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thelantern Meyer moves in on Fickell’s dire defense


Pat BRennan Sports editor

Injury infusion


Coach Urban Meyer gave an update on the football team’s multiple injuries on Monday.

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Ohio State sophomore linebacker Ryan Shazier said words couldn’t describe the Buckeyes’ defensive performance against Indiana. The appropriate descriptors came to first-year OSU coach Urban Meyer with apparent ease during his weekly press conference Monday, and he wasn’t happy. Maybe that’s why, at least for the time being, Meyer will have an increased role in the defense — he’s targeted the problem and is already working with the unit to improve its play. In light of nearly blowing an 18-point, late-game lead against the Hoosiers, Meyer, who said he’d be more involved with the defensive unit afterward, said the Buckeyes need to eliminate big plays. To help facilitate the defense’s growth, he’s already upped his involvement with the unit — Meyer said he’s met with both the players and the coaches on the defensive side of the ball. You won’t hear a whine from co-defensive coordinator Luke Fickell regarding these matters, though — he said he’s happy to continue collaborating with Meyer. After allowing 481 yards of total offense and 49 points, Meyer described OSU’s problem succinctly, saying it needs to cease allowing big plays. “Pressing issues, eliminate the big play. There were 14 plays in there (against Indiana), and I actually met with the entire defense and the defensive staff in there,” Meyer said. “Instead of just complaining and whining and making noise, we have to put a plan together. That’s eliminate big plays … I’m not happy at all with what’s going on defense. That includes players, coaches and I think we can all get better.” Fickell’s defense is a porous one — OSU has allowed more points through seven games — 172 ­— than in either the past two seasons. Last year, the Buckeyes allowed 114 points to the opposition through seven games and during the team’s 2010 Sugar Bowl-championship campaign, which was later vacated, the defense allowed 112 points through seven games. With concerns about the now No. 7-ranked Buckeyes’ defense bubbling over, Fickell didn’t offer any excuses. Instead, a simple solution — make more plays, he said.

andrew Holleran / Photo editor

OSU coach Urban Meyer throws down his play sheet during the 1st half of the game against Indiana in Bloomington, Ind., Oct. 13. OSU won the game, 52-49. “We’ve got to do a lot better job. I think the big thing is you look at — we’ve got to finish,” Fickell said. “To me, the greatest thing is, you say, ‘Hey, let’s see how we learn from this.’” From the outside looking in, it might appear that Fickell, having drawn Meyer’s ire, will now have his toes stepped on by the Buckeyes’ head coach. While it’s true that Meyer will be more involved in

the defense, Fickell said, he’s always been present, adding that increased criticism from Meyer should help speed the learning process up. “(Meyer’s) come over more, but I think he’s always been involved. I think his ability to get over there and make sure, you know, motivational things and make

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4A OSU student struck by train off campus Kristen Mitchell Campus editor

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Jerry Springer is scheduled to speak at 7 p.m. in the Ohio Union’s Great Hall Meeting Room 1.


Man breaks sound barrier


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James Daniel Huges- Sept. 5


Yifan Gu- Sept. 6


Mark Kalina- Oct. 13

Critical but stable

In light of the accident, he said his brother has been staying positive. Matt Kalina said when he saw his brother, Mark Kalina made a joke: “I need to ask you a question. Is the train OK?” Mark Kalina has had extensive damage to his legs, including the loss of his left leg and his right leg below the knee. However, Matt Kalina said his

brother will be able to walk again with the help of prosthetics and rehabilitation. He also had his right pinky finger removed. After the accident, Matt Kalina said his brother called the authorities for help himself, and waved to the helicopter attempting to locate him. The accident has been hard on the

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Columbus Marathon to funnel runners through the ‘Shoe Michele Theodore For the Lantern

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W 76/56 TH 63/47 F 61/43 SA 58/46

An Ohio State student sustained extensive injuries early Saturday morning when he was struck by a train, but his brother said he has been “all smiles.” Mark Kalina, a 23-year-old student in engineering and brother of the Alpha Rho Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, was hit by a train at about 2 a.m. Saturday while walking on railroad tracks near Hocking Street and Nationwide Boulevard. He was transported to the Wexner Medical Center, according to Columbus Division of Police records, where he remains in critical but stable condition Monday evening. Kalina was cited for criminal trespassing, according to the report. Kalina’s younger brother and OSU student in communication Matt Kalina said he was the first one at the hospital when they had identified Mark Kalina and notified his family.

family, but Matt Kalina said his brother’s positive attitude has made it easier to deal with. “We’re all sticking together,” he said. He said relatives and friends have been coming to visit Mark Kalina, and his family has been grateful for the support. Kristen Kalina, Mark Kalina’s sister and a graduate student in education and human ecology, said in an email that “the (hospital) waiting room is constantly filled with people waiting to see him” and even though he has a long road to recovery, “he has an extremely supportive group of family and friends that are rallying behind him.” In the first 18 hours following the incident, Kristen Kalina said her brother has had “75 plus visitors.” Pi Kappa Alpha, better known as Pike, philanthropy chair and third-year in marketing Zach Horner said Mark Kalina has been in high spirits, and many of his brothers went to visit him in the hospital over the weekend.

