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15 - 18 AUGUST

WELCOME TO AQUA NOR 2017 IN TRONDHEIM Modern aquaculture is today a knowledge industry with very advanced technology. The very latest innovations when it comes to technology, processes and services related to farming salmon, marine species, molluscs etc are represented at Aqua Nor. Aqua Nor is the world’s largest aquaculture technology exhibition.

The most important meeting place!

Stiftelsen Nor-Fishing / Telefon: 73 56 86 40 / E-post: /






Listen to the Sound of Summer


100 Things To Do This Summer


PIMP YOUR HYBEL Is that new hybel or apartment not feeling like home yet? Never fear, Fretex is here.


Art List Trondheim, city of art

Your guide to a season of fun


The List Looks Outside What’s on in Stjørdal





rockheim rockheim @rockheim




he irony of writing an introduction to our summer issue as the rain lashes against the window, eight degrees cold outside, and wet clothes hanging to dry on every available space in my apartment, is not lost on me. But that was June and by the time you read this all that will be behind us, won’t it? We’ll be lying in fields of grass, picnicking, laughing, sunburning. No? Well, welcome to Trøndelag; the land of weather and multiple experiences. “I am so delighted to get away from the boring weather in Santa

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Barbara, clear blue sky every day, this is way more interesting!” said returning Norwegian economist, Finn Kyland, at last month’s rainy Starmus festival. Over the course of six days I watched and met 11 Nobel Laureates, half a dozen astronauts, a couple of Kings, one movie director and several other big-brained celebrities. It was quite an event, and my mind is still spinning from all the many speeches and activities across the city. Check out for more. Inspired by this epic event (well done NTNU for pulling it off!), and by a multitude of activities on the calendar over the next two months, The List set about compiling the ultimate guide to summer. We asked 100 of our readers, collaborators and contributors: what are you looking forward to this summer? The results were as predictable, confounding, unexpected and inspirational as you might imagine. Here we present them to you in our special issue 100 Things to Do This Summer. It was an honour to work with so many of you on this issue. Whether you are resident or a visitor, a student or a styreleder, Trondheim is your city and The List is your magazine. We’re always looking for more engagement from the community so if you have a story to share or a skill to show-off, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Here we go, relax and enjoy… whatever the weather. a

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Solsiden – Royal Garden – Britannia – Torget – Scandic Lerkendal Moholt – Nardo – Nidarvoll

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LISTEN TO THE SOUND OF SUMMER Words by Gulabuddin Sukhanwar Illustration by Marianne Selberg


e have entered the loveliest season of the year: summer. A time for holidays and travel, a path to our dreams, and the connection to our best experiences and memories. Trondheim is a city with a diverse cultural heritage and rich history. A city of differences that provides numerous opportunities in each of the different seasons to celebrate and enjoy. As always in summer, Trondheim is full of entertaining programmes, including several music festivals. These festivals make for unique opportunities for the visitors and tourists, as well as the locals to enjoy and explore. Last month, I attended Musikfest Trondheim, an arrangement of more than 70 concerts all over the city, working together to create a perfect musical mosaic of Trondheim. It was a melodic day with a concert in every corner of the city; in the restaurants and bars, parks, and many other public places- A fun and unique festival that brought people together with smiles, dancing, and friendship. I felt elated and fully realized that summer has arrived in Trondheim.

The festival itself was an opportunity for everyone in the city to feel included and to understand that, despite our differences, music is a common interest that can bring us closer and add light to our lives. A calm and relaxing song Å kunne æ skrive, from well-known Norwegian singer, Lars Bremnes, was performed by a talented young schoolgirl in one of the concerts at the Torvet, Trondheim City Square. It was very touching to see most of the people in the audience singing along... Og dettan fjellet va et flygel så spelte æ Chopin. Men æ mått ha øvd på forhånd ville du forstå? …and if this mountain was a grand piano then I would play Chopin. But I must have rehearsed first would you understand? While everyone was singing along I began to imagine that Trondheim's mountains were a piano on which we were all playing 9

Chopin, and in the background the entire city was singing with us. This was a perfect, live illustration of the Nietzsche quote “without music, life would be a mistake”. Perhaps the best thing about live music is that you can feel the music in your heart and soul, being entertained while getting a feeling of peace of mind. Then, an inner willingness appears to express those feeling with a cheerful and rhythmic movement – dancing. You don’t need anything else but music and summertime. Music is a key to happiness, a shortcut to a good mood, and it has the power to connect with our feelings and dreams. Even when we are alone and want to set up a private moment of delight, it’s the music that helps to lighten our moods and satisfy our souls. I encourage you to ask anyone what their three main interests are; the answer will almost always include music, because there is always a story behind the melody. A song which everyone can relate their own experience to. As Lou Rawls beautifully put it: “Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don't understand the language that you're singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.” a THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE


Studentweek at Fretex Møllenberg 28th August 2nd September. Special offers only for students!

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Pimp Your Hybel

Words by Bradley Kurtz | Photos by Jarle Hagen | Styling by Mari Aursand

Think of style, think of your wallet, think of the environment, think of Fretex. Is that new hybel or apartment not feeling like home yet? Never fear, Fretex is here.


ewer is not always better, especially when it comes to making a space your home. So, put those big box stores out of your mind and look no further than Fretex to get the look you want this year. Fretex, in cooperation with SiT (Student Welfare Organisation in Trondheim), is trying out a new programme to help you find your style this autumn. Beyond being able to shop for single pieces of furniture, Fretex will help supply everything you need to help furnish your new place. After choosing whether you want to buy or rent the furniture, simply pick the type of package based on desired budget and how many pieces of furniture you need. Then pick a style and/or a colour, and Fretex will help put together the living room you’ve been dreaming of. Fretex has something to offer for everyone, no matter the taste, style, or budget. From the simple and modern, to something more unique and colourful. Style isn’t the only thing that Fretex supplies: upcycling antiques and buying used furniture are easy ways to make a positive impact on the environment. Every August the streets of Trondheim become extremely crowded. Not with foot traffic, but with overflowing rubbish bins and recycling containers. On almost every street the cardboard and plastic remnants

of the moving in process flow out into the streets. Getting your furniture second hand means you are ditching a lot of excess plastic and cardboard, keeping that carbon footprint smaller and extending the life cycle of a product that has no need to wind up in the


landfill for years to come. Late afternoon sofa naps can become (almost), guilt-free knowing you benefitted the environment and the local economy. Once your new furniture is set up and you notice the room still lacks a little something, maybe some art might be in order. There is never a bad time to add to a collection of porcelain farm animals or cat portraits, and Fretex has you covered here too. Much like the furniture there is a gigantic selection to choose from; paintings and wall hangings, sculptures and other knick-knacks, you name it and Fretex probably has it. Think of style, think of your wallet, think of the environment, think of Fretex. a



Trondheim International Performing Arts Festival

20.–24. september 2017

Foto til forestillingen «Mercurial George» av Dana Michel. Foto: Sammy Rawal




There is a tranquility about spending summer in Trondheim, which is punctuated by festivals and activities, spellbinding enough to stimulate even the most lazy of hammock-dwellers. The List asked 100 of its readers, writers, partners and advertisers what they are looking forward to this summer. Here we share their tips, secrets, insights and advice: your definitive guide to a season of fun!

A summer spent in Trondheim can be one of the most rewarding Norwegian experiences, especially if you know how to get the most out of this rich and varied landscape. Much like a fine wine, a Trøndelag summer takes time to mature. All those months of cleaning away the winter grit and tidying up your garden, will be repaid in the form of long, work-free evenings, spent with friends at one of the region’s many events, or perhaps alone on a bike or a mountain in the midnight dusk.





MUSIC EXPERIENCES While August is renowned in Trondheim for being a month of festivals, the start of the summer season is traditionally quite tranquil. That does not mean however that there are not soundtracks to be had. Take the time to explore some of the city’s deeper quarters and find musical experiences to get your feet moving.


Sundays can be quite anticlimactic. For me, however, this is my favourite day of the week – especially in the summer! Hop on your bike, grab a seat on the bus, or walk on down to Bakklandet and Antikvariatet for their awesome event “Lørdag på søndag” (Saturday on Sunday).

Summer jazz in Bakklandet Ragnhild Gimse Storrø Senior advisor at Headspin



Summer Chillout Raymond Eide Teacher for EVO and guitar maker at faustguitars

Jazz and improvised music Klaus Ellerhusen Holm, Founder of Though summer, and July especially, are quite slow for live music in Trondheim, there are still some places you can hear live music ranging from jazz and improvisation to Americana and rock stuff. These are mostly small venues that provide a more intimate atmosphere. Here are a few tips if you want to hear live music during the holidays. Starting with my personal favorite Moskus – an excellent bar in addition to being super nice, small place to hear live music. Still hungry for music? Visit Antikvariatet, Ila Brainnstasjon, or Kafé Skuret.


This is an open-mic-night, where the stage awaits anyone who can work up the courage. Lørdag på søndag is an unpretentious event where fabulous local musicians are showcased; this is great for both performers and those of us that like to sit in the audience.


Summer is the perfect time of year to dance! Whether a beginner or an expert, I recommend you to join a dance class in jazz, modern or classic, at Dansit (Strandveien 33) this summer. Classes take place from 25-29 July. Put your best foot forward this season!

Dance Tone By Communications at ISAK


My best music tips this summer: spend an evening strolling between music spots. Listen for music from open windows in hot apartments or cars rolling by. In Trondheim, live music leaks from clammy concert venues and from the street musician on the corner. It’s easy to enjoy a varied music experience while you explore the city! My favourite spot? That must be Thomas Angells gate that connects Munkegata and Krambugata.

IMAGE Wil Lee-Wright


05. Festival experience Simon W. Lie Project Manger at NTNU Bridge

IMAGE Wil Lee-Wright

June and August are the big festival months, and about the only time of year the weather in Trondheim allows for outdoor concerts. Personally, I like the smaller

and more esoteric festivals. My top recommendations for festivals this summer are Rotvollfestivalen in August and Ladehammerfestivalen in June. July is a quiet month 15

this summer, unfortunately. If I had choice, I would work July and have my vacation in the weeks before and after instead.




PICNIC SPOTS Quite frankly we could have written a feature called 100 Places to Picnic this Summer! There is nothing more quintessentially Trondheim than taking a rug, a volleyball (or perhaps the traditional game of ‘kubb’) and backpack of food and beverage to one of the city’s numerous outdoor dining spots. Ever heard the concept ‘the better the view the worse the food’? These five happy locals beg to differ…

06. Breakfast at Storheia Sunniva Evjen Marketing Executive at Visit Trondheim One of my favourite spots is Storheia, the biggest mountain in Trondheim, standing at 565,6 m.a.s.l. The heights might not be impressive as mountains in Norway go, but it is worth a visit! From the top you have the best viewpoint over the whole of Trondheimsfjord and over to the Fosen Alps. You can enjoy the sound of silence and smell the fresh air from the Norwegian woods. Recommended for summer Sunday breakfasts.

07. Skansen Janina Lamøy Event&Community Manager at DIGS


IMAGE Piotr Wawrzyniak

Skansen is my favourite park along the Trondheim fjord where you can picnic like a local. The Skansen promenade ends up in a small park where I like to go to BBQ , play some volleyball, take a refreshing dip in the water, watch the sailboats, and maybe end the day by visiting Lille Skansen restaurant. I would personally bike or walk from Brattøra along the fjord. If you don't feel like walking that much, I would take the traditional tram Gråkallbanen from the city centre to Ila. 16

IMAGE Wil Lee-Wright


10. Korsvika Courtney Lineback General Manager at Habitat


I am very fond of taking strolls, and I love elements of water in the summer. Therefore, a stroll along Nidelven is a perfect summer activity in my opinion. Stop at Marinen and have a picnic, maybe bring the radio or a game of kubb. And if the weather gets cold, visit one of the many cozy cafés in Bakklandet!

Walk along Nidelva Line Holm Project Manager at Midtbyen

Is there anything better than a warm, sunny Norwegian summer day spent relaxing by Tronhejmsfjord? Whenever the weather gods smile down on the city I pack up some food, a blanket, a bottle of something bubbly, and head to soak up some vitamin D along the coast at Korsvika. Bonus points if it’s warm enough to take a little dip!

08. Rotvoll Tanja Holmen CEO at Fretex Midt-Norge

The shoreline of Rotvoll, on the eastern side of Trondheim, holds some of the most beautiful green areas in the city. In the area you will find The Organic House (Den Økologisk Hus) and Kristoffertunet. Known as the green and organic part of town, it certainly lives up to that title. At Kristoffertunet you’ll find a biodynamic working farm complete with a greenhouse, herb and vegetable garden, bakery, saft makers, weavers, and even a shop. It’s the only area in the city that has sheep, hens, horses, chickens, and Rufus the donkey! Don’t forget the family festival on 26 August, Rotvollfestivalen, organized by the enthusiastic residents of the area.

IMAGE Jarle Hagen





SUMMER SPORTS The half time whistle may have been blown on your usually sporting activity, so why not try your hand at something more befitting of the season? Find a new hobby, meet new people and begin the new season in better shape than where you left off!

11. Frisbee-golf Kyle McClenahan The List contributor Trondheim, an incredible city for… disc golf? While it remains an underground hobby, local support for this Frisbee-golf hybrid sport has resulted in the maintenance of three courses within city limits. Whether playing riverside at Øya or among the woods of Dragvoll, disc golf remains one of the most enjoyable excuses Trondheim offers to get outside on a mixed weather day. So go on, pick up some discs at a sports store and challenge a friend to a round of disc!

12. Theisendamen swimming Giedre Løvdahl Trondheim Kajakk One of my favourite activities in summer (when I’m not kayaking!) is to spend time near Teisendammen. I usually like to bicycle there or just walk from the city centre. I recommend taking Roal Amundsens Vei to spread the steep climbs and to give some epic views over Trondheim. When you reach Theisendamen you can jump straight into the lake and have a refreshing swim. THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE

14. Cricket Sulalit Banerjee Lecturer at NTNU


In Norway it seems you are just as likely to see someone playing Quidditch as you are cricket! But for us form India, Pakistan and several other

IMAGE Torald Kateraas

Paintball summer adrenaline Fredrik Ive Pedersen Marketing Executive at Heat Experience

Just 15 minutes outside the city centre of Trondheim, the guys from NTNUI Paintball have their home field. For only 250 NOK you can enjoy the paintball action on a full size professional field. If you're lucky they might even fire up the BBQ and make a party out of it. There is no better way to spend the summer afternoon than shooting your friends in the face!   Check out @NTNUIPB on Facebook or visit for more information. 

15. Sailing Will Cilento Experience Designer at Zedge Summer for me is a sailing season. Whether it’s with the Trondhjems Seilforeningen (TSF) for Wednesday regattas, or with friends for day cruises and overnight trips, I’m always trying to get on the water. An overnight trip to Tautra is a fantastic way to spend the weekend. 18

counties around the world, cricket is our national sport. Played between two eleven-player teams, using a bat, ball and wickets, this British summer sport is getting popular in Trondheim. Usually teams are made up of people from various cricket-playing nations, but it is open to everyone. Interested in trying the sport this summer? search NTNUI cricket group on Facebook.

IMAGE Will Cilento

On a good day you can sail there even in open boats like Yngling, and depending on the wind the trip can take 3-4 hours. Once on the island you can try some birdwatching or check out the remains of the medieval Tauterø Abbey. To stay overnight you can camp or sleep in “Cuba” - the cabin owned by TSF. If short trips are more your style, members of NTNUI Seiling can hire Yngling class boats from Skansen Harbour for three hours at a time – great for a couple of laps around Munkholmen.



GRILL-TASTIC GRUB Everyone loves a BBQ , but even the most enthusiastic griller tires of the relentless onslaught of sausages and potato salad. What do our foody-friends recommend? Spice up your outdoor feast with a variety of ingredients, recipes and locations.

17. 16. Get the Fresh Fish Bendik Slyngstad mermaid at Trondheim fridykkerklubb Freediving makes the delicious bounties of the ocean accessible to anyone who's not afraid to get wet. Snorkeling and shallow diving for crabs, scallops and other shells is a rewarding challenge for beginners. Many freedivers hunt fish with spear guns, which is both challenging and exciting. It's arguably also the most humane and sustainable way to obtain fish, when done responsibly. Trondheim fridykkerklubb runs several freediving courses at different levels every year. Visit for more information.

IMAGE Bendik Slyngstad

that you go to the fish shop and by some fresh Crayfish from Frøya. Cut them in half; rub them with butter and some tarragon, and then grill for about a minute. Squeeze some fresh lemon on them and you are in heaven. If you don´t eat fish, you can go to Trondheim Slaktehus and pick up some beautiful aged entrecôte, their meat is world class if you ask me.

The freshest BBQ Lars Erik Vesterdal General Manager at NordØst Food & Coctails You will find the absolute best ingredients for grilling in Trondheim. It is my suggestion


IMAGE Hanna Nielsen

Veggie Option Emma Jarvis Founder at Trondheim Vegan Fair One of our favourite things to do in the summer is chill out in one of Trondheim's many parks, fire up the grill, and get some awesome vegan food sizzling away. Don't know where to start? No problem! The range of vegan products available has massively expanded. Why not try Grønne Folks beetroot burgers from Rema 1000, or stop by Etikken who have a range of vegan BBQ food that you won’t find elsewhere in Trondheim. Our personal favourites are the ‘Real Jumbos’ and ‘Toscaninis’ sausages; both are perfect in combination with an ice-cold beer and the Trondheim sun!



