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FEBRUARY 2. - 4. 2017

Solsiden & Brattøra & City Center

Amish 82 & Broen & Brutal Kuk & Cloroform & Death By Unga Bunga & elephant9 & Frøder & Hanne Hukkelberg & Ivan Ave & Kråkesølv & Mikhael Paskalev & Razika & Samsaya & Sondre Lerche & Soup ÁGY & Amanda Tenfjord & As He Said & BAYA & Bloody Beach & Bokassa & Cashmere Factory & Chris Holsten & Darling West & Dreamarcher & DRØM & Einar Stray Orchestra & Elsa & Emilie & Emilie Storaas & Emma & The Diamond Hearts & Fejl & Daler & Fight The Fight & FOAMMM & Gourm£t & Great News & Hajk & HANS & Haunted Mansions & Hear Me Roar & Heave Blood & Die & Henrik The Artist & Herman Wildhagen & Hilma Nikolaisen & INVADER ACE & Jo Sverre & Kajander & Kim Olve Breistrand & Hausten & Kjartan Lauritzen & Kommunalt Svømmeanlegg & Ludvig Moon & Magnus Bechmann & Marie Sahba & Marte Wulff & Mats Wawa & Mugisho & Oppkast ala Kart & Hella Rev & Pasha & Philip Emilio & Polygenic & Pom Poko & Skinny Days & Skóg & Spielbergs & Strange Hellos & Surfalot & Svankropp & Temporary & The Hallway & The Modern Times & The Regent & The Sideways & Thea & The Wild & Toy Savoy & Untzheimer & Wonder The Boy

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Dear readers, It is a pleasure to welcome you back to another issue of The List after what has hopefully been a time of healthy indulgence of friends, family and foods. As the year turns into 2017 and people devise their resolutions with optimism, there is no better time like the present to invite you to our current issue focussing on Body and Mind. This issue may be just what is in order after a season of one julebord too many. For those entering the new year with the hopes of starting off new routines, The List has put together a spread of physical activities and intriguing events to help with foster your self-discipline. This issue is in fact our largest to date, attesting to the variety of things going on in the Greater Region of Trondheim during what is traditionally thought of to be the slowest time of the year! With specialised pages on yoga, reflection on inclusion and anti-discrimination. The variety of events also reflects the growth and internationalising of our city. And quite coincidentally, or perhaps fittingly reflective of how our region experiences trends together, most of these events have interlocking themes. Over the next coming months Trondheim will welcome music lovers and scouts from around the globe to Trondheim Calling. They will feature Sami artists, where just a few days Prime Minister Erna Solberg will open Tråante, Sami celebration will mark the hundred The LIST a division of The List Media AS CONTACTS & INFO Located at DIGS, 30 Olavtryggvasons gate 30 7011 Trondheim, Norway Business/Publishing: +47 472 76 680 Editorial: +47 451 35 877 Email: Circulation: 8.500 +47 969 12 901 EDITORIAL Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder: Wil Lee-Wright


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DEPUTY EDITOR Katarzyna Gąsiorek


SALES Head of Sales Matias Bretteville – Jensen +47 969 12 901


year anniversary of Sami’s first congress. Hundreds of international students will flock to Trondheim for the world’s largest international student festival, ISFiT creating a peaceful dialogue between visitors surrounding the theme of discrimination. This of course, comes just at time when Norway has again has been rated number one on the UN’s Human Development Index Scale, though who currently face their own challenges regarding inclusion and immigration policies. These themes will set the tone for a busy January and February, inviting you to reflect upon your body and mind. Remember to check the facebook page for up to date information on ticket give-aways and new listings. Lastly, The List would like to thank our important strategic partner Study Trondheim, whose govern-ment, education and business partners tirelessly work to enhance the quality of our city for students and residents alike. Happy journeys. Katarzyna Gąsiorek, Tijana Ostojic

COVER MODEL Kjersti Buaas

ILLUSTRATIONS Andrew Natt ,Jan Ove Iversen, Skurktur

CONTRIBUTORS Sadique Ndamwe Adria Scharmen Kyle McClenahan Bertine Tønseth Gulabbudin Sukhanwar Karin Modig Johannes Sommerset Bjartnes Eirik Havnes Thomas Haugersveen Lars Grønnestad Knut Åge Skorstad Torleif Kvinnesland Jarle Hagen T. Gustavsen Helena Normark

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Old food traditions of Norway, prepared in a rebellious way.

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INTERVIEW WITH STUDENT PEACE PRIZE WINNER Civic work should never stop, only war should stop





International Student Festival in Trondheim 2017


Q&A WITH ERNA SOLBERG Prime Minister speaks about discrimination



Say hi to Klæbu and a new regional feature

Sami Celebration




Revamps Olavskvartalet




21 WISH IT. WANT IT. DO IT! The History behind ISFiT


YOGA UP YOUR WINTER Life doesn’t get better by chance but by choice

31 KJERSTI BUAAS Professional Athlete in Body & Mind


Choose a job. Choose a bus. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose good coffee from Aksen. Choose low cholesterol and dental insurance. Choose leisure wear, and matching shoes in Smidalen. Choose your friends. Don`t work in old Trondheim. Work in fresh Trondheim. Choose life. Choose Sluppen. Sentrum - Sluppenvegen 17B

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CONTRIBUTORS ADRIA SCHARMEN Adria’s passion for yoga has recently

ANDREW CHRISTOPHER ANFINNSEN Moved to Trondheim in 2005 and has

taken her on an amazing RYS200 yoga teacher training with the Atman Yoga School here in Trondheim. She is not yet sure what she’ll do with it, but the mission to spread the love for yoga is on! She is always searching for ways to yoga up her life and thinks you should too!

since then found his home for various ventures in the venue-based music industry, from underground clubbing and DIY shows to Studentersamfundet, ISFiT, BrukBar / Blæst, Supa, Pstereo and Trondheim Calling. Until recently a full-time promoter at BrukBar / Blæst, now looking for new musical mischief in the ever-so-changing cityscape that is Trondheim.

JAN OVE IVERSEN 100% Norwegian designer/ illustrator/

artist/ photographer. He calls himself a visualist. Based in Trondheim and currently lead visual designer at Zedge, with a seven-year-long agency background as a designer both for web and print. A sucker for clean lines, simple layouts and ‘no bullshit-design’, J.O. likes to spend as much time as possible roaming around the mountains, fjords and woods. Always with a camera.

GULABUDDIN SUKHANWAR Sukhanwar came to Norway in 2013. As

BERTINE TØNSETH Bertine is a teacher, geographer and

freelance journalist from Bergen. She is currently living on a 4,9 km2 small island on the coast of Helgeland, where she is surrounded by sheep, salmon and puffins. Bertine spent five years in Trondheim, where she worked with the International Student Festival in Trondheim as a journalist, head of communications for the Student Peace Prize, and as co-editor of the book Det Umulige Tar Bare Litt Lengre Tid, published in 2015. THE FOURTEENTH ISSUE

an outspoken Afghan politician, journalist and poet he was under great pressure in his home country. He has, among other things, been publishing in different magazines and newspapers, and worked with a music and performance artist, Kristine Sundberg on setting music to his poetry with the project “The Wandering Traveller” during the Afghanistan week of Norway in September 2016.

HELENA NORMARK Helena is a freelance artist/illustrator

who, together with her partner, moved to Trondheim from Sweden in 2004. She finds Trondheim a friendly place that feels to her like a "big small town" and is happy to be here. Photography, travelling (ideal direction: cold countries) and reading have been her passion for a while now.



Solsiden – Royal Garden – Britannia – Torget – Scandic Lerkendal Moholt – Nardo – Nidarvoll

Now running direct to and from Trondheim city-centre

P O T S NONolsiden S

es Værn

New route: Airport Express bus to/from Solsiden in only 25 minutes


FROM AFGHANISTAN TO NORWAY One Refugee’s Journey Words by Gulabuddin Sukhanwar

lIllustration by Jan Ove Iversen


he day I registered as an asylum seeker in the Norwegian Immigration Department was also the first day of the Nowruz, the Persian New Year. It was 21 March 2013, a day that marked the first day of spring, which has profound historical value in Persian culture. I therefore started a new journey of being an immigrant on the very day which I used to celebrate with family and friends before being forced to leave them behind. Far away from home, I spent two days at the Refugee Registration Office, to seek asylum, unable to make a telephone call to my mum to offer new year’s greetings. Upon my arrival at the Refugee Centre in Oslo, I met with a few Afghan and Iranian asylum seekers and wished them a Happy New Year. It was a touching moment for all of us. We all felt homesick and almost started to cry. But I interpreted this coincidence as a meaningful and positive start, believing that Nowruz is


a sign of happiness, delivering a message of hope and courage that marks the beginning of new life in nature. And here it delivers the same message for us to be ready and move ahead with our new journey. The situation at the Refugee Camp was depressing. I could see lines of stress in the faces of everyone I met. Refugee Centres have their own atmosphere and in many ways cannot be counted as part of “real” society, as they are so isolated. Since 2015, with the refugee crisis leading to fear, political upheaval and policy changes in many European countries, social media has played a positive role in raising public awareness of the problem, by offering everyone space to talk and share their support and concerns. Experience of being an immigrant has changed my way of thinking about life and made me grateful for what I have and what I can do, despite my solitude and 10


“I have always enjoyed a great deal of support from my Norwegian friends...”

but once you start to connect and get to know them, they are nice and friendly, genuine people. Mostly refugees want to talk to people or sometimes to someone who is sitting next to them on the bus or public train or in the park, while Norwegians are not used to chatting with strangers. However, to my surprise the day when Donald Trump won the US presidential election, I noticed that almost everyone was talking to each other on the buses or even at the bus stops. Sometimes, life-changing events in world news can break down barriers, even for intensely privacy-seeking Norwegians. Third, self-motivation and self-belief are crucial, because there can be some sort of discrimination towards foreigners/immigrants at different levels – especially at the job market - but one should not get disappointed and instead try to keep a positive approach. Just to give one example, on the weekend night before writing this article, I went to a party with a friend where I was left alone at a table of strangers. There, I felt that the other people were not interested in talking to me, and in fact, during almost four years as a refugee, I have experienced discrimination of this type many times. Or maybe they just didn’t know what to say to me. Even so, I have always enjoyed a great deal of support from my Norwegian friends who have welcomed me to their homes and were always there to help and support me. In general it seems like most of the people are individualists and try to keep their distance, especially when it comes to the people who are coming from a post-war country. What’s more, keep in mind that here the system is built up in a way that allows everyone to live independently, in contrast with other countries like Afghanistan, where daily life is more connected to family, relatives and community. Looking back to those very first days that I was a stranger looking for shelter and protection to live in Norway, I can simply mark this period as being full of both challenges and opportunities. I got through a very tough time including a fight of over two years to win my asylum case and get permission to stay. But, as hard as it was, it made me learn how to fight for what I believed was right and worthwhile. I gained experience of life in a new country, and managed to get a full scholarship for Nansen Academy where I studied philosophy and politics with the additional subject of East African culture and history. I’ve contributed to different magazines and volunteered on many programs with organisations that work for human rights and are involved in supporting these as well as democracy in my native Afghanistan. I feel like I started from zero again – imagine holding a Bachelor’s degree received in your country but have to apply to start a high school again. If you are lucky, you might get to university level after three or four years. This is where I stand now and I’ll continue pushing myself to move forward with optimism. •

lack of access to the close-knit Norwegian community as a refugee. Initially, my knowledge about my host country was very limited. I knew only of its unique landscape and climate with summer midnight sun, and dark winter days including the famous Northern Lights. This I had learned about in fifth grade in a Geography class at school in my birth place of Bamyan in Afghanistan. Very soon I found the beautiful and evergreen nature of Norway to be a great source of peace and true friend of the lonely, washing up sorrows and producing inner happiness. Norwegian society is very different from the one I come from. It feels like two different worlds on the same planet, so integration is not easy to achieve. However, there are several facts that are crucial to ensure inclusion of new refugees. Firstly Norway, well-prepared to support its new residents, has an Introduction Programme that takes approximately two years and focuses on learning the language as well as social studies to enable immigrants to have some basic knowledge of Norwegian history and culture. During this course immigrants receive financial support from the state and housing facilities. At the same time Norway faces a very difficult challenge in deciding who to grant asylum protection to. Hundreds of refugees from my country are in a frightening and confusing situation, and will perhaps be deported back to Afghanistan – something I will address in another article. Second, what role can the Norwegian people as individuals play to welcome and help their new neighbours? In this regard Norwegian people are quite reserved and it may seem that they are not interested in opening up to new people. I have been living in Trondheim more than a year and to be honest, I do not know my neighbours. It’s not easy to make Norwegian friends 11



Music@Solsiden Alf Hulbækmo & Taiga Orchestra/ Wako & Oslo Strings/ Spyro Gyra/ Jessica Sligter/ Trondheim Vinterjazz Weekend/ Erlend Viken Trio/ Nik West/ Eldbjørg Raknes & Co/ Krokofant/ Zenos Mode/ Engegårdkvartetten/Ola Kvernberg/ Kammertirsdag!/ NTNU Crossover/ Knut Lauritzen Bigband – Toshiko Akiyoshi/ ‘Listen to the Silence’ Akademiet for yngre forskere/ Lage Lund Trio/ Eyolf Dale’s Wolf Valley/ Harald Lassen New Quartet ++

www. Dokkparken 4, 7014 Trondheim/p. 911 59 045


Monteverdi Orfeo Immortal Bach Händel Royal Fireworks I Fiaggiolini Sonia Prina Enrico Onofri Paul Agnew January 31st February 5th

World class performers of early music in Trondheim’s stunning venues



International Student Festival in Trondheim 2017

Over the following pages, The List will take you on a journey into history of the festival. A Student Peace Prize winner and Erna Solberg will answer our questions, and we will get you into a sneaky preview of festival’s highlights.

Photo by Lars Grønnestad




“CIVIC WORK SHOULD NEVER STOP, ONLY A WAR SHOULD” Photo by Johannes Sommerset Bjartnes


Words by The List with contributor Sadique Ndamwe

ajer Sharief, a young Libyan law student, peace activist, leader and co-founder of Extremely Together organisation has been announced Student Peace Prize Winner 2017 on behalf of all students in Norway. The prize was first awarded in 1999 and since then, every two years, the Norwegian students on the Student Peace Prize Committee choose an outstanding figure that works for peace building. In order to qualify for the election, two criteria have to be met by a candidate. Firstly, they have to be currently enrolled as a student. Secondly, and most importantly, they must challenge violence by promoting peace, democracy, and human rights. The selection process is a competitive and demanding process as in these unstable times, where violence, bombing, and political instability are all too common, we naturally (and fortunately) are lucky to have so many inspiring people fighting to bring peace back to the world and make this planet a better place to live. One of them is Hajer who started her activism for a simple reason: she hopes for a better tomorrow in Libya. She first saw conflict with her own eyes in 2011 when war broke out in her homeland. Then it was a second armed conflict, third and the list goes on... “Hope became an abstract term in the Libyan society,” says Hajer, and adds “something that’s very hard to relate to when you suffer from 11 hours of electricity cuts, your studies are interrupted for security reasons, and someone close to you gets killed by an armed man.” The realisation that this is not how anyone’s life should look like comes naturally. The feeling of extreme injustice, insecurity, THE FOURTEENTH ISSUE

and revolt, together with hope for all this ridiculous violence to be finally over, led Hajer to her current status. Working with Kofi Annan Foundation, she fights against violent extremism and tries to restore peace in Libya. The political climate in her country is dynamic. For Hajer it is still difficult to even grasp why the situation is so and why armed groups fight against each other. The situation depends on people being in power in a particular period of time, causing ordinary people to live in a constant atmosphere of uncertainty. Sometimes the situation remains stable, other times, however, it changes multiple times within 24 hours. That’s enough to make one permanently on edge. Furthermore, if we add to it the necessity to fight against a common misunderstanding that a young woman has little to say in rising awareness in Libya, we can fully understand the challenges Hajer Sharief faces. The lack of support for women and young people is an obstacle in building a peaceful society and the common stereotype that youth is not a powerful player in social debates doesn’t make it any easier. Hajer believes that much more support should be dedicated to young people,because they create the reality every bit as much as politicians wearing suits. Fortunately, she is not the only one to recognise the need to do so. The international community and especially the United Nations Security Council started prioritising this issue, having observed young people’s opinions were frequently excluded from the debate. Hajer’s opinion is that governments need to engage youth in decision-making, peace negotiations and peace-building. Using age as an excuse for lack of power in changing the world cannot be used when describing Hajer, who is a perfect example of a young woman involved in making this important change. She has been nominated by the 14

United Network of Young Peacebuilders UNOY and then chosen by Kofi Annan to be one of the leaders of Extremely Together, an initiative which empowers young people working on combating violent extremism in their local communities. It all sounds like a lot of responsibility for a 23-year-old. Hajer willingly explains where she derives motivation and inspiration from. An example of Tawfik Bensouad, a 15-year-old peace activist who was assassinated despite his young age, shows Hajer that people like them might be considered a threat to the armed men and can actually have a big impact. The two of them met in 2012, a year after the first armed conflict broke out in Libya. “Something I always remember when I think of Tawfik was a phone conversation between us,” recalls Hajer. “One time during an armed conflict he called me and started talking about organising a training session about debating skills for young people. I can still remember hearing the bombs bursting in the background of the phone call. I asked him if he was seriously organising training when there was a war going on? His answer struck me,‘civic work should never stop, only the war should stop’.” Having known people so inspired and devoted to the world’s peace situation, Hajer herself became one of them. Having never been to Trondheim before, Hajer is excited to come to collect the prize at a dedicated award ceremony during ISFiT. She has heard a lot about Trondheim and cannot wait to meet the festival’s participants and people that stand behind ISFiT. She admits to be very much honoured to be awarded the Student Peace Prize 2017 but also to realise that she now holds even more responsibility. “I feel that the responsibility of my work increased,” notes Hajer, as she now feels considers all the young people who place faith on this award and its recipients. •








Q& A WITH ERNA SOLBERG Photo by Thomas Haugersveen




Words by The List with contributor Kyle McClenahan


rna Solberg, Norway’s Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party, visited Trondheim earlier this autumn and was invited to Samfundsmøte on 10 September 2016. Our contributor Kyle McClenahan joined the meeting and was given an opportunity to interview the Prime Minister after the debate. Samfundsmøte is a series of meetings held in Studentersamfundet every Saturday evening, covering important topics from economic, social and political perspectives. The structure of each meeting is presented in the agenda and involves an introduction to the topic, presentations around the topic, questions from the audience, a discussion and proposal on how to approach the issue in the future. During the evening with Erna Solberg, the Prime Minister discussed the job market for graduates and emphasized that the Norwegian government will focus on knowledge in the future. Kyle asked the Prime Minister how Solberg’s government will attract knowledgeable people to do their research in Norway. The interview, however, started with a topic of discrimination, a topic even more important this year, when International Student Festival in Trondheim has chosen discrimination as its central theme. Kyle McClenahan: Speaking about the ISFiT Festival in 2017, I would like to ask: what is your wider definition of discrimination? Erna Solberg: We are now working on a new anti-discrimination law in Norway. We already have regulations in most of the areas, just to give you an example:  race, religion, sexes. Norway was actually first to introduce anti-discrimination law concerning sexes. However, in my belief, discrimination in Norway is based on religion. There are different kinds of discrimination in a variety 17

of areas, which is the reason why we are trying to bind this together and make a joint effort. This very moment we are also discussing if age should be put into anti-discrimination policies. km: ISFiT is the largest student-organized festival in the world and tackles rather difficult themes every other year. If you could see one theme brought up as the main focus in two years from now, what would you want that to be? es: You see deterioration in the world when talking about liberal ideas if it comes to how you live your life sexually. That is why I believe that on the world’s basis homosexuality or sexual orientation is probably the biggest issue. I think it’s going to become an important issue in two years’ time. km: One thing that I know your government wants to do is to bring more knowledgeable people here to increase university competency, output and quality, but at the same time you are worried about so many Ph.D. candidates coming from abroad. Where is the balance and how do you bring talent here to Trondheim instead of Silicon Valley? es: Well, that’s difficult. We have Norwegian companies based in Silicon Valley doing great research work. Norwegian owners of such companies often tell us that we must do something about taxes, and options for businesses. Norwegian political debate is often devoted to the inequality of taxes. We are now trying to establish a better fast-track system for people, especially for universities. Today the system is quite slow and we are doing our best to speed that process. Another important thing is that if your university becomes better in an international ranking, you will also get more qualified people to come. If it’s an interesting place to be, if other researchers who are there are on a high level, then more people will come. Because it’s worth it. • THE FOURTEENTH ISSUE