Marathon runners will get a chance to see what Buckeye football players get to see every home game this Sunday: a view of Ohio Stadium from the field. During the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon, participants are mapped to be routed for a stretch through Ohio Stadium at about mile 18 of the 26.2 mile run. In previous years, the race course was routed around the stadium and near the Olentangy River, but runners didn’t have the chance to enter the stadium. But this year, participants competing in the full marathon will have the opportunity to run the same route football players do: down the ramp of the “home tunnel” and across the field, said Darris Blackford, Columbus Marathon race director. To contribute to the atmosphere of

Ohio Stadium, a cheering section will be stationed in the stands to encourage runners as they near the 18-mile marker on the course. The idea of running through the stadium was inspired by other races with courses that allow runners to cross major football fields, such as the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon in Wisconsin that routed runners through Lambeau Field last May, home of the Green Bay Packers. Blackford said no one had thought of routing runners through the ‘Shoe before. “No one had ever asked (about Ohio Stadium),” Blackford explained. Some students on campus said they are excited to have OSU showcased in the marathon. Brian Phillips, a fourth-year in mechanical engineering, said it would “add value to the race,” because “a lot of people really admire Ohio Stadium.” Sunday’s race will mark Phillips’

andrew holleran / Photo editor

The 2012 Nationwide Columbus Marathon is set to take place Sunday. The 26.2 mile race will route runners though Ohio Stadium. fourth time running the Columbus Marathon and he said the stadium portion will come at a “point in the race where you start to lose steam.” Other students agreed, such as Kayla Kilar, a second-year in criminology and sociology, who is participating in the half-marathon. While she won’t get to run through the stadium, she said she’s happy other runners will. “A full marathon is such an accomplishment. It’s more of an honor that the full marathoners get to run through the stadium,” she said. She said she hopes the new race

route will encourage other students to participate in the race in future years. “I think it’s an honor and it’s a great idea to get Ohio State involved,” Kilar said. “More students can get involved and aspire to have good health.” The Columbus Marathon is scheduled to begin at 7:30 a.m. and travels throughout Columbus. The race begins downtown and weaves through Bexley, Olde Town East, German Village, Grandview and Victorian Village in addition to an appearance at OSU.


campus Space jump reflects astronomical movements in media campus Columnist

matt kraus Senior Lantern Reporter

There might come a time in the not-so-distant future when all of our entertainment is accessed through the Internet. When that time comes, this past Sunday might be looked upon as one of the turning points. A portion of the world was looking to the sky Sunday as Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner boarded a capsule that took him more than 128,000 feet, or more than 24 miles, into the stratosphere, and then jumped. On the way down he broke multiple records. He reached speeds of 833.9 miles per

hour, and thus became the first human being to break the sound barrier in freefall. His jump also set the altitude record. There was one other record broken during the event as well. More than 8 million people watched the jump live on YouTube, which completely shattered the previous mark of 500,000 people watching the 2012 Olympics in London live on YouTube. This was a stunt that captivated much of the world, and with numbers like this, you can certainly expect other companies to try and get in on the live-streaming action. To put these numbers in perspective, most network television shows would kill to have 8 million viewers. NBC’s new comedy “Go On,� which the network is touting as one of the season’s big hits, pulled in just 6.65 million viewers in its last airing. There are already signs that a major shift to the Internet is under way. YouTube has recently started teaming up with various websites and groups to make channels that create original content and function much like an on-demand service that could be found on TV. These

App spikes service requests becca marrie Lantern reporter There has been an increase in maintenance requests from the dorms, but it’s not necessarily because more things are broken. Ohio State’s maintenance facility, Service2Facilities, partnered last fall with the Computer Science and Engineering School to figure out how to use technology to improve customer service. The idea turned into a quarter-long capstone project for a group of five students, who then continued to work on the project even after their capstone was completed. “We wanted to use student resources so that we can help students learn via capstone projects,� said Aaron Davis, the system administrator. “Overall, (it was) a good process and good project.� The application went live at the start of the semester and is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded under the OSU Mobile Apps section of OSU’s website. Davis said he has noticed an increase in requests since the app became available. “We noticed that there is an upward trend of the amount of work orders being submitted because of the application,� Davis said. “Right now, 550 work orders have been submitted this year just because of the app.�

Some examples of application-appropriate issues include burnt out lights, a water fountain not working properly, a fallen ceiling tile, a clogged community toilet, thermostat adjustments, lofting requests or a sticky door lock, Davis said. However, he noted the app shouldn’t be used for major issues, Davis said. “If it’s an emergency issue, call the help desk because we can get people out there immediately.� Henry Shorr, second-year in history, has dealt with Service2Facilities in the past. “Last year, in my dorm in Siebert Hall, the tile over my bed was broken,� Shorr said. “We shared a maintenance request online, and a week later they fixed it.� Shorr said he does not believe there is need for the new service request app. “It seems like it’s the same as (submitting a request) online,� Shorr said. “I don’t feel like enough stuff around here breaks to constitute an app.� However, Alycia Acquaviva, a third-year in chemistry, said she thinks the app is practical for students. “And since everyone has smartphones, it’s realistic,� Acquaviva said.

channels are creating programs that people are interested in, and they give people the option of watching the videos whenever they’d like. In fact, Baumgartner’s jump was streamed right on Red Bull’s original YouTube channel. YouTube has also given original channels to Grantland, Shaquille O’Neal, Bleacher Report, Motor Trend, Vice, and many others. The Nerdist Channel also received attention recently when it collaborated with the Henson Company to produce a music video for Ben Folds Five. However, Baumgartner’s jump is a whole other beast simply because it could be watched right as it was happening. The more live events that start to pop up online, the more appealing the Internet is sure to be when content producers start to ponder where to put their creations. TV isn’t going to die anytime soon, but with each passing day it seems more and more convenient options are popping up elsewhere. Baumgartner’s jump was not only an incredible physical feat that shattered pre-existing records, but an event that could raise a lot of eyebrows in the media industry as well.

