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Welcome to issue 77 of The Link Magazine! Hopefully the terrible weather has now passed us by and all of our wonderful deliverers are not out getting wet whilst posting your copy through the door. Lets keep our fingers crossed that spring is now finally on its way! Lots of additional information has been added to the directory at the back of the magazine, please take the time to flick through this as there really are some great opportunities available across the community to get out and meet new like minded people and have some fun! As always, please continue to share this information with us to ensure we keep as up to date as possible with what is going on in your area, and if you’re keen to be included please send your article or details through to us and we will endeavor to include. We hope you enjoy this packed spring edition and hope you find it useful and informative. See you all in the summer……….

Lucy and Charlie

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Still Blooming Wonderful at 100 The marvellous staff at Northampton Garden Centre have continued to help me and Arthur complete our work at the Hardy Drive Community Centre - more of that later. First a few words about how they’ve also helped us celebrate a fantastic milestone for another of Hardingstone’s enthusiastic and knowledgeable gardeners. Nell Chater, the eldest of three children, was born on 22nd December 1913 - seven and a half months before Asquith told the nation that this country had declared war on Germany to begin our involvement in the First World War – which means she turned 100 just before Christmas last year. As her birthday fell on a Sunday her card from the Queen was delivered with due pomp and ceremony by postman Tim on the Saturday morning. It was definitely the Royal Mail that day, with the Queen making sure her post arrived on time! After several small celebrations with family we too marked the occasion; with an extra outing to the garden centre to be royally treated there by Dominic and his team. She was given an open invitation to “pick a plant”, but not wishing for “too much fuss” or to “cause any bother” she chose a beautiful, but diminutive indoor cyclamen in shocking pink. This, together with a beautiful basket made up by Laura, who looks after the houseplants, were the trophies carried off at the end of her visit. However, before she left, with her neighbour Jane, with whom she regularly visits local hostelries to test their fare, she joined us for a coffee prepared by Sam, the manager of the in-store Costa. Miss Chater decided to push the boat out and have a rare cappuccino and then entertained us with stories of old. Miss Chater comes from a family of academics, her mother having been the first woman to receive an honours degree from Aberdeen University and her father a well-known lecturer and proponent of technical colleges. Her parents met whilst training to be teachers in Northampton. Her early life was spent in a house in Broadway, Kingsley. She remembers living in sight of St Matthew’s church, surrounded by plum orchards and how she played tennis on the Racecourse and used Abington Park as her playground. She graduated from Nottingham University and trained as a teacher. During the Second World War she was posted to Alleyne’s Grammar School, now an Academy, where she taught English. Alleyne’s, in Stone, Staffordshire, was established in 1558 and, when she arrived, still had no facilities for female teaching


staff. With only the elderly, curmudgeonly, chaps not called up for active service, it left Miss Chater and another young female colleague in a somewhat novel staff room. It also presented her with some new and interesting challenges. She was asked by the Principal to “take the boys onto the field and teach them cricket”. She recalls standing in the middle with her white coat and pebbles, and hoping that no one more familiar with the rules of the game was watching! Post-war she taught in a prefab school, built by German prisoners of war, in the overspill north of London. She ended her teaching career in Kettering before retiring, at the age of 61, to the house she’d purchased only a year or so before in Hardingstone. She’s spent her retirement following her passion: looking after her extensive garden. Over the years she’s grown fruit, veg and flowers to keep out of mischief. At some point she needed the help of another gardener. It’s a small old world; the lovely chap who helped with the digging and whose daughter helps Nell to this day, was none other than Bert Denton. As the chair of Mereway Allotment Society he helped me start my allotment there about twenty years ago. So we reminisced about a shared friend and his love of runner beans and sprouts. It was a lovely few hours, made possible by the kindness of Dominic and the rest of the staff. I learnt much. But how does this wonderful woman do it? She doesn’t need glasses or a hearing aid, she remembers everything, and can hold a conversation on any topic. She walks everywhere – yes, a little slower than most – but under her own steam. She does have a buggy but the effort to get it to go where she wanted seems to have been more than she bargained for – it’s now given the occasional charge but has only ever had a single outing! From our chat it appears she has no vices, having only recently taken up drinking coke when Jane takes her for their lunch dates. She must be from good stock and obviously gardening is good for you; but she also keeps that razor sharp mind going too. Alongside teaching English she also taught French now and then. Obviously one needs to keep up one’s skills so she regularly listens to French broadcast radio to keep her conversation current; and she rattled off about l’affaire de Monsieur Hollande – by golly she puts you to shame! I’m not sure how many of us reading this will get that royal birthday card but Miss Chater is now on the Queen’s list and is likely to be there for some time to come. We wish her many, many returns in good health and happiness. And so to Hardy Drive - Good to our word, Arthur and I went to plant up the flower boxes left behind by the Prince’s Trust gang. Our visit just happened to coincide with Theresa, Sandi, and Terry hard at work preparing the food for Hardy’s Christmas party. It was Christmas tunes in silly hats all the way. Arthur and I eventually went outside into the cold to get away from the screeching; they are completely bonkers but provided much needed warm drinks and lovely company! Anyway, it turned out


not to be such an easy task as all three wooden boxes were 6ft long by 4ft high and nearly full with top soil turned to mush by the rain. We decided to dig out the soil, cut the boxes down to a height of 2ft, attach a proper barrier between wood and soil, and chuck loads of crock in the bottom before contemplating anything else! Then off to see our mates at Northampton Garden Ctr. The events and community officer, Liz Savage, ran when she saw me and Arthur approaching though she loves us really. She helped us out in no time. With trolley in hand, we pointed out the plants on our “most wanted” list and Liz duly delivered. Not only did she allow us all the greenery we needed, but bags of compost too. Liz is just great, and most definitely Savage only in name! Back to base, and with a bit of mixing, shovelling, and planting (along with trying to keep Arthur under control!), the task was nearing completion. Hardy now has three properly planted up flower boxes for them to enjoy in the future, with Skimmia, Pieris, and Euonymus as the focal points, surrounded by many daffs and pansies. The three mad ones beavering away in the community hall seemed more than happy with our efforts, so job done! That just leaves me and my side kick Arthur to send out one enormous THANK YOU to all our friends at Northampton Garden Ctr. We couldn’t achieve many of the things we do without your help, kindness and generosity. Tina Sweetser signing off; with profuse thanks to my partner Chris Miller for putting together the piece about our amazing local centenarian. As for Arthur Davis, well……he certainly knows how to strike a pose.


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Friends of West Hunsbury Parks By the end of the financial year in April 2014 the Friends will have been involved in the disbursement of getting on for £200,000 towards the improvement and maintenance of our West Hunsbury Parks, co-operating with a long list of national and local bodies, to whom we owe our thanks. On a personal and very local note we must thank Councillors Brian Oldham and David Hugheston-Roberts for their self-effacing and freely given help. Cllr Hugheston-Roberts is now retired and is much missed, not just for his empowering fund, but also for his visits to the parks to see, for example, the Moulton College students at work. We wish Mr Hugheston-Roberts a well-deserved, long and happy retirement. Still on the subject of money, we are grateful to West Hunsbury Parish Council for its contribution towards a “Parks” project this year. However, there is much more to West Hunsbury than its lovely parks, and the Friends are also West Hunsbury residents, so we are looking forward with great interest to hearing of all the Council’s projects for the improvement of the whole parish. So what is happening in the Parks? Just before Christmas the additional new play equipment was installed in the Country Park. The equipment was supplied and installed by Wicksteed Playscapes. On January 21st the official opening, organised by Wicksteed, was held at the play area. West Hunsbury’s Cllr Oldham came along and also Cllr Hadland, (Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Planning), and Mrs Hadland. The star guests, though, were a class of children from Hunsbury Park Primary School who had a great time trying all the equipment. They gave the area an enthusiastic “thumbs up” and we hope that both local children and those from other parts of Northampton will enjoy the play area in the future. At the beginning of 2013 Friends of West Hunsbury Parks and Rectory Farm Residents Association were invited by NBC to take part in a project to promote “public art” in Northampton parks. We were involved in the choice of artist and later met him to walk the parks and exchange ideas, with the stipulation being that the “art” should be useful as well as attractive. Since then Tim, the artist, has visited our local schools