“It’s amazing to see the entire organization together.”


by K ristine Bjartnes, President of ISFiT

Words by Bertine Tønseth

Photo by

How will people in Trondheim notice that ISFiT is in town during the festival days? The people in Trondheim will notice ISFiT through our great culture program. During the eleven days of ISFiT there will theatre, plenary sessions, concerts and art exhibits. All of our culture program will address the theme of ISFiT, discrimination. Most of what we arrange is open to everyone, and a lot of events will be free of charge. The city will also have 500 extra inhabitants from all around the globe. I will encourage the people in Trondheim to attend ISFiT events and meet the participants. THE THIRTEENTH ISSUE

You should also become a host family! It is a great and unique opportunity to get new friends from the other side of the world. I have myself been an ISFiT host twice before and it is super fun! What are your expectations for the festival? I am very much looking forward to the good conversations, getting new friends, new perspectives, discovering new artists and learning more about discrimination. I think the festival mostly will be about discovering and learning. And I hope that ISFiT will be able to provide both the participants and the audience with effective tools to fight discrimination. And I cannot wait to lean back and enjoy the view of two years of work come to life. I am extremely proud of all the volunteers! I have been able to get to know incredible people, and it is going to be amazing to cross the finishing line together. 18

Why did you decide to run for ISFiT president? I was an ISFiT volunteer in ISFiT 2013 and 2015, and the truth is that I never felt finished with volunteering for ISFiT. I felt at home in ISFiT, probably because the values and goals of the organization lay close to my own. And it feels really satisfying to work day and night for something I really believe in, namely making a better future for young people in the world.  What is ‘the ISFiT feeling’ to you? The ISFiT feeling for me is the feeling of hope when almost 500 volunteers come together to create something great for others. ISFiT gives me a feeling of optimism and a belief in the future, because I am constantly surrounded be people who want to spend their time making the world a better place.  Do you have a special ISFiT moment or memory you want to share with the readers of The List? My best memory must be the opening ceremony during ISFiT 2013, that was my first grand meeting with ISFiT and I will never forget it, it still gives me goose bumps. I also have great memories from the last one and a half year with the preparations for ISFiT 2017, and the gatherings we have with all the ISFiT volunteers must be my favorites. It’s amazing to see the entire organization together. •


From the cold, hard tundra of Sápmi, in

the Barents region of Norway, comes the revolutionary band crew Biru Baby, with their bizarrely unique style and sound. The band echoes the ancient call of the Sami people - an indigenous group of the Barents region - mixed with the next level music of modern civilization, into what has been described as “baffling”, “brilliantly unique”, and “Baby Metal on acid”.

ISFiT have invited plenary participants DEBATE:

DISCRIMINATION, WHY? Dokkhuset 9. February Free 18 years

BIRU BABY Klubben, Studentersamfundet 10. February 22:00 150,- / 190,- Member / Not member 18 years


THE SYRIAN MONOLOGUES Knaus, Studentersamfundet 13. February 22:00 80,- / 130,- Member / Not member 15 years

Sarabis music concept is unique with

roots from traditional East African rhythms such as Benga and Afro Beat, fused with Rock and Reggae. Their performances are packed with energy and their lyrics are full of important messages. Social injustice is a fighting cause for the group, something you recognize though their lyrics.

that both work with and have personal experiences in regards to the topic. These speakers, including adviser on gender diversity for Fri Luca Dalen Espeseth, will each hold a presentation concerning their area of expertise within discrimination. The plenary session fascilitate a dialogue revolving around subjects like psychological mechanisms that fascilitate the acts of discrimination, and how structural discriminatory practices can be uncovered and how to battle these. Photo: Vegard Krogh

Photo: Luca Dalen Espeseth


The ASHTAR Theatre works with social

and political challenges on the stage. In 2014, ASHTAR Theatre was invited by CARE Jordan to initiate a project with Syrian refugees in Amman. In this initiative, ASHTAR worked with 120 refugees from different ages. 22 of them wrote their own personal monologues. These monologues will be presented on stage for a unforgettable theatre experience.

SARABI Klubben, Studentersamfundet 18. February 22:00 120,- / 170,- Member/ Not member 18 years







WISH IT. WANT IT. DO IT! The History

Behind ISFiT Words by Bertine Tønseth


n February, students from all over the world will fill in the streets of Trondheim. These 500 youngsters are going to be walking in the footsteps of more than 6,000 international students who have previously visited the city as ISFiT participants, during 14 ISFiT festivals over the past 27 years. To some, ISFiT is ten days with debates, workshops, concerts and new acquaintances. To others, the festival is much more than its physical presence, and exists far beyond the days of its programme. It becomes a way of living. At least for a little while. Hidden Away in a Container

Three years ago, a grand book project

started. Together with nine other contributors, I got the opportunity to dive into the history of ISFiT. We spent numerous hours searching through more than 25 years of planning, pursuing the history of this festival. Amongst old pamphlets, accounts, reports, applications, photos and letters, we found many stories we wanted to tell. It was one particular piece of paper which made co-editor Elise Farstad Djupedal come up with the idea of writing a book to capture the history of the world’s largest international student festival.

“I initiated the book, or should I say the project, because I found an official letter signed by the former American president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Jimmy Carter. It was hidden in a container right outside the ISFiT office at Gløshaugen,” Djupedal explains. Djupedal had just finished her time serving as an ISFiT board member one month earlier. She had just started getting back the feeling of what a weekend with no agenda or meeting requests felt like, and her mail inbox slowly contained on fewer and fewer emails. “At this time, I was fed up with ISFiT, silly games like hihaho, late nights at Gløshaugen, and crisp bread with canned mackerel,” Djupedal recalls. Nevertheless, she couldn’t shake the thought that she had by chance found such an interesting letter, just hidden away with nobody to care for it. “The situation with this letter got me thinking that the story of ISFiT had literally been thrown away for the past 23 years.” Meters of documents and hours of interviews were transformed into the book The Impossible Just Takes a Little Longer (original title Det umulige tar bare litt lengre tid). In the following, you will see some 21

LEFT The physics student Jarand Rystad, was the man who initiated the festival in 1988. One and a half years after Rystad’s bikeride, where he came up with the idea, the very first ISFiT was arranged. The festival was titled “A Changing Europe - what are the responsibilities of the students and their universities?”. Photo:

glimpses of what we found, when we dug into the past. How it All Began Many of us may find times spent during

transportation – whether on foot, by bike or by bus – as an excellent time to come up with grand ideas, and the great solutions to whatever we feel needs to be fixed. 9 November 1988, a physics student, Jarand Rystad, rode his two wheels from a meeting at Lade. At this time a wind of change blew through the streets of Trondheim, carrying ideas that affected the world outside this city. In the late years of the 1980s, the Cold War separated Europe between East and THE FOURTEENTH ISSUE


ABOVE The maiden voyage: On ISFiT’s first opening ceremony, a Saturday evening April 17th in 1990, festival president Mette Husemoen proudly joined table with the former prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland (in the front center). Photo: RIGHT Two worlds meeting in Scandinavia. Right after the Berlin Wall fell, East and West Europe was united when one train from Budapest and another one from Paris met in Copenhagen. This way, 375 European students were brought to Trondheim for the very first international student festival in 1990. Photo:


West. Even though Europe was in a severe state politically, yuppy culture had made its mark in Norway, and made its way into the Student Samfundet in Elgeseter gate, Rystad thought. He felt that the students seemed indifferent to the political climate. They were in lack of a meeting point where they could share political ideas and discussions. On this wintery night twenty eight years ago, while Rystad was on his way from A to B, he did as we often do. He thought of what, to him, were the issues that needed to be solved. His head was filled with thoughts about the state of the student community in Trondheim, and he was not too happy with this state of affairs. 22

“It was then I got the idea that we should create a gigantic student festival in Trondheim,” Rystad says. At this time, there was a surplus of engagement, and a deficit of international issues on the students’ debate agenda, and little activity at Student Samfundet. At the same time there was a fantastic group of volunteers at this student society, and loads of under-utilised resources. At least this was how the current leader of the house, Jarand Rystad, looked at it. “Without the traditions, forces and infrastructure the student community and the Student Society in Trondheim represented, the festival would never have seen the light of day. At least not as how we now know it,” Rystad claims. Go big or go home An important piece of the ISFiT puzzle, is

the many students who have volunteered. Afternoon after afternoon, weekend after weekend, in order to welcome international students from all over the world, to Trondheim. For nearly three decades, ISFiT has been an arena for debate and exchanging of ideas. In order to make this happen, more than 4,000 voluntary positions have been filled.


The idea of ‘go big or go home’ has been an accurate characterisation of the ISFiT mentality from the very beginning. Ideas presented on a whim, have often turned into true action, even though they have seemed both unrealistic and maybe even unorthodox. If it hadn’t been for this way of thinking, the Dalai Lama would never have set foot in Trondheim. Twice. Nor would the headmaster of NTNU allowed a lockdown of the university, in order to show support for the ISFiT project the ‘Student Peace Prize’ and the Burmese laureates of 2001. And for that matter, this peace prize would never have existed if it hadn’t been for a joke thrown about, seventeen years ago. 23



Same ISFiT, different wrapping When we look at how ISFiT has developed

through the years, it is imminent to say that the organisation has grown and headed in a more professional direction. Still, just as it was in the very beginning, all of the students who help build this organisation, do so voluntarily. When the volunteers were recruited to the first festival, all they had to do was to sign their names on a poster hanging on the walls of Student Samfundet. Today, this is a carefully planned process. All the 450 volunteers, have to go through interviews. Today, ISFiT lives far beyond the offices at Gløshaugen and the red, round building in Elgeseter gate. The festival has inspired former participants to make their own festivals and projects around the globe, and it’s safe to say that ISFiT is a part of an international network. When Dalai Lama returned to Trondheim and ISFiT in 2015, there was no need to sleep in a tent in India to bring him here. The organisation has managed to build a strong network, consisting of people who are more than willing to contribute to making a successful festival. Even though the festival itself lasts for just ten days every other year, the organisation has been alive, more than less, every day ever since it was initiated that November night in 1988. The idea of creating an arena where the world’s future leaders can discuss and develop different topics, and make new friendships, has remained the same. There is no ‘no’ One of the stories that have been maybe

most referred to in the history of ISFiT, is the tale of how Dalai Lama came to visit the third festival. This is a story about endurance, stamina, good networking skills, THE FOURTEENTH ISSUE

PREVIOUS PAGE MAIN The monk dressed in yellow: A lot of hard and dedicated work is the story behind this image, which was taken during His Holiness Dalai Lama’s visit to Trondheim and ISFiT in 1994. It turns out that endurance, stamina, good networking skills and an invitation that couldn’t be turned down was all it took.

PREVIOUS PAGE INSET Trading ideas: This caption from a workshop during the festival in 1999, could just as well have been from the more recent festivals. Even though the larger network, possibilities newer technology has created, the essence of ISFiT har remained the same. Creating an arena for trading ideas.

Photo: Knut Åge Skorstad.


and maybe a little bit of luck. An important part of the festival, is inviting speakers to the Student Society. When the third festival was being planned in 1994, who else could be more interesting to invite than His Holiness the Dalai Lama? President of the 94’ festival, Rina Sunder and co-worker, Lars Bjørgan Schrøder, were eager to get His Holiness to Trondheim. When their invitation was declined, it didn’t mean that the fight was over. “We accepted the ‘no’ as a ‘half yes’,” explains Sunder, who got on a plane to India together with Schrøder. The students contacted the Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi, human rights lawyers and even Dalai Lama’s personal contact in India. They were told to go home and forget their grand idea. “Everybody gave us a flat no, and told us 24

ABOVE An important piece of the ISFiT puzzle, is the many students who have volunteered, and spent one afternoon and weekend after the other, in order to welcome international students from all over the world, to Trondheim. For nearly three decades, ISFiT has been an arena for debate and exchanging of ideas. In order to make this happen, more than 4 500 voluntary positions have been filled.

to just forget about it. Dalai Lama’s schedule was set three years ahead, and they even showed us other important invitations that had been declined,” Schrøder recalls. Still, the young envoys wouldn’t take no for an answer. They felt they had their half yes. Every morning for several days, they met at the gates of His Holiness’ home in Dharamsala. After getting to know the house staff, they got in touch with the head of security, who arranged a meeting with Dalai Lama’s secretary. In the end, Sunder and Schrøder were given audience with the man they had worked so hard to meet. The secretary kindly reminded His Holiness that he was attending a conference in USA during the festival days in Trondheim. To this, the monk said the magical words: “But this is much more important, cancel my other appointment.” •


Invite the world to your home ISFiT’s participants need a home while in Trondheim. Do you want to experience new cultures in your home? House one of our participants during the festival! All you need is a couch and breakfast.

For more info visit





YOGA UP YOUR WINTER Words by Adria Scharmen

Photos by Nikol Herec


hen you read this, on a cold and dark Trondheim January day I will be far away on a yoga retreat. I say this not to brag but to inspire as I believe it to be something all of us should invest in at some point in our life. Get away, relax and recharge. Don’t we all want that? Especially during this time of the year, all we talk about is getting away. Yet I wander, why is it that we have to get away to relax? Why is it so difficult to do that at home? How do we relax when our daily life and all its responsibilities’ are constantly breathing down our neck? When the darkness weighs on us like a rock? My answer is yoga. The best time to practice yoga will always be now, regardless of the season, but there is something about a Norwegian winter that calls for it even more. Most of you have probably noticed that winters inspire inner reflection and with it solitude, instead of taking this is as something negative, I invite you to embrace it. Yoga encourages us to take this time for ourselves and balance our energy. Because we are not machines meant to work at the same pace year long, we are human beings. We are part of the natural world and as such require this natural flow of energy, this adapting to phases of productivity and hibernation. A yoga session replicates this flow with use of the breath. I know it all sounds like a cliché to you; meditate, be mindful, let go, flow, connect, breathe, etc. we hear it all the time! But the truth is that as much sense as it makes it is usually easier said than done, especially in winter. While preparing the pictures for this article, a yoga class was organized at Terra 27

Yoga on a gloomy Sunday evening. Anne, our teacher started the class by sharing a quote: ”Life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by choice.” It couldn’t be more relevant as some of us had dragged ourselves off the couch to be there; yoga is a choice in this path to make our lives better. Pushing ourselves into the sometimes uncomfortable poses (of yoga and life) is a choice we have to make more often than we realize. The effect is more often than not, revitalizing, not only for the body but also for the mind as we make the connections to our everyday life. Yoga is not just about lying in some awkward position or standing on your head. The yoga you all think you know is most probably just that, the asanas or poses, the physical part, but yoga is much more than a work out. It is the binding of the discomfort with the comfort, the strenuous and the ease, the balance between the winter and the summer, the phases of our life. Yoga is a life style, a philosophy! Yoga is also a science of the mind, through its practice we should calm both, our restless body and our mind to achieve harmony (and eventually even enlightenment!). As expected this is a long and difficult journey, one that might take many lifetimes (hence karma), but one that every living creature yearns for. If you have taken a yoga class before then you are most likely familiar with basic relaxation pose or Savasana in Sanskrit. It means dead man pose, because one just lies on the mat, as if dead. This pose is reserved for the end of the class and should be about 10 min, at the least. This is rare in most classes since it is unfortunately dismissed as a waste of time. Relaxing for 10 minutes! A waste of time!? The truth is most of us struggle with the silence, with the inability to busy ourselves with something else. In yoga we are encouraged to listen to THE FOURTEENTH ISSUE



our thoughts and this is a struggle most of us are not comfortable with. Just like our winter, savasana is something we want to get away from, but something we should embrace. One of the most important goals of the asana practice in yoga is calming our physical body so we can work on our mental and subtle body; we work through the physical tension first so we can experience the mental tension. Sounds crazy? Not so much if we remember that we are our thoughts and that in order to let go of mental issues, we first have to acknowledge them. We tend to store emotional tension in different parts of our physical body, yoga poses loosen those tensions and encourage the ”loosening up” of emotions as well. Scary it is, of course, but liberating as well. Yoga is many times described as the path back to our own true nature. It is definitely not just a work out and as such an experience I invite you all to try this year. Our body recognizes it as a place we want to return to, this harmony and connection to who we are meant to be in this lifetime. The point is listening to it, allowing us the time to stand still, to breathe and pay attention as it guides us there. And never the less, dare to change and make the choices necessary to become who we are supposed to be. We have to be brave enough to chisel away everything that is not our Self. Especially in the dark winters. By practicing yoga we create warmth in our body and pamper our spirit. Simple sun salutations can create energy in amazing ways! The name couldn’t fit better, as we know the sun is there, somewhere behind the clouds, just under the horizon line on the other side of the globe, but it is there THE FOURTEENTH ISSUE

always, like the warmth and energy in our body, we shouldn’t ignore it just because we can’t see it or feel it. Salute it; call for it with this basic yoga sequence and it will come to you. Where do we start? There are about 6 paths of yoga, Hatha Yoga being the most common in the western world and the path from which most of the options in Trondheim are based on. This yoga style uses the physical practice to create balance between strength and flexibility. Ashtanga and Vinyasa (or flow) link movement to breath and are the most popular forms practiced in town. Yin, Nidra 28


Here are some options for starting your formal yoga practice in Trondheim: Zenith yoga- In Bakklandet, offers a ton of courses for all levels, they have long term courses every semester. They also have flying yoga and yoga for children! TERRA YOGA In Lade (new Lilleby area), for great technique workshops with Anne and Restorative yoga with Jessica! TRONDHEIM YOGA SCHOOL In Svartlamoen Barnehage, long term courses on Monday’s and Thursdays with Elin. YOGA LIBRI In Tyholt, for yoga therapy and Reiki sessions with Giovanna YATRA YOGA Svartlamoen, DansIT, long term/semester courses on Tuesdays with Nina SHANKA Downtown, for Ayurveda treatments and consultations with July NTNU SIT Solsiden and Gløshaugen, offer semester long courses with one of the best teachers in town, El Ri (also teaches at Terra)

“This yoga style uses the physical practice to create balance between strength and flexibility.”

and Restorative have lately made their way into the city, and are slower forms of yoga. We also have Bikram or hot yoga which is one of the most strenuous types, as it takes place in a room heated to around 38ºC. I encourage you to check all of them out, find the style that better fits you and your body. I also encourage you to try different teachers as I believe it is them who will make the yoga experience worthwhile; read about them and their qualifications, check them out, you will see just how different a yoga class can be depending on who leads it. I usually do not go back to a class that doesn’t encourage inner reflection. Why? Well, because “Life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by choice.” • 29

TRONDHEIM MEDITASJON Downtown, for the yoga cause and other cool hippy gatherings TRONDHEIM YOGA CENTER In Ila, free trial class on Mondays :) GYMS 3T offers yoga classes at all its locations! Including the cities only Hot Yoga rooms and "yoga for men", I personally enjoy Sebastien’s classes, even though they tend to be a bit crowded







“Being the best for the world, not in the world”

