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Commencement Controversy

Some miffed Obama is graduation speaker ANTHONY SZUHAY Lantern reporter


Michigan skates past OSU

The Michigan hockey team swept both of its games against OSU last weekend.

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The four ticket limit for Spring Commencement where President Barack Obama is expected to speak has many students scrambling to find extras, but at least one student decided it wasn’t worth it. “I’ve spent four years at a rather liberal university,” said Kyle Gravatt, a fourth-year in agronomy. “To be honest, the amount of political leftness of the college has made me feel somewhat alienated as a student, and this choice of commencement speaker does not serve to help.” Gravatt also said the four ticket limit for family and friends of graduates is another reason why he might not walk through the ‘Shoe with about 12,000 other graduates. “I have family flying out from New Jersey to watch me graduate, but they won’t be able to because of the four ticket limit,” Gravatt said. Some students have been making offers to buy and sell tickets to graduation on the class of 2013 Facebook page. Only a few months after a presidential election that turned Ohio into a political battleground, some students aren’t happy Obama was invited back to the university to speak. Spring Commencement is scheduled for noon on May 5 in Ohio Stadium. Obama will deliver the

CODY COUSINO / Multimedia editor

Graduates receive their diplomas during commencement on June 10 in Ohio Stadium. President Barack Obama is speaking at OSU’s Spring Commencement on May 5. speech exactly one year after he kicked off his re-election campaign at the Schottenstein Center. Since then, Obama has visited campus twice: in August when he had lunch at Sloopy’s Diner in the Ohio Union, and in October when he delivered a speech on the Oval. He also spoke on campus last March and in October 2010.

OSU outshoots No. 4 MSU OSU junior guard Aaron Craft shoots the ball with Michigan State junior forward Adreian Payne in the 1st half of the Feb. 24 game at the Schottenstein Center. OSU won the game, 68-60.

Vengeful ‘Visit’


Wine Club studies art of alcohol

continued as Medical on 3A ANDREW HOLLERAN / Photo editor

USG Election 2013 Stepp: Track record ‘validates a 2nd term’ LIZ YOUNG Asst. sports editor

high 45 low 34 sunny


Lawsuit costs medical center The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center has paid more than $718,000 in fines and legal fees for improper handling of lab samples, and that number is expected to rise as bills continue to surface. The university paid $268,000 as part of a settlement reached in January with the federal government because of sanctions levied by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and accrued hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees in order to reach the agreement. “To date, we have $450,550 in legal fees,” said Marti Leitch, a Wexner Medical Center spokeswoman. “It was part of the investigation and settlement that was made with CMS. (That) is what has

OSU’s theater department is scheduled to run its performance of ‘The Visit’ Thursday through March 7.










continued as Obama on 3A


6A 2A

Amanda Ihnat, a Republican and fourth-year in political science, said regardless of political affiliation, hosting the president as the speaker is an honor. Her main concern, though, is whether the president will use the opportunity to push his political agenda.

The incumbent Undergraduate Student Government president is running officially unopposed with a new vice presidential candidate at his side. Taylor Stepp, a third-year in public affairs, is running for office with Josh Ahart, a third-year in public affairs. If elected, Stepp, who was elected president last year with Kevin Arndt, a fourth-year in political science and public affairs, will be the first student since 2002 to hold the USG presidency for two consecutive terms. Stepp is also the first since 1966 to run unopposed for Ohio State USG president. There are a few candidates who are running write-in campaigns, including Jacob Coate, a second-year in political science, who’s running with James Prather, a second-year in finance. Ahart said he and Stepp aren’t treating the write-in competition any differently than they’d treat officially registered competition. “You can’t really be too concerned about

Write-in candidate Coate wants more voices heard in USG MARK BATKE Lantern reporter


USG President Taylor Stepp (left) and vice presidential candidate John Ahart (right). it. You just go on like you would normally be campaigning if there were other teams running. We just have to do our jobs and continue to do what we would normally do,” Ahart said. Stepp and Ahart are running on a five-item platform: increasing the use of digital textbooks,

continued as Stepp on 2A

While there will only be one presidential campaign listed on the Undergraduate Student Government ballot, at least one pair of Ohio State students is challenging the single choice for office. Jacob Coate, a second-year in political science from Westerville, Ohio, decided to start a campaign to run against incumbent USG President Taylor Stepp less than a week before voting begins. Neither Coate nor his running mate James Prather, a second-year in finance from Chicago, is a current USG member. “Someone should be running against (Stepp),” Coate said. “We’re obviously not

continued as Coate on 3A


campus OSU Wine Club focuses on the art, science of alcohol kaydee laney Lantern reporter Members of one student group on campus know all about alcohol, but it’s not necessarily because they’re hitting the bars. Wine Club is an Ohio State student organization that was started by two students who couldn’t find a campus group that focused on the art and science behind wine, beer and distilled spirits. “I’m a food science major, and actually since high school I’ve been planning to go to grad school for viticulture and enology, which is wine making,” said Jenna Gargrave, a fourth-year in food science and technology. “I actually, freshman year, looked for clubs that were related to that, and I found there’s a brewing club, but it ended up dissipating and didn’t continue.” Gargrave and Shawnee Fisher, a fourth-year in communication, were put in touch by a food science and technology professor they shared, and they ended up deciding to start Wine Club and become its co-presidents during Winter Quarter of last year. “We thought there’s definitely a need for (a club about the science of alcohol) in the university, because there’s not really many courses,” Gargrave said. “We definitely thought there’s a void.” OSU offers a handful of classes on alcohol including Brewing Science, Alcohol and Society, and Wine and Beer in Western Culture. The club holds events for members to learn about wine, beer and distilled spirits equally. “It’s kind of a unique club, because it’s not set so much on meetings, and it’s all directly hands-on related to the science or the culture of learning about wine, beer or distilled spirits,” Gargrave said.

According to the Ohio Union website, the group meetings at 5 p.m. on every first Monday of the month. However, Gargrave said the idea behind the club was a hard sell to some. “We had to speak with (university officials) and really convince them that we want to do this (as) an educational thing, and I think it helps that the fact that I want to go on to higher education in the science of it,” Gargrave said. “The fact that we really believe it’s a science and an art helps out.” Other students agree the club could be an educational tool for interested students. “I’m a hospitality management major, and right now I’m taking a class that’s all about beverage management,” said Elyse Swanson, a fourth-year. “I spent an entire class period today learning about wines just from France, so that alone, I know that there’s so much to learn. I think that you could spend most of your time in the club not even tasting wine, just learning about it.” Because the club does focus on alcohol, members must be 21 or older to join, and most of their events are held at off-campus locations. Wine Club members also have to raise more of their own funds for the organization because they cannot purchase alcohol for their events with money they receive from the university. “We have to raise a little bit more of our money than maybe what a normal club would,” said Hunter Davis, a fourth-year in pharmaceutical sciences and the treasurer of Wine Club. “We have so far started every semester with a fundraiser, which they have been really successful.” The approximately 35 members pay a $5 membership fee when they join, which gives them a discount on the rates they pay when the group

Stepp from 1A making college more affordable, increasing off-campus landlord accountability, expanding the Buckeye Roadtrip program — which provides free rides for students to cities around Ohio on select weekends -- and working to increase student safety. Stepp said OSU has estimated students each spend more than $1,000 annually on textbooks. “If you go online, you can find digital textbooks fairly easily for $20, so if we can go to a digital textbook system entirely, which is a lofty ideal but one I think we can push toward, students can save thousands of dollars,” Stepp said. Stepp also wants to work toward decreasing the average student debt of about $24,000, below the national average of $26,600, by focusing on reforming OSU’s financial aid system. “We want to make sure there’s a good system of merit- and need-based scholarships at Ohio State, financial aid at Ohio State

Courtesy of Wine Club

Members of OSU Wine Club learn about the science behind wine, beer and distilled spirits. attends tastings or brewery tours throughout the year. Recently, a sommelier met with the club and taught them how to taste and identify wines using charts they filled out during the tasting. A sommelier is a trained wine professional that specializes in wine and food pairing and other aspects of wine culture.

