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Best Buddies

This fall Best Buddies is preparing for the Halloween Party which is on October 29th from 6 to 8 p.m. in the City High Commons. Wear a costume! On November 13th at 6:30p.m. the Fall Formal will be in the City High Cafeteria. For more information about the club talk to club president, Caitlin Clougherty or club sponsor Mr. Braverman. - Molly Powell-Littler


Art Club’s main focus this month has been on ceramic art work and self portraits. ”Several students are doing individual projects,” sponsor Jill Harper said. Individual projects include glass work, clay sculptures and drawings. They will be displaying there work in the commons in the near future. Art Club meets Tuesdays at 3:30 in room 1202. - Michael Hunter

Ampersand harrison burke



Hypnosis and Meditation are pretty similar, right? This was the hot topic at Psych Club this week and it turns out that they are very different. Not only has Psych Club been discussing these topics, they have actually tried hypnosis and meditation in class. “The Students really got a lot out of it,” Psych Club advisor Mrs. Green said. “Meditation is difficult to learn, but it just takes practice.” The club has also done some experimentation with breathing and relaxation techniques. “Psych Club has been going very well,” Mrs. Green said. “We usually have from 15-20 students each week.” The club has also discussed the popularity of T.V. shows like “CSI” and “Bones” and what their effect on juries, called the “CSI effect.” Anyone that is interested can join. Meetings are from 3:30 to 4:15 on Wednesdays. - Max Friedman



With Halloween right around the corner, Pep Club is preparing some extra sweet surprises. “We’re making little candy spiders that students can buy and send to their friends on Friday, the day before Halloween,” said Ms. Ritter, Pep Club advisor. “They’ll be kind of like candy-grams. It’s just a fun way to show your friends you care.” - Sonora Taffa


Peaking through big brown curls to look down at a book, A.J. De Shamp ’13 talks about the new and improved book club. “This year it’s more men oriented. There was a lot of estrogen last year. All we ever talked about was Twilight or love plots.” This week book club is doing “choose your own book.” Co-president of book Monica Hemingway is pleased with the change. “I am very happy about it. I refused to go the last meeting because I thought The Forest of Hands and Teeth was a stupid book.” - Jindalae Suh

Long after City High’s halls had cleared from the school day this Monday, french club gathered to work tirelessly over their submissions to the annual French Cooking Contest. The foods room was alive w i t h clanking pots and the chatter of bakers. Freshmen Molly Hayes, Heather Roesch, a n d Lexine Schumm teamed up create un gateau au chocolat. “We call it a mochafilled chocolate roll cake. I think it looks rather dashing right now,” said Roesch. Though they missed winning the dessert contest by a single point, they still say they had a great time. “We love cooking together,” said Hayes. “and we needed a cake for Heather’s birthday.” The French Club’s “Concours de Cuisine” has been a tradition

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for longer than Mme Grunsted can remember. “More than 10 years,” she said, if she had to take a guess. Each fall french students and cooking enthusiasts come together to take a shot at the contest. The selection of food was judged by a panel including Mr. Bacon, Mr. Lestina, several former contest winners, and Mic h a e l Knock, the foods writer for the PressCitizen. In a closed room, the judges sampled each dish and voted. “We had a difficult decision because everyone’s food was so wonderful,” said Principle Bacon as he announced the winners. Barbara and Melissa Tran won the main dish category with Ragout, a traditional french stew. The winning dessert was a flan created by Bianca Loya, Stephanie Velasquez, Saida Rodriguez. - Annelise Jacobson

“We had a difficult decision because everyone’s food was so wonderful.” -John Bacon





Drinking lots of milk makes your hair grow faster.

Harrison Burke won the best journalistic photograph in the state of Iowa last year.

Not even Nope, not proven. Hair growth rate is genetic.

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Rumor Boris Perkhounkov has won “the game.”

The average temperature last winter was 17 degrees. (true!)

Doesn’t matter


‘Cause you lost. Suckers.

It’s supposed to be just as bad this winter...


Rumor A class to run is going to be offered next year.

Rumor The spring musical is going to be Chicago!



Unsure as of now

Yeah it is!

1550 south First ave, iowa city

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Meet the Foreign


interviews by sonorataffa photos by annelisejacobson



News max friedman


Exchange Students


Maria Aumueller


David Schmsdorf

Gabriella Bizzochi

Lea Proese

Alina Panina

Simon Schipman

“[City High] is different from German schools, but in a really good way. In Germany it’s more like tests are the most important thing. Here it’s more about experiencing what you learn. I was really impressed by that.”

Weirdest questions he’s been asked: “Do you live in houses?” “Do you not live in the ground?” “Do you have trees?” “I told someone we have to pay taxes for gravity so we don’t fly away. And he believed me. That was funny.” What he misses: “Sometimes the freedom. I’m more dependent, and I have to listen to my [host] parents. I have to be nice and stuff. It’s so cool here I don’t really miss anything.”

First impression of America: “Everything is big. Streets, cars, school, all very busy.”

Favorite teacher: “Mr. Yates. He’s really funny. I most like that he laughs more about his own jokes than the whole class.”

First Impression: “I think that teachers are not only our teachers but also our friends. It’s so cool.”

He was most surprised by: “Girls wearing Adidas sandals and socks! We would never wear that in Germany. Never ever! I saw that and I thought ‘Geez, what is going on?’

Weirdest Questions she’s been asked: “Do you have Christmas in Germany?” “Do you speak English at home?”

Speech Brings on New Words by jindalaeSUH

On a chilly December day when most people are in doors sipping hot chocolate and reading the funnies, a group of select individuals gets up at five in the morning and crams into a bus to travel far from their homes. These City High students make up LGS, or as some call it, large group speech. “It’s competitive acting, if that makes any sense,” describes Katherine Smith ’12. Standing bedside her, Francesca Crutchfield-Stoker ’12 explains, “Speech is like, a multitude of actors and a prodigious amount of different scenes and random stuff in a large group, and you go around to different schools, where you have a ton of fun exploring the hallways and meeting crazy people.” The idea behind large group speech may seem simple enough, but on closer inspection LGS has a myriad of different areas in which one may compete. Choral reading, ensemble, reader’s theatre, mime, improvisational, one act

play, large group speech, and musical theatre are just some of the options for any actor enthusiast. Starting in November and going until February, the actors involved in speech put in one to two hours a couple times a week. “The rehearsals get longer as you get closer to competition,” explains Smith. Anyone can join, however there are auditions. Students meet in the little theater, are handed information about speech along with a monologue and a short scene, and auditions take place the next day. In these auditions, a group of three or so is given a prompt and given two minutes to plan what they want to do with it. “[Speech] is so much fun,” Emily Merrit said ’12. “You get to meet a lot of really cool people, and it’s a fun way to get involved,” Crutchfield Stoker said, “When you don’t have anything to do on a snowy Saturday afternoon, you get to go see all your friends at large group speech and have a fun time!”


Funny observation: “I notice that here a lot of people wear clothes like they’re going to practice sports. Certain times I saw people in the pajamas!” Cultural differences: “Here, people think sports are most important. In Italy it’s more about the culture and our studies.”


Looking forward to: “The graduation ceremony. It’s cool that we are all seniors, the foreign exchange students. We don’t have the graduation ceremonies so big in Germany.”

Green Project Plants 67 New Trees at City by amandaGERARD

A project to improve the landscape at City High that began in 2000 has finally taken action, 67 trees, 1000 daffodils, 25 shrubs, and 25 ornamentalz grasses were planted around City High October 9th in an effort to improve the school. Emil Rinderspacher is the organizer of the PSTO Landscaping Committee at City High. “Through a Project GREEN Grant, we hired Landscape Architect Steve Ford to draw up a master plan for the entire CHS campus as well as a detailed plan for the main entrance,” he said. “Plans were put on hold due to bond issues, additions to the building and the Tower Restoration but in spring of 2005 the PSTO Landscaping Committee started meeting again. ICSD Foundation started handling money and Sue Mullins resurrected the committee and interest.” In the fall of 2009 in preparation for City High’s 75th anniversary, Vice- Principal Mr. Coleman organized a cleanup of the landscape. 100 volunteers showed up

to spruce up the grounds, weed, and remove overgrown trees and shrubs. “About 32,000 dollars were raised for memorial benches, concrete work, and plant material,” Rinderspacher said. “We are attempting to diversify the campus tree canopy.” “We are excited about the project and know that it will really improve an already beautiful campus,” Rinderspacher said.

The Plants: •Flowering crabapples •White oak •Hackberry •Kentucky coffee tree •River birch •Linden •Tulip tree •Red sunset maples •Crimson king maple •Bottlebrush buckeye •Cleveland pear •Tree lilac •Honey locust •Hornbeam •Elm •White pine •American larch •Blue/Black spruce


On football games: “I don’t understand football rules. It just makes me very happy to meet with my friends at the games.” What she likes: “In America people are more friendly and they always smile. In Russia people can sometimes be very sad or angry.”


On school spirit: “It’s awesome! We don’t have any school spirit in my school in Germany. We hate our schools! We just go there to study. Here everyone is proud of their school.”

4 LittleHawk Band Closes Marching Season in Style

News max friedman



by anneliseJACOBSON and sonoraTAFFA

The band breaks and screams, rushing onto the football field from all four corners. A gift box with arms and legs sprints wildly past Barack Obama, lumbering under the weight of a bass drum. A moment later, out of the kaleidoscope of costumes, pops one word: GAGA. The beginning notes of Bad Romance float out above the crowd, and so begins the marching band Halloween show. “It may seem pretty chaotic, but that’s part of the fun,” said the drum line section leader, Aaron Ottmar ‘11. At the pinnacle of the performance, Thriller was featured. “Michael Jackson is awesome,” said colorguard member Emmy Devine ‘11. “Thriller is basically THE Halloween song.” Thriller’s signature “zombie walk” is definitely a point of pride among marching band members. “All I could think was ‘Do I look zombie enough?’” Madi Genz ’14, trumpet, said. Bringing it in for the finish was

on the




“It’s pretty cool. Lady Gaga “He encourages makes goodstudents. songs.” I think that hisReyes teaching -Miranda ‘14 style is a really good way to approach education.” -Maura Channon ‘11


photo by JINDALAESUH City High Drumline members show off their costumes before halftime. From left to right: Aaron Ottmar ‘11, Logan Cronbaugh ‘13, Jack Kregel ‘11, David Steinkruger ‘11 and Ian Nessler ‘12.