Words by Jaya Thomlison

Photos by Nikol Herec & Torleif Kvinnesland


pproximately 20 years ago in the small town of Klæbu, just outside of Trondheim, a girl raised in the outdoors tried out something new for the first time, and through love, passion and perseverance eventually became one of Trøndelag’s prized Olympic medal winners. Kjersti Buaas is a rather known name for anyone that has followed the past four Olympic Winter games. What you may not have known is that she is a proclaimed Trondheim ambassador. While residing in California for the time being, Kjersti makes it her mission to support others interested in outdoor sports to find a balance between their mind, body and soul. Kjersti, can you tell our readers about yourself ? I’m originally from Trondheim and I grew up doing a lot of different sports. I was introduced to snowboarding at the age of twelve when my older sister was trying it out and I wanted to be just like her, of course. Snowboarding was something that I fell in love with immediately. It felt creative and fun to move around and move my body in that way. I never set out with an ambition to create a career... but snowboarding has since become my job and profession. For the past eighteen years of I have been professionally competing, resulting in four Olympics, winning a bronze medal and a couple of silver medals as well. Winning golds in various X-games. Yours is not the most common life-path, albeit incredibly inspiring. How did you initially get involved in competitive sports? Something that Norwegians might underestimate is the benefit of being born in a place where people are encouraged to get outdoors and test their limits. Growing up

in Trondheim, we had to get out of our comfort zones, whether it was the weather, or something else. I was also lucky to have role models and good people supporting me, including coaches and a national team. I have had very nice support system from the start. That is really important when you are at the age when you are trying to find your inner strength. It also feels kind of safe to be in Norway and to be a Norwegian as it’s a small country. I think that we can identify with one another easier because we are only 5 million or so. It has not been easy to find a clear path and everyone must experience the same. I mean, I have never really doubted that it’s what I wanted to do, though I never really decided ‘this is what I am going to do, I’m going to be a professional snowboarder and compete in the Olympics. Luckily I had all of those people around me, without them I could not have done it. As a female, what are were some of the mental breakthroughs you needed in order to engage in competitive sports? I associate some of my drive to resiliency. Whether it’s just weather, cultural tradition or determination. This is all important. In the beginning snowboarding gave me a new way to think, a new way live and to view myself. I was surrounded by female athletes, yet snowboarding has always been a very friendly sport. So even though we were competing against each other, we became really good friends. A key factor is finding your community. Being that snowboarding was a smaller community worldwide than other competitive sports, we weren’t afraid to share. We weren’t afraid to share strategies with each other were open about it. We pushed each other to watch documentaries about, let’s say food and agriculture, in order to learn what’s behind it. After seeing learning what happens in other places, such as American agriculture, I was shocked. My snowboarding community has helped me 31

access education and knowledge so I that I could make conscious and good choices that would be good more me, and for the world. Do you think that growing up in this region has had anything to do with your career path? I grew up in a very active family and we always spent most of our time outdoors. That is to say, I had it in my blood and I loved it. I think that Trøndersk culture is very tough and strong. You know, it’s never really bad weather, we just go outside. In Norway you will see people going to work on a bike in a rainstorm and it doesn’t matter. In other parts of California they’ll say it is horrible weather when there is one cloud in the sky and wouldn’t consider riding a bike in the rain. I think that something so simple as coming from a culture where you are not afraid to face nature has helped me understand how to push my own limitations. I brought this outlook with me to into a male dominated sport where at the time, girls were a token. When there was one spot on a snowboarding team for a girl and that spot was filled, we may have previously thought ‘it’s already taken’. I started challenging this. My upbringing encouraged me to change my way of thinking and follow my heart in order to solve the problem differently. I would try out for the team anyhow. I believed that if I followed mind, body and soul, I could inspire other people. My perspective is, before the action, it’s just a thought. But everything changes once you start doing it. At some point I realised my own power. Then I started realising that all anyone has to do is start thinking differently and seeing the potential in change. In that respect, being a professional athlete is simply a way to do life. The benefit is that you get to experience so many things, challenge yourself so intensively both in competition and under pressure. Snowboarding is often considered a young THE FOURTEENTH ISSUE


I’m a competitive athlete by profession, but my ultimate goal is to be the best for the world - not just in the world

person’s sport, though you grew up in Norway where you don’t have strong conforming factors related to age - people in their 60s and 70s are still climbing, skiing and are showing that body is actually a tool. What do you have to do to keep yourself healthy and competitive at over the age of thirty? I’ve done a lot of different things within the sport and I’m still loving it. Yes, I’m still competing with all these teenagers as young as fourteen… and it is about breaking stereotypes. You might think that you need to retire from professional sports in your late 20s because that’s the norm. And then you realise that it’s just a norm and not the rule. I think that coming from a culture where you are free to keep working beyond ‘pension age’ if you choose to, affects you. People are inspired by their peers no matter the age, whether they are parents, grandparents or friends. We will always look to what is around us and draw inspiration from it. So for me, it became almost like a personal goal to see how my body will respond to competing at that level of snowboarding as I age, because the sport can be pretty harsh and there can be a lot of impact. Once I realised that I had to become more healthy in order to continue - when it comes to food, training, and everything going on in my mind - I started seeing so much potential and age didn’t matter anymore. It is a fun journey that I’m kind of creating on my own. There still aren’t that many snowboarders competing after their 20s. How do you think your ego comes into play? To be honest, it was probably eight or so years ago when I realised we had the term THE FOURTEENTH ISSUE



‘ego’ and I started to contemplate it. I had certain sentiments and then thought, ‘wow, that’s my ego – that’s what it is.’ I was really lucky because my friends and I started a club and we called it ‘One Life’, which had the intention of being light-hearted in competition. A lot of people get really serious and their ego becomes very blatant and they don’t realise the impact. So ‘One Life’ tried to be aware of the ego. We intended to compete and have fun because isn’t that why we started doing this in the first place? We helped each other through this process and vowed to be a constant reminder to one another. We did silly things when we were younger like where animal hats – you know, you can’t get egotistical and be serious in an animal hat. Just try it. We had these little tools to help us to get through that phase and I think it is really important for people to reflect and look inside to remind themselves of what their ultimate motivation is. The more I learn about my ego, the more I’m able to see that I am unrestrained to be who I want to be. If at one point I did something I was not proud of, I can just shake it off and let it go. Tips for keeping healthy and active, body and mind? We hosted a camp called ‘Presence Performance’ at Vassfjellet last January 33

and will offer another in March. This was an all day women’s snowboarding camp starting with yoga and meditation. The foundation behind the camp is: face what brings yourself to its highest performance. If you want to be at the top of anything, the more present you are, the better you’ll be. This is something I have learned from the Olympics. Whenever I’ve done my best, it was because I was present. There are various techniques like breathing in the air, differentiating smell and sounds. We are also teaching participants what will give you the best fuel to perform the best. For me it is very important to find a good balance between when I’m training and doing my thing, but also hosting things such as this camp. Because that is what really motivates me. What does this region have to offer, what should they be proud about? Be proud that you are growing up in a city that is surrounded by amazing forest and wildlife. Where else can you go less than five minutes outside of the city and go cross-country skiing and stay connected to nature? Deep down I think that this is why people in and around Trondheim have a lot of love in their hearts. I feel a lot of love. You don’t know everyone, but because of the size you feel as if you could. • THE FOURTEENTH ISSUE



Looks Outside Although a beautiful, entertaining, magical, addictive, and inspiring destination in its own right, Trondheim is much more than just a city. It is also a region, Trondheimsregionen, the fourth biggest urban area in the country and the centre of Trøndelag. It is the heart of the middle of Norway, Midt-Norge, and it is the wider area newcomers fall in love with. And if you haven’t fallen head over heals for Trondheimsregionen yet, then take a look outside the city this winter, and we guarantee you will find a new love just in time for Valentine’s. The beauty of the region is that you not only have everything in one place but it is also easily accessible. Starting this month The List will introduce you to a new area each issue. Let us take you for a journey into the mountains, a trip to other towns, walks in the woods, and strolls along seaside. In this issue we join Tijana for her Sunday trip and say hi to Klæbu!

Words by Tijana Ostojic

Photo by Helena Normark

TIJANA OSTOJIC comes from Montenegro. She’s on her travels around the world, and recently she decided to call Trondheim her home for a while. Always on the look out for adventures and thrills, and with skis on her feet, Tijana is our guide to Klæbu Municipality.



ast January I found myself running down the stairs and upon finding eightyear-old Eir, I proudly declared that jullenisse had granted my Jul wish. She stared at me blankly for a moment or two, and then with a pointed look she asked, “And what that wish might be?” I, all too eager to reveal, nearly shouted: “LOOK AT ALL THAT SNOW!” Then, as if to prove that my story is true, I quickly opened the front door and pointed at the several inches of freshly fallen snow. She did not move an inch, evidently unimpressed by the fulfillment of my Christmas wish. So I, in the coolest voice I could master sheepishly uttered “we can finally go skiing! And,” I added, “I know where we can go alpine ski too! Vassfjellet!” I exclaimed. “And that’s not even the best part! It is just half an hour away from here! We could go this very weekend!” Eir, realising the reason behind my excitement, laughed, “Duh, I could have told you that!’ I did not know it then, but until the snow melted around Easter that year we skied every opportunity we had. Earlier the same day, as I sat in a coffee shop, I overheard two women talking about 34

the weekend they had spent alpine skiing in Vassfjellet. My ears picked up the word ‘alpine’, and right then and there I began shamelessly eavesdropping on their conversation, eager to find out where this magical land named Vassfjellet was. It turned out that Vassfjellet Mountain is situated on the border of Klæbu and Melhus municipalities, just eight short kilometres away from the south border of Trondheim’s city limits. The ski center, located on the Klæbu side is named after the mountain itself and has the altitude of 660 metres and is equipped with six ski lifts and ten pistes, their levels of difficulty varying. However, if alpine skiing is not your cup of tea, and you would rather snowboard, then you are in luck! The ski center offers features for snowboarders and freestylers, too. All the pistes are suitable for night skiing. So, all that is left for you to do is to check the ski bus schedule, bring along your skis/ snowboards or rent them there. For more information, check the Ski Center’s official web page as well as their Facebook page where they frequently update on the ski conditions, ski bus schedules, etc. (see info box opposite).


SKI CENTER’S OFFICIAL PAGE Ski bus tickets Vassfjellet Skiheiser AS Check their Facebook page for updates on ski conditions. Check for all sort of information about the weather conditions, routes and difficulty levels, snow reports, and maps html

We visited Klæbu more than once last winter, as it is also a great area for cross country skiing (especially if your novice status makes Bymarka a challenge). Mount the skis on top of the cars, make sure headlampbatteries are charged, pack appropriate ski wax, sneak in Kvikklunsj or two, and you are ready to go cross country skiing. One of the most memorable skiing trips in Klæbu municipality took us through the nature reserve to the Gjenvollhytta where we stopped for a coffee and waffle break. If you are curious to see stunning views

and have fun skiing, then check, type Klæbu il and you will be able to find the possible routes and how many hours have passed since the machine has run the ski paths. Besides the skiing, Klæbu offers other attractions such as fishing. Selbusjøen Lake is the largest one in the Sør Trøndelag.While it is primarily located in Selbu municipality, its western end is situated in Klæbu. It is at this western end that Nidelva River flows out. Selbusjøen Lake is popular place for all those who enjoy trout fishing. • 35

Ski routes Check for more info about fishing in Selbusjøen Lake freshwater-fishing








Photos by Helena Normark






TRONDHEIM CALLING Revamps Olavskvartalet

Words by Karin Modig Photo by Nikol Herec


orway’s largest national music conference and showcase festival, Trondheim Calling returns for an eighth time this February. Featuring promising new artists that are heading towards a breakthrough, the festival’s primary aim is to celebrate and showcase new Norwegian music. But we also get to experience some fantastic ‘new’ venues. The festival sees around 100 concerts over three days, spread across eleven very different venues in Midtbyen, Solsiden and Brattøra. Olavshallen is one of the venues and its oft-forgotten ‘Lille Sal’ will host 15 concerts over three days. The List caught up with Olavshallen’s CEO Bjørgvin Thorsteinsson to find out why the home of Trondheim’s symphony orchestra is such a good fit for Trondheim Calling. A concert house for all Thorsteinsson has been at the helm of

Olavshallen for around two years. Not long after he was appointed, he said in an interview that Olavshallen had lost its profile over the years. Teaming up with Trondheim Calling is part of a strategy to create a stronger profile for Olavshallen as a true house of culture, featuring something for everyone. Classical music a very important ingredient in Olavshallen’s programme, and though there are no plans to move away from that, Thorsteinsson wants to expand on it. “Our classical profile is very important to us, we have great visitor numbers and many regular concert goers. What we are seeking to do is to broaden the programme, by throwing other types of music

and events into the mix to create a more balanced programme,” he says. “Olavshallen is the only concert house in this city, we want to play a part in the city’s festivals and we want to appeal to a broad audience. It is important for us to showcase other genres as well as classical music.” Artistic diversity and quality Stand-up comedy, metal, dance perfor-

mances and family-friendly shows are all featured in Olavshallens programme. In addition to variety, the equally important focus is quality, and he sees Trondheim Calling ticking both boxes in this regard. “The one thing that ties all the genres and artists on our programme together is quality and artistic diversity,” he says. “We want to have a varied and balanced programme, providing something for all age groups and featuring different genres and events.” Olavshallen was one of the venues for Trondheim Calling last year and the experience of being part of the festival left him wanting more. ”We had an extremely positive experience with the organisers, they were very professional and easy to work with,” says Thorsteinsson. “Trondheim Calling has got a very exciting profile and it was a great thing to be part of.” I think this is a very special festival as it features young artists that are on their way somewhere and we very much want to be a part of that,” he says. ”Trondheim Calling has had a tremendous development in the years it has existed, as well as the festival getting bigger, they are starting to move more into the centre of Trondheim, which is exciting for us.” A hub of activity Like last year, the concerts will be in

Olavshallen’s Lille Sal, the smaller of the two auditoriums, situated on the lower ground floor. Back in the 1990’s, this floor was also home to a nightclub, with a doorway 39

leading to rock pub Fru Lundgren next door. Fru Lundgren is another Trondheim Calling venue, and last year, for the first time in 12 years, the doors between the two venues were once again opened, allowing festival goers to walk between the two. Thorsteinsson says it was great for them to be able to show off Lille Sal as a concert venue and having refurbished the area over the last year, Lille Sal is ready to rock again this year. So what else can festival goers expect from Olavshallen this year? ”We will again be opening the doors to Fru Lundgren, but what is new this year is that we will be using much of the ground floor as well, which we are looking forward to. There are currently several empty spaces that we will put to good use during the festival,” says Thorsteinsson. “The ground floor will be a central hub for the festival, a meeting place for the volunteers, musicians and organisers. Additionally there will be numerous popups, both restaurants and bars, so we are really expecting and looking forward to a house full of activity.” The CEO himself is a big music fan, and will be aiming to get to as many concerts at Trondheim Calling as he can. ”I had a festival pass last year and it was an amazing event, I have never heard so many good concerts in the space of one night. The concept is amazing, and both the atmosphere and the audience was great.” Many bands that have played at Trondheim Calling in the past are now established artists, perhaps most notably Highasakite, so for your chance to see stars in the making, so it is advisable to get your passes early. Aside from the music, Trondheim Calling also features a conference programme, aimed at increasing competency levels within the Norwegian music industry. Trondheim Calling is 2-4 February. See the listings and previews sections (page 50) for details, tickets and prices. Or visit or for more information. • THE FOURTEENTH ISSUE




Photos by Jarle Hagen

he celebration is open for everyone, including for the Sámi people from across four countries. Tråante 2017 will mark and convey knowledge about the Sámi people, their languages, culture and history, with a 100-year-long perspective. The vision is to contribute to participation and engagement for democratic development. It is the 100 year anniversary of the first Sámi congress, which was held in the Methodist church (Metodistkirken) in Trondheim, 6-9 February 1917. This centenary will be marked by events throughout 2017, but the Anniversary Week is taking place in Trondheim 5-12 February. The jubilee week will contain a programme filled with cultural and political happenings, with

A couple of useful phrases in

Southern Sámi, the official language of Tråante 2017, which you can try out during the jubilee. There are many different dialects of the Sámi languages, but just three recognised written languages. See below for more info:




Buerie biejjie

God dag

Hello / Good day

Lahkoe biejjine

Gratulerer med dagen

Birthday greetings










Gæjhtoe / Jïjnh


Thank you

gyjhteles / Gudtsien


the focus being on events at the Trondheim Torv, 6-8 February. Visitors to the Torv during this period should expect a great atmosphere, with unique experiences and old traditions, preserved for generations by the indigenous people. ReinTråante 2017 is a collaberation between the Oi! Mat and The Norwegian Association Sámi Reindeer Herders (‘Reindrift’ In the Sámi business of reindeer herding).







Photo of First Sámi National Convention, Trondheim 1917

Svante Henrysson, Tuesday 7 February, 8pm, Nidarosdomen. Photo by Ørjan Bertelsen

Mathis Nango at Gallerie Hanne, throughout Anniversary Week

Plupp - a ‘jojkical’, Teaterhuset Avant Garden, 9-10 February, 6pm

During the Anniversary Week

there will be a lot of political activity, including The 21st Sámi Council Conference, The 4th Sámi Parliamentary Conference, and a Seminar with the Court Administration. The Sámi Parliament in Finland and the Sámi Parliament in Sweden will also hold a plenary meeting, and The Sámi Parliament in Norway will be holding political meetings. Most conferences are open to everyone.

The Anniversary Week will

Most museums in Trondheim

host a wide range of concerts and theatre. There will be Sámi joik, hiphop, orchestras and many other musical experiences. Arenas include (amongst others) Nidarosdomen, Rockheim, Torvet, Metodistkirken, Kultursenteret ISAK and Olavshallen, Teaterhuset Avant Garden and Trøndelag Theatre.


are curating their own programmes within Sámi culture to mark the centenary, with special events during the Anniversary Week. There will exhibitions across different forms and many opportunities to see examples of ‘duedtie’ (Sámi handicraft). Exhibitions will take place at Trondheim Torv and Olavshallen, and many other galleries, all well worth a visit.


Tråante 2017 will introduce

and explore Sámi history, culture, language and business through a variety of different happenings at places like the Methodist Church, NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet and Sverresborg museum. See full programme of what’s on at

FOURTEENTH ISSUE See listings THE section for more info







Photo by T. Gustavsen

ebruary 6th to 8th: three fantastic days, filled with smell, taste, music and generally great mood. Twelve Sámi lavvus will be established in the heart of Trondheim. You can taste reindeer from the wild plains of Norway, see Sámi design, handle traditional Sámi handicrafts (‘duodji’), hear Sámi music and experience the joyous Sámi people’s sense of humour. A big lavvo with 350 seats will be filled to the brim with Sámi food and handicrafts, from Vadsø in the North to Røros in the South. There will be many food producers offering handcrafted, traditional Sámi cuisine. You can also hear about the history of what you’re eating, where it comes from, how the animal lived and learn about the whole food chain from pasture to plate. Duodji creators and Sámi designers will bring unique merchandise you have probably never seen nor experienced before. There will be plenty of opportunities to buy reindeer meat in different forms to take home, and you will get lots of tips on how to prepare the food. In the lavvus you will receive advice from chefs from ‘MatPrat’ on Monday, ‘Mat-Start’ for children on Tuesday, and on Wednesday you can hear what Thomas Borgan - representative of Norway in the Chefs World Cup this autumn - has to say about preparing reindeer. There will also be music, activities and shows for all ages every day. So a warm welcome to the Trondheim Torv, 12 midday to 7pom everyday, 6-8 February!



Reindrift (reindeer herding and trade connected to it) has for many years been an important business in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. In Norway the Sámi reindeer business is run from Hedmark in the South to Finnmark in the North. Only people from the Sámi reinsdrift ancestry are allowed to run their reindeer within the Sámi reindeer pasture areas. The area is divided into six Sámi pastures and four domestic reindeer areas. They follow the reindeers’ natural cycles and migrations and therefore the pastures vary between the different seasons. In Finnmark and Troms the reindeer are at the coast in the summer and in-country during the winter season. It is the reverse in Nordland because of climate differences.


Festival Director Words and photo by Wil Lee-Wright

The Sami people are the


Duedtie is traditional Sámi arts and handicraft. One separates between ‘soft’ duodji; textile and leather work, and ‘hard’ duodji; metal works and carving from wood/ rock, horn and bone. Shape and colours are distinct in each district and different families have their own special character traits in their craftwork. Training has traditionally been a part of the family upbringing. Today it formally takes place over two years during high school and then two years apprenticeship.


