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The merry month of May


elcome to the latest issue of I Do Bridal Magazine, in what is one of the loveliest months of the year to get married.

Naturally we are focusing on this, especially in our fashion shoot, which is particularly special as our bride, Bernice, is a kindergarten teacher, and she is attended by two of her little pupils. You can see how perfectly they captured the brief on pages 14 to21.


Here’s our backdrop for a wedding in May, a month that celebrates spring and hints at summer; a time of year when soft sunlight and sheer pastel colours appear in the countryside and a warmer sun glows, morning and evening

We also have several exciting features that we hope will give you inspiration and ideas if you are planning your wedding in the near future. For example, wedding arrangements can put quite a bit of stress on a couple, so taking a look at Richmond Foundation psychotherapist, Katie Delicata’s realistic ways to recognise and handle it, will be very useful. And as we don’t want to neglect the vital 50% of every couple, the groom, in this issue we have hints for picking the most suitable wedding suit. We will be dedicating a page or two to grooms in future issues too. Being well aware how important certain wedding customs are, we’re also taking a look at an interesting new way to drink the traditional toasts to the bride and groom and their entourage. Inspired by a suggestion on our IDO Bridal Magazine Facebook page, we thought we should consider the idea of ‘green' weddings, which is catching on in various ways with eco-minded couples.

“He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” - Emily Bronte

And, of course, we have five more wonderful wedding stories, sent by readers who wanted to share their special day. If you would like your wedding featured, see our contact details on page 5. Finally, we would love to hear about some of the subjects you would like us to feature, from useful information to fresh ideas for anyone planning to say: I Do. See you in July,

The IDO team I DO 3

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You can take the stress out of wedding preparations


Toasting the bride in a very special way



Choosing the best wedding suit



Simple ways to a green wedding



Marry in May




On our photo shoot

27 WEDDING STORIES Five couples remember the day they said I Do




ON THE COVER Photography Bernard Polidano Make-up & styling Natasha Polidano Hair Chris Mifsud by MAF Dress Eva Mariee Bridal Exclusive Flowers Alistair Floral Design Model Bernice Spiteri


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Keep calm, it’s only a wedding Katie Delicata, a psychotherapist, manager of the Richmond Foundation Psychological Support Service and experienced bridesmaid, is here to help.


he venue, church, and the flowers are confirmed. No wait, I forgot the button holes, I must remember to do that tomorrow. Oh and the photographer, she didn’t get back to me, I must follow up... Someone trying to plan their perfect day will probably have similar thoughts a million and one times during the lead up to the big day. We all know that prolonged stressful experiences can be harmful to our physical and mental health. We also tend to imagine that our biggest sources of stress are our work, our to-do lists, and our obligations. However it is now common knowledge that even joyful events cause us stress; things like moving house, having a baby and, yes you guessed it. Getting married is way up there on that list of stressful life events. When a couple decides to get married, a brief period of blissful contentment follows, coupled with lots of ideas and excitement. Unfortunately, my experience as a therapist often shows that this stage is all too brief for most couples, and frequently becomes entirely overshadowed by the anxiety that is bound to accompany wedding planning. I find myself thinking what a shame this is, that this wonderful day, which is meant to be about celebrating love with those who are closest to us, becomes shrouded in worry and stress. It’s not just the individual who suffers. Relationships tend to suffer as well. Perhaps most importantly the couple themselves will find themselves arguing throughout the process. These arguments mostly stem from disagreements about how to do things, or resentment because one person feels that they are taking on the bulk of the work or the financial burden of it all. This is an important warning sign that we really need to get a handle on our stress. A wedding is about celebrating the love between two people. The preparations for this day should be an opportunity to become more connected, not the other way round. The couple’s relationship is not the only one that is impacted however. Relationships with family members can also be affected and wedding planning is an excellent arena for people to learn about boundaries. I speak to many people who feel obliged to do things a certain way, or to invite particular people due to pressure from their family. I encourage these couples to take this as a way for them to

6 I DO

identify and solidify the boundaries which they feel comfortable with. Very often the boundaries set at this point give us a clue as to what is to come, so it’s a good idea to put some active thought into this right at the beginning. Another thing that clients have brought to therapy is a sense of frustration at being told that they should do things in a particular way, by the professionals in the field. People have said that they feel their special day will have little to do with what they had originally imagined or wanted. There seem to be a lot of ‘shoulds’ when it comes to weddings. A bride should have a certain look. One should invite their entire extended family (even those they’ve never met). You should only use certain types of flowers. The list goes on and on. This leaves people feeling that their ideas are stupid or wrong and that they have to choose between doing things their way, or in a way they are expected to do them; which is pretty unfair if you think about it. As a very wise bride once told me, it is so easy to get caught up in the hype, with one thing leading to another until you get caught up in such a flurry of lists that you forget why you are even doing this. I was a bridesmaid for this particular bride and I was in awe of her ability to remain calm despite her never-ending tasks. This sense of calm, I believe, came from the fact that she never once lost sight of why this day was important. This is now how I support people when they are getting ready for their wedding. At those moments when you’re feeling stressed, as if nothing is turning out as planned and the whole thing is going to be an utter disaster, take a deep breath. And think back to why this is all happening in the first place. Find time for yourself and for your partner, reconnect and get excited about your big day all over again. Do this as often as necessary, and don’t forget to have fun while doing it. Meanwhile, if the preparations for your big day, or any other event in your life, are giving rise to so much stress that your daily life is being affected, or you have suffered prolonged mood changes, or feel that you are not coping with your day to day tasks, you may wish to reach out. Take 10 minutes to give us a call…. Let us help you get back on track; Let us help you find your way forward. Richmond Helpline: 1770;

I DO 7

Photos by Shane P. Watts Photography

The Bighi Royal Naval Hospital, as it used to be known, situated in Kalkara is one of Maltaážżs finest examples of neo-classical architecture from the early 19th centur y. R e c e n t l y r e f u r b i s h e d , V i l l a B i g h i n ow s e r ve s a s a stunning event venue that can be catered to your needs.



