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Battling Badgers


The defensive line is preparing to be the Buckeyes’ best asset Saturday when they take on Wisconsin at 8 p.m.

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A new residence hall under construction on South Campus is on budget and on time, but some students are inconvenienced by the amount of construction at residence halls. The Hall Complex Expansion Phase II, also referred to as the new 10th Avenue residence hall, is on track give a home to 510 students by the start of the 2012 academic year. The building currently does not have a name, but will likely have a title relating to its location on 10th Avenue, said Thyrone Henderson, associate director for University Residence Life. Construction on the building is scheduled to be completed by June 15, 2012. Dorm rooms will be suite style with three bedrooms, two students per room. Rooms will also include a living area, an individual toilet room and a shower room with three sinks.

Individual rooms will be about 125 square feet and include a 29 square foot walk-in closet to be shared by the two students in each room. The six-floor building will have 533 beds, 510 for students, 16 resident adviser beds and seven apartments on the first floor, said Ruth Miller, project manager. “President (E. Gordon) Gee has an initiative to have sophomores live on campus and this is part of that initiative … to add more beds to the inventory,” Miller said. The building was intended to be an upperclassmen dorm, meaning a sophomore-and-up community, but Henderson said they are unsure if this will be the case. “We’re certainly open to what is the best depending on learning communities,” Henderson said. “At this point it could be that it will be a mix, but it wasn’t built specifically for first-years.” The total project budget was $51 million, with a $37 million construction budget.

Approval for legalizing weed higher

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The new 10th Avenue residence hall will house 510 students upon its completion at the start of the 2012 academic year.

WESTBORO PROTEST A member of the Westboro Baptist Church, located in Topeka, Kan., picketed at OSU Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011. The WBC held up signs in a protest to profess their beliefs and sang along to music.

Colleen Carey Lantern reporter


Getting real on campus

The Lantern talked to former ‘Real World’ cast member Naomi Defensor about auditions Saturday on campus.



Restoration finalized

After two years, Cunz Hall, the location of the College of Public Health, opened on Oct. 14, 2011.

A recent Gallup poll suggests that 50 percent of Americans are favor the legalization of marijuana. This record-high number, up from 46 percent last year, has been increasing steadily since Gallup first started asking about the legalization of marijuana in 1969 when only 12 percent favored it, according to Gallup. The poll was conducted by cellphone and landline interviews of a random sample from every state of 1,005 adults, age 18 and older, from Oct. 6 to Oct. 9, according to Gallup. The margin of error for the survey is 4 percent. Nick Sgandurra, a fourth-year in criminology and sociology, said he thinks our economy will benefit from the legalization of marijuana. “I’m for (the legalization of marijuana) because I feel like it would really cut down on a lot of black market sort of activities,” he said. “A lot of tax revenue could be generated from it. It may not be a popular thing but it may be a solution to a lot of tax problems.” Marijuana is the third-most-popular recreational drug in the U.S. behind tobacco and alcohol, according to National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Forty-six percent of Americans think marijuana should remain illegal and they are made up mostly of people 65 and older, conservatives, Republicans, women and those living in the Southern U.S, according to the poll. Liberals, people ages 18 to 29, moderates, independents and democrats were most likely to favor legalization, according to Gallup. “I think society would suffer a little from a sort of backlash to (the legalization of marijuana). The moral objectors would probably speak out against it most strongly,” Sgandurra said. “As time goes on, and it’s more accepted, … people can only have so much energy yelling about something they might not care about.” Ohio House Bill 478, sponsored by Rep. Kenneth Yuko (D), proposes the legalization of marijuana for medical use and was introduced on April 7, 2010, and assigned to the Health committee, according to Ohio’s legislature website. Ohio Senate Bill 343, also supporting the

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legalization of medical marijuana was introduced on May 22, 2008, by Sen. Tom Roberts (D), is awaiting further action from the judiciary criminal justice committee, according to Ohio’s legislature website. “I know it’s not going to get passed,” Yuko told The Lantern in April. “But we’ve got the state of Ohio talking about it, and it’s the right thing to do. The people of Ohio are aware of its potential and with the publicity and attention (the bill) is getting, hopefully someone will come along with some money to help out.”

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Puff, puff... pass? According to the most recent Gallup poll, 50 percent of Americans believe that marijuana should be legalized. This number doubled from just 15 years ago and is up 38 percent from the poll’s initial findings in 1969.

American support of the legalization of marijuana

50 percent 36 percent

31 percent 25 percent 1995


2005 source:

2011 chris poche / Design editor

Campus printing creates jam for students

weather high 66 low 49

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Whether it be a research paper, coupons or class notes, printing costs can add up, but students have many options when it comes to printing on- and off-campus. OSU libraries currently offer purchase printing, with one black and white page costing 9 cents and color printing costing 25 cents per page. Pages must be purchased with money on a student’s BuckID. WiredOut, a campus technology store, offers students deals on printers, the most popular being the Hewlett Packard HP Deskjet 3054 , an all-in-one printer, selling for $50. The product currently sells for $79.99 at Staples. A combo pack of black and tricolor ink package costs $30.99 from HP’s website, which can produce 190 black pages and 165 color pages, according to HP’s website. For an HP cartridge from their website, a

TH 50/38 F 52/37 SA 50/34 SU 53/39

There are currently 16 states and Washington, D.C. that have legalized marijuana for medical use. Ohio is one of six states with such legislation pending, according to Diana Sencherey, a second-year in health information management systems, thinks at a minimum, marijuana should be made legal for medical use to help patients.

rain mostly cloudy partly cloudy partly cloudy Jesse O’Neill / Lantern photographer

Alex Polivka, a 2nd-year in security intelligence, waits for the printer while others stand in line.

25-page article will cost about $4 to print in black ink only, and about $4.75 to print in color. This does not include the original $50 purchase of your own printer assuming you purchase the printer from WiredOut. Using a library printer will cost a student with the same 25-page article $2.25 for black ink, and $6.25 for color. Costs for black-ink only through on-campus options are significantly lower than buying your own cartridge, while color items are cheaper to print with your own printer if you use the HP Deskjet. “The only thing I would say (about owning a printer) is just convenience... especially off-campus,” Scotty Wells, a fourth-year in marketing and logistics and WiredOut sales associate, said. “It costs a lot more for you to print it.” WiredOut offers ink refills on most HP and other brands at $9.99 for black and $14.99 for color, Wells said. Buying a cartridge from a manufacturer or campus location isn’t the only option for students. Located between 13th and 14th Avenues on High

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campus Andi hendrickson Lantern reporter Bike Thefts Three bicycles were reported stolen from North Campus dorms, including Norton House, Haverfield House and Barrett House, in the past week. On Oct. 20 and Oct. 24, bicycles were reported stolen from Jennings Hall, according to OSU Police records. A male student reported his bicycle stolen off the rack outside the RPAC Oct. 21. In an unrelated incident, another male student reported a stolen bicycle at Schoenbaum Hall. The OSU Police recommends owners register their bicycles at the Public Safety office located in Blankenship Hall. According to the OSU Police website, O- or U-shaped locks work best for preventing bicycle theft. Bicycles should be locked to a bike rack by both the rims and bike frame for maximum security. Resisting Arrest A 21-year-old male student was arrested Oct. 23 at Barrett House on North Campus for resisting arrest, according to OSU Police reports. Drug Paraphernalia A female non-affiliate of the university was arrested Oct. 21 for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia at the University Hospitals Emergency Department, according to an OSU Police report.

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The grand opening of Cunz Hall on Oct. 14, 2011. The building now houses the entire College of Public Health and features several energy efficient aspects.

$24M, 2-year Cunz renovation complete Jenelle Cooper Lantern reporter Since the School of Public Health’s creation in 1995, now College of Public Health, this is the first time the college will all be under one roof. The newly renovated Cunz Hall has been in the renovation process since 2009, and the total cost of the renovations was $24 million, according to Christine O’Malley, executive director of external relations and advancement. O’Malley said the renovation plans were based on an increase of natural light and environmental sustainability. The building now boasts a notch in the south side of the roof covered in windows. All interior office walls are made of glass to allow more natural light in the building. The building features energy efficient light bulbs with sensors that turn off if a room is not occupied. The amount of water used in the building has also decreased, according to O’Malley. O’Malley said the building’s new staircases are also a significant improvement. “The stairs on the north and south side are designed for natural light flow. Since we are the

College of Public Health, we want people to want to use the stairs because it is the healthy option. The stairs are great and give you a beautiful view of campus,” O’Malley said. “It is now a pleasant building to be in, the old one wasn’t pleasant.” In addition to the renovations, 95 percent of the construction waste was able to be recycled and 90 percent of the walls, floors and ceilings were reused, according to O’Malley. “Carpet from the fourth floor was fairly new so we donated it to another building,” O’Malley said. “Most of the furniture from the building was donated to Habitat for Humanity.” Cunz Hall has the chance to be Ohio State’s first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certified gold status building. The LEED certification is rated by the U.S. Green Building Council and is determined by meeting qualifications and obtaining points. Cunz Hall is in the process of applying for this status, according to O’Malley. “The fact that Cunz Hall could achieve this status is significant considering all of the facilities, including labs that require many environmental requirements,” O’Malley said. Renee Watts, the facilities managers for the College of Public Health, said that the original goal of the renovations was to maintain the university

green policy that all new buildings and renovations must meet LEED silver status certification. “We have enough points to be LEED gold status certified, but it’s up to the review of the U.S. Green Building Council,” Watts said. “We will for sure at least be LEED silver status certified, but it will take a few months to find out.” If the building achieves LEED certified Gold Status, it will also be the first LEED gold status renovated building and the first LEED gold status academic building with labs. Other OSU buildings that are LEED certified include the Ohio 4-H Center and the Ohio Union. The building now holds 60 faculty offices, 11 research labs, two student computer labs, one wet lab, two conference rooms, four classrooms and wire access for the whole building. O’Malley said she thinks having the college in one place is an improvement. “Having the college in all separate places made collaboration difficult and operations redundant,” she said. “Cunz Hall is now a great place for collaboration.” O’Malley said having the college housed in Cunz Hall is also a benefit to students.

