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ity for ease of harvest.

Viking 0505RR Relative Maturity: 0.5 Biotech variety An early RR soybean for late planting or replanting; three years of farm-proven yield performance from Fargo, N.D., to Fairmont, Minn.; good all-around defensive package; a bushy plant that maintains its height coming south as an early or re-plant soybean; strong yield performance compared R2 soybeans in this maturity.

Viking O.1844AT RM: 1.8 Conventional variety An aphid tolerant variety with excellent yield potential; black hilum; good tolerance to iron deficiency chlorosis.

Viking 1100R2 RM: 1.1 Biotech variety Strong yield potential in an early soybean; well-adapted throughout central Minnesota and northern South Dakota; good tolerance to iron deficiency chlorosis; protected against phytophthora root rot by the industry-leading Rps3a gene; not a good choice for SCN soils.

Viking 2054 RM: 2.0 Conventional variety A new tofu soybean with high protein, large seed, clear hilum and improved yields.


chlorosis and PRR field tolerance, but avoid SCN-prone fields.

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1405R2 Brand RM: 1.4 Offers yield potential with good iron chlorosis tolerance; strong fit in Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin; a medium height plant that fits most row widths; good early planting option; SCN resistance with good PRR field and average white mold tolerance.


Albert Lea Seedhouse

1805R2 Brand RM: 1.8 Strong yield potential with PRR field tolerance; strong west to east fit within its maturity range; versatile choice for early planting, most row widths and soil types; average iron chlorosis and while mold tolerance; works well in SCN-, BSR- and SDS-prone fields.

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O205R2 Brand RM: 0.2 Early maturity option with excellent iron chlorosis tolerance rating; fits well in Minnesota where IDC can be a challenge; works well in most row widths and 2105R2 Brand soil types; good PRR field tolerRM: 2.1 ance and standability; avoid SCNStrong, dependable soybean prone areas. Viking 1440R2 packaged with SCN, iron chlorosis RM: 1.4 and SDS tolerance; works well 0605R2 Brand Biotech variety from South Dakota east to WisRM: 0.6 Medium-tall plant with a consin; medium plant type with Yield potential in a solid agromedium-bush habit, well adapted standability; adjusts well to most nomic package with Rps3a PRR to varying row widths; good field row widths; average white mold tolerance to SDS; strong defensive gene; fits well in Minnesota; good tolerance. package against IDC, white mold choice for most soils and row and phytophthora; not a good widths; SCN-susceptible with 2305R2 Brand choice for soils with high cyst average white mold tolerance. RM: 2.3 counts. Performance backed by SCN 0705R2 Brand resistance and excellent iron Viking 1707R2N RM: 0.7 chlorosis tolerance; adapted from RM: 1.7 Strong yield performance with South Dakota/Nebraska to the Biotech variety SCN resistance; adapted in MinEast Coast; standability to perOutstanding yield performance nesota; keep within its maturity form well in wide rows and in north to south, east to west; plotzone; recommended for most soils most soils; average BSR and SDS winning yield potential; excellent and row widths; SCN resistance tolerance. standability; widely adapted packaged with above average iron across South Dakota, Minnesota chlorosis tolerance and standabiland Wisconsin; good defensive pro- ity. tection against IDC, white mold, DSR-0603/R2Y phytophthora and SCN. RM: 0.6 0905R2 Brand Roundup Ready 2 Yield RM: 0.9 Viking 2044R2N Top ratings for white mold and Dependable yield potential with RM: 2.0 BSR; strong emergence; Rps1c above average iron chlorosis tolerBiotech variety ance and BSR ratings; adapted from gene for PRR protection; excellent Leading-edge genetics, highest choice for no/minimum till operaMinnesota through the North yielding soybean tested in 2010; tions. Dakota and South Dakota; a tall good SDS tolerance in 2010; plant type; fits most row widths and widely-adapted across Minnesota; soil types; use management pracDSR-1808/R2Y PI 88.788 gene for SCN resistance; tices that reduce lodging potential; RM: 1.8 suitable for high pH soils. SCN susceptible. Roundup Ready 2 Yield Exciting new R2Y genetics with Viking 2280R2N 1105R2 Brand upper echelon yield potential; RM: 2.1 RM: 1.1 great emergence scores; top Biotech variety A solid performer packaged with defender for PRR, WM, BSR and Exciting new genetics; superior strong iron chlorosis and PRR tol- SCN; excellent no/minimum till yields; directly replaces Viking erance; primary area Minnesota product; caution on high IDC 2100R2N; great disease package; and South Dakota; adapts to most prone soils. good tolerance to SDS; excellent row widths and most soils; place BSR resistance; strong standabil- on iron chlorosis soils; strong iron


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Where Farm and Family Meetâ&#x20AC;?

