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thelantern Alum speaks out against WikiLeaks


AllY MAroTTi Lantern reporter


Making a difference

Former OSU linebacker James Laurinaitis has played a major part in the St. Louis Rams’ turnaround.


An information leak can cause quite an uproar. WikiLeaks, an international media organization devoted to revealing classified information from anonymous sources, released a wave of U.S. diplomatic information Sunday that included comments U.S. officials privately made about other world leaders. Larry Sanger, Ohio State alumnus and cofounder of Wikipedia, said the recent leak could sour U.S. foreign relations. Many world leaders share Sanger’s concerns. According to news reports, Franco Frattini, the Italian foreign minister, described the leaks as the “Sept. 11 of world diplomacy.” On Thursday and Friday, Sanger wrote a series of Tweets saying that WikiLeaks is an enemy of the U.S. and should be dealt with accordingly. “I always felt that if I’m in a position to have a positive impact on the world, I feel it’s my duty to do what I can,” Sanger said in a telephone interview with The Lantern Tuesday.

Besides the most recent leak, WikiLeaks released thousands of classified documents in the past year about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. “The very problem with WikiLeaks, in my opinion, is that it’s irresponsibly dangerous,” Sanger said. Officials at WikiLeaks were larry Sanger, not available for comment, Wikipedia cofounder and Sanger said he could not remember ever speaking with Julian Assange, the editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks. Assange is a former hacker. The governments of Sweden, Australia and now the United States are after Assange, Sanger said. “He’s an international outlaw,” Sanger said. “He keeps doing things that directly attack … perfectly legitimate government operations.” Sanger said Assange contends that absolute openness and transparency are necessary components in government.

Sanger does not agree. “There are certain things that, if revealed, would violate the privacy of individuals not associated with the government,” Sanger said. John Mueller, professor of political science and Woody Hayes Chair of National Security Studies at OSU, questioned the impact of the leaks. “There are laws being broken by some people releasing the material, but the question is, why was this a secret in the first place?” Mueller said. Some of the leaked information contained statements government officials made in private. Mueller said that although that might be embarrassing, there hasn’t been an awe-inspiring revelation to come out of the leaks. Still, Mueller said some criticism is justified. “I can see why people are concerned about it,” he said. “Secrecy is not all that compatible with democracy.” Some news organizations, including The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, did not

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Bernanke: We need confidence Fed chairman says low trust from consumers has hampered economy DYlAn TUSSel Lantern reporter

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Find out what gifts you should buy for that special someone this holiday season without breaking the bank.


Alumnus an Ironman triathlete



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Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke said in a meeting on campus Tuesday that although the U.S. economy has been expanding for the past year, low consumer confidence has hampered progress toward solving nationwide unemployment issues. “At the pace of growth that we’re seeing, we’re not growing fast enough to materially reduce the unemployment rate,” Bernanke said Tuesday at a panel conversation on the economy at the Fisher College of Business. “In fact, the 9.6 percent unemployment rate we currently see is about the same as it was when the recession officially ended in June 2009.” Leaders from Ford Motor Co., IBM, Moody-Nolan Inc., Sophisticated Systems and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams participated in the discussion, which was meant to help Bernanke see the job market through the lens of employers. Bernanke received promising news from the co-owner of one Columbusbased company. Jeni Britton Bauer, president of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, said that despite the poor economic climate, many small businesses have been opening in Columbus. She said her company has weathered the storm, hiring more than 50 employees in the past two years and expanding its operations outside Ohio. Central Ohio’s unemployment rate was 8.2 percent in October, much lower than the state average of 9.9 percent, according to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. The national unemployment rate was slightly lower than the state’s, at 9.6 percent. But the economic issues extend beyond the unemployment rate. More than 40 percent of those unemployed have been jobless for six months or longer, Bernanke said. After being unemployed for an extended period of time, it becomes more difficult for someone to find a job. “Particularly with young people — and the unemployment rate among young people is extremely high — this can have a very long-term effect on their employability, on their wages,” Bernanke said. “We may find that the implications for our unemployment rate go well beyond the recovery from this episode.” But employment will not increase substantially if Americans’ perception of the economy does not improve, he said. “Part of the barrier to faster growth and recovery is confidence of households that they will be financially secure, that they can make purchases,” Bernanke said. “With unemployment so high, that confidence is hard to come by.”

AnDY GoTTeSMAn / Multimedia editor

federal reserve Board chairman Ben Bernanke met with business leaders Tuesday at Pfahl Hall in the fisher college of Business.

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Students spread smiles through clowning club JennY foGle Lantern reporter Stethoscopes, pagers and clown noses. Those are some of the tools of the trade for medical students involved with Clowning in Columbus, a club at Ohio State inspired by national groups that use laughter as treatment for hospital patients. “It’s just fun (for patients) to be taken out of themselves for a moment,” said Eileen Mehl, the club’s adviser. “It sort of transports you to another time-space continuum. If you’re talking to someone wearing a red nose and purple hair, it takes you to another place and you can laugh and be silly and forget about your cares for a while.” The group’s members provide entertainment at medical fundraisers, such as the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America walk, hemophilia walks and health fairs in the area, said Allie Effron, a secondyear in medical school and assistant leader of the group. The medical students entertain children by making balloon animals, blowing bubbles, playing games, face painting and acting silly. “One little kid wanted a balloon of himself, he wanted a little person,” Effron said. “We did it and made it for him, and he was so happy when we were able to do it. Just the smile on his face was totally worth it.” The club is based on the work of Dr. Patch Adams — the man known for fusing clowning and medicine — and of the Gesundheit! Institute, the nonprofit group he founded to apply his idea that fun and play can help patients recover. Recently, the Columbus group attended a Halloween party at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

coDY coUSino / Lantern photographer

Maggie Germain (center) and Keith rosenberg (left), both second-year medical students, entertain a small child while dressed up as clowns for the group clowning in columbus, in the oSU Medical center on Tuesday. “It’s a good way to learn how to make a kid laugh and just interact with them,” said Maggie Germain, a second-year in medical school and president of Clowning in Columbus. “We find out what they think is funny so that some day, when we’re working with

patients, we can connect with them in that way and help make their time in the hospital or at the doctor’s office less scary.”

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campus OSU alumnus completes sixth Ironman nicole frie Lantern reporter As if completing law school, raising a family and running more than 20 marathons wasn’t challenging enough, Vince Brockman completed his sixth Ironman triathlon Sunday. Brockman, a 1988 Ohio State Moritz College of Law alumnus, completed his first triathlon in the mid-1980s while he was still in law school. A former cross country runner in high school, he said a friend encouraged him to try it. “The triathlon craze first started in the mid- to late ‘80s, and I was hooked,” Brockman said. A triathlon is a three-stage endurance event beginning with swimming, then cycling and finishing with running. Competitors strive for the fastest overall time, though the distance of the three stages varies depending on the type of triathlon. Though Brockman had participated in sprint triathlons — which generally include a half-mile swim, 13-mile bike and 3.1-mile run — he made an interesting discovery after completing his first Ironman triathlon in 1992. “The longer the race, the better I was compared to my buddies,” he said. Brockman continued to compete in marathons and Ironman triathlons, including two in 1994: the Ironman European Championship in June and the Timex Ironman Canada in September. But in 1997, Brockman took a decade-long hiatus from racing. Between his wife, three children and job at the Scotts Miracle-Gro Co., he didn’t have enough time for long-distance races. Training for triathlons, especially at the Ironman level, is grueling and time-consuming. “If you want to do well, you should be biking 200 to 300 miles per week,” Brockman said, adding that finding time to swim and run is generally easier. Gregory Van Amerongen, president of the OSU Triathlon Club, agreed. “It requires six hours of training per day, at least,” said Van Amerongen, who has completed a half Ironman. “I hope to get to do an Ironman one day but I don’t have time now.” Van Amerongen said he understands how Brockman could be “addicted” to Ironman triathlons. “Once you do one, you’re like, ‘When’s the next one?’” Van Amerongen said. “We call it the bug — the triathlon bug.” And in 2005, after gaining 20 pounds as a result of decreased physical activity, Brockman was bitten again. Around that time, Brockman said, the CEO of Scotts decided he could either cut health care benefits or take a more active approach to helping employees. Subsequently, a medical facility and gym were built for the company’s employees near its headquarters. From November 2005 to January 2007, Brockman used the gym and the help of a physical therapist to shed the weight while working toward another goal. “The Disney Marathon was a ploy to get my kids to support me,” Brockman said.

He decided that if he could do the marathon, which weaves through Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., he could do another Ironman, which he completed in October 2008. “It helps me to have an event to shoot for,” Brockman said. “It’s a great stress relief to work out.” Brockman’s sixth and most recent Ironman triathlon, the Ford Ironman Arizona, took place in Tempe, Ariz. He completed the 2.4-mile swim in an hour and 19 minutes, the 112-mile bike ride in about seven hours, and the 26.2-mile run in about five hours. By comparison, Brockman’s best race was the Ironman in Europe, which he completed in about 11 hours. Though Brockman had a good swim and was “a lot more relaxed” than in the past, he said it was a day that favored strong cyclists — it was raining and hailing on race day. For Brockman, one of the most inspiring moments of the triathlon came during the biking portion. Built for swimming and running, Brockman said the bike ride challenged him and took him longer to complete than he expected. But seeing an amputee riding his bike reminded Brockman of a death in his family and the fragility of life, so he biked with the man for a portion of the ride. “I was so motivated by that,” said Brockman, choking up. “That’s what the Ironman is all about.” Though Brockman is inspired by his competitors, he inspires others as well. “The great thing is my two sons made a pact that they’re going to do a marathon when they’re older,” he said. Brockman said his kids, ages 11, 9 and 4, “get jazzed” about the races. Because his children missed six days of school when they traveled to Arizona with Brockman, he said that he and his wife arranged a project for one of their sons comparing time and distance measurements using the ankle bracelets worn by the competitors. Though his family is supportive, Brockman’s wife joked that this Ironman would be his last. But Brockman has different plans. “I will continue in some fashion,” he said, naming the Ford Ironman Wisconsin and Ironman China as two races he’d like to complete. Brockman is still involved with his alma mater, participating in the Moritz College of Law’s new Short-Term Assistance Registry program, which provides employers with students and 2010 graduates to hire for short-term projects. Lauren Fellure, a fourth-year graduate student studying law and business, has been working with Brockman at Scotts since October. Though Fellure was unaware of Brockman’s Ironman accomplishments, she described him as down-to-earth and easy to talk to. “He’s one of the first people there who approached me,” she said. On Monday, Brockman was already back to work as the executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary of Scotts. But it seems he can’t shake his Ironman routine. Brockman said he went for a quick run during his lunch break. “I only did 3 miles,” he said. “But it felt good.”

Photo courtesy of Vince Brockman

Vince Brockman’s daughter, Hannah, joins him as he crosses the finish line of the 2008 Ford Ironman Florida race.

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Issue 158 Monday In “Author writes of vampires and sex on OSU’s campus,” published Monday, Nov. 29, Glenn Colin’s last name was misspelled “Collin” in the first sentence.

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Club began after med student visited Gesundheit! Throughout the years, the group’s target audience has changed as members and leaders come and go. This year the group is geared toward pediatrics, so most of the events deal with children, Germain said. The medical students try to be silly but simple, wearing crazy clothes, wigs and clown noses. They avoid face paint so they don’t frighten children. “We don’t want to scare them,” Germain said. “Even with just a nose, some kids get scared, and you’ll have to take it off and show them it is not real.” Although the students dress up as clowns, most never aspired to that profession. “We have a few people that come that have had a family member that was a clown and silly things like that, but for the most part, I just think people like the idea of creative caring through clowning,” Germain said. Not only does Clowning in Columbus give students the opportunity to bring laughter into someone’s life, it can also benefit their professional careers.

WikiLeaks from 1A

Wikipedia not related to WikiLeaks, cofounder stressed

Oller Projects Reporter:

Clown from 1A

publish the information provided by WikiLeaks. The New York Times did. “They’ve done something wrong. By essentially giving the WikiLeaks an extremely prominent platform and endorsement … they’ve done something that could be really damaging to the United States,” Sanger said. Throughout the week, Sanger has dealt with the controversy from his Twitter statements. But he hasn’t backed off from the statement and wants to make clear that Wikipedia is not associated with WikiLeaks in any way.

Bernanke from 1A

About 100 students and faculty attended Bauer said it’s important for the government to create an environment in which businesses can develop. “I started my business in the North Market here in Columbus, where it was just me and the ice cream machine and our customers,” Bauer said.

