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Starting quarterback Braxton Miller looks to bounce back DANIEL ROGERS Asst. sports editor For the better part of the past two seasons, Ohio State’s junior quarterback Braxton Miller has been the crutch the Buckeyes lean on when things go wrong. But so far this season, Miller’s third as the starter for OSU, that crutch has started to splinter. Now with Iowa and the eighth-ranked run defense in the Football Bowl Subdivision coming to Columbus, Miller said Wednesday OSU has to be careful not to repeat its early season mistakes. “(Iowa has a) pretty good defense, you know, probably the best we’ve faced so far. Got to have good preparation throughout the whole week,” Miller said. Miller made his return from an MCL sprain against Wisconsin Sept. 28, throwing four touchdown passes, but then struggled against Northwestern the following week. No touchdowns and three turnovers, including two fumbles, had fans calling for redshirt-senior quarterback Kenny Guiton. Miller said he struggled against the Wildcats with ball security, but the fumbling issues are something that can be fixed. “I’ve been watching film on it. I really wasn’t holding the ball correctly when I was cutting

? ? ? ?

(through) the holes, and I wasn’t holding the ball real tight and it’s an easy fix,” Miller said. Coach Urban Meyer said Miller played well against Northwestern, but he can’t ignore his issues with ball security. “I expect him to be ‘Braxton Miller’ with better ball security,” Meyer said to the media Wednesday. “You take away those two fumbles, he actually played pretty good that game, real good, but that’s like saying take away a bad golf shot on the 18th hole. That’s the way it is.” Despite his praise of Miller, Meyer said he was close to putting Guiton in the game after Miller’s second fumble.

Since Northwestern, Meyer said he has noticed Miller working harder on holding onto the football. “I see a guy that I wanted to see and I did see, a guy that recognized the mistakes he made, and then he’s going to work hard to correct them,” Meyer said. “No. 1 was ball security, that was the No. 1 issue.” Miller said Wednesday the coaching staff made him carry a ball during team stretches to practice ball security. “It’s always just keep it tight when I take off and run, QB run or anything like that,” Miller said. “Throughout the stretching at the beginning of practice, it’s ‘hold it tight.’ They had me hold the ball throughout the whole stretch.” Although ball security has been a big focus for the coaching staff, it might not be the only issue Miller is struggling with. Miller said his knee made it difficult to run the way

he wanted to against Northwestern, but he is almost back to full health. “I’d say just a little bit on my cutting-wise and you know,” Miller said. “Just not my old self in running a little bit, but I’m still working on it, it should be good.”

continued as Braxton on 3A Photo illustration by: KAYLA BYLER / Managing editor of design Photo by: SHELBY LUM / Photo editor

Junior quarterback Braxton Miller (5) plays in a game against Wisconsin Sept. 28 at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 31-24.

It has been 91 days since the search began.

Presidential Search

Tressel, Kasich and Colbert among suggested OSU presidents LIZ YOUNG Campus editor Jim Tressel, Chris Spielman, Eddie George – Ohio State football legends, but it isn’t a sports story. Condoleezza Rice, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kasich and John Glenn. No, it’s not about elected politicians, either. Nicolas Cage, Bill Nye and Stephen Colbert made the list, too. The subject matter, however, has nothing to do with TV or entertainment. There were roughly 250 individuals suggested as candidates, some entered multiple times, through the Ohio State presidential search website as of Sept. 23, according to a document emailed to The Lantern Oct. 2 by OSU spokesman Gary Lewis to fill a public records request filed Sept. 16. Of those submissions, the candidates range from those already working at OSU, such as Vice President for Student Life Javaune Adams-Gaston, to those who hold high administrative positions at other universities, such as University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan,

to those who are former employees of OSU, including former OSU football coach Jim Tressel. Of those candidates, some felt the nominations were a compliment. “I am obviously very flattered by that. I’m sure the people that filled up the pages know of my fondness for Ohio State and I’m sure one of the characteristics that many people have for their president is that they want someone that loves Ohio State,” Tressel said in an interview with The Lantern Oct. 16. “I think it’s been pretty well documented how I feel.” Tressel’s name was suggested by 29 people, ranging from students and alumni to anonymous commenters. He said he thinks people partly suggested him because of his current role as vice president for student success at the University of Akron. “I’m in higher education and they might not know many other people in higher education,” Tressel said. “I’m not sure I’ve had the experience dealing with all the components that it would take to run a place like Ohio State but nevertheless it’s flattering that someone would mention me … I take it as a very heartfelt compliment but I wouldn’t pretend to sit

here and promote myself as a candidate for one of the great universities of America.” Tressel resigned from OSU May 30, 2011, after compiling a 106-22 record in his more than 10 years as OSU’s football coach and leading the Buckeyes to a national championship in his second season at the school. His resignation came in the wake of the Tattoo-gate scandal, where some OSU players were found to be receiving improper benefits. Former OSU quarterback Craig Krenzel laughed at being nominated to become the next university president. “You know, I’d be good,” he said in an interview with The Lantern Thursday. “Actually, I look at the office of a presidency at a university and it’s a leadership position, and it’s something for somebody who can come in and gauge the students but still put the university – from a curriculum standpoint, academically, fiscally – set it up for the future. I mean, that’s their job as president at a place like this. It’s to come in and rule for the now but build for the future.” Krenzel said he hopes the person chosen will deeply care about OSU.

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‘Natty Caddy’ commanding attention on OSU’s campus CAMERON RODA Lantern reporter

CHELSEA SAVAGE / Lantern photographer

The Natty Caddy, a University Village bus, has panel advertisements for Natural Light beer covering its exterior.

Ohio State students thirsty for a cold one on their sun-soaked walks to class might not welcome the newest addition to the University Village bus fleet. The off-campus apartment complex unveiled its Natural Light bus in July, nicknamed the Natty Caddy, featuring panel advertisements for the beer that cover the exterior of the bus, said national marketing director of Homestead U Ryan McGahan. Homestead U is a property management company responsible for University Village along with other properties in the greater Columbus area, McGahan said.

University Village representatives referred The Lantern to McGahan for comment. The Natty Caddy, along with four other University Village buses, makes multiple trips daily on a seven-stop route to transport tenants to and from the OSU campus, McGahan said. University Village, located at 505 Harley Drive off of Olentangy River Road, operates its buses every weekday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and every weekend from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., according to the University Village website. While four of University Village’s traditional red-coated buses are still shuttling tenants, who need an ID to ride any of the University Village buses, only one bus dons the Natural Light beer advertisements, McGahan said. He said University Village was approached by a public relations company in California

this summer about ways the property could better promote itself. McGahan declined to disclose the name of the company responsible for setting up the partnership. Anheuser-Busch Companies, LLC, which makes Natural Light, and University Village reached a deal in early 2013 that sets the Natural Light bus advertisements to continue through July 2014, McGahan said. McGahan declined to disclose the cost of the deal with Anheuser-Busch. He said the deal was something University Village did to help separate itself from its competitors. “It was just a way to stand out, differentiate ourselves from the competition and really push that UV resident lifestyle,” McGahan said. “It is a great place to live, we have great amenities and this bus is just bringing more attention to the property.”

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OSU club’s mission: ‘Pink Out’ OSU for breast cancer awareness Stacie Jackson Lantern reporter One Ohio State organization became an official club this year after selling pink T-shirts for two years without any university support in an effort to “pink out” Ohio Stadium. The club’s official status, however, doesn’t mean it was an easy road there. Pink Out at OSU, an organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research, has faced difficulties since becoming an official club, mainly the challenge of making sure the club’s ideas and plans were made consistent with those of the university. Jim Ellia, a fifth-year in strategic communication and director of marketing and public relations for Pink Out at Ohio State, said it was an obstacle keeping consistent communication with the university and conforming to plans the university had already set for this year’s pink out at Ohio Stadium. “When we weren’t an official club, we had a lot more freedom to do what we wanted to do and didn’t have to play by the school’s rulebook,” Ellia said.

Ellia said the organization wanted to become an officially recognized OSU club so it would be “easier to get official support.” “It was hard to get a lot of support the last two years since we were just an independent group with no official backing from OSU,” Ellia said. Ellia said the club wanted this year’s T-shirt to read “Pink Out at Ohio State,” but the university had already planned the theme “Buckeyes Go Pink.” It was difficult getting a T-shirt template approved by OSU Trademark and Licensing because the club was told they could not use “Pink Out” in their logo, Ellia said. OSU spokesman Gary Lewis said in an email the students created the club, not the event itself. “The theme ‘Buckeyes Go Pink’ was determined best because it can be used for any game/ opponent and can be used beyond football for other sports,” Lewis said. “‘Pink Out’ was also potentially at risk of trademark infringement as there are approximately 27 open pending registrations with the words Pink Out.” Lewis said by incorporating the word “Buckeye,” the theme became inclusive of all those supporting Ohio State cancer research and

Courtesy of Jim Ellia

Members of Pink Out at Ohio State pose with a check for nearly $3,000 to be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure Jan. 13, 2012. the Wexner Medical Center James Comprehensive Cancer Center. This year’s T-shirts have the “Buckeyes Go Pink” logo as well as the Pink Out at Ohio State club name, Ellia said, and the club will be selling the shirts. Last year, the organization sold 2,300 shirts and raised $12,000. Half of that sum, $6,000, was donated to the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research and $6,000 was donated

to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, Ellia said. The club has raised about $2,000 so far this year through online shirt sales, and the club plans to sell shirts on the Oval and at the RPAC from Monday through Oct. 25, Jessica Chevrolet, a third-year in anthropology and president of Pink Out at Ohio State said in an email. Lewis said the Pink Out at Ohio State student organization’s passion is notable. “They have been very successful to date and taking their program to the next level simply required a little better understanding of the trademark differences between an organization’s name, a sponsored event and the considerations of scaling a marketing program,” Lewis said. Chevrolet said the club went through several steps to become official. “We had to find an adviser, the president, treasurer and the adviser had to go through special training sessions. I had to fill out online registration forms, write a constitution, come up with goals and create a roster of the officers,” Chevrolet said in an email. She said the club has not received any funding from OSU because it hasn’t yet applied.

continued as Pink on 3A

University affordability to command USG’s attention Mario Robertson Lantern reporter Ohio State students might see the cost of attending OSU drop because of the Commission to Rethink Access, organized by the Undergraduate Student Government and dedicated to addressing the issue of college affordability. The Commission to Rethink Access, a group of at least six USG members, will focus on researching, formulating and presenting a list of recommendations to the USG president and vice president by Nov. 5 aiming to make OSU more affordable for students, USG President Taylor Stepp said. “I see no issue better worth USG’s attention … our students here leave on average with $27,000 in debt,” Stepp said. “To me that is unacceptable. I think that we are doing our students a disservice when we saddle students with that much debt … it is frustrating to me that we have allowed ourselves to get to this point.”

