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thelantern So long, Sullinger


Former OSU forward Jared Sullinger declared his plans to enter the 2012 NBA Draft

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Big Ten Freshman of the Year

NCAA Tournament East Region Most Outstanding Player

Big Ten Tournament Most Outstanding Player


With former OSU basketball player Jared Sullinger declaring his NBA plans, all eyes are on Deshaun Thomas’ decision.

2011 2012

What will Thomas do?



With the blessing of his family and his coaches, Ohio State’s big man Jared Sullinger is heading for the big show. Sullinger announced that he is leaving OSU, foregoing his final two years of NCAA eligibility and entering the NBA Draft during a Wednesday press conference at the Schottenstein Center. The announcement comes just four days after OSU’s NCAA Tournament run ended with a 64-62 Final Four loss against Kansas Saturday at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Sullinger said the decision was the result of OSU advancing to the Final Four. “I sat down with my family and we pretty much came up with the decision, and I think it’s best for me to try to go at it at the next level,” Sullinger said. “And also, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt this program or any of the guys that’s a part of this program. I just thought it was best for me to (go pro).” During his two seasons in scarlet and gray,


PAT BRENNAN Sports editor

0 Jared Sullinger

2010-11 2011-12 Career

Associated Press First-Team All-American selection First-Team All-Big Ten Big Ten All-Tournament Team

Avg PPG 17.2 17.5 17.3

FG % .541 .519 .530

FT % T Reb .704 377 .768 340 .733 717

Avg Reb 10.19 9.19 9.69

Blk 20 39 59

source: CHRIS POCHE / Design editor

CODY COUSINO / Photo editor

After 2 seasons as the go-to big man on OSU’s men’s basketball team, former sophomore forward Jared Sullinger announces his intentions April 4 to play in the NBA next year.

Will Stand Your Ground law come to Ohio? ALLIE JANNECK Lantern reporter


Dig up some dance music

Electronic dance music show, Dig!, featuring roeVy, is scheduled to be held Saturday at 9.m. at Circus


ABBY SWEET / Lantern photographer

First trustee meeting of Rallies, protests honor death of Trayvon Martin spring

Hundreds of students and community members gather on the Oval Wednesday evening to rally against racial profiling and to remember the lives of those lost to alleged hate crimes across the nation.


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ROSE ZHOU Lantern reporter Following the death of Trayvon Martin, a Florida teenager killed by a neighborhood watch leader, Ohio State and the Columbus community joined various nationwide rallies and protests. Most of the about 200 people that gathered on the Oval Wednesday dressed in hooded sweatshirts to make their message clear: stand up against racial profiling. Martin, a 17-year-old African-American, was killed while walking home from a convenience store in Sanford, Fla., Feb. 26. The shooter, neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, said Martin looked suspicious while wearing a black hoodie, and kept pursuing the teenager after the police


dispatcher told him not to, according to the 911 call Zimmerman placed before he shot Martin. He then told police he reacted in self-defense after Martin attacked him. No arrest has been made almost 40 days after the incident. Wednesday’s rally featured a remembrance ceremony, in honor of the lives that have been lost due to hate crimes, like those allegedly committed against Martin as well as Shaima Alawadi, a 32-yearold Iraqi immigrant who was beaten to death in California on March 21. Her case is believed to have been an anti-Muslim hate crime. “We are here to talk about the way hatred has affected our lives,” said Thomas Lee, an organizer of the rally. “We really just want to come together to heal, as well as talk about tolerance and talk about racism in our society and how it affects us all.”

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OSU athletes’ social media could face additional scrutiny

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KATIE HIGGINS Lantern reporter


The somewhat controversial Stand Your Ground law, which allows the use of deadly force in a self-defense situation, is becoming more and more popular by the day as details continue to emerge from the Trayvon Martin case in Florida. But in Ohio, and more specifically the university-area where the threat of crime is ever-present, do students have the right to defend themselves? The Stand Your Ground law allows those who are attacked outside of their home to be able to protect themselves by any means, including the right to use a concealed weapon if they feel threatened. The Castle Doctrine law is upheld in Ohio, which allows for people who are attacked inside their home or vehicle to protect themselves. Mike Newbern, a second-year in industrial and systems engineering and founder of Buckeyes for Concealed Carry on Campus, said if Ohio enacts the Stand Your Ground law, it will be beneficial and perhaps even lower crime rates on campus. “When you look at wherever we have empowered citizens, law-abiding citizens, to take ownership for their self-defense, to allow them to carry concealed firearms, crime rates are lower,” Newbern said. Newbern said he believes students are targeted for many reasons, whether it is distractions from cellphones or not being able to defend themselves, and he wants that to change. Buckeyes for Concealed Carry works toward educating and promoting advocacy of gun rights so students know how to properly protect themselves. Toby Hoover, executive director of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, said the possibility of the Stand Your Ground law passing in Ohio is pure speculation at this point. Hoover said she does not want to see this law make its way to Ohio.






few showers


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CHRIS POCHE / Design editor

Some universities are cracking down on studentathletes’ social media use, and many could be walking the line of violating the First and Fourth amendments. Ohio State might be one of them. OSU’s social media policy requires that studentathletes “may not block or otherwise prevent coaches or athletic department staff members from viewing your site,” according to the most recent student-athlete handbook. Though this policy is common among many universities, some lawyers say such rules might violate student-athletes’ constitutional rights to free speech. “If you’re a public school, this (policy) is a clear

violation of students’ First and Fourth Amendment rights,” said Bradley Shear, a social media lawyer. OSU’s policy calls for student-athletes to leave their otherwise-private information open to coaches or staff. This could mean that a student-athlete would have to “friend” a coach or compliance officer, allowing them access to privatized material. OSU’s rules are on a team-by-team basis. Kala Andrews, OSU assistant director of compliance in the athletic department, said the policy works under the belief that if student-athletes share something via social media, they do so with the understanding that it’s public information. “I know it’s team-by-team, if you put something out for the public, then it’s expected that people can follow you,” Andrews said.

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campus Stand your ground The Stand Your Ground law could hamper the prosecution of a neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teenager, in a gated Florida community.

About the law States with ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws

• Allows a potential crime victim who is in fear of grave harm to use deadly force in public places R.I. Conn. Del. D.C.

ZACH WATSON / Lantern reporter

Lisa Racine, a 2nd-year in sociology, watches a slideshow with Evan Boylan, a 3rd-year in anthropology, during Tap That! at the Ohio Union April 2.

Water challenge aims to tap into misconceptions

ZACH WATSON Lantern reporter Bottled water and tap water went toe-to-toe — or cup-to-cup — in Tap That!, a taste challenge that pitted the two against each other to inform students about the consequences of drinking bottled water and to debunk the myth that bottled water tastes better than tap water. The event, organized by Students for Recycling, was held Monday in the Lounge Space of the Center for Student Leadership and Service at the Ohio Union. “Bottled water really does have an impact on the environment, just because of the amount of waste that is generated by the plastic itself and a lot of it’s not recycled,” said Jessie Fears, a fourthyear in environmental science. Evan Boylan, a third-year in anthropology, presented a slideshow about the impacts of bottled water consumption. He said that when he participated in the Zero Waste initiative at Ohio Stadium, drivers of the trash trucks taking waste to the landfill talked about plastic bottles taking up a large amount of space. Boylan said tap water is tested multiple times per day for coliform bacteria, while bottled water is only tested once a week. Coliform bacteria is an indicator of the sanitary quality of food and water. The statistic was confirmed by the National Resources Defense Council website. “If you do the research into it, you will see that tap water is, if not even more healthy, at least just as healthy as bottled water,” Boylan said. The group had a mission to prove that bottled water and tap water taste the same. Attendees participated in a taste test to determine the similarity for themselves.

Students drank each type of water from separate, unlabed Dixie cups and, after sampling bottled water and tap water, were asked to give their opinion on which water tasted better. Stacey Steigerwald, a fourth-year in international studies and economics, said she was surprised that she preferred the tap water. Jordyn Sesock, a first-year in psychology, and Cody Salyi, a first-year in biochemistry, were disappointed they chose bottled water as the better tasting beverage. “I think we wanted to choose the tap water since it’s better nowadays,” Salyi said. “I thought I knew which one was which, but I was wrong.” Some students, though, said they didn’t notice a difference between the two samples. “They tasted the same,” said Lisa Racine, a second-year in sociology. Still, Racine said she prefers some brands of bottled water. “Some bottled water tastes better,” she said. Despite the differing opinions, the victory went to tap water, which won by a margin of 17 to 9. Seven students were undecided as far as their personal preferences. Students who participated in the event left with reusable water bottles, which Fears said she hoped would be filled with tap water in the future. “I think it’s important for people and students as … consumers to really know what choices they’re making and how much more they’re spending for bottled water when they could just be getting tap water for a very, very small fraction of the cost,” Fears said.