“It gives (students) confidence that they can work with people who are in difficult situations and make them laugh and let them have fun and interact with them in a way that’s beneficial and not as difficult as they might think,” Mehl said. The club began a few years ago at OSU after one of the medical students went to the West Virginia-based Gesundheit! Institute, Mehl said. After returning to OSU, he brought Adams to speak at the college and then started the club. Friday, the group will host an event featuring Dr. Bonnie Gifford, an OSU alumna who was affiliated and did work with Adams’ national organization. The event is open to all medical students and will feature “laughter yoga,” costume selection, character development and ways to connect with patients. Although medical school is time-consuming, Mehl urges students to get involved with groups like Clowning in Columbus. “It opens another avenue to students that they might not have thought of,” she said. “That they might keep a red nose in the pocket of their white coat and that not only can they interact with patients but they can invite their colleagues to do the same.”

A “wiki” is a website that lets Web users edit and create linked pages. WikiLeaks has strayed from that definition, as it can be edited only by WikiLeaks employees. Besides making that distinction, Sanger said he felt obligated to take a stance. “To our cynical world, it’s going to sound a little ridiculous,” Sanger said. “But I really did think of it as my patriotic duty.” Sanger earned his master’s and doctoral degree in philosophy from OSU in 1995 and 2000, respectively. News reports from MCT wire service contributed to this story.

Her business grew with the help of loans and other support from the government, which she said is vital to small businesses. About 100 invited Ohio State students and faculty attended the discussion. Vimala Nandula, a third-year in economics and finance, said it was interesting to hear the perspectives of a wide range of business leaders and see how every business is related. Udit Sekhri, a third-year in finance, said it was encouraging to hear the business people’s optimism about the future of the economy.

“All the CEOs were really confident in the future of the economy,” he said. “That’s important to me because our confidence comes from the confidence of our leaders.” Bauer said success comes in many forms and that students should not let the unemployment rates discourage them. “My grandmother always said, ‘If you can’t find a job, make a job,’” Bauer said. “I was a 22-year-old, pink-haired artist when I started up.”

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Bosnian women outraged over Angelina Jolie film BoriS BABic dpa MCT SARAJEVO — Bosnian war victims maintained pressure on Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, whose directing debut has stirred a huge controversy in the war-torn country, a report said Tuesday. Bakira Hasecic, member of an organization representing women war victims, wrote to Jolie via the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR of which she is a goodwill ambassador and asked for a meeting, the daily Dnevni Avaz said. The film she is currently making has outraged Bosnian Muslims because it reportedly tells a story of love between a Muslim women and a Serb soldier who raped her. The 1992-95 war in Bosnia pitted the Belgrade-backed Serbs against Muslims and

Croats. The conflict was marked by atrocities, including the organized rape of women. Rape victims say the idea of a rape victim falling in love with a rapist is preposterous. Pushed by the women war victims group, Bosnia’s culture ministry at one point revoked Jolie’s film permit, but reversed the move a few days later. The protests forced Jolie to shoot much of the film in Hungary. The shooting has now been completed but no date has been set for the release of the still untitled film. Jolie insisted that she has no intention of hurting the war victims and urged opponents of her film to see it before protesting against it. The actress, who has been a UNHCR goodwill ambassador since 2001, did not say whether she would meet representatives of the Bosnian women’s organization, Avaz said.

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student voice Rape, and its tolerance, no laughing matter One woman in six says she has been raped, and the problem won’t end until men take a stand to end sexual assault LANTERN Columnist

So I took this test the other day and I totally raped it. Do you see anything strange about that sentence? Is there something about it that rubs you the wrong way? For most of you, I’d say apparently not. It seems that most of my peers see nothing wrong with equating doing well on a test with a brutal crime that has been committed against one in six American women, according to the Rape, DOROTHY POWELL Abuse and Incest National Network. One in six women. The use of the word rape in that manner in just a symptom of a larger disease. Our culture has somehow not managed to grasp that rape is unacceptable. Although we might prosecute rape offenders, only about 6 percent of rapists will ever be jailed for their crimes, according to RAINN. And though police investigate rapes, there are hundreds of thousands of rape kits across the country that sit on shelves because there is no money or time or staff to complete them. Until 1993, there were laws in parts of the country that let men rape their wives, yet there are still college kids out there who don’t think about that when they equate the horrors of rape to doing well on a test.

Most of us take basic precautions to avoid burglary. We lock our doors, maybe buy a security system. But, frankly, if a bad guy wants to get into your house badly enough, he will. The same goes for rape.

Why on earth is this still happening? How do we as a society still permit this? The answer is in the way we look at rape. We can all agree that rape is horrific. But the onus is, and pretty much always has been, on women to protect themselves. We tell women not to walk alone at night, not to wear revealing clothing, not to leave drinks unattended, not to be alone with strange men. All sound advice, to be sure. But if a rapist wants to rape, he (or she) will. Period. Think of it this way. Most of us take basic precautions to avoid burglary. We lock our doors, maybe buy a security system. But, frankly, if a bad guy wants to get into your house badly enough, he will. The same goes for rape. I can take all the precautions listed above, and more, and if someone wants to rape me badly enough, then none

of it matters. I cannot stop it. I can take reasonable steps to avoid it but I cannot keep someone from raping me. The responsibility to stop rape falls squarely on the shoulders of men (or rather, potential rapists. Although women can be and are rapists, the majority are men). At a certain point, the men of this country, and of the world, need to stand up and say “enough.” There is no reason to commit rape. There is not a single reason to excuse it. And we, as a society, need to teach our children that. We need to make it clear that rape is a horrible, inexcusable crime. We need to teach our children that the best way, the only way, to stop rape is for people not to rape. There are plenty of people who will say that sometimes women are just asking for it. That men can’t help themselves, that they just have to rape. That if a girl was wearing a tight shirt or a short skirt, the man just couldn’t control himself. How are men not insulted by this? That reasoning says men are animals, unable to control their instincts. If someone told me that I’m incapable of controlling myself, that, given the right provocation, I’ll just have to irreparably hurt someone, I would be furious. It’s an absolutely ridiculous idea that human beings, as far as we have come from our cave-dwelling days, are incapable of acting humanely. There are no circumstances in which a woman “asks” to be raped. There are no circumstances in which it’s acceptable to rape. Until we start teaching this to our children, and until this message sinks in, we will still hear reports of rape on the news. We as a society must rise above the excuses and end this. Because no woman deserves to be that one in six.

Are struggling Wolverines sobering up Buckeye fans? GUEST Columnist

The history of the Ohio State versus Michigan football rivalry is one of epic proportions. And what is a game at Ohio Stadium without some alcohol? On Nov. 18, 2006, the Buckeyes were ranked No. 1 and the Wolverines No. 2, the first time the teams went into the game atop the national rankings. The game drew Buckeye-loving fans and alcoholloving fans. The head coach of the Wolverines was still Lloyd Carr, and BETHANY BRAKEMEYER the game was very close. In the end, the Bucks pulled ahead with a 42-39 win. In the stands, crowds went wild. According to OSU Police reports, 188 people were arrested or cited for open-container or other alcohol violations at tailgate parties that year. Of those 188, seven were OSU students. Two years later, when the rival teams met again at Ohio Stadium on Nov. 22, 2008, there was a new Wolverines coach, Rich Rodriguez, and the rivalry was not a good match. The Bucks were ranked No. 10, and the Wolverines were not even ranked. Without much question, the Bucks won 42-7. The crowd was still unruly — they didn’t know what to expect from the new coach — and the rivalry still strong, despite the mismatch. There were 83 arrests or citations for alcohol-related charges. Only two OSU students were arrested or cited. This year’s game drew a typical crowd, and with Rodriguez still as head coach of the Wolverines, and no ranking, the alcohol-loving crowds seem to be dying out. There were only 28 arrests or citations Saturday, and no students were involved in those. Could the Wolverines be sobering up the crowds at Ohio Stadium?

AUSTIN OWENS / Lantern photographer Fans cheer on Ohio State to a 37-7 on Saturday. No students were cited or arrested for alcohol-related crimes at tailgates, according to OSU Police.

Flood victims desperate, but stereotype still an obstacle GUEST Columnist

Heavy rainfall in July flooded major areas of Pakistan and, according to The New York Times, has caused more damage than the Southeast Asia tsunami, the Haiti earthquake and the 2005 Pakistan earthquake combined. Nonetheless, few people have heard of the destruction thanks to prominent Islamophobia in the United States. Though Pakistan is associated with the War on Terror, that is not an excuse for the lack of attention to the country’s plight. The misconception that all Muslims are terrorists is preventing the citizens of Pakistan from receiving the aid they need. According to the BBC, only half a million of the 20 million people in need have received aid. The refugees are in danger of becoming ill. In an appeal to the United Nations for disaster relief on Sept. 17, the U.N. secretarygeneral, Ban Ki-moon, said, “In the floods’ wake, we are seeing hunger, misery and desperation. Children becoming malnourished. Skin diseases on the rise because of the lack of soap and clean water. Nowhere for families to shelter from the sweltering sun.” But it is not right to ignore the devastation merely because we are afraid of a small group. “Mostly the images that we see are people with beards and people with guns in Pakistan, but that is the wrong impression. If there are people like that, I would


The misconception that all Muslims are terrorists is preventing the citizens of Pakistan from receiving the aid they need. According to the BBC, only half a million of the 20 million people in need have received aid.

say it is less that 2 percent of the population,” said Imran Ghazali, former president of Ohio State’s Pakistani American Student Association. There have been rumors in the media that the militant

Photo courtesy of MCT

Residents of the flood-ravaged town of Ghaspur jam into a boat to go for food and supplies in Pakistan. They chose to stay behind and protect their possessions rather than evacuate their flooded lands. Muslims are aiding the refugees to recruit members, and that the money we send will help terrorists. The Dallas Morning News published an article Aug. 20 titled, “Militants take advantage

of flooding crisis in Pakistan.” Because the area is vulnerable, refugees might be attracted to the groups that support them. But if we want to prevent that, then this is the time to act

of Pakistan. Students can also attend benefit events that PASA hosts or donate to organizations that aid refugees, such as The Edhi Foundation, UNICEF or Doctors Without Borders.

and help the refugees before someone else does. If OSU students want to get involved, the first step is raising awareness and working to change the incorrect perception

Have you noticed intolerance toward Pakistanis? Talk about it at



Wednesday December 1, 2010

diversions Crossword Los Angeles Times, Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

Sudoku by The Mepham Group ©2009

See solutions to sudoku, octo & crosswords online at Doodle-a-day we started it, so how will you finish it?

Across 1 Chews the fat 5 “Here’s to ...” tribute 10 Lingerie size 14 Inuit word for “house” 15 Like bighorns 16 Obsessed fictional captain 17 Modeler’s aid 18 More inclined to butt in 19 Comes together 20 Viral illness associated with a rash 23 Paint base 24 A major, e.g. 25 Healthful resort 28 911 responder, for short 29 Lanchester of “Witness for the Prosecution” 33 Like Fran Drescher’s voice 35 List that comes from the top 38 Cuba or Mallorca 41 Thumper’s friend 42 Agenda listing 43 Possible response to “Gotcha!” 46 Like some waves 47 Have to have 48 Fond du __, Wisconsin 51 “School’s out” response 52 “Eeeuuw!” 55 Bloodsucker

57 Pie with a fluffy topping 62 Tight 64 Sister’s daughter 65 Humorist Bombeck 66 “Going __, going ...” 67 On the wrong side (of) 68 Track competition 69 Stir-fry cookers 70 Full of juicy tidbits 71 Longings Down 1 Embarrassed reaction, maybe 2 Shining brightly 3 Exclaims suddenly, with “out” 4 “Do something about it! I dare you!” 5 Betwixt and between 6 Egg, to Ovid 7 Right-hand man 8 Tiptoe 9 Succinct 10 Place with bars 11 Where to find four knights 12 “Friendly skies” co. 13 “Masterpiece” airer 21 Hatchet man 22 “Coal Miner’s Daughter” subject Loretta 26 Glass section

27 Former senior, for short 30 “Rio __”: John Wayne film 31 Wingspread, say 32 Madison Ave. figures 34 Dijon honey 35 Statistical input 36 Reed instrument 37 Red, white or Blue Nun 38 Bitty start? 39 Islamic branch 40 Gambler’s favorite woman? 44 Svelte 45 1551, on monuments 48 “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” villain 49 Keen judgment 50 Marked deck users 53 Movie barbarian 54 Swiss Army __ 56 Foe hiding, in a way, in the puzzle’s four longest answers 58 Hot times in the cité 59 Catty remark 60 Old gold coins of France 61 Bank (on) 62 Auto club service 63 Year, in Yucatán

Horoscopes by Nancy Black and Stephanie Clements, ©2010 Tribune Media Services Inc. TODAY’S BIRTHDAY Family or household matters cause substantial adjustments for you this year. Use your talents to develop several alternatives before you make major decisions. Choices exist if you take the time to find them. Enthusiasm generates its own kind of luck. To get the advantage, check the day’s rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. ARIES March 21 – April 19 Today is an 8 -- Your dreams are stirring up your desire for change. Put together a well thought out plan for what you envision. Small steps make big progress. TAURUS April 20 – May 20 Today is an 8 -- Social activities cement relationships, as you meet unusual individuals. Don’t try to imitate their glamorous style. Instead, invent your own. GEMINI May 21 – June 21 Today is a 6 -- Use all the facts at your disposal, as you create a plan for change. Maintain workflow at the same time. Decide how much time to spend on each task. CANCER June 22 – July 22 Today is a 6 -- Great ideas flow between you and key associates. You agree that a persuasive message is needed, and have a variety of ways to make that happen. LEO July 23 – Aug. 22 Today is a 6 -- Financial questions cause you to question a basic premise. Can you afford the renovations you’d planned? It’s more attainable if you break it into manageable stages.

