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New figures show Gee continues to be highest-earning university president ThOmaS BRaDley Senior Lantern reporter

Pryor’s foot work


OSU quarterback Terrelle Pryor underwent a second surgery to repair torn ligaments in his left foot.

arts & life

Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee continues to lead the pack as the the highest paid public university president in the nation, raking in almost double what the next highest paid president makes per year. In the 2009-2010 fiscal year, Gee earned $1,818,911, a number that includes bonuses, future earnings and retirement, according to a special report The Chronicle of Higher Education released Sunday. Gee is the only public university president to earn more than $1 million in a year. Jason Conklin, a third-year in electrical and computer engineering, said he doesn’t think the gap between Gee’s and the next highest paid president is justified. “I think any university president, no matter how big or how small the school, does basically the same job,” Conklin said. “There’s no reason for that discrepancy between Gee and the next highest paid university president.” Gee was unavailable for comment on the report. His earnings are $913,907 more than the second highest paid president, Mark Emmert of the University of Washington, who earned $905,004 in 2009-2010. Emmert is no longer president at the

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Highest paid public university presidents Ohio State University

E. Gordon Gee


University of Washingon

Mark Emmert

University of Texas

Francisco Cigarroa



University of Central Florida

John Hitt


President’s salary

President’s salary





University full budget

University full budget

University full budget

University full budget

.042% of budget

.029% of budget

President’s salary

.0068% of budget

President’s salary

.079% of budget

Penn State University

Graham Spanier

$800,592 President’s salary

$7,788,313,000 University full budget

.021% of budget

According to a special report released Sunday from The Chronicle of Higher Education, Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee is the highest paid public university president in the nation. Gee, the only public university president to earn more than $1 million a year, earned $1,818,911 in the 2009–2010 fiscal year. The next highest paid public university president, Mark Emmert of the University of Washington, made less than half of Gee’s yearly earnings. Source: reporting

KARISSA LAM / Design editor

Spring showers amanda hager, a second-year in speech and hearing sciences, waits in the rain at the north dorms’ bus stop for a West campus-bound bus. according to the National Weather Service, 1.48 inches of rain had been measured at Port columbus International airport as of 9 p .m. monday. This breaks the daily rainfall record set in 1981 of 1.22 inches. Four to six inches of moving water has been reported at Ohio State’s campus. Facilities Operations and Development representatives said maintenance is responding to the many leaks that the flooding has created.

Security breach could mean more phishing, spam mOll y GRay Managing editor for design

Big Three concert


Dozens of major corporations sent notices to consumers Monday morning saying that their names and e-mail addresses might have been obtained by hackers who attacked an e-mail marketing firm’s database last week. According to a press release on Epsilon’s website, a security breach was detected on Wednesday as “a subset of Epsilon clients’ customer data were exposed by an unauthorized entry into Epsilon’s e-mail system.” Epsilon clients who have reported being affected include Cincinnati-based Kroger Co., Target, JPMorgan Chase, U.S. Bancorp, Citigroup, Best Buy Co., Walgreens and TiVo. When contacted by telephone, Epsilon press contact Jessica Simon said the company is working with authorities on an investigation into the breach and couldn’t comment further. Despite the broad expanse of the breach, some students weren’t concerned about their information. “What is someone going to do with my e-mail? It’s not important. I only check it once a week,” said Seth Martin, a third-year in business. Others weren’t aware of the breach. Unlike the data breach Ohio State experienced last fall, Epsilon is reporting that the hackers were only able to obtain names and e-mail addresses, which means the biggest concern for affected customers is phishing — when hackers imitate

Lupe Fiasco, Kellie Pickler, and B.o.B. will perform at the ‘Big Three Concert.’ See what students had to say.


Yeah, Me Too serves only coffee sports

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/ Lantern reporter

Kayla ByleR / Lantern photographer

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Days plays for love of the Pressure tanks cause RPAC evacuation game


weather high 49 low 38 windy


61/48 showers 65/55 mostly cloudy 70/61 scattered t-storms 71/62 scattered t-storms

JeSSe O’NeIll Lantern reporter

Steam overwhelmed pressure tanks, causing fire alarms to go off at the McCorkle Aquatic Pavillion at 8:15 p.m. Sunday. “They’re fed by steam, and the controls didn’t shut down when they should’ve, and it overheated the system,” said Michael Mitchell, zone maintenance technician. The machines did what they were supposed to and set off the alarm after malfunctioning, said Diane Jensen, associate director of facilities at the RPAC. “Everything’s working properly right now. We just need to put it back the way it was,” Mitchell said. “A couple parts need to get ordered.” Officials made the decision to completely evacuate students from the RPAC building and aquatic center as a safety precaution at 8:31 p.m. “The FOD (Facilities Operations and Development) was on the scene at 8:36 and went inside the room at 8:38 and reset the system,” said Deputy Chief of Police Richard Morman. “By 8:48, the buildings were still closed, but had no risk.” Mitchell isolated the problem and officials decided it was necessary to take precautions. The force of the steam in the pressure tanks surprised the FOD staff, Mitchell said.

JOe PODelcO / Photo editor

Police and RPac offi cials blocked entrances to the RPac after it was ev acuated at about 8:30 p.m. on Sunday.

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campus Yeah, Me Too has a simple recipe for success: coffee Rachel Remy Lantern reporter On a sleepy strip of Indianola Avenue in Clintonville sits a coffee shop – in the truest sense of the term. There are no couches, fire places, stools, tables or Wi-Fi. There is no pastry case, stylized drinks or racks of magazines. Instead, there is just coffee – black, or with cream or sugar. This is the home of Yeah, Me Too. There is a coffee roaster in one corner, local artwork splashed on the walls and a counter across the small storefront lined with a few baked goods and a French press. Co-owners Sam Brown and Jovan Karcic started the coffee business to make money so they could pursue their musical interests. Brown is a member of the Columbus punk rock band, New Bomb Turks, and is involved in numerous other bands. “We just want to have the flexibility to play music and make art,” Brown said. New Bomb Turks’ bassist and Wexner Center Store Manger Matt Reber has been friends with Brown and Karcic since before they opened the coffee shop. Reber said when Brown started with the New Bomb Turks in 1999 he took a French press on band tours. Reber said Brown and Karcic started Yeah, Me Too because they were interested in working with gourmet coffee and they particularly liked French press coffee. “I can’t brew my own coffee like they brew it,” Reber said. “They do something very specific very well.” Located at 3005 Indianola Ave., Yeah, Me Too serves its roasted coffee only two ways: hot or cold. Customers have the option of adding cream or sugar to their coffee but nothing else. Brown and Karcic want their business to be as simple as possible, Brown said. Yeah, Me Too got its name from a record that Brown and a partner made. Brown and Karcic aren’t coffee geek guys or business men, they just wanted to start their own place, Brown said. Without advertisements, the co-owners are seeing the shop grow slowly. “We aren’t business guys,” Brown said. “We aren’t interested in saturating the market.” Brown and Karcic keep the business focused on one thing.


KAYLA BYLE R / Lantern photographer

Yeah, Me Too, located at 3005 Indianola Ave. in Clintonville, Ohio, specializes in keeping it simple. It only sells its coffee hot or cold with simple additives: cream or sugar. “Our business is so simple,” Brown said. “You just come in and get a cup of coffee.” Not everything the coffee shop offers meets customers’ expectations. Brown said it’s hard to get people in the door because they are used to getting everything they need from one location.

“I think it’s hard to ask people these days to go to multiple places to get things,” he said. Brown’s largest concern is that people don’t find what they want with Yeah, Me Too. He isn’t running a traditional coffee shop with area to study or couches for seating, so some customers are disappointed.

“There are certain things that people expect from a coffee shop that we don’t provide,” Brown said. Clintonville resident Jamie Hayden describes Yeah, Me Too as quaint and quirky because it’s different than a lot of coffee shops. Along with her friends, Hayden keeps returning to Yeah, Me Too because it’s convenient and cheap. “I don’t have to pay $5 for a cup of coffee,” Hayden said. “It’s cheap and it’s good.” Brown said starting and maintaining the business has been an interesting experience because they are building it from the ground up. They want to see the business grow naturally without advertisement. “It’s all word of mouth,” Brown said. “We are just trying to let it grow as organically as possible.” The co-owners make all their coffee with a French press, which was their preferred method of making coffee when they started the business. Brown said Columbus has nothing like Yeah, Me Too, so he thought people would enjoy something new. “I am most proud of how good our coffee is,” Brown said. “The whole reason we are here is because our coffee is good.” The owners buy their coffee beans through a coffee brokerage and then roast their own beans, Brown said. “The focus of the place is that we roast our own coffee,” Brown said. “This is the only place you can get our coffee.” Although Clintonville residents frequently stop in, Brown said he has also seen a lot of new customers lately. “I really like new people coming in,” Brown said. “I’m really surprised when people come in and ask how long we have been here.” Yeah, Me Too regular Brayden Volk works in Clintonville and stops to get a cup of coffee three or four times a week. “They have great blends of coffee and the French press,” Volk said. Although Volk said seating is a disadvantage for the shop, it doesn’t keep him from suggesting Yeah, Me Too’s coffee. “People should stop in and get a cup,” Volk said.

Tuesday April 5, 2011

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Issue 45 Monday In the article “Sponseller ends OSU career with All-American honors,” a photo identified a wrestler as Colt Sponseller. In fact, the wrestler pictured is Nick Heflin.


Issue 45 Monday In the article “Carter isn’t worthy to play at OSU,” we identified Chris Carter, in fact his name is Cris Carter.