I wanted to include some more people to this conversation because frankly we need some new, diverse and fresh perspectives on this. Taylor Stepp Undergraduate Student Government president For the 2013-14 academic year, tuition for in-state students is more than $10,000 per semester and nearly $26,000 for out-of-state students. Room and board costs $10,800 per semester for all on-campus students, according to the OSU Undergraduate Admissions website. USG plans to turn its attention to the issue in the next few weeks, Stepp said. The committee intends to focus on researching the issue as a whole, rather than looking at what other schools are doing, to try to find different ways


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to make OSU more affordable, said Michael Ringle, a fourth-year in political science and a member of the Commission to Rethink Access. “We will be looking at some approaches taken by other universities, but frankly as a student body and a student government, Ohio State is well far in advance on student issues than most other universities of our caliber,” Ringle said. “We will be doing some independent research in regards to the debt that a lot of undergraduate students are compiling.” Ringle added the commission will also be looking at possible funding solutions that could be enacted to decrease debt and will explore different expenditure approaches that could help mitigate the high cost of college for students. Stepp was unsure about when USG will make these findings public. “I would venture to say that these will be a part of my state (of the) university speech and I will be able to reveal them then,” Stepp said. “Hopefully, I will be able to make the findings public sometime in November.”

Stepp was not able to disclose the date of the speech. “We are not ready to go public on the date and we also will not ready to fully commit that this will be in the speech,” Stepp said in an email. “There are still plenty of moving parts.” The commission will be made of both appointed and elected USG members who will bring fresh perspectives to the issue, Stepp said over the phone. “I wanted to include some more people to this conversation because frankly we need some new diverse and fresh perspectives on this,” Stepp said. “I think this group being as diverse as it is, and having the different experiences and visions that they each have from not only their own circumstances but what this university can be, is very powerful.” Visit for the rest of this story.

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Issue 88/Thursday The article ‘US Congress passes bill to end shutdown’ stated Vice Chair of OSU College Republicans Miranda Onnen was interviewed via email, when in fact, Onnen spoke to The Lantern over the phone.

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continuations Miller, though, is still a valuable leader for OSU, senior wide receiver Corey “Philly” Brown said after the game against Northwestern. “He’s still vocal. He’s still going to tell us what we need to do,” Brown said. “He’s the quarterback of the team so whenever he talks, everybody listens, and we’re just going to follow his lead and go where we need to go.” Miller will look to right his wrongs from the previous game when the Buckeyes kick off against the

Presidents from 1A “Whoever they choose, when it’s the Ohio State University, it’s going to be somebody who’s more than qualified. I really hope it’s somebody that really understands the importance of all the different facets, the different types of campus life,” Krenzel said. “Not somebody that’s overpowering academically, but you don’t want somebody who’s there for nothing but the fundraising and athletics. Somebody that has a really good balance to position this university to be a global institution for decades to come.” Others who were suggested for the presidency said they’re not a serious candidate. “I appreciate the confidence of whoever made that suggestion, but I am not a candidate for president of the Ohio State University. I am quite sure our search committee will find just the right president for our institution,” Adams-Gaston said in a statement emailed to The Lantern by Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs. Presidential Search Committee advisory subcommittee convener Deborah Jones Merritt said in late September all submissions have been noted and put into spreadsheets for committee members to look at. “We have been printing those and distributing them periodically to the whole committee,” Merritt said, adding that even joke submissions like “Ally Gator” have been included in the notes. “The committee is absolutely getting all of that,” Merritt said. Her name was submitted by an anonymous staff member, as was OSU Board of Trustees Chairman Robert Schottenstein and Search Committee Chairman Jeffrey Wadsworth’s — submitted twice by different faculty members. None are serious about the suggestion, though, said OSU assistant vice president of media and public relations Gayle Saunders in an emailed statement. “While they appreciate the fact that someone submitted their names, Ohio State Board of Trustees Chairman Robert H. Schottenstein, Presidential Search Committee Chairman and trustee Jeffrey Wadsworth and Professor Deborah Jones Merritt, convener of the Presidential Search Advisory Subcommittee, are not candidates for the position. They continue their focus on the work of the Presidential Search Selection and Advisory subcommittees,” the statement said. • Actor Nicolas Cage was submitted once by an anonymous student • Actor and former professional bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger was nominated four times • TV show host Bill Nye, perhaps best known as “Bill Nye the Science Guy” was suggested twice • Actress Betty White was submitted once anonymously • Goat of “Goat for Undergraduate Student Government,” a joke campaign started Spring Semester 2013, was submitted once by an anonymous student • USG President Taylor Stepp and Vice President Josh Ahart were each nominated once, by an anonymous alumni and a student, respectively • TV show host Stephen Colbert was submitted once by a student Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s name was submitted nearly 60 times. Rice is set to be part of the College Football Playoff selection committee in 2014, which will work similarly to the committee that picks teams for the NCAA

Pink from 2A OSU Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs said Student Life works with any student clubs with a funding request. “We are willing and eager to work with any student organization and their funding needs,” Isaacs said. He did not specifically discuss the Pink Out at OSU club. The group currently has 60 active members, Chevrolet said. She said becoming official gives students an extra opportunity to get involved with a cause they care about. “Many of our members, including myself, have

Hawkeyes Saturday, scheduled for 3:30 p.m. at Ohio Stadium. For Miller, success will depend on if he is able to get back to the standard he’s set for himself. “I wasn’t fully myself throughout the whole game,” Miller said. “Playing on grass a little bit, you know, little bit on my running, I just wasn’t my old self, I felt like and you know just got to keep getting healthy, getting treatment on it and just get back to my old ways.”

basketball tournament. She is also a professor of political economy and political science at Stanford University. Other politicians suggested included Ohio Gov. John Kasich, former Ohio Sen. John Glenn, former U.S. President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Other former OSU-affiliates were nominated, too — former OSU linebacker Chris Spielman and OSU football “97.1 The Fan” talk show host Mike Ricordati were on the list alongside former OSU running backs and Heisman Trophy winners Eddie George and Archie Griffin, who won the trophy twice. OSU football coach Urban Meyer was recommended, as well as former OSU Board of Trustees Leslie Wexner, the CEO of Limited Brands, Inc. Some people, including multiple OSU students, nominated themselves, and at least one OSU alumna nominated her father. One comment mentioned OSU Executive Vice President and Provost Joseph Steinmetz, saying a businessman would be the best choice for the next OSU president because his or her corporate knowledge would balance out Steinmetz’s academic experience. Steinmetz said in an interview with The Lantern Oct. 8, though, those specifics don’t matter as much as other qualities. “What is most is important is the understanding of what an academic institution is all about. I think whether the person now is in industry, or government or (academia) is not as important to me as somebody who has that understanding,” he said. “I haven’t looked at any of those sites so I had no idea, but I’m kind of flattered. The idea here is that I am an academic through and through … So I think my strength is that I can give anybody selected advice on that side of the house, and I can do that if that person comes out of the traditional academic areas or if that person comes out of a non-traditional background.” Former OSU President E. Gordon Gee announced his retirement June 4, days after controversial remarks Gee made at a Dec. 5 OSU Athletic Conference meeting became public. Comments about Notre Dame and the Southeastern Conference in particular brought national attention. Gee’s name, however, was suggested on the presidential search website more than 50 times. A Sept. 15 university statement said all candidates and finalists of the presidential search will be kept private. The finalized presidential profile, an eight-page document which describes the qualities of the ideal next president meant to be sent to potential candidates, was released Oct. 2. The document is set to be formally approved by the Board at its Nov. 7 and 8 meeting. The Presidential Search Committee’s advisory subcommittee expected to be finished with the university portrait, a 30 to 40 page document intended to be a recruitment tool to inform candidates of OSU’s attractive qualities, by the end of October or the first week of November as of Oct. 7, OSU spokesman Gary Lewis said in an email Thursday. Wadsworth said July 19 the process is expected to take about 300 days based on how long searches take at other universities considering outside candidates. Grant Miller contributed to this article.

a very personal connection to raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research,” Chevrolet said. Chevrolet said in a text message that her grandmother was a cancer survivor and three other family members had breast cancer at some point. This year’s Ohio Stadium pink out is scheduled for Oct. 26 when OSU is set to take on Penn State at 8 p.m. “At the end of the day, our efforts are all for a good cause,” Ellia said. “Whether it’s our club or OSU pushing it, the goal is all the same. We are going to see a pink stadium this year.”



