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End of the road

ritika shah / Asst. photo editor

Junior center Trey McDonald (55) covers his face as he sits on the side of the court following the game. OSU lost to Dayton, 60-59, at First Niagara Center March 20.

eric seger Sports editor BUFFALO, N.Y. — Just when you thought the Buckeyes had it, they didn’t. Up and down, at some points energized and others lethargic against No. 11-seed Dayton, the No. 6-seed Ohio State men’s basketball team found themselves in the driver’s seat with 17 seconds left in a second round matchup of the NCAA Tournament. Team leader and senior guard Aaron Craft had just — as he so often has throughout his career — somehow contorted his body around a defender in the lane and flicked his left wrist to score and give his team a 59-58 lead. “(Dayton had) been playing me to my right hand all game, so (I) went back to my left, saw an opening. Just tried to get it up on the glass and it went in for me,” Craft said after the game. Then, after a timeout by the Flyers and a tough leaner in the lane by redshirt-senior guard Vee Sanford later, Craft had one last-ditch effort to save his team again. But as his shot fell to the floor at the First Niagara Center and the buzzer sounded, reality began to set in. The Buckeyes — and coach Thad Matta — wouldn’t be going to the Sweet Sixteen as they had the past four consecutive years. “If you don’t write that article on the last play of the game, you don’t know basketball,” Matta said in the locker room after his team’s 60-59 loss to the Flyers. “Guy hit a tough shot, that’s college basketball. We get a shot, it doesn’t go in.” “I didn’t shoot it hard enough. And that’s how our season’s gone,” Craft said. “We’ve been right there, 10 times. And this is just another one of those … we were right there and couldn’t do it.” The Buckeyes (25-10, 12-9) tallied the first five points of the game against the Flyers (24-10, 11-7), but found themselves trailing, 21-15, five seconds after the midway point in the first half. Dayton — like many others have before them while playing OSU this year — came with more energy to earn a 33-30 advantage at halftime. Just as they did against Purdue and Nebraska last week in the Big Ten Tournament, the Buckeyes sleepwalked their way through parts of the game Thursday. Only this time, they couldn’t get over the hump. “That has kind of been the deal. You saw when we went on the 10-0 run, what got us our points was our defense and as I’ve said all, all from day one, this is a team that puts a lot of pressure on our defense every single possession,” Matta said. “It’s one of those where we’d have spurts where we’d get in some flows, but it wasn’t enough.” The lead changed hands nine times in the game’s final 10:23, but ultimately it was the team with less NCAA Tournament experience — Dayton’s roster had played in a combined four NCAA Tournament games prior to Thursday, combined to 22 for OSU’s — that prevailed. “At this part of the season, you would think that we would know what to do in those types of situations,” junior forward LaQuinton Ross said of the late-game swings. “Especially being here before, in the NCAA Tournament, you would think that they knew and unfortunately that didn’t happen for us.” Ross — OSU’s leading scorer on the season — finished with just 10 points, five below his average. Junior forward Sam Thompson led the way with a game-high 18 for OSU, while Craft finished with 16 in his final game in the Scarlet and Gray.

ritika shah / Asst. photo editor

Coach Thad Matta directs his players on the court. OSU lost to Dayton, 60-59, at First Niagara Center March 20. “It’s a bitter feeling. You don’t want to send your seniors out on a note like this,” Thompson said. “But I love them to death, I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors and they’ll go down as having two of the best careers that Ohio State has ever seen.” OSU’s other senior guard, Lenzelle Smith Jr., continued his recent tough stretch of games against the Flyers, scoring just six points. Smith Jr. failed to score in double figures in his last five games as a Buckeye. “This is definitely hard, I just — for the type of career me and Aaron had, it hurts that much more to end it like this,” Smith Jr. said after the loss. “It caps it off, this is not a showing of what we have done for four years and it sucks.” It is clear something was off this entire season for OSU, even with it rising as high as No. 3 in the rankings early in the year. But that was before Big Ten play began, and the Buckeyes finished with only 10 conference wins in the regular season — the first time they’ve done that since 2008-09. “If anything, we’ll look at this and put ourselves in positions of understanding what it takes to win on a consistent basis,” Matta said. “It’s not just putting on a uniform that says Ohio State, it’s about going out and getting the job done.”

ritika shah / Asst. photo editor

Senior guard Aaron Craft (4) caries the ball down the court in a game against Dayton. OSU lost, 60-59, at First Niagara Center March 20.

ritika shah / Asst. photo editor

Junior forward LaQuinton Ross (10) attempts to push past a Dayton defender. OSU lost to Dayton, 60-59, at First Niagara Center March 20.



Taylor Stepp: ‘This is how I’ve chosen to spend my college years’ MATT HOMAN Lantern reporter Undergraduate Student Government President Taylor Stepp will be the first to tell you he has not had a normal college experience. But how can one student’s version of normal compare to another’s? “I actually sat down and did the math one day. By the time I graduate, I will have been USG president longer than I’ve been just a student at Ohio State,” Stepp said. Yeah, that is not exactly normal. A fourth-year in public affairs, Stepp is coming to the close of his second consecutive year in office. Before Stepp, only four people had ever served as USG president at OSU twice. During an inauguration ceremony on March 26, the fourth member of that exclusive group is set to pass control of the administration to Celia Wright and Leah Lacure, winners of the USG election held earlier in the month. The Lantern had a chance to sit down with Stepp for a conversation about the significance of his administration, his plans after graduation and his regrets. On how the role of USG has changed during his time “One of the reasons I first ran was because we were not doing enough in student government. Once I got inside the system, I found out that we were minimizing ourselves … We have a responsibility to take care of 51,000 kids and I take that responsibility very seriously. I talk about it on Twitter and I say #bigthings, it’s serious though. We wanted to take student government and what it did and elevate it. And I think we accomplished that. And I like that fact the once I’m done here, I can

walk away knowing that what we said we were gonna do, we got done, if not more. That’s gonna set up Leah and Celia for a great time. When people say, ‘What does USG do?’ … I’m not offended by it. I see it as a challenge, because we need to make USG relevant to them … The way that I look at it is, we’re not a student government. We’re a governing body that happens to be of students and we take ourselves professionally in that regard.” On the challenges of beginning his first term “The main thing that people wrote me off on is that I had too lofty of goals. If you talk to (the USG president) or anyone else who was on the campaign at the time, they would say they don’t think I was going to get done what I said I was gonna get done. My opponents in the election said the same thing at the time. The thing is I’m a huge nerd, and I wrote the whole platform. So I knew the ins and outs of everything, I knew exactly what I was gonna do and how I was gonna do it. I knew it would be a challenge to get things done; I thought we could do it, but I knew it would be a huge challenge.”

