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FACULTY AND STAFF SUPPORT SALARIES AND BENEFITS Merit Pool Teaching Awards, Fellowships, and Chairs PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Mini-Sabbaticals Faculty Enrichment Advanced Degrees FINANCIAL AID TUITION AND FEES General Financial Aid Scholarships


TRIPS AND SUMMER EXPERIENCES Siempre Verde Scholarships Experiential Learning Summer Travel PROGRAMS NEW PROGRAMS Learning/Teaching Innovations Emerging Technology (e.g. iPad Program, Online Learning, 3-D Printing, etc.) EXISTING PROGRAMS Character Education Service Learning Experiential Learning

ENDOWMENT AT A GLANCE • Almost any area of school life can be endowed. • Gifts at any level are appreciated for the endowment. • The minimum for establishing a separate named endowment fund is $100,000 (payable over 1 to 5 years). • Guidelines for naming an endowment fund and a list of existing named funds with short descriptions of each are available at ENDOWMENT BY THE NUMBERS The endowment is one of the school’s three main sources of income, along with tuition and annual giving (True Blue Annual Fund). • Funds 5 percent of operations; should be 10 percent for a school like Lovett • Valued at $55 million; should be closer to $100 million • Ranks below Westminster and Woodward but ahead of Pace and Marist in total endowment • Ranks below Westminster, Woodward, and Pace, but ahead of Marist in endowment per student

SIGNATURE PROGRAMS Academic Resource Center Breakthrough Atlanta Siempre Verde Marine Biology American Studies In-class Libraries MS/US Signature Class Experiences (e.g. 8th grade trip to NYC, JOE, etc.)

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Andy Spencer Chief Advancement Officer (404) 262-3032, ext. 1255 Brian Scales Director of Development (404) 262-3032, ext. 1249 Taylor Butkus Advancement Manager for Leadership Giving (404) 262-3032, ext. 1354


The Academic Resource Center Excellence Endowment Fund Established in September 2012 through an anonymous gift by a Lovett family, this fund supports the ARC as a crucial resource to help students attain their full potential by supporting the variety of learning needs of Lovett students. Through its support of the ARC, this fund ensures that every student has the opportunity for academic success.


OVERVIEW The Academic Resource Center (ARC) reflects awareness of differences in children’s learning styles, as they pursue the school’s rigorous college preparatory curriculum. The ARC supports currently enrolled students through these programs:

Learning Specialist Program

The Alice Empie Academic Resource Center Fund Made possible through the generosity of the Sam and Frances Hemphill Foundation, Inc., and the leadership of Mr. and Mrs. John G. Morris, this fund was established in December 2006 in honor of Alice Empie, former director of Lovett’s ARC. Her excellent administration, leadership, mentoring, and service to young people and their families have made a difference to countless students, parents, colleagues, and other institutions who have sought her advice and guidance. The fund helps Lovett maintain and expand the ARC.

The Fred, Anne, and Cyrus Fisher Academic Resource Center Support Fund In appreciation for the education received by their son, Cyrus ‘99, the Fisher family established this named endowment fund in 1997. Proceeds from the fund are directed toward enhancing Lovett’s innovative ARC program.

A student with a diagnosed learning difference may be referred for help in time management, study skills, and other learning strategies, as well as for academic tutoring.

Tutoring Program A student experiencing academic difficulty may be referred for additional tutoring services. The ARC employs part-time tutors and their services are available on campus. All tutors are college graduates and many are teachers who choose to work part-time.

Learning Styles All students are administered a learning styles inventory that addresses 25 aspects of learning preferences. By analyzing the results, our staff helps students become more effective and efficient learners.

Sixth Grade Reading Program The Middle School Reading Program continues to strengthen reading skills for all sixth graders and builds strategies for efficient learners who participate in year-long reading classes.

If you would like to support the Academic Resource Center by contributing to one of the funds above, or by creating a fund of your own, please contact the Lovett Advancement Office.