to talk with the children about their opinions and ideas, visited the Ironstone Railway and further researched local history. Tim’s chosen medium is metal and having seen some of his work in other parts of the country we’re extremely lucky to be part of this project. West Hunsbury’s “art” will most probably be a seat (or hopefully 2 seats!) at the beach area at Shelfleys. These will be complemented by 4 signposts – at the bottom of Tall Trees path, at the Hawkridge entrance to the Country Park, at the Country Park exit at the top end of Green Lane and at the Ladybridge end of Green Lane. Both seats and signposts will have pictures and information about West Hunsbury and directions to the next signpost, thus making a signed circular route taking in both parks, the hill fort, the playground, the ironstone railway and the Green Lane (drover’s road). At Rectory Farm Tim will design a bridge over Billing Brook and a pathway through their pocket park.

Work on the lottery bid for the preservation of the hill fort continues. The Management Plan is still not quite ready as a working document and we have had further meetings to discuss and decide necessary detail changes. This document is 500 pages long, necessarily being quite technical, and has involved a steep learning curve for us. Unfortunately, the whole process of preservation is made more complex by the neglect of the fort by successive borough councils and because of this is a bigger project than anyone imagined. However, we will not give up on this locally and nationally important site of historic significance.


As with many other things this winter the repairs to the surface of the path at the level crossing in the Country Park has been delayed by the weather. The weather has also turned parts of Green Lane (the drover’s road) into a muddy quagmire. Green Lane is part of the public bridleway HW 13 which runs from Ladybridge Drive and through the Country Park. It is the responsibility of the County Council to maintain it. They are due to carry out work before the end of January, but the exact timescale is uncertain! Trees in the parks have also been affected badly by the winter’s rain and high winds. As I write this NBC contractors are working on the trees in Shelfleys Park. Residents have been very good reporting damage and potential dangers and Cllr Oldham equally good passing on concerns and reminding NBC of the urgency of necessary work. On a lighter but no less important matter - TOADS! You may have noticed at certain times of year the hundreds of frogs and toads which cross Ladybridge Drive at the bottom of the Tall Trees path on their way to Wootton Brook. Many don’t make it! We are now in touch with “Froglife” with a view to helping the toads and frogs out by making a toad crossing. Don’t worry – this will not involve blocking the road, traffic lights or someone in a hi-viz coat holding up a lollipop sign! However, until the crossing is installed, if you see anyone at around midnight on spring nights wearing rubber gloves, carrying a plastic bucket and picking small objects off Ladybridge Drive please feel free to stop and help! Find out more about us on our website,uk. If you wish to make a donation towards our work you can find us on www.localgiving. com/charity/fowhp. Anne Jones Friends of West Hunsbury Parks


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Facing the new Spring brings relief as we enjoy longer days, warmer weather and green shoots. However too many new features can be hard to manage. By Easter this year I shall have been in post for a year. Whilst as a family we are delighted to be here and appreciate the kindness shown to us since we moved, we still face much that is different from what we were used to. Patterns of work / school / holidays are not the same as before. In addition, like so many, we face unwanted change through various forms of bereavement. Alongside the excitement is exhaustion as we manage so much that is not yet familiar or is not wanted. Jesus told his closest friends that he would leave them to endure a horrible death; Peter, his most loyal follower, would betray him; there would be new dramatic changes to their lives after a few days. The disciples were about to go through dramatic upheaval, far more than most of us will ever undergo. However during their last meal together Jesus said to them: ‘Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid.’ Jesus promised his closest friends and followers the gift of peace. This peace is not an absence of conflict but the sense of security that comes from knowing God loved them beyond measure. As one person said, ‘There is nothing you can do to make God love you more; there is nothing you can do to make God love you less.’ Peace for the Christian is the knowledge and experience that we are not alone in whatever we face. We are often aware of major changes and newness ahead, for example an imminent birth or death, house move or hospital visit. You know what you face. The Easter hope is that Jesus went through and overcame death. The very worst has been defeated. Those who choose to accept this can continue with confidence because God is with us. Find out more at your local church… At St George the Martyr, Wootton our special services are as follows: Sun 30 March 10.00am Sun 6 April 10.00am


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From your MP - Andrea Leadsom I hope 2014 has begun well for you and, unlike me; some of you are managing to keep up with those New Year resolutions! I have had a busy start to the year and I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to report on goings on both in Parliament and in Northamptonshire. Excellent broadband services are something I am very keen to see. Recently I have been focussed on ensuring our area receives good coverage. Residents of Towcester and Grange Park have written to tell me that their broadband services are well below the standard they expect. It has been rightly pointed out that good broadband coverage is vital for those keeping in contact with friends and family and essential for those working from home. I have applied for a short debate in Parliament to raise this issue with a Government Minister and have written to Northamptonshire County Council to ask about their future plans, and timetable, for providing superfast broadband across our area. In the last spending round the Government announced an additional £250 million to extend coverage of superfast broadband to 95% of the population by 2017. The aim is to reach 99% by 2018 and Ministers are currently discussing how this can be achieved. There’s no doubt that keeping up to date with technology and building excellent digital infrastructure is a key way of ensuring the UK competes in the world. In Parliament, Europe is one of my key campaigns. Over three years ago I founded the Fresh Start Project with a group of Conservative MPs. The group has been exploring and researching in detail ways to reform the European Union to make it more competitive, more accountable and less intrusive. January marked an important point for the campaign when the Fresh Start Project, along with the think-tank ‘Open Europe’, held a two day conference in London on EU reform. Representative from all 28 Member States came together to discuss the best and brightest proposals for how to make the EU more effective, democratic and dynamic. Some 300 delegates from 30 countries attended including ministers, a European Commissioner, MPs, MEPs, former heads of state, leading business people, journalists and many more.


I was delighted to open the conference and introduce the keynote speaker, Chancellor George Osborne. The Chancellor gave a strong speech in which he said that reform was vital and that this would include treaty change. He was very clear that the status quo is not an option and that the EU must ‘reform or decline’. I completely support the Government’s aims to reform our relationship so the EU works for Britain and the Prime Minister’s pledge to then give the British public a referendum in 2017 on whether to stay in a reformed EU or leave. It has been far too long since the British people had their say on Europe and it is absolutely the right time to ask the public what they think. I know that in our area planning is a major issue and you will be aware that I have raised my concerns regarding the housing plans at Collingtree and Hardingstone with the Council on a number of occasions. I have also visited both areas recently and have heard for myself the concerns of local residents. The concerns regarding flooding, traffic congestion, school provision and employment opportunities as well as many others still need to be addressed. I have called on the Council to delay any decision on these planning applications until the Joint Core Strategy public inquiry has taken place and has reported. I am also aware that the state of the A45, especially around junction 15 of the M1 remains abysmal. I am working with Councillors on this, and plan to meet with the Highways Agency to discuss the problem as soon as possible. As ever, if you think I may be able to help you with an issue and you would like to get in touch with me, please do not hesitate to do so. There are several ways you can contact me; • E-mail me at • Write to me at – House of Commons, Westminster, London, SW1A 0AA • Come and see me at one of my advice surgeries – details can be found on my website at or by calling my constituency office on 01604 859721 Please get in touch if I can help or if you would like my views on a certain issue. I look forward to hearing from you. I look forward to writing again for the Link and I take this opportunity to wish you a happy Easter! With best wishes Andrea


