt like I was up there with him [Phillip], it made me feel like I’m as important,” Courtney said. The decision boiled down to the University of Montana or Oklahoma, but after careful consideration, Courtney said OU just seemed right to her. It’s close enough to home and Phillip will be a short one and a half hour drive away. “He’s definitely something for me to live up to,” Courtney said. “Like a high bar set, he’s always pushing me to be better.”

photo | jordan richards Forte started playing soccer at the age of 4. She has played select for the Dallas Texans since the fifth grade. december 9, 2011 | the marquee

sports 19

Around she goes till Mourning Sophomore on rodeo team fights through the loss of two horses due to injury, cancer

photo | amanda collen Sophomore Brooke Mourning practices barrel racing at her practice arena on Nov. 11. Mourning placed eighth in the most recent state competition. story | vallery phillips and sydney sund

“Come on baby,” Sophomore Brooke Mourning whispers. The 11 year old paint quarter horse, Cobalt, makes his way into the arena. Feeling pressure in his left flank, Cobalt moves to the right, ready for a practice run. He only gets one shot. When the competition timer begins, Mourning settles deep into her saddle. Cobalt now knows what to do. Taking off at a run he rounds the first barrel. Even though Mourning competes on Cobalt now, he was not the first horse in her life. *** Riding and rodeos are in Mourning’s blood. Her mother was a pleasure rider as a young adult, and her dad used to compete in rodeos as an amateur bull rider. Unfortunately, as a child, Mourning wasn’t able to compete in rodeos. Mourning and her family didn’t have the land or the money to own a horse she could barrel race on. Then, at the age of ten, Mourning was given her first horse, a thoroughbred strawberry roan, named Roanie. Close to six years ago, a tree had fallen on a neighbor’s fence. Her father, Kurt Mourning, had begun to clear the tree from the fence when the neighbor came to help. While making small talk, the neighbor mentioned he was never home due to traveling with work. “He made a comment of ‘I wish I could find someone to take care of this horse’ and that’s what started it all,” Mr. Mourning said. Riding and spending time with Roanie became an everyday routine for Mourning. His calm and stable personality overjoyed both Mourning and her family. “He was a gentle giant,” Mr. Mourning said. When Roanie came into her life she knew it was fate.

the marquee | december 9, 2011

Rodeo was something she had always been interested in, but something she never could have started without Roanie. “Roanie was the perfect horse to start out on,” Mourning said. “We gave him a new purpose.” Months after the arrival of Roanie, the Mournings added a new horse to the family; Ever Ready. Originally one of her grandfather’s racehorses, Ever Ready was young, healthy and fast. She was the perfect horse for Mourning to begin barrel racing on. The young horse competed very little at the time she was alive. But soon after she arrived, Ever Ready died of cancer. Weeks after the death of Ever Ready, the Mourning family acquired a new horse once again, a paint quarter horse named Cobalt.  Quarter horses are known for their heavilymuscled physique and athletic ability. He was  perfect for competing in rodeos. But six weeks ago, Roanie, was found at the bottom of a creek bed. His fur was matted and red from the blood that was gushing from the deep puncture wound in his chest. “He [Roanie] fell in. There was a stake to hold up the rocks and it was leaning over. It stabbed him,” Mourning said. Roanie’s death was particularly hard on Cobalt, Mourning said. “When Roanie died, my horse [Cobalt] went into a depression. For two weeks after Roanie died, Cobalt would go and stand by the spot where he died. We would let Cobalt out of his stall and he would run laps around the pasture, wondering where Roanie was.” Mourning said. *** Once Mourning entered high school, she automatically

Paying up

Bridle $100

Show Saddle $4000

compiled | sydney sund

A horse is an essential part of rodeo for every rider. But, owning a horse is a big financial commitment. Here’s a estimated sample of the cost of just a few of the basic items needed for a rodeo horse.