“Where Farm and Family Meet”

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THE LAND, DECEMBER 9/16 , 2011

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3 S


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THE LAND, DECEMBER 9/16 , 2011

4 S

Dairyland DSR-2105/R2Y RM: 2.1 Roundup Ready 2 Yield Exciting new release with top-end yield; moderate resistance to SCN; premium emergence scores; Rps1K for PRR protection; outstanding white mold defense; performs well in IDC hotspots.

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DSR-2240/R2Y RM: 2.2 Roundup Ready 2 Yield Widely adaptable

product with superb PRR programs. and emergence ratings; 1152RR2 good no/minimum till RM: 1.5 choice; high ratings for Genuity Roundup SDS. Ready 2 Yield This 1.5 maturity RR2 soybean has excellent 1062RR2 phytophthora root rot RM: 0.6 and brown stem rot Genuity Roundup scores; SCN resistant, Ready 2 Yield this variety has a great Variety with strong emergence score and lateral branching that standability is strong for allows for high yield an easy harvest. potential; superior brown stem rot scores maximize 1170RR2 performance in tough RM: 1.7 conditions; great Genuity Roundup emergence and Ready 2 Yield standability makes this a A new RR2 soybean good choice for no-till variety that exhibits


profuse branching that is high; SCN resistant. are loaded with pods; great choice for no-tillers 1232RR2 as emergence is RM: 2.3 extremely good; handles Genuity Roundup stressed and droughty Ready 2 Yield soil conditions well; SCN This 2.3 maturity RR2 resistant. soybean is an offensive powerhouse with sound 1212RR2 sudden death and brown RM:1.2 stem rot scores and has a Genuity Roundup wide area of adaptability Ready 2 Yield across many This 1.2 RR2 soybean environments and soil has strong emergence types; should be placed scores and allows it to be on soils with low levels of planted early; taller plant SCN. type can canopy early to conserve moisture and help with weed control; K2-0051 good defensive scores can RM: 0.05 help if disease pressure


Biotech variety Kruger’s earliest product with excellent top-end yield potential; it contains the Rps 1c gene for multi-race phytophthora; moves south well and has good iron chlorosis tolerance; K2 Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield. K2-0101 RM: 0.1 Biotech variety Has the Rps 1c gene for multi-race phytophthora along with excellent emergence and standability; good iron chlorosis tolerance with excellent top-end yield potential makes for good choice in the Red River Valley; K2 Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield. K2-0503 RM: 0.5 Biotech variety Has the Rps 3a gene for multi-race phytophthora along with excellent emergence and standability; good iron chlorosis tolerance with excellent top-end yield potential and moves east to west well; K2 Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield.

“Where Farm and Family Meet”

K2-0601 RM: 0.6 Biotech variety Provides good iron chlorosis tolerance and standability; no multirace phytophthora gene, but has good field tolerance; excellent topend yield potential and good standability; K2 Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield. K2-0701 RM: 0.7 Biotech variety Has Rps1c gene for multirace phytophthora along with excellent standability; good iron chlorosis tolerance with excellent top-end yield potential; a good fit in western Minnesota; K2 Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield.

5 S


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K2-2102 RM: 2.1 Biotech variety Resistant to race 3 soybean cyst nematode and carries the Rps 1c gene for multi-race phytophthora; good sudden death syndrome tolerance along with below-average iron chlorosis tolerance; K2 Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield.

Latham L0734R2 RM: 0.7 Biotech RR2Y Tested in 2011 as E0834R2, this new soybean line has the Rps1-c gene for phytophthora resistance and excellent scores against brown stem rot and white mold; a terrific line for those northern Minnesota growers.

