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Cheer coach job Athletics self-reports 9 minor NCAA violations posted months HLETIC VIOLATIONS AT D TE R O EP -R LF OSU SE after firings ERIC SEGER Sports editor

The OSU athletic department self-reported at least 9 minor violations so far in 2014; 6 included prospective student-athletes.

KATHLEEN MARTINI Oller reporter The position of Ohio State head cheerleading coach has been posted on the OSU jobs website, more than three months after the former head coach was terminated and nearly 10 months after two former assistant coaches were fired for their roles in a sexual harassment complaint. The position was posted March 1, OSU athletics spokesman Dan Wallenberg said in an email Tuesday. The post closes March 9. Wallenberg would not comment further, however, because the search is still in progress. “We do not discuss personnel hiring until a person is officially announced by the Ohio State (Human Resources) department,” Wallenberg said in an email Wednesday. After the head coach’s dismissal, Steve Chorba, who was hired along with Ray Sharp as one of two new assistant coaches this summer, was named interim head coach Nov. 25, the day Buchman was fired. Sharp remains with OSU as an assistant coach. Wallenberg’s comment was on behalf of Chorba and Sharp as well. The head cheerleading coach position requires a bachelor’s degree or a combination of education and experience that is equivalent, as well as experience at an intercollegiate institution and coaching cheerleading, according to the listing. The target salary for the new head coach is between $40,000 and $45,000, and both current OSU employees and the general public can apply. The position was posted nearly 10 months after two then-assistant coaches were fired. Eddie Hollins and Dana Bumbrey, two former assistant coaches, were both fired “for cause” in May after a university investigation found “sufficient evidence” the two had violated the university’s Sexual Harassment Policy. OSU’s Sexual Harassment Policy defines sexual

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Ohio State athletics has committed at least nine violations in less than three months. OSU has so far self-reported at least nine minor violations in 2014, six of which included prospective student-athletes. The sport for one self-reported violation was redacted from the request, along with the name of the student-athlete involved. Of the nine reported violations, the sport with the highest number of violations so far in 2014 is the football team, with two. The figure is a result of an open records request submitted Feb. 24 by The Lantern and released Wednesday by the OSU public records office. None of the violations are considered major. The reason the sport was redacted on a violation reported Feb. 3 was because of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, paralegal and Public Records Office program manager Rebecca Dickson said in an email. “FERPA obligates us to redact information which could lead to the identification of the particular student,” Dickson said. “Redacting the sport allowed us to still help you to understand the gist of that particular violation, yet still protect the privacy of the particular student, as is required by federal law.” Much like the 24 violations that were self-reported by the athletic department in the latter half of 2013, the school proposed its own corrective action to either the Big Ten or NCAA in eight of the nine cases. The lone violation for which the institution, or OSU, deemed “no further action (was) necessary” was the case with the redacted information, as it involved a student-athlete’s immediate health at the time of the violation according to the report. The corrective actions included providing a letter to educate the sports’ respective staffs of the rules of OSU Compliance, as well as holding meetings with the office. The most recent violation report was Feb. 20. Football Impermissible Scouting Reported Jan. 9 During a weekend in November 2013 — the exact date was redacted — a football graduate assistant coach took a trip to a school — one where he was formerly employed as a graduate assistant — to attend a game. The name of the graduate assistant







Impermissible phone calls

Impermissible scouting Impermissible lodging

Publicity of prospect’s visit

Impermissible text message

Impermissible text message

Outside competition expenses







Private camp advertising


Impermissible seating


source: reporting coach was redacted in the report, in addition to where he traveled, who he was going to visit, what type of sport he was seeing and where his other friends were from. Impermissible Lodging Reported Feb. 19 During an official campus visit from Dec. 13 to 15, a prospective student-athlete and his family were reserved three hotel rooms by the institution: one for the athlete himself, one for his father and brother and one for his mother, who is separated from his father. According to the report, the OSU football staff did not know the prospect’s mother had decided not to attend the visit, and because her room was going unused, the prospect’s brother asked the hotel clerk to allow him to use it instead. The clerk complied with this request because he was a family member. In addition to sending a letter to educate the football staff that emphasized the rules about lodging during official visits, the prospect has been declared ineligible by the institution until he repays the value of the room to a charity.




O OKAYLA BYLER / Managing editor of design

Women’s Field Hockey Impermissible Phone Calls Reported Jan. 9 Assistant coach Kelly Terwilliger called two prospective student-athletes twice in one week. The compliance office issued a letter of education to the women’s field hockey coaching staff, and the institution never recruited either prospective studentathlete, who have since enrolled at an institution other than OSU. Men’s Gymnastics Impermissible Text Message Reported Jan. 22 An impermissible text message was sent to a prospective student-athlete. In addition to the letter of education sent to the gymnastics coaching staff, the institution prohibited them from contacting all prospective student-athletes from Dec. 4 to 11. Redacted Sport Outside Competition Expense Reported Feb. 3 In the unnamed sport, a student-athlete who was competing unattached suffered a head injury and thus

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Columbus a ‘front-runner’ for national convention bids MICHELE THEODORE Copy chief If Ohio tends to be a center stage for political campaigning, Columbus could take the spotlight in the next few years. Columbus made a bid and is now a finalist for the Republican National Convention in 2016 and has started efforts to gather a bid for the Democratic National Convention as well. “I think in general, hosting either of these conventions is Columbus’ Super Bowl,” said Scott Peacock, public relations manager at Experience Columbus. “It is the biggest event that would ever take place in our city to this point.” Experience Columbus helped put together and submit the bid for the Republican convention, something Peacock said includes listing hotels, arenas, transportation and other infrastructure specifics in Columbus. He said they had about three weeks after the requirements for the Republican convention were released to put together the bid. “We’re acting as the connector and the collaborator of all the different people and the community,” Peacock said. “Our role is really to act as the gateway agent … look at the specifics of what they need and go out into the community and submit the actual bid.” The requirements for the 2016 Democratic National Convention have not yet been released, Peacock said, but the city is planning on submitting a bid for that convention as well. “(Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman) is happy to have either one,” said Dan Williamson, a spokesman from the mayor’s office. “While he is a strong Democrat, he would be very happy to have the Republican convention here; he would be very happy to have the Democratic convention here.” Coleman mentioned wanting to host a political convention of some type in his State of the City address Feb. 19. “The national convention would create an infusion of jobs and recognition and command the eyes of the world on Columbus in a way no other event could. By committing a competitive bid, we’re sending a message to the rest of the nation and the rest of the world that Columbus is ready for prime time,” Coleman said in the address. Columbus would need to raise about $50 million to host a convention from either local, state or national funds, Peacock said, but the city would be expected to take in about $160 million in return. Peacock said “the time is now” for Columbus to submit a bid for a convention. “Our brand has never had a higher rank than it does right now,” he said.

Rape reported on South Campus KAYLA BYLER Managing editor of design

SHELBY LUM / Photo editor

Columbus made a bid and is a finalist for the Republican National Convention to be held in 2016. The city has started efforts to gather a bid for the Democratic convention as well. Williamson agreed that the city is ready for a major political convention. “I think it speaks to what we’ve become as a city,” Williamson said. “Columbus is recognized as one of the top cities in the nation and we think we’re continuing in that direction. I think it speaks to how far we’ve come and the direction we’re going.” Representatives from the Ohio Democratic Party and the Ohio Republican Party did not respond to requests for comment. Cincinnati and Cleveland are also on the list of eight Republican convention finalists, which Reince Priebus, the chairman for the Republican National Committee, announced on Twitter Feb. 27. The list also includes Denver, Dallas, Kansas City, Las Vegas and Phoenix. “It’s not surprising,” Williamson said of Cincinnati and Cleveland also bidding for the Republican convention. “Every year, Ohio is the center of the political universe and frankly Columbus is the center of the political universe”

Peacock agreed that it wasn’t surprising hearing three major cities in Ohio all placed a bid. “We bid against Cincinnati and Cleveland every day for convention business … so it’s not new for us to go head-to-head with them,” he said. “I think what it means overall is that the state of Ohio is really strong right now. I think it’s a good thing.” Miranda Onnen, a third-year in political science and economics and vice chair of College Republicans at OSU, said a convention coming to Columbus could be beneficial for OSU students as well. “Going to college is all about learning and being exposed to new experiences, and having a major national political convention would bring both of those opportunities straight to Ohio State students,” she said. Representatives from the OSU College Democrats did not respond to requests for comment. Representatives from Columbus presented the

A residence hall staff member reported a rape at a South Campus dorm Monday. The rape itself reportedly occurred about a week earlier, Ohio State University Police Chief Paul Denton said in an email. The suspect in the case is an 18-year-old male student, who is suspected of having used alcohol and who knew the victim. The suspect and victim might have been in a “dating relationship,” Denton said. Denton added that University Police does not believe the incident “represents a continuing threat.” About two-thirds of rapes are committed by someone known to the victim, according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network website. OSU provides services for victims of sexual assault that include counseling, advocacy, wellness and health services through Student Life. Six rapes have been reported on OSU’s campus since the start of the academic year, all of which are listed as “investigation pending” on the University Police daily log. A female student reported aggravated menacing involving a knife near Hughes Hall Saturday around 5 a.m. Investigation into the event is pending, according to a University Police report. A 33-year old man not affiliated with OSU was arrested for falsification and obstructing official business near Doan Hall, part of the Wexner Medical Center, Tuesday at about 2:30 p.m. A security officer reported graffiti on the breezeway, which is similar to an outdoor hallway, of Baker Hall West Feb. 26. The graffiti was not offensive and Facilities Operations and Development was told so its staff could remove it, according to a University Police report. There were nine total thefts reported on OSU’s campus this week from Feb. 26 to Wednesday.

