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April 2014 Volume 32 Number 7

A news publication of The Lovett School

Join Us for the 23rd Annual Run ’n Lovett Saturday, April 26 Lovett students, parents, alumni, and friends will band together in support of Run ’n Lovett on Saturday, April 26. The 2K begins at 8:30 am, while the 5K begins at 9:00 am. Organized by the Alumni Association and Lovett volunteers, Run ’n Lovett raised $55,000 in 2013, and has contributed more than $775,000 to student financial aid Middle School students at last year’s LIA Book Fair

Lovett International Alliance Presents 8th Annual Book Fair Tuesday and Wednesday, April 29 and 30 Lovett International Alliance’s 8th Annual Book Fair will be conducted on April 29 and 30. Lovett families and teachers purchased 5,000 books during the past seven years, creating a successful program that encourages student reading. The LIA Book Fair features a wide variety of books, ranging from children’s best sellers and classics to books with international themes. Books are selected based upon recommendations from the faculty and members of the Lovett community. The Book Fair will be held between 7:30 am–4:00 pm each day in front of the Lower School Library and in the Middle School Lobby. Lower School parents will receive a permission form one week before the Book Fair. This

since its inception. Please sign up and join your friends in support of this important cause. Registration is now open on Lovett’s website at <>. Race registration may be charged to a student account. On the day of the race, amazing gift baskets will be raffled. Raffle tickets are $5.00 each or five for $20.00. Raffle tickets can be purchased online, through the Alumni Office, in the Lower School afternoon carpool, and on the day of the race. If you have any questions about Run ’n Lovett, please email or call (404) 262-3032, ext. 1208.

Pancakes for Parkinson’s A Pancakes for Parkinson’s breakfast is offered on the day of Run ’n Lovett. All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which is dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease through an aggressively funded research agenda and to ensuring the development of improved therapies for those living with Parkinson’s today. The pancake breakfast will take place from 7:30–10:00 am in the Williams Plaza. Meals are $5 and include pancakes, orange juice, coffee, hot chocolate, and bacon! Walk-ups welcomed. Contact Angela Morris-Long with questions at or (404) 262-3032, ext. 1294.

will authorize interested students to purchase books and charge to their student accounts up to a parent approved spending level.

The Civil War and the Forging of Character

This year, teachers and librarians can create a “wish

John M. McCardell, Jr., Ph.D., Vice-Chancellor, Sewanee: University of the South

list” of books. Families are welcome to purchase a book

“The Civil War and the Quest for Nationality”

for their classroom or the library to build Lovett’s inter-

Monday, May 19, 2014, at 11:00 am

national book collection. Your child’s name will be noted

Hendrix-Chenault Theater

in the front of the book for all donations made to the school. Once again, LIA is partnering with August House to donate books to the Africa’s Children’s Fund (ACF), “Gift of Books” program. The books collected help build libraries in disadvantaged communities in Africa and the Caribbean. August House Publishers has agreed to provide a book to ACF for every August House book purchased during the LIA Book Fair! Strong book fair participation has helped Lovett donate more than over 1,000 books to libraries worldwide. In 2012, the Lovett International Alliance received an award to recognize our support of international literacy programs. The LIA Book Fair represents a great opportunity to get a head start on your child’s summer reading list. The Lovett International Alliance consists of more than 230 Lovett families from 25 countries around the world. The Lovett International Alliance is committed to providing international social, educational, and cultural events and programs for the entire Lovett community.

Join us for a lecture with Sewanee’s John McCardell as he discusses the differing conceptions of nationhood and character by both North and South. This lecture is free and open to the public, but please make reservations by calling (404) 262-3032, ext. 1217. Dr. McCardell, president emeritus of Middlebury College, was elected in 2010 to be Sewanee’s 16th vicechancellor. He possesses a record of achievement as a scholar of the American South, as the chief executive of one of America’s finest liberal arts colleges, and as a respected national figure in the public discussion about higher education and student life. The Civil War and the Forging of Character is a four-year lecture series presented by The Lovett School to mark the sesquicentennial of the Civil War and the Battle of Atlanta. Its purpose: to bring to Lovett speakers and scholars who can engage all of us on matters of character and integrity as demonstrated during this defining period in our nation’s history. This series is made possible by The Jack and Anne Glenn Character Education Speakers Fund of the Lovett Endowment, through the generosity of the Jack and Anne Glenn Charitable Foundation and brothers Jack, Alston, Bob, and Lewis Glenn, and in cooperation with the Atlanta History Center. To commemorate the Civil War’s Sesquicentennial, Lovett is also sponsoring several other adult education offerings, including: Atlanta and the Civil War March–April 2014 A multi-part course presented by Richard Hall, Ph.D., Lovett teacher and administrator, retired, with special guest Wendy Venet, Ph.D., Professor of History, Georgia State University Bus Tour: Battle of Peachtree Creek Saturday, April 12, 9:30 am-noon Hosted by Gordon L. Jones, Senior Military Historian and Curator, Atlanta History Center More information on the lecture series and other programming can be found at

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Headmaster’s Headmaster’s Message