RPAC from 1A

Students told to leave RPAC for ‘precautionary measures’ Scott Plunkett, a fifth-year in biochemistry, said the alarm confused him at first. “My friend and I came and got food and saw fire lights going off,” Plunkett said. “There was no sound alarm at first. It was confusing.” An announcement was made telling students to evacuate the building for “precautionary measures.” “Everyone was looking around, and we see people in towels and bathing suits come from the

Breach from 1A

Kroger reminds customers to use online safety measures a trusted company and attempt to get sensitive personal information through e-mail. “Since the hacker will have both your e-mail address and will know your real name and the companies that you have done business with … you could be lured into giving them personal information because you have given (the companies) online information before, and you figure it is just a legitimate e-mail contact,” said Paul Stevens, director of policy and advocacy with Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Stevens said it is uncommon for hackers to only get names and e-mail addresses. Last December, OSU revealed a data breach that occurred in October in which hackers accessed names, social security numbers, dates of birth and addresses of about 760,000 current and former faculty, students, applicants and other university-affiliated people. The College Board, a company that runs the SAT and AP tests as well as other college application resources, was among the companies affected by the breach of Epsilon’s e-mail system. “Sensitive information such as Social Security numbers and credit card information were not stored in this system and were not at risk,” said Peter Kauffmann, vice president of communications for College Board in an e-mail to The Lantern. “We are conducting a thorough investigation into this matter and will continue to update those who may have been affected.” The proper way to give any company personal information is by going directly to their website, calling a phone number you know to be accurate

or by writing to the company. Don’t ever respond to open e-mails requesting personal information, Stevens said. Jenna Backus, a third-year in strategic communications, said she already deals with phishing and spam so she isn’t worried about this breach. “I block spam and weird usernames,” Backus said. Amy McCormick, a spokesperson for the Kroger Co., said they have been contacting all of their customers and reminding people to use everyday online safety measures. “We are reminding our customers to not open e-mails from people that they do not know,” McCormick said. “We also advise them that Kroger would never ask them for any personal information, such as credit card numbers or Social Security card numbers, and if they were to receive such a request and it did not come from Kroger, they should delete it.” Kroger customers can call 1-800-576-4377 if they have concerns about the data breach or wish to report phishing or spam to their account. Epsilon has yet to release a full list of its clients who were affected or a number of e-mail accounts that were obtained, but some sources are reporting that the breach is shaping up to be the largest in history. “Epsilon is a very large company; they have over 2,500 clients and at this point we’re not clear how many of those clients have actually been impacted,” Stevens said. “I would imagine that the list will grow as the day goes on.” By Monday evening, had published a list of 37 companies that the breach impacted. Janelle Cooper contributed to this story.

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University of Washington after being named president of the NCAA last year. Eric Hill, a third-year in computer information science, said Gee deserves this kind of pay for all the work he does for the university. “Look at all he does for the university,” Hill said. “The way he is personally attached to every aspect of the university is awesome.” The report lists two different types of earnings: cost of employment and total compensation. Cost of employment is defined as “the cost to the university and the state of employing the chief executive during the fiscal year, counting base pay, bonuses, deferred compensation and retirement.” The report said this can also include other provisions, such as housing and car allowances, tuition assistance and related spousal pay. Total compensation is defined as “actual dollars received by the chief executive during the fiscal year in base pay, bonuses and deferred-compensation payouts.” Gee ranks No. 1 in both categories.

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The report said Gee’s total compensation in 2009-2010 was $1,323,911. Two other Big Ten university presidents cracked the top 10 in total cost of employment. Penn State’s president, Graham Spanier, was paid $800,592 in 2009-2010, and Michigan’s president, Mary Sue Coleman, earned $783,850 in the same time period. Those two salaries combined still fall more than $250,000 short of Gee’s earnings. OSU has increased Gee’s salary since the period when the data was collected. According to a press release in December, The Board of Trustees approved a 2 percent increase on his base pay. This is an increase of $16,042, bringing the total to $818,167. The Board also approved a 37 percent increase to his performance compensation, which is $296,786. In the December press release, Gee said he “intends to contribute his performance compensation to support his scholarship fund as well as other strategic university initiatives.” University spokesman Jim Lynch did not have any further information on this. Hill said there is no question that Gee deserves the pay, mentioning all the money he brings into the university. “The way he keeps tradition and good values of the university as a priority, well, it’s awesome,” Hill said. “Gee is the man.”

Rain didn’t wash away SB5 protest aNDRea chaFFIN Lantern reporter Protesters gathered in the rain Monday afternoon at the corner of 15th Avenue and High Street to speak out against legislation, including Senate Bill 5. The organization Working America is a community affiliate of the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). The protest on campus was one of nearly 1,000 rallies taking place across the nation on or near April 4, according to their website. The protesters raised signs reading, “We Are One,” and encouraged drivers to honk in support of working families. Monday’s date marked the 43rd anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. The civil rights activist was killed in 1968. “Martin Luther King, Jr. stood up for the same rights that are under attack today,” said Jihad Seifullah, Working America organizer. “Senate Bill 5 and other legislation takes those rights away from working families in states such as Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio.” Keith Mullings, a second-year in theater and communication at Columbus State, was one of the protesters standing in the rain. “We are fighting for the rights of all working

Tuesday April 5, 2011

aquatic center and they fairly urgently told us to get out,” Plunkett said. The RPAC is divided into three buildings. Building A is the academic building, building B is the workout facility and building C is the aquatic center. “Each building is set up separately so they won’t impact each other. What impacts the pools will not impact the other buildings,” Jensen said. Building B, the RPAC’s main building, was evacuated strictly for safety measures. “It’s just like I have a sniffle sometimes; sometimes the machines do too,” Jensen said. Mitchell said the price of the parts to fix the pressure tanks is not yet available, but everything should be fixed within a week.

families in the state of Ohio,” he said. “It’s a bill that’s pretty much taking away from the middle class. It’s taking away their basic right to survival.” Social worker Ken Andrews said he is an avid supporter of unions. His daughter is a first-year in nursing at Ohio State and he said he fears for the future under current leadership. “If we don’t do something about the governor, we’ll all be in a frying pan together,” Andrews said. Organizers encouraged pedestrians to sign a form supporting Working America. William Helbling, a second-year in political science and English at OSU, said he signed the form because Senate Bill 5 is wrong. “I believe in our nation and our state,” he said. “Everyone should have rights in the work place and have a say, no matter if you’re high or low in the company.” But not every student fully understood the organization and their form, even if they signed it. “They said it’s for Martin Luther King’s birthday, but I recognize the sign from the union thing,” said Matt Chastang, a second-year in microbiology. Seifullah said although the organization was not specifically targeting Senate Bill 5, the opposition from the bill has led to more people’s wanting to be involved, “We’ll be here until 3 p.m.,” Seifullah said. “The rain won’t stop us.”

9A 3A XX

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Across 1 Shoppers’ aids 5 Chantilly product 9 Religious subgroups 14 Kareem’s alma mater, briefly 15 Airline with famously tight security 16 Hackneyed 17 Custardy Spanish dessert 18 O’Hara homestead 19 Nattered away 20 Chocolate-ribboned ice cream flavor 23 Two-outs-in-a-single-AB stats 24 Mai __ 25 Asian cat breed 27 One setting a new high 32 Windsor Castle initials 33 Fabled fiddler 34 “All By __”: Celine Dion hit 37 Spread in a dairy case 39 Spots on a screen? 41 Inter or et follower 42 Setting where a medium isn’t rare 45 Nepal’s continent 48 Pioneered 49 Salon treatment 52 Aptly named boss at the quarry where Fred Flintstone

works 54 Livy’s “I love” 55 Mouse spotter’s shriek 56 “Nifty, huh?” 62 Stockpile 64 __’acte 65 Thought 66 Capone henchman 67 Vaulted cathedral part 68 Sask. neighbor 69 Isaac with a bow 70 Inner Hebrides isle 71 “... the slithy toves / Did __ and gimble ...”: “Jabberwocky” Down 1 Fit and muscular 2 Bill of Rights-defending org. 3 Pleased 4 Serenaded 5 Leave on the casino table 6 Jai __ 7 Kvetch 8 Pass by 9 Like poorly cleaned windows 10 Important time 11 Gal with a fairy godmother 12 Sporty car roofs 13 Good judgment 21 Merit

22 Jodie’s co-star in “Nell” 26 Big butte 27 P-like Greek letters 28 Perry’s creator 29 Tightwad 30 Bikini part 31 Sometime ally of Godzilla 35 Actor Schreiber 36 Tire near the finish 38 Turow’s Harvard-based story 40 Atlanta-to-Miami dir. 43 Dried Ocean Spray treat 44 CPR providers 46 Where Alice saw the Cheshire Cat 47 Bank foyer convenience, for short 50 Virgil’s epic hero 51 Knocking the socks off 52 Ways partner 53 Send payment 57 Toll rd. 58 Part of a spout-climbing spider’s description 59 Whirlpool 60 Father of Cordelia 61 Dam site 63 Orch. section

Horoscopes by Nancy Black ©2011 Tribune Media Services Inc. TODAY’S BIRTHDAY Challenge what you know about yourself. It may require enlisting the help of others. New knowledge will bring new opportunities in your love life and career. Treat yourself with respect, and others will too.

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To get the advantage, check the day’s rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging.

LIBRA Sept. 23–Oct. 22 Today is a 6 -- You’re magnetically drawn to socializing. Find beauty in the most unlikely places, and surround yourself with it today: flowers, art, people ... your choice. Your theory works!

ARIES March 21 – April 19 Today is an 8 -- New profits become available. Shopping for household items becomes a top priority. Pay attention to your creative drive, and act on it. Follow a stronger leader. Beat your old best time. You’re a champion. TAURUS April 20 – May 20 Today is an 8 -- Enjoy your social media buzz. Nevertheless, face-to-face works best today. Exceed expectations. Let folks know what you want and need. Give away stuff that you’re not using. GEMINI May 21 – June 21 Today is an 8 -- A lucky revelation brings sought-after information. Don’t be afraid to bribe a friend with something they love to take action on your behalf. Keep it short, sweet and delicious. CANCER June 22 – July 22 Today is an 8 -- Profitable opportunities beckon (if you do the work). Your creativity is in demand, and they’re willing to pay for it. Balance work with play, and add chocolate. LEO July 23 – Aug. 22 Today is an 8 -- Connect long distance without travel. It’s a good time to get the word out. Remember that love’s the most important part. Frame your message in a great visual design.

SCORPIO Oct. 23 – Nov. 21 Today is a 7 -- An older person is feeling generous now. You love the way things work out. Find new business opportunities with old partnerships. You work well together. SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22 – Dec. 21 Today is a 9 -- Too much work and no play can make Jack stressed out. Find a beautiful spot and spend some time for relaxation. A female needs extra money. CAPRICORN Dec. 22 – Jan. 19 Today is a 7 -- Recycling works, again. Borrow creative ideas from others and make them your own by adding a personal touch. Today, make art, not war. Build something. AQUARIUS Jan. 20 – Feb. 18 Today is a 7 -- Find new ways to balance work and family. They say you’ve reached true enlightenment when you can’t tell work from play. Focus on creating something of beauty.

