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thelantern lantern Mitt Romney wins … barely




With Super Tuesday wins in Ohio, Idaho, Massachusetts, Virginia and Vermont, Romney moves closer to capturing the Republican nomination.



By the seat of his pants

OSU men’s tennis coach Ty Tucker is known for his clothing choice and sometimes superstitious behavior.

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Woodies come to SXSW

The mtvU Woodies Awards will be featured at the firstever Woodies Festival at the SXSW Festival March 15.


Semesters impact job search



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SARAH STEMEN Oller reporter Despite Mitt Romney winning the crown jewel of Super Tuesday early Wednesday morning, the narrow margin in Ohio and other issues could spell trouble for him down the road, according to Ohio State political professors. Romney won the Ohio Republican primary with 38 percent of votes. He also won Virginia, Idaho, Massachusetts and Vermont on Super Tuesday. Americans watched Ohio’s outcome closely, which could determine who the next Republican candidate for presidency could be. Throughout the evening, Romney, who was governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007, and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum stayed within very close reach of one another, finishing with 37 percent of the vote. OSU professor of law and history David Stebenne said Super Tuesday only left unanswered questions for Republicans due to the closeness of the race.


“Uncertainty has been the theme of the Republican primary process and that makes a lot of leaders uncomfortable,” Stebenne said. “Super Tuesday only added to this.” Stebenne also pointed out that voter turnout was low for Republicans, indicating that voter energy might also be low. “This is a warning sign for Republicans that if Romney ends up being the nominee, he’s not the most energizing candidate for bringing out a lot of folks” Stebenne said. Ron Paul received about 9 percent of the vote in Ohio and Newt Gingrich received about 15 percent. Paul has been the U.S. Representative for Texas’s 14th Congressional District since 1997. He ran for president in 1988 as a Libertarian and in 2008 as a Republican. Gingrich represented Georgia’s 6th Congressional District from 1979 until his resignation in 1999. He also served as the 58th Speaker of the House. OSU political science professor, Elliot Slotnick, said he thinks Romney has done average for what he could have done on Super Tuesday. “He did well where he was supposed to do well,”

Slotnick said. “I think Santorum doing as well as he did was a bit of a plus, winning North Dakota, Tennessee and Oklahoma.” Slotnick said Ohio was a huge part of Super Tuesday, partially because it was one of the only states in which the primary race was not clearly predictable. “Everything (Tuesday) really depended on Ohio,” Slotnick said. “Because it’s really the only state that was completely up in the air.” Drew Stroemple, president of Ohio State College Republicans, said he personally supported Romney, but other club members supported different candidates. “We all thought Romney was going to put away the candidacy in South Carolina, but Santorum had his big surge,” Stroemple said. “He has the chance to really wrap things up this Super Tuesday and I think his odds are good of winning the candidacy.” Stebenne said a lot of the reason for Santorum’s surge and the very close race in Ohio has been his social conservatism. “Being that he narrowly won Ohio, there’s the

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USAS protests, sits tight for Silver Star deal KELSIE OZAMIZ, THOMAS BRADLEY Lantern reporter, Campus editor and A group of about 30 students went to the Oval Tuesday and took a seat to stand up for sweatshop workers. United Students Against Sweatshops organized a lay-down to protest Ohio State’s possible affiliation with Silver Star Merchandising, an organization affiliated with the Dallas Cowboys football team. USAS argues that this possible merchandising deal, which would give Silver Star an exclusive merchandising deal for OSU apparel, should not be behind closed doors and should include students. Lainie Rini, a first-year in social work, said the protest was meant to get the attention of university administrators and students. “What this is, is a lay-down action saying that we won’t stand for sweatshop scandals. This gets the

ROSE ZHOU / Lantern photographer

Students from USAS lay down in protest of OSU’s possible deal with Silver Star Merchandising. USAS said Silver Star mistreats their employees. university’s attention and gets the attention of those walking by,” Rini said. Rini said in addition to the sweatshop workers, USAS is standing up for the about 120 companies

in a merchandising deal with the university. “The university is considering a monopoly deal with the Dallas Cowboys’ merchandising line, Silver Star Merchandising,” Rini said. “That

means they wouldn’t renew any of the old contracts, and that means they are killing 123 local businesses just for this one single source deal.” Neither Silver Star Merchandising nor the Dallas Cowboy’s organization were able to be reached for comment. Natalie Yoon, a third-year in international studies, said students from USAS have visited some sweatshops in El Salvador and brought back a letter addressed to OSU, pleading with the administration to not make this deal. Rini said USAS has also written several letters to President E. Gordon Gee, pleading him to re-evaluate the deal and involve students in the process. Rini said these letters are helpful, but that meetings with administrators are most helpful. University spokesman Jim Lynch told The Lantern in January that OSU is talking to license apparel companies, including Silver Star

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Optometry school raises program sights

high 64 low 51 partly cloudy

AMANDA PIERCE Lantern reporter




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The Ohio State College of Optometry is the smallest and one of the most competitive colleges at OSU, as well as in the nation. One of only 21 optometry schools in the nation, the college accepted about 10 percent of applicants last year. At an editorial board meeting Feb. 6, President E. Gordon Gee told The Lantern he couldn’t be happier about the quality of students and number of applicants. “We have one of the finest schools of

optometry in the country,” Gee said. “We have 10 applicants for every slot.” Last year, the college received 612 applications for only 64 spots, said Justin Griest, manager of admissions and financial aid in the College of Optometry. The “magic number” of 64, which is the set number of spots available, is one the college isn’t looking to change. “We like to have kind of a confined number so that (students) get the best education possible,” Griest said. He said OSU boasts a relatively small class size in comparison with other optometry schools around the country.

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ANYA URSU / Lantern photographer

College of Optometry faculty member Vondolee Delgado-Nixon demonstrates how to dissect an eye to a high school student March 6.


campus Semesters could boost students’ Santorum has long way to go, despite wins opportunities with internships ASST. A+E editor


It has all been practice leading up to this, kids. While the race for the Republican nomination had careened through 13 states and left several political casualties in its wake in the past weeks, eyes began turning toward Super Tuesday — and especially Ohio — to sort through the mayhem. Ohio, known for a political atmosphere that is as fickle as its weather, is often revered as a forecast of how well candidates will fare in a national election. Though nine other states threw their two cents in, he who wins the Buckeye State sends an unmistakable message to his opponents that he must be taken seriously. But what does a win really look like? Romney came out on top with 38 percent of the votes and edged out Santorum by just 1 percent, but a victory is measured in much more than the number of votes. Sure Romney can add Ohio to his victory column — along with Virginia, Vermont, Idaho and his home state of Massachusetts — but with Santorum coming in at a cringingly close second in

Ohio and his victories in North Dakota, Oklahoma and Tennessee, Romney’s victory is one only in a technical sense. The real victor has to be Santorum. He has seen a meteoric rise to fame fueled by his fiercely conservative ideological viewpoints, which he has used to take national focus away from the economy — Romney’s comfort zone. Victories in the Colorado and Minnesota caucuses kept Santorum’s campaign vital while he wooed Republicans in search of a stark contrast to Obama’s liberal standpoint, but his strong showing in Ohio might be what will mark him as a cut above candidates who previously challenged Romney for the nod. That said, Santorum undeniably has a long row to hoe if he expects to go toe-to-toe with the juggernaut that is the Romney campaign. Santorum himself claimed that Romney and SuperPACs that support the former governor outspent the Santorum campaign and supporting Super-PACs 12-to-1, according to CBSNews. Though the actual figures will likely be different, Santorum is definitely sitting on the short stack when compared with Romney dollar-for-dollar. So while his performance on Super Tuesday will undoubtedly cement him as a contender for the nomination which will, in turn, translate into better donations for the ragtag campaign, Santorum still has much work to do if he intends to outpace Romney’s superior bank account. The former senator might have lasted a few innings in the Big Leagues, but if he wants to take this one home he better start looking for a grand slam. The one thing that does seem likely in this wildly unpredictable race: Romney and Santorum might want to trade their running shoes in for flip-flops, because this one is heading into summer.

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BRIN KERKHOFF Lantern reporter

On the quarter system, Ohio State students have arrived late to summer internships compared to their counterparts who attend semester schools, and some say OSU’s impending switch will level the playing field. “Switching to semesters puts Ohio State on the same academic calendar as the rest of the world — literally,” said April Calkovsky, internship adviser for Arts and Sciences Career Services. “Up until now, Ohio State students were frequently unable to participate in many summer internships with the federal government, research entities, some corporations and several international opportunities due to the late date of Spring Quarter completion. With the advent of the semester calendar, Ohio State students will finally be able to compete equally for all of those opportunities.” In addition to being able to obtain internships typically unavailable in a quarter system, students will also get to experience longer internships with the semester system. “It’ll allow us to compete with other schools who are on semesters because they get out earlier,” said Nia Kyer, a second-year in biology. “It’ll level out the playing field.” Christina Rideout, Office of Student Life’s Career Connection director, said although this summer will be shorter than usual, the change will give students more time for on-the-job projects. “We have already heard from companies that the additional time will allow them to assign more significant projects, and the new schedule will mean more interaction with other interns who will be there during the same time frame,” Rideout said. “This will make their experience more complete and rewarding.” While internships on a semester system will be mostly beneficial, it might be challenging for some students.