NOTE: Alaska and Hawaii are not to scale Courtesy of MCT

Law from 1A “I think it would be a huge mistake for them to go to the next step in saying that no matter where you are, you can shoot someone if you feel threatened,” Hoover said. “Everybody’s idea of when they feel threatened is a little bit different.” Some students agree with Hoover, in that they think the law could create some issues. David Rutz, a fourth-year in German and mechanical engineering, said the Stand Your Ground law would give individual citizens too much power and would take away the power from law enforcement officers. “I think that (the Stand Your Ground law) opens up too much of a road for abuse of firearms,” Rutz said. “Is it really self-defense when you have to shoot to kill to protect yourself? … That’s why we have a police force everywhere.” The Stand Your Ground law extends to protection

• Extends the Castle Doctrine, which allows a person to use deadly force to protect his home • Eliminates the need to retreat in order to claim one acted in self defense


of the victim in a court of law, where they will not be prosecuted if they decide to use lethal force as their method of self-defense against their attacker. Ohio State Police Chief Paul Denton said University Police has not determined where it falls along this controversial topic. “At this point I would say that we, along with other law enforcement professionals, would listen and learn as this issue is debated in public,” Denton said. “If it does progress to the legislature, we would weigh in at an appropriate time and in an appropriate manner.” Lobbyist Jim Irvine of Buckeye Firearms Association said that people, especially students with a concealed carry permit, should weigh their options before using deadly force. “Just because you have the legal authority to shoot someone doesn’t make that it is a good decision,” Irvine said. “You don’t ever want to be involved in a shooting that you can avoid.”

OSU meetings to discuss compliance, expansion THOMAS BRADLEY Campus editor Chaired by Leslie Wexner, the Ohio State Board of Trustees will meet Thursday and Friday to finalize several issues that have made their way to the Board. At 1 p.m. Thursday, the Audit and Compliance Committee will meet to talk about university-wide compliance and discuss student enrollment compliance. Chaired by Robert Schottenstein, who will soon take over as chair of the entire Board, the Audit and Compliance Committee is meeting for the first time since announcing its plan for a centralized office for university-wide compliance. At the same time, the Advancement Committee is set to meet to talk about its goals and updates on the University Framework plan.

The Medical Affairs and Physical Environment committees are planning to meet from 2:45 p.m. to 4:15 p.m., where discussions will take place about expansion of the Wexner Medical Center at OSU and capital planning, respectively. Later that evening, the Finance and Academic Affairs and Student Life committees are planning to meet at 4:30 p.m. The Finance Committee is set to update the Board on projects of the university and to discuss tuition planning for fiscal year 2013. The Academic Affairs and Student Life Committee will be presenting information about the two-year residence hall requirement and approving changes to the Student Code of Conduct. Friday, the Board will gather and hear from President E. Gordon Gee before the individual committees report to the entire Board. Continue to check throughout the weekend for full coverage of the upcoming Board of Trustees meetings.

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In “Commentary: William Buford leaves a complicated legacy at Ohio State,” The Lantern reported that former OSU basketball player is tied for third with John Lucas on OSU’s all-time scoring list. In fact, it is Jerry Lucas.

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io Pregnant? OSU Ad.indd 1

Thursday April 5, 2012

NBA from 1A Sullinger started 73 of the 74 games in which he played, scoring 1,282 points, hauling in 717 rebounds and tallying 59 blocks while also dishing out 89 assists. The Buckeyes won 65 games during his two seasons at OSU, earning the team the No. 1-overall seed and a No. 2 seed in the 2011 and 2012 NCAA Tournaments, respectively. OSU coach Thad Matta, who said it feels like he has coached Sullinger for more than two years, said the time is right for Sullinger to leave for professional basketball. “The hardest part is you develop a friendship with a guy,” Matta said. “I’m going to miss Jared as a player, but I’m going to miss him more as a person on a daily basis. That’s always the hardest part for me.” Sullinger’s father, Satch Sullinger, said he would not have been comfortable with a decision to leave for the NBA following his son’s freshman campaign. “This year, I watched the peaks and the valleys,” Satch Sullinger said. “I saw that consistency start to come back … during the end-of-season run all the way through the Final Four. “I was sitting down talking to my older two boys, and I had to come to the realization that I don’t have any little boys anymore. I have three grown men and

Rally from 1A Another rally titled “Hoodies Up” took place outside Hale Hall last Friday. A number of guest speakers addressed a crowd of about 80 OSU students and community members regarding the concerns Martin’s misfortune has brought to public. “We are focusing on not only the Trayvon Martin case, but also social justice everywhere when it comes to violence,” said LaChe Roach, the organizer of Friday’s rally. “It’s an opportunity for us to take a stance, bring our voices out and have opportunity to address issues to one another.” Catherine Chang, a second-year in biochemistry, said she thinks many people jump to conclusions regarding the guilt of Zimmerman based on nothing more than biased, distorted information. “I’m well aware of the history of racism in this country,” Chang said. “I just don’t think it should be applied in this instance without further knowledge that confirms it was actually a hate crime … The

Media from 1A Java Nikbakht, a sophomore synchronized swimmer, said she and her teammates are required to add their coach on social media sites and their coach frequently monitors their online presence. “We are required to friend our coaches and I think (our coach) does monitor,” Nikbakht said. “She definitely goes on and checks our Facebook often.” Some schools even tell athletes if they don’t grant their coaches access to protected material, eligibility could be affected. Andrews said while she doesn’t know specific penalties for failing to adhere to a team’s social media policy, she thinks it could have an impact on an athlete’s playing time. “I could imagine a coach saying if you’re not going to allow us to see your site, then that’s going to be a problem,” Andrews said. “There’s no rules saying you have to play.” Nikbakht said most athletes follow the policy, even if they disagree with it. “It would be really scary to (tell a coach you aren’t going to follow the rule), because you’d probably get in trouble,” Nikbakht said. “I think everybody just goes along with it.” While Shear said OSU’s policy walks the line of legality, other universities are taking even harsher measures. Some are employing outside sources to track athletes’ social media, and in some cases, have access to password-protected material. Companies like UDiligence and Varsity Monitor claim they do not collect passwords, but rather

I’m totally comfortable with the decision he’s made.” Jared Sullinger again said he was not concerned with his draft stock Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean other people aren’t thinking about where he could land in the upcoming NBA Draft. writer Chad Ford lists Jared Sullinger as the No. 11 player on his ranking of the top 100 collegiate prospects. Jared Sullinger, who said he purposely gained five pounds during this past season to increase his strength, likened his game to that of Minnesota Timberwolves forward and former UCLA Bruin, Kevin Love. “I wouldn’t say I’m as good as Kevin Love,” Jared Sullinger said. “But I have the body type and the skill set of Kevin Love.” Matta said Jared Sullinger has the ability to make people say, “‘I didn’t know he could do that.’” “I think that Jared has a lot of different things he can do on the basketball floor,” Matta said. “I think that’s going to be the beauty for him — that he’s going to the next level with a lot of different things that he can do. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s ready. “Strictly from the standpoint of, yeah, he’s got a great skill set. He’s got a great understanding of the game. I think the biggest attribute that Jared Sullinger has is he’s a winner. He wins.”

best we can do in this scenario is wait for a trial and wait for the verdict of that trial.” Hafsa Khan, a second-year in international studies, said she thinks just because Martin’s case is potentially not a hate crime doesn’t mean that it was not a racially motivated act. “I think both Martin and Alawadi cases brought great attention to not only hate crimes, but a growing sentiment and discrimination within American society that we don’t necessarily really look at,” Khan said. “Sometimes we just need to take a step back and when things like these happen, we realize they are happening and so they don’t happen again.” Former state Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy expressed her concerns to the crowd Wednesday evening. “I’m here to take a stance against hatred,” Kilroy said. “To say that we are all people, we need to recognize that. Respect each other’s humanity, and address the issue of continued division and hatred in our society.”

have athletes download an “app” or “proprietary technology” to collect information. “The application process is like any other app you would have on your Facebook,” said Kevin Long, CEO of UDiligence. “When an athlete installs that app, the athlete grants us the information to access the information in that account.” There are also third-party media consultants who search for careless, non-compliant and vulgar posts. Long said they access photos and wall posts on Facebook, but do not access messages and AIM. If these companies find any incriminating material, they are paid to notify coaches and compliance officers. For the rest of this article, visit

2/24/12 12:41:30 PM


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Thursday April 5, 2012



Columbus’ Own


In an attempt to shine light on local music, The Lantern’s “Columbus’ Own” is a weekly series that will profile a new Columbus band every Thursday.

Hometown duo goes ape meshing classical, rap ‘Hunger Games’: Book vs. film Check for a column about how the film adaptation of ‘The Hunger Games’ differs from the book.

weekend Thursday

“art Under Pressure” 5 p.m. @ The Ohio Art League Gallery

Halie Williams Lantern reporter Powerful, live classical music might not be what you would expect to hear while strolling through Gallery Hop, but one local band delivers just that. What you’ve just heard is The Apes. The band is scheduled to perform outside Mikey’s Late Night Slice, located at 1030 N. High St., at 8 p.m. Saturday during Gallery Hop. The Columbus-based trio of Adrian Jusdanis on violin, Sharon Madison, who goes by the stage name Counterfeit Madison, on keyboard, and Jahrie Smith on drums, combines the use of not-so-traditional instruments and worldly styles to create a sound that can easily be described as “extremely awesome,” Smith said. Although The Apes occasionally collaborates with rappers, the band is entirely instrumental, and the music style is often misunderstood, Madison said. “Some people are like, ‘Oh, it’s very jazzy. No, it’s really classical. Oh, you sound like a gypsy. No, its really classical,’” she said. Jusdanis, who is also a third-year in geography at OSU, and Madison started playing music together about two years ago during an April Gallery Hop but were playing with another drummer at the time. “Recently, the drummer we had moved to China, so both of us came to each other and were like, ‘You know that guy Jahrie? We should get him,’”