@theLantern 3A

campus Homecoming float competition a chance for some groups to shine By The Numbers

MARIO ROBERTSON Lantern reporter

$1000 first place prize

One Ohio State student organization is aiming to recreate the spirit of the Buckeyes’ 2002 BCS National Championship win in an unusual way. FarmHouse International Fraternity is looking to win first place Friday at the homecoming parade with its National Championship-themed float. “With how well the team is looking this year and our history of excellence, we wanted to do a tribute to maybe getting a national championship this year,” said Cambell Parrish, a fifth-year in strategic communication and FarmHouse member who is involved with constructing of the float. “This year, the elements included (in our float) are Brutus in the stadium hoisting up the National Championship crystal (trophy) and he is going to be kissing it, just like all the coaches and players do after they win.” The fraternity won first place at the parade last year. The floats are judged as the parade is taking place using a 15-point rubric to determine the first, second and third place winners, which receive monetary prizes and trophies, said Jenna Mackey, a fourth-year in accounting and economics and the logistics chair for the homecoming parade. “The prizes are $1,000 for first place, $500 for second place and $250 third place,” Mackey said. “Five points are for creativity, five points for overall

21 supply kits provided to student groups $231 cost of each supply kit 101 years of OSU Homecomings 35* vehicles 25* floats that participate in the parade *about

MADISON CURTIS / Lantern Designer

polish — how well it comes together — and then five points are for Ohio State spirit and representation of homecoming.” Participation in the parade and float building supply kits are free for all internal organizations, Mackey said. “Student organizations that want to build floats can apply to get supply kits, so we have 21 supply kits going out to student organizations,” Mackey said. “They will be assisted with supplies, tools and construction by Facilities Operations and Development and other student organizations.” The kits cost $231 each, paid for out of the homecoming parade budget and not including the cost of paint and “extra pomps” given out as needed, Student Life specialities group supervisor

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James Smithson said in an email. He added some of the cost is offset by supplies that aren’t used and are returned. The parade budget is funded by the Office of Student Life and from various donors, Mackey said. The homecoming parade is expected to have about 65 participating entrants, including student organizations, the OSU Marching Band and the vehicles that will carry the homecoming court, Mackey said. “Of those entries we have about 25 actual floats, and then we have a number of groups that will just be walking with a banner,” Mackey said. “There is really a diverse range of participants.” The parade is set to have about 35 vehicles, which will carry the Columbus campus homecoming court and others including Interim President Joseph Alutto, Vice President of Student Life Javaune Adams-Gaston and John Davis, a distinguished alumnus who will be the grand marshal of the parade, Mackey said. FarmHouse placed first last year in the float competition with a float dedicated to the tradition of the OSU Marching Band. “Brutus the Buckeye was standing in a stadium and he was a sousaphone player dotting the ‘i.’ Brutus would bend up and down as the ‘i’ dotter does after he dots the ‘i,’” Parrish said. Last year’s win helped to motivate FarmHouse to improve their design, Parrish said. “Each year we are extremely competitive with it,” Parrish said. “By no means do we win it every year, but we always try to finish toward that upper end.

Natty from 1A Anheuser-Busch did not respond to multiple requests for comment. Homestead U operates similar buses advertising Natural Light on other college campuses in Ohio and around the country, including Ohio University, University of Arizona and Texas Tech University, McGahan said. Although many students on campus are not of legal drinking age, McGahan said University Village is not aiming to influence or offend anyone with the Natural Light ads. “Our intention is not to bring any negative effects to students with our bus. We have special duty police officers and trained staff at all our events that serve alcohol to make sure no underage students drink,” McGahan said. University Village hosts events for its tenants throughout the semester. McGahan said University Village has not been

It’s a great way to show school spirit and a great way to showcase our fraternity. I think each year what motivates us is to do a little bit better than the year before.” Parrish said FarmHouse does not have a specific process for construction. “(Float construction) is basically on the fly as we are putting things together … there is a background there, but it is not an extremely scientific process,” Parrish said. “It is more of an organic thing … it usually takes a couple of potential fixes to actually get it right.” Other organizations have had similar difficulties making their designs a reality. “Day one, the biggest challenge was getting our design down,” said George Williams, a fourth-year in dentistry and a member of the College of Dentistry Student Government Association, which came in second place in the 2012 parade. “What we had on paper wasn’t necessarily working out so we were kind of figuring it out as we went.” The parade is set to proceed from Ohio Stadium to the Ohio Union, Mackey said. Hearing the cheers and seeing the awe on the faces of the crowd during the parade is one of the best rewards for the members of FarmHouse, Parrish said. “That makes it worth all the time and effort that we put in,” Parrish said. “It is a really good feeling that we have afterwards … it’s definitely one of our favorite things that we do throughout the year.”

contacted by OSU about the Natural Light bus advertisements, and he would not count on it happening in the future. “I don’t expect them to (contact us). I feel that if it was an issue, they would have contacted us by now,” McGahan said. Dave Isaacs, OSU Student Life spokesman, said OSU has no voice in the matter. “University Village is not affiliated with the Ohio State University and we have no control or any say in who they sell advertisements to for their buses,” Isaacs said. Some students who live at University Village, like first-year in business administration Junyi Liu, said the Natty Caddy is a nice switch from the norm. “It’s a good thing for UV,” Liu said. “All of my friends at OSU always ask me ‘Is that a real bus?’ and when I tell them it is, they say, ‘No way.’” Liu also said he doesn’t think students around campus have a problem with the bus.

“I don’t think they really care. Most students will laugh and find it funny, but it isn’t hurting anyone,” Liu said. Some students, though, said they have noticed it and are not impressed. “I thought it was crazy, even if it’s not officially associated with OSU,” said Courtney DeRoche, a third-year in international studies. “The bus doesn’t send a very professional message on this campus and if I were a parent here to visit my child, I’d be pretty disheartened when I saw that bus.” Second-year in exercise science Gee Mensah said he doesn’t understand why the bus services OSU’s campus. “I understand why they (University Village) do it from a business standpoint, but I think it’s just kind of stupid,” Mensah said. “It makes sense with college kids around, but they’re basically advertising beer every day to a bunch of underage students.”

Are you ready to PINK out the shoe? Get ready to PINK out TheLantern!

vs. Keep an eye out for our football friday PINK edition of TheLantern October 25th


Friday October 18, 2013

Just a glimpse of halloween events around Columbus, for more information check the event websites.

Concerts, Shows & Festivals

Orchards & Maizes

9/27 - 10/25 (Fridays) • Heebie Jeebies Family Film

Pumpkin Patch • Franklin Park Conservatory

Series, Gateway Film Center, 11 am & 3 pm

Oct. 19th • All Hallow’s Eve, Ohio Village

5:30 - 9:30 pm

Oct. 19th • Pole & Aerial Showcase, Infinity Aerial, 7 pm Oct. 22nd • Ghost Bros. of Darkland County, Palace Theatre, 8 pm

Cornmaze, Hayride, Pumpkin Picking & More • Circle S. Farms Pumpkin & Apple Picking • Lynd Fruit Farms Pumpkin Patch & Hayrides • Devine Farms Pumpkin Patch & Petting Farm • Lehner’s Farm The MAIZE • Little Darby Creek Apple Picking • CherryHawk Farm

Oct. 25th • Highball Halloween, Short North 6pm-1am Oct. 25th - 26th • Highball Masquerade on High Oct. 25th • Dia de los Muertos, 10:30 pm • Tommy Petch / (614) Dance,11:20 pm


Oct. 26th • Dogtober Pet Costume Contest, 2:30 pm

• HighBall Costume Contest,10 pm Nov. 2 • Murder Mystery Dinner, Wyandotte Winery, 7:30 pm - 11 nd

Bar Events

October 25th • Frite Nite 3- Miler, Gahanna Golf Course October 25th • 5k Costume Zoom, Highball Masquerade on High October 26th • 35th Annual Great Pumpkin Run, Grandview Middle School Gym October 26th • Orphan Run, Glacier Ridge Metro Park, Dublin October 26th • Trick or Trot 5k Run/Walk, Hoffman Farms

Oct. 24th • Trick or Treat for Grown-Ups, Strongwater, 6:30 - 9:30 pm Oct. 26th • Halloween Frazzletown, Skully’s, 8 pm Oct. 26th • BITE Halloween Bash with/ JujuBee, Axis Nightclub, 10 pm

Haunted Houses Scareatorium - Northland Plaza Dead Acres - Haunted Hoochie The Creep Haunted House - Camp Wyandot The Experience - Dark Woods, Ostrander, OH Haunted Prison Experience 2013 Supernatural - Ohio State Reformatory The Haunted Farm - 5450 Old Millersport Road Wilmington Haunted Hallow Ride - 1261 W. Dalton Road, Wilmington Pataskala Haunted Forest - 8838 Refugee Road 10/23 - Lantern Walking Tour - Topiary Park 10/25 - Haunted Overnight - Indian Village Outdoor Education

Friday October 18, 2013


[ a e ]

Friday October 18, 2013


thelantern editors’ music picks Dan Hope, Oller reporter

Favorite song of all time: “Stairway to Heaven” Led Zeppelin guilty pleasure song: “My Heart Will Go On” Celine Dion song that needs to stop playing: “Roar” Katy Perry