Campus Store


Thank You to Three Lovett Legends Paul Saltzman and Reconciliation

In recent weeks, we have honored three people who have given heart and soul to Lovett for decades—Bill Railey On February 24, filmmaker and Civil Rights activist Paul Saltzman returned to Lovett (he was here previously in (teacher and coach, 1976–2006), Jim Glasser (teacher and coach, 1975–present), and Clara Traver (teacher and Middle 2010) to share his most recent film, The Last White Knight: Is Reconciliation Possible? This film is the powerful story School leader, 1970–present). Collectively, Bill, Jim, and Clara have given our school 112 years of extraordinary service. of the author’s efforts to reconcile with Byron De La Beckwith, Jr. who struck Paul in 1965 in Greenwood, Miss., On October 4 at the LionBackers picnic, veteran teacher and nationally renowned wrestling coach Jim Glasser where the latter was attempting to help African Americans register to vote. Saltzman believes that nonviolent was honored with the announcement that a number of his wrestlers and wrestling parents have established the Jim communication (he is an avid student of Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.) is critical to mutual Glasser Wrestling Endowment Fund, which will support Lovett wrestling in perpetuity. Also made public was the understanding and to healthy community. Forty-three years after this violent episode in 1965, Saltzman and De La news that the multipurpose competition space that will be a part of the new athletic center (which we hope to begin Beckwith meet on several occasions in an effort to understand each other better and to try to reconcile. The movie in the next 24 months or so) will be known as the Jim Glasser Room thanks to a major gift from one of Jim’s former also features Morgan Freeman and Harry Belafonte, two battle-scarred Civil Rights activists in their own right! Both wrestlers and his family. of these heroes spoke in poignant ways about their commitment to social justice and equal opportunity. Morgan At Homecoming on October 21, we officially dedicated Bill Railey Field—the new multipurpose, artificially Freeman talked in particular about the importance of language and reading to our imaginative and reconciling turfed playing venue being used by our football, lacrosse, and soccer teams and by physical education students, as powers. well. This naming was made possible by several alumni and families eager to express their great appreciation to Bill This Saltzman film was seen by all of the members of our Upper School community and by a number of alumni, page 2 Lovett Lines for his 34 years of exemplary service as a teacher and coach, as well as their admiration for his being (with 200 wins) parents, grandparents, and friends. It sparked important, rich, and heart-searching conversation about race, prejudice, one of the winningest coaches in Georgia high school football history. progress, reconciliation, and redemption. Mr. Saltzman was enormously impressed with the thoughtful and Also at Homecoming, a reception was held honoring Clara Traver in celebration of her almost 42 years of service penetrating questions and perspectives of our students. He is eager to return to Lovett and I hope we can make that to Lovett as a teacher, mentor, advisor, and leader in our Middle School. The last two years, I have had the privilege happen sooner rather than later. of co-teaching a ninth grade religion course with Clara. I have witnessed first-hand how good she is as a teacher, how The responses of our students to The Last White Knight and the responses of thousands of students around the much she loves teaching, and how deeply she cares about her students. At the Homecoming barbecue, we were proud globe to Paul’s organization, Moving Beyond Prejudice (see remind me that many to surprise Clara Built with the news several donors have made founding gifts to the Clara Traver Endowment Fund, “We Are forthat Service” times, when it comes to strengthening social justice, compassion, mutual respect, and mutual understanding—when which will provide financial aid toward a deserving Middle Schooler, as well as to a student in Breakthrough Atlanta, General Burke W. Whitman ’74 are way ahead of us as adults. We would do well to take note of that. itBrigadier comes to doing what is right—our students a program that is a great passion for Clara and on whose advisory board she serves. January 10you, marked Founder’s chapel servicetofor all students, faculty, and staff. A number of parents, alumni, Thank Paulour Saltzman, for Day all you are doing move us to reconciliation and to real empathy one for the Our school family is enormously proud of Jim, Bill, and Clara, and so very grateful for all they have given our trustees, and former faculty and staff also attended this important celebration and ritual in the life of our community. other. school. Lovett alumnus Burke W. Whitman ’74, who currently serves as a brigadier general in the Marine Corps, was our

Headmaster’s Message

guest speaker. General Whitman is thought to be the only American to go from being the CEO of a publicly traded, Fortune 500 company to serving as a general officer in the Armed Services. His talk—“We Are Built for Service”—was

an eloquent expression of what service does for those who serve and for those who are served. General Whitman Billy Peebles | Headmaster shared with |us some very personal stories from his service as a business leader and military leader about the benefits Billy Peebles Headmaster that service has brought to him. He was also very honest about the obstacles to service even as he challenged us to

Around Around Lovett rise above those obstacles.

General Whitman explained that his love for service is rooted in his deep gratitude for all that life has given him

and in his heartfelt belief that we serve God by serving others and by loving our neighbor. He also spoke in a compelling way about why he has devoted more than 30 years to the Marine Corps and why

he is willing to put himself in harm’s way as a member of the Armed Services. Pure and simple, he wants to defend—

A Special Offer transcendent aspirations of our country—“life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” he feels called to defend—those Green Corner Do you use QR codes? These square “quick response” codes allow you to access

He is tuned willing to the ultimate to defend those ideals. Stay forpay updates on price sustainability initiatives going on within the Lovett community!

information the Internet your smartphone, having to type Generalon Whitman liftedfrom us all with his talk on without Founder’s Day and gaveanything eloquentin. testimony to an ethic of service All you need towe doshould is install QR scanner app on your smartphone, then use the app to toward which alla14–Friday, reach. Thank you, Earth Week: Monday, April April 18Burke Whitman, for your wise words, for your inspiring example, and take a picture of the code. for challenging all of us to serve. Earth Week will begin Monday, April 14, with the arrival Scan the code to the right to access a special offer in the Campus Store, just for our of Peter Byck, Lovett’s first Sustainability Scholar-inLovett Lines readers! Residence. He will speak at an Upper School assembly and visit Upper and Middle School classes to discuss

Recycled Uniform Sales his work with renewable energy and reducing carbon Billy Peebles | Headmaster The Recycled Uniform sales are a great way to get a bargain for all your uniform needs. We are located in the lower emissions.

levelPeter of the Fuqua the LPA office. always appreciate gently used uniform donations throughout the Byck willCenter offer ain public lecture onWe Tuesday, year. Donation bins are located on the Lower School April 15, at 7:00 pm in the Hendrix-Chenault Theater. front steps, outside the Campus Store, and in the Middle School

Around Lovett

entrance foyer.members Our sale of dates the community school year are We encourage the for Lovett to as follows: Wednesday Final SalesPeter invite friendsSales and neighbors to attend this event.

frames. Once you have decided on the perfect items, Please join us for the very popular “12 Days of we will gift wrap them all for you. Christmas” event from Thursday, December 1, The Graduation Diploma frame is now available through Friday, December 16. Each day we will for pre-order. This mahogany and gold trim frame feafeature a special offer on one merchandise tures navy matting and is embossed in gold with “The category. Please check out our website for further Lovett School.” Please stop by or call us to put your details. name on the list for this very popular graduation item. Want to be the first to know about these type of