RM: 1.5 Biotech RR2Y This new mid-group 1 soybean carries the Cgene for phytophthora along with excellent tolerance to brown stem rot and sudden death; it is resistant to SCN and has a very wide range of adaptability.

the same base genetics as our widely popular L2084R2; it has the Cgene for phytophthora and good tolerance to sudden death and brown stem rot; it is a mediumtall plant that will handle lighter soils well.

Latham L2183R2 RM: 2.1 Latham L1773L Biotech RR2Y RM: 1.7 This new early group 2 Biotech LibertyLink soybean boasts the best Our newest defensive package Latham L0983R2 LibertyLink soybean has available in the Latham K2-2602 RM: 0.9 a good all-around lineup; this tremendous RM: 2.6 Biotech RR2Y defensive package along group of characteristics Biotech variety This soybean has with tremendous top-end tends to overshadow the Has good sudden excellent offensive power yield; it does not have a fact that it is also a good death tolerance and is and has the height for specific gene for SCN yielding soybean as well; moderately resistant to tough, lighter soils; it resistance but carries place this line in your race 3 soybean cyst also carries a terrific good field tolerance to best soils for optimum nematode with; is score against iron the pest; this is the best performance. segregating for Rps 1k chlorosis, the PI88788 IDC tolerant line in our and Rps 3a genes for gene for resistance to Liberty lineup. Latham L2275R2 multi-race phytophthora soybean cyst nematode RM: 2.2 resistance with below and the C-gene for Latham L1884R2 Biotech RR2Y average iron chlorosis phytophthora. RM: 1.8 In 2010 research trials, tolerance; K2 Genuity Biotech RR2Y this new soybean Roundup Ready 2 Yield. Latham L1584R2 This soybean features produced yields that

rivaled our popular L2440R2; it carries some slight field tolerance to SCN and good scores against BSR, SDS and white mold. Latham L2283R2 RM: 2.2 Biotech RR2Y An outstanding defensive package that features excellent tolerance to white mold, SDS, iron chlorosis and brown stem rot; it also carries the PI88788 gene for SCN resistance. Latham L2438R2 RM: 2.4 Biotech RR2Y This new mid-group 2 soybean carries the Cgene for phytophthora and has excellent tolerance to sudden death, BSR, white mold and iron chlorosis; the SCN resistance is derived from PI88788. Latham L2585R2 RM: 2.5 Biotech RR2Y Features a good defensive package with some excellent top-end yield potential; for fields that have a problem with phytophthora race 25, this line carries the Rps3-a gene which handles that issue well.

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Legend Seeds LS 07R20 RM: 0.7 Will handle light iron chlorosis, but not fields with chronic iron chlorosis issues; medium stature, semi-bush plant type; recommend planting on light to medium soil types. LS 07R20 RM: 0.7 Will handle light iron chlorosis, but not fields with chronic iron chlorosis issues; medium stature, semi-bush plant type; recommend planting on light to

medium soil types. LS 18R21N RM: 0.8 Avoid fields with a history of iron chlorosis; Rps 1k gene for resistance to races 3 and 4 phytophthora root rot; recommend planting on medium textured soil types. LS Advantage Stack 0.9 RM: 0.9 Medium tall, semi-bush plant stature that can be planted in all row widths; a unique blend that brings flexibility to your farming operation; good emergence, along with strong early seedling vigor. LS 10R21 RM: 1.0 Avoid fields with a history of iron chlorosis; medium plant stature, semi-bush plant type that can be planted in all row widths; recommend planting on medium textured soil types. LS 13R21 RM: 1.3 Good iron chlorosis tolerance; full resistance to brown stem rot; excellent tolerance to white mold. LS 14R21N RM: 1.4 Avoid fields with a history of iron chlorosis; medium to medium tall plant height, for moisture stressed soil types; recommend planting on light to medium soil types. LS Advantage Stack 1.4 RM: 1.4 Medium tall, semi-bush plant stature that can be planted in all row widths; excellent standability for a taller stature soybean; great stress tolerance to handle moisture stressed environments.

7 S


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8 S

Legend Seeds

tolerance; Rps 3a gene for resistance to race 3, 4 and 25 phytophthora root rot, along with excellent field tolerance.