SHELBY LUM / Photo editor

On his proudest accomplishments as USG President “When we helped get joint jurisdiction (between Columbus and OSU police) passed in 2012, people downtown regard that as one of the biggest moves in Columbus in the last couple years. When we had the deputy police chief from Columbus at OSU recently he said that was a game changer. Student safety has risen dramatically, crime went down by I believe 25 percent after that. Student government made an announcement live on television all over the state on three different channels and had a front-page article in The (Columbus) Dispatch. I don’t know of any other student governments that do that … Other people in the Big Ten look at

USG President Taylor Stepp poses for a photo in the USG office. Stepp is nearly done with his second consecutive year in office. us and say, ‘Who are you people?’ and, well of course I have to say we’re from the Ohio State University.” The joint jurisdiction agreement, signed September 2012, allows University Police to take action against felonies or misdemeanor thefts or violent offenses officers observe off-campus, as long as officers are on campus or traveling to or from campus while they observe the incident. “That paired with the semester appeals board … My chief of staff last year would not have graduated if not for the semester appeals board. It doesn’t get talked

about enough. We told the university there needed to be something like this in place so individual students didn’t slip through the cracks (during the quarter-semester conversion) and wind up graduating late.” OSU converted to a semester system from quarters in 2012. “And I think the affordability initiative, which has been my real project recently, isn’t getting talked about enough here but it’s receiving national coverage. It is

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21-year-old Ohio State student dies LIZ YOUNG AND KAYLA BYLER Campus editor and Managing editor of design and

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An Ohio State student died Wednesday at a residence in Buckeye Village. John Boyd Mitchell, age 21, died at 6:10 p.m. The cause and manner of death was suicide due to hanging, Franklin County Coroner’s Office case secretary Ashley Emmert said Thursday. University Police Chief Paul Denton said in an

email Thursday afternoon the investigation was still open. Mitchell was from Athens, Ohio, according to a University Police report. A relative of Mitchell declined to comment Thursday. Student Life spokeswoman Kellie Uhrig sent an OSU statement in an email to The Lantern Thursday evening. “We are deeply saddened by the death of Ohio State student John Mitchell. Our thoughts and hearts go out to his family and

friends and others who have been affected by this tragic situation,” the statement said. “Professional staff from Student Life’s Counseling and Consultation Service and Student Advocacy Center are available to help students needing assistance.” Anyone with concerns about friends or family or who have thoughts of suicide is encouraged to contact the OSU Counseling and Consultation Service at 614-2925766 or the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 614-221-5445.


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Friday March 21, 2014

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Stepp from 1A a benchmark for students across the country. Andy McCracken, who is from the National Campus Leadership Council, which is like the national conglomerate for student governments, has told me that they’re using USG’s affordability initiative … to push higher education affordability reform across the United States. I mean, that’s huge.” A November press release from USG defined the Affordability Initiative as a “holistic, proactive approach to combat the problem of student debt and improve college affordability at Ohio State.” The initiative is based on findings of the Commission to Rethink Access, a USG committee that researched ways to make OSU more affordable. Some recommendations of the initiative were for OSU to supply information about expected cost increases, provide undergraduates universal access to financial coaches and remove the credit hour cap, which currently charges undergraduate students extra – about $455 for Ohio residents and about $1,109 per additional credit hour – for taking more than 18 credit hours, according to a USG release. On his biggest regret “I wish I would have spent more time on my personal life … I worked myself to death. I mean … I had my last senate meeting (Wednesday). I’ve been to every single senate meeting, barring a few absences, since like September of my freshman year. I’ve had a very different college experience than most kids. I’ve had a great one, but … there was a period in late October of last year I had 180 meetings in two weeks to recruit kids on my campaign. One hundred eighty meetings. I didn’t have a life. I almost had a breakdown a year ago. I was already president, I was gearing up to run for re-election, I had all these other relationships and things on my plate, and I remember sitting in (my office) with (my VP last year) and I was like ‘I need something else in my life.’ And that’s why I joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon and that has made me so much happier of a person.” On his biggest influences “The person who got me through (the tough personal times) even if he doesn’t know it, was Gordon Gee … He explained to me how he let his job overshadow his personal life, and I really needed to hear that, it resonated with me and I’m a lot better off now. I learned to say no to people or meetings. I learned to delegate more, I learned to make sure to spend time to hang out with my friends. “(Former USG President) Micah Kamrass was

another big help. Kamrass was, and still is in a lot of ways, my role model. Day one of being here, I saw him speak at convocation and I was just like, ‘This guy is the coolest guy ever.’ Micah has always been kind to me. When I was a freshman who had some crazy ideas about some things, he was always there to make sure I got in touch with whoever I needed to get in touch with. We’re peers now, which is cool for me. He has a lot of skills I don’t have and I’ve learned so much from him over the years.” Kamrass, who served as USG President during the 2010-11 academic year, is now an OSU law student. He said Stepp is a president who “definitely has the right priorities.” “(Stepp) deserves a lot of praise for his focus on the affordability initiative,” Kamrass said Wednesday. “Cost is the most important issue to students right now.” What’s next Stepp is set to graduate this spring and said he is in the process of finding a job. “I’m in talks with two companies right now, and I don’t want to jinx myself or anything, but it’s looking like I will be employed after I graduate, so I’m thankful for that.” A future political career is a possibility Stepp has considered, but at the moment he is looking forward to having a little free time — something he isn’t used to from sitting in on meetings on all different topics. “You cannot imagine the intricacies of campus parking that I know about,” Stepp said with a smile. “I’ve sat through so many meetings, but this is how I’ve chosen to spend my college years.” Stepp added that during his last weeks at OSU, he wants to try to be a normal guy. “I just wanna hang out with friends and go to Too’s (Spirits Under High) Tuesday,” he said. So, as the time comes for him to pack up his office in the Ohio Union and hand the reigns to the next group of student leaders, only one question remains. Why on earth would anyone put so much of himself into USG? “It’s because I care,” Stepp said. “If you look back and see every year, who was president and what they did, you’ll be able to tell who wanted it for themselves and who wanted to get things done. I think people will look at me and say I got things done, and I’m satisfied with that. And when I say ‘I,’ I mean ‘we’ got things done. It’s a team of over 300 students working together to solve problems.”

Geology rocks Joel Main, a graduate student in geology, polishes rocks behind Orton Hall in order to see their structures.

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Friday March 21, 2014


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Friday March 21, 2014



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DJ to open for Demi Lovato in Columbus

song of the moment

leah alexander Lantern reporter

kristen Mitchell, editor-in-chief “#SELFIE” The Chainsmokers caitlin essig, Managing editor, content “Like A Wrecking Ball” Eric Church kayla Byler, Managing editor, design “Bruises” Chairlift Michele Theodore, copy chief “Pacing the Cage” Paper Rival liz young, campus editor “Chocolate” The 1975 eric Seger, Sports editor “Dark Horse (feat. Juicy J)” Katy Perry daniel rogers, Asst. Sports editor “The Body of an American” The Pogues danielle Seamon, Arts editor “What I Like” Charli XCX Matthew lovett, Asst. Arts editor “Lite Dream” Diarrhea Planet Madison curtis, design editor “Not a Bad Thing” Justin Timberlake Shelby lum, Photo editor “Hey” Pixies ritika Shah, Asst. Photo editor “Happy” Pharrell kaily cunningham, Multimedia editor “Bohemian Rhapsody” Queen

