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With the advancing technology, people may soon be able to choose their child’s eye/hair color along with many other features.

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Drinking and driving can lead to serious consequences such as a DUI, or even death. Check out the startling statistics.

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LION’S TALE November 24, 2008


Volume 49

Issue 3

601 K ing Street

Oviedo, Florida


Julie Leonard places first in state, while teams roll in as runners-up Julia Thorncroft

T courtesy




HUDDLING FOR HOPE. Freshman Courtney

Wright, senior Ashley Wright, Coach Pete, junior Julie Leonard, sophomore Kelsey Burr, and the rest of the team gather for a pre-game pep talk.






FIRST IN STATE. Junior Julie Leonard practices at the Oviedo Bowling Alley one day after school.

Dripping Away

staff reporter

ears flowed down junior Julie Leonard’s eyes after rolling her last ball. Leonard took home the girls individual championship at the State Bowling Finals, defeating Timber Creek senior Kaleigh Harp 2-1 on Nov. 12. “I wasn’t expecting to come out on top at all,” said Leonard. “I went to the competition just hoping I could make it into the top 16, because that would be a huge accomplishment.”  From Nov. 11-12, both the men and women’s bowling teams competed at the State Bowling Finals, at Boardwalk Bowl in Orlando.   On the first day, the team bowled four games that determined their status in both individual and team competitions. Leonard was placed fourth, bowling a 182, 192, 194, and 247.   “During the tournament, I was so stressed,” said Leonard. “But you can’t let it get to you, otherwise you perform badly.”  In the first round, Leonard bowled against Jennifer Wiley of Forest High School, whom she beat 2-0 with scores 173-138, and 184-171. In round two she played Miami Southridge High School’s Brianna Pucko whom she also beat 2-0, leading her to be victorious in the third round the following day, beating Julie Wright of Winter Park High School 2-0.   Then Leonard played the final championship match versus Timber Creek’s Kaleigh Harp. The format of the match was best scores two out of three.  Leonard could feel the pressure to win.  “Before my championship match, I was shaking and nervous to the point of feeling ill,” said Leonard. “I wouldn’t look at or talk to anyone but Coach Wilkie. I even had a hard time watching the other girl [Harp] bowl. I was secretly hoping she would throw it in the gutter or leave splits every time.”  Although her nerves were getting to her, Leonard pulled herself together, focusing solely on the match and her bowling.   “Despite my stress,” said Leonard. “I was somehow more relaxed see BOWLING, page 1

Victoria Persampiere on the fake ID. news editor “He looked at it for a while, so I’m


Emily Cottrell co-diversions editor



Fake ID carriers risk jail

School leaks1200 gallons of water in single day

rip, drip, drip. The leaky faucet released water droplets one by one as chemistry teacher Susan Carpenter looked on. Disappointed by this waste of water, Carpenter walked back to her classroom and planned a new conversion experiment for her classes. “I noticed that the bathroom sink was leaking a lot, so I thought figuring out how much water the school is wasting in the bathrooms would good conversion experiment for my students,” said Carpenter. Carpenter’s chemistry classes and her AP Environmental class carried out the experiment in both the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms of the science building to see just how much the leaky faucets cost the school. The classes went out with a beaker, a graduated cylinder, and a stopwatch, and




DRIP, DROP, DRIP. Susan Carpenter’s measured the amount of water wasted in a day, which averaged out to 1200 gallons per day. Since then many sinks have been repaired.

collected water in the beaker for 30 seconds. That water was measured in the graduated cylinder, and then the students calculated how much water we were losing in milliliters per second, and converted that measurement into gallons per day. “The data that all of the classes collected was amazing. I was surprised and upset to see that some of the sinks were leaking water like a sieve,” said sophomore Eric Gender. The classes’ experiments concluded that on average, the leaky faucets cost the school 1200 gallons of water a day. “The results made me feel like we should do a better job with conserving water here, and that the construction team should work on that. Thankfully, I know they are planning on fixing see WASTING WATER, page 3

ervous sweat beaded at the nape of Senior Vienna Johnson’s* neck; she leaned back on her heels, crossed her arms over her chest, and tried to look casual. In front of her, the club’s bouncer squinted skeptically at her fake ID. She’d never encountered this problem before; nobody had ever noticed that the shorter, darker-haired girl on the ID didn’t exactly look like the tall blonde that handed it over. “This isn’t you.” Accused the guard. Johnson protested, insisted that the picture on the card was, in fact, her. The guard asked for further identification – a credit card, anything. “I don’t have anything with me,” Johnson lied again. Still unconvinced, the guard drew her aside. “Sign your name three times as it appears on your license,” he instructed. Johnson cringed, but complied. “I had no idea what the signature looked like,” she said. “So I just signed the girl’s [on the license] name three times in cursive.” She handed the slip of paper over, and waited again. The wait was agonizingly long as the guard scrutinized her handwriting, comparing it with that of the unknown girl

thinking that maybe [my signature] might have actually been kind of close [to the girl’s.] But then he looked at me and said, ‘Sorry, but this isn’t you.’” Now this is where, under other circumstances, Johnson might have found herself in a heap of trouble. “Any person, whether a juvenile or an adult, who drives a motor vehicle without a valid driver license commits a criminal act and can be taken to jail,” said Commander Marc Beaulieu of the Oviedo Police Department. “However, simply having an altered or fake driver license in your possession is a crime and can result in your arrest.” If he’d been following protocol, the guard should have called the police and Johnson would have spent her night out on the town locked up in prison. But by some stroke of luck, the guard pocketed Johnson’s ID and told her to hightail it. She was all too happy to get away. “The guard merely put the ID in his pocket and I left. I think that if I had tried to put up a fight or something, the cops might have gotten involved, but I was not going to

*names withheld

see FAKE ID’s, page 3



November 24, 2008


The Lion’s Tale

New law deletes cyber-bullying Florida act prohibits off-campus bullying, aims to save lives Tova Kranz

Students compete in OHS Idol

Girl’s basketball is holding OHS Idol, a singing competition between Oviedo High School’s talented students. Three singers will perform during halftime during each varsity or junior varsity game. Audience members will receive a ballot, and the singer with the least amount of votes from each game will be eliminated. Typically varsity halftime is held between 7:15p.m.-7:45p.m. and junior varsity halftime is held between 5:45 p.m.-6:15p.m.. The winner will be announced Jan. 29 and will perform one last time.

Literary magazine accepting submissions

OHS plans to publish a literary magazine for the 2008-2009 school year. Accepted work includes all of the following: art, short stories, lyrics, poems, essays, pictures and scripts. Any student wishing to submit their work may submit to any of the following sources: Deb Jepson’s mailbox, any multi-media technology student, a language arts teacher or room 21-020 by March 2. Oviedo High School released the 2000-2001 edition titled “Connections”, pictured below, that featured student works.

FCAT changing to fit budget

FCAT changes will be made to support the financial cuts in the state of Florida. There will no longer be a multiple-choice section in the writing part of the exam to cut costs by $2.5 million. The summer exam opportunity will be canceled for high school students who need to pass FCAT to graduate. Parents will not be able to access their student’s scores online but must wait to receive the scores by paper reports from their students. The changes in FCAT will take place this 2008-2009 school year.

SGA initiates recycling program

In hopes to become environmentally friendly, Student Government will be starting a new recycling program. Plastic bins are available in the front office at Amy Goodwin’s desk. The large bins will be located by the auto shop. Contact Brenda Holmes with any questions or concerns. Remember: recycle, recycle, recycle.


staff reporter

hree years ago, Jeffrey Johnston killed himself at age 15. After Johnston committed suicide a victimofinschoolandonlinebullying,hismother, Debbie Johnston, pushed for three years for the passing of a Florida law named after her son. The Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up For All Students Act states that all Florida public schools must have a concise policy for dealing with bullying and harassment which now includes cyber-bullying through cell phones and online sources such as instant messager, networking sites, and email. While the law was passed unanimously in Florida’s Senate, some like sophomore Spencer photo illustration/TOVA KRANZ Ruiz are waiting to see how this law is carried out. A DANGEROUS PLACE. The internet serves as a place for bullies to harrass and label peers “I think the law can be beneficial to without the consequences of in-school harrassment. students, it’s just how people see a guidance counselor for both the enforce the law that can benefit student being bullied and the bully. students or not,” said Ruiz. “Usually I am brought in early in the But, despite widespread process. I will work with not only the student confidence in the law, being bullied, but also the student who is 61.6 percent of students uncertainty springs from doubts bullying. Both are recommended to speak bullied are picked on for their looks about the law’s enforcement, with a counselor because there are issues or speech. and its role in school. on both sides. I have found that students “This [law] sounds like our who are bullying have issues and problems 55.6 percent of students who are government trying (with good of their own and the bullying is just a bullied report physical abuse. intentions, I’m sure) to take over symptom of other issues,” said director of where our parents fell short. the guidance department Nicola Johnson. The US Department of Education Seems to me that we would be When in counseling, the first step, estimates that three million thefts more effective if we used mass Johnson said, is to make sure the situation and violent crimes take place near media to show people how to between the students is in control. schools each year. behave, or how to effectively “The first thing I try to accomplish is raise children,” said English diffusing the situation. I want to make sure the By age 24, 60 percent of identified teacher Christopher Friend. students involved are safe. This is important bullies have a criminal conviction. Currently, the bullying for both sides because there are times when policy at OHS resembles the a student who has been bullied will retaliate. 77 percent of students in middle law in many aspects, including Parents are involved in assisting with school say they have been bullied. a succinct description of creating a plan to encourage mutual respect what is considered bullying. between students. There may also be a need A survey taken in 1994 states that Bullying is considered any for referrals to outside counseling for more 22 percent of teenage boys had been intensive work with the students involved conduct that would impact the in a fight the past year. functioning of a Florida school to get at the underlying issues for the bully, student or faculty member. and to repair the self-image of the student Assistant Principal Marcia Information from who was being bullied,” said Johnson. Haskel, the administrator Though there’s no guarantee handling the integration of Jeffrey’s Law into the OHS of the law’s success, some see positive aspects. discipline system, says the law’s careful handling of a potentially “It’s all about how the law is enforced. If there dangerous and life threatening situation is already in effect. are serious consequences then the law can cut down “Everything that [the faculty and staff] does is bullying immensely. If it’s not enforced enough, then in it. The law is in place right now,” said Haskel. the bullying law won’t have any effect,” said Ruiz. Another element of Jeffrey’s Law is a referral to

Bullying statistics

Display quirks, win scholarship money

Sweet, Sweet Money Duck Tape brand duct tape is handing out scholarship All aspiring bakers can cash in as well. Anyone who to the best-dressed couple all decked out in duct tape staff reporter thinks they have the best apple pie has a chance of winning fashion. Originality and workmanship are crucial and here is no need to stress over having the best a juicy $25,000 grand scholarship from the Culinary if your sticky creation is the winner, the school will be prom outfit. No longer will the shortest, Institute of America. There are also a $15,000 and a awarded a $2,500 prize. Send in your picture to apply. tallest, biggest or smallest be patronized $10,000 scholarship for recipes just short of perfection. thanks to scholarships specifically created for these Will All the Zolps’ in the House Please Stand? students. It’s time to apply for scholarships that Never Short of Cash The prestigious Christian college in Chicago called award hidden talents, unusual names and unique Loyola University is willing to pay for a full tuition Remember that childhood story, Rumplistiltskin? oddities. Having the cash for college will become for four years at their school with anyone with the last The actor who played him on the big screen isn’t exactly a reality for some lucky university hopefuls. name ‘Zolp.” A valid birth certificate is needed with normal sized. Billy Barty, a 3’9” actor has his own your application. This may seem like an unusual way scholarship sponsoring dwarfism. The Little People of Got Cash? SAMMY (Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache to get paid, but actually other schools are following America (LPA) is a nonprofit organization that supports of the Year) will award 25 lactose-lucky suit. To get a Texas A&M University scholarship you anyone who is 4’10” or less in height. The deadline is students with $7,500 for the milkiest mustache. need the last name of Scarpinato. For North Carolina April 1 so don’t fall short of getting some free money. Visit for more information. State University it’s the names Gatling or Gatlin. Above the Crowd Even Harvard University has some choice names for The Kae Summer Einfeldt Scholarship is handing King Duct and Queen Tape aspiring scholarship-owners. Baxendale, Hudson, out $1,000 scholarship for anyone a little above A night packed with memories for any senior is Thayer, Downer and Bright are the names needed, with average in the height department. Women at least prom night. Why not spice up your wardrobe with a a valid birth certificate to prove your qualification. 5’10” and men at least 6’2” are eligible for the award. look that will guarantee an once-in-a-lifetime look? Bridgitte Batista


The Lion’s Tale

November 24, 2008


National Science Honors Society hosts first science café in state Victoria Persampiere


he state of Florida’s first high school level Café Scientifique - called The Lion’s Pride Science Café - took place in the Media Center, where 25 Oviedo residents relaxed, ate and listened to guest speaker Dr. Betsy Von Holle, a Biology professor at UCF. Café Scientifique is a grassroots organization, common mainly in Europe, where scientists meet with locals to explain and discuss their current research. Oviedo’s version, run by National Science Honors Society and sponsored by the Florida Acadamy of Sciences, offers Oviedo residents the opportunity to meet local scientists and learn about their research.

news editor

from FAKE IDS, page 1 do that,” Johnson said. “I was so lucky that I wasn’t arrested or fined,” Lucky indeed: the consequences for few students are aware of them. “Certain types of fake ID could be a violation of either state or federal law depending on the type of falsified identification being carried or presented,” Beaulieu said. “An underage person who buys, attempts to buy or simply is in possession of alcohol has committed a crime and can be arrested.” That’s jail time for having a false form of identification in your wallet, more jail time for using it to buy alcohol, and even more jail time for using it to drive. And that’s not all: “Counterfeiting even the most common forms of identification is a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison.” Beaulieu said. So if you or anyone you know has an old form of identification, don’t give it to anyone – just shred it. Why the huge penalties over having a fake ID? For the most part, it’s not the clubs that really concern the police – it’s the fact that having a fake ID gives minors n o t only the ability to go clubbing, but also the chance to drink…and drive. “The first ID I had was over 21, but I didn’t get it so I could drink,” Johnson explained. “I just needed an ID to go out with my older friends and it happened to be the first one I found.” However innocent Johnson’s intent, the fact is that most students who

Future Cafés Dec. 10 unknown subject Jan. 15 extraterrestrials Free in Media Center. Food and drink supplied; parents welcome!