signed up for the rodeo team. Every Friday and Saturday in Saginaw, Mourning rides in the North Texas high school rodeo circuit, along with the 25 other students on the Marcus rodeo team. Every Tuesday, she and the other team members meet at the Lewisville Saddle Club to practice and talk about the upcoming competitions. “It is a hard competition,” Mourning said. “You earn points from each rodeo that you compete in and that is how they determine the top 15 at the end of the year.” The top 15 consists of the 15 highest ranked riders in each category. Along with 100 to 120 other barrel racers, Mourning is fighting for the fastest time to reach her goal of first place. In barrel racing, there is a standard pattern that each rider must follow or there is a disqualification and the rider receives a ‘no time’. Rank is based on the total points earned by a rider throughout the entire competition. Points are earned by racing around three barrels in the standard pattern. If a barrel is knocked over, it is a five point deduction. At the end of the season, all of the competitor’s times are averaged out. High school rodeo lasts all year, and the state finalists are revealed at the end of the year on the North Texas rodeo’s website. Last year, at Will Rogers Coliseumas a freshman in her first season of high school rodeo, Mourning placed 8th overall. Now that rodeo has become such a large part of her life, Mourning has considered taking rodeo past high school. “To go from getting a horse and just getting started to where she ended up last year was really something,” Mr. Mourning said.

Saddle Pad x2 $260

Farrier visit (4 shoes and trim) $120 every six weeks

Horse $25000+

Hay $1400 a year

Galloping Boots $70 Cinch $70

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Grammar Queen

BOOMBAS [things we like]


Yearning for learning

Dotting the i’s

Doing your part

It is great to be surrounded by teachers who really care about their students. To all the teachers staying hours after the school bell has rung to help tutor students, we really appreciate it and so do our grades.

Good job to all those athletes out there who signed with various colleges in November. Your hard work and training really paid off and as an added bonus, it makes our school look good.

We appreciate students volunteering for service projects in the community. From selling chocolate to SMOSS making the student body happy, everyone seems to be willing to help out.

Molly Spain

A well-deserved eulogy I find myself staring at the giant white teddy bear in the Santa Claus outfit. Two letters lay next to my feet. Letters I wrote for him when I was 10 on that yellow stationary with the purple and pink flowers. Letters that I forgot to mail. I have nothing to write on that stationary anymore. There were so many things I wish I had written. So many things I wish I had said to my grandpa that now will never be heard. Six weeks ago, I lost the only grandparent I’ve ever really known. He was my grandpa –the one that would bring Queen Anne’s chocolate covered cherries for me and my sisters every Christmas. He was the reason my mom served jellied cranberries at Thanksgiving. He was the only one in my family that read Harry Potter with me when the books were first released. He had the huge, goofy glasses that covered half of his face and neatlycombed thin, grey hairs upon his head. And I loved it. I loved his round belly that was always buttoned into plaid, flannel shirts and tucked into the pair of blue pants he always wore. My grandpa never heard me though. He wasn’t deaf, but I just have a soft voice. So I think it was a few years ago that I gave up on directly talking to him. I had grown tired of repeating myself over and over. I had what I liked to call a “translator” to relay my messages to my grandpa – which were few. Either my little sister (who is extremely loud) or my mom would tell him while they were talking on the phone, “Molly says she loves you.” But I never said it myself. It had been years since I last saw my grandpa. His health never allowed him to make the trip from Arkansas, and I selfishly never wanted to give any of my time to visit. I think part of me thought he would always be around to receive my school newspaper every month and read my stories. That he would always be there to send birthday cards. I never thought of the possibility that he wouldn’t be able to tell me how proud he was after my graduation. That I wouldn’t be able to brag to him about what college I was attending next year. I never thought that my grandpa wouldn’t be able to read the first novel I write. When he died, the family didn’t gossip. No one came forward with juicy secrets. It was the people who he had helped that came forward – the people to whom he had lent money, but he never asked them for anything in return. He had a lifetime of good deeds that his humble personality refused to brag about. “You never know a person’s story,” he would say. “All we can do is help.” He was the most magnanimous person I’ve ever known. He was the beautiful red and orange leaves of the Arkansan trees. He was the one ray of sunlight in many peoples’ lives. And now with every word I write, I’ll think about my grandpa. He is the inspiration I need to follow my dreams. I’m just sorry it took me so long to discover that. So I find myself staring at that teddy bear he got for me when I was a little girl. Staring at the stationary I used to write letters on for him, but never sent. I wish I had written to him on that flowery, yellow paper to thank him for the money he sent or his old car that I drive. I wish I had visited him when he moved into his new assisted living apartment or had surgery on his shoulder. But most of all, I wish I had spoken louder for him so he really knew just how much I loved him. design | joe rau

