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OSU pays each non-Big Ten visiting team that plays in the Ohio Stadium. In the past three years, OSU paid more than $8.1M to non-Big Ten visitors, which is almost double the amount paid by University of Iowa, University of Illinois, Purdue University and University of Nebraska.

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Attack of the corn

Check out the sports section for complete coverage of OSU’s upcoming game against Nebraska.

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OSU shells out $8.1M to play non-B1G teams PAT BRENNAN Sports editor By the end of Ohio State football’s 2013 non-conference schedule, OSU will have paid non-Big Ten visitors more than $8.1 million in guaranteed money for playing at Ohio Stadium during the 2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons. That’s several million dollars more than several Big Ten teams paid non-conference visitors during the same period. It’s almost $1 million more than Alabama, the reigning national champion, paid during the 2011 and 2012 seasons. Still, the athletic department and a sports economist agree that more

than $8.1 million in guaranteed money is typical. Recipients of the more than $8.1 million to be paid by OSU include Akron, Toledo, Colorado, Miami (Ohio), Central Florida, California and Alabama-Birmingham. The Buckeyes football team went 7-0 in those contests. Vanderbilt, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and Buffalo will be paid for playing at Ohio Stadium in 2013. It might sound like a lot, but the money OSU is dishing out to its non-conference foes is standard, said OSU associate athletic director for finance Pete Hagan. Due to the size of Ohio Stadium, which typically seats more than its listed capacity of 102,329, OSU is

able to pay more to visiting non-conference teams, Hagan said. He added that OSU’s contracts with non-Big Ten teams are still competitive with the rest of the league. “We make more money off of a home football game, therefore we can pay someone a little bit higher for a one-time appearance in Columbus ‌ because of the size of our stadium,â€? Hagan said. “If you contacted a lot of the other Big Ten schools, they’re paying very similar guarantees to non-conference schools ‌ Most of (the contracts) are pretty standard as far as the flat guarantee, the number of tickets we make available for them to purchase. There really isn’t much difference from contract to contract.â€? OSU paid nearly $2.3 million to

Akron and Colorado during the 2011 season. The amount of guaranteed money paid to Toledo was not available, said OSU athletics spokesman Jerry Emig in an email to The Lantern. For its recently completed slate of non-conference home games in 2012, OSU’s four opponents netted a total of $2.8 million, Emig said in an email. Next season, OSU will pay Vanderbilt, FAMU and Buffalo, paying a total of nearly $3.1 million. Andrew Zimbalist, a sports economist and professor at Smith College in Northampton, Mass., said the amount OSU has paid during the three-year period is a lot of money but is typical in modern college athletics.

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Obama likely to make OSU return Tuesday


The National’s leftward lean

Indie rock band The National hosted President Barack Obama’s GottaVote campaign Wednesday.


Construction causes safety concerns weather


ALLY MAROTTI AND KRISTEN MITCHELL Editor-in-chief and Campus editor and mitchell.935@ It looks like President Barack Obama might be making good on his promise to return to Ohio State. The College Democrats submitted a request to host an Obama campaign visit on campus next week. The Lantern obtained an email that Javaune Adams-Gaston, vice president for Student Life, sent to several university officials and students Thursday before 9 a.m. “I just received official notification from the College Democrats about their request to host a campaign visit from President Obama next week,� Adams-Gaston said in the email. The Lantern contacted several university officials Wednesday and Thursday that were not able to confirm or deny that Obama would be visiting OSU’s campus. In an Aug. 28 conference call with The Lantern and college journalists nationwide, Obama hinted he would return to the university before the election.

ANDREW HOLLERAN / Photo editor

President Barack Obama greets people following his speech at Schiller Park in Columbus Sept. 17. “I expect that if you’re not completely tired of me, you’re gonna see me in Ohio State again,� Obama said. “In fact, I think I’ve got a buckeye in my pocket that somebody gave me the last time I was there. I figure that’s good luck going into the election.�

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Off-campus living risks landlord issues

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ANNA DUEE Lantern reporter

storms late


Mallory Kimble, president of the OSU College Democrats, declined comment Thursday. Laura Allen, regional press secretary for Obama for America, said she had no details about Obama’s Tuesday Columbus visit.

Obama was originally scheduled to make an appearance in Columbus on Thursday, but that visit was rescheduled for Tuesday. Niraj Antani, communication director of College Republicans, said if Obama does come to OSU no academics should be disrupted and no student or state dollars should be spent. “We cannot shut down things that students pay for, that I would also argue, the state pays for,� Antani said. When Obama visited campus two years ago, the William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library was roped off for a some time. When he came in March, the RPAC was shut down. Antani said this should not be the case. “If students are denied access for the Thompson Library, then I will demand that students be reimbursed,� he said. That promise also includes reimbursement for canceled classes and other facilities. Antani met with Adams-Gaston Thursday evening to express his concerns. He also argued that the university’s “Rules Governing the Use of Outdoor Space,� which state that the Oval is to be used for limited


partly cloudy






sunny DANIEL CHI / Asst. photo editor

Former University Manors renters share unpleasant experiences about their landlord Brian Grimm, who is no longer with the company.



With the off-campus housing fair coming up in November, a lot of students are starting their hunt for the perfect place to live. But finding the right place to live, with a reliable landlord, is a challenge that Ohio State student Corrine Ruffin said can be deceptive. When Ruffin and her roommates found an eight-bedroom house on 19th Avenue available for rent through University Manors, a property management company which owns off-campus OSU properties, they thought they had found the perfect match. “First (the landlord) was really nice.

It was one of those places where we thought, ‘He is going to be a great landlord,’ and he would help us out with whatever problems we had,� said Ruffin, a fifth-year in human development and family sciences. “But then, once we moved in, things started going wrong. We noticed really quickly that, that wasn’t the case.� Ruffin said one day someone threw a cinder block through their basement window five minutes after one of the girls left the room, so no one got hurt. Although they filed a police report, Ruffin said the landlord, Brian Grimm, blamed the girls for the damage, and he seemed unconcerned that one of his tenants could have been hurt.

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campus Program targets health workers sarah niekamp Lantern reporter

cameron weimer / Lantern photographer

Cars line Woodruff Avenue Wednesday evening. Construction around campus has caused heavy traffic. Some students said they wish they had more information available about construction projects on campus.

Construction creates safety hazards becca marrie Lantern reporter The loud noises of heavy machinery and narrow lanes leading to slow-moving traffic are just part of everyday life on Ohio State’s campus. However, the change in traffic flow that some of the construction zones cause present safety hazards for pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists alike. “During the summer, they told us that most of it would have been gone by now,� said Shawn Gillman, a first-year in mathematics. “There are any number of things that can impact the flow of traffic on campus,� stated Lindsey Komlanc, spokeswoman for OSU Administration and Planning, in an email. “We have an extremely high concentration of motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists that are using or interacting with our roadways in a relatively small geographic area.� OSU student James Hughes was struck and run over by a dump truck while riding his bicycle on the sidewalk Sept. 5 outside a construction zone on Woodruff Avenue. Nearly a month later, he remains in the surgical intensive care unit at Wexner Medical Center Thursday evening. According to his family lawyer Steve Crandall, Hughes has sustained serious injuries as a result of the accident and has

been undergoing significant surgeries. Hughes had to have one of his legs amputated as a result of the accident. Komlanc said it’s important that people understand what role pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers play in the flow of campus traffic. “Most people have likely used at least two of the three modes of transportation (motor vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian) and it’s important for everyone to be aware of the fact that all three of these modes of transportation participate equally in following all traffic laws,� said Komlanc in an email. Rory Kelly, a second-year in biomedical engineering, said he thinks OSU isn’t doing “too bad� of a job keeping paths open for all forms of transportation. “(OSU is) known for always being under construction,� Kelly said. “People just expect it.� However, Kelly said that OSU could do a better job broadcasting where the construction is being done. Komlanc said in the email that these projects are communicated to students, faculty and staff through OSU Today, OSU Weekly and Buckeye Net News, and in certain cases, digital monitors in the Ohio Union, Thompson Library and residence halls. Informational signs hang along the construction fence of every project as well. “These signs are a very effective tool

for getting the basic information about a particular project out to the community at large because you can view them as you are in the area of the project,� said Komlanc in an email. Several of the campus construction projects have been delayed past their initial expected completion, including the construction project on the Math Tower and Science and Engineering Library, which was expected to be finished in August. According to an Oct. 1 Lantern article, the project is half-finished and isn’t expected to be completed until December. After going over budget and switching construction companies, the South Oval geothermal well project is expected to be completed in October 2013. The university has a website, www., that provides construction, traffic and parking-related information that impacts the OSU area. Komlanc said everyone needs to be more careful navigating in areas where there is construction. “It’s important to note that everyone plays a role in maintaining traffic safety on our campus,� Komlanc stated in the email. “All forms and modes of transportation, including motor vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, skateboarders, etc., must actively participate and share the road, understand traffic laws and be aware of their surroundings.�

Ohio State and the College of Nursing have partnered with Wellness and Prevention, Inc. to launch a new program to help refocus professionals’ lives. The program, Nurse/Health Athlete, was originally started by Wellness and Prevention, Inc. and was designed for people in business. OSU is licensing the program so it can adopt it and use it for other professionals in health care. The two-week program focuses on building emotional, physical, and spiritual health through different daily lessons on things like exercise and diet. There have been a number of problems with health care professionals taking care of themselves, said David Hrabe, associate professor of clinical nursing and executive director of academic innovations and partnerships, and that was the main reason the program was brought to OSU. “We want to help nurses focus on leading a healthy life,� Hrabe said. The cost of participating in the program have yet to be determined, but Hrabe said special pricing is being worked out and costs should be relatively low. The program focuses on three separate areas: ways to increase energy levels, how to manage nutrition and how to incorporate exercise into daily life. The main goal is not a temporary change but a change in behavior, said Bernadette Melnyk, dean of the college of nursing and associate vice president for health promotion, in an email. “Behavior change is tough and people usually don’t change with just information,� Melnyk said. “What is powerful about this program is that it raises your emotions, which motivates healthy lifestyle behavior change. In the program, you face your true story and rewrite a new one.� A goal of the program is to teach participants to help others learn how to exercise, eat right and increase productivity. Students might be able to participate in the program and get course credit for it. “We are looking at doing special sessions for students,� Hrabe said. “It would be a one-credit course that students could take as an elective.� A course that improves health and wellness could be appealing to some students. “I think it would go over well,� said Eric Spoltman, a fourthyear in consumer and family financial services. “There are a lot of healthy students on campus who are interested in staying healthy.�


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Issue 111/Thursday In the article “Election to decide health care’s future,” The Lantern said Medicare is provided for low-income families and Medicaid is provided for people over the age of 65 or younger people with disabilities. In fact, the reverse is true.


