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December December 11th, 2011 2011

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Kira Turnbull

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Mia Rotondi Executive Editor Assistant editor: Rachel Robison Gracie Pearlman Fashion Director Annabella Boutet and Ariann Holden Creative Directors Devon McLaughlin Photography Director Erin Robertson and Julia Staudinger Beauty and Styling Colby Jacobson PR/Marketing Director Jose Escallon and William Hardy Financial Directors Madeline Eng and Maia Schoenfelder Blogmasters Contributors: Molly Bienstock, Sophie Dietz, Phoenix Eisenberg, Jason Elias, Elizabeth Green, Jake Kringdon, Natalie Liener, Kelley Noonan, Lea Perekrests, Miguel Salcedo, Madeline Swanson, Anna Volpe, Wai Ying Zhao, Cali Zimmerman, and Paige Ziplow.

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Denim: The Jacket for All Seasons

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Letter from the Editors Dear Readers, As the holiday season approaches, we think the spirit of giving back to our community is the most significant thing we can do. In this issue, the staff, Shelby, and myself wanted to focus on the community that surrounds us at Conn College. As not only a fashion magazine but also a life-style publication, we felt that local shops, restaurants, and community volunteering were important features to include in this particular issue. Since last year, one of our fellow Camels, Atlantic Brugman ‘13 has led the annual toy drive for the Alliance for Living center in New London. Recently, during an interview conducted by our wonderful PR and Marketing Director Colby Jacobsen, Atlantic explained how she developed this idea while working at the center, and how important it was to her to organize this drive because of how grateful and happy the kids were when they received their gifts. So, we’re asking if all of you this holiday season would donate to the Alliance for Living. Fashion lovers, we have much to offer this world, so get inspired and, just like Atlantic, find new and creative ways of giving back to your community and make a difference during this time of the year.

Happy Holidays!

Kira &Shelby

For Information, please contact Atlantic at

Holiday Shopping A guide to the perfect gift.


1. Mac  Lipstick  $15-­‐  2.  Sam  Edelman  Roza  $225-­‐  3.  Curling  Ribbon  Ring  $78–  4.    Winter  Faux  Fur  Vest  $119-­‐  5.  Steve  Madden  Parfait  Pumps  $119-­‐  6.   Calvin  Klein  Metallic  Dress-­‐  net-­‐a-­‐  7.  Ziba  Vintage  Earrings  $31-­‐  8.  Shoulder  Bag  $70-­‐  9.  OPI  Getting  Miss  Piggy  With  It  $8-­‐  10.  Miss  Dior  Cherie  Perfume  $98-­‐   11.  Sparkle  Flower  Ring  $40-­‐  12.  Walker  Park  Tate  Bag  $245-­‐  13.  Rebecca  Glasses  $68-­‐  14.  Orchestra  Hall  Studs  $78-­‐  15.  Kage  Charcoal  Dress-­‐  16.  Vintage   Cluster  Ring-­‐      

Created by Erin Robertson and Paige Ziplow

1.  Beer  Making  Kit  $65–  2.  Sanuk  Slip-­‐Ons  $60–  3.  Tonino  Lamborghini  Golf    Collection   $295-­‐  4.    Plectrum  Waxed  Jacket  $249-­‐  5.  Timex  Watch  $50-­‐  6.    Scotch  &   Soda  Checkered  Shirt    $105-­‐  scotch-­‐  7.  Cotton  V-­‐necks  $36-­‐  8.    Calvin  Klein  Shock  for  Him  $40-­‐  9.  Scotch  &  Soda  Socks  $20  –  scotch-­‐  10.    The  Hangover  Bobblehead  $16-­‐   11.    FIFA  ‘11-­‐  12.  Denim  &  Supply  Beanie  $81-­‐  13.  Harbridge  Gilet  Vest  $129-­‐  14.   Color  Domination  Watch  $120-­‐  15.  Men’s  Classic  Retro-­‐X  Jacket  $199-­‐  

