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Junior guard Aaron Craft scored 21 points in OSU’s 68-60 win against MSU Sunday.

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The Undergraduate Student Government’s Off-Campus Development Task Force, created to address problems in the off-campus community, is more than three weeks late in releasing the comprehensive report of its findings. In a Nov. 29 Lantern article, task force leader and former USG President Nick Messenger said he planned to issue the report by Feb. 1, but the comprehensive report has yet to be published. USG President Taylor Stepp said task force members decided to delay the report because of an “abnormally low response rate” from emails sent out to a random number of students. The report has also been delayed due to a restructure of the strategy for the project to highlight areas of excellence, then focus on what to improve, said Celia Wright, a task force member and secondyear in exploration. She said the change in strategy took place around the middle of January. Stepp said USG has reached out to parents and prominent landlords in the area, who have been cooperative for the most part. However he said he is “really upset” about the low response rate from students. Stepp said he was told the findings should be released in “about a week-and-a-half or so.” The task force focused on deteriorating conditions of houses, rent issues, problems with

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USG’s Off-Campus Development Task Force has yet to release findings due to lack of response. landlords, lighting issues and pedestrian traffic safety. When the report is released, “student development goals” will be created to address any off-campus problems, Stepp said in a Dec. 4 Lantern article. Some students, like Ryan Glinn, a fourth-year in strategic communication, were unsure what to think of the delay. “Are they going to be able to implement it and

make it effective? That’s the trick, and what you’re seeing now is they’re late with their task force report already so that’s not a good start,” Glinn said. Glinn said students, as well as landlords, need to do their part to keep housing conditions nice. “It’s tough when you have different landlords in different areas, and then you have properties with six guys or six girls living in (them), and part of the responsibility is on us as students to take care of the property while we’re renting it,” Glinn said. “On the other hand, I think the landlords could do a little bit more as well.” Others felt the task force will help future students down the road. “I think it’s about taking it one step at a time and hopefully improving it for kids who go here in 10 years,” said Doug Rosenthal, a fourth-year in criminology and political science. “It’s not going to happen this year, it’s not going to happen next year, but if you make the effort now, year by year it will get better and better.” Rosenthal said he has experienced problems with the physical condition of his house on 17th Avenue, such as issues with electrical wiring and said “it just looks like they haven’t remodeled it in about 50 years.” However, he said he is glad steps are being taken to improve the off-campus area. “In general, college housing is obviously lower quality,” Rosenthal said. “But I think it’s about time they look into it and start at least trying to improve stuff.”

Commencement Controversy

Grad tickets already being sold online


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CAROLINE KEYES Lantern reporter

How much would you pay for commencement tickets?

Some Ohio State students are reaching for their wallets before their diplomas as they finalize their commencement plans, but the university might be changing its limited ticket policy after backlash from graduating students. Graduating from college is a momentous occasion for many, but some students have felt pressured to place a monetary value on this milestone. OSU announced graduates will only be able to receive four tickets for the May 5 ceremony in Ohio Stadium where President Barack Obama is expected to speak. “For me, it’s pretty upsetting because I have five direct family members,” said Stephen Pearson, a fourth-year in biology. Pearson said he needs to get more tickets for the ceremony, and that since it was announced last Wednesday that Obama will be speaking, he has already witnessed an online market develop for commencement tickets. “I’ve already seen people selling tickets on Facebook, and I’ve had friends tell me that they are only having two relatives go so they can sell their tickets and make money,” Pearson said. “Someone even texted me and said he was selling two tickets for $1,000 a piece if I wanted to buy them.” Craigslist had one posting that offered to sell tickets for $100 each Monday evening, and other postings by buyers and sellers stated the ticket price could be determined by negotiation. Students posting in the Class of 2013 Facebook page were asking for others to message them privately if they had any extra tickets to sell. It is illegal in Ohio for private citizens to scalp or

Some sudents are selling tickets to Spring Commencement for as much as $500 a piece. OSU spokeswoman Gayle Saunders said the university does not condone buying and selling tickets to graduation. Ticket distribution will likely begin in April and if there are extra tickets, a method for additional distribution will be determined. Seating is limited due to “security measures, stadium refurbishing projects and a greater number of graduates than ever before,” according to the OSU commencement website.

photo by ANDREW HOLLERAN / Photo editor resell event tickets, which is often done at a much higher price. Multiple petitions have been circulating online, collecting signatures from people wanting an increase in the number of tickets available. One petition had more than 530 signatures Monday evening. OSU spokeswoman Gayle Saunders said the university does not condone buying and selling tickets to graduation, and that officials are listening to feedback from students and their families and are working to accommodate all graduates’ guests. “We are hopeful changes to our stadium renovation plans and other adjustments will help to address concerns for ticket availability,” Saunders said. Once the university has a good idea of how many students are planning to attend commencement, it may increase the ticket limit. As graduating students scramble to obtain

Neilwood Gables won’t house students next school year SHAY TROTTER Lantern reporter An expected $1.25 million renovation of Neilwood Gables’ plumbing system has caused Ohio State to remove the building from the available housing options for the 2013-2014 academic year. “We’ve taken it offline for people to renew and to go there,” said Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs. “We may be able to use it, but we just can’t guarantee. We can’t accommodate a request now for someone who says they want to live in Neilwood Gables.” Although maintenance has been ongoing for the last few years, Isaacs said the bulk of the 89-year-old building’s original piping still remains. Now there are plans to replace the risers, vertical pipes that run the length of the building, and riser valves of the plumbing system for $1.2 million and $50,000, respectively. The residence hall has also undergone maintenance in other areas, including electrical upgrades in 1998 and 2002 and a fire alarm replacement, Isaacs said. Minor electrical problems will also be addressed when the building is closed. “As those who have or live in old houses know, there is work that constantly needs to be done on old buildings,” Isaacs said. While there is no definitive time span for the renovations, an early completion could mean Neilwood Gables will still be used in some way. “Depending on how the time length of the project goes … we may be able to use (the building) for other ways in the fall,” Isaacs said.

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enough tickets for their families and friends, many have voiced concerns about competing for tickets with younger students interested in seeing Obama speak. Carole McCormick, a fourth-year in biology, said she absolutely thinks younger students will attempt to buy tickets and isn’t happy about it. “It takes away from graduation, and there’s the fact that (underclassmen) won’t even care about the people who actually are graduating,” McCormick said. “Obama has been here like three times in the past year — they couldn’t have seen him any of those other times for free?” Obama kicked off his re-election campaign at the Schottenstein Center on May 5, 2012, and since then has been back to the university twice. In August

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CGS retracts officer change after backlash JOHN WERNECKE Lantern reporter The Council of Graduate Students has reversed its decision to split the vice presidential duties and stipend between two members after receiving backlash for violating its constitutional procedure. The executive committee of the CGS nullified Act 1213, which split vice presidential duties between the CGS secretary and treasurer, at its delegate meeting Friday. Faced with what she called a difficult decision, CGS president Allison Sturm told the delegate body that Act 1213, passed at the previous delegate meeting, was done in conflict with the CGS constitution and was therefore void. Sturm said the committee made its decision in hopes that the organization

could move past the controversy associated with the change. “At this point it’s done,” Sturm said. “We’re all moving on and I think we should remember what we were elected to do. From this point forward, for the month or two we have left, let’s try to remember that and finish strong.” The act, passed after former CGS president Allen Cochran resigned, was in violation of the CGS constitution because it was delivered to the delegates less than 24 hours before being put to vote. CGS physics delegate James McMillan objected to the procedure and distributed his concerns on the leadership change by email to more than 3,500 graduate students. McMillan’s actions brought attention to the issue, but also to him. He was eventually called in for a mandatory meeting with assistant vice president of Student Life, Douglas Koyle, who

continued as CGS on 2A 1A

campus White House rates OSU in medium range for affordability MICHELE THEODORE Lantern reporter The cost of attending Ohio State is in the medium range compared to similar institutions according to the White House’s new college affordability website. The average net price for undergraduate in-state students at OSU was $19,082 during the 2010-2011 school year, according to the College Affordability and Transparency Center’s website, which is part of President Barack Obama’s plan to make college more affordable. The cost details the total debt incurred and does not include grants or scholarships. During the same time frame, the University of Michigan had a net cost of $14,074, the University of Wisconsin-Madison was at $14,940 and the University of Iowa was priced at $14,245. “Colleges must do their part to keep costs down,” Obama said in his State of the Union address on Feb. 12. “It’s a simple fact: The more education you have, the more likely you are to have a job and work your way into the middle class. But today, skyrocketing costs price way too many young people out of a higher education, or saddle them with unsustainable debt.” Obama announced a new program to rate colleges on affordability in his address. The College Affordability and Transparency Center’s College Scorecard aims to help parents and students make educated decisions about college costs. “The college scorecard looks like a nifty device,” said Eric MacGilvray, an OSU associate professor in political science. “(It’s) one stop for comparing college affordability and performance when (parents and students) look toward schools.” MacGilvray said college affordability is a serious concern. “College costs and higher tuition costs have been rising for a long time, and they’re very high. Many people believe that people are going to be priced out of higher ed,” he said. OSU President E. Gordon Gee announced a proposal last week to freeze undergraduate tuition rates for in-state students for the 2013-2014 academic year. If the proposal is approved, OSU tuition for in-state residents will remain at $10,036.80 next year. The interactive program on the College Affordability and Transparency Center’s website offers information in five categories: costs, graduation