Issue 111/Thursday The Lantern credited the picture accompanying the article “OAR kicks off $2.5B OSU fundraising effort” to MCT. The photo should be courtesy of Gino DePinto.


Issue 111/Thursday In the article “Analysts peg Romney as winner over Obama in debate,” The Lantern omitted a caption and photo credit to the image for the story. The caption should have read, “People watch President Barack Obama during the presidential debate at the OSU College Democrats watch party at Big Bar on campus Oct. 3.” The photo was taken by Tim Kubick.


Football from 1A “Ohio State only has so many games it can play in the Big Ten,” Zimbalist said. “It needs to have out-of-conference games at the beginning of the season. At the beginning of the season, it wants to have games against weaker opponents so it can get itself in condition. So these are all factors that go into those fees. “Again, I think for any of the automatic (Bowl Championship Series) qualifier conferences, ($8 million) over three years might be on the upper end, but it’s certainly within the normal range.” Normal happens to be more than No. 1-ranked Alabama football paid to its visitors during the 2011 and 2012 seasons. Alabama paid nearly $4.2 million to its non-Southeastern Conference opponents during the two-year period to the nearly $5.1 million OSU paid out to non-conference opponents during the same period. The range within the Big Ten varies widely — OSU’s Saturday opponent, Nebraska, will pay almost $4 million to its non-conference opponents during the three-year span from 2011 through 2013, which began with its inaugural season in the conference. Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium (capacity of more

Obama from 1A activities and “Concerts, athletics and other large events are scheduled only on the South Oval.” The rules however, “are subject to change.” On the other hand, Melody Funkhouser, a second-year in architecture, said she is excited about the potential visit from Obama. “I’m not much for politics, but I think it’s good for students to be engaged,” she said. The first presidential debate was held Wednesday evening at the University of Denver in Colorado, a swing state.

Housing from 1A Right before summer semester, prior to the end of their lease, Ruffin said Grimm renovated the house, even though the girls were still living in it. “He told us they are going to work with two walls in the living room, and we agreed upon a small project for a few days,” Ruffin said. “But then for two months we had those construction (workers) around.” As the construction workers followed their orders, Ruffin and her roommates found themselves in what appeared to be a construction site, she said. “We didn’t have walls for four weeks. They completely ripped out the walls,” Ruffin said. Along with the dust that covered their furniture and belongings, the eight tenants were worried about their safety, since every worker was wearing a mask against the dust layer, and the tenants were not. “We talked with (Grimm) about concerns and he just did not want to hear it. He was redoing the house for the new tenants coming in, and that was his goal: to complete before they move(d) in,” Ruffin said. After they moved out, the girls were denied their security deposit and, in addition, they had to pay for the electricity bill that almost tripled, which Ruffin attributed to the construction. The Lantern made attempts to reach Grimm for several days by phone, but wasn’t able to reach him. According to a representative from University Manors, Grimm is no longer in charge of the buildings. “We realized that there may have been some issues, and he does, and that’s why he wanted to go a different direction headed up from the kids, and wanted to find something else to do. So he is no longer with University Manors,” said Steve Moberger, the new manager and part owner at University Manors. Moberger said there have been instances in which he and other University Manors employees were told that Grimm wasn’t acting professional, which he said gave people a bad impression of University Manors. “I am not saying Brian was perfect by any means. Brian was down here for 30 something years. It’s a long time, and I think he just got tired and wanted to move on, and I think that’s what he needed to do,” Moberger said. Under his management and with new employees, Moberger said he wants to steer the company in a different direction and provide students with the best service he can offer.

than 81,000) in Lincoln, will host nine non-Big Ten teams during the three-year period. Beyond Nebraska, analysis of three additional Big Ten programs — Iowa, Illinois and Purdue — during the 2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons shows payouts that fall several million dollars short of OSU’s. Iowa will pay the nine teams visiting a total of more than $5.4 million while Illinois will pay a total of more than $5.2 million to its 10 non-Big Ten opponents. Purdue will pay a total of almost $4.4 million to its nine opponents. All other Big Ten schools did not respond to The Lantern’s record requests for football contracts for the 2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons. Respective Big Ten respondents also each have smaller stadiums than the Buckeyes’, and OSU’s senior associate athletic director Ben Jay said teams with smaller stadiums simply can’t pay as much. Money paid to non-conference opponents is based on a team’s on-field history, Jay said, as well past contract guarantees. “It’s going to vary even within the Big Ten. Those folks in the Big Ten who have smaller stadiums … certainly can’t pay the kind of big guarantees and get the kind of opponents that we can,” Jay said. “We’re still kind of trying to stay within … what we envision as the reasonable range to pay for certain opponents.”

Many analysts declared Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney as the winner following the debate, yet according to a Thursday seven-day rolling Gallup poll, Obama was leading in the polls with 49 percent, while Romney trailed at 45 percent. Obama’s website says that tickets for Obama’s grassroots event in Columbus are available Friday at 5 p.m. online and at Obama For America press offices in the South Campus Gateway, Whitehall, German Village, Upper Arlington and Clintonville. Danielle Seamon contributed to this story.

“I want to be fair and play by the rules as we should,” Moberger said. “It’s a two-way street. We want them to treat us with respect, and we are certainly treat(ing) them with respect ‘cause they are the customers.” Ruffin and her roommates moved out of their apartment during the summer when their lease expired, and said they aren’t planning to take any legal action against Grimm or University Manors. According to reviews in an Undergraduate Student Government 2010-2011 renter’s guide where students reviewed off-campus reality companies, Grimm received several negative reviews that called him “the absolute worst” and “nothing but terrible.” Reviewers complained that Grimm had ripped them off, charged unnecessary fees and was hostile during confrontations. The guide reviewed University Manors’ aspects of the rental relationship such as property condition, rent, the move-in process, and maintenance. The company did not place first or second in any categories ranked. To protect students from such situations, a nonprofit organization called Student Legal Services works with OSU to provide students with information regarding lease contracts. Once a student has found a place off campus and would like to lease it, Student Legal Services is available to step in and assist them. “What we most specifically want is that when they (students) are going forward with the process, whenever they are doing it, that they are wellinformed of what their legal rights and responsibilities are,” said Molly Hegarty, office administrator at Student Legal Services. Students are able to schedule an appointment online or can call the office to get specific advising. Looking back, Ruffin said she wished someone would have warned her about the landlord when she was looking for places on OSU’s off-campus living website. “When Ohio State lists those managements, they should check into those complaints being made,” Ruffin said.


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Friday October 5, 2012

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Friday October 5, 2012


thelantern inside

The National dabbles in politics at OSU Madeline Roth Lantern reporter

‘The Casual Vacancy’ unriddled Check inside for a book review on J.K. Rowling’s new novel ‘The Casual Vacancy,’ which released Sept. 27.

editor’s childhood picks andrew holleran, Photos

Favorite movie: “The Sandlot” Favorite cartoon show: “Hey Arnold” Favorite book: “Holes” by Louis Sachar

Michael Periatt, Managing

If you registered to vote Wednesday on the Oval, there’s a good chance the person filling out your paperwork was not just a member of College Democrats, but a musician from the indie rock band The National. The band spent the afternoon on Ohio State’s campus before hosting a GottaVote Concert Wednesday at Newport Music Hall as part of President Barack Obama’s GottaVote campaign to encourage young adults to register to vote and cast their vote for Obama. After the show some of the concertgoers and the band watched the first presidential debate at Big Bar, located next to the Newport. This wasn’t the first time The National dabbled in politics though, having performed at many rallies for President Barack Obama in years past. “Personally, we feel that the stakes are even higher this (election) than they were last time, in many ways,” said Matt Berninger, the band’s lead singer. “We’re pumped as ever.” All five members of The National are from Cincinnati. Aaron Dessner, who plays guitar and keyboards in the band, said the band’s Ohio roots have shaped its views on politics. “I grew up in a neighborhood that was heavily Republican, but growing up, you always felt the significance of Ohio’s going Democrat or Republican in presidential elections — you’re just aware of how important it is,” Dessner said. Berninger said that although he also grew up around many people with conservative ideologies, he thinks those people might now be feeling differently. “A lot of the people I grew up with who are very conservative feel a little bit alienated by the current sort of version of the Republican party,”

Tim kubick / For The Lantern

The National hosted a GottaVote Concert Oct. 3 at Newport Music Hall as part of President Barack Obama’s GottaVote campaign. Berninger said. “I think many of them don’t feel represented by the Republican party anymore … so there’s more at stake this time, just with the way the whole political landscape has shifted.” Dessner said the band has received some negative feedback about its political involvement, such as “hate mail on Facebook.” However, Berninger said the band stands by its endorsement for Obama. “This is more important than a rock band,” Berninger said. “I know we’ve gotten responses from people (who) don’t like the fact that we’ve taken a position on it, and I don’t actually think artists or musicians necessarily have a responsibility to do that. But in our case, the five of us … talked about it and we were like, ‘Yeah, it’s worth it, for sure.’” Despite their ideologies, Berninger said the band does not try to incorporate political messages into its music. “I don’t really want my rock music to be political. I listen to rock music to sort of escape that kind of stuff,”

Berninger said. “Even ‘Fake Empire,’ which was our most political song — it wasn’t specifically a partisan song, it was just kind of feeling disenfranchised with Washington and the whole government.” Berninger said he identifies with the apathy many young people feel about politics because he used to think the same way. “When I was in high school and college, I listened to rock music and I drank and I studied, but I didn’t care that much about politics,” Berninger said. “I found it sort of irritating and I didn’t think I had any kind of influence on it. So I think just trying to get people to think that it matters to them … you have a huge influence and it’s one vote, but it’s a big deal.” College students’ involvement in the election is particularly important, Berninger said. “It’s their world that’s being shaped and it’s their lives being decided right now by, quite frankly, older generations,” Berninger said.