1. Striped  Umbrella  $75-­‐  2.  Tarnish  Floppy  Hat  $38-­‐  3.  iPod  Nano  $129-­‐  4.  Beats  Ear  Phones  $149-­‐  5.  Fossil  Stella  Watch  $108-­‐  6.     Longchamp  Expandable  Carry-­‐On  $235-­‐  7.  Moleskine  Notebook  $18.95-­‐  8.   Finsbury  Trenchcoat  $395-­‐  9.  Ray-­‐Ban  Meteor  Sunglasses  $145-­‐  10.  Alexa   Chung  for  Madewell  Pouch  $25-­‐  11.  Suede  Flats  $88-­‐  12.  Cara  Accessories   Bangles  $7-­‐  13.  Compagnie  de  Provence  Travel  Hand  Cream  $5-­‐  14.   LusterLock  Suitcase  $135-­‐  15.  Passport  Covers-­‐  16.  Nikon  Coolpix  L120   $250-­‐  

1. Jack  Black  Clean  &  Cool  Body  Basics  Set  $49-­‐  2.  Prada  Candy  $80-­‐    3.     Spotted  Slipper  $35-­‐  4.  Cookbooks-­‐  5.  Woven  Purple  Silk  Tie  $50-­‐  6.  Rob  Ryan  Mug  $20-­‐  7.  Make  Your  Headlines  Plates  $50-­‐  8.   Robert  Graham  Socks  $30-­‐  9.  2-­‐Piece  Bodum  Grill  Tool  Set  $25-­‐  10.   Mini  Grill  $68-­‐  11.  Jo  Malone  Cologne  $55-­‐  12.  Journal  $28-­‐  13.   Diptyque  Mini  Candle  $28-­‐  

1. iCade  $84-­‐  2.    Lego  Flash  Drive  $20-­‐  3.    Lomography  La  Sardina  Camera  $109-­‐  4.  Trompe  L’Oeil  iPad  Case  $24-­‐    5.    Jonathan  Adler  iPhone  Case  $28-­‐  6.    iPad  $499-­‐    7.    Crosley  USB  Tech  Turntable  $130  –  8.    iHome  Mini   Speakers  $49.95-­‐  9.    Mix  Monster  iPod  Cases  $8.95  –    10.  Mini  Foosball  Table  $36  –  11.    NOOK  tablet  $249  –  12.  Dolce  &  Gabbana  Headphones  $89.99-­‐  

1.  Organic  Pullover  by  John  Patrick  $385-­‐  2.  Green  Glam  Gloss  $9  –  3.  FEED  Tote  $48  – 4.  Vivienne  Westwood  Recycled  Notebooks  $40  –  5.  Honey’do  Shampoo  $16-­‐  6.  Sprout  Watch  $49-­‐  7.  TOMS  $54-­‐  8.  Baja  Strip  Pouf  $50-­‐  9.  Sula  Organic  Shea  Butter  $9  –  10.  Ceramic  Coffee  Cups  $10-­‐   11.  Alex  and  Ani  Bangles  $153-­‐  12.  Kris  Nations  Friendship  Bracelets  $65-­‐  13.   Coffee  Cup  $13-­‐  14.  EOS  Lip  Balm  $4-­‐  

Fabulously British:

Jack Wills

By Rachel Robison Photographed by Sophie Dietz

“I think that there has always been a tremendous amount of diversity in the student body at CC and the way in which they express themselves and Jack Wills speaks to that beautifully.”

On November 16th, a trio of late-model Land Rover trucks, decorated with the signature blue and pink stripes of Jack Wills, made their way onto the Conn campus for one of the final stops on their Autumn University Tour 2011. Conn secured the event by winning a contest in which students voted on the Jack Wills Facebook page to be the ‘wild card’ stop on their campus tour. With an impressive 189 votes, Conn easily surpassed Columbia, Providence College, and other schools by more than 100 votes. Students swarmed the Larrabee Green, eager to snag a t-shirt or a pair of boxers designed specifically for the tour. Jack Wills, a collegiate clothing brand that originated in the UK, began expanding into the US college scene in 2009. At first glance, Jack Wills appears to be a more expensive, European hybrid of J. Crew and Abercrombie and Fitch. Though the brand’s high prices make its desired university following appear out of reach, Jack Wills is sure to make a mark in the US, and it is especially reflective of the style on the Connecticut College campus. Conn College’s relationship to Jack Wills is rooted in alumni Jim Hardy’s investment in the brand as President of Jack Wills North America. Hardy assumed his position at Jack Wills this fall, explaining, “Honestly I was attracted to the brand given its great British heritage and youthful approach,” describing it as, “fabulously British.” When asked if he believes Jack Wills accurately re-

