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First year coaches face off

OSU coach Luke Fickell and Michigan coach Brady Hoke both enter Saturday’s rivalry as first-year coaches.

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Mary Posani Lantern reporter Well before midnight Tuesday, many students had already begun Mirror Lake Jump festivities. More than 1,500 people stood on the muddy hills and sidewalks surrounding Mirror Lake as


The Muppets return

The Lantern reviews “The Muppets,” the first Muppet feature-length film in 12 years, starring Jason Segal.


Thanksgiving meal served

about 100 students jumped and splashed in the chilly water late Tuesday night for the annual Mirror Lake jump tradition. With a warm fall temperature of 57 degrees Fahrenheit and roughly 30 mph winds, Buckeye spirits kept many students warm with adrenaline and cheers. Students screamed and cheered “O-H-I-O” and “Beat Michigan,” and many expletives

expressing feelings toward the state up north during this annual tradition on South Campus. John Sullivan, a first-year in exploration, decided to follow tradition and make his first jump Tuesday. “It was amazing. It was like zero degrees (in the water), but it was worth it,” Sullivan said.

MIRROR LAKE JUMP Go online for a recap of the 2011 Mirror Lake jump and the activities surrounding the night.

Rest of the story online.

OSU keeps public safety meeting private Thomas Bradley and Sarah Stemen Campus editor and Oller reporter and The public safety committee that President E. Gordon Gee formed to help address a recent string of armed robberies in the campus area met for the first time Tuesday. The public was denied access to the closed-door meeting. After the door to Bricker Hall Conference Room 105 shut at 4:12 p.m. Tuesday, officials from several different offices discussed several safety issues. After emerging at 5:54 p.m., all committee members present declined to comment on the meeting. University spokeswoman Shelly Hoffman said none of the members of the committee were going to talk about the meeting. Hoffman expanded on the meeting, but did not reveal any details about it. “It was a productive first meeting and the committee plans to continue their work through

the weekend,” Hoffman said. “And will meet again to finalize their recommendations next week and present them to President Gee.” Committee members include representatives from several areas of campus. The team is chaired by Jay Kasey, senior vice president for administration and planning. Other members of the committee include: Javaune Adams-Gaston, vice president of student life; Chris Culley, senior vice president and general counsel; Tom Katzenmeyer, senior vice president for university communications; Melinda Church, executive officer for the Office of the President; Paul Denton, Chief of Ohio State Police; VJ Gadepally, president for Council of Graduate Students; Nick Messenger, president of Undergraduate Student Government; and Megan Conroy, president for InterProfessional Council. All members present either declined an interview, or avoided reporters from The Lantern as they exited the room.

3A Turkey Day prompts drop in attendance


Andi Hendrickson Lantern reporter

high 52 low 33 am clouds

TH 56/39 F 59/47 SA 59/47 SU 43/33

continued as Room 3A

sunny partly cloudy cloudy showers Kaitlyn Lyle / Lantern reporter

With Thanksgiving on Thursday, some instructors have cancelled Wednesday classes, while others have not.

Is anybody reading this? No, because everybody’s home for Thanksgiving — except those stuck in mandatory classes. Though the Ohio State academic calendar says classes are regularly scheduled for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving every year, some students, and even some professors, choose to consider attendance on this day “optional.” The university rule book states in Section 3335-921 and Section 3335-9-22 that “Each department or school may make its own rules relative to occasional absences by students from scheduled activities,” and that “the instructor, however, is not obligated to provide make-up classes, laboratory exercises, field trips, or examinations. The student is responsible for material covered in class during the absence.” Some students find the mandatory-attendance policy frustrating because it interferes with travel plans. Jamie Moore, a second-year in environmental science, said he had to schedule his flight home

Sarah Stemen / Oller reporter

University officials gathered to improve student safety held a closed-door meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2011.

according to his class times, and it will put a damper on his holiday. “I had to try to make sure I could find a flight that worked at a time that I had enough time to get to the airport and deal with airport security,” Moore said. “So instead of being able to go home Tuesday, I have to go home late Wednesday night.” Moore, who is flying home to Chicago, said he would prefer if classes on the day before Thanksgiving were cancelled. “Coming from the opinion of an out-of-state student, it’s hard scrambling around looking for a flight time that works with your schedule,” Moore said. “And it’s one of the busiest travel days of the year.” Deborah Rumsey, a statistics professor at OSU, said in an email that her Wednesday classes are still meeting this week, including the evening classes. “As far as I understand it, the university policy is to hold all classes on Wednesday before Thanksgiving, including the night sections,” Rumsey said. “We have a night section that goes from 5:30-6:48 and we hold classes because of the policy.” Rumsey said she does not necessarily agree with

continued as Class on 3A


campus A pledge to inform about public safety laNTerN STaff A committee was formed to improve campus safety, public safety, but on Tuesday The Lantern was informed that the public would have a part in the process. As editors of The Lantern, we strive to inform students, staff, alumni and affiliates of the most up-to-date information as it pertains to campus. On Tuesday night, we attempted to do everything in our power to make that happen. This meeting was the result of a mandate from President E. Gordon Gee to improve student safety after recent armed robberies in the area. While the university had precedent to hold a closed-door meeting based on a gray-area regarding the Freedom of Information Act and Ohio Sunshine Laws, we believe the university had an obligation to the public to inform. The story that was intended to be on the front page of Wednesday’s paper was to feature the initiatives the university is working toward. It should have been praising the university for taking action and making something happen. Instead, through unwillingness to be transparent and honest to the public the story turned into a completely different matter. This is a matter of student safety. This is a matter of great interest to all aspects of the university. At The Lantern, we were looking forward to reporting good news about the initiatives the university is working toward. Our goal was to report about the progress of the Undergraduate Student Government’s progress with its petition to improve student safety. Factors out of our control made us unable to report what went on in that meeting. We have a pledge to our readers to seek the truth and be the informant of the public, and we will continue to exhaust every resource to inform the public about matters of public interest. In what was even more surprising than the meeting itself was the reaction from committee members after. Every member we spoke to deferred comment to a university spokeswoman. Even with simple questions regarding the goals of the committee, things that could have been answered without divulging sensitive information, went unanswered. We have a pledge to public knowledge and please take this as a promise that we constantly do everything in our power to ensure the public is aware of information they deserve to know.

Anti-Michigan license plates a no-go Sarah igNaTz-hoover Lantern reporter As the Ohio State-Michigan football game approaches, one place that Ohio drivers’ anti-Michigan sentiments can’t be shared is on their license plates. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles has rejected specialized license plate requests expressing hatred toward Michigan. The BMV has a special plates reviewing committee that meets every morning to review the combination requests for personalized license plates submitted the day before, said Lindsey Bohrer the BMV spokeswoman. Approved plates go on to be printed, and when a plate is rejected a notice is sent to the requester. “What they do is they look at a variety of sources, there’s a variety of ages to the people on the committee, a variety of positions just so we can get all angles of the staffing and BMV,” Bohrer said. “So what we do is, those people look at the different combinations, they go onto different sites, they go onto urban slang, urban dictionary they go onto different language sites, just so that we can make sure that none are inappropriate.” There is an appeals process if someone feels they should be able to have the license plate, Bohrer said. The appeal can be sent to the registrar who will review the plate and have a final say on whether the plate will be approved. The BMV has an agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union as to what plates can be approved. “We like to stay on a good balance between freedom of speech, but also limiting things that are profanity and things like that,” Bohrer said.

Bohrer said the agreement has three major parts: They would reject requests containing words, combinations or phrases that are so profane such as swear words or sexually explicit plates; combinations that are so offensive they could reasonably be expected to provoke a violent response are prohibited; and word combinations and phrases that advocate immediate lawlessness are prohibited. The ACLU of Ohio first got involved at least 10 years ago after being tipped off by a story from The Columbus Dispatch, said Gary Daniels the associate director for the ACLU of Ohio. The agreement the BMV has with the ACLU of Ohio came out after the ACLU of Ohio sued the BMV after finding a client whose plates had been ultimately rejected. When the BMV agreed to let its client have his plates and through settlement discussions came up with the guidelines, Daniels said. “Under the settlement, they still have the power to reject or authorize certain plates, but I think it’s clear that they are still going overboard with regard to what it is that they are censoring,” Daniels said. The issue goes to the basics of

first amendment and free speech law and when the government opens a forum for free speech in public settings like a town hall or public square, Daniels said. “You can’t have the government in the business of picking winners and losers when it comes to exercise of free speech, it’s very much the same way it is here with the license plates. The government has opened up a forum for speech, and I don’t doubt that there are some things that they can censor and that courts wouldn’t care about that, they would see that as constitutional,” Daniels said. While the ACLU of Ohio has not done any follow-up investigations yet, they would be interested in hearing from anyone whose license plates have been rejected and they would investigate further from that point, Daniels said. Some plates that have been rejected included “HATEMI,” “KILBLU” and “UMH8ER,” The Columbus Dispatch reported. “We want people to be able to express themselves through the personalized plates, but also, we don’t want profanity or anything obscene to be out there as well, so