… we really want to make sure we have a good financial aid mixed package,” Stepp said. With regards to the issue of landlord accountability, Stepp said he’s drawing from personal experience after living in an apartment on 10th Avenue with cockroaches. He said he believes problems with off-campus leases could be easily resolved if USG works with OSU Student Legal Services to create a default lease that protects students. Ahart mentioned the expansion of the Buckeye Roadtrip program as another significant part of their platform. “(We want) to take it to different states or more cities in the state of Ohio, and also if we can do special events within the university, all of those things to get students home or to those events hopefully free, so we want to continue to expand that,” Ahart said. Although Stepp and Arndt were able to follow through with their plans to increase student safety this school year, Stepp said he isn’t done quite yet.

Gargrave said events like that are what keeps the Wine Club’s members engaged. “We really wanted to make it interactive,” Gargrave said. “Because there’s so many different new micro-breweries, distilleries and wineries popping up all over Ohio.”

“We can work with the city of Columbus to add more lighting. That’s something that we’re trying to work on,” he said. Since Stepp took office, USG has facilitated a joint jurisdiction with OSU Police and Columbus Division of Police and created a semester appeals board where students with problems relating to the semester switch can turn to for help. Although Stepp has been criticized for running without official opposition, he said he’s glad USG can remain “unified” behind one platform rather than becoming divided, which has happened in previous elections. “Students elected us (Stepp and Arndt) because we told them that we would get these things done. We promised to get them done. It was a lofty platform, I wasn’t sure how we were going to do all of it, but we have. And for me, that validates a second term,” Stepp said.

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Prepare to compete in the Scarlet Scramble, a 24-hour campus and city scavenger hunt that begins Friday, April 12, at 8 p.m. Participating students will build community, learn about new resources on campus, learn more about the history of the university, and celebrate the year while showing how much they know about Ohio State.

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Monday February 25, 2013

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“All I can ask is that it’s not a politicized speech and I can learn something and apply that to my career and my future,” Ihnat said. “I thought that it was kind of interesting that people are going (to) focus on the speaker,” Ihnat said. University spokeswoman Amy Murray said the university does not pay for commencement speakers. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium’s Jack Hanna spoke at Autumn Commencement in December, and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice spoke at Spring Commencement 2012. Tim Collins, a Republican and fourth-year in sociology, is hopeful the speech will be fitting to the occasion. “I think that if this were (Obama’s) first term and he was running for re-election, I would be more concerned,” Collins said. “But I think now that he’s in his second term, and he’s done these things before, I think he knows to focus on the potential for young people, rather than pushing a political agenda.” Obama has spoken at several commencement ceremonies during his time as president, including the University of Michigan and Notre Dame.

Wexner Medical Center pays up in lawsuit The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center is expected to pay more than


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Daniel Chi

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in legal fees and fines for improper handling of lab samples at Wexner Medical Center, as part of a settlement reached with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


Cody Cousino

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Kaily Cunningham

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Niraj Antani, a fourth-year in political science, spokesman for the OSU College Republicans and member of the Commencement Speaker Selection Committee, was fearful of partisan goals in the president’s speech. “Obviously (Republicans) disagree with the president,” Antani said. “The fear is that he will use the speech for partisan purposes, and we really hope he doesn’t do that.” Antani said the speech should be focused on the students and their families. “(The speech) should be a celebration of their achievements,” he said. “Obviously it’s an honor, but there is some weariness and anxiousness in seeing what he talks about.” Ihnat said that by people focusing on whether they agree with the speaker for Spring Commencement, people aren’t directing their attention to what should be the focus — the students graduating. Obama will be the fifth president and the third sitting president to speak at an OSU commencement. Gerald Ford, George H. W. Bush when he was vice president, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have spoken at previous graduation ceremonies.

Obama from 1A

in fines


in legal fees

kayla ByleR / Design editor

Medical from 1A

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been paid to date. There are probably still some bills coming in.” According to The Columbus Dispatch, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services imposed sanctioned against the lab for sending several proficiency-test samples to other labs for testing, which federal law prohibits. Leitch said the Medical Center self-reported the improper referral of lab samples. As part of the settlement, staff working at the lab will undergo additional training, and a new medical director for the clinical laboratories at the medical center has been named. According to The Dispatch, Dr. Daniel Sedmak, a professor of pathology, has been named the lab’s new medical director. The previous medical director, Dr. Amy Gewirtz, was reassigned within the department, Leitch said. Proficiency testing is used to check a lab’s ability to test samples. The samples that were sent to other labs were proficiency test samples, not actual patient samples, according to a Medical Center

press release. Sending these samples to other labs is against CMS regulations. The penalties for this infraction could have been much harsher than the fine, but with this settlement, the Medical Center was about to avoid costly sanctions. “We’re grateful to have the settlement completed,” Leitch said. Kai Wang, a second-year in business administration, said he didn’t really care that much about the case but disapproved of the improper referrals. “I think (people) here should follow the rules,” he said. “Not like in my country. In China there are so many, kind of, illegal things happening, everywhere, every day. But I think that … the most developed country in the world, the U.S., should be the example.” Connor Hooper, a first-year in public affairs, said he was frustrated by the amount of money spent in the case. “It does frustrate me as a student when I see the school doing something that seems to be unethical and that causes us to lose money,” he said.

Coate from 1A

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Monday February 25, 2013




The William D. Stewart Lecture

politicians, we’re obviously not USG, but the support (of our campaign) has been overwhelming.” The decision to launch the last-minute campaign came when Coate was informed on the evening of Feb. 19 that Stepp was running for re-election unopposed. “I was getting frustrated, because all year long we don’t hear from (Stepp), and then all of a sudden, he’s asking us to vote for him,” Coate said. After contacting Prather to serve as his running mate, the fellow residents of Nosker House on North Campus began to piece together a campaign. Coate said there are about 20 students working for his campaign. “Immediately, a huge campaign got started — I didn’t have to ask anyone. Everyone just volunteered,” Coate said. Having no affiliation with USG, Coate said his campaign is more relatable to students. “Every year, it seems like people have to make this kind of apathetic choice between two politicians they don’t know … people tend to vote for whoever is giving out the flashiest T-shirt instead of actually what people stand for,” Coate said. “I think the only qualification (for this office) that you need is an ability to listen to people, a willingness to represent people, a willingness to come before the people, and that’s the main thing our campaign has been based on.” According to the pair, placing an emphasis on USG’s engagement with students outside of Senate and assembly members will lead to more representative university decisions being made. “We’re very good at collaborating with people … we no longer want it to be an organization where only a select few people can even have their input,” Prather said. “It’s imperative that we have the entire university involved in what decisions are made.” Coate highlighted a three-point plan he and Prather are promising to OSU students if elected. The plan addresses intentions to visit on-campus residence halls weekly to gauge input from students, working with campus officials to improve dining plan options and making graduation more attainable for students. “I think USG needs to be allocating more funds into hiring more advisers, and to be able to smooth over the advising process so that students are in