OSU men’s basketball team gears up for season The OSU men’s basketball team is set to begin its 2012-13 campaign with an exhibition game against Walsh at the Schottenstein Center Oct. 26.


Andrew Holleran / Photo editor

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Issue 114/Monday In the cutline for the feature photo “Bruce Vilanch vamps up OSU with comedy,” The Lantern stated a recap of the event would be in Wednesday’s paper. In fact, a recap of the event is in Tuesday’s paper.

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Football from 1A things uncomfortable at times, but that’s how you grow,” Fickell said. “Hopefully he continues to spend a little bit more time with us. “(Co-defensive) coach (Everett) Withers and I, (cornerbacks) coach (Kerry) Coombs, (defensive line) coach (Mike) Vrabel — we all do things together, same way we’ve done in the past … It’s a collaborative issue and it’s not about any one person. That’s what we ask our kids to do and that’s what we ask our coaches to be like.” Meyer’s arrival in the defense’s meeting room comes just in time, too. Players, such as Shazier, say they’re distraught about the team’s play.

Train from 1A Money raised from a Pike fundraising event scheduled to take place Friday will be donated to Mark Kalina’s family to help cover medical bills. The event had been planned prior to the accident with proceeds going to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, but Horner said after hearing of the accident, they decided to donate the money to the Kalina family instead. Horner said he is expecting about 1,200 people to attend the event, a drastic increase from his initial expectations of only a few hundred. Kristen Kalina said her brother’s attitude about the accident has been encouraging and “Mark’s story is not based around the tragic accident but the amazing survival and recovery that he is working through right now. It is in the smile on his face and the courage in his words.” Dave Isaacs, spokesman for the Office of Student Life, declined comment on the incident. There have been several safety incidents involving

“The defense, we’re really, really mad right now … We discussed how we played (against Indiana) and we had a horrible game,” Shazier said. “I’m not saying anything bad about Indiana, but we shouldn’t have gone out like that. We gave up too many yards, too many points.” The pieces, Meyer said, are already in place to turn the defense’s performance around. “We’ve got good coaches, good players and we’ll move forward and get better,” he said. OSU is scheduled to continue Big Ten play Saturday against Purdue University at Ohio Stadium. Kickoff is set for noon.

OSU students Fall Semester. First-year student Rachel Stump was involved in an Aug. 19 accident where she was hit by a drunk driver near the South Campus Gateway. Stump was transported to the Medical Center where she was in a coma and critical condition for several days. She has woken up but is still recovering from the accident. OSU student Yifan Gu was involved in a collision with a cyclist outside Chumley’s on High Street Sept. 6. Gu was transported to the Medical Center, and information on her condition or status within the hospital was unavailable Monday night. First-year student James Daniel Hughes was involved in a Sept. 5 accident on Woodruff Avenue. Hughes was run over by a dump truck while riding his bike. He was transported from the scene to Wexner Medical Center, where he remained in stable condition Monday evening. As a result of the accident, Hughes had one of his legs amputated and his lawyer Steve Crandall said he has undergone significant surgeries since the incident.

Calorie-conscious vending might come to OSU campus kenneth johnson Lantern reporter Within the next year, tallying liquid calories could get much easier. A new initiative called the Calories Count Vending Program, which provides calorie information on vending machines, according to a press release by the American Beverage Association, could soon come to Ohio. The program aims to encourage lower-calorie beverage choices in an effort to reduce the rising obesity rate in America, according to the press release. The program is scheduled to start out in Chicago and San Antonio, and then spread to different areas of the country beginning in 2013. There is an effort to get this program to college campuses and towns nationwide, but Christopher Gindlesperger, senior director of public affairs for the American Beverage Association, said it will take some time due to the third party contracts vending machines have with other companies to distribute soda in their respective towns. The vending machines will have calorie labels on the machines to show calorie counts per beverage, according to the release. “I think it’s an excellent idea putting the calories up front since the consumers can see what they’re consuming,” said Carolyn Gunther, an assistant professor of human nutrition at Ohio State. Gunther said she thinks the initiative would be good for college students who don’t always eat healthy. “College students are nutritionally at risk since they have a low diet quality, and being away

Daniel Chi / Asst. photo editor

Calorie information might become a standard on vending machines for beverages. from their parents, those healthier food options aren’t present,” said Gunther, who also called the program “a step in the right direction.” Customers choose meals that are low in calories when nutritional facts are given with the meals, according to a study done by Gail Kaye, an assistant professor in the College of Public Health. The study concluded that without nutritional facts, people select meals that are high in calories. Ayat Aldoori, a first-year graduate student in human nutrition, said this logic can apply to beverages in vending machines. “It’s a great idea, I think that the calorie information could cause people to make healthier choices, maybe instead of purchasing a CocaCola they can get a Diet Coke,” Aldoori said.




2012 Andrew Holleran / Photo editor

Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., will host the second presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. CNN chief political correspondent Candy Crowley will host the debate, and topics will include foreign and domestic policy.