we just try to be fair and balanced with our plates,” Bohrer said. “The ACLU’s opinion is you open up that forum, pretty much anything goes. I mean we understand if somehow the text on a license plate could be considered obscenity, a court’s not going to allow that,” Daniels said. “Profanity is not obscenity, profanity is still protected speech under the first amendment and here we have the government … the BMV, and they’re censoring speech. “With vanity plates, many times the government sees it as ‘Well, people might interpret it as being speech of the state because it’s a license plate.’ But, I think pretty much everybody out there understands that if you see text or numbers on a license plate that isn’t kind of standard like a lot of us have, just a combination of letters and numbers, but instead, it spells something or signifies something. … That that is because the driver of the car, or the owner of the license plates, arranged to have it that way,” Daniels said. The BMV bans things like profanity, but these seem a little excessive when expressing pride in your school, said Andrew North, a fourth-year in electric engineering. North said it takes censorship too far. He said it’s meant to stop things like profanity and threats, not trash talk. “It’s a good thing if it’s like directly targeting somebody specific or if it’s deemed hurtful to somebody,” said Brooke Seidenschmidt, a second-year in exploration. Seidenschmidt said that if it’s not harmful it shouldn’t be censored, “It’s kind of a violation of the first amendment,” said Morgan Rivera, a second-year in public affairs. “If people want to express their hatred toward Michigan they should be able to.”

Rivalry fuels up charity video initiative Thailyr ScrivNer Lantern reporter


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One of the biggest rivalries in college football is harnessing its competitive nature to help fight one of the largest causes of death. Bigger Than The Game, an Ohio State student initiative, is using the hype of the OSU-Michigan rivalry to raise money for the comprehensive cancer centers at both OSU and the University of Michigan. “We wanted a cause that would be on campus so that students can really see the pride in supporting something,” said Ernest Levert, a third-year in biomedical engineering and director of campus engagement for the initiative. Five students got together and came up with the idea after a Buckeye Leadership Fellows meeting. One group member worked at the cancer center at OSU, which lead to the decision. “We were trying to figure out a way to really harness the rivalry of Ohio State and Michigan for a good cause,” Levert said. After viewing a site called the eternal moonwalk, a tribute to Michael Jackson, the group came up with the idea to create an “everlasting wave,” said Eric Hornung, a third-year in finance and director of communications for the initiative. Anyone from OSU or Michigan can upload a video of a person, or a group of people, doing “the wave,” which is often seeing at sporting events. The founders have also taken video footage of people willing to participate throughout the university. Eric McQuillin, a third-year in accounting and finance, said he decided to upload a video because he felt the cause exceeded the amount of time it would take to participate. “I’m in full support of their project and I think it’s

got a lot of potential for growth,” McQuillin said. “I think it’s something that could grow every year … I feel they’re taking it in the right direction.” The official site where people can upload their own videos currently lists OSU as having 100 videos and Michigan with 40. Levert said he believes there are a few hundred more for OSU that group members have on their own devices, but still need to be uploaded to the site. The video clips will be combined once the competition is over on Nov. 26 and will essentially create one large video clip composed of the small clips taken of students, faculty, alumni and fans of either university who choose to participate. “A big part is utilizing the Ohio State-Michigan game. That’s kind of the big motivator behind that,” Hornung said. “Competition … it breeds success.” The money for research comes from either lump sum donations or donations from companies and corporations. The idea was that companies would choose to donate a certain amount of money per video uploaded, Hornung said. The money raised will be divided evenly to both OSU and UM’s cancer centers. The school that

has the most uploaded videos will not receive any prize or additional money for winning. “It’s really for bragging rights,” Levert said. “The main idea is really to support cancer research.” The group originally set a goal of $10,000 from September when it was first founded to Nov. 26, Hornung said. “We definitely have raised a good amount of money but not $10,000,” Hornung said. “We want to raise a lot of awareness about this, that’s really the key thing. I think once you have the awareness the money will come.” Since the group proposed the idea near the beginning of the quarter, they could not officially be considered a student organization. The group cannot get operating funds from the Ohio Union, have free fliers printed, or a lot of the other free services offered to student organizations, Hornung said. Michigan does not have a formal group yet, although Hornung said he is working with a friend who attends and is interested in forming one in the future. “Just like every starter company it’s going to start-up a little slower,” Hornung said. “Once you get that first cycle through it’s just going to explode.”


Order in quantities of 25, 50, 75 or 100 Chicken Fingers Campus Delivery: - 614-297-8118 8 Locations in Columbus: High Street • Olentangy River Rd • Gahanna • Polaris • Hilliard • Pickerington • Grove City • Dublin • •


@raisingcanesohio Wednesday November 23, 2011

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Hoffman said When asked why none of the committee members would be commenting on the meeting, Hoffman said, “there’s nothing to say.” After a request for the information from last week, Hoffman sent a list of committee members to The Lantern with further details about the committee on Monday. “Some of the areas they will be looking at include expanded partnerships with City of Columbus to address off-campus crime, more resources for student safety services, additional communications and education,” Hoffman wrote in an email Monday. “The final course of action will be fully communicated to the campus community as soon as decisions are reached.” Ohio Sunshine Laws ensure that a public entity, such as a public university, be transparent in all decision-making processes by allowing all meetings be open and all records be public, unless protected under law. Hoffman said that this meeting did not apply under the Sunshine laws. “It’s not that it’s an exception to the open meetings law. It’s that the law doesn’t apply because it’s not a decision making body. The group is advisory to the president,” Hoffman said in the email. Dennis Hetzel, executive director at the Ohio Newspaper Association, said it would be in the best interest of the university for it to be an open meeting. “From a policy standpoint, even if they

technically could close the meeting, it seems like it would be in the public interest for that meeting to be open,” Hetzel said. “There would be nothing to keep them from choosing to have the meeting open. The Lantern and Hetzel are both members of the ONA. Hoffman sent a statement after the meeting citing the court ruling Beacon Journal Publ’g Co. v. City of Akron (1965), which states that a committee formed by an individual is not subject to open meeting laws. “As set forth under Ohio law, a group established or created by an individual (such as a president of a university) is not subject to the requirements of the open meetings law when the individual establishing the group is acting pursuant to his or her executive authority,” Hoffman said in the statement. This committee was formed as a response to the numerous armed robberies that have been reported in the campus area in the past month. There have been at least 7 robberies in the past 23 days in the campus area. Students expressed their concerns about the secretive nature of the meeting, but said they do trust Gee’s officials. Kimberly Mengerink, a fourthyear in business at Columbus State Community College who lives in the campus area, said she is glad the group is meeting, but wants more openness. “I do kind of trust them, but I wish they’d be more open with us to let us know what happened, because it is affecting students,” Mengerink said. “They obviously don’t have to tell us everything, but they do owe us at least something and not just completely close us out.” Chelsea Castle contributed to this story.

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that policy, as many students are then rushing to get home for the holidays, and many students choose to go home earlier rather than attend classes. “In my experience, very few students (including our regulars) come to our 5:30 night section the day before Thanksgiving (probably less than 10 percent of them) so we are not doing the students a service here,” she said in the email. “It would be better in my opinion for the university to cancel classes after a certain hour, and for the professors to offer online information/activities students can use to stay caught up over the break, such as podcasts of lectures, which are fairly easy to compose, especially with help from the Digital Union.” Emma Manier, a second-year in psychology, said her biggest issue with Wednesday class is the inconsistency of who will hold class. Manier said she made travel plans a few weeks in advance to avoid price hikes, only to find out a few days ago that she does not have class today. “I bought Megabus tickets two weeks ago, but had I known that I wouldn’t have class, I would have just been able to drive home,” Manier said. “I haven’t heard of many teachers cancelling class, so I just assumed I would need the ticket either way.” Seeing extended family is nearly impossible because of how short the Thanksgiving break is for OSU students, Manier said.

Students “absolutely” skip class in order to go home early, Manier said, who had one professor last year cancel class after “nobody showed up.” Andrew Hayes, a professor of psychology at OSU, said in an email that he cancelled his classes on Wednesday evening. “I think it would be cruel and family-unfriendly to expect students to attend a class when most of the rest of the country is on the road, entertaining visitors and so forth,” Hayes said in an email. Hayes’ Wednesday classes are mostly graduate courses that meet in the evening. However, if he were teaching a morning class, he said he would have a different policy. “If I were teaching an undergraduate course, which meets in the morning, I would be less likely to cancel class,” Hayes said in an email. “But I would expect attendance to be even lower than the standard 60-70% (SIC) that is typical at this university, at least in my experience.” Both Manier and Rumsey agree the current methods of dealing with the holiday are causing more frustrations for students, but could be alleviated with a few small changes. “I think the teachers need to decide early what they are going to do with (that day), just so it’s more convenient for students,” Manier said. “It’s also interesting to note that many departments allow their office staff to leave an hour early on the day before Thanksgiving, to get a head start on the traffic,” Rumsey said in an email. “Maybe the same should be applied to our students.”

