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VOL. 99 ½ NO. 5 September 12, 2012


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by Juliana Kusyk

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Hassan Sahaf

“No, I don't agree because they belong with us, I'm glad they're a part of us and I'd be sad to see them leave.”

“No, because they are dividing up the provinces on the coast and the rest and if they weren't part of our country they would be in the middle of it.”

“Yeah, I agree.”

The seperatist Parti Quebecois was elected in Quebec. Do you agree that Quebec should be a separate country?

Rachel Wood, staff

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f acul t y o f science

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f acul t y o f English

Senior News Editor: Rachel Wood News Editor: Jill Patterson Contact: / 474.6770



Lift the weight off student debt Modern students see high debt during hard economic times Alycia Rodrigues


tudent debt adds to the enormous pressure already felt by university students. The average student who utilizes student loan services will graduate with a debt of $27,000. Add credit card debt, the cost of living, and a car into the equation and it can feel like some will never get out of debt. One anonymous Red River student explained that they are panicked about the amount of student debt they had accumulated throughout their studies. This student is certainly not alone. Articles in various newspapers recently show debt is a hot topic. According to Statistics Canada, average household debt has recently increased by 152 per cent as of June. This is a bleak outlook for graduates entering a sparse job market and looking for housing in a market with a lack of affordable housing. Students, however, need not be disheartened. When asked about student debt regional coach of RBC Keith Holiday said, “By attending university you will be increasing your earning potential which will allow you to strengthen your overall long term financial situation. I would think

of it as more of an investment in your future.” Therefore, some debt can be good debt. Consensus seems to be that student debt falls under good debt. “By having a form of credit while attending school, you are actually building your credit history. As long as you are always making your payments on time, this is a positive for you in the future as far as credit worthiness” said Holiday. When asked about what options are available for those struggling with student debt, Holiday suggested utilizing a financial advisor, this way students received tailored advice that they are requiring, depending on their financial situation. Even if you do not want to see a financial advisor or have not thought of it as an option, asking those with experience can also help you. The key is to understanding your accounts. It is vital to be aware and fully understand your cash flow. You must regulate your profit and expenses in order to ensure that your highest interest debt is paid off first. Consumer debt, which manifests in credit card and high interest debt, is

generally the worst kind of debt. This high interest debt is usually consumer debt on high interest products. Lower interest rate products are less costly. Watching expenditure is an obvious solution, despite being a difficult one in today’s consumer culture. This is made more difficult through student’s social lives which often include eating out, social activities, drinking and smoking. There is a bigger market

Consensus seems to be that student debt falls under good debt. for spending money than there ever was for previous generations, warranting a steady control of finances. According to Jacques Marcil, a senior economist at TD Economists, the poor state of the economy has affected Canadian young adults the greatest. In order to ensure financial security, set financial goals, just like everything else in life.

illustration by silvana moran

“One of the best things you can do for yourself once you are working is start saving for your short and long term goals. The longer you give yourself to save the less you will have to set aside every month,” said Holiday. Most banks have help centres that are accessible for advice and financial planning. Students can contact their own financial institutions to inquire about resources available to them. If you do not wish to go to a bank,

Manitoba Student Aid is also an available option. You can apply for grants from them, or if you already have one from them, they even give advice on how to repay them. More information can be found on the Manitoba Student Aid website, educate/sfa/pages/repaying.html. There is help out there, and education gives you the skills and experience necessary to research the best options for you.

Historic win turns deadly Gunman kills one during Pauline Marois victory rally Rachel Wood, staff


hat should have been a his- and demanded the same. stance. toric celebration for Quebec’s The incident occurred immediately The shooting also angered the first female premier turned into after she stated that Quebec should Prime Minister. tragedy when shots were fired on become an independent country. “It is a tragic day where an exercise Sept. 4. A victory speech by the Almost in response to Marois’ of democracy is met with an act of newly elected Pauline Marois of the separatist statement, Blain, who was violence. This atrocious act will not Parti Québécois was cut short after clothed in a bathrobe and balaclava, be tolerated and such violence has no a 62-year-old man fired shots with was reported saying, “The anglos place in Canada,” said Harper. a rifle. are waking up. There’s going to be After a fierce election campaign, Soon after Marois arrived at the fucking payback. It’s enough. Wanna riddled with the continual student podium during her victory rally at make trouble,” as he was led away by protests over tuition hikes, the Parti the Metropolis in Montreal, the the police. Québécois replaced the Liberals as a accused, Richard Blain, killed one In addition to the gun violence, minority government. man, wounded another, and sent a the accused reportedly started a fire In a victory for students, Marois third to the hospital for shock. and poured accelerant near the back declared that the PQ’s promise Blain, 62, owns a hunting and doors of the Metropolis. to cancel the proposed 75 per cent fishing lodge north of Montreal and The deceased, Denis Blanchette, tuition increase would now be delivis being charged with 16 charges 48, was a stage technician and was ered. The party also plans to repeal including first-degree murder, three announced dead on the scene. Dave Bill 78 (Law 12). counts of attempted murder, and Courage, 27, was Blanchette’s colMarois delivered a separatist arson. league and was seriously wounded theme before the shooting; emergThe police collected 22 guns from by the gunman. ing to the crowd singing a nationalist that had caused the student protests. Blain on the scene, in his vehicle and A state-sponsored funeral has anthem, “Gens du Pays” (translated, The liberal party is now the Official at his home. Only one of his weap- been offered to the family of the "People of the country"). Opposition to the PQ’s minority ons was not registered. The gun that victim. Marois suggested the cereHarper responded to the election government. Blain used in the shooting was regis- mony to former Premier Jean Charest, of the separatist leader with the insisIn another historic aspect of the tered, according to crown prosecutor who agreed to the idea. Blanchette’s tence that the federal government election, the PQ was elected as the Élaine Perreault. mother, Ginette Jean, said that the will focus on the economy and job first minority government in the Marois, who was clearly confused, service would be available to the opportunities. party’s history. was whisked away by bodyguards public. “We don’t believe Quebecers want This election saw one of the most shortly after her speech began. Commentors on the CBC website to reopen the old constitutional quar- engaged and largest voter turnouts of Moments later a spokesman reas- were astonished by the attacks. The rels of the past,” stated Harper. 74.61 per cent, largely due to student sured the audience that a noisemaker themes of the comments centered Charest resigned as the party movements protesting the tuition had merely been set off but urged around the agreement that violence leader after his defeat. Charest had hikes. the crowd to evacuate the premises. like that of Blain’s should never be been in office for nine years and Marois had promised throughout Marois herself then came on stage acceptable, regardless of political proposed the steep tuition hikes her campaign that she would cancel

photo by boucheCL

the hikes and, according to Martine Desjardin, president of the FEUQ , this process has already begun. Desjardin stated that Marois was in contact with the FEUQ only 24 hours after the election. She explained that this illustrates a change of communication with the student movement and the government. When asked if protests and strikes would cease now that the PQ is in power, Desjardin said that those may be ending but the government can expect continued action through research and lobbying.



VOL. 99 ½ NO. 5 September 12, 2012

i n t e r n at i o n a l n e w s b r i e f s By Jill Patterson, staff New killing surge in Iraq leaves 58 dead

the instances of violence that have erupted in Iraq in recent weeks.

A new stream of attacks in Iraq Tornado hits New York have been attributed to Sunni City, surprises many Islamists and al-Qaeda members. One of the many attacks that were A tornado has recently struck the launched killed 16 people after two city of New York, which has surcar bombs were detonated in the city prised many as it was once thought of Amara, which is about 300 kilo- that tornadoes were only typical of metres south of Baghdad. The bomb the Midwest. exploded just outside a Shi’ite shrine The people of New York were given and a market place. warning prior to the tornado landing. Another attack involving gunmen A tornado warning was issued by the and a suicide bomber killed 11 soldiers National Weather Service, and gave and injured seven at a military base warning to those in Queens and near Dujail, which is approximately Brooklyn at 10:40 a.m.. 50 kilometres north of Baghdad. It was only 30 minutes later when Yet another car bomb, detonated the tornado appeared over water in in Kirkuk, which is 250 kilome- the area by the Breezy Point section tres north of Baghdad, killed eight of Rockaway peninsula. people who were in queue for jobs No one was killed during the as police guards for the Iraqi North storm in New York and damage was Oil Company. minimal. However, the storm killed These are just a select few cases of four people as it made its way through

Oklahoma. Volcano eruption in Nicaragua sends people fleeing

Approximately 3,000 people in Nicaragua have been evacuated from the area surrounding a volcano close to San Cristoba. The 1,745 metre high volcano, which is the highest mountain in Nicaragua, had begun spewing gas and ash, which culminated in a four kilometer high column of gas and smoke above the area. The San Cristobal volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the region. According to a government spokesperson of Nicaragua, the volcano could potentially affect 2,000 people. The military has been sent to the area to force people to evacuate their homes and the area.

UK unions threaten to strike over pay freeze

mately 1.5 million people attended the protests.

Two of the United Kingdom’s largCanadian closes down est Unions are threatening to strike its Iranian embassy unless the government agrees to forgo the public sector pay freeze. The Canadian government is closThe unions claim that wages in ing down its embassy based in Iran all sectors have not been kept in line and ejecting the Iranian diplomats. with economic growth. The diplomats have been given five The government, however, claims days to leave Canada. that the freeze on salary is vital for Reasons behind the embassy clocutting back the country’s deficit. sure have been cited as Iran’s failure to In a 2010 budget speech Chancellor comply with UN inspectors, as well George Osborne said he was “asking as its support for Syrian President the public sector to accept a two-year Bashar al-Assad. pay freeze.” A year later in an autumn In a statement made about the clospeech he announced that the pay sure of the Canadian embassy in Iran, freeze would be restricted to one per Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird cent for an additional two years. said that Canada sees Iran “as the Public sector workers have already most significant threat to global peace held two strikes in the last year, one and security in the world today.” on May 1 and another on Nov. 30, in objections to changes made in pensions. It is estimated that approxi-

local news briefs By Rachel Wood, staff Phoenix Sinclair inquiry suspended after four days of hearings

The inquiry into the death of Phoenix Sinclair was suspended on Sept. 7 during an afternoon break, due to a ruling regarding access to interview transcripts. Her mother, Samantha Kematch

and stepfather, Karl McKay, were found to consistently abuse and neglect Sinclair, leading to her death in 2005 on Fisher River First Nation. Both Kematch and McKay are serving life sentences. Prior to suspension, the inquiry focused on issues surrounding

English Language Centre





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^ĞƉƚ͘ϭϵͲEŽǀ͘Ϯϭ͕ϮϬϭϮ tĞĚ͕͘ϲ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϵ͗ϬϬƉŵ


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img.php (PNG Image, 372x372 pixels)