flects the style on campus at Connecticut College, Mr. Hardy responded, “Yes I do. I think it fits into the overall (and overused word) ‘preppy’ mold but adds a distinctly British twist and expression that is not American and feels fresh and new.” As a Conn alumni, Hardy is familiar with Conn’s campus style and expressed, “I think that there has always been a tremendous amount of diversity in the student body at CC and the way in which they express themselves and Jack Wills speaks to that beautifully.  This is not some ‘Muffy and Chip’ pink and green, boring, old, preppy thing; it is much more directional and modern with the heritage of Britain embedded in it.” Jack Wills’ dress prices span from a modest $69 with its “Loftus Jersey Dress,” to a $998 maxi-style silk chiffon “Kingsbridge Dress.” The “Orchard Bank Dress” is a chic option for holiday parties, combining the elegance of a black silk cocktail dress with a playful, sheer layer of polka dots ( for $529). Also offered on are several styles of “gillets,” or vests. Faux fur-lined styles are offered as well as the “Bankhall Gillet,” featuring toggle clasps. Unlike comparable brands such as J. Crew or Madewell, Jack Wills offers a line of ski apparel and accessories for women. Going back to basics, Jack Wills has designed dozens of tees with and without the Jack Wills logo. Additionally, the brand offers several reasonably priced knit tops and sweaters, ideal for layering.

“...a distinctly British twist and expression that is not American and feels fresh and new.”

The men’s department of the Jack Wills brand is a carefully crafted collection of styles, which compliment and maintain the same preppy edginess that resonates throughout the women’s styles. Shirts seem to be the trademark of the men’s department, as dozens of flannels, sport shirts, and dress shirts are available online at ranging $69 to $119. In the Jack Wills’ “Homewares” section, a considerable selection of bath and body products, pillows, throws, and miscellaneous decorative accessories are also available.

When asked if he had any suggestions for holiday shopping, Mr. Hardy commented, “I love the ‘Union Jack’ oversized Christmas stocking and the tartan ‘Union Jack’ cushions. I also love the great selection of plaid flannel shirts and all the brightly coloured underwear.”. Jack Wills’ visit to Conn was just the beginning of what is sure to be a promising presence on campus in the coming months. The British brand has gained popularity throughout the United States these past months at a rate that lets us know Jack Wills is here to stay. Additional gifting inspiration can be found in the holiday gifts section of the Jack Wills website, ( as well as a list of Jack Wills stores.

A Room of Your Own: Virginia Blair West by Gracie Pearlman I thought I was getting a head start moving into Conn early at the end of the summer. Virginia Blair West, however, had already returned, and upon entering her dorm room, I was taken aback. It was already completely furnished, decorated, and looked as if someone had been living there for weeks. It had ease; it was clean, yet worn in. It was orderly, but not type A. And most of all, it was Blair. I was interested in interviewing her now, a couple short months into school, to see if any updates or changes had been made to her second floor Freeman single.

Q: Did you already have ideas as to how you were

going to decorate your room this year? Yes. I knew I wanted to have a canopy because I think that a canopy adds so much to a room in terms of its whimsicality and cuteness. I had my heart set on having a princess room. As corny as it sounds, I wanted to have a sanctuary to come back to. And I think I achieved it with the canopy. I even accomplished it with my closet of a double last year (with Tina), and we expanded it over both beds. And when we had sleepovers and stayed up late we would close the canopy so our other roommates couldn’t see. I have pleasant associations with canopies, because growing up we would go to exotic places and see them, and I became obsessed with them.

Q: How is your room here at Conn, similar to your

room at home? How is it different? Very similar and people have noticed. I have the same bed. I have the same canopy. And much of the decoration is similar. I have never been a big fan of just putting a poster on a wall; I have put board games on walls, photos and pictures. I am obsessed with letters and letter writing. I have put every single letter, including yours, Gracie, on my walls! I love how they look and the juxtaposition of the different cursives and pens. I think the antique feel adds something cool when I put it next to an ad or poster. When my dad goes on business trips to countries all over the world he pretends that I have a lover from that country and sends me a postcard “from that person!”