One of the main objectives of Café Scientifique, according to their website, is to humanize and demystify the scientific community. However, chemistry teacher Kathy Savage says that Oviedo’s version of the café may serve other purposes. “It’s also an opportunity for students to meet science professors from universities; they’ll go to school later on and at least they’ll know one person in the department. My goal is for students to be able to make contacts and expand their networking system.” said Savage. The concept is in its infancy in the United States, and the Lion’s Pride Science Café provides a unique learning opportunity for students and residents alike.

use fake IDs will use them to acquire alcohol, and may be tempted to use them to drive as well. “Law enforcement officers across the country strictly enforce these laws because in past years as many as 3,800 young drivers age 15 to 20 have been killed in traffic crashes.” Beaulieu said. “More than 326,000 young drivers are injured each year.  Sadly, young drivers are involved in fatal traffic crashes at over twice the rate of the rest of the population.  Those fatal traffic crashes too often involve the use alcohol.” Law enforcement just can’t afford to take the risk of letting kids who may potentially cause serious harm to themselves and others go with just a warning: possessing a fake ID is enough to get a minor into some serious trouble. And don’t think that the police don’t notice: while some bouncers and storeowners may seem lazy about verifying IDs, law enforecement sure isn’t. “Law enforcement officers have training on the security features built into different forms of identification to tell them when an ID is fake.” Beaulieu warned. “Given the use of false documents by identity thieves and criminals of all types, it is more likely than ever that identification will be checked closely by police.” photo illustration/ VICTORIA PERSAMPIERE


photos courtesy of/ KATHY SAVAGE


left) National Science Honors Society members enjoy the food at the Lion’s Pride Science Cafe, which included drinks, donuts, and cookies donated by Publix. (left) Assistant Principal Leon Merck joins in on the fun and food. (below) Ed Haddad, excutive director of the Florida Academy of Sciences, poses with guest speaker Dr. Betsy Von Holle, a professor of Biology at UCF, and SCPS science curriculum specialist Dr. Donna Poniatowski.

Costly contracting error

Water wasting due to faulty faucets

from WASTING WATER, page 1 the science building to see just how much the leaky faucets cost the school. The classes went out with a beaker, a graduated cylinder, and a stopwatch, and collected water in the beaker for 30 seconds. That water was measured in the graduated cylinder, and then the students calculated how much water we were losing in milliliters per second, and converted that measurement into gallons per day. “The data that all of the classes collected was amazing. I was surprised and upset to see that some of the sinks were leaking water like a sieve,” said sophomore Eric Gender. The classes’ experiments concluded that on average, the leaky faucets cost the school 1200 gallons of water a day. “The results made me feel like we should do a better job with conserving water here, and that the construction team should work on that. Thankfully, I know they are planning on fixing it all,” said Carpenter. In fact, the construction workers have already fixed a water wasting issue with the sinks in the newer buildings. “There was a contractor error in which the water just continued to run out of the faucets in those buildings, but we have since fixed that issue. As for the leaky faucets in the science building, they will be fixed during the renovation. We don’t want to waste water or any type of energy,” said Principal Robert Lundquist. After the renovation, chemistry teacher Kathy Savage will turn the experiment into


a before and after look at the faucets by having her chemistry classes carry out the same procedure. “My classes will do the experiment as well because it is a perfect example of a real life situation for a chemistry application of conversion, and it is directly relevant to the students’ lives,” said Savage. Students experienced shock when they learned of the amount of water the school wastes everyday, and remain hopeful that the end of construction will bring an end to such wastefulness. “I though the experiment was exceptionally productive. I was confused by the results, though. The school board will lose teachers, yet they will let the school itself [waste] water,” said sophomore Cody Singleton. Sophomore Ashley Tooke said, “The experiment on the wasting water was eyeopening. I was very upset. If just Oviedo High School alone can waste that much water, just imagine how much water all of Seminole County wastes. Something needs to be done!”



November 24, 2008

The Lion’s Tale

Obama’s victory marks turning point B

the United States, after only 50 years of discarding its discriminatory mind-set. Before this election, I believed that America was unwilling and unprepared to cast race relations aside while voting for a president,” said Khan. “However, after the turnout, I’ve begun to understand that America has grown as a nation and has learned to pay little or no attention to trivial matters, such as race. Instead, our nation has begun to focus on the significant aspects of an individual, including their character and knowledge.”

. C C S t a Start

s ’ a d i r o l F f o e n o t a h s i Fin ! s e i t i s r e v i un You are guaranteed admission to one of Florida’s eleven public universities as a junior after earning an Associate of Arts degree at Seminole Community College. Call 407.708.2050 or visit for more information!

My Choice. My Future. My Place.


was the reactions [of the media] that showed president it showed me that anything can me that sexism was still a problem,” said happen if I work hard and persevere.” staff reporter Wynne. While the unprecedented situation of umper stickers are removed from There was, of course, a group of voters being the first generations of citizens under cars, signs ripped from the ground, who cast their votes based almost entirely an African-American president is welcomed and presidential t-shirts put on the on the race of the candidate. However, this by many as an expected end to a very long 50-percent-off rack. This can only mean one opinion seemed to be uncommon. journey, others are still surprised by just how thing: the votes have been counted and the “If you are able to move forward by any far the country has come. election is finished. “I was actually a little shocked that means necessary, I believe you should do This past Nov., voters tore down the so.” said freshman Bia Boykin. “For me, I America is obviously ready to give up “Caucasians Only” sign that once hung don’t think presidency racism,” said Wynne. “It showed that people figuratively in the should be based on are people and when it comes to change, I White House, and race or even sex for believe America’s change is for the better. “I believe that this election was elected the first that matter. Presidents Maybe this will even further improve the ultimate turning point for our African-American should be chosen by relationships between people, how people president. who has the better head judge others, and how people are ranked in nation and reflects how much it “When I heard our society.” on their shoulders.” has overcome.” that Obama had Khan shares this sense of hope and When people went Nirvani Khan, ‘12 to the polls on Tuesday patriotism. won, I was filled with happiness,” “It’s incredible to realize that an Nov. 4, some of their said sophomore AJ minds were filled with African-American today has been Wynne. “I had faith in Obama and I knew he preconceived notions of false race wars given the opportunity to govern could do it. I am excited to see the changes because McCain, a white man, was opposed he will bring to America.” by African-American Obama. Obama’s main platform dealt with “I thought only minorities of our country change and what he could do to promote bi- would vote for Obama, and that Caucasians partisanship and tolerance between different wouldn’t because he’s black,” said freshman ethnicities. Alex Tejada. “After I saw that a big “The historical 2008 presidential election percentage of Caucasians voted has given me immense hope for further for Obama, I realized that they change in our country. It has opened my eyes believed in what he thought to the wonderful freedom and opportunity of would make our country better.” American of all ethnicities,” said freshman Before the votes had been Nirvani Khan. “I believe that this election tallied, many people had doubts was the ultimate turning point for our nation that America would ever have and reflects how much it has overcome.” an African-American president, Many controversial issues took the but Obama beat the odds. forefront in this election, but none more than “Having an Africanrace and gender. American president did give “To be frank, I never thought sexism was me hope for change,” said a prominent problem in America, so having a freshman Terrance Theven. woman taken seriously didn’t surprise me. It “Also with an African-American Joe Biden and President-Elect Barack Obama.

Carson Bailey

The Lion’s Tale

November 24, 2008


Features ‘Dancing Queens’ Dance team inspires commitment, friendship Stacey Sterling co-editor in chief

Ensemble, or V.E. After marching season is over we go back to our separate parts,” he last bell rings, and as many students said senior Nicole Alers, a first year Encore head to their cars to sit back and relax member. for the rest of the night, senior Katie “The biggest difference is that Encore is Stephens heads home for a few hours before a blend between dancing, flag and weapon she has to head back to school for three hours work, instead of just dancing,” said Alers. of dance practice. Stephens, the dance team captain, has “Dance is very time consuming. All committed not only herself, and her time to together, we have sixth period practice, dance, but her money, as well as the rest of two three hour practices with the band, one the dance team. three hour practice for the dance team, plus “Dance is very football games, and expensive and it Saturday competitions,” on how “I’ve been dancing my whole life depends says Stephens. long you have been When most students and I love it. My sister, Cami, and on the team. Some are out for the summer, people don’t have have always done it together, so I enough Stephens along with the money rest of the dance team for dance, so we guess it just makes us that much are still preparing for the have scholarships, closer.” year ahead. where we raise Brynne Coupland, ‘09 money “We have a summer through camp for dance at the fundraisers,” beginning, along with explains Stephens. optional practices. Towards the end of With the ongoing activities that dance summer we have band camp. We participate participates in year round, dance dues can be in football season and competition season in quite expensive. spring, along with the spring show. If you are “Dance team is about $2,000 a year a senior then you are done after spring show, and it pays for costumes, choreographers, but if you are not you do a home routine, competitions, etc,” said senior Grace Riera. which is for the upcoming dance show,” The dance boosters explains Stephens. assist not only the Many students wouldn’t be able to students, but Coach withstand the long hours that dance team Carol Hollander in requires, but the current members have a numerous ways. passion that allows them to keep up with the “They [the time demands. boosters] help “It’s fun—I can express myself through pay for different dance whether I am mad or happy or sad team activities or excited,” said senior Brynne Coupland. and they Dance team participates in football season, organize many where they perform with the band during of the team half time, along with competition season in events,” said spring. Coupland. “We are not really part of the band, we Along just march with the band,” explains Riera. with the Some band students approve of the dance b o o s t e r s team participating in the half time show, help, the team while others would rather the half time show hosts many remain the traditional Encore (colorguard) fundraiser to and band. help with “During marching season, Encore and Mane Attraction are combined to form the Visual


funds. “We do car washes, we sell lion stuffed animals at Publix, and we sell poinsettias during the holidays,” said Riera. Although dance consumes a lot of Stephens time, she still finds time to enjoy herself. “I like the girls on the team and the friendships that are formed. There are only six seniors on the team, but we are great friends. We have senior nights, where we just hangout and watch movies,” said Stephens. For others, dance allows them to become closer than before. “I’ve been dancing my whole life and I love it. My sister Cami, and I have always done it together so I guess it just makes us that much closer,” explains Coupland. At the beginning of the year dance officers are assigned ‘families’, which allow the team to bond with each other, and keep each member in check. “Families keep the girls on track, and we check if they are doing the right thing. There are about seven people in a family,” said Stephens. At one point, many members of the dance team attended a dance studio outside of school. “My mom put me in lessons when I was three in Oklahoma, and then I moved to Florida, and I was on the middle school dance team, and now high school dance team,” said Stephens. But because of the time requirements from the dance team many have had to cease their attendance at other dance studios. “I used to attend a studio, but no one on the team has time for that with our busy schedules,” explains Riera. Although the team is demanding, the dance team members have formed a bond to each other and the team that will thrive. “I really just love entertaining people,” said Riera. “The best part about the team is the girls, they are my family.” SIDE SPLITTING LAUGHTER. Senior Katie

Stephens displays her flexibility and bright smile, both kept in shape from dance. The dance team has ‘Senior Nights’ where the seniors get together for movies, laughs, and a good time.

Hollander’s Tips To Dominating Dance • Practice your Revelé (rising from a position to balance on one or both feet) every night and morning when brushing your teeth. • Watch “So You Think You Can Dance”. It makes you want to dance, develops interest, and keeps you up to date. • Keep breaking the moves down into small steps. • Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself if you fall or make a mistake. • Tighten your core to keep yourself balanced. • Know the differences between discomfort and pain. If you hear something or feel something, then it needs to be checked out. But, you’ll always have discomfort or be sore at first. • To nail your Paseé (bringing your foot up to your knee), keep your foot tight against your other leg. Don’t be “like a flamingo”. Don’t stick your foot out past your other leg. Getting it right makes your turn easier. • If a move is difficult, never give up. Try, try, and try again.



HALF-TIME GROOVES. The Dance Team and Encore, otherwise known as Colorguard, dance in the half time show with the band at the Homecoming game against Osceola High. Seniors Angee Carey, Annie Futato, and Nicole DeLeon (on far left) strike a pose during the Encore routine. Senior Katie Stephens raises her arms in school spirit along with the Dance Team (middle and far right).


November 24, 2008

The Lion’s Tale

‘Touchy’ topics Unaccustomed to open discussions in class about sensitive subjects, some become embarrassed

Modern Technology

Miranda Harmon


staff artist

rom Oedipus Rex to human development, class discussions can steer towards difficult territory, especially in regard to sexual topics. Classes such as AP Psychology and AP Literature discuss topics dealing with sexuality, testing the maturity of students. “I was in AP Art History and AP Psychology and AP Lit,” said senior Ellyn Spangenberg. “Usually the kids that are in those kinds of classes are more mature and they know how to handle those situations. And it’s part of life, so it’s not like we all don’t know. [Sex] is going to come up sooner or later.” While some don’t mind discussions regarding sexuality, other students do. “It’s just the concept of the teachers explaining what’s going on and everything. It’s kind of weird having them talk about it,” said junior Alesia Bass, an AP Psychology student. “We spent a whole period talking about premarital sex, and I guess it was just kind of awkward.” “I personally have never felt uncomfortable talking about those sort of things because I think it’s perfectly healthy and normal to be sensitive subject matter. “I think if you have a certain level of open about it,” said junior Brittany Beavers. expectation for your class, and you set things “But I do know that some of the kids in my up right, they don’t act shocked or upset,” classes are disturbed by some of the topics said Gibbs. because they blush and bury their heads and AP Psychology covers human whatnot.” development and sexuality. While class discussions can become “AP Psychology is a college level course awkward, teachers rely on the students to that covers all disciplines in psychology,” keep things on an academic level. said AP Psychology teacher Karlin Gasthoff. “The teachers handle it as well as “In an Advanced Placement course the possible,” said Beavers. “I mean, they’ve students are expected to behave in a obviously taught it before so I think they’ve mature and thoughtful manner, that is why pretty much experienced all the immature certain courses are reserved for juniors and comments that some kids say.” seniors.” AP Art History also deals with sensitive Sexuality can subject matter, become a difficult such as nudity and “Particularly in Classical Greece and subject to talk about ancient cultural a classroom practices different the Renaissance, there’s lots of nudity. in setting. from those today. I don’t consider it ‘touchy’. If it’s about “A lot of high “Particularly school kids are in Classical nudity, it is what it is.” not secure in their Didi Gibbs Greece and the sexuality and they Renaissance, don’t want to talk there’s lots of about things like that with adults,” said AP nudity,” said AP Art History teacher Didi Psychology teacher Zack Densberger. Gibbs. “I don’t consider it ‘touchy.’ If it’s AP Psychology teacher Joan Stone about nudity, it is what it is. Keeping it in explained that AP Psychology may create context legitimizes it. You have to understand discomfort for some students. the historical context.” “Many parts of the curriculum may make While the course deals with mature students feel uncomfortable for different subject matter, Gibbs explained that students generally do not display immature behavior. reasons, especially if the topic ‘hits close to “It’s usually kind of a peer pressure thing. home,’” said Stone. “For example, if we are If I’m talking about something that’s mature, discussing depression and the student or a nobody giggles because that equates them family member suffers from this condition, a level of discomfort may be experienced.” with immaturity.” However sensitive the subject matter Gibbs also teaches Humanities. “We just got done reading Oedipus and becomes, Stone explained that her students Medea. It’s in context of Greek culture, and behave well. “Generally speaking the students are Greek history, and it transgresses time.” Both Oedipus and Medea are ancient very mature and do not exhibit inappropriate works of Greek literature that deal with behavior during class discussion.”

