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hey there - welcome to our summer zine. this zine is filled with heartfelt words and charming photos that take you to your summer place. they take me there too.

for me, summer has always been a lot more than a time frame. summer becomes a state of mind and feeling. you know that

feeling you get at night when it’s warm out and you can walk around barefoot in your shorts and you just know that anything

is possible? you get kind of a nervous-but-exciting-uncertain feeling? that’s summer to me.

i not only enjoyed looking at all of the pieces that put this together, but i also thoroughly enjoyed hearing your summer

tales some of you shared as well. thank you for letting me take a peek inside your summer.

and thanks for making this all possible. i am really blown away by some of these submissions. luna has found a receptive and

creative audience and i’m really grateful for that. please keep capturing the beauty around you and those moments that give you butterflies. and other times, just sit back and take it all in.


Cover Photo By Sierra Pauley / Minneapolis | Background Photo By Giada Caprani / Dublin


Julia Godfrey / Ireland

Aoife Cawley / Limerick

“Summertime Pains”

I am a writer left speechless – my head empty,

my heart aching.

I can’t form thoughts of losing you. losing time, losing hope.

My thoughts are empty promises to myself

One’s that will guide me on this path without you One’s I hope will get me through.

You have rendered me speechless,

not many can do – yet you have managed to take all the words from my brain except the ones laid out today.

-Emily Craig / Athens

Grace Gordon / Chapel Hill

The Golden Hour Posing in the light of the golden hour

towards the sky like a blooming flower

she blows a sweet honey kiss to the lens staring at the shiny glowing of her skin.

Sun-drenched Angel strolling across the thirsty city sucking the juice from an orange

her feathers delicately picked and peeled

under the fresh shade of a tree to keep cool... Sweaty boys on Sunset

Strip off their clothes.

Within you the golden light remains when you set the bed in flames

and you light up the dance floor through the heat of the night. The only time of year you burn out

like a movie star.

- IvĂĄn SalĂ­ / Panorama City

Photo By Baye Robello / Minneapolis

la mer green and red stripes wrapped around my toes buried by sand another busy man in constant demand so what is the plan yeah what is the goal how do you plot a map when you don’t know the roads i know the water is cold but that won’t stop me honestly nothing can stop me except me I’m the hard copy -elais

Nikoli Partiyeli / Los Angeles

An Untold story The hot humid air creates a nice slick line of sweat along my body.

You come in, demanding that this is your home, When last summer you gave up our home

You come and go not once, twice but three times Always demanding that this is your home too. I don’t know what you do or where you go. All I ever see is you driving away

Sometimes I wonder if the road has become your home, Your solace, your crutch.

The ignorance that lies with in you

Prevents you from ever recognizing your faulty. And for each summer I take in with grace,

For as long as the sun rises and the breeze blows I know I will be okay without you.

-Kimberly Willie / Atlanta

Giada Caprani / Dublin

summertime sentiments these summers feel so new. maybe it’s the humid air sticking to my skin,

perhaps the rose colored heat permeating the atmosphere.

this time i see things differently, because i have evolved, wiser.

june through august i watch my branches grow,

while palm fronds bend over me in california.

this season used to be empty hours,

filled with time, space, and flowers, old photographs that illuminate the light before me.

blue moon ice cream in a cone tastes like breezy nights in the front yard, wind chimes,

catching fireflies with you.

i feel the bittersweet nature of nostalgia. i feel the weight of growing older, but the elevation of it too.

summer, what a time to bloom.

-Justine Hooks / Los Angeles

Giada Caprani / Dublin

the summer where i learned how to fly tie a string around my wrist tight (not too tight) slice my palm

squeeze a lime in the cut

take the string

between your teeth pull me- a dog

on a leash into the sound, goddamn sky. kiss me i want to float, rip my eyelash

yank it- make a wish i hope to never feel the earth beneath my feet again.

-Sara Sturek / New York

Elizabeth Cowan / Atlanta

summer seasonal depression, to me, looks like green tress and blooming flowers, warm

mornings in the park and even

warmer nights where i struggle to sleep because of the heat; i miss the grey mornings in

october and hearing the fallen leaves under my shoes. trying

to match summer’s aura while

feeling like november rain only

reminds me how unhappy i am.

-Charissa Marie Love / Los Angeles

Jasmine Benedict / London

Connor Wilson / Los Angeles

Reese Brucker / Los Angeles

Ursula Bowling / Los Angeles

Nando Espinosa Herrera / Chicago

Kimberly Maltez / Sunland

Allegra Samsen / New York

Sierra Pauley / Minneapolis

6:05 Songbirds break the deafening silence

Of morning, as golden rays cascade through half-open blinds.

Their warmth engulfs my head, slowly sprawling its way down to my toes.

Clutching the soft, silk sheets, my hand once again comes in contact with

That bone-chilling cool, that it missed so much. The prickle of stubble grates against my shoulder, goosebumps shooting down my spine.

A stark, bitter smell of responsibility swarms the room, From that acidic cup of coffee beside him, Beckoning my lips to the rim.

The gravity of his arm draping over my waist swallows Me, further in the sheets, heavier and heavier. Until I am consumed by the haze of 6 am,

Eyes drifting in and out of heaven. Shifting my subconscious, the blaring of 6:05 Musters my body out of bed, while

The murmur of deep breathing drifts him Away from morning light and reality, Back into the delusion of dreams.

-Victoria Houben / Los Angeles

Claudina Diego / Barcelona

Psetta / Los Angeles

Meira Bashir / Salt Lake City

What the Sun Will Show For years, I followed a shadow It guided me along this path Through stone and ice So, I will thank it But as of recent

I can’t stand to look at my feet

Religiously I danced their rhythm But the tune has grown deaf As a result

I looked up

To see what made my shadow And was blinded

For so long, it was March

But little did I know it was August Frightened, I ran Then jogged

Soon strolled Last stopped

The sun was warm

And that’s when I knew I must walk

Because the sun showed

That my feet can follow me

-Patrick Cao / East Rutherford

Tommy Sussex / London

Jonathan Roensch / Eugene

Tommy Sussex / London

Self-Portrait, Drenched in Sweat I curl my lips around the sun

and bite down, let the light coat my teeth like mango film.

This is how I learnt summer, lingering hot on my breath.

I am a girl of all bone, all crunch.

All split lip and musk and midsummer

freckle. I push melted tar between my toes and yell. Some summers I look in the mirror and don’t recognize the girl looking back.

I sit in the backseat of a friends Lincoln limbs singing to the rattle of the bass.

I tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue. I am still learning how to wear Hawaiian t-shirts—

how to breathe without forgetting which body I’m in.

- Mackenzie Cook / Cypress

Maggie Geis / Victoria

Ruth Downey / Dublin

Yaemi Matias / Miami

Commuter they pull up in outmoded vehicles and sunglasses and I know it’s my time to sunshine and humidity uncovers the bellybutton ring she didn’t have last year and stretch marks the end of isolation you can barely hear our laughter over the fireworks as we dive into the local swimming hole in my heart is once again filled with bodies and love and we splash and play and they tell stories of friends I’ve never met and places I’ve never been, but it’s okay because our favorite pizza parlor hasn’t been this busy since they abandoned houses are the best place to take Polaroids, we discover, and then before we know it the bells ring the sunburn sets and I am alone again

- Caitlyn Conville / Secaucus

Huy Dinh / San Jose

Yaemi Matias / Miami