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Presidential purse followed Obama to OSU


Kristen Mitchell Senior Lantern reporter

Heading home


Former Buckeye Mike Brewster was not chosen in the NFL Draft, but signed as a free agent with the Jaguars.

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President Barack Obama has visited Ohio State twice this spring and has at least one receipt to prove it. While many students were away on Spring Break, the president spoke about energy to a crowd of about 2,600 at the RPAC on March 22. Obama returned to campus a few weeks later to kick off his 2012 presidential campaign, speaking to a crowd of about 14,000 at the Schottenstein Center on May 5. On April 25, Ann Habershaw, producer of Obama for America, signed an agreement to reserve the Schottenstein Center for $75,000 for May 5. This fee took care of all operations of the Schottenstein Center. While the overall cost of the event was not made public, and the university did not help fund it. “The Obama for America campaign is responsible for the costs associated with the president’s first campaign rally of 2012 because it was strictly a campaign-related event,” said Jessica Kershaw, press secretary for Obama for America-Ohio, in an email. Prior to Obama’s March 22 visit

Brittany Schock / Asst. photo editor

President Barack Obama spoke to a crowd of about 14,000 at the Schottenstein Center May 5. This was Obama’s 2nd visit to OSU this year. to the university, recreational sports director Don Stenta said he was notified of the visit the week before the event. “He came on the Thursday of spring break, we found out the Friday before,” Stenta said.

Since the RPAC event was not a part of his campaign, it was planned and funded by the White House. The RPAC space was provided free of charge as a courtesy for the speech, and the equipment used was brought in by the White House staff.

The event resulted in a day-long closure of the RPAC, but Stenta said he received no complaints for the inconvenience. For both events, the university had little time to prepare, a time crunch that Xen Riggs, associate vice president for Student Life, said was typical for these type of events. “Sometimes you get a week or a week-and-a-half notices, sometimes you get two days … they’re constantly making decisions on where they want to go and what messages they want to deliver, so they tend to happen on pretty short notice,” said Riggs, who oversees the Schottenstein Center and manages high profile campus events. When Obama came on May 5, Riggs said the university received a little more than a week’s notice that the president was interested in visiting OSU again. “I got a call on Thursday night that week before, and then they came into town the next day and we walked them around several facilities. We didn’t get the word they were definitely coming until late Friday night or early Saturday morning,” he said.

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OSU Boxing Club fights way back into ring Ron miles Senior Lantern reporter


Darkness on the range

British rock band The Darkness has reunited and is performing its first Columbus show at Rock on the Range Sunday.


Several punching bags rock back and forth after every jab, hook and uppercut. A rumble from every strike echoes through the walls of the RPAC. A looming presence in the midst of the madness, Luke Barrett makes his way around the room inspecting technique. As sweat pours down the faces of a group of boxers, muscles begin to tire, and Barrett erupts. Barrett pleads with the fighters to give him everything until the bell rings. *ding ding.* Barrett, a fourth-year in finance, is president of the Boxing Club at OSU. However, just six months ago, the gloves were unworn and the punching bags went untouched, unfamiliar with the beating to which they have since become accustomed. Barrett made it his mission to revive the failing club; he fought to restore life back to a club that appeared to be knocked out. “This winter I volunteered to pick it back up again,” Barrett said. “We started advertising in the winter, picked some guys up and started training in the spring.” Beginning the first week of April, the Boxing Club had about 20 members and that number has nearly doubled since. Caleb Jackson, a first-year in visual communication and vice president of the club, said he and Barrett set goals in training the new members. “We focused on their footwork, keeping their hands up, everything a good fighter needs to have,” Jackson said. “We wanted to get that set before we get going any further.” So far, the leaders of the club have seen improvement from its members.

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Gas price apathy


As the average price of gas declines nationally and locally, most OSU students said they are not being affected.

weather high 78 low 55 sunny

W 75/47 TH 71/51 F 79/58 SA 83/63

isolated t-storms mostly sunny mostly sunny mostly sunny

Brittany Schock / Asst. photo editor

Machi McGuire, a 2nd-year in mechanical engineering, punches the bag during Boxing Club practice in the RPAC on May 14.

Campus website outage cause still unknown Ally Marotti Copy chief Some people’s weeks got off to a shaky start when they were unable to access several Ohio State websites, but the outage didn’t cause too much of a problem for others. Monday morning, several OSU websites were down and OSU officials still aren’t sure why. “Technical teams go through a really diligent process to look at all the pieces of the puzzle to determine what went wrong.” said Katharine Keune, communications director for the Office of the Chief Information Officer. The websites that were down Monday morning, including WOSU’s website, BuckeyeLink, wexarts. org, and, are all centrally hosted by the OCIO. Although the OCIO issued an outage report just before 9 a.m., some outages were reported as early as about 6 a.m. Keune said the affected sites were all up and running again by about 10 a.m., some sooner. BuckeyeLink was up again by 9:30 a.m., leaving just enough time to cause problems for some students whose scheduling windows opened Monday morning. “BuckeyeLink didn’t work for me. I was at the library at about 8:15 trying to schedule. I couldn’t get on to my student center,” said Kyle Mathews, a third-year in history. “I knew it was the website’s problem because I kept getting an internal error message.”

And just as the OCIO has yet to determine a cause, Mathews has yet to discover the ramifications of the outage. “I don’t know if the problem will affect my scheduling because I haven’t gotten back on yet,” Mathews said Monday afternoon. But there were other students the outage didn’t even touch. “I didn’t have a problem, I was a work at that time and didn’t need to access the system,” said Rebecca Shuman, a first-year grad student in educational policy and leadership. “I haven’t had any problems with it today.” Keune said the standard investigation to discover the cause would take a day or two, at least, and until then she didn’t want to speculate about what happened. “You don’t want to wonder what it is, you want to dig in and find out what it really is,” she said. The OCIO responded quickly, Keune said, and held a meeting at 9:30 a.m. Monday to discuss what went wrong. “We’re still working on the root cause,” Keune said. “Our primary concern was making sure everybody got up to full service.” Karen Simonian, director of media and public relations for the Wexner Center of the Arts, said the outage was “a hiccup.” “We always like to be accessible to potential visitors or any interested parties,” she said. “It would be a bigger deal if it were down for days.” Simonian said although the outage was inconvenient, it didn’t cause that many problems. “It was unfortunate, but we’re back up,” she said.

Courtesy of

OCIO hosts multiple OSU websites that were affected by an outage Monday morning. Nick Houser, digital media director at WOSU, said its website was down from about 6 a.m. to about 9:50 a.m. During that time, web users weren’t

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campus National fuel prices shift down After a spike in gas prices in April, the rate at the pump is on a national and local decline. Despite this, many Ohio State students have shared that this is not changing their plans or driving habits.

last year

last month

last week


source: AAA

RITIKA SHAH Lantern reporter *All prices are based on the national averages of regular unleaded gasoline. CHRIS POCHE / Design editor

Declining gas prices do little to fuel students’ fire LINDSEY BARRETT Lantern reporter Despite some national and local reports of declining gas prices, some Ohio State students said they are not feeling the decrease, but the prices are not affecting their travel plans. Data from AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report show that national gas prices have been declining since they peaked in the beginning of April, and Ohio gas prices have been declining since March 1. Some students said they choose to drive regardless of what they are required to pay at the pump. Roger Neal, a fourth-year in economics, said he drives 5,000 to 6,000 miles a month to visit his son in Atlanta. He said he has not experienced a decline in gas prices. “I drive more than anyone I know,” Neal said. “I haven’t found that gas is any cheaper. It might be $3.57 one week, but then it’s back up the next week.” The national average price for regular unleaded gas is $3.73 per gallon, which is 24 cents lower than the national average price for gas last year, according to AAA. The average price for regular unleaded gas in Ohio is less than the national average, at $3.63. This price is 40 cents below the average from last year, according to AAA. When Karalyn Stark, a fourth-year in health science, went on a road trip with her friends to Florida during spring break, she said it was cheaper to drive and split the cost of gas rather than buy a plane ticket. But she said she would have gone on the trip regardless of the price of gas.

