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thelantern Crime fires concealed carry into spotlight


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OSU’s defensive line didn’t have many opportunities against Miami, but they hope that changes Saturday.

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G-Eazy does it


Before he enrolled at the university, Justin Bliss, a third-year in international studies, was warned by his father about the problem of campusarea crime. “It’s something to consider when you consider enrolling in here, but it’s a great school and that’s one of the only few problems that I think really needs attention,” Bliss said. The Aug. 26 safety notice warned students of an armed robbery that had occurred near Hitchcock Hall, and also informed them of other crimes that had occurred in the off-campus area. In response to the alert, the student group Buckeyes for Concealed Carry sent an email to students asking how their lives could be different if they would be able to use “life-saving” tools such as guns on campus. Although Bliss said he was aware of recent campus crimes, he strongly disapproves of the email he received from Buckeyes for Concealed Carry last week following a public safety notice sent by Ohio State Police. Some students have been advocating for a change in the rule that prohibits guns on campus, such as Buckeyes for Concealed Carry president Michael Newbern. “We want people who have gotten their license, who can carry off campus … (to be able to) carry on campus as well,” he said. “There is no way to keep guns from coming onto campus, and the Hopkins Hall victim being robbed at gunpoint is a perfect proof.” However, other students like Bliss

Licenses for concealed weapons on the rise in Ohio After an increase of reported crimes in the campus area during the past several weeks, Buckeyes for Concealed Carry sent an email to students promoting the allowance of concealed weapons on campus for those with a license. Individuals licensed for concealed carry in Ohio are expected to rise by the end of the year.

296,588 licenses have been issued in Ohio since April 2004, according to 2011 data.

1,130 licenses were issued in Franklin County in the first quarter of 2012.


source: said they would be uncomfortable if guns were allowed on campus. “I don’t agree with the concealed carry. I think the more weapons you put in the hands of inexperienced students, the more likely something is going to go wrong,” Bliss said. To concealed carry advocates, Ohio State’s Code of Student Conduct, which specifically prohibits the “storage or possession of dangerous weapons, devices or substances including, but not limited to, firearms, ammunition or fireworks,” contradicts

Kristen Mitchell Campus editor


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for constitutional rights but also emphasized that there is a reason behind the Code of Student Conduct. “The fact is that under current Ohio law, concealed carry license holders are limited or prohibited from carrying concealed handguns in numerous locations, among which are churches, synagogues, mosques, child day care centers, buildings owned or leased by Ohio or its political subdivisions, colleges and

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Kristen Mitchell / Campus editor

Recent OSU graduate Theresa Brenner working at the Ohio State fair in July. Brenner is one of 12 ‘hotdoggers’ working with Oscar Mayer.

To the tune of carnival music, Theresa Brenner stood in the 90-degree heat on a mid-July afternoon taking pictures of Ohio State fair visitors and giving out weenie whistles. The alternative would have been getting ready to attend law school in the fall, but Brenner had no regrets. For the recent Ohio State graduate, accepting a job driving the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was like joining the family business. Brenner graduated from OSU in June but couldn’t make it to graduation because she had to start training for her new job as one of 12 new Oscar Mayer Wienermobile drivers nationwide. As a member of the newest class of “hotdoggers,” Brenner was selected among 1,300 applicants for the position. When she heard that she had gotten the job earlier in the spring, the first person Brenner called was her older sister, an OSU graduate and former hotdogger herself. “I have heard from her and the people she was friends with while she has a hotdogger how great it is, a job where you travel,” Brenner said. “There’s a lot of responsibility, but all these positives that I heard from her and I just applied online.” Brenner’s older sister, Betsy Brenner, graduated from OSU in 2007 and was a member of the 20th class of hotdoggers.

Theresa Brenner is a member of the 25th class. Betsy Brenner has continued to work with Kraft, the parent company of Oscar Mayer, even after her term as a hotdogger ended and she was eager to share the news about her sister with her colleagues. She said she and her colleagues couldn’t recall many other instances where two siblings had been hotdoggers in the history of the program. “I think there’s only one other time when two siblings were both hotdoggers in 25 years,” Betsy Brenner said. Theresa Brenner said that, during her senior year, she was applying for law schools and seeking job opportunities when she decided to apply for the hotdogger job. When she got the job, she decided that law school would have to wait but wasn’t sure she was doing the best thing for her future. “My dad said he was proud,” Theresa Brenner said. “I said to (my parents), ‘Am I silly to turn down law school and take this opportunity?’ and they said, ‘No, Theresa, go for it.’” The hotdogger job is a yearlong position expected to end in June 2013, but Theresa Brenner said she hasn’t planned for what she will do after that. “I deferred admissions to three different law schools, so I’ll most likely take that up but still do networking and look at other cities that I love and other great opportunities along the way,” she said. “I’m not

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Semesters expand study abroad options

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Hannah Brokenshire Lantern reporter

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the Second Amendment, which states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” According to licensing data from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s website, there were 16,823 licenses issued in Ohio the first quarter of 2012, with 1,130 of them licensed in Franklin County alone. Since the law took effect in April 2004, a total of 296,588 licenses have been issued in Ohio according to 2011 data. In an email, OSU Police Chief Paul Denton stressed the police’s respect


OSU grad travels country in Wienermobile

Rapper G-Eazy is scheduled to perform at 10 p.m. Friday at Skully’s Music-Diner.

licenses for concealed weapons are estimated to be issued in Ohio by the end of 2012.

p.m. storms partly cloudy showers partly cloudy

Ohio State’s semester switch affected every OSU student — even those planning to be in school halfway around the world. “Being on a semester calendar is more similar to the calendar of the rest of the world,” said Grace Johnson, director of study abroad at OSU’s Office of International Affairs. “It’ll sync up nicely with institutions abroad.” Semesters also give more options to students who only want to go abroad for a month. Spring Semester ends in late April, giving students more opportunities to go abroad for a month in May. A new category within the 37 May session programs is the one-month Global May program, which is “specifically geared toward first and second-year students of any major who are interested in learning more about the culture and events of a particular country or region,” said Maureen Miller, director of communications for OIA.

During Global May sessions, students will receive three OSU credit hours while still focusing on the cultural attributes of a particular region. The countries include Brazil, Britain, China, Hungary, Mexico and Uganda. A Global Summer program will also be offered in India. “It’s still a good chunk of time to be abroad and learn about the history, society and culture, while still leaving time to come home and work before autumn,” Johnson said. Caitlin King, a recent OSU graduate, works at OIA and said she believes the Global May programs will be beneficial to students who want to experience a different culture. “The May programs are good for those who want to go away but maybe not for an entire semester,” King said, adding from her own experience that the programs are “very group oriented, if you’re not used to traveling on your own.” King traveled to Brazil last June with OSU’s Global Gateways program, now being offered as a part of Global May. Johnson agreed that May sessions provide a

“The May programs are good for those who want to go away but maybe not for an entire semester,”

Caitlin King recent Ohio State graduate “sound introduction” to study abroad for first- and second-year students if they have little experience traveling, but are also “great experiences for anyone who wants to get a taste of a certain region.” OSU students are taking note of the new programs offered. Bridgid Farrell, a second-year in speech and hearing science, said she knew after her first year she would be able to participate in a full semester program due to the switch. “Personally, I want to do a semester, stay for a

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campus College security alarm keeps watch after students leave home Rebecca Marrie Lantern reporter Trespassers beware, there is a new security alarm that will notify students of a break-in at home by a simple text message. Inventor and Ohio State graduate Brian Hess chose OSU as the place to introduce his wireless, portable alarm system called tattletale. For the past 14 years, the system has protected construction sites nationwide and will expand tattletale to college-age consumers. The portable alarm system is cellular and tamper-proof, with wireless sensors that will work out to 30 feet when disturbed, and a motion sensor will send a signal to a cellular tower. It comes with a keychain that, with the push of a button, can call police in six-tenths of a second. It boasts pet buttons, which allow re-entry without tripping the alarm, quiet buttons to silence the keypad and reduce chime volume and “hot buttons,” which are activated until the user turns it off. Up to five users can be added to the system’s contact list to receive text messages and emails from the system, which means that at first sign

Andrew Collins / for The Lantern

OSU Police say it is prepared to handle danger on campus in light of a shooter that was apprehended by police near campus Friday, and the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting that took place during a summer movie premiere.

Police ready for campus shooting

BrAndon Klein Lantern reporter A man kidnapped and shot his girlfriend before fleeing to the campus area in a stolen car Friday. The driver was followed by police, who apprehended him on the Olentangy Trail near the Lane Avenue bridge after he had attempted to drive his car into the nearby river. In an urban city like Columbus, violence and the use of firearms are not uncommon, and as a result, those in charge of keeping tens of thousands of Ohio State students safe everyday must prepare for the possibility of violent crime. OSU Police Capt. Eric Whiteside said the university has planned for dangers on campus, including shootings on and off campus in places

like the Gateway Film Center and the AMC Lennox Town Center Theater. “We do take active shooter situations very seriously,” Whiteside said. He said officers go through training to deal with active shooters at least once a year and are also trained to be “proactive” by working with other university departments such as the Office of Student Life. Dave Isaacs, spokesman for the Office of Student Life, said in an email it’s a university-wide effort. “(The) Department of Public Safety is the lead agency for on-campus incidents, with Ohio State University Police responding, and the Office of Student Life actively supports their policies and procedures,” he said in the email. “Our residence hall and other staff members receive training in proper response protocols.” Whiteside said the university pays attention to safety issues nationwide.

“We do review incidents around the country (to) see what can be applicable here at Ohio State and see what we can do to improve our operations,” Whiteside said. Those types of incidents include the Virginia Tech massacre in April 2007 where 32 people were killed. The incident was preceded by a shooting in April 1999 at Columbine High School in Colorado where 12 students and one teacher were shot to death. More than a month has passed since the theater shooting in Aurora, Colo., which resulted in 12 deaths and 58 wounded before the shooter was apprehended. Though the incident occurred more than 1,200 miles away from Ohio State, security officials said the Columbus campus is prepared for a similar situation.

of danger, users will be notified of the disturbance. To set the system up, a user must create a pin number, enter his or her phone number and email address and then run the key chain remote against the scanner. “What it really gets down to is that when you go to your place, you know that nobody’s been there while you’re gone,” Hess said. “And when you walk in, it’s safe. That’s a big deal.” Hess has a $299 student rate for the system, with an additional monthly cost of $12 for texting. Normally, the system costs $399 initially and $33 per month. Kristen Guzzo, a first-year in health professionals exploration, said she would consider splitting the cost of a Tattletale with her roommate for their dorm on campus. “When we close our dorm doors, we can lock them, but when we leave them open to walk around, it would be nice to know that our stuff is safe,” Guzzo said. However, Daniel Kieffer, a third-year in communication, said “$299 is expensive for college kids,” and that he wouldn’t consider buying the alarm system. “As long as you take precautions to lock doors and windows, you should be fine,” he said. Hess hopes the product will be carried at OSU’s WiredOut store and cellular stores around campus soon.