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campus OSU spends to keep pests, cockroaches under control QING DAI Lantern reporter After cockroaches were found in an Ohio State residence hall, a Student Life spokesman said the university is working — and spending — to keep bugs under control. Residents of a room in Taylor Tower found cockroaches in the room Feb. 8, said Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs. The three students who were living in the room were then moved to another residence hall, though Isaacs did not know which one. Once OSU’s housing staff is convinced the problem is eradicated, Isaacs said in an email, the room will be available for occupancy again, but he did not know if the previous residents will return to the room. Mieley Conrad, a first-year in actuarial science

and business, lives on the 11th floor of Taylor Tower. She said while it worries her to know cockroaches were found in her building, she thinks it’s better than finding bedbugs. “I can handle bugs, but I know a lot of people can’t,” Conrad said. “It’s a large dorm … but at the same time, I want (the) problem (to be) taken care of.” Isaacs said there is a budget in place for pest control. For the past fiscal year, Student Life’s pest control expenses totaled $124,055, Isaacs said. He said the university has a contract with JC Ehrlich Company, a pest control company. “Our joint goal is clear, pest-free facilities and to prevent pest attraction and entry. Our pest control plan includes regular treatment and monitoring of Student Life facilities,” Isaacs said. “The efforts are both preventative and in reaction to specific problems that may occur.”

The pest control contractor is set to continue to work around campus during spring break, Isaacs said. Tim O’Hearn, a second-year in accounting, said he wasn’t surprised to hear cockroaches were found in a residence hall on North Campus. “The (buildings) we have on North Campus are kind of old,” he said. Taylor Tower was completed in 1966. O’Hearn said he hopes OSU will check other residence halls for bugs over spring break. “The most important thing is our students’ health. I mean, we are paying a lot of money to go here that we should have (a) good environment that does not (leave) us with itches all day,” he said. Conrad said she understands bugs get into residence halls, but she wants to know pest problems are being addressed. “I like to know the university is taking efforts to prevent (it),” she said.



19th Ave. construction puts some students at perceived risk of getting hurt ISABELLA GIANNETTO Lantern reporter

RITIKA SHAH / Asst. photo editor

The Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Chemistry building is under construction between 19th and Woodruff avenues.

The Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Chemistry building under construction is on schedule to be finished by October. Some students, though, said the project has been putting them out of their way or at risk of getting hurt. The $126 million project between 19th and Woodruff avenues broke ground June 2012, and is set to stay on budget, said Stuart Cooper, chair of the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department. The project is funded by Ohio State, the state of Ohio, and fundraising on the part of the chemistry and biochemistry and chemical and biomolecular engineering departments, Cooper said. “We’ve had to raise millions, literally, to put the whole package together, but realistically the great majority of the funding comes from the state of Ohio,” Cooper said. The state provided more than $67 million for

the project through capital funding. OSU dedicated $25 million from a central pool of funds, which senior leadership members can choose to dedicate to specific projects. The remaining funds for the project were a blend of tuition dollars, philanthropy and grants, Vice Provost of Academic and Strategic Planning Michael Boehm told The Lantern in the fall. Cooper said a lot went into planning the project. “We had meetings and interviews with architects for the mechanicals in the building for the construction manager,” Cooper said. “All of those elements were competed for and the people submitted bids, then made presentations, and finally a team of us picked the winners.” Architecture firm Pelli Clarke Pelli designed the new CBEC, led by César Pelli, who has designed some of the world’s tallest structures including the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Cooper said faculty and staff are set to begin moving into the basement in the fall, and by Spring Semester 2015, the building should be open for classes.

continued as Construction on 4A

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Kaily Cunningham

the student voice of The Ohio State University

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was unable to complete the competition. An OSU athletic trainer was present at the event, however, because OSU student-athletes were participating at the same competition. The trainer deemed it necessary for the injured student-athlete to receive medical attention and transportation home on the team bus so they could observe them and make sure their condition didn’t get worse. The head coach of the sport called OSU Compliance prior to the trip home, and the Compliance Office approved the trip and services for out of concern for the student-athlete’s personal welfare. Women’s Tennis Publicity of Prospect’s Visit Reported Feb. 3 A pair of prospective student-athletes was on the field with the team as they were being recognized at halftime of the football team’s game against Buffalo Aug. 31. Women’s Basketball Impermissible Text Message Reported Feb. 3 An assistant coach sent an email to a parent of a prospective student-athlete. After issuing the coaching staff a letter of education regarding the use of electronic correspondence in recruiting, the institution also forbade them from contacting the athlete until Sept. 15, 2015 — two weeks later than what would have been the first permissible date to begin contacting her.

Cheer coach from 1A harassment as “unwelcome sexual advances” and “requests for sexual favors,” and includes “other physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature” when, among other conditions, it creates an “intimidating, hostile or offensive environment for working, learning or living on campus.” Lenee Buchman, who had served as head cheerleading coach since July 2009, was initially kept on staff and given a raise to a yearly salary $43,003 from $42,577 Aug. 23. She was later terminated Nov. 25 for “several serious lapses of judgment and leadership,” according to an email athletic director and OSU Vice President Gene Smith sent Buchman Nov. 22 that was obtained by The Lantern. One of those lapses occurred in August, Smith said in the letter, when Buchman took the OSU cheerleading team to a cheer camp ran by Bumbrey. “Though I know that the camp was not run by Ohio State, you took our students and brand there with you,” Smith wrote. “All the while, you knew the nature of the behavior Mr. Bumbrey had been engaged in, that Ohio State had dismissed him just a few months earlier and that the university had emphatically chosen

Wrestling Private Camp Advertising Reported Feb. 4 After submitting a copy of a proposed camp advertisement to the Compliance Office and having it approved, a non-institutional camp director submitted it on an online message board to promote the camp. When the director submitted it to the office, it did not have the names or images of any OSU student-athletes, but when he or she put it online, the message board added the names and pictures of four OSU studentathletes to the advertisement. The advertisement was quickly removed by the non-institutional camp director after working with the Compliance Office, and OSU said it believed no further action was necessary. Men’s Volleyball Impermissible Seating Reported Feb. 20 Two prospective student-athletes were on campus for official visits Nov. 23, and attended the football team’s game against Indiana. Before a game begins, prospects who are on recruiting trips are permitted to be on the field until approximately 10 minutes before kickoff and are then asked to take their seats. On this occasion, a long line had formed to exit the field because of the cold temperatures that day, and the prospects instead chose to wait on the sidelines next to a heater. They did not leave the field until after kickoff. In addition to a letter of education sent to the coaching staff of the volleyball program, a member of the coaching staff will now accompany all visiting prospects on the sidelines before football games.

to disassociate itself from him and his damaging behavior.” Smith also said when Hollins unexpectedly appeared at a team practice Sept. 9, Buchman did not approach him or ask him to leave. “When an assistant that had been fired for sexual harassment shows up at a team practice, it is obvious what is expected of a head coach,” Smith wrote. An October Human Resources report that outlined the incidents began after former cheerleader Cody Ellis said Buchman had retaliated against him for reporting sexual harassment by dismissing him from the team. Buchman, however, was found innocent of retaliation, as Smith said he and Miechelle Willis, OSU’s executive associate athletics director for student services and sports administration, agreed Ellis’ dismissal was warranted. “We are both persuaded that the student’s past behavior — including persistent derogatory and offensive conduct toward teammates and others, the student’s negative attitude and other misconduct — all amply support the student’s dismissal from the team,” Smith wrote.



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campus Some at OSU laud Kasich’s support for Ukrainian protestors FRANCIS PELLICCIARO Lantern reporter Ohio Gov. John Kasich voiced his support for Ukrainian protesters last week, a move some at Ohio State have praised. Kasich, a Republican who has been named by some outlets as a potential presidential candidate for 2016, gave his State of the State speech Feb. 24 in Medina, Ohio. “God bless those Ukrainians who drove their power from the bottom up to restore freedom in that country,” Kasich said. He related the fighting spirit of the Ukrainian people to the attitude toward self-governance he said he wants to see in Ohio. “Government works for the people, the people do not work for the government,” Kasich said. The protests in Ukraine began in November and are a product of East-West tensions, which have pitted those who relate more to Europe against those who are closer to Russia. In November, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych decided not to sign agreements with the European Union that would have strengthened ties between Ukraine and the EU, which showed he preferred to have stronger ties to Russia. Russia has a long history of influence over Ukraine, as Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union until 1991. Many Ukrainians have a desire to move away from that legacy and make their nation more like those of Western Europe. Christine Charyton, an OSU associate professor of

Construction from 2A Some students said they are anxious for the building to officially open because the construction could be putting them in perceived danger while they walk to class. Lexi Aughenbaugh, a second-year in international business, said on Wednesdays and Fridays she walks past the construction site on her crutches, so every step she takes is a hazard. “It’s really annoying because it’s really hard to navigate around what’s going on to get to the bus stop (on 19th),” Aughenbaugh said. “I know they

neurology who helped lead pro-Ukrainian protests in Columbus Feb. 22 and 23, said she was glad Kasich brought up Ukraine in his address. “By him talking about Ukraine and Ukrainian people, he demonstrates that he knows about what goes on in the world and how that applies to Ohio and his own leadership style,” Charyton said. “I think Kasich capitalized on the strength of the Ukrainian people.” There were an estimated 42,609 Ukrainians living in Ohio in 2010-12, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s three-year estimated population profile. The situation in Ukraine has changed since Kasich made his speech, though. Ukraine’s parliament impeached Yanukovych Feb. 22, who has been given sanctuary in Russia, and Russian troops took over parts of the Crimea peninsula. On Wednesday, the European Union offered $15 billion in financial aid to Ukraine to help the government keep running. Russia tabled its offer of financial aid when Yanukovych was ousted. The U.S. offered $1 billion in loan guarantees Tuesday in an effort to have Ukraine lessen its energy reliance on Russia. Ukraine is a nation slightly smaller than the size of Texas and is bordered by Russia to the east and Poland and Romania, as well as other smaller countries to the west. It has a population of about 44.6 million people, according to the CIA World Factbook. Yuliya Vanchosovych, a second-year in international studies, came to America from Ukraine when she was 8 years old. She said not enough is being done about the situation in Ukraine. “There’s definitely so much more that should be done,” Vanchosovych said.

need to be doing this construction, but there’s too much going on at once.” Erik Herchek, a second-year in business, said he’s been annoyed by the construction because his route takes him past it five days each week. “It feels like it’s going back and forth between opening one side of the sidewalk and closing the other one to be worked on,” Herchek said. Despite these reported inconveniences, however, Cooper said the project is going well. “It’s going well, it’s on time, and importantly, it’s on budget,” Cooper said. Project managers are currently talking details for

Courtesy of MCT

A Ukrainian soldier fraternizes with armed Russian soldiers at his base in Yevpatoria, Crimea, March 5.

the building, including a budget for art. Artists are being interviewed to put their work in the first floor lobby area. By January 2015, the landscaping is the only thing that is set to remain not fully finished because of a diagonal pathway that is set to be completed in early spring 2015. Cooper said the pathway will stretch from the CBEC building toward Denney Hall. “Hopefully by early January of next year we’ll be able to teach in the auditorium we’ll have there and run our business there,” Cooper said. “That’s the goal and it looks like it’s going to happen.”