OSU bids adieu to quarters, welcomes semesters

“You work hard so you can go,” Stark said. Data from AAA shows that the national average price of gas peaked in 2011 on May 4 at $3.99. The national average price of gas peaked in 2012 on April 4 at $3.94. Rachel Merry, a ÿrst-year in dance, is from Connecticut and said that while the price of gas does not affect when she goes home, it in° uences how she gets home. “It in° uences how you go on a trip,” Merry said. “Depending on the price of gas, it might be cheaper to drive than ° y.” Multiple sources attribute the drop in gas prices to the lowered cost of crude oil. The U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts that crude oil prices and retail gas prices will continue to decline through 2013. Regular unleaded gas prices around campus averaged $3.65 Monday. The cheapest price for gas was $3.51 from the GetGo Fuel Station on 2845 N. High St., and the most expensive places to buy gas Monday were at the Exxon on 2187 Neil Ave. and the Shell on 15 E. Lane Ave. for $3.79, according to Jordan Cornwell, a second-year in security and intelligence, said gas prices don’t affect most of his travel plans, but they do impact his decisions for long-distance travel. “I’m thinking about going to Myrtle Beach, but I’m still undecided,” he said. “But if gas goes up to $5, then I wouldn’t go.” Devin Griglik, a second-year in interior design, said the price of gas does not affect her plans to go home to New Jersey, and that the price is something she accepts. “I’m going to ÿll up no matter what it is,” Griglik said.

Man on the street asks

After a 90-year courtship, Ohio State is parting ways with the quarter system and acquainting itself with a semester model. The days of 10-week classes that seem to ° y by are gone, as longer 14-week stretches of classes are to become the norm. A pair of these lengthier periods will begin mid-August and run until the beginning of May. OSU ofÿ cials suggest that students should generally take ÿ ve courses each semester at an average of three credit hours each. Jay Johnson, assistant provost at the Ofÿce of Academic Affairs, said that considering and implementing semesters in not a new idea to the university, according to a Jan. 24 article in The Lantern. “Ohio State seriously considered moving to semesters three times in the past 20 years,” Johnson said. “In the 1990s, the faculty was not supportive of the change to semesters. A calendar change was reviewed in 2000-01 and at that time, the university community seemed more in favor, but we were constrained by the IT infrastructure.” As the end framework nears, some students said they are apprehensive, while others are excited to see what advantages the switch will bring. Kyle Craft, a third-year in speech and hearing science, said he thinks the switch will make students more competitive in the job market. “By the time that we get off on quarters, a lot of the jobs are already taken up, especially the summer jobs, (semesters) will help level the playing ÿeld,” Craft said. On the other hand, Jillian Shipley, a ÿrst-year in communication and business, said she’s not looking

students to reflect on quarters “I like the speed that it goes at because you get to see more classes over your time in college so I’m sad to see quarters go. (But) I think it’s better for doing your graduate work”

Sean Delouche Grad Student, Art History

“It might just be easier since everyone’s shifting towards semesters but honestly, if you’re competitive, you’re competitive whether it be semesters or quarters … any good grade is a good grade.”

Ali Esfahani

4th-year, Biology

“The only exciting thing is that we’re going to be on the same break as other schools so I’ll probably get to see my friends from other schools more often. But, the class conversion, I’m not looking forward to that, because it’s setting a lot of people back so that’s unfortunate. It seems like it’s not so rushed and you might have more time to actually learn the material.”

Wayneshia Harris

3rd-year, Sociology and Criminology CHRISTOPHER SCHWARTZ / Managing editor

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Last chance for


d Apply an



begin s e s s a l C June 18.


You can still get in classes under the quarter system at Columbus State. More than 2,000 Ohio State University students take courses at Columbus State while attending OSU.

Step-by-step instructions for Ohio State students are available at Click on “Taking Classes Here While Attending Another School.”



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Obama also spoke on the Oval in October 2010 to crowd of about 35,000. But Riggs said Obama’s team wanted to have the May event indoors and in a large venue to kick off his 2012 campaign. The team had been interested in St. John Arena, but the venue was already booked for the day. The Schottenstein Center was the only other available option that would work for the size of the event. Obama’s visits to campus warrant high levels of security. Along with the local law enforcement, including the campus, local, city and county forces, the Secret Service traveled with the president for the May 5 event. Riggs said the forces worked as “truly a collaborative effort,” which is typical of dealings with federal law enforcement.

Boxing from 1A “When they started, a lot of guys didn’t know anything at all,” Jackson said. “Compared to then, they’ve deÿnitely grown a lot.” As the club has continued to gain steam, word has gotten out around campus, and signs of growth are already evident after just a few weeks. The club meets twice a week to drill and work on fundamentals and another two times per week to spar. Word of the Boxing Club’s existence has attracted women around campus who are interested in boxing, and the club offers two non-contact sessions a week for women to attend. Barrett asked Alex Luke, a ÿrst-year in marketing and club member, to help instruct the women’s classes. “(The women’s group) started out really small,” Luke said. “We’ve gotten the word out more by putting up some ° iers around campus, and have already gotten over 20 emails from girls interested in joining.” Competition was another factor behind Barrett’s motivation to get the club up and going again. Once Fall Semester comes, Barrett said he hopes to have a group of ÿghters ready to compete against other schools and gyms in the area. “The goal for next year is to reach regionals in March, then to go to nationals at West Point in the beginning of April,” Barrett said.

“Here at OSU, we have historically had a great relationship with the Secret Service,” Riggs said. “They work with us and we work with them.” Stenta called his encounters with the Secret Service “fascinating,” and said he was awestruck by “the level of expertise” they exhibited. Presidential visits give students an opportunity to participate and be engaged in national politics, and OSU has received a lot of presidential attention. Choosing to kick off Obama’s 2012 campaign at the university is an act that some students said indicates the intentions of his re-election campaign. “It’s important to him to talk to us. We can vote,” said Laura Wadsworth, a ÿrst-year in exploration. “We’re a big university, and we have a lot of in° uence.”

The size of the Boxing Club and the dedication of the club’s members are what Jackson said will be the two main factors in the club’s future success. “We want to have enough people so we can train and work off each other,” Jackson said. “We can have a really good club going, one of the best in the nation.” In redeveloping the club, Barrett hopes to inspire growth in the interest and participation of boxing at OSU. “This is a huge school with a ton of people who want to box,” Barrett said. “Let’s build it back up, it’s going back in that direction now.” The club faces some handicaps in its desire to expand, including the lack of boxing equipment and facilities available for use on campus. “I expected more when I got here, but we only have four bags (at the RPAC),” Luke said. Barrett said he hopes the rising interest and increase of participation in the Boxing Club will lead to growth and development in the equipment and facilities the club has access to. “We want to start hosting ÿghts here at OSU, get a boxing room with more equipment and start to expand,” Barrett said. “Now that we got a core group of guys this spring, we can begin to grow exponentially.” JOIN THE CONVERSATION


Fiscal Officer:

Obama from 1A

614.292.2031 614.292.5721 PLEASE


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able to access news or the television shows on WOSU’s website, nor a slew of other services the media outlet provides. But Houser said WOSU’s situation was similar to the Wexner Center’s in that not a lot of problems were experienced. “We weren’t able to provide online news coverage for a while, and other than that we weren’t impacted a whole lot,” he said. “Fortunately streaming audio was still available through third parties like NPR’s website and mobile apps.” Houser said he was surprised to not receive any complaints during the outage. The site came back on just before WOSU’s show “All Sides with Ann Fisher” aired Monday, which is typically when the organization receives its most website trafÿc, Houser said.