At the Torv Stage, Tråante 2017 is in charge of the arrangements. ‘Rein – Tråante 2017’ has responsibilities in the lavvus. Oi! Trøndersk Mat & Drikke is in charge of the technical implementation of the arrangement. ‘REIN – Tråante 2017’ is assigned the task from Markedsutvalget for Reinkjøtt (Market Selection for Reindeer Meat), Innovasjon Norge and Reindriftens Utviklingsfond.

indigenous residents of a large swathe of the Arctic area of Sápmi, (also known as ‘Lapland’ in English, covering Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia). These semi-nomadic tribes are most recognisable by their traditional livelihoods of reindeer herding and fishing. Tråante 2017 is a national celebration of this colourful people, marking the 100 year anniversary of the first Sami congress on 6 February 1917. Ida Marie Bransfjell, Project Manager of Tråante, describes it as “a celebration, with both politicians and a cultural meeting of people.” “There will 12 lavvus set up in Trondheim Torv,” says Ida Marie enthusiastically. “You can taste reindeer meat, purchase traditional handicrafts, even try out reindeer lassoing! There will also be exhibitions, music, both old and new, plus a Sami fashion show… It is our chance to show everything which is great about Sami culture and society. We want to ‘paint the town Sami’ for the week.” ‘Reindrift’ (reindeer herding) will be a central theme of Tråante, as indeed it is for Sami 43

culture generally. The nomadic nature of this livelihood, which involves following herds from summer to winter pastures, is often ideologically opposed to the constraints of geopolitical borders. “Since the first Sami congress in 1917 we have been in a strong ‘Norwegianification’ period, which tells us all Sami should be also be Norwegian (or Finish, or Swedish, or Russian),” explains Ida Marie. “But if you read old mythology you will read all the time that Norwegians and Sami have existed hand in hand and rely on one another, trade and so on.” “The three central themes of the congress in 1917 were school and education, organisation and reindrift. We have come a long way since then, but it is interesting to note that it is the same three topics which dominate today’s discussions.” Ida Marie, who comes from Reindrift Sami people, now calls Trondheim her home. Form 5 February this year the city will also host the most important coming together of the Sami people for several generations. Trondheim has always been an important destination for the Sami people and it is with great anticipation that all concerned look forward to Tråante 2017. • THE FOURTEENTH ISSUE


Illustration by Skurktur





have a brilliant idea and now you are thinking about starting a company. Maybe you have lived in the city for years or maybe you are new to it. Maybe you are even thinking of moving to another city to realise your dream. You have never started a business before and you are not sure where to start. How have others done it? Who do you talk to? Where do you go to find the answers you are looking for? WORDS MARIE JACOBSEN LAUVÅS



tartup Guide is a book series filled with inspiration, case-stories, advice and how to’s on starting a business in a city. It is based on the idea of a traditional guidebook, a book you carry along with you when you want to start up a project or business. Why do you need it? To find secret spots, to know where to go, who to talk to and what not to miss. All recommended


by the people who know the city the best - the locals. Trondheim has done a good job mapping out the startup ecosystem in the last couple of years, but we at Technoport felt that Startup Guide is the next natural step. Startup Guide Trondheim is an important part of putting the technology and innovation environment in Trondheim on the world map, something Technoport has been working with for a while. “Trondheim has a long tradition of innovation. The city creates the most entrepreneurs per capita in Norway and has an incredibly strong entrepreneurial ecosystem. For this reason, CNN has ranked Trondheim in the top 10 richest cities worldwide in 2025. Therefore, we needed a voice that can showcase the city internationally and create links and relationships between relevant players. We like to talk about Trondheim as Norway’s technology capital, but we also have to back up our words with actions,” says Marie Lauvås, CMO at Technoport. Startup Guide Trondheim aims to familiarise Trondheim with national and international stakeholders, and showcase that Trondheim’s vibrant startup ecosystem is attractive for entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators. Startups across the globe are beTHELIST.NO/TECHLIST

Start Up Guide Trondheim is available from: DIGS Olav Tryggvasons gate 30 Akademika Trondheim Alfred Getz’ vei 3 Work-Work Munkegata 58

coming increasingly interconnected and interdependent. How do we navigate these growing communities? The first step is picking up your local go-to guide. There is no better way to navigate this city and its startup ecosystem than Startup Guide Trondheim. So start reading – you may just find your dream-team, and bring your own ideas to life. Startup Guide was supported by Trondheimsregionen, Trondheim Kommune and Innovasjon Norge. You can get your copy of the book at DIGS, Work Work and Akademika.

01 02 03








space and renewable energy will get access to world-leading competence from experts and mentors with extensive experience from the relevant verticals. The bootcamp is a three-day intensive programme in Trondheim with mentoring, expert meetings and lectures on industry-relevant knowhow. APPLY BEFORE 13 JANUARY WWW.TECHNOPORT.NO/CONTENT/733/ TECHNOPORT-BOOTCAMP-2017


Maybe you are the next Flowmotion? On 8 March three startups will present their company to a crowd of investors and get offered instant funding from investors who would like to buy shares in their company. APPLY BEFORE 13 JANUARY, OR ATTEND THE EVENT AND BECOME A SHAREHOLDER. TECHNOPORT.NO/CONTENT/736/ TECHNOPORT-LIVE-CROWDFUNDING-IS-BACK


the Human Factor Expo on day one (8 March) and Startup Expo on day two (9 March). Don’t miss this opportunity to experience and discuss some of the most innovative technology, startups and research around. WANT TO EXHIBIT? APPLY BEFORE 13 JANUARY: CONFERENCE.TECHNOPORT.NO/EXPO2017/









pilot-turned-astronaut. Travelling to outer space is high-tech, but the purpose of it is basic human nature. Curiosity to understand, the wish to explore what’s behind the next hill and the satisfying accomplishment in overcoming challenges.



issues like terrorism, human trafficking and fraud is a perfect example of what role tech can have in society. The key to their success is the human-computer symbioses which perfectly merges the strengths of humans with those of technology.




and Simone Giertz’s shitty robots are mostly fun, because like humans, they have their flaws and in that sense they are a perfect example of the human factor of technology.



WHAT'S ON AT TRONDHEIM CALLING? Words by Andrew Christopher Anfinnsen

So this venue promoter might be out of a venue to promote ever since BrukBar / Blæst closed its doors back in October, but thanks to festivals like Trondheim Calling the city lives on as a great spot for live music. Here’s a couple of bands and artists I think you should see because they’re ...



These Trondheim favorites have been doing their atmospheric post-rock for a bunch of years now and I’ve always had a soft spot for them. It’s all about the buildups, and given that a lot of their best songs stretch for 7 or 8 minutes, their showcase set might just pack everything into just a few knee-weakening crescendos.



Whatever happened to matching outfits in bands? Swedish faux-garage rockers might have ruined the old suit-andtie, but Cloroform have been donning uni-colored jumpsuits ever since they started out in the early ‘00s. They’ve had a longer hiatus, but have recently gotten together again to work that singular frenzy-rock of theirs.

If someone told me three years ago that 90s hardstyle and video game inspired hyperactive dance music with an ironic-esoteric touch from Norway would get signed to Mad Decent and get to tour all over the world, I’d be like ... “yeah that just might happen to Henrik the Artist.”



And that’s not just a reference to a Childish Gambino record. Artists like Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean and even crazy old Kanye have changed up the game in recent years, and you just know that Wonder the Boy has picked up on all the good stuff. He’s just 15 but I guess he doesn’t have to worry about that awkward teenage taste in music phase. And boy can he rap too!

This band carries on the fine tradition of fuzzy guitars, lo-fi sound, slightly off vocals, charming hooks, cool sunglasses and songs about skipping town. It worked for The Velvet Underground, 80s college rock, 90s slacker indie and it works for FOAMMM. I bet they prefer cassettes to vinyl too.







Arts & Exhibitions

PREVIEW & LISTINGS Concerts Arts & Exhibitions Kids & Family Sports Festivals, Food & Markets Jazz, Blues & Classical Nightlife Trondheim Calling Tråante Workshops Theatre & Comedy Food & Drink



Karlo Soltic (KS)

Bradley P. Kurtz (BPK)

58 THIS IS A POLITICAL 59 (PAINTING) 61 61 62 63 65 66 70 MIN PAPPAS 71 PORNO 73 74

Anne Van de Wijdeven (AVdW) Katarzyna Gąsiorek (KG) Jelena Sitar (JS) Zane Datava (ZD) Wil Lee-Wright (WLW)


KUNSTHALL TRONDHEIM has a fantastic exhibition that started in October and is running through to the end of February. This is a Political (Painting) is the inaugural exhibit for the Kunsthall’s new, permanent location in mid-town. The exhibition is a continuation of the 2013 work by Norwegian artist A.K. Dolven that is similarly titled. This exhibition however features work from other artists from across Europe. Much of the work from all the artists follows a similar theme of the human body and its place, or condition, in modern society. Other works also feature more ambiguous themes and

it is undoubted that viewers will be able to extrapolate their own meanings behind the many pieces of work. Paintings, photographs, films, and neon light sculptures all work together to give This is a Political (Painting) a lasting impression. Again, the exhibition will only be around until the end of February; so to experience some thought provoking and inspiring works of art be sure to stop by the Kunsthall Trondheim. Admission is made extremely affordable by Kunsthall Trondheim and goes to the great cause of supporting art and culture in Trondheim. For a weekend adventure or one of Trondheim’s rare rainy afternoons there is no better stop than Kunsthall Trondheim! (BPK)


Until 26 February Kunsthall Trondheim 12:00-20:00 50-100 NOK


THIS PREVIEW COULD start off by saying that Min Pappas Porno has received rave reviews from various newspapers, but let’s be honest – your attention was already drawn by the word ‘porno’, wasn’t it? Odd-Magnus Williamson stars in this show with its intriguing title which is directed by Jostein Kirkeby Garstad. The original play (The Accidental Pervert) was written by Andrew Goffman, and is apparently somewhat loosely based on Goffman’s own experiences. 50

The plot is straightforward enough. A young boy discovers his father’s porn collection after being abandoned by him, and develops an addiction to all things smutty. While the premise is funny enough, not all is filthy magazines and suspicious stains: as the protagonist grows up, the line between (X-rated) fantasy and (generally disappointing) reality blurs. If you like your theatre to be tragicomic, Min Pappas Porno is definitely for you. If you’re just looking for some phallic jokes, it might be



better to steer clear. The play premiered on November 16th 2005, and since then has proven itself to be universally relatable, with performances in Argentina, Panama, Malta, Switzerland, and now Norway. Whether you’ve had your own awkward experiences with your parents’ pornography, you’re fostering what you might suspect is a less than innocuous porn addiction yourself, or you just can’t seem to make sense of love, Min Pappas Porno doesn’t promise to have all the answers – but it’ll try and help you figure it out with some laughs and some old-fashioned heartstring-tugging. As well as some other kinds of tugging. This event promises to be popular, so if this sounds like a good time, make sure to get in there soon or you’ll find someone else has taken your place! (That’s what she said.) (AVdW) DATE 4 February LOCATION Byscenen (Kongens gate 19) TIME 19:00  (Doors open at 18:00) PRICE 375 NOK

SPORTS FESTIVAL IDRETTSFESTIVALEN THE IDRETTSFESTIVALEN (Sports festival), is returning to Trondheim in 2017. The festival gives the opportunity for adults and others to participate in team and individual sports, or just enjoy some physical activity. The event is a great place to engage with a community of your favorite sport, or gain some information on how to participate in a new one. The list of the activities planned for Idrettsfestivalen is long; containing about ten sports ranging from bowling to group fitness programs. There will also be ample time to meet with other participants at some of the arranged “GetTogethers” that are a key aspect of the festival.

Idrettsfestivalen started back in 2007 with a focus on getting people involved in the sports community in Trondheim, and in Norway. Bringing people together is a major goal of the festival–the fun that comes along with it is certainly an added bonus! Idrettsfestivalen has quickly become the largest event of its kind in Norway and each year the amount of participants, volunteers, and spectators grows. 2017 is sure to fall in line with this growth, and will not be an event to miss this year! Registration for the event is now closed, but the activities are sure to be enjoyable as a spectator; along with the other events planned to coincide with the festival. Idrettsfestivalen offers a unique opportunity for people to get out and be physically active, meet people with similar interests as participants and spectators engage in the sports community in Trondheim. (BPK) DATE LOCATION TIME PRICE

18-22 January Klostergate 5 250-2300 NOK for individual/ team events and “GetTogether” 50-100 NOK




BENNETT AS | Foto: Ole Ekker


goes The brand new restaurant Land & Strand, located on the tip of the marina at Grilstad Marina, will open its doors to the public around easter. It is Folk & Fe that is behind this new restaurant - great news for all food-lovers! The menu features anything from local seafood specials to lunch-boxes for a picnic nearby. Welcome!






DREAM THEATER DREAM THEATER, one of the most renowned progressive metal bands, has been lighting up the world stage since 1985. Fortunately for Norwegian metalheads, they’re paying Trondheim a visit during their European Images, Words & Beyond tour – a visit that promises to be an epic occasion. Dream Theater is well-known for their commitment to providing a truly unpredictable live concert experience, so even for the most seasoned of metal fans, this is bound to be a jaw-dropping show, full of musical majesty and unexpected wonders. What you can expect is a collection of musical tours de force – including those from their award-winning album Images and Words and their most recent album, The Astonishing. If Dream Theater is famous for anything, it’s for their sheer technical proficiency, and while former drummer and percussive legend Mike Portnoy will not be accompanying the band, his replacement Mike Mangini has been drumming with the speed of light and will certainly be impressing even those who have been fans of the band for decades. Even if you’re a newbie to metal as a genre, Dream Theater has been representing progressive metal and lifting it to new heights for over thirty years. Regardless of whether you’re more of a shoegaze aficionado or a pop princess, this group of supremely talented musicians has been putting on innovative, impressive, and at times even interactive shows that are sure to blow your mind (or your eardrums). If you’ve already got your hands on some tickets, rejoice! And if not, don’t despair; Dream Theater has paid Europe a visit every year since 2014, and might very well grace us with their presence once more in 2018. (AVdW)


20-21 February Olavshallen 20:30 885 NOK (Sold out)

MINIMALEN SHORT FILM FESTIVAL THE 28TH ANNUAL Minimalen Short Film Festival will be one of Trondheim’s January happenings. At the start of the New Year, January 25th through the 29th, it will be possible to see more than 200 short films exhibited at the Nova Kinosenter. Those five days in January are sure to be interesting as animation and live action films are shown to audiences for the very first time. Minimalen is broken up into several categories; there is the Norwegian short film category, the Nordic countries category, the international category, as well as youth and open categories for one minute films. For contestants Minimalen is not only an opportunity to show their work, but also to gain some recognition, and of course to have the chance at taking home some of the substantial prize purses 53

offered at Minimalen. Those interested in showing their films at Minimalen should know that registration closes on the 1st of January and the categories are filling up quickly. For those that are interested in checking out the festival tickets can be bought for admission for the duration of the festival, single day passes, or for admission to single programs. Each program runs about 90 minutes and generally show about 20 films in each program. The Minimalen Short Film Festival is a unique opportunity for Trondheim and sure to be fun for any age. (BPK) DATE LOCATION TIME PRICE

25-29 January Nova Kinosenter 15:00 90-350 NOK




TRONDHEIM BAROKKFEST: EARLY MUSIC FESTIVAL ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS of this year’s Barokkfest is the staging of Monteverdi’s Orfeo, which (spoiler alert!) tells the story of Orpheus and his fruitless attempt to bring his wife back from Hades and into the living world. Whilst Orpheus was ultimately unsuccessful in his pursuit to bring this beauty back to life, festival director Martin Wahlberg has had much better luck in bringing this world-class baroque opera back to Norway. “Monteverdis Orfeo is hardly ever performed in Norway, so this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Barokkfest brings in an entire team of elite performers in a truly gigantic venture: the whole chorus and orchestra of the world-famous British ensemble I Fiaggiolini,” he explained.

I Fiaggiolini will be well known to Trondheim audiences who were wowed by their incredible acrobatic performance How Like an Angel, in Nidarosdomen during last year’s Olavsfestdagene; surely one of the most memorable performances of 2017. “The opera will be performed in Vår Frue church,” continues Martin. “It was specially chosen by I Fiaggiolini’s leader Robert Hollingworth to underscore the Christian link to the myth of Orfeo. Orfeo is seen as the first opera in the history of opera, and it promises a truly magnificent experience.” Trondheim’s Barrokfest has gone from strength to strength since its conception and this year’s programme has the




strength in depth required of a leading festival. Look out in particular for Enrico Onofri, a world-renowned Italian Baroque violin player. The festival will also be paired up with a festival of literature, including a series of English events. Stephanie Dalley from Oxford, for example, who will give a major lecture with on the culture of the region in Antiquity. For more information, prices and details, look out for the forthcoming programme at (WLW)


31 January - 5 February Varies Varies







Spring 2017 Thursday 26th January (NOVA1) 10.00 Barnimalen 1 1.-4. klasse 12.00 Barnimalen 2 5.-7. klasse Minimalen Short Film Festival and Barnefilmklubben i Trondheim invites all the schools in Trondheim to Barnimalen.

Friday 27th January 13.00 Workshop Det siste norske trollet Pjotr Sapegin and Kristin Gunther tell us how the movie was made and what it takes to make a good short film out of a story.

Sunday 19th February alle 14.00 Pippi Langstrømpe flytter inn i Villa Villekulla


One day Tommy and Annika discovers that someone has moved into the large old house. They make a new friend and the adventure begins …

Sunday 12th Mars 14.00 The Goonies


Sunday 2nd April 14.00 Fantasia


RØROSMARTNAN WELCOMES YOU to a unique experience of modern and traditional culture, as well as trade and folk music - a mix difficult to find anywhere else. Originally a trade event, this folk festival now offers a great cultural program. Concerts, dance shows, spontaneous performances on the streets, cabarets, storytelling, horse-drawn sleigh and the list goes on... Located in the cosy town of Røros and being held for the 164th time this year, Rørosmartnan has its roots in the 17th century, when local mining community depended on outside traders supplying them with daily products. Resources like coal, wood, and timber drove the local economy but also remained the only ones obtained locally. Corn, pretty much any kind of meat and fish, cheese and butter were luxury goods. There was also a constant demand for tools, gunpowder, iron or ropes. Naturally, Røros became a meeting spot for those who traded and illegal transactions were nothing rare. In the 18th century after many years of pressure from Røros municipality, the first regular market had been established. It was year 1854 and at that time the town was already a trading center for 30,000 people. Recently the festival is more about attracting tourists and engaging local community in cultural events and organic food trade. Furthermore, among 150 stands, one will find furniture, clothes, and renowned crafts. Starting on 21 February, Rørosmartnan will last for 5 days. The opening celebration is sure to give the audience a picture of how the festival will look like. As organizer promises, it will be all about singing, storytelling, and surprises. A great opening to a program fully packed from 10:00 in the morning until 02:00 next morning each day. Getting some DATE 21-25 February 2017 more sleep than usually prior to LOCATION Røros town center participation in the festival is TIME 10:00-02:00 thus highly recommended. (KG) PRICE Free

In The Goonies we follow a gang of small heroes on their journey. Where surprises await around every corner.

We meet dancing mushrooms and enchanting elfs. Marching brooms and dark demons. And Mickey Mouse.

Sat / Sun 22-23th April 14.00 Stop Motion Course Teacher Bente Aasheim creates stop motion movies with us.

