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Trondheim, how do you appreciate your loved ones during the Holidays?




COME AS YOU ARE An nterview with Siv Limstrand, Priest at Vår Frue Kirke

Don’t forget to feed the nisse!


Wardrobe tips from JohnnyLove, styling by Salotto







Let Visit Trondheim guide your Aurora Borealis experience


An introduction to homemade gifts


Brew & Celebration

Amping up for Trondheim’s famous Christmas market




Celebration from an expat’s point of view

ART + SPACE Colour, lights, di






omething happens in November. After a big push to meet deadlines before the holidays and the usual scramble of year-ends and exams, people come together in a climax of activity that is best described by the age old term: ’work hard, party hard’. Despite your religious background, beliefs, traditions and lifestyles choices; people of all types can be seen ’celebrating’ in November and December. Be it family dinners, Santa Lucia concerts, or plays, Hanukkah, Diwali, Solstice, or Christmas– perhaps even the infamous annual julebord, The List kicks off the winter season with a ’something for everyone’ issue aiming to get you celebrating and thinking about your love ones. To some, the holiday season means homesickness. Or perhaps juggling different traditions with family spread across the world, as with our active and lovely Ghanaian-Norwegian cover models Sandra and Theresa Opoku. To others, it means maximum chill. Whatever your taste, it is a time for collecting, eating, drinking and experiencing. The List has put together an issue that reminds you of that Christmas feeling, by

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introducing you to this year’s Christmas markets, now rated among the top ten best in Europe by the Daily Telegraph in England. We describe seasonal Indian art, alternative Christmas music. As well as provide you with tips on how to prepare tried, tested and true homemade gifts. This in addition summarising hundreds of activities and events that will help you keep the seasonal blues at bay. The List welcomes you to a season of celebration.

Photography Editor Nikol Herec nikol@thelist.is

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COVER PHOTO Photography by Eno Chege, Editing by Torleif Kvinnesland COVER MODELS Sandra Abena Theresa Elise Opuku CONTRIBUTORS Tijana Ostojić Henrik Fjortøft Sadique Ndamwe Lacie Goff Courtney Lineback Bradley P. Kurtz Zane Datava Jelena Sitar Karin Modig Elisabeth Jakobsen Sebastian Bjerkvik




A magical Christmas fe stival at the heart of Trondheim

CHRISTMAS MARKET TRONDHEIM CITY SQUARE 9TH - 18TH DEC 2016 Welcome to a market where you will find true Christmas spirit, entertainment and gifts you cannot find elsewhere. Enjoy concerts at the city square stage, as well as local food and beverage by the fireplace inside the Café lavvu and GranBAR.

Mon-fri 12PM-7PM / Saturday 11AM-7PM / Sunday 01PM-7PM www.julemarkedet-trondheim.no








Arne works in market-

A Texan with a wander-

Henrik Fjørtoft is a pro-


Sadique Ndamwe is a

ing and loves books, nature, cycling, music and most people. He runs the indie music label Riot Factory and does stuff for the music festival Trondheim Calling during his spare time.


ing soul and a passion for the unknown, Courtney started a backpacking trip around the world five years ago and still hasn’t made it home! The last four of those years have been spent in Trondheim, where she is currently completing a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Society through NTNU and managing Bear Brew & Pizza. Besides traveling, she has an affinity for experimental cooking, good red wine, long runs and adventures of any kind.

fessional photographer and writer living and working in Trondheim. Originally from the coast of Sunnmøre, he fell in love with Norwegian nature and the great sea at an early age, inspiring him to be a photographer. Today he loves to work with documentary and lifestyle photography, everything from portraits and landscapes, to food and advertising. When not running around with his camera, Henrik loves hanging out with his girlfriend and friends, as well as listening to music, drinking coffee and collecting Norwegian mid-century furniture.




moved back to Trondheim from Oslo to become a dad. He spends his time doing music stuff with the independent music labels Riot Factory and No Forevers. Jonny loves playing music for other people and is a regular on any giving dancefloor.

seasoned freelance journalist from Kenya with over 15 years experience in media. Having worked for both TV and radio in Kenya, he now contributes articles for different newspapers in Norway and loves reporting on just about anything and everything. Since childhood, he’s been nosy, always prying into other people’s affairs and is now more than glad to do it with their permission, which is one of the reasons he chose to be a journalist.




Elisabeth is a creative

is a pho-

tographer and skateboarder currently studying at the Norwegian School of Photography (Norsk Fotofagskole). Based in Trondheim and present online, you can find him @svenbje and sebastianbjerkvik.no.

mind and photographer with a huge fantasy. Based in Trondheim, she studied at Norskfotofagskole and now specialises in advertising and portrait photography. Working with Norwegian musicians is her creme de la creme.





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HIT THE STREETS The List connected with readers to find out exactly how they show their loved ones they care, around the holiday season. Words and photos by Henrik Fjørtoft





I like to write letters throughout the year, especially to those I don’t see often. It’s always so nice to send and receive Christmas cards. It’s the small pleasures in life! Once when I was a kid and had been through a rough bout of illness, my friend made me a mixed tape with our favourite songs. She taped herself reading stories and poems, making a radio theatre for me! 20 years later and we are still good friends.

I tell people that I’m grateful to have them in my life. With gifts, I think of something that represents the person, not just a need, but something more personal and useful. The best gift I received was two years ago when my family and I decided that presents were not on the menu, so we each saved up money to visit my Grandparents in Minnesota instead. We also invited a refugee family from Eritrea home one year, and it was really meaningful. Things just become unimportant at some point. We just need some good old-fashioned love, that’s all.




I just love getting gifts! But I always appreciate experiences as gifts, things we can do together and look forward to. Last year I got a ticket from my friend to Øyafestivalen in Oslo! I love to spoil my family with both gifts and love! I spend a lot of time looking for the right present for each one, wrapping them up nicely and including a sweet card. THE THIRTEENTH ISSUE


Sometimes I try to make homemade gifts, and I like to give experiences such as gifts of travel. This creates good memories! The best gift I have ever received were related to travel.



“I try to send good thoughts to all my friends and family”



I try to send good thoughts to all my friends and family, and I always give them warm hugs when I meet them! I usually wish for movies on DVD at Christmas, and I always get a lot of them!


One of the things I like to do for my loved ones is send them all Christmas cards. Maybe it’s a bit oldschool in 2016, but I think it’s a nice to both give and get, especially during the holiday season. I’ve been given a lot of great gifts throughout the years, but a trip to Barcelona from my grandmother is probably the most memorable one!



I am always sending out good thoughts and loving words to my friends and family! I typically get some days off work during the holidays, so I use them to relax and hang out with my family. The best gift I was given? That one is easy! When I got my XBox One, but that was actually before Christmas!




The most important thing is to make time for your loved ones. During the holidays we have the possibility to spend a lot of quality time together, and that is especially important now when we live in different cities. My brother and I are both really into football and one year I made him a film of us playing, traveling and enjoying football and life together. That has to be the most special gift I ever gave!

I try to spend as much time with my friends and family as possible! The most important thing for me is to have a laugh together and create beautiful memories. In the early nineties I got a pink GameBoy for Christmas and that is still probably the most memorable gift I ever got! 9






TRONDHEIM, DECEMBER & THE NISSE Words by Tijana Ostojić Illustration by Jan Ove Iversen


t all began in December two years ago, when we, a family of seven, had forgotten to feed the nisse. Our troubles, big and small, quite funny or perhaps not, unfolded with a simple bowl of steamy porridge. The events that followed are to be taken with the utmost of seriousness and (what I consider to be a fair warning) and a hefty grain of salt.  There are many things that children from cross-cultured families accept as a normality to bestow, rather than a hardship to carry. For example, the topic of Christmas. Where I grew up we, the kids, never considered Christmas to be a big deal. In fact, it was a regular day as any other, except for perhaps the occasional visit from an aunt, long family lunch and a dayoff from school. There were no presents though. And why would there be? When, as the adults explained, Santa Claus brings presents for all good children on the brink of New Year’s Eve. Later, as I came across cultures other than those I was surrounded by when growing up, the idea of Christmas continued to intrigue me. It wasn’t until I moved to Trondheim that I finally understood what Christmas, or better yet Jul, was all about.  This is a story of how the six members of my gang and I experienced ‘jul’ festivities last year. On the first day of December I snoozed my alarm one too many times. I woke up an hour too late.    I painfully stepped barefoot onto a stranded piece of Lego (whose place was certainly not in the middle of the hallway). Yelping hysterically I hopped on one foot a good few meters before landing, face down, on the carpet. This entire misfortune ought to have become a funny story to tell at the breakfast

table, hadn’t we (magically) run out of coffee. As I nursed my caffeine-less misery, the kids had a problem of their own. Someone had taken all the presents from the Advent Calendar and left empty wrappers in their place. It was indeed a mystery, one worthy of the detective skills of Agatha Christie’s Poirot. But, alas, I was more concerned with the absence of coffee. December continued in the same manner as it had begun. Mishaps and mysteries continued to puzzle us - shrunk en clothes, the disappearance of ski poles, bundles of kitchen cloths scattered across the floor, missing keys and so on. And then, time for the big ‘jul’ cleaning came. Needless to say, the more we cleaned, the more mess was made. I stomped my foot in frustration, but only dust rose. Sometimes it felt as if someone was creeping behind us and undoing all of the great preparation and achievements we had made. It wouldn’t be until the final straw was broken, aka ‘for this jul dinner we will have lutefisk instead of the usual ribs’, that last jul became a story worth of telling. 

Arn smiled coyly and shrugged before turning to his toys, leaving me to think about how different yet wonderful our cultures are It must have been the tenth day of December when news about the lutefisk dinner broke out. I laughed; giddy with joy, as lutefisk was one of my favourite traditional Norwegian meals. My newfound happiness was equaled by the kids’ misery, so I proclaimed the tenth day of December to be our gingerbread baking day. We played Christmas songs, danced around the kitchen, made an utter mess, ate half of the batter and burned all three batches of the cookies. We did our best to keep the spirit going, but tears rolled down their cheeks and I believe someone was adamant on cancelling jul altogether. On the day of Santa Lucia, one of the kids got to play the leading role in the school play. Her costume, a white dress and a candle, magically vanished. From the moment the missing costume came to our 11

attention, I can only remember people running around the house, searching under sofas, beds, even behind the TV, but no dress was to be found. A lot of improvisation later, she performed her role splendidly. Then the nineteenth day of December arrived.  When it comes to family traditions, for as long as I can remember, the 19th of December held a special place in my family’s calendar. It was a time to be with those you felt the closest to, the ones who are your family. Knowing the tradition I was brought up in, my newfound family set out to make the 19th of December rather special. We, the gang of 7, bundled up for the harsh Trønder winter and went hunting for a Christmas tree.  Later that day, as the decorations of the ‘juletre’ were well under way, the youngest of us, Arn, told me a story about julenisse.  “Julenisse,” Arn began, “are the little people who live in our barns”. He went on to explain that these little people expect to be offered a bowl of the rice porridge each Christmas.  “You see,” Arn continued, “if you don’t leave a bowl of porridge in the barn they might get angry and play all sorts of tricks on you”. I laughed and asked him if we fed the nisse last jul. Judging by our misfortune this December it certainly felt as if nisse were warning us of what could happen if we forget to feed them, yet again.  Arn smiled coyly and shrugged before turning to his toys, leaving me to think about how different, yet wonderful, our cultures are.  On Christmas Eve, right before the family sat around the table, we took a heaping bowl of rice porridge to the barn hoping that the nisse would accept our apology and have a ‘god jul’.  After Christmas had passed, according to the tradition, a few more days of jul remained and a feeling of nostalgia settled in. Truth be told, Christmas has never been the time of the year when I felt lonely, being so far away from those who are closest to me. But, with the coming of New Year’s Eve, a holiday that is considered rather important back home, I found myself making a single New Year’s resolution: “Make more new old-traditions”. This one, I was certain, I’d be bound to keep. Three hundred and almost sixty  five days later, I can proudly tell you that I did.    God Jul and don’t forget to feed the nisse! · THE THIRTEENTH ISSUE


COME AS YOU ARE Words by Sadique Ndamwe Photo by Nikol Herec


n the heart of Trondheim there is a church that sparks the interest of many. Our writer, Sadique Ndamwe, took time to find out why this church, associated with people of all backgrounds, is proving to be one of Trondheim’s hallmarks next to Nidaros Cathedral. Vår Frue Kirke is the Norwegian equivalent for Our Lady’s Church. Built in the 12th century, just a century after the world’s Northern most medieval cathedral and Norway’s national sanctuary, Nidaros Cathedral. It wins praise and criticism in equal measure - and rightfully so. Our Lady’s Church is a text book example of the phrase ‘come as you are’. Working in cooperation with Kirkens Bymisjon (translated as the church city mission), an organisation that helps people struggling with socio-economic challenges among others, like drug abuse, crime and panhandling, the church is open 365 days a year and receives between 300 to 500 visitations a day. At a time when the world is fractured by wars and social injustices leading to the refugee crisis, many people have found themselves feeling lonely in a strange land with no social networks. At Vår Frue Kirke, they find solace. It is literally open to all, rich and poor, believers and non-believers, but perhaps the most unique attribute of is its inclusivity for alcoholics and drug addicts, who now and again can be seen thronging the church compound lighting up a smoke or sipping something. This is acceptable because after all, “they are human traits”, as THE THIRTEENTH ISSUE

Siv Limstrand, one of the church’s Priests and a driving-force behind the open church team, puts it. “When the first street Pastor Dag Aakre began his work nearly twenty-five years ago, you could walk into the sacristy at 12 o’clock on Saturday and find twenty people eating lunch, covered in a fog of smoke” Limstrand quips. Today smokers are still allowed within the premises but smoking is forbidden inside the church and so is begging. However, Vår Frue supports their rights to ask for help. Some conservative voices might argue that people should clean up their acts or appearance before entering. Limstrand has a different view. “In a way this tells me that we do something important and that we are doing something right” she says. “God is bigger than all of us and what’s important for us is to care about each other and respect peoples’ struggles. And try to create a community that can ease the struggle, this is what church is about. It’s all about sharing”, she adds. Limstrand is not new to controversy and criticism. In her previous job as a University Chaplain in Trondheim, she never shied away from controversial topics like the sexual preference debate and interpretation of the Bible. Often resorting to engaging in more open-minded thinking, as opposed to just following the scriptures in a certain way. It is this very value that makes Vår Frue Kirke unique. When the church’s congregation agreed to utilise the church in a different way than traditionally, twenty-five years ago, they felt it necessary to open the church with meals and services for people lounging in parks. Perhaps owing to its ideal location right in the middle of town square. Here secularism and piety go hand in hand. Established rock and hip hop artists have performed for the congregation here. Not so much gospel music – rather often secular. “Anything goes from classical music, to experimental jazz to pop and rock. Various artists have graced our Open Microphone events which take place once every month on Fridays, but we also like giving the opportunity for unknowns amateurs who have a love for what they do”. On this particular night a group of ’rather mature men’ calling themselves Old Spice, will be performing old pop style, after which the mic will be open to anyone 12

wishing to sing any song of their choice, read a poem or play an instrument. However, people must not forget that they are in a church. Every day at 2 o’clock the church offers short worships with silence and music, often in form of the piano. People light candles and the gospel is read. At the entrance there is a small canteen with the hosts always on standby to usher you in with a cup of coffee, tea or cake. On Thursday nights there is soup and a short worship. Trondheim Pride, a festival that champions for the right of lesbians, gays, transgendered and bisexuals (LGTB) culminates annually here for worship, something that constrasts the beliefs of some foreigners coming from ultra conservative backgrounds. “This is sometimes challenging for guests who come from other cultures, they don’t understand this rainbow symbol and why we embrace LGTB. This however, provides an opportunity to be in dialogue about many important things within the church and the society in general. This is of paramount importance to us” says Limstrand. We have conducted blessings. Next year in January we will conduct marriages for the queer community”, she adds. The cosmopolitan identity is not only reflected in the guests, as they refer to people who frequent the church, but also in the 300 hosts who attend to the guests on a voluntary basis. These are people of different nationalities, faiths and backgrounds who simply want to give back to the society. “We do not question the faiths of our hosts when recruiting. Of utmost importance to us is that they uphold the religious aspects and care for our guests. Muslims and Buddhists also take part in some of our events” adds Limstrand on the church’s representation. So what about funding? Just as much as this open church depends on volunteers to keep the doors open, friendly and welcoming, they depend on donations from visitors, sponsors and companies. There is minimal public funding. But this fact also reflects the importance of Vår Frue Kirke in the image of the citizens of Trondheim, Limstrand points out.“This is a holy place that belongs to everyone. It is open for everyone. People are proud of that unique fact, and would like to contribute to this openness.” ·