Campus holiday dished up

U.S. News & World Report ranks public health among “50 Best Careers of 2011” Specializations include biostatistics, environmental health sciences, epidemiology, health behavior and health promotion, health services management and policy, and veterinary public health. All are areas where public health experts are crucially needed. The Ohio State University College of Public Health is Ohio’s first and only accredited school of public health. DEGREES AND MINOR: Contact an advisor today at 614-292-8350 Master of Public Health Master of Health Administration Master of Science Doctor of Philosophy Combined and Dual Degrees Public Health Minor Bachelor of Science in Public Health available Fall 2012

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STEPHANIE KARIUKI Lantern reporter Some students who may not have an opportunity to go home for the Thanksgiving holiday can still enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal Thursday in the Ohio Union. This year, Ohio State will be hosting its 20th annual campuswide Thanksgiving dinner in the Archie Griffin Ballroom. According to a press release from Lawrence K. Williamson, there will be more than 200 volunteers contributing to the event.

Courtesy of MCT


According to Williamson, the Thanksgiving dinner at OSU includes a turkey dinner with gravy, sweet potatoes, corn, green beans and pumpkin pie. The dinner will take place twice Nov. 25 — noon and 2:15 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the Frank W. Hale, Jr. Black Cultural Center/Office of Diversity and Inclusion; Office of International Affairs in Oxley Hall, room 100 and the Ohio Union Information Center until Nov. 24. The dinner first began with 25 students, who were invited by two graduate students. The event has grown to more than 2,000 guests.



1 Hour Video Game Card *

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Burgers, Nachos 9pm and Pizza 165 easton town Center • Columbus, oH • 43219 *Must show current, valid college ID to redeem. 614-428-7529 •

Wednesday November 23, 2011


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Wednesday November 23, 2011


thelantern concerts Wednesday

The 2nd Annual Andyman-A-Thon Benefit Concert 6:30 p.m. @ LC Pavilion Mannheim Steamroller 7:30 p.m. @ Vern Riffe Center Gelatinus Cube 9 p.m. @ Skully’s


liquid Gandhi 8 p.m. @ The Dolphin Lounge G. Finesse and The N.S. 9 p.m. @ Scarlet & Grey Café


Courtesy of Disney

‘The Muppets,’ starring Jason Segel (back right), Amy Adams (back left) and the rest of the Muppets gang, is scheduled to hit theaters Nov. 23, 2011. FILM REVIEW

Fun, feel-good ‘Muppets’ lights the light for new generation Alex Antonetz Arts editor

The Kooks 7 p.m. @ Newport Music Hall Kenny Rogers 8 p.m. @ Veterans Memorial Auditorium Indigo Wild 9 p.m. @ Kobo


Somehow a franchise that’s been around for 50 years has managed to feel like a breath of fresh air. That’s what “The Muppets,” a wondrous, welcome change-up to the morose cynicism and grittiness that’s dominated contemporary cinema, has done. “The Muppets,” the seventh feature-length Muppets film and first in 12 years, follows the journey of Walter (Peter Linz), a puppet, his human brother Gary (Jason Segel) and Gary’s girlfriend, Mary (Amy Adams). The trio stumbles upon a plot by businessman Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) to tear down the old Muppet Theater to drill for oil, and the disconnected Muppet crew must attempt to reunite and raise money via telethon to try to save it. “The Muppets” has that classic Muppets feel that’s been vacant since creator Jim Henson died in 1990. It’s got plenty of silly, zany humor to go around, but even when it’s at its silliest, it’s never so juvenile that it’s a put-off. It’s trademark Muppet inanity at its finest. Part of the reason “The Muppets” is set apart from weaker Muppet films like 1999’s “Muppets in Space” could very well be director James Bobin’s apt attempt at capturing the Henson magic others

have failed to recreate. Part of it could also be the rampant, smile-inducing nostalgia. It’s heart, though, that makes “The Muppets” such a wonderful watch. There are a lot of sweet and sappy moments — it is a Disney movie, after all — and a lot of those do, in fact, play off of nostalgia. That’s not to say that the emotional moments in the film are cheap or derivative. They aren’t. There are plenty of cute moments, and it’s raised to whole new levels during the show’s musical pieces, new and old alike. Flight of the Conchords’ Bret McKenzie’s musical pieces are pure, toe-tapping bliss, From “Life’s a Happy Song,” a wonderful celebration of life and love that will likely win an Oscar, to “Pictures In My Head,” which is sure to pull on some heart strings, and Cooper’s overtly silly rap, “Let’s Talk About Me,” the film builds up to a rousing performance of the “Muppet Show Theme” and other Muppet classics such as “Mahna Mahna.” If I had any concern going into “The Muppets,” it would have been its human element. Mixing humans and, well, non-humans, is a tricky job, and many films walk a fine line trying to do it without making it nauseatingly hokey. Segel and Adams, however, are never really the film’s focal point, and instead of becoming distracting, they supplement the Muppets in a perfectly complementary way which never seems forced. Same goes the revolving door of A-list cameos, which includes Selena Gomez, Neil

Patrick Harris, Zach Galifianakis and Dave Grohl, among many, many more. The film does start off as almost a self-congratulatory pat-on-the-back to the Muppets, so to speak. However, considering that the film is a labor of love from co-writer Segel, who has vocally professed his adoration with the franchise, it can be forgotten and forgiven. Instead, the biggest disappointment with “The Muppets” was the short preceding it. “Toy Story Toon: Small Fry” is one of Pixar’s weakest shorts to date, lacking the emotional punch of its others and instead feeling like a cold, condensed rehash of “Toy Story 3.” Still, Bobin — with the aid of Segel, who played a major role in getting the project off the ground — did a wondrous job in serving up an opportunity to introduce the Muppets to a new generation. He’s resurrected the faction of fuzz from a pit of creative plunder and presented a wonderful affair that appeals to all ages. In fact, it’s got the heart, fun and charm to make it not only the ideal film to enjoy with the family Thanksgiving weekend, but it’s also the best film of the year thus far and a legitimate candidate for a Best Picture nod at next year’s Academy Awards. Grade: A-

TOP TEN ALBUMS OF 2011 “4” — Beyoncé

With 2011 wrapping up, it’s time to take a look at the 10 best albums the year had to offer. After revealing Nos. 6 through No. 10 Tuesday, The Lantern reveals the top five albums on our list today.

Looking back, one wonders if King B knew she had a vision that she was pregnant while creating “4.” A much slower album than her previous one, this record is perhaps the greatest showcase of her voice yet. It’s the kind of music that appeals and applies to every human being on Earth. “I Was Here” and “End of Time” could be the two best Beyoncé songs ever, showing off the two sides to her that fans love so much.

“Born This Way” — Lady Gaga This beautiful mess of an album is the mutant child of Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, Queen and David Bowie. While not quite the “greatest album of this decade” as Gaga claimed it was, it certainly throws a wrench in the music industry machine. This is Gaga at her best and worst; an album meant to redefine pop music as we know it. When you have songs like “Bloody Mary” and “Heavy Metal Lover,” two genre-bending tracks on one album, it’s bound to be an unsafe and thrilling ride for everyone involved.

Want the latest entertainment news from around town? We’re on Twitter.

“Watch the Throne” — The Throne (Kanye West and Jay-Z) Only rap giants Jay-Z and Kanye West can create something as gauche as “luxury rap” and still be endearing to the American public. It’s because they don’t take themselves too seriously. While Jay outshines his best friend on the lyrical side, Kanye shakes the foundations of hiphop with his schizophrenic production. Fusing old and new with Otis Redding samples and dubstep-laced beats, this album is perfect in almost every way. “Murder to Excellence” and “No Church in the Wild” are the kind of songs that exemplify the direction hip-hop is heading.

“You & I” — The Pierces Though they are easily the least-known artists on this list, they are the best that folk rock has to offer. Haunting voices and stupendous lyrics give this record a chilling effect that works better because of their anonymity. Each and every song is spellbinding, which makes sense because the sisters have alluded to Wiccan practices on past albums. This is the only record on the list where no song is skipped because of the genius intertwined in each track.

“Goblin” — Tyler, the Creator


We, as a society, have to come to terms with the fact that we allowed someone like Tyler Okonma to happen. His brutal, offensive and bone-chilling songs are enough to keep the faint-hearted awake at night. He is the driving force behind this death metal-esque rap music. Not only is he a sometimesplayful, homicidal-suicidal dork, but he produced everything on the album from scratch. His production uses no samples, only gritty, industrial and dark beats that came from his sociopathic mind. All any doubting critic needs to do is listen to “Golden,” a song so destructive it will bring you to tears.