Instr uct ions

Place the numbers 1 to 8 in each of the octagons such that the numbers are not repeated in any octagon, row, column, or diagonal. The sums of the minor diagonals (diagonals that contain either four or six numbers) are provided at the beginning and end of each minor diagonal. The sum of the four numbers that border a diamond are provided in that diamond. The numbers that border diamonds do not have to be unique.

Number of numbers provided = 63 (Easy)


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Tuesday April 5, 2011


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Unfurnished 3 Bedroom

40 Chittenden Ave Free Parking, Coin W/D, Near Gateway $495‑$535 Commercial One 324‑6717

2 bedroom, townhouses, large layout. 15th Ave., very clean, off‑street parking, A/C, close to Greek houses. $750/month. Call Sean 614‑915‑4666 2 Bedroom. North Campus. Adams Ave. New everything. W/D, off‑street parking. $625. Available now. 614‑637‑6300 2 bedrooms. Huge bedrooms, large kitchens and living rooms, off‑street parking, on‑site laundry, central air. 10 month lease. Furnished $755, Unfurnished $678. 614‑294‑ 3502 2 BR. 374 E. 13th. flats. Completely remodeled, new kitchen/baths, central AC. On‑site laundry and parking. $650/mo. Adam 419‑494‑4626 or Sean 614‑915‑4666 2103 Iuka Ave. 2BR unfurnished, kitchen, stove, refrigerator, carpet, air. $450/mo. $450 deposit. Laundry available, off‑ street parking. No pets. Available Fall. Call 614‑306‑0053 220 E. Lane & Indianola 2 bdrm flats avail for fall corner of Indianola and Lane. Modern Bldg on N. campus. Spacious w/newer crpt, huge bdrms, on site lndry, A/C. blinds,Off St. pkg. Courtyard area. Call 263‑ 2665 276‑ 284 E. Lane‑2 bdrm TH avail for fall. N. campus at Indianola and Lane, very spacious w/lndry hkups in bsmt. Ceiling fans, dining Rm, blinds, newer crpt, frnt porch, yard area. Off St. pkg. Call 263‑2665 2BR Apartment 373 E 12th Ave. Eat‑in kitchen, appliances, carpeted, CA, off‑street parking, security lights. $399. Available now. 531‑6158. 344 E. 20th Unit B, 2 bedroom flat, 1 bath, remodeled, central air, large kitchen, off street parking, NO dogs, $525.00. Call Pat 457‑4039 or e‑mail Available FALL. 427 E. Oakland Ave. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, living and dining rooms, full basement w/ washer/dryer hook‑ups, front porch $525 (614)457‑4039 4942 FAIRWAY CT. 2 bedroom towhome. Range, refrigerator, central A/C, private basement with washer/dryer connections and off street parking. $550/month. Call Myers Real Estate 614‑486‑2933 or visit 95 & 99 W Norwich Ave. 1 bl N of Lane Ave. Exc cond & large rooms. Off street parking. No pets. $810/mo. Dep and 1 year lease. Available 9/1/11. JonLan Properties. for appt. Affordable 2 Bedrooms. Visit our website at 1st Place Realty 429‑0960 At University Gardens. Beautiful 2 bedroom condos. new W/D, stove, refrigerator and dishwasher, free wi‑fi. Separate laundry and spacious LR. Quiet Complex. Best value in OSU off‑campus student and faculty housing. $520/month 1st month free. 614‑778‑9875. Beautiful Condo, 2 Bedrooms, 1 full and 2 half Bathrooms. Sunken Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen with Refrigerator, Stove and Dishwasher. Large Rec Room with Wood Burning Fireplace. Lots of storage. Located on Hidden Acres Ct near Cook Road. 7 minute drive to campus. 614‑ 285‑4313 or Clintonville/North Campus. Spacious townhouse with finished basement in quiet location just steps from bike path and bus lines. Off‑street parking, 1 1/2 baths, W/D hook‑up, AC, no pets. $720/month. 109 W. Duncan. 614‑582‑1672 Clintonville/North Campus. 2 bedroom apartment with newer cabinets, granite countertops, off‑street parking, AC, no pets, $520/month. 95 W Hudson. 614‑582‑1672 Grad or Mature Students; Quiet Neighborhood Setting; NW ‑ Reed & Henderson Area; 10 Min From Campus; 2BR 1 1/2BA; Finished Basement with W‑D Hookup; Beautifully Renovated; Storage Galore; Walk to Grocery, Post Office, Banks, Restaurants; $750/mo. Call Owner Now: 614.459.9400; Pets Considered. Great Campus Location. Two bedroom, 1 bath townhouses at 109‑117 E. 9th, includes W/D, $895/month available August 1. Contact Beacon Property Management at 614.228.6700, ext. 32 to schedule a showing. kenny/henderson Road, 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 baths, townhouse apartment. Ideal for graduate students, near busline. A/C, woodburning fireplace, basement with W/D hookup, $635/month, 614‑519‑ 2044. Large 2 Bedroom, double, 1 car garage, Northwood & High, $575/month plus utilities, no pets. Available NOW! Call 614‑424‑6771.

#1 3 BR AFFORDABLE spacious and updated, large 3 BR apts on North, South and Central campus. Gas heat, A/C, off‑ street parking, dishwasher, on‑ site laundry. Starting at $400/ea. 614‑294‑7067. $1,250 1554 Highland, spacious townhouse, W/D, southwest campus, NorthSteppe Realty 299‑4110 $1,300, 2549 Indianola, totally renovated, hardwood, stainless, W/D, NorthSteppe Realty 299‑4110 $1,400, 4‑16 E Norwich, W/D, A/C, dishwasher, sunroom, hardwood, NorthSteppe Realty 299‑4110 $595‑1,050, 60‑66 E 7th, Gateway Village, W/D, A/C, dishwasher, NorthSteppe Realty 299‑4110 11th & Summit. 1535 Summit St. 3 Bedroom. 2 Full Bath. Off‑ street parking. Across the street from Certified on Summit. $900/mo. Call Jeff @ 216‑ 346‑0322. 1st month’s rent & deposit. 1901 N. 4th and 18th, 3BR townhouse. Spacious, W/D, remodeled kitchen. $900/mo, 614‑989‑1524 2390 Indianola ‑ Nice N. Campus location Safe off street parking Beautiful custom kitchen W/Granite counters. Second floor laundry two full baths open three story oak stair case leading to large third floor Br. with private bath. Large enough for four. Must see. $350/person for four $450/person for three residents. Call Ed at 614.332.5177 or 3 Bedroom North Campus, 2435 Adams Ave. New everything. W/D, off‑street parking, $850. Available now. 614‑637‑ 6300 3 bedroom on Maynard near High, newly remodeled, modern loft feel, W/D included. Great Location, $1200/month. Call Adam 419‑494‑4626 3 bedroom WITH FINISHED BASEMENT. Clintonville/North Campus. Spacious townhouse overlooking river view, walkout patio from finished basement to backyard, low traffic, quiet area, off‑street parking, 1 1/2 baths, W/D hook‑up, AC, no pets. Steps to bike path and bus lines. $820/month. 101 W Duncan. 614‑582‑1672

Furnished Rentals 3 bdrm, 2 ba home, 4 mi N of campus on High St ‑ on #2 & #31 COTA. Rent $1400/mo + util. Large enough for 4. Call Doug @ 614‑905‑2896. Avail Fall & Immed. Very large 1‑2 person studio‑style bdrm avail for sublease Jun‑Sept. $778/month +utl 13th&Pearl. 2165361885

Furnished Efficiency/Studio 92 E.11th Ave. Very clean, neat, cozy. A/C, walking distance to OSU, parking available, free internet. short term ok! $399/mo plus utilities. (614)457‑8409, (614)361‑2282.

93 & 97 W Norwich Ave. 1 block N of Lane Ave. Exc cond, large rooms. Off street parking. No waterbeds or pets. $480/mo. Dep & 1 yr lease. Available 9/1/11. JonLan Properties 614‑794‑2225. for appt.

East 16th between Summit and 4th, spacious 1 bed with washer/ dryer/ dishwasher osp very nice. Available fall $450.00. and Steve @ 614‑582‑1618

Furnished 1 Bedroom

#Available apartment. Super convenient location, 1‑2 bedroom apartments, 38 E. 17th Ave, just off of High Street, laundry, offstreet parking. Available Summer and/or Fall and onward. $350‑$400.00/month. Call 296‑6304, 263‑ 1193. Summer rental in 3 bedroom apartment, convenient campus location, large rooms, AC. 54 E13th Ave $440/mo # 1 2 BR AVAILABLE SUMCall 330‑933‑0877 MER AND FALL! Beautiful remodeled TOWNHOUSES and APARTMENTS close to campus. Features include large bedrooms with ceiling fans, air conditioning, insulated windows, cable/internet, washers modern 2 bdrm flat. & dryers, beautiful woodwork, Furnished, very beautiful area. FREE lighted off‑street parking. Excellent shape. A/C, parking, Call North Campus Rentals toand very beautiful furniture. day! (614)354‑8870 www.$715/mo. 718‑0790.