Hey Jude by the Beatles, the marching band’s traditional goodbye to its graduating seniors. Each note draws the band nearer and nearer to the end of the marching season, the last note ringing with a sense of finality through the stadium. It is a farewell, and a last word in a season full of accomplishment. One of these accomplisments was recieving a Division I rating in the state marching tournament. “I was very happy they did


. .



such a great job,” Director Dr. McReynolds said. He believed in his band to perform their absolute best. “They practiced hard and each week the show just got better,” he said. The drumline was also honored for their halftime performence with a superior rating. “I was really proud of everyone,” said Ottmar. “All the hard work really paid off.”

How do you feel about the band playing How do you feel about “Bad Romance,” by Lady Gaga? Bacon’s policies so far?

. .

“I don’t like Lady Gaga.” “I think that being ‘13 able -Todd Mullen to use cellphones and iPods is super cool!” -Kara Hartley ‘13

“It would be cool because Halloween is creepy and Lady Gaga is kind of creepy.” -Erin Helm ‘12 and Javon Duarte ‘12


. .

“I’m so pumped, Bad Romance is such a sick song.” -Kennedy Bodnarek ‘11


Hills and Lincoln Parents Continue to Petition Against Attending City High by kieranGREEN

In the past months, many Hills and Lincoln parents have continued to petition the school board to reverse redistricting policies that would require their students to be sent to City High The shift would induce many Hills families to send their students across town, which some parents believe to be unsafe. In a statement issued last April the parents claimed that “[the Hills community] does not want a longer commute to City High on two lane, undivided rural roads with too many deer, poor conditions in inclement weather, and significantly more intersections and crossings.” Despite this, City High administrators remain confident the new busing system will work. “My feeling is that there are routes that go to City High that are just as safe and quick as those that go to West,” Principal John Bacon said. Lincoln Elementary parents have said that “[Lincoln parents] are long-standing supporters of west-side secondary schools, and as such find it hard to imagine these boundaries will ever feel

comfortable.” that we’re “We’ve been able to think H o w e v e r, starting to see a City High has start working together lot of positive recently taken feedback,” Basteps to meet with parents on this, and con said. with City The change High parents, I think that we’re starting would affect and to allevito see a lot of positive roughly 20 stuate any appreper grade hension that feedback,” dents per year from parents may -Principal Bacon each school, have. and, if upheld “ We ’ v e would be put been able to start working to- into effect in the next 2-4 years. gether with parents on this, and I

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Novice debater Drew Wilson delivers a rebuttal. The LD Debate team reached the finals and recieved several awards in last week’s tournament at Roosevelt

Coach Hutzel Builds New LD Debate Team From Scratch by kieranGREEN

All but one varsity member graduated last year leaving Coach Darcie Hutzel to try and form a Lincoln Douglass team from scratch. Despite this, Hutzel remains confident. “Our chances [of getting to nationals this year] are pretty good. We have a very talented and smart varsity team, and we have the drive to get things accomplished,” Hutzell said. The sentiment is echoed by LD captain Schecharya Flatte ‘12. “We’re pretty happy about where we are right now; things seem to be shaping up nicely,” Flatte said. The team’s next tournament will be at Cedar Rapids Washington High School on October 29th. “Our general outlook is very positive, we have a great crew to

The Team: Novice: -Veneisa Dillon -Monyetta Gills -Aaron Christainsen -Drew Wilson -Yaneli Canales Varsity: -Shecharya Flatte Coach: -Darcie Hutzell work with and we’re looking forward to a great season” Hutzel said. LD Debate has gotten off to a good start, reaching finals and recieving multiple speaker awards in last week’s Tournament at Roosevelt, and has high hopes for what the future offers.

Student Senate Pushes to Reform Athletic Pass by ellenKEALEY

Currently, the student senate is pushing to reform the athletic pass policy at home games. “Were trying to talk to the athletic director and possibly Mr. Bacon,” Sheets said. “Many students have agreed that the policy is unfair and should be reconsidered.” Between planning the Homecoming events and organizing prom, being a member of City High’s Student Senate can get quite hectic. “The most difficult part is time management,” President Kelsey Sheets ‘11 said. “You have to find time to make sure everything gets done.” In addition to planning Homecoming and Prom, Student Senate also organizes an annual food drive. Last year, they donated approximately 1500 pounds of food and other items to the Iowa City crisis center. “We had to take several car loads just to get all the supplies over,” Sheets said. “We had a lot of fun and it feels good to give back.” Student senate is currently trying to plan either a winter formal or a talent show.

Athletic Pass:

The Athletic pass system requires students to provide a school I.D. card to get into home games. “It depends on what everyone wants,” Sheets said. “A talent show would be fun because there are lots of kids with cool talents.” Student Senate is in charge of planning school events like Homecoming and Prom, but is also in charge of debating school rules and policies. “Making necessary changes to school policies is what Student Senate is all about,” Kelsey Sheets said. Joining Student Senate is for anyone who is interested in becoming involved in school events and meeting new people. For more information about becoming a part of Student Senate, contact Mrs. Gibbens or Mr. Hellwig.


Lessons Scheduled During Class City High’s new physical education schedule changes the music lesson routine. Individual lessons for students without private instruction will be taught throughout the school day. by anneliseJACOBSON


Emilie Burden ‘14 recieves a private violin lesson from Ms. Wiebner during her 5th hour Choir class.

Students in the music department will be pulled from class this year to participate in music lessons. This change came about because school board decision to adopt the new PE model and the resulting high number of students without open hours. The new PE model makes it so that students will have it every day for one trimester and not have it for the remaining two trimesters. “What we’re trying to do is give the same instruction we’ve been able to in the past,” band director Mr. Arp said. The City High Music

Department is required by district curriculum to offer students the opportunity for lessons at school if they are unable or choose not to take private lessons. “You can’t have a program where the only kids who can have lessons are those whose parents can afford it,” orchestra director Ms. Wiebner said. The main concern with the situation is that students will fall behind academically. “Classes are hard to make up. I wouldn’t want to miss something important,” Rebecca Russel ‘11 said. Principal John Bacon has already given this thought, and outlined a plan in a let-

ter to the staff earlier this year. “Music teachers will not pull students out of just one class, rather they will pull from 2-3 classes whenever possible, so that students will typically only miss 20-25 minutes of a class every 2-3 weeks,” Principal Bacon wrote. However, the students will be given lessons during open hours, PE, and trimester electives. “We won’t being taking kids out of Chemistry,” she said. Principal Bacon knows the situation is not ideal, but will be able to work. “We will need to be flexible and help each other out.”

21-Only Ordinance is Back on the Ballot by noraHOLMAN

Earning the title as the 9th highest party school in the nation 2010-2011, The University of Iowa has been attracting the wrong kind of attention from the Iowa City Council these past few years. Back in 2007, the proposed ban of those under 21 from Iowa City bars was voted No by voters, but last November the proposal was put on the ballot again and was voted YES by voters. The 21-only ordinance took effect in June and raised the minimum barentry age after 10 p.m. from 19 to 21. The ordinance is designed to hopefully control the problematic binge drinking that has been consuming downtown Iowa

City nights. borhoods. So far, the ordinance has Another worry with the been somewhat successful new ordinance is that it at keeping minors out of could potentially take away the bars after 10 p.m. and business from the local according to Iowa City downtown bars. Businesspolice department officers, es downtown rely heavily there has been fewer people on the university and all younger than 21 downtown of its students and the bars at night. rely just as much. This may have There is alsomething to do ready plenty of with the 735-dol- ...and raised the competition belar fine that awaits minimum bar tween the large anyone who is entry age after number of Iowa caught under-age City bars and 2110 p.m. only adds more in the bars. Although the strain on the busiordinance may be nesses to do well. keeping minors away from 21-only goes back to votdowntown, it still doesn’t ers on this November’s balsolve the issue of house lot. There are many who parties. support the ordinance that There hasn’t been a re- will try to keep the miniported increase in house mum age where it is, and parties this year, but police also many who oppose it are still stepping up their that will be attempting to patrol efforts in the neigh- repeal the ordinance.

21-Only Poll Results:

27% 73%

27% support 21-Only. 73% are against it

ACNE? Has this been an unwelcome addition to your life? If so, we’re right down the street. Iowa City Dermatology Susan Wall, MD and Erica Colleran, MD

Located on First Ave. midway between City High and Regina 269 N 1st Ave Ste 100 Call today for an appointment! 319-339-3872



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now, briefly

Model U.N.

Although the Model UN conference at UNI is not until April, students are already preparing for the annual event. “As of right now, there are about 30 people who have shown an interest in Model UN”, said Mr. Dodge, the advisor for the group. City High will be representing China this year, but with the amount of people involved, more choices will need to be made. “We’ll probably need two or more countries,” said Dodge. While the group has already started meeting on a semi-regular basis, students will have to wait until November to find out exactly what they will be researching.

by renataSTEWART

Run for relief

Every year the City High Cross Country girls end their season wby hosting a 5k run/ walk to help raise money for a charity. This year they decided on “Steps For Breath” which is a lung cancer research organization. Anybody can participate. To register, go to the Main Office or go online at You can also register the day of the race. The run will be held at Lower City Park on November 6th. The race starts at 10 a.m. and registration begins at 8 a.m. The fee is 20 dollars but it includes a t-shirt. “Mr. Bacon, Chip and I are all running,” Rebecca Rethwisch said. “So it’s gonna be pretty awesome!”