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universities,” Denton said in the email. Shaun Laubis, a fourth-year in logistics management, supported the prohibition of guns on campus until his friends were affected by criminal acts at the end of last year. Two months ago, Laubis bought a gun and took a 12-hour class that allowed him to get a concealed-carry permit. “If I was on campus and something happened, I would personally feel safer knowing that there are other people on campus who might have the opportunity to stop someone from doing something,” Laubis said. But those situations, Denton said, can make things more dangerous and complicated. “In the event of an active, hostile shooter, having other armed individuals on campus will only complicate an already confusing and difficult situation,” Denton said. “Responding officers will face added difficulty to readily identify friend or foe, an individual posing a threat from one who does not, placing themselves and the others they must protect at greater risk. “ For Buckeyes for Concealed Carry member Elizabeth Greenslade, this is her first year living

Oscar from 1A going to pigeonhole myself or get tunnel vision and not take advantage of the great opportunities that lie along the hot dog highways.” Theresa Brenner said that her favorite part of the job is getting to travel to new places and meet new people. In July, Theresa Brenner said she had already traveled to Long Island, Lansing, Mich., Scranton, Penn., Baltimore, and of course, Columbus, Ohio. “Everywhere I go, people are happy to see me,” she said. “No one ever says, ‘Man I wish you weren’t here today,’ or ‘You didn’t do this.’ Always bringing a smile to peoples faces.” The hardest part of the job? Parking the Wienermobile. “Being able to find three or so parking places can be challenging, but people are pretty understanding about it and give you some flexibility,” Theresa

Abroad from 1A

Sales Manager:

Concealed from 1A

longer period of time,” Farrell said. “(But) it is kind of cool for those who want to do a shorter period.” Farrell plans to study in Ireland to experience the culture. For Vignesh Gundesha, a third-year in industrial and systems engineering, the choice to study abroad came when he decided to leave India and attend OSU for his undergraduate degree. “I guess it was the prospect of studying in America, and absorbing a new culture,” Gundesha said, in regards to his decision to study abroad. Though he admits he had not previously considered studying in another country while attending OSU, the May sessions appealed to him. “It does sound interesting, and I would love to check out a new country,” Gundesha said. “It might be more for someone who hasn’t left their home to be able to have a new experience in a short time.” Though foreign-language programs are a popular


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Whiteside briefly touched on the mutual agreement between University Police and the Columbus Division of Police. “We have a very good working relationship with the Columbus Police and we do have agreements where we respond if requested,” he said. While the Gateway Film Center is OSU property, Whiteside said a response to an active shooting at the AMC Theater would be carried out differently since the area is not under campus jurisdiction. “If they ever call us, we will respond the same way: rapidly and quickly and if we ever (are) in a position to go into the movie theater to apprehend the person responsible, we’ll do that.” However, not all students feel that OSU is prepared for an active gun shooting. “I feel like there needs to be more visible security,” said Emily Medakovich, a third-year in anthropology and international studies. While she said she has seen University Police patrolling the Gateway Film Center, Medakovich said it’s not enough. “I definitely think they should focus more on

off campus. Although she has taken self-defense classes, Greenslade is not confident she can protect herself when walking home from campus at night. “It makes me feel uncomfortable to know that no one around me is armed, except for someone who has the intention of actually harming me,” said Greeenslade, a second-year in environmental science. Newbern is convinced that the majority of criminal acts on campus do not have to end with the actual use of the weapon. He thinks that sometimes it is enough to draw attention to its possession to scare off the criminal. “Gun control only affects the law-abiding citizens,” Newbern said. There are 43,000 people affiliated with Students of Concealed Carry, a national group that Buckeyes for Concealed Carry is affiliated with.

SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS Brenner said. “You are always able to drive a little slower and take a little bit longer to merge or park.” However, she said manning the Wienermobile gets easier with practice. “We get totally used to driving this,” Theresa Brenner said. “You just use all your mirrors. I don’t even have to check my blind spot.” Theresa Brenner spent her summer traveling the country in the Wienermobile. She stopped in cities along the way for fairs and appearances to give out free samples and let people take photos with the vehicle. She said grilling season is definitely the busiest time of the year, but the 25th class will continue to travel and make appearances throughout the winter months. Theresa Brenner said that, for her, the opportunity was a dream come true. “What other job gives you the chance to travel, learn professional skills and have a great time?” Theresa Brenner said. “It’s a really competitive position that makes you stand out.”

choice for study abroad, programs with instruction in English are also available, including the Global May sessions. The six Global May sessions and one summer session will be led by OSU faculty and have been designed specifically for OSU students. “We’re not anticipating other institutions participating yet,” Johnson said. “We want to get the programs robust and vibrant within themselves first before opening it up.” Though priority is given to first and second-year students, the programs are not barring participation from interested upperclassmen. There will be a study Abroad Expo held Thursday, Sep. 6 at William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. where students can get more information on program options. According to the OIA website, cost of these programs has yet to be determined, but is subsidized by the OIA.

criminals that have an intent on harming people,” Medakovich said. Abdul Kazeem, a second-year in management and industry exploring, disagrees. “I think they’re ready,” Kazeem said, adding that students need to be better educated on what to do if faced with a dangerous situation. But Whiteside said educating people on what to do in an active shooting might not be enough. “You never want to give definitive advice to someone in that situation,” Whiteside said. “You don’t know exactly what’s going to transpire and that’s going to be up to the individual person.” Whiteside said during an active shooting that any option such as to run, hide or fight could be the best one. Yet, Medakovich and Kazeem are both critical of the general advice. “In the wake of the shootings, they need to prepare the people for such occurrences and give them more strategies,” Medakovich said. “Every situation with a gunman is different.” Kazeem said he agreed that it is a “subjective decision” on whether to run, hide or fight but said he would personally rule out fighting. “You don’t want to escalate it,” Kazeem said. “It’s better than to gamble with your life.”

Smucker Co. donates $1M to OSU for food innovation projects Chelsea Spears Lantern reporter

Courtesy of Ohio State

Timothy Smucker (above) with the The J.M. Smucker Company has donated $1 million for scholarships and grants to the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Wednesday September 5, 2012

The College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at Ohio State got $1 million richer last week. Program director Suzanne Steel said CFAES announced on Aug. 30 that the J.M. Smucker Company will donate money to support three different areas within the college. Part of the donation will go toward funding the new J.M. Smucker Company Innovation Research Award Grant, which will provide undergraduates, graduates and faculty with grants for research in the CFAES realm of study, with preference given to food innovation projects. Funds will also be allocated to form part of the Pat and Bobby Moser Scholars Program, with preference given to students in food science and technology. Other companies are also expected to contribute to this fund for a scholarship honoring Bobby Moser, a recently retired dean of CFAES and former vice president of agricultural administration. He announced his retirement as of Sept. 2.

The Smucker donation also funded the creation of the Smucker Leaders Scholarship Fund for undergraduate students working toward a minor in leadership studies within the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education and Leadership. It is the first scholarship within the college that is designated for students working toward a particular minor. Each of the scholarship funds will total $250,000, while the research fund will total $500,000. Each year, 4.25 percent of the endowment will be available for scholarships. Timothy P. Smucker, chairman of the J.M. Smucker Company Board and member of OSU’s Board of Trustees, said he hopes the donation will create more opportunities for lifelong learning. “Our company has a special commitment to education because we feel strongly that lifelong learning is critical to the future and growth of our communities,” Smucker said. “Through these scholarship funds, we have the opportunity to help students further their education and to help support research that could lead to innovations within our industry.” The amount of money each scholarship and grant will provide to students and faculty remains undecided at this time.



Wednesday September 5, 2012

thelantern upcoming Thursday Women’s Soccer v. Missouri 7pm @ Columbus

Friday Women’s Volleyball v. Dayton 11am @ Bowling Green, Ky. Women’s Volleyball v. IUPUI 5pm @ Bowling Green, Ky. Men’s Soccer v. San Diego 7:30pm @ San Diego, Calif.

Saturday Football v. Central Florida 12pm @ Columbus Women’s Volleyball v. Western Kentucky 1:30pm @ Bowling Green, Ky.

SUnday, Sept. 9 Men’s Soccer v. San Diego State 1pm @ San Diego, Calif. Field Hockey v. Miami (Ohio) 1pm @ Columbus Women’s Soccer v. Duquesne 6pm @ Columbus

Monday, Sept. 10

‘Big Hank’ ready to sink teeth into UCF Andrew Holleran Photo editor Johnathan Hankins transformed his body this offseason to make himself a more versatile threat on the defensive line, but he didn’t have much of a chance to showcase his newfound flexibility last Saturday against Miami (Ohio). No one on the Buckeyes’ front four was really able to display his talents against the Redhawks, but this week’s matchup against Central Florida could be different. In OSU’s season opener, the Miami offense took the Buckeyes’ pass rush out of the game’s equation. Miami senior quarterback Zac Dysert got the ball out quickly, using a three-step drop and rolling out of the pocket on the plays when he didn’t fire a pass two seconds after receiving the snap. OSU’s defensive line wasn’t tested much in the run game either, with Miami totaling only 20 attempts on the ground for -1 yards. The Buckeyes had just two tackles for loss — a sack apiece from freshman defensive ends Noah Spence and Adolphus Washington — in Saturday afternoon’s contest. But defensive line coach Mike Vrabel said OSU’s defensive front wasn’t aggravated during the game. “I think when you get frustrated, you don’t play hard.” Vrabel said. “Our guys played hard.” You get a different answer if you ask Hankins, the 322-pound junior defensive tackle who lost about 20 pounds this offseason to become more of a threat rushing the passer and chasing down running backs. “It was pretty frustrating that they didn’t even run the ball as much as I thought,” Hankins said. “I had two tackles, and those two tackles, I made sure once I got there I would deliver a blow.” Frustrating or not, it was clear to the OSU players what Miami was trying to do Saturday. “They were getting (the ball) off pretty quick, but they schemed us very well,” said senior captain and defensive lineman John Simon. “The O-line protected them pretty well, and the quarterback had pretty good awareness getting rid of the ball whenever anyone got close.”

Men’s Golf: Marshall Invitational, Rounds 1&2 All day @ Huntington, W. Va.

OSU men’s soccer swats injury bug

Tuesday, Sept. 11

Kaily Cunningham Lantern reporter

Men’s Golf: Marshall Invitational, Round 3 All day @ Huntington, W. Va.

Top 25 College Football Poll

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

Alabama (1-0) USC (1-0) LSU (1-0) Oregon (1-0) Oklahoma (1-0) Florida State (1-0) Georgia (1-0) Arkansas (0-1) South Carolina (1-0) West Virginia (1-0) Michigan State (1-0) Clemson (1-0) Wisconsin (1-0) OHIO STATE (1-0) Virginia Tech (1-0) Nebraska (1-0) Texas (1-0) Oklahoma State (1-0) Michigan (0-1) TCU (0-0) Kansas State (1-0) Notre Dame (1-0) Louisville (1-0) Florida (1-0) Stanford (1-0)

Andrew Holleran / Photo editor

OSU junior defensive lineman Johnathan Hankins bursts through the line of scrimmage during the Buckeyes’ Sept. 1 game against Miami (Ohio) at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 56-10. It isn’t hard to see why Miami’s offensive strategy focused on making sure the Buckeyes’ defensive line didn’t blow up too many of their plays. Of all OSU’s units, the defensive line might be the most polished and talented. Simon was a preseason All-American, and many experts project Hankins to be a first-round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. There is hardly a drop-off in talent when considering senior nose tackle Garrett Goebel, one of the team’s five captains. The same can be said for senior defensive end Nathan Williams, who had five sacks and 12 tackles for loss in 2010. And don’t forget about Spence and Washington, two of the most heavily recruited players from the 2012 high school class. But against the Redhawks, those six players had just a combined 11 tackles. Against UCF Saturday, Hankins’ work, along with that of his teammates, could be on full display for fans to see. “I’m definitely more excited,” Hankins said of Saturday’s game against the Knights. “(The UCF)

offense showed that they like to run the ball, and (use) play action. So (their quarterback) is going to be in the pocket a bit longer, and have the ball a bit longer.” After watching tape from UCF’s first game against Akron, Vrabel said he thinks the defensive line should be more effective this week, too. “There’ll be times where we can rush the passer and play the run,” Vrabel said. “(UCF) showed at Akron the ability to run the football and wear Akron out and down. We’ll have to be prepared for that.” The Knights’ offense is the type of offense Hankins said he loves to play against: run-heavy with a quarterback that doesn’t move around too much. It’s tough to blame him for thinking that way, especially after all the calorie watching and conditioning drills he said he did over the summer. “I’m definitely going to be ready and sink my teeth into this game,” Hankins said. OSU’s game against UCF is scheduled to kick off at noon Saturday at Ohio Stadium. The game will be televised on ESPN2.