Jusdanis said. “We both wanted to add Jahrie without even talking about it.” The trio also went by a different name when it first formed: The Shrewdness of Apes. “We were playing for a while just at gallery hops without a band name, so I was trying to come up with one and I’ve always liked the names of groups of animals,” Jusdanis said. “People either thought it was an awesome band name or a horrible band name but had a hard time remembering it, so I said, ‘Let’s just be called The Apes.’” Each member of the trio brings his own personal experience and taste to the band. “My dad is from Greece, so I grew up listening to a lot of traditional Greek folk music,” Judanis said. “I’d say that’s had a big influence. I’ve also done a fair amount of traveling in South America, and I think you can hear some salsa and merengue in what I play.” Although Jusdanis’ roots are classical violin, his individual sound is impacted by various genres, including rock and hip-hop. His biggest influences are Rodrigo y Gabriela and Dr. Dre, he said. Smith has been playing drums since he was young because his dad is a drummer. His influences include Mos Def, Questlove, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Jewel. “I grew up around a lot of music but I didn’t really have too much formal training,” Smith said. Madison, who is primarily a classical pianist, is originally from Cincinnati but said the Columbus

continued as Apes on 5A

Romophos 14th annual battle of the bands 6 p.m. @ Newport Music Hall

Local DJs to dig into dance party

“Throne of blood” 7 p.m. @ Wexner Center Film/Video Theater

Amanda Abney Lantern reporter


Justseeds Collective 6 p.m. @ Hagerty Hall 180 Amanda Abney / Lantern reporter

Tommy davidson 8 p.m. @ Funny Bone

Network EDM is among the acts slated to perform at Dig! scheduled to be held at 9 p.m. April 7 at Circus.

dane Terry: “sprung” 8 p.m. @ Short North Stage

Rihanna not ‘da one’ for Houston film

short North Gallery Hop 4 p.m. @ Short North Arts District Cd101 day: side b 5 p.m. @ LC Pavilion lovedrug 8 p.m. @ Rumba Cafe



No big names allowed I don’t think a well known actress or singer should be given the honor of playing Houston because the celebrity would distract from the overall story that should belong to Houston alone. Also, audiences will have preconceived notions or prejudices of the actress or singer (in this case, Rihanna) and probably let it deter them from keeping an open mind. An unknown actress who can sing well, or at least fake it, is much better suited for this task. Jennifer Lawrence, who played Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games,” is an example of a lesser-known actor succeeding in a major role. Black singers aren’t similar “Oh hey, Whitney’s a dead black singer, let’s get another black singer who looks nothing like her to play her,” said the imaginary film producer in my head. Having the same skin color does not mean one person can easily portray another. We wouldn’t have Ricky Gervais

ARTS Columnist

Barbadian singer Rihanna has been singled out by the media as the possible frontrunner to play the late Whitney Houston in the biopic of the legend’s life. This should not happen.



Courtesy of Jason Matthew Moore

The Apes are scheduled to perform outside Mikey’s Late Night Slice, located at 1036 N. High St., at 8 p.m. April 7 during Gallery Hop.

VANESSA SPATES portraying Steve Jobs, just because they’re both white men, now would we? I think it’s incredibly insulting to Houston’s legacy to have a weak singer such as Rihanna portray her just because they share the same skin color. It’s still too soon Before Houston’s body was buried, people were already scrambling to get a script for a movie on her life. She just died. People need a mourning period. If it was up to Hollywood, and if it was possible, a movie would’ve been released the following weekend, chronicling her career and downfall. It’s incredibly classless and tacky to even discuss that so soon after her death, especially with MTV discussing

Lasers, ultraviolet reactive bubbles, costumes, crazy lighting and dancing are just some of the things expected at Dig! Dig! is an event at which local electronic dance music DJ/VJ duo roeVy will be performing, along with Columbus DJs suchas Network EDM, The Boogaloos and Urge2. Dig! is scheduled to be held at 9 p.m. Saturday at Circus, located at 1227 N. High St. Circus also hosts a dance party every Gallery Hop, and Move!, which Bryan Keller and Matt Cremean of Network EDM, a local electro-house DJ duo, headline. “Whether it is Move! or Dig!, either way it will be awesome,” Keller said. There will be a variety of EDM, or electronic dance music, from old school hip-hop to techno at Dig! “Everybody brings their own thing to Dig!,”

continued as Dig! on 5A

it with Rihanna as though it was already in the making. Credentials Besides being an insipid singer and an even weaker dancer, Rihanna has nothing real under her belt. One little role in the idiotic “Battleship,” does not give her the qualification to play such an iconic figure. As I said before, an unknown actress is much more realistic than a megastar with no discernible acting ability. To toss Rihanna in this upcoming biopic is cheap and it doesn’t give Houston the respect she deserves. What a role model Rihanna has made her career off of sex and vulgar antics and frankly, isn’t deserving of portraying a legend that has touched the hearts of millions. Rihanna used her domestic abuse story to sell records because she has nothing else to back her up. Houston never needed to do that. In fact, she shied away from it until the media forced the truth out. This might seem petty and juvenile, but I have a lot of respect for Houston and it’s about time Hollywood and the media started to as well. If she couldn’t be honored while alive, at least honor her in death.

Photos courtesy of MCT

Rihanna (top) is rumored to portray Whitney Houston (bottom) in a film about Houston’s life.

[ a +e ] ‘Boyfriend’ turning some into Beliebers PHOTO Editor

Let me be the first to say I am not a Justin Bieber fan, and I cannot stand the flocks of Beliebers who follow his whiny voice everywhere. That’s why it truly pains me to admit I enjoy Bieber’s latest single, “Boyfriend.” Even just telling my friends, I felt genuine embarrassment about this issue. It has rocked my convictions to their core and I am no longer sure of my musical taste or my own sensibility. But this song is no average Bieber song. It’s not a highpitched, boy-band-type song singing about his baby, baby, baby, oh how I hate that song just as much as you do. “Boyfriend,” while still a love song, is lower and raspier, with deeper beats and grooves, giving it the feel of a sultry, modern pop song. The song actually sounds

CODY COUSINO really similar to another popular Justin. There’s no way to listen to the song without feeling like Justin Timberlake could have sung it. Timberlake, who was a high-pitched singer in a boy band that also had girls flocking after it, has somehow escaped the stigma that seems to be

Apes from 4A

its eclectic mix of sounds, and Jusdanis said they are music scene is much more completely spontaneous. receptive. “The stuff that we actually do “The demographic is much for our live show, which I would younger, so I think as a result, say is our bread and butter, is people are more open to differalmost entirely improvised,” he ent kinds of music,” Madison said. said. Although the band is primarMadison said bands today ily classical, its performances are afraid of stepping out and suggest otherwise. Madison being different. If she could give describes it as “crazy intense.” advice to other musicians, it “I think we are just a little would be to not be afraid, she more insane than everybody said. else,” Madison said. “Even if you don’t find it Along with their enthusiasm here, I feel like there’s always while playing, Jusdanis said someone in the world who they have a good time with the wants to listen to something that shows. you are putting out,” Madison “You can tell that the three said. “There are people out of us really enjoy playing with there who really like weird music each other,” Jusdanis said. “I’m and really common music, like running across the stage, and I would just say express Jahrie is just smiling the whole yourself.” time, and Sharon is doing crazy The Apes’ live performances Inspector Gadget moves.” are equally as outlandish as “I like to jump around a lot, Head and neck screening lantern ad_Layout 1 3/1/12 11:38 AM Page 1

associated with Bieber. Many grown men think Timberlake is awesome. His “Saturday Night Live” appearances and movie roles are undeniably hilarious and entertaining. The parallels between JT and JB are undeniable in terms of their early career, and if this musical trend for Bieber continues, there’s no reason why he can’t expand his audience to include the many people who currently despise his music. If you don’t believe me, listen to the song yourself. Try to forget for a second that it’s a Bieber song. Think of it as a Timblerlake song. See if you like it. I’m sure there will be more than a few of you who feel just like me. Your stomach will turn, you’ll want to run and scream, you’ll question your existence — because you will be enjoying a Bieber song.

I’m really animated,” Madison said. All three agreed they love to play house parties, but most of their shows take place at Gallery Hop in the Short North. A go-to location for the band’s live shows is Mikey’s Late Night Slice. Adrian said the trio is at a huge yet new stage in its music. “Some sort of regional tour within the next year is definitely a goal,” Jusdanis said. “And putting a full-length album out.” The Apes recently released an EP, titled “The Shrewdness.” Madison said she hopes people lose their minds when listening to the band’s music. “I hope when people hear us play, that they stop thinking and start experiencing,” Jusdanis said. “Yeah, and dance their f---ing asses off,” Smith added.

Courtesy of MCT

Teen pop star Justin Bieber released his latest single, ‘Boyfriend,’ March 26.

Dig! from 4A Cremean said. “At this point, it’s not all electro craziness.” RoeVy synchronizes audio, video, costumes and lasers to give the audience a different local EDM experience. “It’s off the charts, ridiculously sweet,” Keller said. “It’s a production that should not be missed, and if you haven’t seen it, be ready.” Arthur Brehm, a fourth-year in history and president of the Electronic Music Club at Ohio State, said roeVy will likely provide a good show. “Dig! is definitely one of the most venerated parties in Columbus,” Brehm said. “Its sort of like roeVy’s home. You know it’s going to be a packed house and a really incredible show.” Network EDM will open directly for roeVy for the first time. “One of the things we have always wanted to do is play with

roeVy at one of their own shows,” Cremean said. “It would be awesome if we could play with these guys and combine into two hours of just ruckus nonsense, and finally we are getting the chance to.” RainTrain, who will also play at the show, is a local DJ whose personality makes for a fun time, Keller said. “Rainer, his persona when he is on stage, is just fun,” Keller said. “He puts on his crazy wig, puts out his rope lights, gets his UV reactive bubbles out with black lights everywhere and strobes.” Network EDM always tries to keep things fresh for their fans and it never plays the same set twice, Cremean said. “We try and play stuff that may be a little obscure and under the radar,” Keller said. “We are playing more on the curve of stuff that just came out that morning, and we are playing it that night at the club.”

