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Become a cultural tourist, delve into history and shop to your heart’s content. Please leave for the next guest. 1

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Welcome Welcome to the Southampton Guest Guide and a relaxing stay, whatever your itinerary.

Our aim with The Southampton Guest Guide is to provide you with a wealth of information, including the hidden secrets that will make your stay truly memorable. Located on the beautiful south coast of England, Southampton is a city of growing international renown. Regarded as the cruise capital of Northern Europe, Southampton plays host to over 4 million visitors a year and offers a vibrant, cultural experience for all who stay. With over £800m of investment underway, the city boasts the exciting mix of dynamic business developments, a diverse range of cultural venues, events and outstanding historical features. Superb retreats, retail therapy and medieval town walls all add up to a unique environment just waiting to be enjoyed. 2012 is set to be a big year in Southampton with the opening of a new Sea City Museum, the Titanic Centenary, 175 years of P&O and of course The Olympic Games. We hope that you will join us again and experience what Southampton has to offer. Whether you are in the city for an overnight stay, few days or a weekend short break, we hope that you emerge from your stay enlightened and reinvigorated. We look forward to welcoming you again, very soon!

Jo Cooper

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Southampton Guest Guide: History

Ghost Walks If you want to meet some of Southampton’s more gruesome residents, why not join the Sarah Siddons Fan Club theatre company on their infamous ghost walks at Halloween and Christmas? October 31st and November 1st at 7pm and 9pm, departing from Holy Rood Church, High Street, Southampton ‘Harry Houdini’s Horrible Halloween’. On October 31st 1911 Harry Houdini unveiled his famous water torture act in Southampton, a hundred years


later he is back to see how the town has changed and uncover stories of

outhampton has welcomed tourists for nearly

mass in Holy Rood Church and was entertained in the town

torture and watery deaths!

a thousand years, its popularity began as

for three days before travelling to Winchester Cathedral

Tickets £5 from Southampton Visitor

a place of pilgrimage in the twelfth century

to marry Mary Tudor. He exhorted his followers to take up

Centre call 023 8033 3333

being on the route to Canterbury. After the

English customs and to illustrate what he meant drank a

The Christmas Ghost Walks also

murder of Thomas Becket, (Archbishop of

cup of beer. It may have been an omen but it rained for the

depart from Holy Rood Church

Canterbury) in 1170, King Henry II travelled

full three days of the king’s visit. In St Michael’s church can

at 7.30pm on the 12th, 14th and

from his lands in France and landed at Southampton, where

be found Philip of Spain’s chest. It was not left by the king

16th December ‘From the horses

he had a castle. From there he journeyed onto Canterbury

but was placed in the church some thirty four years later. In

mouth’ takes an unexpected look at

to make his own pilgrimage as atonement for his role in

1588 England and Spain were at war and a mighty armada

Southampton’s dark underbelly!!

Becket’s death. Pilgrims wanting to follow the route the

was launched against Mary’s sister, Queen Elizabeth I.

king had taken started to flood into Southampton. Along

Southampton provided a ship called The Angel as part of the

the route hospices sprung up to serve the needs of these

defence fleet. The Spanish fleet was repelled off the Isle of

travellers. In Southampton the Maison Dieu or God’s House

Wight and their tight formation was finally broken when Sir

was built by the wealthy merchant and

Francis Drake sent in fire ships, ships that

port reeve, Gervaise Le Riche, once a

had been set ablaze and floated into the

large complex on Winkle Street there

midst of the wooden Spanish ships whilst

are still almshouses and a chapel

they were at anchor. The Spanish had to

dedicated to St Julien, the patron saint

cut their anchors and flee. One of the fire

of travellers. Henry’s castle survived till

ships was The Angel. After the victory,

the seventeenth century and the castle

returning soldiers and sailors, many sick

mound can be seen at Castle Way, its

and injured, were off loaded in ports around

outer bailey wall still stands as does the

the country and left to make their own way

magnificent castle vault and the remains

home. Admiral Hawkins was so shocked

of castle hall. For those truly wishing to

he set up a chest in Chatham to collect

experience the act of pilgrimage, the first

alms for them and many churches around

leg of the route would have been a day’s

the country did likewise. The boxes were

walk to Winchester, where you can still stop at the hospital of

ironically called, Philip of Spain’s chests. Holy Rood church

St Cross and ask for wayfarer’s dole to fortify you for the rest

was bombed during World War II and now remains as a

of your journey.

memorial to the merchant navy, St Michael’s is the only one

Royal Weddings always attract visitors and in 1554 the port

of Southampton’s original medieval churches still being used

of Southampton was full of ships bringing a royal bridegroom

as church and can be visited most days.

to marry the Queen of England. Philip of Spain, the most eligible bachelor in Europe, landed on the 20th July. He took 4


Southampton Guest Guide: History


outhampton’s links to maritime history are

Walk the Walk...

world famous and continue to fascinate

The QE2 Mile is one of a number of distinctive walks you

tourists and residents alike. One of the best

may take through Southampton. Four of Southampton’s

ways to explore on foot is by following the

walking Heritage Trails begin from the QE2 Mile:

newly named QE2 Mile. This pedestrian route

The Jane Austen Trail

runs through the heart of both the historic

The Titanic Trail

and contemporary city centre. Linking the Cultural Quarter,

The Parks Trail

three parks and three shopping centres, the route runs

The Old Town Walk –

from the area around the Cenotaph, known as Above Bar,

new for Summer 2011

through to the Old Town area, known as Below Bar.

For further information,

Continuing further on brings you to Southampton’s

visit Southampton’s Tourist

waterfront and docks.

Information Centre on Civic

Highlights en route include outstanding historical features,

Centre Road.

such as the Titanic memorial in East Park, a magnificent granite memorial dedicated to the heroic engineering staff,

Anchored in Southampton’s Old Town

and Southampton’s remarkable Bargate, part of the original

The world renowned shipping company Cunard Line donated

city wall which date back to 1260 AD.

the QE2 anchor to Southampton, which is newly placed

The QE2 Mile was officially named in 2009, following

alongside the refurbished Holy Rood Church, along the QE2

consultation with local residents and businesses.

Mile. The sheer size of the anchor is impressive, requiring

Southampton was home to the famous RMS Queen Elizabeth II between 1967 and 2008. Residents voted


outhampton will be opening the doors to

century as well as Tudor Lord Chief Justice, Sir Richard

the spectacular Tudor House and Garden

Lyster and Victorian milliner, Eliza Simmons each with

once again this summer and is an attraction

their personal insight to the period in which they lived.

not to be missed during your stay.

Display panels with striking visual graphics and illustrations

Tudor House is arguably Southampton’s

by artist Andy Gammon, show how the house might

most important historic building,

have looked during the different periods. Each room

encompassing over 800 years of history on one site.

within Tudor House is set in a different historical context,

The impressive timber framed house facing St Michael’s

allowing the story of the house to develop as you walk

extensive ground work prior to placement.

Square was built at the end of the 15th century.

through the building. Each room displays objects from

Holyrood Church itself has a fascinating past. Rebuilt in

In 1911, the corporation purchased the house and gardens,

various collections both on cases and on open display

overwhelmingly to celebrate the 40 year relationship with the

1320, having previously been located in the city centre,

renovating them and opening them to the public in 1912, as

with some carefully selected objects available to handle.

QE2 and saluted the cruise liner by naming the mile after her.

it became a target for German bombers during the Second

the first municipal museum in Southampton. Now almost 100

After a tour of the house, enjoy a cream tea in the cafe whilst

Eleven pairs of plaques have been laid from the Bargate

World War and in 1940 was left in ruins. The church was

years later, Tudor House and Garden is set to open again

looking over the garden which has been carefully renewed

down to the waterside, marking key events in the city’s

restored in 1957 and dedicated as a memorial to

to visitors.

and replanted, with guidance from the original designer,

history. The plaques

Merchant Navy seafarers, with the church scheduled

Both the house and Westgate Hall, formerly known as

Dr Sylvia Landsberg.

represent everything

as an ancient monument.

Tudor Merchants Hall, have been renovated thanks

The cafe, garden and

from the early Roman

Since 2004 considerable refurbishment work has been

to a £3.5million grant from the Heritage Lottery

function room may be

Southampton’s Tourist

settlement in the city,

undertaken, with funding made available by the Heritage

Fund and a further £1.8million from the Council.

booked for weddings

are available at

Information Centre

to the opening of

Lottery Fund and the Merchant Navy Association. Holyrood

Discover interactive displays and exhibits revealing the

and business events.


on 023 8083 3333

the National

now stands strong, with glorious photographic displays and

finer details of the past and the lives of the those whose

or online at

Oceanography Centre.

superb lighting ensuring that it remains a central feature of

who lived and worked in Tudor House. A vivid sound and

the city by day or night.

light show in the Banqueting Hall will introduce you to

For further information on Holyrood Church contact

Further details on Tudor House and Garden


the house and to some of the characters such as John Dawtrey, who built Tudor House and William Spranger, who saved it from demolition at the end of the 19th 6


Southampton Guest Guide: History

Southampton Guest Guide: Future

Old Town

neW discoveries

As well as being steeped in history Southampton’s Old Town has a rich choice of cafés restaurants and bistros, particularly around Holyrood Place and along East Street.