“It’s their voice that needs to be heard because they’re the ones who will most benefit or suffer from that.” As part of GottaVote, The National traveled to Cincinnati Thursday and went to the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University to register students to vote. Dessner said the band managed to help register nine people during the hour they were on the Oval. Berninger said they did not keep track of how many students they got to register to vote at OSU, but he did say there is one student who might want to double-check his registration status. “There’s a guy named Gene, I can’t remember his last name, and I registered him but I forgot to write down his phone number and social security number, so find Gene,” Berninger said. “Gene: contact your local registrar. I messed up.” Visit for a recap of The National’s show at the Newport.

O.A.R. fuels fundraising campaign, school spirit at Rock on the Oval O.A.R. performed as the featured act at Rock The Oval Thursday, a concert in celebration of OSU kicking off its $2.5 billion “But for Ohio State” campaign. Check for a recap of the concert.

Favorite movie: “Remember The Titans” Favorite cartoon show: “Arthur” Favorite book: “Harry Potter” series by J.K. Rowling

ally Marotti, editor-in-chief

Tim Kubick / For The Lantern

Trio to take over C-Bus with unconventional instruments, sounds Madeline Roth Lantern reporter

Favorite movie: “The Jungle Book” Favorite cartoon show: “The Wild Thornberrys” Favorite book: “Ruby Holler” by Sharon Creech


Courtesy of Ed Spinelli

Happy Chichester is scheduled to perform Oct. 6 at Kobo, located at 2590 N. High St.

Most musicians travel with hordes of guitars, drums and keyboards, but electronica musician Moldover tends to bring more unconventional instruments on tour. “I have a box called a Mojo, which is a controller. There’s a new thing I call the Robocaster, which is like a controller built into a guitar. And then I have this thing that I haven’t named yet which manipulates my voice,” Moldover said. Moldover, whose real name is Matt Moldover, is scheduled to bring his collection of instruments to Columbus this weekend when he performs at 8 p.m. Sunday at Kobo alongside electric rock/pop musician Happy Chichester, whose real name is Harold Chichester, and fellow electronica artist Exaltron. Although he was trained as a traditional rock musician at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Moldover said his love of video games and technology inspired him to make his own instruments, which he builds and wires from scratch. Moldover coined the term “controllerism” to define his sound. “There wasn’t a good word to describe what separates DJs from live performers,” Moldover said. “Everybody came to understand what turntablists are, so I sort of borrowed that term and used it to describe what I work with, which is controllers.”

Although he’s recently been focused on touring and working on new music, Moldover said he has also been hard at work building more instruments. “My current goal is to divide my time between my new music and other side projects like building these things called jam boxes — they’re controllers like the ones I play where people can play together so they don’t have to go through years and years of the technical torture that I’ve been through,” Moldover said. Chichester, who said his music is more traditional than Moldover’s and Exaltron’s, said he is excited to see what Moldover brings to Columbus. “I love to see what Moldover is doing,” Chichester said. “Last time we played a show together … I was in awe of him using this large controller that he built himself out of pieces of a pinball machine. He’s taking music and slicing and dicing and totally manipulating it in the most fascinating, adventurous ways.” Chichester, who plays drums, piano, guitar and bass, said he also prefers to stray from predictable ways of making music, especially when playing live. “You turn on the radio and it’s verse-chorusverse-chorus, and you can easily take that route but … I try to avoid a cookie-cutter approach,” Chichester said. “During live shows, I run the gamut from playing old school songs on the piano to manipulating electronic loops and remixing those things on the fly, to symphonic moments and old school blues, all in one presentation. “That live performance aspect isn’t this

continued as Chichester on 6A 5A

[ a +e ] Band to supply music from Down Under to symphony Joel Thomas Lantern reporter The Columbus Symphony Orchestra is making room for two more performers this weekend when it kicks off its annual Pop Series. Australian band Air Supply is scheduled to perform 8 p.m. Saturday with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra at the Ohio Theatre. The duo, comprised of guitarist Graham Russell and lead vocalist Russell Hitchcock, met on May 12, 1975, and has been honing a career in music ever since. The band has had seven Australian top-five singles, some of which include songs “All Out of Love,� “Lost in Love� and “The One That You Love.� “The first part of the show will be a variety of music played by the symphony alone,� said Tom Battenburg, acting principal trumpet for Columbus Symphony Orchestra. “The second half with Air Supply will be mellow love songs.� Battenburg said the orchestra will start out the concert with a piece written for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth and wrap up the show with a more complex piece. “Our last piece is a demonstration piece that includes a narrator pointing out each section of the orchestra who then plays a bit,� he said. Founded in 1951, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra is the longestrunning professional orchestra in Central Ohio. Its music is expected to be heard by more than 175,000 people this season, according to a press release. The symphony has a Masterworks series, which has 12

performances and runs from October to May, and a Pops Series, comprised of six performances between October and April, Battenburg said, adding the Pops Series performances always feature a guest artist. Air Supply has toured nearly worldwide, performing from China and Taiwan to the United States. And Saturday won’t mark the first time the band has played with an orchestra. “We’ve had many shows with an orchestra. Sydney Opera House, Nashville, New York, all over the place,� Hitchcock said. “We only rehearse for 15 to 20 minutes before the show. We’re dealing with professional musicians of high caliber so that makes it a lot easier.� Russell said the high caliber won’t alter Air Supply’s performance too much though because it still wants to cater to its fans. “Obviously we will be playing songs that fans are familiar with, but we will also be playing three or four songs people haven’t heard. This will give something new for the people that are willing to come,� Russell said. “We have a few new guys in the band. Every time we add someone new, they bring something entirely different to the picture that makes for a great performance.� Kyle Bergman, a second-year in mathematics, said he’s heard a few songs by Air Supply. “I wouldn’t personally pay to see them, but I can see how they would put on a good show with the orchestra,� Bergman said. “I have gone to see the orchestra before and it was a good show. I would recommend going to see it.� Tickets for the show start at $25 and can be purchased at the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts ticket center or through Ticketmaster. The Ohio Theatre ticket office is scheduled to be open two hours prior to each performance.

Courtesy of Luck Media & Marketing, Inc.

Air Supply is scheduled to perform with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra Oct. 6 at Ohio Theatre as part of the orchestra’s annual Pop Series.


‘The Casual Vacancy’ opens up another outlet for J.K. Rowling to continue writing success Matt Borcas Lantern reporter

Courtesy of MCT

J.K. Rowling’s new novel ‘The Casual Vacancy’ released Sept. 27.

In interviews prior to the release of her new novel “The Casual Vacancy,� J.K. Rowling, author of the “Harry Potter� series, acknowledged that she had contemplated publishing the highly anticipated debut for adult readers under a pen name. Ultimately, using a pseudonym would have stifled awareness of the book and most likely robbed countless “Harry Potter� fans who would purchase it because of her name from another spellbinding literary experience. My overarching reaction to “The Casual Vacancy� is thankfulness. After seven transcendent “Harry Potter� novels, eight accompanying movies, garnering her a net worth greater than the Queen of England, the last thing Rowling could’ve been expected to do was churn out a more than 500-page novel on top of all that.

Much like “Harry Potter,� the story pulls you in fast, brimming with many of the same themes Harry, Ron and Hermione confronted on a daily basis - the ambiguity of right and wrong, clueless adults and gossip mongering. However, “The Casual Vacancy� is not merely a dark comedy, as it’s been billed, but a seriously black glimpse into the disintegrating core of the small town of Pagford, following the death of parish council member Barry Fairbrother. The death of one of Pagford’s few good men leaves the town vulnerable to the malicious policymakers jousting for his vacant position. Rowling’s prose is less “Nitwit,� “Blubber,� “Oddment,� “Tweak� and more “F---,� “S---,� “C---,� “B----� delivered with surprising nonchalance. Adolescent fornication and heroin addiction replace Quidditch matches and Hogsmeade visits. Toward the middle, the novel drags on slower than a double potions class. This rings particularly true in one chapter, which

E ateries in Review

Szechuan-style Chinese restaurant leaves appetites in good Fortune Hong Fan Lantern reporter



Hong Fan / Lantern photographer

Fortune, located at 2869 Olentangy River Road, serves pork with garlic sauce and Szechun fish with bean curd and a complimentary bowl of steamed rice for $11. Our stomachs were left in good fortune when we finished our meals, each of which cost $11. Despite the food being a little pricey for my taste, the Szechuanstyle dishes are authentic and worth trying. Fortune is located at 2869 Olentangy River Road.


Chichester from 5A prerecorded karaoke thing, it’s this excitement of a tightrope walker that could fall at any minute,� Chichester said. Jacob Wooten, who works at Kobo, said Chichester has played there before and draws a “different� kind of crowd. “Happy’s a legend, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a really eclectic crowd with a bunch of different demographics,� Wooten said. Chichester, who has lived in Columbus since he was 9 years old, said he enjoys playing at Kobo and other smaller venues around the city. “I love the musical community in Columbus, which includes not only the talented and generous musicians, but also the community of music and fan support, which is sometimes overlooked,� Chichester said. “Coming back from a tour, you realize not every city has that.� Moldover, who lives in New York, also said that playing in smaller cities is more appealing to him. “It’s more fun to play small towns because people there are so much more enthusiastic,� Moldover said. “I’m excited to bring this thing I do to people who may have never seen it before. There’s something new and current and relevant about the stuff we’re doing.� Kobo is located at 2590 N. High St. Tickets for the show are $5 at the door for ages 21 and up and $7 for ages 18 to 20.

