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BRIANA MALASKA AND BECCA MARRIE Lantern reporters and President E. Gordon Gee said semesters gave Ohio State “a much different rhythm,” and he’s still trying to figure out when classes change. During a meeting with The Lantern editorial staff, he also spoke about campus safety, hate speech at the university, new football coach Urban Meyer, tuition costs and parking privatization.

Howard Island


Redshirt senior corner back Travis Howard has three interceptions in OSU’s first two games.

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Comedic relief

Safety concerns plague start of semester Gee said the university has a responsibility to keep its students safe, but that responsibility is two-fold. “We just need to encourage our kids to be more safe,” Gee said. “Students are walking along wearing hoodies, earbuds and sitting there texting all the time. The university has a responsibility to keep students safe. We have to create awareness.” Last Wednesday a student was hit by a dump truck near a construction site on Woodruff Avenue while biking to class. Gee and the OSU administration created a task force aimed to increase traffic safety. Heading this group are Jay Kasey, senior vice president for Administration and Planning and Javaune Adams-Gaston, vice president for Student Life. “We’re going to try to start raising awareness,” Gee said. “So that’s a sad note at the beginning of a great year.” The recent robbery outside Hitchcock Hall has raised questions from the student group Buckeyes for Concealed Carry, which opposes OSU’s strict anti-gun policy. Gee however, stood firm behind the policy, and said he can’t foresee a time when the university would change it. “Not as long as I’m president,” Gee said. “I’m unequivocally opposed. I think that is a horrible idea on a university campus to be carrying guns. Period.”

DANIEL CHI / Asst. photo editor

Hate at Ohio State continues, despite task force Hate speech has resurfaced on social media via some Tumblr and Twitter accounts aimed at exposing racial language at OSU online. The OSU Haters group gained university-wide attention last week by exposing racial social media posts from OSU students, while the authors of the accounts remained anonymous. Gee reiterated that hateful speech will not be tolerated at the university. “We can’t control every level of speech,” Gee said. “Offensive speech is something we have to talk a lot about. The best way to control it is to recognize it for what it is.” Last April, “Long Live Zimmerman” was spraypainted on the outside of Hale Hall, the home of the Frank W. Hale Jr. Black Cultural Center. The reference, officials said, was most likely to George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch leader

who allegedly killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense Feb. 26 in Florida. “We all have a responsibility to believe that our university is better than that,” Gee said. “I think that we’ve made that very clear.” Reminiscing Tressel, pleased with Meyer After the infamous “tattoo-gate” scandal that led to the resignation of former OSU football coach Jim Tressel, the university has embraced new football coach Urban Meyer. Gee told The Lantern that the situation involving Tressel was a “sad moment in my life,” but said he liked the direction of the program under Meyer. “I think Meyer is an excellent coach,” Gee said. “When we hired him as coach, he made it very clear that we are going to hold students to very high standards.”

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4A OSU remembers, reflects on 9/11 tragedy

NBC announced the addition of three new ‘Saturday Night Live cast members Monday.



9-11-2001 campus

New meal plan an adjustment


EMILY TARA Oller reporter

The morning of Sept. 11, 2001, began like any other. But for many, it has become a day frozen in time. For the first time classes have been in session at Ohio State on Sept. 11, and most on campus, including Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee, can still remember where they were and what they were doing 11 years ago. “I remember that so vividly,” Gee said. “I remember exactly where I was. I was at Vanderbilt (University) at the time, I was giving a speech and someone came up and said the Twin Towers had been attacked and I went back to the campus immediately.” “I was at home. My two boys were in about third and fourth grades. They came home for lunch every day. I didn’t know whether to let them watch it (on TV),” said Pat Wirthlin, mother of two OSU students. “I was in eighth grade history class. I was upset because they canceled football practice. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized what happened,” said Wayne Eggleston, staff sergeant in the U.S. Army. “I was the night shift supervisor the night before. I got off at 7 a.m. on the 11th. I was supposed to start a hostage negotiation conference that day. My wife came in and told me what happened … just in

Lantern file photo

After hearing about the death of known terrorist Osama Bin Laden on May 2, 2011 OSU students jumped in Mirror Lake in celebration. time to see the second plane go into the tower,” said Deputy Chief Richard Morman of Ohio State Police. “I was younger. Probably eighth grade when it happened,” said Fabian Callaham, a fourth-year in pre-physical therapy. Eleven years ago, terrorists attacked the United States when two hijacked airplanes struck the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, along with an attack

on the Pentagon in Washington D.C. A third attack was thwarted by aircraft passengers who brought down a plane in Pennsylvania that had been overtaken by terrorists, killing everyone on board. The U.S. lost nearly 3,000 lives that day. Eleven years later, many Americans can hardly believe it has been so long but they continue to move forward. “You know that saying, you have to know where you’ve come from

to know where you’re going,” said Callaham, who also served in the U.S. Army after high school and is still under active duty while finishing his bachelor’s degree. Other students said they will never forget that day. “It seems like it just happened. I remember exactly where I was when it happened, even though it happened (11) years ago,” said Kristen Boyd, a fourth-year in biology. “I think this is the something that I always remember.” The OSU Security and Intelligence Club is hosting an event in honor of the anniversary. Due to the semester conversion, this year is the first time since the attack that OSU has had classes in session over the anniversary, and that students have had the opportunity to reflect together. The event will be held Tuesday evening at Browning Amphitheatre near Mirror Lake. The events of Sept. 11 affected the country as a whole, but it also impacted individuals in different ways. For Wirthlin, the attacks hit on a more personal level. “We had a friend, a childhood friend, who died (in the WTC),” she said. Her friend was the father of three young children. Eggleston, who fought in Afghanistan, said he’s seen the results of the attacks first hand.

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Data transfer hinders 165 student veterans LIZ YOUNG Lantern reporter They served their country. They enlisted in the military, and after at least 90 days of service, they earned the right to have their college tuition paid for. The government has promised them this in the Post-9/11 GI Bill. But the money doesn’t come until after they’ve had to worry about how they’re going to pay for housing and books. For hundreds of thousands of student veterans across the United States, this is the reality of dealing with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs . And this year, there have been even greater delays than usual because of a switch to move the records of student veterans

attending college in Ohio and West Virginia from the Buffalo, N.Y., regional office, to the St. Louis, Mo., office. The records were moved in an attempt to lessen the load of the Buffalo office, and in turn, speed up tuition payments and eliminate most delays, said Mike Carrell, assistant provost and director of the office of military and veteran services at Ohio State. “In general and in the long run, (the move is) a wonderful thing, (because the office will be less busy),” Carrell said. “But they had to transfer both physical and electronic files, some of which didn’t get to St. Louis.” According to a university release, records of some students’ eligibility suffered a “temporary loss” during the transfer. Those students were offered emergency no-interest loans to cover their expenses and to prevent them from needing to drop classes or pay late fees.

The transfer affected records belonging to Ohio and West Virginia veterans with pending enrollments, received between July 24 and August 9. According to a report from the Columbus Dispatch, the VA issued a statement saying only 300 students from the two states might have been affected. There are about 2,000 students at OSU who are either veterans or are using the benefits of a spouse or guardian. Of these, 165 students were confirmed to have been affected by the transition issues, Carrell said. “Fortunately, because of my student veteran full-time status, I am allowed unemployment until my benefits run out,” said Allison Whitaker, a firstyear in agricultural communication, in an email. “It helps, but not enough to pay my rent and other expenses.”

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campus Meal plan transition earns mixed reviews from students Sarah Niekamp Lantern reporter Some students have said they aren’t adjusting well to the new semester meal plan, and it’s about more than remembering to say “blocksâ€? instead of “swipes.â€? Ohio State’s new meal plan uses units called blocks instead of the swipes that were used in the quarter system. Each block is worth $5, and students have the option of buying 450 or 600 blocks per quarter, and smaller 80- and 160-block plans for off-campus and commuter students. With meal swipes, students would get an entrĂŠe with a specified number of sides that varied based on the dining location and meal. This year, students can get $5 worth of food per block. While the blocks are intended to be a better deal for students, some have complained about having to do the math when standing in line for their food. “I hate standing in line and trying to figure out if I have enough or too much food,â€? said Hannah Perrino, a second-year in architecture. “I feel bad especially for freshmen ‌ It’s already embarrassing not knowing what you’re doing without having to do the math.â€? Because blocks are priced differently, students don’t always get as much food with one block as they did with one swipe, and some have said they’re having a difficult time with the transition. “Most meals take up two blocks, unless you’re just getting a small snack,â€? said Courtney Schmidt, a second-year in human nutrition. “At the (Ohio) Union (Market), I can only get a small side salad and a yogurt for one block.â€? When the balance is more than $5, students must decide between using another block or spending money from their BuckID balance.

“Now with a coffee and a bagel, I also use 50 cents off my BuckID money,� Perrino said. “Last year, I would have had to use up a whole swipe, which is way more than $5.50.� Even though a student has to use on average two blocks for a meal, Zia Ahmed, the senior director of University Residences and Dining Services, said you get a discount when using blocks. “When you have the 450 block plan, you get $5 per block, but you are only paying $4.50 for that block when you pay for your meal plan,� Ahmed said. With swipes, a student would pay about $10 per swipe when they would pay for a meal plan. When a student would go to Sloopy’s Diner or the Morrill C-Store, they could only get $6 worth of food with that swipe. Blocks don’t have that restriction — Ahmed said students pay $5 for $5 worth of food. Despite drastic changes, some features of the block system closely resemble the swipe system, including the traditional and unlimited dining plans. The traditional plan was also used with swipes. Students get 19 meals per week at any of the traditions dining halls, and also get two blocks per week to use at other dining halls. The unlimited plan gives students access to the traditions dining as many times as they want during the week, but they also get 10 blocks per week to use at other dining halls. “These new features offer students much more flexibility when eating on campus,� Ahmed said. Even though some students have been skeptical of the new system, Ahmed thinks that as the year goes on, students will become more accustomed to the plans and notice the advantages. “At the beginning of the year, we had many students asking questions,� Ahmed said. “But as the semester has gone on, we have heard many positive comments from students.�

Sungeun jung / Lantern photographer

Students eating at Kennedy Commons Monday. Many students have complained about the new blocks program.

