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April 2012 Volume 30 Number 7

A news publication of The Lovett School

Girls Basketball Wins State Championship On the strength of a 52–42 win over Buford in the State Championship game on March 10 in the Macon Centreplex, coach Liz Kennedy’s Lions claimed the 2012 GHSA AA State Championship, the school’s first State Championship in basketball. The win avenged earlier losses to the Wolves, 58–44 in the regular season at Buford, and the Lions’ last loss, a 45–39 setback in the Region 6-AA Championship game at Decatur in February. The Lions ranked fifth, to the Wolves fourth place state poll place, to finish the season 28–5. In route to their State Championship, Lovett also defeated #1-ranked Model and #2-ranked Laney in the GHSA AA State Tournament. DVDs of the championship game can be purchased at

Lovett girls basketball team with their trophy


Run ’n Lovett Celebrates 21st Anniversary The Alumni Association invites you and your family to participate in its traditional fundraiser, Run ‘n Lovett, Saturday, April 21. Come out to enjoy an early morning event with your friends and children. Lower, Middle, and Upper School students, faculty members, babies, and dogs also will be in attendance! The 2K starts at 8:30 am, and the 5K starts at 9:00 am. Please register online at <>. Entry

A Spring Break of Service

fees can be charged to a student account. Call (404) 262-3032, ext. 1208, with any questions. Remember Run proceeds

Lovett students traveled to Panyebar, Guatemala, for a spring break mission trip to work with the children of Collegio Bethel school and the Panyebar community. This is the second year Lovett has partnered with this school and community. Other school mission trips visited communities in the Domincan Republic and Peru. Above: Olivia Strader reads to children from the school. Below: Brooks Layson, Harrison Leeson, Jack O’Neal, and Kyler Allen hang out with schoolchildren.

go to The Lovett School Endowment.

2013 Lovett Auction Kick-off Meeting Wednesday, April 25 All parents who are

Amazing gift baskets containing a variety of items from local businesses will be raffled. Raffle tickets are $5.00 each or five for $20.00. Raffle tickets can be purchased through the Alumni Office, in the Lower School afternoon carpool, or on the day of the race. All runners receive a fun shirt with a completely new look, and other surprises, as well. You certainly don’t need to be a world-class runner to participate. In fact, just be ready to enjoy an exciting event with the entire Lovett community!

The Lovett Alumni Association is very grateful for the support of our fine sponsors and sends a special thank you to those who have been with us for the past 21 years! Lead Sponsor

Gold Sponsors

Patron Sponsors

Larry Jackson Rare Coins

Mills Family

Mr. and Mrs. Art Benton

Hailey Realty Company

Calahan Family

interested in helping with the 2013 Lovett Auction are

Diamond Sponsor

Freshëns Quality Brands

Chapman Family

invited to a kick-off meeting

Heritage Plastics

Piece of Cake

Coy Family

Gay Construction Company

Dunlap Family

on Wednesday, April 25, at 8:15 am in the faculty/

Emerald Sponsors

Willy’s Mexicana Grill

Goldenberg Family

staff dining room. There

Arrow Exterminators

Argo Systems

Harlan Family

are plenty of jobs—big and

Interstate Truck Equipment, Inc.

Richard Wittschiebe Hand

Jennifer and David Higgins

small—so come find out

Wilmington Trust

Jones Family

Huger Family

Van Winkle Associates

Jackie and Ulysses Knotts

Raulet Property Partners

Lacy Family

how you can support our students by being part of this fabulous event to be held

Platinum Sponsors

February 23, 2013, at the Buckhead Theatre.

Inmark, Inc.

Mefford Family

Empire Distributors, Inc.

Silver Sponsors

Millard Family

Rush Truck Centers (Nalley Trucks)

Liz Williams Interiors

Mitchell Family

Altec Industries

Brand Mortgage

Moog Family

information about how you can participate and help

AmericasMart Atlanta

Kitchens, Kelley & Gaynes

Oyler Family

ensure the success of the auction. Join a committee,

Zeliff Wallace Jackson

Georgia Development Partners

Penny and Billy Peebles

donate an item, become a patron, and most definitely

come and have a great time on February 23! If you

Indigo Energy

We’re looking for both personal and corporate sponsors. These sponsorships begin at the $500 level. You will be receiving a letter in April with more

Investment Counsel

Wade Family Tidwell Family Tinkler Family

would like to volunteer your time or talents, please contact our auction chairs Marlyn Chapman at and Cindy Price at cindyloup@

Pancakes for Parkinson’s Join us on Saturday, April 21, during Run ’n Lovett, from 8:00–10:00 am for a delicious pancake breakfast. It is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for children seven and under. All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

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Headmaster’s Headmaster’s Message Message