Unfurnished 2 Bedroom

Furnished 2 Bedroom

#1 2 BR AFFORDABLE spacious and updated, large 2 BR apts on North, South, and Central campus. Gas heat, A/C, off‑ street parking, dishwasher, on‑ for June site Subletting laundry. Starting at through December one fur- $400/ea. 614‑294‑7067. www.nished bedroom in a 3 bed- room apartment on E 13th and pearl. Females only. Utilities $1,100‑1,200, 2553‑2557 Indianola, massive, hardwood, paid, includes cable and TiVo. stainless steel appliances, Call Jen at 515‑480‑1695 NorthSteppe Realty 299‑4110

Furnished 3 Bedroom

Unfurnished Rentals

# 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 BR beautiful TOWNHOUSES, HOUSES, HALF‑DOUBLES, APARTMENTS close to campus. Call your one source for the best in campus housing! North Campus Rentals ph: (614)354‑8870

$600‑895, 50 E 7th,, Gateway Village, spacious, ceramic, W/D, NorthSteppe Realty 299‑ 4110

$625 2 bdrm double. North campus area, 122 East Duncan St. washer/dryer, hardwood floors, living and dining room 614‑571‑3292

$649‑700, 2498‑2512 Indianola, modernized townhouse, W/D, dishwasher, hardwood, #1 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 BR NorthSteppe Realty 299‑4110 AFFORDABLE spacious and updated large BR apts on $699‑799, 325 E 15th, spaNorth, South, and Central cam- cious, W/D, A/C, updated cepus. Gas heat, A/C, off‑street ramics, NorthSteppe Realty parking, dishwasher, W/D 299‑4110 OhioStateRentals.hookups, decks, fireplaces, com Jacuzzi tubs. Starting at $350/ea. 614‑294‑7067. www.- $725‑795, 270 E 12th, W/D, courtyard, A/C, dishwasher, spacious, NorthSteppe Realty #1 available for immediate 299‑4110 OhioStateRentals.occupancy/spring/summer. com Newly remolded half double. Granite, stainless, hardwood, $725‑825, 245 E 13th, W/D, tile, exposed brick. 397 E. 13th modernized, dishwasher, spaAve. $600/month. www.osuand- cious, A/C, NorthSteppe Realty 299‑4110 Please call for details 614‑ com 327‑8367 or 614‑204‑7879. $749‑849, 111 Hudson, Tuttle 2 bdrm. 2386 1/2 Indianola Ridge, W/D, dishwasher, balAve. $650. per month. Call conies, NorthSteppe Realty OhioStateRentals.Dunkel Company at 614‑291‑ 299‑4110 com 7373. 4 or 5 Bedrooms, loaded, pri- $795‑849, 318‑326 E 19th, vate owner, $280 per person, townhouse, W/D, dishwasher, refinished, North171 E. 13th Ave., Call 237‑8540 balcony, Realty 299‑4110 Available now north cam- Steppe pus 2 bedroom. New kitchen and floors. Off street parking. 1 $899‑999, 85 W 3rd, Victorian or 2 bedroom for fall on 15th Village, W/D, carpet/hardwood, ave or north campus. Parking. NorthSteppe Realty 299‑4110 296‑8353. OSU/GRANDVIEW King Ave, $995‑$1050, 1350 Neil, Victo1&2 bdrm garden apts. AC, rian Village, massive, hardGas heat and water, Laundry wood, A/C, NorthSteppe Realty facilities, Off‑street parking. 299‑4110 OhioStateRentals.294‑0083 com 102 W. 8th‑2 bdrm flats avail for fall. Modern Bldg. w/security system, ceramic tile flrs., DW, A/C, newer crpt, updated appl, ceiling fans, blinds. Off St. pkg 1900 N. 4th St. Studio apart- Call 263‑2665 www.gasproperment with full bath and kitchen, on site laundry, off street park- 133 W. Oakland & Neil Ave‑2 ing. $395/month. No Applica- bdrm TH avail for fall. Modern tion Fee! Call Myers Real Es- Bldg on N. campus close to tate 614‑486‑2933 or visit www.- Buss. School, corner of Neil Av. newer crpt, tile flr, A/C Off 58 E. 11th Ave. $440‑465. St. pkg new bath. Must see! Call G.A.S. Properties 263‑ Short term leasing available. Coin Laundry. Available for im- 2665 mediate move in. Resident 1890 N. 4th St. Convenient to pays for electric. OSU and Downtown! ApplicaKohr Royer Griffith, Inc. Real- tion Fee Waived! Large modtors. (614) 291‑8000. ern units are 910 sq. ft. Quiet Close to med school. Neil building, off street parking, launave efficiency. $425/month. dry facility, A/C, gas heat, dishAvailable now/summer/fall. washer, on bus line. 614‑439‑3283. $595/month. No application fee! Call Myers Real Estate Female Dancers. No nudity. Upscale gentlemen’s club 614‑486‑2933 or visit www.mylooking for slim attractive fe- males. No experience neces- 190‑192 E Norwich‑ 2 brmTH sary. Will train. Work part time avail. for fall. N. campus west hours and earn school money. of Indianola. Recently updated $100 guarantee. Flexible spacious units w/on site lndry & hours. Work around school hkups in units. Updated baths ,schedule. Apply in person at A/C, off str prkg, Must see! 2830 Johnstown Rd. Call G.A.S. Properties 263‑ 2665

Unfurnished Efficiency/Studio

Unfurnished 1 Bedroom

1901 N. 4th and 18th, 2BR townhouse. Spacious, W/D, remodeled kitchen. $800/mo, 614‑989‑1524 1 BDRM Apartments, 161 E. Norwich Ave.Great Location, 2 BD, 1 BA, spacious, Walk‑In Closet, A/C, OSP, NO $565/mo., recently renovated, Pets. $490/Mo. Call 961‑ 5 min from campus, fitness 0056. www.cooper‑properties.- center, well maintained, 24 hr com emergency maintenance, 1 BDRM Townhouse 100 courtesy officer, on‑site launFrambes Ave. Spacious Unit w/ dry, no app fee, $200 deposit. Walk‑In Closet, W/D, A/C, Free 276‑7118 OSP $525/Mo. Call 961‑0056. 2 Bdrm 200 West Norwich. 1 www.cooper‑ block to business and engineer1 Bedroom apartment, W. ing school. CA, OSP, LDY, 8th Ave, large layout, on‑site BW. $800/month. Call 614‑208‑ laundry facilities, $585/month. 3111. Call Sean 614‑915‑4666 2 BDRM Apartment 55 E. Nor1 Bedroom, Hudson and wich Ave. Spacious & Very High area. OSP, Air, very nice. Nice, C/Air, W/D, OSP, NO $450/mo. Call 614‑203‑2034 Pets $760/Mo. Call 961‑0056. www.cooper‑ 1293 Neil Ave. 1 Bedroom Efficiency, Off Street Parking. 2 BDRM Apartments 95 & 125 Rent $385‑$525. Real Estate E. Norwich Ave. Great LocaOpportunity 614‑501‑4444. tions, Lg. Bdrms, C/Air, OSP, 1615 Highland Ave., Big 1bd, NO Pets $760/Mo. Call 961‑ 0056. www.cooper‑properties.Parking, Heat Included! $500‑525/mo. Commercial One com 324‑6717 2 Bedroom Unfurnished Affordable 1 Bedrooms. Townhouse. 1104 Mount Pleasant Ave. See pictures at www.Visit our website at Dan (614)316‑ 3986. 1st Place Realty 429‑0960

Tuesday April 5, 2011

Unfurnished 4 Bedroom #1 4 BR AFFORDABLE spacious and updated, large 4 BR apts on North, South and Central campus. Gas heat, A/C, off‑ street parking, dishwasher, W/D hookups, decks, fireplaces, Jacuzzi tubs. Starting at $365/ea. 614‑294‑7067. $1,400, 142‑150 W 8th, townhouse, A/C, W/D, patio, bars, NorthSteppe Realty 299‑4110 $900, 50 E 7th, W/D, ceramic updates, A/C, dishwasher, NorthSteppe Realty 299‑4110 1891 North 4th & 18th Ave. 4 BR, 2 bath, for Fall. W/D, central air, D/W, parking, just renovated. $1200/month. 614‑989‑1524. 312 E. 16th. 4 bedroom house, newly remodeled, OS parking, $1000/mo. Leasing for Fall of 2011. 614‑885‑1855, 614‑578‑ 6920, 614‑578‑6720 Rod or George. 4 Bdrm townhouse. 119 Chittenden Ave. half block from Gateway. Two full baths, off‑ street parking, A/C, $1200/month. 614‑205‑4343. 4 BR recently completely remodeled w/ new appliances and fixtures throughout, W/D, new cenrtal heat/ac, new windows, refinished hardwood floors throughout, front and back porch. GREAT north campus location. Available Sept. 1. Call 614‑457‑6545 48 W Blake, 2 baths, W/D, Dishwasher, A/C, $1,400.00 month Sept 1, 2011 call Debbie 937‑763‑0008 HUGE 4 bdrm double W. Blake Ave, walk to OSU, 1.5 BRAND NEW bathrooms!! Updated kitchen, off‑st. parking, CA, W/D Available Fall 2011, Call (614)206‑5855 or (614)348‑ 2307. Huge 4 bdrm W. Blake Ave, walk to OSU, 1.5 BRAND NEW bathrooms!! Updated kitchen, off‑st. parking, CA, W/D Avail.Fall 2011, CAll (614)206‑5855 or (614)348‑2307.

$999, 50 E 7th, townhouse, W/D, A/C, dishwasher, spacious, NorthSteppe Realty 299‑ 4110

Help Wanted General


Help Wanted General

$3000, 231 E. 16th, 6 BR, Best Loc! WD, DW, NorthSteppe Realty 299‑4110 $3200 1870 N 4th, Huge 8 BR, New Ktchn & BA’s, NorthSteppe Realty 299‑4110 $3500, 197 W. 8th, 10‑12 BR, Giant House, NorthSteppe Realty 299‑4110 5 bedroom 2 1/2 baths, AC,washer/dryer, dishwasher, parking, more, great price 171 E. 13th Ave., Call 237‑8540. 5 Bedroom Half double. 123 Chittenden. 2 Baths. Over 2500 square feet. Parking. $1375. (614)205‑4343.

Handyman ‑ Work part time on off‑campus properties. Painting, plumbing, electrical experience a plus. Start at $11/hr., flexible hours, current OSU student preferred. Call 761‑9035 BEST SUMMER JOB Live and Work at the Beach Ocean City, MD & Virginia Beach Great Tan/Competitive Pay/Earn $10,000+ Apply at‑apply.html

House CLEANING. Looking for hardworking, detailed oriented individuals to work 20‑30 hrs/week. $12/hr. Must have car. Daytime hours only. BMW Group Financial Ser- Please call (614)‑527‑1730 or vices, in partnership with Daw- email son Resources, is looking for Bilingual (Spanish/English) Candidates that are Interested in a Full‑Time, Long‑Term Career Opportunity.