Get Ready

FOR CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR’S EVE Words by Katarzyna Gąsiorek Photo by Geir Mogen (main) & Nikol Herec (inset)


eeling grey in the winter? Getting ready for a seasonal party? No matter the reason, if you want to look or simply feel your best this winter, head into Salotto and let their team primp and preen over you while you relax over your espresso. Afterwads you can open your senses to ultimate Nordic fashion and invest in quality products by local designers at johnnylove. Known for their classic and everlasting look, johnnylove will keep you looking great for many seasons, Warmth and coziness is but a matter of fact. In the heat of seasonal preparations, for many, we barely have enough time to consider our attire. Despite this, there is no doubt that dressing up for the holidays is a must. johnnylove has a selection of the best quality indoor and outdoor wear, for both men and women. Their stylish products with a local flaire and attention to detail is not to be overlooked. When pre-Christmas panic kicks and you question that you have the right look for julebord and family dinners, Salotto is there to help you with the answer. Be it a party at work, school, or with your community, you’re certain to have your hair and make-up styled to perfection at Salotto. ·


mon-fri 10:00-18:00 sat 10:00-16:00 Dronningens gate 26 7011 Trondheim JOHNNYLOVE

mon-sat 10:00-18:00 Olav Tryggvasons gate 21 7011 Trondheim THE THIRTEENTH ISSUE



Solsiden – Royal Garden – Britannia – Torget – Scandic Lerkendal Moholt – Nardo – Nidarvoll

Now running direct to and from Trondheim city-centre

P O T S NONolsiden S

es Værn

New route: Airport Express bus to/from Solsiden in only 25 minutes 15







Photo by Knut Aage Dahl





Photos by

Words by Visit Trondheim

If you think it’s only possible to experience the Northern Lights in the North of Norway, you are mistaken! This amazing natural phenomenon can be seen in the night sky just above Trondheim. To get a better idea, we spoke with photographer, Øyvind Blomstereng about his experience chasing the Aurora Borealis!


very year thousands of tourists travel to Northern Norway in search of the Northern Lights, but many of them may not realise that they can also experience this in Trondheim. The Northern Lights (aurora borealis) is a majestic and indescribably beautiful natural phenomenon; magical light that plays with us from the heavens above. NO GUARANTEES

Photographer Øyvind Blomstereng takes

photos for Visit Trondheim and is involved in organising trips that aim to showcase the Northern Lights in Trondheim. He lead The List and Visit Trondhiem on a city walk and Northern Lights chase. “There is always anticipation associated with chasing the Northern Lights. The big THE THIRTEENTH ISSUE

question is always ‘are we going to see it?’ I can never provide any guarantees, but I do promise a nice trip and the opportunity to take some nice photos.” Photos form an important part of Øyvind’s tours. He is passionate about his camera and recommends anyone who wants to capture powerful images bring their camera with them as well. “You will get the optimal result if you use an SLR camera, tripod and remote shutter release when you are shooting photos of the Northern Lights. A mobile phone will work to a certain extent when there is a lot of visibility, but it’s not recommended because you lose a lot of what’s happening in the sky due to the functionality of the mobile camera. If you use an SLR camera, you can start by manually adjusting the settings. Select ISO 800, the full aperture of the lens 18

(f/2.8 or f/3.5) and try with a shutter speed of 15 seconds. Alternatively, you can use a shutter speed of 20 to 25 seconds. It’s more a case of trial and error,” says Blomstereng. NORTHERN LIGHTS FORECAST Not every spot in Trondheim is equally

good for observing the Northern Lights. The best spots are Djupvika and Ringvebukta, both situated along the Lade Path on the Lade Peninsula. Øyvind recommends everyone to check the Northern Lights forecast if they wish to see the spectacular light in the night sky. “Even if you don’t necessarily see it with the naked eye, it’s often possible to capture it with a camera. Several times I have been out taking photos of the Northern Lights even though I didn’t see them without the lens.”


Photos by Inset: Knut Aage Dahl Main: Øyvind Blomstereng

The best spots for viewing the Northern Lights are Djupvika and Ringvebukta, both situated along the Lade Path on the Lade Peninsula. However, it’s not just Lade that is good for the Northern Lights chase. Trondheim is quite unique when it comes to proximity and accessibility to green recreational area, Bymarka. This is so close to the city and at the same time far away from lights. It is another great place to observe the Northern Lights. Øyvind will gladly take you there too. “It only takes about 10 minutes by bus or tram to get to Bymarka and you will discover many nice places there to take photos and hunt for the Northern Lights. Despite the short distance, you can leave the hustle and bustle of city life and experience the peace and tranquillity of nature”. ·

If you would like to join Øyvind on a

Northern Lights chase, please contact the Trondheim Tourist Information Office at Nordregate 11 or call +47 73 80 76 60. For the Northern Lights forecast we recommend: website gi.alaska.edu/AuroraForecast/ app NorwayLights YOUR NORTHERN LIGHTS GUIDE TO TRONDHEIM The Northern Lights season stretches be-

tween mid-August to mid-April.

• You can see the Northern Lights best in dark during evenings and nights. • Find somewhere you can stand in the dark and look northwards. • Good spots in Trondheim are Djupvika and Ringvebukta on the Lade Peninsula. • Check the Northern Lights forecast. 19

• Download the mobile apps “Nordlysvarsel” or “Aurora Alert”. • The Kp index shows how much Northern Lights activity you can expect. The Kp index should be 3 or higher. TRONDHEIM TOURIST INFORMATION OFFICE If you need advice about activities in

Trondheim, feel free to contact the tourist information office located upstairs at Nordre gate 11. You will find out everything you need to know about what’s happening in the city and the various guided tours you can join. You might also find a gift for your friends and family and plan an experience in the city. You are welcome to visit us or call +47 73 80 76 60. Visit Trondheim is a sponsor of The List.




L E A E SIN A GLASDS An introduction to homemade gifts THE THIRTEENTH ISSUE



Words by Katarzyna Gąsiorek Photos by Nikol Herec


ifts are the very essence of celebrating the people we love. They are not about showing off how much money was spent or how trendy the actual present itself is. Gift-giving should be about showing one another that we care. No matter if you are celebrating the birthday of your best friend, your own wedding anniversary, or Christmas Eve, the most important part is to say: I appreciate you. There are different synonyms for this. We love, we respect, we care, we remember, we miss, and we simply value. There may be even more ways to show you really mean what you just verbalised. Demonstrating our appreciation for loved ones is often more satisfying than the gift itself. In times of overconsumption and over consumerism, many tend to barely pay attention to what they buy for their loved ones. We may be directing our attention towards the wrong principles, say for example price and trends. Piles of unused or unwanted gifts fills storage rooms and closets, benefiting no one. By changing our habits we may be able to show that we care and even improve our relationships. In general, mass produced items and consumer products are less likely to convey the same message that a homemade gift can. I appreciate you so much that I devoted my time and effort to make a present that is neither very fancy nor expensive, but shows you that I care. My gift for you is unique and comes from my heart. For those who share this opinion but struggle with finding the right method, The

List has prepared a guide to homemade and delicious gifts that you may wish to make your next DIY present. Food is easy, everyone loves it and the risk of gifting a so-called white elephant is thus reduced. Homemade gifts are a simple and fun way to show someone that you care. The List asked their Deputy Editor Kasia, and Head of Sales Matias what kind of home-made presents appeal to them and why: “A thought that I should prepare homemade Christmas gifts struck me when I was on the side of Gråkallen. I was picking up berries on a windy Sunday afternoon in late September, when I realised that this would be the perfect gift for me to bring home to Polend for Christmas – a piece of my Trøndelag life packed in a jar. When appreciating my loved ones, I try to avoid cliché 21

gifts, which can be quite challenging while living abroad. It is just so easy to buy a key ring with a miniature elk attached to it, or a hat with the Norwegian flag on it. With a lunch box full of blueberries, purple hands and windblown hair I decided to get into the kitchen and start whipping up stirring jams, syrups and marmalades”. For The List’ s Head of Sales, Matias mead is the ultimate choice “Homemade drinks are an obvious choice during Christmas time. I make mead for my friends and family because it is special and it is a very useful present, The idea of homemade Making mead has been my hobby for a couple of years now. It is fun, and pretty much sums up the ideal gift for any time of the year where there are parties”. For inspiration on homemade gifts, turn the page.· THE THIRTEENTH ISSUE


Step-by-Step Guide to Homemade Gifts HOW TO PREPARE





You will need 1 kg of blueberries. If you use frozen berries you don’t have to defrost them entirely, as the water will evaporate.


Mix your berries with sugar and squeeze lime juice, heat it constantly, stirring for approximately 30 min or until it resembles jam!

Clean the berries, cut the lime into halves and prepare as much sugar as you like (up to 500 g for 1 kg of fruits).

Ladle the hot jam into a sterilised jar and make sure it is sealed. Let the jam cool down for 24 hours lying


upside down. If you can’t press the centre of the lid down it means you can safely store it, even until next Christmas! 22


Step-by-Step Guide to Homemade Gifts






In a pot, heat 2 parts water and1 part heather honey to just below boiling. This pasteurises the honey, purifiying the water.


The yeast will need about 6 weeks fermentation. While you wait, make sure to get some suitable bottles.

Pour the honey water into a sterilised wine bucket. Cool it to 25 degrees and mix in a wine yeast recommended by your local home brewing shop. Seal the bucket and let the yeast go to work.

6 weeks later the mead is finished. Sterilise your bottles and pour or pump the mead into them. Decorate with

ribbons or maybe make your own labels?




Photo by Nikol Herec





Celebrations have united people since the very first man who discovered that a pile of sticks can be turned into a pillar of flames, turned to his neighbour and said “fancy grilling that mastodon leg, Bob?” To which Bob, who was extremely tired of all that raw meat, excitedly agreed and invited Sue, who had just bottled a fresh batch of moonshine. Fast forward a couple of hundred thousand years, and it is clear that the way in which we celebrate and the occasions that inspire celebration are one of the single most defining and unifying aspects of communities and cultures the world over. And what celebration is all about? Well, about drinks! Let’s have a look at brewing in celebratory circumstances. >>>




BREW & CELEBRATION Words by The List with contributor Courtney Lineback Photo by Nikol Herec


elebration is a fundamental foundation of connection and self-identity; it is as significant to your beliefs and your habits as is your language and your family. Celebrating as a group, within your specific community, gives a deep sense of belonging and acceptance that is difficult to find or replicate elsewhere. For many of us, it is incredibly important to carry on the rituals of celebration that we grew up with: those individual and unique cultural nuances that define us in such an extraordinary way. “We celebrate for so many reasons,” says The List contributor Courtney Lineback. “t’s almost as if we’re looking for an excuse to put on a party hat! We celebrate the births, deaths, and trips around the sun of those we love. We pop bottles for the beginning of a new year. We feast, dance and pray during countless religious and spiritual observances. We congratulate when someone has a new car, a new house, or a new pair of shoes. We love, and celebrate accordingly, waffle day, cinnamon roll day and-a personal favorite of mine-drink more wine day.” Indeed, celebrating is a way of showing gratitude for that which we, and those in our community, have been fortunate enough to come across. There has been a significant amount of research conducted on the subject of celebration and its benefits, both for the individual and for society in general, and it has been documented on numerous occasions that those who actively choose to celebrate something or someTHE THIRTEENTH ISSUE

one on a daily basis are happier, more alert, experience higher levels of creativity and enthusiasm, and are more determined and energetic when facing challenges. “I think I’ll pour myself another glass in celebration of celebration” exclaims Courtney. “I find Norway, and Trondheim, to be particularly charming during this time of year, when the streets are aglow with soft lights, the windows adorned with cheerful red hearts, and the snow slowly transforming hard edges into soft curves”, she shares. Yes, the winter brings with it many celebrations, most notably of course, Christmas. A large majority of Trondheim’s population will soon dissipate to return to their cozy snow-covered homes, or to a city and country thousands of kilometers away, but before they do, they will participate in one very important tradition: julebord. “Recently, I conducted a survey in a study group of 20 individuals ranging in age from 22-45, from countries as close as Norway and Sweden to as far as Nepal and Peru”, describes Courtney. “ When asked what celebration means to him or her personally, every single person mentioned food and drink as an important central concept to a successful celebration”. In Norway, celebration often hinges around food and drink, particularly around this time, when everyone breaks out their finest attire for the famous julebord. There are many choices of what one can choose to drink during this festive occasion, but more often than not the focus will be on brew: specialty beer, julebrus, for the kids, coffee to accompany a delicious dessert. Courtney emphasises that there is a strong tradition of brew within the Norwegian culture, and it seems that this connection continues to strengthen. 26

For instance, around 38 new microbreweries opened in 2015, totaling 80 new breweries in the last two years alone! Vinmonopolet has also increased its focus on brew, and has designated a chosen amount of its stores to host more than four times the amount of specialty beer than it previously held. On the political front, the leader of the Liberal Party in Norway, Trine Skei Grande, received the 2015 ÅretsØlhund, an award given by the National Brewery and Beverage Association to people who independently have made a great effort to promote the beer culture in Norway. The Norwegian government also seems to be supporting the industry following pressure from multiple stakeholders in domestic beer, and introduced new legislation on November 1st 2015 which allows manufacturers, importers, retailers and on-trade establishments that sell beer to inform consumers about their products using pictures and text in channels the consumer deliberately approaches, such as a company website. This ruling was an important win for the industry, as advertisement of alcoholic beverages of any sort was, until then, completely illegal. “Awareness of the importance of the brew industry throughout many different actors in Norway is certainly cause for celebration,’ Courtney goes on to say, “particularly for those whose livelihood is based on brew. Curious to gain some insight on their concept of celebration, brew, and the unavoidable combination of the two, I reached out to a group of brewers who are busy making a name for themselves and their products throughout the community of Trondheim: Monkey Brew, LangøraCoffee, and Surf Kombucha. ·





LANGØRA COFFEE Words by Courtney Lineback Photo by Langøra Kaffebrenneri

MONKEY BREW Words by Courtney Lineback Photo by Sebastian Bjerkvik

Why did you start to brew beer? I started brewing beer as a home brewer for social and economical reasons. One of my pals that I lived with wanted to start, so I chipped in and joined him, and got hooked almost instantly. Starting commercially, on the other hand, had many reasons. Making an impact on Norwegians’ drinking habits, from binge drinking to more focus on quality, is one of them. I also really love the diversity of my working day, both doing physical labor when brewing, reading doctorates about fermentation in the evening and then the social part selling products I can be proud of. THE THIRTEENTH ISSUE

What is unique about the brewing culture in Norway? There are some unique aspects to Norwegian brewing culture, namely “Stjørdalsmaltøl” and a series of yeast strains that has been inherited for generations, maybe dating back to the age of the vikings called “kveik”. Even though we haven’t done anything with these ingredients ourselves, it’s always fun telling brewers from other countries about it. What has been your favorite celebration because of or involving your beer? The day we opened TAPS at Bakklandet, was a very proud moment and would definitely not have happened if it wasn’t for our beer. What is your favorite Christmas tradition (it doesn’t have to involve beer)? My favorite Christmas tradition is making “Rull” and “Sylte” back home in the house where I grew up with my father. · 28