Grace and Community Thank You to Three Lovett Legends

The following is an excerpt from Headmaster Billy Peebles’ March 14 chapel talk, titled “Grace and Community.” In recent weeks, we have honored three people who have given heart and soul to Lovett for decades—Bill Railey What is grace? For me, it is a gift that I did not ask for, I did not seek, I did not expect, I did not deserve. It just (teacher and coach, 1976–2006), Jim Glasser (teacher and coach, 1975–present), and Clara Traver (teacher and Middle happens! Grace also carries with it—if we allow it to—an opportunity to be lifted in the moment we experience the School leader, 1970–present). Collectively, Bill, Jim, and Clara have given our school 112 years of extraordinary service. grace but also an opportunity to be lifted across time. In experiencing the grace of my grandparents’ unconditional On October 4 at the LionBackers picnic, veteran teacher and nationally renowned wrestling coach Jim Glasser love for me, I quickly came to believe that their love would be a constant anchor in my life, and it has been! Over time, was honored with the announcement that a number of his wrestlers and wrestling parents have established the Jim I also came to understand that all of us need that kind of love and that we need to find ways to share it with others. Glasser Wrestling Endowment Fund, which will support Lovett wrestling in perpetuity. Also made public was the Indeed, aren’t our most grace-filled moments those times—when we least suspect it—that people reach out to us with news that the multipurpose competition space that will be a part of the new athletic center (which we hope to begin genuine care and concern and love? And in those moments, don’t we recognize ever so profoundly that all of us need in the next 24 months or so) will be known as the Jim Glasser Room thanks to a major gift from one of Jim’s former those grace-filled moments of mutual concern and love? wrestlers and his family. But in order for grace to abound in our lives, each of us has to be able to imagine how grace might unfold. At Homecoming on October 21, we officially dedicated Bill Railey Field—the new multipurpose, artificially Moments of grace crop up around us frequently and yet we don’t have the eyes—the imagination—to see and turfed playing venue being used by our football, lacrosse, and soccer teams and by physical education students, as experience and appreciate so much of the grace that surrounds us. Think about these examples of grace: well. This naming was made possible by several alumni and families eager to express their great appreciation to Bill A schoolmate demonstrates a talent for the arts or athletics or in writing or in debate or leadership that we had for his 34 years of exemplary service as a teacher and coach, as well as their admiration for his being (with 200 wins) never seen before. That is grace. one of the winningest coaches in Georgia high school football history. A friend or even someone we don’t know reaches out to us in kindness or with a smile or a pat on the shoulder Also at Homecoming, a reception was held honoring Clara Traver in celebration of her almost 42 years of service or a supportive note or phone call or text. That is grace. to Lovett as a teacher, mentor, advisor, and leader in our Middle School. The last two years, I have had the privilege We witness a friend or schoolmate or colleague going the extra mile for a fellow friend in need. That is grace. of co-teaching a ninth grade religion course with Clara. I have witnessed first-hand how good she is as a teacher, how We see another member of our community showing enormous grit in the face of suffering or challenge or much she loves teaching, and how deeply she cares about her students. At the Homecoming barbecue, we were proud personal loss. That is grace. to surprise Clara with the news that several donors have made founding gifts to the Clara Traver Endowment Fund, In someone else’s struggle, we can see grace and how he is bearing up under that struggle, learning from that which will provide financial aid toward a deserving Middle Schooler, as well as to a student in Breakthrough Atlanta, struggle, and we also have the opportunity to be a force for grace by consoling that person and by offering support a program that is a great passion for Clara and on whose advisory board she serves. and love. Our school family is enormously proud of Jim, Bill, and Clara, and so very grateful for all they have given our As humans, we know that we are imperfect, that we are broken, that we are flawed, that we have warts—and school. yet grace resides in broken places, as well. In our broken places, there is the opportunity to offer grace out of our sufferings, as well as the opportunity to receive grace amidst these same sufferings. Henri Nouwen, one of my favorite theologians, cautions us not to distance ourselves from people with struggles. As he says, “When we dismiss people out of hand because of their apparent weakness, we stunt their lives by ignoring their gifts, which are often Billy Peebles | Headmaster buried in their wounds. We are all bruised reeds, whether our bruises are visible or not. The compassionate life is the life in which we believe that strength is hidden in weakness and that true community is a fellowship of the weak”

Around Lovett

(Henri Nouwen, Bread for the Journey).

Through these words, Nouwen is challenging those of us in our struggles to remember our strengths amidst

our mistakes. He is also challenging those of us who see a person struggling to reach out to that person, to show compassion, and also to look for and nourish the struggler’s gifts amidst his struggles. Just as Nouwen challenges us to care for one another in our weakness, he also believes communities should

A Special Offer do the same. Nouwen believes that any true community celebrates gifts, but also acknowledges and responds

Do you use QR codes? These square “quick response” codes allow you to access compassionately to struggles and mistakes. True community reaches out to all in our triumphs as well as in our information on the Internet from your smartphone, without having to type anything in. tribulations. All you need to do is install a QR scanner app on your smartphone, then use the app to I spend a fair amount of time thinking about community in the context of my work here. For an institution of our take a picture of the code. size, with over 2,000 people on the campus at any given time, I think there is a good and strong sense of community Scan the code to the right to access a special offer in the Campus Store, just for our here. But, I also know that community is fine when you feel a part of it. If you feel that you are not a part of the Lovett Lines readers! community—that you are on the margins of the community—that is a very lonely place to be. If we really are truthful with ourselves, each of us must acknowledge that there are times when we do not feel as much a part of this place as

