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November 2013 Volume 32 Number 3

A news publication of The Lovett School

Admission Information for the 2014–15 School Year The Admission Office is gearing up for the 2014–15 admission season. In an effort to support Lovett’s practice of environmental stewardship, the Admission Office encourages families to submit applications electronically. Interested families may apply online at <>. Expansion grades for 2014–15 are Kindergarten (80 openings), Grade 5 (20 openings), Grade 6 (40 openings), and Grade 9 (20 openings). New students will be admitted in other grades as space becomes available.

Have a child applying to Lovett? Please join us for our Open Houses! Kindergarten: Saturday, November 9, program begins promptly at 1:00 pm Grades 1–5: Sunday, November 10, program begins promptly at 1:00 pm Grades 6–12: Sunday, November 10, program begins promptly at 3:30 pm All programs last approximately two hours and begin in the Hendrix-Chenault Theater. For more information, call (404) 262-3032, ext. 1244, or visit <>.

Want to learn more about financial aid? Lovett awards close to $2.9 million in financial aid each year to students from all grade levels. All financial aid awards are based on a family’s demonstrated need.

International Housekeeping Week International Housekeeping Week was September 9–13. The Lovett School celebrated it big this year, with lots of cards, banners, gifts, and, of course, food. We want to thank everyone who helped make this a week to remember. We’re already looking forward to next year!

If you would like to learn more, please visit the Financial Aid page of our website or contact the Admission Office.

Interested in Being a Host Family? The Upper School will once again host a small group of Chinese students for two weeks in early February 2014. In addition to attending classes, these Chinese students will also stay with Lovett families for the duration of their exchange. Those families interested in hosting our visitors should contact Janie Coleman in the Admission Office at (404) 262-3032, ext. 1334, or for more information. Proficiency in Mandarin is not a

Grandparent/Special Friend Day is Coming Up Kindergarten and Grade 5 students will welcome their grandparents and special friends on Monday, November 25. Grade 5 will host from 9:00–11:00 am. Kindergarten will host from 11:30 am–1:30 pm. Grade 8 students will welcome their grandparents and special friends on Tuesday, November 26, from 9:00–10:30 am. Mark your calendars! If you have any questions, contact Sandy Redella at

Notes from the Infirmary It’s Flu Season

requirement, we are simply looking for welcoming families!

Update: The 2013 Lovett-Westminster Annual Fund Challenge Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you have heard a lot about the Lovett-Westminster Challenge. Due to the printing deadline of the November issue of the Lovett Lines, we are unable to report the winners in this issue, but you may review the results of the challenge at <>. Though this challenge concluded on November 1, the True Blue Annual Fund presses on through the remainder of the school year and will close on June 30, 2014. True Blue is essential to the educational and fiscal strength of Lovett. Therefore, your donation is critical to meet our goal of $2,100,000. Thank you to the many parents, alumni, and other friends who have already committed

The flu is raising its ugly head. Please make sure you

to True Blue, the school’s most important fundraising effort. If you have not made a pledge or gift, please consider

and your family have a flu vaccine this year. All ages

making one today at <>.

are encouraged to take the vaccine. Please also continue with good hand washing in your daily routine. Cough

Breakthrough Atlanta to Screen First Generation

into your elbow to keep your hands free of contaminates

Breakthrough Atlanta works to put on a path to college public school students from some of the most challenged

from coughing or sneezing. As always, if your child

and underserved neighborhoods in metro Atlanta. Of the more than 500 students we serve, the majority of students

has a fever over 100 degrees, they must stay home until

come from single-parent households, with an average household income of under $30,000. In light of the challenges

fever-free for 24 hours without the aid of medicine, such

that matriculating onto high education presents, 75 percent of Breakthrough Atlanta students will be the first in

as Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, or Aleve. We appreciate your

their family to ever attend college.

help in keeping our community healthy. If you have

First Generation tells the story of four such high school students—an inner city athlete, a small town waitress, a

questions as to whether your student is too sick for

Samoan warrior dancer, and the daughter of migrant field workers—who set out to break the cycle of poverty and

school, visit the Infirmary page on the Lovett website to

bring hope to their families and communities by pursuing a college education.

view the article “Is Your Child Too Sick for School,” from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Breakthrough Atlanta cordially invites The Lovett School community to attend the screening of the highly acclaimed documentary First Generation on Sunday, November 17, 2013, at 2:00 pm at The Lovett School in the Hendrix-Chenault Theater.

Learning Styles Workshop Middle and Upper School parents are invited to a

This is a complimentary event; however, seating is limited. R.s.v.p. at <https://btafirstgeneration.eventbrite. com> or contact Jamar Jeffers at (404) 262-3032, ext. 1310.

Learning Styles Workshop at 8:30 am in the Middle School Multipurpose Room on Thursday, November 7.

This 95-minute documentary explores the problem of college access faced by first generation and low-income students and how

R.s.v.p. to Rebecca McGhee at

their success has major implications for the future of our nation. This documentary was shot over the course of three years and

one week prior to the workshop.

features some of our nation’s top educational experts including Richard Kahlenberg, The Century Foundation; J.B. Schramm, College Summit; and Dr. Bill Tierney, University of Southern California.

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Headmaster’s Headmaster’s Message Message


Thank You to Three Lovett Legends Remembering a Special and Colleague In recent weeks, we have honored three peopleFriend who have given heart and soul to Lovett for decades—Bill Railey After a long with cancer, beloved faculty colleague Michael Halad September 24.and On Middle (teacher andstruggle coach, 1976–2006), Jim GlasserLovett (teacher and coach, 1975–present), and died Claraon Traver (teacher Saturday afternoon, October 5, several hundred friends and family members gathered for a service of remembrance School leader, 1970–present). Collectively, Bill, Jim, and Clara have given our school 112 years of extraordinary service. for Michael, organized chaplain Steve Allen, director of fine Jay Freer, associatewrestling director ofcoach fine arts Beverly On October 4 at thebyLionBackers picnic, veteran teacher andarts nationally renowned Jim Glasser Hamrick, andwith Michael’s wife, Laura. This of tribute and thanksgiving was held in our Hendrix-Chenault was honored the announcement thatservice a number of his wrestlers and wrestling parents have established the Jim Theater, which, as Steve Allen pointed out at this service, was truly Michael’s “sacred space” during 11 years as Glasser Wrestling Endowment Fund, which will support Lovett wrestling in perpetuity. Also made his public was the

our technical director. news that the theater multipurpose competition space that will be a part of the new athletic center (which we hope to begin The participants in this celebration of Michael’s talkedRoom aboutthanks Michael’s forgift all;from his special of in the next 24 months or so) will be known as the Jimlife Glasser to alove major one of brand Jim’s former

friendship, humor, and whimsy; and the grace and dignity with which he battled his cancer. wrestlers and his family. In weeks and on months leading upofficially to Michael’s death,Bill many of his former and colleagues and students Atthe Homecoming October 21, we dedicated Railey Field—the newpresent multipurpose, artificially

came places nearbeing and far to visit him. These lacrosse, visits, coupled with teams powerful about Michael on Facebook, turfedfrom playing venue used by our football, and soccer andtestimony by physical education students, as made clear that he touched so many in such profound ways. There were several comments like these: well. This naming was made possible by several alumni and families eager to express their great appreciation to Bill page“I2am Lovett Lines a better person because of you.” for his 34 years of exemplary service as a teacher and coach, as well as their admiration for his being (with 200 wins) “I would not be where I am now had ithigh not school been for you, your interest in me, your belief in me.” one of the winningest coaches in Georgia football history.

