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thelantern Band marches out $48K for new equipment


allison slonaker Lantern reporter


A familiar forehand

Former tennis player Bryan Koniecko is returning to OSU as an assistant coach for the women’s team.

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Being The Best Damn Band in The Land comes with a price. This year, it came to the tune of $48,000 — ­­­ the cost for the Ohio State University Marching Band to replace rundown and older instruments. Jon Waters, interim director of the band, said this year the band spent about $30,000 to purchase new brass instruments and about $18,000 on the percussion section. The band replaces some of its instruments every year, and Waters said this expense isn’t an increase compared to previous years. “Our instrument purchase this year is really no different than they have been for decades,” Waters said. Waters said last year the band spent about $50,000 on new instruments. Waters said the money to replace band instruments comes from private donations and the Alumni Club as the university does not have a budget for the band to buy new instruments. “We are very fortunate to have

Cody Cousino / Multimedia editor

The Ohio State Marching Band spent $48K to replace instruments this year. The money was provided by the Alumni Club, as the university does not have a budget for the band to buy new instruments. the support of the alumni to help us to buy new instruments every year,” Waters said. One band member said that after playing in the band for four years, he knows it’s necessary to regularly replace instruments.

“They get used. We use them every single day. They are going to show wear,” said Ryan Patton, a fourth-year in industrial and system engineering. Patton plays the trumpet in the OSU band. “They take very good care of the

horns, clean them regularly,” Patton said. “We have our own fix-it staff and if our fix-it staff students can’t fix it, we send it away and have it fixed. So it’s not like we are throwing horns

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Libya attack emphasizes national security

Glee wannabee


Our columnist says NBC’s new comedy series ‘The New Normal’ tries too hard to be like Fox’s ‘Glee.’


OSU offers summer health plan weather

This is the fourth story of an 11-article series leading up to the Nov. 6 presidential election that will break down the issues dominating political debates. Check back next Thursday for our segment on energy and the environment. In the years following Sept. 11, 2001, national security has emerged to the forefront of political discussion. A society that has been dominated by wars abroad and threats at home, citizens and politicians alike have been passionate about military and defense spending. Tuesday, the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, along with three other embassy employees, were killed by armed men. The incident occurred following a protest by locals who were angry about a U.S. film that insulted the prophet Muhammad. While the attack was initially described as a protest gone wrong, CNN reported that some suspect it was an attack planned by Islamic radicals. The attack occurred 11 years to the day of the

terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. The incident was met with backlash from many U.S. government officials, but the president made remarks Wednesday afternoon with secretary of state Hillary Clinton at his side. “We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act,” Obama said. “And make no mistake, justice will be done.” Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney made remarks on the subject as well, and they have been criticized by many for blaming the administration’s reaction to the news. “I also believe the Administration was wrong to stand by a statement sympathizing with those who had breached our embassy in Egypt instead of condemning their actions,” Romney said. “It’s never too early for the United States government to condemn attacks on Americans, and to defend our values. The White House distanced itself last night from the statement, saying it wasn’t ‘cleared by Washington.’ That reflects the mixed signals they’re sending to the world. “America will not tolerate attacks against our citizens and against our embassies. We will defend also our constitutional rights of speech and assembly and religion,” Romney said. “We have confidence in our cause in America. We respect our

Constitution. We stand for the principles our Constitution protects.” Obama accused Romney of having a “tendency to shoot first and aim later” in an interview with CBS News. He said that it’s important to gather all the facts before making any statements as president. In their recent visits to Central Ohio, neither Obama or Romney talked about national security or defense. During a visit to Capital University last month, Obama focused on student loans, and during a visit to Powell, Ohio, last month, Romney focused on small business and the economy. When Obama took office in 2009, the United States was in the middle of two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since taking office, Obama has added, but eventually pulled many American troops out of Afghanistan. In a 2009 speech to U.S. Marines, Obama said he would have all troops out of Iraq by the end of 2011, a feat that has not yet been accomplished. The idea of pulling these troops out of the Middle East, and the thought of doing so prematurely, had many Republicans opposed to Obama’s proposed policies. They argued for a minimal amount to stay overseas in Iraq. During the 2008 election, Obama promised to

2A Early voting period debate continues

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jeremy meehan Lantern reporter

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The debate over early voting in Ohio continues, and the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has been asked to weigh in on the matter. At the heart of the issue is in-person voting, specifically the three days leading up to Nov. 6 Election Day. Over the past months, each of the 88 county boards of elections, made up of two Democrats and two Republicans, voted on what their county’s polling hours would be. Majority vote ruled, with ties submitted to Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted for resolution. This led to different polling hours and an eventual directive, issued by Husted, standardizing them across all counties.

The directive did not include weekend voting hours between Oct. 2 and Nov. 2 and did not include any hours for the three days before Election Day. According to a Columbus Dispatch article, 100,000 Ohioans voted during those days in 2008. There is, however, one group still allowed to vote during this time period: UOCAVA (The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act) voters. UOCAVA voters are U.S. citizens living overseas, including members of the Uniformed Services. Last July, Obama for America, the Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party filed a suit against Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. The suit contended that voting

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Courtesy of MCT

Debate over early voting in Ohio continues as the 2012 presidential election grows near.


campus $2,300/$2,140 The yearly cost of the OSU Comprehensive Student Health Insurance Plan for 2012-2013 Once students opt for university health insurance, they then must pay for the entire year.*


The per quarter cost of university health insurance for 2011-2012

Last year, students had the option to opt out of university health insurance for any quarter. *


Transfer students starting classes at OSU during the 2013 Summer Semester will have the option to purchase university health care for only Summer Semester. Cost for domestic students Cost for international students

source: reporting


OSU expands health coverage plan michael burwell Lantern reporter The semester conversion has brought many changes to Ohio State. While many students choose to opt out of student health coverage, the annual plan has been extended without the option to nix summer coverage. The OSU Comprehensive Student Health Insurance Plan yearly rates are the same under semesters as they were for quarters — $2,300 for domestic students and $2,140 for international students. “I think overall, we’re very pleased that we were able to hold the line on increases this year,� said Dave Isaacs, communications and media relations manager in the Office of Student Life. “With health insurance costs going up, we’re happy to have no increase in cost.� According to the 2012-2013 Student Health Insurance Plan, there are medical, vision, dental and prescription drug benefits to help students. The medical, vision and prescription drug benefits for students are processed internally by Student Health Services. Despite costs staying the same, there has been one major change in insurance coverage. Under the quarter system, students had the option to get off-term health insurance, which happened when a student took a term off, just graduated or dropped below the minimum credit requirement. Students also had the option to opt out of coverage for the summer term.

But under the semester system, students who opt for university health insurance must pay for the entire year, there is no summer opt-out option. According to the OSU’s Student Health Insurance website, health insurance costs for domestic students are $1,150 for Fall Semester, and $1,150 for the Spring and Summer semesters combined. The cost per quarter last year was $575 for domestic students and $535 for international students, according to the website. “The concept is to ensure continuous coverage, and for the majority of students on our plan, it’s important for them to have no break in coverage,� said Diane Plumly, director of Student Health Insurance. The idea for the policy came several years ago, Plumy said, but the university decided to wait for the semester conversion to implement it. Plumly said many problems arose from students needing medical services during the summer months but not having health insurance coverage. Plumly also said a large number of students who graduate in spring needed coverage during the upcoming two or three months until they got employment, and the new policy enables those students to have coverage. “It was really done for the convenience of the students,� Isaacs said. “Some summer jobs offer summer insurance, some don’t. It really came to us because it was proving to create problems for students.�

continued as Health on 3A

AEP customers to see slight increase in electricity bill anna duee Lantern reporter Students might see a slight increase on their upcoming electricity bill, due to AEP’s new Electric Security Plan (ESP) starting this September. Residential customers in Ohio, such as students in the University District that are using an average of 1,000 kWh per month, will see an increase on average of about $7.85 on their total monthly bill. Although the electric bill will rise, AEP officials have said customers will benefit from the change. “We have worked hard to minimize bill impacts on customers as we transition to a competitive market model,� said Pablo Vegas, AEP Ohio president and chief operating officer, in an AEP release. “Customers will benefit during this transition by having fixed generation rates and a greater ability to shop for a competitive price on their power generation service.� This enables customers to avoid or lower such an increase, because they can look up the shopping rate on their AEP bill and switch to a cheaper rate offered by other providers. Some students, such as Hannah Potter, who uses an automatic payment plan, didn’t know about the possible increase to their bill.