Recycled Uniform Sales we would like. And when those occasions arise—again, as they do from time to time for all of us—I hope and pray The Recycled Uniform sales are a great way to get a bargain uniformin needs. We are located with in thethem, lowerto that someone among us will reach out to those on the outsidefor ofall theyour community an effort to connect levelactively of the Fuqua Center the LPA We always appreciate gently used uniform donations throughout the care for them, andinhelp themoffice. feel more a part of the whole. year. Donation bins are located on the Lower School front steps, outside the Campus Store, and in the Middle School entrance foyer. Our sale dates for the school year are as follows: Wednesday Sales

Final Sales

December 7, 8:00–10:00 am

May 2, 8:00 am–2:00 pm

January 4, 8:00–10:00 am Billy Peebles | Headmaster February 1, 8:00–10:00 am

May 3, 8:00 am–2:00 pm

February 29, 8:00–10:00 am

Around Lovett April 4, 8:00–10:00 am

As always, all proceeds go directly to the school through the LPA! Come visit us monthly and enjoy great buys!

Green Corner Corner Green

Stay tuned for updates on sustainability initiatives going on within the Lovett community Stay tuned for updates on sustainability initiatives going on within the Lovett community! E-Waste Drive Coming Soon Green Team at Peachtree Road Farmer’s Market

Lovett’s Green Team will be hosting it’s Fifth Annual “E-Waste Drive” during the week of January 9–13. Over the On Saturday, May 5, director of dining services Meredith Statler and Upper School students from the Green Team holidays, many of us get updated and more advanced electronics so the E-Waste Drive is a perfect place to bring will be representing Lovett at the Peachtree Road Farmer’s Market. Lovett’s booth at the market will focus on your used items, instead of just disposing of them in the trash. Many electronics contain harmful materials that are sustainability initiatives in the areas of: food, recycling, and organic gardening. Senior Katie Bazzel will be doing a hazardous when put into landfills. The vendor that takes care of our e-waste destroys all data, so computer hard cooking demonstration, and members of the Green Team will be present to answer questions. We hope to see you drives do not need to be cleaned out. there! Visit the Peachtree Road Farmer’s Market website at <>. Items that we will be accepting include personal computers, laptops, cell phones, microwaves, keyboards,

Campus Campus Store Store Graduation is just around the corner! We are able to Siempre Verde merchandise has arrived! Please custom order many personalized items, which make stop in to see the great shawls, scarves, jewelry, wonderful graduation gifts. There are so many options bags, coffee, and more brought back from the available, from Collegiate Tervis Tumblers, to permost recent student trip to Ecuador. All proceeds sonalized acrylic clipboards, cosmetic bags, shower from this merchandise go to the community and caddies, stationary, as well as Lovett commemoraschool in Santa Rosa, Ecuador. tive gifts, including silver jewelry boxes and picture frames. Once you have decided on the perfect items, Please join us for the very popular “12 Days of we will gift wrap them all for you. Christmas” event from Thursday, December 1, The Graduation Diploma frame is now available through Friday, December 16. Each day we will for pre-order. This mahogany and gold trim frame feafeature a special offer on one merchandise tures navy matting and is embossed in gold with “The category. Please check out our website for further Lovett School.” Please stop by or call us to put your details. name on the list for this very popular graduation item. Want to be the first to know about these type of

Looking Ahead

events? Send an e-mail to

Annual Uniform and Spirit Wear Sale

(Subject: Subscribe to Campus Store Emails) to Monday, April 16–Friday, April 20 receive emails regarding sales, new merchandise, All current families will receive 20 percent off on all and special events in the store. Once on the list, uniforms and spirit wear purchased during these you can opt out at any time. dates. Sizes and quantities will be limited due to the end of the school year. Rain checks will be issued for Have you done your holiday shopping yet? Did you all sizes that are not on hand during the sale. know that in addition to the merchandise we carry, New families will receive the same discount in August. there are many items that we can order especially Please be watching for our Uniform Order Form. for you? This will be available on the website beginning MonMonogrammed bags, towels, etc; day, March 26. Parents will be able to submit their Engraved jewelry, frames, and jewelry boxes; order via fax or email to the Campus Store. We will pull Tervis Tumblers—personalized, NCAA schools, your order, write up any items for a rain check, and or just for fun prints; have it all ready for you to pick up during the sale. The Nams Cookies—personalized labels on candies order form eliminates the need to wait in line, making or cookies; it easier to run into the store during carpool to pick up Gaming systems (XBox, Wii, Playstation) and uniforms. games; and Personalized stationary and paper products.

Book Buy Back

Seniors: Wednesday, May 9 As always: Upper School: Thursday, May 17, and All proceeds go back to the school. Friday, May 18, 9:00 am –2:00 pm We offer complimentary gift wrap on items Middle School: Thursday, May 24, and purchased in the store. Friday, May 25, 10:00 am –1:00 pm Our prices are lower than retail. There is no sales tax This year’s list of hardcover books being bought back will be available for viewing in the store and on the The Campus Store is open Monday through website beginning Friday, May 4. Thursday, 7:30 am –4:00 pm, and Friday, Our Prices are always lower than retail, there is 7:30 am –3:30 pm. no sales tax, and all proceeds go back to the school.


The Campus Store is open Monday through Thursday, 7:30 am –4:00 pm, and Friday, 7:30 am – 3:30 pm.