They are permitted to use in your own yard/property, but it is best to check local regulations before throwin’ a few shrimps on the…'en gangs grill'. Also, remember to never throw a hot grill or coals in a trashcan or anywhere else with flammable materials. Trondheim is full of great places to set up the grill; there are plenty of parks and open spaces in the city and the surrounding areas. There are some great locations down by the fjord and out of town (Midtsandtangen Friluftsområde for example). The excuse of grilling can be great motivation to explore our city and find a new favourite corner.

What you should know about Bradley Kurtz Freelance writer

Grilling is something of a national pastime here in Norway…at least when the weather cooperates. Before you fire up that grill there are a few things to keep in mind: because of the heightened fire danger in wooded areas, open flames such as grills and fire pits, are forbidden to use unless there has been heavy rain in the area. 19

Cut down on BBQ sauce Simen Leite Member at MMA Trondheim

BBQ seems like a nice way of spending sunny summer evening, but is also a challenge in following my healthy diet. I will definitely go for good quality meat and cut down on the bread and other carbs, as well as the BBQ sauce this summer. I kind of feel like trying something new so might actually end up eating steak with grilled courgette, as I heard it's delicious. THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE



FESTIVALS Whatever else you do this summer, your memories of 2017 are likely to be associated with one of the fantastic events which are taking place. Fellesferie (the three-week national holiday period in July) is typically downbeat and quiet on the cultural calendar. August however, is the home of the year’s biggest parties, markets and concerts. Returning to work has never been so much fun!

21. Drivhusfestivalen Andrew Christopher Anfinnsen Freelance event producer and DJ Drivhusfestivalen (3-6 August) might be the perfect antidote to the spread of commercialized, big name events. Located on the idyllic small island of Magerøya, just west of Trondheim (thankfully not the equally named island at the northern-most point of

22. Bondens marked Tove Eivindsen 2. Parliamentary candidate, Venstre Literally, there is no better place to get a taste of Trøndelag than at the farmers market held on selected Saturdays at the main square in Trondheim (Torvet). Here you can THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE

Norway!), this event is a gathering of like-minded friends; “gardeners” as they call themselves. 'Drivhus' translates to greenhouse, and an apt description of the environment you could find yourself in – a place where you can just enjoy the sun and the water, enjoy some cooking, bathing, playing and rediscovering nature. Local DJs and bands are featured, but it's not about who's who – it's about contributing, getting to know new people, and ultimately disconnecting from your own busy life.


IMAGE Wil Lee-Wright

Oi! Mat: Lunch, Dinner and a Stroll Tom Richard Wold Shift Leader at Postnord

For more info check

It's easy to not want to cook when the weather is warm, but summer is also when I want to try new foods most. So what can a person do about it? It´s simple: Trøndersk Matfestival and Bryggerifestivalen. I really look forward to trying all sorts of new foods and having my lunch, second lunch, and dinner made for me. I get to learn about the our regional food heritage while meeting people who are proud of what they do and committed to truly giving me their best. This is a summer must do.

get your hands on, for example, the award winning wild sheep skank with seaweed seasoning from Dalpro, the amazing fresh chevré from Grindal cheese factory, or lefse (‘læns’ in trøndersk) from Heimebakst or Lefsebua. Whatever your taste, I bet you will be able to find something that will make your mouth water; all while supporting farmers in their endeavor to produce award winning food based on tradition and local access to foodstuffs.

See The List's insert for more details. 20


24. Pstereo Vegard Enlid Journalist at Adresseavisen


From serious music lovers, hipsters, and those between the ages of 18 to 50, Pstereo is the big happening in Trondheim this summer. The festival provides both a rare meeting spot for the 30 to 40 somethings with babysitters, and spaces for those who follow closely what is happening on all the separate stages. Musically, its variety gives

something for everyone through a blend of fresh indie and rock while throwing in some nostalgia for the "grown-ups". In its eleven years of existence, Pstereo has had a lot of amazing acts. I'm most looking forward to seeing shoegaze legends Slowdive (UK), Swedish rapper Silvana Iman, and melodic indie pop masters Beach Fossils (US). 21

The ever energetic and exciting Cymbals Eat Guitars (US) will make a most welcome return to the festival. And you certainly don’t wanna miss the local rising stars Pom Poko, who look set for a UK breakthrough this year! See for full line up.



IMAGE Wil Lee-Wright

25. Olavsfestdagene Hans Kringstad Communications advisor at Trondheim kommune


Olavsfestdagene fills Trondheim with festivity, street life, concerts, lectures, and services every summer. St. Olav’s festival (this is how we can translate it to English) commemorates Olav Haraldsson who died in the battle at Stiklestad in 1030 when trying to bring Christianity to Norway. Sainted Olav remained a symbol of the town, which turned into an important site for pilgrims.

The purpose of St. Olav Festival is to strengthen Trondheim as a national ecclesiastical and cultural center. Miljøpakken plays a modest role at the festival by offering free and safe bicycle parking every year. The parking hotel in a close proximity to Erkebispegården is popular among participants who travel to town by bike. Trondheim is a relatively compact city. 140,000 can cycle to Olavsfestdagene 22

and return home in less than one hour if they choose to ride a bike. Olavsfestdagene wants to make Trondheim visible as a place that values inclusivity and embraces everyone. Miljøpakken wants to make Trondheim a role model as a brave city fighting climate change. I am looking forward to experience the great atmosphere of the festival and particularly concerts in Erkebispegården.




- Just an hour away from Trondheim!

Coastal museum with boat builders workshop, eco-friendly restaurant, boat exhibitions, rowing and boatbuilding for kids, maritime pollution exhibition in the most stunning location.

OPENING HOURS Tuesday – Friday 10 – 18 Saturday – Sunday 11 – 16'





WATER ACTIVITIES Trondheim is surrounded by water: rivers, lakes, sea and the occasional puddle. To make the most out of the waterways is to make the most of Trøndelag. Here are five suggestions to immerse yourself in, provided by five of the city’s cultural mariners.

26. Sightseeing by boat Katarzyna Gąsiorek Deputy Editor at The List

One of my favorite summer activities is to take a boat ride. It doesn't really matter if it's a big ferry, fisherman’s boat, or a passenger vessel; as long as it involves waves, water and salty air, I'm more than content. This summer in Trondheim I recommend sightseeing by boat. A small passenger vessel departures every day at 12:30 from Ravnkloa and will take you on a trip all the way along Skansen, Ilsvikøra, Munkholem, and Nidelva. You will get to know a little bit of a history of the city and learn about all the mechanism of the bridges in town, all that being provided both in English and Norwegian.



Coffee, swim and modern architecture Ragnhild Førde Founder at Ragnhild Førde Arkitektur

Hop in for a fresh swim Jorg Solheim Monkey Brew

Sjøbadet in Trondheim is situated along the new promenade from Brattøra to Skansen, and it is the perfect spot for both sunbathing and swimming on a hot summer day. It’s one of very few places with an excellent diving tower and a staircase past the otherwise frequently annoying seaweed. There are THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE

IMAGE Sara Husby

separate sections for men and women as well as a common area, so nude or not – you can find your spot in the sun. The bath is as well a study worth for anyone interested in modern architecture, and last but not least: they sell coffee, Solo and excellent waffles. Come, swim!


In the summer time when the weather is fine... take the bus number 47 to Klæbu city center and bike up to Kulpan. It’s a lovely place to go for a swim, explore nearby giant's kettles (natural holes that appear to be drilled in the ground) and if you dare, jump into the river pool from a 12 meter tall bridge! A super authentic Norwegian summer experience, free of charge.


30. Kayaking Sylvelin Foldøy Mobility Counsellor at Miljøpakken

29. Fishing in the Røros Region Wenche Sundt Bendixvold-Ryjord Marketing Manager at Trondheim Calling

IMAGE Sakkeus Ørdal Ryjord

One of my all time favourite things to do in the summer is to go fishing. The nights are bright, the temperature is comfortable, and the wildlife is stunning. Nature is calling, and it’s time to get out and about. Røros is located over 700 meters above sea level. The mountain landscape is

open, wide and with many nice mountain peaks that invite you to explore the great Norwegian outdoors. Wherever you hike in the region there’s an abundance of freshwater fishing spots where you can catch some really nice mountain trout and Arctic charr. Don’t forget your fishing license! 25

This summer I am planning on exploring Trondheim and its surrounding areas in a kayak. Once you have the beginners course and a license for it, it's easy to become member of a kayaking society like the one at Skansen. The fjord is usually a bit cold during the winter, but soon it will be warm enough to only wear a wetsuit. THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE



TOP PLACES TO DO NOTHING With all these summer tips you are in serious danger of burning yourself out this summer! Don't forget to take a chill pill, man.

33. Ringve botanical garden Malin Anderson from Trondheim Kooperativ (Cooperative for the distribution of organic food) Chill out in a green environment - you might actually learn something at the same time.

34. Bench up Eivind Roberg Adviser at HK Link

31. A Tip-Top Picnic Jennifer Wold Executive Director at TEDxTrondheim I love watching ski jumping, so it's nice that Granåsen is in my backyard, almost. The walk through the complex is

32. Lian Lake Frank Knutsen General Manager at Bror Lianvannet is a pearl in the middle of the forest, and easily accessible by tram. On a warm, sunny THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE

IMAGE Jennifer Wold

awesome all seasons, but in summer I love to climb the ski jump to the top with a picnic, a cushion, a radio and take along a friend. My favourite time to go is in the evening to watch the sunset, and if the conversation is good, stay until it rises. The view is amazing, the surroundings serene and it is has to be one of my favourite places to just go be.


day there is no place like this one. Bring a blanket, a cooler of your favorite beverages and a grill, and head for Lian! Sunny days up there are best spent fooling around in the lake with your mates, diving off the floating dock, or just sun bathing and enjoying life. It is a perfect spot for spending a sunny summer day.

Festningen Hans Eriksson landscape architect mnla at Plan Arkitekter AS


Ringve botanical garden is divided into several parts with different themes: the Arboretum (learn about trees and bushes from the Northern hemisphere), Traditional Perennials (where they work on preserving traditional garden plants from the area) and the Renaissance Garden (medicinal plants and herbs). The Botanical Gardens are free and a beautiful park to explore.

Trondheim is practically littered with benches. Why not find one with a view? In the West: Byåsens Utsikten. In the East: Singsakers Kuhaugen. If you are up for a hike, a throne overlooking the city will be your reward in both cases. Bring a book, some snacks, and be ready to see Trondheim from a bird's-eye view. Can you make out the Nidaros Cathedral?

IMAGE Katarzyna Gąsiorek

The Kristiansen Fortress holds one of Trondheim’s most interesting building design. It also holds one of the most accessible and greatest views you can get of Trondheim; close to the city center as well. Located in one of the major green city lungs, Festningen is filled with history and strolling people; surely a nice place to chill out on a sunny day.



ACTIVITIES FOR THE ARTISTICALLY MINDED A great tip for summer is to act upon all those resolutions you have not had time for this year. Plan to be more culturally engaged? Summer is the perfect time. Trondheim is a veritable gallery of exhibition spaces, performance and artistic activities for all ages. Take the time to soak up an exhibition or let your mind roam and create your own art. See the listing section and Art List for more inspiration.


IMAGE Hands on History

Like a Viking Ingrid Galadriel co-founder at Hands on History

When I was a child, one single accessory could provide me with enough of a theatrical alibi to change my persona and my take on the world. Over the years, I have developed a particular interest in dressing up, being someone else and doing something different. I spend most of my summer dressed as a Viking - living outdoors, hiking, crafting, and sleeping in a tent. It is a playground for my alter ego. This summer I urge you to dress up and be playful. Dare to change your persona and your take on the world.



Olavkino Anette Nistad Info Coordinator for Kosmorama

RAKE Katrine Elise Pedersen Assistant Curator at Kunsthall Trondheim

Olavskino is an annual summer event for the film enthusiasts of Trondheim. This is a film programme with films relating to the theme of Olavsfestdagene (28 July to 5 August), which this year is IDOL. If you share the love for festival films combined with interesting guests, Olavskino is the place to be. 

I am really looking forward to seeing the exhibition Arms of the Ocean with artist Ellen Sofie Griegel at RAKE Visningsrom, which is up until 13 August. The exhibition examines the poetic, visual, symbolic and physical characteristics of water. The works in the exhibition are site specific since they take their point of departure in RAKE Visningsrom’s location, using the water in Trondheim’s fjord as material.


They have a hidden treasure in their basement: the installation ‘Salamandernatten’ by Kjell Erik Killi Olsen. It’s in almost complete darkness, and as your eyes get used to it you start to notice the huge sculptures around you. I love bringing visitors there, as it is quite a strange thing to do, to go to a bank to look at art. And also there are some medieval church ruins down there, where they believe the crypt of King Olaf II ('Olav den hellige') was once located.

Hidden treasure Anne-Kari Risom Olsen Communications and PR Teaterhuset Avant Garden When you are done checking out the new Kunsthall, and relaxing a bit at Sellanraa – the really nice café that is actually also Trondheim’s Litterature House – you should cross the street and go into the bank! 27

IMAGE Reidun Synnøve Gravelseter

40. MODUL35 Laura-Ann Morrison Art Editor at The List

The photo gallery MODUL35 is built as a movable module that can benefit from the empty spaces in the city. Built by the art project - Art Hotel Norway and designed by sculptor Erlend Leirdal, MODUL35 is now located at Solsiden. It is now showcasing an exhibition by Lars Botten, who for the first time ever presents his 15-year long project Malung. It explores dance band festivals, summer flirts, cars, and partying. Available until 30 July, check it out. THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE



FAMILY ACTIVITIES For some, the holidays are more tiresome than being at work! All those kids off school, what to do with them all day? The trick, as any mum will tell you, is to get them out, engage their minds, and tire their bodies. The TV remote will have gathered dust by the time you are through with all these ideas…

41. You rock, girl! Åsa Thalinsson Youth Culture Worker at ISAK For girls aged 13 to 19 I recommend the band workshops arranged by Prosjekt Pop! Held for the third time this summer, it is a great opportunity for girls who like to rock! Meeting others with the same interest and learning a thing or two. Prosjekt Pop! takes place during the entire week from 3 to 6 July.


IMAGE Wil Lee-Wright



Family Frisbee Fun Leiv Aspén Producer at Bennett

Bike trip to Hansbakkfjæra Frode Laugen Founder of Metreno

In my spare time I like to play Frisbee Golf. In Trondheim we have three courses. There is no fee for using the courses and so it is also a great activity to play with kids, whatever their age. You can even push a pram around the course with if the little one is too young to throw! And because the courses are located in green areas around town, you can also bring a ball or some water balloons for a lighthearted break from the action.

Within reachable distance for kids and adults on bike, the lovely Hansbakkfjæra is situated only a few kilometers away from Trondheim. It has a nice sand beach the kids will love, and the bike trip is quite flat. Stop by Grilstad Marina on the way for an ice cream and a fun playground in the park.

IMAGE Kristin Smestad


Connect with wildlife Petra Sestak General Manager at Trøndelag Reiseliv

Make friends Marianne Johnsen CEO and Concept Developer at PeopleUknow

Trøndelag offers the irresistible combination of wild nature, local food, and historical sites. Being a family-friendly region, it offers plenty of activities for both adults and kids. Scandinavia's Top five animals await in their natural environment. Meet the moose, musk ox, or sea eagle, on a wild life safari! If you dare, you can wake up beside a bear or a wolf in the Namsskogan Wildlife Park!

In order to meet new people you might need to be a bit brave and take the initiative; some Norwegians are a bit shy. Here are some ideas on how to get started making new friends. Check out the benches in town and have a sit next to a stranger. Bring a Frisbee or a football to a park or a beach; or bring a blanket and have a picnic. Visit Vitensenteret to dig into the world of science and interact with other curious or playful people.





ACTIVITIES FOR A RAINY DAY OK ok, so we have built this up as a summer of love, never ending sunny evenings and nothing to worry about except a wonky tan line. But let’s be honest, this is Trondheim we are talking about and there is going to be the occasional shower…. ahem. Best be prepared.

49. On a Rainy Summer Day Kristoffer Lund Vike-Langlie Project Manager at Technoport

IMAGE Brekke, Asgeir Spange


definitely try out indoor climbing. This is an activity I really enjoy and I’m sure you will like indoor bouldering at Trondheim Klatresenter too. It is funny, challenging and a great workout. It can also be very social and is and affordable activity, even for students. Definitely recommended!

Indoor climbing Pål Mikalsen Rolfsen Monkey Brew Sick of the rain? On a rainy day in Trondheim you should

IMAGE Wil Lee-Wright

46. A trip outside Trondheim Jan Neklapil Head Chef at Kaffestuggu, Røros

An ideal day or weekend trip to get a break from the rainy city would be visiting Røros. Røros is a world heritage site with plenty to offer in terms of history, culture and nature. While here, you can't miss tasting some of Norway's best local food, made from the finest ingredients directly from nature or from local producers.

While waiting for the Literature House's fall program to come out, why not spend your rainy days at the public library? I have been an avid library goes all my life. It is free, and it has a decent selection of literature in English. Bring a book to one of the reading nooks on the second floor, for example The Sun Also Rises. Or better yet, borrow it, bring it to Sellanraa next door, and read while you drink some of the best coffee in Trondheim; all while the rain pours down outside the wall of windows.

50. 48.

from Trondheim (or a thrilling RIB boat ride!). Here, you can visit the Klostergården restaurant and inn, beer brewery and Whiskey distillery, and the small shop where you’ll also find a wide variety of jams and compotes from the island’s fruit and berry production. When the rain clouds part, you can venture outside and visit the ruins of the 13th century Monastery as well as the modern Maria monastery, where you can buy their handmade soaps and lotions. Ideal for a day trip or even a wet weekend!