At 17 years old, Cole Plante has performed at Lollapalooza and is currently on tour with Demi Lovato — ­ a far cry from what most high school-aged kids are up to. Growing up playing the piano, guitar, bass and trombone, Plante has been influenced by music since an early age. “Music, in general, has always been a huge passion of mine,” Plante said. An electronic musician and DJ, Plante is currently performing in support of Demi Lovato on her Neon Lights Tour, which is set to come to Nationwide Arena Saturday. The Los Angeles-born Plante has released singles on his own and in collaboration with other artists. His most recent hit, “Lie To Me,” featuring Myon, Shane 54 and Koko LaRoo, reached No. 1 on the Billboard Dance Charts in January. Plante said his father played a large role in his decision to become a DJ. “My dad used to DJ in the early 2000s … He is definitely what inspired me to try and go after it,” Plante said. Plante said he began producing music when he was 13 years old. “I started producing on (the) computer. I messed around on my computer and played around with a mini-keyboard, trying out different sounds and playing different percussion notes,” Plante said. His first performance as a DJ was three years ago, when he was 14. “Right after that first show, I knew that this was something that I wanted to pursue for a very long time,” Plante said. Over the course of his career, film composers such as Joseph Trapanese, Alex Wurman and John Swihart have influenced Plante. Alternative and rock bands, such as Arctic Monkeys, are also where Plante gets some of his inspiration for his sounds, he said. “Contrary to a lot of beliefs that electronic artists listen to electronic artists, I am heavily influenced by (all of) the artists I listen to,” Plante said. Although he focuses on the “electronic crowd,” Plante said his goal is to produce music for many different age groups. “I try to cater to as many people as possible, especially people my age because we are the future of the scene,” Plante said. A major part of the electronic dance music scene is the large music festivals established around the genre, Plante said. “You have these major festivals that kind of bring all the fans together into one place, and it’s only a good time and only good vibes,” Plante said. Plante said one of his greatest memories of his career was his chance to play at

Aaron Craft screws up his own bracket cory frame Lantern reporter

show of the moment kristen: “The Walking Dead” caitlin: “House of Cards”

liz: “The Office” eric: “Game of Thrones” daniel: “True Detective” danielle: “The Following” Matthew: “Archer” Madison: “Greek” Shelby: “Treehouse Masters” ritika: “New Girl” kaily: “Criminal Minds” chelsea: “Homeland” kathleen: “The Walking Dead”

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kathleen Martini, oller reporter “Who Needs You” The Orwells

Michele: “Adventure Time”

Lollapalooza last spring. Lollapalooza is an alternative and rock music festival that takes place in Chicago every summer. “It was a great experience. I was able to play with a lot of people I really look up to, like, The Killers, Nine Inch Nails, Two Door Cinema Club … all these different people, and I was able to say ‘Wow, I played the same set as them,’” Plante said. Some students at Ohio State are planning to attend the Demi Lovato concert. Chandler Austin, a second-year in marketing, said she is eager to hear Plante’s music. “I’ve only heard one Cole Plante song, and I loved it. It was full of energy,

the dim bulb

chelsea Spears, Asst. Multimedia editor “Semi-Charmed Life” Third Eye Blind

kayla: “Parenthood”

Courtesy of Kelly Goldberg

DJ Cole Plante is set to open for Demi Lovato March 22 at Nationwide Arena.

ritika Shah / Asst. photo editor

Senior guard Aaron Craft (4) jumps for a layup. University of Dayton defeated OSU in the first round of the NCAA Tournament March 20, 60-59.

After missing the potentially gamewinning shot Thursday against the Dayton Flyers, it has been revealed that Aaron Craft is directly responsible for screwing up his own NCAA March Madness 2014 bracket. Craft, starting power point for the Ohio State Buckeyes, reportedly placed a bet that OSU would easily defeat Dayton and move past the second round into the Sweet 16, at least. Sources also claim that not only has Craft completely botched his own bracket, but also millions of participants’ brackets that also believed the Buckeyes would easily defeat the Flyers.

After the game, Craft sat down with The Dim Bulb for an exclusive interview, explaining how upset he was now that his bracket “can’t possibly win him any money.” “Right after I tossed up that shot in the last seconds, I knew it wasn’t going in,” Craft said. “You could immediately tell on my face how sad I was that I wasn’t going to win Warren Buffett’s Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge.” Craft continued to say that not only was he upset that it was completely his fault for not completing a perfect bracket, a feat that requires astronomical odds, but he also made bets with his roommates that he now has to pay up. “I bet all of my roommates $50 that I’d make it to the Final Four,” continued Craft.

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‘Indie-pop’ band Miniature Tigers to prowl Columbus stage nick roll Lantern reporter After wrapping up its performance at South by Southwest, indie-pop band Miniature Tigers is taking to the Midwest. Composed of guitarist and singer Charlie Brand, keyboardist Rick Schaier, guitarist Algernon Quashie and bassist Brandon Lee, Miniature Tigers is set to bring its sound to The Basement Sunday in promotion of its fourth album “Cruel Runnings,” set for release May 27. The Brooklyn-based band started to take shape after Brand and Schaier connected over MySpace by being interested in similar music. Although listed as alternative on the Facebook page, and described as “indie-pop” by “Rolling Stone,” Brand said the band’s sound, like his musical influences, is always changing. “We experiment a lot with our sound, so it’s kind of hard to pin it to one thing,” Brand said. “Personally, I think it’s (my musical influences)

always changing. Like growing up it was Weezer and Nirvana, and right now it’s probably like Kanye.” “Cruel Runnings” follows up “Tell It to the Volcano” (2008), “Fortress” (2010) and “Mia Pharaoh” (2012). According to Miniature Tigers’ biography, the new album is “something halfway between nostalgia and the ecstatic now, an album that yearns for the recent past while staring open-hearted at what the present dares to bring. Songs about swimming pools remembered on sticky summer nights, lovers meeting at discotheques, streets where you used to live.” “Cruel Runnings” was recorded in Jamaica and produced by Chris Zane, who has also worked with Passion Pit and The Walkmen. Recording in Jamaica with Zane was a great experience for the band, Brand said. “The opportunity (to go to Jamaica) came up, and we just said, ‘Why not?’ and Zane brought a lot of ideas to the table. He was able to take the songs in the right direction, exactly where we wanted to go,” Brand said. The band last played in Columbus while touring

with fun. in 2012 at the Lifestyle Communities Pavillion, Marissa Luther, marketing director for Promowest Productions, said. “They haven’t played (in Columbus) in a couple years, and we like to bring bands back when they have a new album coming out, or when they’re on the festival circuit,” Luther said. Some Ohio State students are fans of Miniature Tigers. “I just really like their music because they’re fun and interesting, and the songs are rather narrative and you can figure out the story. And some songs are just goofy and funny,” said Chelsea Hothem, a first-year in evolution and ecology. The band has been going for a matter of years now, and has matured along the way, Brand said. “I think we’ve just kind of grown as people and as performers, and I mean it’s been six years so we’ve learned a lot,” Brand said. The Basement is located at 391 Neil Ave. Tickets are $10 in advance, and $12 the day of the show. Doors open at 7 p.m., with Total Slacker and Flashlights set to open.

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Courtesy of Miniature Tigers

Rick Schaier (left), Algernon Quashie, Brandon Lee and Charlie Brand of indie-pop band Miniature Tigers, which is set to perform March 23 at 7 p.m. at The Basement.