Courtesy of MCT

Many OSU faculty and students argue that the upcoming switch to semesters is good for the job hunt and internship opportunities. “Students working part time while attending school to help support themselves financially rather than taking time off school and working a full-time internship or co-op may be carrying a heavier course load. As a result, this will likely limit our availability to attract or hire these students as they may be limited in available working hours,” according to, an OSU website giving details on the semester switch. OSU has been updating students on the quarter-to-semester transition throughout the process. At a Feb. 6 meeting with The Lantern editorial staff, President E. Gordon Gee said OSU was ready to make the switch. But OSU

officials have said because semesters are longer than quarters, it will be crucial for students to adjust to the new schedule and plan accordingly. “I know on quarters, students were able to try to fit in two days a week at an internship since they could often schedule classes to allow this, but on semesters this will be different. Students will most likely have class every day of the week, so students may need to figure more days at the internship, but less time each day,” said Lisa Sipes, School of Communication academic adviser. John Schultz, a third-year in material

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Spring Leagues

intramural sports registration schedule: • Slow Pitch Softball | Ice Hockey | Broomball ONLY Monday, March 26 • 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. • RPAC Lower Main Space • Slow Pitch Softball | Ice Hockey | Outdoor Soccer | Broomball ONLY Tuesday, March 27 • 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. • RPAC Lower Main Space • All Sports

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sense that he doesn’t sit well with social conservatives, voters that went for Santorum,” he said. “It will increase the pressure on him to choose a strong social conservative running mate if he does win the candidacy.” Stebenne said Romney’s negative advertisements could have hurt his success in some cases. “His negative advertising is what really hurt him because it discourages Republican voters and hurts the Republican brand,” he said. Romney spoke in Boston in his home state to a group of followers at about 9:45 p.m. Tuesday. “I stand ready to lead our party and I stand ready to lead our nation to prosperity,” Romney said. “I’m not going to let you down. I’m going to get this nomination. Tonight we’re doing some counting. We’re counting up the delegates for the convention and that looks good and we’re counting down the days until November and that looks even better.” Tennessee, Ohio, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Vermont, Virginia and Alaska all cast their delegate votes Tuesday, totaling 410 delegates and making up 17.9 percent of the total delegates. Joyce Beatty, former OSU senior vice president of outreach, also beat out Mary Jo Kilroy, Priscilla

Protest from 1A

USAS disputes Silver Star’s involvement in the bidding process

John Wernecke Lindsey Fox

410 delegates

Merchandising, about an exclusive apparel model. “The university has been engaged with USAS representatives and has been having good conversations with them about their concerns,” Lynch said. “We are hopeful that our continued dialogue with them will help us advance the broader issues of how to continue to improve social responsibility programming.” Rini said they expect administrators to get a deal done soon, and that’s why USAS has increased their protest. “We’re having a whole week of action surrounding this Cowboys campaign. We’ve been having study-ins everyday,” Rini said. In USAS’s visits to sweatshops in El Salvador, they said they saw hardships firsthand that and the students of USAS do not want their university involved with an organization that mistreats its workers. “We have … reports from the Workers Rights


School from 1A

Faculty is

one of the college’s greatest strengths

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MySwitch can be a resource for internship planning science and engineering, transferred from West Virginia University, a school already on semesters. “Semesters are a bit grueling,” he said. “Fifteen weeks is a long time. But I think there are benefits because it’s just about how every other university runs itself. You get more grant money and internships play better with semesters than with quarters.” As the shorter Summer Semester will be different than the normal semester starting August 22, it is important for students planning to intern this summer to be aware of certain factors. Internship recruiting for the summer has begun and some are already full. MySwitch advises students to pay attention to career fair dates, construct a resume, create summer availability and immediately start to seek opportunities through career services and the FutureLink website.

Consortium that (Silver Star Merchandising) abuses their workers in sweatshops, and if this monopoly deal gets signed, then we have no leverage to get them to stop abusing their workers,” Rini said. In its attempts to raise awareness, USAS managed to catch the attention of several students, either through reaching out to them or simply blocking their path. Rory Kelly, a first-year in engineering, was walking by and stopped to read protester’s signs. “I had no clue,” Kelly said. “I don’t know who currently makes our clothes, but I had no idea they were planning on moving it over to the Cowboys’ (merchandising company).” USAS also obtained emails between Rick Van Brimmer, OSU’s trademark licensing director, and Bill Priakos, chief operating officer for Dallas Cowboys merchandising. In one of the emails, Van Brimmer responds to questions from Priakos about making a bid. “The only caveat is that I may be forced into looking at ‘bids,’ simply because we are a state agency. But don’t fear that process,” Van Brimmer wrote to Priakos. Because of the communication between Van Brimmer and Priakos, USAS argues that Silver Star should be disqualified from the bidding process.


Jobs from 2A

Tyson and Ted Celeste in the race for the Democratic nomination for Ohio’s 3rd Congressional District. Stroemple said he thinks Romney has a chance to beat President Barack Obama. “The best way to describe it is cautiously optimistic right now,” Stoemple said. “Due to Obama’s low approval ratings on the economy and health care, two big issues in the campaign, I think there is a path to victory, no doubt.” However Stebenne was not so enthusiastic about Romney’s chances. “Romney will have to do something that appeals to Gingrich and Santorum voters in order to stand a chance in the election,” Stebenne said. Slotnick agreed and said the narrow margin by which Romney won points to other issues. “Winning by a very narrow percentage in Ohio shows that the social issues Santorum is speaking to are resonating perhaps as much with one part of the Republican party just as much as the issues of the economy that Romney has been speaking to,” Slotnick said. “Romney’s got some real trouble getting the Republicans excited and there have been problems since the beginning of the caucuses with this.” OSU assistant professor of political science, Nathaniel Swigger, said Romney’s performance does not look promising against Obama either. “Right now I am still concerned about the lack of enthusiasm for Romney. Turnout in previous contests has been extremely low,” Swigger said. “If Republicans aren’t enthusiastic about their candidate, then it doesn’t really matter who the nominee is.”

“Summer has always been the most popular time for our students to intern and that may continue to be the case once we move to semesters,” Sipes said. Students planning to take internships during semesters should not get bogged down by the longer amount of time necessary for completion, but instead focus on the opportunity to obtain more real-life experience while on site, Rideout said. “Internships are an integral part of the student experience at Ohio State, and a key component in helping them prepare for career success,” Rideout said. “The change to semesters will improve the internship experience for students.” Shay Trotter contributed to this story.

Class sizes at other schools ranged from 28 to 162 students last year, according to data from the College of Optometry. Ann Morrison, a second-year optometry student, said class size was a large factor in her decision to come to OSU. She said she knows everyone in her class and that “they’re like your family at this point.” Morrison, who studied marine biology at Kennesaw State University just north of Atlanta, Ga., before coming to Ohio, applied to a few other optometry schools but had her heart set on OSU. “The reputation here is above and beyond, so it was kind of like a no-brainer for me,” Morrison said. “It’s the best so I had to come to the best.” OSU also led the pack in academics last year with an average entering class GPA of 3.6, the highest of any optometry school in the country, according to data from the College of Optometry. In-state tuition was $22,785 last year, comparable to other optometry schools across the nation, while out-of-state tuition was $51,840, significantly higher than most others. The University of California, Berkley was closest to OSU in out-of-state tuition, $41,904. Quality faculty adds to OSU’s national reputation and dean Melvin Shipp is no exception, Griest said. Shipp is the first optometrist to serve as president of the American Public Health Association. “The biggest strength of (the college) is our

faculty,” Griest said. “They are world-renowned in what they do.” Along with academics and shadowing, Griest said faculty connections made in the OSU Pre-Optometry Club can be helpful to applicants. “If you come in for an interview and you’re not in Pre-Optometry Club, what have you been doing?” Griest said. “That’s almost a disadvantage if you’re not in it.” The Pre-Optometry Club is one of the five largest in the country, Griest said. Club vice president Michelle Miller, a fourth-year in biology, is attending the OSU College of Optometry this fall and said she got to know admissions counselors through her club involvement. Club president Elizabeth Brubaker agreed club involvement was helpful in the interview process. “The interview was like chatting with friends,” she said. “It’s definitely a relaxing experience having a familiar face in there when you’re going though such a big deal.” Brubaker said about 45 students come to each meeting. Brubaker said she came to OSU with her heart set on optometry and joined the club the second day of her freshman year. Even though the low acceptance rate is daunting, Brubaker said she is looking forward to applying to the OSU College of Optometry. “It’s definitely very nerve-wracking,” Brubaker said. “It makes me more excited to apply because it’s a challenge.” Other optometry schools across the country offer resources and opportunities, but Brubaker said most people in the club only have eyes for OSU. “Pretty much everyone’s dream is to get into Ohio State,” Brubaker said.




Just in case- Bring this with you to Florida Wednesday March 7, 2012

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Wednesday March 7, 2012

thelantern results Tuesday

Tucker: ‘Superstitious’ in sweatpants

Women’s Golf: 1st place, Hurricane Invitational

upcoming Thursday Rifle: NCAA Championships TBA @ Columbus, Ohio

Friday Baseball v. Marist 12pm @ Myrtle Beach, S.C. Men’s Tennis v. Texas A&M 6pm @ Columbus, Ohio Men’s Gymnastics v. Stanford 7pm @ Columbus, Ohio Men’s Lacrosse v. Robert Morris 7pm @ Columbus, Ohio Men’s Basketball: Big Ten Tournament v. Purdue/Nebraska 9pm @ Indianapolis, Ind. Rifle: NCAA Championships TBA @ Columbus, Ohio Women’s Track: NCAA Championships TBA @ Nampa, Idaho Men’s Track: NCAA Championships All Day @ Nampa, Idaho Men’s Swimming: USA Swimming Grand Prix All Day @ Columbus, Ohio Women’s Swimming: USA Swimming Grand Prix All Day @ Columbus, Ohio

SAturday Baseball v. Coastal Carolina 12pm @ Myrtle Beach, S.C. Women’s Gymnastics v. North Carolina 1pm @ Chapel Hill, N.C. Baseball v. Toledo 5pm @ Myrtle Beach, S.C. Men’s Swimming: USA Swimming Grand Prix All Day @ Columbus, Ohio Women’s Swimming: USA Swimming Grand Prix All Day @ Columbus, Ohio Fencing: Regional Qualifiers TBA @ TBD Rifle: NCAA Championships TBA @ Columbus, Ohio Women’s Track: NCAA Championships TBA @ Nampa, Idaho Men’s Track: NCAA Championships All Day @ Nampa, Idaho



During the winter months, the team practices five days a week. “We try to, definitely for the first hour-and-a-half, keep water breaks to a minimum and try to keep the high-intensity going on,” Tucker said. Tucker, a 41-year-old OSU attendee , knows what it takes to perform at the college and professional levels. He was the No. 1-ranked college singles player during his freshman year and achieved a world ranking of No. 273 in 1994. On the junior circuit, Tucker defeated Grand Slam singles tournament champions, Andre Agassi, Jim Courier and Michael Chang. Most recently, Tucker’s team defeated No. 26 Notre Dame, 5-2, on Saturday. The Buckeyes improved to 9-1 during against ITA Top-30 teams in the win. In a sport that is largely based on individual performance, Tucker instills a strong team-mentality in his players. “They know they’re playing for Ohio State Buckeyes and that means more than anything,” he said. “They only care if the team wins.” Tucker acknowledges his methods are a bit strange but said he wants nothing more than to bring light to the tennis program. “Sometimes I think my quirks overshadow what they’re doing out there,” he said. “But what’s important is that people come out and see the group of hardworking guys we’ve got.” The biggest motivator to his team, Tucker said, is the way the athletic department has treated his organization increasingly well. “As good of care as Ohio State takes of our facilities and being able to travel the country and play the best teams, you’ve got to be willing to practice and compete in your matches like it might be the last time ever,” Tucker said. Last year, the athletic department encouraged students and fans to participate in “Dress Like Ty Tucker Day” during the home match against Indiana. Kaitlyn Labrozzi, a fifth-year in Russian and international studies who wore gray sweatpants and a red OSU jacket to the match, said functions that rally support around the tennis team are few and far between. “I like to dress like Ty Tucker anyway,” Labrozzi said. “If there were more of them, the team would probably gain notoriety on campus and in the community. They are wildly underrated and we should support teams that do well, regardless of the sport.”

