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OSU offers online courses to general public


DAN HOPE Oller reporter


Football on the brain

With the Buckeyes’ first game approaching, coach Urban Meyer said football is all he wants to talk about.

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While Ohio State is planning to create more massive open online course offerings for no class credit, the handful already offered through one partnership have returned low completion rates. OSU is one of 85 universities offering free online courses through Coursera, a website that offers classes online to students worldwide at no cost. Thus far, three of OSU’s Coursera courses — Calculus One, TechniCity and Writing II: Rhetorical Composing — have been through one run to completion, Wayne Carlson, OSU’s vice provost for undergraduate studies and dean of undergraduate education, and Tom Evans, senior instructional designer and open courses coordinator for OSU, both said. The enrollment numbers in each of the three courses, which cannot be taken for university credit, have been massive in comparison to traditional courses OSU offers, but the completion rates have not been nearly as high. Of the approximately 47,000 students enrolled in the Calculus I course, only about 1,800 completed it, Evans said. More than 30,000 students enrolled in the rhetorical writing course, Evans said, but Carlson said only about 500 completed the course. Carlson said approximately 400 students




Calculus One



Writing II: Rhetorical Composing



20,000 -21,000



(City and Regional Planning)

< 5% completion rate for each class Source: Reporting completed the TechniCity course out of the 20,000 to 21,000 enrolled. Though all of the courses had a completion rate of less than 5 percent, Carlson said those completion rates are “not inconsistent with Coursera’s statistics,” and said the low percentages do not concern him. “It’s looking at who might be taking those courses,” Carlson said. “Of the people who signed up for the course, probably three-fourths or maybe even more already had degrees. So they’re not taking this course in order to earn credit hours, in order to earn a college diploma.” Carlson added there would be cause for concern if the classes were being taken for credit. “I would worry about it if you had those kinds of numbers and you sold

KAYLA ZAMARY / Design editor it as a course for credit, because that would be some pretty dismal completion rates,” he said, “but the completion rate is meaningless if you look at it from the perspective of who’s signing up for it now.” Some universities have furthered their partnership with Coursera to offer for-credit courses for a fee, but OSU does not expect to do so. “I don’t think that the relationship with Coursera will expand,” Carlson said. Evans said offering massive open online courses for credit is not a “strategic goal” of the university, but added that the possibility is not being written off. “A lot of our ambition and our efforts are a result of interest and requests from the faculty and the

colleges at Ohio State,” Evans said. “Right now, we’re not currently looking at MOOCs for credit, but if people, faculty and departments are interested in it, then we’ll start looking into that and seeing what that takes and figuring out what that means.” OSU currently offers six courses through Coursera: two calculus courses, two courses through the College of Pharmacy, a city and regional planning course and a rhetorical writing course. Students throughout the world can enroll in those courses through Coursera. Evans said from the approximately 47,000 students that participated in the first run of OSU’s calculus course on Coursera, OSU received roughly the same amount of data they would receive in 10.3 years from traditional education. OSU mathematics professor Jim Fowler, the head instructor and project manager for OSU’s calculus MOOC program, said technology developed for the Coursera calculus classes is being used to better instruct local OSU students taking in-person calculus courses. “For local students, building all the content on Coursera means that we’re also producing a lot of content that’s helpful for our in-person students,” Fowler said. “It would have been hard, I think, to justify building a lot of this stuff if there (weren’t) multiple things you could do with it. The fact that we can produce content that has some global purpose but also can be used

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Man pulled from Mirror Lake out of ICU


Miley shocks at VMAs

Our columnist takes a look at the best, worst and most shocking from Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.


LIZ YOUNG Campus editor The man who was pulled out of Mirror Lake Aug. 18 was reported to be in fair condition at the Wexner Medical Center and no longer in the Intensive Care Unit as of Monday afternoon, according to Wexner Medical Center spokeswoman Marti Leitch. Tushar Shriram Kabre, age 28, was rescued from the lake after a 911 call reporting a “person in distress in Mirror Lake” was received at approximately 5 p.m., and other bystanders approached the Ohio State Public Safety Mobile Command Unit that was in the area to get additional help. The female OSU student who made the call has declined to comment on the situation. Police officers and Student Safety officers jumped into Mirror Lake to pull Kabre from the water and bystanders reported paramedics performed CPR and chest resuscitations for several minutes without any apparent reaction from him. Kabre was in critical condition in the ICU until he was declared to be in fair condition Monday, Leitch said. OSU Adminstration and Planning spokeswoman Lindsay Komlanc said in an email that Kabre “received a

masters of science in chemistry degree in Autumn 2011” and that he is not currently enrolled at the university. OSU Ph.D. candidate Krishna Patel, an acquaintance of Kabre’s from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, told The Lantern Aug. 19 that Kabre was a student from India and he didn’t know of any relatives of Kabre’s in the area. Attempts to locate relatives of Kabre were unsuccessful. Jumping in Mirror Lake before the OSU football game against the University of Michigan is a university tradition, and University Police Chief Paul Denton said whether the incident will affect the jump, which is not a university sanctioned event, will not be determined by University Police. Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs said he was not in the position to discuss the incident Aug. 19 because the details of what took place are not yet clear. How it will affect the jump is unknown. “Certainly the Mirror Lake jump will be discussed and, if appropriate, we will reflect on the unfortunate incident of another night,” Isaacs said. Isaacs said until the police investigation is completed it was “premature” to make any decisions. Isaacs said Monday there had not been any meetings that discussed the incident and its possible effects.

Attempted armed robbery reported LIZ YOUNG Campus editor An attempted armed robbery reported on Woody Hayes Drive led to University Police issuing a public safety notice for Ohio State’s campus Monday evening. The attempted crime was reported at 7:17 p.m. Monday. A female OSU student told police she was stopped by three white males and a white female, all appearing to be in their mid-20s, in a red GMC SUV, according to the notice. The vehicle was traveling on Woody Hayes Drive near the Olentangy River bridge when it stopped and one of the males reportedly demanded the student’s backpack while “brandishing a red handgun,” the notice said. The suspects then allegedly left eastbound after the student refused to hand over her bag. The safety notice was issued approximately two hours after the incident reportedly occurred. University Police representatives did not immediately return requests for comment Monday evening.

2A Dr. J advises students 10 ways to stay safe

Dissecting ash tree eaters

An Ohio State professor won an international award for his research with emerald ash borers.

10 Safety Tips

weather high 89 low 74

1. Use university resources


3. Take part in neighborhood safety

2. Be informed 4. Share the Road 5. Be cautious


6. Deter thieves




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partly cloudy

9. Prevent fires



10. Be a good neighbor

7. Be a good sport 8. Party responsibly

Source: Reporting

KAYLA ZAMARY / Design editor

KATHLEEN MARTINI Lantern reporter Many Ohio State students have probably been told by their loved ones to stay safe both on- and off-campus, but a recent OSU email attempted to address some specifics of how they can protect themselves from harm. OSU Vice President of Student Life Javaune Adams-Gaston sent out an email Aug. 22 urging students to stay safe on and off campus. This is the second year Adams-Gaston has sent out an email with safety tips, and this year’s email included roughly the same 10 tips from last year. Previously, Adams-Gaston had used her column on the Buckeye Net News weekly email to talk about safety, but she decided last year to use email to reach students, OSU Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs said. “What Dr. J wanted to do with this is come up with a broad list of safety topics,” Isaacs said. “Obviously, there could be more, but she wanted to pick the ones that she felt most impacted students.” Adams-Gaston included links to campus resources in the email to give students access to more information, Isaacs said.