6 bedrooms Whole house. 129 Chittenden. 2 Baths. Over 3000 square feet. Parking. $1650. (614)205‑4343. Candidates must be able to 6 Br. 201 W. 8th Ave. Near provide WORLD CLASS Hospital. 3 full baths. off‑street CUSTOMER SERVICE! parking, carpet, and more. Available now. 614‑637‑6300 NOW HIRING! Customer Service 65 E Patterson, big rooms, 4 Customer Relations levels, 2 baths, W/D, dish- Inbound Collections washer, A/C Sept 1, 2011 call Debbie 937‑763‑0008 ‑Pay Starting at $14.50 with Benefits 7 bedroom house for rent. ‑Advancement Opportunities $2000/month. 324 Buttles Ave. ‑Must be able to pass a BackDan (614)316‑3986. www.os- ground Check, Drug Screen, and Credit Check 7 BR West Maynard. Completely remodeled. 3 bathrooms, lots of parking, on‑site laundry, central air. $3150/mo. Call Adam 419‑494‑4626

Lovely 5 bdrm 3 story Wyandotte Ave. house. Hrdwd floors, 2 full baths, off‑street pkg, fenced yard w/deck, w/d on first floor. $1600/mo. References required. Call 513‑984‑ 1632 for appt.

help wanted. Small clinic. Intern. $10/hr. Monday and Wednesday morning and Thursday evening. Contact

Join our Team as a Camp COSI Teacher!!

Prepare and facilitate developmentally appropriate science summer camp programs for children, ages 5 through 14, in week‑long and half‑day sessions. Temporary position with training, planning, and meetings mid‑May; and programs running 06/05/11 ‑ 08/16/11. Daytime hours Monday thru Friday, with occasional Saturdays, Sundays, and evening Interested candidates please hours. forward your resume to Kathryn at kmcginnis@dawson- Deadline to apply is 04/20/11. Stipend pay of $100 per full‑ BOWLINGFORCASH.COM ‑ day session. Survey Site ‑ Fun way to make extra money! Completely FREE! Visit for a list of current openings, full job deCamp Counselors, scriptions, how to apply, and to male/female, needed for great download an application! overnight camps in the mountains of PA. Have fun while working with children outdoors. Kennel staff: late nights & Teach/assist with A&C, Aquat- weekends are a must‑for busy ics, Media, Music, Outdoor full service veterinary hospital. Rec, Tennis, & more. Office, Apply in person 2194 Hilliard Nanny, & Kitchen positions Rome Rd, Hilliard,OH. Interavailable. Apply on‑line at views will be after 4/13/2011. No phone calls. Earn Extra $$$: Help stuINTERNS/COMPUTER dents GRADUATE DEBT LAB INTERNFREE! First 25 students will re- PROGRAMMER S/SALES rep positions availcieve FREE website. Contact able immediately for Spring, Kevin Bell: 267‑348‑9029 Summer, Fall quarters. Please Gentle, Safe Nude model- visit our website at www.toxasing/photos/videos. No obliga- for more information! Audition, will train! Pay to- tion. tally open! Busline, privacy asNeed to Hire Japanese sured. Female preferred. Translator ASAP Call (614)276‑ 3881 For Details. (614)268‑6944

Unfurnished Rentals

Unfurnished Rentals

Help Wanted General

Help Wanted General

LAB TECHNICIAN Environmental testing lab has full‑time/part‑time opening for sample technician. Must be accurate and detail oriented. Opportunity to learn in friendly environment. Fax resume to: 299‑4002, mail to: AALI,1025 Concord Ave,Cols., 43212. EOE

Seasonal Help‑ Full time hours

MUST READ No telephone work! Up to $300.00+ a day, only four hours/day HAVE FUN handing out our free promotional packages. This is our BUSY season and we don’t have enough people to help finish our quotas. Only 79 days left. Option for permanent employment after 60 days. CALL Tyke at 614‑339‑8033 ONLY FOR Students of OSU! Win an Apple iPad 2 right now! Go to Win a free Apple iPad 2!

Dublin apartment community needs general maintenance of outside areas. Power washing, weeding, trash clean‑up, pothole patching, pool maint., etc. Will train.

Great position for college student. Start ASAP. Apply in Person, call for details. Phone: 614‑766‑4400

Small distribution company on west side of Columbus just 10 minute drive from campus looking for part time deliver driver/warehouse worker. Must have good driving record. Business hours M‑F 8‑4pm. Call Dan at 351‑1553 for interview.

Spanish speakers wanted to conduct telephone interviews for public opinion research firm. Bi‑lingual speakers preferred. Great part‑time job to earn extra$. Flexible shifts available. Applications available @ 995 Goodale Blvd., 2nd floor or call 614‑220‑8860 for Photography Assistant more information. Needed. Flexible, part‑time hours, Monday‑Friday only. Stanley Steemer National Customer Sales and Service Call Roman at 614‑523‑2323 Call Center. Now hiring in our PLay Sports! Have Fun! Westerville location. Great Pay! Save Money! Maine camp Please contact needs fun loving counselors to to teach all land, adventure and learn more about this exciting water sports. Great summer! opportunity. Call 888‑844‑8080, apply: Summer Workers Needed $8‑10/hr. 35‑40 hours/week. Pressure Washer/Su- Work outside. Excellent for colpervisor needed – pay start- lege students. Call Alan Price ing at $13 per hour plus com- 513‑276‑7137 mission – please call 614‑588‑ 1180 if interested. Telephone Fantasy OperSeeking ESCORT ‑ Male pre- ators ferred. Cleancut, responsible PT 16‑24 hours/week escort for part time work. Must Intelligent, creative people averhave a car. Call 1‑614‑448‑ age of 13‑16.00 with commission (Base=8.00/hour) 0198 Safe, legal woman owned ness Paid Survey Takers needed in Paid training Columbus 100% free to join. Call 614‑447‑3535 for more inClick on surveys. formation PERSONAL THERAPIST. Mature, generous business executive seeks uninhibited coed for stress relief. Up to $5200/yr available. Email

Unfurnished Rentals

Unfurnished Rentals

Iuka Park Commons Huge 2 bedrooms • Available furnished and unfurnished • Central air • On-site laundry • Well-lit off-street parking • On the CABS bus line •



Rooms 0 utilities, furnished rooms, flexible lease periods, super convenient location, 38 E. 17th Ave. Laundry, off‑street parking, $200‑$400/month. 296‑ 6304, 263‑1193.

Available now 14th Ave. Kitchen, laundry, parking, average $270/mo. Paid utilities, 296‑8353 or 299‑4521

“13TH AVENUE too many amenities to list,, 614‑ 923‑9627

Roommate Wanted

Sharing 2 B/R Apt., completely and beautifully fur#1 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 BR AF- nished, CA, parking, New carFORDABLE spacious and up- peting, $350/mo. plus half utili- Computer Systems Technician dated large BR apts on North, ties. Call owner: 718‑0790 Seeking applicants to maintain South, and Central campus. computer software and assist Gas heat, A/C, off‑street parkdeveloping customized web ing, dishwasher, W/D hookups, survey for a small research firm decks, fireplaces, Jacuzzi tubs. Starting at $350/ea. 614‑294‑ Summer sublet: 3‑bed- with 30 plus computers. This is 7067. www.osupropertyman- room apartment. E. Woodruff a part time position with flexible Ave. (near campus). Air condi- hours. Must have experience tioning. Dishwasher. Laundr. with PHP and HTML program#1 available for 2011‑2012 Security code to get in building. ming. Send resume to ctidyschool year. 5 bedrooms. $393.33/month + utilities. Con- Newly remolded. Granite, stain- tact Toria: less, hardwood, tile, exposed brick. 397 E. 13th Ave. $350 Earn Extra Money per bedroom. www.osuandworStudents needed ASAP. Earn up to $150 per day being Call 614‑327‑8367 or 614‑204‑ a Mystery Shopper. 7879. Bartending Up To No Experience Required $2,250 / month. 30 E. Oakland ##! Call 1‑877‑699‑9804 Avenue. Awesome location in $300/ Day. No Experience Neca quiet and safe neighbor- essary. Training Available. 800‑ Fitness Career opportuhood. 6 bedrooms, 2 full 965‑6520 ext 124. baths. Central air. Hardwood ###! Part‑Time Call Center nity. Victory Fitness is seeking floors. All appliances including Position, 5 Minutes from cam- motivated and enthusiastic indiwasher / dryer. Interested par- pus along #2 bus line. Part viduals for manager, asst. manties please call 614 ‑ 330 ‑ time afternoons & evenings. ager, fitness trainer and front 1607 or 216 ‑ 544 ‑ 0122. E‑ Call 614‑495‑1407, Contact He- desk. Applicant must have great attitude with lots energy, mail inquiries to buckeyeted- len be goal orientated, and able to #1 Piano, Voice and Guitar communicate well with others. $2,400, 2250 Indianola, 5‑6 teachers needed to teach in Now hiring for all locations. BR, 3 baths, hardwood, North- students’ homes. Continuing Email resumes to or Steppe Realty 299‑4110 education provided. Excellent pay. 614‑847‑1212. Apply in Person. $2,500 2205 Waldeck, 5 BR, Graeters Ice Cream is now garage, Gorgeous, big yard, AMATEUR MODELS Needed ‑ hiring production assistants to WD. NorthSteppe Realty 299‑ 18+. No experience necessary! make the best pies and cakes $100 cash per shoot (614) 329‑ 4110 3407. in Columbus. Flexible FT and PT hours available. Up to $2250 100 E. 13th Ave Apt B. $9/hr. If you are interested in A block from the Ohio Union! 5 working in a fun, fast‑paced enbdrm, 2 bath apt. Washer & vironment with flexible scheduldryer in unit. New kitchen. ing. Contact @ 2555 Bethel B&A Realty 273‑0112 Rd, or call 614‑442‑0622 ext 252, or email $2400 164 W. 9th , Huge 6 BR, South Campus, Front Porch, Specify Production Assistant @ NorthSteppe Realty 299‑4110 the top of application.

Unfurnished 3 Bedroom

Unfurnished 5+ Bedroom

Dead quiet near medical complex. Safe. Excellent, low noise/crime neighborhood, quiet serious tenants. OSU across the street. $350/month, no utilities. 614‑805‑4448.