Lisa Barefield Lantern reporter

Kelly Roderick / Lantern photographer

OSU men’s tennis coach Ty Tucker surveys the court during a match against North Carolina Feb. 26. OSU won, 6-1.

It’s time to put your sweater vests and bow ties away. There is a new fashion statement that this campus can adopt to show support for a team that hasn’t lost a home game in more than eight years. Ohio State men’s tennis coach Ty Tucker has six Big Ten Coach of the Year titles, six regular season Big Ten championships and five NCAA quarterfinals appearances. Almost all of these accomplishments were achieved while wearing gray cotton sweatpants and a white baseball cap to every match. “Every year I get a fresh pair of socks and new shirt to go underneath (my jacket). People don’t know how hard it is to keep everything separate,” Tucker said. When on the road, Tucker said he washes his ensemble in college laundromats, making sure to keep the designated gameday sweatpants, shirt and socks apart from the rest of his attire. He wears only one outfit per season. Chris Britt, the student athletic communication contact for men’s tennis, said Tucker is “very superstitious.” Tucker, a bit distraught having brought up bad memories, also said he no longer takes his team to Olive Garden because they lost two matches after dining in one. “We lost twice,” he said. “But that doesn’t mean we won’t do Carrabba’s or Macaroni Grill and we get pasta.” After a heartbreaking loss to the University of Southern California at the NCAA National Championship in 2009, Tucker told The Lantern instead of washing his sweatpants, he would burn them to signify the end of the season. But it took more than superstition and luck to turn the Buckeyes into the thirdranked college men’s tennis team in the nation. Tucker makes sure the team captains endorse new players after their official visit to make sure they are a good fit. “Athletically speaking, you’re looking for an athlete, when you’re out there watching, out there playing and fighting and never giving up,” he said. “We try to stay away from anyone we think might give up even one point in a match.” Tucker said most college tennis players never make it to the professional circuit. It is important to him to recruit athletes who will continue to play and practice hard, even if OSU is “the last stop on their journey.”

Cal Heeter agrees to deal with NHL’s Flyers Andrew Holleran Senior Lantern reporter

Former Ohio State men’s ice hockey senior goalie Cal Heeter is trading his Scarlet and Gray for orange and black. In a Tuesday email to The Lantern, Heeter confirmed that he has agreed to terms with the National Hockey League’s Philadelphia Flyers. Heeter said that while the two parties “agreed to terms,” the terms of the deal “have not been disclosed as of yet.” Flyers spokesman Zack Hill also confirmed Heeter agreed to a deal with the team in a Tuesday email to The Lantern. Hill told The Lantern that Heeter has not physically signed the deal, and the team could not release the details of the contract. OSU coach Mark Osiecki could not confirm the contract, but told The Lantern Tuesday that Heeter and the Flyers had been talking. “I haven’t seen (the contract) come through anywhere yet,” Osiecki said. “I know he was chatting with them, so again, I don’t know. I know he was working with it and the contract is supposed to be coming through.” Heeter has been the starting goalie for the Buckeyes for the past two seasons. He is third in program history in save percentage (.915) and goals-against average (2.58), eighth in saves (2428) and ninth in wins (39). Osiecki inherited Heeter when he accepted the head coaching position at OSU two years ago. “For him as a player, I think his growth in two years has been phenomenal. Certainly his efforts are laying the foundation for the future of our program. He has been unbelievably great for us,” Osiecki said. Having Buckeyes reach the

Photo Illustration by Brittany Schock / Asst. photo editor

Former OSU men’s ice hockey goalie Cal Heeter told The Lantern March 6 that he agreed to the terms of a contract with the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers. professional ranks, especially the NHL, is a goal for Osiecki and his staff, the OSU coach said. “That’s what we’re shooting for,” Osiecki said. “We want players to come here, obviously do well for OSU, the athletic department and in academics, but the mindset is that (players) want to play at the NHL level. We want to continue to develop NHL players.” Heeter will join R.J. Umberger of

the Columbus Blue Jackets and Ryan Kesler of the Vancouver Canucks, among others, as an OSU alumnus in the NHL. Osiecki said Heeter’s growth on and off the ice is the reason he will be playing professionally. “I think it comes down to one thing ­— maturity,” Osiecki said. “I think he has grown as both a person and a player and I think it comes right down to that.”

The Flyers are 36-21-7 and in third-place in the Atlantic Division, as well as fifth-place in the Eastern Conference. OSU ended its season last weekend, getting swept in a best-ofthree series by Notre Dame in the first round of the CCHA playoffs. Pat Brennan and Michael Periatt contributed to this story.


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OF THE Katie Harriman Lantern reporter Forget the gold, silver and bronze. Only the best acts in alternative and college radio have the privilege of getting a Woodie. The mtvU Woodie Awards will take over the South by Southwest Music Festival March 15 in Austin, Texas, with the first-ever Woodies Awards Festival. The best moments from the show will air on mtvU at 8 p.m. March 18. The Lantern participated in a conference call with nominees Walk the Moon, Steve Aoki and Best Coast. Walk the Moon played at Newport Music Hall Feb. 25 with Young the Giant. Three days later, its hit “Anna Sun” was voted No. 1 on CD101. Nicholas Petricca, lead singer of the Cincinnati-born band, said he was thrilled to hear Ohio fans are voting for its music. “We couldn’t believe that,” Petricca said. “We only recently started pushing ‘Anna Sun’ at radio and now that it’s on there, to see it rise so quickly in one of our hometowns is really exciting. It’s amazing.” Petricca said the band, which has only been with its current lineup for a year, is excited to be nominated for a Breaking Woodie, which highlights the hottest new act. “In some ways, it feels like it was meant to be the way the guys came together at the right time,” Petricca said. “I feel very lucky.” DJ Steve Aoki is scheduled to perform at the festival. He is nominated for an EDM Effect Woodie for his song “Turbulence” from his debut studio album “Wonderland.” EDM Effect Woodie is a new category that recognizes electronic music. Aoki said it is “epic” that EDM music is making waves in mainstream. “I’m really happy to see the doors opening,” Aoki said. “The fact that MTV is giving a Woodie Award for the effect that EDM has on popular culture, it’s pretty exciting.” “Wonderland” includes cameos by several popular artists, including Travis Barker and Kid Cudi on the track “Cudi the Kid.” Aoki said the song is the first dubstep-influenced track for Cudi and Barker.

Courtesy of mtvU

Cincinnati-based band Walk the Moon is nominated for a Breaking Woodie at the mtvU Woodie Awards, scheduled to take place March 15 in Austin, Texas, and air on mtvU at 8 p.m. March 18. “Doing something brand new with those two artists that they haven’t done yet, it’s always a fun thing,” Aoki said. “They were both pretty excited about that.” Indie surf-pop band Best Coast is nominated for Best Video Woodie for “Our Deal,” which was directed by Drew Barrymore. Frontwoman Bethany Cosentino jokingly said she is planning her acceptance speech for the awards. “It’s an interesting feeling to be nominated for an award,” Cosentino said. “You don’t ever want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but you want to win at the same time. It would be great if we won, but if not it was still just awesome to be recognized by MTV for this video.” Cosentino said Barrymore took control of the video, turning it into something better than she ever imagined for the song. She said in the future she would love to work with other artists she looks up to.

“I am the hugest Fleetwood Mac fan,” Cosentino said. “I would love to work with anybody that was ever a part of Fleetwood Mac. My other dream collaboration is Drake. I love him more than I love most people.” Executive producer Eric Conte said mtvU created the Woodie Awards because it wanted to recognize that college audiences find the best new artists before everyone else. He said it’s important to encourage new artists to keep making music even if it isn’t recognized on a large scale. “It was kind of a joke that these artists haven’t gone gold or platinum, but they’ve gone wood,” Conte said. “There are a lot of artists out there making great music, but there is only so much space on mainstream radio. I think it’s important that we recognize them.”

Company of Thieves hopes to steal the show in Columbus Katie Harriman Lantern reporter

Company of thieves 7 p.m. @ Newport Music Hall meWithoutYou 7:30 p.m. @ Rumba Café Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds 9 p.m. @ Woodlands Tavern


Julia nunes 7 p.m. @ The Basement aaron Lafette 9 p.m. @ Skully’s MusicDiner William the accountant 9 p.m. @ Kobo

It’s not alternative. It’s not rock. It’s not pop. Company of Thieves lives up to its name with songs that steal from every genre. Company of Thieves gets radio airplay from indie stations, but members Marc Walloch and Genevieve Schatz said they don’t like to label things. The Chicago-born band is scheduled to perform at 7 p.m. Thursday at Newport Music Hall. “I think it’s great that we don’t really have a sound for fans to get attached to,” Walloch said in an email. “We like to challenge ourselves to write different kinds of songs since we love so many different types of music. It’s important to us to continue to evolve and hopefully have our fans evolve with us. I would say that we aren’t a part of a scene, we aren’t considered a new trendy, hip band and we don’t have one sound. We are all over the place and wouldn’t have it any other way.” Its debut album “Ordinary Riches” was released in 2009 and landed at No. 5 on Billboard’s Top Heatseekers chart. Frontwoman Schatz said in an email its second effort, “Running From a Gamble,” was inspired by time on the road. “’Gamble’ is about the passionate and painful transition from dependence and enchantment to autonomy and awareness,” Schatz said in the email. “Basically, our first album, ‘Ordinary Riches,’ is about the birth of identity and ideas; it involves a lot of social commentary. Our new record, ‘Running From A Gamble,’ was mostly written while traveling and meeting new people and seeing more of the world. It is about the exploration and evolution of those ‘truths’ from the first record. The lyrics in ‘After Thought’ are a good example of where I’m at right now.” Walloch said he hopes fans will find inspiration in the newest record. “‘Ordinary Riches’ was our first real attempt at songwriting, so it’s a little sterile and stiff although I’m proud of the songs,” Walloch said in the email. “‘Running From a Gamble’ was written and performed after years of touring, so there’s definitely

Courtesy of Michel Megherbi

Company of Thieves is scheduled to perform at 7 p.m. March 8 at Newport Music Hall. more of a live sound that was captured. The songwriting flows better and there is more confidence in our performance. I hope it takes people on an exciting ride through many different emotions. I hope it provokes thought, positivity, self-importance and inspiration. The songs are inspired by real-life experiences.” Schatz and Walloch are the founding members of the group, which saw eight different lineup changes before finding drummer Chris Faller. Walloch said playing with several musicians has added to the hodgepodge sound that varies from track to track. “It’s really tough finding peers who have the ambition that Genevieve and I have and it’s even harder now since we are the only two original members,” Walloch said in the email. “You can’t expect people to have the same kind of investment when they weren’t there to plant the seeds. Aside

from that, it’s a tough lifestyle that isn’t for everyone. The upside to the lineup changes is that we get to meet so many different people and play with so many different kind of musicians. It keeps the band fresh and ever evolving.” Walloch said Company of Thieves’ fans make the tough lifestyle that comes along with being a musician worth it. “For me, it’s those moments that get really tough when you are constantly in an uphill struggle, and then you walk on stage somewhere across the country and there are several hundred people there who are singing all the words to our tunes and sincerely meaning it,” Walloch said in the email. “I think back to when I was a kid and dreamt for this and try to remind myself that it’s important to take in all the little things when times are tough.”