“She just thought this was a good time, with students coming back to campus for the start of the school year, to put this out,” Isaacs said. “Many of the safety tips are really common sense, but I think it’s always good to just have a reminder about these issues and about safety.” The tips included “Be informed,” “Deter thieves,” “Party responsibly” and “Be a good neighbor,” among others. The email was sent to all OSU students, but some did not take the message personally. “Emails get really impersonal, so I opened it, I kind of glanced at it, kind of read the bolded words, but I didn’t really go into detail about reading it,” said Cailin Manning, a second-year in dance. “I think at a school with this big of a population, it’s really hard to reach out and get really personal with messages like that.” Other students thought the message had a positive effect. “I don’t know if they (most students) read it, but I know that it’s pretty effective at least getting it out and at least getting people to see it,” said Christa Moore, a first-year in psychology and criminology. Moore received the email but did not read it. Although neither paid much attention to the email initially, both Manning and Moore agreed

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campus Untying the effects of Gee’s legacy: students and staff react MADELYN GRANT / Lantern reporter Former Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee announced his retirement June 4, effective July 1, and former Provost and Executive Vice President Joseph Alutto assumed the role of interim president the same day as Gee’s retirement. The announcement of Gee’s retirement came days after controversial remarks he made at a Dec. 5 OSU Athletic Conference became public. Comments about Notre Dame and the SEC in particular, among other remarks, brought national attention. The OSU Board of Trustees appointed a Presidential Search Committee July 16 to establish the criteria for the next university president. The committee began its search for the next university president July 19 and will hold a Symposium on the University Presidency Friday at 1 p.m. at the Ohio Union, which will feature a panel of several current and former university presidents as part of a discussion about the presidency at research universities.

“Long term, I don’t think there is going to be much (impact). Students will miss him coming to events.”

“Gordon Gee has left big shoes to fill.”

SHELBY LUM / Photo editor Evan Schreiber, 4th-year in romance studies, poses with former OSU President E. Gordon Gee at the Ohio Union June 27.

- WYNNE WONG Second Language acquisition and French Professor

- BROOKE RAAKE Undergraduate Adviser Department of Geography

“I was looking forward to his bowtie.” - SARAH EDDY first-year in animal nutrition

“I hope it doesn’t impact our football team. I worry It could deter people from coming here now and that it was a hit on our character. ”

“His passion and love for this university…(the new president) need(s) to embody that.” - KIRSTEN WYCUFF Director of stuartship in the College of Education and Human Ecology

- KRISTEN VAN GUNDY fourth-year in English

KAYLA BYLER / Managing editor of design

OSU professor, tree expert wins international award DANIEL BENDTSEN Lantern reporter Emerald ash borers have been called the most destructive forest pest in North America, even though they were only discovered in 2002. Each fall, the beetles burrow into millions of American ash trees as larvae and damage them by feeding on the innermost layer of the bark. This decimation of ash trees, which make up about 10 percent of the forests in Ohio, threatens extinction of the species and could lead to disastrous consequences for the ecosystem. That cycle of destruction is precisely what Ohio State professor Daniel Herms is working to understand, and if possible, prevent. Herms is the chair of the entomology department at OSU and has been a leader in research on the emerald ash borer since its discovery. His work over the last decade led the International Society of Arboriculture to honor him this year with their R.W. Harris Author’s Citation award. The award, which has been given out since 1963, is “granted to authors of outstanding publications for sustained excellence in the publication of timely information pertaining to the field of arboriculture,” according to the ISA website. ISA is a nonprofit that has worked for more than 80 years to improve tree care research and education, and has a membership of about 20,000. Herms became a member of ISA in 1982, but said he was shocked when the president of ISA called him to tell him he was being given the Author’s Citation. “I had no idea I was being considered for the award and I didn’t really know that I would be competitive for it. It was just a really nice surprise,” Herms said. “Getting an award like this from the society that has done so much to enhance the professionalism of the tree care business, and for my peers to think I’ve made a substantial contribution to that, it’s very rewarding.” His boss, Steve Slack, the director of the OSU Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, said Herms is “the person who’s looked to nationally, for his insights, observations and for direction on how we ought to be looking at a problem of this type.” Slack believes Herms’ blend of passion and critical thinking makes him the ideal personality to protect Ohio’s forests. “Dan was born and raised a Buckeye and he’s passionate about Ohio and its natural resources,” Slack said.


Daniel Herms, OSU entomology department chair, D-Vac sampling trees as a student. He added that Herms brings unique qualities to his position. “As a citizen of the state, he cares very deeply about that and therefore, he tends to look at these things pretty holistically. He’s interested in the science, but he’s also interested in the outcome and how that’s going to impact the state,” Slack said. “It’s an interesting combination because what you have is a person that brings a lot of passion and a lot of curiosity to the problem but he does that in a way that he can step back and look at the questions objectively and help drive the discussion that needs to occur as a broader society.” That broader discussion is something Herms and his colleagues believe is imperative to understand the destructiveness that the emerald ash borer is capable of. His holistic view, Slack said, has allowed Herms to foresee the problems that could come from a species like the ash tree being removed from an ecosystem where the interconnected nature of organisms are what maintain the environment’s balance. American ashes play a vital role in the nutrient cycling of wetlands and prevent erosion along floodplains, Herms said. The destruction of the ash would create a gap in the canopy that

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Daniel Herms, OSU entomology department chair, won the International Society of Arboriculture R.W. Harris Author’s Citation award this year.

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continuations locally is a good way to justify building a lot of cool online content.” OSU is not making a profit from its relationship with Coursera, but Evans said the partnership has been beneficial in other ways. “What we’re learning about is that MOOCs are excellent tools for outreach and engagement, in addition to being able to capture a large amount of student data to help really understand effective online teaching strategies,” Evans said. “We’re looking for ways that we can use that massive amount of data that we’re getting — years of data in such a short period of time — to impact and make enhancements to the way that we’re doing teaching and learning here at Ohio State.” Carlson said in September, there was a possibility of money becoming involved down the line. “Now down the road, there may be a business plan, a revenue stream that evolves and then at that particular point, we can enter into discussions with Coursera and the partners about how that revenue is shared. There is no such revenue right now,” Carlson told The Lantern. Coursera has a Signature Track service through which some of its university partners offer courses for official university recognition for a “small fee,” according to a Coursera release. University of Michigan, Case Western Reserve, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Duke University and University of Pennsylvania are among the schools offering at least one Signature Track course, according to a listing of courses on Coursera’s website. Prices for available Signature Track courses on Coursera’s website range from $30 to $90, according to the Coursera website.

Safety from 1A with the safety tips Adams-Gaston sent out. Moore said her biggest tip would be to not walk alone at night and to stick with friends. Manning added that there are small things that can be done to increase one’s safety.