Headmaster’s Message

Michael represents theavery best ofwas ourheld best honoring selves. HeClara expanded and hearts those42 around We Also at Homecoming, reception Traverthe in hopes celebration of her of almost years him. of service miss him as greatly and we will not forgetand him. We will especially those enduring he the exemplified to Lovett a teacher, mentor, advisor, leader in our Middle remember School. The last two years,qualities I have had privilege

and kindled amongst he encountered—friendship, humor, hope, love. You felt better and people of co-teaching a ninthall grade religion course with Clara. I havelaughter, witnessed first-hand how good sheabout is as alife teacher, how being around Michael and, for that, we shall always be grateful. much she loves teaching, and how deeply she cares about her students. At the Homecoming barbecue, we were proud We are Clara also grateful the strength anddonors grace of Laura Halad and Laura Michael’s daughter, SterlingFund, to surprise with thefor news that several have made founding gifts and to the Clara Traver Endowment “We Are Built for Service” (Lovett ’24).provide We shall keep them to aour hearts. Middle Schooler, as well as to a student in Breakthrough Atlanta, which will financial aid close toward deserving

Brigadier General Burke W. Whitman ’74

a program that is a great passion for Clara and on whose advisory board she serves. January 10 marked our Founder’s Day chapel service for all students, faculty, and staff. A number of parents, alumni, Our school family is enormously proud of Jim, Bill, and Clara, and so very grateful for all they have given our trustees, and former faculty and staff also attended this important celebration and ritual in the life of our community. school. Lovett alumnus Burke W. Whitman ’74, who currently serves as a brigadier general in the Marine Corps, was our

guest speaker. General Whitman is thought to be the only American to go from being the CEO of a publicly traded, Billy Peebles | Headmaster Fortune 500 company to serving as a general officer in the Armed Services. His talk—“We Are Built for Service”—was an eloquent expression of what service does for those who serve and for those who are served. General Whitman Billy Peebles | Headmaster shared with us some very personal stories from his service as a business leader and military leader about the benefits

Around Lovett Around Lovett

that service has brought to him. He was also very honest about the obstacles to service even as he challenged us to rise above those obstacles.

General Whitman explained that his love for service is rooted in his deep gratitude for all that life has given him

and in his heartfelt belief that we serve God by serving others and by loving our neighbor.

He alsoCorner spoke in a compelling way about why he has devoted more than 30 years to the Marine Corps and why Green

he is willing putupdates himself in on harm’s way as a member of the Armed Services. Pure and simple, he wants to defend— Stay tunedtofor sustainability initiatives going on within the Lovett community!

A Special Offer transcendent aspirations of our country—“life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” he feels called to defend—those

Campus Store Siempre Verde merchandise has arrived! Please

Campus Store

stop in to see the great shawls, scarves, jewelry, bags, coffee, and more brought back from the

most recent student trip to Ecuador. All proceeds from this merchandise go to the community and Did you know that all profits raised in the Campus school in Santa Rosa, Ecuador. Store go directly back to the school? This is a great way to give back to Lovett. Please join us for the very popular “12 Days of Christmas” event from Thursday, December 1, We hope you’ll consider us for your holiday shopthrough Friday, December 16. Each day we will ping this year. We have a large assortment of gifts feature a special offer on one merchandise in the store and are able to special order many category. Please check out our website for further personalized gifts. Gift wrapping is also complidetails. mentary and we can ship your gifts anywhere in the country. Want to be the first to know about these type of events? Send an e-mail to Now is the time to get added to our email list. We (Subject: Subscribe to Campus Store Emails) to will be sending out information about promotions receive emails regarding sales, new merchandise, and events throughout this holiday season. During and special events in the store. Once on the list, the transition to Google email we lost our subyou can opt out at any time. scriber list. Therefore please resubmit your email

Campus Store

address if you would like to receive these emails. Have you done your holiday shopping yet? Did you Looking Send anAhead email to know that in addition to Sale the merchandise we carry, Semi-Annual Sidewalk (Subject: Subscribe to Campus Store Emails). Once there are many items that we can order especially March March 21 onTuesday, the list, you can 19–Wednesday, opt out at any time. forMarkdowns you? will be as high as 75 percent off the Monogrammed towels, etc;categories. original price forbags, all merchandise Just Arrived

Engraved jewelry, frames, and jewelry boxes; Frasier Fir candles, soaps, sprays, and potpourri Tervis Tumblers—personalized, NCAA schools, Annual Sale NewUniform Scout bags or just for fun prints; Tuesday, April 16–Friday, April 27and decor Thanksgiving/fall-themed items Nams Cookies—personalized labels on candies All current families will receive 20and percent Christmas/winter-themed items decoroff on or cookies; uniforms purchased during these New prints in Emi-Jay hair ties anddates. hair bands

Gaming systems (XBox, Wii,limited Playstation) Sizes football and quantities will be the end Spirit jerseys in many colorsdue toand games; and of the school year. However, rain checks Large selection of great stocking stuffers Personalized and paper products. will be issuedstationary for all sizes that are not on hand

during the sale. Looking Ahead

Do use QRtocodes? These “quick response” codes you to access He you is willing pay the ultimate price to defend those ideals.allow Lovett participated in ansquare environmental education and sustainability survey; results strong!

AsThe always: Uniform Order Form will be available online Don’t miss our Annual 12 Days of Christmas eventand All proceeds go back to the school. in the store beginning Tuesday, April 2. This Monday, December 2–Tuesday, December 17. form

information the Internet your smartphone, having to type anything in. Generalon Whitman liftedfrom us all his talk on without Founder’s Day and gave eloquent testimony to an ethic of service In September, Lovett participated inwith a survey of environmental education and sustainability at private independent All you conducted need doshould is install QRAssociates. scanner on your smartphone, use app toward whichtowe allareach. Thankapp you, Burke for then your wisethe words, for yourofinspiring example, and schools by Inverness Nearly 700Whitman, schools from 46 states and the to District Columbia contributed

We offer complimentary wrap on items canday bewe faxed emailedgift the Campus Store Each willorhighlight atospecific category of prior purchased in the store. to the datesand of the sale. You be able to pick up merchandise items will be will discounted 10–15

take aThe picture of all theofcode. for challenging us to serve. data. preliminary report just arrived recently, and while it is much too detailed to summarize here, the results Scan the code to the right to access a special offerisinstrong, the Campus Store, just for our seem to confirm that Lovett’s sustainability program and even exemplary, in some areas.