“I don’t even know how much my monthly bill is,� said Potter, a third-year in business. “I just have them take it out of my account.� Ohio State senior energy adviser Scott Potter said that this change has a lot to do with small businesses in Ohio complaining about their 40 percent increase of electricity costs in February. The new rate plan spreads the new rates among all customers, such as big users like OSU and smaller residential users. “Ohio State used to pay 2 1/2 cents per kWh, we now pay 6 1/2, so in 10 years, we’ve gone up 300 percent, and it’s still the cheapest in the nation,� Scott Potter said. OSU has made efforts to educate students, especially those living in residence halls, about their unconscious use of electricity and try to bring awareness to their daily electricity usage. “Just a couple of weeks ago, we did a presentation to one of the residence halls, and we talked about things such as unplugging or turning off your computer, your charging units, your phone, your iPad, all those things,� said Gina Langen, director of communications at the Office of Energy and Environment. “When they are not being charged, unplug it, because it’s phantom usage.� Phantom usage is when an electronic device is connected to an outlet and keeps drawing power, even though it is not in use. One example of phantom usage, Scott Potter said, is satellite TV. “If you have Direct TV, it uses more power when it’s turned off than when it’s on,� Potter said. “When you are not watching TV, it’s using

more power to look for a signal, but when you turn it on, it no longer has to look, because you are watching something.� Rick Van den Hengel, a third-year in actuarial science, said he is not happy about the increase on his next bill. He said that more than ever before he will try to be cautious about unnecessary energy usage. “I always try to unplug my laptop and turn it off when I am not using it, and the same with my TVs,� Van den Hengel said. “What makes it difficult is that it is one of those things where you don’t directly see the results, like you don’t think about turning of the light, because it can save you a couple of pennies at the end of the month.� Scott Potter said he thinks the increase won’t affect a lot of students, because many students live in dorms and don’t pay their bill directly. And if AEP’s increasing rates stay small, customers won’t feel the affect as much. “As a nation, we haven’t felt the pressure yet, electric has been orbit free,� Scott Potter said. “It really doesn’t take much to be sufficient, just turn down your air conditioning. Two degrees is big. For every degree you can drop in a typical home, you can knock 6 to 7 percent off your electricity bill.� The university is taking proactive steps by installing new and more efficient air conditioning and heating systems, and Langen said she hopes students will do the same and educate themselves on energysaving solutions to become “green.�


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away, it’s always getting fixed first. The horns we’ve used, we have used them for many years.” Some students said they were not aware the band spent what some called a “large” amount of money on instruments every year. “I had no idea at all of the amount they spent on instruments, but this seems kind of large to me,” said Andrew Needham, a third-year in film studies. The band’s drums are custom made, and the band replaces the whole section at one time. Other sections are upgraded a few instruments at a time. Waters said since the drums cost less than the brass instruments, the band is able to replace them all at one time. Waters said they bought more instruments this year, but the total cost wasn’t out of the ordinary. Waters said the band typically waits eight to 10 years to cycle through a whole section, but that it

Security from 1A close Guantanamo Bay, a military prison in Cuba that holds prisoner-of-war detainees. However, the prison remains open, which Obama attributed to opposition from Congress. In May 2011, known al-Qaida terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden was killed by members of U.S. Seal Team Six, a Navy special operations unit. Republicans criticized the Obama administration for taking credit for the successful mission. Mark Jacobson, an adviser to the Obama campaign on national security issues, said Obama has instituted “very aggressive counter terrorism programs around the world” during this time in office and has contributed to “re-establishing America’s leading role in the world.” Jacobson is a senior adviser at the Truman Project and served as the director of International Affairs at the NATO International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan. Jacobson said that since Obama took office, the nation has seen more action from NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and America’s most vital alliance. “Republican and Democratic Congresses alike have for years been trying to get NATO to do more, and President Obama’s been able to do that,” he said. Jacobson criticized Romney for his lack of experience with these issues, and said that he does not understand the complexities and dangers the U.S. faces, and would apply a “one-size-fits-all solution” to every problem. “If you take a look at what Romney is offering up, it’s very scary,” Jacobson said.

Vote from 1A


Band from 1A


hours should be offered equally to everyone and Husted’s directive unfairly penalized lower-income, minority voters who tended to vote Democrat. “I think that the primary issue is that those three days of voting are not necessary,” said Niraj Antani, a fourth-year in political science and philosophy, and the communications director for the Ohio State College Republicans. “It takes time away from preparing for Election Day.” Mallory Kimble, a third-year in business, and president of the College Democrats at Ohio State, disagrees. “I think that the three days should be restored just because voting is something that should be made as accessible as possible to everyone,” Kimble said. Mark Schade, a first-year in international business, shares in this belief. “I think that if you’re going to let some people do it you should just let everybody do it,” Schade said. “I get that they’re in the military, but at the same time it has to be equal to everybody.” The defendants cited increased pressure placed upon elections boards and poll workers if they were to remain open to everyone for those hours.

Health from 2A



Students who transfer to OSU and start classes over the summer can receive coverage during that time as well, costing $575 for domestic students and $535 for international students, according to the Student Health Insurance website. Plumly said students also will have an easier time managing their coverage because they won’t have to deal with selecting the fee as often since there are fewer academic terms. “I feel the students will see it as an easier process,” Plumly said. “They don’t have to worry or have to deal with the fee four times a year, so I think students are going to be more satisfied with it.” Some students, such as Terry LeMaster, a

evaluates the condition and sound of the instruments to determine if a replacement are needed. Each section purchases its instruments from the same brand in order to maintain consistency, Waters said. “We are very fortunate here to be able to have a match(ing) set of instruments, which gives the band a very consistent sound from section to section,” Waters said. Waters said the band is looking for a certain sound out of its instruments and that the buying process isn’t just a matter of picking a brand and ordering. “If we are looking at replacing instruments in a section, we will get as many of those manufacturers to send us samples and we will play them, test them, field test them, listen to them,” Waters said. “We will have some of our students and alums play them and find out what is best.”

According to his website, if Romney wins the election he will add ships to the declining naval fleet, as well as modernize Army, Marine and Air Force equipment. The task would be expensive, but Romney’s website said, “The cost of preparedness may sometimes be high, but the cost of unpreparedness is almost always higher — not just in tax dollars but in human life and in the survival of liberty and representative government.” Romney’s website said that in office, he plans to reinvest “efficiencies throughout the Department of Defense budget” into the forces, a plan Jacobson said would “gut” agencies. However, Niraj Antani, communications director for the OSU College Republicans, said this is no time to cut back on troops or military spending. “Facing the threat in the Middle East, facing terrorism around the world, if you think now is the time to cut $50 billion out of our defense budget, it’s pretty ludicrous,” he said. Antani said that we need to lower the nearly $16 trillion national debt, but cutting military spending isn’t the way to do it. “I think in the long term that makes us less safe when you look as the president, he’s for these cuts, he’s standing by these cuts,” Antani said. “He thinks having (a) small Army is OK, having a small Navy is OK, and I do not and I think Gov. Romney understands that.” The former Massachusetts governor has been criticized by opponents for being unfamiliar with national security issues and being inexperienced in international affairs. Ally Marotti contributed to this article.

They also argued those who serve the country are entitled to the additional hours owing to the uncertainty of their deployment and the extra challenges they face. Robert Ward, a second-year in molecular genetics, agrees with them. “I don’t think it’s that big of a deal to let people in the military vote first,” Ward said. “Just give a couple days to people who gave a ton of time to us, it doesn’t seem like a huge trade off.” Members of the Franklin County Board of Elections declined to comment. The initial hearing, filed in the Ohio Southern District court located in Franklin County, sided with the plaintiffs and ordered in-person voting be open to everyone three days prior to the election. The ruling has been appealed and will be decided by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Cincinnati. According to a Sept. 11 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals document, the case began briefing on Sept. 10. Fifteen appellants, all organizations representing members of the Uniformed Services, have joined the case on the side of the defendants. In-person early voting will begin in Ohio on Oct. 2, and absentee ballots are already being accepted throughout the state.

first-year in exploration, like the idea of yearlong coverage. “It’s great to know that you’re covered, that way you don’t have to worry about it time and time again,” LeMaster said. Aaron Berry, a second-year in pre-business, said he doesn’t have OSU’s student health insurance this year, but last year was a different story. “I had it last year and I did opt out in the summer, and it turns out three weeks out of school, I hit black ice and totaled my truck, so that fell back on me,” said Berry. “If I would have had it the whole time, this would have kicked in and helped cover more.” “You don’t think you’ll need it but you’d be surprised at how it can just jump up and something happens” Berry said.