MaRk BaTke / Lantern reporter

OSU students Jacob Coate (left) and James Prather (right) are running as write-in USG candidates.

and out and can really graduate on the timeline that they choose,” Coate said. In regards to the current state of USG, Coate said the positions of president and vice president are “historically unrepresentative.” “(Prather and I) don’t have strong stances on things … we’re not super-partisan. We’re not coming in saying that it has to be ‘this way or the highway.’ We are super pragmatic people,” Coate said. It is the same demeanor that Coate and Prather said makes them different types of leaders than Stepp and running mate Josh Ahart. Coate said there have been several current USG members working on Stepp’s campaign who have approached Coate with intentions to switch sides, but Coate did not disclose any specific names. Coate said his campaign is getting attention, and said he has seen a noticeable difference in Stepp’s campaign, but Stepp refuted that claim. “We have had the exact same plan for our campaign since day one. We have not changed anything due to any write-in candidacy,” Stepp said. Coate and Prather are running as write-in candidates, meaning voters will have to write their names on the ballot. Any student is permitted to run as a write-in candidate. Students will be allowed to cast ballots for USG president between noon on Wednesday and 11:59 p.m. on Friday.

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studentvoice Jobs’ genius still thriving on 2nd posthumous birthday lantern Columnist

Sunday was Steve Jobs’ second posthumous birthday. Jobs, who would have been 58, is remembered as a technological genius, but his true genius lies in his financial impacts. Patrick seaworth Jobs’ creative genius was in his company’s ability to sell you a device that allowed you a better life, a computer that felt personal, creative and inventive, a computer that felt as though it were an extension of your innermost self. In a 1985 interview with “Playboy,” Jobs explained this manner of computer, made for “a different type of person — a person who doesn’t want to wait five or 10 years to have someone take a giant risk on him or her. Someone who really wants to get in a little over his head and make a little dent in the universe.” Jobs explained how he came to do so in a June 2005 Stanford commencement. Jobs never finished his Reed College degree. “Here I was spending all of the money my parents had saved their entire life. So I decided to drop out and trust that it would all work out OK. It was pretty scary at the time, but looking back, it was one of the best decisions I ever made,” he said in the address.

After withdrawing, he was able to audit classes. While living on a friend’s dorm room floor, collecting and recycling Coke bottles for the fivecent rebate to pay for his meals, Jobs audited a calligraphy course. “I learned about … what makes great typography great. It was beautiful, historical, artistically subtle in a way that science can’t capture,” he said during the address. “Ten years later … it all came back to me. And we designed it all into the Mac. It was the first computer with beautiful typography.” That was the creative genius of Jobs, which created a world of loyal customers. In his later years, through iTunes, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad, the financial genius of Steve Jobs appeared. Apple consumers were handed a device that allowed them to thank Apple to an infinite degree, getting more and more in over their heads, and in doing so, creating their own world. This was the true genius of Jobs: he made your Apple product an Apple store. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year — never taking a sick day, never a snow day, never a holiday. All you had to do to increase that risk Apple took on you was spend, using your device to do so. To this day, each Apple product is a perpetual Apple purchase — one app begets another, one song begets another, one device begets a personby-person ability to consume. This creates an income stream for Apple, and this is Jobs’ true lasting legacy as a business man. Jobs’ true genius was his financial genius, and the invention of the impossible: the perpetual income device.

Courtesy of MCT

Steve Jobs, the technological genius behind Apple products, would have celebrated his 58th birthday on Feb. 24.

Intel official wraps up Black History Month at Fisher archit Dhir Lantern reporter

daniel chi / Asst. photo editor

OSU’s Fisher College of Business.

Feb. 21 marked the finale of the Black MBA Association speaker series at the Fisher College of Business. Respecting and honoring Black History Month in the U.S., the Black MBA Association invited various executives from leading organizations from across the U.S. to share their views and present their ideas to the student community at Fisher. This year’s theme for the speaker series was “Success: Overcoming Obstacles and Laying the Foundation for a Fulfilling Career.” Thursday’s guest speaker was Frank Sanders, director of Corporate Strategic Procurement at Intel, where he is responsible for leading a global organization across 20 countries to manage more than $4 billion in annual spending. He highlighted the importance of supply chain management and integration at Intel. He also discussed with the

audience how the supply chain process changed and evolved recently due to the impact of globalization, sustainability, natural disasters and corporate social responsibility, among others. During the series, Fisher College of Business welcomed business leaders from organizations such as Nationwide Insurance, Viacom and Procter & Gamble. These distinguished speakers have helped the attendees learn a great deal about the practicalities of the work place and how to pave a successful path for success in their upcoming careers. The Black MBA Association also hosted the annual Soul Food Dinner at Fisher Graduate Student Lounge in collaboration with Nationwide. It is a traditional event that brings together the Fisher community in a relaxed environment to spend some quality time with each other. It also presents a great opportunity to network with alumni and distinguished business leaders from the Columbus community. Archit Dhir is an MBA candidate in the Fisher College of Business.

Crossword Los Angeles Times, Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis


50 - 75DAY %



We 3 1 0 2 , 7 Feb. 2



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55 N.J. neighbor 57 Lightened 58 Libertarian politician Paul 59 Sign in a limo that aptly concludes the sequence formed by the last words of 17-, 28- and 45-Across 62 Mystery novelist Grafton 63 Houston team 64 Statistician’s input 65 NHL tiebreakers 66 Tinkers (with) 67 Figs. Down 1 The Good Book 2 Pricey watch with a gold crown logo 3 Nose-in-the-air type 4 “Nova” airer 5 Ocean State sch. 6 Convent dwellers 7 Starts to eat with gusto 8 Manhattan is one 9 Golf ball’s perch 10 Choice you don’t have to think about 11 Metaphorical state of elation 12 Violent anger 14 Former (and likely future) Seattle NBA team 18 ‘90s Cabinet member

Federico 22 Lug 24 Gator’s kin 25 Skier’s way up 27 Glad __: party clothes 29 Long-armed primate 30 Comprehends 31 Tick off 32 Went down swinging 33 Touchdowns require crossing them 37 Leonard __: Roy Rogers’s birth name 38 Mountain top 39 Advantage 42 Nastase of tennis 44 Security checkpoint request 46 Ultimate application 47 Big bomb trials 48 Binoculars user 51 Made in China, say 52 Look after 53 Icelandic sagas 54 Estimator’s words 56 P.O. box inserts 59 Printer problem 60 Stooge with bangs 61 Pack animal

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Monday February 25, 2013


Monday February 25, 2013

thelantern results SUNDAY

OSU takes down Sparty

Men’s Basketball 68, Michigan State 60

MICHAEL PERIATT Managing editor for content

Utah 5, Softball 4 Men’s Tennis 7, LSU 0 Baseball 13, Mount Saint Mary 4

upcoming MONDAY Women’s Basketball v. Michigan State 6:30pm @ Columbus Women’s Golf: All State Sugar Bowl Intercollegiate, Round 2 All Day @ New Orleans, La.

Top 25 College Basketball Poll

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Indiana (24-3) Miami (Fla.) (22-4) Gonzaga (27-2) Michigan State (22-6) Florida (22-4) Duke (24-3) Michigan (23-4) Syracuse (22-5) Kansas (23-4) Louisville (22-5) Georgetown (21-4) Arizona (23-4) Kansas State (22-5) Oklahoma State (20-6) Butler (22-6) New Mexico (23-4) Marquette (19-7) Ohio State (20-7) Wisconsin (19-8)

20 21 22 23 24 25

Pittsburgh (21-7) Memphis (24-3) Colorado State (21-6) Oregon (22-6) VCU (22-6) Notre Dame (22-6)

ANDREW HOLLERAN / Photo editor

OSU coach Thad Matta shouts during a game against Michigan State on Feb. 24 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU won, 68-60.