Our areday lower than retail. yourprices order any time after Tuesday, April 16. day percent for that only. The category of the There is no sales tax New families will receive the same discount in will be announced each morning via our Campus

Lovett Lines readers! Overall, environmental education and sustainability has a lot of traction at independent schools around the

August. Store Subscriber emails and will be posted at the The Campus is open Monday through entrance of theStore store.

nation. Most of the schools that responded to the survey recycle and compost their waste. Many have undertaken

Recycled Uniform Sales energy efficiency initiatives and have school gardens. Lovett is one of the relatively few schools with both a

BillyRecycled Peebles | Headmaster The Uniform sales areplan a great to get a bargain all your uniform needs. We are located in the strategic plan and an operating for way sustainability, and a for mission statement that acknowledges concern forlower the level of the Fuqua Center in thewe LPA office. We always used uniformFamily donations throughout theour environment. The recognition have received for theappreciate LEED Goldgently certified Portman Middle School and

Around Lovett

am –4:00 pm, and Friday, Thursday,our 7:30 Remeber, prices are always lower than retail, there am –3:30 pm. 7:30 isThe no sales tax, and all proceeds go back to the school. Campus Store is open Monday through

The Campus Shop ispm, open Monday Thursday, 7:30 am–4:00 and Friday,through


year. Donation bins are located onplaces the Lower School front outside the Campus Store,earned and inenvironmental the Middle School baseball/softball complex clearly Lovett among the steps, 25 percent of schools that have

am –4:00 pm, and Friday, Thursday, 7:30pm. 7:30 am–3:30

entrance foyer. Our sale dates for the school year are as follows: awards.

7:30 am –3:30 pm.

Wednesday Sales Still, there is much work to be done. Limited Final Salestime and money, scheduling constraints, and insufficient buy-in are December 8:00–10:00that amLovett and most among the 7, challenges face. However, we are encouraged by Green Teams that are larger May schools 2, 8:00 am–2:00 pm January 4, and 8:00–10:00 than ever, strong am support from ourMay headmaster, stalwart parents, and trustees. Among other things, this school 3, 8:00 am–2:00 pm

Green Corner

February 1, 8:00–10:00 am year we have had a successful walk to school day, the initiation of a monarch butterfly project in the Lower School,

Check here for updates on sustainability initiatives going on within the Lovett community

February 29, up 8:00–10:00 am and ramped daily composting in the Dining Hall and Cafe. Plans are underway to standardize all of the trash and April 4, 8:00–10:00 recycling containersam on campus and to have our first ever Sustainability Scholar in Residence at Lovett on the eve of

Walk to School Day: Is it really green?

Earth Week in April 2014. If you are interested in helping with our sustainability program, please contact Bill Dunkel As coordinator for the Walk to School Days, the comment that I hear most often is in regard to the parents who park As always, all proceeds go directly to the school through the LPA! Come visit us monthly and enjoy great buys! or Sandra Switzer. at the Cochise Club and walk across the bridge with their children to Lovett. Most will say good-naturedly that “this is not really walking to school.” Or others will say that driving and then walking is defeating the purpose.

Parents in Lower School Garden GreenVolunteer Corner

I have to admit that when we began this project two years ago, I felt the same way. On our first walk day in Parents volunteered in the Lower Garden! Stay tuned for updates onSchool sustainability initiatives going on within the Lovett community December 2010, I thought that we might get 30–40 walkers, but I had only counted on people who lived within a one A group of parents kindly joined Sarah Spiers on a to two mile radius to walk from home. Instead, we had around 250 students sign in as walkers. The majority of them Saturday morning to move raised beds and make a new E-Waste Drive Coming Soon were Lower School students who were so excited to get to walk to school, that many of their parents had parked in the in-ground bed. Team This iswill thebe first of several suchAnnual volunteer Lovett’s Green hosting it’s Fifth “E-Waste Drive” during the week of January 9–13. Over the Cochise Club or Canoe restaurant parking lot and walked with them over the bridge—which we never anticipated. opportunities and the children will be so excited to have holidays, many of us get updated and more advanced electronics so the E-Waste Drive is a perfect place to bring Since that time however, my perspective has changed and the reason is because we have many objectives for our new to plant pollinator-attracting yourplaces used items, instead of just disposingplants. of them in the trash. Many electronics contain harmful materials that are Walk to School Days. One of our primary goals is simply to get kids out and walking. The distance from Cochise to Thank when you toput all into the parents who time care of our e-waste destroys all data, so computer hard hazardous landfills. Thedonated vendor their that takes the front steps of the Lower School is actually about a half mile, and the distance from Vinings Jubilee to Lovett is a and muscles! drives do not need to be cleaned out. mile. For Lower School kids, this is a good morning walk and it is certainly farther than from their car door to the Items that we will be accepting include personal computers, laptops, cell phones, microwaves, keyboards, curb. Even if a half mile cannot be considered exercise per se, sometimes it is in the practice of doing something that printers, copiers, and fax machines. Televisions will be accepted with an additional charge of $10 each. For a full list, we begin to learn the value of it. A half mile practiced is better than five miles contemplated. please check the Lovett website. Impact of exercise on academics. Some Lovett faculty members read a book this summer called Spark, which Please do not bring washers/dryers, power tools, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, freezers, tires, blenders, or detailed the importance of physical movement on learning and brain. Early morning movement can actually fuel the dehumidifiers. brain connections that we are trying so hard to achieve in the classroom. What better way to wake up the brain and Stay tuned for more information about drop off locations! If you have any questions, please contact Betsy Metcalf the body in the morning than to take a walk before school in the crisp morning air? at Environmental impact. Certainly as part of the Sustainability Committee, we are interested in having an environmental impact through our efforts. We can have that impact by taking cars off the road through carpooling, and also by reducing idling time in the carpool lane by dropping kids at a nearby location and allowing them to walk to campus from there. The real impact of course, comes from regular carpooling and walking. But changing human

Lovett Lovett

The Communications Office publishes the Lovett Lines newsletter nine times a year.

Watch for a special online edition of the TheCommunications CommunicationsOffice Officepublishes publishesthe the The January Lovett Lines! LovettLines Linesnewsletter newsletternine ninetimes timesaayear. year. Lovett Deadline for the February 2012 issue of Deadlinefor forthe theDecember electronic March 2013 Deadline 2013/January the Lovett Lines newsletter: issueissue of theofLovett LinesLines newsletter: 2014 the Lovett newsletter: Friday, January 6, 2012 Friday,November February 1,8,2013 Friday, 2013 Jennifer Zei JenniferZei Zei Jennifer Editor/Designer Editor/Designer Editor/Designer (404) 262-3032, ext. 1265 (404)262-3032, 262-3032,ext. ext.1265 1265 (404)

The Lovett Lines is is printed printed on on FSC FSC®®certified certifiedpaper papermade using with chlorine-free pulp and post consumer content. 100% post consumer waste and processed chlorine free.

Walk to School Day: Friday February, 15 Please save the date! The next Walk to School Day is on Friday, February 15.