[ a +e ] Student films showcased in fest Michael Huson For The Lantern Some student filmmakers of Ohio State made their big screen debut for a packed crowd during a student-run film festival at the Gateway Film Center. The 2014 Student Film Fest @ OSU, which was held Wednesday at the Gateway Film Center, was the first film festival presented by students and was a collaboration of Ohio State’s Film and Video Society, Mosaic Magazine and Mad Royal Film Society. Festival coordinator Adam Skov, president of the Film and Video Society and a third-year in international business, described the event as “a meeting point for the filmmakers of Ohio State — one night, all the filmmakers we can get in one space to celebrate what they’ve done and showcase their creativity.” The festival showcased 10 student-made short videos, which included themes ranging from comedy and melodrama to social commentary, with the intention of providing students a venue to share their work with each other and the community. The top filmmakers were also rewarded for their works. First place was awarded a $100 gift card, second place was awarded a $75 gift card, third place was awarded a $50 gift card and the winner of the Audience Award, which was voted upon by audience members, was a $25 gift card. Shorts were selected from a pool of 29 submissions and judged by OSU film studies program coordinator Matt Swift, local video filmmaker Nicolette Swift and artist Matt Yoho. In addition to an audience award, Amazon gift cards were awarded to the top three video shorts. Shorts were shown in succession in a single auditorium at the Gateway — a venue provided for free by Gateway Film Center, said Diane Kollman, editor-in-chief of Mosaic Magazine and a third-year in English and psychology. “Students who make a film don’t really have the opportunity to showcase it anywhere,” Kollman said. “So we really wanted to have a larger venue to do that, so they can actually get recognition for the work and the chance to see what other people are doing.” Skov said he noticed only a few open seats in theater and felt the event went well, after receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from audience members and directors. “My main hope was just that people would come and have a good time watching other people’s films,” he said. “And get a chance to see something you wouldn’t normally see at the Gateway.” Stephen Belden, director of “The Interrogation” and third-year in film studies, said the festival was a great opportunity for OSU students and filmmakers. “The event is awesome,” he said. “We make these videos for our classes and for fun all the time, and we never get to see them on a giant screen. That’s what every person wants to see: their movie up on the big screen.” The event culminated with the awards ceremony, in which director David Johnson’s “Still City” won third prize, Belden’s “The Interrogation” was runner-up and “Mourning in Red” took home not only first prize, but also the audience award. “Mourning in Red,” a short about love lost, was written and directed

Cole from 4A so I’m sure he’ll be a great addition to Demi’s show,” Austin said. Megan Logsdon, a second-year studying fashion and retail studies, hasn’t heard of Plante but enjoys listening to electronic dance music. “Electronic music is something I’m into and it would definitely be worth checking out some of his stuff,” Logsdon said. Plante plans on continuing to

produce music and DJ in the future while also pursuing other aspects of the music industry. “I dream (of) playing all the festivals across the world, like Ultra, EDC, Tomorrowland … definitely touring those festivals and also doing film scores,” Plante said. Doors for Saturday’s concert are set to open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased on Ticketmaster, starting at $20 each.

Courtesy of Adam Skov

A screenshot from ‘Finding Fuzzy’ by Lew Holder, which was shown in the 2014 Student Film Fest @ OSU March 19.

Courtesy of Adam Skov

A screenshot from ‘Red’ by Stephen Belden, which was shown in the 2014 Student Film Fest @ OSU March 19.

Bracket from 4A “Looks I’ll be paying for our Taco Tuesday for a while. Shucks.” Despite letting himself and everybody else who planned on OSU winning yesterday’s game down, Craft says defeat was inevitable. “I planned on Florida winning the whole thing, so had we reached the championship, I would’ve completely thrown the game,” he said. When asked how he personally feels about losing to another team from Ohio, Craft says he couldn’t be happier that Dayton is advancing. “People go to Dayton because they can’t get into Ohio State,” explained Craft. “It’s nice that they at least get a chance to know what it feels like to be a Buckeye and actually win an important sporting event.” Craft, who has been one of OSU’s key defensive players, also responded to all of the backlash he

has received about his last game as a career Buckeye. “I still love my Buckeyes. And I always will. It’s just hard for me because I know that all of those drunk, out of shape super-fanatics with two left-feet who are cursing my name could’ve actually made that last shot, had they had the chance.” At press time, it was reported that although Craft missed the last shot of his career as an OSU basketball player, who cares? He is still a great kid and phenomenal athlete who has played his heart out for four years and we all wish him the best with his future. This is part of a series called “The Dim Bulb.” It is a weekly dose of satire, intended to poke fun at the university and affiliates. The contents of these articles are not factual and are not meant to be taken seriously.

Courtesy of Adam Skov

A screenshot from ‘An Open Mind (With No Ideas)’ by Evan Moreland, which was shown in the 2014 Student Film Fest @ OSU March 19. by Emmanuel Ocbazghi, who also goes by Manny Fidel, a fourth-year in film studies. He was awarded $125 in gift cards for his creative work. “I’m just blown away,” he said. “The audience award, honestly, is more important to me than the first place (award) because I want the audience to enjoy themselves.” Fidel said he found out about the festival just before the submission deadline, and had less than two weeks to shoot and edit his short. He said he barely made the midnight deadline, uploading his submission at 11:47 p.m. Skov said he hopes the presenters can continue Student Film Fest @ OSU next year and that the festival becomes an annual event.

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thelantern results Thursday Dayton 60, Mens’s Basketball 59

upcoming friday Synchronized Swimming at US Collegiate National Championships All day @ Oxford, Ohio Fencing at NCAA D1 Championship All day @ Columbus Wrestling at NCAA Championships 11 a.m. @ Oklahoma City, Okla. Men’s Tennis v. Michigan 6 p.m. @ Ann Arbor, Mich. Softball v. Michigan State 4 p.m. @ Columbus Baseball v. Michigan State 6:05 p.m @ Columbus Men’s Lacrosse v. Ballarmine 7 p.m @ Columbus Men’s Gymnastics at Big Ten Championships 7 p.m @ Lincoln, Neb.

Saturday Fencing at NCAA D1 Championship All day @ Columbus Wrestling at NCAA Championships 11 a.m. @ Oklahoma City, Okla. Women’s Gymnastics at Big Ten Championship 12 p.m. @ State College, Pa.

sunday Fencing at NCAA D1 Championship All day @ Columbus Men’s Tennis v. Michigan State noon @ East Lansing, Mich. Women’s Tennis v. Michigan State noon @ East Lansing, Mich. Baseball v. Michigan State 1:05 p.m. @ Columbus Men’s Soccer v. Dayton Dutch Lions 4 p.m. @ Columbus Men’s Volleyball v. Ball State 4 p.m. @ Muncie, Ind. Follow Us