Unfurnished 5+ Bedroom

Roommate Wanted Female

“Awesome location 170 East Oakland, taking groups of 4‑6 or 614‑923‑9627

Summer Female Subletter Wanted, E. Frambes Location close to High St., Large Bedroom, Air Cond., Complete kitchen with Dish., Free Washer/Dryer, Free Off Street Parking, Call 440‑320‑8062 for Details.



Days from 8A

In the 3rd round of the NCAA Tournament, Days recorded his only career point bring it every day in practice. And I understood that.” Eddie was a practice player, and said he loved it. “My role was to bring it every day in practice. Especially this year, with five or six freshmen, just to kind of be a leader and show them how things are done and lead by example,” Eddie said. “I think it helps when you play hard on scout teams and the practice team against the starters. It really helps them out.” Eddie was routinely matched up with some of the best players in college basketball. His first year, he was in

charge of checking Evan Turner in practice. This year, he guarded William Buford, Diebler and Lighty. “Eddie’s a guy who’s really strong, so he would be really physical with us and he did a great job of guarding us,” Diebler said. “He would challenge a lot of our shots, and I know by him guarding, you know, myself, Dave and Will, it made us better.” Eddie said he loved the opportunity. “I loved playing and practicing against NBA-caliber players every day,” he said. “The things I’ve learned from these coaches and the times we had together, you know, with my teammates and everything, we really became like a family. Especially this year.” Eddie didn’t get a chance to play in many games, but on March 20, with about three minutes left in the Buckeyes’

classifieds Help Wanted General STRATEGIC RETAIL Solutions is seeking college students, or motivated individuals or just about anyone who has the right attitude and outlook to conduct alcohol beverage tastings! Promotional Staff Requirements: -Dependable, outgoing, exciting, and energetic -Attractive guys or girls between the approximate ages of 21-40. Promotions/tastings in mass grocery begin as soon as April 15th! Come meet us to fill out an application in person on Wed, April 6th, between 4pm-7pm at: Fairfield Inn @ OSU 3031 Olentangy River Road Columbus, Ohio 43202 Questions? Send to THE MAYFIELD Sand Ridge Club Grounds Department is seeking dependable, hard working individuals who enjoy working in an outdoor environment. MSRC is located on the east side of Cleveland and is looking for summer time Cleveland area residents. Job duties may include but are not limited to mowing greens, tees, fairways and rough. 40 hours a week and uniforms are provided. Please apply in person at The Mayfield Sand Ridge Club Grounds Department, 1545 Sheridan Road South Euclid. For directions call 216-6580825 or 440-226-9052 VALET ATTENDANTS NEEDED

Help Wanted Child Care

Help Wanted Clerical

pummeling of George Mason in the third round of the NCAA Tournament, the OSU faithful at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland started a chant. It was quiet at first, but continued to gain volume. “Ehh-dee, Ehh-dee, Ehh-dee,” the crowd chanted. Shortly thereafter, Matta relented to the crowd’s request, and Eddie entered the biggest tournament in college basketball. “The Eddie chant,” Judie said. “I just could not believe it.” Eddie was fouled at the end of the game, and was sent to the foul line where, in front of his hometown and many members of his family, he hit one of two free-throw attempts for the first and only point in his collegiate career. “For me, (the free throw) felt like 20 points,” Judie said.

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service

MEDICAL AND Psychological practice is seeking a full-time Medical Assistant and Administrative Assistant. Completion of bachelor’s degree is required. Please contact Hillary by emailing, or by calling 614.291.7600.

COLUMBUS COUNTRY Club is hiring for a seasonal Activities Director/Camp Counselor. To be considered for the position. You must be available from May 1 thru June 30 part time for planning, set-up and promoting kids camp and kids events and July 1 thru August 15 full time for weekly camps. The ideal candidate would have a background in education or child development. Additional traits to include: detail oriented to plan camps and activities, communicate and creatively market camps, execute childrens events, a leader to direct staff and children, safety minded for our members and staff(someone with first aid and CPR a plus), able to participate in planned activities, a self starter to take the concept and turn it into a program. Most of all the candidate must enjoy working with children from the age 5 to 10. Please apply by sending resume by fax 861-0354 or by email

Help Wanted Medical/Dental CHIROPRACTIC ASSISTANT. Assist the doctor with physical therapy & patient care. Computer knowledge & friendly, helpful personality a must. Call Crystal, 488-8182. EASTON PSYCHOLOGIST office location is seeking a part time evening receptionist to work 4-8 Monday through Thursday and 2-6 on Friday. Experience preferred but not required. Great opportunity for a college student. Fax or email resume to Charlene at 614-4759821 or

LOOKING FOR summer job? Active family looking for responsible and reliable nanny JuneAugust in Powell. Kids ages 6&8. N/S, own transportation, references. Send resume to

Professional work environment. Part-Time/Full-Time. Good PART-TIME summer Nanny base pay + tips. Flexible needed in my UA home for 5 & 7yo. 12-5 M-F for 7 weeks over scheduling. summer. Must have reliable Must be 20 or older with good transportation. Send resume to driving record. Must be able to pass background check! UA FAMILY seeking energetic help. $16-18/hour. Snack, simCall Nannu or Tom, 614-221- ple chores and leisure activities 9696. Or fill out application at 6:45-9am, 4-6pm in home w/17 yr old Autistic boy. 2-3 times/wk. Experience/Reference required. More hours in summer. Contact Jen 4888452 or CHILD CARE needed for boy 11 & girl 10 in our home near UPPER ARLINGTON family Alum Creek Reservoir for the seeking fun, experienced sitsummer. Must enjoy children, ter for 2 young boys (ages 2 & be mature, dependable, non- 3). Position to start Septem2011 and continue smoker with reliable transporta- ber tion. Please send resume to through school year, M-F 8:30 to 3:30 with some flexibility or inquire at 614-557-3678. Very with hours. Please contact, Meg @ gravesmeg@hotmail.nice opportunity for the right com if interested candidate.

Help Wanted Child Care

ER SCRIBE - Seeking Pre Med students to work as ER Scribes.

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service FIGLIO, AN upscale but casual gourmet pizza/pasta restaurant, is looking for a few bright and energetic people to work with our sharp, upbeat staff in either of our 2 locations close to campus. These are part-time positions with great flexibility. Will train the right people for hosting, bussing, serving or cooking. Apply in person at either 1369 Grandview Avenue or 3712 Riverside Drive. This will be the best job experience you have ever had. We are nice people.

LANDSCAPE CREWMEMBERS needed. PT openings for reliable, energetic individuals. Experience preferred; transportation a must. Flexible hours. Competitive wages. Call Skip at (614)598-2130 or Ruth at (614)276-6543. NEW RESTAURANT OPENING!! Looking for customer serviceoriented individuals wanting to work in a fun and fast-paced restaurant. NOW HIRING: Crew Members, Managers, and Full-time Baker. Apply in person Mon-Fri 9-5 at Hyatt Place, 6161 Park Center Circle, Dublin. Or apply online at PT TEAMMATES needed for City Barbeque concession stand at Huntington Park (Clippers Stadium). Apply in person at the Gahanna City Barbeque location. Write “Huntington Park” on the application so that it is routed to the proper manager. Applications can also be printed from our website at and faxed to 614-583-0998.

I NEED a babysitter for my 7 & 10 year old boys in New Albany. Must be available at least every other weekend, days or evenings. Some week days. Please call Tracey at 614439-8158. Thanks! LIVE-IN Nanny/Personal Assistant $1200/month. Call/text 614361-5393. LOOKING FOR PT sitter for spunky, charismatic 10 year old girl Mon-Fri 3:15-6:00 in Bexley. Additional weekend & summer hours avail if desired. Reliable transportation preferred, references and background check required. Please call Wendy at 614.582.1934.

YOU CAN’T find a better way to spend your summer, than to take walks in the park, go to the pool and hang out with children who like to have fun, can you? College Nannies & Tutors is currently accepting applications at for both after school nannies (hours are between 3:00 6:00 pm) and summer nannies. Questions? Call 614761-3060.

THE ELEVATOR Brewery and Draught Haus an upscale brewery and restaurant now hiring servers/hosts. Apply within 161 N. High St., Monday-Friday, 25pm.

Furnished Rentals

Furnished Rentals

Furnished Rentals

Reserve your apartment now for Summer or Fall 2011



Help Wanted Tutors XP-OFFICE 2003 Tutor wanted, Initial set up of template, ongoing support via phone or remote assistance. Pay range depends on skill and compatibility $10-$15/hr. 614-579-7737

For Sale Automotive AARON BUYS ALL CARS NEW * OLD * JUNK * WRECKED Any Vehicle, CA$H Today! FREE TOW! FREE Notary! 614-268-CARS(2277)

For Sale Motorcycles

SPAGHETTI WAREHOUSE Great Benefits & Flexible Schedules

Apply in person 397 West Broad


WE’RE COOKIN!!! Whetstone Gardens and Care Center Located at 3710 Olentangy River Road Dietary Aides (Part-time and Full-time) Flexible hours - morning, afternoon and evenings (Must be able to work at least every other weekend) Cooks (Full-time) Works multiple shifts, including every other weekend One year of food preparation experience in a health care setting or 2+ years cooking experience in large scale environment To apply: Visit our website to apply online Email: Fax resume to: 614-345-6277

Help Wanted OSU I AM hiring OSU student to work Mondays and Wednesdays 3pm to 11pm at $17.80 per hour for a disabled young man. Contact Jean Crum at 614-538-8728.

Legal Services

Typing Services

STUDENT RATES. Free initial consultation. Attorney Andrew Cosslett. Alcohol/Drug, Traffic, DUI, Criminal, Domestic, Estate Planning. 614-7255352.

EMERGENCY TYPING!!! Last minute services: Papers $15.00-page. Letters $25.00-page. Resumes $75.00-page. $50.00-hour writing military histories, family histories, memoirs, biographies. $35.00-hour professional secretarial, dictation, editing, giftwrapping, sewing buttons. Cash only. 440-7416.

Resumé Services

2006 KAWASAKI Ninja 500R excellent condition, 3300 mi. Multiple safety features & side panels. $2800. 614-357-9029

For Sale Real Estate NEW SOUTHEAST OHIO Sustainable living, land-based community.