The Communications Office publishes the Lovett Lines newsletter nine times a year.

Watch for a special online edition of the The Communications Office publishes the January Lovett Lines! Lovett Lines newsletter nine times a year. Deadline for the February 2012 issue of Deadline for the May 2012 issue of the the Lovett Lines newsletter: Lovett Lines newsletter: Friday, January 6, 2012 Wednesday, April 4, 2012 Jennifer Zei Jennifer Zei Editor/Designer Editor/Designer (404) 262-3032, ext. 1265 (404) 262-3032, ext. 1265

printers, copiers, and fax machines. Televisions will be accepted with an additional charge of $10 each. For a full list, please check the Lovett website. Please do not bring washers/dryers, power tools, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, freezers, tires, blenders, or dehumidifiers. Stay tuned for more information about drop off locations! If you have any questions, please contact Betsy Metcalf at

The Lovett Lines is printed on FSC® certified paper made The Lovett Lines is printed on FSC ® certified paper using with chlorine-free pulp and post consumer content. 100% post consumer waste and processed chlorine free.

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Around Lovett A Note from your LPA Co-Presidents Thank you to all who attended the February general parent meeting. We enjoyed informative presentations from Mary Spencer, who introduced us to VGo; Rev. Allen who spoke about service and mission trip opportunities; and Cynthia Coleman, who reminded us about the fantastic evening education series and summer programs. Representatives from the five parent organizations gave updates on recent and upcoming events and while their messages were varied, there was one common theme—every group needs volunteers! There are many ways to get involved, whether you desire an ongoing commitment or you prefer to give a few hours at one time. Please look for the volunteer forms that will be online in May and sign up for any and all committees that interest you. We would like to thank hospitality co-chairs Karen Denker and Rae Knox for all they have done this year, including providing coffee and refreshments for both of the general parent meetings. Most recently, they hosted a festive Valentine’s Day breakfast that was enjoyed by the faculty and staff. If a missing sweatshirt, belt, swimsuit, or pair of shoes has found its way back to your student, you probably have Melindia Morgan or Cindy Price to thank. They have organized the Lost and Found areas so that the students can retrieve lost items and have gone above and beyond by returning some items by hand delivery.

Lovett’s equestrian club placed second at the Interscholastic Equestrian Association’s Zone Four, Region Three Finals. The team, from left to right: Sophomores Whitney Granberry and Elizabeth Sheldon; freshmen Caroline Pope and Haley Tucker; and juniors Ellie George, Leila Waits, and Astrid Michelson, with coach Liz Fisch

Another person who has been busy throughout the year keeping our campus tidy and organized is Yvonne Wade. As the gardening chair, she has facilitated many improvements to the grounds. Last fall the gardening committee rearranged plants and seating in the Warren Garden for better viewing. They also practiced random acts

Lovett Equestrian Club The Lovett Equestrian Club competed in the Interscho-

of “bulbing” along the Sara King trail, so go see what’s popping up. Last but not least, our Leonid topiary Spike is still

lastic Equestrian Association’s Zone Four, Region Three

pondering his lair and hopes to reappear soon!

Finals, held in Gainesville, Ga., at the Chicopee Woods

Also sporting green thumbs are Susan Dunlap, Kristin Newberry, and Lindsay Rocco, who are responsible for the beautiful arrangements you may have noticed around campus and at school events like the Riverbank Picnic. Finally, a huge thank you to Upper School events chairs Elise Drake and Holly Moffett for organizing a very successful ninth grade movie night. It was great fun with a greater cause—about 75 students attended and collected coats for The Garden, a shelter for women. As you can see, there is much to be done throughout the year so please look over the volunteer opportunities that will be posted in May! Evelyn Achecar and Beth Ward | LPA President Co-chairs

Senior Graduation Services Valarie Easterling, Donna Holden, and Wendi Wells are co-chairs for the senior graduation services committee. This group works with a faculty member to assist with many of the graduation ceremony and reception details on the

Agricultural Center. The team competitions included Westminster, Huntcliff Equestrian Team, West Forsyth High School, and The Lovett Equestrian Team. Lovett placed second as Reserve Champion behind Huntcliff, which qualifies the team for the IEA Zone 4 Finals, held March 24–25 at Mullet Hall Equestrian Center, in Charleston, S. C. Results from the competition were not yet known as of press time. 

LIA’s Sixth Annual Book Fair Wednesday, May 2–Friday, May 4 Lovett International Alliance’s

actual day of graduation. It is a fun and moving day, as the committee works in the background with all of the excited

sixth annual Book Fair will

graduating senior students.

be Wednesday, May 2–Friday, May 4, between 7:30 am–4:00

Health Forms Process for 2012–13

pm in front of the Lower

All Lovett health forms, for returning students and new students, will be completed online this year as part of the

School Library and in the

re-enrollment/enrollment process. Parents, please complete this online process, as this is where our Permission to

Middle School lobby. Lower

Treat is now located. You will not receive a paper copy in the mail. We are trying to make this process as easy as

School parents will receive

possible for our parents.