Network EDM shows are filled with “danceable” music, Keller said. “I would like to say that our shows are solid and filled with new stuff that you haven’t heard, stuff you will probably like and will be danceable all the way through,” Keller said. “We are going to have some fake drops, big buildups and big drops.” The duo has an on-stage chemistry that is undeniable, Keller said. “We have a timing and chemistry thing that works,” Keller said. “I don’t think it is something you can manufacture either, I think it just happens,” Cremean said. Tickets are available at the door the night of the show. It is free to get in before 11 p.m. After, it will be $3 for people ages 21 and up and $5 for those under 21.





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thelantern results Wednesday

OSU’s Deshaun Thomas the next to go pro? Michael Periatt Asst. sports editor

Softball 5, Buffalo 0 Softball 8, Buffalo 5 Baseball 9, Miami 2

upcoming Thursday Men’s Volleyball v. Grand Canyon 7pm @ Columbus, Ohio

Friday Men’s Tennis v. Wisconsin 3pm @ Madison, Wis. Women’s Tennis v. Wisconsin 3pm @ Columbus, Ohio Softball v. Michigan 5:30pm @ Columbus, Ohio Baseball v. Minnesota 6:35pm @ Columbus, Ohio Men’s Volleyball v. Grand Canyon 7pm @ Columbus, Ohio Women’s Golf: Bryan National Collegiate Round 1 All Day @ Greensboro, N.C. Men’s Gymnastics: Team Finals TBA @ Iowa City, Iowa

Saturday Women’s Soccer v. Grand Valley State 9am @ Columbus, Ohio Men’s Lacrosse v. Hobart 12pm @ Geneva, N.Y. Softball v. Michigan 2pm @ Columbus, Ohio Women’s Gymnastics: NCAA Regionals 4pm @ Raleigh, N.C. Softball v. Michigan 4pm @ Columbus, Ohio Women’s Volleyball: Spring Fling Tournament All Day @ Columbus, Ohio Women’s Rowing v. Minnesota 9am @ Bloomington, Ind. Women’s Rowing v. Wisconsin 1pm @ Bloomington, Ind.

SUnday Women’s Tennis v. Minnesota 11am @ Columbus, Ohio Baseball v. Minnesota 12pm @ Columbus, Ohio Men’s Tennis v. Minnesota 1pm @ Minneapolis, Minn. Women’s Lacrosse v. Vanderbilt 2pm @ Nashville, Tenn. Women’s Golf: Bryan Nation Collegiate, Round 3 All Day @ Greensboro, N.C.



Cody Cousino / Photo editor

OSU sophomore forward Deshaun Thomas drives to the basket during an NCAA Tournament game against Syracuse March 24 at TD Garden in Boston. OSU won, 77-70.

With Jared Sullinger heading to the NBA, all focus turns to Deshaun Thomas. The former sophomore forward who elevated his play during Ohio State’s postseason run to the Final Four has to make his own decision about whether to return to school. Thomas averaged 19.2 points per game in the NCAA Tournament, and at times was OSU’s most lethal scoring threat. His performances have given him the opportunity to look into going to the NBA. After OSU lost against Kansas in the Final Four and the season officially ended, Thomas said he hadn’t made a decision yet, but he didn’t discount going to the next level. “Whatever happens for me, happens for me,” Thomas said. “If something good happens, I’ll look into it and go from there.” When the basketball team returned from the Final Four Sunday, the team was greeted with a rally at the Schottenstein Center. Thomas was the last player to leave the rally and blew a kiss to the crowd before he left. Underclassmen have until April 10 to make their decision regarding the draft according to the NCAA, and no date has been set for Thomas to make his official decision. Wednesday, Thomas appeared to address his upcoming choice from his Twitter account, @DT1UpNComin. “Got time,” the tweet read.

Coach Thad Matta said Wednesday that he is still gathering information for Thomas so he can better understand what to expect if he decides to declare. “I’m in the process right now of trying to get as much information as I can for him in terms of talking with teams,” Matta said. “I want to give him all the information so he can make the best decision he possibly can. Thomas, who averaged 15.4 points and five rebounds for the season as a whole, has acknowledged “everybody’s looking” at his play and that going to the NBA is a dream of his. “People are starting to notice now what Deshaun can bring to the table,” Thomas said the day before facing Syracuse in the Elite Eight. “Every kid’s dream is to try and make it to the pros.” Thomas’ teammate, Sullinger, realized that dream Wednesday when he officially entered his name into the NBA Draft. But just because Sullinger made the decision to go to the next level doesn’t mean he thinks Thomas should do the same. “I really haven’t talked to Deshaun about the situation,” Sullinger said. “I think personally that’s a decision he has to make with his family and with the coaches. Whatever he does, I support him 100 percent.” Former senior guard William Buford also had some advice for Thomas and might have a better idea of the decision he’s facing.

continued as Draft on 2B

OSU football practice sees defense win, offense underperform Patrick Maks Senior Lantern reporter For the second time this spring it was “winners, losers” for the Ohio State football team. And for the second time, the defense won. Though, with his offense trying to comprehend an entirely new playbook, seeing the defense win is something that coach Urban Meyer said he expected to see. “They better win,” he said. Senior defensive lineman John Simon created havoc all afternoon long, forcing sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller to either scramble outside the pocket or make forced, erratic throws. Behind Simon and a stingy defense that forced two fumbles, Meyer said the Buckeye offense started out awful before managing to regroup and battle back. Still, Meyer said the offense hasn’t been performing to the level he wanted to see by now. “We’re not where we need to be,” he said. “I wish we grasped it a little faster.” It’s not the first time he’s been in this situation. Meyer said he had similar problems trying to install his offense at Utah and Florida before coming to OSU. Some of those pressures of helping Meyer effectively establish his offensive scheme has inevitably fallen on the shoulders of Miller, who started as quarterback for the

Thomas Bradley / Campus editor

OSU football coach Urban Meyer shouts directions during a spring practice drill April 4 at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. Buckeyes in 2011. Miller, who had an up-and-down day on most accounts, still seemed uncomfortable at times. That, coupled with an offensive line that Meyer called “adequate,” is why he said they might need to adjust some things.

“We might even slow down the installation a little bit,” Meyer said. But it’s not just an issue with Miller, he said. Rather, he said far too much credit and blame go to quarterbacks while, sometimes, Miller is a “product of what’s around him.”

Despite those troubles, Meyer said the team is continuing to improve each practice. “We’re a lot better today than we were yesterday,” he said.

Loose and relaxed approach working for Beals, OSU baseball Darius Thigpen Lantern reporter Ohio State baseball coach Greg Beals said he has “ramped up expectations” for the baseball team this season. Beals, in his second season coaching the Buckeyes, has led OSU to a 15-12 record. The team’s most recent triumph came Wednesday at Miami (Ohio), where the Buckeyes upended their in-state opponent, 9-2. “We’re in the process of bringing in the personnel that fits the style of baseball we want to play,” Beals said on Tuesday. “I want to manage the game a little bit differently so we have to bring in the type of athletes that allow us to play that way.” Beals, who won 243 games as the coach at Ball State University in Muncie, Ind., said he had to adjust when he moved to OSU from the smaller school. “The big adjustment is the different environments that they are,” Beals said. “At Ball State, it’s a smaller athletic department and all of the coaches’ offices are in the same building, most of them on the same floor. Here at Ohio State, our offices are each at our facility, and I get a lot more work done here without seeing as many people. At Ball State, it was a neat little community.”

The We’re in the process of bringing in the personnel that fits the style of baseball we want to play. I want to manage the game a little bit differently so we have to bring in the type of athletes that allow us to play that way.” Greg Beals OSU baseball coach Beals’ players said his coaching style varies from situation to situation. Senior left-handed pitcher Andrew Armstrong said he can be aggressive but can also be passive at times. “It all really kind of depends,” Armstrong said. “He can get in your face if he wants, but he kind of lets us play to whatever we need to do. Some guys he needs to jump, he’ll jump. Other guys he needs to take it easy on, he does. Just for each player, he’s kind of different, but overall I’d say he’s kind of laid back.” Senior outfielder Dave Corna agreed with Armstrong, saying that Beals can be either aggressive or passive as a coach, but also said Beals is a different coach between practices and games.

“I’d say game time he’s more positive than in practice,” Corna said. “In practice we have to work on things and in games we stay positive so we can do what we have to do.” Beals said he likes to think he’s tougher in practice so that games are easier for players. “Practices are big for us,” Beals said. “At practice, it’s program time where we’re working on things we need to work on and game time, it’s time for guys to go out and play. If I’m going to allow them to go out and play at game day, then we have to get after it at practice so I know they’re prepared for it.” To compete for a Big Ten championship, Beals said he needs the team, as well as himself, to keep up with the growing expectations of the program, but to also stay relaxed. “We need to be able to stay loose and have fun and be relaxed,” Beals said. “Even though we’ve ramped up our expectations, if we have a couple of bad days, we can’t let that make us press. We need to trust ourselves. Trust the system, trust your teammates and trust the coaches.” OSU opens a 10-game homestand with a threegame weekend series against Minnesota. First pitch for the series opener Friday is set for 6:35 p.m. at Bill Davis Stadium.


sports Sullinger heads to NBA at perfect time

MICHAEL PERIATT / Photo editor

OSU sophomore forward Deshaun Thomas goes up for a shot during a game against Gonzaga March 17 at CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh. OSU won, 73-66.