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Inventions of today only new upgrades of past advancements


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AP Literature also involves touchy subjects, such as 17th century and contemporary literature, dealing with sexual references. “I like to think that we never go past a point where anyone would get uncomfortable. I think we keep it on an academic level. It’s never about personal experiences or anything concrete,” said AP Literature teacher Roy Starling. While conversations are kept academic, awkwardness may occur. “I can tell that when our discussion tends to move in those directions in any serious way, then the students get quieter and they just sort of look at me like ‘what have you done?’,” said Starling. Teachers handle fragile topics as well as they can. “I am very straightforward with my students,” said Gasthoff. “I find if I meet a touchy question without reacting in an embarrassed or uncomfortable manner, then my students don’t get the reaction they were hoping for, the topic is no longer fun and not worth pursuing.” Often teachers find candidly discussing topics eases any difficulties. “My job is to teach a certain topic,” said Densberger. “Sometimes that topic can be uncomfortable to discuss. But learning to look at uncomfortable issues and discuss them is part of the learning process.” Taking extra care to handle touchy subjects carefully often helps. “I try to handle everything tactfully because almost anything in a particular story could be a touch subject for any student on any given day,” said Starling. “Whenever anything’s mentioned it seems to be that we’re all quite comfortable,” said Stone. “In my experience the kids have been very appropriate.”

don’t mean to be critical of all of the technological advancements, but where have all the inventing geniuses gone? It could be that the spirit of adventure and investigation has diminished in America. It could also be that the money lies in useless gadgets, rewarding inventors with giving people what they want rather than what they need. Then again, maybe all of our best inventors retired after the frenzy to win the Cold War’s arms race. Regardless of the reason, it is disconcerting to see the lack of interest in the scientific fields among members of our own generation. Theoretically, technology advances at an exponential rate. Yet look how little our idea of technology has advanced since the 1950s. Then, just as now, the future was envisioned as a utopia with flying cars and all-in-one machines later embodied in The Jetsons, and Star Wars. But why, after 50 years, are we still so far away from that technologically advanced utopian future? Certainly technology advances, but these advances are only minor: a variation on a theme or a hardware upgrade. Even the latest gadgets can trace their roots back from the fifties. As far as I can tell, no new technologies have appeared in the last 50 years. All of them are improvements upon earlier inventions. The space shuttle is simply an improvement upon the millenniumold Chinese rocket, the Plasma TV is only an upgraded version of an invention of the 1880s, even air conditioning was technically invented in the 700s. Granted some of these improvements have been more momentous than other (namely the computer), but it still seems as though technology is advancing in the wrong direction. Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison revolutionized technology at the turn of the century with thousands of patents. Yet a century later, we still use the same light bulbs and electrical systems. Granted we’ve come a long way since Edisonís phonograph, but it still seems as though technology is advancing in the wrong direction. Sure an iPod is nifty, but it only serves to pay for another of Steve Jobs’ signature black turtlenecks. It is said that there is a dire need for Green Technology, but is it any closer to attain than the hover cars envisioned in the fifties? At this rate, the foresight of people like George Lucas may remain a dream, lost long, long ago, in our own backyards, where laziness and rejection of science halted the advancement of technology on the final frontiers of technological perfection.

Lights, camera, action The Lion’s Tale

November 24, 2008



WROR T.V. welcomes new teacher, different style Miranda Ghali


Beasley, but he is really cool. He makes it better and more

co-editor-in-chief watchable. It’s not just people talking for ten minutes.”

Senior Adam Kipi, who is also an editor of WROR TV, he tardy bell rings at the start of third period. Lethargic students stand for the pledge at the agrees with Goodwin. “He [Snavely] runs the show a little differently. We run beginning of WROR TV. They don’t realize that through their first and second period, students worked it more as a talk show format instead of just announcements. He also demands a little more from us. He demands diligently to create their masterpiece of WROR TV. Some of the students who have been at Oviedo High perfection,” said Kipi. Snavely is no novice when it comes to filmmaking. He’s School for a few years noticed a change in WROR TV. The previous TV Production teacher, Greg Beasley left Oviedo always been interested in the subject and he even taught for a different job and a new teacher, Kyle Snavely, took digital cinematography and documentary filmmaking at Fullsail University. his place. “My parents sat me in front of the TV a lot when I was “I had taught at a couple high schools before continuing my education and then I got my degrees and I started a kid. I liked watching TV and I liked to get behind the teaching at Fullsail [University]. I liked teaching at the scenes on anything that interested me, so I wanted to get into making TV and movie high school level more, so I’m stuff,” said Snavely. back,” said Snavely. Even though Snavely hasn’t The new change came “I had an idea of how the announcements worked in Hollywood, he has about with the new teacher for could improve. We got together and worked in that industry and has several reasons. a few insides on the production “I had an idea of how the hopefully made it better.” world. announcements could improve, Kyle Snavely, TV Production teacher “It’s very project based, much more entertaining than so you don’t know if you’re just people talking in front of working six months from now. the camera, and the students were ready for something new,” said Snavely. “We got It’s very cutthroat, somebody will stab you in the back just together and brainstormed how the sound stage could look to get your job and I don’t like that at all,” said Snavely. For anyone that is interested in going into the film and hopefully made it better than it was.” While Snavely doesn’t really notice a big change from business, Snavely has some tips. Snavely said, “Just teaching at a university to teaching at a high school, he does know what you’re doing, do it as quickly and efficiently sometimes gets annoyed at the students that don’t want to as possible, keep your mouth shut, and show up early and you’ll get hired again. You do those things and you will be do the work. Snavely said, “I’m not teaching chemistry or math; able to get jobs over and over again.” While some students barely noticed a change in I’m not teaching a class that should be hard for students to participate in, so it’s aggravating when the work that they the announcement format, some teachers can be heard have to do is, to me, fun work anyways. I [ask them] to complaining about the extra length to the announcements. “We try to keep it as quick as we can, but the draw storyboards and then they don’t do it. Why not? It’s announcements are what take the longest not like I asked you to do trigonometry. It’s sometimes and make it slow. If you actually timed the aggravating to get effort out of something that I see as announcement spots versus the content that effortless.” we give, the announcements blow it out of Senior Nick Goodwin, who is an editor the water every time,” said Snavely. “You of WROR TV, said, can look at the time for the shows that “He’s not were on when Beasley was here and when I came. They are the exact same length. We even put a counter on there so that you can see the exact time of the show. Our shows will always be between seven and thirteen minutes and that’s how it always was.” According to Goodwin, one of the biggest differences with a new teacher is that each student is in charge of a weekly segment. “We got together and figured out all these different skits that each student wanted to do. For each skit, the students get a week, some skits get two,” said Snavely. Everyone knows of senior Donald Metzger’s skit “Metzger Madness” and Metzger enjoys Snavely’s help in making his skit more pleasing. “He [Snavely] showed me how to do a split shot and some really cool effects,” said Metzger. Don’t think that the last of the changes has come. Snavely said, “When it comes to this department, I want to do more than just show our show every day. Eventually, we’re going to get a website up where we’re going to be pod-casting our episodes every day. I also want to compete. We’re definitely going to go to the FSPA [Florida Scholastic Press Association] competition. I want to get our name out there and I want my students to have goals other than just doing the CAPTURE THAT SHOT. Snavely and announcements every day. I want Landenwitch film for WROR T.V. during first them to get better for a reason.” period.



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while Snavely to s lk ta l Moran ior Pau n e s , d perio In first . g in film illustrations/TOVA KRANZ photos/GRAHAM CHRISTENSEN



November 24, 2008

The Lion’s Tale One by One Brooke Fidrick

Journals hold tales of self

awareness, facing fears I


by Miranda Harmon

kept running and running and running. I wasn’t even in town anymore. When I told my body to stop, it wouldn’t. Helplessly, I ran these foreign streets. A lake stopped me in my tracks. Staring out into the mucky green water, creating temporary waves. I loved lakes with a passion. Even if I tried to turn back, how would I even get there? I don’t even know where I am right now. It all happened so fast, in reality, and yet it really felt like a misunderstood dream. -Kristin Cason For freshman Kristin Cason, this scenario represents not a nightmare, but the musings of a budding writer translated into words. In her spare time, Cason writes realistic fiction stories in journals modeled after her observations and experiences. “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough” is one such of these stories. “[It’s] mainly about this girl who likes to help people and she has these two guy friends that are total opposites. She’s just getting in a lot of things, and she doesn’t really share how she feels. She gets into a fight with one of the guy friends and she starts running. She can’t stop. She’s running and running and running, and she comes to a place that’s not even familiar,” said Cason. Like most of Cason’s stories, “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough” changes from an entertaining story to a tale of self-awareness. As the main character, Kimi, continues her unstoppable running, she runs into two people named Matilda and Edward. “They have this house,” said Cason. “On the outside it looks raggedy and disgusting. On the inside it’s beautiful. It’s just like a mansion. It has a lot of doors and many halls. [Kimi] has to go through each door and deal with her problems. She’s never done this before. She finds out more about herself.” Though this story may seem fantastic, Cason prefers to write realistic fiction. “I don’t like fantasy because it seems too unreal. I don’t mind reading it from someone else, but I can’t do it myself. I like doing realistic fiction because it can actually be kind of a helpful thing,” said Cason. To Cason, realistic fiction can inspire readers to learn more about themselves and become more helpful towards others.

Attacked by cow, women shoplifting

• The U.S. government spent $277,000 on “pickle research” in 1993. • Blueberry Jelly Bellies were created especially for Ronald Reagan. • Fortune cookies were actually invented in America by Charles Jung in 1918. • Seven percent of Americans eat McDonald’s everyday • Napoleon Bonaparte was afraid of cats. • Each day, fishermen kill more than a hundred whales. • You are more likely to be attacked by a cow than a shark. • Women shoplift more often than men; the statistics are four to one • Only 55 percent of Americans know that the sun is a star. • In the next seven days, 800 Americans will be injured by their jewelry. • About five percent of Americans claim to have talked to the devil personally. • Twenty-two thousand checks will be deducted from the wrong bank accounts in the next hour. • You’re more likely to be killed by a champagne cork photo/BROOKE FIDRICK than a poisonous spider. illustration/MIRANDA HARMON

Cason often lets friends in need of cheering up read her stories. “I let many of my friends read it, and they felt so much better about themselves. They were able to think straight and everything. This is my way of helping them. If I can’t do it physically, I can at least do it mentally,” said Cason. One friend in particular inspired another of Cason’s stories. “One of the stories is called ‘Stupid Boys’, but ‘stupid’ is slashed out. It’s about this girl who hangs out entirely with guys. She has a boyfriend and she upsets her boyfriend by the way she acts toward her guy friends,” said Cason. In Cason’s story, the main character eventually grows closer to one of her best guy friends, whom she has known since she was five years old. As their relationship progresses, they begin to date. The new couple encounters obstacles, such as parents disapproving of their relationship. Cason modeled this story’s main character after a friend. “I got inspiration from one of my friends. She was always surrounded by guys in class, whether she liked it or not,” said Cason. Cason (who plans on becoming a writer, journalist, or graphic designer) began writing in fifth grade. After a brief hiatus, she resumed her hobby in seventh grade. Since then, she has written four stories: Open Your Heart, Open your Heart II, Stupid Boys, and Chocolate BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. In freshman Kristin Chip Cookie Dough. Cason’s story, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, the main Half Magic, a novel by Edward Eager, character must open numerous doors to deal with her provided the strongest literary inspiration problems and eventually, she finds out more about herself. from Cason. The novel describes the adventures of a group of Editor’s Note: One by one appears in every children who find a magic coin edition of the Lion’s Tale, and features a randomly that grants wishes only halfway. “[Eager] inspired me so much selected student. This edition, a staff reporter to write. I thought, ‘Hey, I want interviewed the first person to pick up a fedora left to write this. I want to write on the ground outside of the Media Center during stories,’” said Cason.

first lunch.