a permission form one week

If your student had an immunization this year (other than flu) or you have a new incoming student you will need to get a new Georgia immunization Form (3231) from your doctor and send it to the Infirmary. Only Georgia immunization forms are accepted. This is a Georgia state law and Lovett has always had a wonderful record of compliance with the state. If your student is in Grades 6–12 and participating in sports or physical education at Lovett, you will need to download (linked in the online process in two places) a GHSA health form, take it to your doctor, and return to Lovett. As in the past, the GHSA health form is current for one calendar year and will need to be updated as it expires. If your student has diabetes or seizures, you will need to provide a paper Health Plan to the Infirmary. These forms are also linked in the online re-enrollment health report. These Health Plans can be faxed directly to the Infirmary at (404) 479-8461 by you or/and your doctor. Faxed forms leave you with a copy should you need one. Please remember that Lovett does require a yearly physical for your student. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Infirmary at (404) 262-3032, ext. 1242, and we will do our best to explain the new process.

before the Book Fair. This will authorize interested students to purchase books and charge to their student accounts up to a parent-approved spend level. Lovett families and teachers purchased 3,000 books during the past five years, creating a successful program that encourages student reading. Strong book fair participation has helped Lovett donate over 500 books to libraries worldwide, in conjunction with our supplier August House publishing. The LIA Book Fair will feature a wide variety of

Breakthrough Atlanta Introducing Ninth Grade Leadership Academy Pilot Program

international and multicultural books, and a few books for

Breakthrough Atlanta is busy gearing up for

and are endorsed by the Lovett librarians. Book descrip-

our 16th summer program, set to kick-off at the

tions will be posted on the Lovett website by the end of

end of May. Due to the overwhelming response

April. This allows parents and children to review the

to the application deadline, Breakthrough

books prior to the Book Fair.

Atlanta will admit 102 new Middle School students into the program this year. Breakthrough Atlanta is also pleased to

parents. Books are selected based upon recommendations from the faculty and members of the Lovett community

Once again, LIA is partnering with August House to

announce that we will be introducing our Ninth Grade Leadership Academy Pilot Program. The inaugural class will

donate books to the Africa’s Children’s Fund (ACF) “Gift of

host 30 students at The Atlanta Youth Academy. Our program will kick-off with training 54 college and high school

Books” program. The books collected help build libraries

students for one week in the areas of lesson plan development, classroom management, parent conferences, diversity

in disadvantaged communities in Africa and the Caribbe-

training, and more. Lovett alumna Marisa Dieken ’08 will serve as our assistant dean of students, and she will be

an. August House Publishers has agreed to provide a book

charged with assisting in student, parental, and community engagement for all the families.

to ACF for every August House book purchased during

With our school year program coming to a close, we will culminate the year on Saturday, April 28 with our College 411 Program. This program is designed to educate our students and families in areas, such as the college application process, applying for financial aid and scholarships, and establishing relationships with guidance counselors. For more information about Breakthrough Atlanta or to find out about volunteering, please visit us at <www.> or contact us directly at (404) 262-3032.

the LIA Book Fair! This year, teachers and librarians can create a “wish list” of books. Families are welcome to purchase a book for their classroom or the library to build Lovett’s international book collection. Your child’s name will be noted in the front of the book for all donations made to the school. The LIA Book Fair represents a great opportunity to get a head start on your child’s summer reading list.

page 4 Lovett Lines

Around Lovett Parking for Walk to School Days Just because you live outside of walking range doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in Lovett’s Walk to School Days. Many families park in nearby parking lots or at a friend’s house and walk to Lovett from there. It may seem that this defeats the purpose of a walk day. After all, if someone drives-to-walk, aren’t they missing the spirit of the day? Research says no! One of the best reasons to walk to school is simply to get kids out and moving. Even a 20-minute walk prior to the start of school can help to improve brain cognition and focus! Another reason to park and walk is that it helps to reduce traffic in the carpool lane. This is better for everyone— walkers, drivers, and traffic control. Keeping cars off campus also reduces air pollution in and around the school, where young lungs are hard at work. And perhaps the most important reason to participate is because kids just love to walk, even if it’s from a nearby parking lot. A fourth grader was overheard on a recent walk day exclaiming, “This is the best day of my life!” To help reduce traffic backups for those that choose to park and walk, we have secured permission to park at the

Fun at Summer Programs

Cochise lot, just past Woodland Brook. Parking at Canoe, or dropping off students right at that entrance is causing

Summer Programs at Lovett

traffic congestion along Paces Ferry and Woodland Brook—exactly what we are trying to reduce! Please use Cochise,

Are you ready to make a summer full of memories?

or even better, Vinings Jubilee, for a little longer walk.

Register today for the Summer Programs at <www.lovett. org/summerprograms>.