Convention from 1A bid for the Republican National Committee Monday in Washington, D.C., and should hear sometime in “mid-March” if the city will be selected for the next round, which could include all bidding cities or a narrowed down list, according to the Republican party website. “We feel very confident that we’re a strong player in this. It may be our first time bidding on it but we’re one of the front runners,” Peacock said.

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thelantern results Wednesday Women’s Tennis OSU 7, Northern Kentucky 0 OSU 6, Cincinnati 1 Men’s Volleyball IPFW 3, OSU 2

upcoming Thursday Women’s Basketball v. Northwestern Noon @ Indianapolis

friday Softball v. Massachusetts 10 a.m. @ Louisville, Ky. Softball v. Ohio 12:30 p.m. @ Louisville, Ky. Men’s Tennis v. Oklahoma 6 p.m. @ Norman, Okla. Men’s Ice Hockey v. Minnesota 7:30 p.m. @ Columbus Baseball v. Oregon 9:05 p.m. @ Eugene, Ore.

New year, new faces for Buckeye football daniel rogers Asst. sports editor One inevitable thing in college athletics is change. Every player must leave eventually and be replaced with a new face on the roster. The Ohio State football team is no different. Players like Ryan Shazier, Bradley Roby, Jack Mewhort and Carlos Hyde are gone but as spring practice opened Tuesday, young players had their first shot at replacing big names from prior seasons. Although the final depth chart isn’t likely to be decided until fall when the season is close, spring practice is a time for the coaches to assess a player’s abilities. Coach Urban Meyer made it clear after practice Tuesday he wants a team that can play with more intensity than in years past. “I want an angry, blue-collar team and I’m hoping … I don’t know, it’s still early. I’m hoping that’s what we have,” Meyer said. “Last year, it was 12-0, you’re preseason this or this. I haven’t had many people ask about our preseason (ranking), not that I know what it is.” Meyer said the team is “just trying to find out who’s going to play for us in some spots.” One of those big spots was on the offensive line, which lost four of five regular starters from last season in Mewhort, Corey Linsley, Marcus Hall and Andrew Norwell. The unit’s single returning starter

Saturday Fencing: NCAA Regional Qualifier All Day @ Detroit Women’s Tennis v. Princeton 10 a.m. @ Columbus

Shelby Lum / Photo editor

Freshman wide receiver Johnnie Dixon (1) prepares for a drill during the first day of spring practice March 4 at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. is junior Taylor Decker, who is slated to take over at left tackle now that Mewhort is gone. Redshirt-sophomore Pat Elflein will likely slot into the starting lineup after impressing in place of a suspended Hall for the majority of the Michigan game and for the entire Big Ten Championship game against Michigan State.

daniel rogers Asst. sports editor

Softball v. Illinois State 12:30 p.m. @ Louisville, Ky. Men’s Lacrosse v. Hofstra 1 p.m. @ Hempstead, N.Y. Women’s Gymanstics v. Ball State 4 p.m. @ Palo Alto, Calif. Wrestling: Session II B1G Championships 6 p.m. @ Madison, Wis. Men’s Gymanstics v. Stanford 7 p.m. @ Palo Alto, Calif. Baseball v. Oregon 7:05 p.m. @ Eugene, Ore.

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Craft, Smith Jr. winding down careers for OSU

Wrestling: Session I B1G Championships 11 a.m. @ Madison, Wis.


After the performance against the Wolverines, Linsley called Elflein “un-freaking-believable,” also saying that he thinks Elflein has a great career ahead of him at OSU. “All year I’ve said to him, I’ve said ‘Man. One day you’re going to be a hell of a player. You’re going to get drafted real high,’” Linsley said of Elflein. “He’s

going to get all these accolades and stuff because he’s a heck of a player.” Who will likely fill the remaining three starting spots on the offensive line alongside Elflein and Decker is something that’s not yet set in stone, with only a handful of players having ever seen the field as Buckeyes. Four players took reps with the first team during spring practice, with junior Jacoby Boren at center, redshirt-senior Darryl Baldwin at right tackle and senior Joel Hale and redshirt-junior Antonio Underwood splitting time at left guard. At running back, sophomore Ezekiel Elliott, who finished 2013 as the fifthleading rusher for OSU and posted a 162-yard performance against Florida A&M, looks to have the inside track to the starting job. Elliott took a majority of the first-team snaps, with numerous other backs getting the occasional rep. Although quarterback Braxton Miller is set to be back for his senior season, he lost a major weapon in wide receiver Corey “Philly” Brown, who led the team in receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns through the air in 2013. Meyer said there are some young receivers who he wants to see have the chance to practice without being limited by the coaching staff. “(Freshman Johnnie Dixon) looks the part, I wish he did better today. I’m going to grab him today … and I just want guys to play. It’s 12 yards instead of 10 yards,” Meyer said. “I’ll put that on the coach. Don’t restrict players, let them go and have fun and play the game … (redshirt-freshman) Jalin

Shelby Lum / Photo editor

Senior guards Lenzelle Smith Jr. (32) and Aaron Craft (4) look on during a game against Iowa Jan. 12 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU lost, 84-74.

A class of six, whittled down to just two stalwarts. Ohio State’s 2010 basketball recruiting class was one for the ages — six players ranked in the top 150, including three in the top 50. Five-star recruits Jared Sullinger and Deshaun Thomas left OSU early to play in the pros, Jordan Sibert and J.D. Weatherspoon transferred to join Dayton and Toledo, respectively, leaving just Aaron Craft and Lenzelle Smith Jr. Now the senior guards are preparing for their final home game Sunday, where the Buckeyes are slated to take on No. 22 Michigan State to close out the regular season as two of the most successful players in program history. At this point in their four-year careers at OSU, the two seniors have helped the team compile a 116-27 record. The pair reached their 100th win at OSU in a 99-64 win Nov. 29

against North Florida, after only 119 games played — faster than any class in program history — something coach Thad Matta said was an incredible achievement. “I don’t know if I’ve ever been prouder. Today is their 100th win at Ohio State,” Matta said after the North Florida game. “They’re the second-fastest in college basketball to get there … If you stop and think about how quick they got there, in 119 games, 100 wins. It’s amazing and I’ve never been prouder of two guys.” Craft has also tied the Big Ten all-time steals record with former Illinois guard Bruce Douglas, tallying 324 over his career. But despite the amount of success over the four-year period, this season has been harder for the Buckeyes. After being ranked in the top 25 every week since coming to college, Craft and Smith Jr. saw OSU fall out of the rankings Feb. 3 on the heels of a January during which Buckeyes lost five of seven games played.

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Past experience helping Guessous produce on court for men’s volleyball Zoe Chrysochoos Lantern reporter

Shelby Lum / Photo editor

Redshirt-freshman Driss Guessous (4) prepares to hit the ball during a match against Saint Francis Feb. 9 at St. John Arena. OSU won, 3-1.

Driss Guessous went from redshirting his first year at Ohio State to starting every match and becoming one of the most influential players on the men’s volleyball team the next and is far from your average freshman athlete. That’s because when it comes to experience, redshirt-freshman middle blocker Guessous’ coach Pete Hanson said his rivals anyone. “Driss is a great athlete, but all of his experience is one of the reasons why he is having such a successful freshman year. He has played some great volleyball and is drawing from those experiences,” Hanson said. Guessous started playing volleyball during his freshman year of high school at Loyola in Pasadena, Calif., where he was named a 2012 first-team All-American and led the team to a state title. The past two summers, he has played with the USA Volleyball and the Junior National Team, competed at the Federation Internationale De Volleyball and played in the Men’s U-21 World Championship in Turkey with Buckeye teammate and junior outside hitter Michael Henchy. As an OSU Scholar-Athlete, Guessous said it has been a difficult adjustment from last season to find the time to stay on track with his schoolwork while traveling with the team. “The hardest transition for me is trying to balance school and volleyball. Being a physics major and having to travel to matches all over the Midwest can be quite the challenge, but it keeps me focused on what my goals are and what I want to take away from college — a great education and, hopefully, a national championship,” Guessous said. The Buckeyes have the 15th-best hitting percentage in the nation at .287, led by Guessous, who is ranked No. 1 in the Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association and fourth in the country for his hitting percentage of .446. “Driss is our most consistent attacker. If we ever get into an offensive

slump, we know that he has the ability to get us out of it,” redshirt-junior setter Peter Heinen said. “Driss is one of our best offense weapons. He’s consistently killing balls for us,” Henchy said. Hanson said for one player to be successful on the court, the whole team must work together. But when it comes to Guessous, he works hand-in-hand with freshman setter Christy Blough, to get set up for a kill. “We have a setter who really understands that finding a way to get Driss the ball can really help the offense. Christy has really embraced that and does a good job of assisting Driss in a lot of opportunities,” Hanson said. Beyond his contributions to the Buckeye offense, Guessous is a main contributor to the defense as well. He is ranked sixth in the conference in blocks per set with a .94 average. His position as middle blocker entails a lot, Hanson said. “There is a lot of responsibility on a middle blocker from a blocking perspective, and as an attacker, to make some pretty instantaneous judgments, and being aware of everyone’s positioning on the court and the position of the ball,” Hanson said. As Guessous’ familiarity with the team increases, he also will grow as a player, Hanson said. “The more and more Driss and the passers and setters play together, the quicker and smarter his decisions will become,” Hanson said. “That will help him to continue to be more and more effective.” After falling to No. 15 IPFW Wednesday 3-2, the Buckeyes are set to take on No. 12 Penn State Friday at 7 p.m. in Columbus. Guessous said he is always looking to improve and understand that he has a lot to learn during these next few years as a Buckeye. “I want to get better at all facets of the sport. That’s the best part about playing volleyball — no matter how good I am, I can always can be better. That is why I love the sport. I crave the challenge and that is what keeps me going,” Guessous said.