It normally spells doom for Ohio State when Deshaun Thomas struggles from the field, but Aaron Craft was there to pick up his slack against Michigan State Sunday — and then some. Craft sliced through the MSU defense and made a routine of getting to the rim on his way to 21 points (17 of which came in the second half) to help the Buckeyes secure a rare win against a ranked opponent. The junior guard shot 7-of-12 from the field and also dished out six assists in the 68-60 OSU victory. “(During the) second half he tore us apart,” Spartan coach Tom Izzo said of Craft’s performance. “He beat us every way you could beat us.” The win was OSU’s (20-7, 10-5) second in nine attempts against ranked teams this season and could prove to be valuable to bolster its NCAA Tournament resume. “This time of the year, we need to get something rolling,” Craft said. “The biggest thing is that we got a win against a great opponent. It doesn’t matter who scores, all that matters is that our team has more points at the end of the game. Hopefully, we can continue this going forward.” The Spartans (22-6, 11-4) led by six at halftime and nine early in the second half, but three 3-pointers, including two from Thomas, and a three-point play from sophomore center Amir Williams fueled an 18-4 OSU run that gave the Buckeyes a 45-40 lead it would never relinquish. Thomas, a junior forward, finished the game with 14 points on 4-of-16 shooting and added seven rebounds. “We made some shots,” said OSU coach Thad

Matta. “I told my players at halftime we had some great looks, but we have to put the ball in the basket. Defensively, we challenged Michigan State to defend us.” OSU capitalized defensively too, forcing the Spartans into 14 turnovers that the Buckeyes turned into 19 points. MSU’s gameplan was clear from the get-go. Izzo’s squad fed the ball into the post early and often and MSU’s big men were able to capitalize. Junior forward Adreian Payne scored 12 points and grabbed 15 boards while senior forward Derrick Nix added 12 points and six boards of his own. MSU’s first 10 points of the game came in the paint and by halftime, the Spartans scored 24 points inside the key. But OSU’s senior forward Evan Ravenel was able to mitigate the damage as he scored 10 points of his own and was a physical presence defensively inside. “I know Payne and Nix were the focus of the Michigan State offense today,” said Ravenel, who was wearing an ice pack on his right wrist after the game for what he called a minor injury. “They were killing us on the boards. My drive to win the game and be physical was what drove me today to do what I needed to do for my team.” The win caps a successful week for OSU. Following a 22-point loss to Wisconsin that was OSU’s worst defeat since 2009, OSU beat Minnesota by 26 points Wednesday. “We came off our loss against Wisconsin and knew we had to win,” Thomas said. “When we become a defensive team, we put ourselves in the best position to win.” The Buckeyes sit in fifth place in the Big Ten and 2.5 games back of first-place Indiana. OSU next plays Thursday against Northwestern in Evanston, Ill. Tip is set for 7 p.m.

Men’s hockey drops series to Michigan, still earn CCHA bye MATTHEW MITHOEFER Lantern reporter “That one stings,” said Ohio State senior defenseman Brandon Martell after rival Michigan completed a weekend sweep of his team. Michigan defeated OSU, 6-3, Saturday night, following a 5-3 victory the night before. Leaving the series empty-handed, OSU remains in a tie for fourth with Ferris State in the 11-team Central Collegiate Hockey Association. But even with two losses, the Buckeyes earned a first-round bye in the CCHA Tournament. OSU coach Mark Osiecki said his staff came into the weekend primarily focused on securing that objective. “Our first step was trying to earn a bye. That’s a big step for us,” Osiecki said. The Buckeyes started Saturday’s Senior Night with four of their five seniors on the ice. The spotlight soon moved to OSU sophomore forward Tanner Fritz. The Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, native scored two goals in the opening period, sandwiched around a pair of tallies from the Wolverines. Fritz was not finished yet. After Michigan took a 3-2 lead early in the second on a goal by sophomore forward Phil Di Giuseppe, Fritz assisted sophomore forward Max McCormick’s equalizer at the 5:16 mark of the period. “(Fritz) is on a whole different level,” Osiecki said of his forward’s recent play. Neither Fritz nor his teammates, though, could muster any offense in the final period against the Wolverines. Michigan scored the final three goals of the contest. Osiecki pulled senior goalie Brady Hjelle after he let in his fifth goal of the game. “He’s been solid for us … he didn’t have his A-game tonight by any means. I don’t want to leave

SHELBY LUM / Lantern photographer

OSU sophomore forward Chad Niddery goes for the puck during a game against Michigan on Feb. 23 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU lost, 6-3. him out there just dangling in the wind,” Osiecki said of the call to pull Hjelle on Senior Night. The Buckeyes came out of the gate slowly Friday night and were unable to find the net until the beginning of the third period. McCormick’s 10th goal of the season made it 2-1 with 19 minutes to play. The remainder of the period brought a bevy of goals, but OSU never pulled even. The final Michigan goal came on an empty net with 50 seconds left. The sweep of the Buckeyes (13-14-7, 12-9-5-1 CCHA) leaves the Wolverines (12-18-2, 9-15-2-2 CCHA) with 31 points in conference play. Although it sits in ninth place, coach Red Berenson’s squad has won four of its last six.

“That’s probably the best weekend of hockey Michigan has played all year. The penalty killing was good and the power play was good,” Berenson said. OSU will shift focus to the final series of the regular season, a date with league-leading Miami (Ohio). Osiecki said a positive response to being swept at home will be key to preparing for the Red Hawks. “You’ve got to turn the page as quick as possible, but they also have to let it sting,” Osiecki said. “That has to drive you for Monday, has to drive you for Friday.” Game one of the two-game series will be played Friday at 7:35 p.m. in Oxford, Ohio.

NFL Scouting Combine serves as intersection for good and bad

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It seems that for every story to emerge from the NFL Scouting Combine about the honest, hardworking former collegians trying to fight their way onto an NFL roster, there’s another about a drug fiend or a failed attempt at online dating. It is likely many players at the Combine can tout a lifetime of obeying societal norms and laws, showing up for class and making the grade — the good guys. However, the good guys find themselves jockeying for a draft

selection against athletes who have faced widespread public ridicule from being kicked out of their respective college programs to even drug rehabilitation. Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Ind., site of the Combine, is ground zero for this intersection of good and bad, the law abiding and the criminal, the internet savvy and the potentially gullible. Players of diverse and textured backgrounds speak to NFL coaches, general managers, scouts, the press, occasionally mere feet from each other, about the paths they chose in life. Good or bad, each player is trying to argue that his life’s path should include a stay in the city where that concerned NFL general manager or eager member of the media has traveled from. Take Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah, the former Brigham Young University linebacker, for instance. Ansah was born in Accra, Ghana, and you could hear it in his accent as he fielded questions during a Saturday press conference. Ansah spoke of his African homeland with a toothy smile and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work out at