Aaron Craft: ‘I loved my time here’ daniel rodgers Asst. sports editor BUFFALO, N.Y. — As he entered the First Niagara Center locker room, Aaron Craft paused, hunched over a water cooler and tried to collect himself before greeting the media for the last time after a game as an Ohio State Buckeye. Turning to answer questions, Craft made it clear — as with every other game in his career — he did all he could to leave it on the floor. “I tried to,” Craft said. “I tried to.” For the senior guard from Findlay, Ohio — a three-year starter, two-time Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year and three-time Academic All-American — his career was finished in the blink of an eye. “I loved my time here,” Craft said. “Wouldn’t trade it for anything and obviously this year has been unbelievably up and down and different than any other year that we’ve had. It’s made me a better player and it’s made me a better person.” Twenty minutes before joining his teammates in the locker room for the last time, Craft had a chance to repeat his magic — and win the game for the Buckeyes. As time expired, he watched his layup float from his hand, to the backboard, to the front of the rim and, ultimately, out of the basket, ending his tournament, his season and his career. “(I) just tried to get up the floor as quickly as possible,” Craft said in the postgame press conference. “There’s only four seconds left. That’s kind of how our season’s gone. Thought I got it up there high enough, and I obviously didn’t.” The 60-59 loss in the second round against Dayton Thursday wasn’t the first close game in the NCAA Tournament Craft had played in his time at OSU. All four of his career NCAA Tournament losses were by less than five points, something Craft said is what hurts the most. “Lost by nine points total in my four NCAA Tournament losses,” Craft said. “Two points, two points, four points and now one point. So those are all one-possession, two-possession games, and that’s the most frustrating part.” When coach Thad Matta joined his players in the locker room, he didn’t require the same time to gather himself, but was still left at a loss for words to describe Craft’s career. “I honestly don’t know. I can never put into words what he’s meant to my life, to my program, to Ohio State. I think without a doubt, he’s going to go down as one of the greatest players to ever wear the Scarlet and Gray. It’s unfortunate that it ends this way, it’s unfortunate for him that he’s not going to a fourth-straight Sweet Sixteen,” Matta said. But unlike his coach, Craft said it wasn’t the end of a career that hurt the most — but the ending of one last game. “To be honest, I’m more upset we lost the game,” Craft said. “I’m not upset that I don’t get to play for Ohio State again. I’m upset with the way we lost the game. Angry at myself for letting (Dayton redshirt-senior guard Vee Sanford) get a shot over me to his right hand. I’m upset at myself for not making one more play down the stretch. That’s what I’m upset about because that’s what hurts right now.” Matta added, though, that were it not for Craft’s ability and tenacity in his career, the Buckeyes would never have achieved such heights. “I thought he was great,” Matta said. “Just from the standpoint of, we wouldn’t have been in this position had he not been doing the things that he had done to get us here. You look at his career, in my mind, in the 10 years I’ve been at Ohio State, he’s going down as one of the all-time greatest players … Obviously, you don’t like this season to end the way it ends, but just that kid has probably meant more to this program than anybody’s ever meant to this program.” Craft will go down as one of the most successful Buckeyes in program history, finishing his career

Ritika shah / Asst. photo editor

Senior guard Aaron Craft (4) hunches over after his last-second shot failed to fall through the net to end the game. OSU lost to Dayton, 60-59, at First Niagara Center March 20. as the school’s all-time leader in assists and the conference’s leader in steals. He was, along with fellow senior guard Lenzelle Smith Jr., also the fastest player in OSU history to reach the milestone of 100 wins. Matta said Craft’s ability to affect a game, in particular on defense, was something that will be remembered for a long time. “He had such an ability over the course of his four years to change the tide of a basketball game,” Matta said. “I think from that perspective, we’ll have to look all (next) season at changing some things, especially on the defensive end … He won 119 games in his career, just short of 30 a year, and so many of those games he won just by being on the defensive end of it.” But it wasn’t just his on-the-court play where Craft’s influence spread, with both his now-fiancee and roommates becoming minor celebrities in Columbus. With his career done, though, Craft couldn’t say how it was he wished to be remembered at OSU, adding it was up to others to decide. “I have zero thoughts on that right now,” Craft

said. “I’m upset at the way that we played this game and the way that we didn’t take the opportunity and make the most of it. “So that’s for you guys to decide and discuss, but right now, I can’t move past this game yet.” He did say though, he hoped what he’s done in his four years with the Buckeyes has left an impact on the program and the school. “I’ve been given a phenomenal platform and stage since I’ve been here. The worst thing that I’ve tried to avoid is taking that for granted,” Craft said. “Whether that’s diving on the floor or doing whatever I have to do … it amazes me. There’s so many people that go out there that just love to watch the game and to be able to hear and listen to them talk about they like the way I play, I mean that’s … that’s bigger than me being done. Hopefully that … my short time here has made a difference somewhere.” But unlike the player himself, there was zero doubt in Matta’s mind about the legacy of Aaron Craft. “As time marches on, I think that without a doubt, I know this from my perspective, he’s as special as they come.”

Football players battle for positions in spring practice james grega, Jr. Lantern reporter

Mark Batke / For The Lantern

OSU defensive line coach Larry Johnson runs drills with players during spring practice March 20 at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.


Spring is said to be a season of new beginnings, and that is the perfect way to describe the Ohio State football team as it continues through spring practice. Many new faces are gracing the field this spring and some of those might even be called upon right away to suit up on fall Saturdays in Ohio Stadium. Even though players are traditionally grouped together on first and second teams, co-defensive coordinator and safeties coach Chris Ash said no position on defense is set in stone. “They are all competing,” Ash said of his defensive unit. “Whether you are on the first line, second line, it doesn’t matter right now. We just want to see guys compete and see who is going to be consistently doing things the right way.” With sophomore safety Vonn Bell out for the rest of spring practice with an ACL injury, Ash said Bell will need to focus from the sideline. “Right now Vonn has got to take advantage of the mental rep opportunities that he gets and he is doing that so far,” Ash said. “He is still in all of our

meetings, he is getting coached extremely hard in the meetings and he is getting a lot of good mental reps out here at practice.” Stepping in for Bell this spring has been sophomore safety Cam Burrows, who saw limited playing time as a freshman, but was highly recruited out of Trotwood, Ohio. “Cam Burrows has stepped in and has taken advantage of the opportunity and done a great job,” Ash said. “Vonn will be healthy soon and we’re going to have a great competition for those safety positions.” Another position battle has been the logjam at running back, where redshirt-senior Rod Smith and redshirt-sophomores Bri’onte Dunn and Warren Ball are competing with young talent such as sophomore Ezekiel Elliot to see who will replace the void left by Carlos Hyde. Dunn, who redshirted the 2013 season after seeing limited time in 2012, said he is looking forward to the competition. “Everybody is in the mix right now, there is really no depth chart,” Dunn said. “It is really competitive … everybody wants to play for Ohio State University.” Running backs coach Stan Drayton had plenty

continued as Football on 10A

sports Men’s volleyball aims for redemption

Softball ready for B1G play

Zoe ChrYSoChooS Lantern reporter for the Ohio state men’s volleyball team, the stakes are high this weekend. The team is hoping to get out of its four-match slump as it seeks revenge against no. 12 Ball state, which defeated the Buckeyes earlier this season. The Buckeyes are set to travel to Muncie, ind., to take on the Cardinals for the second time this season, this sunday at 4 p.m. The last meeting for the Buckeyes and the Cardinals ended in a 3-1 loss for Osu at st. John arena in february. Coach Pete hanson said the team is preparing for an even harder match against Ball state this weekend. “Ball state is on a roll right now. They are in their home court and they beat us the last match, so this is going to be another tough match for us,” he said. Ball state is currently 15-5 for the season, and just won its eighth consecutive match against harvard on sunday. “it is going to be an uphill battle,” hanson said. The Buckeyes fell to harvard Tuesday, making that their fourth consecutive loss of the season and putting their record at 8-12. redshirt-freshman outside hitter alex Judkins said the most important thing the team is working on in preparation for Ball state is its offense. “We will be doing a lot of serving and passing during practice, after what we saw in our match against harvard,” he said. freshman setter Christy Blough said the main thing the Buckeyes have to work on is teamwork, which has been their focus during practice over the past weeks. “We need to play more as a team for our match against Ball state. We played individually in the beginning during the harvard match and i think that is what really hurt us,” he said. hanson said although the team is starting to improve in certain areas, there are still many aspects of the game that need to become better.