Watermark WestQuay

Cultural Quarter

Southampton has exciting plans for a fantastic new shopping

Southampton’s Cultural Quarter is becoming an area alive

and visitor experience called Watermark WestQuay. The plan

with arts, heritage, entertainment, events, music, colour and

is to create new public plaza on the old Pirelli site with the

dramatic architecture. Located at the top of the QE2 Mile, the

impressive historic walls forming a spectacular backdrop for a

Cultural Quarter is wrapped around by the Victorian Grade II

new restaurant quarter and high quality shopping experience.

listed parks and has the new Guildhall Square at its heart, the

The proposals feature a luxury multiplex cinema, a range of

setting for an array of major open air events.

new cafes and restaurants, public open

The Cultural Quarter contains the

space and pocket park, a new retail

Mayflower Theatre, one of the most

offer for the city, a hotel with up to 150

successful theatres outside London,

bedrooms and a landmark residential

Southampton’s Guildhall which is one

building, including approximately

of the South’s largest multi-purpose

200 apartments. Initial plans for the

entertainment venues hosts some of the

development have been agreed and it is

biggest names in music and comedy.

hoped that the development will get the

The City Art Gallery has a collection of over

go ahead soon.

3800 works which are officially recognised

f you wish to combine your historical visit with historical

became a fashionable centre for those who came to take the

for their national importance.

places to eat or drink, there are two pubs vying for the

waters. With many famous guests including Queen Victoria,

In April 2012 the Sea City visitor

title of the oldest in the city. The Red Lion on the High

Lord Admiral Nelson and Jane Austen. Miss Austen lived in

attraction will open. This multimillion

Street has the longest history as a

Southampton between 1806-1809 and

pub dating back to the 12th century

during this time the winter assemblies

Magistrates’ Court building includes a stunning contemporary

but the Duke of Wellington on Bugle

were being held at the Dolphin Hotel. It

pavilion which will hold two permanent exhibitions telling

Street, although built in the 13th century,

was at one of these functions that Jane

Southampton’s 2000 year history as a gateway to the world

has vaults and a cellar dating back to

Austen scornfully commented that she

and Southampton’s Titanic Story and the hidden history

the 12th century. Both are worth a visit,

regretted, “That so many young women

of RMS Titanic’s crew. The new pavilion will attract touring

where you may sit by the log fire and

were without partners, and each of them

imagine visitors gone by doing the same.

with two ugly naked shoulders.”

At the southern end of the High Street,

The hotel also claims to have been

Town Quay has a range of eateries in

visited by Shakespeare and company,

historic buildings overlooking the water.

who are said to have performed in

Kuti’s Thai restaurant is now in what

the courtyard.

was once the gatehouse to the Royal

There are a variety of speciality and

pound conversion of the Grade II former

For further information on Southampton’s Tourist Information Centre on 023 8083 3333 or online at

arts and heritage exhibitions and the first exhibition will also commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster. In 2012 work is set to start on Southampton’s New Arts Complex, set to launch in 2015. This will enliven the Guildhall Square and will bring a new contemporary art gallery, community video and film production and performing arts centre with two new auditoria and café bar. It will

Pier. The Old Town is also home to the recently refurbished

independent shops around the Bargate extending down East

also provide space on the ground floor for up to six new

Dolphin Hotel, a famous coaching inn since the 17th century.

Street and the High Street into the Old Town. Stay a little

restaurants, cafés and bars to spill out onto Guildhall Square.

During Southampton’s Spa-town period of 1750 - 1820, it

longer and enjoy a different side of Southampton.



Venue details:

Southampton Guest Guide: Cultural Tourist

The Nuffield Theatre University of Southampton Highfield, SO17 1BJ Telephone: 023 8067 1771

Venue details: John Hansard Gallery University of Southampton Highfield, SO17 1BJ Telephone: 023 8059 2158



AuTumN 2011 THeATRe SeASON

t the John Hansard

and Louise Wilson, whose haunting,

Gallery you can

large-scale photographs of the

explore world-class

Chernobyl disaster, twenty five years

contemporary art,

on, open in July. And in the autumn the

just fifteen minutes

Gallery welcomes a host of emerging

from Southampton

artists from Europe in the exhibition

city centre. Based on the University

‘Manufacture’, exploring the idea of

of Southampton’s picturesque Highfield

production in 21st century art.

takes place not just on stage, in the

international touring companies,

campus for over thirty years, the Gallery

Throughout the year you can also take

street, in schools, but in the head and

as well as offering opportunities for

is free and presents five different

part in a range of events and activities,

in the heart, and is characterised by

adults and children to participate

exhibitions each year, featuring today’s

including artist talks, and workshops

variety, inventiveness, imagination and

in theatre activities that enrich,

most innovative artists.

for children, young people and families,

skill. The company produces, tours,

educate and simply entertain.

The best contemporary art allows you

and a programme of seminars and

collaborates, commissions, presents

A varied programme of events offers

to see, experience and think about the


The Gallery is situated on the west side

visiting companies, and plays a leading

something for everyone, and the

world differently. The John Hansard

The John Hansard Gallery also leads

of the University Campus, just a few

role in Southampton’s cultural life.

autumn 2011 season is no exception.

he Nuffield is

winning productions which frequently

Southampton’s only

tour internationally. The Company’s

professional producing

focus as a centre of creativity in

theatre, based

Southampton remains its highest

on the University

priority, and alongside its own

Campus in Highfield.

productions, The Nuffield Theatre

The Nuffield’s work

presents the best national and

14 – 17 Sept

Othello – The Nuffield Theatre Company and Yellowtale Theatre

20 – 22 Sept

macbeth – Platform 4

23 – 24 Sept

Those Magnificent Men – New Perspectives Theatre Company

26 Sept

Sid Lester’s Big Night In – Written and performed by Sue macLaine

27 Sept– 1 Oct

Bang Bang Bang – Out of Joint

4 – 8 Oct

Speechless Shared experience

11 – 15 Oct

Dick Turpin’s Last Ride A Theatre Royal Bury St edmunds Production

17 – 19 Oct


20 – 29 Oct

Scrapyard – A New Play by maggie Nevill The Nuffield Theatre Company

24 Oct

451 Apples and Snakes’ bi-monthly poetry night

1 - 2 Nov

The Death Song – You Need me

3 – 5 Nov

Gandini Juggling: motet, in collaboration with Circo Aereo

8 – 10 Nov

memoirs of a Biscuit Tin – maison Foo

11 – 12 Nov

A Clockwork Orange Volcano Theatre Company

Gallery celebrate

a range of community

minutes walk from the Nuffield Theatre

In 1964, with support from the

As well as a busy season of top

this by showcasing

initiatives and off-site

and Turner Sims Concert Hall. Getting

Nuffield Foundation, the University

quality theatre in the main house

projects across

there is simple by public transport. From

of Southampton built a theatre

and studio (see listings), The Nuffield

the city.

Southampton City Centre catch the

on its campus for the people of

Theatre offer Saturday morning

At the Gallery

Uni-link U1 bus to Highfield

Southampton. Nearly twenty years

children’s theatre and regular stand-

you’ll find a friendly

Interchange. The journey takes just

later on 1 November 1982, The Nuffield

up comedy gigs starring some of

14 – 16 Nov

World of Wrong – The Two Wrongies

welcome, free tea

twenty minutes, with up to six buses

became an independent producing

the best comedians on the circuit,

17 – 19 Nov

Pedestrian – Theatre Bristol

and coffee, plus all

leaving each hour.

theatre funded by the Arts Council

including Tom Stade, Craig Campbell,

21 – 23 Nov

the latest art books,

England, Southampton City Council,

Andy Parsons and Miles Jupp.

Zanzibar Cats Poems by Heathcote Williams performed by Roy Hutchins


magazines and gifts

the University of Southampton and

The Cafe Bar at the Nuffield Theatre

12 Dec

installations and

in the shop. Admission

Hampshire County Council. Over the

provides a wonderful setting for a

451 Apples and Snakes’ bi-monthly poetry night

digital media.

is free, and the Gallery

next 25 years, The Nuffield came to

pre-show drink or dinner. Please

24 Nov – 7 Jan

The Nuffield’s Christmas Show

a rich variety of work, from new talent to major international figures, and from painting and sculpture to film,

The best contemporary art allows you to see, experience and think about the world differently.

Forthcoming exhibitions in 2011 include

is open Tuesday to Friday, 11am - 5pm

be recognised as a major

pre-book your table to avoid

Turner Prize-nominated artists Jane

and Saturday 11am-4pm.

force in British theatre.

disappointment, by calling the

Today The Nuffield creates award

Box Office on 023 8067 1771.