Kaily Cunningham, multimedia

Burnham to bring ‘weird comedy show’ to C-Bus Halie Williams Arts editor Two Comedy Central albums, an EP, an MTV series, millions of YouTube views and several comedy tours are just a few of the things under Bo Burnham’s belt, but this success isn’t something he thinks too much about. “I always think if I stop and smell the roses, I’ll faint or something,” Burnham, who posted his first Youtube video in 2006, said in an interview with The Lantern. “So I just try to keep my head down and work because the attention and all that stuff could be gone tomorrow.” Burnham is slated to perform 8 p.m. Saturday at the Capitol Theatre, performing his stand-up show, “what.” Despite the success Burnham has achieved, he tries to stay modest, attributing his accomplishments and popularity to hard work. “It’s very calculated for me. I grew up doing theater so my persona on stage is like, ‘How can I act where it will make the material as funny as possible?” he said. “It’s not like, ‘Oh all these people are laughing at me, I’m just so naturally funny,’ or anything, it’s more that I work hard on a performance and get something back from that during a performance — it helps me to sort of distance myself from the ego inflation that I think would come otherwise.” At 23 years old, the Hamilton, Mass.-native can add published poet to his resume, which already includes comedian, actor, Internet celebrity and singer-songwriter. Burnham recently released a book of poetry Oct. 1, titled “Egghead: or, You Can’t Survive on Ideas Alone.” “For me, someone who’s grown up on Shel Silverstein and has gotten older and cynical and maybe a little dirty and maybe a little weird … it’s sort of like Shel Silverstein except a little more for adults,” he said. Burnham, who already utilizes poetry in his standup, decided to publish a book of poetry when he realized the amount he had written. “In my stand-up shows the last couple years, I’ve

Courtesy of Chance Bone

Bo Burnham is scheduled to perform at Capitol Theatre Oct. 19. been reading poetry and I started to write more of it and it started to pile up in a way that I couldn’t put it in my show,” he said. “So I just started to put it aside and all of a sudden, it seemed to stack up in something that was like 500 poems or something and (I thought if) I were to edit and cut these down, there could actually be something worthy of people’s time — and it was also nice that for once I could sort of write without having to worry about getting a laugh every single five seconds, which is somewhat limiting.”

Some material in “Egghead” might resemble Burnham’s stand-up, but not all of the poems are comedic, he said. “There are definitely poems that could be right out of the stand-up,” Burnham said. “Then, hopefully, there are other ones slightly maybe more serious, or a little more sad then you’ve seen. I hope it’s more a complete picture of the mind that makes my stand-up. I think that my stand-up has to be a little more of a narrow thing that’s closer to just comedy.” Burnham intends to read poetry during his live show Saturday, but he said it won’t be the focus of his performance. “There’s lights and a lot of sounds and it’s loud and hopefully very fun,” he said. “Sort of just a weird rock ‘n’ roll kind of comedy show.” Sara Meng, a fourth-year in communication, said she would be interesting in seeing Burnham live because he is unlike any other comedian. “I used to watch his YouTube videos all the time,” Meng said. “He’s a lot different than a lot of comedians out there right now. I’d definitely be interested in going to his show.” Chelsea Weaver, a third-year in English and member of 8th Floor Improv, agreed. “I really like Bo Burnham, I’ve liked him for a while,” she said. “I think he’s a very smart comedian, he has a lot of jokes in his songs. I would go see him.” Saturday will be Burnham’s second time performing at the Capitol Theatre, he was last there December 2010, and he said he’s thrilled to be back. “I like performing in Columbus, that’s my favorite part of the country to perform in. I feel like people are so gracious and so intelligent, a smart crowd — they get things right away,” he said. “Always the best combination of all the niceness of the Midwest with also the intelligence of a city crowd.” Capitol Theatre is located at 77 S. High St. Tickets are available for $34.80, after fees, through Ticketmaster. Meghan Wallis contributed to this story.

Comedy group The Birthday Boys land self-titled sketch show on IFC Favorite song of all time: “Sweater Weather” The Neighbourhood guilty pleasure song: “Call Me Maybe” Carly Rae Jepsen song that needs to stop playing: “Royals” Lorde

Daniel Rogers, asst. sports

Favorite song of all time: “Solsbury Hill” Peter Gabriel guilty pleasure song: “MMMBop” Hanson song that needs to stop playing: “We Can’t Stop” Miley Cyrus SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS

Danielle Seamon Asst. arts editor Let it be known The Birthday Boys have a couple of reasons to celebrate. For one, the comedy sketch group is set to secure air time on the Independent Film Channel among the company of cult hits “Portlandia” and “Comedy Bang! Bang!” Furthermore, the boys have “Breaking Bad’s” Saul Goodman and Zoolander on their side as actors and producers. The Birthday Boys’ self-titled show premieres Friday on IFC, featuring a cast of seven guys, including Jefferson Dutton, Dave Ferguson, Michael Hanford, Tim Kalpakis, Matt Kowalick, Mike Mitchell and Chris VanArtsdalen, and the help of executive producers Bob Odenkirk and Ben Stiller. To distinguish their show from other sketch comedies on IFC like “Portlandia” and “Comedy Bang Bang,” both of which Ferguson described as “fresh alternative voices in comedy,” Ferguson explained The Birthday Boys will stick to their comedic point of view. Although the cast is a group of men, Hanford insists their comedy is not “lewd or crude.” “We start with a really fun concept,” Hanford said. “If it goes in an off-color direction, we just pursue whatever makes most sense. We aren’t just trying to be stupid or crass or meatheads.” In one of The Birthday Boys’ sketches, the comedy group plays an office of businessmen unable to find a way to raise numbers for the next fiscal quarter, Ferguson explained. “They’re screwed, but one guy has a great idea and just says, ‘You know, the numbers might not be so good, but after all, nothing matters. We are all going to die anyway,’” Ferguson said. Ferguson said the office erupts in joy and camaraderie by the fact that nothing really matters, celebrating a dark truth. “We like big, smart, silly sketch ideas,” Hanford said. “So we kind of gravitate to a voice that is sometimes really cinematic and, you know, we’re parodying big movie genres, big stupid stuff. And sometimes, we’ll get kind of oddly emotional or dark in a context you wouldn’t expect it.” The Birthday Boys originated their sketch group in 2007 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. The group’s name, Ferguson explained, was derived from an effort to create an avenue for the audience to relate to their comedy. “The things that we (The Birthday Boys) laughed at were a little bit inclusive of each other,” Ferguson said. “We tried to think of a name that showed we had something in common, and we thought it would be funny if the thing we had in common is something that everyone has, like a birthday, or the fact that you are a human.” Over the course of several years, Hanford explained, producer and actor Odenkirk caught wind of their comedy. Since then, Odenkirk has become “the honorary eighth member” of The Birthday Boys, according to IFC’s press release. As of late, Odenkirk has been of the “Breaking Bad” fame, known for his character of criminal lawyer Saul Goodman on AMC’s dark comedy and drama. Ferguson said the biggest perk of working with Odenkirk for the IFC show was

Courtesy of Robyn Von Swank / IFC

The Birthday Boys pose with executive producer Bob Odenkirk. The Birthday Boys’ self-titled show is scheduled to premiere at 10:30 p.m. Oct. 18 on IFC. knowing all the “Breaking Bad” spoilers before the episodes aired and having his sense of humor complement that of The Birthday Boys. “Bob’s whole mission in life (is) comedy, especially sketch comedy and characters,” Hanford said. “This chapter of ‘Breaking Bad’ in his life has been this amazing deepening of his career … into this new dramatic avenue. As far as our hope on how people will respond (to Odenkirk on ‘The Birthday Boys’), it’s a return to form for Bob. It’s where he probably feels most comfortable.” “The Birthday Boys” also serves as a sort of reunion for Odenkirk and Stiller, who worked together on sketch comedy show “The Ben Stiller Show” in the ‘90s. “I don’t know if you are familiar with the term ‘gaffer.’ It’s kind of a lighting expert, electrical wizard. Turns out Ben Stiller has a way with crimping wires, and, so, we have him in our group,” Hanford joked. “And also, we found out (Stiller) is a really funny and great performer, so we used him in a couple of sketches. He’ll show up in an episode. It’s great,” Ferguson said. Jake Fernberg, a second-year in English and member of 8th Floor Improv, is familiar with The Birthday Boys and is planning to tune in and keep up with their new show. Fernberg said he likes the group’s comedy because “they are not very mainstream, but they are doing what they want to do.” “Based on (The Birthday Boys’) sketches, (their comedy) is … parody. It’s very goofy, and (they are) very self-aware that they are being very goofy,” Fernberg said. Visit for the rest of this story.

The Little Donut Shop opens under The Big Bar & Grill, debuting about 15 different flavors Chelsea Savage Senior Lantern reporter A donut shop located right under a bar sounds like a no brainer, right? Located at 1716 N. High St. underneath The Big Bar & Grill, The Little Donut Shop is the latest opening for the group that owns Big Bar, The Little Bar and The Little Barbershop. “We thought it would work down here on High Street. There are other places you can get donuts, but nothing quite like this. It’s a little bit more interesting, a little more fun. It’s something you don’t see all the time, and we thought there was a niche for it,” said Todd Ciardelli, one of the group’s managers. The Little Donut Shop opened Sept. 21, debuting about 15 flavor concoctions including maple bacon, strawberry shortcake and a classic vanilla. Mark LaHue, a third-year in finance and manager of the shop, says the Little Donut Shop is different from some of its competitors. “We have everything fresh, we don’t make a ton for the whole day. We have them ready. Every hour and a half we’re making more,” LaHue said.