Swag Me Out

Breyanna Washington

Leave the love for puppies Puppy love is not a burden. Love is probably the most over used word in the American language (next to “swag” and “epic”). People go around saying, “I love you” to friends, family, pets and even inanimate objects. I’m guilty of it too; but when I say it, I mean it in terms of “I’m glad you’re here, and I appreciate your existence” not “Let’s get married, have tons of kids and grow old and fat together.” Unfortunately, many take it as the second connotation. Since I’ve been at Marcus, I’ve made friends that I’ve grown to adore. They are what make the bleak routine of attending school a little bit exciting. But while I’ve been here, I’ve seen more heartbreak than a Lifetime movie. I have not had a single moment when I’ve entered the girls’ restroom and not heard the soft whimper of a sad teenager. I’ve been one of them, so I understand the pain of “loving others.” I’ve even seen some teen boys at school with puppy eyes—wondering why the crush of their dreams didn’t return the affection. Usually, I would tell them, “It’s not you. They just didn’t feel the same way.” But now that I think about it, if they didn’t feel love, then what did they feel? This year, I’ve met tons of nice guys who just make me happy. When I’m around them, I just feel good about myself. And as


Doyou think

PARENTS DRINKING AT GAMES compiled | mckenna autem

dumb as it sounds, I would usually sit and daydream of hanging out with them. My mind would wander toward hypothetical scenarios where we would be somewhere in downtown Dallas, eating pizza until the restaurant was empty and the sun started to set—telling jokes and making fun of all the haters that gave us trouble at school. In fact, that whole scene sounds more than dumb, but it’s what I wanted. I wanted them to be my bros, and unfortunately, I actually fell for one of them—hard. I would text him every chance I got. When he felt down, I would make silly faces and compliment him. He would respond with a little colon smiley face. I would tell him how great I thought he was and he would give me hugs—hugs that were so warm and satisfying, that the estranged feeling of hate and despair were nothing but things that I’ve heard in fairy-tales. Being around him felt so good, that any other emotion in the world could not suffice for me--he was all that I needed and all that I wanted. It was a friendship that I wanted to grow until it had become a full-grown relationship of love. Then, I wrecked it. I said, “I love you.” He did say “I love you” back, but the days that followed were just not as good as the previous. His flirting with other girls increased, and his attention towards me fell. I was a wolf howling at a moon—saying “I love you” to someone who didn’t respond like I wanted. I was hurt. I think this has happened with a lot of my male friends. “I love you” becomes a fence between me feeling too much and them not feeling enough. At night, when I would text the guy I liked, I’d wait until he texted back. Sometimes, he never did, but I would see him on Facebook chatting it up with other girls. First, I was jealous: what made them better than me? Then, I was upset: what I am to him will never be enough. So all in all, I became one of those girls crying my eyes out in the bathroom stall, but I knew why. I admitted my feelings to someone who didn’t like me the way I like him. And it wasn’t my fault. He didn’t want to be my boyfriend, but that didn’t change what we had. So when my crush doesn’t respond the way I want him to, it’s not a good enough reason to jump off a cliff. When someone says “I love you” in return, I have to remember to smile. It means they appreciate me too.

“Yeah, because it doesn’t show the right message and kids are like, ‘Oh if they can do it we can do it.’”

Taylor Hayes, 9

“They might get belligerent. They might get so drunk that they can’t even take the person home, like if they have kids.” Brian Defillipis, 10

photos | kathryn petrauskas

december 9, 2011 | the marquee

HEYS [things we don’t like]

opinion Ravenous rodents

Pesky parent parking

Short end of the stick

The rats are back with a vengeance and are making their way to a classroom near you. Whether or not it’s the teachers or students to blame, we should all learn how to dispose of our food properly.

Students, please stop allowing your parents to drop you off in the student parking lot. That is what the front “drop off” area is for, and it would not hurt you to walk a few extra feet in the morning.

You may not need the ACT to get into many Texas colleges but various colleges outside the state prefer it. Since we have a SAT Prep class, it’s only fair to have an ACT Prep too.