Draft from 1B Unlike Sullinger, Buford was never projected to be a top-10 pick, which is similar to Thomas’s situation. After the Kansas game, Buford said his decisions to return to school each year were deeply personal. “In my life, I didn’t listen to other people,” Buford said. “I still have a chance to get my degree next quarter so I have something to fall back on. If (Sullinger or Thomas) want to leave early, that’s fine if that’s

what they thought was the best decision.” Sullinger is the seventh OSU player under Matta to declare before his senior year for the NBA Draft. Thomas would be the eighth. Despite Matta losing some of his best players before their eligibility has expired, he said sometimes it’s in his players’ best interest to leave early for the NBA. “The day you lose sight of what’s best for your players, you probably need to find a new profession,” Matta said.



“You don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone.” It doesn’t get much more cliché than that, and in general, the saying makes a lot of sense. But I think Jared Sullinger is an exception. I think Sullinger knew what he had all along. Some would argue the former Buckeye big man waited a year too long to leave Ohio State and declare for the NBA. From a financial standpoint, they’re probably right. Sullinger was projected to be a top-5 pick by pretty much everyone who studied the NBA Draft last year. This year, a top-5 pick is out of the question, and while sneaking into the top 10 is still a possibility, Sullinger will most likely be taken somewhere in the middle of the first round. So yes. Staying in school another year probably cost Sullinger hundreds of thousands of dollars. But does that mean he made the wrong choice? Sullinger doesn’t think so. He said he was “completely at peace” with his decision last year and has no regrets. “You would love to play four years at a university that’s done so much for you,” Sullinger said. “Trying to build a legacy at The Ohio State University, one of the greatest universities in the world.” “Stock really doesn’t mean too much for me at this point.” It’s something Sullinger has said time and time again. He loves OSU and he loves Columbus. It’s where he’s spent the vast majority of his life, and he seems to have a genuine affection for the place. The thing that struck me most about

CODY COUSINO / Photo editor

Former OSU sophomore forward Jared Sullinger laughs while addressing the media regarding his decision to enter the NBA Draft during an April 4 press conference at the Schottenstein Center. the Wednesday press conference in which Sullinger announced his decision was what he had to say about his conversation with former OSU guard Evan Turner. “(Turner) said this is going to be the best time of my life,” Sullinger said. “You got to understand that when you get to the next level, it’s about a business.” Translation: College is fun. The NBA is a lot of work. In the CBS show “How I Met Your Mother,” one of my favorite episodes features what the characters called the hot/crazy scale. The scale basically says that when dating a girl, she can be a certain level of crazy as long as she is correspondingly hot. The hotter the girl, the more crazy she’s allowed to be. Sullinger was faced with a similar balancing act between having fun at OSU and ensuring he still had a successful future at the next level. After Sullinger’s freshman year, he was still having a lot of fun and there was no indication his draft stock would fall. Why not stay in college for another year and have fun? On the business/fun scale, the decision was clear. He should stay in school. But this year, the scale shifted. Not only

did Sullinger struggle on the court at times, but he faced injury concerns for the first time in his career. The struggles took away from the fun and hurt the business. When OSU advanced to the Final Four, the decision was clear. Sullinger had his fun and could leave school, forever considered a winner. It was the perfect time to go pro. He might have lost more money than most of us will see in the next 10 years, but it’s not like he completely ruined his career. He’ll still make more money as an NBA player than most of us will see in 40 years. He’s still a first-round pick, he can still have a successful career and he still had the time of his life at the university he knew he wanted to be a part of for as long as he can remember. As Sullinger said, in a perfect world he could stay at OSU for four years, but staying wasn’t in his best interest. I’m sure he’s going to miss his college days during the grind of the NBA, but there won’t be any regrets for Sullinger. He already knew what he was leaving behind.




April 6th – 8th | Bill Davis Stadium

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• Maymester (May 7 - June 1) • Summer I (June 4 - July 6) • Summer 8-week (June 4 - July 24) • Summer II (July 9 - Aug. 10) For more information, email


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$600+/MO - starting at $350 pp, 1-2 bedroom apartments, 67 E 5th, 71 E. 5th, 1181 Say Ave., 320 E. 17th, 331 E. 18th, 12th near High, Available for fall, newly-remodeled, hardwood floors, large bedrooms, low utilities, d/w, w/d hook-up, free off-street parking, a/c, or 291-2600. 102 W. 8th-2 bdrm flats avail for fall. Modern Bldg. w/security system, ceramic tile flrs., DW, A/C newer crpt, updated appliances, ceiling fans. Off St. pkg must see. Call G.A.S. Properties 263-2665 133 W. Oakland & Neil Ave-2 bdrm TH avail for fall. Modern Bldg on N. campus close to Buss. School, corner of Neil Av. newer crpt, tile flr, A/C Off St. pkg new bath. Must see! Call G.A.S. Properties 2632665

2 BDRM Apt. 13th & N. 4th. Water included. $550/mo., A/C, Water included, Off street parking, Pets Negotiable, Sunrisce Properties, Inc. 846-5577.

2 BDRM apt. 15th & N. 4th. Water included. A/C, dishwaher, Disposal, carpet, Pets Negotiable, laundry, off 241 1/2 East Oakland, Rooftop street parking, $600/mo. Deck, Pets OK, Available IMSunrise Properties, Inc. MEDIATELY, $750.00, 205846-5577. 1512 2103 IUKA Ave. 2BR unfur- 3 BEDROOM WITH FINISHED nished, kitchen, stove, refrigera- BASEMENT. Clintonville/North tor, carpet, air. $500/mo. $500 Campus. Spacious townhouse deposit. Laundry available, off- overlooking river view, walkout street parking. No pets. Avail- patio from finished basement to able Fall. Call 614-306-0053 backyard, low traffic, quiet 220 E. Lane & Indianola 2 area, off-street parking, 1 1/2 bdrm flats avail for fall corner of baths, W/D hook-up, AC, no Indianola and Lane. Modern pets. Steps to bike path and Bldg on N. campus. Spacious bus lines. $850/month. 105 W. w/newer crpt, huge bdrms, on Duncan. 614-582-1672 site lndry, A/C. blinds,Off St. 3BR DUPLEX. $1100/mo. Cenpkg. Courtyard area. Call 263- trally located. Lrg Bedrooms, 2665 Kit with Diswasher, Bath, Laundry, Parking, Backyard. Close 274- 284 E. Lane-2 bdrm TH to CABS busline. avail for fall. N. campus at Indi- 1976 N 4th St. 327-6309 anola and Lane, very spacious 92 W. Maynard Ave. w/lndry hkups in bsmt. Ceiling 3 bedrooms fans, dining Rm, newer crpt, frnt 2 baths porch, yard area. Off St. pkg. Central air Walk little save a lot. Call G.A.Off street parking S. Properties 263-2665 $1,125.00 Call 614-852-2200 357 E. 14th Ave. 2 bedroom, large kitchen w/eating area, large bath, living room, stove/refridgerator, AC, laundry facility available, $470/month, $470 deposit. NO PETS. Available Fall 2012. Call 614#1 4 BR AFFORDABLE spa306-0053 cious and updated, large 4BR 400 W. King -2Brm flat very apts on North, South and Censpacious Victoria Vlg area avail tral campus. Gas heat, A/C, offfor fall. Near med. schools, 1 street parking, dishwasher, full bath, lndry in bsmt, A/C, off W/D hookups, decks, firestr prkg & garage avail. Great places, Jacuzzi tubs. Starting location call G.A.S. Properties at $400/ea. 614-294-7067.www.263-2665 www.gasproperties.- com #1 AVAIABLE August 2012 ($275/person) CLINTONVILLE/NORTH CAM- $1100/month PUS. Spacious townhouse with 409 E 15th Ave. Large newly renovated rewired 4 bdrm 2 full finished basement in quiet location just steps from bike path bath 1/2 double. New gas furnace w/ central air, Remodeled and bus lines. Off-street parking, 1 1/2 baths, W/D hook-up, Kitchen w/ dishwasher; Washer/dryer in Large Dry Basement AC, no pets. $750/month. 109 w/ Glassblock Windows; RefinW. Duncan. 614-582-1672 ished Hardwood Floors; PriCLINTONVILLE/NORTH CAM- vacy Fenced Back Yard, Large PUS. 2 bedroom apartment Front Porch; Offstreet Parking; with newer cabinets, granite Pet Friendly w/ refundable decountertops, off-street parking, posit; Across from Park. (614)AC, no pets, $550/month. 95 316-7867 or W. Hudson. 614-582-1672 #1A 1948 SUMMIT. 4 Bedroom, huge living and dining SOME OF Campus’ Best Prop- room, renovated kitchen with erties. Two BR Flats and Town- dishwasher, basement, front homes, Furnished and unfur- porch and back deck, 2nd floor nished, off-street parking, cen- balcony, 2 fireplaces, washertral air. Excellent Condition, dryer hook-up, and private parkNew Carpeting. Rent Range ing. $375/person. Call 589$550-$760. Call 718-0790 1405.