VANESSA SPATES / Senior Lantern reporter


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CD Reviews Rihanna able to talk Nickelback’s latest the talk on new album the best album ever VANeSSA SPATeS Senior Lantern reporter Electronic sex on a dirty dance floor is the best way to describe Rihanna’s newest album, “Talk That Talk.” Even though this is Rihanna’s third album in as many years, it’s surprisingly competent, with a solid mix of leg-spreading beats and that signature Rihanna monotone singing. Despite the fact that dreaded music-recycler, Dr. Luke, produced the first two tracks, “You Da One” and “Where Have You Been,” the songs have an air of freshness to them that was absent on Rihanna’s last album, “Loud.” She seems to have taken the electronic dance route, which has been the fad in the last two years, to another level. “We Found Love” is mainly a frenzied beat with minimal vocal accompaniment, similar to traditional electronica music. But after that, the album swings in a different direction. The title song is nothing special, with a feature from Jay-Z that’s not very exciting. Rihanna sometimes gets lost in her own production and that may be because her voice hardly ever reveals any emotion whatsoever. However, she does excel with sex appeal. “Cockiness (I Love It)” and “Birthday Cake”

“Talk That Talk” Rihanna


basically yells at everyone listening, “Come and get it, boys (or girls).” There’s something amusing about her blatant abuse of her own sexuality — she’s not taking it too seriously. An attitude clashes with songs such as “We All Want Love” and “Farewell.” There are two Rihannas going back and forth on this album. The maturing Rihanna wants to be taken more seriously by her peers and showcase her voice and her creativity. The sexual, bubbly Rihanna just wants to dance and sleep around. The latter seems to have won. This record is pretty good when you look at the fact that this is her third in as many years. It doesn’t feel rushed, but it doesn’t feel completed either. Every artist struggles to find themselves and it’s up to Rihanna to figure if she wants to continue being just a number one single-snatching pop star or a true creative force in pop music.

MATT loVeTT Lantern reporter SATIRE — I wish I could spend Thanksgiving in Detroit this year. Not only to catch the Detroit Lions play, but to see the scheduled halftime entertainment provided by Nickelback, who is coming off its best album to date, “Here and Now.” After a flawless call-out in “This Means War,” Nickelback dives into jams about having a good time. On “Bottoms Up,” lead singer Chad Kroeger gives homage to the ultimate party. The song “Midnight Queen” is worthy of that woman who licks your “pistol clean.” “Gotta Get Me Some” is awesome as well because it is almost exactly like “Midnight Queen” in theme. Nickelback likes to slow it down every once in a while, too. “When We Stand Together” may very well win a Grammy with its honest message of uniting people worldwide. Nickelback writes those intense love songs, too. “Lullaby” is a great track for all those kids in relationship turmoil. Kroeger advises that sometimes all you need to get over your problems is just a good night’s sleep. I almost feel bad for Kroeger at some points. When he

“Here and Now” Nickelback


croons In the song “Trying Not To Love You,” I almost lost it sobbing. Things turn out to be all right though, as Kroeger finds his woman in “Holding On To Heaven.” They eventually have a perfect relationship, where she is down for “Everything I [Kroeger] Wanna Do.” I was confused with the last song’s title, “Don’t Ever Let It End.” Then I get even more baffled at how Kroeger has problems with his girl again. It’s at this point that I begin to question Kroeger’s stability. It may take some time to listen to “Here and Now.” It may seem difficult to get through Kroeger’s hard times, considering Nickelback’s series of relationship problems and hangovers presented in the record. As such, Nickelback stands as one of the most emotionally ambitious and “rockin’” bands of our time.

‘My Life II’ obliges soulful diva’s veracity MATT loVeTT Lantern reporter

“My life II ...” Mary J. Blige

Prior to writing this review, Mary J. Blige was more of an icon or a subject than an actual artist, so to speak. I don’t make this remark to discredit Blige as it’s more a thought about how I, and perhaps others, view popular musicians. It’s at times hard to imagine an actual background to the celebrity. Where this feeling stems from, I will never know, however, I can say that I am delighted to find Blige’s context. Her new album, “My Life II … The Journey Continues (Act I),” is aurally appealing and, if nothing else, soulful. Blige’s new record satisfies a tenet of hip-hop soul with the theme of all her songs — they are all about love in its inconsistency. It’s inconsistent in its way to be pleasurable and wrenching. There’s the grooving “Midnight Drive,” on which Blige sings about rushing to her love. This yearning for love is present in “Why” as well, where it’s backed by an overtone of optimism to make a relationship work when things seem discontent. “Loving A Woman” has a powerful, female-singer duo with Beyonce’s feature. It’s an anthem piece in its attempt to “teach”


future lovers to know how to treat a woman. The track “25/8” radiates Blige’s strong sense of empowerment with her love — she states she has “days and days of love,” more than can be given in during the standard calendar year. “Don’t Mind” has much the same feel. One can’t stay completely happy all the time in a relationship. Blige reflects this sentiment in “No Condition.” The sometimes too-honest, perpetually whiny Drake appears on “Mr. Wrong,” a song about being with someone that is fun but regardless proves to be a terrible fit. The album holds several other distinctive soulful love songs that showcase love as a raw material shaped pleasantly or disfigured by a relationship. Blige has been around for more than a decade now, and I’m more than slightly ashamed that this album was my first experience with her veracity.

Sylosis travels to ‘Edge of Earth’ before Columbus stop CHRIS SCUllIN Lantern reporter For the British thrash metal quartet Sylosis, perseverance was a necessity. Sylosis is embarking on its first U.S. tour. The band is scheduled to headline at Alrosa Villa at 6 p.m. Sunday before starting their two-and-a-half week run with As I Lay Dying. The band formed in Reading, England, in 2000, when its members were still in school. Though there were numerous member changes throughout the years, the band continued to play shows and write music. Finally, in December 2007, its endurance paid off when it signed with the independent record label Nuclear Blast. The band released its debut album, titled “Conclusion of an Age,” in 2008. At that time, Sylosis was made up of Jamie Graham on vocals, Josh Middleton on lead guitar, Alex Bailey on guitar, Carl Parnell on bass and Rob Callard on drums. Now the band is set to come to Columbus. “We hope that people come to see us for the first time in the U.S., and enjoy it,” Parnell told The Lantern. In May 2010, Graham left the band. Middleton filled his position and now covers vocals and lead guitar. Sylosis released its most recent studio album, “Edge of the Earth,” in March. Parnell discussed the band’s growing popularity, mentioning that it has recently been performing around the world.

“We’ve been to some interesting places, like India, to play for different people and huge crowds,” Parnell said. “When we first started and it was just local gigs with like 20 people.” Last summer, Sylosis performed at Sonisphere, which was a touring metal festival that featured bands such as Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. “We were up on the main stage at Sonisphere Festival in the U.K. playing for 45,000 people,” Parnell said. “It was great.” Sylosis’ live performances are never scripted, and are, therefore, unpredictable. “We never really plan or choreograph anything live,” Parnell said. “We just do what comes naturally. It’s all just as it comes. It’s more fun that way.” This method is proving to be successful, and the crowd reacts well. “This bunch of talented musicians definitely had the crowd mesmerized, especially when lead vocalist/guitarist Josh Middleton got going with his jaw dropping technical sweep picking,” said Chloe Headlong in a concert review on TheMetalheadz. com. “Conclusion of an Age,” is also well-received by critics. “What’s most important is that ‘Conclusion’ is a solid hour of the dead-on and the straight ahead, made up of the echoes and shadows of some of the tightest thrashed moments in memory,” said Sasha Horn of Parnell said that the band plans to continue touring and recording albums. “We’re going to continue to play music and tour

Courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

Thrash metal quartet Sylosis is scheduled to perform at Alrosa Villa at 6 p.m. Nov. 27, 2011. the world,” Parnell said. “Hopefully we’ll go to some places we’ve never been to before, like Australia and Japan.” Though no work has been done on the next album, Parnell said the band will definitely record one soon. “We’re always up to doing new albums,” Parnell

said. “It’s something that’s definitely in the future. We’re contractually obliged to.” Tickets for the performance are $5 and are available through Ticketmaster. The Alrosa Villa is located at 5055 Sinclair Road.

Gateway Film Center set to showcase its 2nd annual Holiday Film Classics series KARI Fox Lantern reporter The Thanksgiving leftovers will be gone and Black Friday chaos will be over just in time for Gateway Film Center’s second annual Holiday Classics film series. Beginning Nov. 26 and running through Dec. 28, the cinema will be showing five classic holiday movies on selected days throughout this holiday season. The movies being scheduled to screen

are “Miracle on 34th Street,” “Holiday Inn,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “The Shop Around the Corner” and “White Christmas.” Meghan Vesper, spokeswoman for the Gateway Film Center, is hoping the series will appeal to all. “We wanted to offer something for all age groups, for the community,” Vesper said. “A lot of people have never seen these movies in a theater on the big screen.” Though the movies are free, attendees are asked to bring a suggested toy donation to benefit The Open Shelter. Vesper said the idea for a donation was easy.