Quarter from 2A

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forward to starting earlier and taking more classes. “I like the fact that if I don’t like a class, I’m not stuck with it for a long period of time,” Shipley said. “I like that they go really fast.” While the transition will cost OSU $12.6 million, the university has promised that tuition will not go up because of the switch, and students will receive the same amount of instruction throughout the course of the school year. Furthermore, ÿnancial aid will not be adversely affected. In fact, the university also promises that students will be able to graduate on time as long as they decide on their major and degree within a time frame compatible with a four-year graduation, remain on

Keune said that when a primary service like BuckeyeLink goes down, that is referred to as a Priority 1 Incident. “(May 2010) was the last time that BuckeyeLink was down for any substantive period of time that resulted in a Priority 1 Incident,” she said. Although Keune said major outages like Monday morning’s aren’t common at OSU, Houser said he thought it was the frequency of similar incidents that made web users so forgiving. “Web outages occur all the time. It’s just something I think web users are kind of used to seeing sometimes,” Houser said. “Web users are pretty I think forgiving of the outages … almost like construction on the road way.” Jenelle Cooper contributed to this story.

track with their course load and actively develop academic plans with their advisers. Ali Esfahani, a fourth-year in biology, said he has friends at other universities on semesters and said there are advantages to both sides. “You don’t really know what you have until you’ve experienced it,” he said. “I’m sure semesters have its own advantages, but then quarters has its own disadvantages. They were telling me, ‘If you don’t like a class, that’s too bad, you’re going to be stuck in it longer.’ But with quarters … you just hold your breath and just get it done with. Or with quarters, you feel like it’s kind of a sprint, but with semesters you might feel more relaxed.” OSU’s ÿrst semester ofÿcially begins June 18, but most students will get their ÿrst taste of the switch beginning Aug. 22.


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‘Smarter, stronger’ Brewster starts anew Dan Hope Lantern reporter

At the conclusion of the 2012 NFL Draft April 28, former Ohio State center Mike Brewster was still waiting on the phone call that could change his life. At the time, his NFL dreams were on hold. All 253 draft selections had come and gone, and he was not among the players selected. But Brewster did not have to wait much longer for his opportunity to play in the NFL. By the end of that same Saturday night, Brewster signed as an undrafted free agent with the Jacksonville Jaguars. As an undrafted free agent, Brewster had the opportunity to choose which team he would sign with. He told The Lantern that the Jaguars were the right team for him. “It was the best situation, as far as they didn’t draft any linemen,” Brewster said. “Their (offensive line) coaches had been in contact with me probably more than anybody. That made me feel comfortable.” As a four-year starting center for the Buckeyes, Brewster started 49 consecutive games, the secondlongest streak in school history. Brewster’s former coach Luke Fickell has the longest streak at 50 straight games. In 2010, Brewster was named to the Football Writers Association of America All-American Team, and was named first-team all-Big en by the media. Jaguars offensive line coach Andy Heck told The Lantern that the Jaguars were “fortunate” to be able to sign Brewster as a free agent. “Every guy we bring in here is a guy that we believe can compete to make our team,” Heck said. “Mike is a guy that I think has a legitimate shot to make a team, to develop into a solid pro, and he’s going to get that opportunity here to compete, to take his game to another level. If he earns it, he’ll make the team and play.” Brewster, a native of Orlando, Fla., said returning to his home state was a big factor in his decision to go to Jacksonville. “I prayed to come home, and it happened in a mysterious way,” Brewster said. “I’m as happy as I could be. Nobody loves the state of Florida as much as I do.”

Bri ttany S chock / Assistant photo editor

Former OSU center Michael Brewster takes the field during Senior Day festivities before the Buckeyes’ Nov. 19 game against Penn State at Ohio Stadium. OSU lost, 20-14. Brewster could have declared for the 2011 NFL Draft following his junior season, but said he has no regrets about his decision to return to OSU for his senior year. “I grew up, learned a lot, I got smarter, I got a lot stronger, and then things just didn’t really go my way,” Brewster said. “I don’t regret it … I could have left after my junior year, but it was important for me to come back and try to help the program.” Brewster said ending up with the right team was more important to him than being drafted. “(Being drafted in the) fifth (round) and before, it’s a pretty decent signing bonus, but other than that, you just want the right fit,” B ewster said. “I was nervous that someone was just going to snatch me up in the sixth or seventh, just to take me.” Heck said Brewster will play multiple positions on the interior offensive line during this summer’s training camp and preseason as he attempts to make the Jaguars’ final 53-man oster. “We’ll give him a lot of work at center,” Heck said. “I think he’s a guy that’s got the physical makeup and mental makeup to be a center in this league. He’ll also cross-train as a guard.”

Blue-chip rematch: OSU-Duke meet again Pat Brennan Sports editor

Columbus Pro Sports Tuesday Columbus Clippers v. Syracuse Chiefs 6:35pm @ Columbus, Ohio

Wednesday Columbus Clippers v. Syracuse Chiefs 6:35pm @ Columbus, Ohio

Thur sday Columbus Clippers v. Syracuse Chiefs 6:35pm @ Columbus, Ohio

Fr iday Columbus Clippers v. Syracuse Chiefs 7:05pm @ Columbus, Ohio

Heck said he believes Brewster has the necessary mental attributes to succeed as an NFL center. “I like Mike’s intelligence, I like his demeanor,” Heck said. “I think that both of those things suit him playing an interior line position, particularly center where he’s got to really be the quarterback of the offensive line.” Heck also addressed the areas of Brewster’s game where he must improve. “He needs to work on being consistent with his gun snaps, keeping himself in better balance,” Heck said. “These are things that everybody needs to work on.” Even after going undrafted, Brewster remains confident that he will have a successful NFL ca eer. “At the end of the day, you can either play or you can’t,” Brewster said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a fourth-, fifth-, sixth-, seventh-round pick, undrafted … the best players are going to play. I’ll make it work, and I guarantee you I’ll be playing football for years to come.”

Cody Co usino / Photo editor

Former OSU forward Jared Sullinger (0) drives into the body of Duke forward Mason Plumlee (5) in the 2nd half on Nov. 29, 2011. OSU won, 85-63.