Looking Ahead events? Send an e-mail to Annual Uniform and Spirit Wear Sale

(Subject: Subscribe to Campus Store Emails) to Wednesday, April 14–Wednesday, April 30 receive emails regarding sales, new merchandise, All current families will receive 20 percent off on all and special events in the store. Once on the list, uniforms and spirit wear purchased during these you can opt out at any time. dates. Sizes and quantities will be limited due to the

Campus Store

end of the school year. Rain checks will be issued for Have you done your holiday shopping yet? Did you Looking Ahead all sizes that are not on hand during the sale. New know that in addition to Sale the merchandise we carry, Semi-Annual Sidewalk families will receive the same discount in August. there are many items that we can order especially Tuesday, March 19–Wednesday, March 21 Please watch for our Uniform Order Form. This forMarkdowns you? will be as high as 75 percent off the will be available on the website beginning Friday, April Monogrammed towels, etc;categories. original price forbags, all merchandise 4. Parents will be able to submit their order via fax or Engraved jewelry, frames, and jewelry boxes; email to the Campus Store. We will pull your order, Tervis Tumblers—personalized, NCAA schools, Annual Uniform Sale write up any items for a rain check, and have it ready or just for fun prints; Tuesday, April 16–Friday, April 27 for you to pick up during the sale. The order form Nams Cookies—personalized on candies All current families will receive labels 20 percent off on eliminates the need to wait in line, making it easier to or cookies; uniforms purchased during these dates. run into the store during carpool to pick up uniforms. Gaming systems (XBox, Wii,limited Playstation) Sizes and quantities will be due toand the end games; and of the school year. However, rain checks

BookPersonalized Buy Backstationary and paper products.

will be issued for all sizes that are not on hand Seniors: Monday, May 5 during the sale. Upper School: Thursday, May 15, and AsThe always: Uniform Order Form will be available online and Friday, May 16, 9:00 am –2:00 pm All proceeds go back to the school. in the store beginning Tuesday, April 2. This form Middle School: Thursday, May 22, and We offer complimentary gift wrap on items can be faxed or emailed to the Campus Store prior Friday, May 23, 10:00 am –1:00 pm purchased in the store. to the dates of the sale. You will be able to pick up Our are lower thanTuesday, retail. yourprices order any time after April 16. This year’s list of hardcover books being bought back There is no sales tax New families will receive the same discount in will be available for viewing in the store and on the August. website beginning Friday, May 2. The Campus Store is open Monday through am –4:00 pm, and Friday, Thursday,our 7:30 Remeber, prices are always lower than retail, there Our prices are always lower than retail, there is no am –3:30 pm. 7:30 is no sales tax, and all proceeds go back to the school. sales tax, and all proceeds go back to the school. The Campus Shop is open Monday through The Campus Store is open Monday through Thursday, Thursday, 7:30 am –4:00 pm, and Friday, 7:30 am –4:00 pm, and Friday, 7:30 am – 3:30 pm. 7:30 am –3:30 pm.

Lovett Lovett Lovett

The Communications Office publishes the

December 7, 8:00–10:00 am movies for May 2, 8:00 Byck has directed and edited more thanam–2:00 pm January 4, 8:00–10:00 am May 3, 8:00 am–2:00 pm 20 years. His first documentary film, Garbage, won the

Lovett Lines newsletter nine times a year.

Green Corner

February 1, 8:00–10:00 amFestival in 1996. He is best South by Southwest Check here for Film updates on sustainability initiatives February am known for29, his8:00–10:00 2010 documentary, Carbon Nation, which

Graduation is just around the corner! We are able to Siempre Verde merchandise has arrived! Please custom order many personalized items, which make stop in to see the great shawls, scarves, jewelry, wonderful graduation gifts. There are so many options bags, coffee, and more brought back from the available, from Collegiate Tervis Tumblers to personmost recent student trip to Ecuador. All proceeds alized acrylic clipboards, cosmetic bags, shower from this merchandise go to the community and caddies, and stationary, as well as Lovett commemoschool in Santa Rosa, Ecuador. rative gifts, including silver jewelry boxes and picture

going on within the Lovett community

April 4, 8:00–10:00 am and community-based methods of explores technological Walk to School Day: Is it really green?

reducing the world’s rapidly carbon As coordinator for the Walkexpanding to School Days, thefootprint. comment that I hear most often is in regard to the parents who park As always, all proceeds go directly to the school through The the LPA! Come visitGreen us monthly andfaculty enjoy great Upper School Team and mem-buys! Mr. Byck has presented Carbon Nation to prominent at the Cochise Club and walk across the bridge with their children to Lovett. Most will say good-naturedly that “this bers from all three divisions have been hard at work businesses and organizations, such Boeing, is not really walking to school.” Oras others willNike, say that driving and then walking is defeating the purpose. planning Earth Week 2014. Above, Upper School Green Corner Google, the Carbon andbegan the White House two years ago, I felt the same way. On our first walk day in I have to admitWar thatRoom, when we this project students are hard at work at last year’s Plant Sale. Stay tuned for updates on sustainability initiatives going on within the Lovett community Council on Environmental Quality. He is get a faculty December 2010, I thought that we might 30–40 walkers, but I had only counted on people who lived within a one member at Arizona State University’s Global Institute of around 250 students sign in as walkers. The majority of them to two mile radius to walk from home. Instead, we had

E-Waste Drive Coming Soon Sustainability and is a professor at were the Walter Cronkite were Lower School students who so excited to get to walk to school, that many of their parents had parked in the Lovett’s Green Team and will Mass be hosting it’s Fifth Annual “E-Waste Drive” during the week of January 9–13. Over the School of Journalism Communications. Cochise Club or Canoe restaurant parking lot and walked with them over the bridge—which we never anticipated. holidays, many of April us get17, updated and and moreMiddle advanced electronics so the E-Waste Drive is aBBQ perfect place to bring On Thursday, themy Upper Schools will with an outdoor the 2nd annual Since that time however, perspective has changed andcelebrate the reason is because we have and many objectives for our your usedExpo items, instead of Day, just disposing of them in the relating trash. Many electronics contain harmful will materials that Education Action student work to sustainability. EvanThe Maynard present hisare Walk to School and Days. One of ourfeaturing primary goals is simply to get kids out and walking. distance from Cochise to hazardous when put into landfills. The vendor that takes care of our e-waste destroys all data, so computer hard senior project, a solar-powered golf cart for use on the Lovett Campus. the front steps of the Lower School is actually about a half mile, and the distance from Vinings Jubilee to Lovett is a