Visit Tautra Eirik Gjelsvik Medbø Head of Marketing at AssiStep The weather should not stop you enjoying the outdoors, but it’s good to have a plan. Tautra is a wonderful small island connected to the mainland by a narrow stone bridge, a 1.5 hour drive 29

No matter the weather Even Granås Head of Sales at JohnnyLove

What to do on a rainy day? All of the above! If you let the rain get in the way of your summer activities in Trondheim you might never do anything. We have a saying in Norway: 'Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær', which means there is not such thing as bad weather just bad clothes. So go prepared and enjoy yourself, whatever the weather. THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE



THINGS TO DO AT MIDNIGHT One of the most wonderful things about visiting or living in Trondheim is the long summer evenings. Where else in the world can you decide to go for a sunlit mountain bike trip at 10pm, hitting the trails outside your back door? Apparently the opportunities provided by the light inspire our readers too.


IMAGE Bralars

Late night golfing – Best enjoyed between 21:00-23:00 Aleksander Schei Pstereo and Byscenen by day. Trondheim Elektroverksted and Stundom Records by night. 

Pack up some of your favourite cold beverages and head into the city centre. Get on bus #5 and hop off at Havsteinflata. After walking 200 meters eastward you’ll end up at gem called Trondheimpar3golf. Overlooking the entire city and fjord, this is a prime spot to catch the sunset as you play the course. Only 80 NOK pay to play, no greencard needed and club rentals are free. The course is perfect place to start if you’ve never played golf before. THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE



Running at Midnight Silje Landevåg Founder of

Foraging June Karlsen photographer at Irisskolefoto

One of the best things about summer is the long evenings, so there’s no excuse for missing that training session! My favourite running route is along Bakklandet and Nidevelen. When you pass Marinen you can do some exercises there by the river; push-ups and various exercises using your body weight for example. I also love running at Ladestien. The view is amazing; it’s something special running by the sea. Afterwards I really feel like I have earned my lunch at Solsiden, complete with a nice white wine and good company.

55. Klubb Pstereo Jakob Kaas Owner of All Good Clean Records, store and label Pstereo turned 10 years old last year and is as popular as ever. But this year I am mostly looking forward to Klubb

IMAGE June Karlsen

I love foraging! This year I’m going to fill up an entire freezer of goodies from Estenstadsmarka. Mostly I pick berries, but this year I’m going to ask for some help and have my mushrooms sorted too. There is a Facebook group Trondheim 'soppog nyttevekstforening', which will help you to figure out what you found and that it is safe to eat.

Pstereo events, which happen around town when the festival finishes. I think it’s great that there’s something going on for those who are not interested being at Marina, or haven't got a ticket, or want to continue the party. Klubb Pstereo is much more anarchistic in a way, feels separate form the big festival machine, more personal, even more of a local scene.

53. Nidelva River Olav Wiiburg DJ and promoter at Freek-I-Natt

My favorite thing to do in summer during night is to go with a group of friends to the top of Nidelva-river, bringing inflatable rubber-boats and a cooler full of beer. Rafting down the river all the way down through Øya and Bakklandet is amazing. Just remember to bring your own music! 30

IMAGE Torleif Kvinnesland



THE YOUTH PERSPECTIVE Those of us the wrong side of our 20’s (or even our 30’s), might be forgiven for thinking life is one big summer holiday for young people. But that’s because we are too long in the tooth and grey of mind. Open you minds (and your ears) and see summer from a whole new perspective.

59. Neon Marinen Marlene Engevold Student at Trondheim Katedralskole


IMAGE Théo Duperret

Time for hobby Leah Myren Bystad Student at Rosenborg School

My friend Elise and I enjoy dancing Lindy hop, and after months of hard work and stress at school it will be nice to focus on our hobby this summer. Although there are no lindy hop dedicated events in town, we encourage dancing outside. It is such a social dance, and therefore a great opportunity to meet new, interesting people and make new friends.


the little boat from Ravnkloa and enjoy the short trip while leaving Trondheim behind you. As soon as you arrive, you have a beautiful 360° view from the middle of the fjord. You can visit the old parts of the island in a guided tour for 50 NOK, or simply take a coffee and enjoy the view. If you’re craft-interested, there is a nice collection of traditional objects to see as well.

Munkholmen Théo Duperret international student at Tiller vidergående skole Norway is full of islands, and today is the day to visit one. Take


or run up to Kuhaugen and the viewpoint that lays just 100 meters from there. Kuhaugen is a small grassy hill in Tyholt with an astonishing view over the entire town. To get the best experience possible I recommend to walk up there when the sun starts its journey down. Watching it lighting up the Fosen slopes is absolutely mind-blowing. Look it up!

Kuhaugen Maud Nestgaard Student at Trondheim Katedralskole

IMAGE Théo Duperret

My favourite thing to do, all year round actually, is to walk 31

Summer for me is all about one weekend when you lay down in the grass watching Marinen be lit up by the neon lights. Together with my friends, I bring blanket and sit on the other side of the river watching Pstereo. Too young to participate ourselves, we still get to enjoy the festival as the fun spirit and music spread all over the city.

60. Lademoen Park Martine Dahl Student at Katedralskole

Located just between busy Lade and trendy Solsiden, Lademoen Park is one of my fave spots to meet up with friends in the summertime. This middle-sized, historic park is known for its huge trees that are perfect to chill under when you need a break from the sun. You will also find a fountain, beautiful flowers and a small playground there. Another good thing is that you never know who you’ll meet in that park; so pack your backpack, put a smile on your face, and be open to strangers this summer. THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE



IN TOWN FOR A DAY To do Trondheim, is to walk Trondheim. The city is a prefect microcosm of a larger metropolis; a medieval city centre, circled by a river, with concentric domestic suburbs, enveloped by mountains and fjord. All of which are accessible by foot. One long summer’s day in Trondheim is ample time to get a perspective of the city, quite literally in the case of these tips from some of the city’s most outward looking residents.



IMAGE Wil Lee-Wright

City Walk Kristine Rise Oi mat Project Manager

In summer, everyone should make a day for a stroll around the city without a specific plan. For a day like this, I suggest meeting up at Ravnkloa for ice cream or fish cakes, or to have the Fløttmann row you over to Troll and Kafé Skuret. Maybe walk along Brattøra to E.C. Dahls Pub and Brewery, continuing on to Ladekaia, Sponhuset or Land og Strand (remember to book a table there). Walk or stop when you want; mix in some boules, volleyball or taking a swim whether it’s a cloudy or sunny to have a great, food-filled, day!

IMAGE Wil Lee-Wright


St. Olavspranget walking routes Henrik Lerdahl Media Assistant at Trondhjems Turistforening

Length: 6.2 km Duration: circa 2 hours Difficulty: Easy

From the inmost parking lot in Tømmerdalen (timber valley) we follow the gravel road towards the farm Tømmerdal Nordre. On the way to the cliffs there is a great opportunity to admire Holstdammen lake. IMAGE Trondhjems Turistforeningen

62. Nidaros Cathedral Øystein Digr Craftsman and computer nerd at Nidaros Cathedral restoration workshop If you haven't already, take a tour to the tower of Nidaros Cathedral, available only during the summer. There are a lot of steps up to the top, but it’s well worth it for the view of the river Nidelva and quayside buildings. Inside the cathedral you will also find one of Europe’s greatest, newly restored organs; the fine lines of the instrument remind me of Northern Lights. I also recommend having a walk around the exterior of the cathedral and looking for the grotesques sculptures chiseled into the walls: everyone will find a favorite. 32


IMAGE Trondhjems Turistforeningen

IMAGE Trondhjems Turistforeningen


Length: 10 km Duration: circa 4 hours Difficulty: Easy

Reach New Heights Susann Andreassen Project Manager for Midtbyen

Not too different from hike #1 but includes a segment to Herbernheia, where you have the option to go swimming, or enjoy the view of Herberndammen.   Length: 17.5 km Duration: circa 4 hours, 40 minutes Difficulty:  Medium / Demanding

This summer I aim to check-in at as many mountain peaks as possible. 'Opp24' is a concept aimed at visiting the highest peaks in each municipality of Sør-Trøndelag. For those of us staying in Trondheim area, the answer is Topp7; an event organized annually attracting many participants in June. How about taking on this challenge yourself this summer? There are 7 peaks in the area, with opportunities to take the hikes as a day trip, or bring a tent and make more of an adventure out of it.


Full Eglish description: IMAGE Trondhjems Turistforeningen

Pilgrim Route Chin-Yu Lee Climate adviser at Trondheim Municipality

IMAGE Chin-Yu Lee

For me, the Norwegian summer is the best time for walking and jogging – it’s not too hot and not too cold. Trondheim is the final destination of the St. Olav Ways, one of the most important pilgrim routes in Northern Europe. Pilgrims and other travellers have used these historic trails since 1032 33

CE. Experience the history and take the tram up to Lian, then hike the last section of the trail all the way down to Nidaros Cathedral and quench your thirst with the holy water of St. Olav's Well at Marinen. For more info go: THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE



SUMMER DRINKS Where and what to drink. This section speaks for itself (with a slight slur).

67. Thyme time Martine Kråkø Romstad Communications, Heat Experience

66. Eco friendly beverages Oksana Zinczuk Project Manager at Technoport


Eco beverages, both alcoholic and non-, are trending. Flavours you never thought could be put into liquid form are now available, mean and green. Trondheim is quickly picking up said trend, boasting a great variety of cafes, restaurants, stores and food trucks

that carry eco drinks of great variety. Are you a fan of cold drinks in the hot sun? Imagine knocking back an ice cold ginger and lemon soda, while keeping your conscience clear! Make this your personal challenge this summer – how many different flavours can you find? 34

This super fresh elderberry lemon thyme mocktail is a perfect sidekick for these white summer Sundays when you feel like staying away from alcohol. Mix elderberry syrup with water to taste – I prefer it quite strong. Slip in some ice cubes and thick slice of lemon. Garnish with twigs of thyme (until you can really taste it – don’t be shy!) and serve in a thick, fancy glass in the sun – hammock is optional, but recommended. Enjoy!

THE LIST IMAGE Simens isbar

68. Strawberry milkshake Simen Wågen CEO at Simens isbar

69. Wine bar Marie Jacobsen Lauvås CEO at Sounds Good I love to go out for a glass of wine during summer, and I can’t wait to visit Trondheim’s first wine bar,

It’s finally summer and sun has came out. How about a milkshake with strawberries to keep cool? To surprise someone you love, buy a basket of strawberries at Torvet, fullcream milk and vanilla ice cream (never try to save money on ice cream). Get your hands on a smoothie machine or a blender and indulge in the taste of summer.


Tasting. With more than 200 wines Tasting will be a great alternative to the tenfold of microbreweries that already exist in the city. I have for a long time longed for a wine bar in Trondheim because the microbreweries don’t offer variety for the wine drinkers, only the standard 'white' or 'red'. Now finally we can invite our 'beer' friends to the other side!

Ginger Spice Jeremy Davies-Barbala Co-Owner & Creative Director at Æ Studio


My friend Kristina Lunnan Thorvik, Bar Manager at Røros Hotell, came up with the ultimate invigorating summer cocktail last year. She named it Ginger Spice, of course after Geri Halliwell of the Spice Girls. It is a mix of 2 cl Lysholm nr 52, 2 cl Cartron Ginger Liqueur, 2 cl lemon juice and 2 cl syrup. Shake and serve in cold cocktail glass.  THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE



OUT OF TOWN It is quite easy to while away your summer, sipping a cold drink in a fjord-side bar, looking wistfully over at the ‘Fosen Alps’. But to do so would be to forgo some incredible experiences. There are a huge variety of destinations on Trondheim’s doorstep which warrant a day trip. Here are some local tips to get your bum off that barstool.

73. Munkestigen Mari Hatlo UX designer at Zedge


For an unusual hiking experience close to the city, Munkestigen is worth a visit. This is the closest place to Trondheim you can try out a 'ferrata', which is a climbing path that will take you up the mountain Munken. The climb can be done by anyone, you don't need any climbing experience and it will give you a really nice view of the fjord and the city of Trondheim. The path is just an hour away from the city and you get a nice trip with the ferry across the fjord on your way there.

Frosta Ina Morken Midtun Marketing and Coordinator at Rockheim

I love taking a day trip (or a whole weekend) to the peninsula of Frosta and island of Tautra! Located just one hour north of Trondheim, this is a great place to just relax and pick up some fresh vegetables from one of the many farms in Frosta. If you want to spend the night, rent a cabin at Frosta Fjordbuer, and make sure you make your way to the small island of Tautra nearby to try the local brew and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

For Information about renting equipment go to

IMAGE Marius Rua Mausundvær


Hitra and Frøya are known for being two of Norway’s best fishing locations. Fishing enthusiasts from all over Europe come here to fish from the shore and also in deeper water. Ask a local for tips on good fishing grounds, maybe you end up catching dinner?

Fishing in Hitra Karin Fuglem Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Trøndelag Reiseliv THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE



Mari Hatlo

IMAGE Revenque


74. The viking side of Oppdal Silje Kristin Granum Project Manager for Nasjonalparken Næringshage

Did you know that you can visit one of Northern Europe’s largest Viking burial sites in Oppdal? Hop on a train and experience ancient history a mere one hour and 40 minutes outside Trondheim. The site consists of nearly 900 graves dating back to the early Nordic Iron Age; findings indicate that people have been buried there since year 400 AD. You can successfully combine your day of time travel with a hike in the surrounding mountains and a French croissant at the local artisan bakery Sprø. For more information, go to

IMAGE Jonathan Bigler


Storfossen lies deep in the forest over Hommelvik. The waterfall is in a nature reserve and is just a short walk from Selbuveien. To get there you drive, from Hommelvik, about 5km in the direction of Selbu. On the left you´ll find

Storfossen Jonathan Bigler Chief Marketing Officer at Kommunion


a parking lot with a path that goes straight into the woods. There you can experience a fresh bath in the middle of nature. If you have a bike, you can cycle about a kilometre to and from Hommelvik on a nice gravel road through the middle of the forest. THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE


Old food traditions of Norway, prepared in a rebellious way.

THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE 38 Fosenkaia 4A / Phone: +47 73 48 79 90 / / WWW.GEPDESIGN.NO



BIKE ADVENTURES As mentioned in the top ‘Things to do at Midnight’ section, the long summer days in Trondheim open up the possibility for more cycling than you or your body could ever imagine. Just remember, before long these wonderful trails will be snowed over and you will be dreaming of this season for another six months. Time to saddle up…

78. When the sun warms the air and you long for a cool breeze what better place to seek out than the seaside?

In Trondheim we are blessed with 15km of bike lane, right next to the fjord; all the way from Ilsvika, taking you along Strandpromenaden and Ladestien, to Grilstadfjæra. Turn biped to bicycle and ride easy while taking in the view. That breeze is waiting for you!



Bymarka never gets boring Andrew Natt Creative Director & Co-founder at The List

A Ride in the Woods Frode Halvorsen Project Manager at Engage

Easy Breezy Matias Bretteville-Jensen Head of Sales at The List

76. Swedish downhill Michał Więcyk Founder at Trondheim Sykkelservice

I'm not gonna surprise anyone with my summer holiday plan... I can't wait to bike as much as I can in the never-ending daylight.

77. City bike Mats Mathisen General Manager at DIGS A great way to get around Trondheim is by bike. If you don’t have one yourself, you

IMAGE Katarzyna Gąsiorek

IMAGE Michał Więcyk

Bymarka, Estenstandmarka, and Oppdal remain obvious choices, but this time I would like to recommend you Åre and its universal tourist offerings. Famous for endless ski slopes in the wintertime, it is a proper bike paradise in summer. Åre Bike Park offers numerous trails, differentiated not only in terms of difficulty level but also the amount of fun and excitement they provide. Don't have a downhill bike? Not a problem - you can rent one, together with helmet, and protections at the location.

Bymarka is rich with mountain bike tracks ('sti') of varying degrees of difficulty. Mtbmap. no is your friend here, but I recommend taking the tram to Lian where you can start on Baklistien to Bakidammen, then to Lavollen for a coffee. Smålettan takes you around Geitfjellet where you have many tracks named after berries (bringebær/blåbær) to play with.

can easily pick up a city bike from one of the many city bike racks spread all over town. You can keep the bike for up to 3 hours; pick up needs to be done between 06:00 - 00:00, but you can return it whenever you want. To use the city bikes, you would need a city bike card. It has a yearly fee of NOK 130, and can be ordered online. 39

One of the best things about living in Trondheim, for me, is the close proximity to Bymarka and the endless possibilities for all-year outdoor activities there. It's hard for me to pick one favorite trail in Bymarka because there are many great trails for different rides: steep and technical trails for that scary stuff, and flow trails full of loam for the warm and sunny nights. But I would recommend the Old Trail because it has all the different parts; technical climbs where you have to think about pedal placement, flowy downhill sections and that sweet loam. Bring your bike and wonder why people dream of Whistler and Colorado when they have Bymarka. THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE



BEST VIEWS There are ample opportunities for outdoor activities in Trøndelag, that much is clear. But for those of you who want to go the extra mile for the perfect picture, check out these ideas from five of our most visionary travellers.