6 LittleHawk

A&E carl sessions


Reviews New TV


The show that’s made Italian-Americans everywhere cringe, “The Shore” has gathered a mass of followers. “I love the show,” Lee Phipps, ‘11 said. “Pauly-D is a beast.” Starting its second season, the only thing that’s changed about the show is its location, this time in Miami Beach. Viewers every week are treated to a half-hour of fist pumping, binge drinking, drama-filled entertainment that never fails to show the grotesque, passion-filled side of human nature. “This hair ain’t movin’, my dude.”


shows art by NORAholman

IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY The show that made kit-

ten mittens famous is starting its 6th season. “I’m excited for the WILD CARD, B*****S,” David Steingkruger said. In addition to other hijinks, this season Dennis gets married and Dee gets pregnant “It’s looking to be a really exciting season,” Steinkruger added.

on the


“The Office, it’s really funny.” -Thomas Panther ‘12

What’s your favorite TV show?


The desperate housewives are back. Just starting its seventh season, the show has fans hooked. “This season is by far my favorite, Emily Ward ’13 said. “They’ve added even more drama.” Desperate Housewives takes place in an average American suburb. Sex, lies and gossip abound, and it makes for entertaining television. So far, the new season focuses on the return of Paul, a former neighbor who killed Martha Huber and who’s wife, Mary Alice committed suicide in the first season.

The show about the privileged, rumor-filled lives of teenagers in Upper East Side Manhattan rivets fans Tuesdays on CW. “I love the drama of it all,” Elizabeth Pierce, ’13 said. Another main attraction are the extravagant wardrobes of the cast members. “Their clothes are ridiculously gorgeous, glamorous and expensive,” Pierce said. “Jersey Shore, I love Snooki.” -Jordan Sullivan ‘12

Classic Horror Films A

s Halloween approaches, scary movies take over the teenage psyche. The desire to be chilled with suspenseful scenes and repulsed by excess violence becomes stronger with every falling leaf. This craving can either be filled with horror movies or witch hunts. The latter being illegal, the Little Hawk has compiled the best classic (that is, no digitally altered) horror films that you can enjoy as you await Halloween night. Horror films are like cats; everyone has a favorite. Here are some of City High’s most recognizable people, and their favorites.

Bacon: Hannah and the Dog Ghost “The movie still haunts me.”

Mr. Lestina: The Shining “It’s a classic.”

George Volk (Janitor):

Birds “I wasn’t supposed to see it and it really freaked me out.”


Mr. Brown: Invasion of the Body Snatchers “It scared the hell out of me.”

Mr. Coleman: Bambi

“Bambi’s mom dies. It was so sad.”


City’s favorite screams

Saw 16%

Halloween 24%

Rocky Horror 7%

Other 38%

The Blair Witch Project This film follows a group of three filmmakers who travel into the Burkittesville, Maryland woods to make a documentary about an urban legend called “The Blair Witch.” However, the filmmakers are never seen again and only their footage was found one year later. There is almost no blood in this movie, which actually makes it scarier. This movie was benchmark in horror films because it brought forth the documentary-style of filming. The whole movie is filmed with what appears Nightmare Before to be a cheap camera, which makes it feel all the scarier. 7% poll conducted of 140 students

Friday the 13th 8%

The is the classic Halloween movie. Halloween (the original) is about a psychotic killer who escapes from a mental institution and returns to his sleepy hometown for a killing spree. Part of its apeal is the timeframe... Halloween night to be exact. The amount of blood is close to none, but the suspense proves to be the winning factor. This classic slasher film is a great choice because it has a balanced mix of suspense and violence.

by: max FRIEDMAN

Iron & Wine At the IMU on October 12th

On a cold October evening, singer/songwriter Sam Beam treated Iowa City to an intimate performance at the IMU. Beam is the sole member of Iron and Wine. He plays a relaxed and calm kind of music that’s quite distinct from other acoustic players. A sense of reluctant acceptance towards life permeates his songs, and Beam’s almost spectator perspective makes him easy to connect to. Beam developed a quick connection with the audience, and then just as quickly as he developed rapport, he broke into an a Capella version of his melodious song, “Flightless Bird, American Mouth.” After about three or four songs, two other musicians joined him on stage including Rosie Thomas, who opened the show with her beautiful voice. In between sweet and sorrowful songs, Beam and Thomas cracked jokes to lighten up the mood, reflecting the obvious enjoyment they experienced on stage. After a 15-song set and the gracious encore of “Resurrection Fern,” the show ended. Iron and Wine will continue on to play other shows in the Midwest in November, and advertise their new album “Kiss Each Other Clean,” that is due in early 2011.

The Little Hawk Horoscope “your destiny...revealed”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Pisces (Feb 19-March 20)

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

We know what you did last summer...It’s time to confess.

The average lifespan of a Freshman relationship is two days. We’re sorry, but yours isn’t going to be any different.

Aries (March 21-April 19) 617-861-3962 Just do it.

Taurus (April 20-May 18)

Today is the day to stop doing peel-outs in the parking lot. Yes, you.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)


The Shining

With Halloween right around the corner it’s time to face reality. Nobody is going to give you candy.

“Here’s Johnny!” This story follows Jack and Wendy Torrance and their son Danny, as they travel to an isolated hotel in the mountains to be the winter caretakers. Danny sees disturbing visions of the hotel’s past with a psychic ability known as “The Shining.” Jack Torrance, (who is writing a book) begins to go insane due to cabin fever and the frequent visits of the hotel’s ghosts. There’s a lot of blood: scarlet tides, to be exact. However, all of this blood occurs in strange visionsequences throughout the movie, and is fairly “artistic.” The winning aspect of this film is what it does with your mind. The movie really makes you think and will leave you confused if you don’t pay close enough attention.

No Shave November’s looking to be a good idea for you.

Try to avoid starting a land war in Asia.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)

Being a highschool DOES NOT mean you can’t go trick-or-treating

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Go see Paranormal Activity 2. Poop your pants for the second time.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) It’s almost your birthday so make some pumpkin pie and Eat it with cinnamon ice cream. *We apologize for Sagittarius and Capricorn. Go to the for your horoscopes


Night of the living dead

This film is the original zombie movie and also a classic “low-budget” film. The story is about zombies. Plain and simple. The reanimated corpses rise from the dead to kill people, and most importantly, eat their meat. There is a bit of blood in this film, but it’s overshadowed by all of the flesh-eating. While the movie is not very scary, it’s fun and enjoyable to watch on a spooky October night. by maxFRIEDMANandcarlSESSIONS

Features renata stewart by mollyPOWELL-LITTLER

Considering the fact that she started competing statewide at the age of six, traveling to competitions all over the United States, winning countless medals, and competing against a multitude of countries, it’s surprising that City High hasn’t heard much about Fatimah Omar. “It’s weird being in a sport that nobody knows about,” Omar said, “But I’ve always been doing it so I guess I don’t really notice.” Omar started Tae Kwon Do at the age of four at her dad’s martial arts school-- ‘Strike Martial Arts’. “My dad is harder on my siblings and me because we are family,” Omar said. “He teaches us more than the other students because he expects more from us.” Omar’s sister, Juwairiah, also used to compete in the same sport. “We fought each other once or twice but that was when we were a lot younger,” Omar said. “My dad pushed me more just because I was wwmore competitive and liked going to the competitions.” Her first competition was two years after


17 And Published

Tae-Kwon-Do Teen

Fatimah Omar ‘13 smiles for the camera at a recent tae-kwan-do competition.




she started training, at the Iowa Games. She went to Nationals for the first time in 2003 and won a bronze medal. She continued to win medals each year at different competitions all over the country. In the US Open Omar competed against a girl from Mexico as well as a girl from Canada. There were over 100 countries competing. Omar and her team undergo a lot of preparation to be able to contend in competitions. “I do a lot of training before competitions,” Omar said. “In team training we work on technique, strategy and do a ton of conditioning.” Her most recent competition was in Missouri, were she won two gold and a silver medal against over 3,000 competitors. Omar’s goal is to compete in more national competitions and hopefully one day go to the Olympics.

The Wild West Comes to Iowa

by ellenKEALEY

Situated twenty miles east of Iowa City, the Cedar Valley Stables horse ranch has become a volunteer home for many students from City High and other schools around Iowa. 

At the ranch, students take the role of a ranch hand. They work with horses, guide trail rides, and teach others about riding. 

 The ranch is still recovering from the devastating flood of 2008. With the help of many people, including student volunteers, the ranch is almost back to the way it was before the flood.

 “So many scary things have happened,” Nancy Goodale, owner of Cedar Valley Stables, said. “The flood was horrible because we had to evacuate horses and the entire business was under water.”

 Throughout this time, Nicole Kuddes, a junior at City High, was involved daily in the clean-up. She now continues to work as camp counselor and ranch hand on the weekends.

 “My favorite part about working at the ranch is all the people I’ve met and
 all the adventures I’ve had,” she said. “The ranch has allowed me to learn so much about horses while making memories that will last a lifetime.” 

Long before guided trail rides and student ranch hands, Richard Gaul founded the ranch in 1969. He brought eight horses to the business

and charged a dollar and fifty cents per ride. Today it costs twenty-five dollars per ride and the ranch has grown to accommodate forty horses. 

 “To be honest, purchasing the ranch was completely spur of the moment,” 
Goodale said. “We already had five horses and two ponies and we thought 
it would be fun.” 

 The ranch offers weekend trail riding and lodging April through October. Girls’ summer horse camp is also available to girls ages ten and older. 
“Being a counselor is fun because you have more responsibilities and you get
 to do more with the horses,” Kuddes said. “Setting a good example and 
teaching young girls that have the same dream as I do is inspiring.”

 Camps run June through August and are open to all girls who are interested.

