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2017 FAMILY TRIP ASNI - MOROCCO P ROMOTI NG EDUCAT I ON AS A F ORCE F OR GOOD I N T HE W ORLD We are delighted to share the report of The Kindred Project’s second Family Trip to the beautiful Berber village of Asni, in Morocco. The 23 committed family members and 3 trip leaders returned happy and healthy having lived a unique family and intercultural experience. Students from as young as 4 years old lived and worked hand-in-hand with Asni community members in various projects led by Association Tiwizi. KP and SIS partners and friends since 2007! Once again we were lucky enough to pick the organic saffron grown by Association Tiwizi, which was truly special! The organic saffron project is a sustainable social enterprise that provides much needed income for the community. The families also met the girls at the local girl's boarding house; learning about the difficult reality girls in the area face relating to access to education, and all they do to overcome these. It was wonderful to support the girls with decorating the boarding house’s rooftop and get to know them better, true heroines! The group also visited the local secondary school, where they participated in a presentation about Berber culture led by the English Language students, and joined them in painting murals with significant social and environmental messages. Families also had the chance to lead fun learning activities for 70 enthusiastic children, installed public rubbish bins in the community, trekked in the High Atlas Mountains, jumped in a waterfall, rode camels and most importantly made new friends, bringing down cultural, age and language barriers with big smiles and open minds! The Kindred Project is enormously grateful for these unique opportunities and friendships that Association Tiwizi and the community of Asni continue to give us, year after year.


“I’ve had such a great time, I don’t want to leave! I hope to come again another year” Maria Rato Vera, P3 student

Fernández Mateo Family Reflexion Asni, such a magical and unforgettable experience! Thank you so much to the local community for all their teachings, kindness, and above all, their joy and happiness. Thank you also to the organisers of this fabulous project and trip.

Association Tiwizi is a

We have had such a good time; my children have been truly

Moroccan non-governmental

happy and have learnt that they can live without an iPad or

association created in 1998,

other material things! Simply with what we are as human

which works in the areas of

beings, we have everything we need, everything within ourselves.

Macarena, Marco (M3) & Mariana (P3)

development, environmental protection, capacity building

So looking forward to doing this again… wonderful memories!”

education, socio-economic

and networking with the firm aim of meeting the social and economic needs of rural Asni, as well supporting the development of cultural and sporting activities.

Sotogrande International School and The Kindred Project have been working with Association Tiwizi since 2007!

23 committed families members 3 inspiring leaders 6 unforgettable days



“I had lots of fun in my journey, we played games, we found crystals, we even rode camels! We went to the hammam, painted, met more people, we helped at the local girl’s boarding school and school. We did so many things, it was great fun and I hope I come again!” Aaron Anderson Jiménez (P3)

“Thank you so much Valentina, Jamie and Javi for all your hard work in organising this adventurous, once-in-a-lifetime experience for us! Life does begin beyond your comfort zone! This was a beautiful if challenging experience and an absolute delight for a 5 year old in Alexander, who revelled in being with all the other children and benefiting from the kindness of Hassan and all his team. I encourage everyone to come with open hearts, leaving judgement at home, to appreciate the kindness and intelligence of the Berbers.” Blen, Pierre and Alexandre (P1).

An amazing experience to come here and meet all of you, you have been wonderful, the most friendly community! We have loved being part of this trip and thank you so much for making us feel so welcome.” Carolina, Gene, Isabella (P5), Aaron (P3), EmmaRose (EC1)

“Thank you to each and everyone of you for making us feel part of your lives during our stay. Without a doubt, unforgettable moments for all of us.” Joaquin, Miriam, Maria (P3), Alejandro (EC2)


In images‌

Boarding the ferry

Javi entertains with a game of Uno

Ready to go with the donations in tow!

Fun on the Marrakesh Express Tangier, welcome to Morocco!

Isabella helps prepare the wall to be painted at the girl’s boarding house

English classes at the Association, taught by Fouad, and sponsored by KP


Preparing the stencils for the walls

Javi leads the morning meditation in the beautiful sunshine

Asni! The steep walk up to the Association!

And so we begin!