Note: In the Oct. edition, we incorrectly stated that a person’s hair continues to grow when he or she dies. According to science teacher Kathy Savage, it does not. Compiled from The Book of Useless Information by Noel Brotham


The Lion’s Tale

November 24, 2008



Brave new world

Genetic testing kits hit retail markets

Kevin Baird


corrupted that we can no longer call ourselves

By comparison, the home paternity kit could ask anyone like that, they’d support produced by Sorenson costs little under $150 recent advancements in genetics.” Some day, similar tests could even and promises 99.99 percent-accurate results The Washington Post reports that the influence traits associated with beauty, within three to five days. majority of couples who display interest personality or intelligence. Junior Tyler Griffin said, “It certainly in genetic testing or designer babies have “We want disabled children to be seems like [Identigene] has streamlined the already had a child with a genetic abnormality, welcomed into the world. My fear is that process. I can only imagine that some people have a family history of genetic syndrome or we’re moving in the opposite direction,” said are having heart attacks while waiting for a are trying to clarify worrisome results from Andrew Imparato, president of the American mere ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and it all seems kind of standard screening such as ultrasound or Association of People With Disabilities. “If ridiculous.” basic DNA analysis. we decide to use prenatal testing to eliminate With the Identigene DNA paternity test Unfortunately, facts do little to quell the gene-based disabilities, that’s what the Nazis kit, participants collect a sample by swabbing fears of those who see designer babies as the were trying to do, in their own crude way. I the interior of their mouth. The sample, start of a slippery slope. Prospective parents think we’re saying that certain types of lives along with all consent forms and lab fees, are in sections of the world are already inspecting aren’t worth living.” then sent in an enclosed postage-paid return embryos so they can decide whether to have But some claims that everyone is entitled envelope to a boy or a girl. to a life free of severe physical impairments. Identigene for Leslie G. Sophomore Josh Arroyo said, “It’s not analysis. Biesecker of “We want disabled children to be welcomed the National necessarily that any one way of life is better Results can into the world. My fear is that we’re moving H u m a n than another. I think the point they’re trying then be received to get across with genetic testing is that via mail, email, G e n o m e in the opposite direction.” everyone deserves a chance. Nobody should or a secure Research Andrew Imparato, President have to have their life ruined by a disorder online service. Institute said, they have no control over.” “In our day of the American Association of “It’s a classic and age, there P an d o r a’s People with Disabilities Personal DNA testing kits are a lot of issues box. Like becoming more accessible concerned with any powerful Even with widespread concern, it can’t be broken families. t e c h n o l o g y, denied that Identigene has simplified the act I feel that products like those offered by [testing] solves some problems while at the of getting a DNA test. Identigene are providing a lot of comfort to same time creating new ones. How you use The American Pregnancy Association people, even if they can’t mend relationships a powerful technology decides whether it’s reports that, prior to the release of or ease the burden of having unmarried good or bad.” Identigene’s latest product, paternity tests parents,” said junior Alex Hague. In an effort to relieve concerns, certain required the intervention of a judge, cost doctors around the globe agree that genetic upwards of $2000 and often took weeks to Scientists looking for ways to manipulation should be used only to combat create a designer baby be processed. medical conditions, rather than take part in Although it could be argued that aesthetic improvement. potential benefits outweigh the risks, One such supporter of this approach is fears of genetic manipulation have Dr. Mohamed Taranissi, director of London’s prompted the creation of the term, Assisted Reproduction Gynecology Center. “designer baby,” used to describe In July of 2004, he was involved in the a child intentionally selected to be treatment of a two-year old boy named the best combination of the parents’ Joshua, born with a potentially fatal blood genetic material. disorder. It’s a problem that could have been Modern bioethical codes like the avoided four years ago, with the technology Declaration of Helsinki condemn we have today. unnecessary and dangerous But as for now, only stem cells can offer experimentation without the hope. consent of the subject, but a number Taranissi said, “You have a child at of people remain optimistic about home that is very seriously ill and you see future application. the pain and agony and know there is a Junior Hans Hinnershitz said, simple treatment out there that will relive his “Some health issues are really condition. If it is okay for this child or that burdensome. Not just on the child how can you deny it to other people?” individual, but on the family as He backs a change in popular opinion a whole. Some people require and international law regarding genetic lifelong nursing care. They can’t screening. walk or talk or even feed themselves. What’s “What we are doing is simply helping photo/CARLY BROWER good about living like that? I’m sure if you sick children.”

staff reporter humans?”

enetics explain why you look like your parents and, if you don’t, why you probably should. In an attempt to pander to the everexpanding genetics market, an offshoot of Sorenson Genomics known only as “Identigene” has produced the first “fast, accurate and confidential” home paternity tests. These kits, according to the Identigene website, are now available at more than 15,000 retail locations throughout the continental United States.  Among these are CVS, Fruth, Meijer, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart. “Over-the-counter sales offer a completely new marketing channel for DNA testing. It makes the process more convenient and affordable while ensuring reliability and confidentiality,” said Sorenson Genomics COO Doug Fogg. “We learned that people are extremely receptive to the idea of purchasing a DNA paternity test kit while shopping at one of the nation’s leading drug store chains.” This is only the most recent in a long line of products aimed at providing mothers-tobe with answers. US News & World Report indicates that fascination with babies’ DNA began in 2005, when two separate companies released kits capable of predicting a fetus’ gender.

Genetic manipulations spur worry among students

Though some consider these creations to be sources of relief for single mothers and happy households, alike, others view it as proof of an increasing obsession with fetal genetics. Ethicists fear that it’s only a matter of time before couples are able to screen for genetic defects. Junior Kayla Aponte said, “How long before we’re changing every possible aspect of our children? If we proceed down this road, how long will it take for us to become so

Is Jr. a couch potato or an athlete? Parents find out early Carly Brower


co-diversions editor

ccording to the New York Times, recent studies have proven that parents can tell their child’s natural athletic strengths for $149 and a cheek swab sent to a lab in Colorado called The Boulderbased Atlas Sports Genetics. The goal of this test is not only to inform the parent whether their child is better at speed or endurance sports but also to benefit the children in the long run by taking parental pressure off of them from their parents. If parents understand that their child’s difficulty at athletics is not due to lack of passion but a genetic predisposition, they may ease up on their child.

• Kids from infancy through eight can be tested, giving parents a chance to properly foster a kid’s natural abilities from a young age • To access this test you must swab inside the child’s cheek and along the gums to collect DNA and return it to a lab for analysis of the gene ACTN3

• Scientists looked at the gene’s combinations, one copy provided by each parent. The R variant of ACTN3 instructs the body to produce a protein found specifically in fast-twitch muscles. Those muscles are capable of the forceful, quick contractions necessary in speed and power sports. The X variant prevents production of the protein. • People with two X copies are more likely to be suited for endurance sports while those who have the R varient are more compatible with power sports • The testing kit was scheduled to be available starting Monday through the Web site • The analysis takes two to three weeks, and the results arrive in the form of a certificate announcing Your Genetic Advantage.

10 Features

November 24, 2008

The Lion’s Tale

Broken bottles, bro 1.


Mock DUI raises students’ awareness, te

Tiffany Ray


Homecoming dance. Senior David Mila [because of the reenactment of what really field to transfer one of the victims to a hospital, and an ambulance hastily left with her to the dance, and her father asks, “This is According to Beary, the mock DUI is not the  other passenger with haste. A recorded my baby. Will you take care of her?” only a performance, but a training program voice spoke sadly through the speakers as David doesn’t keep his promise.  At an for firefighters and police officers involved. personals carted Carly’s body away. after party David drinks alcohol, then gets “Mom, you told me not to drink. I swear Unlike popular television behind the wheel with Carly next to him. programs where the I didn’t, mom. My date had been drinking, “[As the drunk driver] you have to live with emergency but I was the one to pay. If I didn’t the fact that you didn’t die and the fact that response drink and drive, why am you ruined somebody’s family,” said David. time happens in I the one who “[My character is] unharmed physically an instant, the mock died?” but mentally h e DUI showed how slowly Tragic statistics has to live with According to Beary, the consequences. a person dies of Personally, I would a car have much rather died.” crash The crowd, every 30 composed of juniors minutes emergency and seniors, watched in the personals actually juniors Claire Shackelford and United work. Amanda Eifert rip the tarp covering the States. “It wasn’t at all what “crashed” cars off as a loud pop echoed I expected. I was amazed by “Last year, across the football stadium speakers. Smoke the response time. I had no idea 42,000 people died billowed from the cracked and bent vehicles it took so long for emergency of a car crash. That’s with drama students David, senior Ansley personals to get to the scene,” said junior a bigger number than [the population of] Hobbs as Carly, senior Kim Clark and senior Anna Rhenstrom. Oviedo,” said Beary. Jon Mercedes inside. According to Beary, the leading cause Firefighters, who arrived on the scene “Even while I was still in the car, I was with wailing sirens, could not help Kim of death from 15 to 24 years of age is car crying,” said Ansley. “It was hard to hear and Jon without drastic action. After  police crashes. David [begging me to speak] and not answer officers handcuffed David and Carly’s body “This is a serious situation. We have him.” was covered with a blanket, they hammered experienced carelessness and deaths of our Lupo, who played Carly before the at the windshield of the other car and tore own. God forbid that it happens to any one accident, hopes everyone watching took the roof of the car off to get to the trapped of you,” said Principal Robert Lundquist. “In something away from the mock DUI. fatalities there’s no second guessing. There’s students. “It was living t h e “There’s a golden hour that is critical. no rhyme or reason for what happens. experience. If I Your odds of survival go up dramatically if We need to send a very strong message to could have saved you can leave the accident within that first everyone: please, please, please be careful.” one person’s According to Beary, after an accident, hour,” said Beary. life A helicopter some may forget about the tragedy. But, for landed on loved ones, it will never be forgotten. “At this point, it only starts for the the family. The worst assignment of a law enforcement officer to get is to go to the home of an

co-features editor arrives at senior Carly Lupo’s home to take happens], then that’s enough,” said Lupo.

unior Ryan Ridenbaugh stares in wonder at the roses strewn across his friend Kelly’s desk at Bishop Moore High. The weekend before, Kelly’s boyfriend drove under the influence. That, and Kelly’s failure to wear her seat belt cost her everything. “She was thrown from the passenger seat, out the window,” said Ryan. “While making a turn, they flipped over. She died the next morning.” Ryan sat next to Kelly almost every period of the school day last year, before the accident. According to Ryan, they were pretty close and her death shocked him. “It just happened like that. I found out the next day at school. I saw the roses on her desk and asked why they were there. Every time I hear about an accident, I think of her. Her boyfriend stole the car they were in. I think her boyfriend received 30 years for grand theft and manslaughter,” said Ryan. According to Chief Richard Beary, Director of Public Safety and Police, the most important aspects to saving a life are to wear seat belts, and not to drive under the influence. “There was a mock DUI here recently. But, every time I hear about an accident, I think of her. It would have been too devastating to go,” said Ryan.

Mock DUI illustrates catastrophe

The mock DUI involved drama students, police officers, fire fighters, and adult actors in an attempt to show what really happens when someone drives under the influence. “It’s is not an abstract idea. This is reality. This is about being safe,” said Beary. The mock DUI, acted out inside the football stadium, takes place the night of the

unsus news “Whe birthd E the d or h

lost o diffic descr said ‘Oh, not c that t L payin drivin unde A in ac to see “T salva But, Beary


S victim will n Criss daug some “I Criss be he the sp

The Lion’s Tale

November 24, 2008



TOO LATE. 1. Three firefighters work at

cutting the injured passenger out of the car during the mock DUI on Nov. 5. 2. A police officer waits with the dead passenger for the morgue to pick her up. 3. Junior Michelle Collins cries during the viewing of the mock DUI, along with many other juniors and seniors. 4. Firefighters try to remove senior Kim Clark from wrecked car without endangering her. 5. Junior Alan Zegarra comforts junior Ariana McCain during the emotional mock DUI.

oken lives



BY THE NUMBERS During the last 30 days, 28.5% of high school students nationwide had ridden one or more times in a car or other vehicle driven by someone who had been drinking alcohol.

eaches safe driving

specting family and try to deliver the s that a loved one is dead,” said Beary. en the family sees students, or it’s a day or holiday, it’s still not over.” Even after the immediate family deals with death of a loved one, it’s not over for his her classmates. As principal, Lundquist bears the burden of informing the student body of the catastrophe. “To have to describe that you’ve one of your students is one of the most cult things that one has to do. It’s hard to ribe the feelings that you have in words,” Lundquist. “As a student, you may say, they’ll be back on Monday.’ But, they’re coming back. It’s a hard reality to realize there’s no return. You can’t redo it.” Lundquist stresses the importance of ng attention, and the importance of not ng under the influence or with someone er the influence, and to wear a seat belt. According to Beary, the officers involved ccidents sometimes check in on patients e how they fared. They check to see if what they did maybe aged anything from something tragic. you usually don’t see them again,” said y.

art-wrenching truth

Sandy Keesee, mother of a car crash m, will never see, will never touch, and never say “I love you” to her daughter, sy, again. Sandy spoke about her ghter’s story at the mock DUI, leaving e in the crowd in tears. It is an honor and privilege to share sy’s story. The fact is our daughter would ere today if the driver of the car drove peed limit. The car flipped several times,


It is estimated that 24,560 lives have been saved by minimum drinking age laws since 1975.

it was going so fast. The two passangers in front were able to get out of the car, but when they caught their breath, they noticed that Crissy wasn’t with them,” said Sandy. Crissy loved to dance, and was a Dazzler [dancer] at Seminole High School until her junior year, when the accident took her life. According to Sandy, many of Crissy’s friends commented on her Myspace page after she was gone, expressing sorrow and saying that they missed her advice, support, and big heart. “What Crissy left us was her legacy. She left such an imprint on people’s lives. At her funeral, there were more than 500 people who came. She was happy to give. She wanted to be an organ donor. What came next, after I left the hospital the night of the accident, was a call no parent should ever get. It was someone asking me if I would allow them to use Crissy’s eyes and other organs that would help someone live,” said Sandy. “It was difficult for me to speak, but in my heart I knew my daughter would do it without a second though.” Through breaking speech, and tears, Sandy begged the crowd of students to wear seat belts, not to drink and drive or speed. “There will be an ache in my heart and my family’s hearts forever. All I want is my daughter back. Crissy had a torch she was carrying, you couldn’t see it, but you definitely felt it. I hope to keep her light burning by helping others. It’s about your life now,” said Sandy. The accidents that cause so much grief can not always be prevented, but the loss of life, at times, can. “You can control this. You may be saving somebody’s life. You don’t have to live these nightmares,” said Beary. “But for those that do, it never ends.”

