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A new YouTube sensation, learning new dance moves has made its way to OHS students. Learn about the new dance, jerking, that has currently hit campus.

Assistant Principal Coach Register has a hidden talents up his sleeve. Find out about his knack for making balloon animals inside.

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LION’S TALE D e c e m b e r 11 , 2 0 0 9

Court changes rules for saying U.S. Pledge Tiffany Ray


Volume 50

Issue 3


601 K ing Street

Oviedo, Florida 2.

features editor

arah Greco* sits still. The shuffle of students jumping out of their seats creates a cacophony of squeaks and clatter in her Seminole County High School. Hand over her heart, the teacher eyes Greco for not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. Greco hands her a note, shocked when the teacher just tosses it aside. The note, written by Greco’s parents, stated their support of Greco’s decision to not stand for the pledge. What the Grecos didn’t know was that a note is only needed for refusing to recite the pledge. A student can not be forced to stand under any circumstances. “Upon written request by his or her parent, the student must be excused from reciting the pledge,” states the guidelines for patriotic programs. On the contrary, no student may be required to stand during the pledge according to Seminole County attorney, Ned Julian, Jr. But Greco’s teacher refused to acknowledge this, under the impression the policy requirees a student to stand. “I have never stood for the pledge in high school. None of my teachers said anything about it until The Supreme Court this year. She has ruled that you asked me to don’t have to stand stand out of respect for her, for the Pledge. and I did not. After a few weeks she said that we had to stand or she’ d write up whoever didn’t,” said Greco. Her teacher maintained that each student is required to stand. “A friend who is a lawyer did some research on the subject, and wrote a letter for me saying it wasn’t constitutional to make me stand,” said Greco. But a day before the letter was written, the Supreme Court refused to see a case against a student who would not stand for the pledge. The refusal brought the judicial interpretation to attention in Florida’s school county systems. “It means the original decision was held. So, yes, it is unconstitutional to make you stand,” said Greco. It also means that this judicial interpretation is for now the law of Florida. “The statue is unconstitutional and unenforceable to the extent that it requires students to stand at attention during the Pledge of Allegiance; and the statue is valid and enforceable to extent that the statue requires students to obtain parental permission to be excused from reciting Pledge of Allegiance,” states the patriotic program rules. Greco, by no means, intends to disrespect the flag by not standing. “I don’t believe in publicly displaying my belief. I can keep it privately in my heart. I should be able to support my country in my own manner,” said Greco. Though she may not stand, she is still required to recite the pledge without a parental note. “I don’t understand why you need a note not to recite the Pledge though. But being able to sit is enough for now. You have to pick your battles,” said Greco.

*name withheld

4. 3.

5. 6.

NJROTC earns first in state competition


STRAIGHT SHOOTING. On Saturday, Dec. 5, the OHS NJROTC hosted the Area 7 NJROTC State Championship Marksmanship competition. OHS was the first team to shoot. After two rounds

of shooting the team finished and waited for the results as the other teams shot. The OHS (Team A) took first place overall in the state for the fifth year in a row; Team B also took 4th place 1. Seniors Michael Fine and Rachael Stueber take aim and get ready to fire in the offhand position round of the competition. 2. Sophomore Julia Fine shoots around in the kneeling position. 3. Junior Katie Elliott rests after firing in the kneeling position. 4. Freshman Natalie White sights her target after shooting a round. 5. Freshman Ryan Carr removes the sling from his gun after shooting. see NJROTC, page 22 6. Junior Traci Hill loads her next round gun while standing in the offhand position.

Lundquist hosts luncheon for the 58 straight A students Emily Cottrell


Lopez also believes the seven period day administration decided to take a look at how

co-diversions editor has factored in to the fact that she and other many students received straight As, and

enior Alex Lopez shuffles from one class to the next, her day consumed by AP courses – calculus, literature, statistics, environmental science, and comparative politics. Her grades have always been high, her GPA always above a 4.0. When the nine weeks end, however, a B stood out from her otherwise straight As. “I felt that there was such a push to take more AP courses when we signed up for the seven periods. Now I’m taking five APs, and it seems like I was shoved into something that wasn’t very realistic,” said Lopez.

students have received held a lunch in their grades lower than they Fifty-eight “We thought it would be interesting honor. are used to. of the 2086 students to see how many of our students enrolled maintained “Now that we have less time in each class, these superb grades. earned all As.” I feel stressed all day “We thought it Principal even if we aren’t doing would be interesting to Robert Lundquist anything too strenuous see how many of our during school. It feels like we are only getting students earned all As,” said principal Robert in 30 minutes of learning. It seems like good Lundquist. “I know many students probably students are being gypped out of straight As,” filled their seventh period with an extra AP, said Lopez. which has left them with fewer As.” At the end of the nine weeks, the see GRADES, page 2


December 11, 2009

The Lion’s Tale


‘How to save a life’ Student heroes turn out by the hundreds to donate blood

International Cuisine Club works Victoria Persampiere in kitchen to stir up charity funds news editor

International Cuisine Club plans on hosting a charity event to raise money to be donated to Savannah Court Assisted Living Home. Ten students, including seniors Alan Zegarra, Christina Moyer, James Telson, juniors Lindsay Knox, Anthony Buday, Christine Schuler, Chenell Henderson, Jehnifer Frank, sophomore Rebecca Peters, and one other as of yet undecided student make up the club. The club will prepare and serve food at Maggiano’s Little Italy on Jan. 22. The banquet will begin at 6p.m., but the students will be on-site at noon to get started. If the club manages to sell out every seat (at $20 each seat) , the club will raise a total of $600, all of which will be donated the night of the banquet to a represetnative from Savannah Court. Tickets to the event will be on sale for $20; please see Karen Stapleton for more details.

SECME recruiting new members

SECME, sponsored by physics teacher Jim Bolin, is currently recruiting new members interested in science, engineering, or technology. Club dues are $10. SECME members are currently working on their projects for regional competition, which will be held in Feb. at the University of Central Florida, Orlando.

National Honor Society welcomes 56 new members at ceremony

56 juniors and seniors were induceted into the National Honor Society this past fall. The club welcomed the newest members at a formal induction ceremony in the Cassanova Performing Arts Center during periods 6 and 7. NHS will host another induction ceremony in the spring. This induction will be open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who meet the requirements for admission to the club.


FIRST MEETING. New NHS members gather for their

first meeting in sponsor Janice Latimer’s room. NHS typically meets once a month, with seasonal dinner meetings.

from GRADES, page 1


he students at Oviedo High are accustomed to being the best. They’ve earned the highest district scores on the FCAT, the varsity football team pounded out a crushing 9-1 season, and the band’s percussion section placed number one in the state. Now the students have another accomplishment to be proud of – one that arguably means more than any they’ve attained before. Last year, OHS students saved a total of 1,473 lives by donating blood – the highest of any school in Central Florida history. “Our last year’s blood drive was commendable; during our four blood drives, we collected 491 units,” said Col. Joseph Nardo. “No one had ever collected that much before.” The Florida Blood Bank, aware of and grateful for the sacrifices of OHS students, has worked with NJROTC to make this year’s blood drives even bigger. “In light of the fact that we have so many donors, we’ve generated additional buses for each drive, so that the wait time is shorter and we can accommodate more donors,” said Nardo. In addition, the Florida Blood Centers have extended an offer to help pay a select few OHS donors back for their selflessness. “Central Florida Blood Bank has been so impressed with our success that they’ve activated a Blood Bank scholarship in honor of what we’ve done here,” said Nardo. While the particulars of the scholarship are as of yet unspecified, Nardo plans on making an announcement to all donors when the information becomes available. And the donors are as varied as they are many; students of all colors, sizes, classes and blood types board the Blood Buses four times a year to help save lives. However, there seems to be an unusual trend in the gender of OHS’ donors. “Something I find really interesting is that around 70% of donors are girls; consistently, at all six drives, they’ve had a better showing than the boys,” said Nardo. “They really take joy in it. They aren’t concerned with the needles or passing out, they just come out to donate.” This bias is contrary to the national standard, where more men turn out to donate than women. “Men have a lesser iron challenge than women do, because women are more often deferred because of low body weight or iron levels. So we really need the men [at OHS] to step up,” said Doug Goldbarth, Donor Development

Lundquist explains that a luncheon for students with a grade point average of 4.0 or higher will still be held at the beginning of second semester. “We were not trying to offend students who do not have straight As. There are great students here who will be recognized. And I am optimistic that there will be even more straight As at the semester,” said Lundquist. Freshman Mitchell Callaway battled his first AP class to receive straight As, while senior Jon Thomas battled the disease commonly known as senioritis. They both agree, however, that the seven period day hasn’t really affected them in their efforts to receive straight As. Sophomore Megan Heil, one of the 8 sophomores to earn straight As, believes that many sophomores are having trouble adjusting to their course load. “The workload is a lot but it doesn’t become stressful if you don’t let it The only big difference between sophomore year and freshman year is that AP World History is really fast paced compared to AP


THREE LIVES SAVED. Junior Sarah Parks waits patiently on the Blood Bus as her blood races through the complex

network of tubes and into a carefully marked blood bag. Within 48 hours, that bag will be used to save up to three lives.

Coordinator at Florida’s Blood Centers. While the Blood Drive is on track to beat last year’s record, with 270 units already collected at two drives, Nardo would like to see OHS boys come out and help save lives. “I’d like to issue an official challenge to the male community to be as active and dedicated as the girls have been in the past,” said Nardo. “In addition, if any other clubs would like to help out with the blood drive, they can contact me at any time. Beta Club was a huge help during the last blood drive; I’d like to thank Mrs. Tina Near and Mrs. MaryannMontione for their help.” Each unit of whole blood can save three adult lives. The blood is available for use in hospitals two days after students donate, and for the most part it stays local. “Everything collected at Oviedo High School goes first and foremost to Orlando Regional Medical Center, Florida

Human Geography,” said Heil. AP World History teacher Gary Barnett explains that sophomores have very high standards to live up to. “The tenth grade is a very transitional year. The standards really rise – especially in courses like AP Chemistry and my own. Sophomore year has to prepare students for junior and senior year – they have to be used to the rigorous workload they will receive. At times it seems overwhelming, but it works out in the long run. The students that don’t get straight As sophomore year will probably adjust and succeed in junior and senior year,” said Barnett. Though it seems the seventh period day has left less students with straight As, several teachers, including Barnett, say that they haven’t seen much of a change in their grades. “My grades are pretty much the same as they’ve always been,” said AP Art History teacher Didi Gibbs, “I think that students do have more work and more stresses forced on them with the seventh period day, but it seems like students are adjusting and handling it quite well.”

Hospital, and other regional hospitals,” said Goldbarth. “We are the sole provider of blood to the Central Florida area.” Central Florida’s hospitals are always in need of blood. The donations collected at OHS are used to replenish blood lost during trauma, heart surgery, and organ transplants. They are used to help patients with cancer, sickle cell disease and thalassemia. They are used every day to save lives, and the blood supply always needs to be replenished. There is currently an urgent need for type O-, AB-, and A- blood, although all blood types are always in demand. “We tend to have a shortage during the holidays. People go on vacation, or they’re just not thinking about it – but we really do need the donations,” said Goldbarth. “We also have a higher need in the summer, once again because people often go away, and because school isn’t in. The schools are a huge help.”

Straight A Stack Up

16 freshmen 8 sophomores 16 juniors 18 seniors


58 Students


The Lion’s Tale

December 11, 2009



graduates to Seminole State College of Florida

Q: A:

Q: A:

Will admissions requirements change?

No. With the universities limiting their enrollment, we are seeing more local high school graduates enrolling in Seminole State, and we are committed to maintaining an open-door admissions policy for our associate-level degrees and certificates, and programs that respond to community needs.

Q&A with

Jay R. Davis

communications manager at Seminole State

Q: A:

What prompted SCC to change its name to Seminole State College of Florida? The new name more accurately reflects the broadening mission of the College as we begin to offer four-year degrees. In 1975, Seminole Junior College became Seminole Community College as the state transitioned to the Florida Community College System. In 2009, the College’s name is changing as it and other colleges begin to offer baccalaureate degrees through the new Florida College System. Thirteen of the 28 colleges in the new Florida College System offer four year degrees, and all of them have changed their names.


How will Seminole State College of Florida be abbreviated?


We’re now officially Seminole State College of Florida. If you want to shorten the name, use Seminole State. We are no longer known by initials.

Q: A:

How will the change affect admissions?

It doesn’t. The change, however, does open up additional options for students that weren’t available before. For example, our first four-year degree in interior design is the only four-year state program of its kind in the region. More students are choosing to come to Seminole State; our enrollment is up 50 percent over the last three years. A big part of that increase is Seminole County Public Schools graduates. Last year, 34.8 percent of SCPS grads (more than 1 in 3) attended our College. This number is up over the past two years (In 2006 the number was 28.4 percent). As a note, this closely matches the numbers we’re seeing from Oviedo High School (33.6 percent for 2008-09).

How has SCC been changed by becoming a state college? The response from our community has been overwhelmingly positive. Our students are excited to be a part of Seminole State. There’s also a lot of excitement about our new four-year degrees. The name change shows that the institution is evolving. Over the past few weeks (our Board of Trustees made the decision to change names Sept. 21), we’ve begun to transition into our new name. We’ll have a new Web site in December and a new logo early next year. You’ll also begin to see “Seminole State” on our signs, starting early next year.  You may have already seen billboards with our new name.

Q: A:

Q: A:

What’s it like to be at Seminole State College right now? It’s an exciting time to be at Seminole State! With our small classes, affordable tuition, excellent faculty and 165 degrees, certificates and University Pre-Majors, there’s a good reason more students are choosing Seminole State. Also, we’re considering adding more four-year degrees, particularly construction management.

What are future plans for Seminole State College?

We’re wrapping up a major three-year construction campaign. Since 2007, we’ve opened two new campuses and nearly completed an $85 million makeover of our Sanford/Lake Mary Campus Looking ahead, we’re moving forward on a new $20 million Student Center. It’s in the design phase now. We’re excited about January. Classes start Jan. 11, and we’re expecting another term of doubledigit enrollment growth (our eighth straight term). We’ll also welcome our first baccalaureate class.