81. A Run with a View Sarah Rose Jones Owner & Instructor at Pilates Trondheim

This run is so scenic it tempts both fitness-buffs and leisurely Sunday joggers in equal measure. Begin your route from Bakke Bro and head for Bakklandet with its old-worldy charm (watch out for the cobbled street and bundles of tourists!) and continue along Nidelven taking in the majestic cathedral. Hang a right at the pedestrian bridge by Ila church, keeping your eye out for otters and continue over Skansen to the marina and swing bridge. Run along the ocean walkway, soak up the fresh sea air and enjoy the distraction of Munkholmen and wonderful art along the promenade. When you approach Brattøra you will take the bridge over the train tracks, turn left and follow the canal to cross the architecturally pleasing Blomsterbroen over to the 'Sunny Side'. Once at Solsiden turn right at the bridge by the crane and you are on the home stretch for a coffee at Jacobsen and Svart and hey presto – cardio completed! Total length – flat & easy 5.5km IMAGE Sally Glogowski




84. Along Hansbakkfjæra Megan Eymann Smalø Founder of Pinnsvin Crossing My favorite walk is along a scenic stretch of the Pilgrim's Way that follows the fjord from Hansbakken to the Grillstad Marina. From Ranheimsvegen 230, head towards the coast, cross the little footbridge over the train tracks and take in the amazing view of the fjord. Follow the path towards Trondheim, passing beaches, boathouses, backyard gardens, a fingerling forest, and footbridges over creeks and marshland. You will see shore birds galore, and if you are lucky, perhaps a cormorant drying his feathers on the old piers, or my favourites – the oystercatchers! Plenty of places to picnic along the way, and great for bikes as well.



Hike in Bjørktjønna Karianne Kaas Founder of Karianne Kaas Photography

Solemsvåttan Jan Ove Iversen Creative Director at Jan Ove Making stuff

My favorite spots for views are quite places like Bjørktjønna. You can get there easily from Rønningen, but if you love walking off the tracks, you can park your car at Hestsjøen and walk for an hour or two in beautiful surroundings. Bjørktjønna is also a beautiful place to set up camp.

IMAGE Karianne Kaas

85. Burmaklippen Pål Nødseth founder of

Take a buss, get in the car, or take the bike to Jonsvatnet, Repper or Væretrøa and find your way out to the highest peak in the area, Solemvåttan. It’s a nice little hike that provides a great view of the city, the fjord, and also Jonsvatnet and the areas around. Since it’s not more than 423 meters above the sea

IMAGE Erlend Karlsen

level there is quite a lot of big trees at the top, but don’t worry, there is a nice view tower up there that will let you see what lays beyond the wall of trees. 41

A while ago I found out that we have this really nice cliff here in Trondheim, called Burmaklippen. It’s been a closely guarded secret as far as I’ve understood, but the last couple of years it’s become quite a popular destination if you’re heading to Estenstadmarka. So if you’re planning on eating waffles in Estenstadhytta this summer, take a small detour and see it for yourself! THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE



OPPORTUNITIES TO DRESS UP (OR DOWN) Summer is also a wonderful time to try on a new wardrobe, and there are plenty of occasions for you to dress to impress. The warmer, lighter weather also means you can try a different style, or, perhaps you can dispose of the clothes altogether!

86. No clothes, no problem Sara Husby Copywrighter at Headspin

When I dream about going for a swim, it's not the sunny beaches of Spain or the gorgeous Greek seaside that comes to mind. In fact it's going for a nightly skinny-dip at Theisendammen ( just behind Byåsen Butikksenter) or an impulsive swim at Sjøbadet. There are lots of great places to splash around in Trondheim, and last summer a friend and I set off on a 'tour de swim'. Each day for a whole week, we went swimming at different spots, regardless of the weather (and the amount of beers the night before). Highly recommended! I'm never happier than when I am in the (preferably salt) water, and for as long as I can remember I have never regretted a swim!

IMAGE Sara Husby



IMAGE Jarle Hagen

Dress up like a Trønder Ellen Loxley CEO at Lykkelig som liten

IMAGE Marita Hagen



Sword in hand, will Torucon Andrew Douglas PhD student at the Department of Engineering at NTNU

Back in the past June-Marita Hagen Chieftain at Trondheim Vikinglag

Costumes are for the young and young at heart. I make my own and that is something I'm proud of. It takes a lot of time, dedication and learning new skills. Even if you don't make your own who cares? It's about the fun and the awesome community around it. Torucon is my favourite summer thing because I get to go hang out with the rest of my “tribe” and meet the special guests, bringing home some art, comics and get in a sword battle or two. (They aren't sharp, don't worry).

How about putting on clothes different from everything you are used to? When we put on historical clothing, we try to relive the past. It gives you a chance to put down your phone, and leave all social media alone for a while. Just be with people, live in the present. Enjoy the smell of a bonfire, the grass under your bare feet, and lose sense of time.

IMAGE Wil Lee-Wright

A bunad, the traditional Norwegian costume, is more than just a fancy gown. You pick the pattern and colour yourself, and it represents your personal heritage and tradition. Wearing my trønder bunad makes me feel very special. It is a costume to be used when you meet up with people you care a lot about and I’m really looking forward to putting it on during big family gatherings this summer. This time of year brings multiple occasions like weddings and confirmations to show off with this beautiful national costume.

90. Festival fashion Inga Skogvold Rygg Freelance journalist at Frilansforetak Inga Rygg


Comfort first is what I dress by. If you share my love of free-flowing fabric and wind around your legs, get your deodorant out. Put some between your thighs and you won’t have to worry about chafing if you’re using your dress or skirt while walking around all day. No need for warm or uncomfortable bike shorts!



SOUR THINGS There is a lot of love going around at this time of year, a lot of sweet, sticky, gooey love. Time to reset the balance with a good dose of sour; something tangy and bitter, to wipe that smile off your face. Opposites attract, don't you know.



Sour leaves Ida Bondø Lee-Wright Consultant at Headspin Advertising

A Glass of Sunshine Siri Solheim-Kristiansen Coordinator for Red Cross

Did you know that there are lots of edible plants growing free in the region? One of the most easy to recognize is Engsyre, or Common Sorrel. Sorrel is a sour plant, and Norwegian children love eating the leaves. In the old times it was used as a medicine and is thought to be both diuretic and antiseptic. This summer my three-year-old actually introduced me to another variant, the Wood Sorrel (Gjøksyre). Use both variants as garnish on a salad or in soups to add flavor, the white flowers look really pretty on a salad too. Be aware though, both plants contains a lot of Oxalic Acid which can lead to poisoning if eaten in abundance. Wash or poach the plants to remove the oxalic acid if you plan on using large amounts. Happy foraging!

You know the feeling of complete bliss after a sunny day? Well, in Trondheim you will never be guaranteed sunshine, but you can have the Sellanraa lemonade which is basically the same thing. It has the perfect ratio of sweet and sassy; it is refreshingly cold and served with a mint leaf completing that summer vibe.

94. Craft beer Daniel Ihlen Ekelund Product developer AT AssiStep

92. Sour queen of summer Aleksandra Lang PhD student at the Department of Geoscience and Petroleum, NTNU

With craft beer rising in popularity, the niche of sour beers has become more known and available as well. Sour beers can range widely in character, but share being intentionally exposed to wild bacteria and yeasts during the brewing process. This produces an acidic flavour and other unique flavour compounds. The brewpub Habitat probably has the most intriguing selection in Trondheim, but whether there or somewhere else, I would ask for a Berliner Weisse.

Rhubarb is extremely sour and almost inedible when raw, but nice and sweet when cooked or baked. Its stalks look quite unobtrusive so it’s easy to overlook them on a supermarket shelf. The way it looks, however, is deceiving and the taste is worth having a second look at it. Summertime is the season when we all can indulge in deliciously sour rhubarb. Rhubarb cake or compote are quite good choices, but my favourite is a rhubarb and strawberry crumble pie. Try it out!

IMAGE Sebastian Bjerkvik


95. A Sour Challenge Line Rønning Vice President of Incoming Exchange Program, Finance and Talent Management, AIESEC Trondheim My friend and I used to do a sour challenge, as we called it. The rules are simple: buy a portion of a sour candy, preferably strawberry flavour. We used to put the candies in our mouth trying to keep it as long as possible without a single grimace. A first one to pull a face lost the game. The unfortunate soul who lost first then had to put the rest of the candies in their mouth, and was not allowed to open it before it was all gone. Are you up for the challenge this summer? THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE



TRY OUT TRONDHEIM’S NEW EATERIES It’s official: Trondheim tastes nice. We all have our favourite dining spots and watering holes. Here are five new pretenders to the throne to get our tastebuds salivating, as recommended by you!



Falafel Bar Astri Barbala Writer and Co-Owner of Æ Studio

Brøøl Malin Christine Karlsen Advisor at Headspin

As a vegetarian who used to be vegan, falafels have been a part of my diet for many years. Unfortunately, I have met more dry and soggy falafels than crispy and herby ones. At Falafel Bar in Leütenhaven, they are getting it just right however, with perfect texture and spiciness. Ideal for veggies and carnivores alike, falafel wraps are the ultimate on-thego healthy comfort food for any Trønder weather!

What do you associate beer with? Sun, friends, parties, snacks? I’m pretty sure you don’t think of bread, but that is exactly what the people behind BRØØL (Brød (Bread) + Øl (Beer)  = BRØØL) do. The combination of a brewery at night and a bakery during the day results in excellent beer, and a delicious sourdough bread served with what we call pålegg, meaning things to put on bread. Pålegg consists of a variety of spreads, sliced meats, vegetables, etc… and this restaurant concept, as far as I know, is unique for Trondheim. I highly recommend the veal or the reindeer. BRØØL is the perfect addition to Bakklandet, and an excellent choice for a beer with friends or a satisfying lunch.

98. Taqueros Nikol Herec Photographer at Nikol Herec Photography

IMAGE Wil Lee-Wright



I'm really looking forward to the opening of Taqueros this summer; finally someone with a different idea than opening another sushi or burger place. The location in Buran is great as well. I believe the area will soon turn into Trondheim's Grünerløkka. I'm certainly excited to dip nachos in guacamole and sip Margaritas there.


IMAGE Juliana Martinsen

99. Døgnvill Juliana Martinsen Miss Norway 2017 finalist

IMAGE Morten Warholm Haugen

IMAGE Nikol Herec


Døgnvill in Trondheim has a warm, American vibe to the restaurant and is a perfect place to chill out with friends on a warm summer night. The central location makes the place easy to access; as it is right on top of Munkegata. I love that, in addition to traditional burgers, they have quite a big offer of both vegetarian and vegan options. Top off the experience with a delicious Oreo milkshake and you’re guaranteed to be in a good mood for the rest of your night.

Bula Neobistro Morten Warholm Haugen Photographer, food enthusiast, and blogger at Cooked at Sixtythree


If European 'it' places are what you are after this summer, then look no further than Prinsens gate. Discreetly nestled in an entryway between Dronningens gate and Holsveita, you will find the most recent addition to Trondheim’s culinary scene – Bula Neobistro. Bula is the result of head chef Renee Fagerhøi’s uncompromising vision, and with a highly skilled and cheerful team to reflect what the place is all about. This is feelgood dining at its very best. THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE


TOBIAS KVENDSETH JOHNSEN Smokescreen, 2017 photography Courtesy of the artist

THEARTLIST Laura-Ann Morrison The List Art Editor




A couple of weeks ago, the Norwegian school of photography held their yearly exhibition for their graduates. Every year this exhibition is celebrated, photography covering the school's halls with determination to illuminate the world around them. Roaming around through a thick cloud of people we found Tobias Kvendseth Johnsen, giving us a leap into his artistic expression, ties with politics, emotions and passion. He discusses his latest

project 'Smokescreen' (picture left) in the following pages alongside with graduate Eline Viddal Rød, giving us an insight of her work and visions for the future. This summer a new vision emerged with the Norwegian school of photography and their new photogallery Modul35. The photogallery is built as a movable modul which can benefit from the empty spaces in the city, built by art project Art Hotel Norway and designed by sculptor Erlend Leirdal. The gallery is now showcasing an exhibition by Lars Botten, who for the first time presents his 15 year long-term project Malung, which is available until 30th of July. With this and many other exciting exhibitions emerging this summer, have a look at our listings to offer you a broad exploration of arts in the city. Wishing you a lovely summer.


SISSEL M. BERGH Rotvelt, 2017 photography Aage A. Mikalsen


IVER JAKS Noe beveger seg sakte i en annen retning, 2017. photography Aage A. Mikalsen

TRANSFORMATION THE POSSIBILITY OF CHANGE Katrine Elise Pedersen reporting from Kunsthall Trondheim

Kunsthall Trondheim’s summer exhibition, Noe beveger seg sakte i en annen retning [something is slowly moving in a different direction], presents one of the most influential and well known Sami artists, Iver Jåks (1932 – 2007), in the company of five young Sami artists: Sissel M. Bergh, Carola Grahn, Ragna Misvær Grønstad, Niilas Helander and Silje Figenschou Thoresen.

I OF SOMETHING NEW EMERGING Kunsthall Trondheim Kongens gate 2, 7011 Trondheim (Entrance Søndre gate) b /kunsthalltrondheim x @kunsthalltrondheim


ver Jåks thought of his works as in constant process – they are meant to ultimately fall apart, disintegrate and be gone – subject to the same processes, which forms the foundations for the rest of our lives. The work of the hand is always at the core, the connection to context, nature and the human always central. Iver Jåks’ oeuvre was one of transformation. Thus his works always point to the possibility of change, of something new emerging. It’s the past and the now that carries this openness within them. The title of the exhibition refers both to Iver Jåks view on art – which is also present in the younger artists’ practices – and to an increasing interest and respect for the Sami cultures. The different artist practices in the exhibition focus on processes of rewriting of history, language and an extended notion of the Sami identity. 2017 marks the centennial for the first Sami gathering, which took place in Trondheim – Tråante. Kunsthall Trondheim would like to thank The Sami Parliament of Norway, the Inger and Iver Jåks Foundation,  KORO /Public Art Norway, University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway (UiT), Northern Norway Art Museum and Troms County. a THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE


TOBIAS KVENDSETH JOHNSEN Smokescreen, 2017 photography Courtesy of the artist

TOBIAS KVENDSETH JOHNSEN BIIAS interview by Laura-Ann Morrison

THE ART LIST Meets photographer Tobias Kvendseth Johnsen for a chat about his work and future


How are you feeling? I’m absolutely exhausted but hopeful that will pass soon. What can we find in your studio? Vintage postcards, plaster limbs, rolls of paper and fabric, dried flowers from Australia, unread books, empty coffee cups, bags of plaster and concrete, pens and empty notebooks. Tell me about your latest project? My latest work 'Smokescreen' is a photography project exploring censorship of violence, juxtaposed with symbolism from Christianity and dictatorships. It consists of 15 monochrome images with themes varying from death, birth, power trips, and sex. It is probably the toughest project (mentally) that I’ve done so far because of the heavy themes that I researched, and also because the images were difficult to create. Where is the light? The light lies in being interested. How has Trondheim and its environment been an impact on your process as an artist? 48

I am very inspired by the architecture and the city’s history; from WW2 until now the entire city has changed entirely with a few exceptions. Trondheim seems to change everyday, and there’s something about Trondheim’s impermanence that inspires me. The light here is also very special; I have lived here pretty much my entire life and still I see completely new light conditions every day. As far as music goes, I always get inspired while taking bus number 11 out from the city and through the fjord. Notes to self? Work more, sleep more, write more, walk more, sing more. Upcoming exhibitions/Future goals? No upcoming exhibitions unfortunately, but hopeful that the art milieu changes a little so it becomes easier for us figurative artists to exhibit works among the overwhelming abstract art scene. However, future goals include: release a new EP, finish some big sculptures, get paid, and then get a Scottish deerhound. a


ELINE VIDDAL ROD Cum Religio, 2017 photography Courtesy of the artist


ELINE VIDDAL ROD interview by Laura-Ann Morrison

THE ART LIST chats with photographer Eline Viddal Rod about her art and religous upbringing How are you feeling? – I'm feeling great. It's an exciting time. What can we find in your studio? I'm in the middle of moving and leaving my workplace behind - which was The Norwegian School of Photography. So right now; just a messy bedroom full of weird props and clothes I’ve hoarded over the last few years. Tell me about your latest project? My latest project 'Cum Religio' was an exhibition consisting of eight images. I was raised a catholic and that’s something that had a huge impact on my life and identity as a child. But when I became a teenager religion and all its symbolism changed from something beautiful and comforting, to something unpleasant,

extreme and offensive. This project has been a way for me to confront my own relationship with religion and take back ownership of the symbolism that I grew up with. Where is the light? I love the look of an amateur's flash, so preferably right over my lens, and right in my model's face. I like to think it shows my presence in the photographs and creates a kind of intimacy with the subject. Which Norwegian artist inspires you? To be honest, no one really comes to mind. Since I was a kid I've had a strong fascination with Asia, and that's something that has followed me into the world of photography. My 49

biggest inspiration so far has been Japanese artists and photographer Araki. Right now it's tough, I'm really trying to use my own European culture for inspiration. I don't want to copy anyone; I want to find my own voice as an artist. For my latest project I've looked at a lot of renaissance paintings and Christian imagery. I feel as a photographer you have to be careful about using photography as your main source of inspiration. It's hard to make something new out of something that already exists. I think it's healthy to look around different mediums for ideas. How has Trondheim and it's environment been an impact on your process as an artist? I feel Trondheim has had a huge impact on my work in terms of access. People here are so much more willing to help you. If you need a hotel for your location shoot, someone is willing to lend you a room. If you need a lamb or an octopus, it's only one ... or five phone calls away. There's a different kind of excitement from people here that creates a safe haven for students with empty pockets. All you need to do is ask. There is also such a great community for photography and art here, I going to miss being surrounded by so many like-minded and opinionated people. Notes to self? Just 'cause you're done with school doesn't mean you're done studying. Create your own assignments, set your own deadlines. Don't stop creating. Upcoming exhibitions/Future goals? – Right now I'm working on finishing my two books 'Vespertine' and 'Fish and Chicks' and getting them ready for the printers. I also really want to make a documentary photo book of my mother's old photographs from her world travels. She is just home now with health issues and a lot of time on her hands. I hope that doing a project together can help her find back the passion she had as a young person, and give her a retrospect of her life she can hold in her hands. Right now I'm also looking for an assistant job in Oslo, I really want get a foot in the door of the art community there and see how an artist really works. And then who knows? Maybe I'll go abroad or go back to studying ... or both. But for the long run my main goal is that people will see one of my images and think, "that looks like an Eline". a THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE




Although a beautiful, entertaining, magical, addictive, and inspiring destination in its own right, Trondheim is more than just a city - it is also a region. Trondheimsregionen is the fourth biggest urban area in Norway and lies at the centre of Trøndelag. It is the heart of the middle-Norway, Midt-Norge,

and provides a wide array adventures and experiences. If you haven't already fallen head over heals for Trondheimsregionen, then take a look outside the city and explore the secrets of the surrounding municipalities. The beauty of the region is that you not only have everything in one place, but also it is easily

accessible. Let us take you on a journey into the mountains, a trip across the fjord, walks in the woods, and strolls along seaside. In this edition of The List Looks Outside, we turn our eyes to Stjørdal and finds a municipality with more to offer than you might have expected.