Lower School News


It’s More Than Just Chit-Chat

Author Karen Beaumont Visits

As a teacher, one of the things I admire most about the Lower School is the rich literacy experience it offers our

On Thursday, April 12, the Lower School library will

children. Rarely have I seen children so enthralled with reading and anxious to write. We make it our business to

be treated to a visit by author Karen Beaumont. Karen

instill in children a genuine love of reading and writing that we hope follows them through their academic and adult

is a high-energy, interactive speaker. She will engage


Kindergarten–Grade 3 with what it takes to bring a

As part of this effort, Lower School teachers believe that children deserve a social life around their reading,

book from idea to publication. Ms. Beaumont’s most

an opportunity to be emotionally invested in their learning and progress. Just like us, we want to give them the

recent book, Dini Dinosaur, was published on March 6.

opportunity to discuss books they love with friends, or the chance to commiserate about books that didn’t quite

In 2009–10, I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More won the Georgia

strike their fancy. Beginning as early as second grade, children form “reading clubs,” groups of children reading

Children’s Picture Book Award. Karen is looking forward

the same book(s) or about the same topic who come together to discuss their experiences. By upper grades, children

to coming back to the Atlanta area, and we are looking

are immersed in more sophisticated “book clubs” and reading volumes of pages alongside their peers under expert

forward to hosting her. We have several titles of her


books for sale in the library. If you have a question about

The book club meetings are ostensibly very enjoyable, dare I say fun. You’ll see children laughing together,

nodding their heads as the other talks, and jotting down their peers’ comments. Don’t be fooled. These readers are

Karen’s visit, please call the Lower School library at (404) 262-3032, ext. 1252.

engaged in serious academic work. . . they just don’t know it. Before the children meet with their clubs, they receive explicit instruction from the teacher on ways to find deeper meaning within and across their reading while engaging in authentic discourse.

During this part of the reading curriculum, children accumulate information across shared texts. They not only

hold onto the stories as they unfold, but they focus on ways to synthesize their thinking with others and articulate these co-constructed ideas. Children may ask questions of each other like, “How does your knowledge of this character match mine, does it change from one chapter to the next? What other texts have I read in my life that can help me understand these texts? Is this character learning something about life we can learn?” We are fostering dispositions that bleed into several facets of life and force children to work in small groups with common goals. Book clubs are also a time to explore new, interesting vocabulary that readers may not understand. Literacy researcher Harvey Daniels suggests keeping a running vocabulary list that nudges children to collaborate to develop

International Day

definitions for the words they collect, and then try to thread those same words through their conversations. So not

International Day

only are children equipped with the vernacular of conversation, but they are also carrying the language of the books

Lower School students experienced a “trip around the

into their conversations.

world” during our February 23–24 International Day

Lastly, we take seriously our charge to prepare children for the world that awaits them. Obviously, clubs provide

event organized by the Lovett International Alliance

an authentic format and purpose for collaboration, a skill that tomorrow’s world demands. What’s more, classrooms

(LIA). The celebration kicked off with an International

are now experimenting with digital conversations, via blogging and online video conferences. Encouraging our

breakfast. Thanks to the McDaniel Family, owners of the

sophisticated readers to move across virtual spaces and rapidly use multi-modal literacy practices not only broadens

Grateful Bread Company, for donating the treats.

students’ independence and flexibility, but it also equips them with the digital literacy skills their future anticipates. So, yes, children enjoy clubs. They laugh during them. They even look forward to them. As a faculty, we are proud

Day two featured programs and artifacts presented by 12 different countries on five continents. A highlight

of this. What more can a teacher hope for than for a child to love reading, discuss it with his peers, and build academic

was an international puppet performance from Peter

aptitude in the midst of it all?

Hart, an Atlanta puppeteer.

Lainie Powell | Fifth Grade Lead Teacher

LIA provided tote bags bursting with goodies and unveiling the snazzy new LIA logo. Thank you to our friends at St. Angelo’s Pizza, who donated dough and a free slice coupon! The Germany area was a student favorite, allowing students to create pretzels with the dough! Thanks to all the volunteers who made International Day a big success.

Lovett Lines page 5

Middle School News Community Community is first of all a quality of the heart. It grows from the spiritual knowledge that we are alive not for ourselves but for one another. Community is the fruit of our capacity to make the interests of others more important than our own. The question, therefore, is not “How can we make community?” but “How can we develop and nurture giving hearts?” —Henri Nouwen Henri Nouwen is one of my personal heroes. Middle School students have dinner with the housekeeping staff in February

He was a Catholic priest, university professor, and prolific writer. After teaching at Notre Dame, Yale, and Harvard for many years, he walked away from a

prestigious position to serve in the L’arche Community of Daybreak in Canada: a home for physically and mentally challenged individuals. He dedicated his life to fostering empathy and service amongst persons of radically different backgrounds. He gave his life to building community.

Middle School Mathletes Front row (left to right): Joshua Eiland, Aayan Das, Mara Davis, Claire Buffington, Caroline Hall, Julia Koh, Adrienne Liou, and Diana Daniela. Back row (left to right): Nicholas Klavohn, Grant Garrett, Alexander Hammond, Karan Soni, Becker Ewing, Stokes Kandzari, Jenny Landon, Paul Kim, and Coach Andrea Morgan.