A toast… to the bride and groom For 21st century weddings it is becoming the trend to toast the couple, their families and guests with a special cocktail


hese days, couples are no longer limited by conventions and can choose which wedding traditions they want to follow and how they will honour them. This is very evident where drinks are concerned, from counters of cool, soft drink choices to creative and decorative cocktail wagons and stalls for guests to enjoy. Rather than serving flutes of champagne, couples are offering bespoke or individual cocktails for those beautiful moments when glasses are raised and toasts are drunk. Your caterer or drinks provider can either

prepare mini-shots or jugs of a traditional or brand new cocktail for each guest, or trays of the cocktail can be handed round just before the toasts begin. Whatever recipe you choose for your cocktail there are many things that may help you decide how it will look and taste. For example, consider the time of year and the time of day that the wedding is taking place and whether the reception is being held indoors or outside, in a grand building with an urban background, or a beautiful beach or garden. Perhaps you could link the cocktail to your

wedding theme, or the colour of the bride's bouquet, the flowers and other decorations around. And don't forget accessories like special glasses, straws, stirrers and coloured ice cubes. It's also a good idea to offer an alcoholfree alternative, based on sparkling white grape juice, or an exotic smoothie, and make sure all your guests know there is a choice. Everyone wants their wedding to have an edge and to delight their guests, so have a thought about doing something this original. And give it a shot!

A treat of a toast

I DO was very honoured when Damian, of Damian’s Cocktails, agreed to create a cocktail especially for us, and, of course, all of you who are planning a wedding. It is truly delicious and we are sure it will soon become a go to recipe for everyone about to say I DO. Cheers, to the happy couples! Though tradition for the toast dictates champagne, there’s really no reason why it has to fill the glasses you lift to celebrate your union. We have created a twist to the usual toast, an off-dry signature cocktail. We can see it becoming just perfect as an appetite opener.




Elderflower liqueur

1 tbsp

raspberry infused cold tea


fresh lime juice


sugar syrup top up with Prosecco or Champagne

METHOD – In a shaker with ice cubes, shake all ingredients except for the bubbly. Strain into a chilled Coupe glass. Top up with chilled prosecco or champagne. Garnish with physallis leaves and lemon grass.

I DO 9

Credit - Suits from Cefai Formal Wear

The suitable groom All eyes are not always on the bride, so when her groom strides down the aisle with style they really do make a lovely couple.


t can safely be assumed that most grooms will not share the same unbridled enthusiasm for wedding gear shopping as their fiancées. Not their fault, nature just seems to have dealt out fewer born-to-shop genes to the fellas. Being a groom takes more than popping into your favourite outfitter and grabbing the first thing you imagine is stylish, comfortable or photogenic. And, if your only relationship with a suit since your confirmation has been a working one, remember: A groom’s wedding suit is not just a suit. It is his costume for his role as leading man in the most important theatrical or cinematic role of his life; or that is how it will feel. It also sets the bar for the guests’ dress code, indicating a casual or formal, morning or evening wedding, whether ethnic dress will be worn, or if the wedding has a relaxed, beach, country, certain decade, or whatever, theme. The search is on Finding the perfect outfit need not be a trail from place to place wishing you’d cut down on the beer and pasta for the past six months, or insisted on a western theme, so you could turn up in jeans. All you need are some basic hints. And you’ll get plenty of those, of course; stick politely to the ones you can live with. Oh, and TLC – Theme, Look and Comfort, and maybe Cash.

10 I DO

Ask the ‘soon-to-be’ wife Unless you are perfectly happy to leave your entire outfit in the hands of your fiancée, make your preferred look crystal clear almost immediately after you propose. This is not too soon. It will make time for any necessary compromises and for ensuring everyone is happy. Most brides have been planning their big day forever. Grooms will rarely have given it much thought, so they may well find certain ideas

somewhat toe-curling. In which case tread carefully and tactfully point out that while you have no wish to ruin the wedding of her dreams, equally you do not want to feel like a prize piece of livestock on parade. But don’t be reluctant to push the envelope; you could end up surprising yourself. And rather than fall out over clothes and accessories, spend a fun evening on a photo editing site mocking up ideas to prove your point. Be prepared Whatever you think, you cannot dash out at the last minute and fling together anything that will look remotely the part. Three months ahead of the wedding date is the minimum you need to get it all together, even if your suit is being tailor made, and your mother and the bride’s family are manning the accessories front. You will need time for fittings, to find exactly the right shoes and wear them in, so they don’t start pinching half way through the day. If you have your clothes in hand early, you will not only have a better choice and time to make any alterations you need, you will also save a mountain of stress. Take a friend, a good one, who will give the whole exercise the gravitas it deserves, and be totally honest with you, when you ask him how anything looks. It could be a relative, or your best man, which is a good idea if you want to complement one another but not turn out looking like two peas in a pod. Don’t put your faith in mirrors. Do make sure you have plenty of well-positioned pockets. Choose colour schemes in both day and artificial light. And think of the camera; whatever you wear must look sharp from all angles. Finally, your bride will be pulling out all the stops to look amazing, as much to be a credit to you as anything. Your aim should be as high.

I DO 7

Dreaming of a green wedding Many couples celebrating their future life together also want to consider the effect of their celebrations on the environment


eddings are generally expected to be fairly indulgent and lavish events, with a lot of importance given to the overall impression guests will take away with them when they leave. But for anyone concerned about the cost of a wedding, other than in Euros, it is good to know that you can easily have the most spectacular wedding without the ozone layer having to cough up a fortune. The premise is simple – couples plan their weddings using as many eco-friendly products as possible. It may require a little more effort, but the rewards will be great. Providers of everything from invitations to photography are already looking at ways to deliver, with as much sustainability and as little waste as possible. This may be by using fair trade items, considering air miles when choosing flowers for a bouquet, banning one-use plastic items and decorating church and reception venues with candles, led lighting, and pot plants instead of cut flowers. Think of baby bay trees and floral arches, tiny olive and citrus trees being given as thank you gifts, or blooming on in your own home as a lovely reminder of your wedding day. Hiring as many items as possible is an excellent way of putting recycling into practice. Most weddings held locally are in gardens and venues which have many other functions; choosing such places, particularly special building or sites, helps towards their upkeep and sustainability. It only takes a little extra imagination and inspiration to find decorative items and fabrics that can be recycled, if you are buying them. And honestly, who in this day and age is happy dressing their bridesmaids, pageboys and flower girls in something they cannot or would not want to wear again? From invitations to wedding service sheets, and the menus, paper is almost unavoidable. Although, you may find someone creative enough to design and print all three in a souvenir booklet, for guests to use on the day and keep as a memento… on recycled paper, of course. And when it comes to confetti, real dried petals, like bougainvillea, or bio-degradable