Why did you start to brew coffee? In 2003, I started working in a cafe that took coffee a little bit more serious than others. Nothing very fancy, just that they grounded the coffee themselves before brewing instead of having pre=ground coffee. They also had different coffees from three or four countries. That’s when I first realized that coffee could taste different, depending on origin and how it was treated. This sparked my interest, and a few years later I applied for a job as a barista at DromedarKaffebar in Trondheim. At Dromedar I started learning more about how I, as a barista with different techniques, could influence the final quality in the cup when brewing coffee. I also learned about the importance of quality in every part of the chain, from the farmer to the roaster to the barista. Dromedarwas a very inspiring place to work, and I learned so much from the people I worked with there. The biggest impact coffee made on me was in 2008 when I, after winning an internal competition in Dromedar, was lucky enough to go on a trip to Colombia, together with the coffee-supplier Solberg & Hansen. For ten days we travelled in mountains around Colombia, visiting coffee-farmers at coffee-farms, washing stations, dry-mills and co-operatives. I got to see all of the different aspects of coffee production and processing methods up close, which I up until this point only had


read about in books, and had not fully understood. I saw for myself how much hard work goes into producing quality coffee, and it changed my perspective and understanding of coffee forever. In 2012 I became the national cup tasting champion of Norway. At this time I also started to get interested in coffee roasting. The idea of being able to influence the flavors of the coffee through the roasting process really interested me. So, in 2014 I stopped working as a barista, and started roasting coffee for Jacobsen &Svart. A few months later, I met Kristian from LangøraKaffebrenneri and we started talking. We quickly got along, and he expressed the need for my expertise in the Langøra team. Shortly after, he offered me the job as the head roaster in charge of green coffee buying and quality control for LangøraKaffebrenneri. Now I work full time at Langøra, roasting coffee, doing quality control, training customers and baristas and keeping the wheels in motion. What is unique about the coffee culture in Norway? One of the unique things about Norwegian coffee culture is how coffee plays such a big part of our social life. After 1842, when the law, which forbid Norwegians to make spirits at home, was introduced, coffee often became the alternative to al-

cohol in social gatherings. We also make a lot more coffee at home than most other countries, and when we meet friends or family, coffee is very often a natural part of these meetings. Since it has been such a big part of our social culture, the quality of the coffee has also become more and more important. Norway’s good trading connections with coffee-producing countries like Brazil, made coffee of high quality more accessible. Now, even the “low grade” coffee from the more commercial roasteries holds better quality than most of the commercial roasteries in the rest of the world. What has been your favorite celebration because of or involving your coffee? My favorite celebration because of coffee was when I won the national cup-tasting competition (coffee tasting) in 2012. Of 29

course that led to a huge celebration with my colleagues at Dromedar, but it also gave me a place on the national barista team of Norway. I got to go to the world championship to compete (got 8th place ;)) and I also competed in the Nordic Barista Cup, a really inspiring team competition with the best baristas from all of the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.) What is your favorite Christmas tradition (it doesn’t have to involve coffee)? Every year, since we were little kids, me, my brother, and my sister have gotten up early on Christmas Eve to watch cartoons and eat cookies and candy from our Christmasstockings together. We aren’t kids anymore, but the tradition is still happening every year…even the stockings! · THE THIRTEENTH ISSUE



SURF KOMBUCHA Words by Courtney Lineback Photo by Sebastian Bjerkvik

Why did you start to brew kombucha?   I´m a nutritionist and am very interested in healthy food. My boyfriend and I were on holiday in California almost two years ago, and we saw how popular kombucha is there. We just love the taste of kombucha, and it´s healthy too, which makes it even better! Since I´m from a farm where we already produce cheese and ice cream we had the idea that we could start producing kombucha on the farm in Norway, too. Why do you think that Norway is a good market for producing and selling kombucha?   Kombucha is a tradition that is more than 2000 years old, and it´s been very popular in USA and Australia for many years already. Since Norway is a bit late with these kinds of trends, we see that kombucha is just now starting to get more and more popular here as well, but it´s still very unknown. Norwegians are very health conscious, but there are so many drinks full of sugar and artificial additives on the market, so we need one like kombucha with natural ingredients and very little sugar! 

What has been your favorite celebration because of or involving your kombucha?   My favorite celebration with kombucha must be New Years Eve last year. I had just started making kombucha, so I was really just in the testing process. We invited a big crew with friends for dinner, and served ginger kombucha with vodka as a welcome drink! Everyone was very curious and happy about the drink, and we were celebrating all night till the next morning. What is your favorite Christmas tradition (it doesn’t have to involve kombucha)? My favorite Christmas tradition is being home on the farm with my family. The last 5 years my boyfriend has been here, too. The 23th we decorate the Christmas tree, and the 24th we watch cartoons and Christmas movies on the TV in the morning, and eat ribs, have drinks and open gifts in the evening. · 31


You can find Monkey Brew at their bar Taps in Bakklandet, Den GodeNabo, Antikvariatet, and Bear Brew & Pizza. Surf Kombucha is at MathallBear Brew & Pizza, and To Rom og Kjokken. Enjoy a cup of Langøra coffee at Sellanraa, Bear Brew & Pizza, DIGS, Mathall, Credo, Jossa, ScandicNidelven, Café Soil, Mat fra Hagen, Bar Moskus,, Fairytale, Alma Mater, Café Le Frere, Sverresborg, Ringve and Andersen & Gundersen. Keep the celebration going!


r r

r JULEMARKEDET TRONDHEIM ’That Christmas feeling’

Photo by Lee Dyer





r r







THAT CHRISTMAS FEELING Words by Lacie Goff Photo by Wil Lee-Wright


old air, warm vibes and plenty of “gløgg” to go around, the time for Christmas markets is soon here!But what exactly is it about Christmas markets here in Norway that just seems extra special? For me, there is something about how even thoughthe “mørketid” is in full swing, no amount of sunlight could ever match theluminous warmth and coziness that comes with walking through a Christmas market here. Norwegians are experts at creating this coziness, and there is a good reason that “koselig” is my favorite Norwegian word. Since moving to Norway three years ago, attending Christmas markets has become a steadfast tradition each winter, and it has quickly become something I look forward to all year. The very first market I attended was the famous RørosJulemarked. I remember thinking that the scenes around me looked to have been taken straight out of a Currier and Ives painting. It was almost surreal. For a moment, I got the feeling that I must have been doing Christmas wrong my whole life, because clearlythis was what Christmas would look like if taken out of a textbook. I ate waffles, bought hand-knitted stockings, watched a dogsled race and witnessed the largest display of gingerbread houses I had ever seen. It was magical. It wasn’t until the next year that I got to experience Trondheim’s Christmas market, and my city did not disappoint! In full honesty, I place much of the blame for me having become such a foodie on Trondheim’s Julemarked. Walking up and down the rows of local vendors, sampling jams and THE THIRTEENTH ISSUE

Opening Times Dates 9. - 18. Dec 2016 Hours Mon-Fri: 12:00 - 19:00 Sat: 11:00 - 19:00 Sun: 13:00 - 19:00

sausages and cheeses and smoked salmon and then buying an entire pantry’s worth of yummies – what more can a girl want? Oh, that’s right…she can want hand-knitted mittens and hats and beautiful handcrafted jewelry, but fear not, because the Trondheim Julemarked has all of that too. It’s become one of my favorite places to buy Christmas gifts because they’re genuinely unique, and you can even meet the people behind the products you buy. Coming from LA, this is not something that I’m used to getting to do, and it makes the experience all the more special. At first, I didn’t understand the idea of a Christmas market. I didn’t get what the hype was about. But now after having seen 34


Lacie’s top five things to do when there: 1)



4) 5)




4) 5)

Trondheim Julemarked Stroll through the food tent, where dozens of local food-producers gather to sell their products. Watch a performance on the main stage to hear Christmas carols that are sure to bring the holiday spirit. Pick up some truly unique Christmas gifts from the local vendor booths around the square. Visit Kafélavvo for the coziest dinner or cocoa you can find. Go on a horse-and-carriage ride with the whole family to take in the awesome surroundings. Check out julemarkedroros.no for more details! RørosJulemarked Visit the vendor booths for locally-produced food and handmade goods that are sure to be a success this gift-giving season. Go on a journey of tastes at the beer tasting (tickets required, includes some light finger food). Check out a Christmas concert in the picturesque Røros church (multiple dates, tickets required). Warm up with a cup of hot cocoa and a waffle at Kaffestuggu. Meet and greet with the santas in the main streets(every day from 15:00-18:00).

Check out julemarkedet-trondheim.no for more details!

them with my own eyes, I get it. There is just something about walking around in the cold winter air, celebrating locally-produced goods, hearing Christmas music and the sound of horse-and-carriage rides – everyone seems to be in the holiday spirit. How could one not be after being there? We’re so lucky to live in a region with two renowned Christmas markets, so get out there and experience them this holiday season. Join in during a Christmas carol, taste your way through the booths, pick up some one-of-a-kind gifts and maybe even pick up your Christmas tree while you’re at it! The Christmas markets are true gems of this region, and they are guaranteed to be a highlight of your holiday season. · 35





elebration is so important to one’s identity, and I would venture to guess that I’m not the only one who is sentimental when it comes to tradition. I am so fortunate to have a diverse group of friends from so many different cultures and places here in Trondheim (including Norway!) and I know that they each have some part of their typical celebration that they look forward to, or will miss dearly, this winter. Out of curiosity, I have asked them to share their ideas on the concept of celebration and some unique aspects of their specific Christmas traditions. I asked everyone the same four questions:

1) What does celebration mean to you? 2) What is your favorite Christmas tradition, and why? or a saying related to celebration where you’re from? 3) Which tradition will you bring, or have you brought, to your own family’s Christmas celebration? Agnieszka Gajdzik Silesia, Poland 1)Celebration for me means: to share happiness with my closest people (friends/family) because of some reason, which makes us happy and brings us closer. 2) As a child I really liked the morning masses in December, which I have always attended with my grandma. You have your own lamp and go with it to the church in the morning while it’s still dark. The church THE THIRTEENTH ISSUE

was only lit by candlelightand the lamps from the beginning, which is what makes it so mystical for a child. Now I am not religious anymore, so for me Christmas is about gathering together and enjoying the company of my beloved family. It’s especially sentimental for me, as with time the number of people around the table changes, some come, some go, so it’s great moment to think about and celebrate another year that we are able to spend together. 3.) The Christmas tradition that I always continue in the places I live is cuisine and Christmas Dinner (prepared the day before Christmas). I always invite my friends and cook some Silesian and Polish Christmas dishes. Mayra Carbone Lima, Peru 1) Celebration is a time to spend with the people you like and know, friends and family, old and young. I think it’s important to have a break from routines and do something extra special when celebrating. It could be going out to a party or throwing one, opening an extra nice bottle of something, or doing something that wouldn’t be normal on an everyday basis. 2) I love unboxing the old decorations. It seems that I manage to forget what we’ve kept in those boxes every year! But my ultimate favorite is the dinner, but only if I’m back home in Peru. 3) I wish I could bring the weather during that time! But seriously, I would like to give more importance to spending time together, rather than gifts or the religious meaning of Christmas. I would really like to break the tradition a little bit. Haley Knudson San Diego, U.S.A 1) Celebration means family, friends, wine, chatting, laughing and music. And maybe some singing if it’s Christmas! 2) My favorite tradition is baking pies and cookies. It always takes forever because there are so many recipes to make every year even though we NEVER eat everything 36

we make! Also, singing Ave Maria after Christmas dinner because we’ve done it for as long as I can remember. 4) Opening presents on Christmas morning!! Not the 24th! Anna Gilska Olsztyn, Poland 1) Celebration is cherishing the moments you spend all to together: being together, overloading on food, and getting closer to each other. 2) i like all of the traditions, my favorites are the ones that create the familiar, warm feeling one has when Christmas comes: the dishes we make, the carols that are played in the background. Also, the youngest one is picking presents from under the Christmas tree and bringing them to a correct person. Everyone waits until all the presents are delivered and then the opening starts. 3) Most of them! They all create the family-loving atmosphere of closeness. My favorite ones are that you are not allowed to unpack presents until the first star is in the sky. My cousin and I drew a star on the window; we couldn’t stand to wait longer. There’s one where you need to have 12 different dishes on the table- it helps you learn how to count; it helped me at least. Then there is one where you say wishes to every present family member personally before starting the dinner. it brings you closer to those that you don’t have much contact with, and makes you work on your creativity as you cant say the same thing to every single person. Tim Jagenberg Stuttgart, Germany 1) Celebration is having a joyful time with family and close friends, meaningful conversations, and good food. As I am crazy for cheese, my favorite social food for the wintertime is Raclette or Cheese Fondue. 2) I don’t feel myself bound by religions or traditions, so I define my own by celebrating winter solstice. This years winter solstice will happen on Wednesday 21st of December at 11:44 CET. ·


Old food traditions of Norway, prepared in a rebellious way.

Fosenkaia 4A / Phone: +47 73 48 79 90 / post@trollrestaurant.no / www.trollrestaurant.no WWW.GEPDESIGN.NO


Art +Space AKSEL-DEV DHUNSI age origin web email

20 Trondheim www.akseldev.com ad.dhunsi@gmail.com

Words by Laura Ann Morrison




How are you feeling? I’m feeling quite good about how my life is turning out lately. There are of course ups and downs and for example I didn’t expect the temperature to get this low, this early in the fall. I have skipped a few norwegian winters the last couple of years. This is something I again have to get used to. Just finished my latest portrait project. felt good closing down a period of time that has been challenging. I didn’t realize that I had been doing all this work, everyday, before I got a "slap in the face". Slowly and steady I have gathered new energy and motivation and finally starting to see the progress I expect of myself.

Moment. Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India

What can we find in your studio? My workplace is actually my bedroom. That’s mostly the room I’m in when I’m at home. I have all kinds of things in my workplace. A mix between childhood photos and my current equipment, various small paintings made by me and my father. We made this decoration so I would get the right vibe and feel inspired for a project I was working on a while back called // YATRA. Tell me about India? India for me is like a rollercoaster of emotions that has had a huge impact on my life. When I’m in India I can be the happiest guy around, but I can also be the guy with heavy anxiety and depression. That’s something I think one can see in my photos from India. The mood I’m in whilst photographing affects both the motive and the expression of my photos. I think we can see and feel so much every day, if we dare! Daring to actually get close with people, like I did in India, has taught me a lot. Telling my Indian family that my last relationship was with a male has changed our relationship. I feel more open and free now. When I’m in India, I usually wake up early in the morning and eat breakfast before I go out in the streets. Sometimes one of my brothers and I go on bike rides wherever life by the road takes us. When I’m in the streets I focus on capturing a moment that tells me something about the people or the person I’m photographing. I want all my images to speak for themselves, as one piece. For four years now I have collected a big archive of portraits of all these different individuals. Looking at those photos now I feel ready to document the stories of these special people. For me India also means a strong connection with my brotherhood. We are ten guys who always hang out together.

In April this year (2016) two friends and I went to the holy city, Vrindavan, to participate in Holi - the festival of colours. At one point we were inside a temple that was way too crowded. I was holding on to my camera, doing my thing. We did get lost from each other but we didn’t really notice it. We just met again after being in our own worlds with different things in our minds. Trying to not worry so much and having confidence to that everything will turn out well is an attitude I have brought back home. And how has Trondheim been an impact on your artistic process? Trondheim has had a great impact and made me the person I am today. I am very lucky to have had the chance to go through different environments from childhood up till now. I was born in this city, I feel like I’ve been to every corner and street. In my childhood my mother owned a hat store and almost every day after school I went to her shop and just watched all the people coming by. The other times I was at my father’s art exhibitions. Trondheim is a city of art and culture with a lot of opportunities for those growing up there. I frequently played football for ten years, because we are that fortunate to live in such a peaceful city, I feel like my view on the globalized world has changed every time I go out of the country. I have a love/hate relationship with my hometown, I guess that’s normal? One day my images are black and white with sharp contrast. Other days my images are colourful and warm. Trondheim helps shape my artistic expression. Describe your favourite art piece? That must be one of Joey L.’s portraits from India. The way he brings this modern and expensive equipment to India’s oldest and most timeless city, Varanasi, really shows the contrasts of the world we live in. Everyone has seen portraits this beautiful, but not in such context. Since I have been there myself I really connect with his expression and use of light and colour on the motive. The man in the picture has dedicated his life to his spiritual liberation. I feel like doing the same, in my own way, maybe someday. They are called aghori, also known as sadhus. A sect known for engaging in postmortem rituals such as covering themselves in human ashes. At the same time, I was documenting the cremation ritual when my grand aunt died. And there I was 39

seeing a dead body for the first time while the sadhus are meditating on corpses or crafting jewelry from human bones. “The Aghori have a profound connection with the dead. Death is not a fearsome concept, but a passing from the world of illusion,” says the photographer in his documentary “Beyond”. All these emotions. Joey L. is a great inspiration to me. Which Norwegian artist would you recognize as an inspiration? My father would be mad if I don’t mention him on this one. I really get inspired when I see something I haven’t really seen before. My father always surprises me with his visual work and mindset. My mother’s hand craft is truly admirable and that again is unreal for me, how she does it. I could never be like them, that’s why they inspire me to do my own thing, maybe even better. I do not have just one particular person that I recognize as an inspiration, because a lot of people and their work are inspiring to me, but I recently went to the opening of “Trøndelagsutstillingen” at KIT and found Erik Moldestad Halvorsens and his entry to be quite intriguing. His work was of a man standing in the middle of the road who looked like he lost his bag of oranges. This was a beautiful oil painting that also allowed me to reflect on myself somewhat. Another person I consider an inspiration is my mentor Jon Vatne, who is helping me with my documentary that I am working on. He has not taught me much about films yet, but how it is like to work in movies and with people. He has introduced me to a lot of cool people; although they usually talk crap most of the time, but the good kind of crap. Upcoming exhibitions/publishings? For now, nothing is official but I’m working on an exhibition where I’ll be presenting my indie documentary film that I made in India. Where also some of my images will be presented on the walls. I only need to finish the post production of the film and print my photographs. I’m eager to create the expression that I’m looking for, and doing that certainly takes time. I have also started working for Under Dusken student magazine, as a photojournalist. The exhibitions and publishing comes after I capture the real moments. Therefore, my focus is not on reaching out with what I already have, but making the content more representative of what I want to stand for. THE THIRTEENTH ISSUE