Stjørdal Words by Wil Lee-Wright

S IMAGE CLOCK-WISE FROM TOP 1. Bird's-eye view of Stjørdal

2. Singers at opening of Kimenpark 3. 'Carmen'; Trøndelag Opera in full swing 4. Kjell Inge Brovoll performing at Blues in Hell festival 2015 5. Kimen and the performance area THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE

Skjørdal municipality is best known for Værnes International airport, connecting around five million passengers to over 50 destinations every year. But now the region is earning the right to be considered a destination in itself. To travel to Stjørdal is to be rewarded with a range of activities and experiences, from Stone Age petroglyphs (rock carvings) to state-of-the-art cultural institutions, with an event calendar which will surprise and delight. And the transport links aren’t too shabby either. Petrol heads and pedal enthusiasts flock to the area each year for World Rally Cross and the National Cycling Championships. And still to come this year are a range of international and local musicians, including concerts at ByFest Stjørdal and the long-standing Blues in Hell festival. First established in 1992 the Blues in Hell festival took a departure from its blues roots in the 2000s when it tried to reinvent itself as a more generic music festival. In 2007 it went bankrupt, inspiring one of its original founders, Kjell Inge Brovoll to come back into the fold. “The festival started in 1992 but in 2007 it lost its way, booked Snoop Dog on a Sunday night and lost a lot of money. This is the 10th year as the renamed ‘Blues in Hell Festival’ and I believe that it is the total experience which is important,” explained Kjell Inge, who makes up one half of local blues band, Jolly Jumper & Big Moe.“People come from all over the world. 50

IMAGE Erling Skjervold

IMAGE Erling Skjervold

IMAGE Wil Lee-Wright


IMAGE Erling Skjervold

Events at Stjørdal

(See listings section for more information)

Norwegian National Rifle Championships 28 July - 4 August

ByFest Stjørdal 11-20 August Stjørdal centre


17 August 20.00 Kimenparken

Bernhoft/Violet Road 19 August 19.00 Kimenparken


25-27 August Frigården

Blues in Hell Festival

3 September 19.00 Hell Train Station & Kimen kulturhus


Blues lovers will always travel.” At the other end of Stjørdal’s musical metronome you will find a long tradition with opera. Opera Trøndelag is the country's largest district opera. In winter they sold out six performances of Carmen in the new Kimen Kulturhus. “Next opportunity to see opera is August 17th,” tells Lene Fjellstad, Marketing Director at Kimen. “There will be an opera galla with many famous soloists in Kimenpark in the centre of the city.” “The summer for me is concert and festival time. For example, I always take a holiday week for Olavsfestdagene and the food festival in Trondheim. This summer, however, the highlight for me will be closer to home, with the double concert in Kimenpark on August 19 with Jarle Bernhoft and Violet Road. Amazing artists in spectacular surroundings and with the best Stjørdal has to offer in food and drink. It's gonna be magic!” Stjørdal has long been an attractive option for businesses seeking to establish near a major transport hub. But compared with other areas in Nord Trøndelag, Skjørdal does not have as many growth industries (if you look at economic paper Dagens Næringsliv ‘Gaselle’ survey for instance, 2016) and so the local business community is doing all it can to attract new business. “The Stjørdal municipality is attractive for the establishment of business because we are located so centrally in the country,” explains

Torstein Mørseth, Leader of Stjørdal’s Chamber of Commerce. “We are central in Trøndelag, with very good communication and a good framework of conditions to support establishing business; space, nurseries, schools, cultural services and living areas.” Mørseth points out that Statoil and the airport still dominate the local economy but there has been extensive investment in infrastructure and real estate. Proneo Næringspark which gives businesses the chance to establish their own premises, and Tangen Næringspark which hosts 13 technology companies in a cluster, who utilise the sharing economy, are two hubs. There has also been particular focus on developing Stjørdal’s attractiveness for visitors, but much of this work was done by nature hundreds of thousands of years ago, and by early man thousands of years ago. The municipality includes many places of great historical significance: one of Europe's largest rock carvings, the castle at Steinvikholmen, where Catholicism originated in Norway, the 1000-year-old Værnes Church and Hegra Fortress, which created history during World War II. In Lene Fjellstad’s words; “there are few places that can show as much story per square meter as Stjørdal.” a


IMAGE Opera Trøndelag






PREVIEWS & LISTINGS Previews Manager Kasia Gąsiorek Listings Manager Karlo Soltic


Contributors Bradley P. Kurtz (bpk) Karin Modig (km) Zane Datava (zd) Rachel Segura (rs)

IMAGE Marthe Ammanda Vannebo


12 Aug PLACE

Sverresborg Arena TIME


730 NOK



ge Aleksandersen is the undisputed king of trøndersk rock music. With a career spanning five decades, he is known and loved by locals of all ages; expect a diverse crowd and plenty of singing along when he, regular band Sambandet, and special guests take to the stage. Aleksandersen plays the beautiful outdoor arena Sverresborg, situated within the Sverresborg museum. This time around he brings very special guests TSO (the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra) and Danish singer Hanne Boel along THE SEVENTEENTH ISSUE

delivers every time.” The guests will both come on stage for a few songs and Vanebo says it will be particularly interesting to see what the performance with the symphony orchestra will be like. “There will be a lot of people on stage so it will be very different. We do not know what songs they will perform on yet, but it promises to be quite the experience no matter what.” It is the third summer in a row that Aleksandersen holds a concert at Sverresborg Arena, and it is expected that, yet again, it will be a sell-out. . —km

for the evening. Although you may not know or even understand the lyrics, if you really want to experience Trøndersk music, this is the one gig to choose. Well-renowned musicians, unusual venue, and a first class symphony orchestra. “The language does not matter, his stage presence and the way he communicates with the audience will ensure that this will be a great concert experience for everyone,” says Stein Vanebo from organisers Trondheim Concerts. “I have worked with Aleksandersen for several years, and musically he 52

he summer school invites you to experience how it was to be a child in Norway one hundred years ago. To be more exact, they promise to take kids to the year 1906. What did the children do hundreds of years ago when they did not have television and internet? How was school a hundred years ago? During the school time at Sverresborg, kids will even get a 'new' old-fashioned name and clothes to fully immerse in the experience and really understand how it was to be a kid one hundred years ago! This year there are two possibilities to choose from: first one invites children to a village. Join and try yourself as a kid at the Nesset farm. Your duties will include taking care of the farm animals and garden. The other one is right here, in town. Try yourself as a craftsman in the city. You will make wreaths, sew scent bags, and make wooden butter knives that can be sold in the market square later! Although there are indoor activities in the schoolroom every day, most of the time is spent outdoors in close contact with grass, hay and livestock: goats, rabbits, pigs, cows and hens. Historic holiday school gives children knowledge of traditions and history from the late 1800s and early 20th century through experiences, playing and learning. The children choose in advance whether they want to make crafts in the city or work with the animals on the farm. Participants meet up at the Nesset farm to have a meal together. . —zd


19 June - 14 Aug PRICE

2500 NOK (per-child per-week) AGE LIMIT

8-13 years



3 - 5 Aug PLACE

Troget TIME





he region of Trøndelag has a rich food tradition, and you can experience what the region has to offer at the annual food festival Trøndersk Matfestival. One of Norway’s leading festivals of local produce and food, the festival celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2015. Alongside

food festival as well as 24 breweries at Bryggerifestivalen, so there will be a lot on offer.” The festival sees exhibitors showcasing local produce, products and food specialities of Trøndelag. Expect both new and exciting products as well as traditional regional food. “It really is a great

the food festival you can also find Bryggerifestivalen, the brewery festival, featuring craft beers from both near and far. “The aim of the festival is to create awareness of the local food from the Mid-Norway regions,” says Festival Manager Aslaug Rustad. “We have 152 confirmed exhibitors for the

opportunity to sample all the great food and drink coming from this region,” says Rustad. “Among the exhibitors are 12 regional stands from various regions both mountainous and those by the sea, such as Oppdal and Fosen. This year we are also proud to present food traditions from the local indigenous people, the Sami.” There will be a farmers market as well as artisan producers of anything from ice cream, to meats, to honey. Children are also well catered for with a range of activities and stands. “The brewery festival features 24 breweries: local, national, and even a couple of international ones. There will be local and craft beers and you can try food and beer pairing at three on-site restaurants.” The festival has proved to be a hit amongst visitors and it is expected that up to 200,000 visitors will visit over the three days in August. —km See The List's insert for more details




Tmv-kaia 13, Solsiden / +47 920 12 181 / / /Mon, Tue, Thur 11-00, Wedn 11-02, Fri-Sat 11-02, Sun 13-00



24 Aug PLACE


18:00 PRICE

595 NOK




o you spend your nights dreaming of tall blondes? Or maybe something richer and darker occupies your mind. Whatever your fancy, the Ølakademiet (Beer Academy) is here to make those dreams become a reality as they host their international beer tasting courses this summer. The courses are open to anyone (of the legal drinking age): from those with an already refined palate, or those who are looking to learn a little bit more about beer (what does IPA even mean? Right?), or even people who are just plain thirsty. A good sense of humour is a prerequisite and encouraged by the staff at Ølakademiet.




to work together to feature climate in politics. They demand: adherence to the Paris agreement, thousands of new green jobs, reducing Norwegian oil-extraction, and investment in climate solutions. Sponsors of Klimafestivalen also have the climate on their agenda. Last year's primary sponsor, REdu, focuses on waste and recycling in education and industry. These climate objectives by Klimafestivalen and sponsors have never been more important, given current political circumstances. Though the political message of Klimafestivalen is most prominent, there will also be opportunities to learn and refine skills in workshops. Previous workshops for children

rondheim's greenest festival is back! It will take place the last week of August with concerts, workshops, seminars, and political debates. This year's programme is not yet available, but last year's was a great success with over 38 events and 2500 attendees. There will be music and art, and of course lots of opportunities for children to play and learn. This free festival is run and supported by volunteer effort, as well as Klimavalgalliansen, a politically independent body made up of several organizations. The festival was created as a space for these volunteers and organizations, whether educational or religious, environmental or economic,

IMAGE Erik Børseth

During the beer tasting course a number of beers from international breweries will be featured. Participants will use their senses of sight, smell, and taste, to get to know each unique characteristic of the beers presented to them. A healthy dose of storytelling and history from the beer world will also be on tap. 24 August at Bror Bar & Restaurant is the embarkation point for this tasty trip around the globe. Good beer and good company are truly what is on offer at the international beer tasting offered by Ølakademiet. Don’t let yourself be hopblocked and miss out on this delicious opportunity this summer. —bpk


young Sami woman as she tries to understand and reconcile her upbringing at the South Sami Boarding School during the 1990’s. For generations Sami children have been sent to stay at boarding schools; first as a conscious part of Norway’s anti-corruption policy, and later as a means of rebuilding Sami culture. The Sami children were sent far from home in order to learn the Sami language and culture, often only seeing home during the holidays. Tjidtjie is about the friendships, the love, and the loss of the Sami children. About the environment they live in, and


he collaboration of Rohde & Aas Productions, Nord-Trøndelag theatre, and Åarjelhsaemien Teatere are proud to present Tjidtjie – shown at Olavshallen on the 29 July. Tjidtjie is play that follows a 55


26 Aug - 2 Sept PRICE


included fishing, writing, boatbuilding, and art. Previous workshops for adults included composting, recycled-beer tasting, nutrition and food, alternative energy, mushroom tours, and sustainability. Klimafestivalen is always looking for new volunteers, so get in touch and check out their opportunities at —rs

their language that is close to being lost to history. All this, presented through the eyes of a six-year-old girl who misses her mother – her Tjidtjie. The performance is based on the stories and interviews with southern Sami people who grew up at the South Sami Boarding School. The performance is supported by: Norwegian Culture Council, Sami Parliament, Sør-Trøndelag County Municipality, Nord-Trøndelag County Municipality, Nordland County Council, Trondheim Municipality, Sound and Image Fund,, DansiT, Tråante and Olavsfestdagene. —bpk


29 July PLACE

Olavshallen TIME

16:00 PRICE

250 NOK







EVERY SUNDAY 14TH MAY - 3RD SEPT / 10 AM - 4 PM DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING YOU WANT TO SELL? Sign up: Price: 400,- NOK (3x3 meters, one table included)


he year’s biggest pop show will be making a stop in Trondheim this August when Robbie Williams comes to the Granåsen Arena. Williams’ The Heavy Entertainment Show is promised to be spectacular – with the production specifically designed for the stadium. But the music alone is enough reason to convince anyone to secure their spot in the arena. Robbie Williams has had an impressive career that started in the 1990’s with the band Take That, and moved on to outstanding solo performances, band reunions, and more stand-alone chart breakers. One of the most influential British artists, Robbie Williams has been inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame, received countless awards, and is responsible for some of the fastest selling records in music history. Williams’ music is a classic dose of pop; featuring a number of different instruments from the piano and acoustic guitars, to synths and drum kits. One thing stands clear in every song



Granåsen Arena TIME

16:30 - 23:00 PRICE

940 - 1700 NOK

however; the total power of Robbie Williams’ voice. Granåsen Arena is the chosen venue for this concert, and the iconic piece of Trondheim will add greatly to the show: it will also be able to accommodate what will surely be a sold out show. Robbie Willimas is in the Guinnes Book of World Records for selling more than 1.6 million tickets to his concerts in one day; act quick so you don’t miss out on your chance to see the year’s biggest pop concert. —bpk 56


IMAGE Drew de F Fawkes




57 57


What’s on


Egge Viking Festival



ByFest Stjørdal

Trondheim Playground


Stjørdal Sentrum Free Food, exhibitions, gardens, concerts and hiking trips. Activities for all the family - see for full programme.

Rotvollfjæra 15:00, Free Popular local festival returns. Sign off your summer in style, with concerts, dance, lectures, flea market, 'basse', face painting and more. Free and highly recommended.



Various venues Various start times One of the highlights of cultural calendar in Trondheim. This year's highlights include One night with Stargate, Daniel Lanois and Kurt Nilsen + deLillos, plus several great events for kids, as well as lots of talks and performances on subject of theology. See individual listings for more information or go to olavsfestdagene. no for full programme. 03 AUGUST - 05 AUGUST

Oi! Trøndersk Food and Brewers Festival Trondheim Torg 11:00, Free Ever popular, ever growing, ever delicious food and beer festival in the centre of Trondheim. Check out the special insert in this issue of The List.

Rotvollfestivalen 2017

Various Free Collaboration between various robot-, tech-, innovate-, and creative-brained folk in Trondheim. See forthcoming issue of Tech List for full listings (August).

Egge Museum, Steinkjer 70 NOK It is in this very historic site at Eggetunet that the Viking Festival at Egge takes place every second year, the second weekend of July. This is a colourful festival with experiences and events for the entire family. See for more info. 28 JULY - 05 AUGUST



DIGS Festival


Gjenbruksdagen 2017

Habitat/DIGS 15:00, Free DIGS festival is a short house festival at DIGS where you can get to know the different startup companies in the building and do fun activities with them. We will have product testings, demos, VR relaxation lab, marketing workshops, branding workshops, general viewings and much more. The festival will end with a acoustic office concert at 18:00.

Trondheim Spektrum 10:00, 150 NOK / 350 NOK (family) Modern aquaculture is today a knowledge industry with very advanced technology. The very latest innovations when it comes to technology, processes and services related to farming salmon, marine species, molluscs etc are represented at Aqua Nor, the world’s largest aquaculture technology exhibition.

Trondheim Torg 10:00, Free The re-use and recycle day has become a tradition for Trondheim Renholdsverk, drawing a large audience to the square year after year. The goal is to trade used goods, rather than our over reliance on new items. See


Pstereo Festival

Marinen 16:00, 884 NOK The event of the year, with Alt-J, Röyksopp, Jan One, Rival Sons, Slaves, Slowdive and Sugarhill Gang. Check out full line up at Day passes left.


Studentweek at Fretex Møllenberg

Dokkparken Free Maker Faire is the world's largest inventor festival - a family-friendly event with inventions, creativity and ideas, and a celebration of the do-ityourself movement. It's a place where people show what they've made and share what they've learned. Look out for more information in the next issue of Tech List (August).