 “I’m in the business for the love of the animals,” Goodale said. “Our goal
is to teach people how to care for animals, even as they’re aging.”
 A year and a half ago, the ranch rescued a horse named Bullseye, who was untrained and terrified of people. “The first time I saw him was in a small round pen at a cattle farm,” Goodale said. “He was so scared and so fearful that everyone thought I would say no. He needed

Students ride horses at the Cedar Valley Stables.

to be out of that situation and to move to a safe place where he could release his fears. You could see in his eyes that he had potential.” The Saturday that he arrived, he was set free in the corral and was unable to be caught. “I didn’t know what was going to happen,” Goodale said. “Sometimes you just have to wait and see.” The following day, Rich Goodale, Nancy’s husband and partner at the ranch, taught everyone how to properly ease the frightened horse into a new routine. Gaining Bullseye’s trust began by sitting in silence for two hours before finally getting close enough to attach a lead rope to his halter. “With time and patience, everyone at the ranch worked to gain his trust,” said Goodale. “Without that chance, I’m not sure what would have happened to him,” she continued. Taking in horses that need good homes is something the ranch takes seriously. Bullseye was certainly not the first horse that needed help. “We hope the enjoyment of each horse’s progress gets passed on to the customers and campers that enjoy them, “Goodale concluded. “Every horse needs somebody.”

by anneliseJACOBSON

Being published is the dream of every artist. For Joey Vazquez ‘12, this dream became a reality when his first comic book was published last summer. “The Lost Kids” follows the story of several kids who find themselves trapped in a fantasy world, and how they make their way home. Now 17, Joey has been drawing since he was “old enough to hold a crayon.” His talent was nurtured from an early age, growing up in a family that valued art. His older brother, who is also a comic artist, was one of his role models. “It was mainly my brother who inspired me to draw,” Joey said. Joey mainly draws superheros and fictional characters. “I don’t really visualize my drawings, sometimes they just happen,” Joey said. “Sometimes if I see another artists work, it will really inspire me to want to draw something.” Joey was selected as one of the first Little Hawk Leaders of the school year. As in previous years, teachers nominate unique and interesting students to be recognized, and Vice Principal Terry Coleman makes the final selection. “We thought he was very deserving—being published as a 10th grader is pretty amazing,” Coleman said. Currently, Joey is working on three different jobs for comic book companies and private individuals. He gets his jobs through agents who contact him through his gallery website. “There are many cases when an artist will go looking for work, but I’ve been fortunate.” Joey is thinking about attending college to earn an art degree, and plans to become a professional comic artist. His advice for young artists: “I would say sketch! sketch! sketch! The only way you will get better is if you just keep working at it, and never stop. Also, finding mentor is a big help.” Joey knows in what direction he is going. “[Drawing] is definitely my passion, and what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Double Truck

carl sessions







Even though the closest “legitimate” haunted house is over 300 miles away in Villisca Iowa (where 8 people were ax-murdered in 1912), there are still haunted places in the area. Nightmare Manor in Cedar Rapids is one such house. People leaving the manor sprinted out with terrified looks of satisfaction on their faces, following the sound of a chainsaw. After paying the eight dollar entrance fee we went inside. The manor held countless rooms, half filled with grusome murder scenes, while the other half was pitch black. The actors were exceedingly creepy and they knew how to pop out at the scariest times. After what felt like hours of torture, meeting the chainsaw man at the end felt surprisingly relieiving. Nightmare manor is open until the 31st. Visit http://www. for more details

Sessions tried to carve Frankenstein, however, the ensuing holes resembled more of a checkerboard than The Modern Prometheus. Fifth place for lack of originalilty and horrid pumpkin carving abilities.

Friedman went into the contest with no plan, but in the end created a beautiful masterpiece. The outstretched tongue contributes to the aura of a janky pumpkin death. Second place for originality and realistic-ness.

Holman tried to portray multiple emotions with her pumpkin. She started with a classic smiling smirk and a pleasant eye and eyebrow combo. She completed the look with a terrifying display of butcher knives stabbing the pumpkin in the back.


Michael Hunter’s pumpkin is SICK.... literally! He aimed for a twist on the classic jack’o’lantern that looked like it was throwing up. “I got my inspirtation off of the internet,” said Hunter. Hunter used the pumpkin seeds as the vomit. “I thought it looked pretty disgusting, but I am happy the way it turned out.”

Renata Stewart

Mikey Hunter

5th place 2nd place 4th place 3rd place Carl Sessions

Max Friedman

Jin Suh’s

How To:

Nora Holman

1st place

The Black Angel


A common misconception is that any old pumpkin will be fit for carving. In order to carve the best possible pumpkin, you need to find one that best suits your needs. Set aside a day to take a trip to Hy-Vee and get to know each pumpkin. Pick it up, sniff it, roll it on the ground a little. You may even want to give it a lick to really get a good feel for it.


Now comes the hard part: deciding what to carve. Take a stroll around your neighborhood and check out what everybody else is doing. Conform.

V What do you think of the Black Angel?

“It’s all been said before”

STEP TWO After choosing a pumpkin that you’re committed to, it’s time to take it home. Before you start, set up a space on the floor and cover it with newspaper. I would recommend putting on a pair of gloves to avoid any injury. With a knife, cut a lid out of the top of the pumpkin and scoop out the innards. After emptying the pumpkin, you’re all set to start carving!

photos by NORAandRENATA

-Mr. Brown

DONE! When you’re finished with the carving, set a candle in the bottom of the pumpkin and replace the lid that you cut out. If you followed these steps carefully, you should have a pretty awesome pumpkin. Set it out on your front porch to make your neighbors jealous of your pumpkin carving skills, and enjoy!

“We don’t believe in it,” -Alex Wilburn and Elise Brown, ‘12

“I don’t really have an opinion.” -Bo Olson, ‘13

ariously described as menacing, eerie, uncanny, and forbidding, the Black Angel stretches her wings over a grave in Oakland Cemetery. She is one of the most recognized landmarks in Iowa City and is the center of a swirl of legends. Visit the monument and it’s easy to see why she holds such fascination. The nine-foot bronze statue of an angel with outspread wings is very different from the headstones usually erected in memory of loved ones. Look into her expressionless eyes as you stand underneath her wings and a shiver of unease is likely to run down your spine. This is an angel who is not in the least comforting. Though skeptics say that the color is a result of oxidation and perhaps some paint, legends abound concerning how the angel became black. Some say the statue turned black overnight because the woman buried there was secretly unfaithful to her husband; others assert that a bolt of lightning turned a pure white angel into a black one in a single second. Another story claims that the angel depicts a vision experienced just before death by the woman buried here. Legend also says that you’re not a true University of Iowa student until you’ve been kissed in the shadow of her wings. But those students better not brush up against her, for the same legend also says that touching her leads to a premature death. Perhaps the best story of all is this: each Halloween night, the Black Angel turns a shade darker. Pay her a visit this Halloween and see if this legend is true.

Feature renata stewart




TIPS FROM LOCAL STOREOWNERS This TIME OF YEAR, as the leaves change their ing their way out of the f a r anything

scratchy, stiff,



year, and should be




and the air becomes crisp,

r e a c w h e s of closets.

HUGE silhouettes, no outrageous

so that’s a good thing.”


colors ,



warmer clothes

will start find-

Luckily, however, you will not be obliged to put on

FALL. “This

crazy outfits.

whole season is super WEARABLE”. No

“It’s all about REINVENTING BASICS right now,

such as leg gings , c a r g o , and NATURALS have made major comebacks this


in your fall WARDROBE. You won’t be







into wearing unbearably




Bottom line this fall: get cozy , get c o m f y , and get CHIC. by renataSTEWART

From thigh-high boots and crazy-patterned tights to loose knit sweaters and vintage 50’s dresses, there are a few staples that fashion analysts think should be in your closet this season. As a fresh way to keep warm while still staying fashionable, fingerless gloves are making a comeback in many stores this fall. And for a stylish way to keep your toes toasty, knee socks over tights is becoming all the rage as the temperature drops. This style is often worn with the fall’s hottest shoe trend: thigh high boots. Pairing these bold statement shoes with softer

on the




“My sweaters!” -Olivia Hamilton ‘13


fabrics, such as lace and silk, makes for an outfit which is found on pages of fashion magazines and blogs alike. Vintage tends to find its way into almost every season, and this year is no different. The silhouette of a vintage dress is really popular this year, because of its flattering shape on most body shapes. The cinched waist accentuates a woman’s smallest part of her body, while the wider hips makes the illusion of an hourglass shape. For those looking for something a little bit more

casual, this is an ideal season. Loose knit sweaters and long tunic-like t-shirts are right on trend. This style can be dressed up by adding a super-bold ring and some colorful patterned tights. While Western clothes and shoes have been around for decades, this season the cowboy look has spread from its roots into the wardrobes of fashionistas everywhere. This fall, the fashion industry leaves us with this fundamental adivce: on’t let the cold weather stop you from looking your best as you step out this season!


How do you feel about What are you most excited to wear this fall? Bacon’s policies so far?

“Probably my new sweater boots!” -Elena Foster ‘14


“All of my cardigans and patterned tights!” -Sarah Mitchell ‘11

“Mittens and fuzzy socks!” -Liliana Coelho ‘13


. “My grey knit sweater is super warm and I love it!” -Kennedy Bodnarek ‘11

11 LittleHawk the

10.29.10 harrison burke


Our take on Cyberbullying

(a staff editorial)

pictures all the way up to creating hate groups that leave the realm of the internet and rear their heads at school, this kind of thing has got to stop. No student, should have to go through their day with the threat of ridicule and hurt hanging over their head. How can one be expected to keep it up, day after day and be expected to perform admirably? How are you supposed to

- and that could be very, very hard - what’s to stop the kids from going home Is Cyberbullying a prevalent proband harassing from the lem at City High? safety of their own computer? What’s to stop them YES: from seeking out another medium for their digital NO: attacks? The very foundation of the internet is its openness; trying to contain it is impossible. You simply can’t stop people from saying what they want. W h a t Can the school administration do that means anything to stop cyberbullying? though, is that it really is up us, the YES: students, to rise above. NO: We must be better than that - to shamelessly tease and hurt others, art by DELLANUNO for poor or little reason at all. We Which is worse: cyberbullying, or get good grades, be respectful, have to take responsibiltraditional schoolyard bullying? be a good kid? ity for our peers feelings, The problem is, we agree and we have to take the with the students we inter- high road, and we have to cyber: viewed. There isn’t a whole lot not stoop to this level that the school and the administra- has already hurt so many. schoolyard: tion can do to stop this sort of thing. Written by HarriEven if they could stop kids son, on behalf of the from using Facebook at school staff.