rate, loan default rate, median borrowing and employment after graduation. Students can also search for colleges by location, type of college or area of interest. These categories fit with many of the same criteria that OSU students sought when looking for a college. Brad Lewis, a first-year in biomedical engineering, placed an emphasis on academic programs and location when he made a decision between the University of Pittsburgh and OSU. “I’m from Ohio so in-state (tuition) was a big deal,” Lewis said. “I know I wanted to do biomedical engineering so I looked at their programs and how competitive they were.” Haley Sylvester, a first-year in accounting, cited several criteria she considered when selecting a college. Sylvester found information online when she was searching for a college. “I pretty much strictly went to academics and I wanted a big school,” Sylvester said. “I didn’t want to go out of state and I decided OSU was a really well-known school.” Some students said the college scorecard program does not contain new information and is similar to programs that already exist. “If you want to argue that (the college scorecard) will increase competition, that would make sense, but there’s not new information,” said Sam Zuidema, second-year in history and political science and chairman of the OSU College Republicans. “I’m not sure how this is going to affect college affordability at all which is a real issue.” Zuidema said there are other ways higher education issues could be resolved. “I’m naturally inclined to think about how we solve problems on a state level. If our goal is to help people apply for colleges and decide what college they want to attend, I think the best way to do that would be on a state level by helping students through their high school,” Zuidema said. According to the White House College Scorecard, OSU has a graduation rate with about 79.9 percent of students graduating. According to data from fiscal year 2009, the loan default for OSU is 5.6 percent, which is lower than the national average of 13.4 percent. OSU students typically borrow about $213 a month, which falls in a medium range of borrowing, the site said. Information was not provided yet on employment after graduation. “I think OSU will do well (on the college scorecard). OSU as a university comes as at an affordable price,” MacGilvray said. “The question is if people will make use of it.”

OSU average in affordability

JAY MAZZONE / Lantern designer

VP candidate Ahart plans to reach beyond ‘involved kids’ KRISTINE VARKONY Lantern reporter


USG vice presidential candidate Josh Ahart, a thirdyear in public affairs.

It’s yet to be seen if the Undergraduate Student Government president will be re-elected by the end of the week, but Ohio State will inevitably have a new vice president. Josh Ahart, a third-year in public affairs, is the lone vice presidential candidate on the 2013 ballot on a ticket with USG president and third-year in public affairs, Taylor Stepp. An unopposed USG presidential election has not happened in about 50 years at OSU, and this could be the first time in 10 years for a repeat president. Ahart applied to be a USG intern but didn’t get the position, then became part of the membership committee and was elected as the Fisher College of Business senator seat later in his freshman year. He now serves as off-campus senator and the budget and finance committee chair for USG. “I ran for Fisher, because I was a business major then, and that is a very hard spot to win,” Ahart said. “I just chalked everywhere, talked to all of my friends, did the typical thing with the ‘Nick and Emily’ campaign.”

CGS from 1A McMillan said attempted to surprise him by inviting an OSU Police officer and a representative from Student Conduct. McMillan said the officer and Student Conduct representative tried to “demoralize” him, and Koyle tried to “intimidate” him. According to CGS’ agenda for the Friday meeting, Koyle and Javaune Adams-Gaston, vice president of Student Life, were scheduled to speak but were not present. Sturm encouraged the delegates from dwelling on the issue. “What we just did brings us back to point zero. So I want to make sure we are not discussing something that didn’t happen,” she said. McMillan said in an email to The Lantern that he was “very pleased with what has developed.” With Act 1213 nullified, the vice president seat remains open and can be filled by any graduate student. Nominations were opened immediately. Cochran, who stepped down as president for health reasons in January, nominated himself. McMillan nominated physics graduate student Zachary Carson to fill the seat and Carson accepted. Joshua Coy, an art education delegate, nominated himself. After his movement was seconded, Coy accepted


the nomination on the condition that he not receive the allotted stipend for the vice president. Nominations remain open online until the next CGS delegate meeting on March 22 when the election will be held for the 2012-2013 and the 2013-2014 seats. The elected 2012-2013 vice president will hold the position for one month until the delegate meeting on April 19. Matt Sievert, a graduate student in physics, said during the Friday meeting that while he was happy issues with Act 1213 were finished, he still has concerns about infrequent updates to CGS’ website and an absence of recently posted meeting minutes. “I think that poses a fundamental problem as to how the student body can be aware and hold CGS accountable for what happens within this room,” Sievert said. Minutes from the Jan. 25 meeting and all other meetings during the 2012-2013 academic year have yet to be released. While some delegates thanked McMillan for bringing more light to the issue, others were more critical. “I’m pretty enthusiastic and excited about the passion here. I think that everyone cares so deeply needs to be recognized,” Cochran said. “However, I am ashamed to call myself a part of a body that is more concerned with the idiosyncrasies of policies than they are about helping graduate students.”

Nick Messenger, a fourth-year in political science, and Emily DeDonato, a fourthyear in biology, served as USG president and vice president respectively in 2011-2012. Ahart and his running mate, Stepp, met during their freshman year at a USG dinner where they bonded over being from southern Ohio. Ahart is from Belpre, about two hours southeast of Columbus, and Stepp is from Jackson, which is about an hour and a half southeast of Columbus. Ahart’s work ethic and dedication to USG is why Stepp chose him as a running mate. “I knew (Ahart) could organize people, and he’s a charismatic guy who knows a lot about the organization,” Stepp said. “I think it’s really important to have someone who’s not only a leader but also who’s well-liked and has a very keen sense of the (finances) of USG, how the organization operates. And Josh has a vision, too.” Current USG vice president, Kevin Arndt, a fourth-year in political science and public affairs, agreed about why Ahart was chosen to fill his shoes. “He demonstrated an ability as a likely choice to fill the role,” he said. “I’m assuming it was not a very hard decision for Taylor to make.” Running unopposed was not something the running mates were expecting, but Ahart said the fact that no other candidates are officially on the ballot means USG and

Tickets from 1A he had lunch at Sloopy’s Diner in the Ohio Union, and in October he delivered a speech on the Oval. According to the OSU commencement website, “graduates and their families are the priority for this event.” The listed policies said the actual ticket distribution will likely begin in April. The website also states that if there are extra tickets, a method for additional distribution will be determined, but people should be aware that seating is limited due to “security measures, stadium refurbishing projects and a greater number of graduates than ever before.” St. John Arena will also be open during the ceremony, where guests that can’t be accommodated in the ‘Shoe can watch a live broadcast of the event. Not wanting to rely on the possibility of being given extra tickets, Pearson said he would be willing to spend “at least a couple hundred dollars” to make sure all of his family members can attend, but other

continued as Ahart on 3A students said they would not go to the same measures. “With 12,000 graduating students, it’s not really an intimate ceremony, so I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on it. I definitely wouldn’t pay more than $100,” McCormick said. Regardless of the price students settle on, Pearson said he thinks any attempt by the university to monitor the buying and selling of commencement tickets would be unmanageable. “I just think it’s going to be a mess and there is too much going on for them to try to regulate it,” Pearson said. “It’s a lost cause because it’s going to happen anyway.”


Tuesday February 26, 2013

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Neilwood Gables at 194 W. Woodruff Ave. is expected to be closed during the 2013-2014 academic year for renovations to the plumbing system.

Neilwood from 1A

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Tuesday February 26, 2013

the rest of the OSU student body trust the ability of current USG leadership. “I think that other people are talking about apathy and people are not engaged in USG — I don’t think that’s it at all,” Ahart said. “I think that people in the organization are unified around Taylor and I, and I think that they understand that we know what is best for the organization, otherwise they wouldn’t have all supported us. I think for people to say that it’s apathy, I think that’s ridiculous.” Courtney Kasuboski, director of academic affairs for USG and fourth-year in industrial and systems engineering, said Stepp and Ahart are both qualified and experienced members of USG, but that running unopposed might not be the best situation. “I think it is tough because it’s hard to run unopposed and then argue that you won the election,” she said. While Stepp and Ahart are the only registered

candidates for president and vice president, there are students running write-in campaigns. Jacob Coate, a second-year in political science, and James Prather, a second-year in finance, are running as president and vice president, respectively. Arndt hopes to see Stepp and Ahart continue to represent and reach out to every student on OSU’s campus, not just the “involved kids.” Ahart said he wants to continue Stepp and Arndt’s legacy, but also has several new ideas, including a push for digital textbooks and an expansion of Buckeye Roadtrip — a free program that provides busing to students to cities around Ohio on select weekends. “We’ve really pushed this year to make sure that we get out there, and we tell everyone what we’re doing,” Ahart said. “And we’re doing, as our slogan says, ‘big things.’” Voting for USG begins Wednesday at noon and ends Friday at 11:59 p.m.

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General Manager:

Although the residence hall currently houses 104 students, the building is not at full capacity. “The building has limited occupancy this year as it was used for overflow,” said Jen Shields, the hall director of Neilwood Gables, in an email. “Most students are not returning from last year and seeing as we have new housing options and Neilwood Gables needs some updating, I think it is a great time to do so.” Steeb-Smith Hall is expected to open for Fall Semester after being closed for almost a year for renovations. The building is supposed to house more than 1,000 residents. Siebert Hall has also been closed for renovations. Shields said she has not heard any Neilwood Gables residents express concern that they will be unable to return to the building in the fall.

Kelsey Noonan, a third-year in human development and family sciences, is currently living in Neilwood Gables for a second year. Noonan said during her time living in the building she has dealt with unwanted insects like cockroaches and centipedes, a minor electrical problem and a leak in the corner of her room. Noonan said the problems she’s had with the building do not make the residence hall renovations surprising. “I’m not that surprised that it’s closing,” she said. “I mean, it is old. It is an old building and it definitely shows.” Brooklyn Wagner, Noonan’s roommate and a third-year in animal science, agreed. “It’s nice ‘cause it’s like an apartment style on campus, but at the same time it’s just really, really old,” Wagner said. “It needs to be updated.”