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OSU office moves into South Campus Gateway location Kaitlyn Lyle Lantern reporter Ohio State is moving one of its offices to the South Campus Gateway at the cost of $1.9 million. OSU’s Office of Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer is set to take over the longvacated space on the corner of 9th Avenue and High Street. The office takes the place of what was the Sunflower Market, an organic grocery store owned and operated by Supervalu, Inc. The Sunflower Market went out of business in January 2008, but remained in a lease with the South Campus Gateway. The market continued to pay rent while attempting to lease the space to another vendor, Erin Prosser, director of marketing and community relations for Campus Partners, said in an email. Campus Partners is an urban-development company that partners with the university and the city to revitalize the city. Construction on OSU’s new offices began Oct. 3, and is set to be completed this winter, Prosser said. “We’re tentatively slated to occupy the facility at the end of December,” said Kelly Des Roches, special assistant to the vice president of technology commercialization. GMH Inc. is renovating and constructing the new offices, with assistance from Ohio Electric Services and Muetzel Plumbing & Heating. Though the offices will be new, the department itself is not new to campus. The department is responsible for taking research done and inventions made at the university and assessing them from a marketable, business standpoint. “When we say technology, we mean it in the broadest sense. It’s not what you’d think of as IT, it

could be any technology, food science, engineering, human ecology, medicine, etc.,” Des Roches said. Technology disclosed to the department is marketed through the office. The office then handles patents and licensing for the products. The Office of Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer also handles revenue received and royalties to be paid for products, according to the department website. “Any researchers on campus, faculty, students, that come up with … an invention, some type of discovery, they disclose it to our office. And then our staff works with them to decide whether or not it’s worth patenting … and then also whether or not it has the makings of a start-up company,” Des Roches said. The marketing aspect of the department means that it reports directly to OSU’s Chief Financial Officer, Geoffrey Chatas, something different from technology offices on other campuses, according to Des Roches. The department recently underwent a renovation of another kind in March when a new Vice President of Technology Commercialization was named. Brian Cummings, formerly of the University of Utah, was officially given the job in June, according to an OSU press release. Ohio State is ranked in the top 10 universities in research expenditures with $756 million spent on research in 2010 alone. According to an OSU press release, the university is the second most industrysponsored in research. Cummings was given the task of making OSU’s technology commercialization department as successful as the University of Utah’s. The new offices will be closer to campus from the Office of Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer’s current offices at 1216 Kinnear Road. Des Roches said that the department decided to move the offices into the Gateway, rather than

Kaitlyn lyle / Lantern reporter

The site for the new offices of Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer for Ohio State, located in the South Campus Gateway on the corner of High Street and 9th Avenue. campus, because space on campus is already limited. “It’s close enough to campus where you could walk … it’s just a little easier to get to engage the faculty and staff that we want to engage,” Des Roches said. The move was approved this summer, said Des Roches. The university is working with the contractor to move the department in about six months. The department is no stranger to moving. Initially, it was part of the Office of Research, before moving to the Fisher College of Business and finally settling at its current position as part of the Office of Business and Finance.

Password changes cause mixed feelings among students Sarah Ignatz-Hoover Lantern reporter As students transition to new passwords through Ohio State’s, they will have one password to access all parts of their OSU accounts, but will need to change that password every 90 days. The system change came about through the Identity and Access Management project. The project was created to make university data more secure, to synchronize separate systems and to help users maintain their own account and password, director of customer experience for the Office of the Chief Information Officer, Bob Corbin said in an email. The main problems reported for the switch were passwords not syncing to all systems, slow pages on, difficulty with the configuration of wireless security settings and delays in password changes taking effect, Corbin said in an email. OCIO believes these problems were resolved. Password change delays are not expected for future 90-day password changes. However, students must change their passwords by Oct. 31, Corbin said in an email. OCIO expects many students to wait until the last day to change their password and this could cause the same problems again. But the 90-day password change has caused mixed feelings for students. “I don’t like having to change my password all the time,” said Ashley


Bowe, a second-year in strategic communication. “It wouldn’t have to be changed so much if we all had stronger passwords to begin with.” She said combinations of numbers and characters not meaningful to her help make passwords strong. “I hate having to change it because I thought of such a good one,” Bowe said. “Forgetting passwords after change is an extra hassle that takes time from accessing academics online,” Bowe said. Jessica Norman, a third-year in zoology, said she can understand why there is a change in policy. “It seems inconvenient, but at the same time more secure with all the identity theft and everything going on and people trying to get into your account for whatever reason. It seems smart,” Norman said. Norman also said the change could be beneficial. “I don’t have to remember five different passwords for different web sites for the same place,” Norman said. “I think it’s good that it’s connected.” Marissa Colon, a first-year in linguistics, said it’s annoying to have to change her password every 90 days, but she sees the benefits for increased security. With no security problems in the past, Eileen Adamo, a fourthyear in speech and hearing science, said she doesn’t necessarily see a point to changing her password. “When I made it the first time they made sure that you made it so secure that it would be really hard to break into,” Adamo said. “It was really secure to begin with so I don’t really see the point

The construction budget for the move to the Gateway is $1.2 million. This doesn’t cover other costs like furnishing the new space. Des Roches said the department is attempting to use some of the furniture at the current office, but will inevitably encounter some cost. Overall, moving the office is costing the university $1.9 million, said Des Roches. “I know it’s going to be a place for the administrative level, but students will be highly involved as well,” Prosser said. “They’re designing an environment to foster idea formation and creativity…not just a straight office.”

Staying secure in the cyber world The office of the chief information officer’s newest policy requires students to reset their dot number password every 90 days. The next change is needed before oct. 31. here are a few tips to ensure your new password is the safest.

The password must contain: A minimum of eight characters Three of four character sets 1. capital letters (A-Z) 2. Lowercase letters (a-z) 3. Numerals 4. special characters can’t end in a special character

It is suggested to: contain at least 10 characters Utilize all four character sets

Avoid: personal identity information starting with a capital letter ending with a numeral


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in having to create a new secure one every 90 days,” Adamo said. “I guess it’s OK. It’s helpful for security but it’s a little annoying.” Users will be able to reset forgotten passwords with the security questions made when first creating a password, Corbin said in an email. If users do not meet the Oct. 31 deadline to change their password and are shut out of their accounts, they can call the IT Service Desk at 614-688-HELP(4357) for help resetting, Corbin said in an email. Any initial or future problems with password resets can be addressed at the same number, by email at, or at walk-in help locations at the BuckeyeBar at Thompson Library or the IT Service Desk in Central Classrooms.

Wednesday October 26, 2011

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Lawmakers trusted to make the right decision, students say. “A lot of people need it, especially chemo patients and people with pain,” Sencherey said. Not all OSU students are a part of the 50 percent who favor the legalization. Nicholas Krebs, a fourthyear in communication and political science, said he trusts lawmakers to make the right decision regarding marijuana for medical use but does not think marijuana should be made legal. “It can lead to potential avenues of abuse just

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“We will finish under budget,” Miller said. “We don’t have any big problems that would make us not finish under.” First-floor apartments will initially be staff apartments that could eventually house faculty and guests to the university, Henderson said. The building wasn’t complete in time for the closure of two first-year residence halls, Park Hall and Stradley Hall, for the 2011-2012 school year. This caused many first-year students to be placed with four roommates in formerly a two-person residence hall. Autumn Ward, a first-year in biomedical engineering, was placed into one of the two-person residence hall rooms turned into four-person rooms to accommodate more students in Drackett Tower. “I think new dorms are necessary for future residents because it was kind of a hassle for us,” Ward said. “It’s very tiny … there’s no room for very many things at all. You kind of just have room for your bed and your desk, then you kinda just have to avoid everyone else and it’s conflicting.” Ward said living in Drackett wasn’t her first choice in a residence hall coming here and felt she was probably placed there because of the situation on south campus, which she considered for housing. She wasn’t aware what her living situation would be before coming to campus but said she felt it “was going to be a little bigger.” Her bad experience might cause her to live off-campus next year. “My roommates are nice so far. You just kind of need your space,” Ward said. “It’s really tight.” Building construction started December 2010, after being approved by the University Board of Trustees in May 2010, Miller said. “Both with this project on 10th (and) with the south high-rise, it’s an effort to compute some of the extra demand for students we weren’t able to accommodate on an annual basis,” Henderson said. Students aren’t exactly thrilled about all of the construction going on for updates. Jacob Marzec, a first-year in biochemistry, lives

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The Lantern is an interdisciplinary laboratory student publication which is part of the School of Communication at The Ohio State University, with four printed daily editions Monday through Thursday and one online edition on Friday. The Lantern is staffed by student editors, writers, photographers, graphic designers and multimedia producers. The Lantern’s daily operations are funded through advertising and its academic pursuits are supported by the School of Communication. Advertising in the paper is sold largely by student account executives. Students also service the classified department and handle front office duties. The School of Communication is committed to the highest professional standards for the newspaper in order to guarantee the fullest educational benefits from The Lantern experience.

Large windows

can offer quick ink refills, manager said. Street, Cartridge World will also refill student ink cartridges at a reduced rate. For the HP Deskjet 3054, a black ink and color combo costs $24 if a student brings in an already-empty cartridge. Cartridge World also works with other printer brands such as Epson, Cannon, Lexmark and Dell. “Normal turn-around for HP is fairly quick,” said Ben Schwarzwalder, store manager. “We usually have (HP cartridges) already available.” Schwarzwalder said that by having alreadyproduced cartridges they are capable of doing an almost immediate swap out for the used empty cartridges. Cartridge World also accepts BuckID. Frank Saraniti, a fourth-year in exercise science, said campus prices are “way over-priced for a piece of paper.” “I probably print out once or twice a week (at Thompson Library),” Saraniti said. “I usually just print papers I need because I don’t have enough money to print notes and everything.” Lines at the libraries for students waiting for

Hall from 2A

New location is beneficial for students, Watts said. “It is absolutely a great thing for students to have increased informal and formal interaction with the faculty and future colleges in the field of health sciences,” O’Malley said. Stanley Lemeshow, dean of the College of Public Health, agreed that collaboration was a major benefit of having the college housed under one roof. “We have a very diverse group of faculty here,” Lemeshow said in a press release. “Having everyone under one roof will help us bridge barriers and facilitate interactions like never before.” The new location of the College of Public Health is also advantageous to students, Watts said. “We’re in a wonderful location. We are close to the medical center and also to central campus,” Watts said. The feedback from the university, students and faculty has been positive overall, Watts said. “Negative comments about the renovations have

in Siebert Hall on 11th Avenue. He said the noise of construction isn’t what irritates him, it’s the view. “I think a university has to always keep, you know, being the best so they always have to have construction but … it’s just too much,” Marzec said. “Everywhere I go I see construction.” Part of the construction involved implementing concepts that would help the building achieve LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, silver accreditation. Designers hope that the large glass windows letting in a lot of natural light will reduce the usage of light fixtures in the building. Efficient plumbing fixtures and water efficient landscaping will help the push for a reduction in water usage, and the white roofing will reflect heat. The complex expansion will also use geothermal energy heating and cooling. Indoor bicycle storage is another added feature which Miller said will help “promote bike transportation versus car transportation.” Henderson described the building as a “much different residence hall than what we have (anywhere else.)” The U-shaped layout creates a west, center and east section of the building with unique features. Housing designed the building with openings near the wall where residents can see above or below, and connect with one another, Henderson said. The space is an opening, much like that of a bridge, with railings that will allow students to see but also interact with the students. The openings connect floors one to two, three to four, and five to six. Stairwells also connect these pairs, but do not connect each floor. “We wanted to create another opportunity for there to be a connection between more than one floor so we have a horizontal and vertical community,” Henderson said. Construction on the project used at least 90 percent Ohio workers, Miller said, along with Ohiobased materials including structural steel, roofing materials and brick masonry. The new dorm will open as three other dorms on south campus (Smith Hall, Steeb Hall and Siebert Hall) will be closing for the 2012-2013 school year.