Watch for a special online edition of the The TheCommunications CommunicationsOffice Officepublishes publishesthe the January Lovett Lines! Lovett Lines newsletter nine times a year. Lovett Lines newsletter nine times a year. Deadline for the February 2012 issue of Deadline 2014 issue of 2013 the Deadlinefor forthe theMay electronic March the Lovett Lines newsletter: Lovett newsletter: issue Lines of the electronic Lovett Lines newsletter: Friday, January 6, 2012 Thursday, April 17, 2014 Friday, February 1, 2013 Jennifer Zei Jennifer JenniferZei Zei Editor/Designer Editor/Designer Editor/Designer (404) 262-3032, ext. 1265 (404) (404)262-3032, 262-3032,ext. ext.1265 1265

drives do not need to be cleaned out. continue to celebrate Earth Day with our last Walk to School day of the year. We OnFor Tuesday, Lovett mile. Lower April School22, kids, thiswill is a good morning walk and it is certainly farther than from their car door to the Items that we will be accepting include computers, laptops, cell will phones, microwaves, keyboards, ask that parents dropping students in thepersonal Cochise Parking where they bepractice met by Lovett cheerleaders curb. Even if a half mile cannot be off considered exercise per se,lot, sometimes it is in the of doing somethingand that printers, copiers, and fax Televisions will be accepted with an additional charge of $10 each. For a full list, Upper School students to machines. walk to A school. we begin to learn the value of it. half mile practiced is better than five miles contemplated. please check the Lovett website. Sarah Spiers and other School teachers have organized a morning of sustainability activities, Impact of exercise on Lower academics. Some Lovett faculty members read a book this summereducation called Spark, which

Please do anot bring washers/dryers, power tools, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, freezers, blenders, or complete professional storyteller. Together Upper School botany they willtires, sell detailed with the importance of physical movement onwith learning and brain. Early students, morning movement canhouseplants, actually fuel the dehumidifiers. garden seedlings, and milkweed plants to provide habitats for migrating Monarch butterflies. With the third annual brain connections that we are trying so hard to achieve in the classroom. What better way to wake up the brain and

Stay for morestudents information drop off locations! If you have anyfoods questions, please contact Betsy Metcalf Food Fair,tuned Upper School will about sample organic and sustainably the body in the morning than to take a walk before school in the crispgrown morning air?donated by local vendors. at Environmental impact. Certainly as part of the Sustainability Committee, we are interested in having an environmental impact through our efforts. We can have that impact by taking cars off the road through carpooling, and also by reducing idling time in the carpool lane by dropping kids at a nearby location and allowing them to walk

The Lovett Lines Lines is is printed printed on on FSC FSC®®certified certifiedpaper papermade using The Lovett with chlorine-free pulp and post consumer content. 100% post consumer waste and processed chlorine free.

Walk to School Day: Friday February, 15 Please save the date! The next Walk to School Day is on

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Around Lovett


A Note from your LPA Co-Presidents

Notes from the Infirmary

Thank you to all who attended the February general parent meeting. We had a fantastic turnout! We enjoyed infor-

New School Immunization Requirements for 2014–15

mative presentations from Andy Spencer about the Murray Athletic Center, Jamar Jeffers about Lovett’s work with

Effective July 1, 2014, all children born on or after January

Breakthrough Atlanta, and Cynthia Coleman, who reminded us about the fantastic evening education series and

1, 2002, who are entering seventh grade (currently in sixth

summer programs. Representatives from parent organizations gave updates on recent and upcoming events and

grade), and all new entrants to Georgia schools in Grades

while their messages were varied, there was one common theme—every group needs volunteers! There are many

8–12, will be required by the State of Georgia to have

ways to get involved, whether you desire an ongoing commitment or you prefer to give a few hours at one time.

updated Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) and

Please look for the volunteer forms that will be online in May and sign up for any and all committees that interest

meningococcal conjugate vaccine before entering school


for the 2014–15 school year. Visit your doctor or any public

We would like to thank hospitality co-chairs Mary Frances Garrett and Jody Williams for all they have done

health deptartment in Georgia to get these vaccines. If

this year, including providing coffee and refreshments for both of the general parent meetings. Most recently, they

you have any questions, please call the Lovett Infirmary at

hosted a festive Valentine’s Day breakfast that was enjoyed by the faculty and staff. Although the weather threw

(404) 262-3032, ext. 1242.

them a curve ball and the event had to be postponed, they pulled it off with much success and it was highly praised and appreciated.

If a missing sweatshirt, belt, swimsuit, or pair of shoes has found its way back to your student, you probably

have Melindia Morgan to thank. She has organized the Lost and Found areas so that the students can retrieve lost items, and has gone above and beyond by returning some items thru hand delivery. Another person who has been busy throughout the year keeping our campus tidy and organized is Yvonne

Wade. As the gardening chair, she has facilitated many improvements to the grounds and we look forward to what will be popping up next! Also sporting green thumbs are Susan Dunlap and Kristin Newberry, who are responsible for the beautiful arrangements you may have noticed around campus and at many school events. On February 21, 100 ninth graders and their senior class PALs gathered in the Glover Gym and Upper School for the first-ever “Advisory Olympics.” Teams of advisories battled for gold in events such as the tricycle relay, tissue box mambo, just dance, Mario Kart, and musical chairs. Devised and organized by faculty advisor Nolan Morris and the ninth grade student government, the Olympics offered an awesome bonding experience for the grade and a grand prize of a special NUD day to the winners in Mrs. Mendoza’s advisory. Many thanks to the LPA events moms and dads who helped serve pizza, chaperone games, calculate scores, and clean up (Leigh Kandzari, Holly and David Moffett, Stephanie and Ian Henderson, Anne and Chip Matthews, and Ruth and Miles Russ). As you can see, there is much to be done throughout the year, so please look over the volunteer opportunities that will be posted in May! We cannot do it without you! Patricia Ulrich and Katherine Wahl | LPA Co-Presidents