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Thursday September 13, 2012


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Thursday September 13, 2012



weekend thursday

Columbus’ Own

In an attempt to shine light on local music, The Lantern’s “Columbus’ Own” is a weekly series that will profile a new Columbus band every week.

Mahone heads making of C-Bus ‘Mixtape’ hailey kim Lantern reporter

Buckeyethon’s Fest! 5 p.m. @ RPAC Plaza trace Adkins 8 p.m. @ LC Pavilion karaoke night! 8:30 p.m. @ Ohio Union’s Woody’s Tavern


Late Monday night, there was a band singing in the dimly-lit lounge of Scarlet & Grey Cafe. There weren’t many people in the audience — probably 7 to 8 — but the singer didn’t seem to notice or care about the number of heads. He was singing with his eyes closed. Jared Mahone is the singer of his self-titled band, which performs every Monday night at Scarlet & Grey. Monday’s show was in recognition of the band announcing the release of its newest album “Mixtape,” slated for Oct. 23. But before “Mixtape,” there was “The Mixtape Project,” a solo piece Mahone started in 2010 to challenge himself. He decided to release a song every Sunday on his website for a year. He ended up releasing more than 30 songs. “It was kind of like self-commissioning to put myself to the task of writing for the sake of development,” Mahone said. “(I’m) just out to get inspired and (turn) the inspiration into music or have a concept or have a thought, an idea and craft that into a tune.” Mahone said he keeps putting himself outside of his comfort zone because he doesn’t want to be boring. “I’m middle class, I’m super average height, white, like there’s nothing interesting going for me in this culture that we’re living,” Mahone said. He cited emotional moments in his life as things that need emphasized.

Courtesy of Jared Mahone

Jared Mahone is the frontman of his self-titled band Jared Mahone, which performs Mondays at Scarlet & Grey Cafe. ”I have to fabricate those experiences, because in my life, if I didn’t fabricate it, I would be as mundane as possible,” he said. Although he described himself as an average American guy, Mahone said he has an interesting background. He has musical roots, as his grandfather was in a band called The Hitches, so being a musician is a natural thing for Mahone. He said he was on the stage with his family members since before he can remember. “I (was) born into that culture, where it is normal to write songs and normal to learn instruments and develop your talent,” Mahone said. Recalling that he was 9 years old

when he first started songwriting, Mahone said, “I started to write songs because I got inspired by girls or whatever seems like it’s worth writing about.” From being a young boy writing songs, he grew into the man who is about to release his first album, “Mixtape.” Mahone said the album being local to Columbus is his favorite thing about it. Mahone and his six-piece band teamed up with other musicians in Columbus for the album. Jerry DePizzo, O.A.R’s saxophonist, produced the album. Mike Landolt, who recorded Maroon 5’s Grammy-winning first album, “Songs About Jane,” mixed the album, and Brian Lucey, who has worked with

The Black Keys, mastered the album. Also, Kevin Oliver, a member of the Hoo Doo Soul Band, worked as a guest guitarist on the album. Mahone said it is an honor to work with such “all stars.” “People in our town doing something amazing works, and I got to work with those people,” Mahone said. “I think what I accomplished with these creative people speaks about our community in some ways.” One of Mahone’s friends, Aaron Holley, 33, who came to the Scarlet & Grey Monday to see Mahone, said making an album entirely locally is “awesome.” “These guys on the stage, they are Ohio guys. For me, that’s what makes them special. It’s not like a bunch of higher musicians from Nashville or Chicago. These are Central Ohio guys who really love music and love to play music here,” Holley said. Stephanie Mahone, Jared Mahone’s sister, said even she is happy to be “part of the culture of Central Ohio.” Even though she is not working in the music industry, she helps her brother by touring with him sometimes. She said she hopes he will become more successful through this album. “(Our family) defines success a little bit differently. It’s more about doing what you want, doing what you love to do” Stephanie Mahone said, in comparison to gauging success by money. “The fact that he’s doing what he loves to do, the local project, he will be phenomenal in our terms of success.”

NBC’s ‘The New Normal’ tries too hard with ‘Glee’s’ old tricks “neighboring sounds” 7 p.m. @ Wexner Center’s Film/ Video Theater see you thursday improv 8 p.m. @ Wild Goose Creative


sklar Brothers 7 p.m. @ Funny Bone safetysuit & Go radio 7 p.m. @ The Basement st. Lawrence string Quartet 8 p.m. @ Southern Theatre

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NBC’s new comedy series “The New Normal” is a ghost from shows past as it is a near duplicate of FOX’s once popular show “Glee.” It is easy to draw parallels between “Glee” and “The Lindsey Poole New Normal,” which were both created by Ryan Murphy. And that is probably what annoys me most of all. The show is about a gay couple who want a baby. They find a surrogate, and along with the surrogate comes her socially awkward daughter, and her crazy grandmother. Watching the show, I somewhat enjoyed it, but as I got through the first episode, it became apparent the writers and creators are taking the skeleton of “Glee” and inputting just a couple of new characters, changing the scenery and giving it a new name. Ellen Barkin who plays Jane Forrest, the bigot grandmother who makes more than slightly racist jokes, is the reincarnation of “Glee’s” Sue Sylvester (played by Jane Lynch), who also makes inappropriate comments toward the protagonists on that show. The protagonists of “The New Normal” are the gay couple, named David Murray (played by Justin Bartha) and Bryan Collins (played by Andrew

Arts Columnist

kix Brooks 7 p.m. @ Bluestone

Courtesy of NBC

‘The New Normal’ premiered Sept. 11 on NBC. Rannells), the surrogate mother, Goldie Clemmons (played by Georgia King) and her daughter, Shania Clemmons (played by Bebe Wood). “The New Normal’s” cast seemingly replaced the high school kids of “Glee.” The protagonists are the butt of every joke and are on the receiving end of harassment from the grandmother. Goldie Clemmons is flaky and makes drastic life changes multiple times per episode. She and her daughter run away to California for a new start and that is how they end up in business with the gay couple. NeNe Leakes, better known for her role on “The

Real Housewives of Atlanta,” also makes an appearance, but her acting and her role are so minimal that her character only provides the writers with an opportunity to interlace racist jokes throughout the episode. The show is boring. It is set up exactly like “Glee” with the music, character dynamics and even the commercial breaks. I wonder if the creator was hoping to just make a ton of money off the same show with a slightly different plot and a new name or if it was actually a brand new idea. “The New Normal is scheduled to air 9:30 p.m. Tuesdays on NBC.

Columbus ‘Finding Time’ to generate sentence, celebrate Bicentennial misty tull Lantern reporter As part of Columbus’ Bicentennial celebration, “Finding Time: Columbus Public Art 2012” joined with Brooklyn artist Janet Zweig and local organization TRANSIT ARTS to bring a new public art project to the capital city. “Columbus Never…” is a public art project conceived by Zweig that, once completed, will be a generative sentence that will change over time according to what is added by Columbus residents and visitors throughout the year. Malcolm Cochran, an Ohio State professor in sculpture and program director of “Finding Time,” said he’s excited to have Zweig among the more than 50 local, national and international artists involved in Columbus’ Bicentennial public art celebration. “Artists were chosen by a team of curators from a long list of artists to consider,” Cochran said. “(Zweig) is a well-known artist and we are lucky to have her on board.” Zweig chose the first few words of the sentence

and the rest of the generative sequence will be chosen by her from a list of entries made online at Columbus Public Art’s website. The generative sentence, known as the “Columbus never…” project, is on a wall of Key Bank along Broad Street. Words are scheduled to be added the first Tuesday and third Saturday of each month until the end of the year. The project kicked off in the spring, according to CPA’s website. Four entries have been selected from those submitted and the phrase has grown to read, “Columbus never came here, but when the city sleeps, what our dreamers discover is that we have always created our own.” “‘Finding Time’ is a program of contemporary public art in downtown Columbus. It’s an initiative to bring a broad range of different artists to Columbus with the long-term goal of making people aware of what public art is,” Cochran said. “Columbus doesn’t have a public arts program and most cities our size (do),” Cochran said. TRANSIT ARTS, according to its website, is a youth art development program for ages 12 to 21. Visit for the rest of this story.