If you thought getting a ticket to the Ohio State men’s basketball game against Duke on Nov. 29, 2011, at the Schottenstein Center was hard, good luck trying to score a pass for the rematch. The 14th annual ACC/Big Ten Challenge will see the Buckeyes travel to Durham, N.C., for a Nov. 28 matchup with Duke during the upcoming season. The game will be played in the Blue Devil’s famed Cameron Indoor Stadium, which holds 9,314 spectators, compared to the Schottenstein Center’s 18,809 seats. OSU helped the Big Ten conference to an 8-4 victory in the 2011 challenge by routing Duke, 85-63, during a game in Columbus. The Buckeyes-Blue Devils’ 2011 meeting received the highest television rating of any game played in the history of the regular season competition between the two conferences and was seen in 2,618,000 households, according to an OSU release. A rematch with the Blue Devils is just one part of what might turn out to be a challenging early-season schedule for the Buckeyes. OSU is also slated to participate in

the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Tip-Off Tournament, which will take place on several dates throughout November, according to a Feb. 15 release. The Tip-Off Tournament’s eight-team field also includes Alban , Seton Hall, R hode Island, Washington, Missouri-Kansas City, Norfolk State, R hode Island and OSU’s 2012 NCAA Tournament first- ound opponent, Loyola Maryland. The Buckeyes defeated Loyola in the teams’ March 15 NCAA Tournament meeting, 78-59, at CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh. As part of the Tip-Off Tournament’s on-campus games, Albany will visit the Buckeyes Nov. 11, while Missouri-Kansas City will travel to Columbus Nov. 23. The Buckeyes will play R hode Island Nov. 17 in Uncasville, Conn. OSU finished the 2011-12 season with a 64-62 loss in the Final Four to Kansas, but compiled a 31-8 record throughout the campaign. Since the end of the season, former Buckeyes forward Jared Sullinger declared for the NBA Draft, guard Jordan Sibert and forward J.D. Weatherspoon transferred. The Buckeyes retained the services of junior forward Deshaun Thomas for the 2012-13 season, and the team is slotted in the No. 8 spot nationally in ESPN preseason Top 25 ranking.

Satur day

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Columbus Clippers v. Scranton/Wilkes Barre Yankees 7:05pm @ Columbus, Ohio

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Sprint 800 meters and immediately do 50 squats. Then sprint another 800 meters, trying to beat the time it took to run the first 800-meter sprint. Do another 50 squats. Now repeat that same process four more times while trying to run the next 800 meters faster than the first. This isn’t some military workout or a treacherous training technique the Ohio State track team uses. It was simply the routine that Ben Van Treese, a fourthyear in human nutrition and community health, did to prepare for the Most Fit Buckeye Competition 2012. “I do cross fit, a lot so I switched it to a lot more endurance-type activities,” Van Treese said. “I figured that … the mental toughness of forcing yourself to do six 800s by yourself is pretty similar to this.” The second annual Most Fit Buckeye Competition was held Saturday at Coffey R oad Park. While the event drew about 20 more people this year than it did in its inaugural run in 2011, the Exercise Science Club has its sights set on much bigger things in years to come. Mark Ciolek, a third-year in exercise science and vice president of the Exercise Science Club, said the goal is to turn the competition into a huge event where competitors and spectators can come together and enjoy a day of fitness. Organizations can set up booths and mini-events can be held just for fun. “We really wanna turn it into … a big spectator

Andrew Williams / Lantern reporter

OSU students pose after competing in the Most Fit Buckeye Competition, May 12. event and really an all-day health and fitness fai ,” Ciolek said. “Different vendors and clubs at OSU having tents up and being able to interact with the participants while they’re not competing and talking about different health and fitness things. One of the things that should help transform the event is this year’s new location at Coffey R oad Park. Last year, the event was on the Lincoln Tower Turf Field, which is smaller than Coffey R oad Park.

“This is a much better facility,” said R ick Petosa, faculty adviser for the Exercise Science Club. “Last year we were over on the towers’ field; too small. The club was able to draw several sponsors to the event, including Earth Fare and Greenswell, which helped offset some of the costs of the prizes and refreshments for the participants. Petosa said he would like to see more involvement from the OSU community and wants people to attend even if they aren’t interested in being a part of the competition. “We realize not everybody wants to compete, so probably we’ll create a mini fun event,” Petosa said. “There’s a lot of campus organizations related to health and fitness, and they can come and do a little fitne thing. That’s what we’re hoping to do eventually here is set up and have a fitness day and have different events.” Gina Verhoff, a third-year in exercise science and president of the Exercise Science Club, said she hopes the event continues to grow and evolve into something big that people are excited about. She said she would like to see people return year after year to improve their times and that the competition becomes part of the Buckeye experience. “We want to be able to have it so that it does become a tradition here at Ohio State, and so that you can know your time the previous year and make it a goal to improve upon it,” Verhoff said. “I think it’s getting to be that point where we can totally provide every competitor with the unique experience.”


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Tuesday May 15, 2012



Acting students set to showcase talents


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Warehouse blackout

Check inside for a preview of a warehouse party with a dark theme that is scheduled to take place May 18 at 400 W. Rich St.

releases music

“Trespassing” Adam Lambert “Rize Of The Fenix” Tenacious D “Shape Shifter” Santana

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Taking the stage alone is a completely different beast than acting with an ensemble. For students looking to complete the Department of Theatre’s Master of Fine Arts in Acting program, the solo challenge will represent their final hurdle before earning their degree. The nine individuals completing the three-year program at the end of Spring Quarter will showcase their final projects beginning Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at Mount Hall Studio Theatre. The showcase will run through the end of May. Created and performed solely by student-actors, each act will range from humorous to serious and last between 15 and 25 minutes. Each show will feature members of the Scarlet Cast, consisting of Alison Vasquez, Alex Boyles, Ashley Kobza and Kevin McClatchy, or members of the Gray Cast, consisting of Ibsen Santos, Tory Matsos, Aaron Zook, Moopi Mothibeli and Charlesanne Rabensburg. Matsos’ project, titled “Dante’s Muse,” is inspired by Lizzie Siddal, a woman who lived during the mid-19th century and is the center of a legendary tale. After her death at a young age, legend says Siddal’s husband braided a volume of poetry he had written in her hair. When he ran out of money about seven years later, he decided he wanted to publish the poetry. After digging up her corpse, her husband was startled to find Siddal remained in perfect condition and as beautiful as she had originally been, Matsos said. “She was a model for artists at the time and kind of had her own story to tell,” Matsos said. “My show is based around my own experience, why I feel attached to her and what I think she has to teach all of us about the human experience.” The students began generating ideas for their acts about a year ago and have since worked to transform the ideas to the stage, said Jeanine Thompson, associate professor in theater and director of graduate studies. The freedom to create in some ways served as a challenge for some of the students. “The sky was the limit, and I think sometimes when you don’t have many constraints it’s hard,”

Abby SWeeT / Lantern photographer

OSU’s department of Theatre’s Master of Fine Arts in Acting program will showcase the final projects of 9 graduating seniors beginning May 17 at Mount Hall Studio Theatre. Vasquez said. “The hardest process is the starting point.” Vasquez will bring her identity as a Latina in the United States to the forefront in her presentation “La Flor De La Canela.” “What I feel I connected to most is humanity’s need to feel connection to the past, to make peace with it sometimes,” Vasquez said.

Ross Mathews speaks out Check for a brief about TV personality Ross Mathews, who spoke Monday in the Ohio Union’s Performance Hall. Check our print edition Wednesday for the full recap.

Vasquez’s piece developed into a tale of her own identity as a Mexican-American woman. The story will showcase her identity through three generations of Mexican-American women — her grandmother, mother and herself. The MFA acting program prepares actors for work in traditional theater and for the creation of new works through a curriculum focusing on three areas: ensemble work a director creates, ensemble work the actors create and the solo project individuals devise. Thompson said she believes this combination, especially the solo project, will help prepare graduates for a future in acting. “This will enable them to find or develop work wherever they may land in the world,” Thompson said. “We are not just preparing actors to go work in New York or Los Angeles, we are preparing artists to work anywhere they are interested to be.” Along with the challenge of commanding the stage on their own, the actors are also faced with the responsibility of supplying their own props and scenic elements. “This is our way of helping them to adjust from being under the guidance of the university for three years, and getting them ready to step out and be successful on their own,” Thompson said. Although appreciative of the support the department has offered in the past, Matsos said she is also grateful to experience the requirement of finding materials on her own. “Normally we’re able to borrow costumes and set pieces that otherwise we’d have to come up with the money for ourselves,” Matsos said. “The cool thing is that we’ve now gone through this process and are equipped to be more resourceful as artists to know what we need to be able to create our own work.” After three years of working together, the project will mark an end to not only the students’ personal development under the program but also their daily interaction as a group. “It’s going to be weird to not have that group of people that you’re working with everyday, but it will be cool to see what people go on to do,” Matsos said. “It’s been a good run here and we have gotten to do a lot of good work together. It’s the end of an era.”