OSU offers vegan options, some students not satisfied Becca Marrie Lantern reporter Awareness of veganism is on the rise, and some college campuses are adjusting their dining to accommodate the specific dietary needs of the growing vegan population. Karri Benishek, marketing manager for University Residences and Dining Services, emphasized the multitude of vegan options provided to students on campus, but said it wasn’t anything new for Ohio State. “We have always had vegan options, we’ve just never talked about them,� Benishek said. In the past, students have had the option to talk to dining hall chefs about accommodations for dietary needs and preferences. Now, OSU’s NetNutrition website has specific filters for vegans and vegetarians for all on-campus dining facilities. Although OSU’s dining services are not specifically advertising vegan options, they are showing their availability. During the housing process, students can self-disclose dietary preferences. They can also meet with an operations adviser or dietitian to monitor their nutrition needs.

Hayley Howard, a second-year in French, is a vegan and said she finds meal options to be pretty scarce on campus. “If I need to find something, I can,â€? Howard said. “Usually I can find one to two things, but that’s it. I usually end up eating salad wherever I go.â€? Some of these foods include three-bean vegan chili, vegan pasta sauce, egg-free pasta, romesco salad, various whole grain salads, vegan lasagna, basmati rice with squash and tempeh, vegetarian baked beans, vegan chickpea stroganoff casserole, edamame putanesca, vegan fried vegetable brown rice and gluten-free vegan corn tofu fritters. Vegan options can be found at Courtside CafĂŠ at the RPAC, a fast, casual operation serving customizable pastas, stir-fries, etc., and at the gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian station at Kennedy Commons. However, for health-conscious students like Kelsie Mistovich, a secondyear in human development and family science, these particular dining facilities are not feasible for every college student. “I usually just go to North Commons because it’s close to me,â€? Mistovich said. “I have gone to Kennedy, and they have a great selection, I just don’t have the time to go there all of the time.â€? Mistovich usually resorts to items from the salad bar, but due to her low iron levels, she knows that she isn’t obtaining adequate nutrients from her meals.

“I find that it’s a challenge to eat at OSU,� Mistovich said. “But I’ve eaten at other colleges, and I can honestly say the vegetarian and vegan selection here is better.� However, Howard said Dining Services shouldn’t focus on the depth of options, but on making them available in more places. “OSU should focus less on putting more options at Kennedy Commons, and instead find good, vegan options that are available everywhere,� Howard said. Veganism is a rising trend among college students across the nation, and OSU is the latest university to officially join in this movement, said Ryan Huling, manager of college campaigns and outreach for peta2, an animal rights organization. Huling said college dining services nationwide have responded to the country’s doubling of college vegans in the past five years. “We’ve seen a dramatic increase of vegan options in response to student demand,� Huling said. “Students are horrified to learn that cows have their throats slit while still alive, and that chickens are boiled alive before becoming chicken nuggets. When students become well-educated of the inherent cruelty of the way the animals are killed, they want their university to provide alternatives to this.�

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Correction Title Issue 94/Monday

In the article “OSU not ranked on top party school list, OU named No. 3” Rachael Ahler, a second-year Miami (Ohio) student was quoted as saying that the high number of fraternities and sororities contributed to Miami’s ranking. In fact, she said that the number of sororities and fraternities getting kicked off campus contributed to Miami’s improved rankings. In the same article, Claire Wagner, associate director of university communications at Miami, was quoted saying there was not much to do in Athens, Ohio. In fact, that quote belonged to Alyssa Johnson, a thirdyear Ohio University student.

Gee from 1A Gee said he believes Meyer has exceeded expectations on setting a standard of excellence both on and off the field. “Fabulous coach, even better person,” Gee said. Gee aspires to make ‘low cost’ education attainable Gee said he is fighting to keep tuition down for students. In the five years that he’s been at OSU, two of those years showed no tuition increase. And although tuition has increased in the past three years, Gee has every intention on maintaining his goal to have OSU known as a “public university being very high quality and very low cost,” and he wants to work with the state to make that more attainable. A new higher education funding process is scheduled to be presented this week, according to a Monday press release. Gov. John Kasich has teamed up with Gee to present this plan on Tuesday. Gee said this new funding process is “unusually brave for a governor to turn over to those who are spending the

9/11 from 1A “It’s part of my life now. I was there,” Eggleston said. “I’ve lost friends over there.” On 9/11 Eggleston was an eighth-grade student upset that football practice was canceled. His father, who served in the Marine Corps, had a different reaction. “Dad was really angry. Dad wanted to go kick some ass. Dad was pretty upset,” Eggleston said. With his father’s history in the Marines and his grandfather’s service during World War II, Eggleston said he’s always wanted to serve his country. “I was a freshman in high school when they invaded Iraq. I remember being jealous of everyone who got to be in the initial invasion,” said Eggleston, whose younger brother serves in the Marines as an embassy guard in Brazil. Morman saw the impact of the Sept. 11 attacks at OSU. “We went on 12-hour shifts until we knew what was going on,” he said. “Al-Qaida has said an attractive target would be a large outside stadium, so first thing you think of is football.” On May 2, 2011, President Barack Obama announced that known terrorist Osama Bin Laden had been killed after SEAL Team 6 invaded his hideout in Pakistan. That night, OSU students jumped into Mirror Lake in celebration of the death of the Al-Qaida ringleader, but some didn’t see that as an end to the mission.

money the opportunity to figure out how to spend it.” The goal is for it to be in place by Thanksgiving. “The longer the time frame, the more mischief can occur,” Gee said. Private parking transition In a deal finalized last June, all OSU parking assets have been leased for 50 years to QIC Global Infrastructure, an Australia-based investment company, which placed a $483 million bid on university parking assets last year. QIC partnered with LAZ Parking to take over all operations of permit sales, parking lots and parking garages. LAZ will take over operations before the start of the 2013-2014 academic year. “We’re going to work hand-in-hand with OSU staff. Our goal is that students see this is a very seamless transition,” chairman and CEO of LAZ Parking Alan Lazowski told The Lantern in June. Gee is confident that this privatization of parking is beneficial to OSU, giving the university more money to focus on the academic core. “We’ll receive a check for a half billion dollars and we’ll still own the parking,” Gee said. “This would not work at

“Just because Bin Laden was eliminated doesn’t mean there isn’t still terrorism,” Morman said. Eggleston agreed. “It wasn’t over. It was like America thought the mission was over. The mission wasn’t over, it’s still not over,” he said. But in the U.S., Wirthlin said she feels for those of Middle Eastern decent. “(I feel) a big affinity for Arabs and Muslims living in the U.S. that had nothing to do with the attacks. I’m sure it’s uncomfortable for a lot of them,” she said. While it’s difficult to find the bright side of a story filled with so much loss, Wirthlin tried to provide a light of positivity. “It’s pretty amazing how people pull together. Any lines disappeared,” she said. “Whoever did it achieved a lot to bring us down. But it’d take a lot more than that.” But Morman said he doesn’t believe things can be like they were before the attacks. “I don’t think things will go back the way they were,” Morman said. Gee said the attack was a “watershed moment” for the country. “I think that we ought to recognize it from the point of view of those who were lost, but more importantly from the point of view that we all have the responsibility to support our efforts to remain free and safe,” Gee said. “I really do believe that.”

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Correction Title Issue 94/Monday

In the article “Student Safety Service to hire more student drivers” published Sept. 10, it states that the Columbus Division of Police trains the student drivers. In fact, Ohio State Police conducts the training.

Correction Title Issue 94/Monday

In the article “PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ introduces Korean culture to US” published on Sept. 10, the word “Gangam” was spelled “Gangham,” in the headline.

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Lantern file photo

Cadets from OSU’s Air Force ROTC stand at parade rest in the annual Tri-Service Pass in Review parade in May 2011. This is the first year students have been in class during the Sept. 11 anniversary.

Veterans from 1A For many students, this delay is just another in a series of problems they’ve had with the VA. “Even before this switch … I’d have to tell all of my professors, ‘Don’t kick me out of the class, it’s coming,’” said Josh Haller, a second-year in exploration. “It kind of sucks but I just suck it up and deal with it.” According to a report from the Columbus Dispatch, a letter from Thomas Moe, director of the Ohio Department of Veterans Services, and Jim Petro, chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents, expressed fear that students would be forced out of classes due to the records delay. Tyler Tomlin, a third-year in history, said in an email that his GI Bill benefits have consistently been processed late each year. “It’s frustrating, because I never know for sure if I’m going to get any of the money I need to supplement the income from my part-time job,” he said. OSU implemented a policy about six months ago saying that OSU would not hold students accountable for delays on the part of Veterans Affairs, Carrell said. This means that the students will not be dropped from classes if they have late payments. However, considering the VA also pays for books and housing, the delay this fall left some students scrambling to get the money. To help, OSU has offered them “zero interest short-term loans to cover those stipends,” Carrell said

Each student affected has the option to take out a loan of about $2,000, which provides for books, a partial housing allowance for August (because OSU was not in classes all month), and a full allowance for September. Carrell said this money is coming from the university treasury fund. “The VA told us within 10 days to 2 weeks (it would be fixed), but students are covered through September,” Carrell said. Not every student is taking advantage of the university’s offer, though. “I try my hardest not to take any loans out,” Haller said. Erin Monaco, a second-year in microbiology using her husband, Michael Monaco’s, GI Bill benefits, is also not taking out one of the short-term loans. “We had to take out student loans (last year) which I really didn’t want to do because now I’ll be left with this huge chunk before I graduate,” Erin Monaco said. For officials at OSU, one of the biggest problems was figuring out that there would be a delay in students receiving funding, since the VA didn’t tell anyone there were transition delays until after the payments were already late. “We may have been a little slow, but that’s because the VA didn’t tell us they had a problem,” said Michael Forrest, director of veterans transition services at OSU. “We could’ve been more (up front) if the VA, if we would’ve had more notice on what was going on.”