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COUNTRY HORSE FARM’S HOUSE & 5ac yard. 28min. OSU, plant an organic garden, board your horse, gaze at the nighttime star-filled sky (you can see all of it). No pets, 1yr lease, $1200/mo. 805-4448

*GREAT OPPORTUNITY, fantastic college agedboy with autism! Looking for a new provider to add to our team! Full time or Part time. Paid training. Loves to attend & participate in sporting events. Also loves music & being around people. Competitive pay! Friendly family! Enthusiasm is important. Call Jackie 614-296-0453 for more details.

GROCERY STORE: Applications now being accepted for Full-time/Part-time employment. Produce Clerk, Cashier, Deli Clerk, Stock Clerk, and Service Counter. Afternoons, evenings. Starting pay $8.00/Hr. Enjoyable work atmosphere. Must be 18 years or over. Great personalities only! Apply in person Huffman’s Market, 2140 Tremont Center, Upper Arlington (2 blocks north of Lane Ave and Tremont).

SCP DISTRIBUTORS is looking for a summer warehouse associate starting in April. Previous warehouse/forklift experience preferred. Send resume to:

Unfurnished 5+ Bedroom #1 LOCATIONS for groups of 5-13, 66 East Northwood, 34 West Oakland, 184 East 15th and many more, visit http://www. for more information. 100E.13TH Ave 5BR 2 or 3 baths suites. Available for fall! Roll out of bed & make it to the Ohio Union or class on time! Washer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave AC 1600 square feet

2403-2405 East Ave. 5 bedroom 2 baths townhouse. Available in the FALL! North campus. Just North of Patterson, one block E of High. $350 per person. Completely remodeled with newer carpet & ceiling fans. Huge kitchen with DW and huge living room. Blinds, A/C & free WD, front and rear porch, free off street parking.Walk a little and save a lot! Call 263-2665 LOOKING to rent an apartment or house? Call The Lantern at (614) 292-2031. 5-6 Bedrooms, 3 bath, NEW kitchen w/ granite countertops, huge rooms, dishwasher, laundry, A/C, parking. (614) 457-6545

6 BR. 14th and Summit. Near Greek houses. W/D provided (free). Central AC. Front/ back porch. $2800/mo. Adam 419-494-4626 or Sean 614-915-4666 65 WEST Maynard near Neil 5Bedroom +2 full baths townhouse available for fall. North Campus. Very spacious & modern with huge living room, newer carpet, D/W, FREE W/D in basement, AC, blinds, front porch. Call 263-2665

AFFORDABLE 5 bedrooms. Visit our website at 1st Place Realty 429-0960

FOR RENT Aug. 2013 4 PERSON, Huge, new kitch- 40 E Patterson ens, D/W, w/d, carpet, parking, 5+ Beds, 2 Baths basement, very nice. 273-7775. SS Apps, $2200 whitebearproperties 71 WEST Norwich Avenue 3-4 Bedroom Home Stove/Refridgerator Washer/ Dryer Off Street Parking,Front Porch. Lease for August 2013 (614) 286-7150 Shown by ROOM: 92 E. 11th Ave. Clean. Appt. only Cozy. Parking available. Short term okay. Free internet. $375/ AFFORDABLE 4 Bedrooms. mo. plus utilities. Visit our website at (614)457-8409, 1st Place (614)361-2282 Realty. 429-0960



to rent an apartment or house? Call


Furnished Rentals

Furnished Rentals

IMMEDIATELY HIRING both full time and part time employees to work in Fruition shops inside of LA Fitness. Please contact us at fruitionjobopportunities@gmail. com, or 859-248-1012.

IT SKILLS NEEDED! OSU Mathematical Biosciences Institute is seeking an undergraduate Student Assistant to help with website development and maintenance and to assist with IT system analysis and programming. The part-time position offers flexible hours M-F and the pay range is $9-$10/hr. If you have a working knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Linux or experience with PHP and MySQL please contact Nicola Betts at

152 E. Northwood. Hardwood floors, central A/C, W/D provided (free), large rooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 car garage, basement, kitchen $500 ESSAY Contest. with DW & MW. Fenced in yard. Details at $2,400 per month, water includ- ed. Rob - 614-581-3755.

116 WOODRUFF. 1 Bedroom apartment. Available Fall 2013. 7 BR 43 West Maynard. Completely remodeled. 3 bathrooms, $595-660/mo. 846-7863 lots of parking, on-site laun4 PERSON, Huge, new kitch- dry, central air. $3000/mo. Call ens, D/W, w/d, carpet, parking, Adam 419-494-4626 or Sean basement, very nice. 273-7775. 614-915-4666 4 PERSON, Huge, new kitchens, D/W, w/d, carpet, parking, basement, very nice. 273-7775.

$$BARTENDERING$$ UP To $300/ Day. No Experience Necessary. Training available. 800-965-6520 ext 124.

ATTN: PT Work - for spring + secure summer work Local Company Hiring: 10 Minutes From Campus Customer Service & Sales Great Starting Pay Flexible PT Schedules Internship Credit Available for select majors Call 614-485-9443 for INFO or

LOOKING FOR an enthusiastic person from the Exercise Science field who wants to start a career in personal training. We are a private facility that focuses on weight training, cardiovascular training, and nutrition for a complete fitness program. You must have a certification in ACSM, ACE, or NSCA and a degree in Exercise Science or the like. Please submit your resume to MAKE YOUR OWN WORK SCHEDULE! Benefits & Great Weekly Pay. Visit:

EARN $1000-$3200 a month to drive our new cars with ads. OPEN POSITION EVENT PARKING Cashier (Are- Title: Research Associate na District/Columbus, Ohio) CHOOSE YOUR OWN SCHED- We are now accepting applications for a Research Associate ULE at Strategic Research Group, Event Attendant strong empha- an independent research comsis on customer service, issu- pany based in Columbus Ohio. ing tickets to guests, making The successful candidate would change, directing vehicles to work with a team of researchers assure continuous traffic flow conducting educational research and efficient spacing of vehicles. under the supervision of a project manager. The position reThis is an outdoor position. quires a person who is organized Where: Crew Stadium, Nation- and can communicate effectively wide Arena, Huntington Ball- with a wide variety of individuals park, and Lifestyle Communities of different educational levels. Tasks include, but are not limPavilion ited to, assistance in preparing When: During events (employ- questionnaires and protocols, ees choose their schedule by scheduling meetings and site signing up for the days in which visits, interviewing, conducting observational research, data they would like to work) entry, transcribing, and other Pay Rate: Starting rate $8.50 tasks as required by the project manager. The successful candiper hour date should have a Master’s deInterviews Tuesday, February gree in a social science field, a Bachelor’s degree in education 19, 2013 with some research exposure, 2:00pm to 4:00pm or experience in conducting reAdditional interviews will be search in schools. scheduled by appointment. Interested candidates should To schedule an interview, submit resumes to: please email kimreinbolt@stan- FEMALE FITNESS Models Wanted Photographer will be In Columbus for The Arnold Sports Expo this week.Doing photo shoots for my website. No Experience Required.Get paid $100. For details please email

ORDER PROCESSOR/ Customer Service full and part time opportunities between 8am-7pm. Strong data entry skills required. Located in Dublin. Please apply on line at

Ohio State has 50,000+ students that you can reach. Call (614)292-2031 for more information. Unfurnished Rentals

Unfurnished Rentals

Help Wanted OSU

WANTED: PART time after school childcare for 13 year old special needs child. Must have own car and be willing to pursue provider license through the state (very easy process). Pay is $24 for first hour, $12 for every STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM Paid hour after. Please contact Gina Survey Takers needed in Colum- Vasiloff at 614-906-2402 for furbus. 100% free to join. Click on ther information. surveys. SUMMER LIFEGUARDS Spend 10 weeks this summer guarding at Camp Brosius in Elkhart Lake, Wisc. Food and lodging included. Guard certification reimbursable. or

Help Wanted Clerical

PHONE FANTASY Actresses. 16-40 hours available. Safe environment. Woman owned/operated. Excellent earning potential. TELEPHONE INTERVIEW- Call 447-3535 for more info. ERS wanted immediately to conduct interviews for research firm. No experience necessary. Great part-time job for students. Evening and daytime shifts available. Apply in person at: Strategic Research Group, 995 ER SCRIBE - Seeking Pre Goodale Blvd., 2nd floor. Med students to work as ER Scribes. VALETS Driven. Service oriented. A team player. Reliable. Professional. Friendly. WANTED FT Cosmetic Care Does this sound like you? Coordinator. Busy ENT/Facial Plastics office looking for a FT Currently hiring FT/PT Valets Cosmetic Care Coordinator. for various shifts throughout Duties to include but not limited Columbus. to answering phones, scheduling, rooming patients, providing cosmetic quotes, room turnover, and assisting the physician with procedures. No exp. necessary. Willing to train. Email your resume to:

Help Wanted Medical/Dental

Help Wanted Child Care

ABA PROVIDER needed for 14 yr old boy who lives with Autism. Looking for a self-motivated, compassionate person who would assist with independent skills. Pay is through the I/O waiver. Great reference for grad school! Call 216-9531