Anderson Cooper to visit OSU SARAH PFLeddeReR Arts editor

“The Grey” “The devil Inside” “One for the Money”

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The Ohio Union Activities Board announced Monday night via Twitter that it would be bringing yet another event to campus this month and it announced the news fast, just as journalistic style sometimes requires. The organization revealed Emmy Award-winning journalist Anderson Cooper is slated to come to campus May 30. Cooper, a graduate from Yale University, is generally acclaimed for hosting CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” and his self-titled daytime talk show “Anderson.” OUAB tweeted from its Twitter handle @OUAB shortly after 7 p.m. Monday, “Guess what followers....we’ve been keeping a big secret to ourselves! We still have another big event to reveal to you all!” Two minutes later, it announced Cooper is

scheduled to come to campus. In the past when announcing performers, such as Skrillex and Mac Miller, who performed at the Big Free Concert last weekend, the organization prolonged its announcement for hours by tweeting several hints about an act after it received a number of retweets from its followers. “OUAB has had their eye on Anderson Cooper for quite a while now,” Michael Niday, OUAB lectures chair, said in an email. “What he has done in the world of journalism has been phenomenal, and he has won several awards for his work.” A CNN spokeswoman did not immediately respond to request for comment. Tickets for the event titled “An Evening with Anderson Cooper,” which will be held in Mershon Auditorium, are scheduled to be released at 5 p.m. Wednesday at the Ohio Union Information Center. Students are allowed one ticket per valid BuckID.

The Lantern will profile bands this week that are scheduled to perform at Rock on the Range this weekend at Crew Stadium.

The Darkness permitted to land at Columbus’ Rock on the Range “battleship”

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British glam rock band The Darkness broke into the United States music scene in 2003 with its hit song “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.” About nine years later, after being listed on Billboard’s Top 100 chart for alternative songs and heatseekers albums, the band is aiming to make believers of Columbus fans. The Darkness is scheduled to perform at 2:30 p.m. Sunday on the main stage at Rock on the Range, held at Crew Stadium, located at 1 Black & Gold Blvd. The band began with its record “Permission to Land” in 2003. Three years later, The Darkness broke up for reasons such as drug addiction and artistic differences, and it reunited in 2011 with its original members. Members include Justin Hawkins on

lead vocals and guitar, his brother Dan Hawkins on guitar and back-up vocals, Frankie Poullain on bass and back-up vocals and Ed Graham on drums. Poullain described The Darkness’ music as English eccentric rock. “There is a bit of Monty Python in there too,” he said, in reference to the British sketch comedy group that spawned a television show, films, books and other memorabilia. Drawing its inspiration from bands such as Queen and the Carpenters, Poullain said The Darkness “(likes) tapping into that time when you are coming of age.” The band’s hit song, “I Believe in a Thing Called Love,” and most of the others songs off “Permission to Land” were about a woman who Hawkins was in love with, Poullain said. “It was Justin when he was in love,” Poullain said. “Quite a few songs are about that woman.”

continued as Darkness on 4B

Courtesy of Marianne Harris

The darkness is scheduled to perform on the main stage at Rock on the Range 2012 at 2:30 p.m. May 20.


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Contact Bath, W/D, dishwasher, ments, upcoming 2013 Stove, fridge, Off street parkdars, ongoing Gallery MagaSome gas reimbursement. ing. Huge rooms. Will go fast. zine’s $25,000 “Girl-Next-Door” or centerfold search, Penthouse (614)439-5059 ATHLETIC & OUTGOING Magazine’s 3D/HDTV mobile Looking for people with good phone model search, and con$465/PERSON 5BR townhome communication skills to help vention work. No experience reCLOSE to the Ohio Union! 100 with new market in Columbus quired. 352-8853 E. 13th Ave. Washer & dryer in area. PT/FT. 614-547-9552 the unit. Central air conditioning. 2 baths. MUSIC TEACHERS NEEDED 614-273-0112 IN STUDENTS’ HOMES! ATTN PART Time Work! Local Company Hiring: 104 W Maynard. 5 bedroom Set your own schedule. Customer Service & Sales with 2 full baths, both remodContinuing education Great Starting Pay eled, laundry included. $2075. provided. Work around Classes Call 614-496-7782 Competitive pay. Internship Credit Available Lending library. for select majors Work for a Company with Call 614-485-9443 for 2405 EAST Ave. 5 bedroom 2 integrity! INFO. baths townhouse. Available in the FALL! North campus. Just INTERVIEWING NOW! North of Patterson, one block E CHILD CARE Staff needed of High. $350 per person. Com- FT/PT and for Summer Camp. (614) 847-1212 pletely remodeled with newer Mon-Fri, no nights or week- carpet & ceiling fans. Huge ends. Apply Arlington Childrens kitchen with DW and huge liv- Center, 1033 Old Henderson ing room. Blinds, A/C & free Rd. 451-5400 for info/directions. WD, front and rear porch, free off street parking.Walk a little CLIENT SERVICES Associateand save a lot! Call 263-2665 We are seeking someone with a professional manner and ex- OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE IN IMPORTANT TO252 W 8th. 6 bedroom, 3 full cellent telephone skills to han- BACCO SMOKE STUDY. baths, laundry and off street dle calls from clients and Hu- Earn $$$ for your participation. parking, Huge living space and man Resource managers from Battelle is conducting a study across the United States and all bedrooms are in big! Canada. We require excellent to measure exposure to toCall 614-496-7782 time management and follow- bacco smoke from menthol and up abilities, computer and inter- non-menthol cigarettes. Participation involves two visits 5 BEDROOM. 93 W. Duncan. net skills, and demonstrated to Battelle’s smoking laboratory North Campus. 2.5 Baths. Off- ability to effectively resolve cus- (at 505 King Ave., Columbus). tomer issues. Strong written street Parking. $2000. Availverbal communication If you are a regular smoker of able 8/1. Close to Everything. and skills are essential, as is a posi- cigarettes, YOU can help!! Firepit. 614-397-2374 tive attitude and a willingness Call the number below to see if to search for creative solu- you qualify for participation in 6 BEDROOM. 201 W. 8th. this study. Call (614)424-3998 2 Blocks from Medical Center. tions. Some public speaking Monday through Friday 3 Full Bath. $2400. Carpet, may be required. Contact Toby 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Portman at tportman@matrixOff-street Parking. Participants will be Available 8/1. 614-397-2374 sated for their time and effort.