Presentation on Berber culture at the local Secondary School

Sharing our dreams with each other

Soledad does eye testing for the boarding house girls

Activities are in full flow to over 70 local children

The beautiful trek to Imlil‌ stunning day!

Alexandre and the families begin painting activities with the students at the local secondary school

Rosi supports Soledad with the eye testing

Practising English with board games

Ana and Mia lead a creative arts & crafts activity with the local children

Marcos finds his match on the football pitch at the local secondary school

Aaron braves the freezing cold waterfall!

Camel riding, such fun!


Making new friends on the trek!

Alejandro refused to leave Asni!

Isabella, MarĂ­a and Gracia showing off their henna tattoos

Mint tea of course! Blen, Pierre and Alexandre relax at Kasbah Toubkal in Imlil

Isabella finds a saffron bulb freshly flowered

Rosi and Sole finish with the 2nd eye-testing group


Group photo with the kids from association!

Alejandro with a basket of saffron picked by the families at the Association

Joaquin and Sole lead the way with the music during the goodbye party

Gracia and Miriam finish off the mural at the girl’s boarding house

Gifts from Hassan and the Association for us all!

“I am convinced that I am personally taking so much more than I have given, but I will come back to give and contribute as much as I can to this wonderful project.”

“Thank you so much for the hospitality. We will always cherish the memories. Keep up the wonderful work.” Ana & Mia (P3)

Rosi & Alejandro (P5)

Contributing towards…

“In my previous trips to Morocco I was merely a tourist, but this trip has been different; here, I became a citizen of Asni. I’ve had a great time. Thank you Asni for your warm welcome! Soledad & Gonzalo (P3)

€2.630 invested

v School supplies for 2 girl’s boarding houses v School supplies & educational games for the local kindergarten v Sports equipment & school supplies for educational & recreational activities for the children supported by Association Tiwizi v New digital noticeboard screen for Atlas High School v New oven for Tigmi N’Isti girls boarding house v Painting & decorating Tigmi N’Isti girl’s boarding house roof-top v Community rubbish bins placement, supporting Association Tiwizi’s Sanitation Project v Winter clothes donations for families in need v Baby clothes and complements donation for the local maternity v Eye-testing for 20 girls boarding at Tigmi N’Isti boarding house & Association Tiwizi staff members v Various small investments to promote local sustainable tourism activities


THANK YOU! Trips like this do not happen easily... We owe the following people a HUGE thank you! ∗ Hassan Edderjoun… for absolutely everything! You are a real change-maker. ∗ The staff at Association Tiwizi for your endless enthusiasm and caring nature. ∗ The staff and pupils at the Atlas High School for their extremely warm welcome, activities and the invaluable time spent with our students. ∗ Fatima and the girls at the Tigmi N’Isti boarding house for their hospitality, fun, laughter, as well as time and interactions with the families. ∗ The 23 incredible family members who took on this venture with courage, positive energy, hard work and respect. Real ambassadors of SIS/KP and global citizens! ∗ To the entire SIS community… students, staff and parents for supporting SIS’ and KP’s global citizenship values and fundraisings throughout the entire year. We couldn’t do it without you!

Another amazing experience... Bring on Asni 2018! 8

The Kindred Project (KP) was set up in 2010 by Sotogrande International School as an independent student-led Nongovernmental Organization. KP’s mission is to enable and empower the voice of youth to promote education as a force for good. KP facilitates valuable curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities for students to work hand in hand with the communities we support, allowing them to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired at school to powerful life shaping experiences that increase awareness of the world we live in, promote respect between different ways of life, whilst pro-actively identifying sustainable solutions. This way, students harness a sense of responsibility as world citizens, as well as the confidence not only to embrace and adapt to change, but also manage and influence it. This truly becomes part of the students’ learning journeys throughout their life at SIS and of whom they are as global citizens. KP currently works with specific partners in Morocco (since 2007), Ecuador (since 2008), Uganda (since 2012) and Spain (since 2013), supporting them address challenges by increasing access to education and quality of education, developing and supporting local socialenterprise initiatives, as well as strengthening values of global citizenship.


Family Trip 2017 Report  
Family Trip 2017 Report  

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