Courtesy of Jackie Calderone

Jai Carey, a master artist in TRANSIT ARTS, takes part in a video as part of the ‘Columbus never...’ project.



Thursday September 13, 2012

thelantern results WEDNESDAY

Koniecko returns to OSU

Field Hockey 1, Ohio University 0 (OSU wins in a shootout, 3-2)

Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes similar to Luke Fickell’s 2011 OSU team


Standing PAT


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Women’s Volleyball v. Pepperdine 5:30pm @ Houston, Texas Men’s Soccer v. Depaul 7:30pm @ Columbus, Ohio Women’s Tennis : Muirfield Collegiate Tennis Invitational All Day @ Dublin, Ohio Courtesy of Ohio State athletic department

Men’s Cross Country: Spartan Invitational TBA @ East Lansing, Mich

Former OSU men’s tennis player Bryan Koniecko readies himself during a May 19, 2009, doubles match against Southern California in College Station, Texas. Koniecko won, 8-4.

Women’s Cross Country: Spartan Invitational TBA @ East Lansing, Mich.

FAWAD CHEEMA Senior Lantern reporter

SATURDAY Football v. California 12pm @ Columbus Women’s Volleyball v. Florida State 2:30pm @ Houston, Texas Women’s Volleyball v. Houston 8:30pm @ Houston, Texas Men’s Golf: Wolf Run Intercollegiate Rounds 1 & 2 All Day @ Zionsville, Ind. Women’s Tennis : Muirfield Collegiate Tennis Invitational All Day @ Dublin, Ohio

SUNDAY Field Hockey v. Bucknell 10pm @ Lewisburg, Pa. Women’s Soccer v. Minnesota 1pm @ Columbus Women’s Tennis : Muirfield Collegiate Tennis Invitational All Day @ Dublin, Ohio

A former Buckeyes men’s tennis player is returning to Ohio State, but this time in a different role. Bryan Koniecko, a five-time All-American tennis player in college, is returning to OSU as an assistant coach for the women’s tennis team. Koniecko said it feels strange being back at OSU as a coach, but looks forward to helping the women’s team improve. “It was weird being back as a coach and not a player,” Koniecko said. “But I’m looking forward to the challenge of getting the women’s side up to the level where the men have been the past few years, and I think we have a great staff for a successful process.” Koniecko played professionally in the International Tennis Federation (ITF) after graduating from OSU, and spent the past two years serving as an assistant coach for the men’s tennis team at Brown University. Koniecko said coaching at Brown was beneficial and prepared him for his new role as a coach. “Brown was great in the fact that it was a great learning experience for me,” Koniecko said. “I was able to incorporate a lot of the things I learned over the years, and it was helpful in leading up to a bigger program in Ohio State.” Melissa Schaub, OSU women’s tennis interim coach, said Koniecko has many characteristics that made him a good fit for the job. “He knows what Ohio State’s like, what Ohio State has to offer, and he obviously had a great

career here,” Schaub said. “He also had experience coaching the last two years, so I think all those made him an ideal fit for the way the program is going.” Koniecko, who will be paid $43,000 in his new position, according to athletic department spokesman Dan Wallenberg, was a standout player for OSU, being named the Big Ten Athlete of the Year in 2008 and 2009. Koniecko also led the Buckeyes to Big Ten regular season and tournament titles in each of his four years at OSU. He won the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) National Intercollegiate Indoor singles title, and was ranked No. 1 in the country individually during the 2009 season. OSU senior women’s tennis player Fidan Manashirova said she believes Koniecko’s positivity and experienced leadership will help the team reach success. “He’s a very positive, outspoken and observant person,” Manashirova said. “He really pushes us and challenges us, especially when we play each other to get some good match play in.” She also said it’s easier to relate to a coach who was also a student-athlete at OSU, and had the same experiences not too long ago. “It’s a lot easier to relate to him because he knows what our lifestyles are like,” Manashirova said. “It means that he really cares about the program because he was a Buckeye here not that many years ago, and he definitely succeeded.” The women’s team is scheduled to begin play in the Muirfield Collegiate Tennis Invitational this Friday at The Country Club at Muirfield Village in Dublin, Ohio.

The way the Ohio State football team won its Saturday game against Central Florida, the tone of Urban Meyer’s postgame remarks, as well as those of his players — it all seems very familiar, doesn’t it? It should feel similar, anyway. After all, the similarities between Meyer’s 2012 Buckeyes and former head coach Luke Fickell’s dysfunctional 2011 team are increasingly noticeable. No doubt, Meyer has improved the team — they are stronger than last year’s squad, which finished with a 6-7 record. How far OSU has come from the forgettable 2011 campaign remains to be seen. In the current and 2011 seasons, OSU thrashed a vastly inferior opponent to open its schedule. On Sept. 1, OSU victimized Miami (Ohio) to the tune of a 56-10 beating, while Akron was served a 42-0 loss last season. Both were comfortable victories against teams that posed very little threat to OSU. The 2012 and 2011 seasons offered tougher but still relatively weak competition in the second week in the UCF Knights and Toledo Rockets, respectively. Through its own ineptitude, OSU allowed the Knights to hang around in Saturday’s game before finishing out a 31-16 game in “blah” fashion. Last year, the Rockets pushed OSU to the wall, and nearly upset the Buckeyes in Ohio Stadium. Fickell’s team hung on for a 27-22 win. The similarities between the 2012 and 2011

continued as Meyer on 2B

Ohio State Athlete of the Week Men’s sophomore golfer Grant Weaver KAYLA ZAMARY Lantern reporter

Men’s Golf: Wolf Run Intercollegiate Round 3 All Day @ Zionsville, Ind.

MONDAY Women’s Golf: Branch Law Firm/Dick McGuire Invitational, Rounds 1 & 2 All Day @ Albuquerque, N.M.




Courtesy of Ohio State athletic department

OSU sophomore golfer Grant Weaver takes a shot during the Marshall Invitational Sept. 10. OSU finished tied for 2nd in the tournament.

Ohio State men’s golf sophomore Grant Weaver is no stranger to recognition from the Big Ten Conference, and he received another honor after earning the Big Ten Golfer of the Week. Weaver, last season’s Big Ten Freshman of the Year, was named the conference’s Golfer of the Week after his performance in this week’s Marshall Invitational. Weaver said he is happy to be recognized. “It’s a nice honor to have,” Weaver said. “I am pretty sure that’s the first time I have gotten that kind of honor.” Weaver had a career-best outing at the Marshall Invitational, posting a 54-hole score of 209. Weaver started his first round Monday with a career-low round of 68, which he followed up with a 69 in the second round. Weaver posted a 72 in the final round and his team-best score in the tournament helped OSU finish the tournament tied for second. “I putted pretty well and I managed my game well,“ Weaver said. “I tried to keep from having bogeys and dig holes.” The sophomore was named the Big Ten Freshman of the Year last season , but he said he worked on improving his game during the off-season.

“What I have been working on most over the past year has been my swing, and especially my tee shots because that’s what has hurt me when I have been out of play,” Weaver said. “I have been working on trying to hit more fairways and greens and get myself in a good position.” Coach Donnie Darr said Weaver worked hard on improving over the off-season and is seeing improvement. “The big thing for Grant is that he has really worked hard over the last year,” Darr said. “Especially on the fundamentals of his golf swing, he is a much better ball striker and has always had the ability to shoot good scores, and he is now hitting so many more quality shots that his game has taken the next step.” Fellow teammate, sophomore Boo Timko, also commented on Weaver’s individual strengths. “He finished pretty well in the tournament and he was our highest finisher,” Timko said. “I think just his biggest strength is his ability to be able to make putters from anywhere.” With one tournament played this season, Weaver said this season he wants to improve and hopes the team advances far. “I just want to improve on last year, last year was all right for me, I got to play most of the year, which is good for a freshman,” Weaver said. “I hope we make it to nationals this year.”