SheLBY LUM / Photo editor

Then-junior catcher Melissa rennie readies herself for a play during a game against Michigan State april 24, 2013, at Buckeye Field. oSU won, 6-3.

niCk deiBeL Lantern reporter

jonaThan MCaLLiSTer / Lantern photographer

redshirt-sophomore outside hitter T.j. read hits the ball during a game against Grand Canyon Feb. 21 at St. john arena. oSU won, 3-0. “We are continuing to work on the same things, which is serve/receive, being strong with our attacking and trying to get better with our block and defense. all phases of the game need to become better. it’s not one big thing that has to improve; it is a little bit of everything,” he said.

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after 26 grueling games on the road against some of the nation’s best teams, the Ohio state softball team is “battle-tested” and ready to begin its Big Ten slate at home. Ohio state (12-14, 0-0) is preparing for its first Big Ten game of the season against Michigan state (7-15, 0-0) friday, also the team’s first home game of the season. The Buckeyes swept a two-game series against Msu in 2013, the last time they met. in its non-conference schedule dating back to feb. 7, Osu has played teams including: no. 2 florida, no. 4 Oregon, no. 17 Tulsa, no. 20 Missouri and no. 24 notre dame, salvaging a 12-14 record. such a difficult non-conference schedule should help the team in the long run, though, coach Kelly Kovach schoenly said. “it’s kind of a whole new season, i think that we’ve been battle-tested as far as we’ve played some very strong competition through the first 26 games, i think that hopefully the pitching that they’ve seen will make them ready for it,” schoenly said. among the Big Ten competition Osu is set to face in the coming weeks include series against no. 5 Michigan, no. 15 nebraska and northwestern who is currently receiving votes for a ranking. “a lot of them have been put in pressure situations that they’ve either come through or they haven’t, but maybe that situation will make them better the next time,” schoenly said.

Junior center fielder Taylor Watkins, who is tied with junior right-fielder Caitlin Conrad for the team-lead in base percentage (.442), leads it in runs scored (20), triples (two) and walks (17), said the Buckeyes will not have a lack of enthusiasm when they take the field against the spartans. “We’re excited, we’re ready to play on our own field and start going through the Big Ten conference and hopefully we get some good wins that we need and compete like we know we can,” Watkins said. Osu’s standout offensive leader this season has been Conrad, who leads Ohio state in nearly every offensive category, including batting average with a .365, five home runs, seven doubles, 18 rBis and a .689 slugging percentage. “so far this season we’ve been struggling a little bit but i think that we’re getting on the path to something good going into the Big Ten,” Conrad said. “i think we’re all figuring out what we need to work on as a team and i think in the long run it’s going to work well for us.” sophomore left-fielder Cammi Prantl said the team has grown as the season has gone on and she expects that to continue moving into its Big Ten schedule. “i think it’ll become easier because our chemistry as a team is coming together more. Everyone on our team wants it for each other, so it’s a big thing to get more games under your belt and to be comfortable around each other,” Prantl said. first pitch in the three-game series against Msu is set for 4 p.m. friday at Buckeye field.

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Unfurnished Rentals

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Unfurnished Rentals

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ROOMMATE WANTED to share very large two bedroom apartment. Convenient location close to campus. $350/month Includes utilities. 4577 Olentangy River Rd. I am a 22 yr old male student. Tony 813-952-7632 $15.80/HOUR, reliable, creative, and fun-loving ABA Therapists needed for high functioning 14 year boy in Worthington. Physical, Speech, Occupational therapy, special education and Psychology majors preferred. Training provided. Hours include BECOME AN EGG DONOR weekends and evenings. Please (Asian egg Donors in high email with your resume and demand!) availability in Spring/Summer/ Help create families, comFall or pensation is 614-840-9060. generous. Seeking reliable, CHILDREN AND Adults with healthy, Disabilities In Need of Help women age 21-30. Call today! (877) 492-7411 Care Providers and ABA Theraor visit pists are wanted to work with www.westcoasteggdonachildren/ young adults with abilities in a family home setting or supported living setting. COLUMBUS POOL MANAGE- Extensive training is provided. MENT is hiring Lifeguards, This job is meaningful, allows Lifeguard Instructors, Pool Man- you to learn intensively and can agers, Service Technicians, and accommodate your class schedSupervisors for the summer. ule. Those in all related fields, $8.25-$15.00/hour. To apply go with ABA interest, or who have a to or call heart for these missions please 740-549-4622 for more informa- apply. Competitive wages and tion. benefits. For more informaDOG WALKER/PET-SITTER tion, call L.I.F.E Inc. at (614) NEEDED for pet care business. 475-5305 or visit us at www. Must be reliable, have transpor- LIFE-INC.NET tation, pass background check, JELLY BEAN Junction Learnand be willing to work in north- ing Centers is hiring teachers for west Columbus. Experience their Bethel, Snouffer, Yearling & with animals is required. Send Refugee Road locations. Please resume to Meaghan at noah- call Brandy at (614) 451-5200 for an interview. HANDY MAN, good in Woodwork and other construction THE OXFORD Schools are work. Decent hourly rate. Call looking for Toddler teachers at their Powell location. Can718-0790. didates should possess: an AsHOUSE CLEANING position. sociates or Bachelor’s degree Must be detail oriented, and in Early Childhood Education/ reliable. Must have car, license Development, an experience in and car ins. $10-12/hr, gas a childcare/Preschool setting, reimbursement. Background be compassionate and nurturcheck. Call Inga 614-327-1235 ing, good customer service leave msg or email skills, the desire to grow prohhhclean.schedules@gmail. fessionally and enjoy working com with children and their families. PART TIME Call Center in the The Oxford Schools offer Short North $10 / Hour plus bo- competitive pay and benefits including paid time off, health nus. 614-495-1410. insurance, and a great place PERSONAL MEDICAL atten- to work. For immediate condant needed in home. Part time, sideration, send your resume mornings and evenings. to lgreen@theoxfordschool. Excellent experience for com today. pre-allied med students. 614-421-2183 UPPER ARLINGTON mom lookPT VET ASSISTANT. Cam- ing for a caring, enthusiastic and pus area Vet clinic. Previous reliable person to care for our experience required. Email sweet and energetic 9-year-old resumes only. manager.chitten- son. He is diagnosed with autism and Dup15q Syndrome. Our son is non-verbal and uses PT/FT KITCHEN help wanted a communication device to com10-40 hours/week. Must be municate. available Saturdays. No experi- This is a part-time position reence necessary. Apply in person quiring some day and evening at 693 North High Street. hours as well as occasional travel. Experience is preferred SIGN SPINNERS and references required. Should you be interested, please $10-$12/hour email me at ryliemcham@aol. Training provided P/T work based on school com for more information. schedule WESTERVILLE AREA family looking for summer childcare Apply online starting the end of May through mid-August. 4-5 days a week with two children ages 11 and STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM Paid 14. Pool and Columbus Zoo Survey Takers needed in Colum- passes included for activities. bus. 100% free to join. Click on Please email Chad at chattjd@ surveys.