Southampton Guest Guide: Cultural Tourist

© Annabel Moeller

Theatre dininG


he Mayflower Theatre is the most prominent

The No.1 Greatest Musical, Grease, is back from 5th July

theatre along the South coast, bringing the

for just two weeks only! Danny Bayne (winner of ITV’s

West End experience to Southampton. The

Grease Is The Word, Hairspray) returns as Danny with Carina

theatre has a long standing history of hosting

Gillespie (Grease, Buddy) as Sandy and Ice Champion Robin

major West End plays and spectacular touring

Cousins guest stars as Teen Angel. Dust off your leather

musicals. Ballet, opera and comedy all find a

jackets, pull on your bobby-socks and get ready for the

home on the boards and with the recent investment of £1.6

most fun-filled, high octane Rock’n’Roll party of the year.

million, guaranteeing access to large stage structures, the

Shaun the Sheep makes his stage debut in Shaun’s Big

physical presence of the touring companies is enormous.

Show from 10 – 13 August. Join Shaun and his friends in

West End productions brought to Southampton

their very own live show. All your favourite characters from

include Les Misérables, Miss Saigon and Phantom

the hit BBC show will be here including Bitzer, Shirley,

of the Opera. Audiences enjoy the space of the

Timmy and the rest of the flock in this magical, fully

auditorium and facilities, which may sometimes be

choreographed music and dance extravaganza. Featuring

lacking in the smaller London venues. However, the

pigs in tutus, and a flock of unruly sheep, introduce this

theatre is designed to create a cosseted atmosphere,

ideal show to your little ones. Adults will enjoy the fun too.

ensuring a feeling of comfort during your stay.

SLASK The Polish Song and Dance Ensemble

Ovation is the aptly named restaurant on site, featuring

introduce their popular show from 29 – 31 August.

mouth watering menus which are heavily influenced by the

Slask has been described as one of the grandest

best seasonal and fresh produce. The first class service

and most dazzling spectacles in the world.

rounds off your meal, leaving you ready to enjoy a show

Finally, as the last hurrah before the kids go back to school,

or return home, having enjoyed a wonderful evening.

we bring the world’s

Originally an Art Deco styled theatre, opening in 1928 as

first Scratch and Sniff

the Southampton Empire, the theatre changed its name to

musical, Mr. Stink, to

Venue details:

the Gaumont in 1950, finally becoming The Mayflower in

the stage between

The Mayflower Theatre

1987. The Mayflower stage has been graced over the years

1 – 3 September.

Commercial Road

by the great stars of the 1930’s, including Laurel and Hardy,

With productions such

Ticket information:

Gracie Fields and glorious ballet dancer Anna Pavlova.

as Sister Act, Dirty

023 8071 1811

Famous musical acts in recent years include hit makers of

Dancing and Oliver!

pop The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen and Elton John.

arriving in 2012, why not

The forthcoming season will see The Mayflower

take note of the best in

play host to world class entertainment for all.

live entertainment.


What do you say... t, We booked for a “This was my 4th trip to the restauran service is fast so pre theatre meal and it was lovely. The show. The atmothe there are no anxieties about missing with a large ious delic is sphere is friendly and the food 2011. June 8th on wed revie u.” choice on the men

Buon Gusto Restorante I taliano Contact: 023 8033 1543 Address: I Commercial Road, Southampton, SO15 1GF

Buon Gusto promises you truly authentic Italian cuisine in contemporary, elegant surroundings, right in the heart of Southampton. The restaurant has been delighting diners for over 20 years. Your culinary journey will take you through beautifully crafted menus, all of which are available to view online. The emphasis is on fresh, locally sourced produce, ensuring that you only taste the catch of the day. Buon Gusto is known for hosting special occasions and beautifully situated and chic private rooms are available for hire. Bookings are taken online and by phone. Located opposite The Mayflower Theatre and near to WestQuay Shopping Centre. The restaurant is open Monday to Saturday, 12pm until 11.30pm and on Sundays, 2pm until 10pm.

To review customer testimonials, photos and menus visit

Welcome to Contact: 023 8023 8181 Address: Frobisher House Nelson Gate, Southampton, SO15 1GX

Caffexpresso is a modern continental bar & bistro in the heart of Southampton, a great setting in which to relax and unwind. Only a two minute walk from The Mayflower Theatre and Southampton Central Train Station, Caffexpresso is perfect for pre theatre dining. The menu includes fresh seasonal dishes, all day breakfasts, gorgeous homemade cakes and of course, high quality coffee. Complimentary nibbles are served with drinks after 5pm and the bistro is fully licensed. Day out? start with a good breakfast: company do, stag do, day out from Southampton Central station. Caffexpresso is a great meeting point! Open Monday to Friday from 6am, Saturday from 7am, closed Sunday. What do you say... of times and “Have dined at Caffexpresso a couple sions. The occa had an excellent experience on both nitely Defi s. food is superb and the service first clas May 2011. recommend a visit.” reviewed on 10th

To browse through the menus and testimonials, visit TM


Southampton Guest Guide: Shop to your heart’s content

WestQuay, located in the heart of Southampton city centre, boasts over 90 stores spread over three shopping levels. With a host of big name brands, action-packed events, fantastic fashion and more, it’s easy to see why WestQuay has become the south coast’s premier shopping destination. Serious Shopping

exciting events

WestQuay is the ultimate destination for stylish shoppers

Providing the perfect backdrop to your shopping trip,

heading for a day out in Southampton. If you’re struggling to

WestQuay’s exciting calendar of events throughout the year

choose from the array of fashion on offer, pay a visit to John

are guaranteed to provide you with a great day out. Helping

Lewis, Next or GAP, where the stores’ personal shoppers

to keep the kids happy during the holidays will be WestQuay’s

are ready to provide that extra special personal service,

summer event, with a host of great entertainment for young

helping you put together the perfect outfit. Beauty advisors at

shoppers – and the young at heart! – in early August.

John Lewis and The Body Shop are also on hand to provide

The very latest trends for autumn and winter will be

individual advice on skincare and cosmetics for that final

showcased live on stage at WestQuay’s autumn style event

finishing touch.

later in the year, a must-visit for any stylish shopper taking

Big name Brands

place on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October. Fashion fans

Boasting the biggest line up of top brands in the region,

will be treated to live catwalk shows and bespoke workshops

WestQuay brings together fashion, beauty, homeware and

where you’ll be given up-to-the-minute colour, style and

much more all under one roof. Anchor stores John Lewis

beauty advice – all for free!

and Marks & Spencer are joined by leading fashion retailers

As the year draws to an end, WestQuay will be filled with

such as French Connection, Coast, Karen Millen, Zara and

festive fun to help really get you in the Christmas spirit!

River Island, making WestQuay a must-visit destination for

The dazzling display of Christmas lights will be officially

all fashion fans. Adding to the line up are other iconic brands

switched on as part of an afternoon of family entertainment

including Apple, Pandora, Swatch, Hollister and GAP.

on Thursday 17th November, with the seasonal treats

Tasty Treats

continuing from 17th until

After all that retail therapy, WestQuay’s Food Terrace if the

24th December. Young

perfect place to relax and re-energise. Choose from Nando’s,

shoppers should keep

For further information

the home of the famous Portuguese Peri-Peri chicken, Café

an eye out for Father

about WestQuay, its retailers,

Giardino, YO! Sushi, and a host of other delicious food

Christmas himself! And

events and much, much

retailers. Those in search of a lighter bite or a simple cup

of course, WestQuay is

more please visit

of coffee can pay a visit to a number of cosy cafés located

packed with perfect gift

around the centre, including Costa Coffee, Prêt A Manger and

ideas to suit every style,

or find us on

the popular John Lewis Café.

taste and budget.

Facebook and Twitter.



Southampton Guest Guide: Shop to your heart’s content

Arcana is one of Southampton’s most established salons. With stylishly modern decor and a relaxing ambiance, Arcana offers the ultimate hair and beauty experience. 46 Bedford Place Tel: 023 8063 1292

Bedford Place offers a fascinating selection of small independent shops and stylish boutiques. This part of the city is also filled with bars and bistros all within easy reach of the city centre and parks.

W. J. French & Son is an independent family run business specialising in the fitting of high quality branded shoes for all the family, trusted and trading in Southampton since 1803. 40 Bedford Place Tel: 023 8022 6542

Cloud Wine is an independent old fashioned wine, spirit and beer shop. Interesting and unusual! 45 Bedford Place, Tel: 023 8022 8015

At Hepwright’s you will find wonderful hand picked vintage clothes, accessories, homewares, textiles and collectibles. 34 Bedford Place, Tel: 07733 766 746 16

Rupert Sanderson Juicy Couture

Scarpini specialises in designer shoes, boots, exclusive jewellery and luxurious accessories. As well as stores in Botley & Bedford Place, Scarpini also caters for the internet shopper where customers may browse and order shoes online. 48 Bedford Place Tel: 023 8022 5466

Naturally Healthy - The Independent Health Store. Organic Health Foods and Drinks, Shampoo, Body Lotion and Gifts Including: Solgar, Quest, Vogel, Higher Nature, Bach Nature Remed, Australian Bush Flowers, New Nordic and more. 30b Bedford Place Tel: 023 8033 0585

The Lounge is a unique Craft Cafe Bar offering home-made food and creative sewing workshops. 31 Bedford Place Tel: 023 8023 6616

French Sole

Pedro García

See by Chloé

Bettye Muller

Lola Cruz


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Sam Edelman Bourne

Pretty Ballerinas 48 Bedford Place Southampton SO15 2DG 1a High Street Botley Hampshire SO30 2EA w w w. s c a r pin i.c o.u k

A beautiful selection of womens wear from French Brand Devernois.. Cleverly created to co-ordinate outfits for all occasions. 47 Bedford Place, Southampton, SO15 2DG. Tel: 023 8023 7501 10am till 5pm. Mon to Sat.