Tuesday October 16, 2012


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Tuesday October 16, 2012


thelantern online

Jerry to spring political insight on OSU Madeline Roth Lantern reporter

Criterion comes to Wex Arts Check online for an article about the Spotlight on the Criterion Collection at the Wexner Center for the Arts.

releases music

“night train” Jason Aldean “Former lives” Ben Gibbard “allelujah! don’t Bend! ascend!” Godspeed You! Black Emperor

movies & tv

Jerry Springer is scheduled to come to Ohio State Tuesday, but don’t expect campus to be turned into the trash-talking and chair-flipping antics characterized by “The Jerry Springer Show.” Springer, 68, is slated to speak about voting and politics at an event hosted by OSU College Democrats and the Ohio Democratic Party. The event, which is free and open to the public, is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. in the Ohio Union’s Great Hall Meeting Room 1. He last visited OSU in 2007. Though Springer is widely known as the host of “The Jerry Springer Show,” which began airing its 22nd season in September, he said he keeps his television persona separate from his public appearances. “Usually 30 seconds into the talk, people realize I’m not there to talk about (‘The Jerry Springer Show’),” Springer said. “I’m doing it as a citizen. Just like any other citizen, I care about the country.” Springer is no stranger to politics. Following a three-year stint on Cincinnati City Council ­— he resigned in 1974 after admitting to hiring a prostitute — Springer was the mayor of Cincinnati from 1977-78. The political campaign adviser for Robert Kennedy’s bid for president and graduate in political science from Tulane University also ran for Congress in 1970 and governor of Ohio in 1982. He said he is visiting OSU to encourage students to vote early because of the importance of the upcoming presidential election. “In my lifetime, which is a long time, we’ve never had an election where we’re literally voting on the direction the country takes,” Springer said. “We’ve had important elections … but the lines have now been drawn and this is a war for the middle class.” Springer said college students should be especially concerned with this

Courtesy of MCT

Jerry Springer is scheduled to come to OSU Oct. 16 as part of an event hosted by OSU College Democrats and the Ohio Democratic Party. election because issues such as health insurance, employment and student loans are at stake. “There (are) real choices to be made,” Springer said. “This isn’t rooting for a team — this is what kind of country we’re going to have. “I’ve been lucky in life that there’s not much these candidates will do that will affect my life. I’ve got a job, I’ve got health care. But if I were a student, these things (would be most) important.” Pointing out that no Republican candidate has ever won the presidency

without winning Ohio, Springer also stressed the importance Ohioans will have on the election’s outcome. “With the revival of the auto industry in Ohio, people seem to be pretty happy with the direction we’re going in now,” Springer said. “We have a president who literally saved the auto industry. Clearly we’re on the right track.” Sara Valentine, a third-year in political science and the campaign coordinator for OSU College Democrats, said she hopes students will be encouraged to vote after hearing Springer speak.

“We’ve always been really focused on youth outreach (and) we think Jerry will be able to bond with students on a more personal level than other politicians,” Valentine said. Anya Greenslade, a first-year in pre-industrial design, said she would like to hear Springer speak. “It’d be interesting to see him because he’s kind of off-the-wall,” Greenslade said. “I support the Democrats (and) it’d be cool to say I saw him.” However, Donovan Golich, a thirdyear in history, said he does not plan on attending the event because he questions Springer’s credibility. “Last week they brought Obama. When I saw it was Jerry Springer I was like, ‘Really? Is he the most credible person to talk about politics?’” Golich said. “I thought it was kind of laughable.” Niraj Antani, communication director of College Republicans agreed, saying it was “pretty unbelievable” that the College Democrats were “stooping to the level of bringing Jerry Springer to campus.” “Any person who would pit people against each other and exploit them (like on ‘The Jerry Springer Show’) is someone I would not want to associate with,” Antani said. “If there was a Republican equivalent to Jerry Springer, I would not allow him to come to campus.” Despite his history as a politician, Springer said he does not have plans to run for office again and that, for the time being, he is happy just speaking about politics whenever he can. “I’m probably a little old (to run for office) now,” Springer said. “I won’t say it’s never possible, but it becomes less and less possible. I devote a day or two a week to political stuff. That’s how I can be beneficial. “I’ll only have whatever influence I might have. Good Lord, you’ve got to love the country enough to take 15 minutes a year and go out and vote. It’s critical for you.” Caitlin Essig contributed to this story.

Samantha Brown travels to OSU, channels advice to students

Samantha Brown, a host for the Travel Channel, visited OSU Monday as part of an OUAB-sponsored event held in the Ohio Union’s Performance Hall. Check The Lantern Wednesday for a recap of the event.

“Moonrise kingdom” “Mad Men: Season Five” “Madagascar 3: europe’s Most Wanted”

video games

Allie Janneck / Lantern photographer

Vilanch takes students backstage with Hollywood-inspired stand-up Lindsey Poole Lantern reporter

“007 legends” “Zumba Fitness Core” “doom 3: BFG edition”

Get the daily email edition! Daniel Chi / Asst. photo editor

Bruce Vilanch spoke to a group of OSU students Oct. 14 in the Ohio Union’s U.S. Bank Conference Theater.


Bruce Vilanch returned to his alma mater Sunday and told behind-the-scenes stories of being a writer in Hollywood, divulging tales from his stints of writing for pageants and for award shows such as the Oscars. He didn’t veer from leaving out the dirty details either, mentioning award shows where dresses were ripped backstage, and a time when a Saint Bernard was brought on stage and relieved itself at the feet of Dolly Parton. Vilanch visited Ohio State Sunday night in the Ohio Union’s U.S. Bank Conference Theater as part of an Ohio Union Activities Board-sponsored event. “I’m really glad you all showed up,” Vilanch said. “Because as you know, I have no act. I write everybody else’s act.” Vilanch is a comedy writer, actor and OSU alumnus. He also is a six-time Emmy Award winner. His comedy for the evening focused on the stars he’s worked with through his career. Vilanch seems to take pride in the shows that have flopped throughout his career being that he didn’t veer from gushing about their misfortunes. “The Star Wars Holiday Special” aired in 1978 and was one of the first official “Star Wars” spin-offs ever. Vilanch took part in writing the special, which starred actors and actresses such as Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Bea Arthur. “I sat down with George Lucas and he told me about this extra story that he had written about