28% of 15- to 20-year-old drivers who were killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2005 had been drinking. Motor vehicle crashes remain the number one cause of death among youth ages 15-20. There were 7,460 youth motor vehicle deaths in 2005. Information from photo illustration/MIRANDA GHALI

Two heroic teens help save friend after sudden accident

Amy Judah


truck tipped over on top of her. [Rivera] managed

staff reporter to stay in the car but [Ferguson] and [Gouvia]


ophomore Franco had already jumped off,” Del Pino said. Del Pino and friends With the car on top of Ruiz, they needed to hopped in the car Oct. find a way to get it off. 20 at 3:30 p.m. with nothing Help came. Rivera and Del Pino lifted the but the thought of getting truck up off Ruiz despite their apparent injuries. back to Berto Rivera’s house After lifting the truck up off Ruiz, a retired after their long day. fireman pulled the truck off of her. What should have been Franco Del Pino ‘11 Del Pino, who was later diagnosed with a short trip ended up in a fractured ankle and other injuries, could tragedy. only explain this feat with the simple words Del Pino recalled the scene in the car before ‘adrenaline rush’. the misfortune. The second Ruiz reached the hospital she “It was all cloudy so we all knew it was going was sent to intensive care and treated for many to rain. I was sitting against the back door of the broken bones. bed of the pick up and Berto was driving with Del Pino refused to give into shock because Vanessa Ruiz [a sophomore at Hagerty High of his concern for Ruiz. The other’s were all School] as a passenger and [sophomore] Akira concerned as well. Gouvia and Vanessa Ferguson [a sophomore “We were all just worried for Vanessa’s at Hagerty High School] were sitting across life,” Del Pino said regarding his thoughts of from me in the back. I remember looking the crash. around the dirt road and seeing all After a green. [Ferguson] and [Gouvia] week and a “The car hit the ditch but I half of not were talking and laughing while [Rivera] had the music playing in managed to hold on for the impact, being able to the front,” said Del Pino Del Pino but it flipped sideways and I went walk, Fifteen minutes later, a pothole finally got back flying.” on Brumley Road caught the tire on his feet. It of the pickup. took awhile Franco Del Pino, ‘11 “We hit a pothole and the tire longer for Ruiz popped. The next thing I knew the to recover, but car was going from side to side. [The car] made has returned to school and according to Del Pino a sharp left toward a big ditch, after that we all her health is fine. knew what was going to happen. The car hit the Del Pino’s experience will not be forgotten ditch but I managed to hold on for the impact, any time soon. When asked if he learned but it flipped sideways and I went flying,” Del anything from it at all, he laughed a bit and Pino said. proceeded with, “[Yeah], stay away from pickup That triggered a series of events. trucks.” “Ruiz fell through the side window and the

12 Diversions

November 24, 2008

The Lion’s Tale

Tube Talk Razia’s shadow

Thr33 RINGS T-Pain R&B

Tien Holmes



Forgive Durden Alternative Caitlyn Braswell


I am...Sasha Fierce staff reporter

orgive Durden’s new release Razia’s Shadow is as big a shock as any. ative Florida rapper, T-Pain, After a breakup of the band, leaving released an amazing new album, only the singer and guitarist Thomas Thr33 Rings. “I Can’t Believe It”, literally. Already since the albums release Dutton, Dutton decided to raise the rock Nov. 11, the CD has produced three hit scene to a new level- the musical. singles, “I Can’t a It” featuring Lil Wayne, This alluring new album features 11 “Chopped and Screwed” featuring Ludacris, guest singers from his label as well as a and “Freeze” featuring Chris Brown. few of his friends, like Brendon Urie of If that isn’t an all-star lineup already, Panic At The Disco, Greta Salpeter of The the album also features Akon, Kanye West, Hush Sound and Shawn Harris from The Mary J Blige, and Ciara. The track “Reality Matches. Check” features Raheem Devaughn and Dutton explains that the storyline of this Musiq Soulchild, two of the best male musical splits into two parts, the first half R&B artists in the game right now. The song being the creation and ultimate division of combines a slow, grown vibe that produces a the world and the second half being a story melodic symphony of pure maturity. of destined love and the world being united Overall, Thr33 Rings is the best album as one. since T-Pain’s debut in 2005. This orchestra-filled rock album even goes as far as to have a narrator (Aaron Weiss) fill in the gaps of the story line take it to the where the song lyrics do not. limit Songs like the intricate “The Spider and Hinder the Lamp” featuring Max Bemis of Say Rock Anything starts out sounding like a typical musical, with its harmonizing piano, mustStacey Sterling have background choir and emotion filled co-editor-in-chief voices. But as the song continues, it begins ot much changed. When Hinder to sound more like the alternative-rock released Extreme Behavior in 2005, melodies of Forgive Durden people used to people went crazy over “Lips of an know. This song also features an interesting Angel”. and familiar lyric to Say Anything fans. Hinder has not developed much over Each song’s melody goes the past three years. While some songs, perfectly with the mood Dutton such as “Heaven Sent”, “Without wanted to bring to the story, You” and “Use Me” are okay, they such as the softer and don’t display any improvement, or joyous sound of astonishing musical feats. Out of “It’s True Love” 11 tracks, maybe six songs are or the fast and worth listening to. worrisome theme Overall, the CD of “Doctor, could be classified Doctor.” as waste of space. In all, what Dutton If you own the first did was surprising and one, there would be inventive; Ambition and no point in buying creativity has never sounded the entire second CD, because Hinder so captivating.

staff reporter


shows a lack of creativity.


R&B Tien Holmes


Miranda Ghali

staff reporter

idiculous, that is the term that defines the quality of pop icon Beyoncé Knowles new album I am…Sasha Fierce. With incredible platinum records on her shelves, this type of ferocity is not adding another plaque to her walls. The two disc CD containing a total of 11 songs, combine to create this pathetic up beat mid 60’s folklore type sound. What happened to the “Survivor” that she sang so hard with Destiny’s Child. It becomes a shame when novice little sister of Beyoncé , Solange is making bigger hits than her veteran sister. The first track on disc one, “If I Were A Boy”, came off as a mediocre attempt to copy Atlanta native Ciara who produced hit single “Like A Boy” in late 2006. It’s honest to say that Beyoncé has dropped the ball with this album. Maybe she should retire like her husband Jay Z did, and come back onto the scene when competition lessens, or just when she decides to make better music. Just like her song says, “If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it.” The ring is not on. Hopefully she gets the hint.

Quelqu’un M’a Dit Carla Bruni French Pop

Caitlyn Braswell


staff reporter

rench singer Carla Bruni and her soulfully sunny voice is addicting on this first lady of France’s 2002 debut album Qu elqu’un M’a Dit. The mood of each song is made obvious by Bruni’s emotionally-filled voice, such as in “La Noyeè” where she exerts a longing sound in her voice while the fluent guitar accompanies her as if it’s answering her. Captivating tunes like “J’en Connais” and the album’s single “Quelqu’un M’a Dit” show up throughout the whole album, leaving one forced to hum the contagious melodies. With the soft, rhythmic acoustic guitar, this album paints images of summers and bliss and is sure to relax and relieve all who listen.

Up n’ Coming

Grab your tickets because these artists are heading our way

Of montreal

The Misfits

Saturday, Dec. 6 8:00 p.m. Club Firestone

Tuesday, Dec. 9 7:30 p.m. House of Blues

Haste the day

Fall out boy

Sunday, Dec. 14 6:00 p.m. The Social

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Friday, Dec. 12 6:00 p.m. House of Blues

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between the trees

Wednesday, Dec. 31 7:30 p.m. House of Blues

Friday, Dec. 19 6:30 p.m. House of Blues



Sunday, Dec. 14 8:00 p.m. Hard Rock Live

Saturday, Dec. 20 7:00 p.m. House of Blues



Connect with inner nerd espite the title, “The Big Bang Theory” did not air with the big bang it deserves, not even with a small one. The comedy follows four physicist nerds who have no chance at a normal life. Penny (Kaley Cuoco) becomes a neighbor of roommates and best friends Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki). Leonard, who is way more down to earth than Sheldon will ever be, quickly falls for the beautiful Penny. While this show sounds extremely cliché, the show’s credit is redeemed with the humorous character of Sheldon. There is no real way to describe Sheldon without seeing him for yourself. The only thing I can tell you is to picture the nerdiest, the smartest, the most annoying, and the most introverted people you’ve ever seen. Now combine all four people. That’s Sheldon. Sheldon, who is way too smart for his own good, can resemble a small toddler at times. Not only are his OCD-like mannerisms completely annoying, but he makes everyone on the show look like a complete idiot (and keep in mind, four of the five main characters are physicists). Penny moved to California to take a shot at an acting career, but so far, that has completely fallen through and she’s currently a waitress. Penny’s character really isn’t very stupid, but next to Sheldon, her IQ drops dramatically. Sheldon and Penny never seem to get along much to the dismay of love-struck Leonard. Being the nerd that I am, I can’t help but admire the shows ability to make anyone laugh at their own inner nerd. It saddens me to know that not many students watch it or have even heard of it. The other day I was talking with a friend and I found out that they had never even heard of the show even though it airs during prime time on CBS. Give the show the chance it deserves. New episodes air Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

Changes coming to ABC

• •

• •

In January, “Lost” will replace the “Private Practice” time slot. A show synopsis episode of “Lost” will air at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays and follow with new episodes at 9 p.m. The new drama “Life on Mars” will air after “Lost” on Wednesdays. “Private Practice” will be moving to Thursday nights at 10 p.m. to trail “Grey’s Anatomy” in hopes to gain more viewers. “Pushing Daisies” will soon see it’s end on ABC along with “Eli Stone,” and “Dirty, Sexy Money”. Don’t forget to watch for the season eight premiere of “Scrubs” which has now been moved to ABC. It will premiere on ABC on Tuesday, Jan. 6 at 9 p.m.

Movie Reviews

The Lion’s Tale

November 24, 2008

Diversions 13

Foul mouth kid serves as movie’s comedy crutch in ‘Role Models’ Michael Mangos



‘Twilight’ leaves fans bloodthirsty for more details Victoria Persampiere not. Although Pattinson’s effort to sound news editor American was admirable, it was also kind


nless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, or else are very socially deprived, you know that Twilight, the newest teen cultnovel, premiered in movie form this past weekend – much to the absolute ecstasy of scores of screaming teenage girls who had been waiting for that day their entire lives. Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison) is supposed to be the perfect guy: he’s hot, he’s rich, he’s sensitive, he’s talented, he’s an immortal vampire…do I have to go on? Seriously, I could. For days. This, of course, meant that poor Pattinson had some major shoes to fill. He had to not only live up to the astronomical expectations of a rabid female fanbase, but he also had to make the role of Edward Cullen – who is, let’s admit it, a very cliché character – fresh and original enough to appeal to the non-Twilight-reading audience. In these objectives, he failed miserably. Pattinson looked wholly uncomfortable through the entire movie as he spoke with Bella, his human love interest. I think that this may be due in part to the fact that Pattinson is British, and Edward is

some characters that really surprised me – namely, Charlie Swan (Billy Burke), of hilarious; it sounded like he’d studied for Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli) and the role by listening alternatively to George Emmett Cullen (Kellen Lutz). Bush’s speeches (“Yoo ah mah lyfe nowIt was a good movie. It was a good uh”) and the Godfather. (“I wanna hea’ yo enough movie to stand alone, away from teeries.”) the books, and still be entertaining. Was it Pattinson could have hit the role a smash hit? No. Was it everything crazed so much harder, but he did have some fans wanted it to be? No. The special redeeming scenes: I especially loved his effects were pathetic. Edward’s glittery skin sarcastic, half-baked excuses to prying was so unattractive. And the love between questions. (“I had an adrenaline rush. It’s Edward and Bella was completely not very common. You can Google it.”) there. I don’t even want to think about how The movie wasn’t by any the few lines that were actually true means a failure. In fact, it Rating: PG-13 to the book were delivered with a was the colorful and crazy monotone why-am-I-saying-this Time: 122 min kind of reluctance that was a real supporting cast that saved the movie. Kristen Stewart, did Grade: B mood-killer. (It’s hard to go all a phenomenal job; she was gooey inside when Pattison says exactly the person I expected the “lion fell in love with the lamb” Bella to be. She had the quiet sarcasm, line with a huge implied question mark at the stubborn facial expressions, and the the end and a barely concealable oh-Godklutzy nature down. (She trips twice and what-an-awful-line smile on his face.) hits Jacob, spectacularly played by Taylor However – it was fun. It was a Launtner, right in the noggin with her car good movie. Of all the book-to-movie door.) conversions I have ever seen, Twilight was Despite my crushing disappointment the only one that really captured the feeling in Robert Pattison’s performance, his of the novel. I view it as an addition – a was the only portrayal in the movie that side franchise to the books; supplemental I felt wasn’t up to par. In fact, there were but not actually part of the series.