Trees from 2A will change the environment of the forest floor and can facilitate the spread of more invasive species. Even in light of the award, Herms believes his most important legacy is the students he teaches. “We train these wonderfully talented students and then they go off and they kind of magnify your work because they make their own contributions

A request for an interview with the Coursera founders was declined. A Coursera spokeswoman did not respond to requests for comment about the Signature Track program. OSU is keeping its focus on offering for-credit online courses through its own platforms, though, Carlson said. “I think probably what we learned from our current relationship with Coursera will be brought to bear on other kinds of online courses, or perhaps flipped classroom courses or hybrid courses that we’re going to be offering through Ohio State’s resources,” Carlson said. A flipped classroom course “involves taking the traditional course elements of homework and lecture and swapping their places within the structure of the course,” according to the OSU University Center for the Advancement of Teaching blog. OSU has more than 600 for-credit online courses offered through OSU’s resources, Evans said. Evans said overall, he believes the three Coursera courses that have been completed thus far have been “very successful.” In addition to the six courses already scheduled to be available through Coursera, Evans said OSU plans to add “roughly four courses each year for the next couple years” to the platform. In total, Evans said OSU’s goal is to develop at least 200 open online courses, including courses hosted on iTunes U in addition to Coursera. “We’re kind of still looking into this MOOC landscape and testing it out and seeing what’s going on,” Evans said. “As a lot of institutions … are entering in this MOOC arena, we want to be a part and we want to have a seat at that table to help drive how MOOCs are being used within higher ed.”

“I have pepper spray. I always keep that on my keychain, so little things like that,” said Manning, who lives off-campus. “Just being smart about where you are, especially late at night. Being aware of your surroundings.” Adams-Gaston was not available for comment.

to the field. It’s really what it’s about,” he said. Mary Gardiner works with Herms as an assistant professor of entomology and said Herms’ generosity has made him a great leader. “Dan has led the way in helping to understand how invasive species spread and how they change the ecosystem. I’ve learned a lot from him about forest entomology and a lot about mentoring graduate students,” Gardiner said. “He’s the kind of person who makes you feel like he has time to talk to you, even though he probably doesn’t.”

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thelantern results MONDAY Men’s Soccer (Exhibition) Notre Dame 1, OSU 0

upcoming wednesday Women’s Soccer v. Pittsburgh 7 p.m. @ Columbus

friday Men’s Soccer v. UNC-Wilmington 7:30 p.m. @ Columbus Women’s Volleyball v. Liberty 6 p.m. @ DeKalb, Ill.

Saturday Football v. Buffalo 12 p.m. @ Columbus Women’s Volleyball v. Green Bay 1 p.m. @ DeKalb, Ill. Women’s Volleyball v. Northen Illinois 1 p.m. @ DeKalb, Ill. Field Hockey v. Temple 2:30 p.m. @ Philadelphia Men’s Cross Country: Flyer 5K Challenge TBA @ Kettering, Ohio Women’s Cross Country: Flyer 5K Challenge TBA @ Kettering, Ohio

Sunday Men’s Soccer v. Northern Illinois 2:30 p.m. @ Columbus Women’s Soccer v. Arizona 6 p.m. @ Columbus

Meyer, OSU enter first game week of 2013 Eric Seger Sports editor It is officially game week for the 2013 edition of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team, and coach Urban Meyer said football is all he wants to talk about. “I just can’t wait to play football,” Meyer said Monday, deflecting a question asking if he is the same guy he was when he coached at the University of Florida. “All due respect, I just want to answer questions about football.” A constant throughout camp has been talk about how impressive younger players such as freshmen Dontre Wilson, Ezekiel Elliot, Jalin Marshall and Joey Bosa have been performing and how they are expected to contribute right away. Meyer said a few of those freshmen will see the field against Buffalo. “For sure, Dontre Wilson and Ezekiel Elliot will play,” Meyer said. “On defense, Joey Bosa for sure will play.” Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Tom Herman said OSU would “be foolish” not to let Wilson touch the ball on offense, but doing so is a delicate balance. “I think that you have to be careful with a true freshman that has to play some running back, has to play some wide receiver, has to flex out and run routes,” Herman said. “So the package will be small to start the year off, and let him become an expert at the few things we are asking him to do.” Meyer said Wilson is “going to return the opening kickoff of the 2013 football team,” but is more “anxious” to see how he reacts to being in front of a large crowd at Ohio Stadium. “I think coaches have a tendency to devalue what happens when you jog out that tunnel, especially at a place like Ohio Stadium,” Meyer said. “There will be a lot of deep breaths being taken and you just can’t create that animal until you get that opportunity.” Senior safety C.J. Barnett called the feeling he got when he ran out onto the field for the first time at the Horseshoe “unexplainable,” but has simple advice for Wilson for Saturday’s opening kickoff. “The only thing I could tell him is just take a deep breath and he’s out there for a reason,” Barnett said. “We all have confidence in him that he can get the job done, so just relax.” Another position that younger, more inexperienced players could see time at is running back, due to both senior Carlos Hyde and redshirt-junior Rod Smith being suspended for three and one games, respectively. Meyer, however, said he is

Lantern file photo

Then-sophomore Ryan Shazier overlooks the sidelines during a game against Michigan State on Sept. 29, 2012 at Spartan Stadium. OSU won, 17-16. not worried about the spot, thanks to the return of redshirt-senior Jordan Hall from the injuries that plagued him in 2012. “Jordan Hall is the best running back on our team right now, and so he’ll have to lose that spot,” Meyer said. “Bri’onte Dunn and Warren Ball are the next two in, and we want to get Ezekiel (Elliot) in to see how he responds in that kind of environment.” Meyer also said Wilson could see some time at running back, depending on the offensive sets they go with, but for the time being, Hall is the guy. “Jordan is a little smaller but he is arguably one of the toughest guys pound-for-pound on our team,” Meyer said. During OSU Media Day Aug. 11, Meyer spoke about how there were four or five units on the team that were causing him to be uncomfortable as fall camp came to a close. His thoughts on those units have since changed. “Offensive line, I feel very good about (it),” Meyer said. “Quarterback, feel very good about. The receivers (are) probably one of the most improved areas on our team. Running back feel very good about.” There is one position, however, that Meyer believes the team is still lacking at: linebacker. “The area we are still trying to solidify is linebacker,” Meyer said. “Curtis Grant has not really played a whole lot of Mike (middle) linebacker, but he’s catching up quick.” Meyer noted how Grant is behind because he suffered a concussion during training camp, but is doing his best to get on the same level as his teammates before Saturday.

OSU men’s soccer falls at Notre Dame, 1-0 in exhibition play Dan Hessler Lantern reporter

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Defensive coordinator and linebackers coach, Luke Fickell said Grant is in a tough position, because even though he is a junior, he has yet to see consistent playing time. “A guy that’s a junior in college maybe wouldn’t miss a beat because he’s been here for two years and had a lot of experience,” Fickell said. “But the reality is he has not had a whole (lot) of game experience.” Junior linebacker Ryan Shazier echoed his position coach, but said the inexperience goes beyond just Grant. “I feel like the biggest concern right now is because we have a lot of inexperience and a lot of young guys,” Shazier said. “When we get a lot of guys that haven’t played together, it’s kind of a struggle.” Fickell said even though the concussion set the starting middle linebacker back, he still has confidence in him. “The reality is if that was a freshman that missed 10 or so days or 10 practices or something like that, you would be much more worried,” Fickell said. “I’m not worried about Curtis Grant, because his passion and his energy is what’s going to show.” According to Meyer, the team held a meeting Monday afternoon to decide the 2013 captains. An OSU athletics spokesman told The Lantern that the decision has not been made as of late Monday evening. Kickoff against Buffalo is scheduled for 12 p.m. Saturday at Ohio Stadium.