ABA PROVIDER position. Looking for energetic, reliable person. Hours: Before/after school. some flexibility. Leisure activities, chores & social skills. Training provided. Upper Arlington area. I/O waiver. Exp/Ref preferred. Please contact JenSmizer@ CAREGIVER NEEDED for teen male with autism. Must have own car and be willing to complete state waiver process. Male preferred for intermittent challenging behavior. $18-$12/ hour. Contact andaprice1@ EARLY CHILDHOOD: We are looking for an afternoon floater from 12:00-6:00 Monday through Friday! We offer competitive pay and a fun working environment. La Petite Academy 740-881-1234 IN HOME ABA Therapist needed for 5 y/o boy w/ Autism. $10/ hr to start. Pd Training. ST / OT or Child Dev majors pref. 614-348-1615 PART TIME TEACHERS & KITCHEN ASSISTANT needed. Experience with young children required. Call 614-451-4412 between hours of 9:00 am-5:00 pm, or email nicholsonb@ Northwest Christian Child Care 5707 Olentangy River Rd. Columbus, OH 43235 PARTTIME AFTERNOON Teacher needed for Toddler class at northwest Christian School. M-F, 3-6pm, Requires hs diploma plus experience working with kids, college courses in early childhood or education pref. Please fax resume to Anna at 614-336-8485 or call 614-336-9559. EOE


Help Wanted Child Care

PLEASE HELP DISABLED AND TERMINALLY ILL YOUNG PEOPLE. You are needed as Care Providers to work with and encourage young people with disabilities in family home settings. Bring joy to the life of these young people by caring for them, helping them to participate in their communities and enjoy life. If you have play skills or encouragement gifts please apply. This job allows you to learn intensively and can accommodate your class schedule. Those in all related fields or who have a heart for these missions please apply. Training provided. Competitive wages and benefits. For more information, call L.I.F.E Inc. at (614)475-5305 or visit us at www.LIFE-INC.NET EOE

Unfurnished Rentals

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service

Bernard’s Tavern is seeking a busser/security. Must be able to work every Friday and Saturday!! Please apply in person at 630 N. High (The Short North) BONJOUR OSU! La Chatelaine French Bakery & Bistros are looking for enthusiastic, charming and hardworking mademoiselles & monsieurs that love to work in an established family run restaurant & bakery. Our locations are hiring Weekday & weekend Counter help, restaurant experience recommended. Weekday nights & weekend morning Prep/Cook, must have cooking experience. We our also always looking for great servers for all three locations, Upper Arlington, Worthington & Historic Dublin Please stop in for an application or email us at Merci! CLIPPERS BASEBALL Sodexo @ Huntington Park Season Starts April 11 Part Time Positions Available! Applications are accepted at: 330 Huntington Park Lane M-F 10am-4pm 614-722-1125 Enter through double glass doors on Huntington Park Ln, under blue Clippers Hat. Sodexo values workforce diversity. EOE/M/F/D/V ENERGETIC PERSON Wanted. Downtown Deli. Part-Time or Full time available. Fast paced. Good customer service and dependability a must! Advancement opportunities available. Call Donna 352-5893 anytime. NOW HIRING experienced servers, hosts, cooks, and dishwashers at Bravo Crosswoods. Day and weekend availability is required. Please apply in person at 7470 Vantage Dr. Columbus. SERVERS PT/FT Tony’s Ristorante 559 South High Street, German Village Area. Experienced preferred. Apply in person after 10 am M-F.



UNDERGRADUATE Research Assistant

The OSU Stress and Health Study is seeking an undergraduate student pursing a degree in nursing or other medically related field for a research assistant position. The position is a 10 - 20 hour per week commitment with availability two to three mornings during the work week. The person should have an interest in research and background in psychology or a related biological or social sciences field.

Duties include drawing blood from research participants, reviewing medical records, administering psychological questionnaires, conducting research interviews, and working with data in the lab. A main focus of the position is performing blood draws on a cancer survivor population, so excellent phlebotomy skills are essential. The ability to drive to participants homes for research visits is required. Interested persons can apply online at or email a resume to

Help Wanted Sales/Marketing

BERNARD’S TAVERN is seeking full and part-time servers. We are looking for people that will ensure guest service standards are consistently met or exceeded. Creates and contributes to a high-energy environment that promotes maximum engagement and enjoyment for both the team and the guest. Ability to multitask and prioritize expectations and tasks. Strong communication skills with team members and guests. Also maintain complete knowledge of all products. Highly motivated is a must!!!

Unfurnished Rentals

HANDYMAN-WORK part time on off-campus properties, painting, plumbing, electrical experience a plus, work 15 to 20 hrs. per week, flexible hours to meet your class schedule, current OSU student preferred, call 761-9035.

JOIN OUR Team as a Makers Corp Intern!!

Would you like to spend a summer inspiring children and youth? Are you an avid maker who works well with others and likes to share what you know? We are recruiting Maker Corps interns/ members to serve as near-peer mentors, role models and presenters at COSI. In partnership with the Maker Education Initiative, Maker Corps members will be employed by COSI during the summer of 2013 to engage children and families in creative projects that develop problem-solving skills. If you are at least 18 years old, a “maker,� interested in building your resume, learning new skills, and becoming part of a national network of makers, apply now! Visit for full job descriptions and to apply. SALES LEADER wanted to develop and lead a sales team for wellness and weight loss products. Must bust be self motivated. Part time or full time, set your own hours. Commission and cash bonuses. For more information contact:

Help Wanted Volunteer #1 CORNER of King and Neil. Security Building. 2BR, CA, LDY, OFF STREET PARKING. $750/ month Phone Steve 614-208-3111. VOLUNTEERS ARE needed to answer the 24-hour Suicide Prevention Hotline. Volunteers receive 50 hours of free training, beginning March 27. Each volunteer commits to working 6 hours a week from June through November, 2013. To volunteer or for more information, call Susan Jennings, Volunteer Coordinator, or Mary Brennen-Hofmann, Program Coordinator, at 299-6600.You can also contact the program at

Help Wanted Landscape/ Lawn Care LAWN TECHNICIAN Lawn fertilizer and weed control application; no mowing. Training provided. Ideal candidate is detail-oriented, quality conscious, does not smoke and has good driving record/ habits. Grassroots Lawn & Irrigation Service, LLC 614-876-2124 SEASONAL LABORERS Wanted: Installing playground equipment all over the state. Travel expenses paid by company. LOOKING FOR EMPLOYEES? Ohio State has 50,000+ students that you can reach. Call (614)2922031 for more information.

For Sale Miscellaneous

BOOKS: ROMANCE does not always live up to our expectations. But, come on, does it have to fall as far short of our dreams as it does in Clumsy Hearts? A slightly misguided romance, by Hysteria Molt. Available via


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For Sale Real Estate VACANCIES? VACANCIES? VACANCIES? Let our leasing services pay for themselves. For your leasing, property management, or sales needs Call 1st Place Realty 429-0960.

Travel/ Vacation $199 FLIGHT from Columbos to NYC, direct round trip or call 347.770.2488 Discount code:Lantern

BAHAMAS SPRING Break $189 for 5 days. All prices include : Round-trip luxury party cruise. Accommodations on the island at your choice of thirteen resorts. Appalachia Travel. www. 800-867-5018

Real Estate Advertisements - Equal Housing Opportunity The Federal Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.� State law may also forbid discrimination based on these factors and others. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development at 800-669-9777.

Call 292-2031 to place your ad or do it online at - Terms of service available at 4A

Tuesday February 26, 2013

classifieds General Services

Resumé Services

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

FAST, ACCURATE, professional proofreading and copy editing. Will edit papers, term papers, thesis, dissertations and manuscripts. 27 years of experience in publishing. Call 614-204-4619 or email

#1 WAY TO MAKE MONEY While Going To School…..Period! Proven Stats. Enter In Browser Today Email:

THIS IS AWESOME! Great Opportunity For Young Entrepreneurs Who Also Need Coverage. http://ezmoneymethod2x. com/ez4ural

THEATRICAL RESUMES. BEST PRICES on Certified Di- Stage actors. Movies. TV comamonds & Engagement Rings mercials. Dancers. Singers. CDI Diamonds & Jewelry Circus performers. Dublin 614-440-7416. 614-734-8438

SEEKING TENACIOUS, out-going, emotionally mature self-starters who want to earn a six-figure income. Watch video: If you have questions AFTER viewing the video call Eva Baez 5 pm to 10 pm Pacific time. 310-722-8651 Join at:

Help Wanted Interships RESOURCE INTERNATIONAL, Inc. (Rii) offers a broad range of services including planning, design, engineering, and technology services. Established in 1941, Resource International employs 160 engineers and professionals throughout the Midwest. Our Corporate office is located in Columbus, Ohio with full-service branch offices in Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana. If you want to join a team of dedicated professionals who are among the best in their field, in a diverse work environment, then please explore Resource Internationalâs career possibilities. To learn more about our firm, please visit our Web site at Job Title:Web Developer About the job We are looking for a Web Developer who is comfortable working with layout independent from styling. You will be rendering existing content into web pages. Responsibilities âMark up content in HTML, independent of layout. âMaintain placeholders for dynamic content. âWork with JavaScript and/ or developers handling JavaScript. âCreating and/or tweaking CSS

MILITARY RESUMES. Aviation. Engineering. Combat. Transportation. Nursing. Medical. Officers. Enlisted. Veterans. 614-440-7416.

MOTHER WRAPS gifts, sews buttons. Writes resumes, biographies, memoirs, family histories. 614-440-7416.