VIRGO Aug. 23 – Sept. 22 Today is a 6 -- Concentrate your energy on practical, creative ways to solve a household issue. Family members may disagree at first but respond to the logic. LIBRA Sept. 23–Oct. 22 Today is a 9 -- Your practical thinking makes life run smoothly now. Challenges at work become opportunities when viewed anew. Personal responsibilities benefit from logic. SCORPIO Oct. 23 – Nov. 21 Today is a 6 -- Take time for personal attire and appearance today. Visit your neighborhood salon and try something new and different. Take a calculated risk. SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22 – Dec. 21 Today is a 9 -- From the perspective of another, you see a way to re-think their problem. You’ll need to slow down to accommodate the situation. Create a game plan early. CAPRICORN Dec. 22 – Jan. 19 Today is a 7 -- A new person on the scene asks key questions. To answer them, think about it well. Take time to consider creative options. Then present choices to the team. AQUARIUS Jan. 20 – Feb. 18 Today is a 7 -- You’re on familiar ground with group activities now. Consider the needs of individuals and coworkers as you challenge old concepts. You’ll know just what to say. PISCES Feb. 19 – March 20 Today is a 6 -- Changes depend on advice received from an older person with a sterling creative track record. Use what you need now and store the rest for future reference.

Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! by Tim Rickard

Wednesday December 1, 2010



Wednesday December 1, 2010


THURSDAY Men’s & Women’s Swimming: USA Nationals All Day @ Columbus, Ohio Men’s & Women’s Swimming: Miami Invitational TBA @ Oxford, Ohio Women’s Basketball v. Virginia 7pm @ Columbus, Ohio

FRIDAY Men’s & Women’s Swimming: USA Nationals All Day @ Columbus, Ohio

Aside from football prestige, what will Nebraska add to the Big Ten? New addition

BLAKE WILLIAMS Senior Lantern reporter When Big Ten presidents approved the addition of Nebraska on June 12, thoughts immediately turned to what it meant for Big Ten football. However, the Cornhuskers’ effect on the Big Ten extends beyond the gridiron. Besides football, Nebraska will join the Big Ten in 20 other sports when the move takes effect July 1. Women’s basketball is one sport that might benefit. Nebraska’s women’s team recorded a perfect regular season in the 2009-10 campaign before losing in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament and finishing 32-2. Coach Connie Yori took home National Coach of the Year honors for her team’s success. “There has been a lot of balance from top to bottom” in the Big Ten, Yori said in a phone interview with The Lantern. “We hope that we can come into the league … (and) be competitive.”

Nebraska sports one of the top football programs in the nation, but do its other teams stack up?








Women’s Basketball





The coach said doing so will not be easy in one of the nation’s toughest conferences for women’s basketball. “There are so many good programs in the Big Ten,” Yori said. “Consistently, there are three to five teams ranked every year.” Ohio State (No. 6), Iowa (No. 18) and Michigan State (No.

continued as Nebraska on 8A

Men’s & Women’s Swimming: Miami Invitational TBA @ Oxford, Ohio Wrestling v. Cliff Keen Las Vegas Collegiate Wrestling Invite All Day @ Las Vegas, Nev. Men’s Hockey v. Michigan 7:35pm @ Columbus, Ohio

SATURDAY Men’s & Women’s Swimming: USA Nationals All Day @ Columbus, Ohio Men’s & Women’s Swimming: Miami Invitational TBA @ Oxford, Ohio Wrestling v. Cliff Keen Las Vegas Collegiate Wrestling Invite All Day @ Las Vegas, Nev. Men’s Hockey v. Michigan 7:05pm @ Columbus, Ohio

SUNDAY Women’s Basketball v. Oklahoma 6pm @ Columbus, Ohio

ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll


Accustomed to winning Former Buckeye James Laurinaitis is a major reason the St. Louis Rams have gone from a 1-15 season to first place in the NFC West JAMES OLDHAM Lantern reporter

standings Men’s Basketball 1. Duke 2. Ohio State 3. Pittsburgh 4. Kansas 5. Kansas State 6. Michigan State 7. Syracuse 8. Missouri 9. Connecticut 10. Baylor 11. Kentucky 12. Villanova 13. Minnesota 14. Georgetown 15. Memphis 16. Florida 17. Tennessee 18. Purdue 19. San Diego State 20. Texas 21. Illinois 22. Washington 23. UNLV 24. Gonzaga 25. Brigham Young

Photo courtesy of MCT

Linebacker James Laurinaitis pressures Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Women’s Basketball 1. Connecticut 2. Stanford 3. Baylor 4. Xavier 5. Duke 6. Ohio State 7. Texas A&M 8. Tennessee 9. Kentucky 10. West Virginia 11. Oklahoma 12. UCLA 13. Georgetown 14. Florida State 15. North Carolina 16. Notre Dame 17. Iowa State 18. Iowa 19. Nebraska 20. Texas 21. Wisconsin-GB 22. Georgia 23. Vanderbilt 24. St. John’s 25. Michigan State

James Laurinaitis wasn’t used to losing. Following his 43-8 career as a middle linebacker at Ohio State, the St. Louis Rams drafted Laurinaitis early in the second round last year. The Rams finished the season 1-15, the worst record in the NFL. “It was definitely different. It’s crazy frustrating losing that many games,” Laurinaitis said. “No one wants to be remembered for going 1-15, but I had the mindset that hopefully I can be a part of the solution and not the problem.”

In high school, Laurinaitis excelled in two sports. He was named Minnesota’s Defensive Mr. Football at Plymouth Wayzata High, where he recorded 193 tackles his senior year. He was also a star hockey player and was considered to be a second- or third-round pick in the NHL Draft had he chosen the sport. After committing to the University of Minnesota, Laurinaitis changed his mind when he visited OSU. He loved talking with the coaches and looked forward to learning from standout Buckeye linebackers A.J. Hawk and Bobby Carpenter. Even so, nothing could prepare Laurinaitis for the Buckeye faithful. “When I first got there, I didn’t understand truly the passion

continued as Laurinaitis on 8A


SPORTS Columnist


inten grou tional ndin g Miami (ad)vice: Give it one more year

What should the Miami Heat do? At 10-8 and sitting in an embarrassing third in the Southeast Division, should they just call it a year? Should Heat president Pat Riley step in for embattled coach Erik Spoelstra, who seemingly has already lost control of his team? Should they just ride the “Big Three” for 40 minutes a game because their bench has already been depleted by injury? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. No, the Heat aren’t going to give up. No, Pat Riley isn’t going to coach this year. And no, they won’t ride LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh until they collapse. To start, everyone should stop kidding themselves. Miami is going to make the postseason. But the main reason “Riles” won’t come back to coach the Heat (at least this season) is that they stand no chance of making even the Eastern Conference Finals. Thus far, the Heat have dealt with a perfect storm of bad luck to start the season. Sharpshooter Mike Miller injured his thumb in the preseason and will be sidelined until late December. Their glue guy and best rebounder, Udonis Haslem, suffered a foot injury and is likely lost for the year. Furthermore, Wade has been battling multiple injuries and is suffering through a horrific shooting stretch. A lot of NBA fans hate them. Some adolescent NBA enthusiasts probably hate the Heat more than broccoli or spinach. The anti-South Beach sentiments have been affirmed by NBA personalities as well. “I want them to lose all their games,” Dallas owner Mark Cuban told the Associated Press last week. “It’s been a pleasure to bring my talents to South Beach,” tweeted Celtics forward Paul Pierce after the Celtics topped the Heat on Nov. 11.

continued as Miami on 7A

OSU ready for clash of styles in Final Four Buckeyes hope stingy defense will combat high-powered Notre Dame offense Friday BEN AXELROD Lantern reporter After defeating Georgetown on Friday night 2-0, the Ohio State women’s soccer team (17-4-1) is preparing for its first Final Four matchup in program history when it will take on Notre Dame (19-2-2) on Friday in Cary, N.C. Notre Dame enters the Final Four as the No. 4 seed in its region, after knocking off No. 1 seed North Carolina 4-1 in the Sweet 16 and No. 2 seed Oklahoma State 2-0 in the Elite Eight. OSU forward Paige Maxwell, the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year, said she isn’t intimidated by the Fighting Irish, who have outscored their opponents 13-1 in the tournament. “They’re a solid team, just like anyone else. You have to be, honestly, a great team to go into the Final Four,” Maxwell

said. “But I don’t think that they’re a competitor that we can’t beat.” OSU goalkeeper Katie Baumgardner said the Buckeyes are prepared to take on their Midwest rival. “They’re a great team. They only have two losses on the season,” Baumgardner said. “There’s a lot of tension between the two teams, so it’s going to be a heated rivalry.” Geographical proximity might be the only similarity between the Buckeyes and the Fighting Irish. The Buckeyes will try to combat Notre Dame’s high-scoring offense with a defense led by the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year, Cassie Dickerson. The Buckeyes’ defense has given up two goals in the first four rounds of the tournament, both of which came in OSU’s Sweet 16 matchup with Virginia. “As a defense, we like to work for each

continued as Soccer on 7A

Women’s soccer NCAA Championship bracket 1 Stanford

3 Ohio State Finals


2 Boston College Friday Dec. 3 6:30 p.m.



4 Notre Dame Friday Dec. 3 4:00 p.m.


Soccer from 6A

Friday’s winner plays the winner of Stanford and Boston College on Sunday

other,” Dickerson said. “If we set that tone, it will work up the field for our midfielders and our forwards. So if we set that tone and our whole team plays with that mentality, then I think we’re pretty hard to stop.” While Notre Dame has advanced to the Final Four by way of taking commanding leads over its opponents, the Buckeyes

have tended more toward nailbiters, including a double-overtime, opening-round win over St. Francis (PA) and a second-round penalty kick shootout victory over Dayton. Maxwell said the Buckeyes are built to win close games. “We’re an overtime team,” Maxwell said. “We’re all fit enough. We all know the game of soccer, and anything can happen with soccer.” A win Friday would put the Buckeyes in Sunday’s championship game against the winner of the Stanford (22-0-2) and Boston College (17-6-1) matchup. Baumgardner said she’s yet

to put her team’s historic season into perspective. “None of us have realized how big this season has been,” Baumgardner said. “It’s not going to really sink in until it’s over.” Maxwell said she’s excited to showcase her talents in the national spotlight but that, for now, the Buckeyes are focused on beating the Fighting Irish. “We deserve to be here. We deserve to show people our game, our style and how athletic and how good we are as a soccer team,” Maxwell said. “It’s been a whirlwind, but we’re just ready to go there and show Notre Dame what’s up.”

Photo courtesy of MCT

Widely considered an NBA title threat before the season, the Miami Heat have struggled to a 10-8 start.

Miami from 6A

Heat lacking production from the low post

The money you could be saving.

614-336-4240 7370 Sawmill Rd. Columbus

Wednesday December 1, 2010

The Heat have ushered in a new era of hate surrounding one team. Recent NBA champions weren’t looked down upon like this. The Lakers might have been showmen. The Celtics might have been thugs. The Spurs and Pistons were incredibly boring to watch. But none were despised like the Heat, a sentiment echoed by players, coaches and fans alike. There’s also been a share of bizarre moments, such as Bosh stating after a recent win over Phoenix that the players want to “chill” more than they want to practice. Because Bosh dawdled in mediocrity during his seven years in Toronto (his Raptors made the playoffs once), his cluelessness surrounding the hard work it takes to make the playoffs shouldn’t come as a surprise. And did LeBron bump into Spoelstra on purpose last Saturday when walking off the court in a loss to Dallas? On paper it seems like no big deal, but when have you ever seen an NBA player seemingly give his head coach a shoulder check? The Heat’s problems boil down to a few things: • They have no inside presence. None whatsoever. When your bigs are being dominated by good-not-great players like Zach Randolph and Paul Millsap, you’ve got interior issues. • LeBron and Wade have not learned to co-exist. This “you take over this quarter, I’ll take

over next quarter” garbage won’t cut it. You can’t have one guy go one-on-five in the half-court while everyone else stands around the 3-point stripe. That also translates to their half-court offense problems. The fact that Carlos Arroyo is their point guard isn’t the problem, it’s that LeBron and Wade think they are the team’s primary ball-handlers too. • This team has serious psychological issues. Somehow, LeBron remains impervious to criticism and refuses to blame himself for anything, ever. His latest Nike commercial, while funny and welldone, is also a reminder that he’s yet to grow up and might never do so. Wade went through a very public divorce in the offseason and has gone from the Sultan of South Beach to LeBron’s scorned sidekick. Bosh, well, I don’t even know if he qualifies as a power forward. He’s a shooting guard in a power forward’s body with the tenacity of a kitten. Remember when Rajon Rondo dunked all over him when the Celtics came to South Beach? If Shaquille O’Neal or Dwight Howard or Kevin McHale had been standing in the lane, Rondo would have been sent tumbling into the third row. With all that said, this Heat team has a chance to be very, very good. But it likely won’t be this year. They need a year to gel. They need a coach who not only can bring out the best in LeBron but also has a good enough reputation to tear him down. They need Bosh to play more like Bill Laimbeer and not Darko Milicic. They’ll be entering a war zone Thursday in Cleveland. Who knows, maybe they’ll come together under the intense adversity. Or perhaps they’ll crumble under it like they have all season.