staff reporter

Terror beneath the surface

I strolled into FYE a few months ago and immediately made a beeline for the horror section. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in a section like this, surrounded by bits of cinematic genius like The Gingerdead Man and Clawed: The Legend of Sasquatch, but then I saw the blood red cover of a DVD sporting the title Orca: The Killer Whale, flanked by a large black fin circling a familiar looking fishing boat… In that instant I realized that I was looking at the most shameless, brazen, and horrifically stupid Jaws rip-off to ever tarnish the seven seas. Seriously, someone should’ve sued. Instead of a rather large shark, we’re stuck dealing with a killer whale hell-bent on vengeance that will use its advanced knowledge of pyrotechnics and its uncanny ability to evade continuity to win. It all begins with a long montage of killer whales leaping heroically through the air. Even though they claim this is the ocean, I can blatantly see the bottom of the SeaWorld tank in my screen. The scene drags on…and on…and on…Imagine the director beating you over the head while screaming, “See! Whales do live in pods!” In the next scene, a man falls out of a small boat into the water with a Great White shark while trying to start the motor. Miraculously, the stationary boat he practically did a cannonball off of two seconds ago is now 100 feet away. The shark takes aim and goes in for the kill, but never gets a bite. A killer whale speeds out of the depths to hit the

shark on the side; it shoots 90 degrees straight up and 20 feet out of water as if it accidentally set off a mine. Then it’s back to whale watching. Just in case you forgot, whales live in pods. The actual plot follows Captain Nolan (Richard Harris), who decides he wants to capture and sell a killer whale. What’s he thinking?! Doesn’t he know that whales live in pods?! They have families, Nolan, families! Didn’t you watch the first 20 minutes of this movie? His plan goes astray. He misses the killer whale and hits its mate instead. The whale dies and the surviving orca goes on a rampage aimed at the local fishing village. This puts Nolan in a bind: he must kill the whale, or be killed by it himself. Wait a minute…Richard Harris…isn’t that…? I can hardly believe it, but it’s Dumbledore, 30 years younger and out hunting whales. You want to know why Dumbledore always kept his past secret? Because he was out making this movie! Albus, you clever weasel! Not even Rita Skeeter saw this one coming. The whale decides it’s done screwing around, and breaks the gas pipes that line one of the docks. Then it rocks the base of a nearby building, knocking a kerosene lantern off a table. This causes a chain reaction that spreads fire all throughout the city, all the way up to the gasoline storage facility, which is destroyed in an unnecessarily large explosion. The whale happily leaps in the foreground, as if the director thought this scene was so awesome that he felt the need to put something in that was the equivalent of him moderately angering inherently stupid

staff artist

here really is no reason Role Models shouldn’t be funny. It stars Paul Rudd, the guy who seems to be cast in some minor role on almost every new comedy in theatres lately, yet somehow manages to always be funny and memorable. It also stars McLovin himself (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and Stifler from American Pie (Seann William Scott). The movie certainly is funny and Rudd works well as a leading man. Danny (Rudd) and Wheeler (Scott) are two friends who go around selling Minotaur energy drinks to kids at high school as part of a drug free program. Cynical Danny has become tired of selling energy drinks and his irrational behavior leads both of them to either have to go to jail or perform community service at a child mentoring group called Sturdy Wings. If giving the option of working with children instead of rightfully going to jail sounds ridiculous it’s because it is but the movie pulls it off well enough to not bother you too much. It’s at Sturdy wings that Danny and Wheeler met their “littles” whom they will be mentoring. Danny is paired up with Augie, (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), a cape-wearing nerd who enjoys acting out medieval adventures. Wheeler is paired with Ronny (Bobb’e J. Thompson) a foul-mouthed little kid who quickly becomes the movie’s comedy crutch when nothing funnier is happening. The movie is pretty predictable from that point on. Danny and Wheeler have a hard time relating to their respective kid but eventually find something they both have in common and get into funny situations along the way. Although the movie is formulaic and a little too heart-felt towards the end, it still offers plenty of laughs and probably the funniest moments involving a medieval fair in any movie this year. Of course, that’s not saying much. Rating: R

Time: 99 min Grade: B+

screaming “YEAH! YEAH!” at the viewer. I have no idea how the whale got such in-depth knowledge on the concepts of flammability, how he knew there would be a lantern sitting in just the right place in the building he took such pains to disturb, or how he knew any of this would cause the town to burst into a blaze of hellfire, but I guess that’s the price I pay for watching this horrible movie. After young Dumbledore realizes that his Aguamenti spells aren’t enough to put the town back together, he decides it’s time to meet the animal at sea in battle. But the whale isn’t interested in fighting just yet; it wants to lure them to its “own arctic turf” first. Blindly, the captain and his crew follow. Their ship is steered by that same stereotyped Native American man who inevitably appears in every killer whale movie ever made. Eventually the crew reaches the Arctic, where the orca surprises them by pushing an iceberg across the Arctic Ocean and ramming it into young Dumbledore’s ship. Come on, Albus! Try sectumsempra! Or levicorpus, that’ll teach him! Alas, it is not to be. Our good friend Albus gets thrown hundreds of feet by the whale’s tail (?!) and the whale disappears under the wake, gloating in victory. Unfortunately, this review leaves me with more questions than answers. How did young Albus get into the fisherman’s trade in the first place? And how will he return from the dead to aid The-Boy-Who-Lived? J.K. Rowling you owe me answers, and I want them now.

HOW BAD CAN IT BE? so bad it’s funny

cruel and inhuman punishment emotionally scarring

so bad it hurts to live



November 24, 2008


The Lion’s Tale

Students, spectators keep sports alive

Victoria Persampiere

Howell said. that, hether you know it or not, you about 60% of it helped buy Junior Blake Bortles’ goes to the general helmet. You also paid for part of athletics budget to help freshman Alex Worthen’s soccer jersey, and pay for non-gate sports for the painted lines on the football field. like tennis. We raise every You bought enough basketballs to keep the dime we spend.” boys and girls basketball teams happy for an In the last edition of the Lion’s entire season. You, the faithful sports fan, are Tale, 49% of students polled said that literally the heart of all school sports. they thought that the school should make “We get absolutely nada from the county,” budget cuts from the athletics program – Athletic Director John Howell explained as which would be very hard to do, considering he reviewed the sports budget he keeps on that the school actually budgets exactly zero tidy spreadsheets on his computer. “The dollars for the sports department. only thing they give us is “Everybody some money for the buses in the community for the entire band, and all “Athletics doesn’t take away one seems to have the the teams. By the time just same idea – that desk or one book from anyone! football season ends, we we spend tons have no money.” We raise every dime we have.” of money on When you think about it, sports,” Howell playing a sport is a pricey Coach John Howell, Athletics Director said. “It’s not business. A team needs true! We raise uniforms, safety gear, balls, all the money ourselves.” bats, pads, rackets, practice equipment and Ticket sales just aren’t enough to fund the not to mention a stadium for their fans to entire athletics department; approximately watch them from. Where in the world would $30,000 - $40,000 of the athletics budget the school get enough money to fund 27 full comes from the efforts of the Booster Club. sports teams? “Fundraisers, membership fees and Put simply: from you. sponsorships – that’s where we raise our “Any gated sport – swim, football, money,” said Angie Williford, a past president basketball, lacrosse, soccer, you know – we of the Booster Club. “There used to be this collect the money from ticket sales, and a huge carnival in the mall parking lot – that percentage of the profit goes to the sport was our main fundraiser. But now with playing to help cover the cost the construction we can’t of what they need.”


news editor “After

do it. That was a big hit to the Booster Club.” Despite the loss of the carnival, the Booster Club is still essential to the sports programs. “The best way to help support Athletics is to come out to the games and to have your parents join the Booster Club.” Raising money to support all 27 sports teams is a tall order – despite common opinion, and without any help from the county, the sports teams manage to be entirely self-sufficient. The coaches receive small supplements from the county for their coaching, hours. Head coaches for most sports generally make between $2,000 and $3,000 a year in addition to their county-paid salaries. “Coaches earn less than $500 a month from the county for coaching six days a week.” Howell said “It’s like being a teacher or a nurse; nobody’s in it for the money. Most of the coaches I know spend what we earn on the kids anyway, to help pay for things that the kids might not be able to afford themselves, like team shoes or bags or something.” Basically, running a sports team is, well, a team effort. “We raised every dime that we have – of course we’re going to spend it,” said Howell. “Athletics isn’t taking away one desk, [or] one book from anyone.”

Talking Cents The athletics program relies heavily on the money earned by ticket sales. Here’s the figures for just how much money students shelled out to see each sport last year.

Football - $77,000 Basketball -$14, 000 Others - less than $5,000 Booster Club raises $30,000 - $40,000 each year

Total: $125,000 The County pays supplement salaries to coaches, band directors, and other teachers who donate their time and effort to the school. head coach

Football: $3,465 Basketball: $3,058 Baseball: $2,651 Swimming: $2,039 Wrestling: $2,651

assistant coach

$2,445 $2,445 $2,039 $1,632 $2,039

LIONS PACK STANDS. Lions fans pack the photo/BROOKE FIDRICK illustration/ VICTORIA PERSAMPIERE stands at a football game. Each person in the photo paid $8.00 per ticket - $4.80 of each entry fee went directly to support the team that the fans are rooting for. The remainder went into the main sports budget to help support other sports.

The Lion’s Tale

November 24, 2008



Lions down biggest rival Connor Bailey


from the 20 yard line put the lions up 4-2

sports editor in the second half, but the momentum soon

he lady lions love to score fast. With a record of 7-0, the lions recorded a huge win over the talented Lake Mary Rams on Nov. 19. The ladies started the game with two goals within the first ten minutes scored by junior forward Jillian Peppiatt and sophomore forward Katie O’Kennedy. “It felt great to contribute to my team and lead them to victory in such an important game,” said O’Kennedy. Following the quick start the ladies settled down the pace of the game. “We worked the ball around more and we were more patient. We weren’t thinking we had to score right away all the time,” said sophomore outside midfielder Morgan Campbell. But the game was far from over. “After we scored the second goal we stopped playing at an intense level, which came back to hurt us,” said O’Kennedy. Six minutes into the second and final half the Rams scored one of their three goals. “We scored early, but then we settle down thinking it would be an easy win, but they just came back and shoved it down our throats,” said sophomore sweeper Meagan Borger. Katie O’Kennedy’s picture perfect goal

swung the Ram’s way. With less than seven minutes left in the game, the Rams scored a goal off a corner kick and put pressure right back on the lion’s defense. “There was a lot of pressure to keep Lake Mary from scoring which would tie up the game. It felt really good to hold them off and win the game,” said junior stopper April Asby. “We won the game, but I wanted to walk off the field saying I gave everything I had, but I couldn’t say that about this game,” said Borger. The Lion’s passed the test against Lake Mary with a score of 4-3. “Lake Mary is our biggest rival and has the most talent in the area so it gave us a good idea to what we are going to be up against this season,” said sophomore center midfielder Colleen O’Kennedy. Last years team was loaded with talent, but this year’s team looks to be equal, if not better. “I really feel we have more goal scorers to threaten the opposing team this year compared to last season. The chemistry also seems a lot better than last year’s team. We are all getting along as a team and bonding,”


KICK INTO GEAR. Senior defender Caitlin Millich kicks the ball into a Lake Mary player’s shin during the game on Nov. 19. Sophomore forward Katie O’Kennedy looks onward hoping to help her teammate. The lions won 4-3 in a highly contested game.

said Peppiatt. The team finished with a record of 19-2-2 and reached the state finals losing in penalty kicks against Wellington. “Our team is well experienced and has a lot of talent; I believe that will propel us to winning a state title this year,” said senior from BOWLING, page 1


essful. Tests are str And life is basically a series of them.




SAT ents.

ere’s social ev

ts, th , there’s spor There’s school e Then there’s th

You thin k, H one test? ow can so much ride on ju Wh st day? Am at can I expect on I re you will ady? With UCF T test be. est preparati We can provide Prep in-depth on for th eS we know what to s AT because tudy and to study, how wit sample e h exercises and xams tha t help yo the scor ug ey pressure ou need, all in a et low environm a much lo en wer pric t (and at e big natio nal chain than those s).

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throughout it all, just bowling the way my body knows how.” Leonard won the first game 181-163, but lost the second one 179-190. In the third and final game, she crushed Harp with the score 232-158. “I just broke down in tears because I was so happy,” said Leonard. “When I finished the game, it was the best feeling in the world.” Leonard credits Coach Paul Wilkie with helping her overcome her nerves and improve her game throughout both the season and the tournament. “I couldn’t have done it without Coach Wilkie there supporting me after every shot, helping me make minor adjustments to improve my game, and basically keeping me sane throughout it all,” said Leonard. “Our team is really blessed to have such an amazing coach, and I couldn’t be more thankful to him for everything.” While crushing the other girls in the individual championship, Leonard also competed with her fellow Lady Lions in the team competition. The Lady Lions lost their first match to Cypress Creek, losing 1-3. “After losing our first match, we got sent to the loser bracket. We had to win six straight matches in order to make it to the championship and somehow we did,” said Leonard. The girls made it to the finals, eventually losing to St. Lucie West Centennial High School. Although they fell short of first place, the team ranks as state runners up. “It has been an awesome feeling knowing that I was a part of an amazing team,” said senior Ashley Malmstrom. Malmstrom transferred from Hagerty this year. Defeating the Huskies was a great achievement for her. “Coming from Hagerty High School and bowling against them made them rivals,” said Leonard. “Hagerty has always been a rival of OHS. It was very satisfying beating them at states.” Malmstrom is one of the best on bowling team. She played in almost every match, but had to sit out for some matches.

center midfielder Kara Mundelein. The road ahead contains few challenges but enough to get the team ready for the state tournament. The team will participate in the Michelle Akers tournament on Dec. 19 to Dec. 23 and will encounter another meeting with Lake Mary on Dec. 12 at Lake Mary. “I have really serious tendonitis in my knee, so I sat out when it was really bothering me,” said Malmstrom. The boy’s team also placed second in the state, but eventually lost to Martin County High with scores of 3-2 and 3-1.

Boys’ bowling team takes second

Senior Daniel Leonard shares mixed feelings about the team’s success “It’s both incredible and disappointing because it’s a great way to end my senior year of bowling,” said Daniel. “But to go so far and fall short of first gets me down a little. Overall, however, the team had a great season and I am so proud to be a part of it.” Aside from being proud of his teammates, Leonard is also happy for his little sister Julie ranking first in state. “I was and still am so proud of what my sister has accomplished,” said Leonard. “We’ve spent years learning to bowl together, and it’s amazing that she made it all the way to the top in the state.” Malmstrom also shows appreciation for her teammate. “Once Julie made it to the finals I knew she had it,” said Malmstrom. “She had put a lot of effort into the bowling team. She had an amazing season finishing off in the top two highest averages in the season. I love her; she is really like a sister to me.” In addition to being State Champion, Leonard was named both Athlete of the Week and Bowler of the Year by the Orlando Sentinel. “It was, and still is extremely overwhelming,” said Leonard. “Everything that happened- it’s just so surreal. I’m getting interviews and phone calls from newspapers. This experience has been so incredible.” Although Leonard is ecstatic about ranking first, she feels there’s more happening that has not been recognized as much. “It’s not just being State Champion that’s incredible,” said Leonard. “I got to be on a State Runner-Up team with seven of the most amazing girls I know. All of us poured our hearts and souls into each match, and I couldn’t be more proud.”


November 24, 2008


The Lion’s Tale

n u f f o t portrai

l l a b t n i a P A

Players say adrenaline flows during combat Julia Thorncroft


The World Cup lasted from Oct. 22-26 at

staff reporter Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex in

ophomore Morgan Cassel points to her jaw, showing where her best friend shot her in the mouth. “We were playing paintball,” said Cassel. “It was my second time ever playing. My best friend was checking for a safety trigger on the gun. She was standing three feet away from me, and the gun was pointed at me when she accidentally shot me.” Despite the injury, and a bruise that lasted for three weeks, Cassel became addicted to paintball. “I started to paintball when I was about nine or ten. It’s unfortunate that I don’t get to play that often”, said Cassel, “but I enjoy playing every time I go.” Blasting paintballs at opponents isn’t challenging for senior Trey Beverly. Beverly plays on a paintball team in Central Florida and competed in the World Cup.