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sports Top 25 College Football Poll

1 2 3 4 5 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

Alabama (2-0) USC (2-0) LSU (2-0) Oregon (2-0) Oklahoma (2-0) Florida State (2-0) Georgia (2-0) South Carolina (2-0) West Virginia (1-0) Michigan State (2-0) Clemson (2-0) OHIO STATE (2-0) Virginia Tech (2-0) Texas (2-0) Kansas State (2-0) TCU (1-0) Michigan (1-1) Florida (2-0) Louisville (2-0) Notre Dame (2-0) Stanford (2-0) UCLA (2-0) Tennessee (2-0) Arizona (2-0) BYU (2-0)

Andrew Holleran / Photo editor

OSU football coach Urban Meyer walks down the sideline during the Buckeyes’ Sept. 8 game against Central Florida at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 31-16.

Meyer from 1B team are also consistent in the postgame activities of Meyer and Fickell after the second games of their respective seasons. Both coaches had won, and yet neagtivity still pervaded the coaches’ comments as well as the questions being asked. At one point on Saturday, Meyer even had to stop himself from leaking negativity into his analysis of the game. “I don’t want to be a downer around here. We won a frickin’ game,� Meyer said. “Won by two touchdowns against a quality opponent. Time to move on, get ready to go play.� Still, Meyer couldn’t help but admit the 2012 team isn’t progressing as he had hoped. “I thought we’d be a little more explosive on offense and thought we’d get some pressure on the quarterback,� Meyer said. Players, such as redshirt senior cornerback Travis Howard, even asked if they were happy after the game. Howard said he and his teammates were happy but also qualified the happiness. “Definitely,� said Howard, who winced from the after-effects of a stinger he suffered during the UCF game. “Any time you get a victory, you’re definitely excited. I mean, we still have things to work on.� Similar to the 2011 season, the first two games of the 2012 season have offered a receiving corps that, aside from sophomore receiver Devin Smith’s highlight-reel grab against Miami, has failed to break a game open. OSU hasn’t been able to stretch the field against either of its first two opponents in 2012 — the longest passing play of the win against UCF was a 15-yard catch by Smith. As was the case later in the 2011 season, the early signature of 2012







appears to be that of sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller running for his life. On Saturday, Miller carried the ball a career-high 27 times. The most eerie consistency that is creeping from 2011 into 2012 is that Miller has, for all intents and purposes, been the sole source of OSU’s offense. Of the 949 total yards of offense OSU has accumulated, Miller has rushed for 302 of those yards all on his own. OSU has scored 12 touchdowns in 2012, and Miller has rushed for four of those. A couple others came during garbage time at the tail end of the blowout against Miami. If a team figures out a way to stop Miller, well, fans should hope and pray opponents don’t crack that code. The 2012 Buckeyes aren’t necessarily a carbon copy of the 2011 team. For instance, I don’t expect OSU to lose its third game of the current season, a fate that befell the team when it traveled to face the Miami (Fla.) Hurricanes during the third game last season. The defense, which grabbed 13 interceptions during 2011, already has five picks two games into 2012. Certainly, the 2012 team is an improvement from last year. Make no mistake about that. This is the true value of Meyer as Buckeyes coach — he has taken a cast of mostly the same players from 2011 and used those same student-athletes to upgrade the program’s on-field product. That doesn’t mean the kind of performances that sunk the team in 2011 are out of sight in Buckeye Nation’s collective rearview mirror. From the day Meyer arrived in Columbus, the prevailing hope among fans was likely that there would never be a season like 2011 under his watch, but so far, I’m struck by the similarities between the two teams. Meyer might be closer to a 2011-esque OSU football team than he and any fans would like to admit.

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ONE AND a half bedroom #1 option for 4located bedroom condo for rent at homes for Fall 2012!OffVisit Northampton Village of Bethel Rd. on Slade Ave. Rent more info! Addresses inisfor$675.00 a month. Includes clude 11, 2140 gas and 136 water.EMinimum of 8 Waldeck and more! months lease. 614-446-6036.

HoUse For rent Hardwood completely updated, RTMENT. floors, 1-2 bed- W/D, stainless steel kitchen appliances. Walking distance to E. 17th Gardens. et, laun- campus. $1200. Renter pays condos. Immedi- Utilities. 614-402-0496. frigerator $400.00i-fi. Sep- BEAUTIFUL HIGH - Rise ious LR. Condo for rent in Grandview value in Ohio. Close to OSU campus ent area. and and downtown. 2 BR 1 Bath ad with beautiful view of ColumBDRM/1 bus and surrounding areas. ree. pliances, High Floor location. AmmeniEE Inter- ties include swimming pool, 6 BR AFFORDABLE spau outdoor #1 gym, and event room. and private updated large BR columborhood, cious Asking per month on$1,850.00 Central campus. Gas ding, off- House furnished, or $1,650.00 per heat, A/C, off-street parking, ck from month unfurnished. Rent per W/D hookups, 5/month dishwasher, month fireplaces, includes all utilities, $435. 614deposit decks, electric, gas, www.osupropertyand water. Pets 294-7067. 722. and underground parking tra per month. Looking to rent out by Jan. 1st, 2012. 8, 10 BR #1 option for large houses ous and for groups of 5-9! apts on 8, 10 BR Check out 226 E 16th, 202 E ral camous and Frambes and more! ACROSS off-street apts on ,ral cam1W/D 14-time All-Star catcher replaces, off-street Rodriguez, familiarly at 3BDRM HOME $650, 29 min. ,ting W/D 7. www.via Cota 2 OSU 6 Smarten (up) replaces, hardwood floors, garage, lg ting 11at Data proc. equipment 7. www.- yard, *Please call Allison 4 showing @614.332.9320 dead qUiet near medical 14 Amer. economic assistance s BLvd complex. Safe. Excellent, low 15 Dermatologist’s concern 72 W. Blake Ave. OSU Area. noise/crime S BLVD 1/2 double, 3 BRneighborhood, Hi-efficiency quiet serious tenants. Re16 Skill gas furnace, central hardsearch-oriented. OSUair,across wood fl oors, area rugs inthe street. $450/month, no utili17 *”Karma Chameleon” band RED cluded, off-st. parking. No pets. ties. 614-805-4448. 19 Boot part $1,000/mo. 1yr. lease. Day: RED Bed-20 __221-6327 Sutra Evening: 261-0853

Unfurnished 2 Bedroom Unfurnished 5+ Bedroom



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ton e TON E

Roommate Wanted Dipped in a well, maybe GRANDVIEW: 3 bedroom, 2 Female 22 Behold, to Livy 1/2 bathroom condo for rent. Recently updated, great NCL23 Tilts location. On the bus line. FemaLe stUdent wanted to Washer/dryer share gorgeous 6 included. bedroom NCL25 *Space traveler .00 $1600/month. Call 614-527house on 19th. Rent is OWS 27 Corrida celebrity .00 7909. $440/mo. +1/6th utilities. AvailS able now. Contact fiKelsey OWS 29 Global positioning g. 440.00 667-4078. S 30 __ alai Unfurnished .0032 Turner roommate memoir wanted to share 4 gorgeous 6 bedroom 34 State withonaBedroom 45-mile Frambes. Rent is Units - house Units $380/month + 1/6 utilities. Availbedroom Canadian border bedroom contact Dana available. able #1 now. 4 BRPlease AFFORDABLE spaavailable. 38 Notable time 740-310-3977. cious and updated, large 4BR l Myers apts on North, South and Cen39orWith 40-Across, kid’s toy ... l2933 Myers tral campus. Gas heat, A/C, offRoommate Wanted 2933 om andor astreet word that can precede parking, dishwasher, om W/Dword hookups, decks, firethe first of Male the starred Large places, Jacuzzi tubs. Starting


Large at $400/ea. 614-294-7067. in roomroom- gaY maLe with 2-bedroom North. Northhouse to share, 15 min. drive com udes waudes wa- to OSU. Nice quiet resiThursday September 13,safe 2012 internet