Q: What inspired the décor for your room?

I don’t think I had any specific inspiration, but I was kind of striving for a room that just didn’t look like a dorm room. I wanted to add antique accents

and flares, and quirky funky things you wouldn’t normally find. I have an aversion to products that you can buy, like Target products that everyone has. So that’s why I add different elements of art to my life. My mom is a retired artist so that adds to my touches.

Q: What is your favorite part of your room?

I have a big mirror, a full-length mirror that I put on my dresser so it goes up to the ceiling. It’s an antique mirror, and I also love my vanity station. Surrounding the mirror I have letters and posters, and I hung my necklaces over my letters and posters. I guess messes and messy things inspire me. But my favorite decoration is this piece of artwork my grandmother made. It’s a family emblem representing my family tradition of names. My name is Virginia, and I come from Anna Virginias, so when I was growing up I always wanted to fit into ballet slippers that my grandma had from the 1700s. I remember my feet being too small, and now they’re too big; I never fit into them! But my grandmother put them onto a canvas piece of artwork and attached pictures of all the Anna’s and Virginia’s and eldest daughters. It is my most prized possession.

Q: What is your least favorite part?

A lot of it I actually took out for the photo shoot (giggles). I am really lazy and never wash my dishes (It is not pictured because it’s where all my juices are). And my closet is like a dark hole and I lose everything even though I have a rather large room.

Q: Are there more things you want to do for

your room? I don’t think so. I’d like to organize it a bit more. I clean it pretty frequently but I change clothes and it gets messy. And living on Freeman second floor tracks in a lot of dirt and other fun surprises.

Q: Have you made any changes to your room

since the beginning of the year? Yes. My friends laugh because I always claim that I Feng Shui my room, which to me is moving clothes, organizing, and cleaning. I have been trying to decide a place to put my dirty clothes and my closet because I have too many clothes. I have two dressers, a whole shelf for sweaters and a whole closet for dresses, but still

can’t seem fit it all.

Q: What one thing in your room could you not

live without? My bed. It is my bed from home, and it is my favorite part of my room. It’s so comfortable and my friends and I have sleepovers all the time. It’s not pictured, but I have a pillow that I have slept on every night since I was five or six years old, so I couldn’t live without that either.

Q: What advice would you give to someone

who wants to make their dorm room “homier?” Bring things from home. Bring little random things: post cards, letters, calendars, notes you have written, old odds and ends on from around your house. The smallest thing can remind you of home in the biggest way. People always compliment me on my wall decorations because I don’t have any big, generic posters. The art I have in my room is messy; I created it all, and it is colorful and mismatched. But life is messy and mismatched, so I think it works.

Professor Spotlight: Down with James Downs When I thought of doing a Professor Spotlight, I knew immediately who I would choose—Professor James Downs. Having him for two classes this semester, I get to see him twice a day and twice a week. I always thought he was stylish, and it wasn’t until he began to mention Ralph Lauren’s “Black Label”, John Varvatos, and referenced different popular culture icons that I recognized that he, maybe, thought about style too. So I began to look for what he would wear; anything from khakis and a simple, but always crisp, blue button down, to gray slacks with his staple leather motorcycle jacket. He is always put together in a laid-back yet consciously meticulous way, and I wanted to know more. Upon asking to interview him for theLOOK, his response was, “really?” It is this unknowing quality that led me to want to inquire more information. He would rather go unnoticed than to be in the forefront, and is self-conscious about fashion, yet consistently wants to look presentable. His hilarious and outgoing personality juxtaposes this shyness in terms of fashion, and I found this true when interviewing him. GP: Do you consider yourself a fashionable person? JD: No, I don’t. I think looking nice and presentable is important, but I don’t have an inherent sense of fashion, which is why I hired a stylist. GP: Can you describe your fashion transformation throughout the years?