Orlando. The World Cup consisted of nearly 400 teams from around the globe. While Cassel plays paintball just for fun, Beverly plays in a league. “I practice about two times a week at Epik Paintball on East Colonial Drive,” said Beverly. Epik Paintball, located on 14200 East Colonial Drive, is a seven acre, all outdoors facility in Orlando that helps with both regular players and first-timers. Epik has professionally trained staff members who are experienced in paintball who can help guide beginners. Cassel usually plays paintball with her friends and her church group at Orlando Paintball (OP) located at 7215 Rose Avenue off of Orange Blossom Trail. OP is the largest indoor and outdoor paintball facility and proshop in Florida.

The costs of equipment can be a major Although paintball can be seen as only downside to paintball. Some players go all physically demanding, it’s also mentally out and spend demanding. thousands of “Paintball is dollars for “Getting shot with a paintball gun is like a fun activity to equipment while getting rocks thrown at you... I don’t mean run around and people who play randomly shoot little pebbles, but stones.” for fun spend at your friends,” a few hundred said Cassel, “but dollars. Morgan Cassel ‘11 it’s more than F o r that. You have protective gear, to be in good most people get physical shape the paintball marker, air tank, hopper, and and you need to have some sort of strategy a mask, whereas other people get knee and in playing.” arm pads, paintball pants and jerseys. Cassel plays capture the flag with “As far as safety and protection, you her friends, whereas Beverly plays xball definitely need a mask,” said Cassel. “For competitively. For both games, it’s important clothes, you should wear long sleeves and to be in top physical shape and also be clever sweatpants. Basically anything you feel and strategic. comfortable in.” Regardless of the injuries she’s endured, What some beginners and other people Cassel still enjoys paintball. fear about paintball is getting hit. “It’s just a fun sport. I enjoy getting to “It doesn’t hurt that bad when you get hit, run around with my friends and legally shoot as long as you wear protective gear,” said them.” said Cassel. Beverly. Beverly suffered from one minor injury. “I tore one of my ligaments once while sliding,” s to Paintbal said Beverly. “I only missed e c l la out on one event, so it wasn’t P that big of a deal.” Orlando Paintbal : 7215 Rose Ave. Although Beverly thinks Orlando, FL 32812 that getting shot doesn’t Al’s Army: 1440 E Altamonte Dr hurt, Cassel has some Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 different opinions. “Getting shot with Epik Paintball Field: 14200 East Colonial Drive a paintball gun is like Orlando, FL 32826 getting rocks thrown at you,” said Cassel. “And Hypersports Park: 5080 Hoffner Ave. by rocks, I don’t mean little Orlando, FL 32812 pebbles, but stones.”


Coaches issue invitatio n to girls T Tien Holmes

staff reporter

he junior varsity boys wrestling team opened the year with a win against Seminole High and a loss against Deland High. The junior varsity girls lost against Seminole, but in the match against Deland High, the OHS female wrestlers had to be content to watch. Deland High does not have a girls wrestling team. The OHS JV team accepts more than just men; the invitation extends to women as well. Five freshman girls have joined the squad along with five upperclassmen. According to Coach Rafael VAlle, more females are trying out for wrestling and that increases their chances of getting college scholarships that often go unused. Freshman Jocelyn Santos has a variety of extracurricular activities and finds time for wrestling practice. “I have ROTC every Tuesday and Thursday,” said Santos. “Wrestling is Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.” Even with a rigorous schedule Santos strives to be at wrestling practice for the benefits it provides.

“It’s [wrestling] not your typical girl sport,” said Santos. “Wrestling teaches us how to dominate and tame our bodies. It’s a way to not get in trouble and gives us something to do.” Freshman Kayla Cartagena attends wrestling practice despite her schedule that includes NJROTC, volleyball, and Police Exploring, an off campus club. “People should stay more active,” said Cartagena. “You definitely get a workout wrestling. Their physical training, running, and weight lifting looked really interesting and it’s just fun.” First year head Coach Valle is excited about the number of girls out for the team this year. “We’ve had a great turnout this year,” said Valle. “There is always a need for more, and we want boys and girls to come out. Wrestling is for anyone.” Even though the coaches strongly urge both sexes to participate in the sport, there hasn’t been much of a girl’s team since 2007. “I think the women’s program is in its infancy, but it has potential” said Valle. “When the girls team develops the same skills [as the men], we expect the same results.”


GIRL POWER. Freshman Jocelyn Santos puts a half, a move designed to break an opponent down, on feshman

Denice Encarnacion as sophomore Kurt Keebler offers suggestions. The women’s team is fairly young The girls are expected to compete and because of the number of freshman girls carry the torch as four year state champs just who attend practices. as vigorously as the men. However, the stigma of being a male “Wrestling is about dedication and dominated sport doesn’t effect the male understanding. Four year state champs don’t wrestlers on the team. come from training three months a year,” said Senior Xavier Santiago wrestled on the Valle. “It comes from being with the Oviedo 2007 junior varsity team where girls were on high school program five days a week and the team too. working with the best coaches.” “I think it’s great to have girls on the team,” “We are here to announce that there is a said Santiago. “It gives them an opportunity girls wrestling team and we need more girls,” to be part of a real competitive sport.” said Santos.

The Lion’s Tale

November 24 2008




The Roar Stephanie O’Sullivan

Guest Columnist

Freshman remembers shining moment as a prize-winning equestrian



AIM TO SCORE. (Left) Senior Sydarius Collier shoots over sophomore Jay Thomas. Collier is on the varisty basketball team. (Right) Senior Jason Guerrier shows off his dunk skills during practice. Guerrier also starts on the varsity lions basketball team.

Girl’s varsity basketball starts off rocky

Boy’s varsity soccer lose against Silver Hawks

Backstroker sets new school record at state

Boy’s golf disappoints at districts this year


n a slight defeat, the girl’s varsity basketball team lost 42-40 in their first game on Nov. 18 to the Lake Mary Rams. The team also faced a crushing defeat against Father Lopez in their preseason classic. Against the Rams, junior Annemarie Hauser and senior Katia Vales each scored 9 points. The JV team on the other hand, dominated Lake Mary 39-17, with sophomore Katie O’Hanlon shooting a team high of 10 points.


emale swimmer sophomore Paige Moorhead has recently experienced a lot of success in her event, the 100 meter backstroke. On Nov. 14, Moorhead swam a 58.37 time, not only breaking the school record, but was also deemed eigth best in the state. Moorhead was the only swimmer to compete in states for Oviedo High School.


viedo High’s boy’s soccer team had mixed results in their games against Lake Howell High School. The boy’s junior varsity team edged out a win 2-1, while the varsity team was crushed 4-0. The boys are back in action on Dec. 4 against Winter Springs at home.


he boys golf team had their run of success but came short as they placed 8 out of 12 at districts. Seniors Adam Kipi, and Troy Norton shot an 81, 9 over the course par of 71. This is quite a drop-off in standings as Kipi and Norton came in 1st and 2nd at conference respectively. The team ended the season winning against three opponents.

Lee Wildes

with Colin Perry

Senior Lee Wildes faces off on the mat

Lions Tale: What three character traits would you use to describe yourself? Lee Wildes: I would say blunt, hard working, and super-slow. LT: What do you do in your spare time? LW: I don’t have spare time; all my time goes to wrestling. LT: How would you weigh a plane without scales? LW: I would lift the plane in one hand, and lift weights in the other until the weight was equal. LT: How many times does a clock’s hands overlap in one day? LW: 22, the hands overlap every 65 minutes, not every 60. LT: What is the best movie you have seen in this past year? LW: Definitely The Hulk, because it reminds me of myself! LT: What would you say to me if I got you an elephant? LW: I wouldn’t say anything. I would look at it, and then wrestle it. LT: If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be? LW: I would be Erin O’Dell, also known as the gorilla. LT: What drives you to wrestle? LW: I wrestle to be able to say that I’m better than you. LT: What significant awards have you won in wrestling? LW: I was an All-American in Greco-Roman, 3rd in the nation in Greco, and 17th in the nation for sophomore and freshman Folk Style. LT: What would you say your favorite part of the sport is? LW: Wrestling is the only sport where I can slam a girl on the mat! LT: What is your most embarrassing moment from wrestling? LW: My most embarrassing moment from wrestling was when a girl bit me during a wrestling match.

avanah Lacey, now 14, still remembers the day she won the “walk and trot” class in a horse show, when she was only 10 years old. When Lacey arrived at Wendover stables at 6:30 on Sept. 29, 2004, she felt “nervous and excited”. When Lacey remembers what she wore, she laughs, “I wore khaki breaches, black paddock boots, garters (for under her knees), a polo, black glove, and a helmet.” When asked how she had to style her hair, Lacey replied, “I wore a hairnet, I hate hairnets! All my hair got bunched up on top!” When Lacey mounted her horse, Porsha, she felt “really excited.” When Lacey trotted around on Porsha, she says that she knew today was going to be a good day, their day to shine. When Lacey was waiting for the results, Porsha was nervously walking around like she knew something was about to happen. When the announcer said her name as the winner for the “walk and trot” class, Lacey screamed, along with her grammy. When they announced said she won, Porsha stepped in ants. When Lacey met up with her family after claiming her ribbons, her instructor, Leslie, was there. “Leslie was really happy.” When Lacey’s family went out to celebrate, at Chili’s (where her father was working), Lacey ordered a cheeseburger and a chocolate milkshake. When Lacey returned home later day at noon, she was the proud owner of seven new ribbons (two 1st place, two 2nd place, and two 3rd place, plus another first place ribbon for winning the class). When Lacey thinks back to that day, she can’t help but feel proud and smile her gorgeous smile. Now when Lacey mounts a horse, usually Riggy, she sometimes thinks she’s ten again, trotting around on Porsha. Their time to shine.

Upcoming Games 12/03

Girls Soccer @ Seminole


Boys Soccer Vs Winter Springs Girls Basketball Vs Winter Springs


Boys Basketball @ Hagerty


Boys Varsity Wrestling @ Citris High Girls Basketball @ Edgewater Boys Basketball Vs Celebration High


Girls Basketball @ Seminole Boys Soccer @ Lake Mary



November 24, 2008


The Lion’s Tale

“In America, the President reigns for four years, and journalism governs for ever and ever.”

Oscar Wilde LION’S TALE


Fake ID’s lead to very real consequences

Some students feel that if they don’t have the privileges they would like, they can resort to the use of fake ID’s. Though they are breaking the law, many feel that if they are caught the consequences will be minimal due to their young age. That is not the case. We feel that the student population is not as informed as they should be about the consequences of breaking ID laws. Having a fake ID in your possession, even if you are not using it, is still a crime and you can be arrested for it. Even more jail time is involved if using a fake ID to buy alcohol, and even more for driving a car without your real driver’s license. Counterfeiting fake ID’s is the worst form of breaking ID laws and can get you up to 15 years in jail. While there are instances of people not getting caught using a fake ID, the consequences are brutal and stay with you for the rest of your life. Clubbing isn’t the issue that most police care about. It’s drinking. Police don’t kid about driving while intoxicated. There is zero tolerance as a driver could seriously harm pedestrians, other drivers, and themselves. Some clubs and store owners are lax about checking ID’s but that shouldn’t encourage you because police officers don’t mess around. All are trained in spotting a fake ID and all actually compare your face with the picture on the ID. Why rush just to drink or go clubbing? You are only a few years away from being able to legally do them. Enjoy your youth with your friends, and if your friends don’t want to do anything other than go clubbing and encourage you to break the law knowing the consequences, it’s time to find new friends. Being more informed on the consequences could save your future. With a criminal record following you around from something you thought was harmless could prevent your future from blooming. You could have trouble finding jobs and you will have that humiliation following you for the rest of your life.

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Cartoon by Mike Mangos

Built to please

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Don’t just sit there, take action Irritation guided me towards store lobbies even before the booming voice could summon me. I knew it was simply a matter of avoiding strangers and waiting for my mother’s approach. As I sat Indian-style on the retail floor, I watched the passersby. Unnoticed, I felt like a ghost, like I was free to observe without being observed myself. This is the reality, I fear, that future Kevin Baird staff artist generations will be forced into. A way of y parents took me everywhere life where men disregard the suffering of when I was younger. To their their kin and apathy reins supreme. Though dismay, I had an excellent sense modern-day parents suffocate their kids of direction. Come hell or high water, I in an effort to maintain their innocence, it always found my way back home. can’t be denied that we live in a dog eat Obviously, abandonment was never dog world. an intentional problem in my early years. In fact, this was one of the first lessons Things always just turned out that way. I I learned as a human being. Before was the kid with the short attention span my confirmation as an accident-prone who too often became engrossed in some adolescent, I lived in the ignorant bliss of a far-flung shiny object or another. After a toddler. brief period of distraction, I’d whirl around But naivety is as much a curse as it is a and feel as if I’d been marooned on the gift.  shores of some forlorn desert island. I’m quite certain that if I’d ever If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear stumbled upon a van with “free candy” that people ran when I had my back turned. engraved in the side, circumstance would By the time I was ten, however, this have given way to tragedy. was no longer the case. I’d heard my name Without a doubt, I would have ignored announced over intercoms so often that any bullet hole-dotted windshield or shady“reporting to front desk” became second looking occupants or muffled squeals nature. seeping from the trunk – all in pursuit of a My first clash with loneliness had turned simple sugar rush. me into a weepy mess. But it became such I suppose it’s this natural curiosity that a commonplace occurrence that impatience my parents have always unsuccessfully eventually replaced hysteria. tried to suppress.