12 I DO

confetti, in baskets or pretty paper cones, are the most eco-friendly. Food and drink are extremely important at any wedding and from organically grown to locally-sourced ingredients there are many ways to ensure an eco-friendly menu. But for now perhaps it is most useful to centre on supporting local producers, and avoiding waste. A careful budget will help avoid high waste issues, as will the shameless guests who fill their handbags with ‘take-aways’. Buying the drinks on a sale or return basis is wise, from an economical and waste-saving angle. You could also arrange for a kind guest, chief bridesmaid or maid of honour to see that canapés and untouched meals are donated to a homeless shelter. On the subject of plastic throw-away containers, discuss how far you can avoid them with your caterer. It surely will not be too long before food providers, from mini-burger makers to ice-cream carts, do away with such packaging altogether too. Fully-edible wedding cake decorations should certainly be available, complimented by tiny real flower posies. Presenting these to certain guests as the cake is cut would be a lovely gesture. Many brides and bridesmaids like to keep their bouquets for as long as possible, and an eco-friendly way of doing this, especially in a season when Malta has few flowers growing naturally, is to find a florist who can create beautiful bouquets from silk flowers. It would also be a lovely gesture if at least some of the cut flowers were left in the church or gathered up and sent to a hospital or women’s shelter, as a simple way of recycling and spreading the joy of your wedding day. Wedding dresses can be adapted for other occasions, kept for a daughter, cut down for Baptism or First Holy Communion dresses, boxed in a glass case as an art installation or donated to a bride who could only dream of wearing anything so beautiful. There are thousands of ways to go green for your wedding and for your memories to ‘eco’ into a future we should all like to see as earth friendly. Perhaps what is beginning slowly now will become the norm and, just as all married couples wish to live happily ever after, so will our planet.

I DO 7

Here are 10 ways you may already be planning a GREEN wedding ◊ Choosing an heirloom engagement or wedding ring ◊ Adapting a family or vintage wedding dress ◊ Engaging un-plugged musicians ◊ Hiring a bus to take your guests from A to B, or arranging car shares ◊ Walking from the wedding ceremony to the reception, imagine all the good wishes you will receive on the way ◊ Sourcing caterers who use local, seasonal produce ◊ Seeking a venue with a natural or historic environment ◊ Suggesting gifts of pledges or donations if you already have a fully equipped house ◊ Giving really useful, attractive souvenirs like flower seeds, tea lights, pots of herbs and homemade preserves in pretty jars. ◊ Opting for e-invites or recyclable invitations

I DO 13

Marry in May Photography Bernard Polidano Make up Natasha Polidano Dresses Eva Mariee Bridal Exclusive Hair Styling MAF Hairdressing Flowers Alistair Floral Design

14 I DO

I DO 15

Bernice wears an ivory floral embroidered tulle bridal ballgown with a deep sweetheart neckline, open keyhole back, full A-line skirt with cashmere lining and sheer pocket detail. Available at Eva Mariee Bridal Exclusive | Left: Sarah wears Ianthe with an eyelash-lace bodice and a graceful flowing mesh skirt and appliquĂŠs fabric roses to its stylish high-low hem | Right: Emma wears Viola Rose with a swirling sequin bodice veiled in pink mesh and multi-layer skirt adorned with flower appliquĂŠs. All dresses and accesories from Monsoon Children.

16 I DO

Sarah wears a voluminous pleated Provence Jacquard dress in a vibrant floral pattern.

I DO 17

Above right: Sarah wears a folksy style dress with stripes of floral appliquĂŠ on soft, floaty fabric. Emma wears a maxi dress in layers of soft tulle with a lace covered bodice and hand-embellished floral appliquĂŠs. Dresses and accesories from Monsoon Children | Floral hairbands and garlands by Alistair Floral Design.

18 I DO

Bernice wears a stunning low back dress with diamante spaghetti straps and a flowing lace train. Available at Eva Mariee Bridal Exclusive.

I DO 19

The combination of shades and scents from premium and seasonal flowers, such as delphiniums, hydrangea and roses in purple, blue, blush pink and white by Alistair Floral Design, made a perfect May pallet, with a current trendy touch of Boho Style.

20 I DO

Bernice wears a very romantic yet modern dress highlighted by a beaded bodice, elegant cap sleeves and a soft tulle skirt. A 3d flower veil matches the gown perfectly. Dress and accessories available at Eva Mariee Bridal Exclusive.

PHOTOGRAPHY Bernard Polidano 7947 2559 BRIDAL DRESSES & ACCESSORIES Eva Mariee Bridal Exclusive 2730 9108 FLOWER GIRLS’ OUTFITS & ACCESSORIES Monsoon Children 2134 6080 HAIR MAF Hairdressing 2144 0772 MAKE-UP & STYLING Natasha Polidano 9989 9760 FLOWERS AND DECORATIONS Alistair Floral Design 2722 3334 MODELS Bernice Spiteri, Sarah Elise Spiteri & Emma Rose Bellia LOCATION Villa Mdina, Naxxar 2334 4000 I DO 21


MODEL Our model, Bernice Spiteri, makes a beautiful bride, as she dreams of the day she will do this for real!

HAIR Christian at MAF gave Bernice an up do and a soft, feminine loose style, both suited her perfectly.

THE LITTLE GIRLS Three-year-old, Sarah, making her second appearance on an I Do fashion shoot, and Emma, also three, are best friends. They look adorable and thoroughly enjoyed all the pretty dresses and accessories they wore as flower girls.

MAKE UP Natasha focused on Bernice's gorgeous eyes and sweet smile, and she looks stunning.

Behind the scenes

THE THEME With a mix of original pastel shades and the presence of two little girls we set out to capture both the lively vibes and sentimental moments of every wedding.



The bride’s jewelled hair bands and earrings are from Eva Mariee Bridal Exclusive, while the flower girls’ shoes and accessories are from Monsoon Children.

FLOWERS & DECORATIONS We have the team from Alistair Floral Design to thank for the prettiest bouquets and garlands carried by our bride and her flower girls, and their intricate coronets and hair ornaments.



Our first ever shoot in Villa Mdina was a joy. Sunlight filtered through the trees and the charming nooks and terraces in the garden, plus the elegant indoor decor provided a perfect ambience.