One-handed catch to rule them all OSU sophomore wide receiver Devin Smith hauls in a one-handed grab for a touchdown during the 2nd quarter of the Buckeyes’ Sept. 1 game against Miami (Ohio) at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 56-10.

The Ohio State Buckeyes men’s soccer team is on the verge of getting healthy — finally. OSU (1-2-1) has gotten contributions from players that have recently returned from injury and, with one notable exception, more players are expected to rejoin the team. Coach John Bluem, who will start working previously injured players back into the lineup, told The Lantern he is looking forward to having a healthy team back together. “We’re not completely injury free,” Bluem said. “We’re a little bit nicked up right now. Guys are returning from injuries, but it has slowed down our ability to have everybody fit and ready to contribute at times.” Bluem is especially concerned about senior defender Ben Killian, who fractured a bone in his foot. “Ben will probably red shirt this year,” Bluem said. “He broke his fifth metatarsal . That’s a tough injury to come back from. He might be able to rejoin us for practices in late October but his fitness will not be good enough to play.” Visit to read the rest of this story.

Andrew Holleran / Photo editor

Urban eruption: Meyer fires back at Orlando Sentinel reporter EVAN SPEYER Senior Lantern reporter Things got heated between Ohio State coach Urban Meyer and one reporter Tuesday afternoon during the Big Ten coaches teleconference. Meyer, who won his debut and the Buckeyes’ season-opener against Miami (Ohio), 56-10, on Saturday, discussed the team’s performance, its next opponent, Central Florida, and when it might expect injured running back Jordan Hall to return to action.

Andrew Holleran / Photo editor

OSU football coach Urban Meyer fields questions from members of the media Sept. 3 at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.

It’s not always sunny in the Sunshine State The teleconference got a little tense when Mike Bianchi, a sports columnist from the Orlando Sentinel, told Meyer that some Florida fans are still upset that he left Gainesville, Fla., for Columbus, and that those fans might be rooting for UCF this Saturday. Rather than brush the comment off, Meyer said Bianchi’s information was wrong. “Your facts are, not surprisingly, incorrect,” Meyer told the reporter. After the exchange, Bianchi tweeted from his Twiiter account,

@BianchiWrites, “Just asked #UrbanMeyer on teleconference about #Gators fan rooting against him Saturday against UCF and he got a bit snippy.” Meyer coached at Florida for six seasons before leaving the program in 2010, citing health issues. He worked as a college football commentator and analyst for ESPN the following year and was hired as OSU’s coach in November 2011. Meyer said he would always be a Gator. “I love Florida,” he said. “And I will always love Florida.” Formidable Knights After moving four spots up in the latest Associated Press college football poll, the No. 14 Buckeyes are scheduled to host UCF Saturday at noon in Ohio Stadium. The Knights won their opener against Akron, 56-14, last weekend and received four votes in this week’s AP poll. Meyer said the coaching staff is having some trouble simulating UCF’s game plan, as the footage from their first game will likely be different from what OSU sees this Saturday. Visit to read the rest of this article.


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Wednesday September 5, 2012



‘Excellent Adventure’ to take off in C-Bus


Lindsey Poole Lantern reporter

IPhone app calls for local music Check inside for an article about free iPhone app that streams local music from Columbus artists.

concerts wednesday

Take Johnny Cash mixed with Kayne West, throw it over the beat of a 1960s pop song, and you have the musical stylings of rapper G-Eazy. G-Eazy, whose real name is Gerald Earl Gillum, is scheduled to perform at 10 p.m. Friday at Skully’s Music-Diner, with the doors opening at 9:30 p.m. A native of Oakland, Calif., Gillum graduated from Loyola University New Orleans in 2011 where he majored in music industry studies. Gillum said it was an easy decision to pursue music as a career. “The idea of doing something creative and doing something I love is worth working hard,” Gillum said. “I can’t really imagine doing anything else for a career.” In 2010, Gillum was the opening act for rapper Drake at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles. He has also opened for Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg. Gillum’s speciality is mixing the sounds of different generations to show audiences that music from the past can be married with modern rap music. “The sounds are more similar than people think. The rhythms, melodies and flow are actually really similar,” Gillum said. “I’m really interested in the idea of mixing together two different styles and showing people that it can make a great sound.” Some Ohio State students said Gillum’s different

rap style is a nice change from mainstream rap songs played on the radio. “I’m not big on white rappers, but he’s good and I love that he uses old songs on his tracks,” said Michael Hardie, a fourth-year in strategic communication. “I know rappers have done it before, but I still think this is unique in its own right.” Gillum’s upcoming visit to Columbus has generated buzz at Skully’s, said John Vishak, production manager and house talent booker for Skully’s. “Ticket sales are doing well. We expect a nearcapacity crowd and people should expect a party,” Vishak said. Skully’s has a 600-person capacity, a manager said. Gillum is slated to perform with Hoodie Allen (real name Steven Markowitz), with whom he joined forces for their “Excellent Adventure Tour” after they were nominated for the Best Music on Campus Award at the 2009 mtvU Woodie Awards. “Hoodie is a good friend of mine,” Gillum said. “It’s always fun to be on the road with your friends. We both were nominated for the Woodie and after that we kept in touch and eventually decided on the tour.” Skully’s is scheduled to be the first stop on the “Excellent Adventure Tour,” and Gillum said he’s excited to start the tour in Columbus. “I’m looking forward to coming to play at Columbus,” Gillum said. “The whole thing is going to be exciting and I can’t wait to get the tour kicked off.” The show is for ages 18 and up and tickets are priced at $17 in advance or $20 at the door.

Courtesy of Gerald Earl Gillum

G-Eazy is scheduled to perform Sept. 7 at Skully’s Music-Diner with Hoodie Allen.

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan went the extra mile for film industry

Birds & Batteries 8 p.m. @ Kobo dJ Paulie Breakout, Gamma world, Giuda 9 p.m. @ Ace of Cups


Love and theft 7 p.m. @ Bluestone revolt revolt 7 p.m. @ Kobo the Alan evans trio 8 p.m. @ Woodland’s Tavern


city Lights 7 p.m. @ Newport Music Hall Hoodie Allen & G-eazy 9:30 p.m. @ Skully’s Music-Diner roger Hoover 10 p.m. @ Rumba Cafe

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Arts Columnist

August Burns red with of Mice and Men 7 p.m. @ Newport Music Hall

One of the best supporting actors in the film industry, Academy Award nominee Michael Clarke Duncan, died Monday. Duncan suffered a cardiac arrest in July from zach low which he never fully recovered. He was 54. Born in Chicago in 1957, Duncan briefly attended college in Mississippi at Alcorn State University, where he majored in communication and walked on to the basketball team, before dropping out and returning home. He worked as a bouncer and as a ditch digger for the Peoples Gas Company, where he often related to his co-workers his desire to be an actor. In 1990, Duncan moved to Los Angeles to pursue that dream. There he spent time as a bodyguard, before diving headfirst into small roles in feature films, typically and appropriately playing a bouncer or a bodyguard.

Courtesy of MCT

Academy Award nominated actor Michael Clarke Duncan died Sept. 3. Reportedly, the murder of rapper Notorious B.I.G,, whom Duncan had once been hired to protect, was the deciding factor in his career reassessment.

It was in 1998 that Duncan got his first break, playing Bear, one member of a crew of oil drillers tasked with stopping an asteroid from colliding with Earth in Michael Bay’s “Armageddon.” The Bruce Willis/Ben Affleck film grossed more than $550 million worldwide. Duncan set himself apart from an ensemble of recognizable character actors such as Steve Buscemi, William Fichtner and Peter Stormare with a warm, charismatic performance, adding comic relief to some of the more intense set-pieces. Duncan’s career-defining role came just a year after the success of “Armageddon.” Adapted from a serial novel by Stephen King, “The Green Mile” was written and directed by Frank Darabont (“The Shawshank Redemption”). The film tells the story of Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks), a death row corrections officer in 1930s Louisiana, and his time with the mysterious inmate John Coffey, played by Duncan. The role afforded the actor a chance to show a previously unseen dramatic range. His interactions not only with Hanks, but the actors playing the other inmates, as well as Patricia Clarkson as a cancerstricken woman, made for some of the film’s most emotional moments (indeed, though he saw it at a young age, this writer remembers there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience when the film reached its climax).

continued as ‘The Green Mile’ on 4B

Gateway Film Center to screen a lesson in ‘General Education’ hailey kim Lantern reporter More than twenty years ago, in his film “Hook,” director Steven Spielberg made a little kid from Ohio giggle and taught him that all children — even Peter Pan — grow up. That same kid grew up and chose to become a filmmaker, just like Spielberg. Tom Morris’ debut film “General Education” is scheduled to be screened 7 p.m. Friday at Gateway Film Center. The film was released in select theaters and made available on iTunes on Aug. 24. Morris was born and raised in Hubbard, Ohio. After graduating from high school, he moved to Ventura, Calif. to major in film and video production at Brooks Institute. He graduated in 2010 and founded Pelican House Productions, an independent motion picture production company, with his friends Elliot Feld, Jaz Kalkat and Kevin Liang. Morris said Pelican House Productions has a goal of entertaining people while also teaching them a lesson. “We try to blend real-life situations with comedy, leaving you a message,” Morris said. He added that goal was accomplished in the company’s first feature film, “General Education,” which was directed by Morris and co-written by Feld, Kalkat and Morris. “General Education” is a comedy in which high school senior Levi Collins tries to hide from his parents that he failed a course and didn’t graduate. Levi has a tennis scholarship awaiting him at the local university and tries to secretly attend summer school so he can graduate in time and go to college. We find out Levi’s dad is forcing him to play tennis, despite Levi’s dislike for the sport. Levi’s plan to secretly attend summer school is part of the film’s comedy, while the family conflict and decision between playing tennis and pursuing a general education teaches the lesson about learning to grow together as a family, according to the film’s website. “Obviously, there is something funny and gives you something to think about,” Morris said. “If you’re a younger audience member, you can take some time and think about your future or college stuff like that, and then an older audience can look back and think about their kids.” Morris said even though his real life is not as dramatic as the film, “General Eduction” mirrored his personal experience. “When I was little I was watching ‘Hook,’ thinking that making movies is the coolest thing ever,” Morris said. “But I really started thinking about it when I was in high school, and I told my parents that I wanted to go to California and dive straight into the film industry. My dad was a little bit hesitant, thinking that I should stick around and go to school somewhere in Ohio, but he said OK.” Morris said the four production company members combined their own personal experiences to help develop the plot of “General Education.” He said, for example, that the company incorporated tennis in the film because of Feld’s experience with the sport. “Elliot and his sister played tennis,” Morris said. “They were really good tennis

Courtesy of Jason Kasperski

‘General Education,’ featuring Larry Miller, Janeane Garofalo, Tom Morris and Chris Sheffield, is scheduled to be screened Sept. 7 at Gateway Film Center. players. But at the certain point in high school, (Levi) changed his mind and told his dad that he doesn’t want to play tennis.” Morris said that despite being physically tired from production, he enjoyed the whole movie-making process because he is doing what he wants to do. “It was like a bullet, so fast,” Morris said. “We had to shoot in such a quick period of time, only 18 days. We needed to wake up at 5 a.m. and go to bed around 1 a.m. everyday. But being on set was the most fun part.” Even though the schedule was tight, Morris said he was happy with the final result. “After I watched the first screening, I felt satisfied,” Morris said. “I felt like everything happened the way it should.” Morris is not the only one who is happy with his film. Some Ohio State students said they are also happy to see his first feature. Nicole Williams, a second-year in international studies, said she likes Pelican House Productions’ message. “Because comedy is something that appeals to a lot of people, building a lesson into their movies is an interesting way to teach (lessons) to the audience,” Williams said. “It’s interesting.” Morris said he hopes his movies can inspire his audience. “I hope people can see the movie and enjoy,” Morris said, adding, “Follow your dream.”