Victim identified in North End homicide

Simon Sanderson’s body was discovered under leaves in the area of Burrows Avenue and Main Street on Sept. 1 at 2:20 p.m.. Sanderson was 23 and had been missing sing Aug. 26 after being seen last in the West Broadway neighborhood. The police issued an alert on Aug. 31. Sanderson’s grandfather, Oliver Sanderson, explained that she had been finding refuge in drugs. However, she had aspirations of attending AA meetings and returning to school. A Magnus Avenue resident explained that he heard a woman yelling about finding a body after a week of smelling something peculiar. The police have confirmed that the death was a homicide, however, no

other details have been released.

paper bags, which would also have environmental effects. Fort Whyte remains blue Other Canadian cities have The new leader of the provincial recently imposed a ban on plastic conservatives, Brian Pallister, won the bags, including Toronto. By Jan. 1, Forty Whyte by-election on Sept. 4. 2013, Toronto will be plastic bag-free. The riding has been conserva- The decision occurred in a city countive since 1999 and NDP candidate, cil vote that blindsided mayor Rob Brandy Schmidt acknowledged that Ford, who originally voted to end a she knew this when she decided to five­–cent fee on plastic bags. run. Doctor accused of sexual Pallister garnered 2,897 votes, assault in children’s Liberal Bob Axworthy won 1,854 hospital pleads not guilty and Schmidt finished the campaign with 631 votes. Walid Ahmed Abdelhamid, a Darrell Ackman, the independent former resident doctor who was candidate who is also facing sex-re- working under a training visa at lated charges after being accused of the Winnipeg Children’s Hospital luring underaged girls into prostitu- in 2009, has been charged with one tion, had a total of 18 votes. count of sexual assault and pled not guilty on Sept 4. Proposed ban on plastic The teenage victim testified in bags declined court and reported that he awoke to A Winnipeg ban on plastic bags the doctor sexually assaulting him will not be imposed. The public works twice. The victim was immobilized committee made a request for a study with morphine while recovering from in July. The water and waste depart- a motorbike accident at the time of ment of the City of Winnipeg pre- the alleged assaults. sented a report that stated that a ban Conversations in court focus on would not occur. the victim’s state of mind during the Many city residents reuse plastic time of the assaults, due to his levels bags for other purposes, according of morphine. to Darryl Drohomerski, solid waste Abdelhamid fled to Greece after manager. Drohomerski also argued his release from bail. He was deported that a ban might increase the use of back to Canada in May, 2011.

The University of Manitoba English Language CentreͮϱϮϬhŶŝǀĞƌƐŝƚLJĞŶƚƌĞ tŝŶŶŝƉĞŐ͕DĂŶŝƚŽďĂ͕ĂŶĂĚĂZϯdϮEϮ WŚŽŶĞ͗ϮϬϰͲϰϳϰͲϵϮϱϭͮŵĂŝů͗ĞůĐΛƵŵĂŶŝƚŽďĂ͘ĐĂ / elc/parttime 1 of 1

Sinclair’s death and had heard testimonies from several child welfare workers, including social worker Marnie Saunderson and her supervisor Andre Orobko. The overarching theme throughout the testimonies centered on the fact that social workers bear too heavy of workloads and have a consistent backlog of cases. The inquiry will resume no sooner than October.

11/17/2011 11:21 AM

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More alleged robocalls surface in provincial elections Quebec Liberals claim they are the victims of robocalls Jill Patterson, staff


uring last weeks’ provincial elections in Quebec the Liberal Party made claims that they were the victims of a robocall scandal. The calls were reported to have been made in English and were made falsely under the name of the Liberal party in at least two electoral ridings, which are considered to be prominently French speaking areas. The alleged robocalls were sent out on Sept. 3, just one day before the elections were to take place. The Liberal Party quickly filed complaints with the province’s police department over the issue when news of the calls spread. The Liberal Party believes that

these calls were made intentionally and were motivated by malicious

intentions to hamper the party, possibly by ruining their chances at a victory or by attacking their reputation. According to a statement from the

Liberals, “All these calls are false and obviously emanate from an organization or individuals who want to harm the Liberal Party.” The calls allegedly attempted to redirect potential voters to either wrong voting stations or to altogether nonexistent voting stations. Other calls were also reported that were not automated but were individuals personally phoning potential voters claiming to be representatives of the Liberal Party. The results of the provincial election were released on Wednesday, Sept. 5 and showed, what is said to be, a narrow victory for the Parti Québécois.

It is possible the results of the elec- rect voters in areas that showed a low tion were swayed by the recent issues rate of support for the Conservative over the student’s tuition increase. party to a false voting station. Pauline Marois, the leader of the The calls in this case were claimParti Québécois, included the roll ing to be made under the name of back of student tuition hikes as a Elections Canada, but were discovpart of her electoral platform, which ered to have been commissioned may have won her though a cell votes from stuphone under the “All these calls dents who are in name “Pierre opposition to the Poutine.” are false and tuition increase. Investigations Although into the 2011 elecobviously some robocalls toral robocalls are emanate from an are, in fact, perstill ongoing and missible in elecElections Canada organization or tions, such as has reportedly individuals who calls to gather spent $240,000 information on on the investigawant to harm the party support or tion thus far. Liberal party.” to deliver voting The c o ninformation to servative party potential voters, has denied any other types of robocalls are prohib- involvement with this most recent ited. This includes calls that inhibit case of robocalls, and the Liberal voting or are otherwise attempting to Party has not outright accused any undermine the voting procedure. particular party of being the perpeControversy over robocall scandals trators of the robocalls. in Canada first came to light during the federal election of 2011, in which the Conservative party was accused photo by martin savageau of using automated robocalls to redi-

Wireless expanded throughout campus U of M adds wireless networks to over 10 buildings Rachel Wood, staff


he frustration of realizing there is no wireless access in one of your classes may now be gone. The U of M has recently upgraded and expanded their wireless network to include wireless N in nine buildings and wireless G in two more buildings. Wireless N is a newer and more advanced wireless technology than wireless G and provides a wider range as well as a larger capacity to support Internet users. Wireless N uses a technology known as MIMO, which allows for maximum transmitting power and reception due to multiple input and output. Other buildings on campus have wireless B or wireless G. These are the older standards and while students can still connect, it is not up to the same state of the art standards as wireless N. Previous UMSU president, Camilla Tapp, spearheaded the recommendation for an expansion of wireless connectivity. Tapp found that in comparison to 15 other schools that the U of M typically compares itself to, we were towards the bottom of the list in our wireless services. In this way, the U of M wasn’t living up

to what it promises to its students in of today’s reality and education. He terms of services. explained that many professors are The administration was receptive using online tools and referencing of this and a project was developed to them in classes already. Access in improve wireless on campus. The ini- the lectures will allow for students tiative was accomplished through the to refer to these tools immediately. joint efforts or UMSU, Information The university is looking into new Services and Technology (IST), and signage in buildings that advertise to administration. students the wireless access available While tenants in some buildings in that location; similar to wireless had been requesting wireless access signs you would see in public places for some time, it wasn’t until UMSU and coffee shops. A student wide approached administration that email announcing the new services the initiative was taken to develop may also be distributed. access. In order to connect to the wireless The $1.45 million project was network, students should visit www. funded through technology fees that They can are included in student’s tuition. then walk through the process to conBrian Mitchell, a learning and nect to the encrypted U of M network. change consultant with Learning and Students, however, must claim their Development Services, explained that U of M password prior to accessing this is not just a project but, rather, a the network. wireless N program, meaning that The buildings that now have it will be continually enhanced and Internet access include Biological evolving. Science, Sinnott, Armes, University When asked whether the expanded Centre, Machray Hall, the ARTlab, Internet access would upset professors St. Andrew’s College, Buller, due to increased student distraction Administration and Education. Duff during lectures, Mitchell explained Roblin will have wireless access built that it may cause concerns for some into it sometime in September or professors, however, Internet is a fact October.



VOL. 99 ½ NO. 5 September 12, 2012

RCMP grounds plane with anti-Harper message Forced landing leaves some questioning right to free speech Jill Patterson, staff


he RCMP has come under criticism for allegedly grounding a plane flying in Ottawa airspace that was displaying an anti-Harper message. It is the belief of those involved, namely the organization responsible for commissioning the message, that the plane was grounded for political reasons. However, the RCMP are claiming that actions were taken to ground the plane due to safety violations that were taking place, as well as regulation violations. The plane was hired by an organization by the name of The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) to fly in Ottawa air space above Parliament Hill. The hired plane flew with a banner trailing behind it, which read “Stephen Harper Nous Deteste,� which translates to “Steven Harper Hates Us.� The plane was commissioned to fly for a full three hours in order to coincide with the Hot Air Balloon Festival which was taking place in Gatineau that same day. Strategically, by flying the plane during this type of event, the group presumably meant for the message to be noticed and read by as many people as possible. After only 90 minutes of flight the plane was ordered to land because, according to the RCMP, the plane

could have posed a threat to the safety of Prime Minister Steven Harper. Lucy Shorey, spokesperson of the RCMP, claimed that “The RCMP is mandated with the security on the grounds of Parliament Hill, and the RCMP takes all threats seriously.� The pilot of the plane was told that two policemen were awaiting his landing at the Ottawa-Rockcliffe airport, and he was promptly questioned after landing. It was soon determined that there was no threat posed for the

Ciambella, made similar comments: According to Rousseau, when “They intercepted me because they Ciambella was being questioned by had thought that I was flying inside the police after landing the plane, the no-fly zone, which is .35 nauti- they raised concerns over the bancal miles from the Peace Tower. The ner’s message as being a form of hate radar [ . . . ] in the Ottawa control speech. zone, my communications with them According to Errol Mendes, who made sure that I was not in that par- is a Law professor at the University of ticular restricted area. I never really Ottawa, the mandates around what penetrated that.� is constituted as hate speech is the According to Ciambella, he has “willful promotion of hatred directed flown other similar banners for the at an identifiable group.� This incigroup in Quebec, five in total, since dent, he says, is “beyond ridiculous. Aug. 19, and all have been undis- It should not even be contemplated rupted by the police. As well, he has unless, of course, Stephen Harper even flown an additional two banners is an identifiable group. Something for the group since the incident. like this is so far removed from hate The PSAC has been campaigning speech that it’s almost laughable.� protests against the Harper governRousseau also claims that the ment for various public service cuts group plans to fly the plane again, that have been made, and the hired with the same message in the same plane was just one of the group’s vari- area in a few weeks time. Prime Minister. ous acts of protest. “What we do outside of the workThe PSAC claims, however, that The grounding of the plane has place is freedom of speech. This is they had been given permission pre- caused members of PSAC to question purely a freedom of speech issue viously to fly in that air space. In a their freedom of speech, with regards and that’s why this union is doing statement the PSAC claim that “the to being able to publicly criticize the what unions do so well. We’re raispilot was fully aware of airspace prime minister. ing a little hell about this because we restrictions in place in Ottawa and Larry Rousseau, executive vice should have complete freedom under [that] Nav Canada, Canada’s air traf- president of the union, questioned, the Charter to criticize the prime fic control service, confirms that for “was it because you didn’t want the minister, and that’s what we’re doing the entire flight the PSAC-hired air- prime minister to see the banner? when we say Stephen Harper hates plane remained outside the restricted Who knows, but we’re very concerned us,� said Rousseau. zone.� that this is not about hate speech, this illustration by vanessa marginet The pilot of the plane, Gian Piero is about freedom of speech.�

Campus news briefs Rachel Wood, staff UMSU orientation week kicks off

The U of M campus has been buzzing with activity due to the UMSU Orientation Week. Students began classes on Sept. 6, and were able to kick back during the stress of a new semester through many different outlets. Several bands and solo artists performed including the Thrashers, the Lytics, the Bokononists, Royal Canoe, A Waste Odyssey, and many others. A movie night, pool tournament, martial arts demo, free breakfasts, and a boat cruise were all available

last week. More events are scheduled for the upcoming days. Orientation week continues until Sept. 14.

students. This 10 per cent representa- ment numbers is a clear message that tion has been a long time goal for the the University of Manitoba continues university. to be the post-secondary institution University 1 students have also of choice for students,� said David contributed to this increase, due to Barnard, president and vice-chanthe largest high school graduation cellor at the U of M. All time high enrolment numbers in Manitoba in the last numbers at the U of M U of M researchers involved decade. in First Nations right to An increase in international stuAgriculture and food sciences saw water discussion dents and recent high school gradu- the largest boost in enrolment with a ates has led to an overall 2.9 per cent 16.1 per cent increase. A seminar series entitled “Critical increase in U of M enrollment. Full-time student enrolment went Conversations on First Nations and Over 10 per cent of students at the from 23,257 to 23,994. Numbers for the Right to Water� is taking place at U of M this year are international part-time enrolment increased from the U of M and features research constudents, with China and Nigeria 4,735 to 4,801. ducted by many U of M researchers. having the largest representatives of “The increase in first-day enrolThe seminar is being organized by


Take a break and come out and Curl! Men’s leagues—Tuesday and Wednesday evenings Ladies League—Thursday evenings Mixed Fun League—Friday evenings, as many players you want, one set price. For more information email: or go to our website Registration is Monday September 17th from 7 to 9 PM.


law professor Karen Busby and the Centre for Human Rights Research and will run from Sept. 10 until March, 2013. The United Nations declared clean drinking water and sanitation as a human right in 2010 and since that time, U of M researchers have worked with the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak and universities to study the issue of water for First Nations. Southwest transitway will end at the U of M

A route for a leg of the southwest transitway is under discussion. The leg will run from Jubilee Avenue to the U of M campus, ending at the future stadium at the Investors Group Field. However, the exact route from Jubilee to the U of M is currently unknown. Mayor Sam Katz has supported a route that would go through the Parker neighbourhood and a vacant Manitoba Hydro space along the Beaumont and Maybank areas. Dave Wardrop, Winnipeg Transit director, would like to ask southwest residents of Winnipeg what they would like to see happen with the route. Open houses will take place at the Holiday Inn Winnipeg South on Sept. 19 from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Sept. 22 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Orientation week kicks off

photo by beibei lu photo by beibei lu

photo by beibei lu

photo by Jessay Gopuran Devassy photo by beibei lu

photo by Jessay Gopuran Devassy

photo by Tong Yue

photo by beibei lu

First day fashion photos by beibei lu

Jianxiong Deng & Deyu Deng University 1 My Style: As international students, this is our first time to be a UMSU volunteer.So, UMSU T-shirt is our fresh style for the first day of fall 2012!

Brooke Van Ryssel Jazz music Faculty My Style: Relaxed, boho, chic.

Ryan Marsch University 1 My Style: Bison football rookies wear helmets on the first day of classes.



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New year, new discourse

A few things to understand about debate photo by antoine letarte

Quebec protestors are no heroes What we talk about when we’re talking about entitlement Jess Chapman


he fall term of school has begun, subsidy for tuition during a recesand for certain students in sion is as irresponsible as, say, cutting Quebec, angered at their provincial taxes for the wealthy during wartime. government’s move to raise tuition When the final bill comes, you’ll rates, that means it’s time to begin want to kick yourself in the face for another round of protests, disrup- letting all that extra cash go. There’s tions, and general shenanigans. Man a reason we caution our kids to save the lifeboats. for a rainy day – sooner or later, it I confess that have not had my always rains. own struggles paying for education. No amount of mobilization will My tuition, books, and fees were cov- change any of the above facts. Ask ered by a savings account my family any supporter of the student strikes set up for me practically as soon as I how the government should pay to left the womb. I went to university keep their share of tuition expenin my hometown and lived at home ditures this low. You might be surthroughout my four years of study. prised how long it takes for them I was also offered a well-paying job to come up with an answer, if they within just a couple of months of do at all. finishing classes. You can call me out Why should those of us outside of touch if you’d like. That doesn’t Quebec, all of whom pay more for change the fact that supporters of tuition, be asked to stand in solithe Quebec student strike are out of darity with them? If their concern touch with basic economics. was access to education, they would They have a right to be angry – not do what they did in Montreal their provincial government should last week: barging into classrooms, have seen this coming. Quebec tax- banging on desks, and calling out payers foot an unbelievable 70 per students who crossed the picket line. cent of a university student’s tuition And for the record, if any protester bill, second only to Newfoundland interrupted my class to yell about and Labrador, where the subsidy is neoliberalism or some such nonan even more unbelievable 77 per sense, I would go Katniss Everdeen cent. Meanwhile, Quebec is grap- on their whiny ass before they could pling with a debt of nearly $253 bil- say “drop fees!” lion. They faced their first deficit in The continued strikes are not a decade in 2009, and haven’t had a about access to education. It’s about balanced budget since. wanting to have their cake and With such a poor record of fis- have it fed to them, too. That’s the cal stewardship, is it any wonder entitlement mentality the Quebec that making their citizens pay government has helped create with more for their goodies is so pain- its own misguided attempt at offerful? Continuing with 70 per cent ing a public service.

Matt Abra


he new school year is here, bitterness, please try to keep your media portrays “left” and “right.” which means that you, as stu- ideas focused on the specifics of the True conservatives and true liberdents, might be inclined to enter the issue rather than the broad political als (i.e. those outside of the clown battlefield of political righteousness spectrum to which it attaches itself. car) are both capable of rationality; and devotion. University is a place That is, actually listen to each other they just have divergent upbringthat will help shape your beliefs as instead of casting another person’s ings and worldviews. Don’t think much as it will your knowledge (the outlook aside simply because it may for a minute that things like the two are pretty mutually dependent), fall on the contravening side of the Tea Party or Fox News adequately and be assured, you will eventually spectrum from yours. represent true conservative values. see your beliefs do battle with ones That is not to say that the Conservatives believe in protecof an opposing nature. You will see words “liberal” and “conservative” tion, but that doesn’t mean that it in your classrooms, in your essays, should be abandoned all together. they think protection is the same and, indeed, in the Manitoban. This Personally, my views would be thing as aggression. Conservatives is healthy. It fosters our capacity considered mostly liberal, but I believe in family values, but they for rational debate and discourse, have never felt comfortable align- also understand that “family” does and it leads to compromises that ing myself with that word; or any not need to abide by a single narrow are the essence of all social prog- word, for that matter. It’s a bit of definition. Conservatives believe ress. But given that the year is just a catch-22, because to me liberal- in freedom of the market, but they

starting, I think it is important to ism implies an open-door policy get a few things straight before the in which you can be swayed by battle begins. reason and judgement, but attachFirstly, as is always the case, ing yourself to a word like “liberal,” most debates will be perceived also implies a solid and unchangwithin some sort of “liberal versus ing belief system that subsequently conservative” paradigm. This usu- closes those very doors. But that’s ally happens because, as a society, just me. The two words do provide a we are not inventive enough to good matrix for people to sort their perceive of it any other way. There beliefs and values. I do, however, could be fights about gay marriage, think that it is vitally important for tussles about Middle Eastern con- people to understand their proper flict, disparagement over the state meaning upfront. of our economy, and you can be Conservatism does not mean certain there will be some heated “radical theocrat,” and liberalism exchanges about that little election does not mean “hippie commugoing on down south. Whatever nist.” Believe it or not, despite the the issue, it will probably be divided left/right dichotomy, the two do into two sides and two sides only not even imply opposition. To put (even though most issues of the sort it simply (which is hard), in my actually have 56 sides). One side view, conservatism is the belief will be deemed “crazy lefty” and in traditional values; liberalism is the other will be deemed “unsym- the belief in liberty and equality. pathetic righty.” This is unhealthy. Conservatives believe in the latter It creates a polarized climate of as well, of course, but the problem partisanship that is the enemy of as I see it is that liberty and equality compromise. sometimes directly contest tradiThe issues that I mentioned tional values. Maintaining tradition above, for example, are very real and and maintaining equality is a tricky very complicated, and they don’t balancing act, and it is when the deserve to be relegated to a sim- two come into conflict that you get plistic stand-off between ideologies. something like, say, the gay marThus, when you do go into battle, riage debate in the United States. equipped with shield, sword, and Do not be fooled by how our

don’t think that someone should literally starve to death if they fail to compete. And don’t think that the narrowminded liberals like Michael Moore or Keith Olbermann are a good representation of true liberalism, either. Liberals try to put logic over emotion, but they understand that emotion will always, and should always, play a role in how we live our lives. Liberals believe in human rights, but they understand that rights can stretch only as far as they do not impinge on others. And yes, liberals want to make lots of money, too, but the social and economic plight of less privileged people will always be their foremost concern (before having kids, at least). Remember these things as you begin your year. And by all means, have an opinion, but make damn sure that you have a reason for that opinion, and that you express that opinion respectfully. Do some research, do some thinking, and form your opinions accordingly. Maybe this year we can get our discourse right for a change.