Southampton Guest Guide: Shop to your heart’s content

Reserve your appointment for any of these services at John Lewis, WestQuay, 1970s Stripe Sunglasses £25 1960s Lizard Handbag £55

1940s Green Blouse £18

1980s Metal Flower Brooch £12 1980s Apricot Day Dress £38

1980s Gold Hoop Earrings £18

1950s Pink Party Dress £120

by contacting 023 8021 6400 or see a member of staff

John Lewis Southampton, situated at the heart of WestQuay, is designed to leave you feeling delighted with your retail experience.

in store.

There was a time when vintage

but the shops are independently

shops had a reputation for

run by people with a passion for

being jam-packed, untidy

fashion. We’ve got everything

and even a bit smelly.

from 1910 cotton tea dresses,

But all that has changed and

1950s party frocks, beaded

With four floors of the best

Brown and Liz Earle. Take

freshly baked pastries and

vintage expert Catherine Wright

gowns from the 1980’s and

fashion, home and technology,

advantage of the excellent

omelettes cooked to order. Sit

of Hepwright’s in Bedford Place,

everything in between. I love it

and over 350,000 possible

cosmetics customer service,

with your choice of coffee, tea

Southampton says that shops like

when we can help style customers

purchases, why not take up

which enables you to try

or even a glass of wine and

hers are the new face of vintage.

for big events like Goodwood

the free services and individual

all products before you

watch the cruise liners sailing

“I hope visitors find my shop is

Revival or a Christmas Ball.”

consultations on offer to make

commit to your purchase. For

in and out of Southampton

as bright and welcoming as a

But you don’t have to dress top

your visit even more enjoyable.

those who prefer dedicated

water. The stunning views

designer boutique. We don’t pack

to toe in vintage fashion to get

The celebrated fashion

pampering, a visit to the

from your seat are an added

the rails so it is easy to browse.

the look. A pretty silk scarf or

and beauty floor is newly

Elemis and Decleor treatment

bonus to your meal.

Stock changes all the time and

a brooch added to your high

refurbished. Located on the

rooms is a must. Visit the

Our free ‘Click and Collect’ is

we try to offer as much for the

street outfit can transform it

Upper Ground floor, you’ll be

top floor to find a haven of

also very popular. Simply place

mainstream fashion shopper as

into you own unique look.

amazed by the top brands that

tranquillity and an abundance

your order online at johnlewis.

well as the vintage collector. We

Hepwright’s has always

are exclusive to John Lewis

of aromas in the Clarins Spa.

com by 7pm, and we’ll deliver

sell clothes and accessories that

specialised in clothes for women,

in the area. Fashions include

The nursery advice service

it to your chosen shop for you

real women can wear every day.”

but Catherine is launching a

Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Reiss

will not only help your young

to collect after 2pm the next

All the clothes and accessories at

men’s collection in Autumn 2011

and Rene Derhy with Mango,

ones get off to the best start

day. This service is available

Hepwright’s are bought locally by

including jackets, bags and suits.

Ghost, Hugo Boss Black and

in life but also help make your

from all John Lewis shops,

Catherine and she can often tell you “There is such a demand for good

Bastyan joining us in autumn

pregnancy and first years of

and in an increasing number

the story of who used to own them.

quality clothing from the chaps. We

2011. Truly a paradise for

parenting more comfortable.

of Waitrose branches.

“I always say I’m running an

can’t leave them out any longer!”

fashion aficionados and with

Timeless furniture, adorable

‘Never Knowingly Undersold’,

adoption agency for clothes. The

Once you find Hepwright’s, it’s

fashion advice from experts

clothing and nursery necessities

is our lifelong commitment

previous owners entrust their

only a short walk to another

who know our collections

are all available here.

to providing customers with

beautiful garments to me – and

Southampton vintage shop

inside out, they’ll ensure you

The bespoke, in-store Home

the best value through great

they tell me they are pleased

The Beatnik Emporium. Right

always find the clothes you love

Design Service ensures that

products, at great prices,

they are going to be bought by

opposite the Cenotaph in Watts

at a price that’s right for you.

you’ll receive the very best

supported by great service.

someone who will love them

Park, you can’t miss its colourful

Many women in the UK

advice from the moment your

We have always matched

just as much they did.”

hand painted sign and windows

reportedly wear the wrong

appointment starts and is

prices on a like for like basis


Vintage clothing has moved

full of vintage curiosities.

size bra, but our lingerie fitting

tailored to your individual

including comparable terms

34 Bedford Place,

into the mainstream and is

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to

service is here to help. They’re

needs. The expert advisors

and conditions. In September

Southampton. SO15 2DG.

no longer the preserve of the

5pm. Occasional late nights during

able to measure your bust size

have the product knowledge

last year we deepened our

Tel: 07733 766 746

young and trendy or flamboyant

the week & Sunday afternoons

accurately and help you choose

and practical experience to

price-match promise to our

individuals who like to dress-up.

- see the website for details.

the right bra to enhance your

inspire you in turning your home

customers by extending it to

Open Tuesday to Saturday

“If you want something a little

Private appointments. Hire options

shape and ensure your comfort.

interior dreams into a reality.

including online competitors

10am to 5pm. Other times

bit different, vintage shops are

available. Alterations service.

Luxury beauty ranges include

Located on the top floor, you’ll

who also have a high street

by appointment.

the ideal place to go. Not only

Vintage dressing up parties.

Crème de la Mer, Aveda,

find the Place to Eat, serving

presence, so do ask in-store

are the clothes more individual,

Styling service. Gift vouchers.

Laura Mercier, Rituals, Bobbi

sumptuous goodies, including

if you have any questions.

1980s Suede Trousers £65

1970s Spotty Coat Dress £24

1970s French Knickers £14


Looking for something different? Take a walk on Southampton’s alternative side


Southampton Guest Guide: Fork and Cork


Steeped in history and located within a Grade II listed building, South Western House, the Grand Café was once Southampton’s grandest hotel used by first class passengers of the Titanic, with a history dating back to 1865. outhampton offers a gastronomic experience

of the city, with an

with influences from the diverse local

extensive Greek menu

population, location and the availability

that stays true to the

of fresh, locally grown produce.

culture of beautifully

Across the many restaurants,

fresh food, transporting

bistros, pubs and cafes you will find

you straight to one


oday, former Wedgewood

are elaborately framed, fronted with

Ballroom is home to a

balconies and ornate ironwork. The roofs

quirky and wonderfully

have slated double pitches, mansard

unique Bar, Bistro

fashion with attic dormer windows. The

and Restaurant.

complicated roofline was a characteristic

Just a moment from

of the designer John Norton’s style.

Two very notable guests include

excellent food and drink always on the menu.

of the islands.

Oxford Street, and centrally located to

The grandeur reflected the wealth of the

Sir Winston Churchill and American

The heady mix of fresh, local and exotic produce with

With such a huge

the City’s Docks and Shopping Centres,

shipping industry at that time and public

President Dwight Eisenhower. During the

new food tastes

influence coming from

Grand Café is the perfect place to

areas were particularly beautiful, with

Second World War these prominent men

all come together

the Polish community,

enjoy light lunches, afternoon tea and

a great deal of marble and elaborate

planned the D-Day invasion, in privacy

in Southampton

a number of Polish

early dinners in a informal bistro. The

ironwork on the passenger lift shafts

on the first floor. Photographic evidence

in a celebration of

restaurants have

Grand Café Restaurant is bursting with

and the staircases. In fact the main

shows that the Queen Elizabeth, the

dishes and wines

gained national recognition for their quality and presentation.

an eclectic mix of classic British styles

staircase was the prototype for the

Queen Mother also visited the Hotel and

and whatever your

Top of the list is undoubtedly Stacja PL, located in Onslow

and elaborate flamboyance offering an

grand staircase on the Titanic. The mural danced in the Wedgwood Ballroom.

personal taste, you’ll

Road. Off the beaten track for many, but well worth a visit,

exciting dining area.

by A Scott-Moncrieff on

The Grand Café offers a relaxed

be sure to find what

with an incredible insight into the delicacies of Polish cuisine.

There is much history

canvas in the Summer

atmosphere where you can enjoy

you are looking for.