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Unfurnished 2 Bedroom

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Unfurnished 4 Bedroom

2458 N. High St. Efficiency apartment. Stove, refrigerator, and hardwood floors. $400/month. Call 261‑6201.

Commercial One Realtors Property Management 100 Years of Dedicated Service to Central Ohio. Commercial, Office, Retail, Apartment, Condo. 324‑6712, 442‑4449.

2 BDRM Apartment‑ 55 E. Norwich Ave. Spacious & Very Nice, C/Air, W/D, OSP, NO Pets. $910/Mo. Call 961‑0056. www.cooper‑ 2 BDRM Apartments‑ 95 & 125 E. Norwich Ave. Great Locations, Large Bedrooms, C/Air, OSP, NO Pets. $830/Mo. Call 961‑0056. www.cooper‑ 2 BDRM Apartments‑ 95 & 125 E. Norwich Ave. Great Locations with New Kitchens, DW, W/D, Big Bedrooms, C/Air, OSP, NO Pets. $990/Mo. Call 961‑0056. www.cooper‑ 2 BDRM Townhouse‑ 100 Frambes Ave. Spacious Unit, DW, W/D, A/C, Free OSP. $1,020‑$1050/Mo. Call 961‑0056. www.cooper‑ 2 BDRM Townhouse‑ 183,185,193 W. Norwich Ave. Spacious Unit with W/D, C/Air, Free OSP (Carport). $1,010/Mo. Call 961‑0056. www.cooper‑ 2 BDRM Townhouse‑ 187,189,191 W. Norwich Ave. Spacious Unit with DW, C/Air, Free OSP (Carport). $1,010/Mo. Call 961‑0056. www.cooper‑ 2 BDRM Townhouses‑ 161 E. Norwich Ave. Great Location, Hardwood Floors, W/D, OSP, NO Pets. $975/Mo. Call 961‑0056. www.cooper‑ 2 bedroom, newly renovated, new kitchen, hardwood floor, fenced, parking in back, 1 1/2 bath, and appliances. $575/month. 1286 Indianola. (614) 638‑5353 2 bedrooms, 21 East 18th, available ASAP until June/July. A/C! Great location on Pearl and 18th. No pets. Call/text 614‑208‑4706. 357 E. 14th Ave. 2 bedroom, large kitchen w/eating area, large bath, living room, stove/refridgerator, AC, laundry facility available, $470/month, $470 deposit. NO PETS. Available Fall 2012. Call 614‑ 306‑0053 Affordable 2 Bedrooms. Visit our website at 1st Place Realty 429‑0960 Large 2 bedroom in South Campus. Available now Call us today! 614‑486‑9833 ‑ Nichole Some of Campus’ Best Properties. Two BR Flats and Townhomes, Furnished and unfurnished, off‑street parking, central air. Excellent Condition, New Carpeting. Rent Range $550‑$760. Call 718‑0790

3 Bdrm Double. 2139 Summit (Between Lane & Norwich) Renovated, Very Spacious Unit with 3 Floors, 2 Full Bath, Rec‑ Room, Video‑Room, DW, W/D, C/Air & Free OSP (10 Spots) $1500/mo. Call 961‑0056. www.cooper‑

4 BDRM Apartment‑ 180 E. 12th, C/Air, DW, OSP, NO Pets. $1,480/Mo. Call 961‑ 0056. www.cooper‑ 4 BDRM Double‑ 131 E. Norwich. DW, W/D, Large Porch, OSP, NO Pets. $1,960‑$2,020/Mo. Call 961‑0056. www.cooper‑ 4 Bdrm Double‑ 2139 Summit (Between Lane & Norwich) Renovated, Very Spacious Unit w/ 3 Floors, 2 Full Bath, Rec‑ Room, DW, W/D, C/Air & Free OSP (10 Spots). $2000/mo. Call 961‑0056. www.cooper‑ 4 bdrm House @ 2121 Indiana. Recently renovated with new appliances, new flooring & fixtures. Lg. Deck & porch with 2 Full Baths, DW, WD, C/Air and Free OSP. $1940/mo Call 961‑0056. www.cooper‑ 4 Bdrm townhouse. 119 Chittenden Ave. half block from Gateway. Two full baths, off‑street parking, A/C, $1200/month. Call Chad (614)887‑9916.

Furnished 1 Bedroom OSU North‑ Riverview Dr. Large living room, Kitchen with eating area, Bedroom with walk‑in closet, new gas furnace, new windows, hardwood floors, water included, central A/C, laundry on site, free OSP. Ideal for grad student. 3 min walk to bus. Call 571‑5109.

Furnished 2 Bedroom 2 & 3 BEDROOM apartments for fall. Modern. Beautifully renovated. Best location on campus. 222 W. Lane Ave. Right across from Fisher College of Business. Rec. Room, Workout facility, Computer Lab, On‑Site Laundry. Utilities included. Call 614‑294‑5551.

G.A.S. PROPERTIES NOW LEASING FOR FALL 2012. Reserve your apartment NOW! 1 Brm to 6 Brms throughout OSU Campus Visit us today at or stop by our office at 2425 N High St to pick up an updated property listing! For appointments and rental inquiries please call 614‑263‑2665 OSU AVAIL. NOW


SPECIAL $100 DEPOSIT 1 B.R. apts. stove, refrig., Gas heat, laundry Carpet and air cond. available NO PETS PLEASE $365 268‑7232

OSU/GRANDVIEW King Ave. 1 & 2 bdrm garden apts. AC, Gas heat and water, Laundry facilities, Off‑street parking. 294‑0083

Some of Campus’ Best Properties. Two BR Flats and Townhomes, Furnished and unfurnished, off‑street parking, central air. Excellent Condition, New Carpeting. Rent Range 1 BDRM Apartments‑ 161 E. $550‑$760. Call 718‑0790 Norwich Ave. Great Location, Walk‑In Closet, A/C, OSP, NO Pets. $500/Mo. Call 961‑0056. www.cooper‑ 1 BDRM Townhouse‑ 100 4 BEDROOM Luxury Pent- Frambes Ave. Spacious Unit house for fall. Spectacular with Walk‑In Closet, W/D, A/C, view of campus!! Modern. Free OSP. $540/Mo. Call 961‑ Beautifully renovated. Best lo- 0056. cation on campus. 222 W. www.cooper‑ Lane Ave. Right across from Fisher College of Business. 1523 Belmont Ave. Updates, Rec. Room, Workout facility, Across from Hospital, $515 InComputer Lab, On‑Site Laun- cluding Gas, Electric. Commerdry. Utilities included. Call 614‑ cial One, 614‑324‑6717, 294‑5551. 1615 Highland Ave., Big 1bd, Parking, Heat Included! $515‑ 535/mo. Commercial One, 614‑ Part Time food services position available at the City 324‑6717, Barbeque Gahanna location. 108 South Stygler Road. I have 40/42 Chittenden Ave. Free flexible hours, evening and Parking, Coin W/D, Near Gateweekend availability way. $515‑545/mo. Commerdesired. Previous restaurant cial One, 614‑324‑6717, experience a plus. Apply in person. Affordable 1 Bedrooms. Visit our website at 1st Place Realty 429‑0960 German Village House for rent. 199 E. Whittier. Off‑street 5 & 6 BEDROOM apartments parking and patio area. for fall. Modern. Beautifully $700/month. 614‑577‑9247 renovated. Best location on campus. 222 W. Lane Ave. Lennox flats Right across from Fisher Col- Brand New 1 bedroom apts. lege of Business. Rec. Room, 450‑550 sqft. 815 Kinnear Rd. Campus area. Pet Workout facility, Computer Lab, West On‑Site Laundry. Utilities in- friendly. W/D in all units. Now cluded. Call 614‑294‑5551. leasing for May/June 2012. Starting at $750/mo. 6 Bedroom 2 bath home with one bedroom apartment family room + den, basement , new kitchen with appliances, available for fall. $585‑650. 108‑116 Woodruff. Please call washer & dryer and fenced 614‑846‑7863. back patio. This home is perfect for OSU campus students and will be available mid September. This will go very quickly. Between Summit and 4th St. Call 614‑861‑1441 ext.212 for “285 E 14th XLarge 2BR more information. From $780 per month FREE GAS & WATER 334 E.18th Ave at Summit- Central Air, Deluxe Appliances, Fourth Laundry Room, Video Security, Monitored Intrusion Alarms Available Fall 614‑310‑3033 # 1 2 Bedrooms AVAILABLE # 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 bed- August 2012! Beautiful, remodroom beautiful HOUSES, eled Townhouses and ApartTOWNHOUSES, HALF‑DOU- ments close to campus! BLES, and APARTMENTS Large bedrooms, ceiling fans, cable/internet, FREE close to campus. Neil Avenue, A/C, Lane Avenue, 16th Avenue washers & dryers, FREE off‑ street parking! Neil Avenue, and more! North Campus Lane Avenue and more! Call Rentals 614.354.8870 614.354.8870 #1 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 BR #1 King and Neil. 2 BR, AC, AFFORDABLE spacious and LDY, parking. Available Auupdated large BR apts on gust. Phone Steve 614‑208‑ North, South and Central cam- 3111. pus. Gas heat, A/C, off‑street parking, dishwasher, W/D #1 Near Lane and Neil. 2 BR, hookups, decks, fireplaces, AC, LDY, parking. Available AuJacuzzi tubs. Starting at gust. Phone Steve 614‑208‑ $350/ea. 614‑294‑7067.www.- 3111. 125 W. DODRIDGE ST Colony House Apts. 2BR, Carpet, AC, 1, 2, or 3 Bedrooms for Fall. Appliances, Laundry, Off‑street Woodruff, 15th, or North Cam- parking, Internet hookup, NO pus. Off street parking, 296‑ Pets, HEAT & WATER IN8353. CLUDED. $585/mo. 614‑263‑ 5004. 60 Broadmeadows BLVD 1404 Indianola. Heat, A/C, stove, refrigerator, W/D in unit not coin‑op. New carpet. 2 BD $450. Off‑street parking,1 cat allowed. 614‑560‑1814. RENTS LOWERED 1901 N. 4th and 18th, 2BR • 1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms townhouse. Spacious, W/D, re• 2 Full Baths In 2 & 3 Bedmodeled kitchen. $800/mo, rooms 614‑989‑1524 • Intercom Ctrl Lobby • Garage Available • Elevator 2 BDRM Apartment @ 181 W. • Window Treatments INCL Norwich Ave. Great Location, C/Air, Free OSP (Carport). FROM $420.00 $870/Mo. Call 961‑0056. 80 BROADMEADOWS www.cooper‑ TOWNHOMES 4 BR completely remodeled. E. 16th. On‑site laundry, central FROM $505.00 air. $1600/mo. Call Adam 419‑ 885‑9840 494‑4626