ALTERNATIV JULEKALENDER Words by Arne Slomann Johannessen & Jonny Hanger Humstad Illustration by Riot Factory


lternativ Julekalender: essentially a musical newsletter run by Jonny, Arne and Stian from Trondheim based indie label Riot Factory, brimful of the best Norwegian and Scandinavian underground artists. One or more songs, everyday from December 1st through 24th over 10 years equals more than 250 songs recorded exclusively for Alternativ Julekalender and their 10 000 fans. 10 years of magical contributions, all in the name of trying to give Christmas music new meaning, new content and new values - far removed from the commercial and often rubbish songs that rule the airwaves. After starting as a home-recording project in 2007 the calendar’s fanbase grew and grew, and pretty soon it went from home-recording to booking most of the best up and coming artists around. Artists like Kvelertak, Highasakite, Bendik, Team Me and Moddi all featured in the calendar before their careers took off. One can’t go through 10 years of making and providing music without having fun on the way. One time a song got delayed because someone stole the artist’s banjo. Another time the guys tried to get in touch with Mike Patton of Faith No More fame. He

liked the concept but didn’t have time to contribute. Or, at least that’s what his manager said. Or how about that time when Norway’s now probably most famous metal band wrote a song called “God Jul” specifically for Alternativ Julekalender only to re-record it a few months later, giving it a more metal-appropriate name and shortly after making it their biggest hit to date. The sheer volume of songs needed to succeed with a project of this magnitude over so many years is quite obvious. Most songs have been good, a fair few have been borderline great, a very select group have been modern classics and then there’s always the odd song that’s absolutely terrible, awful, unbelievably bad. Luckily for everyone the good ones outnumber the bad ones. Still, the hall of shame is something to behold. Although it’s been fun getting soon to be famous artists to contribute it’s probably been more fun making songs ourselves. In a Christmas calendar the main event is always Christmas Eve. The main event is too important to be just another song from just another random artist. That’s why the guys behind the whole thing insist on doing Christmas Eve themselves. Not that they’re extremely talented or have beautiful voices or anything - it’s more like an extended spirit of giving philosophy. Sometimes a cover song, sometimes a brand new song and always done with a hope that charm can get you further than skill. It’s always been quite good though, at least according to Arne, Jonny and Stian. Let’s go back to 2007. It’s November in Trondheim. It’s dark, wet, slightly depressing and cold. Winter is coming. Arne lived 41

in a flat in Lademoen together with a few friends. Between them they had a home recording set up, an old organ, some pots and pans, a few guitars and a smoke machine. One evening Arne found a way to combat the boredom that had taken over the flat. “Let’s make a Christmas calendar” he said, “let’s make a musical Christmas calendar and invite all our friends to record songs right here - in our living room”. A few days later the flat was brimming with musicians, instruments, a couple of beers and thus the Alternativ Julekalender was born. The songs were distributed to anyone who wanted them and soon things took off - the first few songs had 50 recipients and before long the list grew to a whopping 2000 the first year. It soon became apparent that recording everything at home was going to take far too much time. By now artists had been knocking on the virtual door and asking to be part of this so the next step came quite easily. Ask the coolest artists around to join the show. With better artists came more interest, both from the media and the public. Soon the number of recipients rose to a whopping 10 000 and deals were made with NRK about radio specials. What started out as a means to combat boredom soon turned into another kind of monster, albeit a kind christmassy and musical monster with warm mitten-clad hugs instead of fangs. The 2016 edition features a throw back to their first year. A few of the songs are going to be recorded at Arne’s home, during an Alternativ Julekalender Christmas style recording party where anyone and everyone is invited to join as long as they contribute. The results are going to be amazing. · THE THIRTEENTH ISSUE


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BIGBANG CHRISTMAS IS COMING to Trondheim early again this year with the band BigBang’s annual appearance. The show at Byscenen on December 14th will help longtime fans and new listeners alike rock in the holidays with true Trønder style and what has become a Yuletide tradition here in Trondheim. Since the early 1990’s BigBang has been noted as one of the best live performing Norwegian bands–the trio’s album Radio Radio TV Sleep is the best selling live recording ever released in Norway. Alongside this BigBang has had numerous albums, singles, and EP’s, which have reached top positions in the Norwegian music charts. Although the lineup of the band has changed over the course of their twenty-four year history, frontman Øystein Greni has been a constant in their journey in one of the best Norwegian bands of all time. One aspect that sets them apart, and has led to some success in the United States and elsewhere in Europe, is 42

that their lyrics are all in English but still retain some of the unique and beautiful qualities of the Norwegian sound. BigBang’s sound is a unique collection of classic Norwegian soul from the 60’s and 70’s, pop-music from the same time (i.e. Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Curtis Mayfield), as well as punk music and some more modern alternative rock. All of this combines to give the band a sound unlike any other, enjoyed unlike any other. Byscenen on December 14th is the place to be; doors open at 20:00 and the show starts at 21:00. Tickets are priced at 375 kroner with an age restriction set at 18. Check out byscenen.no for more information. (BPK)


14 December Byscenen 21:00 375 NOK


Theatre & Comedy

HUMORGALLA THE HUMORGALLA, presented by Feelgood Scene, is making its annual appearance in Trondheim on November 18th. This year’s event at Olavshallen is promised to be a star-studded affair with appearances from Atle Antonsen, Bård Tufte Johansen, Robert Stoltenberg, and Thomas Giertsen gracing the stage in the same evening for the first time together. Taggin along with these Norwegian kings of comedy is the promising newcomer to the Norwegian comedy scene Henrik Fladseth and also the man himself Trond Hanssen (best

known from his work on Lompelandslaget: a Norwegian comedy show) will be accompanying the group on the piano. Nothing fends off the cold, dark, winter nights of Norway like a healthy dose of laughter. November’s event is sure to be a big enough dose to last the whole season. Because of the popularity of the Humorgalla two opportunities to see the show are scheduled for the same evening. The first show starts at 19:00 and the second round begins at 21:30. Tickets for the Humorgalla go fast,

so be sure to pick yours up as soon as possible. The venue for the Humorgalla is Olavshallen (Kjøpmannsgata 44) at the northeast corner of Mid-Town. Tickets are going for 535 kroner for adults. (BPK)


18 November Olavshallen 19:00 and 21:00 535 NOK www.olavshallen.no





Kids & Family

Festival, Food & Markets

GREAT BARRIER REEF AT VITENSENTERET THERE ARE ONLY so many things in this world that you would regret not seeing in your lifetime, and the Great Barrier Reef is probably one of them. Unfortunately, not many of us are so lucky to be able to experience one of the world’s most amazing natural wonders in real life. But we are very lucky to be living in Trondheim right now. That is because Trondheim is one of the few cities in the world that has been selected to hold the breathtaking virtual reality tour of the Great Barrier Reef with Sir David Attenborough. This tour has been in London, Sydney and Dubai so far, and now it is right here at your doorstep. This marvelous and immersive journey takes you into the depths of the reef in a tiny submarine named by the son of Poseidon and messenger of the sea, Triton. And just as Triton famously helped Jason and the Argonauts navigate out of the marshlands, so will this submarine help navigate your discovery of the reef. The Triton filmed the reef in 360 degrees in order for you to have a unique experience. When watching the film, you have to wear special goggles that allow this immersive voyage. This allows you to turn your head and see where a sound is coming from or to follow a school of fish as they swim around you. The famous Sir David Attenborough will be narrating the whole time, telling you amazing facts of the wondrous life under the sea as you “sit” right next to him. Still not convinced? Well, did you know that the reef is the largest living organism that can be seen from space? And, did you know that it is larger than the Great Wall of China? Crazy, right?! All this is at the grasp of your hand, and almost in your very backyard for a very affordable price. After this experience you can cross the Great Barrier Reef of your bucket list, and you won’t even have to go far to do so. To top it all off, Sir David - the man considered being the greatest broadcaster of our time, and knighted for his services to television - is going to be your personal guide. So, put on the goggles, listen to his familiar voice, and enjoy the astonishing world under the sea. (JS) DATE LOCATION TIME PRICE

5 November – 18 December Vitensenteret Saturday & Sunday at 14:00 & 15:00 75 NOK


TEDxTRONDHEIM: SPACES IN SPACES, TEDxTrondheim will be exploring different kinds of spaces in society; How spaces are used, how certain spaces are missing, some unique spaces that we do have, and the space between people. “The theme at TEDx events is always broad and interdisciplinary. The way we work is that we look for ideas first, we find the interesting topics that people are talking about, and then we give them a voice,” explains Program Director Laura Brodbeck. TEDxTrondheim has hosted over 30 events since it was founded by Martin Hassel in 2011. Below are just a few of the speakers you can look forward to at this event, each with their own take on the theme. Smart City, as a concept, is hotly debated and fuelling a lot of interest at the moment. What is rarely talked about are those people not living in urban communities. “James Erlich is the founder of ReGen Villages, a company that has been called the Tesla of eco-villages”, says Brodbeck. “Erlich is a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley and his philosophy is that people living in rural areas should benefit from the same amenities as those in cities.” From rural to urban, architect and associate professor at NTNU Steffen Wellinger will walk us through the creative process that architects lead when 44

designing the spaces around us. He is the designer of the award-winning space FRIrom at St. Olavs Hospital. “The room that sits atop the hospital roof is a really beautiful and peaceful space. It is a space built for emotions and is designed to give people the freedom to have their own space in a difficult situation,” explains Brodbeck. ”The space between people comes into play when Maria Gjerpe talks about the importance of standing up for what is right, for the weak amongst us that may not have the power to fight for themselves,” says Brodbeck about Gjerpe, Doctor of Medicine and former patient with a debilitating disease. Gjerpe has been on both sides of the table and has first-hand experience of the struggles many face when confronted by a health care system that does not know enough about their disease. The event will host a total of 15 live talks and performances. All talks will be in English. (KM)


6 November Frimurerlosjen 13:00 199 - 825 NOK www.tedxtrondheim.com


Festival, Food & Markets



JULEMARKEDET I TRONDHEIM WE DON’T WANT a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing we need... However, before I create a horrible tribute to this beloved song, I’ll head straight to the point – we don’t care if it’s too early, we just want the Christmas market! In truth, it’s never too early to get into the Christmas spirit, so break out all your favorite songs and fuzzy sweaters! I know I was already excited back in August. And do you know why? Because we have it so koselig at Christmas time. Having a koselig, or cozy time as the closest translation allows, is a big part of Norwegian culture, and the definite and undeniably best time for koselig is Christmas time! The winter is still not long enough for you to be completely sick of it, and it provides you with the energy and positive vibes to keep you going until April when you can finally enjoy winter again after deeply hating in between January and March. Christmas time is one of the best things to look forward to in the long Norwegian winters. The reason we tolerate the dark skies, no sunlight and the ridiculous layers of ice on the roads is that we can have the ultimate koselig time without even trying hard. The snow covers the streets and rooftops, the smell of cinnamon fills the air, wonderful decorations light the town and invite memories of childhood. Whether you like to curl up

with a good book, watch a movie with your significant other or walk the streets of Trondheim in snowfall, you cannot escape the koselig and you don’t want to either. The city of Trondheim does a wonderful job to provide this supreme feeling for 10 whole days before Christmas. They started humbly back in 2003 with only five stalls, but now there are 110 stalls and 130 events to keep you busy, happy and warm in the cold winter days. Every stall offers something unique, hand crafted objects, food, drinks, toys, anything and everything you’d expect a Christmas market to offer. There are 130 events, take your pick! Enjoy concerts in the open, theatre or music of troubadours and folk tales in the lavvo tent. Need a tree? Buy one at the Torg from a local Trøndelag farm. Want to hear more traditional music? Enjoy the newest attraction, choir concerts at the Torvscenen. Hungry? Of course you are! Taste the food of the local farmers and get to know the stories behind their goods. Get into the spirit of Christmas, the most magical time of the year is so close and our beautiful city is going to make it unforgettable, once again. (JS)


9 – 18 December Trondheim Torg www.julemarkedet-trondheim.no


THE NORWEGIAN CHAMPIONSHIP in BoulThe Norwegian Championship in Bouldering will be coming to Trondheim for the second year running. November 18th and 19th will be a show as the best climbers in Norway try to climb their way to the top of the podium at Trondheim Klatresenter. This year’s competition is open to men, women, boys, and girls of all ages. The ages set the divisions that a climber is put in. On Friday, November 18th the doors will open in the afternoon for men and women in the senior division (born in 1996 or later) to register, have a technical meeting, and start the first two rounds of qualifications. Saturday, November 19th is registering and qualifications for all youth divisions, doors open for this early that morning for the youngest division. In the afternoon on Saturday finals for all divisions start and the prizes for the winners get handed out once everyone has had their chance to climb. After the competition, there will be food and prizes for the younger climbers and an after party at MC Hula in Duedalen for the older competitors with a 50kr cover charge. Those looking to compete in the contest should know that the deadline to register is November 11th and the fees are 250kr for young competitors and 350kr for adults. Spectators won’t be left out; there will be plenty of highflying action to watch, as well as gear and other free stuff to grab. Entrance for finals day is 150kr, or 100kr for TKK members and kids under 18. (BPK)


18 - 20 November Trondheim Klatresenter 16:00-19:30 Friday 07:00-21:15 Saturday (After party 22:30) 350 NOK Competitor 150 NOK Spectators




TRANSFORM: TRONDHEIM’ S WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL THE FESTIVAL STARTED in 2005 and the idea has always been to unite people from different backgrounds and cultures and include them in the cultural life of Trondheim. “That is still the main reason for us keeping this festival going. It should be just as natural for an Iranian, a Syrian, a Peruvian or a Norwegian to enjoy music at the venues in Trondheim, but that does not happen just by itself. There’s so much beautiful music, dance, costumes, food, handicrafts and people around the world, and that’s what we need to focus on,” says Hill-Aina Steffenach, the director of the festival. Festival offers a blend of local and international musicians and their production that involve an array of different cultures and artists from all over the world. Often musicians performing at night might have a link to talks or seminars earlier during the week. This year there will be a seminar “Underrapportert Virkelighet” (from Norwegian- unreported reality) organized for those who want to learn more about conflicts happening in the world that often do not reach media headlines. Journalists Odd Karsten Tveit, Liv Tørres and Øystein Windstad will share their experience. If it is hard to choose just events to attend, even from a very colorful program provided this year, organizers recommend to definitely not miss the concert by Emel Mathlouthi and her band at Byscenen on Sunday, 30 November. Tunisian singer was an important voice and inspiration for the Tunisian people during the Arab Spring. Also, a concert by Sharaka Ensemble and the Mahotella Queens on Dokkhuset Friday 4th is well worth your attention. This year’s festival has commissioned and produced a concert called THE THIRTEENTH ISSUE

LUX at Nidarosdomen, which will be a rare chance to hear sacral music from all the five largest religions of the world. The festival also features a children’s program, which is organized by Transform in cooperation with Kulturenheten, and starts on Sunday, October 30th with “Barnas Verdensdag”.(ZD)

DATE 27 October– 6 November LOCATION Nidarsdomen, Byscenen, Dokkhuset, Antikvariatet, Frimurerlogen, Trondheim Folkebiblioteket PRICE 100 - 350 NOK


EUROPEAN OUTDOOR FILM TOUR FANS OF FILM and the great outdoors should head to Prinsen Kino on November 28 for the European Outdoor Film Tour. Billed as the most renowned film event on the European outdoor calendar, Trondheim is one of 300 venues in 14 countries to take part. The premise for the tour is simple; “No actors, no blue screen, no second takes. Only true adventure.” A selection of outdoors and adventure sport short films will be shown over the course of the evening, showcasing outstanding athletes and unique stories. So, if extreme outdoor activity floats your boat, this is the event for you. The European Film Tour has been capturing the attention of enthusiasts for 15 years. The full programme is not yet available at the time of writing, but below are a taster of what you can expect. Locked In Four kayakers aim to become the first kayakers to follow the entire 30 mile long Beriman River through the heart of the jungle of Papa New Guinea. With 13 gorges including waterfalls and Class 5 46

wild water and no possibility to examine the most critical sections thoroughly, the team has to totally trust their own abilities and experiences. The Adventures of the Dodo A group of big wall free climbers combine their love of climbing with their love of music. Calling themselves “The Wild Bunch,” once they have reached the top of their climb, the group celebrates with a jam session. This time, the trip goes to Baffin Island, an arctic island in Canada. When We Were Knights Two wing suit base jumpers has a deep friendship built over many years. Both are devotees of the risky sport and have spent years jumping, travelling and partying together. Then one single jump tears their friendship apart, and only one question remains: Was it worth it? (KM) DATE LOCATION TIME INFO