Undoubtedly the grandest experience in Thai food will be

attached to the site

Dining Room, of the

superbly cooked and presented

Turtle Bay,

found at Kuti’s Royal Thai Pier, on the Royal Pier at Town

itself and of those

Pilgrim Fathers setting

natural food; specially hung beef

newly launched

Quay. Watch the sunset over the water as you indulge

who visited it in the

sail to the new world

and lamb from local farms, fish

and located in

yourself in the finest Thai cuisine along the south coast.

past. Delicious Dining

can still be seen.

straight from local suppliers and

Guildhall Square, brings the secrets of Caribbean food

The Far East has a huge influence on restaurants in

Group who own

The exterior is still linked

fresh vegetables sourced daily.

to the city. The menu celebrates the traditional cuisine

Southampton but the true Japanese experience may be

eight of Hampshire’s

by a fine canopy of steel

found across the islands, including the marinades,

experienced in a modern, contemporary environment

finest restaurants

to the original station

fresh fish and obviously an extensive cocktail menu!

right in the heart of Southampton at Below Bar:

and bars including

terminus building. Large

Special events at Turtle Bay include Limbo dancing and

Zen offers a truly incredible array of fresh fish and

The Grand Café

additions were made

steel band music; truly enhancing all your senses.

delicate delights at mouth-wateringly good prices.

have taken great care ensuring

in the 20th century as the liner trade

For those who prefer a meditereanean feel to dining, a

If a more European style takes your fancy, you’ll appreciate

that the conversion reflects the

reached its zenith. Serving as the main

visit to the Spanish La Esquina in Oxford Street is a must.

the menu at IKEA. Truly Swedish but at a fantastic

architectural status it holds and that

accommodation for travellers due to

An impressive menu includes not only vegetarian and

price and the largest restaurant in Southampton!

the local distinctiveness remains.

embark on a cruise, the extravagant

gluten free options but also allows you to travel through

The Coriander Lounge on the High Street aims to restore

The building began life as the South

architecture encapsulated the wealth

the many regions of Spain, at a leisurely pace. Italian food

the lost primordial authenticity of Indian cuisine that

Western Hotel, designed by John

and prestige of the port at that time.

reigns supreme at Buon Gusto, a truly authentic restaurant

shares the same traditional cooking techniques and

Norton, opening its doors in 1872. The

The Restaurant itself was originally

where the food is presented in a stylish fashion, to fit with

ingredients that make the dishes exceedingly delicious.

hotel served many passengers using the

the Wedgwood Ballroom, with a

the surroundings. Cafexpresso close the The Mayflower

Sometimes only a traditional roast will hit the spot and for

London & South Western Railway. The

traditional blue and white colour

Theatre is a modern continental bar and bistro with a

a quintessential English meal then your really should book a

long frontages along Canute Road and

scheme which may still be seen in

mouth-watering menu. With two Bella Italia restaurants in

table at the Duke of Wellington, located in Bugle Street.

Terminus Terrace were heavily influenced the plasterwork. Only a few of these

the city, delicious pizza and pasta dishes are easy to find.

It doesn’t get more atmospheric than this, with the history and

by the French Renaissance, and laid

examples remain today within the

The Fat Fig in Bedford Place is a surprising find in the heart

aromas surrounding you, a memorable evening is assured.

on with a heavy hand. The windows

United Kingdom, mostly in London.


Venue details: Grand Café South Western House SO14 3AS Telephone: 023 8033 9303


Southampton Guest Guide: Fork and Cork

White Star Example Menu Dining room • Rosary goat’s pannacotta, courgette flower tempura, rocket pesto, apple balsamic reduction

Guests have received an outstanding welcome from The ideal Collection’s venues since 1999. Truly unique and individual establishments have enabled the group to remainat the forefront of the Southampton’s developing hospitality scene. The White Star, 28 Oxford Street, SO14 3DJ

ingredients, all the food is prepared

can accommodate up to 12 guests.

And executive Chef Jim, explains the

and cooked on the premises to give

Alternatively, watch the boats go

importance of using the best local

Based in the thriving cosmopolitan

you an exciting range of authentic and

by from the terrace overlooking the


restaurant area of Southampton, The

inviting dishes. Open all day, every day,

river. Coffee, cake and free Wi-Fi also

Where do you start when compiling a menu?

White Star offers award-winning food

Cantina offers mouth-watering flavours

make it the perfect place to stop by

“When starting to write a new menu

and accommodation. The historic

and exceptional value,

building has been central to the City’s

so there’s something

maritime heritage for over a hundred

for everyone. With

years, and today still retains its unique

great lunch and early

charm and elegance as the city’s

evening offers, A la

top gastro pub with a vibrant and

carte dining, tasty

fashionable modern day twist. Food

cocktails plus market

is cooked with care and skill, using

tapas and light snacks

fresh, locally sourced ingredients to

served all day. You can

produce classic modern British dishes

even pop in for coffee

for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Proudly

and enjoy free Wi-

gaining 5 stars for the accommodation

Fi. The restaurant layout allows you

and 2 AA Rosettes for the cuisine.

There are so many amazing producers on our door step.

anytime. Awarded

I first make a note of everything

an AA rosette for its

in season. I then piece it together

dining and an entry

trying to include as much great local

in Michelin’s Eating

produce as possible but not just using

Out in Pubs guide,

local for the sake of it being local. It

quality is assured.

has to be a great product. There are doorstep. We use Hampshire Fare

talks the Guest Guide

& New Forest marquee websites

through his business.

amongst other and use 50 mile radius of our sites as a good rule of thumb

to choose how you wish to dine,

Upstairs boasts 13 individually styled

with intimate booth seating, casual

Each outlet has been styled individually

As far as gaining accolades, I think

luxury guest rooms and a 3 bedroom

dining areas for drinks and nibbles,

to take into account the history of the

it is very important just to do your

serviced apartment. Each is named

to large tables for party bookings.

buildings and surroundings. We pride

own thing and believe in what you

when selecting producers. Farmers markets are also an essential element.

ourselves on providing premium quality

are putting on the plate. We cook

great liners or original J-class yachts

The Bugle, Hamble, SO31 4HA

at affordable prices. The Ideal Collection

for our customers not just our own

from the first America’s Cup, creating

Award winning food and a warm

is about the personal touches and we

egos! Whether an establishment has

a subtle yet cool maritime theme.

welcome are both central to this

are always willing to do that little bit

1, 2 or 3 rosettes, as long as your

waterside, Grade II listed gastro pub

more to leave a lasting impression.

customers love the food - that is what

Cantina Mexican, 2a-3a Bedford Place, SO15 2BY

in Hamble. Well-kept local real ales,

We welcome strangers into our

counts! The accolades will follow if you

and a first class wines list accompany

business and they leave as friends.

remain consistent with your delivery

Cantina sits in the bustling heart of

exceptional British dishes. The seasonal

Southampton’s popular Bedford Place

menu uses fresh, top quality ingredients,

district, and was the first restaurant

sourced locally, plus ever changing daily

What was the basis of your AA Rosettes award?

of its kind in Southampton. For more

specials, along with traditional roasts

We are very proud to receive and

than 10 years Cantina has focused on

at weekends and children’s portions.

retain 2 AA rosettes. These are

delivering fresh and authentic flavours

In addition to the bar and restaurant

awarded to ‘the best local restaurants,

of Mexico in a fun, friendly and lively

areas, private dining is available

offering higher standards and better

atmosphere. Using locally sourced

upstairs in ‘The Captain’s Table’ which



Treacle cured Hampshire trout ‘gravadlax’ pickled cucumber, crème fraîche sorbet

Seared cod cheeks, Cornish king’s, Lymington crab mayonnaise, borage leaves & flowers

Wood pigeon breast, new Forest lambs ‘tongue’ lettuce, bacon lardons, honey mustard

duck egg, iOW blue & chard tart, Pratt’s oil mash, garlic emulsion

Slow roast Hampshire pork belly, watercress champ potato cake, tarragon Cox apples, cider gravy

new season lamb, carrot purée, Rosary goat’s cheese mash, rosemary crumbed sweetbreads

Lymington rock samphire & Poole clams

Hampshire rump steak, Horseradish leaf béarnaise, slow roast tomato, hand cut fat chips.

so many amazing producers on our Owner, matthew Boyle

How do you differentiate your establishments from others?

after one of the famous White Star Line

and true to the seasons. But most important of all is flavour! Everything should delight your taste buds... “

Venue details: The White Star, Tel: 023 8082 1990 Cantina mexican, Tel: 023 8022 0500 The Bugle, Tel: 023 8045 3000


Southampton Guest Guide: Fork and Cork


Southampton Guest Guide: Icon

ndoubtedly at the heart

owned by Queens College Oxford.

Express, located further down Oxford

of Southampton’s

61 Oxford Street was the home of

Street, offers a vibrant, modern take

maritime history, Oxford

Lucia Foster Welch (died March 1940)

on Indian cuisine. An extensive,

Street has played host

who was Southampton’s first Lady

scintillating menu has something for

to a thousand years

Mayor, councillor alderman and first

every curry lover and the daily buffet

of international trade

When looking for an icon to capture the contrasts of Southampton, look no further than Shelley Jory-Leigh.


orn in the city, Shelley not only runs her

be undertaking the Powerboat Challenge, competing

hugely successful bridal company from

against Jo Dixie from boat show sponsors PSP, the BBC’s

Southampton but also uses it as her

Helena Harland and Tara Russell from the Southern Daily

base as British Powerboat Champion.