Laurinaitis from 6A


Defensive Turnaround


The Rams’ defense has St. Louis in first place

led St. Louis in tackles as a rookie that people have for OSU football,” Laurinaitis said. “The whole O-H-I-O thing was weird to me.” As a three-year starter at OSU, Laurinaitis racked up 375 tackles. Only six other players have had more. He led the team in tackles from 2006-08, becoming the fourth player in school history to do so for three consecutive years. He was also a two-time captain, an honor he shares with only six other Buckeyes. Many in the program, including current Buckeye linebacker Ross Homan, saw how hard he worked both in practice and on game day. “James was an unbelievable competitor on the field,” Homan said. “And off the field, he was a huge mentor to me. Watching how he studied film and how he worked out, he’s going to be an icon in OSU history for sure.” Co-defensive coordinator Luke Fickell said Laurinaitis’ work ethic made up for what he might have lacked in natural ability. “He did a good job in our system. The kid was as competitive as they ever come, and he’s got a passion for the game of football,” Fickell said. “His work ethic, competitiveness, and passion to play football are what you look for in anybody.” Laurinaitis said he misses the sense of community that comes with playing football in college. “I try to tell people here in St. Louis about the cult that is OSU football,” Laurinaitis said. “When you’re in (the community), you’re just so used to it that you’re like, ‘These people are all crazy, but in a good way.’ Then you miss that community when you leave it.” Laurinaitis missed the OSU community so much when he went to the NFL that he got excited whenever he saw a former Buckeye in St. Louis. “I remember last year driving down the highway here in St. Louis going to Rams Park and seeing an OSU bumper sticker,” Laurinaitis said. “I just wanted to pull up next to them and be like, ‘Hey, I went to Ohio State too.’” Though the NFL was certainly a possibility after leaving OSU, it wasn’t the only job offer he received. His father, Joseph Laurinaitis, was a former professional wrestler who competed as “Animal,” one half of the legendary “Legion of Doom” and “Road Warrior” tag teams. The wrestling lineage, as well as the family’s connections to the business (his uncle John Laurinaitis still works for World Wrestling Entertainment) led Laurinaitis to meet Vince McMahon, chairman and CEO of WWE. “One or two times when I was at OSU, he said to

Nebraska from 6A






Points Allowed



Yards Allowed



me, ‘You know, what do you think about coming into the family business?’ But to be honest, I hope this football deal works out long enough to where I don’t have to do any of that,” Laurinaitis said. “I know the beating my dad took from it. He had to have nine surgeries. He can’t even lift his right arm above his head anymore.” Laurinaitis stuck with football and was projected to be a first-round pick throughout his junior year. By the end of his senior year, however, his stock had fallen. The Rams selected him with the third pick of the second round. “I felt like I had a solid college career, and as a competitor I was obviously disappointed,” Laurinaitis said. “I try to keep the mindset going into every practice that I’m still trying to make the team.” Laurinaitis said he learned early in his career how cutthroat the NFL can be. “You’re constantly evaluated, and everyone is disposable,” Laurinaitis said. “No matter what your name is or how long you’ve been in the league, if you do something and can’t do it to the level that they want anymore, they won’t hesitate at all to get rid of you.” Despite going 1-15 in his first season in the league, Laurinaitis led the team in tackles while starting at middle linebacker in his rookie season. The Sporting News named him to the All-Rookie team. None of those accolades surprise Buckeye linebacker Brian Rolle, who said Laurinaitis taught him a lot. “I tell people that he wasn’t the fastest guy or the most athletic guy, but I felt like he knew everything because he was always in the right spot,” Rolle said. “I never saw him make the same mistake twice. He has a desire to play football and to want to be great, and that’s something I feel like he has been carrying over into the NFL.” This year, the Rams made it their goal to win the NFC West. Although that might have seemed laughable coming off a 1-15 season, they’re now tied atop the division with Seattle at 5-6. The defense ranks 14th in points allowed, with 21 per game, and 13th in rushing yards allowed, with 103.4 per contest.

ranked No. 14 in wrestling poll

Photo courtesy of MCT

Linebacker James Laurinaitis leaps over a Texas defender during the 2008 Fiesta Bowl. “I think we can (win the division), but we have a long way to go,” Laurinaitis said. Wins aren’t his only concern. While recently playing the video game “Madden NFL 2011,” Laurinaitis saw something that disturbed him. He had the lowest swagger attribute rating of all the linebackers on his team. The rating determines the likelihood of a player to celebrate on the way to the end zone or after a touchdown. “I understand that I didn’t have a lot of celebrations after sacks or picks last year, but to put me as the lowest on the squad really changed my whole mindset on everything that I wanted to do as far as celebrations,” he said. After consulting with starting cornerback Ron Bartell, Laurinaitis decided to stick with his lineage. He caught an interception early in their game Oct. 31 against the Carolina Panthers and, after being tackled, he strutted in a pose that mimicked wrestling legend Ric Flair. He followed that up with a sack. After he got up from the turf, he started posing and flexing his biceps like Hulk Hogan. “It was pretty funny and new for me. Coming from ‘Tresselville,’ you don’t really get to do celebrations like that,” Laurinaitis said. “I’m not too concerned with having a 100 for my swagger rating, but being the lowest on the team, that just can’t be OK. So I had to do something about it.”

25) are ranked in the Associated Press Top 25. Nebraska is ranked No. 24. Though the Cornhuskers’ men’s basketball program has not made the NCAA Tournament this decade, another winter sport might also improve the Big Ten. “The Big Ten is a premier conference in the sport of wrestling in the country and has been for a long time, and to add Nebraska only makes the conference that much better,” OSU wrestling coach Tom Ryan said in a phone interview with The Lantern. Nebraska is No. 14 in wrestling in the Coaches’ Poll. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, OSU, Michigan, Northwestern and Purdue represent the Big Ten in the Top 25. “You have to go through more teams to win a Big Ten conference,” Nebraska coach Mark Manning said in a phone interview with The Lantern. “It’s not getting easier, I’ll say that.” Adding the Cornhuskers will increase the competition in the Big Ten, Ryan said. “It’s great competition. It’s great for the fans. It’s a well-known institution, so people come to the event. You can market the event,” he said. “On a number of different levels, having Nebraska is a positive.” Nearly 1,500 visitors attended the dual meet between OSU and Nebraska on Nov. 21 at St. John Arena, where the Buckeyes fell 24-11. Nebraska is also historically strong in baseball and by parting with the Big 12, leaves behind last season’s top RPI conference in the country. “Baseball is a big deal to Nebraska, and they will be a very strong addition to the Big Ten,” OSU baseball coach Greg Beals said. “The thing that I like is that it broadens and spreads our wings a little bit as a conference.” The Cornhuskers will be one of the most southern locations in the conference, and they’ll use that to their advantage, coach Mike Anderson said. The South is typically the strongest region for baseball because athletes can play outdoor year-round. “We bring an undying commitment to make (the Big Ten) a strong RPI” conference, Anderson said. “There won’t be a time when we don’t try to have the hardest schedule in the conference.” Regardless of what each program brings to the Big Ten, Yori thinks the move was the right decision for Nebraska. “I think it’s going to be a great move for the University of Nebraska, and frankly the entire state of Nebraska, to make the jump to the Big Ten,” she said. “I am very comfortable with the move and I think it was the right thing to do.”

ME G S M o t ” P I V U Text “OS n this deal and get in o

EASY IN, EASY OUT extended hours to fit your schedule.



Wednesday December 1, 2010


Wednesday December 1, 2010


e n o e m o S l a i c e p S

What to get for that



The Lantern looks at this week’s biggest releases


3B concert schedule WEDNESDAY Meg & Dia 7 pm @ The Basement

Many of the latest tech gadgets and holiday must-haves are pricey and likely beyond the budget of the average college student. However, it’s still possible to give a memorable holiday gift without breaking the bank. Most of the guys I talked to said they would prefer a single large present rather than a bunch of smaller ones. I put together this list with that in mind and set the price range to no more than $150. I understand that might be pushing it for the average student, so I have also listed some cool, less expensive — but memorable — presents. Kinect The Kinect for the Xbox 360 might not seem like the go-to gift for a typical college gamer, but it’s great for parties and a perfect way to spend time together. Even if you aren’t normally into video games, the intuitive motion control system and ever-expanding library of fun, casual-based titles offer an experience that anyone can enjoy. However, there are several things to keep in mind before purchasing. The

Mike Droho & The Compass Rose 9 pm @ Rumba Cafe

ARTS Columnist

Find out whether the new albums from the Black Eyed Peas, Flo Rida and Soulja Boy are worth your time.

Gadgets and entertainment always a safe bet for guys



unit requires 6 feet of space between the unit and player, which might be a problem in the average dorm room. It’s also a fairly new product, meaning it’s hard to track down, and there are only a few games that support it so far. Before you scour every retail store for it and drop $149.99, I’d suggest feeling out what the reception might be.

Clothes work as gifts for gals, but they like electronics too

.50 $39




Freelance Whales 8 pm @ The Basement

If you are struggling to shop for the woman in your life, these ideas could save you from headaches this holiday season. There are some things you need to know before you drive to the mall and start shopping. First, know her favorite color. Second, know her sizes. If you don’t, make the call to her mom or best friend. They will know. Third, pay attention when she says, “Oh, I like that.” Remembering those four little words makes all the difference when it comes to gift shopping. If your girlfriend, little sister, mom or grandmother likes things that smell good, then Bath and Body Works is the place for you. There are plenty of pre-packaged gift sets in all kinds of smells that make great gifts. “Twilight Woods” and “Secret Wonderland” are popular smells this season at Bath and Body Works. Prices start at $10 and go up. And remember, if it smells bad to you, don’t buy it. For your little sisters, nieces or cousins, Pocketbacs are small hand HANNA KLEIN / Lantern designer sanitizer bottles that can clip to a

.50 $39

ARTS Columnist


The Judds 8 pm @ Schottenstein Center


0 0 3 $

Robbyn Czysz backpack or purse. Bath and Body Works’ has a big selection of sanitizer scents, from fruity to floral. Victoria’s Secret also has gift sets of scents that start at $15. If the ladies in your life enjoy pajamas and comfortable clothes, Victoria’s Secret has pajama gift sets, which come with a free pair of slippers. Sets come in many patterns, colors and sizes.

continued as Ladies on 3B

Gateway Film Center down with undead

Here Came The Mummies 7 pm @ Newport Music Hall

The Arts section is on Twitter! Get the scoop on campus arts coverage by following us @TheLanternArts.


continued as Gifts on 5B

Live Music Thursday 8 pm @ Ohio Union - Woody’s Tavern


$149 HANNA KLEIN / Lantern designer

Family Force 5 and Forever The Sickest Kids 6 pm @ Newport Music Hall

CD101 Presents Broken Bells 7 pm @ Newport Music Hall


Joseph Janko


Matt White 7 pm @ The Basement


SAMANTHA HECKATHORN Senior Lantern reporter

Photo courtesy of

One of the grisly extras of the AMC network’s ‘The Walking Dead’ looks out for a human lunch. The Gateway Film Center screens the show Sunday nights.

There’s only one place where Ohio State students can get up close and personal with zombies — for free. The Gateway Film Center in the South Campus Gateway shows the TV series “The Walking Dead” for free at 10 p.m. Sundays, when the show airs. Groups of students sit in the Martini Shot Bistro, waiting for the theater doors to open at 9:45 p.m. John Umland, a customer service manager at the Gateway, said the zombie TV series has been wildly popular. The show on Nov. 21 filled up two theaters, with about 100 attendees in each. Gateway officials are considering moving the screening to a larger theater for next Sunday’ showing. “It gives students the communal, social experience of going to the movies, but for free,” Umland said. “All of the fun, none of the price.” The Gateway has shown other series for free before, including “Lost” and “Mad Men” during the past Summer Quarter, Umland said. Besides “The Walking Dead,” the Gateway shows “Glee” at 8 p.m. Tuesdays. But Umland said the Gateway had a reason for choosing “The Walking Dead.”