The three gorgeous dresses we chose are all quite different, and just a taste of the beautiful bridal gowns found at Eva Mariee Bridal Exclusive. I DO 23


Wed in Style


he location that you choose for your wedding will say much about you. Heritage Malta’s wedding venues own the unique richness of a national identity, the elegance of sophisticated architecture, the breathtaking beauty of widespread views, the glamour of old nobility and an endurance which has survived wars and withstood the test of time. Whether you are planning an indoor or an outdoor wedding, an intimate or a large wedding, the wide selection of Heritage Malta venues will surely match and exceed your expectations. Situated just a few steps from the Main Gate of the silent city of Mdina, the Vilhena Palace whispers glamour at its best. Its elegant front courtyard, with a backdrop of the majestic 18th century façade, designed in Parisian Baroque style, guarantees impressed guests and sublime wedding photos. With a capacity of 400 standing or 200 seated guests, this prestigious venue will infuse your nuptials with a touch of culture, sophistication, and flair. Fort St Angelo, in Birgu, is more about boldness, timelessness and grandeur. Its various spaces are equipped to cater for a range of occasions. The outdoor areas which include D’Homedes Bastion,

Ferramolino’s Cavalier, Grunenbergh’s Bastion and the Parade Ground can host up to 1,200 standing or up to 700 seated guests. The selection of indoor areas comprises Admirals’ Hall and Egmont Hall and can take around 200 standing or 160 seated guests. The Officers’ Lounge and Terraces offer both indoor and outdoor arrangements and can cater for 200 standing or 120 seated guests. The captivating views and vintage ambience in this national historical monument are bound to lead to unforgettable memories. All Heritage Malta’s venues are also easily accessible by wheelchair users. There are no exclusivity arrangements with any caterers, so you can opt to operate with any caterer of your choice.


Specialist Wedding Dress Cleaning At Arena Laundry and Dry Cleaning we know that every single wedding gown is precious. With over 100 years experience and a specialist team of experts, we offer an unrivalled professional wedding dress cleaning and preservation service.

We provide delicate cleaning service for Wedding Dresses Holy Communion Dresses Bride-maid Dresses Evening Dresses Dinner Jackets Delicate Scarfs Bow Ties Hand Bags

Free Pick-Up and Delivery Triq Il-Wizna, Swieqi SWQ 3024 MALTA 7989 4982

and more...

A WONDERFUL white wedding Photography | Brian Grech, Albert Camilleri and Andre Gialanze


Carissa & Chris 17 June 2018 Carissa Cilia La Corte, 28, a shipping manager, married Chris Griffiths, 31, an architect & operations director in Mdina Cathedral. THE ROMANCE BEGINS “There comes a time in everyone’s life, when they meet their one true love, their soul mate; that special someone who’s going to know and love you for the rest of their life. You love the way their nose twitches when they are happy and the way their hair runs through your fingers, to offer a sense of calm. That moment came for Carissa three years ago, when she met Biscuit, her pet dog in the Caribbean. Unfortunately Biscuit could not be with us on the big day, as he was busy doing a photo shoot for dogs of Instagram.” »

I DO 27

These words from Chris’s wedding speech sweetly remembered a beloved family member missing from a celebration that began when he fell in love with Clarissa, just over six years ago, during a holiday in Malta. They met through a family friend, Bianca, one of Carissa’s bridesmaids, hit it off straight away and spent every second together. Chris returned to work in London, but the lovebirds continued courting by text, Whatsapp and Skype, everyday! Deciding that skype wasn’t cutting it, Chris returned to Malta to surprise Carissa. He arrived at Bianca’s door, as she and Carissa were preparing to attend the Malta Fashion Awards. Carissa, coming downstairs and seeing him, dropped to the floor in tears. Not, Chris discovered later, tears of joy at seeing him, but because she had a date that evening with someone from the Maltese Water Polo Team – which she cancelled, obviously. Within a month Chris moved to Malta and the two became inseparable. Three years later, Chris moved to Mustique, a luxury private island in the Caribbean, to build high-end residential villas for the rich and famous! The cute couple have been there ever since! SURPRISE PROPOSAL In 2016, Carissa planned to celebrate her lucky birthday with close friends and family in Malta. Unfortunately, Chris had to stay in Mustique for some important meetings. On the cloudy, overcast Monday afternoon, of September 26, Carissa’s best friend, Louisa Abela, invited her for some birthday drinks on her amazing family yacht, in the Birgu Marina, and surprised her with a party including her entire extended family. Carissa was speechless and reduced to tears of joy, at her friend‘s kind gesture, telling her Nanna, “I’m so happy to see everyone but I wish Chris was here!” »

But when Louisa’s mum led Carissa outside, yelling “Group Photo!“ she saw her knight in shining armour, standing on the bow of the boat, with the biggest smile on his face. Carissa began to shake as she knew at that exact moment what was about to happen! Chris got down on one knee, Carissa said yes and the rest is history. “It was the best surprise of my life!” said Carissa.

30 I DO

THE WEDDING The couple didn’t have a particular theme. Clarissa just wanted everything to be elegant and classy. The wedding invitations were also elegant yet simple, sealed with a personalised wax stamp of the couple’s wedding logo, from Polidano Press. “I really wanted a small intimate wedding. I wanted everyone to feel comfortable and at ease. I wanted to make sure we knew everyone at our wedding. I really paid attention to small details and always looked for quality rather than quantity”, she said. »

The wedding ceremony was held in Mdina Cathedral because Carissa loves Mdina and always dreamt of marrying there. The decorations were kept simple. Clarissa explained, “I love flowers and I wanted everything in white. The Mdina Cathedral is already nice in itself so I wanted to compliment it rather doing something drastic.” Music in the cathedral was by Nadia Vella and Jasmine. The couple designed their own rings, helped by the owner of Alencia, a family friend. Carissa’s ring was a complete band of uneven diamonds with a Victorian finish. Chris’s was a matte gold band with six

Also contributing to Carissa and Chris’s special day were KG Events wedding planner, Arena Laundry & Dry Cleaners and Dalton’s Chauffeur Services.

small griffins all the way round. Among the wedding highlights Clarissa remembers: Walking down the aisle. And the funniest moment? “Exchanging the vows and putting on the rings, as Chris messed it up”. The Saluting Battery was chosen for the reception. For Carissa it was the best venue as it has one of the most stunning views of Malta. The sit down wedding needed something similar to a marquee to provide shade while the guests were eating. So a truss structure covered in white spendex and white camo netting was built, with three flower chandeliers, by Alistair Floral Design and a quite spectacular stand for the

cake, by Corinthia Caterers. The first dance was Come and Get Your Love by Redbone. Versatile was the main band with another live band during the sit down meal, led by Jasmine Abela. Two DJs at the after party were Alexei Debono and Stefan Balzan from Sound Salon. The souvenirs were bottles of Maltese olive oil, infused with rosemary, handpicked from Carissa’s great aunt’s garden, and included a small hand written note from the couple. And their romantic honeymoon to Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa, was left in the hands of the travel agency, Compass Travel.