Typing Services

ATTENTION STUDENTS! Earn Huge Residual Profits Income Part-Time! Transform Your Cellphone Into A MONEY MAGNET! Watch Our FREE Video: 219-224-3624

CONTRACEPTIVE RESEARCH STUDY Would you like to use an IUS (Levonorgestrel-Releasing Intrauterine System) as your method of contraception over the next 5 years? If you are a healthy, sexually active woman, age 16-35 and in a mutually monogamous relationship you may be eligible ART STUDIOS in Warehouse to participate in a research study. Brewery District. Starting at You will receive study-related exams, an IUS at no cost and be $140/mo compensated for time and travel. Call Safiya 614-448-3593 If you are interested, please contact GenOBGYNDept@osumc. edu or 614-293-4365.

For Rent Miscellaneous

Announcements/ Notice

START YOUR own successful 614-440-7416. RESUMES. Writing. Critiquing. Consultation. home-based business marketing the essential services that Executive portfolios. people need and use every day, while earning lasting, residual income. You can be a part of it; the time is now. Contact me to find 614-440-7416. RESUMES. out more information. Writing. Critiquing. Consultation. ACN Independent Business Executive portfolios. Owner A MATH tutor. All levels. Also AIRLINE PILOTS? Gary Campbell I write aviation resumes. Pro- Physics, Statistics and Business 614-749-9666 College Math. Teaching/ tutoring fessional. Military. Commercial. since 1965. Checks okay. Call Ex-NASA. Helicopters. www.garyacampbell.acndirect. anytime, Clark 294-0607. 614-440-7416. com

Requirements âExpertise in the following technologies: âHTML âCSS Skills âHigh aptitude âWeb 2.0 and aesthetics

LOOKING to rent an apartment or house? Call


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to rent an apartment or house? Call



$500 ESSAY Contest. Details at

292-2031 to place your ad or do it online at

the lantern .com

Announcements/ Notice

CAMPUS PARTNERS is seeking and undergraduate or graduate student to fill the Student Director’s seat on the Campus Partners Board of Directors for the 2013 - 2015 term. If interested please fill out the application at and return it to Campus Partners, 1534 N High St, by April 1st, 2013. Contact prosser.20@

PLAY THE Pithy Maxims Game at It will be your new favorite waste of time.

Real Estate Advertisements - Equal Housing Opportunity The Federal Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.” State law may also forbid discrimination based on these factors and others. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development at 800669-9777.


292-2031 to place your ad or do it online at

LOOKING FOR EMPLOYEES? Ohio State has 50,000+ students that you can reach. Call (614)292-2031 for more information.

Call 292-2031 to place your ad or do it online at - Terms of service available at

Crossword Los Angeles Times, Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

Across 1 Leftover bit 6 Kitchen meas. 10 Highland tongue 14 Thrill to pieces 15 Commuter’s option 16 Cuts short 17 “Understood!” 18 Egg on 19 Debt-heavy corp. takeovers 20 Pittsburgh fan base, collectively 23 A pop 24 Confirmation or bar mitzvah 25 Tons of, casually 27 Philatelist’s pride 31 Pet welfare org. 32 Tie up loose ends? 33 Shed a few tears 34 “Bus Stop” playwright 37 Radar’s favorite drink 40 Butter on the farm? 43 Windy City trains 45 Solemn promises 49 Annual political speech 54 Appeared on TV 55 Penlight batteries 56 AFL affiliate 57 Commercial interruptions literally found in this puzzle’s


three other longest answers 61 Just as you see it 62 City near Sacramento 63 Young neigh sayers 65 Adjust, as strings 66 Close 67 Slippery as __ 68 Israel’s only female prime minister 69 Nile threats 70 Toy bear named for a president Down 1 Line piece: Abbr. 2 Places to hide skeletons? 3 Dilapidated dwelling 4 End in __: come out even 5 He refused to grow up 6 Faithfully following 7 Oil units 8 Talk with one’s hands 9 Earnest request 10 Nixon attorney general Richardson 11 Like some of Michael Jackson’s moves 12 Advertiser 13 Twisty curve 21 DMV certificate 22 Dr. Mom’s specialty

Horoscopes by Nancy Black ©2012 Tribune Media Services Inc. Today’s Birthday Constant monitoring gets you ahead financially this year. Group efforts advance the furthest. Fix your place up for happy times at home until summer, when your playful side gets sparked to pursue art, travel, culture or a romantic adventure. Dream muses inspire. To get the advantage, check the day’s rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries March 21-April 19 Today is an 8 -- Allow yourself more quiet time this month. You may as well tell the truth; it saves hassle. Stick to old rules and your schedule to avoid misunderstandings. Think before speaking. Taurus April 20-May 20 Today is an 8 -- Dress for power and practice success. Watch for short tempers if you’re going to be late for a family affair (or just be on time). Group activities go well.

See solutions to sudoku & crosswords online at

RECYCLE RECYCLE RECYCLE Tuesday February 26, 2013

23 “This is your brain on drugs,” e.g. 26 Unspecified quantity 28 12th century opener 29 Deighton who wrote the “Hook, Line and Sinker” trilogy 30 40-Across mate 35 Prefix with thermal 36 Santa’s helper 38 Pet on your lap, maybe 39 Author Fleming 40 Cape Town’s country: Abbr. 41 Being debated 42 Bond’s is shaken, not stirred 44 Comedy genre 46 Got a giggle out of 47 Raised, as a flag 48 Nestlé’s __-Caps 50 Movie trailer, e.g. 51 Boston summer hrs. 52 Nuns’ clothing 53 Kernel holder 58 Rick’s love in “Casablanca” 59 Fireworks responses 60 Top-shelf 61 Way to check your balance, briefly 64 Sneaky

Gemini May 21-June 20 Today is a 7 -- For the next month, it’s easier to advance your agenda, especially by listening to other people’s considerations and taking actions to support them. Work smarter and make more money. Cancer June 21-July 22 Today is a 7 -- You overcome new challenges and set ambitious goals to further you career. A glitch in the communication could rain on your parade. Don’t take it personally. Leo July 23-Aug. 22 Today is a 7 -- It’s becoming easier to save, not just now, but for the next month. It’s also easier to make money. Offer a calming voice to a loved one. Rediscover a gift or talent that you have. Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22 Today is a 9 -- You have superpowers to clean

up messes now. Move quickly through your stack of stuff and request promised benefits. Reassure one who’s easily upset. Add time for the unforeseen. Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22 Today is a 7 -- The days ahead are good for achieving romantic or creative goals. Take action. Keep checking the quality and integrity of the project without obsession. Play it cool and easy. Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21 Today is an 8 -- Full speed ahead, you’re in high gear and extra lucky. Watch for opportunities at the top; you can be well-paid. But beware, costs could be higher than expected. Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21 Today is an 8 -- Household chores are more enjoyable. Keep home fires burning by updating finances. Gossip could arise ... it would be wise to avoid falling into that trap. Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19 Today is an 8 -- Get off to a quick start. You’re even smarter than usual. Discover hidden resources. Keep on schedule for best results. Visit a local establishment for supplies. Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18 Today is a 7 -- Be patient with a passionate partner and get rewarded. Re-evaluate your work habits for greater fulfillment. Start a lighthearted fire under procrastinators. Pisces Feb. 19-March 20 Today is an 8 -- You’ll feel especially appreciated for the next four weeks. Offer corrections to erroneous assumptions; you may find some resistance. Defend your position with love. It’s important that they know.



Tuesday February 26, 2013

thelantern results MONDAY Women’s Basketball 67, Michigan State 60

upcoming TUESday Women’s Golf: All State Sugar Bowl Intercollegiate, Round 2 All Day @ New Orleans, La.

WEDNESday Men’s Tennis v. North Carolina 2pm @ Chapel Hill. N.C. Women’s Lacrosse v. Notre Dame 6pm @ South Bend, Ind. Men’s Swimming: Big Ten Championships All Day @ Bloomington, Ind.

THURsday Men’s Basketball v. Northwestern 7pm @ Evanston, Ill. Women’s Basketball v. Illinois 8pm @ Champaign, Ill. Men’s Swimming: Big Ten Championships All Day @ Bloomington, Ind.

FRIday Baseball v. Connecticut 1pm @ Deland, Fla.

Craft proves offensive worth against MSU patrick maks Sports editor A look at the box score can tell you a lot about how Aaron Craft helped carry Ohio State past Michigan State. It can tell you he had 21 points on 58 percent shooting; that 17 of those points came in a furious second-half comeback. It will tell you he connected on 7-of-8 free throws, some of which helped the Buckeyes’ secure a 68-60 win down the stretch. It’ll tell you his efforts willed OSU (20-7, 10-5 Big Ten) to its second win in nine tries against ranked opponents. The statline can tell you most of what you need to know about Craft’s performance Sunday. But it can’t show you everything. It can’t show you how Craft, known more for his defensive prowess, charged through seams before throwing his body toward the glass for layup after layup. It won’t show you how his six assists set up looks for the likes of sophomore forwards Sam Thompson and LaQuinton Ross. Statistically, it’s clear how Craft’s outing powered coach Thad Matta’s crew to the win. The facts and figures confirm why he’s important, why some pegged him as the player to be OSU’s second-most potent scorer behind junior forward Deshaun Thomas. But they don’t necessarily reflect just how much Craft could mean to Matta’s squad heading into the Big Ten and NCAA tournaments if he can come close to replicating Sunday’s performance.