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Recently released free iPhone app offers easy access to cannon of local music artists Halie Williams Lantern reporter Finding local music established in your own city — no less from cities across the rest of the world — isn’t the simplest task. But now there’s an app for that. For musician and construction contractor Ryan Cox, it was a sad thought that he might never know what substantial music lives outside his own geographical area. So he created a free, Pandora-esque app solely for local music called The free iPhone app received more than 1,000 downloads in its first week. “Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, I’m sure it’s very similar there, where there are great musicians,� Cox said. “But I’ll never know because the only way you can access local music is if you go, either by cruising the Internet for hours trying to find something you like or going to the concerts every night. There’s no place for the music to come to you and that’s what I wanted to create.�, allows users to listen to music by genre, Cox said, and listeners are able to “rock fingers� up or down for songs they like or don’t like, similar to Pandora’s “thumbs up� or “thumbs down.� Bands seeking to get their music featured on the app can upload their music, biographies, photos, album art and upcoming concerts to the website. Any band from any city can upload its material to the website, Cox said, but a city’s music would not be made live to the public until 150 artists uploaded music under a specific city name. Columbus is’s only live city thus far. “We’re looking for a threshold of about 150 (artists) or so until we launch into a given market,� Cox said. “But anyone from any city can upload.� The second version or update to, which Cox said should be launched by the end of September along with an Android version, will allow listeners to tag artists and create playlists. The login on version two of the website for bands will result in a MySpace-style profile page with an embedded music player. The idea for emerged during “Columbus Startup

Weekend,� which was is a 54-hour event held in February that invited entrepreneurs such as product managers and developers to pitch ideas and develop teams to launch products, according to the event’s website. Cox was given 60 seconds to pitch his idea to advance to the semi-finals. He then assembled a team, came back the next day with a five-minute pitch and won “Top Product/Pitch� of the 80 original pitches. Cox, whose Columbus-based band Bullet Jones is featured on, said his exposure to the music scene has opened his eyes to the local talent around him and made him realize the importance of getting music heard by the public. “I believe that it’s important to the musicians because it allows them to reach potential fans that they never could have before,� Cox said. “I live in Columbus, I’m never going to look up bands in Chicago. I just don’t have the time or the patience to search every MySpace page of Chicago rock bands, but if I just toss it on Chicago rock on and go about my day, that’s a hell of a lot easier.� Chris Carle, manager and father of two members of Hollywood Red, a band featured on, said the band got involved with cannon. fm the first day it launched. “It’s great exposure for a young band like us that can’t necessarily get on (local rock radio station 99.7) ‘The Blitz’ all the time,� Carle said. “We get on Sunday nights for their local stuff but they’re not going to play us on their regular rotation. But something like, we’re in their rotation.� Emily Rhinier, a second-year in dietetics, agrees is good exposure for local bands. “I can see it being a good idea so they can get their name out or be heard by someone,� Rhinier said. As develops version two and grows to more locations, it’s eventual aim is to be the intermediary area or middle man that helps artists get to the next level, Cox said. “Whether it’s us brokering the deals between the artists and the traditional labels or we’re just an independent label that does it ourself, I think that is absolutely a natural course to take,� Cox said. “And as we continue to grow, we want to be the home for local music, the one-stop shop.�

Courtesy of Ryan Cox, a free iPhone app that plays local music, was launched June 22.

‘The Green Mile’ from 1B

Courtesy of MCT

Michael Clarke Duncan arrives at the 72nd Grammy Awards, held at the Shrine Auditorium in 2000, where he was nominated as Best Supporting Actor for his role as John Coffey in ‘The Green Mile.’

“The Green Mile� was well received by critics and audiences alike, grossing nearly $140 million domestically, but Duncan was the clear standout: for his performance, he won a Black Reel Award, a Broadcast Film Critics Association Award, a Saturn Award and was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award (one of the film’s four nominations), all for Best Supporting Actor. Duncan had an extensive and varied career following “The Green Mile.� He worked often and in many genres: action films (“The Scorpion King� and “Planet of the Apes�) and comic book and graphic novel adaptations (“Daredevil� and “Sin City�), in which he was often typecast as the mobster or bad guy, but managed to do something special each time out. He stole

scenes in comedies such as “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby,â€? and acted often in children’s films such as “Cats and Dogs,â€? “Brother Bearâ€? and “Racing Stripes,â€? lending his recognizable baritone to animated characters. News of Duncan’s death came as a shock both to fans and his friends in the film community. By all accounts, Duncan was a loving, passionate man, with a big heart and bigger laugh. Many entertainers took to the web, tweeting their love and memories of the man. Writing into film website Ain’t It Cool News, Darabont said, “I’m devastated at the loss of Michael Clarke Duncan, one of the finest people I’ve ever had the privilege to work with or know. Michael was the gentlest of souls ‌ The sadness I feel is inexpressible.â€? In a statement, Hanks concurred: “He was the treasure we all discovered on the set of ‘The Green Mile.’ He was magic.â€?




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'! '!.) 


Wednesday September 5, 2012


studentvoice Pattinson’s vampire career proves mortal campus Columnist

To a large portion of the American movie-going public, Robert Pattinson will always be known as Edward Cullen. Or, for those of us with only a passing matt kraus familiarity of the subject, “that guy from those ‘Twilight’ movies.” No matter what his future holds, no matter how much he tries to distance himself from this ubiquitous franchise, he will never be able to escape its shadow. Right or wrong, being associated with something as wildly divisive as the “Twilight” series is bound to earn anyone their fair share of detractors. However, if Pattinson’s recent career moves are any indication, he’s going to try as hard as he can to be seen as a serious actor. Even if that means alienating audiences along the way. This past weekend, David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis” finally opened in Columbus, and it’s a film that seems certain to scare die-hard “Twilight” fans right out of the theater. It is a slow, contemplative, strange and virtually plotless film in which

Courtesy of MCT

Director David Cronenberg, left, and actor Robert Pattinson, right, attend the Cosmopolis Germany premiere at Cinema International, in Berlin, Germany on May 31. Pattinson plays a wealthy asset manager who travels through the streets of New York City with only one goal: getting a haircut. There are several stops and interruptions along the way, but to explain them all here would take far too long and potentially diminish the viewing experience. All that needs to be known about the film is that it

Campus neighbors should tame rowdy party habits campus Columnist

Even though I was warned which neighborhoods tend to be loud and rambunctious, deep into my apartment search last year, I was so excited to Pam harasyn find a cheap apartment close to campus that I couldn’t resist. I’m a bit older than a typical undergraduate student, and not so big into the party scene, but I figured my ability to tune people out, partnered with my ability to sleep very soundly, would equal too good an opportunity. So yes, I was forewarned by current students and some very helpful assistants in the Off-Campus Student Services office. I was not, however, prepared for the onslaught of window-shaking, teeth-rattling, all-night rumbles of sound systems and booming voices every Wednesday through Sunday night. Still, I was able to ignore most of it, taking refuge under large headphones or joining get-togethers at friends’ houses farther off campus. I’m ridiculously easy to get along with and I wasn’t about to spoil anyone’s fun by calling the police or crossing the yard to instigate an argument with my neighbors. It was obnoxious but tolerable. I did, however, nearly lose my mind when my walls were shaking past 4 a.m. the Sunday night/ Monday morning before midterms this past Spring Quarter. That was the only time I’ve ever gone next door and let out a stern “REALLY?” on their front porch. Summer was pleasantly tranquil compared to

the ruckus of football and basketball seasons. Most students had gone home and I was taking classes and working at night. I knew the commotion was quickly approaching again, but I enjoyed the few months off, invested in new ear plugs and vowed to join the festivities more this year when I had the chance. That optimism came to a screeching halt the very first weekend of the semester. Move-in weekend was smooth and I met a few friendly faces new to the street. But the weekend after classes started was terrible. I worked overnight Friday and Saturday, so I was already disappointed that I couldn’t begin to act on my “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality. But when I returned home each morning, I had more and more reasons to stop wanting to be part of it. Cigarette burns on my patio furniture; broken glass all over my front steps; garbage, bottles and more broken glass all over the back lot where I park my car and even some painted, ahem, “genitalia” on the path to my front door. And as the universe’s way of rubbing salt into the wound, I walked inside my house to see my renewed lease sitting on top of a stack of papers I had left out. Oh, sweet irony. The neighbors I’ve shared passing “hello’s” with have seemed so mature and considerate — during the day. So, I’m really surprised that the severity of their rowdiness has been increasing. I am in my mid-20s (you don’t need a specific number), and I have already done the wild, breaking-out-of-your-parents’ grasps that I assume most of my 19- to 21-year-old neighbors are embracing. But you’re adults and parts of a community now, so grow up and stop wrecking my stuff. Have your fun but don’t be animals about it. So it is my plea, dear OSU community, that you remind yourselves and your partygoers to have some class, be neighborly, turn your music down after 2 a.m. or so, and stop making the people next door hope you get evicted.

Movie list gives behindthe-scenes entertainment campus Columnist

Throughout August, the British movie magazine “Sight & Sound” unveiled its list of the greatest movies of all time. This list is put together every 10 years and is the result of a matt kraus poll that includes 846 film critics or academics and 358 directors. This poll is not just the opinion of a single person, nor is it the result of rash decisions made by the public. In theory, this is as close to definitive as a list can get. It takes the pulse of the entire film landscape and reports the results. However, the actual list of best films is the least fascinating part of the entire process. The tops of the critics’ and directors’ lists are mostly made up of the usual, and thoroughly deserving, suspects. Movies like “Vertigo,” “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “Citizen Kane” topping the list is not necessarily news, though it is slightly interesting to see how the films move around. The real fun lies at the bottom of the list, where one can find the films that received only one vote. Some of the choices are interesting, to say the least. “Sight & Sound” has teamed up with the British Film Institute to place all of the individual lists on the Internet. This gives interested fans an opportunity to see how their favorite critics and filmmakers voted and to see just how crazy some people are. Yes, a film’s quality is entirely up to one’s opinion, but sometimes that opinion is just plain weird.


is quite clearly an attempt by Pattinson to run away from his past as quickly as possible. And potentially an attempt by Cronenberg to trick so-called Twi-hards into buying a ticket. If his Edward Cullen character is seen as the ultimate in pretty-boy love interests, “Cosmopolis” reveals a far more nefarious side of his image.