0 flexible lease periods, super convenient location, 38 E. 17th Ave. Laundry, off-street parking, $200-$400/month. 296CUstomer serviCe Repre6304. sentative Local beverage distributor has DEAD QUIET near an opening for part timemedical help in complex. Safe.Service Excellent, low its Customer Departnoise/crime neighborhood, ment. Available hours are quiet serious tenants. Reweekday afternoons and Satursearch-oriented. across days. Candidates OSU must be dethe street. $450/month, no utilipendable with great communities. 614-805-4448. cation skills. 15-20 hours per week. Apply online at EOE-M/F/V/D

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CUSTOMER SERVICE Open- PART-TIME position downtown mUsiC teaCHers needed ingsin at Call Center close to for organized, detail-oriented stUdents’ Homes! Campus, DOWN P/T positions w. flexi- student. Mornings Monday ble Set scheduling, Competitive Up to 12 your own schedule. 1 Kings shoot them thru Friday. pay, free downtown parking, ad- hours/week. Able to lift 10 lbs. Continuing education 2 provided. Unremarkable vancement opportunities. Appli- and to push a heavy cart. cants must have basic com- start Send resume and availability Competitive pay. mascot working NEXT 3 Firehouse puter skills, to: Lendingprofessionalism, library. WEEK! College Nannies & Tugood work andwith wknd tors is currently hiring for sev4 Jeans brand Work for ahistory Company availability. integrity! Please apply @ eral after schoolINC. nanny posiPRINTROOM, Seeking 5 URL ender include Upper qualifiedLocations candidates in Columcareers interviewing now! 6 WWII weapon Arlington, Westerville, Powell, bus to work as “Fan PhotograCUSTOMER SERVICE Start pher” Center PT at and football 7 Singles outRepre- Lewis sentative(614) 847-1212 times varyplace fromto2:30 pmOpporto 4:Amazing work. Local beverage distributor has 00 8 Shoreline recess pm and usually end around tunity to get into sports events an opening for part time help in 6:00 pm. Apply online at www.and marketing. Must be open, 9 Middle Aged? its Customer Service Depart- outgoing, self-motivated, and ment. Available hours are reliable. Sales and photo expe10 “Swell!” weekday afternoons andbusline. Satur- rience a plus. Must be availFEMALE STUDENT wanted to part‑time; On the 11 Sewing kit item days. Candidates must be deshare gorgeous 6 bedroom Professional office. 3-4 morn- able for all of home games. Dependable withSpring great communihouse $1,000‑$3,200 on 19th. Rent is ings 12 per week. Detailbloomers oriented tails will be emailed if qualified. earn a month cation skills. per Apply at$440/mo. +1/6th utilities. good 15-20 with hours numbers. to drive our new cars withAvailads. person 13 Awfully expensive week. Apply online at www.suable now. Contact Kelsey 440Send resume & availability to fo/jobs.asp? or with your sumeasto: 667-4078. 18 Not back down from, a Osutruefans@printEOE-M/F/V/D HoUrs at very FLeXiBLe challenge ROOMMATE WANTED to ELECTION officeover in WorWORK/CANVASS- pleasant SMALL medical COMPANY 50 share gorgeous 6 bedroom ING through Filing, needs faxing,F/Tand Election Abbr. Day, thington. 22 Founded: years in business or house on Frambes. Rent is November 8th. Must be avail- other office duties. No experiP/T worker. We will work $380/month + 1/6 utilities. Avail- printroom, 24 Outwits on the ence necessary. 4-10 hours a able Election Day untilstand inC. 8am Seeking around your schedule. We do FrankLin internationaL able now. Please contact Dana qualified week. us uproofi at ng & light polls close. Helpinvoked Ohio busicandidates in Columgutters, siding, 26 One during a Look is a mid-size manufacturer of bus 740-310-3977. nesses get asliquor licenses. to work “Fan Photograrepair work. Good drivers adhesives and sealants located pher” $8/hr +PT 50drought cents/mile. at football Election games. 614-781-1749. license a must. Nelson Roofing in South Columbus. We have Amazing Day $100place + mileage + $50/100 to work. Oppor4636 28 “Live! With Kelly” hostIndianola. (614) 262-9700. Part-Time Production positions tunity win bonus. to get into www.whyisee.sports events available on all shifts. Duties in- and com. marketing. Call30 Charles 447-9992 or WAREHOUSE HELP, 315 Must be open, Shark attack victim? clude packaging, forklift driving, outgoing, and and 161 area (Linworth), drumming/pumping product, reliable. Sales 31self-motivated, “__ forexpereal?” about 20 hours per week, andyou photo ENTERTAINER/TEACHER. and more. High School rience a plus. Must be availGYMBOREE Play and Music M-F, flexible hours between 33 Lots GAY MALE Diploma or with GED 2-bedroom required. able 8:00-5:00. E-mail contact for all of home games. Deseeks energetic, enthusiastic house meet to share, 15 min.check, drive Must bakground Care, a Develop35part-time Fair-haired information to willfor be emailed if qualified. people work. Must aBsoLUte toanswers OSU. Nice quiet resi- tails drug screen, and safe physical mental Disabilities (DD) supgraphicservices@proforma.Apply at able to36 sing unaccompanied dentialrequirements area. Quiet clean Fireplace food-warming shelf exam and be will40toSee ... and a fo/jobs.asp? com living agency, provides in or with your re- port and lead interactive parenhouse with39-Across ing work inwasher/dryer, a dirty, dusty and en- sume Tic-tac-toe loser home support to many individuto:37or Osutruefans@printt/child play music/art classes stove/refrigerator. Friendly word thatPay can vironment. is precede $10/hr, upthe to last als throughout FranklintoCounty. WRITER NEEDS Hire for newborns to 5 year olds. quiet roomate (owner). 41 Dicey 29 hoursof per week. are currently accepting apJapanese Translator ASAP word the starred security answersWe are looking for people with We $300/month (+$200.00 plications for part time and full Call (614)276-3881 For Details. background or 44 Two-baggers: Abbr. deposit). Please printRich43209@yahoo.out an application some teaching 42 White __ time Direct Care Professionals in ECE, Thecom www.franklininternational.- those majoring from 46 or Birds it train. and House Managers. We atre, Music Will 43 or Ministers com stop by totoobtain an ap- smaLL CompanY over 50 strive to bring the highest level MUST BE RELIABLE. If inter49 Eau __ plication, M – F, 6:30 AM – 6:- years in business 45 Lengthwise needs F/T or ested, send your resume or of quality of professional care 30 PM to our clients in the industry. P/T worker. We will work 51 “Project __”: fashion design qualifications in a Microsoft 47 “Deadwood” Franklin International channel around schedule. We do Please visit our website at Word or your PDF file to BABYSITTERS NEEDED. 2020 Bruck Street 200 E. 15th Ave. 4 Bedroom for more gutters, siding, roofing & light 48 Tampa1 NFLer To Must be caring, reliable, have Columbus, 43207 Apartment, OH 1/2 bath, carpet. repair information about our services work. Good drivers 52 Red River city learn more about GPM go to great references and own trans50directions, Learn well For please 614-759call 614- license a must. Nelson Roofing and job requirements. To Rent $300-325/month. portation. Pick your schedule. 445-1458. 53 Made a choice 9952 or 614-935-7165. ply, please submit your resume 4636 52 *It’s not good to meet with it Indianola. (614) 262-9700. to Apply 54 PREFERRED Topple FEMALES for 56 18-and-overs BEFORE/AFTER SCHOOL ongoing medical fanta- mediCaL attendant 55 Actress Moorehead Teachers Powell/Lewis Center, 59 Programs for 11-Across, sy/fetish photo & video work needed in home. Part time, HS Diploma & be at least 18 with an57 established pro- mornings The enemy’s and evenings. briefl y years old. Child supervision, get paid To Write! Earn Up ducer. Good pay & easy Excellent experience for helping leading group activities, 58 Separates by type to60 $300 A Day. No Experience work. Must be ht/wt propor- pre-allied med students. __ Reason with homework and other Necessary. ###! PART-Time Call Center tHe tionate. Reply to: Dispatch CoLUmBUs is sister 61 “Three Sisters” 614-421-2183 similar duties. Email 62 Trendy NYC from section Position, 5 Minutes accepting resumes for vari- 64 Pvt.’s boss campus along #2 bus line. Part able part-time Hopper Feeder 63 Hwy. Free membership with employtime afternoons & evenings. HOUSECLEANING positions.65 Hopper Feeders Electrical measure ment! Call Contact + gas reimb. 64614-495-1407, *Used car selling point PT use= $10.00/Hr a production machine to HoUseCLeaning Helen. FT = Same + mo. Bonus produce ad packages for in-= CARE PROVIDERS and ABA 66= $10.00/Hr D. Petraeus’s PT + gas title reimb. $12+/Hr sertion into the newspaper. Therapists are waned to work FT Same + mo. Bonus = No ##BARTENDERING! UP To weekends. 67=Shorthand system Candidates should be consis- with children/young adults with $12+/Hr $300/ Day. No Experience Nec- 614.760.0911 tently available to work day disabilities in a family home setNo essary. Training available. 800- 68weekends. Seen enough shifts, be able to lift up to fifty ting or supported living setting. 614.760.0911 965-6520 ext 124. adriatiCo’s pizza Extensive training is isprovided. pounds, and have the physi69 Not quite right I/T AND PROGRAMMING P/T looking applicants This jobfor is qualified meaningful, allows cal ability to for long peATTENTION STUDENTS bride positions forstand students with to 70 “The Gondoliers” fill part-time server shifts and you to learn intensively riods of time. Excellent pay, flexible sched- knowledge of Candidates computer with pro- immediately. Daytime can accommodate your class a flexible schedule areand encourules, customer 71 Actor Mike sales/service, gramming, hardware soft- availability a must. in Apply schedule. Those all in related aged to apply by visiting conditions, apply, all ages 17+, ware applications, looking to person 265ABA W 11th Ave. fields, at with interest, or HoUsekeeping. wor‑ We are Call Now! 614-485-9443 or on- gain real world experience. Re- Experience a plus but not who have a heart for these mistHington area family seeks sponsibility An Equal varies Opportunity line basedEmon required. sions please apply. Competistudent for housekeeping, iron- specialization, ployer. but would in- tive wages and benefits. For CALLING ARTISTS! ing, and garden work approx. 8-