Fretex Møllenberg, Rosenborg gate 9B 10:00, Free Recycled and upcycled furniture fest, in cooperation with SiT (Student Welfare Organisation in Trondheim), so you can kit out your new digs without costing the world. See pages 10-11 in this issue of The List for more info.

Trondheim Maker Faire


Drivhusfestivalen 2017 Magerøya 700 NOK An event for friends, friends of friends and friends of friends' friends. Create time and space to germinate, grow and calm down. The festival is run on trust, refreshing. See for more info.


Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’s on



Asmodean & Maldito

07 JULY - 08 JULY

Good Omens 22:00, 100 NOK Afterparty with blues rock to metal.

Lille London 23:00, Free live acoustic, two nights in a row.


07 JULY - 08 JULY

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Soul- funk band from the late 80’s.

Kafé Skuret 21:00, 375 NOK The two concerts, two days. The first concert sold out in one, two, three and so did his extra concert. Goes to show how much he is loved by his audience.

Little Ving


Bergtatt Kafé Skuret 21:00, 249 NOK With roots planted in metal, rock and folk music, Bergtatt delivers a whole hearted show with old folk music instruments mixed with electric guitar and mesmerising vocals. 02 JULY

John Fogerty


Peter Stokstad

Elsa & Emilie

SOLD OUT: Anders Jektvik


Tom Roger Aadland Kafé Skuret 21:00, 275 NOK Elsa & Emilie is out with new, exciting music! At only 20 years old they have already released two albums. They visit Skuret in-between big festivals and in the midst of huge international interest.


SOLD OUT: Raga Rockers Kafé Skuret 21:00, 415 NOK RAGA ROCKERS AT SKURET. Enough said. Sold out. Of course.



Sparebank1-Scenen 20:30, 400 NOK Two years ago they played for the thousands in the Archbishop’s Palace. Now they are back to play in a more intimate setting.


Marit Larsen


Ropstad, with Rem and Kolstø Kafé Skuret 21:00, 325 NOK As he has before, Ropstad brings with him Håvard Rem and Hanne Kolstø. With few concerts this summer, so all the more reason to catch this performance.


The Dogs Kafé Skuret 21:00, 315 NOK Well, so this happened. Another one likely to sell out fast!

Vernissage and Concert Ila Brainnstasjon 19:00, Free



Windy Road Kudos 20:30, Free Rrock, country and blues, and some covers.

Robbie Williams: The Heavy Entertainment Show Granåsen arena 16:30, 940-1700 NOK Influential British pop artists starring at Granåsen Arena, see previews. 01 AUGUST

Inge Bremnes Vår Frue kirke 19:30, 250 NOK Emotional pop music with a young and talented singer/songwriter from the north of Norway. 02 AUGUST

Laleh + Sivert Høyem

Borggården 21:00, 440/490 NOK The pop-queen of Sweden and rockking of Norway. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Unni Wilhelmsen


Kafé Skuret 20:00, 415 NOK In 2016 Unni played five concerts at Skuret and her love for the place (and the audience's love for her) brought her back. Only for one show this year so get your tickets fast.

Listings are subject to change, check for information


Purple Rain – a tribute to Prince + D’Sound



Sparebank1-Scenen 22:00, 275 NOK Bob Dylan’s masterpiece ‘Blonde on Blonde’ performed in Norwegian.



Kafé Skuret 21:00, 315 Skuret invites you to an exclusive club concert with one of the most exciting bands in Norway.

Familienfest with Funky Fmls Kafé Skuret 21:00, 100 NOK Storås Utested hosts Familienfest, bringing Funky Fmls to bring back memories of Familien! It will/might be perfect… Entry free with Storås tattoo!

Kafé Skuret 20:00, 415 NOK With her unique vocals and her songs full of soul Marit Larsen enters the stage at Skuret for the first time. She also brings with her KRISTOFA as support.

Sverresborg 18.00, 750 NOK American musician and singersongwriter, John Fogerty is a rock icon. As the lead singer and guitarist of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fogerty's prolific songwriting helped pen some of the most memorable songs in rock and roll history.


Borggården 21:00, 350 NOK A crazy show with lots of artists performing hits from the whole Princecatalogue. The pop/soul/funk-band D´Sound is behind the music.


Magnus Grønneberg from CC Cowboys Vår Frue kirke 19:00, 350 NOK Famous rocker sings psalms by the legend Egil Hovland, together with guitarist Knut Reiersrud. This concert is an album release party.

What’s on


One night with Stargate + Alan Walker Borggården 21:00, 700 NOK This is where the party is! World superstars Stargate wants you to dance the night away in this spectacular multimedial show. The new pop-sensation Alan Walker is doing a concert on his own as well. 04 AUGUST

Casino Duo Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Casino Duo are two gentlemen at their best age who play pop-music from the late 50’s through the 60’s, 70’s and up until today. They play in both Norwegian and English.



Norwegian Betales

KlubbPstereo: Short Skirts VS Karnival Korpus

Olavs Pub og Spiseri 22:00, 150 NOK Pub cover band 12 AUGUST

Åge Aleksandersen Sverresborg tbc, 730 NOK Åge Aleksandersen is the undisputed king of trøndersk rock music, and Sverresborg Arena is becoming a classic venue. See previews.


Klubb Pstereo : Papa Sierra Good Omens 23:45, 100 Alternative rock, folk, swing and madness in a wrapper that just makes everyone happy! 50 NOK with Pstereo pass.


Paal Flaata


Kurt Nilsen + deLillos

KlubbPstereo: IVAN AVE Sukkerhuset Scene 20:00, 200 NOK Big in the hip-hop underground scene, both at home and abroad. 150 NOK with Pstereo pass. 18 AUGUST


Rosanne Cash Vår Frue kirke 18:00, 450 NOK Since the 80s Cash has delivered great songs, whether its pop, soul, folk or country. When she plays in Vår Frue it’s going to be intimate and lovely concert. 05 AUGUST

Bernhoft + Violet Road

Fru Lundgreen 23:00, 150 NOK Two bands planning to smash it after Pstereo: Short Skirts garage rock from Trondheim with debut album, Karnival Korpus a bit longer in the tooth, with inspiration from Soundgarden, Black Sabbath et al. 100 with Pstereo pass.


Borggården 21:00, 450 NOK The world Idol-winner Kurt Nilsen is finally back in Trondheim with new songs. DeLillos have been one of the greatest rockbands in Norway the last 30 years. This double concert is gonna be a classic!


KlubbPstereo: De Marvells

Kafé Skuret 21:00, 269 NOK Known for his wonderful and haunting voice Paal Flaata enters our stage and what a night it will be.

Kafé Skuret 23:00, 250 NOK Pstereo is coming to town and we want to play! To put De Marvells in a genre is difficult. So let's just give you these words; gloomy, vulnerable, melodic and a tad bit aggressive.


Klubb Pstereo : Skóg Good Omens 23:30, 100 NOK Soulful indie at Pstereo afterparty. 50 NOK with Pstereo pass.


KlubbPstereo: Ieatheartattacks Fru Lundgreen 23:45, 150 NOK Classic punk in the vein of “less is more”. 100 with Pstereo pass.


KlubbPstereo: BLOOD COMMAND Samfundet 23:30, 140/190 NOK immersive, melodious hardcore, based on consistently good riffs and Lions hyperactive vocals


Klubb Pstereo : Pappasaft Good Omens 23:45, 100 NOK Norwegian punk rock. 50 NOK with Pstereo pass.

Daniel Lanois Nidarosdomen 23:00, 350/450 NOK The world-famous music producer is also an award-winning musician. This is going to be an utterly beautiful performance, with the great acoustics of the big church.


Kimenparken, Kimen Kulturhus, Stjørdal 19:00, 495 NOK Double concert in the new Stjørdal city park (outside Kimen culture centre), with vocal phenomenon and multiinstrumentalists Bernhoft, followed by one of Norway's very best live bands; Violet Road! 19 AUGUST

KlubbPstereo: Blomst Kafé Skuret 23:00, 150 NOK Blomst is a garage punk that can be both happy and angry. 19 AUGUST

KlubbPstereo: SIBiiR Fru Lundgreen 23:30, tbc Blackened hardcore. 25 AUGUST

Storm Weather Shanty Choir Kafé Skuret 21:00, 269 NOK Six men. Shanty. Skuret. Enough said. 01 SEPTEMBER


Kafé Skuret 21:00, 269 NOK Trondheim's favourite Tom Waits cover band. 03 SEPTEMBER

Knut Reiersrud band Kimen kulturhus 19:00, tbc One of Norway's best guitarists who will be closing the Blues in Hell festival 2017.

Listings are subject to change, check for information




What’s on




Samfundet 23:30, 140/190 NOK Immersive, melodious hardcore, based on consistently good riffs and hyperactive vocals.

Kafé Skuret 21:00, 315 NOK Skuret invites you to an exclusive club concert with one of the most exciting bands in Norway. 29 JULY

Familienfest with Funky Fmls Kafé Skuret 21:00, 100 NOK Storås Utested hosts Familienfest, bringing Funky Fmls to bring back memories of Familien! It will/might be perfect… Entry free with Storås tattoo! 03 AUGUST

One night with Stargate + Alan Walker Borggården 21:00, 700 NOK



Kafé Skuret 23:00, 250 NOK

Sukkerhuset Scene 20:00, 150 NOK Poprock and elektronica. 100 with Pstereo pass.

KlubbPstereo: De Marvells



KlubbPstereo: Blomst


KlubbPstereo: Short Skirts VS Karnival Korpus Fru Lundgreen 23:00, 150 NOK Two plans planning to smash it after Pstereo, Short Skirts garage rock from Trondheim with debut album, Karnival Korpus a bit longer in the tooth, with inspiration from Soundgarden, Black Sabbath et al. 100 with Pstereo pass.

Pstereo is coming to town and we want to play! To put De Marvells in a genre is difficult. So let's just give you these words; gloomy, vulnerable, melodic and a tad bit aggressive.



Klubb Pstereo : Papa Sierra

KlubbPstereo: Frekk & Freidig w/ Marie Komissar

Good Omens 23:45, 100 NOK Alternative rock, folk, swing and madness in a wrapper that just makes everyone happy! 50 NOK with Pstereo pass.

Diskoteket 23:00, 150 NOK The party continues after Pstereo finishes for the night. 100 NOK with a Pstereo pass 18 AUGUST


KlubbPstereo: Ieatheartattacks

KlubbPstereo: IVAN AVE

Fru Lundgreen 23:45, 150 NOK Classic punk in the vein of “less is more”. 100 with Pstereo pass.

This is where the party is! World superstars Stargate wants you to dance the night away in this spectacular multimedial show. The new pop-sensation Alan Walker is doing a concert on his own as well. 17 AUGUST

Klubb Pstereo : Skóg Good Omens 23:30, 100 NOK Soulful indie. 50 NOK with Pstereo pass.

KlubbPstereo: I AM K

Kafé Skuret 23:00, 150 NOK Blomst is a garage punk that can be both happy and angry. 19 AUGUST

KlubbPstereo: Fadern & Sønnen Diskoteket 23:00, 150 NOK Funky and soulful Pstereo afterparty. 100 NOK with Pstereo pass. 19 AUGUST

KlubbPstereo: SVANI Habitat 23:00, 100 NOK Afterparty to keep you moving. 50 / 100 with/without Pstereo pass. 19 AUGUST


KlubbPstereo: SIBiiR Fru Lundgreen 23:30, tbc Blackened hardcore.

Sukkerhuset Scene 20:00, 200 NOK Big in the hip-hop underground scene, both at home and abroad. 150 NOK with Pstereo pass.



Klubbpstereo: DÅRLIG VANE Samfundet 23:30, 140/190 NOK Pstereo after party stuff.


Klubb Pstereo : Pappasaft

KlubbPstereo: Darius (FR)

Good Omens 23:45, 100 NOK Norwegian punk rock. 50 NOK with Pstereo pass.

Samfundet 23:00, 180 NOK Cross the river after Pstereo for some deep groves and uplifting house. 130 with Pstereo pass.

Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’s on





Olavs Pub og Spiseri 14:00, Free Part of Zommerjazz. Special guest Day Bårdstu.

Antikvariatet 20:00, 50 NOK After touring all over Norway, it's Trondheim's turn to get funky!

Antikvariatet 20:00, Free



Ila Brainnstasjon 20:00, Free Johannes Engen Granås is an ambitious artist from Brønnøysund. He’s written and played since his teens. All alone with his guitar it’s naked, open and intimate.

Ila Brainnstasjon 14:00, Free Every Sunday at 2pm local jazz musicians come and play for the hat. Norwegian waffles, a fresh cup of coffee and jazz. Classic Sunday at Ila Brainnstasjon.

Ila Brainnstasjon 20:00, Free Hinsides is a musical project which started 2013 by Adrian Skavlan. After years in different bands Adrian has finally went solo. His music is self- written songs in English which mostly is about human experiences. Light, dark and beautiful.

Peter Stokstad Band

Sunday Jazz


Assa Matusse

Sigurd Og Røkla

Martinus And Esme Bridie



Esme Bridie is a singer/songwriter from Liverpool/Leeds. She started her artistic career by writing poetry, before she began to add music to her words. She writes poetic texts about relationships. Martinus is a Stavanger-born singer/ songwriter who currently lives in Leeds. His music may perhaps best be described as indie pop, although he may be most often compared to jazz pop guru Sondre Lerche.



Antikvariatet 20:00, 50 NOK


Asmund Bjørken Band Olavs Pub og Spiseri 14:00, Free Part of Zommerjazz series

Antikvariatet 20:00, 150 NOK Assa Matusse is an afrojazz singer from Mozambique born in 1994 in Mauto. In 2016 Assa Matusse won The Voice Of Pangea. Her album latest album was released on the 9th of June in Norway. 05 JULY

Zerelda Lee's Antikvariatet 20:00, Free A jazz night with Pål Davik, Gunnhild Hasund and Tom Waits. 08 JULY

Jørgen Dretvik/Sigurd og Røkla Ila Brainnstasjon 14:00, Free


Erlend Jentofts Band Olavs Pub og Spiseri 14:00, Free Part of Zommerjazz series


Rockin` Blues Jam Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Rockin’ Blues Jam hosted by Sava Balic.

KRY is a band of four jazz students at the Norwegian Music School. Together they write beat-oriented jazz pop, inspired by artists like Robert Glasper, Anderson Paak Hiatus Kaiyote.

Bram van Langen Ila Brainnstasjon 20:00, Free



Kevin Dean Kvartet Olavs Pub og Spiseri 14:00, Free Part of Zommerjazz series 30 JULY

Nidarosdomen 18:30, 275-580 NOK Historical, epic classic concert with Purcell Choir, Norwegian Baroque Orchestra and Masaaki Suzuki. This is the biggest event on Olavsfestdagene's classical front this year.

Olavs Pub og Spiseri 14:00, Free Part of Zommerjazz series

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free With inspiration from the Americanaenvironment Jonas plays some of his own, and some cover songs. And it sounds amazing.

The world famous author Jon Fosse is behind the lyrics and Trondheim Solistene, BBC Singers and soloists deliver this classical work.

Ila Brainnstasjon 20:00, Free Andreas Aase plays acoustic Scandinavian music. He’s given out five solo albums.

Roar Juul Band

Jonas Brekke

Nidarosdomen 19:00, 275-580 NOK

The Resurrection and the Life: Telemann and Bach


Olavsfestdagene Opening concert: PILGRIM


Andreas Aase


Listings are subject to change, check for information

Johannes Engen Granås


Evening of Psalms Borggården 20:30, 275 NOK A cozy evening with Moddi, Tuva Syvertsen, Paal Flaata, Ingrid Olava, Tord Gustavsen, Erik Hillestad and Kammerkoret Aurum.

What’s on


John Coltrane's 'A Love Supreme' Vår Frue kirke 20:00, 250/300 NOK Sax-player Eirik Hegdal with band and the choir Aurum performs the Coltrane masterwork. 01 AUGUST

Syrian Prayers Nidarosdomen 23:00, 150 NOK





Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Concert. 05 AUGUST

Torstein Sigel Band Kimenparken, Kimen Kulturhus, Stjørdal 20:00, 440 NOK A star-studded line up of singers, performing opera and operettas.

Olavs Pub og Spiseri 14:00, Free Part of Zommerjazz series 05 AUGUST

The Big Summer Party

Sacred music from Syria, related to the country's history and traditions. Promises to be a very special evening in the cathedral.


Borggården 21:00, 450/980 NOK,- (incl luxury dinner) Firework concert with Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, Tora Augestad, Ole Edvard Antonsen, Arve Tellefsen and Nick Davies. This is the finale of the Olavsfestdagene!

Rockin` Blues Jam Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Rockin` Blues Jam hosted by Sava Balic. 19 AUGUST

Mark Gregory


Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Concert.

Kåre Indrehus


Øyvind Gimse goes solo!



Herresalen, entrance from Erkebispegården 18:00, 250 NOK The former leader of TrondheimSolistene is a fantastic artist. Now with spoken words together with great music.

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Concert. 26 AUGUST

Bjerkans Orgel - Mayhem


Sofia Gubaidulina's Über Liebe und Hass Nidarosdomen 19:00, 400/500 NOK

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Concert.

Antikvariatet 20:00, 100 NOK Humour, seriousness and irony in a wonderful mix.


John Moreland


Frida Natland

Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, Purcell Choir, Trondheim Vokalensemble and Nidaros Domkor. Music by the legandry russian componist Sofia Gubaidulina (85).

Moskus 21:00, Sold Out

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Frida Natland from Steinkjær had her music debut as a musician at " The Voice" 2013, where she made her self noticed with her rare and special voice. 12 AUGUST


Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Concert.