Grade: A


Judging something on appearance is not right, but it happens to Fortune, a Chinese restaurant. The restaurant, with its simple, even ratty exterior and location at 2869 Olentangy River Road, is often overlooked by passersby. But in my experience with Fortune, the restaurant has much more to offer on the inside than out. After walking through a long entry way, a waiter cheerfully guided my friend and me to a booth. The atmosphere was welcoming and relaxing, but the dÊcor was drab and the lights were a little dim. A Szechuan-style Chinese restaurant, Fortune’s menu has a heavy focus on spicy dishes and offers Thai food. Sifting through the expansive food list, my friend and I had a hard time deciding what to order because all the dishes sounded tasty based on their brief descriptions. We ended up ordering pork with garlic sauce and Szechuan fish with bean curd. A complimentary bowl of steamed rice also came with our meals. After about a 10-minute wait, we got our first dish. The shredded, tender pork was flavorful, and the crunchy celery and water chestnuts complemented it well. Although the dish was good in the sense that it blended different flavors of sweet, sour, salty and spicy, its appearance was not as appetizing as its taste. Next came the fish with bean curd. Silken tofu cubes and filet fish swamped in chili oil and sprinkled with minced Szechuan peppercorns, it was a mouthwatering, mildly spicy dish.

expounds upon the history of Pagford’s property lines in excruciating detail. In this sense, Rowling is a victim of her own success. She’s especially clever at describing the intricacies of the world in which her characters operate, which in large part, is what made the “Harry Potter� series so enthralling. Alas, the trivialities of the Muggleverse aren’t quite as interesting. Eventually, “The Casual Vacancy� regains its footing. Reading the final 100 pages might be the most captivated I’ve been in a novel since “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,� the final installment of the “Harry Potter� series, hit shelves five years ago. The best part, though, was discussing the twists and turns of the plot with friends. Rowling’s work sparks a sense of community among her fans that can make reading the most rewarding experience in the world. More than anything, “The Casual Vacancy� reminded me why I spent so many days of my youth with her books.


Â&#x201E; )25 <285 ),567  :((.6

7+(1  2))     



Friday October 5, 2012

classifieds Furnished 1 Bedroom

Unfurnished 3 Bedroom

Help Wanted General

1368 NEIL Avenue 3rd floor apatment $500 month utilities included. Private kitchen. Share Bathroom with others. Males only, graduate students preferred, free washer/dryer, 488-3061 Jack.

UPPERCLASSMEN PREFERRED. Large 3 Bedroom apartment. $900/month. Free washer/dryer. Screened-in porch. 1374 Neil Ave. Call Jack at 488-3061

EARN WEEKEND CASH! Family owned business is looking for help parking cars on home football Saturdays. $10 per hour. 3.5-4 hrs per Saturday. Call 614-286-8707

Furnished 2 Bedroom

AVAILABLE NOW 14th Ave. student group house. Kitchen, laundry, parking, average $280/ mo. Paid utilities, 296-8353 or 299-4521.


NORTH OSU 2 bedroom recently remodeled, A/C, gas water heater, gas stove, laundry facilities, close to OSU campus, off street parking. Ideal for graduate students. AVAIL- SUBLEASING 2 bed 2 bath ABLE IMMEDIATELY. $700/ 1136 sq ft apartment at The Meridian for $1,000 by 10/6 lease mo.Call 614-571-5109 ends 1/16/13. For more info call Angela 949-599-6225


Unfurnished Rentals



â&#x20AC;˘ 1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms

â&#x20AC;˘ 2 Full Baths In 2 & 3 Bedrooms â&#x20AC;˘ Intercom Ctrl Lobby â&#x20AC;˘ Garage Available â&#x20AC;˘ Elevator â&#x20AC;˘ Window Treatments INCL

FROM $420.00


FROM $505.00 885-9840

EFFICIENCY AND 1 Bedroom available. Prices ranging from $425-$495 per month. No application fee! Call Myers Real Estate 614-486-2933 or visit OSU AVAIL. NOW


SPECIAL $100 DEPOSIT 1 B.R. apts. stove, refrig., Gas heat, laundry Carpet and air cond. available NO PETS PLEASE $365 268-7232

Unfurnished 2 Bedroom CLINTONVILLE/NORTH CAMPUS. Spacious townhouse with finished basement in quiet location just steps from bike path and bus lines. Off-street parking, 1 1/2 baths, W/D hook-up, AC, no pets. $720/month. 109 W. Duncan. 614-582-1672

Unfurnished 3 Bedroom 3 BEDROOM WITH FINISHED BASEMENT. Clintonville/North Campus. Spacious townhouse overlooking river view, walkout patio from finished basement to backyard, low traffic, quiet area, off-street parking, 1 1/2 baths, W/D hook-up, AC, no pets. Steps to bike path and bus lines. $820/month. 105 W. Duncan. 614-582-1672

Furnished Rentals

Help Wanted General ##INFERTILITY IS heartbreaking! We help dreams come true, and now you can be a part of that miracle! Egg donors are needed. We pay $5,000 to women ages 21-32 who donate their eggs to help our patients become parents. Interested in being a donor? Have questions? Call us today! 1-866-537-2461 x212 Women helping women. Private and Confidential. $$BARTENDERING! UP To $300/ Day. No Experience Necessary. Training available. 800-965-6520 ext 124.

AMATEUR MODELS Needed. No experience necessary. Earn $100 to $200 per shoot. Email 614-271-6933.

ATTRACTIVE MODEL, for creative nude/photos/videos. Audition, no obligation, will train. Pay totally open. Discretion assured, female preferred. (614)268-6944

CAREER COLLEGE Near Easton seeking positive, motivated, enthusiastic individuals to contact prospective college students to schedule college visits. Individuals must have previous telemarketing experience; $13.00 per hr., seasonal part-time. No cold calls. 20 to 25 hours per week minimum preferred. Hours are Monday through Thursday 2pm-9pm and Friday 2pm -6pm. Interested candidates should call (614) 416-6233 ext. 1. COLLECTIONS Growing Northwest Columbus Collection Agency seeking self-motivated, enthusiastic, professional people to collect on: Student Loan, Medical, or Tax Accounts. Experience a plus, not necessary. Hourly Pay + UNLIMITED Bonus. Paid Training; Flex Schedule. Hiring for PT & FT Positions.

ELECTION WORK/CANVASSING through Election Day, November 6th. Must be available Election Day 8am until polls close. Help Ohio businesses get liquor licenses. Fun/Flexible. $8/hr + 55 cents/mile. Election Day $100 + mileage + $50/100 win bonus. www.whyisee. com. Call Charles 447-9992 or

ENERGETIC OSU Student may apply for 3pm-11pm Sundays at $17.80 per hour. Close to OSU golf course. Must be physically fit. Call Jean Crum 538-8728 HERE WE GROW AGAIN: LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCED ARTISTS Toy Company looking for experienced artists who can draw simple black and white line drawings as well as complex images. Must be proficient with Photo Shop tools. Flexible hours, work from home, scheduled deadlines, and excellent pay. Must be team player. Please call 877-Hoys-Toys for interview.

Help Wanted General PART TIME WORK AVAILABLE FOR WINTER. Inn-Town Homes & Apartments is currently looking for part time leasing positions for November-January. We are looking for students who are interested in Real Estate and/or Sales. Position offers great pay, flexible hours, and fun work enviornment. Evenings and weekends a must. If you are looking to make some extra cash for school, this is a great opportuntity for you! If interested, please fill out an application on our websitie at or stop by our office at 2104 Tuller St. for more information.

REAL ESTATE/PROPERTY Management Company seeking individual(s) with construction maintenance background to help service multi-family properties and work on general construction projects in and around the Columbus Area. Full or Part Time. Hours are typically Monday thru Friday 8:30am-5:00pm but can be flexible for school schedule if needed. Pay based HISTORY OR ENGLISH MA- on experience. $13-$15 per hr. Contact JORS Looking for writers for original 408-3201. pieces targeted at ages up to 6, ages 7-10 and ages 10+. You will STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM Paid research , fact check, reference Survey Takers needed in Columcheck and edit educational ma- bus. 100% free to join. Click on terial. Flexible hours, work from surveys. home, excellent pay. Please call: 877-Hoys-Toys TUITION ASSISTANCE Available. Visiting business executive seeks coed for personal companion position. 1 hr/week; up to $10K/year. jl43210@gmail. com INTERNET SUPPORT positions available, flexible schedules, morning, afternoon and evening shifts available. Go to www. for more info. LAB TECHNICIAN Analyze environmental samples for pollutants using EPA methods. Candidate must be accurate and detail oriented. Opportunity to learn in a friendly environment. Full Time/Part Time. Email resume to:, fax to: (614)299-4002 or mail to: AALI, 1025 Concord Ave., Columbus, OH 43212. EOE LABORATORY INTERNSHIP available immediately. Please visit our website at and click on the link of job postings/internships for more information.

ULTIMATE PART-TIME JOB $12 to $18 per hour. We are seeking: Talented Talkers, Positive attitudes, Reliable, Trustworthy, Hard working, and Success Minded. We are offering: Solid base pay, Bonuses & incentives, Rapid growth potential, Management opportunity, Flexible hours and Fun atmosphere. Larmco Windows 614-367-7113 Ask For Alex. VALETS Driven. Service oriented. A team player. Reliable. Professional. Friendly. Does this sound like you? Currently hiring FT/PT Valets for various shifts throughout Columbus.

VOLLEYBALL LESSONS Experienced Volleyball Player wanted to provide basic instruction to male high school student. Can meet at or near OSU main campus. Julie 614-312-2111. LOOKING FOR en trepreneurial Please send resume to programmers to work on an or exciting web design project. fax to 614-732-5019 Flexible schedule and hours. 4100 Horizons Dr. Cols, OH Must know Linux, HTML, PHP, Java, MYSQL. Go to www. 43220 for EOE more info. EARN $200 + in first few hours. Part-time, helps charity & enviNEED MAINTANCE Person to ronment. take care of renter properties in campus area. Basic/limited perience in construction work is needed. Flexible hours, decent Text/Call Tom: pay 718-0790 410-908-7155

Help Wanted General

Help Wanted General

Help Wanted Medical/Dental

ZOOLOGY OR BIOLOGY MAJORS Looking for members of team to write and critique basic scientific information about mammals, ecosystems and aquatic systems. Flexible hours, work from home, and excellent pay. Please call 877-Hoys-Toys.