by Gracie Pearlman

JD: A good question, and only a narcissist like me would be able to lay out the chronology. In high school I was definitely into what is now referred to as the “jersey shore” look. I was into “z cavaricci” and parachute pants. In college it was a bland “preppiness”, and I always joked around that everything I wore had a “p” on it; a “p” for Penn or a “p” for Polo. I didn’t realize it, but I probably had every Polo button down imaginable. Then I went into my 20’s and basically just wore t-shirts. The closest I came to getting dressed up was the Banana Republic sales rack. And then when I was in my 30’s I realized I had to start going to these events; it was social life, but not dress-up, so somewhere in between, and I didn’t know what that meant. So I have a friend at Ralph Lauren who’s a stylist, and she would take me shopping. Now after subsequent trips I kind of get what works. GP: So is she your stylist today? JD: Yeah, still. I do two to three seasonal big shopping sprees and she goes with me. GP: But she doesn’t go with you every time you shop? JD: No, but she’ll pick everything out. And I can go from there; I just wouldn’t know what works in the store. If there is an important event I will do the video thing where I send pictures and stuff.

GP: So she really just helps you put the looks together? JD: Putting things together and picking things out. I never knew one brand from the other--what was good. I always wore everything Barney’s; that was until she told me it wasn’t good. GP: So are you label-conscious now? JD: I am very label conscious, and I always was. For all of the reasons I shouldn’t be, I was. I mean, my favorite designers are John Varvatos, and Marc Jacobs “Marc”, a casual line of his. I really like Steven Allen, and the Brooklyn Brothers. But I was just with one of my friends who dresses celebrities, and told her I liked the Brooklyn Brothers, and she told me they were trash, so I don’t

know-- it’s interesting. GP: What have been the best trends you have seen over the years? And right now what trends do you like? JD: I don’t know why I’m going to say this, but I love me some plaid. And I’m glad it came back, ‘cause I wore a lot of plaid in college. I thought a lot about this, and because I live in New York, I don’t see a monolithic trend. There is such a diversity of what is possible. The only style I haven’t seen is khaki shorts with hiking boots, which was what people wore when I was in college. You don’t see that, but I guarantee if I wore that in New York, I wouldn’t get any looks. I think there is actually a kind of Ralph Lauren edge that does that.

GP: Are there any trends, then, that have Cooper, Josh Duhamel. But not really—I been horrible and you’re glad they’re in the don’t look and say ‘Oh, who’s that?’ I nopast? tice the shoes-I notice what guys are wearing before I see it in a magazine. I think it JD: Yeah, I mean I don’t know what was comes from the streets. As a historian I am going on when I was in college with the so fascinated by the ordinary lives of peobaggy stuff. I used to wear stuff that was ple; it always comes from the bottom up. double double extra large. And this was the reason I got a stylist; I always bought GP: So then how would you describe your things that were way bigger than my body. personal style? Even women, too, they wore everything bigger and baggier (as he looks at me)— JD: A mess. It’s funny you asked me to do yeah, you’re doing it now, bringin’ it back. this, because I actually think I look like a slob, which is the reason I go to a stylist. GP: Do you look to certain celebrities for I’m concerned is what it is. It’s like somestyle and fashion? one who works out a lot, which I also do. I work out so hard because I don’t think JD: I have two answers. The first is that I I have a great body, and I work so hard at really don’t look to celebrities for fashion. fashion because I don’t think I have good I look to the guys on the streets of New fashion sense. I have a consciousness about York. I was talking to one of my friends in what I wear. I tone down what I wear a the industry and she agrees; you see such lot, especially at conferences. If you look diversity of fashion on the streets of New too flashy then people don’t think you’re York City, because some of these kids are serious. I have had both men and women coming right out of FIT and some of it is colleagues who commented when I first because these are the people who are work- came here saying, “Wow look at how you ing at Calvin Klein and in the magazines. dress, it’s so nice!” But I want to be invisA lot of the guys I think dress really well, ible. I don’t want people to notice me for and it’s funny to say, do ad sales for GQ that, but at the same time I want to look and Vogue. For celebrities, the only one is presentable. Does that make sense? I have Nick Cannon. Every now and then he rehad colleagues say “Oh you dress so well, ally pushes it with colors. you must not be prepared”. So I stopped wearing blazers. I started using blazers GP: Which is funny, because he was the when I first started working here, when I MTV, Nickelodeon goofball. was younger, to command a certain degree JD: Yeah, but he knows how to rock cerof attention, and then I stopped wearing tain suit colors. He can do lavender and them. khaki suits, and so I look to him when I think about that. Beyond that I’ve seen Harry Connick Junior look nice, Bradley

GP: You mentioned noticing men’s shoes on the streets, so would you say shoes are your favorite articles of clothing?

back and forth. So I have a lot of different jackets. Too many, actually-- I always buy too much.