The human element


In an effort to bring about the desired change, they confined me to a child leash for several years. But on one occasion, I escaped from my neon orange constraints and set out on an expedition through illustration/KEVIN BAIRD London Heathrow Airport. As the winter holiday season loomed forward, an ungodly number of travelers crammed into the structure. I took advantage of this busyness blatant act of dehumanization. and slipped from the straps that wrapped And, of course, this truth is not around my belly. only limited to toddlers separated from I’m told that for hours I was a source their guardians. of amusement for the bystanders who did Dehumanization is an international nothing to thwart my flight. People couldn’t phenomenon. This same policy of help but chuckle as they pointed out the ignorance applies to a war-torn Darfur, to escape route to my frantic caregivers. the human trafficking taking place on three In the end, I was snagged by airport continents, to those commercials that plead, security. “Feed the children.” Beyond my family, not one soul seemed I’ve come to realize it’s unquestionable. to regard me as anything more than an When confronted with dire situations, accessory to the building. For all they individuals avert their eyes and turn their cared, I was a piece of furniture that the ears deaf. staff had forgotten to tie down. As children, we shout, “Spread good I’ve spent the better part of a decade will.” But as adults, we whisper, “Every thinking about these childhood experiences. man for himself.” Are we really so reluctant I can see, now, that all those onlookers had to tap into our own humanity? reduced me to less than I was. In public It’s about time we learned that evil places, things would always turn sour and prevails when good individuals fail to I was the “problem” that nobody wanted to act. One of the lesser-known ill effects get their hands on.                                                               of cruelty is that it renders all bystanders The failure of people to intervene was a cruel. 

The Lion’s Tale

November 24, 2008



Columnist disagrees

Voters deny gay marriage rights Marvelous


may believe that God hates gays, but that doesn’t change one fact. The fact is that we are all human beings. We all feel pain, we all change and grow, and we all love. Regardless of what you believe, there are plenty of perfectly respectable gay men and women who live, grow, and love just the same as we do. And here in America, the land of opportunity, it’s been said again and again that all men are created equal. So I ask of all of you, please consider this issue again. When it comes down to it, it’s about the government having control over a person’s sexuality and personal life. Not only is that never going to happen, but in the “land of the free,” it shouldn’t. This isn’t about what Jesus would want, or what qualifies as “sacred.” This is about discrimination, and it needs to be stopped.

Because Pobody’s Nerfect


“No, because it is none of the school’s business to be in our personal lives.” Ashley Aschoff, ‘09


Citizenship mixes cultures


ow, I can’t be deported. I don’t have to worry about not getting a scholarship just because I’m not American. And, when I turn 18, I can vote. See, I was born to my British parents in Canada, leaving me with both British and Canadian citizenship. I moved to Oviedo a while ago, so I’m fully equipped with an American accent and everything. But until a few weeks ago, I only belonged to those two countries. I grew up in an American environment, but technically, I wasn’t American. Then my dad applied for citizenship, and took a test on American history and government that, let’s face it, many kids in this school couldn’t pass. After he passed all the tests, my dad received a letter informing him of his citizenship ceremony. I decided to tag along. When finally admitted into the auditorium where the ceremony was held, the family and friends shuffled into the red cushioned seats to the soft sounds of patriotic music. Eventually, the 627 immigrants filed in. The ceremony contained many speeches on the importance of immigrants to this great nation. Later, the coordinator (a heavy-accented immigrant himself) had the prospective citizens stand when their birth country was called. Around 82 countries were represented that day. I sat in awe as each person stood; representing born. such an array of unique cultures, showing me I’m not sure what any of that has to do with that America still creates a better life for so many fun-sized Snickers bars but I’ll go with it. people. Anyway, there’s no real myths associated Then came the oath of allegiance. Every with Halloween except for how it turned into immigrant recited it fragment by fragment. In a holiday where people fool themselves into the oath, these people renounce all allegiance to believing that their the only one whose going to any foreign countries and vow to stand by the be dressed as the Joker. Next up, Thanksgiving. Wow, there are Constitution and the United States. too many misconceptions about this Holiday This shook me. All of those people just to write about here so I’ll go with the most renounced their allegiance to those unique obvious misunderstanding. cultures. Bam. Just like that. I sat there trying Everyone to imagine a proud American renouncing his knows that citizenship. I couldn’t. So these people just the first Thanksgiving sacrificed some of their cultural pride for the probably didn’t United States. go the way your Trust me. I love living here. But giving up second grade my Canadian and British citizenship? That would teacher told you. be hard for me. So I truly respect those people The pilgrims most likely didn’t for making a better life for themselves and their invite the Indians families, letting that aspect become much less to eat with them important. and if they did, When a parent becomes a citizen, a child they probably under the age of 18 is entitled to citizenship too. made them sit at So when all 627 immigrants became Americans, I the kid’s table. became a citizen too. If the I thought about this as the new citizens waved Indians were illustration/MICHAEL MANGOS invited to the first their little American flags, as George Bush’s Thanksgiving I’m willing to bet they didn’t get prerecorded video message enforced the fact any turkey. They probably just got a heaping that immigrants are just so darn important, and plate full of smallpox. as the familiar words, “and I’m proud to be an I always wondered what Indians do American, where at least I know I’m free” echoed during Thanksgiving. I bet they just sit around and wish they had invented gunpowder earlier. in the background. And I guess I am proud to be American. I’m Well, that wraps up my special holiday themed article. I hope you found this just as proud to British and just as proud to be amusing and ended up even more confused Canadian, but according to all the speakers at the about the holidays then before you read this. I ceremony, this country needs immigrants. And know I did. I’m glad to be here.

Reasons behind the seasons Santa stopped handing out cyanide pills. I’m not sure how this myth became popularized but it doesn’t seem so strange considering all the unbearable Christmas specials they play on TV. Or maybe some people just don’t know how to deal with the fact that Santa isn’t real. It’s a good thing this myth isn’t true because there’s nothing that kills the holiday spirit faster than seeing someone hang themselves with their own Christmas lights. You think they could have at least done it Michael Mangos staff reporter on Halloween, that way people he holiday season is here and you could just play know what that means. It’s time to stop wallowing in your teenage angst and start it off as part of the decorations. rediscovering the only time in your life when Speaking you were happy, your childhood. of Halloween, I love the holidays, all of them, and you which has should too. I love the crisp, chilly weather, the tacky decorations and the homeless mall Santas already passed but is too they pay in bottles of Jack Daniels. I’ve never been so excited as I am after I’ve much fun not to mention, do eaten enough candy to pass out in a diabetic you know what coma on Halloween. Or when I’m trying to it’s supposed to remember what the names of my relatives are be a celebration on Thanksgiving. There are a lot of misconceptions about the of? I always holidays though and that’s what this article is thought it was going to be about. a celebration of First, let’s talk about Christmas, which childhood obesity but it actually started off as happens to be the only time of the year when I’m a devote Christian. Maybe church should be some sort of pagan celebration. The holiday started as a Celtic celebration more like Christmas. I know I’d go more often of the beginning of winter, when the dead could if I got an Xbox every time I walked in the door. supposedly pass into our world. I also find it interesting that Santa, a Then the Romans conquered the Celts fat, German housebreaker is the mascot for and realized how much fun they were having Christmas. It may be Jesus’ birthday but St. sacrificing animals so they decided to steal the Nick is definitely the life of the party. holiday. Anyway, did you know that the suicide It’s okay though; the remaining Celts toilet rate doesn’t actually go up on Christmas as is currently believed. In fact, it goes down. I guess papered Rome that night and a tradition was

Emily Cottrell

illustration/MIRANDA HARMON

Here’s what I don’t get about the religious concerns. This is the United States of America. We are not a theocracy, but if we base laws off of religious documents, we might as well Miranda’s be. The separation of church and state is a pillar that this country stands on, and if we Musings knock it down, we’re that much weaker. Besides, the Bible also says that you aren’t supposed to eat shellfish. Why isn’t anyone carrying around signs that say, “God Hates Red Lobster?” And as for sanctity, what about divorce? Miranda Harmon staff artist Why is it that two perfectly respectable individuals of the same sex who love each on’t get me wrong; those of you other can’t get married, while celebrities who know me know that I’m still can marry and divorce within the same day? celebrating the outcome of this If it’s sanctity you want, then how can you year’s election. But there’s one thing that stand the number of divorces happening disturbs me greatly. each year? Why is it that people don’t want gay The union of two loving people, marriage? regardless of gender, is never a “threat” to Well, of course that’s a stupid question. the institution of marriage, or this country. From what I understand, people want Homosexuals wanting to marry pose no marriage to remain a sacred bond between a dangers to you or me, or to anyone for that man and a woman, and are concerned in the matter. religious sense. Okay, so maybe gay marriage is a However, with the passing of new, scary idea to some people. amendments in several states either banning Maybe people are afraid. But gay marriage or weakening gay rights, I find why? myself asking this question again. Not too long ago, I know what you all are thinking. “Oh, interracial marriages were Miranda, just shut up already!” I’ve always against the law. Since been pretty vocal about this issue, and the then, we have evolved truth is that I’ve wanted to write this column as a society to embrace for a very long time. diversity, and now we I’ll say right now that gay marriage laws must do so again. will not directly impact me. I am not gay, You may believe that and do not intend to get married to another homosexuality is wrong, woman, but this is much bigger than me. that being gay is a sin. You

Guest Column

Poll out of 100 students taken 11/25, 12/1

“Yes, because it will keep people out of trouble.” Britney Scott, ‘10

Snakes a on shelf November 24, 2008

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The Lion’s Tale

Teen’s room turns into reptile realm David Parsons


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reshmen Steve Tillis wakes to his alarm in the early morning hours of the school week to find eight pairs of eyes staring back at him. The flick of the light switch reveals that he is surrounded on all sides by a rather large population of snakes and lizards. While this would be a nightmare come true for some, Tillis wouldn’t have it any other way. “I guess it all started catching snakes with my granddaddy when I was six or seven,” says Tillis. “I got my first turtles when I was ten and my first snake a year later.” Since that time, Tillis has developed a passion for reptiles of all sorts and sizes. “Turtles were my first pets, but they were too messy,” Tillis said. “Lizards were next, but they turned out to be way too expensive. Snakes were a lot easier to deal with – since they only eat about once a week, I only had to spend about two or three dollars a week on food.” Over the past four years, Tillis’ collection has grown beyond a single pet or two. He currently owns six snakes (two ball pythons, two Kenyan sand boas, one carpet python and a corn snake), two gecko lizards, and two redfooted tortoises that he raises for a local research center known as the Chelonian Institute. As overwhelming as this may seem, Tillis guarantees that his collection will only get bigger as time goes on. “There is a joke in the reptile world: snakes are like potato chips, you can never have just one.” With eight animals living under the same roof with Tillis, space can at times be an issue. “All the walls to my room are basically composed of my snake and lizard cages. Luckily they’re mostly all small snakes. The biggest is the carpet python,

which should grow to be around seven feet. Even though the sounds large, it’s not even close to being considered a “big snake”, which usually implies that it’s around 20 feet.” Tillis adds that the tortoises are kept in a separate room where there is less foot traffic because they get stressed easily. “As far as the enclosures themselves go, the animal’s size actually isn’t that big of a problem. I taught myself to build my own cages out of wood and Plexiglas. It’s really not that hard it saves a lot of money, since you don’t have to keep buying different cages as the snake or lizard grows.” Though Tillis usually has to keep the animals in separate enclosures, he’s recently been trying his hand at breeding. “It feels good because you know that you are caring for them so well that they feel comfortable enough to have babies. It’s the ultimate sign that you are doing something right. I’ll probably sell the new snakes to help pay for food and stuff.” Tillis’ work with reptiles doesn’t stop when he leaves the house. For about an hour every Sunday, he works at the Chelonian Institute in downtown Oviedo, a research and conservation center that boats the world’s third largest turtle and tortoise museum collection. Dr. Peter Pritchard, one of the world’s leading turtle zoologists, heads the institute. “My dad found out about the Institute from his Rotary Club when Dr. Pritchard visited and gave a speech. He told me about it and we called Dr. Pritchard and I started working there the next day. It’s a very low profile place and it’s very easy to drive right by it, even when you are looking for it. Since it is a private institute, very few people come locally unless they are doing volunteer work. Most of the people who visit it are

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from international places and are just staying to look at specimens or to see Dr. Pritchard. For example I met two guys that were from Guyana and another lady who was from Madagascar.” Tillis works with a vide variety of tortoises, including red-footed tortoises, African-spurred tortoises, box turtles, Aldabran tortoises, and Galapagos tortoises. “It can be hard to take care of the Galapagos turtles because they are very big and not very smart. When they decide to go somewhere t h e y don’t really stop for anything i n their way, even if it’s another turtle. Sometimes you’ll see a turtle will be flipped onto its back after another turtle runs into it, and they can’t get up” If one thing is for certain, it’s that Tillis’ journey of working with animals has only just begun. Four years and counting since he bang his reptile collection, he has no intention of slowing down. “It will definitely have a future working with animals, whether it’s at a zoo or a private reptile breeding facility I’m not sure yet. But my dream job would be working for Brian Barcyzk at BHB reptiles, one of the gods of the reptile world.” Tillis encourages other to get involved with reptiles if they are enthusiastic, but to be aware of the commitment that goes along with it. Snakes can live for 20 years, lizards for 15, and tortoises for over 60. “Be responsible about it – don’t just go out and buy an iguana or a big python or boa,” said Tillis. “Do your research and stay with beginner species.”

Snake facts:

Some snakes lay eggs, others – including rattlesnakes and cottonmouths – give live birth.

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Unlike a mammals’, a snake’s tongue is used to smell, not taste. Snakes can swallow prey up to three times larger than their own mouth thanks to special tendons in their mouth that are able to stretch very wide. Snakes can live without eating for months. Snakes do not blink. In fact, they have no eyelids at all. Instead, they have a clear scale that protects their eye. Snakes do not have ears, and are deaf to airborne sounds. However, they pick up vibrations in their jawbones, on the scent molecules on their tongue, and can even pick up some through their lungs.

The majority of snakes have over 200 teeth, none of which are used to chew. They only serve to hold the snake’s prey in place as it eats.

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Rep-Tillis uses many devices to care for his reptiles. Steve Tillis, alter ego Steve Rep-tillis, builds his own cages to house his variety of snakes.

Ozzie, the Jungle Carpet Python, is one of Steve Rep-Tillis’ many snakes that resides in his snake realm.

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snakes but various other reptiles such as gieco, the leopard gecko.


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Steve Rep-Tillis pythons, Jenny male.

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The Lion's Tale - Volume 49, Issue 3  

The Lion's Tale Newspaper - Oviedo High School Volume 49, Issue 3

The Lion's Tale - Volume 49, Issue 3  

The Lion's Tale Newspaper - Oviedo High School Volume 49, Issue 3