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Around Lovett

D Thank You, Volunteers!

During these first few weeks of fall, your LPA has been hard at work organizing many wonderful events and coordinating volunteers for several ongoing and year-long endeavors. We are grateful for the commitment and countless hours it takes to make each of these programs run smoothly. This year the LPA introduced a new approach to involve new parents and held the New Parent Volunteer Fair. It

proved to be very successful as it was well attended and standing room only! All of the volunteer organizations and division vice presidents were there to answer questions and encourage participation and membership. LPA will continue to host this event in the future.

College Day co-chairs Gayle Barnes, Margaret Long, and Stephanie Teichner joined the Upper School administra-

tion and faculty to welcome nearly 260 domestic and international college representatives to Lovett’s annual College Day in September. Their leadership of more than 80 parent volunteers helped ensure a successful day for our students and guests.

Over the summer and throughout the year, Lovett Cares co-chairs Beth Tucker and Catharine Pope have coordi-

College Day Thank you to all of our parent volunteers who helped make College Day 2013 a great success!

nated meals and notes for Lovett families who have experienced serious illnesses, surgeries, or the loss of a loved one. We thank them and their wonderful committee of cooks and delivery people for providing this true “labor of love.” As always, we encourage you to volunteer—it’s never too late! There is definitely something for everyone who

would like to be involved and signing up is simple to do. Just visit the Parent section on the Lovett website and scroll

Recycled Uniforms

down to Parent Involvement to find volunteer forms for all the organizations. Watch for Leadership Self Nomination

The Recycled Uniform sales are a great way to get a

signups in January! We hope that you will consider joining us.

bargain on all your uniform needs. Now that the weather

Patricia Ulrich and Katherine Wahl | LPA Co-Presidents

is cooling down, sweatshirts will be a necessity, and we have plenty of all types! We are located in the lower level of the Fuqua Center in the LPA office. We always

Parent Participation Programs What’s the easiest way to contribute to Lovett? There are four ways for Lovett to receive contributions at no extra cost to you—Publix Cards,, Target REDcard Program, and Georgia Natural Gas TrueBlue Schools.

appreciate gently used uniform donations throughout the year. Items in high demand are senior skirts, Upper School skirts, Upper School girl chapel shirts, Middle School skirts, and ties. Donation bins are located right outside our shop, at the Lower School front steps, outside

Georgia Natural Gas TrueBlue Schools Georgia Natural Gas TrueBlue Schools is a fundraising program created by Georgia Natural Gas. Existing or new GNG customers can participate. For each customer who enrolls, GNG will give Lovett $100 for the first year, then $60 per year thereafter. That may not sound like much, but if every Kindergartner’s family enrolled, Lovett would earn over $50,000! And it’s so easy to participate. Simply go to <> and select Lovett as your school of choice or call 1-866-ONLYGNG (promotion code TBSB-1-090-000).

the Campus Store, and in the Middle School entrance foyer. Come visit us on the first Wednesday of each month and enjoy great buys! Our sale dates for the school year are as follows. Please note the extra afternoon sale times to accommodate student shoppers and more parents! Wednesday Sales

Publix Cards Use the LPA Publix card when you shop and a portion of your purchase is contributed to Lovett! Put your card on your keychain as a reminder. If you do not have a LPA Publix card, they are available in each school’s office.

November 6, 8:00–10:00 am and 2:00–4:00 pm December 4, 8:00–10:00 am January 8, 8:00–10:00 am and 2:00–4:00 pm February 5, 8:00–10:00 am Do you ever shop online? If so, Lovett can earn money just by you signing up at and using it as your starting point for all your online purchases. Check out the list of merchants that participate at <>. You’ll be amazed at how your purchases can benefit Lovett.

March 5, 8:00–10:00 am and 2:00–4:00 pm April 2, 8:00–10:00 am Final Sale May 9, 8:00 am–4:00 pm

Target REDcard Program For those of you who have a Target REDcard, one of its many advantages is that you can you can enroll in the Take Charge of Education program and enter Lovett as your school of choice. Target will donate one percent of your REDcard purchases at Target to Lovett. Just go to <> for more details and you can start donating money for Lovett today just by shopping at Target!

If you have any questions or would like to be on our volunteer list, please email Susan Bain at susanbain8@, Lori Daniel at, or Kelly Light at

It takes every parent, faculty member, and student to make a difference. We need 100 percent participation this year! The Lovett LPA does not endorse any merchants. We only ask that you participate in these programs if you are already a customer. If you have any questions, please contact Angie Jeter at

Library Gifts Are you looking for a unique gift for your child? Do you want to honor a teacher or someone special? If so, consider donating a library book in your child’s, teacher’s,

Lost and Found

Mailing Committee

There are three Lost and Found closets on the Lovett

You may often have wondered who is responsible

Campus. These closets are located in the Lower School

for sending the written communications you receive

office, in the Upper School across from the Campus

from Lovett. Well, it’s the fabulous Lovett Mailing

Store, and in the Wallace Gym hallway. Items such as

Committee! We are a large group of volunteers

sweatshirts, fleeces, notebooks, and PE shorts are already

who meet as needed, usually

finding their way into the Lost and Found closets! By

after morning carpool, to label many of the mailed

clearly labeling all items with a student’s first and last

pieces that you receive from school. Because our

name, items can be easily identified and retrieved from

work is so easy, it affords all the members a great

Altar Guild

these closets. To look for lost items, please stop by any

opportunity to chat with old friends and make

Altar Guild volunteers arrange flowers and wash acolyte

of these closets (the closet in the Upper School remains

new ones. For families who are new to Lovett, it’s a

robes for Lower, Middle, and Upper School chapels. If

locked and a key can be obtained through the Upper

great way to meet new people and become a part of

you would like to help, contact Deborah Scott at jsop@

School principal’s office). All unclaimed Lovett attire will

the Lovett community. All members receive email

be donated to the Recycled Uniform Sale, and all non-

notices about the upcoming mailings and then simply

Lovett attire will be donated to charities.

attend whenever they can. There is no obligation. We

Please contact Melindia Morgan at mgkmorgan@ with questions.

welcome new members at any time, so if you want to join or have any questions, just send an email to Kay Jordan at

or special someone’s name. Library books can be donated to all Library divisions. If you donate a book in your child’s name to the Lower School, your child will be the first person to check out “their” book. Book donations can be made via the LPA volunteer form on the Lovett website. Please contact Susan Packman at sspackman@ with questions.

page 4 Lovett Lines

Lower School News


Never Too Young to Help Others

Providing “integrated experiences in academics, arts, athletics, and service” is one of the promises that Lovett’s mission statement makes to parents and students. To ensure that we are addressing this important aspect of our mission, we have several opportunities built in to our curriculum and activities.