LS 15R21 RM: 1.5 Avoid fields with a history of iron chlorosis; medium tall, semi-bush LS Advantage Stack style plant type to fit all 2.5 row widths; excellent RM: 2.5 tolerance to brown stem Medium-tall, semi-bush rot. plant stature that can be planted in all row widths; LS 15R22N great standability; good RM: 1.5 tolerance to brown stem Full resistance to race rot. 3 soybean cyst nematode, along with LS 27R21N moderate resistance to RM: 2.7 race 14; good tolerance Excellent natural field to sudden death tolerance to syndrome; avoid fields phytophthora root rot, with a history or iron along with good IDC chlorosis. package; medium-tall, semi-bush plant stature LS Advantage Stack that can be planted in all 1.6 row widths. RM: 1.6 Medium tall, semiLS 39R21N bush plant stature that RM: 3.9 can be planted in all row Great tolerance to widths; blend of two sudden death, white soybean cyst varieties to mold, phytophthora, IDC bring flexibility to your â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the full package; farming operation. lateral branching allows this soybean to be placed LS 19R21N in all row widths. RM: 1.9 Rps 1k gene for resistance against race 3 and 4 phytophthora root C1211R2 rot; great tolerance to RM: 1.2 brown stem rot; aboveC1211R2 strengthens average iron chlorosis the early offerings by LG tolerance. Seeds; plants are medium-tall, with a LS 22R21N medium profile; lots of RM: 2.2 pod clustering is seen on Medium-tall, semieach node; high yields bush plant stature that and good agronomics, can be planted in all row including excellent widths; full resistance to emergence and good race 3 soybean cyst standability; carries nematode, along with resistance to moderate resistance to phytophthora root rot, race 14. good IDC and white mold tolerances and good LS 24R21 brown stem rot tolerance; RM: 2.4 excellent performance Tolerance to brown under stress. stem rot; excellent standability; medium C1390R2 height, semi-bush style RM: 1.3 plant for all row widths. Has outstanding SCN tolerance, utilizing a LS 25R21M different source of RM: 2.5 resistance that most Good iron chlorosis other SCN resistant

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Where Farm and Family Meetâ&#x20AC;?

LG Seeds

lines; an upright appearing plant that is medium tall; a yield winner in South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

sudden death syndrome; data show this to be the best SCN-resistant product in this maturity.

C1780R2 RM: 1.7 This new soybean product has a good disease package along with high yields; medium-tall plants have a moderate width canopy; high yield potential and resistance to the soybean cyst nematode and phytophthora root rot; good tolerance to iron deficiency chlorosis, brown stem rot and white mold.

5B103R2 RM: 1.0 Excellent yield potential; broadly adapted east to west and north to south; good emergence and stress tolerance; protection against phytophthora (Rps1k) and good field tolerance.


5B130R2 RM: 1.3 Excellent yield potential with great agronomics; good tolerance to white mold C1917R2 and brown stem rot; good RM: 1.9 C1917R2 clusters pods tolerance to iron above the leaf canopy for deficiency chlorosis; performs well in all row a unique look; great widths and planting performance and agronomic characteristics practices. with a medium tall 5N155R2 profile; C1917R2 sets RM: 1.5 new levels for yield, and Resistance to soybean is a great agronomic package; resistant to the cyst nematode in a MidGroup 1 variety with soybean cyst nematode excellent yield potential; this high-yielding good tolerance to brown product has good stem rot and sudden emergence and good death syndrome; wide standability; resistance plant type with good to brown stem rot and standability; Rps1c phytophthora root rot, along with good tolerance phytophthora protection with good stress IDC, white mold and sudden death syndrome; tolerance. stress tolerance is high. 5N180R2 RM: 1.8 C2500R2 Strong yield potential RM: 2.5 with soybean cyst Performance data nematode resistance; indicates that C2500R2 good tolerance to white has the potential to be the best mid Group II on mold; good emergence the market today; yields and excellent with C2465R2, and adds standability fit well in all planting practices; good SCN protection; plants tolerance to iron are medium statured; deficiency chlorosis. dominating yield performance in plots; excellent emergence and early vigor; Rps3a resistance to phytophthora root rot; S10-G7 Brand good standability, good RM: 1.0 tolerance against IDC GENRR2Y and good tolerance to