Adult Education at Lovett Spring 2014 Bus Tour: Battle of Peachtree Creek Hosted by Gordon L. Jones, Senior Military Historian and Curator, Atlanta History Center Saturday, April 12, 9:30 am–noon, $30 per person. Serenbe Grounds Tour Hosted by Penny Peebles and Garnie Nygren Monday, April 14, 9:00 am–2:00 pm, $50, includes transportation, lunch, and private tour. Email Cynthia Coleman at to be added to the waitlist. Atlanta and the Civil War Presented by Richard Hall, Ph.D., Lovett teacher and administrator, retired. Wendy Venet, Ph.D., Professor of History, Georgia State University will join Dr. Hall in the final class on April 14. Monday evening classes: April 7, and April 14, 2014, 6:007:30 pm in the Lovett Upper School. An optional contribution of $30 per class may be made in advance or at the

Lower School News

door. Proceeds benefit need-based financial aid at Lovett.

Summer Programs at Lovett When school is out, the Summer Programs at Lovett are in! With innovative day camps, fun fine arts camps, and challenging athletics camps, the Summer Programs at Lovett are designed to help children broaden their horizons and build friendships. All Atlanta-area school-aged children are welcome, so bring your friends! Camps are filling up fast—don’t miss out! Visit <> to learn more and to register.

Middle School News MATHCOUNTS 2014 On C days at lunch and early on Tuesday mornings, Middle School math minds are busy stretching their knowledge and skill. MATHCOUNTS Competition Series is a national Middle School coaching and competitive mathematics program that promotes mathematics achievement through a series of fun and engaging “bee” style contests. Sixth grade math and seventh grade science teacher, Rachel Chou, and Middle School math department head, Andrea Morgan, coach the mathletes. Eleven of the students attended the Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter yearly competition on February 22 at Georgia Tech. Three rounds of competition take place each year. A Sprint Round, consisting of 30 problems to be completed in 40 minutes; a Target Round made up of four sets of two problems each to be worked in six minutes per set; and a Team Round, during which a group of four students work together to master 10 problems. Our students enjoyed the mind exercise, as well as a serious game of ultimate frisbee drawing in students from other schools as teammates. We are very proud of each of them. The MATHCOUNTS team, Mrs. Chou, and Mrs. Morgan are eagerly awaiting the students’ math competition results.

From left: Andrea Morgan, Alex Yoon, Carson Calahan, Josh Patrick, Caroline Stubbs, Sam King, Tara Joshi, Rosie Ward, Shayan Boghadi, Mia Skaggs, Michael Propp, Ehsan Daya, and Rachel Chou

page 4 Lovett Lines

Middle School News Forest Ecosystem An introduction to an ecology unit for the life science students in seventh grade was an exploration of food webs in a forest ecosystem. The students of Mrs. Conforto, Mrs. Chou, and Mr. Bauer dissected owl pellets. Owls eat the whole animal (fur, bones, and flesh) to receive the nutrients they need. Owls cannot digest the fur, teeth, and bones, so several hours after eating, these items are compressed into a pellet and regurgitated. The students dissected their owl pellet during a block day and removed all the bones and teeth held within. They categorized and determined the type of bones their owl pellet contained. They constructed a food web to determine what their owl ate and then finally, they reconstructed the skeleton of the rodent the owl regurgitated. There was a bit of a “yuk” factor for some of the students, but as they continued to discover jaws, skulls, vertebrae, and teeth, they were very engaged and enjoyed themselves.

Students dissecting owl pellets.

Relay for Life at Westminster Friday, May 30 For the third year in a row, the Middle School will be organizing a team of walkers to take part in the Relay for Life, an all night walkathon earning money for the American Cancer Society. Lovett hosted last year. This year, it’s Westminster’s turn. Middle Schoolers, mark your calendars and consider participating in this fun and meaningful activity just

Collecting Household Items for Refugees

after the school year ends.

For the month of February, the Middle Schoolers have been competing by grade to collect household items for refugees. A chest of drawers has been placed on each grade’s hallway. The grades are trying to fill the chests completely. or (404) 262-3032, ext. 1237.

If you have questions, contact Rev. Reck at wade.

Principal’s List: Fall 2013 Grade 6: Looloo Al-Soufi, Emily Copeland, Charlotte Dalke, John Davis, Savannah Dean, Anna Eiland, Hunter Fankhauser, Harper Finch, Colin French, Virginia French, Lanier Gordon, Kendall Greene, Stewart Hammond, Chauncey Hill, Cammie Holmes, Camille Lewis, Sean Link, Evelyn McCrady, Tyler Neville, Brendan Okeson, Sarah Packman, Duncan Park, Riya Patel, Laura Pencea, Hannah Saad, Mary Schmersal, Dominique Valles, Fritz Van Winkle, and Luke Wahl. Grade 7: Alyssa Abraham, Samantha Austin, Shayan Boghani, Leslie Chapman, Elizabeth Collingsworth, Sarah Followill, True Geralds, Cem Geray, Jack Googe, Cooper Griggs, Rant Huggins, Peter Kessler, Berwyn Lu, Reagan Marshall, Emma Mayfield, Eunice Park, Josh Patrick, Robert Poindexter, Kate Pritchard, Pearson Rackley, Ansley Schipper, Maddie Schroeder, Joe Sear, Dylan Shapiro, Sahana Sharma, Henry Sharp, Isabella Williams, and Alex Yoon. Grade 8: Ansley Adzema, Elizabeth Beveridge, Marilyn Boutte, Avery Courts, Jack Cumbie, Catherine Danelia, Emma Ellis, Mary Ewing, Isabel Fuqua, Lindy Gearon, Lawren Gregory, Sarah Hardy, Grace Harrison, Freddy Hutton, Mikalah Jenifer, Jordon Jones, Anna Miele, Grace Muller, Naina Murthy, Sophie Novak, Isabelle Posmantur, Katie

Middle School scholar athletes

Preisinger, Michael Propp, Piper Rackley, Caroline Rhodes, Will Schmersal, Abby Schlesinger, Hope Valls, Mathes

Scholar Athletes

Vaughn, Kate Weatherholtz, and Ashley Wright.