ABSOLUTE CARE, a Developmental Disabilities (DD) support living agency, provides in home support to many individuals throughout Franklin County. We are currently accepting applications for part-time and full-time Direct Care Professionals and House Managers, in addition to a full time Office Support Professional and Day Hab Program Manager. We strive to bring to bring the highest quality of level of professional care to our clients in the industry. Please visit our website for more information about our CARE AFTER School Worthington NOW HIRING Rec- services and job requirements. To apply, please submit your reation Leaders M-F 2-6. $9.50/hr. Gain great resume to experience working with Ele- mentary students. Interviewing now, begin immediately. Please download application at and Call 431-2266 ext.222 for interview.

Help Wanted Child Care

CARE PROVIDER(s) needed for 12 yr old developmentally disabled girl in Gahanna. We need one or more providers for weekdays from 3:30 to 6pm, great pay. 614-260-5131 CARE PROVIDERS and ABA Therapists are wanted to work with children/young adults with disabilities in a family home setting. Extensive training is provided. This job is meaningful, allows you to learn intensively and can accommodate your class schedule. Those in all related fields, with ABA interest, or who have a heart for these missions please apply. Competitive wages and benefits. If interested please apply at EOE LOOKING FOR creative, energetic individual for active, curious 9 month old (6-8hrs/wk). Prior experience preferred. Email:

NOW HIRING for after school positions in New Albany, Westerville, Powell and Dublin areas. Most positions are from 3-6pm. Apply online at www. or call 614-761-3060 for more information.

JOB OPENING: Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Aide. Hours: part time, 12 hours per week - Mon., Weds., & Thurs. from 3:30pm 7:30pm. $11.00-$13.50/hr. Email humanresources@ if interested. Visit our website at www. to learn more about the company & position.

SEEKING RELIABLE student to care for our children 1-2 days per week and 1 weekend evening per month. Days flexible, experience with large families preferred. Please contact Amanda-

Help Wanted General

Help us spread the word, and help people get around safely. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking for people to help hand out info at events and explain the service, post flyers, network with bar and restaurant owners, and engage the community with social media activity. No specific experience required. An outgoing personality and positive attitude is a must! Check us out online at www. Flexible hours/schedules. $10/ hour. Email resume to

&+ #&+ $&+#0 &$ $ 0& (("5

    & *3" 5 5&3 #3,0 4 &#("0 0 ",0 0 0 + 30 $&0 4 0 0$ #&+ 0$ 2 5+, & &"") +,&$ , $ *3" ((&+03$ 05 #("&5+ ... . $  ##+ &  + 5)

ATTENTION GRADUATING SENIORS OR RECENT GRADS: Inn-Town Homes & Aparments is currently interviewing for a temporary leasing consultant position, with full time hours, starting November. We are looking for students interested in Real Estate and/or Sales. The position offers a competitive starting pay, with opportunities for commissions based on performance. If interested in working in a fun, busy work environment please fill out an application on our website at or stop by our office at 2104 Tuller St. for more information. Serious inquires only and degrees preferred.

We are looking for outstanding team members for all positions including: - Line Cook - Dishwasher - Prep Cook - House Worker - Server - Bartender - Host - Tasting Room Attendant Ideal candidates will have: - 1 year high volume experience - Dedication to superior service and quality - Enjoy working with a team

2-1) +&! &  '2(+&3+ ,0+4 ""16'  -&#("0 &$&$3,  '66&+)+++"  5$4$ $ ,3",

, 0    


Help Wanted Sales/Marketing

To Apply: Hire/Application

ADRIATICOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S PIZZA is currently hiring delivery drivers for night and weekend shifts. Must be at least 18 yrs old, have a valid drivers licence, reliable transportation, and acceptable insurance coverage. Benefits include flexible schedule, high income potential for motivated individuals, and great work environment. Commission available for driver providing their own vehicles. Weekly pay plus tips. Apply in person at 265 w 11th ave.

LAIRâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S HALLMARK-Sales Associates. Lairâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s is now accepting applications for all shifts, 12-24 hours per week. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll love the environment, customers and generous merchandise discount. Please apply in person. Arlington Square Shopping Center, 1855 W. Henderson Rd. or Shops on Lane Avenue, 1645 W. Lane Avenue. for more information and to download application.

For Sale Miscellaneous

TENT SALE. OSU hats, tee shirts, sweat shirts and more. Hats $ 7. Short sleeved tees $7. Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tees $5. Fri to Sun. Lane Avenue at the corner of High Street. QuesINTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE tions? Email us at buckeyelfor summer of 2013, learn how to manage a small business! Open to all majors. Paid Pro- TENT SALE. OSU womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s gram! 614-325-8991, slewis@ tees $5. Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sweatpants , www.colleg- and yoga pants $10.00. Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tees $5. Fri to Sun. Lane Avenue at the corner of High Street. Questions? Email us at IMMEDIATE HIRE! Columbus Area Calphalon, a Newell Rubbermaid Company, and a manufacturer of premium cookware, is bringing a warehouse sale to the Columbus area. Phoenix Services is now accepting applications for energetic, upbeat cashiers and warehouse personnel looking to earn fast cash working in a bustling environment. Applicants must be able to attend orientation on October 15, 2012. The sale opens to the public on November 1st to November 4th and then again from November 8th to November 11th. Help is needed before, during and after the sale. Interviews will be held in the Columbus area. These immediate openings will fill fast so get your online application completed today at Please select the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sylvaniaâ&#x20AC;? option in the drop down menu during the application process. EOE in compliance with the ADA.

Help Wanted OSU

Cooperâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hawk Winery and Restaurants is an exciting new concept which won the 2010 Hot Concept Award from Nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Restaurant News. We are currently looking for outstanding restaurant staff for our Columbus, OH location. Our location at Easton Town Center includes a 300-seat, high volume, modern casual restaurant, full service bar, and Napa-style tasting room and retail center.


Help Wanted Interships

NOW HIRING. No experience needed. Flexible schedule. Located in OSU area. 3370 Olentangy River Rd. Columbus, OH 43202. 614-262-3185. Apply within. For directions go to www. Phoenix Services 5800 Monroe St, Suite D Sylvania, OH 43560 P: (419) 885-2151 F: (419) 885-7074

NOW HIRING High Volume Restaurant Staff for our Columbus, OH location! OPENING NOVEMBER 2012!

      # #   "     "  #   "   $     "       " "   !$    &""   #    %"      

  %"" "% 

0",0'5+,&" &#&+0$25+, &&""  " 050&(+0  (0 $%'6,,, &$,& 2&3+, +&#0'16

MOZARTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BAKERY AND VIENNA ICE CAFE - Looking for part- time/full-time reliable counter help, server help, kitchen help. High Street location, a mile north of campus. Email resume to

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service

Furnished Rentals


BONJOUR OSU! The family La Chatelaine French Bistros are looking for great, enthusiastic A.M. counter help, knowledgable servers & assistant restaurant managers. Must have restaurant experience and be very outgoing. Our Upper Arlington and our Worthington locations only. Part-time or full time positions available. Please contact 614.488.1911 or visit www. for more information. Merci!

TELEPHONE INTERVIEWERS wanted immediately to conduct interviews for research firm. No experience necessary. Great part-time job for students. Evening and daytime shifts available. Apply in person at: Strategic Research Group, 995 Goodale Blvd., 2nd PART TIME Clinical Scheduler floor. for Physical Therapy. Hrs: M â&#x20AC;&#x201C; F, 4pm to 7:30pm. Pay $12.65 - $14.50 per hour. Check in patients, schedule appointments, answer phones. For the full job description please visit To apply, please email your resume to hu- GOFASTCABâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S APPS let you order and track a cab right here in Columbus without ever placing a phone call! Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking for energetic and social OSU students to be brand ambassadors on and off campus.


Furnished Rentals

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service

MS CONSULTANTS, inc. and award winning Engineering, Architecture, and Planning firm is built on a strong and talented team. A leading ENR rank 246 firm, we are seeking a COMPUTER PROGRAMMER - INTERN to join our Technology team in our Columbus, Ohio office. Primary responsibilities will include working with and configuring SharePoint and other web-based applications. Candidate should be familiar with HTML, SQL, LAMP, Windows 2000-7, Windows Server 2000-20008, and unix-based systems. Will also need experience in technical help desk operations, excellent communication and organizational skills. CAD experience is a plus. If you have the drive it takes to provide exceptional computer technology support, then inquire with us for excellent career growth opportunities and flexible work schedule. Apply online at

Help Wanted Tutors ENTERPRISEWORKS A nonprofit, EOE seeks part time instructor for career exploration and life skills after school program for 6th graders. Paid 20 hours/week. Program hours Mon thru Thur 2pm - 6pm. Mid-Oct thru May. Work well as team member and with diverse populations. Bachelors degree required. $14.50 per hour. Please send resume to: pjennings@

For Sale Computers/ Electronics PAYING TOO much for wireless service? Get unlimited voice, text and data for $59.99 monthly. No contracts. No credit check. No deposit. Earn FREE service by referring others.

For Sale Miscellaneous HUGE CHURCH Garage Sale Friday, October 12th, 9-7 & Saturday October 13th, 9-2 Linworth UMC 7070 Bent Tree Blvd. Columbus. 336-8485 (Just Behind Andersonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s store) Clothing, furn, toys, books, crafts, HH, electronics, etc.

Travel/ Vacation

BAHAMAS SPRING Break $189 for 5 days. All prices include : Round-trip luxury party cruise. Accommodations on the island at your choice of thirteen resorts. Appalachia Travel. www. 800-867-5018

Automotive Services TOM & Jerryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s - a Full Service Auto Repair Shop. 1701 Kenny Rd. 488-8507. Or visit:

ResumĂŠ Services HR AD executive can help you with your resume to make it perfect. Affordable price. lshrieves@

SATURDAYS. SUNDAYS. While you wait. Executive resumes. Military. Aviation. Theatrical. Nursing. Engineering. Biographies. Memoirs. Autobiographies. Business histories. Family histories. Personal statements. Wrapping Christmas gifts. Sewing buttons. Typing. Copies. Dictation. Secretarial. Filing. Organizing. Mailing projects. Also typing: Theses. Dissertations. Books. Manuscripts. Forms. Applications. Pricing negotiable. Cash only. 614-440-7416.