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From West Hunsbury Parish Council The period since our last article in the Link has been a very busy time for the Parish Council. At our December meeting, we elected a new chair (George Hook) following the resignation of John Smyth who had chaired the council since the elections in May. John will continue to stay on the council. We are delighted our grant of £5,000 to the Friends of West Hunsbury Parks helped them achieve the purchase and installation of the new play equipment in the Hill Park. In response to concerns expressed by residents at the street meetings we held last summer, the council is progressing the purchase of a small number of additional litter bins, dog poo bins and benches which we hope will be in place when you read this. Thanks to the efforts of our Vice Chair (Stephen Tomlinson) the Borough Council has undertaken to improve the surface of the car park at the entrance to the Hill Park. By the time you read this article, we will have set our first budget and precept (for 2014/15); the precept for our first year (2013/14) was set by the Borough Council when it established the Parish Council. The precept is the amount which the parish council each year determines it needs for the forthcoming year and then requests the Borough Council to collect through council tax. The council is committed to using its funds wisely for the benefit of the whole community of West Hunsbury. In addition to the funds raised through the parish precept , the council is particularly keen to maximise opportunities to access other funds available through government grants, sponsorship etc which can be used to provide local improvements at no direct cost to local residents. In this regard, the council has been very fortunate to have been successful in its application to be awarded monies from the central government’s Next Steps programme designed to help newly formed parish councils develop better links with their communities. We plan to use this money to provide urgently needed notice boards (in response to requests from residents), develop our website and begin developing a Parish Plan for West Hunsbury. Preparing a parish plan provides an excellent opportunity for the whole community to make its views known on priorities for the area over the next five to ten years. Having a parish plan is important as it will drive the council’s activities and priorities going forward. The Next Steps money can be used to undertake proper consultation with residents and groups in West Hunsbury building on the street meetings we held with residents last summer. Your input to the preparation of the parish plan is important as this will influence the operation of the council (and the level of the precept) in


the years to come. Naturally the parish council wants residents to be fully involved in all it does. Residents are most welcome at council meetings which are held on the third Thursday of each month at the Parsons Meade Community Room starting at 7.30pm. The agenda is posted on notice boards and on our website three days ahead of each meeting. The agenda for each meeting includes an opportunity for residents to speak and raise issues or concerns with the council directly. Alternatively, at any time please feel free to contact the clerk or any of your councillors. Your views are important to us. Our clerk is Mrs Shirley Wong who can be contacted on 01604-700691 or by email to Your councillors are:George Hook – Chairman John Crouch Tony Holford Mrs Sarah Parkin

Stephen Tomlinson – Vice Chairman Brian Hoare Richard Matthews John Smyth

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Being A Winner We all want to be winners, don’t we? We love to be on the winning side or support the winning team. No one walks out onto the pitch or the court intending to lose. And no one sets out in life desiring to fail but the fact is that, in the game of life, we sometimes miss the goal, drop the ball or fall flat on our face in the mud! Sometimes, we score! But that temporary joy is replaced when we later find that we still lost the game. But, what if there was a way of being assured of victory in life? A way that didn’t depend on our skill, age, background or the quality of the opposition. One that simply depended on being invited to join the winning team. At Christian Celebration Church, we believe that that invitation is there and available for everyone. The Bible says, ‘But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ.’ (1 Corinthians 15:57) And, ‘Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.’ (1 John 5:5) If you want to find out more about living a victorious life because of the victory that has been won for us, come along on Sunday at 10am or email us on We look forward to seeing you! Rachel Clarke – Pastor of Christian Celebration Church



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Beyond the classroom “Why am I crying, Mrs Schofield? I'm not sad.� So said a group of year five girls, moved to tears by a rendition of 'You Raise Me Up', led by professional singer Wayne Ellington and supported by the massed choirs of over 650 schools and 6,400 children during the finale of the Young Voices 2014 concert at the LG Arena in Birmingham in January. Exhausted by the excitement of the trip to the LG, an afternoon of rehearsals, uplifted by the music and overwhelmed by the sight of a sell-out audience, this was probably the first time the group of 9-11 year olds had felt such emotions. Singing, dancing, waving their lights: the children of Wootton contributed to an amazing performance, one which blew away every member of the audience, many of whom were also moved to tears! As a parent and a governor at the school, what struck me driving home from the arena was that school is about so much more than exams and results. It's easy to get drawn in to the day to day minutiae of homework, grades, Ofsted reports and SATs (end of year exams) results, but equally, if not more, important are the experiences that the children have at school. Unless these children become pop stars and sell out the LG Arena, it's unlikely they'll get to look out at a full audience, sing their hearts out and dance like their lives depend on it. But school gave them that. And that's just one of many 'once in a lifetime' experiences children at Wootton have had over the past year. In November, a group of them performed at the Derngate representing the school in the Strictly Northampton dancing competition, American Smooth waltzing and Cha Cha Cha-ing their way to fourth place and securing their spot in the regional finals in June. Earlier that month, Wootton Primary and other cluster schools had taken part in the Shakespeare for Schools festival at the Royal and Derngate, receiving highly complimentary comments from the audience and adjudicator not just for getting to grips with the language, coping with the pressure of the performance and giving it a go, but for putting on a really professional show. Although these are highlights and largely the reserve of the children in their last year of primary at Wootton, it reminds us all what school's about. Not just maths and reading and writing, but about seizing opportunities, trying new things, and sharing these experiences with friends. It's about learning without knowing you're learning, building up a fabric of knowledge, experiences and life lessons, all of which will shape


the adults these children become when they leave primary and in years to come. Children at Wootton have numerous opportunities to learn beyond their classroom and the vast majority seize these chances with enthusiasm and excitement. They also follow a curriculum of values, such as patience, courage and friendship, with a focus on one each half term, and have an established system of buddying, whereby older children pair up with a 'buddy' from a lower year group to help them with reading, on school trips and at lunchtimes. This instils trust in the younger children and responsibility in the older ones, encouraging them to share their knowledge and experience, and is beneficial to both parties. The ethos at Wootton is that all these elements are important to education. Of course, academic results are essential too, and the school was very proud that 92% of the children in year 6 achieved the standard level or higher in reading, writing and maths in 2013. The rest of the 2014 will bring more exciting challenges for the children at Wootton, especially the recent Reception intake who will be doing so many things for the first time, and the Year 6 children who will be preparing for their transition to secondary school in September. I think it's fair to say there'll be more tears to come, Mrs Schofield! Mrs Schofield is head teacher of Wootton Primary Academy. For more information on the school, entry procedure, the curriculum and extra curricular activities, please visit http://www.wootton.northants. or email the Chair of Governors, Neil Roberts, at



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Conversation How long is it since you had a really good conversation? Perhaps it was relaxed and gentle - just what you needed. Perhaps it was full of laughter, laced with witticisms, wonderfully good-humoured. Perhaps it was stimulating and thought-provoking. How long is it since you had a difficult conversation? Perhaps broaching a painful subject. Perhaps revealing or trying to address conflict. Perhaps it seemed okay at the time, and it was only afterwards that you kicked yourself – for what you did or didn't say, or because the full intent of someone else's comment became clearer. For better and also for worse, conversation impacts on our lives. It can enrich or enrage. We can sometimes have too much of it, and sometimes far too little. Conversation is our church theme at Saint Benedict's for 2014. For conversation to happen, both speaking and listening are required. It's the latter, the listening, I want to touch on briefly here. It's easy to take listening for granted – to see it as passive. But that's just not the case. Have you ever tried to talk to somebody when it's very clear they weren't listening at all. It's hard work, and frequently infuriating. On the other hand, the presence of an engaged and attentive listener can be a great gift. The fact that they clearly want to hear what I have to say, can give me space to discover things I didn't previously know. So, when you listen, be assured that you're giving a precious gift. That's the case if its normal chitchat, with plenty of give and take between conversation partners. It's also the case, even more obviously, if most of what you're doing is listening to someone who really needs to talk an issue through. I try to listen well, but I don't always manage. Listening takes energy: it's hard work. And let me mention three specifics which can make it even more difficult. First, there's a whole range of practicalities which can get in the way. Perhaps I've just thought of something that I really don't want to forget. Perhaps I've only got two minutes before I need to be somewhere else. Perhaps there's background noise which makes it genuinely difficult to hear. Sometimes we can address these practicalities – but sometimes not. Second, there will be times when listening is difficult, because what we hear is painful, and we can't make the pain disappear. We have no solution to offer, and can feel uncomfortably powerless. That can feel really difficult. And yet the gift of our presence, can make a real difference. The simple fact that we don't hide from what we are being told may not feel very much to us, but can be a great encouragement to the other person.