Echo. Whilst the other competitors could be forgiven for

Shelley is amongst the female boating elite of

going up against the World’s best, Shelley is herself slightly

Britain and proudly promotes boating on the

nervous of the course, as the far slower pace and emphasis

sheriff. Southampton is the only town in

offers incredible value for money.

and war. Both have left their mark in

England where the Mayor has the title

Located a short walk from Oxford Street

the form of historic architecture and a

of Admiral of The Port. So Lucia Foster

is the Grand Café. Originally used by

wonderfully cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Welch was England’s first Lady Admiral.

passengers of the Titanic, this Grade II

Oxford Street is home to a wide

On visiting Oxford Street today, you

listed building was once Southampton’s

range of unique artisan businesses.

are greeted by a charming spectacle,

grandest hotel. Now, the Wedgewood

In the footsteps of..

with a true cafe culture bringing the

Ballroom is a unique bar, bistro and

Ellen MacArthur and Dee Caffari. A Global

endurance skills, driving at 90 miles an hour.

Following Henry II pilgrimage to

shop fronts to life. For those seeking

restaurant, offering a truly remarkable

Circumnavigation record attempt takes

Her achievements are even more

Canterbury in 1174, Southampton had

history with their cream tea, step no

setting for your dining experience.

place later this year, in which Shelley and

impressive when you consider that

an influx of French arriving wanting to

further than the White Star Tavern,

For those in the know, Oxford Street

six male crewmates, including Skipper and

Shelley herself is prone to sea sickness!

walk to follow in his footsteps.

named after the famous White Star

is also home to the best Medi-Spa in

Director Alan Priddy, will attempt to smash

Life in the in the fast lane has presented

A very wealthy Norman by the name

shipping company. The White Star

Hampshire, namely Dr Xavier’s Medi-

the standing record of 63 days to a mere

Shelley Jory –Leigh with challenges, not

of Gervase Ia Riche felt sorry for

holds two coveted AA Rosettes

Spa Clinic. Visitors with limited time

50 days. With only sixteen hours ashore to

only in managing a successful business but

his fellow country man so much so

and even boasts a roof garden.

in the city can still benefit from wide

attend to boat maintenance, the luxuries

also that of operating in the male dominated

that he purchased the bottom end

Bistro dining is a key theme in Oxford

range of professional cosmetic medical

of life will mostly certainly be absent.

world of boat racing Physical and mental

of the city which included Oxford

Street, with a fabulous array of

and injectable treatments for lines,

However, Shelley more than makes

strength to one side, real passion and an

Street. He had almshouses built and

specialities including, but not limited

wrinkles, skin health and appearance.

up for the lack of glamour on board

impulsive streak are her keys to success.

a hospice called Maison Dieu (House

to, vegetarian and freshly baked

What better way to begin your holiday

by attending numerous events in her

of God, Gods House Tower). The

breads at The Olivetree Mediterranean

or to return home to your friends than

capacity as Business Southampton City Champion,

“a contrast between the dark, greasy world of men and

lawns laid to the old bowling green

Restaurant, which is ideal for a romantic

looking and feeling truly refreshed?

believing totally in what Southampton has to offer both

racing and the gloriously white and feminine world of bridal

(Britains oldest bowling green) and St.

dinner for two. Oxfords Bar and

business entrepreneurs and travellers alike. Talking about

wear”. What decided Shelley on marriage after years in the

Julian’s Church was built and named

Restaurant offers an extensive wine

The Oxford Street Arts and

her experience of Southampton she says “Southampton

wedding industry?

after the patron saint of pilgrims.

list and regularly alters the daily menu

Design-led Craft Market is held on

is a hidden gem but I doubt it will remain hidden for much

“It’s quite simple. For

He left it to Richard the Lion Heart,

to make the most of freshly sourced

the 4th Sunday of every month,

longer, with the major investment that is taking place.

the 15 years that I’ve

For more information

who left it to his brother King John.

produce, especially fish and meat.

between 11am and 5pm, featuring

I’ve seen how my family business has prospered over the

been racing against

on Shelley’s up and coming

In 1343 Edward III gave it all to his

For entertainment, the London Hotel

true artisan qualities, including

last 35 years and I also know how successfully the city

men, my husband

adventures, visit

wife Queen Phillipa to start her new

offers a great cabaret experience. A

fine art, vintage jewellery and

has played host to the cruise industry. Other cities are

was the only one to

school Queens College Oxford. Which

cosmopolitan atmosphere is on offer at

sculpture. A tour of the local area,

impressive but with modern offices, great transport links and

make me stop and way

or listen out for Shelley on her

is why we have Oxford Street, College

this predominantly gay pub, along with

a visit to the market and a pleasant

outstanding culture, who wouldn’t wish to be based here?”

anchor.” she said.

BBC Radio Solent programme,

Street, John Street and Queens

great real ales and the quintessential

lunch would be a great way to

In her capacity as City Champion, Shelley will be host for

Park. The bulk of that estate is still

Sunday roast. The Poppadom

spend your day in Southampton.

Ladies Day at this year’s Southampton Boatshow. She’ll


Solent, along with other inspirational figures, including Dame

on manovering around buoys will be very different to her

In her own words, Shelley sees her life as



Southampton Guest Guide: Cruise Capital


175 years of heritage As the largest destination in northern Europe for the cruise industry, Southampton is used to providing all the travel services and expertise that guests require, both prior to boarding and on return.

P&O Cruises have been perfecting the art of sea travel for many decades and are delighted that today, more British passengers choose to travel with us than any other cruise line. Our genuine love of sea travel, maritime knowledge and signature standards of service, fine dining, accommodation and entertainment have earned us the title of Britain’s favourite cruise line for four years running.

An online map and a detailed information guide for cruise passengers is available by visiting Concierge services, onward travel options and chauffeur services are all detailed for your convenience. For those wishing to view these stunning vessels or looking to book a future cruise, a complete list of cruise calls is also available on the Cruise Southampton website. Mayflower Park allows you to get up close to the liners with special events taking place throughout the year to celebrate the naming and arrival of new ships.

JOIN US FOR A GRAND EVENT For the first time ever the seven ships of the P&O Cruises fleet will be together in Southampton on 3rd July 2012 in celebration of a very special milestone – the 175th anniversary of the formation of the Peninsular Steam Navigation Company.

If you wish to join the ships on the water, you can pick up the Hythe Ferry to the waterside village of Hythe via the famous Victorian pier and the world’s oldest pier train. Blue Funnel Cruises offer a variety of day cruises from Ocean Village including Harbour Tours, River Cruises and Solent Cruises.

Currency matters

Find out more at

Southampton city centre boasts a large number of currency exchange services, all operating to a highly professional standard. Whatever your financial requirement, be it money transfers, international and British currency or travellers cheques, all your

O Thomas Cook

Berth 46/47

91 Above Bar Street

WestQuay Shopping Centre

Dockgate 4

SO14 2AR

SO15 1QD

Eastern Docks

023 8063 2403

0845 308 9560 Open Mon-Fri 9-8pm

SO14 3 QN

Bath Travel aim to offer the best rates

(Wed 10am), Sat 9-7pm, Sun 11-5pm

023 8033 0730

in town, but more importantly a quick

The Bureaux de Change offers a

service without having to queue plus a

full range of products and services,

0% commission charge to our clients.

inc. currency and traveller’s cheque

Post Office @ Rymans 57 London Road


Bath Travel



th TH


Ocean Cruise Terminal


1 TO

needs can be met in the city. Operators include the following establishments:-



exchange (commission free) and

SO15 2WW

The money Shop

worldwide money transfers. Sterling

023 8071 0123

25 Hanover Buildings

Travellers Cheques: 2% Commission

Mon-Sat 9-5pm, Closed Sundays

SO14 1JU

(minimum £3).

The Post Office buys and sells currency

0843 309 3971

and travellers cheques, all of which are

The Money Shop is the UK’s fastest

For further currency options visit

commission free. Travel Money Card

growing foreign exchange provider.

(EURO, US$) and Moneygram allows

We offer great rates guaranteed

you to receive or transfer money abroad

with 0% commission on all foreign

in only 15 minutes.

exchange. Worldwide money transfers are also available.



Southampton Guest Guide: City of Sport

Southampton enjoys a great relationship with sport and with the 2012 Olympic Games approaching fast, the light will be shining on the city!


provides an incredible ski slope to improve your snowboarding or skiing skills. The venue offers facilities for Ringo parties and holds a number of events throughout the year.

outhampton is home to Olympians

Bitterne leisure Centre holds a leisure pool and a

Active Nation also manages a number of parks and

Peter Waterfield, Max Brick and Rob

25 meter pool, a top-of-the range fitness suite and offers

open spaces with football, rugby and pétanque

Tobin and has produced outstanding

fitness classes, racket sports, martial arts, gymnastics

pitches, bowling greens and street sports facilities.

athletes over the years.

and children’s activities, to name but a few!

Active Nation welcomes you and thousands

Set in a stunning 150 acre site on the outskirts of the city,

On the road to London 2012

of people to its seven leisure centres

The Outdoor Sports Centre offers fabulous athletics facilities

In 2012 several local talented athletes, who are training

every day, and reinvests every penny it makes into the

with a newly refurbished eight lane international standard

in Active Nation’s sporting facilities, will compete at

centres offering residents and visitors to Southampton

athletic track hosting regional and national track and field

the London Olympics. Many of them have the potential

the best sporting facilities in the South East.

events. The centre also hosts 12 floodlit tennis courts, 5

to come back with a medal around their necks!