NK (Syngenta Seeds)

Early group I yield leader; Rps1k gene with average phytophthora root rot field tolerance; excellent emergence; medium, medium-bush plant type. S12-W6 Brand RM: 1.2 RR Aphid Management System variety with above-average iron deficiency chlorosis tolerance; Rps1k phytophthora root rot gene; excellent standability and good emergence; good choice for narrow rows and early planting. S14-M4 Brand RM: 1.4 GENRR2Y Solid yielder, widely adapted; races 1,3,5 soybean cyst nematode resistance; excellent emergence with average iron deficiency chlorosis tolerance; good stress tolerance.

stress tolerance with good sudden death syndrome tolerance. S20-Y2 Brand RM: 2.0 GENRR2Y Superior performance with soybean cyst nematode protection; Rps1k gene with good standability; good sudden death syndrome tolerance; above-average iron deficiency chlorosis tolerance. S24-M5 Brand RM: 2.4 GENRR2Y High-yielding, widely adapted with excellent standability; superior brown stem rot tolerance; Rps1c phytophthora root rot gene with good field tolerance; medium plant height and medium canopy type.

Northstar Genetics

NS 1177NR2 RM: 1.1 Great yielding early bean with good iron S15-L5 Brand chlorosis tolerance and RM: 1.5 the R3 and MR14 cyst RR nematode package; it also Rugged western variety; races 1,3 soybean has the 1K gene for cyst nematode resistance; phytophthora. good iron deficiency NS 1257R2 chlorosis with excellent RM: 1.1 stress tolerance; Rps1c High-yielding early gene with stability across variety with the Rps3 environments. PRR protection. S17-D2 Brand NS 1477NR2 RM: 1.7 RM: 1.3 RR Cyst package with the Aphid Management System variety with solid Peking source; it has great performance in performance; Rps1k stress environments. phytophthora root rot gene; good standability NS 2077NR2 and emergence; ideal for RM: 2.0 early planting. Outstanding yields in your better producing S17-F3 Brand offensive fields; it showed RM: 1.7 good SDS tolerance in RR 2010. Outstanding yield performance; races 1,3 soybean cyst nematode resistance; Rps1k gene with excellent emergence; exceptional

9 S

NS 2377NR2 RM: 2.3 Excellent chlorosis bean along with other defensive traits that can still produce big yields; combined with the 1K gene, this bean can go about anywhere. NS 2477R2 RM: 2.4 This bean is all about yield; one of the most offensive beans on the market, but must be placed in the right environment.


soybean’s versatility; great 92Y12 for all fields where cyst A new high-yielding nematode is not a problem. early group 2 bean, noncyst variety with G2 brand 7262 excellent brown stem rot RM: 2.6 protection; offers RR exceptional standability This new Peking cyst and emergence. soybean topped the research trials in both 2009 and 2010; it offers good standability and Rps1k phytophthora resistance; push populations on productive soils to maximize yield potential.

G2 brand 6142 RM: 1.4 RR New tall soybean with solid BSR resistance and 252 CN good IDC tolerance that RM: 1.4 can handle the lighter and Conventional more variable soils; this This versatile soybean soybean can also handle can handle any marginal non-cyst soils. environment; Rps1k phytophthora and BSRG2 brand 6162 resistance protect the RM: 1.6 great yield potential. RR Offers a medium height with excellent standability and Rps1c 90Y90 phytophthora protection; This new late-group 0 plan on productive nonvariety partners well cyst soils in southern with 90M80 and offers Minnesota and push the above average white planting population for mold tolerance and maximum yields. dependable standability

out yields everything in this Excellent early maturity zone and features companion to PBPB-00560R2 above average plant height 00950R2; good yield RM: 0.05 and IDC tolerance. potential and Genuity RR2Yield standability makes this New 0.05 RM product PB-00870R2 a great choice for highly adapted to the far northern RM: 0.08 fertile soils; handles iron Red River Valley; typically Genuity RR2Yield chlorosis well.

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182 RM: 1.2 Conventional With a good height and productive lateral branches, this soybean offers outstanding yield stability and moderate soybean cyst nematode resistance; don’t plant on fields with a history of considerable IDC.