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OSU alumnus drawn to cartooning politics


BEN KEITH Lantern reporter

“Rapture of the Nerds” review Check for a book review on “Rapture of the Nerds,” which was released Sept. 4.

releases music

“The Carpenter” The Avett Brothers “Tempest” Bob Dylan “Away From The World” Dave Matthews Band

As a cartoonist in 2012, Nick Anderson is an example of a dying breed. “We’ve lost well over half the cartoonists we had 15 years ago,” Anderson said. “I’m still lucky to be doing this.” Anderson is a left-of-center political cartoonist for the Houston Chronicle in Texas. Born in Toledo, Anderson graduated from Ohio State in December 1990, where he studied political science. He has been cartooning ever since. “I had a job waiting for me. The summer before, I had interned at The CourierJournal in Louisville doing political cartoons and they offered me a job at the end of the year,” Anderson said. He joined the Houston Chronicle in 2006. Anderson draws cartoons daily for the Houston Chronicle and other national media outlets. His work is syndicated across the United States through the Washington Post News Media Services. “I’m never completely satisfied. If I do a few cartoons (with) one I feel good about, there’s a good chance the next day I’ll do one that I don’t feel so good about,” Anderson said. In 2005, when Anderson was still at The Courier-Journal, he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning. A jury of four newspaper editors and one OSU professor chose Anderson’s portfolio of 20 cartoons over the work of two-time Pulitzer winner Don Wright and “Doonesbury” author Garry Trudeau. OSU professor emerita Lucy Shelton Caswell served on the Pulitzer jury. “When it became clear that Nick’s was among the final group, I made full disclosure that he was a former student of mine and that I knew him. The other jury members agreed that this was not a conflict of interest,” Caswell said. “It was clear to us that year that Nick presented a very strong portfolio. He covered a wide range of issues very effectively and I think he merited that prize,” said Caswell, who has served on the Pulitzer committee six times. The Pulitzer Prize was awarded to Anderson “for a distinguished cartoon or portfolio of cartoons published during the year, characterized by originality, editorial effectiveness, quality of drawing and pictorial effect,” according to the Pulitzer website. His cartoons cover topics ranging from local Houston politics to national news. Recently, Anderson has been mixing his cartoons with blogging. “I did some (half-page cartoons) on child abuse, and I did a bunch of my own research and reporting,” Anderson said. “I’ve always relied on the reporting in the newspaper, but this year I’ve been trying to do a little bit more of my own.” Jeff Stang, manager of Laughing Ogre Comics, located at 4258 N. High St., said political cartoons are losing their ability to affect the world.

Courtesy of Nick Anderson

Nick Anderson, an OSU alumnus who works as a cartoonist for the Houston Chronicle, drew a cartoon of Clint Eastwood at the 2012 Republican National Convention. “Maybe at one time they did (affect the world), but now with the 24-hour news cycle, I really don’t know if political cartoons have as much of an impact as the talking heads that you see on CNN and Fox nowadays,” Stang said. “Most people don’t read that much anymore.” Anderson said he thinks his work has at least a small impact. “I just provide a flash point for discussion. I get people thinking and I just have to be satisfied with that,” Anderson said. “People argue and they get angry and they let me know, and that tells me they’re at least thinking about it, and that’s pretty important alone.” He catches a lot of flack for daring to not be Republican in Texas. “There’s a lot of people here that cannot stand me, wondering why the newspaper has a staff cartoonist that’s out of step with Texas politics. It’s a lot more interesting than it would be if I was just in San Francisco and singing to the choir,” Anderson said. “I don’t think it’s particularly healthy to live your lives without your opinions ever being challenged.”

movies & tv

Courtesy of Dana Edelson/NBC

Lindsay Lohan guest stars in an episode of NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ in Season 37, which included now former cast members Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Abby Elliott.

‘SNL’ adds 3 new cast members, skips out on chance to diversify “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” “The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Fifth Season”

video games


ASST. ARTS editor

“30 Rock: Season 6”

NBC announced three new “Saturday Night Live” cast members Monday, and it has me wondering, why should we care? Chicago comedians Aidy Bryant, Tim Robinson and Cecily Strong are slated to join the cast as featured performers in the 38th season

of “SNL,” which is scheduled to premiere Saturday night. Good for them. They join a show that has turned out talent such as Eddie Murphy, Jimmy Fallon, Chevy Chase, Mike Myers and Tina Fey, among others. Former “SNL” writers Conan O’Brien, Stephen Colbert, Larry David and Sarah Silverman have also found success past their stints working for the show. But is SNL still relevant? The 2012-2013 cast is made up of 13 confirmed members, 14 if Jason Sudeikis does in fact decide to stay — as whether or not he will return next season is up in the air at the moment. Notably, all but three of those members are white. Jay Pharoah and Kenan Thompson are black, and Nasim Pedrad is Iranian-American. That’s not a lot of diversity for a show that is often considered to be

’s TK

“NHL 13” “Double Dragon: Neon” “Tekken Tag Tournament 2”



a commentary on what is going on across the United States. In fact, “SNL” even has Fred Armisen, a white actor, to impersonate President Barack Obama. Not only that, but nine of the cast members are men and only five are women. Of those women, only Pedrad is a repertory, or regular, player, while the other four women are a tier lower, as featured players. For a show that is constantly commenting on and poking fun at the news, politics and popular culture, it irks me that the cast is not more diverse. With the departure of Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Abby Elliott at the end of Season 37, an opportunity opened up there to diversify the cast. The show did add two more women (Bryant and Strong), which made the men-towomen ratio a bit more even. But it also added a man (Robinson), and all three additions are white comedians.

It’s a shame the show didn’t take the opportunity to diversify the cast because that could have opened up more doors for a wider range of impersonations and characters. I am interested to see what these new cast members bring to the show, however, because lately it seems “SNL” is struggling to stay afloat. The show is nowhere near as funny as it used to be even six years ago when Tina Fey was still a cast member. Lately the hosts have been the elements making the show shine, as beaten-to-death sketches that should really be retired, such as Thompson’s “What Up With That?” prompt me to use my fast-forward button generously. The Season 38 premiere is scheduled to air 11:30 p.m. Saturday on NBC, with Seth MacFarlane hosting and Frank Ocean as a musical guest.

Guide to College Fashion

Preserve natural summer beauty as cold weather hits in autumn T.K. BRADY For The Lantern Since the colder weather swept in this past weekend, it’s time to consider changing your beauty routine to accommodate ever-changing Mother Nature. Colder weather means drier skin, harsher winds and some necessary adaptations to your postshower and pre-makeup routine. Maintain moisture: Moisturizing your skin is something you should be doing every day, and if you haven’t been, you need to start now. It’s an easy way to keep that summertime tan from fading too fast, and it will keep your skin from producing too much oil. The best time to moisturize is right after you shower. Pat your skin dry with a towel and use a creamy formula to lock in the water your skin just soaked up.

Shed your skin: Lots of women claim scrubs are too harsh on their skin and tend to irritate and inflame instead of soften. Usually this means you’re not using the right scrub for your face and you’re probably using it wrong. Scrubs are key for removing dead skin cells that build up over the summer and hang out around your tan lines and on your face. If you are someone with super-sensitive skin, opt for a creamy formula with exfoliating beads that burst during the scrubbing process. Help your hair: Sun-damaged hair is a direct effect of summertime sunlight. The harsh rays will bleach the color and bring out gorgeous highlights that definitely save you a trip to the salon. Now that you have a great, new natural color, you should be thinking about ways to protect it from the harsh winds and cold weather that make hair prone to split ends and dull color. Hair masks are an easy way to make your color and healthy hair last longer and brighter. Use one right after you shower once every two weeks to restore oils and nutrients that your

hair might be running low on. Your hair should feel thicker and shinier immediately. Tone your tan: With your tan starting to fade on your face, makeup might become a bit more of a project. Toners are a great way to get your skin tone back to normal. Use it once a day (typically at night before you go to sleep) and apply with a cotton ball to even out skin tone and prevent too many discolored areas. Love your lips: Lip balm is a lifesaver during all seasons. It’s easy to forget about our lips until we try to use our favorite lipstick or lip gloss and have some trouble with texture. Using lip balm generously before you go to bed and applying when you wake up in the morning will put you well on your way to kissable lips. The key with beauty routines is to stick to them. Chances are you won’t see the results you’re looking for after one day, but give it a week or two and you’ll be happy with the results the magic potions promised on the back of the bottle.