Whether you are signing up for a commitment to get fit,

cricket pitches, 2 synthetic and 5 grass football pitches

The Quays Swimming and Diving Complex have an enviable

tone-up, lose weight or just looking for

and a bowling green. Many other activities

track record for developing world class divers. Currently

some fun with your family or relaxation

are available including a new cyclo-cross

home to many senior Team GB members, including Peter

with friends, Southampton has it all!

track, outdoor fitness facilities, hockey,

Waterfield, Max Brick, Chris Mears and Stacie Powell, who will

netball and crazy golf. This unique venue

all be going for gold at individual and synchronised events.

is the perfect place for serious sports

All eyes will also be on two very young and upcoming athletes

fanatics or recreational athletes alike.

training at The Outdoor Sport Centre: Freya Jones in Javelin

For water babies, the Southampton Water

and Millie Clifford in the 400 and 800 meter hurdle events.

Activities Centre (SWAC) is located in the

The London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay is a defining moment

heart of Southampton’s historic waterfront

for each Olympic Games. It will involve 8,000 inspiring

area offering thrilling water sports and

people carrying the Olympic Flame – one of the enduring

The Quays Swimming & Diving Complex

outdoor activities for all the adrenalin-

symbols of the Olympic Games – around the UK for 70

offers world class diving facilities,

junkies out there. This is the perfect place

days. The aim is to spread the Olympic spirit as well as the

Get Active in Southampton! Active Nation offers a wide range of activities for people of all ages, abilities and levels. Paddle or sail all day long on the river Solent or enrol for diving lessons - there is something for everyone.

Southampton encourages a more active and healthy lifestyle

a state-of-the-art gym and two amazing fitness studios

for sailing and power boating or to get a professional

message of peace and friendship, and to start the Olympic

For further information

as well as a leisure pool with whirlpool and jets and a 25

qualification in First Aid, Sea Survival and Navigation.

celebrations both here in the UK and around the world.

on facilities, timetables

meter swimming pool for the real swimming enthusiast.

Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centre is a multi-activity centre

The Olympic Flame will arrive in the UK from Greece on

and events, please visit

Chamberlayne Leisure Centre provides a wide range

in the heart of Southampton. It has one of the largest

Friday 18 May 2012 and will pass through Southampton

of sports including indoor football, trampolining,

kayaking and canoeing fleets in the South of England

on Saturday 14th July 2012 as it travels from Bournemouth

and click on the

badminton, table tennis, fitness classes and many

and offers a wide range of exciting land based activities

to Guernsey and back to neighbouring city, Portsmouth

‘Your Venue’ section.

children’s activities. The venue has an Inclusive

including high rope, climbing, archery and much more!

as part of the rely before entering the Olympic Stadium

Fitness Initiative (IFI) accredited and modern fitness

Southampton Snow Sports Centre, the only one of its kind in

to light the cauldron in the Opening Ceremony and

suite catering for the needs of disabled people.

the South East, is located at The Outdoor Sports Centre, and

formally start the London 2012 Olympic Games.



Southampton Guest Guide: Itineraries


Time waits for no man, or woman come to that. With your free moments being so precious, The Southampton Guest Guide has produced some suggested itineraries for your visit to Southampton.

The Romantic Getaway

The Duke of Wellington. For those who

opportunity for parents to part with

The Business Stopover

The Cruise Stop off

If you are looking for the best in top

Surprisingly, Southampton has all

crave romance on a grand scale, The

their money! Southampton boasts

When your working day is done,

You’ve arrived in Southampton and

brands and an exclusive shopping

the perfect ingredients for a fantastic

Grand Cafe is your dinner destination.

3 great shopping centres, namely

you’ll want to make the most of your

your holiday starts here! The city has

service, which is second to none,

romantic weekend. Many hotels,

The magnificent Wedgewood ballroom,

Bargate, The Marlands and WestQuay,

time in Southampton. WestQuay

so much to offer cruising enthusiasts,

then John Lewis at WestQuay will

including the newly refurbished Dolphin

frequented by first class passengers for

the largest shopping arena along the

Shopping Centre is open late Monday

including the wonderful maritime history

delight you. Cosmetics from decleor,

Hotel and White Star Hotel, boast

the Titanic, is now home to a superb

south coast. Lunch options include

to Saturday, giving you access to

which makes it so famous. The Sea

the Clarins day spa and the unique

beautiful, character features including

bar, bistro and restaurant. Original

Yo! Sushi, Nando’s and Pizza Hut.

fabulous stores including John Lewis.

City Museum opens in the Summer of

shopping environment will leave

log fires, luxurious furnishings and

features and the sheer spectacular

Families seeking sporting activities

When you are ready to head out for

2012 but in the meantime, why not take

you feeling truly pampered.

grand settings. As the greenest city

scale of your surroundings will

will be delighted with the facilities at

the evening, Oxford Street provides

a walk along the QE2 Mile, discovering

Dining opportunities in Southampton

on the South Coast, Southampton

guarantee you the ‘wow!’ factor.

Woodmill Centre, where you can try

a fabulous range of chic bars and

the extent of Southampton’s

are extensive but prior to the grand

your hand at a number of water sports,

restaurants. Oxfords Bar and Restaurant

connections to the sea, including the

dining onboard ship you may prefer

has 12 lush green parks and a number of city trails to explore. Stop for a

The Family Break

including kayaking. For younger children

offers you a great wine selection, along

QE2’s anchor, donated by Cunard

a quieter, more intimate meal at La

coffee and cake at one of the many

Families of all ages will find a huge

and keen swimmers, The Quays is a

with fresh fish and local produce. If

and located by Holyrood Church,

Esquina Spanish tapas restaurant

cafes enroute, including the wonderful

amount to do in Southampton.

great mix of family fun pools and Olympic

you are looking for a venue to entertain

which is dedicated to lost seafarers.

or The Olivetree Restaurant, both

Caffexpresso on Nelson Gate.

Whatever your children’s ages, all will

standard diving facilities. Located

business guests, Kuti’s Royal Thai

Carrying on the maritime theme, stop

located in Oxford Street.

You may be looking for a memento of

be captivated by the newly restored

near to WestQuay Shopping Centre,

Pier at Town Quay and The Grand

off at the White Star Hotel and soak

your time together and what better than

Tudor House and Garden. A walk around this centre will provide hours of fun.

Café are both magnificent options.

up the ambiance of the White Star

For more ideas and suggestions for

a piece of vintage jewellery, furniture or

the Old Town and along the Old Town

Dinner options for those with children

If you have extra time on your

Lines, famous for launching the Titanic.

days out in Southampton, ask your

clothing? Vintage fans rate Hepwright’s

Trail will bring your family into touch

are extensive but for traditional family

hands, why not take a stroll along

Boutique shopping is a wonderful way

establishment for The Southampton

Vintage Boutique at 34 Bedford Place

with Southampton’s historical secrets,

food in contemporary surroundings,

one of the city’s walks, including

of creating your cruise wardrobe, with

Pocket Guide; a comprehensive visitor

extremely highly. For those looking for a

dating back to medieval times.

head for Italian restaurant, Buon

the Jane Austen Trail. Alternatively,

unique pieces available from Devernois

publication detailing attractions,

funkier twist on their clothing collection,

For those who like a hands on

Gusto on Commercial Road. Located

take a short taxi ride to the Nuffield

at 47 Bedford Place. Scarpini at 48

accommodation venues, places to

the Beatnik Emporium at 202 Above

approach to art, the John Hansard

opposite The Mayflower Theatre,

Theatre and enjoy contemporary

Bedford Place is home to the finest

eat and drink including discount

Bar Street is truly special. Evenings in

Gallery is ideal. Modern, touring

why not head there for a pre-theatre

theatre productions at their best.

footwear, including boots, evening and

vouchers for some of the most popular

Southampton offer something for every

collections alongside tactile exhibits

show, before taking the family to see

day footwear. Hair and beauty is vital

eateries and a useful city map.

taste. You may wish to stroll through the

ensure that children of all ages engage

a West End production, including

and a visit to the Vintage Hair Lounge

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Grease.

at 118 High Street will leave your

Old Town and stop for a drink and dinner with the themes around them. at one of the public houses in England, 30

Retail therapy is also a great

locks and nails in tip top condition. 31

etopattrac hir tio ps

.uk .co

w ww .ha

Time motors on as celebrates turning 60



Southampton Guest Guide: Out and About



For more information and details of events visit or contact 01590 612345

On April 8th 1952 the Montagu family

that have become world famous.