Over the course of the film’s 109 minutes, Pattinson commits a number of violent, adulterous and self-mutilating acts that will almost certainly make him appear far less desirable to his fan base. There isn’t a great deal of momentum to the proceedings, and it all leads up to a sudden, ambiguous ending that is sure to confound most. If this was Cronenberg’s intention, he certainly seems to be succeeding. According to the audience reaction poll on Rotten Tomatoes, “Cosmopolis” has pleased only 47 percent of those who have seen it. Anyone familiar with such polls will know that this number is shockingly low. Yet when considering a film like “Cosmopolis,” it’s hardly surprising, though this number might please Pattinson. The final installment in the “Twilight” series has yet to be released, but “Cosmopolis” was filmed after production on both parts of “Breaking Dawn” were completed. This makes Cronenberg’s film his first step into the abyss of a post-“Twilight” world, and it’s a bold one to be sure. “Cosmopolis” is not a perfect film, and at times it’s just a ridiculous one. But there’s no denying that this is a significant and telling career move for Pattinson. Instead of staying in the Hollywood system, he decided to star in a low-budget drama that seems destined to confound everyone who sees it. He might never completely break free of the “Twilight” chains, but “Cosmopolis” provides hope that he may still have a long, prosperous and fascinating career ahead of him.

International student fee to bring $1M to OSU Beginning this academic year, international students are required to pay $500 each semester toward an international student fee. This fee will generate about $1 million to OSU for the Fall Semester.

Of this



will fund improvements in academic and student life programs that are services to international students


will go toward finding studyabroad scholarships available to all students

source: reporting

20% will fund improvements in internationalinformation sharing


International fee too much jatin gupta For The Lantern

Last week, The Lantern published an article on the university’s decision to impose an extra $500 fee per semester for international students. From many perspectives, this seems like a completely unfriendly attitude of the university and directed more by greed than concern toward international students. These students are already facing exorbitantly high fees, roughly three times that of in-state tuition fees. It goes without saying that the cost of education has been on the steepest curve for any student attending college in the past decade. This has made attending college very hard even for domestic students, so it seems inconceivable to levy an extra fee on international students who are already paying astronomical amounts. This leads me to a logical question: Do international students have a lesser right to higher education to improve their living standards by being the first member of their family to go to college? The university justifies its act by stating that they used the international student fee charged at Purdue University as a benchmark to assess how much should be charged at OSU. In this regard, I would request the university officials to also consider the model followed by other, “better-” ranking universities. The University of Maryland at College Park,

for example, could serve as a benchmark where, after two consecutive years of enrollment, out-ofstate students, including international students, are eligible to pay in-state tuition fees. OSU’s chief financial officer, Geoff Chatas, was quoted in the article saying, “The number of international students has been increasing every year. When you add more and more international students you have to add resources for those students. There’s a cost to all that.” As an international student, my question to Mr. Chatas is, where does the money which international students pay, which is more than the in-state fees, go? Certainly there are no special facilities in the classroom for international students who sit in the same big classes as their fellow students. Moreover, many of these classes are taught by graduate teaching associates who are paid peanuts for their stipend. The article mentions no consultation between the university Senate and any of the international student organizations on this matter. In the absence of any organization to raise its voice against this corrupt practice, international students will be forced to bear the charges levied by the university. As aptly stated by one of the international students interviewed by The Lantern, “I think it’s unfair. I can’t do anything about it. I have to come here to study.”

Nowhere else can movie fans get such a revealing look at the tastes of high-profile movie figures. Without this poll, no one would ever know that Matthew Vaughn, director of “Kick-Ass” and “X-Men: First Class,” believes “Rocky III” is one of cinema’s greatest accomplishments. Other weird picks include “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” voted by critic Mark Sinker, “Showgirls,” chosen by filmmaker David Panos, and the 2007 Timothy Olyphant vehicle “Hitman,” a movie based on a series of action video games, selected by critic Slavoj Zizek. Listing the greatest movies of all time is a silly task, but the “Sight & Sound” poll is the best example of what an undertaking like this can be. Instead of simply focusing on the agreed-upon classics, it also acknowledges that some people like films that are off the beaten path. As ridiculous as choices like the aforementioned are, the idea that they wound up on the same list as “Citizen Kane” — no matter how far down they are — is something to celebrate. It’s great to live in a world where Ben Stiller’s “Zoolander” can get the same number of votes as Abbas Kiarostami’s critically-lauded drama “Certified Copy.” “Sight & Sound” has not just created a best-of list; it has created a state of cinema address that is a constantly evolving organism. When the magazine’s staff chose to tackle this massive undertaking every decade, they knew they were creating something that would grab the attention of the entire world. It’s tremendous fun to think about how the list will continue to evolve in the next several decades. Perhaps the same masterpieces will keep getting all the respect, or perhaps some new blood will start to creep in. And maybe Zizek is just waiting for the rest of the world to understand the true brilliance of “Hitman.”

Wednesday September 5, 2012

classifieds Unfurnished 2 Bedroom

Furnished Rentals

CARE PROVIDER(s) needed for 12 yr old developmentally disabled girl in Gahanna. We need one or more providers for weekdays from 3:30 to 6pm, great pay. 614-260-5131

Furnished 1 Bedroom

CLINTONVILLE/NORTH CAMPUS. Spacious townhouse with finished basement in quiet location just steps from bike path and bus lines. Off-street parking, 1 1/2 baths, W/D hook-up, AC, no pets. $720/month. 109 W. Duncan. 614-582-1672

Unfurnished 3 Bedroom

COLLEGE STUDENTS. Highly motivated people with good attitude needed for irrigation service industry. Full and Parttime. 457-6520. E-mail 3 BEDROOM WITH FINISHED BASEMENT. Clintonville/North Campus. Spacious townhouse overlooking river view, walkout patio from finished basement to backyard, low traffic, quiet area, off-street parking, 1 1/2 baths, W/D hook-up, AC, no pets. Steps to bike path and 2 BEDROOM recently bus lines. $820/month. 105 W. remodeled, A/C, gas water Duncan. 614-582-1672 heater, gas stove, laundry facilities, close to OSU campus, off street parking. Ideal for graduate students. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. $700/mo.Call 614-571-5107 AVAILABLE NOW 14th Ave. student group house. Kitchen, laundry, parking, average $280/mo. Paid utilities, 2968353 or 299-4521.

Furnished 2 Bedroom


Furnished 3 Bedroom

TENT SALE. OSU women’s tees $5. Women’s sweatpants and yoga pants $10.00. Children’s tees $5. Fri to Sun. Lane Avenue at the corner of High Street. Questions? Email us at

Unfurnished Rentals 60 BROADMEADOWS BLVD


RENTS LOWERED • 1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms

• 2 Full Baths In 2 & 3 Bedrooms • Intercom Ctrl Lobby • Garage Available • Elevator • Window Treatments INCL

FROM $420.00


FROM $505.00 885-9840

EFFICIENCY AVAILABLE $475 per month. No application Fee! Call Myers Real Estate 614-486-2933 or visit OSU AVAIL. NOW


SPECIAL $100 DEPOSIT 1 B.R. apts. stove, refrig., Gas heat, laundry Carpet and air cond. available NO PETS PLEASE $365 268-7232

Unfurnished 2 Bedroom

Help Wanted General ATTN: BACK to School Work! Local Company Hiring: 10 Minutes From Campus Customer Service & Sales Great Starting Pay Flexible PT Schedules Internship Credit Available for select majors Call 614-485-9443 for INFO or

Help Wanted General

Help Wanted General

Help Wanted General

EARN WEEKEND CASH! Family owned business is looking for help parking cars on home football Saturdays. $10 per hour. 3.5-4 hrs per Saturday. Call 614-286-8707

GROCERY STORE: Applications now being accepted for Full-time/Part-time employment. Produce Clerk, Cashier, Deli Clerk, Stock Clerk, and Service Counter. Afternoons, evenings. Starting pay $8.00/Hr. Enjoyable work atmosphere. Must be 18 years or over. Great personalities only! Apply in person Huffman’s Market, 2140 Tremont Center, Upper Arlington (2 blocks north of Lane Ave and Tremont). 4865336.

SEEKING 3-5 hours of household help in Dublin area home with laundry, general chores, special projects. Must be female, have car, non smoker, be personable, self directed, energetic, like children and pets. Flexible hours excellent pay. Call Mary Beth at 3540774 or

EASTSIDE PSYCHOLOGICAL OFFICE IS SEEKING A PART TIME RECEPTIONIST TO WORK 4-8 M-T-W-TH AND 2-6 FR EXPERIENCE PREFERRED BUT NOT REQUIRED. GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR COLLEGE STUDENT. THIS IS A PERMANENT POSTION, FAX TO CHARLENE AT 614-4759821 OR E-MAIL ENERGETIC PERSON Wanted. Downtown Deli. PartTime Morning and afternoon hours available, no nights and no weekends. Fast paced. Good customer service and dependability a must! Call Julie at 621-3333 between 10am-11am and after 2pm. ENTRY LEVEL Clerk position

VALETS Driven. Service oriented. A team player. Reliable. Professional. Friendly. Does this sound like you?


- Data Entry - Accounts Payable and Receivable - Outside communication with all corporate vendors - Responsible for all company wide utilities - Accounting analysis - Front desk administrative duties Accounting degree preferred Full time position with benefits We are a non smoking company EOE DFWP

ULTIMATE PART-TIME JOB $12 to $18 per hour. We are seeking: Talented Talkers, Positive attitudes, Reliable, Trustworthy, Hard working, and Success Minded. We are offering: Solid base pay, Bonuses & incentives, Rapid growth potential, Management opportunity, Flexible hours and Fun atmosphere. Larmco Windows 614367-7113 Ask For Alex.

Currently hiring FT/PT Valets for various shifts throughout Columbus. HELP WANTED! Be part of the next wave! There is a global volunteer movement with the goal of creating opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).We are currently looking to fill both volunteer positions as well as paid positions that entail hard work and fun. Part-time and full-time positions are available. College students or graduates preferred. Call Jackie at 614-296-0453

FAST PACED vet clinic looking for detail oriented team player w/customer service skills. Must be friendly, professional,& able to multi-task. Position is currently PT w/FT potential. Please apply in person at: 4041 Attucks Dr, Powell, OH INFERTILITY IS heartbreaking! We help dreams come ATTRACTIVE MODEL, for cre- 43065. true, and now you can be a ative nude/photos/videos. AudiEgg tion, no obligation, will train. FEED OUR HOPPERS. FEED part of that miracle! donors are needed. We pay YOUR POCKET! Pay totally open. Discretion as$5,000 to women ages 21-32 sured, female preferred. The Columbus Dispatch needs who donate their eggs to help to immediately fill openings in our patients become parents. (614)268-6944 production at our west side Interested in being a donor? printing facility. As a hopper Have questions? Call us to1-866-537-2461 x212 feeder, you will produce ad day! packages for insertion into the Women helping women. PriCAREER COLLEGE paper. Candidates should be vate and Confidential. Near Easton seeking positive, consistently available to work motivated, enthusiastic individu- various shifts 0-3 times per LAB TECHNICIAN als to contact prospective col- week. Day, evening and night Analyze environmenlege students to schedule col- shifts available. Weekly pay, tal samples for pollutants lege visits. Individuals must $11/hour. using EPA methods. Canhave previous telemarketing exdidate must be accuperience; $13.00 per hr., sea- This is a great op- rate and detail orientsonal part-time. No cold calls. portunity for people ed. Opportunity to learn 20 to 25 hours per week mini- who can work a flexible schedule. in a friendly environmum preferred. Hours are Mon- For more information and to apply, ment. Full Time/Part day through Thursday 2pm- visit Time. Email resume to: 9pm and Friday 2pm -6pm. In- careers. We are advan2@choiceoneterested candidates should call an Equal Employ-, fax to: (614) 416-6233 ext. 1. ment Opportunity (614)299-4002 or mail to: Employer. AALI, 1025 Concord Ave., Columbus, OH CHURCH SEEKS musician: GAIN WORK experience in the 43212. EOE disability field 2:30 to 8:00pm 2 3 days a week working with an individual with special needs. LABORATORY INTERNSHIP COLLECTIONS Must be dependable, live within available immediately. Please Growing Northwest Columbus 30 minutes of Powell Ohio and visit our website at Collection Agency seeking self- like dogs. Fingerprints, first aid motivated, enthusiastic, profes- and CPR needed upon hire. and click on the link of job postsional people to collect on: Stu- Training provided. For inter- ings/internships for more infordent Loan, Medical, or Tax Ac- views call 740-881-4325 be- mation. counts. Experience a plus, not tween 3:30 - 6:00. necessary. Hourly Pay + UNLIMITED Bonus. Paid Training; GREAT RESUME Builder to ORDERTAKERS/SALES Flex Schedule. Hiring for PT & work with an assult victim close REPS earn up to $25/hr. Work home/dorm. Call FT Positions. to OSU golf course. Physical, from occupational, and speech ther- 877.503.5798 Please send resume to pay will be involved in caring or for this young man. Must be STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM fax to 614-732-5019 physically fit and work out regu- Paid Survey Takers needed in larly. 7 am to 3 pm. Currently Columbus. 100% free to join. 4100 Horizons Dr. Cols, OH available at $17.80 per hour. Click on surveys. 43220 Need own transportation. Jean EOE Crum 538-8728