Unfurnished 4 Bedroom

Unfurnished 3 Bedroom

1404 INDIANOLA. Heat, A/C, stove, refrigerator, W/D in unit. New carpet. 2 BD $450. Offstreet parking,1 cat allowed. #1 LOCATION, 13th-avenue, 3BR/2BA, huge bedrooms, 614-560-1814. A/C, all appliances,$400pp, 190 E Norwich- 2 brmTH avail. http://www.veniceprops.for fall. N. campus west of Indi- com/1655n4th.cfm anola. Recently updated spacious units w/on site lndry & #1 NW Corner. Patterson & hkups in units. Updated baths ,- High. 3 BR, LDY, available August, $950/month. Phone A/C, off str prkg, Must see! 614-208-3111. Call G.A.S. Properties 263- Steve 2665

$1125/MONTH. 3 bedroom plus 4th walk- through bedroom townhouse, 2539 Neil Avenue (Next to Tuttle Park and the Olentangy Running Trail and a quarter of a mile from Lane Avenue). Excellent northwest campus location, new high efficiency furnace and central air, low utilities, FREE washer/dryer in unit, dishwasher, hardwood floors, ceiling fans in all bedrooms. FREE, off-street, security lighted parking. Call Brandon at 614-374-5769 to schedule a tour. *LOOKING FOR 3-4 students to share spacious home close to campus (Norwood), separate bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 3 bathrooms, laundry facilities and parking. $460/mo beginning 8/1/12 - 8/1/13. Call Kim @ 440-759-2310 102 W Maynard. 4 bedroom with one full bath that was just remodeled. Laundry included, $1660. Call 614-496-7782 55 W. Maynard Ave 4 bedrooms 1 bath Central air Off street parking $1,075.00 Call 614-851-2200

AFFORDABLE 4 Bedrooms. Visit our website at 1st Place Realty 429-0960 AVAILABLE AUGUST 1, 2012 4 or 5 bedroom. $300.per bedroom. 69 E. Patterson W/D, dishwasher,A/C, 4 floors. Call Debbie 937-763-0008 or Jeff 937-763-5838

Unfurnished 4 Bedroom

Help Wanted General


AVAILABLE NOW 14th Ave. Kitchen, laundry, parking, average $280/mo. Paid utilities, COLLEGE STUDENTS. Highly motivated people with good atti296-8353 or 299-4521. tude needed for irrigation serDEAD QUIET near medical vice industry. Full and Partcomplex. Safe. Excellent, low time. Good driving record noise/crime neighborhood, required. 457-6520. E-mail quiet serious tenants. Re- OSU across com. the street. $450/month, no utili- EARN $1000-$3200 a month ties. 614-805-4448. to drive our cars with ads. FITNESS CENTER: Applications now being accepted for Part-Time, Front Desk Attendants for evenings and weekGREAT 4 BEDROOM HOUSE ends. Starting pay $8.00/Hr. “COLLEGE PRO is now hir- Weekend availability a must. 100 E. 9th Ave ing painters all across the Great customer service person2 baths, fenced yard, state to work outdoors w/other alities should apply in person at good pet okay. students. Earn $3k-5k. Ad- MYM Fitness, 2100 Tremont $1495/month vancement opportunities + in- Center, Upper Arlington. 486537-4734 INDIANOLA/NEAR HIGH, 50 ternships. 1-888-277-9787 or 0575 Euclid, 1378.5 Indianola, 1371” Summit Available for fall, newly-remod- ##BARTENDERING! UP To eled, hardwood floors, safe and $300/ Day. No Experience Necconvenient, large bedrooms, essary. Training available. 800low utilities, d/w, w/d, free off- 965-6520 ext 124. FULL & PART TIME street parking, a/c, starting at *GREAT OPPORTUNITY, Schedulers $325 pp, fantastic teen boy with autism! Exel, Inc., the leader in supply Looking for a new provider to chain management , has immeor 291-2600 add to our team! Full time or diate needs for skilled profesPart time. Paid training. Loves sionals to join our team. Exel’s to attend & participate in Home Delivery Division prosporting events. Also loves vides flexible, professional lomusic & being around people. gistics solutions for retailers Competitive pay! Friendly and manufacturers. We are family! Enthusiasm is currently recruiting for SCHED#1 6 BR AFFORDABLE spa- important. ULERS (scheduling deliveries cious and updated large BR Call Jackie 614-296-0453 for to end customers) within our House on Central campus. Gas more details. Delivery Service Center loheat, A/C, off-street parking, cated in Grandview, Ohio. dishwasher, W/D hookups, Great advancement opportunidecks, fireplaces, $435. 614- A GREAT part time job. ties, full benefits package (for 294-7067. www.osuproperty- Earn $20 per hour handing full time associates), and excelout flyers or commission lent work environment! Great whichever is greater. Must opportunity for students and lo#1 5-8BR homes available: 66 have good communication cated only 5 miles from the East Northwood, 242 East Pat- skills and transportation. OSU campus! terson,1665 North 4th Street, Can Earn Full time $ or turn http://www.veniceprops.into an internship. Immedi• Good phone etiquette/comcom/properties.cfm ate openings for summer. munication skills $1,750/MO, Large 5 bedroom Bring a friend and earn a • Customer service mindset house for Fall, 347 E. 12th $50 bonus. Contact • Solid computing and data Ave, 2 1/2 baths, Full storage entry skills Bsmt, HW floors, new insulated Some gas reimbursement. • Flexible hours and days, windows, blinds, dishwasher, but must be able to work a miniFree W/D in unit, gas heat, AC, ARCOS, INC. – Located in mum of 20 hrs/week. Free off-street. Lou Skarda, Worthington, Ohio is looking for 651-503-5425. Technical Support Engineers to Exel requires successful com$2,600+/MO - starting at $400 work 20 hours/week. pletion of a pre-employment pp, 5 BR homes, great locabackground check and drug tions, 80 Euclid/High, 225 E. This position provides front-line screen. 11th, newly-remodeled, spa- support to all ARCOS cuscious living areas, hardwood tomers, answering customer Apply in person at: floors, newer kitchens with d/w, questions and doing issue anal- 1650 Watermark Dr Suite150 w/d hook-up, a/c, lower utilities, ysis on cases submitted online Columbus, OH 43210 and through telephone calls to off-street parking, Or email resume to the ARCOS Support Center. The TSE I conducts extensive or 291-2600 EOE testing on customer systems, $465/PERSON 5BR townhome providing detailed testing re- FULL TIME/PART TIME CLOSE to the Ohio Union! 100 sults and monitors the ARCOS SEASONAL E. 13th Ave. Washer & dryer in systems. Persons needed for retail sales the unit. Central air conditionin fishing tackle & bait store. Exing. 2 baths. Please visit our website at perience in same helpful. Must 614-273-0112 be able to handle live baits of 104 W Maynard. 5 bedroom careers/index . Resumes may all types. Applications acwith 2 full baths, both remod- be submitted to cepted M-Th at R&R Bait & eled, laundry included. $2075. Tackle, 781 So. Front Street, Call 614-496-7782 Columbus. 614-443-4954 GROCERY STORE: ApplicaATTENDANTS & Models tions now being accepted for 2405 EAST Ave. 5 bedroom 2 needed. We will train. Must employbaths townhouse. Available in be really, really pretty. Paid Full-time/Part-time the FALL! North campus. Just daily. $2,000+/week. Appear- ment. Produce Clerk, Cashier, Deli Clerk, Stock Clerk, and North of Patterson, one block E ance and attendance imporService Counter. Afternoons, of High. $350 per person. Com- tant. 614-818-0771. evenings. Starting pay pletely remodeled with newer $8.00/Hr. Enjoyable work atmocarpet & ceiling fans. Huge sphere. Must be 18 years or kitchen with DW and huge livATTN PART Time Work. over. Great personalities only! ing room. Blinds, A/C & free Immediate openings. CusApply in person Huffman’s MarWD, front and rear porch, free tomer Sales/service. ket, 2140 Tremont Center, Upoff street parking.Walk a little Great Starting pay. Flexiper Arlington (2 blocks north of and save a lot! Call 263-2665 ble schedules, credit posLane Ave and Tremont). sible. Conditions apply. 5336. Call now! 614-417-1532. 252 W 8th. 6 bedroom, 3 full LABORATORY INTERNSHIP Or online @ baths, laundry and off street available immediately. Please parking, Huge living space and visit our website at all bedrooms are in big! Call 614-496-7782 and click on the link of job ings/internships for more inforAUTISM AIDE/ mation. URGENTLY NEED HELP. 421E. LANE 4/5BR 2BA. Front This position includes porch, off-street parking. Walk LOCAL COMPANY TAKING respite ABA therapy, and to class. Next to park with track APPLICATIONS FOR ROUTE going to school with him and CABS line. Renovation DELIVERY DRIVER as an aide. We are lookJuly 2012! · Full and Part-time Posiing for someone who is actions tive, very outgoing, and is 440-781-6513 for info · 4 day work week reliable. He is learning to · CDL A,B, & Non CDL po94 W. Maynard Ave. communicate using sitions available 5 bedrooms words, signs, gestures, · Must have knowledge of 2 baths and very soon an iPad. Columbus Surrounding area Central air He is very sweet and · Must be able to lift 25lb. Off street parking good with new people, repetitively. $1,250.00 and likes to go to new · Competitive pay with SeaCall 614-851-2200 places. Job is for 20-25 sonal Bonuses. hours per week. Hours NICE 5 bedroom house 2 full and days are flexible. We Apply in person at: bath available for fall. Recently are looking for someone 3080 Valleyview Dr. renovated. Newer appliances, who would like the experiColumbus, OH. 43204 windows, front porch, balcony, ence of working with just fenced back yard, 2 decorative our son (turning 18 this fire places, eat in kitchen, 1st MEDICAL BILLING company fall). FOR ONE YEAR OR floor laundry hook up. 2380 Inin the Columbus area looking MORE. Please include diana St. 1650/ month. Call to fill a full time position. No exprevious experience (rePat at (614) 323-4906 perience needed as company sume) along with days is willing to train. Please suband times you are availOSU NORTH- Neil Ave. mit your resume to able. Working with our Complete remodel. Available afoust@denrobmanagement.son will make a difference now and fall. 5 large bedrooms com in his life. Contact Marcie with closets (can accommodate at 24hourAutismmom@g7). New kitchen, tile floor with NANNY NEEDED to help a eating area, all new stove, Gahanna family with daily dishwasher, refrigerator, builthouse work, cooking, errands, in microwave. 2 baths. All bedrooms have ceiling fans, CHILD CARE Staff needed organization. Anything that hardwood floors, large closets. FT/PT and for Summer Camp. needs done (flexible hours). Gas furnace, water included, Mon-Fri, no nights or week- Two boys 10 and 13. Need free W/D in basement. Free 5 ends. Apply Arlington Childrens car. $10/hr. email resume to your car OSP. Central A/C. Call 571- Center, 1033 Old Henderson Rd. 451-5400 for info/directions. info. 5109. DON’T MISS this completely remodeled 4 bedroom double, 5 blocks from OSU. New everything!! Kitchen with granite countertops and all new appliances, 2 new baths, Central air, new high efficiency furnace, new windows, hardwood floors, fire alarm system, security system, lots of off-street parking. Available for August 2012. $2100/month. Call (614)206-5855 or (614)348-2307 Pictures at