“AMC shows are very cinematic. Seeing them on a big screen is kind of awesome.” Tony Fox, a third-year in aviation, agreed, as he has an “obsession with enormous screens.” He and Nathan Pressler, a third-year in history, have been coming to view the show every Sunday. “I like watching it here because I’m not distracted,” Pressler said. “If I watched it at home, I’d probably be doing homework at the same time.” Roommates Justin Reik, a second-year in English, and Drew Sabula, a second-year in biology, attend together because their apartment doesn’t have cable TV. “It’s f------ zombies, there’s nothing better,” Reik said. “Plus, we live right next door so we walk over.” Reik and Sabula said they would like to see the Gateway show “South Park” or “The Office” for free. During December, the Gateway will do a free holiday film series at 2 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday, said Meghan Vesper, the sales and marketing manager at the Gateway. Though admission is free, the Gateway encourages attendees to bring a toy to donate to the Toys for Tots Foundation toy drive. Sunday will be the season finale of “The Walking Dead,” and Vesper said there will be special zombiethemed drink specials.


btw Lantern CD Reviews Black Eyed Peas are ‘Beginning’ to improve RYAN BOOK Arts editor The Black Eyed Peas caused a slight panic (and some celebration) when they titled their last album “The E.N.D.” It will come as a relief to some that the new album is titled “The Beginning.” Those who found “Boom Boom Pow” to be the most obnoxious single of 2009 will immediately be discouraged by the opening track, “The Time (Dirty Bit).” The first single pseudo-covers “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life,” the ‘80s ditty made popular by “Dirty Dancing.” It’s not clear whether the “dirty bit” refers to the Peas’ attempt at a film tribute or at how unclean the listener feels after hearing the shameless single. If you can get past the first track, things look up from there. The second track, “Light up the Night,” is a better example of what the Peas are good at: making songs that belong in and should stay at the club. A bumping beat and fewer lyrics for the listener (and the Peas) to think about is their best bet. “The Best One Yet (The Boy)” and

Flo Rida can’t go any farther south than this

“The Beginning” Black Eyed Peas

“Just Can’t Get Enough” work for the same reasons. No one expects the Black Eyed Peas to produce the most introspective lyrics, but it’s still tough to listen to the “Full Metal Jacket” inspired “Love You Long Time,” in which the song title is repeated inanely and endlessly. In “XOXOXO,” the words “hugs and kisses” are repeated in the same fashion. Therefore, it’s surprising when the Peas bust out “Someday,” a song about pursuing one’s dreams. It’s still worth dancing to yet doesn’t kill any brain cells. The Black Eyed Peas can still keep a party going, but as with previous albums, they tend to be obnoxious while doing so. “The Beginning” is all right but probably best in small doses.

Feel free to disagree! Post your take at

RYAN BOOK Arts editor

“Only One Flo” Flo Rida

RYAN BOOK Arts editor “She just turned 21. Now she’s all up in the club having hella fun.” This is the hook for Flo Rida’s song “21” and the low point of his new album “Only One Flo (Part One).” No Doubt filled the music world’s capacity for the word “hella” in 2001. Unfortunately, the album’s high points don’t get much better. In fact, the high point is the pair of guest verses by Ludacris and Gucci Mane in the track “Why You Up in Here.” Ludacris lights up the track, and Gucci has a so-so verse, but in comparison to the attempts of the album’s protagonist, he sounds golden. Aside from the guest verses, the album is unremarkable. “Club Can’t Handle Me,” the album’s single, would be completely forgettable if it weren’t for Top-40 radio’s constantly repeating play list. The lyrics for all this album’s songs are dumb, and other club-oriented artists (like the Black Eyed Peas) put Flo Rida’s beats to shame. Part of the problem is his inability to draw from his bag

Rapper souljas on and releases improved album

of ‘80s samples to create a hit. His hit from last year, “Right Round,” used the 1984 Dead Or Alive song “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” to be catchy. Flo Rida samples Yello’s “Oh Yeah” (recognizable from its use in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”) in “Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1)” but not for long enough to keep the listener hooked. The good news is that there are only eight tracks on the album. The bad news is that he built “part one” into the album’s title. It would take a lot for a follow-up record to be worse than this offering, but the odds of it being good are low. There’s only a half hour of music on “Only One Flo,” but it’s a half hour you’ll want back.

Soulja Boy has shown resiliency in his ability to survive past the cultural phenomenon that was “Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em.” His newest release, “The DeAndre Way,” holds more simple jams that come from the same place. Soulja Boy has polished his rhymes since “Tell ‘Em,” but nearly every track is a simple ode to either getting money or getting some; In other words, exactly what pop listeners want. It’s noteworthy that Soulja Boy’s music videos make great counterparts to the songs they advertise. Most rappers just pose in front of their expensive things while they sing about their expensive things, but music videos like that for “Speakers Going Hammer,” featuring Soulja Boy partying with his WASP neighbors, lend credibility to the track. Soulja Boy’s approach to hip-hop is often oversimplified, however. His rhymes are often awkward and sometimes veer into unintelligible laziness (also from “Speakers Going Hammer:” “Speakers going hammer / bammer, bammer, bammer”). “30 Thousand 100 Million” (about money, believe it or not) follows the same trend.

“The DeAndre Way” Soulja Boy

The album’s closing track, “Grammy,” stands out, probably because it strays from the adolescent themes of every other song. It opens with the rapper talking about the troubles he’s overcome, and the song that follows is equally mature. It’s the standout track, but listeners can’t help but laugh when they hear “I deserve a Grammy” coming from the artist who sang the nine previous tracks. Another unintentional moment of humor comes when Soulja Boy shares lines with 50 Cent. Our protagonist is trying to demonstrate how hardcore he can be on the track “Mean Mug,” but comparing his cottonpadded lines to 50’s quips about busting out the hollow tips is amusing. Soulja Boy is doing well with the formula he began with. With a few more tracks like “Grammy,” he might become a Soulja Man yet.

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Fre icks for l F L A I SPEC turing

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Be sure to visit for the announcement of events scheduled for Winter Quarter 2011!

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Book Club suggests… “The Last Days of

Ptolemy Grey” by Walter Mosley

Ptolemy Grey is a 91-year-old African-American living alone. He suffers from dementia, and if it weren’t for his great-grand nephew’s reminders, he wouldn’t even remember to eat. Grey’s nephew, Reggie, is the only one who pays the old man any attention. So when Reggie is killed in a drive-by shooting, Grey starts to lose hope. Seventeen-year-old Robyn Small, a family

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friend, quickly takes Reggie’s place, however, and helps Grey clean up his apartment and takes him on trips to the grocery store. Grey is frustrated with his mental state, so when he is invited to take part in an experimental medical program that promises to clear his head, he quickly agrees even though the drug is guaranteed to end his life within the year. With a new, fresh outlook, he spends his last days researching his nephew’s tragic death.

The line offers earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and watches in sterling silver or white gold, and come with or without diamonds. Rings, earrings and necklaces start at $50. Bracelets start at $130. Watches are a bit more expensive, starting at $200. Gift cards are an easy way to let her get whatever she wants. But don’t rely on them because they are impersonal. If you’re still struggling to pick out the perfect gift for your girlfriend, mom or little sister, just ask her what she wants. That’s easier than wandering aimlessly around the mall for hours.

Ladies, what do you really want for Christmas? Post online at Your boyfriend might be reading!


Ticket s


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December 4 at 8PM • Palace Theatre Tickets available at the Box Office and Ticketmaster outlets. Charge at 1-800-745-3000 or

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classifi eds CLASSIFIEDS

SORRY, IF WE ARE NOT NOTIFIED BY 10:00A.M. THE FIRST DAY OF PUBLICATION, THE RESPONSIBILITY IS YOURS. Prepayment is Required for All Ads (unless credit has been established) DEADLINE FOR PLACEMENT OF NEW ADS: NOON, 2 Working Days (Mon-Fri) prior to publication Business Office Open: Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 5:00pm Walk-in Ads Accepted: Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 4:30pm

Phone: 292-2031 ext. 42161 / FAX: 614-292-3722 242 W. 18th Ave. Rm. 211 Journalism Bldg.

CLASSIFIED LINE AD - REGULAR TYPE Minimum - $9.00 plus 30 cents per day for the Up to 12 words; appears 5 consecutive insertions

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Furnished Efficiency/Studio 92 E.11th Ave. Very clean, neat, cozy. A/C, parking available, short term ok! $499/mo. (614)457-8409, (614)3612282.

Furnished 1 Bedroom #AVAILABLE APARTMENT. Super convenient location, 1-2 bedroom apartments, 38 E. 17th Ave, just off of High Street, laundry, offstreet parking. Available Summer and/or Fall and onward. $350-$400.00/month. Call 296-6304, 2631193.

Furnished 2 Bedroom

Unfurnished Rentals

JUST STEPS to Campus! 106 E. 13th Avenue. $460/month. Newly remodeled large studio with full bath and kitchen, A/C, and laundry facility. Heat, water and high speed internet included! FIRST FULL MONTH 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT, OF RENT IS FREE!!!! Call MyPRIME LOCATION ON E. ers Real Estate 614-486-2933 FRAMBES, 1/2 BLOCK FROM or visit HIGH, BIG BEDROOMS, FREE WASHER/DRYER, DISHWASHER, OFFSTREET PARKING, CENTRAL AIR, BEG. FALL 2011. CALL 7619035 1 BDRM Apartments, 161 E. 3 & 4 BEDROOM APART- Norwich Ave. Great Location, MENTS, EXCELLENT LOCA- Walk-In Closet, A/C, OSP, NO TION ON E. FRAMBES, 1/2 Pets. $490/Mo. Call 961-0056. BLOCK FROM HIGH, BIG BEDROOMS, CENTRAL AIR 1 BDRM Townhouse 100 CONDITIONING, FREE WASH- Frambes Ave. Spacious Unit w/ ER/DRYER, OFFSTREET Walk-In Closet, W/D, A/C, Free PARKING, DISHWASHER, OSP $525/Mo. Call 961-0056. BEG. FALL 2011, SIGN UP EARLY BEFORE THEY ARE 1 BEDROOM efficiency at GONE, CALL 761-9035 1911 Indianola, Off-street parking, Central A/C, Wash3 BDRM Apt. 168 Chittenden er/Dryer, Dishwasher, Large available now. Gas, Electric & Kitchen, Great Location at 16th Water included in Rent!! Off & Indianola, Beg. Sept. 2009, street parking. Pets Negotiable. $450/Month including Utilities, $1290/mo. New capet through- Call 761-9035 out. Sunrise Properties, Inc. 1615 HIGHLAND Ave., Big 846-5577 1bd, Gas Included! $500/mo. 4 BEDROOM APARTMENTS, Commercial One 324-6717 PRIME LOCATIONS ON E. 17TH AND FRAMBES, 1/2 APPLICATION FEE Waived! BLOCK FROM HIGH, BIG 1900 N. 4th St. Studio and 1 BEDROOMS, FREE WASH- bedroom apartment with full ER/DRYER, DISHWASHER. bath and kitchen, on site launoff street parking. OFFSTREET PARKING, AIR dry, CONDITIONING, BEG. FALL $395/month. No Application Fee! Call Myers Real Estate 2011. CALL 761-9035 614-486-2933 or visit 5 BEDROOM APARTMENTS, PRIME LOCATION AT 16TH LARGE 1 bedroom apt. HardAND INDIANOLA, BIG BED- wood floors, water paid, ROOMS, TWO BATHROOMS, $385/month, very nice, availFREE WASHER/DRYER, able immediately. Michelle 614LOTS OF OFFSTREET PARK- 348-7909 ING, DISHWASHER, A/C, LOW UTILITIES, BEG. FALL NEAR CAMPUS! 490 Alden Ave. 1bdrm,1bath appartment. 2011, CALL 761-9035 Off street parking. $450/mo. plus utilities. Call Jill 989-9049. App. fee $35, get a FREE CROWN REAL ESTATE month rent! ONE BEDROOM Flat near DON’T WAIT! Kenny & Henderson on busline Get the best housing now. to OSU. Updated unit with all for next school year appliances. Assigned off street parking. Pets OK with pet rent. Showing and Available now. $595/mo. 614renting now 451-0906 for Fall 2011 VILLAGE BRICK Townhouse in Merian Village on Stewart 2- 9 bedroom houses and Ave. Near Schiller Park. Ashalf doubles signed parking. High efficiency ALL HAVE furnace with central air. All apCentral A/C pliances including washer and Dishwashers dryer. $595/mo. 614-451-0906 washer/dryer and many other amenities 15 E. NORWICH Ave $590. per month. Large 2 bedroom townhouse for rent near Lane & High. Robbins Realty 4446871