Help Wanted Child Care HIRING TEACHERS to work with infants and for our latchkey program. Monday through Friday. No nights, weekends, or Holidays. Must be 18, have high school diploma or GED to apply. Reliable transportation and good attendance/on-time record. Apply at- Arlington Childrens Center, 1033 Old Henderson Road, Cols, 43220.

PART-TIME teacher needed to work Monday through Friday from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. with Pre-Kindergarten aged children at Fundamentals Learning Center. Send resume to Tammy at Join a team of dedicated teachers. Fun-damentals has provided excellent care for over 30 years to families in the Grandview, Upper Arlington, and OSU campus area. Apply today.

Help Wanted Child Care CARE AFTER School Worthington NOW HIRING Recreation Leaders M-F 2-6. $9.50/hr. Gain great experience working with Elementary students. Interviewing now, begin immediately. Please download application at www.careafterschool. com and Call 4312266 ext.222 for interview.

SEEKING AN experienced, loving, responsible and energetic in-home full-time nanny for our 7 month old son. Begins September 10th with some hours sooner. Hours could be flexible as my mom would love to share some child care duties. Must have childcare and newborn experience and early childhood education is ideal. CPR and First Aid certification required. Exceptional references and a clean background check. Non-smoker and have a safe, reliable car.

CARE PROVIDERS and ABA Therapists are wanted to work with children/young adults with disabilities in a family home setting. Extensive training is provided. This job is meaningful, allows you to learn intensively and can accommodate your class schedule. Those in all related fields, with ABA interest, or who have a heart for these missions please apply. Competitive wages and benefits. If interested please apply at

WESTERVILLE CHILDCARE CENTER SUTQ seeks highly motivated pt lead school-age teacher AM/PM. Also pt subs and afternoon preschool.Send resume to EOE

Help Wanted Medical/Dental COLLEGE NANNIES + Tutors is now hiring for after school nannies throughout Greater Columbus. Check out our website at powelloh to view all openings and apply online. Questions? Call 614-761-3060. DUBLIN FAMILY needs ABA provider for 14 yr old son. Experience preferred but not necessary. Wonderful opportunity to work with a great teen and his family. Direct consults provided by Children’s Hospital. Please call 614-216-9531. FULLTIME TODDLER Teacher needed to work at a 1st quality daycare center. Join a team of dedicated teachers that have provided excellent care for over 30 years to families in the Grandview, Upper Arlington, & OSU area. Send resume to Tammy at


Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service

For Sale Real Estate

MOZART’S BAKERY AND VIENNA ICE CAFE - Looking for parttime/full-time reliable counter help, server help, kitchen help. High Street location, a mile north of campus. Email resume to JOB OPENING: Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Aide. Hours: part time, 12 hours per week - Mon., Tues., & Thurs. from 3:30pm - 7:30pm. $11.00-$13.50/hr.Email if interested. Visit our website at to learn more about the company & position.

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service BONJOUR OSU! The family La Chatelaine French Bistros are looking for great, enthusiastic A.M. counter help, knowledgable servers & assistant restaurant managers. Must have restaurant experience and be very outgoing. Our Upper Arlington and our Worthington locations only. Part-time or full time positions available. Please contact 614.488.1911 or visit for more information. Merci!

NOW HIRING experienced servers, hosts, cooks, and dishwashers at Bravo Crosswoods. Day and weekend availability is required. Please apply in person at 7470 Vantage Dr. Columbus. SERVING POSITIONS available at Figlio, a casual, upscale gourmet pizza and pasta restaurant close to campus with locations in Grandview and Arlington. Meet new friends while working with our fun, attractive staff. Part time. Flexible schedule. WILL TRAIN the right person. (Also hiring buspersons and cooks.) Apply in person at 1369 Grandview Ave. or 3712 Riverside Dr.

Help Wanted Sales/Marketing

BUSY OPTOMETRIC offices at Polaris and Lane Avenue need PT help. Duties include pretesting patients and front office work. Will train. Applicant must be professional, hardworking and friendly. Must be willing to work Saturdays 9:15am-6pm and Sundays 12-4pm. Average 17-20 hrs per week. Email

GREAT RESUME Builder to work with an assult victim close to OSU golf course. Physical, occupational, and speech therpay will be involved in caring for this young man. Must be physically fit and work out regularly. 7 am to 3 pm. Currently available at $17.80 per hour. Need own transportation. Jean Crum 538-8728

JEFFERSON COUNTRY CLUB DR & BQT Positions Available Competitive Pay & Flexible Scheduling. FT & PT positions available. 20 minutes from Campus. 7271 Jefferson Meadows Drive Blacklick, OH 7597500 or email resume to lwatson@jeffersoncountryclub. com

POSSIBLE LEASE or lease to own. All brick end unit in very quiet neighborhood. Newer kitchen with granite counters and cabinets. 2 Bedroom, 1.5 baths, new hardwood flooring on 1st floor, custom made translucent, pricey, shades on all windows and patio door. Large enclosed patio with wonderful, perennial plantings. Great pool and party house. $99,500-- Karie Rittenour RE/MAX Achievers (614) 484-9400 X203-

Automotive Services

TOM & Jerry’s - a Full Service EARN MONEY on commission Auto Repair Shop. 1701 Kenny sales! is looking Rd. 488-8507. Or visit: for a campus sales representa- tive. Send resume to for more information.

ENTRY LEVEL POSITIONS Great for Students FT/PT Sales & Marketing Openings CANTINA, PATIO, Social, Sa- $400-$800+/paid weekly loon, & Long Street are now hir- No. Exp. Necessary ing! Positions available in- CALL 614-889-7367 clude: bartenders, servers, shot girls, beer tub, security, & promoters. Please email with your RED BULL Part Time resume & link to facebook Assistant Interested in learning the page. beverage industry? Why not FIGLIO, AN upscale but casual get your foot in the door with gourmet pizza/pasta restau- the #1 Selling Energy Drink in rant, is looking for a few bright the world. Looking for a Part and energetic people to work Time Assistant who would be with our sharp, upbeat staff in working with top Columbus either of our 2 locations close bars in achieving specific to campus. These are part-time goals. Hours will vary from positions with great flexibility. 12-15 hrs/week, & you make Will train the right people for your own schedule. $13.00/hr hosting, bussing, serving or plus additional perks. If cooking. Apply in person at ei- interested, email: ther 1369 Grandview Avenue or 3712 Riverside Drive. This will be the best job experience Or leave a voicemail at (614) have ever had! We are nice 205-1217 people.

HOOTERS NOW ACCEPTING APPS! Hooters of Columbus is now accepting applications for Hooters Girls, Hooters Girls at the Door, Hooters Girls Behind the Bar & Cooks. So if youâre hard working with a great attitude and looking for a chance to make great money, then apply in person at Hooters of Hilliard â 5225 Nike Station Way (614) 8507078 Check us out on Facebook and !

LASSIFIEDS ARLINGTON AREA beautiful, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, garden apartment, hardwood floors, private parking, extremely quiet, No smoking/pets. $695 614451-3873

Help Wanted Medical/Dental

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Resumé Services

SATURDAYS. SUNDAYS. While you wait. Executive resumes. Military. Aviation. Theatrical. Nursing. Engineering. Biographies. Memoirs. Autobiographies. Business histories. Family histories. Personal statements. Wrapping Christmas gifts. Sewing buttons. Typing. Copies. Dictation. Secretarial. Filing. Organizing. Mailing projects. Also typing: Theses. Dissertations. Books. Manuscripts. Forms. Applications. Pricing negotiable. Cash only. 614-440-7416.

Tutoring Services A MATH tutor. All levels. Also Physics, Statistics and Business College Math. Teaching/tutoring since 1965. Checks okay. Call anytime, Clark 2940607. IPAD VIDEO Lessons...The fast and easy way to learn your iPad. http://www.helpmelearnmyipad. com

TENT SALE. OSU hats, tee shirts, sweat shirts and more. Hats $ 7. Short sleeved tees $7. Women’s and children’s tees $5. Fri to Sun. Lane Avenue at the corner of High Street. Questions? Email us DISCOVER at buckeyelogowear@gmail.“101 Things You Didn’t Know com. About Columbus” ($9.95 at

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PAYING TOO much for wireless service? Get unlimited voice, text and data for $59.99 monthly. No contracts. No credit check. No deposit. Earn FREE service by referring others.


Real Estate Advertisements- Equal Housing Opportunity The Federal Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.” State law may also forbid discrimination based on these factors and others. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development at 800-669-9777.

Call 292-2031 to place your ad or do it online at – Terms of service available at Unfurnished 4 1 Bedroom


Help Wanted General

Crossword Los Angeles Times, Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

Large in room. Northudes wainternet ses avail91-5001.

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ONE AND a half bedroom #1 option for 4located bedroom condo for rent at homes for Fall 2012!OffVisit Northampton Village of Bethel Rd. on Slade Ave. Rent more info! Addresses inisfor$675.00 a month. Includes clude 11, 2140 gas and 136 water.EMinimum of 8 Waldeck and more! months lease. 614-446-6036.