Community service is part of the kindergarten and

first grade social studies curriculum. Students learn about the various communities to which they belong,

Holiday camp fun

beginning with families and school then moving out to our neighborhood and the world. Each trimester, a service project focuses on a need within the community being studied. For example, while studying their

Lower School Student Service Council celebrates Habitat for Humanity

school community, one kindergarten class partners with Lovett’s athletic staff to stuff team rosters in programs before football games. Another class cleans up on the playground by sweeping up sand and returning it to the sandbox. Service begins on campus for kindergarten students.

Lovett Holiday Camps Looking for fun activities for your child during the holiday break? Lovett’s Holiday Camps have the solution for you! Holiday Hoopla returns, along with Sarah Spiers’ science camps. Registration is now open. For details, visit <>.

First grade classes expand their community to nearby agencies like The Garden shelter on Atlanta Road and the Agape Center on Bolton Road. Collecting necessities such as diapers, toilet paper, and breakfast cereal for The Garden helps students learn about the needs of some families who live nearby. Collecting and sharing their well-loved books with children in the Agape Center afterschool program gives Lovett first graders an opportunity to bring joy to other children whose life stories are very different from their own. Beginning in third grade, students may participate in the Lower School Student Service Council (SSC), which initiates a variety of community service projects throughout the year. Hosting a shift-change snack party for the Lower School housekeeping staff for was fun for SSC members and much appreciated by our housekeepers, who rarely get to talk with students. Partnering with the Upper School Habitat for Humanity club, members promote the collection of funds for building supplies for multi-school Habitat build each fall. SSC will work with Kids4CURE to support children battling cancer and the Agape Thanksgiving food collection this fall. They will also host an afternoon on our playground for children from the Agape Center. Lower School counselor Yasmine Schmid and I work together to plan SSC events with a goal of inspiring and supporting students in their commitment to helping others. Finding meaningful ways to involve our youngest students in service to others is both a commitment and a challenge! Martha Osborne | Lower School Religious Studies and Chaplain

The cheerleading enrichment class performed at a Lovett home football game halftime show.

Afternoon Enrichment Two more exciting sessions of Afternoon Enrichments will be here soon! We have a winter session from January 13–February 13 and a spring session (including swim lessons) from February 18–April 30. Registration begins on November 1 for winter and January 10 for spring at <>.

Lower School celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with the Hispanic Hall of Fame! Each participating class made a poster for a famous Hispanic American to share information about their lives. The winners are shown above!

Middle School News The Kling Family Visits Lovett Joseph E. Kling (Joe), Nancy, and David Kling visited Lovett recently. Joe is an

husband of Evelyn Lovett Kling and father of Joe. Mr. Kling established a charitable

alumnus of Little Lovett, the grandson of Eva Edwards Lovett (founder of the school),

trust in 1994, which provided him income during his life and funded the gift to Lovett

and son of Evelyn Lovett Kling, who taught at Lovett alongside her mother. In

at his death in 2000. The Evelyn Lovett Kling Scholarship Awards are based on merit

February 2000, in memory and honor of Evelyn Lovett Kling, a fund was established as

alone and presented to a rising sixth and seventh grader each year.

part of The Lovett School’s endowment through a planned gift from Joseph W. Kling,

Lovett Lines page 5

Middle School News


Notes from your Middle School Counselors

Service Opportunities

If you’ve spent any time at your local book store and you aren’t afraid to admit that you “happened to walk by” (wink,

Spring Break Mission Trip to New Orleans

wink) the relationships section, you probably noticed some book titles that started something like Improving Parent-

Want to serve in a homeless shelter? How about work in a

Child Relations, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen, Raising Confident Children, How to Survive books. With all the books out

community garden? Clean up an underprivileged school?

there, it’s hard to find good ones. Not only is it hard to know which books are quality books, but if you are like most of

See some of the fun sights and sounds of New Orleans?

us, we’d rather listen to someone summarize the book instead of having to do all the reading and highlighting. If that

If so, this trip’s for you. For the first time ever, we’re

last sentence describes you, this is your lucky day. We found two books this summer by the same author that we liked

having a Middle School mission trip. All sixth through

and in this article we are going to share some of the wisdom found within their pages.

eighth graders are welcome to attend. We’ll be driving

The first book by Dr. Laura S. Kastner with Kristen Russell is titled Wise Minded Parenting: 7 Essentials for Raising

up the first Saturday of spring break and driving back

Successful Tweens and Teens. The seven essentials are to follow, but first a little background on this term “wise-minded.”

the following Thursday. It will be both a fun and a

Wise-minded is a term that comes from an approach to therapy known as Dialetical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). DBT

meaningful trip!

teaches us that we often operate from either an emotional mind—one ruled by feelings—or we operate out of a logical

You may pick up an application on the table in the

mind—one ruled by cause-and-effect and rationale. In your family you are probably one and your spouse might be

foyer of the Middle School or download one from the

the other (opposites attract!) A wise mind attempts to synthesize and compromise between the emotional mind and

Middle School service wiki. See Rev. Reck if you have any

the logical mind.


The seven principles listed in Kastner’s book try to help parents operate out of this synthesis between the

emotions and the logic as they parent. If all of this already sounds too science-based or too intellectual to make for an

Middle School Food Bank Trip

easy read, well we found the same to be true about the book. It was not a leisure read, but the principles are definitely

Wednesday, November 13

great focus points to consider in your parenting. The seven principles are: Secure Attachment, Self-Control, Academic

5:00–9:00 pm

Success, Social Thriving, Emotional Flourishing, Strong Character, and Physical Health. The first principle, Secure Attachment, is a principle found in many other parenting books. We encourage anyone reading this article to search

Would you like to help sort food for the less fortunate?

the Internet on ways to enhance a healthy and secure attachment with your child. The other six principles are worthy

If so, sign up on the Middle School service wiki. If you

of research and consideration, but if you only found one chapter of this book to read, we would recommend enhancing

haven’t already done so, you also need to fill out and

your connections with your children through a secure attachment.

turn in a permission slip to Rev. Reck. Then, meet in the Middle School foyer at 5:00 pm. Rev. Reck will have pizza

An excerpt from the book:

waiting for you. We will bus over at 5:15 pm and return

“How Wise-Minded Are You?” Answer true or false.

between 8:45–9:00 pm.

1. My teen needs to be confronted directly when she dumps her bad moods on me. 2. I trust my gut reaction when I’m mad about my child’s behavior.