28 November Prinsen Kino 20:30 www.trondheimkino.no


Festival, Food & Markets


TRONDHEIM DOKUMENTARFESTIVAL 2016 A WEEK OF DOCUMENTARY NOW IN ITS eight year, this documentary festival is going from strength to strength. Encompassing film, photography, art, literature, journalism and radio from the documentary genre, the festival promises to be raw, real and honest. Run on a voluntary basis by people from different professional communities in Trondheim, the festival has grown bit by bit each year. A big part of it consists of debates and conversations with the people behind of what is featured on the programme. Festival Director Kim Nygård credits the diversity of the management group with success. “What really makes us unique is that the people on the board are professionals working in various media and culture institutions in Trondheim. Everyone brings their own expertise and passion to the table, and we are able to present a very diverse and solid program,” he says. As a photographer himself, Nygård points to Nancy Borowick as one of the highlights of the photography programme. “She is a young photographer with a strong story,” he says. “Both her parents got cancer at the same time and she documented their illness.” Borowick will talk about her project on Saturday. Internationally renowned Norwegian author and journalist Åsne Seierstad is also booked to appear. Not one to shy away from controversial and difficult subjects, she will talk about her latest book, which follows two Norwegian girls who were recruited by IS. “Film wise, one of the highlights promises to be the Trondheim premiere of critically acclaimed Cocks & Crosses about the vocalist of Norwegian rock band Årabrot,” says Nygård. Faced with an aggressive type of cancer, he goes on tour instead of following doctor’s recommendations of just spending time with those close to him. “The director

XMAS JAM THE XMAS JAM skate contest at Trikkestallen Skatehall, presented by Betongpark, will be back for another year this December; marking it the 16th year in a row that the contest has been held. Entrance to the contest is free for both competitors and spectators. It is sure to be a show as skaters from all over Scandinavia battle it out from December 9th to 11th to be crowned victor. Last year the winners of this contest earned a place at the X-Games Oslo Street contest, this year it will be a battle for a substantial cash prize and some significant bragging rights. The Trondheim Skate Association (TSA) will be organizing the event in a similar vein as the previous years. Doors open on Friday, December 9th for competitor registration and warm up. Saturday, December 10th will not be a day to miss as the qualification rounds for all of the competitor classes begin (Junior, Girls, Am/Open, and best trick), and each skater

looks to earn a spot in finals and a chance to win their share of the 50,000 kroner prize purse. Afterwards, some nightlife activities are planned for those able (and old enough), to attend. Sunday, it goes without saying, is another day that shouldn’t be missed as the top qualifiers from Saturday go head to head in the battle to be crowned victor of the 2016 XMAS JAM! Spectators won’t be left out as there will be numerous opportunities to grab gear, swag, and of course some excellent food and drink served by the hard working TSA crew. Not to mention they will be able to witness some high-flying action and cheer on local skaters as they show off Norway’s fastest growing action sport. (KM)

will be there, and the film will be followed by a concert by Årebrot and DJ Karin Park.” What all featured artists and documentary makers have in common is a burning passion to tell their story. Trondheim Dokumentarfestival invites you to come, see, laugh, be touched, and gain new perspectives. Trondheim Dokumentarfestival is on November 15–19. The festival is spread over several venues across Trondheim, such as Nova, Dokkhuset, Trondheim Folkebibliotek and many more. Prices vary and some events are

free. Note that debates, talks and workshops are in Norwegian unless otherwise stated. Please see the website for full programme, venues and prices, trondheimdokumentarfestival.no or check out their Facebook page facebook.com/trondheimdok (KM)



9 - 11 December Trikkestallen Skatehall 15:00 Free

DATE 15 - 19 November LOCATION Nova, Dokkhuset, Trondheim Folkebibliotek and many more TIME TBA PRICE TBA


What’s on


Trondheim Voices/ Batagraf - ‘On Anodyne’ Dokkhuset 20:00, 100/200 NOK 'On Anodyne' is a work of vocals and percussions - an homage to the body, to music, to humanity.


Transform: Sharaka Ensemble & The Mahotella Queens


Dokkhuset 20:00, 280/350 NOK

Transform: Spot on Palestine Antikvariatet 20:00, 150/200 NOK Samer Jaradat (percussion), Charlie Rishmawi (guitar/oud), Tareq Abboushi (buzuq), Nai Barghouti (song) and Mohamed Najem (clarinet/ney). Lush and beautiful melodies from Palestine.


Sivert Høyem

Byscenen 21:00, Sold Out Last few years Sivert had great success as a solo artist, releasing the albums Ladies and Gentlemen of the Opposition (2004), Moon Landing (2009) and Long Slow Distance (2011). 02 NOVEMBER

Concert with Daithi Rua Stammen Café & Bar 20:00, Free

Norwegian and Arabic music tradition meet a firework display from South Africa!



Øysteinsalen 19:00, 80/100 NOK World/indie music band AtmAsfera is currently touring Europe and will visit Trondheim the 5th of November for a unique concert.

Transform: Spot on Hungary Antikvariatet 20:00, 150/200 NOK Gergely Tóth (violin) and Jozsef Terek (clarinet/flute) together with 4 for Dance (dance). Hungarian traditional music. 05 NOVEMBER

Kaja Gunnufsen Daithi Rua is an Irish singersongwriter with a great talent and a lot of experience. Daithi has worked with many famous performers and musicians over the years. 03 NOVEMBER

Transform: Stinnerbom Stinnerbom Dubé Dokkhuset 20:00, 200/250 NOK

This year's Dreamteam artist; Hildegunn Øiseth - and speed/balkan/ boogie band no.1!

Samfundet 22:00, 120/170 NOK Kaja Gunnufsen has during the recent years established herself as one of the most interesting and talented songwriters. She is known for her catchy and heartfelt pop music about life's nagging everyday melancholy.



Egil Olsen

Moskus 20:00, 220 NOK Egil Olsen is not an ordinary singer/ songwriter - he is referred to as one of the most entertaining artists Norway has. 05 NOVEMBER

Jenny Hval Kunsthall 21:00, TBA


The Wall

Olavshallen 20:00, 495 NOK The Wall is a Norwegian Pink Floyd tribute band bringing to life the music of Pink Floyd by playing a variety of timeless classics songs from The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here.

The New York Times described her work as 'taking a scalpel to the subjects of gender politics and sexuality.'

Swedish star trio is finally ready for Transform and Dokkhuset. You can expect good times and lots of musical humour.




Dokkhuset 20:00, 280/350 NOK

Olavshallen 19:30, 435 NOK Mikael Christian Wiehe is a Swedish singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer. One of his generation's most significant Scandinavian artists and poets.


Samfundet 22:00, Sold Out Norway's best country ambassadors rock Samfundet once again.

Transform: Hildegunn Øyseth Dreamteam & Farmers Market


Transform: Spot on Norway Antikvariatet 18:00, 150/200 NOK Norwegian folk music at its best from Andreas Bjørkås Trio. 06 NOVEMBER

Lørdag på Søndag Verden rundt Antikvariatet 20:00, Free Part of the Transform Music Festival.


Kari Bremnes

Olavshallen 19:30, 465 NOK Kari and the band are on tour, where people will be able to hear a mix of old and new songs. 09 NOVEMBER

Kim Olve Breistand & Hausten Moskus 21:00, 170 NOK A release concert for Kalde Kyse EP. 10 NOVEMBER

Sly & Robbie meet Nils Petter Molvær feat. Eivind Aarset & Vladislav Delay Dokkhuset 20:00, 175/375 NOK Norwegian Nils Petter Molvær – world renowned jazz trumpeter and pioneer of the genre of nu jazz – meets the Jamaican reggae super duo Sly & Robbie. 11 NOVEMBER

Kakkmaddafakka Samfundet 20:00, 220/270 NOK

Mikael Wiehe

Hurry to get your ticket because this is Kakkmaddafakka's second concert of the evening!

Listings are subject to change, check thelist.is for information

What’s on


Charlotte Audestad Byscenen 21:00, 300 NOK Charlotte Audestad is known for her talent, humour, mixed with a good dose of melancholy and a lighter look at life and its many challenges. 11 NOVEMBER

Hans P. Kjorstad/Rasmus Kjorstad Antikvariatet 20:00, 50/100 NOK Promo tour of the 'Pusinshi Ulla' album. Norwegian folk music. 11 NOVEMBER

Kinky Fridays Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free A night with some of the good ol' guys of Trondheim´s music scene. Beatles - Kinks - Procol Harum - Animals Spencer Davis Group and much more. 12 NOVEMBER


Olavshallen 20:00, 385 NOK


Conor Patrick & The Shooting Tsar Orchestra Moskus 21:00, 250 NOK Conor Patrick & The Shooting Tsar Orchestra is pop and poetry from an award winning artist and producer with a grand and stylish orchestra in the back.



Olavshallen 16:30/19:00, 500 NOK As 'Two Rusty Gentlemen', Ole Paus and Jonas Fjeld have released 'To rustne herrer', 'Damebesøk' and 'Tolv rustne strenger'.

Antikvariatet 20:00, 200 NOK For many, William Hut is best known for his success album 'Nightfall'. Songs like 'Take It Easy' and 'You Might Thrill Me' played on the Norwegian radio stations non-stop. 'Take It Easy' was on the VG top 20 list for 29 weeks.

Two Rusty Gentlemen


Break A Bad Habit



Antikvariatet 20:00, 100 NOK Having played all over Norway at festivals such as Slottsfjell, Øya and Numusic, his music is unmistakable, unconventional and entrancing. His cool beats and warm rhythms can make the coldest Norwegian night seem cosy, and his fun and charming style will put anyone in a good mood.


Ian Hunter & The Rant Band Byscenen 21:00, Sold Out Ian Hunter has had a prominent place on the international music scene for almost fifty years, both as an artist and songwriter/composer, collaborating with many famous musicians. This is one of only two concerts in Norway.




Dokkhuset 20:00, 100/165/200 NOK Improvised chamber music & heavy, otherworldly stuff.

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Local rock from Trondheim with strong references to the 70's.



Lemur + Stian Westerhus

Allsang I Salen Rockheim 13:00, 100 NOK Revisiting old Norwegian hits in the last 60 years.

Michael Weston King

Dina Misund

Chand is perhaps primarily known as Norway's first X-Factor winner. What many do not know is that his final show in front of 13,000 people at Telenor Arena in 2009 was a result of a 10-year long career as an artist in his hometown. 13 NOVEMBER

FRI FORM #26 Dokkhuset 20:00, 100/150 NOK Ola Høyer solo + Dans Les Arbres 13 NOVEMBER

Peter Nordberg & Stene Osmundsen Antikvariatet 20:00, 220 NOK Some solo songs, but also maybe something new too.

Antikvariatet 20:00, 150 NOK Dina will release her first all-Norwegian album on 4 November.


Antikvariatet 20:00, 100 NOK Guro Fløgstad and Linnea Jansson play folk and pop music. Accordion, guitar and two strong vocals guarantee a good time.


William Hut

Moskus 21:00, 200 NOK One of England's finest singers/ songwriters.

Dokkhuset 14:00, 100/185/220 NOK Fliflet/Hamre brings together music of different origins and creates a separate, personal landscape.

Project Atom Nova

KLBB - ‘Tribute to Ella & Frank’ Dokkhuset 20:00, 100/200 NOK Tribute to a couple of greatest musicians of all time - Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. 30 NOVEMBER

Michael McDermott Moskus 21:00, 220 NOK


Comet Kid


I Was King

Moskus 21:00, 200 NOK The band was away for a long time, but they are finally back. Indiepop.

Byscenen 20:30, 220 NOK


Odd Nordstoga Byscenen 20:00, 370 NOK Odd is back! He sold out two concerts at Byscenen last year. Get your tickets while you can!

Comet Kid has grown very popular since they released their debut album Roots in 2014. Their folk-rock is a good mix of melancholy, soul embossed tunes and upbeat, danceable gladpop.

Publications like New York Times, L.A. Times, The Chicago Tribune called him the new Dylan, Springsteen's successor, the new Tom Waits. But then he disappeared. Now he is back with a new record.

Listings are subject to change, check thelist.is for information

What’s on


Norwegian Rock 'n' Roll Train: Stage Dolls + Return Byscenen 21:30, Sold Out Two giants of the Norwegian Rock history are back at Byscenen. Both concerts are already sold out. 02 DECEMBER - 03 DECEMBER

Olav Larsen & The Alabama Rodeo Stars Antikvariatet 20:00, 150 NOK Alternative country and bluegrass. 04 DECEMBER

FRI FORM #27 Dokkhuset 20:00, 100/150 NOK Three Babies + Dikeman/Baars/ Wierbos/Østvang. 04 DECEMBER

Sunk Cost

Antikvariatet 20:00, Free Sunk Cost is a band from Trondheim, Norway. The band aims to make people laugh and cry, preferably at the same time. 07 DECEMBER

Catching Cooper Antikvariatet 20:00, TBA Catchy tunes and infectious enthusiasm. 07 DECEMBER

Bushmills - Tom Waits Tribute



Olavshallen 20:00, 590 NOK Frode Alnæs, Stephen Brandt-Hansen, Unni Wilhelmsen, Margaret Berger, Chand, Therese Ulvan, William Ernstsen, Trondheim Gospelkor, Trond Hustad

Olavshallen 19:00/21:00, Sold Out

Christmas Concert

Kurt Nilsen


D.D.E. Christmas Concert

Olavshallen 16:00/18:30/21:00, 240/410/440 NOK D.D.E. take on the Christmas concerts. A must go for many. 'Julkortet', 'Englespællet', 'Et ord vart lys', 'Verdens finaste stjernegutt' are just some of the songs you will hear.

His 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' album became a modern classic and has been streamed over 58 million times. 14 DECEMBER


Byscenen 22:00, 375 NOK


The Switch

Moskus 21:00, 200 NOK One of Norway's most promising new bands. 10 DECEMBER

In Other News Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free We cannot avoid noticing the inspiration from Irish folk music to musicians like Bob Dylan and Noel Gallagher when In Other News takes the stage. Lead man Trond Lysaanes, together with a set of musician from the rock and indie scene, brings it all together- a concert worth going to.

Christmas is coming to Trondheim early again this year with the band BigBang’s annual appearance. The show at Byscenen on December 14th will help longtime fans and new listeners alike rock in the holidays with true Trønder style and what has become a Yuletide tradition here in Trondheim.

DO YOU HAVE AN EVENT YOU WOULD LIKE TO PROMOTE IN THE LIST? Send the details to listings@thelist.is or call 47276680. Listings are free to submit... and always will be!


Young Neils

Antikvariatet 20:00, TBA

Byscenen 21:00, 375 NOK Norwegian tribute band playing songs by Neil Young.

Sol i Skuggeskog

Ila Brainnstasjon 20:00, Free


Helen and The Pretty Boy Pete Band

A well-known band here in Trondheim that knows how to draw a crowd. Serving their own interpretations of the classics by Tom Waits.

Gripping melodies...Earthy, melodic and real...A beautiful album...This is art. This is how Norwegian press described their debut album 'Livet' in 2013.

Antikvariatet 20:00, TBA Unique vocals, strange lyrics, folksy instrumentation and at times catchy chorus. Some people call it postmodern indie pop country, but they're just too preoccupied to be concerned with labels.

Listings are subject to change, check thelist.is for information

What’s on


Jam session Kafe Larssen 21:00, Free


Stein Torleif Bjella Samfundet 22:00, 270/330 NOK Three years have passed since Stein Torleif Bjella released 'Heim for å døy'. In October Bjella returns with ´Great Life´, his fourth solo album. 12 NOVEMBER

Exploding Head Syndrome + Bits Between 05 NOVEMBER


Byscenen 22:00, 295 NOK The band was awarded the 2010 Spellemannprisen in the Pop Music category, for Bomtur Til Jorda album. 05 NOVEMBER

FASIT + Høstturné Fru Lundgreen 20:00, TBA

Samfundet 23:59, Tickets included with entrance Fast rhythms and energetic shows. 12 NOVEMBER

Valentouretters Speller Jokke Byscenen 22:00, 250 NOK Since 2003, the band played over 200 concerts to sold out houses from Longyearbyen to Flekkefjord.


Fru Lundgreen 22:00, 100 NOK

Fasit is currently super relevant with their new single 'Leave It' which is currently listed on P3. This is their second song in a row to be listed on the channel. 10 NOVEMBER

Samfundet 22:00, 50/80 NOK


Hr. Smiths Venner Fru Lundgreen 20:00, 150 NOK


Lars Vaular

Samfundet 22:00, 230/290 NOK With the '666 ALT', '666 GIR' and '666 MENING' album trilogy, Lars Vaular once again confirmed his position as one of the country's most important artists.