Even as we in the Middle School pursue many other worthy goals, we are engaged in the very same enterprise as Nouwen—building community. Building community is, of course, much more than simply promoting a culture of pleasant civility. As Nouwen said, it is about developing and nurturing giving hearts, fostering an awareness that we are indeed alive for one another, cultivating an understanding that we are our brother and sister’s keeper, as responsible for others as they are for us. So much of what we have done this fall and spring has been about developing and nurturing giving hearts. We have lifted up the virtues found in our character pledge, encouraging our students to embrace many values upon which authentic community depends. The counseling department has talked with students about behaviors that undermine community—sexual harassment, bullying, insensitivity, and the like. We have enjoyed a dinner and game night with the custodial staff, helping our students expand their understandings of the true scope of the community we are called to nurture. And we have participated in the MLK Walk alongside our Atlanta neighbors, celebrating a true hero of inclusive community. Each and every time we gather in chapel, just before hearing prayer requests submitted by individual students, we speak the same words aloud together: “We are a community. In our community, the joys of one are the joys of all. In our community, the concerns of one are the concerns of all.” Though (as is the case in all communities) we have much work to do, I am proud of our young people for the work they have done toward building real community in the Middle School. Parents, I would invite you to talk to your kids about the kind of community we want to have in the Middle School. What is real community? How does the Middle School succeed in fostering community? Where does the Middle School fall short? What is your students’ role in building community? What attitudes should they have? How should they behave? These are all worthy questions to wrestle with as we together celebrate all that Lovett is and dream of what Lovett might yet be.

Middle School Mathletes Practice makes closer to perfect for athletes and mathletes, alike. Lovett’s Middle School 7th and 8th grade mathletes spent many sessions at school rehearsing the problem solving, critical thinking, and calculation techniques needed to perform well at the Metro Atlanta Chapter MathCounts Competition at Georgia Tech on February 11. The MathCounts Team learned to support one another and work together as a group. Eleven of the team members took part in the Georgia Tech event, the largest city competition in the history of MathCounts. Lovett’s young team, comprised of three 8th graders, seven 7th graders, and one 7th grade alternate, placed a very respectable 19th overall, with all three 8th graders among the top 25% percent of students. Becker Ewing and Karan Soni were the high scorers for the team, followed closely by Caroline Hall and 7th grader Nicholas Klavohn. These students formed Lovett’s Middle School foursome for the team competition round at Tech. Seventh graders Claire Buffington, Alexander Hammond, Grant Garrett, Paul Kim, Julia Koh, and

Wade Reck | Middle School Chaplain

Adrienne Liou joined the team of four for the Sprint and Target Rounds and alternate, Mara Davis, participated

Fall Scholar Athletes

with the team in the Countdown Round.

Grade 7

Grade 8

Cross Country: Nicholas Klavohn

Cross Country: Jack McMurtrie

Claire Buffington

Elise Koepke


Joshua Eiland


Cole Taylor


Anna Duffy


Lauren Stratton


Janie Salmon

Middle School MathCounts for 2013 is ready to begin work! With one competition under their belts, the current 7th graders look forward to welcoming the 6th grade MathCounts Team, who have been working under the guidance of 6th grade math teacher, Jen Murphy. Great job Lovett Mathletes!

Andrea Morgan | Middle School Math Department Head

Upper School News Applications Now Being Accepted to Help Fund International Gap Year Travel

National Honor Society has Clothing Drive

The Emily Dunn ’06 Memorial Scholarship for International Gap Year Studies was

who cannot afford these items for prom. These items were donated to MUST ministries,

established in 2011 and provides funds to defray the costs of an international gap year

an organization that strives to provide food, clothing, financial aid, education, and

experience for a graduating Lovett senior, in honor of Emily, who was transformed by

employment assistance, as well as assessment and referral services to families and

her gap year travels in China, India, Egypt, and Portugal. The Dunn family hopes that

individuals in crisis. This drive collected more than 50 gently used and new dresses and

students will use these funds to take take a gap year between high school and college in

jackets to donate to MUST.

order to broaden their understanding of the world. Applications are due April 10, and recipients will be notified shortly thereafter. To

The Lovett National Honor Society chapter held a jacket and dress drive for individuals

Visiting a Chinese Doctor

apply, a student must submit a typed letter/proposal explaining why he wants to take

On February 8, the Chinese II regular and honors students took a field trip to

a gap year, what he will do during that time, and what he expects to learn through the

Chinatown. The students were studying the unit “Going to the Doctor” and the

experience. The proposal should also include an anticipated budget for the gap year

purpose of the trip was for the students to learn more about Chinese medicine. In the

experience. To be eligible, seniors must be admitted to a college or univeristy and have

doctor’s office, which doubled as a pharmacy, Chinese medications jammed the shelves,

that spot held while they are away.

and the back wall of the office contained a row of cabinets full of different types of

Applications and questions should be directed to Marsha Little, dean of academic affairs.

herbs. After attempting to determine the purpose of each medicine, the doctors called the students over to demonstrate how they determine ailments, how acupuncture and cupping work on the patients, and how they prescribe Chinese medicines and fill the prescriptions from the back shelves. The students experienced Chinese health culture and learned to appreciate the differences between Western and Chinese medicines.


page 6 Lovett Lines

April 2012 Volume 30 Number 7

A news publication of The Lovett School

INSIDE Page 1 Girls Basketball Wins State Championship Page 1 Run ’n Lovett Celebrates 21st Anniversary Page 3 LIA’s Sixth Annual Book Fair

The Lovett School Communications Office 4075 Paces Ferry Road, N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30327-3009 (404) 262-3032

The Lovett School admits students of any race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. The Lovett School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and national or ethnic origin in administration of its employment practices, admission policies, educational policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic or other school-administered programs.