Unfurnished 1 Bedroom

visit our website at 614-457-6545

HOME FOR Rent. $425/mo. 590B Riverview Dr. 2Bedroom MODERN 2 bdrm flat. TownHouse $490/mo. 1556 Furnished, very beautiful area. Excellent shape. A/C, parking, Oakland Park Ave. and very beautiful furniture. Call 421-7293 $700/mo. 718-0790. NEW LISTING. 21 E. Oakland Ave. Second House East of High St.. 3-5 Bedroom House. 2 Full Baths. A/C, New Kitchen, W/D, Front Porch, Enclosed Back Yard with Built2-ROOMMATES. Modern 3- In Grill. Available Now BR/1.5 bath on Maynard. Fur- Through Summer Quarter. nished, off-street parking, Also Available 2011/2012 fenced yard, small pets. 937- School Year. No Pets. 776-7798 Call Harvey 571-0704 3 BDRM condo with basement to share. Located near East- OSU/GRANDVIEW KING Ave, on/Polaris Mall and OSU. 1&2 bdrm garden apts. AC, Partly furnished, $335+utilities, Gas heat and water, Laundry non-smoker, no pets, OSU Fe- facilities, Off-street parking. male preferred. (937) 656- 294-0083 4399 or (937) 829-0936

Furnished 3 Bedroom

Unfurnished Rentals # 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 BR beautiful TOWNHOUSES, HOUSES, HALF-DOUBLES, APARTMENTS close to campus. Call your one source for the best in campus housing! North Campus Rentals ph: (614)354-8870 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT, PRIME LOCATION AT 16TH & INDIANOLA, DISHWASHER, BIG BEDROOM, FREE WASHER/DRYER, OFFSTREET PARKING, BEG. FALL 2011, CALL 761-9035 FALL 2011 225 E. 16th. 6/7 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 kitchens, laundry hookup, no pets. 4788249

Furnished Efficiency/Studio

Unfurnished Efficiency/Studio 150 E. 13th, available Winter Quarter, Large modern studio apartments just steps from campus. Secure building, new appliances, A/C, laundry room, full kitchen & bath, Gas paid. $430, (614) 284-2038, Craig APPLICATION FEE Waived! 1900 N. 4th St. Studio and 1 bedroom apartment with full bath and kitchen, on site laundry, off street parking. $395/month. No Application Fee! Call Myers Real Estate 614-486-2933 or visit

Furnished Efficiency/Studio


Newly furnished efficiencies Full sized beds with full size Refrigerators and Microwaves Remodeled kitchens All utilities included FREE high speed internet and FREE basic cable. Laundry and fitness center on-site CALL: 294-5381 Stop by: 2060 N. High St. WWW.OHIO-STATER.COM

Unfurnished Rentals

Unfurnished Efficiency/Studio

Unfurnished Rentals

Unfurnished 2 Bedroom

Unfurnished 2 Bedroom 2 BDRM Townhouse 100 Frambes Ave. Spacious Unit, DW, W/D, A/C, Free OSP $990-$1020/Mo. Call 9610056. 2 BDRM Townhouse 191 W. Norwich Ave. Spacious Unit, DW, C/Air, Free OSP (Carport) $990/Mo. Call 961-0056. 2 BDRM Townhouses, 161 E. Norwich Ave. Great Location, HW Floors, W/D, OSP, NO Pets. $950/Mo. Call 961-0056. 344 E. 20th Unit B, 2 bedroom flat, 1 bath, remodeled, central air, large kitchen, off street parking, NO dogs, $525.00. Call Pat 457-4039 or e-mail Available FALL. 379 WYANDOTTE, 300/person, 2 BR flat in nicely updated building. Free off-street parking and washer/dryer. Fully insulated w/ low utility payments. Near busline. See website Tom 614-440-6214. Available Now. 39 W 10th Ave. 2bd townhouse, A/C, ,W/D Hkup, Off Street Parking. Commercial One 324-6717 412 E. 20th Ave. Convenient to OSU and Downtown! units are 700 sq. ft. Off street parking, A/C, gas heat. $495/month. Call Myers Real Estate 614-486-2933 or visit AT UNIVERSITY Gardens. Beautiful 2 bedroom condos. new W/D, stove, refrigerator and dishwasher, free wi-fi. Separate laundry and spacious LR. Quiet Complex. Best value in OSU off-campus student and faculty housing. $520/month 1st month free. 614-778-9875. EAST 16TH between Summit and Fourth. 2 bed, extra study room, Remodeled kitchen, tile floors, free washer and dryer, osp, nice, $820.00, no pets,, Steve @ 614582-1618 HORSE FARM Apt. Free Utilitiies. No pets. Can rent stalls. 28 minutes to OSU. $700/mo. 614805-4448.

Unfurnished 3 Bedroom

# 1 3 Bedroom Duplex, North Campus, Fall Rental, 2181 Indiana. Rear Deck, off-street parking and central air. Eat-in bar counter in kitchen. Washer/Dryer in basement. Tons of space. Rent is $1,200 per month. Call Mark at 207-4321 or visit # 1 2 BR AVAILABLE SUMMER AND FALL! Beautiful remodeled TOWNHOUSES and APARTMENTS close to campus. Features include large bedrooms with ceiling fans, air conditioning, insulated windows, cable/internet, washers & dryers, beautiful woodwork, FREE lighted off-street parking. Call North Campus Rentals today! (614)354-8870 #1 NR Lane and Neil, C/A, Ldy, off street parking, one block to campus, phone Steve 614 208 3111 #1 CORNER of King and Neil, water and parking included, C/A, Ldy, Nr. Hospital and Medical Schl. phone Steve: 614 208 3111 1421 SUMMIT St. Available now, convenient to OSU and bus line. Spacious 2 and 3 bedroom duplex, renovated. w/d hook up, appliances, blinds included. 650-750/ month, plus deposit. Contact Melina 740404-3558 1890 N. 4th St. Convenient to OSU and Downtown! Application Fee Waived! Large modern units are 910 sq. ft. Quiet building, off street parking, laundry facility, A/C, gas heat, dishwasher, on bus line. $595/month. No application fee! Call Myers Real Estate 614-486-2933 or visit 2 BD, 1 BA, spacious, $565/mo., recently renovated, 5 min from campus, fitness center, well maintained, 24 hr emergency maintenance, courtesy officer, on-site laundry, no app fee, $200 deposit. 276-7118 2 BDRM Apartment @ 181 W. Norwich Ave. Great Location, C/Air, Free OSP (Carport) $870/Mo. Call 961-0056. 2 BDRM Apartment 55 E. Norwich Ave. Spacious & Very Nice, C/Air, W/D, OSP, NO Pets $890/Mo. Call 961-0056. 2 BDRM Apartments 95 & 125 E. Norwich Ave. Great Locations, Lg. Bdrms, C/Air, OSP, NO Pets $830/Mo. Call 9610056. 2 BDRM Townhouse 185 W. Norwich Ave. Spacious Unit, C/Air, Free OSP (Carport) $990/Mo. Call 961-0056.

“318 WYANDOTTE charming 3BR w/ modern kitchen & bath. DW. W/D. A/C. 1-1/2 bath w/ Whrlpl Tub. Off st. parking. 1/2 block from COTA & CABS. $1000/month. David: 614.496.3150” #1 NW corner of Patterson and High, 3 BR TH, very large, Ldy, $925.00 Phone Steve: 614 208 3111 #1 QUALITY 3BR, 2BA, hardwood floors, new kitchen, off street parking, A/C, $375 PP 1471 HAMLET St. Very nice house! Completely remodeled including gourmet kitchen, 3BR/1BA. A/C, W/D Hook-ups, off st. parking, Security System, No pets, $1200/mo. 614623-9556 2-6 Bedroom Homes available for 2011-2012, or call Diane @ 614-783-6625 3 BDRM Apartment 67 Chittenden, C/Air, Rec-Room, OSP, NO Pets, $1,170/Mo. Call 961-0056. 3 BDRM Apartments, 55 E. Norwich Ave. Great Location, New Kitchen Appliances, C/Air, W/D, OSP, NO Pets $1290/Mo. Call 961-0056. 3 BDRM DBL, 81-83 E. Norwich Ave. Great Location, New Kitchen & Bath, W/D, DW, NO Pets $1,305/Mo. Call 9610056. 3 BDRM Townhouse 100 Frambes Ave. Spacious Unit, DW, W/D, A/C, Free OSP $1,485/Mo. Call 961-0056. 3 BDRM Townhouse, 2147 Waldeck Ave. Spacious Unit, DW, W/D, Free OSP $1,395/Mo. Call 961-0056. 39 W 10th Ave. 3bd townhouse, A/C, W/D Hkup, Off Street Parking. Commercial One 324-6717 AVAILABLE NOW! 295 E 14th Ave, Affordable, spacious 3 bdrm, large living area, porch, off-street parking, washer/dryer, basement storage, A/C, blinds, dishwasher, call for showing now, D&L Properties 614-638-4162. LARGE 3BDRM 1bath (one side of duplex on Clinton St) w/basement, washer/dry hookup & covered front porch. Fresh paint, fully equipped kitchen. $875.00 per month, tenant pays utilities. Call Jill 614-989-9049 app. fee $35 LARGE NORTH Campus apartment with finished basement. Twin single, 3 off-street parking spaces, 2 baths, DW, ceiling fan, W/D hook-up, AC, no pets. $1000/month. 55 W. Hudson. 614-582-1672

Unfurnished Rentals

Unfurnished Rentals

Unfurnished 3 Bedroom

Unfurnished 5+ Bedroom

NW COLS/DUBLIN. One block behind Sawmill Meijer. 3BR $1299/mo. Garage/Basement. 614/2855552

2-6 Bedroom Homes available for 2011-2012, or call Diane @ 614-783-6625 4-5 bdrm House @ 2121 Indiana. Recently renovated w/ new appliances, new flooring & fixtures. Lg. Deck & porch w/ 2 Full Bath, DW, WD, C/Air and Free OSP. $1900-$2150/mo Call 961-0056. 40 CHITTENDEN Ave. 5bd 2 Balconies, A/C, Commercial One 324-6717 5 & 6 bedroom houses for rent. $1950/$2600 W. Patterson near tommys pizza on lane. Dan 614.316.3986 5 BDRM Apt. 2159 Waldeck Ave. Completely Renovated, Spacious Unit w/ 2 Full Bath, New Kitchen DW, W/D, C/Air & Free OSP $2,300/Mo. Call 961-0056. 5 BDRM DBL. 150 E. Norwich, 2 Full Bath, HW Floors, DW, W/D, C/Air NO Pets $2,175/Mo. Call 961-0056. 5 BDRM Double 2139 Summit (Between Lane & Norwich) Renovated, Very Spacious Unit w/ 3 Floors, 2 Full Bath, DW, W/D, C/Air & Free OSP (10 Spots) $2000/mo. Call 9610056. 5 BDRM House @ 127 W Northwood. A Great location close to campus! Completely renovated w/ New appliances, new flooring & fixtures, 2 1/2 Bath, DW, WD, C/Air and Free OSP. $2600/mo Call 961-0056. 5 BDRM House, 112 W. Oakland, 2 Full Bath, W/D, DW, OSP, NO Pets $2,425/Mo. Call 961-0056 5 BDRM House, 140 Frambes, Ideal Location w/ 2 Full Bath, W/D, DW, NO Pets $2,625/Mo. Call 961-0056. 5 BDRM House, 155 E. Northwood, 1.5 Bath, W/D, DW, C/Air, OSP, HRWD Floors, Very Nice, NO Pets $2,300/Mo. Call 961-0056 5 BDRM House. 69 W. Patterson, DW, W/D, Walk In Closets, 2 Kitchens, Lg. Porch & Decks, NO Pets $2125/Mo. Call 961-0056. 5 BDRM Townhouse 67 Chittenden, Newly Remodeled w/ 2 Full Bath, DW, C/Air, W/D, OSP, NO Pets. $2,125-$2150/Mo. Call 9610056. 5 BDRM Townhouse, 180 E. 12th, 2 Full Bath, C/Air, DW, W/D, OSP, NO Pets $1875/Mo. Call 961-0056. 5 BDRM Townhouse, 180 E. 12th, C/Air, W/D, DW, 2 Full Bath, OSP, NO Pets $2,025/Mo. Call 961-0056. 6 BDR 110 E. 16th, great location. D/W. W/D hook-ups. New Bath’s. 1/2 house. Lots of parking September 1, 2011. Call 614-370-7978. 6 BDRM House, 55 W. Patterson, HW Floors, 2 Full Bath, DW, W/D, OSP, NO Pets $2,550/Mo. Call 961-0056. 6 BDRM House, 66 Frambes, 2 Full Bath, DW, W/D, OSP, NO Pets $2,850/Mo. Call 9610056. 7 BDRM-324 E. 20th. $2,695. 614-378-8271 7-10 bedroom HOUSES 614-378-8271 7-8 bdrm House @ 285 Lane. Beautiful house in great location w/ wood floors, large bdrms, large kitchen w/ sun-rm and rec-rm, large deck & porch w/ 3 Full Bath, DW, WD, C/Air and Free OSP. $3,605-$3800/mo Call 9610056. 8 BDRM House 57 E. 17th Great Location, New Renovations, Hrwd Flr, 3 Full bath, Lg. Porch & Deck, Lg. Bdrms, DW, W/D, Free OSP $4,200/mo. Call 961-0056.