No. 7 Notre Dame defeated unranked Ohio State, 1-0 Monday in South Bend, Ind. night to finish off exhibition play. Notre Dame was able to set the tempo for a scoreless first half by controlling possession as a young Buckeye team struggled to put together any attack. The Fighting Irish outshot the Buckeyes 13-1 in the first half, but OSU junior goalkeeper Alex Ivanov kept the team alive by gathering a total of 7 saves, stopping everything that came his way. To begin the second half, OSU coach John Bluem opted to replace Ivanov with junior goalkeeper Andrian McAdams, who helped record a win last week against Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne. Notre Dame came out with the same game plan as the first half, using aggressive offensive play. The Irish were able to capitalize against McAdams in the 66th minute when senior forward Leon Brown trapped the ball after it bounced off the crossbar from a shot and sent it across the box where fellow senior

Shelby Lum / Photo editor

Junior midfielder Yianni Sarris looks for an open teammate against IPFW on Aug. 20. OSU won, 2-0. forward Alex Priede was waiting to tap it in for a goal. The match ended with Notre Dame holding a 25-6 advantage in shots on goal. OSU’s best chance to score came late in the match when junior midfielder Alec Lowell took a free kick from just outside the top of the box and blasted it over the goal. Lowell came into the match with 28

minutes left and tallied two shots, including one of the team’s two shots on target. Bluem said he was pleased with the team’s effort Monday and hopes to have a starting roster in place after a couple of days of watching film. “I’m happy with the effort from our guys tonight and we learned a lot about our players,” Bluem said. “We started four freshmen tonight and this is a highly ranked team and one of the toughest we will play this year. They outplayed us for most of the game but we didn’t yield and kept fighting.” Since the Buckeyes only return four starters from last year, coaches used exhibition to learn about the young players and see who should earn a spot on the regular season starting roster. OSU brought in a total of nine freshmen as part of a top-30 recruiting class. OSU ends exhibition play with a record of 1-2 after losing 1-0 to both West Virginia and Notre Dame. The team’s lone exhibition win came last week defeating IPFW 2-0. The Buckeyes are scheduled to begin regular season play this weekend in the Wolstein Classic when they take on UNC-Wilmington Aug. 30 at 7:30 p.m. and Northern Illinois Sept. 1 at 2:30 p.m. at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium.

St. John Arena ‘not just another building’ Sports Columnist

St. John Arena isn’t just another campus building. It’s a cornerstone of the greatness that is Ohio State athletics. It housed our men’s basketball program’s lone national championship Matthew Mithoefer team. It carries so much more significance than the name “Building 076,” its identification number marked on campus maps, could ever give it. I, along with thousands of other students before and after me, spent one of my first days on campus inside its hallowed walls at convocation freshman year. I watched my brother receive his OSU diploma there when I was younger. I took my dad there for last year’s Skull Session prior to the football game versus Purdue. It has long provided

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the backdrop when ESPN’s College GameDay comes to town. Without a doubt, I am one of many who share cherished memories of the 57-year-old building; which is exactly why the news of its demolition is so hard to digest. Last November, the university announced that a $10 million gift from businessman Sam Covelli would pave the way for a new 4,000-seat facility, named Covelli Arena, to replace St. John Arena. Covelli, the CEO of Covelli Enterprises in Warren, Ohio, is the largest franchisee of Panera Bread in the United States. According to a release from OSU, the arena will be a meeting place for roughly 13,000 participants in Department of Athletics’ camps each year. It will also house seven varsity sports including volleyball, gymnastics, fencing and wrestling. Despite all these new additions, I will still miss the old building. If they choose to, I am willing to put money on the thought that the athletic department could auction off every last wooden seat in the place prior to demolition. This news of the impending destruction comes as no surprise, because nothing does anymore

when it comes to our athletic department’s greed for money (see: Gator Bowl, 2012). I understand that new facilities with vamped up amenities attract the nation’s best athletes. I’m totally fine with moving those sports that will call Covelli Arena home. But what I don’t understand is why St. John has to come to the ground. The university could still use it for any number of pursuits, including a physical hall of fame, office space or rec sports. My guess is E. Gordon Gee, who was president at the time when the announcement was made and frequently pushed to make students live on campus for two years, saw no way to convert it into student housing and decided to tear it down. It’ll be a sad day for this campus when the button is pushed to demolish St. John Arena in late 2014 or early 2015. I’m still recovering from watching Riverfront Stadium, home of my childhood Cincinnati Reds, implode one cold Sunday morning in December of 2002. So make sure you take a step inside St. John Arena this year. Take pictures, watch a volleyball match, breathe in its historic building mustiness and above all, remember its importance to this great university.


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Miley twerks, Timberlake shines at VMAs “the Great Gatsby” “the Walking Dead: the Complete third Season”

video games

“lost Planet 3” “Phineas & Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff”

Arts Columnist

“the english teacher”

From Miley Cyrus’ twerking to Justin Timberlake’s reunion with ‘NSYNC, the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards created enough buzz to serve as conversation fillers for the next few days. However, even with everything the VMAs offered, the Sunday night airing could be summed up with one word: Justin. Mr. Timberlake received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and prefaced it with an awesome medley of various hits combined with incredible dance moves that make you wonder, “How Shannon Clary does he do that in a ‘Suit & Tie?’” His medley included a brief visit from his former boy band members of ‘NSYNC, which kind of made you feel sorry for how they have really disappeared into the background of mundane society while their dreamy, curly-haired leader is still making 15-year-old girls squeal as we speak. Timberlake’s hits, moves, humor (think “D--- in a Box”) and charm make him liked by virtually all demographics of people, not just 15-year-old girls. I thought the award was very well deserved, and it made me realize how JT has been there throughout nearly every stage of my 23-year-old life. His talent and knack for entertaining is truly timeless, and that’s the sign of a real celebrity. He also snagged Video of the Year for “Mirrors.” That being said, a lot of things have changed since I was a preteen watching the VMAs. Miley Cyrus would not have gotten away with her performance when I was in middle school. Remember how upset everyone was when Madonna kissed Britney Spears? Like comedian Kevin Hart said, “Miley better go get a pregnancy test after all that grinding.” It was tacky, bizarre and overtly sexual. The highlight of her act for me was Vanessa Bayer introducing it with her hilarious impression made famous on “Saturday Night Live.”