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Wednesday November 23, 2011

“We decided to do it because there’s a need,” she said. “Especially in the last few years.” Last year, the theater donated the collected toys to Toys for Tots. “We had carts full of toys last year,” she said. Vesper said “It’s a Wonderful Life” was the most popular film screened this year, so it will be screening again this time around. Ian Molitors, a third-year in mechanical engineering, plans to attend at least one show. “I’m probably going to see ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’” Moliters said. “It’s a classic and timeless movie.” Nick Line, a third-year in anthropology, believes

the holiday break will make it difficult for students to attend. “It’s for a good cause but I’m not going,” he said. “I don’t think a lot of students will go since they’ll be home for break, maybe people that live around here.” This year, Vesper hopes to exceed last year’s attendance at the series. “We want to grow the audience and really help the shelter this holiday season,” she said. “Just get as many donations as we can from the community to really help out.”

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Wednesday November 23, 2011

thelantern results TUESDAY Women’s Basketball 73, Howard 50

upcoming WEDNESDAY Women’s Volleyball v. Penn State 7pm @ Columbus, Ohio Men’s Basketball v. VMI 7pm @ Columbus, Ohio

FRIDAY Women’s Basketball v. Stony Brook 2pm @ Columbus, Ohio Men’s Basketball v. Valparaiso 6:30pm @ Columbus, Ohio Women’s Volleyball v. Michigan 7pm @ Ann Arbor, Mich. Women’s Ice Hockey v. Minnesota-Duluth 7:07pm @ Columbus, Ohio

SATURDAY Football v. Michigan Noon @ Ann Arbor, Mich. Women’s Ice Hockey v. Minnesota-Duluth 4:07pm @ Columbus, Ohio


Women’s Basketball v. LSU 5pm @ Columbus, Ohio

Women’s basketball

Left: Courtesy of MCT. Right: BRITTANY SCHOCK / Asst. photo editor

Michigan football coach Brady Hoke (left) shouts instructions against Western Michigan Sept. 3, 2011. Michigan won, 34-10. OSU coach Luke Fickell directs the Buckeyes Nov. 12, 2011, against Purdue. OSU lost in overtime, 26-23. The two first-year coaches will meet Saturday at Michigan Stadium.

Fickell and Hoke newcomers to ‘The Game’ TYLER ROBINSON Senior Lantern reporter For just the third time in more than a century of the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry and the first time since 1929, both teams will feature a first-year coach when the two teams meet on Saturday afternoon in Ann Arbor, Mich. Michigan hired Brady Hoke in January and OSU named Luke Fickell as the replacement for Jim Tressel in the spring. While neither Fickell nor Hoke have ever been a head coach in “The Game,” both have been assistants for their respective programs and have shown plenty of appreciation for the rivalry between the two schools. Fickell grew up in Columbus and played for the Buckeyes from 1992-1996. He has been a member of the coaching staff since 2000 and said he is well aware of what the annual game against Michigan means to people involved with the program. “It’s always something you remember,” Fickell said. “The people around here always remember it. That’s what they talk about. Right, wrong, or indifferent. You know that when you come here, you know when you sign up for this. You know that when you become a coach here, it doesn’t matter. That’s what you’re measured on. That’s what it’s going to be about.” Hoke, an assistant for the Wolverines from 1995-2002, has made it a point since returning to


Ohio State vs. Michigan The Rivalry by The Numbers Overall Record 43-57-6 57-43-6

Big Ten Championships Ohio State Michigan

34 42

National Championships Ohio State Michigan 6A

football, their team, our team, and the history and traditions.” Speaking at Big Ten media days in July, Hoke shared similar sentiments, saying “The Game” has never been about the coaches. “It’s always about those two great institutions,” Hoke said. “We have an utmost respect.” OSU carries a six-game winning streak into the game. Last season’s 37-7 win against Michigan on Nov. 27, at Ohio Stadium was vacated as part of OSU’s self-imposed penalties for NCAA infractions. Fickell said he doesn’t feel any pressure added pressure to continue the winning streak that Tressel began. “I mean, everybody’s going to point the finger from the time (Tressel) was here,” he said. “But it still comes down to the players. Yes, it’s understanding what the rivalry is all about. I think that’s why it’s been such a great tradition here.” Hoke agreed. “That’s what makes the whole week exciting,” Hoke said. “It makes it fun. Because you know at 12:07 or whenever we kick off here, there will be two teams on the field playing for the pride of their schools and the tradition of those programs and what it stands for. To me, that’s what makes it the greatest rivalry. “It’s fun. I mean, if you can’t get geared up for that and get goosebumps and all those things for that game, then you may not be human.” Kickoff between the Buckeyes (6-5, 3-4) and the Wolverines (9-2, 5-2) is scheduled for noon Saturday.

Wayward football rivalry will be rekindled

OSU senior guard Samantha Prahalis (above) helped lead women’s basketball to a 7350 victory against Howard to improve to 3-0 in 2011. Visit our website for a full recap.

Ohio State Michigan

Michigan prior to this season to only refer to the Buckeyes simply as “Ohio,” never Ohio State. When asked if he was trying to send a message by doing that, Hoke told reporters during his weekly press conference Monday that there was no message behind it and that it is something he has always done. Fickell said he has never actually heard Hoke refer to the Buckeyes as “Ohio,” but that he is aware that it is something the Michigan coach is known for and “it is what it is.” “You know we all get our guys ready in different ways,” Fickell said. “Whether they get that from however (former OSU coaches Earl Bruce and Woody Hayes) used to not refer to the ‘team up north’ or whatever that is, hopefully it’s no disrespect to Ohio University. They are Ohio. “And we might refer to Michigan in different ways too,” Fickell said with a smile. Though Hoke was coach at Ball State from 2003-2008 and is very familiar with fellow MAC school Ohio University, he said he just refers to that team as the “Bobcats,” the school’s nickname. While Fickell and Hoke may disagree on what exactly to refer to each team as, it is clear both coaches have a great amount of respect for the traditions of the schools and view Michigan-Ohio State as one of the premier rivalries in sports. “The thing is it’s still a football game,” Fickell said. “It’s about a football game and there’s a million different stories, there’s a million different storylines. It’s not about me, it’s not about coach Hoke. It’s about the greatest rivalry in all of

7 11

There is evidence to suggest the Ohio State versus Michigan football rivalry does not possess the same venom it once did, but the 2011 installment of “The Game” could reignite a once-passionate shared hatred between the two schools. The Buckeyes and Wolverines matchup has lacked interest of late, with Ohio State claiming six consecutive victories against “that team up north.” Not included in the winning streak is OSU’s 37-7 drubbing of Michigan in 2010 which was later vacated as part of the Buckeyes’ self-imposed penalties for NCAA rules infractions. During a Tuesday press conference, OSU coach Luke Fickell was asked if OSU players still define their careers by their performances against Michigan as they have been in years past. “It’s still the Ohio State-Michigan game, still the greatest rivalry in all sports,” Fickell said. “We wouldn’t attack it any other way.” The fact that the question was asked suggests that some are speculating about “The Game’s”

true significance. Fickell, along with Michigan coach Brady Hoke, has resorted to name calling in a vain attempt to emulate the way late, former OSU coach Woody Hayes would exchange barbs with the late, former Michigan coach, Bo Schembechler. Hoke has taken to referring to OSU as simply “Ohio,” and Fickell said Tuesday that his team wasn’t planning on using “hokey” trick plays against Michigan. “No pun intended,” a smiling Fickell said immediately following the remark, which elicited laughter from reporters. Hayes and Schembechler are dead — let’s not pretend that mimicking the “Ten-Year War” between Hayes and Schembechler’s “Ten Years” smack talk is going to bring this rivalry back to life. Methinks these quips aren’t necessary in order to restore the rivalry. The 2011 installment of the game should do the trick. The Buckeyes are 7 1/2-point underdogs heading into Saturday’s showdown at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Mich., according to a Tuesday listing on It’s unfamiliar territory for Buckeye Nation to see its football team predicted by experts to lose to Michigan, but a possible result could be the revitalization of the lukewarm OSU-Michigan rivalry. Should Michigan win Saturday and reclaim bragging rights for the first time in eight years, that would surely get Buckeyes fans’ blood boiling in Columbus, Ohio. A Michigan win could also put a stamp on what has already been a successful regular season campaign in Ann Arbor. After all, Michigan still has an outside shot

at the Big Ten title game, should Michigan State lose to Northwestern. Michigan is also No. 15 in the Bowl Championship Series standings. A win by OSU, which would extend its winning streak against the Wolverines to seven games, would be considered an upset, a bitter disappointment to Michigan fans that would likely restoke the flames of this feud. A seventh consecutive victory against Michigan would improve OSU’s overall record against the Wolverines to 44-53-6. If there was ever a year when Buckeye Nation would appreciate beating Michigan, it would be 2011. After months of reading of the football program’s misdeeds and waiting to hear of the NCAA’s punishment, which still yet to be announced, OSU fans would savor every bit of an upset win in Ann Arbor. The two coaches can’t breath life back into “The Game” with hot air, but this weekend’s could and should do the trick. The stage is set, and either an OSU or a Michigan win figures to cure what ails the wayward rivalry. Game on, boys and girls.