JD: No, I don’t like shoes. It’s not my favorite accessory--shirts are. But that’s where I notice what to wear. My natural inclination is that I wear sneakers with everything. I’m like Jerry Seinfeld in that I have hundreds of sneakers and people would ask me why I’m wearing tennis shoes. My stylist picked out one pair of nice shoes, and I wore them out, and people noticed. And so when people made a comment about my shoes, I started looking too. Shirts are my favorite though. I love shirts, sweaters, and I’m so interested in dressing from the waist up. But my favorite accessory is a good jacket. Again, it’s New York; people will see you in jacket everyday, whereas shirts can go

GP: Finally, can you describe your ideal outfit? What would you put on to feel your best? JD: To feel my personal best, I would say a baggy sweater. My personal best is actually a long-sleeve thermal and jeans, period. I’m down on, and have tons of, thermals—blue, brown, white. In terms of dress up, if I have to go out, and I have tons, I love me some navy button down shirts. My stylist says it’s a good color for me, and it’s also safe. It doesn’t make me stand out, but it also makes me look dressed up.

Campus Candids

Fashion comes to Harkness Mansion This season there’s a wide array of colorful scarves, red hues, faux fur, lace and sequins. Get ready for some chic ideas for the holiday season.

Photographed by Miguel Salcedo

Denim: The Jacket “A denim jacket and textured tights and boots will transform your summer staples into the perfect ensemble for brisk fall days”


“Wear your denim jacket under a winter coat to stylishly keep warm”


t For All Seasons by Emmaline Deihl and Nathalie Liener, Photographed by Ariann Holden

“Welcome the warm weather by pairing your denim jacket with a vibrant shirt, long skirt and bold accessories”


“Throw on your denim jacket with your favorite maxi dress for a cool and comfortable look”


THRIFT TIPS Keep an open mind

by Ariann Holden and Molly Bienstock

Don’t be scared of the second-hand stereotypes. Always keep an open mind. Thrifting is a one of kind experience while trying to find one of a kind pieces. If you see something and don’t necessarily like it at first, try it on, pair it with other pieces, but most of all BE FUN about it.

Go for funky prints

Prints are in right now! Bright and colorful are even better! Pairing something extremely funky with all black can really make an outfit. Mixing vintage prints with a modern feel is always an innovative way to rock a new style.

Pair your new thrift purchases with other bought items

You don’t always have to just shop at a thrift store. Thrifting is about finding amazing pieces and wearing them with other pieces of clothing you have bought in the past. It only takes one thing to change a whole entire outfit!

DO NOT steer away from shoulder pads!!!

I know, we all see shoulder pads and we run in the opposite direction as fast as we can. BUT, shoulder pads can be easily avoidable if you don’t choose to go 80’s chic. So you have two options…Cut them out! Some of the best jackets or sweaters have shoulder pads and if you don’t like them, cut them out or you can be a boss and rock em’.

Always go downstairs!!

These days its not only about what you wear. Thrift store are the best places to pick up the coolest mugs or even shot glasses. If there is a downstairs, anything from k kitchen supplies to decorative pieces are being sold. Check them out!

LOOK up!

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS look up! Stores know what the consumer is looking for and most thrift stores will hang up their best pieces on the wall above you. These items might be pricier but it will definitely be worth it.

Be savvy.

Use your imagination and let your creativity run through your body. Although, something might not look good on you, have you ever though about turning it into a decorative object? Often, thrift stores have awesome printed shirts that might be too much, but maybe you can turn it into a pillow? Maybe you know someone who would love this piece. BE CREATIVE!

Shop according to season‌or not!

Buy pieces that can be worn in more than one way.

Diversity is key. Being able to wear one article of clothing in more than one way is really going to get your moneys worth. Therefore, always think about how many ways you can wear this one thing.