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saLes and marketing P/T teaCHing/aBa instrUC‑ GRADUATING positions for students looking ATTENTION tor Position OR RECENT LEGAL CAREERS to gain Sales and Marketing ex- SENIORS Opening in Powell. Must be deManley Kochalski LLC GRADS perience.Deas Position includes marpendable. Homes and Apartrepresents servicing keting CMSmortgage services to poten- Inn-Town CPR, First Aid and interviewing Fingerprints is currently companies residential tial leads in and customer ser- ments needed for a temporary leasing consulforeclosure actions. vice. Responsibilities include in- Before hire. $12.00 hour. position, with per full-time side and outside sales with po- tant Prefer starting in November. Iftential you for have what it takes to hours, development and deOn COTA Bus Line Someone with interests in We are looking for students inwork in a marketing dynamic, fast paced signing material. teaching, in Real Estate and/or Nearterested German Village environment,come to our open Please apply at www.continenPsychology, special education, house to learn more about the Sales. The position offers a occupational “Eph. 2:5 is by shift) gracecompetitive you have starting pay, with following full-time or physical therapies and who opportunities for commissions and part-time (evening shift) been saved. ” enjoys based on performance. If interopportunities that may be working with kids. Phone interested in working in a fun, busy available: views environment please conSunday Morning Services 8:00work & 10:30 AM afterus 3:30. Contact Cheryl tact at 614-294-1684 or 740stop Legal Assistants 881-4325. Sunday School for Children & Adults by 9:15offi AMce at 2104 Tuller St. our Paralegals for more information. Serious Title Preparers inquires only and degrees preLegal Assistant (614) 444-3456 ferred. Interns

ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH Missouri Synod 766 South High Street

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Hr intern CAREER FAIR Wednesday, October 26th Nifco America, a plastic injec3:00p.m. to 7:00p.m. tion molding company, located in Winchester, OH is ThisCanal is an excellent opportunity looking an HR law Intern. to join aforgrowing firm. This We paid internship will initially offer a comprehensive benefibe ts part time and might be full time package, including paid time in the future. The HR Intern off,disability insurance & 401(k). will work directly with the HR department hourly forward recruitTo register, onplease ment, HR administrative tasks your resume to openhouseand special projects. To be Further informaconsidered, you must be pursution will follow. Manley Deas ing a HRLLC bachelor’s degree Kochalski is an Equal Opand currently a sophomore or portunity Employer. higher status, a GPA above 2.5, ability to hold confidential information, excellent communications, and diverse computer skills and highly organized.

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DFW FURNITURE a local retail furniture chain is currently seeking high energy part time sales associates for our Columbus get a BestBuy gift card for a warehouse location. Sales expenny at perience is preferred but notYou quired. will find huge discounts on gold Flexible schedule, Great for a and silver coins and bars, jewcollegegiftstudent. a elry, cards, We and pay much, hourlymore ratebidplus commission much and win. and bonus. Please apply in person at 2255 Westbelt Drive Columbus, Ohio 43228 or send your resume or e-mail to

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osU Un OSU UN ate stude ate stude in Engin in Engin Education Education 8th grade 8th grade homewor homewor skills a fe skills a fe have tran have tran Please ca Please ca 614-581spring Break/winter BREAK Travel the world and 614-581make money while seating on the beach with an all inclusive location. THE t T 3 BEDROOM, 2 Full Bath Con- tHe Go to dominium FOR SALE or Exper LEASE in Chatham Village Pr (Kenny and Ackerman). Walk, Bike, or Bus to OSU! All new appliances included, many Re more updates, low maintenance, but lots of space! “eYeBrow tHreading, Call 1,676 Sq.Buy Ft. $149,900. Special: One Service Get 614-507-5194. Same Free (Bring Your Friend) 1872 N. High Street, The BIKE BUS to OSU from ThreadOR Shop” Beechwold Ranch. Totally fi nished basementinvestors! with bath, 2 attention car garage, 3 season room off CampusHandyman is your soluupdated kitchen. Open living/ tion for your property dining room with WBFP. Hardmaintence needs. wood under carpet. Under Text CampusHandyman to $200,000. C-21 Joe Walker, 90210 for more information. Georgia Stanton. 263-0001. BaHamas springSaleBreak ALL OHIO Reptile and $189 for 7 days.22, All 2011 prices9-3, inShow, October clude : $4, Round-trip luxury cruise Adults under 10, $1. Moose with food. on Lodge 11, Accommodations 1500 Demorest Rd, the island at your choice of thirColumbus, OH 43228. teen resorts. Appalachia Travel. 614/457-4433 800-867-5018

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mUsiC instrUCtion: Classical guitar, other styles, Theory, Aural Training, Composition & Songwriting. Call Sound Endeavors @614/481-9191 BAHAMAS SPRING Break $189 for 7 days. All prices include : Round-trip luxury cruise with food. Accommodations on the island at your choice of thirteen resorts. Appalachia Travel. aaron BUYs aLL Cars 800-867-5018 NEW * OLD * JUNK * WRECKED SPRING BREAK/WINTER Any Vehicle, Today! BREAK Travel CA$H the world and Free tow, Freeseating notary! make money while on the beach with an all inclusive 614-268-CARS(2277) location. Go to tom & Jerry’s Auto Service. Brakes, exhaust, shocks, & towing. 1701 Kenny Rd. 4888507. or visit:

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HelpLargestSelectionofHomesandApartments Wanted For Sale Automotive Furniture/ Medical/Dental RentalSeasonBeginsFriday,January11th Services Appliances Interested candidates should MEDICAL ATTENDANT email resume a neededa in home.along Part with time, transcript mornings to and evenings. for Excellent experience for consideration. pre-allied med students. 614-421-2183

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Housing Trust, has a part-time accounting opportunity at their BONJOUR Columbus location.OSU! Ideal for a La Chatelaine Bakery current collegeFrench student who & Bistros are looking for in would like to gain experience enthusiastic, charming and the field or a recent college hardworking graduate lookingladies for and flexible gentlemens thatDuties love toinclude work part-time work. in a established family own financial statement preparation & bakery.payable, Our and restaurant review, accounts three locationsasin well as bank reconciliations Upper Arlington, Worthington additional responsibilities in a andbut Dublin, needand weekday busy casual friendly personnel, work morning environment. Candidate charismatic servers must be proficient in &Excel; experienced night prepiscooks. Peachtree experience a plus. Restaurant highly Email cover experience letter and resume recommended. to Please visit our website NAHT is a non-profit affordable housing organization. EOE. for locations to pick up an application. We are also on Facebook or follow us on twitter @ lachatcolumbus Merci!