Central Presbyterian Homeless Shelter Trip

3. I think it is helpful to tell my child when he is being irrational.

Wednesday, November 20

4. My child will not understand how disappointed I am with her if I just keep my criticisms to myself. 5. When my teen makes a sweeping statement (“You never listen to my side!” “I don’t have any real friends at

Would you like to prepare lunches for homeless men and

school!”), I point out the exaggeration.

serve them dinner and visit with them? If so, sign up on

6. When my child expresses views that are offensive to me, I tell him straight away.

the Middle School wiki and make sure Rev. Reck has a

7. I think my perspectives on most topics are more valid than my child’s because I am so much more experienced.

permission slip from your family. Meet for the church at

*If you answered “false” to all of these questions, congratulations! You are probably pretty adept at staying wise-

5:00 pm. Rev. Reck will have a pizza dinner waiting for

minded in the heat of the moment. But many—perhaps even most—parents have work to do in this area.

you. We will leave between 5:30–5:40 pm. You can come straight from practice if you are playing a sport. We

The second book we read this summer and enjoyed by Dr. Kastner and co-authored with Jennifer Wyatt is the

would love to have you!

book titled Getting to Calm: Cool-Headed Strategies for Parenting Tweens & Teens. Getting to Calm is a hands-on guide about understanding the teenage brain and gaining closeness with your teenager during these challenging years. The book

Annual Agape Thanksgiving Food Drive

offers first hand examples and advice on how to remain calm and manage our own emotions effectively in the heat of

November 13–22

the moment. Compared to the first book, it was a much easier read. The calming technique outlined in the book is: C – Cool down

Each Pride will be asked to provide specific items which

A – Assess options

will be given to families in need to help them have a great

L – Listen with empathy

Thanksgiving. As we get closer to these dates, check the

M- Make a plan

Middle School service wiki to see what items you can get.

The book also discusses ways to set boundaries, avoid power struggles, and maintain a positive relationship with your teenager. The book is organized so that parents can turn to the material they need in the moment. In each

To get to Middle School Service Wiki

chapter, Dr. Kastner and co-author Dr. Wyatt provide useful examples, scripts, communication tips, and strategies to

Go to Lovett website. Choose Academics>Middle

correct specific problems.

School>Middle School Resources>Middle School Service.

The book also highlights 14 of the most common rough patches that occur during the teenage years, such as: When your sweet child morphs into a sassy teen When smart teens do really dumb things When your trustworthy teen pulls a fast one When they’re screaming at you—or not talking at all When teens are mean When you’re fighting about grades We recommend both books to be added to your parenting library. We promise we don’t work for Dr. Kastner nor do we get anything by promoting her books! If you’d like to hear more about the books or discuss anything you may be working through with your tween or teen, please don’t hesitate to call or email one of us. Chase Jones and Sara Friedman | Middle School Counselors

Crazy Hat Day During Lovett’s Homecoming week, the Middle School had themed dress up days all week. Monday was Crazy Hat Day. Cat Chartier from the Cafe and new Upper School prinicpal Dan Alig picked the best hats in each grade level (one boy and one girl). The winners were: Grade 6—Haley Zoellick and Sam Becker Grade 7—Zelle Westfall and Jonathan Aris Grade 8—Wilson Hobbs and Kathryn Marshall

page 6 Lovett Lines

Middle School News Digital Citizenship: Keeping You Informed ing Digital Citizenship into the curriculum. As we inform our students to make smart

Middle School Implements New Approach to Professional Learning

decisions online, we want to ensure our parents and caregivers are just as informed.

The school year is continuously busy for teachers—ensuring lessons are planned, labs

This year marks the third year the Middle School takes on the challenge of incorporat-

At the beginning of our implementation, students learned about various aspects of

are set up, field trips are organized, coaching responsibilities are taken care of—the

Digital Citizenship during Prime Time—a 20-minute period of the day where students

list goes on and on. With varied schedules and responsibilities, it is often very difficult

return to their advisors’ classrooms. Last year, more teachers joined forces to tackle

to find common time for faculty to share the great things they are doing in their

these topics during additional times of the academic year. The PE department addresses

classrooms. Therefore in August, Erin Dixon, dean of faculty and instruction, and

cyberbullying during one health unit of each grade. The Middle School counselors talk

Stacia McFadden, director of academic technology, decided to join forces and work to

about personal safety and healthy online relationships during their time with students.

solve this “impossible mission.”

The Middle School librarian takes on the responsibility of ensuring all students un-

During one C day a month, teachers come together to present and/or share the

derstand how to identify high quality websites when conducting research and that all

remarkable things that they are currently implementing in the classroom. It also

materials used are cited properly. To get students further engaged, small projects and

doubles as an opportunity for the academic technologists to share new tools that are

competitions will be held throughout the year (i.e. writing songs about their digital

useful in education. How does this time look? During the first 45 minutes, featured

lives, creating comic strips about a digital citizen hero, etc.) to ensure students under-

teacher(s) share their experiences. Then the remaining time is there for one-on-one

stand these concepts.


When it comes to the digital lives of our students, it takes a community. Your chil-

So far this year, several teachers have shared their exciting and innovative

dren’s media lives are very important to them. So what can you do to ensure their safety

experiences. Kevin Sauter (seventh grade math) shared the work he is doing with

as they socialize, research, create, and share information online? Here are a few tips to

“flipping” his classroom. Mr. Sauter records his lessons and places them on his website

keep in mind.

for students to view in the evenings. This allows class time to be used for more practice

Use media together: Whenever you can, watch, play, and listen with your child.

and meaningful engagement, including more time for authentic, real-world projects.

Talk about the content with them and teach them how to analyze media

Shawn Mackinson (eighth grade math) and Leslie Williams (seventh grade English)


both attended Project Zero at Harvard University and shared the work they did at this

Be a good role model: When children are around, set an example by using

prestigious workshop. Other teachers on deck to present include Diane Husmann (sixth

media the way you want them to use it. A good start is to be mindful of where

grade science), Jeff Weirzba (eighth grade civics), and Tommy Jones (seventh grade

and how often you check your smart phone.


Keep your eye on the clock: Be aware of how much time children spend online,

As Lovett’s Vision for Learning states, “Lovett offers experiences that inspire

watching TV, or playing video games. And when you establish time limits, be

our students to love learning.” We in the Middle School want to model that by

sure to stick to them.

demonstrating that our teachers love learning as well.

Again, these are just a few tips. If you would like more specific information or resources shared at the October 1 Middle School parent forum, feel free to contact me at

Erin Dixon/Stacia McFadden | Middle School Dean of Faculty and Instruction/ Middle School Director of Academic Technology Stacia McFadden | Middle School Director of Academic Technology

Upper School News College Counseling Grade 11 Parents College Counseling Information Night

Mock Combination SAT/ACT

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hendrix-Chenault Theater

8:30 am –12:30 pm

7:00 pm

A mock combination SAT/ACT will be offered on Saturday, November 23, from 8:30

The college counselors have met with the juniors to introduce them to Naviance

am–12:30 pm. This will allow students, especially juniors, to sample both tests and get

and to show them how to set up their accounts. We went over the extensive junior

feedback from Applerouth Tutoring on which test might be the more suitable for them

questionnaire, which we ask them to complete for us before we schedule our first one-

to pursue. Please check the College Counseling website for further details on the test

on-one conferences with them in January. This evening meeting for parents of juniors

and how to register. Contact Pam Fetters, director of college counseling, with questions.

is intended to offer the same information to parents, as well as to detail the process through the rest of the junior and senior years. There will be plenty of time for Q & A

National Merit Commended Students Named

following our presentation, so be sure to come with everything college-related that you

Congratulations to our Lovett seniors who have been named National Merit

are wondering about!