Bring clothes to donate, thriftng is recycling!

Besides being courteous to the stores you are buying from, know that thrifting is all about sustainability! It is an eco-friendly process, in which it will not work unless the consumer is also donating as well. So be generous!

Layering is way to go. Don’t throw your out of season clothes into the cedar closet. Try sweaters over dresses and skirts and flannels and cardigans over tank tops and crop tops! Check out the jacket section! Photgrpahed by Miguel Salcedo

Who Would Y Iconic fashion figures gather for a holiday party.

Photgraphed by Devon McLaughlin in President Higdon’s office

You Invite?

Yoko Ono, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie Onassis pose for an elegant portrait at the beginning of the party.

Always the power couple, JFK and Jackie O steal an intimate moment in a secluded corner.

Diana Ross arrives fashionably late to create her grand entrance.

Audrey Hepburn pauses to write down her phone number for a handsome gentleman.

Elaine Stewart catches a glimpse of her reflection glass and musters the co to approach playwright A Miller.

a n in the ourage Arthur

Grace Kelley flirtatiously places her hands on George Peppard’s blazer as they listen to Diana Ross sing.

Bianca Jagger, recently separated from Mick comes to the party stag hoping to find a new romance.

As the party ventures outside, Bianca spies Mick making moves on Grace Kelly.

Unaware of George Peppard’s feelings towards her, Grace Kelly rekindles an old flame, Marlon Brando.

Not wanting to tarnish their image, Jackie O and JFK choose to quietly leave the party’s iminent drama.

Style A-Z

by Sophie Dietz and Jason Elias

Ascot: The most pretentious garment of clothing a man can own. If you want to feel like a rich old man, grab a cigar , place yourself next to a fireplace and sit with your thoughts. With an ascot on, of course. (Image provided by Google Images)

Bowtie: We’re not talking clip ons here! The skill of tying a perfect bowtie is unmatched. They put the “f” in formal and can cause some discomfort. However, they do look awesome when pulled off well. (Image provided by Google Images)

Clutch: Statement clutches add bursts of color to any outfit. In all different shapes, sizes and colors, clutch purses are perfect for transitions from day to night outfits. Kate Spade’s latest designs are only a sample of this new trend.
(Image provided by Google Images)

Denim on Denim: Enough said. Runways have been packed with everything denim. Combinations of different denims have been the latest look, which can be rocked by both men and women. It is apparent that this newfound love for all denim wear will have the whole country mesmerized come spring 2012. (Image provided by Google Images)

East Coast Style: New York hipsters, South Beach bums, and preppy New Englanders all together make a big fashion melting pot.

Feathers: Bring out your wild side by adding feathers to your outfit. Dress up in them head to toe - relaxed tees, dresses, and even jewelry. Feathers have become, and will remain, a necessity of everyone’s wardrobes. (Image provided by Google Images)

Galaxy: Take everything you learned about stars out of your textbooks and throw those constellations on to your clothing and shoes! Definitely a trend to test out. Our favorite? Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita Cosmic Shoes (as seen in the photo). (Image Provided by Google Images)

Headbands: Headbands are a must because baby it’s cold outside! Keep your ears company! Knit headbands are both cute and necessary as those snowflakes begin to fall. (Image provided by Google Images)

Indigo Blues: Getting tired of dreary blacks and grey? One Indigo piece whether a purse, pant, or shoe, can spice up any outfit. Another bonus, this latest trend shows school pride! Go Camels! (Image provided by Google Images)

Jack Wills: Hope everyone got a chance to hang out with the Jack Wills crew! If not, you missed out! This British company has been sweeping the nation’s top universities to show off their hottest styles. Be sure to find the closest store when you head home for the holidays! (Image provided by Sophie Dietz ’15)

Keds: The sneaker for the trendy. Tie ups with a model than hasn’t changed since 1960s, not the best for athletics but can match with anything. (Image provided by Google Images)

Leather: Embrace you biker alter ego. Get that bad girl look with a new leather jacket, maybe even go for the leather pants- we double dare you! 
(Image provided by Google Images)

Mustard: The runway is wafting this season with mustard colored hues.
 A mustard color scarf, belt or bag is the ultimate accessory to top off any simple outfit. 
(Image provided by Google Images)