Andy Spencer Chief Advancement Officer (404) 262-3032, ext. 1255 Brian Scales Director of Development (404) 262-3032, ext. 1249


The Constance and Robert Braddy Siempre Verde Scholarship Fund In appreciation of Constance and Bob Braddy and their dedication to creating Siempre Verde, Lovett established this fund in March 1997 to provide financial aid to qualified Lovett students wishing to travel to and study the Ecuadoran cloudforest classroom. The needbased award is given to students who demonstrate a passion for learning botany, conservation methods, and ecology.


The Siempre Verde Fund Established in June 2003 through a challenge grant from Dorothy Fuqua, this fund supports the operations and facilities of Siempre Verde, Lovett’s cloudforest preserve located in the Andes Mountains of Northwest Ecuador. In recent years, interest from the account yielded enough to support several construction projects, the summer station manager position for 10 weeks, two trip instructor stipends, and one trip leader stipend. It also funded a visit from an Atlanta Botanical Garden employee this summer, continuing this important collaborative relationship.

The Frankel Family Siempre Verde Scholarship Fund OVERVIEW

In 1992, Lovett purchased a piece of cloudforest property in Ecuador for the purpose of creating a protected preserve and establishing a research center to support tropical conservation education. The 825acre Siempre Verde, which translates to forever green, offers U.S. and Ecuadoran students an opportunity to learn through research and the exchange of ideas. Students may also visit Siempre Verde for language immersion or service learning trips.

“At Lovett, we call Siempre Verde the south campus, but it’s much more than that. It’s an extension of the mission of The Lovett School. We’re not just talking about conserving tropical forests, we’re taking an active role. It’s a very progressive vision for conservation and education. For Lovett to actually own this property allows it to be better incorporated into the message that we’re sending to students. I’m not sure they really understood the ripple effect that Siempre Verde would have—that so many people would be touched by this.”

—Alex Reynolds, Director of Siempre Verde

Established in January 2006 by Mr. and Mrs. Samuel N. Frankel, this fund provides support to students traveling to Siempre Verde. Recipients have demonstrated financial need and display qualities of good character, hard work, and the desire to pursue their educational interests outside the classroom. If you would like to support Siempre Verde by contributing to one of the funds above, or by creating a fund of your own, please contact the Lovett Advancement Office.

Andy Spencer Chief Advancement Officer (404) 262-3032, ext. 1255 Brian Scales Director of Development (404) 262-3032, ext. 1249


Legacy giving, or planned giving, allows donors to “leave a legacy.” It allows donors to have an impact on a favorite cause, such as Lovett, beyond their lifetime. It allows donors to make larger gifts than might otherwise be possible. And it may also allow donors to increase their retirement incomes, receive tax advantages, and more effectively pass on assets to heirs.



• Bequests (gifts made through your will or living trust); • Charitable gift annuities; • Insurance policies; • Gifts of retirement plan assets after your lifetime; • Charitable lead trusts; • Charitable remainder trusts; and • Certain real estate gifts. “It was surprisingly easy and inexpensive to implement. And, since the ‘investment’


The Lovett School Legacy Society is a group of donors who have included Lovett in their estate plans. Their gifts provide essential financial support for the school’s future. As is the case at many independent schools, tuition only covers approximately 80 percent of Lovett’s total annual operating costs. The True Blue Annual Fund and proceeds from the endowment help to make up the difference. By Board policy, unrestricted legacy gifts are added to Lovett’s endowment, when received by the school. WHY SHOULD I BECOME A MEMBER OF THE LOVETT SCHOOL LEGACY SOCIETY?

If you understand just how important your gift could be to the future of our school, then you should join the Lovett Legacy Society. Your membership is an indication that you trust the school to be good stewards of your gift. You realize that Lovett will use your gift to effectively embrace Mrs. Eva Edwards Lovett’s founding vision of a progressive education, one grounded in lifelong learning, moral character, and community involvement.

we have made won’t mature ‘before we do,’ it provides us with the flexibility to make an additional commitment of financial support to Lovett consistent with our current economic reality.” —Bailey Izard ’81, Lovett alumnus and parent

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Andy Spencer Chief Advancement Officer (404) 262-3032, ext. 1255 Brian Scales Director of Development (404) 262-3032, ext. 1249 Taylor Butkus Advancement Manager for Leadership Giving (404) 262-3032, ext. 1354

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