Hillary is my homegirl

Crazy Irish Catholic

Alex McGinnis

Disney defines childhood They’re low budget, cheesy and only 90 minutes long. To a professional movie critic, they’re absolute garbage. But to anyone born between 1992 and ‘95, they were the best Friday nights of childhood. Even now, my friends and I have lengthy discussions about the enchantment of Disney Channel Original Movies. During my first years of comprehensive moviewatching, the awkward characters and tacky plot lines taught me many valuable lessons about society. Brink!- Not only is rollerblading hard-core, having matching elbow and knee pads really puts an edge on your game. Though those tantalizing attributes are hard to resist, this movie taught me not to sell-out and to stay true to what you love. Yes, even if what you love is rollerblading. The Thirteenth Year- I think this taught prepubescents to watch out for surprises. If on your thirteenth birthday you start to turn into a mermaid, don’t worry. You’re parents probably found you on a boat and decided to adopt you…because that’s normal. And legal. The Color of Friendship- This movie had a clear point, but at age 7 I was far from understanding it. This movie didn’t teach me to fight racism. It taught my underdeveloped mind that racism exists, South Africa is a country, and that you shouldn’t offer

“Yeah because they have to drive their kids home. Most kids don’t even have cars so their parents are their rides home, then you have drunk driving.” Courtney Jackson, 11

vanilla milkshakes to black girls. Quints- When my parents told me that my mom was pregnant with my little brother, I was not happy. I may have thrown a tantrum. I think this movie made me subconsciously think that babies cause Older-Sibling-Abandonment-Syndrome. And apparently the logic that I can make up my own syndromes. Motocrossed- This was the classic tale of a daughter seeking the approval of her chauvinistic father. Why embrace your femininity when you can just cross-dress and impersonate a boy? Don’t forget to have a crush on a guy who thinks you’re just a bro. It makes it awkward for everyone involved. Luck of the Irish- Another great lesson about things that could actually happen. If you’re Irish, you may be a Leprechaun. 200 year-old grandparents are common. And don’t forget, if you’re white and play basketball, you are required by society to have a black best friend who helps you solve problems. Double Teamed- This movie led me to legitimately fear questionable apartment complexes and district zoning rules. I realized that shuffling your feet during a basketball game is intimidating. Very intimidating. And capturing the bending motion of a sprained ankle is most effective in tube socks. Cadet Kelly- Disney Channel knew they couldn’t allow girls in military school to actually be skilled at flipping rifles around. So they replaced guns with ribbons and profanity with the word ‘maggot’. Sexism aside, the only real lesson I learned was that Christy Carlson Romano should have stuck with Even Stevens. Gotta Kick It Up- This portrayal of a lower socio-economic high school dance team taught me too many lessons to count. One being that white people, occasionally, can dance well. If I ever meet a guy named Chuy, I know to automatically stereotype him as a Mexican dropout with a sketchy car. Even Coach Erwin has caught the fever of inspiration from the dance team cheer. Si se puede! Si se puede! Yes we can! My logic and reason points to one conclusion--these movies were stupid. Despite the overwhelming evidence supporting this claim, my heart can only conclude that D-COMs (I call them that, get at me) were magical. I think it’s the nostalgia that makes me feel this way. I was too innocent to pick up on awkwardness. I watched those movies before anything was complicated, and for that reason I will always love them.

MARQUEE REMARKS “I don’t think it’s an issue because I feel like parents regulate how much they consume, but at the same time I don’t feel like it’s that great of an influence on teenagers.” Tyler Cunningham, 12

“You’re going to an event that is predominately consisting of under 21 year olds therefore if you’re going to model above 21 year old behavior you’re probably going to get copycatting from those under 21.” Ty Kelly, History