Unfurnished 1 Bedroom

Furnished 4 Bedroom

Furnished 5+ Bedroom

Unfurnished 2 Bedroom

Unfurnished Rentals


Unfurnished 3 Bedroom #1 LOCATION, 13th‑avenue, 3BR/2BA, huge bedrooms, A/C, all appliances, off‑street parking, #1 NW Corner. Patterson & High. 3 BR, LDY, available August, $950/month. Phone Steve 614‑208‑3111. $1125/Month. 3 bedroom plus 4th walk‑ through bedroom townhouse, 2539 Neil Avenue (Next to Tuttle Park and the Olentangy Running Trail and a quarter of a mile from Lane Avenue). Excellent northwest campus location, new high efficiency furnace and central air, low utilities, FREE washer/dryer in unit, dishwasher, hardwood floors, ceiling fans in all bedrooms. FREE, off‑street, security lighted parking. Call Brandon at 614‑374‑5769 to schedule a tour. $975/mo. South Campus Gateway Area. 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath double, all hardwood floors, beautiful oak woodwork, free washer and dryer, very spacious, updated kitchen, renovated front and covered rear sitting porch, fenced in back yard, off street parking, Call Steve at 291‑8207. 1901 N. 4th and 18th, 3BR townhouse. Spacious, W/D, remodeled kitchen. $900/mo, 614‑989‑1524 2292 Indiana Avenue. 3 bedroom double, remodeled with all new kitchen and bath, half bath on first floor, new windows, high efficiency furnace, W/D hookups in basement, NO pets, available Spring Quarter, 950/mo, 614‑488‑3424. 241 1/2 East Oakland, Rooftop Deck, Pets OK, Available IMMEDIATELY, $750.00, 205‑ 1512 2585‑2587 Indianola Ave. Completely Remodeled, Wood floors. $915/mo. Commercial One, 614‑324‑6717, 3 BDRM Double‑ 81‑83 E. Norwich Ave. Great Location, New Kitchen & Bath, W/D, DW, NO Pets. $1,320/Mo. Call 961‑0056. www.cooper‑

3 BDRM Townhouse‑ 2147 Waldeck Ave. Spacious Unit, DW, W/D, Free OSP. $1,440/Mo. Call 961‑0056. www.cooper‑

406 W King & Hunter 3 Bedroom flat available for fall in a quiet Victorian Village area close to Medical School. Remodeled & spacious with huge kitchen, A/C, newer carpet, porch, yard, blinds,laundry next door & off street parking. Call 263‑2665

52 West Maynard. Double with wood floors, great location, New Bath. $960/mo. Commercial One, 614‑324‑6717, Affordable 3 Bedrooms. Visit our website at 1st Place Realty 429‑0960 Chatam Villiage Condos. 5 Minutes from Campus. 3 Bedooms, 2 Baths, All New Appliances, 2nd Floor, W/D, A/C, Deck, Swimming Pool, Safe, Lease or Buy, $1400/mo, 507‑5194

Unfurnished 4 Bedroom # 1 4 Bedrooms AVAILABLE August 2012! Beautiful, remodeled Houses, Townhouses, Half‑Doubles close to campus! Spacious bedrooms, cable/internet, full basements, FREE washers & dryers, FREE off‑ street parking! E. 16th Avenue, Oakland Avenue, Lane Avenue and more! Call 614.354.8870 #1 4 BR AFFORDABLE spacious and updated, large 4BR apts on North, South and Central campus. Gas heat, A/C, off‑ street parking, dishwasher, W/D hookups, decks, fireplaces, Jacuzzi tubs. Starting at $400/ea. 614‑294‑ #1 option for 4 bedroom homes for Fall 2012! Visit for more info! Addresses include 136 E 11, 2140 Waldeck and more! #1A 1948 SUMMIT. 4 Bedroom, huge living and dining room, renovated kitchen with dishwasher, basement, front porch and back deck, 2nd floor balcony, 2 fireplaces, washer‑ dryer hook‑up, and private parking. $375/person. Call 589‑ 1405. $1125/Month. 3 bedroom plus 4th walk‑ through bedroom townhouse, 2539 Neil Avenue (Next to Tuttle Park and the Olentangy Running Trail and a quarter of a mile from Lane Avenue). Excellent northwest campus location, new high efficiency furnace and central air, low utilities, FREE washer/dryer in unit, dishwasher, hardwood floors, ceiling fans in all bedrooms. FREE, off‑street, security lighted parking. Call Brandon at 614‑374‑5769 to schedule a tour.

Unfurnished 5+ Bedroom

Unfurnished 5+ Bedroom

OSU NOrth‑ Neil Ave. Complete remodel. Available now and fall. 5 large bedrooms with closets (can accommodate 7). New kitchen‑ tile floor with eating area. 2 baths. All bedrooms have ceiling fans, hardwood floors, large closets. Gas fur$1,750/mo, Large 5 bedroom nace, water included, free W/D house for Fall, 347 E. 12th in basement. Free 5 car OSP. Ave, 2 1/2 baths, Full storage Central A/C. Call 571‑5109. Bsmt, HW floors, new insulated windows, blinds, dishwasher, Free W/D in unit, gas heat, AC, Free off‑street. Lou Skarda, Available now 14th Ave. 651‑503‑5425. Kitchen, laundry, parking, aver104 W Maynard. 5 bedroom age $280/mo. Paid utilities, with 2 full baths, both remod- 296‑8353 or 299‑4521. eled, laundry included. $2075. Call 614‑496‑7782 #1 option for large houses for groups of 5‑9! Check out 226 E 16th, 202 E Frambes and more!


2403‑2405 East Ave. 5 bedroom 2 baths townhouse. Available in the FALL! North campus. Just North of Patterson, one block E of High. $350 per person. Completely remodeled with newer carpet & ceiling fans. Huge kitchen with DW and huge living room. Blinds, A/C & free WD, front and rear porch, free off street parking.Walk a little and save a lot! Call 4 bedroom ½ double avail- 263‑2665 able in August. Free offstreet parking, 1.5 bath, A/C, W/D hookups, updated kitchen, full 252 W 8th. 6 bedroom, 3 full basement. No pets. Call/text baths, laundry and off street Steve 614‑208‑4706 to take a parking, Huge living space and all bedrooms are in big! look. 4 bedroom apartments. Call 614‑496‑7782 Close to campus. Off‑street parking, living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 baths. Call 3‑5 bdrm House @ 2121 IndiBob 614‑284‑1115 and 614‑ ana. Recently renovated with new appliances, new flooring & 792‑2646 fixtures. Large Deck & Porch with 2 Full Bath, DW, WD, 4 Bedroom House C/Air and Free OSP. Parking, backyard, nice! $1500‑$2125/mo Call 961‑ 98 E. 9th Ave. 0056. $350 each 537‑4734 www.cooper‑ 84/86 Euclid Avenue ‑ $1400/mo. south Campus Gate- 5 Bdrm Double‑ 2139 Summit way Area. 4 bedroom, 2 bath, (Between Lane & Norwich) brick double. Hardwood floors, Renovated, Very Spacious Unit beautiful fireplaces, spacious, w/ 3 Floors, 2 Full Baths, DW, free washer and dryer, full W/D, C/Air & Free OSP (10 basement, air conditioned, new Spots). $2000/mo. Call 961‑ furnace and appliances, 0056. garage and security system www.cooper‑ available. Call Steve at 291‑ 8207. www.euclidproperties.- 5 BDRM Townhouse‑ 180 E. 12th, 2 full baths, C/Air, DW, com W/D, OSP, NO Pets. $1,900Affordable 4 Bedrooms. /Mo. Call 961‑0056. Visit our website at www.cooper‑ 1st Place Realty 429‑0960 5 BDRM Townhouse‑ 180 E. Available August 1, 2012 12th, C/Air, W/D, DW, 2 Full 4 or 5 bedroom. $300.per bed- Baths, OSP, NO Pets. $2,050room. 69 E. Patterson W/D, /Mo. Call 961‑0056. dishwasher,A/C, 4 floors. Call www.cooper‑ Debbie 937‑763‑0008 or Jeff 5 BDRM Townhouse‑ 67 Chit937‑763‑5838 tenden, Newly Remodeled with Don’t miss this completely re- 2 Full Baths, DW, C/Air, W/D, modeled 4 bedroom double, 5 OSP, NO Pets. $2,200‑$2,250blocks from OSU. New every- /Mo. Call 961‑0056. thing!! Kitchen with granite www.cooper‑ countertops and all new appliances, 2 new baths, Central 5 bedroom home, Lane Avair, new high efficiency fur- enue, off street parking, washnace, new windows, hardwood er/dryer. $2100 per mo/plus floors, fire alarm system, secu- utilities 614‑204‑8668 rity system, lots of off‑street parking. Available for August 2012. $2100/month. Call (614)- 5 bedroom Town house. 206‑5855 or (614)348‑2307 Pic- 119 Chittenden. 3 levels. Huge 4th floor sun deck. Central A/C. tures at Parking. $1500. Call Chad (614)887‑9916.

Unfurnished 5+ Bedroom

Roommate Wanted Female

FEMALE ROOMMATE(s) wanted ‑Freshman winter quarter transfer student seeks housing for 2012‑2013 school year. Looking to share a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment close to campus. Non‑smokers only. Respond to with inquiries.

Roommate Wanted Male Share House in Hilliard with 2 other Senior, Graduate or Prof. male students. 10 minutes to campus or downtown. Your own bedroom, share a bath, living, kitchen, laundry. $500/month, plus share of utilities. Water paid. Call/text Stephen at 614‑946‑3106

Roommate Wanted 200 E. 15th Ave. 4 Bedroom Apartment, 1 1/2 bath, carpet. Rent $300‑325/month. 614‑759‑ 9952 or 614‑935‑7165. Roommates needed to fill 5 & 6 BEDROOM apartments for fall. Best location on campus. 222 W. Lane Ave. Right across from Fisher College of Business. Modern. Beautifully renovated. Rent out a bedroom and we will supply your roommates. Rec. Room, Workout facility, Computer Lab, On‑Site Laundry. Utilities included. Call 614‑294‑5551.