Morphemes strengthen reading comprehension Students, faculty delve into word origins, meanings Miranda Harmon


staff reporter students understand words from the root up, III students a sense of their nation’s literary

uddenly surrounded by throngs of inters, auds, benes, and oculs, teachers and students find themselves with extra tasks and additional skills to teach and learn. The Literary Council at Oviedo High School set into place the new morpheme program in order to help students with standardized testing and general literacy. Principal Robert Lundquist serves on the Literary Council. “We have a group of teachers who are involved in developing better ways and means of educating our kids. We have a Literacy Council to help our students become proficient at reading and literacy,î said Lundquist. ìIt helps establish ways and means for our teachers to implement better strategies in the classrooms.” Reading teacher Sandy Traeger, who also serves on the Literary Council, explains the origins of the morpheme program. “It’s been going on for a long time,” said Traeger. The idea for learning morphemes began eight years ago, beginning with a discussion about vocabulary. “The Literary Council discussed vocabulary and we came up with a list of morphemes,” said Traeger. Although the idea has been up in the air for a while, Traeger said, “We finally decided to make it a short term project to really emphasize it.” The morpheme lists are designed to help

helping them not only in school, but in life. College Board recommends certain morphemes out of thousands “They will be thankful that they’ve learned this in their life,” said Lundquist. While morphemes show up on standardized tests such as FCAT and the SAT, roots of words show up most everywhere. “This is just to kick it off,” said Traeger. “This is an ongoing process that goes beyond the list.” Reactions about the new morpheme program vary among faculty and students. “It’s been a mixed reaction. The teachers are a little frustrated that there’s one more thing for them to do,” said Lundquist. “That’s not at all the intent.” Intent aside, some teachers find the new plan to hold negative aspects as well as positive. “I believe for the rest of my career, getting students to pass standardized tests and earning high grades for the school will be the primary focus of public education, so I can understand the need to focus on morphemes in an effort to improve vocabulary and reading-comprehension scores,” said English teacher Roy Starling. “It’s just that so much of what teachers do now is being forced on us by a cockamamie system made desperate by a lack of reliable, legitimate funding.” Starling feels the program to be detrimental in some ways. “Consequently, instead of giving English

heritage, we make sure they improve their SAT scores,” said Starling. “We’ve decided it’s more important to get bragging rights and funding based on test scores than on teaching young Americans to value, ponder, and challenge the work of Hawthorne, Melville, Twain, Dickinson, and Hurston.” Due to the program, Starling has had to make changes to his curriculum. “I’ve dropped some of these authors from my curriculum and am trying, at this late stage of my career, to grow into the role of testprepper and morpheme-meister,” said Starling. “I’m really sorry it has come to this.” Still, despite drawbacks, some welcome the program. “Many students appreciate the help,” said Lundquist. “The mature students who want the help are the most appreciative.” Lundquist remains optimistic about the new program. “I always have concerns about negativity and a potential morale issue among faculty and students,” said Lundquist. “I want photo/KEVIN VELOSO everyone to know that A sign with the definitions and BAND ROOM BIBLIOPHILES. we want to make it a positive examples of morphemes hangs nearby the book-cluttered bandroom lost-andinstead of a negative.” found, as a reminder to students who pass by,



December 11, 2009

The Lion’s Tale

Heavy bags threaten quality of life Wesley Wynne


staff reporter

fter she leaves for her sixth period class, freshman Laura Grant goes to her locker to get her supplies. As the bell rings, she finishes yet another commute with her big backpack. “Yeah, [the backpack] it’s heavy,” said Grant. “But my classes ae so far away from my locker. Her backpack weighs 12.6 pounds. Many students have large backpacks. These backpacks can be heavy and cause back problems. “[Disproportionate weight on shoulders can cause] premature disc generation, unhealthy pressure to other joints (ankles, knees, hips,), spondylolysis, [and] shoulder/neck problems from carrying backpack on one shoulder and no using both shoulder straps,” said chiropractor Dr. David A. Demetree, D.C., F.I.A.M.A. A few students chose not to use lockers.

“I actually don’t have a locker this year,” said sophomore Emily Hague. “Because every class I go to is in a different building.” But not every student’s backpack is big or heavy, depending on what it contains. “Not very much,” said Brunk. “[The locker is] right next to my third and fourth period classes, but I have to grab my stuff for my next three periods or I’ll be late.” Students may not know it, but heavy backpacks can cause problems when they stoop forward to support the weight, according to an article on by reporter Robert Longley. According to the article, backpacks shouldn’t weigh more than ten percent of your body weight. This means that if you weigh 120 pounds, then your backpack should only weigh 12 pounds. The Lion’s Tale Newspaper weighed backpacks of 11 random students and the average weight totaled 13 pounds. But students often carry very large amounts of weight in their backpacks and just over one shoulder, too. Wearing a backpack on one shoulder c a n cause a

disproportionate shift on one side, leading to lower-back pain and neck and muscle spasms. It’s recommended that students should wear both shoulder straps that are wide, adjustable, and padded. If weight on your back stays constant or increases, many back conditions could get worse. “Not necessary life threatening, but [they] could definitely decrease one’s quality of life. Especially as we age,” said Demetree. But there’s no need to fear, as these conditions can be treated and even prevented. “Treatments could be as benign/simple as a few visits to your chiropractor as well as some simple stretches/exercises, to as extreme as orthopedic care/ surgery,” said Demetree. Heavy backpacks can be bad for you, but some students aren’t complaining because they’re simply used to their backpacks. When asked if his backpack is heavy, junior Patrick Elliot said, “It’s not really heavy. Basically I’ve had it this way for years.”

Demetree Chiropractic Group Inc. 1750 W Broadway St. Ste 108 Oviedo,FL 32765-9618 (407) 977-7233

photo courtesy/AMBER PETSCHEL

A BAD BACK. This former OHS student had surgery to correct her

scoliosis, which is when the spine is curved from side to side or rotated. While scoliosis is most often caused by a combination of genetics and stress caused by growth spurts, backpacks can aggrevate the problem and cause a host of other injuries.

The Lion’s Tale

December 11, 2009


New officer on campus keeps kids safe


Former military man turned police officer works to protect students and establish a friendly, respectful relationship with the teens under his care Miranda Betterley


      “They chose me [to work at Oviedo]

staff reporter because there was a vacant spot and they

fficer Lawrence Walton, Oviedo High School’s newest police officer, knows what it is like to face danger first hand.       “The hardest part of being a police officer is knowing that today might be my last day on earth. Somebody might start shooting in the cafeteria or go out to their car and get a gun and I might be the first person they shoot. That’s the hardest part,” said Walton.

thought I’d be the best for the job,” Walton said.            “I like working here for the most part,” said Walton. “I don’t like having to arrest people though.”      Walton started his police career at Valencia Community College in Orlando. “I was there for nine months. They teach the very basics of being a cop. You actually learn how to be a cop when you get hired,” said Walton.        “They say college teaches you how to think, but honestly, I think just because you have a college degree doesn’t make you any It’s happened to every driver at some point in their lives - you smarter than anyone see those urgent lights behind you and you can’t decide whether else. You still have you’d rather curse or cry. Don’t panic, just remember these to treat people the same,” said Walton. tips:       Walton was When you see the lights - behave! Pull to the right a police officer responsibly, being sure to use your turn signals and to brake at Lawton Chiles gently. Middle School Make sure the officer feels safe. Police officers are trained for three years, a to be very wary when they pull someone over. Keep the law enforcement cop feeling comfortable, and you’ll have less of an ordeal. officer for six Roll down your window all the way and turn on your dome years, and an E4 light. When you pull over, make sure you pull far enough away from traffic that the officer can safely approach your in the military window. Keep your hands on the wheel unless told to do for eight years. otherwise. After  switching to Officers generally make up their mind as to whether or not a high school from they’ll be ticketing you before they ever leave their car. So a middle school, tears, lies, and flattery aren’t likely to get you anywhere. Walton says the The best approach is an honest, respectuful one. If the biggest difference officer asks you an open-ended question (“Do you know between high why I pulled you over?”) reply truthfully. If you don’t know, schoolers and say so. But don’t get defensive - nothing is more likely to aggrevate the police officer than an arguement. middle schoolers is that some kids are a lot more mature. They are

Pulled Over!

d d


not under their parents’ thumb all the time, so they are going to get in more trouble.      After becoming a police officer, the memory that always stays with Walton is when “I almost had to take two people’s lives because of the situations. It wasn’t scary at the time, but now that I look back on it, it’s like wow; I could’ve been killed. It gives you a new perspective on life,” said Walton.      Despite everything, at the end of the day, Walton still enjoys being a police officer. “[My favorite part] is working and trying to influence the lives of young people,” said Walton. “Just  because you’re an adult and you’re talking to a teenager,  doesn’t mean you can talk to them any way you want. It’s more of a respect thing. If you photo/KEVIN VELOSO confront a teenager with a bad attitude,  they’re going UPHOLDING THE LAW. Officer Lawrence Walton’s job is twofold; keep the to give you a bad attitude. students at OHS safe, and make sure that they stay out of trouble. His extensive I explain to them this is what experience in on-campus law enforcement has made him tough enough to work with I’m doing and this is why thousands of teenagers every day. I’m doing it,” said Walton. “That guy is awesome. Yes, I do feel “He’s a great person to work safe with him here. I definitely feel he with, it takes all of us to keep the school would taze someone if it came down to it,” safe,” said Bonnie Presley, a security said senior Kyle Kassik. officer at Oviedo.      “He’s the coolest officer ever and he has   Students at OHS also like Officer inside jokes with everyone, and I definitely Walton being here. feel safer with him here,” said sophomore Jennifer Fredreickson.

Next Generation Tests to be the new FCAT? Curtis O’Brien


the field-testing for the End of Course Exams

staff reporter in Algebra I.

s End of Course Exams creep over the horizon, teachers and administrators wonder how important these tests will become. “I think it’s possible these tests may take the place of FCAT exams and probably will be used to evaluate teachers in the future. Florida has applied for federal grant monies and the government is requiring stricter standards for teacher evaluation in order to get the money,” said debate teacher Deborah Jepson. End of course exams are standardized tests given at the end of a class and are similar to the ones already being implemented to Georgia. The official name for these upcoming tests is the Next Generation Tests. These new tests over the years could also determine who graduates and who does not. The results of these tests could be used to more accurately gauge students improvement and problem areas. Once tests are phased in, portions of FCAT could be removed and replaced by End of Course Exams. “It’s a very complex system of the phase in and phase out for the tests and the FCAT,” said Robert Lundquist. These tests could be given to allow a student to receive credit for a class if he or she already knows the material. It could also be used to allow a student to skip a prerequisite in order to take a more advanced class. This year Oviedo High School may host

“Schools will be selected for an Algebra I field test in May. The Legislature is still determining which schools will be selected,” said Robert Lundquist. If OHS is selected, students enrolled in Algebra I will take an online test covering the Algebra I requirements according to the Florida Sunshine State Standards. This field test will count. Teachers will be required to incorporate the test into the student’s grade, but how was not be specified yet. “I don’t think that they have established finality for the new standards,” said Dr. Nicola Johnson, guidance department chairman. “Current statute calls for an Algebra I standardized test in Florida to count in 2010 – 2011 depending on legislation,” said Robert Lundquist. “Students will be required to pass these tests to graduate. Then, in 2011 – 2012, biology will come on board, again all this is depending on legislation” Again, schools will be selected and again the field test will be incorporated into the student’s grade. The year after that, students will have two new standardized End of Course tests in Biology I and Algebra I and a field-test in American History. All of the Next Generation Tests will be administered using a computer. According to Lundquist, computers will be added to the Media Center bringing the total amount of computers there to 40. Plans are in the works to add another computer lab to campus to accommodate all the state-mandated testing in the future.

The Lion’s Tale asked English teachers...

Do you believe that it is fair to tie teacher pay to students passing standardized exams? “I do not think that it is fair at all. There are so many other factors to a student’s grade, like their personal motivation, their support at home, and what they learned from their previous teachers.” Kate Kameraad

Tom Jesse

“It would really depend on how it is used and how the scores are tied together. It depends on how they treat teachers that teach lower level classes. I personally wouldn’t have a problem because I teach all AP and Honors classes.”

“No, I don’t think that it is fair to judge a teacher based on the students that he or she happens to get that year. It could lead to teachers competing for higher-level classes because those students may be more likely to score well, and it might cause teachers to not share Courtney Pateracki amongst one another.”


December 11, 2009

The Lion’s Tale


“Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value.” - Albert Einstein

Our Word

Street Talk

Lack of nutrition in schools leads to obesity

Fourth period class ends, and students rush to the lunch room eager to fill their stomachs with delicious, nutritious, and wholesome food. There’s just one problem. Pizza plus fries equal high fat content and many calories. Students just aren’t purchasing the few healthy food options available. Furthermore, nearly all the food in the cafeteria is not fresh but frozen. Studies show that obesity rates among teens have tripled over the past few decades. The American Obesity Association show that 30.4 percent of teens are overweight. Yet students arriving at the cafeteria fill their plates with fats, additives, and preservatives. In this fast food filled age, school lunches should serve as an example of a delicious and nutritious meal. We on The Lion’s Tale staff feel that the U.S.D.A. should increase the nutritional requirements for schools and remove funding from schools that do not meet the new standards. Currently only six to seven percent of subsidized meals meet all nutritional requirements. Schools will be forced to make more healthy options available to modify existing meals to meet the new standards. Whole grain flour could be used to make pizza. Schools could offer students healthier meals like a grilled chicken sandwich instead of the usual fries. We would like to see main dishes made from scratch instead of from frozen ingredients. Vending machines should offer healthy selections such as water or fruit juice, instead of the artificiallyladen pseudo- diet drinks like Coke Zero. Our staff is in no way suggesting that the sole cause of teen obesity is unhealthy school lunches. We also recognize that implementing healthier options will certainly cost more. But schools have a responsibility to promote good health and nutrition among students.

Yeah for flip-flops!