Editorial Vote:

2 3

I’d like to bring up something that everybody should know and not do. PDA. It should stand for Pretty Disgusting

3 2


harrison burke opinion editor

renata stewart features editor

Editorial Vote:

4 1

Actually. It’s kind of nauseating when I walk up to my locker everyday at 8 am and I get to see a couple going at it. It’s neither the time, nor the place and I’m positive that nobody wants to watch

you do it. Why would you want to make out at 8 am anyway? Morning breath, ew! Please save making out for when you do not have crowds of people walking by you. Thank you.

Sincerely, Micah Cabbage and Kelly Sabers.

A Letter to the Editor! From: Erin Randall, Kitchen Manager Dear Mr. Burke and the staff at the Little Hawk Paper, My name is Erin Randall, and I am the Kitchen Manager here at City High School. I am writing a letter in response to your article last week concerning this year’s pizza. A little background on how Pizza is decided for the year. Each year the staff from the Food Service Office, the Kitchen manager’s, and various other district staff get together to decide on the Pizza. A bid letter is sent out to various Pizza Companies in town, and those that wish to serve pizza to the school respond to the bid, bring in their pizza where it can be seen, tasted, and reviewed. Many factors go into play when deciding on the Pizza we want for

max freidman news editor

Editorial Vote:

A Letter to the Editor! From: Micah Cabbage & Kelly Sabers Dear Little Hawk,

carl sessions executive editor

the year. Taste defiantly matters, but we also review things like health inspection sheets, pricing, nutrition facts, and how well the companies are equipped to provide the amount of Pizza’s that the district would order. Domino’s Pizza was chosen for this year based on many reasons, none of which were money. As many of you may realize there is a push for Healthier School Lunches. This past summer new legislation came into effect dealing with A La Cart Foods. We stood to lose vended pizza completely, and many other a la cart items if we didn’t make some changes to our lunch program. Domino’s offered a pizza called the Smart Slice Pizza and it is made specifically for school lunch pro-

grams. It is made with a whole wheat crust, and with lower sodium and lighter fat products. When looking at the Healthy Kids Act, we were able to figure this pizza in to actually be a lunch, so we could therefore continue to serve pizza to the schools. This pizza lunch, as well as our sub sandwich lunch, and various other products, are now on the menu as a Little Hawk Lunch. It does cost $.55 more than other lunches, and is $2.60 for a lunch, which includes fruit, a veggie, and milk. The size of the pizza was also not determined because of money, but rather what we felt worked best for the size of the pizza, and what fit our lunch program. Last year we were getting 14” pizza’s cut into 8 slic-

es. This year’s pizza is a 16” pizza cut into 10 slices. Anyone is welcome to come and check out the information we have on the Healthy Kids Act that came into effect this summer, or the Healthier US School Challenge that we participate in. Information on the Domino’s Smart Slice Pizza is available as well. We are trying to be proactive with our lunch program by meeting the needs of the students and the legislation. As a whole, we have went to much healthier options for all of our food, not just the vended pizza. Sincerely, Erin Randall City High Kitchen Manager

The Opinion section is designed as a forum for the staff members of the Little Hawk and the CHS community. Signed commentaries and cartoons are the views of the writer/artist and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Board. Opinions of the board are presented in unsigned editorial messages. Letters to the Editor should be dropped off in Room 2109 or sent to All letters must be no more than 250 words in length and must be signed. The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit for length, content and style.


Until we started conducting interviews for the cover story, we’d always viewed “cyber bullying” in the same light as most other high school students do - one of derision and disbelief, relegating the supposed problem to some corner of our minds where we could easily overlook it. But as we began talking to students, learning about kids who had actually gone through some of these things, these situations that we usually only hear about in semi-motivational homeroom speeches, we began to realize that this so-called “cyber bullying” wasn’t just something that paranoid school administrators toss about. We found out that cyber bullying actually does happen to kids here at City and it really does affect them in the ways that you always hear and scoff at - needing therapy, trying to commit suicide - and that really hit home with us. In our opinion, cyber bullying is definitely a problem at City High. From snarky little comments left under Facebook

mikey hunter sports editor reporters

amanda gerard, kieran green, nora holman, annelise jacobson, ellen kealey, molly powell-littler, jin suh, sonora taffa mission statement The Little Hawk, thev student newspaper of City High School, aims to inform, educate and entertain readers; to provide an educational opportunity for the students who produce it; and to provide a medium for commercial advertising. Equity Statements English Version: It is the policy of the Iowa City Community School District not to discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, disability, or socioeconomic status in its educational programs, activities, or employment practices. If you believe you have (or your child has) been discriminated against or treated unjustly at school, please contact the Equity Director, Ross Wilburn, at 509 S. Dubuque Street, 319688-1000. Spanish Version: Declaración de Equidad: Es la política de Iowa City Community School District no descriminar en base a raza, credo, color, género, origen, religión, edad, estado civil, orientación sexual, estado de veterano, incapacidad, =estado socio-económico en sus programas educacionales, actividades, o políticas de empleo. Si usted piensa que usted o su hijo (a) han sido descriminados o que han sido tratados injustamente en la escuela, por favor comuníquese con el Director de Equidad, Ross Wilburn, 509 S. Dubuque Street, teléfono: 319-688-1000.

Iowa City High School 1900 Morningside Drive Iowa City, Iowa 52245 Phone: (319)-688-1040 Fax: (319)-339-5704






Pubic Schools Amurica MANBOY havin’ surfer blood double rainbows new track drumline - they got the beat student section mosh pits wilson’s apple orchard daaaaa bearsss sexuality i <3 bacon tshirts city high headbands wuzzles - wss new old-gym

Freshman girls wearing football jerseys it’s creeeeepy Iowa test of endless dots “tap out” shirts class rings janitors getting fired MACKIN’ in the hallways The 21-Ordinance

is for Liar

by harrisonBURKE

by anneliseJACOBSON

No, not a “get-up-in-front-ofand ultimately All-State. people-and-say-something” speech. That right there is the best part of Well... Actually, that is sort of the Speech: hanging with your friends, point. But not in the traditional going on speech trips, and learning sense! valuable charter bus-games like “Big Large Group Speech (LGS, or Booty” and “Snaps.” You get introsimply Speech), despite its misleadduced to kids you might never have ing name, is about acting, dramatizmet otherwise: Speech tends to draw ing or “improv-ing” (Improvisation, from all demographics at City. think “Whose Line is it Anyway?”) with a group of people (the “group” And it’s not like a super-serious, part of the name isn’t hardcore organization. quite as misleadSure, its great to win ing). Speech is, in and all. But Speech is my opinion, one of really all about you. You the best activities for having fun, you enjoystudents here at City ing yourself and you High. performing. Even if you Sure, it will help don’t think “acting and you, the nervous and performing” are really easily embarrassed your shtick, come check underclassmen, to it out. become more confiThere are too many dent in your public kinds and categories speaking skills (just “You - of Speech for there like your parents not to be a fit for you. the nervous “Ensemble” is all about wanted!). But you’re also introduced to and easily the acting - no props, some of the most fun no nothing. “Improv” embarassed is where the kings and kids at City, and you learn about acting, of City’s comedy underclassman.” queens plays, sketches and ply their trade. Choral improvisation. reading is about using It works like this. simply the voice to tell You audition, and, a story. The list goes on if you make it, are and on (not really: there placed in a category and assigned are like, 8 categories). a script and a group. You chill with The point is, Speech is like a your group and learn your script and doorway: it leads to a world - of technique in the fall. friends, or activities, of awesome Come winter, you take your show bus games - that you might never on the road and drive around Iowa otherwise experience. Its too good with the whole team of 60-some kids, not to pass up! spending the day at competitions, It will also, incidentally, improve trying to tyring to qualify for State, your public speaking skills.

Of all my childhood memories, up, and everyone in Congress knows the ones I will most often repress in- there will be anger following whatevvolve my habitual distortion of the er choice is made. So progress is put truth. I was a liar, and I was good at it. on hold so they can enjoy job security. For a disappointingly long time, that Service to the American people is rewas how I lived my life. Cheating, ly- placed by service to themselves. ing, manipulating. You can get away Continuing our tour, we have Elwith it for a long time, but in the end liot Spitzer, who ran for Governor of all you get is resentment and broken New York on a platform of family valrelationships. ues. He was caught using government I’m thankful that I’ve money to book hotel grown up since then. rooms to meet with But it is because of this prostitutes. past that honesty is what Next we arrive at I push for in myself, and John Edwards, who had what I value most in “ An entire an illegitimate child others: in my friends, with one of his aides administration during his presidential my teachers, my leaders. And sadly, it is those pretending Iraq campaign, then covered leaders who consistently it up. Finally, we see an had weapons of entire administration fail in the simplest forms of honesty. Iraq had mass destruc- pretending Our founding faweapons of mass detion.” struction, causing a war thers created a system of government where poin the Middle East. litical representative are As a member of subject to frequent elections, encour- America’s disillusioned youth, I’m aging them to listen to the people’s beginning to see that politicians have needs and desires. Instead politicians lost sight of this country is all about. make promises they have no way to Older folks complain about my genfulfill. And after a while, all those eration’s lack of patriotism, but why promises that never worked out be- should we be patriots when the peogin to sound a lot like lies. Promises, ple that run this country are dishonplans, meetings, debates. Can anyone est and frankly, irresponsible? I know show genuine progress? this cannot go on; we will reach a Exhibit A: The Bush tax cuts. breaking point. Congress voted to postpone the deciWhen someone speaks of our sion- whether they should raise taxes country, I do not see flags waving in or not- until January. In other words, the breeze or any idealistic pictures of after the elections. In an almost pain- the American dream. I see an angry fully transparent way these men and clanking beast of a train, hurtling towomen have protected themselves wards a break in the tracks., because I against the consequences of the deci- know the path lying takes you down. sion. And believe me, it does nothing but Nobody wants their taxes to go break your heart.