A truly Maltese union Photography | Rene Rossignaud

I DO 33


Marilyn & Matthew 7 June 2018 Marilyn Grima, 33, an accountant, and Matthew Bonett, 28, a press advisor, at the European Parliament, Brussels, were married at Mellieha Sanctuary.


arilyn and Matthew met while they were both studying for a Masters in European Studies at Malta University. At first they rarely spoke to each other, but after Matthew wrote about an EU article Marilyn had written, they chatted day and night about various subjects, including, their course. GETTING TO THE CHURCH “We both felt very comfortable together from the beginning, and realised how much we had in common. So weeks and months rolled by and in time we realised that the priority for both of us was always each other”, they explained. By June 2017, they had already bought their house together, in Mellieћa, so it was only natural they would get married, to consolidate their love. Although there was no actual proposal, they decided to throw a party to give their families the news. “Just before it, Matthew formally proposed and gave me a ring”, Marilyn remembered. »

I DO 35

Also contributing to Marilyn and Matthew’s special day were Carmelino Refalo wedding planner, Busy Bee Caterers and Marian by Marchese Shoes.

They wanted their wedding to have a Maltese twist and they found their wedding invitations at Foilplus Invitations, who met their requirements with a custom design of a traditional scroll including two childhood pictures and an image of the Mellieħa Sanctuary. Foilplus recommended that the scrolls be all hand signed. The couple decided to distribute all 400 invitations by hand and they enjoyed the chance to meet their guests, in Malta and Gozo before the wedding. The church was simply decorated with large white vases of white flowers. Harpist Esmeralda Galea Camilleri played as the guests entered. Destiny sang during Mass,

accompanied by Norbert Borg. Marilyn arrived, with her parents, in a horse drawn carriage, which also took the couple to the reception at Castello dei Baroni. AND THE BRIDE WORE... Marilyn’s wedding gown was a vintageinspired Milla Nova with long, lace sleeves, a deep key hole and a bateau neckline. Tightly buttoned at the back, the dress outlined a flattering mermaid silhouette. “Marquita, from Wedding Bells, invited me to try it on and it seemed it was made specifically for me”, she said. For a bouquet Marilyn chose a cascading mix of lush pink gloriosa, fresh lavender, orange and red hypericum and

Phalanopsis Shangai, to match her vibrant personality, from Aldo at Qronfla. Matthew wore a classic tail suit, with a bow tie and handkerchief, and shoes purchased in Brussels. A WARM RECEPTION Their Maltese theme continued during the reception. Damian’s Cocktails served a Malteses selection representing popular Maltese songs and phrases. Their first dance was to Għax Lilek Nħobb, sung live, by Chiara. Marilyn’s wish for a hanging wedding cake was fulfilled by a five-tier design, decorated with the same materials as on the invitations, and flowers matching her bouquet. »

The unique guest book, featured photographs of landmark moments in their lives, for guests to write their messages on. The souvenirs were bottles of Marilyn’s father’s home-made wine, labelled with the same design as the invitations, and the couple’s pre wedding photo. HAPPILY EVER AFTER Straight after their wedding the couple went to Rome. “We were very lucky to meet the Pope, who also gave us his blessings. We also managed to give the Pope our wedding souvenir and an icon of Our of Lady of Mellieћa, which he truly liked”, they remembered. Later, they enjoyed a four-week honeymoon in the US. Matthew knew marriage meant more responsibility, but he also appreciates a more ‘relaxed’ and stable way of life, and focusing more on themselves and their married life.

A fairy tale wedding Photography | Kitz Klikz – Keith Darmanin & Etienne Farrell


Stephanie & Nicholas 27 May 2018 Stephanie Caruana, 32 years, a learning support educator and Nicholas Palmieri, 33 years, an IT system administrator, were married in the Church of Santa Caterina d’Italia.


t was a normal day at work, in the shop where Stephanie worked, part-time, until in came Nicholas, to solve an IT issue. “I could hardly contain all the butterflies jumping inside me when I saw him”, Stephanie recalled. They were immediately drawn to each other and started chatting, and she didn’t believe him when he said he was Italian. Shyness delayed their first date, but five years later Nicholas planned a wonderful proposal – in a hot air balloon. And although the weather was so bad he had to postpone everything, it was a romantic and intimate proposal. Stephanie will always remember Nicholas kneeling on one knee and claiming his love. Two years later the wedding invitations went out. The couple chose something simple yet different, from Polidano Press – Invites for you. “It was our idea to add the extra string and heart in order to give the invites a special personal touch”, Stephanie explained. A VERY PERSONAL WEDDING DAY Stephanie and Nicholas were married in the church of Santa Caterina d’Italia, chosen for its Italian connection; guests were encouraged to mingle and choose a seat rather than a side, and harpist, Jacob Portelli, provided the music. »

For nearly three centuries, the Bocelli family has been making classic Italian wines on their estate in Lajatico, Tascany. Andrea Bocelli and his brother Alberto, who is a master wine-maker, have united a world-class music brand with a world-class wine brand. By Capitalising on 180years of Bocelli Family experience, they have created the incredible Bocelli 1831 Wine Collection.

WE ACCEPT ORDERS FOR WEDDINGS AND ALL OCCASIONS MKB Importers Ltd are the exclusive Importers of Boccelli Wines in Malta. Mob: +356 99439260 Email: Website:

MKB Importers Ltd

Stephanie wore the fairytale vintage dress she had always dreamt of, an Aline dress of tulle and chiffon with a soft, flared look and definitely some ‘bling’, from Eva Mariee Bridal Exclusive. “James and his team were very welcoming and made this once in a life-time experience a memorable one. The look on my mother’s face confirmed it all,” she remembers. Stephanie’s something borrowed was from one of her bridesmaids – the traditional veil she wore to walk down the aisle. And her delicate posy of peonies, tied with ribbon, carried a pendant photo of her grand-auntie, as a lovely way to keep her close on the most important day of her life. A WELCOMING RECEPTION Their fairytale vintage theme was why the couple chose ir-Razzett l-Abjad for their reception. It has the relaxing atmosphere they wanted for their wedding. On their wedding day they went to the venue to decorate it themselves, with Stephanie’s father and the best men. Decorations included hanging crystals, candle holders and the guest book table where, keeping the theme in mind, but wanting something different, the couple opted for key tags, and a photo frame telling their story, for guests to know them better. »

Also contributing to Stephanie and Nicholas’s special day was Tunin Entertainment.