the Combine and pursue an NFL career despite not being formally introduced to the game until after he enrolled at BYU. “It’s a blessing,” Ansah said during his Saturday press conference. “This is a really humbling experience for me. I know a lot of people want to be in my shoes.” Hours later, Manti Te’o, a former Notre Dame linebacker, finalist for the 2012 Heisman Trophy and later an alleged victim of an online dating hoax, took to podium “C” in the Combine’s media room as a sea of reporters let fly with camera shutters and questions about his now-public personal follies. The story of Te’o’s victimhood is convoluted, but he maintains that his supposedly deceased girlfriend — Lennay Kekua — never existed. Te’o’s once-inspiring story of perseverance went up in smoke, and he claimed he was the victim of a hoax. At a Saturday Combine press conference, Te’o attempted to deflect questions (one reporter asked if he was currently dating anyone “in real life”) about the incident. “I understand that people have questions,” Te’o said during his Saturday

press conference, his first since news of Kekua not existing broke, “but I think I’ve answered everything I could. For me, I’d really like to talk about football … It’s pretty crazy. I’ve been in front of a few cameras. But not as many as this. I said all I needed to say about that.” Te’o was calculated in his remarks about the hoax, causing some pundits to wonder about whether getting caught up with a fake girlfriend could actually cause him to drop in April’s NFL Draft. Tyrann Mathieu was a little more candid while remarking on his very public missteps. Mathieu, a finalist for the 2011 Heisman Trophy as a cornerback, was kicked off the LSU football team after two marijuana-related incidents and an arrest. Mathieu was stirred from his sleep on Sunday at 4 a.m. for a drug test, but wide eyes and a smile accompanied this plea to the NFL during his afternoon press conference: “I’m not totally asking them to trust me right now, but what I am asking is for them to give me a chance.” Visit for the rest of this story.


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Monday February 25, 2013



‘A good time’ promised by C-Bus musician

Weekend Box Office


Madeline Roth Senior Lantern reporter

Weekend Gross Weeks

1. “Identity Thief”




2. “Snitch”














“Escape From Planet Earth”

4. “Safe Haven” “A Good Day to Die

5. Hard”

Source: Box Office Mojo KAYLA BYLER / Design editor

the week ahead Monday

After years as a guitarist in bands like the Madison Square Gardeners and Semi Precious Weapons, and as a solo artist who has worked with Jack White, Columbus native Aaron Lee Tasjan is coming home. Tasjan, who grew up in New Albany, Ohio, about 25 minutes northeast of Columbus, is scheduled to return to Columbus for a show with singer-songwriter Freedy Johnston 7 p.m. Monday at Woodlands Tavern. “The vibe of the show is to have a good time, all the time,” Tasjan said. “I like people to feel like they get their dollar’s worth and I want them to feel like we’re just having a conversation.” Although he might take a more laid-back approach to his live show, Tasjan has been keeping himself very busy lately. Besides touring, he is recording a new album with the Madison Square Gardeners, which he said will be released this fall, as well as a solo record. He is also producing a record for Irish DJ, author and photographer BP Fallon. “That’s how I like to make music — doing something that’s in the moment, always making something and always doing what you love,” Tasjan said. “So the music might not sound technically perfect, but it has a lot of heart and soul to it.” Tasjan said after taking a year and a half off from playing with The Madison Square Gardeners, which he co-founded in 2008, he is excited to get back to work with his friends. “We’re like a band of fans instead of musicians,” Tasjan said. “Making this record was just the six of us together in a room and we played the songs one or two times and that was it. There’s no fancy AutoTuning on the songs. We just did it all straight from the gut.” While making the record, titled “Six Dudes, Three Chords,” the band members had just two rules: they couldn’t write a song with more than three chords

Courtesy of Curtis Wayne Millard

Aaron Lee Tasjan is slated to perform Feb. 25 at Woodlands Tavern, located at 1200 W. 3rd Ave. on it and only one song on the record could have a bridge. “The simplicity of it is fantastic and it’s a challenge to write songs with only three chords on them,” Tasjan said. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously and want people to have fun listening to our music.” As a solo artist, Tasjan is recording “So Young and So High,” the follow-up to his last record, “The Thinking Man’s Filth,” which was released in November. Though he said the music on the new album will sound similar to the last, describing it as “psychedelic and lyric-driven,” he is taking more time to write and record the songs this time around. “The last record was me putting my guitar through all these weird sounds so it doesn’t sound like just one guitar. I love that — kind of like making something out of nothing,” Tasjan said. “So I’m using that same concept … but I’m fleshing it out a little more.”

Wes Books, manager at the Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats, where Tasjan played Friday, said Tasjan’s set got an enthusiastic response from the show’s attendees. “He played a handful of original songs and he was great,” Books said. “The crowd loved him, and people seemed to really be digging it.” Though he started playing guitar when he was only 10 years old, Tasjan said he initially didn’t think of music as a career. But after years of practice and trying to copy the musicians he saw playing on MTV, he decided he wanted to be a performer. “I wanted to have that feeling of being at a concert and being in a room with people where we’re all being excited about this music and saying, ‘Isn’t this such a cool feeling?’ I wanted to feel that from a performer’s perspective,” Tasjan said.

continued as Aaron on 8A

Tragic comedy to connect theatrics with reality on OSU stage Lauren Weitz Lantern reporter

zz Ward & delta Rae 7 p.m. @ A&R Music Bar Freedy Johnston with aaron lee tasjan 7 p.m. @ Woodlands Tavern Funktapuss 10 p.m. @ Rumba Café


Willy Moon 7 p.m. @ A&R Music Bar swank 10 p.m. @ Skully’s Music-Diner Free open Mic Comedy 9:30 p.m. @ Scarlet & Grey Café


At a time when economic problems are a leading worry for many Americans, the latest play from the Ohio State’s Department of Theatre seemingly couldn’t be more relevant. OSU’s theater department is scheduled to run its performance of “The Visit” Thursday through March 7 in Thurber Theatre at the Drake Performance and Event Center. The play is a tragic comedy that focuses on Claire Zachanassian, a wealthy woman who returns to her hometown to seek revenge on her ex-lover, Alfred Ill, who caused her to be disgraced. She offers the citizens of her deprived town a large sum of money for Alfred’s life and the satisfaction of revenge. The play is an adaptation of the 1956 production by Friedrich Dürrenmatt but has been updated to present day. “This is a much more literal translation than some other adaptations have been,” said Brent Ries, a first-year in the Department of Theatre’s Master of Fine Arts program who plays Alfred. “We’ve updated a lot of references because it normally takes place in the 1950s.” Lesley Ferris, the director of the play and a professor in OSU’s Department of Theatre, said the reason the play was chosen for OSU’s theater department was because of the similarities between the original play and the world today in terms of the economy. “Money does seem to reign supreme more than ever now,” Ferris said. “I think it’s a play of today even though it was (originally) a post-war play. Some of the lines … you hear them and you’re going like, ‘Oh my God, the politician said that yesterday.’ It’s kind of uncanny.” Ferris also said the play was chosen because it

Best of stage 2 7:30 p.m. @ Shadowbox Live Paul strong Comedy Case 9:45 p.m. @ Columbus Funny Bone


features a large cast, which gives more opportunities to students. The 29-person cast is comprised of undergraduate students, students in the Department of Theatre’s Master of Fine Arts program and one guest artist. While the cast did not start rehearsing the play until January, Ferris said design work for the play started last September. “I really wish I could see it because of the set design, the lighting design, the costumes, the video projections. The stuff I’ve been able to see, limitedly, is so cool,” said Meg Chamberlain, a first-year in the Master of Fine Arts program who plays Claire. “I think it’s going to be quite striking to watch.”