Sunday 21th May 14.00 The Cat Returns


A young girl rescues a mysterious cat from traffic and soon finds herself the unwelcome recipient of gifts and favours from the King of the Cats, who also wants her to marry his son, Prince Lune. Ticket: 30 kr / Adults FREE when accompanied by children Membership in Barnefilmklubben i Trondheim: 50 kr (purchased at your first viewing) A-kort: 150 kr

(Membership and entrance to all the movies that semester/term)

at Verdens Beste Stasjon in Ila. (Skansen stasjon) Links to our Facebook page: @BarnefilmklubbeniTrondheim







Movement & Meditatio n

Mindful Mystics Divination


Holistic Health

Body, Mind & Spirit

STUDENTLEKENE ONE OF NORWAY’S largest sports festivals will be held in Trondheim at the end of February. The Student Games (Studentlekene), will be held from the 22 – 26 February and offering the chance for university students to participate in cups and championships for a variety of sports. Since 1999 the Student Games have been providing the opportunity for university students, and non-student members of student sports programs, to compete and come together as a community. There are more than a dozen sports represented at the Student Games, ranging from badminton to lacrosse, and cross-country skiing to squash. Each year the games are held sees an increase in participants, and 2017 is surely going to be one of the biggest Student Games yet! The events will be held in sports halls, fields, and other areas throughout the Trondheim area. For those wishing to compete at the Student Games the last day to register is the 29th of January and there is a small registration fee. For spectators, the majority of the events will be free to watch, and with so many events going on in such close proximity it will be easy to catch most of the action. On top of the sporting events there a number of other activities planned for the week such as presentations, 22-26 February DATE seminars and other festivities Trondheim LOCATION available for participants, volAll Day TIME unteers and other students! 595 NOK for PRICE participating athletes (BPK)

Norway’s leading Body Mind Spirit event Hundreds of exhibitors, teachers and friends More than 100 workshops and talks, all included in the entrance fee! WW.ALTNETT.NO

TRONDHEIM MARCH 3.-5. 2017 Scandic Hotel Lerkendal THE FOURTEENTH ISSUE







ÅRE GASTRONOMY A PROPER CELEBRATION of food, drinks, aromas and... skiing. Originally a weeklong food festival, Åre Gastronomy, will last for 10 days this year. Held in Åre, Sweden, a former Gastronomy Week Festival promotes Swedish cuisine by paying tribute to Swedish chefs and local food producers. Unique dishes, designed menus, quests appearances, and an artisan food market - each and every festival day is going to be packed with exciting events for food and adventure lovers. Dinner at a cable car has been one of the most popular events during the past three editions. In addition to that, you better get ready for dinner in the mountains, best festival’s beer competition, ski day and much more. “Åre’s restaurants and food producers create exciting and tasty events,” says organizer. Two of these events seem to attract the most attention. Fjällmiddag & overnattining i tält, which can simply be translated into dinner in the mountains & sleeping in a tent, is a mixture of skiing, camping and eating experience. Participants, together with a mountain guide will start their day by ensuring they have a proper clothing and equipment and then ski from Ulladålen to Jämtland mountains. Together with a professional chef, they will make dinner, learn about outdoor cooking, and camp overnight. The other event doesn’t need any translation. Girls at Fire is a team of women chefs who will take over a kitchen at one of the festival’s clubs, Holiday Club. The uniqueness of their performance boils down to a lunch menu kept in secret, developed on the spot, and based on the local and organic products. It’s going to be amazing 10 days for Swedish foodies. Join them and indulge in all the delicacies waiting for you in Åre. (KG) DATE LOCATION TIME PRICE

2-11 February Åre, Sweden Check Restaurant prices

TRONDHEIM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL KOSMORAMA – Trondheim International Film Festival - is an annual event taking place between 6. - 12. March  Kosmorama embraces a wide variety of cinematic experiences through an extensive film program. This year featuring: New Directors Award, Gourmet Cinema, Kosmokids – the children’s own mini film festival and the Kanonprisen Award Show – a film award show where the industry votes for the most promising films from the previous year. Also included in the program is Filmquiz with the Norwegian radio show Filmpolitiet, Virtual Reality and other experiences.  The festival had its upstart in 2005 and has since aimed to provide its guests with film, social events and unique experiences and with inspiration from all around the world. Many of the films have English subtitles, so this is a good opportunity for everyone in the international community in Trondheim to join in!  The name Kosmorama actually stems from Trondheim’s first cinema theatre, established by Paul Kraüsslich in 1910. Kraüsslich was considered to be a visionary and talented cameraman. In a true contemporary spirit, he managed to film the coronation of the new king in 1906 at Nidaros Cathedral and within three hours the movie was shown in the cinema! This is the vision organisers have kept with them since.  This years film program consists of around seventy films. Among the selections the organisers look forward to present include: Good Luck Sam, Sami Blood, In Between, The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki and Nocturne - a


new feature film produced by NTNU Master’s students in film.  Good Luck Sam is a feel-good film about integration. The filmmaker uses his own family history and tells a story of immigration – inspired by the extraordinary story of his brother, a young engineer in Grenoble who represented Algeria in cross-country skiing at the Winter Olympics in 2006.  In the occasion of the Sami-jubilee Tråante, Kosmorama will be hosting the Norwegian premiere of the movie Sami Blood. This is a debut movie from the Swedish director Amanda Kernell. Set in Sweden, it follows a Sami girl who grows up in Sweden in the 1930s. It is actually the first feature film ever to be set in the South-Sami language, a language spoken by a just five-hundred people in the world. In director Maysaloun Hamoud’s remarkable feature debut In Between we meet three Palestinian women sharing an apartment in the vibrant heart of Tel Aviv, who find themselves in a balancing act between tradition and modernity; citizenship and culture; fealty and freedom.  The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki is the true story of Olli Mäki, the famous Finnish boxer who had a shot at the 1962 World Featherweight title.  And, lastly, this year’s theme for Kosmokids is Robots! Organisers promise to fill Nova Cinema with Robotic fun for the entire weekend, 11-12 March. (ZD) DATE LOCATION TIME PRICE

6-12 March Nova Cinema, Sellanrå, Byscenen 0-795 NOK Single tickets 100 NOK Festival Pass 795/1195 NOK Kanonprisen 350 NOK


What’s on


Missing Button Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Young local band. Their main instruments are guitar, piano, bass and percussion, but they also use ukuleles and mandolins. 11 JANUARY

PØKK 10 years anniversary TKM Gråmølna 19:30, 100/200 NOK In 2007 Gard Nilssen started PØKK because Trondheim needed a scene dedicated to improvised music. A concert with the PØKK Ensemble, consisted of old PØKK directors. 12 JANUARY

Signe Marie Rustad Moskus 21:00, 200 NOK Signe Marie Rustad release her second 'Hearing Colors, Seeing Noises' this fall.

TNT is on their 'Tell no takes' 2017 anniversary tour!

Lille London 23:00, Free An acoustic solo show by Peter Stokstad. 14 JANUARY

Wonderful Tonight Olavshallen 19:00, 425 NOK Eric Clapton from the 1960s to today with songs like Layla,I Shot the Sheriff, Motherless Children, Tears in Heaven and of course Wonderful Tonight performed by 10 guitarists, four singers and a band. HGU celebrates their 10th anniversary. 20 JANUARY

Styve & Totland - Musikk er komme for å bli Olavshallen 18:30 & 21:00, 430 NOK Musicality, humour, boundless energy and pure shear delight. 20 JANUARY



Olavshallen 20:00, 350 NOK The band consists of five musicians who emphasize the songs original recordings.

Samfundet TBA, TBA More information coming. Check

Afzelius Night



Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Gnukk is a Trondheim-based band, who plays rock from Trøndelag - without categorising their music as 'trønderrock'.


Rita Bolland Antikvariatet 20:00, 150 NOK Rita Bolland is a new Norwegian artist who entered the world market with her new single 'Echo'! Rita has worked on her full album for a while, and now it's time to release it.



Ni Muser 19:00, 120/200 NOK Triakel consists of Emma Härdelin, vocals, Kjell-Erik Eriksson, fiddle and Janne Strömstedt, harmonium – all three of them well established at the forefront of Swedish folk music. Their music is often described as heartfelt and sincere, and their arrangements are created around the natural focal point of Emma’s singing. There will be a jam after the concert, so join in!



Olavshallen 19:30/21:00, 550 NOK Difference was started in 1966, and they are celebrating 50 years this year.


Peter Stokstad



GRIBBENE + Support


Bright Young Things

Fru Lundgreen TBA, 100 NOK The band plays raw rock in Norwegian and has made a name through their energetic and engaging concerts.

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free If The Libertines, The Replacements and The Kinks crashed in a car accident on a rainy day in the Northern part of Trøndelag, this may have been the result.


PØKK presents Cortex


Lars Winnerbäck

Kunsthall TBA, 50/100 NOK Cortex plays energetic jazz of the finest brand, and positions itself as one of the strongest additions to the Norwegian jazz scene. Cortex consists of Thomas Johansson, Kristoffer Berre Alberts, Ola Høyer and Gard Nilssen. The concert is a collaboration between Kunsthall Trondheim and PØKK.

Olavshallen 19:30, Sold Out Instead of touring big sold out arenas, Lars decided for a more intimate and acoustic route this time. 28 JANUARY

Waste Saint Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free A brand new rock band! They play heavy rock with a hint of blues and pop. With inspiration from bands like Black Sabbath, The Dead Weather and Queens of The Stone Age.



Byscenen 21:00, 250 NOK The talented musician from Tromsø is finally back in Trondheim and Byscenen.

Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel 20:00, TBA

Listings are subject to change, check for information


ISFiT 2017: Theme Party


Dream Theater

Olavshallen 20:30, Sold Out 'Even for a group that has blazed new trails consistently, there's never been anything to compare to The Astonishing, the full-blown rock-opera, jumbo-size concept album...Put simply, the new release lives up to its title in every way imaginable' - Rolling Stone. The famous band is finally in Trondheim, and needless to say, both of their shows sold out immediately. 22 FEBRUARY


Olavshallen 19:30, 505 NOK Hellbillies are among Norway's most popular recording artists. The band is releasing their eleventh studio album and they sound as fresh as ever. 23 FEBRUARY

Concert with Jørgen Dretvik Stammen Café & Bar 20:00, Free Jørgen Dretvik is a Norwegian singer-songwriter who plays honest and at times provocative punk, rock and folk fusion. 25 FEBRUARY

Jørgen Dretvik Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free A raw vocal sound and a rhythmic guitar. That is the base of Jørgens folk punk. 25 FEBRUARY

Good Ol' Boys Benoni&BigHand Quality Panorama Hotel 17:30, 400 NOK Lots and lots of quality country music.

What’s on


About Art: Lynda Benglis The Amazing Bow Wow Trondheim Kunstmuseum 10:00-16:00 - 7 days a week, 50/100 NOK About Art focuses on the last 50 years of art. In the late sixties, a number of artists in New York and elsewhere turned their focus to their own medium, using different strategies, from logic to psychoanalysis, to challenge our preconceptions about art and question the social conditions under which it is made. 24 MAY - 17 MARCH

Wall Of Sound – The Photography of Guido Harari Rockheim Tue-Fri 11:00-19:00, 60/90/120 NOK Explore the stunning photos of Guido Harari, including artists like Bob Dylan, Kate Bush, Tom Waits, David Bowie, Kurt Cobain, Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed and Patti Smith. Guido Harari is present to tell his stories about these artists, including Bob Dylan who turns 75 years the day of the opening! 01 JULY - 14 JANUARY

About Art

Trondheim Kunstmuseum 10:00-16:00 - 7 days a week, 50/100 NOK Video works from the last 50 years. The artworks are presented consecutively and in dialogue with the exhibitions at Trondheim kunstmuseum over the coming seasons. Vito Acconci /Calin Dan / Lynda Benglis / Dora Garcia / Mario Garcia Torres and more.



Dag Arve Forbergskog


Trondheim Kunstforening Fri-Sun 12:00-16:00, Free Photo and installation.

Sverresborg Folkemuseum 10:00, 75/110/150/375 NOK


December Exhibition: Possible futures Trondheim Kunstforening Fri-Sun 12:00-16:00, Free Art exhibition.


Fibre Fever

This is an exhibition of beer and the brewing culture history. Norwegians' relationship to beer has been varied and rich throughout the history.

Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum Tue-Sat 10:00-15:00 / Thur 12:0020:00 / Sun 12:00-16:00, 80/100 NOK


Lars Tiller and Roar Wold TKM Gråmølna 10:00-16:00 - 7 days a week, 50/100 NOK Trondheim kunstmuseum wants to show Håkon Bleken art talent in relation to other artists represented in museum's collection. A natural focus is artist community Gruppe 5 which besides Bleken, consisted of Halvdan Ljøsne, Lars Tiller, Roar Wold and Ramon Isern. All members were employed at the Architectural Department at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH).

We have seen a new flowering in textile art in the past fifteen years. A young generation of artists, born after 1970, is attracting notice. The exhibition Fibre Fever shows both new pieces and their forerunners.




Christmas Exhibition

RAKE Visningsrom Wed-Fri 12:00-16:00 / Sat-Sun 12:00-17:00, Free Artist in residence.

Galleri Kunstrommet 11:00-17:00, Free


Audun Alvestad



Sverresborg Folkemuseum Tue-Fri 10:00-15:00 / Sat-Sun 12:00-16:00, 75/110/150/375 NOK You can see over 500 different pairs of patterns. All the items are knitted by old patterns. Some patterns are copied directly from the garments, others copied from photographs.

Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst Wed-Fri 12:00-17:00 / Sat-Sun 12:00-16:00, Free Joint exhibition by Ståle Blæsterdalen, Anne Kristine Thorsby, Barbro M Tiller, Lars Tiller, Svein Are Mørkve, Olga Grimsmo Nilsen, Randi Kristin Strand.


Audun Alvestad represents a new generation of young painters in the Norwegian art scene. He creates large spatial installations based on paintings as a material, as well as sculptures and objects. These elements can exist as individual works of art, or be perceived as a holistic composite structure. Alvestad’s installations are neither descriptions of the world, or illustrations to a story. The viewer doesn’t need to be aware of his original inspiration. What motivates him is the enthusiasm for painting, and the inherent unpredictability of this medium. This is Alvestad’s first major solo exhibition. 15 JANUARY

Fibre Fever tour in Persian Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum TBA, TBA More info: persisk. 20 JANUARY

Secret Nature in the City – Green Rooftops presentation Stammen Café & Bar 19:00, Free Marina Bakhtina will present her exhibition about green roofs in cities: Secret Nature in the City. This will be a very exciting presentation about all the secret possibilities that exist for green spaces in cities. A photo exhibition of the green roofs is already in Stammen Café from December 1st 2016. 22 JANUARY

Enactment of Monument to Work – Alexandra Pirici Kunsthall 12:30-16:30, 100 NOK Monument to Work is one of the works in Kunsthall Trondheim’s opening exhibition this is a political (painting). Unlike the other works in the exhibition, Monument to Work will only be presented on selected days during the exhibition period. The changed condition of work within our post-industrial society forms the ground for Alexandra Pirici’s work.

Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’s on



TKM Gråmølna 10:00-16:00 - 7 days a week, 50/100 NOK

The children’s book character Barbapapa and the 1950s horror film, The Blob. Like Barbapapa, the organization is flexible and a problem-solver. But also like the frightful slim, The Blob has an inherent criticism, with its own agenda and integrity to counteract the contemporary political ideas around the flexible cultural entrepreneur.

Trondheim kunstmuseum wants to show Håkon Bleken art talent in relationship with other artists represented in museum’s collection. A natural focus is artist community Gruppe 5 which besides Bleken, consisted of Halvdan Ljøsne, Lars Tiller, Roar Wold and Ramon Isern. All members were employed at the Architectural Department at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH).


ISAAN Photo Exhibition Opening The traditional role of a visitor in an art museum is relatively passive. The exhibition ‘Participation’ wants to engage the audience to be more than that. All works in the exhibition are participative. They invite the public to participate and engage physically and practically. Participation aspect of the exhibition goes in two directions. Some of the artworks invite the visitor to reflect on themselves and get involved on an emotional level. Others require the visitor to complete the work of art by engaging physically in one way or another, to discover what are can be. 26 JANUARY

Performative lecture Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt Kunsthall 18:30, 100 NOK Performative lecture on art and work of Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt. Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt performs, curates and writes in the field between cultural critique, philosophy and performance. 28 JANUARY

Kunsthall Trondheim is blobbed! Kunsthall 14:00, 50/100 NOK The Blob takes over the art gallery and makes a blobby presentation. The Blob is an elastic boneless organisational body/alter ego/artist initiating, curating and producing art and culture with a special interest in dance and choreography. It creates forms and projects that stand alone or have the ability to “blobbing on” to different structures through collaboration/partnerships. The name “The Blob” is inspired by two elastic bodies:



Stammen Café & Bar TBA, Free The Iranian Students Association at NTNU had a photo competition, and they will display the pictures at Stammen. This evening, the pictures are introduced through an informal vernissage.

RAKE Visningsrom Wed-Fri 12:00-16:00 / Sat-Sun 12:00-17:00, Free The exhibition is part of Tråante 2017 . 16 FEBRUARY - 12 MARCH

​Randi Nygård


Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst Wed-Fri 12:00-17:00 / Sat-Sun 12:00-16:00, Free

Let’s Take Back Our Space - Mike Sperlinger on Marianne Wex


Manifesto for the Gynecene Kunsthall 18:30, 50/100 NOK Artist Alexandra Pirici and art critic and curator Raluca Voinea will present their publication “Manifesto for the Gynecene – Sketch of a New Geological Era” (2015), done in collaboration with LevArt/LevArtText 2016. The presentation is in collaboration with LevArt. Alexandra Pirici will also talk about her work Monument to Work (2016), which is one of the works in Kunsthall Trondheim’s inaugural exhibition ‘this is a political (painting)’. 24 FEBRUARY - 12 MARCH

ØIVIND KOPPANG ERIKSEN RAKE Visningsrom Wed-Fri 12:00-16:00 / Sat-Sun 12:00-17:00, Free Art exhibition.

Kunsthall 18:30, 50/100 NOK In connection with VALIE EXPORT’s participation in Kunsthall Trondheim’s inaugural show this is a political painting, Professor of Writing and Theory, KHiO, Mike Sperlinger will give a talk about Marianne Wex. The Austrian artist VALIE EXPORT defied the traditions of western, patriarchally defined female sexuality in her performance and films of the 1960s. The same could be said about the German artist Marianne Wex’s polemic photographic study of male and female body language of the 70s.


Enactment of ’Monument to Work’

Randi Nygård is interested in invisible, arbitrary and irrational relations between facts. She explores these relationships through drawings, video, sculpture and three-dimensional collages. In recent years, she has paired facts about the natural world with economy, ecology, memory, evolution, volcanic eruptions, mirror neurons, revolutions, time, and patterns in nature. In her collages, outlines of rooms, shapes and patterns are cut out of photographs, books or magazines, to be entwined and folded out again, so that parts of landscapes, history, time, places and people meet in a complex new mixture of figurations and abstractions. ”The Glacier Breathes While We Are Looking


Halvdan Ljøsne

TKM Gråmølna 10:00-16:00 - 7 days a week, 50/100 NOK

Listings are subject to change, check for information

For The Arctic Fog” shows a series of new works of art, where Nygård is concerned about the paradoxical relationship between economic growth and earth’s limited natural resources.


Kunsthall 12:30-16:30, 50/100 NOK Last day of Kunsthall Trondheim’s inaugural exhibition this is a political (painting)! The changed condition of work within our post-industrial society forms the ground for Alexandra Pirici’s work. Monument to Work is one of the works in Kunsthall Trondheim’s opening exhibition ‘this is a political (painting)’. Unlike the other works in the exhibition, Monument to Work only presented on selected days during the exhibition period.

What’s on


Ravnkloa Open Kindergarten

Mangfoldhuset Trondheim 10:00-14:00, Free Every Monday and Tuesday. For children ages 0-6. 07 JANUARY - 25 FEBRUARY

Play Day in English!

Mangfoldhuset Trondheim 15:00, Free Learn and practice English in a fun and natural way, through games, songs and stories. For children ages 7-10. 08 JANUARY - 26 FEBRUARY


Barnimalen Skansen - Verdens Beste Stasjon 10:00 Program 1 / 12:00 Program 2, Membership + ticket 80 NOK Barnimalen presented in collaboration with Minimalen Short Film Festival. Program 1 is intended for children in 1-4. class, while program 2 is aimed at children in 5-7. class. All schools in Trondheim are invited.