Typing Services TRANSCRIPTION FROM standard or micro cassette tapes, and general word processing. 30+ years experience. Reasonable rates. Contact Linda 614-596-9081

Tutoring Services A MATH tutor. All levels. Also Physics, Statistics and Business College Math. Teaching/tutoring since 1965. Checks okay. Call anytime, Clark 294-0607.

IPAD VIDEO Lessons...The fast and easy way to learn your iPad. http://www.helpmelearnmyipad. com RESEARCH PAPER assistance, help in Literature coursework, and editing. Prompt, dependable, and experienced. Reasonable rates. Call 1/606/465-5021. Accepts major credit cards and Paypal.

Business Opportunities ENERGY SHOT sales are over $9 million per WEEK! Start your own business and earn money weekly with GBGâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Maximum Energy Shots, a healthy alternative! Eva Baez 310-221-0210

Announcements/ Notice DISCOVER â&#x20AC;&#x153;101 Things You Didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Know About Columbusâ&#x20AC;? ($9.95 at


292-2031 to place your ad or do it online at

the lantern .com

Real Estate Advertisements - Equal Housing Opportunity The Federal Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to advertise â&#x20AC;&#x153;any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.â&#x20AC;? State law may also forbid discrimination based on these factors and others. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development at 800-669-9777.

Call 292-2031 to place your ad or do it online at - Terms of service available at


Los Angeles Times, Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis Across

1 Seat of Floridaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Marion County 6 Airhead 10 Nonkosher 14 Tijuana address 15 Cooperâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tool 16 Incline 17 Start of a quip 20 Berry of â&#x20AC;&#x153;F Troopâ&#x20AC;? 21 Network with NEA funding 22 Like some pasts 23 Decked out 26 Contemporary of Dashiell 27 Quip, part 2 32 Power, slangily 35 Want ad initials 36 First name in fashion 37 Lumber tree 38 Quip, part 3 42 Lodge member 43 Cocktail party irritant 45 Agnus __ 46 80% of them come from South Australia 48 Quip, part 4 52 Skull and Bones members 53 Emphatic follow-up

Friday October 5, 2012

57 â&#x20AC;&#x153;To speak the broken English is an enormous assetâ&#x20AC;? speaker 60 Pontiac muscle car 61 Cautionary road sign 62 End of the quip 66 Stead 67 Cartesian connection 68 Surrealism pioneer 69 PDQ, in the ICU 70 Pharmacy unit 71 The FDIC may insure them


1 Honshu city 2 Relinquished 3 Reprimand ending 4 Roleo item 5 Delawareâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Twelve-mile Circle, e.g. 6 11th Greek letter 7 Works of Sappho 8 Liq. measures 9 Fox Movietone piece 10 In that connection 11 Outer coating 12 Curriculum range, briefly 13 Escaped

18 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;70s embargo gp. 19 Tactic on a mat 24 Wrestler Flair 25 Minute minute pt. 26 Frail sci-fi race 28 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Elmer Gantryâ&#x20AC;? novelist 29 Where the iris is 30 Gamblerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s giveaway 31 Tries to learn 32 Good-natured taunt 33 Humerus neighbor 34 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nothing wrong with meâ&#x20AC;? 39 Checked in 40 Driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s needs 41 Opera house section 44 Result of too much suds? 47 Green shade 49 Fleshy-leaved plant 50 The BBCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Pinwrightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Progressâ&#x20AC;? is reportedly the first TV one 51 Crazy way to run 54 Band that sang â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Star-Spangled Bannerâ&#x20AC;? a cappella at the 2000 World Series 55 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Came up shortâ&#x20AC;?

56 Pushes 57 Friends 58 Handling the problem 59 Authorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s inspiration 60 Lady of pop 63 Icy comment 64 Leaves in hot water 65 Dungeons & Dragons foe

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Friday October 5, 2012



Friday October 5, 2012

thelantern upcoming FRIDAY

Don’t call it a homecoming for Bo Pelini DAN HOPE Senior Lantern reporter

Field Hockey v. Michigan State 3pm @ Columbus Softball v. Ohio Dominican 6pm @ Columbus Men’s Lacrosse: Alumni Game 7pm @ Columbus Women’s Volleyball v. Illinois 8pm @ Champaign, Ill. Women’s Ice Hockey v. Minnesota-Duluth 8:07pm @ Duluth, Minn. Women’s Lacrosse: Alumni Game 9pm @ Columbus

SATURDAY Women’s Ice Hockey v. Minnesota-Duluth 5:07pm @ Columbus Women’s Volleyball v. Northwestern 8pm @ Evanston, Ill. Football v. Nebraska 8pm @ Columbus Rifle: Ole Miss Invitational TBA @ University, Miss.

Courtesy of MCT

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini gives a fist pump before the Capital One Bowl game against South Carolina on Jan. 2 at the Florida Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Fla. Nebraska lost, 30-13.

ANDREW HOLLERAN Photo editor If he is given even the slightest bit of running room, he will speed through it and make the opposition pay. That’s how Ohio State coaches and players described the danger that Nebraska redshirt junior quarterback Taylor Martinez poses for the Buckeyes’ defense this Saturday. “(Martinez) is one of the best runners I’ve ever seen at the quarterback position,” said OSU coach Urban Meyer, who has coached the likes of former Florida and current New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow. A quarterback who can just as easily break a long touchdown run as he can loft a 50-yard pass, Martinez has thrown for 1,059 yards this season while running for 298 more. He has 14 total touchdowns — three on the ground, including a 92-yard scamper against UCLA on Sept. 8. In his two-plus seasons as Nebraska’s starting quarterback, Martinez has 4,779 career passing yards and 2,137 career rushing yards. Three times

Softball v. Kent State 12pm @ Columbus Men’s Soccer v. Michigan State 12pm @ Columbus

Top 25 College Football Poll

Alabama (5-0) Oregon (5-0) Florida State (5-0) LSU (5-0) Georgia (5-0) South Carolina (5-0) Kansas State (4-0) West Virginia (4-0) Notre Dame (4-0) Florida (4-0) Texas (4-0) OHIO STATE (5-0) USC (4-1) Oregon State (3-0) Clemson (4-1) TCU (4-0) Oklahoma (2-1) Stanford (3-1) Louisville (5-0) Mississippi State (4-0) Nebraska (4-1) Rutgers (4-0) Washington (3-1) Northwestern (5-0) UCLA (4-1)

DROPPED FROM RANKINGS: Michigan State (20), Boise State (24), Baylor (25). OTHERS RECEIVING VOTES: Cincinnati 72, Boise State 53, Texas A&M 51, Michigan State 43, Texas Tech 39, Michigan 38, Louisiana Tech 37, Baylor 31, Ohio 30, Arizona State 15, Arizona 4, Miami (Fla.) 4, Iowa State 3, Tennessee 3,

continued as Pelini on 2B

Miller versus Martinez under the lights


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

During Ohio State’s annual Homecoming football game Saturday, many OSU alumni will be back in Columbus to cheer on their Buckeyes. One alumnus, however, will be representing the Buckeyes’ opponent. That alumnus is Bo Pelini, the coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, who will be playing the Buckeyes in Ohio Stadium at 8 p.m. Saturday. Pelini, who played free safety at OSU from 1987-90, will be going against his alma mater in Columbus for the first time in his head coaching career. Pelini said his history at OSU will not affect him on Saturday. “I have pride in where I went to school and my career there. But that has nothing to do with Saturday,” Pelini said in Nebraska’s press conference Monday. “I’m in a different time in my life and a different place. I have a job to do and that’s all I’m concerned with.” As for the game itself, the No. 21 Cornhuskers (4-1) will be hoping to upset the No. 12 Buckeyes for their first loss of the season. Pelini acknowledged that the game will not be easy.

“We know we’re going to have to play our best football on Saturday,” Pelini said during the Big Ten coaches’ teleconference on Tuesday. “We’re playing a really good football team.” Cornhuskers senior running back Rex Burkhead said the physical play of OSU’s defense stood out in the Buckeyes’ win against Michigan State. “I saw they were getting a big push on the offensive line. They were making it tough to make reads in the backfield and have lanes open up,” Burkhead said during Nebraska’s press conference. “I think penetration was the key thing they were getting.” As for the Buckeyes’ offense, Pelini said “we’ll see on Saturday” whether his defense is able to match up with OSU sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller and the Buckeyes’ offense. “Braxton Miller does a really good job,” Pelini said. “He’s a real threat to run, pass, they do a lot of different things to feature him. It puts a lot of stress on you.” Pelini added that while Miller might stand out, he is not the sole reason for the Buckeyes’ offensive success. “Everyone, and deservedly so, gives a lot of credit to Braxton Miller, but they,

Courtesy of MCT

continued as QBs on 2B

ANDREW HOLLERAN / Photo editor

OSU Football: The Matchup OHIO STATE

No. 12


No. 21



First-year Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer’s first Homecoming football game as the leader of the OSU program could be one to remember. Meyer’s No. 12-ranked Buckeyes (5-0, 1-0 Big Ten) will host the No. 21ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers (4-1, 1-0 Big Ten) in the only Big Ten night game at Ohio Stadium this season. OSU is coming off a 17-16 road win against the reigning Big Ten Legends Division champion, Michigan State, while Nebraska rides into Columbus after its come-frombehind 30-27 home win against defending conference championship game winner, Wisconsin. Saturday’s meeting between OSU and Nebraska marks the Cornhuskers’ first visit to Ohio Stadium since the 1956 season.


OSU’s offense posted its lowest scoring output of the 2012 season during its 17-16 win at Michigan State, and that was still good enough for a win. The Buckeyes are averaging 34 points per game through five contests this season, making it the 43rd-ranked offense in the country. On paper, Nebraska’s offense is better. At nearly 45 points per game, the Cornhuskers are the 10th-best offense in America. With nearly 306 rushing yards per game, Nebraska also boasts the fifth-ranked rushing attack nationally. Nebraska sophomore running back Ameer Abdullah leads the team in rushing with more than 97 yards per game. That, plus senior running back Rex Burkhead’s 91 yards per game, present a true test for the Buckeyes’ defense. Through the air, junior quarterback Taylor Martinez averages 211 yards per game to OSU sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller’s nearly 187 yards per game.