Hr. Smiths has sold out Fru Lundgreen twice before, and now they are back to give people what they want!



Sibiir + Endogenic



// Emma & The Diamond Hearts // Gourm£t // Haunted Mansions // Heave Blood & Die // Herman Wildhagen // Jo Sverre // Kommunalt Svømmebasseng // Polygenic // Pom Poko // Toy Savoy // Wonder The Boy


Fru Lundgreen 21:00, 100 NOK SIBIIR saw first light in 2014, and has been polishing their own special brand of metal ever since. Their debut 7” gathered superb feedback and manifested from day one the signature of SIBIIR: hook-laden riffs, technical mastery and a sense of preeminent doom. Taking their name from Siberia in Russia, which has the coldest populated town on earth, definitely suits their style, cold and technical metal with hints of Hardcore, Thrash, Black gaze metal, and a tasteful yet fearless joy of pushing genre boundaries.

Byscenen 22:00, 375 NOK



Tiebreaker + Dunbarrow


Fru Lundgreen 21:00, 150 NOK

Byscenen 22:00, 250 NOK

High-octane band, packed with melodic riffing and spiced up with a dash of bluesy melancholy. Rock 'n' Roll, combined with the raw power of early Garage Rock.

The band's repertoire covers 50 years of pop-music history.


Byscenen 21:30, 270 NOK An alternative Christmas concert for pop and rock lovers. Focus on Prince, Lemmy, Bowie, and much more.

Because of their role in the Norwegian rock history, deLillos is often referred to as one of the 'big four'.

Norwegian rock folk tunes on Nynorsk. 18 NOVEMBER

Trondheim Calling Present: The Sound Of 2017 Samfundet 20:00, 50/100 NOK

Alternative synth pop.

The School

Amanda Tenfjord // As He Said // Cashmere Factory // Emilie Storaas

Byscenen 22:00, 200 NOK The School celebrates the 10th anniversary of their album 'Espionage'. First 100 who buy the ticket for their concert will also get their debut EP 'Mädchen'.


Den Store Juletrefesten

Listings are subject to change, check thelist.is for information

What’s on



Olavshallen 19:30, 325 NOK Orchestral fantasy music - Harry Potter, Narnia, and Lord of the Rings, Conan – the Barbarian and The Dark Crystal. From the gaming world, you will hear music from World of Warcraft, Skyrim and Shadow of the Colossus, and of course, Game of Thrones.

Ila Brainnstasjon 14:00, Free Every Sunday at 14.00 local jazz musicians come and play for the hat. Norwegian waffles, a fresh cup of coffee and jazz. Classic Sunday at Ila Brainnstasjon.



Disney's Eve with S. Møller Storband Samfundet 20:00, 75/125 NOK 03 NOVEMBER

Thursday Jam Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Jam session with local jazz musicians. Hosted by Sava Balic.



Ila Brainnstasjon 20:00, Free

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free A family project where they play 60's rock. A mix of folk, blues and rock.

The Hummingbirds

Sunday Jazz


Albrigtsen/Gagliardi Kvartett


Vebjørn Mamen

Roots, soul, blues, country and folk music from the trio.

Ila Brainnstasjon 20:00, Free Vebjørn Mamen.




Luftforsvarets Musikkorps - Festkonsert Byscenen 19:30, 100/175/225 NOK

Olavshallen 19:30, 120/320/350 NOK Dirigent Eivind Aadland, soloist Håvard Gimse. 18 NOVEMBER

Rockin' Blues Jam Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free


Bjørn Saksgård & DNB Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free For many years Bjørn Saksgård played with his band Joucuts. Now, he has returned with the band DNB and went back to his roots in blues. 04 NOVEMBER - 16 DECEMBER


Tasting The trio from "Jazzlinja" from NTNU will perform jazz classics all night. Every Friday except 25th of November. 05 NOVEMBER

Samuel Freiman Trio Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Swedish jazz trio with Samuel Freiman, Olov Ambrosius and Jonas Zeidlitz. 05 NOVEMBER

Mike Zito

Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel 21:30, TBA Mike Zito is one of those rare artists that can sing like nobody's business, can write songs that instantly grip you, play one hell of a mean Gulf Coast style guitar and has the stage presence to draw in any audience.

Brødrene Moen

Antikvariatet 20:00, 100 NOK Odd Steinar Albrigtsen from Trømso is a very talented guitarist and composer. With a Spaniard, a Swede and an American in the band, the guys are starting to become more recognised internationally. 24 NOVEMBER

Påfuglvariasjoner Olavshallen 19:30, 120/320/350 NOK 'Peacock Variations' by Trondheim Symphony Orchestra with conductor Elena Schwarz, and soloist Jie Zhang on piano. 25 NOVEMBER

Luftforsvarets Musikkorps - Luftig Samspill

Join the band for a dose of double celebration! 10 NOVEMBER

Tsjaikovskij Winter Dream Olavshallen 19:30, 120/320/350 NOK Dirigent Karina Canellakis, soloist Sharon Kam, clarinet. 11 NOVEMBER

Ellen Lindquist and Trondheim Sinfonietta

Jam session with local jazz & blues musicians. Hosted by Sava Balic. 19 NOVEMBER

Anders Jektvik Olavshallen 18:30, 395 NOK

Byscenen 12:00, 75/100/150 NOK Come and experience how well the band plays without the conductor. 25 NOVEMBER

Malin Sallstedt Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free

Dokkhuset 20:00, 100/200 NOK Respons Concert. Music by Ellen Lindquist and György Ligeti. 15 NOVEMBER

Blanke Ark: Øystein Baadsvik Dokkhuset 19:30, TBA Tuba master is back at Dokkhuset with a new project.

Anders already performed at Olavshallen a couple of times, and both were sold out. He will play some of his best song, mixed with something new. Melodic and lyrical pop that moves in the jazz landscape.

Listings are subject to change, check thelist.is for information

What’s on



Antikvariatet 20:00, 100 NOK

Ila Brainnstasjon 14:00, Free Vocalist Charlotte Illinger is one of the rising stars on the German jazz scene. During her studies in the Netherlands (Enschede/Groningen) she travelled to New York and worked with JD Walter, Matt Wilson, Deborah Brown, Lewis Nash, Michael Mossman among other great jazz musicians. For her concerts and first visit in Norway, Charlotte Illinger prepared a special program containing arrangements of some of the finest jazz standards and original compositions. Playing by her side will be Cologne-based pianist Jerry Lu and Trondheim-based bassist David Andersson and Frederik Villmow on drums.

Julian Haugland Trio

Julian Haugland is a Trondheim-based bassist inspired by the American traditional jazz roots. Nowadays, he is best known for his collaboration with the Petter Wettre Next Generation 2.0 and Kjetil Jerve trio. 27 NOVEMBER

Jostein Gulbrandsen Trio Antikvariatet 20:00, TBA Jostein Gulbrandsen - guitar Celio Barros - bass Espen Aalberg - drums

Charlotte Illinger Quartet


Therese Ulvan Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free

Dokkhuset 14:00, 100/200 NOK A meeting between folk music tradition, western art music and improvisation. 11 DECEMBER


Dokkhuset 18:00, 100/185/225 NOK Sonavi is an improvisational vocal ensemble, and in this project, they will apply their methods of improvisation to Bodvar Schjelderups Våkeviser. 14 DECEMBER - 15 DECEMBER

Classic Christmas Concert


Luftforsvarets Musikkorps - Christmas Concert

Sissel's Christmas

Byscenen 19:30, 50/100/175/225 NOK Since the age of 13 Therese has emerged herself in the world of blues and jazz. She has a bachelor in jazz from LIPA and has toured extensively in both the States and Europe. Therese moves within the broad sense of the blues and jazz-specter. But no matter what the label is, it is always a pleasure to listen to Therese's distinct voice.

Princess Astrid Music Competition 2016

Absolutt Alpaca - Brøske: Folksongs

Olavshallen 18:00, 140/275/480 NOK You will hear the familiar tunes of Vivaldi and John Williams music to the Home Alone film music. More artists and program will be announced later.





Oslo Gospel Choir

Olavshallen 19:30, 120/320/350 NOK An international competition for talented young violinists.

Olavshallen 19:30, 480 NOK 'A Star Is Shinning Tonight' is the title of the night's performance.



Thursday Jam

Master's Concerts

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Jam session with local jazz musicians. Hosted by Sava Balic.

Byscenen 12:00, Free John Ivar Knutzen's exam concert.

Olavshallen 18:00/20:30, 590/640 NOK The concert will be rooted in a modern soul expression, with much energy and warmth and traditional songs that lure Christmas atmosphere forward. By Sissel Kyrkjebø.


Dr. Bekken

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Don't know who the doc is? You should! And if you do know him or have heard him play - we know you already pinned this date down. A great pianist who can jam, jazz and blues it all up and do the boogie-woogie all night long. 19 DECEMBER

Sæle jolekveld Olavshallen 19:30, 395 NOK Gunnhild Sundli: vokal Aasmund Nordstoga: vokal 21 DECEMBER

Christmas with Nordic Tenors Olavshallen 18:00, 465 NOK Nordic Tenors provide a beautiful and entertaining Christmas concert that is sure to put you in good Christmas mood. 22 DECEMBER

Pre-Christmas Jam Antikvariatet 20:00, TBA


Rockin' Blues Jam Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Jam session with local jazz & blues musicians. Hosted by Sava Balic. 17 DECEMBER

Ole Dalens Christmas Concerts Olavshallen 19:30, Sold Out This year is the 30th anniversary of the Christmas concert.

Håkon Mjåset Johansen and a handful of other jazz musicians creating a jazzy atmosphere at Antikvariatet.

Listings are subject to change, check thelist.is for information

What’s on


About Art: Lynda Benglis The Amazing Bow Wow Trondheim Kunstmuseum 50/100 NOK About Art focuses on the last 50 years of art. In the late sixties, a number of artists in New York and elsewhere turned their focus to their own medium, using different strategies, from logic to psychoanalysis, to challenge our preconceptions about art and question the social conditions under which it is made. 24 MAY - 17 MARCH

Wall Of Sound – The Photography of Guido Harari Rockheim Tue-Fri 11:00-19:00 / Sat-Sun 11:00-18:00, 60/90/120 NOK Explore the stunning photos of Guido Harari, including artists like Bob Dylan, Kate Bush, Tom Waits, David Bowie, Kurt Cobain, Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed and Patti Smith. Guido Harari is present to tell his stories about these artists, including Bob Dylan who turns 75 years the day of the opening! 18 JUNE - 31 DECEMBER


Works by international contemporary artists with a specific political awareness, like Hannah Ryggen; Mona Hatoum, Laurent Mareschal, Sejla Kameric and Tamara Grcic are some of the names (wow!). Official opening at 19:00. 24 SEPTEMBER - 04 NOVEMBER

Dialogue II. Heidi Bjørgan Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum Tue-Sat 10:00-15:00 / Thur 12:00-20:00 / Sun 12:00-16:00, Free/70/90 NOK


Poetry Nights Trondheim Stammen Café & Bar 19:00, Free Stop by and listen to or perform one of your favourite poems - self-made or not. You are welcome to read, write or just listen - in any language you prefer! Special guest visiting from Oslo: Poet, artist and love activist, Åsmund Vonheim Seip.

Eva Ballo

Trondheim Kunstforening Fri-Sun 12:00-16:00, Free Photo and installation.

Galleri Blunk Sat-Sun 12:00-16:00, Free Eva Ballo works with textiles, drawings and objects relating to subtle everyday appearance. Opening November 25.



Dag Arve Forbergskog

RAKE Visningsrom Wed-Fri 12:00-16:00 / Sat-Sun 12:00-17:00, Free Art exhibition. 11 NOVEMBER

´In Misty Air None Can See´ by Johanne Teigen

Sverresborg Folkemuseum 10:00, 75/110/150/375 NOK This is an exhibition of beer and the brewing culture history. Norwegians' relationship to beer has been varied and rich throughout the history.


Trondheim Kunstforening Fri-Sun 12:00-16:00, Free Photo exhibition.

Galleri Blunk Sat-Sun 12:00-16:00, Free It's about unexpected, aberrant actions and how the brain adapts to such actions. The work is presented as a visual landscape, expanding and striking architecture of fragmented images. Opening November 11, 20:00.





Matilde Westavik Gaustad

Sverresborg Folkemuseum Tue-Fri 10:00-15:00 / Sat-Sun 12:00-16:00, 75/110/150/375 NOK You can see over 500 different pairs of pattern. All the items are knitted by old patterns. Some patterns are copied directly from the garments, others copied from photographs.

Galleri Blunk Sat-Sun 12:00-16:00, Free Matilde Westavik Gaustad is newly graduated with an MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Art, Schools of Visual Arts in Copenhagen. She has now returned to her hometown of Trondheim and works with film and handwoven textiles. Opening Friday 11, 20:00.

About Art

Trondheim Kunstmuseum 10:00-16:00 - 7 days a week, 50/100 NOK Video works from the last 50 years. The artworks are presented consecutively and in dialogue with the exhibitions at Trondheim kunstmuseum over the coming seasons. Vito Acconci /Calin Dan / Lynda Benglis / Dora Garcia / Mario Garcia Torres and more.

Trondheim Kameraklubb



Heidi Bjørgan – the story of an affair

Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum Mon-Sat 10:00-16:00 / Sun 12:0016:00, Free/70/90 NOK

Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum Mon-Sat 10:00-16:00 / Sun 12:0016:00, Free/70/90 NOK Ceramist Heidi Bjørgan exhibits her own work with selected works from the museum's collections, creating a dramatic interplay in the shape of theatrical tableaux.

The Hannah Ryggen Triennial 2016



HC Gilje In Dialogue II, the staging gives the viewer the feeling of being a witness to an event, or something that has occurred - a scenario. Behind these "scenes", the audience is invited to create their own narratives. Bjørgan's works in the exhibition project a mirage of functionality, and represent a new and more expressive direction in her artistic practice.

12:00-16:00, Free Erlend Leirdal, a sculptor working mostly with wood as the material, shows new works in this exhibition. Leirdal has delivered a number of commissioned works to different institutions in Norway. In his monumental works in wood, use functions are also often included, such as furniture or meeting points in open spaces.


Erlend Leirdal Skiftninger

´Frozen Moment´ by Jelizaveta Suska Galleri Blunk Sat-Sun 12:00-16:00, Free 'Frozen Moment pieces are a lot about feelings of nostalgia, of a moment in time. In my work, I was looking for materialisation of these abstract matters. I based it on associations and feelings. After a period of research,I came up with my own material, that the pieces are made out of. This material has two main compounds: polymer, that is light and transparent, just like 'a moment' and crushed marble, that creates an illusion of a solid stone which I associate with a feeling of nostalgia'. Opening on December 2. 03 DECEMBER - 08 JANUARY

December Exhibition: Possible futures Trondheim Kunstforening Fri-Sun 12:00-16:00, Free Art exhibition. 08 DECEMBER

Poetry Nights Trondheim Stammen Café & Bar 19:00, Free Stop by and listen to or perform one of your favourite poems - self-made or not. You are welcome to read, write or just listen - in any language you prefer!

Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst Wed-Fri 12:00-17:00 / Sat-Sun

Listings are subject to change, check thelist.is for information

What’s on


In Time with the Countess Ringve Museum Thur-Sun 11:00-16:00, Free/90/100 NOK



Transform: Urkraft

St. Olavsrevyen 2016

Dokkhuset 20:00, 200/250 NOK

Olavshallen 19:30/20:00, 300 NOK St. Olavs Revy team already sold out 4 out 5 shows at Olavshallen. 10 NOVEMBER


Presentation of music, people and life in old Trondheim. 28 OCTOBER - 30 NOVEMBER

Dance power, energy and creativity based on the acrobatic solo dances of Halling and czardas from Norway and Hungary. 02 NOVEMBER

Tvillingenes dagbok

Christer Torjussens DRITTPAPPA

Trøndelag Teater 18:30/20:00, 170/250/295 NOK Based on the Hungarian-Swiss author Agota Kristof cult classic Le Grand Cahier.

Antikvariatet 180 NOK How stupid can you get from drinking too much and were things really better before?




Verkstadhallen 19:00, 130/150/200 NOK STATE will be a combination of a concert and live performance, with music composed by noise musician Lasse Marhaug. The composition fluctuates between acoustic sound, and sound where the instruments are processed through various electronic devises. By Avant Garden.