The School Board Committee finally passed the new dress code for the following school year. While a stricter code for clothing passed, wearing flip-flops surprisingly is still allowed. Instead, the new code bans wearing slippers, cleats and shoes that double as roller skates. While the committee has passed this new proposal, it has yet to be approved by the Seminole County School Board. Either way, flip-flop wearers can rejoice.


Editors-in-chief Carson Bailey Miranda Ghali

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Self mutilation proves addicting, hard to let go The pursuit of happiness


Tiffany Ray

features editor

t’s addicting, unhealthy, and possibly one in ten teenage girls do it, suggests www. Self mutilation, in a broad sense, is the act of attempting to alter a mood by inflicting physical harm. This includes, cutting, punching, burning, scratching, hair pulling, and more. I am no stranger to mutilation. I can’t say that I remember the first time I cut myself with scissors- a preferred blade of mine. But I can recall the first times I toyed with the idea of mutilation. The summer between my freshman and sophomore year became two months of horror inside of me, with changing pressures and problems at home. “The person who self harms often has difficulty experiencing feelings of anxiety, anger, or sadness. Consequently, cutting or disfiguring the skin serves as a coping mechanism,” says, and suggests that individuals who self-injure often have suffered abuse from someone with whom a significant connection has been established, such as a parent or sibling. To cope with a heightening abuse, I began punching at my hip for days, at times hitting myself so hard I was moved to tears. I did so until the bruise was inches large and completely black. Hitting eventually turned into cutting. I again self mutilated on my hips, a place that felt secure for me to hide. Self-mutilation was a personal act, and I was ashamed of what my family would think of if they knew. How Opinion Editors

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would they look at me if all they could see But I’ll always be haunted by my mother’s were the cuts on my skin? So I walked among reaction. She screamed at me. I “betrayed” her my peers with bandages on my hips to stop because I confided in my dad first. I couldn’t the bleeding. I sat next to you in class. I ate at believe that she could punish me for being your lunch table. I sang next to you in choir. I in so much pain. And I don’t know that I can pulled down my shirt when I thought you wee completely forgive her for that. It’s years looking. later and sometimes she’ll turn to me with a I kept terrible burden from you all. Cutting chilling look in her eyes, and remind me of my felt so shameful, but I had to do it. I was betrayal. addicted. Self-mutilation is said to “assist the I wish she never had to know about it. I individual in dissociating from immediate feel so ashamed every time she eyes me when tension,” according to So I I reach for scissors. I’m only cutting paper. But cut because I temporarily felt better every time. she doesn’t believe me. But it was never enough. Like any addiction, “The behavior of self-mutilation has I wanted more and more, until my sides were been described as an attempt to escape from crisscrossed in red cuts. intolerable or painful feelings relating to the And cutting made me feel. I felt something trauma of abuse,” says I other than the monotonous haze I lived in. still want to escape from the painful feelings Tears are said to realse toxins and tension. I in my life, and it can be hard not to fall back was an easy crier before these hard times set on a comfortable way to cope. It is hard to in. But during those times it was a rare, and understand why self-mutilation is so bad, when welcome thing to cry. Cutting relieved some of it feels so good. the tension teas couldn’t. I helps explain didn’t feel real except when why it feels good. When someone Self mutilation is I cut. As if I could pinch who self injures feels overwhelmed, not associated with myself and realize that it self-harm brings psychological and didn’t hurt, and realize I physiological tension back down to a suicide. If you are wasn’t really awake. In bearable level. having suicidal the words of the Goo Goo The site goes on to say that many thoughts, please call: self mutilators report that they were Dolls, “you bleed just to know you’re alive.” discouraged from expressing emotions, 1-800-SUICIDE especially anger and sadness. But even And a part of me wanted to hurt myself. though cutting is a way to express Failing to live up to my suppressed emotions, I know it is expectations, and an unrealistic role at home, harmful. Long run metal health should come I began to hate myself. It wasn’t long before I before the immediate desire to feel good. began staring myself in the eyes when I cut. As So I’ve been harm free, and steadily if to say you deserve this. I felt worthless, and happier for almost two years now. my spiraling unhappiness only increased the ill Self injury is not something to be ashamed feelings. In this day and age, it is a shameful of, even if others make it seem that way. thing to not be happy. Self mutilation is not a cry for help, is not a The bravest thing I think I’ve ever done suicidal attempt, and is often misunderstood. was when I told my parents. I sat my dad I don’t really have anyone to talk to about this down, and told him I thought I had depression, because it makes everyone uncomfortable. that I was constantly sad, and wanted to hurt If you self mutilate, know that you are myself. He said, “You want to hurt yourself?” I not alone, and can seek help in a guidance admitted that I already had. counsler or professional therapy.

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The Lion’s Tale

December 11, 2009

Nothing strange in the neighborhood Miranda Writes


Miranda Harmon

staff artist

What do




On the heated subject of Morphemes

Dear Editor, Admittedly, reading is important. It exists today as one of the more valuable skills you can possess, and there is little disputing that. In a society largely based on literacy, a person probably wouldn’t get very far if they lacked the most basic knowledge of language. At worst, a worker assembling a piece of electronics incorrectly because they failed to decipher the tiny-scripted pamphlet of directions might put them in line for a Darwin Award, but on a broader scale: job application forms, letters, documents, txt msging, reading the True Blood series after getting hooked on the show, video game cheat guides, applying for bank loans, buying a house, getting married, getting divorced, restraining orders, fine print, People Magazine’s list of—we’ll say “most attractive” men, fan-fiction, reading the news, and generally not looking dumb. We often take for granted the ability to read, but it’s an incredibly essential skill and as such there probably should be a stress on in it in schools. Dedicating a large part of myself to writing, reading and I are friends. We’re tight. We’re bros. He’s my boy. I like reading a lot, and I advocate an emphasis on it. However, I am very much against the current morpheme policy. Ultimately,

broken only by the distant late-night traffic and our own footsteps. We traveled further and further down the dirt road, all the while the lighted street behind us becoming smaller and smaller. Eventually our flashlights and the stars above were our only sources of light. Deeper we went, until we were treading in unfamiliar waters, seemingly miles from any hope of either rescue or dawn. Waiting expectantly for any signs or paranormal activity, we anxiously stepped deeper into the natural maze. And what did we find? Nothing. We found fields and fields of foliage, but no laughing ghost children underneath the power lines, like we were promised. No spooky ghostly figures wandering in the background, no orbs, no demons. Regardless of our fruitless ghost hunt, my friends and I had a great time defying odds and exploring Oviedo. Even though we didn’t find anything paranormal, I wouldn’t call myself a skeptic just yet. The two areas we explored were only a couple out of numerous supposedly haunted areas in Oviedo. The Oviedo Lights in Chuluota live up to their fame, and our own school auditorium even boasts of a ghost in the girls’ dressing room. No, my experience was one of many, and others may see things that I don’t And for all I know, I could have just been looking in all the wrong places.



staff reporter

‘No’ to Generation Tests

fter hearing about the possibility of Next Generation Tests being implemented in Florida school systems, I have become furious beyond measure. As background knowledge, Next Generation Tests are standardized tests that are given at the end of a course to evaluate not only students on the subject material of that particular course, but also teachers. It’s a possibility that passing these tests will be a graduation requirement, as well. In the future, these tests could be taken in place of FCAT, though nothing is yet certain. First of all, I strongly believe that these Next Generation Tests will bring along economic burdens for schools in Florida. Since these Next Generation Tests will be completed on computers, without a doubt, there will be a significant increase in the amount of computers needed. I am not trying to imply that having more computers at school is a negative thing, but schools are on confined budgets. We could be using that money for school supplies, or to give teachers raises. Secondly, I think the teaching standards will be dramatically lowered with these Next Generation Tests. Obviously, teachers will spend a lot of their time preparing their students for the Next Generation Test of their course, whether it be Algebra II, or Biology. In my opinion, teachers will focus their teaching mainly on subject matter that will be incorporated into these tests. This will lead to students missing out on important material in a course, things that the Next Generation Test will not test them on. Needless to say, if these tests become graduation requirements, the standards of these tests will not be too high. Thus, teaching standards will be lowered. Thirdly, these tests will negatively Want to submit a letter to the editor? You can impact teachers. There is a strong chance send letters to the editors at room 05-020 or that these Next Generation Tests will be email us at used to evaluate teachers, and the amount they get paid could also be affected by terms in sophomore year. It’s insulting to how well students score. Quite frankly, I I feel that while the root concept has its don’t think any standardized test should be merits, the method in which it’s carried out make us drone through the same things all over again because going over things used to evaluate teachers on their teaching is flawed. that have been previously learned is—and abilities. Test grades in general depend on The quote that’s floating around the will likely remain—a poor excuse for a student’s intelligence level, not only on student body is equally mistaken: “That instruction. how well a teacher has taught them. So, makes no sense.” Well that’s not true. It Additionally, classes are not always why should teachers be evaluated on how makes a good deal of sense. Morphemes are taught by instructors qualified in the fields students score on Next Generation Tests? the smallest unit of the English language of language, and other teachers may very Additionally, what if a student simply isn’t a (of most languages). They are the root and well be running an AP class and wasting good test taker, or is ill on exam day? Why base of most words. Along with context precious time by reviewing what many is that the teacher’s fault? When a teacher’s clues, they are your best bet in cracking already know. The entire system seems salary becomes involved, this becomes those esoteric terms that standardized test generally flawed, and especially insulting even more of a touchy subject. I don’t writers toss in and then wait with bated think teachers make as much money as breath, occasionally giggling and squirming to us as young adults (because that is what we are). On the whole, it feels more like they deserve to begin with, and to penalize excitedly in their seats, hoping to trip you them on their students’ performance on up (as a matter of fact, in my reality they do a façade than a program made with the intention of learning. Is the entire ordeal one, single test simply doesn’t seem fair for conduct themselves like little girls). then primarily for appearance? The policy them. They are very helpful tools in that exists cannot be called actual teaching Students in general will be affected, too. academics, but the catchall methods that with regard to many students. In schools, we FCAT only incorporates math, english, and follow the current policy are a little less need to make effort and spend time actually science. But if Next Generation Tests take than accommodating. I could rationalize a the place of FCAT, students will eventually push on morphemes specifically for grades challenging students, as opposed to simply looking like we’re challenging students have to take standardized tests in other nine and ten and more concentrated in Reading is, indeed, important and subjects, too, such as American History. So, subjects such as, naturally, English. I could naturally so are morphemes—they are, students will become more stressed out and easily support that. after all, the carbon atom of language. But will have more to worry about. In the time But to thrust the practice on all classes, other aspects must be considered before they will spend preparing for their Next regardless of subject, grade, or level (as you blindly cast a huge blanket of contras, Generation Test, they could be preparing for in standard, honors, AP), seems rather the final exam given by their teachers. shortsighted to me. I get that we don’t want gams, polys, and antis on everyone. The As mentioned before, the standards of to leave anyone behind, or create something importance of teaching morphemes only that may be considered unfair, but as a result lasts as long as your students don’t know it, these exams are not yet confirmed. Until then, I fear for students, I fear for teachers, of this we are bringing many students down. and as long as other factors don’t outweigh and I fear for curriculum standards. Upperclassmen complain the most about it. -Amanda Juliano the morphemes policy, probably because many of us have already gone through these read more letters on page 8 illustration/MIRANDA HARMON

t was a dark and stormy night. The night air tasted like death and the ghosts of children from ages past buzzed on overhead like electricity in the air. The graveyard was smeared with a ghostly essence like white on rice. The door of the creaky old shack swung open and closed like a ticking clock. A ghostly figure slowly appeared in front of my eyes, as harrowing as if the devil himself was to rear his ugly head. Psyche! Many believe in ghosts. I don’t blame them. For all I know, ghosts do indeed exist, and live very active afterlives. But based on my most recent ghost hunting adventure, I’m growing into somewhat of a skeptic, at least when dealing with local hauntings. Last week I traveled to two supposedly haunted locations in Oviedo, and I have to say I’m disappointed. Venturing out into the ghost zones with two loyal comrades, we carefully selected those areas which would be accessible as well as spooky. Our first destination rang of eeriness. We arrived at St. Luke’s Cemetery well into the night and set off into the field of graves. Legend has it that spirits haunt the cemetery, especially in the small building towards the center of the graveyard.

Now, keep in mind that graveyards are creepy to begin with. I’ve heard stories about ghosts and spirits haunting this particular area, and so I was a tad hesitant to join my friends while entering the shack. The shack was creepy, no doubt about it. With the chill in the air, I had no problem believing that the small house could indeed be haunted. Upon entering the shack, my comrades and I were slightly disappointed. The room was empty, save a few planks of wood and a box. And not creepy-empty, not at all like The Blair Witch Project, which I was half-hoping for. No, just empty. We lingered and took some pictures, all the while keeping the door open at my request. And so, slightly daunted by our lack of ghost sightings, we left the shack and wandered through the supposedly haunted graveyard, snapping photos and worried more about other humans rather than ghosts. We set off once more to yet another ghost spot in Oviedo: Andrew Street on Chapman Road. The celery fields here are supposedly haunted with the ghosts of children. Lacking parking, we walked down Chapman Road and turned into Andrew Street, a foreboding dirt road surrounded by dense foliage. We kept our flashlights low, more frightened of people than ghosts. Not to say that it wasn’t creepy. The silence was

Opinion 7



December 11, 2009

The Lion’s Tale

Pledge versus freedom of speech American Pride


Phillips understood. When he refused to stand, he did not act out of laziness or disrespect. He remained sitting because he looked at this country and disagreed with what he saw. William refused to stand because he didn’t feel there was liberty and justice for all in America. “I’ve grown up with a lot of people and Jordan Hugh Sam co-opinion editor I’m good friends with a lot of people who hird period class begins. The are gay and I think they should have the television turns on and the class rises rights all people should, and I’m not going to their feet. A chorus of mumbling to swear that they do,” the ten-year-old echoes thorough the room before resolving Phillips said. to “ Liberty and Justice for all.” It’s all part The Bill of Rights lays the foundation of the daily grind. for this country. It establishes America as a Now I’m going to ask you to do land of freedom. Where people of all races, something. The next time you say the religions, and philosophies can express their Pledge I want you to consider each word. own opinions and views. Refusing to stand What are you really saying? Why are you for the Pledge is merely a different view. standing? You can disagree with that idea, hate Public schools across the country people for it, and think less of them, but illegally require students to stand for the you have to respect their right to an opinion. Pledge. But I feel the very act of requiring The freedom of expression defines this students to stand goes against the values country. our country stands for. So think. The next time the Pledge People argue that standing for the comes around think about what it stands for. pledge should be a requirement. That Gather your thoughts and make a the act pays respect to this country decision. Stand or and all its’ ideals, to do any less would don’t stand. It’s be blasphemous and downright unyour right. American. I disagree. Our country was not built upon mindless recitation and pledges. It was not built on forced opinions. Our county was built on the freedom of its citizens. Take for example, 10 year old William Phillips. On Monday October 5th, he made an important decision. As the class rose to say the Pledge, Phillips remained seated. The substitute teacher attempted to make him stand to no avail. Day after day Phillips remained seated. The situation culminated to a trip to the principal’s office, after he spoke angrily to the teacher. The principal assigned him to research the flag and Pledge.