government: just no “current” government

Morris the hermit crab dying

College Applications



make a speeeeech

Facebook Crashing

Cold cereal

harrison burke

by jeanineREDLINGER I am a teacher. I am paid with your hard-earned tax dollars (my own too)- to teach. When students come into my classroom the expectation of this society is that I teach them. In this school it is my responsibility to teach about government. I teach students about how government works, about the people who work in government, and about the results of government action or lack thereof. I encourage students to find their role in government and to act as democratic members of our society. I expect my students to take an active part in learning about government and form their own opinions based upon the evidence presented. The evidence that I refer to is not just a text book (which are often written according to Texas guidelines), not just one opinion based upon one point of view, not just the history or words of one politician or one president , but the whole slew of

them. This is the job of a government teacher, a job that has been entrusted to me for a number of years now. So when I am told by my education superiors that I cannot present a sitting president’s words to my class, even non-political words that encourage all kids to work hard and do well in school, I feel a little challenged. Maybe it’s that little gremlin inside of my head that growls when someone says “you can’t.” Maybe it is the fact that schools are not supposed to be political, and this feels VERY political - I see a battle and I have to jump in. On September 13th of this school year, all teachers received an email from Associate Superintendent Becky Furlong that included “guidance” on presenting the United


BEWARE OLD WORDS! States’ President’s Second Annual Back-to-School Speech. This guidance requires that parents be notified that the speech will be shown and that according to ICCSD policy when a parent finds material objectionable or controversial they can take their child out of that instructional time. IF the parent so determines the material as such, then the teacher is obligated to replace that educational opportunity with an equitable one. It is my experience that just about everything in government class could be objectionable or controversial to anyone. If I had to warn parents of every speech, opinion, history lesson or current event that we talk about in government, I would be spending the last few remaining private hours of my day creating something called “equitable educational experiences” – as an alternative. While I cannot le-

“I cannot present a sitting president’s words to my class...”

gally question the political influence behind this administrative guidance, I most certainly, and openly, question the educational function of this rule for a high school government class. If a parent objects to the President’s speech, or a candidate’s commercial, or disagrees with the principal’s point of view in daily announcements, on a political level, the teacher should not be called upon to provide an alternative educational experience in order to balance political perspectives. I would have a very hard time coming up with an alternative educational speech for the President’s words on Sept.14: “Its going to take an outstanding principal and outstanding teachers who are going above and beyond the call of duty for their students. And its going to take parents who are committed to your education. ..But you have a job too. You’ve got to show up to school on time. You’ve got to study for exams….” J. Redlinger






by kieranGREEN Censorship: it’s one of the grant civil rights abuses of words that our modern day the Bush administration (wasociety prides itself on com- terboarding, anybody?), and bating. has in many cases, expanded The first amendment is upon those policies which nearly universally known and are, for those of you keeping respected, but in light of re- score, the very policies that he cent Pentagon attacks on the ran against in his presidential online whistlecampaign. For blower site example, not “Wi k i le a ks,” only does the it seems that government even this so now have the called “guarright to wireantee” of freetap Ameridom may be can citizens about to be suspected of revoked. terrorist activWikileaks ity (see: the first became Patriot Act), known early but it can now last year, and is seize the assets in many ways of and even a continuation of a long held assassinate said citizens (as “Internet hacktivist” culture. in the case of the American Giving unfiltered information born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki), to the masses, irrespective of all without having to obtain a political bias. This philosophy warrant from a court. has led to the release of a plethThe sticking point is that ora of restricted government it is the government itself that documents, from internal defines terrorism, meaning memos within that all the the scientific government community has to do to exdoubting the ecute one of it’s existence of own citizens is global warmto get some ing to mate“ have the a n o n y m o u s rial showing bureaucrat in right to wiretap the NSA to unethical conduct in the a piece of American citizens sign wars in Iraq paper alleging and Afghanisuspected of that citizen’s stan. i nvolve ment It is this terrorist activity.” in Terrorist last point (See: The Patriot Act)” activities. But, that landed of course, we Wikileaks in as citizens can trouble. You see, the Penta- not be allowed to know about gon does not take kindly to these “actions taken in the in“sensitive” documents being terest of national security” lest released to the public: (eg, we “lose our resolve in the war reports detailing the cata- on terror.” strophic numbers of avoidable This is why the governcivilian casualties in Iraq and ment wants the power to cenAfghanistan). This growing sor Wikileaks and other simiintolerance lar sites. At the towards pubend of the day lic dissent has they are one of led them to the few media take drastic outlets holding actions against the governWikileaks. ment accountThe US able for it’s acgovernment tions. has gone so The quesfar as to issue tion remains: calls for Wikileak’s founder, how can we as citizens retain Julian Assange, to be expedit- the our first amendment rights ed to the US to face criminal in the coming years? A good trials, as well as pressured the first step may be to come togovernment of Sweden to shut gether as citizens and demand down the Wikileaks server. accountability and transparAnd where is President ency from our government. Obama on all of this? Where As it is said within the is our kindly purveyor of all Wikileaks community, courknowledge Constitutional? age is contagious. The conseHas he led the charge to com- quences of failing to stand up bat the Pentagon’s flagrant vio- may be hazardous. If we as a lations of civil liberties? The nation are not able to reverse answers are no. the trend of increased governNot only has he backed ment secrecy , the future could the Pentagon’s borderline very well be unconstitutional stance on ! Wikileaks, he has also failed to reverse even the most fla-

“giving unfiltered information to the masses, irrespective of politcal bias.”

“And where is President Obama on all of this?”

by maxFRIEDMAN First off, how much more of people at the bars could confusing could this stuff be? potentially cause some of the According to the ballot, If you bars to go under, which in turn vote “Yes”, then you are say- causes the loss of jobs. It’s not ing that the ordinance should that I necessarily want all of be removed, the bars, it’s and if you vote more about “No”, then you the jobs that “the owners are would be lost are saying that the ordinance a result of just looking the as should stay. revenue loss. Wait, what? I think other way because Okay, let’s the soluthey want the tion to this get our facts straight. Way lies business” problem back on June in the re1st, 2010, the sponsibility Iowa City Council passed the of the bar owners. Students 21-Only Ordinance, which under 21 should be able to be says that people under 21 can- in the bars downtown after not be in bars after 10 P.M. 10, and the bar owners should The motive for this law was to be making sure that students stop binge-drinking, particu- under 21 years of age are not larly among college students. drinking alcohol. While this law has a sound inWhat I believe to be the tentions, it’s taking the wrong truth is that the owners are just approach to a big problem. looking the other way because Since the students are they want the business. What kicked out of the bars at 10, they don’t realize is that if the they can just go to a house students were more closely suparty where the opportunity pervised, there would be fewer to get intoxicated is even more accidents and binge-drinking prevalent. So, instead of there and no need for silly laws like being trouble downtown, the 21-Only Ordinance. it’ll be in the neighborhoods, Then 19-year-olds could be which could be even harder to in the bars to buy non-alcohol enforce. products. If the bar owners Also, the bars are already would stop being so lame and feeling the effect of the ordi- would enforce the rules, they nance. The dwindling amount would get more business!

Fish are friends, not food by noraHOLMAN An estimated 100 million sharks are killed annually due to shark finning. That means that every second you spend reading this article, 3 sharks die because of human fisherman. Shark finning is the practice of catching a shark and cutting off its dorsal and pectoral fins, as well as the lower portion of the tail fin. The shark (which is alive throughout the entire process) is then thrown back into the ocean where it sinks to the bottom and eventually dies. This inhumane practice produces the main ingredient in the delicacy shark fin soup. Sharks are not only dying on a massive scale, but the impact of shark finning is also devastating to much more than just the sharks. It is safe to say that shark finning would not be as big of an issue if more of the shark was used than just the fins, but the fact of the matter is that 99% of the shark is just thrown back into the water, and that’s just too much to shrug off your shoulders and pretend it isn’t even happening.

When the shark is tossed back into the water it is not only at risk of bleeding to death, but it also loses its ability to swim. Most species of sharks have to be swimming in order to breath. It is the forward motion that makes water pass over their gills enabling them to breathe. So if they can’t swim, they suffocate. Shark fin soup has been considered a Chinese delicacy since the Ming Dynasty (13681644 C.E.) and the demand for its main ingredient has significantly increased within the last decade. A 2006 survey taken in China revealed that 85% of participants had consumed shark fin soup at some point in time. If that survey were to be conducted today and it came up with similar results, this would mean that 85% of 1.3 billion people have consumed shark soup at some time in their life. If calculations are correct, that means approximately 1.1 billion sharks have been killed for the use of shark fin soup alone, and only in this generation.




Opinionharrison burke

Right to Remain


“I met my wife in chemistry - we sat next to each other. You could say that’s where we bonded.”

-Mr. Wilson regals the class with tales of his past.

“We are Sith Lords, my friends”

-Mr. Hartwig attempts to inspire the class

“He learned to stand on one foot all day long, while thinking of spiritual things.”

-Mr. Brown explains Buddha’s path to enlightenment.

“There could be zombies over at Proctor & Gamble, right now!”

-Mr. Yates, on Halloween themed cheap-laborsolutions.

“Abosolutely no fart jokes on the first date.”

“Suzette sprints down the hall at 6 m/s, around crowds of freshmen who need large orange triangles on their butts. Is she late for french class?”

-Mrs. Wilson works out a story problem.

“This song is about having an affair, Harrison!”

-Mr. Rogers explains Lou Reed songs to the Opinion Editor.

“Britain doesn’t really have much in the way of plot.”

-Mr. Hartwig, lamenting Britain’s notoriously dull history.

“I would never smoke anything in my own garden.”

-Mrs. Foreman talks about salvia. Also illegal drugs.

-Mr. Yates dispenses valuable life lessons to his students.