File photo

Former OSU coach Jim Tressel at the Buckeyes’ spring game May 00, 2011. Tressel went 8-1 against Michigan.

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Photo courtesy of MCT

Former Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler talk to media Nov. 17, 2003.



Brittany Schock/ Asst. photo editor

OSU senior running back Daniel “Boom” Herron (1) looks to run during the 4th quarter of a football game between the Buckeyes and the Penn State Nittany Lions at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 19, 2011. OSU lost 14-20.

Penn State grad: Thanks to OSU for ‘keeping it classy’ Dear Buckeyes, Upon returning from my visit to THE Ohio State University for the game, I feel compelled to express to you my gratitude, respect and appreciation. I was admittedly nervous to make the trip and to be the minority on your beautiful campus, especially at a time like this. I was prepared to choke back tears when I saw signs slandering Joe Paterno, as was the

case for me last year when I was marching with Penn State’s Blue Band. Perhaps it was the route traveled, but this year, I did not see a single discriminating sign. Of course there was the occasional insult, as was to be expected as a visiting fan, and I can’t pretend that other fans haven’t experienced the same at Penn State. However, for every negative comment we heard, we received at least three nice ones. Many hands were

extended with a “Welcome to Columbus,” groups of people approached us to ensure that their fans were being nice to us, and we even heard a “You are!” There was an unspoken understanding of what Penn Staters are going through and many were willing to talk to us about the issue, defending us as Nittany Lions separate from the scandal, much like you are Buckeyes separate from yours. Beers were poured into our cups at

Hats off to you, Ohio State, for keeping it classy and making us feel welcome at a vulnerable time.

the bar, I helped a vom-crying freshman Buckeye in the girls’ bathroom get water and find her friends (hey, we were all freshmen once), Ohio State fans clapped when we passed them through a tailgate, and it all just reiterated that we come from two of the most prestigious universities in the country. These universities are so much more than their bumps in the road or the rare few that taint our name. Contrary to popular belief, we are even more than football.

P.S. I will be rooting for you to crush Michigan next week. Sincerely, Beth Willard Penn State class of 2011

Cautions for Black Friday shoppers

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from her v

e? ag i ll

he’s the Fi r

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the brightest bulb on the tree, but it’s still pretty great, and it’s also a kind of movie that he has a great deal of affection for. The same goes for “Hugo.” It may seem like a dumb kiddie adventure, but Scorsese has never been a director that accepted material he didn’t care about. At this point, it certainly isn’t a stretch to say that Scorsese is a man who should have earned the trust of the moviegoers everywhere. He made “Mean Streets,” “Taxi Driver,” “Raging Bull,” “Goodfellas,” “The Aviator” and “The Departed.” If ever there was a resume that justified a lifetime pass, it is this one.

Disney Store “cast member” Emily Chan stocks the shelves of the Serramonte Center store in Daly City, Calif., Nov.15, 2011, in preparation for Black Friday.


graduate to ?


LANTERN Columnist

his best films have been hard-R journeys into the psyches of disturbed men and gangsters (mostly played by Robert DeNiro) but now he’s taking all his experience and applying it to something new. If this inappropriately virulent reaction by some proves anything, it’s that people hate change. Instead of growing as an artist, some would prefer that Scorsese was releasing “Goodfellas 2: Gooderfellas” this week instead of “Hugo.” Yet what makes great artists is the desire to use their talents in a variety of different areas, and the same proves true with great directors. The best filmmakers want to make a great film in every genre, but most will never get the chance. Scorsese has that chance, and it’s incredibly thrilling that he’s taking the opportunity to do so. Last year’s “Shutter Island” was his crack at a horror film, and now he’s making a kid’s film. More power to him. Some may claim that by simply trying new things, he is no longer making movies that are personal to him. This is a criticism that first arose when “Shutter Island” came out, as many misjudged that film as just a stupid thriller. It certainly isn’t

As filmmakers grow older, it is almost inevitable that certain corners of the movie-going universe (read: the Internet) will begin hurling criticisms at them for being past their prime. That’s just how it is. If there is one thing people at keyboards love more than outright hating something, it’s deciding that something or someone that was once good has now begun to stink. This has happened to many great filmmakers, but the most recent addition to this collection has unfortunately been Martin Scorsese. It happened quickly. After justifiably winning the Oscar for “The Departed” in 2006, his next film “Shutter Island” was met with mixed reviews, and now his new movie “Hugo,” out this week, has angered some simply because it is a family film. This is the guy famous for making profane and violent mobster films, and now he’s telling the story of an orphaned boy who goes on a magical adventure in Paris. Clearly his career has derailed, right? Well, no. In fact, Scorsese in his older age is doing something that more filmmakers should do in the later years of their career: he is expanding his craft and trying different things. Yes, all

Courtesy of MCT


Scorcese has earned right to expand his craft after giving filmgoers classics

plasma from At Best Buy the Panasonic - VIERA 50” Class / Plasma / 1080p / 600Hz / 3D / HDTV model is originally priced at $1,499.98. For Black Friday it is being dropped down to $1,199.98 saving you $300.00. On for the same new plasma is on sale for $997.96 saving you $502.02 from the original price. The lesson learned here is to be cautious on what is spent on Black Friday. Go in with a goal of knowing what you are going to get, compare prices ahead of time and be aware of the scams. Preparing for Black Friday will leave you a knowledgeable and happier shopper and your wallet with some extra cash to spare.

W i

Every year people lose sleep to rush the stores at midnight to find the greatest Black Friday deals. My question is, are the deals really that great? Is the product worth standing in line for three hours? Although some of the deals really are deals, people must watch out for their marketing scams and research where the best deal is. For the ladies out there, Victoria Secret constantly has

stores jack up normal prices before Black Friday and then drops it back to the normal price or close to it.” This kind of method sucks those women in who admire their trendy metropolitan style of clothes into thinking that they are scoring a great deal when in actuality they are getting the original price as a bargain. For the gentlemen that want a new plasma screen television: stay in bed on Black Friday and look no further than your computer. Alexa McIlrath, a secondyear in computer and information science, admits, “My parents waited in line for a television once and spent around $1,000 and saved $200.” Although Alexa’s parents did save a couple hundred dollars they did not get the greatest deal. When comparing prices from Best Buy to Amazon. com you will actually be saving money by buying your new

? try un

LANTERN Columnist


their on-going 5 panties for $25 dollar sale. This 5-for-$25 deal will not be marked down on Black Friday, but those who do not regularly shop at Victoria Secret would never know the difference and mistake it for a bargain. Places like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters take about a 50 percent discount to their overpriced items during Black Friday. These companies rarely have sales throughout the year. I personally think that they up the items to a high-priced amount right before the rates drop so they have a more significant compare and contrast of prices in order to give the illusion of a ‘great’ deal for shoppers. For example, say a jacket originally costs around $400, but they up the price to around $500 a few weeks before Black Friday. For Black Friday the jacket slides down from $500 to $400 again. Laura Smith, a second-year exploration, also agrees, “The

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sports Buckeye football briefs BIG TEN Football Standings Leaders Division Team

Big Ten


1. Penn State



2. Wisconsin






4. Purdue



5. Illinois



6. Indiana



MICHAEL PERIATT AND PAT BRENNAN Asst. sports editor and sports editor and brennan.164@ Urban Meyer will not broadcast Ohio State-Michigan game OSU enters Saturday’s game at Michigan under a cloud of uncertainty with regard to the future of its head coaching position. Many have speculated that former Florida coach and current ESPN analyst Urban Meyer will be OSU’s next head coach. ESPN said that Meyer, who was a member of its on-air television crew for the Buckeyes’ Sept. 3 win against Akron, will not be contributing to its broadcast of OSU’s season finale even though his usual broadcast partners, Dave Pasch and Chris Spielman, will be on the call. “(Meyer) wasn’t removed from the

game because he wasn’t announced to be on it originally,” ESPN spokesman Michael Humes said to The Lantern in an email. “We felt the studio in Bristol was the best place for (Meyer) given the many storylines and top matchups going on in college football this weekend. He can offer commentary about the season, contribute to GameDay from ESPN studios and also help preview and review the significant games on the schedule.” Schedule changes OSU announced some changes to its future football schedule on Tuesday. According to a press release, OSU agreed to play a home-andhome series against North Carolina. The first meeting will be in Columbus, Ohio, on Sept. 5, 2015. OSU will travel to Chapel Hill, N.C., two years later on Sept. 23, 2017.