Jasmine Sachar

Letter to my homeboy, Weezy Dearest Lil’ Wayne, Let me start this letter by saying that I, Jasmine Sachar, am your biggest fan. I have every eloquent lyric of yours memorized. I have perfected your devilish, hostile stare and even am considering getting a gold grill and dreds. I saw you all over the national news a few months ago. A group of little girls wrote a song all about how your lyrics are demeaning to women, entitled “Letter to Lil’ Wayne.” “My daddy tells me I’m a queen/but you call women other things,” they chant in annoying, off-tune voices. Don’t listen to them, Weezy. You don’t have to take that. You’re a mega-millionaire with tattoos all over your body. Hey, if it’s profitable, why not talk about women like they’re worthless sex objects? Your lyrics speak to me. Your charisma in this industry is refreshing and invigorating. Teenagers just gravitate towards your music, and they revere you like a hero. Your songs are being blasted in the football locker room before games, and being played during sweaty, hormone-infested high school dances. I mean, let’s just look at all the valuable lessons you’re teaching the youth of today: 1) A woman’s worth depends on her willingness to have sex with you. 2) The only synonym for a woman is b****. 3) “No” really means “keep trying until you get some.” Just watched one of your recent music videos, “6 foot 7 foot” filled with women in lingerie shaking their behinds, puckering their lips and staring seductively at the camera. It was a truly refined piece of artwork. Bravo, Weezy, bravo. Your music saved me. Before I knew your rhymes, you could say I was a crazy feminist who believed in respectful treatment of women. What a drag, right? After truly hearing your message, I realized I was gravely mistaken. I used to want to be a doctor. I used to want to be President of the United States, negotiating diplomatic deals left and right, solving global trade issues, and finally brokering peace between Israel and Palestine. Now your lyrics made me realize I was placing too much worth on myself, I just want to be a stripper now, and wear sleazy, objectifying outfits while the men of the world throw money at me. So let the critics do their hatin’. They don’t understand you, nor do they fully grasp the complexity of the job you play as a role model for young adults. You deserve to be glorified and worshipped by all teenagers. Your list of accomplishments is astounding. You dropped out of high school at 14, shot yourself in the foot, were arrested on multiple occasions due to drug possession and illegal possession of guns. Now you preach the values of drinking, drugs and self-destruction, all with a gold smile on your face. How do you do it all, Weezy? And most importantly, what would this generation do without you? Sincerely, Jasmine Sachar (J-Swag)

the marquee | december 9, 2011

design | joe rau



Reform to PSAT team program, student attitude needed for score improvement This year, six seniors were named National Merit Semifinalists. Finalists will be announced in February and given large scholarships to various schools, plus $2,500 from National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Within the district, Lewisville had five Semifinalists, followed by Marcus with six, Hebron with 11, but Flower Mound had 21almost as many as all three combined. In fact, Flower Mound consistently has the top number of Semifinalists. With the economic downturn, the school needs to reevaluate its PSAT program in order to give our students a better chance at these hefty scholarships. The first change that needs to be made is that students need to be aware of the importance of the PSAT. Though some teachers do make an effort to prepare their students for the PSAT, the majority of students go into the test relatively unaware of why they are taking

it, writing it off as just another time-wasting The Flower Mound PSAT team is celebrated standardized test. Those same students at pep rallies and on the announcements. remain unaware of just why their peers are in They are even rewarded with a Subway party line for scholarships because of their PSAT at the end of the week for all their hard work. score. Whether it During the school year, The school needs to do a better the Flower Mound be an assembly, some form of job of letting the students know team takes several fullannouncement, or SATs in addition why they are taking the test. length even a take-home to PSATs and compete brochure with with each other for the information about highest scores, while the test, the school needs to do a better job the Marcus team doesn’t take any SATs. This of letting the students know the purpose of competitiveness and intensity is something the test. The PSAT takes up half a school Marcus should perhaps emulate. day, not to mention costs the school a chunk A final change is that the students need of change, so therefore there should be a to care more. This year, around 130 students stronger effort to let the students know why were enrolled in the PSAT team, but last it is important. year there were less than 100. Meanwhile, Another change that can be made involves Flower Mound has 190 students enrolled, the overall atmosphere of the PSAT team. the most in the district. The numbers are

so different because not as many Marcus students qualify for a spot on the team. Once students understand the importance and benefits of the test, they need to be willing to put forth the effort to succeed. Practice PSATs are distributed around the time of the school wide PSAT and are online, there are numerous PSAT books at most bookstores, and teachers and staff are always willing to lend a helping hand. There are all kinds of steps they can take, materials they can use, and assistance they can get to do better. The bottom line is that Marcus is an exemplary campus, and it deserves a higher number of National Merit Semifinalists. In order to do this, there needs to be earlier student awareness, a better team atmosphere, and a higher level of student motivation. If both the students and staff can reevaluate the current program, changes can happen.