like how people abuse tobacco and alcohol,” Krebs said. “Why open the flood gates?” Still, many students think it is more beneficial for the government and society to legalize marijuana and with 50 percent of Americans now favor legalization, lawmakers may concede to public pressure. “Alcohol used to be illegal, now it’s legal,” Sencherey said. “If it’s controlled well and regulated, I don’t think it’s going to be all that negative, considering the way it is already.” SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS printers can sometimes be a pain, according to Saraniti. He said sometimes there’s no lines, but has had days where he’s waited about five minutes to use a computer to print. Saraniti said having a page limit for printing might reduce some of the problem. Margaret Chinn, a graduate student in social work, said she decided to buy her own laser printer since she was printing at FedEx Office. “It was very convenient and it was chipping a few dollars here and there when I could just have the convenience of doing it at home,” Chinn said. She’s hoping that because of her purchase of a laser printer she won’t have to buy a new toner cartridge for at least a year since she prints about every other day with papers, coupons and directions. “Being a student here before, because I (did) my undergraduate here … I did use campus printing a lot,” Chinn said. “I think they were 9 or 10 cents a page, which is pretty standard so I didn’t have any objections.” Students can print with their BuckIDs at several OSU library locations including Thompson Library, Moritz Law Library, Science & Engineering Library and the Veterinary Medicine Library.

been few and far between,” Watts said. “I think that students and faculty are happy to be here.” Aliesha Boonie, a third-year in criminology, likes the building’s modern look, easy accessibility and quiet atmosphere. She’s also in favor of the environmentally friendly design. “The renovations help the environment. All the buildings on campus should push toward that,” Boone said. Dave Benner, a third-year masters of health systems and pharmacy administration and masters of health administration, admires the modern look but couldn’t tell the building is environmentally friendly. Benner said this is not necessarily a bad thing. “I think it’s a good thing that I can’t tell. We can be environmentally responsible in a way that’s not over the top and diminishes comfort,” Benner said. “The green movement should be pushed in increments.” Cunz Hall was officially reopened Oct. 14, with a grand ceremony and the annual Champions of Public Health Awards presentation.

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Wednesday October 26, 2011


studentvoice Foreign policy better with Obama MICHAEL FLANNAGAN Lantern columnist Last Thursday’s announcement of the death of former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi brings forth yet another example of how President Barack Obama’s approach to foreign policy and the war on terror has been more successful than the “Bush Doctrine” established by his predecessor. Former President George W. Bush’s policy was one of military intervention. Bush took an increasingly isolationist approach to foreign policy with his order that America withdraw from the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty and the Kyoto Protocol. The Bush Doctrine called for a preemptive stance with regard to military action and the fight against terrorism. It declared that any country that “harbored” suspected terrorists were compliant with those terrorists and therefore subject to United States military action. Bush’s approach to foreign policy was focused on American economic interests and terrorist threats first and foremost. Humanitarian debates were a lesser concern, which is one possible explanation for Bush administration officials having a working relationship with (now former) leaders such as Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi. Specifically in the Middle East, the Bush administration focused on oil reserves and on forming alliances with Middle Eastern nations that would support their war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan. These two wars, and Bush and Obama’s policies on them, would highlight the entirely different approach the two leaders take to the world stage. In 2001, very few Americans would have said that the military invasion of Afghanistan to defeat the ruling Taliban regime was anything but justified. The initial invasion and the occupation of the country were met with widespread support not just in America but

throughout the world. This part of the Bush doctrine seemed justified because Osama bin Laden and his terror group, al-Qaida, ordered and planned the 9/11 attacks and the Taliban regime were hiding them. Intelligence showed that bin Laden had set up camp in Afghanistan (especially the tribal region near the Pakistan border) and that because the Taliban refused to turn him over to American officials for trial, an intervention was justified. To think in October 2001 that the war in Afghanistan would eventually become a controversial issue would’ve seemed laughable. But that is exactly what happened because in March 2003, Bush went after his true target: Iraq. Iraq and its former leader, Saddam Hussein, were a haven for fear and for suppression of civil liberties. I do not deny that, but Bush did not make the argument that Hussein was a bad guy as the principle motivating factor for the war. Instead Bush tried to sell the war by claiming Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction,” including nuclear weapons, and by trying to create a link between Hussein and 9/11. These accusations that were used to justify the Iraq war were all proven to be false, but once America invaded, Bush spent all of his energy on that war. More and more, Afghanistan became less of an issue and indeed bin Laden became less of an issue to Bush. Bush famously said about bin Laden in 2004, “Honestly, I don’t think about him all that much.” His shift in focus would ultimately help lead to him leaving office on Jan. 20, 2009, with the lowest approval rating for a departing president in American history at 19 percent. Obama has taken a different approach. Iraq is not the end-all, be-all for Obama’s foreign policy stances. In fact, he is trying to end that war. On Aug. 31, 2010, Obama declared that all combat troops were out of Iraq (a recent report says some combat troops are still there helping the Iraqi military) and Obama ordered that all military forces are to be out of the country by the end of this year. In Afghanistan, Obama is cleaning up the mess that Bush

Joe Podelco/ Photo editor

President Barack Obama addresses a crowd on the Oval at OSU on Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010. made. Some conservative pundits and politicians are now trying to claim that Afghanistan is “Obama’s war,” but that is not reality. Bush ordered the invasion of Afghanistan a decade ago, to mass public support, and for the last five years of his presidency, he ignored the war and caused the country to be even more unstable. Obama is working to fix that mess and finally end the war his predecessor started. When the “Arab Spring” of protests began last winter, the Obama Administration stood back and watched it unfold. They took a passive approach with Tunisia. In Egypt, they eventually convinced the international community to put pressure on Mubarak to step down. Does anyone think if Bush paid attention to the Arab Spring protests

that he would not have taken a more hard-line, hawkish approach? And when the U.S. did have to get involved, as in Libya, Obama worked with our allies in NATO and let them take the lead (spearheaded by France) after a few weeks of heavy American involvement. The result was less American involvement, few to none American casualties and the fall of Libya’s dictator, ending in his eventual death. Perhaps no distinction is greater than the success Obama had in doing what Bush could not: avenging Sept. 11 by killing Osama bin Laden. While Bush was declaring that he didn’t think about bin Laden “all that much,” Obama focused on finding and killing the former al-Qaida leader. On May 1, 2011, that is exactly what happened. Obama ordered

a precision strike, instead of massive military movement, on a compound in Pakistan where bin Laden was finally killed. Bush tried to sell himself as the guy with the better foreign policy goals. Republicans for years have tried to convince the American people that they are the best when it comes to security. Obama is proving them wrong. Unlike Bush, he is ending the Iraq war. He is focusing our attention where it matters: on Afghanistan. He worked with the international community to bring a new day to Libya and he killed America’s greatest enemy in bin Laden. Obama has many faults but his approach to foreign policy and security has brought real, tangible results, putting the issue of security squarely in Obama’s column.

OSU football must use Herron to ‘go out with a boom’ LANTERN Columnist DYLAN LYON

After six weeks of abysmal passing and an inexperienced, by-committee backfield Week 7, the Buckeyes’ offense welcomed back a familiar face and rode him all the way to victory. Senior running back Daniel “Boom” Herron returned to the field Oct. 15 against then-ranked No. 16 Illinois after serving a pair suspensions for violating NCAA rule and the Buckeyes wasted no time in incorporating him back

into the offense. Herron carried the ball 23 times for 114 yards and what proved to be the gamewinning touchdown. He was also able to provide the Buckeyes with a consistent option on offense, something they have sorely missed in his absence. Running backs Jordan Hall and Carlos Hyde have filled in admirably, but what Herron brings to the huddle is invaluable. With 458 carries, 2,194 yards and 29 touchdowns to his name, he certainly has all the credentials numbers-wise. But it is his leadership, experience and ability to make big plays which go unnoticed when looking at statistics alone. This was never more evident than on Oct. 15. Herron was in from the start, running tough and physical through the Illini defense all afternoon, and proved to be the catalyst in the Buckeyes’ groundand-pound 17-7 victory. With Herron cementing his place as the Buckeyes’ starter at tailback, the future for Ohio State football looks considerably

Cody Cousino/ Photo editor

OSU running back Daniel “Boom” Herron (1) tries to dance around Illinois linebacker Jonathan Brown (45) in the 1st quarter of an NCAA football game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the University of Illinois Fighting Illini held at Memorial Stadium in Champaign, Ill. on Oct. 4, 2011. OSU won 17-7. brighter than it did when he was serving his suspension. With a consistent rushing threat in the backfield, the offense can now cater more to

account for Herron and place a larger emphasis on their focus of run defense. Should we ever see Miller in a passing funk, the coaches will have no problem

freshman quarterback Braxton Miller’s strengths and provide more big plays down the field for the wide receiving corps. Opposing defenses now must


putting the ball in Herron’s hands and letting him dictate the flow of the game. A quality tailback is quite a luxury to have when dealing with the physical play of Big Ten defenses and the timing of Herron’s return couldn’t be any better with the Buckeyes starting 0-2 in conference play before he suited up this year. With five weeks of Big Ten opponents left on the schedule, the offense needs to remain consistent and continue to do what they do best: run the football. Last year against Wisconsin, Herron had 19 carries for 91 yards and two touchdowns. Herron looks to be an important factor against the Badgers this Saturday as well. The Badgers give up an average of 121.14 rushing yards per game, which is 34th in the nation. If the Buckeyes hope to climb back into a position among the nation’s best, they’ll have to do a little bit more than make some noise. They’ll have to go out with a boom.