HoUse For rent Hardwood completely updated, RTMENT. floors, 1-2 bed- W/D, stainless steel kitchen apE. 17th pliances. Walking distance to Gardens. et, laun- campus. $1200. Renter pays condos. Immedi- Utilities. 614-402-0496. frigerator $400.00i-fi. Sep- BEAUTIFUL HIGH - Rise ious LR. Condo for rent in Grandview value in Ohio. Close to OSU campus ent area. and and downtown. 2 BR 1 Bath ad with beautiful view of ColumBDRM/1 bus and surrounding areas. ree. pliances, High Floor location. AmmeniEE Inter- ties include swimming pool, 6 BR AFFORDABLE spau outdoor #1 gym, and event room. and private updated large BR columborhood, cious Askingon$1,850.00 per month House campus. Gas ding, off- furnished,Central or $1,650.00 per heat, A/C, off-street parking, ck from month unfurnished. Rent per W/D hookups, 5/month dishwasher, month fireplaces, includes all utilities, $435. 614deposit decks, electric, gas, www.osupropertyand water. Pets 294-7067. 722. and underground parking tra per month. Looking to rent out by Jan. 1st, 2012. 8, 10 BR #1 option for large houses ous and for groups of 5-9! apts on 8, 10 BR Check out 226 E 16th, 202 E ral ACROSS camous and Frambes and more! off-street 1 Home to the Ibsen Museum apts on ,ral camW/D 5 Online auction payment, say replaces, off-street at 3BDRM HOME $650, 29 min. ,ting 10 W/D Animation 7. www.via Cota 2 OSU replaces, oors, garage, lg 14 Parthardwood of a Clueflguess ting at yard, *Please call Allison 4 7. www.15 Salsa holder showing @614.332.9320 dead qUiet near medical s BLvd complex. Safe. Excellent, low 16 Political pal 72 W. Blake Ave. OSU Area. noise/crime neighborhood, S BLVD 17 *Saw 1/2 double, 3 BRtenants. Hi-efficiency quiet serious Regas furnace, central hardsearch-oriented. OSUair,across 19 1997 Peter Fonda role rugs wood fl oors, area inthe street. $450/month, no utiliRED cluded, off-st. parking. No pets. ties. 614-805-4448. 20 Like some stadiums $1,000/mo. 1yr. lease. Day: RED Bed-21 Drove (on) Evening: 261-0853 221-6327

Unfurnished 2 Bedroom Unfurnished 5+ Bedroom



Unfurnished 3 Bedroom Rooms

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Units Units bedroom bedroom available. available. l Myers l2933 Myers or 2933 or om om Large Large in North. Northudes waudes wainternet internet ses availses avail91-5001. 91-5001. W

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Help Wanted Rooms General UTILITIES, furnished rooms,

Roommate Wanted Female

GRANDVIEW: 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom condo for rent. Recently updated, great location. On the bus line. FemaLe stUdent wanted to Washer/dryer share gorgeous 6 included. bedroom $1600/month. Call 614-527house on 19th. Rent is 7909. $440/mo. +1/6th utilities. Available now. Contact Kelsey 440667-4078.

Unfurnished 4 Bedroom

roommate wanted to share gorgeous 6 bedroom house on Frambes. Rent is $380/month + 1/6 utilities. Available contact Dana #1 now. 4 BRPlease AFFORDABLE spa740-310-3977. cious and updated, large 4BR apts on North, South and Central campus. Gas heat, A/C, offstreet parking, dishwasher, W/D hookups, decks, fireplaces, Jacuzzi tubs. Starting at $400/ea. 614-294-7067. gaY maLe with 2-bedroom com to share, 15 min. drive to OSU. Nice quiet safe residential area. Quiet clean #1 OPTION for 4 bedroom house with washer/dryer, and homes for Fall Visit stove/refrigerator. 2012!Friendly quiet roomate (owner). for more info! Addresses in$300/month (+$200.00 security clude 136 E 11, 2140 deposit). Rich43209@yahoo.Waldeck and more! com

Roommate Wanted Male

Wednesday OSIT

September 5, 2012

0 flexible lease periods, super convenient location, 38 E. 17th Ave. Laundry, off-street parking, $200-$400/month. 296CUstomer serviCe Repre6304. sentative Local beverage distributor has DEAD QUIET near an opening for part timemedical help in complex. Safe.Service Excellent, low its Customer Departnoise/crime ment. Available neighborhood, hours are quiet serious tenants. Reweekday afternoons and Satursearch-oriented. across days. Candidates OSU must be dethe street. $450/month, no utilipendable with great communities. 614-805-4448. cation skills. 15-20 hours per week. Apply online at EOE-M/F/V/D

Roommate Wanted Female

FEMALE STUDENT wanted to share gorgeous 6 bedroom house $1,000‑$3,200 on 19th. Rent is earn a month $440/mo. +1/6th utilities. to drive our new cars withAvailads. able now. Contact Kelsey 667-4078. ROOMMATE WANTED to share gorgeous 6 bedroom house on Frambes. Rent is $380/month + 1/6 utilities. AvailFrankLin internationaL able now. Please contact Dana is a mid-size manufacturer of 740-310-3977. adhesives and sealants located in South Columbus. We have Part-Time Production positions available on all shifts. Duties include packaging, forklift driving, drumming/pumping product, and more. High School 22 *Head GAY MALE Diploma or with GED 2-bedroom required. house to share, 15 min. drive Must meet bakground check, 26 Like prison windows to OSU. Nice quiet residrug screen, and safe physical 30 Doesn’t dential area.mention Quiet exam requirements and beclean willhouse with washer/dryer, ing to work in a dirty, dusty and en31 Toe the line stove/refrigerator. Friendly vironment. Pay is $10/hr, up to quiet roomate (owner). 32 hours Peachper pitweek. 29 $300/month (+$200.00 security 33 Close, a windbreaker deposit). Rich43209@yahoo.Please printas out an application com from www.franklininternational.36 *Come com or stop by to obtain an ap40 Glamour plication, M –VIPs F, 6:30 AM – 6:30 PM 41 Denmark’s __ Islands Franklin International 2020 Bruck Street 42 Suffi x with tip or trick 200 E. 15th Ave. 4 Bedroom Columbus, 43207 Apartment, OH 1 1/2 bath, carpet. 43 Erin of “Happy Days” For directions, please call 614Rent $300-325/month. 614-759445-1458. 9952 or 614-935-7165.

Roommate Wanted Male

Roommate Wanted

Help Wanted paidGeneral To Write! Earn

get Up to $300 A Day. No Experience Necessary. ###! PART-Time Call Center Position, 5 Minutes from campus along #2 bus line. Part time afternoons & evenings. Call 614-495-1407, Contact HoUseCLeaning Helen. PT = $10.00/Hr + gas reimb. FT = Same + mo. Bonus = ##BARTENDERING! UP To $12+/Hr $300/ Day. No Experience NecNo weekends. essary. Training available. 800614.760.0911 965-6520 ext 124. ATTENTION STUDENTS Excellent pay, flexible schedules, customer sales/service, conditions, apply, all ages 17+, HoUsekeeping. wor‑ Call Now! 614-485-9443 or ontHington area family seeks line student for housekeeping, ironCALLING ARTISTS! ing, and garden work approx. 8Looking for artists to draw 12hrs/week. Flexible hours to basic white, simple meet black your and school schedule. and complex Work Usually 2 half images. days. should from home. experience. Flexible hours. have some NonPaid perhome. image. smoking Must877-HOYShave own TOYS transportation. $12/hr. Please phone (614)371-6572 or email

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Help Wanted Medical/Dental

Help Wanted Child Care

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Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service

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Sudoku by The Mepham Group ©2012