American Rights


illustrations/MIRANDA HARMON

If someone does not feel the need to participate in tributes to their country, then I don’t feel the need to keep them in our country. In 2008, nearly 1 million people applied for citizenship in the United States of America.  These are people who come to America from all over the world.  They John Campbell advertising editor want to live in America, and there is enough of them to replace those who truly do not s an individual, I have many want to be here.  preferences and opinions on the In all, America has been developed into world around me.  As an individual, a place of sanity in a world chaos.  Third I don’t agree with everything that happens world countries suffer from genocide, in the American government.  In fact, I civil wars, disease, corruption and other am not a big fan of anything the American unimaginable evils.   Many governments are government is doing at the moment.  overthrown by drug-lords and terrorists who As a citizen of the United States of thrive off of the disarray of a country.   America, I support our government and While several countries have real their decisions, whether I agree personally problems to worry about, problems such or not.  So why is it that I choose to support as death, destruction and the safety of a cause that I don’t fully appreciate?  I each other, many of us in choose to out of pure respect.  America complain about Since I am a citizen of America, and ultimately trivial want be here, I choose to participate in the commodities. American lifestyle.  I stand for and recite I am confident the Pledge of Allegiance, stand for and cross that we can find my heart when the National Anthem plays more significant and listen when the President of our great problems in country speaks.  our world to Standing for the Pledge does not mean grumble that you agree with the idea or the words it about.  contains as an individual, but rather, shows that you acknowledge and respect it as a citizen.  Likewise, you should stand and cross your heart when the National Anthem plays.  Not because you agree with what our country is doing at the moment, or even at all, but out of respect for those who have worked so hard to give you a place to live.  Throughout the history of America, more than 1 million people have died in war, on top of the 1.5 million wounded.  These brave men and women serve in our forces, prepared to die for you.  To not stand for the Pledge, or for the National Anthem, would be equivalent to selling out your own country.  People have died for us to live in our nice, developed society, and to blatantly disregard their sacrifices is low. 

from LETTERS, page 7 Dear Editors, Our school is not ordinary, and what we wear is not ordinary. If you want to change what our students wear, then what you’re saying is that you want to change our school. I will never agree with the new dress code. My sense of fashion will not be terminated, just like that. All of the 87 years Oviedo has been here there has never been uniforms or any outfit changes. What about all of the other clothes that we will not wear any more? What a waste of money. Not to mention, all of the students paying for clothes that they are just going to throw away. I don’t want to be a complainer,

but do these people want us to stay in a recession? You know the term “No one finger print is the same?” Well, no one’s style is the same. The dress code is going to do nothing but make the school’s students mad. No one will get to wear what they want. What the district needs to do is compromise. To recapitulate, Seminole County is so good. Please don’t become another Orange County. Not only because of the money, or the fact that the dress code will make big argument. But the fact that they are just now wanting to change something that has been right for so long. Just remember to make it right, keep it tight. - Asia Landenwitch

Got an


submit letters to the editors in room 05-020

or email us at

Dear Editors, I don’t agree with the decision to change our casual dress to a formal uniform. People would act out over uniforms, because they disagree. I have spoken to many people that would try to rebel against it. I wouldn’t be one of them, but I thought I’ll just add that. Students would find a way to either change up the uniform or not wear it at all. Therefore, it would be a waste of time and effort. Don’t get me wrong, I think uniforms will teach us discipline and teach us how to dress in the business world, but we are in school. We have a long way ahead of us. For me, I have two more years to go, so I need to enjoy my high school year by being the man that I am. Not some guy in khaki pants, looking all intelligint and stuff. It’s just not me. It’s good to keep it real, remember that. - Daniel Panton

The Lion’s Tale


December 11, 2009


Register reveals talent

Asst. principal ‘full of positive energy’


staff reporter

ot just your average Assistant Principal or head of discipline, Greg Register has a trick up his sleeve to liven any crowd. “He made me a fish on a fishing pole. The fair was fun. I thought it was interesting seeing him make them, because you really wouldn’t think of him making balloon animals. He was making jokes and stuff. I gave my brother the balloon and he really liked it,” said freshman Hafsa Hussain. Register decided his craft, of balloon art, would be a fun addition to the fair. “A year and a half ago, I bought a little kit from the store with a book. I have three kids of my own and they really enjoy it. I went online and I collected more information about it and bought better balloons. My six year old, Cayleb, can make some, too. I just thought I would bring some out for the carnival, to see if it would work and the students would like them and it did,” said Register. At orientation, he also pulled out balloons to entertain some unexpected younger visitors. “Over the summer I baby sat five kids during the week and had to bring them to orientation. This caught Mr. Register’s attention and he called us into his office. He pulled out a kit and started blowing up balloon formations. All I could think of was, oh, great; this will make them even


s te



gi Re

more hyper. The kids were ecstatic, and whatever they asked for, he made. He formed a fishing pole with a fish, a bear holding a heart, a sword, a hat, and a dog on a leash,” said junior Kaitlyn Loughlin. Register can make many different things. Some of the crowd pleasers photos/KEVIN VELOSO of the bunch AN APPLE FOR EDUCATION. (Above) Principal Robert Lundquist shows off the balloon include a T-Rex, apple that Assistant Principal Greg Register made for him to junior Caroline England, and seniors a rainbow, and a Anamaria Gomez and Julie Leanord. (Right) Freshman Camille Santilian thanks Register for the balloon flower he made for her in the middle of the Commons during second lunch. fishing pole. Cayleb enjoys making some of the simpler balloons, like teacher. Math has always been fun for me,” After 16 years at OHS, Register found an dogs and snakes. said Register. Assistant Principal Anna McCarthy Register tried to promote a positive opportunity for an administration position had Register as a student her first year of atmosphere in his classroom, as he tries at Seminole High School, where he attended teaching. to in his new administrative position. In high school. He took the offer. However, “He was a fabulous student. It was a his classroom during his years teaching at when the same opportunity presented itself at OHS, he quickly returned. really good class, a fun class. I made up this OHS, he created the Rock of Readiness. “This school is great. First of all, board game with Roman events. He would Students touched the Rock of Readiness almost win and then get sent back to the as they entered the classroom to encourage because of parent support, and community beginning, because Hannibal’s elephants positive learning and start the class on time. support, and secondly, our faculty and staff would crush him. It has scarred him for The shelf the Rock of Readiness is still in go the extra mile to make sure education is taken care of,”said Register. life. The best part of being a teacher is the classroom today. He advocates school spirit and positive watching your student go into education,” “He was an excellent, very effective said McCarthy. teacher, inspiring learning. I liked to visit activity on campus. As a member in the Register first came to OHS in 1992. He his classroom, because I would answer a Positive Behavioral Support, a county taught Algebra 1 and coached football and question and get candy. He loves kids,” initiative with a committee made up of seven members, Register takes a positive softball. said assistant principal Leon Merck. approach to discipline issues to help our “I really enjoy teaching. To me it’s fun. Merck enjoys Register’s energy. I was very blessed to be Teacher of the Year “His energy lever is fantastic. He is full school. Said Register proudly, “Hey, always for Seminole County in 1995. Assistant of positive energy. It’s a pleasure working remember: GO LIONS.” Principal Merck was my supervising with him,” said Merck.

How to make a balloon dog compiled from



1. Blow up the balloon halfway. Twist a bubble four fingers wide, holding on to both ends of the balloon, and twisting three or four times. While holding on to the twisted bubble, make another the same size. Do not let go.

3. Twist a bubble four fingers wide, holding on to both sides of the balloon. This will be the neck. Twist another bubble to make a leg. Do not let go of the neck or leg. Twist another leg. Then twist the two legs together to look like the drawing.

2. Twists joints A and B from step 1 together, twisting three or four times. Now it is safe to let go.

4. Make the hind legs the same way you made the front two. Grab a sharpie, add a face, and you’ve got your very own balloon animal!

Illustrations/WESLEY WYNNE

Jordan Branch



December 11, 2009

The Lion’s Tale

Teens help fund chemotherapy bills Stephanie O’Sullivan beginning she was skeptical. that this experience of staff reporter “I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure in the start. My making the bracelets


wo best friends. Over 100 bracelets. One common goal. Freshmen Kara Lahman and Jordan Ingalsbe aim to raise five hundred dollars for Haley Hines, Lahmen’s two-year-old cousin with cancer. Lahman and Ingalsbe work together weekly to make bracelets in hopes of raising money to pay for Haley’s chemotherapy. “[I just] want to help my cousin and St. Judes,” said Lahman. On Sept 28, about a week after her family found out about the cancer, Haley had brain surgery to remove the entire tumor from the cerebellum area in Haley’s brain. “I’m just trying to help out in any way that I can,” said Lahman. When the Hines family first heard of the bracelets, they were grateful. “Haley’s grandparents have ordered a lot. They all think it’s really sweet,” said Lahman. Lahman and Ingalsbe first started making bracelets a month ago. Inglasbe and her friend, Alyssa Orozco, were the people behind the idea. “I just wanted to come up with money to help Haley and St. Judes, so I was just asking friends for ideas. At first I thought of candles, but then my friend Alyssa suggested making bracelets with inspirational words on them,” said Ingalsbe. Ingalsbe admits at the

initial thought was, ‘what about the cost?’. Then I went to Michaels and WalMart to check out the prices and found out they weren’t too bad. My mom agreed to donate a lot. She still donates a lot of the yarn and beads,” said Ingalsbe. Lahmen’s first reaction was different. “I thought it was a really good idea. I liked how she wanted to help,” said Lahman. Ingalsbe vaguely remembered a few patterns from kindergarten, but had to look up more to make the bracelets. “I try to devote about three hours a day to making the bracelets. It’s definitely been a life-changing experience. I look forward to it every day,” said Ingalsbe. Ingalsbe admits that balancing the time spent doing schoolwork and making the bracelets can sometimes be hard. “I just have to pace myself. I do procrastinate, to be honest. I just had to learn to do homework first, or in school. The rest of the time, I spend making bracelets. Most nights I stay up until like 11 p.m. making them,” said Ingalsbe. Lahman agrees. “Sometimes I can’t make the bracelets because I have so much homework,” said Lahman. Ingalsbe and Lahmen have always been close. Their mothers have been friends since middle school, and Ingalsbe considers Lahman as a sister. “I was really upset when I heard about Haley because Kara and I are so close. I think

has us a bit closer,” said Ingalsbe. Ingalsbe and Lahman try to get together at least once a week to make the bracelets. The design of each bracelet varies from bracelet to bracelet because the buyer can personalize it. “We’ve gotten a lot of help from family, friends, and photo/KEVIN VELOSO our church. Some of our bracelets have HOPE FOR HALEY. Freshmen Emily Mann and Kara Lahman share a smile at the proseven gone to other pect of hope for Lahman’s two year old cousin, Haley, who has cancer. Lahmen ties a bracelet states, like New York that says “LOVE” on Mann’s wrist, which was made and sold by Lahmen for one dollar to help and Kentucky,” said pay for chemotherapy. Bracelets come with two messages on them: “LOVE” and “HOPE.” Ingalsbe. In the beginning, them. I have three bracelets, and I usually Lahman and Ingalsbe used to pass out wear them every day,” said Mann. papers that had Haley’s story written on Freshman Arianna Ray bought bracelets it and a website where people could go immediately after Lahman first mentioned for additional information (http://www. the cause. “I can’t stress how important this is. It’s Freshman Emily Mann, a friend of someone’s life,” said Ray. Lahman and Ingalsbee, had met Haley Lahman said that most of their success four times in the past, and when Inglesbe is due to people donating more money than started handing out fliers, Mann the one dollar needed to buy a bracelet. All immediately bought a bracelet. of the money gained from sales will put “I thought [the bracelets] were towards paying for Haley’s chemotherapy. really cool, and a great idea “ I just really want to make Haley more because I can’t make comfortable in the hospital. I love helping my friend and her family,” said Ingalsbe.