Matthew Lovett / Lantern photographer

A look inside The Little Donut Shop, located at 1716 N. High St. Since its debut, LaHue said the shop has had some struggles with its location, but overall has done well and has received a positive response from customers so far. “I think a lot of people don’t know we’re here. Some people are

confused. They think we took over Big Bar but it’s really been picking up and we’ve had a good, steady stream of people,” LaHue said. Laura Roccaforte, a fourth-year in speech and hearing science, said she thinks the Little Donut Shop will be successful. “It’s a fantastic idea, I think it’ll get a lot of business, especially being right next to the bar,” Roccaforte said. Pete Darouxis, manager of Buckeye Donuts, located at 1998 N. High St., said he thinks the Little Donut Shop is not “gonna last more than a month.” “I think for the first few weeks, there’s gonna be a lot of people over there out of curiosity, but then I think all of our regular customers will start coming back and (the Little Donut Shop) won’t last,” Darouxis said. The Little Donut Shop is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. but the group plans to extend those hours in the near future. “We have plans to expand to late night hours, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. It’s not set in stone yet, but that will be coming soon,” Ciardelli said. The donuts are $1 each, a half dozen is $5 and a dozen is $8. As far as flavors go, Ciardelli says nothing is off limits. “Right now, we’re sticking to these (flavors) until we’re a little bit more established, but the sky’s the limit with creativity and what we can put onto a donut.”


classifieds Unfurnished Rentals

Unfurnished 1 Bedroom

Unfurnished 5+ Bedroom


NORTH OSU Area One Bedroom, Off-Street Parking, Kitchen, Living Room, A/C, Free Laundry Facilities, $495/mo. Contact 614-203-2304.

#1 LOCATIONS: 184 East 15th, 66 East Northwood, 34 West Oakland, 187 East Northwood and many more. All homes are in spectacular condition, to see a full list: http://www.veniceprops. com/properties


RENTS LOWERED • 1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms • 2 Full Baths In 2 & 3 Bedrooms • Intercom Ctrl Lobby • Garage Available • Elevator • Window Treatments INCL

FROM $475.00


FROM $505.00 885-9840 OSU AVAIL. NOW


SPECIAL $100 DEPOSIT 1 B.R. apts. stove, refrig., Gas heat, laundry Carpet and air cond. available NO PETS PLEASE $385 268-7232

OSU/GRANDVIEW KING Ave. 1&2 bdrm garden apts. AC Gas heat and hot water. Laundry facilities. Off-street parking. 294-0083.

Unfurnished 2 Bedroom 2 BEDROOM town home, 1.5 baths, central air, gas heat, basement with W/D hookup. Offstreet parking, enclosed back patio. $675/month, quiet neighborhood. 15 minutes to OSU. Ideal for OSU law students. no pets. $675/month. 614-519-2044.

AVAILABLE NOW 14th Ave. student group house. Kitchen, laundry, parking, average $300/ mo. Paid utilities, 296-8353 or 299-4521. MEDICAL COLLEGE across the street, 1 house from campus. Furnished rooming house for scholars only. Present tenants= 2 Med students, 2 PhD Engineers and a Law student. Extremely quiet and safe, as is the neighborhood. $450/month 1 year lease minimum. 614-805-4448 or

END UNIT condo off Bethel Rd for rent, 2 Bedrooms, 1 full and 2 half baths, finished basement, range, ref, microwave, & dishwasher included, central air, gas furnace, washer/dryer hookup, rear deck & attached one car garage, complex fitness center & pool No pets No Smoking $ 50 application fee, 1 month deposit ($1175) and first month’s rent ###! PART-Time Call Center Po614-538-8416 sition, 5 Minutes from campus along #2 bus line. Part time afternoons & evenings. Call 614-495-1407, Contact Helen.

Help Wanted General

POWELL AREA duplex. 1.5 baths, 1200 sq. spacious living space. Fireplace, 1 car attached garage, basement with W/D hookup, spacious backyard. No pets. $895/month. 614-519-2044 12TH AVENUE, gorgeous to inquire townhomes, completely remodeled, for more info: http://www.

Unfurnished 3 Bedroom

Furnished Rentals


70 W. Blake Ave. Unfurnished. OSU Area. 1/2 double, Hi-efficiency gas furnace, central air, hardwood floors, area rugs included, W/D, DW, off-st. parking. No pets. $1,000/mo. 1yr. lease. Day: 221-6327 Evening: 261-0853 GREAT CANAL Winchester condo for rent. Three bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, new kitchen appliances, new carpet upstairs and laminate flooring downstairs. Please call 614-260-4952.


Unfurnished 4 Bedroom #1 LOCATION 103 West Norwich, for more info: http://www. UNFURNISHED 4 bedroom house E. Tompkins Ave. OSU North campus. Renovated completely. 2 bathrooms. Off street parking, Central A/C. Gas heat. Hardwood floors throughout. Newly installed insulated windows. All new mechanicals. Appliances furnished. $1600/ month. Utilities not included. Available Sept. 15th. D. 221-6327 E. 261-0853 LOOKING FOR EMPLOYEES? Ohio State has 50,000+ students that you can reach. Call (614)2922031 for more information.

Furnished Rentals

Furnished Rentals

2ND SHIFT Part Time Order Pullers Sally Beauty Company on the West Side of Columbus is looking for individuals to join our 2nd shift operations team. Hours are M-F 3:30pm to 7:30pm and 8:00pm to Midnight. Duties include light pick of beauty supplies. Interested candidates should apply to 4309 Janitrol Road, Columbus OH, 43228. ARTISTIC STUDENT, Organized, Outgoing. Part-time. Resume; FHK designer. 1280 W. 5th Ave. Suite. 146 Col Ohio 43212 ATTN: PART TIME WORK! 10 min off campus, customer service and sales. great starting pay. Flexible around classes. All majors considered. Internship credit avail for select majors. Call 614-485-9443 for INFO.

Help Wanted General

Help Wanted General

COSI IS hiring Guest & Safety Services Associates!!! Ensure the safety and security of the COSI building and grounds and support COSI’s mission by providing direct delivery of COSI concierge style guest service. Ideal candidate is a service-oriented individual with a friendly and helpful attitude. Candidates must be flexible, energetic, and work effectively in a team-oriented environment. Ability to multi-task and remain calm in emergency situations is essential. High School diploma or equivalent required. Customer service experience is a plus. The age requirement for this position is at least 18 years old. Visit for a full job description and to apply.

Help Wanted General

Help Wanted Child Care

STRATEGIC RESEARCH Group is looking for a full-time (40 hours per week) Research Associate. Duties will include management of large databases, working with data codebooks, data entry of survey results, coding of survey responses, assisting with report formatting and preparation, and other duties as assigned. Qualified candidates will be highly proficient in MS Word and Excel and have at least some experience with data management. Candidate must also be extremely detail oriented. Experience with an analysis software program (SPSS preferred) is a bonus. Background in social science research methods preferred. Please send resume to: Strategic Research Group, Attn: Human Resources, 995 Goodale Blvd., Columbus, OH 43212 or fax to: 614-220-8845.

HIRING RESPONSIBLE and reliable babysitters! Make your own schedule, $9-$12/hr. Visit to read FAQs and to apply.

STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM Paid Survey Takers needed in Columbus. 100% free to join. Click on surveys.

TELEPHONE INTERVIEWVisit for full job ERS wanted immediately to conduct interviews for research descriptions and to apply. firm. No experience necessary. GROCERY STORE: Applica- Great part-time job for students. tions now being accepted for Evening and daytime shifts Full-time/Part-time employment. available. Apply in person at: Produce Clerk, Cashier, Deli Strategic Research Group, 995 Clerk, Stock Clerk, and Service Goodale Blvd., 2nd floor. Counter. Afternoons, evenings. Starting pay $8.50/Hr. Enjoyable work atmosphere. Must be 18 years or over. Great personalities only! Apply in person Huffman’s Market, 2140 Tremont Center, Upper Arlington (2 blocks north of Lane Ave and Tremont). HEALTHY PETS of Lewis Center looking to hire Part-Time Veterinary Assistant. Monday-Friday 4p-7p and rotating weekends. Stop in to fill out an application in person at 8025 Orange Center Dr. Lewis Center 43035 740.549.4100 HEALTHY PETS of Lewis Center looking to hire Part-Time Kennel Tech. Monday,Friday 2p-7p and rotating weekends. Stop in to fill out an application in person at 8025 Orange Center Dr. Lewis Center 43035 740.549.4100 HELP WANTED Election Day Tuesday November 5th. All day Get Out The Vote effort for Ohio bars and grocery Stores. $100 + $50bonus + $0.55 per mile. Typically $200-300 plus for day of work. Hourly shifts also available through Election Day. Apply Now! charles at 614-447-992,

THIRD & Hollywood is NOW HIRING Service & Culinary Team Members! Our successful restaurant in Grandview strives to bring together caring and intelligent people who love food and enjoy serving others. Expect a fast paced, high volume, clean and extremely professional restaurant. You will love being a part of a unique company that is locally owned, growing quickly, and absolutely committed to excellence. Please apply in person Monday Friday between 2:00 & 4:00 PM. 1433 West Third Avenue Compensation: Service Team: $19-$23/Hour + Paid Vacations Culinary Team: Hourly wage based on experience + Paid Vacations

LAB TECHNICIAN Analyze environmental samples for pollutants using EPA We look forward to meeting you! methods. Candidate must VALETS DO YOU WANT FULL TIME be accurate and detail ori- Driven. Service oriented. A ented. Opportunity to learn in a WORK? team player. Reliable. TO EARN $40,000 PER YEAR? friendly environment. Full Time/ Professional. Friendly. Part Time. Email resume to: HEALTH INSURANCE? Does this sound like you?, 401K? fax to (614) 299-4002 or mail PAID TRAINING? Currently hiring FT/PT Valets to AALI, 1025 Concord Ave., CALL MS. TURNER for various shifts throughout EVERDRY WATERPROOFING Columbus, Ohio 43212. EOE Columbus. 614-850-5600 MALE DANCERS WANTED For large downtown nightclub. In GET PAID To Play The Lottery! shape/muscular needed. Base Free Online Video Shows You pay plus tips. Email to mad- VETERINARY RECEPTIONIST needed for busy walk-in clinic. How! Free Website Included. MICRO CENTER, Bethel Road M-F 3pm to 8pm Experience - hiring TV & Electronics sales preferred. Please fax resume to reps. Professional, interested in Dr Brown 457-4646. technology, and friendly? Apply today! Flexible PT & FT shifts, tuition reimbursement & employee discount. Email mtwebb@ to apply.