Unfurnished 5+ Bedroom

Help Wanted General

FITNESS CENTER: Immediate openings for Part-Time, Front Desk Attendant positions for evenings and weekends. Starting pay $8.00/Hr + facility use. Weekend availability is a must. Great customer service person7 BEDROOM. Two Blocks alities should apply in person at from law school. Off-street MYM Fitness, 2100 Tremont parking. BIG BIG BIG! $2500. Center, Upper Arlington. 4860575 Available 8/1. 614-637-6300

6 BR. 14th and Summit. Near Greek houses. W/D provided (free). Central AC. New windows. Front/back porch. $2650/mo. Adam 419-4944626 or Sean 614-915-4666

55 W. Maynard Ave 4 bedrooms 1 bath Central air Off street parking $1,075.00 Call 614-851-2200

94 W. Maynard Ave. 5 bedrooms 2 baths Central air Off street parking $1,250.00 Call 614-851-2200

AFFORDABLE 4 Bedrooms. Visit our website at 1st Place Realty 429-0960

NICE 5 bedroom house 2 full bath available for fall. Recently renovated. Newer appliances, windows, front porch, balcony, fenced back yard, 2 decorative fire places, eat in kitchen, 1st floor laundry hook up. 2380 Indiana St. $1600/ month. Call Pat at (614) 323-4906

AVAILABLE AUGUST 1, 2012 4 or 5 bedroom. $300.per bedroom. 69 E. Patterson W/D, dishwasher,A/C, 4 floors. Call Debbie 937-763-0008 or Jeff RENT NOW AND WE’LL 937-763-5838 WAIVE SECURITY DEPOSIT! INDIANOLA/NEAR HIGH, 50 119 Chittenden. 3 levels. Huge Euclid, 1378.5 Indianola, 1371 4th floor sun deck. Central A/C. Parking. $1500. Call Chad Summit Available for fall, newly-remod- (614)887-9916. eled, hardwood floors, safe and convenient, large bedrooms, low utilities, d/w, w/d, free offstreet parking, a/c, starting at AVAILABLE NOW 14th Ave. $325 pp, Kitchen, laundry, parking, age $280/mo. Paid utilities, or 291-2600 296-8353 or 299-4521. RENT NOW AND WE’LL DEAD QUIET near medical WAIVE SECURITY DEPOSIT! complex. Safe. Excellent, low 5 bedroom Town house. 119 noise/crime neighborhood, Chittenden. 3 levels. Huge 4th quiet serious tenants. Refloor sun deck. Central A/C. search-oriented. OSU across Parking. $1500. Call Chad the street. $450/month, no utili(614)887-9916. ties. 614-805-4448.


GROCERY STORE: Applications now being accepted for Full-time/Part-time employment. Produce Clerk, Cashier, Deli Clerk, Stock Clerk, and Service Counter. Afternoons, evenings. Starting pay $8.00/Hr. Enjoyable work atmosphere. Must be 18 years or over. Great personalities only! Apply in person Huffman’s Market, 2140 Tremont Center, Upper Arlington (2 blocks north of Lane Ave and Tremont). 4865336. HELP WANTED Golf Course Maintenance Full or part time hours available for golf season. Must be dependable and enjoy outdoor work. Applications taken 9am to 2pm at Brookside Golf & Country Club 2 miles west of 315 on S.R. 161. Phone: 614-889-8690 HOUSE CLEANING position. Must be detail oriented, and reliable. Must have car, license and car ins. $10-12/hr, gas reimbursement. Background check. Call 614-527-1730 leave msg or email PAINTING COMPANY needs a painter. Experience preferred, not necessary. Paid determined at interview. 614-8047902.

PAINTERS WANTED FT, PT, experience preferred. $10-12 per hour. Clean Cut. Some latter work. Phone & transportation required, 614-327-4348. PAINTERS WANTED FT, PT, experience preferred. $10-12 per hour. Clean Cut. Some latter work. Phone & transportation required, 614-327-4348. PLAY SPORTS! HAVE FUN! SAVE MONEY! Maine camp needs fun loving counselors to teach. All land, adventure, & water sports. Great Summer! Call 888-844-8080, apply: PRETTY/NEWBIE MODEL type, for creative nude/photos/videos. No obligation, will train. Audition first step, next step experimental test shooting at $25.00 per hour, unlimited pay for future projects. Discretion assured, female preferred. (614)268-6944 RETAIL SALES Associate School Uniform company looking for retail sales associates for July and August only. Experience helpful. $10.00 per hour plus overtime Mon-Thurs 10-6, Fri 10-5, Sat 10-3. Call 614876-3030 ext. 1. STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM Paid Survey Takers needed in Columbus. 100% free to join. Click on surveys.

Help Wanted General TELEPHONE INTERVIEWERS wanted immediately to conduct interviews for research firm. No experience necessary. Great part-time job for students. Evening and daytime shifts available. Apply in person at: Strategic Research Group, 995 Goodale Blvd., 2nd floor. VALETS Driven. Service oriented. A team player. Reliable. Professional. Friendly. Does this sound like you? Currently hiring FT/PT Valets for various shifts throughout Columbus.

Help Wanted Child Care BABYSITTERS NEEDED. Must be caring, reliable, have great references and own transportation. Pick your schedule. Apply CARE PROVIDERS and ABA Therapists are waned to work with children/young adults with disabilities in a family home setting or supported living setting. Extensive training is provided. This job is meaningful, allows you to learn intensively and can accommodate your class schedule. Those in all related fields, with ABA interest, or who have a heart for these missions please apply. Competitive wages and benefits. For more information call L.I.F.E. Inc. at (614) 475-5305 or visit us at www.LIFE-INC.NET EOE

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service GORDON BIERSCH Brewery Restaurant located in the heart of the Arena District is looking for experienced linecooks. We offer very competitive wages and flexible hours that work around your class schedule. Apply online

MOZART’S BAKERY AND VIENNA ICE CAFE - Looking for parttime/full-time reliable counter help, server help, kitchen help. High Street location, a mile north of campus. Email resume to PRIVATE COUNTRY Club Men’s Shoe Room & Locker Room Attendant Seasonal Position $9.00 per hour plus tips email resumes to:

SEEKING HOSPITALITY personnel to staff the Memorial Golf Tournament - Thursday, May 31st – Sunday, June 3rd. MUST be available all four days to be considered. Pay rate is $10/ hour. Applicants must be professional with previous hospitality experience. Email if interested.

SPAGHETTI WAREHOUSE Now Hiring for Servers & Hosts

Great Benefits & Flexible Schedules

RECREATION LEADERS Care After School, Worthington. M-F 2-6. $9.50/hr. Gain great experience working with Elementary students. Interviewing now, begin in August. Please download application at and Call 431-2266 ext.222 for interview. SUMMER CHILDCARE: Hilliard family needs reliable, active, outgoing student to watch our sons (10 & 13) during summer break, 4-5 days/week, beginning 6/11. Non-smoker, excellent driving record & reliable vehicle for activities. References a must. Complimentary summer pool pass. Call (614)561-7643 for interview.

Help Wanted Clerical STANLEY STEEMER National Customer Sales and Service Call Center. Now hiring in our Westerville Location. Great Pay-Flexible Schedule! Please call 614-652-2409 or email to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Help Wanted Medical/Dental MEDICAL ASSISTANT Part time individual needed for a busy Granville dermatology office. Front and back office duties required. Prior medical office experience preferred, but on the job training provided. Send resume with wage requirements to:

Apply in person 397 West Broad


Help Wanted OSU

ILLUSTRATOR GRAPHICS-Graphic novel/line art. Publishing and Instruction Opportunities. Freelance.Terms negotiable. Contact 352-4715.