The Lion’s Tale

December 11, 2009



PLAYIN’ PIANO. Seniors James Telson and Colton Jones practice their piano duel that they performed at the talent show, ranking 2nd in the show. photos/KEVIN VELOSO

Piano performance excites audience Talent show duo uses popular songs to impress school

Carly Brower it. I really liked it so by second grade my you play, its worth all the practice,” said of school to continue practicing the piano co-diversions editor mom put me in class,” said Telson. “Every Telson. for their own enjoyment.


he happy, go lucky tune of “I gotta Monday for half an hour I’d have a lesson feeling...that tonight’s gonna be a with my teacher , Ms. Jimenez.“ good night” echoed throughout the Jones continued taking lessons up until gym. Over 2,000 lions joined in to sing the 9th grade. along as seniors James Telson and Colton “I didn’t like it at first, but I was good Jones’s fingers flew across the keyboards at it so I stuck with it. I could pursue a sitting in front of them in the middle of the career in this,” said Jones. “I’m looking into pep rally. auditioning for Telson and Jones UCF’s music reenacted the dueling piano program.” “I didn’t like [playing piano] act that won these students The two at first, but I was good at it so second place in the talent came up with show. the idea of I stuck with it. I could pursue a “I was freaking out right creating a career in this.” beforehand, but once you hit dueling piano Colton Jones, ‘10 theme. that first note and then people start singing, clapping, “I wanted and snapping, you feel so to try out for comfortable. My favorite part was playing the talent show last year, but I was running for everyone and seeing their reactions. It out of time. I’ve been friends with Colton was really rewarding,” said Telson. for a while so we decided on a piano duel As Telson and Jones fingers few across about a year ago,” said Telson. “We only the keyboard, different melodies resonate ended up practicing for around two and a throughout the gym leaving behind the echo half hours total. A week beforehand and the of students applause as the music fades. day before was when we really perfected it “I loved how everyone was singing along. because we just had ideas.” They definitely commanded everyone’s Playing the piano has been a constant attention at the pep rally, which is hard to escape for Telson. do,” said senior Callie Porcher. “Playing piano is relaxing and once Telson started playing at a young age I finish a song, I can play it whenever when he first noticed a colorful piano. and wherever. Once you see the smile on “In the first grade my teacher Ms. someone’s face after you play a song, Griffin had a tiny piano, and I used to play and once people are singing to something

Telson and Jones performed 11 songs at the talent show, combining different songs such as “Don’t Stop Believin’”, “God Bless the Broken Road”, and “I Gotta Feeling.” “We thought about what people would sing to so we used new songs and classic rock songs from the 80s,” said Telson. Talent show host senior Mark V. Harriot thought that the act was unique and original. “ I thought it was amazing. When they auditioned everyone in the room was speechless,” said Harriot. “It showed off their great piano playing. All of the songs that they played were very challenging and entertaining.” Telson and Jones’ talent shined through when they were awarded second place in the talent show. “We got second place so I was happy that we placed. My parents were really proud and people didn’t know that we were good. It’s even on Youtube,” said Telson. Along with second place they each received $25 but the next day were called into Principal Robert Lundquist’s office, where he awarded them $40 dollars each for their hard work. “We raised the award for everyone because they all put lots of time and hard work into it and they were one of the best talent shows we have had,” said Lundquist. Telson and Jones both find time outside

“I go on to find the sheet music so when I hear a song on the radio or get a request then I’ll learn it and I also have keyboarding seventh period,” said Telson. Jones also finds the sheet music online, and enjoys learning modern songs to play to. “If anyone needs help with the talent, I think you make it interesting, and have a hook. Ours was dueling pianos. Just go out there and go do your best,” said Telson.

Talent show winners


Michael Mena


Colton Jones James Telson


Katie Morton Allison Terry




Pogo stick act

Dueling pianos


Member American Association of Orthodontists

J. DOUGLAS WARE, DMD Orthodonticts for Children & Adults Complimentary Initial Examination

405 Alexandria Blvd., Suite 110 Oviedo, FL 32765 (407) 366 3300



December 11, 2009

The Lion’s Tale




Unhealthy food choices lead to poor health

I’m not able to prepare a bite to eat at home. Between rehearsals for showcase, the play, staff reporter and musical, I’m not able to eat a full “home” ophomore Alexandra Hartwig is almost meal as often as I’d like. Fast food restaurants late to her first period class because give me easy access, although they may not the overweight girl walking in front of be the healthiest, and keep me running on a her slowly struggles to reach the top of the full stomach,” said junior Dana Rozier. Senior Chris Staral feels the same way. staircase. “Having a driver’s license had a huge Hartwig said, “Teen obesity is a problem. I feel bad for those [obese] teens. They get made impact because now I can go out and get fun of every day and they can’t do things that [fast food] myself. I don’t have to wait for my parents to bring me something home or physically fit teens get to do.” Sophomore Laura Parsons has similar waste time with my friends to go to a fast food restaurant with my parents,” said Staral. feelings about the subject of teen obesity. Other teenagers simply love the foods “I think that teen obesity is something that a lot of kids struggle with but not enough are served at fast food restaurants, as opposed pro-active enough to work towards helping,” to eating home-cooked meals. Teenagers claim that they are able to buy things at these said Parsons. In today’s generation, the dietary choices restaurants that their parents refuse to make that American teens make lead to serious at home. Sophomore Jonathan Poweski claims consequences. The statistics of the American Obesity that fast food restaurants have a much wider Association show that currently about 30.4 variety of foods than he can make in his own percent of teenagers are overweight and 15.5 kitchen. Poweski said, “I love fast food. I can get percent of teens are obese. These statistics sharply contrast with the teen obesity statistics things from fast food restaurants that I can’t from 1980, when only about five percent of get at home. [fast food] is a nice way to fulfill a craving.” teenagers were obese. Another significant reason that teenagers Teen obesity may lead to medical conditions including heart disease, high cholesterol, high eat at fast food restaurants is for the blood pressure, asthma, cancer, orthopedic affordability. Senior Daniel Price said, “I love Taco issues, and Type 2 diabetes. Additionally, obese teenagers’ physical Bell because it’s cheap and I can get a lot abilities are significantly hindered, as Hartwig more food for the same price.” Many teenagers, however, feel guilty witnessed firsthand. Obesity also negatively affects one’s joints, mood, the amount of sleep after eating fast food. Hartwig said, “Honestly, my they get, and breathing, as favorite fast food restaurant is well as their energy levels. McDonald’s. I feel guilty whenever Furthermore, obese I eat there because I know it’s so teenagers generally have teens are overweigh fattening. McDonald’s is good, lower levels of selfI’m probably never going to stop confidence and self-images eating it.” than non-obese teenagers. Many students at Oviedo High One of the main causes School are worried about teen of teenage obesity are, of course, eating at fast food of teens are at risk obesity in America and are saying that they have noticed it become restaurants instead of eating more and more evident in their classmates. fresh, healthy foods. Senior Alan Zegarra said, “Teen obesity is Researchers at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health have discovered that a cultural phenonenom and is getting harder over 20% of teenagers consume fast food to control as time goes by.” Although many teenagers enjoy eating more than three times per week. As found by a study of 6,212 teenagers, which was reported fast foods, many also realize how important on, fast food consumption exercising and staying physically fit really is. increases the risk of obesity. “Being physically fit is not just about For many teenagers, lack of time in their busy schedules cause them to eat at fast food performing exercise; it’s a lifestyle,” said sophomore Jake Berry. “By being in shape, restaurants. “The reason of my fast food consumption you can achieve and do so much more than is because of my busy schedule. Sometimes, you could while not.”

Finding healthy alternatives easy and effective way to de risks. The Lion’s Tale has com food choices to help better y

Nirvani Khan


WHOLE GRAIN SANDWICH: Greasey burgers are high in calories and lack protein. Switch to homemade sandwiches for rich protien and lower calorie in take. {350 calories vs 20 calories}






VEGETABLES: Chips and dip can come at a high calorie cost, to cut down try veggies with ranch. {290 calories vs 120 calories}

M fri an co


The Lion’s Tale

December 11, 2009






Average teen BMI Height 63 - 66 inches 67 - 70 inches

Weight 105 - 125 lbs 130 - 150 lbs


68 - 70 inches

150 - 160 lbs


14-15 16-17

63 - 64 inches 64 inches

105 - 115 lbs 115 - 120 lbs

50% 50%



125 - 130 lbs



Age Range 14-15 16-17


to fast foods can be an ecrease your obesity mpiled some alternative your health.


Percentile 50% 50%

*A teen is considered obese when his or her body mass index number


CHOCOLATE MILK: Instead of drinking carbonated sodas, drink a glass of chocolate milk to boost calcium levels in the body. {110 calories vs 160 calories}

is higher than the BMI numbers of 95% of other teens the same age and gender. Someone whose BMI number is between 85% and 95% of the BMIs of other teens the same age and gender is overweight.

O’Hanlon family embraces health

diabetes and cancer. Superfoods include (but are not limited to) blueberries, salmon, spinach, and soy, because those types of foods co-opinion editor are rich in nutrients. he O’Hanlon family incorporates a healthy diet and plenty of On the other hand, the term “superfood” has also been thought exercise into every day of their lives. of as purely a marketing tool. According to BBC news, some “My dad is the one who rides his bike the most. The post nutritionists claim that there are no proven office, Publix, Banks, The Oviedo City Hall, the Methodist Church benefits of “superfoods.” As of July 1, 2007, of Oviedo, Tijuana Flats, the Winter Springs Towne Center, and any the European Union (EU) banned the term meetings at the school, are all well within his biking range around ‘superfoods’ unless it’s accompanied by a town,” said junior Katie O’Hanlon. specific authorized health claim that explains “We ride our bikes all over town,” said sophomore Zach O’Hanlon. to consumers why the product is good for their “My sister and I ride our bikes to school. I’ve been riding my bike to health. school since the second grade.” For example, if a food has a label saying While some students drive to school, the O’Hanlon’s trek on their low in salt or low sodium, it must also say that bikes every day, unless there’s rain or some other factor. The distance it’s high in sugar or fat. is a little over a mile. According to Z. O’Hanlon, he’s only eaten “I ride my bike mostly to school and friend’s houses that are fast food about five times in the past two years, nearby. I wouldn’t say that I enjoy riding my bike Katie O’Hanlon ‘11 and his family has been following their diet for FRUITS: Instead of eatting fries, to school. However, I do like approximately four to chop up some vegetables and the exercise on most days,” five years. eat them with your choice said K. O’Hanlon. “My family avoids fast foods because of Not only does the condiment. their tendency to be high in fat and calories O’Hanlon family exercise and low in nutrition,” said K. O’Hanlon. {390 calories vs 75 calories} together, they also follow a Instead of eating beef or steak, the healthy diet. Green vegetables of American meals are O’Hanlon family enjoys grilled salmon or play a huge role in preparing eaten outside the home chicken, either grilled, baked, or sautéed. meals in the O’Hanlon family. Red meat, on the “We eat not just a low calorie diet but other hand, does not. we also eat whole grains,” said sophomore “Eating healthy is one of the most important Zach O’Hanlon. “We occasionally will eat at factors for maintaining a healthy body weight,” said junior Katie a restaurant like Olive Garden and we’ll sometimes get a sub from O’Hanlon. “We have either salad or broccoli with our dinners every either Publix or Subway.” night. We tend to stay away from red meat, such as beef, because of Despite following what some would call a ‘strict’ diet, the the high fat content.” O’Hanlons eat regular foods such as spaghetti, fajitas, and quesadillas. According to K. O’Hanlon, the family diet began shortly after her Only, they make spaghetti with whole wheat noodles, and the fajitas MUFFINS: Instead of eatting father received a Christmas present, a book on healthy foods. and quesadillas are made of whole wheat soft taco shells as well. ies chop up some vegtiables “My dad was the one who instilled the healthy diet and exercise “It’s not that we ate really bad to begin with, he just saw how small nd eat them with your choice routine. My dad, by far, is most concerned with our health,” said K. changes in our diets could improve our lives not only in the long run, O’Hanlon. “My mom’s aunt gave my dad a book called SuperFoods ondiment. but little things like eating less junk food would clear up our skin,” Rx for Christmas one year. My dad took immediate interest and started {310 calories vs 140 calories} said K. O’Hanlon. to change the way we ate.” While some students may complain about eating healthy, Zach SuperFoods Rx goes beyond the norm of diet books. Written by seems content with what he eats. Dr. Steven Pratt and Kathy Matthews, the book covers over fourteen “I’ve grown used to eating it, I’m used to eating whole grains,” “superfoods” that help people to reach a healthier weight, increase said Z. O’Hanlon. “It’s food, I’m growing I’ll eat anything.” energy, get better sleep, and suggests that followers can prevent

Julia Thorncroft






December 11, 2009

The Lion’s Tale One by One

Social butterfly dreams of being neurologist


enior Niladi Dupa stands confidently at the front of the room, speaking to the board members not only on behalf of herself but on behalf on everyone at Oviedo High School. As president of OHS’s student government association  she has been elected to be the voice of the school.
Dupa first joined SGA her sophomore year when her friend LaQuinta Alexander, who is now VP, suggested she join. 
“I really wanted to get involved with the school” said Dupa. “Also I’m very social and I wanted to get to know everybody.” SGA has given her the chance to do that. While taking care of all her responsibilities as president, she has meet many new peole. “My favorite thing [about SGA] is you get to meet alot of people you wouldn’t think to know,” said Dupa. Dupa enjoys this. “Its a good experience to meet so many different people and see so many different personalities,” says Dupa. However, SGA members have to do a lot more than talk to people. 
“Student government members are the leaders of the student body  who help with all the extracurricular activities that we do like homecoming, prom, and powder puff.” said Dupa. 
In addition to these SGA members are also expected to clean up the school, recycle, and set on overall good example for the underclassmen. 
Dupa also attends monthly County wide meetings along with three other representatives from OHS.

At the county-wide meetings four representatives from every school get the chance to talk to board members and county officers about things affecting students at their school.
 “We talk about bad things kids go through and how to deal with them,” said Dupa. “For example last week we discussed the four biggest concerns high school students were dealing with, which were body image, drugs, depression, and conflict resolution.”
 Another thing Dupa likes about working in SGA is defiantly planning things.
“I’m always giving my input and putting things together” said Dupa.
 However there can be a lot of pressure to get things done, especially around times like homecoming or prom.
 “Alot of stress and patience goes into planning homecoming becuase in SGA you have alot of people with different personalities who have different ideas,” said Dupa. “When it gets really stressful is when the event comes up and your hearing everybody’s opinions.  They don’t necessarily blame you [if something goes wrong] but its your fault because you planned it,” says Dupa. 
Despite all the stress she is still glad she joined.
“Being in SGA has helped me a lot.  It makes you a well rounded person and with meetings I’m in charge of a lot so it makes me go face being shy.” said Dupa.
 SGA is also a great thing to have on a college

“Scholarships like it because it shows you’re a well rounded, social butterfly,” said Dupa.
It will also be beneficial to Dupa in her dreams to be a neurologist.
 “It definitly helps with people skills. I mean you don’t want a doctor who’s too shy to talk to you because you wouldn’t want them working on your brain would you?” said Dupa.
 Fortunately there is no chance of Dupa being too shy to talk. “She is outspoken, in a good way.” said Childress, Senior sponser of SGA. “Niladi is an individual from everybody else and is not afraid of what other people think of her.” The SGA members, Dupa included, play a central role here at Oviedo high school: planning events, cleaning up, trash, and doing all they can to make their school a better place.
 “Each school has a group of students who would like to help make the school better and be the speakers of the school and that’s what SGA does,” said Dupa.