Big Ten


1. Mich. State



2. Michigan



3. Nebraska



4. Iowa



5. Northwestern



6. Minnesota



ANDREW HOLLERAN Lantern reporter

Associated Press Top 25 Football Poll

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 22 24 25

LSU Alabama Arkansas Stanford Oklahoma State Virginia Tech Boise State Houston Oregon USC Michigan State Oklahoma Georgia South Carolina Wisconsin Kansas State Michigan Clemson TCU Penn State Baylor Nebraska Notre Dame Virginia Georgia Tech

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Buckeyes land big recruit Adolphus Washington, a defensive end recruit from Cincinnati Taft High School, announced his decision to pursue his college career at OSU Tuesday morning, according to multiple reports. Washington is ranked the No.

15 player in the nation according to recruiting website and No. 74 by Washington is OSU’s 15th oral commitment for the 2012 recruiting class. Dwayne Stanford, a wide receiver recruit who was Washington’s high school teammate, decided to attend the Oregon over OSU.


OSU-Michigan rivalry moves to outdoor ice rink come January

Legends Division Team

OSU athletic director Gene Smith announced the Buckeyes will fill a gap in their 2013 schedule by playing Florida A&M. The matchup will take place on Sept. 7, 2013 at Ohio Stadium. Smith also said OSU’s homeand-home series against Tennessee, originally scheduled to take place in the 2018 and 2019 seasons, has been cancelled due to the Big Ten’s decision to play a nine-game conference season. According to the release, the schools may look at possible matchups in the future.

ERIC BEIERSDORFER / Lantern photographer

OSU center Ryan Dzingel pushes down the ice against Northern Michigan Nov. 11. OSU won 4-1.

Growing up, Ohio State men’s hockey coach Mark Osiecki would play outdoor hockey regularly. He would gather with neighborhood kids at a local pond and play pick-up games, and even play outside with his high school team. “Eventually, you moved indoor and played in the rink,” Osiecki said. “But, even our high school team, we practiced outside once a week.” On Jan. 15, the OSU men’s hockey team will get to experience the type of hockey its head coach grew up playing, as the No. 9 Buckeyes will face No. 11 Michigan in Ohio’s first outdoor college hockey game. The game, billed as the “Frozen Diamond Faceoff,” will be played at Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians, in Cleveland, Ohio. Playing outdoors is something that most OSU players haven’t done, Osiecki said. “These kids, none of them played outdoor hockey, so they don’t really understand,” he said. “You want that feeling of kids that don’t want to leave the ice.” One of the few Buckeyes who have played outdoor hockey is sophomore forward Alex Lippin-

When we first heard it was a possibility, I was real excited. That’s my favorite sports team — the Indians. It’s a great feeling to be able to play (at Progressive Field). Alex Lippincott OSU men’s ice hockey forward talking about the Buckeyes’ outdoor hockey game

Photo courtesy of the Ohio State Athletic Department

The Frozen Diamond Faceoff logo.

cott, who said it’s the best way to play the game. “That’s the fun of the game, playing with your buddies outside,” he said. “There’s nothing better than outdoor hockey. It’s the most fun and the best way to enjoy the game.” OSU first played in an outdoor game on Feb. 11, 2006, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisc. The Buckeyes faced off against Wisconsin in the “Frozen Tundra Hockey Classic” in front of 40,890 fans. Osiecki was an assistant coach for the Badgers at the time, and OSU lost, 4-2. Michigan played Michigan State last December in “The Big Chill at the Big House,” when more than

100,000 fans watched the Wolverines defeat the Spartans, 5-0, at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. The game set a world hockey record with an official attendance of 113,411. Even though the game is almost two months away, the Buckeyes are already excited. “There is a lot of buzz, and there should be,” Osiecki said. “It’s a unique situation, that our players, our fans, the state … will never forget.” Lippincott said his excitement for the game stems from watching the Winter Classic every year, an annual NHL outdoor game played on New Year’s Day, and also because the game is being played at the home of his favorite professional sports team. “When we first heard it was a possibility, I was real excited,” he said. “That’s my favorite sports team, the Indians. It’s a great feeling to be able to play (at Progressive Field).” The fact that the game will be played against rival Michigan adds to the hype of the game for some OSU players. The Buckeye-Wolverine hockey rivalry might not be on the same level as the football rivalry, but with recent OSU hockey uniform changes, the game will look similar to ones played on the gridiron. OSU has new uniforms this season that include a helmet barring similar resemblance to the silverstriped headgear worn by Buckeye football players. “It will probably look like a football game out there,” senior forward Danny Dries said. Osiecki said the uniform change was made, in part, after seeing Michigan’s winged-shaped hockey lids, which resemble the helmets worn by the Wolverine football team. “When they walk in an arena anywhere, people know who they are. It’s Michigan,” he said. “I thought it was a great idea from them whenever they started it.” The Jan. 15 game could also have great importance concerning the CCHA. The No. 9 Buckeyes, 10-3-1 on the year, moved into first place in the CCHA with a 7-2-1-1 conference record after beating Michigan in back-to-back games last weekend. The series sweep was the first for OSU in Ann Arbor since 1986. Michigan is currently tied for seventh in the CCHA with a 3-5-2-1-conference record. The No. 11 Wolverines are 7-5-2 overall this season. The Buckeyes will face Michigan in Columbus at 7:35 p.m. Friday, Jan. 13, and then travel to Cleveland to play at Progressive Field at 5:05 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 15 in what will be a home CCHA game for OSU.

What OSU must do to beat Michigan, finish 2011 on high note JAY CLOUSE Lantern reporter For the first time in several years, Ohio State comes into “The Game” as underdogs and with, seemingly, very little to play for. But as former players Eddie George and Desmond Howard said Sunday night, for the OSU-Michigan game, everything goes out the window. To achieve an upset against the No. 15 Michigan team and hand them their third loss of the season, the Buckeyes will have to play inspired football at the Big House. Offense The Michigan defense is stronger this year than it has been in several years — improving from 108th nationally in total defense last year to 14th this far in 2011. Most of that is due to the change in defense from a 3-3-5 to a 4-3 or 5-2. The defense has also proven to be ball-hawks, forcing 26 turnovers for tops in the Big Ten and 11th nationally. The offense cannot afford to turn the ball over this week. Against the run, the Wolverines give up an average of 128.4 yards-per-game. However, with another 200-plus yards rushing against Penn State last weekend, the Buckeyes have proven they can run on anybody. Senior running back Daniel “Boom” Herron is averaging more than 119 yards and a touchdown per game in his career against “that team up north.” Big players have big games — and Herron is about as big of a player as the Buckeyes have this season. Being in the final week of the regular season, quarterback Braxton Miller is now closer to a sophomore than a freshman. He is the key to OSU’s other big-time playmaker, senior wide receiver DeVier Posey, getting his hands on the ball. If Miller can play up to or near the same level as Michigan’s Denard Robinson, the Buckeyes will have a chance.

Defense Plain and simple, the defense is much more effective with senior linebacker Andrew Sweat in the lineup. Missing for much of the Purdue game and the entire Penn State game with a concussion, his presence has proven more impactful than he was given credit for early in the season. If Sweat has any choice in the matter, he will be playing against the Wolverines, but Fickell called his chances “questionable.” Regardless of whether Sweat plays, freshman Ryan Shazier will be in the lineup this week after another big performance that garnered Big Ten Freshman of the Week honors. Defensive coordinator Jim Heacock said Shazier is going to be an “unbelievable” linebacker, and will need to play above his years again this week to stop the Michigan rushing attack that averages 231.1 yards-per-game. The key to “The Game” is big plays. The defense needs to make the plays, such as sacks or forcing turnovers, and not surrender them.

leading their respective teams into “The Game” for the first time. As a former OSU player, Fickell should know how to fire up the troops and get them to play at the best of their abilities. As he said at his weekly press conference, this is now a one-game season. With questions surrounding his job security, adding OSU’s eighth-straight win in “The Game” and a winning record on the season would be a big positive.