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sports Dempsey different guy on, off mound NICK DEIBEL Lantern reporter Baseball coaches often talk about pitchers having the “mentality of a closer.” It takes a lot of nerve to step on the mound with the game on the line day in and day out and not every player is cut out for it. Ohio State junior pitcher Trace Dempsey, however, has the mentality of a closer. When Dempsey is off the mound, he is laid-back and calm, as his Twitter profile says: “good vibes only.” While that attitude helps Dempsey have a short memory after a poor performance, OSU coach Greg Beals said Dempsey also has a great ability to turn up his intensity at a moment’s notice, which is vital to Dempsey being an effective closer. “Trace is pretty calm, pretty cool normally, but when it’s competition and game time, it fires up,” Beals said. “I look at closers as a guy that has something special, that if you don’t get to see it very often, if you only get to see it a few times, they’re going to be really tough.” Junior starting pitcher Ryan Riga had similar opinions of Dempsey. “He’s not an intense guy until he’s on the mound,” Riga said. “He’s chill, he does his own thing and once it’s down to the bullpen, it’s time to go.” Last year, Dempsey’s 3-0 record, 1.02 ERA and 17 saves earned him National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association and American Baseball Coaches Association/Rawlings third-team All-American, ABCA/Rawlings first-team All-Mideast Region and a unanimous first-team All-Big Ten selections. Heading into this season, Dempsey was named an NCBWA preseason second team All-American and third-team All-American by Louisville Slugger. Although he is honored and appreciative of the preseason acknowledgments he received this year, Dempsey said his only concern right now is helping lead OSU to its first NCAA Baseball Tournament appearance since 2009. “Obviously, it was nice to get that recognition preseason, but postseason is really what matters and I’m more focused on the team at this point,” Dempsey said. Redshirt-junior first baseman and pitcher Josh Dezse said Dempsey capably filled the closer role right away. “As a teammate, I feel whenever he’s in the game we’re going to win, and I think that’s the confidence we have in Trace and that’s the confidence everyone in our team has in Trace,” Dezse said. Riga said having Dempsey in the bullpen is a key component of OSU’s success. “Last year, I started out in the bullpen. For that role, it was get your three outs and get it to him (Dempsey) and, pretty much, game’s done. It shortens the game for us definitely,” Riga said. “When Trace is on, nobody is better.” Having a job where every single pitch has the game riding on it also means everything can fall apart in a matter of minutes, something Dempsey said he learned firsthand Feb. 16 against Indiana State when he took his first loss of the season. Indiana State’s four earned runs in the ninth inning of that game equaled the number Dempsey allowed all of last year in 35.1 innings of work. “The Indiana State game, we had a two-run lead and I blew the save and as a closer, obviously that’s tough,” Dempsey said. “I didn’t pitch to my strengths and it came back to bite to me. You’ve got to stay with what you know.”

Football from 5A

Marshall today, completely different football player than he was a year ago. Why? I put that on the coach. Let the kid go play … Great looking dude, but he didn’t play great.” Although the offense is dealing with some turnover, it is the defense that comes into camp with the most question marks. Although the entire starting defensive line is still intact, the defense must replace five regular starters from last season’s squad that finished the year 112th in the country in pass defense, Shazier among them. Meyer said the biggest concern in terms of team depth was the linebackers, but he was impressed with some of the younger players. “I was really impressed with (freshman) Raekwon (McMillan) today, did a really good job,” Meyer said. “Moved around, very mature … very positive, of what I saw. (Sophomore) Darron Lee, out there playing walk out (outside) backer was very impressive. He triggers.” Meyer added he liked what he saw of the secondary, who looks to replace safeties Christian Bryant, Corey “Pitt” Brown and C.J. Barnett and cornerback Bradley Roby. “I like our safeties. We only have three of them right now,” Meyer said. “Four would be (redshirt-junior) Ron Tanner, but Ron just packs some physical skills. Great, tough kid but I like (sophomore) Vonn (Bell), (sophomore) Tyvis (Powell) and (sophomore) Cam Burrows. They’re quick twitch, trigger guys back there. I think (senior cornerback) Doran Grant is a different player than he was last year. I’m seeing much more aggressive play out of him.” OSU is scheduled to continue practice Thursday in preparation for the 2014 season opener, which is slated for Aug. 30 at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore against Navy. Kickoff is scheduled for noon.

SHELBY LUM / Photo editor

Then-freshman pitcher Trace Dempsey (50) throws the ball during a game against Nebraska April 15, 2012, at Bill Davis Stadium. OSU lost, 5-4. Beals said the loss has brought out the best in Dempsey, who was eager to review the game tape and get back on the mound. “He took it as an opportunity and it showed maturity,” Beals said. “We got into some videotape from the Indiana State game and looked at videotape from last year during his scoreless streak just to see where he was and notice some little differences.” Since that game Dempsey has gotten his pitching back on track, in four appearances he has pitched 4.1 scoreless innings with three saves. His is now 0-1 on the year with a 4.91 ERA to go along with four saves. “I’ve had better outings since the first weekend and the arm feels really good, but I’m just trying to mix everything (pitches) and keep it all balanced,” Dempsey said. Despite leading the Big Ten with those four saves, Dempsey’s many preseason accolades made for heady expectations that could make his current stat line seem disappointing. But he said none of that has affected him mentally. “As a reliever, you have to have a short-term memory, you can’t dwell on things,” Dempsey said. “Just learn from it and get over it, I was over it after I got out of the shower after that game (against Indiana State). You know I’ve got to move on to the next day.” The Buckeyes (7-3) are set to travel to Eugene, Ore., to take on the Oregon Ducks in a three-game series that begins Friday. First pitch is set for 9:05 p.m.

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sports Columbus Crew unveils new uniforms, preps for opener ANDREW TODD-SMITH Lantern reporter The Columbus Crew is getting a new look. Columbus’ MLS franchise is set to begin its 2014 regular season Saturday, and the team enters its campaign with a new Adidas primary uniform, which was unveiled Tuesday at Bar Louie in the Arena District during a special event for Crew season ticket holders. The new Crew kit differs from its predecessor by featuring a textured monochromatic pattern of broad diamond shapes on the jersey, and the collar has been scrapped for the simpler look a crew neck provides. President and general manager Mark McCullers welcomed a crowd of several hundred fans dressed in Crew black-and-gold before the jersey was officially unveiled. The event gave the team brass an opportunity to greet and thank fans. “I’m so glad that you guys are with us on this journey, this new era,” McCullers said, then ceding the microphone to first-year coach and sporting director Gregg Berhalter. Berhalter’s Nov. 6 hiring concluded the Crew’s search for former coach Robert Warzycha’s permanent replacement. Warzycha was released from his contract Sept. 2, and then-technical director Brian Bliss served as interim head coach for the final eight games of the season. “We’re excited about the season, we’re excited to have you guys behind us, we’re excited to unveil

the jersey and we look forward to this Saturday’s game,” Berhalter said. McCullers and Berhalter then removed a large poster emblazoned with the team logo to expose an oversize mounted replica of the new Adidas jersey. At the same moment, Crew players overlooking the crowd from a second-floor balcony at the venue all removed their warmups to reveal their new jerseys, a surprise move that elicited loud cheers from those in attendance. “I love it. I mean, I think it’s lighter than last year’s jersey. No collar, I like it, it’s much cleaner,” midfielder Wil Trapp said. “I think it’s gonna come in handy when we get into the summer months and it’s humid. That takes a huge toll on your body, honestly. You want something that’s breathable and you can move around in.” Trapp said the material was similar to that of the team’s training jerseys but that the players have yet to wear-test the new kit on the field. In keeping with soccer tradition and MLS rules that dictate the goalkeeper’s jersey be of a different color than his teammates’, Columbus native and Ohio State product Matt Lampson’s jersey featured a turquoise-and-pink color scheme that he said is “very 80s retro.” Despite the different appearance of his uniform, Lampson corroborated Trapp’s testimonial of the fabric by saying it felt “comfortable, light (and) breezy.” “I’ve only seen this one and a green one that we have as well and I like them both,” Lampson said. “They’re very different, very progressive, compared to the typical ones we’ve had the past few seasons … I can’t wait to rep them on the field.”

Craft from 5A The Buckeyes are currently projected to get a mid-range seed in the NCAA Tournament, after being seeded no lower than a No. 2 in each of the past three seasons. Smith Jr. said after the loss against Indiana that he still thinks OSU can compete with anyone. “We’re a great team when we come to execute and when we’re on top of our game,” Smith Jr. said. “I said we can beat any team in the country, and I’m going to stick by that … I should be happy with what we should produce at the end of the season.” No matter how far the Buckeyes do advance in the NCAA Tournament this season, decisions have to be made about the future once the year is over. “Well I’m on pace to graduate after this semester … And then after that it’s a whirlwind of things,” Craft said Feb. 21. “There’s a lot of opportunities that could happen and a lot of scenarios. I’ve thought about it a lot and whatever happens, I’m going to be excited about it. Whether it’s something with basketball or my

ANDREW TODD-SMITH / Lantern photographer

Columbus Crew midfielder Federico Higuain (10) and defender Michael Parkhurst (4) model the team’s new uniforms March 4 at Bar Louie in Columbus. Former player and member of the 2008 MLS Cup-winning Columbus squad, Crew brand ambassador Frankie Hejduk was also on hand for the event. Functioning as an impromptu master-ofceremonies after the unveiling, he invited fans up to the platform to start supporter chants for the crowd’s enjoyment. Hejduk also talked about the buzz surrounding the team leading into the regular season. “They dismantled (reigning MLS Cup

education continues, it doesn’t matter, just hopefully I’m smart enough to choose the right one and when the dust settles at the end of the year and we have some time to sit down and really reflect on what’s ahead of us, then we’ll make a decision.” Craft said getting through the last four years balancing everything has been tough, but he has been helped through by the people in his life. “A couple of the biggest things are the people I’ve been surrounded myself with and that have surrounded me,” Craft said. “Whether it’s my family or people that I’ve lived with. It’s really tough to go through things alone … My roommates have always been there, before even all you guys knew about them. They were there and they haven’t changed, which is huge for me. Just being able to step back and get away from basketball and get away from school has been tremendous.” Tipoff for Craft and Smith Jr.’s final game at the Schottenstein Center is scheduled for Sunday at 4:30 p.m.

