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PEF Food Conference, Berlin 06-07 May 2014

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PEF Food Conference International Conference on Environmental Footprinting in the Food & Drink Sector

Berlin 06-07 May 2014 Agenda (03 April 2014)

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PEF Food Conference, Berlin 06-07 May 2014

Programme Overview Day 1, Tuesday, 06 May 2014 12:30

Registration & welcome coffee


Conference opening Guido Axmann, Think-Do-Tank THEMA1


Plenary Session European Commission’s Environmental Footprint Initiative: the new pilot projects from the food & drink sector (Skype) Imola Bedo, European Commission, DG Environment Sector approaches The Envifood Protocol - A stepping stone for the environmental footprint pilots projects in food, feed and beverage sector Nicolas Martin, EU Food SCP Round Table & European Feed Manufacturers' Federation (FEFAC) Draft LEAP guidelines for the livestock sector: public review, road tests and next steps Camillo De Camillis, Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP) Partnership/ FAO


Coffee break


Panel Business perspectives 1: the food & drink pilot projects nd Motivation and aspiration for participating in the 2 wave of environmental footprint pilot projects. • Pilot Project A (Beverage) • Pilot Project B (Vegetables/Fruits) • Pilot Project C (Dairy/Meat Products) • Pilot Project D (Feed) The above list is only indicative and not based on official information. Presentations will be revealed when the selection process is finished by the European Commission.


Parallel Tracks Track 1: Methodology workshop: PEF & ISO 14040 Chair: Michael Ooms, Technical Helpdesk of the EU Environmental Footprint Pilot Phase & RDC Track 2: PEF/ OEF communications (B2B + B2C) Chair: Jacob Bilabel, Think-Do-Tank THEMA1 & International Network of Product Sustainability Initiatives (INPSI)




End of Conference Day 1


Aperitif & Network Dinner

PEF Food Conference, Berlin 06-07 May 2014

Programme Overview (cont’d) Day 2, Tuesday, 07 May 2014 08:30

Registration & welcome coffee


Keynote When will consumers trust your sustainable business claims? A critical view on environmental communication Luke Upchurch, Consumers International


Plenary Session Retailer Response Forum - How to manage sustainability with big product portfolios? Experiences in the OEFSR retail pilot project from the perspective of an NGO Martin Wildenberg, Global2000/ Friends of the Earth Austria Communication along the supply chain - The CHAIN-OEF pilot Steven Van Hemelryck, Colruyt (tbc) Implementing product sustainability: First lessons from TSC Euan Murray, The Sustainability Consortium Sustainability Assessment at Scale – Dealing with Large Supplier Networks and Large Product Portfolios Rupert Lange, SAP


Coffee break


Panel Country Response Forum The French governmental perspective: Where are we right now? Martin Bortzmeyer, Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, France Challenges for the applicability of environmental footprinting Ulf Jaeckel, Federal Ministry for Environment, Germany Updates on UK’s government perspective Clare Southworth, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), UK Environmental footprinting in the food sector – What is important to look at? Anita Lundström, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency


Plenary Session Business perspectives 2: First conclusions & experiences from the non-food pilot projects Walk the process right – Experiences from the non-leather shoes pilot Jason Kibbey, Sustainable Apparel Coalition (tbc) Lessons learned from the laundry detergents pilot Guido Axmann, THEMA1




Debate What is the added value of Environmental Footprinting? Participants to be announced soon




Get-together & closing of conference

PEF Food Conference, Berlin 06-07 May 2014

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