Help Wanted General

Unfurnished 5+ Bedroom

Help Wanted General

MODELS WITH INTRIGUE needed for runway assignments, upcoming 2013 calendars, ongoing Gallery Magazine’s $25,000 “Girl-Next-Door” centerfold search, Penthouse Magazine’s 3D/HDTV mobile phone model search, and convention work. No experience required. 352-8853 MUSIC TEACHERS NEEDED IN STUDENTS’ HOMES! Set your own schedule. Continuing education provided. Competitive pay. Lending library. Work for a Company with integrity! INTERVIEWING NOW!

(614) 847-1212 NEED A person to go door to door putting flyers on houses. No selling. 4 hours a day. Mon-Fri. $250/week. 614-216-9110. NEED STUDENT to drive me home from OSU med, $40. NOW HIRING ENTERTAINERS Ladies if you are thinking about the life of fast cash and schedule freedoms then apply today at Kahoots Gentlemen’s Club to join our team of beautiful entertainers. You’ll find us right up the road only 10 minutes away from campus. Kahoots is Columbus’ premier adult entertainment club providing a safe and fun environment for all our staff. Visit our website to view the club at Stop by the club today and ask to speak to a manager to answer any questions you may have about starting today. Call us for directions at 614-4517464. PAINTING COMPANY needs a painter. Experience preferred, not necessary. Paid determined at interview. 614-8047902. PART-TIME Research Associate wanted for an independent research firm specializing in public opinion,policy and program evaluation. Must have MA in a social science field. Excellent job for extra money while working on your degree of for those interested in practical research experience. Please send resume to PLAY SPORTS! HAVE FUN! SAVE MONEY! Maine camp needs fun loving counselors to teach. All land, adventure, & water sports. Great Summer! Call 888-844-8080, apply: PRETTY/NEWBIE MODEL type, for creative nude/photos/videos. No obligation, will train. Audition first step, next step experimental test shooting at $25.00 per hour, unlimited pay for future projects. Discretion assured, female preferred. (614)268-6944 STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM Paid Survey Takers needed in Columbus. 100% free to join. Click on surveys. STUDENTS TO do yard work and odd jobs around our home. No house cleaning. Transportation necessary. $10/hr. Powell. 614-880-1487. SWIM POOL MANAGER Summer position open at The Worthington Pools. Excellent work environment and pay. Minimum of 2 yrs lifeguard experience needed. Visit for information and application.

TELESCOPE PICTURES Hiring for 75+ Beach Photographer Positions! Ocean City, MD – Virginia Beach, VA – Panama City Beach, FL ·Live and work at the beach this summer! ·Earn $10,000+ and get a free tan! ·Housing and paid internships available! ·Apply today; We work hard, have fun, and take care of our employees!

VARSITY CLUB looking for FT/PT kitchen help. Apply in person, 11am-10pm. 278 W. Lane Ave.

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING TERMS The OHIO STATE LANTERN will not knowingly accept advertisements that discriminate on the basis of age, sex race or creed or violate city, state or federal law. All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis. The Lantern reserves the right to edit or refuse any ad that does no conform to these policies. All ads are cancelled at the end of each quarter and must be replaced for the next quarter. Reply mail boxes are available upon request.


Business Office Open: Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 5:00pm Phone: 292-2031 / Fax: 614-292-3722 Email: Walk-in Ads Accepted: Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 4:30pm 242 W. 18th Ave. Room 211 Journalism Bldg.

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Community-wide WiFi & computer lab

24 hour fitness center and FREE tanning

Located on the CABS bus route

Fully furnished 1, 2, 3, & 4 bedroom apartments

Clubhouse with flat screen TV and fireplace

Game room with pool table

    

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Resort pool with hot tub, sand volleyball court & more

Close to campus, entertainment, & shopping 

 Thursday April 5, 2012


classifieds Help Wanted General

WORK ONE day a week and earn $460-$550 a month! FST Logistics is a provider of temperature-controlled transportation and warehousing services. We are looking for help with our busiest day of the week at our cross dock facility, located about 10 minutes from the OSU campus. Duties would include loading and unloading of semi-trailers with the use of a forklift. Work one 10 or 12 hour shift from early Saturday morning to Saturday afternoon. Rate of pay is $11.53/hr. Apply by going to and clicking on “employment”, then “general”. Please designate that you saw our ad in The Lantern. You may also submit your resume to You must have reliable transportation and be able to pass a preemployment drug screen.

Help Wanted Child Care 2 GREAT kids need you: boy, 6, well-behaved, funny, bright; girl, 11, sweet disposition and special needs, incl. personal care help, but no medical care. Close to campus. Spring start, through summer and next year. Must have safe, reliable car & clean driving record. Must complete or already have PDP provider/IO Waiver training through FCBDD. Pay $10-12, depending on exp. Call 614-316-9594 or send resume to

BABYSITTERS NEEDED. Must be caring, reliable, have great references and own transportation. Pick your schedule. Apply

Help Wanted Child Care

Help Wanted Medical/Dental

NEW ALBANY family seeking responsible, energetic daytime sitter for summer. Must have reliable transportation. Nonsmoker. Responsibilities include fixing meals, transporting to/from activities and creating fun for an active 10year old. Pool membership provided. Aprox. 35 - 40 hours per week. I do background check and check references. Email resume and references to

ABSOLUTE CARE, a Developmental Disabilities (DD) support living agency, provides in home support to many individuals throughout Franklin County. We are currently accepting applications for part time and full time Direct Care Professionals and House Managers. We strive to bring the highest level of quality of professional care to our clients in the industry. Please visit our website at for more information about our services and job requirements. To apply, please submit your resume to

P/T SUMMER Childcare Needed 3 days/wk approx 6 hrs/day (flexible). Seeking an energetic student (education major a plus) to care for our two teen girls (not old enough to drive) in our Powell home. $10/hr + pool pass. Contact Laura: or 614-560-5745. REYNOLDSBURG FAMILY seeking responsible, energetic daytime sitter for Summer. Must have reliable transportation. Non-smoker. Responsibilities include: fixing meals, transporting to/from activities, & creating fun for 13 & 10 year old kids. We also have dogs. Approximately 25-35 hours per week. Please email resume & references to

Help Wanted Clerical

GROWING GRANDVIEW Technology Company seeking part time (20-30 hours per week) administrative services assistant. Great pay and flexible hours. The ideal candidate should be self-motivated, dependable, detail oriented, able to multitask, as well as proficient in Microsoft Office and INFANT CARE needed in Wor- Outlook. Please send you confiresume to thington home for a 6 month dential old. $8-10/hour. Reply to STANLEY STEEMER National if interested. Customer Sales and Service Call Center. SUMMER CHILDCARE Now hiring in our Westerville needed for 10 and 12 year old in our UA home M-F 8-5:30. Location. Great Pay-Flexible Schedule! $400/wk. Must have reliable Please call 614-652-2409 or vehicle. Non-smoking. Experience & references required. email Email resume & references to to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

MOZART’S BAKERY AND VIENNA ICE CAFE - Looking for parttime/full-time reliable counter help, server help, kitchen help. High Street location, a mile north of campus. Email resume to

SPAGHETTI WAREHOUSE Now Hiring for Servers & Hosts

Great Benefits & Flexible Schedules

Apply in person

Help Wanted Sales/Marketing

Crossword Los Angeles Times, Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

SELLING UNIQUE marketing product to business owners. Inside sales PT/FT, salary plus bonuses, commissions and benefits. Please send resume: or call Mary at 740-201-0201

Help Wanted Landscape/ Lawn Care LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE FT/PT, Temp., M-F, start pay $9.00-$10.00/hr. Must have own transportation. Call Susan @614-581-5991 or VM 614-523-2336.