Tuesday September 11, 2012

thelantern results MONDAY

Howard intercepts legacy just in time PATRICK MAKS Asst. sports editor

Men’s Golf: 3rd place, Marshall Invitational

upcoming TUESDAY Men’s Golf: Marshall Invitational, Round 3 All day @ Huntington, W. Va. 2014 World Cup Qualifying US Men’s National Soccer Team v. Jamaica 8pm @ Columbus Crew Stadium

WEDNESDAY Field Hockey v. Ohio University 7pm @ Athens, Ohio DANIEL CHI / Asst. photo editor


OSU redshirt senior cornerback Travis Howard celebrates after breaking up a pass play during the 3rd quarter of OSU’s Sept. 8 game against Central Florida. OSU won, 31-16.

Travis Howard said he thinks he’s playing the best football of his life this season. The “best of the best,” actually. And maybe he’s right. The redshirt senior cornerback has already made three interceptions just two games — and two wins — into Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer’s first season in Columbus. Howard is tied for the most interceptions by a single player in college football, and certainly the most of any Buckeye. Success, though, has come and gone for the Miami, Fla., native during his time at OSU. After arriving at OSU in 2008, Howard’s play, he said, hadn’t been what he hoped. Until Meyer arrived in Columbus, at least. “When Urban Meyer came in, he brought his staff in, everybody kind of welcomed me in right and got after me and didn’t let me slack off,” he said. Before the Buckeyes’ season opener against Miami (Ohio), Howard had four picks in as many years, two of which came

in 2010 under former coach Jim Tressel, a year in which Howard saw limited action as a backup to former Buckeye cornerbacks Devon Torrence and Chimdi Chekwa. Then a redshirt sophomore, Howard flashed moments of brilliance, particularly when he picked off Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin for a late touchdown in a Nov. 13, 2010, game in Ohio Stadium, a contest the Buckeyes won 38-14. But after OSU’s program was rocked by scandal and Tressel’s resignation in May 2011, Howard said his concentration — and subsequently his performance — slipped. “I can say last year I wasn’t too focused,” Howard said. “There was a lot of things going on in the past.” Such distraction was evident on and off the field. Howard started 2011 by making headlines in all the wrong ways. He missed the first two games of the season for taking “impermissible benefits” at a charity event. OSU senior running back Jordan Hall and fellow cornerback Corey Brown also received two-game suspensions for receiving impermissible benefits at the same charity event.

continued as Howard on 2B

Women’s Volleyball v. Pepperdine 5:30pm @ Houston, Texas

United States national soccer team finds home in Columbus’ Crew Stadium

Men’s Soccer v. Depaul 7:30pm @ Columbus, Ohio Women’s Tennis : Muirfield Collegiate Tennis Invitational All Day @ Dublin, Ohio Men’s Cross Country: Spartan Invitational TBA @ East Lansing, Mich Women’s Cross Country: Spartan Invitational TBA @ East Lansing, Mich.

SATURDAY Football v. California 12pm @ Columbus

Top 25 College Football Poll

1 2 3 4 5 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

Alabama (2-0) USC (2-0) LSU (2-0) Oregon (2-0) Oklahoma (2-0) Florida State (2-0) Georgia (2-0) South Carolina (2-0) West Virginia (1-0) Michigan State (2-0) Clemson (2-0) OHIO STATE (2-0) Virginia Tech (2-0) Texas (2-0) Kansas State (2-0) TCU (1-0) Michigan (1-1) Florida (2-0) Louisville (2-0) Notre Dame (2-0) Stanford (2-0) UCLA (2-0) Tennessee (2-0) Arizona (2-0) BYU (2-0)

Americans bring 5-0-3 record at Crew Stadium into Tuesday’s World Cup qualifier PAT BRENNAN Sports editor The United States men’s national soccer team is returning to its Columbus fortress at just the right time. Crew Stadium, home of Major League Soccer’s Columbus Crew, is a ground that has seen the U.S. national team go undefeated in eight previous games. The Stars and Stripes have returned to Central Ohio for a vital 2014 World Cup qualifying match against Jamaica on Tuesday. The American squad boasts a lifetime 5-0-3 record at Crew Stadium, as well as a 12-1 overall score line in those games. Tuesday’s contest isn’t just a chance for the Americans to remain undefeated — it’s a shot to climb back into a safe position in the race to qualify for Brazil. Some American players on the team believe the team’s World Cup qualifying chances are hanging in the balance, while one veteran of the Crew and the U.S. national team says the match is important, but not an end-all, be-all. Either way, most agree that Crew Stadium is home, and it’s good to be back. Former U.S. star Brian McBride called Crew Stadium home for eight years as a member of Columbus’ MLS franchise before playing for English Premier League team Fulham. Even after McBride left the States for England, the stadium still served as a kind of home during games with America’s national team. In a Monday phone interview with The Lantern, McBride said that Crew Stadium is indeed the national team’s home. “The results have been great there,” McBride said. “For me, personally, being able to be a part of the Crew for eight years and then when we started playing qualifiers there, it was a double bonus. Especially when I went to England, I got to go back and see old friends and fans and fan base that Columbus has.”

PAT BRENNAN / Sports editor

US men’s national soccer team defender and captain Carlos Bocanegra fields questions from reporters following the team’s Sept. 9 training session at Crew Stadium. Current members of the U.S. player pool agree with McBride, who scored 30 goals in 96 appearances for the national team. Following the team’s training session at Crew Stadium on Sunday, American midfielder Clint Dempsey, now a member of English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur, said the trip to Columbus is much needed. “The venue (in Columbus) has always been

good to us in years past,” Dempsey said. “It’s one of the first soccer-specific stadiums that was built. There’s always been good support out here and, you know, for some reason we always seem to do well, so I think it’s a good match.” The U.S. needs exactly that on Tuesday — a good match.

continued as Columbus on 4B

Big play blues: Meyer unhappy with Buckeyes’ ‘lazy’ defense DAN HOPE Senior Lantern reporter Ohio State’s football team won its first two games of the season, but it is far from being flawless. One flaw that has hampered OSU in its first two games is its defense allowing opposing offenses to make too many big plays, a flaw that coach Urban Meyer said has to be fixed immediately. “On defense, we need to stop giving up big plays,” Meyer said Monday at his weekly press conference. “That has to stop now.” OSU has held its first two opponents to 26 total points but has given up 664 combined yards, which has the Buckeyes ranked only 47th nationally in yards allowed per game. The biggest reason for that has been big plays. The Buckeyes have given up nine plays of more than 20 yards in two games, including seven passing plays of more than 20 yards. In those categories, the Buckeyes’ defense

ranks even lower: they are tied for 84th nationally in total plays of more than 20 yards allowed, and tied for 82nd in passing plays allowed of that distance. Meyer said the Buckeyes have been allowing big plays “for a variety of reasons.” “We need to identify our passrushers and get some more pressure on the quarterback, which correlates perfectly with pass defense, and we’re just not very productive in those areas,” Meyer said. Meyer added that the pass defense has been “lazy” at times, and pointed to three issues that have led to the breakdowns in pass coverage that have plagued the Buckeyes thus far. “When you get beat on a big play, sometimes it’s because that guy ran by you and they beat you,” Meyer said. “Off the top of my head, I don’t think we’ve had that. It’s not guys getting beat, it’s lack of discipline, and maybe lack of toughness, maybe it’s lack of reps.”

continued as Reps on 2B

DANIEL CHI / Asst. photo editor

UCF linebackers sophomore Terrance Plummer (41) and senior Jonathan Davis (11) celebrate during a Sept. 8 game against OSU at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 31-16.


sports Howard from 1B

Daniel Chi / Asst. photo editor

Central Florida redshirt sophomore running back Storm Johnson dashes down the sideline to avoid OSU redshirt junior C.J. Barnett during a Sept. 8 game against the Buckeyes at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 31-16.

Reps from 1B OSU cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs said the breakdowns in pass coverage are “unacceptable.” “If you’re in great coverage and they throw the ball up, they throw enough of them deep, two guys go up for the ball and sometimes one of them’s going to catch it,” Coombs said Monday. “But a guy wide open is unacceptable. It will be corrected.” Coombs explained why the problems with the Buckeyes’ pass defense are correctable. “Most of the errors that have been made have been as a result of communication breakdowns: (cornerback) to safety, safety to (cornerback), somewhere in that process,” Coombs said. “The critical piece for our kids is the follow-up process on every single play. That process is to get the call from the sideline, find out the personnel group that the offense is using, identify the formation that the offense is in, understand the coverage nuances or changes that are based on either the personnel formation or our call, and then put those things into place. Any number of areas there, there can be a disconnect.” Following Saturday’s game versus Central Florida, redshirt senior cornerback Travis Howard addressed the issues the pass defense has faced. “I feel like we have better days in us and we could have done a better job, but it’s still only the

second game,” Howard said. “We have to regroup and get things together.” Sophomore linebacker Ryan Shazier said the coaches told the defense that they must improve and explained how Meyer approaches that with the team. “We can’t do that again, especially if it’s a big mistake that we’ve been practicing over and over and over again, we just can’t allow that to happen,” Shazier said. “Meyer let us know our mistakes, and he tells us that we can’t have that happen again.” If OSU does continue to allow big plays to happen, they could find themselves in a vulnerable position when they play California on Saturday at noon. California’s offense includes junior wide receiver Keenan Allen, who tied for 14th nationally in 2011 with 14 receptions of 25 yards or more, and already has two through two games this season. Coombs explained why Allen could be a major threat to their pass defense. “Any time you play a great receiver, you have to have tremendous respect for their ability and what they do well,” Coombs said. “Keenan Allen is a great route-runner, he’s got great speed … he’s got great body control when the ball is in the air, he goes and gets it. They’re going to run vertical routes, so he’s going to be a factor.”