Unfurnished 4 Bedroom # 1 4 Bedroom Duplex, North Campus, Fall Rental, 2176 Summit. New Kitchen. Huge duplex. Third floor is all one room. Two full baths, Washer/Dryer in basement, rear deck, off-street parking. Rent is $1,700 per month. Call Mark at 207-4321 or visit # 1 4 Bedroom House, North Campus, Fall Rental, 2177 Indiana. Great corner house with huge rear deck. Dishwasher and microwave in kitchen. Washer/Dryer in Basement. Two car garage in rear. Central Air. Rent is $2,000 per month. Call Mark at 207-4321 or visit # 1 4 BR AVAILABLE NOW OR FALL! Beautiful remodeled HOUSES, HALF-DOUBLES, TOWNHOUSES close to campus. Huge bedrooms and eat-in kitchens, new insulated windows, awesome porches and wood decks, FREE lighted off-street parking, gleaming hardwood floors, new appliances, large dry basements with FREE washers & dryers, internet/cable, A/C, ceiling fans. Call North Campus Rentals today! (614)354-8870 2-6 Bedroom Homes available for 2011-2012, or call Diane @ 614-783-6625 4 BDRM Apartment 67 Chittenden, New Carpet, 2 Full Bath, C/Air, DW, W/D, OSP, NO Pets, $1,680/Mo. Call 9610056. 4 BDRM Apartment, 180 E. 12th, C/Air, DW, OSP, NO Pets $1,460/Mo. Call 961-0056. 4 BDRM Apartment, 180 E. 12th, C/Air, DW, OSP, NO Pets $1,620/Mo. Call 961-0056. 4 BDRM Apt. 111 E. Norwich Spacious Apt. w/, C/Air, DW, W/D, OSP $1,580-$1,620/Mo. Call 961-0056. 4 BDRM Apt. 2157 Waldeck Ave. Completely Renovated, Spacious Unit w/ 2 Full Bath, New Kitchen DW, W/D, C/Air & Free OSP $1,860/Mo. Call 961-0056. 4 BDRM DBL, 2153-2155 Indianola/Norwich Large Dbl. w/ 2 Full Bath, W/D, DW, OSP, NO Pets $1,940/Mo. Call 9610056. 4 BDRM DBL. 131 E. Norwich DW, W/D, Lg. Porch, OSP, NO Pets $1,920-$1,980/Mo. Call 961-0056. 4 BDRM Double 2139 Summit (Between Lane & Norwich) Renovated, Very Spacious Unit w/ 3 Floors, 2 Full Bath, RecRm, DW, W/D, C/Air & Free OSP (10 Spots) $2000/mo. Call 961-0056. 4 BDRM House, 66 W. Norwich, 2 Full Bath, W/D, DW, OSP, NO Pets $2,100/Mo. Call 961-0056. 4 BEDROOM houses and apts available for Fall 2011! email for more info! Addresses include 136 E 11, 2140 Waldeck and more! 4-5 bdrm House @ 2121 Indiana. Recently renovated w/ new appliances, new flooring & fixtures. Lg. Deck & porch w/ 2 Full Bath, DW, WD, C/Air and Free OSP. $1900-$2150/mo Call 961-0056. AVAILABLE NOW! 295 E 14th Ave, Affordable, spacious 4 bdrm, large living area, porch, off-street parking, washer/dryer, basement storage, A/C, blinds, dishwasher, call for showing now, D&L Properties 614-638-4162. EAST 16TH between Summit and Fourth. 4 bed, 2 bath, extra study room, Remodeled kitchen, tile floors, free washer and dryer, osp, nice, $1640.00, no pets,, Steve @ 614-582-1618

Unfurnished 5+ Bedroom # 1 5 Bedroom Duplex, Central Campus, Fall Rental, 1988 Summit. Great unit, newer interior. Dishwasher and Microwave in Kitchen, Washer Dryer in Basement. Rear deck, off-street parking and central air. Full bath and two bedrooms on 3rd floor, Full bath and three bedrooms on second floor, half bath on the first floor. Rent is $2,400/mo. Call Mark at 207-4321 or visit # 1 5 Bedroom Duplex, North Campus, Fall Rental, 2166 Summit. Three floors plus basement. Two Full baths. Dishwasher and Microwave in Kitchen, Washer Dryer in Basement. Rear deck, off-street parking and central air. Rent is $2,200/mo. Call Mark at 2074321 or visit # 1 5 Bedroom House, North Campus, Fall Rental, 2188 Indiana. Can be 5 or 6 bedroom. Three floors plus basement. Washer and dryer included. Three car garage in rear. Rent is $2,100 per month. Call Mark at 207-4321 or visit # 1 5/6 BR AVAILABLE FALL! Beautiful remodeled HOUSES, TOWNHOMES, HALF-DOUBLES close to campus. New kitchens with all appliances, large bedrooms, refinished hardwood floors, porches and wood decks, full basements with FREE washers & dryers, new windows, ceiling fans, high-efficiency furnace with A/C, cable/internet, and FREE lighted off-street parking! Call North Campus Rentals today! (614)354-8870 #1 CORNER of Michigan and 8th. One block to Hospital and Med School. Beautiful 6 Bedroom house. 2 Full Baths, 2 Half Baths. Laundry. Available August or September. Phone Steve 614-208-3111. #1 OPTION for large houses! Groups of 6 or more should email for more info! Houses include 226 E 16, 182 E Lane and more! #1 QUALITY 5,6,7,8 and 13 bedroom homes fall of 2011184 E 15th Avenue/66 E Northwood and many more, or


Help Wanted General

##! BARTENDING Up To $300/ Day. No Experience Necessary. Training Provided. 800965-6520 ext 124. #1 PIANO, Voice and Guitar teachers needed to teach in students’ homes. Continuing education provided. Excellent pay. 614-847-1212. $10/HOUR. YARD Work. Bexley Area. Flexible Hours. Must Like Dogs. Call 805-5672 (MALE ESCORT)Seeking cleancut, responsible escort for part time work. Must have a car. Call 1-614-448-0198 *HEATH/FITNESS* Expanding local company looking for front desk and/or personal trainer. PT/FT. Experience is great but not necessary. Contact 614-503-4874. AMATEUR MODELS Needed 18+. No experience necessary! $100 cash per shoot (614) 329-3407. ATTN WINTER BREAK WORK. IMMEDIATE Openings. Great Pay. Flexible Schedules, Ideal For College Students. Customer Sales/Service. No Experience Nec. Conditions Apply. All ages 18+. Call 614-485-9443. BOWLINGFORCASH.COM Survey Site - Fun way to make extra money! Completely FREE! CALL CENTER Openings for p/t positions w/ flexible scheduling and wknd hours. Competitve pay, free parking, great advancement opportunity. Qualified applicants must have computer knowledge, professional demeanor, 45 wpm, and positive work history. Applicants may apply @ EARN $1000-$3200 a month to drive our brand new cars with ads placed on them. GROCERY STORE: Applications now being accepted for Full-time/Part-time employment. Produce Clerk, Cashier, Deli Clerk, Stock Clerk, and Service Counter. Mornings, afternoons, evenings. Starting pay $8.00/Hr. Enjoyable work atmosphere. Must be 18 years or over. Apply in person Huffman’s Market, 2140 Tremont Center, Upper Arlington (2 blocks north of Lane Ave and Tremont). 486-5336 GYM X-Treme Gymnastics & Cheer located in Lewis Center about 15 from campus is now hiring gymnastics & competition cheer coaches. Interested parties should call Chris at 614573-8484 or email HANDYMAN- WORK PART TIME ON OFF-CAMPUS PROPERTIES, PAINTING, PLUMBING, ELECTRICAL EXPERIENCE A PLUS, START AT $11/HR., FLEXIBLE HOURS, CALL 761-9035 HIGH TECH Co. needs pt/ft reps. and IT personnel. Excellent wages. E-mail to with “resume” on subject line. HOUSE CLEANING. Looking for hardworking, detailed oriented individuals to work 20 hrs/week. $12/hr. Must have car. Daytime hours only. Please call (614)-527-1730 or email IDEAL COLLEGE Job PT Flexible Day Hours (No Weekends) $10/hr + mileage 614.760.0911 INDEPENDENT FEMALE, for nude modeling/photos/videos. No obligation! Audition, will train! Pay totally open! Pictures are a real plus! Busline, privacy assured, email or call; (614)2686944 KENNEL TECHNICIAN Position. Immediate opening, duties including feeding, medicating, walking, and general husbandry. Seeking self-motivated, animal loving, preferably experience, with an excellent work ethic please apply at 6868 Caine Road (just off of Sawmill Rd) or fax to Kat @ 614-766-2470. Must be available evenings (3-7) and weekend shifts. If you have questions, call 614-766-2222. MAIL BOX and Services needs part time Christmas help. Fun job! $10/hr. 614-488-1863. STANLEY STEEMER National Customer Sales and Service Call Center. Now hiring in our Westerville location. Great Pay! Please contact to learn more about this exciting 0 UTILITIES, furnished rooms, opportunity. flexible lease periods, super convenient location, 38 E. 17th Ave. Laundry, off-street parking, $200-$400/month. 2966304, 263-1193. 1368 NEIL Avenue, furnished, CHILD CARE CENTER LOclean, quiet, safe. $350/month, CATED IN WESTERVILLE utilities included, males only, SEEKS HIGHLY MOTIVATED graduate students preferred, FULL AND PART-TIME ASSISfree washer/dryer, 488-3061 TANT TEACHERS TO WORK Jack. IN OUR STEP UP TO QUALAVAILABLE NOW 14th Ave. ITY CENTER. PLEASE SEND Kitchen, laundry, parking, aver- RESUME TO PAT phunage $270/mo. Paid utilities, OR CONTACT THE CENTER 296-8353 or 299-4521 AT 614-890-9024. AVAILABLE NOW. Individual room available in a 6 bedroom CHILDREN AND Adults with female apartment. All utilities Disabilities in Need of Help. and furniture included. On-site Care providers and ABA Theralaundry, computer lab and pists are wanted to work with workout facility. $565/month. children/young adults with disPlease call the Harrison Apart- abilities in a family home setting or supported living setting. ments at 614-294-5551. Extensive training is provided. ROOMS 4 Rent! OSU Area This job is meaningful, allows $500/mo. All Utilities Included. you to learn intensively and Commercial One 324-6717 can accommodate your class schedule. Those in all related fields, with ABA interest, or who have a heart for these missions please apply. Competi200 E. 15th Ave. 4 Bedroom tive wages and benefits. For Apartment, 1 1/2 bath, carpet. more information, call L.I.F.E Rent $300-325/month. 614-759- Inc. at (614) 475-5305 or visit 9952 or 614-935-7165 us at EOE NW COLS/DUBLIN. One COLLEGE NANNIES & Tutors, block behind Sawmill Meijer. the nations largest nanny 3BR $400-$500/mo. staffing service is currently acGarage/Basement. 614/285- cepting applications for an after school nanny for a New Albany 5552 family with three school aged ROOMATE NEEDED starting children. If you like to stay acin Jan. on corner of High/Lane tive, apply your education behind shell gas station.Grad- classes and gain qualified work uating in Dec, and need to experience, apply online at colsublease starting Jan.Apt is 2bedroom and in great shape.- MOM SEEKING an OSU stuLocated less than 1/4mile dent/Grad student to care for from campus and parking 18 month old and 4 year old in right next to apt.Parking pass Upper Arlington off Lane Ave 2 thrown in for free!Call(330)- days a week (M,W), 3pm-612-6026 for more info. 5:30pm during winter quarter. ROOMATE(S) WANTED FOR Need own transportation. PreviHOUSE NEAR OSU MEDICAL ous babysitting experience required, along with references, COMPLEX CALL 204-3354 and an interview. If interested, SHARE AN apartment at 16th please email at jillkhawley@gand Indianola. Off-street park- Thank you. ing, Central A/C, Wash- NEW PARENTS seeking an er/Dryer, Dishwasher, Big OSU student/Grad student to Kitchen, Large Bedroom. Great be willing to care for 2 1/2 Location, Beg. Oct. 2010, month old in the German Vil$500 / Month, Rent Includes lage area of Columbus 3 days Utilities, Call 761-9035. week (T,W,TH), 8am-4pm startSHARING 2 B/R Apt., com- ing January 2011. Need own pletely and beautifully fur- transportation, all other accomnished, CA, parking, New car- modations will be provided. peting, $350/mo. plus half utili- We are willing to split time with more than one student. An inties. Call owner: 718-0790 formal resume with child education and/or baby-care experience required, along with a minimum of 3 references, and an SHARE CONDO and utilities. interview. If interested, please Male. 614-396-7102 email at com. Thank you.