General Services MUSIC INSTRUCTION: Classical guitar, other styles, Theory, Aural Training, Composition & Songwriting. Call Sound Endeavors @614/481-9191

Announcements/ Notice

(CASH) TOP Dollar for your car. Less than three hours pick TOM & Jerry’s Auto Service. up. M-Saturday 9-5. 614-390- Brakes, exhaust, shocks, & towing. 1701 Kenny Rd. 4886429 8507. or visit:

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Studios through 2 bedroom homes remaining for Fall 2011 Prime Locations!

Business Opportunities ENERGY ENERGY Energy! New Drink! All-In-One Natural, Nutritional Drink. Whole foods concentrate, excellent souce of nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. Be your own boss. Great for exams! Check website

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  

2060 N. High St (at Woodruff) Now leasing for Summer Quarter 2011 and the Fall 2011-2012 School Year

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Furnished Rentals

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Join our Food Services Team:

LOOKING FOR a GREAT job with flexible hours? Hooters of Columbus is now accepting applications for Hooters Girls, Hooters Girls at the Door and Cooks. If you would like to join our team and love to have fun at work, then apply in person at one of our 3 Columbus locations! Hooters of East Main - 5901 E. Main St. (614) 755-9464 Hooters of Polaris - 8591 Sancus Blvd (614) 846-2367 Hooters of Hilliard - 5225 Nike Station Way (614) 8507078 Check us out on Facebook and !

Help Wanted Landscape/ Lawn Care

Though the experience ended abruptly, and ultimately short of the team’s lofty goals, Eddie said he doesn’t regret a second of it. “I’m really going to miss the program,” he said. “It hasn’t really hit me yet that it’s over.” Now, Eddie will focus on finishing his last quarter at OSU, from which he plans to graduate in June with a degree in consumer sciences and a minor in business. But don’t be surprised if you see him tearing up the RPAC sometime soon, you know, for old times’ sake.

Eddie wasn’t as excited as his mom, but still enjoyed the moment. “I had a lot of friends and family there,” he said. “It was definitely a good night.” Eddie said he’s definitely going to miss playing for the Buckeyes, but he’s going to miss the people on the team and the times they had most of all. “We were really like brothers,” he said. “It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing; it was always a good time, a lot of laughs.” Diebler remembers Eddie being a fierce pingpong competitor, sometimes showing up 90 minutes before practice just to play a few games and be with the guys. Although Diebler claims to be the pingpong king, Eddie could hold his own. “He was definitely top-five,” Diebler said.

 

• Remodeled Common Kitchens • All utilities included • FREE high speed internet • FREE basic cable • Laundry and fitness center on-site

CAMPUS PARTNERS is seeking and undergraduate or graduate student to fill the Student Director’s seat on the Campus Partners Board of Directors for the 2011 - 2013 term. If interested please fill out the application at and return it to Campus Partners, 1534 N High St, by April 29th, 2011. Contact

CALL: 294-5381 Stop by: 2060 N. High St. WWW.OHIO-STATER.COM

THE LANTERN is looking for a Student Administrative Assistant for our Classified/Front Desk! Starting pay is $8/hr, will work around 10 hrs/week during spring quarter with possibility of more hours/week next year. Work is performed M-F during business office hours (8:30am - 5pm) between classes. The right candidate: - Is in the first half of their undergraduate career (will stick around for a couple years) - Lives locally and can work during academic breaks (excluding time during June 15 August 15) - Is hardworking - Is self-motivated - Is customer service-oriented - Must possess ability to manage time effectively - Bonus if awarded Federal Work Study next academic year

Find out how to become a Rhodes Scholar! The Rhodes Scholarship provides funding for graduate study at the University of Oxford in England. Additional opportunities for study in the UK will also be discussed.

To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to Sabra Hickey 614-247-4452

Help Wanted Sales/Marketing

Now Leasing for Fall 2011 Reserve your apartment now! Text "KINNEAR" to 47464 for more information!

6A 614-486-4222

CERTAPRO MARKETING Earn $20 per hour handing out fliers or commission whichever is greater. Must have good communication skills and Transportation. Great part time job with flexible hours. Can Earn Full time $ or turn into an internship. Immed. openings for spring and summer. Bring a friend and earn a $50 bonus. Contact Include Resume or contact information. SEEKING OSU Student with interest in marketing cosmetic medical services. Flexible hours. Social media experience a plus. Call 614-2027468 with questions.

For more information, contact the Honors Collegium: or visit our website:

Tuesday April 5, 2011


Tuesday April 5, 2011

thelantern online

Build your own theatre project in 24 hours releases Music

“American Tragedy,” by Hollywood Undead

OSU comedians to battle in competition ALEESIA FORNI Lantern reporter Eight of Ohio State’s funniest students will compete in the Ohio Regional Competition match of the TBS and Rooftop Comedy National College Comedy Competition against Miami University on Tuesday at Go Bananas Comedy Club in Montgomery, Ohio. “It’s a really good chance for people to open their eyes to a different form of art that people aren’t really familiar with,” said contestant Anthony Recker, a fourth-year in psychology. “There really is an art and a science to the jokes we tell.” Along with Recker, John Bieber, Xavier Dunson, Rainey Fleming, Matt Gordon, Aaron Nemo, Chris Pilkington and Dan White were selected from the 20 OSU students who competed in the preliminary tryout held at the Ohio Union on Feb. 14. Each member of the team will perform a threeminute stand-up act to exhibit their talents. Four comedians from each team will be chosen by a panel of judges and the in-house audience to advance to the next round of the tournament. The public will vote online on the competitors’ threeminute clips. Fleming, a second-year in strategic communication, encourages students to support the team by

“For students to vote and vote us on, it can open the eyes of everyone else in the nation to see that Columbus is actually a city where there a lot of comedians that are unrecognized,” Recker said. Through two rounds of online voting, the top eight teams from across the nation will move on to the Conference Rival Match. In this round, each team will submit a ÿve-minute video roasting their opponent’s team. These videos will be voted on by the public, with the four most popular teams advancing to the Judges’ Selection Round, where the top four teams will be judged by comedians and entertainers. This panel of judges will ultimately crown one comedy team winner of the competition and select one MVP from each team to win a trip to TBS Presents Just For Laughs in Chicago. The four MVPs will also have the opportunity to perform their stand-up act at this festival. For some contestants, advancing to the ÿnal round would provide potential career opportunities. “All of my eggs are in the comedy basket,” said Nemo, a third-year in English. “I am not programmed to function at a real job.” Rooftop Comedy will provide free transportation from campus to the competition. To reserve a spot, send an e-mail with your name, school and phone number to

attending the event and voting for the team online as well. “I think you should always be supportive of your school’s comedy scene,” Fleming said. “We have a lot of strong stand-up comedians in the comedy scene in Columbus … so if our team goes a long way, that would be great for the city.” Recker agrees that showcasing the comedic talent Columbus has to offer is important.

Students weigh in on ‘Big Three Concert’ selections

“Raven in the Grave,” by The Raveonettes “I heard about the concert through word of mouth. I’m excited they’re coming. I think OUAB does a pretty good job of finding performers that appeal to everybody. B.o.B and Kellie Pickler are pretty different. I feel it’s a pretty good way of getting performers.” Charlie Baker

“Blood Pressures,” by The Kills

Movies and TV

2nd year – International Studies

“Lupe Fiasco is one of my favorite rappers. I’ve always wanted to see him in concert.” Darrilyn Macklin 1st year - Chinese

Allie Angerer 1st year - Early Childhood Education

“I probably won’t attend but I think it’s a good choice for a majority of people.” Cierra Sharp 1st year – Anthropology

“Tron: Legacy” “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”

Video games

Kellie Pickler Lupe Fiasco

“Little Fockers”

“Considering the fact I don’t know who they are I think it’s unfair the activity fee sponsors the event. If we pay for an entertainer we should choose who they are.”

“It is a bit more promising that I’ll attend since it’s free. The activity fee is a good way to sponsor the concerts as long as it’s a reasonable portion.”

“I think it would be fun to go and get involved in something. It’s good we have funding to do stuff like that.”


“The activity fee is a really cool way to sponsor the event because you would have to pay anyways and it feels like it’s free even though it’s really not.”

Connie Goins 4th year – Korean

Ben Stepp 1st year – Business

Jessica Padilla 3rd year – Biology, Pre-Med

*Note: Saturday’s Buckeyethon Benefit concert with B.o.B. is not free.

Middle photo courtesy of MCT Outside photos courtesy of Atlantic Records

ALEXANDRA KING / Lantern reporter KARISSA LAM / Design editor

Ditch trashy stars for those with talent

“Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops” “Anomaly: Warzone Earth”

Follow @TheLanternArts on Twitter for instant arts updates

ARTS Columnist


As someone who writes for the Arts section, I rarely get the opportunity to be openly militant about particular issues. Today, I am up in arms over an arts issue. Rutgers University drew attention this week for paying “Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi $32,000 to speak at the university last Thursday. You don’t need to be Suze Orman to realize this was a bad deal, but it gets worse. The school is paying Nobel-laureate writer Toni Morrison $30,000 to speak at its spring commencement in May. I could tell you that this is a crying shame, but that’s the obvious argument. So, I’m going to explain to you why this is our fault. One of the most basic principles in any economics class is that of supply and


demand. Supply really isn’t in play here, but the point is that when demand is high, you can set prices high. Demand for Snooki is high because the youth of our nation is obsessed with her asinine show. Demand for Morrison is low, although she’s won a Nobel Prize for literature.