Help Wanted Sales/Marketing *EVERDRY WATERPROOFING IS NOW HIRING! Customer Service and Marketing reps. Part time position, evenings. Earn up to $350 per week part time! Advancement! Grow with a proven company that has been in the business for 35 years! Call Mr. Casey 614-850-5600

ACI PROTECTION, a leading provider of home automation and security solutions is seeking full/part time sales people. Earn up to $2,000+ per week with flexible work schedule. No experience needed. 740-3684177

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service BONJOUR OSU! La Chatelaine French Bakery & Bistros are looking for enthusiastic, charming and hardworking mademoiselles & monsieurs that love to work in an established family run restaurant & bakery. Our location in Upper Arlington on Lane Avenue needs: Weekday morning counter help, restaurant experience recommended. Weekday nights & weekend morning Prep/Cook help is needed, must have cooking experience. We our also always looking for great servers for all three locations, Upper Arlington, Worthington & Historic Dublin Please stop in for an application or email us your resume to 1550 West Lane Avenue, Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221 614.488.1911 Merci!

BEST SUMMER JOB! We help home owners repair their homes from storm damage. Average commission on a project is around $1100. We are currently hiring for canvassers and sales people for part-time and full-time positions. Visit us at or call Jim at 614-371-2252.

COLUMBUS ATHENAEUM located in downtown is looking to add to our banquet serving team. Ideal candidates are motivated, professional, reliable, and available to work on weekends. Contact (614)2226338 or stop by 32 N. 4th St. for more information and an application.

COLUMBUS OFFICE Solutions Business to Business Sales Join a Nationally, regionally and locally awarded sales and service team Outside sales selling an array of products which include: Mailing Machines, Copiers, Office Supplies, Inserters, Address Printers Normal work hours M-F 8-5 Dealership and manufacturers provide training on products Copier/Mailing/Office Industry experience recommended, but not mandatory Salary, commission, auto & bonuses! Email us your resume. Or Call to schedule an interview 614-819-0104

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING TERMS The OHIO STATE LANTERN will not knowingly accept advertisements that discriminate on the basis of age, sex race or creed or violate city, state or federal law. All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis. The Lantern reserves the right to edit/refuse any ad that does no conform to these policies. All ads are cancelled at the end of each quarter and must be replaced for the next quarter. Reply mail boxes are available upon request.


We must be notiÿed before 10:00A.M., the last day of publication, for any extensions, cancellations or changes to be made in an ad for the next day. Changes of one to three words will be permitted in an existing ad. A $3.00 fee will be assessed for each change. (The word count must remain the same). Business Office Open: Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 5:00pm Phone: 292-2031 / Fax: 614-292-3722 Email: Walk-in Ads Accepted: Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 4:30pm 242 W. 18th Ave. Room 211 Journalism Bldg. 2B

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Tuesday May 15, 2012

classifieds Help Wanted Sales/Marketing

General Services

Crossword Los Angeles Times, Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

GIFTWRAPPING SERVICES. Christmas. Valentine. Wedding. Birthday. Executive. Baby. Graduation. Mother’s Improveit! A well known 22 Day. Father’s Day. Pricing neyear old Marketing and Sales gotiable. Cash only. 440-7416. based organization is hiring. Work 40 hours per week Monday through Friday earn $10.00 MUSIC INSTRUCTION: Classiper hour PLUS, do a great job cal guitar, other styles, Theory, and earn bonuses which can Aural Training, Composition & exceed of $600.00 per WEEK Songwriting. Call Sound En(imagine weekly paychecks deavors @614/481-9191 over $1000.00) plus Benefits. Improveit! is located at 40 W. 1st Ave immediately off of High Street 1 mile south of OSU’s campus. Contact Randy at 614203-8873 or email your resume to TOM & Jerry’s - a Full Service Auto Repair Shop. 1701 Kenny Rd. 488-8507. Or visit: FULL TIME

Positions Immediately Available

Automotive Services

Help Wanted Landscape/ Lawn Care

Legal Services

LAWN CREW Members (PT) and Lead (FT) STUDENT RATES. Free initial 614.760.0911 consultation. Attorney drew Cosslett. Alcohol/Drug, Traffic, DUI, Criminal, DomesOPEN SEASONAL positions. tic. Credit cards accepted. 614The position would require you 725-5352. to work Monday through Friday (6:30am-11:30am) AND Saturday or Sunday (6:30-10:30), any hours over 40/wk will be paid at time and a half. The work would consist of all duties involved with the routine maintenance of a golf course. Con- RESUMES. BIOGRAPHIES. tact Bob at 614-595-9474 or Memoirs. Family histories. Military histories. Pricing negotiable. Cash only 440-7416 OSU PROPERTY Management Company seeks student Summer landscapers We are looking for part time and full time students to help with upgrading/maintaining our campus properties. We need students who can build land- TYPING. SECRETARIAL. Filing. Organizing. scape walls, mulch, weed and Dictation. plant shrubs, etc. Must have Copies. Resume services. truck and equipment. Also, Pricing negotiable. Cash only. must have motivation, be self 440-7416. driven and reliable. Please send resume along with references to:

Resumé Services

Typing Services

Tutoring Services

SMALL COMPANY over 50 years in business needs F/T or P/T worker. We will work around your schedule. We do gutters, siding, roofing & light repair work. Nelson Roofing 4636 Indianola. (614) 262-9700.

35 Ra or Odin 36 “Good job!” (and a hint to the beginning of 17-, 27-, 43- or 57-Across) 39 “The Color Purple” actress __ Dawn Chong 40 Past 41 Creme-filled cookie 42 Pyramid plateau 43 Lake Tahoe’s sole outlet 47 Renaissance 50 Stand up 51 What the fashionably late never are 52 Saharan 53 Many AARP mems. 56 Having a tiff 57 Penniless, as in the opening of “Me and Bobby McGee” 60 Mystical character 61 Egyptian symbol of life 62 Helmsley dubbed “Queen of Mean” 63 Went lickety-split 64 Snoopy 65 Longtime NBC newsman Newman


1 Phone-to-computer link 6 Picture of health? 10 Doubtful 14 Mimic’s skill 15 Box office sight, often 16 The Big Easy acronym 17 Attire with deep pockets 19 Sketch

20 Nikon D3S, e.g., briefly 21 Chops meat 22 Peaceful protest 23 Cake layer 25 Bullets with luminous trails 27 Place offering good looks? 30 Frittata needs 31 Frenzied indulgence 32 Martini request

1 Apples on many desks 2 Play-of-color gem 3 Bold bravery 4 Work measure 5 Mr. Magoo’s malady 6 Bigger than average, commercially 7 Hockey venue 8 Colony crawler 9 “Uh-huh” 10 Charge with a crime

11 Area of expertise 12 Pizazz 13 Shows boredom 18 Early Atari video game 22 Company that made Japan’s first plastic radio 24 Pennies: Abbr. 25 Spanish bull 26 Diana who played Mrs. Peel 27 Old Chevy 28 Wide-eyed 29 “The Chosen” author Chaim __ 32 Best way to cross a speed bump 33 Bring down, as a house 34 Wine datum 36 Fret 37 Stuck in __ 38 “Ugh!” 42 Enlistees, for short 43 Leaning 44 Like the smell of soil 45 Pennsylvania port 46 Conundrum 47 Backsides 48 Enjoy to the max 49 Salty solution 52 Questions 54 Hindu princess 55 Zany Laurel 57 Outlaw 58 One, to Juan 59 Gave a lot of bologna, say


A MATH tutor. All levels. Also Physics, Statistics and Business College Math. Teaching/tutoring since 1965. Checks okay. Call anytime, Clark 2940607.