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Wednesday October 26, 2011

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Wednesday October 26, 2011


thelantern concerts Wednesday

Murs 7 p.m. @ The Basement Columbus Jazz Orchestra : Lights, Camera, Action! 7:30 p.m. @ Southern Theatre Shank Bones 9 p.m. @ Skully’s


Courtesy of MTV

Season 26 of ‘The Real World’ is currently airing on MTV. Auditions for the 27th season are scheduled to take place at Charlie Bear’s Land of Dance Oct. 29 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

‘Real World’ auditions to come to campus Wednesday 13 6 p.m. @ Alrosa Villa Moonface 7 p.m. @ The Basement The Francis Bacon Band 10 p.m. @ Rumba Café


never Shout never 6 p.m. @ Newport Music Hall insane Clown Posse 7 p.m. @ LC Pavilion The Halloween Hootenanny 7 p.m. @ Kobo

Alex Antonetz Arts editor Ohio State students once again have the chance to be one of seven strangers picked to live in a house and have their life taped. Audtions for the 27th season of MTV’s “The Real World” are scheduled to take place at Charlie Bear’s Land of Dance in the South Campus Gateway Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. “Real World” casting director Damon Furberg said the best thing for people to know going into an audition is to be yourself. “There’s no bigger turn-off to us than somebody walking in and saying, ‘I’m gonna make your ratings big because I’m gonna be like so-and-so’ because that’s not really what we wanna hear,” he said. Furberg said casting directors are looking for certain aspects in potential roommates. One is that they must draw attention to themselves just by walking into a room. Another is that they should be at a turning point in their lives.

After that, the next phase is to narrow down candidates and get them on-camera for an interview. After further rounds, the final seven (or eight) cast members are chosen. Defensor said she went to a casting call in Buffalo, N.Y., because her friends told her she was crazy and also because she said she had nothing to lose. She said the reason she got cast for the show might have been because of her curly hair ... among other things. “My hair’s an asset, my personality being so fun and wild, and the fact that I was from New York City brought the extra hardcoreness,” she said. “And my swag, you know. My swag.” Like a lot of other reality shows, some “Real World” stars have shown no shortage of drama. One of the show’s most notable conflicts arose in season two, set in San Francisco, when Pedro Zamora constantly tangled with David “Puck” Rainey.

continued as Real on 6A

Never Shout Never set to come screaming into the Newport Jackie Storer Lantern reporter


“This show is sort of about growing up and and we wanna see people do that,” Furberg said. “We want to see people grow and change so we’re looking for people who aren’t too set in their ways.” Naomi Defensor, who was cast in the 25th season of the show, which was set in Las Vegas, told The Lantern that the best way to appeal to casting directors is to be relatable. “I feel like when people go to casting, (people are) like, ‘I need to be over the top because that’s what reality TV is about,’” Defensor said. “That’s not what ‘The Real World’ is about. ‘The Real World’ is about real people who have been in real life scenarios that people can relate to.” The entire casting process takes three months, Furberg said. It starts with auditions. Prospective cast members can either audition via in-person casting calls or by submitting applications online. At the casting calls, people are interviewed in groups of 10 or 20 by a casting director. Then they fill out an application which asks them intimate questions, such as how many sexual partners they’ve had.

It’s been an interesting tour for Christofer Drew. Frontman for the easy-listening pop band Never Shout Never, Drew was injured last month, and while he wouldn’t elaborate on what happened, he said it involved a switchblade that cut him to the point of needing 50 stitches between his hand and back. Drew’s band has been touring around the U.S. to promote his latest album, “Time Travel,” and will be stopping by Newport Music Hall Friday at 6 p.m., but the tour hasn’t gone swimmingly for the singer. “It’s healing up pretty quick, but it’s gonna leave a hell of a scar,” Drew said about his injury. Since the injury, the doctors told Drew he couldn’t play guitar on tour, which has left him feeling naked, he said. To Drew, the guitar is what made him want to play music for a living.

Growing up in Joplin, Mo., Drew’s friends played guitar, which made Drew extremely jealous. “I was like, ‘Damn, I wanna do that,’” he said. So he did. Drew became a MySpace sensation at the age of 16 when he uploaded his songs to the website. To date, he’s had nearly 50 million profile views and more than 157 million song plays. While Drew believes the site has helped him to gain loyal followers, he doesn’t want to be known only as a guy from MySpace. “I don’t want (my music) to be just this Internet thing,” he said. “Now I feel like it’s developing into a little more than that.” Initially a one-man band, Never Shout Never has grown to include three of Drew’s friends from home, which he feels makes the music more dynamic, especially live. “It’s a little more interesting than a bunch of acoustic songs every day and every night,” he said. With the release of “Time Travel,” the

continued as Shout on 6A

Courtesy of Kevin Deems

Easy-listening pop band Never Shout Never is scheduled to perform at Newport Music Hall Oct. 28 at 6 p.m.

Columbus food trucks put the rubber to the road for festival Follow us on Twitter. @LanternAE

Chris Scullin Lantern reporter Whether good, bad or greasy, food trucks are becoming staples in the Columbus food scene. And these grab-n-grub trucks will be showcasing their diesel-diner dishes in hopes of cornering the market on convenient carry-out. The second annual Food Truck-A-Palooza will return to the Ohio History Center in Columbus on Thursday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. The event will feature more than 15 different food trucks and food carts from around the city.

There will also be ive music and entertainment. Admission is free. “It’s an opportunity for people to be able to try food from all the different trucks all in one location,” said Stacia Kuceyeski, manager of educational partnerships and outreach at the Ohio Historical Society. Kuceyeski said that the idea came about after Three Babes and a Baker, a gourmet cupcake truck, came to the Ohio History Center last year. Afterward, the OHS decided to organize an event that would bring together several different food trucks from all over the city. Kuceyeski said that, like she and her coworkers, there are many people in the city that wish to try the

various food trucks on their lunch breaks, but that sometimes it is just too difficult. “For us to try some of these food trucks, we would need to drive to them and park,” she said. “Sometimes that can be a little hard to do without a lunch break. So this provides an evening opportunity for people to try them. Also, it gives the food trucks some additional exposure to an audience they may not be getting.” One of the vendors that will be at this year’s event is Pitabilities, which has only been up and running for about two months. Pitabillies owner Jim Pashovich described his

continued as Truck on 6A 5A

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Real from 5A

Casting directors don’t cast expecting rampant sex during the show’s season Despite that, Furberg said casting directors don’t actively seek out conflict. “When you cast seven people who have really strong personalities, the conflict happens on its own,” he said. Their strategy must be working. The show is currently in its 26th season, which is set in San Diego and is currently airing on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. The show’s 25th season garnered higher ratings than its predecessors, and ultimately led MTV to renew the show through a 27th season. Defensor said she was worried about ratings during her season of the show. “I was nervous, too,” Defensor said. “I was like, ‘I hope that our

Shout from 5A

Band strove for a ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ vibe on newest album band’s whole repertoire is a little more than just a bunch of acoustic songs. “We recorded (the album) and it came out super trippy and … kinda right where we wanted it to be,” Drew said. “We’re kind of a release-byrelease sort of band. We want every release to be completely and utterly different than the last one. This was definitely a nice change for us.” For the record, Drew said he was striving for a “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd vibe. This album is his first to use synthesizers, which he has mixed emotions about. “I wasn’t bummed that we used so much synth work, it’s just not really my cup of tea (while playing) live,” he said. “Live-playing this album, it’s still really fun. It sounds a lot different than the record.” The new sound of the band is something Ohio State students have mixed emotions about as well. Elisa Roncagli, a second-year in international nations diplomacy and

Truck from 5A

Most vendors will be selling sample sizes of their most popular dishes food truck’s menu as a “kind of a Mediterranean-American fusion,” and features a specialty of pita sandwiches. Greek gyros, chicken pitas, Philly steak pitas and fish pitas are among the most popular menu items. They also have daily specials as well as pita chips and fries. “(I’m excited) to have people that haven’t seen us yet try us out,” Pashovich said. Most vendors will be selling sample sizes of their most popular dishes, so attendees will be able try food from several different vendors. Ellie Caldwell, a second-year in special education, was unfamiliar with Food Truck-A-Palooza, but is now considering attending.


season does well’ because ratings were not doing that good and I’m just happy to be a part of a bigger experience and to have more seasons where people are given the opportunity to do what I did.” Furberg said “Real World,” unlike other reality shows, has lasted for decades not only because the show started the genre, but because the producers don’t focus on gimmicks, like competitions. “‘Real World’ is like a marathon runner and a lot of these shows are sprinters,” he said. That’s not to say “Real World” doesn’t exhibit some of the same qualities as other shows. Some seasons feature more rampant sex and alcohol consumption than others. The show’s 12th season, the first set in Las Vegas, is noted for the amount of sex the roommates had. Still, Furberg said casting directors don’t cast with sex in mind and that it just happens. He said he’d rather see cast members like Danny and Melinda from the show’s 16th season in Austin, who developed a relationship through the show.

Arabic, has seen the band perform live and met Drew after the show, but still isn’t a big fan of his older, upbeat love songs. “The songs are catchy, but not my exact kind of music,” she said. For another student, it’s the older, acoustic songs that keep her listening album after album. “I think I liked his older stuff more …(because it’s) more nostalgic and ingrained in my liking for them,” said Lexie Alley, a second-year in psychology and international studies. “I think (the music is) catchy. All the lyrics are relatable to a lot of people.” While both students agree the band’s music is catchy, there’s one thing many fans cannot agree on: the spelling of the band’s name. Never Shout Never, nevershoutnever and nevershoutnever! are all monikers the band has used through the years, yet there is no official correct answer, Drew said. “It’s kind of just however you want to spell it,” Drew said. “It’s freeform, there’s no definition.” Many people listen to Never Shout Never question whether NSN is actually a band or a single man, Drew said. “That’s the cool thing about Never Shout (Never): Nobody really knows what the f--- it is,” he said.