Inappropriate twerking aside, at least Macklemore & Ryan Lewis made a good impression on the night. They won Best Hip-Hop Video for “Can’t Hold Us” and Best Video with a Social Message for “Same Love.” The latter they also performed toward the end of the show. It takes guts to address the civil rights movement of our day in such a blunt fashion while being the forefront of a genre that thrives on masculinity and sexually degrading women. If you’re going to speak to a million young people, you might as well have something important to say. Kudos to the duo and songstress Mary Lambert, who is featured in the song, for tackling the issue. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry delivered their usual eye-catching performances — Gaga’s with some incredible mid-performance costume changes, complete with a mermaid thong outfit and Perry’s with an adorable boxerthemed closing performance of her new hit “Roar.” These ladies are now staples of pop performance, and watching them is comfortable and fun. The Song of the Summer Award went to One Direction’s “Best Song Ever,” but I maintain that “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk featuring Pharrell was completely robbed. Who was listening to One Direction this summer? Preteen girls. Who was listening to “Get Lucky?” Everyone else. If college kids had the time to vote all day in text messages, I think Daft Punk would have come out the winner. Given the chorus of “boos” greeting One Direction, it will be interesting to see where the boy band is next year. Probably where Justin Bieber was this year ­— old news. A lot of buzz has also been about Taylor Swift, and not for winning Best Female Video for “I Knew You Were Trouble.” At one point, she was seen in the audience supposedly dropping an F-bomb while her One Direction ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles, was talking onstage. And then, she commented that the inspiration for her winning song knows who he is. She reminds me of that girl in high school who thrived on drama, even while her life was going perfectly well. Spare us Taylor, it’s time to grow up. Throw in pretty rad performances by Bruno Mars and Drake and this year’s VMAs were pretty exciting. And as someone who couldn’t name 10 people on the Top 40 charts, that’s saying something.

“Sweet Fuse: At your Side”

Local percussionist Tyler Birch rocks out on the Oval, High Street nen lin Soo Lantern reporter

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To emerge from a dissatisfying period of his life, Tyler Birch is drumming up some good vibes and sharing it with Ohio State’s campus. Ohio State students and staff may have seen Birch performing solo on his drum set on the Oval for two to three hours or more a few times since his first performance there on Aug. 12, but what many may not realize is that Birch has only recently begun lugging his drum set around the campus area and playing in open spaces. Birch was a second-year in jazz studies at Capital University before he decided to take a break and work on being a better version of himself. “I’m taking a semester or a year off because I got through my sophomore year and I didn’t really know what I was doing, why I was getting a degree,” Birch said. On Saturday night, Birch set up a band on the pavement outside Apollo’s Greek Kitchen on North High Street with a vocalist, a keyboardist and a bassist he knew from Capital University. “We were loud, but police officers will drive by, slow down and roll down their windows and sound their car horns, give us a thumbs up and drive away,” Birch said. “At

Nen Lin Soo / Lantern reporter

Percussionist Tyler Birch plays his drum set on the Oval Aug. 25. a certain point, around 2 a.m., the cops on their bikes will just come and stop and listen.” That night, Birch and his band played an array of Justin Timberlake, Nelly and dance music. People leaving the clubs and the

bars were quick to join in and move with the band. Besides using his drums, he uses cowbells, a tambourine, sambago bells and any extra musical instrument to go along with his performance. He prides himself as a huge

follower of Timberlake’s music, and said he purchased the sambago bells solely because he wanted to perform “SexyBack” for people. “I always wanted to start a

continued as Drummer on 2B 1B

[ a +e ] Breanna’s

Guide to College Fashion

Leggings can be worn as pants, with some restrictions made out of a thicker material. Not only will you never have to worry about see-through pants again, but as a bonus, you’ll also be able to swing these into semi-formal territory with the right additional pieces.

Breanna Soroka Senior Lantern reporter If something is made of fabric and meant to cover my legs, I consider them pants. I’ve never subscribed to any of this “leggings aren’t pants” nonsense — as far as I’m concerned, they can be worn every day of the week and I would pass no judgment. This doesn’t mean that you should have a free-for-all when getting dressed, though. There are several hard and fast rules that should always be followed when determining exactly how to style your leggings as pants. Consider the texture I’ve seen so many incredible outfits that have fallen apart due to one simple thing: I could see straight through the opaque leggings the wearers haphazardly threw on before leaving the house. Sunlight is very different from the dim, indoor light used when getting dressed every morning, and it can be unforgiving. To make sure your undergarments stay completely invisible to the outside world, invest in a pair or two of leggings

Don’t overdo it In terms of those massively adorable printed leggings that are showing up everywhere, you should exercise caution when it comes to planning the rest of your outfit. A foolproof formula is to pair the patterned bottoms with solid, neutral pieces on top. Anything much crazier and the outfit could appear much too busy, as well as mismatched and chaotic. Whether you’re into galaxy print, tribal-inspired patterns or comic book panels covering your legs, they all become wearable options if they are accompanied by a simple top. Know when to say “no” There’s nothing wrong with hiking up a pair of leggings for the day when you’re going to be in primarily casual situations, but veer into formal events and they should be avoided. There’s a heavy connotation between leggings and laziness

in my mind, and when I see someone in a formal situation looking like they just walked out of yoga, I cringe internally. While dressy, skinny pants can be perfectly acceptable attire in times that call for formal wear, they are vastly different from the paper-thin leggings that have a price in the single digits from stores like Forever 21. If there’s even a hint of a question about whether or not your leggings are OK, they should just be avoided. Classic always wins When I’m at a loss for what to wear, I know I can always turn to my classic black leggings and easily build a great outfit with almost no effort. If I want to look sporty, I pair them with my favorite sneakers and a tank. If I want to look like the epitome of fall fashion, I throw on a cardigan, a gigantic scarf, some riding boots and call it a day. The options are virtually endless, and the results are often streamlined and look put together. There’s no downside, so go for it. There’s no reason to wage a war against leggings when it’s perfectly acceptable to add them to your everyday wardrobe without committing any fashion faux pas.

Courtesy of MCT

Classic black leggings can easily build a great outfit for any look.

Drummer from 1B Justin Timberlake cover band, but no one wanted to join me,” Birch said, sounding perplexed. “I finally got to use this on Saturday, and people went nuts because it was exactly like the recording.” Andrea Lee, a Ph.D. student in pharmacy, heard him drumming from afar on the Oval the first day Birch was there and went up to speak with him about his love for music. Birch and Lee later scheduled to play together outside Apollo’s Greek Kitchen. “He is wise beyond his years and he is really talented,” Lee said. “He has such a wonderful heart and he is willing to share his talent and music with anybody.” Birch started playing drums when he was 3 years old. His father was a drummer and they had a drum set in the basement. One day, Birch sat down and started hitting the bass drum with his foot, and he loved how the bass vibrated in the basement. “Rhythm has always been a big part of me,” Birch said. “It wasn’t just about the sounds but organizing them into a

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coercive rhythm.” Speaking extensively about a dark, uninspiring period in his life, Birch said getting out in public instead of playing his drums in the basement has helped him make the kind of connection he said he needs to become whole again. “When I drum, I usually have my head down and I close my eyes unless I have an audience where I want to emote to them,” Birch said. “It’s about expressing yourself, and it’s not that you don’t care about anybody else, but you just focus on yourself.” Birch hopes to be able to perform during the Short North Arts District Gallery Hop or along North High Street next week.



Looking For A Job? The Lantern is hiring Student Advertisement Sales Representatives Part time position | Work up to 20 hrs / week compensation is 100% commission with an average pay of $500 - $1,000 per month Job Benefits:

Job Requirements:

• Flexible work schedule

• Strong customer service skills

• Start immediately

• Works well under pressure

• Training and commission pay

• Good written/verbal communication skills

• Great work experience in a young,

• Must maintain a valid driver’s license

fast-paced office environment

and state required insurance

Please send resume & cover letter to Aaron Bass:

Pre-employment drug testing and background screening are required. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and value the benefits of diversity in our workplace.