Third, if we're honest, sometimes listening to someone is difficult because we have unresolved issues with that person. Our difficulty in paying decent attention to them is a signal to us that work needs to be done. The German-American Christian Paul Tillich put it powerfully: 'The first duty of love is to listen.' If we think we love someone, but struggle to give them time and space to speak, something isn't quite right. Is our love big enough to hear what they want to say – even if it's difficult, or challenges our opinions? Let's be grateful to all those who listen to us, and reflect on our own listening. For all who pray, be assured that the God who is love absolutely listens to each one of us, engaging with us as we are. May we learn to listen to him, and hear him clearly. If you get this in time, can I particularly commend Saint Benedict's 10 AM service on Sunday March 2. We're calling it 'Desert Island Hymns', and our castaway is the new Archdeacon of Northampton, Richard Ormston. The service includes most normal features, but with conversation with Richard woven into its structure – including him introducing and explaining his choice of hymns. A number of readers will know Richard from a few years ago, when he was Rector of Collingtree and Milton Malsor from 1991, and also rural Dean of Wootton 1996-2001. His company is always engaging and enjoyable, and I commend his visit to you – all are welcome. Our monthly church cafe continues, nearly always on the first Wednesday of each month, 11am to 2pm. It's been great to see a gradually increasing group of folks enjoying the hospitality, wonderful food and camaraderie that our great team puts on. The next few dates are March 5, April 3, and May 7. At the time of writing, the church has decided to take the first steps towards developing our porch. As many of you know, the entrance door is far too heavy, and the wind still whips through on a cold day. Find out more in future issues… The church website will contain details of all special Easter services. For now, do register the Ash Wednesday 7:30pm communion on March 5, and the 10am main service on Easter day, April 20. Also, there will be no Thirty Minute Church on April 13, as it is Palm Sunday. However life is currently treating you, may I wish you the blessing of God's listening presence. Rev Jonathan Kimber Vicar of St Benedict's, Hunsbury Serving East and West Hunsbury, Camp Hill and Briar Hill 01604-768624;




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Wootton & East Hunsbury Parish Council As always there is a lot going on at the parish council, but in this issue of ‘Link’, I wanted to update you on the parish council’s budget and council tax for the coming year, the consultation on what might be built on the open space at Simpson Manor, this year’s Walk in the Park event, and what we are doing to ensure that local views are taken account of in the planning of future housing. WOOTTON & EAST HUNSBURY PARISH COUNCIL

Council Tax – 8.5% budget reduction to ensure a 0% increase to you The Parish Council recently set its budget for the coming year from April. Most of the money that the Parish Council has available to spend for the good of the area comes from the council tax that we all pay as local residents, with other income then coming from things like the hire of our halls to groups and for parties and events, sports pitch hire, etc. If you live in a property that is in council tax band ‘D’ £61.40 went to the parish council last year out of your total annual council tax bill of £1,478 for the year. As you will probably be aware, this money is spent by the parish council on a variety of things, including sponsoring two Police Community Support Officers who are dedicated to the local area, providing a Youth Project and Youth Council, and providing additional litter picking and tidying around the parish through our Environmental Maintenance Officers. The parish council also undertakes other roles for the area, which have administrative cost, such as representing your views for or against planning applications. Sometimes this involves raising concern against planning applications such as the large housing applications that are being considered at present, and on other occasions seeking for their approval, as was the case a while back when the local community told us that they wanted the Waitrose store to go ahead, and not be refused as was expected. We have now had 0% increases in our parish council tax for four consecutive years, as we feel that this is the right approach during difficult economic times, and we wanted to be sure of a 0% increase again this year. I am glad to say that we have achieved this, although this year we have seen a reduction in the amount paid to parish councils due to changes in connection with the Council Tax Reduction Scheme. The net result of this is that, in order for your parish council tax not to increase, we have found savings of around 8.5% of our budget. Different parishes have taken different approaches to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme changes, but we at Wootton & East Hunsbury felt unanimously that our approach, ensuring that there is no increase in cost to you, is right at this time.


Simpson Manor Over the years there have been various discussions regarding the open space at Simpson Manor, and the fact that the developers who built the houses there were required to set aside a sum of money, and the parish council contractually obliged to complete the site with a community building of some kind, whilst retaining most of the site as open space. With the land due to be handed over to the parish council, we are keen to hear from local residents about what they would like to see built there. The 1st Wootton Scout Group have expressed interest in being involved in, and contributing to, any building project, so in essence there are three options being considered: 1) Build a Community building in conjunction with the Scouts, putting formal arrangements in place for its use by the Scouts and community 2) Build a smaller Community building or ‘Village Hall’ without the Scouts involvement and their fund raising 3) Not to build anything, and return the money to the consortium of house builders. Simpson Manor Neighbourhood Watch have kindly agreed to coordinate a local consultation, so if you live on Simpson Manor and have not had the chance to comment yet using the leaflet you should have received, please take a look at their website to learn more and make some comments: Walk in the Park This year we are planning a slightly different Walk in the Park, for one day only on 5th July, with a greater focus on local groups. There will be no entry charge, but there will be some great bands on stage, and we are now contacting local schools and groups regarding stalls and performing on stage, and very much hope that all those who have taken part in the past are able to again, along with any new groups in the area. If you are part of a local group, club, school, or business, and are interested in having a stall or performing at Walk in the Park please get in touch with us at the parish office. Youth Project There are some exciting new activities which are centred around health and fitness, including working with a local trainer, Craig, to provide exercise and circuit training classes for young people of eleven years plus, using funds contributed by County Councillor André Gonzalez de Savage. The health theme is also due to be extended to the addition of fruit smoothies to the Youth Project’s tuck shop! Joint Core Strategy – Where the houses will all be built! During the past few years, Northampton Borough Council has been working with