illustration by silvana moran

VOL. 99 ½ NO. 5 September 12, 2012

Why I support Barack Obama


Why I support Mitt Romney

Chris Hearn, volunteer staff

Michael DeLuca


“I’ve spoken of the shining city all my political life, but I don’t know if I ever quite communicated what I saw when I said it. But in my mind it was a tall proud city built on rocks stronger than oceans, wind-swept, God-blessed, and teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace, a city with free ports that hummed with commerce and creativity, and if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here. That’s how I saw it and see it still . . .” — Former US President Ronald Reagan, 1984

ook, Obama has not been perfect. He this effort. No, Obamacare is not perfect, didn’t close Guantanamo Bay. The but it means that millions upon millions of economy hasn’t exactly bounced back in Americans who were not previously insured the US the way everyone would like. He for medical coverage are now insured. This is didn’t meet all of the grand expectations good! This is very good. Obama was able to of those who had put him up on a pedestal. get healthcare reform farther than any other But I believe that he needs to be in office for President prior to him. This was a major four more years. accomplishment and it is good for America. Now, it’s terrible that one should vote for Obama doesn’t deserve to be attacked for this, someone partly to avoid someone else from he deserves praise! Mind you, this is comgaining power, but for all of the reasons I ing from someone who believes in universal believe Obama should be re-elected, one of health insurance and scratches his head that them, for me, is because of the other option: anyone would not believe in this concept, Mitt Romney and the Republicans. I will which exists throughout all developed and be completely honest; they scare me! The many non-developed countries, except the Republicans are not even the same party as US, until now, and Obamacare still is not when George W. Bush was in power. This fully universal health insurance. is a party that I think has gone so far to the Frankly, the idea of handing the reigns right that it is scary, partly because of the back to the Republicans, who have, over the Tea Party movement. past four years gone even farther right than For four years, Republicans have com- seemingly ever before, who refuse to take plained over and over again that “the left” responsibility for the actions of George W. have done nothing but blame Bush. Well, Bush, and who appear to have not learned there is a reason for that. I think Bush one bit from his mistakes, would be foolscrewed up big time. And, the Republicans ish. When Obama went to Cairo, soon after know this, which is why he was barely being elected, to speak to the Muslim world mentioned, even by his own brother, at to try and build a bridge and close a divide, the Republican National Conference! He this was seen by Republicans as a scandalgot America into two wars, simultaneously, ous, horrible thing to do. Romney mocked without clear goals, and in the case of Iraq, Obama for “apologizing!” What? The idea for what I think were mostly fabricated that Obama would reach out to a part of the reasons. These wars have been disastrous world where there is clearly a need to do so to the US both financially, and in terms of is seen as being apologetic, and therefore public relations. On top of that, the toll on weak? No, what Obama did was, in fact, America’s military has been painful, with prudent and wise. He did what was needed a new generation of soldiers flooding back to be done at the right time in history and to the US suffering from post-traumatic Obama should, once again, be praised for stress disorders and physical injuries, and this, not ridiculed. for what? These wars have been a complete I have to say flat out, I don’t believe that failure, so much so that the fact that the war Mitt Romney is the right man to be President in Afghanistan continues to rage, nobody right now or possibly ever. Obama has done seems to want to discuss it! far better than he is given credit for, and he I don’t feel that Obama has gotten a deserves four more years to continue with fair shake over the past four years. He has his work. This is not a time to go backwards. done something good for America with This is a time to continue the momentum Obamacare. Unfortunately, the Republicans forwards with Barack Obama at the helm. and their right wing brethren have done The US cannot afford the Republicans. The anything and everything to undermine world cannot afford the Republicans.



t was with these inspirational words that Ronald Reagan both accepted his nomination as the Republican candidate for President and concluded his farewell speech to the nation in 1989. At the crux of this speech was a definitive description of America, a once shining city on the hill that stood high above all others. Reagan, likely one of the most prominent, well-respected presidents in recent times, believed strongly in his country and the potential that lay at its foundation. He spoke of a country that embraced commerce and was filled with millions of doors that were unlocked for anyone who wished to open them. This was Reagan’s America; competitive, prosperous and truly a nation that stood independent of all others. That being said, this description of prosperity and success has begun wavering in recent years. No longer are the United States filled with “commerce and creativity.” Doors that once existed in the millions have since vanished, replaced by an overbearing wall of government bureaucracy and unemployment. The shining city on the hill that once glowed with an enviable beacon of light has since been replaced by a landfill of empty, unfulfilled promises compliments of President Obama’s Democratic Party government. With unemployment above eight per cent, a downgrading of the US global credit rating, and a debt that continues to grow at an astronomical rate, the America that once prospered under President Reagan is suffering unmistakably under President Obama.

An individual who four years ago promised change for the better has done exactly the opposite, leading the country down a path of economic instability. If the United States continues down their current road they will fall deeper and deeper into a state of irreversible economic turmoil. As the bills continue to pill up, debt servicing is on track to become the biggest department in the United States Government. As the US begins to fall, its most active trading partner Canada, will suffer. American instability is a clear recipe for Canadian instability. Consequently, all the facts lead directly to one conclusion. Things need to change and the best place to start this change is by American citizens electing Mitt Romney as President. Unlike President Obama, Romney has a wealth of business and job creation experience that dates back nearly four decades. He understands that job creation is not something that comes from government; rather, it comes out of prospering small businesses that are able to hire increasing amounts of workers. He understands that the middle class of America is suffering under president Obama’s high taxes and lack of initiative. Romney has exactly what it takes to turn the faltering American economy around and return it back to the path of prosperity. At the recent Republican National Convention, he spoke of his five-point plan to return America back to its once enviable position. Romney and Paul Ryan have a plan of action focused on success. At the center of the current American political landscape lies a critical decision for Americans come November. They will have two distinctly different choices. The first is to continue down the road of instability to an almost certain economic collapse. The second is to return America to its position atop the global economic landscape; to re-open the doors to success and get America back on the road to prosperity. Mitt Romney represents this second choice, and if Americans have the courage to elect him this November, the shining city on the hill with a glow that radiated throughout the world shall be a shining city once more.



University of Manitoba Bisons vs. University of Calgary Dinos at University Stadium

Saturday, September 15 Pre-game party: 11:30 a.m. Kick-off: 1:00 p.m.

Families, children and Bison fans â&#x20AC;&#x201C; come early and join us for Billy the Bison, face painting, food, music and games before kick-off! Brought to you by Mini U and other partners.

Tickets: $8 in advance, $10 at the door

Advance tickets available at: Answers, Bison Sports office (call 204.474.9611) and the Frank Kennedy Customer Service Desk. For more information on all Homecoming events visit:

Like the University of Manitoba Alumni Association at and follow us on Twitter @UManAlumni Share your tweets with us by using #umhomecoming

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Science & technology

Tech briefs David Krause Godzilla vs. Goliath

trayed Syrian conflicts and situOne of the biggest ongoing ations in the country, specifically stories in tech-related news this its coverage of civil unrest against summer has been the Samsung President Bashar al-Assad. versus Apple United States patent Samsungâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s PureView court case, which ended on Aug. camera controversy 24, 2012. Apple sued Samsung for It has come to light that US $2.5 billion, claiming Samsung had violated Apples intellectual Samsung faked PureView camera property and used its ideas in their footage shot from a Lumia 920 own products. Samsung was found phone in a recent advertisement. guilty of violating most of Appleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s The ad showed a couple riding bikes intellectual property and now owes together, with the male actor filming the female actor. A split screen Apple US $1.049 billion dollars. A few days later on Aug. 27, shot from the phoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s perspective Apple sought injunctions against shows the woman smiling while eight Samsung devices sold in riding her bike. The leftmost secNorth America. These devices are: tion is unstable, while the other is Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S2 (AT&T, smooth; the purpose being to show Skyrocket, T-Mobile, Epic 4G, the cameraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stabilization capability. Showcase), Droid Charge, and Impressive, especially for a camera Galaxy Prevail. All of the devices phone; unfortunately the footage listed, except for the Galaxy Prevail, isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t from the Lumia â&#x20AC;&#x201C; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s from a have hardware design injunctions camera crew. Tech news publication The Verge placed against them. This means the devices physical outer shell is in noticed a cameraman caught in the violation of Appleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s patents. reflection hanging out of a movSamsung will be appealing the ing van in the video. This discovery North American verdict while the prompted Nokia to issue an apology patent fight continues worldwide in for their actions. Other sites such as Asia and Europe. Currently Apple Ars Technica further developed the is limiting Samsung components story by finding non-PR photos of that are used in its products, chiefly the adâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s film crew. In an attempt to quash the conthe new iPhone. troversy surrounding the Lumia Al Jazeera Hacked 920â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s launch, Nokia invited reportAl Jazeera, the Qatar and New ers to test the phone. The Vergeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s York city based news organiza- conclusion, in particular, wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t tion, had its Arabic site hacked on gushing, but it was optimistic. â&#x20AC;&#x153;[N] Tuesday, Sept. 4. A group that refers one of the cameras we tried took to themselves as â&#x20AC;&#x153;Al-Rasherdonâ&#x20AC;? in as much light as the Lumia 920 defaced the site with an image of with any combination of settings two darkened men sitting in the or flash. It wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t in the same class foreground with the red letters as a shot taken with a DSLR, of â&#x20AC;&#x153;HACKEDâ&#x20AC;? in the background. course, but given the more diluted The groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s chief complaint was meaning of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;PureViewâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; we didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t that Al Jazeera improperly por- expect it to be.â&#x20AC;?










Enjoy these great features at Moxieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lounges in: ST. VITAL CENTRE | 257 1132 KENASTON COMMON | 489 1199


U of M attempts to set national record! Blood Typing Stations

Flexible Degree Studies


September 18, 2012 10am-1pm

Operation Finger Poke 1000 The University of Manitoba will attempt to set the national record for the most individuals blood typed in a single day via a Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Your Type event on campus. We want to have fun, set a national record (1000 or more individuals typed) and educate students and staff about the importance of giving blood. Every day someone in Canada needs blood or blood products because of accidents, cancer treatment, surgeries and many other reasons.

How does blood typing work? We start by picking your finger and taking a       

few droplets of blood, which are then mixed with antisera to determine your blood type. Your blood group(A, B, O, AB) and your Rh factor (positive or negative) are determined. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s free and it only takes about two minutes.  






Architecture Building Fletcher Argue Building Machray Hall Bannatyne University Centre Faculty of Nursing Drake Centre Robson Hall Frank Kennedy Centre Engineering Complex

For more information about this event: Canadian Blood Services Darrin Desmedt: University of Manitoba Christina Penner: John Iacozza: iacozza


Science & Technology

VOL. 99 ½ NO. 5 September 12, 2012

Sci-fi robot attack! The anatomy of an online copyright claim Tom Ingram


his year’s World Science Fiction Ustream’s founder, Brad Hunstable, of the obscure procedures. time, there was no way to address Convention (Worldcon) in posted an apology the next day, in The “fair use” doctrine exists to the error. The ceremony was on the Chicago was interrupted by a robot which he admitted that the bot was prevent legitimate uses of copy- Sunday night of a long weekend, and attack. On too sensi- righted material from charges of according to Morgan the convention’s Sunday, tive and infringement. The use of excerpts Ustream account “did not rate contact Sept. 2, a the process of copyrighted work for criticism or with an actual human being.” live webfor getting academic commentary, for instance, Even if the convention had mancast of a cop y- is protected, as is the use of material aged to get in touch with one of the Hugo righted for parody. There’s no clear-cut way Ustream’s administrators, the process Awards, broadcast to know in advance how a court will of investigating the claim and unbanone of the approved rule on a fair use claim, but using a ning takes time, and the ceremony t wo top was not small extract from a TV episode for cannot be put on hold while the honours clear. The a presentation of an industry award webcast is sorted out. Even though for science convenfalls well within the generally accept- Worldcon was vindicated in the end, fiction, tion had able bounds. their right of fair use has been effecwas cut permission The convention organizers were tively abrogated. off when from the most likely justified in using the This is without any deliberate a bot from copyright Doctor Who clip in their ceremony: it malice on the part of the Ustream the video holders to violated neither the laws of copyright people. They apologized and disstreaming service Ustream detected air the clip, according to organizer nor the terms of service for Ustream. abled the copyright bot until it can alleged copyright infringement. The and Hugo-winning editor Cheryl However, the copyright bot had no be more accurately calibrated. They broadcast was terminated at 7:43 p.m. Morgan, and many have claimed way of knowing this. It cut off the don’t actually want to inconvenience Pacific time in the middle of an accep- that in any case the use of the clip webcast of the Hugo awards and their users, and the copyright bot’s tance speech by author Neil Gaiman. should have been protected by the actually banned the convention’s purpose is to prevent, for example, The allegedly offending material was “fair use” doctrine in copyright law. Ustream account for showing some- people using the service to broadcast a clip from the Doctor Who episode for The Hugo webcast was not protected thing that they were entirely within entire episodes of Doctor Who illegally. which Gaiman won the award. against being on the bot’s whitelist (or their rights to show. The problem is with the way their How did this happen? Well, anti-spam filtering software) because Because this all happened in real incentives are structured.