On February 24, the Middle School recognized its

Honor Roll: Fall 2013 Grade 6: Katherine Allen, Paige Bogard, Jackson Borden, Clyde Bresnahan, Davis Burch, Elise Burns, Maggie Chambers, Taylor Cohen, Will Cumbie, Emma D’Emilio, Emilio Ferrara, Ralston Goldfarb, Will Houk, Christian Kelly, Sarah Grace Madden, J.T. Mulcahy, Catherine Olsen, Carter Rohn, Sloane Saxon, Mattie Schwieger, Nethra Shah, Liza Sharpley, Hailey Staton, Ethan Tai, Reeves Taylor, David Underwood, Stockton Vohs, Casey Wade, Lillian Whittle, and Jayden Worswick. Grade 7: Ahad Badruddin, Drew Balser, Carson Calahan, Sophia Carrano, Bella Chopra, Aashil Dixit, Aayush Dixit, Bianca Dullabh, Galvin Feroleto, Caroline Fleetwood, Robert Ghirardini, James Harrison, Charlie Hicks, Noelle Hoke, Carol Horlock, Emory Howell, Julia Howell, Billy Huger, Tara Joshi, Byron Lathi, George Mathews, Meg McCartney, Megan McGean, J.J. Mutombo, Eliza Neal, Ruthie Nelson, Chloe Park, Katherine Poindexter, Harrison Rodriguez, Walker Saint, McKenzie Selig, Madison Thompson, Rosie Ward, Zelle Westfall, and Cate Wilby. Grade 8: Will Abdalah, Jamil Atkinson, Brandon Beck, Claire Benton, Holden Brooks, Jenna Brown, Haley Bulvin, Blue Daniel, Dillon Dod, Charlie Faramarzi, Drayton Foster, Ryan Greer, Brackett Hardy, Allison Herbert, Harrison

seventh and eighth grade fall and winter scholar athletes at our winter sports assembly. One boy and one girl from each team were recognized. The scholar athletes are: Rant Huggins, 7th Grade Football; Reagan Marshall, 7th Grade Volleyball; Elizabeth Collingsworth, 7th Grade Girls Basketball; Walker Saint, 7th Grade Boys Basketball; Katie Preisinger, 8th Grade Girls Basketball; Jordan Jones, 8th Grade Football; Lindy Gearon, 8th Grade Volleyball; Will Abdallah, 8th Grade Boys Basketball; Naina Murthy, MS Girls Cross Country; Will Schmersal, MS Boys Cross Country; Anna Miele, MS Softball; Sahana Sharma, MS Girls Swimming; Grace Harrison, MS Divers; Joe Sear, MS Boys Swimming; and Brandon Beck, MS Wrestling.

Jones, Christina Karem, Gabi Kimche-Gilstrap, Katie Krantz, Aidan Letter, Joanna Lummus, Madison Maxell, Isabelle McMullen, Evie Monroe, Avery Newton, Richard Nolen, Mimi Norton, Margaret O’Neal, Janie Reynolds, Isabella Seminara, Jay Sherman, Mia Skaggs, Noah Smith, Rebecca Van Dyke, and Julian Young.

Upper School News Father/Son Dinner and Gathering

2014 Commencement Speaker

On March 2, Lovett held a Father/Son Dinner and Gathering attended by approximately 500 Upper School male

This year’s commencement speaker is Dr. John McCardell,

students and their dads or male mentor guests. After testimonials by four seniors, guest speaker Mark Inglis, a double

Jr., Vice-Chancellor of Sewanee: The University of the

amputee, addressed the group detailing his climb to the summit of Mount Everest. Mr. Inglis shared a theme of

South. To learn more about Dr. McCardell, Jr., here is the

determination and achievement in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds.

link to his bio: <>.

We are grateful to the planning committee of Steve Allen, Matt Anthony, Allen Barnes, Patrick Boswell, Jim Easterling, Lewis Jones, David Kahn, Laine Kenan, David Marshall, and John Wilson for initiating and creating this unique event.

Lovett Lines page 5

Upper School News Headmaster’s List: Fall 2013

Scholar’s List: Fall 2013

Grade 9: Chris Agard, Grace Bain, David Barnwell, Nick Becker, Nina Brown, Claire

Grade 9: Adam Achecar, Adrianna Allen, Claire Biggerstaff, Brianna Boardman,

Buffington, Jillian Burns, Therese Carter, Torrey Centeno, Emmy Cross, Muhammed

Ashante Booker, Camryn Bragg, Smith Brooks, Lisette Cushing, Diana Danelia, Avery

Dhanani, Anna Duffy, Kiran Ebrahim, Joshua Eiland, Chip Fankhauser, Alexander

Dean, Ally DiOrio, Wilson Dobbs, Kirby Ellis, Abby Fenbert, Anne Hardin, James

Hammond, Vishal Hansalia, Clare Henderson, Claire Kenan, Paul Kim, Nicholas

Hicks, Langston Hines, Will Horlock, Sarah Houghton, Kathryn Hull, Bennett Kahn,

Klavohn, Julia Koh, Stephanie Kurzweg, Adrienne Liou, Jack Marshall, Nick Marshall,

Stokes Kandzari, Harriet Knox, May May Lanier, Chris Link, Grey McCarthy, Michael

Jane Mathews, James Packman, Ryan Pate, Chase Perkins, Greer Pritchard, Seth Rogers,

McIntyre, John Moffett, Michael Moore, Thomas Murray, Lizzie Nunnally, Theron

Max Russ, Janie Salmon, Anna Schwarzkopf, Caroline Shaw, Claire Tobin, Kelsey

Pickett, Anand Prabhu, Ted Quarterman, Lauren Rausaw, Grainger Reeves, Caleb

Watson, and Cameron Wilson.

Rogers, Anthony Romaniello, Jack Tinkler, Jack Wall, Christopher Weaver, and Alton Wiggers.