Sublet Room available in beautiful house for sublet Summer 2012. Available to move in June 12, lease ends Aug 2. 6 person house located at 65 E. 13th Ave. Rent $410 plus 1/6 utilities. Contact Hannah at or 513‑376‑ 4824.

Help Wanted General ###! Part‑Time Call Center Position, 5 Minutes from campus along #2 bus line. Part time afternoons & evenings. Call 614‑495‑1407, Contact Helen.

Help Wanted General

Help Wanted General

attn Part Time Work. Immediate openings. Customer Sales/service. Great Starting pay. Flexible schedules, credit possible. Conditions apply. Call now! 614‑417‑1532. Or online @ Beach Lifeguards! Shore Beach Service in Hilton Head, SC is hiring lifeguards. Start anytime from March‑ June. Camp Counselors, male/female, needed for great overnight camps in the mountains of PA. Have fun while working with children outdoors. Teach/assist with A&C, Aquatics, Media, Music, Outdoor Rec, Tennis, & more. Office, Nanny, & Kitchen positions available. Apply on‑line at Child Care Staff needed FT/PT Mon‑Fri, no nights or weekends. Apply Arlington Childrens Center, 1033 Old Henderson Rd. 451‑5400 for info/directions. Cleaning Position‑ Residential, Supervisor positions also available, must be detail oriented, and reliable. Must have car, license and car ins. $10‑12/hr, gas reimbursement. Background check. Call 614‑ 527‑1730 leave msg or email college students. Highly motivated people with good attitude needed for irrigation service industry. Full and Part‑ time. Good driving record required. 457‑6520. E‑mail sales@golden‑rule‑ customer service Openings at Call Center close to Campus, P/T positions w. flexible scheduling, Competitive pay, free downtown parking, advancement opportunities. Applicants must have basic computer skills, professionalism, good work history and wknd availability. Please apply @ CVS Pharmacy is looking for Pharmacy Technicians at 918 N. High Street, Worthington, Ohio. 614‑888‑6366. Background check and drug testing mandatory. Must apply at‑ (store #3407) Earn $1000‑$3200 a month to drive our cars with ads. Events Company needs set up/tear down labor. Set your own hours (part time/full time)‑ at an hourly rate. Please call Scott at 614‑488‑1936. Fitness Minded Individuals Looking for a career where you can intertwine your passion for working out and staying fit with your occupation? Then we have several positions available for you. This is an amazing opportunity to get your foot in the door and advance with one of the fastest growing companies in the fitness industry. Career minded applicants preferred. Opportunities for Order Processors, Shift Leaders, Cycle Counters, and Warehouse Associates. Please send resume to:

i/t and PROGRAMMING P/T positions for students with knowledge of computer programming, hardware and software applications, looking to gain real world experience. Responsibility varies based on specialization, but would include IT work and customer service. Please apply at Laboratory Internship available immediately. Please visit our website at and click on the link of job postings/internships for more information. Models With Intrigue needed for runway and promotional assignments at upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Expo, 2013 calendars, ongoing Gallery Magazine’s $25,000 “Girl‑Next‑Door” model search and bridal convention work. No experience required. 352‑8853 need a person to go door to door putting flyers on houses. No selling. 4 hours a day. Mon‑Fri. $250/week. 614‑216‑9110. Part‑time Warehouse/Driver Position. Local Distribution Company seeks driven individual to stock warehouse, pick orders, and deliver goods in company van. Must have clean driving record. Our hours are Mon‑Fri 8am‑5pm. Must be able to work at least 2 days during the week from 8am‑2pm (or later). For more info please speak with Jeff or Dan at 614‑ 351‑1553. PET PALACE ‑ HELP NEEDED. Walking dogs, cleaning, playtimes, customer service. Get application at, go to “contact us.” MUST be available during Spring Break. Weekends required. Hilliard location ‑ 614‑529‑9400; Airport‑ 614‑471‑6400; North‑ 740‑549‑ 3700. PLAY SPORTS! HAVE FUN! SAVE MONEY! Maine camp needs fun loving counselors to teach. All land, adventure, & water sports. Great Summer! Call 888‑844‑8080, apply: Runway/fashion model type, for creative nude/photos/videos. No obligation, will train. Audition first step, next step experimental test shooting at $25.00 per hour, unlimited pay for future projects. Discretion assured, female preferred. (614)268‑6944 Seeking motivated, responsible individuals for cashier($8/hr) and traffic control ($9/hr) at Nationwide Arena during events. Will work around classes. Email for details. Paid Survey Takers needed in Columbus. 100% free to join. Click on surveys. Summer And Full‑Time Positions. Beautiful Lakefront Yachting Club seeks outgoing friendly team players as: Servers, bartenders, host/hostess, dock attendants, lifeguards (certified), linecook/prep, snackbar attendants, sailcamp counselors. Incentive programs/flexible hours, excellent pay! Call now for an interview! Wednesday through Sunday. 200 Yacht Club Dr. Rocky River, OH 44116. (440)333‑1155 ask for Kathy. Ultimate Part‑time Job $12 to $18 per hour. We are seeking: Talented Talkers, Positive attitudes, Reliable, Trustworthy, Hard working, and Success Minded. We are offering: Solid base pay, Bonuses & incentives, Rapid growth potential, Management opportunity, Flexible hours and Fun atmosphere. Larmco Windows 800.343.2452 Ask For Gary.

5/6 BDR 110 E. 16th, great location. D/W. W/D hook‑ups. ##BARTENDERing! Up To New Baths. 1/2 house. Lots of $300/ Day. No Experience Necparking August 1, 2012. Sign- essary. Training available. 800‑ # 1 5 ‑ 6 Bedrooms AVAIL- ing bonus. Call 614‑370‑7978. 965‑6520 ext 124. ABLE August 2012! Beautiful, *Golf Course Personnel. remodeled Houses, TownPrivate golf club seeking hard houses, Half‑Doubles close to 6 BDRM House‑ 55 W. Patter- working dependable individucampus! New kitchens, spa- son, Hardwood Floors, 2 Full als. Work FT or PT or Spring Horticulture Intern ‑ cious bedrooms, cable/internet, Baths, DW, W/D, OSP, NO Break. Work includes general The City of Dublin is currently Pets $2,625/Mo. Call 961‑ accepting applications for a *Looking for 3‑4 FREE washers & dryers, FREE 0056. www.cooper‑properties.- golf course maintenance. Email paid Horticulture Internship. Little Turtle Golf Club at students to share spacious off‑street parking! E. 16th Av- com Completion of sophomore year Northwood Avenue, and home close to campus (Nor- enue, as an undergraduate in Landwood), separate bedrooms, Lane Avenue and more! Call 6 BR. 14th and Summit. Near include phone number. scape Architecture, Landscape 614.354.8870 2 kitchens, 3 bathrooms, Greek houses. W/D provided Attendants & Models Horticulture, or Forestry is laundry facilities and park(free). Central AC. New win- needed. We will train. Must ferred. Rate of pay is $10.00ing. $460/mo Front/back porch. be really, really pretty. Paid /hr. for a Junior and $11.00/hr. #1 6 BR AFFORDABLE spa- dows. beginning 8/1/12 ‑ 8/1/13. 419‑494‑ daily. $2,000+/week. Appear- for a Senior. Candidates must cious and updated large BR $2800/mo. Adam Call Kim @ 440‑759‑2310 House on Central campus. Gas 4626 or Sean 614‑915‑4666 ance and attendance impor- apply online by going to, click on heat, A/C, off‑street parking, tant. 614‑818‑0771. 102 W Maynard. 4 bedroom dishwasher, “Jobs” at the bottom of the W/D hookups, Affordable 5 Bedrooms. with one full bath that was just decks, fireplaces, $435. 614‑ Visit our website at Cleaning Help Needed. In screen and follow the direcremodeled. Laundry included, 294‑7067. Home, Part Time, near OSU tions. www.osuproperty- $1660. Call 614‑496‑7782 1st Place Realty 429‑0960 hospital. 614‑421‑2183 #1 5‑8BR homes available: 66 1891 North 4th & 18th Ave. East Northwood, 242 East Pat4 BR, 2 bath, for Fall. W/D, cen- terson, 103 West Norwich, tral air, D/W, parking, just reno- 1637 North 4th Street, http:vated. $1200/month. //‑989‑1524. ties.cfm #1 House for 6‑7 people, 200 E. 15th Ave. 4 large Bed- great for large groups and room Apartment, 1 bath, car- rents starting at $450 pp. Prime The OHIO STATE LANTERN will not knowingly accept advertisements that pet. Rent $1460/month. 614‑ location right off High Street 759‑9952 or 614‑935‑7165. near student union. Newly‑rediscriminate on the basis of age, sex race or creed or violate city, state or federal 2296 Summit, $360.00 per modeled, spacious living arlaw. All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Housing Act, which person. Very nice 4 bedroom eas/large bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathhouse. Newer kitchen and win- rooms, hardwood floors, a/c, makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on dows, updated furnace and lower utilities, huge covered A/C, laundry room in basement front porch, 1st floor laundry race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to with free W/D. On campus bus room with w/d hook‑up, lots of free off‑street parking, line. See my website make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination. or or 291‑2600. call Tom at 614‑440‑6214. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in #1 House for 8‑9 people, 4 BDRM Apartment‑ 67 Chit- great for large groups and violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised tenden, New Carpet, 2 Full rents starting at $450 pp. Prime Bath, C/Air, DW, W/D, OSP, location right off High Street are available on an equal opportunity basis. near student union. Newly‑reNO Pets. $1,720/Mo. modeled, spacious living arCall 961‑0056. The Lantern reserves the right to edit/refuse any ad that does no conform eas/large bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathwww.cooper‑ rooms, hardwood floors, a/c, to these policies. All ads are cancelled at the end of each quarter and must be 4 BDRM Apartment‑ 111 E. lower utilities, huge covered Norwich Spacious Apartment front porch, 1st floor laundry replaced for the next quarter. Reply mail boxes are available upon request. with C/Air, DW, W/D, OSP. room with w/d hook‑up, lots of $1,610‑$1,650/Mo. Call 961‑ free off‑street parking, 0056. www.cooper‑ or 291‑2600.



Business Office Open: Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 5:00pm Phone: 292-2031 / FAX: 614-292-3722 Email: Walk-in Ads Accepted: Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 4:30pm 242 W. 18th Ave. Room 211 Journalism Bldg.