Trondheim Kampsportakademi 18:30, Free Free session to try out a new type of sport. Aimed at youth and kids. 12 JANUARY - 01 MARCH

Cultural History Kindergarten

Sverresborg Folkemuseum 10:00-15:00, Free The open kindergarten is open again from 16 August 2016. Interior and supplies are from around 1900 and that is the era we are trying to recreate for children and adults who visit us. The nursery is open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00-15:00. Price 35 NOK per child. This is a program for children 0-6 years old that come together with an adult. Grandparents with grandchildren visiting are also welcome. There is no registration needed and it is open to all. You can come once, every week or just come here occasionally. You can come and go as you please. 11:30 Singing old songs and reading old fairy tales to children 12.00 Communal lunch

Nidaros Jets - Ammerud Basket

Husebyhallen 16:00, 50/100/200 NOK BLNO Basketball match.

Husebyhallen 16:00, 50/100/200 NOK BLNO Basketball match.



Nidarøhallen D 18:30, 50/100/150 NOK GRUNDIGligaen match.


Vennebyen - Jumpis birthday


Magni Maraton

Olavshallen 15:00, 260 NOK

Trondheim 10:00, 100/150 NOK Start/Stop: Stavsetsvingen Bus stop. 10/21/42 km marathons.

Voll gård 11:00-15:00, 50 NOK Open farm every Sunday. Come and pet the animals.

Jiu-Jitsu for children and youth


Nidaros Jets - Kongsberg Miners

Byåsen - Glassverket

Open Farm




Byåsen - Rostov-Don Nidarøhallen D 16:00, 50/100/150 NOK Europacup match. Handball.

Vennebyen is a Norwegian developed children concept that had great success both in Norway and around the world. TV series about Vennebyen are sold to more than 180 countries, and is Norway's biggest international television success ever.


Ranheim v Østersund Abrahallen 14:00, TBA Friendly match.

Jumpis Birthday suits for children between 3-10 years.


Byåsen - ÉRD HC


Last Norwegian Troll

Nidarøhallen D 18:00, 50/100/150 NOK Europacup match. Handball.

Skansen - Verdens Beste Stasjon 13:00, Membership + ticket 80 NOK In the old days there were trolls all over Norway, but now there is only one left. The last Norwegian troll lives alone under the bridge, but on a nice summer day someone disturbs him.


Nidaros Jets - Asker Aliens Husebyhallen 16:00, 50/100/200 NOK BLNO Basketball match.



Pippi Longstocking moves into Villa Villekulla

Rosenborg v Ranheim Abrahallen 14:00, TBA Friendly match.

Skansen - Verdens Beste Stasjon 14:00, Membership + ticket 80 NOK One day Tommy and Annika discover that someone moved into the big old house. They gain a new friend - and the adventure begins...

Listings are subject to change, check for information


Byåsen - Sola Stjørdalshallen 18:30, 50/100/150 NOK GRUNDIGligaen match.


Byåsen - SG BBM Bietigheim Nidarøhallen D 18:00, 50/100/150 NOK Europacup match. Handball. 10 FEBRUARY

Ranheim - Kristiansund Abrahallen 15:00, TBA Friendly match. 11 FEBRUARY

Nidaros Jets - Tromsø Storm Husebyhallen 16:00, 50/100/200 NOK BLNO Basketball match. 11 FEBRUARY

Magni Maraton Trondheim TBA, 100/150 NOK Start/Stop: Stavsetsvingen Bus stop. 10/21/42 km marathons. 18 FEBRUARY

Nidaros Jets - Frøya Basket Husebyhallen 16:00, 50/100/200 NOK BLNO Basketball match. 19 FEBRUARY

Ranheim - Byåsen Abrahallen 15:00, TBA Friendly match. 22 FEBRUARY

Byåsen - Oppsal Nidarøhallen D 18:30, 50/100/150 NOK GRUNDIGligaen match.

What’s on


Knausfestivalen 2017 Samfundet 22:00, Ticket included with entrance Music festival with the freshest bands in hip-hop, rock and other genres. 18 JANUARY - 22 JANUARY

Idrettsfestivalen (Sports Festival) Trondheim, 250/2300 NOK individual/team events The Idrettsfestivalen (Sports festival), is returning to Trondheim in 2017. The festival gives the opportunity for adults and others to participate in team and individual sports, or just enjoy some physical activity.


Week Festival promotes Swedish cuisine by paying tribute to Swedish chefs and local food producers.

Enovakonferansen 2017 The New Economy Clarion Hotel & Congress 9:30, 4900 NOK Focus will be on new types of economies that have been emerging in the last couple of years. Discussion will be centered around green investments, circular and sharing economy.


Ta Utdanning

Trondheim 09:00, 70 NOK Take this opportunity to inform yourself about education and career choices.


Barokkfest 2017 Multiple Venues Various Pricing



Clarion Hotel & Congress 09:00, 1150/1350/1450 NOK

Trondheim Calling Conference 2017

Trondheim Calling at Avant Garden

Avant Garden 21:00-00:00, 370/740 NOK For the first time, Avant Garden will be a part of the music festival Trondheim Calling! Most fittingly, we will the give stage to some of the festival’s more avant-garde style/alternative bands.

Join for 3 days of exciting workshops, seminar and Q&A's.



Trondheim Calling

Tråante 2017

Scandic Lerkendal, Trondheim Main Library, Metodistskirke, Olavshallen, Ringve Museum, Rockheim, Nidarosdomen 18:00, trå

Dokkhuset 20:00, TBA Five jazz bands get together for the last weekend festival in January.

Dokkhuset, Avant Garden, Diskoteket, Fru Lundgreen, Moskus, Olavshallen, Rockeim, Søstrene Karlsen 20:00, Trondheim Calling is Norway's biggest national music conference and showcase festival. The event had 1000 conference participants, over 100 artists and a total of 6750 public in 2016. Trondheim Calling consists of two parts, a music festival and a music conference. Our main purpose is to celebrate the new Norwegian music, showcasing artists who are heading for a breakthrough and raise the level of competence in Norwegian music industry.




Minimalen Short Film Festival Nova Kinosenter 15:00, 90-350 NOK

The 28th annual Minimalen Short Film Festival will be on of Trondheim’s January happenings. At the start of the New Year, January 25 through the 29th, it will be possible to see more than 200 short films exhibited at the Nova Kinosenter. 27 JANUARY - 28 JANUARY

Trondheim Winter Jazz Weekend

Trondheimskonferansen 2017 LO in Trondheim 15:30, 2200 NOK Three days of discussions and workshops around trade unions, workers rights, working class struggle, future of LO, privatisation and much more.

BIS celebrates 30 years BI Studentsamfunn 10:00, TBA More information coming. 09 FEBRUARY - 19 FEBRUARY

ISFiT 2017

Samfundet The International Student Festival In Trondheim (ISFiT), is the world’s largest thematic student festival. It has been organised every other year since 1990, gathering students from all over the world for ten days of dialogue, cultural arrangements, workshops and more. The next festival takes place in February 2017, and this year 500 students from over 100 countries are discussing the theme discrimination. 21 FEBRUARY - 25 FEBRUARY

Rørosmartnan 2017

Trondheim 10:00, Mostly Free Rørosmartnan welcomes you to a unique experience of modern and traditional culture, as well as trade and folk music - a mix difficult to find anywhere else. Originally a trade event, this folk festival now offers a great cultural program. Concerts, dance shows, spontaneous performances on the streets, cabarets, storytelling, horse-drawn sleigh and the list goes on... 22 FEBRUARY - 26 FEBRUARY

Student Games

Trondheim TBA, 595 NOK for athletes / Free to watch

Åre Gastronomy Week

Tråante 2017 is both a national celebration in Norway and a jubilee for Sami people from Sweden, Finland and Russia as well. Everyone is welcome to join the celebration of course, regardless of cultural background.

Trondheim TBA, A proper celebration of food, drinks, aromas and... skiing. Originally a week-long food festival, Åre Gastronomy, will last for 10 days this year. Held in Åre, Sweden, a former Gastronomy

During the celebration there will be a certain focus on democracy, justice and diversity. What we want is that Tråante 2017 gives the public a better understanding about Sami people; their culture and history during this centennial.

Listings are subject to change, check for information



The events will be held in sports halls, fields, and other areas throughout the Trondheim area. For those wishing to compete at the Student Games the last day to register is the 29th of January and there is a small registration fee.

What’s on



Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Jam session with local jazz musicians. Hosted by Sava Balic.

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Jazz trumpeter Frode Thorjussen presents some of his solo projects. He often does open improvisations with inspirations from the likes of Don Cherry, Masqualero, Sigur Ros and James Blake!.

Thursday Jam


Jonas Brekke Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Sometimes all you need is a man and a guitar. Especially when that one man is Jonas Brekke. 06 JANUARY - 07 JANUARY

New Year's Concert

Olavshallen 19:00, Sold Out A musical celebration with Trondheim's Symphony Orchestra. 07 JANUARY

Kroks Jazzcafe: Jazzmazzørene Olavs Pub og Spiseri 14:00, Free Jazzcafe.


Frode Thorjussen

Kroks Jazzcafe: Bjørn Krokfoss sextett Olavs Pub og Spiseri 14:00, Free


Ila Brainnstasjon 14:00, Free Every Sunday at 14.00 local jazz musicians come and play for the hat. Norwegian waffles, a fresh cup of coffee and jazz. Classic Sunday at Ila Brainnstasjon.

Guest: Amund Storløkken Åse on vibrafon.

Olavs Pub og Spiseri 14:00, Free Fun Saturday with Jazzcafe and Jolly Jumper & Big Moe.


Wako & Oslo Strings Dokkhuset 21:00, 100/200 NOK Emerging musicians with backgrounds from Jazzlinja in Trondheim and classical performing community in Oslo.


Alf Hulbækmo & Taiga Orchestra Dokkhuset 20:00, 100/200 NOK Beautiful, simple melodies and a unique harmonious world where simple meets the complex in perfect harmony. Playfulness on jazz, chamber music, along with traces of folk music.


Kammer Tuesday Dokkhuset 19:00, 100/200 NOK Music from Schumann, Bertil Palmar Johansen and Mendelssohn.


Disney's Eve with S. Møller BigBand

Et helteliv


Olavshallen 19:30, 120/320/350 NOK Trondheim Symphony Orchestra with Michael Francis. TSO is supported by Luftforsvarets Musikkorps.


Dokkhuset 19:00, Free With a focus on variation - music from multiple genres.

Olavshallen 19:30, 85-350 NOK Trondheim Symphony Orchestra with Julian Rachlin. Julian Rachlin is considered among the finest in the world elite of violinists, and gradually builds an increasingly successful career as a conductor.

Masterkonsert - Ellen Holmås, cello


Trondheim Symphony Orchestra and Torodd Wigum Olavshallen 19:30, 120/320/350 NOK We get a humorous look at orchestra's inner workings and a glimpse behind the scenes. Everything presented by Trondheim Symphony Orchestra and Torodd Wigum, as the conductor.


Samfundet 20:00, 75/125 NOK


Safety in Symphony Olavshallen 14:00, 170 NOK The concert is a mix of great music and short information snippets about various safety issues. The musical frame around this time will be evergreens from famous musicals of West End to Broadway. 31 JANUARY

Kroks Jazzcafe: Jolly Jumper & Big Moe


Sunday Jazz


Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Jam session with local jazz musicians. Hosted by Sava Balic. 02 FEBRUARY

Trondheim Solistene Olavshallen, 85-350 NOK Information coming soon. 03 FEBRUARY

Dr. Bekken


Olavs Pub og Spiseri 14:00, Free Kroks Jazzcafe.


Thursday Jam


Kroks Jazzcafe: Vikelven jazzband

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Jam session with local jazz & blues musicians. Hosted by Sava Balic.


Trondheim Jazz Forum 19:30, TBA With a special guest Elisabeth Nygard-Pearson.


Rockin' Blues Jam

Nidarosdomen, 20:00 200 to 450 NOK Great masterpieces by Bach from his Magnificat and concertos with orchestra, the Trondheim Vocal ensemble and stunning keyboard soloist Jean Luc Ho.

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Don't know who the doc is? You should! And if you do know him or have heard him play - we know you already pinned this date down. A great pianist who can jam, jazz and blues it all up and do the boogie-woogie all night long, until there is no more night. Just sounds and rhythm, blues and all that jazz.



Barokkfest: Immortal Bach

Feetwarmers Olavs Pub og Spiseri 14:00, Free Jazzcafe.

Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’s on



Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Young Swedish/Norwegian jazz quintet who mixes both traditional and modern jazz expressions. 05 FEBRUARY

An evening with Arredondo, Sødal and Trondheim Gospelkor



Olavs Pub og Spiseri 14:00, Free Jazzcafe.

Rune Rudberg

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free The sound of velvet and whisky. Åge Aleksandersen and Tom Waits. Songs about summer nights, all those things that never happened and all that did.

Olavs Pub og Spiseri 22:00, 400 NOK


Kroks Jazzcafe: Bjørn Krokfoss sextett

Pål Davik & The Narcissists


Mark Gregory Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free He writes his own songs, but is also an excellent interpreter of old classics and legends like Bob Dylan.

Trondheim Frikirke 19:00, 170/275 NOK


His Majesty King's Guard Band

Enjoy an evening with the country rock legend. It's been 15 years since Maria Sødal Arredondo broke through as an artist and overnight became one of the nation's leading singers. With many hits in her repertoire, she is also starring in 'Sound of Music' in Oslo, and had many, many performances at home and abroad. Recently, she has extensively cooperated with tenor and artist Torstein Sødal, her husband. 06 FEBRUARY

Knut Lauritzen Bigband – Toshiko Akiyoshi Dokkhuset 20:00, 100/200 NOK Tribute to Toshiko Akiyoshi - a female pianist, composer and big band leader. 09 FEBRUARY - 10 FEBRUARY



Krokofant + Zenos Mode


Milenburg Joys Jazz Quintet Olavs Pub og Spiseri 14:00, Free Jazzface.


Vilde Aakre Lie Quartet Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Young jazz quartet with vocalist Vilde Aakre Lie.


Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Jam session with local jazz & blues musicians. Hosted by Sava Balic.



PØKK + prøvespillsjam! Dokkhuset 20:00, TBA

Åse Marie Hammer band

1 FEBRUARY 20:30

Barokkfest: Splendours of The Spanish Golden Age

Vår Frue kirke 200 to 450 NOK Acclaimed Spanish vocal ensemble Vandalia unveils the splendours of the music from the time of Spain’s golden age.

Ila Brainnstasjon 21:00, Free Blues and rock 'n' roll for people from the age of 0 to 100!

Listings are subject to change, check for information


Barokkfest: Sonia Prina

Frimurerlogen, 19:00 200 to 450 NOK One of the greatest opera soloists of today’s international scene with orchestra and conductor of Les Arts Florissants, Paul Agnew. 4 FEBRUARY

Barokkfest: Enrico Onofri

Frimurerlogen, 19:30 200 to 450 NOK Experience the magical playing of one of today’s greatest baroque violinists. Enrico Onofri with the baroque band of the Trondheim Symphonic Orchestra.

Barokkfest: Music for the Royal Fireworks Frimurerlogen, 19:30 200 to 450 NOK

An enticing final of the festival with festival baroque music from the famous Royal Fireworks by Händel!

Dokkhuset 21:00, 100/200 NOK Three of the most important voices on today's jazz scene.

Rockin' Blues Jam

Olavs Pub og Spiseri 14:00, Free Jazzcafe.

Vår Frue kirke, 20:30 350 to 680 NOK A unique staging of one of the most famous baroque operas in a suggestive church setting with world-class performers I Fiaggiolini.

Eldbjørg Raknes & Co



Barokkfest: Monteverdi’s Orfeo


Dokkhuset 21:00, 100/200 NOK Explosive jazzrock + hip-hop/ jazz.

Olavshallen 19:30, 120/320/350 NOK Trondheim Symphony Orchestra with Krzysztof Urbański.


Nidarosdomen 19:30, 200 NOK Arranged by Norges Musikkorps Forbund.



DO YOU HAVE AN EVENT YOU WOULD LIKE TO PROMOTE IN THE LIST? Send the details to listings@ or call 47276680. Listings are free to submit… and always will be!

What’s on



Olavs Pub og Spiseri 10:00, Free A nice night with Ziggy and his guitar.

Olavs Pub og Spiseri 22:00, 100 NOK Piano entertainer from Trondheim. Music influenced by Paul McCartney, Elton John, Billy Joel, Sting, Steely Dan, Bob Marley to mention a few.

Trubadur Ziggy


CSI - Duo

Olavs Pub og Spiseri 22:00, Free


Killed Kid Mozart Samfundet 22:00, Ticket included with entrance The band released its first two songs in spring 2016, produced and recorded by Sjur Lyseid. This evening we will also hear a handful of songs from their upcoming debut album, which they produce themselves. 14 JANUARY

Dunbarrow Samfundet 23:00, Ticket included with entrance Heavy rock with gloomy lyrics and riffs that run from Pentagram and Black Sabbath to Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Knut Yeah


RAGA ROCKERS Byscenen 21:00, Sold Out One of the 'Big Four' on the Norwegian rock scene. 21 JANUARY

Dougie´s 80s and 90s Birthday Bash Three Lions 20:00, Free 80s and 90s party. Come down and wish Dougie a Happy Birthday yourself!

Byscenen 22:00, 350 NOK OnklP & De Fjerne Slektningene is one of Norway's best live band that is known for their legendary concerts and phenomenal stage shows.

Olavs Pub og Spiseri 22:00, TBA Luxus Leverpostei is made of five happy boys from Kvinesland. They've been playing all over the country for 20 years, and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from audiences all over.




Stig Nergård Band

Good Omens TBA, 200 NOK The Norwegian Black Metal band is in Trondheim for the first time! Djevel consists of Ciekals (NettleCarrier), Dirge Rep (Orcustus, ex-Enslaved/ex-Gehenna), E. Hjelvik (Kvelertak) and Mannevond (Koldbrann, NettleCarrier).

Olavs Pub og Spiseri 22:00, 100 NOK Stig Nergård is a very versatile artist, who emphasises quality and craftsmanship. The philosophy is simple: you're going to hear music you did not even know YOU would listen to! You could hear anything from ABBA to Åge.



Tomine Harket & Unge Ferrari Samfundet 22:00, 180/230 NOK


Byscenen 22:00, 220 NOK United Stage Norge is proud to present ARY and her first official tour for 2017. January 28 she is back to Trondheim and Byscenen!

Samfundet 22:00, 120/170 NOK Through electric, engaging and emotional lyrics, Sarabi tells a story about social justice.

ISFiT 2017: Oakland Rain Samfundet 23:59, Ticking included with entrance These two 20 year old twin sisters move within pop and folkpop genre.

Two of the country's most exciting young artists are doing a handful of exclusive extra concerts, so you definitely don´t want to miss out on seeing this great collab live!

Luxus Leverpostei





Trubadur Bayer

ISFiT 2017: Sarabi


Dream Theater pre&after party Fru Lundgreen 18:00-02:30, Free Get warmed up before the big concert. 24 FEBRUARY

Rune Bræck Duo Olavs Pub og Spiseri 22:00, Free

Olavs Pub og Spiseri 22:00, 100 NOK Stork Acoustic 4 is an acoustic cover band from Stjørdal.

Olavs Pub og Spiseri 22:00, 100 NOK Bjørnulf Lie better known as Troubadour Bayer has taken Norway by storm! With over 2 million views of his videos on social media Trubadur Bayer has been one of the most covered troubadours.




Byscenen 22:00, 180 NOK Oral Bee is known for making songs about women, money and partying. This fall he 'husrapper' for World Richest Country!

Samfundet 22:00, 190/250 NOK Johndoe, which debuted 13 years go, released the album "Skandinista" to rave reviews in March, and they are doing a new round of concerts in 2017.


Stork Acoustic 4

Formed in 2013, the band’s main influences are the punk and power pop bands of the 80’s and early 90’s. Beachheads are currently working on their debut album.