Stephanie wanted to incorporate Italian culture with her own, and this was done through the choice of food, including Italian dishes and the flag colours of both countries used in the venue décor. The couple chose Ruelle – I Get To Love You for their first dance. “It is an honest reflection of how we feel about each other and the promises we made to each other earlier”, said Stephanie. As newbies they took dancing lessons which really enhanced their confidence, thanks to Sarah Lanzon, of Plethora Dance. She adapted the professional dancers’ moves, which they liked, to their own level. They remembered every step due to training every day. But Stephanie pointed out: “It was also a nice experience especially because closer to the day couples are always busy with the last preparations, but this helped us to stop and dedicate some time for each other.” The wedding souvenirs were cupcakes and red noses! As Dr Cupcake, a volunteer with the NGO Dr Klown, Stephanie wanted to include it in her wedding. The couple also gave a donation to the organisation. “The guests, including our videographer and photographer, really enjoyed posing with their red noses on.” HAPPILY EVER AFTER Nicholas and Stephanie were both very calm and relaxed and enjoyed every second of their day. A colleague had advised them that, during the reception, they take some time to look around, from a corner, and observe everything that is going on. “It really worked since we can still picture those instances where we really stopped and focused. Also big thanks to the photographer, and videographer, Ready, Set, Go – Mauro D’Amato. They took really great shots which we keep watching and reliving over and over again”, they said. The couple travelled to Dubai and Japan on their honeymoon, which was organised by Compass Travel.

I DO 47


Palazzo Parisio, Victory Square, Naxxar, Malta +356 21412461 •

A marriage made in Malta Photography | Alison Wedding Photography

I DO 49


Eliza & Mishael 28 May 2018 Eliza Monika Kosa, 25, and Mishael Ristikj 33, were married, at Hola Beach in Mellieha. FIRST STEPS Two years ago, on Mellieħa beach, Mishael asked Eliza for her hand, having first secretly asked her mother’s permission. I was sunbathing and almost asleep when his friend asked me to join in some games. I got up and saw my Mishael coming over, with a shell in his hand and in it was my engagement ring. He went down on one knee and asked me if I would like to marry him and spend the rest of my life with him. Of course I said yes. The proposal was all his idea; to invite his friends to Malta, to the beach, when it wasn’t crowded, to pop the question. They all kept it secret till the last moment, Eliza remembers. For their beach themed wedding with pink flowers and a hint of romantic elegance, they sent beach themed invitations to 50 family members, intimate friends and people who were important to them. Eliza and Mishael paid for their wedding themselves leaving them free to choose which traditions they followed. “It was already a huge journey to plan the wedding because we had different opinions and a different cultural background but we learnt to negotiate and to choose what is important for us. Planning a wedding, who deals with everything, also shows how strong a relationship is. “I think in our case it was good teamwork; one of us dealt with the flowers, one with the venue, but we agreed before what we wanted”, said Eliza. IN THE PINK In keeping with their wedding theme, Eliza and Mishael chose a civil ceremony at Hola Beach in Mellieћa, near where they got engaged. Their venue was decorated just as they wanted it, with pink flowers and romantic, elegant white table cloths. They discussed their ideas with their florist, from Seven Petals Floral Studio, and she found solutions for them, based on their ideas and budget. Their three-tier wedding cake was based on chocolate and strawberries, with beach-themed decorations made from marzipan and sugar paste, by Jeanette Kishlaf. »

I DO 51

Also contributing to Eliza and Mishael’s special day were Miss Cake Malta and The Candy Jar. And as both Eliza and Mishael have a sweet tooth, they placed customised wedding souvenirs of pretty pink candy jars, each containing a chocolate bar, and a wooden heart magnet, by each place setting. A MERMAID’S DRESS Naturally, this would be Eliza’s choice, but she also wanted to feel like a princess. So, she designed a dress in a Macedonia salon. They created a two-in-one mermaid dress, with a princess top skirt. “Since my favourite colour is pink I wanted to have something pink in my dress too. We choose the material and the details together with the designers. And they made my dream come true”, Eliza explained. Mishael wore a smart suit and shirt from UK with shoes and accessories from Malta. They gave each other matching rings from Bvlgari, after spotting them in a shop window abroad and loving them on sight. A NIGHT TO REMEMBER Eliza and Mishael’s wedding was very special for them because, even in Malta, not so many people choose to have a beach wedding. It was right next to the sea, with a bit of a breeze. “I think we had everything that we dreamed of. All of our friends and family came from abroad and many people from Malta as well, so it was a multicultural wedding, all the nations celebrated our love with us, that night”, they said. The music for their first dance was from a famous TV series, Empire, which they used to watch together. They identified with the sub plot about families doing anything to love and protect each other. “There was a very romantic song that the main character wrote for his wife, and we choose that song because it’s slow and the lyrics are perfect too”, they said; adding that the best part of their wedding was to dance their first dance and to dance with all of their guests. They were also treated to a complementary night at their wedding venue, and will plan a trip to the Greek Islands themselves, as a later celebration.

I DO 53

the POWER of YOUNG LOVE Photography | Conrad Axisa, Pinkishline


Claire Marie & Kevin 21 April 2018 Claire Marie Borg, 25, Graphic Designer, and Kevin Micallef, 27, Marble Layer, were married in Saint Gaetan Parish Church, Hamrun.


e got to know each other back in 2007, when I was 15 years old and Kevin was 17 years old”, says Claire. And they stayed together all that summer, until they decided they were too young and parted. Claire was heart-broken and couldn’t forget Kevin. But about six years later, at one in the morning, she was watching a movie with a friend and received a text from Kevin asking if she would like to meet him. Shocked, happy and excited, because he’d always had a special place in her heart, she went straight to meet him. Their flame of love for each had never gone out. THE PROPOSAL “From our story you can say that our souls were meant for each other and we both knew we were going to get married someday”, says Claire, who had always dreamt of a grand proposal and hinted how she wanted it and her engagement ring to be. Kevin surprised her during her birthday dinner, with their families and best friends,

at Birgu waterfront. As they were watching the festa fireworks, he appeared with a big cake, saying “Will you marry me?” It was a magical night. THE WEDDING Claire said it was always her wish to marry in St Gaetan, as her father is from the town and she always went there for the feast when she was a little girl. “Ħamrun is in my heart and I am devoted to Saint Gaetan”, she explained Their wedding had a vintage theme with a modern touch and a striking colour scheme of cherry red, black and gold. As a designer, Claire designed the wedding invitations; simple with black ink on ivory textured paper, printed by Progress Press. Claire folded each one and sealed it with a red wax seal. Inside each one was a separate card with maps of the parking locations for the church and the reception venue. The church decorations where mainly floral and there were 16 80cm long candlesticks topped with white flowers, along the church isle, and over two metres of red flowers and more large candlesticks on the altar steps. »