Prairie Brand


Northstar Genetics

Pioneer Brand

91Y41 A mid-group 1 variety with solid brown stem rot resistance; a high yielding soybean that partners well with 91Y40; competitive in SDS environments.

6228 RM: 2.2 RR Excellent defensive package with good white mold and BSR tolerance, good height and IDC tolerance add to this

91Y61 A companion to 91Y60 with top-end yield potential with good emergence and standability; performs best on well-drained soils; non-cyst leader in mid group 1.

“Where Farm and Family Meet”

G2 brand 7192 RM: 1.9 RR Versatile soybean has a good defensive package including Rps1c phytophthora and BSR resistance with adequate IDC tolerance.


10 S

Prairie Brand PB-0240R2 RM: 0.2 Genuity RR2Yield This product is a yield monster at 0.2 RM; tall plant type and top notch iron chlorosis tolerance make this a widely adapted product that maximizes yields for all producers — a must-plant product.

PB-1523R2 RM: 1.5 Genuity RR2Yield Well-rounded product with outstanding yield potential; features good overall disease tolerance for heavy, wet soils; expect stable performance from year to year with this top performer.

choice for highly productive soils.


W 30042R2 PB-2242R2 RM: 0.04 RM: 2.2 Roundup Ready 2 Yield Genuity RR2Yield Earliest R2 variety; good early Offensive is the word that describes season vigor; developed for north soils. this outstanding new product; branchy plant type brings big-time yield punch on W 30066R2 highly productive soils with above RM: 0.06 average drainage; also features excellent Roundup Ready 2 Yield standability for ease of harvest. Great choice for bean-on-bean acres; resistant to brown stem rot.

PB-1591R2 RM: 1.5 PB-0510R2 Genuity RR2Yield RM: 0.5 New non-SCN product with huge yield Genuity RR2Yield 7M61 potential in western Minnesota and 0.5 RM soybean that really yields on eastern South Dakota; medium-tall plant RM: 0.6-0.7 productive soils; features good iron RR2Y works well across most soil types; brown chlorosis tolerance and the Rps3a This is our earliest RR2Y product stem rot resistance can help boost gene provides best in class that has overall sound agronomics; has performance under wet conditions. phytophthora protection. good emergence and will stand well; great performance from Willmar to PB-1743R2 PB-0851R2 Breckenridge and into South Dakota. RM: 1.7 RM: 0.8 Genuity RR2Yield Genuity RR2Yield 9M21 Exciting new soybean that excels New product with excellent RM: 0.9-1.0 across a wide area in southern branching and yield potential; great RR2Y Minnesota; good standability and good southern movement with this product white mold tolerance are some key This product is replacing our previous as well; features the Rps3a gene for bean in this maturity, 9M3 due to attributes of this product; perfect optimal phytophthora protection. increased yield; it has cyst protection and companion product for PB-1722R2. fits best in western Minnesota. PB-0920R2 PB-1823R2 RM: 0.9 11M61 RM: 1.8 Genuity RR2Yield RM: 1.0-1.1 Genuity RR2Yield New 0.9 RM product with explosive RR2Y Excellent new product with above yield potential; best performance on Works anywhere in this maturity range, average plant height and a well-rounded good, productive soils; great agronomic package; yield potential with from South Dakota to Wisconsin; good performance in western Minnesota this product is good across a wide range emergence and stress tolerance in this and northeast South Dakota. of soils; strong southern movement as an intermediate plant type; has the Rps 3a gene for best in class PRR protection. early maturity option. PB-1066R2 RM: 1.0 14M61 PB-2121R Genuity RR2Yield RM: 1.3-1.4 RM: 2.1 Early cyst nematode resistant RR2Y Roundup Ready product that showed outstanding Good agronomic package including Non-SCN resistant product with performance in 2011; medium plant good IDC tolerance; fits anywhere east to medium tall plant stature and top with excellent standability and good west, has good BSR ratings; it’s a nice, notch yield potential; does feature top-end yield potential; tested as PB- great white mold tolerance and brown medium-tall plant that also stands well. 0912X in some locations. stem rot resistance; good performance 22M11 on productive soils. PB-1080R2 RM: 2.1-2.2 RM: 1.0 RR2Y PB-2123R2 Genuity RR2Yield This new cyst line has it all; great RM: 2.1 Big, tall product that does a nice job on overall agronomics along with cyst Genuity RR2Yield marginal/tougher soils; features brown Strong new product geared toward the protection; fits best from central and stem rot resistance and good iron western area of its maturity zone; works east in its maturity zone; a highchlorosis tolerance as well; best adapted great on soils with above average fertility yielding soybean that also has the to lower planting populations. defensive characteristics you need. and yield potential; good performance under higher planting populations. PB-1320R2 24M21 RM: 1.3 RM: 2.4-2.5 PB-2143R2 Genuity RR2Yield RR2Y RM: 2.1 Superb yield performance with this Another new, high-yielding cyst line Genuity RR2Yield new 1.3 RM product; great for disease Growers will see robust performance from Titan Pro; is all about yield, and prone soils but will work on all soil packaged with our 23M9 you get a onefrom this great companion to PBtypes; strong product for growers from 2099NRR2 and PB-2042R2; excellent two yield punch; good protection on South Dakota across Minnesota into SDS, IDC, PRR; plus yield. standability and good white mold Wisconsin. tolerance make this product a great