Special Teams Sophomore kicker Drew Basil didn’t have an opportunity to get back on the horse last week against Penn State after missing his first extra point of the season against Purdue. Should “The Game” turn out to be a low-scoring defensive contest, the Buckeyes may be counting on Basil to nail down some important points. Junior punter Ben Buchanan, having a fantastic and unselfish season, will need finish strong by helping the Buckeyes control the field position battle. The coverage units have been steady all season long and will need to do so once again this week, though Michigan has less-than-stellar return men. Coaching The coaches on both sidelines are fully aware of what this rivalry means despite the fact that both Brady Hoke of Michigan and Luke Fickell of OSU are

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Michigan senior quarterback Denard Robinson rushes up the field against San Diego State Sept. 24, 2011

Wednesday November 23, 2011

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Wednesday November 23, 2011

23 Aqua Velva alternative 24 Military division 28 Classic sports cars 29 Casino area 30 The Columbia R. forms much of its northern border 31 Edit menu command 34 General’s level 38 Night sounds 40 Kilmer of “The Saint” 41 __ flu 42 Quaint storage pieces 45 Animal rights org. 46 Arles “A” 47 “__ Day Will Come”: 1963 #1 hit

SALES AND MARKETING P/T positions for students looking to gain Sales and Marketing experience. Position includes marketing CMS services to potential leads and customer service. Responsibilities include inside and outside sales with potential for development and designing marketing material. Please apply at

Help Wanted Interships HR INTERN Nifco America, a plastic injection molding company, located in Canal Winchester, OH is looking for an HR Intern. This paid internship will initially be part time and might be full time in the future. The HR Intern will work directly with the HR department on hourly recruitment, HR administrative tasks and special projects. To be considered, you must be pursuing a HR bachelor’s degree and currently a sophomore or higher status, a GPA above 2.5, ability to hold confidential information, excellent communications, and diverse computer skills and highly organized.

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Please send responses to: or Fax to: 614-225-1173 Mail to: 851 McKinley Ave, Columbus 43222 No agencies or phone calls. Drug-Free workplace EOE

NOW HIRING experienced servers and hosts at Bravo Crosswoods. Day and weekend availability is required. Please apply in person at 7470 Vantage Dr. Columbus

48 Set down 50 Household attention getter 52 Ancient Dead Sea land 54 Org. offering motel discounts 57 Major oil conferences (they’re found, in a way, in 20-, 34- and 42-Across) 60 Where many tests are given 63 Indian princesses 64 Lie low 65 Price-limiting words 66 Playing marble 67 Countercurrent 68 Noticed 69 Nuts for sodas

Help Wanted Sales/Marketing

Automotive Services AARON BUYS ALL CARS NEW * OLD * JUNK * WRECKED Any Vehicle, CA$H Today! FREE TOW, FREE Notary! 614-268-CARS(2277) TOM & Jerry’s Auto Service. Brakes, exhaust, shocks, & towing. 1701 Kenny Rd. 4888507. or visit:

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STUDENT RATES. Free initial consultation. Attorney Andrew Cosslett. Alcohol/Drug, Traffic, DUI, Criminal, Domestic. Credit cards accepted. 614725-5352.

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HR AD executive can help you with your resume to make it perfect. Affordable price.

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1 Co. that makes Motrin and Tylenol 6 In __ land 10 Flew the coop 14 Happen next 15 “Doctor Zhivago,” e.g. 16 __ Lackawanna Railway 17 Home of the City of 1,000 Minarets 18 Ben Stiller’s mom 20 Best Supporting Actress winner for “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” 22 Beehive St. capital

MUSIC INSTRUCTION: Classical guitar, other styles, Theory, Aural Training, Composition & Songwriting. Call Sound Endeavors @614/481-9191

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Crossword Los Angeles Times, Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis


SENIOR SYSTEMS Consultant for the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Computer systems consulting and programming for the Human Tissue Resource Network (HTRN) and Comprehensive Cancer Center Biorepository and Biospecimen Resource (CCCBBR); analyzes, designs, plans, develops, implements and administers division level web-based database-backed software applications in direct support of the HTRN and CCCBBR. Send resumes to: K. Muska Duff, Department of Pathology, The Ohio State University, 119 Hamilton Hall, Columbus, Ohio 43210. EEO\AA Employer.

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Please visit our web site:

These positions offer the opportunity for advancement. Chemical Manufacturing experience would be helpful. Must be safety conscience and detail oriented. Qualified applicants will be able to work independently, and pass a pre-employment physical, drug-screen, and background check. Full-time with salary, benefits & bonuses!

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614-440-7416. TYPING. Rush. Emergency. Overnight. Saturdays. Sundays. Holidays. Pricing negotiable. Cash only. Other services: Christmas gift wrapping. Sewing buttons. Resumes. Copies. Dictation. Executive secretarial. Writing family histories, military histories, biographies, Interested candidates should memoirs. email a resume along with a transcript to for PROFESSIONAL WRITER 46 years. Edit, rewrite, proofread, consideration. index, type papers, mss., disABSOLUTE CARE, a Developsertations. Connie 614-866mental Disabilities (DD) sup0725. port living agency, provides in home support to many individuals throughout Franklin County. We are currently accepting ap- TUTORS NEEDED $20 p/h.plications for part time and full EDU background preferred. time Direct Care Professionals Email resume: and House Managers. We A MATH tutor. All levels. Also strive to bring the highest level (614) 504-0003. Physics, Statistics and Busiof quality of professional care ness College Math. Teaching/to our clients in the industry. tutoring since 1965. Checks Please visit our website at okay. Call anytime, Clark for more 0607. information about our services and job requirements. To apCUSTOMIZED LITERATURE ply, please submit your resume coursework assistance on any to BEAUTIFUL FURNITURE. level. Editing services. Prompt & reliable. Call (606)465-5021 never used! or MEDICAL ATTENDANT needed in home. Part time, THE TUTOR’S TUTOR mornings and evenings. Experienced Teacher: Excellent experience for pre-allied med students. Proof Reading 614-421-2183 Resumes 15 ROOM 8 bath restored VicReading/Writing torian mansion. ESL UPPER ARLINGTON physi- DUPLEX NORTH Campus, Call John 488-2431 cian is looking for part time of- Adams Ave. & Blake St., 6 bd, After 7pm fice help. Responsibilities in- 2 baths, 100% rental, $169,500, clude answering the phone, fil- 2720 sq. ft. Selling As/Is, Call ing, faxing and making copies. 614-282-2883 Send resume with wage requirements and available work schedule to

BONJOUR OSU! La Chatelaine French Bakery & Bistros are looking for enthusiastic, charming and hardworking ladies and gentlemens that love to work in a established family own restaurant & bakery. Our three locations in Upper Arlington, Worthington and Dublin, need weekday morning personnel, charismatic servers & experienced night prep cooks. Restaurant experience highly recommended. Please visit our website for locations to pick up an application. We are also on Facebook or follow us on twitter @ lachatcolumbus Merci!

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1 Wranglers and Patriots 2 Theater supporter 3 Backstreet Boys contemporary 4 Con 5 Long-distance flier’s complaint 6 Jumped 7 Sleep disorder 8 Omar’s “Mod Squad” role 9 Harsh, as criticism 10 2007 “Dancing With the Stars” contestant Gibbons 11 Horse and buggy __ 12 Christmas buy 13 Afternoon cup 19 Longtime Pennsylvania congressman John 21 Spirit __ Louis 25 “Honest!” 26 Zagreb native 27 Natural dye 28 Bit of dust 29 Skin 31 “Sure” 32 Nary a soul 33 Beardless Dwarf 35 Partner of out 36 Ballerina’s step 37 Glimpse 39 News exclusives 43 Funny-sounding bone 44 Plumlike fruit 49 Pacific Surfliner operator 51 Walk casually 52 Overact 53 Mischievous kid 54 Year’s record 55 Tums target 56 Beasts of burden 58 Make do 59 Rival of Cassio 60 Ally of Fidel 61 It may be flipped 62 Insert

PROFESSORS-STAFF-OHIO STATE EMPLOYEES: I need your season basketball tickets and the big single games: Duke, Indiana, Michigan State, Wisconsin, and others. Call Wes the ticket man (614)596-7190.

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ART STUDIOS in Warehouse Brewery District “Non-temperature controlled” Starting at $140/mo Call Shawn 614-448-3593

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BAHAMAS SPRING Break $189 for 5 days. All prices include : Round-trip luxury party cruise. Accommodations on the island at your choice of thirteen resorts. Appalachia Travel. 800867-5018 SPRING BREAK POKER CRUISE! Royal Caribbean March 17-22 from Tampa! Cash games and tournaments. (727) 331-4335. (anteup

EMOTIONS & Quantitative Psychophysiology Lab. African American and Hispanic/Latino research participants needed! Compensation provided. email for more details:

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ATTENTION INVESTORS! CampusHandyman is your solution for your property maintenance needs. Text CampusHandyman to 90210 for more information.

WANTED CASH CASH CASH for your junk automobile. 614596-9844.

A BRIGHT, WHITE, HEALTHY SMILE is now affordable. Most local dentists participate in our dental plans. Join now and receive 3 months free.


Private Studios-Our Specialty 2060 N. High St (AT WOODRUFF)

NOW LEASING FOR SPRING 2012 & FALL 2012 Newly Furnished Studios Full Size Beds Full Size Refrigerators and Microwaves Remodeled Common Kitchens Free Utilities, High Speed Internet & Cable Laundry and Fitness Center on-site! Covered Secure Parking Garage

CALL TODAY: 614-294-5381 STOP BY: 2060 N. HIGH STREET

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