South Northants Council and Daventry District Council to determine where new housing will be built over the next fifteen to twenty years. This is an important issue for our local area, and one in which your parish, Borough, and County councillors have all be actively engaged in. There are many views on whether the number of new homes suggested will really be needed or not, and where they should or should not be built, but at present our local area is in line for 1000 houses on Collingtree Golf Course land, and 1300 new houses between Hardingstone and Brackmills, in addition to other developments that have been planned for some time, such as the additional 300-400 houses on the edge of Wootton Fields. The parish council is concerned about the impact on our area, most particularly in terms of flood risk, additional traffic, and the pressure on other infrastructure and facilities. My personal view now is that this further level of development cannot be sustained, and that the impact on local people’s lives will be unacceptable. As someone who is now a member of the Joint Strategic Planning Committee, I can tell you that I have voted against the current plan that is being considered, as have your other local Councillors who are members of this committee (Phil Larratt Borough Cllr for East Hunsbury, Andre Gonzalez County Cllr for East Hunsbury, Michael Clarke County Cllr for Hackleton and Grange Park, as well as Cllrs Hadland and Flavell who are Borough Cllrs for other parts of the town). We believe that other ways of distributing the housing around the area of Northampton will result in a better solution, and provide better infrastructure, without overwhelming the already overrun area to the south of the town and around junction 15 of the M1. We are working in a coordinated way with all of the local groups who are concerned about this issue, including Hunsbury & Collingtree Residents’ Alliance, Wootton Brook Action Group, and Hardingstone Action Group to name just three, as well as with our MP Andrea Leadsom, and we will continue to do all we possibly can to avoid overdevelopment harming the quality of life in our area. We are determined to do all that we can to ensure that Wootton and East Hunsbury continues to be a great place to live, so as always, if you wish to discuss with us any other concerns affecting our area, please get in touch with us at the parish office. Jonathan Nunn Chairman Wootton & East Hunsbury Parish Council Parish office address: Wootton Community & Sports Centre, Curtlee Hill, Wootton, Northampton, NN4 6ED Telephone: 01604 705055 Email:


Wootton Memorial Hall Wootton Memorial Hall was built as a memorial to people from the village who gave their lives and services for their Country in the Great War 1914-1918. The cost of the building was raised by weekly subscriptions from the villagers. June 2014 will be the centenary of the start of this terrible War. The Hall Council wish to mark this occasion and would appreciate the involvement of the Community and especially the families of the people who served their Country at this time. The loan of any form of memorabilia, photographs, stories etc. Would be treated with the highest respect and greatly valued so that an exhibition could be arranged as a fitting tribute to these brave souls. This is an opportunity for everyone to share and honour a very significant time in Wootton’s history and remind everyone why the Memorial Hall was built. Please contact David Blackbourn on 01604 767438 if you have

Stroller’s - A Walking Club for Ladies Walking is a good form of exercise and the Northamptonshire countryside is a wonderful area to explore on foot. If you are a lady, walking on your own, you are limited as to where you can safely walk. The "Stroller's" Walking Club is a friendly group of ladies and new members are always made to feel welcome. We meet every other Tuesday morning; there is no commitment to come on every walk. After the walk we have lunch at a teashop or village pub before returning. You do not need to have your own transport, as a scheme operates where we share cars and petrol costs. If you would like to know more please contact Rosalind on 01604 700017 or Linda on 07968 556846.




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From your West Hunsbury Borough Councillor

Brian Oldham

Dear Fellow Residents, I hope this article finds you well and in good spirits as spring approaches. With the weather in mind I was extremely relieved and pleased that in West Hunsbury we came through the severity of the excessive rain without any serious consequences. Apart from a few downed trees, which with the help of the Borough Councils Tree Department I managed to get cleared up relatively quickly, there was no other damage of significance to attend to. It was noticeable that with all the rain we had the culverts on the Wootton Brook coped with the high volume of water that flowed through the brook and the lake area. This was in no small part due to the actions of some residents, the Friends of Hunsbury Hill Parks, and West Hunsbury Parish Council, who, along with me, worked with the Environment Agency and Northampton Borough Council over the last weeks, months, and years in making sure that the brook, lake, weir, and culvert areas were properly cleared and maintained. This brings me on to the subject of West Hunsbury Parish Council that recently had a change of Chairman. Councillor John Smyth resigned as Chairman and was succeeded by Councillor George Hook. I would like to assure them all of my continued support for their success. Councillor Smyth still remains on the Parish Council. Stagecoach Bus Company has invested a lot in the purchase of new buses for Northampton. This investment is to be welcomed. Stagecoach has introduced some of the new buses on the No.10 route. The company is keen to deliver a reliable and successful service on this route, as well as on the No.12 route which serves Camp Hill. There have been some problems of buses not running to time in the past, particularly on the No.10 route. I frequently talk to Stagecoach management about this and other matters. It should be noted that the new Bus Interchange, Northgate, will open around the time you read this article. Service No.12 will operate from the Drapery to Camp Hill, while the No.10 will operate from the Drapery to West Hunsbury. Timetables may be adjusted slightly to accommodate the move from Greyfriars to Northgate. Hopefully these will have been published well in advance and have been well publicised. Regarding the situation of the former Ironstone Pub, the freehold of the property has been purchased from Punch Taverns by Nahara Property Company of London. However, the building is still on a Lease to Tesco.


I'm hoping that something can be resolved between the freehold owner and the leaseholder in the not too distant future so that the premises can be brought back into use. I remain steadfastly opposed to the former pub becoming a Tesco Express, and the Borough Council’s Conservative Administration will not agree to the release of the covenant on the site that prevents it being used for any other purpose. I’m hoping that Northampton's entry into the East Midlands In Bloom competition 2014 will include The Friends of Hunsbury Hill Parks, Northamptonshire Ironstone Railway, and Northamptonshire Acre. The demolition of Greyfriars Bus Station will begin more or less immediately following the opening of the new Northgate facility. The demolition of Greyfriars will save the tax payer about £500,000 a year. Other issues moving ahead include: • The Student accommodation at St Johns will soon be completed and the University has secured its funding package to move to Nunn Mills Road, where some works have already commenced to enable the development • Planning permission for the Sixfields area, including the Cobblers Stadium, has been granted • A planning application to complete the development of Franklins Gardens has been received, and should have been decided by the time you read this • Work has commenced on the new hotel on the Albion Place Car Park, behind Royal & Derngate • The construction of the new Railway Station continues a pace with a view to it opening in the summer • The County Council has consulted on the plans for its new HQ building in Angel Street and a planning application is due to be submitted • Work continues in the Enterprise Zone, with the demolition of the former gas holders and other premises, to create the sites for the construction of new retail, industrial, and commercial premises • The construction of a new Innovation Centre has commenced within the Enterprise Zone, opposite the station, on the corner of St Peters Way and Westbridge • Discussions are still ongoing to develop a Heritage Gateway near the Railway Station, on Black Lion Hill, to recognise and celebrate Northampton’s significant place in English history Please be assured of my commitment to representing you, the residents of West Hunsbury, to the best of my ability and, please feel free to contact me regarding any matter where you feel I may be of assistance to you. With best wishes, Councillor Brian Oldham West Hunsbury Ward - Northampton Borough Council 07891 364643


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"Local People Saving Local Lives" South Northants Community Responders is made up of a group of volunteers who have been trained by East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EMAS) to provide emergency medical aid to people living and working in the local community. The purpose of a Community First Responder Group is to provide emergency medical care until the professional service arrives on scene. It is important to understand that we do not replace the professional service, but we are able to provide necessary support and assistance until their arrival. Community First Responders are primarily called to attend “Red 1 and Red 2” emergency calls, these are 999 calls which the East Midlands Ambulance Service deem to be “Serious and/or life threatening” and therefore by their very nature need medical help to arrive as quickly as possible, usually within the 8 minutes from the 999 call being made. These types of calls are classed as medical emergencies, and can happen both at home, work and in public places. “Red Calls” are usually where the patient is suffering from some the following illnesses or symptoms:Cardiac arrest, Unconscious and collapsed patients, Chest pains (e.g. heart attacks and acute angina), Breathing difficulties (e.g. asthma, acute on-set bronchitis/emphysema, COPD), Diabetic emergencies (e.g. hypoglycemia), Fitting or Convulsions (e.g. epilepsy), Stroke (CVA), Anaphylaxis (allergic reaction), Choking patients Like all First Responder Schemes across the county we receive no funds from central sources and rely entirely on fund raising, sponsorship and donations. If you would like to find out more about how you can support South Northants Community Responders or if you are able to offer sponsorship, or have a collection tin please email or visit our website. Further information about EMAS Community First Responder Scheme is available from


CALLING ALL ARTISTS Would you like to exhibit & sell your work? ART EXHIBITION & SALE Wootton Memorial Hall High Street, Wootton (opposite the Church) Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th June 2014

A commission of 10% on all sales will go to towards the Hall Refurbishment Fund.