Smartphone dependency a brain-emptying worry for some users I got an iPhone for Christmas. Now, two months later, it is undeniable that it has been deeply integrated into my life. Just about every single day I use it to Patrick Bailey plan homework, do homework, check Carmen, read the news, send emails and more. I’m sure this semester would be a nightmare without it. Smartphone technology has opened up a world of possibilities for us, but I wonder: could the ability to get quicker and quicker access to more and more information have any negative consequences? The first possibility that comes to my mind is information overload. There’s just so much out there to know that it can be maddening trying to keep up. But there’s something else I’m noticing myself doing with my smartphone that I think is potentially problematic.

Arts Columnist

Murs 7 p.m. @ The Basement

Courtesy of Eric Mayer

Brent Ries as Alfred Ill (top) and Meg Chamberlain as Claire Zachanassian (bottom) star in ‘The Visit.’

Jessica Hirsh, a first-year in theater who plays a train supervisor, a journalist and a citizen in the play, said being able to work with the Master of Fine Arts students has been a rewarding experience. “Back home when I do theater, I was always the oldest and it was all the little kids looking up to me,” Hirsh said. “Now I get to be that little kid looking up to them and I’m learning so much and it’s really cool.” While she hopes the audience finds the play funny, Ferris also hopes those who see the play will walk away with more. “I hope people will laugh, but I also hope the laughter will have a pointedness and make them think as well,” Ferris said. “That was one of Dürrenmatt’s great things, was that laughter and comedy are our only hope in a world in which it’s already tragic, so let’s try to laugh and see what some of those tragic things, how they can be taken, and how they can make us think in a different way about it.” Chamberlain said the play is very thoughtprovoking and has the potential to spark conversation. “I think the audience is going to walk away with a very individual opinion on it. At the very least I hope it causes conversation, that you don’t walk out of the theater and say, ‘Oh that was nice,’ and done,” Chamberlain said. “I think this is a show that after you see it, you want to go with the people you’ve seen the show with and have a cup of coffee and talk about what you’ve seen.” Tickets for “The Visit” are $15 for students, $18 for OSU faculty and staff and $20 for the general public, and can be purchased at the OSU Theatre Box Office or online through Ticketmaster. The Drake Performance and Event Center is located at 1849 Cannon Drive.

It’s like a portable knowledge machine. With it, I can look up any fact in seconds. It has turned me into a trivia buff at certain times and a medical professional at others. It also has become central to the way I plan my day, from waking me up in the morning to reminding me of all my appointments. In the way my iPhone lets me carry limitless information around with me, I find myself using it a lot like an external hard drive for my brain. I’m using it to take some of the load off my brain, as I trust it to remember all my important dates and data so I don’t have to. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I have so much to remember nowadays that it’s nice to be able to pull up my assignments, COTA stop schedules and all that stuff in just minutes. But this is an ability that definitely should not be taken for granted. We should be careful not to let a gadget do all our thinking for us. It’s great for keeping up-to-date with the constant tidal wave of new figures and facts, but when I start exporting data from my brain into it like files into an external memory drive, I fear I could be undermining the strength of my own memory in the long term. I’m afraid I might become somewhat dependent on it to keep up with my own increasingly complex life. I never want to find myself in a situation where part of my brain runs out of battery when I need it.

Courtesy of MCT

Smartphone dependency is a worry for some users.

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Unfurnished 5+ Bedroom

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TELEPHONE INTERVIEWERS wanted immediately to conduct interviews for research firm. No experience necessary. Great part-time job for students. Evening and daytime shifts available. Apply in person at: Strategic Research Group, 995 Goodale Blvd., 2nd floor.

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VALETS Driven. Service oriented. A team player. Reliable. Professional. Friendly. Does this sound like you?

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$500 ESSAY Contest. Details at ATTN: PT Work - for spring + secure summer work Local Company Hiring: 10 Minutes From Campus Customer Service & Sales Great Starting Pay Flexible PT Schedules Internship Credit Available for select majors Call 614-485-9443 for INFO or


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Unfurnished Rentals

Unfurnished Rentals

Unfurnished Rentals

Currently hiring FT/PT Valets for various shifts throughout Columbus.

Help Wanted Child Care ABA PROVIDER position. Looking for energetic, reliable person. Hours: Before/after school. some flexibility. Leisure activities, chores & social skills. Training provided. Upper Arlington area. I/O waiver. Exp/Ref preferred. Please contact JenSmizer@

EARN $1000-$3200 a month to drive our new cars with ads. PART TIME TEACHERS & KITCHEN ASSISTANT needed. Experience with young children EVENT PARKING Cashier (Are- required. Call 614-451-4412 between hours of 9:00 am-5:00 na District/Columbus, Ohio) CHOOSE YOUR OWN SCHED- pm, or email nicholsonb@ ULE Event Attendant strong empha- sis on customer service, issuing tickets to guests, making Northwest Christian Child Care change, directing vehicles to 5707 Olentangy River Rd. assure continuous traffic flow Columbus, OH 43235 and efficient spacing of vehicles. This is an outdoor position. PARTTIME AFTERNOON Where: Crew Stadium, Nation- Teacher needed for Toddler wide Arena, Huntington Ball- class at northwest Christian park, and Lifestyle Communities School. M-F, 3-6pm, Requires Pavilion hs diploma plus experience working with kids, college When: During events (employ- courses in early childhood or ees choose their schedule by education pref. signing up for the days in which they would like to work) Please fax resume to Anna at 614-336-8485 or call Pay Rate: Starting rate $8.50 614-336-9559. www.linworthper hour EOE Interviews Tuesday, February PLEASE HELP DISABLED 19, 2013 AND TERMINALLY ILL YOUNG 2:00pm to 4:00pm PEOPLE. You are needed as Care ProvidAdditional interviews will be ers to work with and encourage scheduled by appointment. young people with disabilities in family home settings. Bring joy to To schedule an interview, the life of these young people by please email kimreinbolt@stan- caring for them, helping them to participate in their communities and enjoy life. If you have play FEMALE FITNESS Models skills or encouragement gifts please apply. This job allows Wanted Photographer will be In Colum- you to learn intensively and can bus for The Arnold Sports Expo accommodate your class schedthis week.Doing photo shoots for ule. Those in all related fields or who have a heart for these mismy website. No Experience Required.Get sions please apply. Training provided. Competitive wages and paid $100. For details please email thmmil- benefits. For more information, call L.I.F.E Inc. at (614)475-5305 or visit us at www.LIFE-INC.NET EOE GROCERY STORE: Applications now being accepted for Full-time/Part-time employment. WANTED: PART time after Produce Clerk, Cashier, Deli school childcare for 13 year old Clerk, Stock Clerk, and Service special needs child. Must have Counter. Afternoons, evenings. own car and be willing to pursue provider license through the Starting pay $8.00/Hr. Enjoyable work atmo- state (very easy process). Pay is sphere. Must be 18 years or $24 for first hour, $12 for every over. Great personalities only! hour after. Please contact Gina Apply in person Huffman’s Mar- Vasiloff at 614-906-2402 for furket, 2140 Tremont Center, Up- ther information. per Arlington (2 blocks north of Lane Ave and Tremont).

Help Wanted Clerical

MAKE YOUR OWN WORK SCHEDULE! Benefits & Great Weekly Pay. Visit: PHONE FANTASY Actresses. 16-40 hours available. Safe environment. Woman owned/operSTUDENTPAYOUTS.COM Paid ated. Excellent earning potential. Survey Takers needed in Colum- Call 447-3535 for more info. bus. 100% free to join. Click on surveys.