Commended Students. About 34,000 Commended Students throughout the nation are

This session does not take the place of the mandatory Junior College Night for

being recognized for their exceptional academic promise. Commended students placed

parents and students in January, which will be a much more general overview of the

among the top four percent of more than 1.5 million students who entered the 2014

admissions process. Instead, it is intended to answer very specific questions you might

competition by taking the 2012 PSAT/NMSQT.

have about Lovett’s college counseling program and all the services we offer to students and parents throughout the process.

Lovett students recognized this year are Matthew Cartledge, Foster Coleman, Frank DeBorde, Cameron Greer, Vivian Ilonzo, Charles Ingram, Alexander Kenan, Andrew Kring, Savannah Lee, Austin McCartney, Peter Nalle, Oluwasade Oresegun,

Financial Aid and Scholarship Seminar for Parents

Natalie Sanders, and Linzy Scott.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 7:00 pm

National Achievement Scholarship Program Recognizes Outstanding Participants

Lovett will host a seminar on financial aid and scholarships for parents of Upper

Three Lovett seniors—Farah Charania, Kennedy Crenshaw, and Ashley Taylor—are

School students on Wednesday, November 20, at 7:00 pm in the Hendrix-Chenault

among the 3,100 Outstanding Participants in the National Achievement Scholarship

Theater. Though all Upper School parents are invited to attend, this session will be

Program being referred to U.S. colleges and universities. These students scored in the

particularly useful to parents of juniors and seniors. We will go over the process of

top 3 percent of more than 160,000 Black Americans who requested consideration in the

applying for financial aid (the FAFSA and CSS Profile), as well as eligibility for the

2014 National Achievement Program when they took the 2012 PSAT/NMSQT.

Hendrix-Chenault Theater

HOPE Scholarship in Georgia. Our guest speakers will be a senior financial aid officer from Emory University and a representative from the Georgia Student Finance Commission.

Lovett Lines page 7

Upper School News The College Counseling Office is offering a series to highlight some outstanding former Lovett students. The hope is to introduce

News from Your Guidance Counselors

you to the diverse experiences our students are having across the country and around the world.

Student Programs

Maddi Hartley was one of the first students I met the year I joined Lovett’s college counseling office. She was confi-

Grade 9: November 18—Nurse Vivian will discuss mari-

dent, self-assured, and was certain she was going to apply Early Decision, a binding application plan, to Harvey Mudd

juana and synthetic drugs with the freshmen in their

College in Claremont, California. I was excited to meet her—a student with such a clear sense of her future. When she

health classes.

received her acceptance letter from the school, a “short” four months later, I knew she would take Mudd by storm.

Grade 10: November 18—A representative from Freedom

Alumni Spotlight—Maddi Hartley

I had the chance to sit down with Maddi before she returned to California this past August. She immediately

for Chemical Dependency (FCD) will facilitate discus-

began to reflect on her college application process and how fortunate she felt to have found her home in such a seem-

sions with sophomores regarding substance use while

ingly effortless way. Maddi explained she uncovered Harvey Mudd through a family friend, “I checked it out my

incorporating strategies shown to be effective in shaping

junior year—first I looked it up online and read about it in the Princeton Review. Then, my mom took me to visit the

attitudes and beliefs regarding substance use. This will

campus. It was actually the first school I visited.” It was love at first sight. Though she considered many other options,

be the final of four intensive education classes the sopho-

it was obvious Maddi was a Mudder.

mores have had this semester.

Now heading into her second year, Maddi has gained exposure to the many opportunities a small campus can

Grades 9–11: Enduring Regret—Chris Sandy, former in-

provide. She spoke excitedly about her chance to conduct research with her advisor this past summer. Maddi built

mate and current educational speaker, will present about

instruments to conduct continuous sampling of the atmosphere to examine patterns of pollution in Los Angeles. This

the dangers of drinking and driving and the importance

research in atmospheric chemistry is providing valuable findings for environmentalists and chemists alike. As a

of making good decisions.

sophomore, Maddi will travel to San Francisco to present her findings at the AGU Fog Conference. A rare feat for an underclassman! In addition to her research, Maddi serves as a tour guide for the admission office and is the social chair for her

Student Mentoring The Girls Mentor Group is in full swing!

residence hall—most students opt to remain in the same dorm for all four years. She also joined the intramural water

Our senior leaders have begun mentoring younger

polo team! She usually plays offense, a good strategy as the co-ed sport awards double points for women who score on

girls in both the Lower and Middle Schools. Senior

the other team. She has also found time to explore Los Angeles and attend student events and concerts. She hopes to

mentors are working with girls on Wednesdays

join the ultimate frisbee team this year.

in the After School Activities Program (ASAP),

One unique dimension of Harvey Mudd is that though it is small—only 777 students are on campus—it is part of

meeting with fifth grade girls during lunch on

a larger group of schools called the Claremont Consortium. While visiting with Maddi, she explained the benefit of

D and G days, and meeting with eighth grade girls

Harvey Mudd sharing a larger campus with four other undergraduate colleges—Pomona, Scripps, Pitzer, and Clare-

on Monday mornings as part of our Girl Talk

mont McKenna. “Being a part of the Claremont Consortium has given me a chance to take classes through a broader


network. Because Harvey Mudd is primarily engineering, I am taking an anthropology class at Pomona and a digital photography class at Pitzer this fall. I also found myself bored of the food at Mudd, so it’s really easy and quick to

We are excited about our new junior mentors who

go off campus to the other colleges. I met new friends at other schools through the dining halls. It’s nice to create a broader network.”

are currently “in-training” every Tuesday afternoon. They are looking forward to joining the

seniors in the various mentoring opportunities

later this semester.

stressed out, it’s normal. Essays are important—make sure you answer the question. Just be yourself and show growth

the freshmen every G day. They enjoyed visiting

through your essay. Visits are really important. Don’t be afraid to talk to the students on campus. If you are feeling

their groups on SING. Be on the lookout for Cocoa

nervous about the process, talk to your parents, college counselor, friends, even your dog. Just get if off your chest!”

and Cram in December—a pre-exam study

At the end of our conversation, I asked Maddi to reflect on her application process. Was there any wisdom she was willing to share with the class of 2014? She quickly responded, “Take a deep breath. It’s crazy for everybody. If you feel

I can’t help but agree with Maddi!

Senior PAL leaders are continuing to meet with

session with the PALs and freshmen.

Jessica Jaret Sant | Associate Director of College Counseling

Fine Arts News News from FOTA New and Improved Faculty Art Show & Sale Good News! New location! More art! Easier parking! There is now an opportunity to furnish homes with gorgeous artwork and also support Lovett’s visual art teachers and our special artist guests, Steve Penley and Bonnie Beauchamp-Cooke. We cordially invite Lovett families and friends to Lovett’s very own Faculty Art Show & Sale, November 20–22, from 8:00 am–3:00 pm and by appointment at the Rogers & Westmoreland Activity Center. Special appointment times can be made by contacting Vanessa King at The kick off to this year’s show is a FOTA Member Preview Party at the Rogers & Westmoreland Activity Center

The Great Conversation Planning is starting for The Great Conversation, to be

on Tuesday, November 19, from 6:00–8:00 pm. Preview Party attendees will get first pick of the art for sale, while they

held at The Piedmont Driving Club on Friday evening,

enjoy beverages and delicious appetizers. If you want an invitation to the preview party you must be a member of

February 28, 2014.