If talent were a precious metal, Snooki would be worth about 78 cents at your local Gold 2 Cash location. She is (debatably) talented at tanning and laundry. I’m not even going to joke about the gym part. She’s like Ivan Rodriguez, except with more emphasis on the “Pudge.” If Snooki is gold, Morrison is rhodium; it’s worth a lot more, but you wouldn’t know because you’ve never heard of it. When I reference the youth that makes Snooki so popular, I mean you guys. Now, I’ve only seen one full episode of “Jersey Shore,” but I can’t hole myself up in an ivory tower. I watch a lot of TV that is chemically proven to kill brain cells (for example, Syfy’s “Danger Mouse vs. The Lab Rats”). As I can attest after watching

“The Room” for the ÿrst time this weekend, watching overtly stupid things is massively entertaining. But if we’re going to demonstrate outrage over something like Rutgers’ absurd display of celebrity proclivity, we have to do it actively. What’s your excuse for having not read “Beloved”? Too much text? Too little time? I understand that many intelligent people don’t get the opportunity to attend college, but arguably you are among the top quarter of the population in terms of qualiÿcations to read “high-level” literature. Let me tell you: It’s much more strenuous than reading “Harry Potter.” But it’s much less strenuous than reading “The Sound and The Fury.” Authors, playwrights and

artists routinely feel the heel of a society that ÿnds their work too inconvenient to appreciate. Yes, an hour-long episode is easier to digest than a 600-page novel. But even if I never read Morrison again, I will still hang on to how amazing her prose was. It’s easy to say that paying Morrison less than Snooki is wrong. It’s tougher to demonstrate that we mean it. Don’t watch MTV this week. Go out and buy a respected book. It doesn’t have to be Morrison. It doesn’t even have to be literature. Saying something is wrong is meaningless. Acting on it sends a message. Terry Jones, if you’ve gotten bored instigating violence in the Middle East, can I recommend “A Shore Thing” for your next book burning?



Tuesday April 5, 2011

thelantern upcoming TUESDAY Baseball v. Columbus Clippers 6:35pm @ Huntington Park

WEDNESDAY Men’s T ennis v. Kentucky 3pm @ Lexington, Ky. Softball v. Pittsburgh 4pm @ Columbus, Ohio Softball v. Pittsburgh 6pm @ Columbus, Ohio Baseball v. Miami (Ohio) 6:35pm @ Columbus, Ohio

FRIDAY Baseball v. Indiana 3:05pm @ Bloomington, Ind.

Andy go ttesman / Multimedia editor

Eddie Days holds the regular season championship trophy following the Buckeyes’ 93-65 win against Wisconsin on March 6.

Indians outfielder Sizemore to rehab against Ohio State mike y oung Senior Lantern reporter Cleveland Indians outfielder Grady Sizemore will participate in an exhibition game with the Columbus Clippers against Ohio State on Tuesday, according to a press release. Sizemore is rehabbing a left-knee injury he Grady Sizemore suffered during the 2010 season. He had microfracture surgery on June 6, 2010, and was placed on the 15-day disabled list Wednesday (retroactive to March 29), before the start of the 2011 regular season. During spring training, Sizemore played in four games, going 1-10 with two walks. He played in just 33 games during the 2010 season, hitting .211 with no home runs, 13 RBIs and 35 strikeouts. Sizemore also missed 56 games during the 2009 season because of injuries to his left elbow and lower left abdomen. Before injuries derailed both seasons, he played in at least 157 games in each of his previous four seasons. In 2006 and 2007, he played in all 162 regular-season games and all 11 of the Indians’ games in the 2007 playoffs. From 2005 to 2008, Sizemore played in 382 straight games. Indians reliever Joe Smith also will suit up for the Clippers, rehabbing an abdominal strain. Smith went 2-2 with a 3.83 ERA in 40 innings pitched in 2010 for the Indians. The Clippers play the Buckeyes at 6:35 p.m. at Huntington Park.

Pryor recovering from 2nd surgery ad am ha wkins Senior Lantern reporter Terrelle Pryor is recovering from his January surgery to repair torn ligaments in his left foot, but he informed his Twitter followers on Monday that he recently went through another medical procedure. The Buckeye quarterback underwent minor surgery on March 28, and T errelle Pryor wanted to let those following his Twitter account, @TPeezy2, know that all was well. “2 the followers that support myself and THEOhioState Buckeyes. Foots getting better, had minor surgery on Monday jogged last week all smiles,” Pryor said in a tweet on Monday. Athletic department spokeswoman Shelly Poe confirmed Pryor’s tweet in an e-mail to The Lantern, saying, “He had a followup (sic) procedure to his original surgery.” Pryor is limited during spring practices to recover from his January surgery, and is working to get back for summer camp.

The 1: Passion propels walk-on michael peria tt Lantern reporter Eddie Days doesn’t look much like a basketball player. Generously listed at 6 feet, and weighing 180 pounds, the stocky Days looks more like he should be playing running back for Jim Tressel than guard for Thad Matta. But Eddie is more passionate about basketball than most people are about anything. He simply loves the game. At Richmond Heights High School near Cleveland, Eddie was a star. As a senior in 2006, he averaged 22 points, six rebounds and five assists per game, and was named first-team All-Ohio. But despite all of his success, he still didn’t have any Division I scholarship offers. Eddie had opportunities to play for Division II or Division III schools, but that wasn’t what he had in mind. Even when Eddie was young, he said his dream was to play basketball for the Buckeyes. “I always wanted to come (to Ohio State). My dad came here. All my family lives here in Columbus,” Eddie said. “I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.” Unbeknownst to Matta and his staff, Eddie decided to pay his way and try to walk on the basketball team at OSU. He loved the game too much to stay away. “Even before tryouts my freshman year, I would play ball at the RPAC probably five hours a day,” Eddie said. “Not even just to stay in shape or just because I knew I was trying out, but just because I loved playing.” After those daily, five-hour sessions, he’d hit the weights.

“If I didn’t play ball,” Eddie said, “I was having a bad day.” When the day of the tryouts came, Eddie walked up to the Schottenstein Center and, along with 11 other guys, ran a few drills and scrimmaged for about a half-hour. The whole process lasted about 45 minutes. That was it. Everything Days worked for came down to that moment. “Right after tryouts were over, Jamar Butler, Daequan Cook and David (Lighty) were in there watching tryouts,” Eddie said. “Jamar came up to me afterwards and said: ‘The coaches like you. They think you’re probably going to be the one.’” Eddie made the squad. “He was just so, so excited,” said Judie Days, Eddie’s mother. “I can’t explain how excited he was.” Eddie planned to take the bus straight back to his residence hall, but that didn’t exactly happen. “I ended up just sitting on the bus for like an hour, just riding and kind of reflecting on how I played that day,” Eddie said. “I’d probably have to say that would be my favorite memory.” But his happiness was short-lived. During his junior year of high school, Eddie passed out during a morning basketball practice. After running a battery of tests, the doctors at the Cleveland Clinic discovered he had a rare heart condition. Days was put on medication and had no problems following the fainting incident, but OSU doctors didn’t want to take any chances. They wanted to take a closer look at the problem. By the time the doctors were satisfied and cleared Eddie to play, the roster was full. Eddie was denied his chance to be a part of the team. “That was really devastating,” Judie said. “That was really hard for him and (his family).”

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Eddie Days celebrates with his family on Senior Day on March 6. After being let down, Eddie wouldn’t let up. He kept up with his daily marathon gym sessions, and even started helping the women’s basketball team practice to get more gym time. Though Eddie wasn’t able to play for the men’s team, the way he played during tryouts earned their respect. Former Buckeye guard Jon Diebler has known Eddie since 2007, and said the team thought highly of him. “Eddie’s a guy who has always been around the program, and whenever we would have open gyms Eddie was welcome to come and play,” Diebler said. “Even when he wasn’t on the team, he would still come and play because we knew the type of player he was.” When Eddie came back in 2007, the roster was full and the team didn’t hold tryouts.

The following year there was a tryout, but the team ultimately decided not to take anyone. Three years had passed, and Eddie still wasn’t where he wanted to be. Some thought it was time for him to try something else, but he refused to give up. “I even asked him at one point. I said, ‘Well, would you maybe want to think about going into coaching?’ But he said, ‘No, I want to play,’” Judie said. “He was adamant.” So for a fourth consecutive year, Eddie attended tryouts. This time, he made it. “It finally worked out,” Eddie said. “I think they just wanted somebody who would play hard and understand that if they make the team, they may not play a lot, but they still have to

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Greg Beals is at home in 1st year as OSU baseball coach todd a ver y Lantern reporter When Greg Beals accepted the Ohio State baseball coaching job last summer, it was like coming home for the Springfield, Ohio, native. Now, with 21 games under his belt, Beals has passed the transition phase of being a new coach and led the Buckeyes to a 10-11 record, including a 2-1 start in Big Ten play. The 10-11 record might not have been what Beals first envisioned, but he said the team is where it needs to be right now and that a tough pre-conference schedule helped it gain experience for conference play. The schedule Beals set up included six games in California, where OSU went 1-5, losing games against then-No. 15 California and No. 10 Fresno State. “We are not going to see anything better than what we saw out in California,” Beals said. “During the preseason you’ve got to put your team in the fire

at some point so that it doesn’t happen in the conference, and then all of a sudden you have a bad week, and you are like, ‘Oh my, we are not that good.’” That California trip was part of the process for the players and new coach to connect and get used to one another. The upperclassmen had to adjust to Beals after playing for Hall-of-Fame coach Bob Todd, who retired at Greg Beals the end of last season. Senior co-captain and outfielder Brian DeLucia said the change has been easy and that Beals has been great in making the transition. “He’s amazing at communicating and finding out what we like, finding what he likes and correlating both,” DeLucia said. Beals said he felt the coaches and players connected early, but the last phase of that connection is always in competition, which they have now faced. “I really feel good about the guys who were here

before and how they handled the change in leadership,” Beals said. “I think our guys now understand what it means to do what we were talking about in competition.” Being the new coach provided a situation in which the upperclassmen and freshmen did not know what to expect. It also gave the freshmen a way to connect with their coach that the upperclassmen did not have. “For us, we both got our first win at Bill Davis (Stadium) together, so we do share other things that the upperclassmen don’t get to, which is kind of cool,” said freshman first baseman Josh Dezse. After their weekend series against Northwestern, Dezse and Beals picked up win Nos. 2 and 3 at Bill Davis Stadium. Although the coach said he does not know at what point he got settled in, he felt being the coach at a school like OSU helped force him to do it in a hurry. “The competitor in me and my desire to be good takes over, and when the shots start coming, you just go do what you do,” Beals said. Winning three out of his first four home games might not have hurt either.


The Lantern April 5, 2011  

The Lantern April 5, 2011

The Lantern April 5, 2011  

The Lantern April 5, 2011