Upper School Fine Arts News News College Counseling

Friends of the Arts

Reminders for Seniors

The last weekend in February we hosted our 4th annual Great Conversation gala, benefitting the Fine Arts program

As you hear from colleges, please bring copies of your de-

at Lovett. This event is our primary fundraising avenue and proceeds go directly toward enhancing your child’s arts

cisions and scholarship letters to your college counselor.

education. I have had the privilege of working on this event since its inception, and it has grown to be a favored event

We would like to celebrate good news with you when you

for many of our families. This year our distinguished speakers represented not only the Atlanta arts community, but

have it!

also included leaders in business, sports, and politics. The event was held at Brookhaven Country Club. Thank you to

Important: If you plan to attend a public college in

Cathy Rhodes, our Great Conversation chair, who collaborated with a talented group of volunteers to put on a stellar

the state of Georgia and take advantage of the HOPE

evening. Our volunteers included Elizabeth Crenshaw, Amy Edelstein, Nancy Fallons, Helen Herbert, Jinny Keough,

scholarship, you must complete one of the following

Vanessa King, Loretta Lepore, Anne Marino, Pattie McCrady, Mary Millians, Amanda Napier, Michelle Neville,


Beth Park, Ashley Preisinger, Jeanmarie Quarterman, and Tricia Stevens, and a special thanks to Jane Jackson for her

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)—available online at <www. fafsa.ed gov>.

countless hours dedicated to this event. The month of April features numerous recitals and concerts. Please come and enjoy the music! For Lower School

Use the FAFSA if you are also applying for need-based

children, April brings the much anticipated Spring Arts Festival. For seniors, it’s time for the Senior Visual Arts Exit

financial aid. You may also need to complete the CSS

Show and publication of the Signature magazine. Check the Fine Arts website for exact times and locations for recitals,

Profile for some schools.

concerts, and other performances.

The HOPE Application, available online at <www.

Lynn Powell | FOTA President

GA> or from the financial aid office of the college you plan to attend. The HOPE Application is quick and easy, but should be used only if you are not applying for financial aid. If you plan to use the HOPE scholarship at a private college in Georgia, simply complete the GSFAPPS online at <>. You should have recently received a letter that indicates the HOPE GPA that determines your eligibility to receive scholarship money. Remember you have until May 1 to consider college options and send an enrollment deposit. You may send an enrollment deposit to only one school and Lovett will mail only one final transcript to that school in June.

Reminders for Juniors If you have not yet scheduled an initial meeting with your college counselor, please stop by the College Counseling Office as soon as possible. If you have already met with your college counselor and have been given a list of colleges to consider, please ask your parents to sign up for a family meeting that includes you. You may sign up for a family meeting on the calendar outside your college

Upcoming Events The LS/MS/US dance classes will present their spring concert at 7:00 pm on Friday, April 13, in the Hendrix-Chenault Theater, performing jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop, and ballet-hip hop in a show you won’t want to miss. All choirs will combine for an all-school choral concert in Lovett’s Alston Memorial Chapel on Sunday, April 22, at 7:00 pm, conducted by choral directors Marianne Beverly and Deborah and Jerry Ulrich. On Sunday, April 29, at 7:30 pm in the Hendrix-Chenault Theater, the Upper School bands will present their annual swing concert, featuring the Lovett Ellington Jazz Ensemble. Tickets are $5.00 and available in the Fine Arts Office or at the concert. We invite your family and friends to attend the Applied Lessons recitals on April 14, 21, and 28 at 11:00 am or 2:00 pm. Enjoy the delight of young students experiencing their first public performance and thrill to the achievements of older students who have already accomplished much in the world of music and arts. The Lovett Middle School 8th grade drama class presents Romeo, You Idiot! on Friday, May 4, at 7:00 pm in the Hendrix-Chenault Theater. Admission is free and guaranteed fun for everyone.

Film Fest Welcomes Teen Filmmakers from Around the World On Saturday, May 5, at 6:30 pm, the Fine Arts Department will roll out the red carpet in the Hendrix-Chenault Theater for the 2012 Lovett High School Film Fest. Festival director David Silverman received nearly 180 short film submissions from teen filmmakers around the world. Included in the program are short films by neighboring Atlanta high school students, as well as our talented Lovett filmmakers. Awards will be presented in all major categories. Admission is free. Don’t miss the lights-camera-action of the Lovett High School Film Fest!

counselor’s office or have your parents call or e-mail to

Lovett Choral Students in Honors Ensembles

set up the meeting. The more often you meet with your

Sixteen of Lovett’s finest choral students were recently selected to participate in six statewide-honors chorus

college counselor, the greater the opportunities for us to

programs. Five sixth grade students were chosen to perform with the Georgia Music Educators Association Sixth

get to know each other, and the better your college coun-

Grade Statewide Honors Chorus at UGA-Tifton campus, on February 10–11. Three Middle (grades 7 and 8) and nine

selor can support and advocate for you.

Upper School students were selected through a series of competitive, private auditions, for membership in the GMEA All-State choruses in Savannah on the weekend of February 23–25. We congratulate these Lovett Singers on their accomplishments!

april lovett lines  

april lovett lines

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