Sunday might have been an early omen with Michigan State coach Tom Izzo’s crew the first casualty. “He beat us every way you could beat us,” Izzo said after the game. “It was a joint effort. It wasn’t one guy who did not cover those ball screens very well.” Craft said OSU saw blemishes in the Michigan State veneer. “Michigan State is a big pressure team and they really thrive off of turnovers and things like that, so that’s who they are,” he said. “And that’s what you come into the game expecting. You can’t change too much to your identity, especially this late in the year. We just took advantage.” OSU did exactly that, turning the ball over nine times compared to the Spartans’ 14 miscues. For Craft’s part, he had just two turnovers. But Matta said Craft’s reads on the court were perhaps the game’s biggest key. “His teammates helped him to get much better spacing than we normally have,” he said. “He attacked the rim well and had a lot of shots going in.” Conversely, Thomas struggled to score throughout the contest — particularly in the first half where he had just two points. The Big Ten’s leading scorer, though, said he trusted Craft to get buckets. “I’m excited for him. Everybody always say, sometimes come to me, and criticize Craft’s offense. But, you know

continued as Craft on 7A

ANDREW HOLLERAN / Photo editor

OSU junior guard Aaron Craft defends Michigan State junior guard Keith Appling during a game on Feb. 24 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU won, 68-60.

Buckeyes hoping to bring CCHA tournament series back home Matthew Mithoefer Lantern reporter

Men’s Volleyball v. Loyola 7pm @ Columbus Men’s Swimming: Big Ten Championships All Day @ Bloomington, Ind.

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OSU junior forward Alex Szczechura handles the puck during a game against Michigan on Feb. 23 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU lost, 6-3.

The Ohio State men’s ice hockey team has punched its ticket to the Central Collegiate Hockey Association Tournament Quarterfinal Round for the first time since 2010. This year’s Buckeyes have an opportunity that last year’s squad did not: hosting the best-of-three series. With one weekend left in CCHA play, OSU sits tied for fourth with Ferris State in the 11-team conference. Both teams haven’t been able to catch up to third-place Notre Dame or be caught by any of the teams below them in the standings. With the current CCHA Tournament format, the fourth seed will host the fifth seed following a first-round bye for each. OSU is guaranteed to face Ferris State in the quarterfinals, but the location of the matchup is still undetermined. Ferris State will travel to Ann Arbor, Mich., this weekend to face Michigan. The ninth-place Wolverines will be a formidable test, having won four of their last six games. The Buckeyes themselves can attest to that. Coach Red Berenson said his hot-of-late squad’s two-game sweep of OSU over the weekend was “probably the best weekend of hockey Michigan has played all year.” In a CCHA series earlier this season, Ferris State defeated Michigan in the series opener before playing to a tie in game two. While the Bulldogs battle the Wolverines, OSU will have its own hands full on the road against first-place Miami (Ohio). The Buckeyes are winless in three games against the Redhawks this season.

If OSU can earn more points this weekend than Ferris State, the Buckeyes will host the playoff series set to begin March 15. Failure to do so may result in a return trip to Big Rapids, Mich., where the teams split two games in January. If the teams remain in a tie after play concludes on Saturday, a tiebreaker will be implemented to determine which will be the fourth seed. The first tiebreaker is conference wins. Ferris State (13) currently holds a one-game advantage on OSU (12) in that category. If OSU goes 1-1 this weekend and Ferris State goes 0-0-2-1, the teams will be tied in both the standings and conference wins. Tiebreakers two (head-to-head record) and three (head-to-head goals for and against) would not break the tie on account of the teams’ series split when each won a game, 3-1. In the event of this scenario, the fourth tiebreaker will be used which is “best winning percentage of the (teams tied) against the remaining highest-ranked CCHA teams,” according to the CCHA website. Not surprisingly, the Buckeyes want to host the postseason series. OSU junior defenseman Curtis Gedig said he loves playing at home in the Schottenstein Center. “Guys are a lot more positive in a way. We don’t have to worry about catching up on school because we’re traveling,” Gedig said. But for now, coach Mark Osiecki said he wants his players to focus solely on Friday night’s game against Miami and forget about being swept by Michigan. “You’ve got to turn the page. You’ve got to have a quick memory, that’s the best thing in sport,” Osiecki said following Saturday’s loss. “Understand what you did and move on.” The series opener will be played Friday at 7:35 p.m. in Oxford, Ohio.

OSU football’s John Simon networking at NFL Combine pat brennan Senior Lantern reporter

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INDIANAPOLIS — Despite John Simon’s reluctance to promote himself in the run up to the NFL Draft in April, he seems actually quite good at it. The former Ohio State football captain and defensive lineman continued that success during the NFL Scouting Combine this past weekend. At the Combine, NFL Draft hopefuls participate in interviews with team scouts, coaches, general managers and the media. There is on-field testing and measuring of the players’ athleticism, but the interviews provide that additional chance to leave an impression or address outstanding concerns regarding character, decision making, etc. Simon seems imbued with modesty and a quiet confidence, so it’s not hard to imagine him being at odds with the self-promoting going on all around him at the Combine. During his Saturday media availability at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis Ind., Simon laughed at the mention of the self-promotion.

“It’s a different situation (for me),” said Simon, who smiled down at the table on which he was resting his hands. The truth is that Simon has been successfully marketing himself to NFL franchises for weeks. It’s an endeavor that began during the week leading up to the Jan. 26 Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. There, Simon sustained a shoulder injury that forced him to miss practice time, the Senior Bowl itself and the Combine’s tests and drills, too. But he remained in Mobile after his injury. He made the trip to Indianapolis, as well, both times for the purpose of networking and interviewing with NFL personnel. That networking and interviewing, Simon said, has resulted in a conversation with most NFL teams. Three teams Simon mentioned by name, one of which was the Cleveland Browns, could be particularly interested in acquiring the player’s services. “I’ve talked to a lot of teams, especially considering the Senior Bowl and (the Combine),” Simon said. “Really enjoying the process and making some great relationships with some organizations.” Despite Simon’s apparent success

PAT BRENNAN / Lantern photographer

Former OSU defensive lineman John Simon talks to reporters during the 2013 NFL Combine on Feb. 23 in Indianapolis. in marketing himself, he’s slightly averse to the practice of self-promotion — a fact longtime friend and former Penn State linebacker Michael Mauti confirmed about Simon. Mostly, Mauti was a determined yet publicly quiet leader on State College, Pa.’s beloved football team. Once last July, Mauti dipped his toe into the mainstream media spotlight after PSU was handed crippling NCAA sanctions as a result of the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal. He professed passion for

and commitment to PSU on behalf of his teammates in a televised speech, but that was likely an exception to Mauti’s usual teamfirst mentality. Simon and Mauti are both “team-first” guys — they appear to be cut from the same cloth in that way. They abide by the personal-selling norms of the Combine with a shared aversion. Visit to read the rest of this story.


sports Craft from 6A

Top 25 College Basketball Poll

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Indiana (24-3) Gonzaga (27-2) Duke (24-3) Michigan (23-4) Miami (Fla.) (22-4) Kansas (23-4) Georgetown (21-4) Florida (22-4) Michigan State (22-6) Louisville (22-5) Arizona (23-4) Syracuse (22-5) Kansas State (22-5) New Mexico (23-4) Oklahoma State (20-6) Ohio State (20-7) Wisconsin (19-8) Saint Louis (21-5) Memphis (24-3)

20 21 22 23 24 25

Butler (22-6) Notre Dame (22-6) Marquette (19-7) Pittsburgh (21-7) Oregon (22-6) Louisiana Tech (24-3)

Tuesday February 26, 2013

ANDREW HOLLERAN / Photo editor

OSU junior guard Aaron Craft shouts during a game against Michigan State on Feb. 24 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU won, 68-60.

what, I have faith in his offense and I believe in him,” Thomas said. “And it’s good for him to come out and score and attack those guards and bigs like that. “A lot of people talked about, oh there’s only one player who can score. To me, in my eyes, everybody can score on this team.” It’s a concept that has plagued the Buckeyes all season. While players have often rotated the role as Thomas’ scoring sidekick, the need for consistent production outside of the Fort Wayne, Ind., native has eluded OSU. Against the Spartans, that problem didn’t exist thanks to Craft.

“I don’t care who’s scoring, putting the ball in the bucket, as long we come out with more points,” Craft said. Perhaps most notably is the juxtaposition between the Buckeyes outing against the Spartans compared to the performance they put on against Wisconsin in a 22-point loss in Madison a week earlier. “This is big for this basketball team, we kind of picked ourselves up from a week ago,” Craft said. OSU will try to carry that momentum when it plays Northwestern Thursday in Evanston, Ill. Tip is set for 7 p.m.

For Dobranic, move to OSU, US ‘incredible’ BROOKE THOMAS Lantern reporter For some students, moving away to college can be a huge transition. For Aleksandra “Sasha” Dobranic, the nearly 5,000-mile move was a lifechanging decision. Dobranic is a redshirt junior center on the Ohio State women’s basketball team from Novi Sad, Serbia. She said she moved to Columbus as an international student-athlete in 2009 to play basketball and receive a higher education. “Back in Europe, the system is different. We don’t have college sports,” Dobranic said. “You can go to college separately and then play professionally.” Redshirt senior guard Amber Stokes said the six-hour time difference left Dobranic with a big alteration in her daily lifestyle. “I remember when Sasha first got here, she slept all the time,” Stokes said. “She also had to adjust to how to speak English.” Through all the struggles from the transcontinental move, Dobranic said she always felt like part of the Buckeye family. “I love my sport, the experience and the atmosphere that the fans make,” Dobranic said. “It’s really incredible.” Still, Dobranic said she’s felt the hardships of being homesick as well. “I think as much fun as it is to be far from parents and do things on your own, it is hard at the same time,” Dobranic said. Dobranic said she misses her family most during the season when she sees teammates’ families at games, but that she “can call (OSU) her second home.”