the Wookies,” he said. A Wookie is a furry creature from “Star Wars.” Han Solo’s sidekick in the show, Chewbacca, is a Wookie. The storyline of “The Star Wars Holiday Special” follows Chewbacca’s family while he was out defending the universe. “The show was only broadcast once in its entirety but has become infamous for its negative reception,” Vilanch said. Vilanch also told the audience that to get his foot in the door in Hollywood, he first had to grow his reputation by writing for shows in a smaller circuit. He opted to write for pageants and beauty queens. “They all wanted to end world hunger and they all wanted to cure cancer, so I had to think of other things for them to want to cure,” Vilanch said. Vilanch also gave insight on how beauty queens master the technique of a pageant wave. “It goes … light bulb, light bulb, pearls, and they would repeat that over and over for hours,” he said. Vilanch did the pageant wave for the audience. The “light bulb” motion is taking one hand and twisting it as if turning a light bulb from a socket. The motion is repeated with the other hand and then the person would touch her chest lightly as if touching a string of pearls around her neck. Another part of his career involved writing for award shows such as the Oscars and Emmys. “I write a lot of those award shows that you all watch but won’t admit to because it’s a guilty pleasure,” he said. “I’ve written for so many of them that I’ve finally worked down the entire list of award shows and (am) moving on to really obscure ones.”

continued as Vilanch on 5A

[ a+e ] Cris Cab to taxi reggae-infused tunes to C-Bus stage halie WilliaMS Senior Lantern reporter williams.

Courtesy of Universal Music Group

Cris Cab is scheduled to perform oct. 21 at a&R Music Bar.

For Cris Cab, age is anything but restricting. The 19-year-old, Miami-based singer-songwriter’s resume is already stacked — he was discovered by and has worked with Pharrell Williams, Big Sean was featured on one of his tracks and his music has been produced by Wyclef Jean. “It’s very cool. Those guys are legends. Pharrell is a very humble and talented dude and very easy to work with and very creative. He’s amazing,� Cab said. “And Wyclef, too, is super humble and down-to-earth and has a lot of energy, really works hard and has amazing talent. (He) can play like every instrument.� The Cuban reggae-pop artist, who has gained popularity through YouTube videos including covers of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow� and Kanye West’s “All of the Lights,� is scheduled to perform 7 p.m. Sunday at A&R Music Bar. Cab started playing the guitar when he was about 10 years old. He said spending a lot of his summers in the Bahamas instilled in him his love for reggae music and Bob Marley in particular. “I guess Bob Marley was really like my first inspiration, and you can definitely hear a trace of Bob Marley (in my music),� Cab said. “His message and also the music, it’s very powerful, the way he told a story.� Cab is touring in support of his recent EP “Rise,� which was released Oct. 9. He said the EP shows that his sound has developed. “We take risks and experiment with new sound and it’s

C M W ampus


just more developed at this point. I’ve gotten way better at writing and you can hear it in the music,� Cab said. “My voice has gotten stronger. “You can really see my personality and who I am and hear the music when you come to see us live, it’s a very fun time.� Columbus will be seeing Cab for the first time. “I have not played in Columbus yet,� he said. “I’m super excited. I love Ohio. I got a lot of fans in Ohio, so I’m really looking forward to it and being there and playing a show.� Mike Hunter, promotions manager at PromoWest Productions, said bringing Cab to Columbus was an easy choice. “He’s a pretty big up-and-comer. He was just featured on MTV (as) one of their new artists that they’re bringing to the forefront, so he’s been getting a lot of buzz,� Hunter said. Jeff Rutkowski, Cab’s road manager, also said Cab is increasing in popularity, and said he’s an artist to look out for. “I think Cris is special because he really focuses on the music first. He’s not out here to be a superstar, he’s not out here for the Twitter love or anything like that,� Rutkowski said. “Him and his team are writing music and it’s really about the instrumentation, the lyrics and making quality music.� Cab said he feels blessed by all his accomplishments. “It feels good. I’m just very fortunate and very blessed and been able to work with the right people and have the right people around me,� he said. “It’s been a very good trip so far and I love what I’m doing and I really want people to hear my music, so I’m just moving forward.� He encourages others to do the same. “If you want something and you believe in it, you just have to go after it,� Cab said. “My advice to anyone who’s trying to pursue their dreams: just believe in yourself.� Tickets are $10 in advance through Ticketmaster, or $12 the day of the show for general admission.


daniel Chi / Asst. photo editor

Bruce Vilanch visited oSU oct. 14.

Vilanch from 4A

Courtesy of MCT

dare to incorporate patterns and color into your business wear with a colored shirt, patterned tie or plaid suit.

Button down, suit up in the right fashion to give the best impression ChRiStoPheR BRaUn Design editor We’ve all heard that the clothes make the man, but it’s wearing the clothes in the right way that will really set you apart from the crowd. The right suit will, more than anything else, give the impression that you know what you want and you know how to get it. But not every old suit can be a power suit, and making a mistake can leave you looking less powerful than if you walked into the room wearing jeans and a T-shirt. The most important aspect of suits is the fit. Unlike clothes designed for women, menswear stays far away from the frills and adornment and is all about the tailoring.