Business Opportunities

For Sale Motorcycles

GET PAID Daily to Advertise!! Work From Your Computer. Full-Time Pay Working Only Part-Time. 919-786-0248;

ITALIAN MADE Moped 1978 Intramotor Gloria Scout. Newly rebuilt comes with extra engine 49cc. One of a Kind, Runs and looks great. 175 Miles per gallon of gas. Great for Tailgating and getting around campus. $1500.00 OBO 614-870-7851

For Sale Pets

SEEKING A job? The best online site to find the job you deserve. Don’t miss out

For Rent Miscellaneous HORSE OWNERS! Horse farm’s apartment (utilities paid) and horse stall. Near Darbydale. 29 minutes to OSU. $800/mo. 614-805-4448 or

General Miscellaneous

ALL OHIO Reptile Sale and Show. May 19, 2012, 9-3, Adults $4, under 10, $1. Moose Lodge 11; 1500 Demorest Rd; Columbus, OH 43228. GIFTWRAPPING SERVICES. Christmas. Valentine. Wed614/457-4433 ding. Birthday. Executive. Baby. Graduation. Mother’s Day. Father’s Day. Pricing negotiable. Cash only. 440-7416.

For Sale Real Estate

1078E MERRIMAR Circle North, 3 Floor, 2-3 Bedroom Townhouse, 1.5 Baths, Fenced Patio, 1 Carport, Assigned Parking Space. Close to 315, OSU, Bus Routes. $75k or best offer. 614-296-3418, 740-5872889 VACANCIES? VACANCIES? Vacancies? Let our leasing services pay for themselves. For your leasing, property management, or sales needs Call 1st Place Realty 429-0960.

General Services

POLITICAL CHAT - Share Your Political Views In a Fun Social Environment! Join WWW.SCREWYTEES.COM Find any t-shirt you want, design your own, or just come browse funny shirts for laughs.

Announcements/ Notice ART CLASSES! May 6 - June 2. Limited Space enroll today! Cooley Studios 614-390-0488, MOM’S SEWING. Buttons. Seams. Socks. Hand sewing. Pricing negotiable.

ATTENTION INVESTORS! Cash only. 440-7416. CampusHandyman is your solution for your property WANTED CASH CASH CASH maintenance needs. for your junk automobile. 596-9844.

FOR ALL YOUR FALL HOUSING NEEDS! Studios through 2 bedroom homes remaining for Fall 2012 Prime Locations!


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Tuesday May 15, 2012


[ a +e ] Warehouse to be an ‘outlet’ for disco, electronic music Amand a Abney Lantern reporter When Noir attendees enter the warehouse where the event is held, attendees dressed in black will be transported into another dimension in which elaborate visuals and electronic music flow together to mix the old with the new. Noir is scheduled to begin 9 p.m. Friday in a warehouse located at 400 W. Rich St. Detroit DJs Brian Kage and Luke Hess, and producer Seth Yender are scheduled to perform at the event, which is an official p e-party for the Movement Electronic Music Festival, which is scheduled to run in Detroit May 26-28. Noir is also a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Squared, a Columbus-based design and marketing company that has been throwing events since 2002. “It was just an outlet for us to have fun,” said Scott Litch, president of Squared. “That is kind of how Squared started.” Columbus DJ Aaron Austen agreed. “It was a chance to do what we loved, see who turned out and earn a couple of bucks while having fun,” Austen said. Austen, owner/operator of Run614 Productions, is also scheduled to perform at Noir in a set with DJ Jason Allen and Ill Atmospherics percussionist Don Carlos. Run614 is a partner for the event. DJ Dedikate, whose real name is Seth Carter, will be spinning some disco, retro house and funk/soul music. Alberto Scirocco, originally from Milan, Italy, is scheduled to play a set as well. Video production artist JR Gualtieri, an OSU alumnus, will be doing the event visuals, which are expected to be a main attraction, Litch said.

Darkness from 1B The band is scheduled to release its new album titled “Hot Cakes” in August. “It’s a bit more small town with a lot of heartfelt songs,” Poullain said. “Hot Cakes” is based on the three necessities of life, Poullain said, “Food, sex and music make life worth living.” Poullain said the band enjoys touring in the U.S. because of the way the crowd reacts to its performances. “I love it, that is what it’s all about,” he said. “We met the Midwest, and everyone comes and forgets themselves.”

Courtesy of Brandie Story

Noir, a celebration for the 10th anniversary of Squared and a pre-party for the Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit, is scheduled to take place at 9 p.m. May 18 at a warehouse, located at 400 W. Rich St. “Let me put it this way, with what we are doing on the video projections, a lot of light would take away from what JR is going to accomplish,” Litch said. Attendees are encouraged to wear all black to Noir in an attempt to keep the focus on the party, Litch said.

Poullain said the band tries to create an alternate universe in its live performance and Hawkins likes to contribute by doing scissor kicks and headstands during the band’s performances. “We like to create a sense of euphoria,” he said. “We kind of create a rockn-roll vortex.” Poullain also said the band is looking forward to seeing how the audience in Columbus reacts to its sound. “We are really excited about people who have not seen us before,” he said. The band is currently touring Australia and is scheduled to perform at Rocklahoma Memorial Day

“The idea is to have a gift bag full of gifts, discounts from local stores and maybe some swag,” Litch said. Austen said the event’s goal is to create a danceclub environment that also drops jaws. “It will have a ‘wow’ factor where you walk down a hallway and turn and you see a crazy light stage,” Austen said. Litch agreed. “We are trying to do something completely different, take it out of the bar environment and move it into a truly dance-club environment,” Litch said. Attendees must bring their own alcohol and there will be a check-in for their beverages in a way similar to a coat check. Mixers will be provided. “You check it in and they will either write your name down or give you a number that will correlate with a ticket that they give you to carry,” Austen said. Noir is set to provide a variety of selections of electronic music. “It will start out more chill and get more high energy as the night goes on,” Litch said. Amy Burns, a Run614 promoter, said though performers won’t play to the same genre, their expertise will carry the event. “It lends a more mature approach to the electronic music scene,” Burns said. “These are the godfathers of the scene, and their taste in music is impeccable.” Advanced tickets price at $10, available at www.

A percentage of the proceeds from the door, concessions and sale of sponsored products will go toward Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign to end childhood hunger in the United States. Noir will also have giveaways early in the evening.

weekend in Pryor, Okla., after Rock on the Range. The Darkness is also scheduled to tour Europe with Lady Gaga on her Born This Way Ball Tour scheduled for August through December. Poullain said the band is unsure how Gaga’s fans will take to The Darkness. “I have no clue how they will respond,” Poullain said. Some critics, such as Matt Pais, writer for the RedEye Sound Board, welcome the return of The Darkness. “This group, largely dormant in the years since 2005’s ‘One Way Ticket to Hell … and Back’ failed to replicate

the success of 2003’s ‘Permission to Land,’ has returned with every possible fire still burning, affectionately bowing to late ‘70s/mid-‘80s rock excess without making a mockery out of it,” Pais said. Some fans of The Darkness said they enjoy its classic rock influences. “They definitely take me back to my younger years,” said Ken Connolly, a fourth-year in business operations. “They have a couple of classic rock songs that are great for karaoke.” General admission tickets are sold out for the festival. Tickets are priced

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@LanternAE starting at $59.50 plus a service charge for single-day stadium passes for Saturday or Sunday, and $114.50 including the service charge for weekend passes for stadium seating.



WITH THE MOST ATMs ON CAMPUS, WE’RE WHEREVER YOU ARE. With so many locations, it’s easy to get cash when you need it. Plus, we’re the only bank on campus that lets you link your checking account to your BuckID. Use your BuckID like a debit card and shop anywhere with it, using your PIN. Speaking of checking accounts, you can open your Asterisk-Free CheckingTM account just by stopping in a branch or visiting Welcome.

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