If you wish to show your work, this is the event for you For further information & entry form ring 01604 767438 Closing date June 1st June

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Abbey Centre, Overslade Road, adjacent to Tesco and the Library We meet at 1:45pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month. We have talks, film slides and demonstrations. Also, Barbecue Event and Strawberry Tea during the year. Visitors and new members are always very welcome. Come along, or contact Jill Whitehead 01604 700727 March 20th AGM April 17th.

Anniversary celebrations

May 15th.

“Mind Your Language” talk by Shirley Allen

June 19th.

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From your Nene Valley County Councillor Phil Larratt

I hope this article finds you well as spring approaches. At the time of writing, there is little evidence of winter! Many street lights throughout the area were due to be renewed in February, in particular those throughout Hardingstone. Not all street lights are the responsibility of the County Council, but the significant majority are. There are some lights that are the responsibility of Northampton Borough Council. Working with Borough Council colleagues, we have arranged for the Borough Council lights on the pathway from Hardy Drive to Bouverie Road, through the garage area by the water tower, and the two lights in the grassed area in front of Bouverie House, to be renewed as part of the County Council’s replacement programme. We have been contacted about the parking problems in Hardy Drive, Hardingstone, and we are following this issue up with officers of both the County Council and Borough Council. We’ll report back on this matter in due course. I would like to congratulate the Bouverie House Community Steering Group on their efforts to secure improvements to the Community Room. I am pleased to have been able to support the Group, as well as financially through my Empowerment Fund. When the work that Northampton Borough Council is undertaking to repair the fabric of the building, install better outside lighting, and enhance the internal electrical wiring is completed, along with the provision of new curtains, chairs, and kitchen equipment that the community has raised funds for, the room will be a great asset to the whole community. According to County Council Officers who I recently met with the Parish Council Chairman, Silverstone are apparently still interested in securing County Council land, off Watering Lane, Collingtree, for a park and ride facility on a maximum of 10 days per year. This is contrary to what we were told by the Managing Director of Silverstone last year. At the time of writing, I am pursuing this matter again, in the hope that this ridiculous proposal is dropped at the earliest opportunity, with the land being returned to agricultural use. It was a pleasure to attend the recent opening of the new Waitrose store on Newport Pagnell Road. This is a great local store providing consumers with a greater retail offer and a wider choice. Let’s not forget that it was the community, demonstrating its support for the development of this store that led to it being built. In my 27 years as a Councillor, I have never seen so much support shown by the public in favour of such a development proposal. Our town planners were opposed to the development, but the fantastic number of representations from people supporting it forced them to change their mind. If only the town’s planners would listen to the community regarding the massive housing developments proposed at Hardingstone and Collingtree!


I am pleased that the speed limit on the Newport Pagnell Road has been reduced to 30 mph. This limit is far more appropriate to the road than the previous 40 mph limit. There are still some issues relating to the Newport Pagnell Road that need to be addressed. If we are unlucky and fail to stop the development behind The Warren / Newport Pagnell Road, we must ensure that traffic lights are installed at the junction of Water Lane, Wootton. It can take an age to get out of this junction now, and the situation will be worse if development takes place. Also, some residents have raised concerns about turning right out of Waitrose / Wyevale, across the lane of traffic turning right into the site. We’ll monitor this situation, especially with the possibility of major development nearby that will impact on the traffic flows along Newport Pagnell Road. M1 J15 remains a major issue, and we continue to press the Highways Agency to take action to improve the situation. We are aware that the increased traffic flows through Collingtree and on the A45 itself are making it difficult for vehicles to exit Watering Lane onto the A45 because of the short slip road. We will bring this matter to the attention of the Highways Agency. The County Council has not increased the Council Tax for many years. While the Government offers a 1% grant to council’s not to increase their Council Tax, this is only for a fixed period of one, two or three years. Once the grant dries up cuts have to be made to the budget to fund the loss of grant. Northamptonshire County Council has a real problem with Children’s Services that are under great pressure following several high profile cases, such as Baby P, and must make significant improvements to the service. This will require a £14m investment, an investment that cannot be made without increasing the Council Tax this year. I’m therefore afraid to report that the County Council element of your Council Tax will increase by 1.99% from 1st April 2014. However, Northamptonshire will continue have the lowest Council Tax of any Shire County in England. The development of a Planning Strategy for West Northamptonshire remains problematic. The Joint Planning Committee consisting of members from South Northants District, Daventry District, Northampton Borough, and Northamptonshire County Councils was established by Government to achieve consensus on a development plan for West Northamptonshire. This has failed. At a recent meeting of the Committee, Daventry and South Northants Councillors voted for a plan that was opposed by Northampton Borough and Northamptonshire County Councillors so the votes were tied. As the meeting was chaired by a Daventry Councillor he used his casting vote to force the plan through. This is Daventry and South Northants Councillors dumping all their development on Northampton with no care whatsoever for the consequences of their actions and the impact of them on the communities in and around Northampton. At the time of writing, the proposed changes to the strategy that were forced through are being consulted upon. However, it has since been established that the meeting that supposedly approved the changes and their consultation was flawed due to a Councillor voting when they were not able to do so. A further meeting to decide the


validity of the earlier decision is planned in early February, but the whole process is now open to legal challenge. We acknowledge the need for development and the need for a planning strategy to ensure sustainable development that delivers necessary infrastructure in the right places. We do not support the developments proposed at Hardingstone and Collingtree as we do not believe them to be sustainable, or capable of delivering any meaningful infrastructure. These developments will only add to the congestion at M1 J15, on the A45 and on many other local roads such as Rowtree Road, Ladybridge Drive and Newport Pagnell Road. It would be extremely expensive to undertake works to mitigate the effects of these developments on the A45, and these could not be funded on the back of these developments. Flooding of the Wootton Brook is also a concern with regard to the Collingtree proposal, as properties in the area are already subject to flooding, and other existing properties will become liable to flooding as more land gets built on. However, there is a great need for a North West By-pass for Northampton to relieve much of the congestion and heavy traffic on minor roads in and to the north of the town. We believe that development should go in areas to the north and west of the town where meaningful and much needed infrastructure, such as the North West By-pass, can be provided through the developments. Residents in the north of the town have indicated that they will accept more development if it delivers the North West By-pass, so we believe that consensus can still be achieved if only our Planners and the South Northants and Daventry Councillors will listen to the local communities their decisions will affect. It remains my pleasure and an honour to represent the residents of Nene Valley Division on Northamptonshire County Council. Please feel free to contact me if you feel I can assist you in any way. Phil Larratt Tel: 07770 637160 E-mail:

   


•  •  •  •  •  

 


         

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Hunsbury Children’s Choir Hunsbury Children’s Choir is for children aged 6 upwards who enjoy singing together in a fun way. We meet on Mondays (in term time only) at King Richard Court, East Hunsbury, NN4 0XU, from 4pm to 5pm. Teachers for this choir have CRB enhanced certificates. A small charge of £1 per session is payable to help cover room hire, music and refreshment costs. We perform twice a year at the Abbey Centre as well as other local venues. New members are always welcome. For details look on our website or ring Musical Director Helen Thorman on 01604 706146.