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Studios through 3 bedroom homes remaining for Fall 2012 Prime Locations!


 

 

   

         


        

7 Bedrooms 121 E. 11th Ave. 122 E. 11th Ave. 6 Bedrooms 96 E. Woodruff #C 5 Bedrooms 115 E. 11th Ave. 178 E. 11th Ave. 190 E. Lane Ave. 195 W. 9th Ave. 4 Bedrooms 109 W. 8th Ave. 150 W. Maynard 33 E. 17th Ave. 218 E. 17th Ave. 272 E. 13th Ave.

3 Bedrooms 1417-1423 Hunter 275 E. 13th Ave.A 2473 Wall St. 2 Bedrooms 393 E. 18th 100 E. 11th #C 165 E. 11th 292 E. 15th 1382 Highland 145 King 130 W. Maynard Chestnut Hill 85 E. 9th 97-105 E. 9th 100 W. 9th 175 E. Norwich #D 606 Riverview

620-622 Riverview 639 Riverview 656 Riverview 773 Riverview 1680 Summit 50 W. 10th #2 31 E. 12th 2463-2483 Wall 1 Bedrooms 61 Chittenden B 160 W. Northwood 25-29 E. 8th 46 E. 8th 95 E. 11th 113 E. 11th 149 E. 11th 292 E. 15th

57 E. 14th #C 1702 N. High #B 1434 1/2 Hunter 1545 Indianola 1658 Neil 175-191 W. 9th 100 E. Norwich 29-31 E. Patterson 606 Riverview 639 Riverview 651 Riverview 773 Riverview 107 E. 16th 311 E. 16th 365-367 W. 6th 2206 Summit 49 Tompkins 14-22 E. 12th

   

Wednesday March 7, 2012

classifieds Help Wanted General

Help Wanted Child Care

polished Customer SERVICE PRO

part‑time Nanny Needed in Upper Arlington

Are you a perfectionist? Like being part of a high-performance team? Experience with high-end, Ritz-Carlton/Disney style guest service? Motivated by goal setting and the chance to add to your hourly wage with generous bonus programs?

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 8AM-5:30PM approximately 25 hours per week for 3 young children.

If the answer is yes, yes, yes, and YES, throw everything you believe about how a “typical” dental practice operates right out the window and come see if you are the right person to round out our dynamic team. We treat our patients like royalty, it’s as simple as that, and we need people who understand how to make that happen. If you have the customer service track record, we can teach you about our business so no dental experience is necessary. This is a rare opportunity for an experienced, polished hospitality pro (perfect for a great concierge or front desk person) to join a progressive multi-practitioner healthcare practice as a Business Office associate. We are experiencing tremendous growth and cultural evolution. This practice is committed to core values of prevention, caring, education and community involvement. While other practices are bemoaning the economy, ours is growing by leaps and bounds. We understand that the combination of clinical excellence combined with highend spa-like patient service is the perfect combination for success. In addition to being a proficient multi-tasker, your success in our practice is dependent upon your ability to translate this service ideal every day to our patients and the rest of the team. You MUST be polished in appearance and speech. If you have been looking for an opportunity to be a part of a dynamic team using cutting edge technology and progressive businesses practices, we want to talk to you. College degree strongly preferred, must have high-end customer service experience. Full-time and Part-time available. Submit your resume listing your experience and salary history to along with a paragraph explaining what it is about you that makes you the right choice for our team. summer oF your liFe! CAMP WAYNE FOR GIRLS Children’s summer camp, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania 6/16-8/12. If you love children and want a caring, fun environment we need Counselors, Instructors and other staff for our summer camp. Interviews on the OSU campus March 31st. Select The Camp That Selects The Best Staff! Call 1.215.944.3069 or apply online

Work at home as part-time or full-time worker. Work 2-3 hours per week from your PC around your schedule. Earn a good p/t or f/t income. We are currently searching SERIOUS HOMEWORKERS. Earn $3,500-$5,000 per month. Experience not necessary. Email at for details Work part time, earn full time pay. Perfect for students. No experience required. Free training will be provided. 614622-2309.

Help Wanted Child Care *duBlin Family seeks responsible and fun after school sitter 2-3 days a week (approx. 3 hrs/day) Must have reliable car to pick up 3 children from two schools. Responsibilities include transporting children to after-school activities, helping with homework and helping children complete daily chores. Please provide 2 references. Email Kim: BaBysitters needed. Must be caring, reliable, have great references and own transportation. Pick your schedule. Apply Care proViders and ABA Therapists are waned to work with children/young adults with disabilities in a family home setting or supported living setting. Extensive training is provided. This job is meaningful, allows you to learn intensively and can accommodate your class schedule. Those in all related fields, with ABA interest, or who have a heart for these missions please apply. Competitive wages and benefits. For more information call L.I.F.E. Inc. at (614) 475-5305 or visit us at www.LIFE-INC.NET EOE nanny needed for one child in the Dublin area. Must have own car and be a non-smoker. We pay $12.00 per hour and $20.00 per week for fuel. summer JoBs! It’s not too early to secure a summer nanny or manny (guys this means you too) position. Golf, swimming, picnics at the zoo get creative this summer and spend time with children. Apply online at

Position starts week of March 26th and is temporary for several weeks to a few months. Must have reliable transportation, have references, and be non-smoker.

Help Wanted Sales/Marketing

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service City BarBeQue Catering Associates and Wedding Caterers needed. Hourly wage (based on experience) plus gratuities. Flexible hours. Required background check, clean driving record, some lifting required. Food or hospitality experience preferred. Apply at or contact Winni at 614-538-1230.

reCreation leaders Care After School, Worthington. M-F 2-6. $9.50/hr. Gain great experience working with Elementary students. Interviewing now, begin immediately. Please download application at and Call 431-2596 for interview.

Help Wanted Clerical hiring: Hostesses and Cooks. Go to for more info. host/hostess

JoB opening: Clinical Scheduler, Part Time, 17-18 hrs/wk. M-F, 4pm to 7:30pm. Responsible for checking patients in for physical therapy appointments and for scheduling patient appointments. For full job posting, please visit or email stanley steemer National Customer Sales and Service Call Center. Now hiring in our Westerville Location. Great Pay-Flexible Schedule! Please call 614-652-2409 or email to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Help Wanted Medical/Dental aBsolute Care, a Developmental Disabilities (DD) support living agency, provides in home support to many individuals throughout Franklin County. We are currently accepting applications for part time and full time Direct Care Professionals and House Managers. We strive to bring the highest level of quality of professional care to our clients in the industry. Please visit our website at for more information about our services and job requirements. To apply, please submit your resume to er sCriBe - Seeking Pre Med students to work as ER Scribes. Vet assistant needed at small animal vet hospital on west side of Columbus. Hours: Monday through Thursday 3pm8pm & occasionally Saturday. Perfect for pre-vet or RVT student. $7.90/hr. Email resume to

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service

PT or FT - evenings only. Flexible scheduling. The Refectory, 1092 Bethel Rd. If you SMILE easily and sincerely enjoy making guests happy, call for an apptment 451-9774- ask for Sandra, Jeff, or Kamal. noW hiring experienced servers and hosts at Bravo Crosswoods. Day and weekend availability is required. Please apply in person at 7470 Vantage Dr. Columbus. the eleVator Brewery and Draught Haus an upscale brewery and restaurant now hiring servers/hosts. Apply within 161 N. High St., Monday-Friday, 24pm. 330-228-0500

Help Wanted OSU

Help Wanted Sales/Marketing *eVerdry WaterprooF‑ ing IS NOW HIRING! Customer Service and Marketing reps. Part time position, evenings. Earn up to $350 per week part time! Advancement! Grow with a proven company that has been in the business for 35 years! Call Mr. Casey 614-850-5600

in‑house front office sales and local marketing positions open for busy healthcare pracBonJour OSU! La Chatelaine French Bakery & tice. Send resume to Bistros are looking for enthusiastic, charming and loCal marketing opportuhardworking mademoiselles & nity at City Barbeque Hendermonsieurs that love to work in son Road location. Work with an established family run General Manager & Local Marrestaurant & bakery. Our keting Manager to create/exelocation in Upper Arlington on cute marketing plan for 10-mile Lane Avenue needs: radius of restaurant. Position inWeekday morning counter cludes networking with busihelp, restaurant experience nesses, schools & local event recommended. participation. In-store shifts are Weekday nights & weekend required. Previous restaurant & morning Prep/Cook help is marketing experience a plus. needed, must have cooking Up to 30 hrs/week. Must be experience. able to work weekend & We our also always looking for evening hours. Perfect for stugreat servers for all three dents looking for entry-level exlocations, Upper Arlington, perience! Worthington & Historic Dublin Please stop in for an To apply, send resume & cover application or email us your letter to: Inresume to clude “Marketing” in subject line. 1550 West Lane Avenue, Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221 marketing and SALES: 614.488.1911 Outside salespeople looking to sell to new accounts. Marketing Merci! program provided. Base plus commission. 877-HOYS-TOYS BonJour osu! La Chatelaine French Bakery paid marketing INTERN& Bistros are looking for SHIP: Successful practice! Inenthusiastic, charming and centives! Fun Environment! hardworking ladies and Super People! Great Career gentlemens that love to work Opportunity! in a established family own restaurant & bakery. Our This is a rare opportunity for a three locations in polished marketing or advertisUpper Arlington, Worthington ing student to join a progresand Dublin, need weekday sive multi-practitioner healthmorning personnel, care practice as a marketing charismatic servers & intern. We are experiencing experienced night prep cooks. tremendous growth and culRestaurant experience highly tural evolution. recommended. Please visit our website If you have been looking for an opportunity to be a part of for locations to pick up an a dynamic team using cutting application. We are also on edge technology and progresFacebook or follow us on sive businesses practices, we twitter @ lachatcolumbus want to talk to you. Merci! Two years of college strongly Call FlaVors of India in preferred. Full-time and PartNorth Market, 638-5353. Flexi- time available. ble hours, weekends and weekdays. Counter help/cashier Submit your resume to needed. listFirst WatCh is Now Hiring ing your experience along servers in the Upper Arlington with a paragraph explaining location. For great daytime what it is about you that hours. Call or stop by between makes you the right choice for our team. 2pm and 4pm. 614-538-9866

 

sales and Marketing Reps wanted, must be self motivated with a great personality and professional appearance to join our team. Salary plus commissions, paid training and benefits. Contact Jacquie at 513446-0522 or apply on our site

total Quality Logistics is a fast-paced, energetic, transportation sales organization. We were recently voted as one of the Top-Entry Level Employers by Forbes Magazine, TQL is unparalleled in growth and unlimited in opportunities to earn great money. If you are interested in a sales career with TQL, go to to apply to one of our locations! Want experienCe ABROAD? AsiaInspection has an opening for a Social Media Intern in China. (6 months) We are a QC company representing importers worldwide sourcing from Asia (450 employees from 20 countries). You will report to the marketing manager, also from Columbus. You will define and implement the social media strategy for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Check us out at