THUMBS UP FOR SGA. Senior Niladi


by Miranda Harmon

Dupa supports the student government with a firm hand gesture.

Student Government Association • The Student Government Association (SGA) is in charge of organizing both Homecoming and Prom. • The SGA sponsor is Brenda Holmes. • The SGA officers are nominated within SGA, and then voted on by the student body.


you ? know?


Niladi Dupa leads SGA



Kimberly Segrest


14 Features

Wolves eat bones, body kills cells

1 2 3

Your body is creating and killing 15 million red blood cells per second.

Tigers have striped skin, not just stripped fur.

Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952, but he declined.


Originally, Nintendo was a playing card manufacturer.


All species of beetles are edible.


In Holland, you can be fined for not using a shopping basket at a grocery store.


Food is so scarce in the Arctic, that wolves eat every part of an arctic hare, including the skin, fur, and bones.


Estimated cost for having your whole body tattooed: $30,000 $50,000.


Large kangaroos can cover more than 30 feet with each jump

• The SGA president attends monthly county meetings.

Editor’s Note: One by One appears in every edition of The Lion’s Tale, and features a randomly selected student. This edition, a staff reporter interviewed the first person seen walking into the media center.


The Lion’s Tale


December 11, 2009


Find Jelly!

A small image of Jelly has been hidden somewhere in the paper. Last edition Jelly was hidden on page 4.


YOU’RE A JERK. Senior Renaldo Watt (above), junior Ryan Ireland (left), freshman Triston Shim

(top right), and senior Michael Wilkie (above) dance off during 2nd lunch in the amphitheater. They demonstrate the jerk, a new dance craze, to fellow students.

Jerk dance craze overtakes campus

Angiee Carey school dance moves, The Running Ireland knows exactly how time Quiles. “I started off at studio 5D “I would have to say that the staff reporter Man and The Cabbage Patch,” says consuming YouTube can be.“ I just and now I’m at IDC (Integrity Freeze is my favorite dance,” said


h just admit it. For most of us, facebook, twitter or myspace just dominates our lives. Teenagers + Internet = SURVIVAL. Unlike the rest of us, YouTube is what captivates junior Ryan Ireland’s time. “Whenever I’m ready to learn a new move I go and hit up YouTube. I look up new dance moves and how to do flips, about three to four times a week,” says Ireland. “ To find a good video that will help me learn new dances, I have to go through about five different videos that I find are actually worth watching”. Did you know that almost 30,000 hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube each day? In case you didn’t know, YouTube is a website where users can upload and share their videos with one another. This year in particular, many users have been uploading videos of people teaching others how to do certain dance moves. Dances like The Tootsie Roll from The 69 Boys or The Twist by Chubby Checker just aren’t “up and poppin” anymore. Dances like The Jerk, Crank That, the Wu Tang, the Spongebob and the Stanky Leg is whats got teens up and movin`. “I will definitely never forget about my all time favorite old

Ireland. “But I’m currently working on the more fun and energetic moves like flares and 6-step.” Ireland explains 6-step as basic footwork that you do on the ground. “It looks confusing, but it’s actually just basic steps. You’re kinda just making a polygon with your feet while walking around and doing kicks in between each step”. If you’re a hip-hop dancer, and use YouTube as a guide to help learn dances, you must know that you have to watch videos over and over again in order to really get the steps down pat.

keep practicing dances whenever I feel like I’m not doing it right. Re-watching videos also helps me master new dances,” said Ireland. “It usually takes me two to three weeks to successfully learn a new dance.” For a lot of people, they find out how they want to spend their teenage years in either their junior or senior year. The decision to be a hip-hop dancer came pretty early for junior Frankie Quiles. “I have been dancing since I was 13 years old. Ever since then, dancing has just been an everyday release of stress for me,” says

The Jerk

Dance Center), which is located in Longwood, Florida. Hip-hop is my strongest point.” YouTube is also useful for Quiles when he wants to become skilled at certain dances. “I watched a lot of YouTube growing up and I tried to simulate what they did because I thought it was cool,” says Quiles. “Now I check out YouTube about every three days. It usually doesn’t take too long to come across a decent YouTube video. I usually have to go through five videos.” Quiles explains which move he likes to do the best.

Quiles. “This is when you hold your body weight on your hands in a certain body position. I also really like Run DMC moves.” When dancing to rap music, a great move to learn is called the “Jerk” or in other words the “Reject”. Quiles and Ireland get a kick out of doing this new popular dance when they’re dancing too. Believe it or not, Jerkin’ is a well-known dance from the 60’s. Skipping backwards in one place is basically how the dance is done. All you need is Jerkin’ attire and some hot new songs from the New Boyz, Go Go Power Ranger$ or Pink Dollaz.

These youtube videos will instruct anyone who wants to learn how to do the jerk, each with its own style.

December 11, 2009

16 Diversions

The Lion’s Tale

Game Review



surpass its predecessor’s picture and game quality. The Multiplayer mode is improved, complex, highly enhanced and expanded, giving players a long-lasting action filled After reaching level 70, players have the option to ctivision released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare experience. 2, the sequel to a best-selling first-person shooting Prestige. Prestige mode trades all accomplishments for The Riot Shield Boosting Method (used in Multiplayer game: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, worldwide reputation. Everything a player has unlocked including game, Search and Destroy) First, 12 players enter a lobby, weapons, experience, and challenges will be reset and on Nov.10. explain the process and kick six players out. replaced with a new prestige rank icon that would appear According to Activision, MW2 sold 4.7 million copies Find a Search and Destroy game. While doing this, the next to the player’s name. It also grants access to new titles, and made $310 million in the U.S. and U.K. alone, on host should have a bad connection. It keeps him from losing emblems, and challenges. the first day. It set records across the entire entertainment his hosting position and being paired with anyone else. After Prestige mode has been selected, players do not industry. Once in the lobby, the six players kicked out could be This may leave non-video gamers to wonder if the game have the option to go back. To reacquire losses, a player invited into the session. The connection could be made must rank up again. really deserves all the hype. Here are some basics: Multiplayer combats give players special abilities called good again. MW2 has three game-play modes: Single Player Campaign, When the game begins, each player finds their partner. cooperative Special Ops, and Multiplayer. Each mode gives Perks. Perks can be upgraded into Professional Perks by the One player switches to the riot shield class and blocks completion of their challenge. players three completely different experiences. bullets coming from the other player, who keeps shooting If a certain amount of consecutive kills are obtained The Single Player Campaign follows the story line of before dying, players earn a Kill Streak reward. Twenty-five at him. Call of Duty 4, continuing five years later. A multinational After a few seconds, 500 XP will be granted to the riot kills unlock the biggest Kill Streak: the Tractical Nuke. It military squad, Task Force 141, faces a new conflict and kills everyone on the map, causing the game to end and the shield player. After the fifth plus 500, only 100 XP will be must fight Russian Ultranationalists and take down their granted. player who achieved it to win. leader, Vladimir Makarov. When this happens, riot shields players switch their Aside from all the hype caused by MW2, does the In the never before cooperative Special Ops mode, game live up to its expectations? CoD4 had an exclusively class and shooting players switch to the riot shield class. players can play split-screen, two-player online, or solo. The players switch roles and the process is repeated. This used Party Chat, allowing players to chat during a game. This new experience is a series of 23 objective-based could be done over and over again. To prevent cheaters from leveling up, Infinity Ward missions, some of which require the help of a partner. The One Man Army Pro Perk is suggested, as it swaps disallowed Party Chat in most of MW2’s Multiplayer For each mission accomplished, up to three stars could be game-play modes, disappointing Party Chat fans. All classes faster. For a longer game, one team should plant the earned. The stars unlock more Special Ops missions.  bomb as the other team defuses it. though it has a short and confusing campaign, MW2 does Multiplayer mode consists of six online game-play


modes; Free-For-All, Search and Destroy, Demolition,

staff reporter Domination, Team Death match, and Capture the Flag.

Holiday gifts for friends, family

f f


Ever have trouble deciding on what to buy a friend for the holidays? Or your parents? Using this chart you can find a creative yet affordable gift that fits their personality type. Have fun shopping!


For the Chef:

Buy at Borders or Barnes&Noble

Buy at Sears or Walmart

For the Trendy:

Buy at F.Y.E or Walmart

Buy at Sunglasses Hut and Journeys

Sunglasses $20 Shoes $20

For the Fashionable:

For the Builder:

Buy at Kohls or Victoria Secret

Buy at Home Depot or Lowes

Accessories $15 Fragrances $20

For the Stay-at-home:

Buy at Sports Authority

Buy at Bed Bath and Beyond or Kohls

Athlete Trinket $14 Equipment $15


Tool Box $20 Straight Line Laser $17

For the Athletic:

Coffe Maker $18 Scrapbook $15

For the Artistic:

For the Work-a-holic:

Buy at Michaels

Buy at Target and Staples

Written Poem $0 Sketchbook/ utensils $17 illustration/WESLEY WYNNE

Spice Rack $20 Recipe Book $13

For the Rocker: Band T-shirt $13 CD $14



For the Bookworm:

Personalized book mark $4 Favorite genre novel $12


Picture Frame $8 Pen Holder $15


The Lion’s Tale

Pop Culture Column Julia Thorncroft

co-opinion editor

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch


inter time has finally arrived, and with that comes all the classic holiday specials on television. While there are numerous specials that people anticipate, there’s only one story that reigns supreme: the Grinch. Like most Dr. Seuss stories, How the Grinch Stole Christmas surfaced in 1957 as a book and then was soon adapted into the classic animated television special in 1966. And of course, we have the filmed version directed by Ron Howard from 2000. But which Grinch is better? Old or new? Animation or film? Most fans prefer the original. There are even several movie reviews out there bashing the remake with Jim Carey, saying that adults who grew up with the original can’t appreciate this remake and that only five year olds could. Personally, I find that the remake overcomes the original, and that’s a rare thing to find. How could adults not love this movie? Jim Carey’s performance shines with comedic brilliance, and all adults love Jim Carey, right? This is the first movie that I remember seeing in theaters that I didn’t loathe entirely as a child. Most kids worship this movie for its hilarity, so why can’t the adults enjoy it? Not that the original isn’t a classic, because it is. But the new version offers so much more that the original just

doesn’t achieve. The remake humanizes Whoville and even the Grinch himself and transcends the audience into a world separate from ours. Not only that, the remake answers our questions. It takes the original, about a pessimistic green cavedwelling creature that eventually learns to love Christmas, and gives him a back story. Why did the Grinch hate Christmas? Why did he hate the Whos? Why does he live in a cave? We learn that the Grinch was brought up loving Christmas. He only started to stray from this affection for the beloved holiday when he was often teased at this young age for being eight years old and having a beard. When he shaved his beard for Martha May, his class tormented him for cutting himself while shaving. The humiliation and constant teasing drove the Grinch to become the spiteful creature that we all know and love. This results in the Grinch escaping and ultimately residing in Mount Crumpit, becoming somewhat of an urban legend amongst Whoville. Those kinds of informative details just aren’t clarified in the original. The remake also gives the town Whoville more personality. The Grinch now has a love interest, Martha May Whovier (Christine Baranski) and a rival/ childhood bully, spiteful and somewhat sexist Mayor Augustus Maywho (Jeffrey Tambor). The character Cindy Lou Who has more personality as well. In the original story, Cindy Lou was the focal character in Whoville, and she was a two year old. In the remake, Cindy Lou is played by a young Taylor Momsen (Gossip Girl fans should recognize her as Jenny), who feels Christmas is lost because of all the commercial and materialistic commotion. Ultimately, her faith is rejuvenated and she finds Christmas through help photo/WWW.SEUSSVILE.COM





ere’s sports, th l, o o h c s ’s There events. there’s social e

Then there’s th

? Are you ready rep you will be. P With UCF Test W W W . T E S T P R E P. U C F . E D U 407.882.TEST

December 11, 2009

Diversions 17

from the Grinch. In short, the film emphasizes every small detail from the original by giving the viewers more to appreciate. Mt. Crumpit, the home of the Grinch, also turns out to be the local dump for garbage and hazardous waste, supplying the Grinch with all the Christmas gifts people throw away and some spoiled food to eat. The attitude of Whoville changes in the film adaptation. In the film, the Whos believe that life is about material wealth, but Cindy Lou teaches both the Grinch and the town to appreciate Christmas for what it truly is a holiday cherished with the ones you love. In the cartoon, the Whos felt that way all along. Cindy Lou didn’t have to teach them the lesson, and the Grinch learned the lesson on his own. Whether you prefer the old or new version, both of them send the same message that’s relatable to all. Material possessions are meaningless and inferior to the love and happiness people share with their loved ones during the holiday season. That’s a moral that most people often forget. photo/WWW. GRINCHED. COM