DANIEL CHI / Asst. photo editor

OSU redshirt junior center Aleksandra “Sasha” Dobranic (15) stands with her team during a game against Wisconsin on Feb. 7 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU won in double overtime, 65-59. “She is thousands of miles away from home, that’s a challenge in itself,” said senior guard Tayler Hill. This season, Dobranic has played in 24 games and is shooting 57 percent from the field. “Sasha has really stepped up her game this year,” Stokes said. “She is so dedicated and wants to get better. She has become a big part of the team.” Dobranic and the rest of the Buckeyes are set to take on Illinois at Assembly Hall in Champaign, Ill., Thursday at 8 p.m.



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Tuesday February 26, 2013



releases music

“Amok” Atoms For Peace “The messenger” Johnny Marr “The raven That refused to Sing” Steven Wilson

Tim Kubick / For The Lantern

Michael Angelakos, lead singer of Passion Pit, performs Nov. 3 at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion. Passion Pit is scheduled to play at several music festivals throughout the summer, including Firefly Music Festival, in Dover, Del., and Bonnaroo, in Manchester, Tenn.

Fests offer best acts on summer stages

movies & tv

Shelby Lum Lantern reporter Last weekend you might have heard one of your slightly tipsy and more “hip” friends slur on about whatever sick music festival they plan on attending this year. They probably invited you, tempting you with the promise of “the best music you will ever hear,” “new experiences” and what will likely be the most expensive tickets you will ever purchase. While Bonnaroo just unveiled its lineup on Feb. 19, let it be known that Bonnaroo isn’t the only place you can throw your mother’s advice out the door, camp in the woods with friends and wait an obscene amount of time for a portable toilet, all while listening to your favorite music for days. These are the temptations of days in the sun, where afterward, your hearing and immune system might never be the same. Here is a list of the top summer music festivals — the good, the bad and the ugly:

“The master” “company of heroes” “holy motors”

video games

Courtesy of MCT

Elle Goulding is slated to perform at Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Del.

1. Bonnaroo — Manchester, Tenn., June 13-16 As publicity goes, Bonnaroo has one of the biggest names in the music festival business, and with good reason. This year’s lineup includes Paul McCartney, Mumford & Sons and Passion Pit, along with a slew of others. The upside: Bonnaroo is bringing in more than 20 different breweries in addition to the unreal lineup. The downside: don’t forget your own toilet paper. You will need it.

2. Coachella — Indio, Calif., April 12-14 and April 19-21 Nestled into the desert of California, Coachella’s main stages boast names we all know. This year’s lineup includes Red Hot Chili Peppers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Postal Service, Janelle Monae, Bassnectar and more. The upside: you can listen to nearly any genre within three days on either weekend. Want electronic dance music (EDM)? Rock? Coachella has it all. The downside: It’s the desert. It’s going to be really, really, really hot. 3. Lollapalooza — ­ Chicago, Aug. 2-4 While Lolla has been known for bringing in mostly alternative rock bands, in the past two years it has been more diverse in its musical choices. Sadly, the 2013 lineup has yet to be announced, and I for one will not even venture into the predictions arena. The upside: it’s in the city. For a lot of people, camping isn’t ideal, and hotels, many of which are within walking distance, are an option. The downside: notoriously limited food and vendor selections. 4. Firefly Music Festival — Dover, Del., June 21-23 Personally, I think Firefly has managed to snag a better lineup than Bonnaroo, but the ultimate question is how the overall experience will compare to the legend that is Bonnaroo. For 2013, Firefly has announced Red Hot Chili Peppers,

Continued as Festival on 9A

MFA dance project aims to combine ideas, challenge stereotypes Hilary Frew Lantern reporter

“rayman legends” “Persona 2: eternal Punishment” “The elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard”

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“Even a hare will bite when it is cornered.” That Chinese proverb served as a source of inspiration for Paige Phillips, a graduate student in Ohio State’s Department of Dance. Phillips is slated to perform her final project, “Cornering a Hare,” Thursday through Saturday at the OSU Urban Arts Space downtown as part of an event series titled “Ten Big Ideas.” The series is a season of MFA dance projects put on by the class of 2013 MFA dance candidates. The main idea of the performance is to combine the ideas behind various religions and show the similarities between them, Phillips said. “I’m hoping (the audience) will stop and think about it, (how to) challenge stereotypes and binaries … dancers who are highly trained with performers who are barely trained, how do you put these two together?” Phillips said. Phillips said she hopes the performance will allow people to expand their perspective on religions. “I personally think they have beautiful things together, one religion is not better than the other,” she said. “I want to draw people closer together rather than push them away.” Phillips has spent the last three years working on the project. She said visual art had a big influence on her initial brainstorming sessions. “I’m mainly interested in sculptures and 3-D objects,” Phillips said. “Performance art … is interested in documenting the movement of bodies.” Phillips said her choreography in the piece is called “post-modern aesthetic,” which rejects modern dance choreography. “It’s blending (artistic disciplines) together,” she said. “Everything in the piece is new movement that my dancers and I worked to find together. It can be whatever you want it to be.” Two artists were involved in the project:

Courtesy of Evan Dawson

MFA dance project ‘Cornering a Hare,’ which includes a segment called ‘May That We Be Inspired by the Light,’ pictured here, is slated to run at the OSU Urban Arts Space Feb. 28 - March 2. Michael Ambron, an MFA candidate in art, who produced a 40-by-30-foot painting for the show, and sculptor and performance artist Evan Dawson, who is also a lecturer in the Department of Art, who designed several costumes and the mouse ears for the dancers to wear in “Cornering a Hare.” The performance will be looping four dances simultaneously. These pieces are called “Cornering a Hare,” “Nurses and the Prince,” “May That We Be Inspired by the Light” and “Circling the Promised Land.” Phillips said the performances last an hour and a half, with the four pieces occurring at the same time. “To the audience it’s going to feel like people are coming over and over again. They don’t have to come on time or stay, they can leave whenever,” Phillips said. Leigh Lotocki, communications coordinator at OSU Urban Arts Space, said the space serves Phillips’ purposes well because of her affiliation with the dance department at OSU and the visual art in the performance.

“Our space is good for Paige. She’s using performance art, live movement and art that all seem to come together nicely,” Lotocki said. Lotocki expects the crowd in the 10,000-squarefoot space to be a good size, but the size will change depending on the night of the performance. “We’re not anticipating a whole group at once, it’ll be a transitory experience where they’ll come at their own pace,” Lotocki said. “We might have a big crowd traveling through or it will be solitary experience for some.” Audra Banfield, a first-year in exploration, said the performance will be a changed perspective. She said the integration of sound in this installation would be a “different view” since art generally is only accompanied by silence. Admission is free to the public. The opening performance is scheduled for Thursday from 6:30-8 p.m. The Urban Arts Space is located at 50 W. Town St.


[ a +e ] Jazz musician to provide ‘intimate’ performance for Lincoln Theatre concertgoers Hilary Frew Lantern reporter Sean Carney knew growing up that if he was going to be a musician, he had to give it his all. With the support of his family, the musician decided to pursue jazz as a career during his junior year of high school. He said his family’s musical background paved the way for his career. His father is a bassist and music teacher, and his uncle was a jazz studies professor at Ohio State in the late ‘80s to early ‘90s. “Their standards were a little intimidating,” Carney said. “But there was always an indication that if you’re gonna do it, you better be good.” Carney and guest performer Shaun Booker are scheduled to perform at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Lincoln Theatre as part of a concert series called “Backstage at the Lincoln.” Carney and Booker met 20 years ago while working together at the corporate office of Value City department stores in northeast Columbus, off Westerville Road. Eventually, they decided the corporate world was not for them. “Both of us quit our jobs at Value City to pursue music,” Carney said. “We worked together in the corporate world and now we’re working together in music world.” In 2012, the duo collaborated for the first time at Blues for a Cure, a Columbus-based charity benefit concert headed by Carney and other

musicians. It was founded on the idea that blues music can make the world a better place, according to the charity’s website. Carney said the concertgoers should expect a lot of audience interaction and intimacy at the show. “It’ll be neat, the audience will be sitting on stage with us,” he said. “We’re essentially going to open up the entire back stage as a reception area. It will be an intimate performance.” Rolanda Copley, publicist at the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts (CAPA), said this vibe is in tune with the “Backstage at the Lincoln” series, which is designed to offer an intimate setting for concerts. “It offers patrons the extraordinary opportunity to be seated on stage with the featured local artist, providing concertgoers an up close and personal performance,” Copley said in an email. He calls his style of music “jump blues,” a ‘40s and ‘50s music style that combined up-tempo jazz and blues. He also said his sound is inherently local. “I like to think of my music as a local product. Most of the people that inspired me were from Columbus,” Carney said. “(Pianist) Hank Marr was always available for me and set a great example. Gene Walker, who retired from the Ohio State University years ago in the jazz department, is a dear friend and will always be inspiration to me.” Carney’s career was propelled in 2007 when he took first place at the International Blues Challenge (IBC,) held in Memphis, Tenn. He said it was an unexpected achievement. “That was my third time playing there,” he said. “Going back to Memphis on my own with a trio, we really just wanted to play our own