OnklP & De Fjerne Slektningene


Samfundet 23:59, Ticket included with entrance



Oral Bee

Samfundet 22:00, 190/240 NOK Hjerteslag returns to Trondheim with the critically acclaimed album Vannmann86 in the bag!




Samfundet 20:00 & 22:00, 230/280 NOK Discodudes.


Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’s on





Avant Garden 23:00, 370/740 NOK

Avant Garden 00:00, 370/740 NOK Indie rock band from Elverum. Members from Team Me, Carneval Kids, Twin Pines Mall. Influenced by awesome rock, pop and emo bands like Against Me!, Desaparecidos & The Hotelier.

Olavshallen 23:30, 370/740 NOK Good dose of pop, a pinch of psychedelic rock, marinated in afrobeat, dub and surf. Bloody Beach presenting their 2nd album to Trondheim audiences.

Moskus/Olavshallen Moskus - Thu 22:45 / Olavshallen - Sat 19:30, 370/740 NOK Pom Poko is a fresh band with origins in jazz studies in Trondheim, consisting of Martin Miguel Tonne (Lumikide), Jonas Krøvel Ola Djupvik and Ragnhild Fangel Jamtveit (Panda Panda).

Haunted Mansions

The Hallway

Bloody Beach



Jo Sverre

The Sideways

Haunted Mansions is a new collaboration between two very different musicians from Trondheim’s music scene, living in the same landscape as Gorillaz and Broken Bells. 02 FEBRUARY

INVADER ACE Diskoteket 23:00, 370/740 NOK

Fru Lundgreen/Dokkhuset Fru Lundgreen - Thu 21:00 / Dokkhuset - Fri 21:00, 370/740 NOK

Fru Lundgreen 23:00, 370/740 NOK Alternative rock with old organs, tape delay and flux capacitors. 02 FEBRUARY - 04 FEBRUARY

Toy Savoy

Subtle and heartfelt pop singer who sings in Rindal dialect.




Rockheim 21:30, 370/740 NOK Bendik Kajander from Lofoten debuted in April with the single 'E du den du vil vær?' which achieved great success in extremely short time.


Wonder The Boy


Kjartan Lauritzen

Rockheim 23:00, 370/740 NOK

Diskoteket 22:00, 370/740 NOK Young rapper from Sognefjord made himself know for for his hyper-energetic concerts with his brother at the controls, and Adeo546 as the hype-man.


Ivan Ave


Sondre Lerche Olavshallen 00:30, 370/740 NOK Sondre Lerche is a name most Norwegians between ages 12 to 80 recognize. He has already had a very successful career, both as an artist and a TV personality.


Kommunalt Svømmeanlegg

Behind the stage name Wonder The Boy is a 15-year-old Markus Røe whose impressive debut EP gathered some pretty rave reviews. He mixes playful English lyrics with melodious rapping, and is perhaps one of the most exciting rap artists in Trondheim right now.

Listings are subject to change, check for information


Fru Lundgreen 22:00, 370/740 NOK The trio won Studentersamfundets Demo Tape competition with their nostalgic indie melodies.

Strange Hellos

Diskoteket 00:00, 370/740 NOK Electronic power duo consisting of Tomas (keys, guitars) and Axel (drums, keys).

Rockheim 23:30, 370/740 NOK His new album ‘Helping Hands’ is an album with elements of the ‘90s hip-hop, jazz and soul from the ‘70s and ‘80s boogie and R & B.



Fru Lundgreen/Rockheim Fru Lundgreen - Thu 00:00 / Rockheim - Sat 23:30, 370/740 NOK Simple but catchy melodies and soundscapes in direction of Tame Impala and Radiohead.


Electronica duo made of Norwegian Peder Simonsen on tuba and drum machines and Swedish Anton Tootell on guitar and vocals.

Pom Poko

Moskus 21:30, 370/740 NOK Kommunalt Svømmeanlegg consists of an autist, a nerd and an old virgin. Music is somewhere between pop and punk.


Avant Garden 22:00, 370/740 NOK Strange Hellos started off as a studio project with Odd Martin Skålnes (O. Martin, Aurora) Birgitta Alida Hole (Lumikide), Fredrik Vogsborg (The Megaphonic Thrift, Casiokids) and Even Kjellby (Great News). 02 FEBRUARY - 03 FEBRUARY

As He Said

Rockheim/Fru Lundgreen Rockheim - Thu 22:00, Fru Lundgreen - Fri 22:00, 370/740 NOK Single "Get Me Drunk" which was released in March this year received good reviews in both Norwegian and international music blogs. 02 FEBRUARY - 03 FEBRUARY

Cashmere Factory

Olavshallen/Rockheim Olavshallen - Thu 21:30 / Rockheim - Fri 20:30, 370/740 NOK Indie band from Ålesund won this year's Musikkpris. 02 FEBRUARY - 04 FEBRUARY

Emma & The Diamond Hearts

Olavshallen/Rockheim Olavshallen - Thu 22:30 / Rockheim - Sat 20:30, 370/740 NOK

Trondheim Calling Daily Pass - 370 NOK, Festival Pass - 740 NOK

What’s on


prodigy Magnus Bechmann has the look and the tunes to go real far’. - NME

Great News Moskus 20:00, 370/740 NOK Hints of both garage, psychedelics and powerpop.


Mats Wawa Dokkhuset 23:00, 370/740 NOK


Heave Blood & Die Pop music with catchy lyrics and melodies. Her first single 'Diamond Heart' comes out in January 2017. 02 FEBRUARY - 03 FEBRUARY


Rockheim/Søstrene Karlsen Rockheim - Thu 22:30 / Søstrene Karlsen - Fri 22:30, 370/740 NOK

24-year-old from Bergen has intrigued many with her strong, distinctive voice and unique songwriting talent. Her music balances on the borderline between pop, indie and electronica with a dash of rock. 02 FEBRUARY - 03 FEBRUARY


Rockheim/Diskoteket Rockheim - Thu 21:00 / Diskoteket - Fri 21:00, 370/740 NOK

Dreamarcher Olavshallen 23:30, 370/740 NOK From deep melodic vocals of ambient melancholy, to hardcore screams, pounding guitar riffs and blast beats, Dreamarcher challenges genre conventions. 03 FEBRUARY - 04 FEBRUARY

Fru Lundgreen 00:00, 370/740 NOK Heavy, slow and gloomy doomsday boogie. Inspired by bands like Neurosis, Sleep, Kyuss, Converge and Melvins.


Rockheim Fri 23:00 / Sat 22:30, 370/740 NOK


Psychedelic pop orchestra which had their debut concert at Trondheim Calling 2015.

Henrik The Artist

Søstrene Karlsen/Diskoteket Søstrene Karlsen - Fri 23:30 / Diskoteket - Sat 23:00, 370/740 NOK


Oppkast ala Kart & Hella Rev Diskoteket 23:00, 370/740 NOK ‘Gilde Ting’ is an album that came to life thanks to the fruitful cooperation between Oppkast ala Kart & Hella Rev. The album was released in Trondheim-based Stundom Records in late summer last year.

As one quarter of Norwegian collective RYTMEKLUBBEN, Henrik first emerged on the club scene early 2015. His unique brand of club music brings together a love of commercial pop and music from the 90s-00s, and mixes them together with more underground bass inspired sounds, such as Jersey Club.



Olavshallen 00:30, 370/740 NOK The band is back with a new album that will be released in the Winter. 03 FEBRUARY


Amish 82

Magnus Bechmann

Rockheim 00:00, 370/740 NOK Trøndersk electropop.

Rockheim 23:30, 370/740 NOK


Brutal Kuk

Four buddies making music about good food and good living. Gourmet G, Håge Sancerre, UV a.k.a Tarjei26 og Mætt Damon.02


Olavshallen 22:30, 370/740 NOK One of Norway’s most brutal punk band is coming to punk your world!

Playing modern pop/rock. 03 FEBRUARY

Hanne Hukkelberg Dokkhuset 22:00, 370/740 NOK Hanne Hukkelberg makes intimate, idiosyncratic music that is not easily categorised, combining a wide stylistic range of folk, pop, and jazz. 03 FEBRUARY

Haunted Mansions Rockheim 22:00, 370/740 NOK Haunted Mansions is a new collaboration between two very different musicians from Trondheim's music scene, living in the same landscape as Gorillaz and Broken Bells. 03 FEBRUARY - 04 FEBRUARY

Herman Wildhagen

Avant Garden/Moskus Avant Garden - Fri 21:30 / Moskus - Sat 19:30, 370/740 NOK Herman Wildhagen is a fresh singer-songwriter from Oslo, currently based in Trondheim.

‘With the youthful naivety of ‘Leisure’-era Blur and catchy pop hooks ripped straight from Two Door Cinema Club, teenage


Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’s on


Hilma Nikolaisen Avant Garden 22:30, 370/740 NOK Hilma Nikolaisen is already know to many. In her early years she was a member of Serena-Maneesh, one of Norwegian music's most influential bands in the past decade. Her new album 'Puzzler' will debut on December 2. 03 FEBRUARY

Marie Sahba Rockheim 22:30, 370/740 NOK Marie Sahba is a breath of fresh air on the Norwegian music scene. The Norwegian-Iranian 23-year-old from Trondheim delivers pop music with elements from the Far East and British rock from the early ‘80s.

Their singles have already been streamed 5 million times, which is very impressive considering that the band first saw the light of day less than a year ago. 03 FEBRUARY


Søstrene Karlsen 20:30, 370/740 NOK Despite only having released four singles in two years, Surfalot has gotten a surprising amount of attention. His ‘My My Oh My’ made its way into the English hit series ‘Made in Chelsea’. Indie rock from Oslo.


Rockheim 21:00, 370/740 NOK Singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. 03 FEBRUARY


Olavshallen 20:30, 370/740 NOK Polygenic is a brand new band from Trondheim and the brainchild of Andras Karlstrøm and Zinner Soundwave. 03 FEBRUARY

Skinny Days Rockheim 20:00, 370/740 NOK

Heave Blood & Die

Søstrene Karlsen 21:30, 370/740 NOK Chris Holsten, Lillestrøm boy with a distinctive velvety voice. Topped charts in Norway, Sweden and Korea.

Avant Garden 20:30, 370/740 NOK

Elsa & Emilie

Moskus/Rockheim Moskus - Fri 22:15 / Rockheim Sat 22:00, 370/740 NOK


Kim Olve Breistrand

Moskus 19:30, 370/740 NOK

Three years ago, two 16-yearolds stunned the Norwegian music world with their ‘Endless Optimism’ debut album and were also nominated for Spellemannprisen. Their new album is scheduled for January 2017. 03 FEBRUARY - 04 FEBRUARY

Emilie Storaas

Dokkhuset/Moskus Dokkhuset - Fri 20:00 / Moskus Sat 21:00, 370/740 NOK Indie artist from Trondheim.

Temporary consists of Mikael Øgaard and Jonas Peitersen playing folk-inspired pop. With two electric guitars and evocative vocal harmonies, the duo creates exceptionally pleasant and beautiful atmosphere, where Bob Dylan and Sixto Rodriguez are the biggest inspirations.

Dokkhuset 20:00, 370/740 NOK The Trondheim-based songwriter has written a heartfelt and touching debut. His album ‘Cold Kiss’ floats between rock-based country and folk songs. 04 FEBRUARY

Ludvig Moon Rockheim 20:00, 370/740 NOK Smart indie pop nostalgia performed in heartfelt and sincere manner - a perfect blend of scrawny, catchy and beautiful.


Fejl & Daler Diskoteket 22:00, 370/740 NOK Trøndersk hip hop with trønderdialekt.




Rockheim 21:30, 370/740 NOK Sami electropop artist from Nordreisa. Songs both in English and Norwegian.

Fight The Fight Olavshallen 21:30, 370/740 NOK With a mix of rock, punk, metal and black metal, Fight the Fight breaths a dose of fresh into the Norwegian hard rock scene.


Amanda Tenfjord

Avant Garden/Rockheim Avant Garden - Fri 20:30 / Rockheim - Sat 21:30, 370/740 NOK Half Greek and half Viking, this 19-year-old from Ålesund won 2015 Musikkprisene. Inspired by bands such as Highasakite and Aurora.

Listings are subject to change, check for information

Heavy, slow and gloomy doomsday boogie. Inspired by bands like Neurosis, Sleep, Kyuss, Converge and Melvins. 04 FEBRUARY


Marte Wulff



Chris Holsten



Moskus 21:00, 370/740 NOK Marte Wulff is a Spellemanns-nominated artist, composer and lyricist from Kristiansand, living in Oslo. 2016 marks her 10th anniversary as an artist.



Hear Me Roar Moskus 22:15, 370/740 NOK Their music is best described as organic pop/rock with a nerve of country and bluegrass, like Ryan Adams, and Jackson Browne.




Diskoteket 22:00, 370/740 NOK Just 22 years old, Pasha has already created a solid buzz in the media with his unique and playful style. Rap. 04 FEBRUARY

Philip Emilio Søstrene Karlsen 22:30, 370/740 NOK Philip Emilio an artist representing new Norwegian music at its best. With a mix of R & B, rap and inspiration from other music genres, his music expression can be described as original, forward-thinking and innovative.

Trondheim Calling Daily Pass - 370 NOK, Festival Pass - 740 NOK

What’s on







Søstrene Karlsen 20:30, 370/740 NOK With an international reputation as one of tomorrow’s biggest pop stars, Samsaya has been compared to everything from Santigold and Nelly Furtado to M.i.a., and won of Rolling Stone, New York Times and MTV.

Olavshallen 21:30, 370/740 NOK This Stavanger trio has been called ‘one of Norway’s most unconventional rock bands’. See for yourself why!

Olavshallen 00:30, 370/740 NOK With its first release in over three years Mikhael Paskalev is finally back with the super-catchy sin gle ‘Witness’.



Dokkhuset 23:00, 370/740 NOK Thea & The Wild is the Norwegian songwriter, lyricist, musician and producer Thea Glenton Raknes. Thea is currently in the process of writing new music, due 2017.


Fru Lundgreen 00:00, 370/740 NOK

Fru Lundgreen 22:00, 370/740 NOK Spielbergs are playing in Trondheim for the first time ever! They also released their debut single ‘Daisy! It’s the New Me’ last fall.

Dokkhuset 21:00, 370/740 NOK In 2014 the band received a Spellemanns nomination in the ‘Country’ category for their ‘Winter Passing’ album. Now their are back with a new album called ‘Vinyl and a Heartache’ which is already getting rave reviews.



Wonder The Boy


Søstrene Karlsen 21:30, 370/740 NOK Behind the stage name Wonder The Boy is a 15-year-old Markus Røe whose impressive debut EP gathered some pretty rave reviews. He mixes playful English lyrics with melodious rapping, and is perhaps one of the most exciting rap artists in Trondheim right now.

Avant Garden 21:30, 370/740 NOK From deep melodic vocals of ambient melancholy, to hardcore screams, pounding guitar riffs and blast beats, Dreamarcher challenges genre conventions.




Diskoteket 21:00, 370/740 NOK

Mikhael Paskalev

Darling West


Polygenic is a brand new band from Trondheim and the brainchild of Andras Karlstrøm and Zinner Soundwave.

Rockheim 21:30, 370/740 NOK After playing all around Norway, the band is finally ready to release their debut album. 04 FEBRUARY


The Modern Times

Olavshallen 20:30, 370/740 NOK After two critically acclaimed albums, two EPs and more than 250 concerts in Europe and Asia, Einar Stray Orchestra will release their third album via Toothfairy and Sinnbus on February 17.

The band experienced great international success with their ‘Yoga EP’. Broen is getting ready to release their second album in Spring 2017. 04 FEBRUARY

Death By Unga Bunga Rockheim 00:00, 370/740 NOK

Rockheim 23:00, 370/740 NOK Tromsø based band inspired by bands like Pixies, Television and The Strokes. 04 FEBRUARY

The Regent

Elektronica. 04 FEBRUARY

Olavshallen 22:30, 370/740 NOK Progressive/neo-psychedelic/ jazz-rock trio. Won Spellemanprisen 2010 for their ‘Walk the Nile’ album.

Olavshallen 23:30, 370/740 NOK



Avant Garden 22:30, 370/740 NOK The trio describes themselves as ‘stoner punk’.

Søstrene Karlsen 23:30, 370/740 NOK Sami electropop artist from Nordreisa. Songs both in English and Norwegian.


Dokkhuset 00:00, 370/740 NOK The four girls from Møhlenpris in Bergen were only 15 years old when they started playing together and they are celebrating their 10th anniversary as a band this year.




Einar Stray Orchestra






Thea & The Wild

Avant Garden 23:30, 370/740 NOK The Regent plays fast, technical and reckless melodic punk.

Death By Unga Bunga have been very busy in 2016. They released their fourth album ‘Pineapple Pizza’, and toured both USA and Norway. 04 FEBRUARY


Fru Lundgreen 23:00, 370/740 NOK A mash-up between shoegaze, garage rock and ‘90s slacker-rock.


Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’s on


SÁMI BLOOD Nova Kino 18:00, Sold Out Produced by Nordic Film Production, the prizewinning film will mark the opening of the Sámi centennial week Tråante 2017. A limited number of tickets came for sale at 12 noon on 21 November 2016. Tickets sold out in 10 minutes. 05 FEBRUARY

Hvem eier historien? NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet 13:00, Free Recent archaeological discoveries and new research methods show Sami presence in southern Norway much earlier than it has been claimed. Texts in Sami, Norwegian and English. 05 FEBRUARY

Exhibition Opening 15:00, Free Galler Hanne invites you to the exhibition opening with Sami artworks by artists Mathis Nango and Gerd Lorås. 05 FEBRUARY - 26 FEBRUARY

Áigemátki (Time Travel) Exhibition Opening Kraftbyen 20:00, Free The exhibition shows contemporary art created by Sami artists living in Norway, Finland and Sweden. All exhibitors are members of the Sámi Dáiddacehpiid Searvi (SDS) / Sami Art Association.



Torvet 12:00-19:00, TBA 12 tents right in the heart of Trondheim. Meet reindeer herders and reindeer products, arts and crafts made with real Sami tradition. Experience, smell, taste and enjoy!

Torvet 15:30, Free Poet, composer, songwriter and singer. In recent years, he studied at the Music Conservatory in Tromsø. His songs are both in Norwegian and English.

REIN - Tråante 2017

Kalle Urheim



Jubilee performance Jielemen Aavo

Bååstede - Exhibition Opening

Olavshallen 17:00 & 20:00, 495/595 NOK It’s a celebration of life and at the same time a memorial song to honour and remember those who were lost along the road.

Erkebispegården Museum 15:30 Sámi cultural heritage coming home to be managed locally. Ancestral material cultural heritage as inspiration and grounds for wonder, admiration and the develop.


Vidderna inom mig


Nidarosdomen 20:00, TBA Counties of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark present Svante Henryson - a writer, poet, visual artist, composer, actor and yoiker.

Book Exhibition

Trondheim Main Library 12:00, TBA The exhibition presents books and publications in Sami languages and also Norwegian, English, and German literature.


Sjávuoste Buökttiet – Revolution of silence


Mari Boine’s life in photographs - Book Launch

Rockheim 20:00, 220 NOK Sara Ajnnak is a well know artists on the Sami music scene. The performance will take us on a historical journey during Sami colonisation times.

Trondheim Main Library 14:00, Free Photographer and writer Susanne Hætta followed Boine with a camera for over two years. Hætta has followed the musician in her everyday life, outdoors, in recording sessions and at concerts aboth home and abroad. The result is a magnificent book in Sami and English: ’Mari Moments - Mari Dagaldat’

In Sami, English, Russian and Scandinavian.

Mens landet forsvinner (While land disappears) Olavshallen 10:00, Free Over 100 years of struggle. During the meeting in 1917 herding was the main theme. What were the challenges in 1917 - what are the challenges in 2017? 06 FEBRUARY

Opening Ceremony Torvet 11:30, Free


Metodistkirken 15:00, TBA Sami Jienat has since its inception in 2002 worked with yoiks in traditional form, combined yoik with choral arrangements and contemporary music and helped to develop a new genre, choral yoik.’