'John Moreland is the new face of folk rock'. Collaboration between Moskus and Avant Garden.


Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’s on


About Art: Lynda Benglis The Amazing Bow Wow



Rockheim Tue-Fri 11:00-19:00 / Sat-Sun 11:00-18:00, 100/130 NOK The new temporary exhibition at Rockheim is about the Norwegian contemporary folk singer-songwriter tradition.

Nidarosdomen 09:00, 40/90 NOK The exhibition is set in Kvinnenes minnekapell in Nidaros.

Ei vise er så mangt

Håkon Blekens Korsvei in Nidarosdomen

Gruppe 5 - The Art of Composing a Picture Trondheim Kunstmuseum 10:00-16:00, 0/50/100 NOK We wish to shed light on the struggle that took place in Trøndelag in the 60's to promote the abstract painting, and at the same token ask who were these artists, what did they stand for and what impact has their work had? 06 MAY - 10 SEPTEMBER

Gruppe 5 22 APRIL - 30 DECEMBER

Hvis en reisende en Trondheimsnatt...

Kunsthall Trondheim Tue-Thur 12:00-20:00 / Fri-Sun 12:00-18:00, 50/100 NOK Kunsthall Trondheim’s summer exhibition is a group show, highlighting the iconic Sami and Norwegian artist Iver Jåks (1932-2007), in the company of contemporary artists - Sissel M. Bergh, Carola Grahn, Ragna Misvær Grønstad, Niilas Helander and Silje Figenschou Thoresen.




Duedtie/Duodji/Duodje Sami handicraft

Sverresborg Folkemuseum Tue-Fri 10:00-15:00 / Sat-Sun 12:00-16:00, Free/115/155 NOK This exhibition consists of three separate exhibitions melted into one. All with the focus on Sami handicraft and art. In 2017 we celebrate the Sami jubilee Tråante 2017 in Trondheim. Tråante 2017 is a celebration marking the 100 passed since the first congress for the Sami people.

noe beveger seg sakte i en annen retning


Trondheim Kunstmuseum 50/100 NOK About Art focuses on the last 50 years of art. In the late sixties a number of artists in New York and elsewhere turned their focus to their own medium, using different strategies, from logic to psychoanalysis, to challenge our preconceptions about art and question the social conditions under which it is made. Video works from the last 50 years. The artworks are presented consecutively and in dialogue with the exhibitions at Trondheim kunstmuseum over the coming seasons. Vito Acconci /Calin Dan / Lynda Benglis / Dora Garcia / Mario Garcia Torres and more.


Trondheim Kunstmuseum Wed 12:00-20:00 / Thur-Sun 12:00-16:00, 50/100 NOK Group 5 was an artist fellowship consisting of Håkon Bleken, Halvdan Ljøsne, Lars Tiller, Roar Wold and Ramon Isern. The group existed in the 1961-1970 period, and had Trondheim as a base. All members were employed at the Architectural Department at the Norwegian Technical College (NTH) (today NTNU).

Trondheim Kunstmuseum Wed 12:00-20:00 / Thur-Sun 12:00-16:00, 50/100 NOK ‘If on a Trondheim night a Traveller’. A whole new exhibition, with works from one of the Europe's most significant contemporary art collections, which has never been shown in Norway! The collection Collezione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo was started in the 90's by Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, who is also the president of the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation. The exhibition consists of works of art by major international artists and moves on many different topics, such as identity, sexuality and self-determination.

Listings are subject to change, check for information

The Trondheim Art Museum has a considerable amount of works of Group 5 in its collection, and in 2016 and 2017 shows a series of smaller exhibitions at TKM Gråmølna, where the individual artists' works are in dialogue with Håkon Blekens, the only one of the members who is still alive.


Gunnerushuset, NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet. 10:00-17:30, 150/240 NOK Body Worlds is a traveling exposition of preserved human bodies and body parts. In this exhibit what is enticed to see are real skinned humans and other anatomical structures of the body that have gone through the process of plastination.

What’s on


Ragnhild Ohma

Trondheim Kunstforening Thur-Sun 11:00-22:00 / Fri-Sat 11:00-00:30, Free Art Exhibition. 09 JUNE - 12 AUGUST

Ellen Sofie Griegel



Ingrid Lønningdal

Introductory tour of the temporary exhibition ´Ei vise er så mangt´ Rockheim Tue-Fri 11:00-19:00 / Sat-Sun 11:00-18:00, Free under 16/100/130 NOK Temporary exhibition ´Ei vise er så mangt´ is about the Norwegian folk/ singer songwriter tradition.

Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst Wed-Fri 12:00-17:00 / Sat-Sun 12:00-16:00, Free Ingrid Lønningdal makes use of physical environments such as cityscapes in her art. She is interested in ideologies manifested by buildings, the productification of the unique in the modernist tradition, levels of availability and the relation between architecture and art. At Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art Lønningdal will present works made from jute sacking and silicate paint, and gives a nod to architect Herman Krag who designed the office building where the gallery is located today.

RAKE Visningsrom Wed-Fri 12:00-16:00 / Sat-Sun 12:00-17:00, Free Art exhibition. 22 JUNE - 10 SEPTEMBER

What Wood Would


Tour of the main exhibition

Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum Tue-Sat 10:00-15:00 / Thur 12:0020:00 / Sunday 12:00-16:00, Free/80/100 NOK What Wood Would presents works by a selection of contemporary Norwegian artists who have been wandering in the forest without getting lost. This is an exhibition about wood’s standing in today’s contemporary Norwegian art. 22 JUNE - 31 DECEMBER

Grete Prytz Kittelsen 19172010 Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum Tue-Sat 10:00-15:00 / Thur 12:0020:00 / Sunday 12:00-16:00, Free/80/100 NOK It's 100 year anniversary since Grete Prytz Kittelsen (Korsmo) was born, and we celebrate this with an anniversary exhibition.

DO YOU HAVE AN EVENT YOU WOULD LIKE TO PROMOTE IN THE LIST? Send the details to or call 47276680. Listings are free to submit... and always will be!

Rockheim Tue-Fri 11:00-19:00 / Sat-Sun 11:00-18:00, Free under 16/100/130 NOK Rockheim’s main exhibition, The Time Tunnel, is a journey through modern Norwegian musical and cultural history. In these exhibits you operate the playback of sounds, images, and music videos, and thus creating your own stories and experiences.


Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’s on




Rockheim Tue-Fri 11:00-19:00 / Sat-Sun 11:00-18:00, Free under 16/100/130 NOK We have ukuleles – come and play!

Vill Mat (To be determined) 10:00, 650 NOK Did you know there are 350 edible plants in the Trondheim region? In this course you will learn what you can eat, how to harvest, what the plants can be used for, how to preserve, and, of course, how to cook with them. There will be a communal meal made at the end of the day with what is gathered along the shore, over the hills and in the woods during the course.

DanseiT There will be classes in classical, modern and jazz. The course is open to dance students in high school, dance students and professional dancers. Professionals get discounted price. This year you can enjoy yourself with classical Martha Standal and jazz with Catharina Salberg! Check their Facebook page for more! ‘Full course costs 1450kr/1100kr Drop in is 180kr/140kr

17 JULY - 23 JULY


Drop-in ukulele course

01 JULY - 02 JULY

CMAS APNEA Free Diving Course Trondheim Fridykkerklubb 08:00, 2500 NOK This free diving course is an introduction into understanding the basic techniques to use breath control in free diving. The course is for those who have a wish to do relatively deep diving. Learn good swim and dive techniques, controlling of breath and how you can free dive safely. 02 JULY - 03 JULY

Dog Frisbee Tricks Training Bissevov Ad Hundetrening 10:00, 1000 NOK Come learn tricks that you can do with your dog! This is a fun way to spend a day with your dog and for you to continue to spend time working together. There will be a full day course for intensive work on dog training that costs the 1000kr. 04 JULY

Mediation and Deep Relaxation Trondheim Meditasjon & Yoga 18:00, Free Learn effective and easy meditation techniques. This course will introduce you to ways you can release worries, anxiety and everyday stress. The skills you learn will be ones you can take anywhere and use anytime. 06 JULY - 31 AUGUST


Ila Brainnstasjon 18:00, Free For everyone who wants to learn Norwegian in nice and calm environment. . 08 JULY

Gullstøv Antikvariatet 18:00, TBA Presentation of the book 'Gullstøv'.

Cooking with Wild Plants

Summer Dance Course

Summer Taiji and Qigong

Meditation and Deep Relaxation

Trondheim Taiji Senter 10:00 - 17:00, 3800 NOK Welcome to this year´s summer course in Taiji and Qigong! This is a fantastic opportunity to dig deeper into Taiji and Qigong. Transform yourself physically and mentally. The course is open for all.

Trondheim Meditasjon & Yoga 18:00, Free Learn effective and easy meditation techniques. This course will introduce you to ways you can release worries, anxiety and everyday stress. The skills you learn will be ones you can take anywhere and use anytime. Check out for more information.


Beginners course in Bird Dog Training


Nordenfjeldske Fuglehundklub 17:30, 170 NOK A beginners course in Vassfjellet! The course will cover working with a dogs in the mountains, general tips on hunting and dog management, and feedback to the handler. Check Nordenfjeldske Fuglehundklub´s Facebook page for more information and where to get tickets.

10 Tastes of Reindeer Hornemansgården 18:00, 250 NOK + avg Come learn from Mikael Forselius about how you can make reindeer a meal for the everyday and not just a special occasion. Mikael will show easy and flavourful dishes made with this fantastic ingredient. Check the Oi! Mat website or Hornemansgård for more information.




Ila Brainnstasjon 18:00, Free Pub-quiz with prize for the winning team every month.

Introduction to Beers Bryggerifestivalen Diverse, 300 NOK Anders Cooper from Austmanns Brew Master is leading participants through the world of beer.


Introduction to CEWE Phonebooks

Thursday 3. august kl. 17.30-18.15 Friday 4. august kl. 18.30-19.15 Saturday 5. august kl. 15.30-16.15

Japan Photo 18:00, 599 NOK Although it's both fun and easy to make these popular books, there are many who want some training, tips and inspiration, either to get started with their first book or to get some new impulses to how to make even Better books.


Introduction to Homebrewing

Bryggerifestivalen Diverse, 300 NOK Whether you are just curious or have a strong desire to be apart of the proud brewing tradition in Norway, this is

Held on 27 July and 8 Aug

Listings are subject to change, check for information


your change to learn exactly what you need to be ale to start brewing the same evening as the course. Bakke Brygg As will be teaching participants about this craft that they are most passionate about. Thursday 3. august kl. 17.30-18.15 Friday 4. august kl. 14.30-15.15 03 AUGUST - 05 AUGUST

Beer - The New Wine

Bryggerifestivalen diverse, 500 NOK Be inspired by this course that will take you through a tasting of five beers local to the Trondheim region, paired with tasting plates of local ingredients. This is a course for all those over 18 who enjoy beer and would like to learn more about its complexities. Thursday 3. august kl. 16.00-17.00 Friday 4. august kl. 16.00-17.00 Saturday 5. august kl. 13.00-14.00 04 AUGUST

The Joy of Cooking Gluten Free Hornemansgården 15:00, 220 NOK Listen and learn from Celiac Chef Eyvind Engen as he tells the hilarious story of his successes and failures on his way to finding joy and good food that is gluten free. Come take notes, be inspired and taste the delicious treats he cooks up. 09 AUGUST

Recycled Candle Making Byneset og Nypantunet helse- og velferdsenter 12:00, Free Come and cast new candles from old candles with Kristin Vedin of Beelights. 09 AUGUST - 16 AUGUST

Parenting and Birthing Course Bekken og Barn Trondheim 17:30, 1950/1350 NOK This course will bring in many different disciplines in parenting and birthing to give all the information you need to be more knowledgeable about birth and the first few months of parenting. A psychologist, chiropractor, sexologist/ relationship therapist, midwife, doula and nurse will all be instructors for this course. This course can be taken as a couple or singly. Visit Bekken of Barn Trondheim´s Facebook page for more details

What’s on



Storbuan Økosamfunn 18:00, 2000 NOK Norwegian Society for Organic Nutrition with Jan Bang: We use Permaculture design tools to create ecosystems. An ecosystem is a viable settlement, either in a city or in a rural setting where all parts of existence are included. Must apply by 1 August.

VISFAS Trondheim 09:00, 6800 NOK Graphic Facilitation is a hand-drawn presentation style combining iconography and text. This course is a methodology course to teach the style, develop drawing techniques, visualisation methods, and to learn effective use of tools/programs. This course is for both children and adults, going over two full days.



2900 NOK Kayaking is an amazing sport and a great way to relax. To really get the most out of it taking a basic course that includes skill work, understanding your equipment and safety makes it that much better. The course runs twice: 12-13 August and 26-27 August.

Habitat/DIGS 18:00, Free IxDA is an informal academic meetup for people who work with or is interested in user experience and design.

Seminar on Permaculture and Ecosystems

Beginner Kayaking Course


Photography by Drone Japan Photo 18:00, 799 NOK Drones provide a new possibility for new angles and reaching new places for a photographer. This course lead by a certified photographer will give you the chance to learn more on drone photography. 16 AUGUST

EAT & QUIZ - Pstereo special Habitat/DIGS 19:00, Free Join a fun quiz with prizes. Max 5 per team. This edition will have a category with the topic 'Pstereo'. 16 AUGUST

SLR Camera Beginners Course Japan Photo 18:00, 799 NOK Learn the most crucial functions on a digital SLR camera. This is an easy to understand way to learn focusing, ISO, optics and more. Over the 3 hours there will be a good amount of theory and also some photographing. Bring your own camera with a full battery! This is a small course of 6-12 participants.

Graphic Facilitation Presentations



Habitat 19:00, Free Startup Friday is a meet and greet event for all startups in Trondheim and surrounding areas. This is the place to meet like-minded people and talk business, ideas and just have some fun. You bring yourself and your ideas, we promise a great selection of beers and delicious pizza.

Ila Brainnstasjon 18:00, Free Pub-quiz with prize for the winning team every month, plus three extra fine prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place when the Quiz is done by the end of July. Max 4 people each team.

Startup Friday

This event will happen every last Friday of the month. 26 AUGUST


Seminar on South Sami language Kunsthall Trondheim 13:00, 50/100 NOK This seminar is a part of the programme to the exhibition noe beveger seg sakte i en annen retning [something is slowly moving in a different direction] at Kunsthall Trondheim, and is made in collaboration with the artist Sissel M. Bergh – which is one of the participating artists in the show. Sissel M. Bergh (1974) is educated from the National Academy of fine arts, Oslo – Norway, and University of Technology – Fine art department, Durban – South Africa.


Art Therapy and Mindfulness Indre identitet 18:00, 3500 NOK An 8-week course including a Quiet Day (with Turkish bath in an amazing Hamam!),


You learn the most fundamental in mindfulness, while art therapeutic methods will contribute to both the preparation of your own processes and for insight. There is a maximum of 10 participants.

Beginners self-defence Fall 2017 Trondheim Kampsportakademi and Krav Maga Trondheim , 399/359 NOK This is the course for those who really want to learn self-defense! The course has limited number of places and it is the first come basis. There is a minimum age limit of 18. This will run through Christmas. Got to the Krav Maga Trondheim webpage or Facebook page for more.


Girl Geek Dinners: Female Entrepreneurs Habitat/DIGS 19:00, Free Meet 6 female founders and entrepreneurs who work in different entrepreneurial environments in Trondheim. They will talk about what they do, the advantage of being part of a community and how it has helped their development. The evening ends with a panel discussion about the importance of female entrepreneurs.


Beginner Kayaking Course trondheimkajakk 2900 NOK Kayaking is an amazing sport and a great way to relax. To really get the most out of it taking a basic course that includes skill work, understanding your equipment and safety makes it that much better. The course runs twice: 12-13 August and 26-27 August.



Habitat/DIGS 18:00, Free IxDA is an informal meetup for people who work with or is interested in user experience and design.




EAT & QUIZ Habitat 19:00, Free Join a fun quiz with prizes. Max 5 per team. 31 AUGUST

Lecture: About Iver Jåks Kunsthall Trondheim 18:30, 50/100 NOK Jørgen Lund, Associate Professor in Department of Art and Media Studies, NTNU, will hold a lecture about the important Sami artist Iver Jåks (1932 – 2007). The lecture is held in connection with the exhibition noe beveger seg sakte i en annen retning [something is slowly moving in a different direction] which presents Iver Jåks together with five young Sami artists: Ragna Misvær Grønstad, Sissel M. Bergh, Carola Grahn, Niilas Helander and Silje Figenschou Thoresen. Iver Jåks is seen as one of the most important Sami artists - but also seen as one of the most important Norwegian artists. Jåks is represented at the National Gallery of Norway, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum and other museums. In 2002 he was decorated Knight, First Order of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav. 31 AUGUST

Printing, Colour, Design: Historical Perspectives NTNU Gjøvik - Lecture Room K113 09:30, 200 NOK A one-day workshop arranged buy the Institute for Design and the Norwegian Laboratory for Colour and Visual Processing. This content rich workshop looks at the history of the major traditional printing techniques, how they have used colour and how the techniques have influences design solutions and visual communication. Registration must be in by 15 August.

Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’s on


Stand Up with Arnt Finèsse

12 JULY - 16 JULY


Go Viking Hiking

"Wanted: Jesus" with Bjørn Eidsvåg


Olav – from hate to hope

Trøndelag Teater 18:00, 450/555 NOK

O75 Bar & Lounge, Orkdalsveien 75, 7300 Orkanger 250 NOK Arnt is famous for his short, angry and sometimes hilarious videos that have gone viral , and is Norway's biggest comedian on Snapchat! Kevin has become a real underground phenomenon with over 30,000 followers on Snapchat, 24,000 followers on Facebook and 145,000 views on Youtube. 07 JULY - 09 JULY

Egge Viking Festival

Trollheimen 11:00, 7450 NOK Hike through Trollheimen in Viking clothes and gear, enjoy viking meals cooked on an open fire, sleep under the stars and explore the life and habitat of Viking ancestors. Local transportation, gear, clothes, cabin rent, food and drinks included in price. Search Hands on History on Facebook for more information.

The famous priest and musician contemplates his changing relationship to Jesus and asks: who is Jesus today and what relevance does he have? 29 JULY




Saturday Night improv with Gibberish

Antikvariatet 20:00, 100 NOK Improv comedy at Antikvariatet. 13.07 &17.08.

Stammen Café & Bar 20:00, Free Gibberish entertains with improvised theater in English at Stammen Café & Bar. You will not regret checking out this show!



Olavshallen 16:00, 250 NOK Tjidtjie is about the friendships, the love, and the loss of the Sami children. About the environment they live in, and their language that is close to being lost to history. All this, presented through the eyes of a six-year-old girl who misses her mother –her Tjidtjie. Shown at Olavshallen, the play is a result of The collaboration between Rohde & Aas Productions, Nord-Trøndelag theatre, and Åarjelhsaemien Teatere.

The 7-year-old 2017

Egge Museum, Steinkjer 70 NOK It is in this very historic site at Eggetunet that the Viking Festival at Egge takes place every second year, the second weekend of July. This is a colourful festival with experiences and events for the entire family. See for more info.

Nidarosdomen 18.30 & 21.00, 170/275/650,- NOK (family) Superstar Kristofer Hivju (Game of Thrones) plays Saint Olav in this amazing historical play in the beautiful Nidarosdomen. One of the main events in this year's festival. Recommended.

See previews.

Rabarbraparken Witness the bizarre story of how a super-secret action group and a 7-yearold defended Bakklandet and stood in the way of the road. This is the story of why nature itself had to intervene; and about how Bakklandet was shaken.

Listings are subject to change, check for information



Go Viking Hiking

Trollheimen Hike through Trollheimen in Viking clothes and gear, enjoy viking meals cooked on an open fire, sleep under the stars and explore the life and habitat of Viking ancestors. Local transportation, gear, clothes, cabin rent, food and drinks included in price. Search Hands on History on Facebook for more information.

What’s on


Nesset Farm at Sverresborg Folkemuseum

Sverresborg Folkemuseum 10:00-17:00 - every day, Free/115/155 NOK Visit the family living at the Nesset farm and take part in farm life as it was in the early 1900s. Here you can find farm animals such as; goats, pigs, hens, cows and rabbits. We also have an exciting play area for the youngest of farmers to try out. 01 JUNE - 31 AUGUST

Treasures of Sverresborg Folkemuseum Sverresborg Folkemuseum 10:00-17:00 - every day, Free/115/155 NOK Knowledgeable guides welcome you to treasures of the museum; Oppdals Yard, Stave Church and Coastal Section and the City Section with among other attractions the newly opened Café Erichsen!




Sverresborg Folkemuseum 13:00, Free/115/155 NOK Meet the daughter or son of King Sverre and shoot with bow and arrow, hammer your own coins, and learn sword fighting.

Sverresborg Folkemuseum 10:00, 2500 NOK "Dear magical gate, take us a century back in time!" Take part in a week where you can experience how it was to be a child in Norway in 1906.

Sparebank1-Scenen 14:00, 150/450 NOK,- (family) Children’s songs with Rasmus Rohde, Charlotte Audestad, Trond Viger and many more!


24 JUNE - 26 JULY

Kristen or Haakon teach you King Sverre’s secrets

Historical Holiday School

Walking-theatre at Stiklestad

Promenade theatre in the city: "Does Han Nissen eat ice cream for dinner?" Sverresborg Folkemuseum 15:30, Free/115/155 NOK Was there ice cream in the 1700s? Was the food in Trondheim’s golden age literally covered in edible gold, did take-away exist, did they drink soda? Welcome to Hans Nissen's and Gram's house and house and find out who ate what and experience the differences between rich and poor.

Stiklestad Nasjonale Kultursenter 13:00-15:00, Included in dayticket Visit Stiklestad and their Heirloom walking-theatre this summer. This is an experience for the whole family where three different farmyard areas are turned into separate eras; 1989, 1942 and 1959 where you will experience exciting stories from the different eras.



Children’s hour at Rockheim

Summer camp at Sverresborg

Rockheim Tue-Fri 11:00-19:00 / Sat-Sun 11:00-18:00, Free under 16/100/130 NOK


Promenade theatre in the countryside Sverresborg Folkemuseum 11:00 - every day, Free/115/155 NOK Something has gone missing from the Nesset farm! Help the sheriff find the missing object… 01 JUNE - 31 AUGUST

Norwegian and Sami folk stories Sverresborg Folkemuseum 13:00, Free/115/155 NOK Norwegian folk stories for children and adults told in our Coast Section.

Sverresborg Folkemuseum 10:00, 2500 NOK per child per week What did the children do a hundred years ago when there was no TV or ipad? Now you can find out by part-taking in the Sverresborg annual summer camp. This year you can choose to travel back in time to 1906 either on the countryside or in the city. On Nesset frarm you get to tend to the animals and help in the garden. In the city you can test how handy you are, learn to make butter knives and hook, sew smelling pouches and much more. This is a great way to teach children about traditions and history from the beginning og the 1900s through playing and dressing up. The camp last for one week at a time, Mon-Frid.10.00-15.00 and booking in advance is essential: or phone 73 89 01 15.

Recommended for children from 6 years and up. The tour is included in the entry ticket to the museum. 28 JULY - 05 AUGUST

Historical market at Nidarosdomen Nidarosdomen TBC, TBC - each workshop may have additional costs During the festival of Olavsfestdagene the area surrounding the Archbishop’s Palace is turned into a lively Historical Market. Here you can find exciting activities for children of all ages, with different workshops taking part throughout the day. In the Archbishop’s Yard and on the outside there are stalls with all kinds of handicrafts from all over Europe. Experience the historical atmosphere and let yourself be carried away by the tricks of the entertainers!





Sparebank1-Scenen 11:00 and 14:00, 150/450 NOK,(family) Embla choir does a show based on the great TV-programme for kids on NRK Super. This is gonna' be fun! 03 AUGUST - 05 AUGUST

Children's Food Festival

Trondheim Torg 11:00-19:00, Free Few food festivals take their young visitors as seriously as Trøndersk Food Festival does. This year there will be a total of 24 different activities for children where they can learn by doing. You'll be able to feel, chop, mix, taste, make and learn. And guess what, it's all for free! The children's activities are open throughout the duration of the festival and there's something for children of all ages. This year the children's areas are split in two: “From earth to table” located at the top of Munkegata, and “From sea to table” at Kongens Gate (near Prinsenkrysset). Happy festivaling! 03 AUGUST - 05 AUGUST

Pippi Longstockings

Sparebank1-Scenen 14:00, 275/800 NOK,- (family) The strongest girl in the world! Take your kids to this premiere with the talented and award-winning Egal Theatre. Includes all the funny Pippisongs and scenes.

Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’s on


Trondheim Open Kristiansten Festning 08:00 Norwegian Championship Frisbee golf tournament. 02 JULY

Ranheim TF v Florø EXTRA Arena 18:00, 150-200 NOK OBOS league match.

17 JULY - 07 JULY

Taiji and Qigong Summer Course



Aker Arena 09:00, 350-970 NOK Hop on the bus with Kjernen to support Rosenborg at their away match against the club’s biggest rivals. See Kjernen’s Facebook and website for more info.

Trondheim Kampsportakademi 12:00-16:00, Free An opportunity for those new to the sports to try their hand at Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, and MMA. Krav Maga and Kickboxing have an age requirement of 18, but Jiu Jitsu is open to all ages.

Molde v Rosenborg

Trondheim Taji Senter 10:00-17:00, 3800 NOK This is a great opportunity to dive deeper into Taiji and Qigong. Exercises that strengthen the body both physically and mentally. The course is open to all, new or experienced.


Kjernens tur til Molde

21 JULY - 23 JULY

Pro Gaming League

EXTRA Arena 18:00, 150-200 NOK OBOS league match.


Early Birds

The first Friday of every month sees a runners meet up in the morning at Trondheim Torvet. Run along with the group for a brisk trip around Trondheim and then enjoy a warm cup of coffee with everyone in the heart of the city.

FloorWork Yoga with Jon Yuen

Trondheim Jeger og Fiskeforening 18:00-21:00, 200 NOK At the Fishing course from TJFF you can learn the basics of fishing, and be prepared for new experiences in nature. 19 AUGUST


Fishing Course

Trondheim Torvet 06:30, Free


Zenit Yoga 10:00-17:00, 2250 NOK An increase of body control should produce freedom of movement. This freedom will only be obtained when we start to evaluate and analyze movement for what it is: a mental action, as much as a physical event. To achieve this, we’ll be studying and practicing floorwork.


Work-Work 13:00, Free The 11th CS:GO Major Championship will take place this July in Kraków, Poland, where the best 16 teams in the world will once again battle for the title of Major Champion, as well as the lion’s share of a one million dollar prize pool. Come watch and enjoy a game of quiz.

Beginner Course

Melhus Cup

Stjørdal Open

Eindomsmegler 1 Gruva Stadion 10:00-19:00, A perfect warm-up for the fall football seas, the Melhus Cup is a small football tournament for kids between the ages of 7 and 13 years. Contact:


Ranheim TF v Tromsdalen EXTRA Arena 18:00, 150-200 NOK OBOS league match. 05 AUGUST

Rosenborg v Kristiansund 08 JULY

Rosenborg v Sandefjord Lerkendal Stadion 15:30, 150-370 NOK Eliteserien league match. 09 JULY

SUP Yoga Theisendammen 14:30-16:00, 590-1600 NOK It’s like regular yoga, but floating on a stand up paddleboard to help improve both balance and strength. 16 JULY

Hike From Kongsvoll Kongsvoll Fjellstua 10:30, Free Kongsvold Fjellstua is the starting point for this mountain expedition. A great opportunity for exercise and to learn about Norwegian nature.

Lerkendal Stadion 18:00, 150-370 NOK Eliteserien league match. 07 AUGUST - 11 AUGUST

RBK Fotballskole

Lerkendal Stadion 09:00, 2250 NOK Be a professional footballer for a day at RBK’s football camp. Camp’s in Trondheim are filling up fast, but there are still spots available in nearby locations such as Stjørdal and Røros.


Ranheim TF v Levanger EXTRA Arena 15:00, 150-200 NOK OBOS league match. 20 AUGUST


Rosenborg v Haugesund


Lerkendal Stadion 18:00, 150-370 NOK Eliteserien league match.

Granåsen Skisenter 09:00-16:00, 1250 NOK Ski jumping camp for all ages up to 16 years. Learn from the best and get some specific training to improve your ski jumping abilities. Contact:

Listings are subject to change, check for information


Sandskogan 09:00-18:30, 350 NOK Part of the Trønder Tour Frisbee Golf Tournament, this pair Frisbee golfing event will feature the 18-hole frolf tournament, a putting and driving competition, and plenty of grilling. The tournament has two divisions: open and amateur. 28 AUGUST

Adult Jiu Jitsu Intro Class Trondheim Jiu Jitsu Klubb 19:45-21:00, Free Beginners are welcome to the Trondheim Jiu Jitsu Klubb for two weeks of Jiu Jitsu lessons.







Cafe to Tårn




Kafé Soil


Restaurant 73




E.C. Dahls




Astrum Grill & Raw Bar


Jacobsen og Svart

05 07






LOCATION Nidarosdomen Besøkssenteret


CONTACT +47 72 84 59 90 +47 995 22 020

Find perfection in a burger

INFO Mon-Sun 10:00-17:00

Cafe To Tårn

The city’s most awe-inspiring café

LOCATION Olav Tryggvassons gate 29, 7011 Trondheim

With panoramic views of the Cathedral’s West front, here you can enjoy Norwegian open sandwiches - farmer’s rye bread, rolls, hand-peeled shrimps and ciabatta. You can also eat ‘stone masons bread’ and ‘medieval soup’, just as pilgrims have been doing for many centuries. Delicious coffee, homemade cakes and waffles. And get in touch to book the location for receptions combined with organ concerts in the cathedral.

CONTACT x @bror_bar +47 458 31 526 INFO Mon-Thur 11:00-00:30 Fri-Sat 11:00-02:30 Sun 13:00-02:30


Bror is a bar and BBQ-hotspot located in Nordre Gate, right in the heart of Trondheim. They specialise in craft beers and rum, served alongside burgers and southern California-style tacos. Burgers are cooked on a charcoal-fired grill, and a range of sides including delicious sweet potato fries. Go as you are - be it a quick drink, a full meal or a night out. Bror offers a warm welcome!





LOCATION Nedre Bakklandet 20d, 7014 Trondheim

A slice of happiness

CONTACT b/Kafé-Soil INFO Wed-Fri 8-17, Sat 11:0017:00, Sun 11:00-18:00

Kafé Soil Something for everyone in the heart of Bakklandet

SELMA is passionate about pizza – serving them straight from the in-house stone oven with unique toppings like ‘Ribbe’ and Soave ham. At the bar you can find more than 20 different beers on tap, and SELMA is possibly the only place in Trondheim with additional taps for mixed drinks. Following the great Norwegian tradition of ‘Lillelørdag’, SELMA offers discounted drinks and pizzas every Wednesday. Guided by the competent staff in a comfortable atmosphere, SELMA will always make you feel at home.

The recently remodelled Kafé Soil, sitting in charming Bakklandet, serves up delicious, homemade, organic baked goods. Visitors can quench their thirst with juice, soda, and locally-roasted coffee. A number of vegan and raw food options ensure that there is something for everyone. Be sure to check out their selection of eco beers and wines too!

Restaurant 73 CONTACT +47 73 80 33 33 restaurant73.trondheim INFO Mon-Sat 17.00-22.30


CONTACT +47 920 12 181 INFO Mon, Tue, Thur 11-00 Wed 11-02 Fri-Sat 11-02 Sun 13-00

E.C. Dahls

Fine dining by the river

LOCATION Kjøpmannsgata 73

LOCATION Tmv-kaia 13, Solsiden

Brewed to perfection

Bar & Restaurant 73 has devoted professionals doing their best to make your dining experience as great as possible. Trained chefs, waiters, bartenders, and sommeliers strive to create exciting and tasteful dishes for their guests. The produce is fresh and local, as the staff cares about animals and farmers’ happiness. Delicious flavors, combined with great beverages in a comfortable setting, overlooking the Nidelva river. Welcome to 73.

LOCATION Strandveien 71 CONTACT INFO Tue-Sat 16:00-24:00


E.C. Dahls Pub og Kjøkken is located at the northern end of Lademoen. Both the pub and the restaurant are inspired by American cuisine, placing a heavy focus on great grilling and, of course, the beer garden. With the E.C. Dahls name you know the beer will be plentiful, and delicious. Make sure to swing by this summer to taste their selection of craft beers.


LOCATION Olav Tryggvasons gate 30

LOCATION Ferjemannsveien 8

CONTACT b/habitattrondheim

CONTACT +47 902 44 226

INFO Monday-Thurs 11-23, Fri & Sat 11-02

Coffee, the right way

Evolution of craft

Astrum Grill & Raw Bar LOCATION Brattørkaia 1, 7010 Trondheim CONTACT +47 468 92 014 INFO Mon - Thu 18.00 - 23.30 Fri - Sat 18.00 - 01.30

INFO Mon-Fri 7 - 18 Sat 9 - 18 Sun 11 – 18

Jacobsen og Svart

Habitat Habitat is Trondheim's oasis for experimental craft beer and delicious pizza. Their 24 taps are consistently pouring the best selection of craft beer, cider, and kombucha, both from Norway and abroad. Habitat is especially proud of their in-house brewery, operated by Monkey Brew, who concoct all


kinds of awesomeness in their basement ”Monkey Lab”. The pizza bases are sourdough, the toppings fresh, and the oven hot! And if beer and pizza aren’t your thing, you can always hang out in their toilets and listen to David Attenborough’s soothing voice. Welcome to your new favorite Habitat!

If you´re looking for a different kind of coffee shop you’ll find it at Jacobsen og Svart. In their trendy venue in the new Adressa building they’ve combined a relaxed atmosphere with friendly service, funky playlists and awe-inspiring coffee. To top it off, everything at Jacobsen is home made, from their famously fresh cinnamon rolls to the coffee roasted on site. But be warned, once you’ve tried their coffee nothing else quite compares!

At Astrum Grill & Raw Bar, located at the top floor of Clarion Hotel & Congress, you'll find a spectacular venue with a killer view, overlooking the city with monuments such as the Nidaros Cathedral, the Fosen Alps and Munkholmen. The sunset is magical from the terrace in the evening and has become a favorite place for selfies and romantic hangouts. It has also become a place for live concerts and unplugged sessions. The restaurant has an exciting menu based on regional produce. Nordic cuisine meets rustic American flavours. We focus on locally produced, organic and sustainable food to ensure an unforgettable dining experience.  78



Photo copyright: Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS, Institute for Plastination, Heidelberg, Germany

For the first time in Norway:


TRONDHEIM 6 JUNE – 8 OCTOBER 2017 NTNU University Museum Erling Skakkes gt, 47 Trondheim

The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies

The List Magazine - Issue 17  
The List Magazine - Issue 17