Have you heard a silly slip of the tongue? Share it with The Little Hawk! Email it to

You would think that eventually shark finning would stop because a targeted species of shark would run out, but that is one of the horrors of the situation. Fisherman harvesting sharks for their fins will take any shark regardless of its age, size, or species. It will go on until the ocean is depleted. Shark finning mainly takes place at sea because the fisherman are only interested in transporting the fins of the sharks and not the whole carcass. One pound of dried shark fin can go for $300, but shark meat is considered low value and therefore not worth the money of transporting the whole shark all the way to land. The loss of sharks on a massive scale will ultimately have sever ramifications for several aspects of the marine world. Experts estimate that within the next decade, the majority of species of sharks will be lost due to long lining ( a method of catching sharks and other large ocean fish in large quantities). The lack of selection when catching sharks is also a major concern because the sharks are being caught and killed faster than their reproductive abilities can replenish populations. Another concern is that with a large decrease in shark population, marine ecosystems will be severely altered and the balance of the food chain will take a turn for the worst. Different fish will work

their way to the top and that will cause other species to decrease in population and others to increase in population, causing overcrowding. There are a few rules and regulations aimed at stopping shark finning from continuing. Every country with coastline is responsible for laws pertaining to fish in their waters, and many have taken a stand to regulate shark finning. Some laws have been put in play that state that at least 5% of the shark must be with the shark when it arrives on land, or that the fins must arrive with its shark fully attached in order for it to be brought ashore. Many fishermen argue that there should be no laws put in place to regulate shark finning, as well as for all types of fishing. They claim that with these laws, they will not be able to catch enough fish to make a profit and they will lose their jobs. In reality, the fishermen are not thinking about the fact that if there were no regulations in fishing, there would be no fish left in the entire ocean resulting in them still not having jobs. There has been progress in regulating the practice of shark finning, but until it is completely stopped, this multi-billion dollar industry will soon diminish the entire global shark population, and our oceans will never be the same if does.


14 LittleHawk Mike Hunter



michael hunter

Swimming and Diving prepare for MVCs by jinSUH

photo by jackROGERS

SENIOR NIGHT: Volleyball Seniors Callie Larson, Dani Pettigrew, Kari Mueller, Carolyn Stone, Bailey Fleming, Kelsey Coleman,Kayla Hyche and Samantha Kunc pose for the camera before last home game against Cedar Rapids Xavier. City defeated Xavier in a five game set 25-11 23-25 25-23 24-26 15-9.

Eyes on the U.S Cellular by amandaGERARD

After four years, the lady Little Hawks have brought home the spike from West High. “West was number two in the state,” Samantha Kunc said. “It was really big accomplishment especially considering that ranking.” Even with the spike the team has accomplished many goals. They claimed MVC champions, with a win over Kennedy, and are

Upcoming Events State Meet: Dowling October 12th currently second behind Ankeny, the two-time 4-A defending champions. Now the team is preparing themselves for state. “We have a good chance of getting to state,” Kari Mueller said. “We’re currently ranked second.


Faculty dominates students in the annual Teacher v. Student game said Levi Powell-Litter. A few students brought grudgThree lone teachers showed up es from school into the game with to represent the faculty in the fac- them. ulty vs. student’s dodge ball game “I aimed for Mr.Lestina,” said at the tennis courts on Friday, Oc- Zach Devine ‘13. tober 15th. Even with few numbers, “It was a real good the four teachers turn out!” Chip said, showed age doesn’t “We had like, three matter. teachers come out.” “I tried to go afUnfortunately for ter Mr.Peters but he the students who came had mad dodge ball to nail a few of their catching skills,” favorite (or least favorsaid Jake Binggeli ite) teachers, only Mr. ‘12. - Aaron Ottmar ‘11 Rogers, Mr. Peters and With the help Mr. Lestina accompaof a few dodgeball nied Chip. Because of their lack ‘legends’ the teachers claimed the of attendance, a few students de- “Number 1” #2 pencil that Chip cided to help out the teacher side. provided as a trophy. The stu“It’s cause they were scared,” dents received the pencil because of the faculty’s lack of interest. Aaron Ottmar accepted the prize LITTLEHAWK.COM for the student side. “I may look like a nerd,” OttLog on to view video mar said, “but I put my heart into footage of the faculty vs. students dodgeball game. this game!” by mollyPOWELL-LITTLER

“I put my heart into this game!.”

We’ve proved that we’re able to do it. Our success has shown we can.” The team has remained undefeated in MVC play. They lost a few tournament games, but it didn’t affect their conference record. “It was just a small hiccup,” Dani Pettigrew said. “But that’s behind us.” The state Volleyball tournament is the last week in October. “We have a very good chance,” said Bailey Fleming. “The door for state is wide open.”

With blood streaming down her face and into her mouth, West diver Lindsay Best climbs out of the pool while coaches and lifeguards flock around her. Lindsay’s right arm is also badly scrapped, as well as her knuckles and her fingernails are purple. As Lindsay shakily sits in a chair by the diving board, everything stops. The other divers stand holding their breath, and one of them starts to cry. Lindsay is lead away to the hospital by diving coach Tony Kramer, and eventually everyone goes back to warming up, though still a little shell-shocked. It’s the City-West swim meet, City High’s last home meet of the season. After this meet, swimmers and divers only have two weeks of invitationals left before state. Diving’s MVC meet falls on Thursday the 14th, and swimming’s MVC is that Saturday. The next Saturday is MVC sophomore, followed by regional diving on the 28th and regional swimming on the 30th. The girls who qualify for State leave on Friday November 4th, and come back the next day. “There are still some little things we need to fix and improve, but we will be golden in two weeks. We’re keeping our eyes on the prize!” said Coach Ivan Sanchez. Though the swim team is separate, the West High and City High divers practice together. Tony Kramer has been the diving coach for both schools for nine years. “[Regionals] is the meet where you make it of break it with diving,” he said. “If the divers have anyone to look up to it is Lindsay. After going through what she did most people would have walked

photos by JINSUH

DIVING FOR THE GOLD: City High’s Nan Baron ‘13 enters the water after doing a front one and a half during practice at Mercer Aquatic Center.

away or possibly run, but instead this has given her personal motivation to not only continue but to try and succeed and qualify for state.” Even though most of their lives are sucked away and a strict diet limits the happiness of many, the girls still find ways to have fun. Haunted houses, bikini day, and many team dinners are accompanied by loud laughter and big smiles. Margret Yapp ‘11 delves into her feelings about the end of her last swim season. ”When I cry at the end of swim season, half of my tears will be from sadness, and half from joy. There are a lot of things I am going to miss, but I’ll probably forget about those things with all the sleep I’m going to get!”

On to M’ Town

Both City High cross country teams qualify for state meet in Marshalltown by michaelHUNTER & ellenKEALEY

Boys Varsity With one day to go until the state championship the 9th ranked boys cross country have put in extra miles all week. “I think we have been running well,” said Brooke Price. Brooke Price 13’ and Zach Greinnman have been the leaders of the varsity squad this season. Price won the Mississippi Valley Conference Division meet with a time of 16:16. City High finished second behind Linn Mar. “I think our team will place at state,” said Price. City High finished fourth at last years state tournament and hopes to do better at Marshaltown.

Girls Varsity

Improving upon where they were last year, the City High Cross Country team has one day left to prove themselves. Even though they’ve accomplished a lot this season they still have one last goal to make. “I think we can win state,” Var-

photos by AJAYGUPTA

PHOTOFINISH: Brook Price ‘13 and Rebbeca Rethwisch ‘11 cross the finish line at City High’s Bud Williams Invitational on October 1st. Price finished third with a time of 16:22.8. Rebbeca Rethwisch won the girls meet with a time of 14:36.7

sity runner Meg Richardson said. Richardson finished second at the Bud Williams invitational with a time of 14:36. “Our team has done a great job of closing gaps this season which makes us a stronger team than everyone else,” Richardson said. At the Mississippi Valley Super meet, varsity won and placed the

top three runners against fierce competition. “Even though we’ve lost a lot of seniors from last year, which is a disappointment, were still doing great,” Richardson said. City High will compete at the cross country state meet in Marshalltown October 30th.


michael hunter

Inside Fantasy Football



BREAKING RECORDS: Andrew McNulty continues the seniors undefeated campaign against Linn Mar. City High’s winning streak is at 22-0 after defeating the Lions 47-32. The previous record holder was the 1994 team with a 21-0 streak.

Possible Repeat by michaelHUNTER

Dominating the past nine teams, City High football earned a number two seed going into the playoffs. The Little Hawks have had an impressive beginning to the season, outscored their opponents 297 - 114. Since Dubuque Senior, they have had the same goal. “We want “..We really a state chamneed to work pionship” Zach Swehla on quarter‘11, outside back” linebacker said. -Zach Swehla ‘11 Swehla has been promoted to defensive play caller after having 49 tackles this season. Despite the 9-0 regular season Swehla is looking for last minute improvements before the





post season. “We really need to work on quarterback, as well as our overall toughness” Swehla said. City High has had a lot of success with it’s defensive backs. Cornerback Jeremy Johnson 12’ leads the Mississippi Valley Conference in interceptions with 7. Johnsons says the offensive is impressive because of the leadership on the line. “We are good because our offensive line is beastly,” said Johnson. “We open holes and protect the quarterback well.” Big openings in the offensive line have led to the success for Junior Ronald Thompson and Senior Cedric Readus. Ronald Thompson broke over 1000 rushing yards this season against Cedar Rapids Prairie. Thompson and Readus have had a combined

20 touchdowns this season. Andrew McNulty ’11 has kept the playmaker quarterback tradition alive. McNulty has passed for 1012 yards and nine touchdowns. McNulty is still undecided about his college plans next year. “This season went really well,” said McNulty. City High finished the regular season with a dominating 4114 victory over Cedar Rapids Prairie. Running Back Cedric Readus had two breakaway touchdowns on seven carries. Andrew McNulty had 244 yards of the 419 total yards. City High’s first round will be against (4-5) Davenport Central. City High could face conference rival (9-0) Cedar Falls in the quarterfinals.