Nike’s: The ultimate sneaker brand. Somewhat of a cult for collectors but whatever ‘nikes’ you choose you’re surely making a fashion statement! (Image provided by Google Images)

Optical Illusion: Get hypnotized by optical illusions this year! This print is perfect for any date or event! Winter formal anyone? Victoria Beckham rocked the Alexander McQueen optical illusion dress in 2009; Kim Kardashian showed off her curves in the same dress earlier this year. (Image provided by Google Images)

Printed Leggings: Tired of the simplicity of black leggings, and the feeling that comfy can’t result in cute? Printed leggings are the perfect mix of comfy and stylish, allowing anyone to pair the leggings with a simple white tee or oversized sweater. These are a winter essential. (Image provided by Free People)

Quilted: A quilted jacket or vest is the perfect addition to any East Coaster’s wardrobe this winter. It adds a classic flair to any outfit, and keeps you warm on those chilly fall days. Check out the Barbour jacket below for inspiration! (image provided by Barbour)

Rayban Wayfarers: Manufactured by Ray-Ban since 1956, when their design was a revolutionary break from the metal eyewear of the past. These classics not only save your eyes from the harsh sun, but make you look stylish while doing it. (Image provided by Google Images)

Sperries: Typically canvas or leather with non-marking rubber soles designed for use on a boat. A siping pattern is cut into the soles to provide grip on a wet deck; the leather construction, along with application of oil, is designed to repel water. AKA: sailing shoes. (Image provided by Google Images)

Trench Coats: A raincoat made of waterproof heavy-duty cotton drill or poplin, wool gabardine, or leather. It generally has a removable insulated lining; and it is usually knee-length. (Image provided by Google Images) Unisex: Anything men can wear, women can wear better! Or at least that’s the thought. No more stealing your boyfriend’s clothes to wear out that Saturday night, you both can shop and share together. Unisex clothing can be found anywhere, and many designers today are creating women’s clothes taken from men’s style. But nothing is to stop you from stopping in a men’s store and shopping for yourself. So stop by the nearest Brooks Brothers and buy that blazer you’ve been eying! (Image provided by Google Images)

Varsity Sweaters: If you want to parade around campus showing your team logo, or just stay stylishly warm - do it with some letters on. (Image provided by Google Images)

Wide Leg Pants: Don’t worry ladies; the skinny jean is still in. But so are wide leg pants! Not to mention, they’re the perfect compliment to that body conscious top.. And no, you will not look like you just stepped off the set of “That 70’s Show” for rocking these! (Image provided by Google Images)

Xtra Flow: Growing it out for the winter. Keep the “flo” looking well and neat.

Ying and Yang: Staying equally fashionable with your partners is an absolute necessity. You’ll look fashionable dressed in all black as your date rocks the all white look. (Image provided by Google Images)

Zippers: Today, you can throw zippers on anything. Pants, dresses, jackets, and even the sleeves of your sweaters. Lets face it; zippers are in style. I’m not complaining, zippers add an edge to most pieces of clothing. (Image provided by Google Images)

Special thanks to... Pentangle 31 West Main Street Mystic, CT 06355 (860) 536-4621 The Mixed Bag 3 W Main St Mystic, CT 06355 (860) 245-3754 Hope & Stetson 47 West Main Street Mystic, CT 06355 (860) 415-4660 Stonewear Clothing 33 W Main Street Mystic, CT 06355 (860) 572-0817

And our models...

Fashion IconsLily Beck (Grace Kelly), Bianca Smith (Elaine Stewart), Allie Munson (Jackie Onassis), Diane Essis (Diana Ross) Benedikt Gottwald (George Peppard), Nicolas Rodricks (Mick Jagger), Kurt Reinmund (Arthur Miller), Matthew Doyle (Marlon Brando), Conor Quilty (John F. Kennedy), Carina Schnieders (Yoko Ono). Winter ShootLea Perekrests, Lily Beck, Virginia Blair West, Ines Finol, Ellie Storck, Danielle Cyr, Ali McKeigue ThriftMolly Bienstock, Ariann Holden Jean JacketEmmaline Deihl, Natalie Liener

December 2011 Issue#2  
December 2011 Issue#2  

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