Directory of Organisations Abbey Centre Baptist Church – contact Administrators on 01604 767568. Services Sunday 10.45am and 6.00pm. Devotions most Wednesdays at 7.30pm. Midweek Meetings as announced. For church meetings, further details of the church’s life and work; or regarding child blessings, weddings, funerals, counselling, etc, contact Rev Gareth Shepherd 01604 767526/767568. Abbey Community Theatre: Tuesdays and Fridays 7.30 to 10.00pm. Contact Derek Wilson 01604 761291 Aikido Club (10-16 & adult): Wednesday and Friday 7.00 to 10.00pm. Contact Ian Geddes 01604 634901 Art Class: Mondays 9.30 to noon. Contact Marion Aveling 01604 859109 Baby and Toddlers: Wednesday 9.30 to 11.30am. Contact Leanne Read 07445 839432 Beekeepers: Various days and times. Contact Trevor Minett 01788 890908 Brownies: Monday 6.00 to 7.30pm. Contact Julie Wade 07931 746646 Thursday 6.00 to 7.30pm. Contact Sue Holman 01604 465874 Carpet Bowls: Thursdays 7.00 to 9.00pm. Contact Madeleine Lambert 01908 571438 Childminders: 2nd Wednesday 9.30 to 11.30am. Contact Janette Beneoechea 01604 705370 Cloud Nine Holidays: Departure Point various times. Country Lion 08003 457575 Esther International Ministries: Last Saturday of month 2.00 to 6.00pm Fun With Music: 10.00 to 10.30am. Contact Lisa Warriner 07540 199414 Gala Concert Group: Rehearsal Thursdays 7.45pm. Contact Steve Baker 01604 877148. Guides: Monday 7.30 – 9.00pm. Contact Julie Wade 07931 746646 Thursday 7.00 to 9.00pm. Contact Jenna Wood 01604 760620 LEAP: Day opportunities for adults with learning difficulties. Various days. Contact Fiona Mortimer/Gaynor Smith 07703 192931 Little Kickers: Friday 9.30 to 11.30am. Contact

Antony Newbould 07717 717140 Lunch Club: 60+. Contact 01604 767568 Music and Drama (MAD): 8-11s Wednesday 6.30 to 7.30pm Club and Performances 12-15s Wednesday 7.30 to 8.30pm. Contact Theresa Ellis 01604 701823 Northamptonshire Carers: 2nd Thursday 12.00 to 2.00pm. Contact Jenny Osborne 01933 677837 Parkinsons Disease Society: 1st and 2nd Tuesdays 10.00am to 3.00pm. Contact Val Hamblin 01788 521304 Pre School: Monday to Friday 9.15 to 11.45am and 12.15 to 2.45pm. Contact Sue Philpott 07980 092175 Princes Trust: Contact Wayne Taylor 07766 365211 Rangers: Alternate Thursdays. 7.00 to 9.00pm. Contact Elaine 07915 075640 Scouts: Beavers: 6-8 years. Wednesday 6.00 to 7.15pm Cubs: 8-10 years. Monday 6.30-8.00pm Scouts: 10-15 years. Tuesday 7.30 to 9.30pm. Scout Chairman Andrew Thomas 01604 517364. Slimming World: Monday 4.00 to 9.00pm and Wednesday 9.00 to 11.00am. Contact Sylvia Paget 07525 469283 Theological Society: bi-monthly 3rd Tuesday 7.30pm. Contact Alan Riley 01604 716901 Townswomen’s Guild: 3rd Thursday. 1.45 to 3.45pm. Contact Sue Moore 01604 760743 Veterinary Service: Monday to Friday 9.00 to 10.30am and Monday/Wednesday/ Friday 4.30 to 6.30pm. Contact 01604 760970/648221 Youth Inspired: Youth Club 11-19 years. Friday 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Contact Jenny Evans 01604 705055 Abington Museum - 631454. Open Tues-Sun 1 - 5 pm Alopecia Sufferers Sat Coffee Mornings. Want to chat with other sufferers, contact Karen on 07843838324 Art Class Milton Malsor village hall Wednes-


days in term time 1.30-3.30pm contact Marion Aveling 01604 859109 Blacky More Community Centre Contact Wootton Parish Council 01604 705055 Boys’ Brigade meets on Monday evenings during term time at Wootton Trinity Church. Anchors Boys age 5-8 from 6-7pm. Junior Section age 8 and above from 7-8pm Contact Captain, Marijke Smith on 01604 465531 to join Central Museum & Art Gallery - 238458. Open Mon - Sat 10 am - 5 pm. Sun 2 - 5 pm Childminders’ Group contact Annie Walker 765979 meets Butts Road Community Centre 1st and 3rd Mondays Christian Celebration 01604 702178 e-mail: Services at Wootton Trinity, High St, at 10:00am & 6pm. Collingtree CEVA Primary School - 01604 761469 Headteacher: Mrs Sonia Clews Lawns Lodge Lane Collingtree Northampton NN4 0NQ Group 8 Theatre Company Thursday 7.30 - 10.00 pm contact John Ellerby 870513. Hunsbury Guides, Brownies and Rainbows - contact Karen McFarlane District Commissioner 705965 Hunsbury A Townswomen’s Guild - contact Jill Whitehead 01604 700727. Meets 3rd Thursday of the month 1.45 pm at the Abbey Centre, Overslade Road Hunsbury Hill Womens Institute - contact Rosie Duddy, 01604 767670. Meets 3rd Tuesday of the month 7.45pm at Camp Hill Community Centre, Dayrell Road. Hunsbury Residents’ Association - contact André Gonzalez Tel 702288 Linedance Club - Crystal Cats Linedance Club - Caroline Chisholm School. 7 - 8pm Absolute Beginners 7- 8pm Beginners/Improvers 8-10pm Improvers/Intermediates every Monday in the Main Hall Contact Gill Bradley 07733 091865 Music Bugs (6m - 5 years with parent or


carer) Thursdays in Hardingstone Village Hall, 9.30 18m +, 10.30 6m - 2 yrs, contact Fiona on 0844 578 1017 or email fiona@musicbugs. Northamptonshire Association for Local History (NALH), an umbrella group for Local History societies and open to membership by individuals. Contact Secretary Jane Waterfield Two annual meetings are held. March in Northants Record Office, Wootton Hall and in October a history day hosted by a local history society (2004 Brigstock). A publication (Hindsight) is produced for members. Contact editor on NCC Sports & Social Club Wootton Hall park, Mereway Tel No 01604 767766 Northampton Camera Club - Meets on Mondays 7.45 pm at Hardingstone Village Hall contact Dave Humphreys01604 674193 frames.html for full details Northampton Cyclists’ Touring Club - Regular Saturday and Sunday cycle rides and Wednesday meetings. e-mail: Northampton Junior Chess Club Contact Ian Marsh or via the website: http://www.northamptonjuniorchessclub. Northampton Lions Club Contact David Williams 07900041794 Northampton Nene Ladies Circle 879 (For Ladies between 18 to 45) Meet every other Wednesday 7.30pm. Contact Marion Walton 510586. New members always welcome. Northampton Nene Round Table 985 (For Men between 18 to 45) Meet every other Tuesday 7.30pm. Contact Nick Dean 510586 New members always welcome. Northants 20s and 30s Ramblers - walks most weekends. Contact http://www.lgrtr. or email us on Northants Intervarsity Club - contact Neil Pritchard 765412 Clubnight Mondays, 9:00 onwards in the White Hart in Great Houghton Parkinsons Disease Society meets Abbey Centre 2nd Tuesday 9 am - 3pm contact Val Hamblin 01327 702253. 24 hour help line 0844 225 3628 / 01788 521304 Slimming World - Tuesdays at 7.00 pm Simon De Senlis School. Contact Sandie 858294 St Benedict’s Church (C of E) - contact Revd Jonathan Kimber 768624 Services: Sundays 10 am Parish Communion Service. 2nd Sun of month 11.30 am 30 Minute Church. Sunday Evening Service 4pm on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month Wednesday 10 am Holy Communion followed by Coffee Children’s Groups Parents & Tots Mon 1 pm to 2.30pm at The Portakabin Simon de Senlis School - contact Julie Robinson 769321 Tues and Thurs 9.15-11.15 at The Portakabin Simon de Senlis School Thur 1.30pm to 3 pm Preschool Mon - Fri 9.00am to 11.30am and 12.15pm to 2.45 pm in the Church Hall contact 708469 Mothers’ Union - Meets twice a month contact Nessie Mills 767395. Bellringers - Practice Monday evenings. New recruits always welcome! Contact Geoffrey Brown 769472 Anne England 766303 St George the Martyr Church (C of E) Wootton - contact the Rona Orne on 01604 887045 Services Every week at 11am 1st Sunday of the month – Family Service Other weeks – Holy Communion All are welcome Baptism enquiries761 313 (Dawn Stokes) Wedding enquiries 761891 Bellringers - contact John Page 766162, Pauline Mackenzie 07790982692 or Elaine 763918. Practice every Tuesday evening, 7.30 - 9.00 Everyone welcome, including beginners.