As an ad-supported service, Ustream cannot afford to get a reputation (just or unjust) for allowing copyright infringement on their site. Individual users are not worth much to them because end users are not their customers. We see this same dynamic at work on Facebook and other sites. So long as no single action ad-supported services like these provoke a mass exodus, enough users will stay that there is essentially no cost to implementing security measures that are troublesome and intrusive for the end user. As a result, Ustream’s fair usedenying practices—along with Facebook’s privacy-denying practices—continue more or less unchecked. Even if the new copyright bot is more accurate, that doesn’t change the fact that it is designed to take down suspicious webcasts before any wrongdoing has even been established. Ultimately, this is the price of free services on the Internet. illustration by seumas gibson

Science & Technology Editor: Bryce Hoye Contact: / 474.6529

Science & Technology


Notes from the Northern Boreal: A wandering bird biologist’s field journals Thermoregulation; foraging black terns; red-winged black birds and the “trillers” Bryce Hoye, staff

26 JUNE, 2012 We awoke this morning to wind gusts of 45+ kilometres per hour buffeting the Aspen (Populus tremuloides) stand that surrounds. Yet another “weather day”—the third such day of the last four—and we are thus unable to go into the field. When it comes to conducting auditory breeding bird surveys (or “point counts;” listening to the songs of breeding birds to establish their presence) in the boreal forest, there are certain weather conditions that need be met for an observer to accurately detect the songs of nearby birds. One such condition is that it mustn’t rain or be windy, at least not severe enough to obscure or render the birdsongs difficult to hear. The net effect of trying to carry out these listening-based surveys during a wind or rainstorm, or even a light shower, is that the data recorded may not be a reliable assessment of the species present in the survey area at the time of the survey. Birds may be singing though go undetected due to noise caused by wind and rain, or they may not be singing at all and saving their energy. One of the most important survival mechanisms at the disposal of birds, and many other organisms, is the ability to conserve energy, to control their body temperature (i.e., thermoregulation). This ability is vitally important for birds when they need to conserve heat in the event of lowering temperatures and rain, lest they parish. We often take for granted the function of wings and feathers; that they’ve achieved flight in most birds (save for a group of flightless birds

familiar. As I arrived, I noticed the area immediately above the pond’s surface had more than just “a couple” of these individuals; rather, the pond was replete with foraging black terns (Chlidonias niger). Having worked for a summer on an island off the coast of Nova Scotia with a breeding colony of arctic (Sterna paradisaea) common (Sterna hirundo) and roseate (Sterna dougallii) terns, I became acquainted with the characteristic grace of tern hovering and feeding behavior that I witnessed again, today, over a pond in northern Alberta. Terns are such elegant looking birds. Indeed, the whitish coastal species were a hit with 19th century fashionitas, so much so that they were nearly hunted to extinction along the Atlantic coast to feed a growing and inane demand for women’s chapeaus adorned in their feathers and taxedermied bodies. After spending an hour in vane trying to snap a photo of one of the including the Galapagos Cormorant) meadow of overgrazed bluegrass (Poa) black terns mid-hover, another charis assumed to be a no-brainer. and other grasses, we tented adjacent acter caught my attention. I waded Feathered wings fly. From an evolu- to a small pond sunken beneath the shin-deep up to a swath of reeds with tionary and mechanistic perspective, horizon. From the campground, one a couple of drab individuals bobbing the primary question of how wings or two blackish silhouettes could be and swaying atop the cattail-lined may have lead to flight isn’t always so seen hovering and dive-bombing— edges of the pond. It was a mated pair obvious. In fact, the question is still fishing—the pond’s windswept of red-winged black birds (Agelaius debated among some circles in paleo- surface. phoeniceus). biology. However, several compelling The rain was holding out, and so The male soon left, and not long hypotheses note that feather-covered with nothing productive to do I took afterward the female red-winged wings in birds were perhaps initially to spying on and identifying those black bird (“red-wing”) began permore like protoflight hardware used indistinct black birds above the water. forming a curious broken-wing disfor the purposes of gliding in some As I cautiously approached the reedy play with what looked to be a grub cases, and that feathers more gener- edges of the pond, the fishing behav- or caterpillar clenched between its ally aided in thermoregulation as well ior of these birds struck me as very maternal beak. This wounded gesas being used in courtship displays and for camouflage. It’s conceivable that some individual birds might be less active during rainfall here in the boreal in late July—there is, after all, a cost of energy associated with singing your heart out while also attempting to keep a family safe, fed, dry and warm—and so those unsung individuals would go unnoticed were we to perform a survey in the wind or rain. Rather than needlessly expend hard-won energy singing at rivals or mates that cannot hear them clearly enough to care through the noises of a storm, some birds may opt to divert this energy towards the more pressing task of keeping themselves, their chicks or eggs warm and dry. On this day, the wind has won: a quiet sets in and the birds and the bird watchers both batten down the hatches. Luckily, last night we happened upon perhaps the best camping spot this summer to wait-out the windstorm. Surrounded by a landscape of sandy aspen-pine parkland and pasture, with groupings of fenced-in cattle tarrying over a

ture, I divined, was her way of distracting me—a perceived predator or threat—away from the site of her nest and progeny. Were I a legitimate predator, by making herself appear injured she might lure me into a wild goose chase, so to speak – a chase that would ideally land me far away from the nest site. Occasionally I lost sight of her as she would take-off and disappear into the thick reeds. When I eventually had my camera ready and she reappeared on the tip of a cattail stalk, she was now grub-free—her chicks likely now fed—and back to the brokenwing display. The female red-wing not too keen on my being present, I walked ashore and towards the song of one of the only birds I heard singing the entire day – the swamp sparrow (Melospiza georgiana). The slow “chinga chinga chinga” song of the swamp sparrow is classified as a “trill,” and thus informally belongs to a group of migratory passerines (or songbirds) with trilling qualities to their songs. This group includes the chipping sparrow (Spizella passerina), dark-eyed junco ( Junco hyemalis), palm warbler (Setophaga palmarum), orangecrowned warbler (Oreothlypis celata), and swamp sparrow, to name a few. Agitated by my entering his section of the reeds, the male swamp sparrow tried to angrily sing me into oblivion. I couldn’t give him or the female red-wing “oblivion,” but I did withdraw myself from the pond area altogether and headed back to camp for the evening.

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Feminist and Queer Review Increasing awareness of feminist and queer issues at the U of M Kara Passey, staff


he Feminist and Queer Collective lective and a student in Women’s and and writing by Kaitlin Moen. (FAQ ) is a non-hierarchical, Gender Studies at the U of M. “[We would like] to broaden [our student collective based out of the “Any poems, photographs, artwork, submissions] to more facilities,” says University of Manitoba’s Women’s drawings, manifestos – whatever Wreggit. and Gender Studies Program. For you have that you want the fourth year they are accepting sub- published,” adds Charly missions for their annual Feminist Wreggit, a fellow FAQ and Queer review, which works to member and Women’s increase awareness and knowledge and Gender studies of feminist and queer issues through student. the voices, opinions and experience of The publication U of M undergraduate students from accepts submissions from all faculties. undergraduate students “[We accept] anything that can from any faculty, in any you could publish in a visual format. medium that can be pubOur goal is to showcase feminist and lished in book form. Their queer voices at the undergraduate inclusive list of subjects population – not just from Women’s includes; sex work, race, and Gender Studies disciplines. [We class, reproductive rights, are open to people] from Fine Arts or capitalism, ageism – Physics or any discipline. If [some- essentially anything that fits into their “We solicit submissions [within one’s] medium is not writing we still anti-oppressive mandate. Past submis- the Women’s and Gender Studies] want to showcase their work,” says sions include photography by Dayna classes, and we [go to classes outside Ryn Broz, who is part of the FAQ col- Danger, a comic by Demaris Wilson, of the program] like the anthropol-

ogy classes on sex and sexuality, or sociology classes on family, and we advertise in Fine Arts buildings as well. [Advertising the publication] outside of liberal arts classes is hard, but we really want to showcase the entire undergraduate perspective,” says Broz. There are currently 10 members of the FAQ collective, who are all majors or minors in the Women’s and Gender Studies program. When the publication first started the collective had to seek outside funding (such as the Margaret Laurence Endowment Fund, and the Rainbow Pride Mosaic), but now it is completely funded by the faculty. “In my first year we had to apply for a lot more outside grants. We

[received] an Arts Endowment grant, and went through other disciplines and areas. That took up a lot more of our time, and now we can focus on creating [a better] publication. [We work with] graphic designers, publishers, editors, and [can focus on soliciting more] submissions. We will even work with people and give them feedback [on their work],” says Broz. “[Feminist and queer voices] are normally the first voices to shut down in publications, so this a great chance to get your voice heard and get published as a undergrad from a feminist and queer perspective.” The next Feminist and Queer review will be launched January, 2013. The FAQ collective is currently accepting submissions for their next publication until Sept. 29. You can email your submission or direct any questions towards

Winnipeg International writers festival presents

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VOL. 99 ½ NO. 5 September 12, 2012