Better education for illegal immigrants benefits all Over the past decade, the United States In contrast to the new laws, President has been experiencing a wave of immigration Obama wants to give illegal students a from Mexico and other Latin American chance at college. In his hopes to reform the countries. With more and more children of immigration system, Obama reintroduced these illegal immigrants filling grade school the DREAM Act, to Congress in May. The classrooms across America, many states have DREAM Act, which stands for Development been retaliating with anti-immigration laws, Relief and Education for Alien Minors, is a some involving education. But what these bill that would provide conditional permanent states fail to realize is that by residency to Providing illegal immigrants a p p l i c a b l e allowing immigrant children access to public school with an education will be hard illegal aliens. education, they are creating They must to swallow, but it is a win-win have arrived a better environment for all situation for everyone. involved. to the United This past October, the States as state of Alabama has passed a new law minors and have graduated from a United about illegal immigration which takes away States high school. many of the aliens’ former rights. Now they Approximately 65,000 teenaged illegal must have verification of their children’s’ immigrants currently do not have the legal status before enrolling into public opportunity to further their education. Under schools. This is a problem because without the DREAM Act, states will pay college education the children will be destined for tuition for the undocumented minors to have a life in the hard labor force and have little an estimated six years to complete a college chance of advancing. By allowing the illegal degree. When completed, the graduates immigrant children to use the public school will be eligible for complete citizenship. system, they will be able to further their Currently, it takes an illegal seven years to education and be on the track to becoming become a permanent citizen of the United citizens of the country. This might decrease States and only after passing rigorous tests crime rates across the nation if all students, that even most natural born citizens would no matter which race, were educated instead fail. People who want to be citizens of the of roaming the streets. United States do not want to spend the years design | joe rau

and effort it takes to become an official citizen. But by the state providing a college opportunity for these young immigrants, more would be inclined to take the extra step and become citizens. Many born citizens of the United States see the education of immigrants as unfair to American born students because it provides a free education to them. Several see it as a waste of time and energy because illegal aliens may just decide to leave and go back to their country to further the development of their homeland. But by providing the

best education to the immigrants, they will become more likely to become contributing US citizens and future tax payers who pay for the education of our children. Providing illegal immigrants with an education may be hard to swallow, but it is a win-win situation for everyone. Americans get well educated neighbors and a safer community to call home, while immigrants are able to further develop their lives. To have your thoughts heard on the issue of providing the illegal immigrants an education, talk to your local state representative.

december 9, 2011 | the marquee

We need a little Christmas

spotlight 23

Claus: The Musical written by senior Juliana Adame showcases several Marcus students, photos | sarah sauer takes place at Studio B in Highland Village

Top left: Cora Valderas, playing one of Santa’s elves holds a candle Top right: Freshman Austin Hering and senior Janie Mixon sing “When while witnessing the wedding of the future Mr. and Mrs. Claus. The My Heart finds Christmas” during their wedding. The ceremony is held production’s first weekend was Dec. 2-4. in the woods because they have been run out of town due to their continuous toy making, thus explaining the origin of the Christmas tree. Center: Long, playing the Winter Witch in the first act, and Mixon, playing Miss Jessica, pleads with the witch to use her magic to help save Kris Kringle from a trap waiting for him in town. Bottom right: Junior Ryan McDearmont plays Burgermeister Bottom left: Laurie Long, playing Mrs. Claus, introduces the second act Meisterburger, the grouchy, toy-hating mayor of Sombertown. The when Santa wants to take a holiday and skip Christmas for the year. show’s final weekend is Dec. 9-11 with a suggested $10 donation. With the help of two little elves she successfully changes Santa’s mind and saves Christmas. the marquee | december 9, 2011

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photo | sarah sauer

David and Goliath

Boys’ basketball took on nationally top-ranked Findley Prep last weekend. The Marauders led by 2 at halftime, and finished the third quarter tied at 32-32. Findley Prep surged in the fourth quarter, taking the win from the Marauders. The final score was 49-37. Despite this loss, the Marauders remains number one, according to Xcellent 25 high school basketball rankings.

photo | kathryn petrauskas Top Right: Senior Marcus Smart lines up to shoot a free throw. The 6’4’’ player is committed to OSU for the fall of 2012.

photo | sarah sauer Top Left: The Marcus basketball boys gather in a huddle in preparation for the game. The team recently won the Texas Invitational Tournament held over Nov. 17, 18 and 19. Bottom Left: Senior Marcus Aj Luckey dribbles the ball down the court in an attempt to score a two pointer. Findley Prep won the game with the final score 37-49. Bottom Middle: Senior Marcus Smart goes up for a shot in the first quarter of the game against Findley Prep. This game was held at Lancaster High School on Dec. 3. design | courtney clubb

photo | sarah sauer

photo | sarah sauer

Bottom Right: Senior Phillip Forte dribbles the ball while he waits for an open player. Forte has been on the varsity team since his freshman year. december 9, 2011 | the marquee

December 2011- Crossing Borders  

The Marquee Volume 26 Issue 3

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