Statistically, Howard had trouble recovering. He managed 41 tackles and two interceptions over the course of the next 11 games. It wasn’t clear if the former Rivals four-star recruit would ever live up to the player some hoped he’d be. Under Meyer’s guidance, though, Howard said his outlook changed during OSU’s spring practices. “I mean, I kinda,” Howard said before trailing off. “I kinda realized and noticed the things I was doing last year and how my attitude was last year.” Howard said he felt more focused, more tuned in and finally started to live up to his potential. “I knew I was able to do the things that I wanted to do, but I just didn’t have that person to push me,” he said. “The coaching staff that came in, they really pushed me and made me compete for a lot of things, especially at my position.” Once pegged as someone who was supposed to be “the guy” for the Buckeyes’ defensive backfield, Howard started to find himself in the shadow of the hype surrounding teammate redshirt sophomore cornerback Bradley Roby. In fact, in April, it was uncertain if the redshirt senior would retain his starting job to sophomore cornerback Doran Grant. While it never came to that, Howard said he wanted to send a message. “It was a long year last year and coming to this year, I had a lot of expectations from my coaches, so they kinda pushed me a lot and prepared me well,” he said. “I just wanted to go out there and just show everybody what I’m capable of doing and how well I’ve been preparing for these first games.” And judging by Howard’s first two games, it seemed apparent he’d laid the groundwork to do exactly that. It even caught Meyer’s eye. “Travis — really got a lot of respect for him,” the former Florida coach said, “but he was not a great player here last year, did not play great. He’s got great abilities. So a kid with great ability that doesn’t play great, there’s a problem.” Meyer said something was out of alignment, something was out of place. But now? Howard’s evolution was apparent to the hardto-please Meyer. “I can see it happening right now,” he said. “That kid’s turning into a very good player.” For Howard, vindication from Meyer has finally started to sink in. “It means a lot. I mean, last year was just a tough season for me and I just wanted to come out here this year and just leave it all on the line for everybody,” Howard said. It’s because they’d do the same for him, he said.

“This coaching staff, I mean, they work so hard preparing us for every game day in and day out and I just appreciate everything they do,” Howard said. “I’m willing to do whatever it takes and listen to those guys because they know what they’re doing.” Like Meyer, co-defensive coordinator and safeties coach Everett Withers said Howard’s newfound attention to detail has been instrumental in his rebirth on the field. “He’s a talented young man and I think what was happening is this is his last go-around as a Buckeye and I think he wants to make sure he goes out the right way,” he said. Withers called Howard a student of the game, but it might have not always been that way. “You see a lot of maturity just from what I go from hearing from coaches previous — you know, Coach (Luke) Fickell, Coach (Mike) Vrabel from last year — that he’s grown up and matured a lot, so I think that’s part of the production that you’re seeing is just the growth in him,” Withers said. Though proud of his teammate, it’s even made Roby lightheartedly envious. “He keeps getting picks and I’m really not,” Roby said playfully. “It’s a little bit of jealousy because of course I want to be the best corner not only on the team but in the country.” Roby said he knows Howard’s time in Columbus is running out. “It’s definitely a competition but I’m OK with that. I want Travis to do as best as he possibly can, it’s his last year,” Roby said. “I have a little bit more time here so I want him to ball out and do what he has to do.” It’s why Howard is starting to think about his legacy at OSU and why it’ll be in the back of his mind as the Buckeyes prepare for their third game under Meyer against California this Saturday at noon. “Recently, I just thought about it. Any time you go out there and play I feel like you gotta have something to motivate you and when you think of your legacy is on the line, it allows you to perform well and it allows you to go out there and give it your all,” he said. “Most definitely it’s a thought in your head because you never wanna go out there and leave a bad reputation for yourself.” It could’ve been that way, though had Howard not righted the ship. And with exactly 10 games remaining in his career, Howard’s equally, if not more concerned with how his team will be remembered. “I just want to win,” he said. “I mean, I want them to remember us as a team that came out on top, so that’s the thing that I try to strive for.”


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Tuesday September 11, 2012

classifieds Unfurnished 3 Bedroom

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PAYING TOO much for wireless service? Get unlimited voice, text and data for $59.99 monthly. No contracts. No credit check. No deposit. Earn FREE service by referring others.

For Sale Miscellaneous TENT SALE. OSU women’s tees $5. Women’s sweatpants and yoga pants $10.00. Children’s tees $5. Fri to Sun. Lane Avenue at the corner of High Street. Questions? Email us at

WANT FREE CELL SERVICE?! You + Five Others= FREE 4U! Unlimited Talk, Text and Web. Go to

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TRANSCRIPTION FROM standard or micro cassette tapes, and general word processing. 30+ years experience. Reasonable rates. Contact Linda 614-596-9081

Tutoring Services A MATH tutor. All levels. Also Physics, Statistics and Business College Math. Teaching/tutoring since 1965. Checks okay. Call anytime, Clark 2940607.

IPAD VIDEO Lessons...The fast and easy way to learn your iPad. http://www.helpmelearnmyipad. com

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SATURDAYS. SUNDAYS. While you wait. Executive resumes. Military. Aviation. Theatrical. Nursing. Engineering. Biographies. Memoirs. Autobiographies. Business histories. Family histories. Personal statements. Wrapping Christmas gifts. Sewing buttons. Typing. Copies. Dictation. Secretarial. Filing. Organizing. Mailing projects. Also typing: Theses. Dissertations. Books. Manuscripts. Forms. Applications. Pricing negotiable. Cash only. 614-440-7416.

TENT SALE. OSU hats, tee shirts, sweat shirts and more. Hats $ 7. Short sleeved tees $7. Women’s and children’s tees $5. Fri to Sun. Lane Avenue at the corner of High Street. Questions? Email us at buckeyelogowear@gmail.GOLF COURSE Maintenance FT com. or PT hours avail.No experience necessary.Must enjoy outdoor work.Apply at green dept.9am-2pm m-f Brookside Golf and Country Club.Located 15 mins from campus in ALL OHIO Reptile Sale and worthington. Show. July 21, 2012, 9-3, Adults $4, under 10, $1. Moose Lodge 11; 1500 Demorest Rd; Columbus, OH 43228. 614/457-4433

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Real Estate Advertisements- Equal Housing Opportunity The Federal Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.” State law may also forbid discrimination based on these factors and others. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development at 800-669-9777.

Call 292-2031 to place your ad or do it online at – Terms of service available at Unfurnished Help Wanted Help Wanted Rooms 4 Bedroom General General 1 Crossword Los Angeles Times, Editedfurnished by Rich Norris 0 UTILITIES, rooms,and Joyce Lewis Large


Large in room. Northudes wainternet ses avail91-5001.

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ONE AND a half bedroom #1 option for 4located bedroom condo for rent at homes for Fall 2012!OffVisit Northampton Village of Bethel Rd. on Slade Ave. Rent more info! Addresses inisfor$675.00 a month. Includes clude 11, 2140 gas and 136 water.EMinimum of 8 Waldeck and more! months lease. 614-446-6036.

HoUse For rent Hardwood completely updated, RTMENT. floors, 1-2 bed- W/D, stainless steel kitchen appliances. Walking distance to E. 17th Gardens. et, laun- campus. $1200. Renter pays condos. Immedi- Utilities. 614-402-0496. frigerator $400.00i-fi. Sep- BEAUTIFUL HIGH - Rise ious LR. Condo for rent in Grandview value in Ohio. Close to OSU campus ent area. and and downtown. 2 BR 1 Bath ad with beautiful view of ColumBDRM/1 bus and surrounding areas. ree. pliances, High Floor location. AmmeniEE Inter- ties include swimming pool, 6 BR AFFORDABLE spau outdoor #1 gym, and event room. and private updated large BR columborhood, cious Askingon$1,850.00 per month Central campus. Gas ding, off- House furnished, or $1,650.00 per heat, A/C, off-street parking, ck from month unfurnished. Rent per W/D hookups, 5/month dishwasher, month fireplaces, includes all utilities, $435. 614deposit decks, electric, gas, and water. Pets 294-7067. www.osuproperty722. and underground parking tra per month. Looking to rent out by Jan. 1st, 2012. 8, 10 BR #1 option for large houses ous and for groups of 5-9! apts on 8, 10 BR Check out 226 E 16th, 202 E ral camous and Frambes and more! off-street ACROSS apts on ,ral camW/D 1 Home to the Ibsen 1 replaces, off-street at 3BDRM HOME $650, for 29 min. ,ting Favorite W/D texting partner, 7. www.- via Cota 2 OSU replaces, hardwood fl oors, garage, lg ting short at yard, *Please call Allison 4 7. www.4 In a crooked position showing qUiet @614.332.9320 dead near medical s BLvd complex. Safe. Excellent, low 9 Form 72 W. Blake Ave. OSU Area. noise/crime S BLVD 1/2 double, 3 BRneighborhood, Hi-efficiency quiet Prayer seriousopener tenants. Re14 Lord’s gas furnace, central hardsearch-oriented. OSUair,across 15 Deli counter unit wood fl oors, area rugs inthe street. $450/month, no utiliRED cluded, off-st. parking. No pets. ties. 614-805-4448. 16 What actors have to learn $1,000/mo. 1yr. lease. Day: RED Bed-17 Barcelona 221-6327 Evening: gold 261-0853

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flexible lease periods, super convenient location, 38 E. 17th Ave. Laundry, off-street parking, $200-$400/month. 296CUstomer serviCe Repre6304. sentative Local beverage distributor has DEAD QUIET near an opening for part timemedical help in complex. Safe.Service Excellent, low its Customer Departnoise/crime neighborhood, ment. Available hours are quiet serious tenants. Reweekday afternoons and Satursearch-oriented. across days. Candidates OSU must be dethe street. with $450/month, no utilipendable great communities. 614-805-4448. cation skills. 15-20 hours per week. Apply online at EOE-M/F/V/D