Grade 10: Meredith Bond, James Bronsted, William Brooks, Elizabeth Champion, Abby Clement, Sarah Corning, Mary Stewart DeLong, Caroline Carr Grant, Grace Hagerty,

Grade 10: Kayla Agan, Haley Barnes, Annie Battle, Jack Bedinger, Mimi Bourdeaux,

Jay Harris, Grace Hill, Bailey Johnson, Isabella Ko, Elise Koepke, Jennifer Landon, Eliot

Ford Coleman, Shivam Daftari, Dominique David, Francesca DeWeerdt, Ned Ellis,

Layson, Charlotte Lee, Griffin Leinbach, Austin Liou, Harrison Lyle, Alex Marshall,

Nicholas Foster, Thomas Ghirardini, James Harrison, Wendy Harrison, Neal Irby, Grace

Virginia Mathews, Kit McGean, John Marco Miele, Alexander Morris, Riley Okeson,

Jackson, Emily Johnson, Mary Frances Johnson, Pj Johnson, Lily King, Megan Kring,

Gabby Panos, Kiki Pare’, Emma Pollard, Emma Quarterman, Karan Soni, Caroline

Scott Kuhlke, Brooks Layson, Carson Lindauer, Lizzie Malinowski, Max McCrady,

Stevens, Lauren Stratton, Cole Taylor, Naomi Tesema, Joseph Tripodi, Journey White,

Jack McMurtrie, Evan Mercer, Emma Montag, Gray Morgan, Marilyn Morgan, Charles

and Garrett Wright.

Nastopoulos, Draper Newton, Erin Ocana, Jay Pisowicz, Victoria Powell, Ivey Redding, Nick Rhame, Kate Ross, Kaitlin Scott, Alden Shiverick, Avery Spratlin, Robert Spratlin,

Grade 11: Varsha Anbil, Mary Winslow Anderson, Jack Barnes, Peyton Bell, Caroline

Jackson Thompson, and Benjamin Yarmowich.

Blackmon, Alexandra Blitch, Steffi Bolton, Mac Budd, Chloe Burns, Sarah Carpenter, Bennett Diaz, Emily Drake, Andrew Duncan, Sehar Ebrahim, Jake Fulwiler, Sonia

Grade 11: Abby Benton, Reilly Bradford, Allison Burns, Talia Burns, Vallie Candler,

Gupta, Wes Haley, Melissa Houghton, Harrison Katapodis, James Kolsby, Isabelle

Cleo Chang, Michael Corsini, Emily Drewry, Tommy Duffy, Te’Erica Eason, Kyle Ennis,

Leonaitis, Caty Lindauer, Kate Marino, Clara McCollam, Mirabel Michelson, Chapman

Madison Hardee, Jack Holder, Campbell Jones, Malone Laird, McRae Mayfield, Bryn

Monroe, Alex O’Shaughnessey, Nathan Offutt, Lauren Reeves, Ben Richards, McKenzie

McCarthy, Mary Bryan Pope, Dorothy Rau, Sam Richardson, Alex Sayles, Haley Tucker,

Richards, Will Russ, Cros Saint, Clark Sanderson, Nick Sear, Lindsey Watson, Alec

Sydney Wargo, Mallory Wilkerson, Molly Withington, and Cammy Wooddall.

White, and Rachel Wong. Grade 12: Michael Akin, Hogan Barnes, Lindsey Barnes, Caroline Barry, Annie Grade 12: Ziad Ammar, Bill Bedinger, James Belsak, Katrina Binkley, Jay Bland, Chris

Boydston, Hunter Branch, Nicholas Cancelliere, Farah Charania, Carson Cook, Kennedy

Bruns, Charlotte Bunch, Matthew Cartledge, Foster Coleman, Virginia Dalton, Frankie

Crenshaw, Katherine Drake, Clara Easterlin, Blair Fisher, James Foster, Riley Frazer,

DeBorde, Caroline Edwards, Lydia Flock, Aggie Fricke, Saqlain Golandaz, Cameron

Camilla Grayson, Alina Gutierrez, Isabelle Heard, Susan Holmes, Charlie Ingram,

Greer, Elena Hartley, Grace Horlock, Robert Houghton, Vivian Ilonzo, Audrey Jackson,

Laura Jackson, Helen Johnson, Will Johnson, Kaitlin Kahrs, Patrick Keough, Burke

Alex Kenan, Samantha Keng, Caroline Kenny, Noor Khan, Andrew Kring, Tommy

Martin, Suzanna Mayer, Evan Maynard, John Neal, Lindsey Reid, Cameron Robinson,

Lanier, Savannah Lee, Wesleigh Lourie, Connor McCarthy, Austin McCartney, Eddie

Linzy Scott, Tyler Shiflett, J.T. Shiverick, Ashley Taylor, Rin Thomas, George Timberlake,

McCrady, Jake Mercer, Peter Nalle, Sade Oresegun, Halle Payne, Janie Price, Jessica

Anna White, David Wiens, and Andrew Wilson.

Pritchard, Connor Reynolds, Frances Salmon, Natalie Sanders, Julia Selman, Elizabeth Sheldon, Ellie Sherman, Olivia Strader, Sarah Teichner, Anisa Threlkeld, Christopher Torie, Cecilia Ward, Bryce Watson, Christopher West, Rachael Western, and Mary Martha Wiggers.

Fine Arts News The Great Conversation 2014: A Sold Out Success On February 28, the Friends of the Arts (FOTA) held the 5th Great Conversation, a fundraiser that raises money to help support a variety of grants and activities within the Fine Arts Department. The evening kicked off with the elegant classical sound of the Lovett Bach Ensemble conducted by Pete Ciaschini, Lovett’s Middle and Upper School Orchestra Director. This year the guest “conversationalists” covered a wide range of subjects and professions. A full list can be found on the Lovett website under The Great Conversation. Along with a record number of Applause Patrons, the board of the Friends of the Arts especially wants to thank the following special patrons for their generosity. Premier Patrons

Encore Patrons

Jane and Clay Jackson

Barry and Lora Boniface

Melissa and James Jernigan Jennifer and David Kahn The Keough, Millard, and Rumely Families

Marlyn and Owens Chapman Mace and Wit Hall Vanessa and JT King Elizabeth and Michael Klump Michelle and Jeff Neville Sara and John Shlesinger Betsy and Mark West