Avant Garden 00:00, 130/150/200 NOK

Clarion Hotel & Congress TBA The performance is a discussion on professional versus personal. How much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice for a career. 11 NOVEMBER

DanceOff - Hiphop battle

Radioresepsjonen: Postkasse, Postkasse, Postkasse Samfundet 20:00, 280/340 NOK


Tusvik & Tønne Skammer seg! Olavshallen 19:00/21:30/23:30, 390/440/470 NOK

The Mariner

Avant Garden 19:00, 130/150/200 NOK

The boys behind Norway's most popular radio program are back! 10 NOVEMBER - 17 DECEMBER


Trøndelag Teater 18:30/20:00, 170/200/250 NOK

Cohen ganger ti

The show premiered on Latter, Aker Brygge and sold approximately 20,000 tickets over 50 performances. 12 NOVEMBER

Improv show with Gibberish Stammen Café & Bar 20:00, Free

A DVELL performance begins with an uncertainty: Where do we go from here? Who will make the first move? Not even the people on stage know what is going to happen next, or which direction the performance will take.

Where is our bottom line? This performance by Marianne Meløy and Trygve Brøske will try to find an answer to this very tricky question. 11 NOVEMBER


Open Mic Comedy Night

A play inspired by the legendary musician, poet and novelist Leonard Cohen.


Kultursenteret ISAK 19:00, Free MUD, Midtnorsk Urban Dance invites everyone who loves to dance to attend their monthly events DanceOff! Great djs, battles and great fun.



Trøndelag Teater 14:00/18:00/20:00, 125/215/250 NOK


Stammen Café & Bar 20:00, 50 NOK On Saturday, November 5th the microphone will be completely open at Stammen. Stop by and test your best jokes - any level of experience is welcome, or just sit back and listen to others. Some experienced stand-up comedians have already confirmed their attendance! English and Norwegian contributions are both welcome!

Æ vil ha dæ naken Olavshallen 21:00, 450 NOK Improv Trondheim performs fun and entertaining improvised theater. In English. The successful Trøndelag Teater performance is back after 15 years. After 3 sold out shows last year, the trio is ready for a new round.

Listings are subject to change, check thelist.is for information

What’s on


The Moon


Kveli Rånes Bremseth

The theatre has a long history of reinterpreting the earlier works, but how far can one go in rewriting and reinterpreting it again? What happens when one looks at some of the holiest customs on Earth, right before Christmas? 19 NOVEMBER

Under Overflaten


Dokkhuset 19:00, 375/420/695/895 NOK Trondheim's comedy success no.1 plays in Dokkhuset on selected dates during the 23 November - 17 December 2016 period.

Open Mic

Lademoen Bydelshus 18:00, 80/100 NOK

Ila Brainnstasjon 18:00, Free New and more experienced comedians test new material. This is a great place to check out new comedians and see the raw and upcoming comics from Trøndelag. Sometimes, if you are lucky, more experienced and more nationally known artist also shows up to do a bit. Note: Most of the comedians do their sets in Norwegian.


Olavshallen 19:00, Sold Out

Olavshallen 18:30, 495 NOK 'With Prostate Towards The Stars' guarantees to make you laugh!


Olavshallen 16:30/19:00/21:00, 405/430 NOK Success show "Hipp hip hip" is back in town, and it's looking to make you laugh even more than the last time!

Humorgalla 2016

Trøndelag Teater 17:30/19:00, 125/175/200 NOK What happens when Sara Fabricius meets her author pseudonym Cora Sandel and her character in the novel Alberta at the door? 23 NOVEMBER - 17 DECEMBER


Byscenen 19:30, 250 NOK You will get to know recognisable characters and situations from everyday life - it is time for both to be embarrassed, laugh loud and long and to be surprised. One should not miss this!


Cora og friheten

Avant Garden 19:00, 130/150/200 NOK The Moon invites the audience on a crazy trip around nothing. In a laid back atmosphere, we’re gonna stretch our brains together and celebrate the subnormal.

Health & Welfare Revy 2016: Social Antenna


It was something about the water. What if she only could remember the reason why she was standing by the pier the day the mist covered her view, and the frost smoke escaped her mouth as in a silent scream? A visual performance about losing something, distant hopes and longings, and the fight against an enemy of the human mind.

Kjellen - Med prostata mot stjernene?



Olavshallen 18:30, 495 NOK Adam & Tore, Christer Torjussen and Bjørn-Henning Ødegaard have been carefully hand-picked for 'Christmas Laughs' to leave you in stitches. 09 DECEMBER

One Gesture - Gestuno Avant Garden 19:00, 130/150/200 NOK A performance about the languages of deaf people. It will use conventions of documentary theatre – and to some extent, choreography. 09 DECEMBER

DanceOff - Allstyles jam Kultursenteret ISAK 19:00, Free


Raske Menn - 90 minutes in 80 minutes Olavshallen 18:30/19:00/21:00/21:30, 530 NOK


Rotating Nora

Olavshallen 19:30, 175/250 NOK

Raske Menn or 'Quick Men' is one of Norway's biggest revue shows in the last 10 years, selling 500 000 tickets, and winning multiple Komipriser.

For the first time on the same stage Atle Antonsen, Bård Tufte Johansen, Robert Stoltenberg and Thomas Giertsen. Both shows are sold out. 18 NOVEMBER - 30 DECEMBER

Juleevangeliet - The Smash Hit Musical

Trøndelag Teater 18:00/19:30, 170/250/295 NOK

MUD, Midtnorsk Urban Dance invites everyone who loves to dance to attend their monthly events DanceOff! Great djs, battles and great fun.

02 DECEMBER - 04 DECEMBER Ingun Bjørnsgaard is one of Norway's most recognised choreographers. With "Rotating Nora", she singles out Ibsen's most famous female character and revels in the collisions between demands and expectations, between the glorified and the obscene, between longings and needs. By DansiT.


Avant Garden 19:00, 130/150/200 NOK Inspired by what they have found to be the most eminent and immediate form of theatre – Wrestling – the duo brødet og eselet (‘the bread and the donkey’) are ready for a new literary and musical cabaret-ish performance-art-like show.

Listings are subject to change, check thelist.is for information

What’s on


Transform Festival

Nidarsdomen, Byscenen, Dokkhuset, Antikvariatet, Frimurerlogen, Trondheim Folkebiblioteket 100 - 350 NOK Festival offers a blend of local and international musicians and its productions that involve an array of different cultures and artists from all over the world. Often musicians performing at night might have a link to talks or seminars earlier during the week. This year there will be a seminar "Underrapportert Virkelighet" (from Norwegian - Unreported Reality) organised for those who want to learn more about conflicts happening in the world that often do not reach the media headlines. Journalists Odd Karsten Tveit, Liv Tørres and Øystein Windstad will share their experience. 06 NOVEMBER

TEDxTrondheim: Spaces Frimurerlosjen 13:00, 199 - 825 NOK


Trondheim Dokumentarfestival

Market. Writing Workshop. Seminars. Conversations. Mini panels. Artistic performances.

Different Venues TBA, TBA


Sukker Julemarked DIGS Co-working space 09:00, Free Sukker welcomes everyone to their yearly Christmas Market with new designer products and an open cafe!

Run on a voluntary basis by people from different professional communities in Trondheim, the festival has grown bit by bit each year. A big part of it consists of debates and conversations with the people behind what is featured on the programme.

NxtMedia Conference

The event will host a total of 15 live talks and performances. All talks will be in English. 12 NOVEMBER

Trøndersk CD & Platemesse Byscenen 11:00, 50 NOK Byscenen is hosting a marketplace for CDs, vinyl, records, and much more. People will be able to buy, sell, trade for that next edition to their collection.

Julemarkedet: KOR e LADE Torvet 13:00, Free Choir concert, part of the Christmas Market. 11 DECEMBER

Julemarkedet: Gårdsmat ved bålet - Naturkjøtt Torvet 17:00, Free

09 DECEMBER - 18 DECEMBER Now in its eight year, this documentary festival is going from strength to strength. Encompassing film, photography, art, literature, journalism and radio from the documentary genre, the festival promises to be raw, real and honest.


In Spaces, TEDxTrondheim will be exploring different kinds of spaces in society; How spaces are used, how certain spaces are missing, some unique spaces that we do have, and the space between people.


Rockheim 09:00, 3620/4395 NOK Norwegian and international top experts in the field of media, innovation and entrepreneurship gather in the technology capital of Norway. 18 NOVEMBER - 20 NOVEMBER

Trondheim Boligmesse

Trondheim Spektrum 12:00, 50/100 NOK Over 130 exhibitors attending to give you expert advice, inspiration and a great deal for a residential, cabin or outdoor setting. Perfect for those who want to redecorate, build something new or are just looking for inspiration. 25 NOVEMBER - 26 NOVEMBER

Sakprosafestival in Trondheim Kulturkvartalet 17:30, Free

Julemarkedet Midtbyen Free


Julemarkedet: Strindheim Blandakor Torvet 17:00, Free Choir concert, part of the Christmas Market. 12 DECEMBER

If you wish to experience local customs and the warm, fuzzy feeling of Christmas celebration you´ve seen in the movies, a trip downtown during these days is very recommended. 09 DECEMBER - 18 DECEMBER

Julemarkedet: Gårdsmat ved bålet

Torvet 17:00, Free Every day during the Christmas Market we invite an exhibitor from the Farmers Market to share their history and expertise. 09 DECEMBER

Julemarkedet: Gårdsmat ved bålet - Brattlia Økogård Torvet 17:00, Free Every day during the Christmas Market we invite an exhibitor from the Farmers Market to share their history and expertise. 10 DECEMBER

Julemarkedet: Gårdsmat ved bålet - Hitra Gårdsmat Torvet 17:00, Free

Julemarkedet: Gårdsmat ved bålet - Knut Garshol klippfisk Torvet 17:00, Free


Julemarkedet: Klæbu Damekor Torvet 17:00, Free Choir concert, part of the Christmas Market. 14 DECEMBER

Julemarkedet: Trondheim Seniorkor Torvet 17:00, Free Choir concert, part of the Christmas Market. 15 DECEMBER

Julemarkedet: Malvik Blandakor Torvet 17:00, Free Choir concert, part of the Christmas Market.

Listings are subject to change, check thelist.is for information

What’s on



Samfundet 20:00, Free Quotas are a widely used means of achieving gender balance in different social arenas. Yet quotas are controversial. This evening we will discuss the facts and myths about affirmative action, and the tension between coercion and voluntary gender equality work. Speakers: Hilde Bjørkhaug and Siri Øyslebø Sorensen.

Coffee Annan 17:00, Free On November 1st, participants begin working towards the goal of writing a 50,000-word novel by 23:59 on November 30th. Valuing enthusiasm, determination, and a deadline, NaNoWriMo is for anyone who has ever thought about writing a novel.

Excenteraften: Quotas - Do They Really Work?


Filmquizorama Café Løkka 21:00, Free

National Novel Writing Month

Every Monday and Thursday, participants can come together at ISAK between 17:00 and 21:00 to get tips and inspiration from each other. 02 NOVEMBER

Excenteraften: Meditation Samfundet 19:00, Ticket included with entrance Professor Øyvind Ellingsen at the Faculty of Medicine at NTNU is coming to the library to talk about meditation and stress management.

Quiz organised by Jump Cut, student association for film studies. Every Tuesday. 01 NOVEMBER - 20 DECEMBER

Kleintirsdag - every Tuesday

Antikvariatet 20:00, 50 NOK Karaoke. In Norwegian...or English... or Chinese. 01 NOVEMBER

JavaBin + TDC DIGS Co-working space 18:00, Free JavaBin Trondheim is an user group for people interested in software development in Java and the JVM platform, plus associated technologies. 01 NOVEMBER

Gamedev Meetup Work-Work 18:00, Free Come to discuss games, play games and maybe even demonstrate games.

The exam time is just around the corner and many students feel an enormous pressure to perform. Never before have so many young people going on antidepressants and FHI estimates that up to 20% of adolescents have mental disorders. Can meditation and a new understanding of the human mind be the solution? 02 NOVEMBER - 28 DECEMBER

Board Game Night Café Løkka 20:00, Free Café Løkka has restocked their shelves with brand new games, and good prices at the bar, so pick up a friend or two and come and enjoy some board game fun. Every Wednesday. 02 NOVEMBER



DIGS Co-working space 20:00, Free Come to the Trondheim Couchsurfing meetup! Whether you are a local or a traveller, a host or a surfer - or just interested in meeting people... you are more than welcome.

DIGS Co-working space 08:30, Free Presentation & workshop on the dark sides of technology. Talking about privacy and human rights.

Couchsurfing Meetup


VR-Meetup 1

Tanya O´Carroll



Work-Work 18:30, Free

DIGS Co-working space 19:00, Free A fun general bi-weekly quiz with prizes. Max 5 per team.



Transform: UnderReported Reality Dokkhuset 09:00, 100/200 NOK A journalism seminar discussing the refugee situation, and what effect will money play in the quality of Norwegian media. With Odd Karsten Tveit, Liv Tørres, Øystein Windstad, Tasneem Khalil. By Transform in cooperation with Norsk Folkehjelp. 03 NOVEMBER - 15 DECEMBER

Supertorsdag - every Thursday

Antikvariatet 20:00, 100 NOK Impro comedy. In Norwegian, bring cash (Cash is King). 03 NOVEMBER - 29 DECEMBER


Ila Brainnstasjon 18:00, Free For everyone who wants to practice their Norwegian in a relaxing and friendly environment. Every Thursday (except 24th of November)

Faggruppen Strategi og Arkitektur


DIGS Co-working space 08:00, Free

Stammen Café & Bar 19:00, Free

Green Drinks Trondheim

Presidential Election Samfundet 19:00, Ticket included with entrance Who are they, and how can their presidency look like? Join to discuss a highly unpredictable election! 05 NOVEMBER - 24 DECEMBER

På Plata

Café Løkka 21:00, Free Friends of Løkka (including you!) bring their favourite records and spin them on the vinyl player. Every Saturday. 06 NOVEMBER

Doublefeature: Ocean's Eleven (1960-2001) Samfundet 18:00, 40/100 NOK 2 movies, 5 casinos and a crew of 11. We follow Danny Ocean and his crew in an attempt to rob the Belagio in Las Vegas. Join to see how this film changed from the original recorded in 1960. 06 NOVEMBER

Transform: Amalgama Dokkhuset 20:00, 200/275 NOK Spanish flamenco in master class. Three top artists will be in Trondheim in the beginning of November, and will hold workshops on flamenco.

An environment focused monthly meetup on 1st Thursday of the month at Stammen cafe. We chat, make friends and start new projects!

Listings are subject to change, check thelist.is for information

What’s on


Lørdag på Søndag - Every Sunday Antikvariatet 21:00, Free At Antikvariatet Sundays are the new Saturdays. Don't sit at home and dwell on the coming week, come and join in the jam! Instruments available to borrow for free. 07 NOVEMBER - 19 DECEMBER

Allmennquiz hver mandag Antikvariatet 19:30, 25 NOK



DIGS Co-working space 19:30, Free Debate on the future of universities, and measuring knowledge under open access systems that is constantly growing bigger.

DIGS Co-working space 19:30, Free Jabb is a series of informal meetings created for discussion of projects and interests.

DION + ProtestPub

Jabb #45



Couchsurfing Meetup

Trondheim Arkitektforening

DIGS Co-working space 20:00, Free Come to the Trondheim Couchsurfing meetup! Whether you are a local or a traveller, a host or a surfer - or just interested in meeting people... you are more than welcome.

DIGS Co-working space 19:00, Free


Drink & Draw at Stammen



Stammen Café & Bar 19:00, Free

Quiz with wide-ranging topics. 08 NOVEMBER

Bokfest med Anne B. Ragde og Unni Lindell Byscenen 18:30, Free - Registration by email Meet one of Norway's most famous writers. 08 NOVEMBER

US Presidential Election Night Stammen Café & Bar 19:00, Free Stammen hosts the US Presidential election night at the café. Starting from 20.00 people can gather at the café and watch and discuss live updates from the election throughout the night. 08 NOVEMBER

US Presidential Election Night Stammen Café & Bar 19:00, Free Stammen hosts the US Presidential election night at the café. Starting from 20.00 people can gather at the café and watch and discuss live updates from the election throughout the night.

DIGS Co-working space 18:00, Free IxDA is an informal academic meetup for people who work with or are interested in user experience.

Drink and draw is a social drawing activity. We meet. We drink. We draw. We feel free and creative because anyone can draw, just like when we were kids. We are welcoming beginners, artists, shy and extrovert to meet. Have a drink and draw together. 11 NOVEMBER

FuckUpNights #2 DIGS Co-working space 18:00, Free An event that celebrates company fuckups and startups that have had to close down the business. 13 NOVEMBER

Film at Storsalen: Ran (1985)

Samfundet 19:00, Free/100 NOK Animated drama based on the littleknown post-war consequences in Japan. 23 NOVEMBER

Music lecture: Prince Shockadelica Rockheim 19:00, 60/90 NOK Earlier this year the world lost some of the greatest musicians that ever lived - Prince and David Bowie. In autumn's Music Lecture Rockheim will dedicate more time to honour these music geniuses. Rockheim has invited Christer Falck and Petter Aagaard to talk about Prince and Torgrim Eggen to talk about David Bowie's Berlin period. 23 NOVEMBER


DIGS Co-working space 17:00, Membership 320/590 NOK Seminar on city development.