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FEMALE STUDENT wanted to share gorgeous 6 bedroom house $1,000‑$3,200 on 19th. Rent is earn a month $440/mo. +1/6th utilities. to drive our new cars withAvailads. able now. Contact Kelsey 667-4078. ROOMMATE WANTED to share gorgeous 6 bedroom house on Frambes. Rent is $380/month + 1/6 utilities. AvailFrankLin internationaL able now. Please contact Dana is a mid-size manufacturer of 740-310-3977. adhesives and sealants located in South Columbus. We have Part-Time Production positions available on all shifts. Duties include packaging, forklift driving, drumming/pumping product, and more. High School GAY MALE with 2-bedroom Diploma or GED required. house to share, 15 min.check, drive 20 “Yes, indeed” Must meet bakground to OSU. Nice quiet residrug screen, and safe physical 23 Parlor or den dential area. Quiet clean exam requirements and be willhouse with washer/dryer, and ing to work in a dirty, dusty en24 Kindergarten basics stove/refrigerator. Friendly vironment. Pay is $10/hr, up to quiet roomate (owner). 25hours Dinner table dispenser 29 per week. $300/month (+$200.00 security 32 Restful resorts deposit). Please printRich43209@yahoo.out an application com www.franklininternational.from 35 Mystery writer Stout com or stop by to obtain an ap36 Et __M – F, 6:30 AM – 6:plication, 30 PM 37 Destiny Franklin International 2020 Bruck Street 200 E. 15th Ave. 4 Bedroom 38 Calculates Columbus, 43207 Apartment, OH 1 1/2 bath, carpet. For directions, please 614-759call 61440 Parisian negative Rent $300-325/month. 445-1458. 9952 or 614-935-7165.

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Roommate Wanted

KinGRANDVIEW: of “Skoal!” 3 bedroom, 2 41 Like bees attacking Female 1/2much bathroom network 19 Like pubcondo ale for rent. 43 Computer Help Wanted


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Units Units bedroom bedroom available. available. l Myers l2933 Myers or 2933 or om om Large Large in North. Northudes waudes wainternet internet ses availses avail91-5001. 91-5001. W

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Recently updated, great location. On the bus line. FemaLe stUdent wanted to Washer/dryer share gorgeous 6 included. bedroom $1600/month. Call 614-527house on 19th. Rent is 7909. $440/mo. +1/6th utilities. Available now. Contact Kelsey 440667-4078.

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roommate wanted to share gorgeous 6 bedroom house on Frambes. Rent is $380/month + 1/6 utilities. Available contact Dana #1 now. 4 BRPlease AFFORDABLE spa740-310-3977. cious and updated, large 4BR apts on North, South and Central campus. Gas heat, A/C, offstreet parking, dishwasher, W/D hookups, decks, fireplaces, Jacuzzi tubs. Starting at $400/ea. 614-294-7067. gaY maLe with 2-bedroom to share, 15 min. drive com to OSU. Nice quiet safe residential area. Quiet clean #1 OPTION for 4 bedroom house with washer/dryer, and homes for Fall 2012!Friendly Visit stove/refrigerator. quiet roomate (owner). for more info! Addresses in$300/month (+$200.00 security clude 136 E 11, 2140 deposit). Rich43209@yahoo.Waldeck and more! com

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HOUSE FOR RENT Hardwood OSIT floors, completely updated, ,vailable refrig., stainless steel TuesdayW/D, September 11,kitchen 2012apSE

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get paid To Write! Earn Up to $300 A Day. No Experience Necessary. ###! PART-Time Call Center Position, 5 Minutes from campus along #2 bus line. Part time afternoons & evenings. Call 614-495-1407, Contact HoUseCLeaning Helen. PT = $10.00/Hr + gas reimb. FT = Same + mo. Bonus = ##BARTENDERING! UP To $12+/Hr $300/ Day. No Experience NecNo weekends. essary. Training available. 800614.760.0911 965-6520 ext 124. ATTENTION STUDENTS Excellent pay, flexible schedules, customer sales/service, conditions, apply, all ages 17+, HoUsekeeping. wor‑ Call Now! 614-485-9443 or ontHington area family seeks line student for housekeeping, ironCALLING ARTISTS! ing, and garden work approx. 8Looking for artists to draw 12hrs/week. Flexible hours to basic white, simple meet black your and school schedule. and complex Work Usually 2 half images. days. should from home. experience. Flexible hours. have some NonPaid perhome. image. smoking Must877-HOYShave own TOYS transportation. $12/hr. Please phone (614)371-6572 or email note of interest to CHEER, TUMBLING, and Gymnastic Coaches needed for Columbus area gym. Must be able to coach ath-

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Travel/ Help Help Wanted HelpWanted Wanted For Sale Vacation Tutors Sales/Marketing Clerical Sudoku Sales/Marketing by The Mepham Group ©2012Pets