“Where Farm and Family Meet”

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Titan Pro

W 3030R2 RM: 0.3 Roundup Ready 2 Yield Tall plant with excellent iron chlorosis tolerance. W 3058R2 RM: 0.5 Roundup Ready 2 Yield Phytophthora root rot protection with good IDC tolerance. W 3076R2 RM: 0.7 Roundup Ready 2 Yield Great agronomics with phytophthora protection and IDC tolerance. W 3099R2 RM: 0.9 Roundup Ready 2 Yield A real leader in bushels per acre. W 3108R2 RM: 1.0 Roundup Ready 2 Yield Industry leading phytophthora protection with excellent yield potential. W 3120R2 RM: 1.2 Roundup Ready 2 Yield A real rugged variety with top yields in the western area. W 3140R2 RM: 1.4 Roundup Ready 2 Yield Phenomenal yield with resistance to brown stem rot. W 3256NR2 RM: 2.5 Roundup Ready 2 Yield Cyst bean with breakthrough phytophthora protection plus IDC and SDS tolerance. W 3284NR2 RM: 2.8 Roundup Ready 2 Yield Good SDS tolerance coupled with cyst nematode protection; great stress tolerance.

Nuseed expands seed platform with U.S. acquisition “Seeds 2000 is a fantastic company and we are very pleased with this transaction for the teams at Seeds 2000 and Nuseed,” said Tom Karlson, founding principal of Rural American Fund.


NuseedAmericas Vice President, Andy Thomas, said, “sunflower is a key


in over 25 countries. Nuseed has existing sunflower breeding and marketing operations based in California, Argentina, Serbia and Australia. Sunflower is an important oilseed and snack food crop, occupying approximately 24 million hectares of land globally and producing approximately 32 million metric tons of grain annually. Seeds 2000 President, Steve Kent, said he expected the transition to be seamless and to facilitate additional opportunities to expand the business in both the U.S. domestic market and globally. In 2009, Seeds 2000 received a growth investment from the Rural American Fund, a Chicago-based private equity firm focused on making partnership investments in growing agricultural companies.

crop for us. This investment provides a broader sunflower footprint in global markets and a pipeline of genetics complementary to our existing business. “We look forward to a great future with Seeds 2000 employees and customers.” ❖

MODEL 9500T TRUSS BOOM SPRAYER TANKS 1800 - 2400 GAL. • BOOMS 120’ - 132’ Manufacturer of high quality pull-type sprayers and liquid fertilizer equipment.

trucking. Without Growers Edge I never would have known that price was available.” It takes a real effort for growers to constantly check markets up to 100 miles away, but Growers Edge does everything automatically. Farmers simply determine the search radius from their farms, and the cash bid tool searches for the best net bid within that radius. Growers Edge brings a whole new level of transparency to selling grain. Expanding local marketing opportunities is important, especially when commodity prices are volatile, as they have been in recent years.