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From Winnipeg to Nepal Cycling abroad Aubrey Krahn


ows, hills, and citywide strikes. These are a few of the obstacles I have encountered making my way around the city I will be calling home for a year – the city of Kathmandu, Nepal. I first came to this tiny Himalayan country in 2010, and quickly fell in love with it. The people are unbelievably friendly, the scenery is amazing, and the array of cultures and traditions is mesmerizing. It was a place I found very hard to leave. When the time to return home did come, I resolved I would soon go back to Nepal for as long as I could. I spent the next year working, saving, and living as cheaply as possible. The three best frugal living strategies I found were learning to cook, brewing my own alcohol, and, most of all, cycling. Spending a year as a cyclist in Winnipeg was an interesting experience. Growing up I always had a bicycle, but I had never used one as my primary mode of transport. In conversations, I encountered a lot of different opinions on the matter. Some thought it was too much work; other people were afraid of traffic or viewed the weather as prohibitive. Those who are enthusiastic about the activity, though, are quick to tout the benefits, and the benefits of bicycle transportation are many. Of course, it is good for you and

good for the environment. I found Getting used to driving on the left it to be as quick and usually quicker hand side comes fairly quickly. than public transportation. Even Traffic lanes are really just sugwinter was not nearly as arduous as gestions. When passing, you are I worried it would be. Sometimes it obliged to let the vehicle know was inconvenient, but when driving you are coming with a shrill honk, simply wasn’t an option anymore or in my case a series of whistles. it was something I ceased to think Crossing the many uncontrolled about. It felt good being able to get intersections has been the most around using only my own power. intimidating hurdle. The basic I had planned on buying a formula is to make your intenbicycle in Kathmandu long before tions clear and wander into traffic, I arrived, and not only because I letting it all flow around you. All enjoyed the activity. The city is this makes the daily task of getting all too frequently plagued by fuel around town quite an adventure. The city itself is located in the shortages and crippling citywide strikes that can halt nearly all trans- beautiful Kathmandu valley, surportation. The price of gas here, like rounded by mountains and villages almost everywhere else, is on the with an extensive network of roads rise. and paths. Aside from purely utiliOver the course of a few days I tarian transport purposes, cycling is meandered through the crowded also a great leisure activity. Kathmandu boasts quite an markets checking out all the bike shops I could find. There was every- impressive mountain biking scene. thing from top-quality imported There is everything from competimountain bikes, to old Indian made tive racing, to relaxed scenic tours. single speed bikes – after much It is more comfortable than going searching, I finally settled on an old around in the crowded (and I mean Frankenstein monster of a moun- really crowded) public micro busses. tain bike. Not pretty, but sturdy and Being able to start and stop when I in good condition. For 3,000 rupees want to, chat with the locals, or grab a cup of steaming Nepali milk tea (about $35) it was mine. The next step was to learn the make for wonderful excursions. In my experience, no matter local rules of the road. I have heard many people claim that they sim- where in the world you happen to ply do not exist here. Behind the be living, a bicycle is a worthwhile apparent anarchy though, there thing to have. Wherever I end up is an understood code of conduct. living, I plan to keep one close by.

Based on true events Film review: Compliance David Krause, volunteer staff


hen you see a “based on true events” title card in a film, many of you will chortle in the theatre because you know that usually isn’t true. However, Compliance, written and directed by Craig Zobel, is very close to real life events and as a result is a very effective and disturbing film. Compliance is based on a series of prank phone calls, which occurred a few years ago. Someone posing as a police officer would call a fast food chain and request a manager to detain an employee. Ultimately, the employee would be stripped and requested to perform demeaning acts in the nude. Eventually the dimwitted accomplices caught on, but the damage was already done to the devastated employee. In Compliance, 17-year-old Becky (Dreama Walker) is the victim. Her manager Sandra (Ann Dowd) is a sweet, yet bumbling middle-aged fast food manager. Sandra never questions the acts she is told to do

over the phone by the officer (Pat Healey), even though she feels uncomfortable with it. The film’s impact hinges on Dreama Walker’s portrayal of Becky. She plays a scared teenager who is trusting of adults and the law. Displaying her vulnerability and terror requires an excellent understanding of physical acting, which Ann Dowd executes perfectly. She sells Sandra completely and makes the horrific climax very effective. Compliance uses slick, stylized sequences that slowly build tension. The cinematography is well-constructed, with interesting shots and enticing visuals, accompanied by

rising classic and electronic music that foreshadows and underscores the horror. Compliance’s colouring is crisp and bright. The restaurant and home shots emphasize normality and familiarity. Everything looks normal, safe and vaguely recognizable to the viewer. The locations could be the fast food chain down the street or the neighbor’s house next door. The rise to the sexually violating climax was so uncomfortable, a female member of our viewing party left in a hurry with a look of abject terror on her face. Walkouts are the mark of either a very bad or impacting film. Compliance isn’t a bad film.

Failed States CD review: Propaghandi Stevey Handsome

“We live ourselves as rational creatures. But is it rational to wait like sheep in a pen as [they] steer us to mass extension? Why continue to obey the laws and dictates of our executioners?” – Chris Hedges

Supporting Caste, Failed States delves further into a heavier, more metallic genre than previous releases. Songwriters Chris Hannah and Todd “the Rodd” Kowalski showcase their songwriting proficiency, blending adventurous, 80s inspired nless you’ve been living under riffage with much more expansive, a rock for the past few months, dynamic soundscapes than we’ve you’re probably already aware that heard on previous releases. Credit Winnipeg’s favourite pro-femi- should also be given to guitarist nist, anti-fascist, animal-friendly, David “the Beaver” Guillas, as I’m gay-positive punk rock band just sure his background with experireleased their sixth full-length mental instrumental trio Giant record. Sons helped expand Propagandhi’s There’s also a very strong pos- sound. sibility that if you’re reading this Opening track, “Note To Self,” article, you’re one of the hoards of builds from a subdued guitar faithful listeners who feverishly ran melody into a driving, mid-tempo down to their local record store to onslaught on political corruption pick up a copy. At any rate, if you and societal apathy (“How does it haven’t already jumped aboard the make you feel to know you voted Propagandhi bandwagon after for this?”), while title track, “Failed Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes States,” “Hadron Collision,” and (2001); Potemkin manic, riff-heavy City Limits (2005); “Stat us Update” “How does or most recently, affirm that they’re Supporting Caste still in love with it make you (2009) it’s time that shredding guitars you got your figuat breakneck speeds. feel to know rative head out of “Unscripted Moment” you voted your metaphorical and “Duplicate Keys ass and paid attenIcaro (An Interim for this?” tion. Forget the Report)” melodiadolescent, insertcally explore more expletive-here, atmospheric eleNOFX skate-punk days of old – ments, as standout track “Rattan this is Propagandhi circa 2012. Cane” aggressively blasts and Whether intentional or happen- broods its way through ideological stance, the timing of Failed States darkness and conjures nightmarish seems appropriate amid the stench images of (very real) mass-religious wafting north from yet another US indoctrination. presidential election cycle. It also The longevity and relevance of provides a much-needed musical Propagandhi seems tied directly to catharsis to the daily onslaught their ability to reinvent themselves of worn out political clichés and with each release. While other bullshit politicians infiltrating our bands seem content stagnating in collective consciousness. their respective genres, Failed States Released on California indie- showcases Propagandhi as band heavyweight Epitaph Records, that’s more focused and driven than Failed States follows Propagandhi’s ever. I’m sure there will be plenty already impressive career arc with of debate whether Failed States tops yet another installment of crushing previous efforts, but I suspect that it thrash/metal/punk rock mayhem. has already earned a top spot among Much like Potemkin City Limits and many listeners’ top albums of 2012.



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VOL. 99 ½ NO. 5 September 12, 2012

Toronto International Film Festival The best of Canadian and international cinema Leah Hansen


t’s that time of year again! The red carpets come out, the lights go up, and the streets of Canada’s biggest city fill with people eager to take in the newest and most anticipated films from around the world – it’s the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Taking place in Toronto from Sept. 6 to 16 at multiple venues throughout the downtown Toronto area, this year’s festival promises to evoke emotions and reactions both unexpected and familiar. Second in prestige only to the Cannes Film Festival, TIFF has a long history of bringing the most thought provoking, imaginative, and innovative films to a Canadian audience for the first time. The first festival was held in 1976; it was known as the Festival of Festivals and had a total turnout of 35,000 people. Over the years, the festival would grow to become a vital platform for new cinema and to this day TIFF remains popular with filmmakers

from around the world. A public eager ries which are officially called pro- stripper; he’ll help her get out of debt On The Road (Kirsten Dunst, for the best in contemporary cinema, grammes. Gala Presentations, TIFF and she’ll help him become better Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart) the international media attention and Docs, Special Presentations, and in bed. – Based on Jack Kerouac’s novel of its ability to generate “Oscar buzz” Vanguard are just a few of the many Canoejacked – Two escaped con- the same name, a group of kids take has made TIFF one of the most suc- programmes listed. Now, I could go victs form an unlikely friendship to the road to explore life. cessful cinema events in the world through the categories and describe with a nudist who owns a canoe. A The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the most anticipated film festival what kinds of films are included in Canadian twist on the clichéd prison (Ezra Miller, Emma Watson) – A in North America. Attendance in the each but I’m not going to do that. I break movie. classic coming-of-age story. A shy last few years has exceeded 260,000. am neither a film critic nor a theatre teenager is coaxed out of his shell by Boosting TIFF’s popularity professional so I’ve decided to come Serious, thoughta kind teacher and two wild friends. among filmmakers and artists alike up with a few categories of my own. provoking types I’m convinced that I’ll love this film is the non-competitive nature of the Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the just because Emma Watson is in it. festival. At the Cannes Film Festival The most WTF films House of God – This documentary So what’s the bottom line here, attendance is by invitation only and Bardo Light – A young man is explores the issue of pedophilia in you ask? Well, if you happen to be films compete against each other accused of killing his father, but he the Catholic Church, starting from anywhere near the Toronto area in for esteemed awards. The People’s claims the real killer is the television small-town churches in the U.S. and the next week or so, stop by and see Choice Award is the most prestigious set. Weird, no? going right up to the Vatican. a film or at the very least, see if you award TIFF bestows and a panel of The ABCs of Death – This one is No Place on Earth – This film, also can spot someone famous. And if not, film experts does not determine the a collaboration of two dozen horror in the TIFF Docs category, tells the TIFF is something you should defiwinner. The People’s Choice Award directors, and consists of twenty-six story of 38 Ukrainian Jews who lived nitely be aware of. The fact that the goes to the film with the highest rat- ways to die in alphabetical order. underground for eighteen months in second most prestigious film festival ing as voted by festival attendees. order to survive the Second World in the world is Canadian is something This year, 372 films are due to be The-laugh-‘till-youWar. to be pretty proud of. shown at the festival and to make pee-a-little films things simpler for festival goers, the My Awkward Sexual Adventure – High-profile, red carFor more information about TIFF, films are all divided into catego- An accountant makes a deal with a pet extravaganzas go to

Let’s get started! Jodie Layne, volunteer staff


lright, are you ready for this sexy column? Let’s dive right in and get started with some basics about safe sex.