Help Wanted Medical/Dental

Help Wanted Volunteer

ER SCRIBE - Seeking Pre Med students to work as ER Scribes.

#1 CORNER of King and Neil. Security Building. 2BR, CA, LDY, OFF STREET PARKING. $750/ month Phone Steve 614-208-3111.

WANTED FT Cosmetic Care Coordinator. Busy ENT/Facial Plastics office looking for a FT Cosmetic Care Coordinator. Duties to include but not limited to answering phones, scheduling, rooming patients, providing cosmetic quotes, room turnover, and assisting the physician with procedures. No exp. necessary. Willing to train. Email your resume to:

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service BERNARD’S TAVERN is seeking full and part-time servers. We are looking for people that will ensure guest service standards are consistently met or exceeded. Creates and contributes to a high-energy environment that promotes maximum engagement and enjoyment for both the team and the guest. Ability to multitask and prioritize expectations and tasks. Strong communication skills with team members and guests. Also maintain complete knowledge of all products. Highly motivated is a must!!! Bernard’s Tavern is seeking a busser/security. Must be able to work every Friday and Saturday!! Please apply in person at 630 N. High (The Short North) BONJOUR OSU! La Chatelaine French Bakery & Bistros are looking for enthusiastic, charming and hardworking mademoiselles & monsieurs that love to work in an established family run restaurant & bakery. Our locations are hiring Weekday & weekend Counter help, restaurant experience recommended. Weekday nights & weekend morning Prep/Cook, must have cooking experience. We our also always looking for great servers for all three locations, Upper Arlington, Worthington & Historic Dublin Please stop in for an application or email us at Merci! CLIPPERS BASEBALL Sodexo @ Huntington Park Season Starts April 11 Part Time Positions Available! Applications are accepted at: 330 Huntington Park Lane M-F 10am-4pm 614-722-1125 Enter through double glass doors on Huntington Park Ln, under blue Clippers Hat. Sodexo values workforce diversity. EOE/M/F/D/V ENERGETIC PERSON Wanted. Downtown Deli. Part-Time or Full time available. Fast paced. Good customer service and dependability a must! Advancement opportunities available. Call Donna 352-5893 anytime. SERVERS PT/FT Tony’s Ristorante 559 South High Street, German Village Area. Experienced preferred. Apply in person after 10 am M-F.

Help Wanted OSU

VOLUNTEERS ARE needed to answer the 24-hour Suicide Prevention Hotline. Volunteers receive 50 hours of free training, beginning March 27. Each volunteer commits to working 6 hours a week from June through November, 2013. To volunteer or for more information, call Susan Jennings, Volunteer Coordinator, or Mary Brennen-Hofmann, Program Coordinator, at 299-6600.You can also contact the program at

Help Wanted Landscape/ Lawn Care LAWN TECHNICIAN Lawn fertilizer and weed control application; no mowing. Training provided. Ideal candidate is detail-oriented, quality conscious, does not smoke and has good driving record/ habits. Grassroots Lawn & Irrigation Service, LLC 614-876-2124 SEASONAL LABORERS Wanted: Installing playground equipment all over the state. Travel expenses paid by company.

ResumĂŠ Services MILITARY RESUMES. Aviation. Engineering. Combat. Transportation. Nursing. Medical. Officers. Enlisted. Veterans. 614-440-7416.

THEATRICAL RESUMES. Stage actors. Movies. TV commercials. Dancers. Singers. Circus performers. 614-440-7416.

Typing Services 614-440-7416. RESUMES. Writing. Critiquing. Consultation. Executive portfolios.

Tutoring Services A MATH tutor. All levels. Also Physics, Statistics and Business College Math. Teaching/tutoring since 1965. Checks okay. Call anytime, Clark 294-0607.

Business Opportunities

#1 WAY TO MAKE MONEY While Going To School‌..Period! Proven Stats. Enter In Browser Today Email:

Help Wanted Interships

ATTENTION STUDENTS! Earn Huge Residual Profits Income Part-Time! Transform Your Cellphone Into A MONEY MAGNET! Watch Our FREE Video: 219-224-3624

RESOURCE INTERNATIONAL, Inc. (Rii) offers a broad range of services including planning, design, engineering, and technology services. Established in 1941, Resource International employs 160 engineers and professionals throughout the Midwest. Our Corporate office is located in Columbus, Ohio with full-service branch offices in Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana. If you want to join a team of dedicated professionals who are among the best in their field, in a diverse work environment, then please explore Resource Internationalâs career possibilities. To learn more about our firm, please visit our Web site at

START YOUR own successful home-based business marketing the essential services that people need and use every day, while earning lasting, residual income. You can be a part of it; the time is now. Contact me to find out more information. ACN Independent Business Owner Gary Campbell 614-749-9666 www.garyacampbell.acndirect. com

Job Title:Web Developer About the job We are looking for a Web Developer who is comfortable working with layout independent from styling. You will be rendering existing content into web pages. Responsibilities âMark up content in HTML, independent of layout. âMaintain placeholders for dynamic content. âWork with JavaScript and/ or developers handling JavaScript. âCreating and/or tweaking CSS

SEEKING TENACIOUS, out-going, emotionally mature self-starters who want to earn a six-figure income. Watch video: If you have questions AFTER viewing the video call Eva Baez 5 pm to 10 pm Pacific time. 310-722-8651 Join at:

THIS IS AWESOME! Great Opportunity For Young Entrepreneurs Who Also Need Coverage. http://ezmoneymethod2x. com/ez4ural

For Rent Miscellaneous ART STUDIOS in Warehouse Brewery District. Starting at $140/mo Call Safiya 614-448-3593

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Requirements âExpertise in the following technologies: âHTML âCSS Skills âHigh aptitude âWeb 2.0 and aesthetics

HANDYMAN-WORK part time on off-campus properties, painting, plumbing, electrical experience a plus, work 15 to 20 hrs. per week, flexible hours to meet your class schedule, cur- BOOKS: ROMANCE does not rent OSU student preferred, call always live up to our expecta761-9035. tions. But, come on, does it have to fall as far short of our dreams UNDERGRADUATE as it does in Clumsy Hearts? Research Assistant A slightly misguided romance, The OSU Stress and Health by Hysteria Molt. Available via Study is seeking an $500 ESSAY Contest. undergraduate student pursing a Details at degree in nursing or other cally related field for a research assistant position. The position is a 10 - 20 hour per week commitment with availabilVACANCIES? VACANCIES? ity two to three mornings during the work week. VACANCIES? Let our leasing The person should have an inter- services pay for themselves. For est in research and background your leasing, property managein psychology or a related bio- ment, or sales needs Call 1st Place Realty 429-0960. logical or social sciences field.

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Duties include drawing blood from research participants, reviewing medical records, administering psychological questionnaires, conducting research interviews, and working with data in the lab. A main focus of the position is performing blood draws on a cancer survivor population, so excellent phlebotomy skills are essential. The ability to drive to participants homes for research visits is required. Interested persons can apply online at or email a resume to

Help Wanted Sales/Marketing

Travel/ Vacation $199 FLIGHT from Columbos to NYC, direct round trip or call 347.770.2488 Discount code:Lantern BAHAMAS SPRING Break $189 for 5 days. All prices include : Round-trip luxury party cruise. Accommodations on the island at your choice of thirteen resorts. Appalachia Travel. www. 800-867-5018

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SALES LEADER wanted to develop and lead a sales team for wellness and weight loss products. Must bust be self motivated. Part time or full time, set your own hours. Commission and cash bonuses. For more information contact:

CONTRACEPTIVE RESEARCH STUDY Would you like to use an IUS (Levonorgestrel-Releasing Intrauterine System) as your method of contraception over the next 5 years? If you are a healthy, sexually active woman, age 16-35 and in a mutually monogamous relationship you may be eligible to participate in a research study. You will receive study-related exams, an IUS at no cost and be compensated for time and travel. If you are interested, please contact GenOBGYNDept@osumc. edu or 614-293-4365. PLAY THE Pithy Maxims Game at It will be your new favorite waste of time.