“It sounds really cool and sounds like something I would be interested in going to,” she said. “It seems like a great way to try things I never would have before.” The availability of sample sizes is what attracts her the most. “I don’t think I would usually go to random places and find new stuff,” Caldwell said. “But since I can try a little, I would be way more open to try it all.” Kuceyeski said last year’s Food Truck-A-Palooza brought in about 400 people. “This year were hoping to have more people,” Kuceyeski said. “We have more trucks than we had last year as well. And we’ve moved the location in order to accommodate a larger crowd.” This year’s event will be held at Ohio Village, which is a recreated 1860s town located at 800 E. 17th Ave. Most food trucks only take cash and do not accept credit cards. The Ohio History Museum will also offer buy-one-get-one-free admission. They will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“We dream of stuff like that happening because you really get to see two characters develop together and how they react to each other,” he said. When the show wraps, some cast members go on to be relatively well known. Zamora, for example, was an AIDS activist before he succumbed to the disease shortly after leaving the “Real World” house. Defensor said her life has changed since being on the show, as well. She said she’s been noticed by random passers-by in the streets, has done club gigs around the country, modeled in photo shoots and attended fashion and charity events. “It was just like a roller coaster ride,” she said. “Definitely fun.” A location and start date for the 27th season of the show hasn’t been set. And though Furberg said the show won’t be doing anything radically different, he said one aspect of the show keeps the show fresh. “What’s different about it is the people that we cast,” he said. “We have to always be looking for something we haven’t seen before because it is such a consistent formula otherwise.”

Courtesy of Kevin Deems

Easy-listening pop band Never Shout Never is scheduled to perform at Newport Music Hall Oct. 28 at 6 p.m.

“One of the things that makes Columbus great is that there are so many community events,” Kuceyeski said. “When you have events like this that continue to go on throughout the year, it makes Columbus a fun place to live.”