Help Wanted Child Care

Furnished Rentals

OCCASIONAL $12/hr. 486-3773.

CHILDREN AND Adults with YARDWORK. Disabilities In Need of Help

ODW LOGISTICS INC. Is currently hiring for Forklift, Turret, and General Warehouse for various shifts at our Columbus location which is near campus. Please apply Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm at 3330 Groveport Road Columbus OH 43207


Care Providers and ABA Therapists are wanted to work with children/ young adults with disabilities in a family home setting or supported living setting. Extensive training is provided. This job is meaningful, allows you to learn intensively and can accommodate your class schedule. Those in all related fields, with ABA interest, or who have a heart for these missions please apply. Competitive wages and benefits. For more information, call L.I.F.E Inc. at (614) 475-5305 or visit us at www. LIFE-INC.NET

PART-TIME Research Associate wanted for an independent research firm specializing in public opinion, policy and program evaluation for state and federal agencies. Excellent position for student in social science field. Must be detail oriented person who has taken a research meth- DUBLIN TEEN needs assisodology class as part of their tance afterschool and weekends for social outings and self-help curriculum. skills. He lives with Autism Please send resume to ctidy- and loves swimming and being outside. Great family with flexman@strategicresearchgroup. ible scheduling for an energetic com and motivated college worker. PT KITCHEN Help. Must be Please call 614-216-9531 to available Saturdays. 10-40 hrs/ learn more! wk. Apply in person @ 693 N.High St. EARLY LEARNING Center Seeking committed professionSIGN SPINNERS als to become a part of a quality early learning team in our under$10-$12/hour served community. Hiring infant, Training provided toddler and preschool teachers; P/T work based on school AA/BS in ECE or Child Develschedule opment required, experience preferred. Send resume w/cover Apply online letter by fax: 614-252-9164 or email: EOE

IS HIRING for multiple after school nanny positions. This is your chance to extend your Columbus family while doing good. A nanny position is also a great resume builder. Candidates should have prior childcare experience along with reliable transportation. Pay based on experience. Apply online at join or call 614-761-3060 for more information.

P/T - Infant Teacher - Hilliard A 1-Star rated daycare with the Step Up To Quality program is looking for a part-time infant teacher to work Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00am-6:30pm. Applicants must have previous experience working with infants in a daycare setting. Applicants must also be nurturing, patient, organized, able to communicate with parents, multi-task, be in a fast-paced working environment, and physically fit. Please submit a resume to brooksedgehilliard@ for consideration. TUTOR/BABYSITTER NEEDED IN BEXLEY. Looking for a college student. (sophomore/junior is preferred). For middle school/high school aged kids in a nice central Bexley home for a very fast pace and highly active family. very flexible hrs and a pleasant, fun, fast paced environment with State-of-the-Art equipment and designated media in study rooms. Primary activities would include light tutoring, help around the house and help out with organizing kids schedules. The kids are active in sports and other afterschool activities. $10+/hr depending on experience. References and good driving record required. Nursing or Early education backgrounds are a plus. please send resume to YMCA HILLTOP Educare seeking teacher/floater 7-10am and 3-6 pm M-F for children ages 0-5. HS diploma required, free Y membership. resumes to

Help Wanted Clerical HEAR YE, hear ye! Ursus gallery has shed its brick and mortar skin and is now web based. Need a web make over. Have a site that needs a whole new look for our new web based sales. Must speak HTML and CSS. On line commerce skills not needed as sales will be done in person. Apply to 614-459-3327

Help Wanted Medical/Dental PREMIER CHOICE Developmental Disabilities Services seeks a mature, responsible, and enthusiastic person to work with a thirteen year old girl living with a developmental disability. Candidates must have at least two years education in health, human services, therapy, special education, or related field. Candidates must be able to work Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 3pm-7pm in Canal Winchester. Interested candidates should forward their resume to pcddservices@live. com.

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service BONJOUR OSU! La Chatelaine French Bakery & Bistro Restaurants are now hiring morning A.M. Counter Help (7 a.m. to 3 p.m.)and Dinner Servers (4 p.m. to 10 p.m.) We are looking for enthusiastic, personable, reliable & happy individuals who have strong work ethics & some serving experience. We are a family-owned business with 3 locations around Columbus. Long term employment preferred. Please visit one of our locations for a application & introduce yourself to the manager on duty. Upper Arlington 1550 W. Lane Avenue Worthington 627 High Street Dublin 65 W. Bridge Street Merci!

For Sale Miscellaneous

Help Wanted Restaurant/ Food Service

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Crossword Los Angeles Times, Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis Across

1 Hardly hardy 6 Wind instrument 10 Minute Rice instruction 14 Caused 15 Title lover in a 1920s Broadway hit 16 Cartoonist Peter 17 Camp Granada chronicler Sherman 18 Hipsters who prefer old-school programming languages? 20 Minute Rice instruction 21 “Knots Landing� actress __ Park Lincoln 22 Mythical transport 23 Tiny Timex? 26 Challenger, for one 27 NFL gains 28 One was written to Billie Joe 29 Bolted, say 31 Not ‘neath 32 Shot 33 It’s inspired 34 British bombshell Diana 35 Golf club used as a dance pole? 38 Literary __ 40 Hikes 41 Scam 42 Pack animal 43 Friday is one: Abbr.

44 Boxers’ org.? 45 Memphis-to-Mobile dir. 48 Register button 50 Furrier’s assessment? 53 Latin catchall 55 Garden tool 56 __ bene 57 R2D2’s bar order? 59 Kind of acid 60 Mime 61 Part of Q.E.D. 62 “A Horrible Experience of Unbearable Length� author 63 “We should!� 64 Mates 65 Two-part curves

11 Magician’s way out, maybe 12 Whole number 13 Team lists 19 Fill the hold 21 Aphid predator 24 Type of malware 25 Bristle 30 Slow flow 32 Western star makeup 33 Pop-ups, e.g. 34 Cozy retreat 35 Had to wear the winning team’s jersey, say 36 Decides 37 Viva __ 38 Like some files 39 Carbon-14, e.g. 43 Narrow cut Down 44 Scrubs 1 Carrying extra weight 45 Puts away 2 Another round, perhaps 46 Ricky Gervais’ forte 3 Goes off script 47 Demands, as payment 4 2006 World Cup champion 49 “Zut __!�: French exclamation 5 Colleague of Boris 51 In front 6 Get out 52 Hoity-toity types 7 Options above “none of the above� 54 “Great Expectations� convict Magwitch 8 Pointed end 58 Stat for Clayton Kershaw 9 Org. created by the 1964 Civil Rights Act 59 Busy one that has made its mark in this 10 Iliac lead-in puzzle’s five longest answers

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thelantern results Thursday Women’s Soccer Penn State 4, OSU 2

upcoming Friday Men’s Tennis: Midwest Regionals All Day @ Columbus Field Hockey v. Iowa 3 p.m. @ Columbus Women’s Swimming: Scarlet v. Gray 5 p.m. @ Columbus Men’s Swimming: Scarlet v. Gray 5 p.m. @ Columbus Women’s Ice Hockey v. North Dakota 8:07 p.m. @ Grand Forks, N.D.

Saturday Men’s Tennis: Midwest Regionals All Day @ Columbus Men’s Swimming: Alumni v. Varsity 11 a.m. @ Columbus Men’s Cross Country: Pre-National Invitational 11 a.m. @ Terre Haute, Ind. Women’s Cross Country: Pre-National Invitational 11:40 a.m. @ Terre Haute, Ind. Football v. Iowa 3:30 p.m. @ Columbus Women’s Ice Hockey v. North Dakota 8:07 p.m. @ Grand Forks, N.D.