Your suit should fit snug. It shouldn’t look like it’s hanging off you, but you shouldn’t look uncomfortably stuffed into it either. A good suit will be slimming and won’t make you look boxy, so make sure the shoulder pads don’t protrude past your actual shoulders. The next step after purchasing a suit is to get it altered by a tailor. While ready-to-wear garments are constructed in a variety of sizes, chances are low that you’re going to find a perfect fit. There’s no use in spending a bunch of money on an expensive suit if it’s not going to look just right. You should never button every button on any suit jacket, sport coat or blazer. It leaves you looking bulky and causes bunching whenever you aren’t standing perfectly erect and still. If you’re wearing a three-button jacket, button the middle button. For a two-button

jacket, always button only the top button. Some jackets are made with only one button, so just button that one. This is the only exception to the never button every button rule. Don’t be nervous about incorporating patterns into your business wear. While a solid suit in gray, black or blue tends to be the easiest to pull off, a plaid suit will always stand out. You can also add some variation by finding a suit with a different texture, such as a herringbone twill design, which is a woolen fabric with a pattern forming a V or an inverted V. When you’re wearing a suit in a social setting, you don’t want to come across as too intimidating. A black and white combo, while classic, can be too formal in some situations. Pair your suit with a colored shirt and a patterned tie to throw some personality into your outfit.

Brenna Feeney, dates and data chair for OUAB, said about 100 people attended the event. However, by observation, less than 50 of the theater’s nearly 300 seats were occupied, and not a single row was filled entirely. On behalf of OUAB, Feeney did not disclose how much it cost for the organization to bring Vilanch as part of the student activity fee. A few audience members seemed to enjoy Vilanch’s stand-up and stories. Massey Pierce, a third-year in speech and hearing sciences, has seen Vilanch on TV and went to the event to hear his stand-up. “I like comedians, I’ve seen him on TV all the time and I wanted to see what his stand-up was like,� Pierce said. “I thought he was really funny.� Lina Al-Khatib, a third-year in English, came to the show to learn more about Vilanch and the Oscars. “I didn’t know who he was exactly, but my friend told me he wrote for the Oscars and I am a huge Oscars fan, so I wanted to hear some stories of behind-the-scenes,� she said. “The Dolly Parton story was hilarious.� Vilanch also touched on a few things that have changed at OSU since his tenure at the university, but to his surprise, one thing stayed the same. Vilanch said he was happy “Hang on Sloopy� stood the test of time and is still one of the most-played songs on campus. “When I was in school, ‘Hang on Sloopy’ was the No. 1 song on the radio and it was the first rock ‘n’ roll song that the (OSU) Marching Band adopted,� Vilanch said. “I’m glad to see it is still around and is still a favorite for everyone.�

              %  !##      &! )% #  '  #  (   # # '  !# )%  # % ! % !  )  $  !!  '  '# !#%#!      (   #  !        


    #    &!# %! # #  # #  % #   !!    (  % ! )  # 

tuesday october 16, 2012



Tuesday October 16, 2012

thelantern results Monday

Meyer, Fickell make no excuses for defense dan hope Senior Lantern reporter

Women’s Golf: 6th Place, Susie Maxwell Berning Classic, Round 1

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer and defensive coordinator Luke Fickell made no excuses for the Buckeyes’ defensive struggles this season. Meyer addressed the 49 points his team gave up to Indiana in Saturday’s 52-49 win, senior Zach Boren’s new role as a linebacker and the status of injured senior running back Jordan Hall. “I could give you a million different excuses, for example, injuries, lack of experience at certain positions ... we’re not into that, and I won’t accept that here with our staff and players,” Meyer said. “We don’t deal with that, we deal with improving.” Fickell explained his attitude toward making excuses, and how the team can improve on defense. “Don’t whine, don’t complain, don’t make excuses,” Fickell said. “We know it’s about big plays, and if we can limit big plays, we’ll be in a lot better situation.” Meyer said he does not think his team can be successful in the long run if it does not improve defensively. “When you get to where the air is rare, the real elite teams, at some point you got to play some real good defense,” Meyer said.

upcoming Tuesday Women’s Golf: Susie Maxwell Berning Classic, Round 2 All Day @ Norman, Okla.

Wednesday Women’s Golf: Susie Maxwell Berning Classic, Round 3 All Day @ Norman, Okla.

Thursday Women’s Volleyball v. Penn State 8pm @ Columbus Women’s Golf: Susie Maxwell Berning Classic, Round 3 All Day @ Norman, Okla.

FriDAY Field Hockey v. Penn State 3pm @ Columbus Men’s Volleyball v. Russia State 5pm @ Columbus Men’s Swimming: Scarlet v. Gray 5pm @ Columbus Men’s Ice Hockey v. Quinnipiac 7pm @ Hamden, Conn. Women’s Swimming: Scarlet v. Gray 5pm @ Bloomington, Ind. Men’s Soccer v. Wright State 7:30pm @ Columbus Women’s Ice Hockey v. Minnesota 8:07pm @ Minneapolis, Minn.

SaturDAY Pistol v. Army 8am @ West Point, N.Y. Men’s Swimming: Alumni v. Varsity 8am @ Columbus Football v. Purdue 12pm @ Columbus Women’s Ice Hockey v. Minnesota 8:07pm @ Minneapolis, Minn. Men’s Volleyball v. Laval 5pm @ University Park, Pa. Women’s Volleyball v. Michigan State 6:30pm @ East Lansing, Mich.