Wednesday October 26, 2011


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We do Cooks.send letes ages 4‑16area yrs. Positions cations in a Microsoft for • Intercom Ctrl Lobby wood floors, rugs in- gutters, siding, roofing & light qualifi open for Levels 3‑7. Competi‑ Word PDF file to columbus.more or info. • Garage Available cluded, off-st. parking. No pets. 200 15thGood Ave.drivers 4 Bedroom tive gymnastics experience a To • Elevator $1,000/mo. 1yr. lease. Day: RENTS LOWERED license a must. Nelson 1 1/2 bath, Roofing carpet. learn more about GPM go to must, asEvening: well as spotting. Apartment, Treatments INCL 221-6327 261-0853 4636 $300-325/month. Indianola. (614) 262-9700. Rent 614-759- •• Window 1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms Please email • 2 Full Baths In$420.00 2 & 3 for 9952 or 614-935-7165. FroM THe CoLUMBUs Dispatch is GRANDVIEW: 3 bedroom, 2 rooms more information. FEMALES PREFERRED for 80 BROADMEADOWS accepting resumes for vari‑ 1/2 bathroom condo for rent. • Intercom Ctrl Lobby ongoing medical fantaTOWNHOMES Recently updated, great Resi‑ able part‑time Hopper Feeder CLeaning posiTion‑ • Garage Available sy/fetish photo & video work location. On the bus line. dential, Supervisor positions positions. Hopper Feeders • Elevator FroM $505.00 with an posiTion established prosTUdenT for use a production machine to Washer/dryer also available, must included. be detail • Window Treatments INCL ducer. Good paytime, & easy 885‑9840 Lab. Part $1600/month. 614-527oriented, and Call reliable. Must produce ad packages for in‑ Histology work. Must be Must ht/wt have propor8am‑12pm M‑F. sertion into the newspaper. FROM $420.00, license and car ins. have PART-Time Call Center reliable tionate. Reply to:transportation. aVaiLaBLe CaMpUs Units ‑ $10‑12/hr, gas reimbursement. ###! Candidates shouldfrom be consis‑ 80 BROADMEADOWS 5 Minutes $10/hour. Contact Studio, TOWNHOMES one and two bedroom Background check. Call 614‑ Position, tently available to work day campus along #2 bus line. Part for apartments available. 527‑1730 leave msg or email shifts, be able to lift up to fifty time afternoons & evenings. HOUSECLEANING FROM $505.00 additional information. $395‑$650 month. No pounds, and have the physi‑ Call 614-495-1407, Contact Application Fee! Call Myers cal ability to stand for long pe‑ PT = $10.00/Hr + gas reimb. 885-9840 Helen. FT = Same + mo. Bonus = Real Estate 614‑486‑2933 or CUsToMer serViCe Open‑ riods of time. Candidates with $12+/Hr visit a flexible schedule are encourUP To No weekends. AVAILABLE CAMPUS Units - ings at Call Center close to ##BARTENDERING! aged Day. to apply visiting NecNo by Experience Studio, one and two bedroom #1 positions w. flexi4 BRP/T AFFORDABLE spa- $300/ aVaiLaBLe now:available. Large Campus, We 800are 614.760.0911 Training available. apartments ble scheduling, cious and updated, Competitive large 4BR essary. room available for rent in room‑ An Equal Opportunity Em‑ 965-6520 ext 124. $395-$650 month. No pay, free downtown parking, ad‑ apts on North, South and Cening house at E. Myers North‑ ployer. I/T AND PROGRAMMING P/T Application Fee!168Call vancement Appli‑ tral campus.opportunities. Gas heat, A/C, offwood. Estate $450/month includes wa‑ STUDENTS aTTenTion gradUaTing positions for students with Real 614-486-2933 or cants must have dishwasher, basic com‑ ATTENTION parking, wanTed: pay, flexible personaL ter, electric, gas, and internet street Excellent sched- knowledge SENIORS of OR RECENT computer provisit puter skills, professionalism, Trainer.customer No previous training gramming, service. Short term leases avail‑ W/D hookups, decks, fire- ules, sales/service, GRADS hardware and softgood work history and wknd places, Jacuzzi tubs. Starting experience required. We have AVAILABLE NOW: Large able. Please call 614‑291‑5001. conditions, apply, all ages 17+, ware Inn-Town Homes and Apartapplications, looking to availability. Please apply @ $400/ea. 614-294-7067. an entire to trainor you. room available for rent in room- at Now! system 614-485-9443 on- gain ments is world currently interviewing real experience.‑ Call We are looking for self‑starting sponsibility ing house at 168now E. North- www.osupropertymanagement.osU aVaiL. line for a temporary leasing consul‑ varies based on careers individuals who want to work specialization, wood. $450/month tant position, but withwould full‑time 750 includes wa- com inhard to beARTISTS! successful. This po‑ clude ter, electric, gas, and internet CUsToMer serViCe Repre‑ CALLING hours, ITstarting in November. work and customer riVerView dr.avail- sentative Looking for artists to draw sition includes: customer ser‑ service. Short term leases We are looking for students in‑ service. Please apply at www.#1 OPTION for 4 bedroom SPECIAL $100 DEPOSIT basic black and white, simple Local beverage distributor has vice, sales, marketing, coach‑ able. Please call 614-291-5001. terested in Real Estate and/or for Fall 2012! Visit 1 & 2 B.R. apts. stove, refrig., an and complex images. Work opening for part time help in ing, exercising, motivating and Sales. The position offers a reers OSU AVAIL. NOW Gas heat, laundry Flexible hours. competitive starting pay, with its Depart‑ holdinghome. the client accountable. for Customer more info! Service Addresses in- from Carpet and air cond. available ment. 750 Paid per image. 877-HOYSAvailable hours are Requirements are a willingness KENNEL TECHNICIAN Posiopportunities for commissions clude 136 E 11, 2140 NO PETS PLEASE weekday afternoons to learn, a good work ethic, and tion. opening,Ifduties RIVERVIEW DR. basedImmediate on performance. interWaldeck and more! and Satur‑ TOYS From $340 $100 DEPOSIT 268‑7232 days. Candidates must be de‑ commitment to excellence. Per‑ including feeding,in medicating, SPECIAL ested in working a fun, busy pendable with great communi‑ sonally bring in your resume walking, and general 1 & 2 B.R. apts. stove, refrig., HOUSE FOR RENT Hardwood CHEER, TUMBLING, and work environment please huscon‑ Two Gas HoUses for rent: 1)‑ cation skills. 15‑20 hours per and fill out an application. GO: bandry. Seeking self-motiheat, laundry Gymnastic Coaches needed tact us at 614‑294‑1684 or stop oors, Apply completely Dublin Schools, 2story, 3BR, flweek. online at updated,‑ Fitness Center,area 1459 King Ave. vated, an exCarpet and air cond. available for Columbus gym. by ouranimal office loving, at 2104with Tuller St. W/D, stainless steel kitchen ap2.5BTH, 2car garage Columbus, OH 43212. cellent workinformation. ethic pleaseSerious apply NO PETS PLEASE for more Walking distance to Must be able to coach ath- at 2)Worthington Schools, pliances. EOE‑M/F/V/D 6868 Caine Road (just offpre‑ of From $340 268-7232 letes ages 4-16 yrs. Positions inquires only and degrees 2story, 4BR, 2.5BTH, 2car campus. $1200. Renter pays open for Levels 3-7. Competi- Sawmill ferred. Rd) or fax to Jen @ earn $1,000‑$3,200 Utilities. 614-402-0496. a month wriTer needs to Hire 614-766-2470. garage. Both are 20 mins Must be availTWO HOUSES for rent: 1)- to drive our new cars with ads. Japanese tive gymnastics experience a Translator ASAP from downtown and3BR, lots able weekends and holidays. If Dublin Schools, CBus 2story, must, as well asForspotting. Call (614)276‑3881 Details. you to shop. 614‑203‑6925 parT‑TiMe WORK callAVAILhave questions, 6142.5BTH, 2car garage Please email ABLE FOR WINTER 2)Worthington Schools, for 766-2222. FeMaLes preFerred for Inn-Town Homes and Apart2story, 4BR, 2.5BTH, 2car more information. ongoing medical fanta‑ LABORATORY ments is currentlyINTERNSHIP looking for garage. Both are 20 mins sy/fetish photo & video work CHILD CARE Staff needed PT available Please part‑time immediately. leasing positions for from downtown CBus and lots with an established pro‑ our website at November‑January. We are Mon-Fri, no nights or week- visit to shop. Good pay & easy looking for students who are in‑ #1ducer. 6 BR AFFORDABLE spa- ends. Apply Arlington Childrens work.and Mustupdated be ht/wtlarge propor‑ BaBYsiTTers needed. and click in on Real the link of joband/or postFor renT‑1 Bdrm Efficiency cious terested Estate BR Center, 1033 Old Henderson tionate. to: campus. Gas Rd. Must451-5400 be caring, reliable, have ings/internships for offers more infor$385‑$405/Mo ‑ On Bus Line Sales. Position great House onReply Central for info/directions. Walk to Campus, Med Center pay, flexible hours and fun heat, A/C, off-street parking, great references and own trans‑ mation. portation. Pick your schedule. For Information: 614-501-4444 dishwasher, POSITIONmust work environment. Evenings W/D hookups, CLEANING NEEDED FranKLin inTernaTionaL Apply detail oriented, reliable. Min MODELS and weekends a must. IfFOR you decks, fireplaces, $435. 614- be SHOW AT THE CONVENTION is a mid‑sizewww.osupropertymanufacturer of 20hrs/wk, must have car, are looking to make some extra Large 1 bedroom apt. Hard‑ 294-7067. BeFore/aFTer sCHooL CENTER 10/23 & 10/24 adhesives and sealants located license and car ins. $10-12/hr. money for school, FOR RENT-1 Efficiency this is a wood floors,Bdrm water paid, Teachers Powell/Lewis Center, needed for in South Columbus. We have Background check and drug Models $385-$405/Moavailable - On BusNovem‑ Line great opportunity for cut, you! color, If in$425/month, HS Diploma & be at least 18 up styling please and Hair TamingusserPart‑Time Production positions test Walk to Michelle Campus,614‑348‑7909. Med Center terested, contact at ber 1st. years req. old. Call Child614-527-1730 supervision, vices (valued up our of‑ to on allforshifts. For Information: 614-501-4444 available leave msg or email 614‑294‑1684 or stop by #1 OPTION large Duties housesin‑ and leading group activities, helping $300-$400). ALL Hair Taming one and a half bedroom clude packaging, fice at 2104 Tuller St. for more for groups of 5-9!forklift driving, with homework and other models will have color donecondo for rent located at drumming/pumping LARGE 1 bedroom apt. Hardproduct, information. similar duties. Email a month (nothing crazy) just to make it Northampton of and wood floors, Village water Offpaid, $1,000-$3,200 High School Checkmore. out 226 E 16th, 202 E EARN Bethel Rd. onavailable Slade Ave. Rent Diploma $425/month, Novemdrive our new cars with ads. fresh. or more! GED required. to Frambes and Free membership with employ‑ Model Call Time: is $675.00 a month. Includes Must meet bakground check, ber 1st. Michelle 614-348-7909. October 21st 7PM gas and water. Minimum of 8 drug screen, and physical ment! saLes and MarKeTing P/T Hyatt Place months lease. positions for students looking exam requirements and be will‑ Care proViders and ABA LOCATION: 614‑446‑6036. to gain Sales and Marketing ex‑ ing to work in a dirty, dusty en‑ Therapists are waned to work Columbus/OSU 900 Goodale Blvd perience. Position includes mar‑ vironment. Pay is $10/hr, up to with children/young adults with 43212to USpoten‑ keting CMSOhio services 29 hours per week. disabilities in a family home set‑ Columbus, GKhair Model Call Contact: tial leads and customer ser‑ ting or supported living setting. (614)832-9780 vice. Pullins Responsibilities include in‑ Please print out an application Extensive training is provided. Kelly side and outside sales with po‑ from www.franklininternational.‑ This job is meaningful, allows ** IF UNDER 18 MUSTand HAVE tential for development de‑ 72 w. Blake Ave. OSU Area. com or stop by to obtain an ap‑ you to learn intensively and PARENT AT MODEL CALL** signing marketing material. 1/2 double, 3 BR Hi-efficiency plication, M – F, 6:30 AM – 6:‑ can accommodate your class Please apply at www.continen‑ 30 PM schedule. Those in all related gas furnace, central air, hard‑ EXTRAS to stand in fields, with ABA interest, or MOVIE wood floors, area rugs in- Franklin International who have a heart for these mis‑ the background for a major film cluded, off‑st. parking. No pets. 2020 Bruck Street production. Experience not resions please apply. Competi‑ $1,000/mo. 1yr. lease. Day: Columbus, OH 43207 For directions, please call 614‑ tive wages and benefits. For quired. Earn up to $300 per 221‑6327 Evening: 261‑0853 day. All looks needed. 877-491445‑1458. more information call L.I.F.E. 5103. geT paid To Write! Earn Up Inc. at (614) 475-5305 or visit to $300 A Day. No Experience us at www.LIFE-INC.NET EOE MUSIC TEACHERS NEEDED Necessary. www.writing‑ siTTer needed for 3 month IN STUDENTS’ HOMES! Hr inTern old. $8/hr approximately 20 HoUseCLeaning Set your own schedule. hours/week. Email PT = $10.00/Hr + gas reimb. Nifco Continuing America, aeducation plastic injec‑ #1 4 BR AFFORDABLE spa‑ FT = Same + mo. Bonus = tion molding company, located cious and updated, large 4BR $12+/Hr provided. if interested. in Canal Winchester, apts on North, South and Cen‑ No weekends. Competitive pay. OH is an HR Intern. This tral campus. Gas heat, A/C, off‑ 614.760.0911 Lending library. wesTerViLLe CHiLdCare looking for paid internship will initially street parking, dishwasher, Work for a Company with be Center seek highly motivated part time and might W/D hookups, decks, fireintegrity! be full time individuals for full time infant & places, Jacuzzi tubs. Starting i/T and prograMMing P/T preschool and part time after‑ in the future. The HR Intern work directly with the HR at $400/ea. 614‑294‑7067. positions for students with school/floater. Send resume to will INTERVIEWING NOW! www.osupropertymanagement.‑ knowledge of computer pro‑ phunley@brooksedgedaycare.‑ department on hourly recruit‑ ment, HR administrative tasks gramming, hardware and soft‑ com com (614) 847-1212 and special projects. To be ware applications, looking to considered, you must be pursu‑ gain real world experience. Re‑ ing aMODEL, HR bachelor’s degree NEW for nude model#1 opTion for 4 bedroom sponsibility varies based on and currently a sophomore or ing/photos/videos. Audition first homes for Fall 2012! Visit specialization, but would in‑ higher status, a GPA above clude IT work and customer step, next step test shooting at 2.5, ability to hold confidential $25.00 per hour, next payday for more info! Addresses in‑ service. Please apply at www.‑ information,No excellent communi‑ obligation, will clude 136 E 11, 2140‑ FLeXiBLe HoUrs at very unlimited! cations, and female diversepreferred. computer reers Busline, Waldeck and more! pleasant medical office in Wor- train! skills and highly organized. thington. Filing, faxing, and HoUse For renT Hardwood KenneL TeCHniCian Posi‑ other office duties. No experi- (614)268-6944 floors, completely updated, tion. Immediate opening, duties ence necessary. 4‑10 hours a Interested candidates should email a resume along with a W/D, stainless steel kitchen ap‑ including feeding, medicating, week. Look us up at transcript to pliances. Walking distance to walking, and general hus‑ for campus. $1200. Renter pays bandry. Seeking self‑moti‑ 614‑781‑1749. consideration. Utilities. 614‑402‑0496. vated, animal loving, with an ex‑ cellent work ethic please apply at 6868 Caine Road (just off of Sawmill Rd) or fax to Jen @ naTionaL aFFordaBLe 614‑766‑2470. Must be avail‑ Housing Trust, has a part‑time able weekends and holidays. Across Down If accounting opportunity at their you have questions, call 614‑ princess Columbus location. Ideal for a 1 Leap of __ 1 “Shrek” 766‑2222. college student who 2 Chronological records Care, a Develop‑ current aBsoLUTe #16 Anesthetize 6 BR AFFORDABLE spa‑ would like to gain experience in 10 Cager to fanslarge BR mental Disabilities (DD) sup‑ the field or a recent college cious andO’Neal, updated 3 Song from 61-/64-/66-Across port living agency, provides in graduate looking for flexible 14 Prefi red campus. Gas House onx with Central 4 Bi- plus one heat, A/C, novel off‑street parking, LaBoraTorY inTernsHip home support to many individu‑ part‑time work. Duties include 15 Melville 5 “Roots” writer Alex available immediately. Please als throughout Franklin County. financial statement preparation dishwasher, 16 Ginormous W/D hookups, We are currently accepting ap‑ and review, accounts payable, 6 Polite refusal decks, fireplaces, $435. 614- visit our website at 17 Negro Leagues legend Buck plications for part time and full bank reconciliations as well as 294‑7067. www.osuproperty‑ 7 Thurman of “Gattaca” and click on the link of job post‑ time 18 Red planet Direct Care Professionals additional responsibilities in a 8 Comedian known for political humor ings/internships for more infor‑ and House Managers. We busy but casual and friendly 19 Mimicked mation. 9 “Balderdash!” strive to bring the highest level work environment. Candidate 20 “Go jump inforthelarge loch!”houses #1 opTion of quality of professional care 10 SeaWorld orca must be proficient in Excel; for of 5‑9! 21 groups SFO posting to our 11 Drillmaster’s barkclients in the industry. Peachtree experience is a plus. 23 The other guys Please visit our website at Email cover letter and resume Check out 226 E 16th, 202 E 12 Census statistic for more to 25 Locations some scenes in 61-/64-/66-Across LaKaMo reCrUiTing, a Frambes andofmore! information Proof-ending letters about our services NAHT is a non-profit affordable 28 Creatures of habit? well known Columbus13com‑ and job requirements. To ap‑ housing organization. EOE. pany, is currently looking for 22 Small, as farms go 31 Le Carré character ply, please submit your resume 32 1998 British Open champ Mark young women ages 18‑24 24 Wintoover participate in a paid focus to 34 E. Coast ocean Watchful ones group (FG) regarding26 per‑ 36 “Queen of Country” McEntire sonal care products. 27 “Is it soup __?” MediCaL aTTendanT TeMporarY paid Student Indead qUieT near medical 38 On topic in home. Part time, ternship ‑ Communications/Mar‑ Co-starneeded of 61-/64-/66-Across complex. Safe. Excellent, low Compensation is $125 29 for a 2 40 Song from 61-/64-/66-Across mornings and evenings. noise/crime neighborhood, hour FG, or $100 for30a Begin to move keting/Human Resources 90 Excellent experience for 43 Withserious 54-Across,tenants. 61-/64-/66-Across composer quiet Re‑ minute 33 Gains again, as trustmed students. FG. pre‑allied search‑oriented. 44 Get far ahead ofOSU across The College of Veterinary 35 Watch readout abbr. 614‑421‑2183 the $450/month, Medicine is looking for an in‑ 46street. Kazakhstan border seano utili‑ Groups are being held on 37 Like the taste of aspirin ties. 614‑805‑4448. tern with a background in November 2nd or 3rd, all 47 Hobbyist’s buy project management, communi‑ 39 “Excellence is __ won by training and habituation”: groups are during business 48 Big-time brat cations, marketing, and/or hu‑ hours. The location is north of Aristotle 50 Alter unfairly man resources to assist with a downtown Columbus, 40 onJusta ducky project to last approximately 6 52 Baseball’s Sandberg bus line, and easy to reach 41 Conservationist on California’s state quarter months. Project involves devel‑ 54 See 43-Across from Campus. oping powerpoint presenta‑ 42 Lacking a solid foundation 57 It’s spoken in Karachi tions, videos, and print materi‑ Last name A‑K: email 45 Opposite of post59 Equi- equivalent FeMaLe sTUdenT wanted to, or als. Individuals must be able to call share gorgeous 6 bedroom 614‑569‑1025 49 Get situated 60 Attempt to win over adriaTiCo’s pizza is design and implement creative house on 19th. Rent is looking for qualified applicants presentations, videos, narration 61 With 64- and 66-Across, film that or premiered in New 51 Day, in Roma $440/mo. +1/6th utilities. Avail‑ Last to fill part-time server shifts scripts, etc and work within name L‑Z: 53email York City 10/18/1961 one’s trolley able now. Contact Kelsey 440‑ or Off immediately. Daytime deadlines. Previous work sam‑ call 64 See 61-Across 55 “What aavailability pity” 667‑4078. a must. Apply in ples will be required for review 336‑765‑2606 66 See 61-Across person at 265 W 11th Ave. at the time of interview. This is 56 British poet Alfred Experience a plus but not a paid student internship ‑ 68 Freeway off-ramp Please include your 58 name, RAF decorations required. $10/hour. Interested candi69 Lena or Ken of Hollywood email and phone number so 61 Spider’s lair dates should send their resume rooMMaTe wanTed to we can call you. 70 In unison via email to Kristi Pyke, Direc‑ 62 Prefi x with morph share gorgeous 6 bedroom 71 Shaped HummersRent is house on like Frambes. Laurie Mohler 63 HBO’s “__ Feet Under” iF YoU would like to work for tor, Human Resources College 72 Editor’s “leave it” of Veterinary Medicine $380/month + 1/6 utilities. Avail‑ President Gordon Biersch, please apply 65 Vegas roller No phone able now. Please contact Dana Lakamo Recruiting 73 Long-extinct birds 67 Chineseonline menu at general calls please. 740‑310‑3977. AVAILABLE NOW: Large room available available for for rent rent in in roomroom‑ room ing house house at at 168 168 E. E. NorthNorth‑ ing wood. $450/month $450/month includes includes wawa‑ wood. ter, electric, electric, gas, gas, and and internet internet ter, service. Short Short term term leases leases availavail‑ service. able. Please Please call call 614-291-5001. 614‑291‑5001. able.