Dental damned if you don’t I will say this one million times, but you should probably just get it the first time: having sex without wondering if you are going to get an STI is 100 per cent hotter than barebacking. We’ve all heard the argument that sex without a condom “just feels better.” Personally, I think that not waking up and having to run to Klinic to get tested just feels better. I know that we’ve all seen too many Degrassi episodes and seen enough public service announcements to pretend that we don’t know how to use a condom, but I think it’s surprising how many people think that they won’t be one of the 19 million STI transmissions that occur every year. Let’s get a few misconceptions out of the way One: “I’m in a monogamous rela-

tionship and we’ve been tested, so I only have to worry about unwanted pregnancy.” First of all, unless you are specifically asking your doctor to run a full STI panel, they usually aren’t checking for every single STI. Second of all, even if they were fully testing you, Herpes can take up to 6 months to become fully apparent. Finally, you or your partner may just be a carrier for an STI like HPV – which can’t even be detected in men. Deciding to become fluid bonded and engage in unprotected sex is a huge decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Two: “Unprotected sex is more intimate and shows commitment.” This is a steaming pile of BS. Talking about your boundaries, feeling comfortable enough to ask that they be respected, and having your partner’s health in mind are all pretty intimate things. Three: “It just FEELS better without a condom/I’m allergic to condoms/ my penis is too big.” Technology is an amazing thing – not only do you have a small com-

puter in your pocket, but condoms are better too. The thinnest textures, amazing lubes – with a few tricks and the right tools, you can make safer sex feel pretty incredible. Four: “It’s really expensive to buy condoms/dams/lube.” Wrong again. There are plenty of places that offer all of these things for free, as well as STI testing. Go to to find out where. Not just a condom on a penis: It is also muy importante to use protection in the following scenarios: • Using sex toys on a partner. Porous materials can harbor bacteria and infection. Use a condom or a specially designed toy cover. • Fingering the vagina or the anus. If you’re putting your finger anywhere there is a bodily fluid, cover it with latex gloves. Your skin is absorbent, not to mention it has many cracks. Plus, hangnails can hurt or cut

your partner’s fragile tissue. • Giving oral sex or rimming. Again, putting your mouth near anywhere there are fluids is putting you at risk. Make a homemade dental dam by splitting a condom or get dams specifically made for tongue action. • If you are having an orgy or a threesome, switch up the gloves or condom after exposure to each person.

on the each side of the barrier. This makes sure that it’s not chaffing your skin and that it feels nice and slippery inside. Using different kinds of lube— like heating and cooling—makes sure that what’s going on inside that condom is never boring. Use different condoms too! St. Richard’s makes the best condoms on the market – thin, healthy for you, and totally vegan. Trying different thicknesses and textures will motivate both of you to want to see what each condom feels like.

Spice up safety Bringing up barriers doesn’t have One last tip to be awkward or unsexy, it can actuUSE LUBE. SO MUCH LUBE. ally be a pretty hot part of any sexual ALL THE LUBE! Okay, maybe not encounter. all the lube all the time. When in Having a little tin, jar, or box of doubt, use lube – especially with anal bedside goodies ensures that what sex. One of the quickest ways to pass you need is available in one place and infections is through tears in skin, nearby. Getting the condom package which can happen if you’re not using open and near the bed before things enough lube. get too heated is a great way to make sure you can use it without breaking You can confidentially subthe momentum. mit a question or topic to Apply a few drops of lube to what- ever the barrier is going on and a few

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We aren’t white Film Review: Robert’s Paintings David Krause, volunteer staff


he residential school systems in Canada have hurt a generation

of First Nations peoples and have left blight on our historical record. Robert Houle’s artwork addresses some of the damages caused to First Nations peoples by the Canadian government. On Sept. 6, 2012, Shelley Niro presented a documentary at the Winnipeg Film Group’s Cinematheque she made about artist Robert Houle called Robert’s Paintings. Afterwards she gave a Q&A with the audience and promoted her art show Monster: Stories of Women, which takes place Friday, Aug. 24 – Sept. 29 at Urban Shaman. As an unconventional documentary, it shouldn’t surprise many that the feature was preceded by Amaqqut Nunatt (The Country of Wolves), a 15 minute short, based on an Inuit

legend where two brothers stumble more focused on Houle as he is today. tice it shouldn’t. The film examines upon a village in another realm. Described by others as someone who Houle in a slice-of-life manner and if Narrated by Niro, the feature’s crisp has “gone from angry, to mellow,” you relax, let go, and enjoy the ride – and taciturn visuals illustrated the Houle strives to educate and help it’s a valuable viewing experience. legend perfectly and gave it a ghostly others which he sees as a way to A few technical problems were quality. promote healing within Canadian apparent. While the film was passRobert’s Paintings is more than culture. In the film, Houle states that able, the camera work and some edita biographical following of Houle, “we aren’t white” as a way to show that ing choices made the film look and but an emotional journey into his while everyone is Canadian, there feel rough. These qualities added to feelings on his heritage, abusive are subcultures in society that exist the charm, and made the viewing childhood, early life as an artist and and should be allowed to differenti- experience cozy and more personal. what he feels as an elder statesman ate themselves from everyone else. However, it could be a deal breaker of his tribe. The non-linear narrative of for some viewers. The pain and anger Houle felt in Robert’s Paintings was confusing at Houle is a famous artist, but his twenties has been subdued. A times. Instead of a feature with a as a man he is much, much more. lot of the anger was focused on the specific track, it consisted of mul- Robert’s Paintings shows the emoelementary school he attended as a tiple shorts, focusing on locations tional, familial and cultural side of a child, where he was abused and was and activities. The camera followed famed Canadian artist. It’s an intertold his culture wasn’t acceptable and Houle around as he and others dis- esting watch and a great introduction valid by the system and Canadian cussed aspects of his life, with no to Canadian art for someone who society. motive or goal. For some audiences, wants to know more about Canadian However, Robert’s Paintings is it would be a problem, but in prac- culture.

While everyone is Canadian, there are subcultures in society that exist and should be allowed to differentiate themselves from everyone else.

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Catharsis by Doug Smith



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Know your Bisons Bison Football QB Cam Clark Marc Lagace, staff

start of the season, Clark completed 13 of 24 passes for 194 yards and one interception. The Manitoban caught up with Clark as he prepared for the team’s home opener against Saskatchewan this past weekend. *** The Manitoban: How does it feel to be the starting quarterback of the Bisons to start the season?

photo courtesy of bison sports


he Bison football team entered the second week of the Canada West regular season 1-0 and ranked #10 in the nation after defeating #7 UBC Thunderbirds 31-24. Third-year quarterback Cam Clark was given the nod by the coaching staff after an impressive training camp, and with the win he appears to have earned himself some more opportunities to lead the Bisons’ offence into battle. In his first

everything [in the offence] works and they’re kind of coming in not really knowing how things work. You know, just trying to prepare and only worry about the things I can control. I can’t really worry about them and what they’re doing. M: How do you go about controlling the pace of the game and really taking care of the ball?

tell you they want to throw the ball 50 times a game. But really, when you have a great running team, it’s really easy to hand it off and watch your boys run. It really just opens up things for us. Every time we line up in certain formations with those guys, [the defence] is really keying in on them and that just opens up something else.

Cam Clark: It feels great. I’ve been in the program for three years, and I learned a lot from [former Bison quarterback] Khaleal [Williams] in my first two years. I was happy to be able to get the start and be able to start for this team.

CC: Well yeah, the coaches have really been on me to just be a manager of the game, you know? Not trying to break a big play on every down. We’ve got three great running backs and a great offensive line that’s going to be able to push us through. I’ve just got to be able to move the chains and make the correct reads.

M: How do you handle the pressure, with such a good crop of quarterbacks all vying for the same starting position on the team?

M: How important is the running game for this team’s success? Is it something that you need to be able to rely on?

M: You’re from BC, so how was the experience of going into Vancouver and walking away with the win? CC: I’m not going to lie: I was pretty nervous before the game. I kept getting text messages: “Oh I’m coming to the game, I’m coming to the game.” And it was like, oh my God, it turned out to be 40 people or something there. It was an unreal experience. I had a lot of fun and got to see a lot of people—I hadn’t been home in about a year—I got to see my whole family and had a barbeque the night before the game.

CC: You know, being an older guy than them, I kind of know how

CC: Well as a quarterback, it’s huge. You know, every quarterback will

M: Conversely, you guys have a bit of a stretch playing at home now. What’s

the difference between playing on the road and at home for you? CC: We’re a whole team. On the road we only travel with 40 guys. At home, we’ve got our whole team, all of our guys and all of the personalities and everybody’s apart of the group. Coach Dobie last game [at UBC] said “we’re an army; we’re half of our army right now, but at home we’re a whole army.” It’s really good to have all the support, even the guys that dressing [for the game] are on the sidelines with us cheering us on. M: What do you hope to take away from this season? By the end of this season, what do you hope to have accomplished? CC: A Vanier Cup. There’s no other real thing to play for. It’s been my goal since I started playing CIS football and I’m pretty sure everybody else on the team has the same goal. We take it week to week, but at the end of the day we want to win championships.


TO 90%


AND 35%

ON NEW TEXTBOOKS BEING OF FASHIONISTA MIND but of thrift store means, I will hereby spend less for my textbooks in order to save money for that must-have pair of skinny jeans.



VOL. 99 ½ NO. 5 September 12, 2012

Save our season Disaster for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in 2012 Marc Lagace, staff


hat the heck is wrong with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers? That’s a question that fans across the province must have been asking themselves as they watched the Bombers get blown out 52-0 by the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Labour Day weekend Regina. One of the most glaring issues that directly led to that particular display of football futility was a questionable management decision made by current GM Joe Mack, exactly one week earlier. It was Mack who made the decision to fire former head coach Paul LaPolice the morning after the team had lost to the defending Grey Cup Champion BC Lions on a last-second field goal. Citing a lack of offensive progression and undisciplined play as major factors behind the decision, defensive coordinator Tim Burke was chosen to replace LaPolice – the man who took the Bombers from dead last in the East in 2010, through a wild and emotional 2011 regular season that culminated with a berth in the Grey Cup. It was also Mack who signed LaPolice to a two-year extension as head coach this past offseason. With his dismissal, LaPolice will remain on the Bomber payroll through 2013 unless he finds work elsewhere in the league. This sudden coaching change left

Burke in an incredibly difficult position, with only six days to prepare for his first appearance as a coach on the sidelines since his days with Ball State in the 1990s. The team that lost on Labour Day Sunday was a far cry from the team that went punchfor-punch with BC a week earlier. Blame the shoddy performance on the windy conditions, poor play execution or whatever you like; I’ll simply restate that Mack’s reasoning for firing LaPolice was a lack of offensive progression and undisciplined play. Against Saskatchewan, the Bomber offence had a total offensive yardage of 106 yards and zero points, while racking up 101 yards in penalties and turning the ball over five times.