There’s plenty of history in the teams’ Saturday meeting, but the Buckeyes are focused on the most recent chapter with their Homecoming guest. Throughout the week, OSU players and coaches have maintained that they owe Nebraska for last season’s 34-27 defeat in Lincoln. In order to pay the Cornhuskers some revenge, the Buckeyes’ defense will need to stop one of the top offensive units in America. Coming off a season-low 17-point performance against MSU, the Buckeyes’ offense could use a strong showing as well. Kickoff for Saturday’s Big Ten showdown is scheduled for 8 p.m., but you can get a preview of the matchups to come right here.


Nebraska is no “one-unit wonder” — it has plenty of defense to go along with its offensive attack. The Cornhuskers boast the third-ranked defense in the Big Ten and the 35th total defense in America — they allow more than 340 yards per game. By contrast, OSU’s 57thranked defense allows more than 376 yards per game but is also coming off its strongest outing of the season against the Spartans. The Buckeyes held MSU junior quarterback Andrew Maxwell 269 passing yards on 22-of-42 attempts while the Spartans’ entire rushing attack was limited to 34 yards for the game. OSU’s defense holds an edge when it comes to turnovers as well — the Buckeyes are ranked 45th in the country in turnover margin. Nebraska is ranked 86th in the same statistical category.

Special Teams You’d probably have to favor Nebraska when it comes to special teams. OSU redshirt junior kicker Drew Basil remains 100 percent on field goal tries this season as he hit his second attempt of the year during OSU’s win against MSU. Nebraska senior kicker Brett Maher is 7-of-12 on field goal attempts this season, and some of his successful tries came from distance. Maher is 4-of-6 on attempts from between 40-49 yards out and 1-of-3 on attempts from 50 yards or longer. Both kickers average 62 yards on kickoffs, but Basil’s kickoffs are usually returned by the opposition as he only has nine touchbacks on the year. That would seem to play to Nebraska’s hand as the Cornhuskers’ 19th ranked special teams unit which currently averages more than 26 yards per return. Maher has 26 touchbacks on 41 kickoffs for the season. PAT BRENNAN / Sports editor


sports QBs from 1B

ANDREW hOLLERAN / Photo editor

First-year OSU coach Urban Meyer sings ‘Carmen Ohio’ after a Sept. 15 game against California. OSU won, 35-28.

Pelini from 1B first and foremost, they do a lot of good things to enable him to make plays and they have a lot of good pieces around him,” Pelini said. “He’s not out there playing by himself. It’s a team game.” OSU coach Urban Meyer said the game will be a challenge, and that the team will have to make some changes to win this game. “We’re going to have to do some things that we haven’t done, and I’m not sure how we’ll adapt to that,” Meyer said. “I’m glad it’s (at) home.” Meyer knows the coach on the other side well: Meyer was a graduate assistant with the Buckeyes in 1987, Pelini’s freshman season. Meyer said he had a lot of respect for Pelini as a player, and that he has not changed much as a coach. “I have a really good relationship with Bo,” Meyer said. “(As a player, he was)

just a real tough guy, just like his personality is now.” Pelini, who knows first-hand what it’s like to play inside Ohio Stadium, said it will be a “great environment” on Saturday. Cornhuskers senior safety P.J. Smith expressed his excitement to play in the Horseshoe during Nebraska’s press conference but added that his team must keep its “emotions normal.” “It is going to be crazy, it is going to be wild, but it will be fun,” Smith said. “We just got to go out there and execute the game plan.” The Buckeyes, who have won their first five games of the season, will be trying to avenge their loss to the Cornhuskers from their first-ever matchup as Big Ten opponents last season. In that game, the Buckeyes held a 27-6 lead in the third quarter, but gave up 28 unanswered points to lose 34-27.

since 2010 — Martinez’s redshirt freshman season — the quarterback has broken runs longer than 80 yards. To put that in perspective, former West Virginia quarterback Pat White, the NCAA’s all-time leading rusher at the quarterback position, never had an 80-yard run. Former Auburn quarterback and 2010 Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton’s career-long run was 71 yards. Last year’s Heisman, former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III, also has a careerlong run of 71 yards. Martinez is one of the country’s premier dual-threat quarterbacks, and for a college defense, there might not be a more daunting task than trying to defend one. “Certainly a threat for us, running around making plays. He knows where his strengths are. His strengths are his feet, his mobility,” said OSU defensive line coach Mike Vrabel. Luckily for OSU, the Buckeyes have a pretty good dualthreat quarterback of their own in sophomore Braxton Miller, who has 1,510 total yards this season — 577 of which are rushing yards. The Buckeyes’ defense defends Miller multiple times a week in practice. OSU players said that should help them this Saturday when the No. 12-ranked Buckeyes’ square off against the Martinez-led, No. 21-ranked Cornhuskers. “Definitely I think it helps us. There’s not many quarterbacks out there that run sub 4.4s, high 4.3s (in the 40-yard dash),” said redshirt senior linebacker Etienne Sabino. “Braxton’s obviously one of them, but so is Martinez. I think it definitely helps us going against Braxton everyday.” Meyer agrees, but he added that while OSU will benefit, so will Nebraska. They too face a speedy quarterback in practice. “I think both defenses will not be shocked by the speed. They’ve seen it in practice,” Meyer said. Miller and Martinez could not be much more alike. Both are a little undersized — Miller is 6-foot-2 and Martinez is 6-foot-1. Both lead their respective teams in total yards, and both are among the country’s fastest players, not just quarterbacks. If there is a difference between the two, it is probably straight-line speed, and according to Sabino, Martinez might have the edge. “If he sees a crease, he’ll roll with it. He’s a fast guy so we have to be very disciplined in our assignments,” Sabino said.

Sabino is familiar with Martinez’s speed because he, and the rest of the 2011 Buckeyes, played against him last year in OSU’s 34-27 loss in Lincoln, Neb. Practicing against Miller last season didn’t seem to help the Buckeye defense much in defending Martinez during the 2011 contest. The then-sophomore quarterback threw for 191 yards and two touchdowns while running for 101 yards and a score last Oct. 8. This Saturday, the task of defending Martinez will be even greater. The redshirt junior has matured significantly as a player. To go along with his running ability, Martinez is now a very able and accurate passer. And Martinez is probably not just able, but elite. Martinez is 11th in the country in quarterback efficiency with a 169.6 rating, completing 67.8 percent of his passes with a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 11-to-1. Last season, Martinez had a 126.5 rating and completed 56.3 percent of his passes with a 13-to-8 touchdown-to-interception ratio. The improvement did not come easily for Martinez. The California native worked tirelessly on his throwing mechanics during the offseason. Las Angeles-based quarterbacks coach Steve Calhoun, a former New Mexico State quarterback and teacher of the pass since 2004, worked with Martinez on his motion, footwork and more. Martinez’s stats prove the hard work paid off. The OSU coaching staff has noticed Martinez’s progression, too. “I think he’s got a great understanding of what (Nebraska tries) to do,” Vrabel said. “Whether he’s running option or whatever, he’s not going to just drop back and try to beat you that way.” Vrabel, and the rest of the OSU coaching staff and defense understand the task at hand Saturday. “He’s going to be a huge challenge for us,” Vrabel said. Despite Martinez’s speed and breakaway ability, at least one OSU defender is confident the Nebraska gunslinger won’t be chalking up any long runs against the Buckeyes. “I don’t know what (Martinez’s) 40 time is, but if he’s out there, I’m going to catch him,” said redshirt sophomore cornerback Bradley Roby. Roby and OSU are set to take on Nebraska at 8:00 p.m. Saturday at Ohio Stadium. The game will be nationally televised by ABC.

Urban Meyer: Hard to say Sabino’s ‘not my favorite player’ Grant Gannon Lantern reporter As a product of Miami, Fla., linebacker Etienne Sabino said he was not familiar with Ohio State. Now in his redshirt senior season, Sabino is starting for the Buckeyes. He’s one of first-year coach Urban Meyer’s favorite players. In OSU’s 17-16 victory against Michigan State on Saturday in East Lansing, Mich., Meyer said Sabino had “a hell of a game.” Sabino, who recorded eight total tackles, one pass breakup, two quarterback hurries, one tackle for loss, and one sack against the Spartans, was named defensive player of the game by Meyer during the coach’s weekly Monday press conference. Meyer wasn’t the only one who took note of the captain’s play. “(Sabino) played exceptionally well to me. He made a lot of good plays,” said redshirt junior defensive back Corey Brown. Notably, the linebacker’s sack came at the end of the third quarter and during a crucial time in the game. After the Buckeyes’ offense scored a touchdown to take a 17-13 lead against MSU, it seemed that OSU had not only seized the game’s lead, but also its momentum. Looking to respond, the Spartans returned the ensuing kickoff to their 31-yard line and drove the ball to the 50-yard line. The Spartans offense stalled, though after an incomplete pass from redshirt junior quarterback Andrew Maxwell and short run by junior running back Le`Veon Bell.

“It’s hard for me to say he’s not my favorite player on this team. I have conversations with him like I would a coach. I listen to him. I usually don’t listen a lot, and then I listen to him. Urban Meyer OSU football coach

Facing a 3rd-and-7, Maxwell dropped back to pass before Sabino burst into the backfield and brought down the Spartan quarterback for a 7-yard loss. The play forced MSU to punt and kept the momentum on the side of the Buckeyes. “I just want to give all the credit to the people around me,” Sabino said. “I think our defensive line did a great job making my job easy and the back end did a great job covering allowing us to get pressure. I think it was a good defensive effort.” Meyer said he’s not only impressed with Sabino’s play, but also said he has a different relationship with him compared to other players. “It’s hard for me to say he’s not my favorite player on this team,” Meyer said. “I have conversations with him like I would a coach. I listen to him. I usually don’t listen a lot, and then I listen to him.” Sabino said his relationship with and respect for Meyer helps him be honest with the former Florida Gators coach. “The thing with coach Meyer is honesty … I keep it real with him, he keeps it real with me,” Sabino said. “So I think he

respects that and we have that respect for each other.” The Florida native, however, has experienced ups and downs during his career since coming to Columbus in 2008. Sabino arrived with high expectations as the No. 1-overall high school inside linebacker in the country, according to’s recruiting rankings. But during his freshman and sophomore years, he never started a game and only made six tackles and one sack. In 2010, he sat out for the season and redshirted after losing a position battle to former OSU linebacker Andrew Sweat. Last season, though, Sabino saw time in all 13 of the Buckeyes’ games, collecting 62 total tackles, two sacks and seven tackles for loss. Sabino only started five times for the Buckeyes last year. But this year might be a different story as Sabino has started in all five of OSU’s games under Meyer. “He hasn’t played a lot. I didn’t realize that until I went back and did a study on it,” Meyer said. “He’s been a classic underachiever. Now he’s a leader. He’s a grown man,” As of the Buckeyes’ game against the Spartans, Sabino is second on the team in tackles with 36 total stops and has amassed two sacks, two tackles for loss, one interception and one forced fumble. “Sometimes things don’t pan out as fast as you want them to happen, but it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish. So that’s my motto,” Sabino said.