18 Diversions

December 11, 2009

The Lion’s Tale

Music Reviews

Them Crooked Vultures Alternative

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix




Julia Thorncroft


Passion Pit Alternative

co-opinion editor

he term ‘supergroup’ often gets tossed around in the music industry. Phoenix But there’s no exaggeration saying Daughtry Alternative that the new band Them Crooked Vultures Rock Caitlyn Braswell defines supergroup. Caitlyn Braswell co-sports editor Consisting of legendary bassist John Miranda Ghali co-sports editor assachusetts bred band Passion Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), drummer Dave hoenix is proof that even after four co-editor-in-chief Pit exploded onto the scene Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) and lead albums, bands can still go strong and this year with their most recent vocals/guitarist Josh Homme (Queens of aughtry’s sophomore album, create music as creative and catchy release Manners. With a little help the Stone Age), TCV will spark inspiration Leave This Town, lived up to fans as their first single. from primetime television, this band for not just fans of the three icons, but for expectations, and then some. The This alternative-synth band stands has shown that electronica and other new fans as well. range of songs, from ballad to harder rock in line with fellow French alt bands like alternative subgenres can make it in Listening to TCV’s is like a religious to even slightly country at times, shows Air and Daft Punk on their latest album music business. experience, with a transcendent sound that how Chris Daughtry has grown as a Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix when it comes What could easily be called MGMT’s leaves you feeling sublime. “Interlude with singer from his musical introduction on to talent. With a light melodic voice, singer little cousin, this band has created a Ladies,” is practically an LSD trip on its American Idol. Thomas Mars wins over hearts while the collection of riveting, feel good synth own. Daughtry writes almost all of their own airy guitar riffs and intriguing syth tunes music that many groups strive years to One of the most notable songs on the songs. Most lyrics are traditional, speaking sooth almost every listener. attain. album would be “Warsaw Or The First of love and learning, but one song that Songs like “Liztomania” are smileWith front man Michael Angelakos Breath You Take After You Give Up,” a stands out beautifully on the album, “Open inducing and though the actual lyrics may boyish voice mixed with 80’s style stutter song-tribute to The Doors that even Jim Up Your Eyes” speaks of death of a loved have been lost in translation, Mars still beats, it’s hard not to hum along to tracks Morrison would bow down to. one. sends the exact emotion he intended to like “Eyes as Candles” and orchestra The combination of Homme’s hypnotic The new twist on typical rock songs set in with a simple croon of his voice. filled “Moth’s Wings.” voice, the instantly recognizable sound of leave fans happy, but many will already be If there’s one thing to learn, it’s this- the What makes Passion Pit stick out from Grohl thrashing drums on “No One Loves eagerly anticipating the next album. French know how to do it and do it well. fellow synth bands is that they don’t just Me & Neither Do I,” and the mesmerizing DOWNLOAD THIS - Everytime You Turn Around DOWNLOAD THIS - 1901 get lost in the fine details of the sound that Jonesy creates tunes. They invite when plays bass will mistakes into make fans feel their songs wanton. And and cheerfully with songs like accept them Monday, Jan. 11 “Gunman” and Friday, Dec. 18 as part of 7:00 p.m “Bandoliers,” 7:00 p.m the melodic the innocent The Plaza Theatre Backbooth message they will have are sending to an appetite for Sunday, Jan. 3 Friday, Feb. 5 their listeners. destruction. 7:30 p.m 6:30 p.m DOWNLOAD THIS DOWNLOAD THIS Hard Rock Orlando House Of Blues

Leave This Town


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The Lion’s Tale

December 11, 2009

Movie Reviews

Diversions 19

Beautiful, weird film stars clever fox Miranda Harmon


staff reporter

twist on the children’s classic by Roald Dahl, Wes Anderson doesn’t just make a good movie, but a clearly Andersonesque movie. The characters aren’t just cute, but trendy to the point where you’d expect them to be sold in Urban Outfitters. Not that this is a bad thing, mind you. No, rather than annoying, I found the unabashed coolness fit in splendidly with Anderson’s direction. Although quirky, Fantastic Mr. Fox is far from alien. The movie presents a story that anyone, even those who have never photo/WWW.BROTHERSFILM.COM seen a Wes Anderson film, can relate to. The dry humor and witty banter bring out the human in the animal characters. The movie tells the story of a clever, but aging fox, voiced by George Clooney, and Kaitlyn Loughlin experience that relates to many members Grace (Natalie Portman), and her two his adventures in robbing from the three staff reporter daughters, Maggie (Bailee Madison) and of the audience who also have relatives in meanest farmers around- Boggis, Bunce, o many soldiers, the safe return the armed forces. The condition of Captain and Bean. Isabelle (Taylor Geare). home is a relieving celebration and In this process, he begins to unnoticeably Cahill once he returns home will take you The movie addresses common human praise to life. This is not the case for clean up his act of being a troublemaker and by surprise, and leave tears in your eyes. themes, such as love, family, and what it Sam Cahill (Tobey Maguire) the dramatic It is called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder an alcoholic, and the Cahill family accepts means to be different. But don’t be fooled film Brothers, directed by Jim Sheridan. (PTSD), and exists in reality to many people by these seemingly sickening morals. him more openly into their lives. In the movie, Captain Sam Cahill One night, Tommy unintentionally hooks all around the world. Fantastic Mr. Fox isn’t just about feeling is drafted to Afghanistan with the Don’t be fooled, because this action up with Grace because of his loneliness and good. It’s about feeling Rating: PG disappointment of his family. While at drama is equally heartbreaking, and a mutual and devastating loss, but they are bad, too, and how to Time: 101 min fix it. war, this Marine Corps and also a twisted romance. The looks into able to cope with their mistake, for Rating: R a fellow Private, Joe Willis Afghanistan and what troops are dealing Grade: A they were unaware that Sam was The artistic quality (Patrick Flueger), are with will truly put a hole in your chest and Time: 105 min still alive. is stunning. The stopkidnapped by natives after a leave you speechless. There is much tension in the motion animation gives the film a sense of Grade: A tragic disaster, and are forced The movie ends on a positive note, Cahill family because of Tommy’s schoolyard innocence, which works well to survive in impossible living although it will leave you questioning what considering it’s based on a children’s book. feelings of inferiority towards conditions. happened to everyone else and if further Sam, and lack of affection from his former The cast features well-known voices Under life-threatening circumstances, confessions are made. such as George Clooney, Meryl Streep, and alcoholic and military father. Cahill is forcefully driven to carry out Overall, this was a phenomenal film, and Jason Schwartzman. This conflict presents interesting gruesome and sinful deeds. Fantastic Mr. Fox crosses the generation will arouse your insights on the tragedies of background information to fill in the slow gap between entertainment for children and Back at home, Sam is announced dead war, be it even if the result is not death moving plot of the movie. adults, which takes talent. and the whole town reacts in an uproar. Brothers is a sensational and dynamic Although some scenes may be Is it weird? Yes. Is it beautiful? Yes. At this time, Cahill’s recently released predictable, others leave you at the edge of motion picture that appeals to a vast variety convict brother, Tommy (Jake Gyllenhaal), your seat in complete awe. of people and is, without a doubt, worth the But above all this, it’s most definitely Wes Anderson, and that’s just fantastic. attempts to comfort his brother’s wife, money to go see. This is a must-see big-screen picture

War hero returns home to suspicision, deceit


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Avatar Dec. 18

Jake Sully, portrayed by Sam Worthington, a former Marine confined to a wheelchair, is recruited light years away to the human outpost on Pandora. The atmosphere of Pandora is toxic, so humans created avatars, genetically engineered hybrids of human DNA mixed with the DNA from the natives of Pandora, the Na’vi. In this thrilling action movie, Jake finds himself caught between the military-industrial forces of Earth, and the Na’vi, forcing him to choose sides in an epic battle that will decide the fate of the world.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Dec. 25

Heath Ledger’s final film, which includes renowned actors Johnny Depp and Jude Law. It is the story of Dr. Parnassus and his traveling show, Imaginarium, where the audience gets the chance to choose between light and joy or darkness and gloom. Dr. Parnassus is cursed with immortality but is able to guide the imagination of others after making a deal with the devil. photo illustration/EMILY COTTRELL


Dec. 25

Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, and Fergie star in this Broadway adaptation, which will put a twist to movie musicals with it’s diverse actors and raunchy plot. The story follows world famous director Guido Contini through his mid-life crisis as he struggles to find a balance between his professional life and the many women in his life. These include his wife, his mistress, his film star muse, his agent, his costume designer, an American fashion journalist, a lover from his youth, and his mother.

Sherlock Holmes Dec. 25

The highly anticipated film, Sherlock Holmes, based off of the popular book series by Arthur Conan Doyle comes to screen on Christmas Day. Robert Downey Jr. plays the brilliant Sherlock Holmes who uses his wit to solve crimes alongside his loyal partner Watson (Jude Law). The duo work together to stop a nemesis whose plot threatens all of England. compiled by/CARLY BROWER


December 11, 2009

The Lion’s Tale


Friendship unifies team Girls basketball team jac ks up practices Defeats Winter Springs and Hagerty High

Miranda Ghali




he girls on Lady Lion’s Varsity team are best friends. They talk about everything from the latest gossip, to the upcoming school week, to the next basketball game that they will be competing in together. “We are pretty much a family. We’re like each others sisters, and we have a really tight bond,” said senior Niladi Dupa. “We are the best of friends.” All members agree. Senior and Co-Captain Annemarie Hauser said, “I’ve never been a part of something like this. It’s an unbreakable bond we share. It’s the strongest friendship between a group of girls that I’ve ever known. We know that no matter how mad we get at each other, in ten minutes we’ll be laughing with each other.” Their friendship may give them an extra leg-up in their game. Junior Kellan Register said, “Because we are all friends, we aren’t always fighting, which helps in the game. We just know what everyone’s strengths are.” Starting out the season the girls won both the Winter Springs High School and Hagerty High School games. They lost a close match against reigning district champions Lake Howell High School, but came back with a win against Seminole High School. Recently the girls lost a disappointing match to Lake Brantley High School but rebounded with a strong win against Lyman High School. Even with the disappointing losses, the team remains positive for the rest of the season. “The season looks really good. We definitely have the potential to win districts this year,” said senior and Co-Captain Meghan Holton. “We are definitely better than last year because we are faster and better offensively. We have been shooting a lot more and learning to attack the open lanes.” The team has developed better practices, that according to Holton, are never wasteful. “We had to pickup intensity a great deal at practices. The other teams are really intense, and if we don’t hit them with more intensity then there is no way that we are going to win,” said senior Nicole Monkarsh. Along with the intense practices, comes a certain mindset that the team must have to be successful. “We have a lot of people this year that want to win badly. We have a passion this year that we didn’t have last year,” said Hauser. “Coach [AP Psychology teacher, Zack Densberger] gets extremely anxious and pumped during a game. He has learned


BASKETBALL Lady Lions Record: 4-2 Classification: 6A

Roster Annemarie Hauser Meghan Holton Nicole Monkarsh Niladi Dupa Alicia Harry Kellan Register Shelsea Denson Sable Lee Morgan Mosch Zoe Stapleton Jackie Boyles

Quick facts with Coach Densberger


ON THE MOVE. (Above) Senior Meghan Holton (22)

drives to the basket against a defender during the Lake Howell game. (Left) Senior Niladi Dupa shoots from the 3-point line defended by Kasie Parker during the Lake Howell game. (Right) Sophomore Sable Lee dribbles out of pressure from Kasie Park during the Lake Howell game.

how to coach certain personalities on the team and how people react, which helps in our games a lot.” Densberger has coached the girls basketball team for the past eight years, and utilizes different psychology techniques. “I try motivational techniques, such as I make them repeat to me ‘two points’ when I congratulate them so that there is a catalog in their mind that I said good job,” said Densberger. “They are so self-critical

and they don’t hear the positives, so I make them hear it by repeating ‘two points.’ Girls have an extremely short memory on the good things they do.” With all the hard work the girls and the coach have put in, they hope to win big. “If we execute and play our game and not to the other team’s level, we should win more than we won last year,” said Hauser. “We have worked so hard up to this point that it would be disappointing not to.”

• Coach Densberger has been coaching for eight years • He began coaching because a friend asked him to help out and he knew a lot about basketball just by playing for fun. • He was a swimmer in high school. • He uses techniques to build up the girls’ selfesteem.

Football training collides with first basketball game John Campbell

advertising editor

After seven games, the Kershner Krazies are starving for a win. “We’ve had a rough start this season, but I think we are going to have a good team,” said boys basketball center Greg Dorleus. “We’ve had little time to practice.” This was especially true for five of the team members whose first day of the season was also the opening game of the season, due

to football training. “I think our team plays really well together. It takes a while to get total chemistry and unity, but we have it,” says Coach Kershner. “There’s a lot of togetherness, and we plan on building from there.” “We are friends on and off the court, which makes it easier for us to play together,” said point guard Kijuan Mays. The rough start for the season has lead to a few changes in normal routine.

“Our practices have been a little different this year because we are still waiting for everybody to get on the same page. Five of our players were in football training until the day of our first game,” said Kershner. Of the seven total games, only one has been a home game. “Our home court is more familiar, just like you are more comfortable at your own home, we are more comfortable at our home court,” said Kershner.

With State Playoffs in mind, the Kershner Krazies still have a tough schedule ahead of them. “Our main rivals this year are Winter Springs and Winter Park. They are both highly ranked, and Winter Park took us out of the competition last year. We have our work ahead of us, but that makes it fun,” says Kershner. “I have the utmost confidence in their ability. This team will be as good as any other Oviedo team.”

The Lion’s Tale

December 11, 2009



Girls down Eustis 6-2 Connor Bailey


co-sports editor

he Lady Lions are used to winning. Since the 20062007 season began the varsity girls have only lost 5 games and this season times have not changed. With a record of 9-1 and currently ranked third in the state, they take every game one at a time. “We take each game individually. We want to give all our oppents equal amount of respect and not underestimate anyone,” said sophomore Sammy Elliott. Recording a loss 1-0 to rival Lake Mary High School gave mixed feelings to the players. The lions had 17 shots on goal while Lake Mary had two, scoring on the first opprotunity. “I was disappointed that we lost because we haven’t lost on our home field since my freshman year. It was a good game though. I think it was the best we’ve played this year, just our shots couldn’t find the back of the net,” said junior Meagan Borger. However the lions beat one of the best teams in Central Florida, Eustis High School, 6-2. “Going into the game we knew that Eustis was a good team. Playing against tough teams is really going to help us going into the post season. It gives us a lot more confidence,” said junior Colleen O’Kennedy. The lions are currently ranked number one in the Orlando Sentinel Super Six and third in the state(6A). “Our team is used to being the team to beat. We know we have a target on our backs, but I wouldn’t want it any other way,” said Borger. Losing key players from last year’s season has not been a disadvantage. “I think that the team is equivalent if not stronger than last years team. Injured players from last year are healthy and new players have really stepped up,” said Borger. Elliott is new to Oviedo High School but isn’t overwhelmed by the reputation of Oviedo soccer. “I’ve played club since I was five so I’m used to playing in big games. I don’t get nervous when I step onto the field,”said Elliott. With the season almost half way done the team has thoughts of reaching states once again. “If we were able to win states the feelings would be undescribable. We have worked so hard for the last three years, both years coming up short. It would be so satisfying for it to finally happen,” said Borger.