Unless Mack was fully expecting a complete collapse before the miraculous season turnaround begins, it seems clear that everything about the dismissal of Paul LaPolice—the timing, the optics, and the motivation—was a complete misjudgment. Bomber fans are deservedly furious after the game, with many now calling for Mack to be fired. I’m not one to advocate for anyone to lose their job, and it wouldn’t matter since the club has announced that Mack will remain the GM for the foreseeable future. What I’m most concerned about is just what the heck is going on down at the Bombers head office. The onfield product is one subject the local media seems to relish dissecting, but

it’s the policy changes and treatment Bomber game is during a trip to a of season ticket holders that really rival stadium. The Bombers join the shocked me the most this season. Toronto Argonauts and Montreal In previous years, season ticket Alouettes as the only teams who curholders usually received a small rently ban all types of flagpoles. package of goodies from the club – From moronic game day policies, nothing spectacular, usually just a that treat loyal customers like chilcollectable pin and/or a lanyard to dren, to mishandling the new stahold your ticket on game day. dium construction projections, and This year, the only thing that came updates during the offseason, there with the season ticket packages was seems to be a growing disconnect a letter, outlining the new list of pro- between the fans and the folks at the hibited items that included for the helm of the club. first time unopened water bottles, Let me take a moment to say that cowbells, any type of flag pole, out- there are plenty of wonderful people side food and umbrellas. working for the Bombers who only The Bombers were pressured by have the fan’s best interests in mind. the public to backtrack on several But at the same time, it’s pretty clear of the items, but surprisingly have that there are some at the very top not backed down from the flagpole of the organization who are comban. Previously, only flags attached pletely out of touch with the common to periscopic poles (such as a golf ball Winnipeg sports fan. retriever) were allowed. In 2012, they In what will likely go down as yet were unceremoniously banned in the another forgettable Blue Bomber seaname of "fan safety." son, the only positive thing commenThe main reason why the flagpole tators around the league have spoke issue won’t get much attention com- about is the unwavering boisterous pared to the cowbell or water ban is support of the fans. because of one simple fact; most fans But if the Bombers don’t make the do not bring a flag to the game. Flags appropriate adjustments from the top are a relatively rare sight in the stands, down, they might embitter an entire and the few dozen or so fans that reg- generation of fans who have endured ularly brought them to games mainly so much—on and off the field—over did so as a sign of loyalty and respect the past two decades. to the club. It’s kind of sad when the only opportunity flag-bearing fans will get to carry the colours into a illustration by silvana moran

Don’t hit snooze on these sleepers Looking for an edge for your fantasy football team? Scott Billeck


he new NFL season has just begun and with it a new fantasy football season is born. Yes, after a long eight-month wait, armchair quarterbacks have run back down the rabbit hole in anticipation of chauffeuring their fantasy teams to a championship – and perhaps a healthy payday, too. With the season now in full swing, it is a good time as any to get the inside scoop on a couple of sleepers that could be serviceable in your lineup. If you are reading this, you are in luck! Below are the top four sleepers with decent upside given the situations they find themselves in.

Jonathan Dwyer – RB – Pittsburgh Steelers Owned in only 26 per cent of ESPN leagues, Jonathan Dwyer presents a mouthwatering potential to be the sleeper of the year. Chosen in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL Draft, he has been moonlighting for Rashard Mendenhall for the last two years. With the aforementioned Mendenhall having some knee issues in pre-season pertaining to a torn ACL suffered at the tail end of last

when given the opportunity. Before blowing out his knee prior to the start of last season, he was in line to be MoJo’s primary back-up. Returning this year without the looming effects of reconstructive knee surgery has allowed him to show once again that he is starting material. With the end of MoJo’s holdout Jennings will return to a back up roll, but will still be in line for carries and a massive upside if MoJo is to go down. Jennings is owned in 67 per cent of ESPN leagues, which is sure to drop with the returning of Jones-Drew.

illustration by silvana moran

season, and the fact that Dwyer has shown to be a better, more explosive back than Isaac Redman; he provides solid handcuff potential to the oftinjured Mendenhall.

Rashad Jennings – RB – Jacksonville Jaguars Two years ago I was very high on Rashad Jennings. Being behind both Maurice Jones-Drew and Deji Karim, he still managed to outshine the latter

so don’t expect any long balls to be thrown by Tannehill. Bess flourished best when given looks in short yardage situations, a potential PPR gold mine. If you find yourself in a Points Per Reception league, consider adding him, as he is only owned in 18 per cent of ESPN leagues.

Coby Fleener – TE – Indianapolis Colts Tight end depth is hard to be found come bye weeks. Enter Coby Fleener. The 6’6”, 247-lbs Stanford product already has ties to Colts QB Andrew Luck – they were teammates Davone Bess – WR – in college and connected for 17 TDs Miami Dolphins over their last two years together. OK, this probably isn’t your first With that rapport already estabrodeo; mine either, so you have prob- lished, and the probability of a more ably heard of Davone Bess over the conservative throwing game, Fleener last couple of years. Unfortunately for could be the leading beneficiary of owners, he hasn’t flourished yet, but the Colts passing game. He is only I am going to recommend him more owned in one third of ESPN leagues, this year than any other year anyway. making him a tasty option for your The reasoning behind this starts with bye week replacement. rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill, And there you have it fantasy buffs who has developed a pre-season and scruffs, four options to ponder rapport with Bess. Furthermore, while you mull over this week's startMiami’s other receiving options are ing lineup. Good Luck! lacking in the talent department


Sports Editor: Marc Lagace Contact: / 474.6529





















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W 31-28


UPCOMING Bison Games

Homecoming Game Preview

SOCCER Sept 15 SEPT 16

1:00PM @ Regina @ Saskatchewan 1:00PM

Marc Lagace

Despite an impressive 2-0 start, Bison football will have their hands full in their Homecoming game against the Calgary Dinos on Sept. 15.

forced the Huskies to punt 12 times, and forced two turnovers on downs, including the gameclinching stop with the Huskies driving late.

For the past four seasons, the Dinos have come out on top in the Canada West conference. In their previous game against the Alberta Bears, the Dinos — ranked third in the nation — cruised to 2-0, defeating Alberta 65-6.

On offence, the Bisons will likely be relying on their usual contributors, specifically their trio of running backs that have been reliable through their first two games. Nic Demski has been a jack-of-all-trades for the Bisons. He currently leads Canada West with 419 all-purpose yards, 203 of those coming on punt returns.

By the end of the first half, the explosive Calgary offence had jumped out to a 35-0 lead. Thirdyear QB Eric Dzwilewski didn’t play a down of football in the second half of the game, having completed 16 of 22 passes for 267 yards and two touchdowns in the first two quarters of play. Two other members of Calgary’s offence also took a seat on the bench at the end of the first half: Rookie WR Brent Blaszko, who caught seven passes for 117 yards and two touchdowns and RB Steven Lumbala, who carried the ball 10 times, gaining 67 yards and scoring two touchdowns. The Bison defense will have its work cut out for them, but should be encouraged by a strong performance against the Saskatchewan Huskies. They

Kienan LaFrance has been Manitoba’s go-to back through the first two games, and with 202 yards and three touchdowns, he’s second to Lumbala among the Canada West rushing leaders. Rounding out the trio, Anthony Coombs made his 2012 debut against Saskatchewan after not travelling with the team to UBC. After a sensational rookie campaign, Coombs showed off his speed with an 85-yard catchand-run touchdown. With all three in the line up against the Dinos, this will surely be a Homecoming game to remember.

tory 31-28 in a wild game against the University of Saskatchewan. Up until Nic Demski caught a six-yard touchdown pass with two minutes remaining, no team had scored more than a rouge when playing into a strong wind that gusted up to 60 km/h. Demski’s touchdown gave the Bisons their second lead Nic Demski wins CIS weekly of the game, which they would award for Week 1. not relinquish. With the win, the Tailback/kick returner Nic Bisons sit tied atop the Canada Demski was named the CIS Special West standings with the Calgary Teams Football Athlete of the week Dinos – the only other undefeated for the first week of the CIS football team in the conference. season. Demski was electric for the The Dinos and Bisons will tanBisons in their week one road win gle Sept. 14 at 1p.m. at University over the #7 UBC Thunderbirds. Stadium for the annual Bison His 96-yard punt return touch- Homecoming game. down early in the third quarter was a key play that helped to lead the *** unranked Bisons past their ranked Bisons rout CIS newcomopponent. ers in home opener *** In Bison soccer’s second game of the 2012 season, they pulled no Bison win first CIS soccer punches as they beat the University of Northern British Columbia match against Wesmen Rookie Kaylan Strang netted (playing in just their second game the lone goal in a 1-0 road victory since joining the Canada West CIS over the University of Winnipeg conference) 11-0. Dena Yaghi scored Wesmen in the Bisons’ first game the game-winning goal—her first of the season. Hadyn Sloane-Seale of three on the day—in the twelfth won his first game as head coach for minute, as the Bisons ran out to a the Bison program, as goaltender 4-0 lead in the first half. The scorChloe Werle made five saves for the ing continued in the second half, as three Bison players finished the shutout. game with three goals. At 2-0, the Bisons sit atop the Canada *** West standings, as they prepare to Eighth-seeded Huskies, play in Regina on Sept. 18 and at weather no match Saskatchewan on Sept. 19. for 2-0 Bisons Playing into a strong wind, the #10 Bisons scored a late fourth quar- —Marc Lagace ter touchdown that clinched vic-

W 11-0



VOL. 99 ½ NO. 5 September 12, 2012

On the rebound Basketball Canada hopes coaching change leads to success on court Adam Peleshaty, volunteer staff


or the first time in many years, success internationally and was con- by the Orlando Magic, Montrealthe future of Canadian basketball sidered to be a bit of a laughingstock native Kris Joseph was drafted by appears to be in good hands. (literally, The Simpsons joked about the Celtics, and Vancouver’s Robert In a move reminiscent of Wayne them in a 2002 episode). After fail- Sacre was the last pick of the draft by Gretzky being hired as general man- ing to qualify for the 2004 Olympics, the Lakers. There are more up-andager to Canada’s Olympic hockey Triano was fired and Nash retired coming Canadians making a splash in team in 2002, Los Angeles Lakers from international play. Leo Rautins the NCAA such as Gonzaga’s Kevin star and two-time NBA MVP Steve replaced Triano as head coach, but Pangos, Oregon’s Devoe Joseph, Nash is now the general manager for under his guidance, Canada qualified Texas’s Myck Kabongo, Baylor’s the men’s senior team. He will be for only one major tournament, the Brady Heslip, and Kyle Wiltjer who charged with the task of bringing 2010 FIBA World Championships helped Kentucky win an NCAA title Canada back to prominence on the where they went 0-5. last season. international stage. When Canada finished sixth in Brampton, Ontario’s Anthony Also returning is Nash’s friend last year’s FIBA Americas tourna- Bennett was one of the top high and former Toronto Raptors head ment and failed to qualify for London, school recruits this year and will coach Jay Triano, who is making his it gave Canada sufficient time to play for UNLV this season. Andrew second stint as national team head re-examine where the national Wiggins of Toronto is considered to coach. Triano was Canada’s head program was headed and realized be the top high school recruit for 2014 coach in their last Olympic appear- changes were necessary. Rautins and has already led Canada to two ance in the 2000 Games in Sydney, resigned from his post after the FIBA bronze medals in the World Under recruit for 2014 is Saskatoon’s Trey where Canada finished a surprising Americas tournament. 17 and Under 18 Championships. In Lyles. seventh place. He had spent the last The future for the men’s team this April’s Nike Hoops Summit After the Olympics had ended, two years as an assistant coach for the looks very bright. Six Canadians in Portland, which pitted the USA the men’s team organized a fiveUnited States, who have now won played in the NBA last season and Junior National Team against a team day training camp for national two straight Olympic gold medals that same number were drafted of World Selects, Wiggins led the team players and prospects to prein men’s basketball. by NBA teams over the past three World Team with 20 points and pare them for next year’s FIBA After Sydney, Canada’s men’s years, including three this year: Bennett added seven to help them Americas Tournament and beyond. basketball team has had little to no Mississauga’s Andrew Nicholson defeat USA 84-75. Another top If Triano’s experience and success


S 0 D 3 N E PT E S

from the American team carries over into Team Canada, then our country may soon be an international power on the court.

illustration by Andre boulet



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12 September 2012  
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