Stammen Café & Bar 20:00, Free Ane and Sophia present their monthly quiz with entertaining and surprising categories and quiz questions in English. The winners even get a prize!


The Quiz with Ane and Sophia



DIGS Co-working space 19:00, Free A fun general bi-weekly quiz with prizes. Max 5 per team.

Samfundet 19:00, 40/100 NOK In Medieval Japan, an elderly warlord retires, handing over his empire to his three sons. However, he vastly underestimates how the new-found power will corrupt them and cause them to turn on each other...and him.




Antikvariatet 20:00, Free Assured good time for music lovers with performances, sing-alongs & open stage.

Film at Storsalen: Giovanni’s Island (2014)



Viseklubben Maja


Samfundet 19:00, Tickets included with entrance A trip down the memory lane with Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and Pokémon.

Film at Storsalen: Apocalypse Now (1979) Samfundet 19:00, 40/100 NOK 'This is how the world ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper.'


DIGS Co-working space 17:30, Free Norwegian .NET User Group is an independent group of computer developers and architects that work with Microsoft technologies and focus on experience exchange and best practices. 28 NOVEMBER - 29 NOVEMBER

NTNU Carbon Track DIGS Co-working space 08:00, Free Carbon Track and Trace project are organising a 24 hours hackathon. 30 NOVEMBER

Couchsurfing Meetup DIGS Co-working space 20:00, Free Come to the Trondheim Couchsurfing meetup! Whether you are a local or a traveller, a host or a surfer - or just interested in meeting people... you are more than welcome.

Listings are subject to change, check thelist.is for information

What’s on


Film at Storsalen Christmas Special: Flåklypa Grand Prix (1975)


Gamedev Meetup Work-Work 18:00, Free

Samfundet 19:00, 40/100 NOK



trondheimkajakk.no 18:00, 400 NOK This is a great opportunity to take a refreshing break from the daily routine and spend a few hours down the Nidelven river in Trondheim.

Husebyhallen 16:00, 50/100/200 NOK BLNO basketball match.

Kayaking along Nidelven


Nidaros Jets – Centrum Tigers Come to discuss games, play games and maybe even demonstrate games. 07 DECEMBER A Christmas special for the end of the year filled with gingerbread cookies and Disney's short films. 01 DECEMBER

Green Drinks Trondheim Stammen Café & Bar 19:00, Free

Jabb #46

Husebyhallen 16:00, 50/100/200 NOK BLNO basketball match. 06 NOVEMBER

DIGS Co-working space 19:30, Free Jabb is a series of informal meetings created for discussion of projects and interests.

Rosenborg v Bodø/Glimt Lerkendal Stadion 18:00, 145-420 NOK Tippeligaen match.



Jabb #46

Byåsen Elite v Gjerpen

DIGS Co-working space 19:30, Free

Nidarøhallen D 18:30, 50/100/150 NOK GRUNDIGligaen match. 12 NOVEMBER

An environment focused monthly meetup on 1st Thursday of the month at Stammen cafe. We chat, make friends and start new projects! 02 DECEMBER

EAT & QUIZ – Christmas Special DIGS Co-working space 19:00, Free

Nidaros Jets – Persbråten

Jabb is a series of informal meetings created for discussion of projects and interests. 14 DECEMBER

Viseklubben Maja Antikvariatet 20:00, Free Assured good time for music lovers with performances, sing-alongs & open stage.

Husebyhallen 16:00, 50/100/200 NOK BLNO basketball match. 18 NOVEMBER - 20 NOVEMBER

The Norwegian Championship in Bouldering Trondheim Klatresenteret 16:00, 150/350 NOK


Couchsurfing Meetup A fun general bi-weekly quiz with prizes. Max 5 per team.

DIGS Co-working space 20:00, Free Come to the Trondheim Couchsurfing meetup! Whether you are a local or a traveller, a host or a surfer - or just interested in meeting people... you are more than welcome.

The Norwegian Championship in Bouldering will be coming to Trondheim for the second year running. November 18th and 19th will be a show as the best climbers in Norway try to climb their way to the top of the podium at Trondheim Klatresenter.

Nidaros Jets – Gimle BBK


European Outdoor Film Tour Prinsen Kino 20:30, 150 NOK Fans of film and the great outdoors should head to Prinsen Kino on November 28 for the European Outdoor Film Tour. Billed as the most renowned film event on the European outdoor calendar, Trondheim is one of 300 venues in 14 countries to take part. The premise for the tour is simple; ´No actors, no blue screen, no second takes. Only true adventure.´ A selection of outdoors and adventure sport short films will be shown over the course of the evening, showcasing outstanding athletes and unique stories. So, if extreme outdoor activity floats your boat, this is the event for you. 03 DECEMBER

Nidaros Jets – Ammerud Basket Husebyhallen 16:00, 50/100/200 NOK BLNO basketball match. 09 DECEMBER


Trikkestallen 15:00, Free The XMAS Jam skate contest at Trikkestallen Skatehall, presented by Betongpark, will be back for another year this December; marking it the 16th year in a row that the contest has been held. Entrance to the contest is free for both competitors and spectators. It is sure to be a show as skaters from all over the Scandinavia battle it out on December 9th through the 11th to be crowned victor. Last year the winners of this contest earned a place at the X-Games Oslo Street contest, this year it will be a battle for a substantial cash prize and some significant bragging rights.

Listings are subject to change, check thelist.is for information

What’s on


Cultural History Kindergarten

Sverresborg 10:00, 35 NOK The open kindergarten is open again from 16 August 2016. Interior and supplies are from around 1900 and that is the era we are trying to recreate for children and adults who visit us. The nursery is open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00-15:00. Price 35 NOK per child. This is a program for children 0-6 years old that come together with an adult. Grandparents with grandchildren visiting are also welcome. There is no registration needed and it is open to all. You can come once, every week or just come here occasionally. You can come and go as you please. 11:30 Singing old songs and reading old fairy tales to children 12.00 Communal lunch 01 NOVEMBER - 10 DECEMBER

Karlsson on the Roof

Trøndelag Teater Check trondelag-teater.no, 170/250/295 NOK 2016 edition of Karlsson on the Roof at Trøndelag Teater is a revitalised version of Lindgren’s classic, but still true to the original. This is a piece about what it is like to become independent and grow up whilst not losing your inner child. 02 NOVEMBER - 21 DECEMBER


Revegården 14:30, Free Trofast is a meeting place for families with little children. Play, sing together and eat dinner. It is open to anyone with children between 0 and 8 years. 05 NOVEMBER - 18 DECEMBER

Great Barrier Reef at Vitensenteret

Vitensenteret 14:00/15:00, 75 NOK We are very lucky to be living in Trondheim right now. That is because Trondheim is one of the few cities in the world that has been selected to hold the breathtaking virtual reality tour of the Great Barrier Reef with Sir David Attenborough. This tour has been in London, Sydney and Dubai so far, and now it is right here at your doorstep.

This marvellous and immersive journey takes you into the depths of the reef in a tiny submarine named by the son of Poseidon and messenger of the sea, Triton. And just as Triton famously helped Jason and the Argonauts navigate out of the marshlands, so will this submarine help navigate you in your discovery of the reef. 05 NOVEMBER - 18 DECEMBER

outside his house. Magically, snowman becomes alive and the crazy adventure begins. The film is accompanied by music from TSO. 13 NOVEMBER

Jul i Blåfjell

Olavshallen 12:00/15:00, 265/295 NOK

Weekend at Vitensenteret


MGPjr. Christmas Concert Olavshallen 19:00, 375 NOK Well known Christmas song combined with finalist's own songs from MGPjr. 01 DECEMBER - 19 DECEMBER


Voll gård 10:00, 115/150/175 NOK Christmas show at Voll farm.

Vitensenteret 11:00, 80 NOK


Fun, educational weekend at Vikendsenteret.



Family Saturday at the library Risvollan bibliotek 11:00, Free 365 Penguins in Exile. Written and acted by Berit Rusten. Suitable for everyone over 5 years.

When Jul i Blåfjell, or 'Christmas on Blue Mountain' disappeared from the TV screens, many were not happy, but now you can experience the magic once again in a full theatrical production.

Olavshallen Check olavshallen.no for starting times, 225/275 NOK Julestemning is a charming Christmas performance that has been going on every Christmas for the past 26 years.



Apes & Babes


PlayDay in English!

Mangfoldhuset Trondheim 15:00, Free Learn and practice English in a fun and natural way, through games, songs and stories. For children of 7 to 10 years of age. 06 NOVEMBER - 27 NOVEMBER

Byscenen 15:00, 180/260 NOK

Olavshallen 16:30/19:00, 315/345 NOK

Disney and Norwegian Christmas classics, Norwegian and nonNorwegian folk tunes, traditional British and American Christmas standard tunes. In short, everything you need for a true Christmas atmosphere!

A show for the entire family.


Torvet 12:30/14:00, Free

Cirquante Ungdom

Open Farm

Vollgård 11:00, 50 NOK Open farm every Sunday. Come and pet the animals. 10 NOVEMBER - 11 NOVEMBER

Manetnatt (Night of the jellyfish)

Coffee Annan 19:00, Free A brand new play, written and performed by the young group Flaskepost (Bottle Post) who want to play for kids and others. 12 NOVEMBER

The Snowman Olavshallen 14:00, 135/210/445 NOK Snowman is an animated film which is about little James who night before Christmas Eve makes a snowman

Putti Plutti Pott

Olavshallen 13:00/17:00/18:00, 60/100 NOK What was it like to be young in the old days? School assignment "Everything was so much better before ..." takes today's youth on a circus trip back to the 50's Trondheim. 26 NOVEMBER - 27 NOVEMBER

Christmas Market at Sverresborg Sverresborg Folkemuseum 12:00-18:00, 90/110 NOK A great Christmas atmosphere. Activities in the old town throughout the day, in houses, town squares and backyards. In the “village” you can wander from yard to yard and experience good old-fashioned Christmas spirit. Christmas also includes King Sverre castle - and in one magical moment, the mountain comes to life.


Julemarkedet: Jenta og Julegildet

Outdoor musical theatre. The story is about a brave girl in a village who has to go into the forest to bring home Christmas food, that was stolen by a creepy troll. 10 DECEMBER - 18 DECEMBER


Torvet 11:00/12:30/13:00/14:00, Free Narrative theatre. Precooking for kindergartens during weekdays. For the public in the weekends. 11 DECEMBER

Rasmus & World's Best Christmas Olavshallen 17:00, 230/300 NOK Christmas concert with Rasmus & Verdens Beste Band.

Listings are subject to change, check thelist.is for information





Mon-Fri 11:00-01:00, Sat-Sun 12:00-01:00 +47 73 92 10 44 Øvre Bakklandet 33, 7013 Trondheim

Olav Tryggvassons gate 29, 7011 Trondheim Brorbar.no instagram.com @bror_bar / +47 458 31 526 Mon-Thur 11:00-00:30, Fri-Sat 11:00-02:30, Sun 13:00-02:30

Dokkgata 8, 7042 Trondheim Cafelokka.no +47 400 00 974 Mon-Tue 11:00-00:30, Wed-Sat 11:00-02:30, Sun 12:00-00:300

Named Best Café of the Year by National Geographic in 2012, Baklandet Skydsstation is an idyllic and peaceful café where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks in a traditional setting. Here you can enjoy a cup of homemade cocoa while looking out over Nidarosdomen. One of Trondheim’s most historical buildings which dates back to the 1700’s, Baklandet Skydsstation has rave reviews from locals, tourists and media and is famous for its fish soup.

01 02 03

Baklandet Skydsstation Bror Café Løkka

04 05 06

Bror is a bar and BBQ-hotspot located in Nordre Gate, right in the heart of Trondheim. They specialize in craft beers and rum, served alongside burgers and southern Californiastyle tacos. Burgers are cooked in a charcoalfired grill. Go as you are - be it a quick drink, a full meal or a night out. Bror offers a warm welcome!

Ila Brainnstasjon Kafé Soil Lille Skansen


Between Bakklandet and Solsiden amongst the old remains of industry and brick walls you can find one of Trondheim’s hidden treasures, Café Løkka. Soothing indie, soul, funk and folk music is the backdrop of this unique setting. The ideal place to come and study, do lunch or just hang for a couple of beers; the ambience of Løkka is always perfect.


Restaurant Tasting To Rom og Kjøkken Troll Restaurant

08 09


To Tårn Ramp














Ila Brainnstasjon is a cultural café right next to Ila park. In a cosy atmosphere, with local art, serving hot and cold food from local ingredients: meat from Meråker, vegetables from Frosta and ice cream from Reins monastery in Rissa. Ila Brainnstasjon also has a little stage where small (and big) artists perform from time to time. If you want to have a BBQ in the park they also offer do-it-your self platters.


Restaurant Tasting is located in the heart of town. Casual lunch is served until 16:00. They offer a wide selection of wine by glass (70+ varieties!). There is a seasonal 3-course dinner with drink pairing for just kr.699, and also small courses if you’re not so hungry and à la carte. The menu is based on local ingredients with an international twist, such as reindeer from Røros, homemade Charcuterie and red king crab from Hitra. They are hosting live jazz throughout the year on fridays from 19-24. Drop in for a coffee, reserve a table for dinner or grab a glass of wine and local beer in the bar.

Kafé Soil sits in charming Bakklandet and serves up delicious organic homemade cakes and other baked goods. Vegan and raw alternatives ensure that there is something for everyone, and visitors can quench their thirst with locally-roasted coffee as well as juice and soda.

Nedre Bakklandet 20d, 7014 Trondheim facebook.com/Kafé-Soil Mon-Sat 11:00-17:00, Sun 11:00-18:00

CAFE TO TÅRN Nordre gate 24, 7010 Trondheim Mon-Thur 12:00-24:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-01:00 Tasting.no + 47 738 02 350

With panoramic views of the Cathedral’s West front, here you can enjoy Norwegian open sandwiches - farmer’s rye bread, rolls, hand-peeled shrimps and ciabatta. You can also eat ‘stone masons bread’ and ‘medieval soup’, just as pilgrims have been doing for many centuries. Delicious coffee, homemade cakes and waffles. And get in touch to book the location for receptions combined with organ concerts in the cathedral.


Run by Roar Hildonen and Alexander Skjefte – both with a great passion for food and drink – To Rom og Kjøkken focuses on the best produce from Trøndelag. It is the largest food region in Norway with a wide variety of seafood and other delicious local, small-scale products. To Rom og Kjøkken takes inspiration from Mediterranean cuisine and uses firstclass ingredients in a unique way with no compromise. They boast an extensive selection of 500 wines and 120 beers.

Nidarosdomen Besøkssenteret bakeriet.no 72 84 59 90 / 995 22 020 Mon-Sun 10:00-17:00


Ramp Pub & Spiseri is a local bistro and pub located on the eastside of town, to be more precise in Svartlamon (Trondheim’s alternative area). They’ve been there for 13 years, serving in-house produced burgers, hummus and delicious daily specials. Ramp prides itself on local ingredients, homemade bread and cakes, and on serving quality food and drinks.


Lille Skansen is a restaurant with a bar and café. Located at the marina at Skansen this restaurant certainly has a spectacular location and view, now accessible by the new Skansen footbridge. Enjoy your seafood dinner while the sailboats float by, or a cold beer on a hot summer day, overlooking the sunset. They also do catering and rent the venue out for parties.

Nedre Ila 2, 7018 Trondheim lille-skansen.no +47 739 21 151 Mon-Sat 11-23.00, Sun 11-21.00

Troll Restaurant is located in fosenkaia, next to the trainstation, overlooking the river. In a rustic and almost fairytale like environment, Troll serve traditional Norwegian dishes with a different spin. All the menue items are based on local ingredients, like whale beef from Smøla and Deer from the Trøndelag region. Head Chef Lars composes 3 or 5 course meals that will impress and surprise you.

Fosenkaia 4 A, 7010 Trondheim trollrestaurant.no 734 87 990 Mon-Sat: 15:00-23:00

Ilevollen 32, 7018 Trondheim ilabrainnstajson.no +47 489 55 036 Tue-Thur 16-24.00, Fri 16-01.00, Sat 12-01.00, Sun 12-21.00



Carl Johans Gate 5, 7010 Trondheim toromogkjokken.no +47 735 68 900 Mon-Sat 16:00-24:00

Strandveien 25a, 7042 Trondheim Tlf: +47 735 18 020 lamoramp.com Mon-Thurs: 14:00-01:00, Fri-Sun: 12:00-01:00












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