Champions Sporting) KC like it was nothing, man,” Hejduk said of the team’s last outing, a 4-1 win that capped off an unbeaten five-game preseason slate. “You saw that counterattack going down. So they have some high expectations of this season and we’re gonna get behind them. Win or lose (or) draw, you know this: we bleed black and gold.” The Crew is scheduled to take the field against D.C. United in Washington, D.C., Saturday at 7 p.m.

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Unfurnished 4 Bedroom

2 BR for Rent. Available now 2094 Indiana Ave Call- 614-263-2665

$1700 / 4br - OSU North Campus- Large 1/2 Dbl. (W. Patterson) Great 4 bedroom, easily handles 5 students. Central A/C, Hi-eff. AVAILABE NOW furnace, 1 1/2 Bath, Off-street 2 bedroom near Lane and Neil parking, w/laundry, large front $700 a month porch and brick paver patio. Phone Steve 614-208-3111 Shown by appointment. No email pets. One year lease. Available MODERN, SPACIOUS 2 B/R August (614) 457-7233 apts, located at 395 E. 13th Ave, 312 E. 16th. 4 bedroom house, AC, New Carpeting, Remodeled OS parking, Central air, new furBathroom and Kitchen. Rent is nace, 2 newly remodeled baths, $660/mo. Call 718-0790 $1400/mo. 614-885-1855, 614-578-6720 OSU NORTHWEST- 2 Bed- 614-578-6920, room. Complete Remodel. Hard- Call Rod or George. wood floors. Gas heat. A/C. New windows. Balcony. Ldy on site. E. TOMPKINS Ave. 4 bedroom O.S. Parking. Available Now and house. 2 bath. Large insulated Fall. 614-571-5109. Jolene@ attic. Newly renovated. New baths, kitchen. High efficiency gas furnace. Central Air. Refinished Hardwood Floors. New Area Rugs. New dbl pane windows. W/D Hookups. Off-Street parking. Available Immediately. $1800/mo + utilities. Day: $1000+/MO - starting at $275 221-6327 Evening: 261-0853. pp. Spacious 3 bedrooms. 45 Euclid,1394.5 Indianola, 1370 Indianola, 45.5 Euclid, 1372 MEDICAL/NURSING ACROSS Indianola, 1394 Indianola, mul- st. 375 W. 8th. 3,000 sf. 4 Large tiple units at 350 E. 12th: Uni- Bedrooms plus 4 study rooms versity Commons. Available for on first floor. 2 Bath. Includes 4 fall, newly-remodeled, hardwood parking spaces. Efficient furnace floors, safe and convenient, and AC. Call 885-3588. large bedrooms, low utilities, DW, W/D, off-street parking, NORTH EAST, 4BD homes, for A/C, www.hometeamproperties. more information go to www. net or 291-2600. or call 13TH AVENUE, 2 full bath- 614-783-6625. rooms, completely remodeled townhome

Unfurnished 3 Bedroom

3 BEDROOM APT. 69 E. 14th Ave. Available Fall 2014 Large rooms, newer furnaces and air conditioning, up-dated baths & kitchens, appliances, dishwashers. off-street parking, Security system available $1,200 / month (740) 363-2158 spirealestateservices@gmail. com

Unfurnished 5+ Bedroom

$1800+/MO - starting at $360 pp. Large 5-12 bedrooms, 119 E. 13th, 52 Euclid, 79 E. 7th, 80 Euclid, 90 E. 12th, 115 E. Woodruff, 186 Northwood, 1957 Indianola, 405 E. 15th, 38 E. 17th, 185 E. Lane, 222 E. 11th, 333 East 12th, 88 W. Northwood, 2312 N. High, 1668 N. 4th, and more. Newly-remodeled, great 3 BEDROOM Double available - locations, spacious living areas, many with 3+ bathrooms, hardAvailable Now! - $1000 wood floors, A/C, lower utilities, Leasing throough May 31st newer kitchens with DW, W/D Call Myers Real Estate hook-up, off-street parking, 614-486-2933 or visit or 291-2600. 3 BEDROOM Double available Available Now! - $1600 LARGE 7-bedroom red brick RENTING FOR FALL house, 2-full baths with double Call Myers Real Estate onyx sinks, 1-1/4 bath bath, all 614-486-2933 or visit electric granite kitchen. ful tiled entry and kitchen, hardwood floors throughout house, 2 UNFURNISHED each: furnace, a/c, electric water 3 BEDROOM heaters. Washer/dryer, wired for 69 E. 14TH Ave. 3 BEDROOMS: cable/internet, large parking on property, OSU bus stops at each Available Fall 2012. end of street. Location: 319 E. Large rooms, newer furnaces 17th Ave. Rent $3500/mo for 7 and air conditioning, or $3600/mo for 8. View house updated baths, kitchens, at appliances, dishwashers Call for tour (740)833-6435. Off street parking, Security system available $1,200 / month. (740) 363-2158 spirealestateservices@gmail. com $300 ROOM for rent (OSU/ Lennox/Grandview) 1 bedroom downstairs with bathroom, walking distance from campus, extremely quiet neighborhood, safe, washer/dryer, smoke-free home, no pets, split utilities. 740-215-7934 $1500+/MO - starting at $375 pp. 331 E. 18th, 335 E. 12th, 1514 AVAILABLE NOW 14th Ave. Hamlet, 84 E. 9th, 50 Euclid, student group house. Kitchen, 1550 Hunter, 350 E. 12th, and laundry, parking, average $300/ more. Available for fall, newly-re- mo. Paid utilities, 296-8353 or modeled, hardwood floors, large 299-4521. bedrooms, low utilities, d/w, w/d hookup, off-street parking, a/c, GRAD HOUSE Room for rent. Neil & Eighth Avail. Now. Across or 291-2600. Street from Campus. Furnished rooms, clean, quiet and secure. Utilities included. Call 885-3588.


Unfurnished 4 Bedroom

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MEDICAL COLLEGE across the street, 1 house from campus. Furnished rooming house for scholars only. Present tenants= 2 Med students, 2 PhD Engineers and a Law student. Extremely quiet and safe, as is the neighborhood. $450/month 1 year lease minimum. 614-805-4448 or

Help Wanted General ANALYST, MEDICAL BILLING PT/FT 9am-9pm, German Vlg Medical Supply Co.looking for future operational/finance supervisors and managers. Position is for analysis and processing of medical billing claims, processing of denial/ partial pays, review documentation requirements and ensure database accuracy. Perfect candidate will determine patterns and create preventative measures to be adopted by the company through a project management process. Best performers have the opportunity for leading a small team which could lead to operational management positions within this entrepreneurial company. Ideal candidate must have the ability to problem solve, be comfortable with numbers, and be able to communicate with national offices. Submit resume/letter of interest:

Help Wanted General BECOME AN EGG DONOR (Asian egg Donors in high demand!) Help create families, compensation is generous. Seeking reliable, healthy, women age 21-30. Call today! (877) 492-7411 or visit www.westcoasteggdonation .com

Help Wanted Child Care CHILDREN AND Adults with Disabilities In Need of Help

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service CLIPPERS BASEBALL Levy Restaurants @ Huntington Park Season Starts April 3 Part Time Positions Available! Applications are accepted at: 330 Huntington Park Lane M-F 10am-4pm 614-255-0008 Enter through double glass doors on Huntington Park Ln, under blue Clippers Hat. Levy Restaurants values workforce diversity. EOE/M/F/D/V