I DO 55

There, Claire joined Nicholas, wearing a long sleeved, backless, mermaid style, dress, with a deep cut front, made in three layers of French lace, with a medium length train, ending in pizzi French lace, and a tulle overskirt with a beaded antique-look waistband, from Ivory & Co. Her headdress was a band of silver leaves matching her waistband and her jewellery was a set of rubies with zircons, from The Gold Market, to match her shoes and she carried a large freestyle bouquet. Nicholas hired his smart beige suit from Natasha’s, His and Hers, Attard, and added an Emporio Armani watch and Calvin Klein cufflinks. Their matching rings were custom made from Pavilion Jewellers, Claire’s is white gold and Nicholas’s is yellow gold. Both are in brushed gold with double polished rims set with two diamonds and have each other’s names and their wedding date engraved on the inside. AND THE RECEPTION Bacchus, chosen for its large hall, was decorated with red roses dipped in gold glitter, red flowers along the entrance stairs, long vases of flowers on the tables and glitter-dipped roses on the cake and guest book table. Claire decorated the guest book table herself, with different framed photos. »

56 I DO






The decorations, catering, drinks and the wedding cake were all in the hands of the venue. And, as the wedding day was also Claire’s brother’s birthday, they surprised him with a cake and Andreana, the band singer, sung Happy Birthday to him. Vinny Vella played for the couple’s first dance; they chose A Thousand Years, by Christina Perri, and for the dance with their parents, Beautiful in White, by Westlife. The highlight was a Grease dance mashup with bridesmaids and groomsmen. It took a lot of rehearsals to perfect, but everyone was still talking about it after the wedding, especially the part where the boys were alone on the dance floor. For souvenirs Claire had three types of scented soaps, handmade in Malta, all with a round thank you tag matching the logo in the invitation. She chose soap as something you can keep for its scent or just use. Claire did all the wedding planning herself. But, for the honeymoon, the couple found quotes for the countries they wanted to visit, and chose Dubai and South Africa followed by a relaxing stay in Mauritius, all organised by ROCS Travel.

Also contributing to Claire & Kevin’s special day was Marian by Marchese Shoes.

I DO 59


Planning your big day? Here is a guide to various wedding services. Read through our comprehensive directory of service providers all around the Maltese Islands.

We invite you to visit db San Antonio Hotel + Spa and appreciate the wide selection of venues with fantastic views for your special occasion. The hotel has the perfect facilities to organize your wedding reception by the pool or on the roof terrace enjoying the open panoramic views and facing the sunset. We also offer an indoor venue, the Casablanca Suite which can host up to 600 guests standing. Contact our Events Department who will gladly arrange a show round and discuss our menu options. Bookings for 2019 and 2020 are now being accepted.

db San Antonio Hotel + Spa, Triq it-Turisti, Qawra, St. Paul’s Bay, SPB 1024, Malta • T: 2350 3750/1 • E: W:

Glamorous, sexy and extravagant. It is an instant decision with each creation; a perfect complement to a bride’s attitude, style and spirit. Wearing EVA MARIEE dresses, a bride will truly be a STAR on her Wedding Day, adorned in a head turning creation that brings elegance and sophistication to life. We work with the best designers around the world and our dresses have that exceptional fit that gives a body a perfect form. We strive very hard to offer our brides the best and professional service and, last but not least, a magical experience.

Contact us to book your appointment –

A cocktail bar is the symbol of style and fun; a centrepiece at your function where guests can socialise, while trying out a wide assortment of colourful and tasty cocktails prepared by highly skilled and amicable specialists. With over twenty years of experience at wedding receptions and just about every other type of function besides, Damian’s Cocktails promises to be the detail that makes all the difference between an everyday event and a truly memorable occasion that people will remember fondly for years to come. You see, it’s not just about serving drinks and making delicious cocktails, but setting the scene for a magnificent event with a studied touch of effervescence and flair.

Damian Muscat M: 99847074 E: W:

Directory NO VENUE RENTAL AT THE XARA LODGE The Xara Lodge is offering the venue for free in the remaining dates in 2019. Are you still deciding on where you are getting married? It’s never too late! Book your wedding with us and get the opulent The Xara Lodge for free! Set in the unspoiled and secluded countryside beneath Mdina, The Xara Lodge is the only purpose-built multifunctional venue of its kind on the Maltese Islands. Spread over 5780m2, The Xara Lodge offers a mix of interconnecting indoor and outdoor locations of varying sizes that individually or jointly cater to deliver a perfect dream wedding.

E: T: +356 22 567 567

Any man can rent a suit but it’s the details that distinguish you as a modern gentleman. At JD Formal Wear, you will find the finest collection of men’s formal hire, from wedding suits to occasional wear. Apart from a great selection of high-quality wedding wear and suits, one can find a large range of waistcoats, scrunch ties and cravats in various colours as well as all other accessories including scarves and cufflinks. You may have come in thinking you were running an errand—but at JD Formal Wear you’ll leave feeling like you just took a break from the daily grind.

So if you want to make that special day even more perfect visit JD Formal Wear at Monsignor Dandria Street, Msida or call on 2144 8755. See the latest collection online at

Anne Hathaway wrote… “ Weddings are important because they celebrate life & possibility…” Let Palazzo Parisio help you to celebrate the start of your new lives together – we promise to do all we can to make the impossible – possible! Our experts will guide you through the whole exciting, but often daunting process, and allow our inimitable style to effortlessly combine romance, exclusivity and excellence with the added luxury of our in-house catering operation to make a wedding day to remember. Step inside the jewel that is Palazzo Parisio and make your dream wedding a beautiful reality…

T: 21412461 E: W:

ILab Photo Ltd is the leading photography printing laboratory that is not just content to keep the highest quality and standards but is continuously striving to improve our products and services. With the introduction of new high-end printing equipment, we have further improved our quality. Our higher standards can be gauged through the increase in top photographic artists, both foreign and local, who are trusting us with their work and exhibits. Apart from other products and services, ILab specializes in fine art pigment printing, high-end chromogenic printing, wraps, blocks, framing, photographic albums, photo books, folios, wall display products, murals and photo memorabilia. The exceptional high professional standards that the lab embraces make us the first choice of discerning photographers.

Follow us on Facebook or visit our website to keep updated with our exciting new developments. 20, Cannon Road Qormi. T: 27447701 • E:

Eleanor Cassar is a leading pop singer in Malta who specialises in pop, soul ballads and dance music. Eleanor has won many local and international festivals including the Gran Prix at the Golden Stag International Festival in Romania (2004) and the FIDOF Award, twice. He is Eleanor’s most popular song, released in 2005 for the Malta Eurovision Song Festival, and she was the runner-up in the same festival in 2009 with the song Someday. Eleanor released two popular albums: A Voice (2005) and Signify (2010). She was the lead singer for a live concert Queen of the Night (2012) and in 2015 she participated in various live shows in Australia.