Tuesday August 27, 2013

classifieds Furnished 4 Bedroom UNFURNISHED 4 bedroom house. OSU North campus. Just entirely renovated. 2 bathrooms. Off street parking, Central A/C. Gas heat. Hardwood floors throughout. Newly installed insulated windows. Appliance available. $1700/month. Utilities not included. Available Sept. 1 D. 221-6327 E. 261-0853

Unfurnished Rentals 60 BROADMEADOWS BLVD


• 1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms

• 2 Full Baths In 2 & 3 Bedrooms • Intercom Ctrl Lobby • Garage Available • Elevator • Window Treatments INCL

FROM $475.00


Rooms AVAILABLE NOW 14th Ave. student group house. Kitchen, laundry, parking, average $300/ mo. Paid utilities, 296-8353 or 299-4521.

GRAD HOUSE Room for rent. Neil & Eighth Avail. Sept. 1 Great Bldg/ 1 block to Med School. Furnished rooms, clean, quiet COSI IS hiring!!! and secure. Utilities included. Want to work in a fun and interCall 885-3588. active environment? MEDICAL COLLEGE across Build your resume? the street, 1 house from cam- Make a difference and have pus. Furnished rooming house FUN? for scholars only. Present tenants= 2 Med stu- COSI has several positions dents, 2 PhD Engineers and a available: Current Part Time Positions: Law student. Extremely quiet and safe, as is the neighbor- •Box Office Associate hood. $450/month 1 year lease •Experience Program Teacher minimum. 614-805-4448 or •Guest Services Associate •Parking Operations Associate •And More! ROOM: 92 E. 11th Ave. Clean. Cozy. Walk to campus. Parking Current Federal Work Study available. Short term okay. Free Positions: internet. $375/mo. plus utilities. •Center for Research and Eval(614)457-8409, uation Work Study Assistant (614)361-2282 •Intern for Out of School Partnerships and Programming LOOKING to rent an apart•Human Resources Assistant •Living Collections Assistant ment or house? Call The •Teen Programming Assistant Lantern at (614) 292-2031.

FROM $505.00 885-9840

Help Wanted General



SPECIAL $100 DEPOSIT 1 B.R. apts. stove, refrig., Gas heat, laundry Carpet and air cond. available NO PETS PLEASE $385 268-7232

RIVERLODGE APARTMENTS 1,2,3 Bedrooms Immediate Occupancy Move-in special for students 1/2 off deposit and 1/2 first full months rent Access to Olentangy River biking and walking trail Easy access to all major highways and bus service

Unfurnished 1 Bedroom 96 WEST PATTERSON. 1 bedroom with hardwood floors. Kitchen with range and refridgerator. Basement. Parking. near Neil Avenue. Water included. $725. 614-486-7779

Unfurnished 2 Bedroom 2BDRM, 1.5 bath, TH for rent, Kenny and Henderson, 960 ft2 w/fl basement. $950.00/mo. water incl. Contact 893-5013 432, E. 17th Ave. UNFURNISHED 2 BDRM E Campus Area. ApplIances. & carpet, C/A, fully insulated, gas heat, bsmt w/d hkups. NO PETS. $575/ mo/ 1 yr lease. DAY: 221-6327 EVE:261-0853

Unfurnished 3 Bedroom

Help Wanted General

ATTENTION OSU Students! Need Fast Cash? Short on Change? Call ACT-I Staffing! Openings for Customer Service, Office, and Warehouse. Part time and full time shifts available! Great way to gain some experience while working on your degree! Call 614-841-2500 for the location nearest you.

CASHIERS NEEDED - Parking Facilities The Greater Columbus Convention Center has several Part Time positions available for individuals that can provide top level customer service in a fast paced and rewarding environment. You must have a positive attitude, excellent customer service skills, superior verbal skills and a professional appearance and demeanor. Cashiers must be able to courteously and efficiently assist customers with their parking payment and/or provide direction at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Other duties as assigned: Must have a high school diploma or equivalent Pass criminal background, drug screen, and credit/reference check Night and Weekend availability a plus Prior cash handling a plus Ability to work in either hot or cold conditions Stand for long periods of time We accept applications Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10am-9pm @ Greater Columbus Convention Center - 400 N. High St. - at the Security Office. Or online at Resumes to: NO PHONE CALLS SMG is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/V/D

HORSE FARM’S apartment and GOLF COURSE Maintenance. stalls. 3bdrm, 2 bath, UTILITIES Full or part time available. No experience necessary. Must PAID, near Grove City (28 min. to OSU). Board enjoy outdoor work. Applicayour horse, 1 mile oval riding tions taken 9am-2pm M-F at track, grow a garden, gaze at Green dept. of Brookside Golf & Country Club. Located only the star-filled nighttime summer sky (you 10 minutes from campus on can see all of it). $1200/mo. SR 161 - 2 miles west of 315. 614-805-4448 or EARN WEEKEND CASH! Family owned business is looking for help parking cars on home football Saturdays. $10 LOOKING to rent an apartper hour. 3.5-4 hrs per Saturday. ment or house? Call The Call 614-286-8707 Lantern at (614) 292-2031.

Help Wanted General

Help Wanted Child Care

SMALL COMPANY over 50 years in business needs F/T or P/T worker. We will work around your schedule. We do gutters, siding, roofing & light repair work. Nelson Roofing 4636 Indianola. (614) 262-9700.

NANNY FOR Powell area family. 3 children ages 4, 7, &9. Tue, Wed 4-8 and a weekend night. Vacation and travel required. Own transportation, non-smoker. Contact

STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHERS & musicians (violin and cello) wanted for Oct. 12th evening wedding in Columbus. Contact beforess24@yahoo. com to express interest. TELEPHONE INTERVIEWERS wanted immediately to conduct interviews for research firm. No experience necessary. Great part-time job for students. Evening and daytime shifts available. Apply in person at: Strategic Research Group, 995 Goodale Blvd., 2nd floor.

TEACHER ASST. Dublin Learning Academy is hiring part time teaching assistants. AM & PM hours available. NO weekends. We are open 6:30 am to 6:00pm M-F. Great opportunity! Starting wage $10+/hour. Please call (614) 761-1800 or e-mail director@ for an interview.