CUSTOMER SERVICE Open- PART-TIME position downtown mUsiC teaCHers needed BaHamas springSaleBreak ALL OHIO Reptile and osU Un UN ingsin at Call Center close to for organized, detail-oriented saLes and marketing P/T teaCHing/aBa ate stude stUdents’ Homes! $189 for 7 days.22, All 2011 prices9-3, in- OSU October instrUC‑ Show, ATTENTION GRADUATING 12 __ moss acronym stude Campus, P/T positions w. flexi- student. Mornings Monday positions for students looking tor Position in Engin clude : $4, Round-trip luxury cruise ate under 10, $1. Moose SENIORS OR RECENT Adults LEGAL CAREERS in Engin ble Set scheduling, Competitive thru Friday. Up to 12 Education to gain Sales and Marketing exown schedule. with food. on 11, Accommodations 1500 Demorest Rd, 13 Parapsychology subj.PositionKochalski Opening in Powell. Must be de- Lodge 44your Talk show moderator LLC GRADS pay, free downtown parking, ad- hours/week. Able to lift 10 lbs. Manley 8th grade perience.Deas includes marContinuing education the island at your choice of thir- Education OH 43228. pendable. Homes and Apart- Columbus, mortgage servicing 8th grade vancement opportunities. Appli- and to push21a“Didn’t heavy mean cart. represents homewor keting CMS services to poten- Inn-Town to do that” 45 Sentry’s question provided. teen resorts. Appalachia CPR, First Aid and Fingerprints ments is currently interviewing companies in residential homewor cants must have basic comSend resume and availability tial leads and customer ser- needed Competitive pay. Travel. skills a fe 614/457-4433 start working NEXT for a temporary leasing consul22 Like a bannedforeclosure book, actions. It replaced skills a fe puter 48 skills, professionalism, to:in have tran Lending library. the punt WEEK! College Nannies & Tu- vice. Responsibilities include in- Beforeposition, hire. $12.00 hour. 800-867-5018 with per full-time have tran good work andwith wknd tors is currently hiring for sev- side and outside sales with po- tant Please ca Work for ahistory Company Prefer starting in November. perhaps Ireland hours, If you have what it takes to Please ca availability. Please apply @ tential for development and de- Someone with interests in spring integrity! Break/winter 614-581eral after schoolINC. nanny posi- work PRINTROOM, Seeking We are looking for students inin a dynamic, fast paced marketing material. 26 First, to Franco 49 Shade trees tions. include Upper environment,come to our open terested teaching, in Real Estate and/or BREAK Travel the world and qualifiedLocations candidates in Columcareers Please apply at www.continen- Psychology, interviewing now! Powell, bus to workWesterville, as “Fan Photograpositioneducation, offers a make money while seating on to learn more about the Sales. The special 27football Wooden pin house 52 Tenth novel Reprein SueArlington, CUSTOMER SERVICE Lewis Start following occupational starting pay, with the beach with an all inclusive pher” Center PT at and competitive full-time (day shift) (614) 847-1212 location. sentative times varyplace from pmOpporto 4:- and part-time (evening shift) or physical therapies and who 3 THE t T Amazing work. BEDROOM, 2 Full Bath Con- tHe 28to2:30 Rejoice Grafton’s “Alphabet” series opportunities for commissions Go to Local beverage distributor has 00 pmtoand end around enjoys on performance. If inter- dominium tunity getusually into sports events opportunities that may be FOR SALE or Exper based 29online Lotto-like game 58 Lite cigarette boast an opening for part time help in 6:00 pm. Apply at www.working with kids. Phone interand marketing. Must be open, ested in working in a fun, busy LEASE in Chatham Village available: Pr its Customer Service Depart- views environment please con- (Kenny and Ackerman). Walk, outgoing, self-motivated, and work 30andMythical archer Messinghours of “Will Grace”Sales ment. 59 Available are&reliable. afterus 3:30. Contact Cheryl photo expe- Legal Assistants tact at 614-294-1684 or 740stop Bike, or Bus to OSU! All new weekday and Satur- rience a plus. 881-4325. avail- Paralegals included, many Re by our office at 2104 Tuller St. appliances 31Must Talk be wildly 60afternoons Afternoon potful part‑time; On the busline. days. Candidates de- able for all of home games. De- Title Preparers for more information. Serious more updates, low mainteProfessional office.must 3-4 be mornpendable with communi32 Chopped sideLegal dishAssistant 61week. Holdgreat holdings if qualified. but lots of space! inquires only and degrees pre- nance, ings per Detail oriented tails will be emailed “eYeBrow tHreading, Call cation skills. 15-20 per Apply at Interns 1,676 Sq.Buy Ft. $149,900. ferred. person with hours numbers. Special: One Service Get 33 High-end 62good Best-case week. resume Apply online at www.su614-507-5194. Send & availability to fo/jobs.asp? or with your reSame Free (Bring Your Friend) intern sume to: Osutruefans@print34 Welk’s upbeatHr 63 Brain scan, for short CAREER FAIR 1872 N. High Street, The EOE-M/F/V/D HoUrs at very Wednesday, October 26th BIKE BUS to OSU from FLeXiBLe ThreadOR Shop” 38 Frills, ribbons, ruffl es,to and 64 “Stuck __”: Elvis hit Nifco America, a plastic injecBeechwold Ranch. Totally officeover in Wor3:00p.m. 7:00p.m. ELECTION WORK/CANVASS- pleasant SMALL medical COMPANY 50 tion molding company, located fi nished basement with bath, 2 attention investors! Filing, faxing,F/Tand ING through Election years in business or in Canal Winchester, OH is DFW FURNITURE a local retail car suchneeds 65 Funeral song Day, thington. garage, 3 season room off CampusHandyman is your soluoffice duties. This is an excellent opportunity November 8th. Must be avail- other P/T worker. We No will experiwork looking furniture chain is currently seekan HR law Intern. updated kitchen. Open living/ tion for your property 4-10ofhours a support to join aforgrowing firm. This We Bit arena 66 BriefDay titles foruntil the ence able Election 8am printroom, inC. Seeking aroundnecessary. your 39 schedule. We do ing high energy part time sales paid internship will initially be dining room with WBFP. Hardmaintence needs. Look us uproofi at ng & light offer a comprehensive benefits polls close. Help Ohio busi- week. qualified candidates Columgutters, associates for our Columbus time and might be full time 42 In olden dayspart under carpet. Under 20-,inPhotogra25-, and siding, Text CampusHandyman to a BestBuy gift card for a wood package, including paid time get nesses get asof liquor licenses. bus to starts work “Fan repair work. Good drivers warehouse location. Sales ex- $200,000. in the future. The HR Intern penny C-21 Joe Walker, 90210 for more information. at off,disability insurance & 401(k). $8/hr +52-Across 50 cents/mile. pher” PT at football Election games. 614-781-1749. license a must. Nelson Roofing 44 Skipper’s area perience is preferred but not rewill work directly with the HR Georgia Stanton. 263-0001. You Day $100place + mileage + $50/100 Amazing to work. Oppor- 4636 Indianola. (614) 262-9700. quired. hourly forward recruit- will find huge discounts on gold To register, onplease win bonus. 46 Morally base department tunity to get into www.whyisee.sports events Flexible a mUsiC instrUCtion: ClassiHR administrative tasks and silverschedule, coins andGreat bars,for jewyour resume to openhousecom. marketing. Call Charles 447-9992 or WAREHOUSE HELP, 315 ment, and Must be open, college a cal guitar, other styles, Theory, and special projects. To be 47 Wine and Further informa- elry, giftstudent. cards, We and pay much, (Linworth), outgoing, self-motivated, and and 161 area hourlymore ratebidplus commission Aural Training, Composition & considered, you must be pursuand win. tion will follow. Manley Deas much about 20 hours per week, reliable. Sales and photo expeENTERTAINER/TEACHER. 50 Measured (out) DOWN ing a HRLLC bachelor’s degree Kochalski is an Equal Op- and bonus. Please apply in Songwriting. Call Sound Enrience a plus.Play Mustand be Music avail- M-F, flexible hours between GYMBOREE and currently a sophomore or person at 2255 Westbelt Drive deavors @614/481-9191 www.portunity Employer. contact able all of home enthusiastic games. De- 8:00-5:00. E-mail 51 Look of derision Blessing seeksfor1energetic, Columbus, Ohio 43228 or send BAHAMAS higher status, a GPA above SPRING Break Care, a Developinformation to tails willfor bepart-time emailed work. if qualified. people Must aBsoLUte 2.5, ability to hold confidential your resume or e-mail to $189 for 7 days. All prices inmental Disabilities (DD) ofsup52 Rivers comedy 2toMuch ado about something graphicservices@proforma.Apply at able sing unaccompanied clude : Round-trip luxury cruise provides in information, excellent communi- com living agency, fo/jobs.asp? or Baggins’s with your re- port and lead interactive paren53 “Just doing my job” and diverse computer 3to:Bilbo nephew cations, with food. Accommodations on need C sume Osutruefans@printt/child play or music/art classes home support to many individu- skills and highly organized. Pays WC the island at your choice of thir- NEED als throughout Franklin County. WRITER NEEDS to Hire 54 User of the Force for newborns to 5 year olds. 4 Postulate W and Fre teen resorts. Appalachia Pays We are currently accepting apJapanese Translator ASAP We are looking for people with Fre www.gbg should Travel. and for 55 partOver, time and full Interested in Hanover Call (614)276-3881 For Details. Hunk background or plications MEDICAL candidates ATTENDANT some 5 teaching www.gbg To Join: aaron BUYs aLL Cars resume a time Direct Care Professionals email neededa in home.along Part with time, PART-TIME WORK AVAIL- 800-867-5018 those 6 majoring in ECE, TheNEW * OLD * JUNK * To Join: 56 Wet blanket, transcript so to speak to Garment for Rob Roy mornings and evenings. ABLE FOR WINTER atre, Music or Art. Will train. and House Managers. We WRECKED for SPRING BREAK/WINTER theLuggage highest level smaLL CompanY over 50 strive to bring57 Excellent experience for Inn-Town Homes ApartMUST 7BE RELIABLE. If interattachments twin LoFt Bedsandexcellent Quito’s nation: Abbr. DAYS, EVENINGS AND WEEKEND SHIFTS Any Vehicle, Today! consideration. Travel CA$H the world and years business F/T or ments is currently looking for BREAK ested, insend yourneeds resume or of quality of professional care pre-allied med students. conditions email sixwhites@Free money tow, while Free notary! make to our clients in the industry. P/T worker. We will work 58 Sgt., e.g. 8 Place to grab a screwdriver 614-421-2183 part-time leasing positions for seating on qualifications in a Microsoft the beach with an all inclusive around your schedule. We do Please visit our website at November-January. areimmediate Word or PDF file to columbus.We currentlyWe have openings 614-268-CARS(2277) BABYSITTERS NEEDED. atsiding, home? for more gutters, roofing & light looking for students who are in- location. To Must be caring, reliable, have Go to information about our services repair work. Good drivers in our Columbus, OH stores: terested available in Real Estate and/or learn more about GPM go to great references and own trans9 Sits sloppily tom & Jerry’s Auto Service. license a must. Nelson Roofing and job requirements. To apSales. Position offers great Brakes, exhaust, shocks, & tow- Colleged portation. your schedule. pleasePick submit your resume (Easton, Pickerington, Dublin, Hilliard, Grove City, 4636 Indianola. (614) exactly 262-9700.tellply, 10 Doesn’t pay, fl exible hours and fun ing. 1701 Kenny Rd. 488- ART ST Apply to nationaL aFFordaBLe work environment. Evenings 8507. FEMALES PREFERRED for or visit: www.tomandjer- Brewery Upper Arlington, and Polaris) 11 Not pro Housing Trust, has a part-time BEFORE/AFTER SCHOOL and weekends a must. If you ongoing medical fanta- mediCaL attendant “Non-tem Teachers Powell/Lewis Center, accounting opportunity at their are looking to make some extra sy/fetish photo & video work needed BONJOUR in home. Part time, Starting a location.OSU! Ideal for a LiFe HS Diploma & be at least 18 Columbus is short money for school, this is a with an established pro- mornings La Chatelaine French Bakery and evenings. ATTENTION INVESTORS! Call Shaw years old. Child supervision, current college student who Take great Vitamins! opportunity for you! If inducer. Good pay & easy Excellent & Bistros are looking for in experience for helping would CampusHandyman is your solulike to gain experience leading group activities, terested, please contact us at work. Must be ht/wt propor- pre-allied med students. enthusiastic, charming and the field or a recent college 614-294-1684 or stop by our of- tion for your property with homework and other tionate. Reply to: Dispatch is 614-421-2183 hardworking tHe CoLUmBUs September 13th • 10am-4pm graduate lookingladies for and flexible fice Thursday, similar duties. Email at 2104 Tuller St. for more maintence needs. gentlemens thatDuties love toinclude work accepting resumes for vari- CampusHandyman to stUdent rates. Free initial part-time work. tent saLe all week! Crew Text information. in a established family own able part-time Hopper Feeder Free membership with employ- financial for more Attorney information. Anconsultation. statement preparation neck sweatshirts $15. All hats 90210 HOUSECLEANING restaurant & bakery. Our positions. Hopper Feeders ment! drew Cosslett. Alcohol/Drug, and review, accounts payable, $7. Tees $7. MC/Visa wel- PT + gas reimb. to three locationsasin well as come. Lane use= $10.00/Hr a production machine Hampton Inn Columbus/Dublin Traffic, DUI, Criminal, Domes- HaLLow bank reconciliations Ave at High Street. FT = Same + mo. Bonus MUSIC INSTRUCTION: ClassiUpper Arlington, Worthington produce ad packages for in-= CARE PROVIDERS and ABA additional tic. Credit cards accepted. 614responsibilities in a SALES AND MARKETING P/T off S $12+/Hr 3920 Tuller Road cal guitar, other styles, Theory, 20% andbut Dublin, need weekday sertion into the newspaper. Therapists are waned to work busy “EYEBR 725-5352. casual and friendly positions for students looking 4545 Ken No weekends. Aural Training, Composition & personnel, Candidates should be consis- with children/young adults with work morning Special: environment. Candidate to gain Sales and Marketing Columbu Dublin,ex-OH 43017 614.760.0911 servers tently available to work day disabilities in a family home set- must charismatic Same Fr be proficient in &Excel; perience. Position includes mar- Songwriting. Call Sound En- Phone deavors @614/481-9191 www.- 1872 30 experienced night prepiscooks. shifts, be able to lift up to fifty ting or supported living setting. Peachtree N experience a plus. keting CMS services to potenadriatiCo’s pizza is Extensive training is provided. Restaurant experience highly pounds, and have the physiThread S I/T AND PROGRAMMING P/T looking Email cover letter and resume tial Unable to attend? leads and customerPlease ser- submit your resume via for qualified applicants This job is meaningful, allows recommended. cal ability to for long pepositions forstand students with to vice. Responsibilities include infill part-time shifts and to you to learn server intensively need m Please visit our website riods of time. knowledge of Candidates computer with pro- immediately. email, or call 317-748-4232Earn is a non-profit affordable side to outside sales with poDaytimeyour class NAHT CollegeD can accommodate whi a flexible schedule are encour3 Bedroom, 2 Full Bath gramming, hardware and soft- availability housing organization. EOE. tential for development andCondea must. Apply in schedule. Those in all related for locations to pick up an aged to apply by visiting dominium marketing FOR SALE or Hr ad executive can help you own onlin ware applications, looking to person signing material. 265ABA W 11th Ave. fields, at with interest, or hype, pr application. We are also on We are LEASE in Chatham Village gain real world experience. Re- Experience Please apply at www.continen- with your resume to make it plus for but these not miswho have a aheart Facebook or follow us on An Equal varies Opportunity (Kenny and Ackerman). Walk, perfect. Affordable price. www.crea sponsibility basedEmon required. sions please apply. Competicom. twitter @ lachatcolumbus ployer. Bike, or Bus to OSU! All new AARON BUYS ALL CARS specialization, but would in- tive wages and benefits. For appliances included, many clude IT work and customer more information call L.I.F.E. temporarYMerci! paid Student In- more updates, low mainte- NEW * OLD * ® JUNK * BonjoUr osU! WRECKED service. Please apply at www.- Inc. at (614) 475-5305 or visit ternship - Communications/MarCALL FLAVORS of India in nance, but lots of space! La Chatelaine French Bakery Any Vehicle, CA$H Today! at&www.LIFE-INC.NET EOE keting/Human North Market, Resources 638-5353. Flexi- 1,676 Sq. Ft. $149,900. Bistros are looking for FREE TOW, FREE Notary! reers ble hours, weekends and week- 614-507-5194. enthusiastic, charming and THERAPIST needed Veterinary EOE. days. College Counter of help/cashier KENNEL TECHNICIAN Posi- CHILD hardworking ladies and in The 614-268-CARS(2277) Northeastthat Columbus area Medicine needed. is looking for an intion. Immediate opening, duties the gentlemens love to work emotio 614‑440‑7416. tYping. work one-to-onefamily with autistic tern with a background in TEMPORARY PAID Student InHALLOW including feeding, medicating, to in a established own Rush. Overnight. TOM Emergency. & Jerry’s Auto Service. Psychoph in a home-based management, communi- ternship HoUse -For SALE Communications/Mar20% off S walking, and general hus- child, wanted: personaL restaurant & bakery. OurABA project EXPERIENCED RESTAUSaturdays. Sundays. Holidays. Brakes, exhaust, shocks, & tow- American program. NO EXPERIENCE cations, marketing, and/or huWhy rent when you can own? keting/Human Resources 4545 Ken bandry. No Seeking Trainer. previous self-motitraining three locations in RANTresources HOST/HOSTESS. Fine Pricing negotiable. ing. 1701 Kenny Cash Rd. only. 488- research Training proman to assist with a Updated 2BR, 1BA. Finished Columbu vated, animalrequired. loving, with ex- NECESSARY! experience Wean have Upper Arlington, Worthington dining to restaurant in Polaris Christmas gift Compens 8507. services: or visit: www.tomandjerChallenging and re- project last approximately 6 basement, backyard, Other Collegeprivate of Veterinary Phone 30 cellent work ethic to please an entire system train apply you. vided. and Dublin, need weekday for more area is seeking experienced The wrapping. Sewing buttons.

