The Kentucky Center Sensory Guide for the Brown Theatre

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Visitors Guide for Sensory Friendly Pre-Visit Preparations


Welcome to the Brown Theatre! I am going to the theater at the Brown Theatre to see a show.

We will park the car in the garage.

We can take either the pedway or the elevators to enter the building.

The lobby at the Brown Theatre is a little dark. The lobby might be crowded.

There are headphones I can wear if I need them.

There is a box office where we can buy our tickets. Every person must have a ticket to enter the theater.

Nice people wearing BLACK and WHITE will be available to help if we need it.

I can ask these people if I get lost or need help.

This is what the bathrooms look like at the Brown Theatre.

I might have to wait in line to use the bathroom.

Sometimes, the toilets flush and the sink turns on and off by itself. They may make a loud sound and I can cover my ears.

The Brown Theatre is big. It has two levels.

I can take the stairs or the elevator.

Outside of the doors there might be a sign that tells me if there will be flashing lights or really loud noises during the show.

When I get to the door of my theater, there will be a ticket taker there. They have a machine that scans my ticket. When it does, it makes a beep sound and a green light will flash. After the beep my family and I can go inside the theater.

When I enter the theater there may be stairs. I can hold onto the hand rail and walk slow to be safe.

Every row has a letter on it and every seat has a number on it. My ticket has a letter and number that matches. I will sit in my seat for the show.

There will be lots of people in the theater! I can sit with my family but there will be people I don’t know there too.

When I am sitting in my seat, someone might have to walk in front of me to get to their seat. I may have to wait while for the show to start. I can see the stage and start looking at what is on it while I am waiting though.

It’s time for the show! There could be singing and music. People might be dancing.

The lights will turn out almost all of the way during the show. Those sitting around me will clap at times. I can clap too or I can cover my ears if it gets to loud.

If the noise bothers me – there are headphones that my family can ask for and I can wear them so the sound is not so loud.

I can tell my family if I want some quiet time. I can leave the show and go out to the lobby.

After the show is over, people will clap. I can clap too or I can cover my ears if it gets to loud.

The show might have two parts with a short rest time in the middle, an intermission.

During intermission, I can go into the lobby and walk around with my family. Or I can go to the bathroom. Then it will be time to go back to my seat and watch the rest of the show.

People will all get up to leave at once.

The stairs and aisles will be crowded as people leave. I can wait a bit to leave if I want.

I can walk slowly on the stairs and hold on to the hand rail.

Thanks for visiting the Brown Theatre! We hope you and your family come back soon.

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