UPPER ARLINGTON family is looking for an enthusiastic, motivated and reliable ABA therapist to work with our 8 year old son diagnosed with autism. He is non-verbal, sweet and fun to VALET ATTENDANTS work with. He does have some NEEDED behaviors (pinching) when frustrated. Available times are MonPart-Time/Full-Time. Good base day and Wednesday afternoons, pay + tips. Flexible scheduling. Saturday and Sunday. As well as some evening child-care hours. Must be 20 or older with good A psychology or education backdriving record. Must be able to ground is preferred but not reVisit for full job pass background check! quired. Training will be provided descriptions and to apply. by the employer. Please contact fill out application at me at GOURMET COFFEE shop in- side OSU Hospital (Doan Hall) WORTHINGTON HILLS Counis seeking Baristas. Needing VALETS to fill 5am - 3pm shift. Fun and Driven. Service oriented. A try Club is looking for a child care provider for an evening fast-paced environment. Com- team player. Reliable. and weekend part time position petitive pay plus tips. Apply in Professional. Friendly. in our drop-in childcare facility. person at EspressOasis inside Does this sound like you? This person will be responsible Doan Hall. 293-4323 for directions. Currently hiring FT/PT Valets for the care of children while for various shifts throughout parents enjoy the various faciliGROCERY STORE: Applica- Columbus. ties at the club. Individuals must tions now being accepted for be energetic, motivated, and Full-time/Part-time employment. cheerful. Produce Clerk, Cashier, Deli Please contact Clerk, Stock Clerk, and Service Counter. Afternoons, evenings. if interested. Starting pay $8.50/Hr. Enjoyable work atmosphere. Must be 18 years or over. Great personalities only! Apply in person Huffman’s Mar- AFTERNOON (2:30-6:00) ket, 2140 Tremont Center, Up- TEACHERS needed. Experiper Arlington (2 blocks north of ence with young children re- PART-TIME position for marketLane Ave and Tremont). quired. Call 614 -451-4412 ing assistant, German Village between hrs. of 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 law firm. 25-30 hours per week, LAB TECHNICIAN Analyze environmental sam- p.m., or e-mail nicholsonb@ some flexibility in hours. $11.50 per hour, going to $12 after trial ples for pollutants using EPA methods. Candidate must Northwest Christian Child Care period. Assist with direct mail and web marketing, tech savvy be accurate and detail ori- 5707 Olentangy River Rd. helpful. Need a car, very limited ented. Opportunity to learn in a Columbus, OH 43235 driving. Paid parking. Ideal for friendly environment. Full Time/ Part Time. Email resume to: BABYSITTERS WANTED: college student, OSU or Capital., Staffing Service seeking reliable Reply to this ad with resume. fax to (614) 299-4002 or mail sitters. Make your own schedule to AALI, 1025 Concord Ave., - $9-$12/hr. Must obtain CPR Respond to Becky@TheFitchColumbus, Ohio 43212. EOE Certification and background No phone calls, please. check. Visit OSU MALE Needed to work with disabled to register and apply. REAL ESTATE Team in Woryoung male. Close to campus. thington seeking enthusiastic Sunday 7am-3pm, Tuesday individual to work part time, 3pm-11pm, Friday 7am-3-pm CARE AFTER School Must have own transportation Worthington NOW HIRING Rec- 15-20 hours per week. Flexible hours! Must be detail oriented Pays 17.80 per reation Leaders Contact Jean Crum 284-7276 M-F 2-6. $10.50/hr. Gain great and have high energy. Social experience working with Ele- networking and graphic design a plus! Must be able to multitask mentary students. Interviewing now. Please down- and be familiar with Microsoft Word. Call 614-410-0906 for load application at and more information! Call 431-2266 ext.222.

Help Wanted Child Care

CHILDREN AND Adults with PART TIME AND FULL TIME Disabilities In Need of Help PICK PACK JOBS IN GROVEPORT AND GROVE CITY. Care Providers and ABA TheraFUN EASY JOBS!! PICK PACK pists are wanted to work with CLOTHES, JEWELRY, POST- children/ young adults with disERS AND TOYS!! GREAT PAY abilities in a family home setAND HOURS AND PAYDAY ting or supported living setting. EVERY FRIDAY Extensive training is provided. APPLY AT LIFE STYLE This job is meaningful, allows STAFFING, 6100 CHANNING- you to learn intensively and can WAY BLVD, SUITE 406(IN US accommodate your class schedBANK BUILDING OFF BRICE ule. Those in all related fields, RD) with ABA interest, or who have a heart for these missions please apply. Competitive wages and benefits. For more informaSIGN SPINNERS tion, call L.I.F.E Inc. at (614) 475-5305 or visit us at www. $10-$12/hour LIFE-INC.NET Training provided P/T work based on school GRANDVIEW FAMILY Seekschedule ing attentive childcare giver. Part-time, weekdays during the Apply online school year. Contact Karen at 614-670-8049 or 614-937-3661.

Help Wanted Clerical

Help Wanted Medical/Dental

THE OHIO Orthopedic Center of Excellence is looking for a partime Clinical Scheduler. Hours are 3pm-7:30pm M-F. For Consideration email your current resume to humanresources@

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service CATERING STAFF Needed!! Work catering events and make hourly wage plus tips. Usually weekends! Call 453-4647

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service DELIVERY DRIVERS Needed! Hourly wage + $10 per delivery + tips. 10:30 to 12:45 flexibe days Perfect for a student. Needs own car and must be insured. contact 453-4647 BONJOUR OSU! La Chatelaine French Bakery & Bistro Restaurants are now hiring morning A.M. Counter Help (7 a.m. to 3 p.m.)and Dinner Servers (4 p.m. to 10 p.m.) We are looking for enthusiastic, personable, reliable & happy individuals who have strong work ethics & some serving experience. We are a family-owned business with 3 locations around Columbus. Long term employment preferred. Please visit one of our locations for a application & introduce yourself to the manager on duty. Upper Arlington 1550 W. Lane Avenue Worthington 627 High Street Dublin 65 W. Bridge Street Merci! DREAM JOB. Cook at Figlio, an upscale casual gourmet pizza and pasta restaurant close to campus in Grandview and Arlington. If you are bright and energetic and enjoy working with upbeat people, come in today. Part time, flexible schedules. WILL TRAIN. Apply in person at 1369 Grandview Ave or 3712 Riverside Dr.

MOZART’S BAKERY AND VIENNA ICE CAFE - Looking for part- time/full-time reliable counter help, server help, kitchen help. High Street location, a mile north of campus. Email resume to MOZART’S CAFE - Looking for part- time/full-time reliable counter help, server help, kitchen help, pastry chef. 4784 N. High Street. Email resume to NEEDED -PARTTIME SERVER Also COOK. Fill out application at bar. DeArini’s/Cementos 1940 W. Henderson Rd. Columbus, 43220 Located in the Northwest Shopping Center . arouned the NW corner ORANGE LEAF is one of the fastest growing frozen yogurt chains in the country. The newest store to open in the Columbus market is located at 138 Graceland Blvd, Columbus, OH 43214, which is just north of OSU campus. This store is seeking OSU STUDENTS to work from 11am to 6:30pm throughout the week. Earn up to $10/hr. Advancement opportunities are available. If interested and you’re friendly, outgoing, reliable and hardworking, contact Jason at SEEKING PT employee for small, charming cafe in Dublin,OH. Responsibilities include great customer service, food preparation, cleaning, dishes. Must be able to multitask and work weekends.Send resumes to

SERVING POSITIONS available at Figlio, a casual, upscale gourmet pizza and pasta restaurant close to campus with locations in Grandview and Arlington. Meet new friends while working with our fun, attractive staff. Part time. Flexibe schedule. WILL TRAIN the right person. (Also hiring buspersons and cooks.) Apply in person at 1369 Grandview Ave or 3712 Riverside Dr.

Help Wanted OSU OSU GOLF club now hiring fall/winter staff. Positions include: servers, bartenders, and dishwashers. Please apply in person at 3605 Tremont Rd in Upper Arlington. WORK STUDY position available in a cancer research/ virology laboratory. Student will work on research projects and assist with laboratory duties. No experience necessary but preferred; up to 20 hr/wk; $7.86-$8.85/hr. WS Job #3420. Send resume to parris.1@osu. edu for interview.