Cody Cousino / Multimedia editor

OSU redshirt senior linebacker Etienne Sabino returns an interception during a Sept. 8 game against Central Florida. OSU won, 31-16.

Commentary: Bengals effectively use aerial assault Cameron zargar For The Lantern

Courtesy of MCT

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Andrew Hawkins (16) runs from Washington Redskins cornerback Richard Crawford (39) for a touchdown during a Sept. 23 game at FedEx Field in Landover, Md. 2012. The Bengals won, 38-31.


When the Cincinnati Bengals realized they could no longer beat the Baltimore Ravens at their own game, they decided to change the formula. And their opponents have been paying the price. After surrendering 44 points to Baltimore in their season opener, Cincinnati seemingly went through an identity crisis. Realizing that their defense could no longer carry them and that their passing game had become their greatest strength, the Bengals, members of the blackand-blue AFC North, now hope to outscore opponents. In their last three games, Cincinnati (3-1) is averaging 33 points per game. But it is the way in which they are scoring that best indicates coach Marvin Lewis’ new strategy. In Week 3 against the Washington Redskins, on their first play from scrimmage, the Bengals lined up in the Wildcat formation, with rookie wide receiver Mohamed Sanu standing in at quarterback while Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton lined up at wide receiver. Sanu found wide receiver A.J. Green for a 73-yard touchdown that set the tone of the game, as Green went on to total a career-high 183 yards receiving and Cincinnati totaled 38 points. Last week, with the Jacksonville Jaguars leading 7-3 late in the first half, Lewis called a punt fake that resulted in running back Cedric Peerman picking up 48 yards. The Bengals went on to outscore Jacksonville 24-3 the rest of the game before winning 27-10. After playing three of their first four games on the road, Cincinnati returns home to host the Miami Dolphins. And more likely than not, the Bengals will continue to attack through the air. Miami (1-3) is ranked first in rushing yards allowed, surrendering a measly 56.8 yards per game. Meanwhile, Cincinnati’s lead running back, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, has lost two fumbles in his last two games. Previously, the sure-handed Green-Ellis, a free agent acquisition from the New England Patriots, had not fumbled once in his career. Fortunately, the Dolphins are 30th against the pass, and since the fiasco-like loss in Baltimore, the Bengals are averaging 279.2 yards

per game passing. More importantly, Dalton, who has thrown for 1,111 yards, eight touchdowns and four interceptions, is completing 67.5 percent of his passes and features a 103.0 QB rating. Dalton, arguably, has looked exceedingly comfortable now that the roles of his young receivers have been figured out. The biggest question mark for the Bengals coming into this season was who would be the No. 2 receiver behind Green. Cincinnati allowed the troubled but freakishly-talented receiver Jerome Simpson to defect to Minnesota. Looking to fill the gap were two rookie wide receivers in Sanu, Armon Binns and a 5-foot-7 longshot, Andrew Hawkins. Sanu has yet to be involved in the passing game, but Binns and Hawkins have found their identities. Binns, who has 157 yards and one touchdown reception this season, seems to be a big target, the kind of receiver who draws pass interference calls. While Hawkins, who has notched 247 yards receiving for two touchdowns, has served as Dalton’s bailout. In the last three games, Dalton has found himself out of options only to dump off the ball to Hawkins. The electric Hawkins has turned those short passes into two 50-yard touchdowns against Cleveland and Washington and a 27-yard pickup last week. The new options in the Bengals’ aerial assault have opened things up for Green. The second-year receiver was recently named AFC Offensive player of the month for his 27 catches, 428 yards and three touchdowns. Miami will look to match the Bengals’ firepower. Last week, former Ohio State and current Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline set a franchise record for receiving after netting 253 yards against Arizona while rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill passed for 431 yards. In the running game, Miami running back Reggie Bush is coming off a slight knee injury and has not been as effective the past two weeks as he was in Week 2 when he rushed for 172 yards. Should Bush be fully recovered by Sunday, the Bengals can expect to see him involved early and often. That means Cincinnati will have to hope to rattle Tannehill with their pass rush, which has been their strength on defense so far. Cincinnati is ranked 25th in points surrendered and 19th in yards allowed, but first in sacks with 12 in just their last two games. Visit to read the rest of this story.

Friday October 5, 2012

sports Women’s volleyball targets Illinois upset daniel chi Asst. photo editor Beating No. 21 Illinois Friday at Huff Hall won’t break open any bottles of champagne, but getting a victory against an opponent that swept them last year in the regular season and in the NCAA Tournament would be a good start to this weekend’s Big Ten games for the No. 19 Ohio State women’s volleyball team. For the second consecutive weekend, OSU will face another daunting challenge on the road, as they travel to Illinois Saturday and then to Northwestern on Saturday. The Buckeyes will try to improve their 11-5 overall record. Instead of a game plan more focused on their defense and how to stop their opponents this weekend, the Buckeyes are switching their mentality to what they can do to become a better unit on the court. “Well, for this week, I feel like a lot of times in preseason and in previous game plans, we have always been focusing on how we can stop the other team, such as what can we do to put up like a strategic block, or what can we do for defense,” said freshman middle blocker Andrea Kacsits. “This time, I feel like this weekend is more revolving around what can we do to make our game better, on our side of the court no matter what happens on the other side of the court. I feel like our game plan focuses more on us and less on them.” While Illinois boasts just an 8-6 record, the Illini defeated the Buckeyes three times last season and could present a similar challenge this weekend. Illinois features a potent offense that is led by redshirt freshman outside hitter Jocelynn Birks and sophomore outside hitter Liz McMahon, while their defense is anchored by senior middle blocker Erin Johnson, who notched her 400th career block in a lost against then-No. 13 Purdue. Patience will be a key, coach Geoff Carlston said, in how to slow down a high-octane offense that Illinois likes to run. “They run a very pragmatic, controlled offense, so our group needs to be patient and be ready for long rallies,” Carlston said. “(Birks) is solid for sure. We need to be aware where she is at all times and be disciplined in our digging lanes.” Defense will also play a huge factor for the Buckeyes, but players feel that they are ready for the big, physical lineup Illinois will present. “I feel like we’re going to be really prepared. It’s going to be our second away weekend in the Big Ten, so I think were ready,” said junior defensive specialist Julianne Mandolfo. “Illinois is always a huge team, so they have, like, big pin hitters and our back rows are going to be ready for that.” Specifically for those two hitters in Birks and McMahon, Mandolfo further explained on the preparations they have worked on to make sure they keep them in check. “We have been preparing with the pins, like you said with two hitters, and basically just all-out defense,” Mandolfo said. “With our front row block and our back row picking up the lanes behind.” The Buckeyes will also be playing against Northwestern, who are 12-3 overall, at Welsh-Ryan Arena. One of the concerns Carlston has for this matchup is how different this team is from Illinois.

Friday October 5, 2012

“The second night is challenging when you have two teams that are so different,” Carlston said. “Our focus has to be on Illinois, but we will be ready for the Wildcats on Saturday.” While Illinois’ offense is led by their two outside hitters, Northwestern is different, as they are lead by their senior setter Madalyn Shalter. According to Mandolfo, the game plan against the Wildcats will stay relatively the same, but with a new twist. “Just working mostly on our offense, and for Northwestern, we’re going to get our offense involved a lot, try some new players and new people in the front row,” Mandolfo said. Whether it is against ranked or unranked opponents, conference or non-conference games, one of the most important things is to be mentally prepared, Kacsits said. “Being mentally prepared I feel like is our biggest thing because a lot of times, and for me specifically, I can get so caught up in the game that it’s chaos for me,” Kacsits said. “My coaches have been working really hard to make sure that I slow things down. I think that can go for all of my teammates as well, that we need to keep the game slow. We need to figure out what they’re doing on the other side, so we can make the right decisions.” With the team’s focus and energy mostly geared toward this weekend, players still had some time to think about how it felt to move up three spots in the latest NCAA women’s volleyball rankings to No. 19 in the country. “It feels really exciting,” Mandolfo said. “I have never been on a team that has been in the top 20, so right now we need to maintain it. Every game is a huge game, so if we keep winning than were going to keep moving up.” For Carlston, his team moving up in the rankings goes back to how tough their schedule is. “It says a great deal about the strength of our schedule so far,” Carlston said. “We have played five matches against top 10 opponents, and 10 of our 16 have been against Top 25 teams in the nation.” Kacsits reflected her coach’s answer and really elaborated that records don’t tell the whole story. “Well, honestly, I feel like the record doesn’t even matter,” Kacsits said. “It’s like, of course it matters, but it’s the game that we lost, we didn’t lose by much. To the teams we lost to, like Minnesota for instance, we made maybe five or six unforced errors and we lost to them 25-23 in every set.” Kacsists said she knows this team has potential, and it is up to them to realize what they can accomplish as a team. “So it’s like we have the potential to be in the top 10, we just have to work through that thing,” she said. “That is what the season is for, that is what this is for and that’s what we are working for. Hopefully, we can be in the top 10 soon.”



Daniel Chi / Asst. photo editor

OSU senior outside hitter Emily Danks jumps to hit the ball during a Sept. 22 match against Nebraska at St. John Arena. OSU lost, 3-1.



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