OPINION COLUMN pumped out 41 points in Week by willBENSON&danSAEHLER 1, with over 200 yards. Owners With the NFL season under- scramble to pick up late waiver way, devoted fans are locking in wire pickups late in the week, their starting lineups late Satur- trying to gain the slightest edge day night, for the week’s slate of on their opponent. Friends can games. Eager to win some mon- talk and persuade the less exey or gain bragging rights with perienced into trading their key friends, fantasy football gives players for a no-name with just hardcore sports fans another one breakout week. So far, early round way to obsess. Draft day is an event for picks like Jets RB Shonn Greene many, where friends meet of- and Packers RB Ryan Grant (IR) fline or online to heckle others, have proven to be major busts and strategize their late round for many players. These players picks. Similar to the real NFL were expected to be towards the Draft, pre-draft plans are ex- top of the lists in stats in 2010 pected, with several possibili- but instead, have yet to produce ties in mind depending on draft or are facing a season ending inposition. The norm of drafting a jury. Breakout players include top 10 running backs with your first two picks is recently chal- Broncos QB Kyle Orton and lenged by experts, recommend- 49ers RB Frank Gore. Orton, ing to go out and get a top tier an underrated late round to unQB or WR in rounds 1 and 2. drafted player, has been in the Stars such as Peyton Manning, top five all season in fantasy Drew Brees, and Andre Johnson points. Gore, a first round pick, along with the Vikings’ Adrian are guys many look to early on. Mid-round gems make own- Peterson, have filled up stat ers look like geniuses, like RB sheets with consistent work. Arian Foster of the Texans, who



Peyton Hillis LT Kyle Orton

Shonn Greene Ryan Grant (IR)

Arian Foster

CJ Spiller All Cowboy RBs



Iowa vs. Michigan State The World Series

Minnesota vs. New England

Magic vs. Heat

Mikey and Steve Iowa 9-6

Nick Dildine Iowa 42-41

Dan Saehler Iowa 28-17

Will Benson Iowa 24-14

The specials teams shows up to play today.

Adrian Clayborn will finally wake up and have four sacks

A-Rob runs for 120 and two scores. Michigan State looks like Iowa last year.






Cliff Lee has the game of his life

The American League never loses

No Barry Bonds, no world series for the Giants.

Vikings 21-17

Vikings 21-17

Patriots 21-10

The Rangers put America in the American League!

Patriots 35-28

Three words: kung fu panda

Patriots 25-10

Battle of the Kirks Old man always wins.

Mr.Leman Iowa 5-4

This game will be a battle of extra points.

Coach Brian Ferentz leads the Pats to victory with his tight ends

Brett Favre will be to distracted with his old girlfriend from the Jets

The specials teams shows up to play today.

Vikes are bound to win one soon. Bill Belichick’s sweater provides inspiration.

The Vikings just cut my bro!

Heat( Lebron James) 154-126

Heat 9-6

Heat 325-105

Heat 150-100

Heat 105-100

Lebron shoots big numbers against the Magic but doesn’t pass the ball once

The first time that big three will actually play together.

Lebron James is limited to 200 points

Big 3 play combined 10 minutes and build up to 50 point lead

Bron Bron shows some magic of his own.


16 LittleHawk

The Backpage



Big Little Hawks

The Myth, The Legend, The Bird

Seven City High football alumni take the next step up by playing at the University of Iowa.

by steveFERENTZ

spreading school pride isn’t that hard. “My favorite part is giving high fives to all of the little kiddies,” he said. Louie the Little Hawk is an iconic symThe school loves Louie as well. bol for City High. He has been the mascot “I would date him in a heartbeat,” said here for many years. Mr. Bacon believes Melanie O’Meara ’13. that Louie originated as the school’s masPeople admire his attitude and how cot in his high school days in the early positive he always is. 90’s. Students will see him raising rabble “I love that he is always smiling” Whitat athletic events and pep assemblies on a ney Duthie ’12 said. Some students also regular basis. Louie has been raising the bar for enjoy his kindness. “I like his warm and school spirit. He parades his school pride friendly hugs,” said Johnny Millard ’11. Louie hinted that he could at the football and basketball be doing a major stunt somegames most often. But that time during the school year. He doesn’t mean that they are his isn’t anxious to let people in on favorite school events. what he has planned though. “I would have to say my “You’ll have to wait and favorite school events are the see,” Louie said. cross country races,” Louie adWhen students heard about mitted. the rumor, they got carried He also said that one thing away with their expectations. he really looks forward to is the People are expecting an unforcross-country team’s annual Hee-Haw chug. - Louie gettable stunt from Louie. “I hope he jumps Louie carries a strong disout of an airplane and lands liking of City’s cross-town riat midfield before a football game,” said val, West High. “The football game was a great way to Brandon Pledge ’12. Other kids think it will be durprove how much better City is than West,” ing the long and cold winter to help lift the Louie laughed. spirits of students. “I think he will peel out There are rumors of a potential duel between Louie and Hector the Trojan at a a motorcycle on the court before the CityWest basketball game,” predicted Matt Lee basketball game this year. Louie is confi‘13. dent it won’t be much of a fight. Louie wasn’t phased and believed that “It would be similar to our varsity the hype will be short lived. football team playing the South East cross“I think people might be disappointed. country team in a football game, lopsided I was thinking of something small just to and ugly,” he boasted. get my feet wet Louie claims he would in stunts.” But use his super strength in the knowing Louie, fight. How many Louies are whatever he does “I can bench press three there in this issue of will be big, and freshman.” The Little Hawk? Post full of spirit for Louie loves his job and your answer on The the School That Little Hawk’s Facebook everything that comes with Leads. it. He says being cheerful and page to win a t-shirt.

“I can bench press three freshmen.”


interview by ellen kealey Little Hawk: What are your team goals? Mueller: To make it to the state championship LH: How long have you been playing volleyball? Mueller: 7 years LH: Whats been the biggest achievement this year? Mueller: Being undeafeated in the mvc conference LH: What are your college plans? Mueller:Playing at the University of Iowa

michael hunter

Upcoming Events

October 10/30 XC STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Girls Regional Swimming

November 11/1 Football 1st Round Playoffs

Aj Derby

Zach Derby

by steveFERENTZ&michaelHUNTER There is no secret to City High’s football success. “They come to City High as good athletes, good bodies with some athletic skills. They work hard there is no secret about it,” Coach Dan Sabers said. There are currently fifteen of the alums around the country playing college football. Seven of those players have gone on to play at the University of Iowa. But talent alone isn’t what gets City High players recruited. They raise recruiters’ eyebrows with the technique and toughness that are preached to them at City High. “Hard work and talent combines into great athletes,” Coach Tom Casey said. In 2010 A.J. Derby, John Chelf and Ellis Jordan joined the Hawkeyes. Iowa running back Adam Robinson has been impressed by Derby. “He came into college a step above your average freshman,” Adam Robinson said. Log on to view video The forinterviews of Iowa mer All-State football players. quarterback


Josh Koeppel

Ben Evans

by the


15 18 7 2 Number of City High players playing college football

Current Iowa Football ranking on AP 25.

Number of City High players playing for the hawks

City High alumni that have gone on to the NFL.

is being red shirted this year, but will be in contention for playing time next year. The Hawkeyes have two former City High players at center. James Ferentz won the starting job at in August. Ferentz, a 2008 graduate, was a two time allstate football player and fourtime letter winner in wrestling. “He has done a tremendous job,” Ricky Stanzi said. “We’re very happy with the way he has played. He will continue to get better.” Senior Josh Koeppel has been sucessful not only on the football field, but also in the class room. Koeppel earned Academic All-Big Ten in 2009. Koeppel is listed as the back-up center behind Ferentz. Sophomore Zach Derby was

James Ferentz

a 2008 graduate from City High who also played for the state championship basketball team. Derby earned first team all conference in high school as a junior and senior. Derby earned special teams honors in 2009 as a freshman for Iowa. He has played tightend this year. Senior Ben Evans walked on to the University of Iowa as a wide receiver. Evans was a four sport letter winner in baseball, football, track and basketball at City. Evans saw action in the 2008 season. 2010 graduates Ellis Jordan and John Chelf decided to red shirt this year hoping to make the depth chart in 2011. Bob Brooks, a sixty-seven year veteran reporter of Hawkeye football has been impressed with City High athletics. “There isn’t anything like the City High connection,” he said. bobbrooks

“He (James Ferentz) will continue to get better.” - Ricky Stanzi

LH: What were your other college choices? Mueller: Didn’t really look at anyone else. LH: What are the team strengths this year? Mueller: Our team chemistry LH: How do you get pumped for games? Mueller: Dancing in the locker room. LH: Any pre game rituals? Mueller: Eating at panera.

11/5 Girls Swimming-State Diving Football- Quarter Finals 11/7 Girls Swim State Meet @ Marshalltown 11/10 Volleyball1st round State 11/12 Football State Semifinals 11/22 JV Girls Basketball vs CRJ 11/23 Bowling @ Linn Mar 11/30 Boys Basketball vs Des Moines Lincoln Boys Swimming @ Iowa City West

December 12/2 Wrestling vs CRJ/CF 12/3 Bowling @ Iowa City West 12/5 Wrestling @ Keith Young @ CF Boys Swimming @ Ames Basketball @ Dav West 12/7 Boys Swimming @ CRK Girls Basketball vs DW


YEAR: Senior SPORT: Volleyball POSITION: Libero


LH: Favorite class? Mueller: Chemistry LH: Favorite sports team? Mueller: Iowa Hawkyes. LH: Favorite music group? Mueller: I like all music. LH: Favorite athlete? Mueller: Don’t really have one.

LH: Whats something people don’t know about you? Mueller: I used to live on a farm. LH: Whats one question you wish I’d ask? Mueller: What is your favorite food? LH: And the answer is? Mueller: Steak and Mash potatoes

12/9 Wrestling @ Iowa City West 12/10 Bowling vs DH Boys Basketball@ CRJ Girls Basketball vs CRJ

Little Hawk - 10.10  

October, 2010 issue of The Little Hawk