For Sale Real Estate GORGEOUS TOWNHOUSEstyle condo in New Albany! Minutes from Easton, Downtown and OSU! Assumable 3.75% loan for first time home buyers makes owning cheaper than paying rent!!! Two bedroom, 1.5 bath with finished lower level, stainless steel appliances, and detached garage. Dual sinks and jacuzzi tub in Master Bath. Location is perfect on a quiet, dead end street! Columbus City taxes. $117,500 Call Gina at 614-538-9833.

HOUSE FOR SALE 2452 Indianola Ave. For Sale Great house, could be large enough for 5 students All appliances plus washer and dryer. Priced at $163,800 Call Betsy Moffitt with Sherlock SEEKING RESPONSIBLE in- Homes 614-832-2525 termediate rider to help exercise dressage/eventing horse 35 min from OSU. michaels.59@osu. edu

Help Wanted Volunteer

Help Wanted Landscape/ Lawn Care

Tickets Want to buy


WANTED: ONE ticket to Parachute A&R Bar Columbus SepCORNWELL LAWN & Land- tember 3rd contact: Freda67@ scaping is looking for Full-Time and Part Time workers. Will be flexibe with schedule. If interested, contact Nicholas Cornwell by phone 614-284-4887 or email

Tickets Want to Sell

For Sale Miscellaneous ATTENTION OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS AND STAFF: We will buy or sell the following foreign Currencies at Competitive Rates. Canadian Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Japanese Yens, Austtrailian Dollars, Swiss Francs. Coins of the above countires. No coin collection, please. Also buying the following paper currencies issued prior to the Euro at a discount. German Mark, Irish Punts (Pound) For more Info Contact: Sam or Tad at Hopelighthousei@yahoo. com


Typing Services 614-440-7416. RESUMES. Writing. Typing. Editing. Critiquing. Executive. CV. Personal statements. Biographies. Copies. Secretarial. Wrapping Christmas gifts. Sewing buttons.

Business Opportunities IF WE could show you how to turn less than $500 into $50,000 would you be interested? Twenty-five minutes that could change your life! Eva Baez 310-221-0210

SAVE. MANAGE. MAKE MONEY!! Positions filling up quickly! Part-time, no experience needed, great attitude preferred. Many discounts available. Visit http://

General Miscellaneous 614-440-7416. RESUMES. Writing. Typing. Editing. Critiquing. Executive. CV. Personal statements. Biographies. Copies. Secretarial. Wrapping Christmas gifts. Sewing buttons.

Student Section. Close to the Action. Row 11 and below. $100/ticket plus $10 for certified mail. PayPal only. Contact Herb 310-648-1818

General Services 614-440-7416. RESUMES. Writing. Typing. Editing. Critiquing. Executive. CV. Personal statements. Biographies. Copies. Secretarial. Wrapping Christmas gifts. Sewing buttons.

Automotive Services

PREGNANT LOOKING for Help? Make an adoption plan with us, Mike and Connie. See our family profile at www.parentprofiles. com/profiles/db29290.html and/ or call Beacon House Adoption at 1-888-987-6300 for help. Attorney #LA 16976.

POSTERS/PRINTS800+IMAGES /eBay Store:Mighty Graphics. Ft. Rare, original, and unusual images/ Ship within TOM & Jerry’s - a Full Service Auto Repair Shop. 1701 Kenny 24hr. Rd. 488-8507. Take $20 off any purchase of $100 or more. Or 614-440-7416. RESUMES. visit: Writing. Typing. Editing. Critiquing. Executive. CV. Personal statements. Biographies. Copies. Secretarial. 2 BEDROOMCONDO Wrapping Christmas gifts. 1197 Weybridge Rd 43220 Sewing buttons. For Sale Cute 2 bedroom condo with fin614-440-7416. ished basement and 1and 1 half RESUMES. THINK YOU’RE funny or baths and laundry facilities. want to see funny people!?! Kitchen has granite counter tops Writing. Typing. Editing. Every Thursday night an and stainless appliances that Critiquing. Executive. CV. Personal statements. open-mic comedy show stay! takes place in the basement Lease (1200) /mo. Or lease pur- Biographies. Copies. Secretarial. of Zeno’s on the corner of 3rd chase. Ave and Pennsylvania with Call Betsy Moffitt with Sherlock Wrapping Christmas gifts. Sewing buttons. experienced local comics and Homes 614-832-2525 some first timers. Hosted by Tom Plute, sign up by 9pm to participate in the joke tellFOR SALE ONLY 3840 King ing or just for the show at James Rd, Grove City. Condo, 930pm. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, pool, carport, all appliances. Close to grocery, day care, elementary school. 15 minutes to OSU LOOKING FOR EMPLOYmed. Contact Pam Brown EES? Ohio State has Ohio State has 50,000+ @ ERA Real Estate First, students that you can 50,000+ students that you 614-871-1000. Priced to sell. reach. Call (614)292-2031 can reach. Call (614)292for more information. 2031 for more information.

For Sale Real Estate

Announcements/ Notice

Resumé Services


Real Estate Advertisements - Equal Housing Opportunity The Federal Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.” State law may also forbid discrimination based on these factors and others. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development at 800-669-9777.

Call 292-2031 to place your ad or do it online at - Terms of service available at


Los Angeles Times, Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

Across 1 Like some cooked hot dogs 6 Monopoly property after Illinois 11 It may be pale 14 It may be pale 15 Old Detroit-toSeattle hwy. 16 Approval of a sort 17 En masse 19 Rundown ender 20 Mr. Ma 21 Words with hunch 22 Calm 24 Mount where Moses saw the Promised Land 26 Jogging technique? 27 En vogue 33 Thunders 34 Quirky 35 Sleeping bag site 36 Cold and damp 37 Like many a social climber 41 Keep-secret link 42 Sports shoe brand

44 Walk-__ 45 Honest Abe’s dad, in comics 47 “En garde” 51 Brief briefs? 52 Aging issue 53 Took in 56 Shuttle, perhaps 57 David’s longtime partner 61 Keats subject 62 En route 65 __ loss 66 Hits with force 67 Subs 68 Also 69 Commencement 70 Apparel Down 1 Coach’s call 2 Composer Schifrin 3 Like some moods 4 Broadway, for the theater industry 5 11-Down opposite 6 __ Aires

7 Movie clue sniffer 8 Last in a theoretical series 9 Places for diving boards 10 Feature of many highways 11 5-Down opposite 12 Just sit around 13 Not at all calm 18 Mongolian expanse 23 Layer 25 Choice word 26 Skirt length 27 Dry Italian wine 28 Specifically 29 __-totsy 30 French royal 31 Mil. gathering? 32 One in the lead 33 Talk big 38 Encumber 39 Unaffiliated voters: Abbr. 40 Small boys 43 Wall St. figures 46 Bungle badly

48 All things considered 49 Most sincere 50 Boot 53 Pursuit 54 Three-part snack 55 Golden rule word 56 Information unit 58 “__, kitty kitty!” 59 Mythological archer 60 1994 Shirley MacLaine title role 63 Some univ. staff 64 Divinity sch. degree

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