Help Wanted Child Care

Roommate Wanted


Help Wanted Medical/Dental UPPER ARLINGTON PHYSICIAN is seeking an individual to work APPROXIMATELY 10 hours per week. Responsibilities include answering the phone, filing, faxing, making copies, ETC Send resume with wage requirements to

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service BONJOUR OSU! La Chatelaine French Bakery & Bistro is looking for outstanding servers, prep cooks and line personnel. Our three locations in Columbus are hiring servers with serving experience, prep cooks with restaurant kitchen experience and line personnel with customer service/serving experience. La Chatelaine is looking for dynamic, outstanding students. Please inquire at La Chatelaine Upper Arlington614.488.1911,La Chatelaine Worthington-614.848.6711 or La Chatelaine Dublin614.763.7151 Please visit our Merci! HIRING COCKTAIL waitresses and door personnel. Please call 614-764-1700 or apply in person after 6 PM at 2880 Bethel Rd. Col 43220.

For Sale Real Estate

1421 SUMMIT St. Duplex, newer kitchens, siding and roof. Garage, off street parking close to corner of 8th and Summit. Fenced yard. w/d hook ups and appliances. Immediate possession. Call for appt. 740-4043558.

Travel/ Vacation BAHAMAS SPRING Break $189 for 5 DAYS or $239 for 7 DAYS. All prices include : Round-trip luxury cruise with food. Accommodations on the island at your choice of thirteen resorts. Appalachia Travel. 800867-5018

General Services *SNOWBOARD/SKI CLUB Snowtrails Season pass at $135;; 614.738.1380; rentals/lesson available

CHRISTMAS GIFTWRAPPING services. We wrap all your presents. Pricing negotiable. Cash only. Clothing. Jewelry. Perfume. Toys. Dolls. Books. Games. Shoes. Cookware. Valentine’s Day. Wedding. Birthday. Executive. Graduation. Baby. Mother’s Day. Father’s Day. Anniversary. Get Well. Grandparents’ Day. Sweetest Day. 440-7416.

HIRING ENTERTAINERS. Make between $500-$1000 weekly. Please call 614-7641700 or apply in person after 6 FAMILY HISTORIES. PM at 2880 Bethel Rd. Col We write from scratch. 43220. No experience needed. $50.00 per hour. Cash only. 440-7416.

Help Wanted OSU PART TIME Employment: OSU student position available at busy professional medical center pathology business offices – 10 to 15 hours weekly. Duties include filing slides and reports, telephone and messaging, organizing records, running errands, making deliveries and performing journal searches, etc. Flexible hours based on your schedule. References from previous supervisors required with resume. Only mature, motivated students who demonstrate initiative need inquire. Position available immediately. Send resume to: RESEARCH ASSISTANT: Health Psychology lab seeks a part-time undergraduate student to assist with maintenance of current research databases, implementation of new database software and resolution of basic computer hardware and software issues. Primary responsibilities would include learning new software and training other lab members, creating scannable and web-accessible questionnaires, data scanning and verification and maintaining study-specific lab software. May be opportunities to assist with other aspects of the studies including collecting data via questionnaires and psychophysiological measures, transcription of oral interviews, conducting literature searches. This would be an excellent position for individuals interest in pursuing graduate work in psychology, as well as those majoring in computer science or engineering with an interest in applied research. Experience with Microsoft Access is especially desirable. Please visit to complete the online application and read about current studies. RESEARCH HELP WANTED Year-round position for parttime assistant. Form design, electronic data capture. Training provided. Experience in office setting preferred, health sciences a plus. 10-15 hours per week. Send resume to

Help Wanted Sales/Marketing CAMPUS MARKETERS NEEDED. Looking for outgoing, motivated students to help market job opportunities on campus. $10.00/hr. Flexible hours. For more information call: 888-839-3385

MILITARY HISTORIES. We write from scratch. $50.00 per hour. Cash only. 440-7416.

MOM’S SEWING. Buttons. Seams. Pockets. $2.00-$3.00-$5.00-up. Cash only. 440-7416. MORNINGSTAR MINI-Storage. Student Specials. 50% Off First Month. Call 614-678-5133 or visit

MUSIC INSTRUCTION: Classical guitar, other styles, Theory, Aural Training, Composition & Songwriting. Call Sound Endeavors @614/481-9191 NEED HOUSE CLEANING? 25 Years Experience. Weekly or Bi-Monthly. We are Bonded and Insured. Contact Billie 876-8220

Automotive Services TOM & Jerry’s Auto Service. Brakes, exhaust, shocks, & towing. 1701 Kenny Rd. 4888507. or visit: TOP $$$ FOR JUNK CARS ==================== JUNK CAR REMOVAL --- FREE REMOVAL ------ (614)443-8125

Legal Services

AFFORDABLE IMMIGRATION Attorney - Akron, OH. Law Offices of Farhad Sethna. WorkFamily-Green Cards-Deportation.Big City Service, Small Town Fees. <> Toll Free - 1-877-7US-VISA (787-8472). STUDENT RATES. Free initial consultation. Attorney Andrew Cosslett. Alcohol/Drug, Traffic/DUI, Landlord/Tenant, Immigration. 614-725-5352.

Resumé Services

$150.00 RESUME. We write from scratch. Executive resume $250.00. Cash only. 440-7416.

MILITARY RESUME. SENIOR-LEVEL students from We write from scratch. Enlisted Asia-Pacific countries wanted $150.00. Officers $250.00. to help launch new business. Cash Only. 440-7416. Call Gail at 614-888-7502.

Typing Services

THE ULTIMATE Bar Crawl the ultimate party game is looking for sales reps. Go to and click employment or email us at OVERNIGHT EMERGENCY!!! Last minute typing!!! DesperTHE ULTIMATE Part-Time ate procrastinators!!! Papers. Job. $10-$15 per hour. Make $20.00 per page. Cash only. great money. Build your re- 440-7416. sume. Work with friends. Fun TAPE DICTATION. atmosphere. Larmco Windows Sony Microcassette. & Siding, Inc. Please call to Speeches. Narrations. find out more about this job op- $35.00 per hour. Cash only. portunity 614-367-7113 440-7416.

Help Wanted Interships

Tutoring Services

LAB INTERNS/COMPUTER PROGRAMMER INTERNS/SALES rep positions available immediately for Fall, Winter, Spring quarters. Please visit our website at for more information.

A MATH tutor. All levels. Also Physics, Statistics and Business College Math. Teaching/tutoring since 1965. Checks okay. Call anytime, Clark 2940607.

Help Wanted Tutors MUSIC TEACHERS NEEDED FOR PIANO, GUITAR, VIOLIN, VOICE Apply today! Visit and click Employment.

For Sale Automotive 1972 - 1978 El Dorado parade boot hood and trunk. Excellent condition, make offer. Gary 614-792-0270

WANT MALE graduate student to tutor Worthington Kilbourne High School student. Tutor in all subjects 2-3 hours, 2-3 days a week in late afternoon or evening. Hourly rate $13. Own transportation required. Call 614-352-8416.

Business Opportunities NEED MORE money? Eos Rewards Browser! Download and install the world’s first cash back rewards web browser, see the video and sign up for free at

For Rent Miscellaneous

GARAGE AVAILABLE. AARON BUYS Cars! Ca$h to- $50/month. Located at 12th day! Dead or alive. FREE and Indianola. Call Brian. 614Tow! Local Buyer 268-CARS 332-4275 (2277). GARAGES AVAILABLE on King and Lane. $75 for month to month basis 614-263-2665 TOP $$$ FOR JUNK CARS ==================== JUNK CAR REMOVAL --- FREE REMOVAL ------ (614)443-8125

Wanted Miscellaneous

$$$ CASH For Comics $$$ Wanting to buy old comic books (1930’s-1960’s) Marvel, D.C., Disney and more. 513-794-9886

Wednesday December 1, 2010


Gifts from 1B

Gift cards can make good gifts when thought out Kindle The Amazon Kindle is another tech gift he is sure to appreciate. He will have access to a huge library, and many OSU textbooks are available for the device at a discounted price. There are several models, but the $139 version is perfect for any OSU student. It doesn’t have 3G support, but the university’s Wi-Fi will let him download books anywhere on campus. The downside to the Kindle is that it takes many digital book purchases to break even on the cost of the unit itself. However, the great screen and Internet connectivity make up for this in spades. Flip Video The Flip Video is a slick, portable camcorder with high-definition video recording and an easy-to-use interface. The unit is as simple as a point-and-shoot camera and easily connects to the user’s computer via a built-in USB connection.

It’s the perfect present for anyone looking to dabble in video and is great for recording those crazy college hijinks that would otherwise be relegated to memory and legend. There is a wide array of cool accessories for the device, including tripods and underwater housings. The unit’s design can be customized on Flip’s website at no extra cost, so it’s easy to put together a gift that he’ll always remember. There are several models available, but the $149 UltraHD 4GB model is great for those who have regular access to a computer and don’t need to store lots of video on the camera. Netflix gift cards A Netflix gift card might seem like it’s in the same boring league as its retail brethren, but it’s truly one of those simple gifts that keeps on giving. Netflix has completely changed the way I view entertainment. I stream movies to my laptop between classes, watch HD television shows on my Xbox 360, and queue up tons of new Blu-ray releases as soon as they come out. All of that, plus no lines, no hassle and no late fees equals an awesome gift. You can purchase a three-month gift card for

roughly $27. If you want to avoid the “gift card feel,” set up the account for him and give him the log-in details. You could even customize things by putting a few movies you want to watch with him in queue. DVD boxed sets DVD boxed sets are great, as they are incredibly cheap this time of year. You can pick up titles such as “Dexter” and “Weeds” for as little as $20 if you catch them on sale. Every guy I know has some sort of boxed set collection. They’re great for killing time and perfect for diving into a television series. They’re also cool conversation pieces for parties, something that Netflix can’t offer. Customized Chuck Taylors If you want to score some extra cool points, consider getting him some customized Converse Chuck Taylors. They never go out of style, and he’ll always think of you when he puts them on. Converse’s website has tons of Chucks that can be customized in hundreds of ways, and the prices run between $58 and $80. However, it’s critical to order them right away. The shoes take three to four weeks to ship.

New headphones Although iPod earbuds might be part of the “college look,” their sound quality is best described as tinny and flat. A pair of noise-canceling, overthe-ear headphones will not only bring new life to a music aficionado’s MP3 player but will also provide a convenient way to drown out loud roommates. It is important to remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to headphones. A $20 pair will likely sound worlds better than stock iPod earbuds, but they will lack the bass response and overall fidelity of a Sony or Sennheiser set that costs around the $100 mark. As I mentioned earlier, it’s all about the experience. If you can put something together that is meaningful to both of you, any gift will do. The best ones will be the ones you can share together, so look for something creative and customizable.

Guys, post your ideal gift at!


Offered by the Office of Student Life



ON SALE NOW! The Buckeyes are bowl bound and you can be, too! Buy your bowl tour packages today at

or by calling 614-247-BOWL (2695). Wednesday December 1, 2010


Saving for retirement at Ohio State University just got easier. Investment guidance for higher education professionals

Here’s great news for Ohio State University employees: Now you can invest your 403(b) and Alternate Retirement Plan (ARP) with Fidelity, one of the nation’s leading providers of retirement plans. Together, we can: Analyze your portfolio. We can help you prepare for up and down markets. Review your plan. We’ll help you bring your total financial picture — both workplace and personal savings — into focus. Understand your choices. As the only mutual fund provider in the ARP program, we’ll help you choose from hundreds of no-load funds to help meet your needs.

Set up your complimentary one-on-one consultation today.


Before investing, consider the funds’ investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. Contact Fidelity for a prospectus or, if available, a summary prospectus containing this information. Read it carefully. Investing involves risk, including the risk of loss. Although consultations are one on one, guidance provided by Fidelity is educational in nature, is not individualized, and is not intended to serve as the primary or sole basis for your investment or tax-planning decisions. Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Member NYSE, SIPC. © 2010 FMR LLC. All rights reserved. 553769.7


Wednesday December 1, 2010


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