PART-TIME WORK AVAILABLE FOR WINTER Inn-Town Homes Aparttwin LoFt Bedsandexcellent ments is currently looking for conditions email sixwhites@part-time leasing positions for November-January. We are looking for students who are interested in Real Estate and/or Sales. Position offers great pay, flexible hours and fun work environment. Evenings and weekends a must. If you are looking to make some extra LiFe is short money for school, this is a Take great Vitamins! opportunity for you! If terested, please contact us at 614-294-1684 or stop by our office at 2104 Tuller St. for more tent saLe all week! Crew information. neck sweatshirts $15. All hats $7. Tees $7. MC/Visa welcome. Lane Ave at High Street. SALES AND MARKETING P/T positions for students looking to gain Sales and Marketing experience. Position includes marketing CMS services to potential leads and customer service. Responsibilities include inside and outside sales with po3 Bedroom, 2 Full Bath tential for development andCondedominium marketing FOR SALE or signing material. LEASE in Chatham Village Please apply at www.continen(Kenny and Ackerman). Walk, Bike, or Bus to OSU! All new appliances included, many

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need C NEED Pays WC Pays W and Fre and Fre www.gbg www.gbg To Join: To Join:

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ART ST Brewery “Non-tem Starting a ATTENTION INVESTORS! Call Shaw CampusHandyman is your solution for your property maintence needs. Text CampusHandyman to stUdent rates. Free initial 90210 for more Attorney information. Anconsultation. drew Cosslett. Alcohol/Drug, Traffic, DUI, Criminal, Domes- HaLLow MUSIC INSTRUCTION: Classitic. Credit cards accepted. 614off S cal guitar, other styles, Theory, 20% “EYEBR 725-5352. Ken Aural Training, Composition & 4545 Special: Columbu Songwriting. Call Sound En- Same Fr Phone deavors @614/481-9191 www.- 1872 30 N Thread S

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need m CollegeD Earn whi own onlin hype, pr perfect. Affordable price. www.crea com. AARON BUYS ALL CARS


sports Crew Stadium atmosphere among Columbus’ best Standing PAT Sports editor PAT BRENNAN The United States men’s national soccer team’s victory against Jamaica at Crew Stadium added another proud chapter to Columbus’ sports history. So proud and frenzied was the game, in fact, that before the 90 minutes had elapsed on the field, some were already speculating about how the atmosphere in the stadium compared to other professional and collegiate sporting events hosted in Columbus. There is no doubt that the U.S. team’s most recent victory at Crew Stadium — the team upped its all-time record at the ground to 6-0-3 by beating Jamaica — is up there with the top sporting events in the city’s history. Whether it’s comparable to a football Saturday at Ohio Stadium is very much debatable, though. To understand how special the atmosphere was during the Yanks’ shutout victory against Jamaica on Tuesday, look no further than the very first words of team manager Jurgen Klinsmann’s post game press conference. “I think first of all, we want to thank that (Crew Stadium) crowd out there in Columbus for their tremendous support,� Klinsmann said. “It was a tremendous atmosphere that pushed the players. All of us really appreciated that. It was fantastic.� Keep Klinsmann’s status in world soccer in mind — he’s played professionally in England’s Premier League, Italy’s Serie A and Germany’s Bundesliga. He was a World Cup winner with Germany in 1990 and a European champion with Bayern Munich in 1996. Suffice it to say that the guy knows his soccer, he knows what passionate fan support looks like and while part of his job as U.S. manager is to help stoke the relatively small flame that is American soccer culture, he has no other reason to sugarcoat. And he didn’t on Tuesday. So congratulations to soccer fans in Columbus and all the rest

that journeyed to Central Ohio for the game — the performance of the 23,881 fans that jammed into Crew Stadium was just as convincing as the American team’s play on the pitch. I’ll take it a step further, as some members of the press did last night, and say that the atmosphere at Crew Stadium was better than the Columbus Blue Jackets’ opening-round series against the Detroit Red Wings during the 2009 NHL playoffs. Anyone can make that claim easily. With the temporary seating installed in Crew Stadium for Tuesday’s game, a vital World Cup qualifier for both teams involved, the venue held more fans than the Blue Jackets’ Nationwide Arena could ever host (capacity of 18,500 for hockey, according to The Jackets also had a fan base that wasn’t fully invested in the 2009 playoff run, and that’s OK because the team was a heavy underdog against Detroit and was eventually swept, 4-0. American fans, despite seeing the U.S. lose to Jamaica, 2-1, in Kingston, Jamaica, just days before the game in Columbus, had Klinsmann’s promise that the team wouldn’t lose to the Reggae Boyz for the second time in a week. They didn’t, and American fans have come to expect results from their men’s national team against opponents from all over the world. There’s a cautious optimism about the U.S. men’s national team, and that lends itself to a party spirit whenever the squad has a match. It goes without saying that while the U.S. men’s team is far from a juggernaut in world soccer, it is a strong and competitive team, especially in the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) region. So in terms of the significance of the event and the passionate crowd support, Tuesday’s game at Crew Stadium tops anything the Blue Jackets franchise has to offer. I’ll even say this — the U.S.-Jamaica game was a better atmosphere than most Ohio State men’s basketball home games. Again, consider the respective stadiums’ capacities — the Schottenstein Center holds 19,500 fans for basketball games and, quite honestly, a lot of those Buckeye contests can be a bore. I’m not talking about the marquee games against big-name opponents such as Duke last season or Kansas this coming season. Big Ten Conference games against Wisconsin and Michigan State certainly might have the U.S.-Jamaica game beat in terms of atmosphere, especially when the Buckeye Nut House student cheering section gets fired up. But are you going to tell me that an OSU basketball game against some of the drab non-conference teams the athletic department brings in is an event


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ANDREW HOLLERAN / Photo editor

Fans cheer during a 2014 World Cup qualifying match between the US men’s national soccer team and the Jamaican national team Sept. 11, 2012. The US won, 1-0. you’d be excited to watch? For someone that’s never seen the Buckeyes play live before, maybe you would tell me that. But for Columbus residents and students with season ticket plans, sorry, you’re lying to yourself if you think the average OSU men’s basketball home game tops what Crew Stadium offered on Tuesday. What I can’t do is tell you that the U.S. men’s national team and its fans teamed up to create an atmosphere comparable to an OSU football game at Ohio Stadium. There’s no comparison. Using the same stadium-capacity barometer, well, it would take more than four Crew Stadiums (with additional, temporary seating) to fill the Horseshoe. Even if many Buckeye supporters want to sit on their hands throughout the game, 105,000 people are going to make more noise inhaling and exhaling oxygen than a packed Crew Stadium ever will. So when I overheard members of the Columbus media compare Tuesday’s national team game to the OSU-USC football game at the Horseshoe

in 2008, well, there’s a reason I didn’t make that argument the focus of this column. That is a ridiculous and absurd notion. Unlike the OSU men’s basketball team, even the Buckeyes football team’s non-conference games draw massive, passionate crowds. Even on a planet where soccer is king, gatherings of 100,000 or more supporters is a phenomenon that is mostly limited to a select group of American universities with powerful college football programs. There’s no shame in losing out to the tradition and pageantry of an Ohio Stadium football game, though. The U.S. put on yet another memorable performance at Crew Stadium on Tuesday, one that will be remembered as one of the great sporting moments in a city that has had so many. Certainly, Tuesday’s World Cup qualifier provided a performance and accompanying atmosphere that rivals any moment in the history of Columbus’ NHL franchise and even gives the average OSU men’s basketball home game a run for its money. Not bad for a soccer team.


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Thursday September 13, 2012


September 13, 2012  

the lantern

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