397 West Broad

LAWN CARE/LANDSCAPElooking for experienced crew members. Part time work available, but must be able to work a full day, preferably twice a THE ELEVATOR Brewery and week. Excellent pay for fast Draught Haus an upscale brew- workers. 784-8585 ery and restaurant now hiring servers/hosts. Apply within 161 N. High St., Monday-Friday, 2- LAWN CREW Members (PT) and Lead (FT) 4pm. 614-228-0500 614.760.0911


Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service

BC ROOSTERS on Henderson Rd. is currently looking for any Line Cooks that are interested in working in a fun, casual atmosphere. If you are interested, please stop in any time SUMMER JOBS! It’s not too to fill out an application at 1832 early to secure a summer Henderson Rd. nanny or manny (guys this means you too) position. Golf, BONJOUR OSU! swimming, picnics at the zoo get creative this summer and La Chatelaine French Bakery & spend time with children. Ap- Bistros are looking for ply online at www.collegenan- enthusiastic, charming and hardworking mademoiselles & monsieurs that love to work in UA FAMILY seeking responsi- an established family run ble, enthusiastic daytime sum- restaurant & bakery. Our mer sitter. M-F 8am-5:30pm. location in Upper Arlington on Responsibilities include fixing Lane Avenue needs: morning counter meals, transporting to/from ac- Weekday tivities and having fun with 8 help, restaurant experience and 11 year old kids. Pool recommended. membership provided. Must be Weekday nights & weekend responsible, non-smoking and morning Prep/Cook help is have reliable vehicle. Experi- needed, must have cooking ence & references required. experience. Email resume & references to We our also always looking for great servers for all three locations, Upper Arlington, UPPER ARLINGTON family in Worthington & Historic Dublin need of after school care 3- Please stop in for an 6pm for boy (8) and girl (5). application or email us your Help transport to activities and resume to help with homework Monday- Wednesday and every other 1550 West Lane Avenue, Thursday. Must have reliable Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221 transportation. Possiblity for fall 614.488.1911 also. Send resume to Merci!

CARE PROVIDERS and ABA Therapists are waned to work with children/young adults with disabilities in a family home setting or supported living setting. Extensive training is provided. This job is meaningful, allows you to learn intensively and can accommodate your class schedule. Those in all related fields, with ABA interest, or who have a heart for these missions please apply. Competitive wages and benefits. For more information call L.I.F.E. Inc. at (614) 475-5305 or visit WE ARE looking for energetic us at www.LIFE-INC.NET EOE and fun loving ABA therapist for our 6 year old high functionCHILDCARE FOR infant ing daughter.We need someneeded in our Hilliard home - one, who is firm but also very Thursdays usually, but also fun and doesn’t have problem some Mondays and Tuesdays. to work with her in less strucMust be available for the full tured environment. If you are day on working days, starting interested, please email me at early morning. Email

FULL-TIME SUMMER NANNY Position Nanny needed full-time for a 9 year-old boy and a 6 year-old girl in our Westerville home from June 1- August 21. Must be at least 21 years-of-age with previous childcare experience and a clean driving record. Must like summer outdoor activities, including swimming. Please send an email containing a resume to:

MEDICAL ATTENDANT needed in home. Part time, mornings and evenings. Excellent experience for pre-allied med students. 614-421-2183

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service

Help Wanted OSU

ORGANIC FARM in Centerburg, OH looking for spring/summer workers. Work will be planting, harvesting, and landscaping/lawncare. Farm managers have a lot of experience STUDENT POSITION for managing organic farms. Pay Histology Lab. Part time, will be $9/hr. Potential living ar8am-12pm M-F. Must have reliable transportation. rangements. 614-488-2240 $10/hour. Contact for SMALL COMPANY over 50 years in business needs F/T or additional information. P/T worker. We will work around your schedule. We do THE OHIO State University De- gutters, siding, roofing & light partment of Athletics is seeking repair work. Nelson Roofing candidates for the position of 4636 Indianola. (614) 262-9700. Athletics Video Intern. This position is a full time paid internship. Responsibilities include creating weekly highlight videos as well as any end of season tapes for the football department. Assists video department in all aspects of video JOIN THE Ohio Clean Energy production including game anal- Initiative in bringing 1000s of ysis, post-production, editing, jobs to Ohio while saving the creating cutups, filming prac- environment. Volunteers and tices, filming home games, leaders needed. Build your rehelp with footballâs website sume while changing the fuand help with filming at any ture. Contact us @ other event assigned by Video http://www.yesforohiosenergyCoordinator. Fill media re- quests for sports footage when requested. Assist with video board events when needed.

Help Wanted Interships

Experience in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Photoshop required. Experience using a camera preferred. Experience and knowledge of field and studio production techniques and knowledge of post production techniques including inter-format, non-linear and high-end digital editing as well as digital composition preferred. Position will require a flexible work schedule based on events including evenings and weekends. Position may require the completion of a criminal background check. All interested candidates must send a resume to Kim Heaton, HR DirecGORDON BIERSCH Brewery tor at Restaurant-located in the heart of the Arena District. Now hiring for all positions, bussers, servers, greeters, and linecooks. Flexible hours that work around your class schedule. Something big is brewing at GB. Apply on line at *EVERDRY ING IS NOW HIRING! Customer Service and Marketing reps. Part time position, evenings. Earn up to $350 per week part time! Advancement! Grow with a proven company that has been in the business for 35 years! COME BE a part of our outstanding team! The Columbus Athenaeum is in need of banquet servers. Friday and Saturday evening availability required. Must be personable, energetic, and reliable. FAST PACED ENVIRONMENT AT TIMES! $12/hr starting wage. Contact: Hilary @ 614222-6338 or for more information!

Help Wanted Sales/Marketing

Call Mr. Casey 614-850-5600

For Sale Real Estate

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1078E MERRIMAR Circle North, 3 Floor, 2-3 Bedroom Townhouse, 1.5 Baths, Fenced Patio, 1 Carport, Assigned Parking Space. Close to 315, OSU, Bus Routes. $75k or best offer. 614-296-3418, 740-5872889 VACANCIES? VACANCIES? Vacancies? Let our leasing services pay for themselves. For your leasing, property management, or sales needs Call 1st Place Realty 429-0960.

General Services ATTENTION INVESTORS! CampusHandyman is your solution for your property maintenance needs. GIFTWRAPPING SERVICES. Christmas. Valentine. Wedding. Birthday. Executive. Baby. Graduation. Mother’s Day. Father’s Day. Pricing negotiable. Cash only. 440-7416. MUSIC INSTRUCTION: Classical guitar, other styles, Theory, Aural Training, Composition & Songwriting. Call Sound Endeavors @614/481-9191

Legal Services HIRING: Hostesses. Go to more info.


NOW HIRING experienced servers and hosts at Bravo Crosswoods. Day and weekend availability is required. Please apply in person at 7470 Vantage Dr. Columbus.

BEST SUMMER JOB! We help home owners repair their homes from storm damage. Average commission on a project is around $1100. We are currently hiring for canvassers and sales people for part-time and full-time positions. Visit us at or call Jim at 614-371-2252.

FOR ALL YOUR FALL HOUSING NEEDS! Studios through 2 bedroom homes remaining for Fall 2012 Prime Locations!


STUDENT RATES. Free initial consultation. Attorney Andrew Cosslett. Alcohol/Drug, Traffic, DUI, Criminal, Domestic. Credit cards accepted. 614725-5352.

Resumé Services RESUMES. BIOGRAPHIES. Memoirs. Family histories. Military histories. Pricing negotiable. Cash only 440-7416

Typing Services TYPING. SECRETARIAL. Dictation. Filing. Organizing. Copies. Resume services. Pricing negotiable. Cash only. 440-7416.

Tutoring Services A MATH tutor. All levels. Also Physics, Statistics and Business College Math. Teaching/tutoring since 1965. Checks okay. Call anytime, Clark 2940607.


Business Opportunities

Flexible Hours • Competitive Pay Employee Meal Discount • Fun Work Environment

FREE BUSINESS! Work Your Own Hours! Great Commission! Start Today! 1-888-485-5552


Monday through Friday from 9-5 at the Springhill Suites located at 1421 Olentangy River Rd.!

For Rent Miscellaneous HORSE OWNERS! Horse farm’s apartment (utilities paid) and horse stall. Near Darbydale. 29 minutes to OSU. $800/mo. 614-805-4448 or

General Miscellaneous GIFTWRAPPING SERVICES. Christmas. Valentine. Wedding. Birthday. Executive. Baby. Graduation. Mother’s Day. Father’s Day. Pricing negotiable. Cash only. 440-7416. PSEUDO-INTELLECTUAL TSHIRTS! Humorous apparel and gifts for smart shoppers available online at


Or apply online at

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1539 Olentangy River Rd. •

WANTED CASH CASH CASH for your junk automobile. 614596-9844.

Thursday April 5, 2012

photos 1.


Cody Cousino / Photo editor


Cody Cousino / Photo editor


Brittany Schock / Asst. photo editor


1. Former OSU sophomore forward Jared Sullinger (0) attempts to block a shot against Kansas junior forward Kevin Young (40) during the NCAA Final Four Game March 31. OSU lost, 64-62.

Anna Duee / Lantern photographer

2. OSU football coach Urban Meyer talks to redshirt junior quarterback Justin Siems during the 1st practice of the season March 28. 3. Former OSU sophomore forward Jared Sullinger announces his decision to enter the NBA Draft April 4. 4. Former OSU senior guard William Buford high fives fans gathered at the Schottenstein Center April 1 to welcome home the men’s basketball team after their 64-62 Final Four loss against Kansas. Cody Cousino / Photo editor

Thursday April 5, 2012

5. Rapper Common lectures at the Ohio Union’s Archie M. Griffin East Ballroom April 2.

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Thursday April 5, 2012



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