Sophomore Sammy Elliott


Wrestlers set sights on state championship

second dual by two points do to injury and disqualification. On Nov. 28, the lions won the entire O-Town staff reporter Showdown tour located at Lake Highland Preparatory HS wrestling officially kicked off its 2009-2010 School. Senior Captain Chase Gordon received OW, season as of October 26 with their first practice. meaning outstanding wrestler. As for the team as a whole, they have strong senior Even though the team has been staying in shape leadership and good team chemistry according to Valaro. and practicing year around they are now taking it to a new The team captains are Chase Gordan, and Erin O’Dell.As level for their November to February season. “The whole team does club wrestling when its not well as leadership, team members have skill; Gordan is a returning state champ, O’Dell is a returning state placer, school season. We don’t really stop,” sophomore Cooper and senior Jay Taylor is a returning state qualifier. Powell said. Although their team is still strong, they will have to face But now that club season is over and the high school the change of dropping from a 3A to a 2A class because of season is picking up speed, so is the team. the change in the school’s size. “Practice is every school day after school for an hour “As a team, if we continue doing what we’re doing we and a half to two hours. We do drills like takedowns, and can accomplish it,” said O’Dell. top and bottom work, and wrestle live; pretty much what Thanks to wrestlerettes- girls that attend all the games to we do in a match,” said sophomore Doug Vollaro. keep accurate statistics for the wrestlers to send to colleges Wrestlers also have to do extra work outside of school for scholarship opportunities. to perform optimally. “ I have spend four years with this team and I want “After practice I go to the gym, almost every day,” to see something great come out of this season because Powell said. they’ve all been working really hard. I know they can do it. Not only practice and hard work are enough to prepare This will be a lot of their last times, and mine,” said senior for the season, eating healthy is also an important factor. captain wrestlerette Callie Porcher. “I eat a lot of good carbohydrates and protein for “Our goal is to train hard and be State Champs,” said wrestling,” Vollaro said. senior captain Erin O’Dell. Powell had a similar eating habit. Teammates share O’Dell’s optimism. “You have to eat healthy; no junk food and a lot of “Hopefully we can go undefeated and win states, “ salads and meat,” said Powell. It seems like all their hard work so far is paying off. The Valaro said. photo/KEVIN VELOSO PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Junior Lee Wildes and senior Erin O’Dell Powell concurs. team competed in their first pre-season match on October wrestle in preparation for their next match. “This year we’re gonna be state champs,” Powell said. 12 and returned winning the first dual, but they lost the

Hallie Lavery




December 11, 2009

The Lion’s Tale

Skaters escape Florida heat

Caitlyn Braswell

Kassi Byler. Since then, Byler has competed in dozens of reshman Kevin Collins wipes the sweat off his competitions. forehead and steps out of the hot Florida car. Soon he “I’ve gotten second place for my level in a will be gliding across the ice with his fellow “colt’s.” competition I was in about two years ago. I ended “My dad used to play ice hockey when he was younger, up hurting my ankle a while back and I haven’t been he got me to join in on some lessons,” said Collins. able to ice skate since then but I really want to start Collins began practicing ice hockey back three years ago up competing again like I used to,” said Byler. and is now a part of a Kissimmee team, the Colts. There are many hours that go into practicing “We play other teams in Florida mostly and we’re pretty and mastering different stunts in figure skating. good. I really like the friends that I’ve made through the “One of the toughest things I had to learn was sport,” said Collins. my axel. It’s basically just a spin in the air and it’s He explained that of all the things involved in hockey, his actually really simple, it just looks complicated,” favourite, by far, is checking, said Byler. “The only way you can get a trick down “I really love checking. It’s is by just going for it. My axel where you get to hit the opponents took me four months to get out of the way in order to get down, but once I finally had it, “The people who really skate the puck and make a goal,” said I broke my pinkie. Because I and are truly talented have to be lost my confidence, it took me a Collins. Professionally, ice hockey and year to finally really get it.” really dedicated.” injuries tend to go hand-in-hand. In competitive figuring Kassii Byler, ‘12 For beginner’s teams, this seems to skating, there are a few fields to photo/COURTESY OF COLLINS be just as true. go into. ICE, ICE, BABY. Kevin Collins, number 13 on the Colts ice hockey team, aggressively defends “One year I got into a fight on the rink in Alabama. There “I skated on the entertainment side of his owndership of the puck as he pushes his opponent out of the way. was a girl on our team and an opposing member hit competition. It’s more for just fun and show,” said her, so I tackled him. I ended up suspended for Byler. around $300 each. Then there’s the actual boots that can be two games but it was definitely worth it,” said To win and be a successful figure skater, though, much 900 bucks or more. Competition dresses are about 200 to Collins. dedication is required. $300, and ice time to rent is as much as $600 a month. Not While some find sharing Byler would dedicate two hours every day, except for to mention the actual competition music on disk that is about the ice with a team and Sunday, for ice practice. But when it got close to competition $20 for just a minute of music,” said Byler. winning games together well days, however, her practice time could double, if not more. Byler also went on to explain there are many detailed suited for them, others enjoy “The people who really skate and are truly talented have ways to train for a skating competition, including the use of competing in the solo art of to be really dedicated. When you skate like that, there isn’t the program Dartfish. figure skating, much life outside the rink,” said Byler. “Dartfish is a program that records each of your moves “When I was nine, my Figuring skating not only requires dedication, but deep on the ice and then trainers overlay professionals doing the friend had an ice skating pockets as well. same move. This kind of training is so detailed that trainers birthday party at the “We spent thousands of dollars all together on my figure can see your mistake and make you correct yourself if you’re RDV Sportsplex. skating at least. It depends on the coach but with the on and even just a few centimeters off what the professional has My mom saw I was off ice training alone, it was about 500 dollars a week. The done on your film,” said Byler. really into it, so practices were every day, except Sundays,” said Byler. Although Byler hasn’t been in the rink for a few months, she signed me Along with training, other investments need to be made she plans on getting back into figure skating again. up for lessons,” in order to be successful in competition and training. “I miss figure skating so much. There’s nothing else in said sophomore “Blades need to be replaced in your boots and those are the world like it,” said Byler. Kevin Collins


co-sports editor

NJROTC dedicates range to Officer Marteney Marksmanship team takes 1st place five years in a row Carson Bailey

divided into teams of four based on shown ability. “We record the scores every time we practice then average them out over time,” said Elliot. “The top four urrently ranked number two in the nation and shooters are placed on A team, the next four are on B team number one in the state, it was no surprise to the and so on so forth.” NJROTC marksmanship team when they took Not only did the A team receive first in the state but the first place for the fifth year in a row at the Area 7 State B team also received fourth in the state. Championship Marksmanship competition. “I was pretty proud about how we did on B team, tough “Going into our state shooting match I knew we would we have done better. Most of the B team is new to shooting take first place,” said junior Bethany Baroody. “We’ve and we did great for that fact,” said John Campbell. taken first place for the past four years so it was no surprise After winning states four years in a row, shooters felt when we got first for the fifth year in a row. Even though I it was their duty to continue the wasn’t surprised it was still exciting winning steak. to receive that first place trophy” “It was without a doubt our While the marksmanship team duty to be state champions five may make it look easy to steal years in a row. We strive to be the number one title for five years the best in the state of Florida in a row, a lot of hard work and every year but we do not just dedication went into their winning. strive to be state champions, we “Our team practices two to four strive to be national champions,” times a week, mandatory practices said Fine. are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Elliot agrees. optional practices are on Mondays “We have been pressured and Fridays,” said junior Katie Elliot. since the beginning of the year Shooters must mentally prepare Casey Sargent to win the state title for the fifth consecutive year. And the as well as physically. team felt as though it was our job to keep the legacy going,” “You have to be mentally prepared when you shoot, said Elliot. otherwise you are not going to get your best shot,” said For the past five years Master Chief Petty Officer Dale senior Rachael Stueber. “Not being nervous and keeping Marteney has driven the shooting team. your heart rate down is not as easy as it sounds for some “Master Chief taught us everything we know about people.” shooting, he put us on the map. Without Master Chief we Senior Michael Fine knows first hand what this mental wouldn’t even be a team. He is like a father, not a coach,” preparation can do for shooters during competition. said Elliot. “He’s there for us no matter what and is one of “The mental aspect of what happens when you don’t shoot the bull can be really hard. Most people just keep that the most amazing men any of us will probably ever meet.” photos/CARSON BAILEY in their hand when they shoot a bad shoot,” said Fine. “But NJROTC honored Marteney with by dedicating the ROUND OF APPLAUSE. Principal Robert Lundquist awards Master Chief the trick to being a good shooter is to be able to shake it off, range to him. Petty Officer Dale Marteney a plaque at the range dedication ceremony. Said Marteney, “It was an unexpected surprise and I was forget about it, and make it up.” very honored to have the range dedicated to me.” Within the NJROTC marksmanship team, shooters are



Roar Board

The Lion’s Tale

December 11, 2009





Lindsay Knox

staff reporter

Old rivalries die hard



CLEAN AND JERK. Junior Lindsey Hummell works on her lifting technique during weightlifting practice. The girls traveled to Lyman for their first meet on December 9.

Girl’s weightlifting focuses on proper technique

On Wednesday, Dec. 9 at Lyman High School, the girl’s weightlifting team competed in their first meet at 4p.m. resulting in their first win of the season so far. This season the team is complete with a total of twenty girls, only three of them returning from last year. The team practices on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 2:303:30 with Coach Long and Coach Sal. Practices so far consist of learning how to lift properly and lifting tactics.

Girl’s wrestling works out with JV boys

This season’s girl’s wrestling team consists of four members. The girls have workouts everyday after school from 2:30-5:00 with the boy’s JV wrestling team. The team faces other school with a girl’s wrestling team including Seminole, Hagerty, West Orange, Lake Mary, and Cypress Creek. On Saturday, Dec. 12 the girls traveled to Deland for a match with the JV boys.

Co-ed lacrosse game to be boy-girl match-up

The lacrosse teams are holding a fundraiser in order to raise money for the lacrosse programs. The fundraiser is a boys vs. girls co-ed lacrosse game taking place on the Oviedo High School John Courier football field on January 15 at . Tickets to enter the event are $5 and everybody is welcome to attend. This is the first year that the lacrosse program has held this particular event. As opposed to the normal rules of lacrosse, the boys will be the ones sporting the girls’ uniform skirts. In exchange, the girls will be allowed to play with the boys’ lacrosse sticks and wear their helmets instead of their own. All proceeds of the game will go toward benefitting the lacrosse program here at OHS. All players from both JV and varsity will have the opportunity to sign up to participate in this first annual sporting event. Players predict that this will not be the only year that holds the co-ed game, especially if a lot of money is raised . “Girls are going to dominate,” said senior Callie Porcher. “It will definitely be an event you want to come see.”


Questions with Patrick Christie


MAKE THE PASS. Senior Patrick Christie launches a pass to another teammate during a varsity game.

1 2 3 4 5

Do you plan to pursue soccer after high school?

Yeah, I would like to play Division 1 in college. I’m interested in playing at UNF or Flagler.

What do you do to prepare for a game? I always take a nap so I’m completely rested.

What is your favorite thing about soccer? I love that when I play, everything else on my mind goes away besides soccer.

What do you want to achieve throughout your soccer career?

I would like to eventually play in front of thousands of rooting fans.

What advice would you give to other soccer players?

I would tell them that just because you’re fast and strong, that doesn’t mean you can play soccer. Soccer is for true athletes.

h. Let’s take a quick sigh of relief, ladies and gentlemen. We have reached the end of football season. The end of pep rallies, the completion of spending six bucks on a Friday night game, and the termination of the renowned Hagerty vs. Oviedo rivalry. Am I right, or am I right? Maybe only if we lived in a perfect, peaceful high school world. The OHS and HHS sports duels have been intense battles for the past five years. It may have all started between our football teams, but I suppose after that got old from us realizing we’re the best (as we know we are!), the hostility between the two schools has dispersed throughout various other sports. Among these includes boys varsity soccer. Last week during the Oviedo vs. Hagerty soccer match, an argument broke out between members from each team. As a result from an Oviedo player spitting in the face of a Hagerty player, a yellow card was received, that player’s first of the season. The animosity between schools has only just begun. I predict that soon enough the only connection between us will be pure hatred. But really, how much farther can we take it? There have been arguments, physical violence, and it has even gone so far to arrests at last year’s football game. We all know that we were here first. We run this town. But how much respect are we going to receive if sports figures from our school are advocating fights, all because another school decided to plop down on our turf? Is it worth the sideways looks and grimaces from other schools while we soak in the glory of defeating our enemy? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I cannot fathom the idea of making our own school look bad. That would be personally belittling ourselves to a level that none of us should want to be at. Come on now people, if anything Hagerty should be the school looking bad. Not our precious Oviedo High School. In order to better our school, we could easily just put an end to the bad blood between our town companions. It’s time to face the facts, they’re not going anywhere any time soon. Throughout the past five years we have surely put them in their place in multiple sporting event defeats, or as I like to call them, mutilations. So, maybe now would be the time to accept that they’re here to stay. To inhabit Oviedo with us, to compete with us, and to continue pressing our buttons by claiming they can beat us in any- and everything. I believe in school pride, and I believe in gloating after a big win. But nothing irks my stomach more than school rivalry violence, whether it be in football, soccer, basketball, or even band. It’s our time to show Hagerty that they can’t get under our skin any longer, because we are way above their level.

Upcoming Games Boy’s Varsity Soccer

• 1.08 St. Johns Country Day 6 P.M. • 1.12 @ Bishop Moore 7 P.M.

Girl’s Varsity Basketball

• 12.17 Winter Springs 7 P.M. • 1.05 @ Hagerty 7 P.M.

Boy’s Varsity Basketball • 12.18 @ Lake Brantley 7:30 P.M • 1.06 @ Seminole 7:30 P.M


Nick’s December 11, 2009


The Lion’s Tale


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The Lion's Tale - Volume 50, Issue 3  

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