This event takes five months of extensive planning and coordination, which was made possible with the hard work of co-chairs Marlyn Chapman and Mace Hall, along with their event committee. FOTA sends a heart felt thanks to the The Great Conversation speaker committee comprised of Erin Cay, Corbin Feroleto, Laura Hathaway, Stephen Hobbs, Melissa Jernigan, Tricia Nalle, Sara Shlesinger, Maggie Staton, and Elizabeth Stone. With a big hug and thanks to everyone who made this evening possible! Jane Jackson | FOTA President

Fine Arts Key Dates Tuedsay, April 22: Shakespeare Scene Showcase 7:00 pm, Hendrix-Chenault Theater Saturday, April 26: The Lovett Singers’ Recital, 11:00 am, Alston Memorial Chapel; Applied Lessons Recitals III, 2:00 pm, Alston Memorial Chapel Sunday, April 27: US Band Swing Concert, 5:00 pm, Hendrix-Chenault Theater Monday, April 28: All School Choral Concert, 7:00 pm, Alston Memorial Chapel Saturday, May 3: Lovett High School Film Fest, 6:30 pm, Hendrix-Chenault Theater


page 6 Lovett Lines

April 2014 Volume 32 Number 7

A news publication of The Lovett School

INSIDE Page 1 Lovett International Alliance Presents 7th Annual Book Fair Page 2 Campus Store Annual Uniform and Spirit Wear Sale Page 3 Notes from the Infirmary New School Immunization Requirements for 2014–15

The Lovett School Communications Office 4075 Paces Ferry Road, N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30327-3009 (404) 262-3032

The Lovett School admits students of any race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. The Lovett School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and national or ethnic origin in administration of its employment practices, admission policies, educational policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic or other school-administered programs.

Fine Arts News

Athletics News

The Lovett Choral Students Have Been Busy! The choral program at Lovett has been exceptionally busy in February and March of 2014. February 14–16 featured most of our choral students from The Lovett Singers, Women’s Chorus, and Men’s Chorus in our annual musical in the Hendrix-Chenault Theater. This year’s production was South Pacific. In spite of unpredictable weather and a harried rehearsal schedule, the successful production was the result of efforts by many faculty members, students both onstage and behind the scenes. As they say in the business, the show must go on! The following weekend, eight Lovett students were selected through two rounds of private audition to participate in the Georgia Music Educators Association All-State Chorus. They traveled to Athens, Ga., where they spent three intense days with nationally recognized conductors, rehearsing and presenting a performance in the Athens Classic Center. Congratulations to Middle School students McLeod Buckham-White, Avery Gipson, Carter McPherson, and Suzanne Schouest; as well as Upper School students Mary Stewart DeLong, Chip Fankhauser, Emily Johnson, and Anisa Threlkeld. Senior Anisa has just completed her fifth consecutive year of All-State participation! On Friday, March 21, our select choral ensemble, The Lovett Singers, departed for New York City. On Friday evening, they performed the National Anthem to a sold-out basketball crowd at Barclay’s Arena in Brooklyn, where the Brooklyn Nets took on the Boston Celtics. The following three days, the Singers joined with other choirs from around the country to rehearse and perform the Haydn St. Nicholas Mass in Carnegie Hall. With a professional orchestra and soloists under the direction of world-renowned conductor Dr. Anton Armstrong, this was an exciting experience for both singers and audience. While in NYC, the Singers also attended a Saturday evening performance of

Rachael Western Signs with Davidson Senior Rachael Western signed to play soccer at Davidson College. She is pictured above with Sarah Galante, Lovett’s assistant athletic director, and Steve Franks, Lovett’s athletic director. Congratulations, Rachael!

the Broadway musical Matilda at the Shubert Theatre, and participated in worship at Madison Avenue Baptist Church on Sunday morning. The church service was arranged by one of our choral parents, Ms. Mary Ulmer Jones.

Award-Winning Theater Art Student Junior Dorothy Rau won first place in the English Speaking Union Shakespeare competition. She received an allexpense paid trip to New York City, where she will compete for the national championship at Lincoln Center the first weekend in May. Her monologue was from Henry VI Pt 3, Act 1, Scene 4, the role of Queen Margaret. She also performed Sonnet 106. This is the second time in three years participating that Lovett won first place and sent a student to the NYC competition as the finalist from Georgia. Last year Abigail Van Horn was the first to win.

A Special Photography Workshop Lovett Photo II students attended a Wet Plate Collodion Tintype Workshop with Atlanta-based photographer Kendra Elis. The collodion process is an early photographic process, invented by Frederic Scott Archer. It was introduced in the 1850s, and by the end of that decade, it had almost entirely replaced the first practical photographic process, the daguerreotype. Students learned the basics of the wet plate collodion process using metal as the substrate, and created portraits while working in Williams Plaza. Using a 4×5 camera, students went through the process of preparing, exposing, developing, fixing, and varnishing the final plates. Final tintypes are displayed in the Lovett Galleria.

High School Film Fest Lights, camera, action! Now in its fourth year, The Lovett School High School Film Fest is back, with all new short films produced by some of the world’s finest teen filmmakers. Under the leadership of festival director David Silverman, the Film Fest received more than 230 submissions this year from all around the globe. Come see the top 14 short films, screened in crystal clear HD quality on the big screen in the Hendrix-Chenault Theater. The festival is Saturday, May 3. The red carpet picture party starts at 6:30 pm and the films begin screening at 7:00 pm. Admission is free to all.

From left: State Senator Hunter Hill, Tej Suber, Grant Haley, Governor Nathan Deal, Patrick Keough, Charlie Ingram, and Coach Mike Muschamp.

Varsity Football Honored by Georgia Senate On March 5, Georgia State Senator Hunter Hill invited Coach Mike Muschamp and his four football captains (Charlie Ingram, Grant Haley, Tej Suber, and Patrick Keough) to the state Capitol to meet Governor Nathan Deal. Senator Hill, a Westminster graduate, authored a resolution in the Senate recognizing Lovett’s 2013 Class AA State Football Championship and honoring the achievements of Coach Muschamp and his team. Lovett’s coach and the captains were introduced in the Senate and stood on the podium with Senator Hill and Lt. Governor Casey Cagle as the resolution was read and entered into state records.

Lovett Lines, April 2014  
Lovett Lines, April 2014