Care Providers and ABA Therapists are wanted to work with children/ young adults with disabilities in a family home setting or supported living setting. Extensive training is provided. This job is meaningful, allows you to learn intensively and can accommodate your class schedule. Those in all related fields, with ABA interest, or who have a heart for these missions please apply. Competitive wages and benefits. For more informaBICYCLE MECHANIC/SALES tion, call L.I.F.E Inc. at (614) LOOKING FOR an intelligent, person for NW Columbus Bicy- 475-5305 or visit us at www. driven individual to cook in Gateway Film Center and Liz cle Shop. LIFE-INC.NET Lessner’s new restaurant, The FT and PT Position JELLY BEAN Junction LearnTorpedo Room. Up to 40 hours Please call 614-889-1314 or ing Centers is hiring teachers for a week, focusing on food prepa2453 and ask for Chris. their Bethel, Snouffer, Yearling & ration, presentation, and kitchen COLUMBUS POOL MANAGE- Refugee Road locations. Please cleanliness. Previous restaurant MENT is hiring Lifeguards, call Brandy at (614) 451-5200 experience is preferred but not Lifeguard Instructors, Pool Man- for an interview. necessary. To apply, check out agers, Service Technicians, and the “About” section at www.gateSupervisors for the summer. SEEKING ONE or more (job $8.25-$15.00/hour. To apply go to or call share) education majors to MOZART’S CAFE - Looking for 740-549-4622 for more informa- help single Mom with two part- time/full-time reliable counkids (daughter 12 and son ter help, server help, kitchen tion. 10) part-time. Large home help, pastry chef. 4784 N. High ENTRY LEGAL, Secretary, near grove city, about 15-20 Street. Email resume to Part-time, Afternoons, Own of- min. from campus. School- fice. S. of Campus. Good phone work, chores, fun, some meal skills, Type 55 wpm. Word and prep, some errands. Excel- SERVING POSITIONS available Windows. Upperclassmen/Grad lent pay, flexibility, long-term, at Figlio Wood Fired Pizza, a caStudent with car. Some German occasional overnight when sual, upscale gourmet pizza and or French language skills a plus. Mom travels (after you and pasta restaurant close to cam614-224-0200. the kids get comfortable). pus with locations in Grandview and Arlington. Meet new friends HANDY MAN, good in Wood- Text 865-258-6668 Sarah while working with our fun, atwork and other construction tractive staff. Part time. FlexST. ANDREW Parish School, in work. Decent hourly rate. Call ible schedule. WILL TRAIN the Upper Arlington, is looking for a right position. (Also hiring bus 718-0790. “Latchkey Assistant” to complete HOME ADMIN. Assist.: Re- the 2013-2014 school year. persons and cooks). Apply in tired, former business owner Latchkey Assistants assist and person at 1369 Grandview Ave and wife need student for supervise students enrolled in or 3712 Riverside Dr. part time Home Admin light the after school care program. housekeeping, some cooking, This is a part time position and PC operation - email, & basic would be great experience for Office, family history. Pleas- those pursuing their career in ant Clintonville ranch. Flex Early Childhood Education or time, 2-3 hrs in AM 2 days/ Child Development. Latchkey week. Background check, re- hours run from 2:45-6 p.m. and fer.req. You may confer with follow the school year calendar. OSU GOLF Club is looking current Asst about the job. Candidates need not be avail- to hire multiple seasonal po$15/hr, EOE, foreign students able every day of the week. sitions!!! positions are: servwelcome. Send work experi- Requirements: High School di- ers, bartenders,dishwashers, ence or resume to zettann@ ploma, BCI and FBI Background cooks, and half-way house. Check, and completing the Please stop by the club and HOUSE CLEANING position. Columbus Diocese “Protecting fill out an application. God’s Children” class. For more Must be detail oriented, and reliable. Must have car, license information or to express interest in this position, please conand car ins. $10-12/hr, gas reimbursement. Background tact Latchkey Director, Michelle Peach check. Call Inga 614-327-1235 ( leave msg or email or 614.451.1626 x222). hhhclean.schedules@gmail. com UA FAMILY needs summer PART TIME Asst 2:30 -6 T, W,- nanny. Email resume TH during school year 9 to 6 T, - to W+TH summer. Duties incld but UPPER ARLINGTON mom looknot limited to shopping, errands ing for a caring, enthusiastic and running household schedule. reliable person to care for our References Req, Background sweet and energetic 9-year-old and driving record checked. Sal son. He is diagnosed with auNeg. Please call 614-558-2581 tism and Dup15q Syndrome. COSI IS hiring Marketing Street Team Members!!! Non Smokers Only Our son is non-verbal and uses PART TIME Call Center in the a communication device to com- Marketing Street Team will Short North $10 / Hour plus bo- municate. represent and promote COSI This is a part-time position re- this summer at local fairs, festinus. 614-495-1410. quiring some day and evening vals, and special events. They PERSONAL MEDICAL atten- hours as well as occasional are responsible for interacting dant needed in home. Part time, travel. Experience is preferred with attendees through verbal mornings and evenings. and references required. communication, hands-on acExcellent experience for Should you be interested, please tivities, passing out informative pre-allied med students. email me at ryliemcham@aol. materials while creating excite614-421-2183 com for more information. ment and a desire to learn. Ideal candidates must be personable SIGN SPINNERS with excellent communication skills while being motivated $10-$12/hour with informing the public about Training provided COSI. P/T work based on school schedule Visit for full job ER SCRIBE - Seeking Pre descriptions and to apply. Apply online Med students or Pre PA to work as ER Scribes. EARN CASH by ordering shirts for your chapter with College Hill. STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM Paid Survey Takers needed in Colum- MALE CAREGIVER Dublin pro- Become a campus Rep today! bus. 100% free to join. Click on fessional to hire PT. Short AM Contact Ryan at 425-478-7439. surveys. hours. No experience necessary, training provided. SALES/MARKETING: SUMMER OF YOUR LIFE! 614-296-4207 Summer Job Opportunity: CAMP WAYNE FOR GIRLS PHARMACY TECHNICIANS Unique. Fun. Flexible. Very Children’s summer camp, Po- Discount Drug Mart is currently attainable. Real. Have the cono Mountains, seeking individuals to fill full and best summer of your life while PA 6/21-8/17. If you love chil- part time pharmacy technician earning $3500-$7000 or more dren and want a positions at our Powell store. working from the comforts of caring, fun environment we need Must be willing to work flexibile your own home, both male and Counselors, Instructors and oth- shifts including weekends and female, regardless of where er staff for our summer camp. holidays. We offer a compete- your living or from anywhere Interviews on the OSU campus tive starting wage and an excel- on the road with any trip(s) March 28th. Select The Camp lent benefits package. We are you might be interested in takThat Selects The Best Staff! Call a drug free workplace. Apply in ing this summer. No income 215.944.3069 or apply at person at 9965 Sawmill Parkway limit. Spread the word. Work in Powell. solo or with friends both close and afar. Literally, looking for hundreds of students from all TELEPHONE INTERVIEWover the country. Don’t miss ERS wanted immediately to out on at least finding out what conduct interviews for research this is all about. Only advertisfirm. No experience necessary. ing here for 3 days this week Great part-time job for students. so spread the word and reEvening and daytime shifts ply. We will reply with specifavailable. Apply in person at: ADRIATICO’S PIZZA is curics. For more info check out Strategic Research Group, 995 rently hiring delivery drivers for and Goodale Blvd., 2nd floor. day shifts and weekends. Must send email of interest to info@ TELEPHONE SALES. Flexible be at least 18 yrs old, have a hrs. Downtown. 614-458-1875. valid drivers licence, reliable transportation, and acceptable Call 8:30 to 3. insurance coverage. Benefits VALET ATTENDANTS include flexible schedule, high NEEDED income potential for motivated individuals, and great work Part-Time/Full-Time. Good environment. Commission availbase pay + tips. Flexible able for driver providing their scheduling. own vehicles. Weekly pay plus tips. Apply in person at 265 w VOLUNTEERS ARE needed Must be 20 or older with good 11th ave. to answer the 24-hour Suicide driving record. Must be able Prevention Hotline. Volunteers to pass background check! receive 50 hours of free training, beginning March 26. Each fill out application at volunteer commits to working 6 hours a week from June through November, 2014. To volunteer or for more information, call Susan LOOKING FOR EMPLOYEES? Jennings, Volunteer Coordinator, Ohio State has 50,000+ or Mary Brennen-Hofmann, ProOhio State has 50,000+ students students that you can gram Coordinator, at 299-6600. that you can reach. You can also contact the proreach. Call (614)292-2031 Call (614)292-2031 for more ingram at for more information. formation.

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Help Wanted Tutors MATH TUTOR needed in Chemistry and Calculus... Undergrad taking Chem 1210 and Calculus. If interested please contact 210-1095. NEED A French Tutor. In need of a tutor in French for a high school sophomore. 2-3 days a week In our home in Clintonville. $12 an hour please contact: TUTORS NEEDED $15-20 p/h all subjects all grades. Education background preferred. SEND RESUME to Mrsjames@

Help Help Wanted Education Tutors HIRING TEACHERS to work FT/PT with all ages, no nights, weekends or Holidays. Must be 18, have H.S diploma or GED, reliable transportation, good communication skills and attendance. Apply Arlington Childrens Center, 1033 Old Henderson Road, Cols 43220. 614-451-5400

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BOOKS: AFTER catastrophic biological warfare, we may not agree on what nature is or what civilization is. WILDERNESS, a science fiction novel, is by Alan Kovski. Available via Amazon. BOOKS: STOLEN memories, dangerous dreams, collapsing societies, lost identities, lost souls, engineered life, our world transformed. REMEMBERING THE FUTURE: science fiction stories by Alan Kovski. Available via

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Off the Grid to create dance party at Wexner Center ANDREW ZISTLER Lantern reporter The Wexner Center for the Arts is gearing up the dance floor for this year’s Off the Grid contemporary art party. As a part of the continuing exhibition, “Cruzamentos: Contemporary Art in Brazil,” this year’s theme is set to borrow from Brazilian art, with bright, loud colors and florid art exhibits. Set to take place Saturday and featuring catering from local restaurants and music from Columbus and abroad, the fifth annual Off the Grid is set to bring a fusion of dance and art to Ohio State. Adam Vincent, the administrative assistant in performing arts and film at the Wexner Centersaid Off the Grid is a way for patrons to enjoy themselves and give back to the arts. “It’s definitely a party. There is a big social aspect to it,” Vincent said. “The galleries are open, we have food from a bunch of local restaurants, people come, hang out, they eat, they enjoy themselves, then they get down. It’s meant to be a party, something for people to enjoy while their giving back to the arts.” Vincent said the Off the Grid program has been successful in the past. “We’ve sold out every year,” he said. Amanda Potter, educator for Public and University Programs at the Wexner Center, explained how the Off the Grid party hopes to inspire a new generation of museum lovers. “We have a few different objectives: reach out to people through their friends, hopefully developing the next generation of museum visitors and donors, getting them engaged while they’re young, so they can see the variety of things we’re doing — that museums can be fun places,” Potter said. Potter also spoke on why the ticket price is a little higher compared to that of other dance parties around Columbus, explaining 100 percent of the proceeds go back to the community. General

Admission tickets cost $60 in advance and $70 the day of the event. VIP tickets cost $100. “It is more expensive than your average dance party. But it is chance for people to give back.” Potter said. “The proceeds all benefit the education programs. We have a really wide range of programs, covering all areas the Wexner does. We have programs in performing arts and film, we engage with exhibitions, we really like to work with teaching artists.” Potter said through the proceeds raised by these programs, the Wexner Center is able to serve more than 27,000 people a year in its educational programs, from kindergarten to college. The featured artist for this year’s Off the Grid is Brooklyn’s Cosmo Strauss, better known by his stage name, DJ Cosmo Baker. Strauss said he has been involved with music since he was a child. “I’ve been a DJ for 20 years. When I was younger I started at an early age, I took violin lessons, I took piano lessons and drum lessons during grade school,” Strauss said. “Eventually I fell into my niche, the turntables. I let everything go after I fell into my niche. I took to it like a fish to water. It sunk in quick. It became an obsession with me.” Strauss said he particularly enjoys playing Columbus shows, and said he was thrilled to be performing for an art party. “The idea of me performing at the Wex is really exciting for me. I expect a really amazing crowd, people who are in tune with art. Those crowds are really open to things which may be foreign, so I can just branch out and do my thing,” Strauss said. “I hope to see everybody out, and I hope that everybody is ready to have a great time, get sweaty and lose their s---. Columbus is a wonderful city, and I always love coming back.” Off the Grid is scheduled to take place Saturday at the Wexner Center. The doors are set to open at 8 p.m. for VIP ticketholders, and 9 p.m. for those with general admission tickets. The event goes until 1:30 a.m. Tickets can be purchased at the Wexner Center website. Admission is 21 and up.