BEST PRICES on Certified Diamonds & Engagement Rings CDI Diamonds & Jewelry Dublin 614-734-8438

JOIN OUR Team as a Makers MOTHER WRAPS gifts, sews buttons. Writes Corp Intern!! resumes, biographies, family histories. Would you like to spend a memoirs, summer inspiring children and 614-440-7416. youth? Are you an avid maker who works well with others and likes to share what you know? We are recruiting Maker Corps interns/ members to serve as near-peer mentors, role models and presenters at COSI. In part- 614-440-7416. RESUMES. nership with the Maker Educa- Writing. Critiquing. Consultation. tion Initiative, Maker Corps Executive portfolios. members will be employed by AIRLINE PILOTS? COSI during the summer of 2013 I write aviation resumes. Proto engage children and families fessional. Military. Commercial. in creative projects that develop Ex-NASA. Helicopters. problem-solving skills. 614-440-7416.

ResumĂŠ Services

If you are at least 18 years old, a “maker,� interested in building your resume, learning new skills, and becoming part of a national network of makers, apply now!

CAMPUS PARTNERS is seeking and undergraduate or graduate student to fill the Student Director’s seat on the Campus Partners Board of Directors for the 2013 - 2015 term. If interested please fill out the application at and return it to Campus Partners, 1534 N High St, by April 1st, 2013. Contact prosser.20@

FAST, ACCURATE, professional proofreading and copy editing. Will edit papers, term papers, thesis, dissertations and manuscripts. 27 years of experience in publishing. Call Visit for full job 614-204-4619 or email descriptions and to apply.


292-2031 to place your ad or do it online at

the lantern .com

Real Estate Advertisements - Equal Housing Opportunity The Federal Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.� State law may also forbid discrimination based on these factors and others. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development at 800-669-9777.

Call 292-2031 to place your ad or do it online at - Terms of service available at Monday February 25, 2013


[ a +e ] A cappella group mixes sounds, brings energy to stage Breanna Soroka Lantern reporter Street Corner Symphony brought its own brand of a cappella to Columbus Saturday night, captivating audiences with its high energy and specific sound. Jeremy Lister, a tenor of the group, said the group’s unique sound comes from the mixing of members’ various musical backgrounds. “Sort of the way The Beatles or The Beach Boys, every person had their own flair, we bring the same kind of elements and it all works together,” Lister said. The Nashville-based group originally gained notoriety for appearing, and being the runnersup, on Season 2 of NBC’s a cappella competition show “The Sing-Off” and consists of Kurt Zimmerman, Adam Chance, Mark McLemore and brothers Jonathan, Jeremy and Richie Lister. Though the performance took place in a dimly lit, cramped Rumba Café, which can hold up to 200 people, with an audience less than a fraction of the size garnered at the television studio, Street Corner Symphony showed absolutely no disappointment and exuded just as much energy and joy as if the group was performing in front of millions once again. The group performed fan favorites from the show, including upbeat hits “Come On Eileen,” originally by

Breanna Soroka / Lantern reporter

Street Corner Symphony performed Feb. 23 at Rumba Café, located at 2507 Summit St. Dexys Midnight Runners, “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train and “Down On The Corner” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. The songs were just as perfect and performance-ready as they were when they were first performed on “The Sing-Off.” The group performed its signature rendition of “Creep” by Radiohead, with Jeremy Lister taking the lead in a flurry of emotion that immediately caused a hush to fall over the audience. Although these are the songs that made the group famous three years ago, Chance doesn’t think performing them will get old anytime soon,

Oscars shine spotlight on best in industry Amanda Seyfried walks the red carpet at the 85th Annual Academy Awards, which aired Feb. 24 on ABC. Check for Oscar coverage Monday afternoon.

an attitude that was readily apparent during the performance. “I think we’re happy performing these for a long time,” Chance said. “We are trying to move into some original music and some new cover tunes we didn’t do on the show, but I think some of those songs will stick with us for a while.” The group did break out one of these original songs, “Most Of It,” written by McLemore. Although much of the audience was unfamiliar with this slower tune, there was no less excitement in the air than when a Beatles medley was performed later in the

Aaron from 6A In high school, Tasjan started playing small gigs at places like Brewster’s Coffee House in Gahanna, Ohio, and eventually joined a band that played at small venues around Ohio State like Scarlet and Grey Café and Little Brother’s, which closed in 2007. “It took me a long time — almost 10 years — before I really got anywhere with it,” Tasjan said of his music career, which began when he moved to New York City after graduating from New Albany High School. In New York, Tasjan helped co-found the band Semi Precious Weapons before his big break in 2008, when he was asked to go on tour with the punk band New York Dolls. Since then, he has recorded a song produced by White, played with the

night with the audience nearly overpowering the performers’ vocals with their own. It also became clear during several segments of the concert that Street Corner Symphony is a group that does not take itself too seriously. At one point, Jonathan Lister and McLemore were vocally and physically engaged in an intense pingpong battle, with Chance acting the part of a spectator. The group knows how to have fun with its members’ vocal skills and wasn’t afraid to show it. The members’ personalities also shined through the teasing comments they made to the audience throughout the evening, including an emotional outburst from Chance toward the end of the show. He pulled his beanie all the way to his chin, and through the hat cried into the microphone, pulling one over on the audience as well. “We travel and we perform for thousands of people … for trillions of people,” Chance joked. “And you guys are by far the most recent ones we’ve ever had.” The night ended when raucous applause from the audience brought Street Corner Symphony back to the stage for an encore song, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” McLemore snuck another joke in before the group left the stage for good. “Thank you for a standing ovation all night long,” McLemore said, gazing out at the standing roomonly venue.

art rock band Operation Juliet with John Lennon’s son Sean Lennon and had one of his original songs, “Streets Of Galilee,” covered by Texas country superstar Pat Green. “I’m very appreciative of what I do have because I’ve worked really hard to get it,” Tasjan said of his success. “It makes me feel good that it wasn’t something orchestrated by some music lawyer. It was something I just did by trying to be the best guitarist and best musician I could possibly be.” Clay Wright, Tasjan’s friend who also works in the music business, said he thinks part of Tasjan’s success has to do with his knack for adapting to different styles of music, as well as his hard work. “Aaron’s one of the most versatile musicians you could ever meet. He’s a chameleon,” Wright said. “He can

learn anything in two seconds, he practices his ass off, and he’s such a student of music. He’s this underdog superhero guy who just never stops working.” But even as he keeps piling more and more onto his plate, Tasjan said he’ll be happy as long as he can keep doing what he loves. “My goal in my career is to be able to keep making a living out of it, have it be fun when I get up every day, and hopefully inspire some people,” Tasjan said. “To feel like I can have a hand in somebody picking up an instrument or writing a song — that makes me feel like the king of the world.” Tickets to Monday’s show are available for $10 through eTickets. Woodlands Tavern is located at 1200 W. 3rd Ave.

Courtesy of MCT





Monday February 25, 2013



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