‘Little Stars’ - Toddler Praise: Tuesdays in Term-time 2-3pm Enquiries Dawn Stokes 761313 Stroller’s Walking Club for Ladies Walks take place on Tuesday morning; and the first Sunday of each month, in the afternoon. Contact Rosalind on 01604 700017 or Linda on 07968 556846 for more information Tai Chi Tuesdays 7-8.30 pm Wootton Memorial Hall contact Lindsey Cox 07738 532394 Weightwatchers - Meets Thursdays at 7.00 pm St Benedict’s Church Hall Contact Mandi Mansfield 07955 380030 Wootton Heritage Organisation contact Derrick Baxter 763289 Meets on the third Thursday of the month in the Memorial Hall at 7.30pm. £2.00 entrance fee to help pay for the hire of the hall. All are welcome to attend. Wootton Parish Council - contact Parish Office 705055. Wootton Community & Sports Centre Contact Wootton Parish Council 01604 705055 Wootton Memorial Hall contact David Blackbourn 767438 At present there is no fixed programme so keep an eye on the notice board by the main gate of the Hall Wootton WI We meet on the second Wednesday of the month (except August) at 7:30pm in the Memorial Hall Wootton. Contact Janet Blackbourn 01604 767438 or Gabriele Castle 01604 674746 Wootton Trinity Centre, High Street Wootton the home base of ‘Christian Celebration’ Contact Little Acorns Toddler group (Wootton) Tuesdays (term time only) 9.30am-11.30am contact Mandy 01604 764605 Wootton Trinity Toddler Group Fridays (term time only) 9.30am-11.30am contact Mandy 01604 764605 The Friday Sweethearts(Girls Group) age 5 -11, Fridays at 5.30pm - 6.45pm at Towcester Road Methodist Church, Southampton Road,Contact Abbey Gisanrin 07908526691


Grange Park Church (CofE and Baptist) www. Rev Charlie Nobbs Office: 01604 709519 Home 01604 875188 Services: 10:30am Sundays in GP Community Centre; Wednesdays 12:30 in Kairos Centre Baptism & Wedding Enquiries contact vicar Stepping Stones: (carers & pre-school children) Tuesdays 9:15 GP Community Centre Contact Charlotte 875188 Youth Drop-in (age 11+) Tuesday 3:30pm at Kairos Centre, Wilks Walk, Grange Park Messy Church: Monthly Monday 3:30pm at Kairos Centre Contact Charlotte 875188 Kairos Coffee Shop Friendly community coffee shop open Mon, Wed, Thurs & Frid 9:30-12:30 All Welcome. The Kairos Centre, Wilks Walk, GP, NN4 5DD

Talking Point Group for new mums and their babies to meet together and see health visitors. Thurs 10-12 10 Foxglove Close, Grange Park, NN4 5DD Tel: 875188 Kairos Community Rooms: Excellent community rooms to hire for community activities and private events. The Kairos Centre, Wilks Walk Grange Park. Contact Bookings 709519 or Re-Source Counselling Service: Individual counselling, wellness & wellbeing courses, beating stress. Contact Alan Patterson 709519 working out of Kairos Centre, Grange Park, NN4 5DD Baby Basics: We collect good quality used baby clothes, moses baskets etc clean them up and provide them to new mums in difficult circumstances. Drop off at Kairos Centre, Grange Park. Contact Angie 709519 or


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Building & Property Services Absolutely Plastered AR Roofing Barry Nuttall Plastering Bobinamillion Dean Chambers Carpentry Northampton Building Services PAALS Premier Cladding Simon Douglas

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Carpets & Flooring Tayflor ACR Carpets

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Chiropody & Footcare Footprints Podiatry Practice Kathy Sindall

Food & Drink Carmela’s Kitchen The Cock Inn, Roade

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Florists The Secret Garden Funeral Directors Toby Hunt Funeral Service Gas, Plumbing & Heating Cahill Gas Roland Hill Pink Lady Plumbing Plumbquest Hunsbury Hill Services TMT Kitchens and Bathrooms

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Gardening & Landscaping BT Services Lever Gardens Mower Repair Man

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Hair Dressing & Beauty Therapy Beauty by Rani Deana Mobile Hairdresser Hair Designs by Judith Kim Russell Hair

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Legal Services MTLS Wilson Browne

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Cleaning Roade Domestic Services


Local Amenities Hardingstone Post Office


Education, Childcare & Nurseries Abbey Centre Pre-school Hackleton Half Pints Hackleton Pre-school Northampton High School Wootton Pre-school play group

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Motoring/Driving Brooklands Tony Brooks Ltd

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Painting & Decorating Andrew Goff Decorator Chris Carroll Michael Goff Painter & Decorator MG Décor Paint 4 U Tim Lane

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Complimentary Therapy A Touch of Heather Therapies

Electrical Ian Summerling Electrical 52 Lee Warren Electrical Contractors 6 John Jefferys Electrical 39

Pest Control Abington Pest Control


Photography James Risby Photography


Piano Tuner/Music Lessons John Tye Noteworthy Music Tuition

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Recruitment/Employment The Staff Room Virtual Sales Team

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Rubbish Collection Services Rubbish2go


Sheltered Accommodation King Richard Court


Soft Furnishings Blinds Northampton Gillians Blinds Finishing Touches Michaelas Soft Furnishing SKB Soft Furnishing

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Technology & Computing iClean I.T JCD Computers

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Venues Wootton Community and Sports


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Are you self motivated? Are you determined to succeed? Virtual Sales Team (VST) is a local award winning B2B Telemarketing Company and we want you... As a result of our continued growth and success, VST are now looking for experienced office based professionals to join our diverse calling team based in Rushmills on the Bedford Road (near the Britannia Inn) Why join us? Well here are just a few reasons;

• We are a friendly professional team • We firmly believe in a work-life balance so you have flexibility • We are family focused, for example we can fit around your school runs • We have free parking • We offer flexible working hours • We offer competitive rates of pay plus additional benefits Call or email Sarah on 01604 60 99 40

VST is one of the fastest growing sales support & lead generation agencies in the UK. If you are not interested in recruitment but think this would be relevant for your company please visit or call our new business team on 0800 085 5574.

Your one-stop plumbing, heating and gas service from Roland Hill Ltd 60 Augusta Avenue Collingtree Park Northampton NN4 0XP

Tel: 01604 708355




New Boilers (Combi & System) Servicing Breakdowns • Repairs

Tiling Bathroom Furniture Boxing • Electrics • Plastering

Fully Refurbished Supplied and Fitted

OB LL J NO SMA st ju O TO ices from 0 Pr

5S.V0AT 2 £ PLU

High Efficiency Condensing Boilers

Service agreements available SWITCH

30 Years Experience, Fully Insured

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