Courtesy of Dan Raff

Cosmo Strauss, also known by his stage name DJ Cosmo Baker, is set to perform at the Wexner Center’s Off the Grid art party March 8.

Student film to depict int’l student experience AMANDA ETCHISON Lantern reporter

Courtesy of Shawn Brackbill

Electronic music composer Dan Deacon is scheduled to play Rumba Café March 11.

Dan Deacon set to play on Rumba Café floor MATTHEW LOVETT Asst. arts editor Sometime in 2005, New York City’s Apocalypse Lounge hosted Dan Deacon for a show that he said changed his perspective on performing. Partway through the set, the power blew out at the venue and electronic music composer Deacon said he had to act quickly. “I really didn’t want to lose the crowd. I wanted to keep the energy going, so I was just stalling for time while (crew members) were trying to move all of these amps and speakers away from the breaker box so they could turn the breaker back on,” Deacon said. “I just started thinking about the audience differently, because I asked everyone to make a big clearing in the center of the room and everyone was looking towards the center of the room and I just noticed, ‘Oh, this is completely changing the focal point of what this venue is’ … Now everyone is looking in a different direction and that simple action is really resonating with me.” It was at this show that the Baltimore-based musician said he realized the audience was part of the performance, not merely onlookers. He said the people who attend his concerts are actually the element that break up the monotony of a tour — a format where he might often perform the same set of songs in a similar fashion from night to night. Concert-goers might have a chance to be a part of Deacon’s performance when he plays at Rumba Café Tuesday. “Most of that energy and most of the change doesn’t come from the venue, it comes from the audience. So, in my mind, you don’t have a performance without an audience. The audience is the performance, and that’s what makes each show unique and exciting,” Deacon said. “So when you incorporate the audience, you incorporate this element of chance, you incorporate this element of newness that could never be replicated.” However, Deacon did not make an a decision to permanently have himself encircled from that particular New York show on, he said. It


took time, and the musician said in general, he musician is somewhat hesitant about changing up his live performances too drastically and attempts to be versatile in this setting. “It was a slow progression from there. It’s not like I went home and started sketching out how the audience would be the focal point of my performance, it sort of like organically grew,” Deacon said. “Once you add an element it’s almost like a curse, because it’s always there. You have to keep augmenting and changing it. As soon as you do something unique, if you continue to do that, it becomes old.” One way Deacon might have helped combat a potentially dull concert was the development of his own mobile app, published in 2012, that allowed audience members to interact with his live music on a visual level. According to its press release, the app “turns each phone into a source of synchronized light and sound depending on your location within each venue.” Crafted close to two years ago, Deacon said the app is still used by concert-goers today. Deacon’s upcoming solo show in Columbus comes amidst a tour in support of Arcade Fire, whose North American tour starts Thursday. Deacon is set to open for the band thrice before his Columbus gig. The level of Deacon’s popularity might be small compared to that of the Grammy Award-winners, but he said he is interested to see how his music will go over in the larger, stadium shows as an opener versus the one he is doing in Columbus. “I’m excited to see how it’ll translate or augment and what the challenge or the highlights will be. It will certainly be different than the Rumba Café, which is a space that I’m much more used to,” Deacon said. “But I wonder how that show will feel in the context of this other tour and if it will feel more challenging or more familiar or the opposite.” Instead of performing on a stage at Rumba Café, Deacon said he of artists Benco brings to Columbus. “We do stuff from rock to hip-hop to light country to dance music. We’re pretty all over the place,” Hamilton said. “Dan Deacon is

continued as Deacon on 13A

Moving away from home, leaving friends and family behind and working to fulfill your dreams — these are challenges that might be faced by many college students as they embark on their educational journey. Yet imagine traveling halfway around the world, coming to a new country and making a life at a large university, balancing studying with friends while immersing yourself in a culture very different from your own. It was these shared challenges that inspired a group of students at Ohio State to create “Table for Three,” a film depicting several aspects of international students’ experiences in the U.S. “This story is reflective of our lives,” said Henry Lu, producer of “Table for Three.” “(What happens in) the story has happened to most students. We all face these challenges.” Lu, a second-year in actuarial science and financial mathematics, said “Table for Three” tells the story of a woman from China who comes to the U.S. to pursue a career in music. “She likes to sing songs, but her parents don’t agree with her following her dreams,” Lu said. “She comes to the U.S. to realize her dreams, but differences develop, like the relationship between her and her parents. And her relationship with her boyfriend in China has also been changed.” Lu, who is from Hefei, China, expects many students will be able to relate to the struggle between parents’ expectations and students’ dreams. “(Students) all have dreams and they want to realize their dreams, but maybe their parents don’t allow them to do this,” he said. “But as teenagers, we want to do this. So this movie is for us.” Lu said he has had the opportunity to realize his dreams at OSU by working on “Table for Three” and serving as president of Echo Studio, the organization producing the film. “I have a dream to work in movies,” he said. “I think Ohio State gives us more opportunities to do what we want to do.” Chloe Wang, a first-year in computer information science and a member of Echo Studio, said the film touches upon the shared experiences of all students, not just international scholars. “Everyone has a chance to dream, (communicate) with family and be in love. I think everyone has these experiences,” she said. Wang is from Hangzhou, China, and is the director for “Table for Three.” Hairan Yu, a fourth-year in finance and an actor in the film, said he called upon personal experience to help him portray his character. Yu plays the role of a Chinese student coming to America for education. “I have experienced similar situations, so I know the feeling when you have to choose between the relationship and your future,” Yu said. Although he did not join the film with any previous acting experience, Yu said the emotion he brings to the character will help the audience connect with the film. “I would expect (the audience) to see my expression and my emotion,” Yu said. “I would like to make them feel like they have experienced similar things and that they know how I feel about this character.” Echo Studio began work on the film in January and plans to present the film in Mandarin with English subtitles in late March, Lu said. Lu also said, “Table for Three” is set to be uploaded to YouTube and similar video sharing sites in China. The Echo Studio team is looking forward to receiving audience reaction to the film, Lu said. “We have come up with a new film and most of us don’t have experience with performing,” Yu said. “I think the directors are very talented and the image is what I expected to see … very beautiful pictures that make people feel warm.” Ultimately, the Echo Studio team wants “Table for Three” to introduce viewers to the lives of international students, Lu said. “We want the audience to know what international students’ lives are like,” he said. “I hope the audience will like our movie and the audience can get (from the film) the same feelings as us.”

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Noah Gundersen, Kris Orlowski, 8 pm Rumba Cafe The 4th Annual - Got Talent? Bring It! Showcase, 10 pm Skully’s

Camelot’s Home Party, 6 pm Camelot Cellars

OUAB Quiz Night, 7 pm Woody’s Tavern - Ohio Union Breaking Good: Raising Awareness with RJ Mitte, 7:30 pm Archie Griffin Ballroom - Ohio Union

Green River Ordinance, 7:30 pm Skully’s Singer/Songwriter Night, 8 pm Woodlands Tavern I Love You, You’re perfect, Now Change, 8 pm Studio Three - Riffe Center Burlap for Bear, 9 pm Rumba Cafe Ladies 80’s & More, 9 pm Skully’s

WWW.COTA.COm | (614) 228-1776

Sunday, 3/9 OSU Women’s Lacrosse vs. Northwestern, 12 pm Woody Hayes Athletic Center Freckleface Strawberry: The Musical, 1 & 3 pm CCT Park Street Theatre

Kodaline, 7 pm A & R Music Bar

National Comedy Showcase, 7:30 pm Funny Bone

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Saturday, 3/8

OUABe Fit, Shake It! 6:30-7:30 pm Ohio Union Dance Room 1

The Wolf Tales, 1 & 2:30 pm Studio Two - Riffe Center Phantom of the Opera, 1 & 6:30 pm Ohio Theatre

Phantom of the Opera, 7:30 pm Ohio Theatre

Shrek the Musical, 2 pm Palace Theatre

Dan Deacon, 7:30 - 9 pm Rumba Cafe

The Pirates of Penzance, 2 pm Palace Theatre

OHSAA Hockey Championship, 4 pm Nationwide Arena

The Wolf Tales, 1 pm Studio Two - Riffe Center

Tuesday, 3/11

Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Detroit Red Wings, 7 pm Nationwide Arena

The Pirates of Penzance, 2 pm Palace Theatre

OSU Women’s Tennis vs. Princeton, 10 am OSU Tennis Courts

Hip Hop Night with Sassafraz, 8 pm Skully’s

Wednesday, 3/12 Brain Awareness Week, 10 am - 4 pm COSI Chuck Daily, 6 pm Franklin Park Conservatory

OHSAA Hockey Championship, 1 pm Nationwide Arena

OSU Men’s Basketball vs. Michigan St., 4:30 pm Schottenstein

Shrek the Musical, 2 & 7 pm Palace Theatre

Dads, The Hoodoo Soul Band, 7&10 pm Rumba Cafe

Columbus Comedy Showcase, 7 pm Funny Bone

Phantom of the Opera, 2 & 8 pm Ohio Theatre

Steep Canyon Rangers, 7:30 pm Woodlands Tavern

Phantom of the Opera, 7:30 pm Ohio Theatre

Gallery Players: The Producers, 2:30 pm Jewish Community Center

Gallery Players: The Producers, 7:30pm Jewish Community Center

OUABe Fit: Hip Hop Fitness, 6:30 pm The Ohio Union- Dance Room 1

OSU Women’s Gymnastics vs. Ball State, 4 pm St. Johns Arena Da Mafia 6ix, 6 pm Alrosa Villa

Friday, 3/7 The Pirates of Penzance, 7 pm Southern Theatre OSU Men’s Volleyball vs. Penn State, 7 pm St. Johns Arena Pleasure Guild Presents: Shrek, 7 pm Palace Theatre BalletMet Dance w/ the Dancers, 7pm LC Pavilion OSU Men’s Ice Hockey vs. Minnesota, 7:30 pm Nationwide Arena Girl Code w/ Jessimae Peluso & Carly Aquilino, 7:45 & 10:15 pm Funny Bone Phantom of the Opera, 8 pm Ohio Theatre Robert Post, 8 pm Lincoln Theatre City Music: Buckwheat Zydeco, 8 pm The Grand Valley Dale Ballroom

OSU Men’s Ice Hockey vs. Minnesota, 6:30 pm Nationwide Arena

Monday, 3/10

Schoolboy Q, 7 pm Newport Music Hall Girl Code w/ Jessimae Peluso & Carly Aquilino, 7 & 9:30 pm Funny Bone Courrier with Melodime, Shivering Timbers, 8 pm Rumba Cafe Robert Post, 8 pm Lincoln Theatre Manitoa, 9 pm Skully’s

OSU Women’s Lacrosse vs. High Point, 3 pm Woody Hayes Athletic Center No Bragging Rights, 6 pm Kobo OUABe Fit: Fully Body Challenge, 6:30 pm Ohio Union Dance Room 1 Nicos Gun, 7 pm Woodlands Tavern

Ongoing Events Think Outside the Brick Columbus Museum of Art

Matthew Brant

Columbus Museum of Art


Columbus Museum of Art

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Thursday March 6, 2014


[ spotlight] Columbus’ Own

In an attempt to shine light on local music, The Lantern’s “Columbus’ Own” is a weekly series that will profile a new Columbus band every week.