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LABORATORY INTERNSHIP available immediately. Please visit our website at and click on the link of job postings/internships for more inforMALE CAREGIVER Dublin pro- mation. fessional to hire PT. Short AM hours. No experience necessary, training provided. 614-296-4207 ER SCRIBE - Seeking Pre Med students or Pre PA to work as ER Scribes.

PHARMACY TECHNICIANS Discount Drug Mart is currently seeking individuals to fill full and part time pharmacy technician positions at our Powell store. Must be willing to work flexibile shifts including weekends and holidays. We offer a competetive starting wage and an excellent benefits package. We are a drug free workplace. Apply in person at 9965 Sawmill Parkway in Powell.

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service ADRIATICO’S PIZZA is looking for qualified applicants to fill part-time server shifts immediately. Apply in person at 265 W 11th Ave. Experience a plus but not required. CLIPPERS BASEBALL Levy Restaurants @ Huntington Park Season Starts April 3 Part Time Positions Available! Applications are accepted at: 330 Huntington Park Lane M-F 10am-4pm 614-255-0008 Enter through double glass doors on Huntington Park Ln, under blue Clippers Hat. Levy Restaurants values workforce diversity. EOE/M/F/D/V

EXPERIENCED (1 yr min.) server needed in University Dining area. Please call 614-294-6783 to set up an interview. MOZART’S CAFE - Looking for part- time/full-time reliable counter help, server help, kitchen help, pastry chef. 4784 N. High Street. Email resume to OSU GOLF CLUB NOW HIRING!!!! positions include: servers,bartenders, half-way house, line cook, and dishwashers. please come to the club at 3605 Tremont Road and fill out an application. STEAK-N-SHAKE restaurants are hiring. Offering great scheduling flexibility, pay rates and potential for advancement. Visit online at for locations or call 614-846-4141 to set up a great interview, today!!!

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THINKING OF A CARRER IN EVENT PLANNING? Great opportunity to put a foot in the door for high end weddings in Columbus area. We are seeking a creative floral stylist, to arrange flowers for weddings for the 2014 wedding season (Spring- Summer). Responsible for unpackaging, accountable for large volumes of flowers, having a discriminating eye for design and arranging centerpieces, bouquets and other wedding arrangements, along with delivery and set up of flowers to various venues around Columbus area. Floral Workshop in Marysville. Applicant must be efficient, independent working. Pay range $10-$12/hr. PT/ Seasonal. Work days Wednesday-Saturday. 614-561-0135.

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Resumé Services 614 - 440 - 7416. EMERGENCY OVERNIGHT!!! RESUMES BY MORNING!!! LAST MINUTE!!! Pricing negotiable. Cash only. LINKEDIN PROFILES, Resumes, Cover Letters With Sizzling Formatting & Descriptive Verbiage. Stellar resumes open doors. Let me help you!! OSU references. Proofreading services also available. Call & Text 469-759-9850.

Typing Services 614 - 440 - 7416. EMERGENCY OVERNIGHT!!! TYPING BY MORNING!!! LAST MINUTE!!! Pricing negotiable. Cash only.

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614 - 440 - 7416. SPELLING TUTOR. HANDWRITING COACH. OSU STUDENT looking for a PUNCTUATION ADVICE. tutor in Econ 2001.01. Start- CAPITALIZATION. ing now. Please contact me at RUN-ON SENTENCES. Pricing negotiable. 210-1095. Cash only. STUDENT TUTORS needed for the 2014-2015 school year for OSU student-athletes. Junior standing and minimum A- in courses you tutor. Available for a minimum of 10 hrs/ wk; must work Sundays and 614 - 440 - 7416. evenings. Courses: Math, SPELLING TUTOR. Chemistry, Physics, Account- HANDWRITING COACH. ing, Economics, Statistics and PUNCTUATION ADVICE. other general courses. $8.65/ CAPITALIZATION. hr. To apply, go to: http://www. RUN-ON SENTENCES. Pricing negotiable. sasso/spec-rel/about.html# Cash only. “QuickLinks” on the right side WRITER of the SASSO page and scroll PROFESSIONAL to “Tutor Application”. Download 48 years. Edit, rewrite, proofthe word doc, fill out and submit read, index, type. Papers, electronically to Ruth Staveley, mss., dissertations. Connie DEAD- 614-866-0725. LINE IS MARCH 27, 2014.

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Help Help Wanted Education Tutors HIRING TEACHERS to work FT/PT with all ages, no nights, weekends or Holidays. Must be 18, have H.S diploma or GED, reliable transportation, good communication skills and attendance. Apply Arlington Childrens Center, 1033 Old Henderson Road, Cols 43220. 614-451-5400

OSU GOLF Club is looking to hire multiple seasonal positions!!! positions are: servers, bartenders,dishwashers, cooks, and half-way house. Please stop by the club and fill out an application.

PRESCHOOL/DAYCARE LOOKING for infants, preschool, school age providers. Also have openings for Full time school age teachers this summer. Staff are responsible for the daily activities that keep our children active and engaged, enjoy working w/ children. Email littlebuckeyelearningcenter@ or call 614-580-5986.

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BUSINESS MUSIC Company BUY/SELL USED pays $50 for every bar/restau- 937-726-4583. rant you sign up. Easy. Email m.marquardt@thecloudcasting. com for more.

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STAGGERING STUDENT loan debt for the next 10 years? Or graduating debt-free? Duh, which would you choose? 310-221-0210.

General Miscellaneous 614 - 440 - 7416. TYPING. MANUSCRIPTS. BOOKS. LEGAL DOCUMENTS. DISSERTATIONS. THESES. Pricing negotiable. Cash only.

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BOOKS: AFTER catastrophic biological warfare, we may not agree on what nature is or what civilization is. WILDERNESS, a COSI IS hiring Marketing science fiction novel, is by Alan Street Team Members!!! Kovski. Available via Amazon Marketing Street Team will represent and promote COSI this summer at local fairs, festivals, and special events. They are responsible for interacting with attendees through verbal communication, hands-on activities, passing out informative materials while creating excitement and a desire to learn. Ideal candidates must be personable with excellent communication skills while being motivated with informing the public about COSI.


BOOKS: STOLEN memories, dangerous dreams, collapsing societies, lost identities, lost souls, engineered life, our world transformed. REMEMBERING THE FUTURE: science fiction stories by Alan Kovski. Available 614 - 440 - 7416. TYPING. via MANUSCRIPTS. BOOKS. LEGAL DOCUMENTS. DISSERTATIONS. THESES. Pricing negotiable. Cash only.