Help Wanted Landscape/ Lawn Care


1 Taj Mahal city 5 Merry 11 One doing serious crunching in 29-Down 14 Perturb 15 Hang on a clothesline 16 One of a swiveled pair 17 1981 Richard Pryor film 19 Sit-__: protests 20 Ancient Greek theater 21 Merry old king 22 In a funk 23 Managed 24 Band whose frontman

passes through the audience in a plastic bubble, with “The” 27 Typical “Twilight” fan 28 Billy of “Titanic” 29 Daisylike blooms 32 Pipe dream 36 Bartlett, e.g. 37 Distress signal 38 Pop 39 Chew out 42 Chic 44 “How steak is done” sauce 45 Like a battery needing a charge 46 “Everything but” item

50 “Don’t __”: 2005 R&B hit 53 Dull discomfort 54 Chess ending 55 Cultural values 57 King of Spain 58 Jolly Roger fliers 60 The word, as suggested by the saying formed by the ends of this puzzle’s four longest answers 61 Cab rider-to-be 62 Sheltered, at sea 63 Mimic 64 Lover of Tristan 65 Student’s stressor

1 Shady alcove 2 Dutch cheese 3 Gotten up 4 Choir member 5 “The Brady Bunch” girl 6 Tin Woodman’s saving grace 7 Auto race noise 8 Puts on a pedestal 9 Arms supply 10 Caustic substance 11 It’s measured in alarms 12 Man cave hanging 13 Church areas 18 Suss out 22 Leading a charmed life 25 Guitar great Paul 26 Novel-sounding beast 27 Outdoor dining spot 29 Busy month for 11-Acrosses 30 Notice 31 Percussive dance 32 Homer call? 33 Charged particle 34 Like 2011, e.g. 35 Anti’s cry 37 Plot outline 40 “Delightful!” 41 Causes of pallors 42 Phil Rizzuto’s number 43 Fall implements 45 Tried to lose, in a way 46 Fate 47 Freeze, as a road 48 Herb in a bouquet garni 49 Slot in a stable 50 Country that’s nearly 25 times as long as its average width 51 Crosses one’s fingers 52 Liability’s opposite 56 The other one 58 Key letter 59 Before, to a bard

landsCape CreWmem‑ Bers needed. PT openings for reliable, energetic individuals. Experience preferred; transportation a must. Flexible hours. Competitive wages. Call Skip at (614)598-2130 or Ruth at (614)276-6543 organiC Farm in Centerburg, OH looking for spring/summer workers. Work will be planting, harvesting, and landscaping/lawncare. Farm managers have a lot of experience managing organic farms. Pay will be $9/hr. Potential living arrangements. 614-488-2240

Help Wanted Interships paid marketing INTERNSHIP. Busy, fast-paced medical practice. Flexible hours. Send resume to

For Sale Real Estate 1078e merrimar Circle North, 3 Floor, 2-3 Bedroom Townhouse, 1.5 Baths, Fenced Patio, 1 Carport, Assigned Parking Space. Close to 315, OSU, Bus Routes. $75k or best offer. 614-296-3418 VaCanCies? VaCanCies? Vacancies? Let our leasing services pay for themselves. For your leasing, property management, or sales needs Call 1st Place Realty 429-0960.

Travel/ Vacation Bahamas spring Break $189 for 5 days. All prices include : Round-trip luxury party cruise. Accommodations on the island at your choice of thirteen resorts. Appalachia Travel. 800867-5018

General Services attention inVestors! CampusHandyman is your solution for your property maintenance needs. Text CampusHandyman to 90210 for more information. musiC instruCtion: Classical guitar, other styles, Theory, Aural Training, Composition & Songwriting. Call Sound Endeavors @614/481-9191

Automotive Services tom & Jerry’s - a Full Service Auto Repair Shop. 1701 Kenny Rd. 488-8507. Or visit:

Legal Services student rates. Free initial consultation. Attorney Andrew Cosslett. Alcohol/Drug, Traffic, DUI, Criminal, Domestic. Credit cards accepted. 614725-5352.

Tutoring Services

 


sales and marketing P/T positions for students looking to gain Sales and Marketing experience. Position includes marketing CMS services to potential leads and customer service. Responsibilities include inside and outside sales with potential for development and designing marketing material. Please apply at

Send your resume to (reference job CM2012)

student Work study position available in psychology research lab. We are looking for a mature, reliable student with excellent communication skills. Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, as well as previous office work experience, is preferred. Duties would include collecting and entering data, interacting with research participants, transcribing interviews and other office related tasks. Special consideration would be given to someone with experience trouble shooting computer problems. If interested, please fill out an application at: by clicking on the “Job Opportunities” link at the top of the page.

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studentvoice Oil dependency has large price I’m sure the people who receive the money will appreciate it. So BP was able to partially right its wrong, but have things really improved since the accident? Offshore drilling remains a risky proposition and accidents continue to occur. The most recent examples include incidents in Brazil and China. With the search for oil intensifying, offshore drilling will only continue to increase as oil companies are forced to find ways to meet the ever-increasing demand nationwide. It is a process that will never be free of risk as drilling pushes deeper and deeper into the ocean. According to multiple reports, BP and other oil companies have gone back to offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and production levels are set to pass those that were achieved prior to the accident. With gas prices fast approaching $4 a


LANTERN Columnist

It’s been almost two years since a British Petroleum-operated oil platform exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, discharging millions of gallons of oil. At the time of the incident, BP was vilified and the questions surrounding the incident were abundant. How could they let something like this happen? What will they be doing to right this tremendous wrong? What kind of effects will this have on the environment? How will BP be punished for this accident? BP reached a settlement Friday with businesses and individuals whom the incident harmed, worth a reported $7.8 billion. For a company that reported about $26 billion in earnings after taxation last year, they’re paying out roughly 30 percent of their income from last year. This sounds nice in theory, and

gallon, the search for oil has again become a hot-button issue. It’s only a matter of time before another incident of the same scale as the one in the Gulf of Mexico occurs. I’m shocked it hasn’t. The oil companies

are in a lose-lose situation in which they have zero room for error. The public sphere occupies a hypocritical position. The need for oil is apparent, but if one of the oil companies has an accident, that company is vilified. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Either realize that the dangers that come with offshore drilling are inherent and accidents are bound to happen, or be completely against the concept. It’s a mutually exclusive concept that the public has yet to grasp. It’s a credit to the oil companies that the number of accidents like the one in the Gulf of Mexico can be counted on one hand. But that’s still not good enough and never will be. The companies are held to a golden standard in which they must meet our demands, but at the same time make sure to do it in perfect fashion.

The Obama administration has proposed an estimated $276 million in its 2013 Energy Budget that will be dedicated to the “research and development of advanced fossil fuel power systems,” according to the White House’s website. It’s a step in the right direction toward the Obama administration’s goal of reducing the United States’ reliance on oil by one-third by 2025. In the next 13 years, will that be enough as the demand for oil increases and the amount of locations where oil can be found decreases? That remains to be seen, but no one should act surprised if there is another incident like the one almost two years ago in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s the price of doing business in a world that’s increasingly dependent on oil.

Sports traditions make time at OSU special LANTERN Columnist


On Feb. 26, Ohio State celebrated William Buford, the lone senior on the men’s basketball team. I was just another bystander watching from the sidelines as Gene Smith pulled him aside and told him to “Make it a big one,” and as Buford’s mother buried her head into her son’s arm, overwhelmed by tears. But minutes later, when the Buford family was on the court and the announcer was summarizing Buford’s career for the crowd, I was hit with the

finality of the scene, not just for Buford, but also for myself. That moment was a culmination of everything that I had hoped for when I chose to be a Buckeye instead of a Wolverine, Badger or Terrapin. I wanted strong academics. Check. I wanted a campus that just felt right. Check. There is nothing quite like the Oval on a perfect fall day. And I wanted a school with a sports tradition. I love sports passionately. A sports tradition was important to me for that reason, but also because I believed then, and still do believe, that sports are a tremendous unifier of people. Different as we all might be, we can come together under the banner of our teams and pride in our school. For me, that is Buckeye Nation in a nutshell. As much as college is about the classroom and as much as I have appreciated the caliber of my education, so much of my college experience has been framed by OSU’s sports and the experiences I’ve had as a spectator and as an intern for the Department of Athletics.

I will never forget the awe I felt at my first football game at the ‘Shoe. I had been on campus and in classes for about a week, but it was on that Saturday that I became a Buckeye. I always swell with pride when I remember the day that about 20,000 voices at the Schottenstein Center came together to tell Wisconsin’s Bo Ryan to “Deal With It” and I was compelled to call home to ensure that my family was experiencing it with me. As an intern, I stood just feet from the football team as they sang “Carmen Ohio” after the heart-stopping and exhilarating showdown that was the Wisconsin game. Amid all of this large-program success, it is easy to forget how lucky we are to have the diverse athletic program that we do. I discovered baseball was my favorite Buckeye sport when I celebrated Alex Wimmers’ no-hitter against Michigan with my younger sister and my closest friends. I was a bundle of nerves while the women’s basketball team showed their grit and determination and eventually came back to win against Florida State. I have

been awed by the power and strength displayed by the women’s volleyball team. During a men’s volleyball game, I helped President E. Gordon Gee lead an unusual and hysterical game of “Gee Says.” I have walked past the men’s ice hockey team’s bench more times than my nose would prefer to remember, but on one of those many trips, I met an incredible alumnus who spearheaded the campaign to make hockey a varsity sport at OSU in the ‘60s. I cannot begin to know what the last four years have meant to Buford, but as I prepare for graduation in less than two weeks, I know that my time spent here would have been a lot less meaningful had it not been for our Buckeye athletes … all of them. CODY COUSINO/ Photo editor


OSU senior guard William Buford (3rd from left) is honored at Senior Day before the men’s basketball game against Wisconsin on Feb. 26. OSU lost, 63-60.


PROUD TO BE THE OFFICIAL CONSUMER BANK OF THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. We’ve been serving the Ohio State community since the University was founded in 1870. And now, 142 years later, we’re officially becoming Buckeyes. So what does it mean to be OSU’s official consumer bank? For starters, we’re giving the school $25 million for scholarships and other university investments. We’re also lending $100 million to businesses in and around the University District. Best of all, when you do business with us, a portion of the revenue goes back to Ohio State. We’re proud of our Buckeye ties, and we can’t wait for our next couple of centuries together.

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