other attractions, and a wider choice

home, Palace House, opened to visitors

Originally displayed in the ‘Montagu

of leisure pastimes, Beaulieu continues

for the first time and Lord Montagu

Motor Museum’, in 1972 the collection

to rise to the challenge, offering a

promised his house guests champagne

was moved to its current home and

wide variety of tailored activities

with dinner if there were more than

renamed the National Motor Museum. It

throughout the year and a number of

100 visitors by 6pm. The 100th visitor

is now administered by a charitable trust

exciting exhibitions which currently

had arrived by 12.30pm, so they had

dedicated to preserving the collection

include the Secret Army Exhibition,

he beautiful county of Hampshire is

and boasts one of the largest Winter Gardens of its kind in

champagne with lunch! Beaulieu

for the nation and safeguarding its

Surrey Sculpture Trail, the James

synonymous with writers such as

Europe. The Gardens are also open all year round.

soon became and still is one of the

libraries, which are recognised as

Bond Experience, World of Top Gear

Jane Austen, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Southampton’s neighbouring city of Portsmouth, offers an

country’s leading tourist attractions.

being among the best in the world.

and the Flying Lady Exhibition.

and Charles Dickens, Hampshire

insight into the south’s links with maritime history. Experience

Beaulieu’s immediate success was

The birthplace of the ‘Autojumble’,

In celebration of Beaulieu’s diamond

is the inspiration and setting for

the oceans at the Blue Reef Aquarium or glide to the top of

attributed to Lord Montagu exhibiting

first held in 1967, Beaulieu now

anniversary, a major new exhibition

many timeless classics.

the Spinnaker Tower to see stunning views across the Solent.

a number of historic cars in the Front

holds a full calendar of wide-ranging

will be unveiled in the National Motor

The New Forest is a must for many visitors

Cross the water to Gosport and go on aboard HMS Alliance,

Hall of Palace House in a tribute to

motoring events (April to October)

Museum in January 2012, when

to the region, enjoying unparalleled natural beauty and an

a WW2 submarine at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum

his father, one of the great pioneers

and is a popular venue for weddings,

the museum will be celebrating

abundance of flora and fauna. Truffle hunting, pony trekking

or discover the fascinating history of Royal Marines

of British motoring. This was the

music concerts and corporate events.

its own 40th anniversary.

and a visit to Buckler’s Hard, where Admiral Lord Nelson’s

at the Royal Marines Museum in Southsea.

springboard for a collection of vehicles

Despite increasing competition from

fleet was created, should all take prime place on your to do

Visit Staunton Country Park near Havant and enjoy

list. Beaulieu is home to the National Motor Museum where

1000 acres of beautiful country park.

you can see over 250 vehicles, before exploring Palace

For families with younger children, a visit to Paultons Family

The isle of Wight makes a great day out if you’re staying in Southampton.

House, home of the Montagu family,

Theme Park at Ower on the edge of The

and the remains of Beaulieu Abbey.

New Forest National Park is a must.

Reached by ferry in just over 20 minutes

a fascinating insight into the life of the

and cruise ships travelling across the

Winchester is a spectacular cathedral

Paultons is home to over 60 family rides

the Island boasts a fantastic range of

Royal family, the stately home is fitted


city, where over 15 centuries of

and attractions including the world’s only

attractions as well as stunning unspoilt

with the original opulent furnishings and

If you fancy exploring beyond Cowes,

Christian faith is captured in glorious

Peppa Pig World theme park as well as a

scenery and fantastic blue flag beaches.

priceless artworks. The superb grounds

the Island offers plenty of family

architecture, both throughout the city

collection of exotic birds and animals.

Red Funnel, the Isle of Wight specialist

of the house are a joy to explore and

attractions including castles, wildlife

and within the Cathedral itself. Priceless

Older families and those with a head for

runs both Foot Passenger and Vehicle

award fantastic views across the Solent.

sanctuaries and theme parks whilst

treasures include the beautiful 19th

heights will be delighted by the new

Ferry services from Southampton to

West Cowes is famed as the birthplace

there are activities galore for adventure

century organ and the finest medieval

Go Ape site at Itchen Valley Country

East and West Cowes on the Isle of

of yacht racing and is home to fabulous

seekers of all ages. For lunch or dinner,

wall paintings in England. Families and

Park, near Southampton. Exploring the

Wight. Easy to explore on foot, both

boutique shops. Visitors can enjoy the

there are also no shortage of award

astronomers would enjoy the delights

dizzy heights of the tree tops is most

East and West

sights of yachts bobbing

winning restaurants and eateries serving

certainly not for the faint hearted.

Cowes are wonderful

in the marina, eat fresh fish

delicious local produce as well as cosy

Planetarium, located just outside of Winchester. Marwell

Explore the Isle of Wight from Southampton with Red Funnel

destinations, offering

at nearby restaurants and

rural pubs, stocking the finest Island ales.

Wildlife Park is also nearby, where conservation and an

Ferries for great days out.

visitors plenty to

enjoy browsing designer

astounding range of wildlife may be seen at its best.

Whether you choose

do whatever the

and independent shops

Those seeking an insight in to the past of Hampshire may

to take a short break

To find out further


selling everything from

Red Funnel offer Isle of Wight

wish to venture out on the unique Watercress Railway Line,

or opt for a longer

information on these

Osborne House,

local produce to vintage

ferry travel, accommodation,

taking a choice of either steam or a loco through the county’s

stay, you’ll find many

and numerous other

the former home

clothing and homeware.

event and attraction tickets

famous watercress beds and alighting at a number of

adventures awaiting you.

of the Intech Science Centre and

attractions, please visit

of Queen Victoria

The Isle of Wight is the

and much more.

character stations along route. Take a trip back to Victorian


and Prince Albert

sunniest place in Britain


times with a visit to Milestone’s Museum in Basingstoke.

is surrounded by

and if you’re lucky enough

or call 0844 844 9988.

At Exbury Gardens and Steam Railway, locomotives are

magnificent landscaped gardens and is

to travel on a warm day the beaches

combined with beautifully arranged gardens. The Sir Harold

only a short walk from the Red Funnel

at Cowes are ideal for swimming and

Hillier Gardens in Romsey is a 180 acre garden paradise

ferry terminals at East Cowes. Offering

relaxing with fantastic views of yachts




Southampton Guest Guide: Out and About

From coast to countryside, whether your

showcase their skills. Events include

passion is heritage, culture, shopping

Hamble Week, the Hamble Winter &

or a fun-filled family day out, the world

Spring Series, the Bursledon Regatta

renowned Hamble

and national World

Valley has it all.

Series competitions.

Located to the east

The essence of a sailing

of Southampton, this

lifestyle is captured

area of outstanding


natural beauty is quite

the marinas, chandleries,

literally at your feet.

restaurants and

Set alongside the

boutiques, located

stunning River Hamble,

along the shoreline.

the Valley boasts

Indeed, numerous

a variety of unique

opportunities present

For further information on

family attractions, quaint villages and

themselves to way anchor and

glorious days out on the

over 1500 acres of unspoilt countryside.

investigate the local vintage ales.

River Hamble or your personal

Hamble River events take place

Whether you are on a romantic short

journey through the

throughout the year, attracting world

break or visiting for the week with

Hamble Valley, visit

class yachtsmen and racing enthusiasts.

a young family, you’ll wish you had

Competition within the sailing world

discovered the Hamble Valley sooner.

is strong and many sailors come to

JuLY 2011


Hampshire Food Festival


mela Festival


AuGuST 2011


Hampshire Open Studios


Cowes week


SePTemBeR 2011


PSP Southampton Boat Show


Visit for a more up to date list of what’s on in and around Southampton.

in 2012 Southampton is hosting a number of significant events, celebrations and remembrance. JANuARY 2012


JuLY 2012


Chinese New Year Celebrations


175 Years of P&O


FeBRuARY 2012

The Olympic Games


200 Years of Charles Dickens

27-12 Aug


APRIL 2012


AuGuST 2012

OCTOBeR 2011


29-9 Sept

The Paralympic Games


Southampton Film Week

Opening of the Sea City museum



SePTemBeR 2012


Black History month

60 Years of Beaulieu motor museum


PSP Southampton Boat Show


The Titanic Centenary



music in the City


JuNe 2012

Southampton International Food Festival


The Queens Diamond Jubilee


DeCemBeR 2011


Christmas in Southampton


Destination Southampton is Southampton’s official conference and accommodation bureau offering assistance with events, conferences and short breaks. Visit www. for more information on hotels, events and venues.

National Motor Museum Palace House & Gardens Beaulieu Abbey James Bond Exhibition World of Top Gear









2011 major attractions to look forward to.



Beaulieu, New Forest, Hampshire SO42 7ZN Exit 2 M27 Tel 01590 612345 Open daily 10am

The Isle of Wight It’s closer than you think.

Fo Pass ot fares enger from only

£7.8 retur



Visit Call 0844 844 9988 Enjoy the beautiful Isle of Wight in just 25 minutes from Southampton. The Isle of Wight is the perfect location for a day trip - packed with countless attractions and miles of beautiful countryside and stunning coastline. Explore spectacular royal residences and fairytale castles, see exotic creatures at the Island’s wildlife parks, enjoy more than 500 miles of footpaths and sample delicious, freshly cooked local produce. The Island has it all – and you could be there in 25 minutes on a Red Jet or under an hour with Red Funnel's Vehicle Ferries from Southampton.

Ferry travel. Accommodation. *Terms and conditions apply.

Attraction tickets. Event tickets.

The Southampton Guest Guide