SunDAY Women’s Soccer v. Michigan State 1pm @ Columbus Men’s Lacrosse: Lehigh-San Francisco Fall Lacrosse Class 2pm @ San Francisco Women’s Lacrosse: OSU Fall Ball Tournament v. Marquette, Virginia Tech, Cincinnati and Duquesne All Day @ Columbus


@LanternSports 6A

Andrew Holleran / Photo editor

OSU football coach Urban Meyer patrols the sidelines during an Oct. 13 game against Indiana at Memorial Stadium in Bloomington, Ind. OSU won, 52-49.

Volleyball seniors enjoying the ride daniel chi Asst. photo editor

New position for Zach Boren After three-and-a-half seasons as a fullback at Ohio State, Boren was converted to linebacker for Saturday’s game versus Indiana, and in his first game on defense, he led the Buckeyes with eight tackles. Meyer defined Boren’s move to linebacker as “temporarily permanent” on Monday. One of the factors Meyer cited for moving Boren

to defense was the injuries OSU has suffered among its linebackers. Redshirt senior starting outside linebacker Etienne Sabino remains out with a broken right fibula, while three other linebackers — sophomore starting outside linebacker Ryan Shazier along with freshman linebackers Josh Perry and Camren Williams — missed practice time last week due to injuries. Meyer also said that the progress of the team’s tight ends, sophomore Jeff Heuerman and redshirt freshman Nick Vannett, made moving Boren to the other side of the ball possible. “That move could not have been made if we didn’t have Heuerman and Vannett,” Meyer said. “Heuerman has been coming on … same with Nick Vannett is really coming on. The good thing is those guys are around here for a few years.” Meyer said the team has had “conversation” about moving other players to linebacker, including redshirt senior defensive end Nathan Williams. Injury update Meyer said Hall, who has missed the last two games due to a knee injury, is “not healing well,” and classified him as doubtful for Saturday’s game versus Purdue. Meyer added that Nathan Williams, who missed the Indiana game with a concussion, is back practicing with the team this week. Mystery of Curtis Grant continues After starting the first three games of the season, sophomore linebacker Curtis Grant has been out of the lineup. Meyer addressed Grant’s progress, but did not give a definitive answer as to why his playing time has decreased.

continued as Meyer on 8A

Questionable defense

OSU sophomore linebacker Ryan Shazier fields questions from the media during an Oct. 15 press conference at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. While discussing the Buckeyes’ 52-49 win against Indiana on Saturday, Shazier said, ‘The defense — we’re really, really mad right now.’

With about six weeks left in the Ohio State women’s volleyball team’s season, senior outside hitter Emily Danks is trying to push her team as far as she can. The Buckeyes (14-6, 5-3 Big Ten) find themselves fifth in conference standings and ranked No. 20 in the nation. With a chance to upset Big Ten-leader and No. 1 Penn State on Wednesday, however, Danks and her fellow seniors might take one giant step toward that goal in their last year in Columbus. “It’s my senior year, and I want to take this team as far as we possibly can,” Danks said. “More importantly I just want to enjoy everything, even the little things that sometimes we take for granted.” Seniors outside hitter Mari Hole, middle blocker Mariah Booth and setter Amanda Peterson all echoed Danks’ comment. “As Emily said, it’s our senior year, so of course we want to get as far as we can and, preferably, I would like it to be the best season we have ever had,” Hole said. “I also want to take care of the small things, and really appreciate

continued as Seniors on 8A

Pat Brennan / Sports editor

OSU players support Boren’s switch from fullback to linebacker grant gannon Lantern reporter Forty-five games into his collegiate career, Zach Boren finally debuted at linebacker, the position he was originally recruited to Ohio State to play. Boren came to Ohio State in January 2009 as the No. 45 overall middle linebacker prospect in the nation according to the recruiting site, but, until Saturday’s 52-49 win against Indiana, Boren was used as a fullback. Against the Hoosiers, Boren finished the game with a team-high eight tackles and the position switch is a move his OSU teammates said is for the good of the team. “That’s the ultimate sacrifice. He’s the best fullback in the country, and he’s going to go over and play linebacker and give up three years of playing fullback and maybe be an All-Big Ten playing fullback, to go over there and do everything he can for the team playing defense,” redshirt junior left tackle Jack Mewhort said. “We love him for that and that’s just the guy that he is.” The change might have been less of a sacrifice in Boren’s own mind, because defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Luke Fickell said he has wanted to play defense for years. “He wanted to be a linebacker for three years here. He’s been asking, ‘Hey, can I come over? Can I come over? Can I come over?’” Fickell said.

Andrew Holleran / Photo editor

OSU senior fullback and linebacker Zach Boren watches a play develop during the Buckeyes’ Oct. 13 game at Indiana’s Memorial Stadium in Bloomington, Ind. OSU won, 52-49. “Tuesday afternoon in practice ... (head coach Urban Meyer) brought him over, because we had talked about it, and … he naturally gave us a spark.” Boren was given an opportunity at linebacker because redshirt senior linebacker Etienne Sabino broke his fibula. Meyer said Sabino was “kind of our guy” and called Boren’s switch “temporarily permanent.” Against Indiana on Saturday, Boren played linebacker for the first time since high school, and in his first start, he led the Buckeye defense with eight total tackles. “I think someone said he led the

team in tackles, which is hard to believe, but he did,” Meyer said. This was not the first time Meyer has dealt with a depth issue by switching over an offensive player to defense. Meyer said strength coach Mickey Marotti reminded him that while at the University of Florida, Meyer moved current Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey from offensive line to defensive line. “Right in the middle of the practice I moved (Pouncey) to defensive tackle because we were banged and bruised and didn’t have the leadership, didn’t have the toughness at that point. His

energy, his leadership, his toughness, and we kept him over there for several games just until guys got back,” Meyer said. Meyer said Boren’s switch would not have happened if it were not for the play of sophomore tight end Jeff Heuerman. He is fourth on the team in reception yards, and is one of five players with a touchdown reception. “That move could not have been made if you didn’t have Heuerman and (redshirt freshman tight end Nick) Vannett. Heuerman has been coming on,” Meyer said. Visit to read the rest of this story.