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sports US soccer readies for Reggae Boyz rematch PAT BRENNAN Sports editor The United States menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s national soccer team views its World Cup qualifying match against Jamaica as a cut-and-dry issue â&#x20AC;&#x201D; they need to win. Former U.S. national team star Brian McBride doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t share the current playersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; desperation, but even he conceded that qualifying for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil becomes problematic if the team doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take care of business against Jamaica Tuesday at Crew Stadium. The Americans are trailing Jamaica in the semifinal round of World Cup qualifying after a 2-1 loss to the Jamaicans in Kingston, Jamaica, on Friday. The loss leaves the U.S. stuck in a second-place tie in the group with Guatemala. Only the top two teams from the fourteam group will advance to the final round of qualifying. A positive result seemed likely for the U.S. early in the Friday game as midfielder Clint Dempsey scored 36 seconds into the match to put his team up, 1-0. That was the last time the Americansâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; offense would be heard from in the game as the Jamaican attack took center stage on its home field. Midfielder Rodolph Austin pulled Jamaica level in the 24th minute before striker Luke Shelton scored the game-winner for Jamaica in the 62nd minute off a free kick. During a Monday phone interview with The Lantern, McBride said that, despite the loss, now isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t the right time to combine the words â&#x20AC;&#x153;mustâ&#x20AC;? and â&#x20AC;&#x153;win.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Whenever you are at home in qualifying, you have to view it as a game you want to win. A must-win â&#x20AC;&#x201D; adding that word â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;mustâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; is only relevant when itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s you have to win or youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re out,â&#x20AC;? McBride told The Lantern. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not necessarily the case here. Does (a loss) make things problematic? Yeah, definitely, that added pressure can be good, can be bad.â&#x20AC;? Following a team training session Sunday in Crew Stadium, U.S. defender and captain Carlos Bocanegra, a member of the Spanish club Racing Santander, said Jamaica stretched the teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s defenses thin. The stretched defense, Bocanegra said, was just one of several factors in the loss. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think (Jamaica) more tired us out. It was a little bit of a frustrating match,â&#x20AC;? Bocanegra said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You know, the field wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t great. They were coming through us, the ref wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t calling much but it wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just bad for us. It was bad both ways. So, we need to adapt to that.â&#x20AC;? The last time the U.S. and Jamaica met in a World Cup qualifier at Crew Stadium was Nov. 17, 2004, and the teams drew, 1-1, before a crowd of

PAT BRENNAN / Sports editor

US menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s national soccer team forward Jozy Altidore fields questions from the media following the teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sept. 9 training session at Crew Stadium. more than 9,000 that sat in a cold rain. A sellout crowd is forecast for Tuesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s game, though, and those fans are likely to see a revamped approach from the American side. Dempsey, the first American-born player to ever score a hat-trick in the English Premier League and the current owner of the record for most goals scored in a single EPL season by a U.S. player (13), elaborated on what the U.S. will need to do against Jamaica in the rematch. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Playing with a little more confidence. Playing with a little more urgency,â&#x20AC;? Dempsey said of the Americansâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; likely strategy on Tuesday. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Do a better job of keeping possession and do a better job of creating chances.â&#x20AC;? Dempsey also claimed that Tuesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s match is

a must win, saying, â&#x20AC;&#x153;itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about getting results and getting three points on Tuesday.â&#x20AC;? Positives can be drawn from last weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s loss in Kingston, McBride said, and the situation is not all doom and gloom. â&#x20AC;&#x153;What Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d love to see is the U.S. play the passionate, quick-paced, possession passing game that theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been doing leading up to the Jamaica game,â&#x20AC;? McBride told The Lantern. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what I sort of expect to see and I hope to see a win.â&#x20AC;?


Columbus from 1B America is locked in a second-place tie with Guatemala in its four-team World Cup qualifying group from which only the top two teams can advance. Jamaica, nicknamed the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Reggae Boyz,â&#x20AC;? is sitting atop the group with seven points to Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s four points. Jamaica took the lead in the group after its 2-1 win against the Americans Friday in Kingston, Jamaica, but now the stage has switched to Columbus. U.S. midfielder Jozy Altidore, a member of Dutch club AZ Alkmaar, said his team knows it has to win on Tuesday and Columbus is just the place to get the job done. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think everybody feels that a little bit. If we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t win on Tuesday, it gets pretty scary,â&#x20AC;? Altidore said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think everybody understands whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s at stake.â&#x20AC;? Fortunately for U.S. fans, Altidore is no stranger to national-team success in Ohioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s capital city. The memory of Altidoreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first national team game at Crew Stadium is still strong today, he said. It was on Feb. 11, 2009, that 23,776 fans packed the stadium for a 2-0 American victory against Mexico. Altidore came on as a substitute in the 83rd minute of the game and was on the field for a goal by U.S. midfielder Michael Bradley that put the Americans up, 2-0, in stoppage time. With memories of that victory in tow, Altidore echoed the sentiments of Dempsey and McBride, saying, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Columbus is great.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s good to come home,â&#x20AC;? he said, â&#x20AC;?so hopefully we can put in a good effort.â&#x20AC;? U.S. defender and captain Carlos Bocanegra, a member of Spanish club Racing Santander, captained the American team and helped defend the teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Columbus fortress during the February 2011 game. Bocanegra said he hopes the team is able to succeed again on the pitch that has been so good to U.S. Soccer. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Here, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had great performances and it seems to be kind of a home field advantage for us,â&#x20AC;? Bocanegra said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We enjoy playing here and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re confident playing here.â&#x20AC;? Tuesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s match is scheduled to kick off at 8 p.m.



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Tuesday September 11, 2012


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