Country outfit Heartbreak Orchestra plays songs of husband and wife HAYDEN GROVE Asst. sports director at BuckeyeTV While many bands typically have a story behind the names they choose, Columbus-based band Heartbreak Orchestra has two. “Twelve years ago, we were all trying to come up with names, talking about how sad our songs are,” said Jill Garratt, a member of Heartbreak Orchestra alongside her husband John Garratt. “We had a cello, we did sad songs, so the Heartbreak Orchestra seemed to fit. It was kind of a joke, but it stuck.” John Garratt’s story was different from the one his wife recalled. “We had to pick a name, so we had a choice between either ‘Heartland Orchestra’ or ‘Hayseed Orchestra,’” John Garratt said. “Someone at a bar misheard us and wrote ‘Heartbreak Orchestra’ on the board and that stuck.” Regardless of which tale might be more truthful, more than a decade later, Heartbreak Orchestra is still putting out original country songs. Lead singer and songwriter Jill Garratt said the style the band plays is the result of her upbringing and her initial inability as a musician. “Frankly, country songs are a little easier to write and play on guitar and when I first started, I was a terrible guitar player. So that’s why I decided to start with this music,” Jill Garratt said, before giving another reason for the band’s sound. “My family listened to a lot of country music when I was a kid. I didn’t like it growing up, but it was around a lot. Sad country songs are kind of what I gravitated towards.” John Joseph, the head of Mingo Town Music, Heartbreak Orchestra’s record label, said it was Jill Garratt’s songwriting ability that tugged as his heartstrings and initially made him so fascinated with the group. “The songwriting is really phenomenal,” Joseph said. “I think the songs are beautiful, the way that Jill sings them and the storytelling that she does.” John Garratt echoed Joseph’s sentiments. He said Heartbreak Orchestra is all about the songs his wife puts together. “It’s all in the art of the songs,” John Garratt said. “Can you hum it around town? Can you take it to a campfire with a ukelele? That’s where the appeal can lie and that’s the area we try to mine.”


Jill Garrat said Joseph and John Garrat give her more praise than she thinks she deserves. “I don’t think I have a very interesting method of songwriting, I’m more of a tinkerer,” Jill Garratt said. “Some people come to it (songwriting) with a more artistic inclination, I probably have more of a formulaic approach. I feel like I could sit down, ask me to write a three minute country song with a three verses, a chorus and two bridges, I could do that no problem.” John Garratt has been classically trained as a musician since he was six years old, has earned the distinction of most musically inclined in the Garratt household. Sometimes, Jill Garratt explained, their musical relationship can be strained because of the divide in their experience and expertise. “My husband is an incredible musician,” Jill Garratt said. “We’ll be working up a part and I’ll say ‘try to make it sound like this’ and he gets frustrated because he doesn’t understand what I mean and has to play it 20 times before I get it the way I want it. Sometimes I wish I had a better understanding.” John Garratt said he has taught her a thing or two about playing music. “My wife had never really had a musical background, but in college I showed her a few guitar chords and exposed her to music,” John Garratt said. “She just kinda sniffed it out from there, putting together her first stabs. She figured out what she liked and didn’t like.” Ultimately, however, both said they feel incredibly lucky to be playing music together as husband and wife. “It’s something that we have in common,” Jill Garratt said. “Its something that we’ll always have in common. Who wouldn’t love to play music with their spouse?” Rounding out the rest of the band, Jeannine Hetzler and Kristina Emick add vocals and percussion, while Keith Manecke plays bass. Jill Garratt said she meshes well with fellow vocalist Hetzler. “From the moment she sang on the first song, I knew that I really wanted her to stick with us. She’s just a great, great singer,” Jill Garratt said of Hetzler. “We’ve been good friends for a long time. My kids love her and it’s great to have not only the musical relationship, but the personal friendship as well.” Adding to the amount of time the five bandmates spend together, Heartbreak Orchestra is currently in

Courtesy of Mingo Town Music

Heartbreak Orchestra, a Mingo Town Music artist, is fronted by husband-and-wife duo John and Jill Garratt. the process of recording its second album and, as Jill Garratt said, the experience has been completely different this time around. “Our last album, ‘We Belong Apart,’ was selfrecorded in our basement and — considering we took that approach — it came out OK, but it’s nice having someone else doing the recording,” Jill Garratt said. “Only two songs had drums on the last album. This album, we’re recording with the drummer from (other Mingo Town Music artist) The Wells,so that’s a big change. Also, we probably will only have eight or nine songs on this album. We won’t have 13 like last album.” Jill Garratt said she hopes the album is a bit stronger musically than the last and from what Joseph has heard, he expects that to be the case and even more so. “I heard a couple of the songs and I’m really impressed with where they are at,” Joseph said. “This is going to be a more Heartbreak Orchestra

album, and that’s a good thing. The songs are really great. I’m actually thrilled.” Joseph said he wants others to feel his excitement and hopes to promote the album enough to send Heartbreak Orchestra on a regional tour. “I’ll do everything in my power to get stuff out there,” Joseph said. “You won’t see Heartbreak Orchestra on tour in L.A., but you may see them regionally. We’re going to try to get them out there.” There are currently no tour dates set, nor is there a release date for the upcoming album.


Thursday March 6, 2014

[ spotlight] the dim bulb

Deacon from 10A


Record-breaking 18 people vote in this year’s USG election CORY FRAME Lantern reporter Shattering previous school records, the Undergraduate School Government has announced this year’s election vote count has reached an all-time high. The election, held Spring Semester in order to see who will contribute as much as the average student — just with an official title — reportedly nearly tripled last year’s vote count with 18 submitted votes online. With such an unexpectedly high rate with which the votes were submitted, the official USG website nearly crashed last night because of high traffic. Current USG President Tayler Stump sat down with The Dim Bulb to share his thoughts on the spike in voter turnouts and why having a malfunctioning website is “a good problem to have.” “This means we are finally starting to make changes and increase awareness … of the student body … showing signs of growth … hope for the future … I’m not ready to graduate … Buckeyes,” said Stump about something (we don’t know, we zoned out the interview because we were wondering if Aaron Craft still does Taco Tuesday). One quote we did manage to catch was that Stump said within the next few years, he envisions the total count to rise to somewhere around 50 to 75 votes per election season. While most of the current USG officials seem excited about this year’s improvement, others still seem skeptical. “I don’t think that number appropriately

18 votes? Hah! That’s terrible. I could get more people to vote for which floor has the hottest RA. Dallas Davies first-year in exploration cool kid, Park-Stradley penthouse (satire) represents our student body,” said Melinda Wi-Hu, a third-year in mathematics, who said she did not vote this year. “18 votes? Hah! That’s terrible. I could get more people to vote for which floor has the hottest RA,” said Dallas Davies, first-year studying exploration and cool kid from Park-Stradley penthouse. “What in God’s name is USG? Please don’t waste my time,” said future university president, rapper Drake. Voting ended at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, but it doesn’t matter. It could be open forever and still nobody else would vote. At press time, it was reported that although USG received the most votes in school’s history, the new president and vice president could not be determined because of a 6-way tie. Apparently each slate voted for itself 3 times each.

Courtesy of Shawn Brackbill

Electronic musician Dan Deacon is set to play Rumba Café March 11.

definitely a dance party … We get it while it’s hot and up-and-coming.” Although Deacon’s most recent full-length album is 2012’s “America,” the composer said he will mostly perform newer, unreleased songs made after that record on his current tour. In the last year, he said he has been writing material for a new release. The new music is still a work in progress. Deacon said a consideration for his new material regards how much acoustic instrumentation he wants to substitute for electronic — such as having acoustic drums as opposed to synthetic drums. “All of the material is written, and since it’s largely electronic, for lack of a better term, it’s recorded — it’s there,” Deacon said. “I kind of think with this record, I do want to keep it more electronic-focused because I’ve been so fixated on acoustic instruments for awhile that I’m sort of having a renewed interest in the synthetic timbres (that) for a while I was replacing.” Deacon said his modern career took off when he “fell in love” with being a touring musician during his college years, while studying composition at State University of New York Purchase College. The first encounter with music that started it all occurred at a much younger age, though. “I played the trombone in the fourth grade,” Deacon laughs. “From there, it was unstoppable.” Rumba Café is located at 2507 Summit St., with the show set to start at 8 p.m. Damn the Witch Siren is scheduled to open. Tickets are $13, and can be purchased online at or in the campus area at Used Kids Records, located at 1980 N. High St.

The Eagles take flight at Nationwide Arena Classic rock band The Eagles performs at Nationwide Arena March 5.

This is part of a series called “The Dim Bulb.” It is a weekly dose of satire, intended to poke fun at the university and affiliates. The contents of these articles are not factual and are not meant to be taken seriously.

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Thursday March 6, 2014


Thursday March 6, 2014


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