5 things to watch for: OSU v. Iowa who OSU held to a season-low 74 yards, almost half his average.

eric Seger and Daniel Rogers Sports editor and Asst. sports editor and 1. How does Ohio State handle the Iowa run defense? So far this season, the Buckeye rushing game has been running on all cylinders, averaging 280.7 yards per game. But this week, they face off against an Iowa squad holding its opponents to 88.5 rushing yards, good for eighth best in the nation. If OSU’s last game against Northwestern is any indication the Buckeyes will look to run senior running back Carlos Hyde and company a lot to open up some space for the passing game. Redshirt-senior running back Jordan Hall can come in as a change of pace player to help OSU, but Halls’ usage remains in question after a joint issue in his knee kept him out against Northwestern. 2. Can Braxton Miller bounce back? After a four touchdown performance against Wisconsin in his return from an MCL sprain in his left knee, Miller struggled mightily against Northwestern. His three turnovers and no touchdowns almost cost OSU the game, and their undefeated season, but Hyde was there to pick up the slack. If the Hawkeyes can stifle Hyde and the running game Miller will need to be at his best for the Buckeyes if they hope to pull out a victory. If Miller can repeat his performance against the Badgers, the Buckeyes should take care of business, but if he struggles again the game could be a tighter affair than most expect. 3. Mark Weisman v. the Buckeye defense. Almost mirroring the battle on the other side of the ball, the sixth-ranked OSU run defense is set to face off against a strong Iowa rushing attack led by junior running back Weisman. Coming into the game, Weisman is averaging 104 yards a game on the ground, good for 21st best in the country. To prevent the upset, sophomore defensive lineman Noah Spence and company will need to win the battle up front to try and contain Weisman and the Hawkeye running game. Already this year, the Buckeyes have faced off against a high profile running back, Wisconsin sophomore Melvin Gordon,

4. Which team will shake off the rust better? It will be a full two weeks since the last time the Buckeyes played a football game, when they beat Northwestern Oct. 5. OSU coach Urban Meyer’s teams are 34-2 when they have more than one week to prepare for an opponent (includes bye weeks, season-openers and bowl games). Iowa is coming off a bye week as well, looking to get back on track in B1G play after falling to Michigan State two weeks ago. Turnovers could be abound early on, as both teams will be getting back in the swing of things after the time off. 5. How will Iowa starting quarterback Jake Rudock fare in his first start at Ohio Stadium? OSU gets to play in front of more than 100,000 people every time they play in Columbus. Kinnick Stadium, home to the Hawkeyes, only holds a little more than 70,000. Redshirt-sophomore quarterback Jake Rudock has been decent so far in 2013 (1,202 passing yards, eight touchdowns, six picks through six games), but has never played in front of a crowd like the one that will be at Ohio Stadium Saturday. How he is able to handle the noise provided by what is sure to be a charged up Buckeye Nation

Shelby Lum / Photo editor

Sophomore defensive lineman Noah Spence (8) scans the crowd during a game against Northwestern Oct. 5 at Ryan Field. OSU won, 40-30. could ultimately decide Iowa’s fate. The Buckeye secondary hasn’t exactly been rock solid even when senior safety Christian Bryant was on the field, but if Rudock struggles and turns the ball over, it could be a long night for the Hawkeyes.

2014 football video game simulation

Ohio State: 38 Ohio State Iowa

3 3

Iowa: 6

6 15 14 0 0 3

QB BRAXTON MILLER: 19/26, 190 yds, 2 TD; 12 car, 30 yds, TD RB CARLOS HYDE: 23 car, 129 yds; 4 rec, 20 yds RB JORDAN HALL: 4 car, 22 yds, TD CB BRADLEY ROBY: 6 tackles, 2 TFL, forced fumble and fumble recovery This is the fifth edition in a series of simulations for the 2013 OSU football season, completed on the NCAA 14 College Football video game. It will appear in the paper before every home Buckeye football game.

Andrew Todd-Smith / Lantern reporter

KAYLA BYLER / Managing editor of design

Aaron Craft: ‘I don’t know what happened last year’ Eric Seger Sports editor

Sunday Men’s Tennis: Midwest Regionals All Day @ Columbus Women’s Soccer v. Northwestern 12 p.m. @ Columbus Field Hockey v. Michigan 1 p.m. @ Columbus Men’s Soccer v. Northwestern 2:30 p.m. @ Columbus Women’s Volleyball v. Illinois 3 p.m. @ Champaign, Ill.

Shelby Lum / Photo editor

A mission trip to Haiti. Getting engaged. Taking courses as he works toward earning his nutrition degree. Senior point guard Aaron Craft had quite the summer — and still managed to work on his jump shot. “It was probably one of the more challenging summers I’ve had, academic-wise, but I got to do some fun things,” Craft said Oct. 10 at OSU Media Day. “I got to go to a couple (basketball) camps, got to go to Haiti, I got engaged (to longtime girlfriend Amber Peterson). It was a good summer.” The main facet of his game he wanted to change was his jump shot — mainly to remove the pause it had in hopes of making it more fluid. “I worked hard. I don’t know what happened last year but we started from square one this spring,” Craft said, referencing his time in the gym with former assistant coach Chris Jent and assistant coach Greg Paulus. “It was tough — it was frustrating at times.” Craft averaged 10 points per game last season, a career best, but only shot 41.7 percent from the field, and 30 percent from beyond the arc. Both career lows. The 2012-13 second team All-Big Ten selection

Senior guard Aaron Craft answers questions from the media during Ohio State basketball Media Day Oct. 10 at the Schottenstein Center.

continued as Craft on 9A

Iowa’s Ferentz on OSU: ‘They pose a lot of problems’ Follow Us @LanternSports

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Dan Hope Oller reporter Through its first six games, Iowa (4-2, 1-1) is the only member of the 125-team Football Bowl Subdivision who has not allowed a rushing touchdown yet this season. Ohio State’s 11th ranked rushing attack plans to put the Hawkeyes’ streak to the test. The chance to be the first team to reach the end zone on the ground against Iowa this season is “definitely an incentive” for the Buckeye offense, redshirt-senior center Corey Linsley said. “Coaches don’t need to say too much. They just put a piece a paper on our desk and say, ‘They haven’t allowed a rushing touchdown,’ and we kind of get it,” Linsley said. Iowa has one of the nation’s best defenses, ranking ninth nationally in total defense with an average of 290 yards allowed per game.

Courtesy of MCT

Iowa running back Mark Weisman (45) rushes down the field during a game agianst Minnesota at TCF Bank Stadium Sept. 28. Iowa won, 23-7. “They’re in the top 10 in America and our kids know that,” OSU coach Urban Meyer said of the Iowa defense. “We’re working really hard. They’re good. They’re really sound.” Linsley said the matchup with

Iowa’s defensive line will be the toughest opposition the OSU offensive line has faced all season. “They’re physical, they’re tough, they’re big,” Linsley said. “In terms of toughness, in terms of things that

we preach and the values that we take, hold to, that’s what they’re about as well on the defensive line.” Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz said he thinks the OSU offensive line will challenge the Hawkeye defense. “It’s going to be a tough matchup for us,” Ferentz said. “They look good. They’re big, tall, imposing guys. They look like an NFL line, and they (are) extremely well-coached.” Overall, Ferentz said OSU’s scoring offense, which ranks sixth in the FBS with an average of 46.8 points per game, is “extremely talented.” “Look at their offense, pick a position and try to find a weakness,” Ferentz said. “Good luck on that one.” The Hawkeyes are going to have to be prepared for numerous running threats from the OSU offense to keep their streak alive.

continued as Iowa on 9A 8A

sports Without monetary compensation, can’t blame Clowney for sitting out Sports Columnist

One of the most debated topics in college sports this year has been the saga of South Carolina junior defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. The 2012 SEC Defensive Player of the Year has the stats, athletic measurements and all-around beastliness made him almost a unanimous consideration for the Heisman Trophy, and a sure top 3 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. The only problem is, Ryan Cooper Clowney’s play (or lack thereof) has himself on the outside looking in. He only has two sacks this season, well off the pace he had last season, when he finished with 13. More notably, he recently held himself out of a game against Kentucky with a rib strain, causing a ton of controversy. Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier initially expressed a lot of displeasure with Clowney sitting out a game with an injury that most players play through, and hinted that Clowney has been taking plays off this season. Later, however, Spurrier retracted this sentiment, praising Clowney for all that he has already done for the program. What this brings us back to is the endless debate of how much an unpaid college athlete should leave out on the field, when millions of dollars from a top NFL draft pick are right on the horizon. One side of the argument might say star college athletes’ only inspiration for playing is to prove their values to professional teams (and, of course, that whole education thing, but since when was that ever the interest of anybody?) and improve their stock in the draft. However, how can an NFL team trust your work ethic and want to draft you if you aren’t showing the competitive desire to play?

Courtesy of MCT

South Carolina junior defensive end Jadeveon Clowney (7) pressures the quarterback during a game against Arkansas Oct. 12 at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. South Carolina won, 52-7. If Clowney plays and gets hurt, his draft stock goes kaput. After all, it was just last season that the Gamecock star saw his former teammate, then-junior running back Marcus Lattimore, suffer a horrifying knee injury and drop millions of dollars in draft position. However, if he stays on the sidelines, or plays with reduced effort, he gives off the vibe he is a me-only guy, someone who does not have the best interest of his team. My solution: The NCAA has to either pay athletes based on the revenue they generate or rework its insurance policy. Currently, the only way you get any compensation for a terrible injury is if it ends

your career. By these rules, Lattimore, who will never be the same explosive player he once was, and potentially not make as much money, still is not entitled to a settlement because he was still able to work toward a professional career after going through rehab. If Clowney were to suffer an injury that would be so terrible he can never make it in the pros, he would receive the maximum settlement from the Exceptional Student-Athlete Disability Program of $5 million, compared to the average $21.2 million contract the top three picks signed in 2012. With college athletes not getting paid and not having much in the form of insurance, final years like Clowney’s are going to become increasingly common. Players will be looking ahead to the NFL, making their primary concern keeping themselves in one piece. College games will lose grit and passion, as the players become more and more complacent. Can you really blame a top prospect for sitting out games, either? Redshirt-junior Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby has taken himself out of the first round in many mock drafts with his underwhelming performance this season. Last year, former USC quarterback Matt Barkley chose to stay for his senior year, because he likely would have been drafted behind two of the biggest quarterback prospects in a decade. He ended up being taken in the fourth round of one of the weakest quarterback drafts in some time because of his poor senior year. Clowney’s cautious performance is a sign of things to come for any players with an inevitable NFL future, as long as their only hope to make a living out of the sport they built their life around is to make it through their college years unscathed. It’s hard to be a fan of this attitude, and I’m sure NFL teams aren’t either, but college athletes are here for the same reason every student is: to build necessary career skills and make your way into the professional circuit. If they have to play it safe in order to make a living later, that is what many will choose to do. And, to be honest, I cannot blame them at all for that.