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gaY MaLe with 2‑bedroom ONE a half bedroom house AND to share, 15 min. drive condo rent at to OSU.forNice quietlocated safe resi‑ Northampton Village of dential area. Quiet Offclean Bethel Slade Ave. Rent house Rd. withonwasher/dryer, and is $675.00 a month. Includes stove/refrigerator. Friendly gas Minimum of 8 quietand water. roomate (owner). months lease.(+$200.00 security $300/month 614-446-6036. deposit). Rich43209@yahoo.‑ com

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Help Wanted Tutors General PART-TIME position downtown for organized, detail-oriented TeaCHing/aBa insTrUC‑ student. Tor PositionMornings Monday thru Friday. 12 Opening in Powell.Up Musttobe de‑ hours/week. Able to lift 10 lbs. pendable. and push a heavy cart. CPR, to First Aid and Fingerprints Send neededresume and availability to: Before hire. $12.00 per hour. Prefer Someone with INC. interests in PRINTROOM, Seeking teaching, qualifi ed candidates in ColumPsychology, special education, bus to work as “Fan Photograoccupational pher” PT at football games. or physical therapies who Amazing place to work.and Opporenjoysto get into sports events tunity working with kids. Phone inter‑ and marketing. Must be open, views outgoing, self-motivated, and after 3:30. Contact Cherylexpe740‑ reliable. Sales and photo 881‑4325. rience a plus. Must be available for all of home games. Details will be emailed if qualified. Apply at or with your resume to:

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Tutoring Help Wanted Services Clerical a MaTH tutor. All levels. Also Physics, Statistics and Busi‑ LEGAL CAREERS ness College Math. Teaching/‑ Manley LLC tutoring Deas since Kochalski 1965. Checks represents mortgageClark servicing okay. Call anytime, 294‑ companies in residential 0607. foreclosure actions. IfosU youUndergrad have what it ortakes to gradu‑ work in a dynamic, fast paced ate student with a background environment,come to our open in Engineering, Math, and/or house to learn more the Education to tutor myabout 13‑year, following full-time (day 8th grade son. Needs helpshift) with and part-time (evening shift) homework and organizational opportunities that may be Must skills a few times a week. available: have transportation. Please call Mabel at Legal Assistants 614‑581‑7858. Paralegals Title Preparers Legal Assistant Interns

THe TUTor’s TUTor

CAREER FAIR Experienced Teacher: Wednesday, October 26th Proof Reading 7:00p.m. 50 3:00p.m. to Resumes years in business needs F/T or an excellent opportunity Reading/Writing P/T worker. We will work This is around schedule. Wefordoa to join a growing ESLlaw firm. We geT a your BestBuy gift card offer a comprehensive benefits gutters, siding, roofi ng & light penny at Call John 488‑2431 package, including paid time repair work. Good drivers You insurance After 7pm& 401(k). license must. Nelson Roofi ng off,disability will find ahuge discounts on gold 4636 Indianola. and silver coins(614) and 262-9700. bars, jew‑ elry, gift cards, and much, To register, please forward WAREHOUSE 315 your resume to openhousemuch more bid andHELP, win. and 161 area (Linworth), Further information will follow. Manley Deas about 20 hours per week, Kochalski LLC is an Equal OpM-F, flexible hours between portunity Employer. 8:00-5:00. E-mail contact information to

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WRITER NEEDS to Hire Japanese Translator ASAP Call (614)276-3881 For Details. Twin LoFT Beds excellent conditions email sixwhites@‑

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BABYSITTERS NEEDED. Must be caring, reliable, have great references and own transportation. Pick your schedule. Apply BEFORE/AFTER SCHOOL Teachers Powell/Lewis TenT saLe all week!Center, Crew HS Diploma & be at 18 neck sweatshirts $15. least All hats years old. $7. ChildMC/Visa supervision, $7. Tees wel‑ leading group activities, helping come. Lane Ave at High Street. with homework and other similar duties. Email Free membership with employment! CARE PROVIDERS and ABA Therapists are waned to work with children/young adults with disabilities in a 2 family homeCon‑ set3 BedrooM, Full Bath ting or supported setting. dominium FOR living SALE or Extensive training is provided. LEASE in Chatham Village This joband is meaningful, (Kenny Ackerman). allows Walk, you and Bike, toor learn Bus tointensively OSU! All new can accommodate your many class appliances included, schedule. Those in all related more updates, low mainte‑ finance, elds, but withlotsABA interest, or of space! who a heart for these mis1,676have Sq. Ft. $149,900. sions please apply. Competi614‑507‑5194. tive wages and benefits. For more information call L.I.F.E. Inc. at (614) 475-5305 or visit us at www.LIFE-INC.NET EOE HoUseTHERAPIST For SALE needed in CHILD WhyNortheast rent whenColumbus you can own? the area Updated 2BR, 1BA.withFinished to work one-to-one autistic basement, private backyard, child, in a home-based ABA garage. 382 Royal Forest, program. NO E. EXPERIENCE Clintonville. $149,900. NECESSARY! TrainingOpen, pro10/30/1, Challenging 2‑4PM. Keller vided. and reWilliams position Capitalfor someone Partners, warding Donna Leigh‑Osborne, with a high level of energy 614‑ who 783‑6999. enjoys play and is detail oriented. You will be asked to work in 3 hour shifts and make a minimum 12 month commitment. Send resume to

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DUBLIN PRESCHOOL is hiring teacher aids in the BaHaMas spring Break Preschool and Kindergarten $189 for 7 days. All opportuprices in‑ classrooms. Great clude : Round‑trip cruise nity with flexible luxury schedules. with food.asAccommodations as little 2-3 hours a dayon the island your choice thir‑ and pick atthe days youofcan teen resorts. work. go to web Appalachia site for Travel. more info DublinLearningA800‑867‑5018 call 614-7611800 NO weekends

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ALL OHIO Reptile Sale and Show, October 22, 2011 9-3, Adults $4, under 10, $1. Moose Lodge 11, 1500 Demorest Rd, Columbus, OH 43228. 614/457-4433

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OSU UNDERGRAD or gradueMoTions Quantitative ate student & with a background Psychophysiology Lab. African in Engineering, Math, and/or American to andtutor Hispanic/Latino Education my 13-year, research participants needed! 8th grade son. Needs help with Compensation email homework andprovided. organizational for more details: skills a few times a week. Must psychophysiology.lab@gmail.‑ have transportation. com. call Mabel at Please 614-581-7858.

THE TUTOR’S TUTOR 3 BEDROOM, 2 Full Bath Con- wanTed CasH CasH CasH dominium FOR SALE or for your junk automobile. 614‑ Experienced Teacher: HaLLoween CiTY LEASE in Chatham Village 596‑9844. 20% off Single Item Proof Reading (Kenny and Ackerman). Walk, 4545 Road Resumes Bike,Kenny or Bus to OSU! All new Columbus, 43220 appliancesOhio included, many Reading/Writing Phone 302‑332‑1838 more updates, low mainteESL nance, but lots of space! Call John 488-2431 1,676 Sq. Ft. $149,900. 614-507-5194. After 7pm


BIKE OR BUS to OSU from need MoneY FOR TUITION? Beechwold Ranch. Totally while you learn. Start your fiEarn nished basement with bath, 2 own online business car garage, 3 seasontoday. room No off hype, promises, gimmicks. updated kitchen. or Open living/ www.createwealthandprosper.‑ dining room with WBFP. Hardcom. under carpet. Under wood $200,000. C-21 Joe Walker, Georgia Stanton. 263-0001.

a BrigHT, WHITE, HEALTHY SMILE is now affordable. Most local dentists participate in our dental plans. Join now and receive 3 months free.

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Monday January 40, 2011

Wednesday October18, 26, 2011 2011 Tuesday October

7A 3B


Wednesday October 26, 2011

thelantern results TuesdAY Men’s Golf: 15th (934)

upcoming WEDNESDAY Men’s Soccer v. Oakland 7pm @ Rochester, Mich.