Friends of the Arts, so register to become a FOTA member anytime between now and the night of the show. All artists will be in attendance opening night. The exhibition includes painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, collage, photography, and mixed media by Upper

We need parent volunteers, and this is a great opportunity for dads and moms to get involved. Please let us know how you would like to help. Do you like to

School art teachers Amy Story, Karey Walter, and Tom Zwierlein; Middle School art teacher Katy McDougal; and

plan parties, help with invitations, table decorations,

Lower School art teachers Katherine Schneider and Joy Patty, along with intern Helen Woolard. The art show is also

and overall hospitality? Then sign up for the event

featuring two Spring Arts Festival artists, Steve Penley and Bonnie Beauchamp-Cooke. If you find something you

committee. Do you know interesting people in Atlanta

would like to take home with you, you may charge your student account or pay with a check or cash. A portion of the

or good friends from far away that would act as table

proceeds will go to Lovett Friends of the Arts.

“conversationalists” for the evening? Then you should

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Vanessa King at or Jane Jackson at Don’t miss out the chance to attend Lovett’s Faculty Art Show & Sale and celebrate Lovett’s visual art teachers and their work!

join the speaker committee. Even if you know one fabulous person, you are an asset to us! Would you like to contact small business owners or Atlanta corporations who would like the prestige of sponsoring this enlightening event? Then join the sponsor committee. Please send your volunteer preference to Fota@ or contact Jane Jackson at

Lovett page 8 Lovett Lines

November 2013 Volume 32 Number 3

INSIDE Page 1 Admission Information for the 2014–15 School Year Page 2 Campus Store: Just Arrived and Looking Ahead Page 3 Parent Participation Programs

A news publication of The Lovett School The Lovett School Communications Office 4075 Paces Ferry Road, N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30327-3009 (404) 262-3032

The Lovett School admits students of any race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. The Lovett School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and national or ethnic origin in administration of its employment practices, admission policies, educational policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic or other school-administered programs.

Athletics News

Fine Arts News A Midsummer Night’s Dream The Upper School Theater Arts is pleased to present Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream for their fall play. One of his favorite comedies, it is produced more than any other play in the United States each year. The wonderful cast of 23 and crew of 10 invite you to join us for a delightful evening of laughter and fun. Shows will be at 7:00 pm on October 31 and November 2, and at Lovett Singers performing at the Four Pillar Tribute, honoring John Portman, Jr.

Singers Perform at Four Pillar Tribute

3:00 pm on November 3, all in the Hendrix-Chenault Theater. It will be reserved seating, so everyone needs a ticket, but free for Lovett students, faculty and staff—all others are $5.00. Tickets are available in the Fine Arts office.

Lovett Athletic Director Inducted into Marist Hall of Fame Congratulations to director of athletics Steve Franks for being inducted into the Marist School, Atlanta, Hall of Fame for his years as a coach and Athletic Director at the school!

The Lovett Singers were invited to sing at this year’s

Cast List

Four Pillar Tribute, honoring Lovett parent of alumni

Thesea, Duchess of Athens: Sonia Gupta

and grandparent John Portman, Jr. Held on October 10

Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons: Riley Frazer

Lovett Youth Wrestling

at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, this event, sponsored by

Egeus, father to Hermia: Nick Rhame

Its time again to register for the Lovett Youth Wrestling

the Council for Quality Growth, recognizes outstanding

Philostrate, Master of the Revels: Evan Maynard

Program. It’s open to Kindergarten–Grade 5 students

individuals who embody the “Four Pillars” of leadership

Lysander, in love with Hermia: John Marco Miele

interested in learning the fundamentals of wrestling.

and success: Quality, Responsibility, Vision, and Integrity.

Demetrius, in love with Hermia: Harrison Lyle

The mission of the Lovett Youth Wrestling Program

Portman, a world-renowned architect and developer, is

Quince, carpenter: Benjamin Yarmowich

is to develop children into skilled wrestlers, prepare

well-known for his work on transforming the Atlanta

Snug, a joiner: Ted Quarterman

them for competition at every level, and build the

skyline and developing Peachtree Center.

Bottom, a weaver: Melanie Elam

foundation for a successful high school wrestling

Flute, a bellows mender: Chip Fankhauser

career. In addition to teaching children to master the

Film Cameras Needed

Snout, a tinker: Nick Rhame

fundamentals of wrestling, emphasis is placed on

The Upper School photography department is looking for

Starveling, a tailer: Sydney Wargo

instilling the qualities of responsibility, confidence,

donations of vintage film cameras—any size or make—

Hermia, in love with Lysnder: Chloe Burns

respect, and integrity.

and vinyl records in album cases. Please contact Karey

Helena in love with Demetrius: Mary Martha Wiggers

Walter at or (404) 643-6550.

Oberon, King of the Elves: Dorothy Rau Titania, Queen of the Fairies: Anisa Thelkeld

Galleria News From November 9–December 13, Visual Arts faculty will display student work from many of their classes. Excellent examples of student work from Kindergarten–Grade 12 will be on view and include drawing, painting, sculpture, clay works, mixed media, and photography.

Dance Concert Join us in the Hendrix-Chenault Theater on Thursday,

Puck, Robin Goodfellow: Vallie Candler Peaseblossom, fairy: Emily Johnson Cobweb, fairy: Corrine Culpepper

To get more information, visit < afternoon>. Experience is not required.

Varsity Letter Jackets— Order Soon! Looking for a holiday gift for your Lion? The Campus

Moth, fairy: Lauren Reeves

Store needs 4–6 weeks advance notice for letter jackets

Mustardseed, fairy: Lily King

or sweaters. Please contact Jamie Palmer at jamie.

Elf: Kylah McNeil or (404) 262-3032, ext. 1511, to place

Elf: Whitney Gumpert

your order. To receive your letter jacket by Christmas,

Elf: Talia Burns

please order by Friday, November 8.

Junior Fairy: Leah Eiland Indian Boy: Nikita Gupta

dents will combine for a very special evening of dance!

LionBackers Electronic Newsletter

Lovett’s dance program is designed to introduce many

The newsletter offers the latest information regarding

styles of dance, while students learn the fundamentals of

upcoming events, schedules, and results—encourage

techniques (ballet, jazz, and contemporary), history and

your friends and relatives to subscribe! To subscribe or

vocabulary, and the choreographic process, along with

add email addresses, visit the LionBackers’ page on the

swing, hip hop, and theater dance.

Lovett website and follow the simple instructions.

November 14, at 7:00 pm. The LS, MS and US dance stu-

Lovett Lines, November 2013  
Lovett Lines, November 2013  

The Lovett School's monthly newsletter.