CUSTOMER SERVICE Open- PART-TIME position downtown mUsiC teaCHers needed ingsin at Center closePascal to for organized, detail-oriented saLes and marketing P/T stUdents’ Homes! 44Call Mathematician 25 Math ratio Campus, P/T positions w. flexi- student. Mornings Monday positions for students looking LEGAL CAREERS ble Set scheduling, Competitive thru Friday. 26 Hint 46your *Board things Up of to 12 to to come gain Sales and Marketing exown schedule. Kochalski LLC pay, free downtown parking, ad- hours/week. Able to lift 10 lbs. Manley perience.Deas Position includes marContinuing education 49 Decree yet stirring servicing vancement opportunities. Appli- and to push27aNot heavy cart. represents keting CMSmortgage services to potenprovided. companies in residential cants 50 must have soother basic Send resume availability tial leads and customer serCompetitive pay. com- start Tummy 28and Game callers working NEXT foreclosure actions. include inputer skills, to: Responsibilities Lendingprofessionalism, library. WEEK! College Nannies & Tu- vice. 55 One in a four-part harmony 29 Caraway-seeded bread, good work history and wknd and outside sales with poWork for a Company with tors is currently hiring for sev- Ifside you for have what it takes to availability. integrity! Please apply @ eral tential development and deafter school nanny posi- work PRINTROOM, INC. Seeking 56 *Do often in a marketing dynamic, fast paced material. tions. include Upper environment,come qualifiedLocations candidates in Columto our open careers Please apply at www.continen59 Gubernatorial turndown 32 “Fan Comic Silverman interviewing now! Arlington, Powell, bus to workWesterville, as Photograhouse to learn more about the CUSTOMER SERVICE and Start following pher” Center PT at33 football full-time (day shift) 60 Cassette halfRepre- Lewis Tubular pasta sentative(614) 847-1212 times vary from 2:30 pm to 4:Amazing place to work. Oppor- and part-time (evening shift) Local beverage has the 61 Prefix distributor missing from 34 Urban 00 pmtoand end addition around tunity getusually into sports events opportunities that may be an opening for part time help in 6:00 pm. Apply online at www.and marketing. be open, available: starred Service clues Depart- 35 Must Ceremonial pile its Customer outgoing, self-motivated, and ment. 62 Available hours are reliable. Sales and photo expe-to Legal Composer Satie 37 In progress, Sherlock Assistants weekday afternoons and Satur- rience a plus. Must be avail- Paralegals part‑time; On the 63 __ office. once in3-4abusline. while Causing days. Candidates must be de- able for all of 38 home games.puckers De- Title Preparers Professional mornpendable with great tails will be emailed qualified. Legal Assistant ings per week. Detailcommunioriented Like Broadway’s Yankee 39 Fed.if benefi ts agency cation 64 skills. per Apply at Interns person good 15-20 with hours numbers. week. resume Apply online at www.suor N. with your re-highest peak Zealand’s Send & availability to fo/jobs.asp? 43 intern sume to: Osutruefans@print- Hr CAREER 44 “Deepatpenetrating pain FAIR EOE-M/F/V/D HoUrs FLeXiBLe very Wednesday, October 26th DOWN Nifco America, a plastic injecpleasant medical office in Worrelief” brand 3:00p.m. to 7:00p.m. ELECTION WORK/CANVASS- SMALL COMPANY over 50 tion molding company, located Filing, needs faxing,F/Tand 1 InexactElection words Day, thington. ING through years in business orpenalty 45 Subject to a fee, in Canal Winchester, OH is office duties. This is an excellent opportunity November 8th. Must be avail- other P/T worker. We No will experiwork looking 2 Gazpacho, e.g. an HR law Intern. 4-10 hours a to join aforgrowing firm. This We able Election Day until ence printroom, inC. 8am Seeking aroundnecessary. your maybe schedule. We do internship will initially us uproofi at ng & light paid offer a comprehensive benefibe ts polls close. Help busi- week. qualified candidates in Colum3 Easy run Ohio gutters,Look siding, part time and might be full time 46 Thumb package, including paid time nesses get asliquor licenses. bus to work “Fan Photograrepair work. Good drivers twiddler in the future. The HR Intern 4 Hint of things to come $8/hr +PT 50 cents/mile. pher” at football Election games. 614-781-1749. license a must. ng off,disability insurance & 401(k). 47Nelson CaponeRoofi henchman Day $100 + mileage + $50/100 Amazing place to work. Oppor- 4636 Indianola. (614) 262-9700. will work directly with the HR 5 Begrudged department hourly forward recruitTo register, onplease 48 More wise win bonus. tunity to get into www.whyisee.sports events HR administrative tasks your resume to openhouse6 Meaningful pile of or stones com. marketing. Call Charles 447-9992 WAREHOUSE HELP, 315 ment, and Must be open, 49 Roof overhang and special projects. To be Further (Linworth), outgoing, self-motivated, and and 161 area you must be pursu7 Sales Bldg. and coolers tion will follow. Manley Deas week, reliable. photo expe- about 20 hours ENTERTAINER/TEACHER. 51per 2007 A.L. MVPconsidered, ing a HRLLC bachelor’s degree Kochalski is an Equal Oprience plus.Play Must be Music avail- M-F, flexible hours between GYMBOREE 8a “Steady asand __ goes” and currently a sophomore or 52 Vena __ portunity Employer. able all of home enthusiastic games. De- 8:00-5:00. E-mail contact seeksfor energetic, higher status, a GPA above aBsoLUte Care, a Develop9 Mason’s tray information to tails will be emailed if qualified. people for part-time work. Must 53 Gossip column couple 2.5, ability to hold confidential Disabilities (DD) supgraphicservices@proforma.Apply at be able sing unaccompanied’s rewardsre- mental provides in information, com living agency, fo/jobs.asp? or with your 54 “Coming Home” actor excellent communiand lead interactive paren- port home support to many individu- cations, and diverse computer sume to: Osutruefans@print11 “Any volunteers?” t/child play or music/art classesreply skills 56Franklin Language suffix and highly organized. throughout WRITER NEEDS toCounty. Hire for newborns to 5 year olds. als Sails force? are currently accepting apJapanese Translator ASAP We are12 looking for people with We 57 Letters for Louis Quatorze Interested should for part time and full Call (614)276-3881 For Details. MEDICAL candidates ATTENDANT some 13 teaching background or plications Scrutinized email a in resume a time Direct Care Professionals 58 Lemony quencher needed home.along Part with time, those majoring in ECE, Thetranscript to and House Managers. We mornings and evenings. 18 Award twoWill stars to, say atre, Music or Art. train. for strive to bring the highest level smaLL CompanY over 50 Excellent experience for MUST 21 BEGlyceride, RELIABLE.forIf one interconsideration. years business F/T or ested, insend yourneeds resume or of quality of professional care pre-allied med students. P/T worker. We a will work to our clients in the industry. 614-421-2183 23 Improper qualifications in Microsoft around We do Please visit our website at Word or your PDF schedule. to columbus.BABYSITTERS NEEDED. for more 24siding, Startfileof a parliamentary gutters, roofing & light To Must be caring, have aboutreliable, our services repair Good learn work. more aboutdrivers GPM go to information proposal great references and own transand job requirements. To aplicense a must. Nelson Roofing portation. your schedule. pleasePick submit your resume 4636 Indianola. (614) 262-9700. ply, Apply to nationaL aFFordaBLe FEMALES PREFERRED for BEFORE/AFTER SCHOOL Housing Trust, has a part-time ongoing medical fanta- mediCaL attendant Teachers Powell/Lewis Center, accounting opportunity at their sy/fetish photo & video work needed BONJOUR in home. Part time, location.OSU! Ideal for a HS Diploma & be at least 18 Columbus with an established pro- mornings La Chatelaine Bakery andChild evenings. collegeFrench student who years old. supervision, current ducer. Good pay & easy Excellent & Bistros are looking for in experience for leading group activities, helping would like to gain experience work. Must be ht/wt propor- pre-allied enthusiastic, charming and med students. the field or a recent college with homework and other tionate. Reply to: Dispatch is 614-421-2183 hardworking tHe CoLUmBUs graduate lookingladies for and flexible similar duties. Email gentlemens thatDuties love toinclude work accepting resumes for vari- part-time work. in a established family own able part-time Hopper Feeder Free membership with employ- financial statement preparation HOUSECLEANING restaurant & bakery. Our positions. Hopper Feeders ment! and review, accounts payable, PT + gas reimb. to three locationsasin well as use= $10.00/Hr a production machine bank reconciliations FT = Same + mo. Bonus Upper Arlington, Worthington produce ad packages for in-= CARE PROVIDERS and ABA additional responsibilities in a $12+/Hr Therapists are waned to work andbut Dublin, needand weekday sertion into the newspaper. busy casual friendly No weekends. personnel, Candidates should be consis- with children/young adults with work morning environment. Candidate 614.760.0911 servers tently available to work day disabilities in a family home set- must charismatic be proficient in &Excel; experienced night prepiscooks. shifts, be able to lift up to fifty ting or supported living setting. Peachtree experience a plus. adriatiCo’s pizza Extensive training is isprovided. Restaurant experience highly pounds, and have the physiI/T AND PROGRAMMING P/T looking letter and resume applicants This jobfor is qualified meaningful, allows Email cover recommended. cal ability to stand for long pepositions for students with to fill part-time shifts and to you to learn server intensively Please visit our website riods of time. knowledge of Candidates computer with pro- immediately. is a non-profit affordable Daytimeyour class NAHT can accommodate a flexible schedule areand encourgramming, hardware soft- availability organization. EOE. a must. in Apply schedule. Those all in related housing for locations to pick up an aged to apply by visiting ware applications, looking to person 265ABA W 11th Ave. fields, at with interest, or application. We are also on We are gain real world experience. Re- Experience a plus but not who have a heart for these misFacebook or follow us on An Equal varies Opportunity sponsibility basedEmon required. sions please apply. Competitwitter @ lachatcolumbus ployer. specialization, but would in- tive wages and benefits. For clude IT work and customer more information call L.I.F.E. temporarYMerci! paid Student InosU! service. Please apply at www.- Inc. at BonjoUr - Communications/Mar(614) 475-5305 or visit ternship CALL FLAVORS of India in La Chatelaine French Bakery Resources us at&www.LIFE-INC.NET EOE North Market, 638-5353. FlexiBistros are looking for reers ble hours, weekends and weekenthusiastic, charming and THERAPIST needed Veterinary days. College Counter of help/cashier KENNEL TECHNICIAN Posi- CHILD hardworking ladies and in The Northeastthat Columbus area Medicine needed. is looking for an intion. Immediate opening, duties the gentlemens love to work to work one-to-one with autistic tern with a background in including feeding, medicating, in a established family own

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teaCHing/aBaGRADUATING instrUC‑ ATTENTION tor Position OR SENIORS RECENT Opening in Powell. Must be deGRADS pendable. Homes and ApartInn-Town CPR, First Aid and interviewing Fingerprints ments is currently needed for a temporary leasing consulBefore hire. $12.00 hour. tant position, with per full-time Prefer starting in November. hours, Someone with forinterests in We are looking students inteaching, in Real Estate and/or terested Psychology, Sales. The special positioneducation, offers a occupational starting pay, with competitive or physical therapies and who opportunities for commissions enjoys on performance. If interbased working kids.inPhone ested in with working a fun, interbusy views environment please conwork after 3:30. Contact Cheryl tact us at 614-294-1684 or 740stop 881-4325. by our office at 2104 Tuller St. for more information. Serious inquires only and degrees preferred.

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DFW FURNITURE a local retail furniture chain is currently seeking high energy part time sales associates for our Columbus get a BestBuy gift card for a warehouse location. Sales expenny at perience is preferred but notYou quired. will find huge discounts on gold Flexible a and silverschedule, coins andGreat bars,for jewcollegegiftstudent. a elry, cards, We and pay much, hourlymore ratebidplus commission much and win. and bonus. Please apply in person at 2255 Westbelt Drive Columbus, Ohio 43228 or send your resume or e-mail to

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PART-TIME WORK AVAILABLE FOR WINTER Inn-Town Homes Aparttwin LoFt Bedsandexcellent ments is currently looking for conditions email sixwhites@part-time leasing positions for November-January. We are looking for students who are interested in Real Estate and/or Sales. Position offers great pay, flexible hours and fun work environment. Evenings and weekends a must. If you are looking to make some extra LiFe is short money for school, this is a Take great Vitamins! opportunity for you! If terested, please contact us at 614-294-1684 or stop by our office at 2104 Tuller St. for more tent saLe all week! Crew information. neck sweatshirts $15. All hats $7. Tees $7. MC/Visa welcome. Lane Ave at High Street. SALES AND MARKETING P/T positions for students looking to gain Sales and Marketing experience. Position includes marketing CMS services to potential leads and customer service. Responsibilities include inside and outside sales with po3 Bedroom, 2 Full Bath tential for development andCondedominium marketing FOR SALE or signing material. LEASE in Chatham Village Please apply at www.continen(Kenny and Ackerman). Walk, Bike, or Bus to OSU! All new appliances included, many more updates, low maintenance, but lots of space! 1,676 Sq. Ft. $149,900. 614-507-5194.

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osU Un OSU UN ate stude ate stude in Engin in Engin Education Education 8th grade 8th grade homewor homewor skills a fe skills a fe have tran have tran Please ca ca 614-581spring Break/winter Please 614-581BREAK Travel the world and make money while seating on the beach with an all inclusive location. THE t T 3 BEDROOM, 2 Full Bath Con- tHe Go to dominium FOR SALE or Exper LEASE in Chatham Village Pr (Kenny and Ackerman). Walk, Bike, or Bus to OSU! All new appliances included, many Re more updates, low maintenance, but lots of space! “eYeBrow tHreading, Call 1,676 Sq.Buy Ft. $149,900. Special: One Service Get 614-507-5194. Same Free (Bring Your Friend) 1872 N. High Street, The BIKE BUS to OSU from ThreadOR Shop” Beechwold Ranch. Totally fi nished basementinvestors! with bath, 2 attention car garage, 3 season room off CampusHandyman is your soluupdated kitchen. Open living/ tion for your property dining room with WBFP. Hardmaintence needs. wood under carpet. Under Text CampusHandyman to $200,000. C-21 Joe Walker, 90210 for more information. Georgia Stanton. 263-0001. BaHamas springSaleBreak ALL OHIO Reptile and $189 for 7 days.22, All 2011 prices9-3, inShow, October clude : $4, Round-trip luxury cruise Adults under 10, $1. Moose with food. on Lodge 11, Accommodations 1500 Demorest Rd, the island at your choice of thirColumbus, OH 43228. teen resorts. Appalachia Travel. 614/457-4433 800-867-5018

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mUsiC instrUCtion: Classical guitar, other styles, Theory, Aural Training, Composition & Songwriting. Call Sound Endeavors @614/481-9191 BAHAMAS SPRING Break $189 for 7 days. All prices include : Round-trip luxury cruise with food. Accommodations on the island at your choice of thirteen resorts. Appalachia Travel. aaron BUYs aLL Cars 800-867-5018 NEW * OLD * JUNK * WRECKED SPRING BREAK/WINTER Any Vehicle, Today! BREAK Travel CA$H the world and Free tow, Freeseating notary! make money while on the beach with an all inclusive 614-268-CARS(2277) location. Go to tom & Jerry’s Auto Service. Brakes, exhaust, shocks, & towing. 1701 Kenny Rd. 4888507. or visit:

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ART ST Brewery “Non-tem Starting a ATTENTION INVESTORS! Call Shaw CampusHandyman is your solution for your property maintence needs. Text CampusHandyman to stUdent rates. Free initial 90210 for more Attorney information. Anconsultation. drew Cosslett. Alcohol/Drug, Traffic, DUI, Criminal, Domes- HaLLow MUSIC INSTRUCTION: Classitic. Credit cards accepted. 614off S cal guitar, other styles, Theory, 20% “EYEBR 725-5352. 4545 Ken Aural Training, Composition & Special: Columbu Songwriting. Call Sound En- Same Fr 30 deavors @614/481-9191 www.- Phone 1872 N Thread S

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need m CollegeD Earn whi own onlin hype, pr perfect. Affordable price. www.crea com. AARON BUYS ALL CARS NEW * OLD * JUNK * WRECKED Any Vehicle, CA$H Today! FREE TOW, FREE Notary! 614-268-CARS(2277) emotio 614‑440‑7416. tYping. TEMPORARY PAID Student In- Rush. HALLOW Overnight. TOM Emergency. & Jerry’s Auto Service. Psychoph

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