Festival from 8A

Bumbershoot has been in the music festival business since 1971, so it is ahead of the pack experience-wise. Since it is not scheduled until later in the year, the lineup will not be posted until the summer hits, but 2012 included Skrillex, Mac Miller, M83 and City and Colour. The upside: concertgoers are asked to turn off cell phones. Thank you Bumbershoot for putting an end to the horrors of cell phones in arenas. The downside: rain or shine the concerts will go on, so you could possibly be standing in a Seattle deluge for three days.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Calvin Harris, Kendrick Lamar, Ellie

nGoulding, Passion Pit and more. The upside: refer to the lineup. The

downside: this is only Firefly’s second year. If mayhem breaks loose (which is likely), I’m unsure as to how well it will be handled. Firefly has already had website and ticket purchasing issues, so I am a bit of a skeptic. 5. South by Southwest — Austin, Texas, March 8-17 Over two decades in the business gives SXSW a huge step up on other festivals. Put simply, SXSW knows what it’s doing, and even if something does go wrong it can be fixed. This year’s lineup for the conference’s music portion (March 12-17) includes Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Flaming Lips, Vampire Weekend and Atlas Genius, among others. Green Day is also set to kick off its return to touring at SXSW on March 15, which was announced Monday. The upside: SXSW isn’t just a music fest, so going means you get film showings, comedy shows and more. Also, shows go much later than other festivals. The downside: it’s long and there is a lot of content to sift through, so specific planning becomes a necessity. 6. Electric Daisy Carnival — Las Vegas, June 21-23 For the electronic music lovers, Electric Daisy is the big event. It is held in multiple cities, but Las Vegas is the big 2013 spot. No official lineup has been released, but 2012 brought Tiësto, Pretty Lights, Afrojack and others. The upside: parties, Vegas. Do the math. The downside: dear goodness so many lights, ravers, fist-pumping and lasers. If you are epileptic or have a fear of becoming epileptic, don’t go.

music, have a great time and hope we could do something. I don’t think any of us expected to take first place.” After that, Carney and his band received funding from the IBC for a year of gigs. This allowed him to travel across the country and play on big stages in states such as New York, New Jersey and Florida. He said it is important to have an authentic sound, rather than use digital technology to perfect his songs. “I’ve rejected a lot of technology that is incorporated into music, digital processing and effects on guitars,” Carney said. “I like to restrict myself with the same limitations in the era I enjoy listening to. I like being relevant, modern and creative at the same time.” Some students that did not know about the concert are open-minded about attending. Rachel Edelman, a fourth-year in English and Jewish studies said she would attend the event if someone asked her to. “I don’t typically listen to (blues),” Edelman said. “But I’m always up for something new.” Regardless, Carney said jazz can stay relevant today as long as pop artists continue to incorporate it into their music. “You still have guys like John Mayer, pop artists who are pretty serious about it,” Carney said. “It’s up to the artists to keep it relevant. I wish there were more people like John Mayer who would perpetuate it.” Tickets cost $10, with limited seating and are available through Ticketmaster and at CAPA’s Ticket Center located at 39 E. State St. The Lincoln Theatre is located at 769 E. Long St.

Courtesy of MCT

Paul McCartney is slated to perform at Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tenn. 7. Pitchfork Music Festival — Chicago, July 19-21 For the purpose of full disclosure I do have a soft spot for Pitchfork. As one of the industry’s leading music reviewers, it has to put on a top-notch festival. The current headliners for the festival are R. Kelly, Belle and Sebastian and Björk. The upside: tickets are not as pricey as a lot of other options. The downside: it’s Pitchfork. Music snobs will be running around in hordes. 8. Bumbershoot — Seattle, Aug. 31-Sept. 2 As per usual, this festival will be taking place on Labor Day weekend.

9. Vans Warped Tour — many U.S. cities, March 28-Aug. 4 (Cleveland July 18, Cincinnati July 30.) For many, Warped Tour marked its first festival experience. It is the iconic teen music scene, and the 2013 Warped Tour has a fitting lineup. Motion City Soundtrack, Hawthorne Heights, Chiodos and The Used are all confirmed for the summer tour. The upside: angsty teens welcome. The downside: angsty teens welcome. 10. Ultra Music Festival — Miami, March 15-17 and March 22-24 Another electronic festival, but this one is a little different. There are Ultra Music Festivals all over the world, and that fact draws in a significant number of international acts. This year’s lineup includes Swedish House Mafia, Deadmau5, Zedd, Steve Aoki and others. The upside: it’s the 15-year anniversary. Something special has got to be in the works. The downside: backpacks not allowed, so don’t even try. If only the list could be longer: Summerfest, Mayhem Fest, Rock on the Range, Newport Folk Fest, Outside Lands, Rock the Bells, Made in America, Voodoo Music Experience.

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Tuesday February 26, 2013


[ a +e ] Aniston, Obama, Theron reign as Oscar fashionistas T.K. Brady For the Lantern

Courtesy of MCT

Jennifer Aniston poses on the red carpet before the 85th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. 24.

This year’s Oscars was a night of fashion, films and fun — thanks to the hilarious hosting by Seth MacFarlane. The red carpet is arguably the most glamorous part of the night, filled with the best and worst dressed in designers’ most expensive couture gowns. There were a few standouts whose styles are worth emulating in everyday life — I promise it’s not impossible. Here are some ways you can get an Oscar-worthy look without wearing a gown. Jennifer Aniston: OK, who doesn’t want to be her? I don’t think this woman can wear anything wrong. Her gorgeous red gown made her a standout among the red carpet crowd, and she looked fabulous during her presentation with Channing Tatum. By wearing very minimal jewelry and keeping her hair simple, she allowed the hue of the dress to be the focal point. Think of Aniston the next time you pull out a rich red piece from your closet — ­ go with minimal accessories and simple hair and makeup to allow the color to really shine.

Michelle Obama: Metallic is definitely in this red carpet season and it looks like it’s here to stay. The first lady’s metallic silver and gunmetal gown was breathtaking on-screen and although she sparkled, she managed to avoid looking like a disco ball. I attribute this to the chevron stripes on her dress that accentuated her curves and gave the dress more of a pattern. Keep in mind when looking for garments that sparkle and shine, having some kind of pattern in the material will keep you from looking too much like something from “Saturday Night Fever.” Some of the easiest prints to find include animal prints and stripes. Charlize Theron: Although her overall look might not have been a perfect 10, the elements of her outfit were flawless. The peplum silhouette of her gown accentuated her feminine figure giving her hips we never even knew she had. Her new pixie cut was also perfect for the start of springtime since it’s cute, quick and easy to style. Take a cue from her structured gown in a milky white to bring some clean lines to any outfit. Jennifer Lawrence: Despite her spill on her way to receive the award for Best

Actress in a Lead Role, in her couture Dior gown she had never looked better. With white clearly being too stark a color, ivory complemented Lawrence’s skin tone and youthful features. The slight texture of the gown and gorgeous train brought whimsical elements to the classic trumpet silhouette. This season when choosing solid colors, look for texture within the material to give the garment a boost. I think it’s safe to say that all the women of the red carpet were winners at Sunday’s Academy Awards. With perfect silhouettes and stunning materials that shine, the couture designers outdid themselves. The most important part of making a red carpet look wearable is to take specific elements from the design. Focus on the material, color or silhouette of a gown and translate it to an everyday dress, top or even skirt. You’re sure to be thanking the Academy in no time.


Singer-songwriter to rock ‘n’ roll in C-Bus Amanda Carberry Lantern reporter Fronted by a young singer-songwriter from Cleveland, Dan Miraldi and the Albino Winos is set to bring “straight-up rock ‘n’ roll” to Columbus. “(My music is) kind of like the Rolling Stones meet the White Stripes,” Miraldi said. “It’s kind of 1960s influences and other classic rock influences, but it’s definitely not trying to recreate those sounds. It is also influenced by sounds like punk I guess, such as Green Day.” The performance is scheduled for Friday at Victory’s/Classics Sports Bar and starts at 9 p.m. Sarah Lautenbach, a fourth-year in psychology, said Miraldi has a familiar, old rock sound, which is refreshing to hear.


“I thought (his music) was really interesting and different from what you would normally hear on the radio,” Lautenbach said. Miraldi performed at the Scarlet and Grey Café in the past and in November was at Victory’s/Classics Sports Bar. He said he always enjoys performing in Columbus and thinks Victory’s has a good sound system as well as a good vibe. For this show, he plans to perform songs mostly from his latest album, “Sugar & Adrenaline,” released in July 2012. Songs such as “Road Warrior,” one that played on the radio in Cleveland, “Few Rock Harder,” the opening song on the record, and “Record Collection” are some of the band’s favorite songs to perform, Miraldi said. He said those in attendance Friday should expect a “fun rock ‘n’ roll show with a four-piece band: two guitars, a bass and drums.” The band, which Miraldi put together in 2010,

consists of drummer Sarah Luffred, guitarist Alex Bowers and bassist Joe LaGuardia. “And for the most part they are fast, threeminute songs and they are a little pop- and a little punk-sounding,” Miraldi said. “I would say overall it is a really fun show.” Publicist Mike Farley met Miraldi a few years ago through a mutual acquaintance and said that in terms of genres, Miraldi’s music is a little of everything. “(It) is kind of just straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll but has kind of different flavors in there,” Farley said. “Kind of punk, kind of indie rock, kind of alternative, but mostly just straight-ahead rock.” Farley said Miraldi is expecting to release another album this summer and plans to do some more regional touring. Victory’s/Classics Sports Bar is located 543 S. High St. Attendees must be age 21 and over, and there is no cover charge for the show.

Courtesy of David Miraldi

Dan Miraldi is slated to perform March 1 at Victory’s/Classics Sports Bar.


eArnIng AnoTher

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Actual Giant Eagle Customer for 4 years

visit for your advantage.

That’s my Tuesday February 26, 2013 11AD15531_OSUL_120111.indd


Advantage. 10A

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February 26, 2013  

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