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614 - 440 - 7416. WRAPPING GIFTS. Visit for full job SEWING BUTTONS. descriptions and to apply. WRITING BIOGRAPHIES. COPIES. EARN CASH by ordering shirts Pricing negotiable. for your chapter with College Hill. Cash only. Become a campus Rep today! Contact Ryan at 425-478-7439.

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TOM & Jerry’s - a Full Service Auto Repair Shop. 1701 Kenny Rd. 488-8507. Take $20 off any purchase of $100 or more. Or visit: MULCHING OR Mowing Crew Member in Powell. $9-$11 . Email resume to info@ or call 614.760.0911. SUMMER LANDSCAPING JOBS Help wanted installing sod for busy landscaping company. Get paid every Friday. Reliable transportation a must. Starting pay $10/ hour and increases with experience. Call Jeremiah 614-940-2671

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614 - 440 - 7416. WRITING RESUMES. Biographies. Memoirs. Family histories. Obituaries. Pricing negotiable. Cash only.

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Ohio State has 50,000+ students that you can reach. Call (614)292-2031 for more information.

Call 292-2031 to place your ad or do it online at - Terms of service available at

Crossword Los Angeles Times, Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

Friday March 21, 2014

Across 1 Chess ploy 7 Antique cane topper 11 Home of the N.Y. Rangers 14 Fundraising targets 15 Wrath, in a hymn 16 Scarfed down 17 Annual Christmas party group 19 Small group 20 Brightened, with “up” 21 Bible book 22 “Let it be so!” 24 Thrice due 25 Wetlands protection org. 26 “Driving Miss Daisy” setting 29 Humor that won’t offend 31 Long poem 33 One of two Pauline epistles: Abbr. 34 “__ for Innocent”: Grafton novel 35 Pentecost, e.g., and what can literally be found in this puzzle’s four other longest answers 40 Same old thing 41 “This American Life” host Glass 42 Run 43 Exercised caution 48 Theatergoer’s option

49 Fla. NBA team 50 Maker of “3 Series” cars 53 “Beloved” author Morrison 54 Fromage hue 55 Yay relative 56 Part of a disguise 57 Singer with the debut solo album “Love. Angel. Music. Baby.” 61 Loan letters 62 Lisa’s title 63 Passes 64 Relaxing retreat 65 Against 66 Winning run, perhaps Down 1 Pens for Dickens? 2 Caine title role 3 Civilian garb 4 ASCAP rival 5 Grow 6 Jams 7 Social group 8 Org. co-founded by Gen. George Wingate 9 Knucklehead 10 Happen to 11 Got some attention 12 Flier that may have four lines 13 Prefix with thermal

18 “Right away!” 23 Key abbr. 26 “He makes no friends who never made __”: Tennyson 27 Grass-and-roots layer 28 ‘50s Dem. presidential hopeful 29 Good, in Hebrew 30 Brilliance 31 Effort to equal others 32 Relative of a T-shirt launcher 36 Hill worker 37 Creamy spread 38 Flowing out 39 Tankard contents 40 Tach no. 44 Dark side 45 It’s hard to untangle 46 Fifths on a staff 47 Knifelike ridges 50 Support 51 __ ray 52 Chef’s tool 54 __ B’rith 56 Nintendo’s __ Mini 58 Finished on top 59 Dr.’s specialty 60 Distant


sports OSU lacrosse aims to drop losing streak against Bellarmine BRETT AMADON Lantern reporter Returning home to Columbus might be exactly what the Ohio State men’s lacrosse team needs. Currently on a three-game losing streak, OSU (1-5, 0-0) is set to take on the Bellarmine Knights (4-2, 0-2) in the first of a three-game home stand inside Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium Friday night. Last weekend, the Buckeyes traveled west to Colorado as they took on the No. 5 Denver Pioneers in a rematch of the 2013 ECAC tournament championship game. Despite being tied with the Pioneers at the half, OSU struggled to score late in the game and walked away with the loss, 9-5, its fifth in six games this season. OSU coach Nick Myers said his team has grown from each game, and for them, it’s about making adjustments in order to turn the recent losses into wins. “Our record is what it is, we’ve come up short in some tough games and I think we have learned from some of those situations.” Myers said. “It’s staying the course, obviously cleaning up things that we feel like can be improved upon, developing some of our younger attack guys, and hopefully getting guys back in the lineup sooner rather than later.” Louisville, Ky.-based Bellarmine is a team

Football from 6A of complimentary things to say about Dunn, who ran for 133 yards and two touchdowns as a true freshman in 2012. “We are starting to see the things that Bri’onte already had within himself,” Drayton said. “It’s just a matter of him becoming a student of the game, learning the game and now he is playing it fast.” Elliot, who saw significant time as a freshman last season echoed Dunn’s excitement and said

heading in the same direction as OSU. After starting the season 4-0, the Knights have struggled since entering conference play. Following two close losses at the hands of Michigan and Air Force, Bellarmine dropped to 0-2 in the ECAC, but Myers said the team cannot be taken lightly. “Right now, we are focused on Bellarmine,” Myers said. “It is specific to our conference, our goals, which are tied to qualifying for the conference tournament. Friday is an opportunity to take a step in the right direction.” Senior defenseman Joe Meurer said OSU has to fight in order for it to be where it wants to be come the end of the season. “Right now at this point of the season, we are fighting for our lives,” Meurer said. “Every game, we are going in with the mentality that it is going to be a battle. In our conference, every team has shown that they are capable of beating anyone.” The Buckeyes on the season are averaging about 8.2 goals per game, a number that will need to go up Friday against a Bellarmine team that puts up 10.3 goals per game. Offensively, the Buckeyes have had contributions from all over the field, including junior midfielder Turner Evans and junior attackman Reegan Comeault. Evans is currently leading the team with 10 assists and Comeault, who only scored five points last season, currently has 11 this season. Game time is set for 7 p.m. Friday.

Senior goalie Greg Dutton guards the net during a game against Penn State March 1 at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. OSU lost, 11-8.

despite the competition, there are no ill feelings between the stable of backs. “We compete against each other every day and that just makes us all better,” Elliot said. “We are all brothers, we are here to help each other.” This was made clearly evident during practice when Dunn took a shovel pass from redshirt-freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett and after scampering for around a 40-yard gain, the first person to greet him was Smith, who was not even in during the play.

Drayton was adamant that the running backs will have to step up this season, and he believes they will. “This is the Ohio State University and it’s the next man up,” Drayton said. “I am sure that if you ask Carlos Hyde, he will tell you the same thing. Somebody has to step up and fill the shoes of Carlos Hyde and if it takes more than one guy to do that, I promise you it is going to get done.” Another note to take away from Thursday’s practice was the presence of former Rutgers

RYAN ROBEY / For The Lantern

University and Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano who took in the Buckeye practice. “One thing that stood out to him, you know he has been in the NFL for the last couple years, practices are different in college,” Ash said. “The effort is a little bit better, there’s a little more physicality in the college game than there is in the NFL game. He likes the way that we practice.” OSU is scheduled to take on Navy Aug. 30 at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. Kickoff is set for noon.

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