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Los Angeles Times, Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis Down


1 Foursome times two 6 “And there you have it!” 11 Barnyard bleat 14 Supercharged engine, for short 15 Like much bar beer 16 Foul up 17 Ice cream headache 19 Theology subj. 20 Of the state, to Sarkozy 21 Fur from a weasel 23 Woolly mama 25 Whistle-blower? 28 Soon, to Shakespeare 29 Dieter’s progress 31 Written permission to skip school 34 Campbell’s line 36 Old Russian leaders 37 Support, as a cause 40 Response provokers

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sports Seniors from 6A

Daniel Chi / Asst. photo editor

OSU football coach Urban Meyer surveys the action during the Buckeyes’ Oct. 13 game at Indiana’s Memorial Stadium in Bloomington, Ind. OSU won, 52-49.

what happens on a daily basis here in the gym that the outside world doesn’t get a chance to see or experience.� Danks and Hole, who were both named honorable mention All-Americans by the American Volleyball Coach’s Association last season, agree that winning prestigious awards is an honor, but their success as a team is more important. “Getting awards is always flattering and special, but I care a lot more about the things we do together and how far we have come,� Danks said. Peterson is ecstatic for the new season but is also ready to “live up� during her final year of being a collegiate athlete. “As a freshman, you come in and you’re just kind of struggling to keep your head up above the water,� Peterson said. “Sophomore year, you come in and you kind of get it, junior year you’re trying to make a name for yourself and then senior year, you know what it’s about. Now it’s my time to sit back and appreciate the little things that maybe I haven’t appreciated the past three years, and just live up my last year.� Now in their last year as student-athletes, the seniors’ time spent together during their career seems memorable. “I never had a sister, so I really enjoyed having 14 of them,� Danks said. “I want to make sure I keep an eye out on all the important things, like moments with my teammates.� Booth said she felt similarly. “My teammates have been so important to me,� Booth said. “They mean more to me than anyone could possibly understand. I really can’t put that into words.�

One of the things Peterson said she loves about being a part of this team is the camaraderie on and off the court. “Honestly, I just love playing with my teammates,� Peterson said. “When we all gel together, we can all tell on the court when were all playing as one unit. That’s the best feeling in the world, whether we win or lose.� Coach Geoff Carlston said he has a great group of seniors on his team, and it has been an honor to coach them. “It’s a great group, I like them a lot,� Carlston said. “They have come a long way since they first got here, and it has been fun to see their progress and to coach them.� Danks, Booth, Peterson and Hole have a tough road ahead of them, as they have arguably one of the toughest schedules in the country this year with No. 1 Penn State, No. 3 Nebraska, No. 10 Minnesota, No. 17 Purdue, No. 22 Illinois and No. 25 Michigan State on the docket. Even with a schedule filled with top-ranked opponents every weekend, Carlston knows that this group of seniors is more than capable of accomplishing the task at hand. “That’s why I scheduled so hard, because I have confidence in them and that they are going to make some things happen this year,� Carlston said. “It’s because of them, they’re great leaders. They’re certainly the core of our team and I have a blast coaching them.� OSU is scheduled to take on the Nittany Lions on Wednesday at 8 p.m. at St. John Arena.

Meyer from 6A “I think you’ll see more and more of Curtis Grant,� Meyer said. “Sometimes guys go through that learning curve of whether it be the style of defense, whether it be overall system of play, but I still think Curtis Grant’s going to have a fine career.� Fickell said Grant is “still trying to pick it up.� “He’s been here a year-and-a-half, and he’s still trying to figure it out,� Fickell said. Champions of the week Meyer named three players as co-offensive players of the week: redshirt junior left tackle Jack Mewhort, junior running back Carlos Hyde and sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller. Hyde ran for 156 yards and a touchdown on 22 carries, as well as 27 yards and a touchdown on two receptions, in Saturday’s win over Indiana. Miller completed 13-of-24 passes for 211 yards and two touchdowns, with only one interception, and also ran for 149 yards and a touchdown on 23 carries. Meyer also gave champion recognition to five other players on the Buckeyes’ offense: Heuerman, redshirt senior wide receiver Jake Stoneburner, junior wide receiver Corey “Philly� Brown, senior right tackle Reid Fragel and redshirt junior center Corey Linsley. Meyer said no defensive players graded out as champions. Redshirt senior cornerback Travis Howard, who blocked a punt which redshirt sophomore cornerback Bradley Roby recovered for a touchdown, was named special teams player of the week. Fickell addresses pizza scandal Fickell made news off the field last week when news broke that a 25-year-old pizza deliverer for Iacono’s Pizza in Shawnee Hills, Ohio, was apparently fired for making comments about OSU’s defensive play to Fickell’s wife when making a delivery to their home. Fickell recycled an earlier quote in responding to a question about whether he and his wife played a role in the firing. “We would never whine, we would never complain,� Fickell said.

Daniel Chi / Asst. photo editor

OSU senior outside hitter Mari Hole (14) hits the ball against Indiana on Oct. 12 at St. John Arena. OSU won, 3-1.



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