Listings are subject to change, check for information


Opening of The 21. Sami conference Scandic Lerkendal 09:00, Free This year’s theme - ’Et felles Sápmi’. Sami conference is Saami Council’s highest body and is held every four years. The conference elects members of the Saami Council and adopts a declaration which lays the foundation for the Saami Council activities over the next four years. On the Sami Council theme day we meet political leaders and representatives of Sami organisations and institutions, together with representatives from the various states and international friends and guests.


Sami Parents Conference Scandic Lerkendal 11:15, Free Norway has, based on indigenous peoples’ special rights, a special obligation to protect Sami children and parents interests


Rockheim 20:00, TBA Triple concert with Maxida Märak, SlinCraze and Ailu Valle.

Old Courthouse 16:00, 220 NOK A chamber music play about a Sami woman’s fate in Trondheim’s prison. Premiere on February 5.


Saami Parliamentary Conference (SPR) Scandic Lerkendal 09:00


Scandic Lerkendal 09:00



Luo it Sámis

Saami Parliamentary Conference Noereh

Fra Kautokeino til Kavlskinnet - world premiere

Maxida Märak/SlinCraze/ Ailu Valle




Elsa Laula - premiere

Trøndelag Teater 20:00, 100/200/250 NOK Elsa Laula Renberg was the driving force behind the first nation-wide assembly of the Sámi in Trondheim on 6 February 1917. Play about Sámi female pioneer involves burning issues that are still relevant today.

What’s on


Plupp - a real joejke play, a jojkical Avant garden 18:00, TBA Come see Plupp, Slamma the lemming and Tjeske the weasel in a musical adventure set in the mountains and highland plains. 09 FEBRUARY

Timimie Märak Kunsthall Trondheim 19:00, Free Politics, Poetry and Punk. 10 FEBRUARY - 11 FEBRUARY

Sami Championship Opening Ceremony

Saupstad Skistadion 10:30, Free Rein herding competition, individual country skiing.


Elsa Laula Renberg - a biography Trondheim Main Library 14:00, Free Siri Broch Johansen, author of the biography gives lectures together with the literary critic Harald Gaski. Musical performance by musician Amund Johnskareng. 07 FEBRUARY

Seminar with Sami Church Council Metodistkirken 09:00, TBA Sami Church Council was established in 1992 to promote Sami church traditions at a local and national level. The Council consists of 8 members and representatives from the three big Sami language groups in Norway.



Trondheim Main Library 18:00, TBA Check trå for more information.

Antikvariatet 19:30, 25 NOK Quiz with wide-ranging topics.

Allmennquiz - every Monday

Tråante 2017 at the library



Environmental Evening


Stammen Cafe 18:00, Free Indigenous and environmental struggle - From Alta via Fosen to Standing Rock.

Café Løkka 21:00, Free Quiz organised by Jump Cut, student association for film studies. Every Tuesday.



Seminar on Sami policies

Kleintirsdag - every Tuesday

Scandic Lerkendal 09:30, Free One day seminar discussing Sami role in the court system.

Antikvariatet 20:00, 50 NOK Karaoke. In Norwegian...or English...or Chinese.


Ethnic Identity and Cultural Meetings


Trondheim Main Library 09:30, Free Seminar.

Café Løkka 20:00, Free Café Løkka has restocked their shelves with brand new games, and good prices at the bar, so pick up a friend or two and come and enjoy some board game fun. Every Wednesday.

Board Game Night


Sami literature in North America Trondheim Main Library 14:00, Free Lecture by Harald Gaski and Anessa Anders Land.


Board Game Night

Café Løkka 20:00, Free Café Løkka has restocked their shelves with brand new games, and good prices at the bar, so pick up a friend or two and come and enjoy some board game fun. Every Wednesday.


Sami school history Trondheim Main Library 14:00, Free Siri Broch Johansen presents six-volume Sami school history work.



Beer tasting at Antikvariatet

Saupstad Skistadion, 10:30, Free

Antikvariatet 17:00, 595 NOK A perfect place for beer enthusiasts.

Sami Championship Closing Ceremony


The Methodist Church, The Historic Site – Its Impact and Significance


Metodistkirken 17:00, Free Many renowned speakers discussing Sami history.

Three Lions, Free Thursday Quiz at Three Lions, every Thursday. In English.

Thursday Fun Quiz



På Plata

Café Løkka 21:00, Free Friends of Løkka (including you!) bring their favourite records and spin them on the vinyl player. Every Saturday. 08 JANUARY - 26 FEBRUARY

Lørdag på Søndag - Every Sunday Antikvariatet 21:00, Free At Antikvariatet Sundays are the new Saturdays. Don't sit at home and dwell on the coming week, come and join in the jam! Instruments available to borrow for free. 12 JANUARY

Open day with SalsaNor Trondheim Gamle Håndverkeren 08:00, Free Here you can try out and participate in several workshops in Salsa, bachata and other latin dances. The event is free and open for all ages and experience levels. 12 JANUARY

Knit and listen Trondheim Folkebibliotek 17:30, Free Would you like to hear a good story or a beautiful poem? We invite to a reading at Trondheim Public Library. Take your knitting tools and just come and listen. And knit. 12 JANUARY - 23 FEBRUARY


Ila Brainnstasjon 18:00, Free For everyone who wants to practice their Norwegian in a relaxing and friendly environment. 16 JANUARY - 27 MARCH

Worlds simplest guitar course Kultursenteret ISAK 18:00, TBA If you ever wanted to play the guitar, this is the perfect opportunity to finally master that 6 string instrument.

Listings are subject to change, check for information

What’s on


Kjære Dagbok Antikvariatet 20:00, 100 NOK We are looking forward to reading old diaries, love letters and secret notes. Join for an evening of embarrassing, funniest and most revealing thoughts and experiences from a time when you didn't know better. 19 JANUARY

About VALIE EXPORT and the body politics of 1970s Kunsthall 18:30, 100 NOK Ulla Angkjær Jørgensen will also discuss VALIE EXPORT with Wencke Mühleisen, media and gender researcher, and former performance artist. 19 JANUARY

CryptoParty Trondheim 2017 Work-Work 18:00, Free Privacy is important to the development of ideas, free communication, and democracy. CryptoParties are a decentralised worldwide movement to help people maximise privacy in the digital world. 20 JANUARY

EAT & QUIZ DIGS Co-working space 19:00, Free Max 5 per team. 4 categories every time. 3 categories repeat every time: Food & Drinks, Entertainment and History & Geography. This edition will have a category with the topic 'New Year'. 24 JANUARY

The Rules For Everything Nidarosdomen 18:00, TBA Season opening. More information coming. 25 JANUARY

Kombucha Workshop

Stammen Café & Bar 18:30, 150 NOK Morten Skogly from Skogly Nomadebryggeri teaches you how to make Kombucha, and gives you your own starter ('Scoby') so that you can make your own.



Reformation Jubilee 2017: Reformation in Nidaros diocese

Multiplié Dance Film (Minimalen Short Film Festival)

Suhmhuset 19:00, TBA Three talks by researchers from the Department of Historical Studies.

Nova Kinosenter TBA, TBA Multiplié Dance Film is a dance film programme screened as part of Minimalen Short Film Festival. The programme is curated by DansiT - senter for dansekunst i Sør-Trøndelag, and consists of dance films from all over the world.


The Quiz

Stammen Café & Bar 19:30, Free Once per month, Ane and Sophia prepare quiz-questions in a range of fun and interesting categories that they hand-pick each time. All questions in English and the winner even gets a prize!


Leanforum Norge DIGS Co-working space 14:00, Free More info coming soon.




Beer tasting

DIGS Co-working space 18:00, TBA FuckupNights is a global movement where stories of failed projects are presented and celebrated. Each event presents 3-4 entrepreneurs and their story about a failed startup or a project, followed by Q & A.

Stammen Café & Bar 19:00, Free An evening with Syrian poetry performed in English, Norwegian and/or Syrian. 28 JANUARY



DIGS Co-working space 18:00, Free IxDa is an informal academic meetup for people who work with or are interested in user experience. 17 FEBRUARY




Drink & Draw Stammen Café & Bar 19:00, Free Drink and draw is a social drawing activity. We meet. We drink. We draw. We feel free and creative because anyone can draw, just like when we were kids. We welcome beginners, artists, shy and extrovert to meet, have a drink and draw together. 25 FEBRUARY

'Listen to the Silence' - Academy for young scientists



Dokkhuset 14:00, TBA How does sound and absence of sound affect our everyday lives?

DIGS Co-working space 18:00, Free Recruitment event for startups and job seekers.





Sverresborg Folkemuseum 12:00, Free Come and meet recently immigrated dance traditions, taste the food and chat with talented dancers from different cultures.

Listings are subject to change, check for information

Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum TBA, TBA Textile artists and art historians talk about their work with the field demonstrated in the exhibition Fibre fever.

Diskoteket 18:00, 595 NOK Theme: Beer from Belgium. Learn to use all of your sense when you are tasting beer!

Stammen Café & Bar 19:00, Free Green Drinkers mingle and share insights, provoke, exasperate, inspire and delight each other. This is an environment focused monthly meetup on the 1st Thursday of the month at Stammen. We chat, make friends and start new projects!

Syrian Poetry Night

Fibre fever seminar

DIGS Co-working space 19:00, Free Max 5 per team. 4 categories every time. 3 categories repeat every time: Food & Drinks, Entertainment and History & Geography.

Green Drinks Meet and Greet



DIGS Co-working space 19:00, Free Max 5 per team. 4 categories every time. 3 categories repeat every time: Food & Drinks, Entertainment and History & Geography. This edition will have a category with the topic 'New Year'.



Sverresborg Folkemuseum 12:00, Free Come and meet recently immigrated dance traditions, taste the food and chat with talented dancers from different cultures. It is an informal and enjoyable cultural exchange, and the audience, both young and old, are welcome to participate in basic dance instruction, listen to music, chat and watch dance traditions from many different countries

What’s on


Edward Albee’s Hvem er redd for Virginia Woolf? Trøndelag Teater TBA, 160/275/325 NOK More information coming soon. 15 JANUARY

Livets dans - dans i fest og hverdag - Exhibition Opening Sverresborg Folkemuseum 14:00, Free Speeches, drinks, waffles and coffee. The opening is followed by the improvising theatre with Stian Hovland Pedersen, Eva Næss and Bendik Farmstead (musician). 19 JANUARY

Open Mic

Ila Brainnstasjon 18:00, Free New and more experienced comedians test new material. This is a great place to check out new comedians and see fresh and upcoming comics from Trøndelag. Sometimes, if you are lucky, more experienced and more nationally known artists also show up to do a bit. Note: Most of the comedians do their sets in Norwegian. 20 JANUARY - 22 JANUARY


Avant Garden TBA, TBA In Korrigeringer, (‘Corrections’), the local performing arts company Konstellasjonen dive into a gloomy, surreal universe. 22 JANUARY

Dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen Olavshallen 12:00, 265/295 NOK Hurry up because one show has already been sold out! 27 JANUARY - 28 JANUARY


Avant Garden TBA, TBA Death does not exist. Words and language are not enough. Everything we have ever loved is not enough. Inspired by 1920s blues singer and brimstone


pastor J. M. Gates’s songs, this dance performance attempts, in a humorous way, to prove that death does not exist…

ISFiT 2017: Latrice Royale With Here's To Life Samfundet 21:00, 170/230 NOK Latrice Royale inspires and spreads positivity with his show 'Here's to life'.


Improv show with Gibberish Stammen Café & Bar 20:00, Free Improv Trondheim performs fun and entertaining improvised theatre in English.


Dance in Sami culture Sverresborg Folkemuseum 12:00, 90/110 NOK Debate about dance in Sami tradition with interesting participants. Dance/theatre 'Riegadeapmi' (birth) with dance artist Stina Therese Lorås Hessaa. A performance about rediscovering lost heritage, and the shame built through generations that have led to this loss. The performance is both visual, physical and textbased, and contains both theatre and dance.


Open Mic Comedy Night Stammen Café & Bar 20:00, 50 NOK Open Mic Comedy Night at Stammen. Stop by and test your best jokes - any level of experience is welcome, or just sit back and listen to others. Several experienced stand-up comedians have confirmed their attendance! English and Norwegian contributions are both welcome!


ISFiT 2017: Ashtar Theater - The Syrian Monologues


Min Pappas Porno

Samfundet 17:30, 80/130 NOK In 2014 Ashtar Theatre was invited by CARE Jordan to initiate a project with Syrian refugees in Amman. Through this project, Ashtar worked with 120 refugees of various ages. 22 pieces have been written with personal monologues, and some of these monologues were presented in Amman 9th June 2015 at an event on the World Refugee Day.

Byscenen 19:00, 375 NOK The plot is straightforward enough. A young boy discovers his father’s porn collection after being abandoned by him, and develops an addiction to all things smutty. If you’re just looking for some phallic jokes, it might be better to steer clear. 11 FEBRUARY

Improv show with Gibberish


Stammen Café & Bar 20:00, Free Gibberish Improv Trondheim performs fun and entertaining improvised theatre in English.

Byscenen 19:30, 350 NOK 'Rich Hall is a comedy phenomenon' – The Sun 'Now is the time to grab this chance to see the great man at work' – The Guardian ‘Creeps up on you and ambushes your funny bone like no one else’ – The Scotsman

Rich Hall


ISFiT 2017: Meet and Greet With Latrice Royale Samfundet 21:00, 320 NOK Latrice Royale is an American drag performer and reality television personality.


ISFiT 2017: IMPROschmimpro Samfundet 21:00, 150/200 NOK IMPROschmimpro is a local group that works with improvisational theatre. They go on


stage without knowing anything about how the show will look like. Actors take input from the public and mix it with their own creativity and the result is spontaneous and funny behavior that is incredibly entertaining. 16 FEBRUARY

Open Mic

Ila Brainnstasjon 18:00, Free New and more experienced comedians test new material. This is a great place to check out new comedians and see fresh and upcoming comics from Trøndelag. Sometimes, if you are lucky, more experienced and more nationally known artists also show up to do a bit. Note: Most of the comedians do their sets in Norwegian. 18 FEBRUARY

MØTE + dance Skogheim 18:00, 180/300 NOK MØTE (meeting) is an unique dance performance that presents Norwegian traditional dance in a modern stage expression. The performance is about human relations told through the language of music and dance. The Norwegian folk dances are providing the basis for humorous, serious and indescribable moods performed with intensity, joy, and savagery. 23 FEBRUARY - 25 FEBRUARY

Indøkrevyen - Sjukt å melde

Byscenen, 130 NOK Original story about student life, life in Trondheim and the world. 24 FEBRUARY

Levva Livet

Olavshallen 19:30/20:00, 390/440 NOK Musical based on the texts of Åge Aleksandersen. 25 FEBRUARY

Improv show with Gibberish Stammen Café & Bar 20:00, Free Gibberish Improv Trondheim performs fun and entertaining improvised theatre in English.

Listings are subject to change, check for information


FOOD & DRINK Map 01 02 03 04 05

Bror Kafé Soil To Rom og Kjøkken


Kafé Soil

Bror is a bar and BBQ-hotspot located in Nordre Gate, right in the heart of Trondheim. They specialize in craft beers and rum, served alongside burgers and southern California-style tacos. Burgers are cooked in a charcoal-fired grill. Go as you are - be it a quick drink, a full meal or a night out. Bror offers a warm welcome!

Kafé Soil sits in charming Bakklandet and serves up delicious organic homemade cakes and other baked goods. Vegan and raw alternatives ensure that there is something for everyone, and visitors can quench their thirst with locally-roasted coffee as well as juice and soda.

Øvre Bakklandet 33, 7013 Trondheim +47 73 92 10 44 Mon-Fri 11:00-01:00, Sat-Sun 12:00-01:00

Nedre Bakklandet 20d, 7014 Trondheimé-Soil Wed-Fri 8-17, Sat 11:00-17:00, Sun 11:00-18:00

To Tårn Troll Restaurant


Jacobsen og Svart






Sellanraa Bok & Bar


Folk og Fe



07 03 01 06


02 10




To Rom og Kjøkken

Jacobsen og Svart


Run by Roar Hildonen and Alexander Skjefte – both with a great passion for food and drink – To Rom og Kjøkken focuses on the best produce from Trøndelag. It is the largest food region in Norway with a wide variety of seafood and other delicious local, small-scale products. To Rom og Kjøkken takes inspiration from Mediterranean cuisine and uses first-class ingredients in a unique way with no compromise. They boast an extensive selection of 500 wines and 120 beers.

If you’re looking for a different kind of coffee shop yo u’ll find it at Jacobsen og Svart. In their trendy venue in the new Adressa building they’ve combined a relaxed atmosphere with friendly service, funky playlists and equally funky coffee. To top it off, everything at Jacobsen is home made, from their famously fresh cinnamon rolls to the coffee roasted on site.

Ramp Pub & Spiseri is a local bistro and pub located on the eastside of town, to be more precise in Svartlamon (Trondheim’s alternative area). They’ve been there for 13 years, serving in-house produced burgers, hummus and delicious daily specials. Ramp prides itself on local ingredients, homemade bread and cakes, and on serving quality food and drinks.

Carl Johans Gate 5, 7010 Trondheim +47 735 68 900 Mon-Sat 16:00-24:00

Ferjemannsveien 8 +47 902 44 226 Mon-Fri 7:00-18:00, Sat 9:00-18:00, Sun 11–18:00

Strandveien 25a, 7042 Trondheim +47 735 18 020 Mon-Thurs: 14:00-01:00, Fri-Sun: 12:00-01:00

Cafe To Tårn

Sellanraa Bok & Bar

With panoramic views of the Cathedral’s West front, here you can enjoy Norwegian open sandwiches - farmer’s rye bread, rolls, handpeeled shrimps and ciabatta. You can also eat ‘stone masons bread’ and ‘medieval soup’, just as pilgrims have been doing for many centuries. Delicious coffee, homemade cakes and waffles. And get in touch to book the location for receptions combined with organ concerts in the cathedral.

SELLANRAA Bok & bar is located in Trondheim’s new cultural square and connects the public library, the Literature house and "Kunsthall Trondheim". We offer specially selected coffee from around the world prepared by our award winning baristas. You can enjoy the seasonal produce from our flavoursome menu that varies daily, made by our chef with attention to sustainability. And while savouring your meal, you may spot one of our great books which you are welcome to make your own.

Nidarosdomen Besøkssenteret 72 84 59 90 / 995 22 020 Mon-Sun 10:00-17:00


Kongens gate 2, 7011 Trondheim 926 79 730 Mon-Fri 07:30-21:00, Sat 11:00-17:00

Troll Restaurant


Folk og Fe

Troll Restaurant is located in fosenkaia , overlooking the river. In a rustic and almost fairytale like environment, Troll serve traditional Norwegian dishes with a different spin. All the menue items are based on local ingredients, like whale beef from Smøla and Deer from the Trøndelag region. Head Chef Lars composes 3 or 5 course meals that will impress and surprise you.

Selma is the most recent addition to Solsiden. They serve pizza straight from the in-house stone oven, with unique toppings like Norwegian "Ribbe" and Soave ham. At the bar you find over 20 different beers on tap, and Selma is possibly the only place in Trondheim with additional taps for mixed drinks. Guided by the competent staff, at Selma you always feel at home.

Folk og Fe is a bistro located in the old part of town called Bakklandet. They serve local, Scandinavian style cuisine and value rustic presentation, unformal atmosphere and professional service. Visit Folk og Fe for a tasteful experience.

Fosenkaia 4 A, 7010 Trondheim 734 87 990 Mon-Sat: 15:00-23:00

Tmv-kaia 13, Solsiden Phone +47 920 12 181 Mon, Tue, Thur 11:00-00:00, Wed 11:00-02:00, Fri-Sat 11:00-02:00, Sun 13:00-00:00

Øvre Bakklandet 66 975 18 180 Tue-Wed 12:00-22.00, Thur-Sat 12:00-01:00, Sun 12:00-22:00







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The List Magazine - Issue 14  
The List Magazine - Issue 14