M: 9989 9935 E:

Gaudi is the ‘special occasion’section within the JB Stores Establishment in Iklin, offering a large variety of exclusive material for special occasion dresses and outfits. Our professional team are there to help you choose the perfect material for your special occasion. At Gaudi, we cater for all the bridal party and guests. A selection of accessories to enhance your outfit can also be found at Gaudi. The above picture is a Gaudi creation. For the skirt we chose fine floral brocade material teamed with beaded orange tulle for the top. The combination is perfect for an afternoon mid-season wedding.

Gaudi by JB Stores, JB Stores, Iklin. You may book an appointment on 23314343/341 or contact us via Facebook for more information.

Directory Villa Arrigo established in 1986, is an elegant upmarket villa situated in San Pawl tat-Targa, a stone’s throw away from a nearby chapel, in an exclusive area in the Maltese Islands. This majestic villa offers you a delightful venue for any occasion. The décor, fabulous rooms, grand marquee and immaculately manicured gardens create a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere. An ideal setting for any special event. The colonial style villa has over the past 30 years provided a perfect setting for fine weddings and banquets for prestigious events and dignitaries. It is constantly being enriched, bringing the elegance inside the Villa into the beautiful garden. This venue is your home away from home for your next exclusive event.

Contact: Veronica Zammit Tabona or John Vella Galea T: 21423214 E:

Wedding Planners and Organisers in Malta do not come anymore meticulous in organisation, care and creativity than KG Events. Founded by Katia Gatt, who has dedicated her time and experience to planning many special days. The synchronisation of all sectors involved plays a crucial part in the success of memorable events, and the KG Events team ensures that it is reflected on the day of the event. Their commitment shows in the successful Weddings and Events they have lovingly organised.

Thanks to Get Hitched, in just 3 easy steps, couples contact multiple wedding service providers in literally a couple of minutes. Additionally, once a request is submitted, couples only communicate with suppliers who can cater for their wedding date, budget and any specific criteria they may have, thus saving them the time they would otherwise waste contacting providers who cannot assist them. Therefore, essentially, Get Hitched is able to find the right vendors, for the right price, on the date that one needs them. The product also gives couples various options to choose from, all in the comfort of their own home, or even while on the road!

E: W: M: 77618905

The Organizer started officially in 2014/15, although our experience in weddings began much earlier. Today it is one of Malta’s leading wedding organizer companies. The Organizer’s aim was always to reduce wedding stress for couples, as much as possible. That’s why we have created a one-stop shop for needs which can be acquired directly from the same place and company. We are also the only company to offer beverages for our clients directly, economically and hassle free. The Organizer is not just one person. It has grown to a team of six Organizers, all looking forward to letting you enjoy one of the best days in your lives; while we check and manage all the rest.

Contact: 99207960 fb/theorganizermalta

MAF Hairdressing was created by Christian Mifsud in 2008. Hairdressing is his love and passion these are infact the key ingredients for Christian’s success. Creativity is a must in all the sectors involved in hairdressing be it a simple blow dry or organising a hair show. MAF also specialises in male grooming including barbering services. Christian started his career at MCAST and later furthered his studies at Mayfair Academy, in the U.K. He is continuously seeking training and new experiences to broaden his talent. MAF Hairdressing has received various prestigious awards both local and international.

Christian welcomes you at MAF Hairdressing salon in St. Venera. Find us on Facebook page and visit our website for further information.

WEDDING VENUE AT RAZZETT L-ANTIK IS FREE OF CHARGE With three different venues to choose from, we can cater for cvil weddings, receptions or gala dinners, hence offering an exclusive area of the venue, be it a small or large Wedding. With over 100 mouth watering items to choose from, you can build up your own menu according to tastes and budget, with an option to supply your own beverages. Central courtyard is covered by a motorised canopy which can be opened or closed by remote control on the day according to weather. With one team to organise your special Wedding, food is prepared and served in-house, hence freshness is guaranteed. Venue is fully accessible for the disabled and is also backed up by a generator.

’1743’, Razzett L-Antik, Valley Road, Qormi. E: info W: T: 21470221, 99570221

CATHOLIC MARRIAGE PREPARATION COURSES October 2019 LOCALITY Attard Balluta Birżebbuġa Blata l-Bajda Fgura Floriana Għargħur Ħamrun San Gejtanu Ħal-Luqa Ibra Marsa Marija Reina Mosta Paola Kristu Re Qormi San Ġorġ Qrendi Rabat San Ġiljan San Ġwann Swatar Tarxien Youth Fellowship Żabbar Żebbuġ Żejtun Żurrieq Grupp Belong Università ** (for students, ex-students and staff)

VENUE Ċentru Ġwanni Pawlu II Ċentru Parrokkjali Sala Parrokkjali Youth Fellowship, Gattard House Ċentru Parrokkjali Dar ta’ Kana, Il-Mall Ċentru Parrokkjali Skola St Joseph, Blata l-Bajda Ċentru Parrokkjali Ċentru Parrokkjali Ċentru Parrokkjali Ċentru Sant’Andrija Kunvent San Ġużepp Ċentru Parrokkjali Ċentru Parrokkjali Ċentru Pastorali Parrokkjali Kappella ta’ Santa Rita Ċentru Parrokkjali Ċentru Pastorali Dar Nażaret Kunvent tal-Kommunità Cenacolo, Pietà Ċentru Nażaret Dar San Ġużepp, Misraħ l-Isptar Sala Parrokkjali Ċentru Pastorali Parrocca San Frangisk ta’ Assisi, Qawra Chaplaincy - Dar Manwel Magri

TEL 21434949 21344306, 79708756 21651200 21241010 21661745, 99247304 99491670 21411853 21238593 21809310 21370196 21240661 21433826, 99943365 21695022 21492997 79280148 21454467 21380270 21386112 21498757 21828153 79594357 21824383 21460800 21694563 21642010 99462992 23402341

Attendance at the Cana Courses, from two years prior to the date of marriage BOOKINGS FOR THE COURSES ARE TO BE MADE WITH THE PARISH PRIEST OF THE LOCALITY WHERE THE COURSE WILL BE HELD. Please call during office hours. Il-Moviment ta’ Kana, Istitut Kattoliku, Floriana FRN 1441 Malta Tel: 2223 8000 Email:

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