THURSday Men’s Ice Hockey v. Alaska 7:05pm @ Columbus

Friday Field Hockey v. Northwestern 4pm @ Evanston, Ill. Men’s Swimming v. Kenyon 7pm @ Columbus Women’s Swimming v. Kenyon 7pm @ Columbus Women’s Volleyball v. Nebraska 7pm @ Columbus Men’s Ice Hockey v. Alaska 7:05pm @ Columbus Women’s Ice Hockey v. Minnesota State 8:07pm @ Mankato, Minn. Men’s Tennis: Charlottesville Challenger All Day @ Charlottesville, Va. Men’s Tennis: Big Ten Singles Championshp. All Day @ Iowa City, Iowa Women’s Golf: Landfall Tradition, Round 1 All Day @ Wilmington, N.C.

Saturday Women’s Ice Hockey v. Minnesota State 4:07pm @ Mankato, Minn. Football v. Wisconsin 8pm @ Columbus Women’s Golf: Landfall Tradition, Round 1 All Day @ Wilmington, N.C. Men’s Tennis: Charlottesville Challenger All Day @ Charlottesville, Va. Men’s Tennis: Big Ten Singles Championshp. All Day @ Iowa City, Iowa

SUNDAY Women’s Volleyball v. Iowa 1pm @ Columbus Women’s Soccer v. Wisconsin 8pm @ Columbus Men’s Soccer v. Wisconsin 2pm @ Madison, Wisc. Men’s Tennis: Charlottesville Challenger All Day @ Charlottesville, Va. Men’s Tennis: Big Ten Singles Championshp. All Day @ Iowa City, Iowa Women’s Golf: Landfall Tradition, Round 1 All Day @ Wilmington, N.C. Men’s Cross Country: Big Ten Championship, All Day @ Champaign, Ill. Women’s Cross Country: Big Ten Championships, All Day @ Champaign, Ill.


@LanternSports 8A

D-line readies for ‘physical’ Wisconsin Jay clouse Lantern reporter As the Ohio State football team prepares for its Saturday game against No. 12-ranked Wisconsin, head coach Luke Fickell said Tuesday that the game will be won or lost in the trenches. “Let’s not make any mistakes, the game is won up front,” Fickell said. “It always with (Wisconsin) is going to start up front.” Wisconsin boasts a starting offensive line that averages 322 lbs. and 6-foot-5-inches tall. “I think (the offensive line is) where you’ve always noticed them, whether they’ve had a first-round draft pick up there or somebody that’s an Outland Trophy winner,” Fickell said. Behind that offensive line, the Badgers average 252.1 rushing yards and 511.7 yards of total offense per game. The Badgers are ranked eighth nationally in both of those categories. Running behind that line, junior running back Montee Ball ranks second in the Big Ten, averaging 109.7 yards per contest. “They’re always going to have a couple of tailbacks that are going to be very good football players,” Fickell said. “But it begins up front.” Against Illinois, the OSU defensive line had one of its best games of the season, tallying seven tackles for loss.

CHelsea Castle / Managing editor for content

OSU junior linebacker John Simon addresses the media Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011, at the Fawcett Center on campus. Sophomore defensive lineman Johnathan Hankins led the team in tackles with nine and junior linebacker John Simon picked up two sacks. Simon’s four total tackles for loss earned him Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week honors. “I think we executed well,” Simon said after the Illinois game. “I think everyone did their job.” Simon said the defensive line will need more of the same this week against the Badgers.

“We know they are very physical and they protect the running backs well,” Simon said “We’re just gonna have to play physical as well and have a great week of practice.” The Buckeyes can’t just focus on the Badgers’ running backs as fifth-year senior quarterback Russell Wilson ranks second nationally in passing efficiency. Fickell said the defense has to force Wilson to make mistakes. “They do a good job of play-action

and protecting their quarterback,” he said. “You’ve gotta be able to find ways to get to him.” Wilson has only thrown three interceptions on the season, with two of them coming in Wisconsin’s loss to Michigan State Saturday. Fickell said Wilson likely had not seen that type of pressure all season. “It’s about changing up some looks and getting a chance to get to him,” Fickell said. “I think that’s probably what he had not had happen to him all year.” Simon said the defensive line’s athleticism will be its best asset in pressuring Wilson. “We have a lot of guys up front who are very versatile,” Simon said. “I mean, (Hankins), you could see him play outside, inside at nose tackle, he’s effective everywhere. “Garrett (Goebel) can play multiple positions and so can Adam Bellamy, Michael Bennett and everyone. I think we are just very athletic up front.” Defensive coordinator Jim Heacock said after the Illinois game that Simon is tenacious as an inside force for the Buckeyes. “When you get John in there you have a little bit quicker guy,” Heacock said. “He just goes as hard as he can go; he’s just unbelievable.” The Buckeyes (4-3, 1-2) will kickoff their game against the Badgers (6-1, 2-1) Saturday at 8 p.m. in Ohio Stadium.

Quick hits: Midweek OSU football news as team preps for Bucky Pat Brennan Sports editor

the Badgers. Brewster will walk to midfield for the pregame coin toss for a team-leading fifth time this season. The game-captain honor is also the fourth of the year for Sweat and the third for Simon.

First-year Ohio State head coach Luke Fickell addressed Jaamal Berry’s status on the team, the Buckeyes’ bye-week progress and admitted that Michigan State’s 37-31 win against Wisconsin Saturday wasn’t exciting enough to capture his attention during a Tuesday press conference.

Michigan State-Wisconsin a real snooze fest for Fickell, a Buckeyes’ player College football fans across America were captivated by Michigan State’s Saturday upset against the then-No.4 Badgers. With the game tied, 31-31, Michigan State senior quarterback Kirk Cousins heaved a Hail Mary pass toward the end zone that was deflected and caught by wide receiver Keith Nichol who fought through several Wisconsin defenders attempting to cross the goal line. Instant replay revealed that the ball broke the plain of the end zone and the Spartans won, 37-31. Fickell estimated that he had been asleep for no less than 45 minutes around the time celebrations were touched off in East Lansing, Mich. “I did not stay up,” Fickell said. “I’ve probably seen it five, six, seven times now.” Junior linebacker John Simon said he was half awake during the final seconds of the gmae, but managed to stay alert for the final play. “The way it (the game) ended made it a classic game,” Simon said. “I was happy I stayed up.”

Fickell taking Jaamal Berry situation ‘very seriously’ Fickell said the situation regarding sophomore Jaamal Berry was ongoing and that he would let legal proceedings take their course. Berry was named a suspect in an alleged assault that occurred Friday morning, according to a report report from the Columbus Police Department. “We know that we represent, in everything we do, something much bigger than ourselves,” Fickell said. “Nothing goes unseen. Where ever we are, we represent a group much larger than ourselves. Don’t be mistaken that we’re looking into it and we take this very seriously.” Fickell only reiterated that the team was looking into the situation, saying, “we take this very seriously,” when asked if Berry would play on Saturday against the Badgers. Comings and goings of the OSU roster Berry’s status for Saturday’s game may be in question, but Fickell said the sophomore defensive back Dominic Clarke has returned to the Buckeyes. Clarke did not travel for the Buckeyes’ Oct. 15 game at Illinois after being arrested Oct. 9 and charged with disorderly conduct during an on-campus incident involving what a witness described as a “compressed air” gun. “(Clarke) is back with us and is part of the program and part of the team,” Fickell said.

Chelsea Castle / Managing editor for content

OSU head coach Luke Fickell addresses the media during a press conference Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011.

Business during the bye week “We got a lot of work done,” Fickell said. “Our guys did a heck of a job on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I think we did a very good job with the attitudes and getting the work done we needed to get done.”

Captaincy Carousel Simon, along with senior center Michael Brewster and senior linebacker Andrew Sweat will act as game captains for Saturday’s game against


OSU football players take to Twitter after Badgers loss to Spartans Tyler Robinson Senior Lantern reporter As Michigan State wide receiver Keith Nichol stretched across the goal line to give the Spartans a 37-31 victory against Wisconsin last Saturday night, the Ohio State football team was suddenly back in contention in the Big Ten race. OSU players were paying attention to the game, which had major Big Ten implications, and took to Twitter afterward to voice their opinions on the outcome. Junior fullback Zach Boren wrote on his Twitter account, @ZBoren44: “#buckeyenation it’s time to rock! Guess whose back in the hunt?? That’s right. Let’s go bucks!!” From from his account, @Fragel88, junior tight end Reid Fragel said: “Well, our season is back. Let’s go.” Fellow junior tight end Jake Stoneburner was a bit more ambitious about the implications of a Michigan State victory. From @STONEYeleven,

#buckeyenation it’s time to rock! Guess whose back in the hunt?? That’s right. Let’s go bucks!!”

Zach Boren OSU junior fullback from his Twitter account, @ZBoren44 Stoneburner’s Twitter account, the tight end said: “we need them (Wisconsin) to lose so we can go to the big ten champ game.” To be clear, the Buckeyes have a long way to go before they can even think about playing in the conference title game. With a 1-2 record within the Big Ten, OSU must win its last five games and hope that Penn State ends up with two losses within the conference in order to clinch the Leaders Division’s bid to the inaugural Big Ten Championship Game. At a Tuesday press conference, first-year OSU head coach Luke

Fickell acknowledged the possibility for the players to be excited about the potential chance to control its fate. “We have a lot of things to play for,” Fickell said. “We understand that. Maybe it’s another little something that our guys saw. Maybe they believe in themselves a little bit more. Maybe they see vulnerability. I don’t know what it is. “Whatever it is, it still comes down to us handling our own business and taking care of what we need to take care of.” Junior defensive lineman John Simon said a lot of players got a boost seeing the Badgers lose, but added that the the team can’t look too far ahead. “I would say it gave a lot of guys motivation,” Simon said. “We have to take it one week at a time. We can’t get ahead of ourselves or anything like that. Really one practice at a time, make sure we’re continuing to get better every week. If we do that, we should be all right.” The Buckeyes will have the opportunity to prove that they belong in the Big Ten race this Saturday night when

they face Wisconsin. The Badgers (6-1, 2-1) will be looking to ruin the Buckeyes’ chase for an outright Big Ten title for the second straight season. Last year, Wisconsin knocked off an undefeated top-ranked OSU team, 31-18, to spoil the Buckeyes’ national title hopes. OSU later vacated its entire 2010 season as part of self-imposed penalties for NCAA violations. Fickell said that while he doesn’t believe Saturday is a game of redemption or repayment for the 2010 loss, the team won’t disregard the feeling of losing in Madison, Wisc., last season. “None of us forget the feeling,” Fickell said. “That’s probably the most important thing. You learn from losses. You learn how to react and respond. You never forget the feeling. “That’s the one thing I reminded them of. We’re not going to dwell upon last year. That was last year. We’re focused on what we do, but don’t forget the feeling.”

Oct. 26 2011  

the lantern, osu

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