Field hockey ready for challenge against top teams michelle ritter Lantern reporter

Shelby Lum / Photo editor

Freshman forward Brooke Hiltz (6) gets set in a defensive position during a game against Louisville Oct. 1 at Buckeye Varsity Field. OSU lost, 6-3.

Iowa from 8A Senior running back Carlos Hyde is expected to lead the Buckeyes’ rushing attack Saturday after rushing for 168 yards and three touchdowns against Northwestern Oct. 5. Additionally, senior running back Jordan Hall, who leads the Buckeyes with 69 rushing attempts, 427 rushing yards and eight touchdowns this season, is expected to be back on the field Saturday, Meyer said, after missing the game against Northwestern with a joint issue in his knee. “His first way of assisting the team will be on special teams and then he can certainly complement Carlos and be also involved in third downs,” Meyer said of Hall. As a passer, junior quarterback Braxton Miller has completed 49 of 75 passing attempts for 609 yards and six touchdowns with two interceptions this season. His ability to make plays passing the ball will make it tougher for the Hawkeyes to defend the run, Ferentz said. “They pose a lot of problems in a lot of different areas,” Ferentz said. “They can throw it very effectively … (Miller is) a great running threat, as is (Hyde) … It makes it tough to play defense. You can’t really tilt your team one way or the other.” Ferentz said he would like the game to be low-scoring but realizes other teams have been unsuccessful in keeping games that way against OSU. “I’m not a great fan of getting in shootouts any time,” Ferentz said. “I mean if we had a lopsided lead, that’d be OK, I wouldn’t mind that, but not many teams have done that to Ohio State in recent history. Trying to contain their offense, that’s going to be quite a challenge.” Linsley said it will be important for the OSU offense, who has outscored its opponents 126 to 28 in the first quarter this season, to control the tempo of the game from the beginning. “We’ve got to score right off the bat, and then after that, we got to manage the clock by running the football,” Linsley said. While OSU is trying to end Iowa’s six-game streak of not allowing a rushing touchdown, the Hawkeyes will be trying to end a streak that dates back to the start of the 2012 season. The Buckeyes have won all 18 of its games with Meyer as coach, and hold the nation’s longest winning streak. “They’re approaching 20 straight wins and you don’t do that by accident,” Ferentz said. “It takes more than just having good players … they’ve been very, very consistent. If you look at the rate they’re scoring points and they’re moving the football, that doesn’t happen by accident either.”

Friday October 18, 2013

As the Ohio State field hockey team attempts to climb the ranks in the Big Ten standings, it faces a stiff challenge: playing host to No. 18 Iowa and No. 19 Michigan. OSU is currently 0-2 in Big Ten play. The team’s most recent loss came Friday at the hands of then-No. 8 Penn State, 6-1. The Buckeyes are looking at this weekend to recover from their losses and take down two ranked teams. Coach Anne Wilkinson said she doesn’t treat a loss as all-negative, instead trying to grow from the experience. “We’ve learned a lot,” Wilkinson said. “Obviously, when you lose you’re learning more than you probably want to, but I think the speed of the game is something we needed to adjust to. Since (Penn State) this week I think we have been really working on the speed of our game and quick reaction time.” Wilkinson said all of her players were involved this week in an attempt to keep the speed of the game high. “This week we have been really practicing on everyone moving as a unit, whether it was on an attack or defense … really being there to help your teammate if they are having a problem on the field to support them and help them out,” Wilkinson said.

Part of the challenge in Iowa’s effort to end OSU’s win streak will be the Buckeye defense, which ranks 15th nationally with an average of 326.2 yards allowed per game and 24th in the FBS with 19.2 points allowed per game. “We look across, we see a team that’s very, very talented,” Ferentz said. “That includes their defense. They got phenomenally gifted athletes on the back end, I think they’re playing well and certainly that’s the case with the guys up front too … it’s hard to find a weak spot on their football team.” Iowa’s rushing attack is led by junior Mark Weisman, who has rushed for 624 yards and three touchdowns on 126 attempts this season, and ranks 32nd nationally in yards per game. Weisman said that going against the Buckeye defense is going to be tough. “They have a great defensive line, great linebackers, good secondary,” Weisman said. “They’ve pretty much stopped every rushing attack this year, so it’s going to be a real tough challenge for us.” Another challenge OSU could present to Iowa is the environment of Ohio Stadium, where Saturday’s game is scheduled to be played at 3:30 p.m. “The ‘Shoe is just by nature, it’s one of the tighter, louder places I think in our conference,” Ferentz said. “We’ve been on the road a couple times this year … but we haven’t been in an environment like the one we’re going to be in Saturday and against an opponent like this, so that’s going to be another degree of difficulty.” If the Buckeyes extend their win streak to 19 games Saturday, they would tie the 2002-03 Buckeyes for the second-longest winning streak in school history.


Senior midfielder Arielle Cowie said a big focus of practice has been communicating on the field. “We want to really focus on our communication and be able to play together,” Cowie said. “We have been focusing a lot on playing with urgency. We want to control the tempo of the game and come out strong.” Wilkinson said the struggles the Buckeyes have had lately are coming from an ineffectiveness in scoring goals. “Early in the season, we were getting those opportunities and we were able to put them away,” Wilkinson said. “When you are playing a Big Ten team, everyone goes strong and hard. Opportunities are not going to come very often, and when they do, it is about being able to change your focus.” Freshman forward Brooke Hiltz said practicing four straight days has been a huge help to get focused on what the team needs to do. “We worked on our press and outlets this week,” Hiltz said. “We are continuing to work as a team.” Cowie and Hiltz agreed they need strong wins this weekend over their ranked opponents. “We want to make the statement that we are not giving up and we’re going to play every second of the game,” Cowie said. “We know it’s a big weekend and we need to get two (wins).” Friday’s match against Iowa is set to start at 3 p.m., and Sunday’s against Michigan is scheduled for 1 p.m.

Craft from 8A is sure to be counted on this season to shoulder more of a scoring load with the departure of Deshaun Thomas (team-leading 19.8 points per game in 2012-13) to the NBA Draft. OSU coach Thad Matta said filling that void will not fall on one guy. “When you think back, Deshaun got us a lot of big, important baskets. A lot of times we looked, we looked, we looked, we looked for Deshaun,” Matta said at Media Day. “The one thing I think we got right now going is a little bit more of a flow to our offense. I don’t want to label a guy and say ‘Hey, you’re Deshaun Thomas, you’re going to do what he did.’” Craft agreed, adding that improving as a team is more important than a single player stepping up. “You can’t replace Deshaun with just one person,” he said. “Even with him, we shot one of the worst percentages in coach’s career here at Ohio State. Our biggest focus is being able to knock down open shots, elevating our shooting percentage and that opens up countless other things on the offensive end.” Craft’s work retooling his shot into more of a threat came from the team needing it to, but also because doing so is just how the man is wired. “We watched tape, we knew what the problems were, things that I struggled with,” Craft said. “And not being able to go on the floor and correct it right away is very frustrating. Especially for a guy like me … it made me really angry. It took us a while, (but) we got there eventually.” Refining his shot and other parts of his game came as no surprise to Matta. “If there’s one person that you don’t have to challenge, it’s Aaron Craft,” he said. The Buckeye point guard has been part of 94 of Matta’s 250 wins at OSU, and being a part of that standard of excellence is something he calls “a great blessing.” “It’s amazing,” Craft said. “We are still a football school, but Coach Matta’s done leaps and bounds not to change that, but you know, understand that basketball is a big time program here. And being able to play a small role in that over my three years has been a great blessing for me.” Being that this season is his point guard’s last hurrah, Matta knows Craft is really one of a kind. “He’s special, he’s unique (as a player),” Matta said. “He wants to win and he wants to win the right way. And that is by playing great team basketball. He wants to represent this university the best that he can.” Junior center Amir Williams, who will more than likely be a full-time starter along with Craft this winter after starting 26 of 37 contests last year, called Craft the “heart and pride” of the Buckeyes. Williams said his defensive prowess, which has garnered Craft numerous awards, namely 2012

Lantern file photo

Then-junior guard Aaron Craft (4) shoots the ball during a game against Illinois March 10 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU won, 68-55. Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year and 2013 Big Ten All-Defensive Team, is what sets him apart. “He’s what makes us go. His hard work, his effort (on defense) … He’s very talkative,” Williams said. “We see him out there competing and giving his all, that forces us more to give our all out there.” Matta said Craft has not been shy about telling his teammates what to do on that side of the ball. “Aaron is more vocal to what he’s seeing,” Matta said. “He’s, in my mind, always doing the right thing (on defense).” With pressure mounting to continue and even exceed the high-caliber play that has become the norm for the program since before he arrived in Columbus in 2011, enjoying his final year as a Buckeye is the only thing Craft has on his mind. “It’s crazy. It’s gone by fast. I’ve loved every moment I’ve had here,” Craft said. “The biggest thing (fellow senior) Lenzelle (Smith Jr.) and I are trying to do is make the most of this last year. We really think the best is ahead of us.” Craft and company are scheduled to open regular season play Nov. 9 against Morgan State at the Schottenstein Center.


Friday October 18, 2013


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