USED EQUIPMENT FOR SALE provides farmers a free, one-stop resource for their business and marketing needs. Currently, more than 11,000 farmers use to help enhance their profits. For more information, and to sign up for the cash bids system and other free features from Growers Edge, log on to Established in 2007, Growers Edge is a technology driven media company in the agricultural sector. The company provides an unbiased and independent approach to help farmers make business decisions by using advanced technology. Growers Edge is independently owned and located in Des Moines, Iowa. ❖

Hardi Cmndr+ ........1066 ....... 1200 ...... 20’FB .... $27,500

MODEL .................# ............. TANK .... BOOM ...... PRICE

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Fast 7400...............1012 ....... 1600 ...... 120’ ...... $29,500 Fast Mid-Mount .....1020 ....... 1000 ...... 80’ .......... $5,000 Fast 9518...............1023 ....... 1800 ...... 90’ ........ $31,500 FAST 9518E Stock #1095 1800 gallon tank 120’ boom ..................... $58,500

FAST FTJ9RT Stock #1035 1000 gallon tank ..................... $12,000

Fast 9500...............1037 ....... 2400 ...... 132’ ...... $52,000 Fast 1000...............1039 ....... n/a ......... 80’ .......... $2,500 Fast 7400...............1043 ....... 1600 ...... 120’ ...... $36,900 Sprayer Spec. .........1053 ....... 1250 ...... 60’ ........ $15,000 Hardi 1000M Nav. ..1058 ....... 1000 ...... 60’ ........ $14,000 Fast TT 1000 ..........1060 ....... 1000 ...... 80’ .......... $6,000

TopAir 1000XFold ..1069 ....... 1000 ...... 60’ .......... $7,500 SS XLRD1500 .........1074 ....... 1500 ...... 90’ ........ $21,500 FAST 7445 Stock #1007 1500 gallon tank 120’ bar ..................... $35,500

FAST 9613N Stock #2442 1050 gal. tank 60’ boom ..................... $27,500

Hardi Nav 1000......1077 ....... 1000 ...... 90’ ........ $17,500 Fast 1000...............1086 ....... n/a ......... 90’ .......... $3,500 Redball 690 ...........1093 ....... 1600 ...... 132’ ...... $19,900 Flexicoil X68XL .......1094 ....... 1600 ...... 134’ ...... $29,900 Fast 9518...............2020 ....... 1800 ...... 80’ ........ $34,000


Fast 9613N ............2526 ....... 1350 ...... 90’ ........ $43,000 Fast 9613N ............2532 ....... 1350 ...... 90’ ........ $42,500 Fast 8318...............2567 ....... 1800 ...... 40’ ........ $39,500

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“Where Farm and Family Meet”

Growers Edge ( offers a free cash bid service for farmers to locate the best net cash grain prices within 100 miles of their farms. Based on a grower’s location, the Growers Edge program calculates the best net bid after trucking and storage costs are deducted. By comparing their local elevator price with all surrounding elevators, ethanol plants and grain terminals, users of this free service report making 20 to 40 cents more per bushel by shopping for the best market price. “Our farmer-users asked for a way to find the best net local bid for their crops,” said Craig Mouchka, president of Growers Edge. “Farmers normally check three or four of their closest markets and they can easily miss their best cash price. Our cash bid program helps farmers find the best cash bid. We are finding that 70 percent of the time for soybeans and 90 percent of the time for corn, that the net cash bid found by is better to what is being offered by the closest market. Plus the results come right to the farmers computer screen without making any calls.” Gary Schmalshof of Macomb, Ill., said, “I discovered that we could haul corn 100 miles to Decatur and get an extra 70 cents a bushel — we made an additional 30 cents a bushel after


Nuseed, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nufarm Limited, announced in early December the acquisition of Seeds 2000 Inc., based in Breckenridge, Minn. Seeds 2000 is a seed research, production, sales and marketing company focused primarily on the development of elite oil and confection sunflower hybrids that benefit both the farmer and end-use food customer. The company has significantly expanded its international activities in recent years and today conducts development and sales activities in the USA, Canada, China, Argentina and a number of European markets. Nuseed is a global seed and traits company focused on the enhancement of food and feed value through seed technology. The company develops proprietary canola, sunflower and sorghum products that are marketed

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“Where Farm and Family Meet”

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2012 Soybean Guide  

The Land's 2012 Soybean Seed Selection Guide

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